Game 11 New York Knicks vs Atlanta Hawks: A Surging Lin to Make an Impact in Limited Time

After a scintillating performance (19 points, 2 assists, 2 steals, 1 rebound) against his former team Charlotte Hornets albeit with limited 18 minutes, Jeremy Lin shared with The Charlotte Observer that his rhythm continues to come and will focus on the mental aspect, no longer worried on his body.

The Atlanta Hawks Tanking Process Impacts Lin’s Playing Time

The Hornets game also showed the Hawks might start embracing the #tanking process for the sake of development of young players and increasing the chance to get higher draft pick by losing a lot of games.

It would explained why Coach Lloyd Pierce play Bembry (5pts/6rebs/2asts) for 29 minutes to close with the starters but not Lin (19 points/2 assists/2steals/1rebound) in ONLY 18 minutes? Coach Pierce has stated in an interview recently that he will give players who play well more PT but tonight it’s not the case.

The possible reason is there is no future to play Trae and Lin together to grow chemistry so the coach wants to see Bembry develops with the starters and not minding to lose the game. Lin is doing great maximizing his time with points/assists/steals/blocks to increase his trade value. It’s the right thing to do.

If Coach doesn’t pair up Lin and Trae to close games (especially if Lin plays very well), we can expect the Hawks to showcase Lin for trade by giving him more minutes in December to February time frame before the trade deadline. Let’s hope for any playoff contenders to show interest in Lin’s performance and efficiency. It’ll be a win-win scenario for JLin and the Hawks.

So when Lin popped back up off the locker room carpet, effortlessly and without any hitch in his knee, it was a subtle reminder of how far he’s come.

“I think conditioning-wise, knee-wise, I’m good. I think the biggest thing I’m continuing to try and fight for is my rhythm, and that’s coming,” Lin said. “Today I threw an alley-oop pass off the backboard that I’ve never done in my life before. Just small things like that, that’ll come back. Everything is gonna slowly come back, and I’m just going to keep fighting for it, keep working hard.

“The beauty and the struggle, as I like to say.”

Only against his former team, it was mostly beauty and very little struggle. Lin led the Hawks in scoring with 19 points off the bench, making 7 of his 9 shots in just 18 minutes. He scored at the rim, drove off pick-and-rolls, hit a 3-pointer and knocked down all four of his free throws.

Not bad for a guy who couldn’t walk at this point last year.

But for Lin, who has demonstrated throughout his career the ability to excel in the NBA, performances like Tuesday’s aren’t about the physical part of playing. The ice packs, the recovery techniques — that’s not the part of his game he’s most worried about.

It’s the mental aspect. Trusting his game is back, not if it’ll come back.

“I’m past (any apprehension about my body),” Lin said, “but I do think the mental component is trusting that my game is back, or trusting that I have the ability to explode and get to the rim. I’m not fearful.

“It’s not trusting my body, it’s trusting my game.”

And what better place to work on that than against the same players who so inspired him years ago?

Lin said he still keeps up with a number of Hornets players, specifically listing Kemba Walker, Marvin Williams, Cody Zeller and Nic Batum as those he’s spoken to frequently. He was able to meet up with a handful of those guys pre-game whether in the weight room or chapel, and even went so far as to have dinner with some of the staff members.

Then, of course, he proved to them that he’s still largely the player he was when they shared a locker room.


  1. Official Hawks Twitter recognizing Lin’s very good performance last night…

  2. Hope Lin plays another great game tonight against the Knicks back in Atlanta. These back to backs aren’t as taxing on Lin as they used to be, since he’s only playing 10-20 minutes per game most games this season.

    Trae, Baze, and Bembry all played close to 30 minutes last night. They will be on tired legs tonight. Huerter is out tonight, after playing the most out of any Hawk, with 32 minutes played last night. This is the time for Lin to shine… again.

  3. Or it is a sign that Hawks said thank you bye bye?

  4. an article on Lin by a Charlotte writer

    “Charlotte, ex-Hornet Jeremy Lin proves he’s moved past injury”
    “I think conditioning-wise, knee-wise, I’m good. I think the biggest thing I’m continuing to try and fight for is my rhythm, and that’s coming,” Lin said. “Today I threw an alley-oop pass off the backboard that I’ve never done in my life before. Just small things like that, that’ll come back. Everything is gonna slowly come back, and I’m just going to keep fighting for it, keep working hard.”

    “I’m past (any apprehension about my body),” Lin said, “but I do think the mental component is trusting that my game is back, or trusting that I have the ability to explode and get to the rim. I’m not fearful.

    “It’s not trusting my body, it’s trusting my game.”

  5. Tonight’s winner is the loser! Get your numbers Lin. ..

  6. stop lying Lin! just say the coach doesn’t want to play me because we’re not trying to win:

  7. Go JLin! Keep it up and stay healthy!

  8. JLin is telling what it’s in a diplomatic way. He is much better in handling any dire situation than anyone of us. That’s why he is still in NBA!

  9. very true 🙂 If he said “I can’t play Linsanity for too long since we’re tanking”, he might get a DNP like BScott did to him in LA

  10. I hope Coach will give him 23+min since this is against the Knicks and Lin wasn’t ready yet in Game 1 at MSG

  11. Jeremy always answer the question thinking what would god say in this type of situation.

    God: this is bunch of BS tell your coach to play you more.

  12. The worst thing that can happen to ATL is for Jlin to play well. If ATL plans on tanking and use Jlin as a trade chip at the deadline they need to play him though. The better he plays, the better the chance ATL has to win, anti-tanking. I still cannot see the strategy of trading for Jlin if they did not want to play him and for the team to play well, so that is not tanking. But many on this board assume tanking. What am I missing here? I agree with some here that a core of Jlin, Dedmon and Bazemore could be pretty good. Add in Alex Len and Vince Carter with TY leading the bench is a pretty decent start at a bench. Bembry may have a fit here. Add in Prince and this John Collins who I know nothing about but seems to get a lot of praise and ATL, after having played together for a while may gell after the break and be pretty good and playoff capable since the east is so weak

  13. Jlin no matter what needs 20-30 games and even more to get his NBA legs. Even he says he is 80%. To take the beating and pressure or playing more, especially against 1st strings he needs to be at 100%, nothing less. Getting more minutes now, getting more points etc means nothing if he is hurt. In the meantime ATL gets to see how TY handles starters minutes against many different teams. I don’t think it is going to be easy. ATL is playing TY a lot of minutes and he goes hard all the time. The irony is he may break down (I hope not) and Jlin will have his starting job!

  14. That would have to be a blown out.

  15. Just like politicians but it is a MUST in NBA.

  16. LOL Pierce starting Bembry tonight. What a joke.

  17. Fox analysts speaking of Lin like he’s an old Veteran like Vince Carter to keep hyping Trae.

  18. Very Byron Scott-ish and Kenny Atkinson-ish.

  19. Kenny never disrespected Lin like this.

  20. LP is a laughing stock.

  21. Having Lin on tight rotations pulling him when hot…Lin wasn’t treated that great from Atkinson.

  22. At least he won’t be ball hogging when Lin off the bench.

  23. He always started Lin when Lin was healthy, and gave Lin at least 20+ minutes to play.

  24. who’s gonna win the Zion Williamson sweepstakes tonight?

  25. Hawks already look awful early on. 8-3 Knicks.

  26. Trae just can’t defense man, he is worst than Kemba

  27. Len and Baze keeping Hawks in the game early.

    Bembry already chucking and missing. 0-2 for Bembry.

  28. Spellman can’t make anything lately

  29. He just had a good block and dunk, bro.

  30. Just saw it

  31. if Lin was paired with Trae, the team can be quite successful but management has other ideas unfortunately. Trae is an elite passer…

  32. Perhaps besides basketball talent, Lin’s proven character, market appeal and veteran leadership were also the reasons why he was desired by the Hawks.

  33. Nan. Don’t think so. I would say better chance if paired with Kemba.

  34. God I really hate LP, Lin never once the first dude of the bench which he should be…..

  35. he has to follow management orders (i.e. Tank Commander)

  36. Lin finally in at 5:26 in 1st Q.

  37. Let see how it goes without Bembry

  38. Vonleh on fire!

  39. Geez, Lin has to play with both Prince and Bembry now.

  40. Hawks cant make any 3 at all

  41. Nice pass Lin!

  42. why isnt prince starting?

  43. Will Lin finish the qtr?

  44. No clue. Didn’t follow.

  45. coming back from injury, I guess.

