G10 GSW @ LAL PostGame Thread

I didn’t want to create the PostGame thread due to how disappointing the results for Lin fans. But I don’t want to slow down the site performance.

This is the worst game of Jeremy as a Laker with 0pts,1ast in 22 min. No pass from me for Lin not being more aggressive in the scoreboard despite Kobe going into “MJ Flu” game by not playing as a team from the get-go. He could have forced shots, more than 2 FG but he didn’t.

One thing was very telling from watching the Post-Game Interview video. Jeremy was not even upset with his performance! This is very unusual for him since he would usually take it so hard on himself like he did with 6pts performance in the last GSW game. Jeremy was clearly frustrated. But WHY?

When asked about what the strategy to get himself going in the next game, he said what’s on his mind
“The game of basketball is we gotta do it together .. on both ends of the floor.
If I go into the game, concern about myself, that’s detrimental.
 If my mindset is be aggressive to make as many plays for the team, that’s great! “

It’s clear that Lin’s mind was occupied with how wrong the team is functioning. 
Usually if he didn’t contribute, he’d be the 1st one to take the responsibility.
By not doing so, it’s clear that he’s thinking (Kobe) is being detrimental to the team without saying it outloud.

I’d say good for Jeremy. The team is dysfunctional and he’s a better coach than Byron Scott to recognize the problem.

Note: I’d still want Jeremy to score some to avoid blame game on himself but it’s clear the team is in disarray that it’s the last thing in his mind.



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  2. brent, you cheat, u took away 2 from me

  3. reposting in this thread (I seem to have a knack for getting “last post” before a new thread is created)

    Today, the Lakers Offensive Rating (pts/100 possesions) was 112, which would rank 6th in the league if that were their season average. GSW has allowed 98 pts/100p this season. So Lakers were +14 compared to GSW average allowed.

    On the other hand, the Lakers defensive rating today was 132.5 pts/100p, which is obviously atrocious. GSW has scored 108.8/100p this season, so Lakers allowed 24 more pts to GSW than their average scored.

    The problem is the defense!


  4. Nick Young comes back…wouldn’t be surprised to see Lin with 0-1 statline some game!

  5. When do we play the Sixers?

  6. hehehe

  7. 1st female poster!

  8. boozer hill wes its your behind. btw bench them please

  9. someone (@golfhacker) asked this earlier ;]

    Sun, March 22, 2015.
    5 months might be a long time not to watch a game 🙂

    You can check on the Calendar Menu

  10. Thanks but it was somewhat rhetorical questions due to frustration 🙂

  11. You’re slacking!

  12. Look who’s talking 😛

  13. Byron Scott seems to suggest personnel moves are the solution.

    How about fixing the broken system as well?

  14. who is he talking about?

  15. boozer wes hill

  16. team in general. well minus Kobe

  17. I think he’s referring primarily to the bigs, since he called them out specifically. But, who knows, really.

  18. you can say lin didn’t shoot but he worked his butt off defensively

  19. IMO, LIN just pissed on the dawg

  20. Fans were kept suggesting the same thing too. But the truth to me is. THe only way they turn this around is to build around Lin and Davis for now.

  21. Wesley Johnson was non-existent on the court.

  22. Swaggy P saves the team? Lol

  23. ;p

  24. LOL

  25. I did not hear that. Did they say that?

  26. ‘change the flow of this team’ 4:52

  27. yeah, I know 😀
    very frustrating game for sure!

  28. Shorter leash for the team…more for Bryant. Yup, that’s how to win some games, Scott. That will definitely bring the team together. lol Cluelesssssss!

  29. Such a bad night…. Even Walking dead was even disappointing. Blah

  30. the media is getting on kobe

  31. hope they got on boozer as well

  32. Thanks.

  33. The rest of us sees that, but it’ll never happen w/Scott.

  34. thanks, added to Video Gallery

  35. B SCOTT created this problem for himself and now he is going to play hardball supposedly. Let’s see about that. This team as a whole is inconsistent and that’s on him. I never know what version of the Lakers I will be watching. Sad state of affairs.

  36. Thanks for the spoiler… lol

  37. Jeremy Lin has a cameo in this episode. Sorry :p

  38. He only sees Kobe & Price giving effort in his eyes. See how clueless is he?
    Btw, I used to think ESPN is too mean when talking about Kobe ranking 40th, but now I believe they are right…….can’t believe I say this.

  39. Thing about wes is that I recall access sportsnet saying in preseason that wes was there for defensive purposes for kobe. So I don’t know. Who could cover for kobe defensively otherwise?

  40. Nice to hear that Worthy understands Jeremy’s position as a PG.
    Horry:“There is no flow with this team. It’s Kobe this, Kobe that, and you can see the frustration in the other guys.”

  41. 48th to post here but 1st Jedi.

  42. what do you mean?

  43. Scott covering his butt. I will be curious to see who gets more minutes. That is why lin just needs to score and stop trying to get them work as a team when it clearly not in the works while kobe is there.

  44. Lipstick on pig. Not fooling anyone. Lin will not break for better or worse

  45. I hope Lin just rots on bench, better than 30 min and no stats. Also maybe Asian fans Stop going to games to see Lin as dnp

  46. As a coach, Bscott first needs to say he is accountable for the losses instead of throwing his players under the bus. Jeremy is right that there are deep rooted issues. BScott better take notes on how to Jeremy conducts an interview. Jeremy acts/talks more like a coach than BScott.

  47. Taken out of context…Lin needs to be careful with his words, still pretty green oh well

  48. Lin knows that he didn’t show up tonight. That is why I am disappointed in him. He just gave up during the game.

  49. Taken out of what context?

  50. That’s the confidence we want to see :]

  51. His lack of accountability as a coach is disconcerting.

  52. One must try to be first no matter what!

  53. I didn’t watch the game, did Lin over passive or just didn’t get the chance to take the shot?

  54. As a zombie or a survivor?

  55. I did & I am glad they said so but not going to change anything for Lin. Kobe is not going to change anything at all.

  56. What bad choices. He didn’t even do anything

  57. I have no idea, I dint feel lin is sad for lack of stats though,

  58. Bad choices ? Withdrawal himself from the game … maybe?

  59. Well he better wake up, because that is all this league cares about is stats. If he doesn’t maybe he doesn’t need to be a starter. Saying it and doing it it tonally two different things

  60. Coach Lin is right.

  61. yeah, him sulking

  62. Worthy looked uncomfortable towards the end. Lol.

  63. LOL as I say, it’s 40% on Jeremy, 60% on the team.

    The guy is frustrated and is showing it backhandedly.

  64. Jeremy Lin called tonight a “huge” step back for him. “There’s so many things wrong right now.”

  65. Ironically, I’m oddly satisfied to know that Jeremy is frustrated with what is going on. It would kill me if he acted neutral and said something like what he said last time…about the ball just not going in.

    Now Jeremy, let that frustration become you taking charge of this team!
    Your faithful fans don’t want the kind of linsanity that drives us mad from gloom.

  66. Passive zombie

  67. Translation
    “Lin shouldn’t expect Kobe to pass”
    “Choose to shoot more, pass less to JHill”

  68. back handedly frustrated what does that mean.

  69. i have it 20 percent lin 50 team 30 scott

  70. Harvard zombie… Brains…

  71. Would like lin to not take blame. What huge step back lin? Stop being A matyr

  72. Include the coach somewhere.

  73. i did

  74. Ya! I had already sent the tweets to him. Never mind about Kobe to play team ball, Lin needs to care about himself more… get the chance to get good stats then talk next step… smh!

  75. Here is my theory for Lin’s frustration. Both the Rockets and the Lakers tend to freeze Lin out as much as they can. However, when things got tough (like the playoffs series against Portland), the Rockets at least start to play as a team and they rely on Jeremy to win big games for them (they passed the ball to him) whereas the Lakers are just a mess with Kobe trying to chuck his way to a win with no one passing to the open Lin. It must pain Lin greatly to see the Warriors shooting wide open threes/layups all game long and the Lakers responded with more contested jump shots.

  76. He is preparing to bench lin starting next game. I know what’s next is lin getting his minutes cut big time, starter or not

  77. He’s not blaming himself for the loss but it is a step back just in term of stats.

  78. Did we miss someone particularly???

  79. yes! I’d be less happy if he just blamed himself like the last time.
    At least he’s mad about the real #1 issue.
    “Kobe decided to play MJ-flu game after the embarrassing 9pt game”

    But yeah, he should get himself on scoreboard next time so he can’t be blamed.

  80. Apparently Scott thinks that’s lins fault !

  81. well-said

  82. I agree but too bad that’s not how these super stars thought… if Lin keeps going on like this then he will be the one out of the team just like HOU.

  83. kobe well15 lin 30 scott 25 kobe 30 boozer hill

  84. He can’t wait for that opportunity since startergate and JLin gave it to him tonight. He is the least playing game among starters in most games anyway. If JLin just plays 10 minutes, then let’s wait and see what happens to the team.

  85. What about the bench? don’t forget them lol

  86. He is frustrated but elected not to show it on court blatantly, like he did at the Phoenix game where in he stomped up and down with Hill not setting a screen.

  87. They will lose all the same but lose by less points. Don’t make me explain. But by losing by less points, but still losing, they will claim taking lin out was the right move and that lin sucks

  88. That is why I am so disappointed in him. Don’t give them cause to point the finger at you. This team will never play team ball with kobe/scott, so he needs to wake up and play for his next contract.

  89. lol they have no blame since lin played with them

  90. M…if Scott is starting to cover his butt. Lin better get some stat.

  91. I see no cure for the Lakers. Kobe is the real “Coach” without taking responsibility of a coach. I see no pain from Kobe after losing game after game, as long as he scored well.

  92. I don’t think Scott thinks it’s Lin’s fault. he knows it’s Kobe’s but he can’t do anything about it. So the best he can hope for is to salvage the situation.

  93. Ok. what about the FO?

  94. very true. Lin’s dilemma is what he should do when stars refuse to play team-ball that he strives for.

    Should he get mad at Kobe and confront him? Will Kobe retaliate to freeze him out like Harden’d have done?
    Or should he pick up the pieces, contribute his best and try to find ways to get through Kobe?

  95. whats fo

  96. I think there’s that one guy, if he comes into the game with different mind set and starts playing differently then everyone everything else will fall into the right place, you know he who makes the most money

  97. I think it’ll be healthy for him if he starts off the game with 2 shot attempts for himself before he gets others involved. First off, even if he misses those, no one will remember them by the end of the 1st quarter. Second, he won’t need to overthink early on and be accused of not being aggressive.

  98. Yeah he did.

  99. LAL’s front office

  100. can’t really get any worse with Kobe. He’s technically already freezing him out…and all his teammates

  101. He will find his way back. I am confident

  102. Scott isn’t empowered enough and Kobe doesn’t look angry after losing games.

  103. hill boozer playing defense won’t change

  104. Kobe was aiming to average out the bad shooting in last game. Mission accomplished, he is happy.

  105. Just humbly disagreed. How do u expect to play invisible ball, Joyce. I’m not disappointed at JLin at all. I give up on KOBE and BS altogether now. It’s KOBE/BS 100% causing all these deep roots problem. Listen to his interview as well as Worth and Gory. JLin is just another player that has to learn how get over this huge hurdle that KOBE/BS throw at him. Confident that he will overcome. Never once in my life that I wish bad for any human being but for this game, I’m about to do it. I have to refrain myself from doing it and I won’t go to that low despite of this game.

  106. Or that guy get wear out…and fall into the wrong place…

  107. My thought too.

  108. Have you noticed that since he and davis haven’t played that much that they are not clicking as much. Davis seems frustrated and can’t connect with anybody on the bench.

  109. figure that at the end of he season.

  110. Lin’s stubborn in his own ways about playing the right way, team-ball.
    But yeah, he needs to find an effective way to get through to Kobe.

    He got the blueprint from Fisher. Score big-time first to earn the right to confront Kobe then he’ll listen.
    Lin would have to be flexible to find ways to connect to Kobe. Fisher way or another way.
    Scoring seems to be the way to gain Kobe’s respect.

    Hope Lin finds out something soon

  111. No. I say it’s 100% on coach.
    If system sucks, it’s on coach
    If team can’t implement the game plan, it’s on coach
    If game plan proved to be failed and still insist it, it’s on coach
    If players lose control, it’s on coach
    If players sucks and still in the game, it’s on coach
    If player sick and still in the game, it’s on coach
    If team demotivated, it’s on coach
    Sorry I’m pissed

  112. Conspiracist in me is saying that was Scott trying to make it looks like KOBE IS THE ONLY OPTION and EVERYONE HAS TO STEP UP.

  113. It will be a long season *sigh*

  114. on a hydrant?

  115. The coach is pretty much a puppet.

  116. sigh

  117. Kobe is acting like a king again. He will not take anyone’s word for it. So the best Lin can do just play & get good stats for himself.. bc it’s not sure he will stay in Lakers next summer if he can’t play well next to Kobe even everyone knows Lin is right. The same story will repeat again just like HOU.

  118. Did Lin over passive or didn’t get the ball tonight? I didn’t watch the game.

  119. I thought it was interesting that Shaq and Magic showed up for the game tonight. and the plot thickens…

  120. Of course he will not angry bc he is happy his game is back now. So if Lin didn’t score well then Young can do it no big deal for him.

  121. I hope Lin will do the same and average out his stats by going ballistics in the next game!

  122. I wholeheartedly agree with this statement.

  123. One thing that kobe said which struck me is that when they are down 10 – 12 he feels he needs to step in. That to me signals trouble.

  124. Not in his nature to do so.

  125. Not sure it means any positive change is coming but let’s hope

  126. Not going to happen bc Kobe will not pass the ball to him plus Young is back.

  127. true. IMO Lin has to accept that the most effective way to earn Kobe’s trust is to be #2 scorer/passer first just like Fisher did to earn Kobe’s respect.

    Too much too expect Kobe will share the ball first after 19 yrs

  128. In order to do so….he needs to start doing his one man fast break and stop thinking about the TOVs. However, Scott said everyone will be on a short leash on TUE’s game. So…I assume that EVERYONE means Lin.

  129. According to the NBA.com wrap-up of the game, “Hall of Famer Elgin Baylor, who ushered the NBA into Los Angeles with Jerry West and Tommy Hawkins, was honored by the club in a halftime ceremony exactly two months after his 80th birthday and was presented with a custom-made diamond-studded ring after a lengthy video montage”. Maybe Shaq and Magic were there to be part of the festivities

  130. That’s why they were there.

  131. IMO, Kobe was upset or whatever you call it.. after that only won by Lin, Boozer & Kobe..

    Kobe changed back to ISO Kobe again. He wants to win the game by his old style ISO ISO & ISO.. He never called out to say Lin should take the score or whatever after that won… bc he wants to do it by himself.

  132. I hope he does, I hope brings that home to him.

  133. I agree stats = NBA survival. But do we want lin to be a chucking low efficiency guy getting empty stats? It’s tough

  134. he’s trying to set up his teammates, JHill kept bricking his midrange Js.
    He never got the ball back. Kobe didn’t try to look for open teammates.
    It just wasn’t good basketball to watch.

    There were few occasions he can force to drive to the rim (Q3 1st play) but did it the Spurs way to pass to JHill being open who proceeded to brick his 3rd-4th midrange jumper.

    In this instance, Lin should establish himself to score first because Hill’s was a bad shot despite being open since he hasn’t made them yet

  135. Coupled with Horry’s and Worthy’s statements.

  136. and the plot thickens

  137. Says a guy who gets a lot post entry pass…LOL

  138. I don’t think the team is freezing Lin out. I don’t. This version of Lin is looking too much for the play to develop. When he is off ball he is not aggressively looking to get the ball back with his off-ball movement. He is much more tending to just try to get a pass to shoot a 3 rather than run around, lose his man, get the ball and create some chaos for the opposing defense. He’s tending to try to create once the defenses are set which isn’t his major strength and he does have a weakness in terms of handles and one-on-one moves. That’s why he isn’t getting the ball back, he isn’t aggressive enough to demand it and doesn’t look confident enough when he does get it back.

    When Lin gets the ball sometimes back he needs to start using his own mid-range game. Go into some simple moves and shoot the ball. He’s dribbling too much and going nowhere.

    Also, Lin is bringing up the ball too slow. He needs to speed it up. I know his team mates are slow but if he goes faster, sooner or later, they’ll get the idea to move faster.

    He has to have a bounce-back game on Tuesday. It’s not against a tough team so he has to. Then he plays the Rockets. I was looking for some redemption but after tonight’s game, he has to show some grit and nastiness and swag for me to believe he’ll want to take it to the Rockets.

  139. Lin is not going to let him cut his minutes because lin will play well if he is not playing with Kobe. This is not Houston that if he yanks him when he playing well that everybody will turn a blind eye. I don’t think he will bench lin for Price.

  140. and not make enough? 😀

  141. it sounds like an OCD.
    Obsession to take over when it is not even warranted

  142. So….I guess the 1st step of tanking is to have a very tiring TC?

  143. I know.. I guess Lin’s stats will look bad as long as Kobe on court… smh! Poor Lin, this is his contract year. smh!

  144. The thing with lin is this, kobe is never going to play team ball. If you look at that first unit, nobody plays team ball. The only team that I think of the plays good team ball is the Spurs. So if Lin wants to play team ball perhaps he needs to play with the 2nd unit. I love lin to death, but you not scoring a point does not look good no matter how right you are about what is wrong with the team.

  145. Lin has 0 pts and 1 assist in 20 min and you’re happy to diagnose the Lakers problem as poor defense?

  146. Unless he plays with the second unit and gets his points that way.

  147. point taken. But I wanna point out a lot of teams play team ball. It just Spurs has higher degree of cohesion.

  148. GSW played some team ball tonight.

  149. I’m afraid that the plot has sickened.

  150. He is still trying to save the sinking ship…LOL

  151. What happened?

  152. The whole situation. Kobe and Scott’s comments sound like they’re in the twilight zone.

  153. Davis/lin/Boozer where pretty much on point with their statements but kobe/scott big disconnect.

  154. As a captain, Kobe should go down with the ship and stop dragging others with him.

  155. link to Davis interview?

  156. So the number one is doing Captain’s job right now…

  157. Good post. So who do you think Scott will have on the leash next game?

  158. thanks.

  159. I guess once somehow a star is willing to come to LAL. Scott will be long gone…..a temp coach…

  160. Problem is, who has more power? kobe/scott or Davis/lin/Boozer. It’s not even close.

  161. Not even close. you Take out Bogut and Iggy, then tell me about Curry’s GREAT D…

  162. He’s being honest…trust was never in the picture to begin with.

  163. Sure he can, he’s done it 9 games out of 10.

    The only time he walked the talk the Lakers won.

  164. I would hope it is Boozer, but Boozer isn’t always bad. He’s bad on defense. Both Hill and Boozer do the same thing on offense which is shoot too many jump shots but Hill plays better defense. It might be Jeremy but he never gave up on defense which is all Scott talks about. He may not have anyone on it for the next game where it may have been his emotion talking right after the game and maybe he’ll calm down tomorrow. I want to see how he sounds at a practice interview, it might be different.

  165. He is contradicting himself.

  166. So you are saying Kobe just wants to get his and doesn’t care about anybody else.

  167. It seems that way…so far

  168. Horry is definitely more vociferous in calling out kobe. When worthy started sorta kinda call out kobe at halftime, seemed like he sounded nervous lol

  169. LIN was told to be assertive by Scott and Kobe. The words they say mean little to LIN who doesn’t want to play their style of 80s “me” ball. IT takes a special courage to piss on the dawg that told you to piss on the hydrant. That’s what LIN just did tonight. So yeah, lin looked lost tonight because he was at wits end at how to get his teammates to play team ball. Does he lose himself to save the team? “Don’t become the monster to defeat the monster”. As LIN said, when his career is all done, he wants to be remembered as a team player. It’s not easy for LIN fans to understand but Lin’s mission is much bigger than being a star for our sakes. What his career means to us means nothing to his core being. The choices he’s made has never been to satisfy anyone else but the one he prays to each night.

    I hope everyone buckles up and enjoy the ride as best we can.

  170. Nobody rikes you Kobe

  171. I’m saying the only person Kobe trusts, past present and future, is Kobe. There’s no “trust issue” because he doesn’t trust anyone. He challenged Lin to piss on the hydrant, but at the first sign of that (defeating Hornets) he kills it right after.

    So yes, Kobe does not keep his word. Surprise…not.

  172. I won’t lose sleep over Jeremy’s once a while very bad games but I have a legit question to all bball experts here:

    Is Steph Curry a better offensive player than Jeremy, put aside all the screens provided by his teammates?

    Thanks in advance.

  173. I am in full agreement with you.

  174. I thought he has signed a 4-year guaranteed contract right?

  175. Very well said. Lin, for better or worse, will do it his way. And while I hate watching him play right now, I actually admire the man he is becoming. I’m buckled in. Not sure I’ll enjoy the ride,but I will still be here to watch the sorry unfold.

