G13 LAL @ DAL PreGame Thread

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Lakers (3-9) will face Mavericks (9-3) who ranks 1st in PTS (108.9/gm) and 5th in assists (23.9/gm)

It will be another tough game for Lakers because Rick Carlisle is an excellent coach who truly understands how important Jeremy Lin is as an engine to the team. Will Jeremy have rested legs and repeat his assertive pattern shoot 3s, play pick-and-pop with Boozer/Hill and PnR with Ed Davis? Or will Rick Carlisle game-plan against Jeremy like HOU did to force Kobe to hopefully single-handedly take over and let Lakers lose?

Let’s hope Lin repeats the history following a bad game with another great game close to his double-double (15/10)

ESPN Preview: Lakers vs Mavericks

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    Got a good feeling for tomorrow :>

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  6. Bounce back game! Let’s go Lin!

  7. if i go for a surgery, then yes. lol

  8. yep, that’s me voting for 22pts. I sort of want a Parsons payback. Did you see how badly Parsons played earlier this week? 4 for 12, 11 pts. Cool.

  9. vroom!

  10. lasik?

  11. Go JLin! Go for 17pts/7asts. I like that numbers very much:-)

  12. He been having bad shooting nights last couple of games…good for us…But Mavs still won

  13. Great flashback of Top 5 Moments of James Worthy, 1 of 50 Greatest NBA Players in history.
    “Big Game James” was a seven-time NBA All-Star, a three-time NBA champion and the 1988 NBA Finals MVP

    What’s impressive about Worthy was his excellent footwork around the paint, great focus in the game and of course his dunking ability


  14. i dont think thats gonna cut

  15. Great player. Worthy initially had trouble buying into Magic’s team ball concept but eventually they worked it out and he became a key factor in their Championship runs.

  16. I’ll be super-happy with 17/7 :>

  17. I will double it!

  18. Finally @brentyen responded to Joyce Ward’s request of the translation of Chinese article. Happened just right before this thread was created. Believe many didn’t see it. So I repost the combined two together:-)

    Lakers has lost so many games consecutively. Kobe, although looked calm, you can sense how low his morale was. After the consecutive 2 wins, Kobe went crazily happy in the guest team locker room. He talked and laughed. Did not reject any interview request for the medias. He also praised Lin’s good professionalism.

    Laker won the game against HOU at the last moment. Kobe showed up in the crunch time. He made 10 of his 28 shots, scored the game high 29 pts, dished out 7 assists and grabbed 5 rebs. After the game, the whole locker room is crowded with ppl. Most reporters left ROX’s locker room and came to the guest locker room, waiting to do the post game interview with Kobe. After the door opened, Kobe who usually are the last one to do the interview was already ready for it, sitting by his locker.

    “Our recent performance is better than b4, especially the transition D” Kobe said (who is ice bathing his foot while taking the interview). Kobe said “the team guarded Harden very well. He is a very good shooter who can hit some very tough shots. we tried to lock him down, tried to take away his dribble penetration. We did pretty good tonight.”

    The consecutive wins lighten up Kobe’s mood a lot. He laughed a lot during the interview. When reporters asked him about Nick Young, he smiled and said “If he kept playing like this, he will be the 6MOY”

    After the 1st rd of the interview with reporters, LAL PR signals the reporters that Kobe will stop answering questions. But reporters from HOU and LA just came and asked more questions. Kobe patiently answered them all. Afterward, another wave of reporters came, Kobe started to answer all the questions again with smiles. Seeing him so happy, the PR person stopped rejecting reporter’s request for interview.

    Reporters from HOU asked KObe about how he thinks about Lin since Lin was traded to LAL. Kobe praised him and said, “He is a very good player, Jeremy can contribute. He can shoot, although he has not adapted to the team, but I will talk to him in the locker room. He is very professional”

    3 wins 9 losses, LAL still have a long way to go. But Kobe is very confident. “I feel we are better than what our record are showing. I have no doubt about it.”

    I like the second last paragraph Kobe on JLin. Thanks Kobe!
    科比赛后更衣室欢声笑语不断 大赞书豪职业精神
    2014-11-20 14:42








  19. great find!

  20. I can’t vote! But I wanted to vote 15/6

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    1st male poster after @JoeTeam then :>

  22. LOL Go for it. Prefer to be triple double but one step at a time:-)

  23. Me 2:-)

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  26. Good to have fun. So far I’m always off in my vote but just go ahead and do it anyway:-) Still have 70 games to go. One of this day I will get it right:-)

  27. Ugh, Rick Carlisle.. why do you understand Jeremy’s game so much?

  28. I like how he’s calm, confident with lots of knowledge but reassuring a lot of young players.
    It’s like the total opposite vibe I get from Drexler :>

  29. Lin is flying here. So quick. Lakers don’t play this fast.

  30. Parsons.. no further comment


    Who’s buying Chandler Parsons ?? Thanks Chipotle Mexican Grill!!

  31. I know *sigh* .. but perhaps he will focus on stopping Kobe and Nick Young this time, thinking Lin was struggling.
    Let’s hope so!

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  35. Thanks, Brent Yen!

    It helps to know what Kobe is thinking about Lin that he hasn’t fully adapted to know his role and find the level of comfort.
    Kobe definitely expects more from Lin once he has adapted!

    He is a very good player, Jeremy can contribute. He can shoot, although he has not adapted to the team, but I will talk to him in the locker room. He is very professional”</i?

  36. LOL Enjoy your viewing pleasure as Ido said.

  37. Lin seems to get shafted a lot on calls. pic.twitter.com/Kxd9huce2z— Jean-Paul Valley (@JeanPaulValley8) November 21, 2014

  38. MEM will be a championship contender this year. Deep bench (56pts) and strong 1st unit built for a playoff run with Gasol in the middle.

    Completely outclassed Houston Rockets built for regular season! 😉

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  40. nice editing, whoever made that!

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  45. Kobe knows it’ll take time. Fans are irrational and so is the media sometimes. But if Lin is showing effort, reviewing film, working with Kobe at some things in practice, being professional, Kobe doesn’t seem to be unreasonable. He may yell and scream on court but a lot of superstars do. LeBron used to abuse Chalmers on court. So did Wade.

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  47. Where can we track the substitution log for each game?

  48. popcornmachine.net

    it’s an amazing site

  49. THanks!

  50. caption contest

  51. this is not going to help his street cred

  52. Is this a basketball shoe?

  53. Lin 22/10, Parsons 10/2reb
    Lakers win by 5 pts !

  54. Thats the reason I said in previous thread that, I dont see Kobe not letting Lin to shine

  55. Looks clean.

  56. wow, so many Lin connections with Dallas:

    – Lin himself, who got initially his NBA break with the Mavs in summer league.
    – Monta Ellis, the first ball dominant SG that Lin had to deal with. Lin got the last laugh as Monta faded away in MIL and Lin has a bigger contract by a smidge ($8.37M vs $8.36M).
    – Chandler Parsons, his Chipotle buddy and now screwed-by-Morey buddy.
    – Tyson Chandler, one of the biggest keys in the Linsanity phenomenon.
    – Brandan Wright, played together in GSW
    – Greg Smith, teammate with HOU
    – Raymond Felton, Lin’s replacement in NYK who was a bust.

  57. I assume that Wes will guard Ellis and Kobe will guard Parsons to start the game tomorrow.

  58. To bad Felton will not play.

  59. How come? What’s he eating?

  60. I thought he is injured?

  61. Easy for Kobe given Parsons cannot change direction in his dribble lol. Srsly, only challenge will be if Parsons heats up from his slump this week.

  62. Well I am just guessing. Maybe Kobe will still guard Ellis. Good luck with that. 😛

  63. Is he scared of Kobe too?

  64. Interesting Win-Loss numbers again, as with Rockets
    Los Angeles Lakers (3-9) at Dallas Mavericks (9-3)

  65. I was thinking the same thing!

  66. Now you got me excited to watch Kobe iso! On Parsons …

  67. Lin for 39pts?
    Final score of Dallas is 93?
    I’m visualizing now.. yeah!

  68. so true, good memory!… and don’t forget Linsanity beat Dallas the reigning champ in 2012!
    That must be the 1st time Rick Carlisle was aware of the danger of Linsanity

  69. nice black/neon color! I like this one too

  70. I’m afraid to put any caption ha..!

  71. yeah, Kobe understands he’s slowly getting Lin to be himself on court, just shoot it when open, etc.
    He knew it would take some time to get comfortable and just play ball.

  72. It’s interesting to see how Parsons and Chandlers get $15M salary this season, higher than $8M Dirk’s salary.
    That must have created some pressure for Parsons. Last year he played to pursue that big contract.
    Now he has a suffocating pressure to deliver on the $15M as the best SF.
    Maybe that’s why he’s struggling a bit now


  73. when did he say this? I didn’t hear this in his post game interview after the roxies game

  74. So if Kobe talks to lin.. I wonder what he will be asking him. I’m pretty sure kobe knows it’s not physical..but mental.. and want to know what is inside his cranium. I’m suspecting it can be the gitters because he is a starter when the roxies made him a bench player. Usually you would see addition aggression, but lin might be like I’ll just do my usual.. while on the other end, they have an agenda against him.. show him up. That’s why they got the edge on him.

  75. kobe is almost like accomplish everything.. so no need for jealously like hardenio. It is actually a great time to be play with him in a way.

  76. very worth watching.

  77. no jinx.

  78. Matchup to watch

    He’s still Kobe Bryant, so even though he doesn’t have much help, he’s capable of carrying the Lakers for long stretches when he gets on a roll. It’s going to have to be a team effort to guard Bryant since the Mavericks don’t have a starter who is suited to go one-on-one with him, either in size or defensive skills. Expect Jae Crowder to get called on at some point.

