Game 12: Detroit Pistons vs Atlanta Hawks


  1. wow. outdone brent on this new thread.

    from the one liner to the no liner.

    stat of the day:

    lin is 55th in minutes among point guards.

  2. Caris LeVert’s growing prominence in Brooklyn:

    – first two NBA seasons ….. 7 games scoring 20 or more points
    – this NBA season (11 games) ….. 7 games scoring 20 or more points

  3. Go JLin! Do your best and stay healthy!

  4. Lin Staying Healthy is the # 1 wish of his fans – even before Playing Well! 🙂
    Go Lin!

  5. That’s right!! I don’t like what’s going on but I thank God that JLin continues staying healthy and is still in NBA. In the right time no one can stop his shining….

  6. Lin looks fast during shoot around.

  7. the 1st unit defense is really bad

  8. Taurean’s defense is worst than Trae….

  9. Disgusting basketball by starters. 0 defense, chucking, no offensive sets. They look like they don’t even want to be playing basketball.

  10. reggie jackson will overwhelm trea

  11. I am more worry about Drummond and Blake.

  12. yea. our bigs are not so good

  13. empty seats…

  14. Look like is going to be another loss. And I don’t think LP will ever unleash Lin… sigh.

  15. Damn Blaze

  16. Tauren Prince only wants to shoot and play no defense. I guess he wants to spend to much energy on defense so he can jack up all the shots possible.

  17. Omg Baze is bad, Drummond is there and you try to alley oop to Len????

  18. This team is garbage because of LP. He gotta hold player accountable

  19. I don’t even know why I keep watching this trash.

  20. trea cant take that shot at that moment

  21. where’s dorothy to say: “lin in”?

  22. Same here.

  23. schedule about to get harder

  24. If they can play like half the way Buck are playing… It is really on the coach.

  25. trea shooting lonzo numbers from 3. thats unbelievable. mostly poor shot choice

  26. Lin in

  27. Lin in

  28. Only bench on the floor now.

  29. 23-7 at 6:34 1Q – Hawks are behind by 16 already? 🙁

  30. No defense + hero ball = blow out

  31. Good D by Lin hold off Blake

  32. Great, ballhog Bembry hogging the ball already.

  33. Sigh! On the positive side, Lin will get some minutes in 4Q then.

  34. Bembey omg pass the damn ball

  35. 1 ast

  36. Hahaha wishful thinking

  37. Bench trying to stop the bleeding, but Bembry hogging the ball as usual and Huerter missed a wide open 3, pass by Lin.

  38. Omg bembry & Paurean are sooooooooo bad

  39. I just wish Bembry is not with the 2nd unit.

  40. 2222222

  41. He gets so many minutes, he plays with all units. Which is just ret*rded.

  42. Lin baby!

  43. Still so fast… Mine is still 26-10

  44. 22222222222222

  45. Your stream is always faster than mine. 🙂

  46. Should be a foul

  47. Should’ve been a foul on that, but of course refs never call fouls for Lin.

  48. Hawks just cant make a 3

  49. Steal

  50. Lin with 2 steals already. Nice pass to Bembry for easy layup.

  51. lin look more athletic and fast today

  52. 2 Ast – 2 steal. Only if Lin can get playing time….

  53. Lin missing shots, but at least he’s more aggressive and attempting shots.

  54. Detroit too good to over come that lead

  55. With Lin out on the floor, the defense actually tries. They make switches and actually defend their man.

  56. Jeremy is playing with a bunch of bums.
    Players like him don’t live with skrubs
    Hope he finds a new home soon

  57. 222222222222

  58. No one can stop Drummond

  59. Geez, Detroit having a field day with Hawks.

  60. 40-point first quarter. Ridiculous.

  61. omg i just notice that. to be fair, starters gave up 27 then bench gave up 13 scoring 9

  62. Yeah, bench is -4 so far. They stopped the bleeding, but can’t make a comeback.

  63. Lin is at least the 3rd best player on this team and hes being treated like a skrub by our beloved LP

  64. Its going to be rough getting back the lead. their big can scoring when ever they want

  65. Lin is playing aggressive and his speed has improved.

  66. Lin out

  67. as he gets healthier it will get more noticable. id say 1st or 2nd. he will get traded

  68. Has Lin ever played with a legitmate good big? maybe just DH
    no ed davis is not one lol

  69. Hopefully to a playoff team

  70. Tyson Chandler. He was coming off his prime years during Linsanity.

  71. like i said no future here. why the rookie in. has done notihing yet more minutes then lin.

  72. ahh explains why Lin scored so much during linsanity
    good screens

  73. +/- for 1Q
    starters: -16, -14, -12, -11
    bench: -6, -4, -1

    Lin: -4

  74. Well. LP gonna get fire by the second years. Damn he sucks.

  75. his lineups make no sense.

  76. When Miles Plumlee is your leading scorer, you’ve got serious problems.

  77. thats the point, hawks want lottery picks
    LP is the man

  78. Yup and substitution and and he doesn’t hold player accountable.

  79. Lin gives good defense yet rookie has zero’s across the board but yep he plays more. just trade lin already

  80. Trae Young has a lot of potential and a great future ahead of him but he’s not a star yet and he aint ready to lead a franchise yet

  81. LP was hired to tank it’s obvious every game lineup is different and every player is just drive pass Trae Young his defense is as worst as Harden’s.

  82. Stick with the Lin, Trae lineup longer. And play Bembry less.

  83. it makes sense for tanking. 🙁

  84. this is the lakers all over again. they are tanking. its clear

  85. No coach will try to tank at the beginning of the season.

  86. His defense is awful and one of the reasons why Hawks have horrible defense. Why defend when the PG a tough defender? Trae Young is no where near Seth or Steph Curry’s ball handling or scoring!

    I’m glad Lin isn’t wasting time “mentoring” him.

  87. It’s a good thing Lin doesn’t play with Young much if not he’d have to over exert himself just to defend!

  88. hey at least no kobe lol

  89. to top it off, the refs must have laid some paychecks on the game

  90. well. yea lol. then it makes complete sense. just trade lin. its a waste of time for lin

  91. And _($*#_($ Baze just stand there and watch. WTH????

  92. I’m not concerned with his defense his a rookie

  93. Baze is trash he has no business starting over Lin

  94. lol Lakers, Nets, 76ers hello! Hawks have top10 first round pick to grab a much hyped star this year! They want the worst record for the highest pick they can get!

    This is what tanking is. Hawks and Pierce have no intention of winning. And I’m glad Lin doesn’t care, he obviously knows their plan and just wants to compete when he’s on the floor and have fun playing.

  95. This is on LP man, he should sit the players that is not evening trying their best on the defensive end.

  96. Worst than Lakers, LP did not try to tank, he does wanna win but he is not smart enough to do so.

  97. people can say this is development but i dont see how. trea shooting under 28 percent from three. why?? because of poor shot selection

  98. Is on LP.

  99. Starters finally starting to play defense now. Took them long enough.

    Edit: spoke too soon.

  100. Geez everyone think he is Curry on this team.

  101. Way way behind 3 pts line.

  102. Trae’s long threes are not shots from a confident 3 pt shooter, but a necessity for a small guard that needs a lot of separation to even shoot the 3.

  103. Early Blowouts usually mean JLIN gets plenty of playing time 2nd half.

    When there is no chance of a comeback from a huge hole, then there is no risk to play JLIN and let him do his thing.

  104. curry only take those shots when he is hot

  105. 30 minutes for Lin!

  106. That’s just an excuse, I’ve seen better defense by rookies of the Nets Trae Young isn’t even putting his hand up or trying to keep the defender in front of him. Just looking to get the ball again to score or get his stats.

  107. Couldn’t agreed more. + he is Curry. Trae and Prince is not.

  108. if trea stay on this trend. he will shoot under 20 percent from 3

  109. Man this bum LP makes me miss Byron Scott
    At least Lin averaged 26 mins and 11ppg

  110. Lets hope so, starters or anyone lineup with Young is boring!

  111. Watching the Hawks play some how piss me off.

  112. lol lineup with no pg

  113. Putting Bembry in instead of Lin again. I hate it when Pierce pulls this crap.

  114. LP is mad mad stupid. He keep trying to win but doing the total opposite.

  115. LP is mentally challenged

  116. He somehow thinks Bembry can make the team better

  117. AGAIN!

  118. Pistons used to be such a bad team now all these low ranking teams are playing so much better even if they lack center presence cause everyone’s shooting more 3s. Piston looks like a contender out there.

  119. No PG this is going to be funny.

  120. ……………….im lost for words

  121. Very discipline.

  122. No he’s doing what he was hired to do tank. Hawks will reward him with 1-2 year extension before firing him just like BS.

  123. Lin is really just happy that he’s playing again so i’m really happy for him.

  124. Bembry must be considered a PG! :[

  125. lol

  126. Nets and Hawks are no where near that level, now wonder they are one of the worst teams in the league and Lin was on them back to back. Don’t blame Lin for hating Marks and Nets, they had to trade him to the worst team in the league and a tanking one!

  127. On the other hand Hawks is like kindergarten, everyone and do whatever they want.

  128. Of course! There’s no reason to stress over a team who’s intent is to tank! Lin just needs to stay healthy, get his stats and look for another long term starter contract!

  129. PT 6 min. in 1Q.
    No minutes yet in 2Q!?

  130. Well what else can you really do have you have a coach like that?

  131. they’re tanking hard. Hope Lin can be traded as soon as he’s eligible to be traded.

  132. Okay *&@#)(@&#)(* you Lloyd Pierce!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I give up.

  133. I would hope Lin gets better minutes assignment.

  134. free agent….soon

  135. nope, can’t have Lin be the leading scorer again. No PG controversy allowed.

  136. So easy in and out and wide open 3.

  137. Lin IS the best player on this team even at 85%

  138. They won’t start tanking at the beginning. Only when the record get bad then they tank.

  139. Well unless you are at the West like Lakers.

  140. hows jeremy doing today folks?

  141. It’s like watching a video game, except at least you’d have fun as the one blowing out the team. This is so boring worst than watching the Lakers tank. Pistons aren’t even playing hard just cruising at slow speeds.

