G09 SAS @ LAL PreGame Thread

The Lakers is down 1-7 after 2 losses on the road where common patterns have developed:

  1. Kobe can’t help himself to shoot his team out of the game. Kobe’s shot average is 24.5/gm which is the highest in NBA surpassing the 2nd (19 FGA) by almost 30%
  2. weak defense by 2 big men (Hill and Boozer)
  3. weaker bench after Wayne Ellington was out indefinitely due to a family tragedy

Jeremy Lin came off 4 straight games averaging double-digit points (18,21,12,15) where he seemed to figure out his role with the starting unit to be the 2nd playmaker after Kobe. He was ready to shoot more with red-hot 3FG% (42.3% in the last 5 gms) and excellent Nash-like FT% (92.9% FT)

Jeremy is smart to be aggressive and assertive by taking enough shots to quiet the critics when he didn’t shoot enough but kept waiting for his teammates to pass to him more without forcing the issues.

How will Jeremy play against the Spurs, especially with Price being out with 1-game suspension?

  • He probably will play more than his 32min/game average
  • JLin knows how to play against the Spurs. (His avg last season was 12pts/6.7asts in 3 gms)
  • Will Byron Scott stagger Lin’s minutes so he plays less with Kobe and more time with the 2nd unit in Price’s absence?
  • Will Kobe shoot less than 27 FGA/gm to come closer to 20FGA when Lakers won their only game against the Hornets? We may hope but don’t bet any money on it.

We may not see JLin’s epic 38pt/7ast performance vs the Spurs in Dec 2012 where James Harden was absent but we can dream what JLin could do if he is the main playmaker in a few years

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  1. Roar!!!

  2. Sleeping Michael still has Lin-like aggression!

  3. I just couldn’t fall asleep. Now I know why.

  4. Puny 2nd.

  5. Roar 2….

  6. Puny 3rd. :/

  7. Do you even sleep? hehe

  8. You unknowingly stole @Jedi’s 6th sense (while sleeping) :>

  9. Always.

  10. LOL. Was taking a nap:-)

  11. JLin 23/8, baby!
    I got a really good fee-Lin’ about this ;p

  12. Hey. Me too. Weird huh.

  13. I thought thats what we said the last game?!!!
    I’m not following you, this time run…jinx!

  14. 32/8?

  15. 15/4 for me…. ;x

  16. You never follow me.XD

  17. only if Kobe is taking a vacation :]

  18. 21pts/8asts/3reb/2to/3pf + Jeremy vs TP showdown = one happy fan

    Now if I can only move to Los Angeles… lol

  19. Wow! Mavs had good rotation bench against 76ers and all played significant minutes with good contribution!

  20. I’ll put the Lin Epic Spurs 38pt 2012 video here so it won’t slow down loading

  21. You dont want to move here. It’s dirtY. Lol

  22. Kobe gets iced?! 😉

    I rather see both of them working together as one of the best backcourt!

  23. same with last game :]

  24. Aww Patrick “Harden,we gotta share the ball” Patterson

    This is one of my favorite Rockets lineup.

  25. the grinch has been foiled

  26. I think this one will be brutal for the Lakers. The Spurs beat Warriors by 13 at GS.

    My prediction: Spurs win by 16, 108-92. The only reason not more is because they’ll be leading so much by 4th quarter that the Spurs starters will be sitting. Spurs will have so many easy cuts to the basket like a practice drill. Parker will have easy layups because they’ll simply screen Lin, then no interior defense after that. Lin with 19 pts, 5 asts.

  27. well, that’s not saying much because it’s against the Sixers, who are even worse than the Lakers. Mavs starters were pulled halfway through the 3rd quarter!


  28. did I miss anything?

  29. well, didn’t Clips just beat the Spurs, and LAL might have beaten Clips if not for Kobe in the 3rd going really crazy? Seems so long ago, I might have our games mixed up.

  30. Lin needs keep attacking on Parker like he used to be, Parker can’t keep it up with Lin, and don’t afriad if his shots being blocked or miss shots.. I expect 20+ pts from Lin today, 5-6 asts, 6-8 FTA, and 1 steal or 2..

  31. Lakers will not face a team with a losing record until Nov 23 vs DEN. It is very likely for the Lakers to go 1-12.

  32. @psalm234:disqus Are you playing with the site in the last hr or so. Couldn’t sign in the site at first and then couldn’t find this thread. This happened more frequently now than before:-(

  33. Am going to 18 pts 5 asts for this game. LOL increase my confidence on JLin to just outshine everyone again:-) There is no bb but more sentimental sense:-)

  34. WOW! Another 4 more games to endure and maybe a second win???!!!! 沒眼看! No eyes to see is the literal translation:-)

  35. No so bad in some LA areas but seem to me air polution was pretty bad. Maybe I’m too used to Brisbane bay area “clean” air:-) Having said that, was surprised to see how ran down certain stretch of different cities/town, not just LA, when I drove over 6000 miles (13 states) in my May 2013 US trip.

  36. Compared to now, Lin seems a lot more raw and playing with only one speed, VERY FAST. Even so, he put up a nice game. It was nice to watch again, but it also reminded me of how Lin pretty much wasted 2 years in Houston. Although I don’t think Lakers is the best place for him, I am so glad he got traded. Go for 38 points tonight, Jeremy! =)

  37. MEM down by 18 pts with 7:37 left the 4th quarter, yet win it on this play:

  38. Only happen if JLin gets the actual ball back more often than invisible ball:-)

  39. Keys to the Game

    1) Kobe takes 20 or less shots (more efficient shooting)
    2) Lin takes 12 or more shots
    3) Lin plays at least 32 minutes
    4) Lin stays aggressive
    5) Lakers stay aggressive on the boards and box out (Hill and Boozer got outrebounded by Tony Allen 1Q last game)
    6) More time with Lin and Davis on the floor (resulted in 11-0 run last game)
    7) Protect the paint (Davis needs to be a better job of rim protection)
    8) Defend against 3 point shooters

    I’m glad Price is out because Lin now can work with the faster Clarkson who’ll run the floor with him and Lin can lead the 2nd team with Davis without Price trying to be point guard. Hopefully, we’ll see some nice runs like the one at the end of the Pelican’s game.

  40. Interesting thoughts on Kobe shooting too much:


  41. He makes good points. Kobe’s production just drops off in the 4th quarter. They need to rest him more.

  42. my morning reflection:

    I never understand it, but I learned from my observation when Lin came to Lakers. Kobe is truly a god of NBA, everybody around him is pretending he is. I still couldn’t believe it.

    He obviously is a great player, but just like many other great persons, his greatness blinded himself so much and became the reason for failure.

    In that sense, he is really a baby. Lin is way up there and can become his grandpa. I never buy the idea Kobe can become Lin’s mentor, never ever. Should be the other way around, period.

  43. I would say he copied an NBA legend. He modeled his game after Jordan and became a great player. Right now Kobe is at the tail end of his career and becoming somewhat like Jordan was on the Wizards.


  44. I think in the first games, when kobe came off the court production dropped because Boozer/Hill took it upon themselves to play iso ball. As the games progressed they got better playing with lin. I don’t believe for one minute kobe is trying to save the team, this is all about him beating MJ’s record. Scott won’t or can’t police up kobe and this what we have. I was glad payton called out BS, because it’s time.

  45. The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that Scott is pushing Price because he wants lin to run the 2nd unit and let kobe ballhogg in the 1st unit and use lin/2nd unit to win games.

  46. I like the part where Payton said that when Bryant was sitting on the bench, that was when the team was playing basketball and winning games. Oh, and that guy in the middle made a quick point about how well Lin and Davis were playing together.

  47. Not sure as JLin didn’t have much chance to play anyone except first unit. He was out a lot while Kobe was still in the game. When he returned, he always played with Kobe and first time. If he played with second unit for a brief while, he was sg instead of pg. That’s why my puzzlement on BS’s strategy. He was handcupped by Kobe and Price because of BS.

  48. So with the severely shorthanded Lakers I think Jlin will do well… if BS will put Lin and Davis together for long stretches it could be at least an exciting game to watch.