  176. Haha, the sorry unfold!? Lol

  177. Haha Freudian slip I guess. It’s a sorry state right now certainly. Edit: the STORY unfold

  178. Honestly, it was better the other way…it puts a little humor to an otherwise sorry night.

  179. Depends on what aspect of offense. I see it as this:

    Scorer – Curry
    Play maker – Jeremy

  180. ironically, Byron was emphasizing defense in training camp, yet that’s the Lakers biggest weakness. Is it the players lack of talent? or lack of effort? or poor system?

  181. Uh, what? hahaha the guy Lundberg tweeting to is an obvious apologist yet denies it?

  182. Dude All American Negro has to remember, the assister (starting PG) has one assist because the assistee (shooter) bricks it. It’s not like an assist is credited just by having someone touch the ball.

  183. That much is obvious. I mean honestly… Who chucks like that from start to finish?!!

  184. Yes. Curry is an incredible offensive player. He’s one of the top shooters in NBA history. He can score like crazy even without screens. He also has some fancy dribbling and passing skills, although he can often be careless with those and end up with turnovers.

  185. Honestly I admire JLin to stand up for himself in his own today. He stays truth to himself unlike the lip services of KOBE and BS. If he goes down to play team ball, I’m more than okay with it. The deep root problems of Lakers are KOBE and BS. More obvious now than ever “communication, trust and effort” are some top issues of Lakers from KOBE and BS. JLin isn’t the problem of Lakers. It only becomes a problem when KOBE in EXTREME KOBE mode with the puppet COACH 10000% behind EXTREME KOBE. Kobe becomes his own worst enemy tries so hard to beat critics because of OLD AGE. He just won’t accept his own “bb mortality” and becomes the most selfish player in the league. Don’t RESPECT this kind of player no matter how many points he had and how “glorious” he was in his younger days.

  186. The Great Gary ‘The Glove’ Payton on Kobe’s play.


  187. LISTEN to your OWN preaching, K in the right frame of mind, please.

  188. Agree 10000000000000000000000000000000% and I will say he won’t change even after he finally retires.

  189. Precisely. His actions and words are as far as North and South; East and West.

  190. Shooting wise I would say yes. Curry is an insanely good shooter. Curry may not be the best defender, but he can routinely get shots in while shooting from the tunnel going into the locker room. He’s probably one of the best if not the best shooter in the league right now.

    I think Lin’s play making is better when he get a team around him willing to listen to him though. Lin makes everyone around him better when given the chance.

  191. It WILL BE a long long long long 4 years before any decent player will go to Lakers. If JLin who has gone thru so many ball dominant players in his career struggles like this, can’t imagine any sound minded players will voluntarily come unless there is no choice at all.

  192. WOW! This pic says it all. Normally if JLin feels bad about himself, he will put a tower in his head. Proud of you JLin! You are done well in handling this KOBE and BS team.

  193. Well, the answer is IT’S KOBE BALL.

  194. all the comments below plus: I think Curry is more fragile than Lin. He can’t take hits as much as Lin can. Hence, if Curry isn’t around a great team, he has problems under pressure. you can see JLin doing ok some games and even turning some games around. I think Curry can’t do that as well as Lin, because physically he’s not able to take betting hammered like Lin so his shooting gets off. GSW are so strong this year, Curry is in his best place to showcase how good his skills are. But he’s a well tuned sports care, not a tank that can run like a sports car.

  195. Robin is a big Lin suppurter, you don’t know that?

  196. I said “the guy Lundberg tweeting to…” I know Lundberg, we’ve had a Twitter discussion eons ago.

  197. I think that guy AAN didn’t even watch the game. Just spouting from his other end.

  198. sorry I missed that..

  199. Shahan Ahmed: Jeremy Lin’s Harvard Education can’t put this into words.
    Doc JC‏@MdIjares
    @Maishen @PeteStopTire he’ speechless, never played with a ball hog like Kobe, with a team whose coach scared to disappoint star player.

  200. why??? why why??
    there are 3 top ballhoggers in NBA, yet Lin has to play with every of them..
    why D’Antoni has to quit just right before Lin got traded to the Lakers..

  201. New conspiracy theory:
    Kobe out to win one more scoring title cos he sees this Laker season as a lost cause. That way he gets a trophy of some sort.
    Yes? No?

  202. It must be God’s plan.

  203. Yeah, even after he retires, don’t let the ball go out of bounds near his court side seat. He’ll jack the shot up before the refs get to it.

  204. The situation is hilarious if not so sad.

  205. He’s going from the student to the disapproving professor.

  206. That’s exactly the ‘cornerstone’ mentality.

  207. Of course yes! It’s obvious. What could be more glorious than passing MJ in points, and then winning the scoring title at 36 and proving to ESPN it was wrong to rank him at 40.

  208. Your comment made me laugh out loud.

  209. Interesting article:


    Yep, Kobe wants the points. Winning is secondary. Lin wants to win, points are a means.

    Sorry I missed the game, thanks for all your posts.

  210. Wanna share some down home comfort food for you all and Lin. Good days to come …
    (that’s rice porridge with fish and 1000 yr old egg, duck, veggies)

  211. wow looks great, I have not had 稀飯 for a loooooong time..

  212. Life is good with comfort food on a rainy day.

  213. it’s snow outside today, it comes early this year, going to be a long winter..

  214. you need comfort food then ha ha. Bad game, cold night, etc.

  215. WOW So nice! We are extremely hot here in the past 3 days. Not sure I want the gongee but definitely will take all the vegs:-)

  216. Nothing to miss. One of the most boring yet painful to watch game:-(

  217. Rhetoric Q & A:-) Don’t care with this type of player. Can’t wait for the day he finally retires. Too self-serving for me to handle. Just pray and hope JLin is able to overcome this major hurdle sooner than later.

  218. No answer. So unfair to JLin and his fans. Like he said, this is a lot more difficult than he ancipated in the past interview.

  219. Yeah so rhetorical that I had to talk to myself. Quite lonely in here sometimes. 😀

  220. This one’s for you BS.
    “A competent leader can get efficient service from poor troops, while on the contrary an incapable leader can demoralize the best of troops.” – John J. Pershing

  221. Fellow Lin fans … I missed the game, and it looks like this was such a bad game for Lin. Joyce, I get what you mean … Lin should have put up some numbers.

    Here’s a point of view … that last game where Lin put up 15 pts, saving grace in garbage time, was indicative to me that Lin was struggling to solve the Kobe-lose puzzle. The struggle was hidden by his garbage time stats, so we as fans just went to sleep.

    But, our boy is continuing in his struggle and today his brain must have fried. I didn’t watch the game, but it’s clear he got no garbage time mins? Anyway, if it were me, I would be there so mad at Kobe and if he was doing what I think payton said, demanding the ball from the get go, my pg brain would have exploded too. Boozer’s comment about getting off the glass also says the team is in turmoil now. Lin was probably so teed off in his brain he just caught himself by surprise.

    So there you go, I don’t think Lin will come back strong on Tues unless he either gives up and does a Rox, or the team gels. Both will take time to happen, so Tues will be only a good game for the team if Kobe is Good Kobe. If not, if ISO Demanding (self)Obsessed Kobe shows up, I guess we’ll be unable to post nice things here for another game cycle, etc. (of course BS is a non-factor – we all see and agree to that).

  222. It should be better, playing an eastern conference team (finally!).

  223. Two points that don’t get mentioned much to explain Lin’s struggles:

    1. Defenses are keying up on Lin focused on stopping the best player on the team. They trap him, deny him the entry pass, play up close to him to make it tough to get an open look, clog up the lanes making it hard for Lin to drive to the rim, and they put their best defenders on Lin. You try to score when the defense is on you like that. No other Laker besides Kobe get that kind of treatment. Opposing defense game plan against Lin, and BS have no answer other than let Lin die out on the court trying all by himself to create a shot.

    2. It’s not just about shooting, it’s about assists. His assist numbers are down as well. That to me speaks to the offensive system, not Lin’s lack of effort or abilities. He just has less assist opportunities in this offense. The offense is set up so that it minimizes Lin’s scoring AND playmaking abilities.

  224. Gary Payton and Robert Horry = THE TRUTH!

  225. WoW, not so good week for LAL I guess, while I was away 🙁

    I see JL did some good on 3 previous games.Downloading now…will be watching over the week.

    Looks like Kobe is back being normal, not realizing he is not 26 anymore, sigh!

  226. LOL I know. Guess most North Americans go to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Left lonely Asians and Oceanic countries to talk to ourselves:-)

  227. Glad more and more “experts” point out what the fans see. Only Kobe and BS are still burying their heads under the sand. Sad but it’s THE TRUTH they can’t deal with or ????

  228. Nop it’s only getting worse to be honest. My guess BS will “bury” JLin even more until somehow thing will change the tide again.

  229. You say this better than I do. Yes, teams know if they shut down JLin, the game is over for Lakers. Kobe isn’t the best player in Lakers in term of helping Lakers to win game. Kobe mode helps Lakers to shut Lakers game down better than any opponent team. Easy job for any opponent team. Lakers will be the worst team in NBA this season if this Kobe mode continues.

  230. Not 100% guarantee a win because of Kobe. Unless Kobe is willing to share ball, don’t think Lakers will win by Kobe ball.

  231. This tweet from Serena Winters tells all:

  232. Kerr may disrespect Lin while being a commentator, but by targeting him on the court is a form of respect. Though Kerr may never admit it verbally, we all learned to pay closer attention to action rather than talk.

  233. u sure?

  234. Kobe only pretends to be a good leader and pays only lip service trust to teammates. His on-court action is equivalent to, if not worse than, spitting on his teammates faces while he laughs. In retrospect, there was good reason for why D12 would rather leave behind tens of millions on the table than to continue “playing” with Kobe.

  235. Last time Kobe was willing to share the ball, Lin played at a high level and stole all of Kobe’s spotlight. Despite the Lakers’ win, I highly doubt Kobe would allow that to happen again.

  236. Chinese equivalent: 一將無能 累死千軍 (One incompetent general will set back a thousand troops)

  237. All those who complain that Lin isn’t taking enough shots because he isn’t “manning up” and just shooting more fail to take into consideration the context in which Lin is playing in.

    During the Linsanity season, his SPG is really interesting when divided up looked at closely.

    The way I define the Linsanity run were those games starting with the New Jersey game and ending with the Miami game right before the All-Star game. Under the Linsanity period, Lin’s SPG was pretty high, somewhere around 16 shots per game.

    BUT, post-Linsanity run, the 14 games after the All-Star break, here’s what I got, and I could be off because I did the math pretty quickly –

    When Lin was a starter post-Lisanity, his SPG was 11.6. Just 11.6 shots a game as a starter playing with Melo, and then under Woodson’s system.

    Just 11.6 shots a game. Hmmm. I wonder why his SPG dropped after his Linsanity run? Is it because he became a passive wuss and just stopped shooting the ball, like some posters are saying now?

    Or, did it have to do with playing with a ball hog and playing in a system where the point guard functioned much differently than in Dantoni’s offensive system?

    And like in the current system, playing with the greatest ball hog ever and playing in an offensive system where the PG’s role seems really minimized.

    Point being, the answer to Lin’s struggles isn’t merely to shoot the ball more. The problem is the context, and in the current context, it’s very difficult to shoot the ball 8 times a game let alone 12 to 15.

  238. Yup, Kerr did a fantastic job of defending Lin. Clogged up the paint, denying him the entry pass, double-teaming him at times, putting his best defenders on Lin as well.

  239. Now we really know why D12 chose Houston over LA. He knew better.

  240. Exactly. Defenses are designed to stop Lin and to let Kobe jack up as many shots as he wants to. And its working, and the Lakers keep falling into the trap the defenses set for them. Bad coaching by Kobe.

  241. LOL, LAL went Houston today! givin ABogut his season high!

  242. Curry heats up easier than Lin, but shooting 3’s is Curries specialty (just as Lin’s first step and drive). When Lin is feeling it they are equally deadly from 3. If Lin were in Curry’s position playing PG the team would be even more effective and KT would become an immediate all-star off all the open 3’s and fastbreak points. Purely 1-on-1 Lin would abuse Curry.

  243. LOL. It’s going to be a record for every single item in NBA if Kobe ball continues.

  244. Was Kobe talking about himself?

  245. Yep. I just can’t see how JLin is able to do anything if BS continues to play Kobe balls. Every team will do that and Kobe ball isn’t enough to get any win. Will surprise if Lakers can even win 5 games in this season. Am not pessimistic but be realist in watching Kobe ball in the past 10 games.

  246. I’ll tell you all about it! Someday…

  247. Dear Ed you guys are not even in the same book. = =

  248. Yep I know. That’s why I say even the weakest team in Eastern Conference Lakers will not win under Kobe ball unless suddenly all shots from all starters go in for whatever reason. Kobe’s 15/34 just can’t win any game. Believe this is the best he had thus far with %.

  249. LOL Try to be nice but is getting hard:-)

  250. I think many had not been following Kobe. Thats how Kobe played all the while. He mimic his game based on MJ. Where was natural, and understands BB. But when one mimic’s another game, he can be as good, but dont understand the underlining cohesiveness and stress more on me me me.
    Kobe had always carried the team. And I doubt he is gonna change anytime soon. Unless he sees, others stepping up, bu playing together and not giving him the ball. Thats what DF did. He got the team together, and Kobe had to work extra hard to get the ball, meaning he plays defense to get the rebounds as well.

    Offensively everyone got to get involved, and dare to call Kobe out. Yes call him out, he old man, sit, we got the game and prove it. WHen others are bricking and your second best option (Lin) is not shooting enough, he just dont care about others, and going to take every time he gets the ball.

    Lin as the leader, needs to direct the team to move, and make it vocal during practice and game.

    This is the first time I see @awarde:disqus going mad. And I had been saying since game1, although many disagree.
    This is NBA, if you dont show your assertiveness, you are going to be deemed as passive.

    I liked JLin’s interview today, but he needs to being it to the team and coaching staff, else, its gonna eat him alive!

  251. There are a few reasons why Lin’s attempts have not been higher.

    1. Lin seems to be trying very hard to get his teammates involved and getting them touches.

    2. Jeremy’s teammates are not passing the ball back to him.

    3. Kobe is hogging the ball a lot, he has the highest number of field goal attempts per game in the entire NBA. That leaves limited number of opportunities for everyone else.

    4. Their offensive sets are not working and teammates are not moving.

    5. Lin needs to move without the ball more. I see him just standing in the corner most of the time. In a few times that he ran around, Kobe found him for a nice layup.

    6. His teammates are not passing the ball to him even when he is wide open with no one guarding him.

    7. Most of the Lakers like to pass to Kobe because of his seniority, he calls for it, or they are afraid he will get made at them. Look at the one time Lin passed to Hill at the end of the game, Kobe got mad.

  252. The problem is its defense and thats what BScott is seing, but I think, like Lin said,
    the problem is bigger than that. If the starters dont get on the
    same offensive page and be part of the contributor, they are going to slack
    “whatever” on defensive end. The is no cohesiveness.

    @real_dsb:disqus had some numbers on previous page

  253. There is no bb sense if JLin just brings up the ball and shoot without making any play. The prob of Lakers is once the ball leaves JLin’s hands, that’s it. He won’t see the ball at all. If he plays sg with Ronnie, he won’t see any ball. You ask him to run around and be more “aggressive. Wherever he runs to, he will only bring his defender(s).

    Even funnier for some to ask him to be more “aggressive” and just not standing there for doing nothing. How many times have u see he is wide open and no one passes him the ball? If he won’t even receive any ball while he is wide open, expect him to be “aggressive” by running around like a headless chicken will receive a ball back??? Well…. I lost my words.

  254. Thats not Kobe. I doubt Kobe is a jealous type, seing him playing all this years. He is just a scorer, and gets it, whatever it takes

  255. smh…not for me! 🙁

  256. Oh ya. No wonder no decent and sound minded player will choose to go to Lakers unless there is no choice. Didn’t know how bad it’s until the season began.

  257. u nailed it..

  258. Then please explain to me why suddenly he became an even more Kobe ball in since then???????

  259. Lin shouldn’t be in charge of rotation adjustments/substitutions. If Novak shot’s weren’t falling one night (which is very rare) and he is wide open should Lin not pass to him? In the short term it may put more points on the board, but what kind of message would that send if the PG the floor general ices you out. Good teammates will always tell each other, if you are open shoot the ball. It empowers each other so they will have the confidence to shoot and not worry about other things and that effect is long lasting.

    If the coach only gives the team so many set plays to run, and a point guard reads the defense and runs plays accordingly only to find the ball getting stuck in Hill’s/Kobe/Boozers hands, should he scrap everything and try to score himself, or keep playing the right way so when a capable shooter comes in (maybe Kelly or Nick) the team will be in sync.

    I’m gonna stick with the way this admirable young man is playing and learning till my beard get long…..and right now..it’s not even halfway. (His career, not my beard)

  260. Agree on everyone except #5. Problem is why he stood there because of waiting to get the set ran. Like Boozer said, someone didn’t follow any set and did whatever he wanted (paraphrase here). You know who that someone is.

  261. This is exactly what Kerr said before the game. Every coach/team in NBA knows the fact except Kobe and BS. They know if they let JLin goes, Kerr will most likely have Linsanity 2 to deal with. With Kobe, there is no such fear for Kobe ball will help every opponent team and even weaker team win. Right now Kobe and BS do the job in preventing “Linsanity 2=team ball” surface.

  262. Every other team sees this and can’t wait to cash in on it, while Kobe remains blind.

  263. I stopped following the Lakers over a decade ago BECAUSE of Kobe. Still knew his true colors because my dad and brother followed him. Was willing to give him a shot because of his Achilles injury and his being nice to Lin. But just like the old Chinese saying 江山易改 本性難移 (It’s easy to move mountains and rivers, but hard to change someone’s nature)….

  264. That’s why I put all Lakers woes to both Kobe and BS. If you listen to their interviews, they are the blind leads the blind. Too inward tunnel vision of their own Kobe ball version.

  265. Kerr has more (newfound?) respect for Lin, at least on the court, than Byron Scott does.

  266. 盲人騎瞎馬 夜半臨深池 (Blind man riding a blind horse to a deep pond in the middle of the night)

    I only read excerpts from their interviews, can’t stand listening to them. Once I caught a snippet, and Kobe sounded like a car salesman trying to sell you a Pinto.

  267. So true. I give him all the benefit of doubts when JLin first traded to Lakers. He was nice to JLin. But the more I watched Kobe ball, the less I like what I see. After today, the only thing I want is for JLin to be overcome this major hurdle and become a better player.

  268. I caught the boxscore at half time and Kobe had around 24 FGAs. I seriously thought he was going for 48 FGAs in the game.

  269. Same old same old story of JLin’s bb life. Other coaches are more respect of his games than his own coach and teammates except 2012 Knicks bench.

  270. WOW You are very poetic tonight:-) Thanks for all these Chinese sayings. Very appropriate!

  271. If Kobe plays in 4th qtr, No doubt he would reach that.

  272. In case your question wasn’t rhetorical…Of course not! Kobe is in a different dimension, and is blind and deaf to all logic. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he took 40+ FGAs one day, he’ll NEVER understand team basketball, much to the delight of the other 29 teams.

  273. Thanks! BTW, I have a comment pending approval, no inappropriate words of course.

  274. First, I want to apologize for the delivery of my message about lin’s poor performance in last night’s game, but not the content of the message. It was very disappointing watching him give up. I haven’t seen him do that since his days in Houston. He has to figure out a way to coexist with his ball hogging team mates, just as he did in Houston. I am glad he and Boozer stood up for the team. The media outlets jumped on it right away because this is what they suspected all along. Let’s just hope, TCW and Worthy have turned the corner with kobe/scott on how this team is being coached. I am glad Magic/Shaq were there last night for this fiasco. I personally think lin doesn’t care if he comes off the bench now, because he at least will get to play his game. I hope he plays a better game Tuesday.

  275. On the positive side, other coaches will take notice of and try to replicate this “lock Lin and let Kobe shoot” strategy, and in the process realize (to varying degrees) how good Lin really is.

  276. It irritates me that the entire Lakers team is freezing out Lin.

    There is nothing that Lin can do.

    I know exactly what’s going on: the Lakers including Coach Scott are trying to knock Lin completely out of the lineup and off the team.

    Having faced this dynamic before many times in my own life, I have sympathy for Lin and hold him blameless. Lin gets penalized for doing well, and his teammates and coaches have had enough of him pumping in that efficiency.

    It’s just a matter of time before Lin is DNP-CD’d.

  277. Lets see if that applies to all players!

  278. You’re finally here! The trollalahs at the old turf must’ve been working hard!

  279. Whether Lin starts or comes off the bench, the team is committed to FREEZING HIM OUT.

    They refuse to run plays with him and they refuse to allow him to do anything. The team is more interested in freezing Lin out than even getting their own stats.

    The Lakers have given up on Lin, and even Lin gets tired of trying to force the resisting team to play with him.

  280. Lin put up with kilotons of BS (pun absolutely intended) in the last two and a half years, anyone else would’ve given up a long time ago. Lin’s barely had a rare mini-tantrum, IMHO it’s to be tolerated.

  281. Next time, you might as well go Kobe!

  282. I’m here, but I’m not fleeing from the trolls on the other site.

    I’m here because most of the EXPERTS are here.

    The trolls who are trying to eject me actually have the opposite effect. When they try to eject me, I obstinately dig my heels in and stand my ground.

