G10 POR @CHA PreGame Thread

After 2 games of hair-raising Hairsanity performance, Jeremy Lin didn’t do very well in this game to finish with 4pts/1a/1r/2stls in 17 min with 2-7 shooting. Only Nic Batum did well with 28pts amidst the horrible news of Paris terrorist attack.

JLin: “(For end game situation), guys are comfortable playing with each other …
We’re gonna stay ready … when(not if) our number is called

Jeremy’s last statement in the post-game interview said it all. He clearly wasn’t happy that his number was not called.
But he knew that coaches didn’t call his number due to the early struggle to get the 2nd unit going despite 2 strong games vs Wolves & MIN.

He probably realized he’d need to continue to START HOT in SCORING otherwise he wouldn’t get a chance to finish games. Especially as a newcomer & 1 yr rental status, he’d have to score a lot to be given as many chances as Kemba and Lamb who have long-term contracts. The level of trust from Clifford is just not there YET.

That’s okay. JLin is strong enough so he will regroup and think of ways to get going early to earn the trust to have his number called to finish games.

The great thing is Hornets went 0-5 in shooting (Lamb, Batum, MWilliams) in the last 2 min and no FTs in the 4th quarter. Bulls had 6 FTs in Q4, which mattered a lot in a 5pt loss.
Eventually Coach will realize they need JLin’s ability to draw fouls & draw defenders to finish games strong. JLamb is just not a game changer like Lin and Harden who can draw fouls at end of games. Jumpshooters will simply stop being effective when they can’t be a scorer.

JLin Post-Game Interview


Guess JLin's stats in Game 10 vs POR


  1. first. first time that ever happened, I can die in peace now.

  2. may your first..bring the best for next game with JL playing his first 30mins! game

  3. Cody get well and Lin go out and have fun and play great against Portland like you usually do. Let’s forget the taste of the last game. I’m still into the Knicks game because that’s the real Lin.

  4. We Lin fans must be depressed if I’m the first to post in any threads. We have faith in you Jeremy. In our despair, I just look back to the 2 games before that where you ran supreme. Cream of the crop Jeremy Lin will rise to the top, I have hope.

  5. Rockets lost again last night. Ty played 30 min. and scored 0 points. If it was Lin, he would have been fried by Houston media.

  6. Portland is more beatable than playoff Chicago.


    1) Zeller comes back
    2) Kaminsky stops bricking easy shots that he uncharacteristically misses on.

    Zeller provides rim attacking energy and also moves off the ball.

    If Kaminsky could stop bricking baby shots, he’s take minutes away from the totally worthless Hawes who plays only because Kaminsky can’t even hit simple layups or unguarded pop shots.

    Kaminsky not hitting is not Kaminsky being overmatched or being worse than Justise Winslow. It’s simply Kaminsky not used to being the one and only offensive option on his team.

    Both Zeller and Kaminsky are the keys to loosening up the game for Lin to not be loaded up on defensively.

  7. Wooohooo…new thread…better game!!

  8. I think JLin didn’t look his best against Chicago is to be his most effective especially when his shot isn’t falling is he needs a PnR big. He can make due with Zeller but he can’t compete with many of the bigs in the NBA, but then even Zeller was out. Hansbrough might but Cliff didn’t play him but Kaminski instead. You’d see Lin drive past Brooks without a pick but run into a wall of defending bigs with no one to drop off to. Hopefully Zeller will be back and his game will be back on track next game. Optimally they should get a more complimentary big like Ed Davis, Tyson Chandler, Andre Drummond, Festus Ezeli.

  9. Are they going to bench Lawson for “fit” reasons and Beverly’s “elite defense”. I think the might have locker room issues as alpha Lawson going to clash with alpha Harden.

    Or maybe it’s just due to the Kardashian effect.

  10. I guess the grass also could be much browner on the other side of the fence. Lol

  11. Woohoo….new day! I keep my chin up and always hope for the best but it’s so easy to get sucker punched when you do that, lol

    Hairsanity…with better and stronger gel this time.

  12. Man even I was upset about last game. But I guess Lin always can find a way….his way.

  13. Minutes for JLin
    Kemba plays 30-35
    Same for Batum
    Same for Lamb
    Total 90-105 min
    Hairston&Lin will have 39-54 min

  14. Forget about the minutes, I guess just wish the best for each possession…lol

  15. Some great insights tied directly to a disappointing loss

  16. because every play is called for Lamb

  17. It would be really a good idea to forget about minutes for awhile. Quality over quantity. He’s been mostly quality lately and think of yesterday as a hiccup, a minor setback.

  18. Zeller and Hawes are horibble bigs for Lin
    but he will still end up in double digits in ppg with in 22mpg

  19. Clifford seems to like Hawes a lot
    and Lin can’t do much if most of the plays for 2nd unit are called for Lamb
    11ppg 22mpg is realistically where hes at

  20. jlin need to use this floater everytime………he can use it inside the freethrow area

  21. I am all for him using that behind 3 point line at this point…

  22. trollin?

  23. I agree Lin will be fine. But I really hate to go through again this same story …. smh!

  24. Not entirely…lol

  25. Just have to look at Lin and I’m upset for him. But hey, I can walk away and breath a little, play with my dogs, go for a walk. Lin is stuck in his own miserable reality 24/7. How he stays sane is beyond me. All we can ever do is send him our emotional support and allow him to work, it out for himself.

  26. You’re probably too young to know what a broken record is. Lol

  27. It has worked for 5 years now for him….Lincredible…

  28. Lin’s FG% by distance, and it comparison against league average and guard’s average.

  29. What not to understand? lol….you(i mean Seth) were perfectly understood when Lin was there…doing the same thing

  30. This is too funny…Houston , we have a problem! There’s a gaping black hole singularity sucking the life out of us. M&M…”just be less sticky, hustle more and be better lumberjacks”.

  31. Lin is fine. He’s supposed to be upset after a loss and he can’t get any minutes. It’s work, we all got issues at work, but at the end of the day, you go home and live your life. Nobody is stronger and more resilient than jlin, we would all break under the pressure long ago, if it were us in his shoes.

  32. Can’t believe that some people pine for the good old days in Houston. Lol

  33. Like Lin’s mom said in the Linsanity movie:
    “All the aau teams, they never wanted Jeremy. Even though he’s the best point guard at that time, only this particular aau metro mirage wanted him so badly. Everytime Jeremy played against somebody who people who say is good, and Jeremy played better, then they start thinking that person’s not good, they don’t give Jeremy credit.”
    Well that must mean a lot of nba players are not that good, because Jeremy has played better than so many players by now, I can’t even count.

  34. Lin is an American born and raised. Why even bring up race? The guys is clueless, but hey, thanks a whole bunch for having the amazing sensitivity not to use the ” chink in the armour” or “Chinaman” reference. Lol.

