G13 LAL @ DAL PostGame Thread

I only watched the 1st quarter so I will wait for others who watched the game to provide any game analysis.



  1. LOL 1st ever. Congrats!

  2. lol thanks! : )

  3. Excellent field day for Jeremy and me!!!

    So, I am officially Second… Yay!!!

    And 1st girl!!! hehehe

  4. I smell very stinky from TWc, they played a recorded call in the air saying Jeremy Lin is not t a true point guard. WTF and the hosts didn’t even defend it?

  5. Whatever….I guess it does not matter anyway.

  6. Lin post game interview.


  7. It does, they try to protect Kobe because they paid so much for the right air laker games.

  8. I think so too.

  9. Just like McHale

  10. that’s highway robbery
    Lin should be draining 3-4/gm 3s to get refs to get used of him being a 3pt shooter

  11. impossible….

  12. lol

  13. doubt it if players havee a scheme and don’t follow it its the players fault. like lin said

  14. That was a mid range. I think the key is he has to sway both feet to make it work

  15. I love the lakers but Time Warner is a disgrace.

  16. Lin’s shots looks gr8. But he just had to include a few air balls here and there. lol

  17. What happened to if you don’t follow the scheme I take you out of the game by BS?

  18. they all did it. davis did it as well so. he did bench all of them the fourth

  19. The house was completely burn down by that time. A smart coach would have seen the fire long long long ago.

  20. be fair, he’s just matching Kobe …

  21. Told you Sat AM bball = a good Lin day!

  22. once the mavs was hot from three good defense would’ve done nothing

  23. But miles better than CSN Houston.

  24. Good D would not allow open 3 but the main problem was about forcing shots, just watch the game again, no ball movement.

  25. once they was hot not i saw lin get two threes in his face the fire was lit too late

  26. just wait, It’s only the beginning.

  27. Never mind about that.. I think to fans or boss, score it’s all matter to them… I am glad Lin finally showed his game now. That’s good for him no matter he will stay in Lakers or not.

  28. Wasn’t his man, Nelson was 2-5 from the 3s. You need to watch the game again.

  29. pessimism

  30. No. 70 Brent Barnaky.

  31. again it don’t matter he was there the guy still hit it. like last year when we lit up gsw guarded or not it didn’t matter

  32. thanks, added to Video Gallery on homepage

  33. Ok Lin suck and he’s the problem since you say “it don’t matter”. I won’t waste my time with “it don’t matter” anymore. I give up.

  34. I see a target on his back ๐Ÿ˜›

  35. JN got him on 1 3 only. J sagged and JN pulled up. Just a play, not a mistake. Choices. J was good on JN I felt, but other bbiq people here said JN played well. It was intense battling for a bit there, which I though JL won.

  36. you’re not making sense.

  37. wow what a work you are. the mass are the best offense in the nba. the best thing to do is don’t let the engine start. keep them off once they get going its over

  38. mavs are the best offense team once they got going it was over

  39. Which is not saying much, like complimenting a newspaper as being better than Star or National Inquirer.

  40. you and JLin muscle and abs :]

  41. Been hangin’ with IJ lately? ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Niceeee!
    2% more for FG% to reach 50-40-90 elite club for the season!!!!

  43. Hope Dallas beats them tomorrow.

  44. ok, agree with that fact. But it was not 3s on Lin. Them getting going had to do with lots of guys not playing D.

  45. It frustrates me to no end watching Kobe jack up contested shots while Jeremy is wide open on the 3 pt line.

    Also, back when Nash was playing, he’d always take the technical foul shot because he was a 90%+ FT shooter. Now that Jeremy is the best FT shooter all season at 90%+, why is Kobe at 79% taking all the technical foul shots?

  46. I’ve been wondering the same thing

  47. yep true

  48. I appreciate this ‘hit the gym’ inspiration. LOL

  49. Something about catching MJ. With shooting nights like these, he needs all the help he can get.

  50. What we say about not being mean to players and coaches don’t apply to refs right?
    I mean are we allowed to say that Brent Barnaky is kinda blind and probably has money on the game, and is thus a cheater? If not, then I won’t say it.

  51. Don’t judge me ๐Ÿ˜›

  52. no ellis is a ball dominate guard with parsons and dirk. rox ll over again

  53. Yes, no kidding. Shows it isn’t a merit based system.

  54. Jameer Nelson looked like he could play PG, had the ball and was penetrating. Beat JLin a couple of times. Wasn’t standing in the corner waiting to shoot a 3. Carlisle isn’t McHale.

  55. can someone tell me the time and quarter when JLin was called for offensive foul where he stuck his leg out slightly on his jump shot? I want to submit it to bball breakdown #courtcall for in dephth explanation. thanks

  56. 3rd quarter – 10:00Jeremy Lin offensive foul (Chandler Parsons draws the foul)63-72 10:00Jeremy Lin turnover

  57. That offensive foul call was terrible. People need to share that vid!!!!!!!

  58. what is the definition of a true pg?
    pass first like rubino?
    So westbrook is not a true pg
    Dwill is not a true pg..

  59. even Kobe and his teammates was like WT fk!!??

  60. exactly.. make it viral and put in a comparison with wade and everyone..

    But my worry and is.. houston ALWAYS gave him that foul ..remember the woman ref..saying he ‘KICK’.. So I don’t know what the real ruling is.. it was quite consistent. Maybe should find out the rule???

    So if someone can find a few comparison where say lebron doesn’t get the call.. we have a case.

  61. shooting threes all day thats it . he is a three first player. again lin is already having a hard time learning a new system. he needs to settle down. and perfact one system. or be a journeyman pg

  62. Also happend in houston with that woman ref.

  63. Waiting for better longer highlights from JLinnation and Blaiyan highlights

  64. If Lakers can beat them in a back to back, Dallas won’t have any problems!

  65. Problem with that foul was JLin was already in the air when Ellis ran after him from the side! Should’ve been offensive foul, he didn’t give him any room for landing that’s why his legs were kicking out!

  66. Was that ref #70 Brent Barnaky (5th Season)? (see the tweet bluebell shared in the thread below).

  67. “it don’t matter” said Alaingrvis

  68. “it don’t matter”


  69. “it don’t matter” said Alaingrvis

  70. Yes, after that JLin needs to keep this stat for the season average in order to get in the 50-40-90 club!

  71. The only reason I could think of for that shot to be an off foul is that Lin did not sway both feet.

  72. I have other reasons, and they involve Las Vegas.

  73. Wow! It’s only fair we also got to see hot pics like this when all the men got to see the hot laker girls all the time.

  74. Like. refs being drunk?

  75. We need some Asian refs in this league

  76. Yeah! ;-P

  77. Very dangerous play by the defender, Lin could have landed awkwardly and been injured. Oh, the injustices that Lin faces!!! ๐Ÿ™

  78. Asians pick on Asians a lot. Just check those US Custom officers…

  79. Sad to say it seems true. It’s like they have to prove to their colleagues that they are not partial to other Asians so they go extra hard on Asians.

  80. Chuckie couldn’t help himself.

    Came back with a vengeance

  81. lol

  82. Alright. Lol. You don’t have to keep repeating his words to help get his job done.

  83. Lin is the problem when everyone else not follow through the system. Not BS

    Said haters.

  84. Well, his last name is Lin…could not help.

  85. It’s Lin not learning the system, therefore Kobe shot 6 for 22.

    Said haters.

  86. forget about haters……

  87. I don’t mind them if they argued with intelligent.

  88. lol wow you are something. lin said he wast used to the system https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6U3UENrdutQ check it for yourself. haters say lin sucks . those pointing out fact are being realistic. kobe shooting has no affect on lins game. he is much better then he used to be

  89. intelligent hate….never heard of it b4

  90. Lin said the team wasn’t following the system not himself!

  91. they ask him about how he felt in the system he said I’m getting used to it little by little. baby steps

  92. Of course who wouldn’t if you watched the game? And what do you want him to say? Stop being a ballhog and share to Kobe? Don’t be so naive.

  93. kobe will shoot what he will get over it or be mad every game. 20 shots every game is what it will be. like mj in washington. it is what it is

  94. Oh thanks for exposing. I didn’t watch the video.

  95. ok with the cost of the team. I got it.

  96. of course you don’t do your own research as long as they are with you thats all that matters. he said what he said whether you see it doesn’t mean he didn’t say it

  97. its his team

  98. LOL that sounds very dumb for intelligent conversation.

  99. But someone caught your lies.

  100. again you guys speak from a privilege position lin doesn’t have. get real stop this fantasy. kobe is the greatest laker ever probably. he has 5 chips. he can do what he wants. you wouldd have a better argument if it was harden

  101. True, tons of haters in Taiwan media forums, just as toxic as Houston ones. Might be cultural, as many kids hate on the top of the class in schools, jealousy hate.

  102. did you watch the interview no I’m guessing. its the last question at 2:02 if you are lazy. he ask do you feel better in this offense to that lin says exactly slowly i mean every day its baby steps. stop being lazy do your own research also why would i lie

  103. Did Kobe duck out of post-game interviews so that he wouldn’t have to explain why he shot 6 for 22?

  104. Ellis for Lin then, problem solved. ๐Ÿ™‚

  105. doubt it he has 5 chips its just another night to him

  106. Refs don’t seem to call stuff on Lin constantly.

    Remember this one?:


  107. They were asking about his own offense and scoring not about the system!

  108. its was how he feels in the offensive scheme. do your research before you say with all the confidence in the world like you are right.

  109. also how you feel in the offense vs how you feel in the system differences no not really.

  110. I missed today’s game ๐Ÿ™

    It seems Jeremy had good game, the defense seem to suck Q3 onwards?
    Kobe being Kobe ๐Ÿ™
    And the Benched was at worst, eventually causing the lost. And NYoung couldnt get it going as well, sigh!
    Mav’s bench was at their best at 3pters!

    ANyways, its a schedule loss, so not going to get worked over it

    Lets looks forward on next game

  111. magnanimous … sort of like him for that.

  112. I wasn’t distracted by Kobe … Lin had a lot of ball so it felt balanced. I was actually rooting for Kobe to heat up to keep the game close. That D though was bad, and the had that 7 pt before half sacrebleu play, then the slowly lost contact. I think Sacre really helped change the tempo with his terrible mistake and then and 1 foul.

  113. it clearly doesn’t

  114. no judging, I like the consistency :]

  115. Yeah this was a scheduled loss, its why Im not even mad.
    The Mavs are a very good team with a great coach, they’re much better than the Rox.

    Im ready to move on the next one. Nuggets have been playing much better basketball as of late but they’re still beatable.

  116. and a nice big contract afterwards! yeah!

  117. lin really worked well with Kobe today and visa versa.

  118. yup they have plays where the use each other to get open

  119. I’ve never this kind of Ultraman shot before :>

  120. You know what, that might be an offensive foul because in the past year or two, the NBA started emphasizing the calls on the leg kickout. Basically, Lin right leg kicked out forward. Monta was jumping in front of Lin. Even though Lin did not intentionally do it to draw a foul, Monta probably would not have collided with him if Lin didn’t kick out.

    This didn’t used to be called an offensive foul, but they started emphasizing it in 2012.

