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Noone could have predicted Jeremy Lin not scoring any points in the last game. Most fans (55%) voted 18/5 or 15/6 in the poll after a string of good 15/4 games. But as Kobe set his mind to create his “MJ Flu” game by scoring 44pts taking the 2nd highest shots attempts at 34 this season, the Lakers imploded and Lin and Boozer hinted and pointed at Kobe way being detrimental to the team. Lin couldn’t find words in the post-game interview to describe his frustration without pointing finger at Kobe directly but he described how detrimental it is to play basketball with aggressive mindset to score for one self.

The team had a nice dinner tonight at Atlanta. But would it be enough to repair the lack of trust, communication and effort? I guess we will find out tomorrow against Atlanta Hawks (5-4) with 4-0 record at home. Hawks will be a tough opponent at their home because they shot 40% for 3pts with Kyle Korver hitting 16 out of 24 3s at home (66%). Lin will face Jeff Teague who he matched up well in the past. Nick Young will be back to provide some bench production. Byron Scott promised to bench the bigs if they don’t run back for defensive purpose.

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  7. Brent is fighting crime tonight :]

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  10. Hope your doing here, translates to Jeremy as well. Go 40!~

  11. LOL this was funny!

    On Sunday, a Lakers fan attended the Oklahoma City Thunder’s game
    against the Houston Rockets. While there, the fan decided to pitch the
    Lakers to injured Thunder point guard Russell Westbrookโ€”who is signed through the 2016-17 season.

    Lakers fan six rows behind the scorer’s table screams at Westbrook: “Russ, come to L.A.!!” Russ starts shaking his head no.โ€” Darnell Mayberry (@DarnellMayberry) November 17, 2014

    Westbrook wasn’t interested in the fan’s recruiting pitch.

    Fan: “You can shoot all you want. Come to L.A. We got rings.”

    Westbrook: “Get yo ass out of here and go back to L.A.”โ€” Darnell Mayberry (@DarnellMayberry) November 17, 2014


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  29. i have no faith in kobe, none

  30. Let’s just hope it is not rinse and repeat

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  35. We should make a prediction poll on Kobe. See if he will change after surpassing MJ.

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  38. Seems like a rim protector does not guarantee good defense. Exhibit A. LAC…

  39. Yes, should start poll for kobe instead. I’ll venture my guess: 15 of 36 fga, 32 pts (he’s cutting back), 6 assts, 3 to, 1 stl.

  40. See yall game time.

  41. good…we dont play dirty here

  42. Come to think about it, some fans thinks Lin is better going to Spurs. I agree. BUT the PG for Spurs is required to do pull up jumpers a lot. Lin is not exactly good at this regard. Both Parker and Ginobili are good at pull up, because of the way they shoot. Just some thought.

  43. Today, pretty much all the ESPN LA has been talking about Lakers and Kobe and Jeremy/Boozer’s comment.

    Couple of interesting things I hear:
    1. I think in Max & Marcellus, they were talking that Kobe was smart to negotiate his contract, as that big money not only locked him in the team, but also ensured that the ball go through him. So Kobe is not going to take a discount, and he is not going to take a decreased role on the team. Basically if he play less, the team will loss less, but it will still loose. So in his mind, if they are going to lose anyway, why not he get his. And they were kind of saying other HOF were laughing at this, and was wondering how come Kobe can get away with it, how come Lakers would let Kobe do this thing, it is really a chemistry killer the way he is playing.

    2. I think Max was kind of question why Jeremy Lin or other players do not step up, and get the ball out of Kobe’s hand. Marcellus was saying that, people only see them in the game, but forgot that those players are together and spend way more time than that 2-3 hrs in the game. They still need to keep a working relationship, and it is really hard for a legend and dominate player on the team holding the ball, and yet ask you to step up. It just don’t work that way. Kobe need to step down first, then Jeremy Lin would have a chance to step up. You could not ask Jeremy to step up without Kobe step down first.

    3. in Mason and Ireland show, Ben Lyons was sit in for Ireland, and he was saying that he talked with some players in the team, also some of his previous teammates, and some players was telling him that, Jeremy skillset aside, he was a person like to please other people, thus he is not strong to stand up against other people, and he was trying to make other people happy. This is the second time I’m hearing this now. ๐Ÿ™

    4. I was listening to ESPN LA Now, and they were saying that in the post game interview, Jeremy was trying so hard not to call Kobe out, and they feel that he was about to say it, and just could not do it. ……

    Anyway, kind of interesting to listen into these reports, most people know and pointed out, Kobe is the main issue, yet, don’t really know what to do with it.

  44. I thought Spurs has some backup PG already……

  45. No, I know…just saying. Because some fans hoped for that.

  46. Thanks for the summary!

  47. u are who u are. lin needs to go where he can fit in. spurs or bust. lin doesnt have the egotistical personality to fight with kobe and push him out uncerimoniously. but that is the way for lin to win over la.

  48. I think Jeremy has to have a contingent plan, in case, just in case, he doesn’t get to play bball the way he likes and wants to play.

    I heard too often that Jeremy has his flaws in not playing off ball well. He doesn’t shoot pull up well, etc. So, in some way, I think Jeremy has to adjust himself instead of “forcing” his teamball way despite this is the winning way.

    Maybe this season is best for Jeremy to improve on his weaknesses(again, I thought I heard it the last 3 seasons). Then, fingers crossed, he gets to do his Linning.

  49. Good or bad teams, he will improve anyway. Just saying he must be very clear on what he needs to work on now than if he just stay at a good team…

  50. I don’t know how that will end if Lin does that. But Lin can adapt anyway. Just need time. Good or bad…it is still basketball.

  51. i think lin needs to speak up. but if he does not, i will not blame him. sometimes you have to fight back against bulllies and kobe is a bully. a smart bully

  52. Thanks for sharing, nothing to disagree there

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  54. As a father of two toddlers, I could use a few myself.

  55. I have always said…..you only throw punches when you know it will work. It is not about what he should do, more like what he does that will work. If he speaks up, fine…just good luck with that….:P

  56. Or use on your kiddos? or all…lol

  57. good point, then lin should just continue to do his part to make it clear how bad kobe is. my fear is soon lakers will just bench lin and fill in more willing guys to play around kobe. still will lose but by less points

  58. BTW, his interview was pretty “SPOKEN UP” IMO…so….let’s see how it goes..

  59. Thats something Jeremy need to confront and work it out the best way possible.

  60. Well…I did shoot very early in the shot clock, the defense was not set, hence a high percentage shot…lol

  61. …Jeremy skillset aside, he was a person like to please other people, thus
    he is not strong to stand up against other people, and he was trying to
    make other people happy. This is the second time I’m hearing this now.

    I think this is definitely not is instinctual behavior. Or maybe he did grow out of it, because I remember reading articles about how he was actually very “aggressive/arrogant” in high school, but he eventually learned the importance of toning it down.

    So reading these types of thins, makes me think there is some battle within in. A part of him wants to really be that nice guy that gets along with everyone. But another part of him shows when he gets too pissed off.

    It’ll be interesting to see which side comes out more as the season progresses.

  62. I personally does not think he is being nice….well I mean indeed he is a nice guy. But that has nothing to do with how he handle deeper things. He is smart, he does everything with calculations. He has his own objectives to achieve. He tries to find the way to do it, no matter how convolute it might be. JMO. He is not afraid of Kobe AT ALL. I think he is doing great on what he has control.

  63. I think the article is just guessing, because you bring up a good counterpoint. Nobody goes around life achieving what he has by being a pure people pleaser. It’s just talking heads making money. As the understanding goes in thinking fans … there’s nothing he can do to change Kobe. Kobe has to want to change. Until then Kobe has more power, standing, and salary than Lin. So, what kobe does wins in the org, and as we know, loses games. A terrible situation for Lin and LAL fans. And Lin fans.


    Broken Ankle: By Jeremyโ€™s own account, he was beginning to develop quite an ego in high school, when as a junior he was the star player of the Palo Alto Vikings, leading his team towards a state championship. But on the eve of the semi-final game, Jeremy fractured his ankle and faced the first great disappointment in his life. His season was overโ€”and so was his teamโ€™s.

    That wasn’t the end of the story….it was the beginning of an exciting journey. His stories never fail to excite and intrigue us and we are craving for more..whether it is mountain top experiences or in the valleys of disappointments.

    Who knows what is to come?

  65. At this point I’m not sure where Lin will thrive. Possibly a place with way less ball dominant divas.

  66. After all these talk about Kobe being the main chemistry problem, I think Kobe is going to tone it down, 20/7ast. Lin finally getting ball back from Kobe, maybe a 22/7 game for Lin coming up?

  67. He will thrive in any normal teams…

  68. Nash hosting KD on Vice SPort, talking about their career

  69. well, I could see that Lin would like to get people involved, so you do see that on court, when other people ask for ball, he will deliver. However, sometimes, he do need to know when to stop, say if Hill’s long 2s are off, Jeremy should stop feeding him.

    And when other people asking for balls, if they are not in the right situation, Lin should not pass, just like the game he waved off Kobe, and make that 3 in front of CP3. I do hope he do that more.

    Somehow I think till he could do that, and not affected by other people, he might still get benched or had the risk of replaced by Ronnie Price. Though that is ridiculous.

    Sometimes, I feel that Scott was having problem to control Kobe, thus he was hoping as a floor general, Lin could do that, limit Kobe’s shot somehow by not pass over to Kobe. Lin was doing well in Clipper game and CHA game, but somehow getting away from it. One side of course is Kobe, on the other hand, Lin himself is not strong enough is not helping.

    I think Lin still want to get Kobe involved and play team ball, rather another set of team ball without Kobe. But I do hope someday he would say, it is what it is, if Kobe is not passing back, he is not going to get the ball next time. If Hill is not coming out to help defense, he is not going to get the ball. He need to learn to use his power as PG to manage the team.

  70. Great people….humble beginning…

  71. Difference in pass in these two games, last against GSW lose and the only winning game. In the GSW game, Kobe received almost 20% of all the team’s passes on the floor, and yet only pass out 37% of it. Huge vacuum there.

  72. Could someone kindly explain to me why Wes is a starter?

  73. Because this is Lakers..The only guys worth starting are Lin and Davis. oh well….Kobe too…

  74. Coach Miller is already thinking Lin should be benched.

  75. I love charts. It’s so easy to digest. As a novice, can I say Johnson should pass out more and JLin should defer less.

  76. oh well …

  77. i voted that for hope …

  78. My question being, how did the Lakers go from Elgin Baylor to Jamaal Wilkes to James Worthy to Rick Fox to….Wesley Johnson?!

  79. Probably the same way they went from Kareem to Shaq to Bynum to Jordan Hill.

  80. I guess because of Kobe Bryant?

  81. Just saw twins. Worthy thought Lin will be moved to bench because price is tougher on defense. Nice….

  82. Setting up excuse already because lots of heat on kobe and his ball hogging. Kobe can continue to ball hog, and lin/young will lead the bench. Young is a ball hog too, but I think he will play with lin.Young can shoot, but a defensive liability. Price will get abused by the younger/faster guards in the league.

