G13 LAL @ DAL Game Thread

After a quiet game vs HOU when a tired Lin had the honor of being the focal point of defense with multiple traps and swarming double-team, how would Lin respond in this game with 1 day rest? After 0pt GSW game, Lin produced a double-double (15pts/10asts) in ATL when they didn’t focus their defense on him. Tonight will be tougher because Rick Carlisle (DAL coach) noticed how well Kobe and Lin has grown in chemistry so it’s safe to say Lin is in DAL game-plan.

It’s great to see the Lakers played as a team with good defensive plans for 2 games which persuaded Kobe to not put on his superhero cape too soon to “fight crime”. 2 Good Defensive games resulted in 2 Wins!

I expect Lin has his legs back and sharp decision-making thus having his main weapon to drive the rim. Let’s hope Lin repeat history to follow a bad game with a great game! I’m interested to see if the Lakers have the the time to discuss how to run plays for Lin or Kobe/Lin to play off each other. The Lakers focused well on defense which helped them to get 2 wins in ATL and HOU.

DAL is #1 in the league in PointsPerGame and #5 in assists so defense is definitely the key to the game to slow down DAL to steal another win!

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Let’s go, JLin!
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  1. GO JLIN!

  2. go jlin

  3. Seems like LA is really a better place

  4. I just realized now that Lin is actually having a game in Dallas. LOL

  5. too late to buy a ticket now :]

  6. ok, with Devin Harris out injured and Felton being suspended, who’s going to guard Lin?

    Out: Steve Nash (back), Julius Randle (leg), Wayne Ellington (personal), Ryan Kelly (Hamstring)

    Out: Devin Harris (leg), Ray Felton (suspension)
    Probable: Dirk Nowitzki (ankle)

  7. joke or real talk?

  8. Kobe will guard lin.

  9. Go JLin! Bring the 4th win for LAL and stuff your stats with 15/8/4/3. Hope for fair refs in this game. 🙂

  10. I dont really care about Lin’s stats anymore. He’s not going to shine too bright in LA because LA = Kobe. I just want Lin to play consistent and put up some positive contributions each and every game. I do not want 30 points one night, then 2 points the next. 10 assists one night then 1 assist with 4 TO.

    Lin’s up and down is my greatest concern. He is unreliable right now and that is what is most important for him to fix.

    I dont care if he averages 6 and 6. But at least average 6 and 6!

    Oh and I want the Lakers to win a lot!

  11. these old jokes which would of said harden last year or melo before that is boring be more original please

  12. What about Jameer Nelson and JJ Barea?

  13. you are unoriginal at times but I leave you alone.

  14. what about the refs?

  15. how about “Only Houston Lin can guard NY Lin?”

  16. I can. it shows around 80! WTH….Lakers is really doing well financially. Pelicans game only cost 16 for the same seat here I believe. But I will not pay NBA any money anyway. Just saying.

  17. IDK, never been in LA. But I can guarantee that HOU traffic is crazy.

  18. what was Ramon Sessions PPG next to Kobe? Like 12PPG? or 14PPG? Lin should be able to at least average what Ramon did.

  19. Aren’t the PG’s left JJ Barea and Jameer Nelson? Is Kobe going to guard Monta Ellis?

  20. The guard matchups favor Lin. Unless they put SF defensive guy on Lin.

  21. lin is struggling because of himself and what he has to do

  22. Oh I see. LA traffic is horrible but it must move better than Houston’s apparently.

  23. sure right now because idk he spent 2 year in houston if he had the same time with this offense i doubt it

  24. if that is the case, Lin basically sucks then.

  25. huh? LA traffic is one of the worst in the US

  26. if thats what yu believe then go ahead

  27. Honestly, I would be very happy for Lin if he averaged 33 minutes a game, with 5 ppg and 3 assist per game and made the NBA Western finals.

    I would be ok with it. Would you?

  28. no that’s what you are saying. Not me.

  29. Sure…why not?

  30. I think stock-traders will disagree with you :] They can only make money with fluctuations.

    NBA scouts craves ‘potentials’!
    I’d rather Lin score 21/7, 0/3, 15/10 , 3/2 as long as Lakers keep winning because of his major contribution!
    Even if the stats don’t necessarily reflect that.

  31. that type of volatility would honestly mean Lin is a bad player. No good players have that much up and down in history. So I hope that is not the case.

  32. yes, watching big-screen TV with sweatpants at home is tough too beat :>

  33. I thought so too. I need ppl who has went to both places to confirm. Just out of curiosity.

  34. I don’t know, I feel many Lin fans would not be ok with 5 and 3 and a lot of team success for Lin playing big minutes. I am ok with that now.

  35. I have noticed in the games where Lin really stinks badly, his team is usually always in those games and never blown out.

  36. that’s true. Maybe Lin will guard Monta then.
    Lin should torch Nelson

  37. It is clear that some contributions can not be measured. If somehow you can stay on the floor that many minutes and your team can go all the way to the final….I would say you have some king of good impact, a big one….

  38. yeah, I hope Lin will attack Nelson from the get-go!

  39. lol so the idea lin is struggling like idk lebron in a new team getting the whole offense and btw he is a pg. your bball iq has to be low. he is basically the qb of the team. needing to know the offense and t=defense while telling other people what play to run. it difficult so this cry baby mentality where its kobe fault or lin suck is a false choice. its so simplistic and doesnt fully grasp the job lin has to do.

  40. Ok so some fans want to blame kobe or say if its not kobe lin sucks. The idea lin is struggling like idk lebron in a new team getting
    the whole offense and btw he is a pg. he is
    basically the qb of the team. needing to know the offense and defense
    while telling other people where to be its quite difficult. so this cry
    baby mentality where its kobe fault or lin suck is a false choice. its
    so simplistic and doesnt fully grasp the job lin has to do.

  41. Ok so some fans want to blame kobe or say if its not kobe lin sucks. The idea lin is struggling like idk lebron in a new team getting
    the whole offense and btw he is a pg. he is
    basically the qb of the team. needing to know the offense and defense
    while telling other people where to be its quite difficult. so this cry
    baby mentality where its kobe fault or lin suck is a false choice. its
    so simplistic and doesnt fully grasp the job lin has to do.

  42. So how many shots did he take per game? Like under 10?

  43. So how many shots did he take per game? Like under 10?

  44. Drove thru many cities in May 2013. I would say Houston was worse. GPS really had hard time to cope with Houston changed traffic, kept on bringing to toll roads and around the places. LA is more predictable and manageable to me.

  45. test

  46. wow

  47. wow, didn’t think that was possible to have worse traffic than LA

  48. I’d only be okay with it because it would mean he’s playing incredible, all-time great, future HOF defense 😛

    But realistically no PG playing that many minutes and averaging so little will be on a team that makes it to the Western Finals. Gotta do a lot more than that especially from a PG.

  49. ok, Disqus is back on-line. That was a 7-min maintenance 😀
    Quite impressive!

  50. don’t forget drinks and munchies…

  51. I get a maintenance message when I try to post a comment with a video link included : “The API is currently undergoing maintenance, and your changes were saved, but will not be visible yet.”

  52. looks like disqus is having some issues with duplicate posts, I deleted some duplicates

  53. Shootaround with Lin.


  54. I thought some trolls in the house

  55. this is going to get really annoying

  56. wow it froze on us with no hey we will be offline . curtesy anyone

  57. exactly

  58. not sure

  59. True, Rome is not built in 1 day.

    Especially if the workers are injured or fighting crimes all the time :]

  60. You always show up at the right time just when we need you!

  61. in Lin and Lebron’s situation, the problems are ego and personnel. Has little to do with what you are saying. Playing basketball is the easy part.

  62. yeah, those Disqus people don’t like to discuss things first :>

  63. That is true. I was going to say, the assists would probably higher for the other two factors to work, or fantastic D, in blocks, steals, and no turnovers for him to be out on the floor that long.

  64. they might finish maintenance by 18:00 PST so there might be glitches until then

  65. Sessions had 9.2 FGA/g, 12.7 pts, 6.2 ast. But that team had 2 bigs in Bynum and Pau who could draw the defense. Between them and Kobe, Sessions was probably open most of the time. Which is evidenced by his 49% 3pt with the Lakers. Way higher than his career avg of 31% 3pt.

  66. yes, let’s expect glitches until 18:00 PST when they finish maintenance

  67. lol they need competition thats the only way corporations respect people

  68. we might break 2000 posts this game LOL

  69. Whoa, this comment posted 4 times

  70. I know it was so crazy. Took me about 2.5 hrs to get to the restaurant to meet my brother & sis in-law (from Canada) and childhood friend and his wife for dinner. According to GPS, it was supposed to be about 1 hr drive. GPS got me to toll roads several times but was getting farther away from destination. So frustrating.

    After dinner, it was even more ridiculous. Supposed only to be 2 exits from restaurant to motel (5 minutes drive). Somehow, it kept on bringing us to tolls which couldn’t get to the road to the motel. Took us almost an hour after we abandoned both GPS instructions and got there by ourselves. We were so glad to leave Houston the next day:-) So, I would say Houston was the worst driving experience in my whole 25 days trip.

  71. Looks like Roscoe Smith might be back soon after posting impressive results in the D-League.
    18pts/16reb ? Wow!
    I like Roscoe in the last preseason game.


  72. Believe it. The road system there was ridiculous. Experienced both last May and early March.

  73. LOL.. You may create the 2nd half thread if that’s the case :>

  74. HE gives efforts at least he did in preseason. Well. Price gave effort in preseason too…M..

  75. It must be the shoes!

  76. not costing arms & legs :]

  77. @psalm234:disqus Seem like the tip off time for the game on the side bar is 1 hr off. It was so misleading in last game that I missed the first 10-15 minutes of game as a result:-)

  78. if it’s a long-term yes. Let’s hope it’s a short-term adjustment

  79. My arms and legs definitely would sold for less…sadly

  80. Jeremy: Ok, listen up. I had dinner with Parsons last night. You’ll never guess what he said.

    Kobe: What?

  81. my game prediction:

    If the Mavs are smart, they will use the same strategy as other teams. Double/trap Lin and take him out of the flow. Let Kobe jack up shots with low efficiency (25+ pts, < 40% fg). Lakers have not shown much ability to counter this. I predict Dirk to go off for 25+ pts. Who's going to stop him? Hill, Boozer?

    Given single defender, Lin would have been able to outplay Jameer Nelson, but if Mavs double Lin, then I think it's another 8 pt, 3 ast, 4 fga night. Mavs win by 8, 107-99.

    super optimistic prediction: Just like the Rockets, they beat up on poor teams and are overrated. Trapping Lin will give his teammates easy looks. Lakers win 102-100.

