G12 BKN @CHA Observation & Notes

Something special happened in Game 12 of Hornets vs Nets. It was the growing chemistry between Nic Batum and Jeremy Lin.

Jeremy Lin played a crucial part in the 4th quarter to turn a 86-86- tie game into a 9pt lead (97-90) with 11-4 run as Lin and Batum contributed 6pts and 5pts. And they fed off each other.

– NY Post recognized JLin’s contribution with the big bold headline of ”Nets undone by Jeremy Lin’s late heroics in loss to Hornets”

Furthermore, it made a reference that Brooklyn Nets was interested in JLin in the off-season

Charlotte guard Jeremy Lin — whom Brooklyn had shown interest in this offseason — scored six of his 13 points in that run, and Jeremy Lamb’s two foul shots capped it with 8:40 to play. https://twitter.com/nypostsports/status/667172303684427776

– Coach Clifford has given Jeremy the most minutes in the past 2 games with 28min and 29min despite JLin not shooting well yet (4-9 and 5-13 with 0-6 3p shooting). His 3pt shooting form didn’t look the same with his great preseason form as he is adjusting to the lower released point but he managed to drive and score layups. Surprisingly, referees didn’t reward JLin with a lot more FTs as they let the Nets be extra-physical in guarding Lin’s drives to the rim. This is a great development as Clifford recognized JLin’s playmaking strength in making the Hornets better.

– JLin had his season high 9 rebounds tied with Marvin Williams 9 rebounds in this game.

– His chemistry with Batum, defensive hustle, rebounding ability was rewarded by Coach Clifford.

– Charlotte Observer: “The point guards became part of the solution, with Jeremy Lin grabbing nine and Kemba Walker adding seven. This was one of those it-takes-a-village things. We made an effort to help the bigs on the glass and the ball was just bouncing my way,” Lin said. “We did a good job all the way through of just blocking out. When you see guards with a lot of rebounds, it’s not because we’re these amazing rebounders. It’s the bigs doing their job of blocking out so we can chase loose balls down.” That sounds simple because it is simple. Rebounding isn’t about nuance, it’s about being rugged and consistent enough to get between the other team and the ball as it comes off the rim.

– JLin finished with 13pts/4asts/9rebs/1stl/4TOs/3PFs. 5TOs was corrected to 4TOs as JLin fans emailed NBA to correct Frank’s TO stepping out-of-bound to be credited to him, not JLin.



Guess JLin's stats in Game 13 vs PHI


  1. Haven’t been FIRST for a long time. Feel so good about it:-) Go JLin!

  2. Feel so so lonesome here. Where is everyone???

  3. 3rd

  4. starting 5

  5. Not sure I want to be the starting 5 in Hornets. They are too slow and always need JLin and the bench for a rescue:-)

  6. hahaha true true

  7. To me, Hornets bench with Batum is the starting 5. Am I so bias??!!!! Yeah you are right. I’m just JLin ONLY fan but I’m correct too from their performance as well. G’s stat backed me up:-)

  8. Super Lintendo to the rescue!

  9. Yay, Go Melody! Woohoo!

  10. just one final numbers look for today…. last nights game… shows you the impact a player can have even if his shots are not fallng… jlin is defense this year!

  11. do people understand these on/off charts?

  12. hehehehehe! Thanks! Just going to be in a crazy mood for a few more hours before my crazy life hit me with crazy busy in the next week or so:-)

  13. Not totally to me just by this stat. Probably put in an explanation on each column what it means like the higher the better or the lower the better.

  14. Hey we are in a Lin forum. So, of course we are bias 🙂
    Even the commentators said that it was beautiful basketball last night. Batum and 2nd unit (with JLin being PF, I may add) really clicked. Hope to see more of that.

  15. Awesome Def rating! But, i am surprised by the offense rating… so low??!

  16. Yesterday, sws94 posted that JLin is not good enough to be a starting PG in the NBA and received 3 upvotes. I couldn’t tell who the 3 were on my iphone but now I see that 2 of 3 were very loyal, longtime Lin fans. Encouraged sws94 now posted a screed that explains why he can’t be a starter: Lin’s handles are not good enough and he defers too much to even second tier stars. Two people responded with, “Good post.”

    Lin has stated clearly as recently as this past summer that his goal is be a starting PG. In the past he said he wanted to be an All-Star and win a championship. I just find it sad that some of Lin’s most loyal fans are ready to give up on him. This is supposed to be the “positive” fan site.

    Here is an excerpt:

    Two, and like this or not, Lin’s ball handling is just good enough for an NBA PG, starting or 2nd unit. The problem is, when Lin is pressured, it slows him down more than it does other PGs. It isn’t that he can’t dribble out of it. It’s more it slows down the offense to form and execute more than it slows it with other PGs. That is something we need to admit as Lin fans. A ball secure, strong handling PG is less delayed by ball hawking defenders than Lin is. And in fact, Lin often would rather another guard handle that pressure and then receive the basketball to operate. That’s a quality that would have a lot of organizations and coaches have another ball handler with Lin even if he starts but would also prefer another ball handler to Lin as a starter. Curry is a much more effective ball handler than Lin and most of the NBA starters with Lin’s scoring ability are, especially on good teams.” –sws94


    sws94, your premise is that the special circumstances of Linsanity will probably never be repeated. How do you explain the game against the Spurs when Lin scored 38 points? In fact, Lin often led the Rockets to victories when Harden sat out. He also had some Linsanity level games as a Laker especially after the AS break. But even with Kobe on the floor he had a couple of great games against the Warriors and the Clippers. What motivates you to keep posting your insidious propaganda?

    BTW, is the sentence in bold missing a word? Because it doesn’t really make sense.

  17. I was afraid of that… so much info here… almost need a writeup just to explain…let me try something here and get input then I can add it to my posts later….

    OffRtg: Offensive Rating for players it is points produced per 100 possessions, so this is a scaled up look offfense in order to compare players ( so you want this #HIGH)

    DefRtg: Defensive Rating for players and teams it is points allowed per 100 possessions.( so you want this #LOW)

    NetRtg: difference between the two above.

    NOW it gets a bit more complicated when looking at ON/OFF values…

    ON is simply looking at values when the player in on the floor
    OFF is simply looking at values when the player is off the floor

    for OffRtg if the ON value is higher than the OFF value that means player is an offensive asset-scoring well

    for DefRtg if the ON value is lower than the OFF value that means player is an defensive asset- defending well

  18. his shot was struggling last night

  19. Wow! This is good. LOL!

    Kevin McHale’s wife, Lynn, rails against Rockets on Twitter over husband’s firing


  20. McHales wife…. wow!!! the wheels are falling off the bus for sure… thanks GOD JLin is not in the mess…


  21. wahahaha

  22. I don’t think she’s helping his cause.

  23. I like the @KardasianCurse is real. LOL!

  24. He got fired so she didn’t care….

  25. no but the one from the rapper over him stirring the pot after 3’s is…. bwaahaaa… whatever gets in his head and scrambles his brains I am fine with

  26. I don’t know what’s worse. This or the disaster that is the Lakers and what inevitably will become their implosion.

  27. Yep. This helps a great heap. Learn to read a little in the past 2 years but still not that great. So explanation is a huge help.

  28. we all said eventually all of this would come on… This is just tip of the iceburg of just how dysfunctional it all was/is…

  29. hehehehe. I always believe in JLin’s choice (on and off court) no matter what. He knows what he is doing and I’m not. That’s why I’ve never told him what to do…… The part 1 vid on that bros vid explained a lot that I have absolutely no idea about:-) Leave him to do what he needs to do as he is the pro and I’m just his fan.

  30. and the truth shall set you free!

  31. I wish she can say more… but too bad no more… smh!

  32. hmmmm…. I thought McHale has been asking Harden to play defense the last 3 years… guess not.

  33. JLin OffRtg on the floor 107.1 his DefRtg on the floor was a whopping 89.4! for a net On the floor rating of 17.7 when jlin was off the floor yes the OffRtg was greater at 121 however the DefRtg of 132~~~ yes 132!!! for a losing values of -11

    so overall the team was much better off with JLin on the floor

    last night Hawes was on fire offensively and defense while on the floor

  34. McHale’s wife?

  35. YES! From now on, whoever says JLin’s defense is a liability should be… (something I shouldn’t say)

  36. look at a few numbers:
    JLin def #’s JLin on the court keeps BKN to 89.4 JLin off court BKN scoring 132/100 possessions

  37. scolded mightily! 🙂

  38. I bet his offensive rating on the floor would be better with Walker off the floor. Like his +/- would be +17 after the second unit would make a run in the 2nd quarter then drop down to +9 after playing alongside Walker for the rest of the 2nd quarter. That’s why you’ll see Hawes with the highest +/- because he plays the least alongside Walker.

  39. So good to see JLin to be acknowledged of his hard work and commitment by his team.

  40. oh man! I felt bad watching his reaction…:-((

  41. hahaha So sick of hearing that, propaganda by DM and KM, 1 down and another 1 to go.

    JLin’s defensive is awesome as compared to many so called “superstars,” “stars”….. JLin is really becoming a total player now.

  42. Working on the shots I think.

  43. Clips kept him instead of JLamb lol Lin says thank you

  44. I liked this comment. Shows how powerful the Kardashian curse is. Sucks the mojo out of the NBA player and the whole team. LOL


  45. Lin indeed know himself what should be improved.

  46. Yes saw it. Thanks heap! You are awesme!

  47. Shaqtin a fool 🙂

  48. All Mchale’s kissing up to Harden in the end got him fired. Karma.

  49. if you are not following this guy on twitter you should. positive person

  50. yeah. i guess mchale never asked before, hahahaha. that would not surprise me.

  51. Of course he knows. He knows better than everyone else. Never know a male who knows his own strengths and weaknesses as much as and as young as he is.

    Most (99.999999%) males that I know and work with won’t ever acknowledge nor deal his own weaknesses. They brag about their strengths and is literally blindfold with their weaknesses. Male egos to no end!!!!!!!! Drive me crazy!!!!!!!

  52. Yes I do. He is very active in tweeting.

  53. why is hawes net rating so high? thats crazy. and his defense….

  54. WOW seem like many NBA players are alcoholics.

  55. Anybody have an easy link to that recent vid Jeremy did with…urk…was it Kev Jumba and another friend?…about basketball strategies? Last thread, or even previous one. I shoulda bookmarked it 🙁 Anyway, he talks about how even long-time bball watchers may have a lot of knowledge about the game, but they in fact really have very little real idea of what it takes to execute on court. They have their ideas about why things did or did not work, but they are usually just too incomplete. There’s so much going on at such a much higher level than “eye tests” and street-ball experience give that very few have a truly good grasp of all the pieces that have to work together. Analysis so often is missing some seemingly obscure but essential part of the puzzle. So these confident analyses about what he can and can’t do, and what his limits are…I just don’t read them anymore. Best of intentions, and engaged fandom, but too much over-certainty from the bleachers.