  142. There’s no reason to bench Lin all of 2nd quarter other than the fact that Pierce just doesn’t like him and can’t have him leading the Hawks in scoring or to a win. I can’t stand this BS anymore.

  143. one good thing is lin getting healthier and he nows he will leave either by trade or as a free agent

  144. 6 mins 4pts with 0 mins in 2nd quarter what do you think?

  145. in his few mins of play, he’s doing well. aggressive and smart.

  146. give my man more mins! at least hes playing well in the time being given :/

  147. I said it very early, LP doesn’t think much of Lin. That’s ok as not many Coach like Lin anyway. But the worst part LP thinks he know how to coach but he doesn’t.

  148. He doesn’t even get treated as a 2nd back up PG bench player. What reasons can the team come up with to limit his playing time?

  149. Get Lin off this piece of crap team. This is pure torture.

  150. so….it’s still early….he’s on mins restriction lol

  151. If Lin comes in 2nd half he needs to look to score!

  152. griffin made1 point yet they scored 74 points

  153. Okay I have enough on the BS and it is really not worth the time. So until next time you all.

    Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. Jeremy is laughing inside. whatever coach

  155. at the end of the first quarter lin was leading or tied for the team lead in minutes, fga, fgm, points, blocks and assists.

    his reward? dnp second quarter.

  156. Turning this off if Lin doesn’t start 3rd quarter. Not wasting any more time on this BS.

  157. Take care man. You’re smart turning off this trainwreck.

  158. lol its a by mistake min restriction

  159. He played well for the 6 min in 1Q, 4 pts, 2 asts, 2 stls and no turnover. The starters lost to the Pistons by 17 (23-6) when he entered the game.

    He played 0 min. in 2Q.

  160. No thanks to Hawks for ruining it.

  161. he won’t be playing the second half

  162. Pistons are raining 3s with Hawks’ non existent defense. Slow pace is working in their favor. No run and gun so boring.

  163. I’ve been saying all along……get jeremy out of atlanta asap

  164. I hope there’s an explanation for Lin not playing after the game.
    Maybe the medical staff told the coach to only play Lin below 15 minutes tonight.
    It almost feel like they can’t afford to let Lin get too many points.

  165. they should fire this rookie coach

  166. come on

  167. Every single record for futility that Philadelphia 76ers set for record losses (most losses in the history of the NBA for 3 seasons) – Pierchlenk will BREAK for Atlanta

    Additionally, I am starting to lose track of the All time records that other NBA teams and individual players have set in quarters, halfs and games against this Pierchlenk Tankfest

    After it’s all said and done, Pierchlenks’ teams will own all the losing records, thank heaven JLIN only around for 1 season or less

  168. He did. He was great. There’s no reason for the very silly Bembry lineup and no Lin in the 2nd quarter. I’ve given Pierce a chance but no longer. His lineups and not playing Lin at the right times are both unacceptable.

  169. I’ve been watching the magic…their team is not bad..J. should go there

  170. I’ve lost patience with Pierce. His not playing Lin in this game after Lin played so well in his stint is unacceptable. The Bembry lineup was pitiful and Bembry plays too much and too selfishly. His team isn’t competitive and ready and he just doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing.

  171. honestly anywhere else is ok but hoping for contender

  172. Nothing apparent. Looks like Pierce has no clue what he’s doing. And no clue of how to utilize Lin effectively.

  173. very obvious LP doesn’t like Lin

  174. welcome on the ship. i jumped a few games ago. the team is getting worse not better. no development happening at all.

  175. I know LP is following the script of development tanking, just hope he could do it more SUBTLY. Also hope he would give Lin decent minutes assignment.

    Lin played only 6 minutes in the first half: 🙁
    1Q 6 minutes
    2Q 0 minutes

  176. I was patient because Lin got more playing time the last 2 games. But there’s no excuse for a 2Q benching of Lin. And I’m tired of looking at Bembry.

  177. what development. team is getting worse. leading scorers have low shooting percentage.

  178. another ronnie price

  179. Lin and Plumlee playing well, both gets benched.

  180. At least Price could run an offense. Bembry is undisciplined .

  181. True.
    Young, the “new Curry” is shooting 33%. Maybe cleaning out the carload of popcorn hurts his shooting mechanism. LOL.

  182. Only positive…Trae is exposed for the bust he is!

  183. this is the worst team lin has been on. he s likly the best player on the team. the gap between him and trea is large. so him and bremby is not measurable

  184. Of all players. Bad coaching.

  185. They get benched in 2Q BECAUSE they played well in the short time on court (6 and 4 minutes in 1Q).

  186. he can be good. well, his size is a big issue but he can be a good player. this coach will ruin him

  187. he’ll never make it if he doesn’t play defense, at all! Of course he can get some shots, when you’re the main PG, eventually some will be called and you can chuck, but he can’t and won’t ever be able to lead a team. He’ll never play defense cause he’s tooooo small. Especially with the League moving towards bigger PG’s.

  188. No defense and shooting at 33 %. He is avenging himself for the rookie prank – car full of “high-level” popcorn. LOL.

  189. He’s not a bust, he’s a rook. No need for hate. Lin will get more minutes this half and get back in shape, ready to join a better team.

  190. sean marks is better at development then this

  191. Stop hatin’, bro. Trae is a rookie and he’s played well for a rook. He just plays no D. My only complaint with him.

  192. It’s not hating…it’s facts.

  193. Are you trolling? Lin is obviously DNP this game after only 6 mins cause he’s been playing too well and embarrassing Trae every game!

  194. That’s cause Nets had zero picks! Hawks has 3, 1st round picks in the next few years! They have all the time they need to tank for high draft picks to create their own GSW. The hyped star of the next draft class is their goal, not Young’s success or winning.

  195. LMAO Trae’s flaoter gets blocked and is knocked down and stomped on. Curry next life! At his size he won’t even be bench material next few years, reminds me of Aaron Brooks but AB was better and more crafty.

  196. lin in

  197. Sad really for Lin – benched for good performance and
    watching team defeated completely.

  198. Iced Lin for all of 2nd Q and finally bringing him in with 6:50 to go in 3rd Q. Pierce wants to make sure Lin doesn’t get into rhythm or score more than other players on the Hawks, especially Trae.

  199. Usually, no players wants to tank and will always play hard since draft picks can only steal their job and minutes. But these Hawks players seemed to be in on the tank with the management.

  200. Let’s go Lin, take all the shots. Get to your mid range spots. haha.

  201. I think players are starting to understand Trae’s game. He’s going to go through a rough spot this year as more of his passes get picked up.

  202. Their lost when there is no leader on the floor. Even Vince Carter not getting any minutes.

  203. Wow, Bembry misses both free throws.

  204. Miles Plumlee is on fire! unstoppable.

  205. He looked like trash during preseason, but the past 3 games, he’s been playing very, very well. He’s actually outplaying the other 2 centers ahead of him, but Pierce benches him like he does with Lin.

  206. This lineup with Lin and Plumlee are too strong, they can still make a come back and win if Pierce will leave them in for the rest of the game. I hope Lin starts making shots soon.

  207. Lakers were able to trade for tyson chandler…why can’t lin be traded?

  208. he’s refusing to shoot

  209. Starters are mostly rookies, they don’t need to try tanking that’s why Lin and Plumlee were both benched after 1st quarter.

  210. Tank lineups

  211. not until december i think cause he was traded already

  212. you right. Lin will only be available to be traded sometimes in december or late november.

  213. rook has 22 minutes and 0 points

  214. Lins gonna get traded im sure of it. He does not want to be there and Hawks have no use for him as they are tanking.

  215. Looks like Lin will be in for rest of the game? Bad, Hawks wants to tank and blow out but Pierce will give Lin longer consistent minutes to close the game? (I hope)

  216. only thing that makes sense

  217. Even if they aren’t they won’t start him so long as they are developing Young and new draft picks!

  218. lin out

  219. His PT so far:
    1Q 6 min
    2Q 0 min
    3Q 7 min
    4Q ?

  220. Jeremy needs to just shoot and stop the so called team play…he’s the only one playing for others

  221. So much for wanting Lin to close the game, Hawks and Pierce are intent on making Lin have worst stats than Trae Young. Total BS. Lin needs to smarten up and shoot as much as he can. Also ask for the ball when Trae is in.

  222. Huerter? 5 rebounds and 2 assists.


  224. nope

  225. Broke his ankles into pieces and sank a clutch 3. happy for the dude…easily lins best teammate

  226. Nope, not a fan of Hornets nor Walker the fake star.

  227. come on walkers is as legit as they come. And easliy lins best team and teammate since like ever.

  228. Lin’s best teammate was Lopez who genuinely wanted Lin to be starting PG and share the franchise with him. Not Kemba Walker.

  229. kinda want lin to go back there

  230. Now the only suspense is whether Lin will come back at garbage time. Oh, it was already garbage time since 2 Q…

  231. Taking 30 shots for 30 pts and playing 40 mins with both starters and bench just to stat pad for All Star case is legit?! If Lin didn’t bring Hornets to playoffs Walker would’ve never gotten the All star nod! Everyone knew he was a shot chucker and lacked driving and shooting consistency.

    NBA certainly got their priorities right, using Lin to promote other fake stars and different teams.

  232. LOL

  233. trea sure knows how to get empty points

  234. I like Lopez but he was not the face of that franchise nor was he a star. He was a real good post player with no defense. He has reinvented himself at Bucks.

  235. right

  236. lin in

  237. Lin in

  238. Pierce trying to point out something to players while smiling? Cause he got his job done today, tanking is sealed. No coach who wants to win would “smile”. If this was Spurs or GSW Pop and Steve Kerr they would be pissed and screaming.

  239. The second tank commander Lin has the luck to have in his NBA career! 🙁

  240. Dedmon is a blackhole, never passes back out. Can’t believe Lin praised this guy.

  241. dedmon is one of our better bigs. if a big is that deep then they should score. unless doubled

  242. Pierce successfully iced Lin out and now Lin is a good boy, not playing aggressively nor looking for his own shot unlike he was in 1st Q.