    LALvsSAS my predictions severely shorthanded LAL team @JLin7 16pts|8ast what's yours? links to last yr gm threads http://t.co/QjEd6NeQG7— JLinArticles&Facts (@JLArticlesFacts) November 14, 2014

  49. Sure glad media dared to point this out. My fear is Kobe will etermine to play even more Kobe ball now just to prove everyone wrong.

  50. My hope is JLin will play more in this game but with BS, that isn’t guaranteed. He may still do his handcupping on JLin’s minutes and rotation for his own agenda.

  51. Lin plays SG with Price because he is a better shooter. The problem is Price doesn’t give lin the ball. I think lin will start shooting more when given the opportunities.

  52. I really think this game will be the sure sign if they are tanking and just letting Kobe get his records or if they legit want to win some games and develop some talent.

  53. yeah, i noticed that too.

  54. Kobe was on court all the time so there is not real 2nd unit time… I guess Scott just wants more Kobe ISO time that’s why Lin always the first one off the court from 1st unit.

  55. Ya! That’s exactly what he did & will do from now on.. bc after Wed lose.. he didn’t say anything needed to change by the way he played… To him this is the right way to do it. smh!

  56. It was last game in scrub time. The first 5 points lakers scored in scrub time was against the NO starters and they brought the game back within 7 points from a 19 point deficit. People saying lin needs to be assertive, how is suppose to do that when the coach can’t control kobe, hill/boozer keep making the same mistakes without repercussions. I think Lakers could have won the Memphis game if they had less kobe and more Lin.

  57. Excellent Lakers player wallpaper for #17

  58. Lin and Davis had 2 plays each in Top 5 Lakers Plays of the Week

  59. “There, there, Coach… We can keep your sanity with LIN-sanity”

  60. Just finished watching the entire Lakers vs Pelicans game with my friends.

    Goodness, Lakers starters were so slow. One of my friends commented that Boozer and Hill were slower than his grandma who has had cataract surgery done on both eyes. And Jeremy hardly ran any fast break offense with the team 🙁

  61. Yup, that’s why Lakers almost never have easy points with fastbreaks. They always seem trailing all game long.
    BScott needs to let Lin/Henry/Clarkson let loose like the last 3-4min in the last game

  62. ok, time to put your own @JLin7 caption :]


  63. psalm, not sure if it’s the slow pace that cheese me off. I don’t enjoy watching Lakers games even with Jeremy running the offense..only when jeremy has Ed Davis and some second unit guys playing the last few minutes in the 4th qtr last game made me nailed on the chair to finish watching the game.

  64. it is time to coach

  65. Yeah.. It is Houston Rocket all over again, but in better situation (better fans, medias).

  66. Coach, Kobe is equally happy to break the most rings won record if you let me play PG and Kobe plays SG.

  67. Calm down coach, I got this

  68. What do you think about tonight? Kobe will play team ball?! More Lin?

  69. are the spurs resting their starters since this is supposedly a “gimme” game for them? If so we might have a chance,

  70. Does anyone know why we can’t access JLin’s Chinese FB in north america anymore?

  71. Maybe you are right, Joyce. But I havent come to that conclusion yet..hmmmm

  72. Byron’s Princeton/triangle system is simply antiquated and the personnel is simply too slow/old to score points in a hurry.

    But the #1 demise comes from weak big men defensive crime by Boozer and Hill because opponents just have practice layups around them. It also prevents possibility of rebound and fastbreak for easy points.

    BScott’s indecisiveness with Boozer (4 more games before changing things?) will prove to be costly to him because it’s clear what Boozer cannot do at this point, which is to turn back the clock and be young again.

    Besides, it’s Kobe who is the central point of offense because Lin/Hill and Price/Davis are designed to complement him while Kobe plays NBA2K shootout out there.

    The only thing good happening now is Lakers only got 1 W when Lin ran the offense and had the same points with Kobe (only 20FGA). It’s up to Kobe and Byron to decide if they want to continue to get embarrassed or utilize Lin more to get more wins. Lin can only wait to drain those wide open 3s when Boozer and Kobe pass to him.

    I’m fully content watching Lin playing his best and wait for his chances out there. The ball is in Kobe’s and BS court. I don’t let Ws or Ls bother me much as long as Lin performs well and not get blamed 😀

  73. Read somewhere said FB combine them to one?!

  74. but JLin’s Chinese FB posts are not showing up… 🙁

  75. I guess right now there is no JLin’s Chinese FB now?! That’s why he post lots of video to his weibo?!

  76. I just check, they seem to OK to see his post from Chinese FB?!

    baidu http://tieba.baidu.com/p/3409241231

  77. Jeremy: Coach, thanks for the memories. Now George Karl/some other coaches is poised to take over.

  78. Wow I.SO.LIKE.THESE! Now I know what I truly want for Christmas, and I’ve only wanted one thing ever since… I want Jeremy Lin wearing these in my gift bag!

  79. hmmm… I wonder why?

  80. maybe they are from outside of north america? Taiwan?

  81. Ya! Not USA.

  82. I don’t know…

  83. When the announcers say Lin is a one man fast break…they are literally saying there is only one man.

  84. It’s always good when HOF player like GP said what we all know:
    1. “Kobe shoots too much”
    2. BScott’s fault to not rest Kobe in the 4th quarter where he shoots only 29% being tired

    It’s almost funny to watch these Kobe analysis where everyone just laugh it off in the end because they know Kobe will be Kobe and not much can change him except for Kobe. I’m learning quickly to adapt to this stress-free approach :]
    As long as Lin performs well and not get blamed, I’m good!

  85. I don’t think so. The times Pops sat their starters was usually in back to back games against a top team (Rockets this year, Heat in a previous year). This game will be very easy for the Spurs, they won’t need to exert much energy. Now, the starters will probably sit by the 3rd quarter though.

  86. lol .. nice knowing you, coach.

  87. Lin: “Will you keep in touch when you’re on the golf course with Nash?”

    Scott: “Sure, as long as my boy Price keeps up with our bags! He owes me big time and promised to be our caddie for a year after this.”

  88. who are you..now?

  89. One thing I am pretty pleased about is that, at least from my limited observations, the media and commentators don’t seem to be putting the blame on Lin. If this were Houston, Lin would have been thrown under the bus already. Instead, there seems to be a rising chorus of voices pointing out how Bryant’s volume shooting is icing out everyone else and is costing them games. And Gary Payton actually called out Scott in that interview. This emerging narrative is, if I’ve read it correctly, is a wonderful change from the Houston days. So yes psalm, you’re absolutely right, I too can’t be bothered too much now about W or L, just so long as our man Lin plays reasonably well given the cirucmstances.

  90. Kobe can mentor Lin only on individual basketball skills (i.e. how to defend, how to ISO, etc.)
    but Lin can mentor Kobe on how to play team-ball.

    But it’s hard for old dogs to learn a new trick so…. yeah, hoping the old dogs got tired of getting trampled and turn to the young dog for help :]

  91. Ed Davis.

  92. @JLinPortal @JLin7 @Librafree "Hey coach can Davis and I do some alleyoops now? No Jeremy,can't you see we are trying to win here"Mc…Scott— JLinArticles&Facts (@JLArticlesFacts) November 14, 2014

  93. It depends. The successful plan needs to include putting Davis in the starting lineup, playing Lin more minutes, telling Kobe to stop shooting so much and giving Boozer some prosthetic legs to jump higher.

  94. In spite an up and down start this season, Jeremy Lin can still
    become a high-impact player for the Los Angeles Lakers once he begins to
    learn how to play alongside superstar Kobe Bryant, according to a panel of Lakers beat writers.

    Lin, who averaged 12.9 points and 4.8 assists per game early this
    season, might have already realized the harsh truth of sharing the same
    backcourt with Bryant.

    Through the first eight games in purple-and-gold jersey, the 26-year
    old Lin showed both the good and bad aspects of his game. There were
    moments where he’s simply sensational, orchestrating the offense with
    ease and knocking down big buckets in pressure-packed situations.
    However, there were also times where he seemed lost and out of control.

    Lin considered his night-and-day showings all part of the process in
    his first season with the Lakers. Still, there’s definitely a reason why
    the Asian-American standout just couldn’t blowup, and analyst are
    pointing to one usual suspect: It’s Kobe!