  56. That’s not giving up
    Just being realistic
    At this point, it is very hard for Lin to be as starting PG in the NBA let alone all star.

    A lot of role players have linsanity level games here and there.

    Its hardly giving up on Lin

  57. in all seriousness McHale may have tried to tell Harden you did it your way last year and it did not work if you want a championship you have to play defense… and then pouting ensued and then a players meeting and Finally McHale is out of town on a rail.

  58. did he do this on purpose so he can stop playing for Rockets?

  59. Just recalled their name and found the vid:

  60. THANKS! These are great comments by Jeremy.

  61. the chart above is just for one game… hawes was feeling it last night

  62. I Can’t take that person’s posts seriously anymore. And you’re right it’s subliminal ‘propaganda’.

  63. Mud fight! LOL

  64. I was in NYC during Linsanity. That was a period. That was magic. That was a contagious je ne sais quo that will not be repeated. That was a series of games and they were Wins with Lin shining bright in every game leading the way. That was Lin elevating players and making them look like all-stars. That was team ball at some Zenith in Knick history. That was the Ranger and NY Giants players coming to specifically see Lin. That was Spike Lee elated and Lin being behind the podium for press conferences after games. It was one of the most special times in MSG and in NY sports history.

    There was also the backlash and the people that wanted Lin down a peg or several.

    Now Lin is in a different circumstance and is an NBA player with a certain mentality and skill set after been in way less than ideal situations the previous 3 seasons. As with many players, he works on his game in the off-season and tries to implement them during the season. That’s the script being written now 3 years later. The Jeremy Lin story in the NBA continues.

  65. I agree. Astute points.

  66. This is not recent, old news. I don’t think his benching has anything to do with the DUI. Lawson and Harden are not known for their defense. Having both of them on the floor spells trouble for the rockets, hence the benching.

  67. Thanks!!!!
    I can’t believe I missed this. You can tell how much Jeremy really LOVES the game. He is so animated when talking about the technical side of it.

  68. I’m happy for both Jeremys. Lin just had a better connection with Hawes yesterday. It’s good that Lin has more options now.


  69. Very articulate and informative.

  70. I didn’t watch it before. One of my favorite JLin talks vids.

  71. Exactly, and it’s working because longtime fans are starting to agree. If s/he would just come out and say, “Lin can’t start because his handles are bad and he defers too much,” then I wouldn’t even respond. I’d leave it to others. But it’s this subtle, persistent criticism dressed up as fandom that’s so annoying. And s/he doesn’t even know what s/h’e talking about.

  72. Lin is definitely playing strong defense. But these numbers are colored by the usual rotations Clifford uses. Lin is with Hawes a lot of the time on offense, which lowers his OffRtg. On the other hand Kemba is with Al, which lowers his DefRtg.

    The takeaway that Lin is making a big difference is valid. But over a short series of games the playing groups has a big impact in addition to individual performance.

  73. look at lynn mchale’s comment about carson and obama.


  74. is that Kevin Mchale’s relative?

  75. lynn mchale is kevin mchale’s wife.

  76. So like does New York think every new prospect is another Jeremy Lin? There was Hardaway Jr, then Galloway now Porzingis. Like a someone who broke up comparing every new girlfriend / boyfriend with the ex- that got away. LOL


  77. Porzingis did well so far. He’s high draft & fans love him even more than Melo now. LOL!

  78. Ya but he was scouted, drafted as a high pick in the lottery and didn’t do this:


  79. Maybe is good news to the McHales, enjoying the millions without having to work, like striking a lottery, lots of money with free times and no stress!

  80. Lawson probably will drink more now w Rox put him to bench… Less than 20 games. smh!

  81. Things have changed so much since Linsanity. In Linsanity Lin would have shot attempts in the upper teens often. Now he rarely reaches the teens in shot attempts. The points are through the roof. And look at how much of his passes were converted to assists. Those Linsanity numbers are insane.

  82. plz. kporz has one big game against the always weak hornets front line (see what young/lopez/johnson did against them 2) and its a big deal; the weak hornets bigs make big porz a big deal; prior to this game hes averaging 12 points a game and never score more than 16.

    hes playing deserving of his draft possesion (kat 1 okafor 2 kporz 3)–forgetting the forgetable to date lakers pick of course; but theres nothing insane about his performance except this one off against the easy target of hornets bigs.

  83. need to re-emphsize point of poster above, this is (as far as i know) not a new offense but the old offense that got him busted out of denver.

    still yeah messy rockets situation could drive him back into the bottle soon.

  84. If that’s the case he needs to stop playing and go to rehab like Sabathia did.

  85. McHale whispers in Ty’s ear, “remember to stand in the corner.”

  86. Welcome! When I watched this, my thought was how much I didn’t know about bb. That’s why I leave the bb and his career to him and just be a fan. He knows what he is doing and none of us is in the pro world. We are all just NBA bystanders whether we agree or not.

  87. I second that. But some people here support his views though. You never know.

  88. those numbers were replicated every time he had a chance at Houston and LA to run the team and have starter minutes. Not a fluke, not insane just opportunity

  89. ha ha JLin invasion…

  90. We and a few can read and discern through it.

  91. If the question is to a Knicks fans now, of course, most would say Porzy.

  92. Thanks, added it to Video Gallery on homepage

  93. Why would anyone feel bad for McHale when he took 12 MIll USD and has 3 year vacation to spend it. Lol

  94. kissing harden “in the end” got him a mouthful of booty hair

  95. Really learn a lot from JLin and I’m glad that I know little about pro NBA games:-)

  96. DUI does not mean you are an alcoholic. Could be but not necessarily.

  97. Jay highlights:

  98. You and I and most here know that Lin is a capable starting pg/sg(need be). If you want to know, review my discussions w/that person as to why I stopped reading his/her posts.

  99. Obviously, Lin is a bench player right now and sometimes plays a PG role, so his handle IS good enough for a PG coming off the bench. Don’t know if his handle is good enough for him to be a starting PG because he’s not starting now. I have no problem at all with his saying Curry’s handle is better than Lin’s.

  100. Lin is a MASTER of drawing multiple defenders and putting defenders on their heels (even when he’s not having stellar shooting). An offense that tires out opponents defense is also good defense. Unfortunately these critical things don’t directly show up on stats.

  101. JLin is too modest. He said he got rebounds since his teammates did a good job blocking out.
    I only see 1 or 2 rebounds due for that reason.

    The rest was done with great anticipation & timely jump

  102. Bill SimmonsVerified account‏@BillSimmons

    Jeremy Lamb has a higher PER than James Harden. And Harden quit on Kevin McHale. I am ready to re-think my feelings about the Harden trade.


  103. Let’s see if Lamb will have a higher PER than Harden at the end of this season, or even by half way.

  104. These numbers are specifically for the one game. BRK 11/18. JLin plays with various groups not set rotation so yes these numbers are slightly dependent on who playing with. So since JlIn ends up playing with evveryone this stat reflects no matter who he is playing with he has an incredible impact on defRtg. No matter what group he was with he notched a 89.4 defRTg in the game which is great.

  105. Wow, at 1:01 Marvin just takes Lin and pulls him over to another spot to get the ball.

  106. Whatever the fans or reporters said… it’s not matter to Alex… Watched the game last night from Rox, they are still very high on Harden. In fact, more than ever….smh!

  107. he has started and his data indicates he has good enough basketball skills to start. just needs opportunity. and the time on the floor.

  108. I studied alcoholism and how it affected a person and family when I was in college. I did my master thesis on how to help adult children of alcoholics. So I do know what I’m talking about. Most people only associates alcoholics when one hit the bottom. That’s wrong fact and info. If you want to find out more, there are tons of info everywhere. Most people are alcoholics before it becomes obvious. When it’s as obvious as this one, DUI twice are caught, that person is obviously hitting the bottom and has serious issues.

  109. not necessarily. Lots of Knicks fans remain JLin fans

  110. Don’t you know now that JLin always gives others credit whether the person/s deserves or not:-) That’s why he is well like except very very few.

  111. Spoken like a true leader.

  112. You mean Thunder.

  113. Good movement on that play. No Kemba or Batum on the court.

  114. I saw that yesterday and I thought “Why is MW manhandling Jeremy?!” lol. Love the movement and the energy on that play.

  115. it makes his teammates think, “man, we better block out more so the highlights can’t lie” =)

  116. Follow the leader 😉

  117. If you are Lin fan, then you would vote for Lin. If you are Knicks fan now, you care more about now rather than the past. I think if you poll all Knicks fans, they probably would choose Porzy, but no hard proof. Knicks would not make playoff without Porzy, but with Porzy, I think they have a better chance than Hornets to make the playoff. Melo actually passes to Porzy.

  118. He was 13-23 and had about 12 FT attempts in the 38 point game against the Lakers.

    He shot it 19 times in OT for the Rockets scoring 38 against the Spurs. That’s the highest amount of FGA I remember Lin having as a Rocket. Maybe he had more other games but I remember his FGA seemed low compared to NYK.

    I think if you pull the stats and look at shot attempts you’ll find that Lin has far less FGA in the Houston games as he had during the Linsanity period. Lin took shots in the Linsanity period. He wasn’t inefficient usually, especially on drives and layups, but he took a good amount of shots.

  119. one thing noticeable about Lamb playing is that when he’s there with Jlin, he becomes productive and has lots of touches, but when Jlin is out, he becomes like PJ hairstone who seems not to know what to do inside the court? Most of Lamb point comes from an assistance from Jlin but when KW inside with him, most of the feed by KW goes to AL, that leaves Lamb with no touches and most of the time a liability also in defense.(especially when KW opt to shoot more than to pass the ball)

  120. I saw them. Hard to ignore though because sws94 is such a persistant poster. And it’s always the same: why Lin shouldn’t start. And then when we disagree s/he cried that this site is bumming him out. Whatever.

  121. I agree webattorney. At the game it was Porzingis-mania and Lin was booed but in a playful way. MSG will always love Lin but fans tend to look at who is the latest craze. There are some that have a soft spot for Lin. Plus they may be thinking Porzingis will have the better career when all is said and done. I have no idea, but Porzingis was impressive looking in the game on Tuesday. I really don’t watch the Knicks all that much to see his lesser games.

  122. Porzy is improving with each game, so Knicks fans definitely have something to cheer about now days. He’s the future of Knicks, and if he gets better, I think he can attract good players in other positions to come and play for them.