  283. Worthy, Horry and Magic have all been backing Lin, while BS stubbornly clings on to his Price infatuation.

  284. Wow he takes about 25% more shots than the next highest player Melo, another resident chucker.

  285. That’s probably because he didn’t play most of the 4th quarter or it would have been way more.

  286. I’m not one to run from a fight, but was partially upset because the mod there would not do much about the situation. Psalm and Co. devote time, effort and not to mention real money into this Sanctuary of Linsanity, so I decided that they deserve my undivided attention.

  287. I don’t think that is what is happening. I think this all about kobe/scott/FO insuring Kobe beats MJ record as a consolation prize for not getting a final championship ring for them. I suspect as soon as Kobe succeeds MJ’s record he will calm down. I think Kobe knows that he is on borrowed time because of his injury. I don’t think Scott will DNP, because Lakers don’t have one owner, they are owned by stakeholders and the Buss family has to report to them. Worthy said it all when he said it is all about how the Lakers look, and right now they are not looking good. I think when they hired Scott, they thought Scott could actually handle Scott, but now they know he can’t, so we will see what happens.

  288. So true. And so sad.

  289. There really is just one reason:

    Lin’s teammates are freezing him out.

    Last game, he took two shots.
    That’s too shots too many for his teammates to be comfortable with.

  290. Your predictions have a knack of coming true 🙁 I really really hope it won’t happen, but if it does, the only silver lining I see is that Lin is a free agent next year. If he bolts for greener pastures, he would have become that much more mature because of his wasted years in Houston and now LA.

  291. I dont agree or see that the team is freezing Lin. If you are saying the team doesnt know how to play as a team or set proper picks. I do understand. If you are saying the team are selfish, and yes to that.

    but intentionally trying to freeze him?!, for what reason is that? Jealousy?

  292. I’m not worried at all.

    When I was knocked out of my biggest performing arts job for outperforming everyone, I held my head high and never looked back.

    If Lin isn’t allowed to play in the NBA, that really doesn’t bother me because Lin played GREAT his whole time and earned fabulous money.

    Frankly, I don’t really want Lin playing in a NBA where every team is refusing to play with him.

  293. I think Lin is a winner and he’s a little disgusted at the lack of team play at the moment, especially the fact that his teammates are not responding to the plays while playing selfish basketball which is resulting in losses.

  294. Joyce, really appreciate what you said even though I disagree with you on JLin gave up on game. He just couldn’t do much because of what was going on. You are asking him to fly even when he can’t walk in this game. JLin would be the first one admitted if he indeed give up the game. He didn’t but what he said in interview speaks volume. Unless Kobe and BS face the music/reality that they are THE ISSUES, nothing will change. When JLin said it was a huge step back for him, I feared that he was lost in how to “overcome” Kobe and BS ball. He has no solution and the issues get deeper and deeper each game when Kobe decides to break all kind of NBA records. Unless something drastic happens, I fear that JLin will not be flourished under this kind of Kobe ball. Having said that I believe he will overcome this mega struggle in due time. He is a quick learner. Pray that with God’s help, he is able to overcome this sooner than later.

  295. I do really hope he is vocal on the same line to the team and coaching staff during practice and game.

  296. Yeah,, i don’t mind lin’s meltdowns, but he scored no points last night. That is why he doesn’t give them any reason to point the finger at him.

  297. I’ve seen some alarming instances of not passing to Lin especially when he’s open. I’m not entirely convinced the whole team is freezing him out yet. Hopefully this is not the case.

    I’ve seen Hill not pass to Lin and pass to Kobe instead, but that’s because it’s Kobe. Boozer I find, aside from looking for his own shot has been passing to Lin.

    Kobe has missed passing to an open Lin many times, but that’s because he’s hogging the ball and making bad shots over double and triple teams which is inexcusable.

    I have seen Price not pass to Lin as well although Lin always passes to him.

    I haven’t really noticed the rest.

  298. Every time Lin is the best player for the Lakers, the next game is usually a dud because teammates won’t run action with him.

    When other players do well, the players run more action through them and the coaches help that happen. Not Lin. The better he does, the more teammates try to knock him out.

    Reason? The same reason I was knocked out of my job as the lone Asian performer who was noticeable outselling everybody around me despite having less than half the time of other performers on stage!

  299. However, this will look bad to JLin stats and his fans blame him for too passive.

  300. Nobody would be criticizing Kobe Bryant if he weren’t playing next to the most efficient guard in the NBA.

  301. Really. Not sure I know how to look at it:-)

  302. Agreed, as I said, its selfish play by many. And they may be learning that from Kobe. If you wanna play solo, I could mine as well. Hence there is not much passing, moving and spacing.

  303. Yeah, the spacing and player movement have been terrible for the Lakers.

  304. Lin won’t get any relief.

    Even if Scott is fired, the players will refuse to obey the next coach if Lin is to be included.

    The Lakers are not going to do anything to help a player who’s going to be GONE in just a few months!

  305. That’s totally calling Kobe out in Lin language.

    In diplomatic language, you address the group when you need to call someone out but don’t want to put that person on the spot.

  306. Once the offense is not going for them, they just loose interest in defense as well, hence the high giveins. You can literally see them jogging back to defend!

    I agree with @real_dsb:disqus posting below

    In order to get the team going, BScott, need to figure out how to get overone going offensively so that they play hard defensively, not to loose easy point for their hard work in the front.

    Unfortunately, BScott is seeing the problem from defensive end, alone, that I feel is somewhat wrong

  307. If anyone set out to intentionally taint the Lakers’ name, they could not have done a better job than BS and Kobe.

  308. I am worry about Lin in the team now not just back to bench but also will have poor stats as well. Bc Kobe is way powerful than Harden in the team & league.. smh! I don’t think bc for Kobe’s points record that he didn’t want to play team ball more like he wants to be in charge everything & don’t want to follow Lin’s wish to play team ball.

  309. i don’t agree, so let’s agree to disagree.

  310. Lin will get his stats, and kobe has not had any leverage in this league for a long time. I think lin spoke out last night because he wants to come off the bench and play because he will have more freedom to play his game.

  311. I agree too. The 1st unit is all about ball hogging. Every time boozer/hill/johnson gets the ball they shoot. They don’t give lin time enough to set up any plays.

  312. Price’s got BS’ true support for ballhandling. I once thought BS to be dense for separating Lin and Davis, but now believe that he meant for Davis to boost Price’s lackluster stats.

  313. Yes Lin finally spoke out last night, but see, what I don’t get is that after the other night when Bryant had a horrible shooting night, Lin spoke up FOR him and defended him by saying that that’s what shooters should do, shoot their way out of a slump (I’m paraphrasing). Then after this game, he more or less calls out Bryant although he doesn’t name him out loud. Almost overnight the tune changed. It looks like Lin is having real difficulties bottling up his frustrations. Mind you, I like it because people need to know Lin is no pushover. He ought to call out Bryant and his team mates more for not playing like a team.

  314. Kevin Ding gets it. The media is now calling out Scott because he is the coach. I think the FO told Scott to help Kobe to get his points, but not at team’s expense. I think the Laker’s media is even trolling scott/kobe.

  315. I think when he made that statement the other night he was actually being sarcastic against kobe, because he was even hogging the ball in that game.

  316. But why FO has to do this? Paying him 15M for benching / freezing him? I always remember Lin was the starter on the whiteboard before season begin. I believe this is the initial plan.

    Now I’m getting ready for Lin coming off from bench, seems BS is planning for this.

  317. I’m still a little bit “skeptical” about his being “ill.” Don’t see he is “sick” in his interview.

  318. I didn’t believe this before, but I’m starting to come around to your theory.

    In this theory, Kobe actually WANTS to play for a crappy team, because then it gives him an excuse to jack up shots (my teammates suck, we’re down 30, I’ve got to do all the scoring).

    I don’t know if Scott is complicit in this, but it’s clear he’s not stopping it or calling Kobe on it.

    I hate to say it, but if Kobe ball now is all about the record, we want Kobe to score as many points as possible in these upcoming games so he can get the record more quickly, and then finally start to play within the context of the team.

  319. Bcoz, no one is hitting the basket. as I see it, after so much push from Kobe asking Lin to be assertive, aggresive, take your shots, ignore me, do your thing, make your mark, etc, yet, he dont see Jeremy coming in as Kobe’s balancer as a scorer. Fortunate or not, Jeremy plays as a team and not a solo (iso) player.

    When Kobe see, the score goes in tangent, he automatically goes into Kobe mode and dont care about others, feeling he needs to carry the team. As I said, earlier, he is not 26 and he fail to realize how to adjust and play with the team and trust them. Thats the thing that Jeremy peen preaching.

    Kobe is a shooter, he thinks offense is enough to compensate his defensive flaws

  320. Price is another one who freezes out JLin all the time. Notice it all the times. Stat also backed up the claim.

  321. When you know there is no team ball in the team, its easy to stop it, aint it.

  322. Chances are, Kobe’ll go after Malone’s record after passing MJ’s. I wish he would aim for Stockton’s or Magic’s assist record instead. LOL

  323. Nop. His ball hog began in the first minutes. Don’t BUY into this AT ALL.

  324. Ah, but that assumes Bryant can turn off that “I want to do everything” switch and play teamball. Somehow I doubt it 🙁

  325. I dont think that is true, else he would have pulled a McHale

  326. You nail it. He won’t stop chasing records until he retires or forces to retire.

  327. In his defense, BS’ infatuation is the last straw Price’s got to cling on to his NBA career that was as good as over before Lakers picked him up.

  328. You nail it. They follow the KOBE BALL.

  329. I couldn’t say better words. well said. thank you.

  330. But the 2nd team sucks big time and when they play really good benches it shows.

  331. Yeah, I said that from the 1st game onwards, @brentyen:disqus call me out 🙂 (time to disturb the sleeping troll).

    LAL seem to take the shot way much earlier and not letting the clock run. They dont pace themselves, its 80% rush shots. Rush shot works when you run like GSW but when the entire team is slow, there is no point rushing the shots. Run the clock and create options to take your best shot.

    I’m pretty sure, LAL is one of the highest shooting team, and brick a ton!

  332. I know that. BS is another ABJ. I called this out since startergate. It becomes clearer and clearer each day it passes.

  333. Disagree on #5 and #6 explain why I disagree.

  334. Honestly I do not know what to make of this situation. Part of me is glad that Lin is “protesting” by not trying too hard and also his post game comments. He has been performing with very high efficiency despite low touches / low usage and maybe he is just fed up.

    On the other hand I was already resigned to the fact that the Lakers are going to continue losing whilst Lin put up decent stats. So this development is a bit surprising.

    Lin stands for players and people who are prepared to sacrifice for the sake of team success and yet are trodden by selfish stars who grab all the glory. The difference between Lin and someone like Ed Davis is
    that Lin has such a high profile and everyone knows what he is capable of. He is challenging the way the NBA is run today. I don’t want him to change and be another selfish superstar. I want him to continue being Jeremy Lin.

    Whatever may come next, I think we are close to rock bottom already. Things surely must turn around soon.

  335. We are still early into the season, I still have hope things would change

  336. Hope that you are right on the “close to rock bottom.” My fear is the worst is yet to come. We continue to watch the sinking ship unless some drastic “things” happen.

  337. Reminds me of someone with an abundance of facial hair…

  338. Good see that! 🙂

  339. this is the first time i see Jeremy like he doesn’t have joy in playing basketball. in every game he played, even with the hell in houston, he always fought hard. that’s the first time he entered in the court without that joy. that what scares me the most, not the numbers.

    we will see. but if something doesn’t happen to bryant, things will not get any better, unfortunately

  340. Lakers’ season is at the mercy on opposite ends of the scale. On one hand,the Lakers season depends on how Jeremy Lin plays. On the other hand, the Lakers season depends on how many times Kobe shoots.

  341. Well said..Trying to find the balance is the key…else we shall remain rock bottom

  342. It depends on who is tipping the scale (Scott, FO)

  343. I think Lin’s comments were quite dangerous though he stopped short of mentioning Kobe’s name. Remember what happened when P Patterson said that Harden was dribbling too much?

    Lin may get some backlash so the worst may not be over. Still I think we are definitely close to rock bottom phase. Sooner or later something is gonna happen.

  344. With the way Kobe play Lakers is the worst team in the NBA. If he continue Kobe mode it doesn’t matter if western or eastern teams.

  345. Yep BS has started to bench him more now than ever. Yep maybe when Lakers is running out of players. Am just a realist while JLin plays in Kobe ball and BS. Don’t expect much at all from them anymore. Only thing is JLin continues to stay healthy and improve. 2015-2016 is getting more appealing to me than this season:-)

  346. Talk is cheap the action in the court said it all.

  347. Watch today Scott will have a different tone today about kobe’s shooting. He will say after breaking down tape and looking at it perhaps kobe shot too much..LOL

  348. More perspective –

    Laker’s record has been the toughest in the league.

    GSW (2)
    San Antonio
    New Orleans
    Phoenix (2)

    They’ve played 8 games against tough western conference teams, and one game against an eastern conference team, a game that they won, a game in which the Lakers crushed the Hornets.

    They’ve got a stretch of playing eastern conference teams coming up, and some weaker western teams. How they do against those teams will give a better sense of how good/bad this team really is.

  349. With Kobe and BS, the tip will go to THE 5 rings HOF. Interesting to see what FO will respond on all these record breakings now.

  350. Obviously, they need some EC game, to bring their morale up

  351. Rockets – Just some lucky 3 point shooting team
    GSW – Team ball
    San Antonio – do I really need to say something about the defending champs?
    Clippers – Team ball
    New Orleans – Inside power courtesy of Asik and Anthony Davis and team ball
    Phoenix – Offense, defense and team ball
    Charlotte – kinda limited with individual talent but can overcome if they defend and play as a team

  352. “I’m not a Kobe apologist”, LOL none said you are but you said it yourself.

  353. Los Angeles Lakers – Kobe Bryant Thinking About Scoring, Jeremy Lin About the Teamhttp://sportige.com/los-angeles-lakers-kobe-bryant-thinking-about-scoring-jeremy-lin-about-the-team-11-16-2014/

    The Los Angeles Lakers, considering the circumstances (no big star wanting to play with Kobe Bryant) made some good moves in the offseason: Bringing Carlos Boozer and Jeremy Lin among others. But the selfish drive of Bryant to score as many points as possible and forget about the damage he’s doing to his own franchise and teammates shows just what he actually cares about at this stage of his career.

    There’s no hiding behind the fact that the Lakers are worse off because Kobe Bryant can’t stop shooting. There are those who argue: If Kobe won’t take those shots, no one will. Well, there the blame goes to a head coach that has failed in implementing an offensive system that depends on ball movement and others getting involved, instead of four players staring at Bryant make his mind on the floor, usually making the wrong decision.

    Bryant has the highest usage rating in the NBA this season at 37.3%. However, his PER of 18.4 is good enough for 80th in the NBA. His true shooting rating is down at 47.2%, currently the worst of his
    career. From the looks of things and the pace of his shooting, it doesn’t seem like he’s planning on slowing down, taking any less or changing the kind of shots he’s taking, often with a hand in his face or
    with his body not facing the basket.

    coring 25.4 points a night isn’t bad. Good enough for third in the NBA. But the team’s offensive rating with Bryant on the court is only 97 points per 100 possessions, while the defense is at 114 per 100
    possessions. Bryant does share the ball from time to time, but his assists average so far is 3.9. Totals not good enough for you? His assist ratio of 21.3% is the lowest of his career since the 1998-1999
    NBA Season. He hasn’t been this bad and this selfish in a very long time.

    Jeremy Lin’s numbers aren’t great this season – 13 points and 4.8 assists per game, not exactly an upgrade to his Rockets days. He’s shooting a bit better from 3-point range, hitting 38.5% of his shots. His per minute numbers are actually slightly down compared to last season, but it seems that playing next to James Harden was a walk in the park compared to playing next to the 2014-2015 version of Kobe Bryant, a man obsessed with shooting as much as possible.

    Doesn’t Bryant want to win? His history tells us that there are few fiercer competitors and hungrier players for wins. But Bryant keeps doing the same thing while the results suggest that his method of
    winning just doesn’t work. Doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results is foolish. Or mad. Or simply completely selfish. And maybe Bryant doesn’t care. All he wants is to move past Michael Jordan on the all-time scoring charts, and then angle his way upward towards Karl Malone and then Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

    Lin’s per possession numbers despite a usage rate of only 18.8%, less than his days in Houston, aren’t that bad. Not for him or his team. The offensive rating is at 111. The defense drops even further to 119, but with Lin on the floor and the ball actually moving through his hands, the Lakers run a bit more and play a faster, quicker and a bit more unpredictable brand of offense. That’s not saying Lin isn’t making mistakes, but when you ask a player to actually make a move once every six or seven possessions while the rest is spent wasting thinking what Bryant is going to do this time, it’s no surprise players have cold hands and rusty decisions when their numbers is up.

    Kobe Bryant talks about feeling envy towards the Spurs longevity, forgetting his part in breaking up one successful team and his presence making it difficult for the Lakers to built another great one. He
    doesn’t mind throwing teammates under the bus. He’s at a place and standing that allow him to do whatever he wants. Criticism? Bounces off him like bullets off of Superman. As long as he gets his shots and points, Bryant really doesn’t care.

    The Lakers might be on their way towards a historically bad season. It’s because of bad managements over the last few years. It’s because of Kobe Bryant. It’s because of Byron Scott. And every player has been under-performing at this stage. But for guys like Jeremy Lin and Carlos Boozer, a good free agency pickup who isn’t used to the extent he should be, this might end up being a wasted season, sacrificed for the glory of cult of personality of Kobe Bryant. It was very unwise of the Lakers to hitch their wagon to his fading, aging star.

  354. I respectfully disagree. LA media and fans are not going to let that go. Lin as DNP so kobe can chuck shots. At least not this early and especially where lakers fo has already said they are not tanking.too obvious

  355. I dont see that he didnt walk his talk. He said, he will show respect, if you take the ball away from him.

  356. What is essential to remember is that the last game was against Spurs, probably the best passing champion for a long time. So while it is still fresh in lin’s mind, the contrast of Kobeball against a team that already crushed them once already, was just too much to take.

    LIN was defend Kobe when he was down. This was kobe choosing to ignore his team for the good of himself.

  357. Well you don’t kick someone when they are down. Bryant had a terrible night and also was sick and that day. Bryant also didn’t take as many shots the game before (14, he’s averaging 24 attempts a game).

  358. If he was truly sick he shouldn’t have been playing. Kobe’s been around long enough to know that, but wanted to pull an MJ instead, to some embarrassing results.

  359. Kobe induced coma.

  360. Yeah, plus the Spurs don’t shoot until like 8 seconds or less left in the shot clock, while the Lakers shoot while there are still 20 seconds left.

  361. After looking at the box score, GS beat the Lakers with a balanced attacked. Everyone was involved. This Kobe centric offense is not working. It is hurting the team and it seems the coaching staff and the FO does not care. As for Lin, I can’t defend his stat line. Curry had a field day with him. Seriously…what is the f**king point for Kobe to drop 44 pts on 34 shots attempts only to lose by 21??? This continued style of play is the very definition of incompetence.

  362. Sometimes, I am actually waiting for the moment Lin quitting, so I can quit watching NBA.
    I never watched much NBA before Linsanity, now I truly realize that Linsanity was truly a miracle in a sad sense. It should have never happened.

  363. This is why I’d rather be re-reading the old Saint Seiya comics instead…

  364. Lin has been getting the minutes, last night just wasn’t his night. And Price really hasn’t been good except for getting assists.

  365. I understand the biggest responsibility of a point guard is to distribute the ball and make the right play. But sometimes, the right play is to score first in order to free his teammates from pressure.

    If Hill was wide open because Spurs and GSW has been leaving him open intentionally, daring him to shoot midrange because he has been missing them (1-6 in Spurs game and 1-5 in the GSW game?), then it’s not a smart play to fall into the trap of opposing team’s strategy. I remember Jamison mentioned this being a low% shot.

    IMO Hill was freezing up more as teams dared him to shoot low % midrange in the past 2-4 games. I’m trying to think of what Nash would do in the situation. I remember that he would take 2-3 posessions to score points easily all over the place to soften the defense, then when he relieves the pressure from his teammates of not scoring, that’s when he pass one-twice. So Nash tried to keep the balance between scoring/passing to 30/70 when teammates are making shots and 60/40 when they’re struggling.

    I think the definition of “wide open” is to be judged based on the flow of the game. If it’s a low% shot and opposing team is leaving him open by design, then it’s not “wide open”. Too much pressure to Hill to make it.

    It’s the same thing that we demand from Kobe. Driving to the rim is a high% shot/score but if Kobe missed them 2-4 times in a row and teammates don’t rotate because they’re watching him, it’s time to pass.

    Just my 2cents of the definition of being open :]

  366. Mark my words, Kobe will NEVER AGAIN win anything.

    And at the rate he’s going, he may very well not reach the Playoffs EVER AGAIN. If superstars had their doubts about playing with Kobe, those doubts have now be solidly confirmed seeing Lin’s predicament. So much for Mitch’s maneuvers on salary, no one with true potential will want to come to LAL.