  243. Lin not even PG right now, standing in the corner iced out.

  244. jeremy is so funny…he’s expecting his teammates to pass him the ball……

  245. Everyone looking for their own stats during garbage time especially when Bazemore is there. Lin needs to get the ball before half court or get the rebound for his chance to score.

  246. jeremy it’s garbage time…shoootttttt

  247. Not when he’s defended well, he’s chucked pass 3 shots without passing back out!

  248. if jeremy scores close to 16…LP will put trae in lol

  249. 3rd already, Nets were also stealth tanking, Lin was just gullible and believe they really wanted him to be the franchise.

  250. coach’s instruction? facilitate, defend, don’t score?

  251. Yes. 3rd. You are right. Nets were not as obvious though.

  252. Lin wasn’t even PG for majority of the minutes when Trae or Bazemore were in, how to facilitate? Lin is getting iced out with no screens.

  253. 2 more points for Lin!

  254. shoot and shoot and shoot

  255. Best lineup of the night ont he floor right now, Lin, Plumlee, Huerter, Poythress

  256. Why didn’t Lin do this earlier?

  257. Not allowed to – of course

  258. Lin needs 3 more points to tie Trae’s points! Lets get more points than Trae again!

  259. Yes Lin made another 3 pointer 16 points!

  260. LOL Lin fans cheering and chanting MVP.

  261. 3 FT

  262. LOL Lin fouled on 3 pointer!!

  263. Breaking out the fireworks! Lin gets more point than Trae even when benched the entire night with less mintues and losing precious time as PG with Trae and Bazemore ahhaahahha !I’m happy! Lin’s FTs and 3s smooth as butter! Thank You 19 POINTS!!!! WOOT WOOT!

  264. 16 points for lin here comes Traeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  265. 3333333333333333333333333333333333

  266. another 3 ptr for Lin! 19 pts now!

  267. OMG Lin with another 3! 19 points, leading scorer on Hawks again!

  268. Turned out to be a big scoring game for Lin. Weird. I’ll take it.

  269. JLIN and Plumlee only two players positive in Plus/Minus — and by a mile better than anyone else

  270. haha, get yours JLIN! Leading Hawks scorer.

  271. 22PT! Lin raining 3s!!! Oh Baby Im glad I stayed for this tanking fest!!

  272. 21PTS now!

  273. You’re counting wrong.

  274. Poythress too, but he doesn’t really count. Only played 10 minutes and had 5 fouls.

  275. Right now It should be all about the stats with lin. try to get as good statline as you can to get of this god forsaken team.

  276. not sure if he got hurt or not?

  277. 19

  278. Plumlee with the bad pass, should’ve gotten the ball to Lin right away could’ve gotten another 3 pointer off.

  279. lmao lin made it respectable. like i said he is likly the best or 2nd best player on the team. Lin- come and get me some other team

  280. I agree. I just never see Lin really go for shots. Don’t know why he decided to shoot more but I’ll take it. I do think Lin looked a bit tired on D. Not pushing off like he could. But he got his shots up and they fell.

  281. 19 points or 22 ??

  282. Glad Lin got his stats up to 19 pts, 4 asts, 3 reb and 2 stl in 21 min. PT!

    His PT: 1Q 6 min, 2Q 0 min, 3Q 7 min. 4Q 8 min

  283. i dont trust espn but it says 19

  284. So proud of Lin and so glad Nash helped him get in contact with Fortius to rebuild his body from bottom up! Fortius saved his career! Lin needs to continue going back even this off season to keep things in check! His shot has never looked better so smooth including his FTs!

  285. JLIN is building out his trade video tape –

    efficiency this year is excellent,
    shooting percentage best in his career so far.

  286. 19 pts in 21 min.

  287. someone was cheering MVP MVP

  288. 0 turnovers

  289. 0 turnover for Lin…Great! and 19 points and 4 assist and 2 steals….

    Let’s hope he can be traded as soon as possible.

  290. can we take a second and cry with happiness. i dont think lin has lost a step. he is playing more in control but he was doing that in brooklyn already

  291. i think Lin when the game is competitive he tries to get everyone involved, he wants to initiate offense. But i think he would shine as a scorer that passes. Especially with that bench unit they need his scoring. yeah he looked tired i think he needs a couple more games.

  292. Exactly! He’s on his way to average 20PPG if he keeps this up every game!

  293. yet no more playing time. he has to be traded.

  294. If Lin gets minutes and attempts, he’d average 20 PPG easily, with some 30+ point games. Too bad he’s playing for Pierce and this awful Hawks team.

  295. my bad! You are right! Our boy is ultra-efficient.

  296. rehab season or until he gets traded which im almost certain he will. this is good tape to get someone to do it

  297. Watching play by play while streaming was misleading.

  298. hope he is ok after this game

  299. Why the HEck is Lin the poster of this blow out! This game is on Trae not Lin!

  300. And his efficiency is exactly the reason why he is given strange inconsistent minute assignment! The team does not have winning for its goal. 🙁

  301. Yeah, but haters and scouts will just say he does this against 3rd stringers and in garbage time. Which is partially true. Lin doesn’t light on fire except in garbage time. Part of it is his fault (too passive) and most of it is Pierce’s fault for benching him until garbage time.

  302. highlights please

  303. he should shoot more

  304. ± is +4

  305. did you guys hear the MVP chant

  306. Because he’s the leading scorer. Don’t look at it like it’s a bad thing. At least they’re featuring Lin on their Twitter.

  307. lin already has playoff experience. this tape is to say he is healthy

  308. yup

  309. It is good that Lin is getting some attention!

  310. Sure, the Hawks learn the process from Lloyd Pierce. But the players don’t really need to learn losing games in Q1.

    Would Atlanta fans want to pay to watch this game. I don’t hear their happy clappings though.

  311. I truly wish he’d more take that approach. But I’m just happy he’s playing.

  312. Final score 124-109. Hawks lost by 15.

    The deficiency was 28 (115-87) when Lin entered the 4Q.

  313. If it was for his 19pts sure but not for a black and white photo for a huge blow out loss! It’s as if he cause the blow out!

  314. reminds me of knicks nets game

  315. Magic, Knicks, Suns, Pacers…Someone, please come get Lin…Anyone that is not playing to tank.

  316. someone anyone hahaha how about the shanghai sharks = )

  317. Where in this photo does it list Lin’s points scored? The status reads “regroup”! Not praising Lin as player of the game, no need to sugar coat it. I’ve seen Rockets and other teams do this way too often! Win means posting with “fake star”, Loss meaning posting with Lin as if he’s the reason they loss.

  318. Those are the teams that are tanking (minus Pacers), but not intentionally.

    You want Lin on a contending team, not bottom feeders. Bottom feeders have no reason to trade for Lin.

  319. What do you mean specifically by too passive? I’m asking for clarification because I’d like to know what your observations are. I think Pierce is clueless, btw.

  320. OK so heres some things i’ve seen with the hawks.

    Nr 1: The talent level on that team is atrocious outside of Trae there really isn’t much


    NR 3: Pierce knows why he’s there. we have seen stuff like this before. Tank coach comes in handles the tanking and when the team gets some legit talent that can win enough for the playoff, they’ll give Pierce a chance to do so but if he fails it’s the boot and in comes a competent coach. rinse and repeat.

  321. I know how you feel as a Lin fan. It would’ve been better if it had been a Win for the team.

  322. last 5 games stats
    20.2 minute 4.4-7.4 fgm-fga .595 field goal percentage
    .462 three point percentage
    .897 free throw percentage
    15.2 points

  323. They want Zion Williamson. But so do other bad teams.

  324. No one would trade for a an high paid injured player unless you only use him for marketing and locker-room leader for your young rookies. Lin needs to produce whenever he’s allowed to play and ask for trade or buyout in the second half season to joint team that needs help for post season.

  325. Disagree, Trae is by far the worst on this team right now! He’s making pass shots and racking up TOs with bad passes!

  326. somehow I agree with Click. He needs to be more aggressive and look for his own shots early. stop all this team play because nobody cares

  327. You’re wrong. There are a lot of teams who would trade for Lin if he can stay healthy. He’s already proven he got his game back, but isn’t getting minutes.

    You’re forgetting that Lin is an expiring contract. Those are very, very valuable. Add on top of that, he’s still a very good veteran PG. Contenders will be calling Hawks FO in the next 2 months. He just has to stay healthy.

  328. I think the PR likes Lin. But the prime mission of this coach is to play Bembry a lot and Lin not so much. Unless it is in garbage time. Also lose.

  329. he’s a rookie…..he should not be starting but he is. Making a lot of mistakes is expected.

  330. I want him on a team where he has a chance to start and compete for a playoff spot….

    I really don’t want Lin in teams like Warriors or OKC or any big team where he would only get like 15 minute backing up a star PG.

  331. No idea. I wish he did.

  332. He has talent no doubt it’s a rookie season and they are smothering him. Need i tell you what happened to Lin at Knicks when he met the heat?

  333. depends what contract they want to get rid of and the cap space they have

  334. Agree! Contenders will want Lin’s help, especially when he’s shooting lights out even better than Linsanity time. Big difference is he doesn’t get 30+ minutes with green light to shoot as starting PG.

    I’m glad Lin has learned to look out for himself and shoot as much as possible to get his stats. He needs that for a big contact.

  335. What you want and what the reality is in the NBA are 2 different things. The NBA and coaches do not want Lin as a starting PG. Lin’s last chance was in Brooklyn. The best we can hope for is Lin helping a playoff team and get deep into the playoffs or even win a title.

  336. team in most need of lin is the phx suns

  337. His salary is too high and harder to get traded so to become a free agent to joint team that he wants is better..

  338. anywhere but this team is ok with me

  339. he can start for magic and suns…I rather see him traded there than a big team where he barely plays.

  340. Lin was aggressive and looked for his own shots in the first quarter. After getting iced out by Pierce in the 2nd and half of 3rd quarter, Lin came in the game with 6:50 left in the 3rd and stopped being aggressive. He became passive again, overpassing and giving the ball to teammates that can’t make shots nor pass the ball back to him.

    Lin didn’t get aggressive again until garbage time deep into the 4th quarter. Again, mostly Pierce’s fault, but some blame also has to go to Lin.

