G11 LAL @ ATL Game Thread

All Lin fans are waiting in anticipation on how Jeremy will respond to his 0pts/1ast game. Will he follow his usual pattern of following a bad game with an inspired aggressive game? Or will he continue to get frustrated by a myriad of Lakers problems (Kobe ISOs, bad defense, unreliable bench)?

I think Jeremy will redeem his bad game with a good one, maybe a great one. But as he often says when he’s pumped up, we’ll say “Let’s Go, Jeremy!”

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  1. First!

  2. second male

  3. congrats 4 getting your 1st First!

  4. U fast bruh

  5. THANK YOU and ALL for all your support …..

    Now I can put the argument that NY server is slow to rest. πŸ˜‰

  6. I’ve been busy. But I just checked the stat sheet and Price has more assists than Jeremy? Wtf. Lin will go 20/5+. I feeeeeel it

  7. Most of Price minutes are when Kobe on the bench.

  8. LOL

  9. I hope Lin can have his O in 1st half bc he maybe will not play in 4Q again unless it’s close game.

  10. So now we know it was Price spoke up.

  11. Link?

  12. Thanks bud

  13. Not sure if that is good news or bad news….

  14. interesting article: http://www.sportsonearth.com/article/101782848/kobe-bryant-nba-shots-scoring-los-angeles-lakers

    most interesting part for me

    “…..It’s a fascinating conundrum: Kobe Bryant says he wants to win, so he believes he must constantly shoot. Kobe Bryant’s teammates say they want to win, so they want him to stop constantly shooting.
    So who’s right? That leads us to our third fact.

    3.The Lakers are better with Bryant on the bench.

    According to Sporting Charts, Kobe Bryant’s current plus-minus is -130. Of the 407 players they track in the NBA, that is … 407th. That’s dead last. Luc Richard Mbah a Moute is better than that.

    The Lakers, coming into tonight’s game against Atlanta, have been outscored by a total of 105 points this year. You can probably see where this is going. When Kobe Bryant has been on the floor, the Lakers have been outscored by 130 points. When he has not been on the floor, they have outscored their opponents by 25 points. Now, plus-minus isn’t a perfect stat … but it’s difficult to deny those numbers.

    In Basketball Reference’s per 100 possession stats, Kobe Bryant has an offensive rating — an estimate of points produced per 100 possessions — of 99. This is ninth place on the Lakers. (He’s actually tied for ninth with Sacre.) Here are the Lakers players putting together more efficient per 100 possession numbers than Kobe right now: Ryan Kelly, Wayne Ellington, Ed Davis, Jordan Hill, Wesley Johnson, Jeremy Lin, Carlos Boozer and Jordan Clarkson. (He’s also 11th in defensive efficiency per 100 possessions, if you’re counting.)

    Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t that the most shocking thing? I mean, think about it: Kobe Bryant — a Hall of Famer, one of the top 20 players of all-time, a man with five championships — thinks the only way his team won’t be embarrassed is if he completely takes over … and according to the efficiency numbers, he probably shouldn’t be starting. Now, that’s an exaggeration: Kobe’s obviously the most talented player on his team. But lots of guys are the most talented guy on their team. (Thirty, in fact.) None of them shoot every time they get the ball. This makes Kobe’s protests that he doesn’t want to shoot so much, but simply he has to, so entertainingly wrong: It’s like Kobe is saying, “I don’t want to keep hitting myself in the face. But you’re making me do it. [SLAP]”

    Kobe Bryant is making his team so much worse. He’s killing his team by trying to save it. …”

  15. My #1 question is who can guard Kyle Korver from draining 3s?

    So far Kyle Korver hit 16 out of 24 3s at home (66%!)

  16. Please his D it’s not good either… smh!

  17. I suppose price has a better vantage point since he is watching it happen from the bench.

  18. Predicting Lin with 16 pts, 5 ast. Expecting Kobe to do a little less hogging today after their dinner (at least for one game).

    ATL and LAL have similar Off Rtg of 104, but Def Rtg is 10 pts diff. Predicting ATL win by 10, 115-105.

  19. maybe he started the apology session :]

    But kudos to him for being man enough to speak up while his contract might not be extended soon

  20. kawhi leonard. oh, you mean a Laker?

  21. They stand no chance doing so

  22. so you doubt Price with his shoes? :]

  23. He only has 2 shoes. LOL

  24. that’s why he spoke up earlier to borrow more shoes LOL

  25. No wonder!

  26. Will be Linsanity!!

  27. I’ll be happy with 16/5 :p

  28. Good one!
    But that’s next year for Lin πŸ˜€

  29. Steve Nash. He can easily block the ball with his driver.

  30. wow, Kobe is really the last one in the NBA at +/- at -130? *jaw-dropped*

  31. W Young I am not so sure but want to look at bright side like you in that group dinner w Lin’s favor restaurant so maybe good thing will happen then…

  32. Oh darn, I forgot about the Nick Young factor. Revising Lin’s assists down to 3 based on Nick Young’s misses. =p

  33. I always say +/- is trash, but being the last across the whole NBA is really something.

  34. Young’s AS will not go to Lin it’s either Kobe or Price..

  35. Congrats. Didn’t even know there was a new thread after 20 min became a fact. LOL Very very very slow day from DU:-) Actually I was responding on the other thread.

  36. That’s why I said Kobe is breaking all NBA records in both lefts and rights. Good on him that he didn’t care anyway. He is KOBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. I just got home from my commute and first thing I did was turned on my Mac and went straight to this page. It felt so good. πŸ˜‰

  38. He is fighting for his starting PG job. smh! Hope Lin can have good game today or he will be in trouble to keep his job after all….

  39. Jeremy Lin warming up! pic.twitter.com/XHyKko9pS1— Brian Reynolds (@bareynolds10) November 18, 2014

  40. They spear headed Ronnie? What an awful thing to do.

  41. My prediction: If Kobe has more than 30+ FGA, then JLin is 6pts/4asts. If Kobe has around 20 FGAs, then JLin is….. LOL Can’t remember the number. It’s either 16/18pts and 4-5 asts. I should add on Young possibility as well as if JLin is benched……

  42. It is a matter of time that Lin will start a coup, well if BS keeps Lin on the court. As KHuang mentioend before, Lin needs to take over the team.

    I think Lakers wants someone to stand up to Kobe. No one will do that, not FO, not the management, not even BS. They don’t want to be the bad guy. So it is up to Lin now.

  43. Ya I know. Feel good to beat all the regular firsts:-)

  44. So Lin has to be the bad guy too? LOL They really not paying him enough.

  45. Saw this news the other day but couldn’t read the content but now this. WOW!

  46. only way I see that happening is if Kobe is out for a few games or the season.

  47. His own kid?

  48. Heard he was cleared?

  49. We’ve learned the Cobb County PD in Georgia now has an active criminal investigation into allegations he beat his 6-year-old son Braylon with a belt buckle.

    Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2014/11/18/dwight-howard-abuse-case-child-criminal-investigation/#ixzz3JT4F7Wpm

  50. M…..terrible

  51. What does not kill you makes u stronger…..well I believe more on what Kills you makes you very dead.

  52. He is not that softy or p***y afterall

  53. Well hitting a kid means he is worse afterall

  54. But if you can still walk, you will become a walking dead.

  55. “Howard admits he hit his kid with a belt, but says he didn’t know it was wrong because he was hit as a kid.” WOW Can’t believe he is such an ignorance of this.

  56. Good news that Nash might rejoin the team to mentor guys soon.
    Finally! I have high hope Nash can whisper what to do on court to Lin during games.


  57. I doubt a walking dead can walk after been spearheaded…

  58. Was being sarcastic. Maybe Kobe & K Durant knew about this.

  59. That’s my high hope. Help JLin how to “play” with Kobe ball.

  60. Broken team rebuilding, check. Not so good team to play against, check, Kobe playing and shooting like no tomorrow to catch MJ, check. Stellar team D against yourself, check. Stellar all man for your self O, check. Reality, check. OK, Lin to rise to the ultimate challenge of his life, check.

  61. The Kobe problem may be unsolvable, but Lin could still benefit a ton from Nash.

  62. this could be potentially be a similar case to Adrian Peterson (NFL star) who got suspended for the season for kid disciplining gone wrong

  63. yeah usually I take it with a huge grain of salt but this this is something with meaning.