  367. I dont’ even know if they can get away with Price. His defense is being exposed and it really isn’t that good, his offensive production beyond an ability to get assists, isn’t very good either. And I’m not sure, but I still think Kobe wants Lin in the starting lineup. Lin will play a better game Tuesday because that was close to his worse ever if not his worse ever. How much better, I don’t know. He should have a mentality to score, that’ll open up his passing/facilitating game. I’m not sure he always gets that.

  368. Well he wouldn’t have won anything without Jackson, Shaq, and Gasol… so

  369. Even if it is 6 hours late, I could smell the spirit.

  370. they’re obviously not a playoff team. The real question is how bad are they? Are they 1-5 lottery pick bad…6-10? 10-14?

    Either way its depressing. It will be a miracle for this team to play .5 ball.

  371. Giving Sixers serious competition is no easy feat.

  372. I can defend the stat line from the standpoint that when the Lakers freeze Lin out, he not only can’t do anything offensively but also can’t put offensive pressure on Curry.

    Curry was able to conserve his energy defensively, and that makes it twice as hard for Lin to guard him.

    Curry is NOT a better player than Lin, but the freezing out of Lin makes it impossible for Lin to do anything.

  373. This is exactly what Joyce said about a week ago.

    League source suggested to me Kobe is making sure he passes MJ in career points while he's healthy & once he does will settle into team ball— Dave McMenamin (@mcten) November 17, 2014

  374. I do agree we are frustrated with the way things are going, but lets watch our language. Could you please re-edit

    You may read the rules here

  375. Talked to my lion friend the other day, who told me he’d go vegan after his 13,000 zebra.

  376. Curry is a better shooter than Lin, while Lin beats Curry hands-down in playmaking and squeezing the most out of WILLING teammates, regardless of talent.

  377. There’s no hiding here

  378. “Dangerous”?

    That’s a GOOD THING.

    Jeremy Lin is not part of this team. He has nothing to lose – it’s all been artificially taken away from him by his own team.

    If Lin was ejected off the Lakers, that would be just as good as Houston ejecting Lin this summer.

  379. How many wins do you see in the Lakers’ next ten games? I’m guessing somewhere between 1 and 3.

  380. No, Linsanity was the GREATEST MIRACLE IN PRO SPORTS EVER.

    I’m glad Lin not just did Linsanity but has had many Linsanity level games which were still artificially limited.

    Linsanity needed to happen so that hordes of sports fans like myself who are fed up with the low quality of professional entertainment can feel VINDICATED.

    I have not been going to Suns games ever since the Spurs rolled into Phoenix and had a blowout victory literally ripped away from them by rigged refs.

    If Lin is ejected out of the NBA, that’s the day I cease being a NBA fan!

  381. the sad thing is, 3 is optimistic

  382. No, LA fans and media will let that go.

    As long as Kobe breaks his records, nobody cares about Lin being frozen out.

    Lin’s a rental. He’s not going to be a Laker in a few months. Nobody associated with the Lakers cares about a temp like Lin.

    That said, Lin has a lot of fight left in him.

    I think practices are going to become BRUTAL as Lin takes his anger out on Scott and his teammates. I think Lin will do what he did in GS and NY and HOU – start DOMINATING in practices and make it impossible for his enemies to fight him off in practice and have anything left for games. No wonder Kobe Bryant shirks practice – he’d run into an enraged Lin!

  383. I don’t think Kobe will EVER stop bricking shots in his attempt to become the NBA’s all time leading scorer.

    Scott has been the absolute opposite of what he said he’d be. And Kobe’s trying desperately to freeze out Lin, as are the rest of Lin’s teammates.

    The Lakers have no idea that Kobe Bryant is KILLING THEM and their utter passivity with Lin indicates that they couldn’t care less about what’s happening to Lin.

  384. Lin was originally just supposed to be a rental for Nash.

    Plus, Houston threw a 1st round pick and a 2nd round pick at the Lakers just to eject the Asian guy. For a team like the Lakers that lost picks in the Steve Nash deal, 1st round picks are critically important.

    Lin is as good as gone.

  385. At least 2

  386. oh, i just realized that i was little behind after reading all the comments.

  387. Worthy, Magic, and Horry all have NO SAY.

    I wrote before the season started that those guys would have zero influence on Scott, and I was right.

  388. If Lin is benched and doesn’t play, Kobe and his teammates will make a concerted effort to play teamball and might win a few games against weak teams.

    But if Lin continues to play even off the bench, the Lakers teammates will try their hardest to sabotage wins so that Lin is ejected.

  389. 8 more games if Kobe plays like he did last night .

    @kobebryant is only 320 points away from surpassing Michael Jordan for 3rd on the all-time scoring list.— LAKERFANATICS (@LAKERFANATICS) November 17, 2014

  390. I actually don’t consider Curry a better shooter than Lin.

    If Curry were in Lin’s shoes with teammates and coaches freezing him out, he’d brick a lot more shots than Lin because Curry doesn’t have Lin’s athletic ability or savvy. Curry needs multiple picks to get open.

    If Lin were in Curry’s shoes as a protected player with full teammate help, he’s shoot at least as well as Curry while also requiring far less picks and screens.

    Lin is a FABULOUS shooter, and the numbers indicate that despite Lin being deliberately frozen out by his teammates.

  391. I’m annoyed that Lin hasn’t taken it to Kerr. I know you don’t play for comments and media but Kerr has never showed any respect for his game. I don’t know how he can use this as an edge but when playing against a Kerr, McHale, guys that don’t respect your game, go there and make your mark and give them a glare. He has that in him, don’t know why it doesn’t come out more. I wish Lin had a 26 point game and 12 assists even if Curry gets 30 and 15, at least it isn’t the total domination of Lin by Curry. Curry’s improved but Lin used to play well against him. I really hope Lin has a strong game against Houston. But if he crawls the ball up against Beverley and Ariza helps out like he’s doing now, it may be a long night for Lin fans.

  392. Opponents for next ten games

    at Atlanta
    at Houston (2nd of back to back)
    at Dallas
    v. Denver
    v. Memphis
    v. Minnesota
    v. Toronto
    at Detroit
    at Washington (2nd game of back to back)
    at Boston

  393. I don’t know how you don’t find Curry a better shooter. He has a really quick release and once he’s in a rhythm, he can hit from anywhere because he needs little time and he’s skilled enough with his handles to get free that split second to take the shot.

  394. I agree with you fully.

    And I am also wondering what is Jeremy going to do in the next game. Another 0pt 1 assist game bcuz Kobe refuses to play team ball?

  395. I get what you mean, but for the record both Pop and Kerr had their best man-to-man defender guarding Jeremy.

    I don’t think Pop and Kerr would do that if they don’t know Jeremy’s impact to the team.

  396. Atlanta, Denver, Minnesota, Detroit, Boston are the easiest games.

    And I think they’d have a fighter’s chance against Toronto and Washington, two of top teams in the east.

    So, high end, I can see them winning 4 of 10. Low end, 2 of 10.

  397. Pop didn’t disrepect Lin. Kerr just put Iggy on Lin to make him look bad. I want Lin to get angry at Kerr and really play a strong game. He has 2 more chances to do so this season.

  398. Lin played a decent defense game for 1st half. When I looked up Lin’s stats when Lin was taken out at 5:56 2Q and was in shocked with Lin 0-2, 0 points. Then I looked up Curry’s, 1-4, 3 points. Then I felt a bit better.

    2nd half is another story. I kind of felt that Lin was in protesting mode, thinking ” I don’t want to be part of this sick and disgusting scheme even if that means I don’t get any points.”

  399. Putting Iggy on Jeremy didn’t make Jeremy look bad. It actually made Curry look bad (except to the Curry worshippers), because Curry cannot defend the so-called scrub.

    Pop putting Kawhi on Jeremy is a strategy. An effective one, at that.

  400. Anyway you look at it, Kerr looks right about Jeremy if he can’t be effective. The box score reads total domination of his PG vs. the Laker’s PG.

  401. Because Lin is the NBA’s guard leader in PPS despite all the freezing out.

    Last season, it was the same story. Lin was the best statistical shooter over even Curry for the first part of the NBA srason before he had that knee injury.

    Also, Lin can athletically do things that Curry cannot do. Lin’s cannot be guarded by just one guy, and that’s why opponents send waves of top defenders after Lin even though Lin has no teammate help. Curry could NEVER beat the freezing out of teammates like Lin routinely does.

    Curry has shooting privileges, Lin does not. But Lin still statistically outshoots Curry. Since I’m a stats man, I go with the guy who puts the ball in the basket more and that’s LIN.

  402. With current lineup, its really a slim chance to beat Rox

  403. Kerr is just piggybacking the Warriors, that’s all.

  404. LIn doesn’t shoot as much. Right now, Curry is one of the toughest PGs in the game because of his 3 point shooting. Lin would not beat Curry in a 3 point contest most nights. If Curry had to play a drive to the basket game and shot like Rondo from 3 point he wouldn’t be Curry. He wouldn’t be very good. His strength is shooting.

  405. Yeah cause maybe he’ll choke on that unlucky zebra.

  406. There is a chance if Rockets triple team Kobe and leave Jeremy open all day…

    Oh wait…

  407. Zero if Kobe mode is to be continue.

  408. I agree. However, I want Lin to have a strong game against them and for the team to be competitive. I want Lin to impose his will and make the Rockets sweat a little. I want the Houston fans to go ooh at some moves or makes Lin makes during the game, not laugh at him because Ariza and Beverley forces him into turnovers. He had a weak game against them already, I want him to go there and be the swaggy Lin he started to unleash in the Clippers and Hornets games.

  409. The Lakers will ensure that Lin doesn’t get any chance to succeed.

    Doesn’t matter which team Lin is playing against.

  410. Lakers @ Hawks (L)

    Lakers @ Rockets (L)

    Lakers @ Mavericks (L)

    Lakers vs. Nuggets (W)

    Lakers vs. Grizzlies (L)

    Lakers vs. Timberwolves (W)

    Lakers vs. Raptors (L)

    Lakers @ Pistons (W)

    Lakers @ Wizards (L)

    Lakers @ Celtics (W)

  411. He’s showing to be a good coach. I have to respect that even though I don’t care for him much. That’s what I want to see Jeremy do, make Kerr go he can hurt us so we need to pay attention to him.

  412. Don’t agree. If Price is your last straw, you ain’t got no straw. Or maybe a bent one full of holes that won’t work.

  413. Not really for me. He inherited an already cohesive team from Mark Jackson and still the defending champs embarrassed them, so…

  414. Why would they do that? What is going on now is Lin is playing with slow-footed guys who aren’t great at team ball on offense or defense as well as a volume-shooter that has a lot of sway on the team. The one athletic guy stays out on the wing and doesn’t cut much. They want him to do well but the coach isn’t interested in offensive schemes to exploit his strengths.

  415. They play better than with Jackson. Kerr is doing a good job so far.

  416. It doesnt matter, the current report card has his name written on it. All wins are his and vice-versa

  417. If they can win a championship, then I’m convinced. If they’re still second round exits.. well…

  418. I completely disagree.

    I’ve seen a lot of shooters in the NBA, and I’ve never seen a player shoot better while frozen out than Lin is.

    I strongly believe that Lin would EASILY beat Curry in 3 point shooting if Lin had plays run for him like Curry does. Don’t forget that Lin is the same elite shooter that dropped a record breaking 9 3s on Philly last season, and that was despite being frozen out in Houston.

    Curry looks like a better shooter because of all the teammate help he gets, but that doesn’t mean Lin wouldn’t do as well or better under the same situation.

  419. You are wrong he just won the most missed shots.

  420. As I said, if he can bring a Larry O’Brien at their arena, then I’m convinced.

  421. The Lakers are freezing Lin out for the same single reason that Carmelo Anthony and James Harden froze out Lin.

  422. Khuang, I do see that you truly belief and adamant that Lakers are freezing Lin. I’m fine with your opinion. But going against every single post to point out the same, is not healthy.

    Cheers mate

  423. That’s because Andrew Bogut is HEALTHY.

    Mark Jackson essentially didn’t have Andrew Bogut last year and was blamed for it.

    Bogut is a #1 overall pick and one of the NBA’s best centers. He’s the main difference why Kerr is winning over Jackson, and coaching has absolutely nothing to do with it.

  424. There isn’t any other reason.

  425. I don’t think they are freezing him out. That’s where we differ.

  426. It will be sweet, if they could pull some upsets…lets see

  427. Who is a better shooter than Lin? Dragic? Lillard? Nash? I think they are all better shooters. Do you think anyone is a better shooter than Lin?

    Lin’s good stats come from makes on drives, not on 3 point shots and though he does pretty well at mid-range shots, he hasn’t taken many this year.

  428. Jeremy Lin Can’t Find the Words to Explain Lakers’ Terrible Play

    If Jeremy Lin can’t summon the words, there’s not much to say.

    There’s no explaining the Los Angeles Lakers’ game plan, which boils down to spray ‘n’ pray with Kobe Bryant and aggressive ball-watching on defense.

    Lin looked on as Bryant chucked up 34 shots in a 136-115 blowout loss to the Golden State Warriors at the Staples Center. The Lakers guard tried to parse out the loss to reporters after the game, but even he didn’t possess the poetry of language to properly explain the drubbing.

    Lakers beat writer Shahan Ahmed (h/t BroBible’s Kyle Koster) uploaded a Vine of Lin’s attempt at encapsulating Los Angeles’ impressive awfulness. He just couldn’t do it.

    “I don’t…it’s…you know,” Lin said. “Uh…I don’t know, man.”

    Lin may still be there right now, double-clutching pronouns in an empty locker room.

    He can’t say, “We’re terrible at defense, Kobe doesn’t trust us, and our offensive strategy is inefficiency personified.”

    Lin can’t say that. It’s not in him.

    Bryant, of course, had plenty to say about the Warriors jamming 74 points down his team’s throat in the first half.

    “They came out and knocked down shots and put us in a hole pretty quick,” Bryant said, per The Associated Press (h/t ESPN). “… I’d rather get guys involved early. That’s always the intent. But when you go down 10-12 points in the hole, man, I’ve got to try to keep us in the ballgame at some point.”

    Bryant finished the game with 44 points. Lin finished with zero points, two rebounds and another affirmation that this year is going to be the longest year of his career.

  429. BScott won’t change starting lineup on Tuesday but will shorten the leash if they didn’t run back on defense quickly.
    So he blamed the bigs on defense which is #2 issue but overlooked Kobe dominating offense which is #1 issue.

    Who did he address this to? Only Hill and Boozer?

    “To me, that was a lack of effort,” Scott said. “Just getting back in transition, our guys were jogging. [I] showed it to them at halftime. [I] wasn’t really happy about it. We can’t win that way.”


  430. IMO Jeremy should ask to be traded. As long as it’s not back to the M&M Rox any other team will be better than staying with Kobe’s Lakers. As a LOF, I’d prefer to see J score 20 points and the Lakes lose rather than J score single digits and the Lakers win. Well, Kobe is a Kobe only fan. He’d rather score 40 points and lose than score 21 points and win. We saw in the win over the Hornets and the unofficial win over the Clippers that Kobe can play more team ball if he wants to. But as a KOF, he just doesn’t want to. So rather than be tortured by the whims of pathologically selfish player, J is better off going to another team. It’s not that the Lakers don’t want to win. They probably want to be competitive to keep most fans (the non-Kobe-groupies) happy. Unfortunately, they gave Kobe a ~$50 mil-2 year contract so their highest priority is keeping Kobe happy. Even if that makes all of the other Lakers and even the coach miserable.

  431. I think BScott is taking a wrong approach. I think players are frustrated not being part of offensive front.

    Whereas BScott is purely looking at numbers. Offensively, they had been scoring but defensive stops been really really bad.

  432. So from now on he is going to bench the players who he thinks it’s not work hard enough for D?! smh! This is going to be a long season….

  433. Tons of similar article popping up!

    Most of the time, a teammate questioning Kobe Bryant’s methods would be insanity. In this case, it’s Linsanity.

    Jeremy Lin questioned Bryant’s shot selection after the Los Angeles Lakers’ 136-115 loss to the Golden State Warriors on Sunday, though Lin wasn’t foolish enough to single out Bryant by name. It wasn’t difficult to decipher who Lin was talking about, though, after Bryant jacked up 34 shots — en route to scoring a game-high 44 points — in the defeat.

    “The game of basketball is … we’ve got to do it together,” Lin told ESPN.com’s Baxter Holmes. “It can’t be … if I go into a game concerned about myself, then in some ways that’s detrimental to the team. … There’s so many things wrong right now. At the top of the list, I would say communication, trust and effort.”

    Lakers forward Carlos Boozer also hinted that Bryant’s solo act hurt the
    team’s offensive rhythm.

    “A lot of times we run a set, but Kobe is extremely aggressive,” Boozer told reporters. “And then we try to hit the glass, get it off the glass. We’ve got to find a balance. It can’t be lopsided.”

    While it might be easy to disregard the comments of Lin and Boozer, who have five fewer championship rings combined than Bryant has himself, Lakers TV analysts (and past NBA champions) James Worthy and Robert
    Horry also raised concerns on-air over Bryant’s approach. Horry noted “there is no flow. … It’s Kobe this, Kobe that, and you can see the frustration in the other guys.”

    Bryant, for his part, doesn’t seem to regret firing away with reckless abandon. But he’s not completely deflecting blame, either.

    “This responsibility, it’s on me,” Bryant said, via ESPN.com. “When things go good, it’s ‘us.’ When things go bad, it’s ‘me.’”

  434. I do think Lakers wants Lin to be succeed. But the coach just didn’t know how to fix Kobe & Lin or maybe the rest of players in group. But this season is not going to be as fun as we thought…

  435. He also didn’t realize that #1 problem of Kobe-ISO domination contributed to #2 of lackadaisical transition defense. It shouldn’t be but that’s what happens when teammates are Kobe-watching.

    By the 2nd half, I see Lin was wide-open on 3s but he just walked after passing to Kobe mid-court since he knew Kobe wouldn’t pass. When teamwork is broken and trust isn’t there, basketball is not a fun game.

    For Lin’s career, he has to find ways to get through to Kobe without getting into irrepairable relationship.
    I’d say he should ask Nash what to do. But then again, Nash might say let’s go golfing instead :]

  436. I think he’s sending a message, “Look, run back on defense no matter if Kobe dominates on offense.”
    “I can’t control Kobe so you guys better look busy running around instead”

  437. BTW, did Lin over passive last night? I didn’t watch the game.

  438. Everyone is down right now, but one thing we know about Lin and Linsanity, it’s a journey full of high highs and low lows. It’s pretty low right now, and I don’t how you get lower than 0 points on 0-2 shooting and complete frustration at Kobe-ball for sucking the life out of the team.

    So, in the cycle, we should be going up. Circumstances will coalesce to give JLin a real chance to play his game, and the Lakers will respond. I hope. Lol.

  439. I’m afraid its pretty hopeless. Nash couldn’t get to Bryant either.

  440. This is my weirdest NBA experience, I don’t know what to expect for each Lakers’ game from now on. Not just Lin is lost in these circus games. so am I. I want to say something, but don’t know what to say. “err… I ….errrr… you…. errr… he…. errr… man… ” lol

  441. Maybe the team need to chillout golfing for a change 😉

  442. Knowing Lin, we probably never see him asking to be traded though. And he shouldn’t. Other than the stigma of easily giving up, it goes against his own principle to persevere and being a professional. $15M is still a contract to live up to, plus many Lin fans bought Lakers Lin merchandise like the Taiwanese fans who cleaned up the gift store of Lin memorabilia.

    IMO I’d say Lin needs to have a heart-to-heart talk with Kobe. Say, “Look, I know you feel the need to take over when you feel hot but the team is disintegrating when you have that feeling for 48min.”
    “I can be Derek Fisher to make shots and be open but you gotta trust me to pass to me even if I miss the 1st 2”
    “This is bad for your legacy and historical low FG%. I’ll do my best to be the PG to get the team-ball going but you need to buy into it”

    Kobe might snicker and alienate Lin but that’s the right thing to do. Averaging 15pts/6ast being the 2nd banana in LAL would be the best scenario for Lin’s career even if Kobe chose to destroy the team with his disillusionment of “helping the team”

  443. I think is was a.c. green who said a couple games back that scott should give lin a different defensive assignment than every opposing team’s PG so that lin gets a break bc chasing down pgs and fighting through screens is tiring and esp when the schedule is so rough. Scott has yet to do this. We know why but he has been disappointing as a coach as a lakers fan generally let alone as a lin supporter.

  444. I don’t know if it was a matter of being passive or just not really knowing what to do out there. He shot the ball 2 times and never got to the FT line once. He played good defense. But on offense after awhile, it looked like he just stopped being involved. 0 points, 1 assist, 2 shot attempts doesn’t seem like much involvement though he could have had more assists if Hill knocked down some shots.

  445. This isn’t the first time guys were jogging back but I get the point… he is trying to look tough.

  446. http://espn.go.com/blog/los-angeles-lakers/post/_/id/40410/lakers-threaten-to-go-from-bad-to-toxic

    But Bryant shot the ball like it was a hot potato, launching it almost the second he caught it, no matter where he was, no matter how contested the shot was.

