G12 LAL @ HOU Game Thread+Chat

How would Jeremy Lin respond the next night after a big game with 15pts/10asts?

Will the tired legs impact the whole Lakers? Will the Lakers rely on another team effort?

Lakers might lose again but the game should be more competitive if Lakers continue their offensive teamwork and excellent defensive effort against Atlanta

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  1. Reverse Layup!!

  2. Left Hand Floater.

  3. Every time I have been First on a game thread the Lakers have lost. p(^-^q)

  4. CAVs has to work very hard to get a shot, Spurs are getting any shots they wants.

  5. too quick!
    With you non-sleeping, Houston has no chance tonight!

  6. It is still puzzling me why teams are not pick up Parker when he already push the ball passed the FT line.

  7. There is always a first. It could be tonight.

  8. Would that be considered a carry?

  9. Not sure, maybe defenders are waiting it to be called? LOL

  10. I wanted Mchale to say, “Houston, Lin cost us that game”.

  11. winner!

  12. Volleyball time, will check back to see the results! c ya

  13. Lenard poked the ball from LBJ’s dribble so many times…Lin should feel comforted. JK…

  14. 🙂

  15. Yes

  16. LOL I have no issue of that but I know many fans are. Knowing Leonard’s strengths, that’s a great compliment/respect of Pop for JLin:-)

  17. Hi!

  18. Lin snubbed houston media?

  19. Why would Lin want to talk to any of you who trashed him when he was w/your org? smh His game will do all the talking!

  20. “sometimes Lin’s playing for the other team” – McHale


  21. he is now. lol

  22. Just pregame I assume? I assume Lin would be at the postgame press conf

  23. hi, welcome lychee!

  24. Seems so…not even told by Lin but Lakers PR. haha…totally dissed!

  25. first post here? welcome!

  26. it’s a good sign that Lin is very focused before the big game :]
    This is good!

  27. Welcome. Make yourself comfortable!

  28. lol…is he being escorted by the pd so rox media can’t go at him?

  29. Yes.Make yourself edible.(´▽`)

  30. thank you!

  31. brick mamba vs soft brothers

  32. 3q

  33. What flavor?

  34. I like Lakers… haha! It’s good not to talk about it… Ya!

  35. Good move Lin, don’t wanna give those suckie media of Houston something to talk about..

  36. Lychee flavor

  37. I predict that Lin will get a warm applause when his name is announced. Most Rockets fans appreciate Lin’s hard work and attitude when he was in Houston.

    It might not seem that way online, where anonymous haters proliferate (on any topic). But I think the fans at the game will appreciate Lin’s time with the team.

  38. LOL

  39. If Lin managed to pull off the big win, I expect the interview to go something like this

    “I learned so much about moving the ball out of a sticky situation in Houston.
    I prayed I am that ball and it came true!” :p

  40. Welcome!!!

  41. is that a sleeping cat?

  42. I agree. Also Lakers probably didn’t want any question to upset Lin so he maybe will not play well… LOL!

  43. 3q

  44. I don’t think so, they all got brainwashed by Houstons media & CF, they even booed Lin in game 5 of playoffs last year..
    when they won, it’s all because of Har_en; when they lost, they all pointed the fingers to Lin..

  45. First game back in Houston. He did well his first game back at MSG. Hope the trend continues.

  46. Because he is sick of playing for you, McHale.

  47. I like to come here and transfer most valuable inforamtions back to my site, hope you guys don’t mind.

  48. I love it, lin not available for comment per Laker PR….LOL

  49. Does it seem as though Boozer has taken on a mentor role for lin, just like Jared Jefferies did in NY?

  50. I was at that the first game of the season with the Rockets, lin did not exchange a single word with Beverly. lin talked to Howard/Harden. Beverly acted as though he didn’t know lin. it was so strange.

  51. kobe has really. i see them talking all the time during games. but boozer is a friend. more like buddies. while kobe is the teacher type

  52. I doubt that’s going to do anything. Just box out and go for rebounds please.

  53. Probably jelo that he’s not good enough to play w/a big market org like the Lakers.

  54. Currently have a 3 by 3 in-n-out burger in front of me with a Heineken. LEGGO LIN

  55. Welcome Lychee! Good to see you here as well

  56. I think Beverly is just a phony and a product of media hype to make lin look bad and put the focus on harden. Problem is that Bev bought into it, and he will have a hard fall when his usefulness for morey and company has run out and they will drop him like a hot potato and not even look back.

  57. Probably has to do with the ongoing child abuse case.

    Doctor Concluded that Dwight Howard Abused his Child

    The report goes on to say the injuries were “consistent with Braylon being struck with the buckle end of the belt … with excessive force, resulting in soft tissue injuries such as bruising and abrasions.”

    And the report indicates Dr. Kesler found the injuries lasted longer than 24 hours and were “consistent with a medical diagnosis of physical abuse.”


  58. You’re black?

  59. Spurs-Cleveland game is intense!

  60. I think she’s blue :]

  61. so why hasn’t silver stepped up and taken action against him?

  62. at least there is a few mentees who appreciate JLin’s work through his foundation!

  63. I think the case is still ongoing.

  64. nah i doubt it i think its just some girls from the foundations lin had in houston

  65. my dear

  66. Ok. Thought she pulled a Blaiyan

  67. so what if he was black don’t matter

  68. the kids miss Lin! That’s important …

  69. and the plot thickens…

  70. I like black people. It does matter.

  71. the girl in the left hot tough lol

  72. True, I always thought he had a slimy way about him. I have less respect for him than even the beard dude. At least the beard dude never faked liking Lin. Scrub dude really showed his true colors when he completely ignored Lin’s hi-5 during a game. I have least respect for those who fake friendship for their own gain…just like another player( mavs ) whose name I’m not even going to say.

  73. “I’m his friend” so he said.

  74. I think Lin spent a lot of time with those kids, and they really miss him.

  75. Kevin Love is so overratedd

  76. He went as far as to say ‘I”m his brother from another mother.’ wth…I knew right then he was a con.

  77. “5) James Harden has struggled to find his shot this season, connecting on just 37.2 percent of his attempts, which ranks 123rd out of 127 qualified players. However, he is still sixth in the NBA in scoring (23.7 points per game), as he leads he league with 9.0 made free throws per game on 10.0 foul shots.”

  78. 5) James Harden has struggled to find his shot this season, connecting on just 37.2 percent of his attempts, which ranks 123rd out of 127 qualified players. However, he is still sixth in the NBA in scoring (23.7 points per game), as he leads he league with 9.0 made free throws per game on 10.0 foul shots.

    6) Dwight Howard is fifth in the NBA with 11.3 rebounds per game and third with a 92.7 defensive rating**. However, his strong season has been marred by a career-worst 46.2 free throw percentage (42-for-91). Howard has missed 49 shots at the foul line, more than nine NBA teams: Dallas (48), Portland (48), San Antonio (47), Cleveland (46), Brooklyn (45), New York (45), Phoenix (44), Golden State (43) and Boston (40).

    7) The Rockets will be without Terrence Jones (left nerve inflammation), who has been a key part of their success. The power forward is averaging 14.0 points, 7.5 rebounds and 1.8 blocks, while ranking behind only Klay Thompson in plus/minus*** ( +17.7). Jones also reached a double-double against the Lakers in the season opener with 16 points and 13 rebounds.

    8) Houston (9-2) has been unbeatable this season when outrebounding its opponent (8-0) and scoring 100 points (6-0). The Lakers have won the rebounding battle three times and held their opponents to double figures twice this season.

    9) The Rockets lead the league with a 94.3 defensive rating. Meanwhile, the Lakers are last in defensive rating at 114.9.

    10) Houston is averaging 11.5 triples on 32.8 3-point attempts per game. If those numbers hold, they will both break NBA records.

  79. That’s why MN didn’t put up too much of fuss when he left, tho MN is awful in picking players for most of our teams. smh

  80. Would it be funny it all LAL players keep attacking Harden while
    all HOU players keep attacking Boozer?

  81. Please send some over to DU:-)

  82. Why does it matter? I’m black and I love everything about lin. Me and my friends think that lin is all that and a bag of chips..LOL it is o interesting that now that we have seen him play in person my buddies are loving him even more. Even my niece and her friends have jumped on lin’s train..LOL

  83. so let’s reward them … Lin take it through harden D tonight!

  84. Lin through Harden!

  85. and what a nice view on that train,

  86. short timer lol.

  87. cool I’m black as well

  88. Hi good to see u here.

  89. I assumed she was Asian cause thats what most people are on this board. That’s awesome. We need more Black girls that like Asian guys. Cause Asian guys are on the bottom of the totem pole if you ask me Lol

  90. I’m Borean

  91. Oh man….there goes our hope?!!!

  92. black korean lmao

  93. Ur a girl, right?

  94. WOW That’s a huge turnaround. Good to hear that:-)

  95. Go Lin Go!!!

  96. They are teenagers, so they are all about the shallow. They think he is very handsome and has a rocking body (my nieces words). Also my niece goes to Palisades High school where a lot of affluent people send their kids. She has a rainbow of friends, and her best friend is Chinese. They have totally dissed Swaggy P, since he hooked up with Iggy Azelia( they and the hip hop community thinks that her music is fake.( my nieces words)and Swaggy P has fallenout of favor with them since he Iggy are an item. The mind set of teenage girls…LOL

  97. Oh. That’s interesting! Go JLin!!!!!!!!! Go Lakers!!!!!!!!! Get a win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. maybe that belt was too tight.

    Yes, go JLin! This is a golden opportunity!

  99. soft lol teddy bear

  100. LOL! Typical teenagers then.

  101. Yeah, really, he is out pending child abuse allegations. You got to love the press they are so creative..LOL

  102. lol

  103. LOL, @psalm234:disqus You really crack me up lately:-) Like your sense of humor.

  104. With the chilis right? 😉

  105. Samuel, we have gone thru this many times on this site, there wont be any name callings or player being mocked. Spell check please 🙂

  106. now thats interesting

  107. hahahaha

  108. That’s my first thought as well. So coincident?????

  109. Yep, and I have to tell you they are so fun to be around..LOL Also they want to go t a game with me, so I guess I am a cool aunt…LOL

  110. Jeremy can have more than one mentor as well 🙂

  111. LOL I begin to really like all these Lakers media, fans…..


  113. A pleasant exchange between McHale and Jeremy.

  114. McHale hugged Lin & Lin just couldn’t wait to get away from him :]

  115. how can one miss chilis

  116. Now make him pay on court Lin!

  117. No Howard or Jones!!!

  118. Wonderful! Take some nice pics in your next game to watch JLin + pages of report:-) No so little of request:-)

  119. Before and during the game I can understand. Bev probably just wants to keep his competitive edge and “hate” his opponent. But if he doesn’t even talk to him after the end of the game then yeah that’s kinda weird.

  120. I don’t get why Kobe gets to shoot the freethrows..

  121. Yeah, pushed him away lol

  122. Lin should take the technical he had better ft%

  123. 333333

  124. LIN WITH THE 3333333

  125. 33333!!!!

