G10 GSW @ LAL Game Thread+Chat

Will a sick Kobe play to prove something? Or will he rest so Jeremy and Boozer will the main creator on offense?

Will Lin be able to maintain or improve his membership in 50-40-90 (% of FG-3FG-FT) elite club in the past 5 games? Kobe-centric offense, Lakers bench and weak interior defense would still likely bring Laker another loss against the hot-shooting Warriors but we’ll never give up to cheer Lin to do his best with his opportunities!. We’re waiting for a game where Jeremy gets that ‘Linsanity’ look and is given the chance to lead the offense to a much needed win


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  1. Step back 3!!

  2. and he finally won!!!
    Nice to be finally back on top, isn’t it? :>

  3. The air is fresh up here ^^

  4. Catch and shoot more effective…

  5. 2nd!

  6. I really hope Lin has a monster game and wins today for the 127 from my current hometown.ψ(`∇´)ψ

  7. Kerr means that he is ok with Kobe having to take a lot of shots for tons of bricks

  8. of coz ….haha….bricking & bricking

  9. Freeze the defense in the midrange, then either lob 3s over them or blow past them to the midrange.

    Oh wait – Golden State already has that strategy covered.

    Ummm, GO LIN!!!

    yeah, something like that.

  10. If Kobe keeps reading these tweets and tries to go out and prove them wrong, it’s going to be a long night…

  11. We already know Lin can catch and shoot, he needs to work on his off dribble shots instead. Especially since once he passes the ball doesn’t come back to him! He just needs to run on fast break himself and just stop and pop.

  12. Michael, are you like me in that you derive a sort of perverse pleasure from seeing LOWBIE BRYANT bricking his way into oblivion?

    To me, it looks like a 80s teen comedy movie like “Better off Dead” or “One Crazy Summer” (both featuring a young John Cusack) where you know that the outcome is a hilarious train wreck and it’s fun to watch it happen!!!

  13. Yes, he does. I’m just teasing @Michael 🙂

  14. The last few games I have been watching and saying to myself “there is no way he is going to shoot that…and….he just did”. As much as it feels like someone force feeding me my least favorite food, I just keep watching…so yes XD.

  15. I almost thought I typed that.

  16. edited 😛

  17. Ouch!

  18. LMAO…..hahaha no one will come until LAL start to do something differently

  19. Why are they targeting Westbrook?

  20. Jokes aside….RWB fits current LAL team perfectly…He does not run a team at all. And LAL is not a team ran by PG anyway

  21. Nice looking mid-range Js

  22. So do you think Scott would stagger him and Kobe’s minutes?

  23. Will he be UFA next year?

  24. kobe and westbrook would have even more drama.

  25. He does not have to. RWB will just go crazy every game. Kind fo resting Kobe while Kobe is on the floor

  26. Why would Kerr suddenly bring this up. Hmmm…

  27. Must have been asked by a reporter.

  28. LOL..yeah right

  29. Let’s see…35min only not 42min! lol

  30. sick pleasure indeed – bring out the popcorn!!

  31. He talks too much

  32. Don’t believe him. smh!

  33. Coach BS will be watching in awe at Kobe’s minutes.

  34. Yes, watch Kobe’s minutes go up…smh

  35. Scott is Kobe’s puppet not Kobe’s “coach”

  36. What? So now Nash talked to Kerr instead of Scott?!

  37. That would be a strange one to ask out of the blue………………bell.

  38. Ouch.

  39. Makes Scott look like the uncaring person that he s.

  40. I agree with Brent 😛

  41. Well everyone is “watching”…

  42. Yes, watching, and watching, and watching…

  43. I know but I also don’t like Kerr… he is mean like last time no need to put Lakers down so much since they won for sure… today he sure will do the same again.. smh!

  44. Reporter: So coach what is your game plan for tonight?
    Kerr: Stop middle penetration and I talked to Steve Nash….

  45. He just keeps digging that hole. He will get himself fired as a liar and indecisive person.LOL

  46. alright…..10 seconds less than last game…

  47. Stop exposing your nonsense, BS.

  48. I laughed when I read this XD.

  49. That’s what player union was for.

  50. So, by the end of season, Kobe will playing 48 minutes with 50 FGA?

  51. Wow. The BS level is unbelievable …..good job Coach

  52. What? smh! So like I said there is no 1st or 2nd unit in Lakers only Kobe’s unit…. !!!

  53. Sounds like a perfectly good segue.

  54. Too short…48 min..LOL!

  55. yeah, we know Kobe will be Kobe KHuang 🙂

    And please replace “LowBi– Bryant” to something creative like “Kobe No-Bad-Shot Bryant”. We try to prevent establishing name-calling (for insult) as the standard for the site to prevent users from calling each other names. But creative & descriptive adjective is okay. Thank you!

  56. lol….plus OT minutes

  57. sadly

  58. THis isn’t even news anymore.

  59. Reggie Jackson just lost his handle. ball control really varies game by game. No surprise, he has zero FGM so far.

  60. maybe we can get Musselman or Bruce Arians (from NFL) to provide real coaching


  61. Scott is a genius

  62. I hope everyone else all got the flu shot ?!

  63. Ok.

    Kobe Housebuilding Bryant.

  64. Coach Scott is Kobe’s byttch. Seriously, the Lakers could’ve saved themselves some $$$ by making Kobe the player-coach.

  65. there’s a reason he didn’t say “manage”

    it’s a code-word to tell everyone, “Hey, I’m just one of you guys watching Kobe minutes” :]
    Personally, I think it’s a cry for help

  66. Translation: “Kobe take all the shots you want, and we will win. I have faith in your bricking ability.”

  67. Kobe, please give these young fellas some of your minutes.

  68. Nice! Bricklayer reference :]

  69. With ‘slowly’ being the operative word.

  70. Sloth-like speed.

  71. Translation: I have no plan to develop them.

  72. TBH, even if Kobe shot at 70%…they probably will still lose…LOL

  73. I think that’s the right thing to do for them… Lakers have Kobe for too long just didn’t know how to train these rookies… I agree w what HOU did send the rookie to DL for one year, right now all the players out of HOU all play well.

  74. I think everyone is thinking Kobe treating this as his potential “MJ-Flu” game


  75. Now this has been picked up by social media…LOL


  76. Clarkson got a lot of praise by ESPN last game. So lakers d league him.

  77. This removes competition for Kobe. Nick will play with Kobe not replace kobe….if you were wondering. Also not as young As other 2

  78. Didn’t D’antoni use the same play time for Kobe? I mean Kobe is the real coach.

  79. Kevin Durant is probably thinking. Go to LA Russ 😛

  80. What about Henry? He got 33 last night?

  81. Some easy predictions tonight: Golden state easily wins. Kobe scores 30 on 40% shooting. Kobe will look promising at times but it will be more of the same. Lin will have to scrap for his stats again like always.

  82. If Kobe stays, both will not come for sure.

  83. I’m ok with all the focus on Kobe & BS. At least JLin is the not the fall guy like in HTown

  84. He plays 5 to 10 minutes. Often with Kobe. What do they expect?

  85. True, but I still hate to see Jeremy in this type of environment, too much drama.

  86. Last night ? No game last night

  87. The DL one he went w Clarson.

  88. You don’t think BS has the front offices full support?

  89. That he explodes like a Rocket…I guess

  90. Yeah i do, but when it blow up, guess who is the fall guy. Same thing happened to Dantoni

  91. I have not been following d league

  92. Musselman would get himself fired in 3 games for winning and benching Kobe. So he’d never get hired in the first place

  93. I think Scott gets that and will cry himself in the river of money he is earning like mda is doing right now

  94. Will Bogut try to set more moving screens against Jeremy tonight?

  95. What??? I don’t get it.

  96. I still LOL when I see Hill defending like that

  97. I don’t think Scott gets plaything.

  98. It’s tough when winning on court and on Ego don’t see eye-to-eye

  99. How cute… they just finished the program w
    The Ellen Degeneres Show.

  100. Hill’s nice screen for Curry

  101. I just mean these coaches will be fine and find consolation in the hefty salaries they earn and the strong buyout clauses their agents negotiatet in the contracts should the coach get fired.

  102. Hill: I surrender! Don’t shoot!

  103. OK….as I posted, I still don’t think Scott gets anything

  104. I wish I could say you’d be wrong but I think you’re right. The next two hours is going to be painful as always for us Lin fans.

  105. So Bogut gets shot instead.

  106. Well he’s still making at least 1 million right for this season now being the coaching mouthpiece. Not a bad gig for most people.

  107. magic is there wow

  108. And the plot thickens….

  109. I agree

  110. cute kids. great to see Lin and Lakers fans out in force

  111. LOL I really like this: “The plot thinkens.” Which way to go?

  112. lakers are still the lakers. 1-8 and the stars still show up. a bit surprising after rox days where we was good and lol no one showed up

  113. If George Karl is not available, Magic should take over as coach

  114. It’s just reality. But we are all here because we remain hopeful! No matter how crazy it is, we are all here waiting for the same breakout moment and chance for Lin.

    Even if Kobe hurt himself, I think it would take 5 to 10 more games for this team to get a grip and allow Lin to play team ball.

  115. Rober Horry: Need to put lin PnR after Pnr after Pnr……..

  116. TWC talking about Jeremy. Horry says pick n roll them to death in the 4th quarter.

  117. Well he is supposed to be a home-grown player.. until questionable basketball decisions sunk in.

  118. Magic coached before. It was disaster

  119. You’re .000001 of a sec slower. lol

  120. was a long while ago. Can’t do worse than Scott, and will use Lin better

  121. Story of the night for me. Joyce keeps posting .0001 sec faster than me. LOL

  122. Horry is right but it won’t happen. I’m not sure if Scott is spineless (doubt it) or just doing what the management wants which is allow Kobe to get stats while team loses.

  123. Ah the white Sunday jersey which he looks so Gorgeous! in, with a capital G and exclamation point hehehe

  124. If you got beaten by her, feel no shame.

  125. Wonder when they wakeup. smh.

  126. Horry is spot on

  127. This will just be a tank year. Let’s just hope lins role and stats expands

  128. Off topic, Wow Rockets scored 9 pts in 3Q and they still up by 2 in the 4th.

  129. On a side-note, apparently Bev checking the refs’ breath is not a cause to get a technical foul


  130. probably when they are done tanking and get their pick

  131. LOL What is that? This guy is still relevant?

  132. He’s desperately trying to be…

  133. junkyard dog wanted a kiss

  134. Tech? Ejection…

  135. nah, he never was. he just thinks he is.

    most people know he’s Harden’s ballboy and nothing else.

  136. Showing tough love on the refs

  137. How many games suspension? I say 3.

  138. Why would you even think of doing that to a ref. Unless…. you don’t think.

  139. No T apparently. Maybe after the game

  140. “When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.”
    – Ronald Reagan

  141. bingo

  142. LOL, love it. Thanks for the quote.

  143. This guy is an embarrassment to his team and the NBA…

  144. Might be a fine too.

  145. Kobe had the worst game of his career vs. the Spurs on Friday. He shot 1-of-14 from the floor: http://t.co/Nhm5X6rMGf pic.twitter.com/EHtC2SM7KY— SB Nation NBA (@SBNationNBA) November 15, 2014

  146. LOL

  147. Staples Center became sort of a tourist destination. Not that I’m complaining though

  148. based on comment, surprisingly no T

  149. How long can LAL hang with GSW today?

  150. I kind of want Kobe to shoot them out of the game really really early so Lin can do his thing. But now Price is back and he will get garbage time. That’s the whole 4th quarter 🙁

  151. Rockets and OKC might OT. Does this effect Lakers game starting time?

  152. exavtly, we need to hang there for long enough so Lin gets his 15p 5a

  153. why? is this game on NBA TV?

