G11 Brooklyn Nets (4-6) Seeks Another Road Win against LA Lakers (6-5)


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The Nets might be completely outmatched by the mighty Clippers 95-127 (who carried the best NBA record 9-1 before the game) sans their two best players (Jeremy Lin and Brook Lopez) but Coach Atkinson did the right thing to keep his team fresh for the second straight game tonight against the Lakers by playing 11 players averaging 22 min. It is a great strategic move to focus on getting the 5th win in a winnable game against the young Lakers team.

The Lakers have an improved offense but also had weakness in careless ball-handling (ranked #25) and defense (#25 in Opponent FG% allowed)

Their improved play has been mainly the by-product of their up-tempo offense, a system Walton incorporated here after two seasons with the Golden State Warriors. The Lakers ranked fifth in points per game (108.6) heading into Monday’s games. They also were third in field-goal percentage (47.6), a category they trailed the Warriors and the Atlanta Hawks, two teams they beat earlier this season. Los Angeles also was the third-best free-throw shooting club at 81.7 percent.

However, the Lakers have been careless handling the basketball. They were 25th in turnovers at 16.6 per game before Monday.

They’ve also experienced problems defensively, allowing 107.5 points per game, which ranked 20th. Opponents have shot 46.6 percent (25th) against Los Angeles.

Efficient 3pt shooting has been the key in the Nets win and losses because of the high volume of their 3pt selection. How does it match up with the Lakers?

  • Lakers is actually ranked #6 best in defending Opponent 3FG% (32.3%) but interestingly they are very poor ranked #27 in defending Opp FG% (46.6 %) so they might have very weak paint defense despite defending the 3pt line very well.
  • Will Coach Atkinson adjust the offense to attack inside through Brook Lopez and Trevor Booker?


KEY OF THE GAME: Will the Nets adjust their 3pt-heavy offense to attack inside exploting Lakers weak interior defense (#27)? If they are successful, they can get their their 5th win and the 2nd road win.

Let’s hope and pray JLin will heal quickly, the Nets will continue their formula of success, play gritty basketball and exploit Lakers interior defense, and most importantly finish the game healthy!

Let’s go, JLin and the Nets! 


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  1. When is JLin coming back?

  2. Hopefully soon basketball isnt the same without him

  3. Is Lin even started practicing with his team?

  4. They reported Lin doing shoot-around in the past 2 games but no running.

    I don’t think he’s ready yet. The Nets would want to be extra careful with their #1 investment.
    Waiting 5+ days until the Blazers game at home will be a wise decision.

    Besides, the Nets can win this game without Lin.
    Just go inside through Brook and Booker a lot.

  5. We can be thankful for the Nets great chemistry and character.

    The Wizards is 2-7 and starts finger-pointing blaming the bench.

    Marcin Gortat on Wizards: ‘I think we’ve got one of the worst benches in the league right now’

  6. I think this can also be attributed to the coach. The way I see it, many coaches, by the way they run their offense, are like.. “okay you two are our best players, we’ll let you guys do most of the work.” And so other role players are blamed when the two best players are performing but the team still loses.

    But look at Atkinson’s coaching style. Everyone gets a share of the workload AND the blame, so they better make sure they’re ready to contribute instead of just relying on the best players.

    Just look at the Pelicans. When Anthony Davis is out, the team looks completely lost and doesn’t know what to do without him. The Nets? They’ve already been counting on each other, so while JLin being out definitely impacts the team, it just means a bigger opportunity for others and they’ll have to step up.

  7. First time to post at this site. Hope you all enjoy last night picture from Clippers game. Hope I posted it correctly.

  8. Wanted to say something about Bennett. After rewatching yesterday night’s game. I feel like a big problem with Bennett, shooting aside, is that he isn’t in the right positions a lot of the time. He’s clogging the paint when he should be spacing the floor. He doesn’t have court vision to see what’s going on around him. He needs to be more decisive in his shots around the rim rather than being hesitant all the time with a pump fake. He’s not going hard enough to really try to stuff players trying to finish at the rim and not boxing out well enough. I feel like these things can be improved and learned through more experience with the game, but he has to make a conscious effort to picture what’s going on. I legit think Bennett spending some time in the D-League like McCullough would help him.

  9. Welcome! We’re always glad to have fans sharing JLin media!

  10. @NetsBlogFS
    Brook Lopez establishing a three-point touch is benefitting the Nets in three significant ways
    #Nets #BrooklynGrit

  11. Without Lin, i have to compare Nets and Lakers on one by one base.
    Brook * vs Mozgov
    Booker/Hamilton * vs Randle
    RJH/Skil * vs Luol Deng/Young
    Foye/Yogi vs * Russell

    Road vs * Home (If Lin played, we might play like at home)

    * Advantage.