  121. As I said, I didnt watch the game, so my judgement might be off…but looking at the reviews, and game highlights and box score.

    BScoot, need to address having more 3pters as well. This is not 80s or 90s.
    3pointers had become a major score contributor as part of the game. Teams are now taking 20-30 shot! That need to be compensated by having a better playbook and getting players open for 3s

    With Jeremy, NYoung and WEllington, we could have own 3pointer plays as well.

  122. judge Lin’s abs instead?

  123. yep, Need to get NY and E to stay put on that 3 line. Lin knows that game well from Rox.

  124. thats the reason why the refs called that kung fu kick foul on Lin. They are so afraid of the power Lin has.

  125. 48.1% FG, not 48%. Don’t rob him of that 0.1%. So biased =p

  126. The Wilson Wave is a terrible ball. LOL

  127. I think LA Media appreciates Lin more and more.
    They are just resigned to the fact that if Kobe shoots too much, there’s nothing that can be done.


  128. Stalkercam

  129. LOL

  130. Thanks for the find. Great to see the interaction of JLin with so many people toward the end.

  131. thats good to know…thanks

  132. That is why he used that for signature. He is not gonna play it anyway

  133. Why is that?

  134. awesome vid!

  135. Thanks.

  136. Yup, my favorite part.

  137. I dnt think that qualifies as la media

  138. LakersGround rating on Lin : Smiley-Winking Face
    It looks like they want Lin to take good shots rather than dumping to teammates with worse shots.
    Further proof to Worthy that Lin is a PG at heart.


    Lin — — Good first half reading the D and taking what was available for the most part to score 12 points. There were still instances where he passed up a good shot to dump it to a teammate and we ended up with a worse shot. He needs to keep his foot on the gas. The Mavs took a timeout during one stretch when he was starting to feel it. A couple turnovers later and he was not the same threat any more.

    The Stats: He scored 18 points on 8-11 shooting (2-3 from three) to go with 4 boards, 5 assists, 1 block, 4 turnovers and 2 fouls in 27 minutes. He was a -22.

    The Action: He missed a pull-up from about 8 feet in the lane, wide open, got to hit those (keep shooting, though). He sank a three off the split play. He airballed an open jumper off the split play. He attacked to his left and scored a layup. He passed up an open three, it led to a long contested chuck from Young, got to take those. He attacked baseline on a kickout and reversed. He swished an open wing jumper shedding his man on a screen and not hesitating on the shot. Next time down he pulled up behind a screen and swished a three to force a timeout. He attacked the lane and was somehow stripped. He threw a pass away, layup the other way. He attacked and kicked to Kobe for three. He had 12 points on 5-7 shooting.

    Second Half: They called a horrible offensive foul on him when he pulled up and hit a jumper, calling him for the leg kickout, so weak. Good help D on Kobeโ€™s man to draw a charge on the drive.He hit Kobe with the bounce pass for the open baseline jumper. He missed a wing three. He hit a short pull-up jumper from the left side. He sank a turnaround elbow jumper. He threw a pass away expecting a whistle. He took an inbounds, attacked a lane quickly and got a goaltend call on the layup.

  139. Summary from DB on Lakersground:

    “Lin — — Good first half reading the D and taking what was available for the most part to score 12 points. There were still instances where he passed up a good shot to dump it to a teammate and we ended up with a worse shot. He needs to keep his foot on the gas. The Mavs took a timeout during one stretch when he was starting to feel it. A couple turnovers later and he was not the same threat any more.

    The Stats: He scored 18 points on 8-11 shooting (2-3 from three) to go with 4 boards, 5 assists, 1 block, 4 turnovers and 2 fouls in 27 minutes. He was a -22. The Action: He missed a pull-up from about 8 feet in the lane, wide open, got to hit those (keep shooting, though). He sank a three off the split play. He airballed an open jumper off the split play. He attacked to his left and scored a layup. He passed up an open three, it led to a long contested chuck from Young, got to take those. He attacked baseline on a kickout and reversed. He swished an open wing jumper shedding his man on a screen and not hesitating on the shot. Next time down he pulled up behind a screen and swished a three to force a timeout. He attacked the lane and was somehow stripped. He threw a pass away, layup the other way. He attacked and kicked to Kobe for three. He had 12 points on 5-7 shooting.

    Second Half: They called a horrible offensive foul on him when he pulled up and hit a jumper, calling him for the leg kickout, so weak. Good help D on Kobeโ€™s man to draw a charge on the drive.He hit Kobe with the bounce pass for the open baseline jumper. He missed a wing three. He hit a short pull-up jumper from the left side. He sank a turnaround elbow jumper. He threw a pass away expecting a whistle. He took an inbounds, attacked a lane quickly and got a goaltend call on the layup.”

  140. Ha! Great minds think alike! I just posted one too LOL

  141. LA media wannabe?

  142. lol nice

  143. Whoa, did you guys see the part at the end when JLin gets physical with Chandler Parsons and shoves him making him drop a bag of ice he was using. Parsons picks up bag of ice and gets into Jeremy’s face saying some stuff but I can’t see what since the back of his head is facing the camera. The talking gains momentum and Parsons throws the bag of ice to the sideline and he’s still in Jlin’s face. Then out of nowhere, Dallas assistant coach tackles Lin and the video ends shortly after.

  144. Price and Scott are consistently getting the blue smilies…

  145. shouldn’t have been offensive foul, you meant to say?

  146. Im still firmly #TeamParsLins. Such to see Chandler still has those back issues.
    And it looks like Jeremy is close to Boozer :3

  147. what does that men sick smilie

  148. Hey Jer, come play here next year.
    Assist Coach: Dude, next year man!

  149. it wasn’t really well it could of been if the kept it close

  150. Those back pain, hardly goes away. They have to lean to live with it. Players do back strengthening exercises to compensate. Its part of what it is playing BB

  151. It’s a rubbery outdoor ball

  152. hmm. what’s the ranking of their smilies?

  153. It’s interesting to see how many DAL staff and players knew Lin from his 2012 summer league.
    I bet DAL would look to make an offer next year knowing how much Rick Carlisle values him ๐Ÿ˜€

  154. Maybe at the trade deadline in February. Lakers can have Felton. LOL

  155. nothing consistent. Just showing different levels of rating

  156. choking? :p

  157. Parsons: Remember when we used to freeze you out like this bag of ice?
    Lin: *shove*
    Assistant Coach: No, don’t hurt him, he cost us $46 million!!

  158. That would be funny. Felton following Lin’s trail :>

  159. That’ll be sweeeeT

  160. Parsons must be jokingly gave Lin a hard time about winning.
    We might have a DAL pitch next year since Rick Carlisle knows Lin’s values well.

  161. Cuban will greet Lin “You should have been a Maverick all along”

  162. Lol, poor Sacre. He’s getting a lot of flack for that play but really, the Lakers D was a mess all night. So many dumb turnovers and so many people left wide open for shots.

  163. His career average against Dallas is like 15-16ppg. Dallas knows whatsup.

  164. I think of all active coaches in the NBA, I think Rick Carlisle must be the Top 2 that really knows what Jeremy Lin brings as an engine of the team. His comments had always been thoughtful showing admiration and analysis on his part

  165. LOL .. and that’s actually true!
    We’ll get this compilation of Jeanie Buss and Cuban saying it

  166. Did Dallas make an offer in 2012 after summer league?

  167. They offered him 1year deal. Lin took GS 2year deal instead.

  168. LOL I like that a lot:-) Can’t resist to have a good laugh on it.

  169. That is good to know. So, at least Mavs, Lakers and GS made an offer then. Well, if Lakers doesn’t treasure JLin as such, hopefully Dallas will next season! That will be awesome!

  170. unfortunately for Price, that’s literally true ๐Ÿ™‚ He’ll be gone soon.
    Another 0pts-2pts will not cut it. But the guy regressed to his normal mean, ya know. BScott really has a mental block in analyzing talent

  171. yes, but Lin would need to go to D-League for a year, I think.
    Plus GSW offer (or LAL offer) was better.

  172. He’s got Dirk/Tyson/Greg Smith to pass to as well. And Raymond Felton will be coming off the bench for Lin, hahah

  173. I have mixed feelings about that but I’ll be happy if Lin gets many offers to choose from.

  174. He could’ve been, too, and got a ring his first year! Actually though, if he did go to Dallas instead of GSW and he was sent to D-League like Donnie Nelson said he would, would he still receive a ring along with the rest of the Mavericks?

  175. I know about GSW’s offer and reason why he took it. Only know Lakers did offer because of media conference when JLin was traded. Now Dallas. Hey slow in catching up this piece of news:-) There was another team also made an offer right? Remember which team?

  176. GSW was 2-year deal with the first year guaranteed and the 2nd year an option, plus playing time, and close to home. Dallas he would’ve been sent to D-League immediately to develop and Dallas had a lot of point guards already.

  177. the surface has a wavy texture, it’s wack

  178. If that’s the case, I really like JLin go to Dallas:-) Very very tired of BS. Not sure I can endure it for another 3+ years if JLin stays in Lakers:-(

  179. IIRC, it was an Eastern Conference team. Speculation was it was the Knicks since all those teams he worked out for prior to draft. I’m not completely sure about this info though, memory’s hazy.

  180. You are too nice about BS. I can’t even spell his name. Now when I see someone or place with anything to do with B or S, my immediate reaction is repulsive as much as M & M in R. Not very good:-(

  181. .ko

  182. Yes, I can see him flourish in Mavs. Well, not sure they have the money to sign him though but if they want him, then it will be great!

  183. Imagine Dallas knocking Houston out of the playoffs with Lin at the helm

  184. I researched a little more into this and found that they should only call this if intentionally done. Since it was not intentional by Lin, it should not have been an offensive foul. But it is a subjective call.

  185. I did some more research on the leg kickout rule. I think it comes down to whether the leg kick was intentional or part of the natural shooting motion. Here’s 2 examples:

    A very similar call on Lowry:

    Here is an intentional leg kick by Wade that should have been called offensive foul:

    Since it’s purely subjective, I guess the ref could think that Lin’s form (with one leg kick) was not natural. Of course, we know as fans that that is Lin’s shooting form.

  186. Also, I learned about the Sweep and Sway shooting form (never knew the name for it). Lin’s even in this video!

  187. but it’s not even good for signature. the surface is wavy!

  188. I want Price gone tomorrow, this team would be better off with Clarkson as backup. When can they make more trades and waive players? Price just needs to go and Mitch needs to find a legit backup PG!

  189. Dallas assistant was hugging Lin. Parsons and Lin were just joking around and all smiles that’s what best friends do they make fun of each other in a friendly way!

  190. Cuban was the first who wanted Lin but he chose Warriors which was a big mistake. But then if Lin didn’t go to Knicks we would’ve never see what he’s capable of as the leader and no.1 option of the team when the start players are out.

  191. Once again, it’s the Lakers defense that is their downfall. Like I predicted before the game, no Laker would be able to stop Dirk, who shot 80% fg. The only reason he didn’t have 25+ pts was because he only played 21 mins!

    Lakers had 118 pts/100pos, 52% fg, 39% 3pt. 118 off rating would be #2 in the league (if that were their season avg).

