G1 CHA @MIA Pregame Thread+Poll

Finally, there is only 1 day left before the 1st game of the season.
Jeremy Lin fans have been awaiting for this moment for a while.

Preseason summary
Jeremy Lin strong plays as the best Hornets player in the preseason with both 1st and 2nd unit mean Coach Clifford will rely on him to empower the 2nd unit to start the game and close out the games strongly in the 4th quarter or Overtime.
The last Bulls game provided a blueprint on how Jeremy has earned Coach Clifford’s trust despite a slow start but Coach still stuck to the regular rotation and allowed Jeremy to play his aggressive game to close 1st half with 8pts and played a prominent role in both offense and defense in the 4th quarter to pull the tough win.

Unfortunately, some fans quickly forget how JLin had the freedom and faith to play his game in the preseason and worry about his role in the regular season games.
This was partly due to the mistreatment from HOU and LAL coaches who didn’t fully trust him in the past 3 years so understandably, there was a little anxiety.

One key fact that we should not ignore is how Coach Clifford has been consistent in giving Jeremy a lot of minutes to play his game.
Unless this changes, we should not give in to the excessive worry.


1. With Jeremy Lamb and Troy Daniels possibly out, will Coach Clifford ask Jeremy to shoulder the scoring load more?
2. How will the chemistry among Kemba/Batum/Lin continue to develop in the 4th quarter?
3. How will the 1st unit fare against the Heat 1st unit? Will the chemistry be there to go toes-to-toes with Wade+Bosh led lineup?

These are the main questions we should be looking forward to find out.

Let’s hope, pray, wish and support JLin to stay healthy and happy whenever he steps on the court. Only good things can happen when we see a smiling JLin on-court

So let’s cast your vote on JLin’s total points/assists!
In 6 preseason games, JLin averaged 15.3pts/3.8ast/4.3reb/0.67stl/1.83TO/25.2min shooting at 56.6%FG, 47,1%3FG, 75%FT clip
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Last season, @cjshyy was the runaway CHAMPION with 12 wins! :mrgreen:
@johnlee came as close as 7 wins as RUNNER-UP #1 to surpass @moominfloren, @psalm234, @maknusia, @melody as RUNNER-UP #2

Let’s see who can predict JLin’s stats for the 1st game.


Guess JLin's stats in Game 1 vs MIA


  1. Saw a picture on the other site of Lin, hope he didn’t cut his hair.

  2. Go JLin

  3. have good feeling that he will.

  4. I’m feeling good. 18p/4a it is for Game 1

  5. MIA favored by 6.5 pts in this game.

  6. I think that was old picture. Master Lo is in Taiwan now.

  7. 11pt/3ast.
    Charlotte will be borderline .500 team this season. 35-40 wins

  8. You think MIA will win? To be honest, I am not sure Hornets will win or not w this lineup…. have to wait & see….

  9. Last season unfortunately the first game was against the Rockets and Lin wasn’t used to the starting lineup and had a bad game. This season, it’s against a team that goes out of their way to neutralize him. I wish it was against a different team, other teams target Lin but Miami more than most and constantly. For that reason, 11/3 seems most likely however I wouldn’t be surprised with better. I hope he doesn’t have a 2 of 9 with 3 TOs, I hope he shoots 50% or better, scores in at least double figures if he gets 3+ TOs and I hope he’s able to get foul calls and get to the line for at least 6 shots or gets a few and 1s. Somehow, I think he’ll handle their pressure better this go round with this team. But, if he’s not with other scoring/playmaking threats, Miami can focus more on neutralizing him.

  10. From Real GM
    I hope he is right that Lin play 32mins.

    Re: GT: We’re going to Miami Wed. 10/28 7:30 PM EST
    Post#29 » by fatlever » Today 4:44 pm
    best guess at rotations for Miami

    PG: Kemba (34), Roberts (10), Lin (4)
    SG: Hairston (16), Lin (28), Batum (4)
    SF: Batum (28), Marvin (20)
    PF: Zeller (28), Kaminsky (12), Marvin (8)
    C: Jefferson (32), Hawes (16)

    Kemba 34
    Batum 32
    Jefferson 32
    Lin 32
    Zeller 28
    Marvin 28
    Hairston 16
    Hawes 16
    Kaminsky 12
    Roberts 10

    That’s certainly not ideal, since we have two players in the rotation that we’d prefer be on the bench (Roberts and Hairston). Might see more of Marvin at PF if Miami plays a lot of small ball with Bosh at C.

    Wildcard is Hansbrough.

    Watch out for Gerald Green. He was on fire in the preseason.

  11. Moderate me is 15/5 assist. Risky me is 18/4

  12. Flip Murray wrote:

    fatlever wrote:I looked up all of PJs 3s made/attempted, including summer league, preseason and regular season since he entered the league. Its 32.3%, something like 101 of 305… or close to it. Sadly, its about the same as his overall FG%.

    I’d be happy if he never shot, just stood at the 3pt line, let defenders run at him, pump fake, then pass it. Fake spacing.

    I think he’s a crazy good practice shooter or something

    He certainly isn’t any good at his local YMCA.

    Post#5 » by fatlever » Today 2:04 am

    Old news, but PJ will be a starter tomorrow. Not sure if it was announced who will start between Marvin or Cody. I assume Cody. Gives us a nice bench – Lin, Lamb, Marvin, Frank, Hawes.

    But I HATE the coaching staff rewarding PJ like this, just because he fits the mold of what Cliff wants with that lineup, a supposed catch and shoot wing. PJ has done nothing to deserve this start. He will not alter his shot selection just because he is the 4th or 5th option.

    Post#6 » by MotorKeepsGoing » Today 2:51 am

    I want Troy Daniels in that spot if Lamb can’t go. Daniels would outplay PJ, easily.

    Even hornets fans dont understand why PJ starts.
    but they didn’t mention about lin starting. they want lamb or daniels.

  13. I’m with moderate you. 🙂

  14. Lin will come out “popping” with the energy and confidence shown this pre-season. For him, it seems all about feeling the good energy from his teammates.. And he has that now. First time since NY. 16pts/4asts

  15. because both Lamb and Troy are injured.

  16. Heat’s second unit is Mario Chalmers & Gerald Green. JLin is going to eat them alive. 18/4.

  17. it’s a teamsport dudie

  18. What did lin score vs heat in preseason??

  19. P.J. Hairston is going to start for the Charlotte Hornets at small forward in this one, which is a bit surprising to many people. He may not see many minutes depending on how he plays because a lot of the bench guards and wings could get a lot of time as well. Hairston in the starting line-up isn’t a for sure thing going forward so it will be interesting to see how he plays and if he can keep the starting spot over other players.

    From swarm and sting article

  20. 10 pts.

  21. Green is very good.

  22. thx

  23. Gilbert A N Abraham
    A pleasure to meet Dell Curry & Jeremy Lin. Cheers to @pgcbasketball for what was a tremendous day #WarriorfloW

  24. Very athletic. Tall and jumps high and he puts pressure on Lin defensively.

  25. yeah, Green guarded Lin pretty well preseason

  26. I thought you meant “moderate me” as in delete your post. LOL

  27. The most puzzling thing is that supposedly Clifford wants Hairston for defense? Hairston is known for being a poor defender. So unless he somehow transformed into a good defender.

    Is Marvin Williams that bad at defense? He was a better 3 pt shooter than Hairston last year.

  28. Yes. In the First 10 Games Prediction thread, I had Hornets going 5-5, and losing the first 3 games to MIA, ATL, ATL.

    Of course, CHA has a chance to win this game, if Lin plays well, plays a lot and closes the game.

  29. Green is good. But, not as good as our boy. 🙂

  30. To quote NBA so call “expert”… small sample size… hahaha

    He actually did. But, I am so pumped for the season. 🙂

  31. Thanks!

  32. Very anxiously to see how many minutes Cliff will give JLin, it will set the tone of real treatment JLin gets from Hornets this season. Cautiously optimistic.

  33. Of course it is. Please elaborate.

  34. coach was just on espn radio and said Marvin is the starter.

    Kaminsky gonna get to play a bit too regularly.

  35. If Kaminsky gonna get regular PT, unless they not playing Brian, don’t see how it’s not a 10 players rotation.

    Walker, Batum, PJ, Marvin, Al
    Lin, Brian, Kaminsky, Cody, Hawes

  36. It’s lonely to be first all the time.

  37. Clifford said on radio just now, Kaminsky will play every game and is being developed. No question or mention of Lin.

  38. I would moderate you 24/7 like crazy if I were a mod. You are welcome

  39. Did he mention kemba?

  40. No.

  41. Not as good as Lin.

    That’s what happened last game.

  42. And Lin guarded Green BETTER.

    Green averaged over 17 ppg this preseason, which means Lin CLAMPED DOWN on him.

  43. Agree.

  44. Paraphrasing: Cliff’s answer to choosing PJ as starter is for defense to fill in MKG slot & shooting 3s. IMO, PJ is a placeholder for MKG.

  45. Thats what we have been saying

  46. It’s all about the LOOK test.

    PJ Hairston at a chiseled muscular 6’6″ is thought of as a fine athletic specimen vastly superior to Lin or Lamb.

    The trouble is that in actual games, Hairston’s physical attributes do not translate into actual basketball production.

  47. He’s a Bulls fan.

  48. Oh! Who was in the video?

  49. Yea. Was hoping he was there when Lin and the Hornets kick their behinds lol

  50. Don’t think he’s a Lin’s fan even he’s from Harvard.

  51. Exactly. Tall & strong don’t mean they will be good in BB game.

  52. Oh yes. And he plays the ones who can’t do that. SMH…

  53. Maybe Michael Jordan will be there too!

  54. Not puzzling if you go by the eye test!

  55. Yep. I’ve a clearer picture of Hornets’ plan. My speculations:

    1. Lin’s a rental for 1 year. Cliff will use Lin’s strength to win games. Use his popularity to bring ‘buzz talk’ to Charlotte. No place for Lin as starter now or future, only as a backup if he stays, barring unforeseen situation.

    2. KW-1; NB-2; MKG-3 are their core starters; the big 3s.

    3. Kamisky-4 (PF) future core starter; may take place of MW or PJ if he develops quickly.
    4. AJ-5 maybe traded if incur big losses/unforeseen or palatable piece available mid season or wait ’til FA.

  56. No he is pretty chicago centric. Chicago bears,Chicago White sox, and Chicago bulls. Probably a big MJ fan when he played.