  123. I like it, veteran leadership and trust in Lin. Also love the Batum to Lin/Lin to Batum connection. If Lin sunk a few 3s he would have had a solid, 20 point game. Even still, he had a good game. Lin had TOs but I found Batum’s to be worse.

  124. I have never seen big guy move that fast, other than Shaq, Robinson and of course, Hakeem the Dream, off top of my head. But Porzy doesn’t even have to jump to shoot a turn around shot from what I noticed. And I can see in his personality that he wants to be the best and thinks he can be. That’s what I like about him.

  125. True. Early stats are early stats. Harden is a productive offensive player with some annoying tendencies. He’s not a great 2 way player.

  126. Ya! Most of Lamb’s points all from played next to Lin not KM. Bc KM needs to pass the ball to Al first then himself & Batum. Lamb? Plays D? LOL!

  127. That’s why Charlotte is better not starting Lamb and keeping him in tandem with Lin. And we’ll be seeing more Lin/Lamb alley oops too.

  128. Were you at the game sws94?

  129. I agree, that was a veteran move by MW and he’s been consistent so far this season. He kinda reminds me of Jared Jeffries. Jeremy’s shot didn’t fall but he made up for it with rebounds and his insane D as well as other little things that don’t show up in the stat sheet. Good game overall but he will have a great game soon!

  130. JLin is vocal on the floor, according to game reports from other posters, which I’m sure helps Lamb, following JLin’s lead.

  131. Yes. I did a summary and posted some pics my friend took. I thought Linsanity level in the first half but turned more into the Kemba show in the 2nd half. Lin only scored 2 points in the 2nd half. Porzingis poured in on and looks huge on the court. Physically huge.

  132. Good comparison!

  133. that too for we can see that Jlin directs Lamb most of the time to where he should go and position to have the touches that he needs. when hot, jlin continue feeding lamb to maximize his game thats why most of the time bench were able to make a big lead or increased it more when starter are doing their job.

  134. I really thought Lin would give Knicks fans some regret with his excellent play during 1st half, but I think when the game was done, most Knicks fans went home happy as Porzy fans.

  135. Yeap, therefore, he cannot be a true franchise player. To me, a franchise player needs to be great offensive player and be at least solid at defensive end. And truth be told, without his getting many foul calls, he would just be a very good scorer, but I don’t blame him working the system. I mean, the guy tailors his game to get foul calls. And he excels in this. On replays, he purposely leans in against his defenders and then acts as if they ran into him.

  136. At 5:38, the referee, #42, is named Eric Lewis, Lin was pleading his case w/him and the ref looked quite stern and turned off. Monitor this ref. Lin did not get fair foul calls in this game for sure, even Rick Bonnell tweeted so.

  137. in the last game Lamb ignored Lin and forced up bricks, twice

  138. If you have been charged with DUI several times, yes, I would agree but one DUI, no . . . I knew several people who was charged with DUI once but are not alcoholics. I mean you could drink two bottles of beer, drive and get charged with DUI. Drinking two bottles of beer is not being alcoholic.

  139. Somebody tat went to the game that sat behind the bench said Clifford was constantly yelling at Lamb because he was out of place.

  140. He was out of the place…..LOL…..so badly sometimes…

  141. That was wu kung, I think.
    Also, Lamb was interviewed on xm few days ago and he hinted that he is often yelled at by Clifford, who is very blunt. lol. Lamb is not exactly a high IQ player…

  142. Or give a consistent effort to be a good team defender. Harden just doesn’t give much effort except every once in a while when he feels like it for how long he feels like it.

  143. Just watched last few min of Heat vs King, Heat commentators said Celtics offers position for Mc but he’s probably not in rush to take the job….. not sure what position for Mc?

    Also saw Dragic played so so now w Heat’s starters… Wade & Bosh didn’t pass the ball to him even no Chalmers now. 0-5 for 1st half. Maybe soon he will just like Lawson to bench?!

  144. Lamb is good in CnS only. Poor D like Harden. You know OKC product.

  145. yep. I am sure Harden will have a higher PER maybe even Kobe too…. given the PER is a problematic rating….

    PER has been said to reward inefficient shooting. To quote Dave Berri, the author of The Wages of Wins:

    “Hollinger argues that each two point field goal made is worth about 1.65 points. A three point field goal made is worth 2.65 points. A missed field goal, though, costs a team 0.72 points. Given these values, with a bit of math we can show that a player will break even on his two point field goal attempts if he hits on 30.4% of these shots. On three pointers the break-even point is 21.4%. If a player exceeds these thresholds, and virtually every NBA player does so with respect to two-point shots, the more he shoots the higher his value in PERs. So a player can be an inefficient scorer and simply inflate his value by taking a large number of shots.”

  146. me.

  147. actually I think he had a great game. Do not look solely at the buckets that fall… there is another complete HALF of the game to consider… you know the one James harden hates… defense. and JLIn is killing it so far this season.

  148. Just be glad he didn’t pick up the ball hog skills from OKC as well.

  149. Haha! So far not yet…bc Lin passed the ball to him… no need to.

  150. who’s MC???

  151. McHale?

  152. Rebounds, defense, hustle, leadership, definitely a positive game for Lin. I think Clifford is liking Lin’s defense and trusting it late in games.

  153. Kevin Mchale

  154. Ya!

  155. THX

  156. Rewards volume shooting.

  157. The previously hyped Dragic and Lawson are perfect examples of how people perform when their skill sets fit in well with a team. No one succeeds in circumstances that aren’t favorable or at least “neutral” to them. No one.

  158. I’ve got lots of stats… want games where jlin started w/o harden…

  159. any idea in what way lamb was out of place?

  160. MH and Angie have good relationship, nothing surprising. But I dont think MH would want to listen to a young HC who is a 10000 times better than him. LOL

  161. again I say not a fluke. his talent is there. it is opportunity that he is missing.

  162. he is giving away 5th row seats behind bench to someone. Read his tweets!

  163. Yes, please post your stats in the

    “JL Articles & Facts – Tweetable STATS”

    thread where we can refer to them when we need them. Thanks


  164. No, just how many shots per game Lin averaged during the Linsanity period vs. how many even on his hot scoring stretches in Houston, maybe with or without Hardon. My feeling is he took significantly less after Linsanity. Harden is a big factor why Lin had less shots but I think Lin changed his game since MDA to shoot less and facilitate more. I think he is shooting now more with Charlotte but less than Linsanity.

  165. what did bonnell tweet about this?

  166. Win a pair of 5th row seats behind the @hornets bench for Friday's game against Philly. Who needs to be there? #WinPetesSeats— Pete Guelli (@PeteGuelli) November 19, 2015

  167. I agree. I just think he used to shoot more in Linsanity. Even when he gets more PT, he tends to shoot less.

  168. Funny yet shows Marvin’s such a smart and team player, dragging Lin back to the spot instead of moving away. Defense were confused by that move.

  169. the NYK days…

  170. Read Pete Guelli’s Tweets. You can win a pair of 5th row seats behind the hornets bench for Friday’s game by creatively replying back to his tweets.

  171. Shots been off, gotta work hard to be efficient again and seize the chance of coach giving him longer minutes!

  172. It looks like Mchale’s wife deleted her Twitter account. I wonder why…


  173. too bad I don’t live in Charlotte

  174. yep

  175. Could it be, and this is a major IF, that Clifford is trying to iron out new team kinks by proving a point on what doesn’t work?

    Earlier Batum, and more recently Kemba, has shown signs of trying to be “Da Man” by hogging the ball and/or going solo, costing Hornets 2-3 close games that could’ve been won. But recently we observed that Batum is beginning to have better chemistry/camaraderie with Lin on the court, deviating away from the early “Da Man” tendency. Same applies to Kemba, who after a couple of bad games (and a 4th Q benching) has gone Harden, only to lose the Knicks game. We also saw Lin NOT closing the Bulls game, which was inexplicable because Clifford has shown confidence in Lin closing both before AND after that game.

    The only rational explanation I can come up with is that Clifford is trying to make a statement by proving certain points/claims wrong, demonstrated through on-court actions. Think Lin is unnecessary for closing? Fine, watch me pull Lin in 4th Q…BAM loss to Bulls. Think we should go Harden with Kemba? Sure Kemba shoot away…BAM loss to Knicks.

    While I know this may be a long shot, or even an optimistic interpretation from a Lin fan’s perspective, the theory is at least sound in terms of team management, and not entirely improbable. In the next 15-20 games, we can keep our eyes on some signs that would give us better indication on whether my theory holds any water. 1) Is Lin benched or allowed to close most, if not all tight games? 2) Does Kemba (Batum has already reverted to being less selfish) go Harden again? 3) Another encouraging sign is that Kaminsky is beginning to get more minutes. If Tyler gets more minutes after game 20-25, it’d be a better confirmation that Clifford is building the team in stages.

  176. it happened a lot during the game I was at… he would get yelled at and then run from a LONG way off to a defend a player. I need to re watch the game on LP and see if I notice all the times it happened.

  177. I don’t think Danny likes being called Angie…at least not during the day. LOL

  178. Harden is on another level over Lamb. Lin/Lamb Is Definitely Better than Harden/Bev/Lawson. As bad as Hou was, Lin did have some very good games there. It is what it is: Make the most of every journey – whether it’s good or bad and comes out being a stronger person, a better player. It is through bad times that we get to see what we’re really made out of – our will to persevere or fold. That’s the very essence of Linsanity – I’ve seen JL7 battles through the bad and comes out on top. No one can takes away his iron will.

  179. Lin played bully ball to score on Larkin after Larkin stole his ball.

  180. Game Hornets vs Nets on 18 Nov 2015; Rick Bonnell’s tweeted:–>
    Rick Bonnell ‏@rick_bonnell Nov 18 Charlotte, NC
    How did 3 referees miss Thaddeus Young holding Jeremy Lin that blatantly?
    42 retweets 60 likes

  181. Who? Psalm234 or jlin? : )

  182. all you gotta do is listen to clafford’s interviews. it’s very telling. especially when he tries to justify starting PJ which he said was so Batum doesn’t have to play defense so that he has the energy for offense

  183. Ok, so in the winning streak games from playing the Nets, his shot attempts are 19, 17, 14, 23, 24, 20 and 6. Then there were 18, 20 and 18. This is from Feb 4-20 2012. I can’t find a time in Houston where Lin took that many attempts game after game. 17 and 14 is closer to what he does now and rarely 17. He also went to the line a lot but he did also in Houston and does with consistency.


    Houston he took 22 shots in an OKC game but there are a lot of between 10-15 shots per game in that period.

    I think my point was Lin got a ton of points then vs. now because he shot more. Now he doesn’t focus as much on shooting so he has less points. If he shot that much again he’ll likely score similarly, but he doesn’t play in that type of system where he could. Westbrook takes a lot of shots, as does Curry. And they score a lot of points.

