G12 LAL @ HOU PostGame Thread

Lakers managed to pull an upset winning 98-92 against the Rockets who was missing Dwight Howard. Lakers managed to outscore the Rockets 28-17 in the 4th quarter with great defense. Kobe, Swaggy, Hill and Wes (defending Harden) provided the combined effort to pull the win.

Well, Lin didn’t do well individually but he made the right play to his teammates who are making their shots while being double-teamed, trapped throughout the game.

We might not like it as Lin fans but Lin is all about making the right play, even if he’s not the one scoring.
That’s what a good PG will do. Not be selfish and force shots when his teammates are making shots.

I’m not going to be upset with him at all. He stays true to his philosophy to make the right TEAMPLAYs

What happened in the game

He made his 1st 3 when left open, but Rockets took away his drives as Harden and Bev repeatedly trapped him along with other Rockets doubling him to give up the ball to Kobe. Rockets hoped Kobe will take all the shots inefficiently by himself.

Lin provided great defense preventing Bev penetration, challenging his 3s in the 1st half. Bev scored some points on Price. Bev got better in the 2nd half scoring some on Lin so credit to him for doing so. Lin also managed to force Bev to give up the ball a few times.

Why Lin didn’t force ISO shots like Nick Young or Kobe

Lin is currently not a polished ISO player like Kobe, Nick who are Shooting Guards so it’s good that he understands the current limitation. Over time, I hope he develop pull-up 3s or Nash-like footwork to penetrate so he can fall back on more arsenal to score. 

Byron Scott’s faith in Lin

It’s great to see Byron inserted Lin with 3 min left in the 3rd quarter. Byron still knows Lin is an offensive threat from 3pt line. And he’s also not worried Lin will be a defensive liability. It’s a great sign of faith to play Lin in crunch time even though Lin didn’t have the hot hands. Kudos to Byron!


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  3. WE WON!!! YES!!!

  4. Ur losing it 😉

  5. Yes, yes.. You won again :]

    W3, baby! Unprecedented Back-to-Back Game on the road for the Lakers!

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  8. Then i won 😀

  9. Overall I am a little bit disappointed in Jeremy’s stat line tonight. However, the Rockets were determined to make him look bad tonight and they really knew Jeremy’s tendencies and bad habits. It really reminds me of the games where the Thunders were determined to make Harden look bad sending Ibaka to wait for Harden’s eurostep.

    Hopefully, Jeremy can study the tape and find other ways to fill up the stats sheet because he needs to outperform his peers significantly to receive respectful contract offers.

  10. Of course, and that is what Lin will do 2 hrs later. I am sure.

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  12. 3 hour flight back to LA…study that film!

  13. @ the end of the day… it is all that matters…

  14. Well that is at the team level. Personal level, much more to work on

  15. Losing is bad but losing because of JLin is very very bad for owner and management. It cost them 1st and 2nd round to have a taker for Lin so Morey does not want to be labeled as a dumb GM and McHale is responsible for that not to happen. McHale did his job with the cost of a lose.

  16. lol. You did!

  17. how does it feel to be not the bottom of the conference? hope it last…

  18. Honestly, Wes was awful offensively in this game. He bricked most of his shots. But come 4th quarter, he got a big steal and made the transition basket. Made his free throws. He redeemed himself. He is sort of the hero of the game. Throughout he played steady defense on the Beard.

    Lin will be back. Sometimes he has bad games at the worst time and against the opponent you don’t want him to. And televised games. But, there are far more games to play. His coach put him back in to finish the game. That matters a lot.

  19. Rockets showed Jeremy Lin tribute tonight at the game.

  20. agree… but, if i apply Jlin’s philosophy & approach….

  21. Given what Scott did this game. I have faith he will help Lin

  22. 😉

  23. Now I see why this is. When Kobe out, Price in and JLin gets double teamed with Price’s man:

    Haralabos Voulgaris‏@haralabob
    Jeremy Lin is the only laker who’s more efficient when Kobe is on the floor.


  24. It is all about spacing. Lin can provides it, Kobe can. No one else is providing it.

  25. pffft, I just rolled my eyes so hard, one of them got stuck.

  26. Didn’t see the game, but it seems that Lin worked well as a decoy tonight lol

    It seems that even the Rockets are giving Lin the attention (and hence respect) that he deserves

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  28. I won’t buy that. Never.

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  30. When did Rox show this? half time?

  31. Dallas is very well coached. Coach Rick Carlisle did the same D scheme as GSW did last yr to Lin. Every time Lin got single coverage, he slices the defense at ease. It is another big test to Lin and coaching staffs.

  32. hehehe

  33. Right before the game:

    Rockets running a video tribute for Jeremy Lin. Crowd with applause for him when announced as he and Harden chat.— Jonathan Feigen (@Jonathan_Feigen) November 20, 2014

  34. During first time out I think.

  35. Jeremy LinVerified account
    Gutsy team win!! Thanks @HoustonRockets for the classy video…good seeing everyone back at the TC!

  36. The ghost showed up!

  37. Gutsy team win!! Thanks @HoustonRockets for the classy video…good seeing everyone back at the TC!— Jeremy Lin (@JLin7) November 20, 2014

  38. Thanks for this infor.. As I thought Rox will do it today bc it’s for Alex’s business in China.

  39. Gutsy team win!! Thanks @HoustonRockets for the classy video…good seeing everyone back at the TC!— Jeremy Lin (@JLin7) November 20, 2014

  40. Rockets are running a Jeremy Lin tribute video during the timeout. He gets a nice reaction.— Jenny Dial Creech (@jennydialcreech) November 20, 2014

  41. Coach Miller was breaking down LAL’s 3 points D. He ended up saying “someone (Kobe) need to pick up that shooter in transition” WTH…he can not even say Kobe’s name? LOL

  42. or he didn’t want to .. for diplomacy..

  43. He was also breaking down the other play where it was so scrambled that even him can not figure out who should pick up who. LOL He said someone again…

  44. I am always here, but only reading, not writing because busy at work.

  45. anyone care to explain what does it mean?

  46. He’s soft… scared of Kobe. lol

  47. I still dislike him, no matter how Lin hugs him

  48. Despite how much we dislike McFail. Lin was very classy and gave him very a warm hug at the start of the game.

  49. Save people from clicking Jonathan Feigen’s article: (I didn’t want to but I did:-( ) So….

    Harden: Jeremy Lin handles criticism like a ‘warrior’

    Though Jeremy Lin had struggled in recent games before a breakthrough in Atlanta on Monday, his former Rockets teammates said they expect him to succeed with the Lakers, in part because of the struggles along the way.

    “Jeremy has been through so much thus far in his career, so much criticism,” Rockets guard James Harden said. “It seems like every single year it’s something different with Jeremy, but he’s battled through it tough, like a warrior. I give him credit, whatever team he’s on, he’s focused on playing his role to the best of his abilities. There’s no difference this year.”

    Said Rockets center Dwight Howard, “Jeremy is a strong guy. He’ll be able to overcome any situation. He played well for us. I’m sure he’s going to give LA everything they want.”

    Lin was not available for comment before Wednesday’s game, his first in Houston since he was traded to Los Angeles in July.

  50. LOL…

  51. deep down… think he is a good person… however, got stuck in a certain stereotyping… not open minded enough (from our perspective) then again, that is the South…

  52. If JLin is able to overcome this double team, he is a complete player. Guess we are going to see more struggling JLin until he is able to overcome this:-(

  53. Only thing I can think of is like a Dalmatian (dog) who is also black and white. LOL No idea.

  54. LOL So glad I missed it:-)

  55. It’s a credit to JLin’s good character that his former teammates had nothing but good things to say about him.
    Behind all the jealousy, they had to respect different roles that the org asked of him and he still gave his best.
    Not sure if they can say the same thing about Asik who took a different approach for a while.

  56. busy saying…

  57. Hey how come the article is under @psalm234:disqus moderation????

  58. Only 4 games out of a playoff slot.

  59. Dalmatian

  60. erasing my precious reactions, feeling grateful about what Johnson contributed tonight (or was it only because of Harden and how predictable it is with ROX) in any case, LAL won… and also won strategically…

  61. Huh? He’s from Minnesota originally and played for Boston. Recently said that sometimes J plays for the other team. Deep down he is a rotten, vindictive person that could not stand Linsanity in any form or media.

  62. I just don’t respect him because he’s a poor coach who took a rocket team and had them lost in space.

  63. Thanks for saving me click! Still can’t believe they won!

  64. lip services…cheap!

  65. Nick Young post game interview

  66. PLV is happy because the Lakers won and Harden choked. He said he doesn’t even care about Lin’s terrible stats tonight.

  67. Requirement of Scott job is to play Lin too. Gal Mekel got to Scott loud and clear

  68. lol

    the cynic in me says it’s all about the money

  69. they should change the team name to “The Swaggy Lakers”

  70. I see. Tribute video in response to jersey gate. Makes sense.

  71. [email protected] mentioning Jersey-gate.
    He knows its just their PR team doing work. They’re so transparent.

  72. This is interesting twist to the JerseyGate & the tribute video by Morey

    Mark Berman @MarkBermanFox26

    Jeremy Lin on video tribute to him at Toyota Center:

    “Very classy.They took a lot of heat for the whole jersey thing, the number thing. I feel like Daryl Morey tried to make up for that. I had a great conversation with him after it all happened.I don’t know if that’s the reason why or whatever.I don’t think it was malicious on their end


  73. This is why LIN is my hero. I’ve had my share of enemies that I’ve never been able to forgive. It takes a BIG man to love and forgive. Someone so young with so much moral strength puts me to shame and has forced me to at least TRY to let go and and begin the healing process.

  74. Mea culpa

    What they should do it put his poster with #7 outside the Toyota Center like they did for Melo.
    Case closed :p

  75. not sure. disqus it doing its thing again randomly?

  76. LOL again, I love how candid Jeremy is this year.
    If this was still the Jeremy of last year he wouldve just left it at “It was nice of them, I appreciated it very much”
    but now he’s like “it was nice but probably just trying to make up for jersey-gate I guess” XD

  77. I really dislike Houston. I wish Lin could get his game going consistently.

  78. But I remember they did tribute videos for many of their former players.

  79. "@AtypicalDynasty: How the Lakers got us feeling right about now

  80. Exactly, he is basically saying they did something wrong, I forgive them

  81. He learned this back handed compliment from them. LOL.

  82. My exact words psalms. Love how LIN can come off smelling roses while reminding them of their manure.

  83. My thoughts exactly, lol

  84. high 5!

  85. Boo!

  86. Did Parsons get a tribute when he came back? Just wondering because he didn’t leave in good terms….Not that anyone leaving their team in good term.

  87. I’m just hoping Lin can be consistent. It’s important to show up for all games. I’d take 12 points, 7 assist nightly than his yo yo routine.

  88. Teams usually does that for all players.

  89. I don’t follow HOU anymore but when Jeremy was there, I remember they did tribute videos of their former players. I distinctly remember Scola’s tribute video.

  90. Ya! But no KMart.

  91. Ya! I want to know did they do one for CP?!

  92. he is more 15 ppg when he plays well. the low games idk . he hasn’t played his best yet. he has only had 1 20 pllus games. it has a lot to do with the teams we have played it will get easier so he will score consistently. but he has to find way to score ever day thats what a allstar is

  93. He was with them for pre-season only, no?

  94. No Lin’s interview today, right?

  95. Of course, Rox knows this game will show up in Asia. So not surprised they will be nice to Lin… smh!

  96. 2 or 3 years.

  97. Lin is no all star right now. I’m a big Lin fan but he’s not even close

  98. No. Don’t think so.

  99. It has got something to do with how much Kobe lets him facilitate, which also depends on if the opposing team traps Kobe into doing too much mode.

  100. Holiday was an all-star, so I think very less about all-star. LOL…semi-kidding.

  101. Scola was pretty big for them and played for them for a while I thought

  102. I thought it was only for players who were beloved by the team, something like that. In any case, it seems Lin thinks it could be because of what happened according to those tweets.

  103. idk but maybe Rockets saying Swaggy got that technical for talking up the ref.

  104. I mean they will not do that for low profile players, bench warmers for sure, but players like Lin and Parsons. They have to.

  105. yea he isn’t although i will remind you he has played bad against top defensive team which both gsw and rox are. even better then last year the rox are. so he is better then his stats. maybe 14-5 ppg. once he get a stride going. but not a allstar yet.

  106. excuses

  107. I like Horry. He’s no non-sense. Better than Miller fo sure

  108. That’s one violent bear!

  109. Dmo look sad

  110. nice pants!

  111. I don’t know why I’m smiling when reading these tweets 🙂


  112. Well……somehow I am smiling too…LOL

  113. I don’t think so , otherwise Parsons would brag about it.

  114. Did they do one for CP too?

  115. At least Harden took responsibility for the costly TOs.
    Maybe he did learn great leadership quality from JLin to admit mistakes so he can fix it.


  116. Maybe he really wants to say: “Harden just got Wes-ed by Wesley Johnson! I already got my spotlight by hugging Kobe at the end of the game so I don’t really care about the loss LOL.”

  117. They had a video tribute for Lin? wow didn’t know that..

  118. Jeremy’s fans wanted it more than anyone 🙂

  119. but he forgot the clutch air ball after the TO though, lol..

  120. Someone (Rockets media) said Lin talked to Harden when video tribute was played . LIED.

  121. Not sure, but I believe so.

  122. Didn’t watch the game but happy LIN and Lakers won. Don’t know score line or stats so not much to go on except comments about LIN and how he needs to be more consistent with scoring. The comments I did read from game threat was how LIN was doubled and Kobe was left with single converge. Also LIN played great on D and shut down Bev.

    All I can say is that winning is a factor of scoring and not allowing your opponents to score. The fact that Lakers won means that LIN was indeed a factor to stop ROX from making more points than Lakers could. As a coach, all you can ask for is consistency of effort, on both ends. Lin definitely will give you his 100%. The one thing that was a constant was how rox double team allow Kobe and Young room to operate. This we’ve seen already last year with the Rox. Whenever LIN was on the floor, Harden was able to operate much more easily. I hope Kobe can learn from LIN to sacrifice his own stats for the sake of team wins by drawing double teams away.

    We worry too much about Lin’s future in the league. What is winning for Lin? Why does he play a game instead of doing his God’s work in more meaningful ways? These were questions asked by religious authorities even during Linsanity. Vince Carter tonight had a video tribute from Toronto fans as well tonight for his 7 years of great play there. When you see the tribute from his former teammates to a “role” player you begin to realize how powerful Lin’s impact is on people. Lin’s capacity to love and forgive leads us to become better people. He doesn’t just win the games, he wins our hearts. That’s the only true winning LIN values.

  123. This is the second time I’m agreeing with you wholeheartedly. If this is Jeremy’s ceiling as a player, then so be it. I don’t think so but it might just pan out this way. Still, he’s a bigger person, a man of God, than what he is on the court. And his legacy will be based on all that he is. I hope he plays better, but I’m gradually becoming at peace that he might not, and he’ll still be a great person.

  124. They haven’t played a regular season game against Dallas yet. First one is Saturday. Will be interesting if they do a tribute for him.

  125. They got hosed.

  126. Lakers player of the game: James Harden – Thanks for the 3pt play

  127. where is lins interview

  128. Team Highlights

  129. 12-1 run at the end. Rockets choke in clutch. LOL


  130. More like they tried to get back some traction from the backlash from the Asian markets due to Jerseygate.

  131. and to all fans who lose heart about Lin not scoring consistently …. I say Iggy!

  132. gave LAL props, unlike Bev saying it was a gift.

  133. not really, check out Iggy’s offensive output.

  134. After Lin came in? LOL

  135. I don think he did any?

  136. Hi all, this is my first time posting. Been a lurker since 2012 on various sites. The reason for my posting is mainly Joyce. I haven’t really paid attention to BB since MJ and Football since Montana and Rice. JLin really piqued my interested in Feb 2012 with the amazing run (don’t know y NBA dropped the slogan:…Where amazing happens…very catchy). A kid outta nowhere lighting it up. Not 1, not 2, not 3 games but on and on and on until Carmelo killed it. I guess the reason why we (or in my case, I) love sports so much is to witness the amazing happenings, the underdog taking on the world and winning against all odds: Rocky. Love the underdog story but that was not what had captivated me. JLin, as a 23 years old raw talent with no professional level (NBA) coaching breaking- no shattering- all records held by his seniors: MJ, Magic…etc. Name it, he broke it with authority and swag. Yes, with swag. He had no problem embarrassing anybody who dared to contest him. Carved up the Jazz; made the Kings a D League team. Enlisted DWill as his personal bag boy. Brought Kobe down to be a generic NBA player level and upended the defending Champs: the Mavs while making Dirk looking like a pregnant worm chump.

    Ah the swag, which brings me to my post bc of Joyce. It has been discussed over and over that JLin’s record breaking run is a fluke, that Magic’s record is a fluke, that MJ’s record is a fluke and so is Shaq’s record since he shattered all of them. Yes, JLIN is the player to beat now: 136pts. That’s the magic number for any future NBA HOFers wannabe out there to chase after. He was a kid at 23 with such raw talent whom should be nourished and treasured but instead he was buried. Houston did an excellent job at it. So much so that KHuang, a staunch JLin fanatic, was praising and loving the Houston internment camp of JLin (though he now admits he was wrong about Houston treatment of JLin). Mchale and Morey are so successful that even JLin now believes that he is a fluke, a flash in the pan – that the records he broke are his celling and not his floor. He was a kid and they took advantage of his naivety. They mentally abused him to the point that he himself believes he is a fluke. Told him is not good enough to lead the team so he handed it over to Harden. Told him he is not good enough to be a starter so he handed it over to Bev. What do you expect? He was a kid and gullible. He has a brain for books but no intelligence for people.

    JLin even stated that he hated Linsanity and that he wanted to move on and away from it. That is when it should dawn on anyone who is watching him – they broke him: to deny one’s past is to deny one’s self worth. JLin is linsanity and Linsanity is JLin. And that is only with his raw talent. Imagine what other records he will dominate with proper honing and nurturing. — this is the answer he needs to tell the media, his fans, and the world whenever they ask him of JLin, the basketball player. Hopefully, Kobe will bring it out of him. It is in there – the JLin Swag – buried deep in there. We will see. If a proven champion of Kobe caliber can’t bring it out then perhaps the damage is permanent. That is why it is still interesting to see how this Linsanity Saga unfolds…Therefore, Joyce, keep the faith! Don’t give up on Linsanity. No just yet. 😉

  137. Please observe website rule #7. No name calling. (Example: “McFail, KoME”)

  138. Not entirely agree with you. But hey we won and welcome to the site….

  139. Les Alexander wants JLin back..

  140. lin isn’t broken please. he still has flaws in his game very clearly. just has to work on them. he has to find way to score better especially in this offense. we have faced like 9 top teams in 11 games so lin looks worse then his is. he also had that adjustment period with kobe which is still happening. relax a bit he will find his footing. he need to find a home. to all people asking for a trade we’ll it isn’t easy. learning to play a new offense with new players is hard. he will average around 14-15 ppg this year. the isn’t ready for 18 ppg yet. that will be his prime. but he is getting close. let him find his way then he will get more consistent. sign a contract with the lakers at a good price them boom linsanity as you call it

  141. Nice first post. I agree, JW don’t take a break. Just rejoice in Lin being Iggy for a couple of weeks until Swaggy gets inconsistent too due to scouting.

    In your thought Lin is broken, I tend to believe he’s playing the rhetoric game but alone, midnight ball to win that hunger back, he knows the fire within is there for his needs.

    Good post except I adjust it slightly. The Dark force did not win, and you are right. This kid is just special.

  142. Lin should call Young Swaggy now, until he can out swag Swaggy.

  143. nah, the puppy was cute. Let him win a few more, like Linsanity amount.

  144. @EricPincus How fitting! @Lakers beat Rockets & D-Fenders beat RGV (single affiliated d-league team of the Rockets) on the same night!

  145. True, but it would be nice if Lin could score find a way consistently, especially on back to backs.

  146. The Rockets beatdown is good, don’t really care about D-fenders.

  147. @jas83j @kianainhi808 Whoa…— Bill Mcintyre (@thesuitedmonk88) November 20, 2014

  148. “JLin even stated that he hated Linsanity”

    He didn’t say he hated it from the interviews I’ve watched. I also don’t believe Lin thinks it’s a fluke or that it’s his ceiling. He said he would like to add more in his NBA career so that there is something else worth remembering besides Linsanity.

  149. I did like Lin’s defense today. I don’t think Vince was a role player in Toronto though, he averaged 20 points a game there.

  150. why? Iggy and Ariza do not. Lin makes a huge impact in team performance, and he’s going to play his way (‘my brand of basketball’). I can live with that, but sure, I love his big games too. SwagP did nothing tonight that Lin doesn’t do any week. The team won and for that to happen, Kobe and Lin were not the heroes.