  83. You mean like last time where he toned it down for that 1 game where they won and then turned back to ball hog again? Unless Kobe tones down his shooting for the entire season this team will continue to lose!

  84. Don’t underestimate the combination of Jeremy’s work ethic + Spurs training and coaching staff….

  85. I hope he won’t suffer that same ankle injury this season.

  86. Personally, I find the best inside protectors as those guys that play tough on the inside and will box out to death for a rebound and not necessarily good shot blockers.

  87. His weakness are passing too much even when guys are missing and not taking enough shots for himself especially off dribble shots! Many players are selfish and the ball doesn’t get back to him when he passes so he has to learn how to dribble and score on his own!

  88. He won’t. their solution will be to move lin with the 2nd unit and faster unit, so that kobe can ball hog for 3 quarters and get his stats,and then the bench will come in to try to play cleanup. I don’t care just as long as lin gets his stats.

  89. LOL! No lah. It was the turning point in his life. He became more of a team player after that.

  90. Did ball hog Randle willingly play with Lin? Even before coming back Young was already making jokes about how Lin is easier to defend than Bryant! There’s no doubt Young is another ball hog and from what I saw before he got injured he didn’t pass to Lin much during practice.

  91. Can somebody explain to me what is their basis of a good defender? Because I don’t see that in Ronnie Price. I’m not knocking on Ronnie Price. He’s not pulling a Patrick “I’m a defensive specialist, hear me ROAR!!!” Beverley act.

    I blame Byron, Worthy and the rest of those media people insisting that.

  92. Is Worthy even watching those games? Price is a horrible defender! Just cause Lin is Asian they think he’s the worst defender compared to everyone else! SMH!

  93. No kidding, everyone blows by Price.

  94. I think Young will play with Lin. Young does not have smart bball IQ. Young doesn’t play any defense at all.

  95. I’ll wait and see how they play tonight but I don’t have high hopes for Young playing teamball with Lin, besides providing more scoring for the Lakers.

  96. Price may at times seem tougher on defense because he defends opponents’ bench, while Lin defends starters. But even then it’s a stretch.

  97. No they are just doing damage control for Kobe ball hogging and Scott not being able to control Kobe. Last night was a total embarrassment to the Laker FO. Jeannie Buss is all about how the Laker organization looks. Scott has been totally ineffective as coach.The FO knew had bad Kobe could be, so that is the reason why they hired Scott because they thought he could handle kobe. Also world wide media put scott/kobe on blast for the plight of the Lakers.Saying Ronnie Price plays better defense is just an excuse. Also we will see when he gets abused by the faster guards in the league,how fast they bring in lin. The thing with lin is that he does not need them a reason to point fingers at him.

  98. No worries, may be lin would like playing with bench because they are faster and he can push the ball up the floor. I think that was Scott’s purpose in the beginning was to put lin with 2nd unit to help develop the rookies, but when Randle got hurt that ball kind of dropped. Kobe will not change. He knows that he is on borrowed time because of his injury to beat MJ in points. I think that is what that is the consolation prize for kobe instead of a championship.

  99. Well then Lin needs to work it out.

  100. It does not matter, with Kobe playing 37-44 minutes a game there isn’t much time where the he’s not on the floor anyways. He’ll hog the ball most of the time whether Lin is a starter or bench player.

  101. You do realize that Kobe plays almost all 4 quarters including most of the time with 2nd unit right? And 2nd unit barely plays during the game. If Lin playing 2nd unit, might as well not watch cause he’ll only get 15-18 minutes per game at most.

  102. Houston all over again..This time is Ronnie “shoe throwing” Price. And they think changing one spot with so called tougher on defense will save the sinking ship?? …….though I do expect Jeremy will be moved after the last game still, I’m speechless……..

  103. BS has hidden agenda and favors Price. He’d rather not start JLin if he wasn’t called out for it!

  104. Perhaps that is best for him. Kobe is not going to change. If you look at that first unit, they are the worst starters I have seen in the league. Also with the 1st unit, i am so sick of seeing lin walk the ball up court. Lin didn’t really help himself by not scoring at all. He just can’t give them reasons to point the finger at him.

  105. Because Price is a vet with no skills, who will let kobe ball hog all day long. scott knows that price can’t defend the younger guards in the league and he doesn’t care because it is all about kobe getting his points. He can’t do that with lin. We all know that lin/kobe can player together. Look how they played together when they won against Charlotte.

  106. Yes. ..i guess they just can’t wait to bench Lin.

  107. Oh there will be a 2nd unit now that all eyes are on kobe and Laker organization and what they are trying to do.

  108. Everybody knows that Kobe will play high 30+min, not much time for Lin and the 2nd unit. What I concern is whether Lin can stay in the forth quarter and how many min he can play. If BS still let him play 30+, things remain the same as most of the time he will share the time with Kobe. What’s the point of moving him to the bench then?

  109. The pictures of the dinner tonight with lin and kobe sitting next to each other is a start. It may not mean much, but it is a start. It looked like it was a player’s dinner probably them talking things out. Kobe knows that he is outta control and scott knows that his job is probably hanging on by a thread at this point.The thing with Jeannie Buss is that she cares a lot about what Lakers look like. This team has been a dynasty for years. So I am sure that mitch/bus thought they could scott could handle lin, but that has not been the case. The way I see it, even if lin moves to the bench, it might be the strategy for them building the bench as first unit for the Laker future, like growing their own. Most players want to go to a contending team. and right now the Lakers are a joke in The NBA. just some thoughts.

  110. i hope you are right.I dont know how lin going to get his stats when his teammates trying to ballhog

  111. Joyce, I will wait and see what Lakers/BS will do in tomorrow game in terms of managing Kobe and JLin minutes. Thus far Kobe plays almost all 4 qtrs and JLin was the one continued to be the least minutes among starters.

  112. I don’t think lin will play less minutes. Let’s face it, Price will not last after the faster guards in the unit score all over him. I think that lin and kobe will crossover playing with each other, but when kobe come in with bench, he will continue to let lin run the offense. Besides this is only going to last until kobe gets his MJ points, which might take at least 8 more games. I am sorry lin doesn’t know what to do with 1st unit because they are all iso players. Also I think perhaps the lakers want to grow their own by having lin run 2nd unit that they will grow into the future starters and lin can lead the unit because he will have grown with him and they will let him direct the offense. just some thoughts

  113. Worthy, Miller…. are just mouthpieces of BS. Oh yeah, the infatuation of Price continues to be priceless BS and now Worthy, Miller…………….. Lakers = R. It’s priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. Well then lin needs to step up. When he gets the ball he needs to score. This will sink in eventually.

  115. I sincerely hope you are right. It’s hard to predict anything as there are so many irrational things happened around Jeremy. What I can do is preparing for the worst while hoping for the best.

    Glad to hear that Jeremy never lose his confidence in the previous media report.

  116. Sound so familiar with the same old excuse of R and now the same thing happens in Lakers. Getting more and more and more and more like R in less than 2 months.

  117. LOL Same thought here. I know it’s coming. That was why I said THE WORST IS YET TO COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  118. Also, have you noticed that TCW/Laker beat reporters have not a clue what id really happening inside Laker organization. The only person that has a direct line to Laker FO is Kevin Ding. When he says something then, we know it’s true. I think Mitch doesn’t give a way his hand a lot. Usually when he gives an interview it is to do damage control.

  119. Sigh…..ๆฒ’ๆœ‰ๆœ€ๅทฎ๏ผŒๅชๆœ‰ๆ›ดๅทฎ…..
    Lin: ไธๆ€•็ฅžไธ€่ˆฌ็š„ๅฐๆ‰‹๏ผŒๅชๆ€•่ฑฌไธ€่ˆฌ็š„้šŠๅ‹

  120. Kobe has to be very careful with his fans in Asia not to step on Lin’s toes too much or he could lose everything. His popularity their is way lower than LIN’s. Kobe is trying to save face.

    Agree with you about Scott needing LIN to save his butt by putting him with the second unit. The only way for Lakers to win anything is for them to function as a real team with Black Hole mamba off the court.

  121. Yes I notice it for a while now. They only report sometimes partially (the juicy part) from the interviews which we can access to it pretty quickly anyway. I always go back to listen to the more complete interview that I can find and draw my own conclusion from there.

    Yes, Mitch is very close mouth about what’s going on. I like it. So, if I don’t hear from him, I don’t pay much attention from the rumors. Don’t think he is the person who discloses anything until it is done deal. So, if we hear somthing, that means it’s something. Yes, I also begin to notice Kevin Ding. Found that he had info that others didn’t have. So, yes, I begin to listen to him more.

  122. Ok, first I have to say, I am not buying that this “Houston” all over again theme. Remember Lin had 0pts in the last game. Lin should have learned by now that he can’t give this organization any reason to point fingers at him. The only reason why Worthy/Horry/Miller are screaming about putting lin on the bench is that they are doing damage control for that fiasco of a game last night. They are trying to help out their former team mate and TCW reporter. They really don’t know what is going on they are guessing at best. There is a lot of damage control going on right now because of kobe’s suspected shooting. So now Scott is saying he might play kobe 25 minutes(more damage control). What lin stated about the team was a shot heard around the world, now lin doesn’t need to give them any reason to point fingers at him. To be honest, if kobe is going to hog the ball on every possession, then i would rather see lin play with 2nd unit where his skillset can be on display and his team mates become better players.

  123. That’s right! Very sad to realize this once again. My dream of JLin can gel with teammate crashed during startergate. Was so mad then. But now I just want JLin to do well. In due time he will overcome any hurdle that goes to his way.

    Comfort to know that he is a quick learner and that he has God in his side that can help him to deal with all these. He is strong; never in my mind feel that he is weak. Any player would crumble long time ago to suffer what he faced. His resilence of overcoming adversaries is really a great virtue that I admire the most.

    Another comfort that with his bb history, amazed that he is still standing tall while many many many great and promised drafters have disappeared from NBA altogether. For an undrafted player, he does well and he hasn’t reached his peak/full potential yet.

  124. Good post. Also, I am sure Jeannie Bus was informed that the fans from Taiwan came in and bought out lin’s stuff in their store. Lakers are also a business. Also LA county/Orange county has the largest Asian community in the US. But not only that lin is really a good basketball player. All I want to see is lin play good basketball and get his stats, if second unit, so be it.

  125. Agree. See it happening now. If this continues, his image is slided even more and he will become JH2.

  126. Joyce I hope you are right but I see sign of R’s theme is getting clearer and clearer each game. Hope you are right and I’m wrong. I’d rather not wanting to see JLin to suffer thru another time. If u can read the Chinese reporter on item 3 (sorry it was in Chinese), JLin was asked about if this situation was worse to deal with. JLin’s replies was he went thru many times in the past and this wasn’t any worse than what he has gone thru. The stress lever is the same. That’s very telling on that alone.

  127. It makes sense if Scott says that kobe will only play 25-30 IF, A VERY BIIIG IF LIN and second unit gets to play the remainder mins. The second unit will then win the games for Scott while Kobe gets his stats.