    Compare to allowing 156 (!!!) pts/100pos, 62% fg, 51% 3pt. DAL had 54 pts in the paint.

  192. Kobe, Nick Young, and JLin are the only players who can create for themselves and shoot well! When two of those guys got cold hands that’s what happens. If Nick Young got going he would’ve been able to keep the game that much closer with his 16/17 points contribution.

  193. Add in Clarkson too his 3 pointers are very consistent and smooth too so long as he’s not forcing them. Clarkson should be the one leading the 2nd unit not Price that guy seriously shouldn’t even be playing in the NBA with 0 contribution! If Lin played like that he would’ve been out of the league already!

  194. LMAO

  195. Lol, I know. It was an attempt at humor and/or fake controversy. Not too much going on in the vid so I decided to spice it up a bit with a different “perspective”. ๐Ÿ™‚

  196. Didn’t watch the game tonight, glad to see lin did well. I saw somebody posted that lin/kobe played well together. Can you give me more specifics? BTW I saw that Price played too many minutes. My theory on that is that Scott is trying to get a last ditch effort for them to keep Price and Mitch/FO have already made their decision not to keep Price. I also think that the FO/Mitch might be a little PO that Clarkson is not getting playing time because of Scott’s agenda to push Price.

  197. Because kobe has no shame.

  198. I notice in the Fan Cam after the game, lin was getting a lot of love from the Dallas assistant coaches.

  199. @JLinPortal @jlinnation @IdoAmir @thesuitedmonk88 @JLin7 is 1 of 3 guards in NBA w/ 48% FG 40% 3P 90% FT, along Kyle Korver& Courtney Lee.— John Lee (@JohnLee61829454) November 22, 2014

  200. Someone pushing the issue, I’m guessing BS behind this BS.

  201. Wasn’t paying attention to the game after JLin was out in 1st qtr and went back in. Was tired to see BS continued to take JLin out when he was hot and Kobe obviosly was struggled in the entire 3 qtrs. Didn’t understand his logic. Non of the starters played 4th qtr.

  202. Not as upset about this one as the LeAndre Jordan no-call, that one cost the Lakers the WIN.

  203. Please just edit your post by starting from http:………………..3333332 section only. It will look much nicer:-)

  204. Yep that is definitely BS work!!!!!!!!!!

  205. I think Scott is pushing the envelope and it will be a matter of time before kobe turns on him. I really do believe that kobe keeps doing what he is doing, because he is waiting for Scott to stop him.

  206. Hope you are right. BS definitely didn’t practice what he said. Did you see how many people in Twitter kept on screaming to take Kobe out????!!!!!! He was definitely struggling and couldn’t even stand straight up in a sense but stayed on entire 1 qtr and JLin was the one continued to be taken out. JLin was the only one among 3 playmakers showed up in this game. Price is definitely only priceless to BS. Couldn’t understand why BS just let either Kobe/or JLin in at all time so that at least one playmaker was in the game. Believe any knowledge JLin fan can be a better coach than BS.

  207. Got the hang of it, THANKS!

  208. At this point BS is just making himself look foolish, Price’s got a really unjustifiable stat line, despite BS favoritism.

  209. This is the only time I hope Kobe turns on someone.

  210. Welcome. Learned this from one of the mobs few wks ago and he continued to teach posters to do this:-) First time I tried and glad it was a success!:-)

  211. Well, sad that BS isn’t listening and TWC continues to push his agenda.

  212. Both! I dont feel sorry for sacre. He’s taller than me lol.

  213. You get a good feel if you watch highlights. Kobe screening for Lin. Lin finding kibe. If you note k was 0 for 8ish, Lin was the one who got him going.

  214. price got his min from garbage time

  215. Thanks:)

  216. I think LA will have a lot of difficulty guarding teams that shoot the 3 ball well. Kobe is just slightly too slow and that gives enough time for a good shot by any 3 point marksman. Lin is the only good perimeter defender but his not-so-great wingspan makes it difficult to really shut down a good shooter. Wes is a very mediocre defender and has not justified his starting because his offense is so bad. Good team defence can probably help but Boozer and Hill are not able to execute well enough.

    The lack of a true rim protector also means the perimeter defenders have to respect the triple threat. Barring personnel change, I think they will really struggle against teams like the Mavericks, Spurs and Golden State. Then again everyone struggles against these teams. Lakers just look worse.

  217. I totally agree.I was glad that lin came out looking for his own shot. Somebody said that Lin actually good kobe going in knocking down his shots. I think scott just needs to go. His inconsistent rotations and his love of Price is what is killing this team. I think what lin said in his post game interview is that they have a game plan, and everybody needs to stick with it. That to me is a a coaching problem when players want to go rouge against the set agenda.

  218. Applause to the FO if this turns out to be the case.

  219. I am sure Lin will continue to do well. But the Lakers’ problems are gonna continue for the foreseeable future. They have coaching problems and personnel issues.

  220. That’s right. JLin just played what he normally did but this game he was able to make it. He used various ways to get the scores. High bb iq in reading what Mavs gave him and he did play well. Other players weren’t ready to play.

    Glad that more and more people called BS out now.

  221. This is why I asked in the game thread whether BS’ 4th year is guaranteed, if the Lakers can cut their losses on BS there’s a higher chance of him hitting the road. Don’t think D’Antoni will be back, though that’d definitely make this squad fun to watch. I’m still hoping for Karl.

  222. Even haters find it hard to justify Price over Lin, the stats are like day and night.

  223. I know. Making no sense for me of why his infatuation of Price continues. Don’t understand at all.

  224. To BS, Price is the “defensive” expert just like PB. Somehow Price doesn’t deliver. That was why weeks ago I called out BS = M & M in R.

  225. I am also puzzled with the Price infatuation. Maybe Scott relates to Price on some personal level? Does not make basketball sense at all.

  226. Yep, the main problem with this Lakers squad is the lack of a rim protector. Hill just isn’t that good of a rim protector, they need to trade for someone who can clog the lane if they want any chance of being decent this year. It would also help if he can actually roll to the basket and be aggressive in the paint offensively, well moreso than Hill.

  227. I like that fancam. Whoever took it, his/her stalking skills are better than mine.

    Boozer is his Lakers bff. That bit with one of the Mavericks assistant coaches, “Ok come on let’s go we gotta suit you up in your Mavs uniform”.

  228. He’ll be getting more dancing banana ratings.. I’m sure of that

  229. Apparently Price is his former player from his coaching. He is the one who brings in Price. Maybe Price isn’t as good as he remembers but his memory is still stuck from the past. hahahahaha. Too many maybes but no matter what excuses he has, he needs to stay at present. Feel that coach should know the strengths of his players and brings the max out from that player rather than makes the players into system that don’t fit their strengths. JLin is exceptional in that sense because he has high bb iq, he is a quick learner and adjusts quickly. But not all players are like that. I don’t know. BS’ coaching ability maybe just a slight higher that HOF M but not much.

  230. I checked on all of Jeremy’s games where he cracked the 30 point barrier.

    He never shot less than 50% in these games.

    13 for 23 – 38 points against Lakers
    11 for 21 – 38 points against Spurs
    10 for 17 – 31 points against Raptors
    10 for 19 – 34 points against 76ers

    He is definitely not a volume chucker. He has never used sheer volume of shots to crack 30 points.

    Very different from Harden and Kobe.

  231. How many free throws. In games where players score a lot they often get a good amount of FTs.

  232. My only guess is he looks better in practice than he does in the game. But he’s been so ineffective in games that Byron has to stop forcing it. And Byron sometimes rests Lin way too long. I thought there was something wrong with Lin because he came in so late in the 2Q.

  233. The problem this season is the Lakers (especially Kobe) are not passing Jeremy the ball at the 3 point line even though he’s wide open.

  234. You are right. He had many free throws in those games where he scored more than 30 points.

    13 for 23 – 38 points against Lakers
    (10 for 13 FT)
    11 for 21 – 38 points against Spurs
    (12 for 12 FT)
    10 for 17 – 31 points against Raptorsย 
    (8 for 9 FT)
    10 for 19 – 34 points against 76ers
    (5 for 6 FT)

  235. The Mavs crushed the Lakers. The Lakers beat Houston. One reason why – movement.

    Carlyle said during the game last night that the Lakers had trouble defending movement. So true. The Mavs blew away the Lakers on great ball movement and great off-the ball player movement. Got so many good looks and easy lay-ups (Chandler Parsons).

    The Lakers’ defense were able to hold Houston to 92 points because of Houston’s lack of movement in their offense – Lots of iso’s, lots of standing around.

    I’m not sure the Lakers can fix their defense against athletic teams that move the ball and players well (Spurs, Mavs, GSW). They’re too slow, too unathletic, too lazy (Kobe). Laziness can be fixed – athleticism cannot.

    It’s no coincidence that the three Lakers wins (Charlotte, Atlanta, Houston) came against teams that don’t really feature movement on offense.

    Against Denver, I think they’re a transition team and fairly athletic. If there’s a lot of movement in their offense, it could be another long night for the Laker defense. For the Lakers to win, they’ll have to outscore Denver.

  236. Good point. That is why Lakers can beat Houston, a team that shoots a lot of threes, despite having bad defence against 3 point shooting.

    Also maybe Harden and Bev were exhausted from guarding Lin so tightly. Harden must remember how Lin took it to the Knicks and wanted to avoid that.

  237. the lack of movement can work if we slow the other team down. like memphis. thats where slow teams have an advantage they are better at up and downs. don’t rely on the three too much

  238. Great point about the Lakers ability to beat 3-point shooting teams that do a lot of standing around like the Rockets.

  239. Good point. And the Lakers played pretty well against Memphis, for at least three quarters anyway.

  240. It’s amazing how much Lin’s three point shooting has improved since the Linsanity days. To be shooting at .438 percent and basically being the Lakers’ best three point shooter shows just how much Lin’s work on his three point shot has paid off.

    He had two hellish seasons in Houston, but being forced to become a catch-and-shoot three point shooter has had a big part in his three point shooting improvement.

    I’m not sure Lin will be able to maintain such a high shooting percentage, but at the very least, his numbers should improve again from the prior season. Shooting .400 or more may be a realistic achievement for Lin this season.

  241. Lakers could beat Rox bc no D12 & TJ plus THANKS To Harden didn’t score more than 2 or 4 in 1st half… Lakers thought Johnson guarded him well?! NO, Harden started to get his points in 2nd half… But true, that TO to the end did the magic so Lakers won. It’s not Lakers is better than Rox…..NO… it’s only they got lucky to win that one.

  242. A outdated 80s iso team like the Lakers that has no clue that the illegal defense rule was abolished would of course get beaten silly on both ends of the court by a modern day Mavs team that plays by modern rules.

  243. Got this from the other side… what’s going on w this? Looks like Scott was going to put Lin in bench for this one but somehow no…?!

  244. Bench or not, Lin isn’t allowed to play starter minutes anyway.

  245. OK so I am playing around with my new video capture stuff… two new ones:
    I changed this one a bit… found some interesting video that makes it even more egregious of a call.
    lal vs hou bad call on Jlin http://youtu.be/5dTtSL3mqGk

  246. Jordan Hill is a power forward with no power.

    Right now he’s little more than a 6’10” slow shooting guard.