  57. You getting too far a head of yourself. A lot of the player on the team is in a contract year. As well as cliff. Idk whats gonna happen next year let alone tomorrow but lets just take it one game at a time.

  58. Of course, I’ll take one game at a time. For discussion purposes, I’m allowed to make intelligence deduction on team that has an effect on Lin’s future. Agree or not, it’s up to you.

  59. Bandwagon Lin fan. Said he knew about JLin before Linsanity (interview on Linsanity Movie) when Linsanity was raging then later made reference that he’d stop Romney like the Heat stopped Jeremy Lin.

  60. I’d reserve judgment at least until after the first 10 games.

  61. It’s ok. I’m just assessing from what’s been expressed in interviews & articles.

  62. That IS one of the Most Stupidest things a president can say. Don’t bring sports or celebs into politics. You’re the leader of the country and you sound like a teenager referencing sports battles.

  63. I recognize Williams?, Handsbrough, Harrison?, Batum, Zeller, Daniels,

  64. Ya pretty stupid:

    Barack Obama Compares Mitt Romney To Jeremy Lin, His Team To Miami Heat: REPORT

  65. Here is Obama during the height of Linsanity:


  66. Obviously, Clifford watches Hairston play everyday, but I don’t see how he is good at either defense or 3s. I would choose Marvin Williams over Hairston for both his defense and 3 pt shooting.

    “Weaknesses: Due to a combination of a lack of effort, a
    lack of awareness, and below-average speed and quickness, Hairston is a
    poor defender … In one-on-one situations, he is often abused by quicker
    players on both cuts and drives to the basket … As team defender, he is
    often in the wrong place at the wrong time – he doesn’t always rotate,
    and when he does, he has poor recovery speed. Also, at times, he
    inexplicably steps away from the action, as if he is playing with five
    fouls or playing for the Washington Generals … Appears undisciplined,
    lackadaisical – doesn’t make a lot of hustle plays, stands around a lot
    on offense, and often jogs down the floor on defense …”

  67. linspiredinca
    Upcoming video from @FungBros @JLin7

  68. You should have also included “Winslow, Andersen, and Haslem” in the list of second unit players that Lin will eat alive. =p

  69. Thanks.

  70. I know that’s why I said he’s not a Lin’s fan at all. smh!

  71. In the preseason stats, Hairston was actually ranked #1 at 2.6 steals% so that can be a reason to experiment with Hairston.

    I think Clifford just looks for a body to start because he needs JLin to be fresh to play a lot of min.
    So I’ll be interested to see if that continues to be true.

  72. Clifford must see something. JLin said he understands basketball on a different level than most coaches. Of course these moves are head scratchers but will see how it turns out.

  73. Uncanny impression of SCurry by BdotAdot5


  74. Good point by SheridanBlog about Lin getting plenty of min behind Kemba who always get hurt. (more than CHI/GSW role can offer). In the past 2 seasons, Kemba played 73 and 62 games.

    @warriorsworld Not statistically though. Can only get so many minutes behind Steph/Klay. Walker shoots 39% and always gets hurt too.



  75. No worries. JL7 is playing on another level this season. I say he’s 18+ pt & 5 ast or Better. Heat, Cavs, GS, Grizz, doesn’t matter who he’s facing he will let it all out on the court. Nobody can stop him if he has his good teammates watching his back.

  76. If the preseason trend continues, Coach Clifford will play JLin a lot of min to lead 2nd unit plus close out games in the 4th quarter. So Hairston is just a body-replacement of MKG to keep JLin fresh.

    If JLin doesn’t play a big role in the 4th quarter, then I’ll say something is fishy.

    Tomorrow we get to see if it’s Hairsanity or the fish market

  77. 1. eh… didn’t really remind me of Steph’s form. And notice how they didn’t show any of the buckets go in (except for one). LOL

    2. I’m glad he was able to upgrade from his backyard to a real gym. Next time, he might even be able to get a gym without tables on them. LMAO

  78. Understanding bball & applying that are two different things. Cliff hasn’t impressed me one bit w/his double speak decisions. We’ll see if his ‘understanding’ translates to what’s best for the win/team or if he’s just another NBA/org mouth piece.

  79. he prob. didn’t want to spend days to show the makes so it’s just the celebrations lol

    I think the table is intentional for some unknown reason.

  80. See my post below…

    On a personal note, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. Is your call name based on Psalm 2:34 or 23:4? I like reading Psalms.

  81. I don’t even have issues with Lin not starting. I am just vouching for Marvin to start over Hairston.

    Glass half full: At least Lin won’t have to play with Hairston as much. LOL

    Glass half empty: But Lin will have to play with Roberts a lot. T_T

  82. it’s Psalms 2, 3, and 4.

  83. Oh so it’s chapters 2,3,&4. Thanks.

  84. I think Lin will bc he needs Lin to help him win more games. Also from what Batum said “Now they’re trying to fix the offense. Guys like Jeremy Lin, Spencer Hawes, Jeremy Lamb, myself, Frank(Kaminsky) – we can correct that.”

  85. Both are fake… smh!

  86. Can’t wait and see how Hornets is doing with this lineup. Yep I always want JLin to start. Disappointed if he isn’t but not devastated. Just want to see how he is going to be used in Hornets. Hence, I hold a wait and see view.

    Not going to feel one way or the other in the mean time. First few games will give me a feel on Clifford and the overall Hornets on their view on JLin.

    As long as JLin is allowed to play his games and give him minutes to do his job and close out games if needed, I’m more than okay. If this combines with being a starter, it’s even better. God will continue to take care of JLin.

  87. I’m pretty sure it went like:

    BA: Hey, can I shoot a video in your gym while it’s empty?

    Staff: Well, there’s a community event in the gym tonight, so there won’t be anyone playing there while they set up.

    BA: OK, good enough for me!

  88. oh, see this pic.. It’s Psalm 23:4 🙂

    yes, I fully agree with you. Hairston is just a temp replacement for MKG, perhaps 25%

  89. lol .. that’s a lot to read

  90. Heart said she(?) likes reading Psalms.

  91. he didn’t talk about Lin?

  92. Thanks. Couldn’t see clearly on your avatar.

  93. yeah, no rent for the gym would be perfect :]

  94. To me I don’t care who is starting when JLin isn’t. If JLin isn’t in the first unit, I care little who is playing. Just hope that they don’t lose big when JLin gets in. If they indeed lose big, hopefully Clifford and Hornets will learn their lesson for their “experiment” or their root on so-called “fit.” Unless they want to tank for the season, otherwise hope they will make their adjustment sooner than later.

  95. yes, I also like the “wait & see” approach.

    If they don’t start Lin sometime in the future, it’ll be their loss since JLin will sign w/ another team =)
    So the onus is really on them to figure things out.

  96. Psalm is usually the go to book in the bible 🙂

  97. Addendum: Emphasis is Hornets’ CURRENT plan. Unforeseen circumstances can occur and people’s heart can change. God knows the future. I’m just speculating what I see happening.

  98. Good quote from Batum to recognize the offense was broken & needs some fixing LOL

  99. What happen to the my french fries?

  100. They need Lin & Batum knows too well about that…. LOL!

  101. You mean Marvin over Zeller???

  102. I also think Marvin would be much better than Hairston.

    As long as Roberts can bring up the ball & drain 3s off Lin’s assists, he’ll be good in my book.
    I hope Clifford makes him behave. The PG playmaking stint during preseason was disastrous (but Kobe would love it!)

  103. Marvin is starting for Zeller. Isn’t he???

  104. That’s right. Depending on their attitude–if Clifford and Silas deserve JLin’s trust for a long term, JLin will stay or not. Not going ahead of myself, we are just about the beginning of new season. Lots of revelation will portray soon. I like how JLin was given the minutes in preseason. Wish he could play pg a little more but it was much much better than in Lakers and Rox. So, I’m alright. I just have to wait and see how JLin is being utilized in season before making any judgment.

  105. I’m not sure… I didn’t see any tweets about it.

  106. Upset for sure but not really just the starting position … more about the process…. last week NBA TV to high promote Lin that sounds like he will be in charge the game most of the time…. then …? I still think something must be happen behind the door. I believe Lin will not stay here next year. That’s why they need to do more for Batum & Kemba. But I am not worry about playing time for Lin bc they need Lin & they know it.

  107. No, I mean Marvin starting at SF.

    Marvin is a PF/SF. Some of the depth charts show Marvin under SF:

  108. Can Hairston and Hairsanity coexist lol

  109. Interesting reminder of 30% salary cap increase next season.
    Too early to speculate about Hornets and JLin but all teams will have wild bidding on good FAs.

    A good year can yield return of Batum and JLin. Winning% & playoff will be good indicators.


  110. the “almost anyone” is Lin

  111. The NBA promotes who they want to promote. I doubt whether Clifford or whoever makes the decision on CHA rosters is influenced or gets to influence whoever the NBA features or how.

    The only beauty of Jeremy’s dirt cheap contract is that it has a player option on the second year. Jeremy knows that, Charlotte knows that. It will be a fine balance in terms of how they treat him for him to consider staying so I do agree that he should get his chances. Whether they choose to lock him up for longer and more money really depends on Jeremy’s impact and play though.

  112. Don’t think Hairston will play a lot in 4Q.

  113. bye derek rose

  114. What happened? I just remembered about the game and am looking for a feed.

  115. bulls wont sign him after this

  116. cleveland wont win championship too lebron centric….overated……goldenstate 2 feat

  117. JLin got to ball out this season. No matter what roll they put him in.

  118. Interesting comment from Doc Rivers addressing media today regarding whether to start Lance Stephenson or Paul Pierce. He basically said if I could only get you (media) to understand that its not important who starts, but who FINISHES games. Jeremy finishing out the 4th is what I care about!

  119. Doug McDermott this guy is not afraid he has grit

  120. IMO, Starting & Finishing games are both important. Don’t dismiss the intangibles –>Being starters have automatic respect from casual fans, Leaque, media, some Refs to use less whistles, etc.

  121. It’s encouraging to see Bulls and Pistons, both of which lost to Hornets in serious preseason matches (out to school Lin), are giving Hawks and Cavs trouble. And the Cavs are supposedly better without ballhog/ballstopper Irving. So if Clifford makes good use of Jeremy and gives decent minutes, Hornets have a good chance against these “supposed” top Eastern teams.

  122. I agree. Finishing is way more important than starting.

  123. That either sounds not right or I am thinking it the wrong way. (◐‿◑)

  124. Jeremy has adapted to the powerhouses of the West in the last 3 years. Frankly I cannot see any Eastern Conference team being able to stop Jeremy and his winning effect if he gets minutes.