    HOUSTON wanted to destroy Lin’s career. They couldn’t and wouldn’t allow LIN to lead the second unit. Even the first year, they could have staggered LIN with Harden to maximize their court time. What Rox did was deliberately keep the ball out of Lin’s hands and made LIN stand in the corner away from any possible real usage.

    Scott NEEDS LIN to succeed and make the second unit better than any starting unit and ultimately win games for him.

  128. Yeah I tend to agree it’s damage control time. I notice Price gambles a lot for steals. He did get some nice ones, but he doesn’t do it consistently. But once the other starter guards blow by him, he will be exposed repeatedly. move Lin to the bench by all means, I personally could care less by now, just so long as Lin gets to play more loosely and at a faster pace. He should be able more than hold his own against other bench guards and score well, so he won’t be giving critics a reason to point fingers at him again.

  129. Here is the comparison chart

  130. If it would have been Houston, they would have thrown Jeremy under the bus long ago. Atleast fans and media are saying the truth. BScott obviously has issues that he need to sortout in order to bring atleast 20 wins.

  131. Just setting the expectation correctly…chances of winning is slim ๐Ÿ™ …but hope to see LAL play as a team

  132. It’s really dangerous for Lin if he were to become a back-up.

    We all want Lin to do well, as a starter or back-up. BUT – doing well becomes a double-edge sword if he does so as a back-up to Ronnie Price.

    Lin might lose the chance to be a starter for the rest of the season, whether he does well or not. If he doesn’t do well, that justifies his role as a back-up. If he does well, that justifies his role as a back-up, as people will conclude he is doing well precisely because he’s in a “6th man” role. Then, barring injury, Lin will be consigned to the bench for the rest of the season.

    Also, Lin’s minutes will/may be drastically reduced in the back-up role, especially if Ronnie Price becomes at least serviceable as the starting PG. As fans, I’d HATE for that to occur. It would be terrible to see Price playing 32-35 minutes a game while Lin plays 18-22 minutes a game. How is Lin going to get his numbers playing 20 minutes a game?

    Lin may then get the reputation of being a back-up player, a 6th man at best, but not a starting caliber point guard. Then, next season during free agency, he may only get offers as a back-up player. And If Lin becomes a perennial back-up, that will be a huge waste of Lin’s abilities and potential.

    Also, imo, it’s a huge disrespect to Lin if he were to be back-up to a perennial back-up/role player in Ronnie Price. If he can’t start ahead of Ronnie Price, who can he start ahead of? That will be a narrative that falls out of a Lin to the bench move.

    Lin is a starter caliber point guard, a potential All-Star caliber point guard, and he should and deserves to start. Sure, it’s tough playing with Kobe, but even as a back-up to Ronnie Price, he’s still going to have to play with Kobe, unless you want Lin’s minutes restricted to 15 minutes playing only with the second unit.

    So, imo, as enticing as it may seem for Lin to play primarily/only with the second unit, doing so is fraught with many land mines, and I’d prefer that Lin not have to traverse such a perilous course.

  133. The Lakers have the best chance of winning this game since the Charlotte match-up.

    Atlanta is a mediocre team with a mediocre record playing in a mediocre conference. With Lakers playing at home, the Lakers should be very competitive and even be able to pull out a victory.

  134. Here is the thing with Lin, he has a tendency to let players take over his game. He passes them the ball, they never pas it back. He needs to stop passing the ball to the ones who don’t want pass it back. Lin needs to find a middle ground on how he handles this. Also I doubt Price will last 30 minutes a game with his bad defense. The PG’s in this league are fast and they blow by him pretty easy. Look I am a huge fan of Lin, the starting position for him is for the taking, but him scoring 0 points in last game is not going to cut in a league where scoring points wins you accolades.just my thoughts.

  135. That’s fresh. Worse on defense, and worse on offense (unless he is Kobe’s ballboy then it doesn’t make any difference who is playing PG.) Why do people only focus on the gambling steals and how aggressive the defender looks and not how the defender actual limits the opposing player? I mean these people watch basketball for a living, and many have coached it. Why Brent? Why…(T-T)

  136. Did Price score???

  137. Yeah, I think he scored 2 points

  138. I’m hoping too, they need to take care of perimeter shots. Hawks do have some nice 3 shooters

  139. And if Lin scores 0 points as a back-up?

    Here’s the problem – Lin is ALREADY getting a reputation as a back-up player. There wouldn’t be this talk about Lin being a back-up except for the fact that Lin was a back-up last season.

    Two straight seasons as a back-up – might as well write back-up on his forehead because that’s what he may end up being for the rest of his career – a journeyman PG firmly set in his role as a journeyman back-up PG.

    As for Lin’s tendencies to let players take over his game – well, to the extent that is true, then that won’t change much being a back-up. He may rack up assists dishing them out to Ed Davis and Wellington, but he may play well as a facilitator, not as scorer, which is the way out of being a perennial back-up.

    If Lin lets others take over his game – then he MUST learn not to do that, preferable as a starter, especially if we think and believe he’s as good as he is and as good as he can be.

    Imo, ๐Ÿ™‚

  140. Well said. I shouldn’t agree with you more.

  141. Who wrote JL and RP? What an ugly font.

    Kidding. I was being sarcastic in my post above ๐Ÿ™‚

  142. I know ๐Ÿ™

  143. Listen, I think lin is a starter in this league, but lin needs to pay more than lip service to this. I doubt very seriously if he would get no points playing the bench because he is the second best player on the team. He just has to figure how to coexist with kobe and not fade in the game when playing with him, just as he did with harden

  144. I agree, Lin MUST learn how to play with Kobe. Apparently, it’s Lin’s destiny to play along side “superstar” ball hogs. If so, then his destiny must be to co-exist and even flourish playing alongside said ball hogs.

  145. Exactly, so he has work it out.

  146. got it in the garbage time. big deal!So if Lin gets any points as a back-up, he will get this same comment from people. Even he gets 15+ points, it’s vs opponent back-ups.

  147. So you believe Lin will move to bench today?

  148. Joyce, do you think they really will move Lin to bench today?

  149. No, I don’t. I think that TCW was just speculating and doing damage control about kobe/scott. TCW/Laker media trying to keep focus off scott/kobe, but LA media and the rest of the world pointing fingers at kobe/scott.

  150. Understatement. Lakers SEASON depends on how he’ll play.

  151. I see. I agree w you about them are doing damage control bc from Lakers tweet, they didn’t put up Lin & Boozer’s post interview from GSW bc they both said something wrong w Scott & Kobe… But I also think Lin should be aware of this… If he continues to play like this as protect to against coach & Kobe ….that will not be good idea for him.

  152. That is what I have been saying that lin doesn’t need to give them reasons to point fingers at him.

  153. I agree and that’s why I don’t get the whole thing earlier about Lin is too weak to speak up and is too nice according to his teammates. Who apart from Lin and Boozer has said anything about Kobe’s ball hogging? It’s alright to say Lin is too nice and can’t hurt a fly but when they haven’t exactly spoken up either, it doesn’t wash. If Kobe/Scott actually change their ways even a little bit, it will be because of those comments. Long shot I know but we’ll see.

  154. Ya! But I don’t know why he still didn’t get it after what happened in HOU?! Like SAS said… Harden w 80M & he will not go away you need to learn how to play next to him. Saw that picture Lin next to Kobe from last night’s team dinner do make me feel a lot better bc they maybe did talk over about how to play as a group. Plus this is the first time to see they had group dinner together.

    If Lakers really put Lin to bench then he sure will not stay in Lakers next summer. smh!

  155. I agree but the problem is right now Lin show he can’t play along side w ISO Kobe?! That’s not good for Lin.. smh!

  156. I like this guy’s tweets, seems really supportive of Lin.

  157. I only care about Jeremy and his opinion. Rather than speculate, I’d take what he says as it is. Don’t care about the media. No mood to speculate what the media says either.

    I kinda feel sorry for Ed Davis though. The guy’s skill set is for a starter. Like I said, I see Scott forcing the Price-Davis PnR, or whatever play they want to call it. Davis was probably looking forward to more play time with Jeremy but it just crashed. A big guy with fundamentals in defense but somewhat so-so offense is looking forward to play with a guard who can help him maximize his offense, while watching the guard’s back. To me, Davis is like a more mobile and slimmer Marc Gasol.

  158. Its growing pain; when you have new members and a legend who is hiding his grey hair.

    The need to learn to play together if they really wanted a win. Else better play to pad your stat.

    Whichever way, players (including Lin) need to decide fast.

    Looking at current stage, getting 20-30 wins gonna be tough.

    Hope when NYoung and Wellington is back, things may change somewhat.

  159. Will Nick young coming back today?

  160. Media reported he’s likely to be back today.

  161. Scott has no real authority on this team. He talks out of both sides of his mouth. His ineptness as a coach as shown mitch/buss just as they suspected. They thought that he would reign in Kobe when he got out of hand, it’s not happening. I personally think at this point scott doesn’t even have control of the lineup. Yesterday he says he is lowering kobe’s minutes from 25-30, when the other day he said that he could play kobe longer.

  162. Easiest way they can win 20+ games:
    1. Play BASIC sets
    2. Reel in Kobe
    3. Put Jeremy as option 2 in scoring… not Wes, not Boozer, not Hill
    4. No shooting 15+ second into the shot clock. Anyone does otherwise should be benched IMMEDIATELY
    5. Pass, pass, pass, and pass some more until 8+ seconds into the shot clock.
    6. Any big not going for a rebound and not putting their arms up in defense should be benched IMMEDIATELY.
    7. Anyone standing still on offense and defense should be benched IMMEDIATELY.

  163. Just saw that TWC program… I sort of think they spoke for Scott’s mind not really Lakers?! But Lin do need to watch out… Scott just like Mc always plan to get rid of Lin if he can get any chance… smh!

  164. I dont think there is any truth that BScott is trying to get rid of Jeremy. So far, I havent seen such indication.

  165. Call me baby, I mean crazy, I will go with the IDGAF attitude and vote 31/8. All or nothing.

  166. Call you maybe?

  167. U crazy baby

  168. Heard that part of the song but never really listened to it.

  169. I don’t think Scott is trying to get rid of lin. He doesn’t have the power or authority.

  170. May be not indication but something to consider: BS wanted to start Price over Lin and benched Lin last game even though his def was better than Price. Offensively them both didn’t do much.

    I don’t think he thinks of Lin as high as the words coming out of his mouth.

  171. But from the program, they said Scott …. Lin was lost out there.. they don’t need Price to be in O but D & effort?!

  172. I agree w you. Just from the program said you can tell Scott wants Price over Lin even now. BTW, what did Lin do? Scott bench Lin in 2Q?!

  173. I know Scott didn’t have the power but so weird these two said so… maybe Scott tried hard to let FO remove Lin to bench. But I really think if they really move Lin to bench that mean Lin will either trade after 12/15 or out of Lakers next summer.

  174. That program and the collective effort from Byron and Worthy can’t do squat with regards to FO’s decisions. Listen to Mitch and Jeanie instead.