  64. Nash: “So guys this is how I swing a golf club……also remember to keep your back straight when carrying heavy bags.”

  65. Rule #1. don’t carry ur own luggage.

  66. Pretty sad .

  67. I know. At least help him to “deal” with how to survive Kobe ball quicker and move fast forward even more in his development.

  68. He can’t handle the truth.

  69. not to be a downer, but Nash was basically doing the same thing Lin is doing right now but even less than Lin did when Nash played next to Kobe.

    Nash has no advice to offer Lin.

  70. My predictions for JLin – I think he either scores 13 points or 19 points. I’m reaching here, but I’ll be optimistic tonight and say Lin scores 19 points tonight

    Optimistic prediction:
    19 points
    6-13 FG shooting
    2 for 5 Three point shooting
    5-5 at the free throw line
    5 assists

    Conservative prediction:
    13 points
    4-9 FG shooting
    1 for 3 on threes
    4-5 at the free throw line
    4 assists

  71. I know. I even know this when I studied in US 30 years ago. He wasn’t even born when I first arrived in US. Lost my words on his ignorance…..

  72. This is also hilarious on Joakim Noah heckling Griffin :]


  73. You had me at predictions.

  74. Royce is a known hot mess. D12 makes poor life decisions when it comes to choosing women to impregnate.

  75. actually beating up kids makes him a really soft p**y in my book, because they are helpless and can’t fight back

  76. it was not just a belt but the belt buckle end of the belt.

  77. Well, Nash may offer some advice to Lin, but I don’t know how much of an impact it will have on JLin’s game. Probably not much.

  78. Nash still knows how to get his points/asts when playing with Kobe.

    So I’m hopeful Nash can teach Lin how to get a good contract next year even if the Lakers go 10-72

  79. 16.2 points

    book it

  80. I know and the way he defended himself. WOW! Unbelievable. Not only made light of what he has done and then played an ignorant card were just too much.

  81. that was my point, he didn’t get points and assist playing next to Kobe. I watched every game. He produced less than what Lin is averaging!

  82. “I think he either scores 13 points or 19 points.”

    hmm, that’s rather odd

  83. nash’s bags beg to differ.

  84. I saw the video clip of that, Jack was just looking up at the screen. Probably just got a screen capture when he was blinking.

  85. Ha! Even I get it.

  86. Nash has nothing to show Lin verbally. Lin said himself he learns most from observing Nash play live.

  87. here in the south spare the rod spoil the child is a normal child rearing behavior. mostly accepted but there are ways to ‘hit’ a child that are ‘preferred’ switch across legs _ok, slap to face not ok, belt on back or bottom generally accepted if only one or two smack and not full force by grown man, use of belt buckle out of the question.

    BTW I only smacked my daughter once on bottom but grew up with parents and teachers hitting us all the time πŸ™

    had one teacher with a planed down baseball bat with holes in it… he would hit your rear like he was hitting a home run and leave round welts on you… sadist.

  88. I see Nash still averaged 12.7p/6.7a in the 1st year.
    Not much but still better than Lin’s 11.7p/4.4a now

    If anything, being a sounding board will help Lin to vent and not get frustrated.

  89. Nash: “It’s all about the follow through.”
    Lin: “OK”
    Nash: “Visualize the ball going into the hole.”
    Lin: “You mean the basket?”
    Nash: “No, the picnic basket stays in the cart. Try to focus on the game here.”

  90. Thanks for the explanation but still mind-boggling though.

  91. yeah, that can apply to both golf and bags :]
    Maintain a good spine angle LOL

  92. Atlanta has one of the worst home crowds in the NBA. Worse even than Houston’s.

  93. WOW Have TWC feed this time.

  94. swaggy backs thank god

  95. hitting kid with belt buckle is an enraged adult not thinking… that is called child abuse.

  96. Nice !
    Nash will also be good to mentor Lin for his future Senior PGA Tour LOL

  97. “How to get paid playing golf 101”

    Nash will get paid $9.7M this year playing golf. That’s more than Tiger Woods earned playing golf the past 2 seasons combined ($8.7M)

  98. Had some of it when I was young. That was in late 60s and to mid 70s. Somehow my dad stopped. Not sure what happened but the damage was done. We were scarred by the experiences. We still talked about it periodically how it affected us….

  99. What’s the point of practicing 15 footers when he never takes them in a game?


  101. not fair though, lost of garbage time that Kobe not playing.


  103. Nice info!
    And that’s only because Tiger didn’t try to carry his wife’s bag like Nash did to his fiancee :]

  104. For today.

  105. Giving lessons on how to throw shoes and round house to head.

  106. Lexus Keys to the Game – Where’s JEREMY?

    For the love of egg sandwich, HE’S ON THE FLOOR.The question is WHERE IS THE BALL?

  107. You gotta relax. He won’t be benched.

  108. still valid q

  109. I know…

  110. The south for sure, but I was raised in Cali by parents from the rural midwest and pretty much the same discipline traditions prevailed. What we kind of took for granted as kids is now more or less reportable to child services. Not saying it’s OK….just that the story might not be as it’s portrayed by the highly reputable news source TMZ.

  111. Let me guess, GG=good game. GL=good love. HF=high five! πŸ˜€


    that was a great pass by Lin πŸ™

  113. Ugh.. Johnson is the second option in offense AGAIN

  114. nice move by Milsap

  115. Lakers don’t look super outclassed for a change.

  116. Wow.. Millsap is burying Boozer alive

  117. finally Boozer hits from Lin

  118. good news, the Lakers haven’t been blown out yet.

  119. Finally a pass from Kobe and 2 from J

  120. Atlanta is beatable, definitely.

  121. nice steal and assist by Kobe

  122. what I’m seeing better scheme. better space.

  123. Hahahaha.

  124. 3 3 3

  125. Telling you. Lin going for 20 tonight!!

  126. Pull up 3 for Jeremy. Very nice.

    2-2, 5 points.

  127. yaaaaaaaa!

  128. Nah, Lin will go for 19 points, since that’s what I predicted, lol

  129. good for Lin so far..

  130. Good defense by Lin

  131. Feast on the east.

    Eastern conference teams are very beatable.

  132. 33 pts and 3 assists?

  133. The defensive effort was there for 3-4 minutes. Boozer, Wes starting to take it easy again. That was fast.

  134. in adjustment hill not shooting mid j. he is looking to pass. also boozer and wes setting up low in the paint if lin drives. what i wanted if not change the lineup alter the scheme. scotts did that

  135. BS, please don’t take out Jeremy at 6~7 min mark and play Kobe entire Q1.

  136. hahaha. I will go to 38+ then.

  137. young

  138. 2 missed free throws, missed an easy layup right at the rim. sigh wes.

  139. No wonder Jordan Hill just shoots jumpers. His post up move sucks.

  140. He’s trying to be LMA

  141. OMG he just lost it by himself trying to post up.

  142. Lin with the practice 3!

  143. Lin made that 3 even though it dint count. Form looks good. Needs to keep shooting 3’s

  144. Interesting line up.

  145. Lin’s shot is on tonight..

  146. LIN GOING FOR 20!!

  147. YES! Jeremy!

  148. lol

  149. and1

  150. Going for 40!

  151. Lin’s line so far

    3-3, 8 points

  152. Woo, 3 point play by Lin! Nice!

  153. He took out Milsap too.

  154. Impressive 1 on 4 take and terrible defense by Atlanta

  155. i like the way they are playing

  156. And Jeremy goes to the bench. It’s okay, it’s his normal time to come out.

  157. Jhil atakckin the board. Nice to see.

  158. Go JLin. You can do it to 38+

  159. Yeah, that is huge.

  160. LOL, my stream is like 10 seconds slow. So reading the comments is like looking into the future.

  161. actually a little later since young is back

  162. Why are you taking Lin out now? Seriously?

  163. Lin OUT???!!!! Scott you…grrrr…

  164. I know. Can’t believe it.

  165. BS actually kept him in longer than usual.

  166. Lin is 3-3, getting hot, playing in rhythm and is taken out?

  167. lolreally 48 minutes then

  168. To force the Price-Davis plays

  169. normal rotation. Chillax, dude. lol.