  35. Sorry, not going to the hive. What was the top comment?

  36. 1. No surprise losing when Kemba shoots 5/18 and Lin only plays 17 minutes.

    2. How Kemba stays shooting so badly and Lin plays under 20 minutes? Why Kaminsky stay at the court in a bad bad bad nigh for him?
    Dont understand. Hornets played the worst game in the season and only lost by 5.

    We cant improve, but we cant go back and make the same mistakes.

    GO Hornets heart emoticon

  37. Unfortunately for Lamb, without Lin protecting him, he’s just being led to the slaughter.

  38. Thanks! Lol, sounds about right. At least the hornets fans want the same thing we do.

  39. Only the “Top” commentators do…lol

  40. Can you post the top commentators here. I can’t see them. Thanks.

  41. If you watched the game it’s so obviously that Kemba was set up to get ISO game like he did vs Spurs. Lin was not allowed to play for whatever the reason Cliff had in mind. smh!

  42. We have to be thankful at least for that, lol

  43. Broken record, no obsolete
    Broken CD, no obsolete
    Broken iPod, no obsolete
    Broken iPhone old
    Broken Spotify

  44. Agree’d. But Zeller is the best they’ve go so far (and it’s barely adequate) and he was out. I’d wish they’d give Lin / Hansbrough some burn to see if that would work out.

  45. Ty Lawson getting the JLin treatment although with JLin they put the blame completely on JLin. I wonder if any PG can play well alongside such a defensively weak, ball dominant SG like Harden. Perhaps they should just make harden the PG and get a defensive SG like Shumpert to compensate for his lack of defense and who’s used to playing off the ball.


  46. What we learned from the situation with Mchale and BS is that they may be the deliverer of the immediate pain to Lin, but the true fault laid elsewhere. We will only know as the story unfolds.

  47. As a social study, we only need to follow Lawson to see how the mental beat down will affect his career. Will he rise above it or will he go the way of Acee Law.

    Lol son of Law, feel sorry for the guy to be Harden’s doormat.

  48. Internet was down since postgame yesterday. Only can access to internet again less than half an hour ago. Still trying to do the catch up.

  49. Ya! Lawson got exactly what Lin got 2 years ago. More people knows what Lin went through now.

  50. HOW DARE YOU forget about cassette tapes!!!!! *wink

  51. I think I didn’t have as big of a letdown by coach’s rotation as some here. My expectation had always been more conservative than some here. But to clarify, I was not happy with the amount of minutes Lin got and how Lin got to play those minutes.

    Lin has and probably always be in coach’s eye, a backup PG/SG. Kemba, MKG, and now Lamb are the base for the next few years. It seems for some reason, racial or otherwise, no FOs or coaches other than Dantoni see Lin as a starting PG. (although Dantoni really didn’t see it until all the other PGs failed)

    A lot of us Lin fans got excited when Lin finished a lot of the preseason games. But those games mean nothing. Lin was a great PG to show how these other bench players can contribute since Lin can be a great distributer.

    On the latest NY game when Lin was in charge and finished the game, the idea that coach and FO finally believe in Lin went over the top. Lin got the call probably cuz the b2b game and possible injuries.

    From coach’s post game interview, somebody asked about 2nd unit playing better than the starters. Coach’s reply was that he was asked that several times that day, but stat’s wise, starters were actually better.(I think it may have been the Spurs game that drag the 2nd unit’s stat down by a lot).

    The FO has already committed financially to Kemba, MKG, and Lamb. Their primary goal is how to make Batum happy and keep him after this season. The only time they will consider Lin is when it doesn’t undermine the value of these other players mentioned. In their mind, Lin is just a 1-2 year rental that they can easily replace.

    Lin probably will continue with his average of 20 minutes per games. I just hope that he can shine bright enough during the times he is on floor when the season ends to attract another team takes a “gamble” on him.

  52. Curse of teams that don’t recognize a winning ticket when they have it.
    If Lin moves on, Hornets will revert back to a loser-team like previous seasons.
    As they say, those that don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it

  53. but unlike Lin who played well even with the shackles, Lawson played awful and with minutes

  54. I don’t agree with that pattern. Lin left NY, next year they had 50+ wins and won a playoff series. Year 2 without Lin tank. Lin left Houston, next year they go to the conference finals. Year 2 without Lin to be determined but Rockets are not playing well. The pattern seems to be Lin leaves and the next year is better. Goes to show how bad the Lakers are since they still stink.

  55. Unlike anybody here, I don’t have any problem with Lin not playing if he’s not producing.

    Clifford isn’t out to marginalize Lin. Clifford is just trying to put out a linup that puts the team ahead. Lin wasn’t able to put the team ahead like he normally does, mainly because Zeller was out and that totally clogged up Lin’s game.

    I am the only person on this forum who was OK with Lin’s minutes last game.

    On this Charlotte team, Lin is used as a momentum changer and closer. Lin has had ample opportunities to attack and succeed, but he’s not going to do it every single game!

  56. I think Lin needs an above the rim big like this. So many Linsanity highlights were passed to Tyson Chandler for dunks.


  57. It’s going to be interesting to see how Harden plays on National TV on Christmas day after spending Christmas with Khloe and Lamar.

    Khloe Kardashian: Plans To Celebrate Christmas With Lamar Odom & James Harden


  58. but what happened to allowing Lin to play through mistakes? also, benching Lin is not a problem for me IF the guy ahead of him is playing better which is clearly not the case here. so once again Lin is suffering from unfair treatment IMHO.

  59. Did Kemba produce? How about let Lin play more minutes to get into rhythm and produce?
    Defensively, Lin did produce. I think Lin fans are not happy with the double standard and much shorter leash on Lin.

  60. Technically speaking, Harden is adulterer since Klohe and Lamar haven’t officially divorced yet.

  61. Lakers? Ha Ha.

  62. I agree with this thought to an extent. It was pretty clear Lin was not able to drive effectively due to a lack of an effective PnR partner. It seemed like it was always PnP which left Lin with 3-4 defenders on him. Clifford needs to make an adjustment to run PnR not just PnP and free up Lin.

  63. That explains everything about the rockets. KK is back.

  64. Really? I’ve seen superstar/legend produce almost nothing in their first 20 mins of the game before. The first 10 min just to try to adjust the new rotation, in those 5 he’s stuck with Kemba was still on the floor.

    Whenever I recognize myself as the only one, I do question myself why?

  65. what about Kemba sucking it up ever since the start of preseason yet still logging in 31.38 minutes per game

  66. I said this in the preseason games that Hawes and Zeller are poor PnR partners. This will bring Lin’s game to a one dimension PnP. But, it seems that Clifford has no interest in playing Tyler anytime soon. So, we can only pray that JLin can use everything he has now to his advantage (whatever it is).

