G12 LAL @ HOU PreGame Thread

Congrats to JLin who notched the 1st double-double (15/10) as a Laker!

With it, Lakers media (Worthy) acknowledged he is truly a PG, not an SG turning to a PG.

Double-doubles will solidify his role as the true and future Lakers PG

How would the Lakers fare against the Rockets with tired legs in the 2nd night of back-to-back?

Will JLin ride the adrenaline and pull another great game against his old team? Will his teammates be determined to help JLin get a huge win against the Rockets who embarrassed them in the 1st game?

It will be an extremely tough to win on the road in the 2nd night of back-to-back games but I expect a more competitive game with improved Lakers teamwork so it will be a fun game to watch!

ESPN Preview Lakers vs Rockets Preview

This time, Jeremy Lin may be looking to make his mark.

“Man, oh man, that’s a lot better,” said Lin, who averages 12.0 points and 4.9 assists. “It’s been a rough start to the season.”

The guard may have some added motivation after “Linsanity” struggled to get off the ground in two mediocre seasons with the Rockets, who dealt Lin to Los Angeles for the final year of his $19.5 million contract.

He struggled in the first meeting with his former team last month, going 1 of 5 and finishing with seven points, six assists and four turnovers.

Houston, meanwhile, is aiming to beat the Lakers for a fifth straight game for the first time since taking six straight from 1993-94 — its longest winning streak in the all-time series.

Moving closer to that mark will require bouncing back from Monday’s 119-93 loss at Memphis, where the Rockets connected on just 8 of 34 3-pointers.

“The good thing about this, it is only one loss,” guard Jason Terry said. “Now we will take it out on the Lakers, but we won’t forget this one.”

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Guess JLin's stats



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  2. @wu kong:disqus
    prediction time..Lets Go

  3. hmmm…who was first here?

  4. Will Lakers replace the underwhelming Price with Gal Mekel?


  5. Brent was taking back his throne again :]

  6. 🙁

  7. Based on 11 shots or fewer shots per game for Lin, and assuming Lin will get around 8 assists (high end), it almost seems like Lin’s stats is like Rubio’s stats because Rubio takes around 10 shots per game and gets 10 points and around 9 ~ 10 assists. I guess that’s good stats because Rubio is deemed close to an All-Star based on those stats. See Rubio’s stats: http://espn.go.com/nba/player/stats/_/id/4011/ricky-rubio

  8. 0.0

  9. One more reason for Ido to watch LAL? lol

  10. Never lose hope! You’re the 2nd male poster and 1st one based in Asia :]
    You’ll get your double-double soon!

  11. Hmm …interesting.

    I think the fact that the Lakers FO is looking for a new back-up point guard is really good news for JLin, and is their way of endorsing Lin as the clear starting PG for the Lakers.

    It looks like Mitch Kupchak wants to get rid of Byron Scott’s chosen PG Price and force him to play with the PGs that the front office wants, with of course JLin being the starter.

    Can’t wait for Gal Mekel to become a Laker, lol, and for the Price to be dropped!

  12. Personally, I would say he need to score more. When Team look at numbers, half of the time, they dont want to see the NET Negative there, as I posted on previous thread

  13. it would be interesting to see how he will cheer
    “Bring Lin in, no.. Bring Mekel in, no.. Just bring them in!” lol

  14. Could you explain what “NET Negative” means? I didn’t see your post on this. So, to score more per your wish, requires taking more shots, let’s say around 12, no?

  15. This is Casspi’s friend? He used to play for Mav… I guess they want someone who can get more points than Price. His D it’s not that good either.

  16. He’s not like Rubio, he’s much more of an scoring minded point guard.

    In talking about number of shots what we shouldn’t forget is the ability to get to the free throw line, something JLin is very good at.

    So, even if he officially takes 11 to 12 shots a game, he’ll score more points than a Rubio because he’ll get to the line more often and he’s a much better three point shooter.

  17. as much as people want to try to give credit to Price, his numbers have been so underwhelming so far.
    He just couldn’t make his shots and defense has been so poor.

    It’s not good when Price highlight is only his shoe-throwing! :]

  18. Is he going to replace Lin?#PanicLinFanMode

  19. thats comforting…knowing all the hard work, flushed

  20. 0.0

  21. Don’t think so bc if he is that good why Mav didn’t keep him?! more for Price..since his O isn’t good.

  22. nope, his defensive rating had been good.

  23. Because it is Lin that is bad, not him that is good. #LinTroll

  24. no worries . . . its to get rid of Price.

  25. Yes..but his defensive plays have been pretty bad.

  26. This is for the season. The earlier one was for yesterday’s game (refresh page)

  27. actually, the other possibility is that the Lakers send Clarkson to the D-League and make Price the third string point guard.

  28. He has the same height and age as Lin and cost less….Panic Mode begins!

  29. How is Net Rating determined?

  30. agree… his effort in paint was bad as well. The only player that stands way high up there is Jeremy

  31. Price is not cutting it and they must be looking for a replacement. But then I don’t know why they don’t play Jeremy more minutes and Price less if they admit that Price is not good. JLin should be playing more with the second team and Kobe less.

  32. tears….

  33. off-def…

  34. What about Toney Douglas? Can hit the 3, good defense, good chemistry with JLin.

  35. maybe you should elaborate a little more that 7 letters? 🙂

    OK guys, I’m off, see you game time

  36. (wave)

  37. Seems that since Scott plays JLin and Kobe together much of the time their numbers would be similar. Which looks like they are.

  38. I only use NetRtg for line ups not for players. That just me

  39. yeah, that totally make sense. I was wondering why Lakers was not try out Gal before.

    I just could not tolerate Price any more. 🙁

  40. TD is in China, he could earn more in China.

  41. Feigan stated: “Jeremy Lin has started every game with the Lakers, but his playing time, scoring and assists averages are roughly the same as when coming off the Rockets bench last season. His shooting, however, have been down, with Lin making 43.2 percent of his attempts going into Tuesday’s game, his lowest shooting percentage since his rookie season with the Warriors.”

    Agree or disagree? Too early to compare? I just want Lin to get better stats than he did with Rockets.

  42. I’d think that might be the difference between FO and coach.

  43. He is stating a fact. not opinion. It is just if this fact means anything or not..

  44. Not like Price’s D is that good either. I just totally don’t understand how people would say Price has good D.

  45. Feeling bad for Wayne, his pop was young.

  46. It means he got the same stats for Rockets and Lakers, which makes it harder to say Lin has improved. Certainly, starting is good though. I have a feeling that Lin will end up with similar stats he had with Rockets. To me, the best I have seen Lin play was beginning games for 2nd season with Rockets. He came out confidently and did very well for, I don’t know, how many games, but I think it was like for 7 games. I thought he played like an All-Star.