    Scouting the Lakers

    At 3-9, they actually have won the first two legs of this three-game trip, by five at Atlanta and six at Houston. … It may not be a
    coincidence that the two wins have come since F Nick Young made his season debut. He’s averaged 16.5 points and 4.5 rebounds. … Kobe Bryant is among the league leaders at 27.5 points per game, but he is shooting just 38.6 percent from the field.

    Scouting the Mavericks

    They are on a season-best five-game winning streak, but the last time they came off a two-game road trip, they lost their first game back at AAC to Miami. … They are shooting for their 400th win at American Airlines Center. They come into tonight’s game 399-132 (.751) in the regular season since the arena opened. … Tyson Chandler has been on a nice run, lifting his season averages to 10.9 points and 10.8 rebounds. …Monta Ellis has topped 30 points in two of the last three, averaging
    27.3 in that span.


  79. that ref is the racist joey crawford. no surprise.

  80. He’s doing a lot better than I predicted.

  81. Whats name of this shoe? I might get it.. foreal lol

  82. maybe Kobe will say to Lin, “hey, thanks for taking the double teams away from me. Otherwise, I probably would have gone 5 for 28” 😉

  83. Aside from when Mavs play the Lakers, I hope Parsons has a good year, just to make the Rockets jealous. =)

  84. Felton is now officially healthy, so he is serving his 4-game suspension. He will be eligible to play on Nov 24


  85. If Parsons, Lin and Asik all do well and Rockets get another first round elimination, then Morey will look like a fool.

  86. Thank Brent, good work and nice read.

  87. Gooooooooooaaaaaal!

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  91. In the past 2 seasons Lin has had some good games against the Mavericks and some games where he got benched by McHale. However the Mavericks this season are the best they have been in recent years. I have no idea what to predict.

    But to put it simply Lin has more experience playing against the Mavericks than he has playing against the Rockets. Right?! He should do better this game.

  92. I predict another rough game for Lin.

    The Mavericks have been badly burned by Lin in recent years.

    Rick Carlisle openly respects Lin and defends Lin as hard as any team does in the NBA. He didn’t have the personnel to do it in previous years, but he does now.

    Given that the Mavericks will send multiple defenders at a dribbling Lin while the 4 Lakers starting shooting guards stand around passively at the midrange, Lin will need to really move his feet off the ball and not worry about trying to ram the ball through the blockaded midrange. It’ll likely mean a low scoring and assist night, but Lin needs to prioritize keeping his stats efficient as opposed to getting the win.

  93. It won’t be Kobe iso against just Parsons.

    It’ll be Kobe against Parsons and at least one other defender while Lin stands at the 3 point line unguarded.

    Opponents press Lin like crazy when he has the ball and completely abandon him when Kobe is shooting. That’s because once the ball leaves Lin’s hand, there’s no chance any Laker will pass Lin the ball.

  94. Then BS should plan against this and if not, then Lin has to improvise himself and adapt.. like how I always say free form/no form is sometimes the best form…forget princeton/triangle/way too structured set.. Why? As a person who had taken martial arts I know about this..and like bruce lee quoted:

    “Don’t get into one form, adapt and build you very own and let it grow, be like water. Empty you mind. You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.”

    Some should let him know via tweeter or PM him.

  95. Well, Lin is a good player but if he wants to step up to the next level, he should be able to perform well even under pressure. When he’s double team make the right pass and rack up the assists. His teammates need to work with him though, Hill really needs to start rolling to the basket and putting pressure on the interior defense. At least with Nick back, he should be able to put some pressure on the defense who hopefully will respect his shot. I’ve seen some nice passes by Lin but his teammates can’t finish at the basket. That’s the very basics of playing basketball, if you can’t convert a simple layup when you’re that tall, something is seriously wrong.

    Lakers still need a lot of work on the defensive end as well. They are giving out 3 point shots like candy.

  96. are you over the minimum age?

  97. Passes cannot be made to players who are DELIBERATELY allowing Lin to be trapped.

  98. I saw this on twitter and this poster had something interesting thoughts about the last game just follow the tweets:

  99. How is Lin going to adapt?

    The double teams press Lin past the 3 point line when he dribbles the ball. Where can Lin go on the court when he’s got a defender on both his right and left sides?

    And then when Lin splits the double team, his teammates step INTO his driving lane to stop him. How is Lin supposed to move his teammates out of his driving lane?

    Lin’s teammates refuse to cut when he has the ball, though they cut for other players. How is Lin going to force a pass into stationary guys that are fronted by defenders looking to pick off Lin’s passes?

    And when Lin doesn’t have the ball and is standing unguarded because teammates would rather brick and turnover than pass to the wide open Asian guy, how is Lin supposed to convince them to pass him the ball when they’re deliberately refusing to give him the ball?

  100. The poster had some really good insight into what is going on with lin. I wandered why lin made that statement to the reporter after the win that the coaches had a strategy for the game and everybody was asked to do their part. She also said that kobe respects and likes lin and is a mentor to him. She thinks that lin is trying to get comfortable around him and kobe is trying to bring that fire out of him. She also said that Howard failed with Kobe because he didn’t want to put in the work whereas lin does and is very eager to learn.

  101. it just amazes me that people don’t get this…. Coaches have a plan and players need to stick to it. The plan may be rather loose coming from a coach that does not understand X’s and O’s ( mchale) where the ‘plan’ may simply be ‘no sticky ball’…. “go, go, go”

    Team ball is a chess match and the best coaches will have a game plan like a chess match and will tweak it in-game and a BIG tweak after half time. Players need to be team players and do what the coach says if they want to win.

    We know JLin is a team player, he is willing to do whatever it takes to win, coach says no FGA for you just defense he will do it. no complaints.

  102. hey is the a gif of the Jlin at 3Q 10:45 in the game when he jumped to catch the ball and had no clear landing area so of course Jlin got the foul?

  103. That is why kobe says that lin is very professional.Kobe likes that lin doesn’t complain and lin gets it on how to become a champion. I think there will be games when the offense will revolve lin and there will be times when it revolves around kobe. I think BS is a clueless coach, and I don’t think he and Mitch are on the same page. I think they expected him to police up kobe, but he didn’t and it took lin/boozer to step up to the plate and say something. I think Kobe knows he needs to be policed up. He has even said that if you don’t stand up to me, then I will run over you. Lakers are working out two PG’s this week because the FO sees that Price is not effective. It was interesting that for the last couple of games Price has played 17 mins in ATL game and 15 min in Rockets game. I think after Lin/Boozer spoke up. Scott thinks that as long as he caters to Kobe, he will have a job. Some things kobe can control, but Mitch will do what he needs to do to save the face of the franchise.

  104. I saw him wear it during media day.

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  106. I’ll get it for kickboxing and something to wear casually.

  107. Lin should have a pretty good game against Dallas. Even though Dallas is a very good team, their defense isn’t as good as the Rockets, and Lin’s uneven play against the Rockets have to consider the Rockets’ strong defense.

    How strong? The Rockets’ defense ranks NUMBER ONE among all NBA teams, allowing only 92 points a game. They are tied with the Spurs and Memphis, with those teams slightly ahead in percentage points.

    So, not only is Houston a good defensive team, their entire game plan consisted of stopping JLin from running the offense through traps, double teams, etc. It was very difficult for Lin to have a strong offensive game under those circumstances against a strong defensive team.

    With Dallas, they may employ similar tactics as Houston, but they aren’t as good defensively as a team. They rank 14th in the NBA in defense out of 30 teams.

  108. The Rockets have had the softest schedule of anybody in the NBA, so don’t overread the defensive stats.

    Dallas is a superbly coached team that knows how to specifically defend Lin. Though Lin cracked their traps the last 3 seasons due teammates somewhat moving to proper spots, that won’t be the case tonight.

  109. That’s NOT ENOUGH from Bryant.

    Bryant can yammer in the press all he wants about team play.

    But until he starts DOING IT on the court, I will continue to dismiss him like I have for the last 18 seasons.

  110. Even taking into consideration the Rockets’ easy schedule so far, they still have a strong defensive team, and they played good defense against the Lakers.

    And, man, you sure are pessimistic, lol.

    Lin had two very good offensive games against Dallas last season (18 points and 20 points), even though as you have argued that his racist Houston teammates tried to sabotage his game.

    Also, I’m curious, how certain are you that Lin will have a crappy game tonight? 100% certain? 90%?

  111. Both Harden and Bryant are inefficient turnover prone players.

    We knew that going into this season. No surprises for us Lin fans here.

  112. If he gets double team and somehow no one is around, he has to ‘create his own shot’ or split the double team. If there is no teamwork, he has to create his own shot even if lin is about teamplay. I’m a perimeter shooter.. (in fact better percentage than layups, somehow I cannot do layup as easily as people think ..maybe because I don’t know how to drive into the basket as good as someone can…don’t know why). But when I got double team because they know I’m a perimeter shooter…or if I see a potential double team coming, I shift. If there is already a double team on me (and these guys are mostly equal height or bit taller) and I have already dribbled … I have to try to create a shot especially when I don’t have that good of a vision to see who is open at the split second when double team who’s block my view also. (or can be because teammates was not open). Only way is to go up instead of trying to pass to someone who might not be open and cause a TO. When I go up and shoot.. I end up drawing a foul, because I know if I go up and shoot as that is the only less resistance path. My perspective in why I create my shot is because I either 1) get it in, 2) miss and my team has a chance of offensive rebound.. or 3) I draw a foul and shoot 3s. It’s better reward to risk as that is 3 potential rewards to a risk of simply TO or jump ball. This is better than trying to pass to someone and cause a TO where the only reward is getting out of the double team, but the risk a TO.. (a low reward to risk ratio).