  151. Amen.

  152. Aw gees guys, we’re tryin’ to win here. You have to stop Lin … even if we lose.

  153. ok

  154. ..

  155. Iggy is 30 and is a 10 year NBA veteran. In his 4th year, he averaged 19.9 points a game, 4.8 AST, 5.5 RBS and was pretty consistent. If Lin can become a vet like Iggy in his

    10th year, that would be great I think, but they are at different points in their career.

    Ariza has always been a role player, he averaged 6.5 points in his 6th year as a Lakers. He did well last year and averaged 14.5 points but I feel Lin can surpass that.

    Iggy was an All-Star in 2012. If Lin can match his production at his comparable age, that would definitely be a step up

  156. Yeah, they doubled Lin at the 3 point line trying to force a turnover. Rockets pretty much mobbed him all game. It was Lin not doing well that game was a huge priority for them.

    Good thing is Lakers won, which means their strategy failed.

  157. I am talking about the D role, and supporting the ball dominant guy or 2. Not about their ages or stages of career.

  158. So…we all know double team caused some problems for Lin. He seems already get used to clog the paint method and will just shoot 3s. But when defenses decide to blaze on him like today. There are a few solutions imo.
    1. Do not call a screen, and going one on one. Normal teams do this, and this is one reason lin does not get a lot of picks as fans wanted. But the problem is team’s can still double on him after he starts to drive, also it waste a lot of energy and will stagnat the offense.
    2. Doing PNR with another play maker. This way no matter who get the ball in the end, one of them can create something with defenses on their heel.
    3. Screen the screener, this way the screener’s defender can not hard show on lin. Spurs does this a lot. But this needs perfect execution of a 3man team, which LAL is not able to so far.
    4. Simply reverse the ball to the weak side. Lin mostly choose this way this season. In a sense you are just taking what defenses are giving u. A safe play.
    5. Split the double team like he did in the 1st HOU game. This play is very high risk play. Not really worth it if u know refs is not on your side.
    6. Readjust the formation and making a diagonal pass for a short roll. This requires the whole team to move on a string. Short roll killed MIA defense last yr. but Spurs got Tim Duncan as the roll man. We only got hill and boozer…..sadly.
    7. Simply just pull up a shots before the big man comes. Well this is what fans love to see, but not really a high percentage shot.
    8. Using hesitation move to beat the big man who comes for double team. This way depends on how good that big man is, if it was hill being that man, lin can drive every time.
    9. And so on so forth….

    A few ways to overcome this, lin just need to work with his team mate to be on the same page.

  159. Oh I see, I didn’t think Lin was inconsistent in defense at all. He did pretty well on Beverley. I assumed you were talking about Lin’s scoring consistency.

    Iggy is a great defender.

  160. brent, you are my idol. you have amazing bb knowledge

  161. 99% sure it is due to the mysteries of disqus automoderation (thinks it spam… maybe because it was a link to Houston Chron? =p )

  162. Ha thanks. Nah.. Just throw something out so we can all discuss and learn something from it.

  163. Good post. The Rockets defense mobbed Lin today, even resorting to double teaming him at the 3 point line in some instances. They were determined to shut Lin down, even fouling him in some instances.

    If they load up on Jeremy like that, the right play is to move the ball and find the open man. Lakers beat the Rockets as a team, and Lin took the brunt of the attention which created opportunities for others.

  164. did lin have a lot of turnover?

  165. Five I think. But not all were because of double team

  166. Great post. JLin and the team will solve this puzzle hopefully soon. As JLin mentioned repeatedly, they were working on defense and not offense. Hopefully soon they will start to work on offense. Remind myself to be patience as JLin only played with the starters since 28 October, less than a month. Don’t expect Rome is built in one day after the first couple regular games. He is coming quite far since that first game and I should be proud of JLin for whom never practiced and played with the starters esp Kobe until 28 Oct. He is learning from behind and on the go. Great job JLin! You deserve to be praised of your quick learning rather than…. Go JLin!!! You can overcome all these hurdles with the help of our almighty God.

  167. He had 1 less turnover than Harden.

  168. Mavs haven’t Rockets yet. First game will be in Houston this Sat.

    They will absolutely play a tribute video for Parsons. Even if they didn’t leave on good terms, it’s just standard PR.

  169. what I mean is, with Lin in that role, he’s going to look like iggy. Like ariza with a ball dominant guart, like iggy with 2. Hence, some not scoring nights, and some off ones, some D ones, some like tonight when he got focused on.

  170. tip: just copy and paste the direct twitter link (click on the date stamp) into disqus. don’t use the embed code


  171. I had a pretty decent game, if I say so myself. =p

    I predict that Lin will get a warm applause when his name is announced. Most Rockets fans appreciate Lin’s hard work and attitude when he was in Houston. It might not seem that way online, where anonymous haters proliferate (on any topic). But I think the fans at the game will appreciate Lin’s time with the team.

    Yup, Lin got applauded by appreciative fans. I’m not so sure Parsons will get the same on Sat when DAL plays at HOU. I think there will be a strong mixed response of boos with cheers.

    I think the Rockets will double Lin to shut down the team game and let Kobe go into solo mode vs Ariza. Rockets win by 18, 116-98. I predict Lin will be limited because Rockets will focus on stopping him and let Kobe iso and get his 25+ pts at a low efficiency. 10 pts, 4 ast (6 FGA)

    Yup, Lin was doubled and prevented from running the offense. I got the 4 asts right, and close on 6 FGA. (Although I expected Lin to make half and get a few FTs). Kobe had his 25+ with low efficiency (10-28 fg, 1-7 3pt) of course. The reason the Lakers won despite Kobe’s low efficiency iso is because more rebounds (47 vs 38) and pts in paint (38 vs 20), and that was because Dwight was out (which no one knew before the game).

    But here’s my unrealistic hope… The Rockets have been exposed. Can barely beat terrible teams, get blown out by good teams. Lakers win 98-97.

    Oh, and I got the Lakers score of 98 correct, twice. =)

  172. Ok, but as a point guard I would like Lin to make them pay on off scoring nights by getting nice assists. Which he did to some extent today.

    In that case, he probably never reach Iggy’s status at his peak because he was an All-Star and scoring 19 points a game while also playing great defense.

    I still maintain that Lin should be able to get his average to at least 16/5 (no matter how inconsistent he is), because I feel he has the talent to do so.

  173. Thanks for the write up. Just a correction: Lakers 98 and R 92 not 97. It isn’t 1 pt win:-)

  174. Yeah, 98-97 was my pregame optimistic prediction.

  175. some gifs:

    Harden’s airball 3 at the end of the game

    WJ picking Harden to seal the game

  176. Just how gassed is Lin? Should he be tired in 2nd night?

    On LAL, he’s the only one in top 5 in mins/game, dist ttl, avg mph, miles per game, and miles per 48.

    In NBA, he’s 34th to kobe’s 22nd in miles this season. Out of 412.
    – 150th on mph at 4.2, with Clarkson at 10th at 4.6mph with about 1/3 his minutes.
    – 64th to Kobe’s 47th miles per game rank
    – but, 123rd to Kobe’s 343rd NBA rank in miles per 48

    Add to that fighting screens, and he’s ok to be tired. It’s hard to factor in D in these, as it’s clear Kobe walks in D. It takes less out of you to go O because you plan your moves.

    Refresh to see NBA tracker stats for LAL players. Let me know that you think.

  177. ten ten did a great analysis of TOs on other site. Short, they were good TOs.

  178. let’s see how it goes when all the pistons settle to running.

  179. True, but we also gotta factor age into the equation.

    Kobe is 36, not bad coming back from 2 season ending injuries. I’m not sure he can continue this pace and stay free from injury though. At 26, Kobe was playing 40 minutes a game.

    Got a link to the stats? I want to see what Harden’s MPH is.

  180. I was impressed by Kobe’s numbers. He has the advantage of expending most of his energy in O and not having to fight screens. I didn’t watch Kobe when he was 25, so you might be right. I doubt if he was running through screens all the time, that’s never been Kobe’s job. Maybe Wes is a good simulation on this chart of Kobe younger days.

  181. Oh, got it now:-)

  182. Ten Ten said:

    When Jordan Hill hit 3 straight jumpers off KOBE pick and roll, KOBE being hard trapped, I wonder if some people here were thinking that KOBE is SCARED like they think LIN is…

    fact is Laker don’t win without LIN…great strip on BEV. great D on BEV, ARIZA in individual sequences against him. shut down BEV spin move which he scored on a lot of people with. 4 assists via PnR. but really 5. they missed one. hit that 3.

    sure we’d like him to score more… but he was AGGRESSIVE. two TO’s i have no problem with… LOB to KOBE, and the BS foul call in transition. other TO’s was taking it to hoop vs Montejunas looking to SCORE and transition attack where he ran into boozer and the dude on the floor– LOOKING TO SCORE. last TO was the dump to pass to boozer

    SO of his 4 true TO’s two were passes. the lob and the dump. and two were attacking TO’s.

    sure where people want him to come up with shots that he doesn’t have… still anxiously awaiting people to post some video of his multiple opportunities to SHOOT the ball.

  183. May not be all the time, but Kobe does okay. 🙂

    When i checked earlier Lin’s speed was much lesser than his norm against Rox. Will post those numbers later. As I said ( i think previous thread), his defensive rating on today’s game was the best! So he had really worked hard on defense.

    probably when he saw, others are working fine on scoring, most likely he didnt want to push it, and let Kobe to run the offense, hence Kobe had good AST. Thats the Lin that we came to understand.

    I dont like it, but its his decision, if only to take effective shots.

    Media and reviewers would also see it negatively as opponent PG played better than Lin.

  184. Kobe was a pretty good defender when he was younger, sometimes locking down the opponent’s best player.

  185. Ido and others think this is real. Somebody needs to tell them this is a bit they do and that Laker fan is planted and acting.

  186. Guess I’m saying by then numbers, it’s ok for Lin to be tired because he’s the workhorse of the team and if you compare to NBA, his miles/48 in high minutes is top 30% so maybe all the talk about him being tired is eye test.

    Kobe definitely is tired huffing, walking in D, and shooting short shots in volume. Only Wes J can be compare if you want age and then Lin produces a lot more than Wes.

    Hard to say thins right because there aren’t really good D stats or vids.

  187. Thanks … I just visited a bit and noted his and a few other great posts.

  188. Harden is the 3th slowest player in the NBA in average speed, tied with Dwight Howard (who’ve played more than 1 game). Wow.

  189. kobe really works hard to be ahead of Lin in some categories. harden doesn’t work much. Is he working smart? not unless he gets a few rings.

  190. 13th. right?

  191. Lets see. Kobe is in his 19th season coming off 2 major injuries playing and Harden is in his prime playing with another HOF.
    Kobe is coming of back to back games.
    Kobe is averaging 27 points and Harden is averaging 24.
    Kobe is shooting 39% and Harden is shooting 37%
    Kobe is shooting 30% from 3’s and Harden is shooting 27%
    to summarize:
    Kobe at 60% in his 19th season coming off a torn achilles and broken knee> harden 100% healthy in his prime

  192. Harden’s average speed is 3.7 mph (same as Howard). Only Cousins and Josh Smith @ 3.6 mph are slower than him (and played more than 1 game).

  193. You hater! At an individual level Mchale was good to Lin.
    I disliked that he didnt trust Lin, but as a coach he had certain set of requirement (good or bad); and Jeremy was not the guy that fits it.

  194. LoL, psalm got trolled!

  195. ok. I had 412 total but that includes prob guys who didn’t play more than 1 game.

  196. good to see them kiddin around

  197. I agree 2 years in Houston were terrible for Lin. But, I don’t think he is broken. He said back in July, “I’m not trying to be a player from the past, I’m trying to make history again.” To me, that doesn’t sounds like someone who has given up. Other than that, good post.

  198. Hey everybody, first I want to say I have not given up on Lin just a little frustrated with his playing sometimes. I know that he is still a work in progress and he is learning to thrive in a new system. I am glad that he played well in ATL, and I kind of suspected that he would have this kind of game in Houston. He even stated himself that on some nights he will have the hot hand and sometimes others will. I was just upset that he let Bev the scrub show him up and the myth lives on that Bev is better than lin.
    I give Scott credit on recognizing how good lin is defensively by putting him back in the game. Scott said even tonight that Wes playing great defense on harden boosted his morale on his offensive game. I think Lin has the hardest job as the PG trying to figure out how to get the team going. He did that very well in ATL. Now lin/Scott/team need to work on how to help him on offense when he is double-teamed. I think Scott and team will take a look at this and make it work. I liked how Scott adjusted in the second half. Lin didn’t have a great game, so on to the next one.

  199. Didn’t watch the game, My thoughts upon reading the stat line and the posts here and there:

    The Rockets were so hellbent on stopping Lin that they FORGOT TO WIN THE GAME.

    The Buckets’ focus on shutting Lin down on defense was a reason that their offense stunk, especially at the end of the game when they scored just one point in the last three minutes. The one who suffered the most was Harden, who came up SMALL at the end, shooting the airball in part because he expended so much energy (for him) on the defensive end.

    I expected Lin to have the type of game that he did, in part because it was the second game of a back-to-back. There’s no way to get around it – it was a disappointing game, mostly for JLin, imo, who didn’t do a post-game interview, maybe in part because he struggled in the game coming back to Houston. But, I expect Lin to bounce back against Dallas. He’s had good success against them.

  200. Good points. I also expected Lin to have the type of game that he had, for various reasons we’ve all talked about before.

    Yes, his Laker stint has been uneven so far, but, we definitely need to be patient. He is still a work in progress, and like other point guards like Kyle Lowry, he may go through several seasons of good but not great play, only to turn it on at a certain point in his career.

    Or, then again, he might just bust out this season after he gets familiar with this offense!

  201. I think he didn’t do post game interview because he had a fan event at the end of the game, there are pictures below. He might have done an interview with the Rockets press, perhaps that’s why no post game interview.

  202. Also, I agree, he will bounce back in Dallas.

  203. I hope that’s the reason why.

  204. I think Lin will get better on in the season. He is a quick study. Scott seems to like how lin plays defense. Scott is looking for that defensive leader on the team since Kobe can’t do it anymore.

  205. I think so. The kids from The PAIR organization came to the game tonight and I am sure he spent some time with them

  206. I would love to watch a recorded video of this game 🙂

  207. One of the joys in supporting a team is that even when your favourite player is not doing well, the team still manages to win. That is essence of team sports. Houston basically killed that joy for me for the past 2 years but I am glad that the Lakers are restoring some of that pleasure.

  208. Great post. Also I think that although lin didn’t do well offensively, he excelled in his defense, and that is all Scott cares about. He knows that he has kobe/swaggyp to shoot lights out, but nobody to play hard gritty defense.

  209. Karma for trying to use the Lakers as punching bag for that embarrassing loss vs Grizzlies.

  210. I think lin being in Lakerland is going to open his game up big time and he will have a breakout year. Lin seems to be getting a lot of support from team mates, kobe and the coaches.

  211. I don’t give a bleep on All Star accolades. I care about him winning 5 rings.

  212. “The fans in Toyota Center cheering loud for Lin means even more. The Lin Only Haters always stood out as an angry, vocal minority populated by plenty of bigots, but their actual numbers have never come close to matching their message board bite.”

    “But it’s also the kind of the game the Rockets used to win when they had Jeremy Lin on their roster. In fact, it’s exactly the kind of shorthanded situation, one in which other starters were out and coach Kevin McHale would have no choice but to play him heavy minutes, that Lin excelled at with Houston.”

    “And Patrick Beverley, given his own chance to show he can help lift a team, scores 15 points, but shoots 5-for-13, gets just two assists as your starting point and records a woeful minus 15 plus-minus rating. “

  213. As long as they believe in him, his work ethic, and skills, it’s not impossible.

  214. Glad to read this Joyce. Was worried about you.

  215. i think they do. I think the Lakers are trying to do what SAS, home grow a team, and look how well they play together. Lakers also know that no superstar is going to come to the lakers will kobe is still there, so they will just try to build with what they have now, and I personally don’t think Kobe will allow another superstar come in and overshadow him. He shut lin down when he tried to do that. It took lin/boozer speaking up for him to realize that. Scott will be the Lakers coach for 4 years and I personally think kobe will hang in as long as he can. LA fans have seen what can do on the offense, it has been lin’s unfortunate luck that Lakers have face major playoff teams in these first games.

  216. I got this off twitter, and i think it is a Chinese reporter write up. I googled it, but it didn’t make sense to me. Can somebody please translate? Thanks:)





  217. Trust me, I was worried about me..LOL

  218. Well he is a California boy through and through… and Jeanie said that “this is where you should have been all along”.

  219. Great reminder. Again, basketball is a 5-man game. If I want an individual achievement I’ll go rah-rah-rah on Natalie Coughlin.

  220. Agree with you mate 🙂 He worked really hard on D and he had the best Def Rating for this season

  221. Try my best here. Maybe someone can do a better translation:-)

    I’m glad that we win the game. Also glad to see everyone.

    Team wins, Jeremy Lin’s FGA isn’t good, Kobe gives him some suggestion.

    After game, Jeremy Lin’s locker room’ neighbor, Kobe talks to Jeremy Lin. Kobe told him not to think too much. He just needs to play ball and keep on shooting. But Jeremy Lin isn’t used to this.

    PTSD is still affected greatly. Please recover quickly JLin. Kobe supports you (Believe this is the message from fan to JLin.)

  222. What is PTSD… Post traumatic shock syndrome?

  223. He did and I’ve seen pics on it.

  224. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  225. I would look at distance rather than speed. Speed, general falls on the type of play one potraits.

  226. Terry’s game is more of an SG for me, better fit as 6th man. Some Rockets fans said that Terry can mentor Beverley…wait,what???

  227. Post traumatic stress disorder from H ill-treatment .

  228. I am sorry Bev is still a scrub. He gets no props from me.

  229. Terry can’t turn him into something else either.

  230. BTW, where was Terry tonight, after saying that after the Memphis loss, they would take it out on the Lakers…LOL

  231. gurpreet1028 @jlin7 ducked for me! I cannot believe this just happened but #foreverblessed #thankyougod

  232. Can you translate this too; Thanks:)



      談到今晚的比賽,Jeremy 總結道,“教練們來這之後,對於我們應該怎樣打下定了決心,我們也堅持了比賽計畫,最終取得了一場重要的勝利。

  233. 2 wins in a row for the Lakers! 2 losses in a row for the Rockets!

  234. Rockets getting exposed for the media hyped team that they are. They were winning a lot of games because they were playing bottom feeding teams. Look how poorly the played against Memphis, and now the lakers beat them because they tried to stick it to lin, and guess what, it left the other Lakers open. Scott brought Lin back in for defense and lin got some key plays on defense.

  235. Let’s be honest – I blame LIN FOR THE ROCKET’S LOSS!!


  236. Same article on the other one. Just the first part of it.

    Lakers away game 98-92 own Rox

    This game was JLin’s first time returned to Houston after he left R. He wore a sweater with the word California. Houston indeed was his past.

    Talked about this game, Jeremy concluded, “Coaches made decisions on how we should play after we arrived. We were able to carry out this plan and finally won this very important game.”

  237. Oh yeah! Good blame in this case:-)

  238. Totally!

  239. Yup! It was all Lin’s fault. Lol.

  240. @joeteam:disqus This are the numbers I was referring to on my discussion earlier.

    Defensively Lin outplayed Harden and Beverly! He had exerted so much energy, why, most likely his game plan to get a win is to play GREAT D. He knows, with NYoung back and together with Kobe and the Bigs could get the Offensive going.

    Defensive responsibility was on Lin to get things in place to nail the win.

  241. No, its the truth aint it. If Lin was still in Rox, McHale would have put in back with 3 mins left to get the win.

  242. refresh the page to view the attachment

  243. Actually Rockets hype is the result of lack of recognition for Lin’s contributions. They assumed that they were as good as last year plus another year of gelling. They forgot that Lin won many games for them. Big mistake.

    P/S also Asik is a big loss.

  244. Yup. Rockets have been fool’s gold since the beginning of the season.

    They have no depth and it showed last night when Dwight didn’t play.

  245. CBaldwin not only a fan but speaks the truth. *clap*

  246. Here we see Jeremy’s rim protection attempts, which equals to the Bigs! Thats alot of energy. This is how I would quantify that Lin expended much of his energy defensively.
    (again, you may need to refresh the page) 🙁

  247. “Coaches made decisions on how we should play after we arrived. We were able to carry out this plan and finally won this very important game.” This is what lin said, so do you think this was the plan to win this game?

  248. I do think so as well, and Jeremy might have hinted to beat Houston D is the key, else they would be raining threes and Harden would have invented his fouls as well.

    I think he tried to get his own offense going but he had no legs. He gave up knowing the others are doing well and he shall focus on D. This is even further proven with my numbers below. Check those rim protection.

