G10 GSW @ LAL PreGame Thread

The last time Lakers visited the Warriors, they suffered defeat L 104-127 (Lin, 6pts/6asts/4rebs/1stl in 32 min) with tired legs in the 2nd night of back-to-back.

Now, the situation is reversed. Golden State (6-2) is playing against Charlotte Hornets tonight so they will be a little tired tomorrow. So far they have 1-1 record in the Back-to-Back game (Win vs Blazers, Loss vs Phoenix when Klay Thompson fouled out). In order to have any chance to win, the Lakers has to shutdown red-hot Klay Thompson who torched them with a career-high 41 pts before.

Knowing how Lin is always pumped up to perform well against a certain team before, how would Jeremy redeem his bad game (6pts/6asts) when he described himself as being “fake aggressive”, possibly due to tired legs? Would Jeremy continue his streak of 5 games with double-digits, efficient scoring?

@roberlin and @Barry Allen provided a good summary of Jeremy’s efficient scoring in the past 5 games:

He’s averaging 16.2 points, 50% FG%, 43% 3P%, 92.31% FT%. (50-40-90 elite club like Steve Nash)

  • 15 points v. Spurs
  • 15 points v. New Orleans
  • 12 points v. Memphis
  • 21 points v. Charlotte
  • 18 points v. Phoenix

Will Jeremy be able to continue this performance? How would you predict his performance?

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  1. BAM!

  2. LOL .. After 3 tries, you finally made it!
    I think @blubell was being patient with you, haha..

  3. HA. I got lucky. I loaded up the home page and looks like you just posted ;p

  4. Cle 71 vs Atl 43 at halftime*. Cleveland shot 13/17 from three point land. Crazyy

  5. I’m pretty sure @blubell has multiple tabs open, just in case :>
    Good for you!

    BTW, we got the same prediction.
    I don’t mind to be wrong if it is 5+ more on pts/assists!

  6. this is good because Lakers will play the ATL Hawks on Tuesday :>
    Maybe they’ll be 2-9 by then


  8. Bluebell is not being aggressive 😮

    Me neither. I just don’t see him doing well tomorrow. Lets hope he proves us wrong!

  9. We have a new contender now.

  10. Finally, good on you!:-)

  11. That’s right. I did wonder where was everyone on the postgame thread:-) LOL I was stuck in the past and most active posters move to future:-)

  12. It is getting harder and harder to be the first to bring energy to a new thread XD.

  13. Am I correctly seeing that Lakers will play 3 games in a roll from tomorrow?

  14. Sun/Tues/Wed/Fri.. Which sucks because their back to back game on Wed is against the Rockets.

  15. Thanks! I did find that out from the game schedule. lol just the hassle of how I put down the info in my diary. Always a day earlier US schedule and sometimes I forgot to translate that:-)

  16. LOL Am going to predict 14pts/5asts this game. Hopefully JLin will do much better than that:-)

  17. Good competition lor:-)

  18. oh, why didn’t you just automatically get the schedule into Outlook/iCal/Google calendar?
    Not sure if you use one of them but it will give reminder :}


  19. Yup, that’s how I got my firsts. Luck.

  20. The right term is assertive… I am always aggressive 🙂

  21. Hey, I only had 2 tabs open so 😛

  22. Barely relevant, Shaq (ex-Laker) didn’t know the Warriors played in Oakland, his co-hosts gave him a really hard time. LOL

  23. And this guy has a PHD… smh

  24. ;p. Are you a girl? LOL just wondering

  25. LOL How can Shaq play there so many times thinking it was in SF?
    Shaqtin’ a Fool material indeed :>

  26. I knew it! haha..

  27. Shaq has a PHD?

  28. He’s had it for awhile… I forgot what it was. Psych or education..

  29. LOL I’m not IT savvy to know how to use it. I’m still very old fashion school in terms of planning. Plan my activities on a hardcopy monthly diary:-)

  30. LOL It still don’t make difference though. You still have to refresh it all the times to see the new thread. Doesn’t seem like there is an automatic renewal. Do you know one so that I can use?

  31. Lol it’s not really a phd, it’s something else but he can still use the Dr. Salutation… Lol… Sorry it just sounds funny that Shaquille can be called Dr..

