G12 Brooklyn Nets (4-7) vs Portland Blazers (6-5)

The Nets came out deflated in the second game of back-to-back game to lose 104-112 to the Denver Nuggets. The Nets weakness in their big men continued to be exploited as Nikola Jokic become the third player to post career-high 41 points in their first ten games of the season. Nikola Vuvecic and Aaron Gordon from Orlando Magic were the first two big men. D’Angelo Russell played poorly with 12 points and 8 turnovers after helping the Nets win against the Suns with 23 points and 8 assists the previous night. The loss of Trevor Booker, Rondae-Hollis Jefferson, and Jarrett Allen have further decimated the Nets ability to defend well.

Allen Crabbe will play against his former team for the first time after he was traded to the Nets in the offseason. He should get a warm welcome but this is another tough game to win on the road, especially without solid big men ha

ESPN Preview:

The Brooklyn Nets did not figure to be a playoff team anyway when the regular season began.

Then injuries started happening.

First there was the season-ending patella tendon injury to starting point guard Jeremy Lin — in the opener at Indiana.

Lately, it’s been the Nets’ big men who have gone down — forwards Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (hip) and Trevor Booker (back), as well as their best rim-protector, rookie center Jarrett Allen (foot). All three sat out Brooklyn’s 112-104 loss at Denver on Tuesday night.

Hollis-Jefferson is expected back but Booker and Allen remain questionable when the Nets (4-7) visit Moda Center to take on the Portland Trail Blazers on Friday night.

Coach Kenny Atkinson even used forward Jacob Wiley, on a two-way contract, for 21 minutes at Denver.

“It’s a challenge for continuity, which is the big thing, especially with a new team — just getting your rhythm,” Atkinson told Newsday. “You want the same guys playing together. We’re mixing and matching right now.”

DeMarre Carroll has moved from starting small forward to starting power forward.

“We have a lot of guys out,” Carroll said. “You’re missing your ‘4’ men, and Quincy (Acy) is just getting back. It’s a challenge for us, but we have to keep fighting our way out of it.”

Center Tyler Zeller came off the bench to score a team-high 21 points against Denver.

“It’s just uncomfortable,” Zeller said. “Changing lineups all the time makes it very difficult.”

Former Trail Blazer Allen Crabbe will make his first appearance at Moda Center since his offseason trade to Brooklyn. Crabbe had a poor shooting game against the Nuggets, going 1 for 8 from the field — and 1 for 7 from 3-point range — while scoring three points in 19 minutes as the Nets’ starting shooting guard against Denver. Crabbe is averaging 11.1 points on 37.5 percent shooting — but a solid 37.1 percent from behind the arc — in 24.7 minutes.

Jeremy Lin’s Recovery News

During Tencent interview at his home, Jeremy Lin expressed his gratitude to the unfailing support from his fans who will keep waiting for his return next season. It is such relief for his fans to hear that he will recover 100% in 6-9 months. In the mean time he is working hard to improve every aspect of his game and return stronger. His fans simply can’t wait to see him play next season.

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  1. I hope LeVert plays well as I think he’s been showing signs of improvement. I still totally believe in him and think he’ll improve as a player.

    The team misses RHJ and Booker. They are both questionable last I saw. So, if they’re ready, I hope they’re back. Portland is tough, and it is in their building. Just, hope Nets try, play competitively, don’t have a 3Q meltdown.

  2. copied from real GM

    Injury Report:

    -Allen is out (foot strain)
    -Zeller is out (illness)
    -Booker is out (sore back)
    -RHJ is available

  3. So quite, just saying

  4. Joe Harris is playing well. Moves great without the ball. Doesn’t try to force things. Hustles on defense. Cutting and bailing out the point guards. Pretty good court awareness. Making an impact. I’m turning into a fan.

  5. Harris 33333!

  6. Russell 33333! Good people and ball movement. Good team play!

  7. What’s happened to Acy’s 3 point shooting? He’s missing even in-rhythm and wide-open…..

  8. Great job making cut for the easy scores. He’ll get more PT for sure

  9. He was injured and hasn’t shot well since coming back from it. He looks good defensively.

  10. Hey Psalm, glad I’m not talking to myself, 🙂
    Yes, hope so, he deserves more time!

  11. Too bad AC/DC missed a few open 3s.

    But for the first time we see great ball movement from Game1-3. They can win if they keep shooting

  12. Smart player he is.

  13. Haha some people are here and just shy

    Good to see the ball movement is back. DLo passing and getting ball back when open is good. He’ll pass more that way

  14. Yes, he’s definitely giving effort on defense. Hope his shot comes back. Nets need it.

  15. Yup, agree. Stay within team play and they have a good chance.

  16. Yes! Better and clearer way to put it – thanks!

  17. Good to see Lin is in good spirit cheering for Harvard and making fun of himself with self-deprecating joke ?

    I’m sure defense gave up trying to chase him and let him dunk https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e46d6869de52eb2654c777ba20ccca1d7836b2b7ec96d70b84a3fc53b59b46d9.jpg

  18. Harvardmbb really should retire his number. He’s contributed so much to Harvard bball. (Including the donation to help revamp the gym – not that that should matter.)