  125. In the preseason game against Miami they focused on guarding Jeremy. Roberts was feasting on all the open looks. It could happen again tomorrow.

  126. Yes – of course in an ideal situation that is most certainly true. But Jeremy has always had to deal with less than ideal situations. And since that is the case again in Charlotte, it’s more important that he finish than start.

  127. Yeah, Roberts has decent FG% IF he gets openings, and Jeremy can give him precisely that, since Heat players chase after him like children going after the ice cream truck.

  128. Of course, since Lin can’t be a starter on this team at this time (hopefully in the future somehow here or new team), so we want him to finish game w/this team. He’s AKA a game changer/Mr. 4th qtr. However, it does not negate the fact that Lin should be starting and finishing games bc he has the skills to be a starter PG/SG. He does not have the opportunity just yet.

    Also, be mindful that Doc Rivers is deciding between the two Divos (Stephenson & Pierce), he knows that he’s dealing w/big egos. TBH, I’ve to read/learn/watch everything in context, not to take anyone’s words literally.

  129. Remember the heat game was not a regular season rotation. I expect the play book to open up. Defense will be more intense and offense. Cant wait !!!!!!!

  130. Actually at this point in time, Paul Pierce’s ego is not the issue – it’s his age. He realizes it and understands why Doc is bringing him off the bench and Stephenson is starting.

  131. I will let them know you asked about them.

  132. Yep. Youth, skills and experience have the advantage.

  133. Wait why is noah on the bench???

  134. Yep. Hopefully Roberts shoots well tomorrow. He got blocked once or twice in the Bulls game, and didn’t shoot as well, I think.

  135. If they suppress his numbers so they can sign him cheap, I’m going to destroy my potato chips.

  136. Tristan Thompson has 9 rebounds, 0 points, and 0 assist. He gets $85 million. Lebron has 21 points, 10 rebounds, and 2 assist. How much is Lebron worth? SMH

  137. There’s something to be said for youth, but don’t count out age and experience 😉 Doc will most likely count on PP in 4Q crunchtime!

  138. Let’s all get a read on you.

  139. LOL…you havent given CoachC a single game chance at all! Tiger, Fan! 🙂

  140. I guess if he did this clip outdoors he would be exhausted fetching all those long missed shots.

  141. If Mike and Obama went one on one would Mike let the president win with all the secret service surrounding him?

  142. A ton. Lebron did so much during the playoffs without hardly any help on both side of the floor and put up incredible numbers. Lebron is an exceptional player, one of the best ever.

  143. Aside while we wait for Charlotte Game:

    Carlos Boozer sets the record straight on his ridiculous fake hair of 2012


  144. I think he is in a good situation. There are no superstars that he has to defer to, he likes the system, coach, team mates, and he has a small contract so instead of being overpaid he’s severely underpaid. He has a chance to play closer to his style of basketball and get minutes. It’s not ideal, but good.

  145. Yep, the glory of young men is their strength, but gray hair is a crown of glory (gained by living a righteous life), Prov16:31.

  146. Thompson 18 million per year.
    Lebron 22 million per year. Again this is because Lebron took a 2 year deal with option like lin.

  147. Clifford needs JLin to reach the playoff to get contract extension so your potato chips are safe 🙂

  148. only if JLin makes them gel :>

  149. Too noisy can’t hear very well. But read from the Chinese Lin said he didn’t care about as a starter or not…just keep it that way…. Sounds like he will not go to starting lineup in Hornets.

  150. first 30 seconds were super awkward LOL

  151. Having an influential agent is very important.

  152. The whole thing was pretty awkward. It’s rare to catch Jeremy like this, he looks almost annoyed. It’s very likely that this interview was unscheduled and the reporter just intruded. The only smile that looked genuine was when Jeremy was asked about the China fans.

  153. Not an “exclusive interview”, this was more like an ambushed by media.

  154. Everyone not Lin. kekeke!

  155. JLin did look a bit not in the mood; I think the interview took place when he was hanging out with his teammates so he was self-conscious about it.

  156. Destroy your potato chips… by putting them in your mouth?

  157. Yeah..that interview looks extremely awkward…You could tell Lin was a bit bothered but tried to stay nice and cool….If this was some type of ambush, shame on that person.

  158. Some of these reporters are under pressure to get a piece, so often times they’re forced to act in an unprofessional manner.

  159. You misunderstand, he meant to ship them to me for proper disposal.

  160. You’re right, job pressure sometimes led to desperate action.

  161. yes, he looked so unprepared, but Lin is just so nice and gentleman.

  162. Daniel body language tells all.

  163. “exclusive ambush”? =)

  164. Ya! Can reporter just walk to the lockers room for interview? Maybe bc she is from China so …Hornets PR said OK…?

  165. hahaha, new term? But good one.

  166. True, the interviewer was probably told to get a 1-on-1 interview with Lin if she wanted to keep her job. Journalism is a pretty cutthroat field.

  167. If you listen closely I think someone asked him if he had taken a shower and he said “I’m going to and I just put this (his sweat shirt) on”. Probably he has to cover himself bc of this impromptu interview.

  168. I predict Lin will play 24-26 minutes tomorrow and the starters will play the last 5 minutes while Lin sits on the bench. I am not trolling. This is my honest opinion. I think Charlotte will waste games and lose winnable games trying to do it without Lin at first till they realize it is not possible.

  169. We don’t know what that was but definitely not an exclusive interview.

  170. more like having an agent whose main client (Lebron) is very influential. =)

  171. BTW, someone said this interview was done vs Bulls game? I also don’t think it’s today? Bc Lin’s hair is up normally for game day. They just got to Maimi today?

  172. steph curry not human

  173. He plays well so far today.

  174. Regardless, this is not “exclusive”. This was more of after practice.

  175. yep.

  176. Before we continue I have to ask, are you Ben Stiller?

  177. There’s no place safer.

  178. what well??????? he is a video game

  179. Where should he be? On the Ark?

  180. It’s simple math 21+ (10 – 9) + 2 = 24, so Lebron should get $85 million and 24 cents..

  181. I know. 22 pts w 9 min on court. 8-11. He’s the best player in the league right now.

  182. lol

  183. word

  184. He’s the best shooter, maybe scorer, but not overall player.

  185. Nah, that’s Zoolander. I’m a professional variable fighter pilot.

  186. who cares, he’s really good.

  187. It’ll depend on how quickly Clifford responds to the trailing signs…

  188. Steph “MVP, Mr. Clutch” Curry, 24pts in less than 12 min. It’s great to watch him … just like watching Lin.

  189. For the last three seasons, I’ve been writing that New Orleans is a TERRIBLE defensive team.

    They have the NBA’s most celebrated big man in Anthony Davis and good ol’ Omer Asik, yet they consistently finish near last on defense.

    The reason is simple: Davis doesn’t really defend, and that has a ripple effect on the rest of the team.

  190. Go Hornets!

  191. I think he’s also worried about the reporter possibly popping an awkward question like: “who’s better for starting position, you or xxx?”

  192. What about tootsie roll. It’s “role”.

  193. Last year, Jeremy was playing for a contract too. It didn’t change his game.
    This year is no different.

  194. Miami could only do that with Lebron. They’re not neutralising Lin this game.

  195. SCurry already scored 37 pts in only 25 min. Still 7 in left in the 3rd quarter.
    This is unreal. It could be a record-breaking night.

  196. I guess not all buy into the new style of basketball in Charlotte. Coach Clifford has to give the old timers a chance to show what might work. If you were used to be the center of everything, it would be difficult for you to change too. Instead of having them pulling your legs in the middle of the season, I think coach Clifford is wise to let them have their way to prove themselves that complete change is not necessary. If they fail gloriously, they have no other choice but to comply.

    Then the change may go smoothly with no return. Even there may be humps in the season, there wouldn’t be outcry for going back because they have already had their chance. I do think it’s nice to move back to the old style of plays until it doesn’t work anymore and then the Hornets can really take off altogether.

    Perhaps this’s the reason of starting Hairston which is of course is a recession comparing to what the preseason has been going for the Hornets but if it’s necessary to move unanimously in the new direction, it’s necessary to fall back temporarily.

    Lin’s way is never without opposition. This is already the least he has to worry. Just play the best he can and prove the world he’s a great player.

  197. I don’t really think the Pelicans is a elite team even they have Anthony. Elite teams need good coaching and the superstars must comply to that. With superstars taking over the coach’s job, there would be no end of misery. Lakers is a good example.

  198. Cleveland is going to regret having LeBron back soon. Now they’re heavy in luxury tax like what Brooklyn did. Don’t think LeBron could pull this out again even in the East. The East Conference is getting much stronger this season. Without LeBron’s support, Thompson could not hijack the team with his max contract request.

  199. He also stops the development of younger players.

  200. Pau Gasol did a terrific job on defence making 6 blocks for the game.

  201. could not believe it pelicans did not get jlin

  202. JLin is more equipped to fight his battle this season. He is an effective player at both ends of the court and he’s not afraid of going 1 on 1 against anyone. In NBA, it helps to be a good ISO player before you can play team ball.

  203. It sounds like you consider the possibility that starting Hairston could be to test whether the Kemba/Al-centric offense might work?

    It really depends if Coach Clifford allows that to happen for most plays. If I follow his thinking from some post-game interviews, he envisioned Kemba/Batum led 1st unit with MKG anchoring the defense then JLin to lead a dynamic 2nd unit. Then Kemba/Batum/Lin to finish games.

    He might still follow his vision by testing a poor-man MKG in Hairston. If this is true, we’d still see Kemba/Batum/Lin to finish games like his regular rotation in late preseason games.

    If a hot-scoring Lin doesn’t finish games like in preseason, we should definitely question Coach Clifford’s decision-making. But if he continues to trust JLin, I’d have no problem with that for now. I still believe eventually JLin would need to start & finish with the 1st unit against good teams.

  204. Amazing what talented players can do when trusted by their organization. Imagine if GSW kept and marketed Monta Ellis instead and backstabbed Curry like Morey did Jeremy in favor of Harden.

  205. that’s not what they are doing.

  206. Clifford has complete control of the second team but not the first team. There are still stars who could say no to his new offense.

  207. just watch Dleague PJ highlights. Nothing he does is like MKG and vice versa.

  208. Miami is smart. Lin will be playing 2 guard and Roberts will be wide open to jack up shots like in pre season. Lin won’t be hot scoring. But maybe it will be enough to win the game.