  126. 3!!!!

  127. Lin for 3333333!!!!

  128. Sure glad to see JLin is having “friends” in the team. Don’t want him to be lone ranger. So sad to see that in the GS game.

  129. No Dwight awesome time even better for that beat down! But Rockets can blame Dwight’s absence for the loss!

  130. on Bevs face …

  131. good game, indeed

  132. Nice shot Lin!

  133. Interior defense. C’mon Hill!

  134. Hill should’ve rolled to the basket for the easy points!

  135. dont be jealous now

  136. Right in that scrubs faker’s face! XD

  137. Teach Houston a lesson… go go go

  138. Wes could be a Harden stopper tonight!
    0pts, 5stls :>

  139. early 3s always good…gives him the confidence

  140. No kidding, what the heck is he doing. Freaking 6′ 10″ guy playing like that. He traveled there too.

  141. Harden convering Johnson figures. Should put Swaggy in instead and feed Swaggy

  142. that would be a good strategy and make him useful as well

  143. SMH at Jordan Hill. Lin is giving the ball to him so that he can take it to the basket and he stop and shoot. Where is Ed Davis?

  144. OMG Hill what the Hxll?!

  145. They’re not standard on a burger at In-N-Out (but I guess neither is a 3 x 3) and need to be requested (a tip CaliUSMC shared previous thread).

  146. Hill what was that?

  147. WHAT is Hill doing throwing that pass by a mile?

  148. sHAQTIN a foo

  149. sigh Hill.

  150. trying too hard…let them settle

  151. Nice push by Lin on Bev trying to get to his space

  152. Nice interior pass to Boozer.

  153. Lakers not getting blown out yet! =)

  154. That was pretty by Kobe

  155. Someone should blanket Ariza to prevent those 3s

  156. Lol Lakers daring Bev to shoot and he clanks it.

  157. Bev and Harden tried to trap Lin but Harden fouled

  158. Yeah Animal Fries are part of their secret menu 🙂

  159. Davis and Young, now they need to score like mad!

  160. 5:56- Lin – 3 pts / 1 ast / 2to’s

  161. Harden convering Boozer, they should feed Boozer.

  162. offense a bit sloppy

  163. Nicky Young and Davis in with the starters now. Good things should happen but Lin needs to keep shooting!

  164. Streaming is really bad. Can’t watch at all.

  165. its on espn.

  166. I agree and they seriously need someone to defend Ariza better!

  167. How to go there?

  168. Didn’t count as foul but Harden tapped the ball out of bounds so still Lakers ball!

  169. If Davis started, Lakers would have been up by 5pts

  170. yes, Ariza can get hot very quickly

  171. ur wish granted he is in for Wes

  172. aha, let’s see 😀

  173. see, your mistake…should have requested earlier!

  174. Kobe on him now should be fine!

  175. Great D by Lin on Bev!

  176. Jeremy with 3 TO 🙁

  177. Kobe looks tired.

  178. Bev Clank!

  179. lin trying to pass too much. with dwight out drive

  180. Davis wearing a headband?

  181. BevClank X 2

  182. triple triple? not possible. 100 pts, 100 assists, 100 rebs. LOL

  183. Davis!!!!!

  184. What a great BLOCK by Davis!

  185. Holy smokes Boozer is on fire and working hard today!

  186. Pandering to Chinese sponsors

  187. Ugly basketball….

  188. LOL Harden euro opps fail! LMAO!

  189. Both teams play badly.

  190. Just came back, how was lIn?!

  191. the passes are off today. offense a little out of sync

  192. That’s one great Euro-miss by Harden!
    Nick Young did enough but not fouling to make Harden hesitate a bit

  193. Yeah Harden is just trying to draw the foul all the time.

  194. what is harden with out the fouls average

  195. 3 pts and 3TOs

  196. Thanks! Finally I’m able to watch it now.

  197. perhaps Nick Young can guard him well

  198. Back to back game so probably tired. I give credit to Boozer for being aggressive at the rim! No Dwight on defense equals taking candy from a baby for hiM!

  199. oh no!!!

  200. Lakers have some rebounds and some blocks. Great defense from Davis.

  201. it’s a superstar thing. superstars get the free pts even if their FT% is lower than another player.

  202. Nick Young got the height advantage and was straight up.

  203. Jeremy must have coached team on how not to foul Harden

  204. Houston 3-6 from 3s, not a good sign for Lakers

  205. double double

  206. KOBe is lazy

  207. Kobe bad shot led to a 3 for Rockets on the other end
    4-7 now

  208. Old and tired too.

  209. This is bad 5-8 from 3s

  210. Lakers need to guard those corner 3s.

  211. heavy legs on b2b games 4 him..

  212. So far I only saw 4 possesions, and Kobe had something bad about this all 4..

  213. BS should rest Kobe, not Lin.

  214. Byron should not let a tired Kobe play the whole 1st quarter.

    He’s laboring out there

  215. So D followed Jeremy to the bench…

  216. Why Lin just started warm up, then Scott put him on the bench?.. Just cant figure out his rotation plan..

  217. Kobe bxtching at the ref about the no call.

  218. He just pulled a Harden

  219. Kobe 1-6

  220. Nothing this incompetent coach does surprises me any more. smh

  221. Lakers trailing only by 2, said the announcer.

  222. not true he was looking to pass mostly. was a bit off passing wise

  223. Byron should take Kobe out and put Lin in, he’s tired and not fast enough on defense right now.

  224. Not liking how LIn is looking but it’s early.

  225. yes, he didn’t do what he said he’ll do if Kobe is tired out there

  226. Lin barely played but started off with a nice 3. He just gotta keep shooting.

  227. I think Lakers are a bit tired, especially Kobe

  228. Kobe 1/6 back to chucking mode

  229. Jeremy should shoot more, he can’t do worse than Kobe’s 1-6. Lin really needs to stay aggressive. that opens up shots for other players too.

  230. Why is D12 not in the game. Anything happened?

  231. One was a Rockets player was on the ground and Lin tripped over him on a drive. Weird.

  232. Ya B2B Scott should watch his minutes.

  233. officially: out due to strained knee.

  234. Horry was making some clucking noises about that.

  235. He’s scared of Kobe so he ran.

  236. Harden no point and one assist? good… don’t wake him up

  237. “knee”

  238. strained knee … (maybe straining belt)

  239. Someone said he had a “strange white knee” or something like that….

  240. you mean don’t foul

  241. unofficially, some speculate didn’t want attention to child abuse case

  242. Another 25+shot game by Kobe coming

  243. Don’t see Lin

  244. ROX is building a lead now

  245. Lakers need to defend the 3s

  246. He won’t until Bryant is laying on the floor gasping for air. smh

  247. 6-11 from 3s will not be good for the Lakers

  248. same old story

  249. Price wide open afraid to take 3

  250. He’s on the bench

  251. Man, has chunky morey gotten bigger?

  252. Thank GOd Rox is sloppy as usual

  253. for the record, Lin went after Bev one play and got stopped by 2 bigs. Bev went after Lin and got stopped by Lin.

  254. Price is an offensive liability, he just gave up a WIDE OPEN 3 point shot.

  255. wow, that’s a bad TO by Price but finally he made a 3!

  256. New nickname for Price: Scrubby P

  257. did that once before for bev

  258. he just lost it, like nothing happened. Even his TOV is so low profile…

  259. He’s not playing strong. He’s picking up his dribble and almost looks like he doesn’t want the ball in his hands. And 3 TOs in 1 quarter isn’t good.

  260. Good thing Nick Young ran down and got the ball!

  261. Well, that guarantees Scott will keep him in.

  262. nah, just like Lin and his goodness to fans.

  263. ugh wes

  264. Nice D by Prcie

  265. yes… Houston gets a foul call!

  266. Price another TO, omg he’s so bad!! Why not play Lin more?!

  267. there you go Hill, great post move

  268. I don get it, Price just lost his handle

  269. I’ve been watching for 3 min and already happened twice.

  270. nice, Price, should’ve have foul on Ariza

  271. Harden zero !Sh……

  272. Scott’s project not working…nutn new.

  273. Price chucking 3s

  274. That was a foul on Price.

  275. James Harden with 0 points lol.

  276. two-time Price tried to be flashy and he got a TO the 2nd time.
    Then he made a steal for the dunk.

    Byron might say “Sometimes Price plays for the other team” :]

  277. maybe you guys shouldn’t have been making fun of Price being too scared to take 3s, now he’s chucking them

  278. Lakers plz don’t wake him up

  279. No But I don think handle is his weakness. Anyway…I guess that changes everyday

  280. 0 ref help :]

  281. Let’s start to making fun of Lin

  282. what a boring game so far… zzz

  283. Really Scott…how is Price working for you?

  284. lol

  285. Guys with the zebra strips aren’t helping him today.

  286. he’s flashy like Lin now 🙂

  287. let’s make fun of Motiejunas

  288. lol that would work too

  289. Feels like I’m watching a YMCA pick-up game.

  290. Harden: “I blame the refs. Call my flops guys!”

  291. like we have a another back up

  292. Yes it was a obvious foul but he didn’t get the call cause he’s not a star, bias refs!

  293. Harden with only 1 FGA lol

  294. How about letting the starting PG play some more minutes? Just a thought…

  295. A back up that Scott doesn’t consider a back up. What happened to Clarkson…he can’t do worse.

  296. morey unpleasant to see and hear.

  297. They need Lin back… no one helped Hill who had the ball

  298. Now HOU 7-14 from 3s

  299. wow sacre, with the fadeaway 3 ftr

  300. now bev scoring on price

  301. Those are practice shots

  302. Jeremy in.

  303. Lin in.

  304. that morey interview was way too long

  305. L-in

  306. You’re being kind…I’d use another word if this forum wasn’t so nice.

  307. Nice Lin assist to Hill

  308. no…. Hill long jumper… ok fine

  309. No defence on 3s? OMG!

  310. nice assist to Kobe

  311. GOOD D- LIN

  312. again lin stops Bev

  313. man.. smthing wrong w/the Lakers D now

  314. uh, was Harden guarding Kobe?

  315. Bev! You can’t beat Lin!

  316. Lakers allowed wide-open 3s
    HOU allowed wide-open 2

  317. 3pts, 3asts, 3TOs for Jeremy.

  318. triple triple!

  319. Nice defense Jeremy on Beverley

  320. Hill is semi-automatic around the rim.
    He should make a living there

  321. head bob foul call lol

  322. I’d like to see some baskets…pleeeez.

  323. Lin’s shot was way off. He is thinking something

  324. Johnson with the hustle play and pass to Hill to tie the game! Team playing great teamball but Lin really needs to get going. Sad that mid range jumper was short.

  325. it one shot

  326. ima tryin’ to be a good example.