  249. I saw them, thanks.I think he knew that they would load up on him, and I think he tried to work out of it and like you said, he had no legs.

  250. PFV long video

    11.19.14 Game #12 — Long Video — Jeremy Lin & LA Lakers BEAT The Houston Rockets 98-92!! — Report

  251. He meant they would buy take out for the Lakers…

  252. Jeremy Lin unnerved by Rockets being nice to him? Surprise video tribute a classy move out of nowhere



  253. In this game, Wes did. Wes struggles more than Lin, he’s just not as high-profile. Lin’s defense was great. Of course, Ed Davis also plays great D when he’s on the court.

  254. 3rd time posting… 🙂 but its fine…. Thats the flaw of disqus, things get buried

  255. I thought he might struggle, but you never know. The TOs were really bizarre, like a player falling down and Lin dribbling the ball off of him and there was another one that looked like Lin just loss his balance and couldn’t get a shot up. The Kobe attempt alley oops is a rare one where Lin doesn’t get it quite right. The Ariza one was complete BS, that was a blocking foul and the announcers were outraged at that call.

    I don’t like that Lin gets rattled. That’s a mental issue that he hasn’t conquered yet. I believe he has to work with someone at that and maybe a lot of it has to do with him needing to improve his dribbling/handles. That’s where he’s vulnerable. But he also didn’t handle the PnR defense of the Rockets that well. Teams that play better PnR defense, Lin has to pick and pop and be more decisive. The weird thing is he was against the Hawks just a night earlier.

    Not sweating it. LA beat Houston and Lin playing Houston again will feel like less pressure. LIke he got the garbage out of his system and maybe he’ll just play the game. I agree, Lin should be OK against Dallas. I would like to see a 20+ scoring game though. I’d like him to focus on scoring more. If not, then another high assist game, 9 or more.

  256. You really know your shtuff…ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

  257. I don’t know, scoring 15 is scoring 15. Beverley won this battle. I think most Houston Rockets fans appreciated what Lin brought to the Rockets.

  258. It deserves its own thread, I think.
    Care to create one for it? :p

  259. That’s the spirit!

  260. Wow, didn’t realize Lin’s only averaging 30.7 min/game.

  261. Sounds good!

  262. Yes Sir!

  263. What was up with Bev trying to cozy up to kobe? I think Kobe just showing sportsman like conduct by just saying great game, and kobe was about to walk away and bev just kept talking.

  264. Showing off?Kissing Kobe’s you-know-what?

  265. Some fans doesn’t understand that that is why the frustrated.

  266. PBev prolly asked Kobe if he can join him on the Lakers. Kobe listened but told PBev: “I already have Jeremy on my team, I don’t need you.”

  267. That is why I said, he is just a fake. Used lin to get what he wanted. I think Lin is over him now.

  268. He probably did say something stupid like that. He better be careful because if he gets in the dog house with harden, he is gone.LOL

  269. So you are saying he doesn’t have good handles?

  270. Serious question – the Rockets did a tribute video for JLin. Do you think they’ll also do one for Parsons when he comes to Houston tomorrow with the Mavericks?

    I think so, but the Rockets will do so only begrudgingly after the way Parsons ditched them. And, Persons will hear a ton of boos from fans for the crass way he left the Rockets.

  271. This is PB’s contract year too… If HOU really going to pick Dragic next summer then he needs to find his new team.

  272. For sure they will do it for CP. Morey & CF like him so much…

  273. Bev’s lame way of trying to say he’s an equal of Kobe.

    Lame and juvenile.

  274. Like you said, he is just a fake and Haren isn’t genuine either. They both deserve each other. lol

  275. but, Les doesn’t like him.

    Remember, Les posted a thank you letter to Lin after he got traded. He didn’t write a similar letter for Parsons.

    If it’s Les’s decision, then it’s 50-50.

    Even if it’s Morey’s decision, he’s probably still upset at Parsons for ditching the Rockets the way he did. And we know that Morey is really vindictive.

  276. It’s clear that PB is not the PG of the future for the Rockets. He’s actually not a good PG for most teams, since he’s not a traditional PG who can floor lead like JLin. He’s better suited to be a back-up point guard.

  277. The is diminishing what the Lakers did.

  278. But this video stuff Morey can in charge, OK. Alex did that Thank you note bc he has business in China just like the video last night. He knew this game will air in Asia since they bought all 82 Lakers games TV rights. It’s all Business$$$

  279. Ya! I agree w you but PB didn’t think so… Will see what happen next summer?

  280. LOL if Bev has 5 rings, then they’re equals. Anything other than that, he doesn’t have any business of cozying up with Kobe. He’s probably envious of Jeremy who is playing with Kobe.

  281. He’s probably envious that Jeremy and Kobe are team mates.

  282. Great post, almost all of the solutions you said above are required team work but some Lin fans just want Lin to get out of double by himself smh.

  283. Done….@psalm234:disqus could you embed the video (finding it difficult to put the video in)
    and select the Featured Image ( I dont have the permission)


  284. Houston made their choice between playing defense on one man or the Lakers.

  285. If I remember it right, Ten Ten is finger coach.

  286. May be Lakers should hire you as the Coach.

  287. LeBron had 5 TOs too. one TO is on the last seconds for a chance to tie or win the game with 3pts shot.

  288. And they paid the price, lol. Big fat loss.

  289. Just a suggestion when you are frustrated don’t put it out loud you will make those fans that already frustrated to frustrated more.

  290. Young is back w/o Lin, Lakers still can make it up the score from Young.

  291. I do think Rockets were purposely to humiliate Lin in front fans and medias. It makes sense to me, I would do the same thing if I were Morey, McHale, Harden or Bev. Rox tried to do damage control on Jerseygate drama by doing tribute to Lin. I wonder if they had ever done something like that to other players. But meanwhile, they wanted to prove trading Lin away is the right decision.

    Of course, Lin’s game was off on some levelj. With that type of defense, I won’t blame him. I still support Lin not to jack up shots especially when he is off. He is not Kobe, and he is a PG and he thinks “too much” on who will have more advantage to take the shot.

    More or less, Lin will have such treatment through the whole season and made him look inconsistent. I think we need get ready for it. It’s up to the whole team to figure out how to take advantage of this Lin-treatment. I will wait until All-star break!

  292. haha, is this person from here?

  293. To prove that they were right to let Lin go. Even, Feigen wrote an article indirectly to prove it too.

  294. Kevin Ding talking about Kobe and Nick Young: “In Nick Young, Kobe Finds Partnership He Failed to Develop with Dwight Howard.”


  295. Here’s a post I posted at the big site. It addresses Lin haters, but, I think what I say may be of interest to all Lin fans in general –

    What’s disturbing about Lin bashing, is not the substance of the posts, but the TONE. The contempt, the harshness, the mean-spirited language, the anger, and yes, the HATE for JLin.

    The tone is what makes people call you haters. Because the tone is very similar, nay, identical, to the tone of LOH’ers.

    If Lin struggles in a game, why get so angry at him that you’re on the verge of popping a blood vessel? Why write nasty in tone posts about JLin 24/7/365?

    Here’s a suggestion. Before you start to craft a hateful and vicious and nasty toned post, think about meeting JLin in person. How would you speak to him? In what tone? If you want to criticize his game in person, how would you go about saying it?

    If you would be nasty to him, and thus write a nasty post, then, you, my friend, are a Lin hater.

    If, on the other hand you would be respectful and polite, even when being critical of his play, then I suggest you stop writing vindictive diatribes that are nasty and mean-spirited in tone, and be more respectful of JLin in your posts.

    Write posts as if you were speaking to JLin in person. Or, at least try, lol.

  296. This is the first game Lin came back to Houston after he left the Rockets. He wore a LA sweater, Houston became the past.

    Regarding tonight’s game, Lin summarized :”After coaches arrived (at Houston), made up their minds how to play this game, and we sticked to the plan, and ended up with an important win.”

  297. Bingo.

  298. Yep. And it’s a myth that positive Lin fans aren’t critical and honest about JLin’s basketball play when Lin struggles. But, the big difference is that respectful Lin fans are respectful of Lin in their posts.

  299. Exactly, it cost them 1st and 2nd round picks to the Lakers as Lin taker. We can’t imagine how foolish all of them in the Houston organization would be looked like if Lin had a double double in his first return?

    The Rockets lost but they managed to avoid major humiliation.

  300. I think maybe it’s his first time playing against Kobe. But probably kissing nonetheless.

  301. I think the Rockets were also humiliated, especially after Jason Terry said they would take out their frustration on getting blown out by Memphis on the Lakers.

    There was a great headline on ESPN reporting about the game – HOUSTON SHOCKED BY LAKERS. Lol.

  302. I agree that the Rockets had a game plan to attack Lin from the get go. I believe it was equal parts respect and disrespect. Deep down, they know how effective Lin can be. Just look at the last game against Atlanta. They know they have to stop him. On the other hand, I would not be surprised if they felt that he was turnover prone and therefore an easy target. This was how they had always perceived him (and unfairly so).

    I cannot say that the Rockets succeeded because they lost the game.

  303. I agree with you but it could be a lot worse.

  304. True. If Lin had gone off for a double double AND the Lakers’ won, that would have been the ultimate humiliation.

  305. I agree, it was a mix of Lin respect and disrespect.

    But, it failed, truly, because, bottom line, it’s about wins and losses.

  306. Hey how about J Terry excused for interview? LOL

  307. If it is real Rox lost millions $ from being sue.

  308. Lakers need to focus one win at a time. Slowly they’ll get to where they wanted.

  309. Ok having seen enough of the Lakers this year, I can see that they all have major flaws. Which is why they started the season so badly. Yet, if they mesh as a true team, it looks like they can be quite successful.

    Scott is stubborn and panders to Kobe too much. However, his stubbornness is coupled with patience. This will help guys like Jeremy get into rhythm and build up confidence. He has given a long leash to just about ALL the starters, from Jeremy down to Wesley Johnson. Appreciate the fairness in that respect. Jeremy will reward him by developing into a great point guard.

    Kobe is a super ball hog. However, Lin can be ultra efficient with few touches. Kobe takes a lot of bad shots. Lin sometimes tries too hard to get good shots for everyone. In fact, they seem to be polar opposites but may actually provide balance to each other.

    Jordan Hill is a terrible defensive rebounder but an excellent offensive rebounder. To me, a rebound results in a possession for your team however you look at it. Hill sucks at the pick and roll but he has decent range for his size.

    Boozer can be a joke defensively but his defensive rebounding is decent and his mid post game is deadly. He may also be the
    glue guy. A veteran former all star with a light hearted attitude who can help bridge the gap between Kobe and the other team mates.

    Wesley Johnson is a non-factor in offence. But he is not a ballhog so Kobe and Jeremy get more of the ball.

    Young has questionable shot selection. However, he is a perfect sixth man. Not afraid to shoot so he does not take long to get into rhythm.

    Davis allows Price to actually generate some offence via assists, since Davis is excellent in his movement off the ball. Davis should play with the starters and the second unit.

    When they really start clicking, we might see the strong team we had all hoped to see all along.

  310. Boozer and Hill are getting better inside the paint, both had double double again last night. I have high hope for this team now.

  311. With 7 assists, is that the new Kobe?

  312. Bc no D12 last night. On Friday, Tyson will be there..

  313. Excellent analysis.

  314. True, that’s another big test. We’ll see.

  315. I think there are 2 types of people that do this:

    1. The first type are trying to live vicariously through him. In their own lives they are afraid to stand up for themselves and so they project their own fears and insecurities onto him. Hoping he can “beat it for them.” I believe their fanship is not genuine but rather they just want to use his success to feel better about themselves.

    2. The second is the “Tiger Fan.” In this case, they genuinely do admire him but are just super strict. The slightest mistake is seen as failure. I believe they really do want for Lin to succeed and they aren’t doing it for themselves. They are just sometimes a bit too passionate.

    Now that being said, I do believe that some criticism can be merited. There are some things that we as fans see and it’s a way for us to let off some steam as well.

    I think the best way is to talk about his actions, rather than about his “mentality.” For example, he missed that shot because he was a bit too slow or because he was trapped by a double team. Rather than saying, “It’s because of his confidence,” or whatever because you don’t know what he’s feeling or thinking.

  316. Good post.

    I also can’t stand fans who apparently are inside the head of JLin and write as if they KNOW what’s inside JLin’s mind.

    I think we can talk about confidence issues, BUT – it has to be said with caveats, because, as you point out, we can’t be certain of what Lin is feeling or thinking. It’s just our conjecture or projection.

  317. Ha-ha!

  318. Not until he does it consistently.

  319. Yea that’s why it’s still a ? to me.

  320. Sorry, I meant that “role player” comment for Lin. Carter was a huge star in Toronto for 7 years but when he left, he left on less than good terms with the fans who felt jilted. He did get a nice ovation though yesterday form fans who seems to have forgiven him.

  321. If Lin plays well then maybe there is chance still… but Mav’s coach is good so… have to wait & see ..

  322. Thanks, I personally believe LIN has a much higher ceiling for great stat games if teams don’t take him seriously. Teams that understand how much of a ripple affect Lin’s play has on his team will try hard to take him out of the play and gamble on forcing Lin’s team to beat them individually. When an opposing coach puts their best defence on you, they are paying huge respect for your ability to disrupt their defence. As I said, winning is a balancing act of scoring and defending. Game plans are set to best manage the odds of winning by targeting key elements of other team’s sets. Atlanta allowed LIN to flow and he made all of his teammates play at a higher level. George Karl was right that LIN is the engine of his team. To shut off a team, shut off the engine.

  323. got it. thanks!
    For video, just copy-and-paste youtube link as a text. It will automatically embed it

  324. exactly, he’s in a denial stage :]

  325. Lin has to use his mid-range and pick and pop. If his 3 falls he won’t struggle. He has to change some things, defensive schemes against him have slowed him down. If he can’t see it, it’s up to the coaches to see and implement and get him to start practicing which he will do. He should play better on Friday but I don’t know how much better.

  326. Yup.

  327. The LIN army marches on with drill sergeant precision.

  328. I don’t think the Rockets are alone in that assessment. Strengths are his ability to penetrate and from there work off getting others involved. Weakness is take that away and his handles are exposed and he can get rattled into making bad decisions and TOs. I think that’s fair. Defensively though, he’s stronger and is underestimated than some PGs realize.

  329. I think he will but also worry after last night’s game if every team did it like Rox .. try to let ball out of Lin’s hand & hope Kobe to take lots of shots then brick most of them… ?! If so then Lin will look bad again.

  330. Good that you said this, and you said it very well. Hope it salvages a few souls 🙂

  331. As a not so related news to Lin, here is what one’s parents could do to their pro-athlete son.
    Fortunately, Jeremy is blessed with a supportive family who would never do this to him.

  332. Good that you said this, and very well said as well. Hope it salvages a few souls 🙂

  333. AGREE. with bells on.

  334. The haters may or may not know why they hate him. Lets face it Lin is a follower of Jesus first, not a basketball player. This fact alone makes many hate him, then throw in his race and you add more haters. Bottom line is people who are hurting, hurt others. Lin is a good guy because of who he believes in, and like it or not life is about more than sports, more than winning and losing. Lin gets the whole picture of life and death, and he is not shy to share it.

  335. Very happy to have this information. Jeremy has his ups and downs like everyone else, but I often think his “inconsistency” has more purpose hidden within it than many can recognize. My instinct was there, but not enough bball knowledge to support it…v. glad for the wealth of info on this site. THANKS.

  336. Hahahahahahaha

  337. what a nightmare! The parents took a series of 12% loan to monetize the son’s NHL contract?
    The bankruptcy can be navigated eventually but the lost trust to the parents is the worst tragedy.

  338. A few of those blowout losses he sat the entire 4Q and had 21-23 min per game.

  339. Absolutely!

  340. THe Rockets guarded Jlin very well yesterday. All they did was trap hard on the pick and roll and get super physical on him because the refs did not call fouls. There were no double teams or some crazy scheme as some would try to have you believe. Lin just wasn’t very good but that’s ok.

    All I saw was Lin unable to beat Beverly one on one. Even when Lin did lift for an open 10 foot shot over Beverly, Lin almost shot all airballs. Lin needs to shoot some more intentional 15-20 footers to rectify this problem, but it seems to be outside his comfort zone, though he shot these exact shots during Linsanity.

    Lin did not play very well, but at least he was allowed himself to be a decoy on offense after a while. It was tough to watch him get shut down so easily 🙁

    What I liked about Scott is he put in Kobe and Young in the backcourt yesterday. At least when he took out Lin, he did not put in Price. The Young Kobe backcourt was too big and too good for Beverly and Terry/Harden.

    It was a smart substitution that helped win the game.

    Scott putting Lin back in the end of the game was a display of confidence but more importantly, saved Lin’s face (important in some asian cultures). Lin did not deserve to go back in, but it was a nice gesture on Scott’s part, whether forced by management or not. Beverly also stuck to Lin like glue so less chance of double teams off Lin.

    The more I watch Lin the more I feel he is just meant to be a glue guy. When he gets comfortable with this team, I hope he can be a 14 and 7 guy who consistently shows up for each and every game. I don’t expect him to be able to do much more than that.

    His inconsistent up and down play is really bad right now. If I were a coach I would not trust him right now to show up each night. I hope he can fix this within the next 15 games.

  341. OK Jeremy had a bad game last night and the Rockets lost!

  342. the real test is if they can beat them with D12 playing. I think they can IF Lin shows up.

  343. Well there is no D12. Its like Lakers losing without Kobe so you can’t be too excited. And they barely won. but yes lets take the win

  344. So no double team on Lin last night?

  345. this supposed “defense” is made up in your mind. Lin just didn’t show up.

  346. Jack Johnson, the victimized NHL player, is actually only one year older than Jeremy Lin. On the bright side, at least he is still young enough to get back on the right track financially. I don’t know how he can ever trust his parents again. Being constantly lied to is really hard to swallow, especially by your own parents.

    Tina Johnson borrowed at least $15 million in her son’s name against his future earnings, sources told The Dispatch,
    taking out a series of high-interest loans — perhaps as many as 18 —
    from nonconventional lenders that resulted in a series of defaults.

    The tangled web is one that The Dispatch has been
    investigating since the spring, and — according to court documents, NHL
    sources and sources with knowledge of the situation — involves a U.S.
    congressman from Iowa, the son of an oil baron in Texas and a former
    University of Michigan basketball star.

    Because Johnson’s name is on the loans, he has been sued at least
    three times for more than $6 million for defaulting, as in the case of
    the mortgage on a house in Manhattan Beach, Calif. In court documents,
    Johnson says his parents bought the house with his money but without his

    Johnson’s parents allegedly each bought a car, spent more than
    $800,000 on upgrades to the Manhattan Beach property and traveled, often
    to see him play NHL games for the Kings and Blue Jackets.

    “Jack would ask (his parents) questions: ‘What’s this? What are these
    guys calling about?’  ” a source said. “And they would tell him not to
    worry about it, just worry about playing hockey.

    “These were his parents, right? He trusted them. It wasn’t until last
    spring or early summer that he understood there was a significant

  347. not true but you can choose to believe that. All I saw was Houston VERY aware of showing hard on the hedge and trapping Lin on the Pick and Roll. And with that Lin was unable to do a thing. THat one focus shut him down. ANd that’s all it took.

  348. Beverley got a lot of help, Rockets actually played solid team defense against the PnR or when Lin got pass Beverley. Beverley slowed down Lin’s attack, but he didn’t shut Lin’s offense down which is good defense on Beverley’s part.

  349. told Kobe he can be Kobe’s Fisher like nobody else can.

  350. The good thing is the last game against HOU (Jan 25) will not be a Back-To-Back game
    He’ll have 1 day rest after playing Spurs on the road. Let’s hope Lin will get his offensive going with somewhat rested legs

    Fri, 23 Jan San Antonio Spurs AT&T Center 17:30
    Sun, 25 Jan Houston Rockets

    See more at: http://www.jlinportal.com/game-schedule/#sthash.FzdIvVrA.dpuf

  351. except for last season, Lin usually does better as the season wears on. I hope he will be a lot better after the all star game.

  352. I was thinking it was sub 30 myself.

  353. Scott’s decisions have seemed so odd sometimes, it’s hard for me to believe we really know what’s going on in his mind. Your post and some others seem to conclude Scott has come to appreciate Jeremy’s defense and think it was part of the game plan against Houston to use him to draw bodies and leave other shooters open. If so, he’s a bit of a secret weapon in that the myth is he’s not a great defender, so other teams aren’t maybe taking that into consideration yet…as opposed to how they do know he’s dangerous on offense and load up on him. It’s quiet and behind-the-scenes from the stats point of view…maybe only the most educated fans will get it. Hope it’s true that Scott is seeing this as another of Jeremy’s weapons.

  354. no double team in the classic sense. They did a hard show and often trapped the pick and roll. In my opinion, Lin held onto the ball too long.