  46. But was he out last game?

  47. idk why this coach loves bremby so much

  48. Because his defense is weak

  49. That could very well be. But for Jlin personally, after having invested his efforts in BKLN only to be cut loose, this year he has to play for himself, his next contract, and establish himself as a top player as he enters his 30’s. If he stays healthy, he will play well. After that things will take care of themselves

  50. Lol.

  51. Lin helped organize the offense and lead the comeback. 26-26 end of 1st Q.

  52. Linsanity!

  53. 26-26 game tied at end of 1Q.
    Lin played 5 min, 2 points and 2 assists!

  54. Can’t watch game. Is Lin actually getting to play point?

  55. When Lin is out on the court, Hawks sets up a proper offense and actually try on defense. He helps calm everyone down so they’re not playing frantically, like chickens without heads, always turning the ball over, not playing D, and ballhogging.

  56. Yes, but of course, they use motion offense too.

  57. Lin shows his veteran poise!!

  58. Pierce allowing Lin to finish the 1st Q and start the 2nd Q.

  59. my connection broke during that drive, was lin the one that dished out to carter for the 3?

  60. Yes, but Lin’s pass was semi-deflected. Still ended up in Carter’s hands for a 3 though.

  61. Lin playing with Trae now.

  62. good aggressive drive and nails the 2 freebees

  63. Lin with wide open 3!!! Pass from Trae!

  64. this is how lin should play it looks great and risk free…he is not running hyperspeed every time much variation will help his health

  65. lin + 10 who would of known. maybe last game would be like this.

  66. Glad Lin took his time and knocked down that 3. Excellent. What is it 7 points now?

  67. Hawks lead by 7 after the shot! 34-27

  68. Was on a call wow Lin +10!!!

  69. Lin now has +10. I know +/- is not always indicative of how a player actually plays, but he’s been a huge factor tonight so far.

  70. Trae to a wide-open Lin for 333333333!

  71. yep

  72. Trier gets grazed by Lin, immediate foul on Lin, while Lin get hacked like crazy driving to the hoop, refs didn’t see nothing. Same problems different day.

  73. Lin is 100 percent healthy

  74. now this is a non-tanking lineup. i’m confused. are they tanking or not?

  75. yes, he’s a true difference maker. First time, LP continued to pair him with Trae to start the 2nd quarter

  76. trae to LIn is noice!

  77. Yup, Lin got hacked on a drive against 3 Knicks and no foul called.

  78. Back to back. About 19 min yesterday. Looks strong this game. I didn’t think he’d play back to back so early in the season. Hasn’t missed a game.

  79. trea is a very willing passer. just never played the two together much

  80. I like Trae overall.

  81. Wow, Pierce is keeping Lin on the court. These are extended minutes for Lin!

  82. i have no problem with trae. I just don’t understand why LP hasn’t tried pairing them together earlier

  83. LIN-stant offense! 7 points in 7 min

  84. I don’t think so. Team has enough talent to make into playoffs if playing like a team. Young players from beginning of season has been playing hard, even with mistakes and all.

  85. tank commander

  86. Lin will sit soon – has been playing for 7 min. non-stop.

  87. OK, Lin is out.

  88. thought so :/

  89. How many fouls on Lin?

  90. Lin sits – 9:28 2Q after playing 7 consecutive minutes. Time for me to get my dinner.

  91. I hope the questions from the media last night, as well as Lin being more vocal about having to ‘fight’ to get into rhythm, is starting to force Pierce to give Lin more consistent minutes.

  92. only 1

  93. done for the half

  94. Hopefully not.

  95. most likely 🙁

  96. what questions from media last night?

  97. hopefully its just a quick breather and he comes back in towards the end of the quarter

  98. they need prince and bembry in there to execute the Tank!

  99. That’s such BS. Baze gets a bucket & foul, but Knicks whine so refs take away that bucket and foul.

  100. Good.

  101. Should be at least a foul.

  102. Yeah, should at least be foul shots for Baze. These refs are ridiculous.

  103. Ugh I hate bazemore
    I really want Lin traded to a playoff team

  104. Dang, Knicks came back with Lin sitting. Trae needs to step up his game. 0-3 tonight, not scoring, only passing.

  105. im fine with him. he is just not that good. he is ok

  106. and just like that the lead is gone

  107. Lin was out for 2 min. and the 7 points lead vaporized.

    was 34-27 now 38-38

  108. I hate his looks and how he scrwed me on fantasy that one year

  109. Lin back in! Pierce knows he needs Lin to win tonight.

  110. I am pleasantly surprised!

  111. If possible, LP don;t wanna tank just yet.

  112. Wow, nice drive under the basket and dish from Lin to Baze for an easy layup.

  113. Nice pass

  114. They don’t need to, they have a weak East and enough talent on this team to make playoffs, even if at 8 spot.

  115. Arrr Lin with 2 quick TOs

  116. Prince give it up, Lin would of had a perfect line to the basket!

  117. TP trying to be fancy….

  118. Prince wanting to be the hero.

  119. The commentator calls Hawks “the worst team in NBA in turnovers”.

  120. 1 FT

  121. spellman drops a few passes

  122. If LP willing to play Lin and the Hawks willing to play like a team, then we have a chance.

  123. Knicks are doubling Lin, even past half court when in-bounding.

  124. Nice ball movement!

  125. Spellman working hard out there. Just got a bucket and foul.

  126. Right place right time. 🙂

  127. Knicks commentator said he looked a little Chunky out there.

  128. Wth?

  129. dumb foul lin

  130. I missed it. Did Lin really foul him?

  131. Why was that a foul?

  132. couldnt see but why is he risking it like that

  133. Clyde said that in a prior game too. He’s not wrong. Spellman is chunky, but he’s young and coming out of college. He’ll eventually develop an NBA body.

  134. Lin just took a charging foul from Trier.

  135. Great D!!!!!!!

  136. It was a dumb reach around foul from Lin.

  137. Wow Lin will play more than 25 mins tonight!!!!!!!!

  138. Hawks play hard D with Lin out on the court. He’s setting an example for the team with his hustle and tenacious defense.

  139. Yes LP, if you wanna win, you need Lin! 🙂

  140. don’t like it though when the offensive knocked Lin down

  141. Spellman finally make the long range!

  142. Lin covers and rotates for their mistakes. Makes Hawks team D look better than they are.

  143. Surprised LP has not put Young back in

  144. great pass to Spellman for 3!

  145. Me too! But Yay!

  146. bazemore ever pass?

  147. Tks!

  148. Team defense energy is pretty good.

  149. Trae might be tired from last night. He’s also not playing well tonight. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hawks management told Pierce not to push Trae too much and risk injury.

  150. Lin has earned it and glad to see LP acknowledging him.

  151. Wow Lin played more mins than Trae. Guess LP is tire of losing / blow out!

  152. he played 30+ min last night – probably tired

  153. Lin took another charge, this time from Hardaway.

  154. Another D!

  155. looool gg Lin

  156. LP finally say no dude I dont wanna tank yet man!

  157. I really don’t think that is the reason

    although I wish so

  158. LOL if only that dunk from Spellman counted, would’ve been on the highlights.

  159. Wow Spellman crazy put back dunk/.

  160. I don’t like it when Lin “sacrifices his body” to cause offensive foul

  161. healthy lin Would have torched them there…i hope he still isnt healthy because that looked slow

  162. shouldve went for a 3 there

  163. yea. just awkward body angle

  164. Yay Lin 15 mins 1st half!!!!!!!!!

  165. lin+12

  166. Lin played 15 minutes going into halftime, 2nd most on the team, behind Baze’s 19 minutes.

  167. He needs to shoot they won’t call a foul

  168. Lin is getting back to his old self. He’s playing much more physically in this game. Drew 2 charges.

  169. you can find an old Lin’s highlight and compare to this season, you will see the big difference right away.

  170. I would rather him to shoot more

  171. Yeah, it’s obvious these refs are biased against Lin and the Hawks. At least 2 fouls not called when Lin got clearly fouled. Unlike last night, I don’t think Lin is confident in his shot tonight, so he’s been driving more.

  172. yes and his handles are tighter driving to the paint or probing, keeping his dribble out in front and low vs the side where they can reach behind.

  173. Slow for Lin. But not really slow.

  174. Lin 8pts/4asts/1reb in 15 min and +12 (highest)

    First time he’s given a chance to be the PG to close the 2nd quarter?