    I think we have a very good chance to win.

  12. @YESNetwork
    #Nets PG Jeremy Lin is nearly ready to be re-evaluated after suffering a hamstring injury back on November 2. #NETSonYES

  13. I wish it said – #Nets PG Jeremy Lin was re-evaluated and is ready…

  14. Will Lopez be playing?

  15. Has to. It was why they rest him last night for today’s winnable game.

  16. how many games lin would miss if he dont play again till back in brooklyn (which seems sensible to me).

  17. Lin will only miss 2 games (Lakers and OKC) if he plays against the Blazers on Nov 20 at home

    You can see the game schedule by clicking ‘Schedule’on the top menu

  18. @BrooklynNets is ranked 3rd best in @nbatats % of 3PTA Open/WIDE-open at 87.2% #GreatBallMovement

    Only Pelicans and Pistons are better at 88.3% and 88.2%

  19. You don’t know Ben and neither do we.

  20. 2-8 with John Wall

  21. Was hoping Lin would return today. Wish he would return this weekend.

  22. I guess they are sticking to reevaluation on Wed

  23. leggo brooklyn!!!!

  24. Just by numbers Lakers should win this. But too bad basketball ain’t played on paper. LETS GO

  25. A lot of empty seats in there ….

  26. so many empty seats in Staples center,

  27. 🙂

  28. I just hate D Russell. Too cocky.

  29. Too many NBA players are like him. The list can go on and on and on.

  30. The kid has potential

  31. very talented tho :/

  32. Ham for 3333

  33. Ham and Booker are really a great pick up by Nets.

  34. Justin Hamilton is such a STEAL

  35. GREAT hustle seriously

  36. As long as we are able to maintain the energy and concentration, we should be able win the game I think.

  37. i agree. offensive juggernaut that tries pretty hard on D too.

  38. Put RHJ on Russell, Nets can win it

  39. again RJH is????? tried to drive but lose the ball..focus seems his demeanor.

  40. His efficiency has been insanely good. Decent defender too.

  41. complete offense and defense although Ham is a little soft but it can be cured by experience

  42. Great steal, Scola!

  43. i am laughing on this..my eye test seems so blurred with your vision?

  44. Great! Came home to find Nets led by 2 at beginning of 2Q!

    Problem with the West coast game for a NYer — too much late-night snacking while watching the game 🙂

  45. yogi is great too. i think hes better than whitehead lol

  46. We need to slow. They’re consuming our energy.

  47. Ball handling will help, but he has to develop it.

  48. bit too short tho

  49. Well, both are good and have good attitude.

  50. Nacho with cheese here. 🙂

  51. without booker to defend, ham becomes so soft and nets lose track on their team defense


  52. thats why he needs to practice more and know your weakness to avoid it at the moment while you’re fixing what is wrong?

  53. Hagan daz Frozen yogurt for me. 🙂

  54. With 3s falling Nets not going to win this. Haha cheers

  55. Bog !!!!!!!

  56. What a shot from Boggie!


  58. Everyone plays aggressively tonight!! I like it!

  59. Nets holding their own but their biggest weakness is definitely their dribbling, ball handling, and passing.

  60. Finally seeing more fight in Bog now if only he would do that every game on both offense and defense.

  61. Scola needs to stay away from Randle. He is dangerous.

  62. scola’s d needs to improve lol

  63. Bog knocking down shots inside it’s miracle.

  64. Well, he’s old. Can’t ask too much.

  65. Stupid Randle, almost injured Scola!

  66. did jeremy’s dream shake lol

  67. can Linstructor tell Scola that Randle cannot go right…

  68. I think Randle is better than Russell. This is only his second year as he only played one game in his rookie year. Lin was with Lakers at that time.

  69. lol they all know. he just cant guard him. they all cleared the whole right side haha

  70. Wow Bog!!!!

  71. OMG! Bog just dunk!!


  73. Bog DUNKED with authority 🙂

  74. Everyone is playing great! Brook needs to be faster. Haha!

  75. boggie being aggressive and cutting is dangerous

  76. Bog with the dunk, about time he got fired up.

  77. Smart to rest Lopez last night since we have almost no chance to beat Clippers. Good move by KA. Lets take this one!

  78. To win this game Nets need to take less 3s and bring out the inside game in the paint. Haha cheers

  79. He will be the 3rd start Nets truly needs if Bog continues to play like this.

  80. Great fastbreak!

    That must be part of the game plan that Lakers didn’t get back quickly

  81. That was a foul on Harris.

  82. If we don’t break down 3rd quarter we got this. Especially with Bog being aggressive and hungry for a win.

  83. I thought so too.

  84. Brook 3!!!

  85. Who’s capable do that without losing the ball?

  86. just need to contain dangelo. kid is mad talented

  87. Lopez always with the the timely buckets.

  88. might be the game plan, contain everyone else and make the one who’d been struggling beat you

  89. I hate all these NBA referees, seriously. That was a 4 pts swing as it should be Nets ball instead Young hits a jumper.