  32. 3 games in 6 days or 5 games in 6 days does not matter. The conception that Jeremy plays poorly on back to backs is something he has to overcome. Only experience and conditioning will change minds of doubters.

  33. Kobe Bryant’s Minutes A Major Concern In Lakers Slow Start

    “As a result of the consecutive minutes played in the second half of games without rest for the most part, Kobe is on pace for his worst shooting percentage of his career (36.7 percent) and here is a breakdown of those shooting percentages by quarter via Basketball Reference:

    1st Quarter: 19-50, 38.0 percent
    2nd Quarter: 21-49, 42.9 percent
    3rd Quarter: 23-65, 35.4 percent
    4th Quarter: 14-46, 30.4 percent

    “Through nine games of the season, five of those were out of reach mid-to-late fourth quarter. Unfortunately, Kobe continued playing to start the final quarters without rest and was on pace for 40-plus minutes in a number of these blowout losses:

    Houston Rockets (L, 90-108): 29 minutes
    Phoenix Suns (L, 99-119): 28 minutes
    Golden State Warriors (L, 104-127): 36 minutes
    New Orleans Pelicans (L, 102-109): 36 minutes
    San Antonio Spurs (L, 80-93): 36 minutes

    Unlike previous seasons, Kobe’s minutes have to be managed and most importantly, they have to be meaningful minutes at this stage of his career. Through the course of an 82-game season, there will be times where Kobe will have to play 40 minutes and I’m more than comfortable with that, but those type of minutes shouldn’t come in blowout losses.

    Taking into account Kobe’s age, overall minutes played through his 19-year career (and counting) and coming off two consecutive season-ending injures, the amount and distribution of his minutes through nine games hasn’t put him or the Lakers in a better position to win games.

    Whether you like it or not, the truth is Kobe’s shot attempts will either keep or take the Lakers out of games with the lack of talent and continuity on the roster this season. For Kobe and the Lakers to have a chance to stay competitive and win games moving forward, he simply can’t continue to play the second half of games without proper rest and make a high percentage of those shots as the team’s closer.”


  34. well, psalm says you are the first male poster whenever I get first so… lol

  35. Well, just this time. Hard to do when I’m using my phone at work. So it is really luck.

  36. Hm, that’s a good question if there’s an auto refresh 😀

  37. ok, sometimes .. the act of writing down things are very effective and satisfying :]

  38. NO- its SKILLz [email protected]

  39. You’re too kind Marine 😉

  40. I dont think its fair to mock him, he has a PhD (Ed. D) in Human Resource Development. At least he took the effort to go back to school and finish his schooling (Bachelor) fulfilling his promise to him mom.

  41. They both took lots of shots & got 30 , 28. But Lakers is still L. -26. (123:97)

  42. True true point taken

  43. LOL

    you da man, Lance!!

  44. unbelievable

  45. Clarkson and Henry score big in a losing cause …


  46. Didnt he blow in LBJ’s ear last time? The best supporting actor in the league.. LOL

  47. The Oscar goes to…………yes Lance Stephenson….clap clap clap

  48. How about Roscoe Smith?

  49. LOL!, But i dont think its a flop (maybe a little, I dont know), but Lance had a contact with the other player (#40) while his elbow is high which whipsplashed his wrist to hit his own face.

    No doubt it was really funny!

  50. LOL this is a premeditated flop!
    He must have practiced hours and hours in front of the mirror to sell it to the refs :]

  51. I use an iPhone app called LA Hoops 24-7 that automatically sends reminder of every game.

  52. HAHAHAHAHA! Flopping level: 80

  53. Not sure he can overcome that given his defensive and offensive effort.his coach needs to manage that.

  54. I hope Lin can find a way to abuse Curry. LOL since Scott is not helping…I guess it is hard. I know Lin is kind of locked in on defense, but attacking the guy defending you has a lot of advantages…

    Laker’s offense will be upgraded to another level if Hill chose to reverse the ball to weak side instead of shooting it. Really, nothing else needed to be changed. This limit alone can help them a lot.

  55. Only cognitive adjustment will change the minds of doubters….Like what black widow did to hawkeye in Avengers (film).