  247. Nothing wrong with JLin but everything wrong with BS:-)

  248. My guess is we will have to endure BS as long as JLin stays in Lakers. Don’t think FO will “fire” BS that quickly imo. JLin maybe gone even before BS if JLin gets other deal from Lakers in his FA coming summer.

  249. LOL Another PR stunt from M. REALLY SICK GM!!!!!

  250. Lin auditioned for a pg job for the mavs last night. lol. Hope Cuban/Carlise has seen enough to sign him.

  251. You went to Sun’s game, right? Did you get this playbill book? How come I never got one when I was in GSW game? I think this probably did it before the road game started it… Just like that reporter said Scott was planning to send Lin to bench.. maybe Tops are not agree? That’s why Lin still started for all the road games even last night. Scott sure wants to use Lin’s bad Rox game to make him a bench.

  252. Even worse, the contact was when Lin was still in the air. Great found.

  253. But Scott can’t use that Rox game against lin to bench him. Price is just terrible. Scott is just trying to protect his decision about having Mitch sign Price. I am sure Mitch/FO taking a hard look at Scott now because Scott told them he could control Kobe and he hasn’t. Kobe should just how old he looked last night going up against younger guards.

  254. I am so surprised to see this but since Lin started the game last night so FO should be still support him, right? I really don’t get the love Scott on Price?! He couldn’t shoot or poor D?! Weird?! Thanks God, Lin finally has his game back last night.

  255. What do you think about TWC didn’t talk about Lin last night? Is good sign or bad for Lin? I don’t know how much influence Lakers has in TWC? Do they speak for Lakers or by themselves?

  256. What do you think about this video from last night’s game highlights from TWC? Not a word on Lin & Boozer?!


  257. Even worse, at the end of the show Access Sport played a fan’s recorded message saying Jeremy Lin is not a true point guard. Dave Miller responded to that recording with Lin needs to learn how to play pg off the ball. WTH?

    TWC is turning to Houston Rockets.

  258. I don’t know what it means, I guess we will find out soon.

  259. Lin is off the ball now.. smh! Weird. But this TWC more represent coach’s mind than Lakers… Don’t know what’s really going on now? But Lin still started last night. Just check Lakers tweet… seemed to be OK. Hate TWC clown.

  260. They might be trying to do damage control because of that players guide in Dallas that had price starting and it got leaked.

  261. I stop watching that show. It does not have bb knowledge commentary. Dave Miller only speaks with bias agendas.

  262. Apparently they did. Ido called them out for saying JLin was inconsistent or something like that. This was what happened. I couldn’t find Ido’s tweet.

  263. Good choice… I don’t know the rating for that show but Miller just a clown to me. smh!

  264. Clown is the exact word in my mind.

  265. I think more like they tried to ignore all the good O from Lin.. not to mention him & Boozer. These two were on Mon night’s program even they didn’t say Boozer by name. The most possible to remove from starting job by Scott… smh!

  266. They are just like clown.. smh!

  267. Yes totally agree. I am frustrated by how Scott’s offence is so stagnant right in the middle of the court where PNR. Lin can’t do a thing with this offence because they stubbornly plant themselves in their own favorite area for their own shots waving for the ball. They have no inkling of creating space for one another by cutting and screening off ball to free up space for another teammate to fill.

    Maybe Brent can show Scott that spotlight drill to embarrass his players onto moving to receive a pass at the open spot.

  268. The first one on JLin was good I thought when JLin first traded to Lakers. But then soon I realized how biased DM was and I stopped watching any of his stuffs. Sure glad that I don’t have to watch it at all.

  269. I think Price a starter is just matter of when. BS only wants to look for a perfect movement to justify his idiotic decision.

  270. I don’t think so. They can’t justify moving lin to the bench the way Price is playing. Kobe is wearing down slowly but surely. I tell you if they move Price to the starting lineup LA fans are going to have a field day. I still think this is about that Dallas play schedule above, where they had price as a probable starter. I think this is all about damage control. I bet TCW Sports network printed up the book on Scott’s word.

  271. Price is really consistent bad in O & D… If Lakers really makes the move then they sure will loss more games to come… I don’t care they win or not now. Just want Lin to put up his good stats for next contract. Lakers is really blind or what? I really thought maybe it’s Scott.. Young is the saver for the team?! SMH! His shooting rate it’s not that good. In vs Alt if not for Lin saved them in 3Q they would loss.. HOU just got lucky w/o D12 & TJ. Plus Harden didn’t fully in O for 1st half… Can’t believe they really buy their own story that they really can beat Rox now…?!

  272. I agree it’s Scott’s idea bc that’s what he had in mind for long time… smh! But since Lin did start last night so FO sure not agree on this.

  273. I posted earlier that the lakers have significant control over twc. They can even choose who reports in the team. You can Wikipedia this information.

    If twc is dissing Lin, it’s because laker management is ok’ing it. If twc wants Lin off ball, the lakers are ok with saying that and putting it out there they want Lin to be dereek fisher so Kobe can shine.

    If coach miller is going off on Lin, lakers are sanctioning it.

    Please understand that is the reality.

  274. But Lin is off the ball now.. He only took 11 shots last night it’s not like he took more than 15 per game? Well, Kobe is not going to play well w this long min per game. So sooner or later they will need Lin or L all the way then…

  275. Lakers management has control over what twc produces and says about the team. Don’t be mad at twc or coach Dave.

    Lakers management can shut it down. If it continues, you know that means the team is fine with it or wants these thoughts out there.

    Wikipedia my friend

  276. Wrong, twc content controlled by lakers themselves

  277. They want Lin to be Derek fisher. I guess you never watched lakers before

  278. No… What’s Fisher looks like? But when Lin played bad they trash him too?!

  279. Lakers control twc content. Wikipedia

  280. @joyce Base on what I’ve seen so far if Lakers are continuing to be struggled and getting blown out, BS will move the rosters and Price is top of BS’s list. TWC played fan’s message saying Lin’s no true pg and last night player guide are evident of what their intention. Remember TWC has been very good partner with BS.

  281. Lakers control twc content !

  282. I don’t have the energy to explain. Fisher plays like Beverly but with real defense and better 3 point shooting. In half court fisher never dribbles and only pass to Kobe. Fisher only shoots wide open 3 on passes but was excellent at making them. Fisher never pick and roll, create own shot, or initiate offense. He just space the floor for8 ppg

  283. There are rules of what they can broadcast but the lakers don’t control the contents. TW paid billions to the Lakers and the last things they want is being controlled.

  284. I agree but lakers have control over their product. If they want Lin to be a star, twc dissing Lin is not ok.

    If twc continue to diss Lin, it means lakers are ok with it and don’t want Lin long term

  285. Lakers can zcHOOSE the reporters. You think they have no control?

  286. Twc has a hater agenda against Lin. I’m wondering where it comes from and if lakers brass is sanctioning it. We will know better a few months down the road

  287. Fisher was a limited role player who was ultra reliable. That is what twc want from Lin.

  288. So worthy “apologizes” and says Lin a pg. 2 day later they say Lin not a pg on air lol. #agenda

  289. I personally think that a lot of what TWC Sports network is crap coming out of Scott’s mouth because he use to work there.The Lakers are not stupid enough to go down that same road as the Rockets, I am sure. I think Scott is running his mouth with them like he has some control, but he doesn’t. I still will take a wait and see approach.

  290. I will take the wait and see approach.Scott also worked at TCW Sportsnetwork, so I think there is some cronyism going on. I think they are also trying to cover for Scott because he is really a bad coach and has made some bad decisions. Also it was that playbook that was released in Dallas that had Price as a probable starter. I think they are trying to do damage control with that also. Kobe is becoming an embarrassment to the team. He took a 34 foot shot with six minutes left in the game…why…kobe is out of control and he knows it. Scott is doing nothing to help him.

  291. You don’t get it. But I do. I just don’t know where the anti Lin movement is coming from. Lin has to watch his back and start performing better. Someone is out to nix him from la. Just not sure who yet

  292. Yes we don’t know. I just know someone up in the food chain on the lakers is anti Lin. But not sure how high it goes. As long as Mitch and Jim are pro Lin, lin is fine. #Gal mekel

  293. I think this about TCW trying to help out their buddy and former colleague Scott. I remember the last time TCW got out of control with talking about Randle/Clarkson every single day. It was really out of hand. Mitch held a press conference to stop the madness. I think a lot of this is Scott talking. He is so irrational right now. This feels like a desperation move on somebody’s part.

  294. Your post is spot on! Yes we wait and see

  295. I don’t think it is anti-lin, i think it is Scott feeding TCW Sportsnet.

  296. Wouldn’t a player guide info come from Jim or Jeanie bus’s dept ?

  297. Well then Scott is sure anti Lin!

  298. Sure, I guess. So what is up with her if she is behind this. She herself aid she had no knowledge of basketball.

  299. idk maybe thats what he believe. why do everyone hs to have a agenda. his assist except for 1game has been terrible

  300. I do agree Scott is completely lost. In his defense, this is a thankless coaching gig. I can’t imagine any coach succeeding to be honest.

  301. again they have control over who is hired i doubt the watch every little thing they say

  302. Scott trying to cover up his non coaching and poor decisions as a coach. He got them to sign on Price, and now he is just a bust.

  303. come on. You are too hyper now. Calm down.

    I’d appreciate you list their wrongs, but would not appreciate you jump to conclusions this fast.

    We all know TWCs say both side of things, and it is not like they never praised Lin before. I don’t think any reporter or news media would ever only say good things about a player never say bad things. And I don’t think any reporter or news media would always be right about every single thing.

    So, being this negative and response with all kinds of hate doing nothing good, to yourself, nor to anybody.

  304. They hired him to control kobe. Scott is the one who said they consulted him every step of the way picking the team.

  305. But w that Lakers sure can’t not win… ?! Kobe will do down sooner or later for sure. He even said his leg was not there…

  306. flag you! Troll.

  307. he is one of the overzealous people from the other site turning this site into the other one

  308. Read the latimes articles and Wikipedia before you think your thought please

  309. troll wow

  310. Also, it was a Dallas play guide that was printed, not Laker. Play guide was from Dallas featuring Dallas events. The starting line up information came from Scott.

  311. I actually like price but price is used wrong and too old now. Scott is trying to find a d fish to put next to kobe. Same old Houston problem.

  312. Really, terrible? Why? Games of 10, 9, 7 and 6 assists aren’t terrible and Lin gets guys the ball and sometimes they don’t make the shot therefore no assist.


  313. we’ll this site has officially gotten the virus. the crazy people have come to ruin this site and while they don’t insult people although calling people liers and trolls which i say s an insult unless you have proof. are ruining this site. 2-4 of those guys came over and honestly ruin all the discussion with conspiracy

  314. I think so too. Bc that playbill book was from TWC & I am sure it’s printed before the road game.. they couldn’t do that on TX just before the game. It’s all Scott’s idea. But I check Lakers tweet, they do like what Lin did last night. Plus Lakers tried out new PGs, don’t think it’s to replace Lin? more to replace Price.