  154. No clue, I’m using a link for Lakers game but they are still showing Rockets game =/

  155. Nice start. Lin stole the rebound from Boozer 🙂

  156. Sigh .. still weak interior D

  157. Hill needs to stop those painful midrange Js after 2-3 misses

  158. When will they stop the big shooting long?

  159. He does that at least once a game 🙂

  160. Kobe kills team bb even if he makes shots.

  161. sadly, when Davis checks in

  162. Going to be a very very long game.

  163. Feel like it already.

  164. Curry with 5 assists already…

  165. KT is playing like he’s proving something.

  166. lead already wide.

  167. hahahaha Jeremy sets BETTER screens that Jordan Hill

  168. Kobe is going to shoot at least 40+ at this pace.

  169. No surprise

  170. Lakers are lucky Warriors had some missed shots but their defense is still horrible! Why are they giving wide open shots?! Run to the shooter with a hand up at least!

  171. LOL the whole paint are wide open for bogut..

  172. Ok, I can’t watch this Bryant ball mess. Would appreciate someone on this site to update when Lin gets to play. Thanks!

  173. LOL

  174. It’s sad basketball for the Lakers.. So predictable offense.

  175. Lin’s teammates have blown 32 or 3 assists for Lin.

  176. LOL

  177. and the team will be lost by 20+ pts

  178. That’s minimum at this pace unless JLin stays the whole 4th qtr. He won’t allow that:-) Otherwise, it’s a fact and maybe more. Kobe is really Kobe.

  179. 2 or 3, not 32.

  180. The theme with Lakers is that someone not known for offense has a great night.

  181. Can Lin please take some shots?!

  182. Lin does not want to be there at all

  183. Lin is going to get taken out any minute so Kobe can have rest of first quarter by himself to shoot all he wants. Oh wait a minute…

  184. Hill thank you for setting screen for Curry.

  185. Does he have the chance after ball leaves his hand?? Can’t shoot with invisible ball:-(

  186. David in early

  187. LIn only shot once and about get pulled out

  188. No D adjustment from BS. Hill can’t guard Bugus.

  189. That’s just when Lin comes out of the game in the first. Nothing new here.

  190. So Scott how is this working for you? SMH

  191. Lin standing around when he doesn’t have the ball and still not shooting!

  192. I did not expect it was bogut killing the LAL tho…LOL

  193. I bet Kobe is taking more shots than Lin even with invisible ball.

  194. 🙁 double digit behind already.

  195. Seems like the stat line will not be good for Lin today

  196. Poor quarter by Lin.

  197. If he doesn’t take shots no it won’t cause he won’t get to stat pad this time!

  198. don’t give up hope yet.

  199. damn curry has 7 assists already and Lakers getting pummeled

  200. If Lin doesn’t have the ball he can’t shoot it.

  201. Look at all these Laker teammates they are not gun shy but Lin right now is!

  202. I have to write an apology letter to McHale that he’s not the worst coach.

  203. Not much he could do when he doesn’t have the ball, at all.

  204. I’m curious to see how close of a game the sixers and lakers game will be.

  205. With Kobe and the rest of the starters play how they play, I will be surprised he will get any pt 🙁

  206. He still is one actually. The only difference is BS haven’t thrown Jeremy under the bus.

  207. Should have kept D’Antoni.

  208. So sick of BS’ rotation. Lin and Hill always out at 6~7 min mark. Hill OK, but how about Kobe instead at least once in a while so Lin can play with Davis early?

  209. But when he has it he doesn’t shoot! He knows very well the ball isn’t going to come back to him. Only way he can score is to shoot after walking the ball up half court!

  210. this game is over

  211. That’s definitely true. Never want to have bad wishes to any player but am getting there….

  212. YEP

  213. And Lakers have 2 assts LOL

  214. Lin never get the ball back once he made the first pass.

  215. Lakers are +8, they still have a chance to beat the odds.

  216. Words of Wisdom: To convince someone they are wrong is to let them have their way.

  217. It is over even before it begins anyway.

  218. Lin is not going to shoot just to shoot. Sometimes I wish he would, but that’s not the way he is.

  219. the offense clearly don’t fit the player yet they take the same shots. and on top of that lay bad defense. i am gaining some serious hat for theses bigs. they always shoot the ball no matter what. if the miss 3 they will shoot it again. also they play 0 defense. how does this guy let them shot those shots. also why have they not been benched

  220. What good does it do kobe?

  221. kOBE = in IDGAF mode.

  222. heheeh nobody in Lakers is fighting for rebounds?!?!

  223. He is the invincible, incredible, indispensable…..

  224. The entire team are garbage too.

  225. He has indirectly, by lumping Lin as being useless w/everyone but Bryant on the team. I’m just waiting for it…just like noWhere tx.

  226. uh rebounds ?

  227. Lin doesn’t get to play with 2nd unit but Kobe gets to! How does that makes sense? Wouldn’t you want your best PG facilitating your bench while Kobe rests?

  228. kobe saves the lakers there

  229. Only down 11! Woo hoo! Kobe actually passed the ball to someone wide open. What is this world coming to?

  230. SO the bad about lin come out 1st is that Lin has to play with Price to start the 2nd……the worst line up I think…

  231. Not him, it’s about the team.

  232. this is why this is kobe’s team…witness greatness

  233. Not he hasn’t. It is not the same as saying it as it is like McHale did.

    McHale is the the biggest Jeremy hater out there

  234. Kobe only passes to Davis for PnR! But it should be Lin out there playing with Davis who’d be a much deadly duo! Scott is all about padding Kobe’s stats.

  235. Kobe is a hard worker he doesn’t need rest.

  236. There is NO greatness until they win

  237. IDGAF but me, myself & I getting my basket god status established.

  238. LOL LOL. Too funny.

  239. Just turned in.. hows Lin doing so far?

  240. Here we go with Kobe trying to have his “MJ-flu” game.
    13 shots in Q1 alone.
    Only 15 shots for the rest of the Lakers

    This is so SAD!

  241. Troll alert.

  242. He is putting up stats in garbage team. Everyone else is just coming along for the ride.

  243. Playing Invisible ball among starters as usual.

  244. Lin’s in the game with Price. Looks like he’s going to play the entire second quarter.

  245. Yup, it was a guaranteed loss when Bryant said he’s going to play.

  246. Wow, Kobe leads Lakers in point, rebound, and assist!

  247. Lin back in now, please score!

  248. thx, Melody~~ our boy is in..

  249. Let’s see how many times Price passes the ball to JLin. Bet is 0

  250. He probably has the ball 80% of the time.

  251. We get it, you want Lin to score. Can you chill with that talk, please?

  252. There you go Ed

  253. Ed Davis with the block!

  254. Being subtle is not better imo. It’s just more deceptive.

  255. Bad turnover. Crap.

  256. WTH?

  257. Iggy and Leonard got Lin’s #

  258. When Lin has the ball, it really looks like there’s no where to go. Bad spacing.

  259. that was painful

  260. It’s for you. It’s different for me. BS is more positive with Jeremy than Mc was, is, and will ever be,

  261. Lin has to be careful with Iggy

  262. Crossing over openly in front of those long-armed elite defenders is not a good idea. =/

  263. what happend to Kelly?

  264. Ryan Kelly again with the hamstring?!! OMG what is wrong with this team?!

  265. Lin will lose his starting job if this bad ball handling keep happening.

  266. Yep

  267. here we go

  268. Aggravated his hamstring injury! He has one left and right side!

  269. When Lin is looking to drive or probing the defense, ti looks like he just does it all by himself, and he just ends up dribbling the ball and not finding an opening. Something is off with that offense. Again, bad spacing.

  270. Good for you IJ for giving BS the benefit of the doubt. I’m just not buying it. Just waiting for his true colors to show up.

  271. he was indecisive looking around not driving or shooting or passing

  272. hehehe. Pretty frustrating but….

  273. He needs to call for a pick in those situations. No need to play 1v1 and make it harder for himself.

  274. they should not rush him back, sit him till completely recovered.

  275. Lin hasn’t been playing well these past games! He’s just dribbling and not attacking or shooting!

  276. His head is not in the game now.

  277. he did, it comes in very late

  278. hes hurting again or he isnt recovered good enough

  279. Yeah, ok. If it stays at this one. He’s got to be more decisive and shoot his own 2 pointers, create his own shots now and just shoot them.

  280. Very frustrating…not sure how you can watch the travesty. lol

  281. Yeah, although I said that, Lakers bigs setting a pick is a joke anyway.

  282. Hate to give haters fuel, but yes.

  283. Are you going to watch Jeremy or do you want to take this talk all day?

  284. Kobe now sits, Lin needs to stop forcing and let the offense comes to him.

  285. let’s be patient. When Kobe takes over with ball-handling and shooting, it’s not easy.
    Let’s hope Lin find his groove and rhythm.

  286. Nice hockey assist for Lin.

  287. He should not try to play kobe’s game. at least he will have to learn it.

  288. This lineup is WAY better in comparison to the first one.

  289. WTF

  290. Frustrating game. Too bad that Ed Davis shot didn’t go in.

  291. How did Lin lose that shot at the rim?!

  292. lin passive today i see

  293. Scott’s silly love affair with Lin and Price in together

  294. passed it to no one

  295. more ball movement without Kobe.

  296. That’s why Clarkson is a third stringer.

  297. Nope, I just didn’t want to be rude & not respond. Done!

  298. Clarkson still need to stutter his steps in fast break..

  299. JLin still no points :/

  300. I predicted 12/5 ;p

  301. Lakers are hurrying their shots rather than setting up the offense.

  302. Hmm I’m about to switch to Walking Dead…

  303. What’s the difference? lol

  304. Ok kobe is back time to watch something else LOL

  305. Announcer: “Jeremy Lin played really good body-defense!”

  306. Haha good one.

  307. that was really good

  308. First time a wide open Lin got looked off by Kobe so he could take a terrible contested shot.

  309. I’m about to switch to MasterChef but I just to remembered I made a promise I’ll support Jeremy good or bad… so I got no choice.

  310. YES heard that!:-)

  311. Lin hasn’t found his rhythm yet but at least Byron left Lin in and took Price out for Kobe.
    This wouldn’t happen in Houston

  312. WAY GOOD. Hill and Boozer should be embarrassed.

  313. Lin trying to force the issue. Looks like Price is coming back in. 🙁

  314. Looks like Price is coming in.

  315. I would do the same. But I dont want to watch the Kome Show

  316. Did Hill only grab offensive board, not defensive board?

  317. the bigs return bad defense also

  318. No excuses, Lin disappeared tonight.

  319. I know. Silly me. I watch sometimes. Mainly just listen to it:-)

  320. So we know Lakers has zero transition defense. No one is willing to run back…

  321. That’s what he does. Nothing new.

  322. Lin looks terrible this game, what’s wrong with him?

  323. Lin playing great defense but his offense is completely off the rail!

  324. Last time I checked, there are 2 and a half quarters left to play.

  325. The loser mentality already began to surface on the whole team. Even Lin shows some of it. Just kind of giving up. What is the point anyway.

  326. boozer and hill can’t start they just can’t

  327. LOL indeed

  328. Lin’s bee terrible this past 3 games! I’ve been saying if not for garbage time he’d have 2 single digit games already!

  329. Can do by changing the two.

  330. Have no clue. Seems out of synch with the team.

  331. We’ve been saying that but Byron won’t change anything! He wants to tank!

  332. No he was not…

  333. And yet they do, surprise.

  334. kobe flu?

  335. He wasn’t unless you will only consider scoring.

  336. troll!

  337. That isn’t true at all. Only this game thus far.

  338. Unfortunately, I think their athletic defenders are bothering Lin a lot.

  339. It only get worse the way thing goes. BTW BS sits him now.

  340. Be respectfully of your comments

  341. Yup, last year in HOU, he score all his points in the second half 2 consecutive games… lets be patient.

  342. The almost got it within 10 with Lin and the second unit.

  343. Starters minus 15 to 25.

  344. Lin is definitely struggling offensively despite the good defense.
    But he’s had 5 straight games of double digits with 50-40-90 elite stats.