  82. good analysis

  83. wait, you mean it’s too early or to late?
    Isn’t it 27 min more min at 17:30 PST (20:30 ET)?

  84. I added it in the post. Thanks!

  85. Disqus issues today.

  86. Kobe is hard to guard 1 on 1 when he is on. We’ll see if Lin can give Kobe enough 1 on 1 to keep the defense honest all the way around.

    If I were playing right now, I’d just double KObe and bet on him not passing and icing out the team rather than focus on Lin to allow Kobe to go 1 on 1.

  87. Jeremy: Anybody else guess?

  88. We should put the game time (PT) in plain text at the top of every pregame and game threads. That way it will be a fixed reference that people can see even if not using the countdown.

  89. Mavs favored to win by 11.5 points. I think Lakers have a chance of beating the spread. They are probably going to lose, though.

    JLin will have a bounce back game. Realistic prediction – 13 points, 6 assists, 1 for 3 from three.

    Wishful thinking prediction – 21 points, 8 assists, 3 for 5 from three.

    If JLin has a good game, Lakers will still lose, but the game will be relatively close.

  90. Actually, might as well put the day and date too, since people might get confused by the wordpress post date. So for example, the first line of the body would be:

    Fri Nov 21, 2014 5:30pm PT

  91. As for the score, it’ll be a high scoring game, with Dallas winning 117-ish to 106-ish.

  92. well, I expect teams to double both Kobe and Lin–not at the same time of course, but whoever has the ball. So as soon as Lin brings the ball up, they trap Lin. If Lin passes to Kobe, then the defense immediately rotates to double Kobe, who is likely to shoot through the double team rather than pass it back out.

  93. Gerald Green Phx hot tonight. I like to think good omen for Lin because Green has been hot and cold so Let’s go Jer.

  94. nah, I’m afraid Disqus will create duplicate threads LOL

  95. So, what did Parsons say?

  96. Link or stream?

  97. The count down – it says 1 hr 25 minutes til game time. I believe the game will start in 1 min.

  98. Jeremy: Ha. Roberlin. Parsons told me they are going to try to trap me and keep me out of the paint. And Dirk said just try to pull a 3 over me. BTW, roberlin, I like your posts in my fan site.

  99. Look on top

  100. Follow him Lakers, he knows how to get rings.

  101. Oh no, where is R Horry? D Miller replaces him tonight.

  102. Carlisle giving a shout out to Jeremy. “we gotta do a good job on Jeremy”

    I want to hate you but I can’t…

  103. Carlisle pregame interview just said, “Jeremy Lin’s having a good year”

  104. What did he say?

  105. Thanks

  106. “He’s off to a rough start but he’s having a good year”

  107. Thank you.

  108. Which shows how smart Carlisle is, doesn’t just look at the PPG.

    But now I’m worried that the Mavs will focus on Lin on defense. =(

  109. Mentioned Kobe first, Jeremy Lin second. Then Nick Young. Those three are obviously the guys Carlisle wants to shut down.

  110. I like Nick but Lin is a bigger threat in years.

  111. Are you saying Carlisle knows better than internet Lin bashers who talk as if he’s the worst PG in the world?

  112. Oh by no means. After all, he only has an NBA championship, what does he know? LOL

  113. Gooooo Lin…let’s add another one in the WIN column!!

  114. Didn’t Jeremy get the block?

    Too bad hat shot went in and out. Shoot.

  115. no wide open

  116. 3!!!

  117. For three!! Yes.

  118. screened 3!

  119. Oops, an air ball.

    Lin looking to shoot the ball, 1 for 3 so far.

  120. oh no airball

  121. Hello Australia.

  122. Hmm will Tyson be leaving the Knicks if Jeremy stayed as a Knick?

  123. it’s ok, go again!

  124. If the Knicks weren’t so bad probably. So long as Dolan is the owner they will never win a Championship!

  125. Kobe on the slow-break.

  126. At least he passed the ball.

  127. As expected, Dirk is singlehandly killing all the Lakers bigs.

    Another J basket!

  128. Jlin attacked to the rim 🙂

  129. Jlin in attack mode, great! This game will be a close one. Lakers just need to defend well.

  130. AttackLIN!

  131. Hoews he doing?

  132. Lakers D shaky, but making it up with great offense.

  133. AttackLIN! 3pts, Airball, layup.

  134. Yes what’s with the wide open 3s I hate those! Get some damn hands up in the air already!

  135. we can ignore the airball….lol

  136. Jlin playing off of Nelson trying to make sure he doesn’t get the second foul. Nelson recognizing that, having his way on offense.

  137. Kobe airball too its okay

  138. 5 points on 2 of 4 shooting.

  139. good with the bad

  140. Parsons cold and frozen out in corner. Cool! Dirk having his way with whomever. Nelson getting in and feasting in the interior D. LAL O looks ok.

  141. Haha, a little too detailed.

  142. #Cold&Alone

  143. It’s fine Kobe made an airball before Lin did as well just keep shooting!

  144. Good that JLin takes more shots. Good on him!

  145. Nelson is quick so it’s good to prevent him getting penetration resulting in easy points.
    Davis would be able to help

  146. That’s OK since Nelson’s not a good shooter anyway, but bigs not helping much on pick and rolls (what else is new).

  147. I’m ok with it. A miss is a miss. Getting good looks and not holding back!

  148. Dirk’s height advantage is unstoppable just need to defend and hope for the best.

  149. Great start by Lin to be aggressive.
    Everyone has scored except Kobe

  150. swag don’t care if it’s a bad shot …

  151. Kobe should have passed that one…. wait…

  152. Dirk shoots 3 well, Boozer doesn’t even try…

  153. his shot is so good from anywhere.

  154. Ronnie Price in. Lame.

  155. you’re here during game time now rare lol.

  156. every game

  157. As much I feel Scott leaves Lin out too early during 3rd and too long during 4th, at least his bench times are consistent! Lin is always out at 1st quarter around the 3 minute mark no yo-yoing of his minutes.

  158. Yup, wouldn’t want Scott to change anything…might see better results. smh

  159. Lin played only 8 minutes. Probably pulled Lin for “defense.”

  160. At least BS takes Lin out a little later than he used to. Improvement, I guess?

  161. whine

  162. it’s Sat morning…:)

  163. Except Lin was taken out at the 4 minute mark. Probably for defensive reasons.

  164. Lin’s always out at this time. But seriously I’d rather see Jordan Clarkson play, Price just a scrub of scrubs. We thought Pat Bev was bad but Price is like 10x worst and doesn’t even belong in the league! Price can’t defend can’t, can’t score, no presence! At least Clarkson can make a highlight and mark on the game with his 3s, defense and hustle. I’d rather see someone like Aaron Brooks backing Lin up with his hook shots and swooshing 3s.

  165. That is just a typical rotation for 3 stints

  166. No, that’s normal.

  167. Carlisle knows the Lakers’ bigs are weak. His Mic’d Up is so interesting.

  168. what a lie

  169. Used to be around 6-7 min mark. Now 8 min mark.

  170. whine what?

  171. normal rotation for every one since young has been back

  172. what is your problem???

  173. crying about everything even when its been 11 games and lin comes out at this time everytime. get over it. its even later then before

  174. Compared to Tyson Chandler, Lakers bigs aren’t even bigs! Tyson Chandler fights hard down low for every rebound and throws it down.

  175. If you are going to insult people, go to the other site and insult people all you want.

  176. its a lie he came out at 3 something like yesterday

  177. oh, right! Lin gonna give you a good day.

  178. i did not insult you. you cried about something i told you its ok relax it happen every game

  179. Ok Lakers need to keep this close until Lin gets back! Don’t let Mavs go with a huge lead before 2nd quarter!

  180. I don’t like BS rotation at all.

  181. I swear these scrubs (Nelson) always come to play when they play against Lin.

  182. Agree. Wholeheartly agree.

  183. Not going to change just like how we wish for Davis to start but won’t happen.

  184. I don’t like BS at all.

  185. Agree

  186. He said one thing and done another.

  187. Kobe 0/7

  188. no swag today

  189. when

  190. why what did he do

  191. You need help if you don’t know by now. I Have no time now to post a link.

  192. he needs to pull a Lin and go to assist mode.

  193. Kobe is more physical when JJ Brea blazing the PnR

  194. I think Kobe is not fully in game shape yet.

  195. And Lin pull a Kobe go to gunner mode? lol

  196. BS needs to be reminded that he’s not playing against McHale and the Rockets where they loaded up on Jeremy.He can let Jeremy attack in this game.

  197. since you sid this list year and the year before it gets old. hating all of lin coaches and players except the coach during insanity gets old

  198. Exactly

  199. Like I’ve said, you need help.

  200. OMG Sacre stupid play!!

  201. Sacre the Wizard

  202. LOL Kobe and Sacre

  203. lol funny delusions delusions

  204. ShxT!!!!!


  206. gee, w/o Lin. What a mess.

  207. no

  208. Complete collapse. LOL

  209. That 5 second sequence might be the game.

  210. Yup, great adjustments Scott. Keep doing what you do & see the team go nowhere fast.

  211. umm what just happened..

  212. I thought 5 pt play was bad, now the Lakers have invented the 7 pt play! LOL

  213. Scott please bench Sacre the Dumbass that game 7 free points to Mavs!!

  214. Delusion? Let try to test your knowledge, did BS say he limits Kobe minutes, yes or no?

  215. This is not even about Lin. It is simply just ________

  216. Collapse early in the game? Sheesh this is winnable game.

  217. I was thinking the same … if you have a dumb play like Kobe/Sacre, you put Lin in to change it up asap.

  218. BS’s eyes barely flickered on that play. So passive! Needs fire in the belly and some body language. Think he says anything in the locker room?

  219. this WAS a winnable game, lol.

  220. Give Sacre a chance to redeem himself. People made mistakes.

  221. Why the heck was Sacre inbounding the ball TWICE?!

  222. see what happens when Lin’s not on the floor

  223. Left for few minutes and returned with 11 pts deficit. WOW!

  224. This is ALMOST NEVER a winnable game.

  225. Yeah, I know about the rotation. but really, when you see the spread start happening because of bad play, I’d put Lin in because he was hot and Swag, Kobe are ice.

  226. Right so he can give the Mavs a blowout with his dumb plays! He needs to be benched ASAP!

  227. that’s really sucks

  228. that is his job

  229. Well, don’t leave, see what happens.

  230. That was amazingly bad. This is pro basketball right? LOL.

  231. I wouldn’t as coach. These are professionals. They have to sit and think.

  232. His lack of coaching is hard to watch. Doesn’t make any changes or may be he doesn’t know how. smh

  233. Would you say the same to Lin?

  234. Coachless team with ballhogs,iso plays. What a great franchise! Unbelievable!

  235. LOL Seem like it happens every time I leave the game:-)

  236. Wes Johnson is a new man since the free throw he made last game.

  237. as far as I know, Lin has not inbounded to opponent.

