G12 BKN @CHA Game Thread

Jeremy Lin had a great 1st half with 11 Pts, 2 Reb, 3 Ast in 14 min but the Hornets lost 104-92 to the Knicks.
Coach Clifford stuck with the imbalanced offense of the starters in the 3rd quarter as Kemba did too many ISOs although he finished with 31pts but only last on 12-21 shooting and Batum was struggling to finish with 4pts on 1-9 shooting.

Lin and Lamb were shooting well but didn’t have a chance to get involved much in the offense as Kemba and Batum dominated the shots without much ball movement. Lin finished with 13pts/3a/5rebs/2TOs/2PFs

Would the same thing happen in the 2nd of back-to-back game at home vs Brooklyn Nets?
If Coach Clifford doesn’t enforce the ball movement soon, the playoff hope will diminish since they will keep losing too many winnable games.

On the good note, JLin had 28min with great aggressive play in the 1st half so let’s hope the trend continues.

Let’s go, JLin! Be your aggressive self & just play your game on matter what happens

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    Guess JLin's stats in Game 12 vs BKN


    1. 1ST

    2. back on the throne 🙂

    3. Oh yay!

    4. im just annoyed that i wasnt the one to break the mchale firing story here; ill have to settle for being first non tyrant, er troll, er mod.

    5. actually since ISO-mode is still hot in CHA, I voted half-Hairsanity with 15p/5a LOL

    6. your the first………the first whiner

    7. lol

    8. Brent doing his illegal iso move!!!! 🙁

    9. i hv not backed down from 18pts 🙂

    10. 31 first posts, 0 assists lol

    11. thx…numbers dont lie!

    12. Ya! Thanks to his beloved Harden for 1st half 0-10… LOL!

    13. McHale fired?

      Lin COACH KILLA, again!!

    14. Posted in the other thread just now but new post so reposting here.

      Was at the game last night, as you know. Tried to post during the game but the disqcus would not load.

      Watched the interaction between JLin and the rest of the team. Many touch/physical contact between kemba and Lin and between batum and Lin. All friendly. Did not notice any aloofness or hostility.

      An interesting thing I noticed. During the second half, I saw Lin get up from the bench and walk towards the coach and the check in table. But then the coach made gestures to Lin as if to let him know that it was Lamb not Lin. So then Lin went back to the chair and then Lamb got up. My guess is that the coach must’ve said “Jeremy” and Lin thought it was him. I guess the order of substitution is first Lamb and then Lin.

      It was great to have JLin at MSG.

    15. good for you. So far Lin had 13,15,17,19
      18 is bound to hit!

    16. Lin is not in Rox anymore… the one who can really made Alex fired Mc it’s Harden not Lin. I wish this came 2 years earlier….

    17. I guess Clifford will put the ball back in Batum’s hands tonight?

    18. Sure. He’s their #1 guy now… what do you think why Cliff allowed Kemba ISO so much last night? From MJ or himself?

    19. “McHale’s firing comes less than a year after the Rockets signed him to a three-year, $13 million extension.”

      See : http://www.sbnation.com/nba/2015/11/18/9754544/Kevin-mchale-fired-houston-rockets

    20. I believe the COACH KILLA theory states that when JLin left a team, he still left his imprint on team-ball philosophy for 1-3 years before diva-ball dominates and kill the BB spirit.

      In this case, McHale didn’t hold Harden accountable on D so it’s only a matter of time the team spirit will die.
      Note: He did bench Harden in Game 5 last season to save the Clippers playoff series but it might be too late.

    21. Good. Let Alex pay for it….. the money he made from Lin. LOL!

    22. I know. But I just think the real reason bc Harden didn’t want to play… just look how silly his game now. I guess Harden will pick his own coach to build his team.

    23. .

    24. Agree. This M&M should be out of NBA. Evil guys.

    25. So Woodson with the Knicks 😉

    26. Who knows.

    27. Cliff always go with hot hands guy.

    28. I think you give Lin too much credit. Houston was a better team last year. Harden was less lazy and not dating a Kardashian. The year after Lin left NY, they had jason kidd. You dont get a better leader then Kidd.

    29. Jeez…i didnt realize that…then its gonna be 21pts!!!!!!

    30. Violation.

    31. For me this has nothing to do with giving lin too much credit, it’s more about karma.

    32. So they should call Jeremys’ last name.

    33. totally…for crying out loud!

    34. Was it David…who also observed the same…lol with JJs

    35. I agree. It’s all bc of Harden. Alex likes Mc & they just gave him the new contract…(Alex is cheap..) They only guy will make Alex to do it it’s Harden.

    36. Harden is outta control and management knows it. Mchale made an interesting comment to fiegan about having more players coming to his office in the last 4-6 weeks than he did in the tears he’s been coaching. So I am assuming players discussing harden

    37. Ya! But Harden is more powerful than anyone in the team. He got what he wants from this team… smh! D12 is no power on the team now.

    38. I don’t necessarily agree the COACH KILLA theory is the only factor but I can see that JLin had positive influence to encourage his teammates to share the ball.

      The stronger factor definitely is the ineptitude of coaches to encourage diva-ball to the detriment of playing teamball to win a ring in the long-term. Harden’s individual talent can only take them so much w/o playing any defense.

    39. now we know jlin is bench and lacks of playing time rockets footprints are all over

    40. So Thibs, JVG or Clifford will be a coach Free Agent for HOU coaching vacancy?
      As long as JLin doesn’t got back to HOU, I’m okay with it =)

      The story was first reported by Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports and in the report he named three potential head coaches for the Houston Rockets in the future. He named Tom Thibodeau, Jeff Van Gundy, and Charlotte Hornets head coach, Steve Clifford, who will be a coaching free agent this summer as potential candidates for the Rockets head coaching job.

    41. With the Nets game tonight the Hornets start at 7 game home stand. They will be at home until the December 2 game with the Warriors.

      When they’re playing on the road they try to leave immediately after that game if they have another game the next day or day after. This usually means arriving in another city in the early hours of the morning. Then they have to get to their hotel, check in, etc.

      The Hornets arrived back from New York at 1:30 AM today.

    42. ^This could be possible,personal interests will always come first in the expense of others

    43. Stop hogging the 1st post. Smh. LOL.

    44. I think Cliff will not stay w Hornets no matter they make it to playoff or not. Harden will not like Thibs bc he’s lazy w D…LOL! Cliff should be a good fit bc he will let Harden ISO all game like Kemba last night.

    45. I hope by the 7th homestand game vs GSW, Clifford would have trusted #7 more to facilitate ball movement.
      Otherwise, it will be an ugly result

    46. LOL looks like Cliff interviewing for the houston job already. Demonstrated he could let the star players iso like the best of them.

    47. I guess the M&M situation was not as much of a secret as we thought. Check this comment on the above article from Hornet fan lemonbar808

      Coach Clifford, don’t go to Houston.

      You won’t be allowed to coach.

      The real coach is Morey.

      You will just be a puppet and a fall guy when things go wrong.

      Don’t do it, no matter what is offered to you.

      You’re a good man and Houston doesn’t deserve you!


    48. I hope so but doubt…. Cliff seems to prefer Lin as SG more than PG.

    49. She is a lin fan.. And of course she knows….

    50. Lin was PG for 2nd unit but yes, still SG to finish games next to Kemba.

      Clifford needs to design Kemba/Lin plays where they feed off each other.
      But he’s too busy trying to make Kemba/Batum work together first

      With more losses of iso-Kemba & iso-Batum, there might be changes.
      If not, they’ll stay the same

    51. Penny Lee
      @JLin7 with friends after game vs Knicks last night.
      ? :danaschawelson

    52. I actually don’t mind Lin going back to HOU with McHale gone. Harden and DH are good players and can do well as a team. Since Lin only have 1 year contract (2nd optional) it may be worthwhile to see how things pan out. Its not like they are giving Lin much control and time at CHA anyways.

    53. morey’s there dude
      what you smoking.

    54. Well, right now when Lin’s on in 4Q that’s for D not O. I don’t get why they never let Lin be PG or run O in 4Q when Kemba & Batum on court w him? Bc of Kemba? Ya! More losses maybe will change….

    55. they need to play more to have chemistry..

      last night was more iso because they never played with each other much esp with lamb there and because kw was getting hot so iso was the better way to go when they don’t know the sets.

      with 2nd unit there was movement because they start to learn to play with each other.

    56. hahaha I was gonna say that too

    57. No, everything will back to the old days bc Morey & Harden run the team.

    58. Charlotte Hornets’ Steve Clifford Has Been Linked to the Houston Rockets Head Coaching Vacancy


    59. That that is equally confusing actually

    60. The 1M dollar question: Exactly who picked the coach?

    61. Puppet’s gone, but the puppetmaster remains.

    62. I think it’s Alex & Morey. But now it’s Harden. smh!

    63. Morey “The Genius” strikes again!

    64. Chris Baldwin
      Rockets firing McHale 2 years after he wasted their most talented team with Harden, Howard, Lin + Parsons is comical. Window’s long closed.

    65. Okay, slow your roll a bit. Forget the coach, forget the GM. Do you remember the racist fans? The team dynamic will change with a new coach (and eventually new players) so there is no guarantee the style of basketball would be a best fit for Lin. But the team fans would never change and would be hell for the Lin’s fans, for sure.

    66. Clifford showcasing for Houston job by letting Kemba go ISO: “Harden chuckfest preview”…

    67. Chris Baldwin has a knack for speaking the truth!

    68. oh zammm

    69. Exactly. Just like there was all this talk about “Twittersphere blowing up last night”. Nope, just Lin fans. The team fans thought Kemba played fine.

    70. Well said, Chris! Bravo

    71. It was a rhetorical question. 🙂

      Whoever picked McHale in the first place (not to mention renewed his contract) should absolutely be held accountable.

    72. I never understood why coach doesn’t say “JLin” like a lot of other players do. Very clear and easy to distinguish from whatever Lamb’s team nickname is.

    73. true .. it’s clear that Batum/Kemba/Lin didn’t have a lot of practice reps
      How can they be expected to finish strong if they don’t practice them?

    74. I find it mixed. Some Hornets fans thought Kemba went too much ISO. Some of them thought Kemba played well. Lin fans should be careful about established players on a team Lin joined. Also Kemba was playing in his home town in front of his fans. His shots were falling and that had something to do with him wanting to put on a show for them.

    75. I guess it’s Alex. He likes Mc. I think if not for Harden he will not fired him.

    76. Sure, send Clifford to HOU so that he could ISO Harden all day long.

      Charlotte should bring in D’Antoni. LOL

    77. Haha! I thought about that too.

    78. McHale’s walking papers were well overdue. This is what happens when Lin is not the scapegoat

    79. Two years overdue…

    80. I think so bc he just did whatever Alex said ….

    81. It’s amazing how this parallels the Lakers’ situation with BS and Jim BusS.

    82. BS will be fired as soon as Kobe retired.

    83. cold blooded firing delivered via text


    84. BTW, did you win any stat poll yet? I think I finally got one with NYK game (12pts, 3ast option).

    85. Karma late to the party.

    86. I saw more Charlotte fans complaining about Kemba going back to his old ways of iso ball and these were not all lin fans so stop with the madness it was all lin fans..smh

    87. No, not this season…

    88. Wow..LOL

    89. …by being late by two years.

    90. Can’t agree more w him on this one…LOL!


    91. Hey Morey let Lin go on Christmas. He relates better to numbers then people.

    92. This would say the same when BScott got fired.

    93. It’s likely gonna be another loss.

      The Charlotte Hornets starters are beaten down the worst by fundamentally sound teams of role players who don’t beat themselves and play hard.

      New Jersey isn’t talented, but they are a TEAM. So the Hornets starters are dead meat like they were last game.

      Now Lin’s bench? They’ll play great as always, as will Lin. They’re a TEAM, plus they have one of the NBA’s most talented and athletic backcourt in LL Cool J.