  315. Taking 11 shots is a lot for Lin. He usually takes less ๐Ÿ™

  316. I don’t think so. They want him to have Fisher’s attitude but they know Lin’s game is totally different. I think they want Lin going to the hole and moving off ball, I don’t think they want him to play like Fisher.

  317. Kobe might have another year left. Kobe just wants to get MJ career points. I think after he does that, he might slow down. TCW looks really ridiculous not showing a reel of lin at all, when he was the highest scorer on the team, it just reeks.

  318. the system and player would make any pg struggle to play pg. all the assist are hard passes and high risk. very few three point or transition assist available

  319. I don’t agree. Talk I hear on the Lakers show is for Lin to have killer instinct, shoot more, do more, not less.

  320. I would say 2 games, he had 9 assists versus Clippers and 10 assists versus the Hawks, I wouldn’t call either of those terrible.

    His 7 assist and 6 assist games against the Hornets and GSW were respectible and also not terrible.

    Aside from that, I think Jeremy does need to buff up his assist to at least 6, preferably 7-8 a game. That would put him in contention among the good starting point guards in the league. Part of the reason is he’s making good passes but his teammates are not converting. Wes missed a basket right at the rim with no one in front of him, Davis missed 2 right at the rim (which is uncharacteristic of him), Boozer has missed a ton of passes.

    Kobe and Price have also been playing point even with Lin on the floor.

    So far, I think Lin has been passing quite well but teammates have just not been hitting some of his passes. I think it will normalize to about 5-6. Hopefully more.

  321. I hope so. Kobe looks ridiculous out there with all of the bad shots he’s taking. And not showing Lin’s highlights is stupid, but they will show Kobe’s. The league is very “star centric”.

  322. I have no clue what is going on. If they cut price and bring in mekel, I know lakers have lins back and so will Scott. The mekel signing will signal so much

  323. 5-6 kobe play pg as well

  324. Maybe if they keep losing Scott will step down and assistant coach Mark Madsen will take over. He’s been a long time Jeremy Lin supporter, worked under D’Antoni so knows how to play that way.

  325. It was actually a play schedule from Dallas for their game. The starting lineup information came from Scott.

  326. http://www.twcsportsnet.com/lakers/videos/20141121/lal-vs-mavericks-access-360-november-21-2014

    Hope this is linked. This is interesting, what TWC is doing. Is this a demonstration of how good Mav’s offense is, or a demonstration of how bad the Lakers defensive system is?

  327. Found this longer highlights

  328. Also i realized that the it was a Dallas schedule book, not laker. Laker starting line up information came from Scott.

  329. It could be old info. I’m not worried about it. Scott knows the starting lineup are a bunch of stiffs with the only other athletic guy to LIn (Wes) not really doing much on offense and he knows his bench sucks. He’s trying to use Lin more with it I guess but Price as a starting guard is a joke that he wouldn’t be able to justify.

  330. The low rate of assists also can be attributed to the prevalence of pick and pop plays. Passing to the open man for a jumper, no matter how open it is, is a lower percentage shot than if the big man rolls to the rim.

    So, lots of potential assists inevitably get blown by missed jumpers by Hill and Boozer in particular.

  331. You should submit it to the NBA

  332. Hill especially does not roll to the rim enough.

  333. Thanks. I like this one better than TWC vision… LOL!

  334. You should create a database/web posting of names of all the refs making these bad calls and the video clips. I can’t make out the number of that ref right at the sideline but probably should be apparent from other videos of the game. Lin fans could tweet the link if we notice repeat offenders. If refs know Lin fans are cataloging and posting examples of these bad calls they may think twice about it. Now refs operate kind of in anonymity because nobody keeps track of the refs much.

    The officals for the Rockets game were:

    Officials: #17 Joe Crawford, #47 Bennie Adams, #73 Tre Maddox

    It’s listed at the bottom of the box score:

  335. maybe BS is doing a last ditch effort to keep Price before the new PG comes in.

  336. That is what I think too.

  337. hi, folks: I’m flying from NJ to LA this evening to watch the next 4 JLin’s home games. Please pray for JLin and Lakers to have good games and have fun, and pray me for a safe and happy trip. Thanks.

  338. Will definitely pray for him, and have a safe and wonderful trip:)

  339. Hmmm really? From Scott? If imagine Scott gives that info to john black or something

  340. Wow, have fun time and a safe flight.

    Give us some firsthand observations from the games please!

  341. He is a super troll

  342. Ya! Have fun & do give us the game reports.. LOL!

  343. Yeah but what coach can control Kobe? Even Phil couldn’t. Not giving Scott a free pass but it’s more on the lakers brass. There is no coach who can control Kobe.

  344. Even if mark was crazy enough to bench Kobe or control him, Kobe would full on rebell

  345. Yeah I wish you weren’t here.

  346. Be careful jw, alaingrvis might call you a troll hater.

  347. Off ball means hiding in the corner

  348. Scary

  349. Phil had help controlling kobe thru Pat Riley. Phil new how to control Kobe., Phil was not afraid of his temper tantrums

  350. I was thinking perhaps that diss at Lin by TCW was because perhaps FO has already hired one of the PG’ s they worked out, and they are waiting until the team comes home to announce. That was TCW show of support of Scott…farfetched I know..LOL

  351. the plot twist that might be cut from the final edit but good one!

  352. Scott doesn’t need to be desperate. He just needs to keep it simple and do the obvious. First it is obvious The team is not smart.
    1) Scrap the Princeton offense. Do simple basketball sets. PNR, post up, off screens
    2) Start Davis and limit Kobe minutes because he needs the rest and hogs the ball too much.
    3) bench whoever is not playing defense, which would never be jeremy because he always plays both sides of the floor
    4) anything else that seems simple that you guys could think of.

    Baby steps to just play together. That’s the main issue. The team doesn’t play together because most guys don’t know how or are too lazy. They need to keep it simple and benched for laziness.

  353. have a safe trip, fun for memories, and eat well!

  354. So Lakers plan to trade Lin?!

  355. hey wilsc … nice to see you.

  356. I have seen more of these than when Asik fumbled.

  357. you are a child insulting people all day

  358. no, price

  359. insults after insult

  360. lol trade price no no release price

  361. that pissed me off all the time

  362. LOL, TCW was downright mean to Lin last night. Didn’t show any of his highlights, just showed get a shot, and then showed nick and the bench. Then they showed how Dallas offense was on fire, I think it was a knock on lin ,because the showed JJ berara, and monty ellis hitting shots and think lin might have been guarding them at one time

  363. They might just release him, because he and ellington don’t have a guaranteed salary

  364. adjust in-game by not letting failed plans rule the day. It seems he let’s them play through minutes where the score is out of range, and that gives Kobe more fuel to be crazy with ISO. If they stay within 7, team unified comebacks are possible. At least a TO.

  365. ellington he has been great when he has played.

  366. But you know what? Price did a post game interview to talk about D last night?! I just check Baxter Holmes & Mike Bresnahan’s articles no mention one word about Lin from Last night’s game?! Even MM’s tweet didn’t say one word on Lin. Just like TWC?! Only Mike Trudell did?! So weird? Just like Lin didn’t play for the game vs Mav?!

  367. Yep. That’s why Lin and Davis work so well, because Davis DOES roll to the rim and scores on a lot of high percentage shots.

  368. Ya! They did it on purpose even they didn’t say the name… Price did so poorly on JJ Berara all night… So Scott did this to show FO how poor Lin’s D will hurt the team?! Why no news on these tried out PGs?

  369. glad I missed it. Some kine of agenda going on. Lin will crush it. Through a minefield, he’s a tank. Through an opening, he’s a gazelle.

  370. Look at this makes me feel happy…


  371. I think the problem is TWC wants to play Kobe ball. Kobe ball requires a selfless Strong athletic PG who defends the other teams PG and best guards thanklessly like an offensive lineman. Lin doesn’t do the best job of that all the time and his reputation for defense is falsely bad.

    We want a Lin led offense where Lin has all the parts catered around him including the offense.

    If we think like that, we can see why they are frustrated with Lin being there. Lin is to them what a bad Kobe who chucks is to us.

  372. there seems to be no team for Lin in the NBA. But I feel his time is coming even if it’s not eventually with the Lakers.

  373. I always thought Lakers will be good for him until Scott’s move on Mon & last night from TWC… so weird. They just didn’t want to say how good Lin played last night that made me thing something was not right.. but Lin did start after all for last night’s game?!

  374. But Price did bad on D too?!

  375. It may well be repercussions from lin and Boozer calling out KOBE a few games ago. The team was close to mutiny and Scott could not put out the fire. This could be a power struggle of office politics to shut out Lin and Boozer and put Scott back into control.

    Scott is walking on thin ice if he thinks controlling the media through TWC would make lin stop being a voice of conscience for team play in LA. Lin knows he is on a one year contract that he utimately controls. Scott’s job is dependent on winning. He needs lin to win. So blacking out Lin is Scott’s only way to put his thumb down on Lin. The biggest problem for this tack is that fans are building a consensus on Lin. The real pulse of Lin’s long term stay in LA will be determined by fan sites. The FO will never diss the fansites in favor of Scott or TWC. The fans generate their revenue, not Scott or TWC. If the sites turn ugly, then we will know that lin will be gone by Feb before Lin gets to walk away.

    The sauce thickens

  376. Lin is in Tiger Tank mode when there is a minefield. You are right, those who set mines for him know only one thing … resistance is futile.

    Question. what do you mean by the last if then ? seems inconsistent with your buildup, but I might be reading wrong.

  377. wow Lin did get blocked on the layup called goal tend but I dont care. He got jacked on the offensive foul. And one could argue ball over cylinder.

  378. time will tell.

  379. controls the ball less on offense Price does.

  380. Rose: One basketball question. Iโ€™m doing a profile of Jeremy Lin. What do you think of Jeremy Lin?

    Cuban: The Mavs were the first team to sign him as a free agent, and we loved him. Heโ€™s a kid that was fearless. He was obviously smart having got into Harvard. He was a lot more athletic than people expected. We really looked at him as a potential as another Steve Nash. We wanted to sign for summer league, wanted to sign him to a contract for the Mavs, but he wanted to go play close to home and he grew up in the Bay Area so he went to sign with the Golden State Warriors and the rest is history.

    Rose: Can he be another Steve Nash?

    Cuban: Yeah, he absolutely can. Heโ€™s that good. Heโ€™s got that type of talent. But, part of what made Steve Nash great, when Nash went from the Mavericks to the Suns and became MVP, it was a system that he just excelled at. So, Jeremy has got to play in the right environment with the right players and he can be a star.

    If lakers supports lin fully to be a all star player, I hope lin stay in LA. If they dont, I hope lin gets trade to Mavs.

  381. I think Scott wanted to build a Chicago Bull like team where they stink offensively and are boring to watch if not painful but play HARD defense and every game is close and Scott leaves the final 2 minutes for Kobe to make or break games.

    But the problem is Scott is not as good as Thibs and his parts are not as well fitting as Thibs parts.

    THe defense is a mess and so is the offense. Rather than fix the offense, Scott only wants to focus on trying to change the defense and Lin is blamed for his role in bad defense and hogging the ball too much on offense as TWC insinuates.