  67. my gut tells me there will be a huge trade involving Hornets players soon. guys like Big Al, Kemba, or even Lin may be on their way out. all depending on what direction the team wants to go in. do they want to play a slow pace isolation type game like last year? or an uptempo game that Lin is capable of playing? cus Big Al/Kemba and Lin doesn’t really work. if the coach is smart, he’d pick one style and not a hybrid of both where you have the first unit playing a slower pace game versus the second unit

  68. Al, I think so too. But Kemba? Lin? What made you Hornets wants to trade Kemba & Lin?

  69. Lin can’t until 12/15

  70. i know that

  71. I know.

  72. Why is he wearing a Sacramento Kings cap? Hmmm. They trading for Rondo?

  73. it’s either Big Al and Kemba or just Lin

  74. Oh, I guess that’s an LA King’s hockey cap. Never mind

  75. If coach wants to pick he will pick Kemba & Al not Lin.

  76. What about Cliff himself out of Hornets? LOL!

  77. that’s fine with me. i kinda feel like coach wants to place a fast pace game but then revert back to the slower isolation heavy game cus Big Al and Kemba can’t seem to adjust to the faster pace game

  78. Ya! I think Kemba & Al don’t like Lin’s fast break & PnR game. Don’t think Cliff like it either.

  79. He likes LA & Kobe is going to retired so maybe he will back to Lakers next year. LOL!

  80. well, his interviews seem so contradicting to what’s happening on the court. i kinda feel like either he’s not a good coach or he’s just playing politics or maybe some kind of trade is brewing. if in fact these odd things on the court are happening because he’s a bad coach, then i would hope they fire him but they probably won’t. kinda strange considering how much he loves PJ but they won’t extend his contract

  81. another thing to keep in mind is how the game commentators are oddly pro-Lin. and also remember the front office denying PJ’s contract extension who is Clifford’s pet player

  82. I think Al maybe will be traded but not Lin. Batum seems to make a deal w Hornets so he’s the one who is going to be #1 guy in Hornets. Not Kemba anymore.

  83. FO likes to keep Lin but not Cliff. So weird, he’s high on Lin before season started but not anymore… PJ is not the problem. Cliff is.

  84. yea, from Clifford’s interview he seem to really love Batum, PJ, and Lamb but indifferent of Lin, and oddly, Kemba too. so i don’t know what to make of all of that

  85. Kemba? Really? I didn’t watch his interview so I don’t know… But it’s so weird why Cliff said something about 20 then changed to 30 games for adjustment? What’s going on?

  86. and now for something completely different: how about an all hair team; id have off the top lin, elfrid payton, derrick williams, who else?

    steve adams?
    george hill?

    your votes?

  87. i’ve watched/listened to all of his interviews since training camp and he rarely talks negatively about any player. he’s quite a straight shooter but the ones he really likes, he’d talk them up a lot. and the ones he doesn’t seem to like, he’d just say very basic things like “he’s good at this and that”. so it wasn’t really a surprise to me when he started PJ at SF and Batum at SG at the beginning of regular season

  88. I thought he likes Kemba?

  89. Yeah,it’s obvious that Cliff is not all in w/ Jeremy,he needs to play almost 100% just to justify his minutes on the floor.

  90. when talking about Kemba, he usually lump him in with Batum and Lin, saying how well they can all pass and play pick n roll. so he’s higher on Kemba than he is on Lin. he’s also really high on Lamb, usually saying how Lamb can do it all. and when talking about the 2nd unit, he’s usually talking about Lamb. when he was talking about how MKG went down, he mentioned how Lamb, PJ, and Daniels have the opportunity to ‘breakout’ in the same the way Jimmy Butler did last year

  91. SwaggyP
    Hairemy Lin

  92. From last night?

  93. Not while byron scott is still there, thats for sure.

  94. no, this is from all the past interviews

  95. Cliff kind of coaching is like your coach in high school…no consistency and no adjustments during in game situations.

  96. most (well many, a plurality) of long time hornets fans commenting on line say similar things.

  97. Lin always seems to know the best places to eat. We should keep a section where we list all the places Lin eats for future reference in case we ever go to Charlotte or wherever he is.

    Pretty good reviews on Yelp:


  98. Charlotte Hornets’ official web site uses racially offensive term in story
    By Joshua Priemski @HoopPlusTheHarm on Nov 14, 2015, 11:49a

  99. seems like it was ever thus.

  100. I see. Cliff didn’t like to talk about Lin bc I think their O made some changed all bc Lin’s idea from preseason. I guess to Cliff or lots of coaches, they don’t like PGs has too many opinions. Even these PGs are more smart but they prefer the players just play & follow their instruction will do.

    I guess Lin’s team ball & Cliff’s ISO ball it’s the main reason why they can’t be that close like they did in summer…

  101. He also thinks players like Kemba can grow as an all star player..he’s been playing for 4 years now and he didn’t still improved at all,probally he improved w/ jacking up shots coz I think he shots 30 times last night and I almost didn’t see anything went in

  102. Ya! He’s very stubborn & don’t like to change.

  103. What is it?

  104. Kemba will be AS player next Feb bc Hornets is the host for next ASG.

  105. I think he changed last night,he decreased Jeremy’s time on the court just to favor Kemba’s atrocious shooting slump

  106. No way,prolly Batum but not him

  107. shouts to the nba having an article on their site with the term "oriental fans" https://t.co/cMcF5MQrip pic.twitter.com/dKv9YJxxgW— alex (@steven_lebron) November 14, 2015

  108. Oh! Ya! Maybe bc they are high on Batum now. Thing will change within one day.

  109. Oh! I think they del that word.

  110. yes. that’s why i don’t like it when Lin takes the clipboard from coaches. that makes them feel like they’re bad at their own job. people have pride and when you trample on it, you’re going to find yourself on their bad side. plus, when a coach loses his team’s respect, he pretty much lose everything.

    i remember when Clifford was ask about his thoughts on Lin’s comment on team chemistry and getting to know each other off the court during the China trip. Clifford said he doesn’t believe that chemistry off the court translate to chemistry on the court. so he pretty much refuted what Lin said

  111. What d fuq is wrong in this world,we are all americans but alienating fellow Americans is just plain stupidity

  112. I think Cliff just wanted to make a push to show the top or GM? No Lin they still could win the game. Kemba was ISO from the beginning…. smh!

  113. kemba’s “shooting slump” is career long; a consistent career trajectory of declining fg% year over year. (and it was never that good in the beginning)–lin’s worst years (this and last) better than walker’s best (his first, never reached 40% again and has not this season as well).

  114. the writer was probably just ignorant but not racist in anyway. a simple mistake

  115. Lakers 1-8. Wonder how many losses until they fire Byron Scott?
    Next 10 games:

    Det 5-3
    Phx 4-4
    Tor 7-3
    Por 4-6
    GSW 10-0
    Por 4-6
    Ind 5-4
    Phi 0-9
    Was 3-4
    Atl 8-3

    Only see them beating Phi perhaps.