  327. He has to stay there. then his 9mil will be well worth it

  328. He’s probably like, man, this place brings back bad memories.

  329. Grrr, Harden up to his flops again.

  330. They defend OK just not taking care on the 3s

  331. I know I mean that one shot.

  332. LOL I DON blame him

  333. We need to see Lin make some baskets! He needs to get to the rim with no Dwight today!

  334. all of bev’s points so far were on price if i’m not mistaken

  335. I am about to type this, but obvious I am too slow, and saw this. ><

  336. LOL so even in disqus, we have nonsenses

  337. yes, 3 putbacks and 1 midrange ratio will be good for him

  338. You are correct.

  339. Kobe should just keep backdooring all game lol.

  340. Right, too many wide open 4 the Rox

  341. He’s looking better now, good.

  342. yep

  343. He was worse?

  344. Who is covering Ariza? They leave him wide open for the 3. They must be double teaming Harden and effectively leaving Ariza open.

  345. Hou getting wide open looks on those 3s.

  346. kobe?

  347. He seemed shaky in the first half to me. He now seems more confident and he’s playing great D on Beverley.

  348. Wow …first harden point!

  349. ugh wes 3 pt brick

  350. And one for Boozer Yes!

  351. Nice move Boozer

  352. nice, Lin closed on Bev 3, causing miss

  353. Nice Lakers!

  354. Lin lunged and made Bev missed his 3.
    8-16 now for HOU

  355. great pass from Kobe to Boozer for the 3 pt play

  356. Kobe is really old school. He always find the guy in the paint 1st

  357. Bev lunge D

  358. Harden and Bev tried to trap Lin again. Harden fouled again

  359. What is Lin diong..

  360. good Harden has 2 pfs

  361. Someone’s claim that Wes can’t hit water shooting from a boat is beginning to hold some water. 🙂

  362. Jeremy! badd…….

  363. Watching Wes miss…

  364. two short shot back to back game effect

  365. haha Bev tried to dunk after the whistle and rimmed out

  366. LOL Bev the pet raised his hand and wanted the foul call but it was on Harden so he had to sit! haha I would love to see Harden foul out before 4th quarter!

  367. B2B effect on Lin. he looked tired too.

  368. That was way too short…LOL It is ok, just kept taking it

  369. lin need to go for layups since his shot is short

  370. I think Lin has tired legs. He doesn’t have his usual burst driving to the rim

  371. Time to work on the craftyness

  372. Lin looks tired back to back has always been a witness of his, wonder why.

  373. yeah, not as quick as usual

  374. He was off balance falling back trying to shoot that.

  375. I think he should shoot those mid range shots. That was well defended that time.

  376. agreed

  377. Lin should definitely try getting to the rim!

  378. Lin needs some pep pills to come back gunning. This game is sloooooooow.

  379. j’s midrange fadeaway short 2x.

  380. hes tired.. 🙁

  381. He’s gotta overcome or compensate, Lakers really need to wipe that smirk off them Rox faces.

  382. Oh ya, if he’s tired they should rest hm

  383. Especially the ugly one. lol

  384. aw, Boozer missed Wes all alone under the basket

  385. Lin should’ve taken that himself!!

  386. Lin looks off tonight

  387. Off and tired for sure.

  388. That’s one Kobe attempt to find Lin.

  389. Kobe floated a pass to Lin in the corner, stolen

  390. No positive comments from Hubie tonight..

  391. good try by Kobe to pass cross-court to Lin but too slow.
    Intercepted by Terry

  392. Only in first half… wait for the 2nd half

  393. Lin stop passing just take the shot!!

  394. Who is defending papnikolaou?

  395. Lin with 3 FGA, 3 AST, 3 TO, 3 PTS. quadruple triple

  396. More Lin-Davis please. Sometimes I feel BS is helping the other team.

  397. 4 TOs 🙁

  398. Just need to quadruple those numbers next half (except for TO).

  399. well 49-51 at halftime, not bad. Lin usually has 1 good half, so second half should a lot different!

  400. LOL you are the TOV tracker

  401. After half time I hope Lin comes out more assertive, he passing why too much and it become predictable that’s why he has a few TOs! There were shots at the rim that he could’ve taken himself!

  402. LOL good way to put it.

  403. I hope you are right:-)

  404. Hope he comes out on fire the second half.

  405. hes working undercover.. ha

  406. Please specify which… 🙂

  407. I think it’s supposed to be Hill or Bryant. But as usual, he’s the chosen one for this game that no one seems to be guarding.

  408. lakers look a bit tired which is expected. just have to fight through it. lin has to shoot those shot and not pass. a missed shot is better then a turn over. I’m sure he will make the adjustments. very boring game though

  409. I know..I know..lol

  410. I’m tired of Lin being tired. He needs to drink some Red Bull and grab the bull by the …

  411. Excellent way to put it. Feel that since the beginning of season.

  412. Do you think Lin is a bit distracted thinking about all the abuse he got from Houston?

  413. I guess he is just tired

  414. HOU without DW is vulnerable.

  415. I wouldn’t mind the TOs if he had points and assists. He made a few nice plays but he isn’t in control like last night. He has to relax and stop forcing things.

  416. No, he’s playing great D.

  417. Yup, still waiting for the coaching to show up.

  418. If the Lakers keep playing this way, they are going to lose. The offense is not going thru Lin. Everyone is watching Kobe.

  419. Yeah, but he needs to take some pep pills or something. He needs to come out strong in the 2nd half.

  420. Too bad it’s a BTB for us.

  421. Maybe Lin should just keep shooting 3s with tired legs
    He’s 1-1 from 3 so far. 0-2 from 2s

  422. I would think he would just shake it off after a few minutes.

  423. It seems. Hope he can bounce back and leave nothing left. Just mark the Toyota center. Go Lin.

  424. when he’s inside, he has no room so he’s trying to thread it. It’s not as if he beats Bev, which he’s dong with or without a screen, that he has an open seam.

  425. I hope he will. Fatique can not be the excuse anyway. Just need to impact without the speed

  426. This is not the JLin that took it to the Knicks and scored at will on them. Something’s wrong, he should be lighting them up with Howard out of the lineup.

  427. LOL I dare him to shoot a half court

  428. Ok at work now so can’t watch the game yet. Just wanted some indication from you guys who are actually watching the game.

  429. 3 are the good kind … taking risk in o when D is broken.

  430. Is the offense running through kobe or lin?

  431. B2B legs and you KNOW Rox targeting him.

  432. Houston is 9:2 Lakers is 2:9 so Houston is supposed to be able to crush the Lakers easily. Not happening yet…

  433. focus on ur work, dont get caught.. 🙂

  434. well both

  435. Not to mention Harden not getting his foul calls and bricking shots lol.

  436. Seems both

  437. Boozer and Kobe don’t seem affected by B2B

  438. yet = today?

  439. Better Q2 but need to stepup on D

  440. he is heavily guarded.

  441. I guess because they don have D12. LAL is a much better team now too

  442. Don’t have T Jones either.

  443. they are rushing him on screens

  444. U mean Lin?

  445. don’t underestimate their paint D … Dmo we know plays intelligent ball.

  446. Lakers lost more guys too…

  447. Lin cannot find rhythm tonight probably due to rox’s fast pace. Fortunately, Neither did Rockets find rhythm.
    Looking forward to the 2nd half. Hope the team gets some adjustment.

  448. He should take more. Not selfish if he gets a chance.

  449. True

  450. i will go with that

  451. I mean compare with the 1st meetings.

  452. Do get caught, focus on the game….:P

  453. Harden has only 4 pts

  454. Bev and Harden doing a good job guarding Lin, playing him physically and making him hesitate. It seems they got into Lin’s head, or Lin is letting them get into his head.

  455. Wish they’d lose Wes too.

  456. Adjustment in 2nd half. Use more Davis and Young, spread the space and let Lin guide the offense.

  457. I guess Rox just don want Lin to beat them.

  458. both teams are messy, maybe that’s why no team can find rhythm.

  459. are you sure it’s in his head? I saw Bev slam his head, but it don’t go in.

  460. Bev also wants to show that Rockets made the right choice in naming him a starter.

  461. I hope lin wants to beat them badly.

  462. Can you send bs a text?

  463. Sure seems like it.

  464. I guess..LOL

  465. It’s all in the D, on both ends.

  466. Well slow game. Lakers still in it. Need to come back in and kick offense up a notch. Yes, Lin can look to take a few more shots.

  467. over anylazing

  468. I don’t understand Lin, why is he so passive? There is no Dwight tonight, he should be able to penetrate, but he kept deferring to others. I do not know what his problem is. He seems has a switch that turns on or off. I have never criticized his game before, but how can he be so passive after such an aggressive game last night?

  469. I meant LAL…overall

  470. The King had 5 TO tonight but no one concerns …

  471. You do see there are a lot of body around him, right? LOL

  472. That looks obvious to me. Otherwise, he must be really tired.

  473. Well, even if I put a big SIGN before him, he would just ignore. I will use my telepathy.

  474. I guess that works in LAL’s favor

  475. Tired Lin = passive.
    Tired Kobe/or any other nba player = will still shoot

  476. Oh OK

  477. we’ll see 2nd half. I see him many times in the paint but he has 2 bigs around him. He’s pushing the passes to try to get that score. 2 TOs that way. Another was attempted Alley Oop He got the backdoor to Kobe loe that. So, theme the breaks.

    Then, you seen him many times stop the HOU score. Bev 2x for sure.

  478. lol..u r high tonite.. 🙂

  479. I assume you know of his double-double work last night…

  480. Points in the Paint:
    LAL 24,
    HOU 14

    Second Chance Points:
    LAL 9,
    HOU 0

    Fastbreak Points:
    LAL 2,
    HOU 6

  481. LOL

  482. I don’t think we’re seeing the same things. See below. Sure, I saw his 2 short fade aways.

  483. valid excuse, but its still excuse

  484. I agree with you. I am trying to explain that it’s not due to his passivity but Bev and Harden’s ganging up on him has made him very hesitant.

  485. As was 4 games in 5 days. 🙂

  486. One problem is that once he passes the ball, he will never see again until the opponent scores. That is why so many of us just wants he to shoot. He can play pnr with Boozer or Hill because they are slow. Hill is afraid to take it to the basket. It is shameful.

  487. Brent, no I never watched a whole NBA game before Lin, but I thought he had hard time played against 1st Rox game because of Dwight.

  488. he is not being passive. 3 of his TOs were pushing it after he got an advantage. His D is very active and effective.

  489. Bev is pathetic when he tries to make moves on Lin and he orchestrates nothing. He gets rebounds, shoots 3s and plays defense. Lin has so much more talent but he’s limiting himself today and maybe he’s tired.

  490. No really I mean D12 is a part of it of course

  491. and your point…look i love lin, but he needs to find a happy medium and bring it every night even if he doesn’t feel it. that is what starters do in this league

  492. That’s not true this time. That only happened opening week.

  493. It’s not that simple dorothy. It’s a dance and Lin has had his share of pushes that didn’t work out this half. Believe me, he’s killing my fantasy stats, but he’s trying and to could be 3 more assists instead of TOs. for 6 more points. The the 2 midranges that were short.