  90. Lakers must be so happy Lin is out. Otherwise, …

  91. LOL!..keen observation

  92. lol They would’ve been blown out already if Lin was playing.

  93. Scola, Bog, Booker, Lopez, Kilpatrick, and Harris.

  94. Jeremy walking into Staples Center …


  95. I just noticed that the game’s on Youtube:

  96. They had been doing very well this season, so its not gonna be an easy blowout

  97. I hope KA will put CMC on later.

  98. If Lin was playing it would be.

  99. There BS calls….

  100. ohh, thanks. and the one I linked got cut off.

  101. maybe Booker, Lopez and skil (not always)but i don’t see that harris , bog nor scola is a good handler of the ball.

  102. Refs with the rigging, all those calls for Lakers. RHJ not very effective I rather see Hamilton back in.

  103. Can somebody stop Angelo, please?

  104. don’t go there…refs are refs no matter what, look on how nets play and vent it there..some players on the nets are just liability and needs to play less with players with energy and focus.

  105. Bog’s best game of the season so far he’s hitting almost everything and finally playing with the team.

  106. and mosgov

  107. Posting up more has really helped him

  108. does lin two hand dunk?

  109. RJH MUST stop being so flashy and focus more on simple but effective means to score..he even tries to have lobbed pass just to score which in some way makes it hard and almost made bog to miss the shot.

  110. ive only seen the one he did against uconn

  111. Lopez that was awesome never giving up until the ball went in.

  112. called that back to back before it happened! Lopez need more open 3 plays!

  113. Let’s go, Brook Curry!!

  114. Boy, I like Yogi’s defense. He’s short but he’s fearless.

  115. love his energy and aggressiveness

  116. Yogi tries to grab the ball from Black. Lol

  117. nope, I still dont think it will be a blowout, win…yes

    LAL has good depth

  118. I thought it should be jump ball?

  119. Nets really needs to cut down on the TOs

    12 TOs vs 9 Lakers TOs

  120. He’s certainly showing Nets’ grit! 🙂

  121. Yogi is pretty good.

  122. “home court advantage” 🙁

  123. No one box out?

  124. That has been THE problem.

  125. yup, they’d been leading if they cut it by half

  126. Now Brooklyn grit!!!

  127. Really hope Nets can get over the 6 deficit, every time they get close the Lakers come back up. Really want Lin’s team to win this hate the Lakers.

  128. 3rd quarter always effs the nets man….

  129. A lot of careless TOs

  130. Ham is soft on that aspect, but better with his trying hard to play the right way.

  131. this is a must win to me…. hate the lakers and upcoming teams are very tough

  132. Yeah, Hope he can build some muscle next season.

  133. To be fair they were playing very hard in 3rd quarter this time just Lakers have some pretty good young players too and refs are favoring the Lakers with the calls.

  134. Wow Foye, tough tough 3!!!

  135. lots of overthinking and lack of focus..like whitehead bringing the ball and waited so long with nowhere to go and don’t know what to do during the second quarter last seconds …

  136. Lakers got a very good coach too. The battle is on the clipboard with KA+JL vs LW. Haha cheers.

  137. They heard you! 🙂 The deficit is now 3. 92-95. 4Q 9:53.

  138. KA’s playing with a lot of combinations?


  140. What a bail out call. 🙁

  141. these refs wait to see if the lakers make the layup and then call the whistle…..

  142. Wait what? Is there a game going on right now?!!?!

  143. The 4q is going to be another heart-attack game for sure.

  144. No one can defend the interior

  145. This is the time to maximize Lopez playing time since he didn’t play last night.

  146. Refs must have money on this game, all calls are going the Lakers way no foul calls for Nets!

  147. Yes, I heard you can watch it on the youtube. vs. Lakers

  148. need to learn how to box out players first

  149. Refs have money on every single Nets game.

  150. Experience and chemistry

  151. OMG. What am I doing watching pretty little liars!!! Ok turning it on NOW. TY!!!

  152. forget the refs..Nets player to win this on their own..,,ALWAYS!

  153. I hope Lin’s helping KA make adjustments Nets need to win this.

  154. Mikhail Prokhorov should ask Putin to give Trumps a call about these BS calls.

  155. We are getting kill in the inside….

  156. The only gripe that I have on this team is that they don’t have sense of urgency

  157. Nets doesn’t know how to box out for p[roper rebounds

  158. now they again goes with the missing 3’s, no more motion or offense?