  175. Get rid may not be the right word may be get to bench.

  176. I know but this just show how much Scott dislike Lin… smh!

  177. Ya! I mean out of starting lineup.

  178. beat me

  179. you should. It’s a perfect love song for crazy-loving babies :}

    Note: check out the fun Jimmy Fallon Call Me Maybe version

  180. Benched him in the 4Q. Jeremy deserved it to be honest.

  181. 4Q all the starters were off bc it’s trash time.

  182. Call me sexiest, I mean sexist, that song more of girls song. I think most guys don’t listen too unless I am too old or still in the cave. I don’t know bout boys though cause that ages left me long ago.

  183. If Jimmy Fallon then I might.

  184. it was an Olympic fad when the US swimming athletes sang it on the plane.
    And it was everywhere like Gangnam Style for a while.. Man, that was a fun time :>

  185. He been benched since 3rd qtr. How good was Price?

  186. Because he pulled himself out of the game. No? Defensively he wasnt bad, but not enough in coach’s eye and the numbers say so. Offensively he did nothing. During game, coaching staff do normally receive these numbers from FO to verify against their eye test and make the call that they deem right.

    See the numbers below:-

  187. refresh the page to see the pic, pls

  188. Maybe yesterday’s dinner is about Kobe telling everyone to shut the H up. LOL

  189. So…I guess if Lin does not have production today….he will be in 2nd unit going into the game vs HOU

  190. I play basketball with a good group of players regularly. Recently a ballhog played with us. It completely messed up the dynamics. The ballhog would constantly go coast to coast or take difficult shots. He made a fair share of the shots but it killed the offence. None of the other players were shooting much because we normally move the ball and cut to get open shots. With the ballhog all movement just stopped. You could only take difficult shots in which case you might as well give the ball to the ballhog since he is better at taking such shots.

    I hope Lin can figure it out. No shortage of drama when it comes to Lin.

  191. What we did b4 to ball hog is to steal the ball from him as teammates

  192. My son thought LAKERS are ็‹็‹ธ้šŠ (team of foxes. sounds similar in Chinese) I could not say he is wrong.

  193. Our group has been playing together a long time so we took it in stride and just played defence and let the hog do his thing. We beat weaker teams but got creamed by teams with proper structure.

  194. well…at least you guys still get to sweat….:P

  195. Was Price any better? Did you see that Lin never get the ball back when the ball left his hands? How was he suppose to run the offense when Kobe call for the ball as soon as Lin got the ball? Were Lin and Boozer the only starters that were ineffective on that game?

    If you going to bench someone for being ineffective then be constant and stop being selective.

  196. LOL

  197. I do encounter some ball hogs who was not really trying to hog the ball. It was more like they do not know how to play the game except to shoot.

  198. I think that threat was mostly for the bigs .. but it might be a veiled threat to Lin if he goes on strike again of not shooting.

    The biggest problem for Kobe is Lin functions more as a decoy than Price to let him score a lot.
    But if Lin refuses to shoot, he might choose to go to bench to play with the 2nd unit

  199. Obviously the expectation on Jeremy is much higher and coaches wants to see that from him thru out the game. Expectation from RPrice would be much lesser and he exceeds that.

  200. It is a possibility but I hope you guess it wrong and I am wrong bout BS.

  201. IF. let’s say IF for now. For whatever reason Scott think Lin going to bench will solve this team’s issue. Then….I guess there is nothing Lin can do to save this team, INCLUDING helping to form a good 2nd unit.

  202. so do you still play with the ball hog?
    do you guys have a choice? just wondering about the dynamics

  203. There is a difference. It is ok to play with people who shoot a lot. A good player shoots when he is open or has a mismatch. A ballhog kills the game. Forcing tough shots when other guys are clearly open, passing so rarely that the defence knows what to expect, not being invested in defence etc.

  204. I am not the Coach so I can’t speak for that but I hope you are right.

  205. High possibility…

  206. Well we are a group that communicates each week to arrange games. We welcome guests and even walk ons.The ballhog was a walk on. He was not added to our mailing list. Open but regulated. Kinda like this site. Haha.

  207. I know and that is what I am saying. You should not be surprised that so many players play the game with super tunnel vision after they get the ball. It is not like if they see a opening they will not pass, it was simply just they CAN NOT see their teammates unless their teammates are on the line of him and the rim.

    Not saying your teammates are like that, I don’t know. Just speak from my experience….LOL

  208. Price will get worse stats than Lin, and I don’t really see how Lin could play effectively with the 2nd Unit if Kobe plays more than 35 minutes per game. Lin just has to take more dribble, stop and pop jumpers, which most other PGs do take and make, a la Parker.

  209. They should make a similar video with them yelling at Lin to shout “I am open; pass me the fricking ball.”

  210. That’s what I meant. If Scott thinks this is the solution. He can be at the same level as some really bad coaches.

  211. IMO Lin fans need to be careful to start tweeting Kobe vs Lin messages like this.
    Lin haters would love to jump to stereotype Lin fans are conspiracy theorists in the social media.


  212. So those guys are the one that responsible for today’s Kobe.

  213. IMO, it probably does not matter at this point anymore. In the end, those fans are fans that love to see Kobe taking 37 shots a game.

  214. Agreed though my group doesn’t really have ballhogs. In fact I stopped playing bball for some time cause there are so many ballhogs everywhere. Finding my current bball group has been a blessing and has increased my enjoyment of the game. I get yelled at for forcing shots and missing defensive assignments though but it is worth it.

  215. lol…Jeremy skipped that lesson

  216. I would have benched him also if I were the coach; no complaints from me though. I think it’s a time for Lin to accept that this Lakers team is just not good enough to win many games, and he should really try to get his 15 points a game. Work on his stop and pop shots, if no picks are being set for him.

  217. I signed up for a Wikipedia account so I can list Jeremy’s commercial in “This is SportCenter” Wiki page.Too bad his commercial is not too funny.

  218. If he doesn’t want to offend people, he should shout in Mandarin, to get himself going.

  219. Good for you, I have not really played in any games for 6 yrs now, due to volleyball duty plus the ridiculous health insurance here in USA.

  220. Glad to see some Lin fans quickly refuted it.
    I added urging to be patient.


  221. Must be a hater disguising herself as a Lin fan. Lin ain’t going to replace Kobe. Dislike him or not, he is one supremely ass*ole, cocky player who is not afraid of any player.

  222. Kobe doesn’t pass the ball to anyone, not just Lin. Can’t keep on bringing up Lin to make this kind of point. Just accept the fact that Kobe will do anything he wants this year and next. And then with that premise planted clearly in one’s head, go about what you can do to improve your own situation. It’s not that hard when it’s so clear.

  223. They may not be referring to what is said in public or to the media but rather whether Lin speaks up during practice or other team meetings. Personally, I don’t think it’s fair to expect Lin to challenge Kobe on his outrageously selfish behavior. The whole Lakers organization needs to apply pressure. When Scott says he does not pay any attention to offense, only defense, you know it’s a lost cause.

  224. One smart young man, I guess, apples don’t fall far from the tree.

  225. The famous psychotherapist Carl Jung defined synchronicity as a “meaningful coincidence.” For Jung, events that look like random coincidence actually has significance for the people involved.

    With that said is it just random chance that Lin has been stuck playing next to the biggest ball hogs in the NBA?

    First, it was Melo in New York.
    Second, it was Harden in Houston.
    And now, Kobe in L.A.

    random chance or meaningful coincidence? Was it just meaningless chance that, at the last minute before the start of the 2012-13 season, Harden became a Houston Rocket? Was it meaningless chance that Lin then got traded to a team to play with an even greater ball hog than Harden?

    If those events were synchronistic, if they were meaningful coincidences, what do those coincidences mean for Lin?

    To me, it means Lin is being compelled to rise to an enormous challenge and learn to play with great players with selfish tendencies. He is being pushed to such challenges because such challenges arise for Lin as a means to push him towards greatness.

    NBA players hate playing with Kobe Bryant. But if anyone can do it and flourish, it’d be Jeremy Lin, because he has so much experience with playing with the likes of Kobe!

    And imo, what Lin is being called to do is to somehow get Kobe from playing Kobe ball to playing Lin-ball )team ball); or at least, to get Kobe ball operating within the greater context of Lin-ball.

    Jeremy was put in a situation to get Melo to play Lin-ball, but, Lin wasn’t ready for that challenge.
    Last two seasons, he was put in a situation to get Harden to play Lin-ball, and he wasn’t quite ready for that challenge.

    And now? We’ll see, but, if not now, with the biggest ball hog ever in the history of the NBA, when?

    I don’t think Lin will ever get Kobe to get rid of his ingrained self-ish ways. But, if he can at least get Kobe to get glimpses of understanding that Lin-ball is the key to winning AND scoring for Kobe; and get him to tone down his ball-hog game to let Lin-ball breathe and have life, then Lin would have succeeded in fulfilling his calling. at ;east in part.

    Until, of course, the next great challenge arises for Lin. And I’m sure it will, and it will definitely be a meaningful coincidence!

  226. so what did i say some of lin fans just want to ruin his career. and just have to annoy as much people as possible. keep saying this and recreate the rox situation wherever lin goes

  227. I know. I really think no need to send tweet to trash Kobe for what?! smh!

  228. aha ๐Ÿ™‚ Trust but Verify approach works quite well too with ballhogs

  229. no i saw this type of thinking where ever lin went. in ny then rox. some people are insecure and tries to live through lin.

  230. If somebody is insecure, they should pick a guy like Kobe to root for and live tru him.

  231. there’s a small % of overzealous fans but also haters that would stir up conflicts. We just need to overwhelm with majority response that Lin fans don’t think that way

  232. Sounds a good way to have good bball games…..had went to volleyball games with similar setups. Like a secret underground gym. LOL

  233. I’m sorry to much thought like this for it to be hater wish it is but no. theres a lot of conspiracy theorist out there

  234. I do not understand what you just said. you mean it is not a small % of overzealous fans?

  235. I think so too. He could play well next to Harden as a starter why not now w Kobe? Ya! Kobe is more ISO than Harden but if Lin really wants to score he can… he has to do it or the HOU history will repeat again.

  236. I am ok with being insecure, but it’s ineffective. Sometimes you have to conserve your energy and take action when it will help.

  237. I agree with the good advise

    It’s true that Lin is limited of what he can do.
    He’s not there to take Kobe’s job. He’s a newcomer that impressed Kobe a bit (on the surface) so it’s up to him to find the best way to co-exist with Kobe to set up a better future for him in LA.

    If Kobe’s not one to change, Lin should be ready to play at Spurs or somewhere else who prioritizes teamball despite being in a small market.

    So yes, it’s wise to get 15/5 while trying to figure out ways to play next to Kobe. It’s counter-productive for his career to not to play his best just because Kobe is being Kobe. I think Lin team does a good job to remind him to keep plowing through.