  56. Coach Nick breaking down how Suns run their offense. Footages with LAL have been picked a lot for you know what reasons…LOL Anyway….just enjoy how a well coached team do in offense….

  57. The Warriors should loan the Lakers some of their guards. That roster is loaded at Guard, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Andre Igoudala, Shaun Livingston, Leadro Barbosa, Brandon Rush, Justin Holiday.

  58. I’ll settle for Bogut and Iggy.

  59. I will settle for Kerr

  60. That too.

  61. Is this guy 12 years old, because his antics indicate that that’s his mental age.

  62. Iggy to rest Lin on d

  63. Meanwhile in Houston where the "best SG in the NBA today" plays: https://t.co/8VOrBXBLOM— Lake Show Live (@LakeShowLive) November 13, 2014

  64. PeeHyDrant..

  65. kerr hated lin never talk good of him while he was announcer for espn. also we don’t know how good of a coach he is the team is really talented.like mchale for rox. the tenant is so good they would win with no coach.

  66. LOL That’s true. I prefer to have a hardcopy record of my significant activities each day. I keep all these records:-)

  67. "@NBAMemeTeam: Kobe trying to carry. pic.twitter.com/JYJ5b96HhV" im sorry but i thought this was hilarious— Lakers Facts (@LakerFacts) November 16, 2014

  68. I know, just showing how desperate fans are….lol

  69. Was that harden? (13)

  70. Harden would have flopped on the floor long before that.

  71. Lakers is pretty average in terms of their offensive ratings…….however, their defensive ratings are the dead last. This ranking is distorted a bit since the team they have faced so far are almost all play off teams…except hornet and rockets.

  72. That does not mean u are a girl…..lol oooops..

  73. hilarious!

    btw, the best way to post twitter links on Disqus is to simply paste the direct URL instead of the Embed Tweet code. You can get the direct URL by clicking on the datestamp of a tweet. For example:


  74. yeah, but they still lost because they gave up 128 pts. So that shows me they’re not going to help the Lakers biggest problem: defense.

  75. ah, good eye!

  76. NBA floppers can’t hold a candle to soccer/football players LOL. (As Maknusia astutely pointed out, it was not an intentional self slap, he collided elbows).

  77. Truth be told, the Rockets have really surprised me this year. They have the best defensive rating in the league: 92.9 pts allowed per 100 possessions. Or the 2nd best in Pts Allowed/Game with 91.6. That is distorted since they’ve played mostly bad teams, but still.

  78. Houston are running plays which Lin helped to draw when he was there.

  79. That is partially because the Lakers bigs are terrible rim protectors. They are also not closing out on 3 point shooters very well.

  80. Did try on this one but can’t find it in my mobile. Maybe it’s because I live in Australia?

  81. Well that was supposed to be the effect, but seriously, who puts and open palm and lets it get all the way to your face.

    Your prioprioceptive receptors will never let that happen. If you bump into someone with your arm out, there is no conceivable way it hits your face because your brain will instinctively stop it, especially a slap on your own face that blatant. Your brain has a lot of sensors tell it what to do and it will never let that happen. The only way it could happen is if he had a stroke or disease which knocked out that part of nervous system somewhere along the line (brain, spinal cord, receptors). For instance, diabetics often get their foot burnt on heaters because they can’t feel their legs due to diabetic neuropathy. But if you’re normal, your brain will pull your foot back from the heat.

    Go run into someone with your arms out like he did. There is no way that could happen unless he did it to himself on purpose or had a significant lesion.

  82. Shaqtin’ himself!

  83. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy may help. It may be a residual psychosis from the PTSD he suffered in the Rockets.

  84. Wow, there’s an app that does everything these days, incredible.

  85. Whoa, they gave up 128 points? Sounds like they should change their name to Non-D-Fenders.

  86. so? so? so la si do re….

  87. Lakers vs Spurs—Taiwanese fans rooting for Jeremy Lin

  88. I have to chuckle at this speculation of trade to “rent” Lin in OKC to back up Reggie Jackson because of Jackson’s “defensive shortcoming :] Has Lin’s defense started to gain some respect?
    Plus Lakers has more injuries than OKC and can’t afford to lose Lin for basketball and business reasons.