    He shot 13 field goals in the first quarter; the rest of the Lakers shot 15.

    He had 24 shots at halftime; the rest of the Lakers shot 32.

    At intermission, he was on pace to set a new career-high for field-goal attempts in a game, besting the 47 he shot in November 2002 against Boston.

    But for as much as he shot, and for as much as he scored, the Lakers kept falling further and further behind, eventually by as much as 38.


    “I’d always rather get guys involved and play,” Bryant said. “That’s always the intent at the start of the ball game. But [when] you’re 10, 12 points in the hole, I’ve got to try to keep us in the ball game at some point. But it’s tough. It’s tough.

    “This responsibility, it’s on me. When things go good, it’s us. When things go bad, it’s me.”

    He has new teammates who are learning a new system, so it’s easy for Bryant to feel like it’s all on him to do all the scoring. It has certainly seemed that way since the season began.

    “I’d rather not have to do that,” Bryant said, “but you can’t just sit back and watch crime happen in front of you.”

    Scott described the Lakers’ Bryant-heavy offense as a “double-edged sword.”

    “We’ve got to find that happy medium,” he added.

    Practically speaking, can a team function when one player is taking so many shots?

    “We can function,” Scott said. “I don’t know how well we’ll function. Like I said, it’s a happy medium between that and we’ve just got to find a happy medium.”

  447. What is the reason for them to do that?

  448. Kobe IS LA. They would choose Kobe any day over Jlin.

  449. I agree that Lakers put Kobe’s success above Lin’s success or any other teammates, KHuang.

    But I don’t see the intentional part of sabotaging Lin’s career. And it’s clear to see how different Worthy, AC Green commented on Lin vs Houston biased media portraying Lin as the scapegoat. Even Byron Scott assigned Playing Time for Lin even when he’s not scoring or assisting out there because he tried to provide good defense. At the end of the day, Playing Time matters. Were it McHale, he would have played Price since end of Q1-Q4

    IMO arguing that Lakers doesn’t want Lin to succeed without strong evidence is taking away the focus of the real problem of Kobe being uncontrollable that BScott and Kupchak can’t do anything about it.

    LA treatment from Houston is definitely different but LAL loves the spoiled-but-money-making Kobe than Lin or other players. That’s a huge problem.

  450. yeah, I have that picture too :[
    Really, the only thing Lin can do is to have psychologist’s help to analyze the best way to get into Kobe’s psyche. Otherwise, 15/6 for the rest of the year to help him get the next contract. Lin just has to soldier on, no matter what Kobe does.

  451. I agree with this. It’s more controlling and appeasing Kobe. Everyone else is a chess piece.

  452. I am so confused now. I believe in God and I thought Lin finally landed at a team which would appreciate his talents. Still remember how Papa Lin said in Chinese that playing for Lakers is another blessing from God to Lin. It looks like it is going to ruin Lin’s NBA career instead. I don’t wish anyone ill, but unless Kobe ….. there is no way Lin can have a good stat this year.

  453. Lin should be taking 40 shots the next game! thats the only way to challenge Kobe

  454. No, it’s not. If they can win every 3rd game and be more competitive in each game, then at least it’ll be worthwhile watching. But they don’t play a fun style. Lin isn’t much fun to watch in this style. Byron is trying to get him more in the 2nd unit with the more athletic players but so far it hasn’t worked that well. I think he should scrap Lin with Price, that doesn’t work well.

  455. Dont worry Dorothy, Jeremy is a smart guy, and he will figure things out. The season is still young

  456. I tried to know did Kobe or anyone pass the ball back to him then he just passive out & tried to get AS?! If Lin still plays like this way then he will be in trouble bc I don’t see Kobe wants to make any change at all anytime soon. smh!

  457. I’ve watched the NBA for decades and I have never seen anything like this.

    I have no idea what to expect, but I firmly believe that Lin will be DNP CD’d no matter how well he plays.

  458. Well if they can get to the finals I’m sure he gets a pass.

  459. What’s the point of passing MJ’s scoring when he would never surpass his number of rings nor game?

  460. No problem.

    Time will reveal what’s going on.

  461. I genuinely believe that Kobe Bryant would not be this hoggy if he had anybody other than Lin starting with him.

  462. steak and eggs?

  463. Be patient, I guess. Lin has gone through the worst, this is like a piece of cake for him. Probably relatively large piece, but I never worried about Lin’s career. I support Lin to keep it up with his belief even when his career is on the line.
    Ultimately, it’s a value system against another value system.
    Live free or die. (First time I saw this on NH’s license plate, I was like “wow cool” )

  464. It IS a blessing for Lin because Houston was going to DNP CD Lin and tell him to stay away from the team if they could not trade Lin.

    That said, Lin still faces the exact same problem he did in Houston. It would be be the same anywhere Lin went in the NBA.

  465. thx, ya. For me, I’ve played with ball hogs and you lose and go home thinking what a waste of time. I’m just staying after 10 season games and pre, Lin is probably at a point where he’s “at the hydrant” and I hope he does what Kobe asked.

  466. The Laker’s situation has way more twists than Houston. I just had headache to think about it. I will let it go…

    Finally I googled DNP CD, haha. “Did Not Play-Coach’s Decision”

  467. He did ask in htown…may be to his agent, but he did ask. I think in some ways, things have escalated worse for Lin in LA, team wise, not necessarily fan/media. It’s not just in passing/shooting that Bryant takes over. When I see Bryant bringing up the ball, I know it’s down hill for the team. It started earlier & more frequent since their one win. I’d re-look at the games to see how many times Lin actually started the plays w/the ball in his hands, but I’m too lazy & angry at the tanking duo to make the effort.
    Needless to say, there is a lot more involved on this dysfunctional team than just Lin vs Bryant. Other players are starting to voice their frustration too. Bryant has his mind set on his own agenda & no amount of Lin talking w/him is going to change that. I’m starting to think that all that ‘Fisher’ talk is one sided Bryant version. It would be interesting if Fisher told his version & admitted that he got nowhere w/Bryant either, just like Howard did.

  468. ok, I’ll give you that. Can’t underestimate the damage having to fight your own team does on an easy game, so hopefully you are right. For me, I don’t feel bad about a goose egg FGM game for Lin except that I would like to see him change something fundamentally behind the scenes so we don’t see the crazy team reaction to the crazy Kobe takeovers. Sry, I didn’t watch last night, so I speak about those nutty 3rd quarter games where we almost won but the team just fell apart on D and cohesion to stay in contact.

  469. circumstance = kobe breaks a leg? Lin is traded? Becuz I see no other way.

  470. What is DNP CD?

  471. Did Not Play-Coach’s Decision

    I just googled it

  472. honestly i want boozer benched. it fixes a lot but more importantly it means a lot off pnr. and lin gets a lot more who well depending if he takes it. i think he would have no choice if the pnr became a big part of the offense

  473. bring on baby! 😉

  474. No way. Rox would be the laughing stock if they put 15M Lin on the bench for the whole season.

  475. Understood, but BB is not tennis and Lin is a PG. He needs the whole team to cooperate in order for him to play well.

  476. oh?? if Lin was not traded and stayed, don’t you think he still would have been on the bench.

  477. so is BS blaming Lin a bit by benching him the second half?

  478. Lets see, if Lakers willing to go on the records for the worst team? I kinda doubt that

  479. ps, I did read the post about D being the issue, and I know that is true by the numbers. But anyway, the team not being able to stay in contact with the opponent is also largely due to inability to focus on offense when the going gets tough. If someone scores on you, bcuz of bad D, you have to score back to stay in contact to break their will. That’s why the mid-J is so important … statistically, it’s right 3s are better or Shaq’s shooting percentage at the rim (better than kobe) is right, but you just have to use the more options in midrange to stay in contact. If it’s just Kobe, it’s over. The spread expands as we’ve seen, and there’s no fight in the team that they can muster.

    Kobe is after points, I’m sure of it now.

  480. That’s ok by me. I’m hoping Lin decides that there is no near future w/this team & get his stats for a chance on another team to get them playoff bound next season.

  481. The events Lin is going through have made me reflect on my own pro performing arts career.

    The big difference between my career and Lin’s is that in music, I can perform my pro music without teammates mucking me up.

    Unlike Lin who has had to battle recalcitrant teammates and coaches all his life, I’ve been able to shut out the negative influences because music can be a very solitary art. Baaketball is not solitary – it is a team sport that isn’t just the 5 guys on the court.

    When I was booted from my big pro music gig for outperforming and outearning everybody on the same stage as me, I turned around and resumed my pro music career by freelancing. It was not as lucrative as my steady stage act, but I could still train and perform because technology and training make a solo career possible in music. Not so in basketball where it takes two people just to inbound the ball!

    While I love the fact that Lin gets paid huge money, I also bemoan Lin’s inability to play the game the right way due to teammates messing with him. I wish there was a way for Lin to “go solo” as I did, but there isn’t a way like that in pro basketball.

  482. Oh yea pull an MJ with a loss game? As if anyone would care how many points he scored with an embarrassing loss?

  483. In my non-verbal analysis watching the body language, I think Kobe likes Lin to some extent but not too much that he wants Lin to dominate the game more than him. He wants Lin to be a mini-Mamba like him on court but that’s now how Lin is wired.

    In the Q3 or Q4, it’s interesting watching how Kobe talked to Lin encouraging him to “Just shoot it” but afterwards both still low-fived after FTs. These happened twice in almost 2 consecutive possessions.

    What that told me is Kobe and Lin are in 2 different wavelengths even if they like each other enough. In Houston, we didn’t see the same dynamics with Lin/Harden where Harden saw him as a pure competition for fame and stats.

    Lin is probably more frustrated in LA now because Kobe doesn’t pass to anyone while Harden still passed to other teammates not named Lin so they’re somewhat winning. Losses will be extremely frustrating indeed.

  484. bump! This! and all that.

  485. He would be on the bench for sure, he would play some, but would not be DNP CD.

  486. yeah, Lin needs to work the politics on how to get Kobe to buy in the team concept (even if none might work)

  487. I’ve decided a long time ago that life is best lived believing in the good of people; so yeah, I’m a glass half full kind of guy. While it teeters now for Lin to go either good or bad in LA with Scott and Kobe, I’ll continue to hope for the best, since the other option of being stuck in Houston was even worst. In LA at least the media and fans haven’t turned on LIN (ahem, like so many JLin fans have already done).

    I still believe that it will get much worst before it will get better and when it does, it will be Linsanity all over again. In my mind, the lakers were going to struggle for at least the first 20-25 games anyways. So I’m well prepared mentally for this inevitability.

  488. It has been done before,any times.

    Keith Van Horn, Gilbert Arenas, Latrell Sprewell, Rashard Lewis, Jamaal Tinsley, TJ Ford, and a host of other players have been DNP-CD’d for an entire season despite being able to play.

    Not all of those players were troublemakers either. TJ Ford in particular was a model NBA player, but he got benched anyway.

  489. Hmmmm

  490. LOL BScott said “We can function”
    I think he means we can have day jobs and live with the losing way until Kobe is tired of it. Keeping jobs > Losing games

    I’m getting better reading BScott’s code-word . haha..

  491. oh I c what you mean now

  492. It’s funny that all his tough talk applies to everyone, but his pet player. Bryant has been as slow as the rest of ‘his’ team. smh

  493. Hang in there, life is fill of dips before a good rise. Just have to stay the course, as Lin does. Notice he did not talk trash so he’s still in his lane trying to figure it out. There’s just a slight traffic jam, and most people know why. There are whiners the back seat, you know those kids. Kids = our own doubts too.

  494. gotta blame someone else other than Kobe, right?
    Look busy as a coach

  495. yes, take Barkley with them to have a laugh 😀

  496. I think KHuang is using the exaggeration to show the logical conclusion – painful for everyone, 15 mins on many games.

  497. Lin looked to facilitate but not score so much.
    Similar to GSW game in Oakland.
    Perhaps there’s something in GSW scheme to deter Lin from forcing shots

  498. I said similar above, just read this. Good to read you loud and clear.

  499. They are already headed in that direction w/o a care on Bryant/Scott’s part. smh

  500. Don’t worry, Dorothy. Even God’s plan is not a smooth-sailing, building good character is more important for Him than the Ws and Ls. He can use Lin to show people how to deal with extremely difficult circumstance and hopefully be successful in the end. Trials are there to embolden perseverance and be stronger to overcome them.

    This Kobe Trial is extremely hard to solve indeed. But Lin just needs to keep pressing forward toward the goals. Keep doing the right thing

  501. like the guys/gals who are in the office on a weekend when you are cranking and they are just along for the credit.

  502. Not only that but Lin needs to address this to Kobe privately through texting or something along with other teammates who feel the same thing. You can expect guys to give effort on defense only to have Kobe chuck up all the shots on offense!

  503. I’m glad that you found your own way…even though you got chased out of NYC and couldn’t do it there like Sinatra. Hey, that’s the life of all Asians. It’s sad that we had to go solo because we couldn’t rely on anyone else. I Turned to tennis because no one could stop me except me.

    Lin’s legacy will always be tied to being the pioneer that opened the way for Asians in the NBA. It’s already happening at the collegiate level with big schools given Asians a chance. If LIN gets chased out of the NBA as you so boldly predict, I’d hope for him to use his talents to raise the level of play in Asia and take an Asian team to the Olympics. That’s a way for him to make a difference and make his craft even more meaningful.

  504. time for emotional intelligence to take over given Kobe doesn’t seem to have it inside during a game.

  505. more, a trust walk where they get blindfolded and trust each other to cross a beam. Outward Bound seminar.

  506. yes, that’s the best approach. A lot of time people need to fall down hard in order to learn.
    Adjusting our expectations that Kobe will lead Lakers to another 10-15 losses will be good for our sanity.

    In the meantime, I hope Lin will keep doing his best with 12-15pts/4ast to balance his scoring and passing despite the frustrations from mounting losses. Just got to keep the Lin train chugging along! Choo-Choo!

  507. Smh! This is not good for him or Lakers… Not going to watch from LP video… Really hate it. The game is no fun to watch it now.

  508. that quote in context with everything means to me: “I’m going to make it work my way, and if I fail, then you guys are just going to have to back off until I make it work my way.” He is not saying, “My bad, I’ll fixed it.”

  509. Who knows…hahaha..lets see

  510. I feel like there’s a Lin day on Kerr that needs to come.

  511. 15′ of open space most of this season …

  512. iggy is v strong on D yes.

  513. that’s true. He didn’t make public request for a trade but quietly through his agent.

    The weird thing is Harden only freezing out Lin but not others in HOU due to jealousy. So they still had teamwork to win some games.
    Now Kobe likes Lin a little but he wouldn’t pass to ANYBODY in the Lakers so thus the losing.

    Yeah, it’d be interesting to hear what Fisher had to say about working with Kobe. I’ve been trying to learn what makes Kobe tick from his comments and the only conclusion I have so far is he wants everyone to be able to score like him before he will pass the ball. Even then, it would be 3-4 passes unless you make it consistently.

    Kobe is the extreme case of “shoot-first, pass second” and prove you can convert the passes before I pass more.

  514. It’s more than LIn vs Kobe but I do think it’s all Kobe vs someone. Just curious how you can be sure that J asked to be traded from the Rox. Looking at the Asik situation, asking the Rox for a trade might only make the situation worse. Plus Lin had 2-3 seasons left on his contract. Asking for a trade but then being stuck with a team you’ve asked to leave may have been too risky to try.

  515. v good point. GSW have been v dependent on Bogut and Curry health. With KT hot, it’s Bogut.

  516. yeah, I don’t blame you :[
    Lin wants team-ball but Kobe wants ISO-ball to the extreme.
    I hope Lin gets some good advice in dealing with Kobe by scoring first.
    They got to meet in the middle

  517. yes, it’s like handling an attack dog.
    You just don’t pass the meat to him expecting him to pass the meat around 😀

  518. Curry has a better pull-up for sure.

  519. I think BS was talking about defense.
    But who knows if it will apply to Lin if he doesn’t score on offense.
    It’s not like Price can score more.

    It’ll be interesting to see

  520. If Lin stands his ground, so shall (`o´)

  521. My random thoughts:

    1. Perhaps it’s precisely because Kobe sincerely believes that this season’s Lakers team has absolutely no chance of winning the ring that he is trying to pass MJ’s scoring record as fast as he can. In some sense, I understand because that’s the only record Kobe can surpass during his career. I blame Kobe but I sort of understand how he might be looking at the situation. Prediction: After Kobe passes MJ’s record, Kobe might play fewer minutes and just not care too much and push Lakers’ FO to get better players next season for one last attempt at getting the 6th ring for himself. Of course, Kobe might stay another year, but frankly I don’t think a super star like KD will come to Lakers unless Kobe promises to defer to KD.

    2. It’s almost impossible for Lin to take 15 shots per game in this system, so realistically, the maximum number of shots Lin can take per game will be around 12, especially with Swaggy returning to Lakers. Also, Lin’s mental approach and his offensive game is not conducive to taking many shots UNLESS he gets many picks and PnRs. Lin simply is not a tripe threat (drive, shoot or pass at any moment with the ball in one’s hands after receiving the pass) player. No shame in that because not many NBA players are triple threat players. Therefore, due to Lakers’ system, Lin’s mental and offensive game, Lin simply is not the type of player who can take many shots per game against good teams with good rim protection without many picks and PnRs. Blaming Lin for his inability to take many shots in this system is like blaming Lin for being Lin, or blaming Dwight for not playing like Hakeem — simply useless and will not happen. It’s like blaming Lin for the way he looks. (He looks fine but you know what I mean.) Prediction: Lin will continue to take less than 10 shots per game, and we shouldn’t expect anything to change in this respect.

    3. BS knows who’s the boss (Kobe), so he won’t get himself fired like D’Antoni who will actually speak up against Kobe.

    4. Given a likelihood Lin will average lower than 14/5 this season, the only interesting thing to me this season is whether Lakers will offer even a decent contract to Lin to stay at the end of this season, or which team, if any, will offer Lin decent contract to start. Prediction: Lin will get around $5 Million per year offer from Lakers or another small market team to play a back-up SG.

    5. I believe now that Lin’s best chance to make an impact in NBA is as a SG rather than a PG for various reasons. No NBA team is going to want him to be a starting PG. But he needs to change his mental approach to the game and add more offensive moves. Good teams know how to defend Lin, especially coach Kerr who knows exactly how to contain Lin. There are around 6 teams in NBA which will give a great deal of trouble for Lin.

    6. It’s unfortunate that Kelly guy seem to be injured again because I thought his style of play was complementary to Lin’s style. Lin is an island among Lakers players; seems like no one wants to reach out to him.

    7. Lakers will probably value Clarkson more as a SG over Lin.

    I can write more, but I rather remain hopeful of Lin’s BB career, so I will stop here. Obviously, no playoff for Lakers this season, and the only drama will be where will Lin go after this season, or will he stay with Lakers? All I know is even at another team, it will not be easy for Lin to average close to 18/6.

  522. I sure hope so but now I really believe what D12 said about Kobe… same pattern hope it’s different result. “Before I got to the Lakers, I would talk to him [and] he would really help me out on the [down] low about how to become everything that I said I wanted to be. And I looked up to him and I looked up to everything he, as a basketball player, stood for. … [By the end of that season] I just felt so hurt and disappointed in the fact that the guy that I was expecting to be somebody who was gonna pass the torch, somebody to say, ‘Dwight, I’ll take you under my wing and I’ll show you how to get it done’ … it was none of that.”

  523. well, then you will get some big barking which I think payton says puts a lot of emotional pressure on the whole team because they want to follow the leader. So, the rest of the team have to have a meeting to weather the barking dog.

  524. so i looked at kobe’s statement here about oh I need to save the team they are so far down I must save them ( ok that is paraphrasing) but interesting…. he had 14 FGA in the first quarter. 14! he was showing off for the guys in attendance for the halftime recognition.


  525. yes, but Lin has already show he’s reliable at the 3 for Kobe, so I think this is overthinking it. Like I think John Lee or someone below said,a lion will go veggie after his 13k zebra. Not really. Something has to change for Kobe, or the rest of the team in unison against his style. Kobe killed the rest of the stars on the team before this year, so he sill kill these guys unless Lin brings something different to the emotional intelligence …

  526. a times lately, I’ve been thinking Lin may have a surprise retirement announcement later this season. To your point, I’ve gone solo too, so there’s 3 of us and more I’m thinking …

  527. and I think I’ve been wrong in seeing this an the other post here ..> I thought that Kidd was above MJ, but that might be for another stat. I’m in agreement with you that Kobe is after points.. If he gets this year done, he will keep going. I hope something changes and he can settle for 25pts a game, and this is just him trying to catch up to the time off.

  528. perfect translation.

  529. It was particularly disheartening to see Curry just go off against Lin with a total abandon and joy of playing.

  530. Sit tight guys, the problem is only to get worse not better. Kobe is playing like a ef it attitude and so are everyone else. All Scott knows is his players should play hard but nothing about smart. Everyone is doing their own s%^t because of the one guy will and still want shoot no matter where and when. It stops all process including transition to get back to defend. Beside Lin, the other 3 starters are also volume shooters and we can’t really blame them. They would have 3-4 attempts per game like Lin if they didn’t shoot. Lin on the other hand don’t like to shoot without having a good look and good look requires a good offensive ball movement including open lane. Lin’s play call became dead once he passed to Kobe or Boozer.