  209. The migration towards GSW’s small ball, 3 pointers with spacing and controlling the tempo is not easy. Coach Clifford knows that this is a great way of running a team but there are still opposition.

  210. they have many guards. they are all hurt.

  211. Franchise players can often dictate how the game should be played in NBA.

  212. I’m not impressed at all with Hairston. He hit some 3s & just happened to rank #1 in STL% at 2.6 in preseason. I think that’s why he got the 1st try to replace MKG.

    I predict the 1st unit offense will misfire tomorrow and trail the Heat when JLin checks in the 1st quarter.

  213. the pelicans offense looks broken and boring and predictable. What are they doing? Alvin was supposed to bring Warriors ball.

    Way too many boring post ups in traffic like Al Jefferson

  214. psalm, there is politics and agendas from coach, players, owners, front office, sponsors, tv network contracts, and much much more.

    I don’t think the starting crew will do as badly as you think. they’ll keep it close. I’m not sold Lin will do as much as we hope tomorrow. I think the preseason game was a good indication. Miami will dare Roberts and others to hit shots wide open.

  215. i can also do that……hold my beer

  216. I see ADavis shooting 1-16. Yikes!
    Plus Nate Robinson started as PG. The offense just didn’t flow well.

    Jrue and Norris Cole injury will get Pelicans into a bad start

  217. the biggest thing I’ve learned from Lin is he needs TIME on the court. He can look bad for a whole quarter then score 7 in 30 seconds and go crazy. He needs the minutes. It’s just how he plays. If he gets 35 MPG, then he will break through. But 22-25 minutes? I don’t think its enough. that’s why I’m not sold on how Lin will do this season. We’ll see.

  218. It’s probably too crowded in Pelicans with Jrue/NateRobinson/NCole in the PG depth chart

    The highlight probably will be Lin/ADavis alley-oop & Lin/Asik ballet-oops 🙂

  219. they are just posting up 1 in and 4 out like how Charlotte wants to do it with the starters. Ryan Anderson is the 1 inside. SMH

  220. She didn’t ask any “surprise and good questions”, and he didn’t have any other than usual typical Jeremy Lin answers that already gave thousand times. Quite boring interview and quite boring answers.

  221. The problem I have with what you and others are saying is they haven’t played ONE regular season game yet. The time to determine what you are saying is after 10 games or so, not now. Every indication that we got from Clifford so far in the preseason is Lin will be trusted to play through mistakes. It was just preseason so we really have to wait to see how things unfold. Everything else is, in my opinion, worrying over what could be that hasn’t really transpired.

  222. If Lin’s the playmaker with Zeller/Hawes as bigs, I think he can lead the 2nd unit to outscore the Heat with the quick ball movement. Then he gets warmed up & hopefully Kemba won’t do his ISOs in the 4th to kill the ball movement.

    My concern is Kemba will go back to his old bad habits with some inefficient ISO moves in the 4th quarter wasting possession before going back to share with Batum/Lin but it’s too late so they will lose a close game. Hopefully not.

  223. lol … how’s that NBA2K15?

  224. Sounds like a forgettable night for AD. I haven’t watched much of the game, I was watching the World Series that went into extra innings.

  225. I think Lin will close the game but they will play team ball as Lin’s wish or ISO game plan like last season? Can’t wait for the tomorrow’s game to find out.

  226. yes, Monta is such an inefficient volume shooter.

    His career 3P% is 31.4% and only 28.5% last season with the Mavs!
    wow.. Compare with Curry’s 44%. GSW knew they had to ship Monta out to develop Curry

    I’m surprised teams keep giving freedom to Monta.

  227. yes, can’t find to find out if the ball-sharing is consistent to finish the games.
    Kemba might resort to old habit like in preseason but he did try to share in the end.

  228. And it’s not just Monta Ellis, the league seems to be rewarding chuckers regardless of FG%. It’s as if all these GMs only look at ppg, but don’t even bother checking FG%, 3PT%, FT%, etc. Never mind true shooting or other stats.

  229. Preseason don’t count but regular do so…. I really don’t think everyone like Lin said don’t care about who scores? NO way, it’s contract year for Al, don’t think he wants to get so so stats for your team ball theory. They play for $$$ not team ball.

  230. yeah…thats crazy…

    SC played 35min for 40pts, 6rbs, 7ast, 2TO

    WHat I’m worries about Hornets is not taking enough shots as in the preseason.

    GSW took 92 FGA and 30 3PM-A

    Hornets is only ranging around 70+ if I’m not mistaken

  231. Kemba Batum Hairston Williams Al Jeff
    horrible line up they got scrubs starting at 3 and 4
    absolute garbage, scrubs
    Zeller and Psycho T are better than a M.Will
    Batum is better at 3 hairston just has no business starting, period, Lamb is more deserving
    To add insult, CLiff plays Lin as back up SG letting brian handle the ball thats just outragerous to say the least
    This guy is just as bad as Byron Scott
    Lin is not a starter thats fine he works better off the bench but to use him as back up SG and starting 2 scrubs and another scrub to take the ball out of his hands? thats just stupid

  232. Season started! Here are the first 3 games results!

    Fasten your belt!!!

  233. Batum actually said that today about not caring who scores so at least the team mentality is there.
    Let’s see if it translates well in the 1st regular season game.

    I want to see if Coach Clifford will pull aside whoever is not sharing the ball.

  234. Ya! That’s Batum bc Hornets wants to keep him. So he doesn’t need to care about stats that much… but not Al… I never heard Al or Kemba said so…

    I believe coach do everything he can to let Lin plays his game w 2nd unit. But when Lin plays w 1st unit…. that will be interesting to see what will happen then?

  235. @JLin7 Rank No.2–[email protected] Top 5 #NBA players on social per @MVPindex (followers/engagement/sentiment)


  236. We can disagree as much as we want, but can we please do it within the forum rules ““Be Polite & Be Respectful”

  237. fair enough…we will see…

  238. he has all the gel you want…lol

  239. I saw Kemba passed to a cutting JLin in the last preseason game that they finished together so it was progress. But it has to happen consistently. Batum passed to a wide-open Kemba.

    Batum and JLin will look for others so I’m not worried; it’s Kemba and Al who might get stuck to bad habits from last season to not pass to open teammates.

  240. @terryinhongkong Like the JLin family, they’re also very surprised Lin not starting. A good listen: https://itunes.apple.com/hk/podcast/hive-talk-live/id995386468?i=355688810&mt=2
    They did say that @JLin7 and @KembaWalker will/should definitely be on court together to finish games.


  241. I think Kemba has good moves but his shot is not all that. In preseason it seemed better so far.

    If they continue to post up Al, I’m going to throw up unless Al starts producing at 50% FG rate at a minimum.

  242. Thanks for the support but what fans or media said don’t court… smh! But so far I really do like Hornets media so much. I know why they’re surprised it’s PJ starts… bc I read they did an article back to Feb or March said PJ is not good…..LOL!

  243. I think maybe they try to trade Al so they need to let him plays his game in 1st unit to have good stats. I believe they will play more ISO in 1st unit when Lin is not there w them.

  244. Agreed will delete

  245. your opinion are fine…just the choices of words 😉

    We welcome varying opinion

  246. To me at least….thus far…I take CoachC’s choice of lineups and rotations he did in preseason, was awesome. I trust he will continue to do so and make necessary changes, if things are not going as desired. He seem to be a straight forward guy and who wants a win.

    Everyone errs, as long as one rectify and remedy it…I’m fine…same goes to CoachC….

  247. Ya! I really like Zeller & Hawes w Lin. They also set good screen for Lin. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

  248. I havent watched Kemba closely other then this preseason….thus far I like what he brings

  249. wow…my vote is in the minority! (Game 1)

  250. wow, that’s impressive.

    surprised to see Pau Gasol at #10?

  251. wow, shocker DET whupped ATL

  252. Give Lin boost in the forefoot

  253. Some of those teams looked pretty good. Not sure if the Hornets starters as constructed are going to be able to compete. Passing to Jefferson in the post and going iso isn’t going to cut it.

  254. he’s very small on both sides. his talent is there of course

  255. Can we see a dunk soon?!

  256. Not Surprised that the Pistons won. Their last game against the Hawks in preseason was really good as well, 2-0 over Hawks. They are going to the playoffs this season for sure. They went on a tear with their winning streak last season – That WAS impressive!
    I’m looking for JL7 to score Big against these teams. When the pressures are on the more he will come through esp. with his newfound peace. Maybe he’ll be like Steph Curry – 40 points in 28 minutes for some of these games. I want to see him score 50 points. Really serious, I am.

  257. That’s All in the past. Lin is on a team and coach that caters to his style and he’s on another level now. He will get there- good stat in 25+ min, and superstar stat in 30+ min.

  258. Psalm: I also keep telling myself “It’s OK if he doesn’t start as long as he gets 30 min+ of PT and closes out games”. That’s fine. But I just can’t help but thinking how much Lin wants to start. It means a lot to him. We know this, because he has openly said that repeatedly.

    I truly feel that this time he has earned his way back to a starting role, even though that takes capitalizing on someone’s injury. But life is often about serendipity. This is his golden opportunity to shed the unfair label of “serviceable backup”, and reinsert himself to the elite level.

    Yes, of course he can and most likely will, shine as the 6th man who will also be clutch in crunch times. But we know how popular narratives work in the league. Lazy and uninformed writers will continue to treat him as second-string.

    Sorry to be ranting a bit. But I have mixed emotions about this, as much as I still think he is in the right place with the right coach.

  259. Yeah the Pistons has given the Hornets the most problem in preseason. Next is the Chicago team without Pau Gasol. Gosh made 6 blocks. He’s the beast out there. He has made sacrifices in his scoring though. Everybody knows that Pau can score a whole bundle.

  260. Big Al is the biggest star in the team. He took the Hornets to playoff. He has the right to tell the coach what might work for him and the team. Coach Clifford has the idea about what the team should do this season. But he still has to cultivate the team relationship and respect Big Al. The starters hasn’t changed by much. Kemba is still there. Batum took the place of Henderson. Hairston took the place of MKG. I believe they basically run the same plays for Jefferson and Kemba until the bench comes in. Batum and Hairston will shoot 3s. Beyond that I don’t foresee much changes for the Hornets first unit. Until this first unit fails badly, they wouldn’t change their plays much.

    When the bench checks in with Lin leading the way, I think Lin and Kemba could do whatever they are good at. Coach Clifford would use the preseason plays there.