    But I thought it’s funny that Lin is considered in trade rumors because of his better defense.
    NBA Trade Rumors: Should Oklahoma City Thunder Trade for Los Angeles Lakers Point Guard Jeremy Lin?

    Adding Lin could help make up for some of Jackson’s defensive flaws and allow Jackson to get more rest.

    LatinPost definitely likes JLin in their articles!

  89. Jeremy to Thunder? I’ll pass.

  90. Nop. Nop. Not in a million years:-) Am not that desperate for him to leave Lakers. JLin is a starter and not a backup.

  91. nicely done to predict the Rocket performance will drop off

  92. Another day, another game… 🙂

  93. that’s also good. But Lakers will lose Lin-money LOL

  94. Ok. Astrologist in Chinese forum predicts Lakers will win against Nuggets i.e. going 1-12…….can watch Jeremy highlights only then

  95. They need to play some weak teams now. This is ridiculous. This team is one of the best teams in the NBA and it is the 2nd time they are playing them already.

  96. haha…….Jeremy is known for defense now?! Good job media!

  97. It looks bad but you can do that for any player including Lin, like when he got stripped of the ball twice to Khalil. Defense isn’t Harden’s strong point but he’s one of the best SGs in the game offensively. At this point, I don’t care about Houston. Good riddance, don’t care much about them except I hope that Lin has a strong game against them that’s coming up soon.

  98. Kerr was smart to reject the NYK coaching job and stay home with a talented squad that needs minor retooling.

  99. Spurs? What a sweet dream for Jeremy and for us!

  100. He’s had success against Curry. Looks to me like Curry has just improved everything, including defense. Curry is a very confident player right now. And if he has a 10 TO game, so be it. People expect him to score, I don’t think his TOs are focused on much. Still, Lin has to know he can score on Curry, I think it is more Kerr’s defensive schemes are designed to stop his penetration and I doubt Byron has made any real adjustments to them since he thinks the offense is fine and all they focus on in practice is defense.

  101. Was it because of his good defensive games against Bledsoe, CP3 and Parker? Hmm.

  102. I see light

  103. I doubt it will last for the whole season.

  104. OK, just checked twitter and lin seems to be following more of his team mates. He is following him. I notice Boozer, Davis, Henry, Kobe Sacre are following Lin.

  105. Team bounding in progress….

  106. Of course it is about scheme. I think current NBA, there are no guard who can contain an attacking guard one on one…..

  107. That is what I think too.Have you notice that Sacre is the first one off the bench to greet the starters when they have a time out. Also looks like Boozer is trying to step into the leadership role on the team. I noticed at the game that lin was doing a lot of teaching and instructing on the sidelines whenever they had a break in the game. Lin is a smart cookie, he will adjust and find a way to get a team win. I have to say that I think Scott is very impressed with Lin’s defense, and I also personally think that he is ok with lin’s offensive efforts. He knows that lin is not a volume shooter, but lin looks for the most efficient shot. I was also hopeful that lin gets it when in his interview that if the only way to get out of a shooting slump is to keep shooting. So I hope he adheres to his own advise.

  108. Even me was impressed with Lin’s D so far. LOL but yeah…I think Lin is working hard behind the scene right now. Boozer will one of the key to team success.. Sacre has the skill, he is just not aggressive on the court for some reason.

  109. Mostly are still about transition D tho…

  110. ha, well. still fun to watch tho.

  111. Someone please explain to me how this man is in the NBA… Let alone on my Lakers?? https://t.co/dj1Id11Tdk— Pissed Lakers Fan (@_Lakers_4_Life) November 15, 2014

  112. He just does not have enough touch. lol

  113. Boozer is a problem as much as he is a solution.

    He’s got to realize that he has to pass to Lin like he passes to other players.

    Sacre is not confident because he hasn’t spent enough time in games with Lin yet. Once he has, he’ll become a very solid center.

  114. With Kobe Bryant hogging the ball and bricking, the Lakers could have Curry AND Thompson AND Lin and their record would be no different.

  115. Lin can stop opposing guards one on one, but he can’t stop them one on three if multiple screens are set against him.

