G12 LAL @ HOU PostGame Thread

Lakers managed to pull an upset winning 98-92 against the Rockets who was missing Dwight Howard. Lakers managed to outscore the Rockets 28-17 in the 4th quarter with great defense. Kobe, Swaggy, Hill and Wes (defending Harden) provided the combined effort to pull the win.

Well, Lin didn’t do well individually but he made the right play to his teammates who are making their shots while being double-teamed, trapped throughout the game.

We might not like it as Lin fans but Lin is all about making the right play, even if he’s not the one scoring.
That’s what a good PG will do. Not be selfish and force shots when his teammates are making shots.

I’m not going to be upset with him at all. He stays true to his philosophy to make the right TEAMPLAYs

What happened in the game

He made his 1st 3 when left open, but Rockets took away his drives as Harden and Bev repeatedly trapped him along with other Rockets doubling him to give up the ball to Kobe. Rockets hoped Kobe will take all the shots inefficiently by himself.

Lin provided great defense preventing Bev penetration, challenging his 3s in the 1st half. Bev scored some points on Price. Bev got better in the 2nd half scoring some on Lin so credit to him for doing so. Lin also managed to force Bev to give up the ball a few times.

Why Lin didn’t force ISO shots like Nick Young or Kobe

Lin is currently not a polished ISO player like Kobe, Nick who are Shooting Guards so it’s good that he understands the current limitation. Over time, I hope he develop pull-up 3s or Nash-like footwork to penetrate so he can fall back on more arsenal to score. 

Byron Scott’s faith in Lin

It’s great to see Byron inserted Lin with 3 min left in the 3rd quarter. Byron still knows Lin is an offensive threat from 3pt line. And he’s also not worried Lin will be a defensive liability. It’s a great sign of faith to play Lin in crunch time even though Lin didn’t have the hot hands. Kudos to Byron!