    That’s why Lin has to create his own shot or learn to. Lin is able to create his own shot.. I don’t know what happened.

  113. I am indeed pessimistic

    As far as Lin not being able to do anything tonight, I’m 99% certain.

    I’d be 100% if this were any other player but Jeremy Lin who is the NBA’s greatest wildcard player ever.

    Last season, Lin was badly sabotaged by McHale and his teammates in the Dallas games. But the Rockets open midrange allowed Lin to at least drive somewhat freely as he split the defenses.

    This year, Lin’s being blocked off from the rim not by just his opponents but his teammates. This is a coaching problem and Byron Scott is on the side of the players against Lin even if it costs the team wins.

    Keep in mind that I’m NOT saying that Lin’s playing “poorly”. I’m just saying that as great as Lin truly is, he can’t beat 5 opponents and 4 teammates.

  114. Well, I am a little bit worry bc if Mav do the same like Rox to Lin.. traps, double teams Lin again tonight? I doubt Scott has any plan to help Lin?!

  115. One critical difference:

    You’re not playing against crushing NBA doubleteams. Lin is.

    What you don’t understand is that if Lin could split double teams as easily as you insist he should, then NBA teams would not need fancy plays and millionaire coaches for their point guard to score.

    Other All Star point guards like Kyrie Irving and John Wall need CONSTANT screens and teammate help to get their shots off. They cannot do what you’re demanding that Lin do. Do you really have such a HIGH regard for Lin that you believe that Lin can crack double teams in a way All Star point guards cannot?

  116. I’m sure they’ll try to use some of the same schemes, but, they just aren’t as good defensively and may not be able to execute those tactics as well. Also, Dallas won’t devote their entire defense to stopping Lin the way Houston did.

    As much as we bash on Beverley, he’s a much better defender than Jameer Nelson.

    Drawing up good defensive schemes is one thing, proper execution is another.

  117. Well, I’m about 70% on Lin doing pretty well tonight running the offense and getting his points and assists.

    So, we’ll just have to see tonight!

  118. Nelson is not good in D but Mav can use someone else to guard Lin. I am so afraid right now every team probably like the idea to stop Lin for O & just let Kobe to brick as many as possible. I really hope Scott can do something about it but since they won vs Rox… He probably thinks it’s OK. I doubt he will do anything at all. smh!

  119. The Mavs are BETTER DEFENSIVELY than the weak Rockets team that had no Dwight Howard last game.

    Houston rode up on Lin, but they lost anyway.

    Lin has been heavily trapped by Rick Carlisle in previous years. Dating back to Fall 2012, Carlisle has openly spoken about stopping specifically Lin when playing against the Rockets. Carlisle is no Kevin McHale who loads up on Lin but neglects the other Laker players.

  120. I’m rooting for you to be right and me to be wrong.

  121. So what do you think about tonight? Mav will trap Lin again? To tell the truth, I do worry…

  122. @psalm234:disqus Is Nov. 20th the date of the thread created or the game day?

  123. oh, yes I have that HIGH regard for Lin. In fact, that’s why I’m a fan of his.. even when at first 3 games of linsanity when everyone was like wow.. I didn’t have high expectations of him and think just a regular player, because it’s only 3 games and no one scouted him and seems like the lane was open for him to drive while opp were caught off guard. But I forget when I started to say hey.. he miht be something.(maybe dallas game) and slowly caught on..and no way is this guy a fluke as ppl was saying.

    As regards to double teams, I’m not saying he can just split them like that.. it’s hard to split them when you are stationary and esp after you have dribbled (as that will be double dribble).. I can’t split them as easily even when they are not nba players.. BUT I can always shoot the ball. That’s what I’m saying.. even if you’re trapped by the boundary.. and even if it’s hard to shoot, the ball can still go up.

  124. Me, too. Lol.

  125. I will not complain about Lin again after this posting. It puts things into perspective for me. So I apologize to everyone on the board for my most recent irrational about lin.

  126. Well dude you continue to do you:)

  127. I think the analyses here on this forum are spot on, because they tend to always takes into consideration the context Lin is playing in, whether it’s a bad offensive system or against a strong defense.

    Taking context into consideration isn’t about making “excuses” for an uneven game by Lin, but it’s about the REALITY of the situation.

    To use an analogy, bashing a person for not being able to float in the air is ridiculous, because, due to gravity, people do not have the ability to float in the air.

    The context here is gravity, obviously, and ignoring context (how gravity works) would make for inane analysis or bashing (why can’t you float in the air?? Stop making excuses, and FLOAT!).

    To me, the sort of analyses here do NOT forget about the “gravity” of the situation, and therefore are sound and just make so much sense!

  128. Well..LOL If Lin can consistently hitting half court shots. I believe he will do fine. LOL

  129. it’s okay, @joyce :>
    Sometimes we all can love … too much :] when we expect so much.
    It happens a lot with parents who want their kids to succeed.
    I have to constantly remind myself everyday as a parent to focus on loving and supporting them first through ups and downs.

  130. Thanks:)

  131. LOL, BTW, thanks for the translation:)

  132. LOL. Exactly! Why can’t Lin hit half-court shots all the time? He needs to be more aggressive and stop being so mentally weak! 😀

  133. I don’t know what you posted, but I can tell you this.

    For the first 10 games.. I was holding back and decide not to go crazy and vent if something goes not as I was desire.

    and the team keep ended up losing.

    When I can’t take it anymore during the roxie game, and I started venting and joking bashing on him and stop watching tv but only reading the board and gamecast as I got pissed and felt good to release all that frustration by venting.. (it’s like yelling at my own son that he has to do well doesn’t matter.)

    and then the team end up winning.

    So I think I will continue to vent if something goes wrong. Obviously I’m going to vent on jeremylin.net as that place is completely different now. So you won’t see my crazy side here. LOL Or maybe I’m a jinx to him.. lol

    call it superstitious or whatever..but hey..see what happens. Maybe after I vented and went on a crazy streak, that’s Lin’s turning point for something better.

    So I think it’s okay to vent. because you might be treating him like your kid whom you want him to do well.

  134. BTW. When I was playing casually. My team does one thing to put teammates in spot light. We will pass the ball to the spot a teammate is supposed to be at, instead of passing it to him. 😛 So everyone knows he screwed up.

  135. That’s so cruel, lol. And funny!

  136. Just for fun. And I think it works actually. better than you talk it through after the game.

  137. Too bad if that happens in game with Lin, it’s a TO for him.

  138. it’s the thread creation date, not game time
    Let me add the countdown clock in the post so people with mobile devices will know.
    They can’t see the sidebar with the countdown clock.

  139. MAJOR traps against Lin.

    When Lin gets the ball, it’s never “just” Lin against one guy. It’s against two up top and 3 down low waiting to pick off Lin’s passes.

    Dallas has defended Lin like this in previous seasons, but the difference was that Houston had 3 point threats and inside dunkers with a free midrange. In LA, it’s the opposite with low percentage midrange brickers and a totally clogged midrange that allows Lin no dribble or passing entry.

  140. Lin was constantly mobbed at the 3 point line by the Rockets. In that kind of situation, Jeremy needs to be able to pass to the open man. Part of that was also the rest of the Lakers team wasn’t responding well. Ideally, Lin could cut down those 5 turnovers he made under pressure, and the Lakers need to be able to adapt better when that happens.

    The Lakers spacing is just terrible and Hill needs to start rolling to the basket and attacking the paint when they move out and double team Lin at the 3 point line. I really think Ed Davis is much better at this.

    Byron needs to really adapt and makes sure that the players are doing the right thing during pressure defense. There is normally a hole you can exploit when that happens but Lakers didn’t do a great job of that.

  141. Once again, you don’t have a 6’10” NBA shotblocking jumping jack on one side of you intimidating your shot and a lightning quick NBA defensive guard on your other side trying to steal your dribble.

    Michael Jordan, the greatest guard in NBA history, could not crack these traps without his ENTIRE TEAM helping him. In fact, the whole point of the Bulls hiring Phil Jackson was to get Jordan’s teammates into a system that protected him when the traps engulfed him. Lin doesn’t have the team help that Jordan had.

    While I applaud your high esteem for Lin, let’s not go overboard and expect Lin to crack double teams in a way Michael Jordan could not.

  142. He needs to do that Curry routine of shooting from the tunnel!

  143. Good analysis. The way you analyze Lin’s turnovers against Houston, they were almost like team turnovers instead of an individual turnover.

    We’ll see tonight if the Lakers have learned from the Rockets game.

  144. It needs some getting used to….MIA’s blazing defense is one example. They use it less and less because other teams eventually will get use to it and kill them. Same with Lin. He has a lot of “getting used to” . The steals Anthony Davis got from him. The 2 TOVs because of Lenard’s elite defense. Both the same.

  145. But that…..does not count at all LOL might as well just walk away….:P

  146. LOL yeah

  147. Exactly, his teammates were not reacting well too. The Lakers spacing was wrong, and most of the were moving the wrong way around the traps.

  148. Inpossible.

    Jordan Hill cannot score inside at the NBA level, and neither can Carlos Boozer. That’s why they don’t roll and are now essentially bad shooting guards as opposed to “big men.

    Ed Davis plays superbly with Lin, but Byron Scott won’t play them together.

    Byron Scott is just another one of those outdated 80s coaches who has no idea that simply standing around on offense no longer wins games.

  149. Not only Lin. The whole team needs to adapt. Lin has a couple of options, he can split the double, pass out or dribble out of the double team. Lin made the right decisions sometimes, and there was a nice penetration drive by Lin when they tried to double him which resulted in a miss but and Ed Davis put back.