  116. sadly…..that will be how GSW and Curry do…today

  117. As a Suns fan, I appreciate the job that Coach Hornacek has done.

    However, the Suns really aren’t as good as people think they are.

    The problem with the Suns is that they have no real interior scoring or even interior defensive presence. Alex Len, the 2nd year center, comes the closest to offering that inside play. But he’s little better than a replacement player.

    The best player on the Suns is Goran Dragic, but the most difference making player is Gerald Green. It seems that finally Green is starting to realize his McGrady level potential and is often the best Sun on the court.

  118. That is exactly the point. Coaches excellently worked with what they have…..I still don see Suns can enter play offs or say….making deep runs if entered.

  119. They’d better …

  120. You just full up these pages with false-narrative killas …

  121. Let’s hope to see kobe sit next to Lin always.

  122. It looks all uphill from 29.

  123. Houston always start season strong and fall apart by the end of the season. They almost lost to the worst team on the eastcoast the other night.

  124. How high can you go? lol

  125. I hate to say this but I am expecting another loss by the Lakers. I don’t know if many people have notice this but their offense is so damn slow. Lin gets the ball in the back court and walks the ball up the court. He did not do this in Houston nor in New York. The entire team walks the ball up the court while the other team runs the floor on both sides. It is depressing. I am not a fan of how Byron Scott is leading this team right now. And I am also tired of how the media is portraying Kobe being a victim. I would some sympathy for Kobe if he did not freeze his teammates out by taking excessive brick shots. Teams that were predicted to be mediocre like the Jazz and the Kings are balling right now.

    After saying all of that, I still hope Lin can deliver something worth while. My hope is draining with every lost.

  126. Apparently Scott had Kobe’s phone number and have no problem getting hold of him. 🙂 I hope Kobe could have a day off, don’t understand why Scott push him this much early in the season.


  127. I’d really like to see Bryant sit out on this one, just to see how the team would play w/o him. Doubt Bryant will, since the possibility of the team winning is a risk in showing who truly impacts the games/wins.

    I’m going w/15/6 if Bryant plays & 23/8 if he doesn’t or let’s Lin play.

  128. Not really that bad losing to elite teams. I would hope they increase the pace too.

  129. Your post is COMPLETELY REASONABLE!

    Look at it this way: As long as Lin plays his best no matter how icky his situation is, them that’s more than good enough.

  130. It doesn’t matter who the Lakers play.

    They’re gonna LOSE because they’re trying to avoid going through Lin at all costs.

  131. If Kobe took off, the rest of the team would still freeze out Lin.

  132. well, if they do, it is what it is. I think Lin is now more experience than before, and he will find ways to take care of himself. And if he could figure out how to play with a ball hog, that will for sure be good to him for his future.

    I still think this is a better situation than in Rockets. First, the media is not always in one voice, people know better here, second, Lin is way stronger than 2 years before, and he stand up for himself more too.

  133. Losing to elite teams I can deal with. Losing like you don’t deserve to be on the same court as said team is what irks me. The Lakers are just lost on the court. I really hope Kobe does not play tonight so that I can get a better understanding of what Byron Scott wants from this team.

  134. Byron will likely defer to Kobe on if he plays. But Scott said, "If I see him laboring, I will have to change my strategy as far as minutes"— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) November 16, 2014

    I think this is what is wrong with the Lakers right now.

  135. Recently, they played much better…..keep the hope……lol

  136. Especially to back up Reggie Jackson. This must be a joke

  137. That’s the Kobe Dawg attitude…

  138. Yeah, all that running in the preseason is really paying off now…….

  139. I sure hope they start following him on court too.

  140. That was just not effective

  141. What is Sacre’s game? Haven’t seen enough of him, and when he is on the court he is just shooting jump shots.

  142. In the meantime, fans want BS to be more assertive in coaching. At some pint, he got to piss on the fire hydrant.

  143. Ok, somebody posted that Kobe spent all day in bed yesterday with the flu. They are getting ready to go on the road, why would he play tonight because it is an expected loss? Byron Scott has no guts to stop Kobe…smh

  144. I think they want to make sure Kobe passes MJ’s career points and has at least one flu game. After all, Kobe is unselfish and the best player ever

  145. i agree, kobe is trying to beat MJ record. Also if you notice that it is mainly Laker press trying to make kobe out the victim. Most of LA media is calling out Scott/Kobe.