  184. you can still try to win it for a Lin fan who IS in the Charlotte area

  185. Lamb seem to ALWAY be clueless of where he needs to be on the court on offense and defense. i see players, especially Lin pointing at where Lamb should be, all the time

  186. I’ll credit Larkin for not giving up. Lin did the same thing in a Knicks game in Charlotte. But then Lin went and scored anyway over the smaller Larkin and a big man.

  187. Put Lin in a knicks uniform in that game, and I’ll bet u madison square garden would have went crazy. It would’ve been pandemonium for jeremy lin.

  188. Coach is loving Lin’s defense, I think that’s what is giving him the minutes. I’m hoping the shots fall soon.

  189. Totally agree. Porzingis is fine but Lin has way more electricity and charisma when he gets going.

  190. I’m on board with you. After all, that’s why JL7 was so high on CC in offseason. Unless, CC is “really stubborn” like McHale – there’s no way that he cannot see the truth. He knows Kemba – what he can and cannot do. So, going on the same path as before and expecting different results OR … Try to build something BETTER.

  191. Is wukong moderator here and/or [email protected] on twitter the same person?

  192. how? well, refs are always looking at how they can call a foul on Lin and not the other way away

  193. I guess by her husband’s order… Rox still pay them 12M… you don’t want to have bad name after you left your job.

  194. I think so.

  195. Exactly. This type of veteran presence has been so critical to Lin’s success. I’ve loved Marv since he’s had this column in SLAM Magazine as a high schooler. Didn’t know he would become a role player but it was kinda foreseeable since he was so low-key. Nevertheless I’ve always appreciated Jared Jefferies, Marv Williams, Shane Battier type of players over egocentric Harden Melo type. I’m just glad that Jeremy has another one on the team again. It’s not a coicidence that Marv has the highest net +/- on the team as posted by Wu Kong.

  196. thanks.

  197. yes. hi 🙂

  198. Thanks. Want to give you a shout out on your statistics. Very good work. Learn a lot.

  199. I don’t really moderate though. only able to be on in spurts can’t guarantee daily participation here

  200. thanks 🙂

  201. actually Wages of Wins made some error in his analysis as well..

    Here is a response from Hollinger himself:-

  202. yup…that what PER is….it was was in the analogy of showing immaterial if shots fall or not…when a player is aggressive, he takes more shots! Obvously, thats is not the only contributing factor for PER as it do take into account other attributes as well.

    Defensively, Steals and Blocks are accounted

    PER is not perfect, but for time being that the rating NBA has to go with.

    Here is PER definition:-

    PER takes into account accomplishments, such as field goals, free throws, 3-pointers, assists, rebounds, blocks and steals, and negative results, such as missed shots, turnovers and personal fouls. The formula adds positive stats and subtracts negative ones through a statistical point value system. The rating for each player is then adjusted to a per-minute basis so that, for example, substitutes can be compared with starters in playing time debates. It is also adjusted for the team’s pace. In the end, one number sums up the players’ statistical accomplishments for that season.

  203. maybe Jlin should donate them some glasses as a thanksgiving gift! lol

  204. simple explanation is that cliff is just experimenting with lineups, instead of some elaborate agenda. i always favor the simple explanation.

  205. They doing way too much

  206. Same here, Lin’s overdue for a 20+/30+ point game!

  207. if you are interested in Stats another great source is http://www.nbastuffer.com

    they do a great job with power rankings…http://www.nbastuffer.com/2015-2016_NBA_Regular_Season_Advanced_Stats.html

  208. The fact that it’s taken them nearly 4 years to find any kind of hype close to Linsanity speaks volumes about that franchise.

  209. After China games, NBA TV promoted Lin a lot…

  210. True but at least Lamb doesn’t dribble, dribble, and dribble with no where to go running the shot clock down and then chucks up a shot. Once Lamb gets the ball he chooses to shoot or pass right away.

  211. I think so. John says building the team in stages. Yes. Cliff said Troy and Brian Roberts will get chances in the post-game comments yesterday.

  212. No Difference. Peroid. If a team’s offense runs through JL7 at 75% of the time NOW – history repeats all over again, hence, Linsanity period. Nothing has changed. The only changes ARE coaches and teammates. Lin will take control when the game is on the line But he cannot just ignore the 2nd or 3rd string players. That’s what makes him so special. Team building is about trusting every teammates and not freezing them out just because… He, himself, was in that position before.

  213. I think mid 20s first. He goes 3-5 from 3 that’s 9 points. Add 8 from the foul line for 17 and 8 on drives, he’s in the mid 20s on about 14-15 total shots going 9-14 or something like that. He’s done that plenty.

  214. Yes, and really, it’s not close.

  215. cool stuff…thanks

  216. Not Linsanity. Lin can have dominant periods again and elevate team mates but conditions that produced Linsanity and those way better numbers than HOF players like Magic, Stockton and Isiah Thomas is not to be repeated. That’s what I’m talking about with LInsanity. Not that he can’t perform if he takes the reigns like he did in Houston post ASB in the first season or plenty games in Houston without Harden, but making those numbers again, no.

  217. Wow, you’ve known and worked with a hundred million men? We all thought Wilt was prolific.

  218. What’s up with McHale wife twitter fire.

  219. They tasted money…

  220. if given the time on the court and the usg rate. yes yes he could repeat. That is who he is. Those werer not fluke magic’ moments. Those were his talents being let loose.

  221. Don’t know if this was posted:
    Jeremy Lin’s insight talk about NBA

  222. More of an “ego management” than an “agenda”. I think Clifford already knows what the lineups can and cannot do.

  223. But it was all the perfect pieces coming together for him and those numbers are immortal numbers. They blow away numbers produced by legends of the game in Magic and John Stockton. Yes, it wasn’t a fluke. It was talent and leadership unleashed. No argument there. But those insane numbers and all of what was connected to Linsanity is unique.

    You know, you could call it anything. But whatever happens great with Lin in the future won’t be the Linsanity that happened in 2012 at least with those numbers and that magic that was in NYC and the Garden for those weeks it happened.

  224. And when I say Linsanity numbers I mean these:


  225. Ya! $$$ talk.

  226. Guess what time of the year it is? it’s a good time to start Annual JLinPortal Fundraising for Jeremy Lin Foundation! 😀

    My church will conduct another Q&A Session when Hornets visit Phoenix Suns on Jan 6, 2016 so we can present another check to Jeremy Lin Foundation. The good thing is my church will also start a fundraising through ticket sales so together we can raise a big check 😀

    Last year we managed to raise $4100 to help JLin Foundation with your generosity! Hopefully with more time, we’ll get more participation this time.
    I will create similar post to our 2014-2015 Fundraising below. This time I will request everyone to donate directly to Jeremy Lin Foundation and simply email receipt to me so I can tally up the total. You can get tax deduction and it simplifies the administration.

    Here is Part 1 of JLin’s Q&A on Jan 19, 2015 with his response to appreciate his fans effort

  227. https://www.reddit.com/r/nba/comments/3rs5f7/eli5_what_is_per/

    good debate her on PER..

    “It rewards players that have a high FGA per minute played as long as they shoot above 34% (that number is for the Warriors, give or take a little based on each team). So that includes your traditional volume scorers/high FGA guys like Westbrook and Melo,”

  228. hope that Lamb must learn that to fly high , he needs to do it one step at a time…a stubborn person will never learn until he follow first.

  229. Why The Charlotte Hornets Have The NBA’s Most Improved Offense


    When Charlotte Hornets head coach Steve Clifford decides to make a change, he does not mess around. In Clifford’s first year at the helm of the (then) Bobcats, he transformed a defense that ranked 29th overall in points allowed into a top-five
    defense. This year, Coach Clifford has shifted his focus to the team’s offense, and the results have been demonstrative.
    So far, this new scheme has transformed the team’s offense that ranked 28th in points produced per 100 possessions last year into a top-ten offense this season.

    Undoubtedly, the most drastic change the Hornets have made is in terms of their three-point shooting. Most impressive about the Hornets this year is their shot proliferation from behind the arc. Through ten games this season, the Hornets are second in the league in three-pointers made per game and fourth in three-pointers attempted. Even more importantly, they currently rank 10th in three-point percentage.

    One way Charlotte has increased its shooting accuracy is by running more sophisticated offensive sets. Watch as the Hornets take a page out of the San Antonio Spurs’ book and run the “hammer” play:

    Another signal of the Hornets’ improved offense is the increase in catch-and-shoot attempts.

    Another reason for the Hornets’ increased success from three is related to personnel. ver the offseason, Charlotte acquired Nic Batum and Jeremy Lamb, and both are having career years from behind the arc.

    Last but not least, Kwok Wai Lai added JLamb3 & JLin7 combine for 24.3ppg off the bench, ranking 1st in the Eastern Conference among backcourt duos. The addition of Jeremy Lin has helped the team to wins in the 4Q.

  230. NBA Daily Show: Nov. 19 – The Starters
    Linsanity vs Porzingis

  231. eh whatever I look at the cold hard facts of the numbers and know he has done it since NY and he can do it again… in fact he i a better player than when he was in NY. Agree to disagree.

  232. there were times….

  233. 3 Tough teams to end on the high note this Nov. for the Hornets: Wizards, Cavs, Bucks. Three redemption games – for losing our FIRST Three games. CCliff just have to keep the Linsanity wagon rolling with JL7’s full quarter plays of 27+ min. Run the GS offense and share the glory.

  234. is lin or hornets mentioned?

  235. He hasn’t done an average of 33 points in 7 games and 12. 2 assists. I’m not really disagreeing with you at all and think he can put up great numbers again for a good stretch. But great ones, not the insane ones he did then. I’m saying Linsanity is something really special and exceptional that I don’t think any NBA player is going to match in the near future or even maybe distant both in statistics and how it electrified a city and beyond. And probably how it brought notice to an undrafted player.

  236. Is it worth watching?

  237. 5:30 – Linsanity vs. Zingsanity.

  238. Dang it, clippers are on fire, they’re blowin out the warriors. They never shoot this good, i hope its just a fluke.

  239. that was really good.

  240. good stuff!

  241. Linsanity wins hands-down! :]

  242. unanimously chosen that LINSANITY is the better of the two…landslide vote!

  243. Yup, Lin. No comparison.

  244. correct…FGA has a high contributing factor to PER

  245. Of course. No contest!

  246. That “sanity” should only be used for Lin because it was insane or Linsane. Nothing else comes close.

  247. They’re mostly pro Lin the few times I’ve watched them.

  248. I agree but Vince Carter had Vinsanity lol.

  249. True, and Vince was fun to watch with his athleticism and dunks.

  250. 16:40 – Handshakes – Hornets and Michael Jordan

  251. CP3 got couple days of good rest. CP3/Jamal combo can work very good at times. My Warriors just have to keep on playing high and make it a close game. It will Not be an easy will for Clipps. This IS what separates a true champion and a contender – the Will to react.