  382. We worry too much about lin’s future in the league. I Don’t. He doesn’t need the money or fame. He lives for a higher purpose. Playing the game is his passion. Someone will take him off bench somewhere just for his gaudy numbers 48/43/90 at a discount. With injuries being a constant in the pros, Lin will have another perfect storm somewhere. What really matters to lin is that he lays the game the right way.

    It must annoy the people with power so much that they can’t threaten him or silence him. No matter how badly they treat Lin, they have to grudgingly pay tributes to him to save face.

  383. When was this interview? A while ago during Linsanity?

  384. If lakers control what twc says, I doubt they review what is going to be said and approve it before airing so we will have to see what happens after other games. They also look like fools when they ride on young and kobe and have been hyping up them as a backcourt the past two games and they play the way they did yesterday.

  385. If Gel Mekel was brought in and Price released, it really will be INTERESTING and the plot WILL THICKEN for real. Scott will be left with Lin or Lin lite (Mekel).

    Maybe Scott will start playing Kobe Young/Ellington backcourt more haha.

  386. 10/25/2012

  387. you insult me all the same. you have got to be joking.

  388. yet you just insulted me. Go figure.

  389. Yeah, I thought so. But after two ho-hum years with Houston, I’m wondering if Cuban still feel the same. Lin would be a perfect fit on the Mavs right now.

  390. not sure but phil seemed to win i agree

  391. I think he feels the same. I think he knows Lin was marginalized by Morey and Mchale.

  392. Lin was definitely in attack mode against Dallas. Here is the concern for me:

    Jameer Nelson is a horrible defender. He’s easy for LIn to attack.

    I saw Dirk Nowitzski as the hedger on Pick and Roll. Of course Lin will go off on Dirk!

    My point is Lin played great and was truly in attack mode, but I need to see him do this against Beverly and the supposedly “great defensive” teams.

    Torching Jameer and Dirk is something Lin should be able to do with his eyes closed.

    When Lin can play like this against some elite long athletes and defensive teams, I will be way more comforted.

    Still the attack mindset was progress.

  393. Lin beating Lakers scoring 38 on them seemed to have some influence on them signing him. Perhaps Lin’s play against the Mavericks this game and last year when he lead a Harden-less Rockets to win against the Mavericks on a B2B after beating SAS will be remembered too.

  394. Cuban even commented on jerseygate saying they wouldn’t do that.

  395. Lin and Dirk or Lin and Tyson PNR will be really good.

  396. He seemed good with rocket assistants too. Laughing and joking around at halftime.

  397. Darn…you are so demanding. ๐Ÿ˜›

  398. The Carlisle’s system is very similar to MDA. PNRs and PNPs, sharing the ball, fast pace. With Parsons, Chandler running the floor, Lin would be a beast. We can only dream.

  399. Tyson telling Lin come to Mav? LOL

  400. I think what Cuban said still applies today:

    But, part of what made Steve Nash great, when Nash went from the Mavericks to the Suns and became MVP, it was a system that he just excelled at. So, Jeremy has got to play in the right environment with the right players and he can be a star.

    Cuban is very smart to find the secret of success. Jeremy needs to find in the right environment (system) with the right players next year. LA with Kobe was not the right system for Nash so Jeremy might need to find a different system next year. Kobe is still way too dominant to let Jeremy’s full potential to unleashed.


    [video starts at 3:28]

  401. Are you the same Alaingravis? Because you write differently from before. Maybe because you wrote it on phone or what. Some of your posts, just hard to read through. And, Alain, you are part of it too. I seen you done the same too. So, really, if any responsibility to be taken both need to take responsibilities. Let’s erase all these and start over again, the way each want it. Disagree to agree without putting each other down. That’s really not hard to do. You both are not mean people. lol.

  402. Cuban would definitely have personal satisfaction knocking Morey system out of the playoff!

  403. Hm, DAL LAL and GSW, not sure which other team made an offer?

  404. Carlisle would be the 2nd best coach after MDA I think to utilize Lin to the fullest.

  405. Example of where I believe you miss the game in the ‘needs’ you express from Lin:

    Go to NBA stats, 2nd TO:

    Lin beat Bev at-will. Dmo got in front of him to impede. Did Dmo foul? I’d say so. Did Lin mess up by not releasing to Kobe? Yes.

    These are the things I respectfully request to see you call out before I believe you’ve thought it through. But hey, don’t worry about my ask. I’m just asking so you and Alain don’t keep fighting. You and he both post some good ones, I’d love to see more.

    Go here to see the pictures that show what I mean:

  406. by the Assist coach tackle hug on the fan cam, I’d say Lin/Mav will be talking. I know GSW and Lin talked before GSW got impatient and picked up LS. How’d that work out for GSW … see box scores. Doesn’t matter anyway, given how good GSW is without Lin. Their depth with bigs and PF is in need. Speights I love, but he’s not the guy in tough campaign. So, LAL is fine. Just gotta make it work for Lin past this year’s testing stage.

  407. You cannot keep a good man down in a civil world.
    Lin breaks an ankle as a 17 yr old, learns and fails forward to Linsanity.
    Kobe the Lauded since 17 cannot change even with 2 season ending injuries.
    I wonder how much Kobe can really teach Lin.
    “Mentors” like that are outgrown very fast. They are mentors, though. Just static.

  408. see above I believe that covers what you mean. You lazy bro … lol. Actually, I think you give props that people see what you see, which is a good thing most times.

  409. he doesn’t seem to understand everytime lin struggles he was lost in the offense and confused by the defense. kobe and lin played a two man game where they used each other to help the other get shots its unguardable. he is too fast to guard one on one. also he is so good at shooting shot blockers don’t effect him. its all about ready defenses and picking the right offense at this point. he also could get better at 1 on 1.

  410. I agree on ” right environment w right players… ” I thought Lakers will be great for Lin but now w Scott being so bad in coaching plus he thinks Price can start over Lin just made me feel Lakers maybe not be the best place for Lin after all. Bc Scott will stay in Lakers for at least 4 years from now on until they really fired him before that… not good idea.

  411. I think you miss my point too. Lin is NOT LOST. Kobe on that first play was working well with lin, as he did last night. See the vid and the pics to see for yourself.

    Yes, lin beats Bev 1-1 at will. See the separation he got on a simple fake, not even handles. That’s how good Lin is … doesn’t need handles to freeze defenders. Just a hip or ankle fake. It’s there in the pic, and see how low Bev us trying to catch up (at least 5′ in a split second. Dmo had to block to stop it. Refs had to help Dmo).

    No, Lin does not need to get better 1-1. He just need flashier moves and finishes, so people can see his 1-1 game. He doesn’t use it too often, and when he does, people don’t give him the credit. Notice that TO2 sequence. He doesn’t need a turnaround fadeaway after 2 post up moves because in a split second, he’s way by Bev the best defender in the South.

  412. what i meant was he didn’t know where and when to shoot or pass verses the rox. thats because he isn’t used to the system yet. he was also confused by the trap and didn’t know where to go. also hill didn’t know o drive to the open spot and kobe was playing iso which kept him off

  413. I’ll take it given Lin has not given his due in every game we’ve seen.

  414. I don’t think he was confused at all. You can’t take his interview or testimonial rhetoric infer to his on court situation. You have to watch his game in the court. Off court, he is playing very different games and using very different modes.

  415. Lin, Tyson, parson, Greg Smith: there is already built in chemistry if Lin joined the group.

  416. I personally want to see Lin stay for the entire season. But either way, Lin will be fine

  417. Did anybody notice that lin was introduced last in the Dallas game. Usually the star player is introduced last. Also lin was in the middle of the huddle, he must have led a prayer

  418. I am giving @alaingrvis:disqus and @GoodDayLA:disqus time to sort this out by themselves. There will be a point where we need to double team them….LOL

  419. Yes…I am happy to see that. I am not sure if Kobe is happy or not

  420. I am happy too. But who decides the intro order? Lakers or Mav?

  421. Here is a photo from June 10, 1987. The original caption was : Boston: Lakers’ Byron Scott (L) and Celtics’ Kevin McHale grab each other during fight in the third quarter of Game 4 of series at Boston Garden. Lakers won game, 107-106 to take a 3-1
    series lead.

    See : http://www.corbisimages.com/stock-photo/rights-managed/U87211014-24/byron-scott-and-kevin-mchale-fighting-on

  422. Dallas knows who is the best player on the Lakers. Hopefully they know it enough to trade for him by the deadline or pick him up next year in free agency. Tyson and Chandler probably telling FO he’s for real. Maybe by February Lakers will be in full tank mode going for the bottom 5 lottery and looking to clear the books for a free agency run and will trade Lin to the Mavericks.

    I was hoping JLin could be the new face of the Lakers franchise but not in this Byron Scott system. He could have been if it was a D’Antoni system. Too bad, it seemed like destiny for him to come to the Lakers, the media, the TV, the exposure, the connection with Asia. Only way I see that happening now is either
    1) Scott gets fired and whoever takes over can control Kobe,
    2) Kobe has to sit out several games and Linsanity 2.0 breaks out.
    3) Kobe has an epiphany and starts playing team ball.

  423. Kobe didn’t seem to mind he lin the fist bump before he went out there

  424. I created an article to analyze the importance of 50-40-90 Elite Club for Jeremy Lin this season to help him be an NBA star. And also his projected number this season.

    IMO that’s one of the most important things in this final year of his contract so there will be multiple teams who want to build around him as a star.

    Jeremy Lin: The 50-40-90 Quest To Be An NBA Star

  425. Kobe Bryant Airballs From Siberia As The Lakers Lose by 34

    Did TWC even talk about this?

    It shows Kobe Bryant taking and airballing a shot from approximately Siberia, with six seconds left on the shot clock. The thing is, the Lakers offense was actually pretty good last night! As a team they shot 51.8%, and the non-Kobe members shot 60%! They were dragged down by Kobe’s putrid 6-22 performance, yet here he is sending into orbit consciousless moonballs.

    BASavant.com says that since the 2010-11 season there have been 177 shots taken in the NBA from 33 to 35 feet. 22 were successful, for a putrid field goal percentage of 12%. Kobe Bryantโ€”with six seconds left on the shot clockโ€”took a shot that has a historic success rate of 12%, rather than dribbling or passing to one of his teammates, almost all of whom were shooting better, and definitely smarter, than Kobe.

    The Lakers are giving up 119.1 points per 100 possessions, and are by far the worst defense in the league. In fact, if it holds, it’ll be the worst defense in the history of the NBA, 4.4 points per 100 possessions worse than the 2008-09 Sacramento Kings.
    Kobe Bryant’s defense has always been overrated, and it was downright terrible by the end of the 2013 season. A season-robbing achilles injury hasn’t done anything to help matters, and neither has having Carlos freaking Boozer as the last line of defense. Byron’s Scott defensive scheme (whatever they are, it’s honestly so helter-skelter that most of the time I can’t identify what they’re trying to do) haven’t benefitted anyone, either.

  426. Also it was reported on twitter that LA is not making any moves to change roster after the workouts

  427. Oh no, not the back issue again. Last year started out shooting lights out until they started reporting back issues then shooting went down after that.