  170. Does Scott not know any other rotation than what he’s been doing? goodGreif

  171. because young is back he can be the sixth man

  172. The refs are on the lakers side haha

  173. Jeremy has taken 3 shots! Thats already more than he took the entire 1st half last game.
    Progress! XD

  174. Just once, I want to see him take out Kobe first and let Lin play entire first quarter.

  175. I’ll take 28, but 38 is good for me too.

  176. Lin is hot now, the coach has to know his person ell..

  177. its Kobe’s team, not Lin’s. Scott is not coaching just to win alone. He’s coaching to win but making sure Kobe looks good enough doing so. Problem is it’s proven to be too hard to do that.

  178. the whole game you mean he was 0-2

  179. Great job so far by Lin!

  180. I have a feeling the Lakers will go on a winning streak towards Xmas. They cannot put a 1-20 team on TV on xmas day. The NBA is somewhat rigged.

  181. Try to force my wish on JLin if he has the same wavelength as me:-)

  182. Enough of forcing the Price-Davis plays. I want to see the J-Ed PnR!

  183. lol omg you’re right, I just checked. I dont know why I thought he took 4.

  184. He got toooooo warm. Gotta cool him off, so….

  185. relax davis played with lin and young. they just didn’t use him

  186. this is Kobe’s team. Scott doesn’t want to lose control.

  187. BS won’t change. He wants to prove his pt for Price as priceless defense.

  188. Nick Young looking rusty but not shy about shooting. LOL.

  189. Nick Young looks like Kobe-lite. Which is not necessarily a good thing.

  190. lol yea he is a shooter

  191. Teague has been a ghost so far

  192. Kobe playing teamball, sort of. I’ll take it.

  193. SHUT DOWN by Lin. Really.

  194. That was fast

  195. Shhh… I’m at work…

  196. It’ll change soon…Price is in. lol

  197. I’m glad Price missed that shot, lol.

  198. *quietly* thank you……

  199. What’s your bosses number?

  200. why

  201. Sorry but he’s married

  202. nice shot by Kobe.

  203. Refs are cheating the Hawks. Lmao.

  204. lol.

    Is it me or does Robin Lundberg look like Jay Leno in that picture?

  205. Haha, I ALWAYS thought that.

  206. Robin Lundberg rivals my admiration for Jeremy.

  207. ZZZING

  208. I feel sorry for the Hawks they are trying to rig this for the Lakers. I guess it’s only fair since Lakers got cheated so many times this season already!

  209. Price 3P% now at 14%

  210. He puts my LOFing to shame.
    Love the dude.

  211. the price is WRONG.

  212. He’s a 26.2% shooter. Slightly below average I must say.

  213. That was such a nice fast break – totally under control. Almost euro-stepping to the basket.

  214. Yeah.

    25.6% after that last shot.

  215. The Lakers are playing like a team. The basketball gods must have heard my prayers.

  216. Kobe passes!

    Nice shot by Nick Young. What a play.

  217. Clutch 3 by Young.

  218. You could see all the Hawks trying so hard to keep up with lightning Lin.

  219. Price is actually older than his shooting percentage! Lol. How sad.

  220. Kobe passes to Nick Young for the last shot of the quarter?! is this NBA 2k15?!

  221. after 1Q, Lin with 8 pts, 3-3 fg, 1-1 3pt, 1-1 ft, 1 reb, 1 ast, 0 to, +6, 8 mins.

    Lakers up by 11, but don’t worry, they can give that up in a blink of an eye.

  222. They looked like they were in slo-mo, lol.

  223. he can do that

  224. Not to mention the other 4 old lakers.

  225. If Kobe does his iso crap yes! Actually he did for a while with the 2nd unit cause Lin was out with 2 more points than him!

  226. If the Lakers lose this I’m going to blame the bigs. Hawks doesn’t rebound and, except Millsap, don’t have any interior presence.

  227. Agree 100000000000000%

  228. wes and hills shots lower which is good

  229. I wouldn’t be surprised honestly…

  230. Why doesn’t Lin get to start 2nd quarter especially when he’s got the hot hand?

  231. Price with the good D….

  232. He’s not going to play the entire second. And he shouldn’t.

  233. Imminent Lakers collapse?

  234. What was the starting lineup this game, did BS make changes?

  235. He was too hot.

  236. nope

  237. Kobe got to finish 1st quarter so Lin should at least be able to start 2nd with the 2nd unit. BS sits him too long compared all other starters in fact Lin has the least number of minutes out of starters.

  238. Second unit blowing the lead.

  239. No change. Same lineup.

  240. I think this is what BS and Worthy consider as tough defense.

  241. Time for Jeremy to come back in.

  242. Boozer pretending to play defense.

  243. this is Kobe’s team. Lin is just support staff.

  244. Jeremy remove that shirt…

    I mean the warm up shirt. Time for you to come back in.

  245. It’s not a competition between Kobe and Lin.

  246. its 1 game

  247. Price-Davis just doesn’t work. Face it BS, your boy’s no good.

  248. good correction was about to say wrong website lol

  249. that’s what she said

  250. Price is priceless to BS.

  251. YOung is feelin it

  252. I think he’s made some nice passes, but his offense is non-existent.

  253. Sick of witnessing BS’ infatuation of Price.

  254. Finally Jeremy is removing that shirt!

  255. Less Price, more Lin-Davis alley oops please.


  257. heh, whats it been 8 whole minutes of Jeremy sitting?

  258. Hill you are 6 foot 10, go strong to the basket and dunk the damn ball.

  259. I’m gonna go ahead and order what you’re having.

  260. not lins team, kobe show

  261. Price love.

  262. Interesting, I asked cause I see alot of starters playing with 2nd unit right now especially the lazy bigs, Hill and Boozer along with Wes Johnson but Johnson has always got to play more minutes with the 2nd unit.

  263. nice stl lin!!!

  264. NICE PASSS LIN!!!!

  265. LOL


  267. It’s the Jeremy Lin show! Wow.

  268. Boozer crashing the boards hard after the Hill long 2 guaranteed miss.

  269. if Kobe plays team ball for 10 games in a row, we can start to built real hope. One game here and there out of 10 games of Kobe playing team ball is nothing to get excited about.

    So for now, we just have to hope Lin can push the pace and get some stats and chuck the ball at the rim enough for our liking.

  270. Can you guys find a stream with Lakers commentators? These Atlanta commentators are hurting my ears with their ignorant comments.

  271. This is the Jeremy Lin we know! Woo hoo!

  272. Great quick steal and assist to Kobe.

    Linstant Impact!

  273. Busy watching

  274. Lin is shredding the Hawks defense. This is what I want to see.

  275. no it’s the kobe show, manufactured πŸ™‚

  276. Lincredible, really.

  277. That pass to Boozer was slick.

  278. WOW Wonderful plays of JLin. Continue!

  279. Davis must not be enjoying playing with Price, his productivity is way down. He knows who gives him strong PNR mojo!

  280. What are they saying?

  281. That was a Linsanity pass.

  282. Seriously for the game vs Rockets, I want Stu Lance to be the commentator. I’m hoping too much.

  283. I’m sure some idiots are saying Lin should have shot instead of passing to Kobe and Boozer, lol.

  284. Finally we see it!

  285. Who are the two Lin haters announcing for the Hawks game? When Lin came back in he got a foul and they said the player against Lin should get going cause of “weak defense”. Then right after Lin got a steal on him and. LOL I was like in you face haters! And they’re still spilling that stupid speech about how Lin can guard that Hawks player! Yea right that’s totally why Lin got a steal and 2 assists on him!

  286. Lin is feeling it.

    This is beautiful!

  287. Rockets can be easily shelved IF J-Ed will PnR all day

  288. Watch out the language.

  289. You visit the old site too much.

  290. I’m guessing it’s Dominque Wilkins. Thank god I’m watching the LA feed.

  291. Lin seems very calm and focused today. I’m not sure if I’ve seen him like this before

  292. I’m switch channels now!

  293. Lin is Asian. All commentators are just stereotyping what they believe Asians are all about. Lin is an outlier they refuse to accept.

  294. How the greats have fallen. First Clyde and now ‘Nique.

  295. They are saying that Teague is faster than Lin, but Lin is embarrassing him right now. The also are talking more about Kobe and Nick Young like they are the saviors for the Lakers. Its hard on the ears.

  296. he has nothing to lose. and 1 good game doesn’t change a thing for Lin either. Just like 1 good game of Kobe team ball is meaningless too.

