G1 CHA @MIA Game Thread

Game Time is here.

Will the Hornets surprise the NBA to beat the Heat at their own home court?
Will they continue to play unselfish team-ball down the stretch?

Let’s hope/pray/wish/support JLin to stay healthy and have fun to play his aggressive game whenever he steps on the court

Let’s go, HairSanity!

Game link

  • http://goatd.net/Β 



      Well then you best be prepared for some Lin-san-i-tee! HaHa-HaHaHa

      Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO! Go JLin, go JLin, GO GO!!!

    2. Beers are nice and cold.

    3. lol .. been wondering where you are
      welcome back. Ready for the season, I see πŸ™‚

    4. Wow! Nice.

    5. We still don’t know for sure whether Zeller starting or coming off bench?


    6. Not what I want to see but it’s what it’s. GO JLin!!!!

    7. Who do they have that’s worth anything? They trading Kobe to the NYK? Doubt they trade Clarkson, Russel or Randle. Maybe Swaggy


    8. Good thing is Zeller & Hawes with JLin off the bench.

    9. Bench for sure as Hornets PR just released the starters list!!

    10. Thanks psalm! I’ve been a good boy working hard at my day job AND avoiding excessive exposure to the PTSD if only to keep my own symptoms in check. Apparently the P in PTSD stands for preseason πŸ™‚

    11. Man, I finally know how to review my old threat and just reviewed it and saw someone (mod) removed one of my comments 6 days ago. The comment was so bland, and yet it got ‘removed’? Why? I think this is not right. I always try to be respectful and polite…

    12. LETS GO!!!!!!!!

    13. LOL JLin and the bench “kill” Heats bench and starters:-)

    14. If he’s not first he wouldn’t post.

    15. Morning everyone!!! So excited! Let’s go Jeremy!!

    16. It may be a mistake, but if not, over reaction isn’t uncommon.

    17. I hope so. Don’t like thought police. Thanks.

    18. Lin’s regular season starting in about an hour!

    19. I only found 1 normal post yesterday in Pending that I just approved.
      Sometimes Disqus automated filter can do weird things

    20. thanks.

    21. Getting very excited! Can’t wait:-)

    22. Yes very early morning to you!! Ya! Finally the season is here:-)

    23. As Psalm explained, Disqus is doing its things sometimes. Even my own post sometimes went to moderate. Not much I can do at all:-(

    24. Charlotte HornetsVerified account
      Off the bus and into the arena. It’s GO time! #CHAvsMIA

    25. You are really quick in moving things from Twitter. Good on you:-)

    26. Two computer monitors (actually three) πŸ™‚

    27. thanks.

    28. #Ricksanity lol

    29. Rick BonnellVerified account
      And so it begins in Miami….

    30. Why would a previously posted comment go into moderation? I may have mistaken heart’s post, but I thought the the reference was a comment that was removed, not a new comment that was never posted.

    31. you cheated. you did Ctrl+C and then Ctrl+V…

    32. Your writing is clearer.

    33. Question is from how deep a hole left by the starters will they have to dig out of.


    34. Depends on how far Clifford lets the hole form if it happens.

    35. I did not! I wrote a small script in Python to print that!

      (Just kidding. But I didn’t use the Ctrl key, I used the mouse’s right click button :))

    36. Rick BonnellVerified account
      Clifford said best thing about @hornets so far is the second unit’s play. The Lin-Lamb-Zeller-Hawes group clicked in preseason.

    37. Around the 2 min 20 second mark Clifford is speaking in a very complimentary fashion about one of the Hornets. It’s hard to hear the question but I think he’s talking about Lin … . Says he can be a “complete” player …

    38. Coach Clifford said Kemba/Lin will play a lot tonight [mark 1:45]

      He also sang high praises on JLin to be a complete player, bright, improved a lot defensively already, and played at a high level already in preseason


    39. Hey Rick, can you do a test for me? Post a comment called “test”, then delete it yourself.

    40. Best 2nd unit still 2nd unit and can’t make starters

    41. He needs Lin…. Hornets wants to win the key person it’s Lin.


    43. Which post was it? I looked in your Deleted posts and saw 2 deleted posts. Both did not have content that was worthy to be deleted. So it was most likely a mistake by mods.

      Our apologies, we do not do “thought police”. All we enforce are the forum rules of being respectful and not insulting/name calling, which you have never done. If you tell me the post, I will undelete it.

      FYI, the most common issue that people see is Disqus’ automoderation, which automatically puts posts into “pending/automoderated” mode until a mod approves it. It is based on unknown formula that tries to detect spam or other keywords. You would see a message like “Message is awaiting moderation”. (That wasn’t the case here, but just informing you for future).

    44. LOL, are you still talking basketball? =p

    45. Great!

    46. Major…maybe in the number of players being traded?

    47. My feeling is he intends on playing Lin a lot of minutes and is pleased with him. He also may use Lin is many different line-ups. I think we got hung up on the LIn can start at 2 now that MKG is down and that disappointment has some of us feeling like, oh here we go again. But it just doesn’t feel like that, at least right now, to me.

    48. reminder that http://nba.com/leaguepass has free trial through Nov 3, so you can catch first 3 hornets games on LP

    49. Hehh, hopefully he doesn’t drop like nine 3’s like he did against Philly.. might have to call off work tomorrow lol

    50. Ooo. Thanks

    51. Thanks for the info and explanation. I’m a beginner at postings. I now saw two removed: one post removed 6 days during last game of preseason and one 12 days one was about an article not mentioning Lin. As long as I know there’s freedom of thought and exchange on this forum I’m fine w/it now. Maybe it’s Disqus error. Thanks again.

    52. yes, he’s been consistent with his praises, lots of PT and freedom that he gave Lin.

      A Win on the road would create such excitement for the Hornets, especially with a lot of dose of Hairsanity in the 4th quarter!

    53. Yes, want Hairsanity in the 4th!

    54. Go Hornets! Go Lin!

    55. I’m looking forward to reading live updates since I can’t watch the game ?. Thanks mates! ?

    56. Go Lin!!!
      Game day finally!

    57. I undeleted your 2 posts, hopefully I got the ones you mentioned.

    58. Thanks much. I’ll check later after the game.

    59. why

    60. it’s annoying the League Pass won’t let you choose the game until it starts. It would nice to be select a game and just show a logo or slideshow and auto start when the game starts.


    61. Probably stuck at work like me… down side of being in the west coast πŸ™

    62. Is that a serious question? Haha. Um I want to know how Jeremy is playing?

    63. I know, some commercial wouldn’t hurt them too,

    64. Psalmsanity.

    65. I hope you can watch the game… you provide great live updates πŸ™‚

    66. I am sad to inform you that the chips are no more.

    67. Let’s go! Hairsanity!

    68. Forget the chips, where are my fries?

    69. Yes please, I want a frame by frame real time analysis. Thanks in advance.

    70. I’ll be at work for most of the game but I’ve got this site and NBA tv companion on the phone updating every few minutes. It’s the next best thing!

    71. ah, finally, Hornets game active on LP

    72. Yay! So many of us are counting on you πŸ˜›

    73. i watching on ballstreams. charlotte feed.

    74. not sure how much of the game I will be able to watch live. hopefully there will be many others to give play by play!

    75. nice tribute to Flip Saunders

    76. easy solution submit resignation

    77. im tempted to watch on miami feed tho. i like their annoncers.

    78. there’s gonna be a lot of post for Big AL.

    79. Big Al likes to comment in forums too? LOL

    80. Yes. I’ll just get money from the money tree. lol.

    81. Blue has to make a living to pay for all the fries.

    82. yo zxcvb, where u at?

    83. let’s go JLin….

    84. League pass isn’t working for me πŸ™

    85. LOL. Hope he doesn’t post here…

    86. Me and my roommates are holding them hostage.

    87. charlotte feed has been praising al jefferson nonstop as the star of the team and best player.

    88. send me a pic or video with the fries holding up today’s newspaper. Proof of life (spud)?

    89. Sweet, I’ll keep my eyes on the tv companion too ?

    90. i am not sure why it shows on iphone , but not on pc.

    91. They try to trade him.

    92. reporter saying starting *guard* PJ Hairston.

    93. yeah this announcing crew looks really bad even from beginning hehehe

    94. Cancelled my subscription, happiest day of my life til now. ( I need a feed from somewhere…ar)

    95. I was just wondering if she knows something we don’t, or she just got it wrong

    96. really? because of region?

    97. uh….no comment

    98. It just says technical difficulties. I’m watching on a free stream.

    99. it does not work on my pc, but show on pc. not sure why

    100. I’m in NY.

    101. Have no choice but watch Miami feed. Going to be interesting to listen to their announcers:-)

    102. lol

    103. doh, that sucks. working on my PC just fine.

    104. earlier i saw a charlotte tv anchor who kept smiling stupidly. its awkward. women on sports tv they are torn between acting ‘girly’ and acting like one of the guys. they end up smiling a lot for no reason. cuz if they dont, ppl think they look b***chy. but it just looks so awkward seeing her smiling so big for no reason.

    105. well, you’ll be able to tell us how the Miami announcers are

    106. i am in NY too.

    107. hopefully it’ll work the next game.

    108. Signed up for the League Pass free trial. Go Jlin!

    109. official lineup:
      huh, they listed both Hairston and Batum as SF!

    110. trying to confuse Miami, I see =p

    111. Maybe. Most of time I turn off my ears if they go overboard:-)

    112. maybe typo by the videos graphics guy on Batum?

    113. Who will shoot if they don’t have a shooting guard? lol.

    114. hairston guarding wade

    115. Kinda sad it came to this. Hopefully, Charlotte announcers are nothing like the previous ones.

    116. miami toasted cha for easy layup

    117. hairston fouling wade

    118. matchups:
      kemba on dragic

      batum on deng
      hairston on wade
      williams on bosh
      al on whiteside

    119. dragic slice the defense untouched for easy layup

    120. dragic another slicing through defense for layup.

    121. so much for the Hornets defensive lineup

    122. Shooting Center.

    123. Hornets plays so so…?! What’s wrong?

    124. Hornets looking awful

    125. this looks like GSW vs Lakers. guess which team is which.

    126. no lin in starting line up thats why…

    127. What Happen?

    128. Miami getting extremely easy buckets

    129. GSW on the Bench, Lakers starters?

    130. Time for the second unit yet?

    131. Jeremy didn’t start… thats what happened…

    132. I know where is D? PJ? In fact, everyone?

    133. haha yes …

    134. Too much Jefferson

    135. Al shot blocked by Wade!

    136. Nope, Cliff has to let the starters dig a bigger hole. smh

    137. Look at Heat’s coach smile face… smh!

    138. whiteside trying iso post up… fail LOL

    139. All the ball for AL?

    140. Rookie?

    141. Offence for Charlotte just Batum and Al. Not good enough.

    142. 1q900 no shot attempts for hairston yet, I’m impressed

    143. williams cold from 3pt. already missed 3

    144. Al showing the youngster how the game is played!

    145. only 2 pt margin lol… tied

    146. AL shooting the 2 at 50% is ok but they need some 3’s soon.

    147. hairston just standing in the corner. not involved in the offense at all

    148. big Al doing work..

