G11 LAL @ ATL PostGame Thread

Congrats to Jeremy Lin who rebounded from 0pt game with his first double-double (15pts/10asts) this season and the 2nd Win for the Lakers (2-9)!

Lin finished with 15pts/10asts/3rebs/2stls/3TOs/5PFs in 31 min

Note: Double-Double is a reference to a famous menu from In-N-Out Burger restaurant chain for Double-Meat and Double-Cheese

He played decisively and aggressively for the 3 quarters to facilitate his teammates to be aggressive.

Kobe took over with his ISOs in the 4th but he was quite effective in doing so. This will bode well to get more teamwork in the 1st 3 quarters before Kobe tries to score in the 4th. This will be another closer step to play team-ball for 4 quarters.

LakersGround.Net gave LinΒ the first Dancing Banana in the Rating and Review


  1. first!

  2. darn

  3. LOL third

  4. nice pic

  5. next time. πŸ™‚

  6. easy game coming up soon. the hardest part of the season almost over. great time for swag to comeback

  7. Not sure as I was looking at good quote from Twitter:-)

  8. Might do a late night run to in-n-out tonight…

  9. Kobe Bryant court-side post game interview https://t.co/CudN75kDLP— JLinNation (@jlinnation) November 19, 2014

  10. 1st female post! πŸ˜€
    @blubell and IJ will be proud!

  11. Saw psalm’s post from other thread right after he posted. Lucked out with the timing. My first first, lol.

  12. LOL @psalm234:disqus I like that double double pic so much that I could’t resist for not posting when it happened!!!!!!!:-)

  13. Jeremy Lin 15 pts 6/7 FG 1/2 3pt 2/3 FT 3 reb 10 ast 2 stl 3 to 30 min— Lakers Facts (@LakerFacts) November 19, 2014

  14. congrats on your 1st!
    And it’s special after a Win πŸ˜€

  15. @JLin7 Jeremy Lin Full Highlights at Hawks (2014.11.18) – 15 Pts, 10 Ast, Great…: http://t.co/T7A6RpMeJW δΎ†θ‡ͺ @YouTube— Penny Lee (@penny10654) November 19, 2014

  16. Fireworks for the Lakers! Every win is so rare for them this season. Lol!

  17. i feel warm and fuzzy all over. πŸ™‚

  18. thanks, watching JLin interview now

  19. Good to see that smile back!

  20. So happy for JLin to get his 1st double, double of this season and mostly a WIN!!!!

  21. Regardless, must get better at protecting the lead and execute in crunch-time.

  22. Who won the poll?

  23. another one.

    [1080][HD] 2014.11.18 老鷹 vs ζΉ–δΊΊ Jeremy Lin ζž—ζ›Έθ±ͺ 15εˆ†β€¦οΌšhttp://t.co/ZCx12lOV6l— Judy Chung (@judydeirdre) November 19, 2014

  24. yeah, that was close. Was worry for awhile. But they came thru. :0)

  25. I don’t think anyone would guess the 10 assists.

  26. 15 pts 8 acts was closest, I think.

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  28. I want a double-double Jeremy Lin with a side of garlic fries and milkshake…

    Seriously Jeremy gets his double-doubles while playing within context of team ball. Any coach in their right mind should love that.

  29. Nick Young’s return is a big boost for the Lakers and is a big factor of today’s win!

  30. Have one for me. The double-double looked good, even if I don’t eat beef. lol

  31. he was good, Lin was way better!

  32. Thank God there’s an eastern conference.

  33. Office doing turkey event today, gonna eat DOUBLE portion in honor of Jeremy’s double-double.

  34. I like the Kobe steal pass to Lin. then Lin steal and pass to kobe. Lots of Lin to Davis and Hill..

  35. i saw picks by kobe at least two some by hill

  36. How?

  37. Boozer knows who he can count on for easy baskets

  38. Boozer stop being so lazy, carry your own arm.γƒΎ(*Β΄βˆ€ο½€*)οΎ‰

  39. BTW, my wife said this website is like a Neighborhood Bar from “Cheers” TV Show πŸ˜€
    “Where Everybody Knows Your Name”


  40. Caption: “I just love Linsanity happened with D-Will” Said Boozer.

  41. lol. he’s tired playing D. Not..lol

  42. Boozer: I’ll buy you some booze later…

  43. lol…what would the Lakers do w/o the East…( 0-11 ).

  44. Your wife’s a wise woman. πŸ™‚

  45. yes, she is πŸ˜€
    thank you!

  46. Girl power on this website!

  47. Its not good that you put a food pic like that at night, and alluring people want to go out and grab one themselves. Now I really want to go to shakeshack and get a double double too.

  48. Blubell has been very quiet. Her boss probably caught her posting pictures in the previous thread.

  49. Ed Davis: "Everybody contributed." <— That was the key.— Serena Winters (@SerenaWinters) November 19, 2014

  50. Another proponent of team work.

  51. man, Lin was great the first 3 quarters, but they kind of froze him out the 4th quarter. He really had no impact.

  52. it was Kobe time..

  53. A double double group!

  54. .@eddavis32 "I honestly think I'm the best dresser on the team. Everybody want to give it to @NickSwagyPYoung but he do too much." (on TWC)— Serena Winters (@SerenaWinters) November 19, 2014

  55. When Lin dishes to Davis. He says nice pass to Lin when giving him a high-five

  56. Its nice to hear the media letting people know that with the offense being controlled by Lin, good things will happen. Now on to Houston and do something that has yet to be done, win consecutive games.

  57. I like what he said… Lin supporter.

  58. Hahaha!

  59. @thesuitedmonk88 @YouTube Hard to not like Kobe when he is the only all star teammate stand up for Lin.— Tracy Yu (@tsweettoo) November 19, 2014

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  61. Haha, like that. But bet they don’t know yours or mine

  62. Get chili peppers!

  63. it is what it is. kobe was effiecient today so can’t complain

  64. Selfish or not Kobe still gets his average, so why not being not-selfish to get the win?

  65. Except for ESPN game report that has ZERO mention of Lin.

  66. No doubt Ed Davis has style. Even his look after he scores an easy one from Jeremy has style.

  67. Nick Young (SwaggyP) post game interview. https://t.co/FkQSNv0sB0— JLinNation (@jlinnation) November 19, 2014

  68. At the end of footwearfoot highlights, Jeremy and Boozer were talking and laughing with Millsap.
    Maybe Millsap will come to LA next year :]

  69. millsap is good.

  70. Boo!

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  72. So…coach Dave Miller you were sayin what? Who should come off the bench now?

  73. I would like a double double animal style, please.

  74. I like the swag effect!

  75. he wants the ball in his hands all the time.

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  77. This team is so Kobe-dependent. Lin and the Lakers are completely subject to the whim of Kobe’s mood. In Kobe’s 1-14 flu game, Kobe’s poor shooting was a drain and contributed to the loss, but at least Kobe couldn’t monopolize all of the offensive possessions. So Lin’s stats were ok. But then Kobe came back from the flu game desperate to make up for lost points and Lin was completely suffocated. Tonight we saw how well Lakers can play when Kobe behaves. If Kobe really played team ball to the best of his ability this would be a dangerous team. Hopefully he’ll do that consistently as soon as he passes MJ.

  78. LOL He will flop again. Not a person I will listen to. Enough of him for a long long time.

  79. Ronnie Price should just stay on the bench. That guy could never have a game like JLin did tonight, while these kinds of games are games that Lin can and will have all the time.

  80. Did anyone hear James Worthy apologizes on TV for saying JLin is shooting guard converted to point guard? He said, “I am sorry”

  81. LOL Really?

  82. What else did he say? At least he was big enough to admit he was wrong about JLin.

  83. I WANT CLIP!

  84. WOW! Just happened? Can’t wait to see him to eat his words.

  85. Just shows how little these expert commentators really know.

  86. it’ll be a little weird to see JLin playing in Houston tomorrow. Have to admit, I got really familiar with watching him play there. I’m still getting used to Lin playing at Staples Center.

  87. NOT ME!

  88. Ronnie Price got totally exposed tonight.

  89. Let’s hope the team will win it for Jeremy.

  90. as the back-up point guard that he is.

  91. Lol

  92. Yup. He said he got a couple tweets, and he apologized a couple times. haha.

  93. Tomorrow in Houston, I want REVENGE!!!

  94. too bad it’s on the second game of a back to back. But, i’m cautiously optimistic for a decent game, at least from JLin. He’s always played well there.

  95. I like Ed. He plays like he has something to prove.

  96. 4 TO in 17 minutes. Uh Ronnie we’re trying to win here.

  97. I am that chubby guy looking down.

  98. Boozer, Lin – lol, has such a funny ring to it.

  99. yup. Ido made a comment on twitter..

  100. lol

  101. How cute πŸ™‚

  102. I saw them also. I actually thought Lakers set more picks for Lin this game. What is he talking about?

  103. “Great team win” – normally that would be a redundant statement except when Kobe Bryant is on your team.

  104. lol

  105. I really think the TWC commentators are clown.

  106. Robert Horry saying Lin guarded one of the fasted guards in the league and played good defense on Teague. (οΏ£γƒΌοΏ£)

  107. Too modest. I’d guess that Lin has close to 2000 pts.

  108. if lin keeps this efficiency at 15 ppg. on more shooting close to 50 percent 90 from the ft line. with 40 percent from three. lol get ready for a big contract

  109. The crazy part is that the lakers are using about 40% of lins ability and potential max usage. Smh

  110. Lin Boozin’

  111. Oh he realized it finally…[email protected]@

  112. lin still getting used to his role on the team

  113. wait for the playoffs!

  114. True. We just got a taste of what JLin could really do.

  115. Forced by bosses to apologize lol

  116. today was his best fit in scotts offense the assist was there today on other days those will be layups

  117. Great win by Jeremy Lin and Lakers! Celebrate!

  118. SmiLlN πŸ™‚

  119. Ed Davis is nasty and I like it.

  120. Nice!

  121. Weak lame smh

  122. Make that: He doesn’t really need to take over the offense ANY GAME.

  123. I like how Dawk Ins edits the audio.

  124. Have to admit, running the offense through Kobe worked well tonight. Would work well every night if Kobe would pass the ball more often when the double-team comes.

    And it would have been better if they ran the offense through Lin in the fourth quarter as well as going through Kobe.

    But, baby-steps for the Lakers. They just need to see more of Lin-ball in action to see how efficient it is to play through Lin.

  125. You the charming first on this charming day!

  126. They have to be morons to not see it yet. Lin been at it 3 years running now

  127. 2,690 to be exact

  128. lol. They’re not morons, they’re just slow . . . to see the truth. Just like James Worthy.

  129. Ed Davis post game interview. Says he's the best dresser and Nick is doing to much. https://t.co/HjdqJypOR6— JLinNation (@jlinnation) November 19, 2014

  130. he’s GUDD

  131. OK my road dog that goes with me me to all of my games. was so happy that the Lakers won and lin did so well. Our next game is the Thunder against the Lakers at home.

  132. Not sure if James believes his apology. He needs a job and bosses made him toe the Line

    Yeah I am cynical lol

  133. You got the same seats?!

  134. Lin is smart, he is basically telling Kobe team work is more important than single player score:)

  135. We forget, though, that Lin played under the radar in Houston. No one outside of Lin fans and some Rocket fans knew how he was playing.