  297. I’m getting too irritated about Hill and Boozer shying on physical contact on the inside.

  298. Ya, I heard them say Lin can’t guard Teague…

  299. Well Wilkins is an Hawks HOF like the Clyde Drexler of Hawks.

  300. Link please.

  301. davis

  302. Yes he does! I can see the tweets I sent him the other day really helped him πŸ˜€ /wishful delusion

  303. wow, Boozer dove on the floor.
    Now that’s defense!

  304. Same old Jeremy Lin cannot play defense myth and giving no props/credit to Jeremy. Thanks Carol!

  305. watching on TWC t.v. They’re showing both home and away feeds.

  306. Lin-Davis CONNECSHUN

  307. Holy crap what a pass by LIN!!

  308. Lin-Davis!!!

  309. Thx both!

  310. Ed Davis – there goes your next contract!

  311. Davis: the Price wasn’t right!

  312. πŸ™‚

  313. Nice!

  314. ok when did lin get 6 assist

  315. Great pass by Lin, finally Lin-Davis! Yes!

  316. Comes…IJ, not goes. πŸ™‚

  317. Davis needs to play a heck of a lot more, like Byron Scott is majorly failing. MAJOR.

  318. The entire game. He’s been on fire as a playmaker.

  319. wow contested 3s by all Lakers..
    This is really great to watch!

  320. why cannot Davis play more? WHY WHY WHY. Why does Scott hate Davis more than Lin?

  321. yea i agree

  322. Kobes team, not Davis’

  323. He should have like 10 if they didn’t miss so much.

  324. Brain fart. I’m distracted by who I’m watching.

  325. Good thing Lin’s doing well and Lakers are route for a blow out win!

  326. anyone think that perhaps the offense should flow through Lin?

  327. In BS face!!!

  328. lin has been great pg with everyone. thats his first with davis

  329. beautiful MIRANGE J LIN!

  330. yes you are totally right πŸ™‚

  331. Nice screen by Kobe to get Lin 4th FG!

  332. Yes Lin on his way for a double double tonight! 9 points, 2 rebs, 6 assists!

  333. Any arguments why it shouldn’t deserves a hand in the face.

  334. Woot woot now make that 12 points! Back to back shots, this is the assertive Lin I’ve been waiting for! Those past 3 games were a nightmare!


  336. Lin Banks!

  337. isn’t it 10 points for lin?

  338. 1 game does not make a season. Be excited but temper the excitement. We need many more games before we can really get excited and let our guard down.

  339. If Lin can get 8 more rebounds and 4 more assists he’d be on his way for a triple double! Of course with 20 pts would be even sweeter!

  340. You gotta relax you know. We’re enjoying it. We don’t see any reason why not to.

  341. WOW. What a half. I’m exhausted, lol.

  342. He also just need 10 more blocks for a quadruple double, Lets go JLIN

  343. and I want you too! Just lets not get all crazy thinking Lin has turned the corner on this Kobe team. Let’s see how the next 5 games go, just don’t want this place to get overly high just to feel a low tomorrow.

    I, like you, want Lin to shine and kill it!

  344. lol that hair was great

  345. How about 100% FG? we are asking too much…haha

  346. Everyone is playing really well. Except J.hill lol

  347. We’re enjoying the moment. No need for you to tell us to temper it down at the present.

  348. lol…good defense!

  349. Wow, wow, wow!!
    This is a completely different team πŸ˜€
    Kobe 19pts, Lin 12pts. Boozer 18pts

    15pts lead (67-52) after the 1st half.


  350. what?! I am late and Lakers got a big lead! what’s going on here

  351. lol i mean hair

  352. Get your BBQ rack out!

  353. you better go back doing what you were doing earlier

  354. Luck is on Lakers side today and the Lin/Kobe PnR seems to be doing good things.

  355. Good things happen when Kobe doesn’t go ball hog mode, if only he can play like that for the entire season! ><"

  356. You missed everything, dude! Awesome half by Lin and the Lakers.

  357. wth the auto correct putting hair

  358. And Wes Johnson.

  359. lol u miss it the best game Lakers plays thus far. JLin ball in general.

  360. Let me quickly watch replay

  361. The Atlanta announcers trashing Lin’s defense. Saying, yes go at Lin.

  362. Still game is not over yet. Lakers is hot, so is Hawks, shooting 51.3%

  363. Give credit to Kobe – he’s having a great game – playing teamball and getting his shots in the flow of the game. Nice.

  364. Thank the refs for giving them 9 points in FTs 1st quarter cheating the Hawks although they did give some fouls back to them in 2nd quarter at Lin and Hill’s expense! <.<

  365. Great defense, contesting 3s.
    All teamwork on offense!

    LINSANITY! hahaha

  366. sure, please enjoy.

  367. JHill is rebounding, thats good for me

  368. That’s right. When Kobe plays JLin ball, it’s so beautiful to watch.

  369. I will not give Kobe any more credit. He needs to play teamball to save his own hide. He deserves no credit.

  370. Jeremy slapping Dominique hard! LOL

  371. he’s so efficient right now too and still on pace for his 40 points he desperately wants.

    Its all about how you get them! Hope he keeps it up.

  372. as long as their defense holds and offense is flowing, this is going to be good πŸ˜€

  373. 4 of Lins assists were really nice. Highlight nice.

  374. But Lakers are playing teamball and Lin has been on fire. When Lin gets going good things happen!

  375. And you need to shut it while we’re enjoying here.

  376. what i like the people who can score are shooting hill and wes are not shooting which is great. young adds another option for us. which gives us four options. with davis as 5th. all pretty good options

  377. Second Q need to keep the defensive mindset up

  378. give it 10 games before you give Kobe credit. Heck give it 3 games.

  379. Is it too much to ask for Lakers to play like this every single game?! Teamball no Kobe iso to oblivion?

  380. Is it safe to say that Dom is not a fan of Lin?

  381. True!

  382. yw.

  383. Thank God for Stu Lance. He’s on my feed.

  384. The game would be closer except Hawks missed ton of 3’s.

  385. have watched on nbaliveonline before, but now it’s telling me it need a video plug-in and I have to download Mplayer X. I’m very ignorant about all of this, and cautious. Is it OK to do this download? Safe?

  386. Those two are haters for sure kept dissing Lin! I had to switch to another stream with lower quality! Can’t stand them!

  387. he don’t play or them so. lol a lot of lakers fans though.

  388. my only concern with Lin is that when he plays well, he almost is perfect from the field FG% wise. What happens when he is ice cold, can he still will the team and be aggressive if he starts 1-5? Or will he fade away.

  389. Wilkins is a Lin basher. Just turn down the sound.

  390. Don’t. Very likely all trojan installers.

  391. WTH….Teague just let Lin shoot the practice 3? Teams has no respect on Lin’s long range at all

  392. debbie downer. lol.

  393. ’cause apparently it was GOOD JUJU.

  394. thanks.

  395. He will hit a fadeaway..

  396. Looks like I’m right about Kobe toning it down this game

  397. Seriously dude. You need to shut it. Enjoy the moment.We’re all happy here. You’re kinda jinxing it.

  398. Halftime: Lin with 12 pts, 5-5 fg, 1-1 3pt, 1-1 ft, 2 reb, 6 ast, 1 stl, 1 to, 2 pf, +13, 15 min.

    Lakers up by 15. Still wouldn’t be surprised if the Lakers found a way to lose this game.

  399. well its let him take a three or drive by you


  401. The only thing wrong with this game is Jordan Hills presents and listening to the Hawks announcers . Man are they salty Lin is going in on Teague. Show the man some respect.

  402. Great game from Lin and others so far. If Lin can maintain this attitude, he can get at least 8 points by half time every game, even if he doesn’t make most of his shots. BTW, Teague is pretty good.

  403. Let’s enjoy the game, without all the concerns…✌

  404. Stop being a buzzkill

  405. I want Lin to have long term success, not 1 game success. I fell victim to the Clipper 1 game success and thought it was going to change. I’ve been watching Kobe too long. I have measured excitement at this point.

    Lin will have to simply be as good as we think he is and break through all the obstacles.

    When he can still impact the game shooting 20% and be instrumental, then I know he’s going to be a Laker for years to come.