    94. How come there are 2 NBA accounts? This one always has less people to RT? Here is another one.


    95. It usually is…

    96. Because McHale might be available when BS gets fired lol.. uh oh

    97. No! It is toxic in Houston, GM, selfish players, fans and the three lowest commentators!!! No n no no no!

    98. I’m sure another puppet master will pick him up…

    99. But can they rap like the real LL Cool J? LOL. Jeremy’s rapping needs a little work.

    100. Jim Buss will pick him up after BS firing once Kobe retires. Lakers deserves another terrible coach after BS.

    101. Right now there are lots of good coaches out there so it’s going to be tough….

    102. But he was iced out without the balls! SG sounded sweet but you have to rely on the PG, if PG shooting the balls like crazy and not passing? CC is ?..?

    103. i predict a blowout, for the Hornets. as bad as the rotation and minutes distribution may be, the Hornets are just too talented for the Nets. even if isolation rear it’s ugly head and the starters manages to lose leads once again, the second unit will have no problem putting the team on their (Lin’s) shoulders. Net’s 2nd unit isn’t as good as Hornets or Knicks both of which are top 5 in the league

    104. Clifford would love that. i feel Hornets FO are pushing Clifford to run a faster pace offense but he just can’t, not with isoKemba and Big Al, at least

    105. I’m not so sure these terms matter other than PG. Kemba is PG no matter what when he’s on the court. Lin plays off-ball rather than SG, he is still supposed to play his game when he gets the ball and that’s dribble penetrate and perhaps shoot more than when he’s PG, but that’s the extent of it.

      It’s more going “small” when the 2 are in and having 2 attackers along with Batum’s skill in facilitating, so anyone of them can facilitate. Kemba initiates and has to learn not to call his own number all the time or keep the ball going from player to player when he gets the ball back.

    106. McHale still gets paid 12M (contract) for basically coaching 11 games this season. I don’t think he’s in a hurry to find work.

    107. How does JLin end up with these “coaches” that don’t belong being coaches?

    108. McHale should have been fired the instant he promoted Beverley over Lin at the start of the 2nd season.

    109. Kemba can run fine but he isn’t great at fast breaks, finding trailers, making the pass at the right time and if he gets to the rim he’s not great at finishing. It’s habits and skills, Kemba hasn’t learned them correctly. Big Al is a post player.

    110. If Patrick Ewing becomes Charlotte’s head coach, Lin should exercise his player option and LEAVE even if Lin walks away from $2 million next season.

    111. I guess with Moreyball treating players as data points, trading cards, “pieces” can do that. Analytics doesn’t seem very good at analyzing character & chemistry.

    112. Let’s not give McHale too much credit as if it was his decision. He doesn’t belong in the NBA as a coach. Morey is the real culprit.

    113. Wow McHale got fired. I’m guessing BS is next. And MDA will get hired somewhere and Lin will probably ask to go on that team or Steve Clifford might have to start making Lin happy cause I think if Hornets don’t make the playoffs this year, Steve Clifford might get fired to and hopefully MDA will take over Hornets.

    114. Too late by then. He should’ve been fired in the offseason after Lin’s first year in HOU for dropping from 5th to 8th in the last 12 regular season games.

    115. Clifford may already be thinking about HOU. For all his faults Harden is still better than Kemba in terms of basketball skills.

    116. Nice. I like that nickname. LL Cool J. really creative.

    117. Way and above. Lin touch the ball more aside Harden and Kobe lol then Kemba.

    118. I wonder if there’s a chance Silas gets to man the helm.

    119. But Hardens bad attitude kills the team chemistry.

    120. Love this nickname!

    121. Can only come from a DJ… LOL

    122. As does Kemba ISO.

    123. It’s hard to fire BS without hearing criticisms. He has friends and allies.

    124. The idea of Lin to the second unit is debatable. In fact, Lin as a Ginobili type vs. a starter is favored by many NBA observers. How he went about it is inexcusable. You don’t put down a productive player to promote your favorite. And 2 coaches that did that are McHale and Byron Scott.

    125. The only coach he agreed to be fired was MDA.

    126. Morey DOESN’T DO STATS.

      He talks big about it, but he doesn’t use them or even believe in them.

      Allegedly his stats told him that Lin was going to be a terrific NBA player before Morey cut him. I never believed that Morey ever had stats on Lin at all, and obviously Morey didn’t look at any stats of Lin’s Houston run.

      If Morey had looked at stats, he’d never have ejected Lin twice.

    127. Hah when it comes to their corner stone, it’s just empty threat. I don’t believe a word.

    128. hes stupid if he do the trade of his superstar…………

      harden: sure game on trade me your team will be nothing

    129. Morey next?

    130. Yep, Alexander sounds fired up

    131. Don’t believe that…. Harden, he played bad on purpose you just can tell from his lousy games…. I don’t believe Alex will let Harden walk…

    132. LOL les is funny…. empty threat……keep wiping your superstar azzzzzzzz


    133. Sure hope so…

    134. I wonder if the kid was one of Rose’s kids?


    135. Agreed they complained about Kemba’s play, but then they don’t see Kemba as a superstar – most don’t even see him as a good starter. They simply said he took advantage of the spacing with Batum out there and got a lot of points.

      The team consensus was that Kemba played well, for his limitations, and Lin had a good first half. There is no Lin-Kemba drama for team fans, only Lin fans.

    136. I go by the left by the left by the left by the left by the left by the left……………….

    137. I think so bc they sat in the front that’s where the reporters were….

    138. You are one of the main Lin fans on RealGM, right? You post reasonable stuff on there but just the fact that it has just a Lin-focus distinguishes it from the other team posts. At least half the current posters are Lin fans and most are preoccupied with him, how he played, how someone else played relative to him, how things changed with he came in or sat. The team fans seem to have a broader perspective seeing the game in light of many factors.

    139. COOL.

      That means the Rockets are in for more trouble.

    140. Arrogant piece of $%#^.

    141. No it wasn’t.

      McHale’s greatest coaching moments came during the Portland playoffs when he actually PLAYED Lin and Lin delivered two MVP level perforances in beatdowns of the Blazers.

    142. And that’s why it’s a good thing Magic is not in the NBA.

    143. I know what you’re getting at with Ginobili, but Lin’s a BETTER player off the bench than Ginobili ever was!

    144. So this is the legendary Charmin defense? Good job BS… i mean good BS job.

    145. Trade Harden for Lin.

      If that trade were executed straight up, Houston would have the better player and record.

    146. I thought she said her kids were wearing the Knicks jerseys… not underneath. I doubt she invested in Hornet’s jerseys. LOL.

    147. Ginobili is not General Lin.

    148. Oh my:

      Jake FischerVerified account
      I spoke with Mike D’Antoni in Sept (http://www.si.com/nba/2015/10/02/mike-dantoni-stephen-curry-steve-nash-warriors-steve-kerr-alvin-gentry …) He will return to coaching for the right job. Houston would be a great fit.

    149. FYI. Shirsey = team jersey + T-shirt.

      It’s a T-shirt with the team logo and player info.

    150. Kind of seemed that way. He always seemed to be more into name chasing that using analytics.

    151. What? NO…

    152. Charmin?

    153. If Les fires Morey, and hire MDA as the GM & coach, then I’m all for it.

    154. Maybe that should be LL Cool Js.

    155. ah, got it .. I thought it was a typo for shirt 🙂

    156. If that happens and Lin comes to Houston, I would be so happy since im from houston, but it doesn’t have to be Houston though.

    157. They will not bc D12 hates MDA.

    158. Hilarious.

    159. Oh I forgot. You are right.

    160. I am honestly puzzled. What happened to my rockets. They go to WCF then next year look like trash. Honest answers to what you think happened please.

    161. It’s because the only teams that want Lin are DESPERATE teams that are so in danger of losing that they’ll take a proven rotation player like Lin even if Lin is Asian.

    162. Harden.

    163. Dude go to another sit cause we ain’t feeling the rockets.

    164. That’s about right: either Batum or Kemba or Al, depending on who is getting hot.

    165. Clutchfans would have a meltdown. But what the heck, i’m up for the fight, lets do it, hehehe.

    166. Lol

    167. Alex, there is still hope on the season. Fire M and trade H and get L and MDA. You have a WCF team.

    168. 1. Most important reason: The HONEYMOON in Houston over Lin being ejected, that’s now over!

      2. It’s a completely different frontcourt with Motiejeunas injured, Josh Smith gone, and Howard hobbling.

      3. Ty Lawson has been an utter bust.

      4. With Pablo Prigione and Jason Terry not playing, Houston now lacks an actual point guard that can distribute and defend.

    169. It’s OK – there are Lin basketball for his question.

    170. D12 hates MDA, this will not happen.

    171. Never say never.

    172. 5. Harden works so hard to keep up with the Kardashian instead of basketball.

    173. The Kardashian curse is really and strong.

    174. 6. All last season including the playoffs, the Rockets were able to defeat weak or injured opponents.

      But now that teams are healthy, the Rockets are being exposed.

    175. I get it, but it’s called karma. The stuff that lin fans suspected what was happening behind the scenes with the Rockets is true and now it’s being exposed

    176. WOW What a way to wake up to hear such a long coming news of KM being fired. Hopefully will hear the outs of KB and BS soon but not too soon until after Hornets plays with them:-)

    177. Karma is a bish. Thegood or bad things you do in the universe will always come back to you.

    178. I don’t want to see the fun to end yet, let BS hang around.

    179. They will not get a new coach. Houston will consider this as a bust year for them. Too many locker room issues to make this a viable team….jmo

    180. This. They relied on one man too much. Basketball is a team sport.

    181. $12 Mil Lawson averaged 36 mpg producing 9ppg, 5.6 apg and his PER 8.5. Anyone hearing clutch fans crying overpaid?

    182. Harden’s getting ~$100 mil from the NBA plus $200 mil from Adidas and he’s dating a Kardashian. He thinks he played his heart out last season but was robbed of the MVP award so this year he’s just not motivated. Plus D12 is also missing a lot of games.

    183. They are not gonna trade Harden ever

    184. No Harden will do some back beind the deal that Rockets won’t even see it coming.

    185. Charlotte Hornets – Jeremy Lin Left Out at the Wrong Moments.

      The Charlotte Hornets lost 102-94 to the New York Knicks with Jeremy Lin having a kind of mixed bag of performance, starting hot and then ignored before thrown back in, as it seems his head coach has no clue on how to recognize the right players to put on the floor at the right time1, and how to keep rhythm and momentum going.


    186. Yah very sad
      they just have to fix some issues
      Lawson & Harden aint gonna work gotta bring Beverley back or someone who can play defense and catch & shoot
      Howard and TJones(or DMo) need to stay healthy
      Every team in the west got better Hou didnt
      Harden is great but even his greatness can take you so far without a healthy roster

    187. Morey got him so CF will not trash him no matter what…

    188. hehehehe you are more “bad” than me:-) That sounds good as long as JLin is no longer there:-)

    189. Harden is not trying to stay in Houston. Harden wants the bright lights and recognition which LA Lakers will provide. Khloe is looking at presiding over the WAGs after Kobe retires.

    190. Would be something if BS became the new head coach of Houston. Would like to see Harden doing suicides

    191. mmmh That sounds like JH. BS and JH??? That will be fun.

    192. i thought Kloe got back together with Lamar Odom

    193. So Harden and Howard refused to run McHale’s strategy (Forbes)
      “WCF championship hangover” plus no-chemistry with Ty Lawson who needs the ball in his hands (duh moment) + Harden Kardashian factor + unmotivated Howard = a Messy organization

    194. wahahaha would love to see that!

    195. I dont know if Harden can do anything He cant trade himself

    196. What about Kobe for Harden trade? That would create some nice chemistry for Rockets.

    197. I don’t want to see Lin go anywhere and I’ll be happy when the game starts. It’s all about McHale and Harden here, Lin left that team over a season ago. Their mess there is their mess IMO and it isn’t the first time a star player had a coach fired and won’t be the last.

      Be happy when it is back to Lin. Lin is in a small market, no real star players with him, a Coach that shows at times trust in him (arguable but some of us think so) and an assistant Coach that believes in him. He is considered a bargain and his role has a chance to expand.

      Let’s go Lin tonight and on this homestand, a few Hairsanity/Linsanity-level games and Charlotte fans will start cheering big for him and support him.