    149. And1 for Jefferson. At least he is shooting well.

    150. his defense is bad too

    151. And0

    152. miami bad turnovers

    153. Great D too

    154. Batum & Kemba are no show so far? I think they really try to trade Al…

    155. I hope Al is not another Kobe Bryant!

    156. Team responded well after Clifford’s TO.

    157. announcer said ‘its predicated because..’ instead of ‘predicated on…’ , which means ‘because.’ poor english.

    158. Al is doing fine so far

    159. Nah, Kobe is one of a kind.

    160. No, he’s a post-up center and not a guard trying to do everything.

    161. Al has 8 pts out of 10. 10 vs 8 @7:34 left in 1st qtr.

    162. Live updates on the announcers… thanks! lol.

    163. hahaha

    164. This is a good game to go to Al cause Whiteside cannot handle him without help.

    165. maybe it was a silent “on”

    166. no, its someone trying to sound smart and failing badly at big words

    167. Haslem in for Whiteside

    168. Announcer said that Clifford said that he wants Hairston to guard the opponents best player. o.O

    169. AL post up!

    170. wade got bailout call but hairston kept moving into him. so fair call.

    171. Early season line up testing for Clifford?Or digging a deep hole for Jer to rescue later?

    172. >_<

    173. 1q640 kemba very nice drive and ast

    174. At least the Coach has a good sense of humor.

    175. wade is such a whiner

    176. i’m actually impressed with hairston not forcing anything on offense

    177. Zeller in for Williams

    178. 1q545 zeller in for marv

    179. that euro step that dragic did on kemba was actually pretty nice. like 5 min ago.

    180. That was a nice defensive play by Hair

    181. Any sign of Jeremy coming in?

    182. I have no short term memory = =.

    183. Hairston is being a good role player. Honestly.

    184. put Lin in with Zeller please

    185. 1q530 wade scored, but not on hairston. got a switch on Al

    186. Al Jefferson doing well this game.

    187. All Jeff killing the Heat “bigs”

    188. Lin in! q1 503

    189. Lin is in

    190. Tears would flow if they heard that πŸ˜›

    191. refs not being homers towards heat. good sign.

    192. GO LIN!

    193. announcers said Lin was sensational in preseason

    194. YES

    195. Lin guarding Green

    196. My feed froze the second Lin was in.

    197. Lin in attack mode, draws foul already!

    198. Gotta make those shots bro!

    199. Muhahahaha…

    200. great bk from kb

    201. Good Job Al, Lin +2

    202. Bandwidth spiking like his hair.

    203. JLin is in

    204. 1q400 Green missed 3. Lin closed out

    205. Yes, “bandwidth”…

    206. 1q340 love how Lin’s teammates pass it back to him

    207. great def

    208. damn almost wide open and missed. jeremy had 3 defenders on him.

    209. 1q300 Roberts in for Kemba

    210. The magnet.

    211. For some reason Haslem having a hard time chasing Jeremy makes me smile

    212. roberts hasn’t shot the ball yet. =p

    213. Come on, ticky tack foul.

    214. 1q215 Lin defended Green well! forced into difficult turnaround

    215. I never liked Haslem. So I’m happy too.

    216. WTF is that phantom foul….

    217. leading to fast break layup!!

    218. ref with the hater foul call

    219. Great fast break layup by Lin. Defender was all over him.

    220. roberts and 1!

    221. sweet and 1 by roberts.

    222. hopefully Roberts will play like Hairston.. nothing like preseason jacking shots

    223. 3333333333333333

    224. Lin 3!

    225. 1q100 Lin 333333

    226. NICe lin for 3!

    227. Heat anouncter: “Looks just like Steve Nash”

    228. looks like he did preseason. 2 for 2.

    229. lin sucks!

    230. my league pass is slow.. no 3 yet LOL

    231. first fireball shot for tonight!

    232. Lin does not hesitate!

    233. wow 3 for lin

    234. I love this analyst!

    235. that was a great sequence, Lin probing into the lane, dribbling into traffic with left hand. circles out to 3 pt line, shoots over Bosh and closing Green!

    236. Miami announcers just said Lin is like Nash!

    237. 2nd unit killing heat

    238. Hornets on an 8-0 run

    239. HAs Lin scored two goals? My game cast is frozen, no updates for a while.

    240. Zeller on the look out to whom to pass the ball.Looks for Jeremy.Smart decision,Cody!

    241. Wow really like Miami announcer talked about JLin:-)

    242. 1q030 not a good look there for Lin

    243. green is tuff defender for lin

    244. Great D by WInslow. Don’t like Lin in the hold the ball situation but he’ll have to get comfortable with them.

    245. The refs are really trying to rig this game for the heats…

    246. It was Bosh knocking the ball away.

    247. oh i see. winslow

    248. Great start for Lin. A phantom BS foul but two great buckets and lots of sharing by Kemba and Roberts.

    249. Wow. Great assist.

    250. Hawes!

    251. 1q 001 what an drive and ast for Lin to Hawes!!

    252. 5 pts, 1 Ast, end Q1

    253. See he should have gotten a foul call on that… instead he gets an assist.

    254. Wow pretty sneaky. Didn’t even see him get it off to Hawes.

    255. I thought he lost it. That was impressive.

    256. EPIC PASS.

      Should have been a foul but Lin made it work. EAT THAT REFS.

    257. ref has been hating on him twice already

    258. How did Lin get that pass? Wow!

    259. holy cow was that on purpose?

    260. yeap,…first thought was JLin fell over…

    261. the pass? yes.

    262. Lin has improved a lot. Once his nerves settle down, I think he will do something to increase the score in Q2 unless the refs cheat him.

    263. thanks haha streaming right now and the players get kinda blurry when they start running lololol

    264. Looks like he passed it in the midst of falling.

    265. end of Q1

      Lin 5 min, 5 pts, 2-3 fg, 1-1 3pt, 1 reb, 1 ast, 0 tov, 1 pf, +1

      Green 0pts, 0-2 fg,0-1 3pt

    266. very obvious….JLin is getting phantom foul calls too

    267. Falling down? Probably not.

    268. i thought he was fault. but turns out great.

    269. It’s very interesting to see.. Lin plays PG when the Q is about to end, it seems like roberts and lin are interchangeable

    270. Which would explain why Al is so clear.

    271. Yeah! Wasn’t sure if I was hearing right…… Said Lin was “sensational” in preseason lol

    272. Lin’s biggest obstacle this season is REFS. I’m actually scared every time he plays good man-to-man defense. Refs will call any light contact that 99% of other players get away with.

    273. That was very impressive!

    274. Yes, interchangeable at the 1.

    275. Linterchangeable.

    276. i can watch league pass through phone but not computer. nothing shows on computer.. Do you guys know why?

    277. who still thinks Lin can’t guard SG? Totally outplayed Green in Q1. Lin 2-3. Green 0-2.

    278. enable pop-ups maybe

    279. every hornets play well

    280. Nice soft shot!!!! 2 by lin.

    281. it pop-ups but black screen

    282. Lin’s dribble is so bad today. Come on Lin!

    283. I’m surprised Roberts is in the rotation already..I had thought that thing will have to not be going well before we see Roberts.

      That certainly takes PG minutes away from Lin in that position.

    284. Shooter’s touch! Ha.

    285. lin with the lucky bounce.. his bounces are on point this season lol

    286. lin is really taking chances

    287. Good TO save by Zeller for Lin whew!

    288. up date flash player

    289. Looked like he was going to hit the floor with the ball but had the presence of mind and court vision to get the pass to Hawes.

    290. yes maybe.. thanks

    291. dirty refs… know they’re getting paid

    292. Bosh airball!

    293. They’re ZelLin

    294. i think zeller can cover bosh

    295. Bosh is killing Hawes

    296. bosh with the vet moves

    297. 25 sec later, Lin 3-4, Green 0-3

    298. Ok is it me or are the refs really seem like they are rigging it?

    299. Lin playing great defense on Green… and schooling him on the other end

    300. It’s Bosh vs Lin now

    301. after lin’s layup, its been bad .

    302. tank is coming

    303. Many are but i think this is just racial bias. Everyone has biases, but this is ridiculous.

    304. lin is a bit out of control. but the heat have been really intense and they have lenggth and the putting many bodies on lin.

    305. Dumb frustration foul by Lin.

    306. Hawes is getting abused by Bosh. Lin needs to handle the ball. Keep it out of Roberts’ hand.

    307. 2q955 Kaminsky in

    308. Lin has to slow down a bit. They are putting pressure on him as they usually do.

    309. 2q 939 Winslow guarding Lin

    310. bad possession. that length is really bothering lin

    311. Lin has improved but he has to let the game come to him like Dragic is doing.

    312. back to Green on Lin

    313. yeah they have really good D on Lin.

    314. Yeah he’s trying to do too much. I think the coach will let him know.

    315. Length and trapping. It’s Miami’s typical defense against him.

    316. he is pushing it.

    317. dragic isnt being defended by someone like green

    318. Heat is guarding Lin well and traps him up high and giving him trouble. Hornets need to solve it.

    319. Lin is outplaying Dragic. The only bad thing was that dumb frustration foul after the TO (which was just aggressiveness).

    320. slow down lin

    321. Heat putting lots of pressure on Lin. Hopefully Clifford can help with some adjustments.

    322. That’s respect.

    323. Ya! Where is the screen Lin needs?

    324. need Hansbrough and Lamb

    325. he’s being sloppy with the ball, should have 3 to’s right now.

    326. hope so.
      the wing player beside lin needs to cut diagonally to basket sometimes instead of just camping at 3.

    327. I don’t know if either is outplaying the other. Lin has made more impressive plays but more mistakes and has more fouls.

    328. MIA putting their typical trapping pressure on Lin. Time for his teammates to start knocking down 3s. So far, Lin 1-1, other Hornets 0-7.

    329. 2q 840 Lin out

    330. Not really. Phantom 1st foul and 1-2 mistakes to 4-5 great plays.

    331. Lucky if he breaks 15 minutes

    332. go hawes!

    333. I said that Lin will never play 30 min as Backup.

    334. I think they may need him for Q 4

    335. Foul trouble?

    336. hronets showing spurs passing

    337. He could have had more TOs. He’s not as in control as Dragic is. Anyway, they aren’t guarding each other. Taller defenders are all over Lin.

    338. NIce marvin williams!

    339. Too Lintense — that frustration foul would have made me yank Jeremy.

      “Just chill man, you’re beasting.”

    340. hornets bigs are great

    341. One game sample size with foul trouble…

    342. That one foul when he knocked over Dragic was dumb. πŸ™‚

    343. I like the Hornets announcers, Eric Collins and Stephanie Ready

      Edit: Not Steve Martin. Eric Collins.