  146. I gotta say that I think it was uncool of Scott to call out Nash. He told the media that he called him and that he didn’t call him back….Way uncool to me. As a coach on this team and Nash is technically on the roster, he should have not put shade on one of his players. I personally think Nash had another agenda, but it should have been something the front office should have handled. Scott calling Nash because he was desperate reeks of ickiness to me. just my opinion

  147. When someone starts to think he is indispensable …he is dispensable.

    Kobe please don’t prove to the ‘idixts” in ESPN that they are right about your status. 40 is still better than worst in the league.

  148. Like this one by Kevin Chan:

    Kobe’s Efficiency: Kobe is averaging 25.4 points per game on nearly as many shot attempts (23.3). He’s only converting 36.7% of his field goals which is a career low. His efficiency is the worst I’ve ever seen it and at this point he’s actually hurting the Lakers offense more than he’s helping. Part of the blame has to lie with coach Bryon Scott whose offense has not looked good. But Kobe has to stop taking contested jump shots when double and triple teamed. Teams aren’t even worried about double-teaming Kobe because of how eager he is to shoot rather than pass. I don’t know that we’ll see any change in Kobe’s efficiency any time soon, but one can

  149. Why was Scott calling Nash? He’s done for the season. I agree calling out Nash like that is like he’s blaming him for not playing. Dude has seriously back injury and can’t even carry his own bag!

  150. Agreed. No need to call him out. Have FO handle it.

  151. What strategy? He abandoned his so called plan if in fact he ever intended to restrict minutes or just ask kobe if he wants to play.

  152. What happened to the so called restricted minutes? Kobe gets way more minutes than Lin or any other player on court!

  153. I disagree! The 2nd unit played very good team basketball during garbage time with Lin. In fact they played better defense than the starters. If Kobe the ball hog was one the team might actually go on winning streak like the Knicks!

  154. i have to disagree with the money he got and how little he played the least he can do is respond to his employer. just common courtesy. he did say lat year he didn’t retire for the money he is showing us that real clearly. i have to say I’ve lost some respect for nash

  155. Same question why the likes of Boozer, Hill, Price and Johnson are part of the Lakers!

  156. Ask for golf tips from Nash.

  157. Boozer can bring on leadership but he himself needs to stop bricking shots and up his crappy defense and efforts!

  158. It’s reporter to ask Scott about Nash that’s why Scott did all… that reporter it’s MM..

  159. Lakers want KD and there’s no way OKC wil part with him unless KD is set on leaving. But no one will join Lakers so long as Kobe the ball hog is still there!

  160. They have an easy schedule.

  161. lol, if the lakers or BS want to hear from Nash, just cancel his next paycheck.

  162. You mean Kawhi right? There’s no NBA player with the name Khalil lol unless you got messed up with the famous singer’s name Khalil Fong.

  163. thats illegal

  164. I know, JK.

  165. Yeah, Byron Scott would give Bryant MORE minutes if Bryant is struggling.

    That way Kobe could shoot his way out of his illness!

  166. True.

    It’s just that I don’t expect passes to go Lin’s way just because Bryant is not there.

  167. LOL…..

  168. just an illegal way to hear from Nash…lol

  169. Byron Scott’s outdated 80s philosophy is VERY SIMPLE.

    It’s like this:

    Players that Scott feels are “proven” get minutes and touches. Boozer, Bryant, Price, Hill, and Johnson fit that. Lin and Davis do not.

    Scott believes that the game is about individual matchups and that the goal is to find favorable individual matchups and plow the ball through those players. Lin is not considered a player who has a favorable matchup.

    On defense, Scott’s guys are to defend the paint at all costs. Let the 3 go.

    As far as Lin and Scott goes, Lin knows that he’s just an injury default starter who’s not going to stick with the Lakers. Scott plays Lin only because there’s no better alternative
    and because Lin plays both ends. The only reason Lin plays big minutes is because the Lakers play terribly without him, otherwise Lin’s minutes would be reduced and he’d not be starting.