  175. yeah, that last drive could of faked and shoot, but great game so far. Can’t complain.

  176. He looks solid on handles. Way better than in the beginning of the season. Knicks have tough defenders.

  177. Lin defense is quite good

  178. Lin made a big difference on the defensive end. I think LP noticed that.

  179. I am so happy for Lin!

  180. He should try it. He knocked down the 3. Only missed the one midrange (I think).

  181. Is the defense LP like from Lin I believe.

  182. thats what i meant. it is fast but not Lin fast. overall liking his play tho

  183. spellmen and lin have good chemistry

  184. prince and Lin is worse than bembry and Lin. I’d rather have bembry and Lin

  185. Lin made the entire team defense better

  186. I don’t know how much of his pre-injury speed he’ll get back. He’s playing a different game now.

  187. Prince is the worst, Bembry is second

  188. True.

  189. dedmon too

  190. maybe because of Trae back to back and getting doubled, but I’ll take it. Could have put Bembry or Dorsey in like previous games.

  191. Didn’t Lin show a short video that he and Spellman are “airplane mates”,

    sitting next to each other on the flight to Charlotte?

  192. his drive hasn’t come back yet. His pass also is off. when Lin is 90%, he will be unstoppable.

  193. I have a feeling, 30 mins + play in the final minute if close game.

  194. That was Len.

  195. give jeremy a DECENT big man and he’ll make em a borderline all star

  196. Probably didn’t because there was no time left. Also, he could have had a foul called, but they aren’t calling many fouls for Lin tonight.

  197. Prince thinks he’s the man, plays selfish ball still. Bembry has been coming around.

  198. Thanks for the correction. 🙂

  199. i like the speed he is playing at now..his handles are a little shaky tho…but i attribute that to being off for so long.

  200. I wish Spellmen would stop the fumbleitis when Lin gets him the ball

  201. He’s not as good as he thinks he is. And his playmaking is cringeworthy.

  202. prince can eat crap

  203. Asik like.

  204. No need for that here.

  205. i wouldnt go THAT far but he’s toxic lol

  206. Yup! Is Lin’s defense yet again made the coach realize. The same for Clifford.

  207. figuratively speaking lol

  208. Woah, Jason.

  209. Be Nice!

  210. ha ha good comp.. I kinda miss the big guy

  211. I hope for a great second half

  212. sorry it’s a joke
    maybe its a generational thing ill edit it out lol

  213. Lin more minutes than Trae? this is scandalous! what happened to team Tank?

  214. I think more like 25-26. In the final minute if he picks up his scoring, perhaps, and if the game is close.

  215. Surprising, but he’s a good 3pt shooter. Once he gets used to Lin’s dump passes in the paint and lose a little weight, he has great potential for this modern NBA. Even Asik had to get used to Lin’s passes but Asik played great with Lin.

  216. good idea.

  217. bring trae off the bench man let him develop like Charis Levert
    Man is killing it now

  218. Lloyd Pierce said they want Lin to play with more pace. Does that mean faster? He does tend to play in a deliberate, measured way.

  219. levert is the main guy at brooklyn now lol

  220. If Lin + Levert = playoff spot in the East.

  221. Good for CLV. He’s a great kid.

  222. Lol. When the “star” player has tired legs from playing 30 min. the night before, the bench PG gets more PT.

  223. He’s a legit star
    reminds me of Grant Hill

  224. It’s difficult not to be cynical with this Atlanta Hawks franchise.

    Even with tanking teams the coach occasionally has some OTHER tanking teams that they want to beat, such is the case with LP against the equally bottom-dwelling Knicks.

    So though we might rejoice for JLIN tonight, next game against a different team, ATL probably won’t risk playing JLIN to avoid the possibility of remaining competitive

  225. agree, but just glad Lin is playing his game and being decisive and taking shots.

  226. LP don’t wanna to tank yet but at the same time he must development the young. So LP do want the win win if possible.

  227. RHJ is a backup now?

  228. im sure things will work out for jeremy, whether that means being traded or staying in ATL for the season. Im just really tnhankful to see him on the court again

  229. Interesting…

    Before the game, Lloyd Pierce noted Jeremy Lin’s uptick in production. Said the team wants Lin to try and play with more pace, but they know what he can do in PNR.

  230. Geez Baze

  231. LP is piss lol calling a time out so soon.

  232. Coming back from injury.

  233. that was atrocious defense

  234. id be that as well. sometimes its like the hawks forget a game is happening

  235. I’m all for developing young guys but only a few actually succeed being thrusted into the starting role and being the man for the team in their rookie year. Even Kobe wasnt that. HOFers like Lebron, AI, Durant, wade and Melo all did that but getting harder for newer guys. Even harden took a few years before he became the best player
    Young doesnt look like one of those HOFers so Hawks gotta take care of this guy dont burn him out make the next MCW or DRussel

  236. Damn no one can hit a shot

  237. The should benched Prince right away, that was a stupid 3 pts attempt

  238. Meaning, we want him to just bring up the ball and pass to the young players to chuck 3’s.

  239. Geez, Prince with foul and technical.

  240. Pricnce is not even boxing out????

  241. He should sit asap.

  242. No, he means they want Lin to push the pace more and not play PNR because Hawks don’t have a good big who knows how to properly set up screens and roll to the rim.

  243. where’s jeremy?

  244. Gotta admit, Trae passing is pretty good.

  245. i get super nervous when i dont see jeremy on the bench lol

  246. Lin on the baseline, stretching out.

    Lin back in!

  247. Lin in

  248. Well, Prince was pretty good on defense the previous few possessions.

  249. Let win this game!

  250. Prince gotta stop forcing it man. That was 3 on 1?????

  251. Prince finally sitting.

  252. This is where Hawks usually fall apart. Lin needs to keep them together and focused.

  253. My god first Prince then Bembry kept on forcing it.

  254. no ball movement

  255. Where the hell is the ball movement?

  256. starters killed the momentum. iso shooting prince and bembry

  257. please spellmen in

  258. Lin needs to take control and run the offense. Hawks are disorganized again.

  259. its like he has to force them to play team ball

  260. Hawks have nobody else who can lead them.

  261. They need to sit both Prince and Bembry.

  262. This is coach’s idea of pushing the pace with No PnR.

  263. Lins job is to bring the ball up and do nothing

  264. Not sure why Lin is being passive again. This is not helping Hawks or himself.

  265. Lin gotta call for pick and roll!

  266. Lin with steal and foul called for him!

  267. This is coach’s decision to play Motion Offense. Trae has attempted only 6 shots. Trae won’t do great in this type of offense. Needs the PnR.

  268. Clear path!

  269. 1 FT

  270. Bazemore is trash

  271. Man, always the 3rd Q where Hawks fall apart.

    Trae back in with Lin.

  272. I agree. Strange. Hope he gets more aggressive soon.

  273. Jesus Bazemore man such trash

  274. Wow, Lin to Trae for a DEEP 3.

  275. Lin look tired. no energy or anything. too many turnovers.

  276. I think Lin is out of gas. I hope he sit now.

  277. Why no Dedmon?

  278. probably should had rested for the back to back. I feel he never really got into it tonight.

  279. Lin only took 3 shots today. That’s just not enough, especially with more minutes given to him.

  280. Hawks with so many inexcusable TOs
    the whole team is trash tonight

  281. the defense is whats starting it. starters dont play defense. bench sometimes plays defense

  282. Lin has no energy. and committed too many turnovers.

  283. He tried and played good D in the first half. He has no energy in the 2nd half.

  284. Lin has energy. He’s just being too passive in 3rd Q.

  285. Spellman with another 3! 18 points tonight so far.

  286. Where’s LP’s favorite white boy?

  287. Lol

  288. Why are you being racist? Hawks only have 2 white players and Pierce doesn’t have a “favorite” among those 2.

  289. I dont see no foul!

  290. 14 Pts, still chance.

  291. I actually like how Bembry has played tonight. He hasn’t been selfish and he’s been making good buckets when it opens up for him.

    Prince on the other hand, has been awful all night.

  292. Keep it at 10 pts down with Lin in.. and maybe our boy can bring some magic for a win !

  293. He would need to play a lot more aggressively than the last stint.

  294. knicks commentator- prince hell bent to get it off

  295. Yup. Prince is bad tonight. But he had some great defensive possessions.

  296. agree but the defence and momentum would not of ended well if he did so

  297. Prince needs to just stop drinking the cool aid someone’s being feeding him about being a star and play within himself. With his athleticism, he can be an above average player in the league.