    344. only 2, but they put pressure on him

    345. I think he needs a break here, he’s playing borderline out of control.

    346. And he could have had more assists. And FTs.

      Dragic has only scored on uncontested garbage buckets anyone could have made.

    347. 7pts then another 7 second half I take it 14pts

    348. theyve been emphasizing lin’s positives and ignoring his mistakes. never seen that before.

    349. What’s the final score? Is the game over?

    350. 8 minutes LOL. “Lin will get 35+!”

    351. Are you on League pass? I only get Miami announcers?

    352. Jeremy will figure it out. He’s too pumped up.

    353. Lin got a pretty run, 8 mins. hopefully he’ll come back at end of 2q

    354. ballstream gets both. u can pick which u want.

    355. Season ended!

    356. yeah league pass has a free trial right now so sign up!

    357. I paid for LP but only Heat feed allowed πŸ™

    358. Impossible for him to get more than 25MPG the way I see things…specially with Robert in the rotation now.

    359. This is an interesting sub patter, give Lin a bit of breather then put him back in

    360. Lin needs play with tempo . it is okey, it is first time he can play freely since Knicks. Maybe he is excited. a break will help him

    361. Jeremy coming back in after a short rest!

    362. Lin is coming back in

    363. i’m on LP. You get to choose which feed you want.

    364. He will come back

    365. Coach still has Al sitting even though he played very well… so if that happens to Lin it may not be the Lin treatment from t he past.

    366. 2q630 yikes alley fail

    367. Dragic is a GREAT finisher on the drive.

    368. Agree.

    369. Poor defense

    370. and with a little run, the heat are right back in it

    371. Batum made 2 bad plays

    372. 2q555 dragic sliced through defense again. tell me if you heard that one before

    373. All of Dragic’s buckets are layups in transition.

    374. I heard that one before…

    375. look like lin about to sub in

    376. He doesn’t look totally comfortable facilitating,

    377. Why Lin is out of the game???!!…he only has 2 foul and he’s not a starter…There’s no need to take him out because of 2 fouls…Unbelievable!

    378. for 2 or 3 minutes. ON pace for 20 minutes then. Lin will not finish this game tonight. Book it.

    379. He needed a break. He was playing too amped up. He’s coming back in.

    380. Lin began playing badly because the second unit was horrible with the changes of coach.

    381. He also has 2 fouls. Don’t want him to get 3rd in 1st half. He’ll play a lot in 2nd half.

    382. batum’s playmaking abilities have been touted, but we havent really seen it shine.

    383. In addition to Lin being 3-4, Green is 0-4. Lin can’t guard big SGs!

    384. That’s the shortest rest I’ve ever seen Lin have after subbing out in the 2nd quarter.

    385. Agreed, coaching staff saw that and had to sit him out for a bit.

    386. Unbelievable.

    387. lol kemba

    388. 2q 530 Lin in

    389. I think coach needed to talk to him.

    390. Clifford already gaining my trust!

    391. 2q510 Lin on Wade

    392. Talk and not yell at him. Good.

    393. 2q500 Lin good D on Wade, well short on jumper

    394. Missed dimes…

    395. 2q445. ugh batum missed wide open 3

    396. the team is a bit discombobulated. they need to settle down.

    397. let lin play wade one on one. no issue

    398. Kemba seriously needs to step up his game

    399. Lin TO

    400. No transition D. Only Lin gets back.

    401. That was a bad TO…

    402. 2q350 nobody had Winslow on transition

    403. 2q310 Winslow guarding LIn

    404. Well on previous teams Lin = Transition D so….

    405. Jefferson should have been ready for that.

    406. 2q250 wow, impressive finish by kemba. that had poster block by green all over it.

    407. 2q230 uh oh, first blown by Green on Lin for dunk

    408. not lookin good…

    409. Great pass by Lin…Jefferson can’t catch.

      Lin should just shoot it.

    410. I think its best for Lin to protect the baseline…Not looking good defensively

    411. He has that athleticism. Green is a challenge to Lin.

    412. Hornets plays bad…

    413. Preseason games exposed the Hornets game plan

    414. definitely need a timeout to regroup

    415. Calm down, guys. Basketball is a game of runs.

    416. They don’t have good ball movement today.

    417. Agreed. they are also really locking down on lin.

    418. Were they missing a big on the baseline trap?

    419. not bad, not bad.. it is the first real game away from home.

    420. It wasn’t any worst that some of Batum’s. As long as he doesn’t go into a bundle.

    421. Not in the 1Q, Lin 2/3, Green 0/3 when Lin against Green

    422. 4Q will be all-attack Lin, right now he’s setting up guys who can’t finish.

      Right or wrong, it’s what the coach wants so…

    423. Thank you

    424. This is what happens when you can’t make you open 3s

    425. tempo tempo tempo

    426. 2q217 Lin out for Hairston

    427. still no Hornet made 3 not named Lin

    428. hairston on green

    429. no he won’t finish. You guys all are so blind. SMH

    430. Lin will be blamed for Green scoring too. BS

    431. 2q110 Green with 3 over Hairston

    432. At least Green didn’t score those on Lin.

    433. The truth is, for better or worse, only Lin’s PPG and shooting %s matter.

      So we’re good for now, ha. Super Hairsanity will return in the 4Q.

    434. Getting ugly fast.

    435. 2q040 Green with another 3 over Hairston.

    436. Lin leaves and Green goes off…

    437. still no 3s smh

    438. Walk it off Kemba.

    439. I said a few days ago Hornets need to figure out how to control Green! Uh -oh! Kemba = whaa??

    440. 2q002 LOL kemba with some crazy power dribbles between the legs, hits the 3.

    441. Green only scoring 2 pts on Lin at 2ndQ, but at 1st Q, green is 0 to 3 (and Lin is 2:3, 7 pts)

    442. tempo helps

    443. Sucks to see Lin struggling 1 st and 2 turnovers

    444. Not really, Green was dunking left and right while Lin was guarding him. Lin has 2 fouls and didn’t play aggressive D and no help inside.

    445. Lin only played 12 minutes that 1st half.. guess he will not be receiving special treatment in CHA

    446. hes too amped. he needs to settle down.

    447. He has to slow down and play more under control. If he does that, he’ll be fine.

    448. This is not a good matchup for Lin.. Gerald Green is much bigger than him

    449. 18 min in 2nd half, and that would be 30 min. we will see.

      clifford did put lin back in after the heat went on a run.

    450. halftime stats:

      Lin: 10 min, 7 pts, 3-4 fg, 1-1 3pt, 1 reb, 1ast, 2 tov, 2pf, -5

      2nd highest scorer on team despite being 8th in minutes played.
      Rest of team 1-12 from 3pt.

    451. Umm – he’s not looking to receive “special treatment” , so …

    452. and than took him out when they didnt do anything

    453. No one said he will get special treatment. Fair treatment, yes.

    454. Playing well, but he needs help. Guys not finishing at all. Lin’s TOs were unselfish passes that were intercepted.

    455. Playing SG is not easy in the NBA especially most SGs are bigger. He needs to go back to PG.

    456. Lin was doing great against Green. Shut him down in 1st quarter.

      Green only had 1 basket on Lin. Then when Hairston started guarding Green, Green started getting hot.

    457. first game. just to have fun….

    458. Why the pessimism from you so much? If he doesn’t finish it may be because of the matchups and defensive schemes. So far, Clifford is trying to put the right guys in at the right time and Lin was brought back in after a short break. I want him to calm down in the 2nd half.

    459. 2 fouls.

    460. You know you are just hanging yourself. Lin will make halftime adjustments and then win. Doesn’t matter how good Green looks now.

    461. On Time Warner cable they only show Miami feed. Have to use League Pass app on computer to get Hornet’s feed.

    462. but green is an unusual specimen. there is no one with his pure jumping ability and length that is really comparable.

    463. Jlin kept Green in check in preseason – he can do it again.

    464. Couldn’t tell by all these posts. Sounds like he’s falling big time.

      Batum with only 2 points?

    465. And Green could not stop Lin on the other end. Lin was killing Green. I think Clifford should exploit this matchup more in the second half.

      Hairston on Wade was good.

    466. Lots of Tiger fans and trolls, ha.

    467. Winslow and Green are seriously athletic guys. If they get by Lin, they are dunking way above the rim.

    468. Lin already held Green in check in first half.

    469. Stop stirring up trouble. Every other comment from you is negative.

    470. Guess you’re not watching. Charlotte commentators noting that Lin is one who is playing well but needs help.

    471. its 3 fouls that gets you taken out not 2

    472. Heat still stops Lin well, since Linsanity!

    473. the first game – i am happy with no injury, no blow out , build chemistry , lin plays 25+ mins

    474. lin lost the ball several times that didnt end up as turnovers. so stats have been prettier than actuality

      anyway, the heat are making lin get rid of the ball, and the hornets offense hasnt yet found a good outlet for lin to pass off to when heat swarm on him.

    475. Yep – they need to get a life and stop trolling our board.

    476. I think Miami in general is a tough matchup. They have athleticism, length, reach and a coach that likes to shut down impact point guards.

    477. Great to hear that the homers are supporting their own.

    478. Lin gets special treatment from Heat, whenever he touches the ball, he gets doubled to prevent him taking off. Not much high screens for Lin either, which is essential for JLin to be effective.

    479. This is a new team mixed with old and new. Need time to glue. So far so good in my view, against a vet Heat players with length. You see, almost every position, Heat players are bigger.

    480. You have to relax. First game of the year. He has 2 fouls. Miami is an aggressive defensive team.

    481. I agree. Green is extremely athletic. Lin can keep up with the Reddicks, but playing against bigger & athletic 2 he’s going to need help.

    482. indeed/ they know how good he could be

    483. Yeah, also, their 3’s are not falling. Maybe in Q2 the 3’s start to fall.

    484. They are giving him mad respect…

    485. 2nd TO was ridiculous.

    486. Coach needs to exploit that and make Heat pay.

    487. feeding Al.

    488. Lin had outstanding 1st quarter.

      2nd quarter Miami remembered to trap and double Lin. Problem was that the rest of the Hornets couldn’t hit from 3pt (1-12). So that allowed MIA to continue.

      If the other Hornets can find their stroke in second half, Lin will make them pay for doubling.

    489. i didnt have chance to see it closely. was it miscommunication, a telegraphed pass, or was lin too fidgety?

    490. it’s okey. first real game in the season and in new team

    491. Unfortunately the stinking free league pass is glitchy on my iPad app and can’t get out from logging in. Glad that the commentators are fair.

    492. Spo puts at the minimum 4 Heat against Jer… Other Hornets need hit outside shots

    493. just ignore

    494. Coach need to deploy Hansbrough. Heat takes advantage of Hornet’s no rim protection

    495. I remember when some people were KILLING Lin for his “horrible play” against Detroit.

      And then Lin beasted and won a great comeback victory with great stats in limited time.