    NBA Los Angeles writer Baxter Holmes, Ramona Shelburne and Arash
    Markazi all agreed that Lin should start looking for his own shots, with
    or without Bryant on the floor. In fact, these analysts believed Byron
    Scott should give Lin more playing time, especially when Kobe is taking
    some breather, to provide the Lakers some scoring punch.

    Everybody knows that Lin’s two-year stay with the Rockets had not
    been fruity alongside James Harden. Unfortunately for Lin, the same
    predicament he had with a ball-dominant Harden in Houston is all
    happening again with Bryant in Los Angeles.

    Lin loves to have his ball in his hands and create opportunities for
    him and his teammates. He showed these qualities during his time with
    the New York Knicks, when all he had were Bill Walker, Steve Novak and
    Landry Fields in the backcourt. He was running Mike D’Antonis’ offense
    like a wizard, befuddling teams with his deceptive quickness and potent
    offensive game. But things suddenly went downhill from there once
    Carmelo Anthony returned from injury. With Melo asking more isolation
    play, Lin couldn’t any longer create easy scoring opportunities for the
    Knicks and become more passive.

    Lin will obviously not make Bryant change his game to accommodate his
    playing style. The Mamba will keep on asking for the ball in almost
    every possession. However, Scott can exploit Lin’s scoring prowess by
    playing him with the Lakers second unit. Ed Davis, Xavier Henry, Ryan
    Kelly and even Nick Young all love to play up-tempo, and having Lin
    running fast-breaks would certainly provide the Lakers a more sustaining
    attack from the second stringers.

    “The key for Lin is aggressiveness. The Lakers want him to
    orchestrate their offense, not look for Bryant and then run the offense.
    The more times he is on the court where Bryant isn’t even a thought in
    his mind, the more muscle memory he can develop in that role,” according
    to Shelburne.

    It’s going to be rough season for the Lakers. Although they have been
    competitive against Western Conference powerhouses, there’s no denying
    they ran out of gas in the endgame. It’s true that Bryant is still a
    force to be reckoned with as a scorer. It’s also true that he cannot
    carry the Lakers on his back alone.

    For this proud franchise to have any chance of making a run at making
    into the playoffs, everything must start in the development of Lin into
    a more confident player. And it all starts in Bryant trusting more his
    backcourt partner. No matter how hard it would be for him.

    Read more: http://www.travelerstoday.com/articles/14222/20141114/los,angeles,lakers,jeremy,lin,jeremy,lin,trade,jeremy,lin,rumors,jeremy,lin,news.htm#ixzz3J3wCgGHR

  95. yeah looks really good! Are you switching now? 🙂

  96. It’s all about the ahem…shoes right?

  97. It will be interesting to see how Clarkson does in this game, likely hood he gonna get more minutes

  98. JLin: Is Kobe going to pass the ball tonight?
    BS: You are joking right?!

  99. It’s all about the performance while wearing the shoes 😉

  100. Switching to Adidas hahaha

  101. Let wait for more to see if this water hose can stop this house on fire before I we can call nine one one.

  102. Right, Kobe is always Kobe.. its hard 2 change him, its his team. Team bbll isnt in his dictionary, cuz he tries 2 break record 2 prove something. As long as Lin stays healthy, gives it all in the game, n maybe pats the stats sometimes.. 🙂

  103. LOL, someone needs to make another part to that series, comparing current Kobe to Wizards Jordan

  104. In his last 4 games, Jeremy Lin is averaging 17/2/4 on 51% FG with just 1.8 turnovers per contest.


  105. I’d laugh all night long if Lin just did his fast break plays by himself. Take the ball run as fast as he does & shoot 3s all night long, before the other team or his own team can say wtf. If Bryant/Scott has anything negative to say, just tell them he’s playing ‘aggressive’ w/a Fu.. attitude. Dare his slow geriatric team mates to catch up. Boozer/Bryant have the ‘old’ age excuse, but the rest should be able to pick up the pace…even a little would help. smh

    I’m gong to predict 24/7 for Lin tonight, if Bryant plays w/others & 15/4 if he plays by himself.

  106. Let’s go JLin!

  107. Let us pray for Kobe.

  108. If he ends up with 17 points and 5 assists average for this season, that wd be great. At least, he wd get a decent contract from some teams. Getting those stats on 10 shots per game is nothing to sneeze at.

  109. Hey, I don’t mind … start and come out, run 2nd unit, come back for last 3 mins if he’s under 30 and game is close. Mathematical minds can figure it out. Scott is not trying, Mr 20 games. They’ll keep losing unless he coaches. It’s always one or other reasons, like Kobe, Hill, Booz, no ball movement, no perimeter D, no paint D, no transition play, no 3s, … all coachable. Only thing not on him is injuries.

  110. When your team’s minority owner is a Chinese-American who is the richest man in Los Angeles County, you can’t act like Houston towards the only full Asian-American NBA player.

  111. That’s how I’m starting to see things too. If Lin can play w/the mind set of getting his numbers as close to 17/5 first, then let Bryant wear himself out playing by himself all he wants, it’s all good. The Lakers so far has shown they aren’t gong to play Lin’s team ball, so I’m no longer looking for wins to make it to the playoffs. For me: Lin gets his numbers & get’s his team mates involved w/i Bryant’s iso habit.( in that order )

  112. In the last 4 games, Jeremy Lin has quietly entered the 50-40-90 Elite Club
    51% FG
    46% 3FG
    91% FT

    So let’s rejoice and hope JLin continues the trend tonight! :]


  113. Wow

  114. wow wow

  115. Yes! We should only focus on what Lin can control and he’s been performing well as can be seen in the 50-40-90 numbers in the past 4 games :]

    W or L is something that Lin can control since Kobe and BS hold the cards so it’s no use to stress over it.

    I want to stay in the #StressFreeJLinCheeringZone :p

  116. wow wow wow

  117. These are the only numbers that I really care about for Lin.

    He can’t control most things in the games, but he has some control over these figures.

  118. Bow Wow Wow :]

  119. If more fouls were called, this number will be even greater…higher FG%..

  120. Byron Scott should point to the man in his mirror if he wants to talk bad defense.

    With Bryant bricking and freezing out teammates, the entire Lakers team is lethargic offensively and that spills over onto defense.

  121. Exactly, KHuang!
    IMO we can only cheer or comment on what Lin can control on the court.
    As long as he’s performing the best to his ability, I would choose to stay in the #StressFreeLinCheeringZone :]

    Let Kobe and BScott worry about the W and L

  122. I think the ideal number of 3s Lin take per game is about five. He could usually ends up with 2 to 4 made I think. Occasionally 1 or 0 or 5

  123. Lin so far shoots 58.3% from C&S 3 and 18.2% for pull up 3s. I think his pull up will be higher later in the season.

  124. yup, like that ‘And-1’ that never came against Marc Gasol.
    but wait .. if he gets more calls and FTs, FG% will stay the same but TS% will increase with more points

  125. No…if more were called, his # of FGM will be reduced, hence higher FG%

  126. Hey Huang, what do you know about this Majek ( not sure how his name’s spelled ), the C Lakers are looking at? Never heard of him, but figured you would know of him if anybody does.

  127. Yes, 5-6 is a good 3FG attempts.

    He made 3 out of 6 in the Hornets win.
    If he’s wide open like he has been, he can easily get 40%-45% 3FG
    His teammates should feed him more.

    Give up good shot for great shot. Oh wait, that’s the Spurs :>

  128. Since the way of LAL operating is not really that ideal. I guess Lin has to be really careful about his shot selection. His efficiency said he did. Good to see. You don’t really want to carry the tag of low eff PG for a losing team in your contract yr. And since you are not THE man of the team, jacking up shots to pad basic box score seems not feasible either. So efficiency will be the only one you can control.

  129. I think he can change it now. And focus more on outscoring ppl.

  130. err.. you lost me a bit here.
    Field Goal Percentage (FG%) Formula = FGM/FGA

    you mean “FGA will be reduced”, not FGM, right?

