G13 Brooklyn Nets (5-7) vs Utah Jazz (5-7) “Will Defense Propel the Nets for Another Win?”

Brooklyn Nets managed to pull a surprising 101-97 road win at Portland under the leadership of D’Angelo Russell (21 points, 9 assists, 4 rebounds, and only 2 turnovers) and Rondae-Hollis Jefferson’s smart defensive plays (11 points, 8 rebounds, 3 steals, 3 assists, 1 block in 39 minutes). Alan Crabbe also contributed with offense and defense to finish with 12 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals in his first game playing his old team after the trade in the offseason.

Coach Atkinson praised Russell’s in games that the Nets have done well offensively to get everybody else involved then wait until the end to work in the pick-and-roll (PnR). It could be keys to winning formula by combining great ball movement and a late dose of PnR.

“I thought he read the game well and picked his spots,” Nets coach Kenny Atkinson told YES Network after the game. “It seems like the games we’ve done well offensively, he picks his spots. He waits until the end to really go to work in the pick-and-roll and, before that, gets everybody else involved. I thought he did a nice job of balancing that out.”

It is possible that Coach Atkinson has slowly managed to convince how Russell’s ability to get everyone involved with a lot of assists has contributed to 4 wins (19.3 points and 8.3 assists) while his scoring mode resulted in offensive stagnation in 7 losses (21.1 points and 4.6 assists). It will be a continuing development throughout the season for the 21-year old but it is encouraging to see the upward trend that he listens well to his coach. The missing Nets ball movement has returned and they are a fun team to watch again.

He also praised the Nets defense that really kept them in the game. The players echoed the same message in the post-game interviews. If the Nets can keep the defensive intensity, they will be on their ways of getting more wins.


ESPN Preview:

SALT LAKE CITY — Offensive struggles have reached a new low for Utah. No solution seems to be in sight amid a four-game losing streak compounded by uglier and uglier losses.

The Jazz (5-7) struggled through one of their worst shooting performances yet in an 84-74 loss to Miami on Friday night, connecting on just 4 of 33 from the field after halftime. They scored a season-low 25 second-half points and were held scoreless in the final three minutes.

It doesn’t bode well with the Brooklyn Nets coming to Salt Lake City on Saturday fresh off a 101-97 win over Portland on Friday night.

“Whether it’s confidence, continuity or connectivity or whatever the case is, we just have to grind through it,” Jazz coach Quin Snyder said. “There isn’t a magic bullet right now that we’re going to figure out. We’ll keep trying to address the things we can.”

Utah (5-7) shot a combined 31.8 percent from the floor in its last two home losses to Miami and Philadelphia.

The Jazz guards are struggling the most in that stretch. Rodney Hood is 9 of 33 from the floor in his last two games. Donovan Mitchell is 8 of 35. Ricky Rubio is 4 of 21….

Brooklyn has a whole different set of problems to deal with now. The Nets (5-7) improved to 2-2 on their Western Conference road trip after beating the Blazers, but their depth is paper thin after a slew of injuries to key players.

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (hip), Trevor Booker (back) and Jarrett Allen (foot) have all missed time with various ailments. Jeremy Lin suffered a season-ending patella tendon injury in the season opener.

The injury bug has caused Brooklyn to use patchwork lineups at times to work around it.

D’Angelo Russell has been a stabilizing influence on the offense through some of the rough stretches. Russell is averaging 17.3 points and 7.0 assists on the team’s current road trip. He totaled totaled 21 points and nine assists against Portland — highlighted by a step-back jumper and driving layup in the final minute that helped secure the win.

“I thought he read the game well and picked his spots,” Nets coach Kenny Atkinson told YES Network after the game. “It seems like the games we’ve done well offensively, he picks his spots. He waits until the end to really go to work in the pick-and-roll and, before that, gets everybody else involved. I thought he did a nice job of balancing that out.”

Utah swept the season series with Brooklyn a year ago, winning the two games by an average of 18.5 points. It was the first sweep for the Jazz over the Nets since the 2014-15 season.

Jeremy Lin’s Recovery News

Jeremy is in great spirit going back to the gym accompanied by his dad and his cute nephew, Jaden, who tried on the treadmill for the first time

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  1. 1st 🙂
    Go Nets

  2. Play defense and share the ball. Low TOs and hardnosed defense will keep you in the game. Pray DLo means low TOs.

  3. i jeopardized my stats (upvotes to posts ratio) to comment favorably on yer last post on the last thread.

