G1 CHA @MIA PostGame Thread

JLin played very well and finished with 17p/2a/1r in 27 min (5-10 shooting) in 94-104L vs MIA
He had a great chemistry w/ Kemba+Batum in the 4th quarter to cut the lead to 5 but the 16pt Heat lead was too much to overcome.

If he started, Charlotte would have won since Kemba/Batum shot very poorly at 8-28 shooting and they had many open looks with Lin’s presence in the 4th quarter run.

#Hornets also shot poorly at 25% 3s (6-24) vs Heat 60% (12-20)

Lin/Batum/Kemba had 5 treys + 1 by Hairston
Kemba/Lin/MWill had 4 asts on those 6 made threes.

When will Coach Clifford insert Jeremy Lin in the starting lineup to produce points with Kemba and Batum? My prediction is he might try to give lineup 10 games before making any changes.


Guess JLin's stats in Game 2 vs ATL


  1. 1st

  2. 2nd:-)

  3. Poll winner?

  4. Hornets simply needed to shoot better 3s. 6 for 24 would lose games almost every single time. Lin did well and he also defended Green pretty good when he was on Green. Lin should play more with Kemba and Batum.

  5. Just glad that JLin played as well as he could be in the first game of being Hornets. At least Clifford stays to his word and let JLin closed the game. I’m just glad to see that. Obviously I wish Hornets win the game but…

  6. 6th!

  7. haha.. let me check .
    Not sure if anyone gets really close to 17p/2a

  8. The positive is Lin is definitely one of Charlotte’s better players. He will play more and hopefully more minutes in the near future. Second unit without Lin would be mess and that’s the main reason he is not starting.

  9. Thanks for getting post game thread up!

  10. I feel that separate post game thread is useful as a psychological distinction between in game reactions vs post game more thoughtful analysis

  11. If you watch the highlights above, Lin and Kemba play great together — color me surprised! I also noticed Clifford getting emphatically angry on a no-call against Lin. McHale and Scott never cared when Lin was hammered and hacked.

    There are only 2 things holding this team back from being great.

    1) Big Al. Even when he is hot individually, he stops team ball movement and is lazy on defense.

    2) Lin not starting. This isn’t the ’90s anymore! You need at least 3 ball-handlers among your starters. Look at all the serious title contenders, Warriors, Spurs, Cavs, they have 3-4 guys capable of passing the rock.

    The question is whether front office politics will prevent team success…

  12. Closest one might be 12p/4a by @bobbyhsu (with formula of 1a=2p)

  13. Second half of the article:

    That’s the downside of the roster makeover. But it’s a correctable flaw, and the payback is potentially high. The preseason suggested this team will be better along the 3-point line and in ball movement. The plodding pace of previous seasons has sped up. To a great extent that’s
    about the Hornets now having three trustworthy ball-handlers – Kemba Walker, Nic Batum and Jeremy Lin – who will often play as a unit.

    When Clifford first came to the Hornets he inherited a team that ran well but was sloppy with the ball. So he initially gave orders that only Walker was allowed to bring up the ball. Eventually he loosened that restriction, letting Michael Kidd-Gilchrist advance the ball.

    Now Walker, Batum and Lin each has the green light to start the offense.

    “When I first got there, Charlotte’s pace was top-8 in the league. As I started watching them, that’s also why they were (worst) in turnovers. Everybody was allowed (to bring up the ball), then you watch film and say, ‘My goodness, that’s why the offense was so poor!’ ” Clifford recalled.

    “Offense, to me, is guys playing to their strengths. If you’re not a ball-handler/decision-maker, it doesn’t matter how old you are, it doesn’t make sense to have them run the ball up and turn it over just so we’re saying we’re fast-breaking more.”

    Translation: Replace Lance Stephenson and Gerald Henderson with Batum and Lin and you become a more diverse offense.

    Lin (17 points Wednesday) has been a very pleasant surprise. Clifford thinks he’s just starting to scratch all that he can be.

    “I think he can be a total player. I think he’s viewed as an offensive pick-and-roll/transition player and I think he can be a lot more than that,” Clifford said. “His defense has improved a lot. He’s very bright, he’s physical and he learns quickly. He played at a very high level in the preseason.”

    Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nba/charlotte-hornets/article41770617.html#storylink=cpy

  14. Not sure it’s too far off the pts though:-) Guess we have to see whether JLin is playing as a pg or sg. If sg, assists definitely will go down significantly.

  15. Good article by bonnell

  16. So not Hairsanity? 😛

  17. a coach praising and recognizing Lin’s skills. Wow

  18. Breath of fresh air to hear an actual coach talk. Lin will have a great year.

  19. Great to hear coach’s comments about Lin. It sounded like he really believes Lin will be a big part of what they want to do. I really believe Lin can be a huge difference maker for this team once they have a little more time to gel.

  20. Yes. I have seen the post of this article for a while but refuse to read until just then. Was surprised to read this and hence I posted the best part:-)

  21. not quite .. Gotta be a hair-raising performance lol

  22. Hornets must make the hard choice: losing Lin or Batum next season or losing both.
    They had wishfully thought that Batum could excel at 2, reserving the SF position for MKG. They want to keep Batum and Lin, in this order of priority. But reality is always more complicated than planing. They will lose Batum playing him at 2 because he isn’t a SG, his stats will be bad. Therefore no matter playing him at 2 or 3, they are not able to keep him.
    Once the FO and coach realize this, I hope they will change their strategy and put Lin in their No. 1 priority to keep.

  23. i know 🙂 .. since last season, I had to balance it w/ total points/asts to find closest winner if there is no exact match for pts/ast

  24. PFV’s new artwork has Lin’s hair too chocolate brown. His hair is part of the emerging Hairsanity so the artists needs to redo it, have the hair darker and much, much higher. He can alternate with the bowl look and whatever new hair Lin will present.

  25. Today’s 1st half game it’s really boring to watch… 4Q after Kemba & Batum came in finally better but not good enough. I really think they better play like preseason in China’s game otherwise they will have hard time to make it to playoff.

    Even coach said when Lin, Batum, & Kemba on court together we have 3 playmakers but today it’s pretty much Kemba in charge the O. Don’t think he’s a playmaker guy… Lin just run & stand in 3P line waiting for the ball to come…

  26. Fruit picking time for some players.

  27. Lin is ALREADY a high-level player. I appreciate Clifford’s positivity and it’s only the first regular game, but I’m concerned that by the time he learns HOW to optimize Lin for the teams benefit, the season will be over (just like this game). I’ll wait a few more games but getting nervous that Clifford may be like this character:

  28. AL jeferson for omer asik


  29. Season Opener @JLin7 #FunFact
    In 2014, #17 scored 7 PTS
    In 2015, #7 scored 17 PTS

    Thank God he chose #7 jersey! LOL

    Hint: JLin scored 6pts in Game 2 vs Suns in 2014


  30. At the end of 4Q, I actually found myself rooting for Hornets to win instead of just hoping our boy to have a good game. Now, that’s a good feeling… after the last three years.

  31. Coach & that Hornets commentators are very very nice to Lin… can’t believe what I heard … all good nothing bad about him at all?! What a huge different from Rox that three evil guys. Haha! Game was not over yet but they already picked Lin as player of the game!!! Good I take it.

    I really think this team needs some works to do… just not good.

  32. Clifford sounds like a Lin’s fan. If the Hornets looses the next 3 games, very possible. Will Lin be in the starting line up?

    Lin (17 points Wednesday) has been a very pleasant surprise. Clifford thinks he’s just starting to scratch all that he can be.

    “I think he can be a total player. I think he’s viewed as an offensive pick-and-roll/transition player and I think he can be a lot more than that,” Clifford said. “His defense has improved a lot. He’s very bright, he’s physical and he learns quickly. He played at a very high level in the preseason.”

    Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nba/charlotte-hornets/article41770617.html#storylink=cpy

  33. I agree 100%, Mr. Sigmund Freud :]

    It’s good to distinguish analytical and primal thoughts lol

  34. lakers falling apart late lol surprise during kobe time

  35. Kobe chucking the tankers to a loss…hahaha

  36. Jeremy is starting his 6th NBA season. The most commonly quoted figure for the average length of an NBA playing career (in recent years) is 4.8 years. So that’s another milestone he’s passed.

  37. I am so happy & hope they loss this game… NYK won..smh!

  38. I saw twitter comments on Kobe .. I thought he was hot
    Then I saw 8/24 shooting for 24pts w/ 3-13 3pt shooting
    Lakers got outscored 24-13 in the Q4

    I’m glad JLin is a Hornet now. Imagine if we are watching the LAL game

  39. He was before the fourth

  40. ah ok .. It’s funny BScott didn’t call a timeout but Kobe did with 4.2 sec left 1pt behind

  41. Tankers lost by 1…hahaha

  42. Looks like they are trying to faze out kobe which is a good idea. Not involved much in the comeback

  43. Sounds familiar. Don’t foul, don’t call time out, Kobe overrules his coach.

  44. To his credit, he tried to pass to Lou Williams for the 3 and the missed floater in the last shot.

    But knowing him, he might take the last shot in the next few games.
    A crime has been committed.

  45. Ya! So happy. But what happen to Rubio? He can shoot now?! Or Russell & JC guarded him that bad…?

  46. Rubio in beast mode in the fourth

  47. lol looked so unhappy. Kobe= see what happens when you pass

  48. Kobe got 24 shots in 29 minutes

  49. It’s common knowledge to let Kobe and other volumn chuckers get some to make them feel nastalgic for past glory. Then double and triple team then near the end. Let them take their own players out of the game. The old overconfidence trick, works like a charm.

  50. OMG, not surprised…. LOL! Thanks God, they lose by -1. Ya!

  51. I wonder if Lou made that runner, would LA media say they don’t need JLin?

    oh well, I’m just thankful JLin plays for Coach Clifford.
    I don’t know if I had it in me to watch BScott sabotaged JLin again.

    Wait, are they still tanking this year?

  52. That’s why Lakers gonna suck…..again

    Bryon Scott blows. He is Kobe’s puppet. It is that simple.

  53. I think they’ve moved on. We have as well. Lakers fans were pretty cools. BS was well BS

  54. I didn’t watch the game just check box score. I think Ref maybe did Lakers a favor since it’s home game. Bc I saw Hibbert got 10 FT. L William got 7.

  55. Anthony shot 4 for 16. That will cost them at some point. Anthony is one of the most overrated players in the league.

  56. Might not be a bad trade. Asik would rebound for sure. He plays better D and he can set good picks.

  57. well kobe helping me to build my house so enought of you haterz

  58. D’angelo russell was benched the 4th quarter,

  59. Michael Wallace ESPN Staff Writer
    Jeremy Lin just lost his shoe on a drive to the basket. After the play ended and the quarter was over, Dwyane Wade went to retrieve Lin’s shoe to toss it back to him. Udonis Haslem knocked the shoe out of Wade’s hand and made Lin walk all the way over to the Heat’s bench to get it.

  60. posted 3 hours ago

  61. Ohh didn’t see it

  62. why do we care?

  63. if we are comparing Lin to a 37 year old Kobe we got problems!

  64. they don’t need Jlin. They have Kobe Bryant.

  65. against LAL.

  66. I just stated the fact. Didn’t put any opinion on it.

  67. Didn’t see this but I saw Lin guarded Wade in the end of 4Q. They talked when game end. Hug each other…

  68. both games were bad

  69. I hope he was just being playful. Haslem has no idea how the Lin army may react to this.

  70. I think we should stop hating kobe…….we dont know him at all…….kobe is helping me build my house right now I need 20 bricks in my fireplace to finish it he just give me 24 bricks thats 4 spare………so you haterzzz just stop

  71. Lin played average at best. Granted the coach put together horrible lineups and patterns. It seems like the pre season never happened!

  72. I think so .. Udonis knew Lin well since they went to the chapel in 2012 in the famed story that Lin asked for prayer not to be released


    Haslem picks it up from there:

    Haslem knows what it’s like to go undrafted, to be not wanted by any team and forge a career through hard work and self-belief.
    “I understood where he was coming from,” Haslem said.

    The pastor prayed for Lin that night. Haslem did, too. Then Lin went out and did what he usually did. He didn’t play in the Heat’s win.

    “But a week later it was da-da-da,” Haslem says, giving the ESPN SportsCenter entry noise.

  73. Bonnell chose to put the nice words about Lin in there. I have always assumed the front office of teams nudge the beat writer on what to include.

    Hope it bodes well for lin.

    Bonnell himself doesn’t seem too high on lin

  74. That’s some respect from wade. Last time Wade encountered a shoe, he chucked it nearly in the stands. Can’t remember who it was, but I remember the highlight clip.

  75. ????

  76. Byron Scott thought Jlin was Rick Rubio tonight. We see the results LOL.

  77. Wade: Do you think you can get Gabrielle some movie or TV roles?

    Lin: no problem man, I’ll call me people

  78. I remember that… I forgot his name but that PG played for Heat & NYK.

  79. It’s only the first game of the season. Lets not get too excited. If the Heat played like they did tonight, they will win 99% of the time. The Heat was literally on fire from the beyond the arch, 12-20 for 60% and 20-21 FTs for 95% and 36-73 for 50%. There isn’t much you can do when the opponent had such a night shooting. As poor as the Hornets shot tonight 39%, 25% 3s & 75% FTs, they were still in the game towards the end.

  80. Ha ha, when you take 24 shots in 29 minutes, it doesn’t leave much for the other guys to do but watch. Kobe loves to freeze out his own team so that when he needs them they have hands of ice.

    Lin tonight was accused of taking too few shots. IMO, I’d rather he err on the passing side to being a chucker. Green took 7/15 and score 19 while playing 30. Lin is super efficient while helping teammates to find easier shots. Just like how Lin developed Asik by taking it upon himself to be unselfish. Lin has the mind of a coach and looks long term to build team scoring. We may have lost the battle, but the war will be easier to win as more guys get comfortable and ready to contribute.

  81. I told you, Jeremy can’t do miracles with limited time and with second unit…

    Let’s see if Cliff learns the lesson.

  82. Even his hair can write an article about it… LOL!

  83. Wade knows his $100M from Li Ning. Better not upset Chinese fans.

  84. I meant Lin’s 27 min would become 17min

  85. Lol, how big a fireplace is it already. You could’ve built the Great Wall of China by now.

  86. You had been consistently hitting the first!!!!! Go Briick! 🙂

  87. lol “The Shoe” Diplomacy … good point

  88. is it Cliff or is it Charlotte front office??

  89. poor me…i was the sole guy who selected 21/5 🙁

  90. no it was not the HEAT. Charlotte was very bad.

  91. TOTALLY disagree. I have watched basketball for a lifetime. Charlotte is responsible for Miami looking like champs

  92. Or is it Lin?

  93. Did Kobe scream at someone else for not calling a timeout, lol.

  94. Wade: Li Ning gave me $100M for wearing his shoes, do you want to sign up?
    Lin: I’ll teach you Chinese, so you ask to Li Ning to give me the same contract?

  95. seemed like Jeremy did not get one good pick all game – his teammates setting picks were too eager to roll

  96. Winning usually takes care of anything for team players like Batum and Lin. I’d say that if they get to the conference final with solid contribution from both, they’d both would be back.

  97. These are still NBA teams. It’s not like the Heat played against a CBA team. The game was not a blow out. Shooting 50/60/95% against an NBA team is NOT normal. The Heat had a hot shooting night, give them credit for making shots.

  98. Josh something.

  99. its not Lin.

  100. But there was a reason why the Heat shot so hot through most of the game. Poor rim protection by Hornets, forced perimeter players to defend closer to the paint, leaving shooters wide open. The 2nd quarter where Miami went small with Bosh at center, that made a huge difference because Jefferson can’t defend him on the pick n roll.

  101. When the Hair whizzes by, you make way

    Lin has been a very pleasant surprise.Clifford:“I think he can be a total player.”

  102. Thought Lin struggled in this game because Miami played good D and Gerald Green was just too much for him
    but he still ended up 17pts on 50% shooting thats very good
    Batum is horrible
    PJ is what ronny price is to BS he was no good CLifford still believes in him

  103. Li Ning is crazy. 100m!!

  104. Lin is by far one of the most total packages in the NBA. He is only second to Lebron. He lacks the size. OF course those 5-6 inches mean the world, but they are similar players.

  105. Well said. He is player-of-the-game despite facing the best defense of the league against him.

  106. Not the same. Lin closed the game while PJ’s butt was glued to the bench. So was Al’s.

    I’m 99% sure that MJ and Cho are making Cliff start PJ instead of Lin. Hairston was their draft pick (from Jordan’s UNC) and front offices always want to make themselves look smart. Just look at Jones and D-Mo getting endless chances in HOU. Or Clarkson being given max freedom last year.

  107. LeBron is top 5 of all time
    Lin cant do the things Lebron does
    Rebounding, setting top notch screen, powerful dunks etc

  108. Clifford needs to go full metal jacket or he’s going to go half way and get fired regardless.

  109. The numbers just amazing:) It has to be a msg from God.

  110. please, Miami is not the best defense in the league

  111. I thought Kemba was the best player of the game but happy LIn gor it
    Gerald Green scares me..his raw talent,very underrated

  112. what I mean is Lin is an unselfish scorer, passer, rebounder, and player who makes the right plays

    Lebron and him are very similar though of course you wouldn’t think it on the surface.

  113. ??? 5-16, worst +/-. I’m not mad at Kemba (he shared with Lin nicely), but even the Heat announcers gave Lin player of the game.

  114. Jone, DMo and Clarkson desrve it thou they are actually decent
    PJ is nothing
    but I think Cho supports Lin
    Asian connection

  115. He brought them back in the 4th

  116. I dont think so…”the believe” part…if so, CC would have given him more minutes…he only played 18min…he is being used to confuse the rotations and told to play defense and spacing…anything he goes out of the instruction…he will be pulled out

  117. I don’t think Cho supports Lin very much…he seems hesitant to look “biased.” Lin’s greatest praise has been from Clifford. And then MJ (though that seemed like hollow PR).

  118. I love the part where Lin made a fool out of Green and Money May in one play.

  119. he played well, even the shot was not falling he drive to the rim and got contacts…hence he got his 19pts

  120. Team effort. Lin, Batum and Kemba working together.

  121. Clifford praised his defense in post game interview and thought zeller and marvin are the ones that brought them back when asked if lin batum kemba were the reason they came back
    and he said if PJ learns defensive scheme, he will finish games defending opposing best player

  122. …but not a starting group? #NBApolitics.

  123. cannot agree, give nab player WIDE OPEN 3’s they hit them all

  124. OK…some Picture Time…not many though 🙁

  125. For some reason…the pictures are not as sharp as previously

  126. Cho is the only asian GM
    and he went for Lin in the off season

  127. Superman?!!! SuperLin

  128. Kemba did most work during that stretch and BAtum is garbage

  129. Thats it folks…

  130. It’s nuts to compare LeBron to Lin. LeBron is on another planet. He’s a great post player and Lin is not a post player. He’s an above the rim player, a locomotive going into the lanes and he is a top defensive player. He’s one of the best players ever. In the top 10. Lin is a wonderful player but to me no one is close to LeBron.