    These Lin newbies need to see more of Lin to see just how good he really is.

  136. they’re idiots, remember?lol

  137. Thanks ^^

  138. Big contract? Can’t say but Maybe 6th man on Spurs bench!

  139. I mean games are recorded? Lin has YouTube highlights?

  140. Hes always got his sense of humor there.. πŸ™‚

  141. I’d have to rank this game as one of JLin’s best. It was a great all-around game for him, deadly accurate and efficient with his shooting, controlled AND spectacular with his playmaking.

    The controlled part is the new part of his game. He rarely seemed out of control or on the verge of being out of control. Even with those 3 turnovers, Lin took care of the ball really well and was a great floor leader, making all the right decisions.

    And he played great defense on Jeff Teague, especially in the first half.

    The frightening part for opposing teams is that once Lin hits his prime, Lin could have these kinds of games every night!

  142. I wish I had in-and-out burger here in New Jersey.

  143. That picture is delicious.

  144. Is it just me or Adidas goes better with purple gold or black?

  145. Not me. Hope Lin is gonna kick some azz tomorrow.

  146. Troll post.. It’s all I can find..lol.. I’m waiting for the Worthy clip, but I guess i’ll wait till tomorrow. Goodnight folks. LIN-NING!

  147. Jeremy is glowing… literally. lol.

  148. Everyone sees that, FO probably just does not want to believe it. He is a TOP 10 picks after all.

  149. He is? Who picked him?

  150. Boys will always be camera trigger happy….

  151. 2-0 against the East Coast team :]

  152. Johnson was drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves with the 4th pick in the 2010 NBA draft. On March 18, 2011, Johnson scored a career-high 29 points on 11-for-21 shooting in a loss against the Los Angeles Lakers.

  153. Lundberg puts my Jeremy fandom to shame…

  154. Henry, your time will come.

  155. If Kobe is going to start with bad shot % tomorrow I bet he is going jack up shots again just so he will make 25+ points, he will then revert back to his normal self

  156. Henry might be let go… too bad

  157. That also one of the “will come” but I hope not unless something good.

  158. Yeah…really nice, and it brighten our day as well!

  159. He had a better tweet, but he deleted it after the 1H

  160. Yeah there were plenty. There was even a foul call on Kobe for setting an illegal screen for JL

  161. Robin was generous with this tweet.

  162. Subtle way to remind Kobe that he needs points too. πŸ™‚

  163. Robin Lundberg
    Kobe is playing like he has teammates tonight.

  164. Wes needs to be moved to bench in favor of Swaggy.

  165. Kwame syndrome.

  166. My assessment of Lin’s game tonight:

    Grade: F

    Pluses – none

    Minuses –

    Was too efficient shooting the ball.
    Missed a shot.
    Missed a free throw.
    Didn’t shoot the ball 50 times.
    Had too many assists.
    Played good defense instead of resting on defense so he could jack up 50 shots on offense.
    Didn’t shoot enough.
    Didn’t shoot the ball enough.
    Passed the ball for assists instead of jacking up shots.
    Should have shot the ball more.
    Was too passive, mentally weak, deferential, a Kobe pleaser, especially in the second half, when he dished out too many assists and actually passed the ball instead of shooting it.

    Should have shot the ball!

    Note: This post was an attempt at parody of certain Lin “fans.” πŸ˜€

  167. Would be so sweet if they could beat Houston tomorrow. Tough task on a B2B in Houston but I can dream for 21 1/2 hours.

  168. You took my words right out of my mouth. πŸ˜›

  169. Wes needs to be moved to South Dakota.

  170. I will fast for an entire day tomorrow if Lakers beat Rox.

    – John Lee after DOUBLE portion turkey feast in honor of Jeremy’s double-double

  171. What did he say?

  172. Jeremy Lin shoots against Paul Millsap

  173. You could’ve just posted a link to our old turf… πŸ™‚

  174. He said ATL announcers kept saying Lin can not guard Teague. But they forgot to check Jeff T’s points..

  175. LOL. Unfortunately, you are absolutely right!

  176. it was young

  177. Pluses –

    Attempted 5 more shots than last game, baby steps towards the greatness of Kobe.

  178. i didnt watch the game. Teague got 23 points. why people said lin played good d? did he got the points when lin was on the bench?

  179. Gary Payton on Dwight Howard: "I think he's disliked by a lot of players": http://t.co/xp0DyJIU01 via @YouTube— Bill Mcintyre (@thesuitedmonk88) November 19, 2014

  180. LOL…Lin had opened Kobe’s eyes. Hope it remains open

  181. is it just me or does JLin looked photoshopped? LOL.

  182. @thesuitedmonk88 @JLin7 And here's the visual πŸ™‚ pic.twitter.com/K1qT0d4M14— Ido Amir (@IdoAmir) November 19, 2014

  183. He had Zero in the 1H I think.

  184. It just you. πŸ˜›

  185. great. thx

  186. I wonder how will DH12 will play tomorrow since they are investigating him for child abuse..

  187. Does Lundberg watch all of Lin’s games? He’s a diehard Lin fan!

  188. In two @Lakers Wins, they averaged 26 assists/gm
    @JLin7 Jeremy Lin contributed 8.5 assists/gm —> 33%
    #TEAMBALLWINS #NotACoincidence


  189. Since you are from New Jersey, you don’t know we have shakeshack that is the same like in-n-out?(mate even better than in-n-out) Their double double taste very good too. Very moist the burger. Yum.

  190. He probably will find some Lakers to abuse

  191. I think he only watches Lin’s game when there are no Giant, NYK…games etc

  192. At least he apologized

  193. I think so he even followed some Lakers reporters as well. Really like him so much.

  194. Ed Davis’ sweater also looks photoshopped :]

  195. that’s the halo there :]

  196. The light was on him πŸ™‚

  197. They Photoshopped the plane.

  198. I will sleep thru the whole game if it helps them win.

  199. More on Lin

  200. So will the comments in the media about him playing more aggressive and scoring better at home vs on the road stop? Was such stupid analysis in the first place on so few games.

  201. i think so.

  202. Lazy journalism 101, when you lack sounce material of substance, you make up stuff.

  203. That’s why I am shameless.

  204. The sacrifices we make in support of our favorite player…

  205. you wont!

  206. Yeah, I used to work in NYC, been to shack shack. Really are good burgers. But was thinking of something more accessible here in the ‘burbs.

  207. Jason Terry says they will take their frustration out on the lakers tomorrow….LOL. We’ll see…

  208. Lin Highlights, Atlanta announcers.


  209. I think the media will make new stuff up
    “Lin needs to bring his dominance against Eastern teams to the Western teams!” LOL

  210. thats progress as well…LOL

  211. No doubt Kobe will try to get on his head more

  212. double cheese burger?? better watch out, Felton is coming..

  213. they kept calling Lin “weak” during the game, F them..

  214. How many highlights will keep coming? LOL
    I don’t mind at all

    This is the first one with TWCSN feed!

  215. I know. I’ve watched so many of them now but never tired of watching those JLin plays. He is so awesome in this game:-)

  216. And we’re still waiting for Blaiyan’s πŸ™‚

  217. ou guys gotta know that Davis is happy that lin is feeding him the ball.Lin/davis just connect. It has been a struggle with Ronnie price and Davis. Scott seems to want to push this combo and it has been utter fail.

  218. Oh no @psalm234:disqus Don’t give them any new idea. Pretty annoying to read those kind of statements.

  219. Its like NYK days!

  220. lol

  221. Even Kobe pass to Davis better than Price did..

  222. He is still pushing tonight with almost 18 minutes. Don’t understand why he controls JLin minutes that much and didn’t put him in in 4th qtr in 6:08 left on the clock. Really dislike him as a coach.

  223. Price is horrible, 5 assists are nice, but 4 TO, traveled twice.

  224. well, there is another game tomorrow. But Kobe played 37 min.

  225. Well that’s the infatuation of BS on Price. Never understand why. JLin played so well and he still limited JLin.

  226. Kobe should be the one who needs to watch his min not JLin.

  227. Yeah but 0 shoe thrown.

  228. better be prepared :]
    We know media loves to create controversy to create clicks

  229. If Price throws his shoe 20 times a game, he should be in just for entertainment value alone.

  230. 1st double-double as a Laker!

  231. I’ve never bought into those when I saw them. Just ignore it and move on.

  232. That’s very true. Wish he is going to 38+ but with Kobe, my dream may not come thru!!!!!

  233. LOL U and blubell think alike. I copied it but thanked goodness saw it before I pasted:-) Otherwise, 3 posts of the same one after the other.

  234. Kobe does not seen happy to me

  235. who? Hawks fan?

  236. Hawks announcers being homers.

  237. JLin played 30:35 and Price played 17:31. JLin is the least minutes among starters after Boozer who had 29:28. Wes had 31:55 and Hill had 30:57.

  238. One of the most important thing about this tough road win (ATL undefeated 4-0 at home) is:

    It gives the blueprint to Kobe how he can play as a hero in the end but play teamball for most quarters.
    Unlike after the Hornets game, I expect to see the same teamball being played tomorrow.
    Kobe wasn’t tired in the end, shot an efficient 10-18 and got to be the hero.
    It’s a progress to keep seeing the same pattern of Kobe willing to play teamball πŸ˜€
    And Lin played a major role being the PG in most quarters. It’s not consistent throughout the game but coaches and teammates will grow to trust him more.

    Over time, he will trust Lin and teammates more to share the ball in crunch time.
    But in this game, he should get the ball in the end because he was getting hot. It is the right time to do his efficient ISOs

  239. He got 5 AS bc of Young.

  240. yup. Lin can’t guard Teague..lol

  241. he’s old and tired :]

    at least he was smiling in the plane

  242. yup.. Don’t hit me with your belt..

  243. Hope this is more like the game when he went back to MSG.

  244. He didn’t look happy after their first win either.

  245. “soft” belt :]

  246. As long as Kobe plays JLin ball for majority of the time, I’m okay with him to do Kobe ball when he was needed and still had legs to do it. Don’t force the shots when he was double/triple teams unless there was good one. Make it unpredictable and that would be a better game than predictable Kobe ball.

  247. Crumpy old man??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  248. Ya! I also found out what he said just match what Lin said… team effort win the game.

  249. bball are always the same. No matter what set you are running. Including ISOs. The faster you can reverse the ball to weakside, you can get points more efficiently. That is why Hill and Wes were problems. They stop the ball at the elbow, no reads no good passes, just shots after shots.

  250. Jeremy Lin with a nice and-1 finish https://t.co/1ISnNNzVlL— Silver Screen & Roll (@LakersBlog_SSR) November 19, 2014

  251. On the other site, someone that was at the game said he saw Kobe getting angry at Lin on the floor and again during a timeout. It might have been during and after the jumpball play with Lin’s breakaway foul on Korver. Kobe was pointing his finger angrily and kept yelling at Lin, while Lin had his hands up trying to explain or defend himself, but Kobe ignored Lin. There’s a snippet of it on nba.com in the video recap but it’s not clear in the video who Kobe is yelling at (blocked by other players). Anyone know if this was true?