  4. Wow, thanks 🙂

  5. What do you think when you Look at DLo’s stats for 12 games:

    1st game against Pacers, Lin down and DLo 22 shots, 30 points, 5 assists, 2 TOs, +/- -5 the team lost 131:140
    2nd game, against the Magic, DLo 16 shots 17 points +/- -7 , made 6 assists and 8 TOs, the team won 126:121
    3rd game against the Hawks, DLo 13 shots, 16 points, +/- +11, 10 assists, 4 TOs, the team won 116:104
    4th game, against the Magic, DLo took 24 shots, 29 points +/- -9, 1 assist, 3 TOs. the team lost 121:125
    5h game, against Cavs DLo didn’t play the team won 112:107
    6th game, against Knicks, DLo 10 shots, 15 points, 1 assist, 2TOs +/- -17. team worst. The team lost 86:107
    7th game, against the Nuggets, DLo 12 shots 12 points 8 assists, 6 TOs, +/- -19, The team lost 111:124
    8th game against the Suns, DLo 21 shots, 33 points, 4 assists, 1 TO +/- -22 team worst, The team lost 114:122
    9th game against the Lakers DLo. 24 shots, 17 points, 7 assists, 4TOs, +/- -6, the team lost 112:124
    10th game, against the Suns, DLo 13 shots, 23 points, 8 assists, 5 TOs, +/- 0, the team won 98:92
    11th game, against the Nuggets, DLo took 14 shots, 12 points, 6 assists, 8 TOs, +/- -13 team worst, lost 104:112
    12th game, against the Trail blazers DLo took 19 shots, 21 points, 9 assists, 2 TOs, +/- +9, the team won 101:97

  6. No Spencer tonight is big. Just hope they are competitive and they play smart and do well on defense. I think Booker being back may be good, if he plays team ball.

  7. Nets catch a break. Rudy Gobert is out tonight.

  8. I think Defense is the key… Booker sure wants to win this game… haha!

  9. Nets has made only 1 assist for almost 8 minutes.

  10. Nets is dominating at the free throw line.

  11. Isaiah Whitehead is in big trouble.

  12. They’re going to be up and down. No Spencer Dinwiddie really hurt the Nets in the first half. And probably will throughout the rest of the game.

  13. OT: Porzingis comes back and scores 34. Game isn’t over. Knicks lead by a lot. They will win. Porzingis is averaging 30 points.

  14. Why do they just hand the ball to russell every single time as if he is pg. They gave it to jeremy maybe half the time.

  15. They must be told to give the ball to Russell, otherwise there might be consequences…
    and Russell has 1 assist the entire game. LOL
    but, hey, some people do not like us criticizing other players nor management on this forum.
    We are supposed to be the model minority be quiet even being mistreated.

  16. I really dislike russell and do not root for him.

  17. You are preaching to the choir.

  18. Hope he is ok though…

  19. Our PG had 17 FGA, had 3 assists and 3 TO.
    These are the FACTs.

  20. Tsai dumps his azz…

  21. 17 FGA is ok. He had 29 points. He played alright.

    As I say with LIn, assists need guys to convert. RHJ missed some easy bunnies and some other players missed wide open 3s. He didn’t hog the ball, IMO.

    Right now, DLo, especially without Dinwiddie, has to do a bit more. Whitehead did OK today, but he’s mistake prone. And CLV was a mess unfortunately.

  22. I think DLo is not a PG. He’s good at SG. Well, Nets seems to like DLo have good stats … he took way more shots than Lin as PG…

  23. He’s not a PG, but he’s forced to play one. He’s playing well. He made a lot of passes to teammates, didn’t force that many. He’s a scorer though. In that way, he’s like Harden. Maybe more consistent and doesn’t rely on getting to the line so much.

    A lot of PGs take around 16-19 shots, especially guys that score a lot. Lin should take more, to be honest. During Linsanity, he’d put up 17-20 shots pretty regularly. I think Lin doesn’t show as many FGs because he gets to the line so much and scores a lot of points at the line.

  24. well here’s a stat for you (since my stats here are already blown anyway supporting “team dorothy”)–

    when din-widdie plays 25 minutes or more nets are 4-1
    when din-widdie plays less than 25 minutes (as tonite) nets are 1-7

    so i guess for now we can replace “no lin no win with no din no win”.

  25. Right now in this team lots of players get to the line a lot bc Lin taught them how to do it like Harden I think… haha…

    Ya! I agree Lin needs to take a lot more shots … KA do allow or wants DLo to take more shots compare to Lin… He took almost near 20 shots per game (w FT) just like Lopez last season.

  26. Hope he’s OK. Nets PG always had trouble w injury…. smh!

  27. Pretty good game for Dlo, have to say that. His lengthy wingspan is a big big plus for PG and he makes the most use of it in taking shots or drive to the rim. He need to move his feet, not just do the shoulder move. Several weird rims out ball for Nets tonite,unfortunately.