  150. This is YOUR board – you moderators can vent as much as you want!

    I’d complain bitterly about Lin if I felt he were doing something wrong. But I am not complaining because Lin’s not doing anything wrong.

    Lin’s TEAMMATES AND COACH are the problem, and so I vent against them.

    Since I’m a generalized basketball fan and not specifically a Lin fan, I view the entire game not from a Lin angle but from a team angle. The problem is NOT Lin – he’s the solution but the team is fighting that.

  151. Let’s hope we’ll see Rick Carlisle didn’t game plan against Lin like ATL coach did (small chance but it’s there) so we see a similar score by end of Q1


  152. There’s no point is sweating out on things you can’t control.

  153. Thanks Administration, I WILL.

    I complimented Kobe profusely in the Atlanta game when he had a fantastic game despite his customary predictable late game bricking.

    Bryant needs to raise his game for me to become his fan.

  154. But there isn’t a player in the entire NBA who can split a double without teammate help!!!

  155. I grudgingly have to agree with you about the prospects for tonight. I’m not happy with the way the offence is built that clogs the middle. I thought last year with Howard clogging the low post was bad, but this year so far has been even worst with Boozer, Hill and even Kobe demanding the ball in the midrange. There’s so little cutting or off ball movements that defences don’t ever have to do too much but front the bigs for the entry pass.

    The season is still young and coach LIN will figure it out himself to adapt to each of the team’s he will be force to play with Scott’s sets. So tonight may be a process loss to find out what to do next time.

    What I hope is for Lin to shut down Ellis or whoever is his assignment. I still voted for 18/8 not with my logic but with my heart; I’m hoping my heart wins tonight.

  156. Rick Carlisle has openly stated that he ALWAYS game plans against Lin.

    In Fall 2012, Carlisle openly talked about how he took Lin very seriously and adjusted his gameplan accordingly.

  157. Superb point – this is actually what I have been saying all along.

  158. Is Dave Miller human or programmed robot? Everything he says are all the same… from the speed, the tone and the contents. Totally opposite with human intelligent analyst like J Vangundy, Barkley, Kenny Smith and Shaq… whom you might expect to agree or disagree.

  159. Don worry, by the end of the season. Lin will develop transwarp [1] ability and get to the rim with ease. LOL

    [1]: Transwarp is a term associated with some technologies that allow the utilization of speeds that exceed traditional warp drive limits. (TNG: “Descent”)

  160. I actually liked your frustration, I can tell it’s genuine. If you pretend to be positive, then that would be trolling. lol. We are all flawed, let’s be it and embrace it.

  161. Because he is smart

  162. and he’s a champion coach.

  163. There are NO OPTIONS left.

    Lin has exhausted them all.

    The Lakers are fully committed to freezing out Lin, even if it costs wins.

  164. I haven’t heard his “analyses,” but he sounds like Clyde Drexler.

  165. Because Lin has REPEATEDLY BURNED Carlisle over the last 3 seasons!

  166. “Okay Scotty, give me warp factor 7 or maybe 17 if you can muster it.”

    “The dilithium crystals won’t take it, but the after booster angel wings will kick in so maybe we can squeeze warp factor 17”

  167. The coach who doesn’t game plan against Lin is not a coach. Lin is the morst aggressive bball player I have ever seen, well, with my limited bball knowledge, lol.

    If you let Lin on the loose, you team will lose in a very embarrassing way. It’s not even the loss upsetting the team. it’s the embarrassment.

  168. He is way better. To his defense

  169. oh..so mchale is a coach now =).

  170. LOL warp 17 will give Lin a lot of TOVs. Because he will be stepping out of bounds too many times.

  171. haha, he officially became a coach now.

  172. Great post.

    I also agree with you that Lin is the most aggressive basketball player I’ve ever seen in the NBA – and I’ve seen them all.

    If Lin is guarded by only one guy, he shreds that poor guy so badly that it’s a major league embarrassment.

    The great players cannot be stopped with just one defender. And the greatest of the great players easily defeat the traps as long as their teammates and coaches are helping them.

  173. I am not sure about that. LOL

  174. Okay, maybe he’s not as bad as Clyde Drexler. But, I just wanted to bash on Drexler, lol.

  175. McHale’s still no coach.

    He gameplanned against Lin but still somehow managed to lose a very winnable game.

  176. LOL well..you can just directly to do so.

  177. Clyde carried Morey’s agenda and got paid by the Rockets while Miller is paid by TWC.

  178. but this is the first time, he respected Lin. lol

  179. exactly…hard to see how could he blow that game away. Like he always did

  180. meaning it’s Kobe’s agenda in a sense?

  181. This is true. His last game against Dallas last year, Lin scored 18 points on 8-14 shooting, 2-3 from three, with 7 assists. Of course, the Rockets won that game, and Lin was the main factor behind the win (Harden didn’t play).

  182. It’s not hard to see.

    McHale plowed the ball through James Harden who proceeded to brick and turnover the Rockets into oblivion.

    I mean, isn’t that what we’ve been seeing McHale and Harden do in the last two seasons?

  183. haha this is first time he treated Lin in a proper way.

  184. I know I know..just kidding LOL tried to be sarcastic 😛 #EpicFail

  185. Oh of course there is and BS also. I think he wanted to be BS assistant but failed to make it.

  186. Thank God he is not…We have enough problems to watch already…

  187. Yeah, probably…but Lin can always bounce off the “shields at maximum” before he does go out of bounds

  188. lol that is a good one.

  189. Lin WHUPPED Mchale’s starters in practices and scrimmages.

    McHale may think Lin is a worthless scrub, but he sends his guys to defend Lin as if Lin is a superstar.

    It cost the Rockets the game too.

    And as always, McHale was more interested in “beating” Lin than getting the win!

  190. Not surprise but we’ll see Cparsons guarding Lin tonight.

  191. LOL that meme is just too funny!

  192. Lin also DESTROYED 20+ ppg Monta Ellis, holding the high volume Ellis to a Tony Parker-like 6 points!

  193. +++

  194. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Well all I can say is… good luck Parsons.

  195. I might be doing some major comparisons later, to compare the Jeremy-Tyson C. Knicks pairing vs J-Ed Davis Lakers pairing.

    I’ll be watching some serious throwback videos of Jeremy’s Knicks days.

  196. That needs to be a 5 point shot! It would make the NBA so much more entertaining. Player walks to the locker room, it’s a 5 point shot!

  197. Looks like LBJ and Kevin Love are having hiccups playin together. LOVE complaing not getting enuf touches and not getting ball in his sweet spot and the plot thickens

  198. that was such a bad call. Lin basically caught the ball and had nowhere to land. If anything, it should be a foul on the other guy.

  199. Tyson and Howard are the best when catching high pass from Lin but Ed Davis makes that up with catching low pass.

  200. On this point, I have to respectfully agree to disagree. Unlike HOUSTON where M&M had more to personally lose than to gain by winning, Scott has much more to lose by risking losing by freezing out LIN. Scott’s job is on the firing line by what he can produce on court. He may be from the 80s with the mindset of that era, but I don’t think he is malicious like the way m&m were towards LIN. I just think he looks at the game in a simple linear fashion of Kobe, then Boozer and Hill being his go to scorers. His own PG experience from that era may also affect his way of thinking to believe that the PG is not as important a role as the bigs and Kobe.

  201. I respectfully disagree, Lin has done it before. Even in the last game.

  202. Love is lucky that he can join that team. He better play more and talk less JMO

  203. The Wolves owner is correct so far about his prediction.

  204. Really? Wow! I thought two of them are get along well bc saw some pictures they were pretty closed to each other on the bench?! All fake then… LOL! Do you think Love will come to Lakers next summer?

  205. And fight the ball with Kobe? I guess he will say….no thanks…

  206. Before he went to Cav, Love said he likes Lakers or Knicks bc big market teams…?!

  207. Earl K. Sneed
    Chandler Parsons on playing against Jeremy Lin: “It’s the first time I’ve ever played against him. … I wish him luck. Just not tonight.”

  208. CP should focus on Johnson not Lin… Hope Lin have good game to beat Mav tonight.

  209. M…..He needs to win more 1st

  210. LOL

  211. There was a post a while back that showed Jeremy held his own defensively against Monta Ellis, Tony Parker, Chris Paul, etc. Some of them he basically shut them down. Like Tony Parker went 2 for 9 against Jeremy. Does anyone have those stats again?

  212. Tom Haberstroh from ESPN discussed Kobe’s poor shot selection with Henry Abbot dooming the Lakers before the HOU game.
    -120 when Kobe on court
    +20 when Kobe on bench

    This media pressure will be good to make Kobe prove he’s willing to share the ball more going forward

    Kobe’s Shot Selection Ailing Lakers
    Tom Haberstroh says Kobe Bryant is taking shots a historic rate — and it’s hurting the Lakers so much that despite his incredible talent, the team performs better when he is on the bench.

  213. The advantage for Lin this time against the Mavs is that he has Kobe. Kobe will demand a lot of attention from the Mavs. The question is if Kobe passes the ball back to Lin or the open teammate.

  214. Do you know that Lakers are scheduled to play every Sunday night except all-star weekend?

  215. I am not sure how much attention Kobe can draw. I hope it will be a lot

  216. Even Rocket Fans sitting next to me during the game yelled out BS call. I guess Lin still has some sympathetic rocket fans left. Morey makes it hard to be a Rockets fan because he changes the roster so much and they don’t televise the games to every household. The city has a hard time identifying with players.