  341. Lin facing Lebron’s Lakers on Sunday he needs to be ready.

  342. i hope teams will try to get him soon

  343. what if he exploded that game it would be Linsanity all over again.

  344. Suns are messed up. I rather he went to Orlando Magic. They had a great PG in Dragic, but chose to give 4 year max to Bledsoe and ruined the team! Bledsoe even gave Lin an unnecessary push his drive to the rim and Lin gave him a stare down!

  345. lonzo will look like a building next to trea

  346. Orlando..he can make some noise

  347. how tall is lonzo?

  348. yea me as well

  349. 6’6

  350. You don’t get it. Magic and Suns will not give up anything valuable to trade for Lin. Hawks’ GM won’t give up Lin for peanuts either. Why would bad teams give up assets to trade for Lin? Hawks did it because they think Lin can help mentor Trae and get them more assets at the trade deadline.

  351. Lin is shorter too

  352. Knicks to trade Burke/mudaiy and a 2nd round pick for Lin….Lin teaming up for Portzingis in New York to make playoff.

  353. KD is going to knicks next year. He’ll be history again

  354. I always thought if Lin makes a few shots, whether 3s or layups or midrange shots, he opens up his facilitation. When he tries to set up teammates that don’t know what they are doing, besides Carter, then things can get messy. I also wonder if Lin is pacing himself. There have been a lot of games lately and not many days between them so maybe he needs to conserve energy at times. So maybe after he plays he feels it a bit and passes off and directs his players off-ball. But Lin can stroke that little jumper at any time, so hopefully in the 3Qs he’ll have some more aggression.

    Happy enough with his game tonight. Totally not happy with this team or Pierce. Pierce should run screens for Lin and play Lin with Trae more (though that makes Lin have to work harder on D).

  355. I wouldn’t mind it. Lin with Kanter wouldn’t be bad. But Dolan doesn’t appreciate Lin and he’s still in NY.

  356. highlights anyone????

  357. yep…Dolan won’t allow that

  358. Would make sense, specially if Portzingis can stay halthy..and Kante is a very good big man too.

    Ntilikina can play alongside Lin since he’s like 6’6. But he’s been struggling as a starter, so he could become a bust like Mudaiy..

  359. wont look like he is standing next to a building

  360. NBA Fantasy Twitter account took the time and effort to make a Lin highlight of tonight’s game. People are noticing Lin again…

  361. It’s important for Lin to find his own rhythm back in shooting 3s, PnR and making layups. Young is not his problem. Leave him.

  362. I think lin was not signed with Knicks because of Melo not Dolan. Lots of knicks fans(new york fans including me) will welcome Lin.

  363. Jlin averaging more ppg than niklilina. Just throwing that out there.

  364. He can play defense. He can be like Shumpert was in Linsanity.

  365. Yeah, I don’t appreciate some Lin fans always trying to tear down Lin’s teammates and ex-teammates. Especially when they’re just a 19-year old rookie trying their best to play well.

    Fake superstars like Melo and Harden deserve the criticism and bashing but not Trae.

  366. 🙌 For jlin tonight! He’s showing us fans and himself what he’s capable of coming out of injury and rehab. I wish we can see more of what he can do against starters in a tight game. I think that’ll be the next check point in his progress. For now, I’m stoked to see his ever improving numbers as this young season progresses.

  367. I think Dolan didn’t like the fact Lin considered listening to offer from Rockets. Dolan felt Lin should had not tested the market and sign with Knicks for whatever the price.

  368. Knicks didn’t offer Lin anything, that’s why the Rockets offered Lin something.

  369. Dolan didn’t even offer Lin a contract and lied about doing so! They tried to paint themselves as a victim and that Lin “ditched” them. Knicks were being controlled by Melo due to his powerful agency and being Dolan’s high paying franchise player. Not even D Rose was enough to kick Melo out and he ended up leaving Knicks before Melo did! That’s how bad of an owner Dolan is.

  370. OMG LeVert just made a clutch bucket, tied 110-110, .3 seconds left in the 4th Q, to get Nets up by 2 and game winner.

    I really like LeVert. This dude is so good for a 3rd year player. Lin mentored him well.

  371. ATL has got three pretty good modern (stretch the floor) NBA centers in Len, Dedmon and Plumlee. Plus JLin brings out the most in especially Dedmon and Plumlee.

  372. No to Dedmon who’s a blackhole, yes to Len and Plumlee.

  373. what ever guy

  374. Trae is another fake star if he even becomes one, there has been zero interactions between these two. His hyped extended 3 is so inconsistent and he has trouble driving or making floaters due to his short height! Trae can’t get his own shots at all after teammates stopped giving him screens and passing to him for open shots. Lin can still get his own 3s, mid range, and layup even without screens.

  375. Blah blah blah Pierce. If you truly wanted more spirit and greater consistency of effort, you’d stop putting in rookies as starters and benching your best / hottest players for a quarter and a half. Bunch of bull.

  376. NBA increasing emphasis on fouls and accurate referee was legit! Lin has had many fair and right calls when driving and shooting this year. Also got less personal fouls, great to see. Refs don’t cheat his stats as much anymore.

  377. Pierce is tanking, so whatever says doesn’t matter. Still you’d think he’d at least give Lin the respectful starting role with staggered minutes even when they’re tanking.

  378. sure it’s a lot of garbage time baskets, but i dont think anyone even watches hawks games, so as long as his raw stats look good, maybe someone will take notice…

    i want him off this team asap. i want him on a team trying to win. all of his minutes are meaningless as the starters get blown out after 5 minutes. even if he gets less minutes overall on a different team, i want his minutes to be meaningful, impactful. and as always, give him a little opportunity, like a starter in foul trouble or injury, and he will grasp it and take over. we saw this with the batum injury. he took over that series…

  379. part of the tanking master plan…

  380. I thought Brooklyn was tanking. what are they doing winning in Denver? I thought they’re trying to draft Zion Williamson…

  381. Remember that post I made when I said going forward I’d like to see him on a contender. That’s what I was talking about as well. Play for a contender.

    Right now, I still think Lin is rehabbing. So I don’t mind. Once the rehab is close to complete, play on a a contending, winning team. Doesn’t matter when he comes in the game. If the games mean something, Lin’s big time, big-game nature will have all but the most clueless coaches putting him in the lineup. Because, if you need the win, Lin is a crucial element.

  382. brooklyn isn’t tanking, per se. they are evaluating. dlo is a restricted free agent. if they want to keep him restricted, they will have to keep his massive cap hold.

    rhj is also a rfa but his cap hold is less, and he’s actually pretty good.

    dinwiddie will be a free agent. he’ll get paid, but by whom?

    crabbe will be on the last year of his “ridiculous” contract (assuming he opts in), trade bait?

    bklyn will also have a TON of cap next off season. who do they use it on? dlo? dinwiddie? free agents? they are a big market team that can attract big names, especially if they have a “young core” of levert and allen, and good role players like harris…

  383. what kind of contender though? i want him on a team like the bucks where he can be the x factor next to a superstar like giannis. they also have good players but not “stars” like middleton, brook, snell, etc. i dont necessarily want him on the warriors getting 7 minutes a game and a meaningless ring… i want him back to his charlotte role, a big contributor off the bench. i then will hope they dont put a glass ceiling on him like mj/cho/cliff did but instead let him do his thing and help them win more games.

    toronto and lowry are overachieving a bit and timing isnt right for lin to “save the day” over there… maybe in the future, but right now lowry is balling and lin would not get many minutes and his contribution would be low.

    we’ll see going forward what team can use him, and what they’d give up to get him. otherwise we wait for free agency… playing on this team is like a AAA rehab assignment in the mlb… it is what it is…

  384. Definitely not the Warriors. I agree, not a bunch of stars but close to a Hornets situation where there are good players and they need an X factor guy. But no glass ceiling or a coach favoring someone not really worth it over Lin (Batum). It’ll be tricky to find the best team for that and the timing will be crucial. But he’ll have to want that himself for his free agency because he’s not in charge of where he gets traded (assuming it will be this season, which is likely).

  385. For those calling Walker “legit star”. Look at his stat line tonight, dude went 9-29 and took almost 30 shots for his 30 pts! He’s a volume shooter and has been taking 30 shots for his 30pts and playing 40 minutes even with bench players every game just to stat pad. Saw it first hand when Lin had to play with him. Those who chooses All Star players knew this, that’s why he never got the All Star chance until after the season Lin took Hornets to playoffs and he took all the credit for it! Walker can pretend to be nice all he wants but if he was really nice, he would’ve spoken up about starting Lin but he didn’t. No one wants the Asian player to outshine them, not even Walker.

    Legit stars are supposed to be efficient shooters like Curry, Thompson, and KD, not fake stars like Harden and Walker!

    If Lin had half of his minutes and 15 shots every game he’d have 3, 30pt games already!

  386. Atlanta Hawks Jeremy Lin Post-Game Interview After Loss To Detroit


    lin for delly works in the trade machine. i havent followed the bucks but maybe i will start to. it’s starting to look like a great destination for lin.

    looks like delly is getting paid 9M per, with another year left on his contract. he’s 28 so not “young” anymore and averages 6 minutes a game.

    for back up pg they also use the rookie divincenzo, a shooter/scorer connaughton, and a little bit of brogdon…

    my hope is that as the season goes on, and their expectations rise, they will realize that relying on a rookie and a young role player won’t get you far in the playoffs… add to that the fact that delly sucks and is getting paid 9M with 1 more year on his contract…

    delly + 2nd rd pick for lin. git er done….

  388. idk. very slow tempo team

  389. 5th in nba in pace. atl is 2nd.

  390. man, Lin is getting real cryptic in saying that the team is tanking without explicitly saying it! that Harvard education is of some value no?

  391. hmm. theyve changed. just know the greek freak is the defecto pg

  392. that’s okay. Lin will thrive on any team that’s not tanking. bench player or starter. it doesn’t matter.