  28. I think of it is he’s replacing Lopez’s scoring primarily, while providing some ball-handling. Lin is there to provide leadership in all facets of the game.

  29. Lol… or no russell, win!

  30. I hope someone can tell Mr. Tsai that Nets really needs to find a Fui-Su teacher to see what’s wrong w this team… their PGs always end up bad in injury…. lol!

  31. They need to unjinx this by bringing back Jerrett Jack “the starting PG killer” first :)

  32. Saw the replay. It didn’t look too bad, just barely turned it. Have seen Lin and others with worse turns of their ankles. Regardless, hope Russell is okay. Nets injuries are like a revolving door.

  33. It’s a knee, not ankle, injury.

  34. Kinda concern of that. Dlo has a knee history.

  35. Thanks for update. When did it happen? Same play that I thought was the ankle?

  36. Anyone have guesses as to philosophy behind Kenny’s rotations? Last season, no one seemed to play much over 30 mins per game. (I don’t have the exact stats.) Yet, tonight, on the second night of a back-to-back, 4 starters had more than 30 mins.
    I thought RHJ might have missed a couple of those late layups from being tired. He played 39 mins last nite.
    I thought Harris could have played a little more, especially coming off a good game last night.
    And why not more Kilpatrick? Think they want to trade him, so want to avoid injuries?
    Does this mean Kenny is under more pressure to start producing wins?

  37. It was very late in the game under the basket. It looked like his leg twisted a bit. Then he hobbled over to the bench and went back into the locker room.

  38. Thanks for the interesting correlations. Not exactly a good trend.
    You would think, with all the advanced stats available to the Nets, the coaching staff would be able to make some necessary adjustments. Hope they can figure it out sooner rather than later.

  39. Will be rewatching game later. Hope it’s not serious.

  40. Oh well. One step forward, two steps back. Yesterday’s win was fun basketball. Seems like not so much tonight.
    Just looking at box score. Looks like shooting 3P% at 30% didn’t help. Maybe Crabbe and Harris should have gotten more touches to get more in rhythm. Crabbe, three 3PA in 31 mins. Harris, three 3PA in 23 mins. Not enough.
    In the loss at Lakers, Crabbe showed that he can do more than shoot 3’s. I think he also attacked the basket too. He was 6 of 12 (4 of 8 from 3), and got to the foul line 11 times.
    Is it coaching? Or the players? If too much of the offense is going through Russell only, then other players won’t get enough touches.
    With all the advanced stats available to teams, you would think they could figure out how to run plays to players’ strengths.

  41. All very good questions. Kenny is more willing to ride players (RHJ 38 min) to get wins this season.

    Skil just couldn’t get PT being 4th in the depth chart for SG behind Crabbe, LeVert, Harris. If he were to be traded before Feb, he should get PT to showcase him.

    As for KA, there might be a little pressure to have more wins than last season so it has upward trajectory. But after losing Lin for the season, who knows if 25-30 wins would be enough

  42. Crabbe is willing to learn and upgrade his game at the cost of his stats. I think DLo should do the same.

  43. Let him rest and study the film.

  44. When DLo took over 20 shots, Nets lost. (4 times)
    When DLo scored over 29 points, Nets lost.(3 times)
    When DLo made less than 6 assists, Nets lost. (5 times)
    When DLo’s +/- rating worse than -7, Nets invariably lost the game. (5 times)

    When DLo’s +/- rating better than -5, Nets won all of the games. (4 times) Of course, when DLo didn’t play, Nets won. (1 time)
    Today DLo has a +/- rating of +9 and Nets lost. This correlation is broken.

  45. I think Crabbe just wasn’t in sync last night. They got the ball to him, but he just didn’t hit enough shots. Harris wasn’t that much in sync either. It’s possible Lin could have featured them more, but truly, they just didn’t have their scoring touch in the last game.

    I don’t think too much of the offense is going through Russell and, the last two games, Russell has played pretty well to well at PG and involved the other players. Especially guys down low like RHJ. He constantly looked toward RHJ down low, very much like Lin would find him down low. I really think Russell has been overall a positive in the last two games. Defensively, not great, but he’s trying.

    The problem, to me, is someone key was out last night in Dinwiddie. Dinwiddie is crucial to the Nets. They also were on a back to back, Russell didn’t finish the game due to an injury we’ll find out more about, but the lack of strong bigs on the Nets is more of a problem than guard play or KA’s schemes.

    I’m finding Crabbe to be inconsistent, to no fault of anyone but Crabbe’s. Some games he looks fantastic, other games he just about disappears. Harris does more, he cuts, he moves more off the ball, he makes good passes, so even though he isn’t as good a shooter, he seems more productive. I’m not sure Crabbe should start, tbh.