  47. He shoots shoes!

  48. Well, I think Lin will take more shots later then.. hope so…

  49. I guess then it is pretty impressive..Given how bad LAL was.

  50. and cloth line players.

    Last night, Price basically foul to defense because he is not fast enough to stay in front of people, and that pretty much put the team in penalty early.

  51. pick n chose stats. Why did he pick stat not including last night game?

  52. that’s just because he was playing with the second unit and play a lot in garbage time.

  53. That’s the only argument you can make that Lin got the same stats in a worse team, but generally, you can argue the opposite that you should get higher stats in a worse team. I think it cuts both ways, but people are not going to say his stats with Lakers are more impressive because Lakers is worse than Rockets. I guess to me I really don’t care whether Lin’s team wins or loses, but I want to see some measurable improvements in his BB game.

  54. Not that much difference even with yesterday’s game. I guess it’s too early to tell until half way.

  55. the FG% he defended in paint and also 3pts were horrible or beyond horrible.

  56. I am trying to say those arguments means very little. If you wants measurable improvements, you will be disappointed. Since those stats correlated to Non Lin factors too much.

  57. That’s Brent showing off his super power, haha

  58. Gal Mekel is cheaper than Price also younger. TD is good but more expensive. He will be back to USA in Feb.

  59. Stats are what a lot of people look at. What you are saying is Lin is so special that stats don’t do justice for him. I don’t buy that.

  60. The language would have been difference. He’s now .466 better than career since his rookie year .433.
    He intend to mislead readers as usual. He tried to say it was wise to trade him.

  61. Hay, anyway for this site to link JLin’s active stats in the home page or at the side bar?

  62. He is not special. I am just saying statistic does not work this way. PPL are using the math wrong. IF you say Lin had no statistical improvements, you are correct. If you say Lin made no improvements, then that is another story. Lots of ppl look at it that way does not make it right. I do not just look at Lin this way, I watch every player this way. I just mostly watching Lin only.

  63. Only if the Price is right. Unfortunately, they can’t find a wolverine from Russia.

  64. this is one time id agree a college team could beat an nba team because the sixers are basically a mix of college guys themselves who arent playing selflessly

  65. IMO, most statistics are only good down to lineup level (for a particular 5 players). It makes no sense saying Lin (or others) is improved as a player over his previous yrs if he was not one the same team. No matter how many games are played.

    FG% for example. in HOU, he shoots C&S and fast break lay ups. In LAL, he shoots pull ups. His FG% is not going to be comparable at all.

    But again, since you want to see the measurable metrics. I think it is worse than his in HOU. I do not think teams look at only box scores tho.

  66. I do not watch 76ers much. But NCAA games are pretty bad to watch. I really doubt it.

  67. What Feigan wrote is all true. Lin just needs a chance to lead from the guard spot and smash the Houston Rockets to kingdom come. Then they will just say Lin “improved through hard work, which is what Lin has always been known for since he lacks talent, but because he is Asian, he has an uncanny work ethic coming from Havard and all”

  68. there is only 1 ball. Give Lin the usage of Harden and Kobe and he will amaze the NBA again.


    Gal Mekel is the right guy.

    He’ll actually pass to Lin on occasion, and he’ll be vastly better than Ronnie Price on both ends of the court.

  70. LOL not gonna happen. I do agree with @webattorney:disqus that Lin’s stats is not improved.

  71. do you mean the average pts/asts/rebs?

    so far there is not easy plugin to do it automatically.
    I’ve been trying to do it manually on the Game Schedule for each game

  72. not competition for Lin?

  73. because Scott wouldn’t be able to handle a Linsanity breakout & continue to manage the team and showcase Kobe as the main man. They all dont think it can happen yet the entire NBA fears it may happen at any time.

  74. I think if they play 5 times, Kentucky could win once.

  75. This is more reasonable.

  76. I do not know if Lin is trying to get stats. I feel like in Houston year 2, he started the season trying to get stats and he did.

    This season, I feel he was trying to play teamball and sacrifice his own stats for ball movement but the ball never came back to him like he hoped and he got very frustrated.

    Yesterday Lin only took 7 or 8 shots and had to make almost all of them just to get 15 points. With such low usage, I don’t know what Lin can really do to get more stats. He is not a ball hog.

    In Houston, the funny thing is the ball would find Lin many games, but Mchale would sub Lin out. In LA, the ball hardly ever finds Lin. And Scott is still not playing Lin enough minutes for my liking as well.

    And he subs Lin out for too long which seems to cause Lin to struggle. But I guess that is a weakness Lin needs to conquer. CP3 sits out long stretches all the time.

  77. Ido has always been a Lin only fan. He never mentioned Casspi in htown. I think he follows Lin because he respects Lin’s personal characteristics, along w/the bball skills.

  78. they coudl have done that from day 1. Not wait 3 months now to do it. Oh well.

  79. Like I said in previous thread. Lin was a SG in HOU’s 2nd unit. It is his job to shoot. CP3 has the luxury of a team build around. The support is at a completely level. Not saying CP3 is bad (although I think he is not as great, declining.)

  80. Price had the injury made him stayed when TC ended. Am I right?

  81. The numbers are very different. His shooting percentage is now higher than it was with the Rockets. 46.6% to 44.6%.

    Of course, one game has such a huge impact on scoring percentage because of the SMALL SAMPLE SIZE that Feigen is using.

    It’s only 11 games into the season, and it’s where Lin ends up, not where he’s started that counts.

  82. I haven’t seen and read much about Mekel. (2.4pts/2asts for DAL)

    From the highlights, it looks like he can pass with a flair but can’t shoot . Use mostly floaters, a bit weird. 35FG%, 25 3FG%


    I don’t think he’s a threat at all to Lin. Not sure if he’s better than Price actually. Toney Douglas seemed better as a backup PG

  83. I disagree. The jump from college to NBA is too huge a.difference.

    Kentucky would be blown away by D-League teams let alone an NBA team.

    Bledsoe is just spewing crap because he used to play for Kentucky.

  84. yeah, I like Toney too. May in Feb after the Chinese season ends?

  85. that’s certainly a bit weird how they play Kobe more min than Lin.
    Maybe it will change starting from the last game if Lin gets more PT w/o Kobe

  86. Tim Duncan is good in this commercial:


  87. what Kentucky team does he speak of? At one time Bledsoe John Wall and Cousins and Jones and all those other guys were all on the team. THat’s better talent right there than Philly!

  88. I dont care if Lin gets rejected, I’d like to see him try to dunk on another team’s center. If he gets REALLY Lucky, he will jam it home or the ref may call a bail out foul.

    If Lin can smash one on D12, look out! No soft blocked layups tonight Lin!

  89. Jlin will make my day if he shreds apart Houston tonight. Do it Lin. At least for some parts of the first 3 quarters till Kobe ballhogs it away. And a win would be nice

  90. Roy Williams is the head coach of the University of North Carolina men’s basketball team. Wayne Ellington played there from 2006 to 2009.