    What I have stressed on is “change management”. Coach Clifford won’t change the team all at once in regular season.

  261. Where Should the Hornets Play Jeremy Lin?

    Fresh off an offseason where they were arguably the busiest team in the association, the Charlotte Hornets have a handful of questions that must be answered before the regular season tips off October 28th in Miami. One of these questions is where they should play newly acquired guard Jeremy Lin.

    Back in July, the Hornets inked Lin to a two-year, $4.3 million deal. Just three seasons removed from his “Linsanity” season with the New York Knicks, the Harvard graduate has yet to find the right fit in the NBA. After spending two seasons with the Houston Rockets, where he averaged 13 points, 5.2 assists, 2.8 rebounds and 1.3 steals-per-game, Lin spent one season sporting purple and gold for the Los Angeles Lakers.

    Though Houston and Los Angeles weren’t the best fit for the 27-year-old, Charlotte could very well be his one-way ticket back to “Linsanity”. If the Hornets want Lin to replicate any of the success he had during the 2011-12 campaign with the New York Knicks, they will have to put him in the right role.

    At first glance, the most logical solution would be to insert Lin into the team’s sixth man role. Playing behind Kemba Walker, Lin could provide a spark off of the bench; however, there is only one problem: starting small forward Michael Kidd-Gilchrist will miss the next six months due to a shoulder injury he suffered in the Hornets preseason opener against the Orlando Magic.

    One direction the Hornets can go after injury to Kidd-Gilchrist is sliding first-year Hornet Nicolas Batum, who was slated in as the starting shooting guard, to the small forward position — the same position he played with the Portland Trailblazers throughout his entire career. Sliding Batum to a forward position would leave a void at the shooting guard position, and give Lin a chance at cracking the starting lineup.

    Inserting Lin into the starting lineup could give the Hornets the best chance to win. During the 2014-15 season, the Charlotte Hornets ranked 27th overall in assists-per-game, dishing out only 20.2 dimes-per-contest. Moving the basketball is the key to success in the NBA. Last year’s NBA champions, the Golden State Warriors, ranked first in the NBA in the assist category with 27.4 assists-per-game. Keeping this in mind, it is important that the Hornets find a way to move the ball on a more consistent basis, starting Jeremy Lin could very well be the key to success.

    During the preseason, Lin put up impressive numbers, averaging 15.3 points and 3.2 assists-per-game. To go along with his impactful numbers, Lin seemed to find chemistry with Hornets starting power forward Cody Zeller.

    Though inserting Lin into the starting lineup at the shooting guard position is a plausible possibility, the team could very well go in a different direction. Marvin Williams, who started 37 games with the Hornets last season, is projected to replace the injured Kidd-Gilchrist. If Steve Clifford decides to roll with Williams in the starting lineup, it means Batum will remain the starting shooting guard, having Jeremy Lin coming off of the bench as a sixth man.

    Having Lin play off the bench may not be an entirely bad idea. During the offseason, the team brought in players like Jeremy Lamb, Spencer Hawes, and even drafted Frank Kaminsky to strengthen their bench unit. Last season the Hornets ranked 17th in the league in bench scoring with 32.2 points-per-game, and 18th in assists of the bench with 6.6 assists-per-game. Having Lin man the second unit could definitely give the Hornets a better chance to win.

    During the Hornets media day, Clifford mentioned he thinks Lin is still a starting-caliber player in the NBA.”I think Jeremy Lin can show he can be a starter again in this league, like he was in New York” Clifford said.

    Clifford even mentioned that the team will consider keeping him in the starting lineup after experimenting with it in the preseason. In his first start with the Hornets, Lin scored 13 points and grabbed five boards en route to a 113-71 win over the Los Angeles Clippers.

    At the end of the day, it is really hard telling where Hornets head coach Steve Clifford will decide to play Jeremy Lin. Wherever he is inserted, it is certain he is going to make an impact both scoring and distributing the ball.

    Knowing the Hornets didn’t live up to expectations last season, it is important they get their ducks in a row and start the 2015-16 season with a bang. Not only can this season be a turnaround for the Charlotte Hornets, but for Jeremy Lin as well.

  262. Surprised to see Kobe in the top 10…. He’s still relevant?

  263. I think clifford made a blunder… he couldve started jlin and then played him as he wished with whatever group he wanted with most impact… his decision has deflated the spirits of jlin fans and im sure the man himself…jlin has proven he should start and should have the expectation to start while hairston is just not good… wouldnt you want as many players to feel as good psychologically as possible? This feels discouraging which certainly will affect performance… some of you have said this is possibly political… smells that way…fit, running yhe 2nd unit blah blah… jlin is a starter in the league! Sheesh!

  264. Holy moly… steph curry is averaging 40 pts per game… lol

  265. amen

  266. I think Clifford is trying to please Kemba, Al, Batum AND he is trying to win. In a league where franchise players always have longer and bigger contracts than coaches, the coach always has to pander to the entrenched players.

    So Lin is being used to win games because statistically he is most effective with the second unit. Lin will probably close out games as well.

    How different is this from Houston? I think Clifford will give Lin a fairly long leash and not yank him the moment he commits a turnover or misses a few shots. Also Clifford seems to appreciate Jeremy unlike McHale who would grit his teeth everytime he was asked about Jeremy.

    Cautiously optimistic. Not really giving Clifford the benefit of the doubt but waiting and watching to see how it unfolds before passing judgment.

  267. First off Lin seems to be happy that he will get the chance to play his game. As lin fans we need to stop thrusting our aspirations on lin. We need to follow his lead. Clifford is building a team similar to the spurs. Lin knows that he should be a starter in this league, but he knows how the politic goes, so he will just play his game leading the 2nd unit. Clifford knows that lin is a floor general and he will help to develop lamb, daniels ,kamisky. If you look at what Clifford has done with the 1st unit is that he has taken the ball out of kemba and big al’s hand put it in Batum’s hand. I think Clifford is making strategic moves that has nothing to do with cow towing to office politics. I will take a wait and see approach and see how it goes.

  268. dont worry jlin will put stats and help this team go to playoff after that hes gone….exercise the player option and move to contender team

  269. lots of fans are worry monger they didnt know jlin controll hes destiny on this team……..the player option

    dont worry jlin will put stats and help this team go to playoff after that hes gone….exercise the player option and move to contender team

  270. lots of fans are worry monger they didnt know jlin controll hes destiny on this team……..the player option and get paid

    dont worry jlin will put stats and help this team go to playoff after that hes gone….exercise the player option and move to contender team

  271. If it’s the case, that’s pretty sad…Is it that way in China? China is still a big communist state and most of the big enterprise there are control by the communist government.

  272. Its not about worrying or thrusting aspirations… its what is patently unfair… i cant think of anyone whos been unfairly treated like this… but no other choice but to follow his lead… sigh

  273. If I was a Charlotte starter, I’d be PISSED at having Hairston starting.

    While I’m sure that the Charlotte starters welcome the idea of Hairston allegedly being a low usage defensive stopper who’s supposedly “3 and D”, the reality is that Hairston is a high volume low efficiency bricker who stinks at defense and is not physically or mentally ready for NBA competition.

    Were I starter and had the vocal clout of a starter, I’d directly walk up to Clifford and ask him “Coach, are you trying to SUBMARINE us?”

  274. I feel you, but Lin seems to be happy, so I will follow his lead:)

  275. I’m actually happy where Lin is. He is playing with the best unit.

  276. Clifford is responsible for the hornets and not to Lin fans. His job is to win and manage the players. If both happen with Lin not starting then Clifford has not made a blunder. And Lin will play if he wants to win.

  277. Tiger mom in me. Why only #2 why not #1?!! AHHYAA!!!

  278. Gentry has a built in excuse. Injuries.

  279. Good post. In this echo chamber we view Clifford as the Coach for Lin fans. He is not. He is the coach of the hornets. When viewing his decisions from a team perspective his moves are reasonable. This does not smell like a Patrick Beverly situation. BS was total tanking. My poor Lakers have fallen so low in management.

  280. key thing is.. IS that what those other starters are thinking.

  281. Key thing is, Lin is happy

  282. Am I the only one hoping Lin play well but hornets lose badly so that Lin can play as a starter in the future?
    I know I should hope both lin and hornets do well. But thats my honest answer now. lol

  283. Not sure if you are the only one or not….But I really hope Hornets win and Lin gets a chance to play big role in play off.

  284. Yup maybe you are right.

  285. yes he is.. for trash talking him lol

  286. I think Hairston will get 2 fouls in 1st 3 mins and Lin will play the rest 45 mins…LOL

  287. And my poimt is that he is mismanaging his team and players by his decision 🙂 …

  288. Patrick Ewing reminds me of the other assistant coach. I know why he never gets a hc job.

  289. Was thinking the opposite. At least Lin won’t get 3 fouls early and have to sit.

  290. We agree here not to trash Lin’s teammates. I guess we shouldn’t trash the coaches too.

  291. I wish Lin to finish for the win.

  292. Let’s be positive and hope that Hairston will do well.

  293. I will trash you if you don’t read.

  294. Well…ok…maybe it will be Lin and Hairston both get 3 fouls in 1Q and Lamb played the rest…LOL

  295. The team consists more than Lin. Idon’t think Clifford should set up Lin to be attacked by his teammates. Now Lin could work himself up and proves himself on the court with the 2nd unit playing his game.
    All’s well that ends well. Everybody is happy about what they’re doing. It’s about team building.

  296. I believe starting Lin from the bench is a smart move by coach Clifford because Lin will be able to handle more possession compared to if he was to start next to Kemba. He will be best utilised starting there and no doubt he will be given the chance to close out games. I’m excited for what this season holds for Lin and the Hornets.

  297. The argument of using Lin to score vs using Lin’s PG skill. Personally, I like both to happen. lOL

  298. I think in 2nd unit Lin will get both but w 1st unit. He’s a shooter only also has to behind Al & Kemba.

  299. Lol, Lin is very good at both jobs. He can get it done. Can’t wait for the Hornet v Heat game tonight! Glad that the regular season is underway, post season has been too long.

  300. Exactly….

  301. This is unnecessary!

    Sometimes, I do wonder, why cant Lin fans treat each other as a family member …with respect?!…sigh!