    This is a young team that plays like one sometimes. DMC can do but so much to lead the team. Lin’s absence is huge. But I think they’re doing ok and played pretty competitively last game. I think if Dinwiddie played, the Nets probably win last night.

    KA is a rookie coach but he’s getting better at managing players and the game. He still has a long way to go. I see this whole thing as a process, there will be ups and downs, and we’re watching a lot of people develop.

  46. DLo is upgrading his game, especially in terms of looking for other players to pass the ball to and encouraging ball movement. He’s a skilled enough player to get impressive stats. He’s going to be an impressive player if he can control his ego and play team ball. He’s not there yet, but he’s made movement towards compromising some of his stats. He’s shooting less and passing more. That’s progress. And he’s seemed willing to do so and seems more responsible in his latest interviews. He’s crediting his teammates more. I think he’s moving in a positive direction.

  47. Ball had a triple double last night (although Lakers lose 🙂 . See the power of being backed by the whole organization wanting you succeed. Same thing happened to Harden. Our talented Lin not only did not have the privilege like them, but also forced to watch his replacement to succeed. Here at Nets, if not for Tsai buying the team and Lin got injured early on, history would repeat. We would have to watch DLo unfairly replacing Lin. And people here said we should cheer for DLo and FO which is behind it. Pleeeease. The old generation of Asians may let people step over them, but I hope not our generation.
    At least, I will not be one of them. No one can tell me to be quiet when I see injustice happens to Asians.

  48. https://youtu.be/XYYgffBM-PU?t=38s


    (even if Russell theoretically has more expansive, 360 degree type court vision, his passes often seem a bit off target and don’t load his teammates in full rhythm like Lin instinctively does)

  49. Agree.

    Unlike the Lin fans here that criticize me for being anti Russell and anti Nets, I do not acknowledge Russell’s bad defense and low wins as worthy of being Lin’s RACE REPLACEMENT.

    I absolutely disagree with the Nets anti Lin direction. I openly predicted everything that is happening, and it’s all coming true.

    Why can’t we Lin fans dislike Lin’s race replacements, particularly a S C R U B like Russell that already failed once at being Lin’s race replacement and is FAILING AGAIN?

  50. Crabbe is playing JUST AS POORLY as he always has, no more no less.

    He is the most wildly overrated player in the entire NBA.

  51. I’m not impressed in the least.

    The Nets allegedly have more talent than last season, but it is not translating to wins and Russell is the main reason why.

    Opposing teams are doing whatever they want, and Russell is the main reason why.

  52. Hayward is renowned among pro athletes for his level of play in League of Legends, perhaps the biggest eSport in the world. While Hayward enjoys competing against League of Legends players, he would like to take on some fellow NBA players too. “I’m still looking for an NBA player that’s better than me at League of Legends. I do know that Jeremy Lin plays DotA. He might be the one guy where, if he played League, he would probably be pretty decent. If he would come over to League, I would take on that challenge.” – via Celtics Wire

  53. I will never support Russell unless he changes his attitude and recognizes our boy is the pg, leader, and commander of this team…

  54. It’s very simple.

    Atkinson is trying to “develop” the high contract players by FORCEFEEDING them.

    The Nets do not care if they win or lose, but they care a lot about gross individual stats even if the efficiency is poor.

    So when you see big minutes, it’s all about boosting individual player boxscore stats.

  55. It doesn’t matter if Russell changes his attitude or not.

    No matter what team Lin is on, he is ALWAYS the leader in terms of what actually happens on the court for wins.

    Previously Lin has been frozen out, but that doesn’t prevent opponents from constantly tripleteaming Lin on both ends of the court whether Lin is on the ball or not.

    In basketball, true leaders are not “anointed” the way Russell is. True leadership is EARNED the way Lin CARRIED the Nets last season.

  56. Im done with nba after jlin retires and until asian players get equal treatment. Not a lot to ask.

  57. Recognizes and conducts himself accordingly then. Nbas racist treatment of our boy is shortsighted and dumb…

  58. Magic johnson knows what hes talking about.

  59. Agreed.

  60. DLo out for unspecified time …

  61. Tell Russell what toughness means.

  62. The injury bug could bite on anyone. There is no exemption.

  63. It’s the culture of NBA under examination. It starts from us, NBAfans。 As long as you and me do not accept this nonsense as the truth, there is still hope to change it.

    Pray that one day Lin will come back, better and stronger, to turn the table on the league on the court. It’s our God who reigns the world.

    Now the owner of the team will decide on the future of the team and whom to hire as GM. There are many candidates for this enviable job every year. Sean Marks needs to pay attention to put fairness into his decision making process or it may backfire on him one day.