    The CLippers do a great job of this. CP3 gets trapped and hard showed all the time by defenses. But he passes to Blake Griffin so quickly it ends up being 4 on 3. That is why Blake has wide open jumpers or throws the lob to Deandre Jordan for the lob dunk.

    Lakers need to work on this. It will show up as a problem if they make the playoffs. and Lin will look like he is incapable. It takes some planning to beat those defensive schemes.

  355. I thought he was being double teamed when he was playing with Price as Price’s man was was doubling on Lin leaving Price unguarded. They know Price wasn’t an offensive threat. When Lin played with Kobe at the end of the 4th Lin was no longer double teamed but then Kobe was no longer double teamed either which allowed him to shoot and score.

  356. But Mc did set the plan to let ball out of Lin’s hand & hope Kobe took more brick shots?!

  357. Kobe was often doubled on the pick and roll when Lin was out. Hence why Hill made all those open jumpers. Kobe easily got off passes, Lin couldnt.

    As to Price’s man doubling, I don’t recall (would have to watch game again). But if true, that is a Lin, Price, Coaching Fail by Lakers. Lin needs to pass before it gets there or suck in the double and pass IMMEDIATELY. He should already know where the teammate will be open as part of a set play. Lin should be able to pass it blindly and trust the teammate will be open.

    Good teams do that and it needs to happen so the Lakers can punish teams who do a hard double or hard show on Lin.

    If I were Lin, I’d be bringing this up to the coaches and the team in practice and making sure this is fixed.

    I’ve seen this happen to Lin far too often over the years.

  358. i’m ok with Lin getting 3 points. If a team loads up on you, your team should win playing 4 on 3. but Lin didn’t look in control and looked dazed and confused too often on offense. Part of that is a coaching fail and teammate fail, but then Lin needs to watch tape and get the team to fix it.

  359. I’m listening to PFV’s Long-Video and he gave praises to things that fans said in JLinPortal.com and jl.net 😀
    “Great stuff being said there! So nice to see the different sides.
    New people coming in. I like a lot of things going on JLinPortal”

    I’ll give a shoutout to Paul later

  360. I understand your point. We as Lin fans hope that the Rockets did indeed lose the game because they focused so hard on trapping Lin that they left Kobe one on one and had no energy left to focus on the other guys on the Lakers roster.

    I think there is some truth to this, but Lin still didn’t play well enough for my tastes. He needs to watch both Houston games and try to improve himself or come up with team strategy to beat the load ups on him.

    Also he sure could try to shoot some intentional mid range jumpers instead of trying to run into brick walls and shoot airballs. That’s on him, and nobody else.

  361. Ya! I agree Lin needs to do more on his shooting in Lakers. I found out when Kobe’s in charge more in O Lin normally disappear?! He needs to figure it out how to play better next to Kobe w/o the ball. Kobe is different from Harden.. he will not pass the ball to you that often if you didn’t shoot well or even not tried to shoot.

  362. I am thinking very hard how Lin can improve on games like yesterday. I realize the best thing to do is trust Hill to make the open jumper and swing it QUICK to a wide open Hill, who you hope can shoot those 20 footers like target practice.

    Lin held onto the ball too long on the pick and roll. He should learn from CP3 and swing it IMMEDIATELY on the pick and roll action to a wide open screening partner or cross court to an open man at the weakside.

    If Lin does that, he may still get no stats, but the Lakers will start dominating.

    Once Lin soften them up that way THEN he can try to score and hold onto the ball and take more chances with the Pick and Roll.

    That is exactly how CP3 plays and I hope Lin can start doing that against the better defensive teams or teams focuses on stopping him.

    On teams loading up on Lin like that, Lin’s pick and roll partner must be able to shoot immediately like Blake G or Lamarcus or (yikes) Hill! They can use Boozer for this too and pick and pop.

    Screening with non threatening bigs just wont work at all. Lin can also time the pick and roll action a bit better than he has been lately.

  363. the puppy….chuckle!. Was at the mall today walking past fast-fashion youth retailer Forever21…BIG photo in window promoting Nick and Iggy Azalea in bling-y club clothing. Swaggin it up!

  364. One of Lin’s best games ever was in Houston on the road against Minnesota. Lin didn’t score or barely did but was in complete control and tore apart the Wolves on offense and defense.

    I am fine with Lin getting no stats, but I’d like to see that Lin come back. I now realize he tried too hard against Houston to score the ball when they were geared up not to let him score at all.

    Lin needs to just pass out of pick and roll action and tire the defense out yesterday. He was forcing those shots on Beverly trying too hard.

    With the entire Lin nation saying Lin needed massive stats to show up Houston, I can now understand what Lin was trying to do and why it was the wrong thing to do.

    And I think that’s why Lin just played off ball in the 2nd half mostly and didn’t force it. Lin does see the game better than we do 🙂

    Still I’d like to see a bit more measured control and aggression from him. He can still pick and roll but just move it quickly when he sees the traps coming. That does require some coaching and practice to get down though.

  365. Go LA life. Hope the kids learn a little swag, a little humility. The Nick and Jeremy show.

  366. It’s a good idea to improve PnR chemistry between Lin and his bigs (Hill, Boozer and even Ed Davis)
    I believe it will come with more time playing together.

    There was instances of Lin penetrating and passing to Boozer to pop but Boozer stumbled and traveled trying to roll to the basket. Also, multiple ineffective Hill screens that end up with no open shots but two man doubling Lin’

    This is the first game that Lin was hard-trapped like Harden and Bev did. The good thing was Lin didn’t lose the ball and Harden ended up with fouls in both instances.

  367. We watched the game too and you can choose what you want to believe too. Lin had a +5 and had the highest defensive rating of all Laker players. I myself was very pissed at lin last night, but going back over viewing the game, lin made some key possessions that helped the team win. I don’t believe thst scott put lin back in to game to save face. Even i had to take a strp back from i posted when i saw his defensive stats. So nothing is matter factly is just our own opinions

  368. Yes the screens for Lin were terrible. Hill did not set them properly at all

  369. Too bad randle is hurt, he would be useful in these scenarios.

  370. After thinking about what Lin tried to do since the beginning of the game (being aggressive driving to the rim, 3PT), I think the biggest factor influencing Lin’s performance and decision-making is FATIGUE in the 2nd night of Back-to-Back game.
    – Good that Lin didn’t hesitate to drain the 3 in Bev’s face to start the game (showing aggression)
    – Good that Lin drove to the rim but lost concentration when someone fell in front of him, ending in a TO. I think Lin didn’t want to step on him but if he’s fresh, he might not lose the ball
    – Trying to force a midrange Jumper that looked unbalanced and fell short by 1ft. Good thing he didn’t try to force too much of it. Lin focused on his defense challenging Bev’s drive to the rim. Bev was rattled and missed 2 FTs early in game.

    It’s not an excuse but a challenge that Lin will need to learn to overcome.

    On the other hand, it’s very interesting to see how a tired Kobe dealt with fatigue.
    He looked as tired as Lin in Q1 but he dealt with it differently. Kobe didn’t try too hard playing defense, instead saving his energy to be the playmaker on offense. I think he realized Lin is tired too. Kobe had excellent arsenal of ISO plays and can use Hill as an outlet so he definitely has an ISO edge not relying much on driving to the rim or PnR with others.

    This is why I said Lin will need to learn to develop “fallback” skills on how he can be more effective when fatigue comes to play in the B2B game. Learning from Nash and Kobe would be great ways to do so. Perhaps Lin will hone the ISO skills or slow-but-effective-footwork by Nash to get to the rim so Lin doesn’t always have to rely on his (tiring) quickness to attack the rim

    We all hope Lin will get better as a player so it’s important to clarify the intention when discussing how Lin can improve. Lin is not a finished product yet and he has physical limitations as a player (not LBJ, Kobe) but he can model his game more to smart-scoring PG (Nash)

  371. Good post

  372. This is exactly what I think Lin needs to improve on when compared to SGs like Kobe and Nick Young he lacks iso skills where he can still be effective even when teammates aren’t helping him instead of relying on PnR or his speed to get to the rim. I hope Lin gets to stay with Lakers and Kobe will ask him to train with him like he got Wes Johnson to train with him during off season. Kobe is the biggest ball hog of the league but he can get his any day even when triple or double teamed.

  373. Since posters are focus on what Lin can improve. Given yesterday’s game. A few things he could do,
    1. To get his handle better. not saying his handle is bad, but one of Lin’s shortfall is his wingspan. When you need to get rid of the ball to the weakside, that few inches can be the difference between a TOV and a hockey assist. Therefore, IF he can improve his handle even more, he can give himself more options. He can either pass the ball, or keep the ball to himself until the sagging bigman retreat.

    2. A better read. Actually, I think he almost read it perfectly already. But anything can be improved, right? the instant he comes off the PnR, he can pass b4 the 2nd defender comes. THis is really easier to be said than done. This will solely depends on if your own big man or wingman is in position or not.

    3. Be more physical. PB comes up to steal, elbow him back with no hesitation. Fans will happy to see it too. That was how I did myself. Not to be dirty, just sending out the warning. Now, I am by no means saying Lin is weak. On the contrary, he is too strong to not going with this route.

    It is very clear that there are a huge difference on the definition of aggressiveness between fans and Lin himself. Fans always ask why could not he do this or that? those are legit questions, but seems like Lin really know what he is doing. I think we just need to remember, there are many roads that lead to the big W. Lin picked one and went through it.

  374. For Lin to show up he’ll have to figure out how to play well against double teams.

  375. very true

  376. minute mark?

  377. It’s good if Lin can improve his ISO-skills through off-season training with Kobe.
    But personally, I would prioritize learning Nash’s “soccer” footwork to get to the rim effectively without much foot speed. This will help Lin’s long-term career to play to 38-39 years old

    Kobe and Swaggy has explosiveness athletic gift naturally helping their ISO skills while Lin has more quickness and brilliance that is more similar to Nash.

  378. [9:41] I already set it to start at 9:41 but it went back a bit to start at 9:31

  379. Doc Scheppler said, a player has to git the game and is fun to play with. That’s Lin. If Hill or players of his kind going into a game thinking he is just a blue collar worker complementing Lin’s game it is fine. But If Lin can play in a way and make everyone like Hill thinking, if I get my own thing right, Jeremy will take care of me on both ends of the floor and make me look good. Then the whole team can instantly going to another level just by this perspective change. JMO and that is what Lin is trying to do. Good or bad, he tries his best

  380. yes true. Hill is a bad screener otherwise he’d be ok. Would like to see more Boozer Lin pnr on teams loading up on Lin.

  381. I agree with 1, 2,3. I believe #2 is the easiest to do right now if he will do it. He holds onto the ball too long on some broken pick and rolls.

  382. I am not sure if it is the easiest one or not. It depends on how Lin thinks.

  383. Great suggestions!

    1) On wingspan, I thought you’re going to recommend surgery to increase Lin’s wingspan 😀
    But yeah, better ball-hall-handling would be a great step to give more options.

    2) yes, better read will come with more chemistry playing together

    3) Lin actually did this once to push off Bev strongly in the 1st quarter and Bev backed off from Lin’s personal space. I was happy to see it! But yeah, consistent aggression would be even better

  384. its tough because sometimes holding onto ball will open things up, other times, it turns into a trap.

  385. #2 is not chemistry based. its reading the defense. otherwise agree.

    #2 also requires teammate knows where to go and where Lin expects him to be. Requires some coaching and practice.

  386. Lin oddly doesn’t seem to hate Houston like we do. He seems to have been pissed off with Golden State more but even them, he seems over it now 3 years removed.

  387. Well yeah, but just like executing a simple PnR, anything related to timing requires chemistry. That is the way I look at it. And that is the reason why Davis is good. He gits the game, hence he pick up the right timing more often than not. (Oh yeah, he did something bad too, not always that good.)

  388. I hate how Harden plays mostly. Personally I do not like him. But I do not hate him either.

  389. exactly. that is why they get paid big to play the game.

  390. They all called him after the trade…. even Morey… ?!

  391. not sure about that, randles didn’t PNR much when was playing.

  392. LOL at Kobe’s great defense to pit Garcia against Harden

    Kobe Bryant forces James Harden to box out Rockets teammate Francisco Garcia

  393. LOL vet move hahaha

  394. Lin needs to do that… Great D, Kobe.

  395. Hey Joyce, personally, I think you can say anything you like. You are one of the biggest Lin fans and I really respect that

  396. Hopefully Nash’s return in some capacity will help and he will be able to mentor Lin.

  397. He needs to mentor whoever the backup PG is too…

  398. 1 game back, 2 games forward.

    That’s how it’ll be for Lin as he battles against the Lakers.

    Every time Lin has a good game, it’s always followed up by a freeze out by the entire team.

    Other starters in the NBA don’t go through this. Only Lin does. And if Lin were coming off the bench, it would be no different.

    Lin’s such a great player that he’ll play through it.

  399. Harden and Garcia looked like rag dolls :]
    They didn’t know what actually happened afterwards

  400. Go Mekel!

  401. 2013-1-11 vs raptors 31 pts 2ot
    2013-1-13 vs sixers 34 pts 9 3pt ot 48 mins
    2013-1-14 vs knicks 21 pts
    I am not sure if fatigue is a reason.
    May be he spent all his energy in the defensive end this season.

  402. Those people are NOT FANS.

  403. Yes, hate the style but not the person :]

  404. Don’t you worry he will replace Lin? Saw his highlights he looks good to me. He maybe also knows Lin bc he’s Casspi’s friend.


    I praised Houston for starting him and playing him 30 min, though I was unhappy with the low usage and poor coaching. I bashed Mchale’s bad defense and biased coaching and freezouts that year.

    I TRASHED Houston all through Lin’s 2nd year.

    So don’t come on this forum and LIE about me praising Houston as if they were perfect. You are TROLLING if you believe that.

    You have a problem with me, and now I have a problem with you.

  406. I don’t like the beard.

  407. BTW, Scott also asked Lin to keep PB out of the paint when ROX is doing FT. LOL this is the 1st time I see a PG has to deny another PG during FT. 😛

  408. LOL So good to see this first thing in the morning:-) Kobe is really good. JLin learns this trick from Kobe!!!!

  409. Pic or clip of it???

  410. Man you are on fire with more than 10 words! Careful you will become a living online legend!

  411. I don’t know, I saw twice in the game I think.

  412. Just trying to give my perspective on what Lin is as a player. 😛

  413. Huh

  414. Western Conference opponents are all too familiar with what Lin does if left single covered.

    It’s no surprise that Lin has been having his best games against the East which only sees him twice a year.

    The term NBA teams use is “cutting off the head of the snake” when it comes to defending important players that get the rest of the team going. Lin’s that player, and there are other players who are defended as hard because of their importance.

    Lin’s teammates are not willing to help Lin beat the traps. So Lin has a tough task of beating the traps AND his teammates.

    I’ve never seen a NBA player succeed in singlehandedly beating opponent traps while his teammates refused to run plays to help him. On the other hand, I’ve never seen a player like Lin either!

    I’m not exactly sure what Lin is going to do next, but it’ll be good!

  415. I remember you said this last yr….very true

  416. Won’t happen.

    Too much opposition from TEAMMATES.

  417. I saw it once but not sure if its order from scott. May be from coach lin himself.

  418. Just watch the GIF psalm posted below. The one that Kobe throw Garcia to Harden. You can also see PB just went in for the offensive reb. I think he got it that time. Anyway. I am just saying it is rare to see and kind of funny.

  419. LOL I didn’t watch that much of the game to be honest to save my own sanity. Somehow I just didn’t have stomach to watch vs R. I wanted JLin did well and beat R so badly and just couldn’t bring myself to watch. Too much for my heart to handle:-)

  420. All good, just come back and check the comments is good too. 😛

  421. Lin’s highlight looks good to..

  422. Lin beat the traps last year by siphoning the double teams out toward him and then beating them laterally off the dribble. Lin picked the two defenders off each other!

    That worked last year because Houston had a yawning open midrange with their players bunched up at the rim and at the 3 point line. The midrange was open for Lin to attack.

    This year, Lin’s playing with 4 low percentage stationary midrange wannabe shooting guards who are stepping into his driving and passing lanes, often deliberately. They don’t run plays with him and often sabotage his moves.

    For a while, Lin was either firing over the clogged midrange or blasting past it to the rim off the dribble. But now that his Lakers teammates have adjusted, those passes to the 3 point line and the driving lanes have been shut down by the Lakers.

    If Lin’s to get past his teammates, he likely will have to become a very pure stop and pop scorer in the Oscar Robertson mold who makes his moves within a very small court footprint. It’ll have to be one or two dribbles and pop the shot or spin move. I’d like to see Lin put his butt into defenders and then elevate for a jumpshot off either shoulder, just like Robertson used to.

  423. 1. get his handle better like LeBron heh heh
    2. read – example of better: early last night, he got intense with Bev went after him. On next O, Lin took it to him right into bigs. No TO, but close. That seemed like emotion on Bev getting to him, imo.
    3. physical space – good one!

    Kobe can teach 1 and 3. 2, he can learn from tape.

  424. Fun to watch but Not a smart move to me esp the game is on the line. Easily get a foul call and 2 ft to the other team.

  425. If he was good then the Mavs would have kept him, it”s not like they have a good pg

  426. @GoodDayLA:disqus and I discussed this yesterday.

    He has great point that Lakers FO might prefer a lesser-Lin than Price (defensive style) since Lin would always play in crunch time (not benched for “defensive” purpose). It might be a statement from FO to Byron to support Lin’s style, not Price’s

    IMO he’s a lesser Lin (flashy passes, good passer/bad shooter) who can create some offense off the bench

    Here are the links


  427. If that’s so, that’s an INTELLIGENT coaching call by Byron Scott.

    The Lakers are an old and weak and small rebounding team even with Ed Davis.

    Without Lin’s help on the boards, opponents often overpower the Lakers inside and grab multiple offensive rebounds on a single possession.

  428. JLin will definitely work on this a lot more on this in summer. Remember to hear JLin did say that he was always a season behind on improving the skillsets that he needed to play for that season. Guess changing teams and didn’t know what to expect did threw him somewhat off in really know how to prepare for the new season.

  429. One easy way to improve back2back performance is to only do enough in game 1 to assure the desired or possible outcome. The stats I posted last night indicate he is tired as compared to NBA (say top 30% in wear and tear across the league). All he has to do is to curb his output in the first game by a little, and 2nd game will be easier for him.

  430. I miss the days when Jeremy would go off on his former teams like the Knicks when he returned to MSG. Knicks to this day haven’t beaten a team JLin has been on. Lakers vs Knicks should be the Christmas game not Chicago.

  431. Ya! That’s what I thought but maybe he just didn’t have playing time to show more… But looks like FO didn’t like Price. BS maybe likes Price a lot but he is just not that good.

  432. I’m not worried at all.

    Gal Mekel has borderline NBA athleticism. He cannot athletically compete against starters or even top reserves. He’s a little better than Ronnie Price, and not by a lot.

    Mekel has one thing going for him that Price does not. Mekel likely would pass to Lin while Price deliberately freezes out Lin.

  433. Do not like to say this. But ROX is a more talented team which gives Lin more room to work with.

  434. But I think they just need a really playmaker. Lin can handle the defense in crunch time anyway

  435. Oh! What about this Dwight Buycks?

  436. The first year the Knicks were actually doing well and favored over the Rockets. I think they had one of the best records in the NBA the first time they played the Rockets with JLin.

  437. But this Dwight Buycks didn’t seem to be a playmaker?

  438. I think this should be done by coaches. When the game is on the line, you can not think about the next game either. Players give effort, coaches limits their time of giving effort.

  439. This tells you how good is Lin. WIth the things he needs, he rocks.

  440. I do not know him at all. I am saying Price is too limited and FO is seeing it.

  441. PAIR‏@PAIRhouston
    Mentees are here supporting their mentor, @JLin7 @jlinfoundation!


  442. Ya! I agree. I guess FO tried to get new PG before his contract becomes guarantee.

  443. exactly.

  444. could be..I think it is from Scott.

  445. Harden thinks he’s boxing out Kobe on his right and Garcia thinks he’s boxing out Kobe to his left and they end up tangled to each other. LOL

  446. 5 FGA … he didn’t try too hard on his own accord.

    5 TOV … see vids. nba game stats, click the 5. The only one where I thought he did too much was the one where Dmo closed on him and he had the pass to Kobe.


    Bad passes, his alley oop fail. The TO he tried to thread to Booz was in the game flow, not overdoing it imo.

    Controlled agression is right, and for the most part, it’s there. His fails are pretty spectacular.

  447. Too right, my bad. Just if fans want Lin to decide his own fate like the rest of the me-ball guys. Non-team choice sorry.

  448. “Scott putting Lin back in the end of the game was a display of
    confidence but more importantly, saved Lin’s face (important in some
    asian cultures).” LOL I don’t think he cares or has time to think about saving Lin face at that moment.