  131. Scott said that he doesn’t plan to make any major changes until he’s seen the current lineup play about 15-20 games. Kobe is currently averaging 27 PPG. At that rate 27 PPG X 15-20 games = at least 400 points which happens to be how many points Kobe needs to pass Michael Jordan’s career total. Is it a coincidence that Scott is willing to keep losing during the first 15-20 games (25% of the season) before even trying out some adjustments? Perhaps an even more troubling question: when Kobe finally does pass Jordan, will he stop ball-hogging and chucking, taking as many as 37 shots in a game while making only 38% of them?

  132. Since JLin has played with top 3 ball hogs in the current NBA league, who is the next in line if LAL didn’t work out for him?

    Rudy Gay maybe? If yes, his next team will probably be Sac Kings.

  133. Yes…I already edited it…I guess it did not change for somereason

  134. Nope, That’s all he knows to do….looong time habit.

  135. Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving in Cleveland.

    Gay and Cousins in Sacramento.

    Ellis and Parsons in Dallas.

    Any team Lin goes to, there’s going to be hogs trying to freeze him out.

  136. once a disqus commented is loaded on your page, usually it does not get updated until you refresh the entire page. I saw FGA after refresh entire page

  137. I really don’t know anything about him.

    All I can tell is that he’s a player with very average looking athleticism and some well coached skills. That’s it.

  138. Yes they can.

  139. that’s because no GM or ownership groups has the cajones to put the ball in Lin’s hands and let his shoulders carry the franchise at least as far as being the offensive guard who leads the team.

  140. I wonder if Patrick Shiong Song is fine with Lin being “handcuffed in frustration” on the Lakers. I’m sure he is since he is beyond tight with Kobe.

  141. Like Ryan Kelly?

  142. we’ll both would be reduced

  143. No, Ryan Kelly is a much more athletic and creative player than Ater Majok.

  144. I see. no wonder…I almost changed it immediately.

  145. You cannot conclude at this point that there is no FO with cajones. We will find out during Lin’s upcoming FA and next season. Maybe sooner if Lin is traded to another team this season.

  146. Lin always is thinking his own way. Whether right or wrong, or the best approach, at least he has one and sticks to it for better or worse.

    I don’t believe there is anything Lin can do differently right now. It would require Lin carry a different personality for things to change and even then, it may not be enough.

    He’s had to have that Magic Johnson or Jordan persona where players could looks past color lines and feel like Lin was a guy worth following and listening to and deferring to since he is the guy both on and off the court.

    That’s how the CP3’s Jordans Magics did it in there day, dominate on and off the court.

    Lin can do it on, but not off. Same with Nash. Nash was just handed the keys in Phoenix and if you didn’t conform, you were not going to be on that team.

  147. WHo’s he?

  148. .I am saying he did his best to manage the situation. He did great imo.

  149. There will always be ballhogs trying to get away with whatever they can. It’s up to the coach to use his control of minutes to rein them in. Kobe and the Lakers is a special if not unique case where giving fans the Kobe show is even more important than winning.

  150. well I have looked at the roster, direction, and I am a little familiar with ownership and front office of eaach and every team.

    I see no current opportunities for Lin.

    I do feel the Lakers are a Kobe career ending injury away from allowing Lin to be Linsanity and that’s his best bet. However, I believe the Lakers are only going to go there as a last ditch backup plan should they fail to land premier free agents this summer. And next season with Kobe back, even if Lin resigns, Lin’s year this season will basically be the same next season.

    I don’t trust that Laker’s management is giving Lin the ball in 2017. Do you?

  151. I thought so too. You made me excited for a while. LOL I thought we might get another “Kelly”….lol

  152. Laker minority owner and richest man in LA. He sits behind the basket each game with his wife, on the home bench side.

  153. no, he still has to pass Kareem’s record =/

  154. praying for injury every year then

  155. I think he’s a fan, but too smart to get too enmeshed into the system of the Lakers. I read about him in Forbes last month and this guy is super intelligent. He’s got his brains wrapped around on a lot more important things than the NBA.

  156. he’s open A LOT at the perimeter, but Lakers always have tunnel vision. If he was on the Spurs, he would be getting 5-6 threes instead of 2-4.

  157. I think so.

  158. I don’t think it’s his priority.

  159. Nice!

  160. When Kobe was doubled or tripled teamed by defense, was Jeremy the only one that still bothered waving for open shots? I didn’t see anyone else doing that. At least among the starters.

  161. he has no say

  162. First of all I’m not willing to wait until 2017. I think we’ve waited long enough for Linsanity to return. Second, I don’t think you are really able to know what every FO thinks about Lin. I mean did you know in advance that Les Alexander of the Rox would go all out for Lin 2 years ago? As far as which teams actually need a starting PG, again you never know what injuries might occur. Just look at DRose.

  163. Lin was waving good-bye to the possession.

  164. I agree.

    I think he has done very well recently. His first game upset me because I wanted him to be a gunner and kill the Rockets out of my own personal dislike of how they treated him. I wanted him to wipe that smirk off Mchale and Morey’s face more than he did! I think we all felt that way.

    I feel Lin is doing great right now. On some level, he is making the Kobe ball hog thing really obvious and he is making it clear he is being underutilized and that he is pretty efficient for those that care to notice.

    I still believe Lin needs to play with a 2 guard who is a super defender so the 2 guard can guard the other team’s best offensive player and Lin needs super high usage on offense. If he got this chance, he would kill about 90% of the teams in the NBA. And Lin could even guard the other teams scoring PG’s if Lin was allowed to attack them back the same. But I’d like him to save the energy a bit.

  165. Frustrated to see Kobe forced the shot. SMH

  166. Lin’s the only one who didn’t get the memo: Kobe does not pass.

  167. I’m sure he has no say. I just wonder if he’s cool with it or not.

  168. just curious if he’s a Lin supporter on some level being Chinese heritage or more of a Lakers/Kobe supporter.

  169. lol

  170. I give credit for Lin bothering to wave. The other guys use to wave too but over time they learned there is no point. Kobe sees the open man, he is that talented, he just doesn’t choose to pass.

  171. Once you accept the fact that Kobe has virtually absolute power, those questions become moot.

  172. You should win the best response of the day ( so far)

  173. i agree with your point

  174. I stop waving too, in front of my TV.

  175. You make a strong point, but I think you are being a big too hopeful and optimistic about Lin’s chances going forward.

    I think this summer will tell us a lot. Personally I believe Lin will end up going to San Antonio this summer and back up Parker and slowly take over Ginobili’s role and perhaps one day step into Tony Parker’s role down the line or just become a 6th man stud for years to come behind Parker there in Spurs.

    Now if Kobe goes down soon? Maybe we see Linsanity. Otherwise, I think San Antonio is a good bet. Texas seems to have ties to Lin from Dallas to Houston. He needs to complete the trifecta.

  176. Or maybe Jeremy was waving to gain momentum so that he can sprint back to defend the fast break ensuing from another Ko-Brick.

  177. but Brent, they do call fouls. When Lin’s opponent trips on Lin’s teammates foot, they immediately call the foul on Lin. Come on now Brent!

  178. I wondered about that too. He grew up in S. Africa, so I’m not sure his take on the Chinese association is the same as a ChineseAmerican’s view. I’m not Chinese, so I’m unfamiliar w/the Chinese heritage connection of those that are from the US & other countries. Melody would probably be a good source to differentiate the views, since she’s from Australia.
    I’m thinking he invested in the team since he’s in LA and the $$ he’s put into that is pocket change compared to his net worth of 12.5b. Probably more of a hobby than a business venture that he needs to get deeply involved. Maybe a distance fan w/o a lot of emotional involvement.

  179. He needs to leave this summer asap and go elsewhere unless Kobe asks for a trade to NYC or is permanently injured.

  180. Funny, probably the best strategy would be for all the other 4 Lakers to just take up positions to get Kobe’s rebounds. Are we there yet or are we waiting for the next Houston game? Kobe would love that idea. Of course whoever gets the rebound needs to pass it back to Kobe.

  181. the problem with the team is infinitely bigger than Lin.