    Let’s not get ready to throw the baby with the bath water in the 1st time of struggle.
    Hopefully he can turn it around in the 2nd half.

  345. Lol. Gotta support Glen!

  346. He says he always plays better in the 2nd half

  347. One Asian to another. Good for you.

  348. Floyd loves him some Lin.

  349. Lin has been unwilling to shoot these two games including this one. I have no clue what’s wrong. He had great defense but his offense is not there.

  350. Lin is helping defensively, Davis made a big difference. Lin is not playing with Davis enough. Lin is really poor on offense tonight. He has to figure something out and come out strong in the next half.

  351. No point watching LA games, tanking mode in full swing.

  352. lol not

  353. Sit down Kobe. That hit should heal for the love of potatoes! Don’t force it!

  354. Which Warrior player has some nasty nails? First Hill and not Bryant?!

  355. Doubt he will

  356. Kobe please sit so Lin can play his game!

  357. Kobe’s sacrifice will be remembered forever. Now, let’s get Lin his minutes and shot attempts! =P

  358. Wish it WAS on purpose

  359. they have the original starting 5 from practice 1st unit b4 Lin got the start.

  360. Let’s hope so. But I never saw Lin’s body language like this since he wears Lakers jersey.

  361. I have to admit, BS pulling Lin made sense in the context of the game. I don’t think he pulled a McHale, because McHale would pull Lin when Lin was playing well.

  362. It is absolutely on purpose. Not by players, but by FO.

  363. idk if he pulled him he started the 2nd

  364. Kobe spoke of other players helping Lin to get free, haven’t seen much improvement.

  365. Haha. He’s the only Asian actor ever to ‘mate’ with a white girl .. EVER. He’s paving the way Lol

  366. idk, Lin play good def

  367. Lin is struggling mightily. The aggressive defenders (Iggy and Kahwi) made him super-cautious and second-guessed himself.
    But he needs to stop thinking about it and play fast.

    Hopefully he can gather himself sitting on the bench, formulate a plan and be aggressive in the 2nd half.

  368. Having said that, I’m hoping that Lin will finish the game.

  369. It was his offense, and with the team down so much, BS wanted to make an adjustment with the offense.

  370. Well Kerr might have watched Pop. Put your best one-on-one defender against Kobe…. I mean Jeremy…

  371. I agree. Defense helped but he has to seek deep within himself to contribute offensively

  372. I think it is not that. Unless Lin just shoot, he was basically a sitting duck today because no one is making themselves available.

  373. if that was true, FO has easy job

  374. 0-7 Boooo…zer

  375. its EVERYONE’s offense

  376. That’s what I said but some fans are in denial! I’ve been watching every game and Lin’s offense have been off and he’s not shooting. All his teammates just chucks shots without a care yet Lin just passes and passes.

  377. Every opposing team will start doing this. PoorLin

  378. Man, this game is depressing, lol. Just gotta hope for a resurgent Lin in the second half.

  379. there’s part of that. Teammates not making shot didn’t help

  380. it’s a sign of respect but Lin would need to overcome it.
    Lin can do it

  381. Lin will score atleast 15 in garbage time. I really wouldnt’ mind.. lol

  382. Don’t say poor Lin, he learned how to navigate through the Rockets system, he will do the same here.

  383. Price D ORZ

  384. WIFE: this game sucks, let’s me watch Walking Dead,
    Me: You are watching it

  385. Curry SCHOOLS Price!

  386. They’re going to need at least 20 more Kawhi Leonards.

  387. Now Hill down with his eye hurt, ><" Before we know it Lakers will only have 5 man rotation!

  388. HAha

  389. lol… u r so mean..

  390. I didn’t even notice Price.

  391. lol…OMG

  392. I think this is more like How to Get Away With Murder lol

  393. Game over. Now it’s just a question of whether the Lakers can make this game respectable, and if Lin can get his game back.

  394. I didn’t until Curry faked him on that 3

  395. LOL You are something Mr Yen.

  396. GSW is all about passing but LAL is all about Kobe. Very sad indeed!

  397. the offense is so crap. the movement sucks the shots are always hard. the passes are hard

  398. Well let me take it back a bit – game is almost over, lol. If the can cut the lead down to under 20, there’s a puncher’s chance.

  399. LOL. That’s pretty much what I told @CaliUSMC:disqus

  400. First time I’ve seen Boozer run.

  401. The friendly troll has spoken…

  402. kobe can play if he wants to

  403. Price can’t guard Curry.

  404. Well, after 0-8 he needs an easy bucket.

  405. 2 good possessions by the Lakers.

  406. I’m right. Kobe is 10/21 now. I’m going to be right. He will shoot 40+ in this game:-)

  407. Price is heating up Curry.

  408. 10 for 21 for Kobe, but most of his shots haven’t been forced. Not too bad Kobe this first half.

  409. All Lin fans breathed a sigh of relief when Price missed the layup

  410. Lin is so down, he does not even clap…..very sad to see.

  411. Edited Version : First time I’ve seen Boozer run. ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

  412. I’m hungry.

  413. And Curry not even bothering to guard Price.

  414. That’s more like it.

  415. Indeed. I stopped watching. Just going to catch updates from you guys.

  416. Lin’s offense was off tonight. Good D, really off on O.

  417. He needs to snap out of it though and put his game face on.

  418. you and your apropo emojis…

  419. he must be disappointed in himself but got to come out gun blazing in the 2nd half.
    can’t be too down on himself

  420. he needs to snap out of it.

  421. He has to turn it around in the 2nd half. He has to look to move around more, get the ball and make things happens whether scoring or creating.

  422. lol, snapped it out of my head

  423. Lin’s offense has been off these past games and hasn’t been shooting and now he’s benched for Price. I have not clue what’s wrong. His teammates all aren’t shy about shooting misses but some how he just passes whenever he has the ball.

  424. Kobe seems to have been enjoying the scoring yet losing games ever since PJ left. I wonder how long lakers fans still keep buying tickets.

  425. he was a bit out of control today.

  426. yes, no other ways.. even if he goes 0-5, he needs to attack the rim to get easy points

  427. His offense was ok for past games….just not good so far in this game

  428. Well Jackson is the only one not afraid to sit down Kobe.

  429. impossible, there is a wall between him and the rim

  430. Why is Jeremy coming in now?

  431. Lin back in for the last 30 seconds?

  432. so true. can’t be sad with a happy face, so go play some ball with the game face.

  433. break the wall.. 🙂

  434. For D

  435. Buzzer beater shot attempt?

  436. To show that he finish half and game? LOL

  437. To protect Price from picking up more fouls.

  438. Did we hear that b4?

  439. I’d rather see him dribble in circles going nowhere than to dribble in place.

  440. No it hasn’t if you look at his stats yes he has 15 but half of those points were during garbage time. Last game Lin shot 9 1st half and 0 points 2nd half besides garbage time.

  441. He replaced Johnson…

  442. Lin’s D has been more than good for many games now

  443. Well, the Lakers DID get it under 20 points, lol. Just a nineteen point deficit! Lakers can do this!

  444. That’s what I thought too but Kobe won’t let that happen

  445. Warriors have 40 pts this qtr.

  446. He shoots at good FG%…I think it is ok

  447. Or Johnson…

  448. Almost all 5 GS players are waiting for him to drive. He can’t even drive in. GW is ready for him. BS did nothing to help out. Everything is Kobe ball. Not going to be pretty for him playing for Lakers as BS has no game for him.

  449. This is true.

  450. That’s how Parson got a $46 million dollar contract, so it doesn’t make a difference. They are looking at points..smh

  451. Maybe in the second half, BS will got to a three guard line-up with Price, Lin, and Kobe, and give the boot to Wes Johnson

  452. Very true

  453. ha 🙂 That’s the spirit!
    Lin can still turn this around by attacking the rim relentless in the 2nd half.

  454. only first half and 74 points already. Already more than Rox or OKC whole game.

  455. You be the coach – what adjustments would you make for the second half?

  456. Why do I feel like we are one injury (Kobe) away from another epic run from Jeremy.

  457. Retire.

  458. Nothing….

  459. word

  460. If Byron is smart, he’ll run a play with some screens in the 1st posessions of Q3 to get Lin on the scoreboard.
    He needs Lin to get going to have any hope of catching up

  461. unlikely….

  462. LOL

  463. He hasn’t been assertive nor aggressive. He’s doing that dribble thing where he’s waiting for teammates to move or do something but they aren’t. He just needs to score off his own dribbles but he hasn’t. He needs to understand this Lakers team is horrible and no one’s going to help him score besides himself.

  464. I guess he might not like to have PJ back two seasons ago?

  465. Not with Kobe taking all the shots.

  466. No, I mean if you were the coach, what decisions would YOU make, not what you think BS will do.

  467. Maybe consider suit up Mr. O’Neal for the 2nd half?

  468. Sadly, everyone cares most about points per game.

  469. Do the BASIC PnR plays rather than iso.
    Put a better defender in the interior

  470. “if”

  471. O’Neal sucks at this age. He’s a 300 pound marshmellow now.

  472. let’s not wish any ill-will or injury to any players.

    I’d rather Lin comes out gun blazing even if Kobe is dominating

  473. It is funny how the media is also enjoying the art of mockery.

  474. what’s the difference between a 300lbs Mr. O’Neal and Hill or Boozer? both sucks.

  475. Put Davis and Clarkson in with Lin those 3 play very well together!

  476. sit Kobe. let the rest of the players get into a flow without him.

  477. Thank you, Coach Jane! Some very sound adjustments! More passing before shooting, basic stuff but stuff that works.

  478. Oh…I will run Lin-Clarkson-Kobe-Sacre-Davis Lineup. ANd I will ask Sacre to use all hs fouls on Bogut and sit with some bonus money

  479. Is he focusing too much on defense that it is affecting his offense negatively?

  480. 10/24 for Kobe; heading to 40+; Excellent back from your “flu.” Don’t like to be right but it’s getting there now.

  481. I just want to see ball movement. At least 3 passes. And I dont mean PG dribblng up, passing to the high post and passing to Kobe for the shot.

  482. ask Hill/Boozer to copy the “poke-the-eye” defense by GSW :] jk

    Byron needs to get Lin going scoring-wise on offense so it’s not just Kobe

  483. Does not seem that way. HE is just lost on how to run offense when there were not options for him to run.

  484. BS = KOBE ball. Pig can fly faster than making adjustments for JLin.

  485. I agree, it is time for Lin to help Kobe and make plays and score as well. If anything, that’ll encourage Kobe to share the scoring load. Kobe will lose faith in Lin if he doesn’t start playing like he’s capable of.

  486. Byron can’t control Kobe at this point.

  487. I dont think itll happen, Jeremy defers too much. NY, Carmelo HOU Harden, and now Kobe.

  488. Worthy, “Kobe scoring 28pts is the PROBLEM. Doing too much!”

  489. Passing plus more movement without the ball. Too much standing around. I thought the Princeton offense was predicated on ball and player movement.

  490. wow, suprise that he is this honest

  491. Best Answer.

  492. there are almost zero plays run for Lin. It’s pathetic. That stay aggressive line was bull.

  493. he struggles when a team do not want to be a team.

  494. Worthy: “As great as Kobe is, they cannot allow him to carry the load like this. It’s just not a good basketball!”

  495. play Davis more, Clarkson, quicken the pace, more ball movement, get Lin going tell him to move constantly, don’t look for the ball behind the arc because he’s not getting it and take some mid-range shots, tell Kobe to pass the ball a bit more.