  494. BS call

  495. He plays hard D, b2b, Bev and Harden BOTH out to get him, and no break? Tough love Joyce! 🙂

  496. Haha refs are not helping

  497. That call was unacceptable.

  498. Refs suppose to help Houston so they are doing the right calls

  499. i knew Houston was going to play Lin physical, and so far its working

  500. Yes.it is tough love in which he needs to work it out.:)

  501. I’m with joyce on this

  502. Lin got no calls…

  503. why is lin just standing in corner

  504. I know that. The point being stamina is a real factor.

  505. That is why lin needs to work around that. Lin knows that this is not a level playing field when it comes to him.That is why he never needs to give them reason to point the finger at him.

  506. Lin keeps getting double teamed while Kobe is left open!!

  507. Bring the bench out please!

  508. good strategy by HOU

  509. M&M trying to prove a point.

  510. Bev killed Jeremy with 3s

  511. that is why lin needs to figure it out and get past it. He needs to do what he has to do to help the team for a win.

  512. 8 pts on price. what are you talking about?

  513. that was a 2 right?

  514. they just wanna eat him up..

  515. no. 1. Lin has disrupted at least 2 3FGA.

  516. laker offense look bad today. ill blame it on being tired but if kobe take over its over

  517. Houston has improved their PnR defense a lot.

  518. maybe. Lin challenged and won a 3FGA right after.

  519. That was the only 3 on JLin, 8 points were on Price!

  520. From what I have saw so far. I guess today it is Kobe’s night.

  521. Lin hardly got screen…

  522. yes. epsn has it as a 2

  523. I thought that’s the coach’s job… LOL

  524. Lin at first then Kobe later on

  525. If I were Lin, I will be pissed with the long 2 right on my face. Lin just won’t turn it on tonight.

  526. Hill tried but his screen was so bad and Lin still got double teamed.

  527. Yes Lin should get pissed with all those BS foul calls!

  528. Hey all, just watching the PG action. This quarter is all through Kobe, so relax on the JLin harping. You can see he’s doing it on D, and that’s the reason the score is close (any D they can muster, not just Lin.)

  529. yes, twice that happened

  530. he had all the Rox attention but little help from teammates

  531. So far all balls go thru Kobe. Can’t complain. Lin is too passive and heavily defended.

  532. Great now JLin is out and Nick Young and Ed Davis are back in! Can Lin at least get 15 tonight?!

  533. The Laker’s offense has no flow, no ball movement… Basically Lin and Wes standing in the corner while Kobe and Hill take their shots.

  534. not this quarter, it’s all through kobe now.

  535. they’re countering pnr by double teaming him. if open man can make it, then less dbl teams

  536. Houston really game-planned to double Lin so he gives up the ball to Kobe which is less efficient.
    They have a good strategy. Davis would need to help set good screens for Lin to get the PnR going

  537. Lin is not passive and is heavily doubled once he breaks down Bev.

  538. Good decision by taking Lin out, LAL have a better chance this way

  539. No PG on the floor for LAL

  540. Kobe

  541. they ensure that Lin would look good @ their home…

  542. Yup

  543. I just hope lin get at least 12 point s tonight, but he need to find a happy medium on how to play. He needs to realize that the defense is going to load up on him ,and needs to work it out on how to get around it.

  544. Fully agree. Lin is rattled. Mac finally shows some coaching ability.

  545. By sitting on the bench…LOL

  546. Can’t agree more. He needs to find a way. Not just this game, the games after the other team will do the same.

  547. 15 points? How?

  548. They did the same…

  549. Ironic how Rockets game talking about PPG points per possession yet Lin was the efficient of the team last season!

  550. LA ball is not passed around. See how times it moves to a different person.

  551. Garcia sighting again! Good to see at least

  552. Until BS decides to allow Lin-Davis set plays on a regular basis… No one else on the Lakers seems to be able to set a decent pick.

  553. hope lin plays with the bench and gets going

  554. How is he going to find a way when no teammates helping him when he get double?

  555. PNR cannot be done alone.

  556. Which is why JLin needs to figure out how to score on his own, he did it last game now needs to do it again.

  557. LAL announcers complimented Price on defense… during the 1st half…

  558. You know he needs to work it out and step up and give them the fingers and play the way that he knows how to play. That is why I get so frustrated with lijn. You knew this is what they were going to do , freaking plan ahead and figure out a way to beat them.

  559. Bryan needs to sit…

  560. Ref don’t call in favour of LAL

  561. kobe D on papa … very bad tonight.

  562. Playing Kobe-ball, in other words. 🙂

  563. Announcers just tolling BS’s line! Price gave up 8 points against Bev!

  564. That’s just ridiculous. Beverly got wide open looks at 3

  565. He is very bad on eveyone

  566. Can Lin come back in, why is Johnson playing when he’s such a bad player?! Johnson got 2nd highest minutes of the team with 27 while Lin only got 21! Lin should be the one with the 2nd longest minutes every game!

  567. Right on.

  568. Kobe’s on papa? No wonder. Kobe is focusing on offense and wes can’t make up the D

  569. The Rockets are moving the ball while the Lakers are watching Kobe shooting the ball. Byron Scott is losing me. He won’t start Davis and Kobe is on his shooting binge. This is a recipe for a lost.

  570. the team looks tired. not getting rebound short on shots.

  571. I think the problem is his tired legs eliminate his weapon to drive to the rim and draw fouls.
    Then Hill can’t set good screens for Lin to get the PnR going.

    Lin needs to take pull-up 3s or midrange Js which might not be high% but I hope he tries something.
    Right now HOU is neutralizing Lin’s impact

  572. Lakers don’t attack like a team, all iso.

  573. Which is why his legs aren’t as tired.

  574. I’m not catching all the switches. but noticing kobe walking to a wide open papa. Lucky he missed.

  575. hate to say it, rockets are moving the ball well. down vote.

  576. That is what happen when Kobe mode mostly turn on.

  577. The offense is getting messy. Kobe is looking tired. Young’s handles are questionable. Lin needs to get out of the funk he is in. I believe he can. He has to believe in himself and just play his game.

  578. what

  579. I don’t agree…but it is what it is 😛 Not saying he should not step up, just saying he needs help like anybody else.

  580. There is a stark contrast in the way the Rockets swing the ball around to how the Laker’s move the ball on offense. Seems like every player touches the ball for the Rockets. Usually only 2 for the Lakers.

  581. He could if not playing with Kobe at the same time

  582. Agreed. Kobe is regressing back.

  583. They are blind to not to work on their offense. Booze and Hill take too many long 2s. No rebound.

  584. Wow, Hubie Brown with the behind the back no look passes!

  585. I am actually rooting for Lakers to win whether or not Lin plays well for this game because it’s against Rockets. I rather Lakers win even if Lin plays badly, just for this game.

  586. He doesn’t know anything else. BS not focused on team offense.

  587. I know but it’s really only a BTB and I just wish J had some extra energy to stick it to Houston.

  588. when the ball run thru kobe most of the time other players seen to not moving much and less energy active on def.

  589. That’s only true to a certain extent. Kobe starts doing this when he thinks he has to step up and take responsibility so he says.

  590. Me too

  591. I believe everyone is…LOL

  592. Bev in, when will Lin come in?

  593. I think everyone want Lakers to win but not going to happen now full Kobe mode.

  594. He is done

  595. Kobe kept the Lakers close, now he is losing the game… perhaps he needs to sit down?!!!!

  596. please sit kobe now … he’s starting to brick

  597. Alright guys, I havent been watching.
    I’ll start watching the 4thQ and help turn their luck around.

  598. Kobe takes more than 20 shots =~= lakers lose.

  599. I don’t think so. Full quarter. Lin has to play through this and hopefully Scott lets him and Lin steps it up

  600. Lin checking in

  601. Shoot! why!

  602. haha. harsh

  603. Because Lakers looking like a disorganized mob with Lin out.

  604. That is what I going to say too. When he takes more than 20 shots that mean the offense is running thru him mostly.

  605. Wow JLin coming in with a minute to go at end of 3rd. Let’s go Lin.

  606. I stopped watching at halftime. Guess I didn’t miss anything?

  607. Please!!!

  608. I hope he does something . At least get your stats.

  609. True, But I don’t think Scott found the way to break that double team on Lin yet.

  610. Is Kobe going to play the entire 2nd half?

  611. JLin back in Ed Davis gets going!

  612. Davis saves Kobe brick.

  613. laker have to fight since they are tired

  614. if Kobe sits down then they will take over the game

  615. Crazy “rotation”

  616. Why do I see 3 Lakers PGs on the court?!

  617. Ha ha, Harden tries a 3 flop.

  618. Harden with the brick, predictable.

  619. because of the TOV

  620. Only JLin and Price, who’s the 3rd one? Price playing mostly off ball and Lin’s the PG which is good.

  621. Win still come 1st I think.

  622. Kobe is the oldest but play the most minutes, smh.

  623. Can I call a flat rotation “flotation”? LOL

  624. Kobe?

  625. I like Hardens last shot, he should keep doing that.

  626. ok, Joyce. Remember UCONN.

    Brent, I know you are saying BS doesn’t know how to adjust to the double on Lin, so let us see if Lin gets it done himself with the others.

  627. exactly

  628. Seems to have better cardio than Lin.

  629. Already played 31 minutes. If he plays entire 4th quarter he’ll play 43 minutes. They will go into Kobe hero ball mode and he will be too tired and will miss shots.

  630. Lakers look pretty good with effort on defense. They need better offense sets. This is on BS.

  631. Reese’s peanut butter cup for you… 🙂

  632. Yes Harden please keep brick so Lakers can take the lead!

  633. Come on Lin. Know too much PTSD from the Rockets but let’s pull yourself together and go into stealth mode.

  634. that is impoosible to get it done by oneself. You need your team mates to be in the right spot. Their only way I saw so far is to run 1 2 pNR

  635. Want to see harden and Kobe shootout?

  636. I hope so.

  637. i’d disagree, but you are USMC and in better shape than me.

  638. Yeah, go into Kobe mode!

  639. If Kobe and Harden will get on the ISO contest in the 4 Q, then I bet Lakers will lose.

  640. only if Kobe sits and Ln gets to call Davis. I want Ln to sit too, every minute in this game is killing my fantasy game.

  641. Ya pretty predictable.

  642. Well YES!!!

  643. No…it will not help. HOU is hard showing on Lin. If they can not pull away one more defender, there is not place for Lin to go.

  644. pop open a can of spinach

  645. I prefer Snickers 😛

  646. ok, Kobe is resting at the start of Q4

    But Price is playing PG and Lin playing SG. Not good

  647. Lakers have slim chance of winning if Kobe keep bricking

  648. I see now what you are saying.

  649. If I am Lin, I will play PB very dirty. But I am not him…so….good luck Lin

  650. Bev… can’t say i enjoy the way he plays… thought he got praises…

  651. 1 pt game

  652. Davis saved Lin’s miss with a tip in.
    Good drive!

  653. that’s Bev’s specialty, esp w/ collaborative refs.