    198. JB is so useless
      hate the guy

    199. How did Harden play bad he wasnt bad at all except his shots werent falling

    200. MW was fined $15,000 for the flagrant foul.

    201. You are right! We are just overjoyed at their pain right now. Not Lin-like but… 🙂
      Hey, how did you enjoy the game last night? I think i missed your game summary (if any)… sorry…

    202. Think McHale believed in him more

    203. In some OTHER alternate reality. Or…believed in him so much that he used every means to obliterate that threat.

    204. Yes, I know. Rubbing it in. I’m glad McHale is fired but Harden is a prima donna and that’s the culture of Houston or any team he is the star of.

      I enjoyed the game, of course the first half better than the second as Lin did much better. I wrote a summary in the game thread. Didn’t get to see Lin be Mr 4Q as Kemba put on a show and that wasn’t enough while Lin didn’t get the foul calls he was getting in the first half or touches.

    205. Lin is a great kid rather than a great player or complete player are the words of one coach vs. the other. McHale did not promote Lin and put him down every chance he got. McHale was awful to Lin.

    206. I better go dig it up now.

    207. Over the years, Sportige has been the most generally positive and objective about Lin’s play. I’m usually pretty grateful for their decent coverage.

    208. Is Greg and Nathan G, one and the same, lol?

    209. McHale was the one who kept saying Linsanity was not realistic. That it would never happen again.

    210. Elbows fly all the time. It’s just childish to think the appropriate push-back has to be a flagrant one.

    211. we used to compare the standard of what Lin got in NY to Houston so Mchale seemed very bad. Now after the experience in LA everything is better for Lin but in reality, he’s far from what he hope for, “big role”.

    212. McHale was bad coach for Lin, can’t argue that.

    213. good to wait for sure .. No Hornets jersey/shirts for me yet 🙂

    214. All I see is Lamb with first Unit..lol

    215. Yah McHale at lease knew to put Lin in when Team is down by a lot
      he actaully trusted Lin more than some of the fans give him credit for

    216. But he came the closest to it under McHale

    217. McHale genuinely liked Lin but wasnt the biggest fan of him in terms of basketball skills

    218. he had more minutes and a bigger role under mchale


    220. Lin started all 82 games in his first regular season there and look at how he used Lin in last playoff. Remember, even Lin was a backup pg but he was always the first up off the bench, and whenever Harden or Pat is out, Lin is the starter.

    221. Yep, I miss it
      now hes last off bench and rarely sees extended minutes
      I miss the Hou days
      now that Lin has improved his defense he can really help out Hou

    222. we enjoyed the 1st half too esp. d 2nd quarter when the bench bailed the starters ….2nd half was mostly kemba show –annoying….Knicks fans still remember JLin tho…someone on our area keeps heckling him about sleeping in a couch when JLin was doing his free throws–kinda funny

    223. I was just going to say the same thing. D12 hates running and he hates MDA. No way MDA goes to rockets.

    224. Howard can’t stand MDA

    225. McHale is done. Scott will go soon. Lin is just about to START!

    226. Can‘t wait. That’s why you change your photo? 🙂

    227. i’m kinda sadden by the firing of mchale. i mean, i was hoping he and the rockets would make a crash landing together and for years to come

    228. AL has interacted with Lin recently on the court in recent games. Hornets need big men who can set screen, roll, score and pass!!!! REBOUND too!!!

    229. yes, we need justice and we got it!

    230. Yes!!!

    231. I know. Me too. I wanted the Rockets to lose this year with all the main people together. Now when the Rockets lose, it will feel like something is missing.

    232. Viva the Kardashian curse!

    233. Jlin the last MAN standing !

    234. i guess every movie has to end some time. can’t just sit in the theater eating popcorn all day long! lol

    235. On paper, yes. But she isn’t doing anything to end her relationship with Harden. What can you expect from the Kardashians? I’m just waiting to see Harden keeps on fooling around with the Ks and eventually sees his own career ruined.

    236. Maybe if McHale goes to a different team, it could be considered a Spin-off? =)

    237. nah, i’m already bored of it haha

    238. this is just like what happened with the Knicks. Lin left, they ride the great chemistry he left behind for 1 year, then it all collapse

    239. seriously?

    240. His basketball skills matter. It’s a work relationship, not a friendship.

    241. He’s played 11 games under Clifford. We seriously need to give this minutes thing a rest until ASB in my opinion.

    242. he believed in marginalizing Lin. in fact, it’s McHale who of all these other fake coaches are copying how to mistreat Lin. now Lin isn’t even allowed to play his natural point guard position and is coming off the bench

    243. McHale did not praise Lin at all and properly did not promise him anything privately. BUT Lin actually got MUCH more minutes and more consistent role than he has now. – ironically!

    244. Just thinking outloud: Yesterday I posted a tweet that Rockets players held a meeting. Guess this was all about firing KM rather than looking inward of why they lost so many games.

    245. Yep.

    246. You, sir, just made my day! Lol!

    247. A. There was NOTHING consistent about Lin’s role with Houston. B. Minutes can’t be compared. He played 2 full seasons with Houston and 11 games with Charlotte.

    248. That’s because when Lin was stabbed in the back by the knicks, I immediately imposed the LINSANITY CURSE upon the forsaken team…. and so their downfall was inevitable and the rest is history 🙂

    249. harden: man, we’ve been playing really selfishly. where’s the teamwork?
      lawson: yeah, but we can’t admit that
      harden: ok, we’re gonna need a scapegoat
      howard: don’t look at me, i cleaned up your garbage each night

    250. good job! but are there any good spells for Lin in your book of sorcery?

    251. Thank you

    252. So true, I have more respect for the people who tell you who they are even the bad guys.

    253. LOL …..naaa. I can only do bad things 🙂

    254. You know they are going to start winning during a honeymoon period.

    255. Did you guys see the man in corner the suite clap his hands after Hansbrough made that dunk from that behind the pass from lin.

    256. me too, it just feel so good to be baddd

    257. It should be a big win for Hornets tonight. 10 games is enough to make your mind!

    258. So PJ still out, Zeller will start again today.

    259. Didn’t see it until you mentioned it. Any idea who is he??

    260. Odd that PJ seems to be out so much.

    261. Some will keep asking for that number to change.

    262. Im pretty sure PJ is not injured and its just a front office way to ease him out of the starting lineup probably an agreement made with his agent.

    263. I don’t think he’s injured either maybe he’s on the trade list…

    264. posts like this are such nonsense.

    265. firing the coach motivates the players because it pushes them to win, in order to show that the problem was indeed the coach instead of the players stinking it up.

      but we all know that the source of the problem is that harden is the team ‘leader’ and thats not ever going to change.

    266. I think Mc still will be fired bc Harden didn’t response to him. LOL!

    267. Jeezes, don’t we hate being right all ‘ the time? hehe

    268. Morey will be gone next, too

    269. I can’t believe you think Mchake is a better coach for Lin. Mchale systematically torn
      Lin down from starter to bench. The 82 games he played in the first season was all about finding ways to promote Harden and make line the back up. Anytime you want to think Lin was treated fairly by Mchale, just remember how Mchale went on air after Rox beat OKC with a depleted team after they traded away players. Lin scored 29 pts that game and made key shots to seal the win. Mchale then complained that Lin was hogging the ball and made that famous ” Jeremy, we’re trying to win here” and told reporters that Lin was turning over the ball 9 times when Lin wasn’t even close to it.

      Lin was put on the bench the second season with out any reason. Lin came out that year like gangbusters with 2 games over 30 points and still M&M put Lin back on the bench so that Beverly was starter. How many games did Lin save them only to be benched at the end for Beverly and Haden to be the star to “win”the game. That very last playoff game, Lin was amazing. He totally stopped Lilliard and limited him to just a couple of points in the last quarter. When they finally had the lead with less than a second left, who was benched so that that their defensive juganaut could be on the floor to be part of the win? Mchale lost that game and playoffs because he benched Lin because he wanted Lin out of Houston. Lilliard lost Beverly and Parson instantly and made that 3 pointer to win the series.

      It was just like Chris Bowwin (?) said, M&M basically did everything in their power to make Lin into a third string player, but Lin just will not give up.

    270. I think players blamed McHale for not holding Harden accountable. Since they couldn’t fire Harden they fired McHale. See if Bickerstaff can do any better.

    271. Why does Lin keep passing to Hawes? Every time he does I scream NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    272. Positioning in sets. Then Hawes just goes and usually does something very stupid.

    273. usually does something very stupid: like taking a shot instead of passing it on

    274. or dribbling and turning it over.

    275. Understandable, but Lin is a WINNER who fully utilizes his teammates.

      Lin understands that if a player is frozen out offensively, that player doesn’t perform defensively either.

    276. Will not change.

    277. hawes is the worst player on team getting any time; up until last game he was vying with lin for 8th man (or 9th man).

      hopefully last game will be more the rule forward but actually there is nothing to suggest that to date. more the exception based on lack of availability of hairston/mw.

      hawes, lamb, lin, batum, basically all these guys brought in were players with something to prove, all have paid off to some extent except hawes who seems to be proving his downward trajectory was not reversible.

    278. I’m glad, because everybody was saying how great a coach McHale was last season after the Rockets played all those HOBBLED teams (i.e. Portland without Aldridge).

    279. “we” are not right all the time; actually there is even any “we”.

    280. Lin said in his post game interview, he just did what the game plan said….

    281. Lin is COACH KILLAH.

      No coach that has mistreated Lin has ever survived.

    282. at first I didn’t appreciate JLin’s slow dribble inside….but after seeing this clips – his strategy was to draw the defenders towards him in order to free the shooters….he drew in 4 defenders and left Big AL open. Brilliant move.

    283. Mchale would openly yell at jeremy for the minutest mistakes… while he would never say anything to his boss haren… lol

    284. Disagree.

      Lin played a lot of WASTED minutes in Houston.

      Lin’s handling the ball more than he ever did in Houston, though Kemba Walker is committed to freezing Lin out late in games.

    285. Lin’s handling the ball much more in Charlotte than he ever did in Houston.

    286. I said all season that LA and Houston were equally bad.

    287. Thanks to his boss-Harden, he got fired. LOL!

    288. TOTALLY disagree.

      If McHale didn’t unfairly start that useless scrub Bev over Lin, Lin would have not even been needed in the clutch.

    289. Lin’s defense has not improved one iota since Linsanity.

    290. Disagree.

      Even though Lin’s minuted were down in LA, Lin had many Linsanity level games despite Byron Scott.

      Hence the 19 PER.

    291. Why does Clif play Hawes more than Kam or Hansbrough? Even if Hansbrough has 0 offense (which I doubt) he’s able to get rebounds that would otherwise go to the other team. Doesn’t Clif realize how valuable it is to get additional possessions or eliminate second chances for the opponent?

    292. WRONG.

      McHale genuinely disliked Lin as a person and disliked Lin’s skills.

    293. of course not…. but, I was referring to how we Lin fans were constantly sounding off at the rockettes and “frustrated by James Harden’s play and aloofness” as the above caption reads. Now, the whole team seems to be saying it too. And off went McHale’s Head. Ha!

    294. WRONG.

      Lin was a corner standstill guard in Houston.

      In Charlotte, Lin’s a TEAM LEADER with the bench and is currently locked in a battle with Kemba Walker for possession of the ball.

    295. There is only one answer to your question:


      Clifford loves SIZE, even if that size cannot play.

    296. Agree.

      One of Clifford’s weaknesses is that he is TOO NICE to strongly criticize players for poor effort and poor execution.

      The flip side is that Clifford is very permissive with not just Lin but all his players.

    297. Players have to adhere to the game plan.

    298. All he has to do is give Hans 5 minutes every so often. Just see what he can do. A good coach (like Pop) gets a little something out of everyone on the roster. And that way, everyone is ready should the need arise.

    299. Check out these stats in 5 Wins & 6 Losses.

      When Kemba is too hot, Hornets suffered the most
      20ppg in 6L vs 12ppg in 5W

      Kemba shouldn’t shoot too much even when he’s hot so it doesn’t become 1-man offense.
      @BaselineBuzz said this last year when Kemba gets too hot and has tunnel-vision, it’s not good.



    300. Then low IQ is the coach!

    301. The good thing about Lin is that he’s pretty consistent. If he’s not getting buckets down, hes playing really hard defense to help win games whereas other players who shoot really well and do bad at shooting the next game might not play defense as good as Lin.