  238. Someone get the ropes and glue… 🙂

  239. Lin won’t do horrible inbound to the other team!

  240. You probably leave every time Lin’s benched. lol

  241. Coach focused on D? Really, Lakers want their money back.

  242. Point missed.

  243. nailed it

  244. JJ Brea doing his thing…..

  245. Wow we went straight to 2nd quarter with no commercials?

  246. when he’s hot, he’s trouble.

  247. Kind of hurt that way

  248. You must leave a lot!

  249. Well yes. But I am more talking about his way of D

  250. Good shot Sacre.

  251. haven’t noticed … dirty?

  252. I really, really have a problem with the Lakers bigs camping MIDRANGE.

  253. Well. let’s just say he always push to refs limits.

  254. kobe is probibly the greatest laker ever

  255. Barea, you’re just lucky you got some good bigs.

  256. just take price out!!!

  257. Go Mav:-)

  258. I got you … sheesh, 2 same play to wright. Where is D?

  259. Price just left in the dust

  260. why

  261. If he’s a starter he’d have double assists per game.

  262. Mavs up by 11 & no adjustments from noCoach…wow.

  263. Making Barea look like Chris Paul.

  264. Keep JLin out of the game for longer and let’s see what happens with BS’ priceless Price.

  265. Man, sitting Lin for so long. Just killing his rhythm.

  266. The problem is simple. LAL bigs are told to not leaving Dirk. So Price needs to play Brea squared but he did not.

  267. Scott still in denial of how extremely bad Price is! Can’t playmake, can’t score, can’t defend, ><" Price always going for the ZERO triple double, 0 points, 0 rebounds, 0 assists!!

  268. maybe tanking?

  269. he already makes everyone like CP!!!

  270. bench hs to get better if the was the playoff yes play the starters more but it isn’t so we have to let them figure it out

  271. Yes let’s keep watching Price get torched

  272. Not my question.

  273. It looks like he’s not able.

  274. The issue – Lakers bigs can’t keep up with Dirk. Price can’t keep up with Barea.

  275. Well, if you are at the good position and you can not keep up. That is just another story.

  276. LOL pretty much so

  277. …just a sad story. lol

  278. BS should pull a McHale and have Jeremy guard Dirk….oh wait.

  279. Carlisle: These guys are going to struggle guarding movement XD

  280. Seems like teams with a ball dominant player (Melo, Harden, Kobe) love the high energy, zero skill, point guards.

  281. Carlisle must be snickering on the inside.

  282. My Snicker is inside already…

  283. Why is Price still in?!

  284. theres a lot of negativity on this board. turning to the other website quick

  285. Because he is supposed to start.

  286. lol…might work.

  287. So is my Cadbury.

  288. he is usaully stil in

  289. LOL

  290. More like the “coach” loves anyone not Asian!

  291. Not negative Alain…just trying to make the game a bit interesting.

  292. BIGs are bad; Price is really bad

  293. For defense. SMH

  294. We don’t have trolls. The PT of the mods is less than 5 minutes and usage percentage is less than 20%

  295. wrecking havoc here much?? jk ^.^

  296. Nick Young in over Lin and Kobe makes a LONG airball 3!!

  297. Kobe is….Kobe

  298. Look like an assessment game for Price. LAL is prepared to take the risk. If Price is not right..his contract is at risk.

  299. “And that my friend is an air ball …”

  300. Next time he will shoot from half court.

  301. OMG FINALLY Lin is BACK!

  302. He read our posts about Lin should shoot from half-court…

  303. Even Kobe knew that was a BAD shot with 7 seconds left!

  304. OMG! Kobe + Swaggy P 0-12.. 🙁 C’mon! The Lakers.. Hope Lin’ll hv nice performance 2 win some pts back..

  305. You don’t play your starter 8 min and rest him 8 min.

  306. Update

  307. Lin rested entirely too long.

  308. Hill hiding in the paint is not going stop anyone in transition.

  309. Lin out and Mavs are up 13 points! What will it take to get through Scott’s thick skull that 1. Price sucks 2.Nick Young isn’t PG 3.Lin needs more minutes!

  310. You have a point, but it may be too late for a playoff shot if they continue to lose.

  311. If they don’t play him properly won’t help

  312. 40-53 with 5:49 left; JLin 2/4 with 5 pts 1 rebounds.

  313. i thought assessment is already good enough to tell that Price is 3rd pg at most

  314. Contract on the line, i suppose.

  315. You do if it’s a player named Lin.

  316. Thanks

  317. lol

  318. You are leaving? I am so happy for you. First saying robert Lin whine, then crying about everything, get over it then saying takemebacktoreganyears delusion…I agree the other site suit you more. You are welcome back later when you vent all that there.

  319. What a reverse lay-up by Lin!

  320. Well, that’s BS!!!!!!!!!

  321. The only chance is to out score MAVS today….

  322. Lin defending Ellis very well while his teammates sucks on defense!

  323. You call that a chance? LOL.

  324. That shot attempt by Monta… on Jeremy’s chest…

  325. That is why I said they stand very LITTLE chance.

  326. Stats say good game

  327. So you say there’s a chance…

  328. Dang Scott!!!! Keep Jeremy playing! See that J!

  329. Let’s hope for Linsanity then. =)

  330. JEREMY LIN!!! Wow.

  331. lin mad as h and not gonna take it anymore!

  332. yes

  333. J killing the Mavs, and Carlisle has to call a timeout

  334. He’ll adjust/make changes as soon as he learns how.

  335. Lin back to back buckets and a off the dribble 3 OMG FInallY! Been telling him to shoot more off dribble points! THIS TEAM NEEDS HIS SCORING!

  336. Nelson is not guarding Lin at all LOL

  337. Yes 3!!!

  338. Lin is on fire!!

  339. Kobe should just set screens. He does it better than the bigs.

  340. Dallas coach is so smart, he calls timeout to control damage.

  341. Love this site so many positives here took me a while

  342. That’s the reason I come to this site too

  343. Welcome. Feel free to post.

  344. Yep that that’s the big difference.

  345. post post !

  346. Too bad Davis missed that pass.

  347. how did that 1st TO happen?

  348. striped

  349. Lakers’ defense besides Lin is such 1 word BAD!!!

  350. bad handle?

  351. Following game on gamecast tough to do

  352. lin usaully have bundle turnovers

  353. Clearly team still learn to play with Lin’s passing.

  354. Well he is doing layups…not really dribbling.

  355. Lin needs to pull a Linsanity game with 30 points for Lakers to win!

  356. QB throws one way receiver run another.

  357. yes…they need to out score MAVs.

  358. JLin 5/7 with 12 pts 1 rebounds, 2 tos 1pf

  359. Parsons just slipped Kobe so easily

  360. The Linsanity – Knicks type or Linsanity-Jeremy Lin type?

  361. ok. thanks. stepped out just a few seconds then it happened

  362. what is wrong with my internet, every time right before lin score, the screen froze. i missed all his field goals

  363. He’s almost on pace to do that. Hope he doesn’t slow down.

  364. Cheers my friend

  365. My hat off off to Kobe, he’s team ball so far

  366. Young is guarding Dirk?!?! Why?!?!

  367. Except for his bad pass could’ve been a wide open shot for Lin or Nick Young =/

  368. He better. His shots are off.

  369. LAL went small?

  370. Jeremy’s 3fg% is 45.16% YAY O/

  371. Snapshot

  372. thanks

  373. Who was Kobe passing to? Threw between Lin and Swaggy

  374. Went smaller

  375. Vips on the court side seats.

  376. Got it from the someone on vs R game. Quite frustrating with nbaonlinetv.

  377. Come on Lin…quit deferring to Bryant. Get the score closer…then go Bryant mode.

  378. He’s not used to that move …

  379. Hehe the Lakers bigs are just so bad on defense, Kobe and Jeremy has to switch defending Dirk.

  380. Scott needs to stick with this lineup it’s working!! Nick Young, JLin, and Kobe all 3 scoring threats spread the floor the best!

  381. coach went small

  382. there was no bigs in but boozer

  383. Lakers 59 vs Mavs 68 half time. JLin stat remains the same. Oops wrong. He has 5/7 with 12 pts with 2 rebounds, 1 asts, 2 tos

  384. he was moving v fast on attack. Good quarter. BS should use him as much as he can 2nd half.

  385. Actually if without that 6pt collapse..this game is pretty even. The more LAL trys to defend. The more they will lose

  386. hill correction

  387. Defense wow

  388. All I’m asking is for them to not give wide open shots! Mavs will miss shots eventually.

  389. hopefully. usually he gets to close the game.

  390. Nelson trying to battle Lin. He will lose!

  391. never hurts to watch a shootout

  392. Yep..

  393. true

  394. Who’s this Nelson? Never heard of him before, thought he was a scrub but he’s giving Lin a handful.

  395. I thought my dementia was kicking in when you said Boozer 😛

  396. He is doing pretty good actually. LOL

  397. shh….Let him guard Lin so Linsanity can break out tonight 😛

  398. it’s been intense. Lin is ahead by far, except for the long pullup3 by JN.

  399. the defense is…….young on dirk, lin on dirk…

  400. he was off on three all year then all of a sudden lol

  401. he was with dwight in orlando. he is a great three shooter. ell he was he is now old

  402. Happens to a lot of players when they go to Dallas don’t you think?

  403. Are you are referring to his non-lin minutes?

  404. Points in the paint … again. Boozer leaving dirk to defend jj…

  405. Lin is scoring off dribble shots finally I don’t even care if he misses 10 shots just keep shooting and not be passive my goodness!! They need his scoring against the Mavs, this isn’t the Grizz where they can just grind it out!

  406. lol

  407. Just in general..

  408. In Spanish

    MEDIO TIEMPO #Lakers 59-68 #Mavericks | J.Hill 12pts,9reb. @JLin7 12pts,2reb. @kobebryant 11pts,6asis,4reb. pic.twitter.com/DY5vxLKUoQ— LA Lakers México (@Lakers_MX) November 22, 2014

  409. Like Brea

  410. I could feel him getting HAM mad!

  411. I didn’t want to read that lol.

  412. He’s a good shooter, but this season he’s averaging 6 points I think so he shouldnt even have 10 now lol Jeremy pls XD

  413. Lin took 7 shots already, does he see more aggressive to score tonight ?

  414. Lin just has to look to score. He looks like the guy we love to follow and root for tonight.

  415. He always is the guy I love to follow and root for!

  416. Yes. It seems because Swaggy and Kobe are cold, though. If they were hitting I wonder how much he’d be shooting.

  417. I’d kind of would like to see Lin there next season…smart coach & he’d do great w/Tyson-Dirk

  418. I think he will today. Plenty of time left.

  419. great sign! that’s how it should be every game.