  654. P.Bev > Lin right now.. smh

  655. ask one unprofessional Q..:) can they switch the position anytime on the court while Lin plays PG well?

  656. Jeremy’s new bromance!

  657. ok, Lin playing PG now

  658. They keep doubling Lin.
    Come one, Lin!

    You can solve this Rocket puzzle

  659. They are leaving Price open to double on Lin. Price not an offensive threat.

  660. JLin not playing well this game =/ He’s passing way too much and need to take shots!

  661. Boozer… come on! u gotta score

  662. lin too passive right now stop playing through boozer

  663. He is not.

  664. that was a dumb play by Booz …. Lin wide open at 3 and booz chose to turnaround brick.

  665. Announcers are all over P.Bev.. omg

  666. houston is going physical w/o little refs’ interventions…

  667. They double Lin and leave Price open because Price isn’t a threat. They should put someone in that can create some offense.

  668. yes

  669. Booz… hardly pass the ball out when in paint…

  670. Exactly.

  671. and you too

  672. He’s playing well. He’s got what 15 points, he’s hustling and getting rebounds and Lin has done nothing against him.

  673. JLin really needs to take some shots and get his not just pass to teammates! This has been a continuous problem for him.

  674. b2bs have always been Jeremy’s kryptonite, really ugly game.
    I need them to pull out the win so it’ll ease the pain XD

  675. Ball is not moving. Lin did everything right so far

  676. announcers noticed…

  677. read what Brent wrote below. Then note just now … weak screen, Lin is followed into top corner with 2 guys (Bev recovering off bad screen). No play.

  678. I see that too, very obvious home court advantage!

  679. the problem is he never gets the ball back for open 3s or anything

  680. exactly

  681. Great now Lin is pulled out again but Ronnie Price gets to stay in?!! What’s wrong with BS? It’s crunch time at this rate the team will lose!

  682. Price and Lin lineup is not good.

  683. Well, not to the eyes of the norm. Even some of us don’t understand why the switch is not turned on.

  684. That’s cause Price isn’t good at all!! He should be the one going out not Lin!

  685. Cause of one comment?

  686. Lin’s getting double teamed off a pick and has no passing lanes. Not sure what he can do.

  687. So now they will double team Kobe and leave Price open.

  688. This is wrong, in Houston of all places, to pull Lin in the fourth. Price has done nothing on Bev thus far.

  689. I don know, you have to ask others. LOL

  690. haha,,, harden pass…

  691. Houston did a real good job of stopping Lin today, similar to GSW. For a guy who doesn’t belong in NBA, Bev sure has contributed to Rockets today.

  692. refs sucks

  693. crawford …

  694. PB played well

  695. one comment? scroll and check if you forgot how many comments u made bout him. May be not much but more than anyone in here.

  696. Made your day huh?

  697. Yeap. Not letting Lin out of his reach.

  698. have a not-so-good feeling that refs will help Rox to win despite 50-50

  699. Lin is done

  700. Young is more effective because he got single coverage.

  701. I just want the Lakers to beat the rox!

  702. Scott apparently doesn’t notice. Should put Kobe and Lin in so they can’t double team without leaving one open.

  703. That is always what he do. I am more talking about scoring

  704. Nice tap Wes.

  705. That is what lin needs to understand that a starter in this league, you have to figure out the schemes and sets to get free. SCott is what is wrong with this team. Lin needs to understand that rockets are trying to protect their decision to get rid of him. He needs to get his head out of the sand..smh

  706. JLin out and Nick Young takes over the game guy plays fearless! If only Lin could play like that!

  707. See, once Hou’s focus of D is resting, HOU revert back to their old self

  708. He gets doubled too. Also guarded by Bev., but not shy to shoot. Hate saying it.

  709. Honestly for the best, just not his night.

  710. Swaggy did well there. Come on, Lakers!

  711. I agree. The one thing is I do think that Scott could have helped with calling some plays or something.

  712. Lin in court bring up Rox def energy lol.

  713. Harden with the flop no call lol.

  714. No…Scott has to be ashamed that he has no counter at all.

  715. still close

  716. Are you sure? you said that last time and he came in 🙂

  717. LOL … Harden was begging for a ref call
    This is also fun

  718. Haha Harden no call on that BS drive.

  719. LOL

  720. Hou’s D is only focused on Lin. Once Lin’s out their D disappears.

  721. I am glad.
    1. you are right. BS is not adjusting the play to Lin’s double team and Lin’s screens are ineffectual and nobody is moving to take advantage of the double on him.
    2. my fantasy points are saved
    3. Lin’s own fans cannot see his situation.

    Hope LAL wins.

  722. Uh. You must be a little too emotional. How about you scroll down and check. Try again.

  723. Lin has to come back in…

  724. It is a team ball he can’t do it all by himself.

  725. he clearly looked for a foul call, not attempting to really score

  726. Refs didn’t fall for that one, so obvious he fell himself!

  727. He can. Think he is too hard on himself.

  728. I am gonna stop talking, I think pll thinking I am like a homer…LOL

  729. That’s Harden.

  730. I wonder why the other rookie PG has not played for two games? I thought he played better than price. Was he shooting too much and got benched ?

  731. I hope Lin gets one more chance to drain a 3 or something.
    But if not, let’s go Lakers! Get the W for Lin!

  732. I agree with you. Not the homer part, the other part. There is only so much one can do in a team sport.

  733. the only thing could have done more is to shoot through.

  734. I don’t care, just hope Lakers can win. Nick Young really plays fearless and has fun doing those circus shots that go in. Lin used to be fearless too, Houston ruined him.

  735. I think Nick Young took his time. Clarkson was playing more as an SG

  736. He has to change his strategy if it doesn’t work. Same rules for everyone. But yes, BS not helping.

  737. But not many people understand that.

  738. beat ROX will be nice… also 2 wins on a roll is good for morale… including Lin fans

  739. I have no idea what I just said.

  740. trollin yourself?

  741. I t think i will take a break from lin ball. He needs to figure it fast or he will not be a starter in this league.He needs to stop being so rattled and play ball. He needs to understand that you have to come ready to play whether or not the situation is conducive to what you think it should be,…smh

  742. Favoritism what else?! Same reason why a player like that gets 20 minutes a game. Clarkson plays alot better than Price!

  743. Houston’s goal tonight was to make sure Lin did not shine; win or lose

  744. I agree 100.

  745. he’s a bit cautious trying to make the right play for sure.
    But his teammates are making shots so it’s tough to force shots being double-teamed

  746. And as usual he played right into their hands…smh

  747. Come on, LAL. Lets win this for Jeremy!

  748. saw Kobe ran back after scoring… a good sign

  749. Kobe isn’t able to do anything either.

  750. He just needs to shoot the balll. That is why he is on the bench, no fearlessness…smh

  751. on thing for swaggyP ,,, nobody has a proper game plan for him yet on this offense, so he has room to shoot and play.

  752. Rockets planned for Lin and Scott did nothing to help him, but this is why people keep calling him inconsistent. A bit disappointing. Seems Rockets really got to him. Everything takes time.

  753. Yeah, it seems he’s getting more rattled with the Lakers than he did with the Rockets. The thing is, there are games like yesterday, then there is today. That’s the frustrating part of it.

  754. Lin back. Come on Jeremy

  755. Can Lin make a clutch 3 here?

  756. ok, Lin is back with 3:37!!!

  757. here we go!

  758. Don’t lose faith. He lost the battle today but there will be more of them later in the season.

  759. Come on Lin. Play ball!

  760. Brent is wrong again 🙂

  761. Lets get the win, Lin compete!

  762. Yes, Lin… just be yourself.
    Mr. 4th Quarter!

  763. turn on the clutch engine!!! pls…

  764. It will be Kobe ball mostly so..

  765. Lin +1 D

  766. LOL

  767. Lol

  768. Great defense by JLin knock the ball out.

  769. You know, I like this from Coach Scott.
    Its crunch time and he’s still putting trust in Lin, even after a very rough game. Props to Coach.

  770. Lin almost a steal on Harden’s pass to Bev!
    Good deflection

  771. and I will lose my fantasy game but LAL better win!

  772. Mr. 4th quarter please show up!!

  773. true, when the game is in the line he gave Lin a chance

  774. You know, this is nothing new to lin. He had to fend for himself for two years in Houston, so why is this any different. That is why I say he should bring it everyday so that the critics won’t have a chance to point fingers at him. I just hope he gets it one day

  775. Yes that’s nice to see I’m not complaining cause Lin didn’t play well and when he was on the bench Nick Young got to take over even with Kobe in.

  776. A very nice confidence booster.
    Unlike in HOU where he wouldve been benched since the 1stQ.

  777. Lin relegated to the corner. I’m guessing Kobe iso for 2/3 possessions.

  778. I don’t like a lot of what Scott does but he put JLin back in. McHale would never have done that.

  779. and still be blamed for the loss :]

  780. I am pleasantly surprised. I thought he was out for good.

  781. Lin’s probably lucky if he touches the ball once.

  782. Hope Kobe draws the double team leaving Lin open for the 3.

  783. Papa was mostly unguarded…

  784. I agree with you. He has to bring it every game. He knows it too so I’m not sure what happens sometimes.

  785. lol Harden’s pass

  786. Announcer: “Harden split the goal post” :p

  787. Great shot by Kobe. And-1!

  788. Bryant with the 3 point play!

  789. good on Kobe

  790. Give Kobe credit this game he took over for only short periods of time when the game started getting out of hand but still made passes.

  791. I need this win like I need air. I dont care how they get it.
    If its through KoMe ISO ball, I dont care just get that W lol

  792. kobe really trusts Young. He never passed those balls up in the 4th Q, but he did to Young.

  793. With Lin on the floor they aren’t double teaming Kobe anymore.

  794. I’ve bitten all my nails off.

  795. Come on Lakers stick it to Houston!

  796. Same here I just want Rockets to lose!

  797. It’s be nice to have Davis on the floor as well

  798. Nick&Kobe Show

  799. They rather double team Lin.

  800. Yes, he trusts Nick Young to score, but not Lin. To be fair, Young is better at creating his own shot.

  801. Young puts it up no hesitation.

  802. Nick Young plays fearless and he always ready to score and create his own shots.

  803. To be fair, Swaggy’s got fresher legs…

  804. Lin is in the corner as he’s a 3PT threat.
    Kobe and Swaggy have been quite hot so they get to handle the ball.

    I hope there’s an offensive rebound and kick out to Lin for 3.
    Or someone will pass to Lin.

  805. Lin used to play like that as well 🙁

  806. He can. Not tonight.

  807. to be fair. Swag is unscouted for this team.

  808. Until M&M happened…

  809. Come on, Lin!!! Let’s go!!!!

  810. Kobe has played a good game today and has his shot on despite shooting %

  811. I’m actually a little disappointed about that. Lin is a young guy. He should be able to play 35 min per game without a problem. If he can’t do that without getting tired, that means he’s not in good enough shape. And he’s not even averaging 35min/game right now.