    2-18 ?

  116. Ya! That’s what my friends & I were talking about it why Cliff wanted to against Lin’s team ball game plan since we all saw how good that was in preseason games & vs 1st Bulls? Bc when Lin played his game coach couldn’t really in control of everything on court. He’s too free style for Cliff to take in charge. Cliff sure knows well FO wants to keep Lin… they don’t need him & possible will get the coach in Lin’s favor to keep him in Hornets. Like MDA next season since this is the last year for Cliff in Hornets.

  117. ‘The Michael Jordan impact was evident as a lot of african fans were present to support their North Carolina Prodigy, giving a new feel to the Chicago-Style Air Jordan phenomenon. Michael is still that elusive player that delighted fans years ago, and we’re excited to see what he can do.’

    -That’s like writing this about Jordan 20+ years ago.

  118. They removed the term ‘oriental’ from the article. lol

  119. Lin’s finished like 3/4 of the game so far and against NYC, Kemba was just benched. That rarely happens to starting PG with Jordan Brand shoe deals, on a team Jordan owns no less.

    So credit Clifford for even allowing Lin to close 1 game at all at PG.

    It is risky business and I’m telling you Clifford is putting himself out there for Lin because Clifford does believe in Lin but knows he will lose his job if Lin does not come through for him while he benches Kemba.

    Lin has to be playing so insane, Clifford knows there is no chance Lin can fail if he benches Kemba.

    Clifford was not feeling that against the Bull from Lin. And Kemba had ok scoring stats. So of course he will play Kemba.

    It’s really up to Lin to make it easy for Clifford. Lin needs to look at himself in the mirror instead of saying he’s got to wait for the call in post game interviews. While Lin is only speaking the truth, he needs to see his coach is in a bind and Lin’s play must show out for coach to feel trust Lin won’t let him down.

    It’s not Clifford job to ressurect Lin’s career. People here get confused.

    When Jordan gives a player on his team JORDAN BRAND deal, it means they are a core player of the team and a player the Hornets and particularly michael Jordan are seriously invested inn.

  120. It’s fine if that applies to all the players equally, but having differential treatment on playing time with respect to others (Kemba, Hairston, etc) will just create insurmountable odds for Lin to shine.

    I hope the Hornet lose every single game they play Lin less than 20 minutes.

  121. anyone with a Jordan shoe deal will NOT be traded from the hornets. Michale Jordan is personally all in on those players.

  122. I read the article saying the writer in question is employed by NBA.com, not the Hornets organisation. He just happens to be in charge of writing the Charlotte section under NBA.com website. Nothing to look at here, move along~~

  123. could be. i know the ‘team’ wants to play an uptempo style game and brought in Lin and Batum plus some shooters like Lamb, Hawes, and Tank. but i’m not so sure if it was Clifford’s idea. maybe he secretly resent the FO for all of that. still, Clifford is the coach and the way things are happening on the court doesn’t exactly correlate to what Clifford say in interviews

  124. Jordan Brand players on the Hornets are MJ’s hand selected stars of the team:

    Frank K
    Cody Zeller

    If you have a MJ deal, you are safe. If not, you are expendable.

    Next up on MJ list: Lamb and Nic Batum

    Guys like Lin and AL Jef are expendable at any time.

  125. mavs 2nite with a starting lineup that includes Raymond Felton, Justin Anderson, Charlie Villanueva still doubling up on the harden led rockets in houston. 17 to 9 halfway thru the first.

  126. I am watching the game now. I am surprised to see Mav’s lineup beat Rox lineup so far?!

  127. sticky balls and lumberjacks no doubt. probably some japanese algebra too.

  128. what happened to Dirk? he’s on my fantasy team damnit

  129. Weird. Rox really played so so now?! But I am glad… I hope Mav win this game even I don’t like Mav either. LOL!

  130. Dont people want to see what diversity and celebrate it? Nba seems like they dont want jlin in at all except to use him for marketing… go mavs! Crush haren…

  131. Haha! What Cliff said in his interview doesn’t mean FO thinks…

  132. rockets are worse than soso thus far this season they are one of the worst teams in the conference. .

    +/- point differential all games of -6 exactly the same as the 1-8 lakers and only memphis and n.o. worse in the west.

  133. Ya! What’s wrong w Harden now? He looks so bad in shooting. The only shot he made it’s FT. LOL!

  134. “Houston Rockets, are under a terrible KARDASHIAN CURSED! Kim & Khloe are SATAN’S DAUGHTER These EVIL witches take lost souls DOWN TO HELL! With them. They ruin everything they touch, throw Holy Water on them and watch the live version of the Exorcist!! Please,pray to save Harden from them…”–

    (rockets fan commenting on yahoo)

  135. This is really entertainment to watch how Harden plays now… never made any shots 0-7 so far, TOs & poor D as usual LOL!

  136. It’s so bad their own home crowd is booing them. Reminds me of when they booed Jeremy when he played for them.

    CF so thoroughly deserves this. Burn.

  137. “James Harden reverting back to two years ago, when he barely played defense. Dwight Powell blows past him for a bucket. It’s 42-25, Dallas.” –calvin watkins

  138. He he..

  139. Riiiight. You’re the one sane, un-confused person here.

  140. he’s already played 16+ minutes. i wonder if he sits throughout the game from here on like Lin did. hmm

  141. People in general resist diversity and change. A lot of NBA fans deny this has anything to do with how difficult Jeremy’s journey has been and continues to be. But that’s denying human nature.

    We can argue about how much his situation has to do with his coaches or his own play, but there’s no argument that him being different – in more ways than one – has affected his career.

  142. Harden 0-10. LOL

  143. Lets bomb crorchfans lol

  144. Better to wait for JLin to be doing better before bombing C..F

  145. Lesson from Lance – started last two games for Clippers. In this last game the coach felt he didn’t bring it so he played only 2 minutes. No difference.

  146. What about 8-track and reel-to-reel?

  147. Lol… oh yeah

  148. It’s entertaining enough just to follow the game thread lol. I wouldn’t bomb them, that will just get the hate riled up. Let them burn.

  149. That’s right! Lin wears Adidas! So that’s the real reason why he’s not getting playing time! It must really irk MJ that Lin is an Adidas man. Why didn’t we think of that before! And PJ Hairston is only a semi Jordan Brand, so that’s why he only plays as a semi starter!

  150. with only 10 games played (counting this one) rockets currently down by more than 20 in this one; would be their 4th twenty point or more loss in 10 games.

  151. the aggregate shoe correlation?