  496. First unit seems really lethargic. Second unit moves with more purpose

  497. He did, because he won his rings with Jackson as the coach. As much as he wants NOT to admit it, he has a better shot of winning the 6th ring with Jackson.

  498. A good coach: ‘I want to see at least 3 passes before a shot, anyone who disobeys this rule will be out of the game.”

  499. Given how LAL is doing. I think the easiest way for them to win more is to let Lin leading the 2nd unit as starters and trying to just outscore others as much as possible.

  500. because BB is a team sport.

  501. He has to come to the ball. Price did that. Lin is just waiting for the ball and getting free for 3s. He has to run to the ball like Kobe and Price does.

  502. They’re not “allowing” it Kobe is just hogging the game by himself!!

  503. I’m glad Worthy called it out plainly. Byron needs to do something he said

  504. Didn’t he go for like 35/8 yest?

  505. this is so obvious except for Scott and Kobe

  506. No one was avaliable, Screens were not coming…..he could not do a meaningful thing except pulling up.

  507. Worthy called out Byron to not do this. Just shaking his head.

  508. The 2nd unit are so much better than the so called starters yet Scott is stubborn and won’t change the lineup! Starting Davis and Clarkson over Boozer and Johnson would be the best!

  509. Did he actually say Byron

  510. Worthy isn’t blaming Kobe, he’s blaming the rest of the team for letting Kobe carry the load. Same old story – it’s not Kobe’s fault, it’s his teammates.

  511. I think he’s seen enough and had to say something

  512. Kobe: Let me set another record tonight. The team is losing anyways…

  513. The way Kobe is playing the last few games, is leading the whole team in this direction. I don’t think they can switch between team-ball iso-ball mentality that fast.


  515. guess so

  516. I mean…current starters can finish the game depends on how they do on a day I think. But they need more fire power and speed to start the game.

  517. LOL .. Horry said nothing, only “Lakers had to play better D” following Worthy’s comment
    Worthy said all that .. haha

  518. EVERYONE’s offense is off tonight

  519. Yes and the starters are slow as heck!

  520. My adjustment would be go more to a three guard line-up to try and match up with the speed and quickness of the Warriors. Wes Johnson is giving them nothing.

  521. It really means nothing if you can not run back to D…

  522. yes, then hopefully Lin gets hot enough to finish strong in the 4th quarter

  523. whats pissing me off the most scott keep the same lineup with the same offense out there

  524. clarkson, no

  525. Every one watches NBA knows it, Lakers are paying Kobe two more years to do whatever he likes, knowing it is going to be ugly.

  526. Offense wise, they need to build around Davis and Lin.

  527. yes

  528. I hate trying to read body language, but, Lin doesn’t look very energized in this pic. 🙁

  529. How is it possible after that 21 point game Lin just went down hill again. Is his ankle injuries still bothering him? He’s playing great defense but on offense it’s just not there.

  530. They know… that why it is more frustrating.

  531. Defense wise, they need to build on young legs.

  532. Well, he did pull Lin . . .

  533. My thoughts exactly..

  534. expecting different results?

  535. If I’m the coach I’ll sit down anyone who shoots 15+ seconds in the shot clock. Run around Warriors until someone is left open or in the best position to shoot.

  536. Cause he’s not! Lin’s just standing there when other teammates has the ball and when he has the ball he just passes and it never comes back to him. He should know better to just shoot the ball whenever he has the chance.

  537. He did say at the end that Byron can’t allow this to happen

  538. M…they are pressure Lin now

  539. Another brick by Jordan, taking an assist away from Lin.

  540. I would not say that was a blown ast, because no one is expecting him making that.

  541. I think the Warriors are doing a good defensive job on Lin. Don’t quite know what they’re doing, but it’s working.

  542. In the 1st play of Q3, Lin did get a chance to run a play but chose to pass to Hill.
    He should’ve shot it to get himself going

  543. easy, they leave their own man to clog the lane

  544. Clarkson has been playing well these past games not even chucking shots and has way better defense than Johnson! He’s not afraid of attacking.

  545. Him too? At least, Jeremy is in good company 🙂 j/k

  546. So he did blame Byron. People are not stupid. Worthy can’t carry the company line any more when the defense is loading up on lin with no bell out from team mates.

  547. LOL!

  548. Lin overhelped, couldn’t get back for the threee by Curry

  549. JLin looking better on offense. Doing a better job orchestrating.

  550. Clarkson is a rookie and make too many rookie mistakes,. If you going to speak about basketball please make some sense.

  551. I humbly disagree. I don’t believe he defers too much. Accepted stars can bully their way around coaches (unless it’s Pop) and teammates, but rising talents like Jeremy don’t have that luxury. They get benched and/or reprimanded for not following the approved plan. Jeremy does what he can to push his boundaries, but he’s straitjacketed by a seriously selfish superstar and a cobbled-together team of vets and newbies that either can’t figure out how to run with him, or won’t because the political direction of the team is too un-cohesive. I can’t help thinking ideas about him deferring have more to do with fans venting frustration and anger, which is their own emotional state and not clear-sighted about the team and business realities. Just my perspective.

  552. helping one pass away, a big nono

  553. Kobe talked to Lin. I think telling him to get going

  554. Did Kobe just tell Lin to shoot the ball?

  555. but that one was wide open under the basket though

  556. what a slow crappy offense its pissing me off watching this

  557. Yes looks like Kobe told Lin “Just shoot the ball”

  558. So far it is more like pick your poison thing. What you say are true

  559. ok, I couldn’t quite catch what he said

  560. It is entertaining, isn’t it. 🙂

  561. Ok that is one pet peeve of mine that just makes my butt itch. I hate it when Jeremy goes to help and leaves his man for the 3. Espcially Curry, why would you even give him an inch regardless of wheher he has the ball or not. Stick to him all night like fly on poo.

  562. Kobe talked to Lin again before shooting FTs

  563. Are you sure, or is that what you WANTED Kobe to say? Lol.

  564. and a 2 just became a 3…..lol well….Lin could not stop that 2 anyway

  565. Good to see Kobe tried to implore Lin to just shoot it

  566. From his lips when walking to Lin looks like that’s what he say.

  567. then give low-fives after FTs

  568. I’d tell Jeremy to play choke hold defense on Curry and outrun Curry out of the building for an easy basket.

  569. Lins been cold, was it the reason why hes not confident in himself 2 shoot? hes kinda lost, need 2 pick himself up asap..

  570. Ugh, Draymond Green.

  571. Is it officially garbage time yet?

  572. The bricking begins….

  573. Finally an assist…

  574. How to defend Warriors – watch how Phoenix Suns defend the perimeter.

  575. Lin got his 1st assist on Wes’ midrange J

  576. How’s boozer doiong?

  577. 3/13 tells all

  578. He really can’t leave Curry to help out.

  579. Lin brings up the ball and passes to the bigs and then disappear.

  580. There’s nothing Lin can do on that Curry rainbow 3

  581. Curry looks really good. Lol.

  582. He is good…

  583. That’s cause once the bigs get the ball they won’t pass back out.

  584. Undeniable. I like Thompson’s game more though.

  585. Tough game for Lin. Hopefully he can get on the board and get something going.

  586. He’s got to be bummed to have to keep walking his slow teammates up court.

  587. lin is passive very. i see lanes yet he pass it to the post man. this is a very bad game from him. on this offense it is mostly forced shot and i get he don’t play like that but he has to force it. very disappointed today

  588. perhaps .. but he’s got to shoot to get out of the slump.
    that’s the only way to do it. Attacking the rim will help

  589. I like his girl more though.

  590. very passive

  591. Exactly. Disappear because the black holes. Multiple black holes surrounding him.

  592. hate to agree. pass to big, disappear inside paint.

  593. Scott praised how Lin was good at pushing the ball. But he abandoned all the fast breaks…

  594. With Kobe playing 40 minutes, there is no time to lead a second unit. Just like Houston Rockets problems all over

  595. he doesn’t have to pass it to them

  596. None of the starters will pass back to JLin. Happening more and more often since he got 21 pts and took the glory out of Kobe. Coincident???!!! or intentional icing JLin as a whole.

  597. yes, he needs to attack the rim to get easy points and FTs.
    not sure why he looked hesitant to drive

  598. Yes the horrible part is Lin isn’t even attempting to shoot at all! He’s not carrying the offensive load like he’s suppose to.

  599. He’s so slow bringing the ball up now. Why? Price was bringing it up faster than Jeremy. This is an awful game, he’s only taken 2 shots and hasn’t gotten to the line.

  600. That’s the area he needs to improve. He needs to find ways to score for himself even w/o help.

  601. Lin’s body language is so bad…..

  602. The lakers seem to be outsourced for two seasons.

  603. You still don’t get jlin. How can u u call yourself a Lin fan? Also you need to understand his skill set is not Kyrie irving skill set. Lin is not a one on one selfish scoring maestro.

  604. Lin’s body language isn’t good.

  605. Maybe he wants play with the 2nd unit?

  606. For5 minutes away from Kobe? Won’t happen with Scott tanking for the lakers

  607. I think he is very angry on how Scott runs the team.

  608. Same here!

  609. word

  610. think god lin was taken out. he was doing nothing anyways

  611. He needs to get over that , and just play. I hate when he goes into these sulking moods. He did this a lot in Houston before he realized that he had to fend for himself.

  612. He’s not accustomed to losing… this baad

  613. Warriors are only giving Kobe single coverage, knowing his pride will make him taking the shot every time. They deny the ball to Lin and putting both bigs at elbow to stop Lin.

  614. That’s why I kept saying Lin needs to shoot more off dribble shots! If Johnson, Boozer, and Hill can chuck misses like it’s nothing he should too! It’s not like the team will win if he doesn’t miss!

  615. More so that he is wide open and ball never gets back to him.

  616. again excuses. the offense don’t baby him. but so what. make the coaches call your number stop waiting.

  617. Well, I agree, but he is human. LOL

  618. For those a bit perhaps more cynical or perhaps looking ahead, the future will be ok for Lin. I suspect he will get that low ball offer from the Spurs this summer and completely outperform his next contract with them being a super sub.

    If he is lucky around 30, he may end up starting for them or when tony Parker is hurt and out and look brilliant doing it.

    I will be very disappointed with Lin if he resign with the lakers. Unless something insane happens between now and end of seasons

  619. Yep and they keep an eye to JLin only when he dribbles the ball up. That’s the only time they have to be wary of him. It’s so easy to guide JLin as they know once JLin passes out the ball, he won’t be a threat anymore for his own teammates will do the job for them.

  620. Darn, you are predicting things in summer.

  621. what ever with next year. today lin played terrible.

  622. Just being realistic 🙁

  623. looking too far ahead, dude.

  624. LOL….

  625. Lakers should bench Hill or Boozer because they got no D in the paint and they can not run PNR with Lin. They can do only PnPop. Lakers should start Davis and run tons of PNRs if they want to win.

  626. There’s no lowball as long as you’re playing for Spurs, especially if they win back-to-back this year.

  627. Looked to me like once Lin passes the ball Curry is way off Lin at the top of the key as he knows ball not going back to Lin.

  628. Why is a Spurs diva tweeting on behalf of Jeremy?!?!

  629. it means nothing. lin can go on a run and average 22 from now on. i will only talk about today and today he look very passive

  630. I think he is on the breaking point on watching Kobe just jacking shots after shots.

  631. Well I mean I tjink Lin in is a 8 mill per players but maybe they only have 3 mill per to offer under the cap

  632. Yep they learn to clog the lane. That is the only threat left for JLin to attack. 3 pts never been an issue for he won’t get the ball back anyway.

  633. Wow Kobe shoots so much, I just don’t even know what to say. It’s like watching Kobe vs Warriors. I don’t even remember Melo dominating the ball this much.