  406. I can not find my BBQ thing….

  407. ok

  408. It’s just Dominique.

  409. will do

  410. Dominique completely unprofessional.

  411. No, never download video installers or any browser plugins! Find a different link that doesn’t require those.

  412. don’t worry. I have stepped away from the keyboard….even though it’s agony not being able to finally see some LIIIINNNNNsanity!

  413. thanks for not banning me yet. But if you ever do, I won’t hold it against you πŸ™‚

  414. haha

  415. a mid range, a 3, a bank shot, and 2 fast breaks (and 1) from Lin.

  416. I think they’re in SHOCK by the score

  417. I get it, but save it for the post-game.

  418. if he just rebounds I’m ok with it

  419. I am surprised that Scott let them play at this pace…early offense made shots easier

  420. Those are cancer for your computer. Good for you to step away.

  421. as I was told, dont be a debbie downer here lol

  422. No reason yet. You just need some ice cold Coke or something like that.

  423. Just checked the other site. We have more comments than it πŸ™‚

  424. And he looks better for it

  425. I love Dom the player, but I hate the Lin hater in Dom. Losing my respect like Drexler. These 50 year old guys grew up around nerdy and physically weak Asians and can’t view Lin as anything else.

  426. I knew you could do it…☺❀

  427. Why? they are not happy that Lin is having a good game?

  428. Scott is about to get fired if this kept up much longer

  429. Jeremy’s having a great game, trolls got nothing to work with πŸ™

  430. Over half of us have emigrated to here.

  431. Don’t know. Did not bother to read the postings there.

  432. yeah not a safe site. Froze my computer

  433. they don’t have enough to complain about. Seriously! Lol.

  434. Dominique — there are some dummies in every race. As a commentator, you have to maintain certain distance and respect for players.

  435. This is how basketball should be. My hat off to Kobe, what a changing man……so far.

  436. this site is infinitely better because it is policed and the mods can ban folks.

  437. Is he on Twitter? Call him out

  438. Don’t speak too soon.

  439. πŸ™‚

  440. WEll he got one TOV. I believe @disqus_HmSLGZ4iV2:disqus can think of something

  441. Yes, hence the mass exodus from the old turf.

  442. im trying haha

  443. If good kobe can last just this one game, that’s be quite an accomplishment, lol.

  444. Right now the trolls are have a Dominique Wilkins meltdown. They can’t believe what they are witnessing.

  445. Maybe Lin prayed together with Kobe.

  446. One game at a time, I guess.

  447. True but must give credit to where it’s due.

  448. 5-5, 12 points, 6 assists. What a line!

  449. Let’s wait til the game’s done at least. πŸ™‚

  450. Even if he was 2 for 5, I would be ok with it.

  451. Most likely he prayed behind Bryant’s back. lol

  452. lol

  453. LOL. They can’t have the pleasure of their knickers in a twist?

  454. yep. or one quarter at a time!

  455. He is scared to be in the paint. Lin needs Davis to start asap.

  456. Maybe Lin called up Kobe’s wife and told her to tell Kobe to take it easy.

  457. Yes but this is the first first half I’ve enjoyed. lol

  458. Could be…we’ll see soon. lol

  459. Does Kobe look happy, or fired up on the court yet? If they win easily, isn’t that like a huge slap in the face for his previous comments and playing style? He looks more like a subdued version of the previous games.

  460. lol, true!

  461. Dear Jeremy, I take back that 40% last game. That 40% is not even about you scoring. It’s about you easying on defending Curry last game 2nd half vs Warriors.

  462. I peeked in that site last night and couldn’t stand it. This site is much better for my sanity.

  463. I think Lin taught him some differential equations last night.

  464. M….seems like Lin is doing mid range well. Laker did great to make sure their worst shots is a mid range fade away

  465. Kobe is a wise man he should see it, 6-9 19 points? The game has come to him without forcing it.

  466. geez you guys get me laughing….:-D

    EDIT: Pray with him, behind his back, on both sides…whatever works!

  467. Hawks coach not happy about Kobe and Lin’s fg%. “they are too comfortable”

  468. I qtr at a time, 1 half at a time. Hopefully he stays 1 game at a time:-)

  469. Try this direct link Jane. The ads will be removed after the time winds down. It’s also w/LA announcers.

  470. Exactly….need to keep the defensive mindset up

  471. now you are BScott follower?

  472. Liin w/ 2 steals!

  473. D D D…good defensive by Lin

  474. Dting Lin. Lin with turnover.

  475. I need to stop watching I guess. They are pressuring Lin now

  476. spoke too soon

  477. shaky start to second half. Need that timeout.

  478. Go away. haha

  479. It is a good time out

  480. darn another TO

  481. Omg Lin what are you doing? Played well until now ><"

  482. Jeff Teague can’t do squat against Jeremy. Help defense very much needed.

  483. Yes I do need a coke. I’m one of those people who actually was not surprised at all New York let him go. When the season ended, I told a friend Lin was unlikely to be resigned because he is Asian and the marquee NBA franchise is not ready and America is not ready for a young Asian guy to be the face of the biggest media based NBA team. My friend called me cynical and that America was better than that and then 2 weeks later Lin went to Houston.

    Believe me, I want Lin to succeed just as much as you do. I’ll keep more of my thoughts to myself due to the good culture of this site, just wanted to let you understand where my cynicism comes from, not that you don’t get it already. It’s tough to carry these negative thoughts and see them proven true time and time again. Believe me I wasn’t born that way πŸ™‚

  484. I spoke soooo soon. lol

  485. Hawks have made adjustments. double-teaming Lin. Lakers now must adjust back.

  486. that the second steal from Jeremy by Millsap. I can’t see what’s happening, so ….any comment?

  487. πŸ™ Me too…. Got too excited. Lakers reverting to their selfish ways.

  488. Now the Hawks view Lin as a threat.

  489. looking more physical against lin, maybe the scouting report against him is like that?

  490. yeah, I do that couple times a day (used to be on there a lot), but each time I read only the top several postings then gave up, too painful. I do appreciate the owner set up that site where I learned a lot and got comfort when Lin was not doing well.

  491. KObe is all good…he will take over when he sees the need…good or bad…thats how it is

  492. Hawks making a run now crap!!!

  493. LOL

  494. Don’t like this lineup. Davis needs to be in as both Hill and Johnson are non effective factor in this lineup.

  495. Kobe’s ball gets stolen too, not even on the double team.

  496. man…whats going on πŸ™

  497. Noooooooooo.
    ok finally some points to stop the bleeding

  498. Hawks are heating up the defense.

  499. nice…finally WesJ

  500. does lin have a double double yet?

  501. wrong line-up. Wes should not be in there

  502. Great pass by Lin.


  503. Well, should I stop watching now????!!!! Too much to handle.

  504. good FB…as long as the bigs run with Lin…he could do the Fbreak

  505. almost

  506. Uh oh based on the boxscore, Jeff Teague is trying to embarrass Lin. I hope Lin is ready to fight back

  507. Teague is very fast..

  508. I now understand why Thunder’s perimeter defense regressed. They traded Thabo.

  509. Not yet…there’s still time/hope for the players to adjust by themselves…noCoach.

  510. CB is boozing

  511. nah…they came in too confident

  512. good Lin hit a bucket for 14 right? Keep scoring Mr. Lin. Embarrass Teague since he is trying to embarrass you.

  513. need some 3s now

  514. Lin 6-6! Perfect!

  515. Davis back in thank goodness!!!

  516. bad tO

  517. by lin?

  518. Replace Wesley & Hill ASAP

  519. yeah…he has good speed

  520. Lin-Davis again!!! πŸ˜€

  521. double double TIME

  522. Amazing pass by Lin! He’s on fire.

  523. JLin hot…

  524. he’s good indeed

  525. So glad Davis is in, JLin looking up at 1 more assists for double double tonight his first of the season!

  526. Lin 14pts/9asts!

  527. J-Ed connection…. remarkable

    Seriously Dwight how did you miss that?

  528. 6-6, 14 points, 9 assists! Scorching!

  529. 1 more asts PLEASE !

  530. Freaking double double!!!!

    EDIT: ooops, not seeing it in the play-by-play…thought for sure that last basket did it. I’m JUMPING THE GUN

  531. lol..

  532. Davis and Lin really can save one another.

  533. JLin goes to double double please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  534. I am enjoying this battle between Lin and Teague.