  217. There’s been much speculation about Scott deliberately limiting Lin’s role like the way M&M tried to do. IMO, it’s less to do with personal malice (as was the case with M&M), than rather a way of thinking. In the last thread, I talked about how Kobe may be respecting LIN more because of the strength of his stance on team play. The way Kobe reacted was an indicator to me that LIN has maybe reminded Kobe of his relationship with the Zen master Pjax.

    Team play is much more holistic and circular and ISO is much more linear. This why Scott may be thinking that Kobe, Boozer and Hill are his first line of scoring so he hitches them up on a line to pull the team along, with Kobe leading the way. Scott comes from this honestly since he was from the pre illegal defence rule that has changed the game. Back then, ISO with a few great players could win championships. Scott can’t see the Davis LIN PnR as being useful because it doesn’t fit his linear ideas of how he can win. He wants LIN to be aggressive by taking more shots to add to the scoring to his3 options.

    Lin doesn’t see himself as a leader in the traditional sense of him taking the lead to pull the team along. He sees himself in a circle or wheel with many spokes that support the team/wheel. The team rolls on the strength of all the spokes of the wheel, individually taking the load when it touches the ground, then passing it onto the next teammate.

    “Therefore benefit comes from what is there;
    Usefulness from what is not there.”

    This the LIN effect. He builds the usefulness of what isn’t there like the empty hole of the centre hub. The invisible is the team chemistry, comeraderie, sense of brotherhood and a willingness to support and fight for one another.

  218. Not gonna do it when the game counts

  219. “This media pressure will be good to make Kobe prove he’s willing to share the ball more going forward”

    Or Kobe will try to prove Lakers can win even if Kobe takes ALL the shots. And if they lose? Oh well, at least Kobe is closer to MJ’s point total.

  220. Poor Bieber doesn’t know that when you’ve got skill you don’t need luck.

  221. Personally, I think Kobe really doesn’t care much. A bit pressure helps but he’s still in the mode of “I’ll see if this team thing works for 1-2 quarters before I take over”. With more wins, he’ll be more patient with his teammates.

  222. I believe he will give it 1-2 quarters after 2 straight wins playing team-ball.
    Beyond that, we’ll see the Black Mamba fighting crime by himself

  223. Oh Oh, Mavericks have a smart coach

    Dwain PriceVerified account‏@DwainPrice
    “He’s great at getting in the paint as we know, and he and (Kobe) Bryant are developing a chemistry.” — Rick Carlisle on Jeremy Lin


  224. Please don’t focus on Lin more on Kobe please.

  225. To Byron Scott, Lin doesn’t even rate that high.

    To Scott, Lin’s just a replacement player who’s there to be Hill and Boozer and Kobe’s CADDY.

    Scott would prefer to play Ronnie Price, but Price has been so shockingly bad that Lin is left.

    Scott played with the great PG of his era, Magic Johnson. Scott also has coddled and worshipped his pgs Paul, Kidd, and Irving. Because Scott doesn’t even consider Lin a NBA player, he doesn’t run any plays for Lin and says absolutely nothing negative or positive about him.

    At least Scott doesn’t actively dislike Lin like McHale did. But Scott IGNORES Lin, and that’s actually just as bad.

  226. In those plays, the dribbler got a screen first and teammates cleared out.

    That doesn’t usually happen for Lin in games.

  227. Well if you were playing the Lakers and look at TS% of the Lakers as a whole is 52.0%, Kobe’s is 49.1%, and Lin’s is 60.3% who would you want to allow to shoot more and who do you want to keep the ball out of their hands?

    Lakers: http://stats.nba.com/team/#!/1610612747/stats/advanced/
    Kobe: http://stats.nba.com/player/#!/977/stats/advanced/
    Lin: http://stats.nba.com/player/#!/202391/stats/advanced/

  228. here we go its scots fault no its kobe. lin scored little last game for a number of reasons.
    1. he is still getting used to the offense.
    2. didn’t react well to the double as the picture showed the team reacted bad to the double which takes us back to number
    3. lin was tired. his shot was short . he also had trouble with rebounds.
    4. lin is still flawed. rox are one of the best defensive team out there. better then last year. be did a great job on lin. give credit where credit is due. in no way did scott limit lin. this is delusional . he had a bad game because he had a bad game lin will adjust and move on

  229. Thanks Joyce for sharing this. This is how I approach Lin’s games. I’m as frustrated as some other fans, but I keep in mind that Lin wants to win too much & will do whatever he needs to get the team together, so I trust he’s playing the best he can in each game situation he’s given. As Huang has stated, Lin is a great player, so I know it’s not due to his lack of skills that the team loses or his game isn’t what people wish it to be.

    Every time I read a post about ‘alpha’ this & ‘beta’ this, I just smh because I know those posters wouldn’t say/do a thing in a similar situation w/their co-workers/bosses. People seem to have double standards when it comes to their expectations & reality. smh

  230. Ideally, it would be Lin. I think Lin is more efficient. But unfortunately, Kobe is being paid $23.5 million, so it will be Kobe. I think that is a mistake.

  231. It’s more that Lin doesn’t rate AT ALL.

    To Scott, Lin is just the guy bringing the ball up and playing defense.

    Scott would prefer Price, but Price has been so bad that the team can’t win with Price out there.

    Compared to the fawning admiration Scott has had for his other point guards, Scott really doesn’t care about Lin and isn’t interested in helping Lin do anything offensively other than feeding his favored veteran players.

  232. See?

    Now you see why I have been writing that Rick Carlisle correctly FEARS Jeremy Lin and will gameplan against Lin accordingly.

  233. Rick Carlisle is an intelligent coach who correctly recognizes Lin’s positive impact.

    Carlisle should know – Lin’s been KILLING his Mavs for the last 3 seasons.

  234. Bryant has NEVER been patient with his teammates dating to back when he was a rookie.

    He’s not going to start now.

  235. For those who hadn’t encountered the above quote (as I hadn’t), it’s from the Tao Te Ching:

    Thirty spokes share the wheel’s hub;
    It is the center hole that makes it useful.

    Shape clay into a vessel;
    It is the space within that makes it useful.

    Cut doors and windows for a room;
    It is the holes which make it useful.

    Therefore benefit comes from what is there;
    Usefulness from what is not there.

    See : http://peacefulrivers.homestead.com/LaoTzu.html

  236. “Scott would prefer Price, but Price has been so bad that the team can’t win with Price out there.”

    That’s the mystery right there, if Price is so bad why does BS still prefer Price? Closet racist or just looking out for a brother?

  237. WRONG.

    Lin by himself cannot drive through congested lanes and force passes into unwilling teammates or catch passes that are never thrown.

  238. Mavs will ENCOURAGE Bryant to keep bricking his shots selfishly.

    They’ll put the clamps on Lin because Lin gets the whole team going and the Lakers outside of Bryant and Young and Lin cannot create shots for themselves.

  239. Unless Kobe can get 100+ points, 35+ rebs, 20+ asts all by himself at every game, teamball will always win.

  240. Carlisle did the same to Lin last year, and counted on Harden’s Unclutchness.

  241. MCHALE is the puppet and Morey is the one pulling the strings. So no, Mchale is still no coach.

  242. No Lin to rescue him this time, Jeremy’s on the other team. I’ll actually agree with him this year if he said “Jeremy, we’re trying to win!”

  243. Not before I beat Jeremy Lin for Lakers’ starting PG position. 😉

  244. humble pie

  245. In no way to diminish Carlisle, ANY half-decent coach should take Lin seriously. Carlisle just being honest and says it out loud publicly.

  246. You know even CP3 needs teammates to set effective picks. Just saying.

  247. Just imagine if the Lakers offense were focused on creating opportunities for Lin to score. With that 60.3% TS% and one of the top assist resulting in points conversion rate PG in the league…

  248. again it wasn’t the lanes it was the double. he played bad I’m tired of the excuses.

  249. That’s another problem, Hill looks terrible inside.

  250. Kobe’s career FG% is 45%. 38% is an unpleasant surprise, the difference between winning and losing. Especially since Kobe doesn’t get as many FTs as Harden gets to compensate.

  251. lin is the one who decide weather to shoot or not. young just return and he is shooting more then lin. lin gives hill all of his shots.

  252. You break double teams with picks. I’ve seen less than ten picks set for Lin so far this season, effective or otherwise, from fellow Lakers not named Ed Davis.

  253. McHale, Bev and Harden not trying to “school” Swaggy, he ain’t Asian.

  254. I agree. When it comes to being influenced by outside pressure, Kobe and Lin are at the two opposite extremes of the spectrum. I mean Lin can be stubborn too, but when it comes to IDGAS, Kobe is the master. But winning is the one thing that can help pressure Kobe and the Lakers schedule is ripe for continuing their 2-game winning streak.

  255. I agree, but still hoping Lin finds a way to get his numbers & help the Lakers to a win.

  256. you also break them with finding the open man. which hill was out of position. we saw the photo. still lin has to do better

  257. Or maybe the misconception that getting into other people faces applies “true defensive pressure” regardless of what the stats actually say.

  258. I actually think will have a ton of fun playing against Parsons.

  259. Yes, amongst other things that BS is NOT doing for Jeremy. Called out Joyce in the game thread when she said Jeremy’s gotta figure it out, and she’s partially right, but the coach has to be doing HIS part too.

  260. LOL, fighting crime. I think that quote of his will go ’round for a long time…:)

  261. I noticed Harden wasn’t playing in that game. He was on the bench, in street clothes.

  262. Got that right…poor guy never could see the forest for the trees.

  263. It’s so easy to say, so hard to practice. That’s the coaches job to make players focus on the details by blocking out the other things. It tough to do because you can’t have an lazy mind. Mental fatigue is real, sports science has proven that athletes will stop themselves short of their limits just because they believe it. It’s a coaches responsibility to unlock that potential as well as providing a conforatble circle from which the athletes know exactly what they need to do to succeed. I’ve seen too many coaches that care more about themselves and not about their player. They’d dare not look as if they don’t know what they are doing and would rather not even try instead. A good coach will shoulder the responsibility and dare to try different ways to get a player mentally and physically prepared for a game. If it fails, he takes the blame and not the player. This process of trail and error by the coach shields the player from self doubts and loss of confidence. Even a bad coach can have success if he does just this process.

