Game 10: Atlanta Hawks vs Charlotte Hornets

Jeremy Lin is coming back to visit the team that he once helped to go to the playoff during his one-year stint but has not come back to the playoff yet. There is no doubt there will be ex-teammates and Hornets fans who will give him a warm welcome.

In his Heat vs Hawks post-game Q&A with fans, Jeremy provided his health assessment in the scale of 1-10 to be an 8 so it is encouraging to hear him feel he is on the upward trend from coming back from the patella tendon injury that he suffered last season


  1. hard to resist a naked thread.

    no doubt? i have doubt! there is this false narrative that lin somehow was treated better in charlotte than elsewhere.

    words only. generally (as i have tried to point out in the past largely unsucessfully) the worse in words lin has been treated the better the results for him and viceaversa.

    anyway what i came here to post was this from derrick rose: (by the time i find it and post it this thread will probably no longer be naked and i will have been defeated in my truly american purpose of being #1)

    “After scoring a career-high 50 points three games ago, Timberwolves guard Derrick Rose scored a team-high 21 points in his team’s 120-109 loss to the Clippers on Monday. Is this the best on-court rhythm that Rose has felt in some time? “I felt this way for a while,” said Rose, who converted 8 of 20 shots from the field. “It was just lack of opportunity. I have nothing to do with that. I’ve just got a coach that believes in me now.”


    rose an all star an mvp a member of the nba accepted fraternity: look how long it took him after injury to get that opportunity, that coach that beleives in him.

    lin an outsider someone never accepted as anything but a one time fluke by the nba fraternity: how long mite it take him after injury to get that opportunity, that coach that beleives in him.

    (note: besides whatever the word i couldn’t spell last time i also can’t spell believe).

  2. Exactly! We don’t doubt Lin, but the opportunity Lin is given. Side note, had a weird dream this morning that Lin as a starter at one point and Trae was a back up. Wishful thinking or prophecy for the future?

  3. Won’t be here in Atlanta. No way they taking Trae out the starting 5 since he’s doing well enough. And even if he wasn’t doing that well, they still would keep him in there so to not destroy his confidence.

  4. I’ve been going through all starting PG for all NBA teams and to my surprised, there’s more than a few team Lin could easily start for because, even with limited minutes, he’s doing as much if not better than some of these PG, with much less minutes

    Atlanta Hawks: Jeremy Lin: 15.8 minutes per ——– 7.8 PPG and 10.99 PER

    Orlando Magic: D.J Augustin: 26.9 minutes per ——— 9.8 PPG and 13.93 PER

    Phoenix Sun: Isaiah Canaan 27 minutes per ——— 9.6 PPG and 9.42 PER

    Chicago Bulls: Cameron Payne 25 minutes per ——— 9.1 PPG and 11.20 PER

    N.Y.C Knicks: Frank Ntilikina 28.2 minutes per ——– 7.5 PPG and 7.22 PER

    Indiana Pacers: Darren Collison 26.9 minutes per ——– 9.5 PPG and 13.82 PER

    N.O Pelicans: Elfrid Payton 28.8 minutes per ———-11.6 PPG and 15.54 PER

    The most realistic destination for Lin is Orlando and Phoenix, 2 teams who were rumored to be after him before Atlanta made the trade for him.

    Augustin and Canaan aren’t proven enough as starters, so Lin could dislodge them and start there.

    Guys like Collison/Pacers and Payton/Pelican are both a bit more proven and aren’t doing as badly as canaan/Augustin.

    Bulls have Kkris Dunn who is currently hurt and once he’s healthy, I’m guessing he’ll start…

    The Knicks have Ntilikina who is very young and they probably will stick with him for now but if they think they have a chance at playoff, they may bring in Lin.

    If Lin can increase his 3point%, by trading deadline and those PG above are still struggling, I would guess one of these teams would surely come for Lin via trade.

    Payton in New Orleans is doing well enough because he has decent assist stats BUT I know there coach was hard after Lin when he was a free agent 2 years ago.

  5. Correct, there is also the Front Office factor that they drafted Trae Young as the 5th pick, moving down to give up the rights to Luka Doncic to the Mavs.

    So the Hawks FO will look good if their selection in Trae Young is justified by him winning the Rookie of the Year (ROY) award.

  6. nice dorothy…but we have to remember stats for Lin now are mostly garbage time and against 2nd string PG…so it might not be as accurate.

  7. I’m not dorothy.

    You right that Lin stats may come from garbage time, but teams will still be looking at them to make their judgement on whether Lin can contribute for their team.

    If Lin is looking great and moving well but has terrible stats, people like Lowe will hold that against him and simply say he’s done as an NBA player.

  8. With Trae Young starting, this team only win games against PGs like Sexton, Dennis Smith and Winslow as PG.

  9. Go JLin. Do your best and keep healthy!

  10. one key thing to point out there is that Lin plays way less minutes than those others on the list. more minutes means higher PER when it comes to Lin and I would say most others as well since you can get into a better rhythm. most players who play less than 20 minutes generally have very weak numbers, much weaker than Lin’s in many cases…

  11. As a 2nd PG in the team, Lin is not going to be used in garbage time only. He had been used in Q4.

    We all agree that Lin is not 100%. He’s still tentative on the court with his knees. This is a fact. But with the minutes he’s having on the court, his knees are going to be in good shape before the all star break.

    He doesn’t need to be traded; most likely, he won’t. Next season, he will be a different player as his rehab goes well.

    Having such a serious injury, it’s not to much to spend a few months for rehab on the court. Lin will have his rhythm back as he is building a good relationship with his teammates. His early struggles in this season should be expected.

    Atlanta is a great place for Lin’s rehab because this team wants to develop Young early and Lin can just take his time in rehab and is in no rush back on the court playing too many minutes.

    You know, Young has had a few months of play time ahead of Lin. Lin still needs time to get back his rhythm with new teammates. He will shoot 3s well once he gets his rhythm back. There are many encouraging signs on the court that Lin can do well on the court without thinking.

    At presence, Lin is played only in a span of 3 to 4 minutes; hardly enough to develop his rhythm back but safe enough to protect his knees from overworking.

    After a few good games, Lin will be able to choose his team. Now the team is starting rookies. We don’t really know the blueprint of the team this season and guessing is always wrong.

  12. I think Lin is mostly played in 3 to 4 minutes span. Am I right?

  13. Probable Starters

    PG – Trae Young
    SF – Kevin Huerter
    PF – Omari Spellman
    C – Alex Len
    SG – Kent Bazemore

    3 starters are rookies (first round pick-ups). This must be the youngest starting lineup in NBA.

  14. Luka Doncic is playing extremely well for Dallas though.

  15. Just saw Kemba hunched over, talking to Lin while Lin was on the ground getting stretched out. They were smiling and having a good time.

    You never see the home star go over to the opposing side during warmups to chat with a bench player like this. Lin and Kemba are truly good friends.

  16. Heart warming.

  17. Kemba is going to have a career night with Trae defending him.

  18. I’m watching the game here:

  19. I think this may be Lin’s audition #1 for his team come February. Just got a good feeling that Lin will have a good 3 shooting night

  20. Kemba Walker is having a good night. Jeremy Lamb too.

  21. Lin coming in.

  22. 2222222

  23. nice! tied the game at 18-18

    3:26 Jeremy Lin makes 6-foot driving floating jump shot

  24. 2222

  25. 3333333

  26. 7 pts!! in 3 mins!!