  238. lin has a lot of fans so it is small but the are so annoying they can be heard by everyone. they are very insecure so if lin plays bad they will blame him or someone. when scott wasn’t clear about who would start they said he was racist and some called him the n word. they don’t make up a large percentage but it seems that way

  239. Not saying that it is Rox all over again but BS could have staggered Lin and Kobe minutes too and play Lin+Davis more but haven’t seen any sign.

  240. My additional point is: What the heck is there to be sad or mad about? He should challenge Kobe to one-on-one games and learn from Kobe and pick his brain, while making $200K per game.

  241. Oh so you are saying they are louder

  242. yep

  243. you seem to be way much louder now…leave the poor guy alone ๐Ÿ˜‰

  244. LOL

  245. Well…that is out of our control

  246. need @disqus_HmSLGZ4iV2:disqus to match you up

  247. Of course none can dodge that flying shoe.

  248. He is sleeping, shhhhhh…do not wake him up

  249. People may forget that Price was brought in by Scott while lin was brought in by the FO. Looking back to training camp and preseason games, Scott has no intention to start lin even after nash announcement (he never practiced with the first unit. Lin said that). But suddently, lin starts the regular season for some reasons (may be pressures from the FO).

    Now it seems lin did not perform as well as scott/kobe expected (esp last game lin had a very bad body language in the 3Q), it would not surprise me that Price will start sooner than later unless lin begins to play selfish and pad his stats.

    The worse part for lin is not that he would come off the bench, its that the pinceton offense doesnt fit lins style of play. You can see that Davis came in for Hill at about the 6 mins mark but there were rarely pnr plays. Their chemistry shown in the preseason seems lost and gone.

    Although Lin likes to stay with the lakers, the spot light and the media all that. I would prefer him to look for a team, esp a coach, that can recognize his game.

    We will see.

  250. there is always a danger for new fans of looking things just from Lin’s perspective.

    Just like @webattorney:disqus said, if they consider Kobe just didn’t pass the ball to Lin but to everyone, that means there’s no personal dislike from Kobe to Lin. It’s equal-opportunity ball-hogging by Kobe. Besides Kobe did pass to Lin in some games and was happy for Lin. Some fans had a short memory ๐Ÿ™‚

    But it will be good if the experienced fans will help the new fans to have the right perspective.

  251. 1. another lesson of Lin in our lives … are we compelled to improve our game for similar challenges that we continue to receive?

    2. Melo played Lin-ball in the Olypics, but came back to his old ways when money and professional fame was at stake. With a different short term coaching system. Let’s hope Kobe has similar thinking this year.

  252. Either politic, bias, bad eyes or they aren’t very good at what they are doing right now.

  253. some of the most illogical posts are from trolls, I am convinced. very rarely are people really brought up that way.

  254. @disqus_HmSLGZ4iV2:disqus Michael Michael Michael….we have one out of control fan/troll?!!!

  255. Regarding point 1 – unfortunately, yes! Lol. Challenges are difficult, but they are necessary for growth, as painful and “challenging” they may be.

  256. I personally prefer he just find a way to be great no matter what. It is very difficult, and I will not fault him if he does not succeed.

  257. I bet your team got beaten and you went home frustrated. Hmm …

  258. That is very good, guard your own …

  259. we asked guys like that not to return you our private rented gym.

  260. The way it’s going Lin might play for 10 teams during his NBA career; I want him to stay with one team and grow as a player through thin and thick.

  261. YES! @Maknusia is out of control!!!

  262. exactly, it is his job to survive and thrive.

  263. Lin doesn’t have the resume to challenge Kobe; that’s not his job. Kobe will change when he wants to change. Let the coach do that, if he can. Lin doesn’t need to be the coach and get himself into more trouble.

  264. End of the day, Coach do play a bigger role as well

  265. it’s good to face the next step and before you know it, you are at the top and getting in shape.

  266. LOL, what!?

  267. https://twitter.com/BaxterHolmes/status/534755717534982144 Lin either deal with Kobe or deal with Young…Pick your poison.

  268. so many guys with great skills, track records bounding around in oblivion. Lin would could leave a legacy well beyond his race. PFV said teams are headed to SAS, Lin, Lebron ball. Let’s hope he helps catalyze that faster. When Kobe and coach adjusts. Adjustments are overrated, heh heh.

  269. come to think of it…thats not going to wake michael, probably put him to deep sleep.LOL

  270. hopefully in desperation, BS keeps Lin starter, closer, but also stagger SwP and him for come 2nd unit help.

  271. Scott will use Young as 2nd scorer for this team bc Lin didn’t do it.

  272. He better not waking up until tomorrow’s game is over.

  273. Agreed 100% but it is very difficult for him to grow with this lakers team playing this offensive scheme. As I said, he is no longer young.

    Just my 2c.

  274. i think you said that a little too loud

  275. This is more realistic.

  276. I would pick Kobe…thats me

  277. of course…..I would to. But that is up to Scott

  278. I would rather him succeed instead of going through all these painful process again and again with no end. He has had enough. But it just me and repect yours.

  279. word

  280. Rubbish! LOL.

    I truly believe Lin is being “called” to greatness. Greatness calls for idealistic-ness, in addition to pragmatic realistic-ness. And if Lin is anything, he is idealistic.

  281. It can’t be any worse, Young.

  282. LOL. well these 2 are irrlevent. But…anyway….:P

  283. Since Kobe is instinctive in his hogging, there will be a rubber band effect and I’m hoping for over 20. I don’t think the team can change that fast, so this is just oscillation until they get better somehow. Swagster might get hot and eat up shots, so you might end up right.

  284. remember, success comes in cans, not cannots! ๐Ÿ˜€

  285. This is great news that Ellington might rejoin team in the next Rockets gm.
    It must be hard with the family still in mourning period for the father’s passing but it can bring some sense of normalcy.


  286. Lin may not have the paper resume, but life’s events have certainly coalesced to put Lin into situations where he’s called to challenge Kobe/Melo/Harden Selfish-ball.

    My prediction? I think he will confront Kobe-ball. And the challenge may end up being too great for him and he’ll fail. But, even if he does, Lin will pick himself up, learn and grow from the experience, and move onto to the next challenge.

    Greatness will ever confront great challenges. And I do believe Lin has the potential for greatness, if not in basketball, in his life.

  287. i read carrots!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  288. Yes, Kobe can hand over the next reins for the Lakers to Lin.
    But Nick Young can only pitch Rush Hour 3 movie with Lin :>

  289. Then I gotta hit the can!

  290. @wu kong:disqus whats your score prediction?

  291. thats 2 good news for now…..

  292. Just another way to say, hey I taught it to u guys, if u messed up, it is not on me.

  293. Naw, still way different from Houston. The front office still supports him and the larger LA media along with the fans still support him. This is a far cry from Houston.

  294. LOL…Ido being Ido

  295. I think too many ppl talk team ball while deep down, they are just star driven.

  296. Thats rude…we really dont know what went on….you cant put a whole novel on a twitter!

  297. LOL

  298. Is he worst than Woodson?

  299. My 2 cents:

    The crazy lin fan syndrome is nothing new. Some of it is Actually JLin fans that expect him to be a basketball god and not just a solid player, some have their own personal self esteem tied to how he does, and some are cf and other haters posing as lin fans and making outrageous claims just b/c they are sick in the head.

    So what can a rational fan do?
    Well first off I think we have to be very careful trying to tell other fans how to be a fan. Some people are just more passionate than others and they have a right to that passion.

    I think we can try to reason with some people or gently let them know that they are going overboard. But often that backfires on the messenger.

    Probably best thing is to mostly ignore these posts unless you see for whatever reason it is getting a LOT of traffic and needs to have a rational/middle of the road counter statement. (kind of like how many people want moderate muslims to speak out against radical stuff, or moderate christians to denounce saw westboro )

    I obviously have a preference for stating facts/figures/data and letting others inform themselves and come to their own conclusions. So sometimes when a ‘fan’ is being what you think is overboard you can counter that by posting some facts/data to calm them down and to also inform the ‘lurkers’ that there are rational JLin fans

  300. We will see….lol he basically just said players were not following his plan like 36hrs ago

  301. I think he is way better

  302. What does that mean?

  303. See…what you (Brent) did to PPP!

  304. Lol my bad

  305. Its Point Per Possession, haha

  306. History shows that a sustained pragmatic approach will end up going down in history as an idealistic achievement.

  307. lakers lose. hmm… kind of depends if Davis gets long runs still will be high numbers like an allstar game… maybe LA 95 ATL 110 dunno really… this game will be a big game in terms of how Scott changes rotations/ deals with jogging no defense bigs/ Lin vs Price?… Kobe playing with his teammates or with himself???

  308. What about a poll for which team lin will be on next season?

  309. ok now I see the connection.

  310. what Ido says is so true about the gas leak but nobody will acknowledge real talk.

  311. Maybe Rockets. #trollhard

  312. You only need a star for that one moment that makes all the difference. That start should come from the team at anytime, any will, and any creative force …

  313. bad teachers get fired.

  314. If mda will be the coach? Very likely.

  315. Or in prison

  316. WuKong … numbers are a great way to manage upwards against adversity, as you probably know. It builds team consensus on things we can all agree to, and then the team can get better. Opinion … ah, everyone has one.

  317. anyone who has hope or thinks Kobe will change is just fooling themselves. Don’t fall for it. When Kobe did play team ball in the Clippers game and actually let Lin do his thing in the first half especially, I had to acknowledge I was wrong.

    I didn’t even think Kobe would allow that to happen for even 1 half, but he did. And the Lakers looked really good for a while that CLipper game. I had to own up to being wrong for that 1 game and eat crow.

    But unfortunately 1 game doesn’t make a season.

    I have watched the NBA for decades and Kobe since high school. I bet all my basketball knowledge and any credibility I have that Kobe will be Kobe and it will only get worse and nothing will change permanently unless Lin is traded or Kobe gets hurt.

    A coaching change on its own will do nothing at all. Scott may make the problem worse, but he is not the problem.

  318. MDA is unlikely to ever coach Lin again.

  319. Seriously, I dont mind, if M&M is out of there. With JLin they really have good chance on WC, provided they use to his skillset

  320. They should!

  321. never back to Rockets! Prefer Lin go work in Silicon Valley and retire over that haha

  322. hehe, Scott is not the problem imho. It’s always been management and Kobe. Scott is just a well paid fall guy and babysitter of a fractured team.

  323. Kobe is not going to change, maybe for 1 or 2 games, but he will revert back. It’s like a drug addict trying to break the habit. This team may get the #1 pick in the NBA draft!

  324. Thanks.

    Mine would be LAL 101 / 104

  325. If Lin gets benched or plays like 15 minutes, I’d like to see the reaction on the Lin fan sites. How will people react? I suspect that is what will happen, if Lin does his passive aggressive protest and gets 0 points and 1 assist again.

  326. then I will vote that he does that to at least 5-10 games! If thats the statement he wants to make

  327. I think with every loss the chances of them trading Lin near Feb 2015 becomes higher. I can see Lin just going somewhere else as expiring contract. Especially if Lin does his passive aggressive thing more and more.