  252. GS is down big to the Clippers. Curry having lots of problems with Paul’s defense.

  253. GSW is on track….it all depends if Clippers could keep up with their high pace? If so they win, dropping just one Quarter is enough for Warriors to kill Clippers…lets see…

  254. Steph Cuury has 5TO in 12 min. He is Still the MVP. TO is overrated.

  255. Offensive foul baby, love it

  256. Yeah, you’re right that the unanimous is Linsanity hands down!

  257. its always wrong to just look at TOVs and ditching other numbers.

    Ad MVP is earned over a season and not a single game 😉

  258. Horrible call on griffin

  259. Griffin is unstoppable

  260. Harrison barnes, woo hoo

  261. the Huertas clips right after that (on being pump-faked on defense) are funny lol

  262. Ayyy I see Lin gettifng some special treatment there from MJ lol

  263. 68-54 Clips leading GSW at the half.
    Will Clips hand GSW its 1st loss?

  264. Down to 14 point lead at the half. Warriors gonna keep coming at them. They’re bound to heat up sometime, then, boom! Watch out.

  265. Yeah, with Lin even playing at a so so game, they won; win over the Nets in the 4Q.

  266. I wonder how JLin would guard Curry from launching a quick 3.
    Maybe use his speed to get closer and body-up Curry?


  267. When he was healthy, his other nickname was awesome – “half-man, half-amazing.”

  268. I see GSW is shooting well but CP3 & Blake just shot exceptionally well.
    Can anyone guard them?

  269. The only way to guard any hot shooters is to let him work on the defensive end.

  270. That looked like good D. Better O.

  271. Honestly, That is unguardable… for curry there are only two ways, either you stick close to him and not allow him to shot a three (but he will burn by driving to the rim) or just do your best to contest the shot… for me, I would just to my best to contest the shot and hope for the best… because being beaten to the dribble and curry got an easy to or easy assist for a dunk looks really bad…

  272. I think warriors played horrible and only down 14, no lead is safe with the warriors lurking.

  273. true, as long as GSW can slow down CP3 & Blake, they have the firepower to catch up

  274. Hes unguardable
    why bother lol

  275. Or he’ll draw a foul on u if u get up too tight on him, he’s master at that.

  276. I tried to remember JLin had some success preventing Curry from getting comfortable so he gave it up a few times before he got hot. But that was before this ‘video-game’ Curry arrived

    Glad it’s Kemba’s job to guard Curry =)

  277. i think Lin could body-up SC…seen him doing it in couple previous games…but he need to watch the foul calls

  278. yes, JLin can just ask Kemba to guard him lol

  279. doubt it, Clippers are really hot 1st half, 60% on 2s and 50% on threes, that is un-sustainable the whole game… and Clips are known to loose leads at 3rd quarter…

    if clipps increase the lead in the 3rd quarter then warriors are not coming back

  280. Yup thats when curry was mild, he’s spicy curry now.

  281. at this point, letting him drive and potentially miss 2s might be better than raining 3s all night long =)

  282. Curry really gets better year after year… Lin used to guard him well when he was w Rox… not sure now?

  283. IIRC just have hands on Curry’s face w/o fouling to make him uncomfortable .. but it may no longer works

  284. Well, defense is about reducing FG% of your opponent. Not about to reduce it to a particular value…..So it is not about if Curry makes a particular shot or not…more about if you do not do something, what will be his %age on that particular shot.

  285. Even with 5 TOs, Lin is tough and gritty in the 4Q contributing to the win. He’s a warrior that would play through ups and downs even when his shots weren’t exactly falling right.

  286. good point. I’m sure JLin is up to the challenge since he played Curry so many times before so he might know 1 or 2 thing to reduce Curry’s effectiveness

  287. I watched some highlights from Lin playing Portland as a Rocket and one of the things I now remember is he played some great games against them. Batum was in those games and defended Lin at times and yet Lin still got his way. I think Batum knows what Lin is made of.

  288. He’s a hard worker and a pure shooter with an ultra-quick release.

  289. I insist that Lin and Batum are veterans that Lamb isn’t.

  290. Definitely.

  291. They closed the lead to something manageable. GSW has a chance to stay undefeated.

  292. I think Batum played too long, 40 minutes. He made some bad TOs. Lin’s were more of aggression. But Batum’s were just sloppy and bad passes. 4Q, I think Lin is the one who is more clutch. Batum may fade a bit. I’m watching other games but it seems Lin made the back-breaking plays in the clutch more than Batum.

  293. yup…11pt game now

  294. The $21M extension of Lamb has given him the hype that he doesn’t deserve. Lamb definitely has potential but he hasn’t gone through enough trials and tough time to be at the level of Batum and Lin yet.

  295. Down 9 woo hoo

  296. They both share the same high Basketball IQ and they respect each other.
    Batum was always HOU killer when he was in POR. I think it had something to do that he was drafted by HOU and shipped away.

    I can’t wait for both to play HOU =)

  297. Down7

  298. A miscellaneous statistic (via ESPN) …

    Since the start of last season, for teams falling behind by 15 or more points in the 1st quarter:

    Warriors : 3-1
    Rest of NBA : 23-142

  299. Under GSW’s 3 points offense, 11-15 points lead really melts quickly.

  300. Lamb benefits with Lin and sometimes with Batum. With Kemba and Al he doesn’t really shine much. But he seems like a decent enough kid and Lin can throw lobs at him and get easy assists as well as get assists if his 3 ball is dropping and Lin can get him the ball when he’s open. From what wu kong has said, Cliff yells at him a lot. Especially on defense,.

  301. sure do…but both teams shooting at 44%….GSW slightly lower than their norm 🙂

  302. I remember that too. Houston had no answers for him.

  303. Cliff knew that he can’t have of both worlds from Batum. From jeremy, i guess cliff thought that even he tossed lin on different assignment, he knew jeremy will perform, but glad that it didn’t got to the minds of jeremy and did just continue playing even at the BENCH bench!

  304. $21 M just a back up SG price it’s not hype. Lamb is good at CnS that’s from training w OKC but he’s poor or lazy w D it’s also from OKC. Hornets promotes him not surprised bc he signed the long team contract w them.

  305. Chipping away and Clippers collapse the lead in their home again. Or at least it looks like it is headed that way.

  306. Batum was drafted by Rox? Wow! I didn’t know that…

  307. He was hot shooting for awhile but came back down to Earth. He’s not so great in interviews so he may not be ready to promote. Batum has French accent and Lin is super popular and super articulate so Lamb’s promotion may not last that long. Seems now he’s more promoted as Lin/Lamb combo off the bench.

  308. yeah…as we suspected…but surprisingly Clippers are shooting well, and GSW keeping it alive via FTs

  309. I’ve always thought Clifford was using that strategy. Others have thought differently. We’re all just trying to make sense of it from outside looking in.

  310. Down 6, draymond. I’m green with envy.

  311. I agree it’s Lin/Lamb combo… Right now they seem to high on Hawes too. Don’t know it’s really high or for trade?

  312. God Draymond Green is soo annoying
    like watching LAnce stephenson 2 years ago

  313. I hope he keeps annoying u : )

  314. I still think it is because he doesn’t care if PJ fouls out. He keeps Jeremy Lamb on the bench to benefit from Lin (plus Lamb’s defense isn’t great). Batum can not worry about fouls and play defense later. How else could you use PJ anyway?

  315. yup, he was known as the HOU-killer =)

  316. Hawes? That I don’t understand.

  317. But Lin had that great chase down block on him!

  318. lol he will for a very long time

  319. that was so liberating to watch

  320. Cliff likes him a lot. They put on NBA tweet after won vs Nets. It’s Hawes & Lin? Not Batum or Kemba?

  321. Now down 6. It is going to be long night for the Clippers.

  322. Only -3 now. I think GSW will win.

  323. Talk about Lance, he didn’t even get the chance to play? What’s wrong?

  324. Down 1 hehehe

  325. GSW will win.

  326. @real_dsb:disqus, @brentyen:disqus, @maknusia:disqus and other post-writers,
    FYI, I fixed the editor so you won’t see white text anymore. Sorry it took me some time to find the solution. Very tricky.
    Feel free to write game reports if you’d like =)

  327. bad attitude bad fit bad everything

  328. 30 pts for CP3. Clips made run.

  329. what is white text?

  330. Psalm, can you tally the stat-poll results when you have a chance. It’s fun!

  331. God willing, GSW will come back for a big win.
    Then lose for the 1st time to JLin & Hornets in Game 20 w/ JLin scoring 20pts

  332. yes, will do.
    I gotta fix the editor first =)


  333. Griffin 27-5-5 wow

  334. Curry too. But he’s 7 TO

  335. just a WordPress bug where the text color becomes white so it looks invisible

  336. GSW 3 ball is going now.

  337. Iggy clutch 3 made it 110-112
    3:17 left

  338. this game is amazing

  339. Back to 2. Iggy. Azalea.

  340. 28. Feeling greedy.

  341. No rush, just thought of it. Take your time.

  342. lol, that would take 2 OT

  343. Ya! Both teams play well…

  344. GSW refuses to go away. What a game!

  345. got it, maybe tomorrow
    I can tell you’re feelin’ really good about it =)

  346. Not really, maybe 2-12 shooting… LOL

  347. Iggy even did the MJ shaking-head as his hands made the 3 =)

  348. Got the lead, bam!

  349. wow, Klay shake-and-bake for another 3
    113-112 now

  350. Dam heart attack, call the paramedics

  351. Curry doesn’t miss 3 two-in-a-row

  352. Haha!

  353. Backdoor

  354. No one is unguardable. When Lebron was top dog, people would say the same thing about him. No one person can win a game. It still is a team sport. The way Spurs beat Miami and GSW beat Cavs is by deep benches that just wore out the 3 super stars. If the starters lose the lead by 10 and the second unit beats up the opponents second unit by 10, it then becomes a battle of attrition of how long the superstars can effectively play while your starters are fresher.

    Stef Curry is a great shooter but he’s not as physical or quick as Lin. Lin need to chase Curry off the 3 pt line and force him drive to the basket. Lin’s speed and quickness can then chase Curry down and make him score a much more difficult contested 2, thereby nullifying his ability to shoot 3s and hurt you with unbalanced tap reading of points.

    On the other end of the floor, Lin can hurt Curry by making him work very hard to defend him. Make anyone Curry defends force curry to work. Take his legs out and you’ll then reduce his effectiveness on offence.