  449. Can’t Swaggy do that when he regresses to the mean? Last year he was hot and cold too, so he will settle. Then can he lead the 2nd unit?

  450. it’s okay to get frustrated, Joyce 🙂

    For me, it’s important to adjust the expectations. There will be ups and downs in Lin’s career. As long as he does his best for his audience of One (God) and keep on learning, that’s my barometer. He may and will fail many times but God would want us to offer support to him to get back up and try again. That’s when he needs us best to get back up a bit quicker :]

    Glad you can see many good things! Yes, onto the next one

  451. Just now, I posted that I think that Lin will be forced to reduce his “footprint”.

    By that, I am talking specifically of Lin playing more of a stop and pop game.

    The goal for Lin is simple. Take one or two dribbles in any direction, then let a jumper fly. Lin has the athleticism to do this and would be virtually impossible to stop if he could dribble in any direction before letting the shot fly.

    In Lin’s case, a stop and pop game would negate his teammates’ refusal to set screens for him or catch his passes. It would also allow Lin to toss in baskets from anywhere on the court, even if he’s not in optimal scoring position. We’ve seen Lin do the stop and pop before to devastating effect, usually when he’s going right and then suddenly stops to his left.

    If Lin could not only unleash his stop and pop but also learn to make power moves off the dribble with his back to the basket before elevating off either shoulder for that deadly jumper of his, Lin would become nearly unstoppable even with the Lakers teammates freezing him out.

    Here’s an example of a MASTER of the stop and pop: ex Sixers great ANDREW TONEY who’s not all that different from Lin in stature or athleticism or game impact.

    Andrew Toney was considered one of the best guards in the early 80s before his legs gave out. Larry Bird and Charles Barkley felt that he was every bit equal to Michael Jordan as a scorer. Larry’s Celtics feared Toney so much that they called him the “Boston Strangler”!

    If Lin could become more like Toney in his stop and pop game, I think that could solve his current inability to score past his recalcitrant teammates who are either deliberately stepping into Lin’s driving lanes or refusing to run the offense with him.

  452. small ball and a little confidence.

  453. I agree 100% with the below portion of what Psalm said above:

    “Why Lin didn’t force ISO shots like Nick Young or Kobe

    Lin is currently not a polished ISO player like Kobe, Nick who are Shooting Guards so it’s good that he understands the current limitation. Over time, I hope he develop pull-up 3s or Nash-like footwork to penetrate so he can fall back on more arsenal to score.”

  454. That is an UNCALLED LOOSE BALL FOUL on Bryant.

    That’s technically a LANE VIOLATION, but the refs let Bryant get away with such “superstar calls”.

    What should’ve happened was that a loose ball foul be called on Bryant and possession goes to the Rockets. But NOOOO, the refs have to CHEAT because Bryant is a “superstah”.

    If Jeremy Lin did the same move, it would be a loose ball foul AND a delay of game warning.

    The refs make up for it by calling phantom fouls or allowing opponents to bash Jeremy Lin.

    This is why I am losing my interest in the NBA despite Lin being there. This kind of dirty dangerous officiating is KILLING MY INTEREST in the game.

  455. “Kobe easily got off passes, Lin couldn’t”

    Kobe 25% more court time, God knows how many more touches: 7 assists. Lin: 4. I’d say he kept up with Kobe in passing.

    Kobe got off some memorable passes to Hill for 6 straight points. Lin did his usual and on his alley oop miss early in game, it could have been spectacular. He had one almost as good to Kobe that worked. He had one failed open pass to Kobe for a TO, and one that just missed being threaded to Booz.

  456. A lot of people, including me, talked about Lin doing more stop & pops. I guess he must not feel comfortable doing it. He needs a shot which he can get off any time, any situation. My guess is the way he shoots, i.e., shooting motion makes it difficult for him to do stop & pop.

  457. Even with Mekel, the Lakers team culture that deliberately freezes out the Asian guy would probably have no impact on getting Lin proper shots that a nonAsian player would get in the same offense.

  458. I would have liked to see him fake the paint to create some separation and go for the pull-up. Swaggy did a nice one fresh back in play, and a couple of those would have kept HOU more honest.

  459. Maybe 3 were called adjustment to Hill midrange. It was a key point in the game. Might not be recognized regularly.

  460. There’s no guarantee that my belief that stop and pop jumpers would work for Lin.

    Given that refs usually refuse to call fouls on Lin, he probably would get as bashed as much off jumpers as he is in the paint where he NEVER gets the call. That would make Lin a liability because a stop and pop jumpshooter is rendered totally useless if the refs cheat him.

    Also, today’s NBA has much more sophisticated defenses than the very rudimentary 80s defense used in Andrew Toney’s day. Opponents are loading up on Lin in a way that elite scorers like Jordan and Toney never faced because of the different rules.

    Lin might be unstoppable with that move, but all that would do is cause opponents to crowd him tighter. And since Lin’s teammates refuse to cut to open spots or run plays, Lin’s still stuck out there with no outlets.

  461. I am not convinced that there is anything Lin can truly do to correct this situation.

    Even developing a stop and pop jumper would not prevent teammates from refusing to pass him the ball or refusing to cut to open spots when Lin’s trapped.

    One man cannot defeat 4 teammates and 5 opponents.

  462. Many people said already Lin has to take more stop & pop, but if Lin is not comfortable doing this at this time, what can you do except work on it during off-season?

  463. For sure Rox know Lin too well so they overdid the LinPlan. Maybe that’s a way to trap former teammates. Lull them to LinPlanning, the hit them with a team ball Kobe or a SwaggyP entry.

  464. Here are days when D12 is a liability. Not sure how, but for me, it’s getting into D12’s head that causes him to have a bad day.

  465. Thanks. And it’s okay to acknowledge that.

    Lin has been working on his 3-ball, left-hand and defense in the past 2 years and look how much progress he has accomplished. We all thought he’s a lefty layup player now 😀

    When he set out his goals to do something, he has been blessed with the brain and brawn to do so. I’m confident he will continue to improve by setting different goals in the off-season to become a more complete player. Even LBJ had to improve in his post-game for 2 offseasons in the Miami (after 9th-10th year in the league). Lin is only entering the 5th year in the league

  466. I do think that will mean less PT for Lin, no matter what. Frankly, they do need another PG.

  467. Lin could do it now – he’s already displayed it in his arsenal.

    But I don’t know if that would make any difference in his scoring.

    I can’t say that I’ve seen all that many opportunities for Lin to flash that move, though I definitely feel that Lin needs to use that move more when his teammates deliberately step into his driving lane to stop him from scoring.

  468. Top tone alarm:

    ‘Jeremy needs to’ … how does that tone ever work in real life?

    PFV has a good name for this that I think psalm would endorse:

    “False narrative”

  469. I often wonder where the 2nd kind get their authority to lord over Lin and other fans. If they played in NBA before, I’d gladly shut up.

  470. I remember Lin had a great timing in NY with midrange jumpers.
    That was his money shot before 2 years of 3-ball and rim shots affected him greatly by not using them in Houston.

    I believe he will eventually will regain the same comfort level to just get the rhythm to drain midrange when defenders give him enough space.

    Toney’s stop-and-pop looked great in the video. Lin’s midrange in NY looked a bit different, perhaps not as close to his man. It’s based on more separation of the defenders.

  471. “I also can’t stand fans who apparently are inside the head of JLin and write as if they KNOW what’s inside JLin’s mind.”

    I agree with you 100%. Some people here are in Lin’s head too. I think you might have been the first to call this out over a year ago. true?

  472. Developing advanced footwork would be a welcomed changed that has more applications than just ISO play. And yes, if it can be combined with more PNR-savvy teammates it would have an even greater effect. Right now Davis is good, but BS rarely allows those two to connect.

  473. I don’t agree and think we probably watched 2 different feeds.

  474. I’m so glad you aren’t mad anymore. We need you lol.

  475. The good news is Ed Davis have had more time playing with Lin on court in the past 2-3 games so we”ve been seeing the PnR 1-2 times.

    I think BScott recognizes Lin/Davis as another weapon besides Kobe’s and Swaggy’s ISOs, Kobe/Hill Pick-and-Pop so it’s a matter of time to get everything jelling together.

    From game to game, it has been different things that have worked for the Lakers depending on the opponents’ game-plan on what to shut down. So it’s great to see much improved teamwork for the Lakers. It makes a great basketball game to watch! Lp

  476. I believe imo you are trying to create a false narrative here.

    Lin had some great D plays, as seen in vid. At least two recoveries from helping where the ball was swung to Bev and he flew in for contested and brick. On the other hand, I saw a least one such play with Kobe on Papa where kobe just walked it. Lucky on that one papa bricked. I notice papa and Dmo getting 3s that way (box score said both combined for 5, 1/3 3FGA dmo 4/7 papa). Bev was 3/8 3s. 1 was a cross that stumbled Lin. I think the other 2 might have been in price. Rest included great D by Lin covering a lot of ground.

  477. This is why Lebron looked marginal yesterday himself as well. Teammates aren’t really trying to help him except for Varajaeo and Thompson trying to catch his passes.

    Lin and Lebron play a very simliar type of game and Lebron is just bigger stronger faster and more athletic than Lin. Lebron’s offensive array is pretty basic like Lin’s. Just jumps so high and moves so fast for a big man it’s hard to contain.
    Lebron does have a legit step back though.

  478. Lin was smart to avoid that award moment.

  479. if Lin did that, he’d get a technical.

  480. “The more I watch Lin the more I feel he is just meant to be a glue guy. When he gets comfortable with this team, I hope he can be a 14 and 7 guy who consistently shows up for each and every game. I don’t expect him to be able to do much more than that.”

    Perhaps big disappointment comes from unrealistic expectations: I mean, I am expecting a player who is not good in ISO to do ISO stuff to score more points. But to my defense, I am not expecting Lin to score all that much, just 14 would be nice.

  481. cant because refs will call foul on Lin.

  482. true, NBA is a superstar league.
    But sometimes they don’t get their ways, just like Harden last night not getting refs’ whistle. Plus Kobe overdoing his MJ impersonation.
    So there’s a little hope of fairness.

    I know many place outside the US where unfairness is the norm and almost expected. Very sad indeed

  483. Worth it! That looks like so much fun. I’m starting to like Kobe.

  484. Thanks, I appreciate this … I’ll have to look these up from time-to-time.

  485. then he’ll get called of ‘coasting’ in the 1st game by some haters :]

    jk I know what you meant to manage his energy

  486. yes, a new system, a new coach , new teamamtes so there’s a lot of adjustment.
    that’s why Lakers won’t his the full stride perhaps until after Christmas. I think PFV also said it before

  487. It is good to have this forum. Everyone sees something different and the discussion adds to our depth of knowledge. Brent was MVP last night for seeing the choices in game. We knew it to be true as soon as Lin game in with 3.5 mins left, that LAL had confidence in Lin. It was a puzzle figured out live. If you read the game thread, you will see Brent figuring this out live.

  488. where do you have proof the teammates are trying to stop him from scoring? That’s tough to prove. Incompetence, selfishness to score themselves may be the reasons why just as much.

  489. You will be king in CF last year.

  490. I am not worried either about Mekel.

  491. this accusation will be impossible for you to prove. I cannot agree they dont pass to Lin because he is Asian. I think this team just doesn’t pass except to Kobe.

  492. What do you expect Lin to do? Scowl at all the Rockets? Remember, keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.

  493. The lack of teammates moving to get the release is a problem they can solve I hope.

  494. My question too. “Deliberately” might be right, but somehow it seems too extreme to me…at least this early. The team is so disorganized, plus player unavailability due to injury. Lin keeps mentioning “trust”, which obviously means they just don’t know each other yet, haven’t quite made a “team” yet (even in the context of working around iso Kobe). No one seems to have actual animosity toward him, at least publicly so far. It’s natural for professionals in this kind of a spotlight to be anxious for their share…I think it’d take a little more time to see how they really shake out in order to say “deliberately”….but, maybe it’s Miss Pollyanna speaking here…(really hope not).

  495. Yes, Lin’s mid-range depends on the distance between the defender and himself. I never thought Lin’s mid-range was a stop & pop type of shots.

  496. He had a visa issue. Probably good enough for a backup.

  497. I wonder how often Lin practices against blitzing and intense traps in the summer. Lin also needs to work on playing through contact because these NBA refs do not call fouls for him.

  498. This was Lin’s 1st TO losing focus on the ball because he chose to avoid stepping on his good friend DMo (who fell by himself) from having a face-surgery 😀


  499. Right thing to do.

  500. Good to see!

  501. I think he did the contact thing. Given his interview earlier, he practiced the reads through 3 on 3 and 5 on 5 too. So..I would assume he did not do much on handling 2 defenders. I could be wrong tho. No one know exactly what he did.

  502. I think the only thing that MIGHT cure this is winning. Even jealous players tend to prefer winning. I really do believe Linsanity freaked everybody out…the alignment of conditions happened to make his breakout moment bigger than anything anyone had ever seen before. Guys who were proud of being big draft picks, guys who had labored well in the trenches…everybody went “WTF about ME!” Guys don’t forget shocks like that, so IMO even the ones who don’t think they want him down a notch or two still harbor a caution about meshing with him. Like it’s some sort of submission. I think he understands this. He’s naturally humble, and tries to keep his head down. For me, his solution is continue to play well, adapt well, and keep his visibility modulated for a while (I was happy that he didn’t do interviews in Houston). Time and winning will soften up the resistance to him. And then….watch out :).

  503. Ya! I saw that.. That should not be a TO…

  504. I also love checking vid replays on NBA stats (game log) to know for myself if these false narratives are legit. This post helps me understand that TO better. I thought he was trying to avoid stepping on DMo, but didn’t know it was about Dmo’s good looks lol.

  505. Wow, brings back memories. I grew up in Philly watching those Sixers teams if the early 80s. Yeah, Toney was great and a really good person. He had a foot problem that they couldn’t get to heal properly and Toney had to retire way too early. But fortunately the Sixers won the Championship in 1983 before he had the foot problem.

  506. Lin had had plenty of contact work during Linsanity and his famous dragon score:

  507. good post! and then the other side … the smiles of players of all races, fans of all races beaming with him. NBA owners and execs like that and him. Behind closed doors, they want him for his getting to and above the rim.

  508. OMG hahahahahahaha. We’d die of joy if Lin did that…but you’re right, only superstars get away with it.

    This is the kind of thing the bonehead “alpha-dog” advocates want. No clue.

  509. Wishful thinking:-)

  510. I love good convos as the game last night sort of matures like a good wine.

    MVP to Brent who last night struggled with: how does LAL win with Lin doubled? He saw it happen live and figured it out with BS, so MVP.

    Then JW needing a break from Lin and coming back today. KHuang’s posts showing he knows the box Lin’s O is in now, GoodDay wishing for more out of Lin, etc. All the others. Mak’s Def ratings … etc.

    Then lots of recoils in a 3pt day, and lots of discussion to help me understand why I loved last night’s game, in-game. The drama, BS either having faith in Lin or nobody else to go to in small ball, us wanting Lin to show bigger, then his contribution settles in the back of the palate as we chew today’s food. Hmmm … more nice bottles of wine please. The best is it goes down easy with a win over Rox.

    Thanks Mods for a place for discussion.

  511. yup, he’d need 5 rings first

  512. This is esp true this season, playing with Kobe is a lot harder to adjust than he thought. Believe a similar question was asked and JLin did acknowledge that. As I looked at how long he has played with starters, only since 28 Oct, 3 weeks to be precise. Indeed JLin is a miracle learner/worker. No one is able to do as much as he has in such a short time. That’s why I don’t give him any grieves like so many fans do but focus on and praise him for what he has accomplished.

  513. Fanwise, absolutely. But owners and execs are not athletes – the fame and money are all good to them, not the double-edged sword they are to the guys with their sneakers on the floor. They can buy a prized piece, but they can’t make the coaches and players drink the water if they feel bad about it. You won’t necessarily get a team winning out of it. The stars aligned for Lin to become the lightning rod for other peoples’ emotional weaknesses. He’s amazingly savvy about handling it (painful as it is)…but time and winning will smooth it out, and in the meantime, you’re right…those who have eyes to see will continue loving him.

  514. Surprise JLin vid tribute and his reaction toward the end.

  515. shhh lol. Can’t talk about love on a fan forum heh heh. Word otherwise!

  516. Hear, hear! well said! me too in the heartfelt thanks dept.

  517. I’m female. we can do that. 😀

  518. That’s why I think it’s so crucial that they got this unexpected win on the back leg of a road game BTB. Not to mention against one of the top ranked teams in the west. If the Lakers can get back to .500, winning will become too important for Kobe to focus only on his own points. Their schedule is getting so much easier, the injured are coming back, the team is gelling, Kobe will soon pass MJ, the FO may make some personnel changes. There is potential for this team.

    Also nice analysis on how the psychology of Linsanity affects Lin’s treatment in the NBA.

  519. Hey, could you answer … why do you say his bigs deliberately clog his lane to stop his drives? I see it too, but I thought it’s bcuz I don’t know triangle, etc. I like that you and Brent seem too see the formations and breakdowns. What’s the view from your knowledge? As I’ve said, I only know live action team play, and on that I’m pretty high IQ across all sports except 1-1 like tennis or squash.

  520. Thanks for the S/O! LOL

  521. oh, here’s my free pass, pass it around!

  522. your brain was smoking last night, I could tell.

  523. LOL, looks like Hill getting a whiff too.

  524. Great find! Nice to see Lin smiling a bit after the video was shown.
    Crowd was cheering and clapping appreciatively.

    I hope teams don’t start using this ‘Nice Tribute defense’ to make sure Lin be nice to them :p

  525. I watch Korean dramas. Sometimes there’s a really bad one that somehow has some weird charisma in spite of it’s all-round awfulness…so you find yourself watching it almost against your will. It’s called “hate watching”. Yes, corrupt refs are KILLING your interest in the game, but somehow I think you’ll keep “hate watching” because of the seductive joys of guys like Duncan and Lin. No? 🙂

  526. That’s why many fans didn’t like what R did. Some even said that it affected JLin so much after this — more on PTSD effect that JLin didn’t do well after this. Maybe it was but… Only God and JLin knows how much it did.

  527. Some analyst said this about LeBron James – the media loves him because he generates so much drama among fans and commentators.

    On one day, after a great game, people talk about him as the best player in the world. The next day, if LeBron has a bad game, then people talk about him as inconsistent, mentally weak, too unselfish, etc. And it keeps going back and forth, back and forth.

    Hmm . . . it seems like you could say the exact same thing about Jeremy Lin. Seems to me that talented team-ball players like Lin and LeBron are lightning rods for a debate between two different basketball philosophies (team ball versus hero ball), and is less about the player himself.

  528. Indeed. They clearly get the game. Ans somehow ppl hate to see that, and have to make something out of it.

  529. I’m not sure it bothered him much on court.
    I think it was more the tired legs since I saw both he and Kobe were laboring in the 1st quarter.

  530. I like the fact that Lin thinks like and shares similar values with the best player in the world, lol.

  531. wow. Although not completely surprise, but still, wow!

  532. LOL the moment I was praising Scott being smart, I saw this. LOL

  533. OMG, So that new pg tried out maybe they tried to trade LIN?!

  534. Just report what I’ve read:-) Conspiraring theory.

  535. Byron clearly had the same idea with coach Dave Miller that Lin became ‘passive’ playing next to Kobe.
    Instead doing the impossible task of telling Kobe to change, he considered separating Lin from Kobe.

    This is a warning that Lin needs to get his numbers playing next to Kobe. Without the double-double vs ATL, maybe Byron wouldn’t insert Lin last night w/ 3 min left either.

    It’s a numbers game, good or bad

  536. Very true. LOL

  537. LOL My assessment of BS’ infatuation on Price being priceless continues to hold true. That’s why I haven’t changed my view on BS even when everyone said he showed trust on JLin for bringing him back in the last few minutes in 4th qtr. Don’t believe leopard can change its spot.

  538. so b4 road trip is ATL game. Probably Lin wouldn’t have gotten the double double and probably be 1-11 now.

    Why is this guy saying it 2-3 days after the fact.

  539. BS said himself that he is not ready for that either. Just a thought.

  540. Looks like SwaggyP got too swaggy and got caught flopping.


  541. Because he is just trying to stir something up. But I do not think he lied. BS said those.

  542. This is just match what TWC reporters said on Mon night… I guess Top said no so … but if Lin continues to play bad next to Kobe then he will be out of Lakers for sure.

  543. Even if it is a numbers game, Scrubby P is not doing better than Lin. No way, no how. It’s ridiculous for BS to even have that thought.

  544. Well to be fair even on this board, there was some discussion about that. We were all wondering how JLin could work with Kobe and his ball hogging ways and there was some suggestion that Lin would be better off the bench. At least Scott let the team work through it and it seems to be working a little bit better now.