  298. will jeremy be able to get mins in the 4th?

  299. I think so.

  300. Wow

  301. Body slam!

  302. That looked like a Judo throw, but it should’ve been a foul AGAINST Kanter for going over the back of Plumlee.

  303. Over the back. Should be a foul on Kanter

  304. good time for Lin to come in

  305. Hawks trying their best to make a comeback. Playing hard defense again.

  306. Not yet. About 6 minutes or so.

  307. I remember announcers kept saying he has a chance to be an all-star. Yeah, nope. Not even close. Prince has talent, skills, and motor. But he doesn’t have the intelligence to be a great player. He needs to just stay in his lane and not act like Kobe.

  308. These refs are so garbage. That was a clean strip from Plumlee.

    Even Knicks fans are boo’ing the refs and cheering for Kanter’s foul shot miss.

  309. Get Prince out for Lin, now !

  310. The worst possible call at the worst possible time almost.

  311. Nice plum!

  312. Hawks are fired up! They want to win this game badly!

  313. They are playing good D now. Just wish Lin will have a chance to play…

  314. Playing like a totally different player. I think he’s tired of being benched and wants to show he’s not terrible.

  315. OMG Plumlee playing insanely good! Monster putback dunk!

  316. Plum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  317. Damn Mudiay

  318. Plumdog was ferocious in the limited time he was allowed to play tonight. Wow.

  319. start plumlee over len lol

  320. Please Lin back in.

  321. Please…. LP….

  322. dont think mr lin will be back

  323. probably not

  324. Lin needs to come back in. Trae is too off his game tonight.

  325. Please LP….

  326. Just play Trae and Lin together…..

  327. Tank lineup is in force right now!

  328. Sit Bembry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  329. Hawks are definitely tanking. Lin had 21 minutes tonight, should’ve taken more shots. 6-7 for FTs is like 3 shots plus the 3 FGA that’s only 6 shots attempted. Would feel much better if Lin actually got his stats today. What happened?

  330. Did Lin play any time in the 4Q?

  331. Bembry ?

  332. Not yet.

  333. Damn you LP

  334. probably won’t play at all then.
    He has ice packs on knees on the bench.

  335. LP freezing out Lin. Lest he be a key contributor to a Win!

  336. Stupid refs and stupid coach.

  337. Letting Trae shoot the Hawks out of this game. *sigh*

  338. Lin didn’t play well enough tonight. Too many turn overs.

  339. Hawks are tanking and developing, starting 3 rookies is a recipe for disaster. Lin needs to ask for a trade mid season.

  340. trea and prince can just shoot into oblivion

  341. this is so dumb

  342. Not surprised.

    By now we know the team is development tanking. W is not the goal.

  343. Imagine Lin being allowed to shoot 15-20 shots per game like Prince, Trae, and Baze are allowed to. He’d be averaging 20 PPG easy.

    Part of the problem lays on Lin’s head too. He’s too passive too many games. Overpasses and hands the ball to guys who won’t give it back to him. 1-3 FG is just awful, especially when he had such a good game last night.

  344. He was amazing on defense, he makes the team defense better tho.

  345. Damn you LP!!!!!!!

  346. His turnovers was an issue because they were playing “Pace” offense, running to their perimeter areas and not moving towards the ball when Lin was doubled or tripled. Happens over and over again.

  347. Who says he isn’t?

  348. Agreed. I think Lin was amazing tonight.

  349. Some of the TO can be either way. Either the passer or the receiver..

  350. bremby 33 minuts is amazing to me. he did help the comeback but geez. im starting to think, does bremby have lp’s children as hostage

  351. No, I meant who says he isn’t allowed to shoot more? It seems Lin makes the decision not to shoot a lot, especially after shooting a lot the previous game. He’s done this for years for many different coaches. So I don’t think it’s him being allowed. I think it’s his choice.

  352. There has been No offball movement causing the defense to shift, no cutters to the rim. Horrible Iso offense since the 3rd quarter.

  353. He’s never passive. He plays hard a both ends. Not that smart. But hard.

  354. i said lin was healthy earlier. he still gets stuck on the ground sometimes. like the clear parth foul and the end of quarter 2 play.

  355. Tonight’s FGM/FGA
    Young: 5/18 for 13 points
    Lin: 1/3 for 9 points

  356. My bad.

  357. oh no the patrick beverly thing

  358. head of the snake lol

  359. You can’t really blame Lin tho as one pass and the ball never comes back.

  360. Lin got to the line, which is good. But, he was too passive in the 2nd half.

  361. He plays the way LP wants. Lin plays in a more measured way.

  362. You mean 3Q. He did not play in the 4Q.

  363. 3Q is in the 2nd half of the game.

  364. to be honest lin plays the way of a long lasting nba player. if he wants to play 5-7 more years. this is how he needs to play.

  365. Who was the one under tank commander Scott in LA?
    I forgot his name.

  366. Not enough aggression. I think the TOs are acceptable if Lin did a bit more offensively. He was much more active defensively, though.

  367. ohh boy………………………ronnie price

  368. Thanks. lol.

  369. what an efficient game by Trae Young! 13 points on 18 shots. give the man a contract extension! and give his coach an extension also while you’re at it!

  370. I think he can still ask for the ball more and just shoot more jump shots.

  371. Exactly! Having energy is only good when it is under control and within the system.

  372. agreed. i think Lin gets passive thinking other players will play team ball but they dont

  373. But wait wait, he is the future Curry….

  374. hahahahaha. Extension for everyone except trading JLin to a playoff team will do:-)

  375. I’m happy that Lin plays another game, a b2b and is ready to play the next. He took a few charges and did well in the first half. 2nd half he was out of sync but it’ll be up and down. I don’t think Lin wants to play at LP’s pace so maybe he’s trying to figure out how to have some faster pace at times to make the coach happy.

  376. why knock him? Everybody has bad games and he’s not hyping himself. He’s just a kid out there trying to do his best. Everybody has bad games sometimes.

  377. i’m sure Vince Carter isn’t pleased with this tanking…

  378. Do it, Hawks

  379. Trae Curry is shooting less than 30% from 3…

  380. So 18mins for 1st half and 4 mins 2nd half? What’s up with that

  381. trying his best to keep Lin from getting into rhythm?

  382. no LP want to lose and lin wants to win..thats the difference

  383. dude just jacks up too many ill-advised shots.

  384. I thought the back to back probably affected Lin. He didn’t look energize at all to play tonight.
    I know he’s deliberately playing an old-man game, but tonight, you could see him huffing and puffing a lot.

    Looked vey unsteady in traffic and turned the ball over 4 time.
    Sad he couldn’t follow the great game yesterday with a good outing.

  385. Can’t outshine the starters again.

  386. 9 points on 3 shots is a good outing

  387. He’s a rookie. That’s what some of them do. He’s also a willing passer and a very skilled passer. He’s an extremely good player for only played 11 games in the NBA total.

  388. I am so grateful that you enlightened me with your vast basketball knowledge. You seem to know more about the game than Lin himself.

    Frankly, I am tired of your subtle criticism of Lin ALL the time. I will have to block you now for my enjoyment of reading the posts here.

    BTW, do you know Lin played only 5 minutes in the 3Q.
    So you meant he was passive for FIVE minutes tonight.

  389. You have to understand that this is on the coach. Trae is a victim as well a benefactor of the brain trust of the Hawks. If we don’t complain about it, who will? Who will protect Trae from the fact that the Hawks are throwing babes to the wolfs?

  390. he is an elite passer but not a good scorer

  391. who cares he needs his points

  392. Yes. On the bright side, he’s actually able to play. A lot of guys after injuries don’t play one of the back to back games. So he struggled some in the 2nd half. OK, I’ll take it. He’s still getting back in shape and it’ll take months.

  393. And? So he has some holes. He’s a rookie. IMO, putting him down doesn’t make us look good. He’s a good player. The hype isn’t his fault. That’s NBA marketing stuff.

  394. Consistent minutes assignment for Lin at this tanking team is what we could only dream for.

  395. Lin needs to play with good players. Guys like Vince Carter. Veteran guys that know what they’re doing, but still buy into team ball.