  182. BS: really I’m sorry Lin. I need to keep my job here and keeping Kobe happy is priority 1.

    Lin: it’s ok coach, I know you can’t control Kobe. I’m not mad at you.

  183. You see? The other guys haven’t learned from Kobe how to be aggressive and POTH.

  184. now I LIKE that shoe. Same shoe but nice colorway. Lin should rock that!

  185. I do think that was their original ideal and have Lin get use to playing with Randle and Clarkson and see if that crew could take over as Kobe fades into the sunset.

  186. there are too many Asians in So Cal and too much Asian money from China and abroad in So Cal to be that stupid. It’s financial suicide.

  187. Passing requires talent too.

  188. he has the talent but not the will and big mindedness to make that pass. It’s selfishness and the ridiculousness in himself that he is so good he can rise over 5 guys and make the shot himself.

  189. Thanks! He looked like he had potential by the vid psalm posted, but I know the eyes can be deceiving. I had high hopes of Boozer being more athletic when I saw him, but he’s been disappointing thus far.

  190. Well yeah…but that does not affect the FG%..LOL

  191. sounds about right!

  192. Question for you.

    Do you still feel that Bryant is the “best” player when it comes to making contested shots that no one else can make?

    I still do.

  193. I’m waiting for the bogus Lin fouls to add up towards the end of the season and see if the Lakers game commentators start picking up on how ridiculous the calls are against Lin.

  194. Being unselfish is a talent too.

    Most players in the NBA are just as selfish as Bryant. They simply aren’t allowed to get away with it like Bryant is.

    Guys like Lin who have great scoring skills AND are unselfish are really rare.

  195. We have been at that point since the beginning of the season.

  196. Good points

  197. Thanks for the Interesting clip. I will give Kobe credit for that, not anyone can learns the things he could. He has to have the talent to do so.

  198. I don’t think Boozer lost his athletic ability much, rather, he lost his touch which worries me more

  199. That’s not necessary.

    If Lin could play for a team where the players minimally
    tolerated his presence, that team would win and win and become a contender.

  200. His FG% will increase, as some misses might be fouled, so his FGA will drop and his miss will drop too. Which will end up in higher FG%.

  201. Lin’s waving goodbye to LA!

    I don’t think he’ll want to be a Laker after this season. The ballhogging by Bryant is too much to overcome.

  202. I like him to take more 3P shots. Kobe seemed to start to take more & more 3P shot now.

  203. That’s funny… LOL!

  204. I consider mentorship more than just teaching some things. I envision a good mentor is a role model to help you make better decisions on skills, playing games, most importantly show you where you will be in your career path.

    Even on the skill level, many skills or tricks are developed along with a player’s personality. Lin is just so different than Kobe on so many levels, I don’t even think Kobe can mentor lin well even on skill level. They live in completely different land.

  205. He is not even helpful so not really matter …

  206. haha good one!

  207. I do notice the pattern though, his waving motions in terms of time and intensity did get downgraded game by game.

  208. Ya, could be. I’m unfamiliar w/his career. I just thought he looked big, tough & athletic, but haven’t seen it. It just proved to me the irony of how others judge Lin as being nonathletic/weak by his physique.

  209. like what, curing cancer? pssh =p

  210. When Jeremy Lin is allowed to feed Carlos Boozer and Kobe Bryant isn’t breaking the play by standing in the wrong spots demanding the ball, Lin and Boozer run two man action that’s just as effective as when Boozer had Deron Williams.

    Right now, the court spacing is too messed up by Bryant for either Boozer or Lin to make consistent plays in the halfcourt.

  211. I wish LAL is as well coached as DAL

  212. I don’t think Rick Carlisle can handle Kobe Bryant either.

    If Phil Jackson couldn’t get Kobe to play teamball, no coach in today’s NBA can.

  213. It started a couple of yrs back I think. Somehow he just can not even a point blank shot under the rim. I was like WT…… If he can not score efficiently, he is hurting the team.

  214. How can anyone continue being a Lin fan if he is not hopeful and optimistic? When Lin was traded to LA, we all thought that his troubles were over. We all got our LA jerseys and game tickets. And then the season opened. I’m still in shock quite frankly.

    Before the season began, there were those that said beware of Kobe. And I would respond, this is not your grandmother’s Kobe! I was sure that Kobe was older, wiser, more mellow. If not, then at least his body would betray him: 36 years old, ruptured Achilles tendon, broken knee bone. Surely his minutes would be restricted. Boy was I wrong. 44 minutes in a regulation game? Kobe is the terminator! Kobe’s career FG% is 45. A 45% FG% plus good offensive rebounders translates into 5 rings. Now, Kobe’s season FG% is only 38% and the Lakers current big men are unable to provide Kobe with enough second chance opportunities. At the rate Kobe is chucking (as high as 37 FGA plus 10 FTs) there is no way the team can compensate for the holes he digs. Linsanity 2.0 could make the Lakers competitive and exciting, but a Scott controlled by Kobe is not even setting plays for Lin.

  215. I know right? just a wishful thinking. MAV now ranked #1 in offense. And the things they run are simple.

  216. Hey, KHuang, glad to see you! Did MJ play teamball? PJ also coached MJ, right?

  217. I am sure he did, that’s what set him and Kobe apart

  218. I really would like to see Lin end up w/Cuban-Mavs…if it wasn’t for big mouth paron being there. I think they would be a contending team w/Lin.

  219. are you suggesting Lin to DAL?

  220. No….Not really. I am simply saying in terms of COACHING. you can see some teams are better coached than others.

  221. oh, boy. good to know. Sounds like Kobe learned all his moves from MJ. So he missed this from MJ…

  222. Well, one has to start coaching first. lol

  223. IMO….MJ takes tough shots while Kobe takes ill-advised shots. That is the difference.

  224. Watching the last game it looked to me that Kobe was getting tired in the last part of the 3rd quarter and most of the 4th quarter. I was playing around with NBA Stats to see if it might reflect in his shooting % if you broke it down by quarter. Sure enough it did, his overall eFG% is 42.9 but in the 4th qtr it is down to 35.7%, His 3FG% drops even more precipitously to 25%. However JLin is most effective in the 3rd quarter. They should limit Kobe’s minutes, take him out early in the 3rd and bring back late in the 4th so he has something left in the tank. JLin’s 3FG% is best in the 4th quarter at 60%. Obviously the money play in the 4th quarter is to throw to Kobe at the post to draw defense and kick it out to JLin but Kobe is like a black hole, throw the ball to him in the post and it never comes back out.


    See attached spread sheet. 2nd quarter seems to be the worst for JLin. Not sure why

  225. Darn, too bad, I just follow Lin’s game and his coaches don’t seem very brilliant to me. I hope one day, I can finally see what a good coach is in NBA.

  226. That confirmed by eye test as well. Although he got hot too early in that game contributed to this effect as well.

  227. wow, that’s deep to me, I need think about it for second.

  228. Just watch Suns, Mavs and Spurs. Ok maybe not Spurs, because they are together for too long.

  229. LOL…..

  230. MJ in his earlier career, he was like Kobe. He lost to Pistons…he evolved later in his career. He let the game play for him. Worked his shot selections. Bulls became unbeatable. Kobe never had that final evolution…Of course he had good supporting cast too. So….

  231. then tonight is the night, haha. but thanks for pointing teams out. I will pay extra attention to those teams when Lin plays against them. I am really not a basketball fan. lol.

  232. Just watch how easy a team can score, and how hard other teams has to work to score on them.

  233. indeed LOL

  234. Ellis is also the one who really control the ball… even he is friend of Lin.

  235. I am learning to see each team how they open space for their players. I have a better understanding now. I think one of the reasons the Lin could not shoot like crazy because his teammates don’t make those spacing for him. Also defense on Lin seems more intense.

  236. LAL does not have enough ball handlers….easier to defend

  237. not sure lol…he dose not convert those really well

  238. I would believe that. The problem is that at this point Kobe seems to want to show off that skill more than he wants to win. I was also surprised to learn that lifetime Kobe is only a 33% 3-point shooter. Pretty mediocre considering how his shorter range shots are all pure net.