  131. lets stop calling players as scrub and garbage..pls

  132. Maybe have to wait until they trade Al….?

  133. It was Silas and Clifford that advocated hard for Lin — that’s what Lin himself said.

    Cho had to approve it, I guess. But that’s it. He made sure to emphasize that Lin was just a backup during Lin’s initial press conference.

  134. man look at Green. Lin should not be playing 2 guard at least on defense.

  135. Today’s NBA Game Results!

  136. It’s still amazing to see how 3 Heats players converged on JLin
    Spo coached them well how to trap JLin’s drive but he still managed to deliver the acrobatic pass


  137. That’s Chalmers. Green was 4-11 against Lin. 3-4 against Hairston.

  138. How did he get through them? Crazy.

  139. This is what makes Lin’s “solid” 17p performance so impressive. He was HAMMERED and swarmed all night, but still shot 50% and 2-3 from deep. I also like Clifford getting angry about the no call — that’s a REAL COACH.

  140. look at the last freakin photo

  141. Only one photo showing up for me.

  142. These what happened when you tripple team Lin..

  143. refresh 🙂

  144. Oh, you edited! Still, Green was only 4-11 when Lin was in, so that’s not an issue here.

  145. thats the idea!

  146. nope…its disqus behavior

  147. very true. That’s hard to do with defense swarming around you.
    If JLin had a rolling big, he’d be a lot more dangerous this game.

    And I like how JLin shot 3s very decisively this season

  148. Agree to disagree. Miami is 2X champs. They still have Wade, Bosh, Dragic, Deng and Whiteside. Green was also making shots. Spo is a good coach, he pays attention to details. It’s not like Charlotte lost to the Sixers tonight.

  149. Lin should just take more midrange shot instead. But I am glad he finally made more pts vs Heat.

  150. It’s great how Lin’s 3pt% has climbed every season (even under BS!) and I think it could reach 40% this season — albeit on limited attempts (~3).

  151. Freakin’ like how Chalmers reacted on that assist. He was like, “how did he made that?!?!?!”

    Like how Clifford was like, “what the refs?No whistle?Jeremy was hammered down there!”

  152. as he hit more 3s, he might earn more 3FGAs

    The thing is JLin needs to be handling the ball more to be a lot more effective.
    I felt like JLin didn’t have his rhythm at times but he still shot efficiently when he’s comfortable.

    I truly believe JLin pounding the ball gives him much better shooting rhythm.

    I also gave credit Spo for coaching great defense.

  153. Wow, Ewing reacts.

  154. Jahlil Okafor vs. Karl Anthony Towns vs. D'Angelo Russell #RookieWatch pic.twitter.com/Iz5zNsjch7— pinoyfantasybball (@phfantasybball) October 29, 2015

  155. i watched the end only game on. kobe was turrrible.

  156. Ugh, Wade still made the shot. Too bad Lin’s arms aren’t 2 inches longer.

  157. Lin struggled because he was playing shooting guard, and he wasn’t getting the ball on most possessions.

  158. Let’s hope so!

  159. you’re actually not that far off =)

  160. And definitely not the best 3 pt shooting team in the league either. But they looked like it tonight.

  161. Hawes pushed off his man and got away.

  162. lol…pretty much everyone does that…its matter of getting caught or not

  163. Hornets fall to Heat in season opener

    For all the change this off-season, one thing about the Charlotte Hornets seemed disturbingly familiar Wednesday:

    They can’t get their act together when facing the Heat in Miami.

    The Hornets, who lost 104-94, had a brutal second quarter, shooting just 35 percent from the field and being outscored 31-17. They never recovered from those 12 minutes in a season-opening loss at American Airlines Arena.

    The Hornets gave up far too many layups defensively and couldn’t make 3-pointers, despite all the roster moves intended to improve shooting.

    The Hornets play another road game against a Southeast Division rival Friday, when they face the Atlanta Hawks at Philips Arena.

    Three who mattered

    Al Jefferson: He made Hassan Whiteside look silly often with his post moves. Weight loss was evident when he finished a fast break in the first half.

    Jeremy Lin: He’s playing with a confidence and aggression that he didn’t get much chance to express last season with the Los Angeles Lakers.

    Dwyane Wade: He made new Hornets starter P.J. Hairston’s life rough playing defense.


    ▪ Coach Steve Clifford chose to start Marvin Williams at power forward, but both Williams and Cody Zeller played starter-type roles, particularly since Williams swings to small forward, too.

    ▪ Jeremy Lamb (ankle) and Troy Daniels (hamstring) both missed the game. Lamb is close to a return; if he practices effectively Thursday he might play against the Hawks.

    ▪ Heat scored 30 points in the lane by halftime. I can see why the Hornets had misgivings about Bismack Biyombo, but they never replaced him as a rim-protector.

    ▪ Clifford might be playing one more big man than the rotation can really sustain, but he’s determined to find rookie Frank Kaminsky minutes.

    ▪ Hairston starting doesn’t necessarily mean he will play a lot. His shooting will weigh in on his playing time.

    Worth mentioning

    ▪ Gastonia’s Whiteside, who makes less than $1 million this season, is hoping for a major contract extension next summer.

    ▪ Clifford said he likes how Zeller performs with reserves Lin and Spencer Hawes.

    ▪ Miami might be the one spot in the NBA where DJ’s are introduced to the crowd as celebrities.

    Report card

    C-minus OFFENSE: The 3-point shooting didn’t look improved, despite all the off-season moves to address it.

    D DEFENSE Until the Hornets start getting back in transition consistently they won’t be the defense they were last two seasons.

    C COACHING: Clifford has diagnosed the problems, now he has to implement correction in practice Thursday.

    Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nba/charlotte-hornets/article41762943.html#storylink=cpy

  164. Found 2 more pictures!

  165. I’m a scrub.

  166. If I saw half a player on the court I would freak out.

  167. except for Michael….Scrub Troll….

  168. I didn’t feel like Lin played his best game today. He was a little too cautious with his passes, still not comfortable with his team mates on the second unit. Of course, Miami did its part with funnel defense. In such situations its very important that Lin’s teammates display good off-ball movement, getting to open spots for the easy pass Lin is so good at delivering. Maybe, its just a matter of more playing time together?

    AND STILL Jeremy was able to shoot 50%! And get 17 points on 10 shots! Wow! There was so much defensive pressure on Lin, especially on some long shots he took. But every time Lin got a little space, he was able to deliver. After seeing this game I have gained some more confidence in Clifford’s new offensive schemes. And Kemba, man! He is an under-rated team player. His chemistry with Jeremy (and throw Batum in that mix) is real. Saw it in 2 pre-season games, and now this game. Maybe, this is the year…

  169. Yes! The Phoenix is Rising! after 3 yrs of the doom fire….

  170. I don’t agree. Ya sure, Green was a handful when he had the ball. Sure, Lin lost his man a rare few times (once with Winslow was brutal). But what Jeremy lacked in height, he made up in speed and tenacity. What these photos don’t show (and can’t show), is the number of possessions Lin completely hounded his man, forcing the offense to switch to 2nd / 3rd options on the offensive play calls.

    I promise you, Spo will remember Lin’s defense after this game 🙂

  171. Much props to Lin. Would you play your best game when the defense loaded up on you the whole game? Some of you on here with your negative nitpicking on lin’s game is just too much. Lin scored 17 points and was Hornets player of the game, that tells you how well he did. For a team to plot their whole defensive schemes around you, is mad respect for lin’s skills. I wonder how other players would have stood up to this defensive pressure? I have no doubt that lin will figure it out when he is pressed like this again. Please let us not forget Kemba is the $48 million dollar man who is suppose to play well.

  172. No his man jumps off to stop Jeremy.

  173. Yes! Ma’am!

  174. “I wonder how other players would have stood up to this defensive pressure?”

    Oh! The answer to that is simple. Just take a look at how Kemba played most of last year, and in today’s game when Jeremy wasn’t in, earlier. COULDN’T MAKE ONE SHOT. Jeremy has phenomenal quickness – that first step, wooosh! That lets him go by defenders, with just a little help from the pick (or half-pick in some cases).

  175. Agreed. I’m very impressed with JLin of how he handled himself in this game with all the pressures that he received from Heats plus the unfair refs. I’m very pleased to hear all the goodies from Heat announcers. It’s totally different from last two seasons. (I was only able to watch for 2 seasons thus far. This is my third season to watch JLin played.)

  176. Yes I and many other JLin fans did watch the whole game. Agreed it happened a couple times when JLin was first in the game but then he readjusted himself and didn’t happen again. JLin isn’t perfect. Is he not allowed to make any mistakes???!!!! Please look at the overall performance of the game and just not a few “mistakes”.

  177. Like this click much better. The vine is much clearer:-)

  178. I rewatched this numerous times. I’m a little bit concern about his right hand. Apparently he hit it hard on the ground. He did hold the arm a little when he got up. Could anyone remember to see any ill effect from this fall in 4th qtr??? This possession happened so fast that I literally lost on how Hawkes was able to receive the ball and made the basket at the time.

  179. Teams don’t load up on other players like they do lin. Lin had no less than 2-3 defenders on him. Like I said Kemba is the $48 mullion dollar man who is paid well to play well.

  180. LOL

  181. Is the commentator from Miami or Hornets?

  182. And lets not forget Lin is being paid like a scrub.

  183. Exactly

  184. I know. I wonder why only on JLin and not other players:-)

  185. Believe it was Hornets as I didn’t remember when I listened to Heats.

  186. That should have been a foul, because the player tripped him trying to stop the play. That is why Clifford jumped and started yelling at the refs

  187. They know if lin gets the ball he is gonna find a way to score. The ball in lin’s hands makes his teammates very dangerous weapons against opposing teams.

  188. Lin GOT HIS.

    This Miami defense is as stiff a defense as Lin will ever face in his entire NBA career. And Lin had no problem shredding it, as many of us predicted.

    However, Lin’s got a major problem. Despite Clifford’s fabulous modern day coaching, Lin had NO HELP.

    This summer, I yammered incessantly and annoyingly about how the Hornets’ top team was Lin, Lamb, Williams, Hansbrough, and Kaminsky.

    With Lamb injured, Hansbrough DNP CD, Kaminsky stuck behind nonperforming veterans, and Williams TRAPPED with trying to singlehandly save the starters from their own atrocious play, Charlotte is not putting its best team on the court.

    I directly attribute the pallid ineffectual play of the Charlotte big men to one thing only: Tyler Hansbrough is probably REPEATEDLY SCHOOLING the big men so badly in practices that they have no energy left to compete in games. It’s the exact same dynamic Lin’s done since his rookie year, as no rotation player ahead of Lin at his position had EVER played well with Lin on the team and that includes current MVP Stephen Curry. So expect the weak play of the big men to continue all season
    if Hansbrough continues to be DNP CD’d.

  189. Yep!!! Thank God that at least Hawkes did make the basket. Otherwise, it would be a turnover. That’s why I said this season the major enemy of JLin this season is refs; so many phantom calls. After second/third foul, JLin was a lot more cautious in his defense but thank God that he also learned how to foul others as well. Couldn’t remember how many fouls he has created and got Hornets into bonus.

  190. Yes, JLin is the most “dangerous” weapon for his team and yet Hornets is still not taking full advantage of it. mmmh Politics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  191. The Heat played great defense. The Hornets were missing their shots. The Hornets played like the preseason never happen when the ball was moving and not Al centic. And finally, Jefferson, Williams, & Hairston should not be on the floor together. It cloggs the lane. If Lin starts, which should happen now, him and Walker needs to play with the 2nd unit also. And please move Batum back to his natural position of SF

  192. Please don’t… I really don’t want to go down this road again 🙁

    I have already spent enough days, cursing the Rockets and Lakers for the damage they have done to Jeremy’s outside perception and market value. I have come to terms with the fact that, even the most public of forums like the NBA can display such unfairness (and injustice). I don’t blame Kemba for the contract Jeremy’s got. I can only hope things get better for him, from this year on.

  193. Had Jeremy Lamb been healthy enough to play, he would have PUNISHED the Heat for loading up on Lin and the Hornets would have won the damn game.

  194. I think after they lose a few more games, they will get it.

  195. Believe it or not, I was OK with that NONCALL.

    Had Lin drawn the foul call, it would have erased Lin’s assist and Hawes’ bucket!

  196. Bang on!

  197. If Lamb was able to play, I fear Jefferson would have closed out the game. Batum, Lin, and Walker need the most mins on this team to make the playoffs

  198. Of course, Lin’s contract is a heck of a bargain. Even ESPN, the most Lin hating website, admits it.

  199. I am throwing no shade on Kemba. I think he and lin will do well in the backcourt together. They get a long well.. So don’t come at me with the negative about lin’s game. He was loaded upon by the dense all night.

  200. Jefferson is not good on defense.

  201. The sooner the better.

  202. Yep

  203. Nothing negative in what I wrote.

  204. Miami is a dirty team with Wade leading the way. They would try everything to get a win on purpose.

  205. Agreed on this one but not others:-)

  206. It could have been and one.

  207. Rewatching that “how in the world?”Jeremy to Hawes assist…

    Clearly Hawes knows WHO is the effective playmaker in this team.

  208. Bosh tripped Jeremy several times. Bosh was moving his feet close to a foul call. Every time Bosh moved his feet, there was a contact.

  209. Yep

  210. Fair enough then.

  211. You are right it wasn’t negative. Perhaps your “euphemism” about lin’s game is a better word. Enjoy the rest of your day:)

  212. Hey, you have a good day too 🙂

  213. Although it’s nice that Lin is finishing games, they should let him play 30+ minutes. Of course, this means he needs to become a starter…

  214. Did he trip and went for that desperation pass or he fall to get better angle?

  215. You make assumptions ie make comments with absolutely no basis at all… you need to go to school kid…

  216. What??

  217. Yes, even Ginobili averaged only 26 mins for last 10 years. Lin should be starter for playing 30+mins.

  218. No, I don’t think Jefferson would have played more.

    He was GASSED and OVERPOWERED once Hassan Whiteside stopped falling for Jefferson’s below the rim game.

  219. No, the basket would have been taken away.

  220. The only other NBA player in today’s game that I’ve seen stand up to this kind of pressure is Milwaukee’s Jerryd Bayless.

    Bayless might be an unvalued bench “scrub” like Lin, but opponents send three guys after him just like they do with Lin.

    Though Bayless is not quite at Lin’s level in overall skill, he does about 90% of what Lin does and receives 100% of the same treatment Lin gets from opponents!

  221. I gently disagree with you about Walker.

    Walker doesn’t have enough game to thrive alongside Lin or any other player.

  222. Anybody watched Rockets vs Nuggets game? The Rox lost, Harden and Lawson shot pretty badly but the rookie E. Mudiay of the Nuggests had 11TOs!

  223. yeah, I had the same concern. He was 3/4 to start the first half, then 2/6 the rest of the game. But he did made a deep 3 towards the end of the game.

  224. okafor will win ROY……i am impress I thought he was slower but he looks like a speedy C

  225. Read somewhere that Okafor is better than Towns and he will win, just like you say, ROY.

  226. He did quite well considering the athleticism and length of MIami and that Spoelstra and many on the Miami team seem to make it a point to trap him and schemes to disrupt him. He fought through. He also had some good moments of playing D on Green, especially in the 4th.

  227. you can also see his body is ready for banging downlow he bruise and power his way against big

  228. Lin made the national news last season for 5 turnovers.

    MVP Curry not only got beaten down in a loss by Lin that game, Curry also had 7 turnovers in the same game. But all the hateful media could crow about was Lin’s 5 turnovers.

    Mudiay had 11 turnovers which Lin has never even come close to doing, but the media has labeled Lin as “turnover prone”.

  229. Coach Clifford has to let the starters take themselves out to the garbage a bit before he can promote Lin to 30 mpg without an utter team mutiny.

  230. yeah, and he has pretty good court vision too.

  231. well said…again…

  232. I think both of them can play well together…to me the biggest criteria is…no ego….wanna share the ball and win together

  233. yup…and I dont mind that happening…its learning curve for the players as well as the Coach and FO.

    Thus far the CH FO been great and willing to adapt and not adamant on how things should be, furthermore CoachC been all positive and willing to try diff lineups

  234. All of that is enough to win ROY in this weak draft class.

    But to be a solid longterm NBA star?

    Okafor doesn’t have the fundamentals to do that.

    As he skipped out on 3 years of college, Okafor will not pick those up in the NBA.

  235. Had Hawes not made the basket, the refs would have blown a late whistle foul call to account for Lin being tripped.

    It was a FAIR call, in my opinion.

  236. I am not sure if this was Clifford’s game plan, but I see 4Q not much Lin driving and handling the ball. Maybe the coach knew Heat loading on Lin, clogging the lane with no space and had to go with Walker/Batums/Lin passing which usually ended up Lin waiting in the corner with Walkers driving or taking contested shots, especially in the last 4 minutes when the game was closed. Thoughts?

  237. And then Jerryd Bayless gets blanked out in his first game as a starter.

    I didn’t see that game, but my guess is that Bayless got loaded up on and the Bucks nonshooters couldn’t make opponents pay.

  238. weak draft class???? mistaken the 2014

  239. then he should call a play catch and shoot……..make jlin run around the corner for a quick J

  240. Clifford was out of options.

    With Lamb out and Kaminsky and Hansbrough not playing, Miami heaped their defense on Lin and dared anybody else to shoot their bricks.

    Had Kaminsky and especially Hansbrough played, the court would have opened up and the triple teams would have dissipated.

  241. 2014 was a weak draft class.

    This year is weak too.

    Every year, the NBA Draft gets younger and weaker.

  242. NONONO

  243. Lin was always covered. And he was a bit tentative to shoot. Kemba had more space. It looked like Miami wanted Batum to get the ball and beat them. Kemba made some clutch shots while Lin didn’t seem as confident in his shot last night. Lin’s role seemed to be energy/defense and another ball handler with Kemba as primary option, Batum 2nd, then Lin.


  245. Ya! That’s what I said…. even coach said Lin, Batum, & Kemba were three playmakers but only Kemba was the one who really handle the ball… the other two just waiting for the ball to come…

  246. any lotto numbers you seem to know the future I ve seen the 2014 rookie so I conclude it is weak but this 2015 is just starting so cannot predict like nostradamos……….some says okafor is tim duncan lite will see in the future if they are right he has nice footwork and post up which is a good start……

    just post the lottery number mr. nostradamos

  247. In fact, Lin was SG last night. Even his brother said so in Taiwan. No ball handle at all.

  248. 3 play-making players should come up with lots of set plays to score, not just one dimensional dribble-and-shoot-with-no-pass predictable play.

  249. When he was on with Roberts, he and Roberts alternated at the 1 and 2.

  250. Miami disrupted their rhythm. I think we’ll see better against Atlanta.

  251. Hi to all Lin fans. This is my first post since the end of last season.

    Agree with Psalm234 and many others that Lin will be a starter soon. Roberts is doing a decent job with the second unit and Hairston should not be starting. Clifford on Lin before Game1: “His defense has improved a lot… I think he can be a total player.” Translation: “Lin’s offense is great, and his defense got a bad rap.”