    496. That’s what I’m seeing too. Miami doesn’t play Lin like most teams do. They swarm him. He needs to play more off-ball against them. Lin tries to challenge them and that’s when he gets in trouble.

    497. im ready with the lin sucks chants.

    498. Problem so far is poor 3pt shooting and poor transition defense.

      No one but Lin has made a 3, so the spacing is poor. No one but Lin is getting back so Dragic has 3 easy breakaway layups.

    499. That IS respect. You don’t see Kemba getting that.

    500. what cult chants that? lol

    501. “LIN SUCKS. LIN SUCKS.” -Lin fans

    502. Should’ve in 2nd quarter. Lead would not be as big

    503. Lin passed some wide open 3s but missed. smh

    504. it has magical powers!

    505. I could see Lin was a little upset with his teammates on defense. Halftime is a good time for Lin to calm down too.

    506. Start Lin and get a Klay Thompson play Nic at 3 with Hawes and Zeller. All of a sudden way better.

    507. Kemba made one at the end of 2Q.

    508. The troll in me wants to join the anti-jinx chant.

    509. he was P*SSED at al for giving up the dunk. al didnt even attempt to challenge it.

    510. he got 30 minutes that game. Limited?

    511. Oh that’s right. I missed that one. 2-13 from deep so far.

    512. he needs to pass faster and move without the ball

    513. Ya! No spacing & when Lin got the ball Heat’s players all around him. Bad. No fast break either.

    514. batum playing meh

    515. Batum & Kemba both were shooting bad… the whole team run O are not smooth at all. Bad.

    516. i personally don’t think batum is much of a facilitator

    517. he doesnt shoot easy shots and doesnt create easy shots for others. enuf said.

    518. Not starters’ minutes and those minutes were 1st half light, 4Q heavy.

    519. Feel the same way… They are not playing like they did for preseason ….

    520. thats how he has been advertised tho.

    521. let’s wait and see. Lin will be lucky to break 22 minutes tonight unless he plays like MJ.

    522. i think he is a good passer for a forward but he can’t penetrate inside to pass like a guard.

    523. I remember someone on here stating that Charlotte doesn’t need rim protection when I suggested they sign the laker guy that got cut..Does that person still believe that?….No one contesting when guard are getting beat off the dribble.

    524. patrick ewing has vomit for a suit

    525. Lin is trying to do too much. He needs to swing the ball and find energy. Let’s hope he gets the feel for the game real quick.

    526. Starting backcourt combined 27 min 5 pts on 2/10 shooting, Jeremy 10 min 7 pts on 3/4 shooting. Just saying.

    527. 7 pts 1 ast 1 rebound. Sounds like Lin earned his $2million for the game already.

    528. if that’s how you really look at it, i am at a loss.

    529. I think you may be referring to me. The problem isn’t a lack of shot blocker (which is what I meant). The problem is not getting back on defense! So many breakaway layups and dunks. 7-8 already.

      Before the game, Clifford said the same thing. Said the biggest weakness was “transition defense.”

    530. lol

    531. alphense

    532. offense cant get anything right now

    533. hairston

    534. smh at the 3 pt misses =(

    535. Don’t remind me.

    536. Marvin is good. Some people here said he is a scrub. SMH

    537. kemba lol

    538. tough non-call for kemba

    539. Batum held his hand out for whitside what a nice guy

    540. Wade is so good.

    541. lol dragic passes to himself

    542. I think
      batum is 15pt 4 assts 6 rebounds player
      good passer as a forward but not really good penetrator
      can play well as SF not SG in both ends floor
      he should be 3rd or 4th option in offense

    543. 3q910 nice penetrate and ast for kemba

    544. damn kemba should have gotten a foul on that!

    545. I disagree..We’ve seen so many of their players simply attack the rim…Lin, himself, got beat off the dribble twice and no one helped him….A good shot blocker would had stepped up and bail out jeremy.

    546. 3q840 another nice bounce ast by kemba, but marv was fouled on the dunk attempt

    547. LOL

    548. Get Novak on this team to make some 3s…just 2-15 so far.

    549. batum should be guarding wade

    550. starters are so pathetic

    551. hairston for mPV 3

    552. 3 for Hairston.

    553. I mean, this is the NBA. Guys are gonna score. Take away even half of the breakaway dunks/layups and Hornets are winning on the road against a “superior” team.

    554. Yes! 3 by PJ

    555. Is Batum playing poorly?

    556. 3q8m finally wide open corner 3 for hairston

    557. Told you the refs are completely rigging it…

    558. 3q740 what??? offensive on PJ 3 pt?

    559. oh pls. refs.

    560. pretty biased calls from refs today

    561. dragic besides the transition buckets, has not been looking good. against nobody defenders too

    562. Batum 2 pts 1/7 2 ast in 19 min. Sure let’s cater to Batum.

    563. Hornets don’t stand a chance against the refs

    564. Kemba needs to keep attacking if his outside shots aren’t falling.

    565. kemba lol

    566. true

    567. Yep. I don’t think he and Wade are a great fit.

      Even in Phoenix his one great season involved Bledsoe being injured for months.

    568. Lin is the best PG on this team. Of that I am certain. It’s a damn shame he is just not empowered to be free and play and win a lot of games.

    569. 3q6m Lin time?

    570. Hornets 1st unit is not getting any easy shots.

    571. Whiteside is impenetrable

    572. Charlotte falling apart…

    573. I don’t know what the solution is for Charlotte. They need to go on a run and soon. The first unit isn’t dynamic.

    574. cliff needs to change lineup NOW

    575. Charlotte looks really bad

    576. Time to sub Lin.

    577. looks no diff than last year. al-ffense all day

    578. Zero offense

    579. Lin and Hansbrough are needed now

    580. Jefferson plays no defense and all he wants to do is shoot…and the ball just stops when he gets it…he never tries to pass out of double team or anything….No rim protection from him…how can you be 7 foot and never make an attempt to block shots.

    581. Took the words right out of my mouth. Batum is not the difference maker, Jeremy is.

    582. dont care jlin just needs to put some stats

    583. Ditto.They need energy.

    584. Lin is playing 30 min? Lol. Let’s hope that he can Crack 20

    585. haha. the math isnt working out so good so far.

    586. Once again…Cliff relying too much on ‘star’ ball.

    587. 3q6m nope, no Lin yet

    588. yup.. Hansbrough will be an ENFORCER.
      Heat is just abusing Hornets inside

    589. 3q6m Batum missed wide open rolling Zeller

    590. he will have to play like the rest of the game to break 30

    591. Lin is going to play 16 minutes tonight. SMH

    592. announcer said just, Haven’t seen Jeremy Lin yet in second half

    593. Maybe overtime? Lol

    594. Yikes 23% Hornets FG in the 3rd quarter

    595. hairston

    596. They need to put JLIN in

    597. Heat have the home crowd to get them energy. Hornets have crazy with Hansbrough.

    598. every game is do or die for Lin. These next 10 games define his NBA future. He has to DOMINATE. This is it. This is the season.

    599. announcer Stephanie: Hornets shooting a lot outside, would like to see them probing in the lane

      basically hinting at Lin

    600. Your lips to Clifford’s ears.

    601. so the same pattern as last few years. lin plays great in preseason and doesnt get minutes in real seeason. wth.

    602. I have enough with this starting lineup.

    603. Jeremy Lin is! Not Lamb. Ha Ha

    604. lin back in 3q445

    605. ok it took long enuf

    606. Starting backcourt update combined 40 min 9 pts 3/15 shooting, Jeremy 10 min 7 pts 3/4 shooting.

      I’m beginning to think Clifford is stinking it up ON PURPOSE to prove a point to SOMEONE who insisted on current starting lineup.

      Conspiracy theory is fun, especially when the game’s not.

    607. Good D by Lin

    608. kemba

    609. 3q430 Green tried to drive on Lin. nothing there, passed out to 3pt line

    610. NICE play by Kemba

    611. too much of Al post up…its killing the flow

    612. Hope you are right

    613. aphensel

    614. Nobody setting a screen for Lin or Kemba. What’s going on?

    615. other than 1 dunk, Lin has held Green scoreless

    616. no he is not.

    617. let’s go hornets, time to make a run!

    618. sweet lookaway and drive by kemba

    619. he got clotheslined too

    620. 3q3m Lin stuck with Green, Green didn’t even touch the ball

    621. bosh with amazing catch hahahaha

    622. 3q300 great stepback look, didn’t fall

    623. Lin is over dribbling and not doing enough fast catch and shoot. or quick passing. I don’t love it.

    624. Get Handsbrough in to get some rebounds.

    625. 3q250 Green tried to back down Lin, had to pass out to 3pt

    626. That’s the shot he needs to take. He’s been making most of them. Good shot.

    627. Hi Mr. Sunshine.

    628. the timing with the screener isnt right

    629. He is a bit apprehensive but i think they stopped the screens in this game no idea why…

    630. they didnt stop but they not timing it well. its lagging by a few beats.

    631. Lin needs of Novak this game

    632. Needs a Tyson Chandler too.

    633. He needs pass to a guy who can shoot 3 or drive to the rim, who can do that in the second unit.

    634. starters fg% so poor except AL

    635. Troy Daniels

    636. Gotta understand.. the refs have rigged this game, there is no way charlotte will win.

    637. u can partly see why kemba has to kemba. lin has been forced to take difficult midrange bc inside so clogged and no shooters

    638. Marvin Williams OK except on 3s.

    639. Yes, finally Lin passing the ball and moving. Zeller just can’t finish.

    640. a lot of calls are suspect

    641. need to get zeller the ball more

    642. that was embarrassing as heck

    643. lin doesnt know how to get himself open for those things. not enuf experience.

    644. 3q220 Lin did a great job of following Green on screens. Green could not get open.

    645. Yes, but the refs can’t rig Kemba and Hairston FG%, that’s on them.

    646. 3q140 Green made 3 over Lin, Lin was all over him. Just a tremendous shot.

    647. Bloody nose again.

    648. terrible play…I think hornet should just go for 3pt shootings

    649. well at least if it keeps going this way, with blood in his nose, sigh….

    650. nothing to do this game if lin cannot hit his jumpers. thats game over

    651. Lini s a freaking PG playing out of position and getting bloody noses.

    652. 3q117 bloody nose again. time for super saiyan

    653. Hope Clifford doesn’t turn into this

    654. Can’t believe the starters are so bad this game

    655. Who bloodied his nose and he didn’t even get a call from

    656. Was that on the jumper? Or after?

    657. Batum is a SF playing out of position at SG

    658. 3q100 good aggressive drive by zeller to pick up foul

    659. Scoring happens in bunches. Lin has to play angry Bloody Dragon Lin, TOs or not.

    660. When you have a SG shooting 1 out of 8 and 3 TOs playing 22 minutes, it’s going to hurt.
      The experiment of Batum as SG should end.