  159. Kilp, Bog, Lopez are coming in.

  160. lol Nick Young kept missing 3s three times from the same spot

  161. Need to buck up the X

  162. here’s the final push

  163. He’s helping Lin?! lol

  164. Nice drive whitehead!

  165. They have robs us twice already!!!!!!

  166. These calls………….

  167. Piss me off.

  168. Same. In such a nerve wracking game like this it’s killing me.

  169. The refs are rigging the game so obvious it’s not even funny.

  170. Please they’ve been robbing the Nets all night!

  171. It’s getting ridiculous.

  172. Lol watching this youtube live thing. Not a single Nets fan :<

  173. XD I saw that too lol. Young wants Lin’s team to win.

  174. Yogi too small. Need help when defending Russell.

  175. Their mid-range shot is killing us.

  176. Put RHJ on Russell.

  177. Yogi!

  178. Yogi hype is real!

  179. What is wrong with those refs?

  180. But his sizes is going to be a problem on D.

  181. Boggie dunked again!!!

  182. Boggie!

  183. same size with Kemba walker?

  184. Lol

  185. Lost count how many dunks Bog has, 2?

  186. Not sure but looks the same. Hehehe.

  187. air boggie

  188. Isaiah Thomas

  189. I think so.

  190. Let’s go, D-FENCE!

    Only 7pt game
    105-112 with 4:05 left

  191. Comparing with Harden, his D is way better!

  192. Bog is definitely Nets’s 3rd star. Lin, Lopez, and Bog will be their trio. Nets better get ready to pay him after this 1 year deal.

  193. Bog improves his D a lot too.

  194. i agree

  195. Yes and his inside plays! Previous games he was so horrible at the rim and so disconnected from the team!

  196. sometimes size doesn’t matter if team knows how to defend well..team defense can hide such size if yogi is an asset. right now team defense is nowhere to find that’s why he’s been eaten by angelo.

  197. You see when Lin is gone, everyone improves and when Lin’s back, everyone is on 2.0 version. Haha~

  198. Boggie for 3333333333333333

  199. yes, 112-116 with 2:04 left!

  200. Great block!

  201. 1:37 left

  202. Brook said not on my watch get that **** out of here!

  203. Not sure why Booker call for it in the last possession.

  204. If Atkinson has been aggressive to play his best players way back on the 3rd,Nets should have already won the game .

  205. Wth, that was a clean block!!!

  206. Are you sure about that? They will be too tired in the 4Q then.

  207. Omg, these refs…….


  209. the hell is up with the refs in la lol

  210. Pacing the players are fine but he should know when to play them hard not just going by rotation

  211. Yogi could have passed the ball.

  212. gg

  213. Booker what were you doing?! Just go straight at the rim!

  214. It was a mismatch though I think it was an okay play

  215. gosh darnit this should have been a game we won

  216. Booker just have one bad offensive possession + 1 turnover in the clutch time. On top of that these calls……

  217. walton’s a good coach. man.

  218. Shouldn’t have watched this game, refs made me so mad!!!

  219. That I agreed. So far so good.

  220. I guess so. He drives the best out of the players. But I don’t like the style they play.

  221. see, its not because of the refs but with the players playing..even with the refs biases, nets should not lose composure and focus. that’s on them that’s why they lose games and until that is address , they will continue to experience this kind of heartbreak loses!

  222. This is where they miss Lin.
    Noone can drive and get fouled to get FTs at the end of the game to stop the momentum

  223. Growing pain! smh

  224. i go with you on this…rotation is needed but one must know when to break it because it is needed!

  225. being tired i guess is a Myth continued to be used as a justification for players so so performance. a conditioned player can stand the rigor of his playing time for as long as he know how to pace himself while playing. coach can do so much about team pace, but players needs to learn and execute it too by heart

  226. I guess that comes from KA’s personality. Either protect them too much or hasn’t stretched his players enough?

  227. Sad loss, all Nets players fought very hard for a win this game. Wish Lin was back already. He was smiling towards the end guess the loss didn’t bother him knowing his team fought hard.

  228. We could have won if only RHJ and Skil score a bit more. smh

  229. Also poor 3pt shooting tonight 29.3% (12-41)
    Another trend in their losses

  230. totally…and I feel, we are taking way too many 3s…rushed ones

  231. Thought Russell was going to be a bust. He uses his height well. Russell and these Net players taught me to not give up on any player. Guys in the NBA have a chance to be good.