    GM can virtually do anything in making trades under the pretext of youth movement. Getting rid of Brook Lopez, a proven star player, for a kid who has been plagued by injuries and locker room problems and a salary dump of $48M and a draft choice. Now the kid went down. This makes the GM looks like a mule and it probably costs his job.

    If I were Sean Marks, I would learn to be humble because he had tried to rebuild the team with reckless moves taking big risks on young players like Russell, Crabbe, Tyler Johnson, Porter etc. The list goes on. These young players might fall like veterans. There is no guarantee for the health of a player. Lin fell overnight with a very severe knee injury. Of course, it could happen to anyone; ask Gordon Hayward and Paul George. Mind you that there were more young players disappeared from NBA than veterans like Brook Lopez. This is a lesson a GM needs to learn.

    I have a message for Isaiah Whitehead.

    “You discover what it actually means to stay ready and how to take the opportunities given to you and make the most of them. That’s stuff you think you know before, but you don’t.”

    Jeremy was once sitting at the end of bench before Linsanity ran wild around the world. It could happen to anyone if he’s ready and talented.

    Isaiah! I don’t know if you’re good enough for the challenge until you show us. You have the coach and the opportunities behind you. It is all on you. You have your opportunities and you have no one to blame and many to thank.

  64. I’m just acknowledging progress DLo is making. I hope people don’t get the idea that now I’m a DLo supporter. However, I give credit where credit is due. He’s playing more team ball and he’s doing more to win. In the win, Russell was big, and who knows, last game, if he didn’t get injured, he may have contributed to a win. I don’t see how that can be disputed. And, he has the stuff to be the NBA’s definition of star or superstar. His numbers are strong. I don’t agree that the NBA’s definition of star means winner either.

    There is a distinction between supporting and liking a player and just saying what I’m observing that a player is doing on the court. And I’m not relating it to Lin, just expressing observations. It’s only fair, IMO.

  65. It’s doesn’t much matter what you do. If more Asians are to play in the NBA, Lin is one of the biggest reasons why. I think if Lin is to leave a legacy it is to show that Asians can compete and be just as quick and athletic as any other player. That shouldn’t even be in question, but it is.

    Being a pioneer isn’t easy. It’s frustrating, unfair and ugly. But Lin has done it with grace and humor.

  66. I think KA may have made a mistake with RHJ’s minutes, he still is showing he’s not right after the hip contusion injury. And B2B, RHJ showed fatigue last night. I’m glad he gets a break until the game on Tuesday. But now the PG situation isn’t good. DLo, a part-time PG playing as starting PG and Dinwiddie, in the role of 2nd unit PG capable of starting are both downs for an undetermined amount of games.

    The injury situation is not good on the team right now with all of the injuries to players playing point. Can’t see any other choice but to go Whitehead/Skil, or pick up Sessions if the Knicks release him.

  67. Right on.. we should not be apologetic , emasculated Asians like some posters here…

  68. Yawwwnnnn….

  69. Tell that to Sean Marks

  70. Russell didn’t make any player better except, perhaps, Mozgov.

  71. Good. Let’s divide the work.
    You keep track of Dinwiddie and I will do it on DLo.

  72. Who are you? If most are your posts are of this quality, I’ll quickly block. Don’t need nonsense in my life.

  73. No… not again….

  74. I don’t like Marks and Atkinson anymore, and it’s NOT because I think they are racist to Lin.

    Rather, my disagreement is a basketball one.

    Marks and Atkinson, they seem to dislike any player that can take the ball and score in isolation – LIN INCLUDED.

    The Nets got rid of all the players like Hamilton, Lopez, Goodwin, McDaniels, Bogdanovic, and Nicholson that had individual scoring skills. Lin was next on the list until Joseph Tsai bought part of the Nets.

    Marks and Atkinson seem to believe that capable isolation scorers are selfish bad players. So they went out and got guys like Russell that cannot score off the dribble without tons of picks.

    Philosophically, I violently disagree with Marks and Atkinson about their personnel choices. Marks and Atkinson will learn the hard way that the only way to run a truly unselfish motion system is to have ELITE isolation scorers on the court running that offense!

  75. What Linsanity 2011-2 was made up of: Lin, Landry Fields, Jared Jeffries, Steve Novak, Tyson Chandler …
    (Manning has done a great job of keeping track of Lin’s development since Linsanity and I like his videos alot)
    Jeremy Lin | Dream like New York 2011-12

  76. I remember that article.

    When I read it years ago, I posted “The author obviously does not watch Rockets games, anybody can SEE that Beverley’s SLOW REFLEXES and LACK OF ATHLETICISM are getting him BURNED CONSTANTLY with opponents constantly putting up career highs.

    Lin is THE BEST defensive guard I’ve EVER seen in pro basketball, and in my eyes nobody even comes close. I’ve been writing that since Linsanity and the constant numbers as well as Lin zipping around the court like a small guard and shotblocking like a 7 foot center are several seasons of proof of that.