  812. Lin for the Win!!

  813. Like mini me.

  814. Johnson playing aggressive for those rebounds and defense thank goodness he’s useful at least for something!

  815. Front office requirement

  816. JOHNSON!! You’ve redeemed yourself!!

  817. hit some clutch FTs too!

  818. Forget not Houston’s got an agenda against Lin.

  819. I was waiting for WJ !

  820. nice!! steal from Harden

  821. Knew it. Typical Harden TO in crunch time.

  822. Yes, Wes


  824. Johnson for the win 🙂

  825. Great steal by Wes on Harden for the layup! And-1!!!

  826. Best play by Johnson all season

  827. Lin in bunker D is fine by me.

  828. That works too..

  829. WESLEY THE GOAT!!! give that man his max contract

  830. How many times did we see Harden do that last year? LOL HAHA

  831. Come on, Lin with 2FTs to ice the game!

  832. Yeah, that part is BS’ fault. He should run plays so Lin can get going.

  833. OMG…I know I should not talk. BUt I have to apologize to WEs…I was so harsh…

  834. Wes’ alarm clock just went off!

  835. Lin looks like crap today but if they win I will take it !!!!

  836. Johnson was sleep walking this entire time just for this moment LOL. Awesome Lakers needs to play defense and make another shot to seal the win!

  837. lol

  838. if we win ill be happy lol not happy about lin stats but we need a win. 2 more points is enough

  839. That’s the “I won’t get WAIVED” play 😀

  840. Your game is off tonight, Brent 😛

  841. Hey Brent. didn’t you point out the long Wes?

  842. Get in line… 🙂

  843. all of his career

  844. No knocking my favorite player for the last 30 seconds ヽ(`Д´)ノ

  845. No doubt about that.

  846. At least some things don’t change

  847. Davis for D please!

  848. He finally woke up from his insomnia! Hope he can run with this confidence boost from now on!

  849. Lakers D can win tonight!

  850. Pretty sure you meant coma, insomnia is when one cannot sleep. 😀

  851. How is lin’s defense?

  852. I always said Wes was a bigtime player #shameless

  853. He looked like he was Sleeping Walking these past games!

  854. Lin really needs to work on improving and watching film to not play like this anymore. A lot of those air ball jumper and floaters don’t help

  855. lol Foul on Harden game over!!

  856. LOL… Nick Young got fouled!

  857. It’s ok, he has been in 3 mins and I’ve seen him in the D at lease 4 times.

  858. Lin got fouled too

  859. dont you dare jinx this sport!

  860. Crawford is refing for the lakers! Love it

  861. Bs foul for nick young !

  862. Nick Young made the Fts Lakers got this!

  863. haha Lakers won.. amazing

  864. Is he a Kobe fan?

  865. I think I can finally exhale!!! Thanks for those TO’s James!

  866. ill take it lol

  867. Few minutes ago I though Rockets had gotten much better at closing games out. My mistake.

  868. Good enough for Scott to let him guarding 2 players in the weakside.

  869. Wes AND Joey BOTH redeeming themselves? Someone pinch me!

  870. probably just a Rox hater, bless his heart

  871. Still 22secs but 4-pt lead.

    No foul, Lakers!

  872. If they can win with acrappy Lin, imagine if they get it together!

  873. Lakers win. Never been happier with good Lin D nite!

  874. Go Wes!

  875. still a lot of time left if they play the fouling game, the suspense is too much

  876. team win! Lin no O but good D.

  877. Wes really stepped it up. Good job

  878. How crappy was he…I’m not bball expert enough to tell. Wasn’t he getting double teamed like crazy? Seems like he did well on D. No?

  879. Great come back win! I wish Lin played better, but I will take it.

  880. Harden’s airball!
    This game is getting better by the second :]

  881. Lakers win back to back!! WOOOHOOOO

  882. didn’t think a Laker Win can feel this good

  883. Lin was fine. Holding Rox under 100 is good D.

  884. *EXHALES*

  885. I said I would fast, and I WILL!!!

  886. I’m happy LAL won…..

  887. Bev is chatting up Kobe.

  888. Finally a back to back win for the Lakers and against the Rockets!

  889. Beverly! Giving a little help to his “brother from another mother”

  890. Same! And just really glad that BS put him back him. That’s a huge show of confidence. I take back what I said of BS. While he may not be a great tactical coach, he does know how to manage a person’s spirit.

  891. Was worried for a second but my man Harden came through big time..

  892. Usually you make a three to put the nail in the coffin, but in Harden’s case… LOL.

  893. weasel

  894. Yes lol he sure did!!!

  895. Good. I didn’t even dare to watch. I thought it was a lost cause.

  896. Prove it 😛

  897. Till Mav game, or for one minute?

  898. James’ mustve thought this was the playoffs XD

  899. I am very impressed with Scott today. Nice adjustment

  900. My bad I was wrong, Kobe shot more than 20 and Lakers still won.

  901. Harden totally clutch…for the Lakers!

  902. Bev always the leech of star players!

  903. Lin needs to figure out playing with Kobe. But frankly, when Kobe takes more than 25 shots a game even Nash couldn’t shine.

  904. Kobe giving some respect to Bev. The only thing that saved the game for me was Harden screwing up, helping Lakers win.

  905. Lin played terrible to be honest but I will freaking take the W and so will Lin ! They did trap the hell out of him and hit him a lot and refs don’t call fouls

  906. Why didnt Dwight play tonight?

  907. I was worried McHale would think of something brilliant. LOL

  908. Now Lin fans would be flooding CF? lol

  909. Remainder of today. (In HK)

  910. Got to give PB credits. He played well tonight.

  911. Knee issue.

  912. Want spot light.

  913. as ROX is busy double on Lin… Kobe has more room to maneouver

  914. lakers win lin heavily struggled to get passed the rox defense. but we beat the rox and another win. so all smiles. lin look tired but it was the traps that limited him. he has to get around that. next goal

  915. Careful, people get emotional when you make a statement like that.

  916. They said it was a knee injury, but who knows.

  917. But Nick Young can still shine along Kobe. Lin needs to learn how to create more shots on his own and play fearless. Stop worrying and thinking so much just have fun and play!

  918. Not in this site. Game spoke itself.

  919. The real reason or the excuse?

  920. Well, Lin didn’t do well individually but he made the right play to his teammates who are making their shots while being double-teamed, trapped throughout the game.

    We might not like it as Lin fans but Lin is all about making the right play, even if he’s not the one scoring.
    That’s what a good PG will do.

    I’m not going to be upset with him at all. He stays true to his philosophy to make the right TEAMPLAYs

  921. That’s official reason. Most probably it is because of his child abuse case.

  922. oh ok “knee issue”, that softie was probably scared of Kobe

  923. Good positive attitude

  924. hahahahaha. Did he do well?

  925. Tell me more …

  926. Rox only played defense on Lin, everyone else they were the same old bad defensive team!

  927. Yes, give credit to Bev.
    He played well too. Lin challenged his shots first and defended him well but made some.
    Good for him

  928. And thank goodness he was in it at crunch time.

  929. I would give credit as well, some may disagree well, thats fine as well

  930. Lin was not very good but they won :).

  931. Haha. Bev played alright but I’m seeing that Bev is questionable. At the end, he was chatting up Kobe and Lin came over but Bev continued to talk to Kobe. Kobe is about to walk away, Bev keeps talking.

  932. Young is not a PG.

  933. I wont mention any names. Ha

  934. Swaggy’s return has definitely been a nice luck charm for the Lakers.
    Jeremy better be calling him Swaggy P from now on, he’s earned it lol

  935. I don’t like Lin with Price lineup. Price’s man doesn’t guard him but double teams on Lin.

  936. Yes I give him credit for benching Lin which allowed Nick Young to take over and Lakers to go on a run. It was the right decision but he still allowed Lin to finish the game in crunch time when it counted!

  937. yeah, we gotta give credit where it’s due.
    Bev tried his best with his talent so kudos to him.

    He didn’t play perfectly but hustled.

  938. Lin got blocked by Bev, so Lin should remember this forever. lol. I was glad Lin was not out of control.

  939. He took Lin out to let the team coming back in the game. Then he let Lin back for creating spacing. Then he asked Hill to shadow Harden while trusting Lin in the weakside for the defense. McHale had no counter at all

  940. Bev always does that cause he knows where the cameras are.

  941. feel/think… the obsession of ROX to contain Lin does help to free other LAL up… so after all, it is a team play…

  942. Kobe actually took the time to talk to Bev first. It’s okay.
    Giving props to Bev for hustling hard is good sportmanships

  943. You’re the man! I only see the flow, not the calls.

  944. the rox are a worse team. offensively they are whimper all harden and dwight. defensively i have to say they are better. did great on lin. lin has to ver come this. top teams can and have stopped him.

  945. Voice of reason.

  946. Guess that didn’t happen.

    @SamAmicoFSO: Rockets G Jason Terry on blowout loss to Grizzlies: “We will take it out on the Lakers (Wednesday).”

  947. But as a PG, he needs to learn to balance things out

  948. Yes for his back to back fouls LMAO! Defensive Juggernaut!

  949. Try Me!

  950. don;t mind that… if Price ends up getting shots… but he is not super efficient…

  951. Like that Heat game way back when. Rockets really keyed in on Lin.

  952. January 25 is when they play them again.

    First game they lost and Lin did poorly.

    Second game they won and Lin also did poorly

    Third game they’ll win and Lin will do amazing!

    Third time’s a charm!

  953. LAL is not prepared on what should they do if Lin is double teamed…..I hope Scott taking the note.

  954. lmaO

  955. Ok, who here said Wes is long and he’s going to get Harden on D? I thought it was Brent, but he didn’t grab the compliment. Good comment, whomever it was!

  956. Announcers said the same thing but I didn’t catch all of it. Nice adjustment by Scott indeed.

  957. He did sub well today, like first time all season

  958. yes, exactly.. when one player is double-teamed, other players need to make it.
    And they did :]
    Great basketball plays

  959. Bev: Tell Jeremy that we planned for him this game.
    Kobe: What did you say?
    Bev: Tell Jeremy that we game planned for him, so tell him not to feel too bad.
    Kobe: OK, I will tell him that; but you gotta show up to compete in the big boy’s pants.

  960. Thats one of the shortfall the Coaching staff need to recognize and remedy

  961. yea i saw that.the reaction should of been threes and midrange but his shot was short. a telling he was tired also no rebounds

  962. Right now he’s passing too much and no scoring enough.

  963. At the end, it is the winning team having the last laugh, especially from an underdog.

  964. Satisfied with Team win. Lakers D looking good, that’s what won the game. They really need to figure out their offense now.

  965. When Ellington returns he’ll be taking those Price minutes, he can actually open the floor for Jeremy.

  966. Glad the Lakers won so it isn’t Lin let them down. It’s OK. Lin can relax now, get some more mileage with the Lakers, get on some sort of extended rhythm, and maybe next game he plays better. Don’t go to CF, let them gloat. They aren’t worth our attention.