  232. 41 3PT is way too many for any teams! probably NETS are leading in that department

  233. Nets had 20 and Lakers 43 FTs! Many fouls calls against Nets were dubious!

  234. That is bad!

  235. they’re like 2nd or 3rd after Houston

    but yeah, live by the 3s die by the 3s *sigh*

  236. I always thought they can play.. it’s having lin there blinds ppl to see what they have.

  237. refs definitely gave home calls but the Nets didn’t help themselves with TOs

  238. Harris – 1-7. When we play against hustle players like Lakers or Clippers, our 3s die.

  239. True. TOs: Nets 14, Lakers 11

  240. Lakers out rebound Nets, Nets have penalty problems too.

  241. Scoring wasn’t the issue in this game. They gave up far too many points and the discrepancy of foul shots taken was huge.

  242. That is why KA is described as playing checkers, and brilliant coaches like Pop plays chess.

  243. 🙂

  244. Yeah, they’ve got 34pts from the FTs. Thanks to the refs. 🙁

  245. Also out rebound by the Lakers.

  246. 47 vs. 55 is not too bad. The real problem is the foul calls.

  247. Growing pain. We understand!

  248. So I guess he won’t be playing versus the Blazers..

  249. Nets need a JL on the floor to calm things down and set the right pace and composure for the team. Haha cheers

  250. Congrats to Brook who became the all-time Nets block leader!

    Brook Lopez is the all-time leader in blocked shots in #Nets history with 864 (3 tonight), surpassing George Johnson ?

  251. Super-Impressive Bojan dunk over Mozgov.
    Hope he can join Brook, Lin to be the Big 3 of the Nets!


  252. harris wasn’t set up well because he still needs to make a dribble to try to get away from his guard, and that goes with Bojan too..they can’t create for themselves well so nets should devise a play wherein their shooters just shoot .

  253. NO.

    Don’t overrate Russell just because he’s playing against an injury stricken Nets team that doesn’t have its starting PG.

  254. The Nets can “improve” by getting Lin back.

  255. I just had a most terrible nightmare that made me woke up in a sweat…in it Jlin was playing bb against which team I can’t really tell…anyway…first he made an awesome pump fake and scored….I was so close to the action like i was standing under the basket…I got super excited. ..suddenly I am now watching in the stand kinda far away…Jlin was running full speed and jump to shoot a 3 pointer got foul hard by 2 guys…of course the incompetent NBA ref didn’t whistle for a foul…the ball bounced to Jlin teammate who shot an air ball..WHILE Jlin was clutching his hammy hopping on his other leg… I was thinking…OMG…he may be out for 4-5 months this time…I was so FREADING happy when I woke up from the nightmare….I guess the moral of the dream is…Jlin please don’t come back too early!!!!!

  256. The Nets are staying in LA today. They’ll fly to OKC tomorrow, leaving (LAX) at 2 pm and arriving at 6:35 pm (local time). So, Jeremy will have another evening to hang out in LA.

    Delta is the charter carrier for almost all the NBA teams this season. The Nets are always flight number 8920. They usually fly a specially configured Boeing 757-200 so they can travel in greater comfort.

  257. Lol. I reckon your subconscious mind may be playing tricks on your thoughts. Probably thinking too much or overthink like JL on the court and not playing freely. Haha cheers

  258. I guess you are right…especially after reading the posts below after the loss last night.

  259. I’m a big fan of JLin, but you are definitely more of a fan than I am!

  260. Jeremy Lin does have to learn how to not constantly ram himself through opponents for hard fouls.

    He’s easily overpowered opponents athletically, but at great cost to his body.

    The time he’s spent injured has allowed the inexperienced Nets to try to establish themselves to the point that Lin won’t have to constantly break himself in half to create for them.

  261. As usual, the Nets had too many bricked 3s.

    Their inexperienced players are not yet aware that they are athletic enough to attack the rim off the dribble and finish or pass inside.

  262. Harris and Bogdanovic THINK they can’t create for themselves.

    But both of them CAN create for themselves in the NBA.

    They just are too inexperienced to know that they can.

  263. It proves that you are a dedicated Lin fan. He is often on your mind, day or night. 🙂

  264. 🙂

  265. If they don’t even think they can, they just really can’t

  266. Can Lin just come back already lol
    This team is not 20-win/season bad
    I wanna see them compete
    This is definitely Lin and Brooks team
    Really excited to see him dominate again

  267. Only in due time…read my post below..lol

  268. so I guess you are giving us these info so that we can stalk them.

  269. geez..
    1) you are obssessed with lin. usually when i dream something it’s becuase I’m thinking about it all the time… doyou have anything else to do .. lol.
    2) you better hope you are not one of those ppl who have their dreams foreshadowing what will happen in the future. I’m one of those ppl.. the result is resemblance of the dream in one way or another..so if negative, it’s bad, it’s positive vibe, it’s good. So for you, you better hope that whatever you dream bad is good in real life and viceversa.