  152. Yeah! Jerks!

  153. Ha… like yascar says, let em burn… i will alwats deapise rox… even more than lakers and even hornets…

  154. JLin at Viva Chicken with fans

    Note: Don’t be alarmed the Kings hat doesn’t seem to be NBA-related, possibly LA Kings NHL team

  155. Yes, brilliant theory – don’t you think? (eyes rolling)

  156. Is that fast food? Smh

  157. Lol… wearing sac Kings would be hilarious…

  158. Rockets actually lost to the Nets at home. It was the Nets only win so far all season. Even the lowly Lakers beat the Nets. It will be great if Howard declines his player option and is gone next year. Their window for building a championship team will be closed.

  159. it’s a Peruvian rotisserie chicken so there’s healthy option (chicken+salad)
    At least it’s not breaded or fried


  160. Looks pretty healthy.

  161. he’ll be trending at Twitter in no time for all the wrong reasons Lol

  162. the improbable: a good young orlando team falls short a bit to a not nearly as good as projected thus far wash. wizards team, the x factor for the wiz, kris humprhies who previous to tonties game had made exactly 10 3point shots in his 12 year nba career makes 5 tonite, all at key points to extend wiz lead.

  163. NOT SportsCenter‏@NOTSportsCenter

    BREAKING: The NBA has announced they will demote the Houston Rockets to the WNBA so that they can play with other teams as soft as they are


  164. jlinforum said the sauce is awesome. Makes me curious what Peruvian chicken tastes like

  165. I hope Charlotte Hornets make up for this racism in their article by playing Jeremy Lin 30 minutes tomorrow. Charlotte is looking more racist every day.

  166. What is deron williams good for??

  167. Thanks! Nice feature of Hornets Bench
    I like SwarmAndSting

    This Charlotte Hornets’ bench is different. Gone are the names of NBA journeymen who are on their last legs and ending their NBA career with a paycheck from a Charlotte team. Now, the bench is filled with players who are in the primes of their careers, and is filled with veteran players who are proven producers. Jeremy Lamb, Jeremy Lin, Spencer Hawes and Cody Zeller are the four most important bench players on this team, and some could argue that they are the most valuable foursome on the team as a whole. All four of these players are adjusting to new roles, with three being new to Charlotte and Zeller moving to the bench after starting most of his first two seasons with the team.

    J-Lin, to put it simply, is as cool as the other side of the pillow. With his fantastic hairstyle that channels Dragon Ball-Z, to his calm runners in the lane, he has been a pleasant surprise for this Hornets team. To be honest, I thought that he was done in the NBA as a really productive player. I thought that he would just become a journeyman who would travel the league and average 9-10 points a game. I was gladly mistaken, and I’m extremely happy for J-Lin that he could find a home in Charlotte with the Hornets. He, along with the other members of the BA team are keeping this team hovering around the .500 mark. Lin also adds a different flavor to this team. Unlike any Horncat of the past, he is an international superstar, with his name known throughout America and most of Asia. Never before have I seen a player of the popularity of Lin grace a Hornets or Bobcats uniform, at least in the current incarnation.

  168. Haha! So funny. Harden finally made one shot now. 1-12.

  169. The comment by the Lin supporter in the comment section is terrible…While I’m a Lin fan and believe he deserve more minute, I cringe when I see a Lin fan go into these articles to make comments like this one on the link above…

    I don’t think Lin should start before Kemba, at the moment since it would create friction that Lin doesn’t need..but he should get 25 minutes at the least…..I’m sure Lin didn’t sign with Charlotte to get the kind of minutes he’s been receiving by Clifford.

  170. Agree. Those are the kind of over the top comments that reflect poorly on Lin fans.

  171. It’s LA King.

  172. Getting max contracts, and being embarrassed by Lin

  173. Lol!!

  174. Hornets fans were excited after experiencing Linsanity-like night (vs Knicks)
    IMO With more Linsanity games, they’d be clamoring to give more min to JLin


  175. he has such a big heart for kids
    after a bad game, he still smiled & spent time with kids
    That’s why many root for him

  176. Lets hope some Hornet fans want Lin to succeed. I don’t want to see Lin fans turning on Hornets like they did last game. Saying things like Hornets deserve to lose cause Lin didn’t get his minutes. However, I think if coach continues to play Lin less than 20 minutes per game, it’s fair for Lin fans to be angry and to turn on Hornets organization. Our love for Hornets is based on how Lin is treated. If he’s treated great and fair, we will love the Hornets. If Lin is mistreated/neglected by the coach, we’ll turn on Hornets. And Hornets fans have every right to be angry at us too but they need to understand where we’re coming from too. We aren’t just fighting for Lin’s minutes, we’re fighting for fairness.

  177. Lamb was like, “Oh Carmelo meant that Jeremy” LOL


  178. haha is that a secret handshake?

  179. Jeremy keeping things in perspective. Way more important things in life than just basketball.

  180. I saw that lol
    JLin’s body language be like, “well, I know you don’t want me there but I appreciate the pleasantries”

  181. ORL is definitely getting better. The Eastern Conf will be harder this year.
    All Top 8 has winning record or 0.500, no losing record like previous seasons

    Hornets is still at #12 but another win can get them to #8

  182. It’s indeed. Not Lamb. LOL!

  183. Rox making raymon felton look like Allen iverson

  184. Ya! 19 pts. I am so happy he made the shot…LOL! Don’t want Rox to win.

  185. I agree .. It’s a lot of give-and-take in any kind of relationship.
    Losses are bad but there’s a good way to point out that JLin’s strength in drawing fouls & FTs can help the Hornets to win. Then we can leave it like that.

    Even without our help, smart Hornets fans already asked for more min for JLin to help them win.

    As far as fairness, I think Coach Clifford has been fair. He benched Kemba when he struggled in the Knicks game & allowed JLin to have Linsanity-like game. He benched Lin when he struggled in the Bulls game.
    Yes, Kemba had more leeway being the starter, $12M contract, and history with Hornets but that’s expected in any workplace

    We can only wish that Clifford would have more trust with JLin if he struggled early because JLin can still help with end-game situation. Hoiberg beat Clifford in the chess match by not allowing JLin to penetrate early & Clifford didn’t try harder to get JLin going.

    Let’s see if there’s more trust with more Linsanity-like games.

  186. Hate the rox. All of what Lin is going through is because of them.

  187. Pissing off the brooklyn nets.

  188. Ya! Feel the same way. So glad they lose to Mav.

  189. Forcing one of the best coaches ever: Jerry Sloan into retirement.

  190. Tomorrow we get to see Hornets vs Port then watch Lakers get spanked by Detroit and go 1-9.

  191. The start of Linsanity

  192. I don’t think coach has been fair to Lin. He’s getting less minutes than he did in Lakers and Rockets. On a good game, a Linsanity game against Knicks, Lin only got 21 minutes to make it happen while players like Batum (who is a new Hornets player just like Lin is) will be getting 36-37 minutes a night whether they are hot or not.