  634. Seriously, Kobe, what is the point of scoring so much on a complete blow out?

  635. Yep this game Kobe is just want to prove all his critics wrong that he sucks badly last game. Hero balls throughout.

  636. Just imagine if the Warriors didn’t play last night.

  637. I will not argue with you. I just see where the season is going already and I belive I have a good feel for lins mentality. It is what is is. If Lin signs with the Spurs I will still be a fan. He gets a free pass for whatever happens in la.

  638. Lol

  639. I’m checking out of this game. Really disappointed with Lin’s game lately especially today. Whatever it is that is off, I hope he gets back to his old self scoring 20+ points soon.

  640. They didn’t even let Lin get the ball easily in the backcourt. Yeah the unsung strategy of letting Kobe score happily to the losing land not only has been used by opponents for several seasons, but also is being adopted by lakers, for tanking.

  641. LOL even Kobe’s huge media fan has enough of this.

  642. Maybe Lin is asking for a trade by not shooting?

  643. This was Kobe’s big game just like MJ that he played when he a viral illness

  644. Let me guess Lin has a towel over his head on the bench looking sad?

  645. A big loss game indeed

  646. no.

  647. He has towel on his shoulders

  648. I am if he isn’t.

  649. “If” but they don’t want to win! If Lakers don’t fire Scott it’s obvious they want to tank!

  650. Respect to this guy. The yeller I mean.

  651. Kobe three quarters, already 30 min.

  652. Do we have SF sub? Is that Kobe? They are not playing Henry…..

  653. With the way Lin plays, Spurs would be the best place for his brand of basketball but he’d be coming off the bench behind Parker. And he certainly doesn’t look happy being a bench player.

  654. if you are nostradamus why watch the games

  655. When I play a pickup game, I only have fun scoring, don’t care if the opponent score more.

  656. You know, it’s a huge myth on Lin bashers’ part that real Lin fans aren’t objective about Lin. People here have been very honest about how poorly Lin has played this game.

    The difference is that posters here don’t spew vitriolic contempt towards Lin when he struggles. I appreciate that greatly. Coz I’m sure it’s super ugly at the big site right now.

  657. I don’t know what is Byron trying to be fancy about, but they could have easily picked up this game by playing damned basic sets (which a lot of NBA coaches are allergic to but the champions are very efficient at)

  658. Most fun about basketball is scoring yet Lin hasn’t been attempting any shots this game nor enough in past games! He needs to take at least 12 FGAs.

  659. looks like Lin is done for today?

  660. yep

  661. He’s struggling.Good idea to sit him… for now

  662. garbage time, no one will play starters.

  663. Lin cares but Kobe doesn’t, that is the problem.

  664. Scott’s so called defensive coaching is all BS!

  665. I thought Byron look at defense, not offense. But anyway, he said a lot of things and never count.

  666. I can only imagine… I’m so glad this site was created.

  667. its was bad .its painful watching. alt ought the team is worse then him today. the bigs why are they starting.but still lin has to be better. if scott keeps the same lineup or the same scheme. i officially give up on the team

  668. Except the Rockets.

  669. Except MJ won that game and Kobe loss this one! Nothing to rave about nor would anyone care! Kobe wants to surpass MJ but he can’t even surpass Duncan who has more final awards! Watching Duncan get his 6 ring with his Legacy being bigger than Kobe the ball hog!

  670. So GSW doubled Kobe because Lin is not on the floor. Kobe TOV…I guess everyone knows LAL will lose every game if KOBE is taking shots…

  671. Like everyone here, I have hope. Maybe delusional but I hope too

  672. And Scott-Kobe

  673. Well there are also a lot of trolls in the mix there. They come out of the woodwork every time Lin has a bad game.

  674. what a f***er

  675. league source is byron scott, lol.

  676. Ya!… don’t believe that.. smh!

  677. wow…..

  678. so lin finishes with 0 points wow the worse game from him

  679. Nah, those are just drive by spammers. The worst trolls have been at the site for a long time. Imo. Lol.

  680. There will be game that are even worse….do worry about it

  681. It’s either this: Byron is really NOT looking at the defense or the team, specifically the bigs, cannot really execute the defensive strategies.

  682. Yes, noone denied that Lin is having struggles. But players will have good and bad games.
    He’s had 5 good games and no doubt this is a bad game.

    And we can only hope that he’ll turn it around quickly. I don’t care if Lin goes 0-5 in the 4th, he needs to do what Kobe said. Just shoot it to get himself going

  683. I don see the strategies so far…

  684. now that’s a real Lakers fan!

  685. That too. should have stuck with the basics of defense.

  686. You read my mind

  687. -Statline-

    Boozer: 3-13 (23%)
    Johnson: 3-11 (27%)
    Bryant: 13-30 (43%)

    Result: Lakers blown out of the water.

  688. This is a nightmare for Lin and his fans. We’ll just have to hope next game he comes out and plays well in all facets. He really needs a hot shooting game and big-scoring game. But he has to do better against Curry. He has to get angry tonight and hate how Curry totally outclassed him tonight, friend or not, and make sure this doesn’t happen again when they next play against each other.

  689. hahahahahahaha nah doubt that. i blame him for this game. but still those bigs hill and boozer are not starter in the nba. we would still be blown out no matter what

  690. -10 points?

  691. true

  692. Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers!

    If the game is bad it’s fun looking at the game attendees.

  693. I think one tweet is enough. Not really need a video.

  694. It doesn’t even deserve any videos. Terrible game.

  695. Can he shoot?

  696. Don’t spend time on video at all for game like this

  697. I cant watch the game. What happened to Lin early on? I skimmed through comments but this type of performance is unexpected from Lin for me.

  698. Not sure. Give him his bass and we’ll see from there.

  699. doubt it

  700. yeah, that’s true. Or 2 min video would be enough.

  701. He just did a few good D….took 2 shots…..watching KOBE shoot. Just like in practice.

  702. Who cares at that point? So you sacrifice the team for your own scoring? Lame.

  703. That means we are going to see 20 more games like this…..totally intolerable

  704. Thanks. Kobe show again. Still Lin is able to get something in before. 2 fga… yikes

  705. He could only play 15- minutes. 0 ast..get injured..etc.

  706. Lakers is behind 32 pts. Will Lin even get back in the game?

  707. I think that is the case

  708. no, i think the starters are done. Maybe.

  709. Don’t think so… even I do wish.

  710. He should not have

  711. I think ti’m the only one that picked 12/5 or lower. That’s two in a row 😀

  712. don’t think so.

  713. Don’t even believe that. He will play like this until his time to retire. Now I can understand 1000% why no decent player wants to got to Lakers. If JLin struggles like this, can’t imagine other “selfish” players can play in Lakers.

  714. Feel sorry for them traveling all the way for this garbage.


  715. I thin Lin’s feed up with this team and Kobe chucking all the shots away.

  716. You are the 1st post twitter queen

  717. agreed

  718. Lin 22 min 0 pts/1ast/2reb (0-2FG)
    Price 23 min 0 pts/2ast/1reb (0-1FG)

    7 min left. At least, there might not be PG controversy if this stays

  719. That would explain why he doesn’t have any energy on the court and refuses to shoot.

  720. I’m not even watching the game anymore…

  721. Lol

  722. I stopped at halftime. Looks like I didn’t miss much.

  723. We will never know….

  724. Point guards without points. Not even a point. LOL

  725. thx god..consolable at least..

  726. there is still 6:30 min left

  727. the offense scheme has to go or the player have to be benched or fire scott. anyone would be nice. hill can’t shoot a mid shot. boozer is inefficient as well is terrible defensively. wes is terrible. kobe is taking ton of shots and never pass. something has to change i have no more patience. its one thing watching a good team have no offensive set like the rox last year. but to watch a team play a set they clearly have the wrong personnel for is painful

  728. Another positive is TWCSN will stop with the discrepancy of Lin’s Home vs Road performance.

  729. Curry alone has more assists than the entire lakers at this moment. Wow

  730. LOL. Yup.

  731. Feel sorry to those Lin Fans fly all the way from TW. Those two little twins who dance with Lin too. They are in the center today.

  732. I’m sure Price will stat-pad

  733. LOL that is true. But this Lin has to step up non sense will come back.

  734. lol he is just crap all the time the stats now show

  735. Free Lin?

    @Lakers_Examiner rumor has it there's a Lin-MCW swap in talks. hope they package w/ J Hill for Embiid or McDaniels.— Abdlftth Mac (@thatguyftth) November 17, 2014

  736. I don’t even think Price “can” stat pad he’s that bad! If it was Clarkson maybe.

  737. Actually I would rather him play less minutes with these stats. More minutes means he’s on the floor and not doing much offensively.

  738. To 76ers? m….even worse

  739. What is the Laker’s Examiner?

  740. LOL. Really like your attitude haha

  741. that trade don’t make any sense. why 76er want to do that? They did not get Lin from Rockets, and Lakers has less assets to give out.

  742. suspected as much.

  743. doubt it

  744. been going to the other jlin fan site since feb 2012, now there is just not fun to catch up with Lin games. People pretend to be Jeremy’s fan but everything they said are negative toward Jeremy..smh. Feel sorry for them.

  745. When are the post-game interviews going to start? Games been over for quite a while, lol.

  746. Lol we are suckers for punishment. Lin is being a bit too passive not in not shooting but fighting for himself imho. Just a bit.

    If he resigns for this crap next season even if it’s the only offer, I will not follow anymore

  747. LOL

  748. You only made 1 comment over this 3 yrs…

  749. Starters, non starters are the same for Lakers right now.

  750. Tweet above is in response to Ryan Ward:

    The real question is when does the serious trade talk begin? Kobe isn’t going anywhere, but I wouldn’t say the same about J. Lin or J. Hill.— Ryan Ward (@Lakers_Examiner) November 17, 2014

  751. It is that baaaad. LOL

  752. Scott has stopped pretending to coach kobe’s team.

  753. well, it’s a bad game and Lin will take it hard on himself like usual :[
    Might as well hope this will be a wake-up call for Lin for the next few games :>

  754. This game is one of the worst I’ve ever seen. So boring….much worse than the houston games..

  755. One more Price foul and Lin will have to do garbage time.

  756. lol.

    Another flagrant?

  757. lol. maybe lin is sick. what a jab at kobe

  758. I never sign up on the other site, but I been reading your guys comment there for over 2 years :)….almost every day during the season and slightly less during off season

  759. wut? 5 already?

  760. ok, 3 min left. Guess what Price will end up with how many points? Still 0 now

  761. welcome!

  762. He will get 5

  763. I just want to watch a competitive game…when do we play the Sixers?

  764. Jeremy doesn’t need any wake up call. BS does. Kobe does. And the rest of the stationary defense teammates do need it.

  765. Are the warriors going 150pts?

  766. They will be competitive playing with slower teams.

  767. Disagree.

  768. It will be like that fixed boxing match when both boxers punch themselves in the head for a double knockout.

  769. Dreams…

  770. Alain scares me, always has always will. Like republican and democrat when there use to be a difference

  771. Kobe: “Sorry I can’t refund the 2 hours of your life back, but on the bright side I’ve almost got the scoring record.”

  772. Kobe will hog all year. Dave is wrong it will stop

  773. Thanks Brent, I could tell almost all the regular posters over there came here, glad to see you guys all here

  774. I’ll say 3

  775. i love the 1% result

  776. You refuse to acknowledge the tank! Also this is Kobes team. Cannot allow Lin to shine over Kobe

  777. ofcourse i do as well just the stats will show that

  778. maybe 0.5 LOL

  779. Biggest disappointment tonight, couldn’t see Kobe make 40 shots and lakers lost by 30 lol

  780. 34 shot attempts? How sick and selfish SOB.

  781. I am not watching. What is the score right now?

  782. i will start calling for scott to be fired if he don’t change something. either the starters or the scheme choose one change it or both which is better.