    Lin has said often that he wants to be [is good enough to be] a starter. Which usually means playing with some of the most talented players on the team. = More fun for him, better finishers/more assists and minutes. Providing the starting unit is not dominated by a selfish egotistical ballhogs like Kobe and Harden. Interesting that both lost their home openers yesterday. And Curry won his the night before.

    Class > Crass. Team > Iso. Looking forward to Rox imploding as Harden “steps-up” his selfish game even more to show he is better than Curry. And for the Lakers to have another tank-ful season, in this Kobe-farewell-tour. Oh, and for the Hornets to make the playoffs in the still-weak Eastern Conference, with Lin as a starter. Go Lin and Hornets!!!

  252. Hope so. Just one game. Hope they can learn from it.

  253. if jlin will play SG clifford should call a JJ redick play

  254. Come on, not too bad for a team which try to fix so many issues with so little budget. I am not sure Clifford would move Lin up yet, although I hope so. No one is there to PnR with Lin, no good 3pt or mid-range shooters last night was the biggest problem. I think that is why Lin hesitated several times last night. Lin needs take as many as shots he could in this case since his fg% (50% and 67% 3pts)was the best. Every one say Kobe did great last night with 20+ points, Come on, he did that with 30% fg%.

  255. I thought Batum had a much less effective game than Lin did. It’s good for Lin to stay under the radar. I don’t mind him being seen as a bench player as I think it will quickly turn into a 6th man type of player more often than not finishing games that aren’t blowouts. Let Lin not have the crazy expectations he used to have. He was thought of as overpaid with the Rockets/Lakers so now he is a bargain. And he’s made his money. I wouldn’t worry about Lin starting or not. He’s finishing. PG or SG, he will facilitate because that’s what he’s done. And as a combo guard, at least he’ll shoot more. So he should have a higher PPG average,

    But Batum is more the high-profile player and he really had a tough game. If it weren’t for a few 3s made, he just seemed like he was out of position and over his head. And Miami didn’t put anywhere near the pressure and emphasis on containing him as they did on Lin. And was he as good as Lin defensively? Not close. How much is Batum being paid?

  256. Clifford needs to drop to a 9 men rotation and play Lin as the main bring PG off the bench whenever Kemba takes a break on the bench. That would mean removing Roberts out of the rotation and giving Lin all the back-up PG minutes.

    I feel there’s way too many minutes being played with 2 smallish point.guards..whether it was Kemba/Lin or Robert/Lin.

    Lin should not spend all of his minutes on the court guarding bigger guard…That can be fixed by simply removing roberts out the rotation.

    Also, Kemba played 35 minutes..That is way too much minute for a player that was having an inefficient night shooting….My hope is Cliff will cut Kemba’s minute to around 30 and let Lin be the main PG for the 18 minutes remaining…..Than find an additional 10 minutes at SG for Lin when he could be paired with Kemba…..

    That would limit Lin having to guard guys like Green who was a tough match up for Lin.

  257. http://www.atthehive.com/2015/10/29/9633054/charlotte-hornets-at-miami-heat-notes-and-observations#comments

    “Clifford went with P.J. Hairston as the starting two guard, opting for size, outside shooting, and a bit of defense. The size and defense were there at times, but Hairston would shoot just 1-for-5 from the field, and finish with three points. There’s going to be calls for Jeremy Lin or Jeremy Lamb (when he returns from injury) but Hairston should get at least a couple of games before any changes are made. Hairston got decent looks when he played, they just didn’t fall (yes, this sounds familiar, but let’s give him a chance). Lin will get calls to start, and maybe that happens eventually, but Clifford seems to prefer Lin off the bench.”

  258. Agree, I don’t know why Roberts is being squeezed in there if Lamb/Daniels are injured. When either of those 2 are available they will have Lin naturally at the point.

    Agree on the Kemba minutes played too

  259. patience … waiting…. waiting… tapping foot, looking around……. when will there be rallying calls for ‘Give JLin a chance’?!?! Come on we need the local Hornets fans to rally behind JLin. This can’t come from us… they must do it….However while waiting…holding my breathe is probably not a good idea….

  260. I think it’s Lin prefer to be PG not SG.

  261. I will let the first 5 or so games play out first. It looks like Cliffords minute schedule for Lin is : sub in 5min 1st quarter and play all of 2nd quarter. Repeat for 2nd half.

  262. It is sad that Clifford cannot find a spot for Tyler Hansbrough in the rotation. You cannot ignore someone who grabbed 17 rebounds in a game, even if it was a preseason game.

    Yes, there is a logjam at PF / C position but it is a shame. I also think Clifford has a defensive rebounding philosophy which is all good. But we need someone who can cause some abuse in the post by grabbing offensive boards and is an athletic defender.

  263. The only thing with Tyler is he cannot shoot or finish at the rim

  264. Perfect for Jeremy to feed him with quality assists until he gets confidence and rhythm.

  265. But that is why he is not in the rotation. They are not gonna give him playing time in the hopes he gets his confidence and rhythm

  266. The good:

    1. Lin with 17 points on 50% shooting and only 10 FGAs. He is picking up where he left off in the preseason. (However, I think the role players had some opening day jitters).

    2. Lin got to finish the game with decent minutes.

    3. Neither Kemba nor Batum are real ball hogs.

    The bad:

    1. The rotation is not really working and cannot overcome good teams. Coach himself said that Jeremy has played well in the 1st and 2nd unit. The reasoning now is that the 2nd unit needs Lin more and plays at a faster pace. I hope Clifford eventually realises that Lin should just get lots of minutes and play with both the 1st and 2nd unit.

  267. I think they should play him just for his rebounding and defense. Any offense would be a bonus.

  268. Steve Clifford’s Hornets a work-in-progress

    By Rick Bonnell

    [email protected]


    Coaching, like most any management job, is to a great degree about playing give-and-take.

    There is seldom such a thing as the perfect employee. So you figure out how to blend various people’s strengths and weaknesses into a group that is functional to their task.

    Right now, that is a work-in-progress for the Charlotte Hornets.

    This group is more talented, potentially far more, offensively than either of the previous two seasons Clifford has coached in Charlotte. But it is also lacking in an area that Clifford has declared his non-negotiable as an NBA coach: Transition defense.

    “We don’t get back,” Clifford said before Wednesday’s season-opening 104-94 loss to the Miami Heat.

    “In Detroit and against Indiana (in the preseason) we were terrible. The first half of the Detroit game, that was related to turnovers, but that has not been the whole issue.

    “You’d think our challenges (defensively) would be in the half-court with basketball protection and containing the ball, and we’ve been very good at that. What we haven’t done is set our defense. If we’re not going to do that, we just won’t be good enough.”

    As if on cue, the Heat outscored the Hornets in fast-break points 15 to eight Wednesday.

    That the Hornets would look flawed defensively early on was predictable. You can’t make over half the roster, mostly adding offense-centric players, and not experience a learning curve. But these players will find it’s either get back on defense or sit, because that is the core of what made the Hornets so good defensively the past two seasons.

    That’s the downside of the roster makeover.
    But it’s a correctable flaw, and the payback is potentially high. The preseason suggested this team will be better along the 3-point line and in ball movement. The plodding pace of previous seasons has sped up.
    To a great extent that’s about the Hornets now having three trustworthy ball-handlers – Kemba Walker, Nic Batum and Jeremy Lin – who will often play as a unit.

    When Clifford first came to the Hornets he inherited a team that ran well but was sloppy with the ball. So he initially gave orders that only Walker was allowed to bring up the ball. Eventually he loosened that restriction, letting Michael Kidd-Gilchrist advance the ball.

    Now Walker, Batum and Lin each has the green light to start the offense.

    “When I first got there, Charlotte’s pace was top-8 in the league. As I started watching them, that’s also why they were (worst) in turnovers. Everybody was allowed (to bring up the ball), then you watch film and say, ‘My goodness, that’s why the offense was so poor!’ ” Clifford recalled.

    “Offense, to me, is guys playing to their strengths. If you’re not a ball-handler/decision-maker, it doesn’t matter how old you are, it doesn’t make sense to have them run the ball up and turn it over just so we’re saying we’re fast-breaking more.”

    Translation: Replace Lance Stephenson and Gerald Henderson with Batum and Lin and you become a more diverse offense.

    Lin (17 points Wednesday) has been a very pleasant surprise. Clifford thinks he’s just starting to scratch all that he can be.

    “I think he can be a total player. I think he’s viewed as an offensive pick-and-roll/transition player and I think he can be a lot more than that,” Clifford said. “His defense has improved a lot. He’s very bright, he’s physical and he learns quickly. He played at a very high level in the preseason.”

    Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nba/charlotte-hornets/article41770617.html#storylink=cpy

  269. I think most of us would be pulling our hair when Lin feeds him a sweet pass and he fumbles/can’t finish it

  270. I remember Jared Jeffries and Omer Asik fondly. Haha.

  271. patience 🙂 he will get his chance……there are lot of things that a coach with new players and new strength…that needs to be sorted and ordered

  272. Lol…laker fans are missing Jlin already. .PostPosted: Thu Oct 29, 2015 6:29 am Post subject:
    KyrieRubio wrote:
    Jeremy Lin scored 17 points on 10 shots in 27 minutes…

    We should of kept him. Sure I love what Marcelo brings to the table when his game his firing on all cylinders but Jeremy brings more. And is like 10 years younger.
    “Tryin’ to get that Kobe number, One Over Jordan”

    aka ILLWiLL20

    R.I.P PHIL
    Back to top

  273. But when he took on the role, he said, he dont mind being a SG which he was previously (school)…so its fine….

  274. i know….but there is always a learning curve…we just need to be patience…he is in way better place compared to last 2 stops

  275. Haha, 10 years younger is stretching it … I won’t give D’angelo Russell the bust tag just yet, it is just one game. Does not look promising from what I’ve seen, he doesn’t seem to have the athletic/physical ability that these top picks usually possess.

  276. double LOL at LAL

  277. OMG, Kemba and Al are soo bad…

    If Clifford keeps this rotation he will be fired.

    Al get dunked on two times without even trying to foul his opponent; Batum on other team’s SG is not good and Kemba…. I don’t know what Charlotte see in Kemba

  278. Haha! That’s good to hear… If Hornets beat Heat last night that will be even better….

  279. Al gets owned defensively against other bigs. If he is not making his shots, his time on the court will be a negative.

  280. I think they will trade Al… but also don’t like the way they played last night… If they keep playing like that…. don’t believe they will make it to playoff even east is not as good as west.

  281. Lakers and laker fans fully deserve what they have now… Years of losing (and trying to get that special savior)

  282. Put Zeller as C and small ball.
    Ball in Jeremy’s hands.
    Oh, if D’Antoni had this team it would be showtime game after game…

  283. No, D’Antoni could not make the starters work.

    No coach can.

  284. Not to rag on Rick Bonnell who has covered Lin very fairly and honorably, but how is a “surprise” for Lin to be scoring 17 points after a Lindefeated preseason of Lin scoring 15+ as the team’s leader in several different categories?

  285. Yes he can.

    Throughout his career, Hansbrough has been TERRIFIC at the rim and as a scorer.

    He’s just super rusty from not playing.

  286. Agreed. Hornets simply need to knock down some 3s. Had those 3s gone down, it would be a different game. Heat shot 12 from 20 from 3s and Hornets shot 6 for 24. PJ Hairston is not a starter. He needs to be a role player. They need to start Lamb or Lin soon.

  287. Because the Hornets have several rotation players who are paid far more than Hansbrough.

  288. No we wouldn’t because Tyler Hansbrough historically DOES NOT FUMBLE PASSES.

    Hansbrough’s simply not used to ever being passed to. Lin’s THE FIRST player in the NBA who openly looks for Hansbrough.

    Once Hansbrough fully realized that Lin is looking for him, Hansbrough will BEAST.

  289. Two points of the game I did not like. Lin got indecisive in the second quarter, but he is human, that is excusable. The second is Al’s lack of effort on defense, that is inexcusable. Really disappointed in Al. Slow is one thing, Harden like defense is something else. If Clifford wants people to get back on defense, put in Psycho T. He seems to always bring the effort.

  290. That’s fine, but wishes are wishes.

    Lin’s more needed as a SG whether he’s starting or not.

  291. It’s not as if Green went off on Lin in two games.

    It’s a MYTH that Lin cannot defend SGs like max contract Jimmy Butler.

  292. Because there’s no shooting guard if Lin is at PG.

  293. Batum is playing like a $13 million BUST.

  294. Unnecessary – Lin can cut and score better than Redick even could.

  295. Had Jeremy Lamb not injured himself, it would have been a Lin Lamb backcourt to win the game.

  296. I think most people just don’t like selfish players. Kobe is a selfish player who is way past his prime.

  297. Even though Miami heaped their defense on Lin, Lin still got his with 50% rate and was the best player of the team. He is an all star.

  298. D’antoni would have Lin as the starter PG

  299. Well said ! That’s my thought too. Lin was still able to play the best in his team when targeted by the opposing team which is known for their toughest defense for guards.

  300. There arent enough games to throw away like that. Clifford playing a scary game

  301. So who fault is this? Coach, cho, mj,nba?

  302. So are u saying clifford is an idiot who cannot get the rotation right?

  303. so why is it ok to say batum, the frenchman..
    as oppose to not to say, lin, the chinaman?

    I heard the broadcaster say freshman.
    Why is chinaman, so derogratory?

    Englishman is fine too!
    America man!

  304. I would like to see charlotte play tyler more. He is just physical and nobody on this team who plays is physical. Physicality makes a difference.

    Tyler and lin both muck games up. They are similar iin style as far as that. They will win ugly like the detroit pistons used to

    Also would love Cho to swing a deal for Ed Davis. Cho has the portland network and ed is a carolina guy

  305. In linguistics words are like living things that evolve and change meaning depending how society changes the word. A benign example is xerox. Xerox was the name of a company, but you will also hear people use it as a verb, can you Xerox this page for me. Chinamen has a derogatory attachment but maybe it will change over time. The N word has different meanings then the past. But I don’t like using any of these words that could have a derogatory meaning because words, if not used, will stop evolving and die off. If you keep using them they live on, cause confusion, and pain.

  306. Hard to explain to someone with the IQ of a Doberman.

  307. But how is ‘japanese’ word insulting?? I have a jjapanese friend and he say to use nibbieness instead of Japanese..and I kept using Japanese because HE IS JAPANESE!..and he said he got insulted!! I was scratching my head.

    If I say he is Chinese, or this Chinese guy, I realized it’s insulting to some people..but it’s not to
    some.. so was ‘Japanese’ and ‘Chinese’ also have a negative connotation too I guess.

    BUT it’s all fine if I say ASIAN.. (but dude..asia is a big area!)

  308. That’s because you cannot explain it.. which is worse than the IQ of a Doberman.
    Try me a-hole.. lets get it on.. I’m already!.

  309. Sorry I forgot that you are an alcoholic Doberman.

  310. i think it might have something to do with the way “chinaman” was used a lot in a negative way during the california gold rush years. “Frenchman” doesn’t carry with it a previous negative connotation, at least not in american culture here. Also, they’re not the same. “franceman” would be equivalent to “chinaman” and “mandarinman” equivalent to “frenchman”. I think you asked a good question though, and shouldn’t be insulted for simply asking.

  311. no problem calling me an alcoholic because everyone has their own definition of alcoholism.. to some even 1 drink per week is call alcoholism.

    You are too chicken to show yo face..so you have to use the word ‘guest’. because you know I will win this. chicken.

  312. Your friend is weird. Nothing wrong with Japanese or Chinese.

  313. Actually some one on their other site did mentioned that maybe he is from taiwan so he doensn’t want people to say is ‘chinese’, but I guess have to SPECIFICALLY say taiwanese.. which is true.. everytime I say chinese, he say ‘no I’m from Taiwan’.. I just shut up afterwards.. wow.

    Japanese, I will not understand.

  314. Agree. D’Antoni would change starters.

    That’s the difference.

  315. Judging from your posts your drinking rate cannot be measured using a calandar. Need a clock with a second hand. May I suggest a 12 step program? “Hi, I’m Dan Cohen and I’m an alcoholic.” That’s the first step. Problem is, even sober you’re not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. Next time you have a dumba$$ question about a common knowledge racial issue try using Google instead of offending people and making a fool of yourself.

  316. how about because JLin is an American Cali kid. and if you want to speak of ethnicity you would say he is Chinese or Taiwanese heritage.

  317. similarly in Hong Kong as well, many tend to or prefers to be called as HongKonger rather than Chinese. Since english aint their first language, i tend to think there are some confusion to the reference…generally when we say Chinese, it refers to race rather than nationality…

  318. I’m not surprised when nonasians call an asian they meet chinese. They are just playing the odds. They can’t tell the difference. You could say Asian but that would include Indian people and they don’t look like Jeremy Lin. And don’t even think of using “oriental” that word is a no no. But when I meet old southerners use the word oriental I don’t get offended. I know they don’t mean it in a derogatory way. Those poor old white people. That’s just how they learned you describe asians with yellow skin and slanted eyes. They don’t know another word and we haven’t created one yet. The whole thing is not a language issue but a heart issue. Like I wrote in my original post, words themselves are not bad intrinsically, it is the meaning and context we use them in.

  319. In reply to the ‘Guest’ post below,

    “Well exuseshamoi mr or ‘ms’
    know it all. This is not common knowledge. Just stop hiding the fact
    that you are too stupid to even answer it, while others here are have a
    deeper chinese cultural knowledge gladly answer it based on what they
    think it might be the reason. Like I said, you are too chicken to show
    you trueself and probably been here for awhile to face me head on
    because you know that i drink. You also need to go back to basic math
    school because your rate of calculation in the amount that I drink
    is off. Btw, again, I cannot post a reply because a ‘mod’ stop me from

  320. drop it pls, you know very well, the rule on this site

  321. Japanese is okay but jap isn’t. It’s as you say, language is an agreed communication that has a life of its own. It is all about context and connotation. We all need to extra careful.

    I learned that when you call someone over with a hand gesture in some Asian countries you must not wave your hand upwards as we do here in the west. You have to wave it down wards or you’ll be giving them the finger.

    We all know that it’s okay for inner city kids to call each other the “n” word and it’s meant as a friendly term, like a secret handshake. You and I wouldn’t dare to do it in any context because we aren’t part of the fraternity.

    Words are very powerful and its significance is even more powerful in context and association with other words. Advertisers understand this and use a simple word or image that has no special meaning by itself, but when placed adjacent to other words or images, the associated meaning becomes something completely different. Just think beer ads and fragrances.

  322. I deleted some posts because they contain personal attacks. Our #1 rule is “Be Polite and Respectful”.
    There is no need to put down others’ point-of-view if they are presented respectfully. While we may have different opinions, we can all strive to be respectful.

    Simply disagree respectfully and explain your thoughts and ideas to help others like some good posters have done well.