    Scott usually doesn’t comment on Lin because Scott doesn’t have a high regard for Lin. If Lin were Chris Paul or Kyrie Irving, Scott would be GUSHING about Lin’s prowess and modifying his sets to feature Lin more.

  170. How about if Lin is an average non Asian vet PG? like….Session…or players like that

  171. Then Lin would get more touches and plays run for him.

    Byron Scott is very protective of his point guards – just look at Ronnie Price.

  172. M interesting…

  173. I agree with you.

  174. anybody knows why Lakers got injured player exemption from Randel alreay, but not from Nash yet? Was the league denying it? Nash on the team not only took the money, but also taking a spot.

  175. I guess it is about Nash’s injury type?

  176. maybe just maybe they have been trying behind the scenes and this was a way to publicly shame him?? I duno… I don’t like these types of things out in public either. internal matters

  177. That was an intentional slap to himself. He did it right after they collided elbows.

  178. Lance started the slap before the collide impact! It was totally a flop! You can slap yourself accidentally like that!

  179. I remember that last year there was something said about if Nash played less than 10 games the Lakers would be able to get and exception, but last year Nash played over 10 (to the dismay of many) before getting injured again, so the Lakers were not qualified. Since Randle only played one I guess he fits the rules. Not sure about Nash’s situation this year though.

  180. If Nash wanted to earn his paycheck he should at least help be an unofficial assistant coach during practice to help the team.

  181. If i am not mistaken, the interview that Mitch gave after they learned that Nash was out for the whole year, he stated that nash should go home and not worry about the team and take this time to heal. So when Scott was saying that he wanted to use Nash as sort of an assistant coach was confusing. I think Mitch is not talking to Scott about the what the FO office is doing with Nash..just my opinion

  182. The NBA itself has to have their doctors review Nash’s prognosis to grant the exception

  183. Did Scott actually say he wanted Nash to be assistant coach? I thought that was just ideas made by fans?

  184. no, he said that he would like Nash there on the bench to sort of mentor the young guys or kind of use him as an assistant in the compacity that he uses kobe.

  185. I’ve heard the Lakers are hoping they still trade Nash if they don’t use injured player exemption on him.

  186. Nash did not even played this season.

  187. I dis agree, I think Scott only goal right now is to get kobe his MJ points. I think he tries to sell Price because he is trying to protect a bad decision that he has made. I was at the last Lakers game and the fans want Price gone because he adds nothing to the offense or defense. They want to see that Lin that played in NY. They want show time Laker basketball. That is how Scott got fired from NO, and Cavaliers because he was stubborn and would not adjust his rotations. In the end, Kidd, Irving and Paul ended up turning on him. Right now the Laker’s don’t have one owner to listen too, they have stakeholders, which Jeannie Buss mentioned. The Lakers is an organization that is all about how they look to the public, and the money that come into that Laker organization. If you notice, you have not had any of the Showtime Laker’s who supported Scott weigh in lately on his performance. You have Worthy who is with TCW Sportsnet trying to do his best, but it is not working.

  188. the game is out of reach anyway, why dont he get a rest and come back later? hurting the team by imposing a hero image!?!!!

  189. Playing recreational golf is very different from bball. I have a friend that plays to a 10-12 handicap still in his 60s that can’t hardly bend over. He literally has to bend his knees to tee the ball up or to pick up his ball.

    It’s very wrong for fans to expect NASH to just sit at home and suffer just because he can’t play anymore. He worked hard to try to get back into game shape to play the game he loves. I feel sorry for him instead.

  190. No Scott is trying to protect a bad decision that he has made. I noticed that even when Price got that flagrant foul #2, Scott did not move from the bench. It was Lin he showed the most concern out of the players. Scott himself even said he didn’t know what was going on with Price until he saw lin talking to the refs. However I did see Scott react and get a technical on a foul on Lin, I am not going to buy into that racism motive for now. LA is a very diverse city with the largest and wealthiest Asian community in the US. LA and Hollywood thrive on the business aspects and what looks good. So I will say that this is not Houston, and if racial bias is even hinted at, heads will rule because LA prides themselves on racial equality.

