G10 GSW @ LAL PostGame Thread

I didn’t want to create the PostGame thread due to how disappointing the results for Lin fans. But I don’t want to slow down the site performance.

This is the worst game of Jeremy as a Laker with 0pts,1ast in 22 min. No pass from me for Lin not being more aggressive in the scoreboard despite Kobe going into “MJ Flu” game by not playing as a team from the get-go. He could have forced shots, more than 2 FG but he didn’t.

One thing was very telling from watching the Post-Game Interview video. Jeremy was not even upset with his performance! This is very unusual for him since he would usually take it so hard on himself like he did with 6pts performance in the last GSW game. Jeremy was clearly frustrated. But WHY?

When asked about what the strategy to get himself going in the next game, he said what’s on his mind
“The game of basketball is we gotta do it together .. on both ends of the floor.
If I go into the game, concern about myself, that’s detrimental.
 If my mindset is be aggressive to make as many plays for the team, that’s great! “

It’s clear that Lin’s mind was occupied with how wrong the team is functioning. 
Usually if he didn’t contribute, he’d be the 1st one to take the responsibility.
By not doing so, it’s clear that he’s thinking (Kobe) is being detrimental to the team without saying it outloud.

I’d say good for Jeremy. The team is dysfunctional and he’s a better coach than Byron Scott to recognize the problem.

Note: I’d still want Jeremy to score some to avoid blame game on himself but it’s clear the team is in disarray that it’s the last thing in his mind.