  428. well, lol, I was more interested in you BBIQ response. I cannot trust your leadership skillz just yet ha ha.

  429. Really? So no more new PG?!

  430. That practice sure it’s boring… no one wants to come… LOL!

  431. Well that’s cause Cuban hates Morey for bragging and taking Dwight away from him. That’s why he got Parsons and it’s paying off quite well. If Lin was FA last season I won’t be surprised if Morey offered him big money as well. My enemy’s enemy is my friend, not to mention Cuban was one of the first to offer Lin a deal before he was well known, granted he’d have to go to D league for development.

  432. That would just be crazy unstoppable except who will be handling the ball or will Ellis and Lin take turns?

  433. Does this mean the back-stabbing has also started with the Lakers (TWC, BS, etc)?

  434. Wait what? Why? Price needed to be waived and they need a another PG!

  435. I think they have all 15 spots occupied at this moment, so they need to release one to add one. I think it might be really risky to release Price and add an new PG, as we are not sure a new PG who do not know the system could perform better than Price who knows the system. So, I think other PG has to be way better than Price in a big margin to adjust move at this moment.

  436. lol

  437. I don’t think Price did that much in the game no matter it’s O or D but since he is Scott’s favor so he can stay then… smh!

  438. If Scott tried to push Price as team D specialist then he will stay in the team no matter what… smh!

  439. How hard is it to be better than a PG who average 2 points and consistently posts 0pts,0rebs,0asts stats!

  440. Could you post the tweet?

  441. LOL! Can’t agree more… this coach sucks & only will make Lakers looks bad for more L games to come.

  442. So who made the decision hiring BS? Jim Buss and Mitch? I guess it all turned out as great as Kobe still doing his things. It ended up with the wrong coach. BS kept emphazing on defense but they kept losing games with blown-out. Who is to blame? Kobe? No, it is on the coach with old school thinking. Talk about toughness and short leash, don’t see one from last game. Why Davis played only 12 minutes? Why Pirce kept getting starter minutes? Why Boozer and Hill (not to mention Kobe) were still on long leash even if they played poorly on defense? Well, at least Hill got some offensive rebounds. 13 games still no rotation change.

    Lakers has 3 years to make this team work but with BS as coach and Kobe being Kobe, 2 years are deemed to waste. And no star will come to LA to play with Kobe. Then how can Lakers turn it around at year 3 when Kobe retire (if he really wants to)?

    A wrong move on coach made this 3 years mid-term plan to get into playoff seemed useless. It is only 13 games into first of 3 seasons, and we fans alerady smell the doom. Lakers FO made the wrong bet on the coach.

    Can Lakers FO stop the bleeding? BS is a sunk cost. Think about mid term and long term. BS is not your choice.

  443. I am out and about i will try to find it later and post it

  444. David Pick
    The Los Angeles Lakers, I’m hearing, aren’t making immediate moves after holding free agent workouts.

  445. Also two RoscoeRoscoe smith and jabari brown seem to be doing well in the D League, those are two at training camp this summer, so they might just use them if they need to. Also the other players probably got a better offers from other teams

  446. Thanks Rick

  447. Kobe’ s tank is out of gas and the odometer has turned over too many times. Only thing left is his selfishessness and Jordan’s scoring record

  448. His problem is not the other team but the opponents on his own team.

  449. Bad news, but there’s some glimmer of hope. The tweet is hearsay, so it’s not completely reliable.

    Even if it is true, the key word is “immediate.” Maybe right now there won’t be any moves, but that doesn’t rule out a move in the near future. The tweet doesn’t conclusively say that the Lakers will NOT sign any of the free agents that they worked out.

    So, there’s still some hope that Ronnie Price will be gone very soon.

  450. The team is probably going go with B.S. for the full year, because they know they just don’t have the personnel.

    But, I wouldn’t be surprised if Byron Scott isn’t fired before his contract is up.

  451. So, weeks on into season BS continues this startergate with JLin. Glad I’m not delusional in thinking of his infatuation with Price.


  453. The drama over the Laker starting PG position and Ronnie Price continues, with the news today that the Lakers are not making any rosters move right now. So, the Lakers are stuck with Ronnie Price. at ;east for the moment.

    The danger of this, of course, is that BS loves Price, and seems itching to be able to start him somehow.

    Is this fear of Price replacing Lin as starter just paranoia left over from what happened with the Rockets and Beverley last year?


    But, there is one big similarity -like with the Rockets, there’s the notion that the Lakers need a defensive oriented point guard in the starting line-up to shore up the defense. So, no matter how well JLin does on offense, his perceived weakness on defense may still justify a demotion for Lin in B. Scott’s mind.

    With all that said, the biggest difference between the Houston situation and the Laker situation is that Jeremy started the season as the starter, and now has 13 games as starter under his belt. At this point, given how JLin has played well overall, Scott would probably get himself into political trouble with Mitch Kupchak, Kobe, and the owners if he were to pull the rug out from Lin now. And the more Lin plays as a starter, the harder it becomes for BS to make a move.

    I hope. Lol.

  454. Don’t worry for now bro. Lin is playing great by the game tape and false narratives aside, you can also bank on every joint play he has with kobe. Kobe expects a high standard and bee would not set screens for someone he does not trust.

  455. Sideways nod to our man thanks for posting it out.

  456. LOL Yep this startergate will continue as long as BS’s infatuation on Price continues and buy in R’s false narrative of JLin’s defense. My view on BS continues way down to the drain and out to the sea.

  457. Yes I was rather surprise when I saw the fancam. JLin even stood up to be readied for the name call but then he had to let Kobe go first when it wasn’t the case. My immediate reaction: What is going on? What does this mean?…. Glad that you brought this up.

  458. Can you also create a thread about Jeremy Lin’s unfair foul calls for us to discuss what we should and can do for these calls? I know wu kong has a site for keeping the foul calls videos and JLinNation has one too. but I hope you can create a thread for discussion purpose. I saw from Twitter that Jackjack has volunteered to make a video about Lin’s unfair foul calls. So I think we should provide more ideas about what we should include in the video and how we should do about fighting back to NBA, e.g. create a petition addressed to Adam Silver or just send e-mail to NBA. Thank you!

  459. The thread can also record all the progress we make.

  460. Scott knows where their defense is weak, wonder why he hasn’t replaced Hill or Boozer with Davis yet. I’d replace Boozer. At least Hill gets the rebounds.


    At 3:25 talking about Hill: “Defensively he still has the inconsistency we’re talking about. You know he’s one of our main culprits, him and Booze you know our two big guys are our two main culprits on that end of the floor and they both know they have to get better.”

  461. He really said that? That Hill and Boozer are the two main culprits on the defensive end??? Wow, surprised to see him call those guys out by name.

  462. I agree. Just can’t shake off that lingering fear in my head, lol. But, I really think that’s what it is – a lingering fear left over from the crap that went on last year in Houston.

  463. Soooo this is where everyone migrated to. Nice to see some familiar names.

  464. Fear is good if you need to act. Then you manage it to the upside. You post such good stuff. Let jer use fear because it’s his move everyday. Oh God, now 20 posts on the fearful jer lol. If I saw him using fear, I’d respect that move. I don’t, for the record. Happy day.

  465. No Lin? On TWC Mon program… they called out Lin’s name…

  466. A quiet exodus.

  467. Good point about fear and it’s relationship to action. I agree, JLin could but doesn’t use fear to motivate himself.

    He uses faith.

  468. I just thought Lin being in LA with Bryant was bad enough, plus he’s playing with team mates where he seems to have no chemistry with at all, expect for Davis. I had a feeling all this was going to happen from the very beginning.

  469. Lin is by the side shooting free throws. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  470. You saw it? I thought he didn’t do practice today?

  471. Saw it too. He’s there. Maybe he just didn’t scrimmage or something.

  472. Thanks. Just didn’t want to see Scott…

  473. Faith = upside, and people by into faith.

  474. Hi

  475. Glad you found Jlinportal , Je Ballew. Always love to read what you have to say.

  476. The feeling is mutual, welcome to the Sanctuary . ๐Ÿ™‚

  477. Welcome! Feel free to look around. Please read website rules http://www.jlinportal.com/website-rules-must-read/

  478. Learned a week or so ago, @Je Ballew:disqus is one of the firsts who signed up here even before I did:-)

  479. Great idea! We can create a Table of Content to record Lin’s blatantly unfair foul calls and make it a Sticky Post.

  480. Hi, welcome!

  481. welcome, @deesee5:disqus! :>

    make yourself comfortable as you say hi to old friends

  482. Just saw Jeremy’s FB post wishing Manny Pacquiao luck. Tried his hand in Filipino. Our boy is cute. Dorky. But cute. Not sure how to link it but it’s in Jeremy’s (Chinese?) FB.

  483. HI

  484. The entire sport of boxing depends on this match. If Pacquiao wins…Mayweather could possibly be next…which is what boxing needs….. And if he loses.. Mayweather will be known as the greatest undefeated ducker of all time. LEGGO PACMAN

  485. Probably just noise to scare Scott into playing more Lin.

  486. Can’t access to JLin’s Chinese FB anymore except Taiwan I believe.

  487. what’s the link to JLin’s chinese FB?

  488. When price is starter The defense and offense would look a lot worse. After getting blown out in first quarters repeatedly, what do you do? You can’t go back, that weakens your standing as a coach. You lose more games until price body breaks down. Lin is a starter again and appreciated. Then games are won. After games are won Lin stays as starter. But so much time was wasted.

  489. Kobe has not practiced in years. Scott has no control on this team

  490. This is an official warning from the mods. Diverse opinions are welcome here, as long as they are respectful towards others. You can disagree with someone’s opinions, but please do not make personal attacks. Subsequent personal attacks will be deleted.

  491. This is an official warning from the mods. Diverse opinions are welcome here, as long as they are respectful towards others. You can disagree with someone’s opinions, but please do not make personal attacks. We are not taking sides, all subsequent personal attacks will be deleted.

  492. This is an official warning from the mods. Diverse opinions are welcome here, as long as they are respectful towards others. You can disagree with someone’s opinions, but please do not make personal attacks towards others. We are not taking sides, all subsequent personal attacks will be deleted.

  493. Yes I I know but against houstn, Lin was struggling. Funny thing is he had his way against Dallas but team was blown out

  494. Did sign up with his Chinese FB for couple of years. Then either JLin or his team did something during preseason and since then my understanding that Chinese FB is only accessible to fans in Taiwan. Guess he or the team did restrict the account. Don’t understand why. Use to be: ๆž—ๆ›ธ่ฑช. Probably fans from Taiwan posters here can provide you the link. I can’t access it anymore.

  495. LETS GO MAVS AND PACQUIAO! Ok I’m done.

  496. I’m not in Taiwan and I can still access so not sure what’s going on. I liked his page and still get the posts on my timeline.

  497. No. I don’t think so. The Chinese one used to be similar like this except it’s in Chinese: https://www.facebook.com/jeremylin7 Sometimes JLin posted same thing but at times only English or Chinese depending on the content of what it’s.