  77. Specially the one man defense against the entire opposition team.

  78. I’ve never seen ANYBODY in the entire NBA do that the way Lin does.

    Lin really is the best defensive guard of all time.

  79. If Lin successfully comes back, he will be inducted into the Hall of Fame for sure.

  80. Lonzo Ball is playing exactly as poorly as I predicted he would this summer.

    Even though Lin fans repeatedly bashed me for hating on Ball, right now they are all SILENCED because all my predictions about Ball came true.

  81. I don’t care about the STUPID “Hall of Fame” because any so called “Hall of Fame” that doesn’t induct people like Greek legend Nick Galis (the Jimmer Fredette of the 80s) is not a legitimate judge of basketball achievement.

  82. There is NO PLAYER in the entire history of the NBA that could win like Lin did with a weak roster of 3 career journeymen and a single decent center like that.

    The only player that would come close to matching what Lin did with that roster is Tim Duncan.

  83. Not really –

    he supported Lin being benched, and he mistakenly thought Lonzo Ball is better than D’Angelo Russell.

  84. Trust me on this: Isaiah Whitehead is NOT ATHLETIC ENOUGH to truly make the NBA.

    The footspeed and explosiveness and court sense are not there.

    Had Whitehead stayed in school for 4 years, he’d have learned how to compensate for the lack of athleticism and would still be drafted in the 2nd round. But at least he wouldn’t constantly be wrecked on the NBA court like he has been.

  85. But Crabbe does not have any room for improvement, he’d have to become much more athletic and that’s not happening.

  86. That really looks bad on Sean Marks’ ability to find decent players in the draft.

  87. Completely disagree.

    Russell doesn’t have even average NBA athleticism, the Lakers found that out over the last two seasons and now you and the Nets are finding that out too.

    I don’t see any improvement in Russell’s game when his offensive “improvement” is still offset by his consistently terrible defense. I so absolutely no difference in Russell’s play compared to previous seasons, and the Nets’ record reflects that.

  88. I wonder if there is something the Nets coaching and medical staff is doing wrong.

    This reminds me of how the Portland Trail Blazers used to constantly have injuries to all their key players like Greg Oden and Brandon Roy. But I am pretty sure the Blazers brought in some new coaches and trainers, thus stopping the Blazers injury epidemics.

  89. The kind of abuses Lin has taken from NBA is also historical. If MDA was the coach of the Rockets instead of that Kevin McHale who absolutely knew nothing about coaching, Rockets could have gone a long way then.

  90. The Moving Offense seems to be tough on players.

  91. Well, I really didn’t like this year’s draft pick Jarrett Allen either.

    I felt that there were multiple players more capable of immediately contributing than Allen has.

    One of the fatal flaws the Nets do that I learned decades ago not to do is looking at a guy and projecting a skillset onto him based on how he looks as opposed to what he actually does.

    For example, Jarrett Allen was a superb scorer but lousy defender and weak athlete in college. Yet the Nets seek to do the exact opposite: transform him into a rugged athletic shotblocking defensive center despite his game being the opposite of that.

    With that amount of clueless ess, no wonder the Nets can’t win or even figure out how best to use Lin.

  92. I don’t think D’Antoni would have succeeded any more than McHale did.

    D’Antoni lost control of the Knicks to Carmelo Anthony, and D’Antoni would have lost control of Harden if he had become Rockets coach.

  93. I think you’re right.

  94. When Russell is gone, who could they bring up?

  95. Without RHJ or DeMarre covering up, DLo will be totally exposed in his inept defense. Of course, it really looks bad on Sean Marks, Atkinson’s boss..

  96. Come to think of the new players that Sean Marks brought in: DeMarre, Allan Crabbe, DLo and Mozgov.
    Only the trade for DeMarre was outstanding. His trade came with two draft picks. Allan Crabbe help Nets get rid of Nicholson who is currently not playing in NBA. DLo and Mozgov’s trade looks real bad.

  97. I disagree that he needs “athleticism.” I’ve seen him get to the rim by using hesitation, that’s something good players do. He has a step back jumper, he has a floater, he’s able to pass the ball from different angles. Now, he hasn’t had to deal with Lin-level defenses against him and that may reveal some weaknesses.

    His defense is terrible. But my remarks were towards his approach to team-play vs. just chucking up shots. He’s done far less chucking in the last 2 games than he did earlier in the season.

  98. Crabbe just needs a healthy Jeremy Lin to get back on his game.

  99. Crabbe need to put ball on the floor, especially when facing the opposite bigs. He is clearly capable of that. As a shooter, he and Harris, need to take enough time to adjust forms or gestures. The key is quick but never ever be rush. Otherwise, several misses in a row will kill the night.