  252. I posted in the game thread that Kobe had his share of that bad foul.

  253. Who Howard Chen works for now? I heard he left CSN, also Rockets games are on Root Sports now not CSN anymore..

  254. That’s the thing that bugs me. Kobe had the ball stolen from Sefilosia, bad fouls, bad defense, yet he is holding court like he’s the coach, owner, and king of the franchise.

  255. or hit you with @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus

  256. This is a competitive game. players do that. I think it is ok. You rather he spew it all out.

  257. Kobe plays D now like Harden last year, they play D with their eye, and look for poke the ball only, when their men blow by them, they just stand there and watch..

  258. The highlight from NBA .com showed it was Boozer who left Millshap wide open and hit a 3s. Kobe and Boozer exchanged words even at the bench.

  259. Dooooh, more like Homer Simpson!

  260. How many games until ‘Kobe Lin’ pass MJ?

  261. I was Kobe’s man to contest because they have switched. No way Boozer can be there in time. Kobe did nothing.

  262. yes, balanced offense is the key to get wins :]
    Worthy had it right that the problem wasn’t defense but offense.
    When everyone got touches to shoot, the defensive effort picked up!

  263. That’s ok. Lin does it too without the finger pointing..

  264. Lemme guess, the poster was a Kobe homer?

  265. Unfortunately Wes can’t go much more west or Wes will be wet. Lol

  266. 292 pts.

  267. yeah, things happened in the heat of the moment.
    as long as they make nice in the end, high-fives, all is good for the team.
    Oh yeah, a W is nice too

  268. Boozer – Bryant – Hill – Johnson – Lin has a -23.6 net rating. They played 198 minutes this season of 11 games

    The 3rd most used line up (22m) has a net rating of 32.4 which consists of Boozer – Bryant – Davis – Johnson – Lin..

    Seems a no brainer if they wants to tweak their starting line up.

  269. Best highlights, i think.

  270. I think removing Wes Johnson from any lineup will be a + :]
    Hill would be a monster under the rim like tonight.

    I don’t know who planted the idea that he can be LMA in the offseason

  271. Actually I like Boozer, Bryant, Davis, Lin and Young lineup better:-)

  272. im guessing lin young kobe davis boozer will be the best offensively .

  273. Im pretty sure he was yelling at Swaggy

  274. Think alike for a change:-)

  275. yeah, small sample size of 1 but it all can create offense (except Davis)
    I like it too!

  276. The Shaq diet promise again!? Lol

  277. lol yep.

  278. But you’ll have to send Brent to another road trip too.

  279. Davis should be starter and take out either Boozer, Johnson and/or Hill. I like what he brings to both offense and defense.

  280. Lin received banana shake. Ok, it was dancing banana:

    Lin — –β€œTo be honest, we never really talked about offense at all,” Lin said about what the Lakers focus was. β€œWe talked a lot of defense and like we’ve been saying, defense will take care of offense.” When he talks about communication and trust, he’s not talking about offense as much as everyone would like to think or assumes because of Kobe’s high volume of shots on that end. Lin is actually talking about D. β€œWe just got to talk, be on the same page and care more about it. We have to continue to trust each other in terms of the weakside being there. We’re making rotations. We’re making multiple efforts.” That’s what his trust, communication and effort quote was about in the last game. Sure he had an invisible game offensively, but he’s talking about the real problem which has been our atrocious defense. I loved seeing him scream at Boozer in crunch time after Boozer completely botched the two-man D. That was the most animated I’ve seen him all season and it was about the D. Loved it. Offensively, a lot more Kobe/Lin two-man action in this game. Much of this was because of how the D has been trapping both Lin and Kobe off of our bigs…or taking away our split plays by sagging off our bigs. The D tonight led to some transition opportunities for Lin to get out and use his speed. The floor spacing was also better and Lin took advantage of that. He was clearly much more aggressive and put together his most well-rounded offensive game. We brought in Swaggy and Davis earlier in rotations for Wes and Boozer. This will help him as Young makes everything easier and Lin and Davis have always had some chemistry. We still need to get him more shots and incorporate him better down the stretch. It will come. Our offensive system has been so awful, but the team will improve with time. The Stats: He scored 15 points on 6-7 shooting (1-2 from three, 2-3 from the line) to go with 3 boards, 10 assists, 2 steals, 3 turnovers and 5 fouls in 31 minutes. He was a +1. The Action: He dumped it to Kobe with 4 seconds left and Kobe hit the turnaround to bail them out. He worked the two-man game to Boozer for a score. He trailed the Kobe break, took the pass and scored the layup. He attacked the paint, drew contact but didn’t look like he meant to shoot so the refs didn’t give him FTs even though they could have. The D sagged off him to deny the post so he sank the wing three. Nice D in transition to deflect a pass when he had to pick up a bigman. He pushed out the board, attacked between two players, took contact and scored the easy And-1 at the front of the rim, he made the FT. Great dig on D to steal the ball, he then pushed it out and hit Kobe for the layup. He saw Boozer ahead of the pack and outlet to him for the layup. He attacked baseline, drew the D and dumped a bounce pass like Nash to Davis at the front of the rim for the And-1. He swished a wing jumper off a Kobe brush screen. He attacked off the Kobe screen again after getting an angle and he hit the pull-up bank. Bad pass and it was taken for a dunk the other way. He had 12 points on 5-5 shooting and 6 assists. Second Half: He swiped a pass with some good hustle in transition D (but he gave it back with a bad pass to Kobe). He was stripped on a double team, layup the other way. He attacked and hit Hill for the dunk in transition. He probed, drew the D and hit Hill again for a layup. He crossed over and swished the pull-up at the top of the key. He threw a bad pass to Hill’s ankles in the paint for a turnover. He gave up a couple layups to his man with some weak D. He turned the corner against a trap, drew the D and whipped it to Davis for the dunk. He attacked off the high screen (more please), drew the D and the foul at the rim, he made one FT. He missed an open sideline three on a Kobe kickout. Weak clear-path foul when he was trying to get a loose ball on a jumpball, seems like you’ve got to give the defender a chance to come up with ball on a scramble like that but he was behind Korver by half a step.

  281. That’s why we are at 2/9 because Michael keeps watching the games.

  282. hill gets rebounds with the best of them. if he shot less i would be ok with it. lin got him most of his points which I’m ok with.

  283. LOL! And also Ido Amir to sleep as well.

  284. I don’t understand how Kobe can blame Swaggy for not covering Millsap while Kobe was the closest to him?
    This is bizzare. Could be a Ginko Biloba moment here

  285. Was Lin sitting next to Swaggy on his right?

  286. The problem with Hill besides his shooting is actually his ability to box out. He get so many off rebound because he stands RIGHT UNDER THE RIM. There is no way you grab a def reb this way.

  287. WOW! That’s interesting! Maybe Young was with the task of guiding Millsap?

  288. I wonder what the +/- difference will be when you compare the lineups when Kobe is hogging vs Kobe is sharing the ball.

  289. Kobe looks unhappy may be because he didn’t get to play his brand of basketball!

  290. he is top in the league in rebounds so he does that well its his shot selection and quantity i don’t like

  291. LIN didn’t play under the radar in Houston, he played under the team bus, six feet under the bus.

  292. At least he trys….LOL

  293. i just hope lin averages 15 plus. 15 ppg. seem to be average for him. he has low scoring games when the team iso to much. lin need more 20 point game and a few 30 plus scoring games which will come when he gets used to this offense which today is a start

  294. I think he has low scoring games when teams are loading on him. Not entirely, but a larger factor here

  295. You could be banned for defamation of character for that by Mods. Be careful, very careful. Although your blog name already cause LIN lin of being a rober. Lol

  296. Yay! Finally, Dance banana dance!

  297. JLin: We are on the way to Houston. My friend (Boozer) always eat.

  298. well i guess that as well. but th defense is a start then kobe iso then lin has no rhythm. i was originally hoping for 17ppg but baby steps could be great. first 15 pp. close to 50 percent with 40 percent from 3 and 90 from ft lin. that would get him a pretty good contract. then all he has to do is wait out kobe

  299. Then he shall be my halo πŸ™‚

  300. Think it was twerking!

  301. Can’t see it. It might be available only in Taiwan like last time.

  302. Yeah, I was disappointed he deleted that tweet. Even though Teague caught fire 2nd half, that tweet was still very true the first half. Those announcers were talking trash with no proof to back it up and they should be called out for that.

  303. Nop because it’s JLin only garden. It’s a close group. Let me try to find another one.

  304. No…I can see it too..

  305. No. It’s peanut butter jelly time πŸ˜›

  306. Because you and I are the members of this group.

  307. IMO 50 40 90 1st, then thinking about PPG APG. I think in terms of low level box score watching. 17ppg is the magic number. If he can crack that 17p, he can be like a completely different player, box score wise. 21p and more basically is mvp level for a PG. He will not get that many anyway. I hope he can be 17p. Seems more and more unlikely tho.

  308. Oh I see.

  309. Yes I think he was.

  310. when he was on rox the first year he had 30 20 point games. this offense is slower so maybe not that much but close to that.

  311. Well he opened his last season with about 19 ppg until he hit his 1st slump/injury. McHale took advantage of that and things just went worse from that. Anyway, he can do it…just need some luck and support.

  312. yea he can a lot of games left also games are easier later. but 15 ppg. would be great for me with 50 40 90 what thats amazing

  313. Bill and Stu Post-Game Show (also added to Video Gallery)
    “Jeremy Lin played his best game of the year, really in charge ..”

  314. Got it now.

  315. Glad to be in 100% agreement!

  316. this was back in Oct 24 but good to hear JCF still follows JLin as a friend.
    He was just being caught between a rock and hard place. IMO that’s why he quit being HOU Rockets writer.
    He just couldn’t stand it anymore.

  317. LOL at Boozer grinning and the camera failed at first to get his face!

  318. JLin still needs to improve his selfish vid clip.

  319. When I played PG in high school, my coach had us play a 1/3/1 offence with the emphasis on the entry pass to the centre big. The problem was the big was not skilled enough to handle the ball or distribute to wings or cutters. I used to have nightmares trying to find ways to run an offence out of that set.

    This is the problem with Lakers. The ideas are good on paper, but in reality, if you put the ball and decision making into the hands of the swing man, you are asking a player to do too much above the comfort zone of that player. It’s like making the running back execute a pass option every time. Most of the time they’ll run because that’s how they know they can help the team. The skills to be quarterback isn’t in running fast or quick or powerful, it’s to be able to distribute, facilitate, read defences and react properly to what the defence gives you. The modern game is becoming a PNR PG game. Scott may be stuck in the 80s as we fear.

  320. Thanks! I just need something replaced JLin selfy clip post. Give it a try and see whether I can show the vid like youtube but can’t.