    The Lakers are fighting for the ball among themselves first not from the other team. They are their own enemy not the opposite team. This confirmed why stars left and no one wanted to come LA despite being the best NBA franchise in the league.

  531. @webattorney:disqus, overall it’s very good analysis of the current situation

    1) True, Dave McMenamin confirmed league source said Kobe wanted to break MJ’s record first. Kobe is probably afraid his body won’t hold up much longer so he gets his chances as much as he could

    2) Probably true that 12FGA is good. And Lin can actually be a triple-threat player like BScott said during preseason but Lin’s PG mentality drives him to pass-first/score-second. It’s a growing process than Lin needs to learn from Nash who’s more 50-50 in scoring/passing. Lin is stubborn to pass 1st but sometimes he has to score 1st to relieve pressure from teammates (JHill, I’m looking at you) from making shots.

    What I want to see if how Lin will deal with Kobe situation?
    1. Will he be stubborn to insist on team-ball philosophy expecting Kobe to buy into it after 19 years?
    Or will he evolve himself to meet Kobe in the middle by being more like Kobe or even Nash (50-50 passing/scoring)
    I hope diplomacy is the way
    2. How will Lin find the role in this Lakers team? Will he get help from Nash to solve this puzzle?
    Why can’t Nash be closer to the team to help Lin and others? Is it by choice or by order?
    3. What will Kupchak do with Lin’s future in LA Lakers? 1 more year of Kobe, will Lin stay in LA or rejoin MDA somewhere?

  532. Make Kobe literally wrestle the ball from him if he wants it….lol.
    That will make EVERY SINGLE HIGHLIGHT REEL in the world.

  533. Kobe finally did it, usg% exceeds fg%. As Phil would say, “it takes a special athlete to do that”


  534. I had not thought about the implications of Lin going to Asia to play pro basketball.

    The CBA is littered with American players who have washed out of the NBA due to poor behavior or poor game or both.

    Lin would be the first NBA All Star level player in his prime to play in Asia. And there, Lin would be revered like Michael Jordan is in the NBA and likely would have a Michael Jordan impact.

    What Lin would do there is potentially history changing in basketball. Once Chinese basketball players and coaches start learning from Linstructor, the level of play of Chinese basketball would rise to a level where one they they could challenge the Americans for basketball supremacy. Asia has no shortage of NBA caliber athletes, but they have a shortage of NBA level players like Lin showing them how it’s done.

    Lin would be the Asian Nick Galis – the greatest overseas player of all time who was THE prime influence on the game. Only Lin DOMINATED in the NBA while Galis was never even given a chance to be in the NBA in the first place!

  535. I think we’ve all had to navigate to some degree or other to find paths unobstructed by bias. It’s why our parents wanted us to become doctors because that’s one field that race won’t make a lot of difference to being “successful”. Beggars can’t be choosy and when you are the one that can save a bigots life, I’ll bet they won’t refuse your services. It’s great that you’ve also managed to create your own company. If you ever need investors let me know! I’ve set aside a small amount of play money for stocks. I’m not doing too well with a medical Maryjane company that I had hoped to see a good return on….it’s bombed (or bonged!?) so far. Lol

  536. Kevin Ding weighs in: Byron Scott’s Overriding Faith in Kobe Bryant Has Lakers on Brink of Fracture


  537. Ya, that’s the difference I see between htown & LA. Bryant is playing a one man bball, while haren played 4 man or expected other pieces to play for him.
    I think Bryant respects Lin’s intelligence & drive to win mentality, kind of what he sees in himself. The problem is that his knee jerk reaction to take over overshadows everyone else involved on the court. He gets tunnel vision by habit & loses focus on winning. I agree w/what most of the posters have noted: Bryant has a one track mind in passing MJ’s record no matter what it takes. Sadly, while he’s reaching his goal, his reputation as a winning player is getting hit hard.
    I’m not buying into anything Bryant says anymore. He keeps talking about others scoring & yet as soon as Lin/team did that to win their one & only game, what happened? Bryant started taking over the ball & stopped playing team. I think this is where Lin’s frustration & disappointment comes into play. He’s trying to figure out how to play w/Bryant-Scott, but when he thinks he has it figured out by constantly listening to their ‘lies’, it back fires. Then he’s back to square one trying to find another approach.
    Lin & the rest of the team can continuously bang their heads on the Bryant ball, but eventually the spirit is less willing to put themselves on the line. Especially when you have Scott placing the blame on the team minus Bryant at every turn.
    I just don’t see this team turning things around when two of the main factors won’t acknowledge their own part in the dysfunction. People can ignore the bull in the china store, but eventually, people will take notice when it destroys everything. I didn’t mean to write so much, but there is so much happening in this dynamic, a book wouldn’t cover all the issues/problems Lin’s facing w/this team.

  538. Yeah, I think that’s Lin’s ace in the hole. I’m still hopeful that things will work out for Lin, but if it doesn’t, I’d hope LIN can raise the level of play in Asia and kick some butt in the Olympics.

  539. A league of Lin’s own.

    Lin is a special and rare animal in NBA that he advocates team-ball while most of owners, GMs. coaches, players, agents, and some fans, ALL promote Me-ball. Why? ME-ball sells sponsorship, TV rating, merchandise, and tickets.

    We need to understand the context of NBA before we judge Lin’s playing. Of course Lin can play like Melo, Harden and even Kobe, just shoot and shoot and hopefully 30% will go in and have 20+ ppg and eventually get into All-star. He can do that with his talents. But he chooses not to. Instead, he sacrifices his own stats for trying to help the teammates and the team to winning games. And last name, it is the most beautiful game in my delusional yet cheerful mind he ever played. ZERO point signals his expression, his frustration and his stubbornness on team ball. Without winning, whatever points you got is meaningless.

    What most of people won’t get about Lin is, Lin’s goal is above what most NBA stake holders promote, points. Points are only means to winning games. Basketball is not a number to Lin. It is like an ART that team-ball is the framework and scores by anyone are just designated colors on the picture. Most people will denounce Lin’s poor performance. But Lin aims higher. Without team-ball, he would rather have a blank picture than an ugly painting full of discord and cacophony.

    Unfortunately NBA is not an environment comfortable and friendly for Lin. So Lin must fight and fight with his brand of games, in and out, team by team, coach by coach, ball-hogger by ball-hogger. Lin will struggle and continue to struggle. Will there be a GM, a coach, and hopefully some players respect Lin for what he advocates and appreciate him and play alongside with him for the ultimate art of basketball? Will he have any chance of getting a better environment to play NBA basketball in the future? I don’t know. But I do know this, I will continue to watch him play, to watch him constantly struggle, even if it means zero points. Because I know he tries, in the name of team-ball.

  540. I respect you a lot psalm but I disagree with several points you make here. I would not consider this easily giving up. Lin has tried to make it work for over 10 games now. That’s already 12% of Lin’s contract season. Sometimes you have to cut your losses before it’s too late. Kobe will not change and the truth is that this funny business started even before the season opener. When Nash went down, Lin needed to be named the starting PG. Kobe/Byron were playing mind games with Lin already at that point. Some argued that no starters were named. But the starters all practiced with the first unit. Lin practiced with the second unit. Lin’s will honor his $15 mil contract with the team he is traded to. Lakers already got picks and cash for Lin and they will get additional players, etc. from the new trade. Lakers will not be hurt by Lin going elsewhere. As far as we fans buying Lin merchandise etc., well they still make good souvenirs and that is a very minor consideration in the scheme of Lin’s successful career as a whole.

    As far as Lin trying to talk to Kobe, for all we know he’s already tried and the results are what you see. Judging from Kobe’s tweets and interviews he is acting like a tyrant who denies reality. Fans and media may put pressure on him but that may just make the situation worse as Kobe goes into DGAF mode and develops a siege mentality. In the meantime Lin is the one who will suffer.

    We are also deluding ourselves when we think that things were not so bad; that despite Kobe’s ball hogging, Lin can still get decent stats. The truth is that Lin has been just eking out 15-18 points in the garbage time following blowouts using FTs. That is not satisfactory and probably not even sustainable

  541. Agreed. My opinion is that Lin should stick out this season, try to play efficient high % and good defense. Then he will be unrestricted free agent and can choose what team he wants (as opposed last time restricted free agent, he didn’t have much choice).

  542. Very well written!!

  543. On top of my music, I own my own tiny business in an Asian related field.

    I faced racism there too, but I overcame it and went my own way. I have extremely loyal clients, all of whom have had a prior positive history of working with Asians. I just add onto that positivity.

    What I like about running my own business is that I can’t get undercut by my own colleagues or bosses. Every time I’ve struggled in the workplace, it’s because people were racially sabotaging me the way the NBA does to Lin. Running my own business eliminated 100% of my daily “war budget” that was dedicated toward battling coworkers and bosses.

    I don’t have many clients for the same reason that Lin is not wanted by NBA teams, but it doesn’t stop me from moving forward and being a positive force.

  544. great article.

    some of my fav quotes:

    “You want to build the team around Bryant’s free reign on offense while Bryant is encouraged to “rest”—Scott’s own word—on defense, where every other guy is being held to fantastic standards that must be met for the team to overachieve?
    How is anyone besides Kobe ever going to think that’s cool? Resentment is bound to build, especially when Bryant is so unabashed in competitive zeal that he described his view on his teammates’ passivity Sunday night thusly: “Can’t just sit back and watch crime happen.”

    “…Boozer and Lin, two guys who believe deeply in Bryant, were left grumbling late Sunday night about the difficulty of finding offensive rhythm next to him.”

    “…establishing utter dependence on Bryant simply does not foster belief in the team as a whole.”

  545. If the Chinese government changed its citizenship rules so that Lin could lead them, a Lin led team of Chinese stars would be a MAJOR THREAT to USA basketball’s gold medal aspirations.

  546. very true indeed. Lin needs to look ahead for next year knowing Kobe might still come back 1-2 years

  547. Just have Lin play in the Chinese Basketball Association.

    That would accomplish every goal you laid out, plus it would dramatically change the way Chinese basketball is played in a historic way!

  548. Fabulous post as usual!

  549. Good one, Khuang. I look at it from a practical perspective, not theoretical or philosophical.

  550. Good for you Khuang, it’s true that racism exist everywhere. I remember when my sister cam back from Hong Kong a few years ago, she was saying that a lot of the affluent chinese there would snicker at her country bumpkin cloths and unsophisticated provincial mannerisms. It’s reverse racism and kinda funny that so many worked hard to support families back home working like servants here. Life is full of it’s own sadistic ironies.

  551. The theoretical and philosophical ARE PRACTICAL when it comes to intuiting where Jeremy Lin would stand to have the greatest impact on his career.

  552. A league of Lin’s own. He can advocate a new league in USA, as opposed to NBA. A league with so called scrubs but play the team balls. And see which league has better viewing.

  553. This kind of confirms what I’ve been thinking. Bryant has/is playing mind games using words w/Lin & the team for his own agenda. Scott is just talking from both ends of his hole. Shameful, but this whole situation is really pathetic.

  554. You also made excellent point of when to cut Lin’s losses.
    Knowing this is Lin’s last year of the contract, Lakers might even dangle Lin for trade bait by Feb 2015 if Lin can’t work out well with Kobe. So Lin might request the trade or Lakers can also do so because Lin can’t co-exist with Kobe.

    My thinking is based on risk-reward factor. The pro to say definitely is the LA market and the chance to bloom if Kobe can’t play anymore (6months-3 years?)

    The cons of trade is Lin facing the unknown of a new system (good like Dallas/Spurs/OKC or bad like Bucks/76ers) and having to relearn the system. No guarantee of better numbers for his contract next year.

    It’s really how much pain Lin can tolerate in LA before he asks for a trade.
    I’m not there yet like in Houston because Lin can still make it work. We can revisit how things are in Dec/Jan after 30-35 gms. For now, it’s too early with 12-games in to pull the plug since Lin has made the investment through TC, learning Byrons’ system, etc.

    It could be the growing pains or a sign of irrepairable relationship with Kobe. I’ll say give it more time until Dec/Jan. Otherwise we might overreact after Lin’s 1 bad game following 5 good ones (number-wise for his contract)

  555. It’s too theoretical because in real life, it won’t happen that Lin will play there. Wait, who knows.

  556. Kobe’s chucking is NOT the only problem. I doubt even without Kobe, Lakers will suddenly start winning. But BS should try to curtail Kobe’s chucking and see what happens.

  557. OK, I will attempt to bring a lighthearted sense of humor: I have the solution to the Lakers transition defense issues. When Kobe isos, the other 4 players should take positions near halfcourt. When Kobe shoots the ball, the other 4 players start running back. Problem solved.

  558. You and I see the real problem of Kobe’s tunnel vision to simply be “an attack dog” never passing when he’s on court.

    The only other thing to do is to not give the ball to Kobe to ration his shots but I can see Kobe blasting his teammates.

    I agree 100% the problem won’t be solved unless Kobe and Byron admit the true problem of not winning. But they’re in denial and pursue other goals. So we might have to wait 8 more games after Kobe breaks MJ record to see what happens.

    Dirty politics and dirty business is always not fun to witness.

  559. THat’s what Lin did…..

  560. Thanks! I’m getting better reading BScott’s code-words :]

  561. I would like to see Kobe vs. 5 players and see what the score will be.

  562. Kobe definitely needs help on-court to not have “blackouts” episode to shoot till he drops. But after 19 years, no amount of therapy might be enough

  563. LOL

  564. NIce assessments, not that I agree..just it is reasonable

  565. Been snooping around the blogs and news and this last game has really got the to-the-death Kobe fans and the Lakers team fans in a furious food fight. Not knowing enough about who is this human Kobe, I read the New Yorker profile of him referenced on the “other” site quite some time ago. This Kobe comment understanding but lamenting NBA rule changes allowing the zone and limiting “hand checking” hit me, and apart from his infamous “selfishness”, it seemed to me to shed light on his demand for Lin to step up his aggression, even while he seems to pull the rug out from under Lin’s efforts. KHUANG, I’m hoping for a comment from you here:

    “Still, the game wasn’t as aggressively physical as it had once been. (“Makes me nauseous,” he said in Chicago. “You can’t touch a guy.”) And he felt that the current conditions made it too easy for the merely good to appear transcendent. BALL HANDLERS WERE NO LONGER AS RESPONSIBLE FOR CREATING THEIR OWN SPACE IN WHICH TO MANEUVER…” (sorry for the caps…couldn’t get the font to go to bold, so last resort to make point)

    Is it that Kobe’s native selfishness combined with his preference for bruising, battling shot creation means that he thinks Lin and the others should just pound out their own production? If so, he really is incapable of grasping team play, even when he himself has been the recipient of it’s benefits.

    Looks to me like Lobe’s success has to some extent depended on the services of a great center. If LA was going to let Kobe run the team, you wonder why they didn’t move heave and earth to find another center. Jeremy is a great point guard, and a good play to replace Nash, but I’m not sure Kobe has particularly any respect for the position itself since the PG is meant to facilitate for the team, or rather to be a handmaiden for him.

  566. Maybe Kobe is going through a mid-life crisis type of situation as he is nearing end of his career. I hope he can retire gracefully.

  567. Brilliant!
    Strong defense and giving Kobe chances to be the main offense haha…

  568. Lol on mj joke.

  569. It’s a fun team to watch these days. After years of hardship.

  570. Definitely books to help him growth while fading.

  571. So this Lakers team is like:
    Tank Commander: Bryon Scott
    Tank General: Kobe Bryant
    Tank Soldiers: rest of the team except Lin
    Former Tank Soldier who got ejected off the tank: Lin

  572. But they need to get his rebounds. That’s the only chance they have to score too.

  573. Would work too make a point. Same result too.

  574. Well it would do…but…bball camps and charitable activities are one (heartfelt) thing, but I don’t believe Jeremy has any intention of ever playing offshore, for anybody. He has been pointed about being Asian-AMERICAN and I tend to think he wants to be unbending to prejudice on his own turf, not appear in any way to have been driven out.

  575. What an excellent summary of Lin’s basketball philosophy 🙂 I couldn’t have said it any better.

    Lin’s journey to play the unselfish team-ball is definitely long and arduous, full of “me-first stars” minefield
    But I do also hope Lin will find his way to a Spurs-like team environment where he belongs.

  576. Is not he too young for this? lol

  577. Yes, some people buy sailboat or expensive cars during mid-life crisis but Kobe has to buy a tank :]
    If he trusts Lin, Lin might be able to help him get the 6th ring next year

  578. He is talking about Lin? LOL

  579. I am on my tablet but I was going through twitter and i saw podt from LA times about kobe saying may be he is being too aggressive

  580. He always say the right thing.

  581. Lol. I’m not saying he is but something similar to it. It just seems like he’s freaking out a bit about his health, beating mj’s record, his legacy, etc.

  582. So…seems like the differences to Lin staying in HOU are,
    1. HOU is winning team, but they create their own narrative at will,
    2. LAL is a losing team, but somehow truth always pops out?

  583. I’ll take the truth over lies even if the truth hurts.

  584. Well not that Lin has a choice anyway.

  585. defense is number one issue. kobe shoot more when the defense is bad. trying to save the team while unknowingly giving the team a death blow

  586. But not doing that right thing.

  587. LOL I have no idea if Lin ever has a dog but his dog was held hostage, he’ll dress up like this to get it back 😀
    Note: not sure what the picture is in reference to but I just thought it’s funny


  588. Not really worth reading. The writer didn’t add anything new.

  589. and never right the wrong thing

  590. I’m collapsing this post… I can’t look at this… lol.

  591. There is only one astonishing thing about Lin to me in this season. Somehow, his aggressiveness is showing to me while it did not translate to his raw box score. Aways though he will end up with 17p/7a. 8-10 shots plus 4 FTs are enough for that. GSW game planed on Lin perfectly….ANd it is actually the game plan for most teams we saw so far.

  592. hm, making me think about “True Lies”

  593. wait.. I found more 🙂

  594. He always said one thing but do the other way… smh! Don’t really believe what he said now…

  595. LOL…you want Lin come out GUNNING like Arnold?

  596. Not easy to admit you’ve been wrong. A good leader would though.

  597. Stop trolling me. I just ate lunch!

  598. To bring brevity to the tense situation that Lin fan find under at the moment, perhaps we can use some laughter by voting on the best dressing style for Jeremy Lin.

    I found this at a 2012 article that I’ve never encountered. What a gem 😀

  599. LOL….you really want @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus to un-eat her lunch…..LOL

  600. LAL needed him to do that to Bogut tho…LOL

  601. @luzyanglin: The double standard of Lakers right now, Kobe miss shots=he’s trying to help team win; other players miss shots=you suck, let Kobe shoot.

  602. Is this perhaps what Kobe thinks Lin should be doing – first choke the fire hydrant, then piss on it? lol

  603. refresh and you’ll see her appreciate the lunch for the 2nd time 😀

  604. If Henry is gone, can Lin take his #7 during the season?

    Included in column today: Quincy Miller @qmillertime set to work out for Lakers this week and possibly replace Xavier Henry on roster.— KEVIN DING (@KevinDing) November 17, 2014

  605. And all of those players that will get bench for “not work hard enough for D”, I can smell McHale around the corner.

  606. I used to respect you… 😛

  607. OMG these are horrifying, LOL. If Kevjumba sees these, I smell another Lin spoof coming up. “You’ve metro-sexed, bro.”

  608. don’t shoot the messenger :]
    someone else did the Photoshop haha..

  609. So do I, it’s best for the long term to have the truth come out.

  610. What’s wrong with Rag&Bone? ;}
    I thought it’s slick and cool. My favorite!

  611. Im not sure lin will re-sign with them if this kind of balls continues.

  612. Haha

  613. Lin’s FG% and 3pt FG% are much higher than Kobe’s. Look at that 3 that Lin shot over CP3. How much more proof does Kobe need? Kobe saw that they win games when he shares the ball. He’s just more interested in his own points and showing off.

  614. OK, you’re not wrong about that one…minus the handbag. It must be the model posturing that’s setting my teeth on edge. I like the red in the coat lining, but not sure if JL would be totally comfortable with that bit of rock n’ roll flash 🙂

  615. Sorry Dominique but 7 vs.17 is really a moot point considering how bad the situation is in LA.

  616. that’s not a handbag.
    That’s a Harvard doctor’s tote bag ready for home visits LOL

  617. “If I can’t fix it no body can”

  618. He would if he could. Coaches need a good win/loss record. Standing up to Kobe is just not possible. Others have tried and failed: PJax.

  619. says @717 :]
    how about 17+7=24?

  620. I wonder about the same thing. Price didn’t do anything either.
    Perhaps they game-planned against penetrating PG well by opening space for the helpless bigs?

  621. Now doing something about 24 would solve the problem but if I spelled it out I get banned 😉

  622. I don’t think he hates them. I think he’s frustrated. Doesn’t think they are doing the things needed for the team to win.

  623. Not to PG….just to Lin. When Price is on the floor, Kobe received double coverage. Every team knows how dangerous Lin is IMO. Otherwise they would not do that.