  27. Lin looks comfortable in Charlotte.

  28. much more

  29. Glad to see him shooting the midrange. Taking his time.

  30. 22222222

  31. 7 points in 5 minutes; JLin shoots well

  32. Lin finally getting selfish EARLY and good things are happening! Loving it!

  33. What do you mean? He sinks his first 3.

  34. Let’s keep it going Lin!

  35. Great job Jeremy! Stay aggressive and keep shooting!

  36. Agree. He needs 20-30 games before we can tell what is going on though with back to back he may get more minutes so as not to put too big a burden on TY. I think it will actually take Jlin a full year of health to really get back to being a peak performer so if he makes it through this year healthy (I know he will play well) then he could be looking at a good contract (probably his last chance at a real good contract)

  37. He always draws the energy from the audience… it’s just his nature

  38. 9 points in 5 minutes; instant offense.

  39. Lin is playing like he was in Charlotte 3 years ago. Aggressive, confident, smart, and at a fast pace. Looking real good so far. Hopefully he gets rewarded with more playtime.

  40. Great game by Lin so far. Exactly the type of game he should play. He’s calm, he’s not forcing anything. He’s getting up midrange shots and not rushing anything.

  41. Hope tonight’s highlights is gonna be a longer one

  42. Looks like Lin feels at home. I wonder why? 🤔

  43. For Trae Young?

  44. Wish Lin got that lob.

  45. I was hoping for Plumlee

  46. 2 FT

  47. Hornets fans don’t know what to do with JLin!

  48. Lin out

  49. 3 fouls on JLin ! Sigh

  50. Lin already in foul trouble, but otherwise, he’s played spectacularly so far. Getting rewarded with extended playtime too.

  51. Yeah, he may not be able to play until the 2nd half.

  52. ha ha, the color commentator for Hawks(Dominique?) just said Lin came over here to the NBA as an international hopeful or something like that… too funny

  53. Dominique should know better. Raybun had big praise for Lin.

  54. Let’s get 25pts tonight, Lin!!

  55. 20/20 hindsight, but we all wish he stayed in Charlotte now. Too bad they didn’t want him bad enough to give him a fair offer. They lowballed him and wouldn’t give him a starting spot. Man, what could’ve been in Charlotte…

  56. Well, he means no harm

  57. No, he doesn’t. But that’s a gaffe.

  58. He has already scored 11 points; many more above his game average.

  59. He shot one 3. Most of his field goals were mid range or short jumpers.

  60. Trae jacking up bad, long 3s. Come on bro, you’re not Curry yet.

  61. Jlin wanted to start. He could not do that in CHA with Kemba Walker. They were not going to give him $12 M to be a back up.

  62. Marvin Williams is a classy guy. He inadvertently hit Trae then he checked with him to see if he’s ok.

  63. folks, the funniest Reffing I’ve seen in a long time was the Refs taking 3 minutes to look at the “fragrant foul” on Batum. Anyone who’s ever watched Batum in any meaningful games just knows that Batum is a player who has no bite to his game, let alone intimidation or “setting the tone” for a match up. He’s a good guy but, seriously, he’ll take a week off for a hangnail. The guy is as soft and clumsy as no one else in the NBA. We’ve all seen it for an entire season. I guess too much to expect the refs to have a scouting report on their players.

  64. Hawks starters seem out of sync. Pierce moved Dedmon to play with the starters, but Len is having a good game. If Lin wasn’t in foul trouble, he would probably be out there right now because Trae is not having a good game so far.

  65. that’s the thing. Why hype up a young player so early? The downside could be a long and painful one for the Hawks org. if things don’t quite live up to expectations. Not many things in life do.

  66. Trae starting to heat up…

    So is Kemba.

  67. Did Dominque just use the words “toughness” describing Trae? Man he is on another planet this game,

  68. Homer commentary…Hawks Announcers have been good to Lin as well I’ll take it.

  69. Kemba and Trae similar numbers, with same style of play.

  70. He’s living up to the hype. His passing is excellent, he’s finishing well around the rim, he has a great handle. his 3 pointer isn’t so great, but he’s playing with a poise and fluidity that’s rare in a rookie. I give him full credit. He’s playing well. We’ll see how he does when teams see him the 2nd and 3rd time around. But right now, he’s one of the more impressive rookies playing.

  71. Hawks will die or live by Trae, that’s the season’s plan. Well until they draft someone better with all those 1st round drafts. Only takes someone with bigger star potential to push Trae out if they don’t get along.

  72. Kemba is stronger, more mature. Trae is somewhat similar but you can tell he’s a rookie. That said, I’m impressed with Trae.

  73. Kemba seems ready for a fight anytime, anywhere. Trae.. Lotte anyone?

  74. Wished Lin was allowed to finish the final 3-4 minutes of the first half. After playing so well, I thought Lin would had gotten another stint before the half.

  75. He’s in foul trouble. 3 fouls vs. Trae’s 0.

  76. The Hawks come out with high energy but the Hornets come out almost flat.

  77. Foul trouble with 3 fouls.

  78. I thought they knew Lin was going to go for more money and a bigger role. Plus that had at least 5 free agents. Lin, Lee, Big Al, Batum, Williams. They figured go with Batum because he already had that big role and Williams for defense and as a stretch 4. Big Al was near the end of his time in Charlotte and Lee wasn’t as big a player as the others. Lin was big, but he was too good for the role Charlotte had for him. Their decision made basketball sense.

  79. I suspect the refs did it on purpose! It’s the first time Lin has faced the Hornets/Walker since he left them after two years? Previously he was injured.

  80. Not with 3 fouls. He had to come out, unfortunately. Pierce wanted to play him, though.

  81. Hawks halftime praised Lin and showed his highlights! 4-5 for 1st quarter, said Lin didn’t blow pass anyone but used screen for mid range and went at his own pace! Yup, Lin drives to the rim and hack are over, those need to be minimized and used only for wide open layups or at desperate times.

    I missed the entire 1st half cause of the election. Hope Lin continues the hot hand 2nd half.

  82. Coach better keep a short leash on the starters

  83. Hawks are at least trying to be unselfish. That’s a good sign.

  84. As a fello Terp, Len is balling! This is his coming out season.

  85. Marvin seems like a mild manner dude, but he is a competitor. That smack was intended… to cause pain

  86. Bazemore with the tunnel vision, should’ve passed back out to Trae. Lin back in now.

  87. Lin with dem nice floaters tonight!

  88. Lin with a lightning cut to the rim for his 13th points. He’s back, baby!

  89. he needs to get his to get out of Atlanta

  90. All drives for the Hawks are going in, Hornets have zero center defense.

  91. True, too bad Lin has to play with him. Never pass back out once Baze gets the ball. Good thing Lin went for his drive as well after 3-4 possessions of standing in the corner.

  92. Just tuned in. Looking at the box score, Lin appears to be doing well in Charlotte with the 10:00 PT!

  93. Would’ve played better if not for refs sabotage with the 3 fouls called in Lin.

  94. Wow! Then again – it’s nothing new with Lin’s “special” treatment by refs!

  95. That was a shot clock violation. Refs messed up bad on that one.

  96. Get Bembry out of there.

  97. I think it is time for Lin to look for his own shot.

  98. Couldnt make the 1st half. so 13 pts in 13 mins, not bad!

  99. Almost an assist to Polythress dunk attempt but he got fouled

  100. nice game by lin but damn is the bench atrocious…it will depend on him a lot if he gets 100% healthy

  101. Yea, Baze is looking to score, every time

  102. He was great in the first half.

  103. needs to get Bembry out.