    302. if the starters can somehow manage to stay in the game, then the second unit will win the game for them

    303. I just hope coach doesn’t waste Lin’s minutes by playing him at the corner with Kemba/Batum on the floor. If Lin can get at least 18 minutes all to himself and Lamb, we could win more games.

    304. Hawes is his only choice. Take it or leave it!

    305. this means in the 2nd unit:
      Lin, Lamb, Zeller needs more minutes and Hawes needs less.

    306. Maybe is good from him.

    307. coach is hoping the other team worry about Lin getting the ball, Lin’s guy can’t come to help out if he stands at the corner. This way, the floor is open for the rest of the players. Batum or Walker.

    308. Does Hawes look smart to U?

    309. No more excuses for Cliff. No matter how much you said you trust Lin and like his style and his IQ, how many minutes, there is no reason to loss Nets tonight!

    310. coach needs to involve Lin more in the 4th. He can close games.

    311. coach needs Walker and Batum to be all stars

    312. Yes, Hawes need to shoot less.
      Kemba definitely needs to shoot a lot less, even when he’s hot because it killed the offense

    313. Big Al got 30+ point, then Batum, then Kemba. i guess it’s Lin’s turn..

    314. i dont get it though. Lin’s the one bringing in the revenue and fans.

    315. hornets are 0-5 this year when walker takes 15 or more shots.

    316. doubt it…if it’s ever Lin’s turn it will be team ball and Lin ends with 20+ pts, 6+ assists in 25-30 minutes.

    317. Hornets lost the game yesterday in a series of events:

      As soon as Kemba substituted back in in the 4th. Lin became shooting guard and didn’t have a chance to do anything unless he was passed the ball.
      Lin ended up putting more pressure on himself when the team was down and ended up committing three tos and also over helping on the inside the paint D left the perimeter defense vulnerable to the Knicks 3 points shooters who were able to capitalized.
      Marvin Williams Flagrant foul which cost the team 2 points and a possession.
      Batum’s cold shooting night who decided he might play the hero just because he hit one 3 to move his point total to 4 points.
      Lamb even bigger buffoon play by trying to shoot a 3 and ended up shooting an air all.
      Lin’s lost of his shooting touch and form from what he practiced during the summer and displayed during preaseason.

    318. Walker and MKG are the Hornets future. Batum is someone they want to be in their future. Lin’s a rental at this time. Hornets hosting ASG this year. They needs these guys to perform to be able to showcase their future guys.

      I got nothing to back it up, but Lin performing better after ASG may be cuz coach no longer has the concern about ASG so Lin gets to play his game more.

    319. can’t stand the commercials on the Hornets’ feed especially the Gridiron ACC commercial. think i’ll switch to the Nets feed

    320. yes, Kemba shouldn’t kill the offense when he has hot shooting.
      We can definitely share this with Hornets media

    321. Lin had 2 TOs not 3

    322. league pass doesn’t show commercials…it gets boring

    323. Leave it, shoot it, pass to someone else, or ask coach to reduce his minutes in favor of Zeller (only played 18 min last night) Kam or Hans.

    324. You are right. I forgot to mention that Hawes, Zeller and Kaminksi were pretty lost and got beat off the boards and could not muster any offense.

    325. u should try to watch one of those under the radar feeds that plays rap music or funny stuff during breaks.

    326. Hawes can help Lin by making all those 3s.

    327. doesn’t Lin have a better chance of getting into ASG even without the stats than Kemba/Batum with the stats?

    328. Hawes is a terrible and selfish player. He doesn’t do anything well.

    329. lins shooting touch is fine when he plays adequate minutes; he was 4 for 9 last nite which is 44% which is very good.

      there is a clear divide between his shooting when playing limited minutes “forced” to make the most of them and when he has adequate minutes and can just let the game come to him.

      his shooting preseason was unconcious and probably not a standard to compare to.

    330. As a reminder – Lin vs NETS!

    331. the problem is when Lin gives him an open look, he ends up driving or passing it up. and when he isn’t open, he ends up forcing up a shot

    332. Sources: Morey is officially in the HOT seat


      moreyball isnt working pampering star

    333. It’s not the same without DWill lol.

    334. Batum and Al connecting and conniving

    335. Jarrett Jack is a start. lmao

    336. This Zemba needs to be freezed out too

    337. 3pt defense is still very poor
      2 wide-open 3s to Joe Johnson

    338. Nets shooting with ease

    339. 12 – 3 brooklyn

    340. Of course it’s 10-3 but no adjustment from Houston Rockets academy of coaches

    341. Hornets starters got to be the worst in the league

    342. Its like every game starters start slow

    343. starters always start off slow

    344. Hornets is much better team than 2012 Knicks, Nets is much worse than 2012 Nets. Lin is much better than 2012 Linsanity.. Cliff has not reason to not win tonight!

    345. yup .. no TO, nothing
      Letting the momentum to kill the Hornets .. 3-13

      Not good

    346. Cliff likes BIG BUTTS

    347. Game looks bad -> no blowout win -> HOPEFULLY more min for Jeremy.

      I still dig KHuang’s LL Cool J moniker for Lin and Lamb.

    348. Just like last year’s Lakers starters without Lin…

    349. that would probably have to philadelphia but player by player the nets starters are clearly superior. it will have to be the bench to make the game a game.

    350. If this is Pop,he’s already yelling to his guards

    351. Zemba again,this leprechaun of NBA guards doesn’t learn his lesson

    352. ..and he cannot lie, his other brothers can’t deny…

    353. it’s still balanced so far; he passed to Batum

      Looks like Coach wants Batum to get early shots

    354. ok I’ll give him a passed for that but geez he’s really no remorse in taking shots

    355. they need to play D

    356. Lambis hurt.

    357. Who’s the poor guy guarding Joe Johnson? 11pts on 3 threes

    358. marvin

    359. Was it Batum?

    360. i think its Kemba

    361. Things are crazy when Marvin leads the team in assist

    362. Well I think he’s the PG then

    363. Marvin.

    364. I think so

    365. Zeller is not starting material. He has shown to pick up quick fouls when he is in with the starting unit.

    366. BS is next.

    367. 2 fouls on Kemba now

    368. awful defense isokemba

    369. Jarret Jack did a CP move to tangle up with Kemba’s arms to draw a foul

    370. Nice Al

    371. Great! Sub him out!

    372. great!!!!

    373. Cliff is gambling by keeping Kemba in with 2 fouls.

    374. they won’t cus kemba isn’t Lin

    375. Al is good but too much Al can be lethAl

    376. Yep same as Zemba

    377. No freakin Defense

    378. 2 fouls in first 7 min would get most players subbed out, starter or not.

    379. LOL..this guy!

    380. Team dead again

    381. MW one of the few bright spots. I like his game. Seems so easy and calm.

    382. i think it’s the dead crowd

    383. Lin getting ready!

    384. im very surprised. it was said before the season that he worked hard to get in shape and improve his game to revive a declining career.

    385. Al Jefferson nite!

    386. Nets went small. Its just stupid.

    387. Just cause you’re losing that’s no reason to bring in the Jeremys a minute earlier. smh.

    388. Great job by Hornets scoring in the paint.
      Al then Kaminsky now

    389. nice pass

    390. Will Lin get to play all of 2nd qtr like last game?

    391. “It will be funny if Hornets loses this game,” this is my thought when I returned from an errand just now.

    392. zero defense…..

    393. Not if Jeremy plays well with quality minutes.

    394. No idea. Haven’t seen JLin yet.

    395. we’ll see. I’m at work and relying on posters for updates 🙂

    396. JLin checked in with 2:38 in Q1

    397. Batum was reluctant to give it to Lin

    398. Hawes!

    399. LOL .. Lin’s assist to Hawes as shot clock ran out

    400. omg—hope they win this game–they lost yesterday in MSG –hopefully not in Barclay too

    401. Game is in CHA.

    402. Batum to Lin

    403. Great cut by Lin.. Batum’s assist!

    404. Datum better vision then Kemba

    405. Lin to Hawes!!! Another 3!!! 35-32

    406. WHAT!!! Hawes another 3!!!!

    407. This is beautiful basketball

    408. Hawes got the touch today

    409. i take back what i said about hawes 😉

    410. the lin factor at work immediatley; the game becomes a different game. if you let him have the ball in his hands.

    411. Lamb is a joke

    412. Bench to the rescue again? lol

    413. lol .. Good Hawes doesn’t think, just shoot!

    414. batum calling for it Jlin not seeing or ignoring him….

    415. The ISO. SMH

    416. oww…hehe–thanks for d correction..wow- they went home that quick…just saw them yesterday in MSG that’s why I thought they r in Barclay

    417. Batum and Lin is shout finish second and start third every time

    418. Hawes shot won’t count.

    419. Has a big head.

    420. Full speed JLin Express train!

    421. Sources: Morey is officially in the HOT seat


      moreyball isnt working pampering star………..

    422. well, as expected the 2nd unit taking over, but not so expected they’re lead by Hawes 2 3ptr

    423. Hornets starting lineup is just hopeless. They play the lowly Nets and still trail them in the 1st quarter. Cliff is just not that smart.

    424. Might be too late. They will take 3 points off the board and the assist.

    425. this is not the time…

    426. Where can I get tickets to that train?

    427. lol

    428. Bench saved the starters! lets call the bench the elite bench!

    429. JLamb kinda forced that last 3 due to not getting a shot yet

    430. Absolutely but the coach like the Zemba factor,the losing factor

    431. I think Lamb and Batum wants to shoot more but they need Lin to facilitate and give them the open shot.

    432. off 2 JLin’s assists so it’s understandable =)

    433. agreed

    434. not only that, he was totally selfish in that play ignoring Lin just to bring it all the way up the court and forced a brick

    435. He got in as soon as I posted it. He is 1-2 with 2 pts but 2 assists with 2:38 he played. Pretty efficient considering.

    436. Iso Lamb. Hero ball is getting a big head.

    437. Lamb didn’t let Lin draw defense to give him space to shoot.

    438. So that bucket didn’t count. Hawes only got 3 pts.

    439. I thought he has the smallest head on the team”literally”…lol

    440. More isos from everyone.

    441. i thought Lin had 2 3pt asts. why shows only one?

    442. Hero ball is contagious.

    443. They took it away

    444. Clock ran out

    445. Hawes finally wake up after 10 games!

    446. And Lin got an assist taken away and will get a to instead.

    447. they took away Hawes first 3 🙁 after shot clock expired

    448. his 3 is not falling

    449. JLin 3 in and out

    450. Wayne Ellington in Nets?

    451. barely

    452. Oh my God

    453. hawes trying to prove all us hawes haters wrong

    454. LOL Jarret Jack cross court pass to noone

    455. yeah thats the one thing thats off still (from preseason)

    456. NICE PASS, LIN!!!!

    457. If he didn’t make that one…I’ll break something….lol

    458. LOL .. JLin QB pass to Hawes for the lay-in

      Hawes is a JLin-created monster!

    459. kemba walker would not throw that pass.

    460. Lin raking up assists quickly…

    461. WHOA LIN. That pass was crazy

    462. Oh he will shoot 🙂

    463. first time hes got a chance to handle the ball a lot for awhile.

    464. Franken-Hawes created by Dr. JLin!

    465. Howa he doing??

    466. from the same spot

    467. Lin must be involved in the most amount of plays that have the opposing coach call timeout

    468. that pass was a monster

    469. unbelievable. Hawes ran the length of the court ahead of everybody. and even more surprising, he caught Lin’s football pass for a nice layup

    470. Thanks to Walker’s 2 fouls…

    471. CHEMISTRY on LIN and HAWES!!!!! with three asts already?!

    472. The Hornets ELITE bench is fun to watch! Lets keep calling it the elite bench to make a statement and make it known!

    473. how many football passes has isokemba threw so far this season?

    474. That’s on the money…OhOhOh Mchael will yanked him out for that home run pass

    475. Sadly Hawes is Lin best partner as of now.

    476. The vision of JLin finding teammates down court.

    477. with Harvard degree 😛

    478. Football pass,

    479. Non-scary experiment =)

    480. Lin 3 assists, 3 rebounds

    481. Eagle eyes! Lol!

    482. Hawes/Lin combo can be great if he knew how to roll

    483. Lin is big men’s best friend wherever he goes. His patience paid off 🙂

    484. His PER going up tonight

    485. Easy 2 he usually makes. Great explosion on that drive.

    486. Lin shots not falling again. He need to fix that. Please no zig zag stats

    487. Good drive but JLin layup didn’t fall Was he fouled?

    488. Lin got pushed no call

    489. lin not getting any calls tonight. even on drawing charge.