  420. He picks his spots. Seems to me that he always comes out aggressive at the start of the game. If he makes the first few it tends to carry over to the second half. If he doesn’t he goes in full defer mode.

  421. tyson having no impact on lin. the thing about lin plays bad against shot blockers is over. he has to over come these up and downs probably due to facing top teams early while learning a new system

  422. true love, you.

  423. Tyson is not that kind of the rim protector.

  424. He’s using his mid-range. He’s using pick and pop. He didn’t let the early airball bother him. He only took it to the rim once.

  425. except BS stopped Linsanity with his fixed rotations watching the points spread go up.

  426. you mean 7 pt?

  427. In first quarter Nelson was getting past Lin and penetrating. But then so was Lin.

  428. yes he is but lin isn’t attacking him. he drives when tyson isn’t there or the reverse using the rim to block tyson. he is a smarter player. with a three shot

  429. Kobe is playing the point tonight and Lin is playing a SG like Nash used to play beside Kobe.
    I actually like it ! Kobe is taking less shots which boosts the moral of the whole team.

  430. I really like Lin to be linsanity lin who is the first scoring option, the game just seems so much fun when he taking over it, but I would still love to follow him even if he is going to be fisher type pg.

  431. mostly three

  432. Have to give props to Hill going really hard on the offensive boards 2 against 1.

  433. coaches, I want 2nd half adjustments …. what say you? I say rest Lin only 4 mins.

  434. me me me me, u u u and many other too

  435. No he is not. Tyson is basically (Ibaka + Asik)/2.2 type of player.

  436. Nice seeing Kobe screen Parsons to get Lin a clean 3pt shot.

  437. he’s pretty decent, was an all-star one year

  438. good to see you here

  439. he’s pissed

  440. So he is ‘The mean version’ of Ibaka and Asiks.

  441. I guess I admit it. Don’t tell my family, I’m supposed to be resting from a tough week right now.

  442. They should keep running that until it stops working. Lin 2/2 from behind the arc.

  443. I’m not counting on it. Better chance of a win if Lin comes out blazing in the next half.

  444. Meaning he is only a Ibake/2.2 version of a Ibaka….

  445. I did not want to read that, lol.

  446. That’s one heck of concentration look.

  447. In Dallas, the high % shooter takes the most shots (Dirk at 53% fg). In LAL, the low % shooter takes the most shots (Kobe at 39% fg and sinking)

  448. This is resting….

  449. Wow Tyson can bake? #notsorry

  450. LOL

  451. that’s the spread LAL have to overcome then. Sacrebleu!

  452. His hands will get hot in the 2nd half…

  453. He’s the best shooter of the team, my problem is he played too much in the first half especially this early of the season.

  454. zzzz …

  455. It is @disqus_HmSLGZ4iV2:disqus who should be sleeping

  456. Didn’t Dwight refer to Lin as Jameer before when comparing Houston teammates to Orlando?

  457. Price on target to attain his expected PTS/game average for 2015, i.e. 2 (TWO!)

  458. He’s so bad and I feel bad for him.

  459. Can he average 0 points for the season? Will that be a worst record in NBA history?

  460. Hill made a pass!!

  461. How do you do Mr. Singapore?

  462. Shut up!!! That’s NOT an offensive!!!

  463. Does Boozer have a post game?

  464. BS call

  465. They F the asina guy again.

  466. post game interview? I think he does.oh wait….

  467. WOW That is bogus foul! Call out that ref!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  468. That was not an offense foul! Ellis was the one charging at Lin when he was in the air!!!

  469. Chandler Parsons should grow some hair. He’s starting to look like a younger version of Carlisle.

  470. SMH.

  471. The normal shooting will have that sway effect. Refs are just abusing Lin

  472. you know why …

  473. Kobe common again?

  474. ball watching Kobe

  475. Lin has to play against the Mavericks, refs and Scott.

  476. your link is very good

  477. Kobe not doing good job at guarding Parsons.

  478. jeremy, it’s a shootout. Get it done!

  479. So second half and the Mavs are going to Parsons…

  480. See…Parsons’ sway is much larger. No call

  481. Boozer not doing a good job at guarding Dirk. Try Davis on him

  482. Refs don’t mess with Rick Carlisle look-alike.

  483. I agree Boozer sucks guarding Dirk bench him for Davis please!!

  484. kobe getting worked by parsons, esp off the ball

  485. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes even his own teammates.

  486. Carlisle: Your job is to stay in front of THIS GUY.

    Carlisle, name WHO that guy is…

  487. Mavs are sharing the ball with Dirk making some nice passes to Parsons for his cuts!

  488. MAV almost reversed the ball to the weak side ASAP unless it was Dirk while LAL just took a shot.

  489. If you are going to call that a kick on Lin then you should make the same call on Wade every time #Double standard NBA refs

  490. too big for him

  491. Defensive weak spots, Kobe and Boozer right now.

  492. More like too fast for him and it’s Parsons we’re talking about here. He just makes his cuts in front of Kobe like it’s nothing.

  493. put in davis pls

  494. Oh well…

  495. Ok, right about now, Lin has to give himself permission to take over else others won’t get into game. He is the only threat on the floor. He has to hold it until his man is 100% open to the basket.

  496. you showed up!

  497. right

  498. Peaked 5 years ago! BS doesn’t read the stats.

  499. CP is owning Kobe

  500. Kobe is ball watching in a zone…..even worse

  501. Dallas playing spurs ball.

  502. great D by lin!

  503. I swear, JLin missed that 3 because he was adjusting for the ref call coming.

  504. Bet Coach Miller won’t mention it though it’s obvious.

  505. Why does Lin have to guard two guys on the perimeter? Where’s the team?

  506. someone is ball watching

  507. Watching the Mavs

  508. Sit Kobe now let him rest

  509. was that a stop and pop shot? lol.

  510. I see this so often in games, Lin running from one shooter on the perimeter, to another, then to a third!

  511. Need a TO….MAVs are too good at attacking the zone.

  512. He has to compensate for how bad this team really is…both O & D.

  513. Just glad it went in lol.

  514. well……we will take it.

  515. Kobe needs rest for 4q. He’s struggle.

  516. Really nice passing by the Mavericks.

  517. kobe is making me mad

  518. defense lapses again

  519. Yes! Nice ball movement..:) This is what the Lakers gotta learn.


  521. Yep he is hurting Lakers.

  522. Lin turning SG

  523. Spin!!!!

  524. 2 pts guy back in, i.e. 2 pt/game

  525. The P-Lin-ston offense.

  526. Wowww.. was fadeaway shot by Lin? Nice!

  527. Nice shoot

  528. No..

  529. I think the game is over.

  530. WTF Who guards CParsons?

  531. You think?

  532. Was Lin looking for a fake or shot? He should’ve just shot it!

  533. let’s watch Lin stat pad.

  534. it was a foul.

  535. It was over long time ago.

  536. Warriors vs Utah starts in 15 min …

  537. Kobe.

  538. he should have shot it tho

  539. Really? M…OK

  540. I thought they had a chance of beating the spread. Now, I don’t know.

  541. the sacrebleu play.

  542. He tried a Harden or Wade

  543. always that problem.

  544. Jeremy should know refs are blind when he gets fouled.

  545. he needs to shoot that even if it misses but yea the defense is crap today and dallas is the best offense in the nba

  546. Kobe is 4/18. And playing terrible D. He’s why we lost.

  547. that 7 point play was the game. I called it. Lol.

  548. byron never yanks him. smh

  549. JLin beats my voting 17/7!!!!!!!!! You are almost there!!!!!!!!!!!

  550. I would argue Price is a big help.

  551. Plus the Mavs are a really good team.

  552. Can Lin just go for some back to back 3s to bring the team back from the dead?

  553. dallas 50 percent from three

  554. Need some sets for him

  555. yes!

  556. Ya, Kobe and Boozer were defensive liabilities and weren’t giving much offense. Will never hear Coach Miller be objective and say anything negative about Kobe though.

  557. need the refs to allow play.

  558. Some J-Ed PnR could have saved this team.

  559. we can’t defend them

  560. on the positive side, opponents pushing lin to left and he is happy to go that way now

  561. Lin was wide open

  562. So he played well and Kobe shot them out of the game

  563. Parsons playing well when no one is guarding him.

  564. Linwas wide open agian

  565. that was fast … NY regressed to the mean in 2 games.

  566. Lin is mad…someone messed up

  567. LWO

  568. OK why is 0 points Price in right now?!!

  569. For the speed of MAV

  570. He should be.

  571. See how quickly Lin revered the ball. a beauty

  572. Yup, noCoach lost another one. Should start a prediction of: When will Scott start making game adjustments? .

  573. Kobe is in Kobe mode to get points as he deems the game is lost.

  574. they are making all there threes

  575. Lin is in IDGAF mode

  576. Barea’s face irritates me. Guy’s just lucky he got those assists because he’s playing with good bigs.

  577. Wonderful JLin!!!!!!!!! You make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go go go!

  578. NBA ref “Asian don’t belong here”

  579. more cases of refs hating on lin

  580. it wasn’t on him

  581. I don’t care if they’re down 26, it’s not over till the fat lady sings! Lin is finally shooting a will and can will this team for a come back win!!

  582. oh? who did it get called on before running over lin?

  583. DAVIS

  584. what’s Lin’s stat line now?

  585. i like your attitude! not ashamed to read it too.

  586. Lin has been wide open at the three point line. The best three point shooter on the team yet they don’t make an effort to give him those shots. Sigh.

  587. 8 for 11. 2 for 3 from 3. 18 pts

  588. 18 5 4

  589. points assist rebounds

  590. That’s the Lin we’ve all been waiting for! He should play like IDGAF every single game from now on!!! I think that Nick Swagger is rubbing off on him!

  591. The biggest mistake is to call zone D and have a guy ball watching.

  592. Stu was saying that Davis’ foul came first so it negated Jeremy’s blocking foul.

  593. Where’s the defense?

  594. nice. It’s close to my wishful thinking prediction of 21 and 8. Lol.

  595. The guy that can not be named.

  596. LOL

  597. Kobe is shooting 38% for the season. It’s about to be even lower..

  598. i miss clarkson now….at least he can keep sticking his man…so many open looks for mav

  599. the guy that can not be named me.