  104. They should put the ball in JLin’s hands to create.
    So many wasted possessions ending up with TOs.

  105. Glad that steal by Parker did not result in any point!

  106. Once Lin came in, Kemba stopped going off on Trae. Bench stopped the bleeding and came out with a decent 3rd Q. At least Hawks didn’t get blown out in the 3rd this game, which has been a huge problem this season.

  107. Lin, with his 2nd steal of the night.. made up for Dedman’s bad pass

  108. It’s so hard watching this team. Lin always pass the ball once he cross the half court line

  109. Both teams playing super competitive! Lin and Trae vs Walker and Parker! Parker stole trom Lin and Lin steals it back from another player right away before the end of quarter!

  110. 20min for Bembry, he disrupts the flow of the offense.

  111. Yeah, motion offense is nice… IF you have 5 good ball handlers. Hawks don’t have nearly that many good handlers. Stop letting guys like Poythress make passes.

  112. Coach’s offense nothing can be done about that. Lin making some great assists, need to look for his shot more.

  113. I don’t think Lin was credited with a steal.

  114. Get a little rest for Lin, come back at 8min

  115. it pains me to see one wasted possession after another

  116. that seems par for the course

  117. Lin 13 in 14 mins 5-6, he needs to shoot way more!

  118. it just amazes me when lin is in these teammates can’t make a play

  119. its crazy how much bremby plays

  120. Where is the future Curry? 0-7?

  121. Tony Parker looks good. I notice Kemba and Parker play together a lot. LP should notice that and put Lin and Trae in together and stop being so in love with Bembry.

  122. Hawks has too many driving players, they need more 3 point shooters on this team.

  123. and shoooot!

  124. Yep I was gonna say is more like Trae and Bembry vs Kemba and Parker.

  125. Way too much.

  126. Trae has 16 points, 8of17 if Hawks win unless Lin scores more he will get the credit.

  127. lin has no future here

  128. Not Impressed with Trae at all. All he has is the green light from coach and front office.

  129. that’s why he tried to call his own number during the 1st half

  130. Trae was impressive at the beginning of the season/preseason than he vanished. 3s are not consistent at all. Need to choose his spots not make random long distance ones.

  131. 8/17 – 0/7 for 3s and 6 TO. Yeah I am sure. Say all you want but Trae gonna be a busted.

  132. I know, it’s uncanny how his teammates just suck in up when Lin is in. It’s as if it’s “OK” to screw up when the only Asian in the NBA is your teammate. Maybe its human nature. There may be a subconscious level of reality for the players to believe that when the “less athletic guy” is in, you can be less than your normal self, and be OK with the coach.

  133. I don’t think jeremy is going back in anymore

  134. I like Marvin Williams as a 3&D Wings.

  135. Hawks starters getting overwhelmed in 2nd half. They need bench to come back to stop the bleeding again.

  136. they are rookies not starters

  137. hope not. He’s feeling it a bit tonight.

  138. Starters and Trae continues to dig a hole and missing bad shots. Lin needs to close if they want to win this!

  139. They’re starting, so they’re starters. They shouldn’t be starting, but they did this game.

  140. timeout now – 7 points behind

  141. yeah but coach is taking that away from him

  142. Please do. I haven’t watch Lin plays yet.

  143. link?

  144. He was Lin’s best friend on the Hornets.

  145. I doubt that LP would send Lin in to win – making Young looks bad

  146. Stickied at the top.

  147. He doesn’t believe in Lin yet. Young and Lin both could look good together. Parker is playing with Kemba and Lin should play with Trae.

  148. Pierce will have to bring Lin in to stop the bleeding. He’s been rewarding Lin with playtime tonight because Lin has been playing very well. Only brought Lin out for rest and foul trouble.

  149. Hope you are right!

  150. You have not learned the lesson?

    win or lose LP will stick with Young

  151. Lin out plays bremby still plays alot more lol

  152. Lloyd Pierce is facing a big problem. Will he leave Trae Young in or insert Lin?

  153. Lin in

  154. 2 more 3s for Lin would be nice.

  155. too damn late!

  156. Bembry is sooooo bad

  157. Lin is left on the bench too long.

  158. long 2222222222222

  159. 2222222

  160. I take this lin over the Running superfast to the rim anyday

  161. horrendous defence

  162. 17 Pts – 17 Mins!!!!!

  163. Lloyd Pierce should just let Trae Young finish the game.

  164. Well that’s game. Nobody on Hawks can score except Lin. Nobody on Hawks can play defense. Hornets lit on fire in 4th Q.

  165. What’s with the Hawks poor shooting? In contrast,
    Hornets are shooting really well.

  166. Yes, this is the game he should play. Some drives, mostly midrange shots.

  167. Guess, no JLin no win is still THE FACT!

  168. Hornets makes every misses into 3 pointers.

  169. What a great hesitation move to draw the foul going to the rim by Lin
    2 FTs

  170. All i hope is for Lin to play like this the rest of the season..and hopefully get traded to a playoff team rather than this shithole of a team.

  171. Bazemore, Poythress, and Bembry has a tendency to rush their shots and try and force things when behind.

  172. 2 FT

  173. 19pts in 18 minutes!

  174. Lin out

  175. Lin ha 19 points in 18 min..
    – praised by the Hornets commentator!

  176. no future here

  177. Coach should’ve just left Lin in. He deserved to finish this game.

  178. There goes the game, Lin out…

  179. That was so stupid to take Lin out.

  180. over his 15-16 min per game limit 🙁

  181. So much disrespect from this team.

  182. Absolutely.

  183. Someone here said (@Sport?) that Hawks would live OR die with Young. I am afraid he is right!

  184. With 1.5min left, Lin is still the leading scorer for the Hawks with 19pts in 18 min.
    2nd highest are Trae and Bazemore with 16pts each in 27 and 26 mins

  185. That’s is why I have no hope on the Hawks. They won’t do XXXX for Lin.

  186. The game was lost. let Lin rest.

  187. Lin should finish the game. Possibly with Trae. But finish this game. LP has to learn this. I hope he does. If he doesn’t, his loss.

  188. yep….very obvious

  189. Lin allowed to finish would have easily gotten 22 – 25 pts. Bembry is Westbrook at 32 y.o. and mostly washed up

  190. lin third least minutes most points lmao

  191. There where still chance to win or tie the game. Lin deserve to be in it. He was the one of them who brought them back

  192. yeah let him rest….it’s hard to catch up

  193. Well, Lin looked good in his extended audition for the NBA for the coming months.

  194. If feels that Hawk’s #1 priority is to build up Young as a star. It is even more important than a W for LP on the scoreboard.

    As someone here said (@Sport?) – Hawks would live OR die with Young.

  195. watch this coach is going to sub lin for trae witth 30 secs left

  196. yes, LP should know it’s best to finish with Trae+Lin plus whoever plays well
    But if not, perhaps he doesn’t mind the losing for the sake of development

  197. the don’t jeremy to be the leading scorer

  198. agree, they had plenty of time, Lin knows how to play “no huddle, 2minute” drill offense when he is able to be a PG. Driving and drawing fouls to stop the clock and organizing and getting the team to play defense for stops. Seen it too many times with Lin and his ability.

  199. PTs, FG%, +/-, all checked.
    Hawks lost? don’t care

  200. This is a game where it’s much easier to be a Lin fan than a Hawks fan. Many Hawks fans should be upset that Lin isn’t playing more.