  498. Can you post the link then?

  499. Mayweather is too chicken to fight Pacman. I’m afraid we will never see that fight. ๐Ÿ™

  500. Parson: My turn…

  501. This one?

  502. If someone attacks you how do you report? Just flag?

  503. Yes, just click Flag as Inappropriate. Let the mods take care of it.

  504. offensive foul on parson..on LIn

  505. lol

  506. In my own life, mentorship was always more like a “Kill the teacher” dynamic because mentors usually aren’t willing to hand over props.

  507. Yup that one! Thanks.

  508. Floyd The greatest ducker of all time..


  509. u r welcomed

  510. Last year it was back spasms, which is much worse. Sore back will give him tightness but hopefully with some rest it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Maybe that was why he was doing those stretches we saw on the fan cam.

  511. @JAD2456, would you want to help as a Contributor to maintain this thread?
    If yes, I can help you get started because my time is a bit stretched with the administration of the site. You just need to register and I will help you create the thread then you can add content/document new unfair fouls

  512. I am able to access his facebook account, but unable to view some of his status.

  513. The ever proactive wu kong started a thread some time ago!


    I think JLinNation also started a thread about this as well.

  514. It’s the same one I have but I’m no longer to be able to see any of those vid clips.

  515. What a joke! Can’t resist for not posting this.

  516. Tyson: That’s for JLin..

  517. wow..

  518. noClass chicken liver…hides behind Canaan. smh

  519. i hope he is alright. did he hurt himself due to taking charges?

  520. lol

  521. If the Lakers stick with an ineffective Price (3.6p/4.1a with poor shooting 26%FG, 17%3FG), I really doubt the Lakers is serious about strengthening their weak bench to win many games.

    Even with Nick Young, the bench is having problems trying outscore the other bench. Without reliable bench, teams simply won’t win many games in a grueling 82-game season.

    So if I were Jeremy, I’m preparing myself of the possibility that the Lakers go to the tanking route despite Mitch’s denial and selling tickets mode with Kobe/JLin as the main feature. That means his strategic goal is to continue to stay healthy and have great numbers (shooting efficiency, AST/TO ratio, good Pts/Ast ratio) for a PG to impress multiple teams for the next contract. I wouldn’t advocate Jeremy to be selfish but continue his great job to play team-ball but fully considering the possibility that the organization might not be interested to win so much this year.

    Perhaps the Lakers goal is to send Kobe/JLin to the All-Stars despite a losing season but JLin is too stubborn to pad his numbers but wants to win so much by involving his teammates to play teamball ๐Ÿ˜€

    Maybe Mitch and Byron are scratching their head to come up with the ideas to tell JLin to be more selfish and tank this season ๐Ÿ™‚
    I don’t know if LAL is tanking this season but retaining Price would certainly cast a doubt over Mitch Kupchak’s recent denial.
    The LAL bench is weak but they’re not making any moves?

    The tanking plot is thickening as @awarde:disqus would say :>

  522. Lots of contact in this Dal/Hou game… looks like Hou will take this one

  523. Raptors are for real. Up 91-75 against LBJ and love and Caveliers. Lew Williams off bench killin it 25 first half and Casey going with the hot hand unlike other coaches we know.

  524. Also, Tim MacMahon (ESPN, Dallas) reported that James Harden was asked how Trevor Ariza had “changed the dynamic” in Houston and said : โ€œHis leadership, his defensive abilities, his shot-making — all three of those things are something that we were lacking last year.โ€ In contrast, Harden was complimentary about Jeremy in recent remarks, saying : “I give him credit, whatever team heโ€™s on, heโ€™s focused on playing his role to the best of his abilities. Thereโ€™s no difference this year.โ€ So, it appears Jeremy left Houston on better terms.

    See : http://espn.go.com/blog/dallas/mavericks/post/_/id/4703775/are-rockets-better-with-ariza-or-parsons
    See : http://blog.chron.com/ultimaterockets/2014/11/harden-jeremy-lin-handles-criticism-like-a-warrior/#28601101=0

  525. Take that back apparently just did have Parsons tribute in the 3rd Qtr

  526. They only do this to Lin because they still need money from China market! PR move nothing else.
    Guess M&M won’t forgive their beloved son. lol

  527. And Lakers will meet the Raptors in 4 games.
    Nuggets, Grizzlies, Timberwolves, then Raptors.
    The best chance to win might just be Wolves then Nuggets *sigh*

  528. Knicks turn to beat up on the 76ers

  529. They almost beat Grizzlies on their court last time around so maybe they’ll get a win at home? I wonder if Kobe ballhogs more at home than on the road.

  530. i think if kobe challenged lin to put up numbers to make the ALLstar game, he would do it. Kobe probably told lin I will teach you how to be a champion and that is what lin wants.

  531. Somebody said he was shooting 3’s in the background on Scott’s video today, so i think he will be game ready tomorrow.

  532. There was noone who guessed 18p/5a in the DAL poll but the closest numbers would be 15/6.

    So there are 4 people with bragging rights:

    1. CJSHYY
    2. BWS
    3. TTNN
    4. winner

  533. LOL! I didn’t expect them to be more mad at Parsons.

  534. I’m concerned with every loss and bad performance, Kobe would hog the ball more to stop the ongoing crime

  535. hm, maybe we don’t need to do so?
    Personally, I don’t think the ref calls go back and forth. I just saw Duncan got a foul in crunch time but barely touching his guy.
    But superstars do get more calls.

  536. Comments from Lakernation fans on Mavs loss:

    DIK โ€ข 5 minutes ago

    Houston is winning against the Mavs without Howard and Jones.

    I blame the loss on the coach and Kobe. Coach is not teaching ball movement and open 3. Offense is a part of defense. This ISO plays are wasted engergy. All the top teams move the ball and rarely ISO. Move Boozer to the bench and make Davis a starter.

    Byron always has had the worst record for defense. The coach is just a Kobe puppet.

  537. Boos as the Rockets play their Chandler Parsons tribute video.— Jonathan Feigen (@Jonathan_Feigen) November 23, 2014

  538. Dallas is about to take the lead with 3 FTs coming up. Go Mavs!

  539. Come on Mavs….Go Mavs>>

  540. lil bro went for 20pts 5 asts tonite off the bench. Stats line similar to his big bro.

  541. Here are Blaiyan’s highlights for the Lakers – Rockets game. They just got uploaded :

  542. Enjoy Dallas winning but hate having to listen to Worrell, Bullard and Clyde

  543. Parsons about to get kicked out of the game!

  544. Mute them ๐Ÿ™‚

  545. Darn ๐Ÿ™

  546. Chandler Parsons hard foul on d-mo. Bad blood between ex-teammates?

  547. He grabbed him on the shoulders not head. Besides Jeremy has gotten worse and not even get a foul call. D Jordan comes to mind.

  548. Bev is out of the game bc of the re-occurring hamstring injury.

  549. Carlisle rolls with Barea closing out the game instead of Nelson. Dallas up by 5 with just over a minute left. Rox has 26 points in 2nd half!

  550. Who ever thought P.Bev would turn into a 3point shooter. He’s averaging similar pts to Lin but obviously lacks the playmaking.

  551. Lin’s offensive foul made the front page of Reddit NBA channel (over 1300 upvotes). Comments were unanimous that that was not an offensive foul because it was part of his normal shooting motion, not an intentional kickout to draw a foul or gain separation. Should have been a non-call, bucket counts.


  552. Dang you Harden

  553. Jason Terry made a 3 after the whistle, Clyde: “That’s alright, confident booster”- LOL

  554. he has played few games hurt a lot and again today

  555. also he is playing in the same offense

  556. close game, rox up by 1, mavs w/the ball, 28 secs to go…

  557. As I predicted, Parsons got booed. This shows that the applause Lin received was not just token applause.

  558. This was lin’s buddy during training camp. He calls him “Scoe”.

  559. DEN PreGame Thread+Poll is open!
    Let’s go hunt some golden Nuggets, JLin!


  560. mavs down by 3 with 21 secs to go.

  561. Rockets so lucky…

  562. Oh well….get them next time.

  563. Those last two “fouls” on Harden so bogus. Harden stumbling to basket throws his arms into defender standing next to him and gets foul. Then the other one when Parson stops his drive to the hoop, Harden lowers his shoulder into Parsons’ chest and draws blocking foul, smh.

  564. How is the video? Like Lin?

  565. I sometimes have weird thoughts. Is that possible Byron Scott uses Ronnie Price to threaten or bargain with Mitch Kupchak? If you don’t give me the players I wanted, I am going show the whole world we are tanking!

    I really think Lin learned a lot more circus drama than basketball in NBA. The fun part of Linsanity seems to be buried in the NBA history forever.

  566. Thanks.

  567. Different circumstances though. Lin had no choice in leaving, but Chandler did and bolted. Plus he was home grown. Hence the boos.

  568. Do they have a defensive specialist playing in front of him too?

  569. Different circumstances though. Lin had no choice in leaving, but Parsons did and bolted. Plus he was home grown. Hence the boos.

  570. Lol, Kobe is always vigilant.

  571. True, but I think it’s still worth noting, especially the ones that normally would be flagrant for others but for some reason not for Lin. I don’t know, I feel Lin always gets bad calls that affect the momentum of a scoring run.

  572. “Scoe” seems passionate about the game. Wouldn’t mind if Lakers gave him another shot

  573. junkyard-dog doing his mugging routine at the end

  574. Thank you to the @HoustonRockets for the classy video tribute. And thank you to the fans who cheered. Miss all of you. Much love always.— Chandler Parsons (@ChandlerParsons) November 23, 2014

  575. Since when they change the players jersey from short pant to long pant? And tie pant to loose pant? Why? I say they are more stylish in the old times. If they change back to this style again I will try to go to games as more as possible! Hahahaha

  576. true, I can start on that thread but would need contributors’ help to maintain it due to administration tasks.

    Yeah, that DeAndre Jordan call was the biggest momentum killer. It should have been a big win against the Clippers!

  577. I guess they wanted to boo him for 1st half then since at that time Rox won big so gave him the tribute in 3Q… I don’t think Harden likes CP at all.. did not see them hug or talk to each other.

  578. Harden should not do that… Tyson just tried to help him up… no big deal… smh!

  579. you didn’t find one with the capacity to love.

  580. I coulda sworn that I had voted for 18/8.

  581. yes, there were a few. I had to count asts as 2pts to get to the closest sum to 18/5 :]
    Tough decision as the judge, haha..

  582. WOW “bragging rights” clap clap

  583. Yeah, thats what I’m worried as well, all the 4 on the floor, need to step-up and show Kobe that they can do it, and trust them

  584. Holy cow, dorky! …but cute ๐Ÿ˜€

  585. Maybe they don’t consider just standing and shooting practice. I mean it’s not like he was seen running around or anything.

  586. Fouls or Not Lin did not deliver much against Houston. I guess playing decoy in that game was enough though.

  587. I don’t think you see the same game as I do.

  588. Ok, I’d like to help but I’m not familiar at managing a website. You need to let me know what I should do. When you said “add content/document new unfair fouls”, do you mean putting the new contents above the top of the thread? I already registered as a member. Do I need to register again? ๐Ÿ™‚

  589. yes, there is a Sticky Post on how to do that.
    I’ll send the step-by-step instruction tomorrow :>

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