  600. at rox stadium. they for got the pack it with them

  601. Kobe trying to be the team high scorer. He should concentrate on beating Dallas rather than his own teammate. He’ll just waste all their possessions and keep chucking

  602. Mavs look really good. I hope they crush the Rockets tomorrow.

  603. Price no block out to lose the 1st buket

  604. Kobe trying to be the team high scorer. He should concentrate on beating Dallas rather than his own teammate. He will just waste all their possessions and keep chucking

  605. Third stringers in?! Scott giving up already?! 🙁

  606. I wonder if the starters will come back in.

  607. Lin is done. WTH

  608. sacre looks so lost.

    OH! what is this — I got the ball !

  609. No

  610. I say let Lin play and get practice scoring, i.e. 30 pts, and cohesion with second unit w/o price. Only played 26 min, he’s young.

  611. Damn, BS won’t even let him stat pad.

  612. his TS% just exploded from tonight

  613. Scott can not do that

  614. Sacre is the reason the game got out of hand and I blame Scott for playing Price so much the 0 points 0 rebs and 0 assists Point Guard!!! Clarkson comes in facing the 2nd unit of Mavs and actually does something on offense and draws a foul!!! Can Mitch just waive Price already!

  615. i hate stupid lakers settling for jump shots all day. so summer league

  616. He gave up twelve games ago.

  617. Scott doesn’t believe in Lin 4Q clutchness…so he’s given up.

  618. agreed, bottom 5 is objective, i.e. top 5 draft pick.

  619. When we ever going to see Lin play with no Kobe, no Price with Davis and with Swaggy? That will show what Lin can do but that Lineup is non-existent.

  620. No…what are you talking about. SL is better

  621. price isnt so bad. he is a decent perimeter defender

  622. dirt beasted on boozer and parsons on kobe. also the bigs hd zero blocks. the guards ran at them and either got a foul or a shot lol or both

  623. im sorry. that was unfair to SL

  624. no won’t mean the same

  625. LOL

  626. Price can’t even defend Pat Bev the worst Starting PG in the League!! Pat Bev got 8 points off of Price last game. Oh need I mention 0 SHOT Attempts for Price?!! The only points Price got on his stat sheet this game is 2 and that’s 2 fouls!!!!

  627. hrm should i turn off the TV now?

  628. On his next team?

  629. Laker players are still too greedy to give up shot for open man. BS has no control because he’s not acting as a coach.

  630. LOL I guess

  631. their scrubs are better than our scrubs. sadness

  632. I’m done…it was lost from the beginning. smh

  633. Atleast Lin is the high scorer on Lakers. I’ll take it.

  634. that had nothing to do for why the y lost. it was as always the defense. dallas is the best offense in the nba. they had open threes and made them. a lot of them

  635. we were playing 1 on 5. They actually run sets.

  636. yeah. i wasnt pinning the game on that. just saying, hate seeing that.

    lakers perimeter rotations to cover 3 have always been weak

  637. I am happy with Lin 18 points. 3s, reverse layup, mid ranges, jumpers. That’s Lin we know. Aggressive, attack, and of course assertive. Just that this team is still LONG LONG LONG way to go.

  638. Does anyone know whether BS guaranteed four years, or last year team option?

    Trying to do math, how much it’ll cost Lakers to fire him.

  639. SL

  640. Wish Horry was on today. He would prob put Kobe on blast.


  642. What on earth happened! I just left to cut my hair and its a total blowout, oh well at least Jeremy’s getting his points I see, hehe.

  643. Could it be they just follow their team leader’s way?…hmmm

  644. byron says he doesnt worry about the offense…

  645. Lakers can fire a coach whenever they want, money isn’t even an issue! They fire their last coach after 5 games! I think BS has had enough losses for Lakers to kick him to the curb!

  646. hill can’t be getting manhandled by guards like that. how many times did a guard run at rum and get points or free throws.

  647. okay. ive officially turned off the game. well, that was fun until the blowout

  648. No LIN, switching now to Warriors (8-2) to Utah (5-7), could be a good scrimmage.

  649. That’s so true too. They all want to build up their resume.

  650. Maybe I should have buy a tkt and go to watch in person. Maybe I could jinx MAVs a bit. Too late now.

  651. We should ban haircuts during game time.

  652. someone was always missing. like a guy went to the bathroom lol

  653. why isn’t Lin shooting the ball? So what if he’s on the bench. He needs to shoot the ball!

  654. He has to shoot from the tunnel….

  655. It doesn’t look like he cares about the defense either.

  656. This team with starters sharing the ball and Lin being assertive but the 2nd unit along with Price and Sacre just killed them!!

  657. lol.

  658. lucky i did not watch this game. based on the box score and watching Kobe play for over 20 years now (high school too), I know what happened tonight.

    The Lakers will 100% not make the playoffs unless Kobe gets hurt for the entire season within the next 5 games. Kobe was phenomenal last game. But tonight, he probably needed to let Lin and others do their thing, but Kobe being the eogmaniac could not let go and ruined a winnable game by chucking 6 for 22.

    I don’t even need to watch to know what happened. It is that predictable.

  659. hahahahaha omg thats hilarious

  660. he does. but he always gives kobe a pass, no matter how much he gambles or ball watches or doesnt bother closing out. double standard for D.

  661. I did not know you are a Kobe expert. LOL

  662. lol. Hope you get a good hair cut! At least that will put you in a good mood than watching the game.

  663. Lin had 6pts /4asts / 2to’s in 3rd quarter. Could of finished with 24/8 oh well

  664. If this game was competitive, Lin could have gotten to 25. But it was a 3rd quarter defensive meltdown. Kobe’s defense was beyond horrible.

  665. he who cant be named…

  666. ever read those product reviews online?

  667. How many blow-out games so far? 4 out of 13?

  668. lmao!

  669. Shoot from his house.

  670. I though 6-7?

  671. oooooops

  672. this one might take the cake

  673. did you even look at the score board? Kobe didn’t chuck shots it was the second unit that killed them! Lin played the best I’ve seen this game. He got mad and just said FK it and made for the first time this season back to back off dribble 2s and 3s! Sacre did stupid back to back inbound passes to Kobe to give 7 free points in 5 seconds to Mavs! Then Mavs started hitt their 3s and Parsons got going cutting to the basket several times against Kobe!

  674. there must be some unspoken pact with byron and kobe, cuz kobe was obviously a net negative on BOTH ends of the floor yet there he is.

  675. yea 4

  676. he’s a supah star.

  677. Well…..most ppl guessing it is because of money and TWC.

  678. Defense is still an issue. 67 points allowed in half time is horrible.

  679. he is … well, you know.

  680. just -29, still adding to most shots missed.

  681. Ellinton really moves great off the ball.

  682. Clarkson is so tunnel visioned…

  683. I think you’re the only one still watching the game

  684. Yeah I want to see how I look like 10 yrs from now.

  685. It actually looks like crap cuz I did it myself lol

  686. he is pure SL

  687. Well…I live in Dallas…what can I do?

  688. voldemort?

  689. Watch Shark Tank

  690. NOOOOO

  691. move to LA

  692. Sacre got good skillset actually. He just needs to be more physical

  693. lol

  694. I’m not even mad at the Lakers this game they played the right way, shared the ball, Lin finally said IDGAF and made off dribble back to back shots and 3s! He was the closest to Linsanity Lin I’ve seen. This loss was on Scott and his bad substitution with Price and 2nd unit!! After this 0,0,0 back to back origin point game by Price can Scott finally play Clarkson as back up over that scrub?!

  695. im not mad to be honest these big and the team really struggle against quick up tempo three shooting teams. lol id bet last years lakers could give these laker a run for their money. we are too slow against those type of teams

  696. Yes, I was a BS apologist and I’m saying get rid of him.

  697. I disagree with almost all of your basketball analysis.

  698. lin looked really comfortable out there tonight. saw the floor well, and was very composed and made the right decisions.

  699. Worthy: some of the lakers aren’t having good shooting nights.

    How about you say KOBE- you [email protected]@#[email protected]

  700. LOL com’on….be nice.

  701. No one.

  702. Single coverage.

  703. lol I’m always right so he gets angry he can’t be as knowledgable

  704. ALain is like Byron Scott.

    To me, I think the Lakers lost because KObe chuck 6-22 THROUGH 3 QUARTERS and probably have a ton of selfish play on offense.

    Blame the bad defense, but the offense is just as broken if not more broken than the bad defense.

  705. haha

  706. Kobe Bryant has a 37.8% FG% this season. 3rd worst among shooting guards this season.


  707. what are they saying about Lin?

  708. makes a world of difference, unfortunately

  709. Ya! I want to know what did they say about Lin now?

  710. I dunno, nothing. I just turned it on again and muted. Want to see what these clowns say during post game.

  711. Yes that’s why I said this was the closest to Linsanity Lin I’ve seen this season so far! I think it’s the Swaggy Effect. Swaggy’s happy and no hesitation shooting probably reminded Lin of what he used to be like. Lin can learn from Swaggy where he can make mistakes and do crazy circus shots that miss or go in like it’s nobodies’ business! Just have fun shooting for once and stop worrying about getting his teammates open!! They will get open when he gets going and draws defenders.

  712. then write what you think then. its one thing to disagree an idiot can do that its another to debate your ideas

  713. Honestly, I’m not to sure of my own basketball ability, but I would love to play you at basketball one day. I would LOVE IT.

  714. Jeremy Lin is now 48% FG%, 43.8% 3P%, 90.7% FT% for the season.— Jean-Paul Valley (@JeanPaulValley8) November 22, 2014

  715. why?

  716. Hehe honestly you never really agreed with anyone, especially those not seething against Kobe or don’t consider the Lakers are tanking.

  717. Bill McDonald saying Lin needs to be more consistent and score like this more consistently.

  718. lol I’m black soooo

  719. can Mav make 140? or can lakers reach 100?

  720. he who can’t be named. serious!

  721. All he has to do is start avging 15pts.

  722. Well…I am thinking about 170

  723. I agree.

  724. idk he need to feel like a man taking on a giant only to get smashed

  725. 135 now..

  726. lin was elite today

  727. well, remember the beginning of last season? his scoring efficiency was off the charts then it came down, fast.

  728. When you are comfortable. your FG% is higher. Brea is showing there.

  729. Yup, that’s why this game was lost…Lin hasn’t been consistent. What a billBS.

  730. yea would be great numbers

  731. It’s a long season, I’m shooting for 18/20+ points average for the season!

  732. because he’d either destroy me or I’d destroy him. We think completely opposite.