    490. Lin is leading the team in rebounds with 3. Pretty sad.

    491. I think he was. Clifford was yell at the ref after.

    492. Still should finish that

    493. horrible officiating today. must be a Lin hater. 2 missed calls. first one when Lin took a charge clearly outside the box. second one when Lin drove baseline for a layup but got his wrist swiped at

    494. He was fouled. Even Clifford was barking at the refs.

      Lin’s 3s are in and out lately…he’s not getting clean looks. At least they’re on line which is a good sign.

    495. Lin yelled too I heard him say he got pushed from behind

    496. yes, it was in and out

    497. it is okey. lin keeps attack and do not hesitate to shoot if it is open

    498. he hit his wrists….foul ref

    499. Hope Jeremy gets some calls and picks up on his 3 point shooting. Other than that, he is playing great.

    500. would have 2 get his shooting % up in the second half; thus far this season when hes not shooting well early he’s not afforded that opportunity however walker early fouls could alter that.

    501. Hawes couldn’t quite get to JLin’s bounce pass

    502. another really nice pass wasted

    503. Can’t really shoot today,just keep shooting

    504. Great ball movement by Hornets .. Lamb-Hawes-MWill for 3

    505. Lin is shooting a lot

    506. Lin seems to be energized today.

    507. Here you go

    508. They don’t respect Lin’s 3 anymore.

    509. Nice easy layup by Lin off Hawes’ screen

    510. Good to see that bc in 4Q no ball…

    511. THERE WE GO

    512. Can’t blame them.

    513. The problem with Lin’s 3s lately is that he’s TOO confident. He’s taking too many contested 3s, they’re just in and out.

    514. Lin took 5 shots in 8 mins already….sounds good

    515. wth with camera angle

    516. Lin needs to fix his shot.

    517. C’mon that’s a foul

    518. How is that not a foul?!!!!!!!???????

    519. Clifford letting Lin play.

    520. No foul…

    521. Kemba back, Lin’s window is gone.

    522. Lin+Frank is still in with Kemba/Batum/Al with 3 min left in Q2

    523. NIce Tank….from Batum

    524. Lin is super agressive tonight

    525. Lin got one light non-shooting call. And two FGA misses, he gets nothing.

      NBA refs…

    526. He is well rested I guess LOL

    527. Al to Batum this time

    528. Clifford likes Lin distributing so he wants to see if Lin can feed Kemba/Batum

    529. Just having Lin on the court creates space for everyone.

    530. I really like this unit.. Good spacing and good defense

    531. jlin 6reb lmao

    532. Lin is the ONLY one always pushing the ball up the court while everyone else just jog. sigh

    533. If their shots are falling,they should be leading about by 2 digits now,but the activity is great

    534. these refs are haters.

    535. oh well Lin is doing everything else good except shooting. It will come 2nd half.

    536. …or they could be blind.

    537. Lin just has to be careful about drives to nowhere. His shots have to fall, sooner or later.

    538. blind but not colorblind.

    539. Lin getting fouled on drives. No calls. Jumpshots not falling. But he is aggressive and his rebounding is super.

    540. Trying to draw FTs…usually works but tonight it’s ref BS.

    541. lin has 13 minutes. shocking.

    542. I guess Lin will get 28 minutes a night now?

    543. prolly more

    544. So maybe from now on Lin will finished 2 & 4Q?

    545. Walker’s bench in favor of Lin. What’s going on?

    546. Kemba is out. This is shocking.

    547. Yes surprising. Kemba sitting, Lin closing 1st half.

    548. Wow, Clifford spooked by McHale getting canned?

    549. 2 fouls

    550. Clifford is willing to experiment. Very pleasantly surprising

    551. Shooting too many 3s, Lin!

    552. Lin just has to attack the rim and flail like Harden.

    553. i’m convinced these are Lin hating refs

    554. refs are such haters.

    555. Good looks, they aren’t falling.


    557. Ya, 3’s not falling. Take some 2’s to get shot back in rhythm.

    558. is that a new dance?

    559. curse you refs!

    560. Did Hornets outrebounded in the previous games? Lin shows you how to rebound 6 in 10 mins. . too bad, shots off so far.

    561. Only that last one was clean. The others were contested.

    562. stop listening to doc schepler his 3pt shooting form does not suit him

    563. yes, no other choice

    564. C’mon Lin hit a couple of 3s in the second half!

    565. these refs

    566. 4 pts, 6 rebs, 3asts, 3 TOs

    567. just play good d

    568. Shooting slump

    569. he’s just not confident shooting right now. needs to see one fall in. he’s been hesitating right before launching the shots so i kinda expect them to miss

    570. Relax

    571. So Clifford is letting Lin play through mistakes and he’s getting minutes now. Lin really needs to cut down on some of his recklessness. He can be aggressive but pick his spots better. He’s trying to get to the rim because his shots aren’t falling but he doesn’t have to go all the way to the rim.

    572. My grandma has better shooting form than Lin right now.

    573. nothing to do with confidence its his shooting form


    575. I disagree. He’s TOO confident, which is nice I guess. He’s taking a lot of contested jumpers.

      Not that there are good shots available, but he should attack and flail more.

    576. half those shots by lin, u can tell it will miss before it even comes down. he looks not in rhythm shooting them too, like rushed.

    577. Lin should just make plays today

    578. too much thinking. he seems hesitant to take them

    579. I really don’t understand what this coach is trying to do each game. This is the first time I saw Lin get the green light this season.

    580. Jeremy with 6 rebounds while the starting bigs have 5 combined.

    581. well, at least Lin is stuffing the stats sheet. good for my fantasy team

    582. I think he looks a bit over amped and jittery. I think he should slow down a bit like he played when he first came in. He did a lot of good things, but made unnecessary mistakes that a veteran shouldn’t make. However, Batum had an ugly TO too but he’s playing pretty well tonight.

    583. Probably why he’s in there. They got killed on the boards last game too.

    584. probably why Lin is playing and Kemba is on bench.

    585. who’s that?I love the hair

    586. Probably unused to playing big minutes. Not even kidding. He keeps looking over at the bench, like he expects to be yanked as usual. Even when he’s hot he gets benched after 7-9m.

    587. 2 of Lins Tov was ref influence. Non call and offensive foul. The third spencer missed the ball when he was wide open. The missed shots are frustrating but he will turn it round

    588. Lin started off really confident and aggressive and teammates picked up on it. which is great. but then he started missing shot. 🙁

    589. whatever, Batum had 7 TOs in a game before. As long as Lin keeps doing other things well he should get 28 minutes today.

    590. I feel like coach wants Lin to shoot but its forced

    591. Missing happens. He is trying to push up the tempo while the Nets are slowing down the tempo.

    592. Honestly, I like his jumper — he’s missing most of his jumpers in-and-out. Unlike Kemba’s recent hot streak, Lin is taking a lot of non-wide open jumpers (esp. from 3).

      You ain’t Curry, Jeremy! Play to YOUR strengths. Drives and FT line Js.

    593. the big problem with the charlotte bigs is not their lack of reboudning but their lack of defense; a gangly rookie has a career game against them and joe johnson and brook lopez are on pace for 50 points combined in this game.

      its not talked about a lot cause lin’s not involved; but charlotte’s biggest weakness imo is their lack of defense up front, mediocre bigs eat them up. whats going 2 happen when they come up against someone really good like drummond.

    594. The guards are out-rebounding the bigs.

    595. Just need to continue being aggressive 🙂

    596. Started of good needs to slow his body down a bit going too fast.

    597. ya those 3 TOs were on the refs

    598. Definitely. I’m not mad at those. Also, 2 FGA misses were clear fouls but what can you do? NBA refs.

    599. No his threes was wide open. Guy was 2 ft back

    600. i think Clifford likes how Lin is always trying to push the ball up the court and his defense. keep it up Hairemy!

    601. No, that’s not true. Only 1 was wide open.

    602. regardless hey are not respecting his three lately. he has to get the defender up so he can blow by them.

    603. Could be a triple double,he has 6 rebs already

    604. Yeah, it’s no biggie. Shooting is streaky when you don’t get regular minutes. Lin should just say, “#@$& my shooting %s for now. Rack up some stats on volume.”

      That’s what people look at anyway.

    605. FYI
      Officials: #30 John Goble, #42 Eric Lewis, #68 Aaron Smith

    606. Maybe Cliff is trying rebuild Lin’s confidence back up by letting him play longer now. Seriously those previous 16 minutes – 18 minutes games were a confidence killer.

    607. To steal from KHaung… let’s go LL Cool J. Better 2nd half

    608. Like will make 3 3s in second half and get more 4 ast

    609. Triple-double?

    610. On his way to 3D!

    611. Lewis is the ref that keep guarding Lin as the Nets 6th man

    612. When he catches the ball, there is space, but he takes a second to gather himself before he shoots. So it looks like he’s not open. Watch Curry. Catch and shoot in one motion. So smooth.

    613. Lin is forcing a bit. I want him to relax a bit. Lin not really on rhythm

    614. got my hit-list, time to get to work

    615. refs are normally pretty consistent on “non-calls” players just need to learn to play thru it…it happens to all players

    616. Why not? He got 3D in 29min against cavs from the bench. Believe me, I saw him with my own eyes! Rox vs Cavs. Great game!

    617. I dont think it is surprising, as we discussion start of the season, 10 games down the road the rotation will be more stable and Lin will be given the opportunity…and its happening now…Lin just need to seize the moment and show what he can do….immaterial if his shot is going in or not

    618. Lin shooting 2-8 0-3 from the 3. Too bad he doesn’t have a good PnR partner to drive to the rim when his shot is off.

    619. Eric Lewis and Violet Palmer…

    620. Definitely. He doesn’t make a case for a lot of playing time if he TOs too much and forces too much.

    621. Kemba now also pushing the ball. Look like cliff wants him to pick up the tempo

    622. Don’t know who approves the NBA schedule. Hornets played in NYC last night. Nets played in Brooklyn last night. Why not make tonight’s game in Brooklyn. Save both teams from flying to CHA last night.

    623. I’ve changed my mind. Lin needs to shoot less not shoot more. He is really cold. Shoot only if he has a good shot. Needs to grab Dell Curry during practice and get some tips or something. His missed shots are starting to hurt.

    624. I think Cliff told him to

    625. Wow batum

    626. Its a breakaway Quarter…Go Hornets! Go Lin!

    627. That ref again

    628. sweet…back to back 3s for hornets….go go go

    629. A couple others too – with a common thread.

    630. wow Hornets D is really worrying

    631. Whats going on?? Is he doing ok??

    632. Lin played PG well but struggled with shooting in 1st half. Refs also didnt give him any calls.

      Clifford liked what he saw with Lin facilitating so let him finished Q2

    633. Some good plays, some TOS, not shooting the jump shot well again.

    634. which I had a Bojangles here

    635. Thanks!

    636. Big Al is dominating Lopez with his post-moves

    637. what? I heard someone say “WHY ARE U EVEN IN THE NBA?” was that clifford?

    638. Thanks!!

    639. Kemba needs to work on ft

    640. Jarret Jack pulled the 2nd move on Kemba to draw 2 fouls

    641. Hornets Big men don’t rebound with passion

    642. What’s goin on with Zeller D?

    643. the starter just have no life.

    644. and we are missing shots now…3 in a row!

    645. How many games now have the starters been dead???

    646. Jeremy still leads in rebounding…

    647. At this rate, Clifford will put Lin in for his rebounding

      Lin still has the highest at 6, while Al/Zeller has 5 each

    648. Zeller needs to grow a pair.

    649. that’s what worried me. They can’t stop Nets on defense.
      3pters will stop falling

    650. Clifford needs to adjust by 6min mark,he needs to replace some players

    651. I know i can look on internrt but im.om phone… how many pts?

    652. AmazLin!

    653. Hes soft.

    654. Playing with 3 fouls

    655. he just needs to eat more

    656. thnks

    657. -_-

    658. Lin can learn from Kemba. There’s more change of speed stuff with Kemba that helps him get to spots and make plays.

    659. Needs to change personnel.they’re already sluggish

    660. Lin 4p/6r/3a/3tos

    661. is that you BScott?