  91. difference between those guys in college and in the nba after playing several years.

    Also –

    Are the starters for Kentucky going to play all 40 minutes? The reserves are going to suck big time against the Sixers.

    What’s the three point line they’re going to play with? NBA or College? If they go with the college 3 point line, the NBA guys are going to shoot lights out from 3 and utterly destroy Kentucky. And if they use the NBA line, no way Kentucky makes many threes and gets destroyed.

    And, the Sixers and Lakers have similar records. Do you think Kentucky could beat LA as well? NO WAY.

  92. Oh I really like what I see. I was confused and thought it was that other Dallas PG pick who I think went to NY or Miami.

    This guy has some Lin/Nash in him.

    I do really like this pick up if that’s what the Lakers are thinking. Basically he’s a Pick and Roll guard like Lin. And Scott will be forced to play both PG in a simliar fashion and play to their strengths since both are similar in style.

    I really do like the potential pickup.

    If they get him and cut Price, it would basically be telling Scott to get a clue, which is why I really like it.

  93. the key is dealing with Beverley’s on ball pressure. if he can get some help with screens and picks, he’ll get so wide open playing against Bev’s over-aggressive defense and hit shots or make purposeful passes for assists.

  94. Damn Mekel looks like a less atheltic Jlin! I like this. Lakers saying to Scott, so you want to play Lin or use a less athletic version of Lin? You choose our coach!

    Pick him up noW!

    And then when Lin sits, Mekel is like a Nash/Lin clone in his style so the Lin teammball style at PG is consistent 48 minutes throughout the game.

    I REALLY like how the Lakers are thinking on this one.

  95. they could have cut Price that day and been mean about it. It’s a business!!

    I was saying Lakers FO could have forced Scott to start Lin from day 1

  96. hm, that could be very true esp. if Mekel is not known for defense.

    Basically scoring would be the emphasis for the bench with PnR continuity as you said.

    His FG% might be too low to make it but it’s not like Price is shooting lights out either.

    Also, Pacers tried to sign him up as backup PG but he got visa issues. Hope it’s resolved now. So good sign he’s wanted by other teams.

  97. wow, that’s a strong relationship between those 2

  98. He doesn’t look aggressive enough in this commercial, maybe the director should take more shots.

  99. true, he didn’t have conflict of interest while watching Casspi and Lin last season :]
    Ido got his priority straight!

  100. Wow I am actually excited today. This Gal Mekel talk has me upbeat. If it happens, this would be the greatest thing for Lin. That means the team is trying to force Scott or Kobe to play more teamball and for 48 minutes of the game, the PG will be a Lin/Nash/Mekel style PG. And Kobe and Scott will need to deal with it.

    I love this rumor. I hope it happens. It would be the biggest vote of confidence management is making towards Lin since they signed him.

  101. u have a point. But then the college kids beat the original dream team. SO it can be done. At least once.

  102. nice to see him poke fun at himself for never being too ‘exciting’

    They should have Duncan and Rose dancing in the next commercial.
    That’s a must-watch commercial :>

  103. because Feigan published the article Tues evening, probably before the Hawks game had concluded.

  104. How is Gal Mekel’s game? I only remembered him talked to Casspi last season in Mav game… that’s it!

  105. honestly from youtube, he is a poor man’s Lin, much less athletic, with a bit of the Steve Nash flair in passing and a bit more flair in passing than Lin. He plays offense the same way of Nash and Lin, it’s so obvious and he’s a PnR guard.

    Probably MUCH less athletic means worse at penetrating than Lin and worse on defense.

    Scott has to choose Lin or Mekel. Even Scott will be reluctantly forced to play Lin more.

    I really like this, can’t say it enough!

  106. look at psalm’s youtube Link below.

    He is a mix of Lin/Nash on offense but MUCH less athletic than either in their primes.

  107. I SUSPECT the lakers are thinking about cementing a style of play and having Gal there to backup Lin will reinforce the style of play the Lakers want, which is NOT kobe ball.

    They know Lin has been unable to lay the foundation for his style of play though LIn is brutally trying and I think they know by having Gal play backup in the mold of Lin’s style rather than defensive minded and older Price play defensive backup and non scorer side kick to Kobe, the Lakers will be much improved offensively.

  108. I agree here. If they get Mekel or even that other PG mentioned, it’s all good news for Lin and Lin-ball.

    It would be a way of Mitch Kupchak asserting some power over Kobe and BS as well.

  109. I remember that. Was a scrimmage, but man, imagine being one of those college players on that squad – they can forever say that they beat the likes of Jordan, Magic, Bird!

  110. From the highlights he seems to be pretty good. I know it’s highlights… But sure a lot better than Price. In someway I like Price bc he is bad in O… LOL!

  111. My prediction:

    I hate to say it, but I think the Rockets will destroy the Lakers tonight. They got embarrassed at MEM and are going to take it out on the Lakers, who have a back to back away game after traveling cross country. I think the Rockets will double Lin to shut down the team game and let Kobe go into solo mode vs Ariza. Rockets win by 18, 116-98.

    I predict Lin will be limited because Rockets will focus on stopping him and let Kobe iso and get his 25+ pts at a low efficiency. 10 pts, 4 ast (6 FGA)

  112. Slow but intelligent player, sort of like Steve Nash without Nash’s speed or quickness or physical flexibility.

  113. I’m with you. I’m not too optimistic about a Laker win.

    But, maybe they could beat the spread. Lakers are 11.5 point underdogs. Do-able, especially if there’s a good amount of garbage time and the Lakers get some easy meaningless points.

    I hope you and I are wrong though, lol.

  114. Just saw his highlights looks good to me. Sure better than Price. Did he shoot well?

  115. Lakers are also working out former Rocket Jordan Hamilton, a small forward.

    If they sign Hamilton, who is likely to get cut?

  116. rockets WILL play physical with Lin and trap him to get him to pick up his dribble and stop being aggressive

  117. The mighty troll strikes again, hehehe.

  118. Xavier Henry?

  119. Hamilton? The one who can shoot 3P?

  120. I dont think the Lakers win, but if Lin has a backbone, he will play better than he did in Game 1 where he looked like he did not belong on the court.

    It’s up to Lin to decide whether he wants to do what he can within his own control to do his part. We know he cannot control Kobe but Lin can come out and play or be a no show.

    All I care is how Lin comes out from start to finish on this game.

  121. no, well he can shoot 3’s too

  122. Ya! I think so.. MDA likes Henry but not Scott.

  123. Yup, the same Jordan Hamilton who the Rockets got by trading away Aaron Brooks.

    Another bad move by Morey.

  124. Then what can he do?

  125. its totally obvious that’s what it’d be. I hope they do this quickly and soon.