  321. Jeremy… selfish? πŸ™‚

  322. Good you find it as well.

  323. Surely she meant selfie…must’ve been the darn auto-correct.

  324. I need the translation πŸ™‚

  325. I know. Just teasing her.

  326. Thanks. Made the correction now. Selfie. I thought I have made the right word but …. I didn’t type selfish at all. Disqus!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  327. THIS is why Boozer sucks on defense!! lol

  328. Thanks for the rescue!!!!!!!!!!

  329. Thanks! This disqus drives me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  330. I think that’s what @Librafree said in the tweet.
    Plus he also said hello to @blubell :]

  331. JLin: “ζˆ‘δ»¬ηŽ°εœ¨θ¦ι£žεˆ°HoustonοΌŒζˆ‘ηš„ζœ‹ε‹ζ―ζ¬‘ιƒ½εœ¨εƒι₯­”!
    JLin: We are on the way to Houston. My friend (Boozer) always likes to eat (hard to get the right words there on the part of Boozer). Help from those can do better translation:-)

  332. “The total team concept”, nice

  333. Without Kobe it is easily achieved

  334. I knew it!

  335. Kobe is a bad team defender. He uses his offensive gifts to act like he is defensively gifted and always right, but he is usually the one in the wrong on defense yet he had the gall to blame his teammates for his own bad defense

  336. Hochen…yeah ok

  337. Scott is just playing thru Kobe. Gave cp3 and Irving plenty pick and roll

  338. JLin scored 38 fantasy points on draftkings helping me win $160!!!! i KNEW he was going to have a bounce back game! HAHAHAHAHA. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!

  339. Lin davis both shine too much together. Cannot challenge Kobe hill or Kobe boozer. Laker mandate I imagine

  340. How many double doubles can you get with $160? lol.

  341. you got it right. maybe most accurate would be “my friend is always eating.” subtle difference.

  342. It is Kobe team, not lins.

  343. man i know booze sucks at D, but i can’t help liking him. him and jeremy are definitely becoming friends. did anyone see jeremy’s pregame interview with ireland when booze yelled JLIIIIIIIN!!!!! and jeremy couldn’t help but choke down a smile like booze was making some inside joke or something.

  344. Johnson, Price, and Scott received negative ratings with “skeptical,” “sleeping,” and “uh-oh” smilies respectively. Sounds about right.

  345. That was a nice little moment.

  346. congrats on 38 fantasy points and the big win! That’s exactly his career high points at 38
    So how about tomorrow? :>

  347. Congratulations! πŸ™‚

  348. ugggggh…..LOL i HATE to say this but when real $$$ is on the line i never bet with my heart….i’m sticking with my rule of thumb which applies to pretty much every player not just jeremy–unless they are an absolute fantasy superstar juggernaut (like lebron james, CP3, boogie, anthony davis, etc.) NEVER take a player playing back to back on the road. and i HATE to say this even more, but haren is a great fantasy play against the lakers tomorrow as he is coming off his worst game yet and he’s rested which means he’s going to hog the rock, shoot like 100x, force his average to improve and he’s at home going against an overall poor defensive team playing B2B πŸ™ oh and did i mention draftkings doesn’t care about FG%? so guys like melo, haren, and kobe are superstuds.

  349. Why would ur coach do that? M…. LAL does have some simple sets to run. Those usually are from scouts who are specifically just drawing plays. Scott will pick a few that he thinks will work with his players I think. I think he is better than we thought, the problem is still on how he can manΓ¨ge kobe.

  350. LMAO awesome.

  351. May have to do with some extra respect from Boozer and rest of team for speaking up for them after last game. LIN went out on the limb there calling out kobe for selfish play.

  352. ED davis….wearing the christmas sweater his mom gave him….hope he didn’t PAY for that! LOLOL

  353. He is a very willing team player too. I think Scott is under utilizing him. They need his high post passing ability. Making him a jump shooter is not exactly a good idea.

  354. Oh no another fan wanting LIN to be more selfish and take more shots….lol

  355. i’m totally superstitious. when J has it going if i’m not posting online i try not to so as not to jinx him.

  356. Hmmm, Freudian slip!?

  357. Yes!!!

  358. More like CBarkley

  359. He needs a knock on his head…probably my bad, I woke him up, indeed

  360. watching you closely now!…LOL

  361. maybe, or maybe its just them CB and JH likes to just pop, unlike Davis.

    Even Jeremy mentioned this in an interview he need to figure out how to give them the right pass since they like to pick and pop

  362. He was an old school coach from Europe that actually played for the Hungarian Olympic team. Who were we to argue. He explained to us his concepts about playing against a 2/3 zone by placing us between them, which sort of made sense logically. The big had to decide if he should hand off to a cutter or any of us between the 2/3 zone. That’s a lot of decision making for what is normally a grunt position.

    I keep saying the key to a Laker offence is the LIN kobe PnR high like the way they ran it tonight. Both can create quickly out of that set. Both can make quick decisions on read and react to what is happening defensively. You can’t pound a square peg into a round hole. Boozer made some nice swing passes but he often is in a spot that will tempt him to take the shot. The ball will more than likely stop there just as it does with Hill and Wes. You need someone with BB IQ to do that.

  363. Both are so big that I get them mixed up, thanks for the clarification. Lol

  364. What ism LIN’s relation with Paul Millsap? They seems known each other for a while.

  365. Yeah…also Kobe lin pair can prevent double team too. Scott did tried to screen the screener a few games back like Spurs. But I do not know why he abandoned that idea.

  366. Interesting read on a d – leaguer and a new kind of system which sounds a little like Houston. http://mobile.nytimes.com/2014/11/19/sports/basketball/brady-heslip-78-points-in-2-games-give-him-hope-of-reaching-nba.html?referrer=

  367. He and Boozer are becoming fast bffs…. it’s hard NOT to be friends with the guy who can set up your shots so easily.

  368. They collided and injured each other last season.

  369. Its hard not to be a friend with a guys who is so down to earth πŸ™‚

  370. YEEEEEEEEEEES!!!! Finally a dancing banana!!!!!

  371. Wesley the ghost says “BOO”

  372. Scrap all those accolades Jeremy received today! THAT DANCING BANANA FROM DANCING BARRY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT!!! Finally!

  373. Boozer’s friendship with Jeremy looks genuine too.

  374. Ok. Thanks. That sounds to what JLin is saying. Ok. Will change it now.

  375. Just hope he doesn’t ask LIN to feel his six packs again. Lol

  376. I play him tomorrow!

  377. Is touching the other’s abs the new code for bromance? lol

  378. Maybe their Mormons.

  379. Booz seems like a good guy. Just from his passion and friendly demeanor. He seems genuine.

  380. lol. tell him to leave some for Felton.

  381. I can view it too

  382. nice posts, thx. Just got back from 2 days with the kiddies in Disneyland. Man that Radiator Springs ride is great. Got half my middle finger bitten off by dogs fighting each other happy to see us back. So, I’ll be posting on the HOU game tomorrow with my finger pointed up right at them ha ha.

    Great to read all this and can’t wait to listen to PFV. Y’all cool here.

  383. Sorry, you were sticking your middle finger out at dogs and they bit half of it off? What??

  384. Wow those dogs must be really, really….. happy to see you guys back.

  385. That’s it!! That’s his autograph face! LOL
    I saw it live! But I must admit it’s not very cheerful. Should work on keeping a smile on, even if it’s fake.

  386. That period was his best string of games. Don’t know what allowed that.

  387. Don’t blame him though. His mind isn’t on this but he feels obligated to do it to satisfy fans. It’s just his focused face:-)

  388. It was Swaggy, not Lin.

  389. no, 2 families happy to get home ready to have a nice dinner. Dogs got into a fight with the excitement and I tried to release one dog’s bite on another’s ear. Doc said … yeah. crunched through your bone, and the tip will die and fall off. No big except the lesson I guess.

  390. yeah, should have let them work out their own turf. Lucky one of the kids didn’t try to stop them, would have bitten their fingers off. Now I know how these pit bull accidents happen. I’ve owned dogs for over 25 years and this was such a surprise, it was such a happy night.

  391. http://jlinarticlesandfacts.proboards.com/post/4620/thread whoop whoop I got pretty close

    said 15/8

  392. and I was wrong thinking LAL cannot change on 2 days. Hope for a win against odds tomorrow … it would be a proof point for team ball LinStyle.

  393. maybe DH will be off his game thinking about those criminal charges…

  394. what! oh no finger.. but the image of you giving them the upright finger is pretty funny…

  395. I don’t give a bleep about pit bulls’ reputation. I love pitbulls.

  396. Thank God for Lin to give us hope in successful role models … I wanna see Kobe help Lin give some to the Rox org. Kobe understands what it means to stand up against what’s wrong.

  397. well, I love all kinds. Just saying I finally learned tonight after decades with dogs how these news items happen. Wow, it was quick. Back to Lin … tell me, based on how the team played, any chance for a good outing tomorrow? Did it feel like a step forward that will stick?

  398. Good outing tomorrow IF,IF, and MORE IF they played the same level of trust and camaraderie they had earlier.. and Jordan Hill should body up against Dwight. It’s painful seeing a big guy like him turning away from the basket and shooting midrange.

  399. James Worthy apology;


    Dear Worthy, I don’t have any playing experience nor job in the NBA,yet I understand Jeremy’s game. Next time, please do some research.

  401. I just received the prayer request from Jeremy Lin’s site. Sure, will intercede for you J.

  402. Yeah, it hurts, so posting about Lin’s win tomorrow will be fun with this huge splint sticking up.

  403. I wanna see Hill be effective on D12, because I think one can get into his head easily.

  404. He sent out this morning. This is the second prayer request right?

  405. Yep.

  406. Finally we see this clip. Good on Worthy!!!!

  407. oh! Hope you received a tetanus shot

  408. Ok. Just want to make sure I haven’t missed one:-)

  409. WOW! I was low in my expectations and happy I was dead wrong:-) Sure glad it was JLin ball vs Kobe ball and have a win!!!!

  410. If the stick to the same plan, let Lin run the offense, pass the ball with better spacing, NYoung coming swaggying and Kobe understanding his team has 4 other players and go ISO only when its needed.

    On top of that everyone needs to play defense.

    I think we should do great tomorrow. Beating Rox is tough, since they have more presence at paint and shooters as well.

    So the expectation is same as per Hawks game, a loss, but a surprise like today, should make our day!

  411. Well, not sure about that. However, with their bench isn’t as deep as Lakers and if Lakers continues to play JLin ball, we may have a surprise. Just don’t want to put my hope up and then crash down pretty hard:-) A small win will do:-)

  412. So you are serious about your middle finger bitten off by dogs. You aren’t joking at all:-) Thought you are. Sorry about that:-(

  413. i dont mind if it was at Lin, thats what good players do, they yell and shout against each other for the love of the game, and it do show some closeness as well, its not like “whatever”

  414. no, not kidding by trying to be funny so I get something good out of this right away … lemons/lemonade. (doc says tip will grow back – a guy who served in Iraq. Heard some interesting stories.)

  415. I think, I received mine yesterday

  416. lol Guess depending where you live though. Where are you? Just checked. It was 8:25 am 19 Nov 2014 @Brisbane, Queensland, Australia time.

  417. I do respect, whoever comes out setting things straight, rather than hiding or hating for the sake of it.

    Thats Humble, Respect!

  418. I’ll def be watching!

  419. What I found hilarious is how Worthy delivered it.

  420. yep, antibiotics, X-rays, etc will cost thousand blah! Good will come of this … planning my kids-behave lesson. They “Let the Dogs Out!” Woof, Woof Woof … you know the song.