  783. I encourage them to go to another fan site, but they stick around and come back ESPECIALLY in the not so good games

  784. If he played 5 more min to be 36 total.

  785. I know you do, if you don’t, then I wouldn’t disagree.

  786. 136 to 112. But all the starters sat out almost the entire 4th qt

  787. Plus 16 fts

  788. I don’t acknowledge the tank because the last time I checked, I’m not working for FO. Assuming on the FO’s decision is laughable. Assuming this as a tank immediately is like criticizing the same FO who traded for Jeremy.

  789. Personally, I think Lin also needs to get some points on the scoreboard for his stats or force to shoot more. Also be good for the Taiwanese fans who came a long way.

  790. dang, price for 2 points and 5 assists

  791. I thinks in San antinio, Lin be ok with it

  792. Plus 16 fts, all in 3 quarters.

  793. LOL

  794. SMH.

  795. is he dozing off? man.. lol

  796. Sun, March 22, 2015.
    5 months might be a long time not to watch a game 🙂

    You can check on the Calendar Menu

  797. The scheme should change. One significant change: reel Kobe in.

  798. is he sick, kobe’s flu is contagious preheps?

  799. lol

  800. Haha! He just couldn’t help it… the game it’s so boring to watch..smh!

  801. I feel ya, Jack.

  802. There’s no point to have a Post-Game thread.
    We should skip to have an ATL PreGame thread tomorrow

  803. Not sure what the offers will be……but maybe he will leave b4 the season ends?

  804. This is ok actually.

  805. If that makes you feel better, the points are against the bench.

  806. It wasn’t bored to watch, It was tortured.

  807. defense first. the blow outs or team not scoring makes kobe more incline to force shots

  808. Actually, we may just have a season thread. And delete all the repeating comments about how passive Lin was or how bad the team was ran or how KOBE is aiming for the scoring title.

  809. Thanks for informing.

  810. terrible body language for lin, looks like houston again

  811. yeah.. not a good night for Lin and his fans
    But hopefully he will come back strong on Tue like we know he could!

  812. yea this game wiped from my memory bank. the sooner the better

  813. It’s not just the losing that sucks, but that the Laker’s offensive offense does a terrific job of neutralizing Lin’s ability to make an impact on the game like we know he’s capable of doing.

    We know Lin can still make his teammates around him better. He hasn’t lost that skill. It’s just sucked dry by the Kobe dominated offensive non-schemes.

  814. they suck as a team so what else do you expect

  815. I noticed the same.

  816. I stop watching after 1st half. Got a glance on late 3rd qtr and didn’t see Lin so I only check box score after.

  817. Hope they will trade Lin.

  818. It’s intentional by the lakers. They just got Lin to fill seats for the season…sigh.

  819. As early as 2nd qtr? Wow.

  820. good idea!

  821. Jeremy’s pre-game interview.

  822. well the whole scheme is messed up. it goes to boozer and hill who both can’t pass and run down time. if lin gets to the paint the bigs don’t follow for a ally op or rebound and score they wait at the free throw line to shoot and miss on a consistant bases. the bigs have to be benched id take anyone at this point. anyone

  823. So…
    The whole team sucks so Lin is sulking.
    The offense sucks where Lin is not used right so Lin is sulking.
    The deffse sucks where when Lin try his best, some bigs will just easily let their man to score. so Lin is sulking.

    I guess it is too much for a competitive player to take

  824. kobe will fill the seats they didn’t get lin for that

  825. I therefore conclude Jeremy is sulking.

  826. So when was Lin sulking?

  827. so it is safe to say, Lakers is tanking but will let Kobe get scoring title

  828. He can’t handle the truth.

  829. nope

  830. At least that’ll be something interesting, and it’s one thing he does better than Lin.

  831. I am just joking. I mean, maybe he is not happy…but past few games, he played great

  832. I am beginning to doubt it.

  833. we’ll be left with only “Fire BScott” comments in that thread 🙂

  834. It’s safer to say Lakers is tanking by letting Kobe get scoring title.

  835. Gosh.. another ugly game.. 🙁 when do the Lakers hv a sweet victory? Ive become doubt if Scott is suitable 4 his coaching position, gotta do smthing. Fans dont wanna hv losing streak, the confidence among players will be broken down..

  836. or it is safe to say Kobe will not let team run offense until he gets it

  837. I can say the same regarding your “coaching”

  838. very true, i got to go watch some spurs game before i got lost what an NBA game suppose to look like

  839. good post. honestly lin and kobe are the only players who can sttill start in the nba. the other three would not start.

  840. If Lin can come out strong tonight then why didn’t he? If Lin couldn’t do anything tonight then why would it be different on Tue with the same setup?

  841. It’s safer to say lakers have been out sourced to Kobe for two seasons.

  842. Hill taks 9m a yr…….he has to able to

  843. Yeah, BS fans patience are running thin.

  844. did the game end yet i stop watching at the 8 min mark

  845. Running thin? Already? Poor fella.

    That’s like someone holding up a sign saying “The End is Nigh!” after the world has already ended.

  846. too early for a #tbt

  847. lol no way you see his defense. also this guy can’t make midrange shots at all

  848. Obviously, and it shows!

  849. Getting players involved on offense will energize them and get them playing with more energy on defense. Bad offense (Kobe-centric) is related to bad defense.

  850. not yet started

  851. I think Lin (22 min) and Price (31 min) were playing pure point-guard today to set up their teammates.
    A combined 0-5 for 2 pts.

    They didn’t look to score unless the opportunity presented themselves.
    I wonder if there will be mutiny by Kobe’s teammates soon.

  852. No wonder they were racking up those assists.

  853. This reminds me of a well-known phrase “the ball is sticky”.

  854. playing defense would help more the defense kills any rhythm they have but yea no more mid range shot would rather lin take those shots

  855. He is joking, right?

  856. Not sure Lin is sulking as some fans say so. See him that JLin just can’t do much with GS pressed him for taking the ball up. They know this is the only time JLin is the threat. When they pressed enough, JLin would pass on to others. Once the ball is out of his hand, he will never see the ball again. So non threat from thereon. Another easy way for them to take JLin is out is make sure one guy guide him and 4 clogs the paint. To take away JLin penetration. That’s why JLin is so ineffective because no Lakers starters help him out at all. Another thing is they know KOBE ball won’t win a game. JLin is THE ONLY threat and they make sure he isn’t a threat esp KOBE, BS and his teammates play a major hand in this. SO EASY to defend Lakers.

  857. LOL, ok….

  858. Send Scott to Dfenders .

  859. lin was passive today real clear to me. but the scheme is terrible. the bigs can’t shoot. all hills shot should be lay ups. also hated the pass to davis at the ft line. why thats to far for him.

  860. is there actually anyone calling Kobe a ‘hero’ for trying to carry his team to a WIN?

  861. 1 assist for Lin playing with starters
    5 assists for Price playing mostly with bench.

    Didn’t look good but they tried.
    Note: IMO Lin should have score more for himself but for whatever reasons he didn’t

  862. A pot calling chalk black. If anyone, Mitch made bad decision hiring BS.

  863. Coaching is overrated

  864. Bad decisions not to shoot? Or bad decisions to keep passing to bigs?

  865. I say he is just stubborn…

  866. Get over it Lin is sulking, because they are not playing the way he thinks they should play, so doesn’t try to so anything on offense. You have Bigs that are terrible, then he needs to figure it out to do what he needs to do to get the win. These bigs are not going to get any better, because they don’t have the grasp of the game. Perhaps lin is better coming off the bench,, because as a starter you have to bring it every night whether you are feeling it or not. Perhaps he needs to lead the bench because nothing is going to change for him in this Laker’s lineup. I will not watch the laker’s games coming up because I am so disappointed in how he performed tonight.

  867. To those who keep invoking the tanking theory: it’s sufficient to lose each game by a single point. You don’t get extra draft picks for ugly, boring, blowouts.

  868. probably not a hero. maybe the opposite of a hero.

    a joker.

  869. what bad decisions? Lin didn’t do much that required real decision-making. WTH is Scott talking about?

  870. If I’m going to pull some crazy, conspiracy theory act, I’d say Jeremy is sulking because he expected that at least his team will play team ball against Warriors after seeing and being schooled to embarrassment by that beautiful team ball by the Spurs.

  871. Wow, a clearly negative comment. I guess he’s talking about TOs.

  872. Why are you insulting a joker…

  873. Yeah, those are really bad decisions!

  874. Words of a desperate man?

  875. Hmm.. did he hints something? 🙂

  876. Well the original Joker was watching the game.. so.. hehehe

  877. ‘it’s all part of the plan’


  878. Precisely. At least the Joker took crime very seriously.

  879. lol

  880. his bad choices was when to shoot or pass. his pg skills was bad today. didn’t lead the offense. I’m guessing thats what he meant

  881. Sitting courtside 🙂

  882. ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?

  883. they just need someone to be a scapegoat for purposely tanking, Kobe can’t be that someone so….

  884. No doubt the bigs were responsible for letting GSW scored easily in the 1st quarter.

    I took a snapshot of the Shot Chart in the 1st quarter when LAL trailed 12-20 quickly.
    7 makes and 2 misses in the paint. Just layup after layup

    Here was the tweet and the shotchart


  885. Because the opponents are different

  886. Wow

  887. M…interesting

  888. they all played bad i don’t remove blame from lin

  889. LOL. didn’t notice it til now but liked hearing Boozer shouting JLIN in the background.

  890. When Andrew Bogut becomes an offensive threat, well…..

  891. He needs to stop sulking and get over it. If he can’t then he needs to off the bench. I personally am beginning to believe that lin does not have the mindset to be a starter in this league, then that’s fine. I just want him to play his game.

  892. lol

  893. What about Scott’s own decisions?

  894. Interesting remark from someone who’s fully behind all of Kobe’s “good decisions” such as bricking shots left and right, leaving his man wide open for threes, playing when he’s not supposed to, etc. BS has shown his true color.

  895. NOP he is throwing JLIN under the bus.

  896. over reaction. the lakers have a ton of issue. lin passiveness is one but not the top issues. he had this issue once since 6 games and back to wether lin is a starter.relax

  897. let’s hear what he has to say in the post-game interview.
    For all we know, Kobe might pass the virus, not the ball to him.
    But I agree Lin should have shot more. (2FG is very uncharacteristic even for Lin)
    I’m waiting to hear more from him

  898. If it is like what you said, he should not play in NBA at all. Because bench is not that much different.

  899. League source suggested to me Kobe is making sure he passes MJ in career points while he’s healthy & once he does will settle into team ball
    11:26pm – 16 Nov 14

    -Dave McMenamins


  900. He said he does not care abt the offense. So.. Is he trying to say Lin cannot make the bigs play defense?

  901. Translation: “If you’re going to tank and you don’t make someone else a scapegoat. You’ll be the scapegoat.”

  902. BS is throwing JLIN under the bus just like M.

  903. He has a starter AND team first mentality. The problem is after the Knicks he landed on superstar-concentrated “teams” which negated it greatly.

  904. Usually in most of the games, before receiving the inbound ball from the teammate after the opponents scored, Lin would bouncing up and down waiting for the ball. Tonight he didn’t bother to do that. He didn’t even try to chase S Curry hard in the 2nd half.

  905. Going to come off the bench talk.Good then lin can play his game. Lin has been in this game long enough to know that he has to play better than anybody else. There are no free rides for him, so he needs to stop sulking and play this game.

  906. i hope he’s not referring to JLin.

  907. i don’t think thats it either. lin didn’t have the skill to play with melo but this year he does. the lakers just suck. on rox they had a lot of bal handlers lin was the 4 to 5th option. the lakers just have bench players starting

  908. LOL. It starts at the top.

  909. called out Byron Scott

  910. I believe Kobe is only 317pts behind MJ now.

    I’ll say the Lakers should make a pact to give Kobe 80pts/game for the next 4 games to get this record out of the way.
    Then play team-ball!