    It might be good to emulate #4 (Mouth) and #6 (Heart) in the following picture that JLin’s greatness has inspired us:

    #4. Mouth: Humble, says all the right things. gives credit to his teammates and coach. Always smiles.
    #6 Heart: Fearless, optimistic & supremely confident. His teammates feed off of that. “I play with all my emotion, all my heart” – Jeremy Lin”

  323. I will.. and I asked a legitimate question.. But that ‘Guest’ started the whole name calling thing..and I’m sure that person knows the rules so he or she signed on as ‘guest’…and he or she knows who I am…probably a regular here too. So I have to defend.

  324. I was not referring to your question, but rather your response to the “guest”. If any posters here are not following the forum rules, just report to the mods or flag it.

    Any personal attack is obviously against the rules, immaterial, if you are defending or not…cheers mate

  325. you did?!…I thought I did?…probably we were doing the same time…lol

  326. yes, I might’ve deleted your deletion lol

  327. That infuriating human tendency to cling to inaccurate but accepted conventional wisdom (herd mentality) over the reality that comes in though your own actual eyes – assuming you’re actually looking.

  328. but yeah, it’s true .. Udonis might want to be careful with the PR backlash if he’s not shown joking around afterwards :] Otherwise, he might not have a pleasant trip if he goes to Asia

  329. It started before that when the railroad coolies were treated like dogs. The Chinese migrants were given the most dangerous tasks handling nitro and dynamite. A lot of Toisan lives were lost due to the callous treatment they received. If you were a chinaman, you were of lesser value than a dog.

  330. oh my….me vaporized!! 🙁 That should be @Dinoneseus:disqus

  331. wow..just wow…and here we have tiger fans…haunting on Charlotte Hornets…..

    So far…they had been treating Lin well…I have much admiration upon them…

  332. Ya! I even don’t know why some of Lin’s fans have to fight w their media…? They are nice….

  333. Great ! Hornets definitely try to keep Batum and Lin. Batum’s position 3 is taken by MKG already, so they try to have him play 2; Lin’s position 1 is taken by Walker already, so they let him play 2…Oops.., 2 is taken by Batum, so Lin has to play from the bench. You see, Hornets’ priority for the two players is clearly shown. It’s very interesting to see what happen next. Because Batum doesn’t do well at 2, but Lin is good at either 1 or 2, and Lin is clearly emerging as the best player by a large margin of the team.

  334. I agree Hornets try to keep Batum & Lin. From last night’s game, Hornets commentators were unbelievable high praise on Lin can tell…. Top or FO sure loves Lin so much…

  335. They did say, he was akin to Nash

  336. When Lin hit his first 3P shot, Heat commentator also said Lin looks like Nash….(something like that…) Check highlight above.

  337. Nash also has a quick, low release point.

  338. It was the move he made before that, going through the baseline. If you look at Nash highlights, sometimes Lin looks like Nash.

  339. That is what we like to see, at least play Lin 30 minutes, but no, he only play JLin 27 minutes yesterday; even less than Zeller. If Clifford play Lin >30 min and loss, at least I will feel a little better.

  340. It seems that deletions are not effective anymore, may have to start doing temporary bans? 1 day, 3 day, week, month bans after each repeated violation?

  341. To be accurate, when someone says “French man”, you have to say “Chinese man”, not “China Man”.

  342. JLin did a good job held on Green in first half; Green only got 2pts total before Lin sub out at 2Q 2:17; I really think Clifford need to play Lin at least 30 minutes, especially when either Kemba or Batum has an inefficient shooting. But last night, JLin only play 27 minutes, even less than Zelle.

  343. I will always reserve my expectations of how the media treats Lin. But yesterday was different again. Lin didn’t play great (nobody on Charlotte did) but despite that the TV commentators on BOTH sides were apparently gracious towards him.

    Miami TV guys said they talked to Clifford before the game and he told them Lin was much better than advertised and that Lin was more complete and also much tougher than he thought. Clifford told them and they said on TV that Clifford liked Lin’s toughness more than anything. That Lin was surprising tough. The Miami guys didn’t call him “decent back up” all night like in preseason but seemed to be much more complimentary of him. ON Lin’s last layup, they even expressed some excitement when he made it real fast . Shocking.

    It bodes well if Charlotte’s TV guys say good things too. That just means the front office is trying to showcase him to the fans and the NBA at large. If that keeps happening, Lin will be ok long term.

    If that is really the case and Clifford has the green light to use Lin however he wishes, then I have no clue what Clifford is doing keeping Lin on the down low unless it’s to preserve team chemistry at the expense of wins.

  344. I didn’t realize that Steve Clifford had heart problems in November, 2013 (see : http://www.wbtv.com/story/25296576/bobcats-head-coach-steve-clifford-talks-about-his-close-call ). According to the article, with regular check-ups, proper diet and adequate sleep, he should be fine.
    Out to dinner with friends one night last November, the coach had to excuse himself from the table because he was having some chest pain. “I couldn’t breathe. It was more pain than I’ve ever felt before. I was thinking I’m having a heart attack or a stroke or I’m really over-reacting right now,” Clifford said.

    The pain continued to get worse and he asked his friends to call 911. “He did the right thing. He came to the emergency room and it was evident that he probably had what we refer to as unstable angina,” said Dr. Akinyele Aluko, the Director of the Novant Cardiovascular Institute.

    Doctors said blood wasn’t flowing to the coach’s heart like it should. They learned he had a 95% blockage in one of his arteries and an 85% blockage in another. If left untreated it could lead to a heart attack. Immediately doctors scheduled surgery to put in two stents. Now life is a little different for the coach. He still has a hectic travel schedule but he tries to sleep more and he has changed the way he eats.

  345. Good post. I gave Lin solid B or B+ for yesterday’s game. Dragic C+, Kemba C.

  346. Ya! Can’t believe how nice the commentators from Last night’s game (both side) Hornets was … Great…. LOL! I don’t think Lin had good game even he got 17 pts… but the whole team played bad so…

  347. thanks. Lin gets a B. He can do much better. I’m sure there were first game jitters.

    That bad team performance really falls on the coaching staff unless they are limited in who and how they play by the front office.

  348. Dragic – D-
    a 90 million dollar player should get more than 8 and 3 in 30 minutes.

  349. Tragic gets a B- for playing within himself and not doing too much. He’s becoming the Houston Lin next to Wade’s Harden.

  350. D-

    a 90 million dollar player should get more than 8 and 3 in 30 minutes.

  351. not if his role is to support the “stars”. See Tristan Thompson.

  352. If we could arrange the lineup anyway we wanted regardless of politics, salary what would it be? Seems like with people on the team it would be hard to compete with a lot of the starting lineups in the league:

    1st: PG Lin / SG Walker / SF Batum / PF Zeller / C Hawes
    2nd: PG Roberts (Lin) / SG Lamb / SF Hairston / PF Williams / C Jefferson
    Perhaps interchange Handsbrough, Kaminsky at PF and Daniels at SG

    This lineup would still struggle. Needs a PnR, rim protecting, Alley Op starting center. And need a real SG

  353. wow, hope he doesn’t have any future problems

  354. but he thinks of himself as a star. and miami is hoping so too.
    Lin is supporting the star too and getting only 4 mil.

  355. Walker cannot play SG in the 1st unit. He is athletic but too small for opposing SGs

  356. Ya! Even he got the money but he became so so PG next to Wade. When I saw he did that in preseason game, I thought it’s just for preseason but now…. I guess it’s the way going to be for Dragic until Wade retired.

  357. Lin Lamb Nic TylerHans Zeller.

    That will win you games. A lot.

    Kemba as a small guard becomes 6th man scorer. Give Kemba either PJ or Daniels in the backcourt and then Marvin Frank and Hawes.

    Obviously there are interchangeable rotations within that. But that’s what they should do.

    That should be the 2015-2016 Charlotte team right there. They will crush people. And on certain teams you could do a Nic Kem Lin lineup.

    I would then trade Kemba or Al with Portland for North Carolina’s Ed Davis and a multi player deal. Maybe get Allen Crabee too if they can do it or something like that.

  358. that’s not impressive. Means they just played too safe & predictable.

  359. I feel the opposite. I think Lin does better defending opposing SG vs PG.

    Lin did a good job defending Green. Takes less energy than chasing a tiny quick PG around the court.

  360. Wade is that teams’ Kobe. There is only room for 1. Dragic is security for when Wade gets hurt. Dragic can slide in and take over more.

  361. I didn’t feel that Gerald Green was too much for Lin at all. Lin did a good job defending Green.

  362. I will not overreact to one game. Miami is a good, hard-nosed playoff team this year. Plus, they were blistering hot shooting it last night (50% and 60% 3p) . And the Hornets were within striking distance once Lin/Kemba/Batum found rhythm in the 4th.

  363. all I know is ROY won’t be Russell LOL

  364. Yes so he’d have to go to backup PG. Can see what an upheaval it would cause to set up the team most optimally. Why we’re seeing these lineups that seem so disjointed.

  365. That was a short stint for Nate. Glad to see Toney Douglas getting some interest:


  366. This is from Adrian Wojnarowski’s article on Steve Clifford (see : https://sports.yahoo.com/news/head-coach-steve-clifford-working-to-put-sting-back-in-hornets-211122395.html ) …

    As the Hornets meet Miami to start the season on Wednesday, Clifford promises to be one of the intriguing coaching figures to study in the NBA this season, largely because of the way that he has so impressed front-office executives in the league. Some top executives are watching his contract status closely, they’ve told Yahoo Sports, curious about Clifford’s availability should a contract extension fail to materialize with Charlotte.

  367. If Clifford plays Lin a lot, a lot of people will get PAID, including Lin, Clifford, and many teammates

  368. What ? Robinson is out now? Really short….So glad TD can get it.

  369. I’m surprised too. I would prefer Nate over Toney

  370. My team:

    1st team:
    Lin, Lamb, Williams, Hansbrough, Kaminsky.

    2nd team:
    Walker, Lin or Lamb (either one of them drops in from the starters), Batum, Zeller, Jefferson

    3rd team:
    Hawes, Hairston, Roberts

  371. I want Lin and Kemba to start together. Lin guard opposing SG, Kemba guard opposing PG. Lin and Kemba to initiate offense about half/half.

  372. But he was no show on that game so…. I really believe stats is so important… if Nate could get more pts he still will stay in the team now….

  373. My friends call me “Chinaman”.

    I sometimes call myself “Chinaman”.

    I’ve been violently flamed by Asians for calling myself “Chinaman”.

    China + man = Chinaman.

    What’s the big whoop?

  374. If DMO is available, he would be a good PNR partner with JLin. Jones… not so much.

  375. Nate Robinson was the SCAPEGOAT for the terrible play of Anthony Davis who has become terribly selfish this season.

  376. Maybe Cliff will take Lin w/him or Lin will follow, if he leaves Char. That has great potential. ( just speculating )

  377. Good point… AD played bad in that game.

  378. Lin already has two superior big men over DMO to work with:

    Kaminsky and Hansbrough.

    Both of them are physically tougher, more battlescarred, and more skilled than DMo.

  379. I like DMO too. Rox probably will keep TJ. Harden likes him.

  380. Excellent observation.

    The Clifford interview highlights 2 important facts:
    1. Coaches opinion of players are very important to shape the media’s views.
    Media will mostly follow the coaches’ perspective of players. Lin got an A+ for choosing a coach who believed his strength unlike McHale & BScott.
    2. Charlotte announcers are very fair and appreciate what JLin brings to the team.
    Of course what MJ said as an owner will influence what they say.

    I’d say so far Lin has gotten the backing from coaches & owner no matter what the motivation could be.

  381. Eric Gordon too.

    He’s been an UTTER BUST when he’s been healthy.

  382. I agree. But, for whatever reason, coach is not playing Hansbrough. And, Kaminsky is a rookie. so… coach is going to limit his minutes.
    And, I think that DMo is better than Hawes and Williams.

  383. we might have to resort to temporary bans after 3 warnings if users don’t comply.
    So far it has been good cooperation from users.

    Game time can be heated so we might have to enforce them for non-compliant posters

  384. I’m not a huge fan of dmo. I think Zeller kam hans are better

  385. Now if I could somehow TRADE people, this is what I’d do:

    Jefferson and MKG get sent to LA for Roy Hibbert and Nick Young.

    Walker gets shipped to Milwaukee for Jerryd Bayless and picks.

    1st team:
    Lin, Young, Williams, Hansbrough, Hibbert

    2nd team:
    Bayless, Lamb, Batum, Zeller, Hawes, Kaminsky.

    Kaminsky would be my big minute man of the three Charlotte bench bigs.

  386. A lot of players probably seeing dollar signs with next years jump in cap space.

  387. yes, DMo is not a creator like Kaminsky, not as athletic/better finisher as Zeller or rebounding machine like Hansbrough.

    I like DMo as Lin’s teammate but he won’t add much to the Hornets.

    If it’s Ed Davis, it’ll be totally different case. He got 12p/11r in his debut with POR

  388. IMHO, I think DMo and Kam have similar skill sets. DMo have some pretty good moves in the paint too. But, I think he is limited by the Rox system… you know just standing at the corner… watching Harden… sigh.

    Rebound wise… Hansbrough is a beast!

  389. Cliff and Lin in Brooklyn…hmm.

  390. It’s only 1 game but if there’s Stats Leader-board that coaches use to give feedback to players, it will look like this (see pic)

    – JLin is #1 in EffectiveFG%
    – Top 5 in PER, Offensive Rating, AST%

  391. @hornets 2 hours ago
    What’s up, Atlanta? Time for practice

  392. what website did you get these stats?

  393. Jones is good even if not smart. Anyway Kaminsky got more upside of them both.

  394. Agree. Kaminsky is a better 3 point shooting and a better passer. Plus, he’s smart on court.

  395. Agree again ?

    Money does to the head

  396. ICYMI These are Part 1 & 2 of Inside the Hive: “Jeremy Lin” Interview
    On this episode of “Inside the Hive” get to know Hornets guard Jeremy Lin.

    Note: Didn’t know JLin’s pre-game meal before his NJ Nets breakthrough game was JUNK FOOD (Corn Dog, Burger & Fries) to make himself relaxed (Part 2, starting at 00:35)


  397. Lin Lamb Batum Kaminsky Zeller.

    Kemba Daniels Williams Hawes Hansbrough.

    Final: Lin Walker Lamb Batum Zeller.

  398. Agree ??

  399. Part 2 Video [07:18]

    Coach Clifford: “And again, this should be an opportunity where he can prove to a lot of people …
    (To me) .. that he is a starting player or a really, really high-level backup

    JLin: “I have some experience of playing in the past for coaches who:
    – may not want me on the team OR
    – necessarily would choose to have me on the team
    .. and it makes a big difference
    Coach Clifford really wants me here

    Always great to hear it again

  400. I can count 4 coaches.

  401. ….not clear whether Clifford believes Lin can start or whether Lin is a “really, really high-level backup”.
    If Clifford actually believes Lin is only skilled to be a back-up now, I’m befuddled

  402. Clifford must realize what got in his hands.

    He must put Jeremy with starters, Batum back as SF and things will click in an instant.

    After a strong preseason MJ thinks to have a hell of a team. If Clifford doesn’t bring results sooner rather than later, considering he’s got an expiring contract, he will be fired.

  403. No Lin no win.

    If Clifford doesn’t put Jeremy with starters, like KHuang used to say years ago, he’ll become COACH KILLA again!

  404. I edited the text to reflect that he inserted his own opinion (to me)

    So I take it to mean he believes both (a starting player in some teams or a high-level backup in another)

  405. Another L

  406. Lamb return means Lin Pg

  407. Oh! Ya! That’s different in 2nd unit.

  408. No Zeller – he cannot play.

  409. No need for Ed Davis.

    Tyler Hansbrough gets those numbers when given 20 minutes a game.

  410. http://sportige.com/85892-charlotte-hornets-jeremy-lin-great-at-start-finish-although-its-not-enough/

    Good Article:

    Without Lamb, it’s weird to understand why Lin didn’t start next to Kemba Walker. He had a good first quarter in any case, but P.J. Hairston? Really?! Hairston scored just 3 points in 18 minutes with 1-of-5 from the field, and makes it so much difficult for the Hornets to play the offense they wanted to have when he’s on the floor. While Brian Roberts isn’t exactly the dream player in the backcourt, he’s better than Hairston, and Lin probably deserved more than 27 minutes.

  411. I believe in Zeller anyway. Put him next to Jeremy and will shine

  412. He’s raw but can improve

  413. In my post game comments, I was quick to mention that the reason they lost was the differential in 3s. When an opponent has a night where they make 60% and make 12 3s to your own 6/24, your team will be hard pressed to win that game.

    There was so much positive from last nights game that I can’t believe there some tiger fans who still complain and nitpick every little mistake. Sure there were nerves from all the youngsters and then affected Lin a little until the 4th when he got the interior spacing for him to shine. 17pts off bench in 27 minutes playing off ball with above average defence, I’ll take that every game. The first game of the season against a hot team, they are on the process that can allow the team do something special. It’s one game and Lin is trending upwards with the team. We should be celebrating. Smh.

    Every time I read these types of posts, I feel like slitting my wrist. It’s so depressing to read.

  414. Much tougher to monitor game time as I personally prefer watching game than monitoring what posters said when I can watch live games:-(

  415. Let’s continue to be positive, @Acbc. Let’s not commend suicidal reaction, perhaps ‘throw in a wet towel’ or ‘smell a wet dog’ would be more appropriate 🙂 There are many young ones reading these posts.

    Some people are half-glass empty or too focused on the negatives.
    We can do our part to focus on the positives & have hope.

  416. Good post. There are many Lin fans who won’t be satisfied until he is in HOF. It’s okay, just let them be and don’t let it affect you!

  417. Once I heard the Thunder announcer called Yao a Chinaman. I wrote the NBA and the announcer actually wrote back to me and apologized.

    Here was the email: “Chinaman” was the term used by colonial British men to reference a Chinese person. This slang eventually migrated towards America, which saw common usage in the 1850s. Growing weary of the influx of Chinese immigrants, European Americans posted signs along the streets that often read, “Go Home Chinaman!” etc. The simple word held so much negativity, so much hate, so much hurt. Thus, modern Chinese and Chinese Americans find this term derogatory because it harks back to the time of American naivete and British colonial rule, historical showcases of cruelty and false superiority.

  418. Injecting some humor here: Can Lin get an endorsement deal with a cotton ball manufacturer? You know, for his bloody noses? lol

  419. Sorry, I even toned it down lol to that earlier comment. I hope “banging my head” is okay.

  420. NONONONO Don’t want JLin to get bloody nose every game:-)

  421. Looks like an interesting lift with core balance involved. Like it.

  422. I think hair gel it’s more useful now… LOL!

  423. lol .. too bloody. There’s bigger market for Hair-products

    I’ll sign up to be a Lin’s marketing manager:
    1. L’Oreal shampoo = “Because Your Hair is Worth Standing Ovation”
    2. Head & Shoulders = “Dandruff Can’t Stand Hairsanity”
    3 Disneyland” = The happiest place on Earth .. for the happiest hair”


  424. yes, it’s okay.. just don’t do it literally 🙂 we still need your wisdom

  425. Why is starting the only option? I don’t get it. Why all of this emphasis on starting? There are many reasons why Lin may be better utilized NOT to start on this team. The first unit has Kemba and Batum and Al and I don’t see it as the best for Lin’s talents. He may be redundant. Lin and Kemba play together but there time is staggered and designed for Lin to be on the floor so he plays some with the first unit, usually after Zeller has been in, or he starts with Al who is in minutes replaced with Zeller. I think against tough 2 guards if you put someone in like PJ, you don’t care that much if he gets quick fouls on him rather than having a valuable player like Lin in foul trouble and having to sit on the bench (Wade, Harden, that type of player will draw fouls. Lin can also be a great injection of energy that doesn’t quite work the same if he starts and so on.,

    So there are good reasons for NOT starting Lin. As long as Lin gets around 27-30 minutes AND closes, Clifford isn’t doing something wrong if he doesn’t start Lin. He’s still being used as a starting level player and a core team member, just staggering and strategically planning when he comes in and how he’s paired with whoever is on the floor.