    I just don’t think that 17-21 minutes is fair for Lin. He’s one of the best players on the team but playing minutes of a 9th man.

    I want Lin to find a home in Charlotte, but if he’s being mistreated like this, I’d rather he pull an Omer Asik and go on vacation. I’m sick of Lin having to move from team to team because the coach or front office don’t know how to utilize Lin correctly to get more team wins and make their fans (including Lin fans) happy.

  193. Rockets lost again. Raymond Felton torched them lmao!!

  194. They slowly reap the consequence of allowing Harden to be 1-man diva and not holding him accountable on defense.

    Instead of going the team route like Curry & Klay as Splash Brothers to be an NBA champ, they dismissed the idea of Harden/JLin as the touted “best backcourt in the NBA” after both scored 66 pts in that Game 2 vs DET. JLin almost had a triple double with 21p/7a/10r

    Ego is a cruel thing; it’s fun for a short while then it slowly kills them

  195. “Shooting slump is career long” – ha, good one.

  196. you got to admit tho that harden has a unique “skill”: who else can go 5 for 21 and still score 25 pts?

  197. I agree Lin has to be given at least 25min.
    Clifford’s pretty stubborn so far in PT. No margin of error in 15-17 min.
    That’s why I advocate for JLin to score early because that’s what got him a lot of PT

    I dislike the premise of “ball movement” since clearly Clifford hasn’t held his team accountable to keep moving the ball, especially the stars. Perhaps it’s politics & his weak position to be harsh in his last contract year.

    But it is what it is. Hornets will lose more if they don’t know how to get JLin going because he can help them win games, especially in the 4th quarter.

    Let’s see how long Clifford will get losses before giving more PT to JLin

  198. Lawson got benched in 4Q then Harden started to score…?! I believe Lawson will go to 2nd unit soon. smh!

  199. My internal Clifford meter (1 to 10) is back to 5 after having some time to recover.

    First, I think primarily there was a mismatch of expectations. He valued Lin, but as a 20 mpg player. I was unsure at first but after MKG went down I thought Lin would get closer to 30mpg. Instead coach went to Hairston and now Lamb. It seems that coach has a thing about height. At the same time there are not many guys with Jeremy’s height who can guard SGs or even SFs in the league. That’s why coach sounded genuinely surprised that Lin could guard K Martin at the Minnesota game.

    Another thing that annoys me is Hawes’ minutes. Hawes is a good passer as a big man but he reminds me of some big, slow guys I have played with. Guys who refuse to play like a big man down low and just want to drive and shoot and look clumsy. Tyler should get minutes and this is a big mistake by coach.

    However, Lin has improved efficiency a bit and I think part of it is the coaching. Jeremy is getting quality minutes on the floor. It is the quantity that bothers me.

    Clifford seems to be better than McHale and Scott. But Clifford really needs to get over his height fetish.

  200. Right, hes pulls that crap, cant lead a team, and yet gets the contracts and reapect… while jeremy gets the shaft…

  201. oh yeah, NBA loves the scorer mentality (Harden, Melo, Kobe) but not building an actual team is the demise.

    I actually want JLin to adopt Harden’s OKC 6th Man route now. Be the unstoppable scorer off-the-bench that Hornets can’t help but play him a lot of min if they want to win.

    JLin also learned quite a bit of Harden’s skills to draw fouls with the head-fake and arms flailing.
    It’s an art designed to make refs blow the whistle 🙂

    JLin needs to establish who @disqus_zfp4biW5M2:disqus first 🙂 so his teammates & coach would follow his team-ball.
    It’s the NBA recipe

  202. Kemba actually got injured down the stretch. Clifford actually benched Lin right before that and had to bring him back in to replace Kemba. the next play, Hawes threw the ball away on the inbound pass to Batum. at least, that’s how i remembered it

  203. So far this season, lin’s the best player on the team. Not just one of the best.

  204. Your diagnosis is spot-on, @KL:disqus!

    Clifford loves defense and his big men. That’s why he was so thrilled to praise JLin in guarding KMart & Calderon.

    The key to change this 20MPG expectation are 2 things:
    1. Scoring Punch
    2. Shutdown defense
    Note: Playmaking is optional

    It’s hard to playmake in 20 min. JLin just needs to embrace the role of aggressive scorer in the Wolves & Knicks games.
    He’ll easily get 25-27min then things will be looking up from there.
    Even imperfect defense will be forgiven if JLin keeps scoring.

    In the Bulls game, JLin wasn’t able to score effectively so I hope JLin solves that problem in his head of how he’d find ways to score if there’s no Zeller and reliable big men to cut to the rim.

  205. Nba is using jeremy… jeremy, tell them to take a hike…

  206. That’s the difference between having a superstar shooter (Curry) versus a superstar flopper (Harden).

  207. Its rigges by the nba… refs have to call those bogus fouls…

  208. He’s reaping what he sowed. Thats why his career went to crap right after he left utah. Everyone in the nba knows he’s been washed up the last few years.

  209. Jeremy is a pretty cool guy… wish he would get nasty sometimes tho…

  210. 10-15 min Q&A, just like his playing time, sigh.

  211. Mine is a 2… based on what jlin said and what clifford and even jordan said in preseason is grossly inconsistent with how hes being played… clifford doesnt seem like he knows squat about jlins game… and he certainly is not being treated as the most important acquisition… looks like deception to me…but lets see…

  212. Personally, I hope that all Lin fans (at least the ones on this forum) remains cool and supportive of Hornets as JLin’s current home.
    A lot of fans think that coach Clifford is unfair. I beg to differ… Kemba has been the starting PG with Hornets for so many years. Coach is fair to fall back to him when JLin is not performing. Yes, I agree that JLin deserves much more time on the court. However, Clifford is not us. He hasn’t followed JLin for the last X years (3 years myself). He needs time to build his trust/confidence/faith that we all have in Jeremy.
    Also, NBA is a star-centric league. DRose has been stinking up this entire season. But, he still gets 30+ minutes night in and night out. Coaches tend to give more time for their “stars” to bounce back. Unfortunately, JLin is not Clifford’s “star” at this moment. Not yet…

    Stay cool, my fellow JLin fans. It is a long season. Jeremy will earn that trust.

  213. Portland Blazers Defensive Efficiency is currently ranked #22, worse than Hornets at #18
    All previous opponents had higher rank than Hornets.

    Hornets has a good chance to win this game

  214. more like awkward handshake

  215. Thats cuz everybody left the team pretty much besides lillard. No more aldridge, matthews, batum.

  216. Oh snap

  217. Lin did fine last night. He just didn’t play enough minutes to even out his shooting.

    As we speak, Curry is just 2-9 and losing to the lowly Nets. If that were Lin, he’d be benched and fans and trolls alike would unite in blaming Lin for not playing well.