  396. was it a coincident that after a shooting game, Lin became passive? it seems odd that after the game of an efficient scoring game, suddenly he was not looking to get the same result? i hope there is no intervening order not to do it before the next you have said he’s been like this for so many coaches now and the most vocal coach who has restraint Lin was KA by telling Lin to facilitate first and no to look for his own shot first, am i right? even with a coach that understand and like jeremy, his scoring was still being questioned, so much so the other coaches there that was who was known not to be that catering to him can do so also. and maybe because Jeremy is NOT a Rebel that cause disrupt on a team for his own glory.

  397. I said 2nd half, you said 3Q. It’s the same thing.

    Many others said Lin was passive, not only me. Lin gets that way sometimes throughout his career. It’s an observation.

  398. I think 1) any home game at State Farm Arena is going to be Trae time, and 2) JLin’s role on this team is to just distribute the ball never shoot himself (that seems to be what modern probability based basketball says is the box he should always be placed in).

    And then given freedom to score now and then (return to Charlotte, Spurs pre-season game, that recent Lin Len pick and roll game) to throw a bone to his fan base.

    It is what it is: yet another new role he has to learn, instead of being allowed to play to his natural proven strengths.

    Stay healthy, and continue to develop command of deliberate half court offenses, because that is obviously a major reason general managers and coaches keep pushing him to shooting guard or the bench.

    (I don’t think Lloyd Pierce is another Byron Scott, but his role here is the same as it was there; hopefully title contender with a great point forward as half court field general can see how great a pairing he would be with him going into trade deadline in February)

  399. jeremy played too much defense tonight. dont have enough energy for offense

  400. knicks were ready to defend jeremy

  401. The question is did Lin contribute to the team in the 2nd half like he did in the first half? Did he show the same aggression and energy for the team?

  402. I’m fine with knocking the coach and the Hawks organization. That’s totally different. I think Trae is doing well and he plays when his number is called.

  403. I hope so too. It’s hard to know why the big difference from one night to the next.

  404. well, i wonder if we can say that to trae if LP just gave him 5 munutes in the second half to play his rythmn? b ut just like trae and other players, 5 minutes of playing time wont give much impression except that he’s not a ballhog and will not score much and unlike other player. he’s a teamball player and will play in that kind of state always (passive or being aggressive)

  405. I think Lin was probably going to go back in for the 4Q. But, the unit on the floor cut down the lead and it made sense for the coach to stick with them. While they weren’t perfect, they did cut the lead down to single digits. I think that’s why Lin didn’t play in the 4Q. He played a lot in the first half and closed the half. I think in the 2nd half, Lin wasn’t as effective. So he got a breather and then some of the other units started to bring down the lead. Lin’s +/- was excellent in the first half. In the second half, it probably wasn’t good.

    Trae and Prince and it seems Bremby will get minutes no matter what. Other guys won’t. I wish it wasn’t that way for Lin, but it is.

  406. We criticize Lin after a bad game
    We can criticize Trae too I think but Bazemore and Prince hurt the team today more than Trae tn

  407. This is not gonna help Trae develop.
    Rookie being thrusted into the franchise player role, then gets blamed for being inefficient, loses confidence and team keeps losing getting more lottery picks and he becomes expendable, elepant in the room
    not a lot of guys can take that kind of pressure those that can usually end up being HOFers

  408. Is it racist? The young white guy he plays a lot? is he not LP’s favorite white boy? How is that racist

  409. Thanks

  410. He’s not ready

  411. Trae is not ready for the big role.
    Hawks need to take it easy with him and actually give him the time to develop before turning him into another Jahil Okafor

    Trae can be a star but he ain’t there yet hes no Allen Iverson

  412. He’s not ready for what? He can dribble, get separation, pass great, get to the rim off of the dribble, and handle most NBA defenses pretty well for the time he’s played in the NBA. He’s a very impressive rookie. He looks ready for me. Rookies have up and down games. That’s normal.

  413. He’s not ready to lead a franchise yet. Still too inconsistent. Sometimes looks lost out there. A lot of those shots he put up today were awful.

    How many rookies can actually lead a franchise? LeBron, Wade, Durant, AI not even Kobe or Harden

    Only a few people can do it. Trae is simply not at that level
    Not a knock on him. It is what it is. Levert turned out great and the Nets were careful with him

  414. This Lloyd Pierce is getting on my nerves. Anyway he is not trying to win. I think the opposition is getting better in defending Young. Young is a perfect fit with Prince & Bembry. I am getting sick and tired of the Warriors 2 stuff. Look at who got over 30 minutes; pathetic.

    I wouldn’t pay to watch games like these.

  415. Speed of Lin highlights …

  416. LeVert has played longer than Trae. I think Trae should go through his ups and downs in a franchise not expected to win. That’s how rookies learn.

    I think he gets too many minutes and I hope while Lin builds himself up more, then Trae’s minutes will drop and Lin’s will go up. But that will take several more weeks or months.

  417. They don’t care Hawks are tanking and using development as an excuse just like the Nets.

  418. Your definition of well is a little suspect. Trae hasn’t had a great game for a while and everyone gives him a pass. Lol. You can’t be serious saying this to a bunch of Lin fans whose had all the negatives heaped upon him for any little mistakes he made. You really need to listen to yourself sometimes and wonder if maybe you’re not taking into the account that we have loads of PTSD enough to last a lifetime. Trae doing well conpared to what and whom. This is a lin site and Lin is getting the BS coach and GM treatment while Trae is getting the exact opposite. Get off your high horse already.

  419. Exactly, Lin needs to understand he doesn’t have that luxury unless he focuses on shooting and gets that big 4-5 year contract. It’s about time he changed his mindset. Does he want to look back and regret like Nash how he should’ve been a shoot first PG? Nash needs to knock some sense into him!

  420. Lin would be average 30! He’s already 23pts in 23mins and 14 in 13 minutes! 29-30 would give him 30 PPG unless he reverts back to his stubborn passing to selfish teammates way.

  421. I think we do ourselves a disservice by knocking a kid, a rookie, who is playing extremely well in some aspects of the game, like passing, and who is a team player. It’s not a high horse. I think it reflects bad on Lin fans to put down good players when they have bad games. Lin has bad games, Curry has bad games, hall of famers have bad games. Everyone does. Trae, overall, is a terrific looking young player. He’s Lin’s teammates. And I don’t think Lin would like us doing this.

    The PTSD is real but fair is fair.

  422. Maybe this will happen before February. We always can hope!

  423. unless its apparent to us that there are no restrictions as to his game, it will be the time for us to tell if JLIN intentions to become passive on his playing style the following game or not

  424. i wasn’t able to watch the game and i have to rely on comments made on this forum. Maybe , LP again used the hot hand rule on today’s game simply because….? Unlike the last game wherein the hot hand player was subbed because??? (too much question marks i guess..LOL)

  425. The schecule is getting diffcult for the Hawks.

    They may lose 11 games in a row.

  426. Yeah, fake stars, losing culture…stopped watching a while ago.

  427. Lin needs to take some 3pt shooting lessons from DRose.

  428. my, my, my…. how the tune from KWL has changed after he realizes i was right all along….

  429. don’t blame LP. this is coming from upper management. LP just has to play guys who gives the Hawks the best chance to lose.

  430. bembry gets the start… another lineup change…. classic tank move. funny how i said bembry was the new “head of the snake” and then he gets to start the next game… maybe LP is reading the book BS wrote: How to tank for dummies…

    lin was not looking for his shot at all this game. funny how this happens after every good lin performance. it’s almost as if LP called him selfish in practice/film or something… and lin probably said FTS and passed all game…

  431. in the 2nd half the lineup that lin was with got stagnant on offense and didnt show much on defense. a coach who actually wanted to win would call a timeout and put bodies on the floor willing to play hard. case in point, plumlee comes in due to foul trouble and he contributed to making it a close game in the 4th Q.

    i dont think lin was at all “responsible” for letting the game out of hand, he simply happened to be on the floor. the only thing you can say is he wasnt aggressive enough looking to score. but who knows why. i have my theories…

  432. It was a back to back game and based on history, Lin rarely played well in those.

    Also Lin was benched majority of the 2nd half especially 4th quarter. LP knows that’s when Lin gets into rhythm that’s why he isn’t closing. Maybe this will force Lin to change his bad habit of passing to get teammates going first. Lin never plays well when he isn’t looking to score first.

    Also whenever Lin gets FTs he doesn’t take as many FGA. 6-7 FTs is 4 shots, plus 3 FGA is only 7 attempts. He needs to take at least 12 shots in 21 mins not 7.