  355. lol Clippers will be Clips ..
    big hole on defense, can’t finish on O

  356. CP3 choked quite a few possessions at the end

  357. Clippers just doesn’t execute well down-the-stretch

    Not sure if it’s CP3 or coaching

  358. Can i do the reggie miller choke sign to spike lee?

  359. but 5-5 FTs will do it 🙂

  360. What is THIS?

    0:40 Clippers Full timeout
    0:40 120-115 Austin Rivers enters the game for DeAndre Jordan
    0:28 120-115 Draymond Green blocks Paul Pierce ‘s 2-foot layup

    What is Austin in for?

  361. its warriors defense. too good.

  362. Amazing that all 5 guys and shoot light out and play D. How can you beat this team?

  363. GSW will win.

  364. True, this GSW team is confident, deep, clutch with strong D
    Hard to see them not winning another ring

  365. Griffin ignored Doc as he was talking to him….lol

  366. Doc got the Celtics a championship. And with Paul Pierce. It’s something about the Clippers I think.

  367. GSW closes on a 22-5 run. 13-0 for GSW.

  368. What a game GSW played….

  369. Game, set, match. Like i said, no lead is safe with the warriors, bam! Love it. Now lets get back to our favorite player jlin.

  370. Pay back for Doc Rivers for talking nonsense.

  371. Yup, Doc’s comments were dumb.

  372. Yeah, dumb and classless.

  373. choked so hard
    put this one on doc for playing his useless son for so long
    what an idiotic coach he ruins the team

  374. So Lin had 1 turnover taken out of his stats?…That’s good news…But how many NBA players in the league has this type of support when it comes to wrongly recorded statistics….Lin is probably not the only player who’s been wrong who bad stats….He’s probably the only player who has a fan base who rightfully care about stats and will call the league to fix it.

  375. lol

  376. lin also has plenty of haters among refs. many turnovers are due to refs not calling fouls for lin.

  377. so wwhich team is going to beat GS.?

  378. That Celtics team had Pierce/Ray Allen/KG + Rondo .. and they embodied clutchness & toughness
    Not sure if Doc’s coaching is up to par in execution. I haven’t been impressed with his game plan in closing out games.

    Plus this Clippers team just didn’t have that killer-instinct.
    Even CP3 just did it once in playoff last season.

  379. The 20th match, on December 2nd, by you-know-who.

  380. why, the Lin-sensational Hornets w/ 20pts/7ast on Dec 2, 2015 of course =)

  381. Ha ha a confident answer.We shall see….lol

  382. So far I don’t see any team can do that….

  383. The 20th?

  384. yes, the rest of players got their family to do it for them =)

    Lin just got bigger family, that’s all

  385. Lin led the sorry Djangos to defeat the fully-staffed GSW last season.

  386. what did he say?

  387. I remember at that game, Curry seemed to only took one shot for 1st half? Not going to happen this year… But if Hornets can really beat GSW that will be big news indeed.

  388. That the GSW won ‘coz they got lucky.

  389. I love to see that psalm. It is time for another dose of linsanity 2.0

  390. lol .. Clippers must be their lucky charm then =)
    why lit a fire? Doc should know better than that

  391. that would generate some serious buzz if when that really happens! =)

  392. good memory!

  393. There are no lazy players or ball watchers in this Warriors team. What an off the chart chemistry!

  394. Curry 5-7 FG 1-3 3PT 2TOs in first half.

  395. Doc took a gamble on his son for miracle plays. And he lost BIG!! Down with nepotism!!

  396. noted….thanks

  397. Speaking of the Clippers, karma really got them in the playoffs last year.

    Lakers should’ve beat them in the regular season, but refs stole that one by not calling DeAndre’s 6th foul. Then in the playoffs Clippers got cheated by refs in game 2, which cost them the series.

    Watch out for that bite!

  398. Did Barkley say his staff is on crack?

  399. Clippers has so many good players but Doc don’t know how to use them? smh!

  400. Clippers gave up good players to keep Austin, and then acquired Lance only to sit him on the bench. Depth suffered.

  401. Ya! They also don’t use J Smith like Rox… big mistake… Austin is so so … but lucky him coach is his Dad. smh!

  402. Why Doc don’t like Lance? He’s no playing time at all?

  403. Chuck is hating on Morey…lol.

  404. Love Chuck!

  405. The True Champs prevailed. Never had a doubt.
    My GS Warriors will break some more NBA records.

  406. Don’t think its that. Its Chris paul and Blake who always fold when it counts

  407. Shaq says no one likes to play with Harden. McHale’s system is to give Harden the ball and everyone stands around watch.

  408. personally…i thought Clippers played well…its just that GSW was…way and beyond

  409. All that kissing up to the star, and in the end it was that same star who got him fired. The irony!

  410. Really? Wow! So happy someone finally tell the truth in public. LOL!

  411. Haha! Ya! That’s why his wife’s so mad…He got what he asked for it. LOL!

  412. They have good bench this season but don’t see the good result.

  413. Doc biggest mistake is prefer his son more than other capable player.

  414. I think so…. their have good bench but just didn’t get the playing time… smh!

  415. SC and JL goes for Rebounding numbers! Both are rebounding machines as well

  416. GSW is just unreal at this point. 73% shooting in Q4
    Just look at the wrist-flick of Curry’s 3


  417. Wow! Lin’s hair becomes fashion now. LOL!


  418. I just remembered the hornets are going to play the 76ers tomorrow and it’s gonna be a pressure game for lin and company. 76ers are 0-12, if we lose to them, that’s going to be embarrassing. They would then say they stopped the streak, and we’ll be in the history books to be the first team to give the 76ers a win this year.

  419. Didn’t watch any of 76 game so far this season? How is 76? I think bad, right? Hornets should be able to win.

  420. I’ve never seen defense & romance at the same time in my years watching the NBA lol


  421. They don’t have any wins yet.

  422. I know but they are young so probably play fast break… our 1st unit…? But since they are still tanking so they will try to loss….

  423. idk Austin = white flag?

    It’s not logical at all, only familial =)

  424. Yeah, and KKKlutchfans hate Lin because he exposes their denial.

  425. There’s no such thing as bad publicity!

  426. Lionel‏@Lionelx93

    Lionel Retweeted Cult of Personality.

    The last time a play was drawn in McHale era Jeremy Lin had the clip board lol


  427. I want one of those 😀

  428. Stop whinning! MH deserved it!! He is a Haren’s ego massager to keep his job.He should be grateful for Haren to let him get the big money. He should think about what he had done to Lin and get out of NBA forever.

  429. They are really disgusting me.

  430. Nepotism sucks.

  431. Will Reeve‏@WillReeveJr
    When Chuck asks Shaq who’s the #Rockets leader and if McHale was the problem, he brings brutal truth – via @NBAonTNT


  432. Yeah, he got the 12M+ for coaching 11 games (4-7)…she ain’t getting any sympathy out of me.

  433. And Texas has no state income tax. Woo hoo.

  434. ha ha JH saying he should have been MVP what a deluded guy.

  435. YEs, that would be good, to have Warriors own the wins record and then JLin wins.

  436. New York Post: How Carmelo isn’t pulling another Jeremy Lin with Porzingis


    “Anthony has received criticism outside the organization for how he treated Jeremy Lin during/after the Linsanity craze. And Amar’e Stoudemire has not been shy about taking pot shots at his former teammate’s unwillingness to share the ball.”

  437. To tell you the truth, I don’t really like Jeremy’s spiky hair…Doesn’t feel like something a devout Christian would do to his hair….He should go back to a more natural and humble look instead of a crazy rock n roll liberal atheist rocker.

  438. Portzingis and Lin would make a great tandem…I’m now rooting for a very good year in Charlotte for Lin so he can leave and return to the Knicks to team with Portzingis….Lin would be throwing a lot of alley-hoops to Zingis.

  439. Humility is in the heart, appearance is nothing but a book cover.

  440. Christians are diverse, including in fashion.
    Be wary of those who try to put Christians within rigid, people-made rules

  441. wow…thats crazy…staying together for such a long time…does help the chemistry…no ego…train together and help each other on trainings and games

  442. Charlotte Hornets ‏@hornets 14m14 minutes ago
    Friday AND a game day?! #ItMustBeMyBirthday


  443. He did not say that. He said they had a little bit of luck. They were lucky with lack of injuries and not having to play Spurs.

  444. “His 3pt shooting form didn’t look the same with his great preseason form….” –psalm234

    lin has missed 10 of his last 11 3 pt attempts over a 4 game span and 20 of his last 24 over last 8 games.

    pre-season lin was hitting almost 50% on 3’s.

    his three point shooting for the season has drifted into kobe/harden/m.ellis % territory.

    could it be the ” crazy rock n roll liberal atheist rocker” hair (as one poster herein described it) that is responsible?

    inquiring minds want to know.

  445. no nyc no interest in lin

  446. I watch Lin to be entertained on the basketball court. This is not Oral Roberts.

  447. Potato potahto. He could’ve just kept it classy by saying GSW was an excellent team (and they are) and congratulated them.

  448. Hope someone can enjoy this coming interview as I’m about to go to bed:-)

  449. I think he was just put too much on D

  450. need this team to lose


    raptors are going against lakers……hope raptors rip lakers

  451. Lin haters have never given up on putting down Jeremy Lin but God has always taken care of his own child, Amen.

  452. Humble to God but not to Lin haters. Lin should be a warrior fighting his wars against the evil minded.

  453. Lin only plays and shoots well when happy and totally at ease. its a mental thing.

  454. Haha! I like the idea. LOL!

  455. Melo is old now plus he got the money….Most important, Porzingis is not Linsanity. Not the same.

  456. Really hope he could save more energy on O and make his stats look better… His 3s shooting percentage is really bad. It’s so hard to achieve 40% as Doc hoped every year. lol

  457. You are perhaps the most annoying contributor on this site. You say everything so definitively and yet you have absolutely no personal knowledge. What do you actually know about New York’s interest? Or that Jeremy only plays well when he’s happy? How about adopting some humility in your remarks. Like the word “maybe.” Chill, bro.