    This is the NBA! Guys miss a bunch of shots…and then make a bunch of shots. Lin has a history of heating up in the 4th quarter but he was benched to showcase Lamb…who wet the bed and played poorly in the clutch.

  218. Agree. I hope he will make at least 10 FGA in whatever time he gets.

  219. I think they will set up good stats for Batum tomorrow bs vs Portland.

  220. Double OT Cavs/Bucks – Bucks ahead 106 -102. 1:52 left

  221. I don’t think any wrong w his shooting bc when he was just going to heat up…he got pulled out of the game?! smh!

  222. What? vs Bucks?

  223. Les giving ego fo a clock heh heh.

  224. He should get a Black card for this place like he has for Chipotle.

  225. Exactly. I’m tired of reading things about Lin’s “inconsistency.” It’s all garbage. It’s his minutes and touches are that inconsistent. No one can succeed under those circumstances — just look at Lawson right now!

    Lawson was considered a Top 10 PG, but now that he has the same role as Lin, he’s playing way worse than him. And Ty gets 37mpg! He doesn’t even have to deal with Lin’s low minutes.

  226. Bucks ahead – need Cleveland to win!

  227. Ya! Watching the game now. Bucks up by 6.

  228. Cleveland messing up left and right!

  229. JR made the 3. I think Cav is tired why no foul…? Bucks win.

  230. Ugghh!!

  231. Best fit theory again. But when nobody fits with you it may be your problem.

  232. LOL, Chipotle AGAIN!!!

  233. Being the first roast off the Linsanity grill??

  234. 14pts/4asts for me.
    Blazers weak defense will give JLin a chance to get going early.
    Scoring mode is on

  235. Come on, it’s Hairsanity all the way baby!

  236. lol so true

  237. They always give Batum his minutes and freedom. Whether its Portland or not.

  238. These days it seems like we should be doing a poll for minutes instead of points/assist.

  239. Less playing time it’s really easy to make the player looks bad.That is Lin’s case now. Lawson is another story bc even he do get tons of playing time but as we all know, Harden is the one really in charge the O not PG. Feel sorry for Lawson but …

  240. I don’t think Lin can get hot early with just 6-8 minutes of play first half.

  241. Height? Kemba is shorter than Lin. He is suppose ro back up Kemba. Now Robeets is rhe back up Pg Thats why he is moved to sg and he is a back up of a back up sg. He needs to be a pg period. He is better than Kemba and Roberts in height, leadership defense and offense. Believe. Not about height at all.

  242. at this rate, it looks like Lin may be a 17-18MPG player. If he scores well and plays defense well, he may be lucky to get 20-21MPG.

  243. They better not have him play a measly 16 min on Asian Heritage Night.

  244. i hope there will be enough Asians there to chant “WE WANT LIN! WE WANT LIN! WE WANT LIN!” when hes on the bench.

  245. To what “rental” ?

  246. Clifford witnessed Lins game a lot of times. They won’t allow lin to be a star

  247. Deleted.

  248. go bucks

  249. I think as others have pointed out, Kemba has status, history and the contract. So I agree that it is not just about height. So basically Kemba gets a free pass but coach is afraid to put Kemba and Lin together for too long and either one of them usually gets benched.

  250. Warriors might lose to Nets!

  251. Iguodala just tied it up – review time!

  252. Tie – 5.9sec to go

  253. I don’t know Pslam, you have ask why Lin plays the game in the first place. I would think that being the boss like the 3 guys you talk about might just change his very character. I really wonder if it’s worth the price he has to pay to become selfish scumbags like Harden, Melo and Kobe.

    Lin plays to honor his God and to promote the positive values of his faith. These guys represent the antithesis of everything he stands for.

  254. oops wrongboard.

  255. wow Ronda lost for the first time. Holly is good.

  256. Wow – OT. Brooklyn giving Warriors a hard time. There’s hope for Charlotte if they play their cards right …

  257. LOL, yeah. Im not surprised she lost. I knew holly was a great striker and could take Ronda on. I was very surprised that Holly was able to toss Ronda though…

  258. Yah, she countered pretty much everything Ronda did. Ronda had her hands down

  259. Yeah, Holly kept pushing the pace and put Ronda into a daze. Then Holly finished her. Great performance by Holly. She shut those haters up. She was the underdog and most people underestimated her abilities, even Ronda.

  260. Warriors just too good – sorry, Nets!

  261. I think Ronda was being too aggressive but missing a lot. Holly was too much evasive and basically countered her with her strong accurate strikes.

  262. Ronda was never a good striker. Her ground game is good though. Holly was a professional boxer so she is good at engaging and disengaging in a punching battle. Holly also threw kicks, which helps her become unpredictable because you can set up a strike with that. Im glad I watched that fight. Im now waiting for the Fedor fight Lol!

  263. Nets needed to foul up by 3 with < 10 seconds. Coaches never learn.

  264. yeah, me too.
    I just realized Frank might have played more min in CHI because it was his hometown

  265. Or hold a sign “FALSE ADVERTISING” if JLin doesn’t finish

  266. so cody is still out for tomorrow’s game?

  267. It’s disheartening when Linsanity-like performance only gave him 21 min in the Knicks game.

    It makes me wonder if the discussion of minutes came up at all while talking to Clifford & Rich Cho in the summer

    If it continues, JLin’s agent should really talk to Rich Cho.

  268. Only 17 minutes of Jeremy on the court. That is definitely false advertising because Lin played below his season average that night.

  269. There is no use of that. Ever since the extensive of Lamb was signed, whatever Cho and Clifford said was thrown out of the Charlotte windows. The easiest excuse is NBA is a business. The actual reason is they spent MJ $21M and they want to make MJ feel good about their spending. Cho had a rough time when he spent MJ’s money to sign MKG but MKG couldn’t play. That made him look real bad. He now needs to redeem himself at the cost of Lin, which is likely a one year tryout.

  270. There is nothing better than seeing Lakers and Rox got whipped on a single day.

  271. Don’t jump too much ahead. I’m not even sure Lin is wanted in Charlotte now; specially after Lamb signed his $21M extension.

  272. That term was declared illegal before.

  273. You got the right idea that Lin should be playing to attract another team to sign him next season. That is why Hornets wouldn’t mind benching him for Lamb. Lin should just try to learn something in Charlotte and then move on to another team next season. I have confident that Lin always come out to be a better player.
    Mind you this is a long season and anything could happen. Lin may be as lucky as Mo last season to play when some players of Hornets were hurt.

  274. Because Zeller got hurt. The next big stepped up. Kaminsky is the next big man; not Spencer Hawes.

  275. Adidas really got lost when James Harden plays like this season.
    How are they going to sell shoes with Haren going 1-10

  276. Sadly, many people only see the points per game. Harden is good at drawing fouls by flopping. His floppage hides a lot of his misses.