  433. VC plays in atl to be close to the TNT/NBATV studios. that’s the ONLY reason he’s here. to get a check and to pave the way to his future broadcast career. tanking means nothing to him.

  434. he’s young, been injured, and they need to evaluate if he’s worth keeping around. he’s a grade A knucklehead, but a young athletic one. he will continue to get opportunity on this team while guys like lin and dedmon will languish away on the bench, hoping to be traded to a better team…

  435. i’m starting to think LP yells at lin after games for scoring too much. remember it’s not ok to win while the rooks play bad. you can only win if it’s from the rooks playing well. that’s in chapter 2 of byron scott’s nyt bestseller: how to tank for dummies…

  436. he didnt do this during linsanity… you know the ONLY time in his career where he had the green light…

    you think lin doesnt want to be the man? you think lin doesnt want to jack up shots and be the focus of the offense? there may be things that are said behind closed doors that we fans aren’t privy to…

    the fact that you put this on lin is sad…

  437. this guy gets it…

  438. role players gon role play. bench pg’s dont get to be the focus of the offense. why do you think prince gets to play with the bench lineup so much? so he can have time as the alpha when not playing next to trae…

  439. It won’t happen.

  440. Where is he now?

  441. Unbelievable. It is the choice of the coach.

  442. The coach’s order

  443. to be fair, Lin was not playing that well based on the 4 turn-overs in 21 minutes. and Trae unit got Hawks back into the game, so it was hard to bench him for Lin to finish the game.

  444. This game shouldn’t be this close. Both teams made 30 fouls but the Knicks was awarded 18 more free throws.

    The Hawks took 92 shots and the Knicks took less than 77 shots but the Hawks made only 3 to 4 field goals more.

    The shooting % of the Hawks was pathetic.

  445. thats what i am thinking right now…how on earth a player after making a great game previously starts to be timid scoring again except when the coach told him thats not what he intend lin would play..KA was so clear about this when he mentioned during his interview that he told jeremy to stop lookig for his shot and instead look to facilitate more???

  446. How many TOs that Lin has costed the Knicks? I say he at least has evened out his own TOs.

  447. The fundamentals are not there with the rookies. Rookies aren’t bad in defense. Lin at least taught Young to block shot by example.

  448. Really good defense Lin played.

  449. LP is just an interim coach. He is not a championship coach. He would be fired by losing too many games and then Schlenk will hire a new coach to take over his developed players.

  450. Anyone plays defense like Lin does ought to be tired quickly.

  451. That doesn’t mean Young should be defended for having bad games. When Lin had bad games, Jeremy was dissed badly.

    Young has a big advantage over Lin that he has played summer leagues and preseason games in long minutes. Lin didn’t play well in his first few games. Did Young play well in his few games in summer league, a league of less competition than regular NBA game?

    Give this kid a break. This kid has already had more than enough breaks.

  452. Young is measured on a different scale. He is free to do anything he wants on the court. The team adapts to his style.

  453. If fair is fair, Young should be treated fairly. So far in all the wins that the Hawks won, Young was against either rookie PG (Cleveland) who got even with him in the next matchup, or no PG (against the Heat) or when his teammate Bazemore bailed him out (against Dallas).

  454. I think he’s doing very well based on experience. Even Curry didn’t play as well as Young has so far in his rookie year.

    I’m not comparing Lin to Young. All I’m saying is Young, for having played 11 games, is playing quite well for his limited experience in the league. I expect him to play like a rookie because he is one.

  455. He may be a good player in the future but he is definitely not a good player now. It is extremely unfair to Jeremy now with those choppy minutes and the role given to him. If he is given superstar treatment, he should be measured in superstar scale.

  456. Lin has personally caused about the same TOs of the Knicks. Was not taken into account in your evaluation. Watch the Jeremy Lin highlight please before you make the hasty judgment that Lin did not play well.

  457. Lin’s aggressive play in Linsanity was the exception to his career on a game to game basis. Lin is seldomly consistently aggressive over a period of games, game to game. And what I mean by aggressive isn’t just shooting.

    What I mean by aggressive is on the offensive end. He’s usually aggressive on the defensive end, blocking out, setting picks, not backing down to any player, drawing offensive fouls. That approach did not change during the halves.

    But the offensive end, I don’t buy that Lin passing the half-court line and passing it off to a teammate, going in the corner, and then having the ball not come back to him while he doesn’t go back to get it is the coach’s design. Or, if he gets it back, just quickly passes it again without looking to dribble much or playmake. I think that Lin has modes where he’ll go back to the ball, wave guys off, and run the offense and other times where he doesn’t seem to want to playmake as much. That’s what I mean by not aggressive. And btw, as a Net, he was aggressive and took charge. So I would say as a Net he was consistent. Here he isn’t doing so and maybe it has a bit to do with the system. But I don’t think it’s just the system. It may come down to playing off the bench he’s different than starting.

    During the 3Q, the Hawks first unit stumbled, the 2nd unit didn’t bring them back. Of course, that’s not all on Lin. But Lin is the veteran PG on the team. And I would expect a veteran PG to assert himself as the leader of the offense and make as many plays as he can, and take a few more shots or set them up. I thought he wasn’t as active on offense in terms of playmaking as he’s been on this same Hawks team in other games, or as in the first half. This is something that is a Lin pattern from team to team. If it happens from team to team, then it is a fair observation, IMO, to say, maybe Lin goes into different levels of aggression. I’m not saying why, just that he does.

    We don’t know what goes on behind closed door. All I know is that tweet that Lloyd said there is an uptick in Lin’s performance and they want him to play with “more pace.” So, that’s all we really know. But I’m not taking that as a negative, just a statement.

    He got 22 minutes, unevenly spaced. He played with Trae. He closed the half. He played effectively in the first half. He didn’t get hurt even though he played more physical basketball and took two charges. He recovered well after falling. I feel positive about Lin’s progress. And that’s the standpoint I continue to pay attention to.

    This is a temporary team for Lin and I don’t know if he is fully there mentally with this team. But he’s more there than he was a few games ago. So that’s progress. Lin is fine.

  458. I didn’t understand your comment, HVJoy. That’s my fault. I just thought Lin played differently on offense after halftime.

    I think we should stay positive. I feel positive about Lin’s progress because I think Lin is rehabbing. He’s not where he wants to be and I think he’s trying to make the best out of it. But the rehab is going great and I’m happy about that. I think if Lin stays healthy, big games where he’s why the team wins will happen. But they aren’t a good team and feel like a tanking team now.

  459. Kwok, I disagree about Trae. As a rookie, he’s ahead of schedule. For a PG, the toughest position in basketball, he’s doing quite well for only having played 11 games in the NBA. He isn’t given superstar treatment more than he’s a highly touted rookie gaining experience. I personally think Pierce is playing him too many minutes, however.

    Lin is a totally different thing. And Lin and Trae played together in the first half. Unfortunately, the Hawks melted down in the the 3Q as they usually did and I think that affected Lin’s playing time in the half. And Trae was part of the 4Q squad that closed the Knick lead (he benefitted when Ntilikina fouled out).

  460. You’re all right. Lin caused 3 TOs. The two charges he drew, the clear path violation from his steal he drew, and I think he got another steal. Two of Lin’s TOs were really because the player didn’t handle the pass cleanly.

    Lin did play well in the first half and had one not so great stint on offense in the 2nd half, but it was his only stint in the half in the 3Q. I agree with Sport that Lin should look for his own shot. Because that opens up his facilitating and draws defenses to him.

    Lin did play well and a lot in the first quarter. He just didn’t lead the team out of the hole in the 3Q, but they were already in a hole when Lin entered the game. But defensively he was solid.

  461. To defend against Kanter, Lin collapsed on him with the defender and forced him to pass away . Lin was close to Kanter many times distracting him and of course, he was the one nearest to Kanter and caused the fumbling.

  462. Causing at least 4 TOs is great defense.

  463. A veteran PG with many young players doing their own ways. I don’t think you should knock on Lin for not helping them.

  464. I think that will hurt his confidence. shooting the lights out with a trash team
    he will average like 17 ppg on 38% shooting no one in the league will take him seriously cuz you are inefficient and making team lose so just stat padding
    Hawks will get more lottery picks and eventually throw him out like trash

    weve seen that happen way too many times

  465. Yah they dont know the game yet
    Trae is no HOF material but can be a good star so this is too much for him rn

  466. How about lin to phoenix suns?
    Suns starting pg is not good.
    Many players like Ariza, ryan anderson and booker can shoot threes.