  270. ClassDojo is a communications app that can be used by teachers, parents, and students to share photos, videos, and messages through the school day, to enhance learning. Educational research staff at Stanford University worked with the company to create a three episode video series about perseverance. One of the examples of perseverance cited is Jeremy.

    ClassDojo is actively used in 2/3 of US schools, and in over 180 countries. Shown below is an exercise completed by a student at a school on the Isle of Arran (population 5,000), which is a part of Scotland. The student talks about how Jeremy overcame obstacles to be a starter with the Nets.

    See : https://www.classdojo.com/about/

  271. The way I look at it is… it’s bad in the dream…means it’s is good in real life…cause…my dreams never come true…lol

  272. Brandon knight traded to the Nets?? Who knows anything can happen

  273. Future NBA star

  274. I see you guys are back at it with linking to those click-bait websites that create trade scenarios with no reputable source.

  275. Trade for who?

  276. Both of them have amply showed that they can attack and finish at the rim off the dribble.

    Just look at how Bogdanovic dunked on Mozgov.

    They – Harris in particular – just have to be less obsessed with shooting the 3 while contested.

  277. just a white on white crime. now if he posterizes DJ of the Clippers, that would be something!

  278. how his character

  279. Maxwell Ogden suggests it’s speculation (obviously)…
    but if Knight was to be traded, who would he be traded for?

  280. JLin and Nets talked about NBA2K.
    Lin talked about his friends playing him in NBA2K

    What’s it like to play @NBA2K and then actually be in the game? ? We caught up with the squad to find out.

  281. Agree with KHuang that Nets must attack the rim and not just shoot 3s. They can.

    Foye is disappointing unfortunately. Yogi is much better. But they lack an athletic defender of the rim and a 3&D who can make 3s.

    I’d trade Hamilton and Bogdanovic for Ed Davis and Crabbe. So Ed pnr with Lin, Lopez and Crabbe can space the floor. Booker and Scola with the bench and so RHJ. Yogi and Harris (or Foye) as guards.

    That would make the Nets scary good.

    Please Marks, make it happen!

  282. I don’t know

  283. I’m not sure whether Trailblazers makes that trade or even Nets.

  284. Yogiberra seems to be better than thought, even though he is smalla

  285. Can he be as good as Aaron Brooks?

  286. Or a future dentist.

  287. Pretty sure Yogi is better than Aaron Brooks who can’t defend at all with limited offense.

  288. I think Portland maybe will give up Ed Davis but not Crabbe.

  289. No way Hamilton is the most consistent 3 point shooter who always bails them out when they need it. Bog is becoming a crucial 3rd star for them I wouldn’t trade him at all. Booker is a starter he can make things happen when the team is stuck. He’s also one of the few who can actually defend.

  290. why give white head the chance.. why not give yogi the chance more then.

  291. interesting how indiana pacer is beating the 2nd best team in the NBA cleveland …
    but the nets beat the indiana pacers..

  292. King James didn’t play as well as JR

  293. Check out Jimmer jacking up shots in China and going 13 for 32:

  294. Pretty much the reason why they won.

  295. NYK just best Detroit so they will ahead of Nets for now.

  296. adriaenblack IG:You’re going to love how the outside of this custom jacket looks for @JLin7
    One the amazing nba guys… #modernlook #gqstyle

  297. Looks a bit like Papa Lin. 🙂

  298. Lin put this article on his official website lately. I know most of you probably have read it. I just want to post it again while we’re waiting for the next game. It’s one of the best articles to read about Lin and it’s worth to read it again! Have a great day, everyone.

    There are many lines moved me and here is one of them:
    “He knows I came here to take on this challenge with him,” Lin told B/R. “And deep down inside, I know that when he got this job, the first thing he wanted to do was come and get me. We’re in this together. And we’re deeply embedded in this challenge.” https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b54bee776817beea01079d3fa4fb3c66b1fe54824413642fcf52cfaaf04aabfa.jpg


  299. Kenny Atkinson on rebounding : “It’s physicality, it’s positioning, it’s times when your defense is broken down too much and you’re out of position, so I don’t think it’s one thing. We’re going to really have to look at film and figure out some stuff.”

  300. Really need this department improved. And defense. Would like to see Hamilton actually trying to block shots instead of just jumping with his hands up.

  301. Having played competitive basketball for 20 odd years and from my impression of the NBA ref bias, my experience tells me that doing so will easily result in a foul call on any player that isn’t a league-approved all-star. So I think the safest thing JHam could do is to intimidate the shooter without reaching out and just try his best to alter the shot…. Nothing else he can really do…

  302. In today’s NBA, the key to rebounding is stopping opposing PG penetration.

    The Nets’ inexperienced guards outside of Lin are clueless in guarding savvy veteran NBA point guards, especially Kilpatrick who is a solid SG defender but is useless against NBA PGs.