  201. that was stupid coaching to be honest

  202. For him to padd the stats.

  203. Hawks fans don’t care about winning nor Lin. They want to tank and fanboy for Trae.

  204. Hawks fans should be happy for Lin’s trade value get higher.

  205. They tryna get Zion or the other dude. Lol they don’t care

  206. please give me a trade. this is just a waste right now. play rookies alot and bremby alot. those are the building pieces for LP. lin needs to score and look to leave

  207. Yup. 19 Pts in 18 mins. I am happy with that. 🙂

  208. Our boy is the leading scorer – 19 pts in 18 min, 2 assists, 2 steals!

  209. Magic!!! They just beat Spurs

  210. Can’t wait n for highlights lol

  211. Even tony parker is playing with kemba. Why not lin playing with Trae?

  212. yep…Trae wasn’t able to catch up. Lin still leading scorer lol

  213. because he’s jeremy lin

  214. Even though Lin didn’t get fair playtime in the 2nd half and the Hawks lost, we should all be VERY happy this game. Lin played amazing and looks like he did before his injuries. He only missed 2 shots all game, led the Hawks in scoring, and had more points than minutes played.

    I’m thrilled with Lin this game. This is the exact formula he needs to copy as the season goes on. Be aggressive, smart, look for his own shots, and make the best out of the limited minutes he gets. Stay healthy and by January, Hawks will be getting calls from lots of contenders looking to trade for Lin.

  215. I like this game better. He was looking out for his shot. that’s the attitude

  216. +/-
    Lin: +4
    Young: -15

  217. I totally agree

  218. Loss is on Trae,
    8-19, 18pts in 29mins Seriously?
    Lin should have shot more
    7-9 for 19 pts in 18mins! He deserved more minutes! Hawks will continue losing unless they start Lin and give him 30mins!

  219. Young and Bembry played 30 mins and -15 for both.

  220. Well said!
    I agree that Lin has to be super-efficient with his PT and look for his own shots!

  221. Exactly.

  222. fantastic audition for the hornets lin. good work!

  223. But no hard drives. Jumpers and floaters.

  224. Yes, that may be the road he’s going down. That’s the problem with a “developing” team. It’s tanking.

  225. Didn’t you say Hawks would live OR die with Young? Hawks are building him up as the team star. Winning is secondary.

    Alas, Hawks are really development tanking.

  226. Thank God a good game for Lin. Joy. ❤️

  227. Hawks would’ve won if coach reeled in Trae and asked him to pass more. Hawks can win with the talent they have but they refuse to win by giving Lin the starting minutes and role.

  228. Could’ve easily had two 30 games if not for the lack of minutes! 19pts in 18mins is super efficient!

    Offense coming easier for Lin as he moves further away from the basket for mid range jumpers instead of being hacked with no foul calls. Made the only 3 he took as well.

  229. We are shown that Hawks are clearly development-tanking game after game. LP is not seeking a W on the scoreboard.

  230. Funny how Hawks continue to praise Trae for his 2nd double double but ignores his poor offense, shot chucking game going 8-19!

  231. yeah he put trae back in to catch up Lin’s score

  232. don’t get upset…he’s their franchise player. It’s natural. Jeremy should get out of there asap in Feb.

  233. a “Star” in the making!

  234. Coach never going to criticize Trae publicly is he? Loss is totally on him.

  235. This game shows the Hawks might start embracing #tanking for the sake of development

    Why else play Bembry (5pts/6rebs/2asts) for 29 minutes to close with the starters but not Lin (19pts/2asts/2stls/1reb) in 19 minutes? LP said to give players who play well more PT but tonight it’s not the case.

    The possible reason is there is no future to play Trae and Lin together to grow chemistry so LP wants to see Bembry.

    Lin is doing great maximizing his time with points/assists/steals/blocks to increase his trade value. It’s the right thing to do.

    If Coach doesn’t pair up Lin and Trae to close games (especially if Lin plays very well), I expect the Hawks to showcase Lin for trade by giving him more minutes in Dec-Feb before the trade deadline. Let’s hope for any playoff contenders to show interest in Lin. It’ll be a win-win for JLin and the Hawks.

  236. The game was lost while two players have similar stats in +/- and playtime.
    Bembry played 29 minutes -15
    Young played 30 minutes -15

    Players with top minutes:
    Huerter 32 minutes 7 points -7
    Young 30 minutes 18 points -15
    Bembry 29 minutes 5 points -15
    Bazemore 28 minutes 16 points -6

    Lin 18 mins 19 points +4
    Dorsey 7 minutes 0 point +6 (he must be paired with Lin in the game)

  237. how can you blame a rookie….

  238. Just for now. Young is still a prospect, not yet a star palyer. We will see about it in 3 years.

  239. It would’ve been nice if Hawks had won the game. But I am happy that Lin played excellently and was the leader in points.

  240. Exactly, Lin’s doing great to garner a lot of interest from hopefully playoff contenders or teams who will give him a starting PG job.

    He just needs to keep up the great progress

  241. This game will boost Lin’s PER rating.

  242. making and making and making and tanking at the same time

  243. Especially when Hornets got that TP, Kemba, Monk backcourts, perfect time for Lin to close the game.

  244. Well said!
    Hope telephone calls will soon begin to stream in from contender teams for Lin’s service.

  245. Yea. mentally im checked out of the hawks. no chance of a future here. kinda wish lin brought his contract out. i fully expect him and bazemore to be traded. baze got less minutes then bremby. again makes no since

  246. jeremy needs to fix his hair asap too

  247. Which team do you guys want Lin to be traded?

  248. Magic as Starting PG with 28 to 48 minutes, nothing less.

  249. i dont think that happens since lin is a free agent net year

  250. I can’t tell whether will it happens but for now, Magic starter is DJ Augstin so Lin should be easier become a upgrade there.

  251. Thanks! I missed the 1st three qtrs!

  252. Thank you!

  253. that was fast

  254. It is short too. 🙁

  255. Lin gets to the foul line and gets opposing players in foul trouble. He hits big shots. He gets steals. Maybe he won’t be diving on the floor for lose balls yet or taking charges, but he does a lot of winning things in the clutch. And he deserved to play in the clutch.

  256. dont be greedy

  257. They’re even saying that on Reddit.

  258. Highlights from Dawkins…

  259. Thank you!

  260. Q4
    Lin was in with 6:52 left
    Lin was taken out with 2:53 left
    Lin scored 19 points; Young scored 16 points then.
    Within the last 2:53 minute, Young scored only 2 points unable to take the top scoring honor from Lin.

  261. you noticed too hehe

  262. Thanks again!

  263. Yes, short…always want more! But really liking the non-stop compliments he was getting from the announcers 🙂

  264. It’s interesting to see Parker, Kemba, Marvin, Batum, Cody when playing against them. Parker is still good. Kemba is a slick player and he seems a bit better at passing. Marvin looks the same and he’s a good guy. Cody has his good and bad moments. But Batum looks so soft and crumbles in the 4th quarter. And although Parker is Parker, there’s no one like Lin on that team. Overall, the Hornets look like they probably won’t make the playoffs. MKG didn’t do much and Lamb still makes strange decisions when not playing with Lin.

  265. How about lin trading to golden state for one year rental? Win one championship then sign with a team for starting PG next year. LOL

  266. He is a super-solid pro. I heard the local team and that’s the first time hearing Lin’s old announcers. They definitely still like him.