  967. passing doesnt count, creating for others do count

  968. Well said! I am his fan because he plays to win, never endangers his team to pad his stat.

  969. 5-13 and 2 assists with a -15 +/- is nothing spectacular. Not sure why he deserves so much credit.

  970. It’s okay Lin will bring his A-Game against his former BFF on Friday.

  971. that’s the spirit!
    Hope Lin/Davis will be more polished and it’s not back-to-back 😀

  972. Kobe just said something briefly and was about to away a couple times, but Bev did keep talking to him. It’s okay, sure. But I thought Bev was something he doesn’t appear to be now.

  973. As I said so many times now, all team knows the way to win Lakers is double team JLin. Take out JLin, Lakers is a goner. Thought it was the case and I stopped watching. I was wrong. At least BS made good adjustment like Brent said. Lakers had a win. Hopefully it happens less and less in future as JLin and Lakers improve.

  974. IIRC, Lin blocked Bev too.

  975. you’re right.

  976. Who cares. P.Bev is dead to me.

  977. But honestly though, Jeremy also needs to work on a few other things. I feel those 2 years in Houston improved his skills but degraded him mentally a bit.

    I rewatched those Linsanity games and back then, even though his skills where shaky, he mentality was very very strong. He never shied away and he found ways to adapt to the defense.

    I really do think a big part of Jeremy’s recent up-and-downs is due to his time in Houston.

  978. Bev always trying to mingle with the star players so he can leech on their spotlight don’t care!

  979. What is Kobe pointing at?

  980. I got a “Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by JLinPortal.” in one of my comments that didnt say anything inappropriate, could it be cuz I commented too quick after my last comment?

  981. Planning on getting tickets for that game. So let’s hope so!

  982. Lin needs to learn how to score when double teamed maybe Kobe can give him some advice, I’m serious!

  983. we say “he has to get around that”, but are there players who can do that by themselves? Don’t the other players have to react, doesn’t the coach have to have a helping strategy for that?

  984. Gloat about what? A loss?

  985. Sadly Lin is just not that good I guess. It’s ok.

  986. Could be. Weird disqus system.

  987. True Mr. Wonderful

  988. I’m a little disappointed because I thought Lin would ball without DHo. He still seems to struggle with hard traps and double teams, and sometimes coughs the ball up. part of it is on him and part of it is on BS for not adjusting imo

  989. Give Lin single coverage. Nick does have a nice stroke though.

  990. Not really there are players who can create shots for themselves including Kobe and Nick Young. There didn’t seem to be any help for Nick Young he just went for his shots. Lin can do that too but he just needs to play and not think too much. So what if he makes a mistake.

  991. We need a post game thread, psalm 🙂

  992. HAHA!

  993. Over 1,000 comments!

  994. how true!

  995. Kobe is right when he said that he had people looking over his shoulder. Maybe Lin felt that because he seemed tight to me from the beginning. Yes, Patrick’s defense is strong but Lin faced Paul who I think defends better and took it to him. It’s the whole Houston thing JLin wanted so badly that I think had him wanting to be perfect. So he ended up not too effective offensively. It’s done now. But the time Lin plays Houston again I think he’ll have found a good stretch and have had some stronger games under his belt.

  996. i’m guessing he’s telling someone to go take the ball out. he’s going on offense.

  997. Nick had single coverage. HOU’s biggest mistake.

  998. his shot was off because he was tired. i hate making excuses he has to over come this teams defenses. also find other ways to get his shot on this team

  999. Lin needs to learn how to tactical those double teams, who better to ask than Kobe who does it every game.

  1000. Rox were geared up to take the ball out of Lin’s

  1001. What plays did lin make?

  1002. There are things Lin can do better. He will figure it out

  1003. i think BS did a good adjustment using Hill to get ball out of Harden at the end.

  1004. Mission accomplished for both teams.

  1005. Rox’s hidden agenda, what else is knew. They doubled Lin instead of Kobe just to prove they were right.

  1006. He reversed the ball to the weak side very quickly. Boozer could not hit a shot. Scott made adjustment puting Lin back for Boozer won the game

  1007. He did. But this will not work every time.

  1008. Scott saying now in interview that they wanted the ball out of Harden’s hands.

  1009. Sometimes the hold on comment may show up later.

  1010. I believe this is a first. Go jlinportal!

  1011. Good mistake:-) I like it!

  1012. lin has a lot of room to improve . iso and 1on one offense. scoring without screens and taking your man on your own. his last place to improve offensively

  1013. The Lakers’ tactic was to make Lin draw all the attention and give them a false sense that they were doing a good job, and then Lakers sneaked up on them to take a cookie away.

  1014. Not really, but this is a good joke LOL

  1015. Ha, ha.

  1016. Yes Nick Young shoots with no hesitation and came back right away shooting well no rust at all!

  1017. Again, gotta give MAJOR props to Coach Scott. That was a big confidence booster to still get put in with 3min left in crunch time after having a terrible game, how good do you think Jeremy felt after that and coming out with the win? great stuff.
    Never in a million years would McHale have done that.

  1018. Lin need to improve 1 on 2 skill. I am not joking

  1019. The big boy’s pants was left at dry cleaner’s. Better get it back quickly for the next game.

  1020. harden was very efficient tonite though. he was hitting some big shots in the 3rd. glad BS at least try something.

  1021. Stolen cookies always taste better.

  1022. Those TOs could’ve been avoid if Lin went to the rim and took the shots himself. Could’ve been a step back jumper. Passing too much near the rim made his plays very predictable.

  1023. Right at the end. Showed it to them, and then took it away.

  1024. yea when he gets trapped. again rox did a great job defending him with no dwight .

  1025. Those shots are out of control. You can only guarding anyone in a statistical sense. Reduce his FG%. Even Lin got 3pts

  1026. Without D12 was exactly why they did it.

  1027. I got the same thing…didn’t say anything in appropriate and my post is waiting approval.

  1028. LOL

  1029. Can’t believe we won two in a row. BTB road games. Beat the Rox in Houston! Not a great game for Lin stat wise but I’ll take it.

  1030. You forgot that Lakers got Nick Young back, practically a 2nd option and Kobe Jr on his own!

  1031. lol yep if we can fight for a playoff spot and lin gets on a roll. look out. its a long season

  1032. Well said. I like Scott too though he still has no control of Kobe like former coaches of LAL.

  1033. Not predictable. It was without spacing. He has to shoot those.

  1034. Wes redeemed himself for his absence during last 10 games by his several plays at the end today.

  1035. he was good defensively today against Harden

  1036. Indeed, that will be his most impactful play of his NBA career.

  1037. Without DH12, Rox may not even make it to the payoff.

  1038. yea very smart by mchale surprise surprise

  1039. uh, that’s because Rocket is playing small, so…….

    But, at he get Boozer down, Boozer was killing the team in both end….

  1040. But he didn’t, I hope Scott and Kobe points that out to him. He’s gotta take those himself.

  1041. Lin 1-5 with only 3 pts and they still win. I think the difference must be Young.

  1042. OKC is officially the worst team in the WEST and not the Lakers anymore, woohoo.
    They’re moving on up :3

  1043. they have not been able to scout Nick in this lineup.

  1044. Small, big, medium, McHale wouldve benched Jeremy after a couple of TOs for the rest of the night

  1045. Harden ended up with a better stat line than I expected: 7-11, 7 assists. But 6 TOs. McHale forgot to tell him they were trying to win tonight.

  1046. lol.

  1047. Ugly stat for lin. But reality will set in with hinm when he understands that the only thing this league respects is haw many ppgs.

  1048. at least he only tried to hit lin 2x. Once in head Harden Bev high trap. Once Westbrook lunge.

  1049. Actually, I think the first blow was not being signed by the Knicks. He wanted to stay and he’d done well for them. I think Harden was the next blow, and the long grind-down of the next years really wore on him…probably even more than he was able to admit to himself. He works intensely to overcome difficulties and to pick out the silver in the lining, but that legitimate head work doesn’t negate the damage to the heart, and that takes some time to repair…and maybe requires some kindness. Which is in short supply in as dog-eat-dog a world as professional sports, but I think LA’s giving a good enough dose.

  1050. There were at least 2-3 plays where Kobe shot his turnaround deep in the corner, missed, and Houston got the rebound and started a 5 on 4 break going the other way. Kobe was so far off the court after his shot and didn’t bother to get back on transition D.

  1051. True but it’s very hard to shine playing the PG beside Kobe.

  1052. He needs to pass off faster and let laker go 4 on 3 but team not ready to do it

  1053. This is very true. I think he knew already. Because he scored in the trash time a few games back.

  1054. Very true, JLin should really ask Kobe for advice! I’m dead serious!

  1055. Not good for a “shooting guard”. Hardn is obviously the real PG.

  1056. He is ok on timing. on his part, he need that pull back move. for the temporary spacing. Nash is very good at it.

  1057. LOL

  1058. Lin still inconsistent scoring and Kobe still inefficient scoring.

  1059. Difference was the entire team especially Johnson and Young down the stretch! Johnson with the steal from Harden and 1 to put the team up!

  1060. Yes, Like I said, ppl sould not Pin this on Lin. BUT Lin has something to work on too.

  1061. PBev is a hypocrite about himself and Lin. He took it personal whenever he plays against Lin. McHale and the Rockets put the bull-eye on Lin and I am ok with all of that. We beat their a$$ in their home turd and that’s all it matter.

  1062. had nothing to do with that. rox played great defense on him. he still has to work on his 1 on 1 moves. he was also tired so his shot was short. all he had was the drive of which they trapped him. his passing was off. he again has stuff to work on

  1063. I know. I am probably the only one was uspet by Lin’s game today. Scott was benched him for few min in 4Q that’s why Lakers catch up bc Lin was doing nothing over there…?! He really needs to watch out…

  1064. No…if it was 1 on 1, lin would had no problems

  1065. I am sorry, lin needs to figure it out and make it work. I am sure he will do better against the Mavericks, and I do think that Lakers want to groom lin for a possible spot a s their premier PG,, and as time progresses he will get better, but he has to bring it every night even if he is he i tired.

  1066. Totally anyone could see that every time they play they targeted Lin!

  1067. It is not about playing with Kobe. Lin can always do something more.

  1068. he needed to go one on one instead of using the screen that trapped him. laker did the same to harden. who handled it better because of his one on one abilities

  1069. IMO whats keeping him a role player and holding him back is his inability to play through hard traps and pressure

  1070. I agree if Kobe can bring it every night, there’s no way why Lin who’s younger can’t.

  1071. Thats true joyce.
    Jeremy says he wants to be a starter in this league but for that you need to put up POINTS.
    I appreciate his mentality of wanting to get his teammates involved so much but true point guards are a thing of the past, stop deferring so much and be a scoring point guard. It’s what he was during Linsanity and what teams want of their PGs nowadays.

    But that said, today his bad play could simply be attributed to being on a back2back, you know how bad he always is on those lol

  1072. Wish Lin could have overcome it, but onwards and upwards.

  1073. I agree w you. I am happy Lakers won but I also feel D12 helped too… Anyway, Lin should take this chance to shine but …

  1074. look to what happens when Lin blows by his first man. Sometimes a weak screen means he has 2 guess shaping him into a corner. At that time, the guy with the broken screen should be adjusting. I don’t think it happens, so it’s reset to Kobe and it looks like deferring. But it’s a broken play.