    Also, RHJ and Booker are being BATTERED out there.

    When Lin returns, Atkinson should play Lopez and Hamilton together. It would give the Nets a fighting chance, particularly in the 3rd quarter when opponents REALLY wreck RHJ and Booker.

  303. Yogi is already better than Aaron Brooks was in Brooks’ prime.

  304. Booker CANNOT DEFEND.

    Every game, he and RHJ are being WRECKED by opposing forwards.

    Even when Lin returns, the Nets still cannot defend when either of those two are being battered on the boards and scored on at will by bigger stronger faster better opponents.

  305. TERRIBLE.

    Brandon Knight is a good person, but he lacks fundamentals and is soft like all of John Calipari’s wildly overrated busts from the University of Kentucky.

    The Nets don’t need any soft UK players who pout and have weak fundamentals.

  306. Hamilton is getting in better shape due to the increased minutes, he’s almost completely ready to be a top NBA defender.

    He’s now got the strength down, all that remains is for his foot speed to improve.

  307. Anybody can be beaten in today’s NBA on any given night.

  308. Great article, indeed! Gives us insights into the team’s dynamics. And endorsed by Lin means he agrees with the content.

  309. Greivis Vasquez underwent surgery yesterday …

  310. I don’t need 20 years of playing bb to agree with you.

  311. Impossible trade – the Nets players don’t have that kind of value.

    Not only that, losing Hamilton would destroy the Nets. Ed Davis is NOT THAT GOOD.

    And Crabbe? Trust me, he is a less athletic DOWNGRADE from Bogdanovic. Crabbe would brick much more than Bojan and would not offer the stiff defensive resistance that Bojan has put up.

  312. Fame, power, money – they change people. As a parent working on raising five kids to grow up to be solid, kind, strong, giving people, I am so impressed by all those qualities that I see in Jeremy Lin. Despite the fame, power, money overflowing in his life, he has remained so teachable and yet so confident, so thankful, so solidly-grounded on things eternal and invisible. Truly admirable.

  313. time to chill at the moment with laugh out of some negative vibes…

  314. that’s what separate him from other players playing!

  315. Gotta love this Nets team!
    No LA night-life, just Disneyland

    LA nightlife kills most NBA teams… but not the #Nets because Brook Lopez definitely just takes them to Disneyland: https://www.instagram.com/p/BM5lXE4BMza/


  316. Is that really Lopez beside RHJ or a wax figure 😉

  317. Having lin withdrawals… come on lin get healthy

  318. Hamilton versus Davis is not a good idea for some very simple reasons. Hamilton is a stretch 5 and Davis is a old school power forward. Although Hamilton can play the 4 – it is not his main task – it is to back up Lopez during the games when Lopez is actually starting and playing as a starter during Lopez time as DNP. The question about Davis should much more be tied to a Booker or even McCullough trade. I liked the Lin/Davis combination but sadly it was not a lot on minutes we saw them play together at the Lakers so I found the jury still out on the issue. The question is as well if it worth finding the old Lin teammates or should he rather build up new ones?

    I am looking forward to Lin´s return to see if the confidence I have noted in the Nets will continue with Lin. If so … the Nets will be the team to beat in the East.

  319. A truly great article. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  320. because they have given the team different looks.

  321. Pscho-T would be a good addition to their roster

  322. The priority for this team is development first before winning. The plays they run seem to be hard on the hamstring though.

  323. How about LIn’s re-evaluation?

  324. No news yet…

  325. Thanks, hope he can play at next home game.

  326. Here is another instagram from Rondae, drawn from his adventure with Brook Lopez …

  327. @NYPost_Lewis
    Jeremy Lin has had his evaluation but #Nets coach Kenny Atkinson is still awaiting the result.
    Lin clearly don’t play tomorrow in OKC.

  328. I guess they will reveal the news tomorrow…..

  329. Wednesday seems ideal. That would give him 5 more days to rest while only missing 2 more games, both of which would be tough even with him in the lineup.

    Nets can’t afford to risk a long-term injury — it’s a long season and a 4-9 record won’t be a disaster this early.

  330. No results from evaluation yet… the suspense is killing me.

  331. Meanwhile.. I just figured out it probably takes less than 30 minutes to do a hamstring strain evaluation…

  332. If they have to wait tomorrow to reveal the news, maybe he is not returning anytime soon

  333. I pray that isnt the case…. i mean he’s been able to run lightly and take shots. I think they r just being secretive lol

  334. Lin’s injury will be reevaluated on November 17, 2016; the two-week mark from when his injury started.

    Lin’s Contribution to the Nets

    Benny Nadeau of the Brooklyn Game says that Jeremy Lin is the right leader for the Nets. As a player, Lin fits well with head coach Kenny Atkinson’s motion offense. As a facilitator, he is better off playing sooner than later, because he has also helped “anchor a Nets’ defense that ran on the little-known hustle statistics.”