    662. Two Jeremies are cold hands???? Be patient!!!

    663. Lol… no, thank God!

    664. home crowd sounds unhappy/bored

    665. Maybe we should call them LL Hot J to shake things up a bit.

    666. Whats he, 9th man??

    667. That’s why Kemba tries not to pass too much.
      TO on unforced pass to Frank

    668. i guess the starters like to lose leads

    669. What they need is Hairsanity!

    670. Is he coming or what, clifford?

    671. saw that steal coming

    672. yep. if he passes too much, he’d get a lot of TO’s

    673. This unit can’t play D.
      Who let a wide-open layup like that?

      Clifford needs to do something drastic

    674. bad pass by Frank

    675. Where is JLin?

    676. Sub pattern will fix that but Clifford doesn’t adjust on his players rotation

    677. Lets go JLin!!

    678. can Lin save the game??

    679. There’s still more than 3 mins left.

    680. I dont understand cliffords substitution patterns…

    681. Yes!

    682. Old school ways!

    683. Lin and Lamb are quiet so far with 4pts and 2pts.

      They need to create a spark here

    684. Lin’s in with 2:14 left in Q3

    685. They must be all tired from the back to back game.

    686. Lin/Lamb/Batum/Hawes/Kam

    687. Go JJs

    688. Wish Hansbrough in place of Hawes

    689. Good drive by Lamb 80-82

    690. Baboom

    691. Lin assist to Batum 3

    692. Spencer 3 .. 86-86

    693. And we equalize

    694. Spark!

    695. oops…not another TOV

    696. Frank rookie error there, out of bound receiving pass

    697. It’s a tie game…..here we go again!!!!!

    698. They gave lin a TOV for What??

    699. Lin pissed probably cus Batum missed him but instead passed it to Tank who turned it over

    700. Turnover: Step out of bounds on

      Jeremy Lin

      even scorebot play by play hate jlin

    701. Again Lin comes in, dumps it in and gets out of the way ball never comes back

    702. They called Kaminsky TOV on Lin

    703. That TO is on Frank, not Lin. That’s ridiculous.

    704. they seem to do that a lot

    705. I saw that,he should pass it to the closest open man

    706. they make mistakes its okay they do that all the time
      just email them later

    707. It was datum who passed it to Kaminsky

    708. not only to Lin
      other players too

    709. I mean Batum should pass to Lin he’s open

    710. Nba.com has Lin TOV correct

    711. 7 rebounds

    712. Batum the blind not passing to Jlin resulted to turnover…

    713. Lin’s 8th rebound!

    714. 8 rebounds

    715. Jlin leads the team in rebound

    716. EIGHT rebounds. Lin getting p*ssed…

    717. he leads everybody in this game in rebounding 🙂

    718. finally

    719. Lin seems to be a Rebound Maestro today!

    720. Smart Lin drove inside to draw a foul. 2 FTs!

    721. Still haven’t corrected the TO by Kaminsky. Dumb scorekeeper just gave it to Lin who didn’t even touch the ball.

    722. Freebies!

    723. Lin’s first call! Yipeeeeee

    724. Teaching the big men about hustle!

    725. When your guard can outrebound your bigs…

    726. Nice Batum

    727. 8pts!…Go Lin

    728. Email the NBA statkeepers. They won’t change anything for the Asian guy otherwise.

    729. Batum to Lin!!

    730. oops…ignore this- wrong post 🙂

    731. Angels lose their wings?

    732. Needs the assists

    733. Lin is heatin up

    734. TO 🙁

    735. Woo!!! Scorekeepers take that!

    736. Are they learning? :).

    737. Lin muscled in inside to get 10pts.. LOL Hulk-mode ON!!!!

    738. 10pts and counting

    739. 2D or 3D?

    740. That should be an assist from Lin,since Batum is shooting FT’S

    741. Mr 4th qtr!!

    742. Jeremy “SPARKY” Lin!!

    743. Whenever Jeremy scores, a flower blooms.
      Whenever stats keepers give him a wrong stat, a lion cub dies.

    744. dont worry those are captured on advance stats 🙂

    745. …and a baby seal.

    746. GOOD STUFF

    747. Clifford has no choice but to play Lin to finish Q4 =)

    748. LOL…and yet they don’t care about life….

    749. poor pups…

    750. Love Lin and datum unit. They both allow each other to go off

    751. Where’s the NBA stat email address? I’m seriously p*ssed they missed something so obvious. How do you confuse Kaminsky with Jeremy Lin???

    752. any line up where Lin plays the PG and Batum plays the SF is going to be great

    753. What! LOL

    754. Lin had the 3Ds playing less than 30 minutes off the bench with the Rox. Comon Lin.

    755. Lin gets his EASILY as long as refs don’t cheat him.

    756. I dont think its a matter of choice…I think the next 5010 games, CC would be playing Lin more and see what he could do…that would have been the plan

    757. How? Intentionally, that’s how.

      With that hair there’s simply no excuse.

    758. cool

    759. I hate how it comes down to that
      Lin should finish games like at least 40% of the time

    760. notice without Kemba, the ball moves smoothly, and they’re able to run a must faster pace offense

    761. We can relax now about Batum and Lin. Chemistry is developing

    762. whos datum is that cousin of chaning tatum

    763. the hair played the trick…lol

    764. It started the 1st Knicks game

    765. Batum is getting better and making better decisions

    766. it seems passing is faster than dribbling

    767. [email protected]

      Email about the mistake TO on Lin (it was on Kaminsky, Lin didn’t even touch the ball on that play).

    768. No longer concerned with Batum, it’s Kemba that worries me.

    769. so true

    770. hopping double double for Lin tonight

    771. whoa had did Lin get 5 TOs lol

    772. i hope Cliffart learns from this and never play Batum at the SF

    773. Just ask them to review 3Q call: “00:03.3 Lin Turnover : Step Out of Bounds Turnover (4 TO)”

    774. Baboom,Lin,Lamb that’s the new big 3 for hornets….

    775. Just now caught up w/the game. Can someone confirm if the TO Kam made counted against Lin?

    776. no name-calling, please

    777. Somebody knows how to do this. Let’s get it done!

    778. Take that shot Lin.

    779. 3 Hornets picked up a fallen Lin

      That’s a real team!

    780. it’s not falling,fine a way to get to the line though

    781. comeon Lin…you cant miss now!…

    782. 11pts/8reb/4asts

    783. I’m talking about the pass to Lamb.

    784. flirting with the 3ple double

    785. it seems every time Lamb sees Lin coming for the ball, he instead forces up a bad shot

    786. Walker coming in….

    787. Uh-oh…

    788. Maybe if there’s OT.

    789. Boring basketball

    790. right right

    791. shoot…1pt game now

    792. who the heck is NOT guarding Jack?

    793. You can tell from stats when a player scores 30+ points but his +/1 is a big negative, that player is probably hurting the team with his shots.

    794. Lin just can’t hit his 3s tonight.

    795. What a tremendous rebounding effort by Marvin Williams!

    796. No more threes please. Good work by Marvin

    797. Damn, I wanted that 3! Still a great game tho!

    798. that could be a big shot LIN but that’s a momentum bucket for Williams,I’m happy either way

    799. Marvin is such a good blue collar worker

    800. good god… jeremy needs some shooting lessons from steph

    801. Past few games.

    802. stop listening to doc schepler

    803. all good

    804. I mean Steph went 2-10 and 3-10 last week and he’s the greatest 3pt shooter ever.

    805. That was a momentum three if Lin is missing those. Call it a night on threes

    806. Even as Lin fan, Lin shoot is way off now! The style changing hasn’t worked out.

    807. hahahaa

    808. It’s a good sign that he keeps shooting them. %s will even out over the season.

    809. That was totally wide open. Defender didn’t even try to close.

    810. damn…lin needs to fire his “shooting” coach

    811. tweaking a shot will confuse your shooting hand

    812. i realize that lol. just bummed out how jeremy has been really off on his 3s

    813. 2 more rebounds Lin

    814. Ofcourse

    815. in is just in a slump. He’l break out. Keep the faith.

    816. I just emailed [email protected] about the TO charged to Lin when Kaminsky stepped out of bounds.

      Someone else sends one and they’ll probably look at it. Again, it was 3Q call: “00:03.3 Lin Turnover : Step Out of Bounds Turnover (4 TO)”

    817. I wonder why Marvin doesn’t roll with Lin more

    818. Shooting was great in preseason. Is his new shot regressing?

    819. Wow that feed from Batum

    820. Great passing Kemba=Batum-Al for the lay-in

    821. Lin’s 9th rebound!

    822. 9 rebounds

    823. 1 more

    824. Lin’s shooting is still inconsistent but he can get fouled

    825. Even out to 30%.

    826. Lin almost got his 10th reb

    827. needs a double double tonite

    828. Wow kemba passes to Lin….

    829. 13pts

    830. Nice! Great pass Kemba! TEAMBALL

    831. Now I’m believing sws94,for calling this chemistry about this team

    832. 2 more pts and a reb, plz.

    833. AL, pleas let lin RB!

    834. This is the best unit of the Hornets!

    835. This why no one should criticize Lin’s shooting. Started 2-8. Now he’s 5-12.

      Just needs fair minutes. He hasn’t even played that much today. Will get just 28mpg if he closes.

    836. GREAT KW!

    837. Some one messed up Lin had to pick up Young a PF

    838. that was so bad. kemba passes up on a wide open Lin just to brick his own shot

    839. WOW, KW did not give to BATUM on that one

    840. not the time to lose the ball batum

    841. what’s his stat line now?they need to win this

    842. plus stellar defense (and rebounding)

    843. nothing wrong with that…he was probably feeling it

    844. 13pts/9r/4a

    845. well, his made shots were mostly layups

    846. thnks psalm

    847. Hornets can’t be sloppy with possessions.
      That Batum unforced TO hurt

    848. I’m kinda hoping for OT. Need more exciting hoops and Lin minutes.

    849. This close with the worst team in the East. SMH

    850. we need an overtime for 3ple double

    851. he’s always feeling it, then. point is, he should always give it up for better looks. that’s why Warriors are so good

    852. They let Joe Johnson got hot

    853. AL needs to trust Lin’s D on that one.

    854. Because no one else in the NBA gets easy shots. *eye roll*

    855. Hornets on a B2B. They might run out of gas in OT

    856. Besides layups, the shoots really not good especially 0-4 for 3 PTs.

    857. shaqin a fool moment for batum

    858. Lin has a pretty good game today if you think about how he’s played on both ends of the floor. He did a little bit of everything.

    859. oh gawd, Lin needs to be more decisive

    860. So? Everyone gets layups and jumpers. Lin gets fewer “easy” buckets than anyone.

      Curry gets the most easy points ever. So many layups and bailout FTs.

    861. Wow I like Al

    862. Lopez pushed Kemba

    863. lol no one playing any defense… lay up after lay up

    864. lol what did Lin try to do? pass or shoot?

    865. Kemba FT *sigh*

    866. clutch FT’s

    867. rebound to himself LOL

    868. what was lin doing on that layup?

    869. kemba is not clutch at all….

    870. he ain’t getting that 6TOs .. just shot it 🙂

    871. got confuse,he’s too soon w/ the take off too for that lay up

    872. Gotta say, Lin, Kemba, Batum have made some really sloppy plays tonight. But I like the teamwork.,

    873. Wow, Kemba’s FT statline tonight looks like Shaq’s!

    874. FTs or trailer putback.

    875. a pass to Kemba lol

    876. Kemba gets an easy layup after Lin’s steal…no Lin “fans” criticizing him for not scoring for real?

    877. being indecisive. wanted to pass it up but a defender was there so he ended up throwing it up

    878. I think I’ll shoot…no wait, I’ll pass.

    879. bounce-pass to the rim 😀

    880. that’s a foul

    881. Refs KILLING Lin. Jesus.

    882. no foul??? Booo ref!

    883. these are seriously Lin hating refs

    884. Refs…..

    885. comeon hornets…dont fall asleep now!

    886. 5-13 Even Lin himself will say his shoots off.

    887. damn my feed is delayed

    888. how was that not a foul?