  535. Dominique gets quiet when Lin does his thing. Lol

  536. This game has me swooning!

  537. Scored board said 9 still where’d you get the other assists from?

  538. Ed Davis is my favorite Laker not named Lin.

  539. Lin slowly stitching ‘Nique’s lips…

  540. I hope he gets one more for the double double. corrected, thanks.

  541. like Drexler. I hate these guys.

    Stu Lantz was doing the same in preseason but someone told him to stop it.

  542. BS slowly waking up to Lin-Davis connection after 10 games. Finally sees Price is wrong.


  544. either that or it was political. I cannot believe Scott was that stupid.

  545. Wow where is Korver? He’s invisible this game. Jeremy’s not even defending him


  547. Yes double double baby!!

  548. Am I wrong to hope Lin gets 10 more points and a win?

  549. 10 assists, double-double!

  550. now lets go for triple!

  551. Lin got 3 rebounds can he got 7 more for a triple double XD

  552. Did teague score all 17 in 1 quarter?

  553. Not sure, too busy watching Lin own it up!

  554. Lin singlehandedly salvaging Hill’s stat line. Hill will be sold on Lin after this game.

  555. ok good

  556. Seriously he needs to stop on the midrange and get nasty in the interior.

  557. not sure on that one…

  558. or just play Ed Davis?

  559. need more D, keep it going

  560. You can tell Lin wanted Hill to run to the basket for an easy layup but Hill stood his ground with his cement shoes. SMH

  561. Ed Davis +15

  562. the fix rots on the bench. His name is Ed.

  563. Another big body on the interior would help

  564. good to have swaggy back!

  565. they need a guy like Sacre who is athletic. but that is basically D12. Those are hard to come by.

  566. Hill did something good something bad. I guess he is improving.

  567. dang Lin missed a free throw? I do give Lin a pass on misses FT since he is a physical guard and gets hit.

  568. Lol. Was wondering what that pic was all about. Funny.

  569. its crazy Kobe always leads the team in minutes played by a lot.

  570. Yes really good to have Swaggy back and good to see Kobe actually passing out when he’s doubled for Swaggy’s wide out 3s. If only Lin can get more of that!

  571. Can I get one of those w/Lin’s?

  572. I think he’s tired already & lost focus for a moment.
    Good time to rest

  573. I don’t care about the burgers. Is their fries any good?

  574. It’s definitely favoritism, Johnson is sucks! All 4 starters including 6th man Nick Young in double digits except him again!!! The team is getting going but he’s stick stuck in no mans land!!

  575. I just hope they don’t revert to Kobe isoball in the fourth

  576. He’s only missed 4 free throws this season. Its all good

  577. Kobe’s stat line looks like a normal human being’s tonight. It must be really hard for him to control himself like this so I will applaud him for his effort.

  578. Deleted duplicate

  579. u will find out!

  580. Man it’s about time. And great extra pass by Price to Young.

  581. Can Scott just bench Johnson to 2nd unit permanently and start Nick Young that dude is just atrocious!

  582. U mean hope Kobe doesn’t revert to Kobe isoball.

  583. LAL did good building a wall at the FT line. But they are still poor guarding side pnRs

  584. No crime to fight tonight, so no need to don the cape. πŸ™‚

  585. I hope Nick Young can help maintain the 6-8pt lead until 7min left when starters come back

  586. Lin’s the superhero tonight with his 10 assists.

  587. Don’t jinx it bro… Wait till game is over.. lol

  588. Can Jlin get 5 points in 4th quarter when he’s back in to make this stat line perfect?! 20 points with 10 assists would be awesome!

  589. I hate how Johnson the worst of the starters gets to play with the 2nd unit to pad his stats with the 2nd most minutes behind Kobe! WTF?

  590. Kyle Korver is scary. They’re gonna set screens for him.

  591. His is killing the 2nd unit too…very indicisive

  592. Too bad Nick Young is winded already. Not enough conditioning yet.
    Starters might have to come back early

  593. Ugh finally Korver heard me

  594. I don’t know, if they pull a win out tonight, kobe can try but he got outed worldwide for his tactics and I think he is a little embarrassed. I think Kobe will try to play within the confines of the game, but he will have his moments where the teammates will be giving him the side eye. I personally think Scott got a call from mitch and reminded him of the deal that he was suppose to police up kobe and i think scott appealed to him on help him keep his job…just my imagination…LOL

  595. better not let him get hot

  596. All starters got to play with 2nd unit except Lin! He’s always the one with the least minutes so bias! If Lin got Johnson’s minutes he’d have 20 points already!

  597. Pretty impressive showing for his first game back though. No rust at all.

  598. So nice to have the lead and waiting for the starters to return.

  599. sweating bullets

  600. Is Scott going to let Lin play or is he done for the night?

  601. I’d thought he’d be rusty since he injured his wrist but he looks good to go! Lakers really need his scoring and defense compared to Johnson who sucks!

  602. Lin is 6/6 perfect from the line.

    I hope LA media doesn’t expect him to be perfect from now on πŸ™‚

  603. Scott should bring back the starters around the 8 minute mark. Don’t keep them out too long.

  604. Jeremy you’re so vain! Watching your greatness on jumbotron… LOL

  605. I seriously question Scott’s ability to coach/adjust.

  606. thank god korver missed that shot, lol

  607. Johnson is brick city

  608. oh wow.. Korver missed that wide-open 3


  610. No they called him out about needing to be selfish and get his first!
    Jeremy Lin – Robert Horry James Worthy “Go For Yours!”

  611. Wesley Johnson is really bad.

  612. Pleeeeez sit Johnson now!

  613. Nick Young is the ONLY bench scoring!


  615. Phew 5pt lead with starters coming back 6 min left

  616. Why are the starters not back in?!!

  617. Jeremy about to take off that shirt…

  618. NYoung the only offensive..as it seems πŸ™

  619. cool TO for hawks

  620. Remember the Lakers play Houston tomorrow, so he could be just resting lin

  621. lin is IN

  622. Hill is allergic to roll…

  623. They are.. your feed is slow

  624. I don’t know why Scott leaves Lin on the bench while the other starters are at the scorer’s table.

  625. Could be, they need to grab this W 1st.

  626. Lakers need Lin to be clutch and assertive right away! 5 point lead only! Please make a clutch 3 and 2 to seal the game

  627. Does Hill ever take it strong? I mean like EVER?

  628. bcoz…Hill -> Roll

  629. Why is Wesley Johnson in the NBA. The man could not hit water shooting from a boat.

  630. his scoring really helped for sure! 6/9

  631. hill hates easy layups

  632. Lin needs a 3…

  633. Dude is flat footed all the time, can’t roll ><"

  634. Hill is allergic to any play that takes him higher than 1″ off the floor. smh

  635. he can run, jump, and … sometimes shoot

  636. lounge wil finis games….. yes

  637. younge

  638. are they playing in LA? Big Laker crowd at the arena.

  639. darn…missed the 3

  640. good rebound…CB

  641. Lin always get those tick tac fouls from bias refs!!

  642. Jeremy sets BETTER screens than Jordan Hill.

  643. Come on Lin make some buckets for that 20 point game!!

  644. may be too quick

  645. I see KObe is gonna start his thing…until there is some good lead

  646. Kobe is going to take every shot from now on! smh!

  647. Why is Millsap so wide open?

  648. Why are the Lakers running their offense thru Kobe right now. SMH

  649. Boozer did not go out

  650. Come on Lin break the 15 point mark with 5 more points! Get to the rim or get a 3 pointer!

  651. again…LAL are rushing for shots

  652. It is Kobe mode now.

  653. How did Millsap shoot that?!?!?!?

  654. Because Kobe demands it.

  655. Who’s not guarding Milsap?

  656. Lin can waive him off if there’s a better shot.

  657. Either Kobe or Boozer

  658. It’s Kobe time. : (

  659. 6 pts lead, clock is your best friend.

  660. Not sure Lakers will win the game.

  661. he made a three we will have to live with that

  662. boozer or hill

  663. Can Lin just get a 3 already?

  664. Wow, Jeremy just has to swarm Teague and prevent him from even touching the ball.

  665. Kobe Hog Time is back! Time to lose the game.

  666. exactly

  667. Not just 1…won’t be saying that if Lakers lose this.

  668. good kobe!