  239. well-put, Brent :]
    I bet the eFG% and TS% would show that.
    Hm, that might be a wake-up call if we tweet the Kobe vs MJ eFG% and TS% chart to Kobe 😀

  240. Lin waves his hand to Kobe because he knew he could make the shot.
    The others … were afraid Kobe got mad if they don’t make it after Kobe passes :>

  241. All I ask for Christmas is the Lakers to win straight and to get themselves back to .500 for a serious competition. Also Lin averaged 15 and 8 per game.

    And pls with miracle, 76ers get to upset those Rockets tonight.

  242. He needs some serious adjustment.

  243. Kobe takes both tough, ill-advised shots as well as ill-advised, tough shots. He should have been a Harlem Globe Trotter.

  244. He usually plays only about 6 min in the 2nd Q, I think.

  245. he takes pride in bricking contested shots. He should come off screens and shoot more but that would dent his pride.

  246. very true, if mentoring means teaching overall life skills, Kobe won’t be a good mentor for Lin.

    He’ll only be an extremely good teacher on specific basketball skills (ISO offense and defense as Lin commented)

  247. Ellis does not like Lin. Back in the GS days, Ellis would clearly freeze out Lin and never passed to Lin.

  248. Eric Pincus (LA Times Senior Writer) responded positively to the tweet of Lin’s latest trend to be in 50-40-90 club in the past 4 games.

    It won’t be easy to stay there for the season but it will do a lot of good for the team if he can do it (as Eric said)
    But in perspective, bench support and team defense is a more complex problem to solve.


  249. nice! I was about to make a similar chart too.

  250. cool that you got a reply!

  251. Nice! Seems like Jlin Portal will soon become a voice that can positively influence JLin’s image and maybe even treatment by the media, fans and even the Lakers.

  252. nice….

  253. Thanks! Hopefully it will influence his Linteresting writing :]

  254. He is nice & high on Lin so far but Mike it’s the one did most of the writing for LA Times.

  255. Let’s hope so!
    As long as we portrays how well Lin can help the Lakers win and wish them well, it will go a long way to help Lin’s career.

  256. very true.
    If Eric remembers the info subconsciously and discuss with Mike Bresnahan over lunch time, that would be a good start. Changing mind is a marathon indeed :>
    I see Eric is more a Lin believer than Mike at this point.

  257. Ya! Mike is not Howard Beck for sure.

  258. Even t the age of 40, MJ had better shooting stats

  259. he was away shooting midtnie ball

  260. Lakers are #13 in offense (pts per 100 possessions) and #30 in defense. So for all the criticism about the Lakers offense and Kobe ballhogging and taking bad shots, the offense is not the reason the Lakers are so bad. Even if the Lakers had the #1 offense (which belongs to Dallas), they would still be losing games by an average of 4 pts.

    Even if you look at absolute Points Per Game, Lakers are 11th offense and 30th defense.

  261. Ok now that you’re becoming a “major playa” time to correct this typo: Our #1 Vision is to “Positively Bringing Together JLin Fans”. Either drop the ‘to’: Our #1 Vision is “Positively Bringing Together JLin Fans” or change ‘Bringing’to ‘Bring’: Our #1 Vision is to “Positively Bring Together JLin Fans” The former is probably better. (Didn’t want to seem like a dork but now that Jlin Portal is hitting the big time, need to look sharp.)

  262. True, but if their offense looked great (ie Lin doing his thing) at least they’d be fun to watch.

  263. No RP better equal even bigger minutes for JLin. I’m starting his azz in my daily fantasy. At home, Spurs in town? Parker caint checkem! Expect a huge game tonight.

  264. Yeah its tough to maintain. Even at ROX, he had hit similar numbers. End of the day, BB is a team game.

  265. Not that simple.

    When Kobe ballhogs, it freezes out his teammates. This negatively affects defense in these ways:

    1) Opponents who aren’t having pressure put on them defensively by Lin and his teammates can conserve their energy for offense by resting on defense. Then Lin has to run around extra hard to catch people.

    2) When players are frozen out of the game, they don’t compete as hard. Even a player as focused as Lin is susceptible to mental lulls defensively if he’s frozen out. Also, the ill will from the Lakers toward Kobe and Coach Scott causes them to not exert themselves as hard for victory that would only prolong the freezing out game after game.

  266. LOL :] I know, my son has been reminding me to correct it.
    My brain cells have been overworked lately.
    Your wish is granted! The “to” has been Lin-cinerated

    I knew one of these days Grammar Police will come to hound help me :>

  267. Yep. KOBE shoots 30+ they have very little chance of winning cuz he’s shooting in the 30s FG% wise. It’s pure volume scoring and volume scoring is a sure way to LOSE.

  268. That’s actually true. I’m gonna tweet it “positively” haha..

  269. Stat charts like these are why I’ve switched to this forum.

    It’s as if all the stats geniuses are bunched up on this forum now.

  270. that would be eye opener for some. Just get the numbers and compare it with Kobe.

    *clap**clap* @psalm234:disqus

  271. Rockets are gonna slaughter them. The sixers are historically bad. I wouldn’t start any Rocket starter in fantasy against the sixers because the bench will more than likely be finishing the game. I just want the rox to be one and done in the playoffs as usual and McHale to be gone from the league.

  272. Hello to you, Weifang.

    Michael Jordan was a consummate team player.

    He occasionally irked his teammates by shooting a lot of shots, but generally speaking he really did try to play teamball on both ends of the court.

    Michael Jordan was on a much higher level of skill than Kobe Bryant ever was. He had flawless fundamentals and ultimately did answer to his teammates and coaches unlike Bryant who answers only to himself.

  273. Welcome over Khuang.

  274. But he loves looking good shooting the contested fall aways. He’s Kobe. And he’s now a liability to team basketball though no one will acknowledge it.

  275. Rox may do a little better than last year, thats my prediction

  276. It’s going to take A LOT LESS than “bench support and improved team defense” to raise Lin’s game.

    Simply have Kobe Bryant hog the ball less and ALL PROBLEMS WILL BE SOLVED.

  277. Thank you, ADMINISTRATION!

  278. This is going to be a tough game. My prediction is Lin will get 21/7/4/2 with Price being out and staggering minutes bet. Kobe and him. I like the Spurs but not enough for them to win. It will be a close game for sure. Hope the ref. won’t cheat on Lin tonight. Maybe he can run the second unit with fast pace tempo cuz the 1st unit is just too slooow. Hope LAL come out ready to play. Go Jeremy, Bring the 2nd win for LAL tonight!

  279. That’s definitely true–it’s not that simple. But the primary goal should be to improve the defense, and if distributing the ball around more on offense leads to better team defense, then that’s great.

  280. I don’t think Lin will play less or more minutes.

    Clarkson will run the point while Lin plays at the 2 when Kobe sits.

    While I like Clarkson, I seriously doubt that he’ll pass much to Lin when they’re on the court together. This is because Clarkson is looking for his own shot, not for Lin to score points.

  281. I wrote earlier today that simply getting the ball out of Kobe Bryant’s hands a bit would solve ALL the Lakers’ problems.

    I even think that Kobe Bryant would score better and with more ease if he let other players run the show a bit.

  282. I think they will just load up on Kobe and Lin. And let others to beat them. …So Lin will have very little space to work with today.

  283. Loading up on Kobe works, loading up on Lin doesn’t.

    Teams have found that out the hard way.

    The Spurs’ best strategy is to encourage Kobe Bryant to try to take the game into his own hands.

    Kobe Bryant plays better defense on the Lakers than any NBA opponent does.

  284. A tale of three chuckers. Carmela, Haren, and Kobrick
    Current league leaders in Field Goals Missed:
    1. Kobrick 120
    2. Carmela 105
    5. Haren 87 (helped by league leading 81 FTA)

    Now for the fun, your league leader in total offensive rebound is
    Jordan Hill at 37!

    Keep in mind that Hill mostly camps at perimeter on offense so
    the fact that he can lead the league in total offensive rebound is
    truly astounding. Hill has learned from Bynum that when you

    play with Kobe, the only way for you to touch the ball is to crash
    the offensive glass!

  285. Agreed. The difference is that Lin will pass to the open man, while Kobe will take those contested shots, just the way the opposing team wants.