  393. bledsoe is the starting pg, but as a superstar of course giannis gets the touches.

    imo lin is better than bledsoe, delly, and of course divincenzo and connaughton. as long as lin gets better and better, like we’ve been seeing, it’s a great place for him to “break out” and contribute like we saw in charlotte.

    also brook is there so there is familiarity, and bud is the coach who KA was assistant to…

  394. at ths point id prefer a buyout for lin. that way he can pick the team he wants

  395. Buy out:
    When a team and player want to split, they mutually agree that the player will be waived. The player’s agent and the team negotiate what portion of a player’s contract will need to be forfeited to set him free. Sometimes, a player has to give everything up to leave. Other times, it’s just a portion of his salary. It’s a case-by-case basis.

    When a player is waived, he becomes an unrestricted free agent eligible to sign with any team interested.

  396. What is a buyout?
    Sometimes, for one reason or another, a player and his team just want to break up. This normally happens:

    When teams take on players in a trade that don’t factor into their short- or long-term future. Usually, this is when a veteran joins a lottery team
    When a team that acquired a vet earlier in an attempt to compete performs below expectations
    When teams don’t find a trade at the deadline for a player that wants out

  397. i dont see lin doing that. would LOVE that, but i just dont see him ever doing that…

    and even then, bucks or raptors are my 2 best places so far… bucks #1, more breakout potential…

  398. first one fits lin perfectly

  399. he may. im sure his agent and him have talked about doing it when healthy

  400. lin is not a malcontent who “wants out”… that’s the problem. he’s too humble and won’t stand up for his own career…

  401. its a mutual agreement. why waste a year in lins career

  402. lin doesnt seem like the type, honestly.

    delly + 2nd for lin. everyone wins…

  403. theyre 9-2. dont see them doing it but who knows

  404. like i said, they are relying on bledsoe, delly, divincenzo, and connaughton to go up against curry, westbrook, etc.

    as their expectations rise, they will want to get rid of delly for someone that can help them in a playoff run… enter lin…

  405. lets hope

  406. i wont hope. im willing it into existence…

  407. lmao

  408. hey, lin’s not going to ask for a buyout. so us fans have to do the heavy lifting for him. remember the too flagrant to foul video? he got so many foul calls in that hornets-heat playoff series. we CAN affect things…

    i’m starting the campaign now. delly + 2nd for lin. everyone wins.

  409. It’s so tiring for Asians to have to constantly outperform others just to stay afloat while others get promoted. Jeremy Lin as an Asian American athlete has fought against bias all of life. In education pedagogy, all teachers are taught to control their expectations. The psychological term used is call…

    Pygmalion effect

    View all
    The Pygmalion effect, or Rosenthal effect, is the phenomenon whereby higher expectations lead to an increase in performance. … A corollary of the Pygmalion effect is the golem effect, in which low expectations lead to a decrease in performance; both effects are forms of self-fulfilling prophecy. Wikipedia
    “The Pygmalion effect has been found to be most pronounced where teachers start the school year with high expectations. It’s also good to have high expectations at the beginning of new tasks or topics, so that students don’t have any preconceived negative notions of how they will fare.

    On their own, high teacher expectations will help some, but not all, students. Research suggests that benefits also come when teachers encourage students to have high expectations of themselves, as well as high parental expectations.

    The opposite of the Pygmalion effect is the Golem effect – how having low expectations can lead to either self-handicapping behaviours or a self-fulfilling prophecy, with students failing because they and/or their teachers do not believe they will succeed.”

    Lin has swam upstream all of his life as an Asian athlete and has successfully managed a decent career despite all the negative expectations ( or GOLEM effect ) he’s had to fight through. Lin has been the perfect example of this psychological phenomena of Pygmalion/golem effect. The foil or control person is John Wall. While Lin was constantly push down, John Wall has been the beneficiary of positive reinforcement. While Lin keeps getting criticism, Wall keeps getting a pass as “development”.

    I’m so sick and tired of how much bias Lin has had to face. Can you imagine how Lin feels? I am still extremely disappointed in how quickly the Nets gave up on Lin. It seems that the low expectations of Lin played a great part in the outcome again. It still leaves a very bitter taste in our mouths.

    When Lin fans gives us excuses for Trae as “development”, it’s a bitter pill we have to swallow again and again. We’ve eaten enough bitter pills at every stop Lin has made in his career. We get enough of it from the media and GM or coach, so when we get Lin fans echoing the same excuses, it’s doubly hard. We’ve been fed so much propaganda that even some question why Lin doesn’t do this or that. THE REAL TRUTH IS, Lin now is what every GM and coach hopes their PG prospect can become…(as long as it’s not an Asian that is.)

    After having been a starter all through high school, in my senior year, a new coach made me into a delivery boy starter PG. it was no fun to play with handcuffs. I felt it was a waste of my time so I quit after 3-4 games. Lin on the other hand has no choice but play the game he’s given if he has any hopes of continuing his pro career. It’s frustrating for us but I know it must kill him inside and watch others promoted undeservingly. Lin has to do whatever the coach says just to get playtime…that’s how he’s managed to carve out a decent career while so many others are out high drafts of the league.

    Linsanity was a perfect alignment of chance that made it possible. MDA recognized the truth that Lin was as good as Nash and have the potential to be a superstar. He put his job on the line to make sure Lin leads the Knicks. MDA was able to look past the Pygmalion/golem to ignore the transcripts from preconceived expectations. Malcom Gladwell had a chapter in one of his books that talked about how statistically, a child born late in the years has a better chance of excelling in sports. The reason is that they have as much as 11 months of growth to compete against less physically developed age classes. Once they have impressed the coaches at an early age, they continue onwards with predetermining and preconceived path of expectations. It’s this type of preconceived history that Lin has had to fight throughout. It started when he was young when teams passed him up. Even though he won the state championship in high school and was named an all Cali star, Lin got passed over by colleges…and the story continues from Harvard to the pros. Trae and wall are prime examples of Pygmalion effect of expectations. They are given every opportunity to succeed while the undrafted Golems like Lin are expected to fail.

    Teams all choose to ignore the truth that Lin is the developed player that all the rookie hyped stars should become. John Wall is an example of a hyped player that hasn’t reached the expectations the Lin keeps producing whenever the genie escapes the. Bottle. A healthy Lin now would be as great a player as Nash with the defensive tenacity of Kawhi Leonard. Lin is now at the prime of his career as a lead PG. if someone would give him a chance, we’d see Linsanity again.

  410. the past is the past. everything changed with the career threatening injury. even if he was unfairly treated before, after the injury there are legitimate concerns.

    the only thing lin is being deprived of right now is the chance to show he’s healthy and getting back to his old self.

  411. how much pay cut will Lin take to make it happen? also, his agent has to get a verbal commitment from a non tanking team that will sign him once he clears waivers.

  412. I don’t really like the Bucks because they have quite a few good players at the guard position. Bledsoe, Bragdon and Middleton are lock starters

    I would prefer Lin go to a team with somewhat of a chance to start. If not, a team that can give him 25+ minute consistently off the bench.

  413. Lin should take his time and let nature takes it’s course. This season he should get paid and rehab rather than trying buyout or other funny ideas.

  414. When Lin fans gives us excuses for Trae as “development”, it’s a bitter pill we have to swallow again and again. We’ve eaten enough bitter pills at every stop Lin has made in his career. We get enough of it from the media and GM or coach, so when we get Lin fans echoing the same excuses, it’s doubly hard.

    Uh, no. It’s not excuses. It’s reality. All rookies, especially a 19-year old, gets a pass. If Lin wasn’t on the Hawks, I’d give Trae a pass too. Not that I’d even watch the Hawks or Trae, but if I was a Hawks fan, I would not bash the crap out of his like some Lin fans do. Does anyone remember how terrible Lin played in his rookie year? Sure, he wasn’t given the keys to the team and allowed to make mistakes like Curry and other preordained stars were given, but Lin sucked too in his rookie year. Dude was a mental case, and that was coming off of a great college year, combine, and preseason.

    Just because Lin has been treated unfairly and faced lots of racism, does not mean we should treat his teammates and ex-teammates with disrespect, hostility, and anger. Most of Lin’s teammates did not treat him wrong. It’s Lin’s coaches, GMs, hater NBA fans, the media, and the league in general we should direct that frustration towards. They are the ones to blame, not Lin’s teammates and ex-teammates (minus some hater players like Melo).

  415. Because Lin is the type of guy who would rather waste years of his career than to cause division and “trouble.” If there was a perfect year for Lin to ask for a buyout, it’d be the Lakers season, but Lin allowed Byron Scott nearly destroy his career, not doing or saying anything about it.

    I wanted Lin to ask for a buyout the second he got traded to the Hawks, but I knew darn well that he’d never ask for it. It is what it is. Lin’s the whipping boy of the NBA and he’ll remain that way because that’s just who he is and those who take advantage of Lin knows it.

    I’m fine with Lin using this year as a rehab and showcase year, even on this horrific team. What I can’t stand is Pierce not showcasing Lin until it’s garbage time. It benefits everyone on the Hawks for Pierce to showcase Lin a lot more, but he refuses to do it for some reason.

  416. but looking at the stats, and advance stats, his numbers are pretty good! although on the surface it looks like he is chucking

  417. While I agree Bucks would be a good place for Lin to be traded to, I don’t think Schlenk would let Lin walk for just a 2nd rounder, especially if he has to take on Dellavedova for another year. If Bucks give up a first rounder, I can see it happening, but I doubt Bucks would give up a 1st rounder for Lin and to get rid of Delly. Who knows, it might happen, but I don’t think it will.

    You didn’t mention that Lin would be reunited with Brook and also have the opportunity to play with a legit superstar BEAST in Giannis. However, he wouldn’t get much playtime unless one of their point guards or point forwards get injured. That’s why I don’t see this trade happening. Bucks don’t have a dire need for Lin.

  418. He did mention the “process.” Lin isn’t dumb. He knows Hawks are awful and tanking on purpose. He just can’t say it openly. Gotta sugar coat everything and look at the glass half full all the time.