  421. I went with some linsanity asteroid, blown out game! ( cant remember the exact phrase) ..
    Which I think was close, almost… πŸ™‚

  422. it was funny, and he did feel bad, for saying so…. and probably a little taken aback by the fan tweets as well. Dont want to loose fans, now πŸ™‚

  423. I thought he would post those on his blog. Do you have to be on email list to get them? If so, what was his request of ok to share?

  424. lol pretty much everywhere, one week in Aussie, one week in singapore and then malaysia , last week was in Europe.
    globetrotter! or rather Globe Troller!!! LOL

  425. You have to subscribe

    Prayer List:
    -Peace and joy despite challenging life circumstances. Losing is never easy, but trusting and having faith that God’s love is steadfast allows me to stay above the ups and downs of life.
    -Humility to fully surrender the results of my performance or the game to Christ. There is always the temptation to put tremendous pressure on myself to get a certain result, but entrusting even my goals and desires to God is a sign of humility and true servanthood.
    -Healing for Wayne Ellington’s family, as well as injury recoveries for Steve Nash, Julius Randle and Ryan Kelly.
    -Boldness to evangelize to friends and teammates as well as the Holy Spirit to soften their hearts to be receptive to the Gospel.

  426. WOW you really travel a lot. Job or vocation?

  427. Just glad that he responded well to fans’ tweets.

  428. wish it was vacation….hahaha, got back to home (Michigan) for a vacation couple of months ago

  429. Thx … love his requests. Hope he can find the language to evangelize, soften hearts you know who …

  430. I think he did say something like that before and explained that it was because of the way Lin was used in Houston, which I thought was actually a pretty good way of describing Lin’s past role there.

  431. thats true as well. Infact Harden is feeling the pain now, being a 2 guard. There is no true PG in Rox.

  432. Congrats to JLin for his first double-double this season. But we all know that one double-double isn’t enough to satisfy Jeremy:


  433. Jeremy looks yum…I mean, the fries looks yummier than the burgers.

  434. Ok. Sorry for the experience. Pray that you will recover well. Personally I’ve never liked animals:-( I don’t hate them but just don’t like them. Never had good experiences with dogs and cats as I grew up. Few times almost bit off by them. Hence the dislike until this day:-(

  435. People love the fries but I prefer McDonald’s crunchy fries. Plus that’s way too much sauce!

  436. First double-double in purple and gold is sweet, but the hunger is still bigger…lets see at least 10 of those and couple of triple double as well

  437. Animal style is overrated

  438. McDonald’s fries for the win.

  439. This makes me very curious of your job:-) Don’t know that you can hop to so many countries and continents within such a short time. Military-related?

  440. Wow, lucky you! I’m jelly…

  441. Oh really! you missed it, dear.
    I used to have cats and dogs sharing my bed!, Obviously without parents knowledge, busted couple of times and got grounded as well πŸ™‚

  442. That second item in the prayer request rings so true.

  443. pets are good, just a little more awake now lol.

  444. Not me. I prefer curly fries (believe from Arby’s) anyday. Miss it so much as I can’t really find it here in Australia that I remember of.

  445. I wonder which tweet caught Worthys attention about Lin being a PG not a SG.

  446. yes, that 2nd one standing tall against all the “Jeremy needs to …” posts and demands by people of little understanding (of his spirit and grace).

  447. Heh, I love animal style. Haven’t gone back to regular since, but I think I should try next time to remind myself how it tastes like non-animal. πŸ™‚

  448. I did have some in Perth

  449. Did u tweet one? Will be interesting to find out:-)

  450. he needs another double-double in that past Rox shirt.

  451. Really??? Guess I didn’t eat out much when I was in Perth. Always Asia food when I did because of the people I associated with:-) I don’t like Australia fries that much. Too big and aren’t crunchy.

  452. Did you know that theyll put sliced chili peppers in ur burger? So dang goood

  453. Jeremy seems famished after that skimpy 0-2 appetizer on Sunday so I hope he eats his fill these next few games. πŸ˜‰

  454. That’s why I feel that a lot of fans need to understand who JLin really is. He is very truthful to his beliefs. Fans wouldn’t say what they were saying in the first place.

  455. Nope, first I heard of it. Now I get your comment from earlier in this thread lol.

  456. yes, why be a fan of a box score man. Being a fan of JLin is so rich in daily reflections.

  457. This pic was very old. It was taken ages ago:-)

  458. Oh that’s good, too. Seasoned curly fries, yum…

  459. Haha just ask for double double spicy πŸ˜‰

  460. yep recognized it … fitting for tomorrow.

  461. Checkers have best curly fries.. Ok getting hungry..

  462. Whoa, that’s horrible, sorry to hear! Wait, so exactly how much of your finger is gone? And you’re saying the bone at the tip of your finger will grow back?

  463. Lol, were these stray animals or something?

  464. Yep. Even when JLin is almost half of my age, his faith in God keeps me humble everyday. Because of my past over 40 years in church life and have seen so many fallen public church leaders/pastors over many continents for whatever reasons, I’m so glad JLin remains to be humbled and truthful to God esp after Linsanity. If I have smelled any inkling of his untruthful of his faith and let the worldly take over his life, I wouldn’t want to root him even if he is the greatest pg in the world. Of course, as a human being he does make mistakes. More talking about what people want him to be like, against to his characters.

  465. I know. Don’t tempt me with all these food now. I can indulge with any of these anymore:-( That’s getting old will do to you:-)

  466. LOL Hope Lakers is hungry enough for another win:-)

  467. Because he has his faith on God, it is easier to be his fan because he has more than himself that he’s serving. We all strive to be near people who can give up their personal agendas.

  468. Jeremy’s got the glow! Points to anyone that gets that reference.

  469. McDonald’s employees dump salt on their fries as if they have invested heavily in salt stocks.

    Yeah, I know they’re trying to sell you super-sized drinks, but the sodium is killing America!!!

  470. Thanks for explaining! But still sounds pretty bad…

  471. I’m thankful it’s not serious, and that it didn’t happen to one of the kids. Lots of others in that emergency room. Just bit through the nail and half the top of my finger. Bone is broken and might fuse back on its own. Tip of nail and that part in front I’m told will fall off and grow back. Wish I could say this shorter. The doc was a trauma surgeon back from Iraq. He shared that the values they have over there we just don’t understand. They had to care for a girl who got stoned by her dad and others for having her own boyfriend. They refused to release the body back, given what might have happened, handing it over to the next hospital in line as part of protocol. Value for human life v different. I was in experienced hands.

    Anyway. that’s all. Just saying I’m glad to post tomorrow against the Rox org with this finger up in arms lol.

  472. I really admire how you are downplaying this and not freaking out. Much respect.

  473. I can’t believe you betrayed your boyfie’s favorite fries! I’m so disappointed! πŸ™‚

  474. Where did Worthy mention this? Is this the “apology from Worthy” people are referring to?

  475. Yes. You can hear this not far down the thread.

  476. The hard part will be to teach my son’s friend that he cannot just do whatever he wants all the time. His parents are worried and bought in, so maybe this is a teaching moment.

  477. Thanks. I have my moments of Kobe too ha ha. I strive to be Lin.

  478. Yes so true and I’m so joyful to see his continuous to play for God and stay grounded on his beliefs.

  479. Poster from the big site was at the game yesterday. Apparently, Kobe was yelling/pointing his finger at lin (not young)

  480. Jlinnation posted it on yt

  481. James Worthy apologizes for saying Lin is a 2 Guard playing as a Point Guard

  482. Repost it above now.

  483. Wouldnt be surprised if it was Lintel. One of his tweets was brought up on the show before

  484. Good for them … they should both yell at each other at 1-9. Hope it was to keep Lin in the double/double path. TD here we come!

  485. Really? All that I’ve seen everywhere said otherwise.

  486. I think if was when milsap made that 3. And Kobe and Lin got into a heated exchange before the timeout which made it over to the bench.

  487. “Jeremy is sitting next to nick young. But jeremy and kobe was going at it before kobe gets up off the table and starts pointin at Jeremy. Jeremy was standing up when he was talking to kobe, he sat back down nexr to nick young. Picturr jeremy with arms to side saying what you want me to do?? And eyes open wide thats how jeremy looked. Like when he gets foul and refs dont call it. “

  488. “Think you had to be there to feel the tension. But there was tension. Boozer tried to cheer Jeremy up afterwards”

    This explains why boozer had his arm over Lin after timeout

  489. I don’t get that from the pic that I reposted below to say what it was. Seem like everyone had fun on this rather than what is shared above.

  490. Me neither. Sure does look like he was yelling at Young. But who knows…

  491. Its kinda normal in the heat of a game…Good pals do yell at each other. I dont find it wrong

  492. comments on the vid JLFFAust says it was booz getting yelled at. Check it out.

  493. Huh! Those were our pets, we had tons of them (pets, hamster, rabbit, goat, etc), we lived by the woods/lake

  494. No I read the Chinese JLin website, below the tape fans said Kobe was upset with Boozer not Nick Young. Definitely not JLin. If Kobe did that, all JLin fans and Chinese reporters and/or any reporters would have reported this and was very upset about this incident. But none of the any sites that I have gone to since the game was over mentioned about this except initially it was reported as Nick Young but later people pointed that out was Boozer instead.

  495. Good to know!! After playing the video about 5x. I do see boozers head peak out for a millisecond. It does look like he was talking to Kobe. Thanks

  496. If you go to this tape and read the comment below, it’s either Young or Boozer; definitely not JLin. It was probably Young that he was pointed at the finger at.

  497. Atleast Young wasnt butt hurt over it. He shook it off and played great. His post game interview was pretty funny

  498. He was classy enough to apologize, which is already PARSECS beyond Houston media. I’d give him a pass and not rub it in.
    That Ronnie Price tough defender comment, on the other hand… SMH

  499. Yep. Let me post one comment here:
    paqman 78
    It’s pretty obvious he’s not screaming at Nick Young. It was probably Boozer. Firstly, Nick Young had nothing to do with that Hawks 3-pointer. It was Boozer who fell asleep. Kobe didn’t know someone screened Boozer but by the time he realized, it was too late. It’s both their faults for not being as alert as the Hawks were on that play.

  500. He should have been yelling at Boozer because Milsap was wide open. Lin was guarding Teague

  501. Yes. Apparently he was to Boozer and not Young. Definitely wasn’t JLin at all. Fan got it all wrong at least in this one.

  502. Thanks, I got it!

    Didn’t get a chance to scroll down and look as the girls were screaming next to me as my wife asked me to get something on eBay. πŸ™‚

  503. how could he make such mistake after what lin has done in ny. it is so.strange

  504. Wonder how “this” fan was able to see thru so many players in front of everyone. If fans from behind, they may have better views but looking at the clip numerous times, by the angle, it seems like it was Young.

  505. Have you noticed that Kobe has never tried to correct Boozer in any game. I think last night was pay back for Kobe for Boozer calling him out. Also in the pic on their way to the locker room as they were walking up , kobe said something to lin to make him laugh, and I think the reason kobe wasn’t smiling is probably just kobe.

  506. like a secret pre game handshake?