  264. Or shoe-throwing, or elbowing opponents’ heads. Aggressive defense indeed. Maybe if and when Lin learned to pull a Sprewell the media will label him “elite defender” too? NBA is a circus.

  265. Smart coach. I guess Scott couldn’t see that chemistry bc he was thinking of starting price. What a joke. He is getting a pass for now bc he put lin back in last game but scott has got to do more.

  266. urk….’cause I don’t think BS is talented enough to counter Carlisle’s moves…nor probably his teammates up to speed enough to execute anyway. Get that higher power inspiration going, Jeremy!

  267. its a new team so its understandable they don’t know how to react to certain thing yet. I’m sure that type of double will never work again.

  268. My attempt at a JLin bad fouls video… anyone have any idea why Jlin was charged with an offensive foul here other than ref bias/stupidity/blindness??


    LAL v HOU 11-19-14 JLin Bad Call_Charging?
    wu kong

    Published on Nov 21, 2014
    “A defensive player must allow an alighted player the distance to land and then stop or change direction when the offensive player is outside the lower defensive box.” How was this JLin’s foul??

  269. Of course, Kobe hasn’t been efficient this year w/his FG%. He and No. 5 overall scorer James Harden (tied w/Melo) are both at 38.6%.

    NBA top 3 ball hoggers

  270. But what do you make of BS (and even Jeremy!) repeatedly saying, “Right now we’re only working on defense. We’re not the least concerned about offense. If we get the defense right the offense will take care of itself.” How do we expect to see major adjustments to J being trapped and double teamed if all the Lakers claim they don’t even think about offense?

  271. I read somewhere that Byron Scott hand-picked Price as one of the point guards for the Lakers. So, Price is his “guy,” and obviously sees something in him no else does.

    Thankfully, the Lakers are trying out new back-up point guards, and I hope that means Price gets cut from the Lakers.

  272. You have more confidence in BS than I do, but I hope that you’re in the right! 🙂

  273. What is Lin’s assist to point conversion rate, and who are the leaders that are ahead of him?

  274. They decided to school Lin, imo, because they didn’t want him to go off on them. Beverley out of competitive reasons, Harden I’m not sure, and McHale because he thought Lin could be stopped with certain techniques. They were successful. Let’s move on because who needs Houston residue? What good does it do? He didn’t take it to them and has another chance but let’s not put too much importance to it. All my opinion.

  275. I think most true Lin fans understand the same frustration as you show when Lin doesn’t get his ‘numbers’, because we all want him to do well in the NBA. We just show our frustration/emotions in different ways( not wrong or right ). I know you’re a big Lin fan & enjoy a lot of your posts. Voice your opinions, Joyce. I may post to disagree w/you, but that’s what a supportive forum is for: to discuss agreements/disagreements w/o feeling attacked.

  276. This is so educational!! I am loving it.

  277. 1) He Asian.
    2) No Linsanity allowed on Houston establishment.

  278. I hope, he takes over pretty quickly. He was saying just 10 points down and he’ll start doing that.

  279. I don’t see him preferring Price. Lin has the bulk of the minutes and is closing every game.

  280. It does work, actually…though obviously has to happen in practices rather than games. Happens all the time in dance too…you hear the correction and you think you’re in the right place until one of your corps members stops fudging the space for you and then all of a sudden it’s…”hey wait, why am I all out out of sync on my own over here”. How bad that would look on stage becomes a vivid reality all of a sudden.

  281. LOL. Love tends to complain a lot anyway. He’s a great shooter and solid rebounder but I don’t think he’s a winning player. And he doesn’t seem like a good team mate. Kyrie is the PG, get Love looks I guess. I haven’t watched the Cavs much.

  282. young must be the difference then in the last two wins because after the ball leaves Lins hands it sometimes finds young instead of Kobe. So those two guys could share the shooting load.

  283. Just defending Jeremy’s situation. And while I’m at it, Lin should really have had 3TOs instead of 5. Wu kong posted a bogus PF + TO that should’ve been on Bev for blocking, and another TO from when Lin was trying to NOT step on DMo’s face.

  284. I am just afraid this type of analysis archive becomes so big later on, even wu kong will give it up 🙂

  285. Price’s PT is 65-70% equivalent to Lin’s, not making this stuff up. BS would’ve started Price in a heartbeat, was it not for pressure from media, former Lakers, and very possibly the FO. When Lin and Price both on the court, often times Price gets PG and Lin SG.

  286. Great video showing the ref’s ineptitude! That was a clear blocking unless they expect Lin to levitate

    Perhaps the ref got a Houston memo to prevent Linsanity at all cost.
    I wonder if we can protest this?

  287. Now you know how I feel most of the time 😛

  288. Reminds me of that LeAndre Jordan foul. I seriously doubt it’s incompetence, as high school refs would’ve called it right.

  289. they do change calls later… but i have no idea what prompts the review. of course it has no change on the game but I guess/hope eventually someone is looking at Refs for ineptitude or possible game fixing…

  290. sorry it is pretty bad… I will get better at this.

  291. I do hope someone in Hollywood makes a documentary “The Donaghy Files”.

  292. Tyson sure knows Lin well too… Hope Lin can figure it out how to beat them… Probably not going to be easy.

  293. Focus on this super star more not Lin.. LOL!


  294. If I had a dollar every time a no-call, bad call, stolen stat happened to Jeremy, I’d be typing this on a top model iPhone 6 Plus right now.

  295. I used to do a walk through for team doubles sessions to teach read and react on the court. Starting from the serve I’d ask players to stop the ball then ask each indivual player to read and react from the position of the ball to see the permutations of that location. Too often players think linearly instead of spacially. How do I manipulate the open spaces to force movement from opponents. Instead, players want to bash the ball harder and deeper to win the point by the hardest means possible putting all the responsibility on their won skills to beat an error out of an opponent.

    A coach must find ways to make players think about how to use space. In volley ball, it’s not just the set to a spot, that’s just the beginning of recognize space. A fake set to a different spiker makes for different angles of attack away from blockers.

  296. I once watched this team, there was a guy wide open for three but the Center kept trying to pound the ball and back down his opponent. The point guard then ran to the Center, stole the ball from his own teammate and passed it to the guy at the three who made the shot. Then he rushed back on defense, but I noticed the center’s face was as red as a pumpkin. 😛

  297. Well if Kobe can get away shooting 27% Lin should shoot once the ball is inbounded. The Lakers may become the fastest paced team too that way.

  298. I’d believe him, it sure does look like he’s telling the truth! BS’ current “heavy Kobe” offense looks no better than McHale’s “go Harden ISO”. Hopefully His Swagginess changes the chemistry a bit. 🙂

  299. Scott is relying completely on Bryant for the O & the rest of the team for D. Lin is towing the coach’s stance, like a team player does. A coach is supposed to lead the players by drawing the plays( strategist ) & the team executes. If Scott says focus on ‘defense’, that’s what the team will do, except for Bryant.

  300. @disqus_dVLDET9zJ7:disqus, have you identified ref who made that call? maybe you can attach all refs to those analysis, and later on, we can sort expect what will happen in each game? we try not to label each ref, but it could be an interesting matrix.

  301. You are so good already, it’s beyond praise and appreciation. Thanks for all your hard work.

  302. ding ding ding. Short straight to the point answer.

  303. Has Violet Palmer finally been quietly banished? I haven’t seen her listed in the ref assignments at all. I check at every Lakers game and never see her name on the list.


  304. There is one thing that we can always agree on. We both have the highest regard for Lin’s ability and potential to the degree that we are accused of using hyperbole to discribe LIN.

  305. NBA is very good at keeping their issues away from the public.

  306. The recurring rumor of BS thinking of starting Price over Lin may be a mind game used to motivate Lin. The idea would be that BS or Kobe think that making Lin fear for his starting position will push him to work even harder. The thing is, Lin’s work ethic is already respected. How much harder do they think they can work him? And although Lin does respond well to pressure, stressing him to the point where he can’t get a good night sleep is clearly counter-productive. Plus, the notion that Price is a better PG than J is insulting. Given that this would have to be a BS/Kobe plot, who knows. But in order for the mind game to work it would have to be a well kept secret. Even Price and the FO would have to be kept in the dark. Cause if J knows that it’s just a bluff, then it clearly won’t work. What makes this even more bizarre is that we all saw Price getting injured in the last pre-season game (which P started.) Lin then became the starter from game 1 but presumably because Price was injured. Now ten games in, and BS is thinking of starting Price again? The Linsanity plot is always getting thicker.

  307. You’re trying to make sense of something that is insensible. Lol. I hope that Scott is using these rumors as a motivational tool. I’d have more respect for Scott’s coaching abilities if he were.

    I mean, Price really is terrible. Price would be a third string PG IF he even made another team.

  308. expect to see more hard traps, and pressure. I just don’t know if Dallas has the personnel to execute it correctly.

  309. BS and Kobe are ALSO on opposite spectra. BS will stick with what doesn’t work until 1-9, whereas Kobe will take over after a quarter or two of “crime”.

  310. That theory is as sound as “McHale’s Tough Love”.

  311. The motivational tool idea is better than actually wanting to start Price. But it’s really only the lesser of two evils. Especially since no one (not even Lin) knows why this rumor is being floated.