  328. yeah me 2, but in the real world, they will view him as how Joyce Ward sees it – that Lin lacks fight and just gave up. I don’t think NBA teams will view that very well even if they understand it.

    The reality of it all is that Lin probably does need to suck it up.

  329. if he only does that 1 -3 times…basically thats being inconsistent. But for 10 games, thats a Statement!

    The media would have a field day interviewing Lin

  330. BS is all talk I will believe when it is happening.

  331. If he is serious bout def he would start Davis over Boozer already.

  332. I personally don’t think Lin should be a TeamBall idealist and keep going on strike if that doesn’t happen.
    Lin has more to lose for his career than getting Kobe to want to play team-ball.

    Years from now, people will only see Lin makes 0 pts game for a string of 4-5 games w/o understanding the context. Besides, Lin has the professional obligation to play up to his contract by giving his best. It should be against his philosophy to ‘tank’ on his performance just because Kobe refuses to play teamball.

    Where Kobe ball-hogs for the next 72 games or not, Lin should march on and continue to play his best for his Audience of One.

  333. Or movies

  334. 100% agree on your excellent approach.
    Diffusing the situation to calm down the situation is the best approach rational Lin fans can do.

    IMO Lin fans can only help Lin’s career by showing how well Lin can help the Lakers and Kobe. And make it a win-win situation, not win-lose situation by trashing Lakers and Kobe to create a divisive atmosphere.

  335. Brent missed you!…but not in a good way

  336. To me it seen that not playing Lin and Davis together more is intentionally to reduce Lin efficiency.

  337. With lanes clogged and no team movement his only choice is to run up the floor and chuck it. I hope he does that tonight a lot if once again no team movement and lanes are clogged.

    Worrisome is what boozer said about trying to run sets and kobe just doing his own thing… Do we really want Jlin doing that too?? maybe… maybe he must do it…

    I just hope he has some really good people giving him good advice b/c I am not sure what is really the better route for him to go…

    keep trying to play team ball, or start taking over and doing whatever you want maybe that gets teammates attention in a good way but maybe it just ticks off teammates more??

    very difficult and lots of dynamic pieces here… each of these players has an agent and ( several other people) whispering in their ear what to do and why… the little devils on the shoulder and speaking rather loudly right now.

  338. I dont’ want Lin to play with Har_en nor Bev ever again.

  339. Imagine, CBoozer playing the bench?! LOL

  340. So you rather star Boozer than Davis, just because Boozer sucks at def?

  341. Dorothy, rules here dont agree calling names. Lets get the D back, please. He really needs the D

  342. Like Boozer loud?

  343. Davis don’t really has to start to be able to play more with Lin there is a way and it is the coach responsibility.

  344. I actually play the guitar, really like this one thanks. Is it a tribute to Michael Hedges?

  345. Sorry, but if you want Lin fans to put that D back you may have to ban the entire Lin fans and most mods too.

  346. IMHO making a personal statement and gaining media attention by going on-strike would be counter-productive to the team-ball agenda that Lin tries to push.

    Both Ball-hogging and refusing to shoot are detrimental to the team-ball. So yes, Lin will get the short-time attention but he would be branded as a hypocrite by the media for his own cause. It’s a lose-lose proposition for Lin and a career suicide. Two wrongs just don’t make a right.

    I shudder of the thought of it … *brrr*

  347. i think, BScott is not rushing, as he said, he will re-evaluate 10-20 games down the season

  348. Too late.

  349. Based on Lin’s post game interview about not doing something detrimental to the team I highly doubt he is going to participate in any passive aggressive protest. The thought of him doing it is ludicrous as it won’t help anyone, least of all himself.

  350. have you seen any name callings here? Seriously! thats the house rule. They wll be deleted, repeated offense, would lead to ban as well

    Read: http://www.jlinportal.com/website-rules-must-read/

  351. lol… I know…but from JL’s earlier reaction, if thats what he wants to do. Its his choice

  352. I have been a ball hog my whole life, til I watched Lin play…ใƒพ(*ยดโˆ€๏ฝ€*)๏พ‰

  353. I think it’s Lin’s turn to have his own “MJ-flu” game.

    Kobe responded to his 9pt game with 44pts game to show that he’s not an old-player.
    If Lin responded to his 0pt game with 20+pts game, he will make a statement that he can play the Robin role next to Kobe as Batman.

    LA Media won’t be as forgiving if Lin has another 0-5pts game. Coach Miller already proposed to make Lin come off bench (and reduced role associated with it). I believe Lin has wanted to become a starter so if it comes with the difficulty of playing with Kobe, he HAS to climb this wall, break this wall, or get around it in order to improve and be successful as MJ famously said

    Staring at the wall or building a smaller wall to his liking is not a progression, but a regression.

  354. @psalm234:disqus @brentyen:disqus
    Seriously, can’t type Har_en name without the D without getting delete or ban?

  355. To mods, do you post the time and/or channel the game will be on in the headline or comments after the heading? I thought I saw it before but on my mobile I don’t, at least for this game. Can I suggest this be added if it isn’t already? If I missed it somewhere please disregard my request. Thanks!

  356. Wow! please teach Lin to POTH like you!

  357. I sent the same quote on Nov 1 to Lin so hopefully he keeps staying strong to never give up

  358. How is typing Hare_n is a name calling?

  359. Do more, drive, stop and pop short to mid range jumpers.

  360. LOL but at the end you loss cause the other people have the power.

    My other comment already got deleted.

  361. Bunch of my friends are going to the ATL game. Will post whatever they tell me.

  362. It does seem at least debatable whether not having a “D” in the name is a name calling. Perhaps it is because it’s designed to emphasize that Harden plays no D. I mean, no big deal either way.

  363. Great. Can’t wait for the report.

  364. It’s not a good idea to change given names (name-calling) such as:
    1. Harden to ‘Har_en’. It’s the same way we don’t want people to change
    2. Jeremy to ‘_eremy’
    It’s the golden rule to treat others like we want to be treated.

    But I don’t mind creative adjectives w/o changing the names (nicknames) such as “ball-hog” (facts), James Harden Defensive Juggernaut (sarcasm), James Harden SG (Shooting-Only Guard)

    I have observed people lose objectivity and rationals once names are being changed so it’s wise to avoid the troll-breeding atmosphere.

    So name-calling to insult people is not okay but giving creative nicknames (w/o rude insult) is okay

    Example: Linsanity is not an insult so it’s not name-calling

    Here is the Webster-Mirriam definition of ‘name-calling’

    noun หˆnฤm-หŒkoฬ‡-liล‹
    : the act of using offensive names to insult someone

    I hope it clarifies it

  365. Hdaren then

  366. sweet, its always nice to have live reports

  367. Yes, everyone know that it’s designed to emphasize of his defenseless.

    I think it is not a big deal and not a name calling but someone think it is.

    I think not letting people write without D is over stepping.

  368. For game threads, we add it under the title but not in pregame threads.
    As for game time, we usually put the game time on the sidebar on the right but on mobile you have to scroll past the Disqus comments to see it. We can also include it in the post content for mobile users

  369. @disqus_MWXjhHjXCx:disqus, please see the response below.

  370. Tell them to start with a pre-game report.

  371. Please post the stats of LIN’s last 5 games 50/40/90 on tweet to whoever it was that suggest LIN should come off bench for having one game below average. What about kobe 1/14 or Boozer, Wesley and Hill having been MIA. The Asian guy has one bad game and they are calling for a demotion is down right prejudice.

    We LIN fans are so over sensitive about any mistakes LIN makes because of this type of negative media bias.

  372. I know :] that’s what scares me lol

  373. I know, that’s the dilemma Lin is facing. Kobe/Scott have the power. But at least if Lin spoke up like you, posters would stop complaining.
    BTW, I think you would get away with just leaving out the D. They can’t ban you for a typo. But when you add an underscore which requires the shift-key, it’s pretty obvious that your typing is intentional. LOL

  374. If that is the case then alright you guys are the mods I have nothing to say.

  375. Thanks for understanding.
    It’s not an easy decision but for the overall well-being of the site, it’s better to be stricter.
    It’s very hard for the mods to prevent name-calling among users once the precedence is set, as we all know. I want to keep the mods sanity healthy so they don’t quit ๐Ÿ˜€

  376. come on man, we are just trying to keep this place healthy and clean. We should have learnt the lesson from jlnet. Even with non ill-intention word (without the D), could eventually give room to haters, trolls and be a bashing/mocking site.

    The site would loose its credibility.

  377. very true, it’s hard not to join the craziness

    I hope Lin will find wisdom and good people around him to tell him how to balance scoring and team-play when Kobe is hogging again. I hope he seeks out Nash to get some ideas even if it might not help much.

  378. Who wants to reduce Lin’s efficiency and why?

  379. BTW the decision to ban is the last resort if some users are really beligerent
    And some bans are temporary like a ‘hockey-penalty box’ to give multiple chances for users to rehabilitate themselves and adjust to the new environment

  380. Wonder whether Kobe knows that his popularity in China ties directly to how Lin is treated by him at Lakers. He will learn that he can be the most popular player in china now, but if anything happens to Lin he will be the first one suffers.

  381. That kills all the fun.

  382. Lin will stick with a team once he finds a good one. Or at least one that doesn’t shackle him with a ball and chain. Next season will be his very first chance to choose his team as an UFA.

  383. he was popular in china regardless

  384. Lin is 50/4090 for the last 5 games. Lin has one game of indecision due to bad coaching and Kobe ignoring sets and selfish ball psychologically compromised Lin’s ability to function properly with the team. Why is it that media keep making comments about Lin’s demotion to the bench? Lin like Kobe had extra ordinary circumstances that made them have a bad game. One gets a free pass while the Asian guy gets crucified.

    Like PFV has said many times already, he and we are so frustrated by the constant media bias to focus on anything bad LIN does. One mistake and he’s demoted. This has made all of us so sensitive to Lin’s performances that even we can’t cut LIN a break. The bottom line, LIN WILL NEVER GET A BREAK FROM QUICK BIAS. WE NEED TO BE VIGILANT AND NOT ALLOW MEDIA TO GET AWAY WITH LAZY WORK. WE ALSO MUST NOT GET CAUGHT UP IN QUICK JUDGEMENT.

  385. but remember, you can come up with creative nicknames :]
    a little harder for sure but many learned how to do it
    – James “CornerStone” Harden,
    – James “Defenseless Minister” Harden
    – McHale “Sticky-Harden-Ball” philosophy, etc.
    – Kobe “Crime-Fighter” Bryant

    The possibility are limitless even w/o changing the names

  386. I’ve been wondering if anyone else was noticing this, but haven’t brought it up for fear it’d be too much for a basketball forum. But this is the civilized Lin fan group, and it looks like this last game has driven our lurking spiritual sides out into the open….nice post, roberlin.

    Jeremy had a very stubborn, confrontational, short-tempered youth, but he rose to his teen-age challenges and figured out the truth of team play and leadership…just in time to squeeze into the NBA only to find nothing but opportunity to practice patience, self-discipline, and teamwork to the n-th degree. I see that as fire-tempering those lessons so that they will never fade or fail. Now the pendulum has swung the other way…time to re-integrate “selfishness”. How does one take command, even embrace a spotlight, without losing the egalitarian intimacy of successful teamwork. Maybe Tim Duncan is a good example? Respected and effective, but not pursuing super-star dazzle-dazzle?