    661. This is not the team that played in the preseason

    662. these players are soft and need to drive. Zeller needs to create a free throw parade.

      Tyler Handborough would do well in this game with 15 free throws.

    663. My feed keeps cutting out! Ach.

    664. wow cody got murdered goign to hoop

    665. 3q047. Lin guarded Green into airball!

    666. Record holder of bloody nose ….

    667. Got that right!

    668. aside from going through al too much, the major difference is that hornets starters dug a hole and the 2nd unit lost composure in trying to make comeback, playing uphill

    669. Finally a foul FOR Lin. Bloody nose got their attention!

    670. Lin getting love from the Miami announcers.

    671. Concentrate please make the second FT

    672. what they say

    673. announcers saying Lin lots of respect. talking about him having good size. earning his way into the league with d-league.

    674. Sometimes FTs get a player’s jumper going. We’ll see!

    675. man his adidas fell off…damn

    676. 3q005 Lin lost a shoe LOL

    677. Least he didn’t do a Ronnie Price and throw his shoe.

    678. that was hardenesque collision

    679. see real-dsb above.


    681. Adidas SMH

    682. LOL

    683. And he played without his shoe… that’s hustle

    684. Lin needs MJ shores LOL

    685. Lin blew a tire.

    686. This announcer is very unlike other jerks.

    687. when ur son is good friends with jeremy, you gotta say good things ahaha. i love dell curry

    688. Lin needs MJ shoes

    689. lmao

    690. Miami hammering Lin so hard he lost his blood and his shoe!

    691. Coach Clif is being schooled today. the offense isn’t working. Mostly because the players are missing.

    692. well if Clifford wants to win….. you know

    693. Ughh! I can just see it now on Shaqtin’ a Fool!

    694. lin doing a good job advertising for adidas.

    695. Other than transition defense, it’s just guys missing open shots.

      Lin should have 5 dimes…instead he has one. Batum and Kemba didn’t bring it today.

    696. Saying Lin is tough…

    697. lin jumper is off too

    698. Batum should be blamed as SG. This is not working.
      I’m surprised that the game is still close with that kind of shooting all around.
      The Hornets shot @ such low %!

    699. all starters missed fire except AL!!!!!

    700. The whole team is just off today …

    701. 4q1150 rotation broke down. Green unguarded

    702. Lins stats pretty good except the assist/tov

    703. Lin getting worse as the game goes along.

    704. Only Hairsanity can save this game…not sure he has room to work w/o guys making shots.

    705. Lin playing Harden defense on that Green 3.

    706. 4q1120 yikes Lin misses deep 3 badly

    707. Some watching minutes delay, pls no play by play. thanks.

    708. Yes, Al and Jeremy doing better than most

    709. He’s having a bad game… but so is everyone else.

    710. ITs not him offense not going no where

    711. we know πŸ™‚

    712. I like the confidence. He’s 1/2 from deep, whatever.

      Good shooters have “no conscience.” Even Curry misses 3-4 in a row…and then hits 3-4 in a row.

    713. looks like it

    714. this is the kind of experience lin lacked cuz hes been underused.

      he needs more chances with end of clock heaves.

    715. Gonna go into garbage time soon

    716. The Hornets are not moving the ball. It is sticking to Roberts like glue

    717. I guess the new Hornets line up thrown the team off ! No one is playing spectacular!

    718. mia too hot from 3

    719. 4q950 Lin called for phantom foul on bosh drive

    720. This is why Lin has to start. You can’t “save Lin for the 2nd unit.”

      Starting Lin gives everyone space…Kemba, Lin, Al, Batum.

    721. this game is like the Detroit game & Miami is similar in talent and ability to Detroit except Lin is playing freaking SG and not enough minutes and out of position. Super stupid. Super Duper stupid.

      Coach is gonna lose his job due to politics. Cho too even maybe.

      If you want to not just save your job but excel, play the right players and just say IDGAF what Michale Jordan does to me for winning at all costs.

    722. Well, this one is over..Hornets down by 20…..Lin does too much help defense..his man is getting wide open 3’s everytime he goes to help….The big men should be helping whenever someone drive.

    723. no unless Lin starts at PG, it is a lost cause. Starting at SG won’t help.

    724. yup…they are killing us on 3s

    725. another call against Lin that is such BS.

    726. Batum in as SF.

    727. 4q927 Lin with a bailout foul call

    728. Guess I can back to work now……don’t wanna get caught watching games in office

    729. Need a rim protector and put Lin at starting PG. Otherwise going to be a losing season. Clifford and Cho going to be gone.

    730. JLin has the right idea to keep attacking the rim

    731. LOL, not a travel. It was a foul that “caused” the travel.

    732. yup…but the lead is kinda big now….lets see

    733. completely unfair to Lin for clean-up duties after a huge mess…
      hope Clifford changes course soon

    734. I’ll take it. 11 points. He’ll play way better in the next game. It’s as I thought. Miami is a tough matchup for Lin and remains so.

    735. he is not trusting hs jumper tonight. the college 3 jumper won’t even shoot it.

    736. now it is supposed the best lineup

    737. yeah make 14pts iam good puts stats

    738. He’s hesitating on his shots. No quick release tonight.

    739. 4q900 wow, a 3ptr! yay

    740. Nice Kemba-Lin-Batum3 connection!

    741. Get your stats, Jeremy. Sad but true…

      Charlotte thinks they’re SAS or GSW. You can’t afford to “save” Lin for the 2nd unit! It hurts both the starters and reserves. You gotta make life HELL for the other team by starting your best guys. Unless you have elite talent, you gotta go all out.

    742. gees, SOOOOOOO much faster with Lin and Kemba and NIC in there. It’s not ideal but dam better than before. Lin at PG is ideal but dam I’ll take Lin in with Nic and Kemba.

    743. Thank God for Kemba saving the ball!

    744. 4q900 ast from Lin

    745. Yes!!! A for Lin

    746. the bad weather is causing my feed to drop

    747. its still early…and the lineup need to gel as well…will give CC some time

    748. The death of the experiment with Batum as SG.
      He’s a natural SF.

    749. Maybe that will get Batum going tonight.

    750. there’s no time to figure it out. season will be over.

    751. Great teamwork, JLin loses the ball, Walker saves it, pass back to Lin, Lin pass to Batum for the 3.

    752. This is why Kemba/Lin/Batum need to start. Faster offense
      I hope Coach Clifford gets it soon

    753. Yup, it’s easier to play down than up!

    754. Finally we agree! Lin starting helps everyone…but MJ is in love with “his guys.”

    755. that is supposed the starting lineup

    756. good shot from Batum

    757. jereemy needs to trust his shot more! i don’t really like it when he pump fakes and drives into trees :/

    758. After this. the starters killed all momentum

    759. Agreed, Lin had a few TO’s that was saved by his team mates.

    760. Yeah, it’s a wishful thinking by the FO and the player himself. It’s going to cost some jobs.

    761. In other words Lin should be starting.

    762. Live or die; this is the best lineup for Hornets.

    763. this loser team is horrible as clifford is doing it. This is how he wants to lose his job? Clifford going to lose his job or he really thinks this lineup and subbing pattern is best?

    764. Me neither.

    765. lin plays fakes too much… not hesitate !!!!

    766. 4q900 Zell Marv Batum Lin Kemba

      hopefully this can be the right combo to claw back in the game

    767. Walker and Lin together…lets see the pace and matchups

    768. It won’t mean much if they keep feeding Jefferson

    769. Yea except why not start this lineup with Lin? :/ Bench Al Jeff already.

    770. 4q840. Green midrange jumper. got very friendly bounce

    771. Another 3 from Batum!

    772. Batum makes the difference!

    773. LOL only down by 11 LOL

    774. Yes!!! batum is getting in the game.

    775. For those listening to Hornets broadcast, any comments by Dell Curry?

    776. 33333333333333333

    777. 4q750 deeepp 333333

    778. back to back 3s for batum, Hornets making a comeback!

    779. yessssssss

    780. LIN 3333

    781. Lin with a 3 finallY!


    783. This is it! Batum should never play SG again.
      He’s lethal at SF and sucks at SG.

    784. YES

    785. sweet Lin/Walker….making some sweet moves


    787. yes

    788. 4q7 Zeller monster jam!!! things are clicking when 3s falling

    789. need some defensive stops…11pt game

    790. Woo…Nice feed from Batum to Zeller for that two handed dunk!

    791. This would have been a win if Lin started.

      It’s SO HARD to guard Charlotte when Lin AND Kemba AND Batum are all on the floor.

    792. best lineup

    793. Needed that midrange shot from Lin. Nice job by Whiteside.

    794. it would have been enough to win. Clifford is bound by front office politics. He will go down and lose his job for it if he doesn’t challenge the status quo

    795. At least they got it from a blow out to a game in striking distance. Miami hitting their 3s is keeping their lead up.

    796. exactly. Batum can play a natural SF and gets easy shots off Kemba/Lin

    797. This should be the starter!!!!!

    798. Everything is easier

    799. I think that the Heat has made so many fouls this Q. That should be FT all the way for every foul they made.

    800. Lin is afraid to shoot his mid range quick tonight like in pre season.

    801. When Lin, Kemba, Batum, Zeller play together…Charlotte is just as good as Miami.

      When you “save Lin for the 2nd unit,” Hornets gets blown out like a trash team.

    802. lin takes shots!!!!

    803. Hesitant some.

    804. Lin smiLin like MJ

    805. Per espn –

      Jeremy Lin just lost his shoe on a drive to the basket. After the play ended and the quarter was over, Dwyane Wade went to retrieve Lin’s shoe to toss it back to him. Udonis Haslem knocked the shoe out of Wade’s hand and made Lin walk all the way over to the Heat’s bench to get it.

    806. If you don’t start Lin, it makes it much easier to guard the starters. And then the other team just swarms Lin when he plays with the weaker 2nd unit.

    807. politics per JeremyLintel. Lintel is about right. Lin will not start

    808. 4qt fast pace. they do not need AL

    809. hesitant a lot. i hate seeing that. he should let it go.

    810. Kemba-Jer-Batum-Zeller-get some better center…. I’m good.

    811. Batum can’t play SG! That is it.
      Now see how he gets going as SF. It’s beautiful with Kemba, Lin and Batum and Zeller out there.

    812. Hehe, I don’t care about that stuff. I like the gamesmanship!

    813. Petty stuff.. but Haslem is walking definition of D-bag

    814. Great D Lin.

    815. Great D by Lin to make Green travel

    816. still a 10pts game…need defensive stops

    817. free throw parade lol

    818. with lin and kemba, they should have mnore fs pts

    819. GOOD D by LIn.

    820. this game will have a close final score.

    821. i guess he heard my shout!

    822. GREAT D

    823. Every foul of heat would stop the clock and get charity to Hornets.

    824. To be honest, if Clifford trusts Lin to finish the game, might as well just start him

    825. Why are Hornets shooting Fts for every Heat foul?

    826. Still a chance…Lin’s gotta go to the rim. TO or not, get those sweet FTs.

    827. Lin communicating with the team

    828. That just tells you how important Batum is in this team!!!!!

    829. darn Green!