  545. BS has wanted to do this from the very beginning esp during startergate. I have never once believed he changed his mind overnight for I witnessed this throughout the last 3 weeks. That’s why he played Price as much as he dared and benched JLin even when he was hot and made hims stayed there 10-15 minutes in between 2 rotations. Who would treat a starter like that except M and BS. That’s why I believe BS = M in that sense. Thus far he hasn’t proved an iota that I was wrong in assessing him on his view on JLin and Price. Probably only saving grace for JLin is FO and maybe Kobe wants him to be a starter. That’s why JLin became a starter on 28 Oct. BS didn’t like his hand was forced and hence tried to marginalize JLin as far as he could get away with. That’s why I said he was no different than M except he was more PR and media savvy. I continue to hold this view until I see a leopard indeed can change its spots.

  546. Ya! On Mon night TWC reporters said so too… smh! I guess BS was worry if they lose again so he put Lin’s poor D as excuse… But I guess Top or Kobe said NO…

  547. The biggest problem of this to Scott is I think FO and some coaches are seeing how weak Price is.

  548. I agree. As starter is better for Lin, but being a bench has its merits too.

  549. Well…I’m not sure they’d get rid of him. Who IS gonna get numbers next to Kobe. No star wants the handmaiden spot, and Kobe just can’t bring himself to let talent rise around him, no matter what comes out of his mouth. Lin’s a valid Nash successor, someone you can rebuild with for the long term. I really am seriously perplexed about BS’s attachment to Price, but I don’t think the FO will be very willing to bail on Lin.

  550. lol you guys are so easy to get angry.

  551. It’s going to be hard to start Price once he gets cut, lol.

  552. That is why lin probably spoke up about the things wrong with the team. That also why they are trying out other PG because Scott didn”t keep his end of the bargain by not controlling kobe. Now Mitch is going to play hardball and bring in another younger more athletic pg to come off the bench.

  553. Who is angry?

  554. Angry? I don’t think people are angry more so as feeling like “here we go again.”

  555. That’s crazy talk. Kobe plays so many minutes it’s impossible to avoid him as a starter or bench. Kobe just needs to pass to Lin at least 1 out of 10 opportunities.

  556. I agree.

  557. price was never going to start. is never. the guy is a sub par back up.

  558. We know…LOL

  559. See, that’s not the only ‘adjustments’ that Byron planned.

    After the bad loss to GSW, Boozer and Lin spoke up about Kobe being too dominating (Lin was indirect), Byron gave the show & tell about benching the bigs early if they don’t run back on defense.
    I’m sure bringing Lin off the bench after 0pt game entered his thoughts since he thinks Lin can’t play with Kobe dominating too much anymore.

    Byron can’t touch Kobe or tell him to share the ball. So the only things he can do is to mix&match players who will fit with Kobe so he looked like he is doing something to coach w/o losing the job.

  560. Please don’t put words into our mouth. Thanks!

  561. Plays for LAL for free?

  562. here we go again what. how did this one reporter get this news and wait 2 days to say it after they won twice

  563. He wishes he could do that, lol.

  564. Yes I would be glad that happen. Give no option to BS for his Price’ infatuation.

  565. i said you guys not jlin fan in Australia. just saying you guuuyyyyys love gossip

  566. Lakers won’t give up so easily on Lin due to his potential and Asia revenue windfall.
    Plus Kobe genuinely likes Lin. But Lin still needs to find ways to play next to Kobe.
    It will be an up-and-down process until Lin grows chemistry with Kobe in perhaps Dec or Jan

  567. O_o you are hard to understand, LOL

  568. I’m not sure what you mean.

    When I said people are feeling like here we go again, it’s just a recognition that Lin has to deal with this all the time . . . dealing with the notion that he’s not good enough, the fact that it takes people, including his coach, longer to realize how good he is.

  569. Why under every post there’s this line “view all comments All comments”?! So annoying….

  570. OK. At least you’ve got your term right:-)

  571. saying its not meant personal toward anyone specifically.

  572. Lin had a 0 pt game because Kobe came back from his 1-14 flu game like a bat out of he!l and was the most selfish he’s ever been.

    The perpetual oscillations between hope and doom continues…

  573. I don’t think Lin is all that talented physically. He’s just smart and works hard.

  574. Not sure now… But from what Scott said about Lin last night’s poor game comments, I guess FO is still support Lin. Lin have to show his game w ISO Kobe. smh! Worry.

  575. OK 😛

  576. Lin did pretty good.

  577. I think so too. I also think that FO knows that Kobe is not ready for another egomaniac superstar to give the reigns to. I think that they are trying to put a team together for the future and they want to put some guys together to grow with each other, because that is how you build a championship dynasty

  578. he has played very up and down. he has to solidify himself as a starter. thats his fault still price won’t start because he isn’t even a back up

  579. So weird now why try out 2 more PGs now? Replace Lin or Price? Coach maybe likes Price so much but not FO?!

  580. It is just like when I buy my car. I go to more than one dealerships.

  581. They try out the new PGs it’s to replace Lin or Price? I thought it’s Price but now this news? Don’t get why this reporter said it now?

  582. The thought of starting Price over Lin makes me angry. Yes it does.

  583. yes, BS loves Price, FO thinks price sucks.

  584. Have faith in JLin. He will find his way to play with Kobe in due time. We saw it works more now than the first week. Give it time. JLin has a high bb iq and is a quick learner. Remember how far JLin has come since 28 Oct, only 3 weeks playing with starters. Be patience and we will see the result soon. Took how many seasons in Miami LBJ for them to work together??? Even now LBJ is struggling with Cav as he is the superstar. Find comfort in knowing that!

  585. replace price

  586. hi guys.

  587. hi

  588. But Kobe has somewhat come to his senses in the past 2 games.
    With each win, he’ll curb the desire to be MJ Lone Ranger going down shooting in trying to stop a crime 😀

    So take heart. Things are getting better. If Lakers lost the ATL and HOU games, we’ll have Kobe shooting 40 shots! hahaha..

  589. Welcome, stranger in this site:-) Hope to see you more.

  590. What did scott say about lin?

  591. That’s what I thought but why this reporter talked about this news now?!

  592. yes, very true. we got to give it more time.
    Rome is not built in 1 day 😀

  593. great post. i was just thinking today about this double team problem (showing hard and hanging around) and what options there are to deal with it. cuz we’ve seen it many times already, not just with rockets.

  594. He said Lin played well but I expect him to be better… something like this also he is young & still learning…?! I really don’t think that’s what he had in mind w Lin’s poor game but sure someone wanted him to say so to media.

  595. Tweet is above. BS told a reporter that, before the road trip, he was thinking about starting Price over Lin, but he wasn’t ready to do that yet.

  596. i now know where a lot of the old-timers went…
    makes sense now

  597. oh wow .. @occupatio:disqus finally comes to visit 🙂
    Welcome, stranger!

    Make yourself comfortable and sip your coffee. Have you been watching games lately?

  598. I think Joyce wants to know what Scott said after last night’s game not that comment before road game.

  599. Welcome!

  600. yeah seen all the games, one or two shut off TV early when it got ridiculous tho.

  601. I can’t say so even I am his big fan.

  602. I think Disqus engineers are playing with their system

  603. i will say with this lin to the bench question. he has been very disappointing this year. he looks like a better player then last year but he is struggling more then he ever has. he is better defensively. he has a better three shot. he has a better dribble although it gets worse when he loses focus. whats causing all these up and downs. he has this year to prove he is a starter. to get a good contract or be a journeyman pg. he has all the skill to be close to allstar. around 15 ppg. i think his stats state he has average 14 ppg as a starter so whats wrong. if he has average 14 ppg why can’t he do it again. lin has to step it up or else

  604. Probably scott’s way of tough love for lin. Also because he wantsbto act like he is control. I bet FO gladnlin/boozer spoke up about kobe because Scott was too scared to do anything about it and media started calling he and kobe noth out. When lin/boozer spoke up it was a shot fired around the world

  605. There is nothing wrong with him. As far as I can tell

  606. Nothing wrong with JLin. He is struggling because of no playing with starters esp Kobe ball until 1st regular season game which was 28 Oct. He is in new team, new coach, new O and D system, new everything. He needs time to make adjustments. Just be realistic. He isn’t superman!

  607. its crazy right he average 14 ppg can barely keep 12 ppg now

  608. how about the 2 last wins?
    Significant progress for the Lakers. Now it resembles an actual team.

    Before it was a Kobe Performance Art (as that Voulgaris prof.gambler guy said) 😀

  609. It is ok…:P

  610. I thought so that’s why on Mon night Scott’s friends from TWC helped him to say Price should over Lin to star.. but thing seems to change now… Why Lakers tried out 2 more new PGs w that low salary just match Price’s level… ?!

    Just don’t get why this reporter sent out this tweet for what? Old news or more news to come…?!

  611. That line is like X-Ray keep flashing in my eyes! I hope they get rid of it very soon. Or else, I will have hard time not to focus on that line specifically.

  612. too much is made about lin’s actual point production. the main issue this season is that he is dealing with being the focal point of the opponent’s defense when he gets the ball, while his teammates — boozer, hill, wes — have been not threatening enough to make it easier for lin. esp with the doubling Lin off the PnR.

    also, the poor defense by lakers also means fewer transition opportunities, where lin really shines. if the ball goes in, then the defense has time to set.

  613. He’s had 6 good games and 6 bad games. He’s doing OK.

  614. i agree just hurry up. he has to sell to the laker he is an investment. i have no doubt he will get going just do it already. I’m craving a 30 plus game honestly

  615. No matter how disappointing Lin has been so far this season (and I blame Kobe’s selfishness for that) Lin is still clearly better than Price. It’s not even close.

  616. Thank you

  617. New System, new coach, new teammates, new city, etc.
    It takes time to get comfortable, especially for Lin who said so himself.

    Certainly not an excuse. Check out LBJ struggling to play with Irving and KLove.
    Same with LBJ tried to play with DWade and Bosh for 1.5 years before they know their roles.

  618. this is not good at all. it has to do with our schedule we have face a lot of top teams. that included with the new team and fitting with kobe has held lin down. he has never been this much up and down before

  619. He will but realistically may not be happened in a while. He improves mightily now with the starter. He focuses more on defense because this is what BS wants him to do. His offense will come in due time. Just be patience my dear. I so want him to break his 38pts record. If he continues to stay in Lakers, he will.

  620. We shouldn’t be surprised that Byron Scott thought about starting Price over Lin, at least prior to the road trip. As Lin himself said, it takes him longer to prove to others how good he is compared to other (non-Asian) players. And, that includes proving to his own coach how good he is.

    Having said that, thank god the Front Office sees things completely different from Scott.

    The fact that it looks like they are going to bring in a new back-up point guard is the FO supporting Lin and rebuking Scott and his odd infatuation over Price. They are getting rid of Scott’s man, and thereby ensuring Lin remains a starter. It’s both a message to Scott (get on the same page as the FO), and a validation of Lin as a player. This is about the assertion of power by Mitch Kupchak over Scott.

    Can’t wait for the new back-up to come aboard and for Price to get cut.

  621. Ronnie Price has h had 11 bad games, because he got suspended for 1 game

  622. So glad we are in the same page on this issue here:-)

  623. When is the deadline?

  624. yea i agree but this year is vital for lin. he has to get it going. his stats have to show his improvement or people will give up on him. he has been at 12-3 ppg for ever. he need 14-15 ppg and close to 50 40 90. that will solidify him as a starter and propel him as a future all star

  625. err, for 30pt game .. we might need to wait for Kobe to rest one game before All-Star week :p
    We might see 20pts/10a 3 times as a PG before 30+pt gm with Kobe as the designated SG

    Better to adjust our expectations before getting disappointed :p

  626. What deadline? I didn’t know there was a deadline for signing a FA or for cutting Price.

  627. LOL

  628. His contract will be guaranteed after a date I think. I mean you still can cut him…but there is still a difference.

  629. 11 bad games and one good game!

  630. Don’t worry about tomorrow but focus on today. It’s better for your heart and mind. That’s what I’m doing:-) One day at a time or one game at a time. If JLin isn’t worry about next contract, I won’t either:-)

  631. Bad game it’s ..OK. They double team him..But even Chinese media said Lin should take more shots & he act like a bench in HOU…

    新浪体育讯 北京时间11月20日,在刚刚结束的NBA常规赛中,休斯顿火箭在主场以92-98不敌洛杉矶湖人[微博],湖人控卫林书豪[微博]出战30分钟,5投1中得到3分4助攻1抢断1盖帽,在七大主力球员中处于边缘化位置。

  632. LMAO

  633. lol my dear are please tell me you are a girl lol. anyways yea i understand its just he has 1 year. if lin was drafted and was treated right by his team. and they developed him i would be calm. but lets be honest the laker could move on easily. he has to prove himself

  634. I don’t know about that. I hope soon so that he gets cut soon, lol.

  635. of course i watched the wins. i only stopped in the game in which kobe was chucking and lin’s body language suggested he didnt even want to be on the floor anymore. that was the last GSW game.

  636. yea he does seem to have a hard time getting to 20 it has to do with iso kobe late

  637. Stop it. We are just 12 games into the season, they are finally figuring it out. I had to reflect back on my disappoinment lin’s play last night and my friend reminded me that it was a team effort and that the team probably wanted to get the win for lin and themselves.

  638. great stuff

  639. Yeah the one that he didn’t play. .LOL

  640. 11/20 something?

  641. Saw the other day that his contract become partial quarantee last Sat I believe. Will be full quarantee in Feb.

  642. Still annoys me. I hope when I come back to check later, they already fix it. Too outstanding.

  643. Oh! So can’t cut him now?

  644. Get it? Price to get cut? A price cut. 😀

  645. I guess PPG is all that matters for everything. What a trash piece.

  646. i understand he has to get a rhythm though bball is momentum and these up and down swing make me guess what i will see each game

  647. he has been terrible

  648. I think you can, just the money you need to pay is different

  649. I could be wrong but I don’t think Scott can start Price over Lin WITHOUT Kobe’s approval or at least permission. So if there is tension between FO and Scott it is also between FO and Kobe. And I don’t like the idea of Lin being in the middle of this tug-of-war.

  650. I think it’s December.

  651. Yes Lakers finally become more a team now than last week. Celebrate it rather than look for what JLin hasn’t master in.

  652. lol I’m cool. he will get it. if he can get those stats and lakers fight for a playoff spot it would be a dream. so yesterdays when is a start

  653. Who set the deadline? As far as I can tell, Lin will get another contract barring injuries. Rhetorically, your urgency can only relate to contract. Bball wise, he’s doing great.

  654. yes, i agree. no way kobe wants price to start.

  655. Nice to see you.

  656. I think at least one team is recognizing his value too. I hope so.

  657. thats harsh, but damn funny

  658. Hey, welcome to the the hood. Are you here to stay. Missed you. Great post BTW

  659. I’m not a “gril” but middle age old lady:-) Not too worry for I like what Mitch and Jeanie Buss said about JLin thus far. JLin will be fine unless their welcoming JLin home is just PR stunt. Don’t believe they are by what I heard about them.

  660. It will come when this team settles.

  661. Not gonna hear SAS at all

  662. yea its the contract related. I’m worried if the lakers will be patient enough with him

  663. Yo!

  664. hey girl. yeah i just found this place. like, oh this is where joyce went lol

  665. yo!

  666. And LeBron lost his handle and was the national highlight lady night. What’s the urgency?

  667. Me neither

  668. yes ma’am lol

  669. lol rather not watch either

  670. I’m sure Lin would love to speed up the process because it’s his contract 😀

    But there are factors beyond his control like Kobe and Byron. Plus we got to be realistic what his ceiling can be playing next to Kobe. His 15/10 is soooo great because it shows that Lin can co-exist with Kobe and get Double-Double as “The PG”.

    For me, 14/6 to start/finish games would be a good average to bring 25-30+wins for the Lakers.
    CP3 is 17/9 with much higher usage and not sharing the ball with a dominant SG like Kobe.

    If Kobe approves Lin, he’ll get a long-term contract in LAL and be Kobe’s next heir. That’s when I expect 17/9 or 18/10 high-ceiling like Nash in his MVP years. He’s a PG so he wouldn’t want 22/5

  671. interesting

  672. What interesting about it?

  673. I think you misread me. I’m saying that if Scott is truly thinking of starting Price over Lin, then Kobe would have to agree. I guess you’re implying that Scott had the thought and then Kobe shot the idea down. At this point I cannot tell if Kobe is really pro-Lin or not.

  674. great post since the picture says it all. he is looking too much for that long-2 jumper instead of reading the defense for what’s open. also, he just doesnt have that instinct like davis does. i kinda doubt hill ever will develop the ability to dive well.

  675. Translation:
    Lin: “Roll, roll! ..Oops it’s Hill, not Davis”
    Hill: “I’m LMA! I’m LMA!!! Hit me, JLin! I’ll pop a long 2 all-day long!”

  676. These PGs they tried out all cheap than Price.

  677. Good sport. Like JLin said, let’s get into playoffs first before talking about ring:-) It was so unlikely last week but now, they may have a chance.

  678. Epic fail

  679. Penny Lee
    @JLin7 Jeremy Lin 林書豪
    Who’s buying Chandler Parsons ?? Thanks Chipotle Mexican Grill!!

  680. if he would of drove to the rim lin would of gotten easy assist there. which would stop the double and open drives for lin

  681. This is what I said earlier. If Hill is at that spot, a simply diagonal pass can tear HOU apart.

  682. That is one of the point I tried to make for the past 24 hrs.

  683. i didn’t see it. thats a great catch. has to do with the new team. i expect that defense not to work again.

  684. maybe he just doesn’t have PnR instinct.
    He could be like Dwight who’s great in PnR but wants to be Hakeem.
    But JHill is great around the rim but wants to be LMA since he practiced all-off-season for these long 2s.

  685. yesterday i kept thinking over and over that lin is doubled, so why is there not an easy shot opened up as a result?

    in the end, it’s not really on hill but on byron. on byron for letting him pop out all the time and for playing hill so much over davis.

    i really think hill is someone who has a smaller impact than his stats — rebounds especially — indicate. ive never seen a big who consistently gets double-digit rebounds that impacts the game so little.

  686. I think Kobe is. I don’t think Scott has the power to do anything on position in this team.

  687. No, not that kobe shot the idea down, but that he’s pro-lin. or, at the very least, kobe is anti-Price.

  688. I have said earlier, about that. I think he is not really a good rebounder. His box out is terrible. He is good at tip in because he was out of the position so much. What LAL is def Reb. He needs to be better on that. D Reb leads to fast breaks

  689. What? That’s Parsons?
    For a moment, I thought that’s Drake the singer :]

    Sweet deal enjoying free Chipotle burritos!

  690. Agree 10000000%

  691. bigs dont suddenly learn to dive this late in their career.

    and that’s not even my main problem with how hill is used. it is so messed up that hill is being put in the position of decision-maker in the high post. they COULD have done that with pau gasol if he were on the team, but hill is not a good decision maker — he can’t read defenses well and he cannot pass fluidly. epic fail.

    yet, despite that, the first thing that happens in the byron offense is to give the ball to the big man in the high post. hill AND boozer are not the right personnel for this. it’s completely stupid. this offense is not designed for the skill sets of these players.

  692. I will not say anti-Price.. but when Kobe w Price on court. Kobe is in charge the O not Price. But Kobe did let Lin run O sometimes.

  693. I think Bozzer is.

  694. whether boozer can read the defense is one thing, but he is reluctant to give up the ball once he gets it.

  695. Yes. But still it would be better if they do not have to pay Price

  696. At least he can read it. Sadly he is not a threat himself so it is also harder for him to make passes.

  697. interesting pt about how being out of position leads to more tip ins.

  698. Personalized cards. Nice!

  699. Just watch how he position himself. He was pushed under the rim almost every time. Good for off tip in but bad for def reb.

  700. that’s interesting. i’ll look for that.
    indeed we see very little of a hill defensive rebound leading to transition bucket opportunity. aside from his d rebounding ability, he doesnt really value the outlet pass as a big way to create offense.

  701. Exactly. I worry much more about Kobe than Scott. Kobe is the one who has to pass to Lin when he is open.

  702. Given how fast Lin is, as long as he can give it to Lin in time. It is good enough. All in all, I think Hill has a great NBA body. He just lack of concentration. His off reb came in burst also. He can be silent for 3Qs and get 5 boards in consecutive 6 possessions…. go figure.

  703. I like the second last paragraph Kobe on JLin. Thanks Kobe!
    科比赛后更衣室欢声笑语不断 大赞书豪职业精神
    2014-11-20 14:42








  704. i dont think it’s a point of emphasis for byron. i/we are used to this because we watched rockets for two seasons. the talking point about ‘moreyball’ 3s and layups is missing another key part of the equation: outlet passes to create transition buckets.

    anyway, boozer and kobe are too old to run

  705. I believe if Lin can really figure it out how to play next to either ISO Kobe or sometimes team ball Kobe then everything will be great for Lin.