    Sweet Deal! 😀

  911. lol

  912. Lin faced this same problem in Houston, but he found a way to work around it. Not buying it. Lin was clearly sulking tonight.

  913. THis team is collapsing #shotsfired

  914. or they should just play team ball every game and Kobe should get his points the right way.

  915. Suck in all his bad coaching; no other ways about it.

  916. one way to figure it out bench the bigs and lets see what happens

  917. I’ve been withholding any judgment of Scott until I saw more games, but I think right now, he’s a terrible coach, not because of x’s and o’s, but because of his complete inability to control Kobe.

    We all know that the biggest problem on the team is Kobe, but, BS keeps focusing on other aspects of the team instead of the big fat elephant in the room.

    To defend Scott a little, NO coach could control Kobe except Phil Jackson. But, it seems Scott is even more permissive of Kobe than other Laker coaches, not even daring to challenge Kobe to be a better team player and teammate.

    Right now, the team has no coach, they just have a player who gets to do whatever he wants, and everyone else having to act an react knowing that fact.

    Imo. Lol.

  918. do it now boozer and hill out wes as well

  919. you can’t improve the team that much just by changing the assistant coach while the head coach(kobe) is still there doing 1 vs 5 hero ball!!!

  920. “This zombie is chewing on my shoulder, I’m close to moving away from it.”

  921. I think he just meant he will move Lin to bench, since Kobe is not movable

  922. lol. about time

  923. lol that would be funny

  924. the blame game begins

  925. wowwowwow thats funny!!! Say sth more boozer!

  926. the bench would be the better unit lin young and davis

  927. Not knocking out Andrew Bogut, but if he becomes an offensive threat in a game, well the problem is glaring obvious.

  928. There’s no I in team, but there sure is ME!

  929. Maybe, but there are other more likely targets – Wes Johnson, Jordan Hill, for example.

  930. They may want to get rid of mcw for lin + picks but rockets cant afford to take back any contract at that time, just my guess

  931. Move Jeremy to the bench and let J-Ed PnR all day.

  932. im guessing boozer will be bench soon and won’t play much. hill will be questionable

  933. i’m glad he was just as critical of Kobe’s 1-14 last game…… oh wait. he wasn’t

  934. I hope lin moves to the bench, then he can play his game, I think that is what Scott wanted all along. He wanted lin to run the second unit to help develop Randle/Clarkson. When Clark got hurt he had to regroup. He knows that Kobe/Hill/Boozer will not get it done., and that the second unit of lin/davis/ Clarkson/henry/young will be the Lakers of the future and they would be the ones winning the game after 1st unit fades out.

  935. Nothing left to be said if no one wishes to talk about neon pink elephant in the room.

  936. Scott is SLOW

  937. Hmmm. .. I wonder who Boozer might be referring to . . . I think the others who aren’t giving their full effort . . . his name rhymes with adobe.

  938. I think they tried that already for 10 games.
    If they’re gonna lose 15 more games, might as well speed it up in 4 games

  939. I agree with you but I think expecting Scott to control Kobe is as hopeless as asking Lin to dominate Kobe.

  940. point well taken

  941. Nick Young would be back next game though, and Nick grew up in LA idolizing Kobe lol.

  942. Ball hogs know that if they score a lot, they are not blamed for losing—-that is teammates’ fault. That’s why you need a coach to prevent this.

  943. I submitted my proposal to Dave McMenamin (Laker reporter before he moved to cover LBJ)
    I hope he agrees.


  944. Kelly? lol

  945. 上梁不正下梁歪,everything got to start with the cornerstone

  946. If he’s gonna move JLin to the bench, I hope he doesn’t move these two along with him, or vice versa.

  947. I am not sure he cares…

  948. Swaggy?

  949. yup.. we definitely saw Bogut’s layup highlights

  950. Now watch him move Jeremy to the bench and start Ed Davis >_<

  951. Move Young as SG and let Kobe make plays..or whatever something like that.

  952. Scott’s BIG change : start Price

  953. Henry?

  954. 317 points – if Kobe continues to average 27 ppg, how many games will it take for Kobe to get to 317 points? Someone do the math please!

  955. Look who is blaming the coach?

  956. He’s not gonna take the blame sitting down.

  957. He won’t start Davis over Hill. He wanted Lin with the bench all along. Lin just played into his hands with this game.

  958. Not from his post game interview? I guess they probably will not let him do it since everyone can tell Lin is not happy…

  959. 12 i guess

  960. great idea!!

  961. those games can’t come soon enough.

  962. Coach, Kobe and bigs.

  963. This is BETTER actually. Have him as a ballboy for Kobe.

  964. Get it over and done with.

  965. Lakers 1-21, then teamball?

  966. whoa lol you rarely hear players blatantly call out the coaches like this.

  967. Kobe be breakin’ all kinds of records.

  968. True. By not admitting the real problem, Byron showed bad leadership since they will not be able to fix the root cause of the problem, Kobe ISOs.

    Even Worthy was exasperated and had to say it during half-time.
    Horry simply was afraid to follow Worthy and only blamed Lakers D

    Lakers might implode soon

  969. maybe 2-20. Or, being optmistic, perhaps 3-19. lol.

  970. BScott post game

  971. i dont understand bs, how can his patient is only running thin instead of running out.

    please do some line up changes already. hope he wont move davis to the starting lineup but lin to the bench

  972. Whoa

  973. “trust”, that is really concerning..same with “effort”, looks like some of his teammates are cancers smh, I was hoping for some change from Houston, but starting to look the same

  974. It’s really sad when 3-19 is being optimistic.

  975. i doubt it, in between those games there are going to be more kobrick ones 1 for 14, 9pts

  976. move Lin to the bench so he can play only 20 minutes a game? I don’t know about that.

  977. Line up changes do not change their lack of cohesion and lack of effort

  978. just move hill and wes

  979. exactly

  980. Gotta stop the slow bleeding and took it out the thorn quickly.
    Then start the healing process to regain the full use of the Lakers body parts 😀

  981. Comments are too overloaded on the other site and it’s harder to see Lin updates.

  982. true, but a change of attitude could help.

  983. Maybe 2 men game — Kobe and Young in starters????

  984. No one is happy…except Kobe

  985. yea with boozer. its amazing how much i miss dwight. he was in the paint at all times. no easy layups. with hill he is never in the paint.iv never seen a center who love playing away from the rim more then hill

  986. One game?

  987. Nah….if Scott is incapable of making Lin and Kobe work, he is incapable of making it work period.

  988. I’ll say BS will have more headache if he moves Lin to the bench but Lin/Davis explodes.
    Critics will say why he didn’t do it in the 1st place. *sigh*

  989. Jeremy’s post game interview – very frustrated Jeremy.

  990. I have a new respect for Boozer…You go Boozer

  991. 11-12 games the max. Maybe less if he shoots at least 40 and gets there quicker but I seriously he will stop there. Leopard just can’t change its spot.

  992. lol, true

  993. Lin is maybe a little bit too candid here. This could lead to collective freeze-out by his teammates… Wait, they already froze him out so never-mind.

  994. Robert Horry is the TRUTH

  995. woohoo. maybe we can vote on which 2 games they will win LOL

  996. Lin to the bench is not a good option. First of all, to lose your job to RONNIE PRICE??? Unacceptable.

    Lin is the best player on the team. You don’t put your best player on the team on the second unit.

    And the BS about shorting up the second unit is a BS argument. The problem is that the starting unit needs shoring up first! And you can’t do that with Lin playing 18-20 minutes playing with second stringers.

  997. This was a nightmare.
    I need Jeremy back on the bench. That starting unit is an eyesore.

    2nd unit: Jeremy-Ellington-Swaggy-Kelly-Davis, they’d actually run and be fun to watch.
    Of course the Lakers will still lose all the games cuz the starters will fall behind by 20 points in the 1stQ but I dont even care about that. I just want Jeremy to play alongside players that actually fit his style.

  998. shots fiREd

  999. Serena’s gorgeous

  1000. better than losing 2-20.

  1001. Which is why he might move Price AND Davis into starters after Boozer’s insolent comment do insubordination.

  1002. “deep rooted issue” is right.

  1003. Klay Thompsons girl is gorgeous

  1004. who dat

  1005. wes is long should start if not wes can’t finish games or 2nd quarter

  1006. No, it’s the other way around. If Lin plays better with those guys, then some of those guys need to move into the starting line-up.

    Lin to the bench is just not a very good option for the team or for JLin.

  1007. I dont even hv courage 2 watch his post game.. its been pretty sad 2 see his frustration lately..

  1008. Look up Klays IG.

  1009. Yeah fire it man!

  1010. Not true at all!

    If things go good, it’s Kobe. If things go bad, it’s everyone else.

  1011. Lin/Davis will play more that 20 minutes, trust me on this. Scott didn’t run any plays for lin tonight. Hi;;/Boozer are all about getting their stats. I just want lin to get a good contract next season. Kobe has one more year and he awants to be the star of this show. Lin/Kobe can play together as it was proven n that Charlotte game, and they reverted back to kobe playing all by himself.

  1012. If he only truly believed that…

  1013. Serena cuter


  1015. Ya! If Lin can’t play well next to Kobe then he will be in trouble w any team bc every team has their own big or small Kobe… He needs to figure it out how to play next to ISO star. If he can’t then he will not be able to stay in Lakers.

  1016. LOL

  1017. poor lin

  1018. Who believes it? I want to do an IQ test on him

  1019. didn’t see that in the interview

  1020. Thou shalt not LIE

  1021. He doesn’t! He’s whining about what others say.

  1022. Then Lin/Boozer will run the bench and win many games. Scott doesn’t have enough guts to move Boozer. He will continue with the m on the 1st unit, he will probably move lin.

  1023. Actions speak LOUDER than words

  1024. Lin to the bench is a bad, bad, bad, idea, for Lin and for the team.

    Having said that, it’s probably going to happen precisely because it makes no sense. Lol.

  1025. Yeah in a nice and fair world that’d be the case but realistically thats not gonna happen.
    Kobe will never come off the bench. The other 4 starters are just spectators to Kobe.

    I’d much rather watch Jeremy play and run with shooters and a solid PnR big with the 2nd unit then having him end up like tonight just to have bragging rights of a starter title.

  1026. a lot of people are blaming kobe so i get why he would say that. the defense is the biggest issue but when things go bad kobe sure makes it worse

  1027. As long as Lin can play quality minutes with a good (better) unit, I’m satisfied

  1028. where did he call out kobe

  1029. According to Murphy’s law…..he will

  1030. Lin seems calm and not overly sad like back in houston where he would blame himself first.
    I like it, its not totally his fault although hes part of it.

  1031. Why Lin is not the Lakers’ problem and Price is certainly not the solution.

  1032. Star Ed Davis already! Once their starting roles are taken away they’ll play harder to prove their worth! Ed Davis has proved more than enough and gives way more effort than those two bigs!

  1033. disagree wholeheartedly. Lin is a STARTER. Period.

  1034. JLinNation said Lin just called out Kobe in post-game interview but Kianainhi said he called out other players.
    Will need to watch it later


  1035. So what? Kobe has a mirror with him during a game?

  1036. It was subtle. Kobe was not named.

  1037. true, but I suspect BS priority is probably not be #1 scapegoat at the moment.

  1038. agree he’s a STARTER — but gotta look at starting with WHO? Kobe? Hill? Boozer? Wesley?

  1039. Well then Lin needs to stop playing into their hands to bench him. He needs to play every game well. In Houston he had to fend for himself, so he nerds to work it out. Lin should know by now that it is not a level playing ground when it comes to him, so he doesn’t need to fall into the traps they set for him

  1040. don’t think he did

  1041. So let me get this straight.. Jeremy could learn to play against a heavy ISO player, by becoming an ISO player himself? hmm.. Shall I ask him to abandon his team-first mentality as early as now?