  669. LOL. Kobe was the closest guy to Paul Misap and he’s chewing teammates out.

  670. He missed that 3 and he is not getting the ball back.

  671. nice D lin

  672. Boozer point blank miss off a beautiful Lin pass. seriously?

  673. nice…now D pls

  674. Does Boozer know how to make a layup?

  675. It’s never a given w/this team.

  676. Good foul by Lin.

  677. Might be clear path ><"

  678. Not really

  679. bleh

  680. crap, bad foul.

  681. need couple of big blocks or D

  682. Ugh…

  683. Lakers might as well go 1-82 if they manage to lose this one!

  684. Can’t blame Nick too much, for being out of sync on defense and not being in condition yet but…sigh.

  685. GOOD KOBE!!

  686. Kobe Bryant!!!!

  687. Ok Kobe enough ballhogging now. You got your 32,000nd point.

  688. That foul is hard to explain. Swaggy P did not block. Kobe should have ran too. Lin was betting Kobe already ran for a few feet. Lin did not even check where Kobe was

  689. Haha… Nick Young for 3FTs!

  690. Haha thanks for that 3 Fts!

  691. Teague dropped Lin and Lin was called for the foul.= =

  692. 2 missed

  693. Lin out in crunch time?! Why?!

  694. That should be game

  695. it happens all the time in NBA…so…no point whining on it

  696. why is Wes Johnson coming in for Lin? Johnson is going to guard Teague?

  697. Ref helping the Lakers on that Young foul!

  698. 5 fouls.

  699. Johnson on Teague? How?!?!?!

  700. They put Johnson in for Lin SMH

  701. he has 5 fouls defense sub

  702. looks like it

  703. That last foul on Lin was wrong. Refs have it in for him.

  704. 5 fouls

  705. and they would need him just in case if game goes on OT

  706. Wes may have to take a foul. Lin can’t.

  707. BS!

  708. This is going to be funny.

  709. This is the way Kobe wants it. Win the game is not good enough. It has to be win the game because of Kobe.

  710. Price and Wes in for defensive purpose

  711. Yeah that was a BAD call. Lin didn’t foul.

  712. good cleanup by hill

  713. yep

  714. Johnson guarding Millsap?!?!?!?! How?!?!

  715. Yup, they’re the best D. lol

  716. So much for the D team….

  717. defense guys….lets get this one!

  718. Whew. Looks like that’s the game. Too bad Lin was out at the end.

  719. Hill with a great rebound and putback.
    That should be his job all the time

  720. that was messy but ill take it

  721. Not yet, ATL have enough shooters to pull it off. Unless they just give up

  722. Just in case they do tie, they will need Lin in OT. And since Lin has 5 fouls, that’s just being safe.

  723. You mean… you don’t like his jumpers? =)

  724. Hill saved Kobe’s a$$!

  725. thats true

  726. Refs always have, and always will short change Lin.

  727. 0.9 sec is a long time!

  728. less than 1 min, who cares

  729. he is ify on all shots

  730. oops, spoke too soon. Still a game.

  731. missed free! yeah

  732. Lin will check in for FT purpose

  733. 2 miss

  734. 14 second left, Lin back in!

  735. I was joking. I hate Hill taking jumpers, maybe once in a while, but not making a living off of it.

  736. and they hit a 3….smh

  737. oh crap.

  738. Stupid coach, no davis or boozer for offensive rebound?

  739. 92% FT shooter. heck yeah.

  740. hssss

  741. Korver… really?

  742. Go figure but Ronnie Price the scrub is in?! Scott is stupid!

  743. ugh, PRICE!

  744. they give it to the worse shooter on the team price lol

  745. watch it….. lets not mock players as scrub

  746. SMH

  747. This coach…..

  748. Byron has no clue what to do

  749. 7 seconds. We will know which type of coach Scott is. Foul or bet on stops

  750. I’d foul.

  751. not bryon hill

  752. This is opinion site, we’re not sitting in your living room

  753. Why not? He’s a great, great 3 point shooter.

  754. bet on stops, I think

  755. But Price is a scrub ><" Every PG blows by him! Why not have Davis, Hill, and Boozer in for offense rebounds?!

  756. its all about coaching now

  757. The 5th foul by Lin, Teague pushing Lin down with his left arm and the ref 3 feet away.

  758. He doesn’t through out the game. He’s completely incompetent. It’s not the players….it’s the coach losing games.

  759. Whoever is guarding Korver or Millsap, WATCH OUT!!!!!

  760. ugh. when will this game end?

  761. Just star call.

  762. OMG bad defense wide open shot, thank goodness they missed!

  763. hahah…it feels like never

  764. just hit one shot. and brick the second.

  765. And that’s why Lin was taken out, just in case they go into OT.

  766. IDK that guy, is he good?

  767. What about Wes, it’d be factual…

  768. like he can hit one

  769. thank you, Jordan Hill!

  770. HIll!

  771. PHEW!!!!

  772. Good thing the last Atlanta play wasn’t for Korver or Millsap.

  773. yeah…finally over!!!

  774. Hill saved Kobe’s a$$ with that offensive rebound! Lakers are just lucky with this win. Nothing much has changed.

  775. Nice WIN!!!

  776. man, if the Lakers were in the east, they’d actually be competitive, imo. 2-0 against playoff contending eastern conference teams.

  777. Wow…Lakers win their 2nd game despite their lack of coach. Big kudos to Bryant for controlling is iso habit.

  778. Time to get ROX now!!!

  779. such a hard-fought WIN!

  780. yeah, not sure what they were doing there

  781. Beg Kobe to play nice

  782. good win…against the Odds I say

  783. Lakers play 5 on 8, AND has to fight against bad coaching…

  784. I know. The tone of my post is Korver is a ridiculous good shooter.

  785. congrats to all Lin fans.

  786. why are you going at him. he took lin out with 5 fouls correct. with boozer out too slow correct. what was wrong

  787. not sure why kobe feels he needed to try to control the ball at the end when they were doing well as a team.

  788. Players were in for defense but Price was in? What kind of koolaid is Scott drinking?! Every PG blows by Price; Davis, Hill, and Boozer should’ve all been in during that 14 second defensive play.

  789. He thinks. I rested in the 3rd Q. only took a few shots. My turn now

  790. why? we all forsook Lin

  791. I am so proud of lin. he did well.

  792. i guess we will whine no matter what

  793. I think it’s because Kobe knew coming into this game that it was winnable. So, he toned it down and did what he knows works, play team ball. If the match up is no contest, I guarantee you he will go back to iso-Kobe. Kobe knows how to play team ball and knows it works. Whether he feels like doing it is another story.

  794. Yes we are γƒΎ(*Β΄βˆ€ο½€*)οΎ‰

  795. let it go. It was a great win. Great game by Lin.

  796. worthy giving Lin credits for controling the team.

  797. yes, very decisive and aggressive!

  798. No thanks to Scott for leaving Lin and starters out until 6 minutes of 4th quarter for the Hawks to come back!!

  799. Jeremy was awesome tonight. What a game.

  800. That ref deserves that Thunder!

  801. Missed most of the game, but I see Lin only took 7 shots.

  802. Well Kobe did make some clutch shots to keep the team up top. It’s already good enough that he didn’t hog the ball, now he needs to learn to trust his team during crunch time.

  803. that I agree with. Should have brought the starters back in around the eight minute mark.

  804. Who is worse coach BS or McHale?

  805. Lin had an amazing game. No big deal about how many shots he took.

  806. actually a big man three good defense

  807. Wasn’t able to watch much 4th qtr as the streaming just didn’t work. Seem like not much action from JLin anyway.

  808. Tell me with a straight face that Lin’s 5th foul wasn’t bogus, and that Price is a good defender.

  809. He’s been doing that every game and by the time Lin or starters are back it’s already a blowout!

  810. McHale.

  811. Time to get Rockets tomorrow.. by J-Ed PnR all day. Hill, you need to body up against Dwight.

  812. Kudos for Lin with the Double Double. I guess Kobe waited until the end of the game to perform his patented fadaways one after the other. I can deal with that as long as its not to excessive

  813. made 6 of them

  814. Only came in around the 6 minute mark. And then a lot of Kobe iso.

  815. it’s lagging i can barely watch it..

  816. Still McHale

  817. I see he had 15 points and 10 assists. That’s pretty good on 7 attempts.

  818. didn’t like how kobe dominated the ball late but he is the closer we will have to live with that

  819. Time to shut up the Rocket who said they’ll take it to Lakers for their blow out loss against Grizzlies.

  820. Could be, but I have to give him credit for this ‘one’ to be fair. We’ll have to see for the next game. I’m learning that I can only go by game to game w/this team…too unpredictable.