  426. yup, looks like one of those asymmetrical core exercises to build up core counter-rotation resistance.

    Disclaimer: I am not a trainer. I just made those terms up 😉

  427. if he gets a big endorcement and receives giant tubs of it. It would speed up his new hairstyle by hanging upside down. He can then just dunk his head in while doing some spine extensions for his back. He can just hang upside down for a bit and the gel and gravity will do the job for him. He can even Multitasking and watch some film on the iPad as well. Lol

  428. I prefer Jones to DMo for PnR.

  429. Ed davis is fantastic as a backup PF/C. Hope they get him somehow

  430. DMo is a really good post player with a decent outside shot. Kaminsky is raw, he needs to work on his game. He’s not ready yet but maybe will improve as the season goes on. Hansbrough looks like a sometimes used player on the depth chart. I don’t see where Hansbrough is more skilled than DMo. DMo has excellent post moves and a pretty good touch.

  431. Had me fooled, I was going to sign up for a class with you.

  432. To be honest, in the beginning I really hate his new hair… but now looks good to me. LOL! I saw some of TV hosts or singers from Taiwan all did the similar hair style like Lin now. Haha!

  433. I wish Lin could be paired with someone like Davis. Lin is great at lobs. There aren’t too many to receive them on the Charlotte team. Maybe Batum and even Lam later, not sure. But Ed and Lin were magic together.

  434. I don’t know why you think that but is it really in the plans for him to get 20 minutes a game? Doesn’t look like it.

  435. I was really impressed by DMo’s moves in the paint. He was just given the McHale treatment but seemed like he had solid footwork in the paint.

  436. I think he will.

  437. If Charlotte want to win games Jeremy must start. Only for that. And have ball in his hands.

    Houston had Harden who could get 20 FT thanks to refs so it was better for Jeremy playing with 2nd unit.

    This time is difference. Jeremy is the only difference maker of a very good team.

    Jeremy should start and Kemba be the Jamal Crawford type of player, a selfish crossover Swingman who bricks shots but can produce with 2nd unit.

  438. I want nothing to do with Nick Young. He’s a ball hog and a chucker. He’s one dimensional, not even a good 3 point shooter because he wants to handle the ball and chuck. He’s not a team-ball player.

  439. I go with the first one! ?

  440. They can win plenty of games with Lin not starting. As long as he is utilized correctly, they can. Al scored a lot of points for the team last night in the first half. The problem is Al’s defense. If Lin or Batum funnels a penetrator, like Dragic, there’s no Howard or Asik to help them out. Lin is not the cure-all by himself for everything on the starting lineup. And maybe his impact wouldn’t be as much as you think. When Lin started that one game in the preseason, although Kemba wasn’t playing, the team looked Al-centric still.

  441. Haha. Pics please

  442. Required for perfect floaters

  443. No Lin no win

  444. Lin gotta make youtube video
    “How to do Lin’s spikey hair style”

  445. Just saw from TV….LOL!

  446. OK I am really trying not to scream right now… uh seriously???

    The nail in the coffin for that game was (don't kill me) that AWFUL Jeremy Lin shot when it was a 5 point game. Fading away off 1 foot…— Bradford Coombs (@bradford_NBA) October 29, 2015

    @bradford_NBA if anyone on the floor last night at that point had a right to take that shot it was him. Besides AL best player last night— g (@monkeyes2) October 29, 2015

  447. no way someone tries to blame the game on jlin! no way!!

  448. At the Gala in Charlotte …

  449. Just another hater

  450. Y’ll guys are awesome to give us so much of “why” and “what” in just this pic:-) Thanks everyone!

  451. Take a deep breath… and hit UNFOLLOW. 🙂

  452. Same line-up with same approach with same minutes = similar result

  453. I read his page. He isn’t blaming the whole loss on Lin. Just saying that was a big, final play. Instead of Lin making that and being down by one possession, he missed and was down by 8 with very little time left. I agree with the guy that was a very big play. I don’t agree it was an awful shot. That was Lin’s shot and he makes it a lot, just not last night.

  454. LOL Well, just let Hornets do what they want until they fold on the result. If they want to make the playoff, sooner or later they have to make adjustments to win more games. For now I’m cool as long as JLin plays as well as he can with the time he is allowed on the floor.

  455. Lamb return means Lin DNP-CD. JK

  456. Cougars

  457. Lol

  458. I thought the last shot didn’t make it’s Batum not Lin.

  459. Kemba's shot selection didn't stand out to me last night as being awful. Rewatching it… it wasn't great.— Bradford Coombs (@bradford_NBA) October 29, 2015

  460. I think we don’t need to ask someone don’t have RT or only get 1 favor reporter or blog owner’s opinion…. just ignore it.

  461. JLin should have taken all the 3’s. Was 2/3 or 66.7%. rest were 4/21 or 19%. Batum next highest 2/6 or 33%.

  462. Nice picture of Lin and Silas …

  463. oh come on using ‘nail in the coffin’ sounds like he is laying a huge part on Jlin’s lap and that is just so wrong.

  464. Nah, just let it go….. I know it sounded bad, but….

  465. LOL. I remember a lot of shots that Batum missed. But I do remember that fade away at the corner of the key that Lin missed. If it went in the game would have been very close. Have seen him shoot from that spot a million times and totally thought it was going in.

  466. this is 3 hours after he is using ‘nail in the coffin’ for jlin’s missed shot. come on Kemba was atrocious last night…the entire game but of course use ‘nail in the coffin’ for Jlin’s one shot there at the end. just makes me livid.

  467. From today?

  468. I’s not going on the war path but This just really ticked me off.

  469. Actually not. Things were deteriorating and the last thing was so and so action. This happens to be a shot by Lin in his opinion.

  470. hot cougars!

  471. and they didn’t mentioned that Linsanity days when Lin got stomp by Miami..

  472. from the video released today parts 1 & 2 from hornets…

  473. Shots go in or not. The offense wasn’t firing on all cylinders then and Lin took a chance. Didn’t fall.

  474. I wish this site posted Lin’s misses and mistakes too. I dont knwo what shot he was talking about. When was it a 5 point game?

    Does he mean that baseline shot in Q2?

  475. people will hate on Jeremy Lin even if he is a starting all star PG. Can’t win them all

  476. The last 3 shots it’s Lin got in then Batum missed, Kemba missed.

  477. Different opponent, different matchups, different coach and schemes plus adjustments from watching the last game may lead to a different approach and result. I don’t think a coach should junk his lineup based on an opening game against a strong opponent.

  478. He didn’t really play great last night, but he played tough and made some good shots and plays while not having many turnovers somehow. I think he’ll play better tomorrow night.

  479. Finally!
    Check out @Quarterly’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/Quarterly/status/658749389549137920?s=09

  480. If Lamb back perhaps JLin can at lease play PG for the 2nd unit. That would be an improvement.

  481. That would be epic. BrookLin in Brooklyn.

  482. yeah, went back to check, Lin missed that shot with 6:16 left in the quarter, and that time it was 87-76, with 11 point down, they were dead. After that, Batum missed a 2, Kemba missed a 2, Zeller missed a jump shot, then they were still 12 pt down. After whole bunch of free throws, and they bring it to 5, Lin did not miss anything, made a 2pt, then batum missed one, Kemba missed one. really unfair to mail it down on Lin.

  483. Why bring it here ? There is no need to waste energy on low quality thoughts/comments.

  484. i have a classmate before and she doesn’t want to be called Native. She said it’s degrading. She preferred aborignal or First Nation…

  485. My point is as long as JLin did his best under the circumstances, I’m okay with the result. I don’t want and never want to be a “tiger” fan as many of his fans do; never satisfy even he did great; always nickpicking and unhappy.

    Learn from JLin – enjoy his game and not get myself into the negativism. Life is too short to stay unhappy.

  486. thanks for the info.

  487. Charlotte will probably be 1-2 after 3 games. I think Lin will do well in the next 2 games. Real well. Hardwaay Jr got shot in the leg so Bazemore or HOliday have to guard Lin else you use Dennis S who is smaller than Lin. Maybe Mack but he is too slow for Lin.

  488. to have some back up and support form the JLin family. used to get that here. guess not anymore.

  489. I care. but thanks anyway for your advice.

  490. Sorry I misunderstood it.

  491. Me likey.

  492. Sweet boy !

  493. If Lin’s miss was a nail
    in the coffin how about all the other guys who dug the grave in the
    first place? Still at least he went back to watch some tape and admit there were other contributing factors to the loss.

  494. We have more diversity of JLin fans here now: good or bad! Anyhow, thanks for doing what you are doing. Really appreciate it!

  495. 5 min Lin highlights vs Heat from christinechen60.


  496. Take a picture of your TV next time! Hehe.

  497. Rather than criticizing Lin’s shot if you want the Hornets to win one should encourage him to shoot more. He has the highest shooting TS% on the team yesterday and the entire pre-season. You don’t make the shots you don’t take.

  498. Put on some red and yellow highlights on that hair; make it look like a flaming hot rod on a drag strip, turning the next game into a track meet.

  499. Agree. Bad Perception needs to be corrected.

  500. That balloon better watch out.

  501. common play

  502. Atlanta on 2nd game of a B2B so maybe Hornets will have a better chance. Watching them play on opener as opposed to pre-season has me feeling less optimistic about the team lately.

  503. thats what im trying to say

  504. its hard for him not to root for lin

  505. he got quite a few

  506. Pop.

  507. grenn is bigger and quicker and more athletic
    Lin hesitated to shoot all game

  508. Lin does that all the time..to save the ball..not in the inbound though..

  509. I agree.

  510. Just ignore him. This guy not even get the score right. It was 11 point down as TTNN pointed out. Another hater using bogus words to exaggerate his views. To close a coffin, you need a lot of nails.

  511. Interesting, Knicks starting line up with 3 Europeans, Vujacic, Calderon and Porzingis along w/ Robin Lopez and Melo. Less ISO Melo and more ball movements.

  512. Same feeling. If they keep the same lineup the whole season and play like last night, it would be a 0.500 team, hardly making the playoff.

  513. They played well vs Bucks. But today lose to Hawks so far…. Can’t wait for tomorrow Hawks vs Hornets.

  514. It’s looks like Cody is doing very well in last game; #1 in both Offensive Rating & Rebounds; Top 5 in PER, Effective Field Goal%, and Defensive Rating; the only one did not get in is Assist which is understandable.

  515. for a second.. I was wondering where and what her hand is doing…..and then I found the wine glass.

  516. and roberts??

  517. so if you have to choose one and only one of the options below, which one wil it be?

    -lin starting … but don’t finish games 15 minutes of play
    -lin not starting … but finish games 28 minutes of play

    that should explain everything.

  518. Why are we doubting the Hornets after just One “close” game ?? Heat was Hot with their shooting – and we were not. I still think we can go for 8-2 or 7-3. It’s still a learning curve but they are more than capable now (with Lin) to win any game on any given night. Coach Cliff have to play Lin a little more than 30min.

  519. Used to read your post both on here and the other site. You have my support.
    This forum is kind of like our support group to get over the PBSMSD – Post BS Mackail Stress Disorder

  520. Good test to see where the Hornets are as a team. Seems like Clifford has golden state, spurs, and hawks as his models.

  521. JL7 have to be a little more like Steph Curry – shoot the ball every time he got it esp. on his hot shooting night. He can be like 5/7 from 3s. Teammates will not blame you – when you help the team get the W. On this Hornets team that is… But he’s like “one for all, all for one,” win as a team and lose as a team. But Batum & Walker can definitely try to feed him the ball more and ask him to shoot – that is when JL7 is in the zone – then again, that Will Be like almost every nights.

  522. All right, 20 games we shall see.

  523. Ya! ISO can’t win. Like NYK vs Bucks less Melo they won big. Today more Melo loss ….

  524. Jay highlight:

  525. Don’t really care about someone who only has 405 followers lol! I got twice as many friends as he has. LOL! he is just trying to get attention. just ignore him.

  526. He did that to inbound too, when he was in NY, and no big left to inbound the ball, he hit the back of Jeffery and then pick it up….

  527. Gosh, he is still wearing that tight with a hole near his knee…..

  528. see, it’s ok if it’s your teammate because need someone to get the ball from inbound..but if it’s the opponent it is disrepectful..but again …might be reading too much of it because there is no one around for inbounding and will get a TO if 5 seconds. so if it’s a last minute thing, I say ok.

  529. How did you ever survive rockets and laker fans… 🙂

  530. Looks like Hayden Crozier is an Australian Football League player (Fremantle Dockers). In this picture he looks to be in OKC …

  531. LOL Don’t expect he will change anytime soon:-)

  532. Thanks for the clarification. Lol haters will hate.

  533. Lol

  534. Wu Kong is one of the great Lin fans who went far beyond the call of duty to get the facts and stats out to us Lin fans. Her website did wonders to keep our sanity in tack and provided us with the amo to fight the false misinformation.

    So I’ll give her a pass on bringing this to our attention. I respect her comments so I’ll read it?

    For my own sanity I try very hard to ignore the hate. I have great respect for people that are braver and have more internal fortitude to filter the garbage for me.

  535. FYI Voting Poll for Game 2 is posted above in the article

    With JLamb back in the lineup, there should be more assists.

    16pts/6asts is a good warm-up for #Hairsanity soon!

  536. Lin’s a fashion trend setter now. Lol

  537. LoL…we always do that during our pickup games….didnt really think too much on it about disrespect

  538. 80?

  539. I was thinking similarly..but not as detail as what you described..becasue I recalled.. d-mn it..if lin made that in.. but it’s 6 something minutes so might be enough time..then when batum or kemba missed.. and I know kemba missed a 3.. I was like man if they made those and lin made his it’s tied.. so if lin missed his.. they will trail only 2 points…and still be a very tight game since clifford was calling time outs when the lead was like 10 with 1 something minutes left. Guess he was practicing?..

  540. I thought it was kemba’s 3?

  541. Looks like Lance Stephenson took Wesley Johnson’s starting spot.

  542. Hairsanity NOW!

  543. Yup. I saw Jason Kidd do that when he was at Cal.

  544. Good old Greg….its been awhile

  545. not necessarily, whats important is rotations. I’m pretty sure, the rotations will defer for this game

  546. Rondo’s done that move before as well. It’s a smart play.

  547. We can look at positivity as well

  548. In Clippers Lance got even less ball… J Smith too…?! Why Clippers don’t use them more?

  549. Nail in the coffin was when Clifford started PJ.

  550. Melo always will be Melo… 10/27?! smh!


  551. I would like both of them stay at CH 🙂

  552. at 9:30 in Q4, Lin turned down what looked like a great wide open 3 look and drove hard right into traffic and was VERY lucky one ref blew the whistle. It was an ugly play and one where he was indeed lucky the whistle blew on Josh M.

    Wonder why he didn’t shoot the 3? Also, he should have faked right and crossed left and could have been wide open for a college 3 which seems to be Lin’s best jump shot.

    Anyone notice this?

    I’d love to ask him why he turned down what looked like 5-8 wide open jumpers and 3’s in the Miami game and either drove in too deep or over dribbled.

  553. I thought Lin did that to Josh Smith once too, but I’m not sure…..

  554. i got your back. i got no prob reading stuff you post bcuz you are an original!

  555. there will always be differing opinion…that is fine….

    Most of us are fine…so go ahead @disqus_dVLDET9zJ7:disqus 🙂

  556. I really liked hearing from the Assistant GM, Chad Buchanan during the “Inside the Hive” feature. Between Clifford, Silas and Buchanan, Lin has a lot of legit support in Charlotte. I just don’t know if MJ or (oddly enough) Cho will be on board.

  557. He had his chance to go to Chicago in 2014 and passed it up for greed.

    He probably thought he could always force a trade if he was unhappy. But Chicago has no use for him anymore with Butler’s emergence and Pau’s “renaissance.” And Miami has no room in the lineup or cap room for him now that they paid Bosh and Dragic and have to pay Whiteside.

  558. If MJ didn’t support Lin they would not make this video bc it shows in their official tweet account.


  559. taking it to the rim and drawing fouls stops the clock. and puts u in the bonus earlier.
    so i shrug at him passing up the 3 to drive. its not a bad choice.
    what annoyed me was when he passed up the 3 to take a fadeway midrange jumper.

  560. I’m talking legit, strong support. Not just general approval. The three guys I mentioned seem extremely excited about Lin whereas MJ and Cho seem more like Morey and Kupchak.

  561. No one is as poker robot as Kupchak.

  562. He has the demeanor of a serial killer.

  563. This is from top to FO… did you hear Hornets commentators last night…? Can’t believe how nice when they talked about Lin’s game…. Also only Lin has his own highlights in their official tweet account.

  564. that would be awesome if he got to play that role in a LA TV series. would be hilarious.

  565. He can keep driving better players out of New York, so that he is always the best local player.

  566. that entire video production really indicated to me that they are considering lin as a long term piece. u dont do that for a one-year rental.

  567. I think they seem him as a long-term super 6th man like Jamal Crawford. Their games are different obviously, but I just men in terms of playing 28-30mpg and scoring 16-18ppg.

  568. Yes. Hornets commentators are mouthpieces of the top brains in the organization. I just hope they stop the experiment of playing Batum at 2 ASAP and start Lin at 2, let Linsanity 2.0 sweep the whole league.

  569. yes, that sounds right, especially with cliff’s comment about ‘high level backup’

  570. Cho flew all the way to Palo Alto for the contract signing…

  571. I like that he specifically mentioned “starting level” though. If he keeps beasting throughout the season, I think Charlotte is going to have some tough decisions to make.

    Personally, I’m 99.9% sure Batum will leave after the season and then CHA will decide whether they want a Kemba/Lin backcourt going forward. The game is changing and I think it can work.

  572. I don’t think so…. if they want to keep Lin w only 6th man that’s impossible to let him stay here…. We will see next summer. In fact, I am not sure he will stay….

  573. Ya! Just like in Rox, bc Morey has the power that’s why that three evil guys did everything they could to trash Lin… ONLY in ROX. smh!

  574. I mean, private luxury jet cross-country isn’t a huge inconvenience. When Lin signed with Houston, Sam Hinkie kept the pen as a sentimental souvenir because he was so excited.

  575. so far, what has batum done well in? 3 pt shooting? no. playmaking? no. defense? not consistently.

    hes been the name most cited name in their off season moves, but im not seeing a proportionate impact from him.