  419. Every team has to have at least 1 racist Lin hater. At least Hawks don’t have a group of blatant Lin haters like other teams did…

  420. Even Trae fans are starting to worry that getting destroyed night in and night out as a rookie will have very negative effects on his psyche and development. Some want Lin to start over Trae or at least start with him to cover his defensive deficiencies. I knew this would eventually happen…

  421. lin v. the abl’s (anybody but lin’s)

    with his current roll of last six games actually getting 20 plus minutes (average) lin has moved (on season numbers not just last six games) on the standard measuring stick of “hollinger per” up to # 21 among point guards (ie. a starter level point guard since among the top 30).

    in the process he has left behind: young (28) napier (30) dinwiddie (26) and is taking aim at russell (18) and clarkson (14).

    and what of the other older era abl’s?

    p. bev is # 67 out of 73

    the “head of the snake” (price) is no longer playing professionally
    p.j. hairston also no longer playing professionaly
    acie law same

  422. Start yes, cover for Trae’s defense and have Lin over exert himself and risk injury? Heck no!

  423. Every rookie gets scrutinized, just look st Lonzo Ball and Russell. Trae should be treated no different for being a high draft pick! Undrafted players like Lin also get the mistreatment just cause they weren’t drafted.

    Trae certainly doesn’t look like he cares about these losses. Dude looks happy to play with his rookies and score regardless of the results.


    (JLin’s off ball defense looks really, really sharp to this casual eye, but he is getting beaten, fairly easily and often, at the initial point of attack, and especially when he has to fight around screens. NBA technique seems to be that he is supposed to trail with one arm out to presumably block a pass out to corner (?), but seems awkward in terms of recovery into play. There used to be great instruction video on cornerbackhip flip to 315 which talked about pumping arms to help recover into play, and I kind of wonder if that might help JLin as on ball defender)

  425. Every time I read Jeremy Lin getting points in “garbage time”, I feel it minimizes his effort and ability unnecessarily.

  426. Why buyout if Hawks can trade him for asset. Right now all teams are testing their rosters and measure up the needs for the season while looking to see if they can make playoff and then decided what pieces are needed. Besides 2 months down the road, before trade deadline, injuries happen. They won’t rush to do buyouts for now.

    So we are looking at earliest late December and maybe January if Hawks decide to trade Lin. We will have to see. But for now, I would see the next 2 months as rehab and rebuild period for Lin while sharpening his skills.

  427. quick quiz:

    who is the nba’s leading scorer on the season among players playing less than 17.5 minutes per game?

    answer: jeremy lin (with 9.8 ppg)

  428. Need to play on playoff team.

  429. that’s a huge stat. most guys who play such limited minutes have horrible numbers. hope other teams will take notice but I really hope other Lin fans will do things to promote his accomplishments like the flagrant foul video.

  430. Lin has much higher bball IQ than the coach. LP can’t teach him anything.

  431. ofcourse

  432. Lin averaging more then bremby in 10 less minutes

  433. It’s sad to hear Lin said “the process” (i.e.: tanking?!) and “winning” in the short iinterview. The two are mutually exclusive clearly.

  434. Lloyd Pierce hasn’t been able to achieve anything like Lin as a basketball player.

    As an undrafted player in 1998 from the University of Santa Clara, Pierce played four seasons internationally in Mexico, Australia, Germany and Turkey.

  435. No, not every rookie gets scrutinized, and those people who do harshly scrutinize rookies are usually HATERS who want to see them fail. People like you want to bash rookies and call them busts, but you don’t give people a chance to get acclimated to the NBA and gain experience. It’s ridiculous to expect rookies to play like vets and not make mistakes. Heck, even vets make mistakes all the time and don’t always have all-star nights every night.

    There’s a reason why rookies get a pass from most fans, critics, scouts, teammates, GMs, coaches, and teams in ANY sport, not just NBA. Only haters, the media (because they want clicks, viewership, attention, and ad revenue), and casual fans demand perfection out of rookies and bash them when they make mistakes.

    Imagine going to a new job fresh out of college or high school, and being constantly ragged on by your friends, family, and co-workers for not performing like a veteran at said job immediately out of the gate. Unless you’re an executive with tons of experience in the industry, it’s ridiculous to expect anyone going in to a new job and immediately beating out people who have worked there for years.

    Anyway, I’m done trying to make sense to people like you. Continue hating on Trae if you wish, but it’s really uncalled for and makes you look bad. Trae’s not even doing that poorly as a rookie, but go ahead and keep trashing him every night. Dude’s averaging 18.4 points per game and 7.8 assists. Most fans don’t care about the fact that he’s turnover-prone and doesn’t play D.

  436. Except it’s reality and the truth. There are only a handful of games where Lin goes on crazy 8+ point runs in a short span of time NOT in garbage time this year. The fault lies both with Pierce and Lin for him not being aggressive and looking to score. Until Lin changes his mindset and until Pierce plays Lin more consistent minutes with consistent lineups, this trend will keep happening.

  437. Lin’s FG% and 3PT% are getting better.

    FG 46.7%
    3PT 33.3%
    FT 88%

    PER36 stats among PGs, Lin 16th, D-Lo 17th, T.Young 18th

  438. These numbers are excellent for a contending team who need a backup 1 or 2 guard. However I would not want to see JLin typecast as a backup as he already/kind of is. He is at his peak and if he gets through this season health intact he should be a prime candidate for many teams who can use his skills. I would be willing to bet that Jlin’s thinking is along this line too- that his goal is to be a starter

  439. Let’s be real. The NBA does not view Lin as a starting PG. Never have, never will. Only Lin fans and Lin himself knows he’s capable of being a very good starting PG, nobody else. He’s ALREADY ‘typecasted’ as a backup PG his entire NBA career. The only chance he had of breaking that ‘typecast’ was during his Nets years, but they were plagued by injuries, so now everyone in the NBA thinks Lin is injury-prone too, on top of being just a backup.

    Lin’s only chance to get a good last contract next year and potentially start again, is if he plays for a contender this year, stays healthy, plays well for that contender, and shows the world how good he is in the playoffs. I see so many Lin fans wanting Lin to get traded to and start for a bad team, but they fail to realize that will only tank his value further. Plus, no bad team will give up assets to trade for Lin.

  440. Jlin needs more games for conditioning, 20-30 games to see where he is at. Then he needs to start playing against starters to gauge again where he is at. Trade deadline is at 54 games this season so he and ATL will have time to showcase him if the intent is to trade him. No need to rush! best to be health conscious at this stage.

  441. I know that. I’m in no rush of seeing Lin start. I’m just saying that Lin needs to be more aggressive every game and look for his own shots more consistently, and not just during garbage time. He’s only had 2 games this season where he was aggressive throughout the game and didn’t overpass or played like a bench warmer would.

  442. Yes, Click, and I’ve been trying to say this for a long, long time and it’s been misconstrued. If Lin goes to a contender in any position, does well, especially in the playoffs, then that’s his best opportunity to move forward to a position where he’s valued. He’s not always valued on a bad team as starting PG. A lot of these bad teams are looking at Zion Williamson or some next (name your superstar) in college and Lin is a placeholder or trade chip to GMs. However, if Lin goes and plays in the playoffs like he did with the Hornets, he becomes very valuable. It may not be as a starter, but he may get the same minutes and finishing as a 6th man. That’s something I can live with and I think will make Lin have tons of buzz in the long run. Plus more long-term value. And he can run second units as well and spot start in the first units.

    I think Lin has his eye on a starting position. And I respect that and support it. However, he’s been through so much and he has these experiences to draw on to make his decision. Whatever he does, I hope it brings him joy and success. And I’m so happy he’s playing now and hope he stays healthy because that’s the key to his future in any capacity in playing in the NBA.

  443. I’m impressed with Trae’s assists. Yes his shooting isn’t as advertised, esp. 3 pointers, but he has a certain court presence about him that rookies don’t usually have.

  444. It’s time for Lin playing in garbage time to stop. At this point in the season, it’s very disrespectful to a player of Lin’s caliber and experience. And now I think Lin’s able to play physically in the clutch and Pierce needs to respect that. Pierce is showing he doesn’t know how to use his veteran PG in Lin and his favoring of Bembry is very annoying and ineffective.

  445. Problem with Lin going to a very good team is he may not get enough time to do much. Team tend to play their starter more minutes in playoff.

    For example, a team like Golden states that has a super star PG can only afford Lin 15 minutes at best since the big star will be playing at least 30-32 minutes per game..if not higher in the playoff.

    And most of these teams will probably not want to play Lin additional minute at the SG spot because of his size, but maybe there 1 that would.

    Shaun Livingston is getting 14 minutes per game

    I personally would rather Lin get traded to a “Semi Good” team like Orlando Magic or even the Knicks and let’s see if Lin can sneak them to the 7th or 8th spot.

  446. My view of the Hawks fanbase, at least on the net, is that it is very small. The hope is for Trae to become a franchise PG and for them to get Zion or RJ from Duke. Everything else is peripheral and Lin doesn’t have the interest here that he’s had even on the Lakers and certainly not what he had on the Hornets.

  447. No, not GSW. More of a team that doesn’t have a Shaun Livingston. A team that has neither a good backup PG or especially 6th man would be much better for Lin. Then when he gets to the playoffs, he can show he’s a big-game player. Lin needs the exposure of playing in the playoffs for games that matter. Basically, doing what he did with the Hornets in that playoffs. On bad teams, it’s all about the rookies like Doncic, Trae, Knox, Ayton. Most rank Trae as 2nd in ranking behind Doncic. So Trae is getting a ton of buzz in the league.

  448. Sixers looking to make a run at the title this year. Just traded for Jimmy Butler…

  449. Very good player. Horrible in the locker room. Good luck to them.

  450. I think Lin isn’t recovering from picks like he used to and not pushing off his knees. I think his injury shows in his defense somewhat more than in his offense.

  451. You could be a great coach and not have great success as a player. Pierce isn’t showing that, however.

  452. He actually does well on the floaters and he’s not really having trouble driving in.

    Let’s get real. Most rookies are hyped up. Okafor was, D’Angelo Russell was when he was a rookie, and many don’t pan out. But the hype isn’t anything out of the ordinary with Trae as any other highly promoted rookie and he’s come closer to matching the hype than others. Yes, his 3 point shot isn’t there. But his passing has been close to extraordinary and he’s racking up assists.

    The Curry stuff is the usual “compare to some great player” stuff the media does. None of this is Trae’s fault. He’s going out there and trying his best. And he’s doing well in some key areas.