  467. Suns the ever messed up FO whp turned down to hiring MDA as coach again? No thanks

  468. Jeremy (via Instagram): JOY is a contentment in Christ that isn’t circumstance-based!! …


    JLIN IS PLAYING GREAT! Can’t say enough how good it is to see him playing basketball again!

    Making pretty mid-range jumpers, running pick-and-roll getting to the rim, connecting with the bigs, starting to hit his 3’s, making highlight passes and assists! Defending, blocks, taking charges(Although I wish he wouldn’t do that, it does mean he’s more confident.)

    Here we are, just 11 games in, and Lin’s part of the daily rotation. He is making steady physical progress day by day. HE IS STAYING HEALTHY. Here he is, playing in both games of a back-to-back. Who would have believed this a year ago? Heck, even a month ago! SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR!

    Lin has re-discovered the joy of playing. He has started to gel more with his teammates. Handshakes on sidelines. Giving pep talks. His teammates recognizing his leadership. They are cheering for him from the bench. They run to pick him up when he falls. Symbolic gestures for sure. But better than NOT having any fun!

    Off-court, Bob Rathbun and Dominique Wilkins have turned out to be pleasant surprises. I think they have learned to respect Lin.

    Fox Sports Southeast have run quite a few POSITIVE segments highlighting Lin, both on and off
    the court. Another pleasant surprise.

    The Atlantic Hawks official twitter have been celebrating and showing Lin’s best plays. Keep it up!

  470. Jeremy Lin – how to win friends and influence people. Jlin charming the reporter with his earnest sincerity. Rebbecca Kaple. She’s very good, asks excellent relevant questions. Enough said! From the man himself!

    “Jeremy Lin is a delight.”

    Jeremy: ” I’m having a lot of fun…I’m definitely enjoying it….I missed it. And so, all trying to soak in God’s blessing of being healthy, being here, being in the NBA…we’re all trying to fulfill our roles to the best of our ability…..”

  471. In the game against Hornets, Lin’s passing was essentially cut off and the Hornets simply played for Lin to shoot. Lin’s shooting % wasn’t good at that point; specially his 3 point shooting. Lin took only 9 shots and hit 7. Lloyd Pierce didn’t like it at all.

    Now let’s come to Trae Young, on the average, he took about 6.4 3 pointers and hitting at a percentage of 27.1%. Last night against Knicks, he was 1/7 beyond the arc. His only 3 came from Lin’s assist just like Vince Carter’s solo 3 for the night.

    Trae Young on the average put up 15.9 shots and hit 42.3% of that. He is allowed to shot at low percentage while Lin shooting at high % was a sore in the eyes of Lloyd Pierce..

  472. todays stats
    lin oct 14 minutes 6 points 2 assists 34% shooting
    lin nov 20 minutes 14 points 3 assists 60% shooting!

    lin per 36 for nov: 26/5
    number of point guards getting starter minutes doing better on the season: 4
    curry, westbrook, lillard and walker

  473. What do you base this on? How do you know that Pierce didn’t like Lin shooting in the Hornets game? He played him 19 minutes (high for LP). Then he played him 22 minutes the next game.

  474. Good article on DeWayne Dedmon’s expecting a baby and his developing chemistry with JLin. Lin praised him as an intelligent big man.

    Expect The Unexpected: Coach Pierce Shares Advice With Dewayne Dedmon

    Pierce said that he will be careful to be sure that Dedmon is present for the birth of his first child as the Hawks embark on a West Coast trip Sunday, even if such obstetric timelines are unpredictable.

    “The one thing I know is that you’re going to have your own experience. From August 1st to August 11th, we had a date night every night and we had a workout. It was the most fun, but also the most boring – I was afraid to go to the grocery store. Just expect the unexpected is the bottom line. Who knows? And that’s why we’re going to be mindful about going out West. You don’t know when it’s going to happen and how it’s going to happen, and how much time in between, so we’ve got to come up with a plan that is best for Dewayne and his family.”

    On the court, Dedmon has made a strong return from an ankle fracture that sidelined him for the preseason and the first few games of the regular season. He has averaged 7.8 points, 5.9 rebounds as the first center off the bench. And despite playing just 18.8 minutes per game, Dedmon currently ranks 9th in the NBA in blocks per game (1.8).

    “I’m feeling good,” Dedmon said. “I’m just trying to catch my rhythm again. Once I get my rhythm, all the pieces of the puzzle will be back together. It’s a process. I haven’t played in two months. I’m just trying to get back in the flow of things and get chemistry with the young guys and new players that we have.”

    One player with whom Dedmon has seemingly generated instant chemistry is Jeremy Lin. The two shared no court time in the buildup to the season; Dedmon hurt his ankle before Lin resumed practices following his rehabilitation from a knee injury. Despite the relative newness, Lin and Dedmon have thrived together. Some of the Hawks’ best offensive units have been centered around the pick-and-roll duo.

    Lin said he and Dedmon both aspire to be players who are easy for other teammates to play with.

    “Any time I get paired with a really, really intelligent big man, it makes my life so much easier,” Lin said. “I give him a lot of credit for setting screens, angles on screens, getting below the defense, rolling to the right place, keeping his hands ready, shooting floaters, finishing at the rim, shooting threes and making plays.”

    After realizing the length of that list, Lin laughed.

    “Really, he’s just making me look really good, man.”

  475. Hi everyone. Been busy travelling and working. It seems pretty clear that Atlanta is doing the development tank. Lin will only get real minutes if the team is definitely going to lose (i.e. blowouts). If there is any chance of a win, Lin will get glued to the bench.
    Whilst this saddens me, I am encouraged that Jeremy is playing so well in limited minutes.
    Prejudice is real.
    It is our duty to fight it any way we can. Let’s just hope we can do it with the same grace and dignity that Jeremy has shown. I am also happy that Jeremy seems to be happy. Let’s enjoy the ride too and forget about what we cannot control.

  476. Ha ha! Intelligent big man. I would like to know who he thinks is a dumb big man. Can we speculate here? Any suggestions? As a side, with this Collins coming back, whom I know nothing about but seems to get a lot of praise, ATL might not have too bad a team…if they played to win. Why not play to win? What do you gain by trading Dedmon, Baze and Jlin, three very good players plus vet VC still capable. Second half of the season after everyone gets healthy and they are used to each other this team might make some noise.

  477. nice assessment of things about JLIN predicaments.

  478. All these positives yet somehow they won’t give Lin the start with starter minutes. Honestly hope Hawks aren’t tanking :/ But all these losses and not starting/closing with Lin shows otherwise.

  479. The worst big man JLin was forced to play with was RHJ on the Nets. Not only does Rondae have an extremely low basketball IQ, poor skills and an out of control playing style, but he actually isn’t even a big man. He barely has the size of a small forward but stubborn Atkinson plays him as a 4 and even as a 5. It hasn’t been talked about a lot but forcing Lin to play with RHJ as his big man was like making him play with one hand tied behind his back. It may have even caused Lin’s injuries as he struggled to win games under impossible circumstances.

  480. From the time JLin joined the Nets I could not see what the big deal is with RHJ. Still can’t but BKLN continues to make a big deal about him

  481. Loooove Lin Assists. Trae Young can pass too. But NOTHING that we haven’t seen Lin do. Many more times. Even more spectacular.

    Okay, I’m biased.

  482. Not sure what this is based on. The 36 games season that Lin played with the Nets, BROOK LOPEZ was the big man to Lin.

  483. Don’t know about now, and I don’t have stats here.

    But, last season (no Lin). RHJ improved mid-range %, cut down dribbling full court on fastbreaks. Kenny liked his defense and rebounding at the 4.

  484. “Let’s enjoy the ride too and forget about what we cannot control.” – AGREE!

    Hope you get a chance to catch up on all the Lin highlights!

  485. Yes I have been watching the highlights. Jeremy is looking fantastic despite the severity of the injury last year.

  486. Hawks has 3 good bigs. The strength of the Hawks is at 5.

    Dedmon, Len and Plumlee are really athletic.

  487. The post game interview

  488. Seems like a good guy. I like Dedmon. Small sample size, only 8 games. But yes, the advanced stats. Lin and Dedmon are in a few of the top 5-man line-ups for the Hawks.

    On the other hand, hate to say it, but Dedmon has also fumbled or missed shots at the rim, off Lin’s passes. He sometimes takes a dribble under the basket, giving defense a chance to swarm him. He should just take it strong right up to the rim.