  576. His ego is so huge yet so fragile.

  577. Ya! 3P, playmaking, D…? None of them are good. But he seems to be nice & easy to get along teammates. LOL!

  578. This is Lin “Trying to Create” for his teammates so that his teammates gets going. this is a good strategy when you are down 20. because you need momentum. thats how I see it.

  579. Why would a GM do that for a $4M contract? Cho wanted to ensure Lin signing because Jeremy had other offers from other teams.

  580. I think the FO/coach are just as surprised as us on the Kemba/Lin backcourt. Their original plan was to play Lin from the bench and Batum at 2, neither was in their full strength. If they continue to let Lin play his game, Lin could become an all star.

  581. Jeremy is the only player who has shown consistency. The rest have been consistently inconsistent.

  582. Like Jeremy said, this team is full of “high character” guys 🙂

  583. Exactly. 🙂

  584. For discussion purpose/theoretical speculation: IF Batum resigns w/them as a 2, and KW is MJ draft pick representing his own Air Jordan brand, do you think MJ would want his ‘pick’ to be a backup of Lin or the other way around? 1 and 2 starting positions are occupied with that lineup. Ask yourself where would Lin be? Of course, people’s heart can change and anything is possible if they’re willing to change up the starting line up…move Batum to 3, then maybe Lin at 2 or MJ agrees to move KB to the bench…??? And anything can happen during the season, we’ll wait and see…

  585. Why no 17pts and 7 assists in the poll?

  586. NBA is business. Almost every player is an asset to the team. So Kemba is removable if MJ see Lin has more value than him on & off court. The question is ” will Lin want to stay….? “

  587. Exactly, I had post this speculation the other day. Yes, I added the caviar is that people’s heart can change and unforeseen circumstances can make them change, but for now, that’s what we see happening.

  588. *Dancing*. I’m so happy after watching this. Hope Rising!

  589. Yes, people’s heart can change and unforeseen circumstances can make them change their priority. One of the causes for change can be mounting losses, health reasons, money, status, etc. God knows. You name it, anything is possible. But for now we can only use intelligent logic to judge the current situation. BTW, MKG is also MJ’s draft pick.

  590. you can always use “other” to add options

  591. So far everything seems to be positive, except not putting Lin in starter 2.

    You know, it was soooo good when you heard both home & away team feed praising Lin from time to time.

  592. was not creating there

  593. I don’t think he’s going to average many assists as 6th man. Charlotte simply doesn’t have the scorers to finish Lin’s passes.

    On the bright side, he gets real plays run for him so he can average 16-18ppg. And for better or worse, that’s what people pay attention to. It’s much better for Lin’s career to average 17/4 than 14/7

  594. His numbers would improve playing alongside Lin, but I think he’s on the decline. He’s been playing big minutes since he was 19, so he’s like 32 in “NBA Years” even though he’s technically only 28.

    Lin is the opposite. He hasn’t played that much since New York, so his prime is just beginning. Nash and Billups are also known for their longevity and they both got late starts in their careers…didn’t prove themselves as starters until their late 20s.

  595. ok thanks

  596. hope coach will change line up and Lin be PG

  597. Inside the Hive | Jeremy Lin is the best and most insightful Lin interview I have ever seen, with excellent write-up and narration!

  598. NO JLin but JH. Really funny!

  599. lol, the double dribble was the funniest!

  600. I like those 2 owners, passionate for their team, sense of humor.

  601. Hornets need Lin to start with Kemba.


  602. He was creating… usually these cases either he kicks out to an open shooter or takes the shot himself… in this case he arm was pulled down causing the foul.

  603. WOW! What a significant stat!

  604. I think both of them will seriously cringe when they see the lower part of that uniform…

  605. I rewatched again, and what i saw when the time Jeremy was ready to shoot, McRoberts right foot was already 2m from Lin. I think in split second, he could not estimate the distance correctly and perceived too risky to shoot over 7ft center.

  606. Sure hope you’re right

  607. Yeah I remember one of the commentators describing Lin’s preseason as “sensational”! Almost fell out my chair lol

  608. Tough to pick who I dislike more… Melo, Kobe or harden….

  609. This hater clearly illustrates to us how difficult it is to be Jeremy Lin. By all we’ve seen or heard of Lin, he’s the most considerate and genuine guy there is. We get upset for him, but he actually has to live with it 24/7. So here’s a situation where he should’ve probably taken the shot and should have taken a few of the other attempts by Batum and Walker just as the blogger that responded to the hater said. Lin was the Hottest player but I’m sure somewhere in th back of his mind he’s thinking maybe I should try to help the other guys first. No one else has to think that way but Lin has to BECAUSE OF HATERS just like this guy.

    But what gets me even more upset is when Lin’s own fans keep hounding him to be this or that. THEY DONT HAVE TO LIVE WITH THE CONSEQUENCES. Some where in the middle of the night Lin is chewing himself out for taking that shot and missing it, ON TOP OF THAT ANGUISH, his own fans get on his case as well.

    Bball isn’t about one error or bad shot. It’s about the give and take of scoring and defending. Fans that focus on single events miss the process and development of a winning run. Even though Miami shot 60% or 12/20 3s, it means that they’ve missed 8 of them. Should anyone be fixated on each and every missed shot? Nooooo! The game isn’t won or lost on one shot, it’s won or lost on the accumulative series of events that leads up to that 60%. You’ll find that the greatest coaches are the ones who understands that it’s not the misses that kill you, it’s that if you’ve missed a shot, did it pave the way for the team to take advantage of that miss, are you able to use that miss to your advantage later? Can you use it to misdirect your opponent into false confidence? Great coaches accept and expect opponents to make you miss shots more than half the time. The reason they are great is that they don’t just throw those points away, they use that fixed variable and percentage and probe the enemies strengths and weaknesses. Nowhere is this more evident than in pitching a baseball. The great pitchers uses the full count to set up a strike out by deliberately throwing balls missing the plate.

  610. Ahh right thanks for the explanation~ I just think it would be a good idea for her to ignore the haters… 1) it’s mentally taxing to argue with them 2) it’s futile…Not as if they’re going to change their minds even when presented with facts.
    Just chill and enjoy the season. I’m optimistic this time 🙂

  611. Just as we all predicted. These facts and stats should open more than a few people’s eyes, including Lin fans who were quick to dismiss Walker even before the preseason. I had defended the fact that Walker had such bad numbers in the last 2 seasons because teams were loading up on him. They are clearly very happy to work together AND SHARE THE BALL. how rare is that. Lol

  612. Your Vulkan mind mind-meld trick forced me to vote hairsanity, lol

  613. Yep, Lin is consistently consistent.

  614. Whenever I hear his name and remember his “third time a charm” BS, I want to upchuck.

  615. No one disputes that Walker needs Lin. Don’t agree on Lin needing Walker, tho. Also, Lin is/has always been willing to work w/anyone. The question was/still is how willing is Walker willing to ‘share’ w/Lin. 1 game does not make an iso player into a team player…we’ll see.

  616. LLAP

  617. Dirty minds think alike! lol

  618. Walker is not like Harden, Carmelo, Kobe. He’s a much better teammate.

  619. Absolutely! The Miami announcers even compared Lin to Nash on one play.
    The Charlotte announcers gave Lin the Man of the Match award!

  620. In the Miami game when JLin was alone on the floor they load up on him. You need at least 2 threats on the floor to keep the opposing team defense spread out. Coach Clifford has got to know this. Both JLin and Walker will be better when both are on the floor together.

  621. All right, 82.

  622. This off topic a bit:

    I recently joined a fantasy league…do you guys think it would be wise to pick Lin for tonight’s game against a good defending team like the Hawks?….Lin price tag is 4k which is about below average price among PG….

    My worry is Lin doesn’t shoot enough and these fantasy leagues doesn’t take into account missed field goal…So basically, a guy like Kobe can shoot 26 time and make 7 baskets, but he will gain more points than Lin who shot 10 time but only made 5 of them..

    Which other Hornet do you think may have a good night..I was thinking that maybe Batum will have a bounce back game and score 20?

  623. I had a website for several years that did nothing but generate and post articles and facts about JLin as a counter to the lies and hate. That was my response to the Rockets and LA. I do not hide from that lies and hate. I do not seek it out and I generally do not get snarky with my responses I simply tried to counter the ignorance in hopes that spreading the truth about JLin would win over a few lurkers in social media. I do think I had success.

    I was a large part of the Jerseygate rally as well as a large part of getting Clutch at Clutchfans in pretty deep trouble for allowing and participating in the Adidas shoes on the line/bound shoe postings. I do not simply ignore ignorance and hate I do my best to set things right in a respectful and logical way. Yes sometimes things need to just be ignored but a lot of times you need to do something.

    And for this particular incident I am not going ‘nuclear’ on the twitter guy but @#$% of all the people to blame the MIA game on JLin should not come up in the conversation much less be considered the nail in the coffin or turning point.

  624. it is not about changing the minds of the actual poster of the ignorance but to post respectful facts so that the lurkers see a counter point.

  625. jinx

  626. When Kemba don’t have Lin, he had Batum on the floor with him…….

  627. I see, that’s a good point. If you’re just posting the facts respectfully for the lurkers, then I think that’s a great idea and a lot more productive than trying to argue with trolls (which I now realise you weren’t trying to do). But hey, you seemed pretty riled up earlier by his comment… And guess my point was… there’s no need to be ~

  628. There is another way to see the game. I think coach Clifford should be the one responsible for the loss. The Hornets selected Kaminsky with its 9th choice and the Heat selected Winslow with the 10th.

    Winslow checked in with 5:50 minutes left in the first quarter. He seemed to do well. Kaminsky only checked at the 2nd quarter after Winslow had played for almost eight minutes.

    The team started to struggle when coach Clifford inserted Kaminsky in the 2nd Qtr. with 10:12 left.
    Then the momentum was swung to the other side for good in the rest of the first half. Note, it was even worse when Clifford yanked Kaminsky from the lineup because Winslow simply took off. Would it be better if Clifford left Kaminsky in the game, I don’t know. But when Clifford pulled Kaminsky out, the team simply deflated immediately.

    From what I see it, it was a duel between Kaminsky and Winslow to see who would help the team more in 2nd half. The team knew it but coach Clifford was simply not aware of it. The Hornets was helping Kaminsky though he was struggling. However when coach Clifford removed Kaminsky, the team suddenly collapsed and at the worst lost by 20 points.

    The bleeding only stopped when Batum checked in again at the 4th Qtr with 9:41 left for Hawes, score was 63:83 and
    the Hornets started a come back with Roberts-Lin-Batum-MW-Zeller then Walker-Lin-Batum-MW-Zeller (their strongest lineups).

    My point is coach Clifford should let Kaminsky come in earlier around the same time that Winslow checked in. He shouldn’t pull Kaminsky out and should let Kaminsky play through. That deflated the whole team. This is a very close team with players bonded together tightly. I hope Coach Clifford learnt from this lesson would never make the same mistake against the Heat again.

  629. That’s exactly what the Hornets’ upper ranks thought (Batum SG), and we saw how well that turned out… *roll eyes*

  630. there is a reason to be ‘riled’ up if I feel that the original posting to me was a flat out lie about the facts of the game. What is it with the dismissive attitude on here lately. There is a lot of telling other people how to feel or act a lot of trying to control others and tell them the right or correct way to be a fan. ugh not meaning to jump on you but just in general why is there this push to control/ dismiss people??

  631. and Batum was not a threat. maybe he can be at some point but in that game he was a lame duck

  632. why?

  633. batum is overated he is a stand in the corner guy……. perimeter def and not a 1 on 1 def

  634. somehow he always does. He will need some dominant player to attract attention too. Neither Batum nor Kemba could lead a team by themselves

  635. I think if Clifford continues to let lin play his game and they go deep into the playoffs,lin will stay. For lin it us not about the money,but the camaraderie of the players and the coaching staff. I personally think if lin is treated well with this team, he will stay.

  636. One thing that strikes me is how he handled all that pressure and didn’t cave in. Not once I saw him picking up his dribbled and got trapped. Excellent stuff!. It is a good sign of his on-court maturity. I feel this season is a good one for him to continue to grow as a player. The Hornets is a perfect team for him. I believe that’s the reason why he chose Charlotte by taking less but with a escape clause should better opportunities come knocking.

    I disagree with the “unfair refs” part because there is no concrete evidence that the refs have an agenda against Lin. The way he play defense, he tend to over help and encounters mismatches which led to unnecessary fouls. I feel he has to improve in that department. Just pick his battle and not try to win the war by himself.

  637. Kemba walker will probably score bc he chucks it up there a lot

  638. If all goes well, the ones who may be on the block could be Kemba and Al. They may be the odd ones out if the Hornets move in the direction which I think they may move. I guess we will know as the season progress.

    Like you said, the tricky part is how to sign Batum and/or Lin.

  639. I think it is great that lin is showing this organization that he is even better than they thought he was. Also I am glad Clifford put it out there that lin is becoming an all around complete player. We fans have known this for a longtime. That’s why I am not worried about lin playing SG because he is just upping his game. We fans and Clifford knows that he has phenomenal PG skills, but he needed help in developing his shooting game. I think that was the plan from day 1, lin coming to this team. Lin has proven that he is a very versatile player. I think the organization counted on batum to do that, but that has not been the case thus far. Also I like the commentators comments about lin being very “like nash” in his ball handling skills.

  640. Ya! During vs Heat, their commentators said so… Like it too.

  641. Have you noticed that the hornets and other news media in charlotte seems to only run lin headlines?

  642. Well I’m new here… So guess I’m fitting right in with my dismissive attitude? Lol. Hey whatever I said… Just my opinion… Ignore me like I would that Twitter troll 😉

  643. Harvard Athletics ‏@harvardcrimson 1h1 hour ago

    Harvard Athletics Retweeted Charlotte Hornets

    Great profile on @hoopsatharvard great, @JLin7 #BuzzCity

    “My teammates are some of my closest friends today.”

  644. We could argue how best to use Lin but I think it is apparent that Clifford believes in Lin. Big improvement from the last 3 years.

  645. All hail Psalm234!

  646. Ya! Keeps promoting Lin.

  647. Walker helps Lin. How hard do we want Lin to work every night? There are 81 more games to go. Consensus so far is Lin/walker/batum are a real threat. Put in Hawes to stretch the floor and Hansbrough to rebound the ball and we have a lethal, experienced lineup.

  648. totally agree on Lin/Batum/Walker as core threat… the other two… depends on what you want to do… having a post up guy in Jefferson is really interesting addition to that mix… Zeller, Hawes Kaminsky Hansborough all have something interesting and could change up the style of play…depending on match ups. we need Roberts and Lamb to be healthy and working well together from the bench….

  649. The problem is Batum

  650. I’m one of the fans who is STILL not convinced.

    The numbers don’t lie, Kemba Walker produces only when Jeremy Lin is on the court protecting him.

    But the team still stinks with a Walker Lin backcourt. And it’s not Lin that’s doing the stinking.

  651. Batum will not be that threat.

    He’s too unskilled to produce, even with Lin protecting him.

    Batum has lost the youthful athleticism that made him Lebron Lite in Portland. That’s why the Blazers ditched him.

  652. Agree.

    It wasn’t as if the Charlotte veteran big men were producing anyway.

    Besides, Psycho T is beating up those guys in practices. We can see it in their lack of production during games.

  653. First of all, Lin’s not truly a PG.

    If you get him for assists, you’ll be disappointed because he’s not a passer on this Charlotte team.

    Get Lin as a low cost shooting guard. He’ll put up good shots in the minutes he plays, and very efficiently too.

  654. But Walker is NO THREAT.

    Opponents encourage him to shoot.

  655. Because unless Hansbrough and Kaminsky and Lamb are playing, Charlotte’s players cannot even convert enough baskets for Lin to get 7 assists!

  656. For the amount of money Batum is being paid, he’s been a MAJOR LEAGUE BUST.

    Lin should be making the money Batum is making and Batum should be making the money Lin is making.

  657. No way, not after 5 seasons of rock steady consistency.

  658. No, Lin had NO OFFERS from other teams.

    Any formal contract offered to Lin would have been reported in the media. That is the way the NBA works.

    There is an ongoing trollfight between me and Lin haters on the other forum. They’re trying to convince us that Lin had multiple expensive formal contract offers and Lin turned them all down just to sign with the Asian GM in Cho. Never mind that Lin himself said that he only received one offer.

  659. I think so too.

  660. Uhh, it’s because Miami’s stiff defense is enough to keep any player second guessing.

    You shouldn’t be angry that Lin didn’t put up more than 17 points in 27 minutes.

  661. Just got chance to watch Lin interview…well made….

  662. The problem is not just Batum.

    It’s out of shape old broken down Jefferson, unathletic brick handed Kemba Walker, unspectacular and limited Marvin Williams playing out of position at the 4, and PJ Hairston just being PJ Hairston.

    It’s also Cody Zeller having no skills, Spencer Hawes being soft, and Brian Roberts being as unathletic and brickhanded as Walker is.

    Then it’s the DNP situation of Lamb being injured, Kaminsky not getting a chance, and Hansbrough being DNP CD and predictably taking out his frustrations on his own teammates by beating them into the ground so badly they cannot perform in games.

  663. Yep, it is, very honest and insightful about his NBA journey

  664. noticed it too. i keep hearing who the face or faces of the franchise is, but from the media you would think it was Jlin. Great for Jlin though.

  665. I think the problem is trying to fit square pegs into round holes. So many people playing out of their natural position. Lin seems to be the only player that has adjusted.

  666. Is that why they are ranked near the bottom?

  667. I don’t know if management made any attempt to sign Ed Davis as a free agent, but
    if they didn’t it was a huge oversight. They knew Al Jefferson doesn’t fit the system and should have traded him for a backup center. Would the Hornets have gotten “fair value” in return? No, but you have to look at the overall fit of your personnel and what you’re trying to accomplish. I believe Al becomes a free agent next year so maybe teams didn’t want to lose him after one year. But if Charlotte had asked for just a serviceable backup center, that could have enticed other teams to trade for Al. Sometimes receiving less is more. Unfortunately, sports executives don’t take chances because of the backlash they would hear from fans and “experts”.

    I’m a bit torn on Kemba. I like Kemba and he appears to be a good teammate and gets along with Lin, but I think Lin at PG makes the overall team better. Kemba is just not as good as Jeremy (shooting % supports this). Now I know it’s not all about scoring at the PG position (tell that to Steph Curry – he’s in a league of his own right now), but Jeremy has that special court vision that Kemba doesn’t have. What would Jeremy’s stats look like he shot 15x a game and played 32+ mins at PG like Kemba? Jeremy looks to get everyone involved. JEREMY CAN SIMPLY CREATE MORE HAVOC FOR OPPOSING TEAMS AT PG THAN AT SG. I would like to see Charlotte trade Kemba next year for a PnR and rim-protecting center (assuming Charlotte doesn’t re-sign Al). Then let Brian Roberts be the backup PG. If Batum has a good year at SG then try to re-sign him (he has a 1-yr player option like Jeremy). Otherwise roll the dice with Lamb as the starting SG next year. I really, really believe the KEY is having Jeremy run the PG position. For ANY team.