    Jeremy quoted about “turning the other cheek”, and it was effective in that moment. But the paradox of that is that Christ did not turn the other cheek with moneychangers in the temple. He threw them out. It’s so easy to say on paper, but figuring how to live the paradox of loving humility and righteous confrontation is very very difficult. The executives of giant multinationals pay big bucks for specialists to try to tell them how to manage like that – and, even so, we see they mostly aren’t very good at it. Because it’s not just a task you can learn…it has to become who you are and how you live in every moment. People take lifetimes honing that balance, and Jeremy is still quite young. I’ve been amazed at how well he has risen to these challenges. His fans constantly say that is the root of their devotion. I have no doubt he will figure out how to accomplish this next phase.

  387. If anyone thinks so, then he underestimates the “nationalism” of Chinese.

  388. kobe has alway been a ball hog nothing he does is a slight toward lin. also kobe has alway been popular in china before lin. more then lebron. again don’t get the idea kobe hate lin. this is a farce

  389. Nash should be mentoring Lin and Clarkson:


  390. I don’t see Haren any different than Harden “the defenseless” but it is your rule your call.

  391. my 2 cents ( I’m handing out a lot of pennies today)

    ok seriously if there is no naming calling rule and you really want to stick to it for moral reasons this kind of ‘nickname’ game is just silly.

    saying a curse word is bad not because of the letters it represents but the anger/hate behind the words. I can shout Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo in anger at the car that cuts me off and it is no different than any 4 letter word George Carlin could come up with

    so my advice think about why you do not allow name calling and stay consistent.

    for instance is the name calling meant to be about anyone at all or just against posters to each other??

  392. Kobe is smart enough to start the talk about mentoring Lin to be more aggressive like Black Mamba.
    I’m sure Lin’s popularity in Asia plays a part in his decisions.

    The conflict now is actually following through his mentoring comment with real actions on the court to share the ball with others (not just Lin) consistently. It’s like getting someone to change a habit formed over 19 years. It will take a long time for Kobe to do so. Maybe another 19 years if he’s serious

    Kobe wants Lin to just shoot the ball like he does while Lin wants to keep passing around the ball to get open shots. They would need to meet somewhere in the middle, I think

  393. All of that was basically to say the nicknames should not be allowed either… they are just a mean spirited as leaving out the d in Harden. If your intent is to not allow mean spirited discourse.

  394. Jeremy Lin just sent a “Prayer Request #2” in his email subscription list.

    Let’s offer support, prayers, cheers, well-wishes so he and the Lakers can perform well and have stronger relationships with his teammates
    It’s good to see that he asked for prayers for his injured teammates and healing for Ellington’s family.
    Once a leader it’s always a leader

    Prayer List:
    -Peace and joy despite challenging life circumstances. Losing is never easy, but trusting and having faith that God’s love is steadfast allows me to stay above the ups and downs of life.
    -Humility to fully surrender the results of my performance or the game to Christ. There is always the temptation to put tremendous pressure on myself to get a certain result, but entrusting even my goals and desires to God is a sign of humility and true servanthood.
    -Healing for Wayne Ellington’s family, as well as injury recoveries for Steve Nash, Julius Randle and Ryan Kelly.
    -Boldness to evangelize to friends and teammates as well as the Holy Spirit to soften their hearts to be receptive to the Gospel.

  395. It’s be amazing if Lin can keep that average for the entire season!

  396. Lin needs to take at least 12-15 shots per game that should allow him 20+ points per game.

  397. @TheNBACentral: Rockets guard Jason Terry on blowout loss to Grizzlies: “We’ll take it out on the Lakers.”

  398. If letting posters typing Harden without D will lead to loosing credibility than I don’t know what to say.

    Mods job are to determine who is trolls and who is not. No reason catering to trolls just because it will gives room to haters then we shouldn’t.

    I stand by my opinion but I also understand that it is your rule your call.

  399. Lakers’ game is so early today 4:30 PST and 6:30PM CT

  400. No clue who this guy is.

  401. The tough part is differentiating between insulting name-calling that involves insults with creative nicknames which adds non-insulting facts to have fun basketball discussion.

    I agree the intent behind words are the most important but we can’t moderate the intention in real-life like the movie Inception before the act occurs.

    In order to be fair and consistent, insulting name-calling among posters or public figures should not be allowed. Otherwise, we have a double-standard that we can bash celebrities but not other posters.

    Thanks for chiming in. I really appreciate it. It’s definitely not an easy job to moderate just right but not too much. But we have to make tough decisions to realize the original vision to create positive discussions for JLin fans.

  402. Hooray, 7:30 for me. Sorry about that. I normally have to suffer lack of sleep due to late game. Once a while, I can get a break like today.

  403. Because I am intentionally leave out the D and I do not hide my intention.

  404. I’ll be at work checking the box score and feedback from here ๐Ÿ˜‰

  405. He comes off the bench to shoot threes, I think.

  406. Not all chinese, including Taiwanese likes lin, just as not all people in US likes Kobe. From what I read, there are chinese and Taiwanese saying mean things about lin too. Same goes to Kobe here in the us.

  407. Boozer sucks on both offense and defense period! Davis can easily get double double every night if he played with Lin and can block many shots! Boozer can’t even jump high enough for those layups that he keeps missing! Not to mention Boozer’s jump shots are just atrocious they’re either a hit or miss.

  408. the name calling also invites trolls….its better to just discuss facts and observations without resorting to that

  409. Hope Young beat him up on Wed.

  410. If Lin doesn’t stay with Lakers he’d definitely choose the Spurs even if it means less money.

  411. May Kobe’s heart be softened and receptive to the possibility of passing the damn ball. Amen.

  412. I see one as a personal attack on the person while the adjective is a valid criticism. It’s the same concept of loving the sinner (person) but hating the sins (acts)

    One example is a friend of mine complained her daughter’s teacher criticized her improper dress length violating the school code (act) which is fine but it crossed the line when she called her ‘wh__e’ (no kidding) (personal attack)

  413. The good thing out of this whole Laker drama is I don’t have to watch every Lin’s game. Because it’s like joke now. So I will have some good sleep more. last game, I only watched half of the first Q once I saw Kobe started jacking up shots.

  414. Fact is Harden play no def. Harden without the D is Harden defenseless.

    To me, I am more worry about posters call each other names.

  415. I wouldn’t disagree with it.
    As long as Lin doesn’t take 15+shots, he’s okay. He’s the 2nd best scorer there anyway

  416. May I add another one? please turn the mamba into a sheep?

  417. For pre-game trolling?

  418. Very true, but is it like 1% vs 99% likes Lin. Tons of pple never watched NBA started because of Lin.

  419. I understand, I will follow your house rule but I will stand with my opinion as well.

  420. So, nothing is going to change in O.. if so then not expect any good game from Lin again tonight.

  421. That’s the gas leak twitter by Ido.

  422. What he meant is “I cannot really be” instead of “I’m not really”. Once you have a big lie in your life, you have come up so many lies to cover it.

  423. It is unfortunate to see Jeremy in this current Lakers environment.

  424. Respectfully disagree, those are not the same. Like I said earlier I respect your rules but I just stating my opinion.

  425. I have no worry about Lin though. If we just want to see Lin winning championships, we should feel frustrated. But if we just want Lin to live like Lin, then we have no worries. Lin is Lin.

  426. psalm, I totally agree with you. I was suspecious why Kobe said it when he told the press that Lin needs to be aggressive and makes mark…etc

    He will be surprised how quick Chinese fans can turn their back on him. Yi Jian Lian was not a gerat player so ppl don’t mind he not having a great career at NBA. Lin is a different, a great player AND Harvard graduate if Chinese people sense he is being marginalized because of Kobe, Kobe will not be much better off than Haren in China.

    Is typing Haren ok? I am really having hard time to type the D with his name because 1) he really does not have that 2) I have been traumatized by him for the past 2 years. It is hard for me to forgive him.

  427. Kobe didn’t want to change so Scott will do whatever Kobe asks him to do…

  428. Agreed. I’m not worried but I just wish he was in a better situation than this so he can just play bb.

  429. Since the Lakers are playing the Hawks, I can watch the game on tv. All I ask is for a stellar Lin performance and a Lakers win. That is not asking much. Basketballs gods, make it happen.

  430. A mamba in a sheep’s clothing is all we will get…

  431. I am giving that part up already, haha. The is the price for the Lin fans.

  432. It surely seems so. It seems to me everybody around him has to worship him.

  433. Basketball gods say:” your request is too heavy for me to handle, how about world peace? that’s easier”.

  434. That’s the culture of Lakers… Just hope Lin can know by now no more team ball theory… just get good stats or he will be in trouble next summer. smh!

  435. Just wondering what will happen if Lin has this wisdom and guts to keep denying balls to Kobe. Being assertive and aggressive, right? Be careful what you ask.

  436. @KevinDing: After last game Kobe said everyone, including him, needed to look in mirror. Expect an improved effort on defense from him tonight in ATL.

  437. new back up PG in Rockets…..

  438. Spurs would be great. Maybe also Mavs, Celtics, or Bulls. It really depends on the coach. On the Lakers, Kobe is also the de facto coach so I don’t see much point in Lin staying with the Lakers. PFV feels that Lin needs to play for a big market team. I think that as long as Lin can play well, any fan base would embrace him.

  439. Ya! They did a film meeting on that so D is what they care the most now not O bc Kobe will take the job by himself… smh!

  440. Why not just type “Harden without D” with a little extra work of adding the word “without”? ๐Ÿ˜€ instead of _? My personal take is VERY OK with the _ replace(as I like to shorten the typing as well), but also understand Psalm and Makusia’s take. If give pass to this one, then, others including trolls will come by and ask for free passing too…(even if it’s totally different case from just leaving out the D with a _) if you don’t give it to them, then they will say not fair, politics, double standards…etc, then it all starting over again like other site. But it’s good that you call it out so psalm and other mods can have further discussion in this, and look for the balancing ground. If this issue further rise in the future, maybe Psalm can do a poll, ask for majority opinions and discuss with other mods, because if rules are made, rules can also change. But Psalm and Makusia, if I m the mod, I will give a free pass for this one. ^.^

  441. After watching Harden’s game. I tended to laugh at this type of comment. Harden had similar playing pattern too. Once he is on the hot seat, he will change a little bit to adapt. But right after one improving game, he regressed to the old Harden. I do see Kobe is having the same pattern.

  442. Great, it makes perfect sense now. Lakers are suffering from their own culture. You reap what you sow.

  443. Lin would pass instead to Booz, Hill, or Wes and then they’d immediately pass it on to Kobe. Problem solved?

  444. Get trade soon

  445. Every time Byron says that defense is the problem and that he is not at all concerned with offense, I hear: “Don’t even dare to hope things might get better or expect me to make any of the obviously needed adjustments.” Thanks, Byron!