  733. Just tune in and shock by the score LOL

  734. hmm no double double tonight. might opt for the new sriracha burger

  735. haha talk about stereotypes

  736. like be destroyed I’m very athletic and in shape

  737. Well on the bright side maybe Carlisle and Cuban see that Lin is the best Laker and will try to sign him next year. Imagine Lin back with the two Chandlers?

  738. Team high scorer on 50% less shots than Kobe. I like it.

  739. BTW…is that mile high burger good?

  740. garbage time all of 4th quarter – priceless!

  741. I agree Lin needs to shoot like that every game say IDGAF! What’s the point of getting your scrub teammates open when they 1. don’t appreciate it 2. bricks their shots anyway! When the other team is shooting Lights Out he can’t call plays and wait for his slow teammates to move just for a 2 pointer hit or miss.

  742. on the contrary, I agree with many people. Khuang, webattorney, Brent Yen, and many others. I agree completely with them almost all the time.

  743. I’m joking obviously but hey just saying lol wink wink. little lebrun over here lol

  744. But Jeremy has good stats 🙂

  745. Wish it was Priceless. There is too much Price.

  746. Jeremy Lin is now 48% FG%, 43.8% 3P%, 90.7% FT% for the season.— Jean-Paul Valley (@JeanPaulValley8) November 22, 2014

  747. if this were the rockets in a blowout, you know that harden would be playing all of garbage time

  748. Well, at least he doing good.

  749. PnR+R?

  750. I knew there was a pun in there somewhere … lol.

  751. Especially when they rip Kobe?

  752. I don know what that set called. The one Dallas ran. One cross screen and one down screen. So simple and deadily

  753. huh?

  754. someone tell byron that if kobe’s goal is to surpass MJ in total pts, then kobe should be in the game now when IT DOESNT MATTER. instead of playing him all day when it does matter

  755. simple to read and adjust?

  756. defense

  757. Price no offense at all. Clarkson at least better.

  758. ALain, sadly you think like Byron Scott.

    To me, I think the Lakers lost because KObe chuck 6-22 THROUGH 3 QUARTERS and probably have a ton of selfish play on offense.

    Blame the bad defense, but the offense is just as broken if not more broken than the bad defense.

  759. heh?

  760. They should tell Kobe that too, oh wait, he is constantly jack up shots and Iso.

  761. he gives us nothing

  762. ronnie is expected to create shots when he is on a unit with no playmaker. that’s on byron, not price.

  763. That’s what I’ve been thinking since end of last season. I seriously think Cuban may go after Lin.

  764. A PF start at the block. He can either pick to use the down screen or the cross screen. Once he picked one, the 2 screener screen each other.

  765. Kobe is king of LA. The rules do not apply.

  766. How about Nelson and Ellis?

  767. “Man has got to know his limitation”—-
    I hope Kobe takes less than 5 shots a quarter and turns
    into more of a facilitator.

  768. No..he gave you 26.5% of FG%

  769. Because he got injured though.

  770. Alain is probably the biggest Kobe apologist on this site. So maybe.

  771. what I meant was, can BS easily adjust to your read? you know … tweet him now hehe.

  772. he’s going to give nothing soon when he gets cut, lol

  773. Don’t really like the other Chandler but with good coach it might be good.

  774. Let Alain refute that, then.

  775. we have to sign a better back up honestly

  776. Kobe should take notes from what Dirk did this game! Dirk has shoot alright but he made many great assists threading the needle with Parsons! Mavs playing very great teamball, they can certainly go far in the playoffs if they can beat the Spurs.

  777. Did you guys see Lin hug anyone after the game?!

  778. Well….not sure…LOL

  779. i have zero expectations for price’s performance so i am never disappointed by him.

  780. ok so if they play good defense, and the offense still stinks, it’s possible they are still in the game, but the broken offense won’t lead them to any victories and will be ugly as heck to watch. Nobody pays money to watch the boring Chicago Bulls without Rose.

  781. thanks

  782. thanks.

  783. No, Lin is not going back to TX

  784. Don’t know if I should be happy or sad.

  785. Signature reverse lay-up 🙂

  786. What makes Kobe great is his inability to process he is mortal. He thinks he is special and thus has had a spectacular career. He will never come around.

    He will go down in flames before he concedes he is a mere basketball mortal.

  787. man if they kept it close lin could of had 30 easy

  788. price is a limited player. he is expected to do more than he is capable of by scott. is that price’s fault or scott’s?

  789. Highlights without lin at all. WTH TWCSN?

  790. I put it on Scott I don’t blame Price a bit.

  791. yup. they ignored him..

  792. I was going tosay the samething

  793. So I guess Scott is at a level that he can out coach McHale. ANd Rick can out coach Scott.

  794. Then show who? Kobe only?

  795. They showed Parsons more than they showed Lin

  796. Alain, my issue with you is I always substantively checkmate all your arguments and then you either fail to respond or respond with a nonsensical argument that leads me to believe your basketball IQ is much lower than most typical Lin fans on this site.

    I actually believe that means you are probably a phenomenal basketball player in real life because of the way you think. The game must come easy for you.

  797. So if we’ll put it in numbers, will it be:

    3. Carlisle
    8. Byron Scott
    10.Kevin McHale

  798. Why CP?! Oh! He was the one who guarded Kobe? LOL!

  799. Is 10 the max number?

  800. Create Shots? Dude can’t even create shots for himself!! Can Mitch just wave Price so Scott is forced to use Clarkson as backup!!

  801. TW depends on local fans. Praising lIn might not be good for business

  802. he did coach very well in Houston. I liked his decisions on substitutions.

  803. MIller is BSing. You put a forearm on Dirk, you get called every time. He is a entertainer.

  804. 1
    29.Byron Scott
    30.Kevin Mchale

  805. And Bill McDonald kept emphasizing that Jeremy had a good game…offensively.

  806. That’s from TX?!

  807. Miller is an unlikeable clown.

  808. Yes he did

  809. Let’s just say, top 10 coaches in the league.

  810. He is paid to put Kobe in a position to shine. I understand why this team stinks. That’s really on Laker management, not Scott.

  811. Miller is a clown indeed. smh!

  812. Is this top 10 worst Coaches or overall in the league? lol

  813. No….LA feed

  814. Top 10 best coaches

  815. yeah, that irked me…

  816. who are you?

  817. His BS level is the same as BS

  818. Where’s Khuang? He predicted that there was a 99% Lin would have a bad game, while I predicted that there was a 70% chance that Lin would have a good game. I was right! 😀

  819. so confusing, yet so clear. LOL

  820. More of CP cause Mavs won. If Lakers won it’d probably be different.

  821. I’m not sure how much say the Lakers management has over TWC. I need to figure it out.

  822. They’re avoiding Kobe’s bad game too.

  823. what did he say

  824. It could go either.

  825. Did he say anything bad about Lin? What about Young their saver for the team?

  826. He said you have to let Dirk work. Take out his air space, put a forearm to block him out.

  827. McHale is top 10?

  828. see yall later. i’ll pop in later when the highlight vid is probably done hehe

  829. True.

  830. Fine!

    8. Byron Scott
    27. McHale

  831. lol easier said then done.

  832. Now Miller talking about the effort. Just man up and say the name..

  833. He probably does not know who Dirk is

  834. I’m not athletic or in shape. So….

  835. The hate is still very strong with a lot of these pundants! F them!

  836. Like catering to haters?

  837. Tide turned rather easily for Miller. He went from being a celebrated analyst to one of the most hated.

    That’s what being wishy-washy does to you.

  838. Again…that stay in front of your man BS

  839. I have never liked him. Never turned

  840. Much better

  841. hall of fame unstoppable fade away. 7 footer who can shoot. he is impossible to guard but parsons isn’t

  842. who employs TWC employees? Lakers management or TWC? Forgot who owns TWC, I will look it up

  843. IJ impostor!

  844. He didn’t out coach Mc by much, but got out coached by Carlisle disgracefully.

  845. Nothing bad about Jeremy that I can remember. Just said something about Jeremy keeps getting fouls called against him (when he tries to draw charges).

    I forget the exact words he said about Young but something like he had a “not bad game” at 2/7 from the field…smh.


    TWC —> with the Los Angeles Lakers
    maintaining editorial control over the content, including team-assigned
    reporters and anchors, as well as team-related programming.[1]


  848. But stilll money is from TWC, right>?

  849. had nothing to do with that. boozer was blasted on by dirt which is expected. so was hill. but the threes and hill being challenged in the paint by guards and losing everytime was ridiculous. kobe was blasted on by parsons today. had 4 points with 2 minutes left in the 2nd then boom.sacre ohh sacre lol ill just ignore you

  850. I think Marcellus on his ESPN show even said that towards the Coach Miller earlier this week.

  851. Dirk is a giant and can get his whenever and now with that stupid rule of leaving space for shooter it makes that much harder to guard him! You can put a hand up and still nothing! Boozer also was slow and couldn’t guard Dirk nor make him miss! Should’ve played Davis more.

  852. Although the channels are 100% owned by Time Warner Cable, the Lakers
    have a lot of editorial control, including final cut over “Backstage
    Lakers” and other shows about the franchise. It’s common for local
    sports channels to cede some editorial control to teams, but this
    agreement seems particularly restrictive.

    “The approval rights
    were born out of a desire to be more involved in how our brand is
    portrayed,” said Tim Harris, senior vice president and chief marketing
    officer of the Lakers.

  853. On what?

  854. yes money seems from TWC

  855. next game is against denver. winnable.

  856. yea he did

  857. That he’s pretty much a puppet

  858. Then I guess that’s who is making ALL decisions.

  859. well my point is the Lakers management is OK with Miller saying this stuff. in fact, he could be TOLD to say this by Lakers brass!

  860. Same can be said of your coaching, BScott…

  861. refs took away a 2 from lin should have 20

  862. Not bad game?! Haha! Ya! He’s right bc Young was not as bad as Kobe.. LOL!

  863. No read the agreement. Lakers have A LOT of say in the coverage. They can decide who are the reporters!

  864. that was clear

  865. OK…

  866. that’s on you, BS.

  867. lol there was a play where dirks man left him to double someone and he made a three. i was like well that was stupid who would do such a thing

  868. And the team is coached by? I swear BS reminds me more of McHale with each game.

  869. Who was the ref? Palmer? lol

  870. I don’t care for the burger, I just want the flight attendant chick in the commercial! =)

  871. I just dont get it why Scott keeps Kobe on the floor even when Kobes in cold hand?(sigh) Hes such a stubborn coach. Never figure out his rotation.. Lin played well, but Scott sat him. Its hurt n sad 2 see Cuban proves his comment this blow-out game this time.

  872. Basically now I understand that every time “COACH” Miller says Lin stinks or makes fun of his defense, the LA LAkers management is OK with it.