    Lin is also the glue that holds together Kenny Atkinson’s detailed coaching approach, a balanced roster, Brook Lopez’s reliable contributions on the floor and Trevor Booker’s grit. Lin has changed the way fans view the Nets; a team which has been accused of being soft and being quitters.

    What Keeps Lin Busy

    Lin has kept himself busy analyzing the offensive tendencies of the Brooklyn Nets. According to Sarah Kustok, a YES network sports reporter, Lin has been “charting the Nets offensive plays both for himself to learn, look at combinations of what plays work; what work best in what situations, who works best on the floor together. And so he’s able to tell his teammates throughout the game what he likes, what they should run and he said just for the future, when he comes back, to know what plays are most effective at what times in the ball game.”

    Read more at http://www.christianpost.com/news/jeremy-lin-injury-update-nets-lose-second-straight-game-without-starting-pg-171535/#Cf7ajHIDtQfcsT4c.99

  335. Not yet, not yet. The best has not even starter yet.

  336. yes, better be extra safe than sorry.
    Without Lin, it would be very difficult for the Nets to develop this season.

  337. LOL gotta love how Sean said yummy in Chinese 🙂
    Great team camaraderie!

    We’ve just arrived in Oklahoma. The whole team are having Chinese dishes.
    Lin: How’s the taste?
    Sean: 好吃 Yummy!

  338. Linstructor at work

  339. Lol
    Do they have good Chinese restaurants in OK?

  340. I think Sean dare not to say ‘no good’. lol

  341. Lin once said, “Let me know if I’ve changed.”
    Fours years pass, he’s still the same guy we love from the beginning who’s so down-to-earth, genuine, love God and his teammates, believe in his dream. However, he did changed a lot. He becomes more wise, more mature, mentally and spiritually, and much stronger! His world is not just basketball, he knows his mission. 🙂

  342. Seriously, I’ve never known any active players that study and analyse the strategical side of the game for the sake of his team as thorough as Lin….

  343. the injury seems to be a blessing in disguise.

  344. Washington just beat NYK. They will sink back to where they were.

  345. Months ago, the Nets was ranked from 29th to 30th. That is a great progress.

  346. Is there anyone who will agree with me that Lin’s injury is in fact a blessing in disguise? He will emerges as a better team player and definitely a more efficient PG.

  347. Well, IMO injuries will never be a blessing to an athete. Unfortunately it’s inevitable. I’m sure Lin will learn to protect him more for the rest of season due to his vital role in the team. As much as I want to see him play, still I’d rather see him come back with 200% healthy. ?

  348. If it has to happen, better be at the beginning of the season than at the end. I hope from now on, Lin will be better in tune with Atkinson and he learns to protect himself from injury.

  349. Did they move any other teams or was it only the Nets?

  350. I dunno James Harden maybe….just kidding.

  351. Hi everyone. Just thought that I would announce that I will be flying to Brooklyn all the way from Singapore – Duration: 26 to 29 December 2016. I will catch the home game against Charlotte on 26 December 2016.

    Hopefully Lin will be fully healthy and the team will hit their stride by then. I know it sounds crazy to travel so far for such a short trip but I will be visiting my sister in New Jersey as well.

    Already got tickets and looking forward to this trip!

  352. Don’t envy the long flight but visiting family and catching a Lin game during the holidays sounds like a blast!

  353. Yeah it is a 25 hour flight. I usually stay longer on my visits to the US but circumstances do not permit a longer stay this time.

  354. That’s why he is waived because he couldn’t play anyway.

  355. great team spirit! Go go go!

  356. new Game 12 thread

    G12 Brooklyn Nets (4-7) Visits OKC Thunder (7-5)
    #KeyofTheGame Can #Nets play tough D & hit high 3P%? #BrooklynGrit

  357. KEY OF THE GAME: Can the Nets play tough defense in the rebounding department and not allowing wide-open shots? A win is not impossible since OKC has lost 3 home games including the Magic, Clippers, Raptors before winning the last one against the Rockets. It is important to note that the Magic had 46% 3FG and held OKC 3pt-shooting to only 28%. That might be the same recipe that can enable the Nets to pull a win.

    Let’s hope and pray JLin will heal quickly, the Nets will continue their formula of success, play gritty basketball, and most importantly finish the game healthy!

    Let’s go, JLin and the Nets!

  358. Not as bad as flying from Australia:-) I’m leaving LA tonight. My 4 weeks of holiday is about to end. It’s worth all the efforts to watch home and away game. Not sure when I can do it again. Enjoy your visit!

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