  312. Maybe BS should bench JLin to knock some sense into him.

  313. I’m benching you to Santa Cruz…Argentina. 🙂

  314. I would love a vacation. Lol 🙂

  315. It may very well be a motivational tool. A crude one, to be sure.

    I mean, there’s one thing to consider to one self and the other coaches about possibly starting Price over Lin. There’s another when you tell a member of the press about it. Why tell the press, unless he wants it to get out there for JLin to know about it?

    Byron may seem like a nice guy on the outside, but, he may be tough as nails in private, and willing to use such tactics to motivate his players.

  316. Actually, Price was dismissed as a 3rd string PG, and was not picked up in 3 months until the Lakers…I mean BS wanted him. Sounds eerily familiar to you know who from you know where.

  317. where does this rumor start from? Did it come from BS?

  318. It is really similar. Just hope the end is quite different, especially since it looks like Price is going to get cut pretty soon. Hopefully!

  319. Exactly but I always consider the possibility that Kobe can remote-control BS.

  320. Some reporter tweeted that, before the road, Scott told him that he was considering starting Price over Lin, but wasn’t quite ready to make the move yet.

    There’s no reason to question the veracity of the reporter, so, it did come from BS.

  321. Surely the FO put an end to that, they don’t want to reek like M&M. 🙂

    Just wondering whether it’s from Mitch or Jeanie…or both.

  322. My first reaction was to take the rumor at face value: BS wants to start Price over Lin. This mind game theory (which was actually proposed by others during starter-gate and made me roll my eyes at the time) is a desperate attempt to “make sense of something that is insensible.” -roberlin. Seems like you think it’s just more “tough hate.”

  323. Yes BS is quoted as saying it to Shehan Ahmed in a tweet.

  324. Like another other company, rather deal with problems behind closed doors.

  325. Probably Mitch. Especially since he’s the one actively looking for a new back-up point guard to replace Price.

  326. I DO NOT think it’s hate. I DO think it may be racial profiling, nepotism, or some other type of hidden agenda.

  327. Yeah, not every game every play but it can be done. Of course he needs the help of his teammates throughout the whole game. You did mention a single instance though.

  328. On looking for new PG, I got the impression from Mitch’s tweet a few weeks ago that he’s against the idea, likely negating BS’ wish.

  329. lol sure to one reporter

  330. You don’t really doubt that BS said it, do you? Saying it to only one reporter is a subtle way of getting a message out. And it’s not like we haven’t heard this before.

  331. What did Mitch’s tweet say?

  332. I’m convinced that McHale hated Linsanity for a variety of reasons. I don’t see why Scott would have any reason to treat Lin unfairly. That’s one reason to consider the mind game theory. Even if it’s also far-fetched I can’t think of a better explanation.

  333. Don’t remember the quote verbatim. To paraphrase, he was content with the PG lineup (at that time) and sees no need for change.

  334. Byron Scott doesn’t play these mind games.

    He never did with Chris Paul, Jason Kidd, and Kyrie Irving.

    Scott coddled these guys and ran plays for them in a way that Jeremy Lin will never ever know.

  335. Good, she seemed to make many calls against Lin.

  336. It’s probably a makeup call for some superstar infraction that Kobe Bryant got away with.

    Any Joey Crawford officiated game features a lot of hateful wrong calls agains Jeremy Lin.

  337. ALL refs in the NBA fix home games.

    That’s a leaguewide practice that everybody knows about.

  338. So now you’re protecting Jordan Hill by holding him blameless for Lin not being able to get the ball to him?

    C’mon my friend. You know better than this.

  339. I think it’s BAD COACHING because I think that the bad offense is the prime reason that the defense is so bad, but then I think Lin would be horrified at my belief that he’s the great young guard in today’s NBA game!

  340. It may be Kobe’s idea. That also fits Kobe’s public challenges to Lin “to P on the hydrant and not be a pushover.”

  341. He played bad. Had a few nice moments but didn’t look confident or play confident or take it to the Rockets. We move on.

  342. officials for the game were: Bennie Adams, Joe Crawford, Tre Maddox

    Bennie Adams… is the one right there Who jlin tries to complain to…

  343. I agree, Bev fouled Lin and the other call was a disgrace and the announcers called them on it.

  344. Byron Scott would not let Bryant play such a mind game on Kyrie Irving or Chris Paul or Jason Kidd.

    That said, I genuinely don’t think Byron Scott takes Lin seriously as a NBA player. Most of those old outdated 80s players do not.

    Lin is the default starter because Scott’s man Price has amply demonstrated that he cannot get the job done. If Price were able to play better and not even play as well as Lin, he’d start.

  345. I place NO FAITH WHATSOEVER in Kobe Bryant’s words.

    I only go by Kobe Bryant’s actions.

    All of Bryant’s big talk about team play has been flushed down the toilet.

  346. I think Lin should drop the script and zoom the ball up the court, really push it. Push the tempo. Move around a lot off-ball and as soon as he gets the ball, look for his own shot, preferably a midrange unless he has a clear path open and if so use the floater or high bank shot. Doesn’t always have to get to the rim. Shoot the ball tonight rather than try to always get it to jump shooting team mates and become predictable.

  347. It’s more that Kobe and Scott are both relics from the antiquated illegal defense days and thus have the same kind of thinking.

  348. I remember her calling a foul on a 3 Lin made saying he was kicking out, complete nonsense. That was nothing compared to Kobe’s patented shooting style kicking out his leg to imitate a cheetah’s tail.

  349. Shouldn’t NBA show some stats for those refs too? Bad Call Per Game (BCPG) something like that?

  350. cause you know what scott feel

  351. @717, I agree Byron used a mind game or a veiled threat for the bigs to step up in the ATL game after Boozer/Hill didn’t run back on defense during GSW loss and after Boozer criticized Kobe. Otherwise he will bench them quickly. As for the Lin’s off-the-bench consideration comment, he didn’t say it publicly then but Byron probably thought about separating Lin from Kobe again like his original plan since Lin was also frustrated with Kobe’s dominance but didn’t criticize Kobe outloud.

    If we look at the chronological order, Byron’s original plan was always to bring Lin off the bench to anchor and deveiop the 2nd team as the future. @awarde:disqus brought up a good point that Byron wants Lin to help develop Randle and Clarkson from the Training Camp but this plan got derailed with Nash and Randle out plus Price got injured in the preseason.

    It’s really no different than HOU plan to separate Kobe and Lin as dominant ball-handler to maximize their effectiveness and rookie development, except that Price and Nash cannot complement Kobe as well as Bev complemented Harden’s defensive woes.

    In fact, Price’s performance has been so poor lately (FG 28% and 3FG at 17%!) that it wouldn’t help much being a decoy for Kobe in the 1st or 2nd unit.

    But whether Mekel or other PGs might be signed or Price stays, Lin will need to continue his progress to play together with Kobe. It’s important for Lin to start and finish strong with Kobe to help the Lakers win. The good thing is Kobe recognized Lin hasn’t fully adapted but he’s invested in his belief that Lin can help him win games. Kobe knows it takes time to gel into a new team and system. Fans are usually not as patient :]

  352. I keep switching back and forth between Kobe is da man, and Kobe is the devil incarnate. LOL. Grover Chang posted a relevant quote from PJax’s book below. Basically, you can give Kobe a direct order, and he will agree to your face, but then he’d do the exact opposite. So I wouldn’t trust Kobe any further than you can throw him. The very public challenge that Kobe make to Lin to run the offense followed by no willingness to pass Lin the ball makes me really suspect Kobe’s “support.”

  353. The funny thing is if Price didn’t get injured but started in place of Lin starting from Game 1, Lin would have better numbers playing with Davis but fans won’t be happy with Lin coming off the bench.

    So for the time being, either starting with Kobe but not getting consistent numbers or coming off the bench with better numbers would give reasons for Lin fans to be unhappy 😀

    I’m just happy that Lin is figuring out how to play with Kobe slowly and Kobe still believes in him :]
    Which is more than what we can say can ever happen in HOU!

  354. lin has to play with kobe and figure it out. i think is him not knowing the offense thats effecting him the most. he doesn’t know where to get his shots yet

  355. I think the theory to let Lin run the 2nd unit it’s for preseason. But on Mon TWC reporters said coach wanted to bring Price over Lin for starting job bc D since Price’s D it’s better than Lin?! I guess due to Sun’s big lose in home game. Lin & Boozer both were not happy w Kobe & coach staff… so Scott started the news on change the starting lineup….But I believe either FO or Kobe didn’t agree.. Maybe both…

    We saw Kobe joined team group dinner & sat next to Lin…?! KOBE!!! I think both Lin & Kobe all tried to figure it out how to play next to each other. I think it’s the best for Lin to play well w either ISO Kobe or Team Ball Kobe if he really wants to stay in Lakers for long team.

    As for Lakers to tried out new PGs, Scott maybe really likes Price but not FO… Price can’t do well in O not very good in D either.

  356. very true. Right now, they didn’t have much to practice offensive sets since they worked mostly on defense before ATL game.

    Hopefully they have time to run plays for Kobe and Lin off each other with 1 day rest before DAL game

  357. The problem with the “separating Lin from Kobe” idea is that Kobe plays a ton of minutes. Kobe is on the bench for no more than 10-15 minutes. Lin can be on the court during those 10-15 minutes whether he starts or not so why not keep Lin a starter for the sake of his future contract? The idea of LIn developing the rookies in the second unit is no longer an issue so why did the rumor resurface? And in any case, those are very understandable reasons to ask Lin to come off the bench. Why not publicly state them instead of leaving Lin’s status in such doubt? Instead the public perception is that Price is just as good a PG as Lin. That hurts Lin’s standing in the league. It’s true that Houston also never explained why it’s better for the team to seperate Harden and Lin, but I always attributed that to the Rox’s dysfunction and poor treatment of Lin. These are really rhetorical questions. I don’t expect you to have answers.