    So until that changes too, the Lakers are not ok with Lin.


  873. they all look the same to me lol but refs have done a number on lin this year. more then before like 2 bad calls a game

  874. that’s his JOB. Paid millions to make sure Kobe looks good as possible.

  875. same comments after the losing game each time..

  876. M…

  877. This coach sucks. smh!

  878. Well, he is consistent in deflecting the blame to the players not named Bryant.

  879. doubt thats lin is there big promotion guy. his face is always next to kobe on all the previews or billboards

  880. the internet is fantastic for information. You can learn alot.

  881. and himself.

  882. he is a kobe fan boy though so you should beware of that

  883. read the freaking article. It’s dispositive of the truth.

  884. For those thinking this is a bad shooting night for Kobe, here is something to ponder on.
    I used Kobe’s shooting data for the 13 games so far.
    His FG% is 0.378 with a standard deviation of 0.107.

    If we take random sample from a normal distribution of mean = 0.378 and sd = 0.107,
    Kobe would shoot below 0.273 (his FG% tonight) in 21 out of 100 games.
    Convert that to the 82 game scale and it’s 17 games out of 82.

    If you combine Kobe’s erratic shooting with his non-existent defense, you get yourself
    a perfect tank general gunning for high draft pick without being so obvious like the

  885. your act is getting tired. You spew opinion. I spew FACTS.


  886. I think we should start keeping track of these bad calls, like the missing stats he had in Houston.

  887. Why do you always come on here with your tirades of negativity like it is some self proclaimed truth. Everybody was positive about the game, then you come in here with the attitude”the sky is falling”. You never have anything positive to say….Tonight I don’t want to hear it…smh

  888. His job 2 keep Kobe on the floor no matter how bad he plays. Doesnt he know his desciosn lower the teams morale? (sigh)

  889. Wow…that’s Scott’s pg. I kind of feel bad for Price. Scott consistently inserts him into the game to make a difference, yet nada.

  890. I was right also. Others were doubting me as well. So, here’s a high-five fro me. 🙂

  891. Miller finally admiring Kobe got beat on defense. Blames it on fatigue. I though Scott said he would sit you next to him if you started sagging on defense and getting tired.

  892. well it seem they have sway on who’s hired. so you are right has he gone at lin today

  893. cold hard truth hurts sometimes. When my mother called me an ugly child, it hurt but then I learned she was just keeping it real!

  894. I don’t have problem with Kobe playing with 2nd unit. I have problem Scott play Price 20 minutes and starting Price int he 2nd quarter! That 2nd unit totally killed the team with Kobe being ineffective!

  895. When does he take responsibility for his non coaching adjustments. He dd the same thing with the Cavs and that is why he got fired.

  896. Price doesn’t add anything on either ends of the court. Should have Lin be PG for bench and have Clarkson or Elington as SG. Play Price like 8 – 10 min to give Lin a rest.

  897. They completely are not talking about Lin right now. I guess we will have to wait for Lin’s interview.

  898. seriously.. this guy should go back to the other site.

  899. I think what’s been proven is TWC dislikes Jeremy Lin but Lakers management thinks fondly of him so far. It will be interesting to see if Lakers brass tells TWC to be more positive or kind towards Lin analysis, and if they don’t whether the Lakers will ask them to remove guys who talk negative of Lin.

  900. you were positive about 6-22? Come on Joyce, you always keep it real!

  901. I just wanna hear what Lin has to say.

  902. BadDayLa?

  903. Anyone have a streaming link. My stream died.

  904. I wanted to believe in Scott. He seems like a decent guy but his coaching is unimpressive. Do a mea culpa and fix the team. His defensive schemes don’t work, his offense isn’t impressive either. He keeps Kobe in too long and doesn’t rotate and manage Lin and Kobe’s minutes well. And winnable games weren’t won by most of his decisions.

  905. Can mod ban this guy?

  906. 2.56 sigma gets you 95% confidence.
    I agree on tanking, hence a calm Lin with respect time and Price no Davis.

  907. The mods can ban me if I’ve said something wrong.

  908. Guess when you can’t or allowed to say the obvious truth, Kobe chucking too much and wasting possessions and got schooled on defense by Parsons and Boozer can’t guard Dirk you say something nebulous like this.

  909. they should

  910. I am watching it on TV. can not help

  911. technically I did not insult anyone here so it would be disengenuous to ban me for talk you dont like hearing.

  912. that’s ridiculous. no.

  913. But I would be fine if the mods wanted cheery happy talk here and booted me.

  914. That call was so dumb. I’ve seen a number of amazingly bad calls on Lin from the noncall of the Deandre Jordan mugging of Lin to the ridiculous call in Houston when Ariza didn’t let him catch and land to this idiotic call tonight. If I were Lin I would have 3 Ts by now from those calls alone.

  915. Can Lakers just fire this guy already?! He is so full of SHxT! The starters and Nick Young played great teamball except his substitution and insist on playing Price and only Kobe with 2nd unit!

  916. explain what I did that violated site policy?

  917. Your mother was wrong. No child is ugly…just some adults. Being considered unattractive on the outside doesn’t mean it has to be the case for the inside. I’ve known some unattractive people that become beautiful when they reveal their inside.

  918. Haven’t seen Violet Palmer ref a game yet this season. I check the entire league assignments each time the Lakers play. Wonder if she’s been quietly “retired”. Wouldn’t look good for NBA to fire the first woman ref for incompetence.

  919. Tell us what he’s saying?

  920. you are so kind and deep. Sadly I live in LA where it goes only skin deep.

  921. imho, lal isn’t tanking. they just let kobe shoot till he drops then they will revamp and rebuild.

  922. you are very upset haha. You dislike TWC hehe.

  923. That wouldn’t be fair. This site is all about treating others as we would want to be treated, so GoodDayLA has the right to post, even if others disagree. He hasn’t done anything that is against what this site represents. Just his opinion, like the rest of us.

  924. No, he can have his say even if we don’t like it.

  925. I do keep it real and i apologized to the site the other night about my tirade about Lin. My friend and a poster on twitter gave me a perspective on lin and it made sense. You seem to look for the negative in everything about the Lakers. I live in LA and i think I have a better perspective on how things run in LA. LA is the entertainment capital of the world, and they have big money. It is always about what you can do for me, but they also care about image. Iakers are all about the business and to tell you the truth, no real media in LA takes TCW seriously.

  926. I’m gleefully here!

    I’m thrilled that Lin had an amazing game despite my 99% prediction.

    Kobe Bryant had no choice but to let Lin run the show, and Lin killed it!

    I love being WRONG!

  927. Why have mods not banned this guy yet. He obviously comes here and stirs sh*t up.

  928. Miller illustrating Lakers defensive lapses (Kobe, Price) without actually naming players.

  929. well one guy who is a die hard kobe fan does

  930. I agree, they thought Scott would be able to control Kobe and they thought would be that defensive coach that always claimed he could be. Scott would be a winning coach if he just let run the offense and teach the bigs on how to play.

  931. Oh I think that’s the first time I’ve heard JLin swear. “They shot the h…l out of the ball”

  932. What are they talking about?

  933. Joyce, I ‘ve been reading and agreeing with your posts. Yes, BS has failed to control Kobe. too bad.

  934. So naturally they cue commercial after Lin’s interview. LOL

  935. LOL

  936. Darn…LIn hates to lose so much.

  937. yup, that stubborn kid…just like me, smdh 😉

  938. I really interested in what he has to say… I was asking what Jeremy was saying 🙂

  939. Me too 🙁

    I usually have a few tabs open to different streams in case one goes down but they all don’t work now.

  940. 3-0 on the road would be excellent. Well 2-1 i take it any time.

  941. True.

  942. Somehow he can not control Price too..

  943. I don’t think Lakers are intentionally tanking either. However, by not controlling Kobe, the Lakers will end up losing way more games than they win. So I guess we can call it unintentional tanking.

  944. I thought LAL going for 0-3 on the road after the disastrous game at Staple Center. Tired legs i guess.

  945. honestly i am amazed how polish lin looks. his game when it is on is flawless. right now he has to just polish it off. get a little better on iso’s and he is unstoppable. its such a big change from last year. he isn’t a drive all the time player anymore. this way he will have a longer career. it will save his body as well. all thats left is stop the up and downs which i thinks has to do with him figuring out and mastering the offense. i have to say jeremy continues to make leaps every offseason. shot blockers have no effect on him. all thats left is adjusting to defenses and learning the offense. if i was the lakers i would be saying man we stole lin for nothing. bigger improvement then last year

  946. MIller is drinking something I am not gonna touch. “Hill is in the scouting report that he can shoot?!”

  947. Ya, this has to be tough on him. Maybe that’s what he meant by a ‘huge step back’ for him. First time being on a bad team that he can’t help/fix?

  948. Defense was different. Lin already improved to a point where passive loading is not working on him.

  949. its funny how they double lin and leave him open. lol they doubled lin and left kobe open for a layup now thats respect

  950. Is Worthy and Horry part of TWC? They don’t seem to dislike Jeremy.

  951. i think what has worked on him is very smart fast defenses. that hides what they are doing well and out smarts him. but that won’t last once he learn the offense fully

  952. Yep. I guess been guarded by Nelson worked too.LOL

  953. No Scott is trying to protect his decision about Price. Kobe/FO/Mitch realize that Price is a bust

  954. lin is inconsistent kobe has always been high volume low efficient shooter all year. defense has been very inconsistent by the lakers though

  955. Jeremy’s post game interview

  956. lins man never guard him its usually a whole team. they scheme how to stop him. be last game did well but he had a lot of help

  957. They like him I think

  958. I think they are aware of the consequences of letting Kobe get his scoring surpass MJ’s. They weighed all the probable scenarios and decided to go with Kobe’s title.. 🙁

  959. or has been i mean

  960. He will get better.

  961. Brent, what is passibe loading?

  962. I think Horry likes Jeremy more.

  963. u da man!

  964. woman*!

  965. That is what I meant. 😛

  966. Did I miss something? Did Scott say that he was going to insert Price into the starting lineup/replace Lin?

  967. yea its a chess math harvard guy will win lol

  968. BS

  969. I like Dirk and Kobe but after tonight, I like Dirk more. Dirk is so efficient despite he’s older.

  970. HOU blitz the PnR. so the sagging big man will actually pushing Lin back. Passive I meant the big was only heding on Lin. Not really pressuring him when Lin only goes east and west.

  971. 🙂

  972. When did he say that? Today or few days ago?

  973. So u r saying Kobe is consistently bad and Lin can be absolutely brilliant!

  974. No they wanted to reward Kobe with going for beating MJ points. They thought Scott could control kobe in a way that it would not be so obvious, but Scott has shown that he is totally clueless. I would not be surprised if Kobe turns on him.