    Scott maybe not really fan of Lin but FO is. That’s all matter now bc who is the boss?

  706. see that’s the thing with Byron’s Princeton system.

    He needs the good passing big man to direct where the attack can come from but Hill/Boozer would always pop. Never roll or pass to cutting guards.
    Note: Boozer is better than Hill. In pre-season, he passed to the guards for easy 3s

    Byron is trying to force Boozer and Hill to play this system but it’s been an extremely slow process. Not sure if they will ever be great decision-makers. Perhaps one of them will learn the tendency of the guards.

  707. Boozer is definitely better than Hill as a decision-maker

  708. No it is not. But pushing the ball is bball 101. Even Scott said Lin is good at that. Even if you just run to front court and retreat. It is better than just walk it up there. True for all offensive players.

  709. yeah. but kobe doesnt want to run. boozer can fill lanes tho.

    lin could play that way with 2nd unit. but this starting lineup — it will never happen consistently.

  710. What does it say?

  711. Yeah, it was becoming a cess pool. I don’t even think they are lin fans.

  712. Kobe? Kobe takes like 40% of the Lakers’s possessions. If he doesn’t pass to Lin more often, we’re in for a long season. I mean Lin can still somehow do OK but his stats will be so artificially deflated and the Lakers will be less competitive.

  713. funny Google Translation 🙂

    Bryant locker room after the game, praising the book ho laughter continued professionalism

    2014-11-20 14:42

    Welcome to your visit. Site articles may apply to any posted sharing, but please indicate the link of this article, thank you.

    This article addresses: http: //www.taiwanfansclub.com / …

    Lakers successive defeats, although Bryant can maintain a calm expression, but it is very depressing. Once the win, especially a rare win in Houston two-game winning streak, Bryant after the game music crazy laughter in the visiting team locker room, facing wave after wave of interviews, generosity, he also praised Jeremy Lin professionalism.

    Lakers win at the last moment, Bryant critical moment to be seen, the whole game he shot 10 28, scored a game-high 29 points and seven assists and five rebounds. After the game, outside the visitors’ locker room full of people, the vast majority of reporters have abandoned the host Rockets, came to the visiting team locker room, ready to interview Bryant. After the locker room door open, usually always the last interview, Bryant has been sitting in closet edge, ready to do the interview.

    “Our recent performance better than before, especially in the defensive attack and defense conversion, much better.” Bryant feet on the ice bucket, while receiving ice, while talking, he thought the team was very successful defense against Harden “He was so good pitcher, the ball can be thrown very difficult, so we are going to tightly locked him, let him freely offensive rebounds. we did a good job tonight.”

    Bryant’s streak much better mood, the interview often laugh, relaxing state of loneliness, a reporter filed a second comeback Nick – Young performance, Bryant smiled and said, “so crushed, he is this year’s league best sixth man. ”

    After the first round of interviews, public relations has said Bryant will no longer speak, but reporters in Houston and Los Angeles Coushang reporters ask questions, Bryant very patiently answered. Later, another wave of reporters came to interview, Bryant began gushed up, smiling, seeing his good mood, PR is not as blocked.

    Houston reporter asked him how to evaluate Lin joined the Lakers, Bryant praised, “He is a good player, able to contribute where Jeremy can contribute his shot well, although he now has some inappropriate places, but I will talk to him in the locker room. his work ethic is very good. “

    3 wins and 9 losses, the Lakers still long way to go, but Bryant is very confident, “I think our strength is better than the current record, I am convinced.”

  714. there are all types of fans/fanatics heh.

    place has indeed become ridiculous.

  715. This video it’s not clear but fun to watch. Thanks. BTW, where did Lin post all these short video? Weibo?

  716. This is an excellent find. Where is Good Day LA, they claimed that lin wasn’t double teamed.hmmmmm

  717. Get the gist of it but we need a native speaker to translate it better.

  718. LOL I can see how wrong it’s. There are many better translators than I’m here. Someone please help.

  719. Lin must have a really strong work ethic if Bryant called it “very good” (assuming the bad translation got that part close). Bryant has an obsessive work ethic.

  720. lol the google translation is so wrong

  721. Nop in his Chinese FB, only Taiwan fans can see it now. He always posted it there — at least 4-5 in my memory. Some Chinese fans from other areas including me want to watch it. Hence, some fans now somehow are able to make it this so that other people can watch.

  722. inappropriate places???

  723. Tuan Tran
    Still upset bc I was invited to the game last night by my cousin and a chance to meet @JLin7 but I was out in Cali.

  724. Taiwan only? Oh!

  725. Yeah, the translator bungled that one. Hope a native speaker can translate this. Hope there is one here maybe.

  726. yeah, surprise that Hill never roll hard, there is wide open driving lane there.

  727. Yep JLin is restricted his Chinese FB to Taiwan only since in late Oct. Don’t know why he did it though.

  728. Byron already said Hill has settled with shots too much, and asked him to drive more. But Byron could not tell him every move.

    That’s why Ed Davis works way better together with Lin, since he roll hard. Unfortunately, all 3 other bigs like to settle with mid range jumpers. They play smaller than they are.

  729. Since Hill has trouble doing this, not sure KHuang’s right that his teammates clog the lanes to prevent Lin from driving. Just inept, at this stage anyway. Lack of concentration, as Brent says below.

  730. Jan 10th I thought, that contract will be fully guaranteed. Currently is partially guaranteed.

  731. Ya! Maybe Kobe didn’t want him to do so many video but focus on games… Since it’s Taiwan only Kobe or Lakers can’t see it. LOL!

  732. Brent where are you? We need a translator for article above…Please….

  733. Probably just want to do something for his fans over there

  734. He also post these videos on his weibo. It seems he post first to facebook then weibo a little bit later.

  735. Lost ball trying to avoid stepping on DMo:


  736. Ya! Bc he speaks in Chinese.

  737. You know, I love that Swaggy P is back and he/kobe got their little bromance thing going on, but I wander how long will it last. Kobe doesn’t like anybody shining brighter than him. Listen to Kobe’s words about “Young is exactly what we need off the bench” and his goal for Young is to get the 6th Man of the Year….hmmm

  738. i am at work so i will only translate the paragraph about jeremy

    houston rockets reporter asked kobe on his assessment on lin joinjng the lakers.

    kobe said lin is a great player and able to contribute in a lot of ways. he is great at shooting.

    he is yet to feel fully comfortable with the team / system yet. i will talk with him in the locker room. he is very professional

  739. 2 problems here and I dont agree with the twitter poster. First, Hill should be diving so Lin’s passing lane is easier.

    Second, if Hill stinks, like he does here, Lin should have already had the ball OUT OF HIS HANDS well before the photo capture was taken before the double is already upon him.

    Based on the reality of spacing, this is 100% Jeremy Lin’s fault for still having the ball in his hands.

    The twitter poster tries to blame Hill, but if you play basketball, you know the guard has to get rid of it!


    CP3 and Blake G run this all the time but WAY faster. CP3 has the ball out already once he curls before the double sets leaving Blake with wide open shots.

    Sometimes I am embarassed to be a Lin Fan 🙁

  740. Ya! I agree w you. When they won their first game, Kobe was not happy bc Lin out shine in but not now bc he was the one who lead the team… Young will not get score like last season for sure.

  741. read my post above. Ok here I’ll paste it:

    2 problems here and I dont agree with the twitter poster. First, Hill should be diving so Lin’s passing lane is easier.

    if Hill stinks, like he does here, Lin should have already had the ball
    OUT OF HIS HANDS well before the photo capture was taken before the
    double is already upon him.

    Based on the reality of spacing, this is 100% Jeremy Lin’s fault for still having the ball in his hands.

    The twitter poster tries to blame Hill, but if you play basketball, you know the guard has to get rid of it!


    and Blake G run this all the time but WAY faster. CP3 has the ball out
    already once he curls before the double sets leaving Blake with wide
    open shots.

    Sometimes I am embarassed to be a Lin Fan 🙁

  742. great stuff

  743. Completely wrong. The only person Lin can pass to Earlier is coach Scott, the ref and Hill.

  744. Look at us talking plays, analyzing game photos, digging up detailed stats…how hard is that, especially with a fab site like this. Well…now and then I meet another “basketball fan” – and I’m sort of a bball idiot compared to you all – but I’m starting to understand how easy it was for Morey to build the “bad-Jeremy” myth because these folks really know nothing. Not sure what is the fan part of their fandom…because…I said to a Lakers “fan” I casually met waiting in a line yesterday that yeah Kobe’s great but his shot percentage hasn’t been so great lately. They leapt back with wide eyes saying “Wow, you really know your stats!) I was so shocked I didn’t know what to say. That’s knowing your stats????! Apparently all many people see is “44 points! Wow! Best Player Ever”.

    Scary, ‘ cause basketball stuff is not that hard to find if you do the tiniest amount of digging. How much harder to know about Wall Street, politics, climate change, etc etc. that are all way more complicated with even more actors with cross-purpose agendas than front offices and their “pieces”. Oh, the humanity! Laugh and keep going 🙂

  745. this is the exact play I’m talking about Clippers running all the time. CP3 has a strong ability to get rid of the ball early so Blake has a wide open jump shot.

    In Lakerland, they lack communication and aren’t use to each other. I get that. But on a play like this, let’s forget about fault, but it’s just poor coaching and poor player management.

    I think Lin wants Hill to dive and Hill wants the open jumper. I’ll be realistic and say this is a 50/50 issue.

    Lin and Hill have already played 10 games together. They need to talk it out so this doesn’t keep happening when Lin is loaded up on.

  746. while what you say is probably generally true, i think it also has to do with the culture of the LA announcers, which seems adapted for kobe play. the announcers rarely talk about field goal percentages, especially with kobe; they just emphasize the total points. they are there to promote kobe and that’s how kobe looks good. so it’s no surprise the casual laker viewership thinks the same way.

    likewise, the houston announcers had an enormous effect — so much so it is hard to overstate it — on perceptions of lin in houston. all the same criticisms and phrases would circulate directly between the mouths of drexler and rockets fans.

  747. Yet CP3 was killed last yr in the same set up facing the heats.

  748. Kobe Bryant isn’t the best player ever?? But . . .but . . . he scored 44 points last game!


  749. Swaggy has been fantastic in his 2 games. You are correct that Kobe wants it all to be about HIM. And that’s fine as long as he produced. I thought Kobe played very well yesterday and it could be due to the single coverage Houston gave him to shut Lin down.

  750. I am not saying CP3 is perfect. He tries to do too much at times too. But he is generally much better at getting the ball out of his hands quickly than Lin.

    And this season? CP3 has been getting the ball out of his hands very quickly this season on traps and doubles. He is trusting Blake to hit the open jumper. It almost makes CP3 look useless but if Blake hits the WIDE OPEN jumper, the team will dominate.

    Hill seems to be able to hit open jumpers, so Lin needs to do exactly what he did against Clippers and just pass and pass till he wants to throw up and trust Hill to hit the jumper.

    Now if Hill is cold that night? Yeah we have problems.

  751. What I am saying is, a pass is completed by 2 players. No way you pin this 100% on Lin like you just said. But we can disagree. I am totally ok with your view :P.

  752. I ended up retracting to 50/50 responsibility in my defense

  753. Also aren’t you the one that said lin was not double teamed, that looks like a double team to me. Brent is right who is lin suppose to be passing ball to. it is obvious to me that Hill looks lost and doesn’t know what to do.

  754. Oh ok. Haven’t checked it there for a long time.

  755. Swaggy P has played very well in the last couple of days and he is a breath of fresh air for a team that doesn’t have good shooters.

  756. I consider double teams plays where the second defensive man comes over without a screen like how teams double Kobe. I readily acknowledged Lin was trapped and had to deal with hard shows all game.

    The difference is on the pick and roll, part of the problem is that I put partial responsibility on Lin for dribbling into the trap that then becomes a double.

    Lin needs to not dribble right into them by reverse the ball (passing) or reversing direction ether the other way or backwards and then passing it so his teammates can play 4 on 3.

    It’s just my opinion. But I feel like Lin is making a bad basketball play by dribbling into the side like that and getting stuck. It’s exactly what Houston wants him to do. And Hill and Lin and whoever Lin plays PnR with need to all figure it out so this stops happening to Lin and Lin has an outlet.

    The coaches must address this but I hope Lin does point this out to the staff.

  757. Yes, that’s the scary part (sigh). Announcers have their own team line, plus usually not time or interest to look beyond the PR machines of other teams, so reality gets folded and re-folded and handed out and eaten without much discrimination – sort of like the alleged “pink slime” in fast-food hamburger meat. People might SAY they’re repulsed by the idea of pink slime, but won’t actively go through the work of avoiding it. Too Inconvenient. So… very glad to be here with attentive fans posting and tweeting Jeremy facts and figures for rapid consumption!

  758. ok whatever…and it is just your opinion.

  759. He also has an upbeat and light hearted attitude which soften everyone up AND he delivers.

    Did you see the play where Nick Young just completely ignored Price after Price refused to shoot a pass Young gave him the first time around? It was this broken play and Young just completely swore Price off. SOmetime in the first half. I guess freeze outs just dont happen to Lin.

  760. You have to remember a lot of these announcers know nothing about the game, they are handed a script because of the time they are there just for entertaining. That is why they call it “colorful commentary”..LOL

  761. yes just my opinion. I think these problems are coaching failures first. Mike D’Antoni was very good at addressing these type of spacing issues. Popovich too. Seems like only these 2 coaches care about stuff like that.

    I’m just being that hard older brother or father who second guesses and acts as if he knows better. There is some truth to what I say but the reality is that it’s not all in Lin’s hands to fix. But I do wish he passes out of those traps more quickly sometimes.

  762. Yep saw that. At least Nick is a polite ball hogger…LOL

  763. hope Lin saw that too. Dont pass up open shots Lin!

  764. I think this is where Lin needs to speak up off court in practice and film sessions and talk to Hill or whoever his Pick and Roll partner is and work it out.

    If this is still happening 20 games down the road, then I do blame Lin 100% because he didn’t fix or address the problem with HIll and the other bigs.

    For now, you are right and I was premature to jump the gun. My apologies.

  765. I hope the Lakers do well for a while. Until they play the Spurs, they have a chance and a long home stand coming up. They should start winning some games I hope.

  766. I really dont understand when some fan says, Kobe dont like players out shining him. I have not seen such up to now. Could you show proof of such incidents?
    If its just our feeling or perception, thats its wrong to state it as a fact and defame a player

  767. NYoung was brought to spark the bench and thats his role. Getting more playing time with the starters is; is up to the coach looking at the flow of the game.

    If you notice, in most of the interview, NYoung “always” mentions, “hey I’m here to provide the spark of the bench, and I do what I suppose to do, thats swaggy” 🙂

  768. According to JLin high bb iq, believe JLin has addressed this issue but…… We aren’t in a locker room or viewer room but I do believe JLin must have already addressed this. We see Boozer is doing some rolling in Hawks game. It was so beautiful to see. My take is Hill isn’t able to it for whatever reasons. Why Davis and now Boozer can and not Hill? Well…

  769. As I was browsing the NBA standings I noticed that the current top two teams were the two 1995 Canadian expansion teams. The Toronto Raptors and what used to be the Vancouver (now Memphis) Grizzlies.
    It is somewhat fitting as basketball was invented by a Canadian. Go figure.

  770. NYoung is an emotional and vocal player. Thats how he had always been. He dont care about getting a “T” and picking up with a player or teammates. Thats his character.

  771. i know., I get it, but don’t you believe that he wants to be a starter?

  772. I wonder if the work ethic’s related to how Lin played disciplined defense

  773. Those who voted to rank Kobe at 40th need to be worried about their credibility.

  774. Nobody is defaming a player, it is just an opinion only. You seem to be on the prowl for a fight, not gonna happen, you do you and I will do me.

  775. Clippers are destroying the Heat.

  776. We have talked about this issue in depth and extensively game after first win. Yes, we saw that Kobe didn’t like JLin outshine him. That’s fact. Kobe went to “extreme” isos until JLin/Boozer spoke up after GS. Finally we saw some changes on Kobe in the last couple games and hence the win.

  777. The Miami Heat are more like the Miami Lukewarm this year. Lol.

  778. To piggyback off what you just said is that I live in LA and it is not secret Kobe has said even in an interview some years back that nobody star is going to shine brighter than his. Also kobe is struggling with still trying to hold to what he loves to do and that is playing bball, but his body won’t let him play the way he use to.

  779. After 2 wins and looking back to see the Lakers lost 9 to all very good teams. I feel really good for them now.

  780. Thanks!

  781. THey stand very little chance beating MAVs…

  782. LOL

  783. They lost it a long time ago.

  784. Yeah man…what took you so long?!

  785. Anybody get the feeling that we really can’t identify any team that we can confidently say that they will definitely be in contention for the playoffs or championship.. LBJ is struggling with finding his niche with the Cavaliers, Clippers win a game lose a game, and get this Doc Rivers told paul that he needed to be more aggressive on the offense. Rockets are exposed and I suspect that when they face the really good teams they will fold. I think that the Lakers are starting to click and get use to each other and if they figure it out then the Lakers might at least make the bottom list of playoff contenders

  786. yeah, people don’t realize that the lakers had the toughest schedule in the western conference.

  787. brent did you see my post about the translation?

  788. Your last sentence really got me excited. LOL.

  789. I think if Lin plays like he did in Rox then Lakers will make it.

  790. Ya! I am w Joyce… I stand by my opinion. You can keep your too.

  791. Lin needs to get better and better because he’s in scouter report by any team. Unlike PatBev.

  792. Ya! I think so…

  793. totally agree with this. we had been saying this as well, when the paint is clogged, he should take his one two dribble (either lef/right) with stop/pop. He had done couple of times, but not often. I think he did this in ATL game ( or a game before that) as well.

  794. Agreed. I will start to get excited of the playoff possibility when and if Lakers’ win percentage reaches 40% of their total games played. Cavaliers and Clippers will still make the playoffs.

  795. On good advise of my best bud and she knows how passionate about lin, she told me that it is not coincidental that lin is on the Lakers. She thinks that lin and his calm demeanor will crack that hard nutshell of Kobe. She told me that when lin spoke up about team play without calling out anybody was very brave and that the FO/Kobe respected that and it showed to the FO is that lin is not a player in Lakers organization looking for the next contract, but Lin gets it on what it means to be a champion. I was in awe of what she said and she told me that I was too emotional invested.

  796. They stand very little chance against any team, but if they were to play cohesively (haha, its a been awhile sine we used this word….like 2-3 games a go), similar to against Rox, I think they stand a chance

  797. Market forces, and I’m betting there’s enough in the bag for him to get choices. I’d rather see Lin happy playing Linball, in a winning team than his max contract run. He can have that as he gets there, its more important for him to love his team and win for now.

  798. Yes, one team for sure! 🙂

  799. Do you think Lakers will keep Lin? Dragic is going to be a FA next summer too?

  800. not to mention OKC ranks last in the West.

  801. Shaq, Bynum, Gasol, Phil Jackson, and many other players and coaches would attest to Kobe not wanting anybody to outshine him.

  802. Love everything that she said, I have to learn from her to be more optimistic

  803. What you don’t realize is that Hill DOESN’T CUT because he can’t finish inside, so Lin has to draw the double team toward himself just to get Hill that open shot.

  804. People didn’t think they could beat the Rockets either. Then they did it on a back to back. At least they’ve had a day to rest this time.

  805. Hill is standing in Lin’s midrange driving lane.

    Normally big men cut to the rim and score inside, sort of like Ed Davis does. But Hill is unable to cut inside because he cannot score down low against anyone.

    There are 4 shooting guards on the court with Lin at all times, and all of them are low percentage midrange shooters that are getting in Lin’s way.

  806. I completely disagree.

    Lin’s skills are way better, but he’s playing on a team which is deliberately freezing him out AND can’t get it done.

    The midrange is crowded with 4 players who shoot terrible percentages, and none of those guys attacks the basket or steps back for 3. Plus when Lin drives, those players deliberately step into Lin’s attacking lanes. Lin is facing an impenetrable wall of opponents and teammates alike.

    I just don’t see how any player in the NBA can blast past the midrange crowding.

  807. I dont know…but from what I have seen him from last couple of years, he been happy to come off the bench. Probably he knows his limitation since he is entering his 8th (or is it 9th) and happy to be from the bench as spark and produce. If he was the starter he needs to go heads on with a superstar. Maybe…

  808. You have to understand that the Lakers organization is a business, and they are going to cater to the season ticket holders and the stake holders. It is no secret that they have been chasing lin for a long time because LA county/Orange County have the largest Asian community in the US with big money. lin is a good basketball player and the majority of the season ticket holders in LA are Asian Americans. They love kobe, but they also understand that kobe is on the downside of an incredible career. They are trying to keep the season ticket holders in the seats , and the stakeholders happy.