  126. If so then Hamilton is not too bad. I remembered he shoot very well 3P in preseason games.

  127. As I recall, he’s fairly athletic and a decent wing defender. He’d definitely be an upgrade for the Lakers in terms of athleticism.

  128. This from 2 days ago but it’s interesting to read what LA Media sees as major issues to fix

    [LakeShow] Lakers: 5 Roster Moves To Help Salvage The Season

    1, Waive Wes Johnson
    2. Sign Quincy Miller

    3. Waive Ronnie Price
    4. Sign Andrew Goudelock
    5. Start Ed Davis

  129. yes Lin needs pick and roll. And I wish we had 30 minutes of Davis and Lin…Maybe one day.

  130. The former 4th draft pick Tyrus Thomas is only 28 yr old. He’s a shot blocker we need.

  131. Waive Price? Wow! I thought TWC on Mon night just said Price should start over Lin for starting job?!

  132. I LOVE this potential pick up and what it means for Lin and the direction of the team. Force it down Kobe and Scott. Win me back Laker’s front office.

  133. he is athletic too. Its crazy how hard it is to stick in the NBA.

  134. does someone have this link of idiot Coach Dave calling for Price to start?

  135. I think Lin will adjust how he played the Rockets last time.
    He came out ultra-aggressive trying to get DHoward in foul trouble which worked somewhat but he didn’t get good rhythm.

    I’ll say he’ll start with the same mentality like last night to be controlled and aggressive, getting his points through layups, pullup 3s and maybe midrange Js but looked to facilitate. More PnR with Davis!

    As long as he stays under control and his teammates make the shots, he’ll get around 10pts/4asts by Q3. After that, it’s Kobe Show so who knows what will happen. It might be 10-15pts loss

    I liked the tight defense last night so I don’t expect as many made 3s by the Rockets in this game.

  136. Horry and Worthy just need to see Lin play more. As Lin himself said, it takes longer for him to convince others how good he is.

    I think after last night’s game, the difference between Price and Lin became very evident. Even those TWC guys now realize that no way Price could ever have that kind of game and that Lin is light years better than Price.

    Can never say never with respect to Lin, but I think the argument to move Lin to the second unit is pretty much dead in the water. No way BS could do that without facing some major media and front office back-lash.

  137. Horry has seen Lin play more. I believe Horry did Houston Rocket games right? Or something where he saw Lin more already.

  138. I don’t know. He used to be a Houston Rocket, I believe.

  139. the fact Price plays 20 minutes instead of 8-10 is ridiculous.

  140. i know, my point is I think he already knows Lin’s game?

  141. yeah when Scott says you lack explosion or arent’ ready, i think he’s basically given up on you.

  142. Yup. I hate it that Scott takes Lin out with 4 minutes left in the 1st or 3rd, only to bring him back in at around the six minute mark.

    Lin should come back in around the 9 minute mark. Basically, Lin should play 9 minutes a quarter, which would add up to about 35-36 minutes a game, which is about right for a point guard.

  143. no name-calling please. please revise

    Dave Miller was over-reacting to 0pts by Lin as part of being a color-commentator. Just ignore the superlatives and waffling to generate controversy

  144. eveyrone knows Kobe show dont work except Kobe haha. Even lakers know it dont work. Even Scott know it wont work, but SCott to stupid to see he has a winning alternative.

    At the same time, winning without Kobe = job loss for Scott.

    Damned if do, damned if dont.

  145. Scott is just keeping Lin down. It stinks.

  146. Can’t be sure, but my guess is that his view of Lin has been skewed by Rocket propaganda. So, even though he’s seen him play, he probably believed all the crap that McHale and the three stooges spewed about Lin.

  147. fixed lol

  148. Like last night, when he brought in Price at the end of the game as a “defensive replacement.” What a joke.

  149. i think the knock on Lin is he is mentally weak (people please thing ESPn talks about) and that is hard to shake behind the scenes. that he cant be counted on to lead a franchise.

  150. thanks :]

  151. I changed the channel every time he’s on.

  152. yes, a lesser Lin will be good since Lin will play in crunch time.
    No “defensive specialist” to sub in who isn’t so special at all

    Mekel only has to beat Price so Price would need to impress in the next few games

  153. Ya! These TWC guys are just like a clown & they changed their opinion everyday… no need to put too much attention on them.. for entertainment only.

  154. I dont like coach Dave. At least he’s just a TV guy and not on Scotts bench. I really dont like that guy not because he doesn’t say nice on Lin, but he says whatever gets him paid money to keep his job.

    When they picked up Lin, he accurately did a piece on Lin’s strengths and all that stuff. ANd then when Scott or the team wanted Price to start, he switched hats so quickly.

    Just real tired of guys like coach Dave. Give me Max and Marcellus!

    Even if M&M diss Lin, there is sound rationale behind it I can accept at face value.

  155. I respect Worthy more than Coach Dave because Worthy hated on Lin from day 1 whereas Dave says whatever he thinks will keep him employed and flip flops.

    Worthy darn stuttered trying to say nice on Lin haha. Worthy still doesn’t believe in Lin but I hope he’s open minded and can be won over IF Lin delivers.

  156. At first I thought he knew Lin’s values but it’s clear that even when he does, he doesn’t have conviction to say Lakers should trust Lin as the PG or Kobe shouldn’t be too dominant. Even Worthy and Horry do a better job with their convictions of what’s best for the Lakers. They knew Lin has the potential and wanted Lin to bring it out despite Kobe’s dominance.

    His job is to provide interesting game-to-game analysis for entertainment values so who knows what he really believes it’s good for the Lakers. Too much waffling is not a good TV personality.

  157. If I ever see Mr. Dave Miller in public I would tell him, sorry sir but I’m not in the market for a used car.

  158. From me too. Haters will hate. Nothing you can do about it. Tiger Woods won everything under the sun and there were haters grew ever more rabbit.

  159. lol

  160. so true. he doesn’t stand for anything and that’s not good at all. I wonder how he got the job in the first place.

  161. yep, I enjoy Worthy and Horry insight more.
    And Worthy has more influence to Byron as a friend and the Laker players being the big-man consultant

  162. Just checked and yes it was public before last night game but still, to pick 10 game sample vs career season?

  163. Just a friendly reminder, Robert Horry has more rings than MJordan, Kobe or TDuncan.

  164. Why is that relevant?

  165. He just knows what’s he talking about on live TV.

  166. “Big Shot” Rob definitely knows a lot about making the biggest shots when it counts.

    I like how he encouraged Lin to be himself on the court and recognized a Linsanity moment with a bankshot when the defense was set.

  167. I didn’t think Worthy hated Lin, He was quite welcoming on media day. I think he’s been a little disappointed Lin didn’t seem to be that aggressive but recently see’s the situation with Kobe has been detrimental to Lin’s game.