  446. If they think Lin is the problem, then I guess so…

  447. I have a feeling that Lakers will win this game. And jlin with 18pts 5asts 2rbs.

  448. I’ve stop expecting anything anymore.

  449. kobe is old he can’t guard not because he doesn’t want to

  450. Team Coup?

  451. Actually, I think it might be the best thing to happen to Lin since Linsanity. It would be a huge scandal and the media would have a field day, but it would probably give Lin the one thing he is perceived to lack. From a PR point of view, picking a fight with Kobe (i.e. standing up to him) would be a tour de force move. And since Kobe has such a terrible reputation, there should be no racial undertones. Conversely, we all remember the cheap shot that Eric Bledsoe took. If Lin were to react more forcefully in a case like that, the racial blow-back would be too much to risk.

  452. Thanks for letting me know! I rarely go below the comments on mobile

  453. to be honest, every human being is somewhat like that. Nobody could change their habit just like that. It takes time and effort.

  454. Rofl

  455. I think Lin has probably tried that already. In fact “team coup” is Lin’s standard MO. Lin insists on passing to teammates because he knows that’s the way to get them to pass back. The resulting team-ball leads to wins, good stats for everybody and everyone is happy. He knows the alternative is every man for himself and really bad results. Problem is that the rest of the team is not willing to mutiny against Kobe.

  456. kobe is old saying he play no defense won’t go anywhere

  457. All Lakers players need to make a pact that they’ll get this hairstyle if they don’t get at least 25 Wins.
    I bet they’ll start winning soon.


  458. Nice work.

  459. Byron Scott keeps saying how defense is the problem and that he isn’t concerned about offense. I think he is totally wrong.
    When the ball is moving on offense and all the teammates are involved, it get everyone’s adrenaline pumping and makes their output and energy that much greater on defense. The team needs more plays that get everyone involved.

    There are 2 main plays they are using right now that aren’t working:
    1) Lin pick and roll with Hill and then passes to Hill on top of the key where he shoots and misses. This is bad bc, Hill is not a great shooter. Hill also also the team’s best offensive rebounder but since he is shooting at the top of the key, he can’t be rebounding.
    2) “Elbow” play: Lin passes to hill on top of the key and sets a screen for Kobe. Kobe comes toward Hill and gets the ball. This is bad because once Kobe gets the ball, he doesn’t pass. The weakside is just standng there.

  460. Nevertheless, it won’t affect kobe’s popularity in China or Asia though. Business people when choosing someone to represent their products or doing commercial for their products, they choose a well known one, don’t really care about how they treat their teammates, or their relationships . And People generally only care about the products they are buying good or bad, trend or not, don’t really care if it’s kobe or lin who is advertise the products. More so, sport fans are the same everywhere. Majority of them only cheer for you when you do good. And majority of them seems only care and look at the stat lines of a player. People look at kobe’s stat line will think he is better than lin. Moreso, Kobe was already very famous in Asia, befor lin. I try not to disagree with you because I hope it’s also the case but I just don’t see it happen.

  461. Whatever helps the Lakers to win :]
    I tweeted & gave proper credit


  462. Flagrant hair foul.

  463. True, and also Kobe needs to resume finding Lin on wide-open 3s which has 60% make rate based on @wukong‘s tweet on NBA stats

    Good to see you back :] BTW, do you plan to change No2HardensIso to No2KobesIso?

  464. I think that’s one of the biggest adjustments they need to make. When you have opponents hitting a lot of 3s, Lakers have to make 3s of their own. I’ve seen sooooo many plays where Kobe takes a shot while being double and triple teamed and Lin is completely wide open for a 3.
    I don’t plan to change it soon. I’m an optimist so I still believe Kobe can change his ways. =)

  465. Kobe’s career three-point field goal percentage is only 33%. And that’s a humongous sample size. Yet even Lin fans all seemed to agree that Kobe should always take the last shot. If the team needed 3pts to tie, shouldn’t Lin, with a higher 3pt% take the shot?

  466. Although I am still not sure what Scott wants his players to do defensively. I am not really sure his so called scheme will work at all. His teams were always bad on D except the one ran by Kidd I think.

  467. Lin is amazing, is he not? LOL

  468. Medias is seeking blood from Lin’s words…

  469. injury recovery for Steve Nash… so he can finish 18 holes of golf. =p

  470. Just like Harden. I used to think Harden is not willing. Now I think he is just to slow to do so. One of the reason he does not defend, because if he does, he would look pretty bad. In a sense worse than those Bad Ds shown in the videos on the internet.

  471. He probably really can not finish it now…

  472. Is this old statement from Sun? When did Worthy & Horry say so? I thought they both just said Lin should go to bench last night?

  473. Those were said after last game. They did their best to call out Kobe…lol

  474. I see but sure changed the tone & statement yesterday… smh!

  475. Hmm, good point. Why is LAC defense so bad (#23 in pts/100p)?

  476. To me the only way LAL turn their offense around is still the same.

    1. Always run only a few sets in general.
    2. Take out the read and react part as much as possible from Wes and Hill.
    3. Make sure the set requires every one to move.
    4. If the shot clock is expiring, just automatically give the ball to Lin and Kobe.
    5. Screener just go set a screen. PnR them to death.

    In this way, your worst shot in the WHOLE game will be a long 2 after the pick.

  477. Who is next to Lin? Boozer?

  478. only 8 assists? no faith!

  479. I wonder if Scott’s defensive system requires athletic rebounders to make it work?
    In NJ Nets, Kidd had a healthy Kenyon Martin, Kerry Kittles, Jason Collins, Richard Jefferson and Van Horn

  480. yeah, 1st thing 1st, baby! :]

  481. good positive thinking on Kobe :]

    yeah, BScott needs to really run plays to get wide-open 3s and hold Kobe accountable for it but we’re still waiting for it.

  482. LOL You should be the coach Brent:-)

  483. I hope I can. I am not even 1/100 as good as McHale in coaching.

  484. BS’ non adjustment to his players’ strengths and skills ability is the detrimental to the team.

  485. “Price was brought in by Scott”

    oh really? Why did Scott want Price? he didn’t coach him previously, did he?

  486. yes, it takes time to change 19yrs habit and trust someone new

    To Kobe’s credit, he passed to Lin a few times on 3s without coaching or media pressure. He needs to do more of it indeed. Let’s hope Lin makes a lot more so Kobe will develop more trust

  487. LOL Even I can be a better coach than M with the players he had. I can do better than move the ball, the ball is sticky……………….. (being very sarcastic here.)

  488. The funy thing is, the current plays are working in that there are tons of players who have wide open 3s when Kobe is double and triple teamed. The problem is kobe isn’t making that extra pass. =)

  489. I guess it’s hard for old dogs to learn new tricks.

  490. I remember Boozer saying after last game, “We are trying to run our sets, but Kobe is being very aggressive.”

  491. Concept #1: don’t let the other team score points.

  492. exactly

  493. Offense is the least concerns – BS or is it bs?

  494. haha. BS is bs! =)

  495. You know BS is not wrong. if you contain your opponents 100% of the time so they score 0 pts, Kobe’s 44 pts would’ve easily won the game. Defense is the key.

  496. LOL….well….it is possible.

  497. another person aments kobe one man show on offense…


  498. yeah I know, poor Nash, he is limited to the driving range.

  499. who is Marques Johnson http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marques_Johnson

    “Marques Kevin Johnson (born February 8, 1956) is an American retired professional basketball player. The small forward played in the National Basketball Association (NBA) from 1977โ€“1989, where was a five-time All-Star. He spent a majority of his career with theMilwaukee Bucks.

    5ร— NBA All-Star (1979โ€“1981, 1983, 1986)

  500. You’re probably right! Things were actually going along smoothly for Lin, stat-wise until last game, which was a complete anomaly. I think after Kobe’s disastrous 1-14 “flu-game” Kobe’s fear of mortality made him go ball-hog crazy again. Tonight he’ll be back to normal so Lin will be able to operate and the Lakers may win.

  501. not worth your time to find out.

  502. More likely to be Boozer

  503. A better way is to let Kobe take all his shots in the 1st half, so that he can rest in the 2nd half.

  504. Boozer’s a new guy though. Would think it would someone more senior in the org.

  505. That’s why I said he and BS should retire for good as their mentality brings the detrimental to the team/org. They have no business in NBA. Having said that, understand why FO brings in BS but we see the ill effects of 10 games, another almost 2 seasons with Kobe and 4 seasons with BS????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though I root for JLin, it will be too much for me to cope. Will give it another few games, then I will return to non-watch Lakers/NBA stat. I barely watch Lakers game now. I just got a feel of how game would be from the first few minutes, then I turned off my desire of watching to keep from sanity of watching Kobe/BS. Pretty bad in a sense as I only did that after ASG last season but now less than a few games into the season.

  506. If it is Hill, it would not be a good speech…

  507. Kobe takes a lot of heavily contested and difficult 3s, which brings down his average. I saw some clips of Kobe shooting 3s in practice and he was draining every one. Given the same difficulty, Kobe would probably have a higher % 3pt than Lin. However, if it’s between Kobe shooting over a double team vs finding a wide open Lin at the 3pt line, I think Lin’s catch and shoot 3pt would have greater chance of going in.

  508. It doesn’t work, he will stay for 100 min (if NBA allows it) because he is so hot.

  509. High percentage shots,High percentage shots,High percentage shots,High percentage shots,

  510. Finally

  511. I bet it was lin or davis

  512. I think it’s Boozer too. Bc coach called him out & he sure wanted to D for himself.

  513. Why not Boozer?

  514. Probably Boozer also, but Boozer doesn’t play defense most of the time

  515. I think that’s why he would come out to D for himself.

  516. Yep

  517. Don’t think it’s Lin bc they were watching the film session on D.. not O.

  518. yes, Boozer could be the guy since he’s the most veteran other than Kobe.

  519. Ah, like in boxing where you let the opponent swing away with wild punches that miss, while conserving your own energy. Then when he’s tired himself out, you easily take him down. LOL

  520. yeah, that’s the NBA real-world politics though.
    Lin would have to navigate this challenge but it’s a lot better than being stuck in HOU ๐Ÿ™‚

    And if things don’t work out, I have confidence Lin will go to the Spurs or another team where his full talent to play teamball will be appreciated. Don’t lose hope since Better days are yet to come

    We don’t know what tomorrow holds but we know who holds tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜€

  521. Boozer probably most comfortable with kobe as they won a gold medal together and are veterans

  522. That’s why I’m still here. If JLin isn’t a Christian, forget it. I won’t root for him at all. Because he has a solid and mature foundation in God, I continue on despite of his ups and downs bb career. Having said that, NBA politics and any politics just get me. Have enough in my life and I don’t need to witness even worse politics in JLin case. Give me hope with God in this. Otherwise, forget it. Give me all the money in the world, I won’t even watch any NBA games. Gave up about 30 yrs ago. Only return because of JLin and JLin alone because of his faith in God.

  523. You know I’d never condone that.

  524. Tempting offer but I am against violence.

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