  624. Good .. that’s one creative way of alluding to something too alluring for some to say LOL

  625. I think he meant hating their way of doing things. Not really personally hating them.

  626. I just check Lakers tweet & to my surprised there’s no Lin & Boozer’s post game interview from last night… Looks like they’re still support Kobe & coach. smh!

  627. Of course they are….and it is ok. It is what it is

  628. Yes I have adjusted. I wish Lin’s adjustment to Kobe would be so easy.

  629. Bad news for Lin or not?

  630. now we see the value of banning BS and Kobe :]
    If only things were as simple

  631. Neutral in a sense that it does not matter to how Lin approach his game.

  632. I guess it’s respect to Lin. He’ll only get better at it later after he overcomes it. I want Lin to do pull-up 3s like Curry LOL

  633. and he really shouldn’t so not to lose his joy of playing real basketball

  634. Gun-blazing and screaming “I’ll be BACK” LOL

  635. he can total do it. I think this summer, he will have a larger progress. Because he is given the role to be an offensive player without help. So..creating separation will be the key for him going forward. I believe he knows it. I also believe he already can do it to a certain degree. He is just in a stage that his style of playing is clashing with the style he is required to do. He can do both, but he has to be comfortable doing it to be effective.

    THe high efficiency outings for the past few games basically saying he still approaches the game like he is playing with Harden. Not that that way is wrong. It makes sense to do it when you are not the man. He already made some changes during this 10 games. He picked up his D even more, he drives more when possible, he took more “bad” shots then he did b4.

    IMO, in order for him to thrive in a slow paced team with unwilling teammates. He just need to shoot as others suggested. But not like how Kobe shoots it unlike what other fans want him to. He just need to focus on finding the clean shots from this mess. He needs to become a MJ, not a Kobe. In teams of their approaches to the game

  636. Will be allowed a chance…

  637. i have to say yesterdays game was great for jeremy. why you ask me. the last 5 good games in a row was jeremy doing his own like kobe. he got his points while it had no real effect on the team. this isn how lin plays. i heard him say this after the game. not wanting to be selfish. this is by far the least effect I’ve ever seem lin have on a team he has played for. the system has to change or the players. i swear if scotty plays the exact same sets with the same players he is brain dead. this team takes the most ridiculous shots ever. wes hill boozer are the issue offensively and defensively. i could deal with kobe’s shots but not theres. wes take as much contested shots as kobe. so please change something or anything because my eye hurt watching this team

  638. Kobe’s words are empty. What’s been consistent is KObe’s been a scoring machine for better or worse for 19 seasons. You cannot break those bad habits.

  639. For those who haven’t watched it, Worthy said he paid extra attention about what Lin has to say about “lack of trust” and communication. Horry agreed

  640. when I say this I almost get banned! When Haralabos says it, he is revered!
    I need to be a rich sports better I guess!

  641. Just noticed during 2011~2012 season with Lakers, Ramon Sessions played 30.5 minutes and got 12.7 points and 6.2 assists by taking only 9.2 shots per game. This is pretty efficient and somewhat better than Lin’s numbers with Lakers, and similar to Lin’s stats with Houston. I remember seeing Ramon play with Lakers and thinking he was pretty good player. What were differences and similarities in their respective seasons with Lakers? I see that Kobe averaged 38.5 minutes and took 23 shots per game that season also.

  642. They know what Lin meant, they were playing in a winning team.

  643. Sad and depressing day. It is what it is. Lin needs to make most of it. he can not change the situation. But if he can not adapt, he risks being cast as “problematic”, and no team will want him. I support him, hope he has not given up.

  644. Mikey D could take this team minus Kobe and turn if competitive within 3 weeks. I’d make that bet.

  645. They had a healthier Kobe

  646. now lin is compared to sessions we have hit a new low. if lin averages those numbers then its 1-81

  647. Lin IS a triple threat player, just not a good ISO player where he is already dribbling the ball and must make a 1 on 1 move to score. But he is solid out of triple threat. But in LA, he gets no catches off triple threat! When he does he shoots the 3 or drives!

  648. Not that bad. Lin still just do his things. Not really changing that much.

  649. That’s what I am worry about it too. Lin needs to be able to play next to ISO Kobe no matter he likes the way Kobe play or not but if he can’t then he will be in trouble next summer. Every team all has their own Kobe so …. smh!

  650. Good for Lakers’ record but how did a healthier Kobe add to or subtract from Ramon’s stats? Would Lin’s stats be better with a healthier Kobe who shoots just as many shots AND plays even more minutes?

  651. Kobe does not attract double teams this yr.

  652. It not just about playing next to Kobe. If Kobe plays like Kobe, the rest of team will play like Kobe and Lin with be the last man standing (or the first to fall). Lin got a very difficult challenge at hands, even bigger than in HOU.

  653. Life is not fair….LOL

  654. how does ramon add or subtract from his stats. he has always been good but thats it

  655. It’s still refreshing that LA media really considered what Lin said to heart (which would be antagonized in HOU)

    Funny how Horry didn’t want to say the name Kobe when talking about unbalanced scoring when one guy takes the most shots [mark 5:42]

    They’re tip-toeing around Kobe. Byron was more outspoken during half-time. Probably wise to keep the challenge internally to Byron and Kobe to trust their teammates.

  656. triple teams more likely since he don’t pass

  657. Not bad, and not good. Just grind through.

  658. exactly..that’s Lin’s job to live through it…LOL

  659. Team ball is good idea but if only yourself want to do it no one else wants to follow you.. all these good theory will not work.

  660. Yes, I’m usually very optimistic. We shall see. I know in the corporate world, the company does not make “rational” decisions based on pure facts. If you go against the agenda, you will be out the door soon. Idealistic views do not play well. You need to play the “game”, and then make adjustments when you have some say. can not show signs of weakness. hope I’m wrong. He needs to come back strong tuesday.

  661. Who are you talking about, kobe fan sites because serena winters video of lin and boozer are up.if you are talking about the fansites then the don’t count. Ther is nothing much about the gsme at all on twitter except for the sports media is having a field day with lin eloquently summing up what is wrong with the Lakers.

  662. The good and bad of team-ball.

  663. Good point. I do agree the debacle last night would serve as a shock value to force a change.

    Another 10 losses with 15pts/5asts for Jeremy wouldn’t cut it for him.
    Let’s hope we have a positive change tomorrow. I’ll say 10% chance it will happen.

  664. Yeah, Medias really went all out trying to make something out of Lin’s words. LOL

  665. Personnel may change but how to play offensively will remain the same as long as kobe is in the game.

  666. Repost on my thoughts,

    Lin can totally change and adapt. I think this coming summer, he will have a larger progress. Because he is given the role to be an offensive player without help. So..creating separation will be the key for him going forward. I believe he knows it. I also believe he already can do it to a certain degree. He is just in a stage that his style of playing is clashing with the style he is required to do. He can do both, but he has to be comfortable doing it to be effective.

    THe high efficiency outings for the past few games basically saying he still approaches the game like he is playing with Harden. Not that that way is wrong. It makes sense to do it when you are not the man. He already made some changes during this 10 games. He picked up his D even more, he drives more when possible, he took more “bad” shots then he did b4.

    IMO, in order for him to thrive in a slow paced team with unwilling teammates. He just need to shoot as others suggested. But not like how Kobe shoots it unlike what other fans want him to. He just need to focus on finding the clean shots from this mess. He needs to become a MJ, not a Kobe. In teams of their approaches to the game

  667. I totally agree. Lin’s team ball theory it’s good but how many NBA team will do it?! Super star almost play like the way Kobe did so this is the way how they play as a super star… Like it or not …

    Tomorrow? I doubt Lin will play well unless they really talk or make some change.. I do worry bc Kobe maybe will try to be nice & pass more balls to Young not Lin … if they win then Lin looks bad again. smh!

  668. I disagree. Lots of team play team ball

  669. Yes they have, they have jumped on the perpetual bandwagon with lin.The thing in corporate world is that if you ecpose something not leagal, then management can’t retaliate because it is known as the whistle bloeing law. I wander does taht apply here. LOL

  670. I think only Spurs.

  671. They play the BEST team ball does not mean they are the only one.

  672. if its close kobe will be less likely to take over but honestly with how much boozer wes and hill miss i would try to take over as well lol if i was in the nba. if he does it then i will be against kobe as well. but honestly think about it when the team is playing good kobe takes less control of the team. yes he will shoot 21 or so but it won’t be while controlling the ball

  673. interesting, we shall see..

  674. May be majority of them but not every team. And dont sy(m)h all the time, it may fall off from your shoulder. SMH!

  675. idk scott is stubburn to me. he still said I’m close like really 1-9 and you are close lol like idk hopefully boozer will be bench quickly. he was yesterday then hills crappy self showed up. both the bigs are terrible. wes is what wes is. young will cut into his minutes

  676. Yes, but it’s the non-team ball teams that would benefit from having him. If he get’s labelled as problematic or sensitive, they will shy away. The chicken or egg scenario. He needs to demonstrate he can can do it with their rules before they will trust him.

  677. Ya! That’s what I thought..

  678. News media are really laying thisbat Scott’s feet as the coach. Many news media is saying that scott was hired mostly to control Kobe, but that hasn’t happened

  679. DO you think he is labelled as problematic and sensitive?

  680. So he lost his only function on this team…

  681. What’s the difference between the Rox and the Lakers?

    IMO, the Rox FO (ie M&M) actively tried to marginalize Lin. The FO also had a strong incentive to make Harden into a star in order to attract other stars. Harden himself did not want to share any glory with Lin. So Lin was always asked to focus on defense and not try to be a “home run hitter.” The one thing that saved Lin in Houston was that there was also a high priority on winning. When faced with tough teams, the Rox were forced to play Lin in order to win. And whenever Harden or Bev were injured which was actually quite often, Lin got significant playing time.

    The Lakers situation is very different. I believe that the FO and even Kobe wanted Lin to become a Laker, otherwise they would not have traded for him. Furthermore, we all believed that the Lakers and Kobe would be focused on winning. I still believe that the FO would like to field a competitive team, but Kobe cares much more about his career point total, winning the scoring title and showing off how good he still is. All these are more important to Kobe than winning games. And that’s what makes LA such an unsuitable place for Lin’s contract year.

    Many say that the Lakers problem is defense and that is a major defect. But as KHuang and even the Laker commentators have pointed out, basketball players don’t make an effort on defense (which is difficult, unsung, grunt work) if they feel left out on offense. And that’s where Kobe is twice guilty. Kobe doesn’t make much effort on defense yet he expects his “inferior” teammates to cover that thankless task. On offense, Kobe takes so many shots that he is not only the first option, but he is the second option as well. Boozer,Hill,and Wes are the third, fourth and fifth options leaving poor Lin as the distant sixth option.

    So in effect Lin is on a team where there are no talented bigs (among the starters) to pick and roll with or allow him to drive in for layups. The only really talented player is an extremely ball-hogging, chucking fellow guard. There are other really problematic features of this team. Almost nobody ever passes to Lin for jump shots or any shot for that matter. The bigs and Kobe like to take long twos which further clog the driving lanes. Scott discourages threes and there are no really good three point shooters anyway which further cramps the spacing. For all these reasons, the Lakers are a nightmare team for Lin and there is no miricle adjustment that can be made. That’s why I make the case for Lin being traded to another team which may take a while even if the FO got on it right away.

  682. “I will surviveee! I will survive…” Gloria Gaynor

    And I’ll survive!
    Oh no, not I! I will survive!
    Oh and as long as I know how to love I know I stay alive.
    I’ve got all my life to live, I’ve got all my love to give.

    I will survive! Hey, hey.

    It took all the strength I had not to fall apart.
    Kept tryin’ hard to mend the pieces of my broken heart!
    And I spent oh so many nights
    just feeling sorry for myself. I used to cry!
    But now I hold my head up high.

  683. This is good pressure to BScott to limit Kobe’s minutes.
    Kevin Ding’s article already set the precedent that D’Antoni played Kobe 45-48 min for 6-8 games before rupturing the Achilles heel. And speculated even Kobe wants BS to control his min.

  684. I don’t think so because I know who he is. Problem, is not what I think. It is public perception. These public “headlines” make people question and judge.

  685. But Scott was Kobe’s first choice. Did Kobe promise that he would allow Scott “to control him?” If so, then Kobe lied. To control Kobe they would need to hire someone more like Mike Tyson.

  686. So far I didn’t see on yet.. LOL!

  687. LOL! Ya!

  688. I don’t see him being label as such at all.

  689. If that is the pressure to Scott, I wonder who will him relay that to…

  690. Well, you’re a good Lin fan. You can’t deny he is polarizing. Either like him or say he’s overrated. See comments from his own “fans”.

  691. Lin needs stop with the bad body language and his depressing appearance. He needs to have a ef it attitude and to play his heart out without thinking about the current record and his coach/teammates.
    He plays for God and for his fans. Smile and have fun. Losing game is bad enough, we fans don’t want to lose him too.

  692. one problem at a time! =)

  693. He plays for god and for his fans but he is human.

  694. I think Worthy might personally talk to Byron about it after his half-time comment because BScott is about to become a scapegoat (rightfully so)

  695. Bryant views himself as being in competition against Jeremy Lin.

    Ever since Lin wiped out Bryant in 2012, Bryant has been wanting a shot at Lin.

    Then Lin comes in and starts BEATING Bryant in preseason and in actual games.

    Bryant respects Lin’s ability, and that means Bryant will do his best to undercut Lin.

  696. If I recall, Phil Jackson was the coach of the 2011-2012 Lakers.

    Jackson famously fought with Bryant over selfishness and shots.

    There is no Phil Jackson to make sure that Lin gets his shots the way Sessions did.

    Ramon Sessions had it much easier than Lin does now.

  697. The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.

    – Ronald Reagan

  698. LOL, maybe a hypnotist: Kobe, you love to pass the ball back to Jeremy.

  699. We must reject the idea that every time we lose a game, everyone else is guilty rather than the one who did not follow the game plan. It is time to restore the Team precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.(contextualized)

    – Ronald Reagan

  700. Finally someone write about Boozer’s comment on Kobe & Scott…. read lots of articles on Lin’s comments.

  701. I tend to think every player as a random number generator with their own statistics. That is why I do not get why ppl will judge a player with only a few games.

  702. I’ve been thinking about the faction of Lin “fans” whose solution to “fix” Lin’s game is for him to just shoot more. I’m not talking about the reasonable posters who make that point, but posters who seem obsessed with expressing that mantra, often in ways that are demeaning and just plain mean to Lin.

    There’s just something off or wrong about that obsession, but I’m not quite sure what or why. Anyone feel/think similarly?

    For example, one thing that bothers me is that in exhorting Lin to shoot more, some, but not all, posters make it about masculinity and race. That Lin somehow is less of a real man and player if he doesn’t shoot the rock more. It also plays into race, as the critiques of Lin as too passive, deferential, people pleasing, etc when he doesn’t shoot enough, are Asian stereotypes. Perhaps these “fans” want Lin to be less Asian more “American.” and are uncomfortable when Lin comes across as “too Asian?” One particular poster expressly admitted that he wanted Lin to be more assertive and confident, and for him that meant Lin had to be less Asian!

    There are other issues that are raised by the shoot more or die crowd, lol, but I’ll stop here and see what others think. Am I reading too much into it, or are there bigger factors or issues underlying the “shoot more at all cost” narrative?

  703. These are the GSW highlights. It’s like watching the Spurs. Everyone’s moving with a purpose. They anticipate the double teams and pass to a teammate either wide open at the 3 pt line or cutting to the basket.

    I’m not really sure what the Lakers could have done to stop the Warriors machine that is clicking on all cylinders.

  704. Like I said. Spurs is not the only team playing team ball.

  705. He should shoot more IMO, just do not shoot like Kobe. There are big differences. If him shooting less made some fans conclude he is weak…that is not a very good reasoning to me.

  706. You’re not part of the crowd I’m talking about. Right, it’s those fans who conclude Lin is “mentally weak” for not shooting enough that is troubling to me.

    It really bothers me when they take a basketball point (shoot more) to conclude something about Lin’s personality or psychological make-up. And they are so vociferous about it, so certain of their understanding of what kind of a person Lin really is, and usually it’s a negative view.

  707. Well fans are all alike. Me included. I have my bias too. I just hope when throwing out negativeness, it should be better reasoned….

  708. Foul like crazy…

  709. i have seen a jump to lin being passive or fragile like the year with the knicks when he got injured. stereotype plays an important role in how people view us. like if a black guy is good at sports he is talented while a white guy works hard. as if to say he has no talent so the only way he can get close to black athletes is by over working. this to be honest is expected just an obstacle lin has to overcome. sucks but the truth we all have to deal with stereotypes

  710. No one is doubting that. PPL are disagreeing on HOW TO DEAL WITH IT. LOL

  711. Good (bad depending on your view) news! Another NBA record Kobe is making.

  712. i never said he ws weak mentally but shows lapses. after his interview i get he want to play in the system and hate 1 on 1 ball. he won’t force it like some might want

  713. He should not either. They have Kobe for that…LOL

  714. wellhe is a pg. so he can’t shoot it every time. if he was a sg then the passive stuff would make sense but pg can be aggressive with out shooting. pg is such a hard job now a days. there was a report clip coaches was asking cp3 to be more aggressive. its hard to get everyone shot while forgetting to get your own. especially when the system sucks

  715. No worries, you are definitely one of the reasonable posters out there.

    We all would like to see more scoring from JLin. But, some people take it to another level that I find troubling.

  716. He can if it is the best shots available for the team. It is not just about taking what the defense gives you, it is also about how do you impose your will to bend the defense. PPL is mistaken it from going hero ball.

  717. That’s exactly it, it’s like they want Lin to become Kobe Bryant, in playing style and in terms of persona. They ignore the fact that Lin and Bryant play two very different positions, with the point guard having more responsibilities than just scoring.

  718. You do not have to be bothered. really. I mean….everyone holds their opinion, just filter it out if you feel bothered.

  719. I think one of the reasons he is off shooting is he is relearning his midrange game while learning a new offense with new teammates but Kobe ball makes everything random and don’t think lin plays well in chaos. Hope he will find a way to get through this and lead his team to play how he knows it can be.

    Will lin persevere? Past history says yes this is his dna. Will BS and Kobe throw him under the bus or use him to reinvent this season?

    Let’s face it life would be so much more boring for us if lin were just allowed to play his game and recreate linsanity.

    Lin should look to shoot more and if he doesn’t I’m sure he has valid reasons that as casual fans we don’t see or understand.

    As a professional he has to swallow his personal feelings and keep on performing to his best ability regardless.

  720. lol go to the other website I’m scared to even see what is being written there I’ve heard them say lin go play in china lol

  721. In short, we trust Lin’s decision more than anything else.

  722. It was said here too. lol

  723. I’m not bothered personally, but bothered that view about shooting more is bout race and being a real man is so prevalent and I hear it in some form or another all the time.

  724. Just for some laugh:
    Truth about teamwork from Huffpost!

  725. Just let it go….LOL

  726. I’ve seen a lot of kobe so far even in his good games. lin one on one while not playing much pg. i was ok with it but clearly lin is not. i would of never thought lin would have no affect on a team. lakers have proven me wrong

  727. I have to argue. Hill and Wes are worse. com’on need to give Kobe some credit.

  728. No, I’m not. Lol. It’s also fascinating and intriguing, and I like delving into those things to figure out what’s really going on. I get off on that stuff. 😀

  729. Talk about a team player:

  730. LOL, good luck with that..

  731. way worse boozer as well with that olay defense which is worse then harden. lol well its close

  732. Yes! And some people really, really don’t trust Lin’s judgment, and act/write as if they know more about what Lin should do than Lin.

    What is that all about???? I don’t get it, and I want to understand where some of these people are coming from.

  733. That’s what we have these forums for!

  734. I don’t think there is any sense behind it. Most likely, they are just projecting their wishes on to Lin. Those adversities they did not conquer, they think Lin should be able to take care of it WITH their FAILING METHODS.

  735. good stuff! Very nice analysis.

  736. Just an arrogant analysis. I think most posters are well established in their own life. They share valuable life experiences too. 😛

  737. Yes I trust him to do his best no matter what. Even when he only shoots 2 and 0 points, he is doing what he thinks it’s right. By no means this implies he makes no mistakes. He does but like D’Antoni said in Knicks: JLin was the one on the court. He saw what we didn’t see including his coach. He trusted him enough to let him make the right decision on the Raptor game and we all know the result. The CLUTCH 3 on the arc that he didn’t do well at all. He has high bb iq and is NBA starter. Who am I tell him what to do??????!!!!!!!

  738. Well exactly. We still can dicuss what he should do. But that is just what fans do….

  739. not us cool lin fans lol

  740. Agree. We can discuss and share humble opinion but by all means we aren’t an expert and demand this and that. I’m not going to be that kind of fan. I’m not a blind fan and say he does no wrong. But…. I choose to be a fan that trust him to make his best decision that he can be.

  741. exactly. i am with you. Whenever there’s a dispute about what Lin should do in a particular situation, I am always aware that I’m not in his situation and have way less information than Lin. I try to figure out what was going on in the situation, not bash Lin and question his manhood.