  302. It is ok….we do have that ban/delete button

  303. The old saying that insanity is defined by doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result.
    Linsanity is apply named for many Lin fans who keep expected different results while Lin keeps pounding at the door of exceptence in the NBA. From highschool to college and draft, Lin has been shut out from the normal entrance into the NBA. Even after posting record breaking numbers in New York, doors were slammed into his face. Houston then LA continue the beat down until last free agency when seemingly no one wanted him, except for the lowly small market team, Charlette Hornets. Lin posts great numbers coming off bench during the preseason and Linsane fans are expecting a different result from all previous results. Why I ask?
    Sports Complex: The Science Behind Fanatic Behavior
    Share on twitterShare on gmailShare on emailShare on facebookMore Sharing Services
    By Shirley Wang
    “An Extension of Self
    Team identification not only fosters a sense of social belonging, but also it impacts individual self-esteem.
    In a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology in the early 1990s, Hirt and colleagues examined the effects of team allegiance on individuals’ beliefs about their own competence and self-esteem. They brought participants who reported being highly identified with their college basketball teams into the lab and showed them a tape of their teams either winning or losing. Afterwards, each participant was asked to predict how well he or she thought the team would do in the future. Participants were also asked to make seemingly unrelated estimates of their own performance on motor, mental, and social-skills tasks.
    “The most powerful thing we found was that for highly allied fans, they really did view the team’s success akin to how they would view a personal success,” says Hirt.
    “The team is an extension of the self,” says Hirt.” In this case, Lin is an extension of the self.
    Sometimes being a Jeremy Lin fan is to like being locked in a room with a one way mirror watching a horror film with Lin as the star. You can see all the murderers monsters and death traps ahead, but all the screaming does nothing to help him to change his course to avoid them. Why’s Lin walking into them, we ask. Why doesn’t he do this or that; run faster, jump higher, shoot better. We want Lin to be the star, but the movie keeps casting him as a victim. THE NBA AND MEDIA WILL CONTINUE TO CAST LIN AS A SECOND STRING BENCH PLAYER.
    It’s is not for the feint of heart to be a Lin fan. We have watch him suffer at the hands of bias and predjudice. But Lin will never give up and give them the satisfaction of driving him out of the league. So we love Lin for the strength and determination he shows to battle for all Asians to break down that bias….and he’s winning. Once upon a time, Lin was a fluke, a D leaguer, a third stringer, a bench scrub; then finally a solid NBA player and now a consideration to be a good Sixth Man. LIN IS BREAKING THEM DOWN SLOWLY, BIT BY BIT.

  304. AN ALL STAR……ooooops completely missed the points…LOL

  305. I guess the coach just needs someone at the SF so that Batum can play the SG.

  306. This is it. This what we fans have been waiting for. Lin will finally show us why he took a paycut to play for this team and this coach. The man has said, “goal” is not taking over kemba job but to play along side with him. That goal is yet full fill but it will because i trust Jeremy.

    If you want to see lin playing his style of basketball, he has to lead the second unit then close the game with starters. If lin is a starter, he will likely be stuck with feeding Jefferson postup, finding Batum and spot up shooter because kemba is mainly handling the ball.

    It is what it is, Cliford does not compare individual to individual to decide who’s more qualified to start but rather to make groups of strong and balance to compete a full 48 min game. Please respect the coach and his teammates especially PJ Hairston and wish them well.

  307. Interesting study. Thanks for sharing.

  308. Is JLin happy with not starting despite the door is cracked open? Definately NO. Can JLin accept the reality and embrace it calmly with possitive attitude? Possibly YES.

  309. Yes sir!

  310. Did you vote hairsanity?

  311. Of course….numbers do not matter

  312. Is the word “scrub” considered disrespect? I see that word used very often to trash Jeremy’s teammates but so far nobody says anything about it. I personally don’t like that word though…

  313. You haven’t been to some of my family reunions.lol

  314. How soon they forget the highs of having Lin come off bench in the preseason to lead the team to 7-0. IMO, if Clifford gives the same rotation playtime to Lin, they will have an 8-2 win loss to start the season.

  315. I know..jk

  316. I am not sure about the 8-2 part, but I think all 10 games will be pleasures to watch.

  317. Lol, your mind control is taking over me….aaahhh.

  318. What’s with the negativity, Hairsanity.

  319. What negativity? I am thinking about 10-0

  320. Please remember this post and don’t complain if Lin doesn’t close the 4th quarter tonight. However I do suspect Coach will have him defend Dwayne Wade to close the game out if Lin closes. Just like preseason.

  321. This is why I am proud to be an Asian American. We keep fighting and trying and never give up.

  322. everything sounded great but the last sentence. But that’s why we’re all here, me included. I’m not as sold as you the last sentence will happen though.

  323. Lin will be wishing starters well as well.
    Inevitably weaknesses will be exposed in that starting line-up. The test is how Clifford will respond to that in adjustments.

  324. Just like you, I only can suspect but we don’t suspect on baseless. The preseason was what we based on.

  325. Lin can only stick it to the NBA if his team wins.

    As a low usage backup guy who plays Kato, he has to endure the whole season under the radar.

    When the playoffs come, teams will assume Lin stinks as they always have and as how his own team will minimize his usage.

    But when things are falling apart in the playoffs for the Hornets, let’s hope Lin just steps up to fill the void as he always does and then cements his status by taking the reigns and leading this team to a series win or 2.

    He cannot just do it for 1 game in the playoffs and play average the others like in his lone Houston playoff series. He must do it for almost all the playoff games.

    There is no way in hell this team can win without Lin being huge in the playoffs.

    It is his only way to stick it to the NBA.

  326. Jeremy plays for an audience of one – God . He is happy to play for coaches who believe in him, a team that has a system that may help optimise his strengths and al these happen by God’s grace. as Jeremy’s perseverance and hardword are rewarded.
    Jeremy will be even happier if he can be a starter, by God’s grace.

  327. the silver lining is that Clifford is not starting Zeller. So I think there is less of an agenda, intentional or not, to suppress Lin’s ability off the bench. Still how many minutes can the bench mob really play? 20? Not enough time for Lin to do his thing against the real contenders of the NBA.

  328. this is realistic

  329. Only 2 votes for the Hairsanity?! shame on you! LOL

  330. no point in starting 1 year rentals. Just hurts the team long term. Whether that means Hornets don’t want him around or Lin won’t stick around is unclear.

  331. I believe it will happen..

  332. lol….luckily I’m 10miles away!

  333. ditto….sometimes, it depends on the context…at times, some posters do pour out…we tend to close one eye….but repeated statement on every single post, most likely gets deleted or reported as spam

  334. make it 3 votes for the Hairsanity. Lol.

  335. If Lin is given the chance to start, I believe he will be an All-Star.

  336. Lots of Kobe fans & non-fans talked about his retirement so it makes sense in that context

  337. Thanks…you just jinxed Brent’s vote

  338. If you recalled in the past 3 seasons, whenever there was a off-court situation not favoring Lin, Lin always played badly for 3 to 5 games. Then he gathered himself and came back to adopt and play to his strength.

    Tonight’s game will tell a lot if Lin feels comfortable with not starting. Personally I think Lin is OK with not starting because he gets to play his brand of basketball with the fast/young unit. He will be ready (only if Clifford let him).

  339. : )

  340. Since ESPN grossly underestimated JLin ranked JLin at 197 7th best player on the team (ridiculous) it would change the complexion of Charlotte roster on this chart if his true rank was 1st on the team and in dark green. Would look more like CLE, LAC, MIA, SAS. CHI and GSW look pretty deep though.


  341. Might be a NYK like situation, Chartlotte goes an losing streak, get into bad hole then Clifford trying to save his job finally puts JLin in as PG with the starters and gives him the keys and Linsanity 2.0 breaks out.

  342. Although Al was a big focus offensively last season, I wouldn’t necessarily say that he can dictate the Coach how he should use him. His recent comments about wanting to retire as a Hornet, hard work to lose 15lbs, and willingness to adjust his outdated post-up offense are good signs that he buys into the new modern game and willing to adjust his game.

    I’m sure Coach Clifford wants to incorporate Al because he’s a team player and will come handy in a slower pace in the playoff.

    I agree Coach Clifford wants to implement change management by getting the buy-in from all players, especially Kemba and Al.

  343. one vote from me

  344. Has Clifford decided whether Zeller will be with starters or bench or not yet?

  345. Why post this mess.

  346. Not far enough…the nuclear winter maybe worst than being zapped instantly.

  347. I completely understand your sentiment. It’s important that JLin rightfully and eventually starts.

    For now, I see JLin does the right thing to lead by example along with Batum/MWilliams that “everyone buys into the system, no matter if who start/scores”. This will hopefully get everyone to buy in, especially the incumbents like Kemba/Al to be willing to change their game being the only focal point of offense from last season.

    I fully expect JLin to eventually start because the 1st unit won’t fare well against good Eastern teams and they will lose momentum quickly. Until then, I think JLin just needs to keep showing through his plays how much he makes a difference when he’s on the floor.

    I posted this yesterday that I expect the 1st unit will struggle to get going & JLin will need to start soon (hopefully after Game 10). One way or another I think JLin’s strong plays is the best way to make Coach Clifford have to start him. He can’t control other variables but he just needs to be ready to seize that chance when the opportunity presents itself.


    It’s not a total loss as KHuang said since JLin should get the chance to ‘audition’ by being the only playmaker in the Linsanity lineup with the 2nd arguably better unit. He can get hotter faster by having the ball in his hands than sharing playmaking with Batum/Kemba from the get-go.

    It’s a tricky situation to navigate indeed (not counting any trade situation or preserving strong trade values if you know what I mean). At the end of the day, I believe JLin’s strong plays will be the answer as long as Coach Clifford allows his to play his game like in preseason.

    He’ll be a starter either as a Hornet or with another team.

  348. Linteresting history:

    @manu77728 Today vs. Heat will be Jeremy Lin’s 4th season opener. His best season opener was vs. Hornets in 2013. Scored 16pts.

    If anyone remembers, Bev got to start but was injured after playing 10 min.
    JLin played 31 min to get 16pts/2asts with 5-7 shooting, 2-2 for 3s, 4-6 FT to help the Rockets won 96-83 vs the Hornets. Kemba had 12pts/5asts in 35 min with 5-10 shooting.

    JLin was ready to play despite not starting. I believe he will continue to persevere & seize the chance one more time. That’s the true lesson of Linsanity


  349. Oh I totally get that, Psalm. It goes without saying that Lin will continue to be the consummate professional and ultimate team player, no matter the circumstance, even though wining a championship as a starting PG is his goal—he has repeatedly said so.

    If this hurts him (I can’t read his mind), he will rise above it, and will use it as a motivation and will try even harder to help the team.