    Can definitely see the chemistry building. But, as we’ve said before, Lin works well almost all big guys. Other 5-man line-ups with +/- PLUS, also include Lin with Len, or Plumlee, or Spellman.

  489. Based on what Travis Schlenk has said. He has DRAFT PICKS for 2019. The reason for tanking. To potentially DRAFT another franchise player.

    Playing the vets and winning a few more games won’t move the needle for the Hawks.

  490. Shooting 3s @27%

  491. Lin has just finished his rehab. He has not got his rhythm back.

  492. Good news – trending UP!

  493. Well, we can hope. But I don’t think it’s realistic.

    It was always obvious that the Hawks are trying to rebuild around their draft picks. I
    think they are trying to win, but as part of development of their young core. They are playing the rookies a lot of minutes, and even starting 3 of them at the same time.

    Add some injuries, with a rookie head coach, changing line-ups. (Someone quoted that the Hawks have played the second most number of different lineups.)

    Of course, they are going to be bad and lose a lot. They didn’t trade for Lin to become the star of the team. The Hawks are not going to give up development just so some short-term vets can help them win a few more games. DEVELOPMENT TANK.

    For Lin’s sake, I don’t like it, but it is what it is.

  494. Agree it doesn’t look good. They were competitive against the Hornets and the Knicks. Could have won those. Would have been good for morale before going on the tough road trip.

    Maybe could still steal one vs Detroit, and then Charlotte or Miami.

    Collins is supposed to be back some time on this trip. But it probably won’t help. I don’t think they have much time for practice on the road.

    Bad for morale, but good for development tank.

  495. Yeah, not worried about his TOs. Limited minutes for 11 games.

    Lin said himself, that he feels play-rhythm will be back.

  496. Too lazy to set up another account, even for free trial. Does anyone have access and can post excerpts? Please?

    We’ve heard this before, especially with Lin’s teams.

    “From Jeremy Lin’s bible study groups on the road to team dinners to Lloyd Pierce hanging out with players at Dream games, the Hawks have gone from “there was a lot of stuff going on in the locker room” to “guys actually like each other on this team.”

  497. Hahahahaha! Rockets lost to Thunder without Westbrook.

    Raymond Felton scored more points than Melo. Melo (20 mins) and CP (36 mins) combined for 12 points. Melo was 1 of 11 (9%). Harden, CP, Melo, combined for 4 of 22 from 3Pts. SUPERSTARS with fat contracts!

    And people complain if Lin has a bad game? Oh puh-leeze.

  498. It is truly amazing and awesome!

  499. I know you prefer the vets to the rookies. But Spellman is not too bad for a rookie. He hustles and plays hard, and despite his size, can really run the court too. I think he does have potential too.

  500. Lin fan at game in Atlanta. Looks like Lin is still riding on bike to keep loose.

  501. Keeping close to family. Papa Lin & Mama Lin in town again, or maybe didn’t leave. They are such good sports.

  502. Speaking about bigs that Lin has played with. Greg Smith will play in Taiwan. Has this been posted yet? (The Rockets probably ruined his development too.)

  503. Check out the NetRating of CP3 with (-6.2) and without Melo (0.8)
    Is anyone surprised that Melo made a positive +6.8 swing by sitting on the bench? 🙂

    I’m glad Morey got his wish to sign Melo lol

  504. Lin is always in good spirit around his family. No doubt it helps with his performance on court and the mental strength.

  505. This. He’s a tenacious player. Lin actually loved to pass to RHJ. He was good at positioning himself near the basket.

  506. He can throw the outlet pass and lobs, but I haven’t seen him throw the full court lob like Lin yet. And Lin’s no-looks are exciting and behind the back transition passes. Trae makes his passes in holes, Lin draws defenses. I’m impressed with Trae’s passing off of slick handles. I tend to sometimes like Lin’s assists even more than his scoring. I think Lin and Dedmon are going to make some good highlights this season.

  507. Interesting that Greg Smith chose Taiwan instead of China, any idea what team he will be on? Would be cool if he’s on the same team as Josh Lin.

  508. Injuries are already starting to pile up in the NBA. Curry thinks he got injured last night…–nba.html

  509. They keep him grounded and focused on the important things in life. This is one of Lin’s most trying times and he’s had a lot of them in his career. Good to see his family there to support him through it all.

  510. I’m glad most NBA fans finally see how trash Melo is. After last year and the start of this season, everyone is ragging on him. And a lot realize that he was the one who chased Lin out of NY due to his jealousy. Melo is now reaping what he sowed.

  511. I have a League pass (only one team)..Is it possible to re-watch the past games? I tried but no success!

  512. Oh no! Curry was the no.1 favorite for MVP this year?! How long will he be out?

  513. But The majority of Lin’s minutes was with RHJ, especially 2nd season!

  514. It is a sweet revenge by MDA, subtly putting Melo on bench. LOL.

  515. “I think he’s going to get an MRI tomorrow,” head coach Steve Kerr said after the Warriors’ 134-111 loss, according to The Athletic’s Anthony Slater.

    “I’m not nervous. I have nothing to go off of. If this was an ankle, I could tell you four days, 12 days. But I will see tomorrow… I’ve honestly never done this before, so I have nothing to go off of,” Curry said, according to Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated. “God got me,” he added.

  516. Though tanking seems to be an acceptable strategy in the NBA I don’t like the idea of paying professional sports teams to not try to win.

  517. Curry has abductor strain in his left leg. It’s so hard to get through a season uninjured.

  518. Fans of those guys are probably not saying very kind things about them today. Then if they play well next game, all is forgiven.

  519. LOL the rooks got cars full of popcorn. I wonder who did this. Lin himself seemed to be in on it, but was surprised at just how much popcorn was stuffed in their cars…

  520. Yes. Depends on the platform you are watching on but you can go back on the calendar to watch old games.

  521. Glad to see Lin had parental love and support as always! 😃👍

  522. some nice light-hearted moments! Lin appears to have fun.

  523. Lol

  524. Lin is usually so good-hearted. But when it comes to pranking people, including his own parents, he’s merciless. LOL. Not surprised if he was in on it.

    Here’s a few more vids from Bembry and Dedmon. Oh man. GOOD LAUGHS! (But not too funny to those poor guys.) Omari always seems to be chill, but Trae seemed sad. SMH.

  525. How do you get all those kernels and butter and salt out? I’d be royally TICKED.

    But have to admit it was LOL Funny! Yeah, poor rooks!

  526. Yes. Like David Ly said.

    Go to, “scores” menu. Should have calendar icon in middle of page. Find the date of the games you want and click on “watch”. Should work.

  527. Hope KD & Klay can carry the load for now. (And other guys step up. Cause no Draymond or Livingston either.)

    RHJ got hurt early August with same injury. Nets wouldn’t let him come back until almost end of October.

    Injuries so easy. Always relieved when JLin stays injury-free. Personally, that’s why I don’t push for too many minutes for Lin for now. More minutes on court, higher risk. Wait until he gets more games played under his belt, and onto his record. To establish he’s healthy longer into the season.

  528. RHJ – similar injury. Out almost 3 months. Nets, always cautious. Assume GSW will be cautious with Curry too.

  529. He will be playing for Bank of Taiwan. (Not Fubon Braves, JOE Lin’s team.)

    Apparently, Greg has bounced around overseas. But at least he’s still playing BBall.

  530. Here’s another one of Lin doing handshakes. Lin and Len, looks like they are playing chess.

  531. They all deserve each other. I was hoping Morey might even trade away all draft picks to get Butler. And then watch the Rockets implode.

    Just some sympathy for MDA. TINY bit.

  532. Haha. Not so subtle.

  533. Okay, Sport. Put down that 10th beer you’re drinking. LOL.

    What do you mean? What 2nd season for Lin?

    Brook Lopez played 75 games the 1st season. Lin played with Brook as starters when Lin came back from hamstrings. RHJ played a lot at the 4. But Brook was the main BIG GUY.

  534. I AGREE WITH YOU. Unfortunately that’s not what the NBA is selling. And a lot of so-called fans are buying.

  535. Thank you for your reply….

  536. Thank you for your instruction. I was able to watch it. Our weather in DC area is pretty bad so the streaming is pretty poor.

  537. Does anyone know if it is possible to watch Hawks game in Europe? I was wondering if I need to purchase an international league plan…

  538. lol…maybe its butter free?!…hope its leather seat!…

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