  168. That’s big from him for saying that. That bank shot was over 3 defenders, confidence.

  169. There is a Harden one too under Footlocker but I didn’t bother to post it. It kind of rags on Harden’s defense.

  170. The very reason you dislike Miller for his two face convenience is why LIN is such a hero to me. He lives his faith and belief and walks the walk of his higher standards. It would be so much easier to swim with the currents and let it take us wherever that current takes us.

    Dave Miller is doing just that to make his living. Too often people do things the easiest ways possible. I’ve often wonder if I would be like Schindler and do something inconvenient at the risk of personal safety. The truth is that big acts are culminations of the little things we do each day. It’s too easy to say that it’s okay to turn your eyes away at injustice.

    That’s how war crimes happen, not because of one mans evil or an army of evil; it’s because of all the masses who allow it to happen. The people that looked away while the innocents were herded away are equally as guilty as the ones that pulled the triggers.

    Lin’s my hero because he sees through all the bull of fame and glory to see what is most important in life. There is no price one should pay for ones own values.

  171. Craig Ackerman giving props to JLin.
    JCF was welcomed to the “Clash of Clan” world by JLin


  172. Craig Ackerman
    Former Rockets Jordan Hill & JLin are both posting career highs in several dif categories. JLin in FG%, 3FG% & FT%. Hill in pts, rebs & FT%

  173. Someone should send this tweet to Jonathan Feigan.

  174. A nice quick history from you. What do you think of the world leading by the US standing by allowing ISIS beheading the innocents?

  175. I didn’t know Hill was a Rox before?!

  176. Wow, ESPN really going after Kobe. I don’t have a subscription to ESPN Insider but looks like another hit piece. I don’t think I’d go so far to say Lakers better with Kobe on the bench. More like better when he isn’t ball-hogging but the Lakers are better when Kobe playing in the flow of the game playing team ball.

    The cost of Kobe’s ‘record’ pace
    The Lakers have been better with Kobe on the bench


    Here’s a sentence I never thought I’d need to write:

    Nick Young rescued Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers from themselves.

    For a night, at least, it appeared to be the case, as on Tuesday, a balanced Lakers attacktopped Atlanta. Young returned early from thumb surgery and the Lakers looked like a different team. Carlos Boozer was attacking. So was Jeremy Lin. Bryant took a backseat for almost the entire second half, with only one field goal attempt across 19 minutes of game action, until he took over late.

    I’ll get this out of the way here: Bryant will go down as one of the best players to ever play the game. He’s a legend in Lakerland with good reason. Five titles and countless memorable moments will warrant that kind of lofty status. You don’t break the 32,000-point barrier without being elite for a long, long time. In Bryant’s prime, he was the most savvy, electrifying scorer in the game and a lockdown defender when he wanted to be.

    But this Kobe? He is not that Kobe. This version is 36 years old and coming off two major leg injuries that would jeopardize most players’ careers. The fact that he’s on the floor and playing every night is something of a medical miracle. No one should question his perseverance or willpower to play at the highest level. You certainly won’t hear it from me.

    But this version of Bryant can’t carry a team to the playoffs like he did in 2006-07. Actually, when you look at the evidence, this version is usually keeping the Lakers from winning games as he plows his way toward scoring records. And maybe that’s all part of the plan.

  177. Morey goes through players so rapidly. Wouldn’t surprise me if a good percentage of the NBA played for the Rockets at one time or another.

  178. Okay, as Lin is about to go up against Houston, I have a question about Harden.

    If you look at stat lines, Harden seems to be a pretty good “point guard” because he racks up the assists. The three stooges went on and on about how great a playmaker Harden is.

    BUT – to me, watching the games the past two years, Harden’s assists seem “empty” and do not have as much of an impact on the game as JLin’s assists do. But, why? Am I right to describe Harden’s assists are empty?

    To me, Harden’s assists don’t get his teammates involved in the offense. His assists tend to come in two-man game situations, I think. Whereas JLin’s assists really disrupt defenses and open up the game for the offense.

    Thoughts? Are there such things as empty or selfish assists?

  179. Mc should pull his Jeremy hater routine and load up on Kobe instead, so Jeremy could be free to do his leadership thing.

    A team that can rack up 21 TOs against a top defensive team is a championship-caliber team? Yeah, right….

  180. Harden will always be a 6th man. Even his assists are 6th man-like. He will never have a starter or leader impact.

  181. According to Business Insider, Houston’s poison pill contracts had Asik and Lin tied at #23 on this year’s NBA highest paid player list. Guess who’s the highest?


  182. IMO it’s a reflection between “shoot-first/pass-second” (S1P2) and “pass-first/shoot-second” (P1S2) philosophy.

    Harden and Kobe are the perfect example of S1P2. Their true SG goal is score as much and only pass as an outlet when they are stuck.

    Nash and Lin are the perfect example of P1S2. Their true PG goal is to set up teammates first and only score as the last option. That’s why when Lin and Nash have plenty of assists, usually the team is winning since 2-3 players would have double digit points. Plus they’ll be more engaged to play defense since they’re involved in the offense (not just jogging up and down the court)

  183. Good points. I like the SP v. PS distinction.

  184. great post!

  185. if he keeps up his partying, he won’t be sharp for too many years.

  186. Really? Does he take fewer but more wide open shots? Or is it that when he’s not playing with Kobe he’s playing with Price who kills everyone’s game?

    Haralabos Voulgaris‏@haralabob
    Jeremy Lin is the only laker who’s more efficient when Kobe is on the floor.


  187. There is only one Laker who has played a decent # of possessions for who is playing better when Kobe is on – any guesses?— Haralabos Voulgaris (@haralabob) November 19, 2014

  188. Smooth switch on horses … wonder what JCF is doing now.

  189. That’s an interesting way to view Harden’s assists – as “6th man like.” As a sixth man, he’s not in there to be a floor leader but to be more of a complement to the starting squad, to do a little scoring, a little playmaking, a little (very little) defense, etc.

    And that’s how Harden plays as a starter. He does a little of everything that doesn’t amount to a greater whole. He shoots 3’s, but he’s not really a shooting specialist; he can’t really drive to the rim like JLIn, but he does enough to draw ticky-tack fouls; he hands a few assists a game, but not in a way that really impacts the game.

    I remember one atrocious game last season where McHale benched all the point guards and had Harden run the point. And, needless to say, he was awful at it and could not really run the offense. Handing out an assist here and there isn’t the same thing as being a floor leader.

  190. well kobe and lin rarely play without each other

  191. thanks! I’m mostly just asking questions!

  192. Using your distinction, I think Harden is an SP player, not only because he has a score first mentality, but because he lacks the court vision that a Lin or even a Rubio has. Harden can’t assess the entire floor and play-make in a way that attacks the defensive system; he just hands out assists to a fellow teammate just to score, without really disrupting the defense.