    I try to learn about basketball if I don’t understand why Lin only took 2 shots, for example, rather than just constantly go on about how he needs to shoot more. And I’m not talking about the reasonable posters, but I won’t name names. 😀

  742. Yes I really appreciate it and this is the approach I take as well. Thanks for being so reasonable when JLin is “down”:-)

  743. Yes, agree! some of these poster are so adamant and demanding of Lin, like they have some sort of ownership over Lin and who he is and who he is supposed to be. Sort of controlling.

  744. Yes like @brentyen said, they project their own lives into JLin. Sure glad that JLin doesn’t listen to anyone of us:-)

  745. lol. true that!

  746. this is a bad news. How come Ryan Kelly’s hamstring is so prone to injuries?

  747. Since lots of fans are talking about Lin taking more shots. Let’s see what kind of shots he can take with higher percentage.

    First come to mind is off the pick 3 pointers. But his percentage of making this shot is about the same as the %age of Hill’s mid range.

    Next one will be the elbow step back jumper after a pick. This shot has a much higher %age for Lin.

    The third one will be catch and shoot 3s. But this rarely happen, as no one is passing the ball to him.

    The forth one is attacking the rim if no jumpers are available. Sadly the defense will most likely to key on his drive. So he will need help if he wants layups and floaters.

    All in all, from what I can see….only long 2s are most reasonable shots for him. The less valued shots. I do not blame him not taking it.

  748. because he is paid to tank….JK…

  749. A Taiwan fan named a Minor Planet he discovered ” Jeremy Lin” and is approved by the international committee.


  750. He name it LinShuHow I believe

  751. Should send this news to Lin.

  752. This is why Kobe will never be like MJ, because he’s just a scorer, while MJ is a game changer.

  753. It’s troubling to think of a suggestion that one’s race would determine how he/she should play basketball. Would one color have to shoot more? Would another color have to pass more?

    Being assertive or aggressive is either one’s style or not. I can understand the logic that Lin by nature plays best when aggressive and assertive like in NY. But it has to be empowered by the perfect teammates, coach, system as it happened in 2012.

    When the coach, system, teammates, health is not perfect, that’s where the struggle comes. We can only hope that a team of basketball players will trust one another to get wins. Lin being aggressive like in the past 5 games before the loss helped his performance but not enough to get a W. That’s why Lin lost words when being asked about what to fix first.

    Hopefully Lakers has hit rock bottom but it really depends on Kobe and BScott. As for Lin, we can understand the frustration boiling over but I’m sure Lin’s family and team would advise him not to give up or go on strike with 2 FGA/game because that would be a career-suicide.

    I’m sure Lin will shoot more than 2 FGA tomorrow vs ATL 😀

  754. You read it backwards, BS is Price’s last straw, not the other way around.

  755. He was only putting on effort in the first few games. This seems to be a common habit of iso players, conserve energy on defense so they have the legs to shoot on offense. I think it’s called coasting?

  756. Point conceded, if you insist on that being a “win”. LOL

  757. Good analysis.

    Yes, Lin is not going to just jack up a shot just to jack up a shot, especially if it is low percentage. That’s going to hurt the team. (see Kobe Bryant).

  758. Maybe he is subconsciously putting too much strain on his uninjured leg. It’s weird because he wasn’t even going that hard.

  759. One positive for tomorrow’s game is I’m sure Lin’s team and family would advise him to shoot more than 2 FGAs 🙂
    I’m guessing 7-9 FGAs

  760. Yes, I’ve noticed this. Kobe team and ball is getting more and more R alike each game it plays. The only difference between two are FO, media and some Lakers fans.

  761. Obviously they have no say in team affairs, but they do sway public opinion to a certain extent.

  762. it’s almost a mystery to see how many Lakers got injured since last season (Steve Blake, Farmar, etc.) Some questioned the hard floor.

    Perhaps they need to consult the best NBA medical team in Phoenix Suns

  763. Believe he should hear of this now. This was at least 2 days old news:-)

  764. I’m guessing McHale is the happiest with this news because he has proof that Linsanity is actually a meteoric phenomenon (asteroid in this case) :]

  765. I could never learn how to swim, Lin should shoot more.

  766. Discouraged about the situation not about the person.

  767. Who you gonna call??!! Ghost busters! No actually Steve Kerr so he can call Nash to reach out to Phoenix.

  768. Great overview of Lin’s limited options.
    Another alternative is people say to take the easiest shots closer to the basket then slowly move away.

    How about driving to the rim, pretend to pass to Kobe and do layup?
    Then pretend to pass to Hill to pop and do a pull up midrange Js?
    Then pretend to pass to Kobe on the perimeter, but shoot off-balance 3s and scream, “Kobeeeee!”? 😀

    Finally answer all reporter’s questions by saying, “I’m finally feeling a little bit like my mentor Mamba with every shot” haha..

  769. I was going to make a comment about McHaleys comet but I think that goes against the rules of this site.

  770. Only a “minor” planet? Biased astronomers! =p

    hahaha, I had to look it up. It’s official: “(316020) Linshuhow”

  771. Wow, you are good. I tried to look it up but could not find it. Brent is right, he used Lin’s Chinese name.

  772. Lin is revolving. You mean evolving. I meant the planet.

  773. Yes, yes .. you may not be calling-names on Halley’s comet by changing it to McHale.
    We have to respect the Halley’s family :]

  774. I only found it because I searched for “linshuhow” after reading Brent’s comment.

  775. Haha, next time Lin does something great, we can describe his performance as “astronomical”

  776. 🙁 RT @warriorsworld: "Will Kobe ever pass the ball?" https://t.co/NUmaY9Fm87— Spurs Diva (@SpursDiva7) November 18, 2014

  777. LOL @psalm234:disqus You are in a “funny” mood today:-)

  778. LOL I’m not sure I want to take the poll anymore. He will probably be DNP-CD or 0-0 or maybe 100-40 if I take another guess:-)

  779. Thank you!

  780. hmmm interesting!

  781. Lets go Memphis!!!

  782. To be fair, Lin is averaging around 8 or 9 shots per game. All they are arguing is that Lin could shoot perhaps 3 more shots per game, to maybe 11 or 12 level, so that his scoring average will go from 11 to 12 to 15. It’s doable, but is Lin’s game suited to doing that? I have no idea. I am certainly hoping that he shoots 11 to 12 shots per game, but Lin can and will do whatever he wants.

  783. We have to live with it, or don’t watch his games.

  784. I think they know all their posts have absolutely no effect on how Lin will play. They are just venting their frustration and hope Lin gets decent stats even if Lakers will win only 10 games this season. It does them good venting their frustration by posting. As long as they do so without cursing, I have no objection.

  785. Lin should take it to the pool, first!

  786. Conversely, often times, Lin himself says he played very badly, but some Lin fans keep on insisting Lin played well. Well, it’s their right to express their opinions, so I have no problem with posts going the other way. I agreed with Lin almost every time he expressed how he played.

  787. Who won yesterday (poll)?

  788. Even though a coach can change his mind and do things differently from what he said, I am pretty surprised that BS said he will limit Kobe’s PT to something like 25 minutes. It sort of makes it hard to trust whatever BS says.

  789. LOL, he will be in jail as soon as he walks into the gym

  790. Yeah, but did he add the caveat that it’d be after Kobe breaks MJ’s record?

  791. Early last season while Bev was out injured and Lin started, Jeremy shut down Conley and held him scoreless.

    So yeah, go Memphis!

  792. 20-41 Grizz, second qt
    love it..

  793. Yeah, with Kobe in the equation it’d be like playing the lottery without knowing how many sets of numbers to choose.

  794. I hope Conley pulls a Corey Brewer on them.

  795. Oh haven’t heard that one. Did Scott say that today?

  796. That fact that Lakers revolve everything around Kobe is just plain wrong and stupid. You can’t win with just one player, no matter how good he is. Just look at Lebron in Cleveland. And Lebron is at his prime and Kobe is on his way out. Still the Lakers are catering to all the Kobe needs and so the franchise is sinking fast. Jim Buss should really step down or the Lakers will just stink for the next few years.

  797. Y’know, Bryant undercutting Lin may be obvious, but I’m apparently such a Pollyanna that it didn’t cross my mind until you just now said it. I’ve been pushing chess pieces around in my mind, as though this situation could be “understood” and maybe even “fixed” sort of rationally. Nope – it’s a lizard brain thing. Maybe guys just have a gut instinct for recognizing animal competition among themselves. Thanks for slicing through my “analytics”.

  798. I dont think there is any truth in it. If Kobe dont respect nor like Jeremy, Lin would not have landed in LAL, for sure. And thats a fact.

    All that has happened thus far only indicates that Kobe inclines towards Lin. But the issue here is, JL is not a shot chucker like Kobe. The way Jeremy sees it, Teamball wins. The way Kobe sees it, taking more shots wins.

    And then you have a Coach that has a LAL DNA and respects Kobe so much and having difficulties to tame Kobe.

    Until they go heart to heart and figure this things out, its gonna be difficult for the entire team and not only Jeremy

  799. SCREENS. I wish the Lakers would use those more. The easiest way to get open and tire out the defense is to run your defender through several screens every possession. I don’t recall seeing many catch and shoot screen plays for Lin.

    Also, Lin has had some nice two-man-game/give-and-go scores. These set up Lin to cut past his man and basically burn his defender with his speed without actually having to dribble. Kawhi and Iggy might be able to bother his dribble, but there is no way they can keep up with his footspeed when they are crowding him. I also think this would be a good way to beat traps.

  800. jeremy should confront Kobe and order him to stop playing selfishly, he’s the floor general. I would like Jeremy to not give a damn about kobes superstardom. Jeremy’s going to face a lot of these superstar problems throught out his nba career, he should start to be bold now. Just my thoughts.

  801. Geez, and not only controlling…they act as though Lin’s entire universe is contained in their single skulls. As though their opinion is the only voice of reason in his life. As though Lin is some weirdly blank avatar devoid of any personal expertise, and as well is not advised by many, many folks vastly more experienced at basketball than any of them (and possibly more experienced at life as well). Do they think his life is some sort of “Truman Show” with every moment in the twittering blogosphere for their exclusive advice and counsel? Just because they don’t know about it, do they imagine nobody else is talking to him?…coaches past and present, owners, agents, teammate friends past and present, family, friends. Makes me think sometimes those “adamant and demanding” posters are gamers living with all the depth of smart-phone screens.

  802. LOL

  803. Even losing and his average going down, Lin must continue to fight and fight with uptempo attitude. He must not only raising his hand to demand the ball but also need to jump up and down to make sure it’s noticed. Lin must return to where he was and where he should have been. He must drive and draw contact, not avoiding it. He has to play to get cut under the chin or getting whacked on the head. Remember when they had to foul him was when they feared him.

    Ever since Lin got out of Houston and landed in LA, he’s somewhat getting a little comfortable. With all the good talks from coach and Kobe he bought in that this is the place where he’s always been wanted to be part of. Well he and the rest of us were wrong, Ballhog Harden was nowhere near comparing to Kobe. The only thing better here is the media who majority are on the supporting side for Lin. Lin must wake up and realize he must fight harder here in LA than Houston. We’ve reached rock bottom ladies and gentlemen.

  804. Confrontation is not the nature of Jeremy Lin.

  805. Well said. NBA is becoming another pro wrestling.

  806. Yeah…I don’t know that that’s true. There are plenty of anecdotes from his young years about his bossy and confrontational ways. He’s in very different circumstances in the NBA, looking to make his place in a very large pond with big egos and big dollars behind every coach and front office calculation. He does not roll over, but he carefully picks his moments, and at this point in his young career (imho) that way is clearly painful but smart and disciplined. He’s developed some pretty impressive diplomacy skills, but before that he was stubborn and in-your-face. Imho, confrontation is available to him if he decides it’s the best option.

  807. Rox is getting beat up by Grizz 97-66 3Q..

  808. …behind Harden’s 1-8 FG. Music to my ears that Rox are getting exposed for their easy schedule in the early season.

  809. You’re correct about Lin and his past but as far as we know, he has expressed frustration in a classy way before but confrontation? Not him, probably never.

  810. Wow you still have the stomach to watch R game:-) Good on u!

  811. I suspect he’s boxscore watching, like me. 🙂

    Rox down by 31 right now and looking very much like the Lakers.

  812. Yea it seems like it…

  813. nah. not really, I just have to look to cheer for the Grizz..

  814. well, in my teeny opinion, “Not him, probably never” is a bit much. If you mean a public “calling out” then I’d say you’re right, because I believe he is highly likely to calculate that as low-probability on the productive scale. But we don’t know what is said and done behind the scenes, and we are not likely to. As soon as he sat down with Marc Lamont Hill – Mr. Huff Post “Lin can’t Play” – Lin called him on it, which clearly rather surprised Hill who did some babbling back-pedaling. Maybe people want “confrontational” to look more aggressive, but being fearlessly direct is confrontation. Easy for him to do with a reporter. Vastly more complex situation with his team. I won’t say “Never”. I’ll say it would happen privately, and the closest we’d hear about it is if a third party let slip some tales.

  815. LOL U gave me a cause to look at the box score:-) Just wonder where is Terrance Jones? He is no longer with R?

  816. The reason is simple, their 3 ball wasnt working today. (8-34) 23%

  817. Leg injury, no time table.

  818. This is a fact that will not change. We can complain but it is not going to do a thing. Kobe is going to be there for another season after this and possibly BEYOND! It’s insanity but that’s LA.

  819. The most person FGA is Ariza with with 4-13 and 1-7 with 16 pts in 32:21.

    Hardin is 1-8 FGA 0-4 FGA-3 with 6 pts in 33:32. WOW! Very nice stat!

  820. 21 TO’s? Holy Cow! That’s not just incompetence…that’s what happens when you’re freaked out and play too wild. Couldn’t happen to a nicer team! 🙂

  821. Thanks for the info.

  822. Ya! Just saw the last few min? Can’t believe Harden only got 6 points?! Rox lose by -26. But that 3 dumb commentators said on Wed Lakers is in town so we can get the win since Lakers D is so bad… smh!

  823. As the schedule gets tougher and legs grow tired, Rox will fall out of the top 4 rather quickly.

  824. Yeah indeed 🙂

  825. The Cleveland Cavs are exactly like the Lakers but with better players. Kyrie is like Kobe and Lebron views the game like Lin. THat is why they lose like crazy despite having some elite talent on that team.

    The Lakers have lesser players all around with an over the hill selfish star and thus you see a horrible product on the floor.

  826. We sure will hear some in his summer testimony in Taiwan. When he leaves the team, we will begin to hear tidbits here and there. JLin is alwas doing in his own classy way. Admire of his maturity in handing the adverse situation.

  827. I didn’t say never “Never” but it was “probably” never. Yes many things happened behind closed door but I doubt it was confrontation. Lin and his teammates will have respectful exchanges for sure because they’re new to each other. As far as Mr. Huff Post, I wouldn’t call it a confrontation but rather be a correction of a disagreement or at best a debating.

  828. If and only if he stays healthy.

  829. Well you will continue to enlight us here:-)

  830. According to Kobe, a crime is happening in every play and in every Lakers’ game.

  831. Seem like it. Checked JLin Only Garden. It’s confirmed Kobe and JLin are side by side.

  832. I will admire Jeremy in a different way if he actually stands up for himself as a leader of the team right there on the court and confronts the so call superstars. He will make enemies that way but he will also earn a lot of respect.

  833. I bet Kobe would refuse to pass the salt to Lin :p

  834. I guess we have to start really low now.. Can only go up from there :]

  835. …or the pepper. John Lee with first assist.

  836. yes, yes .. we need to be in our stress-free zone, right ? haha..

  837. hm,.. I don’t think anyone won. But let me check anyway

  838. really low?! 0-0 for 10 games?! thats a statement!

  839. Saw this in JLin Only Garden. Don’t know where the news on #3. Haven’t seen or read this anywhere. Sorry no translation from me. Maybe someone can do the summary??
    (原貼:林素華) (搜狐体育B.Kwan洛杉矶前方报道)2014年11月17日,湖人队主场迎战金州勇士队。本场比赛湖人队以115比136负于勇士,常规赛战绩跌至8负1胜。比赛结束后湖人队主教练和林书豪接受了记者的采访。
    我的天,书豪说的也太明显了: 如果我在比赛中只是担心自己的进攻表现,这也许是对球队进攻体系的破坏。如果我打得非常坚决,一定就占用了球队的进攻机会。如果我打进了当然好,如果我打不进就是浪费了机会。
    而且“ 没有人可以告诉我我应该怎么做。不管别人说什么写什么,我都不会在意。别人说什么根本不会影响我。 ”强大的心里素质,会不受喷子的影响的,,真好!!!我估计书豪也常常看到贴吧或者论坛或者新闻评论有人喷他。

  840. …..then miss the plate and get salt and pepper on the table when he tries to put it on his food.

  841. That would be very Lin-salting.

  842. it’s a good thing he was on vacation from being a crime-fighter against the Hornets :>

  843. It’s true. It’s criminal how Kobe challenges triple teams on a regular basis while ignoring wide-open teammates.

  844. It was fun watching Kato fight the Hornets.

  845. Good to hear that. He is so confident and not fearing about any pressure! And he claimed nobody will affect him, and he knows exactly what to. And of course, he has faith in God, what he needs to do is do something he believes is right.

  846. “The Rockets get smoked like a rack of ribs here in Memphis…119-93. No O…No D and generally bad play.” It doesn't just happen to Lakers!— Stephanie Keaton (@StephKeaton) November 18, 2014

  847. you mean the 3 stooges..lol

  848. Did not hear Lin said about #3 from his post game interview? Maybe this reporter did one on one interview w him?!

  849. Trying to chase MJ before he gets injure again..

    Kobe/MJ graphic “Chasing Jordan” via @BleacherReport – MJ played 15 seasons. 29,277 in Chicago. 3,015 in Washington pic.twitter.com/iyGFZgv39Q— Ryan Ward (@Lakers_Examiner) November 18, 2014

  850. Wow, Jordan played 5 years less than Kobe and is still beating him in points.

  851. Translation, please 🙂

  852. Ya! I really hate them.. don’t know how bad they will do if Lin plays bad vs Rox… smh! Don’t want to listen to their comments.

  853. But saw Kobe took the picture w fans w/o the hat?!

  854. I know I’m a little puzzle on that bit as well. Maybe it’s just not juicy enough for western reporters? I don’t know but I’m glad to hear JLin maintains his stand.

  855. @JLin7, Kobe and other Lakers players just having dinner together in Atlanta.(photocred:@emmag2134) pic.twitter.com/NSwIXEJJOO— Librafree (@Librafree) November 18, 2014

  856. You have an amazing thought process…

  857. They are similar, yet…at different level

  858. Yum!

  859. You know what? Sometimes Chinese reporters always will add their own opinion on it… That’s why you always see very positive comments from them.

  860. No…the 2nd steal of Lenard. Lin did not even started to dribble yet. He is just not used to those genuine elite defenders. The problems with asking for screens are
    1. they will not be there on time and one target.
    2. they does not make contact while setting screens, which puzzles me.

    So..simpler is better, just one guy stand there, he goes pass it and pull up.

  861. Good one!

  862. Lets not go that extend calling them dumb

  863. please do stop the mockings 🙂

  864. he probably did behind the scene

  865. Totally different

  866. I heard this on radio. Not all the reporters stay till the end of interview, thus videos might not be complete.

  867. The Spurs has the most streamlined team offense because they have great passers. Everybody can pass like a PG and no one is shooting until at most 8 or 7 seconds left in shot clock.

  868. I heard #3 on radio, Jeremy said that, he is not feeling more pressure…..

  869. which radio….how was his tone?

  870. Really? What radio? ESPN or NBA radio?

  871. In other news, Kobe is a black hole.

  872. new ATL pregame thread is open +voting poll.

    There might be a lot of uncertainty but I keep going strong. I vote 15/5 for Lin tomorrow.
    At least they had dinner together tonight in ATL


  873. “First come to mind is off the pick 3 pointers. But his percentage of making this shot is about the same as the %age of Hill’s mid range.”

    The difference is a 3 pointer is worth 50% more points than a 2 pointer. That skews the percentages. So the percentage per point goes up.

  874. I checked noone was even close.

  875. It is, but he hits it at 21%. I believe his step back mid range is more than 1.5x of that.

  876. ok..They’ll mock JLin on live tv once again Wednesday…

  877. Thats allowed, but not here…LOL pun intended

    Since we all agreed to go by the set of the rules ironed here, appreciate we still to them. Thanks

  878. I would like that but the rockets are 9-2, lakers 1-9…c’mon lets be real here

  879. He probably would just sprinkle it on himself!

  880. Compared to rockets early schedule, Lakers played mostly playoff bound teams. If the lakers don’t implode first, i think they’ll regroup and realize things must change and start playing as a team and playing much better.

  881. If Lin plays like the GS game, then you should start adding 0-0-0 like my bowling scores.

  882. Well if he did and the coaches did, it’ll be obvious he’s one of the top 5 players in the game, an all star and first team defensive player. 😉

  883. At some point you have to Lin-salt the salt can.

  884. @webattorney:disqus, I found your username in the blacklist and I removed it a while back.
    I’m not sure how it got there but I don’t think you made serious violations.
    Just want to let you know. I want to apologize for the oversight.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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