  458. I am glad somebody did see that….. LOL!

  459. That is true for almost all players in the NBA. Only players that can depend on their brute strength and inside play outlast lower confidence and dry shooting spells. If Jeremy has a lack of confidence, he has plenty of reasons over the last 3 seasons.
    Lin seems to be playing with greater aggressiveness and confidence the last couple of games. It seems his coach and team mates are learning to play with him, and trust him more. He is already balling with the second team, now its just a matter of more playing time with the starters – so they learn each others tendencies and keep growing their on court chemistry.
    I remember telling you during the Miami game that Lin actually played great defense through his tenacity and speed, and Spo would remember that. It seems Coach Clifford has started to notice the same thing.
    Now I believe, given more playing time (only asking for 25+ mins a game) his offense will come too. I hope I am proven right 🙂

  460. Was going to say the same thing. Boy did the last 3 years do a mental number on Lin.

  461. They would make each other so great. Port is so good right now.

  462. I love it. LOL

  463. Lol. More photoshop gone awry.

  464. Am I the only one who is disheartened whenever I hear people (PFV for example) say Jeremy needs to work on his shooting? Jeremy has been playing organized basketball since high school. Essentially, everyone has a different shooting form because no two players are built the same way. It’s like a fingerprint. Jeremy has been playing pro ball for 3+ years now and he’s is still tinkering with his form? There comes a point where you have to realize you can’t manufacture a shooting stroke. You have to do what comes natural and work off that. Look at all great shooters, Curry, Korver, Ray Allen – all different forms, but the fundamentals are the same. Are Jeremy’s “fundamentals” that bad? Why does Jeremy “need” a shooting coach? Does anyone know if other players have “shooting coaches”?

  465. Don’t be disheartened. I kinda agree with you, if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. But now that he has, he has to go through with it to finish. Most of his misses were not to bad. Needs some fine tuning. More concerned if he was not continuing to shoot. He is taking a huge risks with this year to reap rewards next.

  466. I hope you’re right! I want him to succeed, but I believe these continuing changes to his form have him thinking too much.

  467. Every player had bad shooting night. Not really big deal but I think when Paul said that after Lin’s bad shooting night… it’s normal bc he wants to see Lin at his best all the time…Don’t worry, I think Lin will be OK.

  468. stop listening to doc schepler is the start

  469. Curry works on his shot every season. I remember reading several articles before the start of last season, where Curry had been trying (at that time, now he has done it :0 ) to change his shooting form for a quicker release and one more aspect of mechanics, I cant remember now. Ray Allen, when he was younger, worked on his shooting form all the time.
    Sorry I can’t remember the details, it was some time back 🙁 But the point is, all great shooters worked hard, improving their form year to year, making minor changes.
    Now having said that, whether this new mechanic actually helps Jeremy, is all up to him. I can’t even tell if he is actually doing what he learnt during game time. I am sure if things don’t work out, Jeremy will find a way to correct his form. As you said – he has been playing since high school, he’ll figure out a way to reach back to his career averages at least.

  470. You make a good point. I would love to know what he is working on and see if he is implementing it during games. I have no idea what tweaks he was told to make by his shooting coach.

  471. I think compared to his teammates, Jeremy has been tasked to do more D.

    Take the example of Batum, Clifford specifically said he didnt want Batum to guard SF so that he could focus on O. But it comes to Jeremy, he’s expected to do D and O very well to be given PT.

    I don’t know why the double standards, but if you’re to ask me, I’d tell you that Jeremy’s form is fine. He just needs to conserve his energy a little bit from playing intense D then he’d be shooting lights out.

  472. If I’m a classy person and a truthful person I wouldn’t have said that. Give credits where it’s due. They were the superior team ALL year round last season… That’s NOT luck. If luck as anything to do – it’s more to the Clippers for having some to get past Spurs in the 1st Round – “that last” basket to sealed the deal. Talk too much… Smh. If anything – he should make it a FOCAL POINT Why They Didn’t Handle Their Business with the Rockets in Semi. Anything else IS just a way to disguise their their incompetence.

  473. He changed his form this summer,from 2 motion to 1 motion, in order to shoot faster and save his legs. It’s never easy to change the form in a short time. I dont feel surprised if he’s having the slump or hitting the wall in the process. I believe he will get his rhythm back…and also hope he could conserve more energy on offense rather than defense. Maybe what we can do is keep patient and wait for his 3s shooting come back!

  474. Not my favorite guy but he his pretty spot on here…

    “Daryl Morey should be fired. This is obvious. Two summers ago, he went all in on building a Big Four in Houston and he ended up with Two Big Headaches, Dwight Howard and James Harden. Morey struck out in his free-agent pursuit of Chris Bosh and lost Chandler Parsons to the Mavericks. McHale bailed out Morey by somehow cajoling enough out of Howard to get the Rockets to last season’s Western Conference finals. Howard is a headcase of the highest order. He’s unreliable. Harden hates defense and loves Kardashian. Enough said.

    Morey undervalues the importance of chemistry and human interaction. He’s way too reliant on analytics. Analytics made him draft Royce White, a kid with known emotional issues, in the first round of the 2012 draft. While in college, White robbed a store and twice shoved the security guard for trying to stop him. This year, Morey added known headcase Ty Lawson to the Rockets. Lawson has been arrested four times for driving under the influence.

    Guess what?

    In the hyper-competitive Western Conference, the Rockets are off to a slow start.”


  475. Jeremy did guard Curry well some time back.

  476. Some people are just more gifted than others. You can practiced harder than everybody else but the result might not barbet yet than the guys that are more gifted on a specific task. Lin is very gifted at a lot of things like court vision,speed, leadership etc. but his shooting might be average.

  477. Since the start of last season, the Warriors are 3-3 when they trail by 20 or more at any point. The rest of the NBA is 13-486.

  478. Curry as an unselfish leader definitely helped GSW to reach the potential.
    Such a contrast with one insecure Harden. This is great example for kids and adults alike how team success requires humility and teamwork.

  479. and he a great father and husband… yes a great role model.

  480. I try to understand the graphic posted by Wu Kong. I hope I explained it right.

  481. Curry is unguardable. Curry >> Lebron. Period. Curry IS like Lin (made his teammates better). Lebron only have the Size over Steph. I don’t care if Lin can guard SC or not – at least he can match it with his own intensity. I don’t want GS to lose to anyone except to the Lin-led Hornets.

  482. the fantasy leagues keep a pretty watchful eye on Box scores… I imagine JLin is not the only player with people requesting corrections.

  483. Morey is definitely too reliant on analytics, not the human factor on what makes teams successful.
    All math but no chemistry.

    Even the way Morey structured Harden’s contract was mind-boggling.
    Every incentive was geared toward individual accomplishment.
    From the moment he signed Harden, he already spoiled him to be a diva.

    Harden was willing to share the ball with JLin only in the first 2 games and he was on the path of self-destruction since.
    Kardashian only symbolizes what he’s after all along; empty fame

    Morey’s head is numbered by Les. If the team is still dysfunctional by end of season, he’ll be gone.
    Who in the right mind would pair a ball-dominant Ty Lawson with James Harden?

  484. you go it! 🙂

  485. no he is not analytics just pretending….. he aquire stars just like other teams……he just pampering himself …look i revolutionize basketball with my system…..but actually he just aquire stars just like other teams…he is a fake

  486. Curry just had an early head start when he rebuilt his shooting stroke in High School, so it’s just minor tweak at the moment for every off-season

    I believe he’s at a good point since his preseason form was very consistent. Brent had a good point that he exerted much energy on defense so it affected his energy on offense.

    He’s still fighting to get consistent PT at the moment so hopefully once he figures out that Clifford gives him important role; he can manage his energy better not to help too much on defense. Hornets big men really need to step up their defense and rebounding. Having PGs like Lin and Kemba to help with rebounding won’t be good for the long-term

  487. Thank you for your graphic. It means a lot for people who underestimate Lin’s value.

  488. these ON/OFF stats are very good but can get confusing. So much info in one chart. I did post just the DefRtg for the 12 game so far as well… trying to give smaller chunks of info that are easier to grasp… I’ll try to keep doing this every 10 game or so…

  489. he also had JLin in his radar; that’s why he signed him when they already had 6 PGs in TC back in Dec 2012. Somehow he also identified that JLin is a highly efficient player.

    I believe he had some analytics; which is not too hard to identify efficient-but-underutilized players.
    It’s really not Rocket science (pun fully intended), more like Fantasy Basketball which is what he was when he started.

    So Morey is playing Fantasy Basketball. He created Harden who lives in Fantasy Kardashian land.
    How appropriate 🙂

  490. Lin keeps getting improved percentages on his 3s each year.

    That in itself is proof that the work he’s put in has paid off. Lins recent struggle is less physical and more mental dissonance from all the uncertainties in his situation. New teammates, new coaching, new role, new playtime are all stresses that gets in the way of his new stroke. Even if he hadn’t changed anything, I’d bet Lin would have still struggled.

    As a tennis coach, I can safely say that biomechanics of complex activities such as a jump shot, tennis serve, golf swing, baseball pitch all are composed of efficiency of movement and talent. The way that is used and groomed adds or subtracts from the success of that activity. How does a pitcher throw a baseball 95 mph to a small target? How does a server smash a tennis ball 140mph for an ace? What separates a pro golfer hitting a drive 325 yards and I can’t hit it more than 230? The biomechanics of efficiency separates athletes ability to do the same things better. Good coaches have the ability to “SEE” where and functioning sequences of muscles activation is out and is leaking power or misfiring.

    Lin has had great talent to produce miraculous shots and produce points whenever it was needed. The pure talent in his hands will always save his inefficient muscle movements in his shot form. Lin’s old shot form deviates greatly from ideal “classic form with his body too square and right arm too far to the right forcing his elbow to bend. He always found a way to save that form by bending his wrist and using the fine twitch muscles in his hand to make the ball go into the hole.

    Pro basketball is 82 games and playoffs. That’s a very long time for talent to save a inefficient stroke. Bad form can ruin confidence that is badly needed in consistently producing points. This is why Lin has worked so hard to change his form to be more like Curry.

  491. when the number of games and number of playing minutes is small, it could have been misleading. For 10-20 games which Lin has 25+mins at least, it would be much more accurate. I hope Cliff keep tracking these stats.

  492. Why are u disheartened? Jeremy’s shooting is fine. He’s missing 3 pointers now but hitting most of his 2 point attempts. By the end of the season, we’ll see what the percentages are. He’s starting to have a more defined role and that will help. People like pfv crack me up, because he or others think they know shooting better than jeremy lin when they critique him. If lin has a shooting contest against pfv, he’ll destroy him everytime. He’s been shooting since he was a child, he knows how to shoot better than all of us fans, trust me.

  493. Great point.

    He focused so much on D to help Hornets big men plus rebounding.
    That had to affect his legs fighting for rebounds all the time.

  494. Quote from Lin’s radio interview…


  495. Thanks, Joyce. I generally come to this site looking for encouragement when Jlin is going through some tough times. I prefer that the half glass looks full when possible. It’s just a matter of attitude.

  496. If Cody’s ankle is questionable, he should sit out the game since he’ll be ineffective.
    I’d love to see Hansbrough be a rebounding machine


  497. I stopped listerning pfv since a year ago! Lol!

  498. With no Zeller & no Hairston they going to move Kaminsky or Lamb to starters? Lamb more productive on bench with Lin.