  507. I just think he is clueless. Between he and dave with the back and forth and are always wrong, they make me laugh.

  508. Yep. I don’t think Kobe will be that crazy to do that in public to JLin esp when it has nothing to do with him. With what I could watch the game with no lagging or totally off in the last few minutes of 4th qtr, I saw several times JLin and Kobe stayed to communicate with each other or gave one another some props. It will be extremely unwise for him to yell at JLin when it had nothing to do with him. I like their communication is back in track now. At least Kobe showed some trust to his teammates. Hopefully this continues.

    As for Boozer, maybe that is true. Found that Kobe gave credit to JLin on his sidecourt interview is rather interesting. Wonder what’s all about. What is your take on that one?

    As for Kobe not smiling, I just don’t know enough of him to make any judgment. My eyes are only with JLin and pay little attention at others unless they are related to JLin. Definitely I’m only JLin fan:-) Pretty bad eh!

  509. Apparently, according to a fan that was there, it was an altercation with Lin who was sitting to Nick’s right and it was probably not about the recent play. If you watch, he’s pointing and looking past Young.

    Later, they get up, Lin looks flustered and red and Boozer is seen walking and putting his arm around him.

    All is forgotten soon after though, as Kobe scores his 32,000th point and Lin congratulates him and Kobe gives Lin a small chest bump.

    It’s just Kobe being Kobe. Remember, he models himself after Michael Jordan to a huge degree, and almost all his actions are preset from watching Michael’s. Mike was incredibly hard on his teammates. Kobe’s like the ultimate method actor on the basketball court but he only plays Jordan (or tries to). So far it’s brought him quite a bit of success so he’s sticking to what works.

  510. Someone down in the post way below did say that because of JLin’s role in Houston. That was why he made an assumption of that. Didn’t hear that part so I can’t verify the fact.

  511. Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant became the fourth player in NBA history to score 32,000 career points,
    joining Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Moses Malone and Michael Jordan during Tuesday’s 114-109 victory over the Hawks.

    Bryant’s netted his 32,000th career point on a turnaround and-one jumper with 1:10 remaining in the game. Bryant also enjoyed one of his most efficient shooting performances, scoring 28 points on 10 of 18 shooting from the field. It was the first time he shot 45 percent or higher in a game this season. He’s now 291 points away from tying Michael Jordan for third place on NBA’s all-time scoring list.

  512. Props to Worthy for responding to the tweet. Class act.

    So far, aside from the 2 guard thing, he seems to have been complimentary about Lin. Well aside from the keys to the game ‘where is Jeremy Lin?’ lol

  513. Well McHale played Lin as a 2 guard sometimes. He would play off ball with Beverley/Harden playing the 1.

  514. yeah, i understand that. lin, however still more famous in ny though. unless worthy was not watching linsanity at all and out of the country in 2012, it was quite hard to miss

  515. I went back to review the footage, it looks like he was pointing and looking past Young at someone else. Then later a flustered Lin gets up and Boozer is off to the side putting him arm around him. Seems like something could have happened. It blew over quickly though.

  516. hmm interesting.

  517. I don’t know. Just interesting that this hasn’t leaked out to any JLin’s fans except this fan. Someone said in yesterday post that his/her friends were in this game and I would like to hear from them in this matter. All the reports that I saw from Chinese papers all said Young was the one to be yelled at but later fans said it was Boozer. So………….. I would need more evidences on this. Very interesting to hear this fan.

    Another interesting I’ve found out about the pic that Boozer put an arm over JLin. Looked at the direction of their walking? If this was what the fan said, they should walk to their side of the court and not to the Lakers bench. The direction and their smiles didn’t portray any tension to me except pretty relaxed. Unless there was another incident of Boozer put an arm on JLin shoulder.

  518. So 6 double double’s a day? Man, that’s tiring. He must be still playing somewhere.

  519. it’s turned inside out as it should be.

  520. This mini-meltdown is after Millsap’s uncontested 3. I can only speculate several things.

    1. He is chewing EVERYBODY on the team, including those guys far away from him which may include Jeremy and Boozer.
    2. He is chewing the guy defending Millsap who is seated far away from view.
    3. He is doing BOTH 1 and 2 (“YOU CAN’T LEAVE A GUY OPEN LIKE THAT!!”)

  521. I haven’t eaten at In-and-Out so I can’t go rah-rah-rah with him. πŸ™‚

  522. This makes more sense:-) If you listen to the announcers they put the “blame” on Kobe though:-) He should rotate to Millsap as he was the closer to him.

  523. HAHAHA. I actually find how he delivered it funny. His tone is full of emphasis! If I have to do a transcription of it, it’s “James Worthy: I.AM.SORRY.”. He sounded like a politician caught on some scandal.

  524. Looks like the Lakers are working out PG’s. Somebody posted on twitter another PG they are working out is Tyrus Thomas

  525. Kobe is probably shaky because that Millsap 3 dangerously trimmed down the lead. There’s no point in chewing Jeremy because obviously it’s a mismatch and he’s on Teague, not Millsap.

  526. That is probably what is happening. But if you watch the tape, Kobe was the closet to Milsap to guard that uncontested 3.

  527. I don’t think it should be classified as chewing either. More like he’s frustrated and barking at the team frustratingly (du’h, he has a hand on it!) because that dagger 3 put them in danger zone of losing the game.

  528. Yeah, i get that

  529. Yeah, sounds like a small incident anyways. It sure blew over fast.

  530. Wow, wonder how much they are paying him.

  531. Probably more than what the Lakers can offer him.

  532. Exactly, because at the end of the game you saw Lin/kobe walking to the locker room. It looked like Kobe said something to lin and he smiled.

  533. Where do I sign in for a job like that?

  534. Handshake is overrated. Let’s touch abs. (?!?!?!?!?!)

  535. after some time, it gets tiring…and loose your family time as well. Not forgetting friends.

  536. Wow China is moving up. I didn’t think Bball salaries were that big over there.

  537. I think the question to ask should be, what in the world is Byron Scott doing away from the huddle while Kobe is having a mini-meltdown?

  538. Might be, fans who have never played much sports. It happens in every sports. The leader, star or captain, always does the shouting. Right or wrong it doesnt matter, thats what leader do in sports

  539. I’m liking Horry’s commentary more and more.

  540. Yep, that sounds like something Magic would say. I doubt he’ll ever call out Kobe directly, so that’s as much as we’ll get from him.

  541. LOL Remember BS is just Kobe’s puppet! It’s Kobe’s team!

  542. OK Magic

  543. Thomas is a 6’9″ forward

  544. LOL It blew u cold pretty quickly Joyce:-)

  545. I could sign up while I’m still not a family woman and I only care about the Dancing Banana πŸ™‚

  546. u sometimes mix up w/the time zone n cant figure out where u r at the moment when u get up.. ha

  547. You should have seen the comments. They were calling Magic out about now showing up because they won and didn’t even congratulate kobe on his points milestone…LOL

  548. OK, thanks

  549. He does his huddles with his coaches just like Spoetra does with Miami. I noticed that at the last game.

  550. LOL Thanks for letting us know. WOW Kobe’s fans are really very passionate people.

  551. Maybe he was the one Kobe was chewing at.

  552. He’s really not looking to score right now. Went to the line 1 time and took 7 shots. He did score in the first half, not much in the 2nd half but his facilitating help stop the bleeding in the 3rd quarter.

  553. LOL Kobe was probably saying “You, Scott! Why did you left Millsap open?!? Scott, you can’t leave a guy open like that!!! Scott, get the rebound!”

  554. Focus…focus…

  555. I am FOCUSED!

  556. I wonder who posted that…ha

  557. He looks like a CGi in this photo.

  558. Dominque Wilkilns was a great player but he is a major jerk when announcing. Trash talking an opponent’s player is not cool. He should be removed or talked to about that. He’s incessant. Lin can’t guard Teague got annoying. Lin is not a poor defender and Wilkins kept going on about that. Lin got pass Teague plenty of times and PGs get by each other, that’s why there’s help defense. He sounded like an idiot and LIn had a stronger PG game than Teague though Teague had the better scoring game. I liked that LIn got 2 steals too.

  559. Finally found the clip that Joyce was talking about:-)

  560. I like this tweet bc it’s really a team effort to win this game. Hope they can beat Rox today.

  561. Do you think kobe looked mad in that video?

  562. So Lakers is looking for another PG? Maybe they don’t like Price can’t have O?!

  563. I think so that’s why even TD picked China first bc they can come back in Feb

  564. Kobe is not easy to play along side… Wow!

  565. looking at the stats, Davis time is creeping up. Why is Wes Johnson in the starting lineup?

  566. But he looks good………

  567. OH! So it was Ido! LOL

  568. 1. Kobe STILL got 28 points while playing within context of team ball. He needs to reminded of that.
    2. With Young back, he and Ed are the ONLY bench options.

  569. I have a problem with this photo. Maybe it’s his pose. Maybe it’s the lighting. Maybe it’s the angle. Whoever is the photographer kinda doesn’t know J’s good angles.

  570. You know what would be really funny? If someone pulled out a small compact mirror from a bag and as Kobe is yellling, just put it to his face.
    Seriously make all the highlight reels around the world!!

  571. I’m being shallow, I like the muscles in his arms…LOL

  572. I bet Davis was so relieved to play with Lin tonight. He and Lin connected on every pass. Also lin helped Hill get his points in the 2nd half by feeding the ball to him.

  573. I probably don’t like it the same way as you, but it makes me want to hit the gym.

  574. They might be adding another PG to send Clarkson to the D League to get some playing time.

  575. LOL

  576. Not at all. He is just the “normal” Kobe:-) If he is mad, I don’t think JLin will have a “smiling” face. They look like very comfy and relaxed to each other. That’s why I’m buying into what the “fan” from the other side sees. Someone from media will definitely report/mention it. They just said Kobe was mad at his teammate. If it was JLin, definitely would be a “headline” news.

  577. Yep first half I just wanted Hill to be off the court:-)

  578. Now it makes me wander what player spoke up while they watching the defensive tape as one of the reporters mentioned?

  579. They look very comfortable with each other.

  580. Obviously πŸ™‚ Most of the magazine shootout are Photoshopped

  581. Price.

  582. Yep I’m so relief to see this in this game after the other day JLin sort of called him out. Kobe gains my respect back somewhat today:-) At least he doesn’t behave like JH or Carmelo. He has a broader shoulder to take the hit somewhat.

  583. Unfortunately that how Rox and its media had portrait Jeremy. Once the perception image sets in, it takes time to break out of it

  584. I’m puzzled at that as well. Why he isn’t flourished like others under JLin’s playmaker? Wondering what’s going on?

  585. “I would have thrown a shoe, there, there…..and again there.”

  586. Johnson was there for D purpose from Scott?! Really weird, I didn’t see Johnson has O & D on court.

  587. He missed a wide open layup in the first quarter from a great pass by Lin. That was so bad! πŸ™

  588. Nah, he always looks like that.

  589. Another point is I don’t see JLin is defering to Kobe like many has said so. I see JLin is learning to play with his teammates. He just needs to be comfy about how to play with them. Finally after 10 games, he is getting somewhere with Kobe, Hill and Boozer now. They learn about each other games and make adjustments accordingly. It’s so good to see in today’s game.