    We don’t know how Lin and Trae relate or what Trae thinks of Lin. For all we know, Lin is killing Trae in practice and Trae looks up to Lin in some ways. Why make out that he’s arrogant when that’s not really what’s on display with him? He should be confident. Lin sure looked confident, definitely had swag, during Linsanity. That goes with playing well and being sure of yourself as an athlete.

  453. agreed

  454. Taking more 3s and making half of them is good. Lin will get his rhythm back.

  455. Is it me or did Loyd Pierce almost down-played Lin 19 points output during the interview?

    I got the sense he was a little bit annoyed at the reporter asking him about Lin performance and eventually gave a diplomatic answer instead of saying Lin points came about when the game was long done.

    I hope he start playing Lin more when it matter if he really doesn’t think much of Lin’s performance because it was garbage time.

  456. As has been pointed out on Atlanta Hawks fansite, the past couple weeks almost EVERY Minute JLIN gets is “garbage time” if the definition of Garbage time is when a team is down big (20pts), these starters dig a hole faster than the Charlotte Hornets starters did during the first half of JLIN’s tenure

  457. The definition of garbage time is middle to late 4th quarter when a team is down by too much to make a legit comeback. Usually 16-30 points. 2nd and 3rd quarter, even when you’re down by 20+, is not considered garbage time.

  458. Understand that Pierchlenk have zero interest in allowing JLIN to:

    1) be integral to winning any games or take the Hawks spotlight
    2) start over anointed franchise star Trae Young
    3) have a green light to shoot the ball EXCEPT when the game is unsalvageable in the 3rd/4th Q (many JLIN fans still believe JLIN needs to be more aggressive in looking for his shot early — by now it should be OBVIOUS that JLIN is not allowed by Piercrhlenk to have a green-light early in a game.)

  459. Look, as far as this team is concerned, the past few games is garbage time when the starters and coaches GIVE UP and that more often than not has been around the 7-8 minute mark of Q1 when they are down BIG

  460. From the moment JLIN traded to ATL – I’ve known that this is a tanking team that is nothing more than a temporary stop (hopefully by trade deadline), every single move, every single hire, every single coaching maneuver screamed they have no interest in wins…

    … JLIN acknowledging the “process” makes it aparent that JLIN knows as well – but that won’t stop JLIN from putting up good numbers when he allowed to play by Pierchlenk.

  461. You can make up your own definition of garbage time, I’m just telling you what everyone else considers garbage time.

  462. JLIN executing the formula to move to his next team perfectly – balancing exactly what he must.

    1. JLIN on a RED-Light early in games and/or in close-winnable games, but a GREEN-light in late 2nd half blow outs

    a) probably, if JLIN looks for his shot when he has a RED-Light then he will be punished by the coach with even less playing time

    b) JLIN knows how to manage his performance to not piss off Pierchlenk by upsetting TY or the Tank, don’t second guess JLIN’s management of his time with these Hawks

    So if you are a fan who is still pipe-dreaming that JLIN needs to be more aggressive looking for his own shot early – you’ll never get it while JLIN is on this team

  463. i admit a 2nd rd pick is optimistic to take on delly’s additional year, but if they continue to lead the nba, their 1st rd pick wont be that valuable anyways. someone could get hurt or just start sucking and a door can open for lin… it depends on how much of a “win now” team the bucks want to be.

  464. Isn’t funny how most Lin fans don’t realize this? It’s been the case for every team he’s been on since Linsanity. So his fans assume Lin must be a mental case. Unfortunately the red light will continue to be the case for all future teams as well.

  465. On the contrary, JLIN didn’t have a red light playing for the Nets,. JLIN’s return at end of first season – Kenny allowed JLIN to do whatever he wanted and JLIN closed games even with 5 fouls … only reason the league worst team played .500 ball and salvaged some self respect

  466. This is just a fans’ assumption. Lin will need to be showcased for trade either way so he will get his minutes. And it’s a 1 year rental so consequences are minimal! You don’t see Bazemore having any hesitation to shoot early or red light just cause he’s going to be traded!
    Lin just has a tendency to get his teammates going before get his which I’ve always disagreed with. Lin is definitely looking to score a lot more than before but he should really look to get going early before passing.

  467. You kidding right?! Lin had way more red light on the Nets! He had more minutes but his PnR plays and mid range were taken away, and he was forced to play solo motion offense with the ball taken out of his hand while everyone took turns being PG!

  468. Lin is allowed to play as he pleases, Piercrhlenk isn’t the coach. Their way of making Lin shoot less is pairing him up with shot chuckers like Prince and Bazemore. Those players takes the ball out of Lin’s hands and ruin his chances of scoring!

  469. Barring injury, you wont see JLIN take early shots in a game nor will you see him close tight games over Trae.

    … at that point you need to ask yourself, WHY WHY if as you say JLIN “is allowed to play as he pleases”, open your eyes

  470. Oh so a bench player playing trash minutes is better than being a STARTER playing starter minutes, closing each and every game and LEADING many wins after the Nets without JLIN went 1-29?

    Incidentally, give JLIN some credit will ya? JLIN can make any offense work and he’s proven it, from a motion-offense, to low-post big man, to pick and roll – JLIN will make ANY situation he’s put in work – if he is given respect, respectable minutes and responsibility.

  471. I get what you mean Lin did make early shots last game with Plumlee so obviously they can shoot whenever they want just that when both are playing too well it ruins their tanking scheme. That’s why they got their minutes back during garbage time.

    If anything last game proved Lin can look to score early and I’m willing to bet his minutes are predetermined before hand.

  472. Wouldn’t it be amazing if JLin gets to play for all 30 NBA teams before he retires? Eight down, only 22 to go!

  473. I’m willing to bet JLIN’s minutes are determined on the fly, determined by how close the game is, and whether the game is winnable, and whether JLIN has stayed with his red-light early in the game

  474. You really don’t get it. JLIN has never been and will never be showcased. There are no NBA teams that want him as a major contributor. He’s tolerated in the NBA only if he remains a role player.

  475. And yet JLIN at 30 yo is putting up the best numbers he’s ever put up (including Linsanity) on an efficiency basis in almost every stat.

    Try as you may to keep him down, he keeps coming back

  476. What you said is false

    JLIN was showcased in season ONE at Brooklyn – then injury happened, most people here dont rejoice when thinking about that period of time.

  477. Showcased for “trade”. Any contender would want Lin’s bench PG service for a playoff run.

  478. Yes but Brooklyn also made Lin play with 1 hand tied behind his back. It was by far the worst and most boring playing style I’ve seen Lin be in. Lin had to work extra hard to even get 15 points. On Hawks he can get his easily because he’s allowed PnR and to play his style freely.

  479. You think the problem with the Hawks is that they’re tanking. But the Hornets weren’t tanking and the Nets couldn’t possibly be tanking (they didn’t own their own draft picks the two seasons Lin played for them) and yet Lin was not allowed to play to his strengths even with a supposedly favorable coach like Kenny. And don’t bring up again the 30 games Lin played towards the end when the Nets were already eliminated from the playoffs. Lin was still forced to win games with Randy Foye and RHJ in the starting lineup. Please!

  480. WHO cares about the boring style, JLIN certainly DIDN’T CARE – he was the STARTER on his OWN team – LEADING wins whenever he was healthy.

  481. Nets were “tanking for development’ same thing.

  482. You got no clue, go back to the Hornets website.

  483. You’re confused. Tanking for development means you’re not TRYING to win but wins do NOT hurt you if you don’t have your own draft picks. There was no reason to keep Lin from shining while giving major minutes to old man Foye.

  484. So you concede? Thanks!

  485. Very funny.

  486. Maybe you could explain what is so bad about winning 50%+ of every NBA game where JLIN had normal STARTERS minutes (not under health restrictions) — there was NOTHING wrong with the situation under the favorable Kenny.

  487. Do you think playing 500 ball made the NBA sit up and realize what a great PG Lin is? There were still many losses due to Kenny’s putrid coaching which included leaving Lin at the scorer’s table for over 3 minutes in a close Celtics game.

  488. I’m glad there’s at least one Lin fan left with a sense of humor.

  489. Can you appreciate how a team that just went 1-29 before JLIN came back then played .500 ball against teams still trying to make the playoffs? and getting criticized for sitting JLIN against Chicago by the ENTIRE NBA management establishment.

    No I don’t think you can… haha

  490. So that mean’s you’re not a JLIN fan with a sense of humor? or not a JLIN fan? HVJoy must be lonely?

  491. So that’s why Marks decided to replace Lin as PG by trading Lopez and Kuzma for DLo while absorbing Mozgov’s cap busting salary?

  492. No I’m just not a Lin fan with a sense of humor who’s “left.”

  493. Did I say anything about Marks?
    Point out where if I did.

    Sean Marks is snake who will lose his job after Prok loses majority control, that has ZERO to do with whether JLIN turned a 1-29 team into playing .500 with wins against playoff bound teams.

  494. So I guess there are 2 JLIN fans with a sense of humor “left”

  495. Guys, Lin has always been a player that goes with the flow of the game.

    If the shots are there, he’ll take it and if not, he’ll pass it. Make the right play and don’t force it.

    I don’t agree with trying to get him to be overly aggressive because he’ll have to take bad shots and his FG% would suffer.

    Lin simply needs to take his time to get the best shot available and most of them are through picks and screen and shooting the little mid range and other..

    Don’t want to see him force up shots, specially now that his FG% has recovered. He needs to keep it up there.

  496. Use some logic. Shouldn’t even a snake like Marks be the first to appreciate the amazing feat Lin accomplished to end that season? It was in his own interest to keep Lin as starting PG.

  497. As of the 1st and ONLY game that JLIN played in season TWO – JLIN was still the STARTING PG.

    It’s best to Try to figure things out before posting.

  498. Who’s the other one?

  499. Well let me see, you said HVJoy and Yourself?

  500. I’m not “left.” I’m gone. Mostly.

  501. I would agree with that

  502. For that one partial game Lin started. But how long would it last? More importantly was Lin PG or SG? I’m pretty sure we were complaining about DLo running the show, not Lin.