  267. After this game, I believe Lin is at least 70-80% back from his injury and this is really the only thing need to be shown to other teams that I am healthy!!! I strongly believe in no time, teams will ask about Lin. And heck maybe even LP will realizes it and starting to play Lin as a 6th man like Clifford. And NO, LP CAN NEVER PLAY LIN IN FRONT OF TRAE and is reasonable.

  268. will you be ok if he will play only a handful of minutes then but with a ring? i am not.

  269. lin mentioned that in a span of 10, he’s an 8 right now with his health.

  270. That is close

  271. The difference could

    be mental!

  272. LP should start Lin as SG to give him the respect needed! LP started 3 rookies Young, Huerter, and Spellman, this game and it’s the reason why they loss! Spellman is horrible and doesn’t deserve the starting spot. They are hope those 3 can be their Curry, Thompson and Draymond, good luck! They will thank 10 years and still won’t get there.

  273. didn’t realize there’s a game tomorrow

  274. Yes, whos’ the guy with the glasses? He was praising Lin post game as well and did an indirect criticism of Trae going 8-19 and will need to let go of going 0-7 at the 3s for the next game.

    Lin needs to go out there and shoot as many points as he can get to embarass Trae every night until they give him the starting SG spot. If Lin averages 18-20 PPG for the season, he will get a nice contract!

  275. Could happen if Magics offers Lin a starting role contract.

  276. Lin need minutes to proof he can still play. Hawks won’t buyout his contract and after 2 seasons of injuries it’s a bad decision to get out of his final year. Lin would be stuck with vet min if he left before showcasing what he can do and the stats he can get!

  277. Take heart Lin fans! Jeremy is doing quite well coming off two years of injury and playing in the role that he has. Just took a glance at the stats of other players in similar role or minutes played and I think offensively, he’s getting there. He’s already scored more than Gordon Hayward’s season high twice (while playing 10 less minutes a night). He’s also averaging more ppg than other respectable reserve guards in similar roles so far this season (marcus smart, terry rozier, austin rivers, corey joseph, tyler Johnson, jj bererra, allen crabbe, gerald green, jr smith, caldwellpope, patty mills, and others) in way less minutes on a terrible team.
    He’s also averaging near or more than these starting guards or guards who play starters’ minutes (Darren collision, avery bradley, fred vanvleet, ish smith, lonzo, markelle fultz, cameron payne, dj augustine, pbev, batum and others). Not bad at all! As long as jlin stays healthy and aggressive this year, he’s far from done!

  278. Young is a prospect but a team should not forgo wins just to prop up a fake star who isn’t ready! Young is not ready to be a starter! Lin can run circles and score 30+ with that kind of minutes and green light!

  279. At 10, would mean his 3s will be automatic…Hawks is a great no pressure chance for Lin to harness his skills again and really look to get his 3s down. He should take the opportunity to try out some new moves and spots if he so wishes. Try dribbling to get separation or an extend 3 here and there. Trying 360 spin and floaters would be nice too. Hawks are not looking to win anyway.

  280. I agree, Spellman is out of shape and horrible. Another rookie that rushes his shots. I like Huerter. Poythress and Spellman does nothing for this team.

  281. Batum is pretty bad, don’t you think? Hornet invested big money in Batum but did not try to keep Lin two years ago…

  282. It’s why Cho was fired.

  283. he’s an investment BUT should NOT have paid that much…

  284. not only cho but clifford also..both maybe had made that decision and was wrong about it (paying Batum more than his value as a player)

  285. Unfortunately, true. Just want Lin to get his when in.

  286. Against the Knicks too. Back to back games, both against former Lin teams. Hopefully Lin can light the Knicks up like he did to Hornets tonight.

  287. Lin was in great control today of his body and took open shots. At least take the open shots and be part of the offense if he wants to stay relevant in the NBA, even coming back from an injury. Nobody puts Lin in a corner…hehe

  288. Caris LeVert destroying the Suns, both offensively and defensively. Man, I wish Lin was still playing with his boys on the Nets. Oh, and DLo still sucks.

  289. yep….

  290. One of the worst decisions and worst contracts in the NBA. Us Lin fans kept telling Hornets fans they were making a big mistake, but they were ignorant and blinded by bias back then. Most Hornets fans are terribly regretting giving Batum that ridiculous contract and letting Lin walk.

  291. Dinwiddie should really start for bk

  292. Yup, he’s way better than DLo, but Dinwiddie also has off games. At least Kenny benches DLo when he plays like crap.

    Crabbe and DLo are Marks’ worst signings / trades. Getting rid of Brook, Booker, and Lin are Marks’ worst decisions as well.

  293. Jeremy talking to Kemba …

  294. i miss this

  295. out of all the superstars lin has played with. he was the least selfish

  296. cho lost his job for that signing…

  297. Jeremy (on Instagram): happy to be back in Charlotte …

  298. yup. Would have loved to see him knock 1 more 3 point shot for the night.

    With so low minutes, he’s doing great and Lin is still not moving the way he moved pre-injury.

  299. don’t listen to anyone who says the hawks aren’t development tanking. it’s clear as day anyone who wants to win won’t play guys like bembry the minutes he gets.

    also consider that collins is STILL out, under mysterious and unclear circumstances as well…

  300. anyone watched the game with the Hornets TV announcers? they were pretty good to Lin.

  301. Wrong, Lopez was the least selfish! Walker chucked 30+ shots and played 40mins almost every game trying to stat pad for an all star! Playing your starting PG with both starters and bench is totally stat padding! Walker was just as selfish knowing they benched Lin just to avoid himself being over shadowed and out played!

  302. as they should be. he gave them the greatest success in the past decade… im not such a homer that im going to say lin can “replace” kemba and still win, but it sure as heck was proven that kemba + lin was a winning combination that was never fully unleashed.

  303. Yes I wonder why they are promoting and praising Lin so much yet his minutes has decreased ever since the 23 pt game without the respect of starting and closing games. Honestly Hawks are not a bad team but Trae is not the ready to be the starting PG if at all.

  304. Please don’t call Walker a “superstar” that’s an insult to all the actual superstars in the league! Majority of the people wouldn’t even know who Kemba Walker is if not for Lin having played with him! Ask any basketball fan and they only know Jordan’s Team.

    Lin is like that promotional ambassador of the NBA, going from one team to the next promoting these nobodies and fake stars!

  305. it’s becoming increasingly clear that even at 80%, lin is STILL an nba starter level player.

    im confident his 3 will come back in time. meanwhile, his midrange has been money. if he can keep this up, no need to try layups and get hacked all the time.

    on defense he’s also getting better, quicker… hard for anyone to keep kemba in front of them, but he did a superb job on old man parker…

    the hawks suck and will lose a lot of games due to development tanking. but games like tonight show that lin is back, not fully, but enough to make a difference. dont tell me if lin played 30+ minutes they wouldn’t have won this game…

    also notice no prince, and the offense seemed to flow a lot better. prince is very talented but he’s WAY too trigger happy. it’s kinda like westbrook. you’re never gonna REALLY win with that kinda mentality…

  306. Disagree, it was a 13 pt loss, Lin with 30+ minutes would’ve scored 30+ points and they would’ve had a chance of winning. Of course only if Lin closed the game which he didn’t.

  307. ??? re-read what i said. if lin played 30+ minutes he would’ve won this game.

  308. He is the best teammate that Lin ever has.

  309. Cho was just a YES signing whom ever Jordan wanted! Batum was signed because he wouldn’t outshine Walker like Lin! Hornets like any messed up FO protected their “franchise”.