  277. a Grandmaster at floppage

  278. DTD

  279. PER of players played for Hornets
    22.70 Jeremy Lamb
    19.95 Jeremy Lin
    18.74 Kemba Walker
    18.49 Batum
    18.52 Jefferson
    16.46 Zeller
    15.62 M Williams
    13.05 Kaminsky
    10.93 Troy Daniels
    10.90 T Hansbrough
    06.70 S Hawes
    05.69 Hairston
    04.52 Brian Roberts

  280. Holly’s reach seemed much longer, which seemed like a huge advantage.

  281. That’s awesome!

  282. Even the very best eventually lose. One cannot stayed on the mountain top forever. Ronda will bounce back. Now, it’s Holly’s turn to defend her title – then and only then can glory be magnified.

  283. I don’t even have to worry about GS Warriors streak. They’re in a league of their own. I have no doubt of them taking this one and the next, and the next – to break the NBA record. STEPH Curry is a True champion and the entire Team is Truly amazing =). Playing so well under a different coach. Their mentality is on a whole different level. No doubts, they will Two-Peat this season – and it’s my wish as well. They will certainly deserve every ounce of the glory.
    Now, back to the Hornets- I’m no longer concern if Lin will be one of the closers anymore. My stand will always be the same: No Lin, No Win. I still have faith in CCliff but I now know Lin will be on a short leash: MVP level playing from the bench 15-21 mpg. Yeah, Lin have to really be that MVP player in order to get more than 17 min. **GOAL: Be the “Steph Curry” Lin for the Hornets this season – 15-18 points in 15-21 min.

  284. Can’t believe with the internet. Was only able to use the net for about an hour and was down until now. So much to catch up now.

  285. hahahaha I just knew how fun this game was…LOL

  286. Looks worse than D-League…

  287. Klay Thompson and Barbossa both out.

  288. Jeremy was 21+ before the marginalization.

  289. Its not either one of them. Its 99% Lin is on the Bench. whats the average minutes of Kemba? The only time Kemba played less minutes is with the Knicks. He was given less minutes because his game is so obviously embarrassing. They don’t want that to happen because its bad publicity. Also he was inserted on the last 3 min of the game but he was injured.

  290. Kemba ang Lin cannot be Pg together in court so Clifford shifted Lin as Sg. But its not an efficient line up. Lin should be given free reign to be the floor general and have sufficient minutes to manage the game at hand. “In a perfect world.”

  291. True.

  292. Hope so. Otherwise it’s so obvious what the true intentions of the team are if that happens.

  293. We can’t do anything except to vent our frustrations in this forum if we consider ourselves true Lin fans. Each one of us are posting their opinions. Some might be relaxed and cool like you, but there are some who are emotional and passionate in the way they voice their opinions. Some are technical some are smart. But I just hope that we will not be so blind about the treatment they are giving to Lin. You said Kemba is the fall back person when Lin is not performing? When did that happen? What game? Are they winning on those games? Reality check!

  294. hawes 6.70 lol

  295. Are you sure those are NBA players cause that looks a lot like my high school team back in the day.

  296. Yes Lin should not immediately trust on the talk. He should put it in writing. Then he can sue the team. If this is business, then Lin should act as a businessman and put things in order of the business and how it will transpire in the order of things. He needs to emphasize his minutes and role in his next contract. No more verbal agreements. Cuban was a victim of verbal agreement big time. Lin is always a victim of sweet and nice talks. Lin should learn how to read his contract and ask his lawyer/agent for additional details. If he really wants to flourish in this NBA business.

  297. They’re authentic NBA cosplayers.

  298. lol how many minutes did lin play in that game?

  299. I think they will still stick to Lawson because the great defensive expert aka wolverine is getting injury prone. In addition Lawson is the all star caliber player, even with horrible defense, but those rox fans seem to be ok with that?lol And I believe it’s Morey that triggered the trade, who will do everythig to make it succeed. Anyway It will be a great pleasure to see rox get tortured game after game this season.

  300. Yeah, Lin is too nice and trusting and his agents also use their legal knowledge to protect his interests so that he won’t be mistreated and has a diminishing role each year in the NBA.
    Today I learned a thing or two about Cyberspace law and Data Protection Act…good to be in the know that some smart alec blogs/sites owners can’t be spared if they don’t respect the privacy of their site visitors…

  301. That kick was vicious, my goodness.

  302. I know Andre Drummond from the pistons can’t shoot free throws but dang he’s a beast. After 9 games, his averages are 18.7 points and 19.2 rebounds per game. Oh what sweet music drummond and lin could make with those pick n roll alleyoop passes and dunks. Lin would average 10 assists per game with that kind of force.

  303. I think bc he probably already agreed to stay after next summer. He’s very likely will replace Kemba as #1 guy in the team.

  304. It’s home game Cliff will not dare to do so… but if it’s road game maybe.

  305. There is no way in the world for Lin to get 15 points in 15 to 21 minutes. No way. IMO, in about 20 to 21 minutes (which I think will be Lin’s PT average per game this season), the best you can hope for is 11 points per game.

  306. Hope the crowd pressures Clifford to play Lin more

  307. Where’s everyone.. Seems a bit quiet around here

  308. The silence before heavy storm, Hairsanity!

  309. Curry is given the freedom and line-up to play well. It’s been like this for several seasons. Lin is on a short leash as you say, and it seems to be getting shorter

  310. We all cheered for Cliff to sit AL and Walker for two consecutive important games. Pulling Lin out of the last 6 minutes from Bulls game has been proved do nothing better to Hornets. Lin had bad luck in the first half, but he played well on defense against Butler and Rose through the game. Why Cliff toke Lin out when Lin’s shooting was just getting better? 1. No Cody, no one set up meaning full screens for Lin to play TEAM balls. 2. To justify his previous decision (set Walker and AL for 4q) by giving Walker and AL chance to close tied games. I hope Cody will play today and Lin will stay to the end.

  311. Hahah

  312. new game thread


    How will Jeremy Lin bounce back after a bad game in Chicago?
    Would he find ways to score even if Zeller is out?

    It has become clear that whoever can score will earn playing time

    Let’s hope JLin continues to regain his shooting touch (esp. 3pt shooting) back, perform shutdown defense and be the most lethal scorer by repeatedly going to the FT line.

    Let’s go, JLin! Be your aggressive self!

  313. I think coach Clifford is no unpredictable, for Lin fans, it is hard to decide what to anticipate now. 🙂 Don’t even know how long Lin could stay on court.

    Looks like trail blazer like to play small, but then not sure even that will give Lin more play time or not.The team did not had a practices since that last game, thus don’t anticipate much changes from last game.

    Would be interesting to see whether coach still try to bring Lin in at 2 min in 1Q and sub him out at 6 min in 2Q. Don’t really get what the coach was trying to achieve there

  314. Yes Sir!

  315. The silence of the Lamb last game silenced everyone. Lol

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