  191. Me too.

  192. I expect 20+ bricks from Kobe tonight..

  193. you guys need to realize that Mitch says one thing and does another. Ex he said that he was going to resign Dantoni, but when Dantoni tried to signed the contract, Mitch would not answer to his inquiries, and so dantoni just resigned. Another case in point, Lakers trade Steve Blake after Kobe said they should keep him. Lakers would not give Kasol what he wanted, so he took less money and went to Chicago. just so you know….

  194. Kobe is gonna try to make up for the lack of FA from the last game. I’m thinking more like 30+ attempts. Wouldn’t be surprised if his ego takes over and he shoots more than half of the team total when it’s over.

  195. Seem like the mess of this season is only the beginning. SMH.

  196. better then hardens fake injuries after a bad game

  197. Upon further digging, it’s still unclear. As Joyce has mentioned “an independent doctor would have to conclude that Nash was physically unable to play the rest of the season, and it’s unclear if that is really the case.” If he was deemed he could play every two weeks (and then start rehabbing again) that would disqualify them, because technically he can still play. (Really messed up I know). There is also the possibility of trading his expiring contract. So it probably depends on what they can get IF, another team wants to get rid of another bad situation.

  198. It is. I hope Lin just gets his stats and keep them up.

  199. saying you will resign or keep someone means nothing. sure you would keep everyone…..for the rightt price

  200. He does that a lot doesn’t he. pretend he was hit or injured after making an embarrassing play.

  201. I hope so too and I’m still a long way from giving up this team yet and I know you are too.

  202. I am expecting Kobe is coming out to shoot the light out tonight. As long as Lin is standing by with Kobe, so am I.


  203. XD Shooting slump illness.

  204. I’m surprised Nash didn’t agree to it.

  205. It was a joke. It wasn’t a diss on Nash. Heck, he is one of my favorite bb players. It must sucks for not being able to come back to play the game that you loved. It would be nice if he hangs around and mentor Lin and Clarkson thou.

  206. Hopefully Kobe Bryant GETS BACK ON DEFENSE instead of doing his meaningless death stare at his own guys.

  207. LOL

  208. Can you get a technical for taunting your own teammates?

  209. LOL

  210. Technically no, but it makes for more spirited beatdowns by Lin of Kobe in practices and games!

  211. I think lin is not even phased by them now, because he knows what’s up. Lin will concentrate on guarding Curry tonight, but I also believe now that he knows that he needs to score. He will figure it out.

  212. No wonder Kobe did not practice this morning

  213. M……..

  214. What?

  215. Lin has been learning and willing to adapt with whatever role they gave him. There’re very few players out there with this talent and at the same time putting the interest of his team first.

  216. Why can’t Nash just say he’ll retire? Wouldn’t he come off the books that way?

  217. Ah………

  218. OK your thoughts?

  219. Henry got 33? Why not ask him about Henry? smh!

  220. No argument from me there.

    Clarkson is a good dribble driving guard, more of a forward than he is an actual point guard or shooting guard.

    Like so many young 2nd round picks, he puts on the blinders whenever he gets the ball. Nobody questions his athletic ability or even skills, but they do question his basketball judgment.

    The basketball IQ part is what separates the fringe players like Clarkson from the quality rotation players like Lin.

  221. I was just following Brents lead making odd noises ==

  222. Is your niece inside Staples center yet? Please have her texting you for any interesting activity. 🙂

  223. I can think of Tim Duncan as that kind of player.

    I can’t think of anybody else.

  224. She is a teenager…LOL I will talk to her tommorow

  225. I was there but wasn’t keen to “fight” to be the 1st.

    BTW, psalm, can you please check my dm to you and reply. Thanks

  226. nice of you 🙂
    got it and replied

  227. TQ. 🙂

  228. Tim also has one heck of a coach. How fortunate.

  229. Ok .

  230. Anyone watching HBO now for live concert for Valor? Lot of great performance.

  231. Too much generation gap?

  232. At least Byron can tell Clarkson is better than Price! I seriously don’t get why Clarkson is going to D League. I’d rather see Clarkson play than Price! Clarkson can score and plays great defense.

  233. bs must have done something that nash wasnt appreciated. why would nash not answering his phone?

  234. My personal take is that Nash is taking orders from front office and mitch is not communicating with Scott.that is just my take

  235. Why do you think this is the case?

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