  499. and B. Scott also fails at eye test. One thing he is very good at – Throw the players under the bus, except Kobe of course.

  500. I think maybe Kaminsky.

  501. Curious why his dad had to rebuild his shooting in High School. Why didn’t he teach him the right way when he started playing BB from the beginning? I mean he’s his Dad, he’s right there.

  502. I am sure they have an army of people looking at much better stats than this… it is how they balance that information with opponents, contracts and player egos that will matter… Supposed to be why they get paid big bucks 🙂

  503. that might be true.
    Frank played well with starters in the Nets game, better than Cody

  504. I want Lin start today and let see how it will work Lin with starters. I know it’s not gonna happen today. Lol

  505. Ya! That’s true.

  506. Me too but gave up on that. Doesn’t look like it’s going to happen for one reason or another. I’ll just try to not expect it so won’t keep being disappointed and be pleasantly surprises if it ever does happen.

  507. Haha! They just promoted Lin & Lamb as best bench in EC so ….

  508. Look at wu kong on/off stats. I like Cody but he doesn’t contribute as much as he appears to.

  509. I will be happy if Cliff let Lin plays full 2 & 4Q again.

  510. Maybe Hornets look at the data to. LOL!

  511. Did CP3 lose his footing or did he intentionally pull the chair out from under Barnes as he was bumping and trying to back him up causing him to fall?


  512. If Kemba is out for a game, Lin definitely starts and for as long as Kemba would be out. Lin may also be partial backup for Batum if Batum can’t go either.

  513. I think it looks like he did it on purpose thinking he would fall… which he did… but man that trick shot was amazingly lucky!

  514. And clearly it is what CLifford wanted…..JMO….Lin is a team guy

  515. His impact on the DefRtg on and off the court are sick. (Meaning good, not the kind where you throw up)

  516. Perhaps their designated clutch shooter isn’t clutch:


  517. Don’t u know they call byron scott the busdriver.

  518. If the bigs are not stepping-up at least box-out so that Lin gets his rebounds! 🙂

  519. good to see they are vocal about it

  520. “Now let’s segway to an interesting (bothersome) stat I found this morning perusing throughNBA.com/stats. The Hornets stink on the offensive end during “Clutch” time (less than 5 minutes remaining in 4th quarter, with point margin less than 5). Like, really stink. The team is shooting 26.1% from the field in the Clutch, second worst to only New Orleans. The Hornets are also pulling down only 66.7% of defensive rebound opportunities during Clutch, far below their per 100 possessions clip of 80.4% (leads the league). For starters, this team doesn’t have a go-to player or style late in games to deliver buckets. The players and coaches need to figure that out. Secondly, these alarming Clutch numbers suggest the team’s psyche is fragile. Not doing the things well late in games that you’re typically solid in is a sign that there’s still some lack of identity and confidence absent.”

    Put the ball in JLin’s hands in the last 5 minutes of a game and see what happens. And times he is in not just stand around watching Kemba go ISO.

  521. and being underpaid!

  522. Does anybody remember what play transpired after that timeout?

  523. had a question from Zukova about this…. questioning the impact because plays with bench players…. not an argument at all just good discussion …my reply:


  524. What I see from the game flows is that score is + when JLin is at the PG position, It isn’t as positive or goes sideways or down if Kemba is on the floor with him because Kemba takes the ball out of his hands. So JLin’s + getting suppressed by Kemba. It also goes down when Kemba is alone on the floor.

  525. Clucth shot… stats shot clock off ( If during any period there are 24 seconds OR LESS left to play in the period, the 24-second clock shall not function following a change of possession.)

  526. Fourth quarter stats….

  527. Take a look of individual data, Marvin Williams was the best, followed by you know who.

    Batum’s number don’t look good. But small sample size…… Ideally Batum should be the go to guy, but does not looks like it.

  528. surprise surprise… since I have been looking at Net Rtgs lately look who is the only player with a positive net rating in the clutch! last 5 minutes of game…

  529. But even that’s misleading because JLin doesn’t have the ball in the last 5 minutes. Walker does. I bet his clutch net rating would be better if JLin was at PG and they put Kemba at SG or on the bench.

  530. don’t really have to look it that way, Lin got enough chances there, he tied the top assist with Batum with 2 even he played less clutch min. I think in those games, he was trusted enough, and he does perform. remember during Net game, Batum does deferred to Lin quite some time…

  531. if you notice the stat above does indicate he is not and offensive monster but his defense is making the difference… he has incredible heart and hustle and it shows on the floor and in the stats

  532. From another angle, you can see Paul wraps his left arm around Barnes’ hip then pretends to fall to the right and spins him. It is a dirty trick by Paul. But Paul got what he deserved.

  533. But excluding last game when his shot was off. I wonder how much of his clutch OffRtg is suppressed due to Walker being there with the ball in his hands at PG.

  534. Please print here your stat result. Thanks.

  535. You can see CP3 kind of turns and pivots his right foot to kind of give away like a door. Can’t tell whether intentional or not. But would be kind of a sly veteran move if it had worked. Barnes just made a remarkable shot.

  536. I have the number below for 2014-15 & 2013-14 seasons … for FG% not Off/Def/Net Rtg though

  537. You threw up, didn’t you?

  538. refresh for image

  539. Here are the 2015-16 JLin Stats POLL Leaders after 12 games:

    Will last year’s champ & runner-ups repeat their feats? New leaders @sbbr, @gojlintx, & @jakeyy are leading with 3 Wins while our reigning champ,@cjshyy, and other members are lurking behind with 2 Wins


  540. FG% is much better than Kemba. But I think clutch Off/Def/Net Rtg is always going to be diluted by Kobe, Melo or Harden or Byron Scott. You’d have to get numbers from Houston when Harden was out of the game. That would give true representation of how clutch JLin is.

  541. see now. thanks.

  542. lol

  543. Hmmm. I thought last game was Hairsanity. He had 8 rebounds and D to die for! You’re so unfair *pout* LOL.

  544. Too me a good form is repeatable. As you pointed out, the great shooters forms varied but their particular form did not vary from shot to shot.

  545. lol He had 9 rebounds so that’s A-
    If he made 2 threes & got 10 rebounds, that’d be Hairsanity

    #TigerDadMode is on

  546. I find this interesting…”Not doing the things well late in games that you’re typically solid in is a sign that there’s still some lack of identity and confidence absent.” and we see from stats this year and 2 years back JLin is good in the clutch so can we assume his confidence is good too… man I get tired of the weak mind lack of confidence statements about JLIN so much proves otherwise… his hair is the best example you DO NOT wear that spiked up hair if you are lacking in confidence!

  547. you pay me I’ll do that search for you! haha..joking… gotta get somethings done today ttyl.

  548. Well stated.

  549. Batum doesn’t look clutch to me. Occasionally Kemba is and Lin looks clutch.

  550. So what’s hairsanity definition?

  551. But Lin has assists. Like that Lin behind the back pass to Big Al. And in some ways, Lin’s cutting led to a wide open Zeller for a late-game dunk in the Knicks game.

  552. yes this is the REAL question enquiring minds want to know the answer too. tell us oh psalmy

  553. This can get hairy… so the simple answer is “you just know” LOL

  554. Need to work harder… LOL!

  555. Jeremy’s “game” is so dependent upon his teammates. It’s very early, but what Porzingis has shown so far is surprising. He appears to be very mobile and has a nice shooting touch. How he squares up with his turnaround jumper reminds me of Yao Ming’s form. But he can bang bodies and get the tough rebounds. And his has the one thing you can’t teach – size. He doesn’t have to rely on others as much as Jeremy does to be effective.

  556. Not surprised. Porzingis was good vs Hornets in MSG but just not Linsanity. Besides NYK fans, people will not watch NYK game bc Porzingis.

  557. its not ‘surprising’ he was a 1sr round draft pick #4.

  558. throw out kp’s one game against the hornets and he is averaging fewer points (in more minutes) per game than lin is this year. this year. not linsanity. plz. one game is all kporz has so far; he’s performing over all consistent with his dp but no where near the production of okafor or kat above him.

    to repeat: jeremy lin this year is scoring more per game than kporz. (subtracting the one 29 point game against the hornets).

  559. That’s why they were 9-3 instead of 6-6 now because of Team!

  560. to date the hornets wins are against teams playing collectively about 500 ball; their loses to teams collectively winning about 2/3rd’s of the their games. their next three games counting 2nites game are against teams with a collective 9 and 25 record. they need to get three wins here (and all 3 at home) as their next 8 games after thos 3 are against teams with a collective winning % once again of about 2 out of 3.

  561. Listening to that radio broadcast, Charlotte really likes lin. The Hornets have been so refreshing as a lin fan.

  562. It’s hard to quantify but so far there were 2 Hairsanity games where JLin truly made a difference to pull a Win with high +/-

    17p/3a vs NYK +11 in 21 min
    19p/3a vs MIN +18 in 26 min

    I guess we just know it when he carried or powered the team to a great game. Announcers & fans raved about Linsanity-like performance
    These limited min also made it hard to quantify

  563. Impact, they don’t win the game without him and he makes critical plays like buckets, assists, steals to assists, etc. A game where his presence is felt and he has sufficient numbers in points with a good amount of efficiency. Maybe that’s Hairsanity? Or is it swsanity? 🙂

  564. What? Another coach out?

  565. and that’s not even BS, crazy?

  566. BS will after Kobe retired.

  567. new PHI game thread
    G13 PHI @CHA Game Thread

    Jeremy Lin has earned more trust from Coach Clifford with 28 min and 29 min in the past 2 games.

    The Nets game has brought out a developing chemistry between Batum and JLin to spark a 11-4 run in the 4th quarter to give the Hornets the lead that they never relinquished.

    1. Will we see more Batum to play with JLin in Q3-Q4?

    2. Will we also see JLin close the 2nd quarter to give him consistent minutes of 25-28? Let’s hope JLin regain his shooting touch as he would still need to exert his energy playing team defense to help with the rebounding by committee effort that Coach Clifford stated. JLin and Kemba contributed with 9 and 7 rebounds in the Nets game.

    3. With Hairson and Zeller possibly out, would Clifford experiment with Hansbrough to give more rebounding edge? It’s highly doubtful since Clifford likes to stick to 9-10 player rotation but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.

    Let’s go, JLin! Be your aggressive self & just play your game on matter what happens

  568. Their record at home is good so far. Hopefully they can keep that up as they have 7 game home stand.

  569. In short, Clutch Lin in the 4th quarter making people jumping up and down =)

  570. you’re close .. very close
    Now I’m still waiting for that lottery number from you =)

  571. kids are usually stubborn =)

  572. aww…remember this when he got d’ board from Mchale…..JLin would be a great coach when he retires from playing

  573. Too much turkey…

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