    Finally, Price is so bad that he hurts the team even playing backup minutes. When we get impatient for Lin to come back into games it’s not just because we are Lin fans, but Price really starts to throw the game away with poor shooting and TOs.

  358. This site grows so fast! @psalm234:disqus and everyone good job!

  359. I agree Lin needs to figure out how to play next to Kobe… If that can settle down well then Lin & Lakers all will be good.

  360. I have always said that. The only way for Lin to be more successful is for him to find a way to work with Kobe. Hiding back to bench is no a good option to him at this stage of his career. I am 100% confident that he can do it. Just not in a 50 games span.

  361. I agree move Lin to bench it’s not the answer for him bc right now Scott move Davis & Young on court 5 min after the game started… for closed game it’s also w Young in it…

  362. Lin will have to work very hard to figure this out. This is way more important than how many points he gets per game.

  363. I think it’s very important for Lin. Points it’s also very important for him too. LOL!

  364. No I get it, points will come if he finds a way. If he can not, he at most will be just a 6MOY type of player. Just an offensive punch. Get the big picture right, then the results will follow. Of curse it is possible that he fails miserably during the process. But he got the chance not wot work with a real star. I think he knows it.

  365. Yeah I totally agree, Lin has to figure me out.

  366. Yes, good job. Good mix of opinions without being too negative or offensive. Thanks to the troll patrol!

  367. Thanks for your deep Lin-sight and everyone’s contribution :>

    Now we really have deep basketball discussion. Maybe too deep sometimes haha..!

  368. You mean how to put you down during the game?

  369. Good old Eric Musselman, the first NBA coach to say that Lin was NBA starter material.

  370. He typically says very nice things about the opposing team’s players. Sometimes he over does it.

  371. LOL Good comeback. Go @psalm234!

  372. yeah, Lin off the bench would be a worse scenario because Kobe would still dominate with 35-38min.

    Byron was overreacting to Lin’s “protest” of having 0pts by shooting only 2FGA playing next to Kobe.
    After Lin’s double-double, I doubt Byron thought about it anymore.

    Yes, Price needs to worry about being replaced by Mekel. His TC hype definitely didn’t translate to real games.

  373. Yes, the important part is Kobe being willing to wait for Lin to adapt.
    Lin can make Kobe feel better by shooting 5 3s and be Linsane again!

    I think Lin is a bit hesitant to go Linsane because Kobe hogged the ball more after he went Linsane in the Hornets game in the 4th quarter. Gotta find a happy medieum for both to be effective in Q4!

  374. The way they are scoring right now is just not efficient enough. They need to at least figuring out a way to enable Lin’s drive. I feel 1/3 of their possessions, the ball did not even pass the FT line…only minimum pressure.

  375. You are really too low in saying Kobe will only play 35-38 minutes:-) He will play 48 minutes minus couple minutes the most:-)

    Yes, don’t believe JLin from the bench solves any Kobe issues. It will be even worse as Kobe definitely won’t respect JLin anymore if he becomes a bench warmer. I’d rather JLin leaves Lakers than being a bench warmer in Lakers. That isn’t the solution at all.

    I dislike BS’ infatuation on Price no matter what his agenda toward JLin is. My trust on him to be even a “coach” to JLin is 10% or less.

  376. Lin’s “protest” came in a game where Kobe scored like 40 points on 36 shots. Lin was open so many times and Kobe refused to pass. I can see Lin having a very frank discussion with Kobe before the game. Lin probably thought he made a very persuasive case to Kobe why he should look for the open man and pass when he’s double teamed. And Kobe probably told Lin, “Absolutely. You’re absolutely right.” Then proceeded to ballhog like never before. To me that would explain Lin’s body language and post-game interview where he expressed his frustration,

  377. That’s what you need me for, to make it shallow.

  378. You’re right Melody. Kobe needs only a couple of minutes on the bench to point his finger and curse out his teammates for not performing up to his standards. LOL

  379. Mark MedinaVerified account
    Lakers’ Wayne Ellington makes his return in Dallas, but unlikely to play http://bit.ly/11LWSxf

  380. Yes, I believe that was the “Texas Two-step” from earlier this year. It was Spurs and Dallas games on a B2B with Harden out in both games due to injury. Jeremy had like 18/8 and 18/7 and won both games!

  381. LOL it takes serious skills to make it shallow when you’re asleep :>
    Almost like being a crime-fighter!

  382. Yeah I remember you making that point before and I heard it from the ESPN commentators as well: players play good D when they are involved int the O.

  383. Yeah, you nailed it!
    It’s like a friend telling 19-yr alcoholics, “Share the drink, Share the drink” and getting a response “I will share, I will share”.
    Only to be disappointed when he falls off the wagon. “I blacked out. They took away our drinks so I have to fight to get it back!” :p

    Yeah, it takes a lot of AAs meeting, prayers and fun drinking game with friends to help the guy stay on course

  384. BREAKING NEWS! Kobe going for his 19th consecutive year has the most disliked team mate in the NBA.

  385. LOL I think alcoholics are usually happy to share unless the supply of booze is getting really low. Which is true for BB, only one BB in BB. Didn’t mean to paint such a gloomy picture though. That protest game came after Kobe’s 1-14 flu game. Whenever Kobe gets a reminder of his mortality, he starts to panic that he won’t pass MJ and his ball hogging gets worse. But I’m actually cautiously optimistic. If Lakers can continue winning with the schedule getting so much easier, Kobe will behave and Lin will be ok.

  386. Haha…..Really never heard of it.

  387. this over analyzing everything and blaming everyone is getting old last year you would of said the same thing about mchale before that woodson.

  388. Kobe DGAS.

  389. it’s nice to see some familiar members coming over here..

  390. He did not exactly analyse anything tho.

  391. I know it wont help, but I’d like to see Lin get IRATE AND GET A TECHNICAL ON A WRONG CALL. Everyone would give Lin a free pass on 100% WRONG CALLS when he gets the technical.

    It would force the refs to stop calling fouls. If Lin got 10 legit Tech on BS calls, some Lin fans would hint at racism and the NBA reffing scam on plays like this would stop. They might even get a bit scared to call correct fouls on Lin.

  392. Great editing. That’s definitely the wrong call, no question about it. Ariza was sliding into position while Lin was in the air. Typical refs giving benefit of the doubt to a player with a reputation for defense.

    The only way that would have been an offensive foul is if Ariza was already set before Lin jumped, but that was not the case.

  393. so was Bosh

  394. what chemistry?

  395. just constant blame game.

  396. there is no malice from Scott against Lin. With Mchale there was some resentment clearly.

  397. Let me see whether I’m able to post anything here. Wasn’t able to earlier.

    Work now. Thought I was banned by @psalm234 or @brentyen earlier:-)

  398. No blame game either, he basically said that he will trust Kobe once he is constantly play team ball as he said.

  399. that call was so obviously wrong there is no way to spin it.

  400. I hate how the NBA refs call fouls on both ends against Lin as if he is a high school player that doesn’t belong. THere’s a huge drop from Linsanity where he was getting decent calls.

  401. Great job. This WAS a ridiculous call. This is why I just don’t think refs are competent. Where is a replay when you need one? I think each team should be given 3 challenges (like in tennis) that if you are wrong, one challenge should be subtracted. That’s a better system instead of refs deciding to review the play; it should be mandatory if a team decides to challenge it.

  402. That is how refs work. They call partially according to reputations too.

  403. I’d like to see Lin try to dunk on some people even if he fails miserably. They are not going to give Lin fouls on anything anyways going to the basket unless he almost injures himself.

  404. Probably not a good idea given his knees were surgically repaired.

  405. Gal Mekel is literally the Israeli version of Lin. Same height, same age, similar styles of pass first team ball. It could just be a smokescreen but the Lakers front office is definitely telling Scott to better utilize Lin and play Lin more OR ELSE you get a yellow Lin or a white Lin but you are getting a Lin type player on the court whether you like it or not Mr. Scott.

    It’s the only thing the Lakers have done since the season started that I can appreciate. I highly doubt Mekel gets signed but I think Scott gets the message.

  406. true, maybe Lin can go Nash-ty style with awesome footwork leaving people in the dust! :>

  407. you’re a Mod, maybe it’s an accidental self-ban :p

  408. Lin needs some go to moves and spots on the floor. CP3 and Nash had this. Kobe has his spots. Lin seems to love the right bank even when moving under duress. He shoot shoot those more.

    Lin’s midrange is dead currently. Not sure what Lin’s go to move is. Seems he loves the pull up 3 but is afraid to shoot them after missing 1.

  409. he tried PnR consistently in the past few games to get the big men easy points. In ATL, his midrange was falling too so it’s a matter of getting in to rhythm.

    If we see Lin get fresh legs to drive to the rim to get some FTs, I think we’ll breathe easier in this game.

  410. Word!

  411. Didn’t do anything to myself:-) Thought you and Brent who have the higher power can ban me:-)

  412. I find that scene so funny this year it’s laughable. Lin at the top long 3, with enough room for a min. 3, and kobe just ignores him. Someone posted a pic here of that and you can see lin standing there, relaxed, wide open like he’s at the check-in table, and kobe all muscled out trying to beat his many to a pulp. What a wise guy …

  413. Exactly. It’s human nature that when you are having fun, you are energized. If you’re not, you’ll drag you’re feet.

  414. It may sound sad, but I’d still take Kobe’s lip service support over Houston backstabbing and throwing under bus.

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