    830. my feed just came back.

      lin shouldve went straight to hoop instead of settling for jumper. smh. he needs to get to line and also stop the clock

    831. Lots of passes, crappy shots.

    832. he’s not playing great tonight. Passable but not great.

    833. Walker answered back..

    834. Lin passing up open shots.

    835. he saved that possession.

    836. LIN needs to shot

    837. Game over. Just want Lin to get his 16+ pts.

    838. Lin should’ve shot that :/

    839. The truth is no lineup can improve Hornets without Lin in it.

    840. Eh. Protect his %s.

    841. He knows he isn’t shooting well in 2nd half.

    842. Agreed, he should have went for it…

    843. lol…was that your prediction?

    844. so who was guarding the rim when lin had possible drive? was he a shotblocker? cuz i dont understand why he didnt take it in.

    845. Made that 3 earlier should still try another one.

    846. Game is over. Lin should protect his stats.

      They won’t start him for selfish reasons? Let Lin be selfish too.

    847. Don’t worry guys, Lin played well. Just poor game from Kemba and Batum.

    848. Heats PNR defense is really good

    849. Lin has highest fg% now, he should not hesitate for open shots

    850. If that’s his thought, then there is no hope for him

    851. One of the best in the NBA

    852. dude i want to WIN this game.

    853. Maybe this’ll be an early red flag to MJ and Cho.

      This team is totally different when Lin, Kemba, Zeller and Batum play together.

    854. Pretty sure Lin wants the win more than shooting percentage %

    855. Kemba played fine. Batum wasn’t great.

    856. True, Kemba/Batum is a combined 7/25 shooting while Lin is 4/9 shooting

    857. Is MJ watching tonight?

    858. Cant play bad 3 quarters and win

    859. I made none, but I thought a mediocre game b/c Heat always swarm Lin and Lin isn’t starting. Basically what happened in the preseason game.

    860. Bemba just trying to get points now.

    861. Lin got Green to bit .. 2 FTs

    862. Lin missed 1st FT.

    863. YEAH, Get yo pts J-Lin.

    864. Damn he needs to make it…

    865. Not really, 4/14 is not efficient at all

    866. green has been a no-show besides his pump fake into dunk

    867. Lin needs to shoot more. He’s like way too hesitant. he has tons of open mid range he passed up with over dribbling.

    868. he is almost there…but missed his FT

    869. If he went 4-13, you’d say he’s inefficient.

    870. it ll come with time. the teammates with time will learn to reset the poessession better when lin probes.

    871. Lin taking he is moments no forced shots

    872. im loving kemba drives

    873. i want to WIN this game

    874. Charlotte announcers named Jeremy player of the game!

    875. lol…i doubt any lin fans had said he is inefficient…at times…shots dont go well…happens

    876. Kemba is smart. Knows he needs to beat Lin in points and lead team in the ESPN boxscore. It’s just stat filling time now.

    877. there was no player of the game. everyone sucked even Lin.

    878. haha thats so unfair

    879. 5pt game? Whoa.

    880. dont be a hater heh

    881. yeah…he been aggressive in Q4

    882. wow kemba is a fighter

    883. Kemba is playing well in the crunch. Not everything is about Lin. Geez.

    884. not if they are open shots. then I’d say he’d need to work harder in the summer on the jumper

    885. This is doable.. 2 3s and 2 good defense

    886. Sprite player of the game..Jeremy lin

    887. Really? I guess he played the best on the team.

    888. 5-15 with weak 2st half defense…he’d better score.

    889. this team is showing fight.
      and im impressed that cliff has benched AL. yes.

    890. He was best of the worst.

    891. Anyone who wants Batum to play SG should have his head examined.

    892. This is the true starting 5!

    893. lol

    894. Lin needs more minutes!!!

    895. MJ, Cho and Clifford, I guess.

    896. MVP….

    897. He would of if the 2nd quarter wasn’t as bad

    898. thats bcoz…someone was shouting Lin sucks….lol

    899. AI doesnt look happy LOL

    900. Who in their “right” mind decided to play Batum as SG?When I heard that it’s similar to hearing Lillard will be played as power forward.

    901. I hope lin scores a 3, we need lin to catch up to kemba in points.

    902. omg dagger 3

    903. Deng dagger.

    904. If Lin plays longer min, the game is a W for sure!

    905. “Lin won’t close the game!”

      If he didn’t have early foul trouble, he would have played 30m.

    906. 3s won the game for Miami.

    907. lin great d on green so far

    908. im glad cliff had flexibility to close with proper lineup.
      but he really messed up by waiting too long.

    909. Clifford is doing the typical bad coach schtick. He should have benched Al like DLee in preseason. Now he’s just pissing off everyone.

    910. Game over…

    911. wow how did i miss the 5 threes by green

    912. Politics – 1 Hornets – 0

    913. Lin is a freaking small SG and it’s showing tonight. I wish he was 2 inches taller. Green is way too huge. Lin did a good job on him but size matters.

    914. Lin has the most mins off the bench more than hairston and jefferson on starters so that’s a good sign forLin the “bench” player

    915. nice post i agree

    916. lin with the semi dunk .

    917. yup…pretty much…first regular season game….which is fine..I like the 4thQ

    918. 17!!! in 6th man minutes!

    919. Lin Fans gets a dunk from LIN!!!!

    920. Get that pizza!

    921. This is best possible result for us fans.

      Close loss with Lin playing well and the starters being weak (until they play with Lin).

    922. Heat 60% 3pt and Lin has too few mins play , that is tge differece

    923. This is just a road game.

    924. You said he’d get 15 minutes. Now he’s a small SG. He’s a combo guard favoring PG and maybe, just maybe, a 6th man type of player. It’s interesting that Green is finishing the game and he isn’t a starter.

    925. Even though the Hornets will lose this game, there are a ton of positives for Lin. I think he will get more playing time next few games. The best unit is clearly Lin/Kemba/Batum

    926. Would be nice if he drew up another play for Lin.

    927. Did you guys see Mayweather talking crap about Jeremy to Gerald Green on the inbounds play?

    928. Fortunately, we don’t play Miami 82 times a year.

    929. i want team to win. but i will accept a loss if it means it empowers cliff to play the correct lineups.

    930. The Hornets has to look for a SG besides Batum!

    931. Lin is best as a SG…on this team. No one can score off his passes and he just gets TOs.

      As a starting SG, he’s in “selfish” attack mode all game.

    932. close to 27min

    933. Floyd is such a Lin troll. he follows Lin to every game just to troll on him. lol

    934. Lin 17 pts… im happy

    935. And a painful lesson for MJ and Cho. START LIN OR LOSE.

    936. clifford gonna squeeze more mins for lin as this season goes on

    937. I agree when Lin’s PG he worries too much about passing to teammates.

    938. whats lin’s FGA/FG?

    939. Nothing better to do with his life

    940. Charlotte commentators want Lin to start. What a change.

    941. lol…that would only make CH better

    942. Just need to start Lin!! Enough with the politics! Bench Al Jeff already!

    943. Kemba isn’t even trying to pass the ball. Lmao

    944. i was watching the heat feed when did they say this

    945. Kemba being selfish messed it up coudl have passed back to lin

    946. Lin talking to Wade: “Nice win…lucky I didn’t start.”

    947. game was winnable. it just got out of hand when lin was out and the heat pulled away with that run.

      team couldnt hit 3s for anyting either.

    948. 5/10

    949. Ok this team looks nothing like Pre Season.. they Need to start Lin simple as that

    950. At the end yea way too much dribble dribble shoot.

    951. At least the camera showing Lin all the time

    952. looking good stats 17pts hahahahahahhaha

    953. I liked how Lin took it to the hole right after that.

    954. ok with the FTs, thats still good TS% overall.

    955. Oh look, “Crazy Lin Fans” were 100% right and racist fans and “experts” were 100% wrong.

      What else is new?

    956. LOL It must be in your mind:-)

    957. 3 pt shooting really was the killer on both sides

    958. If Lin had 32 mins, you know….

    959. Someone except Lin need to have a jumper.

    960. let’s see if Clifford will start Lin after Game 10 or sooner.
      When losses mount, he’ll be forced to do so

    961. the annoucners were saying heat dont normally shoot 3s that well. it really was the difference this game.

    962. 30 – 32 is a good number for lin.

    963. Eh. Give him a break. He shared a ton this game. I’m proud of him.

    964. if refs didnt call phantom fouls on him….

      u know thats impossible right? haha

    965. Player of the game from Charlotte Fox Sports. What a change from the last 3 years of broadcasts.

    966. No lineup is going to improve Hornets from their sorry status from last season unless Lin is playing an important role in it.

    967. Top Debbie Downers of the Game go to…

      Derek Kong: Lin will only get 15 minutes –> 26 min played
      GoodDayLA: Lin will not close game –> He did

    968. LOL

    969. He’s bc he played less min than Kemba & Batum also took less shots.

    970. obviously not…as some of us were saying…preseason is PRE-season…not much correlation with games win/loss

    971. Game was over…I don’t blame him trying to get FTs.

      But this is why Lin is special. He knows when to attack and when to hang back.

    972. There is hope.

    973. If Lin took 5 more shots it matters ….don’t need another 5 mins on the court

    974. Unless Lin’s a starter! Coach needs to tell Al Jeff he needs to come off the bench. It’s obvious Lin, Batum, and Walker are the big 3 of this team.

    975. are you John Lee’s All-State twin?

    976. to me.. Kemba played well in Q4…there is nothing to knock on him

    977. LOL. TRUTH. And Lin would’ve played 30 if he didn’t get early foul trouble (phantom foul and a frustration foul).

    978. wow, that was some ugly basketball today. but the team showed fight, and cliff has the balls to put in correct lineup to close the game. i hope the organization can see whats up and not continue down stupid road.
      good game, good stats for our boy.
      and he got good experience dealing with (difficulties) of shot creation. its rare to get that kind of experience unless u are groomed as teh ‘star’ of the team.

    979. Well you’re always here… LOL

    980. Starting line up needs to be Lin Kemba Batum Cody and Jefferson

    981. Still it was only 2 fouls and Lin should’ve came back in much sooner.

    982. The main reason the Hornets lost this game was because there was no spacing. Jefferson, Hairston, and Williams should not be on floor at the same time ever. Give us more Batum, Walker, and Lin.