  809. That’s not my opinion, but I respect yours.

    Players who aren’t talented physically don’t do things like score 18 points on 8 shots against max contract opponents.

  810. If you are saying, Kobe is selfish and greedy, I do agree, But saying he intentionally put out others who outshines him, I would disagree.

  811. No, winning does not cure this.

    NBA players play for their contracts only.

    Winning matters only to the extent that certain players feel that they have to win more to secure great contracts. For players like Bryant that don’t need to win to get great contracts, winning is pretty much flushed down the toilet.

  812. LOL…thats the last thing in my mind…maybe my choice of word was bad…. 🙂

  813. Ya! I guess not just season tickets holders more important it’s after Kobe if w/o Lin Asia will not buy their very expensive TV broadcast rights. I know CCTV & Taiwan sports TV all bought 82 Lakers game this year.

  814. The EQ of the sisterhood! Cool. I wouldn’t say you are too invested unless you want to quit. Then I’d say let go of a certain pace or a want and Lin will show a new card to us.

  815. No they can’t.

    The bigs, including Ed Davis, are too weak to finish inside consistently and so they clog the perimeter instead of creating space by rolling inside.

    I just don’t know how any player can solve this.

  816. She is awesome. She is a lawyer that does meditations for the LAPD. So is strictly all about the facts,

  817. But I don’t get why Scott kept saying so openly that he wants Price to start over Lin?! smh! I really think Lakers tried out these new PGs to replace Price.

  818. Proof?

    The low shot attempts after every big game Lin has is all the proof that’s needed.

    A better team and better coach would make sure that their starting point guard got his shots and touches and looks. Even bench point guards like Price get more teamwork than Lin does.

  819. If you’ve been following the NBA as long and as closely as I have, you’d know that the NBA is a tenuous balance of selfish players all clawing at each other and that coaches are more like prison wardens that keep the mayhem from spilling onto the court like it is now with the Lakers vs Lin.

  820. They clog the lane because they DON’T WANT HIM TO SCORE.

    There is no other reason.

  821. ‘merica! Chris Rock

  822. No, Lin’s a GONER.

    He’s nothing more to the Lakers than a rental.

    The way they treat Lin as a guy not worthy of real team play indicates that they’re just riding out Lin’s contract.

  823. Well she is my ride and die chick that goes to all of the Laker games with me. As I stated in post below, she is a lawyer, and just deals with just facts. She thinks that Lakers like Lin and they also like what he brings to the table for basketball because he doesn’t pose a threat to kobe and also the business aspects for Lakers organization. I told her that a group fro Taiwan flew int o watch Lin play and they bought out the Laker store everything that they had of lin and she was floored.

  824. OK. If Lin is only a rental for one year why paid such high price tag for one year rental? They could sign IT in the summer. IT said openly he wants to play for Lakers & Kobe?!

  825. My take on Scott is that he wants to act like the Big Man in charge in which he is really not. Did you notice that after lin/Boozer basically called kobe out that there was no Mitch damage control interview . LIn/Boozser fired shots heard around the world about how bad the Lakers were struggling with kobe taking all the shots and fracturing the team. I am sure that the only reason why they hired Scott was because he assured them that he would be able to control kobe. Mitch listened to Scott signing Price and now Mitch/FO realized that Scott was smoke and mirrors. He has no plan to develop the rookies and I am pretty sure mitch realizes that his gut was right about Scott which is why they had 3 interviews with scott. i am pretty sure that mitch’s first choice was george karl

  826. Yeah, Lin gives a lot of financial people options to get money in the door! Nice you have a Laker ‘ride and die’ pal. I think I know what that means 🙂

  827. wish you could trade coaches like expiring contracts !

  828. They all have a scouting report, Beverley is not a top priority. Basically, guard his corner 3. If he tries to facilitate don’t worry about it. He actually shoots better from 22 feet than from 6.

    Lin is a rhythm player. If his shot, and dribble penetration game gets going and he’s feeling it, it could be a long night for opponents. So they have team schemes to stop him. You’re right, he has to counter that.

  829. I totally disagree with what you are saying. I live in LA and laker’s is a business, and Jeannie Buss is all about image. They look at the season ticket holders and their stake holders. LA County/Orange county have the largest largest affluent Asian community in the US and they are big Kobe fans. Kobe is on the downside of his career and they want to keep this community as season ticket holders. Lin is a really good ball player.

  830. If he ends up playing really well and shows great chemistry, he may stay. If he stays up and down like now, they’ll probably sign someone like Dragic.

  831. I think they are building around Randle for the future. He may be considered the big star after Kobe. Lin is a nice player, but I don’t think they’re thinking of him as a star player.

  832. I really hope he stays with the Lakers. Some stability would be nice. Also I hope there is no trade talk, it’s so distracting. It seems Boston is trying to quiet down the Rondo trade talk which is good.

  833. Let me tell you something FRIGHTENING, LAJane.

    Did you know that almost all NBA front office people and players think the same exact thing as the guy that was stunned that you knew your stats?

    Most basketball people who are paid to analyze the game know FAR LESS than people realize. That includes Daryl Morey whose exalted unearned media reputation as the king of stats has never fooled me.

    I love Lin fans because the whole point of being a Lin fan is being knowledgeable enough to see and predict real quality in him when doomsayers and haters are loudly proclaiming that Lin is not a good player.

  834. I played bball for 35 years and I disagree.

  835. Ha!

  836. Remember Joyce Ward, I want you to be right and me to be wrong!!

    Go Joyce!

  837. But it also up to a really good coach to identify this and make adjustments. Somebody posted some still shots of the play on lin and he was doubled team and the bigs were not even moving toward him to get the ball. I am sure they viewed the film. Scott is not a good coach and he has to realize that boozer/hill are not rim or paint protectors. They just want to shoot the long two and not get their hands dirty under the rim.

  838. Justin Timberlake, Snoop Dogg, Jeremy Lin, Carlos Boozer congratulate Kobe Bryant on 32,000 career points

    Jeremy Lin
    If you didn’t already know by now, Jeremy Lin likes to joke around now and again and doesn’t take himself too seriously. So, as you might expect, his congratulatory tweet to Kobe Bryant was pretty awesome:

  839. The Lakers were willing to pay a high price tag for one year because Lin was packaged with a highly coveted 1st round pick and a valuable 2nd round pick.

    The plan was for the Lakers to have Lin as physical insurance in case Nash went down, which Nash did.

    I cannot say what the details are of Isaiah Thomas not going to the Lakers, but I do know that the Lakers are trying to keep cap space clear so that they can sign the really big free agents like Kevin Love next season.

  840. No, it is that I live in LA and it is all about who you know and what you can bring to the table to help me. When about 130 fans fans flew from Taiwan to watch lin play and then they went to the Laker’s store and bought out all of Lin’s gear, you don’t think that got the attention of the Busses and the stakeholders

  841. I want Lin to have his own team too. Having that team be rich and wanting to win is just great.

  842. It’s too early to say either way right now. jmo.

  843. Kobe/Rondo would not survive. Kobe needs the ball in his hands, and so does Rondo. Rondo is not coming to LA to play side kick to kobe. If you read those articles it is always based on opinion, no real affirmation from the FO

  844. Agree. Anything can happen in sport. So, never says never. Anything is possibility. Yes, I believe Lakers could be in playoffs this year. Having said that , my hope was quite dim for the first 10 games with Kobe ball. Now that we see how much the starters have gelled since JLin and Boozer spoke up after GS game, we see day and light difference of the team. I only hope Kobe and everyone continues to work on communication, trust and effort, Lakers can make it into playoffs. I’m much hopeful now that before.

  845. Thats true, I doubt there would be a player that could compromise as much as Jeremy

  846. Oh yes, it is definitely up to the coaching staff. Lin can try to figure out some things, but it is their job. The bigs fall in love with their long 2s, especially Hill, and occasionally Hill will be under the basket or roll towards it (slowly) and Hill seems decent at offensive but not defensive boards. Boozer and Hill are bad at PnR, Davis is the guy for Lin to do that with. They need to play together more.

  847. ….and because Rondo is not a good shooter so would be tough for him when Kobe handles the ball.

  848. Kobe knocked Smush Parker out of the NBA, got Shaq kicked off the Lakers, and alienated every teammate he ever played with by being so competitive that he was trying to knock his teammates out as much as he was trying to knock out his opponents.

    Lin’s the latest guy to be put out by Bryant.

    It’s actually a BADGE OF HONOR for Bryant to be doing that to Lin.

  849. No, I don’t believe that it got the attention of the Busses.

    We’ll see what happens when Lin becomes an unrestricted free agent.

  850. It’s the same scouting report that OKC and LAC have done for the last 2 seasons.

    When Lin catches the ball, blitz him with multiple players and abandon his teammates.

  851. My take on lin/boozer speaking up was because was out of control, and scott was not going to do anything about kobe. after they spoke up it benefited the whole team. i actually think that kobe respects lin for this because i really don’t think kobe respects scott.

  852. Does Lin get to pick any of those five Laker girls going with him? lol

  853. The Lakers should consider signing Dragic.

    The Lakers teammates won’t freeze him out the way they freeze Lin out.

  854. Davis and Lin won’t happen.

    Byron Scott is trying to protect his veteran players Hill and Boozer and Bryant from being shown up by Davis and Lin.

  855. LOL @maknusia:disqus . It’s okay to believe that. My guess is you are probably the odd one who doesn’t see that Kobe disliked any player outshined him. I’ve never followed Kobe’s career until JLin was traded. But boy after the first win and JLin got all the media attention with him to have the similar stat, oh dear. His extreme Kobe ball and stopped talking to everyone told all. WOW! Since then he made sure no one outshined him:-( His dislike any player outshine him covers up by competitiveness… It will be very interesting to psychoanaylze him as a project if I do my psych class/major again:-)

  856. On Power Ranking, LAL had moved up to 26th spot with (3W-9L)! 🙂

  857. How many spots up since the last?

  858. I gotta tell you I go to the games and all of them have had some plastic surgery and they are not that cute. I am not hating, but the last Laker’s game I went to, I asked the guys around me if they were attractive and the majority of the comments were that they wandered what they looked like without all the make up on ans some th

  859. That’s right! This is one of the most puzzled piece with Kobe ball/team. Yep that’s why I just don’t like BS for this reason. He makes sure that JLin struggles on his own.

  860. Sound like those Vegas showgirls I’ve seen once long ago and never come back since.

  861. And more are coming. Believe fans plan for going each month but how big the group depending on the month.

  862. Kobe has been making good comments about Lin especially in post game interviews. This is a good sign that they’ll be teammates again next season.

  863. Hill should be rolling in on that play. Passing the ball right when he’s rolling in creates an easy basket in the interior, or at the very least a foul. Hill is just not a great finisher, if it was Blake he would be rolling in and flying up for the dunk.

    A 6′ 10″ player should NOT be settling for a jump shot with an open lane.

  864. But I doubt Kobe will share the ball w Dragic bc Kobe didn’t even want to share the ball w Nash before… Even Magic said Kobe give the ball to Nash… he didn’t…

  865. I personally think that Mitch suffer fools lightly I think Mittch has realized that Scott made big promises that he couldn’t keep, Now it is about Mitch doing what is best for the Lakers organization

  866. What happened to Pau Gasol?

  867. You could be right. I was a little worries after JLin spoke out. However, when I saw JLin and Kobe sat together in Japanese Restaurant for team bonding, I was a little relief. Then saw basically Kobe back to his “normal” self with JLin the next game which was Hawks. This gave me hope that Kobe didn’t hold grudges against JLin for speaking out. But someone brought up that Kobe yelled at JLin at that game, I was concerned for I didn’t want the relationship deteriorated again. Sure glad that it wasn’t true. And now Kobe told reporters that he would talk to JLin after interview was definitely a great sign of his support/respect for JLin. Really hope that this relationship continues to flourish and JLin can learn about his mental toughness, fatigue issue in b2b game………

  868. SAS is a known Lin Hater….so next!

  869. LOL Don’t think JLin will even pay them any attention! JLin isn’t JH.

  870. Good point on Mitch didn’t come out for damage control on Lin/Boozer’s comments on Kobe & Lakers.. I also agree Scott has no power to who will be on the team or position. If not for Kobe Lakers probably will hire George Karl that’s what I thought… otherwise why took so long & so many interview to hire Scott.

  871. Good point.

  872. From baby, JLin’s eyes are on bb only. He is pretty focused on that until he settles. It is very unlikely he will spend any of his energy on any BGR until then.

  873. 40% is not enough, like I said. After the ASB, they have to be about 5 game within 500 to get a chance.

  874. arr. no…I did not…

  875. Love this

  876. Strained calf muscle.

    copied from ESPN Chicago site: “I didn’t feel a pop,” Gasol said of the injury. “It just started bothering me. It started being sore. I was hoping I got hit but I couldn’t recall getting hit. So then you had to figure it was a muscle strain and strains usually take their time to heal and scar. So I’m just trying to let it heal.”

  877. What happens, do they just fire and pay out the contract or is it stopped when Byron gets a new job?

  878. WOW more injuries. Pray that JLin will continue to stay healthy and improve each day.

  879. hydrant wetting. 2 wins. They have a team joke now and that will help next time.

  880. Thank you. Wow!

  881. Ah, the old days when it wasn’t so produced …

  882. Boring games on TNT.

  883. Want them both to eat their words in 3 months.
    On SwP making a difference really? Last year.
    The new toy. Soon, the team will gel and we’ll see. Cannot stop a good team of team players. That’s Lin’s brand.

  884. LMA as the series wore on lol.

  885. To Joyce Ward

    Lakers has lost so many games consecutively. Kobe, although looked calm, you can sense how low his morale was. After the consecutive 2 wins, Kobe went crazily happy in the guest team locker room. He talked and laughed. Did not reject any interview request for the medias. He also praised Lin’s good professionalism.

    Laker won the game against HOU at the last moment. Kobe showed up in the crunch time. He made 10 of his 28 shots, scored the game high 29 pts, dished out 7 assists and grabbed 5 rebs. After the game, the whole locker room is crowded with ppl. Most reporters left ROX’s locker room and came to the guest locker room, waiting to do the post game interview with Kobe. After the door opened, Kobe who usually are the last one to do the interview was already ready for it, sitting by his locker.

    “Our recent performance is better than b4, especially the transition D” Kobe said (who is ice bathing his foot while taking the interview). Kobe said “the team guarded Harden very well. He is a very good shooter who can hit some very tough shots. we tried to lock him down, tried to take away his dribble penetration. We did pretty good tonight.”

    The consecutive wins lighten up Kobe’s mood a lot. He laughed a lot during the interview. When reporters asked him about Nick Young, he smiled and said “If he kept playing like this, he will be the 6MOY”

    After the 1st rd of the interview with reporters, LAL PR signals the reporters that Kobe will stop answering questions. But reporters from HOU and LA just came and asked more questions. Kobe patiently answered them all. Afterward, another wave of reporters came, Kobe started to answer all the questions again with smiles. Seeing him so happy, the PR person stopped rejecting reporter’s request for interview.

    Reporters from HOU asked KObe about how he thinks about Lin since Lin was traded to LAL. Kobe praised him and said, “He is a very good player, Jeremy can contribute. He can shoot, although he has not adapted to the team, but I will talk to him in the locker room. He is very professional”

    3 wins 9 losses, LAL still have a long way to go. But Kobe is very confident. “I feel we are better than what our record are showing. I have no doubt about it.”

  886. They are going after him. It’s been reported.

  887. I just roughly translated that article!

  888. they were at 29th at one point

  889. Kobe yelled at Young not Lin. Saw that video.. Young nod his head when Kobe yelled at him…

  890. From last night?

  891. That report just like Bledsoe’s story this summer…

  892. hmmm … I know you are making a point. Just hard for me to imagine the 2 bigs, palookas as they are, being that sneaky evil.

  893. Yeah, it’s a long season. Injuries (Randle broke leg), drama (Howard beating his kid with his belt buckle) and real life problems (Ellington’s dad shot) will creep in on every turn.

  894. is it their strength or footwork?

  895. Lakers’ Nick Young receives flop warning from NBA

    Young drew a foul on Atlanta’s Kyle Korver while attempting a three-pointer in the left corner. The replay showed that Korver did not make contact with Young, who landed on his backside and slid out of bounds after taking the shot.

    NBA.com posted video of the play.


    After a warning, the NBA will fine a player $5,000 for a second flop violation. Additional flops result in an increasing penalty, including eventual suspension.

  896. GSW!

  897. DAL Pre-Game+Voting Poll is open!
    I’m a bit conservative knowing how Rick Carlisle is good coach who knows the danger of letting Lin run loose.
    But JLin will be extra-motivated to redeem a bad game with another good one. 13pts/6asts for me!


  898. Flopping Juggernaut

  899. Thanks

  900. Yep I know but someone in jlindotnet was adamant that the poster was in game and saw Kobe was yelling at JLin. I watched the clip numberous times and didn’t see it. Only later learned that the poster was “fake” JLin fan. Just wanted to create a drama that wasn’t there.

  901. Sounds decent. I hope he gets at least 6 assists and 10 points. But would like 18+ points. I also want to see him have a big 4th quarter, like if he gets 9 points say in the 4th that would be great.

  902. 4th quarter might be a bit iffy since he hasn’t found a good balance to give the ball to Kobe and attacking but let’s hope this will be the 1st!

  903. Thank You❤

  904. Altho I’m afraid if this happens, it might go the “ABJ” route as well.

  905. golf clap

  906. Another way to put it is they probably just want him to pass them the ball so they could get theirs?

  907. Harden’s smile seems genuine.

  908. I agree. There was mention of Boozer giving some love to LIN while on camera during an interview. I interpreted that as a positive that Boozer acknowledged and appreciated how LIN spoke up for the rest of the team. Pure conjecture of course but human nature being what it is, few have the courage to take a stand and piss on the Dawg that runs the pound. The fact that a pup like LIN dares to take one for the team certainly must have made an impression on Kobe and the rest of the team. I’m guessing that most of them expected some sort of repercussion for Lin’s comment, instead it actually reined in Kobe and made him accountable. I think this incident has quietly built respect from Lin’s teammates and especially Kobe. The only other person who was able to save kobe from himself was Phil Jackson.

  909. IMO, LIN brings a reminder of Phil’s Zen philosophy back into Kobe’s mind. Phil made Kobe think more about how the team isn’t linear of how he pulls the team on like a rope but rather as a circle that rolls.

    One of my favorite sayings from the Toa is how a wheel rolls on the strength of the spokes that support it. The wheel however can only BE useful if there’s a hole in the middle. “Therefore benefit comes from what is there;
    Usefulness from what is not there.”

    What is there is the teammates that works like a team that supports one another as it rolls through the season. What isn’t there is the glue of invisible team unity, chemistry and brotherhood. It’s the invisible in life that makes it worth living and fighting for. It’s the invisible that LIN reminds Kobe of the hard lessons he’s learnt from Phil.

  910. This is why LIN works and Rondo won’t. As I suggested, the team must work like a wheel and the spokes of that wheel is all the players accepting the load as it gets passed to them as the wheel turns. Lin’s ability to build team chemistry and team usefulness creates the strength of the many spokes that support the wheel/ team. LIN doesn’t see himself as the leader to pull the rope that leads the team to wins, so he won’t ever be a threat to Kobe directly. Rondo would fight kobe to be the leader to pull the rope along.

  911. Linsanity was more about effective TEAM-BALL and leadership than “swag” both of which require a high level of people-intelligence.

    Far from being “broke” by Houston, Lin improved and show-cased his talents DESPITE the marginalization.

    Lin is more than Linsanity, and he is right: If all we remember about him is Linsanity at the end of his basketball career, then that wouldn’t be much.

    There is still a lot more to accomplish

  912. Lamarcus Aldridge and David West do! Sometimes Blake does too! But yeah in that play, Hill should be near the free throw line.

  913. I agree and you know what? Lin should be able to thread that pass regardless of where Hill is standing. Lin needs to thread it out of his hands a split second sooner so he didn’t have to do a slow jump pass.
    I think Lin is a bit lacking in the passing skills territory on that particular play. Lin would prefer Hill dive so Lin can do a jump pass forward or force it into a moving Hill rolling to the basket.

  914. I mean I’m all for Lin, but hard to quantify. Makes us sound like crazy racists ourselves when we talk like this without obvious proof.

  915. that’s fine but then Lin should adapt and get use to throw the thread the needle pass before the double is fully on top of him. CP3 does it all the time.

  916. i agree but there is a better chance than Spurs

  917. maybe you can, but blind passes like that are hard and I don’t do them. I might do it in soccer if I know my man is with me and I do a no-look, but no, I don’t take my eye off the defender to find my man when they are static in my blind spot.

  918. Um San Antonio Spurs.

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