    But all that is beside the point, really. I just can’t help but wonder what he has to do short of standing on his head to be given the rightful status.

    With that said, I want to make it clear that this is just a frustrated fan venting a little. I would never imply that Lin should feel this way and doesn’t get the bigger picture, nor do I intend to stir up any discontent among Lin fans.

    Just getting it off my chest. 🙂

  350. This is the highlights

    Jeremy Lin 林書豪 Extended Highlights | Houston Rockets vs Charlotte Bobcats 10.30.2013 [HD]

  351. It’d be nice to see how this Heat Map changed by end of season.

    I predict that 7th spot in CHA will look to be very GREEN =)

  352. Here’s my final preseason thought:

    Lin’s season is a guaranteed success to me.

    I have no doubt that he will produce far more than the 4 ppg and 2 apg that a typically $2 million veteran averages. Anything beyond 4 ppg and 2 apg is LINSANITY to me.

    And if Lin doesn’t play much or even play great, that’s fine with me too.

    As time goes by, I am becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the idea of the lowly Asian laborer doing the hard work so that nonperforming nonAsian muckitty mucks can take the credit AND earnings for Lin’s hard work.

  353. I like the sentiment, I just don’t know if God cares about such trivial things as starting. Lin’s reward is the love of God IMO.

  354. Once it turns very green it will move to the 1st spot. 🙂

  355. Great says!

  356. Lin could be a GREAT starter. But I think Clifford knows Hornets could not get to the playoff without strong 2nd units. The BEST player to SAVE Hornets season (and therefore to save Clifford’s Job) is JLin because he can make 2nd unit as good as 1st unit and then close the game with 1st or 2nd units.

  357. What is the definition of hairsanity? Brent said “numbers do not matter” with hairsanity; so please give us a clear definition of hairsanity, so we may change our mind to better match with the result.

  358. It’s hard to quantify but if we see #Hairsanity headlines and JLin becomes the Player of the Game, it should qualify

  359. Great read on Batum
    “We have #NobodyCaresWhichPlayerWinTheGame mentality
    That’s why I like this team”

    He overcame the loss of his dad when he was only 2 watching him died of aneurysm on a BB court. Great film preparation watching last season’s defensive scheme before covered. And great story quizzing Parker and Diaw about what makes the Spurs great

  360. That is NOT what I want to see. And I don’t think Linsanity will be replicated. There may be a new form of Lin dominating the game, but Linsanity will remain something unique that happened in 2012.

  361. I think JLin and Batum will get along great

    “This is a rising team. We’re going to surprise people,” Batum said. “Coach says that every day in practice. People don’t expect anything from us. We’re going to prove we’re legit. We’re going to do something special.”

    But a play in the preseason seemed to define his approach. Batum and Jefferson were in a side pick-and-roll that sprung Batum for an open 16-foot baseline jump shot. He noticed Walker diagonally across the court, wide open. So Batum rotated the ball to Walker, who missed a 3-pointer.

    Not to worry, Batum said of the play. The soccer aficionado was aspiring to play what he calls “the beautiful game”

    “When I hear the coach say, ‘Nic is going to be the first or second option’ it’s not about taking 25 shots. The first option is to find the best shot,” Batum said.

    Batum spent much of the summer with French national team teammates Tony Parker and Boris Diaw. He quizzed them on what makes the San Antonio Spurs such consistent winners.

    “Tony told me the best strength of the Spurs is nobody cares which player wins the game. All they care about is, ‘We’re going to win that game in the end.’ ” Batum recalled.

    “We have that mentality. Nobody is worried about numbers. It’s about, ‘Who’s going to win this game? Them or us?’ And that’s why I like this team.”

  362. I like Lin off of the bench. Instead of there being 3 playmakers on the court, there will be 2 and he won’t have to stand, watch and pick his moments in sharing playmaking duties. He has a longer time establishing himself and his rhythm in most games. When he finishes it’s different. He’s already has a rhythm and shots taken and plays made and he just needs to be another weapon on the team. I also think playing him at SG forces him to shoot more. If there is anything I’d wish Lin did somewhat more is take more shots. His shots keep the competition guessing. If he goes in as playmaker mostly, then defenses won’t be fearing his scoring ability as much and play him as a passing PG vs. a scoring one that also playmakes great.

  363. Not worry. True #197 is the score for Bryan Scott.

  364. I don’t know. With that weak starting unit and JLin playing SG on 2nd unit to start off that might be what we see.

  365. Dang, I wanted Zeller with Lin on 2nd unit. Bummer


  366. yes, the media reported Zeller to start yesterday


  367. guess you need Zeller against Bosh

  368. oh, this was yesterday’s tweet, I thought that’s not accurate.

  369. what Zeller starter? I assume Lin, Zeller, Daniels, Hawes, Lamb would contribute more than 1st team

  370. we should make sure the green stays in the 7th spot so we expose how bad ESPN ranking once and for all LOL

  371. I think we have to see how soon Clifford brings in bench help. Also, how much impact will Batum make to it? It’s all too soon, there hasn’t been one game yet. Everyone is so anxious. Let’s see what happens in the real games before we really determine things. Right now, it’s making up scenarios where Lin becomes a hero. That’s not what Lin wants to do. He wants to play his game and help the Hornets win. He’s already shown he’s a huge asset on the team if he has his game going. Now, we just needs to see if Lin’s preseason play is for real over most of the season.

  372. There are so many different infor about Zeller will start or not…? Later today we will have more clear picture he will w Lin or not.

  373. Oh boy, I am really not happy now. Actually quite pissed off. I will not even explain.

    I am not happy Zeller is not coming off the bench with Lin. This bodes poorly for Lin. This is bad news in my opinion.

    Edit: wait this TWEET is old. I will wait and hope Zeller comes off bench

  374. Would like to see more of Hansbrough and Kaminsky with Lin

  375. So is it confirmed if Zeller or Marvin is starting?

  376. Not yet.

  377. ok thanks. That IRA tweet below is OLD. Confused me.

  378. remove this tweet, its a day old. Means ancient in twitter time

  379. Hansbrough is good to get Reb.

  380. stop posting nonconfirmed stuff as confirmed

  381. Premature. Let’s wait. Wanted to see Lin/Cody.

  382. Fellow JLin Fans, get ready to fasten your seatbelt.

    “This is my story … what will yours be?” just got me ready for my day

  383. I hope Lin can have effective 32 mins today.

  384. why are people posting bad info about the starting PF on here?? If you are not sure keep it to yourself LOL.

  385. yesyes

  386. Sports is a mystery. We can try to predict stuff but really our predictions don’t usually pan out. Lin could go out there and struggle tonight, especially since Miami plays the PnR well and target him. So, I hope we all don’t panic if he doesn’t have a good game tonight. But, he also can go out there and have a big impact and play well. Know what he is up against. Green is big and athletic and looking to shut Lin down and is backed up by a team and coach that want to shut him down. There are many good guards that struggle against Miami, even with LeBron gone. So, we’ll just see. I hope for the best and if tonight isn’t a great night, there are more games to come and soon. Breathe everyone. Lin is healthy and that matters a lot.

  387. Lin being healthy is what matters most – prayers up for him to stay healthy throughout the entire season (including playoffs!). 😉

  388. So most Lin’s fans already accepted that Lin is best as a bench player?

  389. Absolutely not! Lin is best starter. But, too keep Hornets alive, he has to lead to the bench too because no one else in Hornets can to the both.

  390. Seems like we r trying to make the best of a situation but i agree with you… why is there always an excuse not to start him? There is something wierd going on… ive never seen such patently meritless promotions over him… Beverly, price, hairston… who did i miss? Lol… this man is a starter… dont know why this is even an issue!!

  391. The assumption is that Hornets starters not good enough, so they have to rely on 2nd unit.

  392. Nonsense re helping 2nd unit. He is a starter.

  393. Best for Hornets (maybe) but NOT best for Lin IMO.

  394. Lin is best at starting PG with a quicker rim protecting PNR center. But not going to happen. At least not yet.

  395. 3 parts of games – start, bench and closure. Lin can be good at any of them, but not all of them at the same time. Since Hornets starters are not as good as top 6 in the east anyway, Clifford might think Lin can lead the bench and closure to win the games.

  396. wahahahaha… of course! My bad. 🙂

  397. IMO too/

  398. Great at setting screens and defending as well. Given more time with “Linstructor” he can blossom into a bigger offensive threat

  399. I want to see at least several games before I criticize further. I do want to see Tyler play more with Lin though. I have a feeling Lin can elevate Tyler’s offensive game, just as he elevated Aski’s offensive game.

  400. Lin is smart guy. As long as Clifford let him play his way, he will do great.

  401. Very good article. He covered everything I think. Agree with everything in the article. When you consider that the injured MK will eventually return as a SF, meaning Batum will eventually have to play a SG, then you can see why Hornets FO doesn’t want the potentially temporary player starting as a SG.

  402. I think most are on the edge of our seats eager to see whether Clifford will allow Lin to be the difference-maker that he is against a highly touted Heat team

  403. I do agree LIn will play well (don’t know how well), but my concern is if he plays well as a back-up, his entire NBA career will be as a back-up. But it’s better to play well as a back-up, rather than play badly as a back-up, I will give you that.

  404. i do not think JLin would come to Hornets if he thought he had no chance to start. Sooner or later, he will start if Hornets 2rd is not too bad without him.

  405. If he’s a 6th man that finishes, that’s acceptable if he can’t be a starter. I don’t like Lin ever referred to as a “back up” player. I think that sounds wrong from what he can do and does and the important part he plays of any team he is on.

  406. Hairston is not starting at the 2. It’s Batum. That’s the place Lin would have started on this team. Kemba is the starting PG.

  407. He chose to go to a team where he is not the starting PG. Think about that.

  408. He’s too aggressive, needs more discipline. That’s why he’s called Psycho T.

  409. Psycho-ness can be a good thing lol.
    I perceive an aggressiveness tempered with disciplined fundamentals.

  410. Good article but I don’t think so.

  411. He chose the team to let him play his style first before he can convince them he is qualified starting PG, although many of us know he is!

  412. Are you insinuating something? No one has accepted anything!


  413. Let me preface this by saying I absolutely believe Jeremy has been unfairly critiqued by the basketball community. These so-called experts (front office personnel, TV analysts, etc) look at Jeremy’s numbers and compare them to the big name point guards’ numbers and believe he doesn’t belong in that “elite” group. I don’t want to get political, but I doubt that most of them (particularly former NBA players-turned TV analysts) know what it means to normalize statistics. But anyway, that is really not my point here.