  975. That is automatic. He is a 7fter

  976. few days ago yes

  977. thanks learnt something new again. 🙂

  978. lol who can guard him its impossible

  979. Sure. Kobe just be Kobe again..If not bc he didn’t play in 4Q then he sure would took more than 30 shots for this game?

  980. I think for HOU game.. maybe ATL

  981. Kobe should be more like Dirk. Stand there and take good shots. Don’t dominate the ball, force double and triple teamed shots.

  982. McHale put Lin on him, for whatever it’s worth.

  983. hmmm, you might be right. So Scott might be fired…in no time?

  984. Before road game to that reporter… never mind what he said.. he has no power.

  985. I thought that was b4 the road trip

  986. Think before ATL after Lin went 0/2.

  987. 5df&h08s%!

  988. Exactly. But I doubt Kobe will do that…maybe lose more games then…

  989. lol kobe is what he is right now his prime is way behind him. while lin he shows glimpses of greatness. just have to fully relies it

  990. Kobe should learn it from Dirk.

  991. Lol. But Jeremy actually did well defending Dirk couple of times.

  992. i was very confused that game

  993. Dang.

  994. I feel Lin is about to turn on him….lol

  995. Which I find really weird since I don’t remember him being a big supporter of Jeremy before coming to LA.

  996. or dirk just missed lol he is like 2.5 ft taller then lin

  997. Can you image that if he did. Ball hog Kobe and not offense/defense Price. Team would get blown out in the 1st quarter only to see them come back with Swaggy/Lin/Davis/Ellington lineup.

  998. lol wow great stuff

  999. well that is one good thing about guarding Dirk. He settles for jumpers

  1000. well one guy said it never happen so idc

  1001. Horry is fair with Jeremy and not afraid of criticizing Kobe.

  1002. hahahahaha i almost forgot

  1003. These reporters like lins post game interview, because he just breaks it down to them.

  1004. Coach Jeremy! 🙂

  1005. I think Horry is simply just fair so far. He seems talks without agenda.

  1006. Yes!

  1007. yea that is true. he is blunt recently could be a kobe affect. much more then before

  1008. Lin be keepin it real all sudden yo

  1009. Yeah, liking what he has to say thusfar.

  1010. Dirk is really all about the team winning. He signed a 3 years 25 millions deal this past summer.
    On the other hand, Kobe is currently on a 2 years 48.5 millions contract.
    Basically you can get 3 years of Dirk with one year of Kobe’s salary.

  1011. real like a mother ……

  1012. I think Lin is being more careful on what he says in a sense that he does not become a media punch bag

  1013. Ok, I finally found the video in the post game(LAL vs ROX Jan 2014) interview where Kobe says Jeremy plays extremely well against the Lakers…. at 0.32 mark. To me Kobe has lots of respect for Jeremy’s game.

  1014. He has to. THat 38p 7a game ….

  1015. I respect that a lot, not just in terms of Jeremy but in general. When I watch commentary I just want the facts straight up and credit where credit is due, criticism when it’s warranted.

  1016. last year i think when mchale benched him the forth

  1017. Dirk should win the VFM award if the Mavs win the championship this season.

  1018. how

  1019. Dirk took a pay cut so they could offer Parsons a max contract. Dirk said Parsons owes him dinner on road trips because that’s his money anyway.

  1020. maybe he thinks that price compliments kobe better like how mchale chose bev over lin.

  1021. Feel bad for Kobe because age and his body is portraying him. I hope he gets smart after he beats MJ record, calm down and reflect and be a mentor to the young players,

  1022. I believe Kobe genuinely likes and respect Jeremy, though some PR element come into play. Kobe is extremely smart yet old habits die hard…this old dawg just can’t hog the ball less. sigh

  1023. When the medias, Kobe and Lin fans were saying Lin was not assertive. He immediately jump out ans said he thinks he was aggressive. Problem was not his aggressiveness. Not medias are building on how he is inconsistent. I wonder what will he say.

  1024. yeah, give the blue print for 3pt D. Nice, hope they do it with him. I see him there on time. No Kobe challenges. Only 3 mistake on Lin was when he sagged on JN and he pulled up for a 3. Other than that, lots of in-your-face 3 challenges tho some made as expected.

  1025. Lin was 18pts on 8/11 shooting Kobe was 17pts on 6/22 shooting. If you double JLin’s shots to Kobe’s 22 he would have had 36pts.

  1026. to be honest given how other guys have played after his injury it remarkable what he can still do.

  1027. He just need to become MJ. The team will start to win.

  1028. mj was about the same by the end of his career. shot a lot as well

  1029. Price doesn’t have any offense. Price’s man would just leave Price and double on Kobe.

  1030. he has been tbh. he will over come it though

  1031. Lin’s not happy with the Lakers. The team isn’t good and he wants to play for a playoff contending team. Even with Randle, this team is very poor and Byron is looking like an ineffective coach.

  1032. He’s going to the Spurs. Dont worry

  1033. Not the WSH MJ…LOL well I just meant the general MJ. Who does not shoot a 40fter with 10sec remain in the shot clock.

  1034. It’s so ridiculous that Jeremy wasn’t given any FT in the last 2 games. NIL, seriously?

  1035. Maybe not results. More like he is mad at how Scott runs the team. But of course those are related.

  1036. lin is probably the happiest he has been in two years. relax they lost to the team they was suppose to lose to. 2/3 on a three rode games is good. small steps

  1037. I like his answer regarding the HOU video of his during the game, he immediately linked that to the jersey gate, hehe….

  1038. That offensive foul when he stuck his leg out was ridiculous. Shoulda been and1

  1039. no he won’t he will likely be a laker again

  1040. exactly

  1041. not just honest. also calculated.

  1042. That’s a 4pt play, right? No?

  1043. why?

  1044. He can’t go full throttle all the time. He had other guys producing tonight, mainly Lin and Hill, and didn’t look for them enough. Lin got Kobe easy shots a few times yet Kobe went full throttle. I don’t understand the 28 foot jumper he airballed. That must have been mental fatigue, it was strange.

  1045. 3p

  1046. I agree that he is very mad on how Scott runs the team.

  1047. he wasn’t really driving for fouls. his style has changed since last year. i don’t expect a lot of ft this year. especially if they have shot blockers

  1048. It was a mid-range elbow

  1049. ok.

  1050. HOU was cheap, that video was made last season, at the end of season, Rockets made those videos for each players. It is not a specially made, it is not even a new mix.

  1051. It works for Bev/Harden. Might work for Price/Kobe. Not saying i’m for this.

  1052. because spurs have mills in a long contract and parker. lakers will be his best shot while kobe plays his last year

  1053. … 🙁

  1054. I bet deep inside he wishes he can take over coaching.

  1055. I didn’t on time to watch 1st half.. What happened to Young? Why he only took 7 shots? Did he play bad today?

  1056. i think we had their stats its almost exactly the same with mj in wsh. its amazing how similar they are.

  1057. I just got back but I saw the score.
    So what happened in the 3rd quarter (42-24)?

    Did the defense falter again? Or offense stagnated with Kobe?

  1058. fair comment but he’s called for offensive foul instead of being given foul calls…see below

  1059. young just regressed to the mean. Swag gone after one pffft. he will be back.

  1060. yea he was off

  1061. Well, not really. He kept getting switched off to Dirk and for some reason, he was effective guarding Dirk.

  1062. Mavs were raining 3’s.

  1063. yea refs have been brutle since the preseason

  1064. hey, i like young’s gal..iggy ^.^

  1065. defense watch lins interview below

  1066. they allowed 140pts psalm lol it was defense all the way

  1067. Sorry but BS is not in the same coaching class with Carlisle.

  1068. It looks like we need Post-Game thread?

  1069. ah Lakers’ Kryptonite .. thanks

  1070. Yes!

  1071. for sure describing the 3pt D was natural and you have to wonder who besides Kobe he was referring to …

  1072. Kobe couldn’t guard Parsons, Boozer couldn’t guard Dirk. Kobe taking too many low percent shots. Killed team rhythm.

  1073. you’re so mod!

  1074. a lot of people

  1075. same old, same old ., crime-fighting then when LAL is trailing. thanks.

  1076. We could have won had you been here at the helm …

  1077. Thumbs up.

  1078. I guess so LOL

  1079. Quit hitting refresh to be first ;p

  1080. I should apply to replace BS then LOL

  1081. hahaha god himself couldn’t of stopped the sinking ship that was the lakers

  1082. You found us a scapegoat 🙂

  1083. LOL

  1084. those threes drowned the team on national tv

  1085. And those weren’t even his best plays in that tribute video. They were just random shots he made and none of the ESPN Top 10 highlight-types that he had last season.

  1086. I smell very stinky from TWc, they played a recorded call in the air saying Jeremy Lin is not t a true point guard. WTF and the hosts didn’t even defend it?

  1087. LOL

  1088. I am doing it as I want to tell it loud that Jeremy and I have a very good field day!!! LOL

  1089. I am with you as well. I have JLin as 17/7.

  1090. Miller says he’s a PG but needs to play consistent on and off ball. Miller is brain dead.

  1091. his assist has been off this year but bet its the offense scheme. him not being used to it

  1092. Ya. Case of Head you win .. tail I lose.

  1093. ESPN Stats & InfoVerified account
    Kobe Bryant 6-22 FG (missed first 8 shots from field) in loss to Mavericks; rest of Lakers shot 60.3 percent

  1094. we need one because JLin did not get 21.

  1095. he was a stubborn mule tonight sticking with a terrible lineup and performance then calling it quits end of Q3 30 pts down.

  1096. At least Bev can hit a 3. You can’t leave him completely unguarded for long. Price is 17.4% from the 3, 26% FG%

  1097. so close.. 18/5

  1098. Hahahahaha

  1099. tell sterling.. and see what they say.. eventually so many complaints will make him at least think about doing something

  1100. Wipe that goofy grin off his face

  1101. Het JT, Raiders got one! Woohoo!

  1102. yeah, I know. Now you can’t go up 880 anymore during game time. They said tix were going for $10 I shoulda gone.

  1103. You should of. Now that they won, tickets are going for $15. Lol, wish they’re back in SoCal, I’d definitely go watch them.

  1104. good point, much cheaper than 9ers

  1105. You know nothing about nothing

  1106. He won’t. Jordan is his idol. Jordan went out in flames. Kobe will be unceremoniously pushed out the door at the end

  1107. You are a creeper

  1108. Yet people keep chanting the propaganda that Lin can’t guard. SMH

  1109. McHale does have that effect on people. 🙂

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