  590. In this game, he was bad on both X and O

  591. Is that what was reported?

  592. yes

  593. Was this from Scott?

  594. Mike Bresnahan said it’s Price. I don’t know what did he say but his D was not that good either. smh!

  595. I think so far every team is targeting Lin on defense. Because any coach would come up with conclusion easily. Kobe will shoot anyway, no one can stop that. I think many coaches know the consequence when Lin is on the loose.

    Plus, who else on Lakers team is a threat? at all? If there is no team upgrade, it’s going to be the way through the whole season. It’s tough for Lin but hey that’s what Lin is all about, no easy stuff!

  596. deleted as cjshyy should be correct

  597. His Def Rating is still much better than others

  598. I hope this renewed team spirit will help Lakers tear the Rox a new one.

  599. No need to airbrush him since this is not Cosmopolitan. Is this a magazine ad? Thought it’s a campaign.

  600. Real good πŸ™‚

  601. Basically most of the ads; he looks good, so i have no complain πŸ™‚

  602. Did Lin block Teague once last game? Those PGs must get annoyed so much by Lin’s block. haha.
    I think he did, but didn’t see it in the highlight.

  603. I don’t think it’s Lin bc Lin didn’t look like upset or mad to me. The picture Boozer put his arm around Lin they both looked happy to me.

  604. b2b, keep my finger crossed. Defense takes physical and mental effort. I just hope not to see the pattern again – defense starts falling apart after first or 2nd q, then Kobe becomes mad and takes the game over … and game is over…

  605. After I analyzed that pic, believed it was post game pic as JLin’s jersey was out. They just walked together and were happy with the win.

  606. He only has 2… where did that third one come from? lol

  607. First half, I don’t even realize Kobe was on the court. He just played like a normal player. Of course I would say 3/4 team effort. lol. Kobe will never allow the team ball in the 4th q. If one day Kobe can let team ball rolling in the 4th q, then we shall celebrate.

  608. Did ask about PFV about the incident of Kobe was mad at ??? This was his response:

  609. I 1000% agree if a string of 3 characters are replaced with 4 characters.


  610. The Lakers had a long talk as a team before shoot-around today, took a hard look at their D. The player that spearheadead it? Ronnie Price.— Mike Bresnahan (@Mike_Bresnahan) November 18, 2014

  611. I think commentators mentioned a little in the past, but now they stopped giving credit to Lin’s defense. Not sure why. So many games, without Lin’s restless defense, it would end up being much much worse.

  612. My conclusion of this “mysterious fan” who claimed to witness this incident is just a troublemaker.

  613. Congrats to the Lakers and our man, Jeremy Lin. He was in the “ZONE”!!! Now reality strikes, Rockets next, on their court and a back to back game. Let us hope Jeremy is up for the task! He is capable, but the concern is always if he will be thinking to much. Relax Jeremy, you got this! Put the neigh sayers to rest…do a back to back double double!! We are there for you and we aren’t going anywhere! Have FUN!!

  614. PFV is addressing this issue in his long (110 minutes) vid:-) It’s still uploading. Don’t think I will stay up and wait for it. It is 2:03am now. By the time I finish listening, it will be in the early morning here:-)

  615. Ya! He showed some pictures but I thought I saw them from somewhere? I don’t really believe what he said after all…

  616. This Lin fan was a user “Damon Houston” who posts at the other JL site. He is a bona fide Lin fan.

  617. you still live in China’s timezone. lol

  618. Good to know. Thanks!

  619. Price’s offense is even worse than Bev’s, and IMO worse than Bev in D also. I don’t get why some think Bev doesn’t belong in NBA while Price does; IMO it’s the reverse.

  620. Someone who loves drama.

  621. It took 5 games for KOBE to let lin run and win first game. It took only 3 this time. So it’s progress. Will it take only 2 this time? I hope not, but I’m ready for it if it happens. KOBE is KOBE, he’ll do it only when he’s finally ready to let go and allow lin to help him win the scoring title with less wear and tear. It will take at least 20-25 games IMO for Kobe to finally see and accept that.

    I truly hope it happens much sooner but human nature and aging alpha athletes don’t ever do things by logic…they do things with self prophecy and delusion of grandure, of greatness. They delude themselves to believe they can control fate, control Father Time, control chance and yet they are the most superstitious, to the point that they will eat the same thing at the same restaurant at the same time, not walk on lines, or not even shave.

    There is no logic to it. A sports psychologist asked a college basketball player about how he could demand the ball after going cold like Kobe’s 1/14. His answer was as twisted and illogical as their impregnable self belief. The player said that he’s a 50% shooter. In his mind 1/14 means only that he’s due 13 times over. The psychologist then asked the player “what if you were 14/1 and the last shot meant winning the game, would you then give the shot to another teammate? The player just laught and said “no way, I’m in the zone, I’m just hot then.”

  622. you better go and have some rest…nite nite

  623. Nop Brisbane. China is 12:06 midnite.

  624. Weird why BS insists on playing Wes so much. Doesn’t make any sense.

  625. Planning to. Just want to clear this Kobe mad at JLin saga first. Never like to deal with puzzle in my head before going to sleep:-)

  626. Good Job PFV!

  627. I guess it’s still on team defense, Laker’s defense right now can collapse any time.

    Also, I always love Lin thinking too much, that’s his strength outshining most of other NBA players.

    His “over-thinking” is serving for a long term purpose. Commentators don’t get Lin at all, they say just play your game,don’t think too much. I don’t agree at all. Lin’s game is thinking. You cannot just say to a chess player, don’t think too much, just go.

    Lin’s strategy is against NBA common sense. Lin is trying to establish winning formula for the team, he never concerned his stats and he is not targeting just one or two games. NBA folks just seem having trouble to understand it.

  628. This was Kobe Bryant’s first really outstanding game of the season.

    If he keeps playing like this, I’ll become a Bryant fan.

  629. Hi Maknusia. Discus did it to me again and put a comment that I had spent 10-15 minuets writing about Kobe and sports psychology of shooters. I reread it and there wasn’t any foul language in it; then something went wrong and the site reloaded on my mini and now the comment is gone. Can you do me a favor and check to see if that comment has just vanished or is it still in moderation.

  630. Correct.

    Lin is not overthinking in the slightest.

    If Lin doesn’t think, that’s BAD FOR HIM AND THE TEAM.

    The traps that NBA defenses lay out for Lin are far more sophisticated than fans realize. They become even harder to crack if teammates are not moving to the right spots or hitting their shots.

    One day, it would be nice for Lin to play for a coach that actually knows what defenses are doing against him. The last time that happened for Lin was in NY with Mike Woodson, but that lasted only 25 games.

  631. let me check….if you had been naughty?! πŸ˜‰

  632. haha, especially first 3 Q. When I saw Kobe passing the ball just like an average role player. I was thrilled.

  633. Heh heh.

    I actually AGREED with Price being subbed in for Lin!

    The refs were trying hard to cheat the Lakers out of the win by hitting Lin with calls. I wanted Lin OUTTA THERE so that the blame could not be pinned on Lin.

    By the way, I am like the only Lin fan who agreed with McHale subbing Lin against Lillard in the playoffs. I figured that if Lin was on the court, he’d have been hit with phantom fouls by the biased refs and Lillard would’ve had either a 3 or 4 point play!

    I watched a Spurs-Suns game in person early this season. The refs cheated Tim Duncan and Tony Parker just as badly as they cheated Lin, and it turned the game from a 20+ point Spurs blowout to a 5 point Suns victory. When I saw that deliberately biased refereeing, it angered me so much that I have refused to go to Suns home games despite me being a Suns half season ticket holder!

    This is a TV contract year for the NBA, so the refs have been told to make sure that home teams are protected in their own arenas. The bad teams can’t have visiting teams waltzing in and blowing them out on their home courts – that would kill ticket attendance and reduce revenue for individual teams. But the biased refereeing is ruining the game.

  634. It was a great game by Kobe. But, I’d be surprised, pleasantly so, if he were to keep playing like the way he did last night.

  635. OK, done

  636. If I was an opponent, I’d target Lin too defensively.

    The refs are so biased against Lin, he doesn’t even have to make physical contact to have a foul called against him especially late in games.

    I’d run my entire offense against Lin and ride the refs to make sure that they cheat the Lakers.

  637. If you’ve found it and approve of its contents, pleas post it as a new comment above. Thanks

  638. But he seemed pretty sure it was Lin that Kobe was yelling at, not Nick Young. I thought it was Nick Young, but “Damon Houston” poster said he was at the game and he’s pretty sure it was Lin.

  639. Kobe PRACTICED.

    In home games, Kobe always misses practice. So the team isn’t used to playing with him.

    But on the road, Kobe Bryant is forced to be with the team and can’t just escape to his mansion while Scott runs the team ragged!

    When Kobe practices with the Lakers, the Lakers play better.

  640. He is.

  641. Lin can EASILY handle the yelling if the team is WINNING.

  642. JLin Stat POLL Results
    Although noone guessed 15p/10a, the closest one to the impact would be 22p/7a if we count 1 assist = 2pts (35points ~ 36points)

    So there are 4 people who guessed 22p/7a and won the bragging rights πŸ™‚

    1. Barry Allen
    2. James (2nd win)
    3. J
    4. Pops

    I think everyone was a 1st time winner, except for James who won the 2nd one

  643. Lin and the Lakers had a great game last night. BUT – let’s temper our expectations a bit for tonight’s game against the Rockets.

    The Rockets are still a pretty good team, and the Lakers will be playing the second game of a back-to-back. It’s very difficult for teams to win that second game. There are stats for this – teams have a much lower winning percentage in those games.

    And JLin tends to struggle in second games of back to backs.

    If the Lakers don’t win or if Lin struggles, hopefully we won’t lose the positive momentum from last night’s game.

    With all that said, though, stats can’t predict games with 100% accuracy. I’m still hopeful that Lin will have a good game, especially since he played well at Toyota Arena when he was with the Rockets

    He needs to handle Beverley’s on-ball pressure and get screens and picks from his teammates to help him get free from Beverley. If that occurs, Lin should get a lot of open looks to take a good shot or make a great pass for an assist.

  644. I think that is what hawks did in the late 4 q against Lin, Teague started to doing CP3’s type of drawing foul trick against Lin.

  645. It’s all up to Lin’s teammates.

    If they cut to open spots and play teamball like they did, them Lin will have his typical good game and the Lakers can beat the Rockets easily.

  646. From Acbc – 26 minutes ago

    It took 5 games for KOBE to let lin run and win first game. It took only 3 this time. So it’s progress. Will it take only 2 this time? I
    hope not, but I’m ready for it if it happens. KOBE is KOBE, he’ll do it only when he’s finally ready to let go and allow lin to help him win the scoring title with less wear and tear. It will take at least 20-25 games IMO for Kobe to finally see and accept that.

    I truly hope it happens much sooner but human nature and aging alpha athletes don’t ever do things by logic…they do things with self prophecy and delusion of grandure, of greatness. They delude themselves to believe they can control fate, control Father Time, control chance and yet they are the most superstitious, to the point that they will eat the same thing at
    the same restaurant at the same time, not walk on lines, or not even shave.