  1042. Does the head coach blame Kobe? NO. Does the front office blame Kobe? NO.

    Who blames Kobe? Internet fans who see the truth, but are completely powerless. lol.

  1043. yea i agree with lin

  1044. He said it’s wrong to come into a game thinking about yourself instead of the team. But he did NOT mention Kobe specifically.

  1045. We keep saying those two need to be benched but Scott still hasn’t made a change to the lineup! What in the world is he waiting for?! I would seriously start Davis and Clarkson over Boozer and Johnson. I don’t know who would replace Hill but anyone who would give effort on defense, get rebounds, and play PnR would do!

  1046. So instead of watching the crime Kobe decided to help the crime by further lowering the team morale by ball-hogging and blaming teammates for his own defensive shortcomings. Wonderful decisions here.

  1047. Kobe has at most 2 relevent years left on his aging body, so at this point him knowing lakers have no hope of winning a championship, the most important thing for him to do right now are:….

  1048. He didn’t sound calm to me. He can barely finish a sentence… almost
    like he has no words for the situation…almost like he’s about to cry.
    Pathetic team…Braynt/Scott may break him, where htown couldn’t. smh

  1049. yea i agree but the media has always gone on kobe for shooting a lot. this isn’t new

  1050. Uhhh….. what?

  1051. Mirror is only for those who might look bad. Kobe doesn’t think it’s even possible for him to look bad lol.

  1052. the teams defense make kobe panic and take over the game the defense is our biggest issue

  1053. sounds like wes will be benched. scott said players think because the player behind then are injured they don’t have to try hard. sounds like wes.

  1054. Sound Like Kobe was being sarcastic (to fans who blame on him when Lakers lost)

    Kobe takes the blame: "It's on me. Things go good, it's us. Things go bad, it's me."— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) November 17, 2014

  1055. Help, I have no idea either.

  1056. Kobe’s a big fat liar.

  1057. It’s pretty accurate, only Kobe can’t help but go with ‘me’ instead of ‘us’ when he plays.

  1058. I disagree with the notion that Lin should play with the second unit because they fit his game best.

    No, that’s not true. The second unit seems to be a better fit because JLin brings out the best in them!

    If Lin was given the light to impact the game like we know he can, he’d be playing fantastic with Boozer, Hill, Johnson, et al. He brought out the best in unathletic guys like Novak and Jeffries. He can do the same with the unathletic line-up for the Lakers. IF he’s given the chance.

    And, no, Lin won’t be able to turn the Lakers into world beaters. But I guaranteed they’d be much, much better than this current team the way it plays and is constructed.

  1059. Please say more Boozer so Scott has an excuse to bench you and Hill! Then the team can finally go on winning! But kudos for Boozer for calling out Byron Scott’s incompetence! Dude is clueless he’s focusing on defense when their offense isn’t even geling!

  1060. The problem is there is a GARGANTUAN wall in the first unit that can’t be smashed down.

  1061. To me it is not entirely about how they perform or what line up has best net rating. It is about how to make any given lineup work….ANd it is not working

  1062. Oh, JLin man, stop beating yourself up! One game, just one game.

  1063. Unfortunately kobe will continue to chuck up shots until he get pass kareem. What is kareems record?

  1064. i disagree with the boozer hill wes thing they are bad on both ends. can lin help them score sure. well maybe wes and hill missed wide open shots. but if hill and boozer play that type of defense lin can’t do nothing about that

  1065. I don’t think Lin will choose to be back w/the Lakers next season if things don’t change. He has definitely reached his limit. I guess Bryant proved that no one can play w/him. smh

  1066. lol boozer calling every one out

  1067. That’s great Kobe but we need you to actually pass the ball to your teammates.

  1068. OK here is my take on lin. You guys know that I am Lin’s biggest fan, but tonight the sulking that lin did tonight did not sit well with me. His passive aggressive attitudes pisses me off more than anything when the team is not playing the way he wants them to play. Kobe is kobe and will always be Kobe. He found a way to coexist with Harden, then if coming off the bench, then so be it. Lin gets himself into these predicaments with his stubbornness. I would not doubt that his poor play is because he wants to play with the second unit because he has given up on the bigs in the 1st unit, If lin wants to be a starter he needs to take command of the offense and set the example for other players to follow him Scott obviously is not going to go up against kobe, so lin needs to work it out. All I know that I am sick of lin being half in and half out. There is no level playing field for him in the NBA, so he needs to be on his guard at all times, and not play into their hands like he dib tonight. You can disagree all you want, but this one is on lin. peace out

  1069. Thanks, I added to Video Gallery.

    One thing that was very telling from the video. Jeremy was not even upset with his performance.
    When asked about what the strategy to get himself going in the next game, he said what’s on his mind
    “The game of basketball is we gotta do it together .. on both ends of the floor.
    If I go into the game, concern about myself, that’s detrimental.
    If my mindset is be aggressive to make as many plays for the team, that’s great! ”

    It’s clear that Lin’s mind was occupied with how wrong the team is functioning.
    Usually if he didn’t contribute, he’d be the 1st one to take the responsibility.
    By not doing so, it’s clear that he’s thinking (Kobe) is being detrimental to the team without saying it outloud.

    I’d say good for Jeremy. The team is dysfunctional and he’s a better coach than Byron Scott to recognize the problem.

    Note: I’d still want Jeremy to score some to avoid blame game on himself but it’s clear the team is in disarray that it’s the last thing in his mind.

  1070. Even with Kobe, IF Kobe is just willing to cede a little bit of control to JLin, I believe JLin can make it work. We’ve seen glimpses of it this season. Not many, but we’ve seen them.

  1071. word!

  1072. Ah, so that’s why Byron said before that he will not change line-up for 20 games. He’s factored in the math for kobe beating MJ record.

  1073. i agree he seem to give up because the bigs gave him nothing defensively

  1074. Many of those bench players should be starters but Scott is stubborn and refuses to change the lineup! Nick Young, Davis, and Clarkson for Tuesday would make wonders! I would start Ellington or Kelly over Clarkson when he gets back. Kelly is out again with his hamstring!

  1075. No line up is going to work if Bryant is the problem. He plays both units, so he’s going to get in the way 35-45min of the game. Byron is a joke!

  1076. I understand where you’re coming from, Joyce.

    And I’d be the 1st to say Lin needs to score a bit for himself to avoid the blame-game and let his opinion be heard.

    But watch Lin’s post-game interview below and my take on it. Knowing how he usually accept the blame for bad performance (6pts in last GSW game) but he didn’t this time, it’s clear that he’s frustrated by the level of trust that Kobe displayed on the floor and not trust the teammates, not looking for open teammates.

    So no pass for Lin but Lakers lockerroom is at the boiling point now. It’ll be interesting to see how Lin would approach the game if Kobe keeps doing his solo MJ thing.

  1077. I think he still had a hope with this team, and trying to get things right. When he give up hoping, he will look for his own, then it might gets better. But that’s kind of sad though.

  1078. I’m not even pointing out Kobe.There is really a wall in the first unit, from Kobe, to defense, to the pecking order. Not easy to point it out since the wall varies from game to game.

  1079. “passive-aggressive” is a bit harsh, Joyce:)

    I don’t think he’s throwing the game. The Lakers are a sinking ship

  1080. Harden isn’t Kobe. People forget Jeremy and Harden are about the same age. Kobe, on the other hand, truly is King Kobe on the Lakers. He gets whatever he wants. To say that Lin could co-exist with Harden therefore he can make it work with Kobe is just not accurate.

    And Lin does NOT want to play with the second unit. Lin sees himself as a starter, not a back-up. He I’m sure has no desire to move back to the bench.

  1081. 40% Jeremy, 60% on the team. That’s my take.

    If Jeremy has to be an ISO player to be effective with Kobe on the lineup then so be it. The problem is there’s no ball for him to ISO too.

  1082. wel i didnt think of that good point. thought the trust was on the team but could see him meaning kobe

  1083. he is joking, right?

  1084. Harden was not this bad. Not 37 shots a game, not 44 minutes a game, and he passed the ball sometimes. It’s one thing to say Lin has to find a way to deal with Kobe. But really not sure there is a way to deal with Kobe’s utter selfishness. Plus the rest of the team is pretty awful and also not making an effort because of Kobe.

  1085. Lin sounds mad in this interview! I think this is the first time he calls out somebody other than himself by saying there are so many things deep-rooted and wrong with this team right now.

  1086. He is clearly not on the same page as everyone.

  1087. I don’t get the quote. So, Kobe trusts his teammates to do their thing, but then just ignores them during the game???

  1088. Hill, Boozer, and Wes needs to go to the bench NOW!

  1089. Look like Kobe told the front office before the season started that he can do all by himself to win. Front office disagreed but let him do his thing.

    ESPN article said: Lakers front office wants all the fans to see that Kobe Ball does not work. Well, the fans are seeing it clearly IMO.— Paul Villarreal (@CNM_JLin_Vids) November 17, 2014

  1090. I agree Lin is sulking but I disagree on the rest. Lin wants to start. He is fine with the roster of starters. Lin lacks the moxy and savvy and street smarts to deal with Kobe and NBa politics. He is also an Asian American trailblzaer who is damned if do or don’t.

    Lin is not close to perfect and makes mistakes on and off court, but what would you like the kid to do? Gun for empty stats?

    Lin rather get 0 and lose by 30 than score 20 and lose by 10 every night

  1091. Kobe seems to live in his own world where words have different meanings. That ESPN article surely looks very credible now.

  1092. Kobe is worst than harden, at least harden did not lie. lol

  1093. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.
    That’s the definition of insanity
    – Einstein.

    The objective is not to keep them in the game, but eventually win games as a team.
    Kobe has a mental block on Teamball despite being super-intelligent on ISO-ball

  1094. I disagree completely. Why does Lin always have to put all the effort of adjusting his game to everyone else. He’s sulking…really? When have you known Lin to ever give up or cry foul. Saying he’s sulking is just an out right insult. He’s human and allowed to reach a limit w/a team that he has been giving his 125% in w/a player that obviously wants his points before a win. Unbelievable calling out Lin when there is a lot more happening on this team than just Lin not shooting & ‘sulking’.

  1095. Oh, I get it.

    It’s not about TRUST. He just thinks is teammates all suck.

  1096. this is a issue sure short term you keep the team close but the effects later on will drown the team

  1097. my point exactly

  1098. There is ball to ISO a bit but Lin lacks ISO ability and he knows lakers would still lose the same, just that his ppg would be better with lower fg%

  1099. Davis and Clarkson both give effort on defense and offense while playing with Lin! In fact they went on a great run during previous game garbage time when Kobe sat against the Pelicans! That run cut the deficit to only 7 points!

  1100. When that reporter said “…get myself going…” it kinda pricked JLin’s ears. He’s obviously fed up with this “aggressive” issue they keep on attaching to him.

  1101. Yes

  1102. He called Kobe out indirectly regarding playing as a “team”.

  1103. Completely bs calling that on Lin. The sinking ship has more to do w/Bryant-Scott tag team than Lin not going selfish iso. Wow…just wow how fans can turn on Lin.

  1104. Wondering if people still think Lakers is a good situation for Lin?

  1105. Last sentence is weird.

  1106. Unfortunately, I think the fans don’t see Kobe ball as a failure. Instead, they think Kobe ball would work if the team had some real talent and didn’t force Kobe to jack up 40 shots a game.

  1107. Yes

  1108. If you’re planning to troll or stir up posters, forget it.

    If you’re asking a legitimate question. YES.

  1109. Lin is mad that kobe is not mad after losing game after game.

  1110. It is…..and in fact it does not matter anyway. He is here at LAL.