    889. Not Lin’s fault there. That was a great defensive play against him. He just has to forget about TOs today, he played OK this game.

    890. needs to use the foul if they have any

    891. Played GREAT. Game is over w/o him. Just missed some 3s.

    892. Brooklyn is not as bad as their record. Really good defense

    893. I guess, we can expect 10 rebs if this goes OT

    894. No OT please.

    895. wow these refs are garbage

    896. OK, that was a foul. Lin should have gone to the line.

    897. nice reb,winning time

    898. They almost beat the GSW.

    899. need that 10th reb

    900. LOL Marvin stepped out of bounds but refs ignored it. good for Hornets

    901. They corrected the boxscore on the phantom TO in the 3Q! We did it, fam! Ha.

    902. Will be in NBA Officials review tomorrow.

    903. Batum or Lin should get the ball to drain FTs
      7-7 and 3-4

    904. Lin is the best FT shooter so he shouldd get it

    905. i thought the last one was on batum?

    906. Want 1 more rebound 🙁

    907. i want the off reb

    908. did Frank get an extra one?

    909. Trading fouls. No rebounds available anymore

    910. Batum is not clutch at all

    911. maybe on offensive reb here

    912. WHAT … is Batum doing?

    913. DUMB PLAYCALL. Pass has to go to Lin there.

    914. yey Lin have the chance to grab that reb

    915. Lin should learn from Kemba how to sell a foul

    916. HAHAHA LOPEZ is dumb

    917. Give the ball to LIN!

    918. Not a foul…make up call from the Lin drive.

    919. Kemba flopped

    920. rebound…rebound…rebound

    921. Lin manages to play well with this starting unit

    922. MW clutch FTs

    923. he’s slowly figuring things out

    924. Not yet. Just erased a Lin TO…might take time to revise the actual “play by play” transcript.

    925. Batum with 40 minutes lol but he is shooting well

    926. the starting unit manage to play well with Lin

    927. I didn’t watch the game, but I can see Lin did very well tonight. Good job Lin. He also got 28 minutes, good job clifford.

    928. Lin is inbound pro!!!! they should have let lin do it.

    929. Few nice cuts with Batum assists

    930. New name for Batum – Badum

    931. Lin always playing with different teammates, i hope he finds a solid unit

    932. Kemba should have give that to Lin

    933. Lin never gets these easy FT points.

      And yet people here bash Lin for making open layups! SMH.

      Lin gets fewer easy points than any 20+mpg PG.

    934. Woo hoo, good teamwork, good win

    935. JLIN radio interview

    936. Good Win!!!!

    937. Great team WIN!

      Finally, Lin got the groove to finish with starters!
      Great Lin/Batum sparks in early Q4!

    938. Lin’s presence during the 4th was critical, significant and a good idea :] It would have been absurd to bench him then… absurd.

      ‘Lin for the win’ would be appropriate.

    939. Yes indeed

    940. Refs had money on the Nets, I’m glad they lost.

    941. Win with Lin! The best type of game.

    942. Lin 28:52 minutes.

    943. Didn’t watch the game but from the boxscore it looks like kemba outplayed lin

    944. Jeremy sounds happy

    945. good game. I’m happy Lin got to play 28 minutes and close the game. He needs more of these longer games to make his shots. Even though refs were not on his side today he still managed 13 pts 9 rebs 4 assists in 28 minutes.

    946. Lin had 6 TOV down to 5

    947. He should. Cliff let him played w mistakes.

    948. 29

    949. One is not from him.

    950. Happy Win, Happy Lin.

    951. Nope. They both did their jobs. Lin was vital with his rebounds and defense. Got hosed by refs unlike Kemba.

      You definitely didn’t watch the game, ha. Team effort tonight.

    952. I don’t know…they’re teammate aren’t they?but they contributed a lot for the win

    953. lol…its a team game…remember…they need not outplay each other

    954. Sources: Morey is officially in the HOT seat


      moreyball isnt working pampering star

    955. Lin was shooting like cr…p. but made impact other ways. Was +8, Kemba was -2.

    956. And I think I won the stat poll! LOL

    957. my bad LP shows 28. I guess Batum got 41 today?

    958. new record? LOL

    959. Glad to hear it!

    960. I am happy if Morey also gets fired soon. LOL!

    961. No outplaying in a team game.

    962. pretty much the same as last game, right

    963. Jeremy : 2nd unit came in with lots of energy.

    964. Lin beat Kemba on free throws and rebounds

    965. excellent most mins off the bench that is encouraging!

    966. 40. TBH Batum plays good with Lin so IDC how much he plays. Play him with both the bench and starters for all i care

    967. Rox losing to Trailblazers in 3rd. Lawson has like 1 pt

    968. Morey out the doorey.

    969. They’d be stupid to do so
      He might not have been the best GM for Lin
      but he is still a pretty good GM who put up a good team after Yao-Tmac and he drafted some good players

    970. What? Really? Wow!

    971. They saved the game. Gotta play defense and share the ball.

      Starters have to learn this, not just stat pad in a loss like last night!

    972. i don’t mind how long Batum plays as long as he doesn’t take more than 15 shots unless he’s on fire.

    973. should be 4 because the Batum to Lin pass, Lin never had procession.

    974. Happy Fans.

    975. Yay he played more than 28 min today

    976. Good 4Q like always when Lin is in ^^

    977. Lawson is bench now?!

    978. I shall take credit! Nothing changed on the TO mistake and then I emailed them. 15m later…fixed.

      Maybe they just fixed it on their own, ha.

    979. hes overated his system is flaw…….guys like him does not know basketball…….to much analytic just to put the orange ball in the hoop is this physics

    980. so that indecisive uncategorizable layup/pass attempt by lin, looks like they counted it as a shot attempt.

    981. good job that you did, but i doubt they had looked at any emails yet…..they do make correction during game as well. Nevertheless, good job from your end…Bravo!

    982. See, we lin fans on this forum don’t need him to be leading scorer or the best player everytime. Just play teamball, involve him in the game and we are happy.

    983. scratch that T Lawson has 2 points. But his poor play this season is sort of a vindication for all those who kept saying that playing next to Harden is what hurt Lin in Houston. You are seeing the same thing with Lawson. He is a good player

    984. but we wanted his to be the leading Rebounder! 🙂

    985. It was definitely a shot. Not a bad idea. FTs would usually come if not for, you know, being Asian.

      On those plays, even if you miss there’s always a trailer. Kemba wasn’t close enough to pass to but he was close enough to follow up. He got an easy layup/free points that Lin would be bashed as “lucky” for getting.

    986. His Js and 3s are not fallin because every shot is premeditated. He should just let it come to him. He made a couple mistakes during fast breaks because of this too. You can clearly see it on the last fast break where he hit the bottom of the rim. Glad he played a lot. His defense is pretty good. I think that’s really why he is playing longer minutes.

    987. 5/13 is 38% not [email protected] considering the blatant fouls that weren’t called on several of his drives. 0/4 from 3 on the other hand…

    988. wish he made at least 1 of the three point shots

    989. Just noticed Lin and Kemba are tied for minutes

    990. woah thats a nice pic of Lin.

    991. so it was not McHale’s fault….it has to do with the players or GM…

    992. Thats why they need a good coach who knows basketball

    993. One thing that really need to be check is Teams TOVs…we were lucky Nets did not take full advantage over it

    994. He was 3-5 in the 4Q. That’s 60%. He just needs to play more 4th quarters.

      People complaining about nothing! It’s so early anyway. Look at Harden’s stats. I hate Harden but he’s obviously not gonna be this bad for the whole season.

    995. looks like rockets are struggling against portland heheh

    996. Good win, Plus Mchale finally got fired! great day!

    997. There is always a rank of best players on the team, that is why you have the starting 5. Glad to see Lin got a lot of mins.

    998. A lot of bogus calls and non calls by refs tho…

    999. New coach, same Harden, same results. LOL

    1000. hey where tiger fans….emotion sets first

    1001. LOl we blow out portland ….Portland blow out Rox

    1002. Can’t wait for highlights.

    1003. bogus calls are part of NBA…its immaterial…it happens to all teams and players from time to time

    1004. Grrr one more rebound would have been nice

    1005. I think he was fouled. Watching the bench protest you can read one of the guys lips, “where’s the foul?”

    1006. Lot of bad calls on Lin. .Batum’s TOs were clearly turnovers like the one he just dribbles and loses the ball and the other one where he tries to inbound to Hawes.

    1007. Great with at home

    1008. Ty lawson benched already lol

    1009. And he played waaaay worse than Lin ever did despite waaaaay more minutes than Lin had.

    1010. As I thought, Harden got what he wants…..

    1011. He didnt shoot as much in 4q. I’m commenting on overall shooting performance. It’s not a complaint as more of an observation and criticism

    1012. Why Zeller was playing so little minutes?? Injury??

    1013. 38 year old Terry starting LMao

    1014. Now people know what Lin dealt with

    1015. Fouls

    1016. foul trouble

    1017. the 3 stooges are not saying anything about Lawson a 12 mil player…

    1018. garbage

    1019. I guess bc Kaminsky & Hawes scored well….

    1020. but lin shot more but less points.. that’s not acceptable.

    1021. So lin had 9 rebounds, like clyde frazier would’ve said if he saw lin tonight: “he was bounding and astounding”, “a maestro on the glass”.

    1022. Harden wants PB but he’s injuried.

    1023. Getting torched on defense by Young. Too slow for Thad who burned him like crazy.

    1024. its so funny how we just seamlessly transition from the hornets game to the rockets game. nonstop fun.

    1025. Lin has done so many things tonight and fill up every bucket in stats including 5 TOs. LOL . If team win, no one cares TOs. Every player did great, especially Kemba – pass a lot, defend a lot!

    1026. his 3pointer is 0-4.. wt – f is happening.. his 3 point shooitng percent is a cliff on a graph… cliff that is facing right.

    1027. I wish, but racists will always be in denial. I took a quick peak at KKKlutchfans and not a single peep about “So that’s what Lin fans were talking about…”

    1028. Batum had a number of bad TOs. That’s a flaw in his game.

    1029. Jlin played well this game. Hopefully he can get this consistent minute. His defense has been consistently good.

    1030. I feel like Lin took over the game for like at least half the season

    1031. he is so careless with the ball!!!
      that stereotype is going to be with him forever if he doesn’t stop that.

    1032. Bev was better fit next to Harden

    1033. Yea i saw them protect Lawson lol I wish Lin got some of that. They also called some people who was three since 2008 a LOF

    1034. Part of me is happy Lin didn’t shoot that well. It shows that Lin MUST play the 4Q even if he’s not “hot” from the field. If he was on fire, Clifford could just bench him next time saying, “Oh he didn’t have it tonight.”

      In fact, that’s what’s happened so far this season.

    1035. drexler is the worst i hope he gets canned

    1036. he is suppose to.. a 12 mil starter vs 2 mil bnch player .. it’s embarrassing to have 2 mil outplay 12 mil all the time.

    1037. Without mchale, would houston be a good place for Lin?

    1038. It happens. It is acceptable if they are good shots. Lin’s shot will fall soon. I hope people relax now around Lin’s minutes, Lin and Batum, Lin and Walker, Lin and Clifford, Lin and Lamb. Lin is clearly chosen as the closer of games as well.

    1039. Not with Harden. That Lin/Lamb/Parsons/Jones/D-Mo Houston team would have been something.

      That’s what Les wanted but Morey & McHale. convinced him otherwise.

    1040. Harden D is atrocious

    1041. No theres harden

    1042. Lol saw that


    1044. Harden is the issue

    1045. No

    1046. no.. stop dreaming

    1047. You must be a rockets fan because only a rockets fan could possibly believe Morey is a good GM. Having good players doesn’t make a team. Morey builds a team like poker chips and players are treated like pieces. That’s not a team, that’s a collection of individuals who happen to share the same uniform. Morey creates an atmosphere of fear and jealousy so no one has any loyalties o the club or other teammates. They only know that they need to get theirs or the next guy will.

    1048. I still wonder what would have happened if the Rox went with their young, exciting “original” 2013 team. They’d be like the Jazz or the Wolves this season, growing with every year.

    1049. that’w weird thinking dude.. call self sabotage..