    Nets might’ve let Lin believe he was a franchise but the forced motion offense, minutes, and limitation of PnR his “bread & butter” was totally NOT how any team would treat their franchise player!

    Nets also never addressed Lin as the franchise just called him “the leader” “mentor” as if he’s just a veteran player. When the FO beat around the bush like that, it should’ve warned JLin about how unsincere they were! But he was too gullible once again!

    Took 7 seasons for Lin to finally wake up and not waste time bonding with teammates knowing very well this isn’t a permanent job. Should’ve done that when Rockets signed Harden and outright lied to him about making him the franchise. Instead Lin tried being friends with Harden (yea how did that work out?).

    That’s why Trae is real, he knows Lin is a rival on the team and doesn’t go out of his way trying to be friends with him. Instead he’s friends with the rookies (future) of the team who are at his age.

  310. just saw LP’s interview – he was getting a lot of questions of Jeremy lin. Why he took him out so early…..LP was having hard time answering

  311. If Sean Marks had had all his signings, Nets would have been the worst team in NBA. Imagine he had Tyler Johnson, Allen Crabbe, Otto Porter Junior, Mozgov, DLo, everyone he wanted at outrageous salary. Nets would have to pay luxury tax at the bottom of the league. Sean Marks don’t really have an eye for talents.

  312. Because the truth is, he can’t let Lin take over this Hawks team and outshine Trae. The truth is, Pierce has to be the tank commander and can’t let Lin help lead the Hawks to a good record this year. The truth is, Lin will be gone in 2-3 months from now and has no place on the Hawks. Pierce can’t say the truth to the media so of course he’s going to be dodgy with his answers.

  313. Marks did well picking up Joe Harris from the garbage heap, same with Dinwiddie. He also did a good job selecting LeVert and Allen from drafts. Other than that, he’s had a bad record as the Nets GM. But you gotta give him credit for those pickups.

  314. I see, You had a typo “wouldn’t” instead of “would’ve”

  315. Very true .. Reporters remembered what Coach LP said a few days ago that those who are contributing will get minutes so it only made sense to ask why not play the super-efficient Lin 19pts in 18 minutes more.

    I guess a coach can’t say, “Lin’s so good but yet so bad for our Tank”

  316. It was good to hear Hawks’ play-by-play announcer, Bob Rathbun, say that Jeremy’s meet-and-greet (after the game against the Heat) attracted 1,000 people. Rathbun went on to say:

    “… it was terrific. I had the pleasure of hosting it with him. Jeremy is such a sensational human being, a terrific message and, of course, fans world wide for Jeremy …”

  317. Of course he is. Another tanking master just like BS….. Just want JLin continues to do well and stay healthy despite of everything. He is only responsible for what he can control. The rest will take care of itself sooner or later….

  318. Lin and Trae could do well together. LP made a mistake. Or he’s tanking.

  319. Princeless Hawks is a team that shares the ball better. Take away Bremby, and it actually has a halfway decent looking offense.

  320. Kemba’s a good guy. It took some time for Lin and Kemba to get on the court chemistry. But when they did, they were exciting. Kemba played well tonight. Made so many impressive moves and shots. After a cold start, he was in gear and was impressive. Parker was pretty good too. Batum wasn’t very good.

  321. one of them. Jeffries, Landry Fields, Marvin Williams and some of the guys on the Nets were also good teammates to Lin.

  322. Not true. The league knew who Kemba was. And anyone watching Kemba tonight could tell he has a world of talent and is a solid player. He’s even passing better now and not taking as many bad shots. Lin did not make Kemba famous to anyone. He helped Kemba get into the playoffs, and I think think Kemba would tell you that.

    Kemba may not be a superstar, but he’s a star or all-star player.

  323. I don’t think DLo will be re-signed. He may even be traded. KA doesn’t care for him and CLV has become the sort of lead offensive player on the Nets. Dinwiddie also has very good nights.

  324. He looked terrible. I don’t remember him looking as bad as he did tonight on both ends of the floor.


    In stellar return to Charlotte, ex-Hornet Jeremy Lin proves he’s moved past injury

    “I think conditioning-wise, knee-wise, I’m good. I think the biggest thing I’m continuing to try and fight for is my rhythm, and that’s coming,” Lin said. “Today I threw an alley-oop pass off the backboard that I’ve never done in my life before. Just small things like that, that’ll come back. Everything is gonna slowly come back, and I’m just going to keep fighting for it, keep working hard.

    “The beauty and the struggle, as I like to say.”

    “I’m past (any apprehension about my body),” Lin said, “but I do think the mental component is trusting that my game is back, or trusting that I have the ability to explode and get to the rim. I’m not fearful.

    “It’s not trusting my body, it’s trusting my game.”

    Lin said he still keeps up with a number of Hornets players, specifically listing Kemba Walker, Marvin Williams, Cody Zeller and Nic Batum as those he’s spoken to frequently. He was able to meet up with a handful of those guys pre-game whether in the weight room or chapel, and even went so far as to have dinner with some of the staff members.

  326. Play Lin how KA uses Dinwiddie. Playing off the bench isn’t that big a deal to me. But, Dinwiddie is in the game and sometimes replaces DLo to finish. LP needs to get more flexible and play Lin and Trae together. And finish halves and games with the two of them. Trae is really a solid player, probably the best passer that Lin has played with. No reason to not start him. But, Lin is also a solid player, who is stronger, more experienced, more able to pace the team, and clutch.

  327. Placeholders. Huerter is in for Prince, Spellman is in for Collins. They won’t start when the regular players are back. Prince will be back soon, Collins is still weeks away.

  328. hinkie got ousted for openly tanking. nothing has changed in the nba except people are “smarter” about it… euphemisms like “development” and “rebuild”, etc really just mean tanking…

    LP said said lin couldnt play in a 3rd Q because of a nosebleed…his answers aren’t getting any better… tanking/development tanking has been priority #1 since day one, you just can’t openly talk about it…

  329. idk what happen to batum

  330. or …he’d been asked to tank the team that’s why…

  331. Lin isn’t totally trusting his body IMO. But he’s getting closer. The old Lin would dive for loose balls and sacrifice his body on defense more. I don’t want to see him do that. And he’s still minding how he turns his body on layups. He’s using timing to get his shots off, now. And that’s smart and I hope he continues that.

    I saw Lin live against Charlotte in Brooklyn. Sadly, it was a game where he re-injured his hamstring. He has a great rapport with his former teammates.

  332. seems we don’t need to wait for the month that’s coming to know JLIN will not play that much not because of his recovery but just like BS, its a tanking season as lin doesn’t like losing games, he will be a disaster for the master plan ahead…LOL

  333. yep. those 2 are ruining the offense. say what you will about trae’s usage but he also looks to pass. he takes pride in his passing and even has the binoculars celebration when he makes nice assists… trae isn’t necessarily the problem. it’s bembry #1, prince #2, and of course collins being out #0….

    i still think a lineup of trae, lin, baze, prince, collins could compete against any lineup in the nba, gsw included…

  334. Yes, that’s what I meant!

  335. it’s not a typo, it’s a double negative 🙂

  336. I don’t like the Prince component. Prince under control is a good scorer. Prince forcing up shots and attempting to playmake is ugly.