  668. Ed Davis STINKS compared to Kaminsky and Hansbrough.

  669. See Joyce Ward’s post below.

  670. Thanks KHaung for the shoutout, you’re the best, always 100%:)

  671. Amazing insight.

    The problem is that Clifford is using the “eye test” to plug players into their roles instead of going by their actual skillsets.

    For example, Clifford has it in his mind that Hansbrough is too soft and unathletic to produce in games. Never mind that he’s played like the 2nd coming of Moses Malone and has vastly outplayed everyone but Lin. If it were just production, Hansbrough would be starting.

    This PJ Hairston experiment is a colossal disaster. I’d accuse Clifford of deliberately trying to nuke his starters if I though he was trying to let them hang themselves so that Lin could be promoted to the starting lineup without a team mutiny…

  672. It’s not me.

    It’s your EXPERT INSIGHT.

    I am the spectator here, not the producer like you!

  673. The last paragraph makes a lot sense.

  674. So let’s reshuffle the positions.

    This is how I’d do it if chemistry IS an issue:

    Starters (only Walker and Batum might get up to about 25 mpg, rest of em get well under that)
    Walker, Daniels (gets yanked out of the game VERY early, like after 3-6 minutes, Batum, Zeller, Jefferson.

    Bench (would all play 25 mpg minimum for me)
    Lin, Lamb, Williams, Hansbrough, Kaminsky.

    Odd men out:
    Roberts, Hairston, Hawes.

  675. only 3d guy

  676. I think Davis has reached his potential, whereas Kaminsky/Hasbrough potential is unlimited. The thing that set these bigs apart from other bigs in the league is their athleticism and high basketball IQ.

  677. I’m speaking from a Lin-centered point of view. We knew that the Hornets already had a starting PG (Kemba) who averages 35 MPG. In order to get decent playing time Lin would have to play a lot of SG. What we didn’t know is that the Hornets also have a starting SG: Batum. With Lin backing up starting PG and SGs who play heavy minutes, Lin can only be used sparingly.

    Of course Big Al is also a problem but the Hornets seem more willing to marginalize him. Not yet ready to take away his starter position , but they did bench him all of the 4Q despite him hitting all his shots.

  678. that’s cool

  679. 🙂 You are very knowledgeable about bball and way more insight than I do.

  680. Oh, I KNEW that Batum would be the starting SG in name.

    But in function, Batum has strictly been a SF.

    I would not call 27 minutes for Lin “sparing”.

    Besides, reducing Batum’s minutes would not create more minutes for Lin.

    To get Lin more minutes, reduce Marvin William’s minutes as an overmatched power forward to create more minutes for Lin.

    That sounds strange, but it’s true.

  681. I do not feel that way, and neither should you.

  682. 🙂

  683. Lin was taken out of the 2nd because the sg went off. If that player didn’t go off i think lin would of finish the second. i think he is suppose to get 30 MPG

  684. All they had to do really, was to keep Bismack Biyombo…Ed Davis is better, but Biyombo is also a high energy type of player who do the dirty work well, but more importantly, is a solid rim protector…Bismack is better at protecting the rim than Ed Davis.

    Charlotte management did an horrible job not getting these type of players in, specially when they knew how horrible Al Jefferson is when it come to help defense…You need big men that will not be afraid to be dunked on and challenge guards who are driving in the lane….Al is simply too afraid to put his face in there….They really need to trade him and get big men that can contest dunks and lay-ups.

  685. I have been writing that Tyler Hansbrough has been playing at a Charles Barkley level.

    However, Barkley never defended as effectively as Hansbrough currently is.

    A better comparison for Hansbrough would be deceased Hall of Famer Moses Malone who is only 1 inch taller and 10 lbs heavier than Hansbrough. So essentially Malone and Hansbrough are the same size and build.

    Certainly in game impact, Moses Malone in his MVP prime would not have outperformed Hansbrough in the extremely limited role Hansbrough had this preseason. It’s not humanly possible for anybody to play better than Hansbrough did in Hansbrough’s difficult situation.

  686. NOOOOOOO.

    Bismack Biyombo is a brick handed clueless SCRUB who has no basketball instincts on either end of the court.

    He was a scrub for the last few seasons in Charlotte. Not even Jeremy Lin could protect him, he’s so bad.

  687. If Lin continues to play only 27 minutes or less instead of 32, his stats will be depressed and the Hornets will lose to all but the weakest teams. Batum playing at SG instead of SF (name is all that matters, there is no other SG on the court with him) and Big Al playing will also doom the Hornets.

  688. I rewatched the game to confirm my suspicion when the game’s momentum changed. Like you said, when Kaminsky and Winslow came in. K is now Hornets’ favorite. (W was cut by Hornets according to Heat announcer.) IMO, the adjustment of personnel was slow to stop the bleeding, but one of the negatives was the game plan to have heavy isos in the post first, not allowing everyone to get into rhythm and involved early. Only Al (one person) was able to get going. The game flow was slow and out of sink, not like in preseason.

  689. Deleted for personal insult

  690. stop it.. it is not.. I suspect its al..
    just take a look at how the team operates last game near the finish.. it seemed more oil system as oppose to first unit and when lin was in with 2nd since he was dribbling way way too much.. I know he might be trying to steer defense towards him and he di..but his teammates was not open for him to pass it to when he does that.. ususally it should be 1 open at least.

  691. You must be either Hanbrough himself typing this or a family member…I’m sure this guy is an okay NBA player, but you speak as if he’s the best power forward in the league.

  692. He is too tall and too slow to guard a sg. In Portland he never guarded Harden, Mathew was

  693. I’ll sorta respond to it anyway.

    I feel that Kaminsky will really show that he’s an EXCELLENT player once he adjusts to not being the lead man on his team.

    At Wisconsin, Kaminsky was the sole focus of the offense. That’s no longer true in the NBA.

    Kaminsky is learning how to play his star game while also being part of a team. That’s what he’s struggling with, not his skillset.

    Hansbrough, on the other hand, has played BETTER than Ed Davis has. Given Hansbrough and Davis’s histories, that’s hardly surprising and totally predictable.

    golfhacker, I respect your position that Davis seems like a good fit. But I think that he’s not necessary when you have Kaminsky and Hansbrough being more talented.

  694. I think we are all disappointed with the way the first game went. But I’m afraid nothing will improve until Batum moves back to SF and lets Lin play more SG.

  695. Seriously, have you read some of things this guy says? I’ll clean up and repost then.

  696. If he got more that zero minutes, maybe we would be able to judge. Kaminsky should also get at least 10 minutes a game. Anything that reduces Al’s minutes!

  697. What, you got a problem with me?

    That’s OK – most NBA observers do.

    And now I’m curious to see what things you violently disagree with me on.

    Anyway, I see your point.

    I think Ed Davis would be a decent fit on this Charlotte team, but I also don’t think he’d put up Lakers production because Charlotte is actually less talented than Lin’s Lakers were last season and Davis would actually be defended.

  698. I don’t see the same chemistry with Lin from either of those 2 players. From game 1 the chemistry Lin and Ed had was apparent and all through the pre-season. It carried on in the regular season when incompetent coach BS allowed them to play together.

  699. Opponents DO NOT FEAR Lin’s Charlotte teammates.

    The only guys that actually get guarded on Charlotte are Lin, Lamb, Hansbrough, Kaminsky, and occasionally Jefferson.

  700. I want those!

  701. Can’t stop laughing reading this. I don’t know who Moses is. Tyler is getting 0 minutes now. Do you really have to give him high praise. Oh well, typical Khuang. Still love reading your posts.

  702. Oh?

    Tell me, what could ANY player have done to IMPROVE the production that Hansbrough put out this preseason in very limited minutes and touches?

  703. I would never call 17 pts “depressed stats”, though it even might be true in Lin’s case.

  704. Kemba seems to know this. I really liked Kemba when he picked up the dropped all from Lin and passed it right back to Lin. And Lin w/court vision passed right to Batum whose feet have already been set to shoot a 3. Batum’s shots have been off all night, but that was one of the open 3s that Batum made in late game from Lin’s pass.

  705. Seriously, what are the things I say that you take so much offense to?

    I might even AGREE with you!

  706. but for now with the personnel they have JLin needs walker on the floor. walker’s stats are vastly improved when they are both on the floor and THAT helps JLin too.

  707. It’s nothing personal. I just find it hard to anoint a player’s NBA worthiness based on college performance and/or potential. Need to see the guys in action and not just in garbage time.

  708. Well, do you think that a preseason LOW in 9 rebounds is a bad thing, Hope?

    Explain why Hansbrough AVERAGING 10 rebounds in 20 mpg is a bad thing.

    Since you think Hansbrough stinks, what players around the NBA are averaging more stats than Hansbrough in the low preseason minutes that Hansbrough is playing?

    And is there any player who compiles Hansbrough’s stats while being regularly DNP CD’d?

  709. Wish we could see some practice scrimmages of Hansbrough “beating them into the ground” lol

  710. The SG went off AFTER Lin was taken out, not before

  711. “depressed” as in “reduced” from his potential

  712. Are either one of them PnR players? I think with Lin, Davis is one of the best big men he played with. He was great with Chandler, good with Asik, but best with Ed. I don’t really know what Hasbrough brings, I’ve not seen him much. Kaminsky looks like a 3 point shooter. Of all the big men on Charlotte, the buzz seems to be Lin works best with Zeller.

  713. Kaminsky is a better shooter and Hansbrough is a better rebounder BUT neither is a better screen for Jeremy and the ability to finish above the rim. However, talking Davis is just useless.

  714. Well then I’ll get “nothing personal” with you then.

    Since you have never watched Tyler Hansbrough play, I completely understand that you are totally clueless about his history.

    But the difference between you and me is that I WATCHED Hansbrough DOMINATE in the NBA a few season ago before Lin even made the NBA.

    See, I was a Pacers fan when Roy Hibbert was freshly drafted and I was getting flamed for predicting him as a “future All Star” (he became just that).

    I was so excited that the Pacers drafted Hansbrough. But then then refused to play him until his 2nd year.

    For a 30 game stretch when Hansbrough was starter, it was HANSBROUGHSANITY. He did things like put up 23 points in beating Tim Duncan’s championship Spurs in their prime, repeated double doubles against this Charlotte team, 20+ points against Noah and Derrick Rose of the playoff Bulls, and singlehandedly propel the downtrodden Pacers into the playoffs.

    I SAW IT HAPPEN. You did not. That’s why you think I’m utterly insane.

  715. He still has to foul less, develop more of a mid-range shot, hopefully improve his foul shooting. His skills are specific but Davis is young. He’s a nice player.

  716. My two cent: When MKG(which btw, i think most of his praise is hype) got injured, it changed the charlotte scheme set. Players got shifted around to their perceived strengths. They didn’t want to shift batum to SF which is his natural position, to reserve that spot for MKG. So batum had to learn SG role, which he has never been that great of a shooter, so you insert PJ Hairston into MKG spot as a place holder.I think batum showed great promise in training camp because the situations were set up for him to succeed but we will have to see how they translate onto the court in real life games.Not throwing any shade on batum because I believe he is one of the best in his natural position. Lin has really blown Charlotte’s FO and Clifford mind on how good he really is. They expected lin just to lead the bench, but lin has shown them that I can play at a high level whether it the bench or a starter. Clifford is at a crossroad now. He hopes the 1st unit will become better

  717. Not really, he went off after Lin went out. I think Lin seemed out of rhythm so Clifford gave him a breather.

  718. If losing keeps occurring, that will and must happen.

  719. Finishing over the rim is OVERRATED.

    Off a pick and roll, the big man has to do more than just roll. He has to be able to make decisions independently, and that’s what Davis LACKED THE TALENT to do.

    Kaminsky and Hansbrough have a HISTORY of making intelligent decisions off the pick and roll. Besides, anybody who’s watched Hansbrough plays knows that he finished above the rim too.

  720. Both Kaminsky and Hansbrough are ELITE pick and roll players who have not yet gotten the chance to show that.

    Actually Hansbrough already did in Indiana years ago, and he VASTLY OUTPERFORMED Ed Davis with Lin even though Hansbrough had no point guard.

  721. Kaminsky and Hansbrough have’t even played enough with Lin on the court to show their stuff.

    The one game they did, they WHOOPED this same Miami team.

  722. KHuang, perhaps find us a highlight youtube of him playing so well and post it here. You have your players you regard highly, it’s interesting. I agree with some of what you say and not other things like AD is a lazy player or bad defensively although he hasn’t played well so far this season. I think AD is going to be a top 5 player in the NBA going forward.

  723. I hope you’re right. The sooner the better!

  724. Pre-season and without Whiteside.

  725. Hanbrough clogs the middle because he’s not an outside threat like Hawes and he doesn’t give you much else on the offensive end of the court.

    And from my understanding, he’s not a rim protector…Maybe he could grab you 4-6 rebound in 15 minute..possible.

  726. Kaminsky and Hans are low success percentage pnr player. They screen then always move back for open mid range shot. Davis can finish in paint better than those guys. His PnR mostly ended above the rim.

  727. Anthony Davis is a “superstar”.

    He’s got superstar syndrome now. He’s focused strictly on his numbers, and it’s KILLING the Pelicans.

    Do not forget that New Orleans was one of THE WORST defensive teams in the NBA last season. And that was with not just Davis but Omer Asik who singlehandedly carried the Pelicans defensively last year.

    Davis will get high block totals, yes. But he doesn’t read the court or close out on people or body defenders. That’s why NOP will CONTINUE to be a bad defensive team and may actually GET WORSE this year.

  728. “I’d accuse Clifford of deliberately trying to nuke his starters if I though he was trying to let them hang themselves so that Lin could be promoted to the starting lineup without a team mutiny…”
    That thought does occur…. adjustments need to be made soon. There’s a lot of talk of patience, but season goes pretty fast. If the last game was more competitive, I’d be at peace, but the game was a good beat-down despite Lin’s efforts. An overhaul, not minor adjustments, is needed.

  729. Game 2!! is 8 hours away! excited!

  730. Having Whiteside wouldn’t have mattered against Kaminsky and Hansbrough.

    Whiteside would’ve been BENCHED because he’d have to come out to the 3 point line to guard Kaminsky. And switching Whiteside to Hansbrough wouldn’t have worked because Hansbrough not only an score inside against 7 footers but can also put the ball on the floor and shoot from outside.

    Whiteside doesn’t have the scoring skills inside to have punished Kaminsky and especially not Hansbrough who led the team in defensive rating.

  731. Al > Jordan Hill, debatable
    Hansbrough > Sacre
    Marvin/Zeller > Boozer/Ryan Kelly
    Swaggy > Hairston
    Kemba > Price/Clarkson
    Kobe – trash.

  732. I get that about Ed and Lin, but I think the reason Ed and lin clicked was because of lin

  733. Hansbrough has been in the league 6 years. He has enough chances.

  734. He also has a good touch around the rim and good footwork. Go back and watch Davis and Lin PnR. Davis and Lin’s chemistry was great. Davis had some holes in his game, but he is a strong PnR player and especially good with Lin.

  735. Disagree with points 1 and 3 and 4, not with the others.

    I’d rather have Carlos Boozer on this team than Ed Davis or any big man not named Kaminsky or Hansbrough.

  736. He’s a young player. He’s gifted. He looks like a special player and not only to me. We’ll have to disagree on that. He’s making mistakes and has a lot to improve on, but he’s special.

  737. Hornets need to wear high socks…….per Krover…..for their 3P %age.

  738. Absolutely, Phil Jackson is a great coach but he always hire his people working for him. Lin is a great talent pg but he can’t do it alone or anyone.

  739. You talk as if Kaminsky is a great 3 point shooter. He showed he has the ability in summer league but during pre-season his 3 pt% was 18.2%. Let’s just be honest with outselves here except for maybe one or two games, Charlotte’s bigs aren’t exactly great 3 point shooters – maybe wanna be 3 point shooters..

  740. I hope I am wrong. We want them to win games.

  741. Ed Davis has been great. We can tell Lin likes him the most. We can clearly notice that Ed Davis is able to know what Lin sets up for him better than any other big.

  742. Before we be honest, what do you think the %age the bigs should shoot at? just curious

  743. In the NBA, one can be “special” and NOT WIN.

    Davis came into college without fundamentals. 3 years later, he has shown absolutely no improvement in being a team player. He’s not going to suddenly turn into a team player either.

  744. Oh, just wait.

    Anytime this season, Kaminsky will get accustomed to not being the sole offensive threat on his team.

    When he does, he’ll start hitting 3s like crazy.

  745. I think at least over 30% to be even dangerous. here are the preseason stats – bare in mind that preseason has less defense
    Kaminsky – 18.2%
    Hawes – 30%
    Marvin – was zero out of five in regular season game but 33% in preseason.

  746. I think he needs a year or two to adjust his stroke to the NBA level. Just my opinion.

  747. Hansbrough and Kaminsky are still adjusting to Lin.

    They have not played much with Lin.

  748. NO.

    Hansbrough had ONE chance in his 2nd year of Indiana, and he BEASTED in it.

    Since then, it’s been all unfair benchings behind nonproducing players.

  749. Where did I mention Kaminsky or Hansbrough? The point I was making was to replace Al with Ed. Plus, Davis is a different type of player than Kaminsky anyway. Davis is not going to stretch the defense. He’s strictly PnR and rim protection – things Al is not. Your man-crush on Kaminsky is laughable. He’s played ONE NBA game. Get back to me after the season. Hansbrough is a career bench player. He’s not bad. If you want to say he never was given a chance to start, that’s another issue in its entirety.

  750. They have a long way to go if they had it. Ed and Lin were natural since their first game.

  751. Melo is an example. They can only be properly used when they are not the focus of the team and have to do the dirty work to help the team.

  752. No means not enough chances for you to see, coaches have seen enough. Don’t guess me wrong, I like him too but he’s just not comparable to Davis PnR. I would use him more at defense, rebound and screening.

  753. I personally think KH is not wrong…..:P

  754. We can post on here all day long on how well lin played with Davis, but the reality is that Davis is not on the team. So you have to go with what you have: Hawes, Hansbrough, Kamisky, and as well as Zeller for that matter. I think organization looking at future , tag, kamisky you are it.

  755. Well said. I can’t help thinking that Hansbrough is getting the TMo treatment, to showcase a trade bait.

  756. Exactly.

  757. Most people here dwell on the past and only see that.. so you can’t blame them.. some still talk about the entire linsanity team should be together ( not going to happen ). The fact is lin can play with anyone of those people mention which in my opinion is better than davis..its just that they are not used to lin’s out of the blue passes suddenly or out of position. Once they have that down, most will forget about Davis.

  758. I’m not familiar w/Hansbrough, so I can’t dispute or agree w/your assessment, but I’m curious as to why you think Cliff hasn’t included him in the lineup. According to your view, he should be part of at least the 2nd unit. Just curious why we haven’t seen much of him yet.

  759. I think SF is reserved for MKG, so if Batum wants to stay for the long term he needs to play SG. That’s why Hornets are sacrificing the whole team to train him as a SG. Hope this experiment won’t last too long or they will lose him and Lin next season and the also playoff opportunity.