  19. Okay, there’s the Acy 33333!

  20. Carroll 33333! Bombs away!

  21. Ball movement is much improved tonight.

  22. Dlo on the way to another 20 shots night. But overall, OK for him.

  23. Yeah, there was a stretch where he was chucking it again. But right now, playing the right way, everybody’s getting touches. Hope they keep it up for 48 mins!

  24. Dinwiddie 33333! Nice patience and ball movement to get better shots.

  25. Acy 33333! Keep it up guys!

  26. The most important thing is that Nets is competing. Really good sign.

  27. Defense is also much better tonight too.
    But, ugh, McCollum is heating up……

  28. Russell has played quite well in this 4Q. Looking to pass as well as score in the clutch.

  29. RHJ has played wonderful, big defense and has made some good shots as well. He’s a very vital player on this team.

  30. Man, he came up huge
    If they can pull it off, it’s impressive

    96-95 with 41 secs left

  31. Different player this year. The improved mid range jump shot really helps.

  32. This is one of his better games for sure. Even with the poor shooting percentage, he’s made mostly good plays.

  33. That strip from Lillard without fouling is a big-time play!

  34. This team should play like this every night. Team effort not ISOs. RHJ is the best player out there, he improves so much.

  35. RHJ with the tap back on the Russell FT.

  36. wow. Nets tonite is quite surprising.

  37. RHJ’s locked-in mentality cannot be understated – all out hustle both ends of the floor. If Nets win, I give him PROPS!

  38. RHJ should be Player of the Game for sure

  39. Exactly. They should.

  40. Yes, and he’s cut out a lot of the head down dribble up the court barreling in. Plays with so much more control.

  41. Imagine if Jlin is playing, they will get to post season easily.

  42. Yes, and to steal a game at Portland is not easy

    1.6 second more

  43. I really didn’t think the Nets would win this game before it started. Wow. The whole team played quite well. I think RHJ is the player of the game but great game from Russell. But Crabbe, Harris, in places Dinwiddie, all played well and they played solid D.

  44. Great TEAM win. The right way, EVERYONE contributed, especially gritty defense all around.

  45. Good to see DLo gave credit all guys doing their jobs, Coach too. DeMarre for talking to him throughout the game

    Very Lin-like. Props!

  46. Yeah, maybe team spirit is rubbing off.

    I really think he has all-star potential. I know it’s a Lin site and some don’t trust him, but that kid has a lot of talent. He just needs to direct it and not get a swelled head. And get a lot better on D, though he wasn’t bad at all tonight.

  47. Lol, glad it wasn’t ACBC missing an open 3

  48. For sure, we miss seeing JLin play. Sigh.

  49. IMO, he saved the game with this play and the rebound off Russell’s free throw miss.

  50. Better D & great ball movement

    But I wouldn’t have expected they can pull it off at Portland. This game can give the winning formula

  51. Still have to figure out the Lin vs. Russell role in clutch time. They are both good in the clutch. But, that’s awhile from now. This season, they learn to play without Lin, unfortunately.

  52. It’s 50/50 honestly. He has potential but ego can be very destructive.

    Let’s hope he continues to listen to Coach Atkinson & DC

  53. Yes, without these 3 plays, they’ll be trailing with 1 min left

  54. I agree. We’ll see. I thin he’ll have selfish games and games like this through the year.

    It all depends if he trends in the right direction later in the season.

  55. Hehe Acbc always delivers lol

  56. I keep saying that Dlo is too young to be judged by bad games or even selfish leadership. Not yet anyways! We have to blame the Lakers for adding fuel to the fire for making Dlo into what he is. He learned from Kobe for goodness sake! A 19 year old rookie watches a selfish “legend” get all the love and glory for being a ballhog, what else was he going to emulate? Instead of blaming a bad leadership and bad coaching, they made Dlo into the scapegoat, just like Lin. I’m not saying he can be rehabilitated into a good team player but we should at least forgive his transition into a new team at least. Let’s at least give him the rookie year he’s lost while he was under the thumbs of BS and Kobe. We’ll know by the trading deadline if Dlo can adapt or not.

    Psalms, this site has become so bad that I haven’t even checked in much. In fact tonight, I checked into the NBA site to watch the scores updates instead of coming here. The level of hate for Lin’s team is such a downer. THIS IS LIN’S TEAM for goodness sake. Let’s not be kicking dirt in their face as they try to come to terms with losing their starting PG.

  57. ” The level of hate for Lin’s team is such a downer” – not sure where any of that is coming from. At least not tonight.
    Seems to me everyone is celebrating the very very nice TEAM win.