  337. that in turn maybe makes LP happy, because he has 2 players of Benbry and Prince to initiate his master plan without them knowing it literally…:P

  338. International playa?!…c’mon Dom….you had one job. Do your f’en homework on your own team.

  339. Really. That was really terrible. Lin’s a California guy.

  340. prince has been crowned secondary ballhandler next to trae. it is what it is.

    if they were trying to win, prince should play as a “power wing” like marvin williams does/did when lin was on that team.

  341. I think Lin is finally tired of Pierce limiting his playtime, especially when he’s having a good game. He’s publicly letting people know he’s not on a minutes / load restriction:

  342. we see it and they see it also, (if they were really trying to win) . Even a JLIN that ball hog will help LP on his tanking season, But i believe what worry LP is not when allowed Lin to play to score, BUT on his ability to make his teammates absorbed that energy in turn ruin a great plan of losing games

  343. lin was beasting in that game before the injury…. dude’s a winner who never got the opportunity for a myriad of reasons…

    i dont blame marks for trading him. but i do blame marks for losing faith in him and lying to him…

  344. but the coach will be the one to determine on who to play big minutes..restriction or no restrictions, JLIN will play limited minutes with this team.

  345. this is good. he’s subtly taking back the narrative of why he isn’t playing much…

    health will determine if other gm’s will risk trading for him or signing him in free agency. because with health, we all know what he can do…

  346. The media has been pressuring Pierce to give an explanation for Lin’s restricted minutes. He’s running out of excuses. Lin is keeping the pressure on Pierce. Once the fandom demands Lin play more minutes, especially when he’s having a good game, Pierce will be forced to let Lin play more or he’ll come off as looking biased, unfair, and potentially even racist.

  347. just like my avatar, he was HIRED TO TANK!!! ask brett brown, loses are wins and wins are loses. the way to a contract extension is guaranteeing high picks…

    tj mcconnell as starting pg is as nutty as bembry’s 30 minutes a night… when you see a great tank commander, you let him do his thing…

  348. yes. that’s why more bembry now equals rj barrett later…. 4d chess….

  349. kemba is a superstar…. robin. he just needs a batman to win…

    afaik he still hasnt beat lebron in his entire career.

  350. levert was one reason why i lament lin being traded. him and allen.

    lin, levert, crabbe, rhj, allen…. 50 win team imo…

  351. bembry is the new “head of the snake”

  352. if you put Prince and Collins together, it’s going to be uglier.

  353. The “development” is real. Especially when Lin says there is no minute restrictions.

  354. Those are players developed by Atkinson. Atkinson is a good development coach.

  355. lets hope he will cave in and let JLIN do his thing..

  356. yup. Lin also stated he wanted to get into proper rhythm but that can only happen if you’re getting consistent playing time.

    So he’s probably sending a message to LP to play him more, specially when he’s playing well.

  357. LOL!!!! but why i am not smiling by that???

  358. seems hawks media doesn’t know yet that hawk is in for a tank????

  359. before, i saw only JLIN health hampering his development and cared less about other things, But after hearing Jlin himself said that he’s about 80% good right now, i’ve focused my sight on the teams future path . Limiting Jlin’s time and exposure means only one thing, Tanking is the way for them, Hopefully media will not buy on this and demand or exact the team to play to win. Will FO and LP crack on this, let us see later…

  360. Lin’s minutes are too short and scrappy for him to build any rhythm.

  361. JLin has already stated a couple times that he was ok to play but I have a hunch that LP = BS is at the same good level of being tank master in all sense. As soon as I had a glimpse of LP, he gave me a feeling of BS in another body. I don’t want to be biased but the more I look at JLin’s current situation, the more this is what I feel like. Well, not much we can do nor JLin can do. He just plays his best and remain healthy. Still have 72 games to go. The writing is just the beginning. I’m waiting to see what “tomorrows” will bring…..

    Go JLin! Do your best and remain healthy!

  362. This is almost a new team and their plays key on one player, Trae Young. When he is out, I don’t see many plays set up and Lin has to bark out his orders for teammates to set play. Mostly Lin has to depend on his own skill.

  363. Pierce doesn’t mention Lin at all in the first half of the interview, instead, praising Trae and Baze. Only starts talking about Lin when asked and pressured by the reporter starting from 1:55 and at 2:37.

    He said he subbed Lin out for Trae because he needed playmakers and facilitators, but Lin was facilitating and making plays at the end of the game. Why take Lin out and not have him finish the game with Trae if what he says was true? Nice try, Pierce.

  364. Starting with 3 rookies is a clear enough message to all the older players that they don’t belong in this team.

    Pierce is getting himself in a big problem soon.

  365. Ask your facilitator to get you the basket then.

    Pierce doesn’t give the veterans any respect and this coach is going to pay for it dearly.

  366. No he won’t. He is just a rookie head coach.

  367. He is going to be responsible for the losses.

    He does this too early in a season. His young players are not able to pick up the game yet.

    Fans will think twice before they buy in.

    There are going to be many empty seats if he is stubborn and stupid enough.

  368. that’s why it still has a chance to happen. being a rookie tends one to sway easily unlike a veteran coach of that

  369. Truly, Lloyd Pierce has done enough to disrupt Lin’s rhythm. He gave Lin short and scrappy minutes with the exception of the game after Derrick Roses 50 points eruption. The long minutes of that game has given Lin’s valuable time to regain his rhythm. The management must have given Pierce pressure to let Lin play in order to fill the empty seats.

    The boss wants to bring in customers but the coach has already set his eyes on the next season.

    Travis Schlenk is getting himself a rookie coach that can’t wait.

    Mind you, this team hasn’t got it’s Draymond Green yet and this team doesn’t have team defense.

    You know even if Young and Huerter could turn out to be the splash brothers. This team could go nowhere with them alone. Warriors’ success depends on much more than the Splash Brothers.

    Lloyd Pierce couldn’t get any help from now on except from the draft. Atlanta is going to have a grim future without capable veterans buying in his team.

    Lloyd must have made history starting 3 rookies that early in the season. Alex Len and Bazemore only have 2 years left on their contract. Obviously Warriors 2 couldn’t be achieved without veteran players. Schlenk and Lloyd don’t have a life long contract for their mission impossible.

  370. Let’s hope he will be stubborn enough to carry on till he gets himself fired.

  371. Lloyd doesn’t intend to.

  372. Finally! It took Lin only 7 seasons to learn to speak up for himself! Just say it like it is! Wish he did these things earlier! Hawks trying to hide behind Nets’ BS minutes restriction. Lin’s learned his lesson not this time!

  373. Lin just did what he “can” do, tell reporters he’s not on a minutes restriction so next time he plays well and BS says he’s “coming back from injury” they will know he’s lying.

  374. That one wasn’t direct enough, Lin does too many indirect comments just need to say it like it is.

  375. KA was a rookie and he certainly lead the team with an iron fist. Lin much have leverage on this team and he’s using it. Finally it took him so long to speak up directly.

  376. Lin personally kept the Hawks in the game with his scoring.

  377. Marks was a snake from day one! He never address Lin as “franchise” even though everyone including players knew it was “his team’. Marks just called Lin “the leader” “the mentor”. Unlike Hawks who just outright calls Trae the franchise!

  378. Robin is a sidekick, Nighthawk would be a hero in his own so essentially Walker is “not” a star.

  379. KA is a friend, i don’y know if LP is in that level yet with him?

  380. for JLIN sake and the team, his caving in will be beneficial to all

  381. And that “friend” put his offense and success above Lin’s, limited his minutes and stealth tanked without letting him know about the trade! MDA was more of a friend in that case!