    I think Kobe is different from Harden in that he has better court vision, but he doesn’t use really take advantage of that skill to exploit the defense. He just passes out when he can’t get off the shot he’ wants.

  193. I’ll take a wild guess – Jeremy Lin?

  194. you can say Lin might be expected to have better stats on a worse team, but LAL has a speed governor on Lin: Kobe.

  195. Lin did had some time by himself during the game Price was suspended. All the defense was load on him, and Price was handling the ball, that Lin do not even got a chance to touch it. So, yeah, not surprise.

  196. Interesting stat. JLin must be really good if he can still play at a high level next to ball hog Kobe.

  197. So they finally can play well w each other now?

  198. I think they both draw a lot of attention from the opposing team.

  199. Working for his wife’s accounting com.

  200. Either that or he plays poorly with Price who doesn’t pass him the ball.

  201. I’m not sure what do you mean empty assists, I do think Harden does generate opportunities for his teammates, which is should not consider as empty assists. He did used his capability to attract double team, which leave his teammates some space, that’s how he generate assists. However, he don’t do that for the purpose to set his teammate up, but rather use that as his second option if he could not see his own shot.

    That’s greatly different from Jeremy, you could see Jeremy really try to generate good opportunities for bigs, Lin would purposely attack a big, while dragging his own defender with him, that would free up his big, and that’s the time Lin will deliver the ball. I don’t think James do that.

    The empty assist I would consider for what Price do, he collected his assists by pass the ball to Kobe or Young, and they score themself, and Price got his assist, that’s kind of empty. That is, without Kobe or Young, Price could not generate something out of nothing.

  202. Me. I meant KoMe

  203. nice analysis.

  204. Haralabob is a stats guy. He gambles and makes millions on NBA games using stats. Morey is one of his followers, and so is Jeannie Buss. He knows what he’s talking about.

    FWIW, for some reasons, Bob was never a JLin fan when Lin was playing w/the Rox. He likes Bev for his defense.

  205. Ya! Price just didn’t want to let Lin in charge O… smh!

  206. #amplifyNoise …

  207. That was when Lin w Davis in 3Q.

  208. hmmm, then he’d better talk more truth given he’s a free man. He would have so many real stories … I doubt if he has a secrecy agreement with Rox.

  209. Don’t know why Scott doesn’t use the Lin / Davis combo more? When Kobe off the floor, Lin / Davis combo on the inside with Swaggy on the perimeter would be a deadly combination.

  210. I agree … empty assist = deferring ball.

    One question, how many dribbles does Kobe have to take before you lose the empty assist? I’ve always wondered when Lin delivers to a big who has to gain control of the pass with a couple of dribbles if it’s not an assist.

  211. Houston’s media isn’t worth taking seriously. It’s early in the year and the team is still getting used to each other. I’m not interested in percentages yet. Some look worse than they’ll be in time and some look better (like his FT shooting).

  212. In fact, Last night he did more than any game but until 3Q Kobe really let Lin to run O so Lin helped Davis got 4 points w good pass… I think maybe more to come in the future.

  213. Yes, an empty assist is a Price assist – an assist that doesn’t really create a shot for another player.

    Harden’s assists have more substance. BUT – like I’ve said, they don’t seem to disrupt the defenses like JLin’s assists did last night, for example. Nor do Harden assists improve offensive flow and movement.

    JLin’s assists/playmaking has the effect of increasing team assists, I think, whereas Harden type assists don’t really foster player/ball movement or increases team assists. This is just my assessment from having watched Harden play for 2 years – I don’t have stats to back up what I’m saying.

  214. Not sure if posted already… PFV long vid

  215. I thought usually should be within 2 dribbles, but Lakers was pretty generous, I remember once Jeremy got a pass from Kobe from corner, drive across the paint area, turn around and shot a fade away, and Kobe still got his assist. That’s way more than 2 dribble or 2 sec after received a pass though.

    Lin also got those assist counted, which would for sure not counted when he is in Rockets.

  216. nice ! so no hard rule, just judgment from scorekeepers? Or. 2 drib 2 secs?

  217. Lakers bench tend to score more and get better +/- during garbage time though, so I don’t think this stats means too much, as Lakers had quite some garbage time recently.

  218. Of course he will not say anything bc he maybe one day will go back to sports world again. Don’t think so.

  219. Well, harden does get some assists off bailout passes to semi open shooters

  220. ok, first JLin game for me since last week due to mini-vaca …

    My hopes for tonight:

    1. we get to see what you saw last night – kobe holding himself back to give team a feeling of contribution.

    2. kobe shows he really has JLin’s back

    3. Davis steady as she goes, Booz still feeling the magic of the Mandarin Speaking Lin giving him a shortcut to China riches later.

    4. SwagP giving some 3s and doing well with his stint

    5. Somehow BS scouted for D12 in getting into his head

    6. Harden … just hope for him to hog it up on a bad shooting night

    Just need a few cracked doors for Lin to open wider for his team.

  221. Socrates asked good questions, as it is said. Never talked to the guy myself.

  222. the rules for assists are pretty black and white, with some grey areas, I think. And in the grey areas, that’s where the scorer’s judgment come into play.

    The liberal interpretation of the assist reminds me of the liberal interpretation of continuation on shots taken while fouled.

  223. Lol.

  224. well, l’ve missed my chances at good “turn and burns” like they said in Top Gun. Sometimes it’s worth it as it ups your integrity and causes one to tap into greater power for the next gig, to define yourself as genuine and cohesive.

  225. so, what’s the line where an assist evaporates?

  226. Haralabos Voulgaris‏@haralabob
    [email protected] I think the team would be more efficient if one player (who the other team knows is chucking) didn’t chuck and wasn’t a chucker.


  227. Well, not a fair comparison since for everyone else on the list, their salary this year is roughly equivalent to their average salary over their contract. Makes more sense to count salary cap hit, which is only $8M for Lin and Asik.

  228. This reminds me of a wise moment on the soup of youth:

    Me whining, “I wish she would just (change)….”

    My buddy, “So what you’re saying is you want a different girlfriend?”

  229. yeah, Hill and Lin were on the Rockets at the same briefly (before Lin was cut)

  230. wait, are you serious? that’s so random. how do you know?

  231. Marcellus calls out Coach Miller the Kobe apologist


  232. How many shots would a shotchucker chuck if a shotchucker could chuck shots?

  233. Bottom line…Lin is the only one able to play well with or despite chucker Bryant. lol

  234. He surely is the most experienced at it after playing with Carmelo and Harden.

  235. it depends. An assist is in the eyes of the scorekeeper. 🙂

  236. If the Lakers get this win tonight, there will be a meltdown in Clutch city. Make it happen Lin.

  237. so it is not black and white … it looks as confused as I am:



    I looked on NBA and wiki, and it’s subjective. Guess they have seminars to refine it every so often.