    983. A lot of Debbie Downers…

    984. That’s good. Lin is beginning to earn respect in this league. BTW DWade’s wife Gabriel Union had a major crush on lin during Linsanity. LOL

    985. LOLOLOLOLOL That’s why I don’t bite into some posters. Let’s JLin games speak for himself:-)

    986. You know too much…

    987. Huh? You want him to get 3 fouls by halftime?

    988. replace al with kaminsky

    989. Game Stat

    990. Love your new name haha

    991. WOWOWOWOW! Thanks for the info!

    992. I meant Lin should’ve played more in 3rd quarter before lead got out of hand.

    993. LMAO CLASSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

    994. Yellow kept calling me out, need to change so boss doesn’t spot me. πŸ˜‰

    995. I said 22 minutes. I said Lin would not finish. I was DEAD wrong.

      This team though if this is what they do, is going to suck, and suck HARD.

    996. I am happy even they lose the game.. I wish they could win but … this was more ISO like last season not Lin’s team ball…

    997. Back to Thunder-Spurs

    998. Big Al should be traded ASAP. I do think they may be trying to boost his value to trade him.

      Lin, Kemba, Batum, Cody, Hawes is by far the best lineup and a guaranteed playoff team.

    999. Zeller is better.

    1000. i guess its too late now…the rabbit is out

    1001. Then he would have been tired for the 4th. He played the entire 4Q (which is always his best).

    1002. This game shows why Lin should start.
      Kemba, Lin, Batum, Marvin and Cody is best line up but i dont think Hornets will bench AI.
      So Kemba, Lin Batum Cody AI starting line up?

    1003. he much have learnt from you?!!! lol

    1004. Playing Walker at PG and Batum at SG is just going to destroy their stats and the playoff hope. The coach/FO should get this wishful thinking out of their minds ASAP!

    1005. i said replace AL not zeller


    1006. Lin and Harden were at least shared 70/30 pg duty, Kemba and Lin 100/0

    1007. Yeah where are the mods for all this negative bs during the game. This site is turning into that other site. smh

    1008. Coach going to lose his job for it. IT’s up to coach if he has the freedom to do it.

    1009. I love Gabriel.. so hot lol

    1010. u not seeing it right. lin is awesome getting fed the ball in triple threat position as SG. this is exceptionally good situation.

    1011. Lin needs to start ASAP as well! Winning games should be the priority over value of player. Even guys with big contracts like Asik were benched in Rockets.

    1012. LOLOLOL it was more watchable second half of the game. It was real real ugly toward the end of second quarter to third quarter. Until JLin was in, it was real real ugly. JLin definitely hates to lose. It was almost a turnaround game toward the end:-) Good enough to me with JLin was a huge of coming back:-)

    1013. well Lin should be starting PG. We have no doubt. So it is what it is. Until CLifoffrd realizes Lin should be starting PG with high usage and bench AL, this team will do very poorly.

    1014. Didn’t watch this but didn’t Al have a good game?

    1015. there is truth to this as well.

    1016. No it needs to mix and match.

    1017. yup…Heat was hitting at 60%…crazy

    1018. Yep, it is

    1019. no, you are asking Lin to be team star. Since LInsanity, no team wants to go there. No team.

    1020. Better late than never. Also made my Disqus private.

    1021. Yep

    1022. Not yet atleast

    1023. its not who starts off with the ball, but who ends up with it. =P

      it would be good if lin got more outlet passes for transition, but im happy seeing him play SG and catch ball in triple threat. they need better timing on screens for him tho

    1024. this would be the reality if MKG was there! It would NEVER change and Clifford would just lose his job. He may lose it anyways if he doesn’t make some tough calls soon.

    1025. Really? That’s awesome.

    1026. LOL we’ll see. Lin’s boxscore looks good despite the fact I didn’t think he actually played that well. Boxscores can lie.

    1027. Heat was hitting crazy 3s…60%….overall I liked how the team and CoachC planned the rotations…could have been better, but nothing to complain about….will let the team to gel more in the next 10-15 games….the rotation would be better, CoachC would also adjust as the game goes.

      Good first game, although it was a lost…still Q4 showed what the team can do

    1028. What is used today to close the game should be what’s used to start the game, as simple as that ! Batum isn’t the magic floor general who can up Hornets’ game(though he is a decent SF), Lin is.

    1029. Just checked Harden’s num – 5/19 fg%, 2/11 3pts. that is how he practices his games

    1030. agreed

    1031. Lin in there really frees up Kemba. I can see why Kemab likes it. I cannot imagine Clifford doesn’t want to start Lin. I must assume he was told he was not allowed to do it. Or he just hates small 2’s

    1032. He cannot get that Kardashian stink off him haha

    1033. Boxscore dont tell the whole story

    1034. He struggled but still played good D against a tough player and had 17 points and drew fouls. He wasn’t Mr. 4th quarter. I think there is still a tendency to hesitate, over dribble at times and drive into trees. He also needs to get more experience in the end of quarters situations but he handled a few well. The last FG proves that when Lin doesn’t think and just is determine to score on a drive, he scores. I found him thinking a bit too much this game. But he did well for Miami’s swarming defense. He finished like I trusted Clifford to do. He played a decent amount of minutes. Good enough.

    1035. wtf dev vs houston

    1036. I’d say Lin could play better. Play with more fire. But if the definition of a bad night is 17pts off the bench, that is AWESOME!!

    1037. are my eyes seeing what im seeing? or am i turning into derrick rose?

    1038. Best player in NBA~

    1039. 17 PPG off bench is good for his next contract. It sucks to watch losing bball with Lin though. I hate it.

    1040. If only they had another ballhandler to add to Kemba and Batum…

    1041. mudiayy alsmot with triple double! LOL 10 TO

    1042. haha youre so silly

    1043. Please don’t, i just tasted a little bit of my dinner in my mouth.

    1044. hes partly talking about lin i think.

    1045. I know I am so happy Dev beat Rox… Ya! But NYK will win Bucks. smh!

    1046. Dead weight. Whatever he scores, he gives up on defense. And makes the offense slow down (prevent other from finding their rhythm).

    1047. Not throwing players under the bus. Good.

    1048. Gee, that smells like McHale, there must be some flavor of Haren in the starting lineup.

    1049. Lin is couple “ball sticking” . he will learn fast. great performance overall

    1050. Spoelstra has had a knack of defending the pick and roll well. lins passing lanes were few and far between

    1051. I think lin is trying to figure it out when they load up on him. Lin has a mathematical mind, he has to figure out the formula first.

    1052. memphis got destroyed

    1053. I consider Lin a top 10 ALL NBA guard. Just personal belief. I expect a lot more from him I guess.

    1054. I liked Lin playing with the first unit and did not like Lin playing with the second unit.

    1055. AL my suspicions are confirmed.

    1056. what are they?

    1057. Lin seems to have too much energy left. He needs 36 mins

    1058. When Lin plays with the 1st unit, it prevents defenses from loading up on Kemba and Batum.

      When Lin plays with the 2nd unit, it allows defenses to load up on Lin.

      That’s why Lin has to start. No excuses. No politics. Just the facts.

    1059. He’s getting there. He fought tonight, wasn’t letting himself get rattled by them. They want to intimidate and Lin said I’ll fight. That’s good. He’ll watch tape and get more informed for his mathematical mind.

    1060. AL.
      haha sorry, i couldnt resist the joke.

    1061. LALin
      @JLin7 Sprite player of the game, 17pts 5/10FG with 27mins and closing out the game! Awesome season opener for @hornets! ?


    1062. I think knicks will look decent this year. First year seems like Jackson tried to get rid of everyone who did not fit the triangle. He probably wanted to get rid of Melo too. Jackson has only been the GM for one stinking year. With the NY Media his year just seems longer. This is the first year I feel he is starting to build what he wants to see.

    1063. He’s a rhythm player. He can “stink” for 5 minutes and then be Space Jam MJ for the next 10.

    1064. Well, I guess coach noticed and benched him in the 4th.

    1065. Against blitzing defenses they need to run pick and pop

    1066. Off topic – Okafor Sixers 10/16 for 26pts. Nice move Lakers.

    1067. Lin play most in 1 and 4

    1068. good analysis

    1069. Such dummies. Funny thing is that Okafor would be great even in a crappy BS offense.

    1070. I have to agree with you that this rotation will not work against the better teams. At least I have to give Clifford credit for sitting Al at the end.

    1071. I agree, Lin gets more shooting chances as SG with teammates like Walker and Batum willing to pass to him.

    1072. ouch, that really stings. Jim Buss needs to stop.

    1073. Would give him even more credit if he tells Al he needs to come off the bench and start Lin!

    1074. Great defense too. Green was only 3-9 or 4-10 on Lin himself…and he’s 6’7″! Average SG is 6’5″.

    1075. Forgive me for using this word but the ball did get “sticky” sometimes with Lin in the first half. Miami’s defense throws him off.

    1076. Wow! God is watching… Rox lose to Nuggets -20. Ya! (home game)

    1077. I predicted before the preseason started that Rox were going to fight for the 8th spot.

    1078. “THANK GOD WE HAVE A REAL PG.” πŸ˜‰

    1079. W that the best player in the league (2-12 for 3P) they sure need to fight hard…. LOL!

    1080. Lin’s frustration to me about this game was people didn’t stick to the formula like in preseason.

    1081. Lin should be the starting SG.

    1082. Ya! I was so surprised to see how bad Hornets played… no spacing, no screen… what happened?

    1083. Harden got that Kardashian curse. LOL

    1084. Ya, that 2nd quarter was kind of helter skelter. No flow at all

    1085. is it a STD?

    1086. haha, it is hard to get it off him

    1087. I just saw that Mudiay made 11 TOs…and still kicked the crap outta the Rox.

    1088. Problem was 1) Not starting Lin 2) Big Al and Co. being lazy on D

    1089. We had seen this too many times when Lin was with Rox. Players got selfish and tried to get more credits when Lin had led them to a winning streak.

    1090. Haha! He asked for it….LOL!

    1091. Pelicans SUCK

    1092. 2nd quarter was blank ugly in every sense. JLin couldn’t do much at that quarter even when he was put back in for a couple minutes.

    1093. Naw, it’s the kardashian women, if you are involved with them, they suck the life right out of you. LOL

    1094. overated davis?

    1095. its Lawson / Harden chemistry problems. He didn’t realize Lin is ideal for him or Morey/Mchale didn’t see it being blind. Beverly probably mad too now bench.

    1096. okay, it is a suckily transmitted disease.

    1097. ??? Kemba shared a ton except at the end when the game was over. Even then I saw him give Lin a couple transition feeds. Lin and Harden was 10/90. Lin and Kemba was 40/60…just didn’t play enough together.

    1098. so anyone see the rockets collapse? wow look at that score. 105 to 85

    1099. What is this? Can you repost???

    1100. Nop. Just saw the score and the stat. Watching Hornets game:-)

    1101. didn’t format correctly.

    1102. I thought Haren was a stats paper tiger pumped by the league to produce studs.

    1103. LOL

    1104. ok enjoy the boxscore.

      harden goes 6 for 21, 2 for 12 from three pt land. wow

      lawson 3 for 10.


    1105. I saw a few shots that Jeremy should have taken but he hesitated. I think in the next games he will just let it fly. His shot has improved , he should just take it.

