G12 BKN @CHA Observation & Notes

Something special happened in Game 12 of Hornets vs Nets. It was the growing chemistry between Nic Batum and Jeremy Lin.

Jeremy Lin played a crucial part in the 4th quarter to turn a 86-86- tie game into a 9pt lead (97-90) with 11-4 run as Lin and Batum contributed 6pts and 5pts. And they fed off each other.

– NY Post recognized JLin’s contribution with the big bold headline of ”Nets undone by Jeremy Lin’s late heroics in loss to Hornets”

Furthermore, it made a reference that Brooklyn Nets was interested in JLin in the off-season

Charlotte guard Jeremy Lin — whom Brooklyn had shown interest in this offseason — scored six of his 13 points in that run, and Jeremy Lamb’s two foul shots capped it with 8:40 to play. https://twitter.com/nypostsports/status/667172303684427776

– Coach Clifford has given Jeremy the most minutes in the past 2 games with 28min and 29min despite JLin not shooting well yet (4-9 and 5-13 with 0-6 3p shooting). His 3pt shooting form didn’t look the same with his great preseason form as he is adjusting to the lower released point but he managed to drive and score layups. Surprisingly, referees didn’t reward JLin with a lot more FTs as they let the Nets be extra-physical in guarding Lin’s drives to the rim. This is a great development as Clifford recognized JLin’s playmaking strength in making the Hornets better.

– JLin had his season high 9 rebounds tied with Marvin Williams 9 rebounds in this game.

– His chemistry with Batum, defensive hustle, rebounding ability was rewarded by Coach Clifford.

– Charlotte Observer: “The point guards became part of the solution, with Jeremy Lin grabbing nine and Kemba Walker adding seven. This was one of those it-takes-a-village things. We made an effort to help the bigs on the glass and the ball was just bouncing my way,” Lin said. “We did a good job all the way through of just blocking out. When you see guards with a lot of rebounds, it’s not because we’re these amazing rebounders. It’s the bigs doing their job of blocking out so we can chase loose balls down.” That sounds simple because it is simple. Rebounding isn’t about nuance, it’s about being rugged and consistent enough to get between the other team and the ball as it comes off the rim.

– JLin finished with 13pts/4asts/9rebs/1stl/4TOs/3PFs. 5TOs was corrected to 4TOs as JLin fans emailed NBA to correct Frank’s TO stepping out-of-bound to be credited to him, not JLin.



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