  286. Wow, thanks to Hill’s rebounding the losses are not as bad as they might be!

  287. If Lin weren’t there putting up incredible efficiency like he’s some sort of NBA 2K15 video game with shooting attributes all set to a 99 rating, the Lakers would be like 30th in offense.

  288. When the winner says so.

  289. You’re ruining my Xmas wish.

  290. Kobe’s bricking makes the Lakers WORSE than the 76ers!

  291. And now that Lin’s REVENGE BASHED Monta Ellis 18-6, Ellis would make sure that Lin never touches the ball if they’re teammates in Dallas!

  292. :o)))

  293. true, Lin’s game will be raised at least 4-6pts if Kobe passes him the ball for those wide open 3s.

    I think Eric meant the bench support and improved team D to raise the good of the team.
    Lin’s doing his part all right.

    I just hope Lin continues to make good decisions to improve his 50-40-90 numbers :>

  294. Production = efficiency X # of shots. Lin’s efficiency is sky high as you say, but the team (ie Kobe) needs to pass to Lin more so he can take more shots. Ok I’m going to stop now. How many different ways can we all say the same thing that everyone already knows? LOL

  295. I don’t know what taught him that 1 on 5 ball is good, but he seems to be instinctively living that every time he’s under pressure. People need to find growing, changing pressure modes to advance …

  296. Taking a step back for perspective… in the offseason when we were all wondering if Lin would be traded to another team, I absolutely did not want Lin to end up on the Lakers because he would just be playing with another ballhogger. And I hate the Lakers too.

    Well, then Lin was traded to the Lakers (btw, I broke that news on jl.net =). I still thought it was a better situation than Houston though. And I still do. So here’s my glass-half-full list:

    – At least Lin is a starter and closes games.
    – At least Lin is not scapegoated by fans and Lakers media
    – At least the home announcers don’t despise Lin
    – At least Lin is tied for 2nd scoring option (as opposed to tied for 4th scoring option)
    – At least his GM actually wanted Lin (as opposed to forced by his boss to do something he didn’t want)
    – At least the Sixers are worse than the Lakers

  297. Yes…I am just saying those open man are not that effective….

  298. Agreed except the 2nd one. “Lin needs to step up”…yeah right…

  299. I agree with them all.

    Add this:

    – At least Kobe Bryant seems to genuinely respect Lin enough to allow Lin to be on the court beside him as a starter

    – At least Byron Scott plays Lin and does not scapegoat Lin for losses

    – At least Lin’s teammates try to work with him a bit, even Bryant at times. I think that Lin’s teammates are very ambivalent about running with Lin but generally will do so in games and sulk while doing it.

    – At least Lin only has one season with the Lakers as a rental this year. I don’t think Lin will return next year if Kobe Bryant doesn’t change his ways.

  300. Absolutely. No team can ever be as bad as the M&M Rockets. Ever. Lakers>>>Rox. It’s just that our hopes and expectations were so high that we can’t help but be disappointed. Those first two games have just traumatized me. LOL

  301. well, better than “Lin needs to sit” =)

  302. Speaking of this, psalm, may we have some mid-level exemptions on nicknames for these archetypal characters in this site? I mean, you aren’t going to be able to keep people from using these inventive nicknames as long as they are not super negative or R rated? I dunno … All I know is as long as you have it written that I cannot use a certain shorthand for a Kobe iso behavior, I will abide by your rules. But what’s a fan site going to do if you ban Har_ren, Pardon, Bev Wolverine, etc. We’re just coping with insanity in a positive way maybe …

  303. I am curious, do you think Kobe respect Price more?

  304. That is very true. 😛

  305. Every coach Bryant has played for has tried to get Kobe to be more team oriented.

    All have failed.


  306. But it’s fun to see the facts from an ENTERTAINING light!

  307. In the beginning, I felt that Kobe Bryant respected Price more because Bryant didn’t think Lin’s prowess was real.

    But now that actual games have been played and Price looks like the 3rd string scrub that everybody has always known he is, Bryant now respects Lin more.

  308. Agree with everything except “Kobe Bryant seems to genuinely respect Lin.” The relationship between Lin and Kobe is still a mystery to me. And Kobe also allows Wes and Boozer to start with him so that’s no great honor either.

  309. To me, Chandler Parsons is still CHUCKIE CHAN!!!

    no D, high shot attempts

  310. lin wil return no math what kobe does. you speak with privilege lin doesn’t have

  311. Oh, Bryant respects Lin TOO MUCH as a player!

    Bryant plays as if he doesn’t want Lin to outshine him!

  312. Perhaps, my friend.

    If the Lakers are the only team that would offer Lin a contract, of course Lin would return as a Laker.

    But if there are other teams vying for Lin’s services, I think that he’ll examine those offers very closely just like Ramon Sessions did when Sessions gave up being a starting PG for LA to be a bench PG with Charlotte just to get away from Bryant!

    Also, there’s no guarantee management would bring back Lin next season. If big name point guards come up, LA very well might prefer those players over Lin.

  313. That I agree with: too much of a good thing is bad.

  314. I think so.

  315. If this season continues just as it has and Lin decides to sign with the Lakers to play another season with Kobe, I would say basta! no mas! (assuming he had other offers of course.)

  316. In past discussions, the mods decided not to allow derogatory nicknames, such as Haren, KoMe, McFail, that kind of stuff. Obviously, there’s a lot of gray areas. But I think it’s one of those slippery slopes where if you allow this, then what about that. For myself, I would ask, “Would a respectable journalist use this term in an article?” A respectable journalist would not use my 3 examples above. We try to be respectful and classy.

  317. – At least Mitch has kept his promise so far. (Mitch told Lin that “you’re going to play more minutes than last season”).

    There is nothing worse than being promised a leading role only to be reduced to mop up duties. Both Asik and Lin can tell you how that feels. Jeremy watched Kobe play as he grew up. I am pretty sure he knows what a ballhog Kobe is.

  318. Good points, I’ll edit my post above now.

  319. I know, I’m thinking about it .. it’s kinda fun and creative but it might also create adversarial atmosphere where their fans retaliate.
    I always put myself in the other people shoes. Would I like it if people call Lin/fans as ‘Linbred’, ‘Lindigestion’? Probably not. You can see it’s a slippery slope.

    I wouldn’t give a warning but I would implore Lin fans not to use them.
    Don’t change the name but use creative nicknames:
    Instead of Kobrick, use Kobe “Bricklayer”, etc.
    Instead of Haren, use Harden “Shooting-Only” Guard, etc.

    What does everyone think? I want to gather some feedback.

    I want to use the golden rule “Treat others like you want to be treated”

  320. – At least we (fans, Jeremy, your grandma) all knew going into this what to expect from Kobe LOL

  321. Agree with you. I’m gonna get killed for saying this, but one thing I don’t like about some Lin fans is they way they put down his teammates with derogatory nicknames at the other site.

  322. It’s one thing to create a site for all Lin fans to enjoy, it’s quite another to actually help Jeremy fight the good fight. This is only the beginning but I think congratulations are in order to you, Psalm and all who helped to set this site up. You guys should all be feeling pretty good about this achievement.

  323. I personally are ok with both…..So…whatever we decide, I will follow. I think sometimes what words used is different from the level of respect. But I do agree with @real_dsb:disqus that we rather not to use those at all for simplicity reasons.

  324. 己所不欲, 勿施於人

  325. ok, I’m 100% on board if you say a respectable journalist standard because you never know when one of us will be elected to office or have to lead a boy scout troop. Don’t want that person to be embarrassed to have posts in a place that’s not respected. Got it, check, I’m on board.

  326. Congrats to this site: Now it is the #6 google search result for “jeremy lin forum”!

    It is #33 for “jeremy lin lakers”, I was quite surprised at how high that was. It is #36 for “jeremy lin fans”. Still does not show up at all for “jeremy lin” though, that will be the holy grail.

    Full details in the Disqus Hangout

  327. You are literally IT savvy for this kind of info. Kudo to u @real_dsb:disqus. This makes sense whenever I had to reset my mobile phone or laptop, I just typed in jl… this forum website would show up pretty quick. Good job @psalm234:disqus!