  821. He sees a crime when others are shooting instead of him. This is from his previous interview.

  822. Mine is totally gone just lagging. Very annoying!

  823. Still Kobe’s team, unfortunately, lol. But, I’ll take that over Kobe all the time, every time.

  824. Mchale by infinity x infinity

  825. Dreaming, my dear!

  826. This is a good win to bring to Houston tomorrow.

  827. If Hill won’t body up against Dwight tomorrow he deserves a palm in the face.

    Jeremy is STILL an efficient scorer. Enough of the 0-2 argument.

  828. It’ll be a tough game, playing away on the second game of a back to back.

  829. But it could’ve been an easier win if not for Scott’s horrible subsitition and limitation on Lin’s minutes! Every starter got to play with 2nd unit this game except Lin, why?! Johnson gets the 2nd longest leash of the team even those he’s been shooting single digits every game.

  830. young added that other option we was missing teams would double kobe while closing the middle on lin. today with young in the court was a lot more open allow lin to dish out a lot of assist or shoot it

  831. Lin played great D on Teague. Stopped many of his drives, without fouling and without Teague scoring. Teague is super fast so for Lin to do that without help is pretty impressive. Then again, we already know he’s a good defender. =)

  832. His ISOs were money at the right time in the 4th quarter.

    This is actually good because now Kobe will share the ball for 3 quarters and try to ISOs in the 4th :]
    Baby steps to do team-ball!

  833. 6-7 from the field. Awesome efficiency. But, I’m sure some people will be whining about him not taking enough shots, lol.

  834. Can something be done about Ref’s bias ticky tac fouls on Lin?!! They do it every game!

  835. he did well last time. not fouling harden was the dagger

  836. Ya! Too late.

  837. He played very well for the entire game, Kobe!

  838. LOL, somehow I read it as a psalm in the face.

  839. Yes during crunch time I don’t mind, just don’t brick all the shots of the team away! But he needs to learn to pass to Lin during crunch time who’s wide open.

  840. @JLin7 good bounce pass To Ed http://t.co/FXRVCfK07j— Librafree (@Librafree) November 19, 2014

  841. Lin treament = mcF & coaching = still early to determine, but close thus far. lol

  842. I think he means specially 3Q.

  843. he will never be a volume shooter. this is what he is 50 percent 45 at the lowest. when he reaches his prime he will do it all the time

  844. better KObe than Haren

  845. When Kobe behaves the team is pretty good.

  846. It’s all up to Kobe, because you won’t see any J-Ed PnR if Kobe doesn’t allow it. He is the BOSS!

  847. he had 5 fouls regardless whether refs bailed him out

  848. JLin had the most difficult double-double. Relatively easy to get 10 points and 10 rebounds, not so easy to get 10 points and 10 assists.

  849. BS edging over Mchale by a little cause he’s starting Lin and giving him around 30 minutes per game. If only he’d stay leaving Lin out so long during 3rd and 4th quarter!

  850. Yes, but BS working hard towards “winning”.

  851. Not sure that’s enough to brag about, but I’ll take it for now.

  852. What’s Howard Chen doing now? He’s no longer working in Houston, is he?

  853. He got a double double and Scott only put starters back in with 6 minutes left on 4th quarter. During 4th Kobe did his thing and only passed to Lin once for an open 3 which he missed. After that Kobe just went ball hog mode again except when passing to Hill.

  854. im guessing they ask why he did shoot much the 3rd

  855. Ya noticed?

  856. I would be SOOOOOO happy. I admit that sounds bitter but I really want the Rockets to fail. Just like the Knicks.

  857. @NBA_Skits Kobe Bryant's 32,000 career points is a fadeaway and-1 in the clutch. What an amazing way to get 32k.— NBA SKITS (@NBA_Skits) November 19, 2014

  858. This is what happens when the offense is run thru Lin.

  859. I think he is.

  860. In both #Lakers wins this yr, @Kobe took less than 20 shots.

  861. It partially changed during the first 3 quarters but then in crunch time it reverted back to the old way.

    Hopefully they see that. I would say the loss against the Clippers was similar. Team ball, and then Kobe ball when he (Kobe) got nervous. Basically if Kobe can trust his teammates more, they’ll win more games.

  862. Wonder why Grizzlies didn’t resign Ed Davis. Oh well, good and timely find by Lakers though hehe

  863. @JLin7 Lakers vs Hawks. pic.twitter.com/RlUxMXvHkY— Penny Lee (@penny10654) November 19, 2014

  864. I’m w/you. I want karma to be a ‘female dog’.

  865. Who is Penny Lee and how does she get such great pics? Lol.

  866. I hope Kobe and Lakers are fired up from the Rocket player who made that dissing comment about them! Lin better be mad and fired up next game!!

  867. Shoes are nice.

  868. Old habits.

  869. Lin – (11GMS) – 30.6mins / 12pts (47FG%/ 39.2%3PT/ 91%FT) / 4.9asts / 1.2stls / 2.6to’s

  870. Nick's post game interview, he said "Its the swag effect" LOL. Love that guy.— LAKERFANATICS (@LAKERFANATICS) November 19, 2014

  871. My sister.

  872. Well Lin did miss that open 3 point shot in 4th the only pass Kobe was willing to give him SMH! ><" Lin could've easily gotten 20 points if he got to play against Hawks bench like every other starters!

  873. That’s what happens when Kobe doesn’t take 20 or 30 shots a game. But he doesn’t care!

  874. Rockets still salty for that blowout by Grizzlies and they’re going to use the Lakers as punching bag? Please.. that’s not coincidence. That is EXPOSURE. That is the TRUTH.

  875. Gotta give Hill credit, he swung the ball to weakside more.

  876. Still waiting for Lin to get 20 10 for a game always so close but it’s difficult with this team. I seriously think Lin can get a double double easier focusing on rebounding when Boozer and Hill aren’t giving effort. He’s got a great sense of where the ball will bounce out from.

  877. Now, that’s a well balanced team game.

  878. lol

  879. What Lin did. Give them an earful. Byron needs to ride them to when they do that.

  880. Had we get Kelly, this game can be won easier.

  881. Swaggy P's response to @LAIreland jokin it's the Nick & Kobe show: "Nah, let's keep it Kobe. I like the way he keep passin' me the ball."— Serena Winters (@SerenaWinters) November 19, 2014

  882. New Post-Game Thread
    Get your 1st double-double like Lin!


  883. Bogus call = bailing out? I don’t understand you.

  884. more like satire.. dry laugh :]

  885. you mean.. you do like his jumpers? πŸ˜€

  886. The Rockets one and only defensive plan is to triple team Kobe. If Kobe passes tomorrow and Jeremy controls the team, there’s a good chance they can win

  887. But I’m a big whiner…

  888. Kobe can go on a winning streak if only they’d play like this every game. Lets go get that win against the ugly Rockets!

  889. Except Kelly hasn’t gotten many minutes due to his constant hamstring injuries. We still haven’t see what he’s capable out last season. He’s a poor man’s Dirk when he’s healthy and Lakers would be complete when he’s back.

  890. Hawks announcers at the start of the game “you’ve gotta think that Teague will have his way with Jeremy tonight”. smh.

  891. Stay on track to pass MJ in 10 games

  892. Yes thanks been waiting for this cause I missed most of 1st quarter.

  893. Wasn’t it 10 Assists at the Half?

  894. Watching Lin’s highlights I noticed how he rarely passes to Wes Johnson mostly to the bigs. I do wonder whether Lin can get Johnson going if he gave him some more easy passes. Johnson has just been playing horrible though a non factor on both ends of the floor.

  895. They dissed Lin through out the entire game even when Lin schooled Teague with steals and back to back assists! So fking annoying! I had a stream with higher quality but had to switch to a lower one because of them!

  896. 12/6

  897. The refs can’t see the fouls commited on Lin, but they blow whistles on Lin who barely touches his opponents. NBA refs are biased, they will never allowed an Asian kid to shine, nothing we can do about it.

  898. Johnson’s shot always not in so better not waste the chance.. he was in for D purpose that’s what coach said…?! Even I don’t think he is good in D or O.

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