  100. Disappointed in this site. Everyone celebrated Nets win over Portland without even mentioning the coach’s tank move of not playing Nurkic in the 4th quarter. All NBA teams know that the Nets have no answer to a talented big.


  101. Really. Well screw him. I meant with regard to russells leadership.

  102. The whole nba stinks.

  103. I am disgusted by nba in general. Its like wwf.

  104. Jeremy lin is awesome!

  105. I support tsai and jlin.

  106. JLin just looked right in a NYK jersey. Still does. I know it won’t happen but it would be nice for him to be a Knick in the Garden. As much as JLin elevated NYK during that magical two week + run I was really disappointed when they played Miami and they mugged him and JLin’s teammates just let it happen.

  107. Singles’ Day in China …

    Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant, said its Singles’ Day sales (Nov 11) extravaganza hit 168.2 billion yuan (US$25.4 billion), up 39 per cent from last year and cementing it as the world’s biggest shopping event.

    Singles’ Day has become an annual 24-hour buying frenzy that exceeds the combined sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the United States … .

    There were as many as 256,000 transactions per second. See : on.forbes.com/6019DBpe9

  108. Next game, we will know if it’s really true.

  109. Yes, China is no longer the China we used to know. They have leaped beyond anyone’s imagination…

  110. I get fans upset about losing Lin but the level of hate for Lin’s team is beyond anger. The Nets this season has won 5 games already. Compared to last season with Brook Lopez, when Lin was out, the Nets won 8-9 games. YES THATS 8-9 GAMES! Last year’s record shows that this year’s Nets team has improved already, so Marks and Atkinson are doing some good things with very little to work with.

    I’m really sick and tired of people jumping off the wagon just because Lin’s team is underperforming compared to other teams. Last year Lin made the Nets respectable when he lead the Nets to 10-11 wins in March and April. No Lin no win is why the Nets are struggling.

    In the mean time, calling everyone bums isn’t helping the team to become better. I want this team to keep inproving so that when Lin returns next year, he’s going to inherit a much better team. Lets encourage them instead of putting them down for Lin’s sake.

  111. NBA standings. Look at Cleveland. And surprise, surprise, the Knicks are doing well. 76ers are doing pretty well too. Nets aren’t at the bottom. This is likely to change, but things so far aren’t like many predictors in the NBA thought they’d be.


  112. I am so surprised to see NYK is even better than Cav?? Irving sure is happy now. Boston has the best record in the league now.

  113. And that’s without Hayward. It may change, but I think they’ll be in the top 2 or 3 at the end of the season, provided no more major injuries.

  114. Well, China has changed so much in the past few years. Not just Eco but also technology… Even Google said in the few years, China will catch up USA in AI or even be the lead in the world…

    Just read the news said right now not only Trump’s granddaughter learns Chinese. Prince George of Cambridge also starts to learn Chinese now… Some other Euo countries also promote Chinese lesson….

  115. I think this year’s final will be GSW vs Celtics. Not Cav…. they are just not good maybe after 12/15 will change…??

  116. The 2011-12 Knicks sucked until they started playing Lin. A true Lin fan wants to see the Nets get better but only when Lin returns. That’s how Linsanity works. If you had faith in Lin’s ability to make his teammates play better and as a team you would stop your whining.

  117. No surprises. Knicks are playing well because they finally ejected cancerous Carmelo. Nets aren’t at the bottom but they will be…until Lin returns.

  118. Brad Stevens is truly a great coach. He’s arguably the best coach in the NBA now. The team has played well without Hayward and they won last night over the Raptors without Kyrie Irving. They play as a team. They constantly breaking down defense to get open looks. Most importantly they play defense. If the Nets could pull one off against the Celtics it just might turn their season around. Defensively the Nets is a better team without Dlo. If their shots fall tomorrow night they just might do it.

  119. agree. the last two celts games i mean there’s no way they should have won those games i actually turned them off thinking they had lost but i check later they won. thats end of game coaching. boston is playing without hayward, without irving and recently often without horford. i have something i use called the “sportscard index”–most of the bulk of the celts roster is not only “new” (almost complete turnover from last season) but guys i dont even have cards of, complete unknowns: yabuselse, nader, theis, ojeleye, even shane larkin! aaron baynes is starting on this team currently, they just plug n play.

    imo generally coaches in the nba aren’t a plus they’re either a minus or neutral. stevens is perhaps the only coach i am reasonably sure is a clear plus.