    1106. trade his @zz

    1107. I think he tried to find someone for AS but….

    1108. weak roster. bad coaching. everything I guess. Gentry has failed before. Starter guards are hurt.

    1109. pelicans wtf

    1110. Yup, appeared to be indecisive. Should recognize when teammates shots aren’t falling, he should just let it fly. What’s the difference? I’ll take his chances.

    1111. Thought she broke up with Hardin to go back to Lamar? Hardin should feel lucky he got away from that career killer.

    1112. Talk trash about jeremy Lin all you want. He still making bank compared to your irrelevant self.— CarleΓ³n (@carlthelion18) October 29, 2015

    1113. replace jrue holiday with jlin

    1114. She did but it may be too late. The damage was done.

    1115. um, whats the context for this? hah

    1116. No Omer Asik – jk.

    1117. No wonder Walker likes Lin beside him. Lin can improve Walker’s FG % by attracting defense, Batum can’t.

    1118. Maybe crutch fans could move on from Lin as the scapegoat and go to Khloe Kardashian.

    1119. 43 port
      18 pelicans


    1120. While I don’t believe Davis is overrated , he is clearly not polished yet. At all… yesterday he was playing like a perimeter player.

    1121. Lakers just got some competition.

    1122. Harren fans (and McHale/Morey) hate the PG who outplays Haren. Lawson is going to get the scapegoat treatment very soon.

    1123. What are you talking about? They played one game and the team showed fight getting themselves back into it. They played one of the top defenses in the East. Still Miami uncharacteristically hit a lot of their 3s and that was big in them winning. Who gets fired after 1 game anyway even if they were just atrocious which they weren’t?

    1124. Morning News USA
      NBA News: Jeremy Lin Scores 17 Points, Shines In Charlotte Hornets Debut – http://www.morningnewsusa.com/nba-news-jeremy-lin-scores-17-points-shines-in-charlotte-hornets-debut-2341555.html …


    1125. Even @hornets wants him to start
      “17pts off-the-bench. Can be more, ya’ know?” #StartLin

      If this was Rox or Lakers, none would acknowledge it

    1126. hrm picture seems a bit dated

    1127. And he did it all wearing his Knicks uniform!

    1128. Ya, had to double check the date of the tweet.

    1129. kobe bricks after bricks

    1130. Kemba should file petition for JLin to start =)

    1131. They can’t find a more recent photo? Like from the Rockets.

    1132. Lin’s 3pt stroke is very different from previous seasons, more pushing rather than throwing.

    1133. Bemba would benefit the most from Lin starting. lin himself not so much.

    1134. What’s the quality of this brand of brick ?

    1135. Charmin soft.

    1136. spanish rick shooting well

    1137. Lol

    1138. No Hairsanity it seems. Just regular Linsanity. lol.

    1139. watching a diff game feed?

    1140. 1-6… He’ll have enough to build a house by the end of the game…

    1141. Kobe picking up right where he left off:


    1142. haha, snarky

    1143. it will happen .. more spacing for all 3 of them.
      Kemba did try to pass to a cutting Lin in preseason .. once

      Lin will benefit with more minutes+FGA

      Baby steps, ya know

    1144. Kobe will try for the assist record this year. kobe cares nothing about mentoring young players on his team.

    1145. Anyone knows why Al benched in 4Q? No Defense? Or Clifford wants the new lineup without Al to close games?

    1146. Wow! By the time he reaches his 50th season he’ll be getting 1 outta 2 shots in… Great!

    1147. There’s no need to panic. I have complete faith that coach will figure it out. I had the Hornets going 7-3 in first 10, losing the first 2 games.

    1148. Clifford went small b/c Miami was destroying the Hornets with Jefferson, Hairston, and Williams on the floor clogging up everything

    1149. He could have gone with Lin/Walker/Nic/Zeller/Al.

    1150. 1 outta 2 = 50%…thats elite!

    1151. The best way to pad ASTs is to pass at the end of the shot clock like Haren often does.

    1152. The offense is also predictable with Al in it.

    1153. That can’t be right, Harden’s efficiency is “3 deviations above the norm”…said some GM.

    1154. Don’t worry. It’ll only take him another 30 years to get there…

    1155. Now that you mention it I can’t believe I am actually feeling slightly sorry for the guy.

    1156. Surprising NYK played well, with 7 guys having double digit.hmmm need to watch the game later…

    1157. ditto…to me they played well…..pretty sure will see more improvements n lineups/rotations and team chemistry…as we go on

    1158. This change is to improve his quick release. It still not quite there yet and his release is still a little too high above his head IMO. It’s much improved from all the hard work with Doc. Bio mechanically, it allows the big muscles of the core and legs to propel the ball while the forearm and hands feel for the arc of the shot. It’s a much more efficient way to shoot for guards.

    1159. Lin on defence ….

    1160. Another nice shot …

    1161. I know their bench helped them won the game. Melo played so so…. Even Lakers win now… smh!

    1162. [–]turnertornado 14 points an hour ago

      good first and fourth quarters, abysmal second and third quarter. need to use that kemba, lin, batum trio more often. cant have marvin being the player getting the most minutes.


      [–]syowsers 8 points an hour ago

      That was rough to watch. Agree with Frank needing more minutes, but I can’t ever figure out Clifford and his player management. Love big Al but with him there is a huge liability on D.


      [–]stuffthangz 4 points 55 minutes ago

      Am I the only one who feels it would be great to use Al as 6th man off the bench for instant offense? he’s too slow to guard starting bigs or run with the young guns on the break, and lets be honest, the ball stops when you go to the post, Hawes/Zellar/Batum/Lin/Kemba lineup would see constant ball movement and open looks

      – From Hornets reddit

    1163. port 70
      pelicans 43

      what the helllllllllll

    1164. More off topic – Carmelo Anthony 11 pts. Knicks blow out Bucks. Hmmmmmmm.

    1165. The coach or FO may have got some wishful thinking from the preseason
      wins that they have the luxury of not needing Lin at the 1st unit as planned long ago. Well the truth is cold and clear: only Lin is
      able to make other players and the Hornets much better.

    1166. IMO, I think they try to stick w/their original plan of line up. Using PJ as a placeholder for MKG.

    1167. I’m pretty sure as the season goes…the Coach is smart enough to make the necessary changes

    1168. I hope so. If he does it’ll be more fun to watch by utilizing everyone’s natural talents.

    1169. At least we should be proud of one thing from JLin, he is making history again: as the best player on a NBA team, he has to come off the bench to play.

    1170. Yes, it’s also easier to become good at it than his previous form, which aims to launch above a defender.

    1171. Clifford stand the checking line as planned and it worked to keep it close until the scoring line came in. It forced the heat Starters back on court early to counter the Lin scoring run. Clifford didn’t make the necessary adjustments to help Lin get free and allowed Heat to trap the engine of the Hornets. It was all over by the time Lin came back in in the third.

      Al was taken out because he was clogging the driving lanes and took Lin and Kemba’s strength away. Meanwhile the hornets were horrible from the perimeter causing Heat to collapse defence in because they didn’t fear the 3. Clifford was too late to make the change to go small and open up interior defence of heat.

      In the end, the difference wasn’t Lin at all. He did what he could given how badly the team shot. Heat shot 60% or 12 3s to Hronets 6 with Lin making half (?) of them.

    1172. Clifford started the checking line as planned and it worked to keep it close until the scoring line came in. It forced the heat Starters back on court early to counter the Lin scoring run. Clifford didn’t make the necessary adjustments to help Lin get free and allowed Heat to trap the engine of the Hornets. It was all over by the time Lin came back in in the third.

      Al was taken out because he was clogging the driving lanes and took Lin and Kemba’s strength away. Meanwhile the hornets were horrible from the perimeter causing Heat to collapse defence in because they didn’t fear the 3. Clifford was too late to make the change to go small and open up interior defence of heat.

      In the end, the difference wasn’t Lin at all. He did what he could given how badly the team shot. Heat shot 60% or 12 3s to Hronets 6 with Lin making half (?) of them.

    1173. Hornets Postgame | Steve Clifford – 10/28/15

    1174. I just finish watching the Nuggets whooping the rockettes. …I love every minutes of the game…especially enjoyed each of the 9 to’s committed by hogden,the wolverine, and the dui pg…hahaha

    1175. When batum guarding Wade, I’m in concern. It reminds me of Michale putting Parsons on CP3.

    1176. Lol…lame picture…or hidden msg

    1177. trying hard to read between the lines….what is Coach trying to say?

    1178. new MIA postgame thread is open


      JLin played very well and finished with 17p/2a/1r in 27 min (5-10 shooting) in 94-104L vs MIA

      He had a great chemistry w/ Kemba+Batum in the 4th quarter to cut the lead to 5 but the 16pt Heat lead was too much to overcome.

      If he started, Charlotte would have won since Kemba/Batum shot very poorly at 8-28 shooting and they had many open looks with Lin’s presence in the 4th quarter run.


      #Hornets also shot poorly at 25% 3s (6-24) vs Heat 60% (12-20)
      Lin/Batum/Kemba had 5 treys + 1 by Hairston
      Kemba/Lin/MWill had 4 asts on those 6 made threes.

      When will Coach Clifford insert Jeremy Lin in the starting lineup to produce points with Kemba and Batum? My prediction is he might try to give lineup 10 games before making any changes.

    1179. They should be starting group too!

    1180. So good to hear that… Ya!

    1181. Maybe after they trade Al.

    1182. It was a really tough test for Clifford to coach against Spo. He’s quick and nimble with adjustments and knows how to neutralize Lin, Kemba and Batum. I’ll reserve judgement on Clifford’s skills to be a great coach. His willingness to plan a long term strategy, however flawed it may be is still better than none at all like BS and Mchale.

      Players need to make shots too and when the team isn’t shooting well and only Lin and Zeller is 50%, it makes the defence so much easier and vice versa. The 7-1 preseason was created by guys making shots. Zeller and Roberts played great in preseason, but they looked like deer caught in headlights. All indications are that Lin will make even more impact as a Hornet simply because he’s their best 3 pt shooter. They jacked up 25 and made only 6. But I liked that they are committed to the new game.

    1183. Can’t wait that long. When are teams allowed to trade?

    1184. The dilemma with Jeremy Lin as coach Clifford said before is that Lin plays well with everybody!

    1185. There you go. Lin will get his 26 plus minutes and finish.

    1186. Wade was really good. He’s really a great basketball player.

    1187. Totally agreed, JLin did a good job held on Green in first half. At 2Q 2:17 Lin Substitution replaced by Hairston, Green only got 2pts at that time; then after Lin off, within 90 sec, Green made 2 of his 3pt shots;

    1188. my bad…but your new name is funny..hahaha

    1189. Here is Dwyane Wade throwing Mike Bibby’s shoe off the court…

      By the way, Bibby’s year with the Knicks (2011/12) was his last year in the league. He started in 1998/99 and had career earnings of $107 million (via Basketball Reference).

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