    One of the reasons I think Jeremy doesn’t get proper credit is because, right or wrong, people hold Asians to a higher standard when it comes to performance (I find that to be true particularly here in the States). Whether it be in the workforce or school testing. Jeremy doesn’t just have to match the performance numbers of his peers, but has to surpass them before he gets the proper recognition. In my opinion, that’s the only way Jeremy will be looked at at an “elite” NBA player.

  414. Actually – In God we trust, and Lin does too:)

  415. Understand where you are coming from. I also agree Lin is a NBA starting PG. With the current situation, he is best to run the 2nd unit so he will get plenty of touches. However, if Hornets want to win, they will let him close out the 4th quarter along with Kemba and Bantum. This will give Hornets their best chance to win.

    PJ Hairston is not starter quality SF but he is starting because Hornets got nobody better.

  416. It might be ugly truth.

  417. Good write up. Every Asian person living in the West knows the media is stacked against him/her. For Asian men, the bias is so bad that people don’t even challenge the subtle racism and daily micro aggressions anymore. Many Asian Americans can relate to Lin because what he is going through is what many go through on a daily basis. Fighting the media bias machine on a daily basis can be very tiring. Beyond Jeremy Lin, all Asians need to wake up from the Matrix that’s based on white supremacy and start fighting the system. Here is a good site run by volunteers that track just the recent offenses: http://www.kulturemedia.org

  418. It’s more like JLin is their best PG/SG but from politics and business perspective, he can’t start right away without decreasing trade values for some players.

    It’s okay. The 1st priority is to get a lot of Ws with JLin as the best playmaker in the system.
    Then everyone is happy and the trade values skyrocket 🙂

    IMO That’s how GM Rich Cho would think

  419. Did he have a choice of starting somewhere?

  420. I thought that was for PJ so I didn’t. Shame, shame….

  421. He’s like one of those starcraft overlords.

  422. I don’t know if there were any starting positions available after the Byron Scott sabotaged him for the tank. Sacramento perhaps? Think they still rather take a chance with Rondo. Maveriks perhaps until they got wind DWill was seeking a buy out and interested in returning to Texas.

  423. nothing new here, but it’s a good recap of what’s been said on here for years. Lin must outperform BY A LOT to be treated on par with his peers.

  424. I do not read mind so I will not accuse the Coach, the GM or the owner of anything.

    But let me making up a scenario here:

    Tiger: Boss, can you promote me to work in the hallway with the others?

    Boss: I love to but…I can’t

    Tiger: Why not? I believe that I can clean the hallway better than most of the people out there.

    Boss: Yes, I believe so too but no one can clean the toilets in the bathroom better than you do and you are the only one that can make your fellows toilet cleaners better at cleaning the toilets.

    Tiger: That is true but I can also make those out in hallway clean better too.

    Boss: But if you going out there in the hallway ours bathroom will be stinks and your cleaning style does not fit with some of the guys out there. You may not able to clean the hallway the way you want to because some of the guys out the have the say on how to clean.

    Students: Yes! your boss is right, stay in the the bathroom and you will have the freedom to clean it the way you want to.

  425. So about fit, again.

  426. Lol…I’d move on to another place cleaning hallways, if I were u. Toilets r for the turds. ;-p

  427. Lol, I guess you think Lin likes cleaning toilets. Smh

  428. Lin must do what he did in preseason for 82 games PLUS playoffs. Only then can such a conversation even begin.

  429. Same logic

  430. Isn’t that what is expected of Lin now…cleaning up after other players messes….I mean misses.

  431. I do not fit with the cleaning style out there in the hallway.

  432. Doubt it but if Lin is not given a fair shake to start what are the options? Take it in good grace and support the team and Lin or complain and attack Lin, coach other players to get it off our chests and look ridiculous doing this.

  433. There’s a difference between doing it and liking it. Does Lin like it? I’ll bet not. But then what else can he do when he had no other job he could have applied for. Yeah…Lin’s a PH.D. Immigrant doing a joe job! It’s not fair but don’t blame the victim. It is what it is.

  434. I do not attack anyone and I am actually a cat name 7iger.

  435. I just asking a question.

  436. Exactly!

  437. LOL, true. Let’s wait for the things to play out.

  438. Nowhere did I say Lin liked it & where did the ‘blame the victim’ come from? I haven’t seen anyone blaming Lin for the current situation anywhere on this forum. There is no basis for your defensive post. smh Too much reading into people’s post in this forum. mpo

  439. You like it or not, it looks like it could be the season for Lin to build his stats and find a starting job somewhere else next year.

  440. I’m just clarifying the question because you’re question is a leading question. By putting “is” in front of “Most Lin fans accepted that Lin is a bench player” doesnt make that a fair question.

    You may be frustrated like the rest of us, but don’t point fingers at us like we are the ones who have laid down and given up.

  441. Can anyone explain why Lin wanted to go back to Knicks where Carmelo Anthony would make him look as bad as Kobe did to him?

  442. Lin thinks he can overcome insane odds i guess. actually he already has

  443. Your boss is pulling your chain, man. You’re not going to ever get away from the toilets here….move on. lol

  444. That’s what I’m hoping for. Obviously Char isn’t looking at Lin for the future, or they’d be trying to appease him as much as they are w/Batum.

  445. You speak the truth, Freethemind! 🙂

  446. I wonder Lin finally picked Hornets is because no other team would let him start and never let him play his style. At least, Hornets promised the second request.

  447. Wow, why don’t you chill & stop analyzing everyone’s post according to your own assumptions. smh

  448. I definitely think not 1 team in the NBA would let Lin play his game. Charlotte as you say, will let him at least play his game but Lin still must only be in the Kato role.

    At least he gets 1 of the 2.

    No other team would have given Lin either.


    I am sure of that.

    Lin’s dad and high school coach can tell us all these teams wanted him, but I really doubt it.

  449. No need to fight over my question.

  450. Minds can be changed
    Lin needs to be given playing time and perform like a 10 mill player to convince people he is a 5 mill player who can start

  451. My answer is to the post by Tiger and his comparison to Lin as a toilet cleaner. I get that people think he’s the best player on the team. IMO Lin’s been the best player on every team he’s been on! The story however is misleading by not putting it in context. No one wants to do joe jobs but Lin is between a rock and a hard place. Why is Lin paid such a low contract? HE IS PAID TO CLEAN THE TOILETS. get over it.

  452. I am sure some teams want him as a bk pg or 3rd pg. You know they never let him play his style, so I think he rather go Hornets with “minimum wage”. If he could not have a chance to play his style (therefore he might have chance to prove his value or starting), i think he might give up NBA.

  453. I know he is not 2 but jlin should be starting at 2 if not 1…

  454. Lol, I’m having a conversation. Why the hostility.

  455. Sign of weakness to resort to fire-alarms.. Heat are afraid

  456. I’m not fighting over your question, Tiger. I just get fedup w/all the defensive posts, when it’s mostly based on their own opinions/assumptions also, as they accuse others of doing. Everyone is posting ‘assumptions’ right now, from both views. No one knows the ‘truth’ in this forum, so people need to stop acting like their opinions are right.

  457. I’m the one who included it in the poll!

  458. ……? What’s not to like about it?

  459. That’s quite the way to put the current situation in context…. Kudos

  460. Right, what’s changed since Lin came on to the NBA scene? Lin doesn’t have a decade+ for this to happen. People don’t like to be proven wrong and they will hold on to their views till they die, as long as it serves their own agenda.

  461. Melo is nowhere as bad of a teammate killer as Kobe. And at least Melo is a forward, not a guard.

  462. cool, that means Zeller with Lin off the bench!

  463. new game thread is open


    Game Time is here.

    Will the Hornets surprise the NBA to beat the Heat at their own home court?
    Will they continue to play unselfish team-ball down the stretch?

    Let’s hope/pray/wish/support JLin to stay healthy and have fun to play his aggressive game whenever he steps on the court

    Let’s go, HairSanity!

  464. Most games, he won’t do it for 82 games. Everyone has a bad game. And if he plays all 82 no injuries, great!

  465. lol, that was some bizarre news

  466. It’s about what’s needed. Lin is best used in what context on the team? It’s not anti-Lin, it’s pro Charlotte Hornets. The organization is not doing its job if it doesn’t use its pieces right. From what I’ve seen in the preseason, the only thing I’d like to see more is Lin playing point when Kemba is not in. Otherwise, I’ve liked how he’s been used. He’s better with Hawes/Zeller than Al and he’s fine with Kemba at different times in the game where he’s been used.

  467. No, why do think that?

  468. If you look at the whole team, there is good reason to use Lin off of the bench and not start him at the 2. Today’s matchups may not favor him playing at the 2. And Coach is going with Batum at the 2, he’s said this a long time ago.

  469. I agree. Kobe was the worse. Harden next. Then Melo. Lin actually had great games with Melo and even with Harden. Kobe was a ball hog and sometimes would start facilitating for no reason.

  470. I believe that you were asking an earnest question, but just understand that when you phrase a question that way, it is often interpreted as a leading question that is implying something.

    For example: “So you’ve given up already?” implies that the person has given up and puts them on the defensive.

    A better way to phrase an earnest question is: “Do you believe that Lin is best as a bench player?”

  471. Lin doesn’t seem to be putting the emphasis at starting at 2 that many here are. Judging on how he was used in the pre-season, there is no doubt he is seen as a big part of the offense and defense on this team. I think that means he’ll be on the court in critical situations. I think that is what we should hope to see over if and when he starts. Clifford wants to see Batum at the 2 and that’s where he is going in the starting lineup.

  472. If that is the case, great. May have happened with Birdman. Yet he still only plays limited minutes. But he is getting up in age now. Hope Hansbrough can play with that edge, but not in a way that would hurt the team.

  473. Good point. The more Lin plays, the better he gets in rhythm. I think 30-35 mins is idea for him.

  474. Yes!

  475. as harsh and as true as it sounds!
    What can you do about it?
    Can you do anything about it?
    Might be the questions that you gonna ask yourselves when your boss rejected your request.

  476. Without hope there can be no dreams. Lin is doing great. He is still in the league and getting shots at playing and changing minds one at a time. D league to bench warmer to sixth man in people’s minds – there is a progression. Let’s see what is next dnp/cd? Lol
    Keep the faith

  477. Am I missing something? Why are JLin fans dropping the Hornets like a hot potato. We haven’t seen anything yet. Lol

  478. So we should just accepted and call it fate?

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