G11 LAL @ ATL PreGame Thread


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Noone could have predicted Jeremy Lin not scoring any points in the last game. Most fans (55%) voted 18/5 or 15/6 in the poll after a string of good 15/4 games. But as Kobe set his mind to create his “MJ Flu” game by scoring 44pts taking the 2nd highest shots attempts at 34 this season, the Lakers imploded and Lin and Boozer hinted and pointed at Kobe way being detrimental to the team. Lin couldn’t find words in the post-game interview to describe his frustration without pointing finger at Kobe directly but he described how detrimental it is to play basketball with aggressive mindset to score for one self.

The team had a nice dinner tonight at Atlanta. But would it be enough to repair the lack of trust, communication and effort? I guess we will find out tomorrow against Atlanta Hawks (5-4) with 4-0 record at home. Hawks will be a tough opponent at their home because they shot 40% for 3pts with Kyle Korver hitting 16 out of 24 3s at home (66%). Lin will face Jeff Teague who he matched up well in the past. Nick Young will be back to provide some bench production. Byron Scott promised to bench the bigs if they don’t run back for defensive purpose.

Preview: ESPN Lakers vs Hawks Preview

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