  58. Watch out for tomorrow game. Jazz’s eager to win is accumulating. Hope Nets well-prepared for that.They had a ugly game tonite.

  59. Everyone posting is. If DLo had a bad game and the team lost, the thread tone would be quite different.

  60. I think there is quite a few here who gives DLo credit when he does well.

    He can be frustrating because he can win games with 18/8ast but resort to scoring mode losing games but then again he’s only 21.

    I think it’s fair to praise him when he does well and give him constructive criticism when he messes up.

    Even KA had to bench him to get his attention but put his shoulder around him and putting him back in last game. I think it’s slowly working for the better

  61. I don’t like playing in Denver or Utah. It’s hard to arrive in these cities, not be used to the altitude, and perform up to your usual capacity. But, we’ll see what happens. Good luck, Nets. Be competitive.

  62. Well, if anybody played badly, AND contributed to a team loss, no one would be celebrating. And it would be fair to criticize. That’s what fans do. Fans don’t usually enjoy their team’s losing.
    But, tonight, with everyone playing well together, even if they lost, it would have been okay.
    When JLin had a bad game, he never got a pass either.

  63. Constructive criticism is fine. Finding one player and just pointing out what he does wrong, I don’t find constructive. It’s a long season, and there are a lot of very young players on the team. I loved the team spirit tonight.

  64. lol

  65. You hit it all with this post. Great post.

  66. Acba is entitled to his opinion and his feelings. But I disagree that “this site has become so bad”.

    Maybe because I’m a new poster that I feel the need to defend Psalm and this site. I check this site regularly. I think it’s moderated well.
    No site is perfect. It’s the internet after all. Actually, that’s why it’s taken me YEARS to decide to finally join commenting.

    This site is rare for its attempt to be positive. Compared to other blogs, especially other NETS blogs. They are not shy about putting JLin down or hoping he gets traded so they can get rid of his fans. The biases against JLin are incredible. As if HE is not part of the team. But, I get it. NETS blogs focus on Nets, not JLin. It’s their prerogative. I, however, as a Lin supporter, will never comment on those sites.

    That is why I am glad that JLinPortal even exists for us to be able to commune here.

    Anyway, let’s enjoy this win!

  67. Very well said

  68. asap_mary (IG)
    #Linsanity for Life even if my man @JLin7 is injured… @dloading pulled through with that W 101-97 ???? #firstnbagame #ripcity 

  69. Cute.

  70. DeMarre is the best recruit in the off season.

  71. There’s nothing wrong with disliking the Nets when they play poorly.

  72. Excellent win by the Nets.

    When they play gritty and tough, no one can complain.

    The key was Timofey Mozgov – he actually produced for the first time this season.

    So far Mozgov has been this year’s Randy F0ye (with a zero) – a broken down nonproducing veteran who does not deserve to start and is taking away opportunities from better and younger players.

  73. I don’t like Russell’s lack of athleticism, but I like his overall team first attitude.

  74. Zeller and Whitehead ‘d better be ready for the next game

  75. I think he has enough athleticism for the type of game he plays. He got to the rim fine, he shoots a lot of step-back and fadeaway jump shots combined with an effective floater, and he can post up. He’s not an attacker type of player. On D, it’ll be a problem. I still think he’s a combo guard that is more 2 than 1.

  76. the undrafted (an update)

    of the 450 players currently on nba full time rosters there are only 8 undrafted players (or less than 2%) who have played at least a 100 games and collected a minimum of 15 combined points/rebounds/assists per game.

    here they are top to bottom (with combined total listed)

    1. robert covington 19.9
    2. jeremy lin 19.4
    3. wes matthews 19.3
    4. jose calderon 18.2
    5. sean kilpatrick 16.8
    6. tyler johnson 16.6.
    7. udonis haslem 15.6
    8. tj mcconnell 15.1

  77. Mozgov played well. I just saw a general team effort. But the star of the game was RHJ IMO. They don’t win without his play.

  78. The absence of Aminu made the difference, IMO.

  79. Wow, some people really have strong opinion not only in what they believe but also what other Lin fans should believe. This is a Lin fan site, not a Nets fan site last time I checked. When all other Nets media were trying to bash Lin and promote DLo to be the face of the franchise and DLo seemed to be bust until the last game, we Lin fan are not allowed to vent our frustration about DLo and other Nets players??? We are supposed to act as cheerleader to encourage the mistreatment of Lin by teams? What world do we live in? If other medias do that, i understand it since they are biased. But here, at Lin fan site, we should go along with the politics? Pleeeeeeeease.
    There are plenty of other forums and blogs to praise DLo and others. Here we are objectively trying to analyze the whole situation without hidden agenda. Just saying.

  80. u go girl.

  81. Objective is what some of us are trying to be. And evaluating and judging Lin’s current teammates as we would want Lin to be judged and evaluated.

  82. No Dinwiddie in tonight’s game. They may turn out to be a big loss.

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