  503. Lin didn’t seem to try too hard.

  504. Ignore the obvious Lin hater troll who is so cowardly, they can’t post under a screen name to troll here.

    In other news, Melo got DNP’d tonight due to “illness,” even though he fully participated in practice yesterday. Rockets still lost to the Spurs. Morey now realizes he messed up, so he’s trying to find a solution to the Melo problem. They’re actually weighing the pros and cons of waiving Melo.

  505. How funny would it be if D’Antonio agreed to bring Melo to Houston just so he can be the one to end Melo’s career. LOL and Lin outlasts Melo in the NBA.

  506. What comes around goes around. MDA has nothing to fear with the Melo signing. Harden and Chris Paul are the ones calling the shots, Melo is nothing nowadays.

    I’m sure MDA is loving the fact that he can finally DNP Melo. I’m sure he wanted to do that during Linsanity but couldn’t. Melo ruined both MDA and Lins’ career

  507. A star player needs to take an average of 15 shots per game. Lin taken more than 8-10 shots. He need to shoot way more to get to that level. It will also help him gain more confident and be more accustomed to the game.

  508. PBev leads clips over the bucks! franchise player?

  509. While you single out one short except of what I wrote, you chose to answer your questions instead of addressing why I even brought up the psychology of Pygmalion/golem effect.

    The problem isn’t Lin against rookies, the problem is sport as entertainment to preordained winners, a kind of pro wrestling presentation of our good guys against the rest. The fact is a true sport is not about preordained favourites, it’s about a higher order of finding the greatest of each sport, a kind of pyramid of pure ascension to top. We see way too many anointed fake stars in the NBA battle for the ultimate prize that falls flat on their face…too many superstars collectively overpower opposition by ensuring success without being pushed. These are systemic problems that create the tanking and building by losing to collect drafts in hopes of acquiring enough firepower together to win a title.

    It’s this system in the background that has created this system whereby high drafts are so over valued that guys like Lin can’t ever break. It’s the preconceptions of historical transcript that Lin lacks to buy his way into being one of the preordained stars. The fact I used John Wall and Trae is merely an example of how faulty the system is if it’s in the context of real sport where winning is the true measure of talent and not transcripts.

    Lin’s only way to break beyond that historical transcript is to play on an Olympic team that can showcase his winning ways…just like how Steve Nash lead his Canadian Olympic team against overwhelming opponents that gave him a grudgingly respect as a white hockey playing Canadian bball player who just shouldn’t be that good. Lin then can accomplish two of the most important things with his career and leave behind the same legacy Nash did for Canadian basketball. Nash trailblazed for many to come and legitimized them as players that could get entry into the same elite system that produces high drafts and rubber stamped stardom.

  510. Not saying being a bench player is better but what Lin’s allowed to do is also important and truth is he gets to play at his strength with more control as PG with the Hawks where he didn’t with the Nets.

    Yes Lin can make the offense work BUT not every offense fits him! Nets’ Pure Motion Offense worked against Lin, clogged the lane with their own players taking away his mid range, leaving Lin without drives and his inconsistent 3 pointer. Lin worked twice as hard because he believed he was the “franchise” and needed to lead the team somewhere. Reporters told him it was a “rebuilding” team and he refused to believe it and see through Marks’ true plans. It’s exactly why they limited his minutes, took away his PnR offense, took the ball out his hands with multiple PGs and called him a “leader/mentor” instead of “the franchise”.

    Sure Hawks’ situation is bad but at least they are upfront about it and Lin knows what the heck their plans are. Nets lied and try to sugarcoat a development tank.

  511. There is a good reason for me to block “guest” bloggers. If we all did that, they’d soon realize it’s pointless to post. Lol

  512. trade Melo to the Hawks for Lin straight up

  513. Lin has already played against 30 NBA teams. 30 all down.

    Lin told us he plays for God; better than any NBA team. Once he plays for the best, he wouldn’t have second thought of anything less.

  514. Rockets should have kept Ariza.

  515. You buy out a player, which means you will not want to have him in your team. You want him to leave your team at a huge cost.

  516. why can’t i do it on my browser..its always an error after blocking him…LOL!

  517. Hope the Hawks will be blown out in Q1 again. Wouldn’t it be nice to see Lin play over 20 minutes?

    Tanking doesn’t necessarily get you the player you want but sufficiently keep your seats emptied for a long long time.

    Tanking doesn’t help the rebuilding of the Atlanta team. Next season this team may have about 3 first round draft picks. Only 1 of them is the Hawks’ own pick. I don’t buy into the concept that tanking will help develop your young players. You want your young players to learn to win, not to lose.

    This team is tanking or this team is losing because of poor coaching.

  518. I only addressed the portion where you tried calling out Lin fans (as if you’re not one yourself). The rest of your post is just a long-winded rant, which we’ve seen many times before. Not worth addressing that wall of text point by point. We all know the NBA is a rigged league with manufactured stars and superstars.

  519. Arrange Players according to PER or Minutes

    PLAYER PER Min (arranged according to PER)
    Miles Plumlee 27.83 10.4
    Jeremy Lin 16.54 16.9
    Omari Spellman 15.62 19.9
    Trae Young 15.36 30.3
    DeWayne Dedmon 14.45 19.7
    Alex Len 13.9 21.3
    Kent Bazemore 13.65 28.2

    Kevin Huerter 12.06 18.4
    Alex Poythress 11.98 15.1
    Vince Carter 11.04 18.7
    Taurean Prince 10.30 27.8
    DeAndre’ Bembry 9.35 25.3
    Tyler Dorsey 6.47 9.9

    PLAYER PER Min (arranged according to minutes)
    Trae Young 15.36 30.3
    Kent Bazemore 13.65 28.2
    Taurean Prince 10.30 27.8
    DeAndre’ Bembry 9.35 25.3
    Alex Len 13.9 21.3
    Omari Spellman 15.62 19.9

    DeWayne Dedmon 14.45 19.7
    Vince Carter 11.04 18.7
    Kevin Huerter 12.06 18.4
    Jeremy Lin 16.54 16.9
    Alex Poythress 11.98 15.1
    Miles Plumlee 27.83 10.4
    Tyler Dorsey 6.47 9.9

    JLin is 10th in minutes allocation and 2nd in PER
    Trae Young is first in minute allocation and 4th in PER
    Maris Plumlee is almost last in minute allocation and 1st in PER

  520. Everyone needs to remember what Lorenzomax said few years ago I think when Lin was on Hornets:

    There were trolls with multiple accounts who would pretend to be both extreme Lin fans and extreme Lin haters, and would actually argue with itself to try and make all Lin fans look bad.

    (reading through guest’s comments below, almost wonder if he is a me-Lo stan not happy that Caris Levert is taking his role on team; was thinking it might be a Lakers fan trying to troll Lin fans prior to Lin’s return to Staples Center, but his dig at Kenny makes me think me-Lo: )

  521. Pre-Game Research:



    (Lakers second unit looks like it did really, really well against Kings yesterday. Lineup seemed to feature multiple guards / ballhandlers surrounding Tyson Chandler, too)

  522. revisiting for the first time in a long time a favorite old stat of mine: points per shot even i was shocked to find among “all players” (lin doesn’t get enough playing time to be a “qualified player” in this particular listing being i think last time i checked 260th or some such in minutes in the league)
    that (wait for it):

    lin is #1 in points per shot among all guards in the leauge with a minimum of 10 games played in!

    (besides as i noted in a previous post and still #1 in points per game among all players playing less that 17 minutes a game).

    actually lin is tied for first among guards with ryan arcidiacono of chicago. interesting that fred hoiberg bulls coach just gave arcidiancono his first start noting that he had earned it with his play as a reserve.

    dont count on that happening anytime soon for lin; but it appears there are coaches who reward efficient play.

    (my last post for awhile before attempting heading to an undisclosed beach. someone once responded to me on here: “no one cares whether you post here or not”, only time i was ever personally insulted on here however the lin-cyclopedia informed once that i was the first non-mod poster on this site so as a veteran just presenting that information in case there mite be some other veteran posters wondering why im not posting)

  523. game highlights from Christine Cheng

  524. People have to realize that Lin can be DNPCD like Melo or at the Hands of BS. Playing within the confines of his coaches wishes means at least he gets minimal rehab time on court. Lin knows he’s a rental so he’s using it to prepare his body more than anything else. I keep reminding people, no matter how many points Lin scores, if he gets injured again, he could be out of the league. If he only gets 15 minutes of low risk play, he’s better off than not getting any at all.

  525. Selective reading to affirm your own beliefs is the problem we face today everywhere. It’s more a reflection of your own way of thinking to ignore the whole while pulling out what suits your vision. You use your thinking fast mode to make assumptions while not engaging your slow brain to think through ideas. By doing that, you did in fact is putting my wall of words out of context. Saaaad!

  526. It’s not selective reading. I read your long-winded rant. It just wasn’t worth responding to… minus the part where you tried calling out Lin fans. But go ahead and try to keep criticizing me on my reading, when nobody bothered to respond to your wall of text except me and InfiniteWisdom (and I only did it because you’re wrong on your critique of Lin fans).

    Funny how you didn’t actually refute anything I’ve said, but went off on another long-winded rant and tangent instead. So not only did you selectively read MY post, you selectively responded to it. The sad thing is, you’re a hypocrite and don’t even realize it. Talk about ignorance.

  527. new thread ..

    and let’s hope we see LeBron playing D on Lin’s drive like this 😀

  528. It will be interesting to see how young TY does against Rondo and Ball (much taller). He will have his hands full here. I am rooting for young TY. I can see in this game where Jlin might get more playing time so ATL does not suffer a blow out. A taller, veteran Jlin would help to keep ATL confidence up. Not only on defense by on offense by keeping ATL organized on the floor. ATL must play demon defense to stay in this game.

  529. I saw a wonderful documentary about bees and in its closing comments, the author said that human beings should be less self serving like the drones that go out hunting for pollen. The facts of the world are like pollen for us to gather. We dance on this stage to convince others to seek those ideas out. It’s up to our hive to decide if those ideas are honey. Our job as Lin fans is to present those ideas and nothing else. It’s the collective pollen of facts that becomes the truth or honey.

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