    There is no logic to it. A sports psychologist asked a college basketball player about how he could demand the ball after going
    cold like Kobe’s 1/14. His answer was as twisted and illogical as their impregnable self belief. The player said that he’s a 50% shooter.In his mind 1/14 means only that he’s due 13 times over. The psychologist then asked the player “what if you were 14/1 and the last shot meant winning the game, would you then give the shot to another teammate? The player just laught and said “no way, I’m in the zone, I’m just hot then.”

  647. Posted above

  648. Not fair… I protest! Double-double is eligible for whatever the “asteroid” thingy!

  649. Check this video. It’s Young.

  650. I don’t know about beating the Rockets easily.

    If Lin struggles and/or the Lakers struggle, I just don’t want people to get down and think last night’s game didn’t mean much. Lin fans get so high after a good game and so low after a bad game. For the sake of our mental health, lol, it would be good for us to be more even keeled in our reactions to JLin’s games.

  651. Creative but too vague :]
    “Asteroid-thingy” can be 15/10 or 38/7 and will win either way LOL
    Otherwise, Linsanity would qualify too.. haha

    Let’s give it a consolation bragging prize: “Honorary Winners!” for Linsanity and Astronomical Stats

  652. that aint my problem, ask the guy who put it up?!

  653. word

  654. could you repost that phase, pls. πŸ™‚ That was so catchy

  655. That is a very big IF. But if they did what KH said. I can see them beating ROX easily

  656. Biased refereeing and their immunity from bad calls is ruining the game. It’s like a legal trial where objections are NOT allowed.

  657. It does not matter, Lin is not afraid of Kobe

  658. Question for you guys: Do you think Lin could have taken around 3 shots per each quarter in 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters, if he wanted to, even after 1st quarter in which he took around 4 shots and made them all? I noted that his teammates did set a single half picks (were not really impressed by these picks), but those shots became available mostly due to the willingness of Lin to take them, especially short to mid-range jumpers and one 3 when Teague backed off him. Since Lin got 12 points and then took and made only one more shot (a 3 point shot), were there no opportunities to take more shots, or did Lin just pass the ball instead? I only saw highlights except for the 4 minutes of 1st half. It looked like after 1st quarter he could have gone off for 30+ points. The quality of Lin’s assists were really fantastic this game due to his attacking the rim, especially to Davis.

  659. He clearly does not want to take the shot. Most of his shots yesterday are created by himself. Not off the pick.

  660. This is where I would be very happy to be wrong and for you to be right, lol.

  661. He could have taken as much as he wanted and he had the ability to do so and was doing it on the game.

    I’m guessing here, his agenda is somewhat different, he just intentionally didnt want to take more shots. He worked hard on defense and getting his teammates on defense as well.

  662. I watched the entire game, and I don’t remember a play in which I thought Lin passed up an easy shot.

    In the third quarter, he made just one shot I believe, but he had a GREAT quarter in terms of play-making. Even Kobe Bryant said Lin played very well in the third.

    In the fourth, it was Kobe iso time, so Lin didn’t have the ball in his hands much. And he only played about 6 minutes or so in the fourth.

  663. It depends on what you mean by easy shots.

  664. Easy shots – good looks, subjective? Probably. But, here’s where I go with JLin’s judgment on this one, and the fact that he shot 6 for 7 meant he was doing something right in terms of shot selection.

  665. If there are only easy shots, Lin might be taking less than 5 shots in some games; that’s my concern. Clearly, there needs to be effort by his teammates, coach and Lin himself for Lin to get decent shots; but I am wondering without picks, PnRs, whether Lin can create enough shots (around 10 shots) for him to reach 14 or 15 points per game?

  666. No, I know. I am talking about there were ample of chances that he could just shoot. Not tough shots at all if he took it. Not the best shots in those possessions either for sure.

  667. HOU Pre-Game Thread+Poll is open.
    Cast your vote and prediction.

    I voted 21/8 as his teammates get a bit tired so he picks up the scoring load.
    JLin plays inspired with adrenaline against Houston in the old stomping ground!


  668. See, if he made let’s say only 4 of 7 (which would be the usual percentage), then Lin would have ended up with around 10 points this game. Is that bad? Not necessarily because he had many high quality assists. But it doesn’t look good in terms of stats.

  669. You needed to have watched the whole game. Getting a double-double is better, imo, than scoring 22 and dishing out just 2 or 3 assists.

    Lin was taking a balanced approach to the game, shooting or play-making depending on what the defense was giving him. He was fantastic in terms of decision-making, and the LA Laker announcers said this was the best game Lin played all season.

  670. Lin is leading by example, as all great leaders do. He doesn’t need the glory, he wants to share the glory.

  671. 0.0….

  672. word, but I do think he is aware of one thing. That his own production has to be enough too.

  673. Then, it does seem that around 12.5 points will be what Lin will be getting this season. Maybe 7 assists. 9 shots per game. That’s efficient for sure, but his stat will be around 12~13/7 for the season. Actually, those stats look somewhat like Lin’s stats in Houston, maybe slightly better in terms of assists. I think he had 6.2 assists with Rockets one season.

  674. I think if it was 4/7, he would have take more shots.

  675. Right, the best game is not always the highest scoring game or the lowest TO game. He made big plays and changing momentum plays and he got Hill, Davis and Boozer easy looks while playing nice PnR with Kobe. The only thing that was a little bit off was his defense and him getting into foul trouble.

  676. hard to say, every team gameplans Lin differently

  677. There’s the rub – a 10 point, 10 assist game is a really good game for a point guard, imo, but, it doesn’t look flashy from the stat-line point of view, where the emphasis is on scoring.

    In some ways, I think people who emphasize scoring want Lin to be a shooting guard rather than a point guard, where the emphasis really isn’t just on scoring, but on running plays and play-making as well. But, Lin really has a point-guard mindset, not like a Rondo, but more like Chris Paul.

    In the end, I thought Lin played one of his best all around games, and really not much to dissect in terms of what he could’ve done better.

  678. I see where you are coming from….his net was negative…true

  679. Yeah, maybe 2 more. πŸ™‚

  680. about that number, but this is really game/team specific.

  681. what do you mean by that?

  682. I am not coming from the perspective that he HAS to get 15 points, but I would like to see him get 15 points and maybe 6 to 7 assists this season, but it does depend on how many shots he takes, hopefully easy to decent shots.

  683. I think he can score more as he becomes more familiar with the offense and his teammates. But, over the course of his career, he tends to average about 11 shots a game.

  684. Not in LAL. They ran at a slower pace.

  685. Lol. Glass completely empty outlook!

  686. I was referring to Off/Deff Net rating…(refresh page)

  687. I agree it was one of his best games, if not the best. And I agree 10/10 is darn good. But all I am saying is that Lin isn’t going to get 10/10 by taking 7 shots or even 9 shots per game. If someone told me Lin’s average for the season will be 10/10 right now, I would take it, don’t get me wrong. But how many shots does he need to take to get those stats? I certainly don’t think Lin will average 10 assists for this season; at best 7 assists, I would think.

  688. I see

  689. Like Ryan Higa said, he can not even see the glass

  690. Lin tends to average about 11 shots a game throughout his career, so I expect he’ll end up close to that by season’s end.

    As for what his PPG will be by season’s end, around 13 PPG sounds about right if we’re conservative, and high end – 15 ppg?

  691. Agreed. Specifically, how many shots does Lin need to take to get 10/10 stat for the season, or even 12/7? Not trying to argue; just trying to see what he needs to do.

  692. Lol.

  693. The glory doesnt come if you are not a Leader. One has to be a leader first and then sharing glory comes to you. So as Brent said, He need to take care of his own production as well, enough to see him as a leader

  694. To be clear, I don think he needs to. But I think he knows he has to maintain a certain productions on this team.

  695. And thats the point Rox was harping on, that Jeremy is a NET negative. Its a narrow perspective but still those are numbers as well.

  696. It’s a balancing act for sure. I think he knows what he’s doing.

    It’s like dancing with my wife who is such a strong willed woman. She’s a self made woman in the world of men, strong willed and powerful. Which is why I fell for her. It’s a battle to lead her on the dance floor or in life. Whenever she steps on my toes, she reminds me that it’s my fault for wanting to live with someone who doesn’t hold back or have her own opinions. We’ve built something beautiful becasue of that dance.

    I think lin and KOBE can build something great as well

  697. No, thinking too much has nothing to do with basketball IQ. It’s when a player is thinking and second guess himself and hesitates in the flow of the game. Players understand this and the words over-thinking is the closest you can get to what happens to a high IQ player in a game. So…relaxing and letting the game come to you is how a Great Player works. Of course they think, but in balance with what the game is giving them in the moment.

    I agree. When Lin has a player tight on him in defense; he has a harder time, and that’s when his coach sets up his teammates to help him out to get him free. Picks, anyone? You see this type of play for guards like Curry, which in turns tires out the opposing teams PG. Lin comes against teams that play this type of D on him and we see his numbers go down. Lakers need to adjust their offense to free up Lin and in turn good things will happen for his teammates.

  698. There will be times that teams just let Lin shoots. he will get a lot of points and lose the game.

  699. Not arguing or saying this was not a good game; it clearly was. Just trying to see how many shots per game will get Lin 10/10 stat or even 12/7 stat for the season.

  700. That’s what I am saying, he knows what he is doing, including shoot it or not

  701. Haven’t seen one yet, but would like to see one with Lakers.

  702. So, assuming 11 shots per game or lower with Lakers, what stat do you think Lin will end up with this season?

  703. because they have a bigger target in Kobe. So far, most team are just trying the shutting down Lin while let Kobe ISO.

  704. Based on 11 shots or fewer shots per game for Lin, and assuming Lin will get around 8 assists (high end), it almost seems like Lin’s stats is like Rubio’s stats because Rubio takes around 10 shots per game and gets 10 shots and around 9 ~ 10 assists. I guess that’s good stats because Rubio is deemed close to an All-Star based on those stats.

  705. You do know there is a new thread right? LOL

  706. No, I didn’t. I will post there then.

  707. Rubio is deemed like that because he is Rubio

  708. No, I think ‘Damon Houston’ is right. He’s a big Lin fan. If you look closely, Young is nodding his head the whole time Bryant is ranting, as if in agreement & Bryant is looking beyond Young. It also looks like Boozer is a few seats over from young( can see a a glimpse of his baldness in between players ). It may be Lin in between Young/Boozer that Bryant is screaming/pointing finger at. Maybe because Bryant didn’t think Lin made effort to switch over to block the 3 pt?
    It was cringe worthy to see Bryant out of control toward another team mate, no matter who it was aimed at, especially when it was his man to guard. smh

  709. My favorite plays from Hawks game:

    1Q Jeremy fast break 1 on 4, dribbling under control. When he sees the defenders on their heels, bursts through the defenders arms picking up the foul while protecting the ball. Never had to jump in the air and take a hard fall. That’s what he needs to do more of, picking up the foul on the floor and getting a continuation shot attempt for and-1.

    2Q Lin to Boozer, so classic Lin. Like a QB lofting a deep touch pass.

    3Q 5:15 Lin got doubled/trapped, but read it and passed to an open Hill. This is what the Lakers need to get their chemistry down for. Most teams have figured out the way to disrupt Lin is to double team/trap him. Lin and Lakers have to make them pay by anticipating it and being in position so Lin has an angle to pass out of it just as the double arrives.

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