  238. I believe Scott kept Lin out of the game in case it went into OT. Lin had 5 fouls.

  239. Hardisty doesn’t care … he make money anytime Lin is typical. Might as well be a win then we get ours too.

  240. LakersPulse rating from ATL game:

    Jeremy Lin played like he was at the height of Linsanity again.

    Point Guards:

    Jeremy Lin: A+

    15 points 10 assists 6-7FG

    Lin had his absolute best game as a Laker. He made a couple of shots early and that set the tone for the rest of the night. He has probing into the paint, delivering perfect passes to the bigs, and finishing when needed around the rim. He was under control, he was aggressive, and all of that spread to everyone else on the team. When Lin plays well, the Lakers play well, and last night he helped lead them to their second win of the season.

    Price: C

    2 points 5 assists 4 turnovers

    Ronnie Price played like, well, Ronnie Price. He gives 100% effort whenever on the court, but frankly he just isn’t good enough to significantly impact a game. He missed his lone shot, a wide open 3, and went 2-4 from the line. He did have 5 assists, but that is countered by his 4 turnovers. The Lakers have a very capable, young point guard on the bench in Jordan Clarkson, yet Ronnie Price continues to find minutes.

  241. Except there’s a saying callled too much of a good thing. Lin’s problem is he passes way too much to the point where he doesn’t get in rhythm.

  242. marcelous got laid into bedded

  243. Dude I’ve been saying the same thing about Johnson and Price! They are both hopeless scrubs especially Price! My goodness that dude has got to be the worst backup PG i’ve ever seen! It’s appalling how a player like that can still be roaming around in the NBA?!

  244. Lol

  245. Except Price still gets favored and plays 20 minutes per game! A player like that should only get 15 minutes! Lin can totally average 20+ points per game with 35 minutes!

  246. True but Price for defense over Hill, Boozer and Davis who weren’t on the floor to get that defensive rebound?! If Scott was smart he’d have all 3 of those bigs in there blocking out for that rebound!

  247. 15/7 this game. LEGGOLIN

  248. Hmmm Johnson or Ellington but Lakers and Scott seems to favor that single digit player SMH.

  249. Lets hope Lin can get 20 and 10 this game with a win!

  250. okay, this is a stretch, but I’m loosely comparing these Lakers guards to the Warriors guards from 2010-11.

    Ronnie Price = Acie Law. Journeyman who is getting more minutes than he should. For some reason, coach has a lot of faith in him.

    Jordan Clarkson = Jeremy Lin. Rookie that should be getting more mins than journeyman backup in Acie Law.

    Kobe = Monta Ellis. Scores plenty but low efficiency. Coach has no solution but to turn to Monta for everything.

    Lin = Steph Curry. The potential future star of the team, but held back by Monta’s dominance.

    haha, don’t take this seriously. =)

  251. I’m with you. I want to see Kobe have Lin’s back too, with some D-draws and then Finds!

  252. Unbelievable, NBA.com never show any of Lin’s 10 assists in that recap, What a racist organization! They don’t bother to show any of Lin’s finest moments because he is an Asian?!

  253. It is going be to a tough fight. But WILL can prevail. Make it happen Lin. We are ALL with you. Force.

  254. Saw this from PFV’s long vid’s comment from fan on DW:

    “TMZ Sports has obtained documents from the Dept. of Children and Families (DCF), summarizing the findings of the doctor who examined Braylon. It says, “Dr. Kesler noted Braylon to have a linear bruise and patterned abrasions consistent with the history given by Braylon of being struck with a belt numerous times by his father.””

    “The report goes on to say the injuries were “consistent with Braylon being struck with the buckle end of the belt … with excessive force, resulting in soft tissue injuries such as bruising and abrasions.”

    And the report indicates Dr. Kesler found the injuries lasted longer than 24 hours and were “consistent with a medical diagnosis of physical abuse.””

    WOW! Lost my words on this report!

  255. If only BS has the brain to do it!

  256. TMZ usually will exaggerate. But I really am not surprised to hear this. Child abuser needs to be in Jail

  257. Blaiyan Highlights Spurs

  258. This is so funny. I do not like Coach Miller in general. But I really think he did his job very well. Very entertaining.

  259. ATL feed again?! So I guess that is what LP’s feed too? oh..this is the SPurs…not ATL game. Man this is delayed by a lot LOL

  260. OK, I posted my realistic prediction earlier that Rockets destroy the Lakers by 18 pts.

    But here’s my unrealistic hope: the Rockets were overrated because of their soft schedule. But the past 3 games revealed their true identity.
    Only beat PHI by 1 pt. Historically bad PHI. In Houston! And only scored 88 pts against them.
    Only scored 65 pts against OKC. A team without Durant and Westbrook.
    Blown out by MEM after 1 qtr. Lost by 26 pts.

    The Rockets have been exposed. Can barely beat terrible teams, get blown out by good teams. Lakers win 98-97. Harden shoots < 40% FG and bricks a potential game winner iso. =)

  261. Blaiyan Highlights Warriors

  262. that’s pretty good but thank God Price isn’t starting :]

    Plus as bad as BScott is, he shouldn’t be as bad as Keith Smart. Err… right?

  263. That’s my initial thought but not according to this medical record. I really gave him benefit of doubt even though from my experiences dealing with absuive cases and/or working with victims or abusers, I should call out. But I sort of like DW and just didn’t want to make judgment on him too quickly. According to this medical report, DH definitely has mega problem!!!!

  264. The Harden ISO scene sounds very familiar…

  265. So DH12 is really soft….can not handle pressure I guess. Pressure gotta vent at some point…

  266. If this weren’t a second game of a back to back, I’d give the Lakers a chance. Houston is overrated.

  267. But is Coach Miller talking about basketball or entertainment? Might as well be watching the Harlem Globetrotters if you take his point of view. Marcellus trying to talk about basketball, and Coach Miller arguing that it’s entertainment.

  268. We all hope LAL to win. But this is really not about HOU, LAL has a huge load of problems of their own to solve.

  269. wow really so ban spanking then. we get angry when people spank there kid when it isn’t illegal. parent these kids then. if not its not your business. kids 10 years ago got it much worse these kids spoiled already. idc if you hat howard don’t use this to hate.

  270. That is my point. Miller as an analyst does not really talk about basketball. He talks what TWCSN want him to say. Hence I say he did a very good job.

  271. the kid got a spanking thats all it isn’t abuse if so adopt those kids and raise them. if not its not your business

  272. I think best chance Lakers have is to get Howard in foul trouble and out of game. When Lin got that foul in the 3rd quarter taking Howard in the first game is when they started their run and almost climbed out of the hole. If he can get Howard in foul trouble early in the 1st quarter they would a have a chance.