  1075. he did his job

  1076. I will agree with you if he can learn some of those moves from Kobe. It is time.

  1077. Fully agree with you.

  1078. Did anyone notice that right after the game, Lin could have talked/hugged PBev before he walked off the court, but Lin just turned and walked away. PBev hugged Kobe and talked to Kobe. He always seeks spotlight under national TV.

  1079. Yes I hope off season Lin will focus on his 1 on 1/2 moves and creating shots for himself. If he’s still with the Lakers he should train with Kobe. Kobe’s a ball hog but he can always make those double team shots without hesitation.

  1080. It takes a lot to overcome that and it starts with being a bada$$ something not in Lin’s nature.

  1081. Not many can, including Harden in the 4Q

  1082. well our Lin is in the realm of his own most time… until the desperate moment… he is pushing the envelope as much as he could like all wise persons do… faith…

  1083. Thought it was the other way around

  1084. I liked the part in the end where Byron was calling/signaling out to Jeremy who was on the floor while Kobe (I think) was taking free throws. Kinda gives me the feeling that Byron really values Jeremy’s part on this team.

  1085. PB was playing very well. He was over performing.

  1086. What do you mean?

  1087. Any one other than Kobe makes that shot will be benched by the coach.

  1088. wheres some interviews

  1089. his assignment was against Harden, the designated ball receiver… oh but yes… it is good that he did what the team needed

  1090. On going I guess, Not sure if Lin will be avaliable

  1091. That is what Lin can do, and what his teammates can not do

  1092. I agree….back on the horse that threw you, and now it’s legitimately an open road ahead.

  1093. I am sorry, I will never PB the benefit of the doubt, he is just a thug in and NBA uniform, I know it sounds harsh but it what it is.

  1094. PB shot more than Harden. Is he out of his mind? How dare him.

  1095. I think Lin has what it takes.

  1096. he will figure it out. he will go on a hot streak . he will have some downs like today. its ok.

  1097. I did say he is over performing, you don need to say sorry at all. I feel the same.

  1098. very true…

  1099. Lin was walking towards Bev/Kobe. But Bev kept talking Kobe so Lin walked away.

  1100. Piss on the hydrant

  1101. Did not see that.

  1102. BScott, Kobe, Young, Hill and Wes have all given interviews. Hill interviewing right now.

  1103. I believe both Harden and Howard like Jeremy as a human being (teammate). Unfortunately, they do not think highly of Jeremy’s basketball ability.

  1104. No but we love just exactly who he is.

  1105. I think it is opposite.

  1106. used him as a bait… but then they at least have the honour and courtesy not to throw him under the bus… what not to like?

  1107. and he can back that if they give him 1-1.

  1108. Positions in basketball are really only conceptual. The only rule is that there be no more than 5 players on the court. The role each player takes can be changed at any moment. I think that’s what you’re asking?

  1109. Of course not, thats why they’re stars. Top 10 PGs experience hard traps all the time. If not that then what do you think is keeping Lin a role player? Unless of course you think he’s a star.

  1110. no class.. but I love it, Rockets fans deserve every bit of it..

  1111. This is how I saw it too.

  1112. Lakers took advantage of Howard out and used JHill to trap Harden because Black was terrible. If the Rox had a decent backup for Howard, Lakers would have been in big trouble. Outside of the Rox starting 5 and Greek dude, Rockets is not very deep. There’s no way they can be a contender this year.

  1113. desperate to prove something..

  1114. But Scott put him back in so that shows a type of confidence and support he didn’t have before.

    It’s interesting how Scott wants to support his players that he can see potential on. In the beginning we complained about HIll and Boozer but they showed that in some games how critical they were. Same with Wes this game.

    So on that, I’m impressed by Scott. His confidence in Lin will only help.

  1115. He wanted to show up on Lin, he scored only 7 pts on 11 shots off Lin, Lin has done a great job on Bev I would say..

  1116. right thing to do…

  1117. I think he is, CP3 got killed by Heat’s hard show too. I think it is safe to say CP3 is top 10 too. But arguing this is pointless. Lin has flaws he need to work on. LAL have flaws they need to correct. simple as that.

  1118. Benched for Canaan next game.

  1119. c’mon web. i expect more from you.

  1120. that WJ steal was really huge. I think it won the Lakers the game. Potential 5 point swing.

  1121. It is their problem. Let’s us focus on Lin and LAL shall we? LOL

  1122. No doubt about it

  1123. I disagree with the former, but agree with the latter. Will have to agree to disagree.

  1124. LOLLOL

  1125. indeed.

  1126. I am praying that Kobe will continue playing this way as a leader. He needs to trust and allow his team to grow together. Go Lakers.

  1127. Lin is not getting an interview tonight, it will be Nick/Kobe Hill/Wes, the major players tonight.

  1128. I think so too. Kind of wanna hear what he has to say

  1129. If he treats them all equally, except Kobe perhaps, yes. So far, it appears he has.

  1130. I feel Lin will overcome. Next game is Jan 25!

  1131. They couldn’t double team Kobe anymore. Kobe still deadly with 1:1 coverage. Don’t like Price with Lin as Price’s man doubles on Lin because Price not an offensive threat.

  1132. Mr. elite tried one on one ISO ball twice on Lin tonight, Lin stole the ball from him on the first player, then blocked his shot on the second play..

  1133. Kobe needs to take less than 20 shots a game, period.

  1134. Kinda remind me of Schumper’s play from Toronto Linsanity game towards the end.

  1135. Wes plays much better when he does not have to make decisions. Great!

  1136. high five!

  1137. He wasn’t available for pre-game interviews either. Wonder if something going on with him?

  1138. We’re human right?

  1139. His defensive rating today is the best he had played with LAL!

  1140. just trying to avoid controversy.

  1141. exactly. They need to ditch any lineups that have Lin and Price.

  1142. The probably didn’t want to give him the added pressure.

  1143. new PostGame thread is open

    Who’ll get 1st?

  1144. Not true. Beverly hit shots on Lin 1 on 1 including a step back.

  1145. Boozer saying that Wes’s job is to defend the best player on the other team and he needs to get credit for that even if he is missing shots

  1146. Coward!

  1147. Lin plays better when he soesn’t think too much. Great!

  1148. yes, doubling Lin all game long but not Kobe is the highest sign of respect!

  1149. Lin was struggling and turnover tonight. Kobe stepped up as needed even Johnson.

  1150. I meant drive to the rim..
    he hit 3 jumpers against Lin in the third qt, nothing Lin could do about that..

  1151. Smart. Houston is the one place he does not need to draw the spotlight. Let it go. Kinda like wanting to get Linsanity out of peoples’ minds. Not defined by the Rockets era either.

  1152. only one where he did a weak cross and lin stumbled. All the others I saw were organized D where Lin recovered to challenge well and Bev made them. Unlike Kobe walking to an uncovered Papa, who bricked.

  1153. Should have been total of 3 TOs from Lin tonight not 5, they credited Lin a TO for his missed shot in the second qt, and that offense foul against Lin in the third qt was just BS…, Lin didn’t turn the ball over in the second helf..

  1154. Oh yes he is. He has to fix some holes in his game but he’s way better than what he is tonight. He got rattled, that’s different than not being good. Price is not good, Lin is very talented.

  1155. Home turd!? Yeah baby. Just tuned in and saw they won. Woohoo

  1156. Now why can’t Lin talk like that?

  1157. L is for loss, L is for losers. L is for LOL.

  1158. Mchale’s plan backfired. Who’s laughing now?

  1159. Maybe he wasn’t available cos he met up with the PAIR kids. They were there at the game.

  1160. Other than defensive plays on Bev especially on the 1st half, he got 4asts, 1 block, 1 steal. For this game, not forcing shots while he had tired legs probably is the best.

    He tried to be aggressive in 1 play in Q4(?) with left-handed layup, missed but Davis was there with the easy putback.

    I’d also love to see Lin with 2-3 pull-up 3s to see if his shots would fall in. He has to seek deep on what go-to efficient ISO moves he can do if his main options (no drives due to tired legs/doubled, bad PnR with Hill, not outlet pass for open 3s) are taken away

    He’s not good yet in these ISO moves as I discussed in the PostGame thread but he needs to get better to become a complete player.

  1161. As always he goes flaying his arms, I’m so happy I don’t have to watch that every game now. That was torture for 2 years.

  1162. yeah, that ruined the game of basketball.
    we don’t like watching Harden playing RefBall

  1163. JW, I enjoyed seeing lin make his contribution. On D, I only noticed one mistaken his 30 mins … Bev did a weak cross and lin sort of stumbled setting up, so he was almost fallen when Bev elevated and hit. He looked beaten, but really it was a stumble and that happens. Other than that, I was noticing him doing well, flying in to disrupt 3s and not fouling, etc.

  1164. I think if a player has been assigned 2 be a PG, then he’ll need to do the job on the court 4 the whole game. Ok, got it. Thx 4 the explanation. 🙂

  1165. You can forever put that away now and come back fiercely. But, but I will have one more competitor fighting for the first …

  1166. So the 5 positions are referred to by numbers as well as names: 1) Point guard (PG), 2) Shooting guard (SG), 3) Small forward (SF), 4) Power forward (PF), and 5) Center (C). The position a player plays is determined primarily by height but also by weight/strength and skill set. The higher the position number the greater the height: PG is shortest and C is tallest. Forwards and Centers are also referred to as “big men.” A PG should be able to organize both the offense and defense and be really good at dribbling, whereas the SG should be very good at catch and shoot. But the reason I said these positions are really only conceptual is that these are only general guidelines. For example Harden is and has the size of a SG but he controls the offense like a PG. And when a coach puts a lineup on the court he usually has a 1,2,3,4 and 5 but he doesn’t need to officially assign a position to each player. In fact, some teams no longer have a “true Center” and sometimes a coach will “go big” with 3 big men and 2 guards or “go small” with 3 guards and only 2 big men. With 2 or even 3 guards on the court at the same time, they may take turns playing the role of point guard for different plays. So the answer to your initial question, “can they switch the position anytime on the court” is yes, but usually a pattern develops.

  1167. Wow.. thx so much 4 the detailed explanation! I’ve got more pics of it.. 🙂 U must be surprised that a unprof. Lin fan like me is hidden on this site 2 talk abt bball w/u guys.. haha.. well, I started watching bball since Linsanity era, so I basically dont understand 2 much. Still appreciated ur patience, I’ll ask u more if u dont mind.. 🙂

  1168. I think you’re as professional a Lin fan as any of us. And I bet Jeremy appreciates your support more than mine ;). I also started to pay close attention to the NBA only after Linsanity and also realized that the game is more complex than it looks. Happy to answer your questions if I can. Otherwise the real BB experts on this site can explain it to both of us and others like us 🙂

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