  760. Off topic…watch Funcky Lia Kim choreography

  761. Nice!

  762. True, but we all have to move on at some point.

  763. hahaha.. some people here are annoyed with others.
    just like how ‘guest’ gets annoyed by my posts and want to instigate which he knows he will lose because he is a faker. I don’t reply sht on his posts because I take the hi road.

  764. Exactly. The very first game Lin went to Ed repeatedly. The FIRST game. Yes, Lin now has who he has and none of them are as in tuned to Lin as Ed was. In fact, no one on the team has the chemistry Lin had with Ed. Not yet anyway.

  765. From what Lin and Ed have said, it was mutual. They are both PnR guys. Ronnie Price actually did OK assiting Ed but it wasn’t the same as with Lin. And Prince isn’t very good.

  766. Ty lawson should come off the bench… they need a playmaker in the 2nd unit. =P

  767. Still looking for the highlights, KHuang. And the stats if you can provide it. We aren’t convinced. But you can help your argument if we had something you can provide. I’d LOVE if Hansbrough was HALF of what you said he is. But we don’t have a thing to go on really. I never noticed him really at Indiana.

  768. LOL…..

  769. Tonight is a good test. Atlanta has some players and seems to be well coached. Let’s see how competitive they are tonight and then on Sunday.

  770. Hawks’ beat writer from the Atlanta Journal Constitution …

  771. But it was more directed at morey and mchale… it just confirmed their hypocrisy and agenda..and might also something to do with players. Hornet had different agenda but doesn’t seem like it’s completely against lin according to the excellent analysis of lintel.

  772. Good news for Hornets.

  773. Life is short… have fun! Love this guy’s humor and lighthearted take on life. don’t take yourself too seriously!

    Yes. Just yes. https://t.co/CHZzvmHQtF— Frank Kaminsky III (@FSKPart3) October 30, 2015

  774. Whoa, he payed like 35+ minutes in the first game and had terrible fg%

  775. The biggest test is to see how much Clifford lets Lin play through mistakes. I think Lin has improved but will revert sometimes and that’s where Clifford has to show he believes in him and not lose patience with him like BS and Kobe and the rest. MJ has high standards so Lin has to be careful, I think MJ is the type to lose patience with players that revert and underperform to their capabilities. Lin had a mixture of good Lin and bad Lin in the season opener where he has been mostly improved, great Lin in the preseason. I like what Clifford has said so far but Lin also has to perform in a controlled manner without losing his aggressiveness. This will be tested as some of the top defenders will be put on him through the course of the year. Tonight I expect Sefolosha on Lin if he gets it going. Guys with size plus athleticism can throw Lin off in the past and the biggest test is to see if he handles that pressure by not trying to force things.

  776. I think Rox will move him to bench soon.

  777. They seems……..depressing…LOL

  778. I don’t find Kaminsky and Winslow in comparable situations. First of all I think Winslow has a swagger about him that Kaminsky does not have yet and he has obvious athleticism and defensive abilities. Then, Winslow is surrounded by strong players. Kaminsky on Miami is different than Kaminsky on Charlotte. I’m not sure how good Clifford will be at breaking Kaminsky into the NBA game, we’ll see. But Winslow looks more ready for it than Frank does.

  779. Low key. Note the pass from Lin at the end of the vid.

  780. Good for Hornets

  781. Lin’s passing in the shootaround, lol.

  782. Yes Sir

  783. Aiye Sire

  784. “this guy”? You don’t know Napoleon? He’s training to become a cage fighter.

  785. Thank me later, KHuang. 🙂


  786. LMAO

  787. Lol! Been waiting for this

  788. LOL

  789. Lol! Here’s a little of Frank’s dancing skills for laughs … Frank himself isn’t too bad but needs a little more practice to catch up to the flippin whip guy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gr9AU3vJn0

  790. where is the “The White”…long time no see…hope things are all well with you…welcome back

  791. May the odds be ever in your favor, Hornets! 😉

  792. All I know about Korver is that he wears high knee socks and told Jeremy to ditch the headband. lol.

  793. And no headband…

  794. NO Sir….preserving energy for tonite’s game

  795. no complains there

  796. dont forget…And being a modern Guard….

  797. What I saw in this first game that players deviated from the script in preseason for whatever reason and lin went into trying to over compensate for mistakes players were making. I don’t think he went back to bad habits. I saw a very frustrated lin at times but never the falling back into bad habits mode. Lin is far away from that LBJ mode to save games, bu i do think he has LBJ potential.

  798. Yes, Ty took tooooo many shots, McHale needs to win.

  799. and start PBev? lol

  800. Agree, I hope today’s game finish with 18/4.

  801. nope, there was no formal offer…its was all talk and no actions…you are right

    The only action came from CH…when Lin talked to CoachC and MD’Antoni, he was convinced, thats the place he want to be…atleast for now…

  802. hey…thats not fair…

  803. up to the knee maybe…like rugby?!!! 😉

  804. Absolutely, the other players deviated from script but I think Miami’s defense had a lot to do with it. I also think Miami goes out of its way to try to neutralize Lin and they weren’t successful. Lin ended up with good stats and getting to the line. The areas I think he reverted was passing up open shots, driving into traffic and over dribbling. He loss the ball a few times but got it back or it went to a Charlotte team member. Still, he probably played best of all the team members last game.

  805. Thanks Mak! Everything’s fine. Just focusing on the job they pay me for 😉 “The White” died because he made a prediction that didn’t come to pass. I figure I still have two lives left in me. I can still be reincarnated as “The Black” and then “The Pitch-black” before I’m dead forever, never to be seen or heard from again 🙂

  806. Thank you president Snow.

  807. 6 hours now 😀

  808. That’s why I said he went into survival mode when people didn’t follow script. we all do that, and I say again over compensating because we have no other history to pull from. I think we are in in agreement on what we saw, but from different perspective and it’all good:)

  809. please fix the link. Thanks.

  810. “I think SF is reserved for MKG”

    That’s true, but there are 2 major problems with that idea:

    1) If Hornets want to keep both Batum and MKG in the starting lineup, it is so much better to move MKG to PF than to move Batum to SG. Better to go smaller than to go bigger.

    2) MKG will be out until the playoffs. Using Hairston to “hold MKG’s place” is crazy. Hornets need to win now by playing the best starting lineup they have available. Lin’s current situation on the Hornets is much better than it was on the Lakers because Hornets are not marginalizing him or actively tanking, but they are not trying their best to win either.

    Both 1 and 2 prevent Lin from being in the starting lineup and getting more minutes at SG.

  811. PsychoT…

  812. Yep!

  813. I’m ready to make a bold prediction regarding the Lakers’ season. If a miracle occurs and Kobe experiences a “rebirth” that allows him to play throughout the season, I expect the Lakers to go 0-82.

    If in the more likely case, Kobe succumbs to the deleterious effects of aging, mileage and injuries, and shuts it down by Thanksgiving, I can see this young Lakers team putting up a more respectable 2-80. In other words I agree with Kobe: “Lakers are going to shock da world!”

  814. I would like the team to trade Joakim Noah for Al Jefferson.

  815. Ha Ha. It is almost impossible to go 82-0. It is also a miracle to have 0-82.

    However, with Kobe, we BELIEVE! Ha Ha

  816. they need to suck in order for them to get the pick…….I think their pick is own by other team…..they can only get the pick if they are 2nd or 3rd bottom team………. google for the detail and right explanation

  817. problem is bulls are fast face offense so they will reject AL

  818. His game is super ugly but he is effective. He can still do this and he is annoying to play inside. The team needs a guy like this for at least 10-15 minutes off the bench. He is the only real bruiser and pest on the team. Every good team needs one.

    Could you imagine him and Joakim Noah playing 4 and 5? It would be so much energy with Lin running in circles around their screening.

  819. They can use Al off the bench so his super post up game

  820. some team will want Al’s expiring contract in 3 months. Can the Hornets wait that long though?

  821. FAST PACE is what HOIBERG want

  822. STINKS is harsh. We’ve seen only so many games with Lin/kaminsky/hansbrough together vs the history of Lin/Davis. So far LED has shown more. Furthermore I can’t think of a cool nickname for Lin/Kaminksy/Hansbrough. They sound like an awkward law firm.

  823. they might if they dont win after 5-10 games.

  824. i fixed it …refresh page

  825. there is a strong chance they can get Ed. Cho has that connection to Portland. And MJ loves Tarheels. Check those boxes.

    Not this year, but it could happen if Lin sticks around and establishes himself.

  826. theres 1 guy and team that are willing to trade for him and this team want to shred their tax the problem is the trade is only allowed in dec……………..I am not advocating this but its the only available big BARGNIANI……..what do you think better defender than AL

  827. Al is here to stay, stop talking about thing that won’t change

  828. money dont work. I think Andrea is on a low contract.

  829. Hoiberg is a liar. Go read espn news.

  830. add some players

  831. Jeremy Lin will have a good statistical night tonight. Atlanta doesn’t have the horses to slow him down like Miami. I hope he watched game 1 on video and realizes he needs to settle down, trust his jumpshot, and do what he does best.

    Would not bet money on this game. It’s too up in the air and either team can win.

    Still not sure what Clifford/front office is really trying to do but we’ll know in about 10 games in.

  832. Even though ATL is a playoff team, I’m not too worried about them. If Clifford just uses the right combo of players and subs in the right guys and empowers Lin at starting PG, these would be 2 really easy wins.

    But since Lin is backup SG, it’ll be a toss up. I think CTL takes 1 of 2 though 2 of 2 is possible. I think Lin gets great stats both games. 17/5/5 is possible or better. Only way he gets less is in a blowout so he doesn’t have to play much.

  833. Lin obviously knows what the Hornets’ problem is. He probably tried to lobby Clifford to move Batum back to SF but failed (hence the Biblical tweet.) Perhaps this annoyed Batum and that’s why he doesn’t seem too willing to pass to a wide open Lin.

  834. the competition is really between Lin and Kemba but they seem to like each other. And Kemba has EVERY reason to want Lin start at the 2 rather than gun for his own job.

  835. And so why is Lin not starting at the 2?

  836. I don’t think so. I didn’t find Batum reluctant to pass to anyone in particular.

  837. Coach’s decision.

  838. Are you joking?

  839. The way I saw it, Batum often overlooked an open Lin.

  840. Coach looks at a lot of factors and decided that Lin isn’t part of the starting 5. This may change or not. That’s nothing against Lin. If fans think that a coach that has backed Lin up and said he’s starting level material decides not to start him that it means there’s some friction somewhere, I think it is just not accepting the coach’s decision on how to use a key member of his team. He doesn’t want to start Lin right now. That’s all there is to it as far as I see.

  841. Are you okay? Or your account got broke in?

    Does not sounds like Jeremiah I used to though, that’s ton of imagination out of nowhere though.

  842. Lin overlooks guys on the perimeter for guys in the paint a lot. It happens in basketball. I don’t see where there is anything at all between Batum and Lin. Sorry.

  843. Batum will be the last guy who reluctant to pass to Lin. That’s not his playing style.

  844. You don’t need to be sorry. You’re a very fine fellow and I’m very fond of you but believe it or not, you’re not the only person I post for 🙂

  845. Somehow I don’t think Clifford will have right combo or subs rotation this early in the season. I don’t see him give up AI and Kemba this quick, he will still try, multiple times……

    I hope he could get one w out of these two games, but I just could not see he get two wins there. However, sitting AI in the 4th quarter is a good sign that he is aware of the problem.

  846. Well you sound like the same TTNN that I’m used to. Time will tell if I’m right or wrong. But I’m pretty sure that the Hornets will struggle until Batum goes back to SF (and the Al problem is solved.)

  847. We just disagree. No problem. You may be right and me blind. I’m just saying what I saw and also I think it’s really early. I’m not in the Lin should start camp. He played his worse preseason minutes as a starter and I think it was because he was trying to play Alfense. I like how he’s used now because I put much more weight on the fact that he’s a finisher on the squad. He’s going to finish games.

  848. Guys… is there a trick to watching the nba.com Lin video interviews? They run the commercial at the head and sometimes 30 or 40 seconds of video (sometimes not even) and then go to black. Click the pause button, the video play arrow, clear cache, restart computer. Same thing – nada. Anybody else having this issue?

  849. Ai problem need to be solved, and Batum might works better as SF, but that has nothing to do with Lin talk to coach about it and Batum got annoyed stuff. Let’s seperate those first.


  850. I agree that the second part is somewhat speculative but that’s what makes this board fun. It’s not wildly speculative. Many have commented on Batum’s lack of passing to Lin.

  851. thanks.

  852. Love it. Coach gets it.

  853. After last game I think taking 1 of 2 would be good for the team and if they could beat Chicago then they could be 2-2. A record of 2-2 for a new team just put together against playoff team sounds good. If they go 1-3, things are still okay. They go 0-4, I could see a lot of panic and noise starting.

  854. Hornets want to prove that Batum can play as a 2 guard as they had long
    planned when hiring him, since the starting 2 guard is the only open
    spot for him. They will stick to it for a few more games and then
    everybody will know that was a wishful thinking from the beginning. Then
    they will make some changes, I hope.

  855. I don’t think this board had the reputation of having fun with wild speculation though. That’s usually how Lin fans got “crazy” label. And I though most people here enjoy more realistic discussion and I’d consider people raise their sincere concern, not something just out of blue.

  856. I’m fine with LIn not starting or not playing the point. He gets 28 minutes or more, I’m happy. 27 was fine in the last game. If he isn’t playing the point, he’s still a pick and roll player. As long as he is involved in the offense and it isn’t all on one side, then I’m fine. And as long as he finishes games. I’m fine. I respect what this coach is trying to do and how he talks about players. No one is always going to agree with a coach. I’d love to see more Kaminsky and Psycho T, but Coach doesn’t see it that way. He’s high on Lin and Batum, he likes both players. And that means Lin gets important minutes and is a crucial member of the squad.

    Now, just hope Lin stays healthy and gets a special chemistry with one or more players. And keeps his hair in Hairsanity mode.

  857. Lamb is back so back to back up PG

  858. Interesting how he mentioned Nash and the suns. So Clifford thinks running the offense through Nash gave everyone on the Suns career years. Too bad his team doesn’t have a player like Nash.

  859. Not sure. He should be back by Coach was asked about him and apparently he went with the trainer after shootaround. It may be nothing. I hope he plays tonight.

  860. Lin.

  861. new Game 2 vs ATL game thread is open


    Game #2 is about to start vs Atlanta Hawks

    Coach Clifford is still testing the ineffective Hairston at SF starting lineup.

    1. Will the Hornets (or Al) play better defense that allowed so many inside penetration and easy points by the Heat?
    2. Will they allow another hot 3PT shooting as 60% by the Heat?
    3. With Jeremy Lamb coming back, will it help to create better spacing that Jeremy can run better PnR? They need the 3PT threat desperately since they only made 6 treys last game by Lin/Batum (2 each), Kemba/Hairston (1 each)
    Hawes and Frank will also need to make some 3s

    Let’s hope/pray/wish/support JLin to stay healthy and have fun to play his aggressive game whenever he steps on the court

    Let’s go, HairSanity!

  862. I don’t know the answer to 1). But it seems Hornets are determined to test the idea of playing Batum at 2, which means this is their original plan.

  863. I agree that wild speculation would not be very welcome, but that’s not what I posted. You can choose to refute or ignore posts you don’t agree with. I don’t think the mods can or should even try to enforce a “party view.” But here are some posts by others regarding Batum:

    “I just hope Batum’s chemistry with Lin gets better cause every time he gets the ball it’s like Lin is the 3rd option for Nic Batum to pass to.

    Lin is obviously one of the top shooters on the team making 50%+ FG every game. And Lin likes to pass the ball. It’s not like if Batum passed the ball to Lin he won’t get it back.

    Steve C LinMad • an hour ago

    I think a lot of us think so too when Lin passes the ball to Batum, the ball doesn’t reciprocate back to Lin. Maybe it is a chemistry issue because Lin isn’t exactly on the first team. Not to make excuses, but an open man is an open man, if this keeps up then it is the Batum’s fault for not recognizing the game or the coaching staff isn’t doing their job to inform the player that an open shot beats a contested shot everytime.1

    LinMad Steve C • an hour ago

    Not just him passing the ball to Batum and not getting it back but sometimes when Lin is open, Batum is not looking for Lin at all. Only in the 4th qtr when Kemba started passing to Lin is when I saw great ball movement. Pretty much Kemba passed it to Lin, Lin passed it to Batum and Batum hit that 3.

    Steve C LinMad • 44 minutes ago

    I stated earlier in another post that it is good to see Kimba looking out for Lin to share the duty of running the offense. Let’s hope Batum realizes that Lin is a team guy and if he passes to Lin, the ball will come back.”

  864. ok thx for info

  865. I’m raising the possibility that it’s Batum’s demand. Because it’s a dumb idea.

  866. I think coach said he went through training yesterday and shoot around today, so coach think he should be ready to go, but coach had not talk to him yet.

  867. AFL uniform shorts look like NBA shorts from the 60s/70s

  868. so LinMad Steve C = Steve C LinMad, right? So that’s pretty much only one person stating that?

    But, I’m okay with that, that’s what he see in the game, (though I did not saw that or feel that way), but I’m fine with that.

    From that, to Lin talk to coach and get Batum annoyed is a big jump and I’m not really a big fan of this kind of jump.

  869. that sucks.

  870. true i agree

  871. “Seriously, have you read some of things this guy says?”

    Yes, I read virtually every post on this forum. Outlandish statements are allowed, but personal insults or any other forum rule violations are automatic delete.

    “I’ll clean up and repost then.”

    Thank you. Your repost is good, debate the point without personal insult.

  872. Okay, I’ll ban myself from watching tonight’s game.

  873. No LinMad and Steve C are 2 different posters having a conversation. I edited out the white space and it got concatenated like that. Maybe you didn’t notice that Batum was not passing to Lin but I will keep an eye out for that tonight. Lin clearly wants to start and Batum starting at the 2 is preventing that. Lin’s Biblical tweets tend to coincide with big disappointments for him. I’m just putting it out there. But don’t worry, I’m not one to keep harping on the same point or even saying I told you so. I almost never repeat myself.

  874. How fast is your connection? If your streaming from a free public wifi it may be the problem. Its worthwhile view.

  875. Can’t watch it on my phone, but I can on my laptop and desktop. Don’t know why. The play/pause button doesn’t even show on my phone, just a blank screen after the NBA commercial.

  876. it doesn’t work on my chrome desktop..

  877. The way this guy talks is very humble..

  878. I’m on my iMac at home…should be plenty of bandwidth. Oh well…:)

  879. Walker definately need Lin to draw people away from him. Lin doesn’t need Walker nearly as much as Walker or the rest of the team need Lin. It’s crazy how much teams load up on him.

    My point really is that Walker was the focus of all defences in the last two years and his numbers show it. Some people argue that it’s because he can’t shoot at all. I’m just saying that he can shoot, he just needs the time to do it well.

  880. It’s very well made almost like a documentary, and Lin looked so natural and sincere in his interview.

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