    1050. No, Harden still run the team. See, Lawson became bench now.

    1051. I think today’s game showed that Lin can takeover PJ’s starting position. Lin played great D and also 9 rebounds.

    1052. Weird, but that’s Lin’s career. He actually gets punished for playing well. When he scores 20/30 one game, he gets called “inconsistent” if he doesn’t repeat.

      This shows how he heats up in the 4th no matter how badly he shots before. And how he can win a game with defense, hustle and ball movement.

    1053. Clifford praised MW a lot. Dodged question about PG rebounding.

    1054. why is lin not shooting 3s in.
      is 5/13.. for 13 points.. easily can be 16.. in 28 minutes.. he used to be able to score 20 in 25 minutes.
      guess his 9 reb made up for it..for almost a double double.

    1055. thought so…. sigh

    1056. Everyone was selfish. Everyone wanted to be the “only” star. Parson ego was almost as big as Hardens. Way too selfish. Mchael also couldn’t coach anything.

    1057. hope its just a slump

    1058. LOLOLOL This game especially. I want him to be double double:-)

    1059. fire doc schepler

    1060. When was his last 3 he made? 7 quarters ago?

    1061. Pretty acceptable. The glass is more than half full tonight. Missed a double double by a hair, plus not getting benched for off shots shows coach’s confidence in him as key difference-maker.

    1062. he started 2-8. This is not the first slump we have seen. It will balance out

    1063. dude if this is a slump.. 13 and 9.. he is an all-star – legitimately (not even by popularity).

    1064. Parsons wasn’t selfish until Harden arrived. Then he realized that he needed to “get his” with Harden hogging so much. The problem for Lin is that he’s not a SF. Harden can take his PG role over. Even Harden can’t play like a 6-10 SF.

    1065. original 2013 Rockets (with Lin, Harden, Parsons, Asik) was quite ok group…

    1066. It seems there are a few old timers that are sticking up for Lin there, like saying how people there got what they wished for.

    1067. he is wha??? girls in highschool?

    1068. Yup, they are the new LOFs, Lawson Only Fan!

    1069. I read that wrong… LOL

    1070. Streakiness, lack of minutes. He’s not Curry and even Curry has streaks!

      Let’s see what happens 10 games from now. Lin’s %s even out over time, even in toxic tanking LA.

    1071. When he catches fire, ur gonna say hire schepler : )

    1072. Clyde Drexler is complaining that Rockets are playing like a bad movie.

    1073. yes boston is losing

    1074. Fire Steve Clifford first. Gotta get Lin touches and run him off screens like they did in preseason.

      Right now, Lin is shooting flat-footed off zero play calls. Lamb is getting the curls and back screens.

    1075. Need to get rid of Harden, Dwight, and Morey first. Then need to get rid of the fans.

    1076. Even the rockettes stooges announcers are making fun of their bad plays…hahaha

    1077. Come on boston you can do it. Destroy Mavs

    1078. lol make hornets standing better……

    1079. Plot twist, Clifford gets fired and gets replaced by Mchale.

    1080. You lost me at Harden D…

    1081. And by not benching Lin, Cliff is rewarded again with a win.

    1082. xD oh i see

    1083. lol no schepler shooting form for jlin is wrong…….stop listening to him

    1084. Brad Stevens is a genius. I only wish Lin could play for him. The way he maximizes his pitiful roster talent is amazing. He’s always learning and adjusting as well.

    1085. Need to also get rid of the fans, lol

    1086. He was shooting light out in the preseason. It happens, and he’ll be good again.

    1087. For a greater good.

    1088. The other way around is possible after the season!

    1089. Just calm down about Lin missing 3 now. He’ll come back.

    1090. Even with the missed 3’s he still had an amazing performance.

    1091. Just play defense for 5 seconds…(3 seconds later) portland scores

    1092. I had the feeling coach had confidence in Lin. That’s what I got so weary of all the premature Cliff is going back on Lin’s promises stuff going on here. Sometimes you have to look at a coach and team and just be patient as he tries combos of players. Lin’s minutes will probably be fine. Lin should be fine. This seems like a good place for him and a good coach. Lin and Batum are looking to get along on court fine also.

    1093. I’m just glad he’s taking them. In previous seasons, he would get scared and stop shooting period. He really is in attack-mode. A couple misses were in-and-out as well. Usually Lin misses off-line or short (bad sign).

    1094. lin’s shot isnt just off, it’s semi-broken.

    1095. A couple were refs cheating him (fouls not called).

    1096. LMAOOO!!!!!!!

    1097. It was indecisive and odd. But, most of the night he was decisive so no big deal.

    1098. Shooting 3 will come back but his D is such a big surprised and it here to stay.

    1099. Of course not. Haters will never admit they’re wrong. It’s like when lin used to drive left, drexler would laugh and say lin can’t go left. Then when lin started hitting left handed shots all the time, not a single peep from him. I used to scream at the tv and say “take that” or “say something now drexler, didn’t think so hater”, or ” who can’t go left, i can’t hear you”. And i’d enjoy it every single time lin went left and scored cuz i knew that bothered the hell out of drexler. Love it baby.

    1100. He’s improved every single season from 3 despite McHale and BS.

      Think about that. Last year he was a career-high 37%.

    1101. Tonight yes. But this hasn’t been typical this season. And I think Batum’s TOs were worse.

    1102. his shot doesnt look the same as preseason or summer.

    1103. his D has been consistent

    1104. That is a very old story. Gotta let it go. Even the gunners have their slumps.

    1105. Mostly because it’s missing. Also, he’s not getting play calls to set him up off screens and curls. Lamb is getting those instead, which makes sense since he’s the SG.

    1106. curry is not Lin either

    1107. fire doc and hire you?

    1108. It must be the Hair

    1109. If this is a new norm of Lin’s roles and continue to be and better, I’ll be the first to say we are one now. Go Hornets.

    1110. There ya go! Get with the REAL experts 🙂

    1111. LOL!

    1112. This is what he/we signed up for! I understand he’s not gonna start without injury, but PJ Hairston getting 20mpg??!!

      That dumb move prevented Lin and Lamb from both getting 25-30mpg every game.

    1113. Hornets are back to .500 but if Cliff continues to play Lin like the 9th man and not allow him to run plays, Hornets will only be a .500 team this year.

    1114. Lol, a broken record shouldn’t talk.

    1115. Him and Kemba played 29 minutes

    1116. You’re right, BJ changes many things.

    1117. eastern conf this season is pretty darn competitive this season… it will be hard for the hornets to clinch the playoffs

    1118. Yeah, unless there’s an injury and Lin gets to play 32+mpg, CHA will be right on the cusp of the 8th seed. Probably just missing the playoffs to a less talented, better coached team like BOS.

    1119. In fact, since last vs NYK, Cliff did give Lin more min & handle the ball more…

    1120. Domino effect begins..

    1121. Ty Lawson (12M) 36.2 mpg PT, 8.9 pts, 33.3% FG 27.3% 3PT 5.6 ast 2.5 TO
      Jeremy Lin (2M) 22.9 mpg PT, 11.8 pts, 40.7% FG 28.2% 3PT 3.0 ast 1.9 TO

      Rox fans LOVE Lawson!

    1122. Baby steps, I’ll take the 2 days in a row of playing the most minutes he has this season. Like I said, can’t have my cake and eat it too, though it would be nice, we’ll see.

    1123. Kemba hd his minutes Limited today. The Finishing group also used all they PG. I saw Batum play Pg the most which is good. Lin play PG a few as well

    1124. I have no clue what’s going on there. They didn’t even renew his 1yr/1m contract. With the new cap, that’s like saying they don’t even want him for free. *shrug*

    1125. And so a win. Hope he learns.

    1126. I’m sure getting yanked out had a lot to do with that. Doesn’t seem to be happening now, so good to go.

    1127. Harden plays harder now… Rox is going to catch up… He will try to get the win. Hope Portland win this one.

    1128. He playef a lot of defense.

    1129. You have no idea what your talking about. Lin has improved every year because of doc. It’s biomenchanically sound and much easier to repeat.

    1130. I think Cliff wanted Lin’s rebounding in there. It wasn’t just lucky rebounds either. He was skying high and pulling them down, starting the fastbreak. Maybe Tyler finally gets some minutes, bench Zeller. At least Hawes has a history of being valuable.

    1131. Damm Lins threes

    1132. Me either. Lots of internals we don’t know.

    1133. I don’t know it’s from the top or Cliff really learns…but I like it. Since they won today so it should be like this from now on…

    1134. Makes me question PJ’s “injury” from a mere thigh bruise. Cliff actually announced ahead of time that it would be a 3-game absence. How would he know?

    1135. lol…..

    1136. He’s not playing like a 9th man. He’s finishing games, playing key minutes with starters. Give Cliff credit, Lin is an important, key, piece in the rotation.

    1137. Dat FT rate doe! He’s really getting to the line despite obvious ref cheating.

    1138. It might have been the plan all along. That’s what I’ve been trying to get across here. When you have a new team, don’t draw conclusions too early. We still can’t tell but maybe the plan was to get Kemba’s chemistry with Batum and then Lin. Now Lin is playing better with Batum and improved chemistry today with Kemba.

    1139. Dont underestimate this win against the Nets. They have just sent the Warriors to overtime in GS.

    1140. What I was trying to get across to you and others is you have to look at Cliff’s strategy. While I can’t be sure I think Kemba is the centerpiece. Kemba establishes chemistry with Batum and now it is with Lin. Lin plays more. He tends to come in late in the 1st and 3rd and plays the entire 4th and maybe 2nd or more of the 2nd than he has been playing. The plan probably is 26-28 minutes per game when all is said and done. This still needs time to determined. But Cliff is going with Lin to close, not Lamb that was feared regardless of talks of contracts or not. Lin is the better choice on this team to close games.

    1141. It’s important that hornets got this win. It’s more important that they also get the next 2.

    1142. 76ers and kings. definitely should be wins on both. after that, wizards, which is very winnable as well

    1143. both of us was in a same boat! 🙂

      New team, new formations and lineup…as a coach…he needs to see how they mesh and be cohesive during game time. Chemistry do take time…thats NBA. Many expect quick results and view from a Lin’s pov…as fans its not wrong but we need to draw a line and not get overboard and blaming the entire team as icing Lin or the Coach has agenda.

      As I said previously, I’m pretty sure CC will give Lin 5 to 10 games with these kinda minutes to see how he excels…excels doesnt mean scoring alone..its the finer things that Lin bring that keeps the Coach happy.

      Lin just need to seize the opportunity…he will

    1144. STILL better than 12M Lawson despite the slump.

    1145. definitely! 🙂

    1146. I want to see how this game affects Lin’s usage, if at all.

      Now that he showed he can win games with the starting lineup (even on a off shooting night), will he keep playing 6th man minutes as promised? Lin was the glue guy tonight; the role Batum usually plays.

    1147. My God has Harden put on some fat. His jersey looks tight and he’s flabbier than ever…. That Kardashian curse lol

    1148. Rumors – Cliff would take Rockets head coach job and bring Lin with him. I am not sure Lin would be PG or high IQ assistant coach.

    1149. LOL

    1150. Better than Rubio’s 17% and his 4y/55M extension.

    1151. No stop it

    1152. Ya outta yer mind lad!!?

    1153. Doubt it! But maybe MDA would take the Nets job and take Lin with him.

    1154. Rox down by 3 with 8 seconds left…. who takes the shot???

    1155. Plus many others…sigh…

      Hopefully Lin repairs his rep this year to get a fat one next.

    1156. wow…3 pt game

    1157. Lemme think about this one… LOL

    1158. wow they fouled. Thats so smart

    1159. Still so early. No need to worry. Lin started hot, cooled off now.

      He gets hot next week and it’s all good again.

    1160. lol

    1161. Lin never gets to shoot these easy endgame FTs. Even Marvin got his chance this past game.

    1162. POR-HOU OT! McHale would’ve gone with 8-24/4-14 Harden, but Rox lucked out with Bickerstaff at the helm.

    1163. game tied!

    1164. But he can rebound lol

    1165. God gave them that

    1166. Lin needs to shoot 50% 3s to keep these guys happy. Anything less is just not good enough. Lin last year was just under 38%. He’s improved every year. Nash was 40% in his prime and he was considered elite. Smh.

    1167. McHale gave them that, by being fired.