  273. Spanking and violence are 2 very different things. Do not blur them.

  274. He took his “anger” out on innocent child. The ones can’t defend themselves.

    Don’t want to be near with this kind of people: From the outside, so nice and kind, sometimes quiet, but maybe a killer or rapist. Have seen these kind of cases over the years.

  275. lol thats was being done.

  276. he spanked his kids that it

  277. Harden Assists to teammates for the past 10 games and a comparison to Lin.
    27% of Hardens total assists are made to Trevor Ariza, and as you can see they are terrible in the 2PT area. That would either mean Ariza is a very bad 2PT shooter or the quality of the assists are not good. Since Ariza has been shooting 44.7% for 2FG% it is probably the latter.

    The second table has to be taken with a grain of salt because
    A. Harden is not the PG (my excuse for Harden)
    B.Increasing playing time and usage% has diminished returns.
    But just for fun look at Lin’s stats adjusted to Hardens playing time and USG%. The stats are ridiculous.

  278. That was what LAL tried to do in the 1st game. It just refs don give Lin any calls.

  279. I don’t consider Coach Miller an analyst anymore. He’s “entertainment”.

  280. That is true.

  281. M…..I hope so…

  282. Well….either way….he is entertaining….LOL

  283. HOU’s problem is that they are not a very good shooting team. You take out Harden and Ariza…who else? Garcia maybe?

  284. so put pressure on howard early on by having Hill and Booz draw the fouls.

  285. me two idk exactly but I’m guessing cause the media is terrible. one racism thing happen then all the racism news is reported. one case of child abuse then all the cases are put out. the media need to do its job and report on the important stuff even when there isn’t a big scandal. this media is very reactive rather then proactive

  286. M….If I am Scott, I am not sure if I want to do it or not.

  287. too easy to be right because you are directly quoting Lin. Post score … C. You need to be more aggressive lol.

  288. This is true too. I agree. I really hope child abuse is not the case here. No one wants to see a kid been abused.

  289. LOL…I am not reinventing the wheel.

  290. We all know the key to beat HOU is to make them have low 3FG%

    Check out the past 3 games, where HOU barely beat 76ers, OKC, plus lost to MEM. They might be in a slump
    W 76ers 20.6% (7-34)
    W OKC 20% (7-35)
    L MEM 23.5% (8-34)

    Last night, LAL held ATL to 33% 3FG (9-27). Not good but better than before

    Can they do the same to HOU?

  291. good analyst.

  292. No…because LAL is too slow.

  293. Lakers got lucky though. ATL were missing a lot of wide open three’s.

  294. we will see

  295. belt marks are not spanking in 2014. Kids needs to be held accountable, though. I have only yelled at mine 2 times. Kids are a blessing. There is always a way to hold them accountable in more powerful ways than physical or screaming. They are smart and will game that quickly. Same with team for a coach, just high paid kids. Accountable.

  296. Mom!!! Real-dsb is at it again~~~~(・A・)

  297. Well I guess what I meant is, if HOU misses 3, , more often than not that shot is not contested.

  298. exactly

  299. Canaan Ball!

  300. Then you can only be Prigoni and not Lin ha ha.

  301. you capitalized the “R” m…is this a sign?…

  302. Can I be Dragic instead? lol

  303. He is still an unknown. If he keeps shooting like that, good for them

  304. because ? What if you are Brent, can D12 get early fouls of the bigs help take it too him? Are you saying Hill and Boozer are unskilled and will get themselves in foul trouble? More for Davis!

  305. No because he is too good and I don want to see you get ahead of the pack …

  306. Another stat to give the Lakers hope –

    In the last six games, the Rockets have scored less than 100 points in 5 of those games. 3 of those games are the ones you mention in your post.

    To hold the Rockets 3 point shooting down, the Lakers need to play close up to the 3 point shooters and dare them to drive to the basket. Now that Lin and Parsons are gone, they really don’t have players that can get to the rim, besides Harden.

  307. Not sure, let me read my turtle shell.

  308. In these cases of separation, it’s best to do like LIN and put on a brave face and pretend everything is okay, which it is for both parties. LIN got to leave and HOUSTON got rid of a financial burden.

    It’s like seeing an ex on the street and telling her that your doing so much better now than before with her. The fact you feel the need to even say it means that you still are in her emotional clutches. No matter how much it hurts, never walk backwards into your own future.

  309. Nothing you said was unrealistic hope. Lakers were +8.5 points vs Atlanta.

  310. The only things LAL can do are, make the initial resistence to drives, then focus on 3p shooters. Also no 2nd chance points.

  311. Boozer is too slow, Hill is too un-skilled. Both will not get the benefit of the doubt from refs in general if they start with ISO post moves. THe way they can foul D12 out is to grab off reb for put back.

  312. How about Zoran Dragic?

  313. NooooooI will stop playing basketball then…LOL

  314. once again, I am at a loss at your emoticons. snowman with a carrot nose?

  315. That then is what I want to see, but you said Hill is too far under the rim. Booz maybe. Maybe I just want to see Lin press it into them on high passes to cause D12 to panic and over defend for the fouls.

  316. that’s true. Korver was missing wide-open 3. That was unbelievable

  317. nobody replied with the correct answer:

    A shotchucker would chuck as many shots as a shotchucker could if a shotchucker could chuck shots.

  318. good one! I snooze, you step up!

  319. ok, I’ll tell you what. You can be Lowry if you must … hehe.

  320. that was very odd. Everything was Bryant-centered.
    Nothing on Lin/Boozer/Hill contribution

  321. Refs watching fundamentals too. If your post move is bad, like Griffin. Even if you are fouled, they are not gonna call it.

  322. ok, I learn something every day!

  323. They have plenty of 3 pt shooters: Terry 48%, Beverley 46%, Canaan 41%.

    Ironically, the supposedly best 3 pt shooters: Harden 27% Troy Daniels 27%.

  324. It is like a shocking face I guess. Americans don use those?

  325. Is Goran/Zoran one of those JR/Chris Smith deals? LOL

  326. This happens to Lin too. If they think he is shaky at his ball handling, they are not gonna call it when Lin’s elbow is ripped while dribbling.

  327. IMO, pretty much so.

  328. I’m no ref, but I’d call a foul a foul for the sake of the game.

  329. It is what happened in preseason. And not coincidentally, Lin got more calls in his favor.

  330. maybe tonight, homer refs or not we will know.

  331. IDK, you line those up and compare with other top echelon team. I think ROX is way worse.

  332. It was prophetic and funny what Duncan said to LeBron when the Spurs swept the Cavs 4-0 in 2007

    I’m dreaming next year Kobe will say the same thing to Lin

  333. Jason Terry is a good fit to HOU. He likes to talk…

  334. Enjoy while we still can because when Tim Duncan is retired, he will be missed in this league.

  335. Game Thread+Chat is now open!
    “Let’s go, Lin!”

    I want to hear announcers say, “Houston, we have a Lincredible problem!”


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