  382. Post-Game Research:

    Game Flow:

    (with Lin, it seems like the raw number of turnovers doesn’t matter as much vs. what happens as a result of those turnovers: Trae seems like he has really good natural point guard skills, and haven’t studied his game to see what type of turnovers he has (e. g. live ball vs dead ball), and usually happens, in terms of other team scoring easily, when he does turn it over. Jason Kidd and Steve Nash both averaged at least 3.5 turnovers per game during their peak years / deep playoff runs, too)


    Game Flow:

    (this is the game immediately after Melo suited up for the Miami Heat and help them end Linsanity. Lin seemed too concerned about turning ball over early in game, but Knicks couldn’t break Byron Scott’s physical defense against them until he forgot all that and just started competing and applying more pressure on defense. Heat game Lin had 6 turnovers in first half, but Knicks were only down by 4 points; they shut down Knicks in second half when Lin seemed to become extremely concerned about turning the ball over (one turnover in third quarter, then a final one in closing minutes of game. Obviously there is a fine line there, and Lin has to play within coach’s system, but breaking an elite defense sometimes (Jason Kidd’s championship with Mavericks) requires taking some risk: vs.

  384. todays stats:

    in his last 4 games lin is averaging roughly 15/4
    on 55% shooting!
    these numbers interestingly are roughly comparable to the season to date numbers for dinwiddie, russell and schroeder. ie. the guy lin replaced and the two guys who replaced lin.

    the difference being. lin is doing it in seven less minutes per game. and while taking only half as many shots.

    many people want lin to “shoot more”. but the primary component of lins game has always been efficiency. i consider it a plus and not a minus that lin can produce the same numbers with half the fga’s.

    addtionally: not just the last four games but for the entire season if you extrapolate lins numbers out to starter minutes (per 36 or as i prefer to think of it per minute)–his points assists and rebounds on the season the only point guards playing those starter minutes achieving higher numbers across the board would be 7: curry, westbrook, lowry, lillard, walker, daaron fox–btw his game against hawks was no fluke he has been this season to date the best player from last years draft–and irving.

    for the six games that lin has played at least fifteen minutes he is averaging 12/3. in 19 minutes those number would compare most closely to the on the season averages of his “opponent” in the last game; tony parker who is
    averaging 10/5 in 18 minutes.

    on the season lin has crawled into the top sixty in point guard minutes at #57 so he is now officially a backup point guard and not just the #3 point guard on a team with only 2 point guards.

    among other point guards getting more minutes than lin on the season one will find: e. okobo, f. mason the third, d. exum, e, mudiay, t. jones, m. morris, and r. arciadacono

    with increased minutes average in those last four games lin’s minutes have now passed “who’s tim
    fraizer”‘s and the man who took what would have been lin’s position as the 4th string point guard in brooklyn, s. napier.

  385. His efficiency makes it more infuriating knowing with 30 starter minutes and green light to take 15 shots every game he can average 20-30 PPG as an all star PG if he looked to score every chance he got.

    Average number of shots for PGs in the league are 15, Lin almost rarely took that many (only 8-12 Fga) that which hurts his stat line. Season average of 20+PPG Stats are needed for Lin to realize his dream of being an all star.

  386. I’m totally impressed with Trae Young’s passing. He had 10 assists in last night’s game and he is kind of an assist machine. And they’re not just throw it to the 3-point shooter assists either. He may be the best passing guard Lin has played with.

    Bembry had 29 minutes in last night’s game. That’s excessive. I understand he’s an energy player but he’s LP’s choice of 6th man. He’s not good enough to be 6th man. I think more than about 20 minutes of him is excessive.

    Team plays better without Prince. Prince should watch film of the game and see that he needs to not hog the ball.

    Carter had a nice spin into a dunk. Good for Carter. Also, Carter was big on getting the ball back to Lin in the game. I like how they play together.

    On the Hornets side, Kemba is much better at passing than he was when Lin was on the team. He had 7 assists last night and had several nice dishes where he could have taken the shot. He looks like a more complete player now. Kemba and Lin had a big embrace at the end of the game. I have no problems in saying I like Kemba and wish him well. And I like the friendship he has with Lin.

    Tony Parker played well and he and Lin were talking a lot to each other on the court in the first half.

    I like Charlotte’s court. It’s a nice design and I had fond memories of Lin’s great performances on that court.

    I think the Charlotte announcers and even the fans were happy to see Lin play well on their court.

  387. Tbh, I’d like Lin to play no more than 23-25 minutes per game. We already know Hawks have their own agenda, one that will lead to injuries for the rookies. (The NBA seems to not care about the health of their players.).

    We should accept that Lin has no future on this team. We’ve seen this scenario over and over again for Lin. Melo, Harden, Kobe, Kemba, Dlo and now Trae. Everyone determines who can shine and who mustn’t and Lin was the victim of BS and bias. With the rise of Lin’s game, we can expect the same old BS tank commander tricks. The harder Lin tries to win, the more he’s subject to punishment.

    Is there any point in helping a team determined to lose with their preordained stars? I’m happy with what he’s been doing of late. Take his shots and pad his stats while he’s on 5he floor and tick off another game of rehab. Overall, this may be what’s best for Lin going forwards.

  388. Long way to the trade deadline, over 40 games yet. Lot of time for further rehab necessary to get back to near peak form (I think it will take a full season to get back to peak). The time for Jlin to pressure for more PT is in another 15-20 games as they get close to the deadline. I imagine ATL will want to do this too if they want to showcase Jlin for a trade. The fact that ATL is experimenting with 3 rookies in the starting lineup tells me for sure they don’t care about winning, so my theory that the traded for Jlin because of his talent alone does not hold up. They may just have made a mistake though not necessarily a costly one as a healthy Jlin will get them some chips for the future they are trying to build. It will be interesting to watch which teams need someone like Jlin as we get closer to the deadline. BTW, Jlin moves very nicely around the floor.

  389. It’s easy to like someone when you have the upper hand. Melo liked Lin too until he lost the team to Lin. The fans, the city, the players and the coach backed Lin. That’s when Melo turned ugly. I would expect the same with a Kemba had it gone that far. Cho and Clifford made sure to punish Lin anytime he had a breakout game by giving no play time the next game.

    Guys like Dinwiddle and Levert are rare indeed.

  390. Don’t agree. Kemba is a stand up guy in his community. I have nothing against him and when Lin played well, Kemba shared the podium with him in the playoffs. Kemba is nothing like Melo.

  391. Couldn’t agreed more. That is why I kinda rooting for both Hornets (Lot of good teammates) and Magics ( I still believe Cliff can’t played Lin all the way because of Jordan & the front office.

  392. That’s why I don’t watch NBA any more other than Lin’s games. Most teams try to fake some stars to make money out of star-chasers, and tell them to forget about winning, and enjoy their “star’s” “beautiful” stats.

  393. unfortunately as this season has gone im basically only watching when lin is playing and muting the rest of the game.

  394. I would say everyone has a fake start agenda but Warriors and Spurs who by no coincidence are consistently good. Go figure ?!

  395. Charlotte is my favorite stop for Lin during his career. The fans, his teammates, and even the coach (which is a controversial subject here) were the most fair in Lin’s career. I hope the city gets a winning team they deserve.

    I also like your points on Carter. He has been a classy vet and I’ve been following him since the Mavericks days. Always hoping there is some great old man come back story for him. Rooting for him.

  396. I did that also.

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