  120. well we’ll see if the dinwiddie effect holds, im supposed to be keeping track of that and someone else the russell, well with russell out guess ill have to do the heavy lifting; to repeat for those who didn’t see it before.

    so far when dinwiddie plays 25 minutes or more the nets are 4-1. when he plays less that 25 minutes they are 1-7.

    would be a big task here to pull off another win but uh wasn’t din the pg when they beat cleveland w dlo out?

    not to be attacking nets players but just pointing out updating stats; dlo speaking of apparently the latest victim of the nets long term “point guard curse” (injuries to virtually every pg for the last what 7years i think)–still top five in usage all players, bottom five (along with previous lin replacements pbev and clarkson) in assist to turnover ratio among those listed as point guards.

    and in the “anybody taking that many shots would score that much” category: at the moment 3 players taking more shots than russell and scoring less, dennis schroeder, irving and westbrook.

    nba stats has something called a net rtg no entirely sure the formula but interesting that 4 of the top 6 in the league playing any significant minutes are on the warriors. ie. it appears this is a good measure of whether a team is a good team or not.

    you have to crank thru about 250 of the 350 or so players to get to a nets player playing 25 minutes or more.

    nets also remain top 5 in 3 pt attempts bottom 5 in 3 point makes; so nothing’s changed from last season in that fact and philosophy either.

    (dinwiddie btw is now #2 in the league among pg’s in assist/to ratio and also the highest rated nets player in “net rating” –doesn’t have the 25 minutes yet)

  121. The best way to avoid “getting sick and tired…” is to respect different opinions.

  122. There are players who can pile up impressive personal statistics they are absolutely concerous. Melo belongs to this category. Knicks is so much watchable without him.

  123. When I was looking at some of Lin’s teammates, they are not really Lin’s teammates. They are playing with another agenda. For God’s sake, look at the stats. Nets with DLo are completely out of the rhythm that Lin and Atkinson wants to play; sharing the ball and make everyone better. There is no accident that DLo has been losing games and we couldn’t blame them on Lin’s other teammates who have been trying hard to play the unselfish offense and defense.

    Whenever I saw DLo take over 20 shots per game, my stomach gets allergy over hero ball.

    Stats after 5 wins and 7 losses. Ball don’t Lie.
    When DLo took over 20 shots, Nets lost. (4 times)
    When DLo scored over 29 points, Nets lost.(3 times)
    When DLo made less than 6 assists, Nets lost. (5 times)
    When DLo’s +/- rating worse than -7, Nets invariably lost the game. (5 times)
    When DLo’s +/- rating better than -5, Nets won (4 times)
    When DLo didn’t play, Nets won.

  124. DLo is supposed to be the PG; the one to find the sweet spots for his teammates to score. However he’s too busy to score himself. When he does that, the team with no exception lost in regular season games. Marks and Kenny seems fine with this even at the cost of losing more games.

    I can’t make myself like DLo when he isn’t trying to help his teammates with a dismal effort to pass to others to score and not to mention giving up the ball. This is certainly not Spurs like offense and defense.

  125. Even Japanese Toshiba (TV lines) been bought by Chinese company…they are growing and very innovative in their renderings

  126. But why are you overlooking the last 2 games where KA has reined him in and he’s been involving his teammates? This is a very small amount of games and he’s trending better and more inclusive and more playing the right way, not less. That’s the disagreement I have with you.

    I think it’s more is you can’t bring yourself to like him, and maybe for good reasons. But there’s such a thing of giving him a fair shake and after the small amounts of games he’s played, I don’t feel you’re giving him a fair shake. That’s your prerogative, but that’s how I see it. But he’s not going anywhere, he’s Lin’s team mate, and I would like to see a stronger Nets team so when Lin comes back, they have more of a chance to do well and play cohesively. The alternative, is seeing come back to a dysfunctional team or one with a lot of bad habits.

    And it’s not that I like DLo personally or his style of play. But not all players are like Lin. Dinwiddie plays something like Lin, and that’s nice, but other’s don’t. And I don’t think DLo is a PG. I think he’s a scorer that can pass the ball well. But he has to play PG now, he has no choice. HIs coach has decided he’s the starting PG, Dinwiddie is the PG playing from the bench, and that’s the way the team runs.

    And another thing is, this is the NBA and they like guys that have great stats. This is what they promote (I don’t agree with it, but that’s the reality). DLo is a big draw for people who agree with the NBA. He’s putting up star numbers, and sometimes it results in wins. You point out the negative, but he has contributed in a large degree to the recent Portand win and hasn’t taken over 20 shots in his last 2 games. KA has to rein him in to get his teammates involved while making his scoring numbers and having it more result in wins. And I think KA was on his way to doing that.

  127. Couldn’t have said it better myself! I am puzzled that there are some apologists here who are constantly defending MeAngelo under the disguise of ‘objectivity’. I am equally puzzled why that poster is still here on the jlin fan site instead of the Dlo site. Objective my foot!!!

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