  328. In terms of the 50-40-90 club, are there any rules that you need to achieve certain criterta in order to be recognised?

  329. I agree. I am saying sometimes ppl say something the way they did due to their background not because they are disrespectful

  330. I’m not sure if there is an official qualification since 50/40/90 is not an official NBA title like the scoring title.

    I would think that if a player shows up in the ESPN qualified list for FGs, then that’s valid. (Their criteria is on pace for 300 FGs)

  331. Well, we can’t make exception rules for “different” backgrounds so it’s okay for some to do this but not that. It’s all over like what JLin experience ABJ.

  332. THis is true. They are just the reasons at different level. I will do whatever the boss man @psalm234:disqus decided to do…LOL

  333. According to Stats, which one is a more efficient shooter, Kobe or MJ?
    We can use TS% (True Shooting %) which factors in the PTS/FGA/FTA (points, shot attempts, free-throw attempts)

    And how does Jeremy Lin compare to them?

    Here is a very interesting chart from sportingcharts.com with some observations:
    1 MJ has much higher TS% (56%-60%) than Kobe (54%) throughout their peak career
    2 This season, Kobe is hitting all time low at 48.98%, a bit lower than MJ’s last year with the Wizards at 49.11%
    3 Lin on the other hand is streaking upward from 57% last season to 60.83%!
    He has come a long way from his rookie year at a meager 45.7% 😀
    Keep in mind we only have 8 games in this season so hopefully things get better for Lin and Kobe this season.


    TS% = PTS / (2 * TSA).
    TSA = FGA + 0.44 * FTA

  334. Support this. I’d rather keep the “golden rule” for preventative measure than find the “cure” later on. It will become too messy to deal with:-)

  335. Good job! @psalm234:disqus and others! let’s keep rolling!

  336. Rollin’ and trollin’ all the way!!

  337. They are not gonna touch that issue for now.

  338. Thanks for keeping track of the SEO information, @real_dsb:disqus !

    I’m not sure how you do it but that’s great progress! Thanks for the tip to update the title properly from JLin to Jeremy Lin 😀

    Can you also please post in the “Site Feedback” Sticky Post that we record feature/site changes?
    Disqus Hangout might be archived soon.

  339. Not an official title indeed. Still great that can be in the same club with some elites.

  340. Yes I do think hard about this after having a few exchanges with @joeteam:disqus yesterday. But then I also can see how things will turn if JLin/Lakers situation deteriotates. Then it will escalate very quick and will be out of control…. LOL I always think about the consequences of one action before I make certain move. Guess playing Chinese chess as a young girl in man’s world of my young days paid the divident of my actions in life:-)

  341. I think Lakers should stick with simple sets for now. Kobe can take his shots. Just make a few screens for him. Do not let him dribble too much.

  342. Thanks…. what i tried to say is its small sample size as of now to judge since he took too little shot attempts.. Lin had the similar production early last season and a poster even created a thread in CF to talk about this but we all know what had happened afterwards.

    Having said that, I do hope lin can substain or even improves in the long run.

  343. Added there.

    I don’t do anything. I’m just reporting what position the search result comes up in.

  344. And just for fun, I threw in Tony Parker and Chris Paul.
    Jeremy’s chart is eerily similar to Tony Parker. My guess is they use their speed well to get to the Free-Throw lines
    CP3 career TS% ave is lower but this early season dipped below his average.

  345. Hi “K” I’m resting up for the game tonight Glad to see you adding your expertise to this site. I’m still trying to understand how to use it better.

  346. When did he take this picture?

  347. Lin had a better production last season I think, I mean in the beginning.

  348. Plus, BS has played Lin the entire 4th quarter the last 2 games. Jeremy said he wants to finish games and he’s been getting that chance.

  349. Presuming before or after NO Pelicans game.

  350. The simplest way to use it is like how you use JLNET. Just go to the newest post and comment there. Like this one is the newest post for now

  351. thank you, @jolno:disqus
    Much appreciated!

  352. Welcome @jeballew:disqus . Finally see u here:-) Wonder when I’m going to see u:-)

  353. Yeah where heard that story before?

  354. As long as there are no vulgarities in it, I’m fine with Lin fans expressing their own nicknames however they want. I don’t use any of those, but if others choose to it’s their choice.

    I know they use terms like ‘Westbrick’ all the time on ESPN First Take. If there is truth to it, people may not dispute it, but if you call Jordan something like ‘Joran’, fans will say he plays good D so that doesn’t make any sense. As for ‘Linbred’ and ‘Lindigestion’, the first seems racial and 2nd doesn’t make much sense. But Lin’s name has been involved in puns since Linsanity and not all of them have been favorable.

  355. i thought they used a cardboard pic of him.

  356. I guess the word hater is probably out of bounds too? For example Marc Lamont Hill, I don’t know any other way to describe a person who says ‘Lin cannot play’, yet tries to weasel out of it to save face when sitting face to face with Lin. His words go beyond just a Lin doubter.

  357. thanks Brent

  358. Really it did seem “natural” to me. Look at the his hand and the kid on his shoulder. Unless people plug in his head with another player:-)

  359. no, hater is fine because it doesn’t change the given name in a derogatory way.
    There is something that is truly offensive when someone change our given names, not sure exactly why.
    Hater is a description or an opinion that we can either respectfully agree or disagree. The same with chucker, volume-shooter, etc.

  360. too long in coming back to a site where I am comfortable.

  361. Excellent.

  362. No McFail??? But that’s his real name.

    Especially after he said that sometimes Lin plays for the opposing team? For crying out loud.

  363. LOL, that was my exact thought. Upon closer inspection, it appears that there’s a vertical object blocking the light source, just to the left of Lin’s head. So Lin’s face’s exposure is off, making it look fake.

  364. You were here before?? I must have missed it then.

  365. XD It does look quite unnatural. the lighting I mean.

  366. He was…lol

  367. Like it. So I guess Boozer will not be replaced by Davis.. Hill will be move to bench if they are going to make any change at all for starting lineup.

  368. Maybe they can use Photoshop or something and slowly morph Boozer into Davis.

  369. Tandem clients @JLin7 and @BigPatYoung4 took time after a game this week to meet kids from the Good Shepherd School

  370. Hi Aussie friend, Good to hear from good friends with friendly posts.

  371. I’m fine with the use nicknames like Ko-me or Har_en. They’re written in good fun and are clever.

    Also, a name like Ko-me is VERY different from “Linbred,” which I’d find offensive. One nickname is a BASKETBALL reference (to Kobe’s ball hogging ways), while Linbred is just derogatory and have nothing to do with basketball. Basketball related nicknames that don’t express profanities are imho perfectly fine and won’t create a hostile atmosphere.

    And I personally wouldn’t mind if someone made up a Lin nickname that had something to do with his bad handles or his turnovers like “Linover.” Harmless, imo. And yes, I realize “Linover” is a terrible nickname, but I couldn’t come up with a really clever one. 😀

  372. I wonder if the Lakers and Scott are intentionally trying to run Kobe into the ground. I mean he hurt his knee cap on barely any contact. Somehow with Lin around, you almost know Kobe won’t get hurt haha. I suspect this is what we’ll see all year long and the Lakers will be lucky to win 20-30 games if the health of the roster stays in tact.

    I really cringe at the thought of next season assuming Lin actually resigns and no other big free agents come in the summer.

  373. Guess I must have joined later than Je then:-)

  374. i agree

  375. They won’t unless someone makes a youtube video of it and it gets Linfamous.

    Social media seems be gathering more steam and is a powerful tool.

  376. LOL this picture looks like it’s doctored or fake. What the heck.

  377. Haha! But just look at Laker’s tweet background picture can tell no Hill.. I think Boozer is vet & Lakers do respect that so Hill it’s most likely to be moved…

  378. But, all the puns about Lin (Linsanity, Lincredible) could be viewed as derogatory as well. It’s a fine line between what one finds fine or one finds offensive. So, unless a name truly crosses boundaries (profanity use), it’s best let people use terms without constantly monitoring them for word-usage.

  379. Interesting perspective, Barry.
    BTW I also disagree with they way ESPN openly uses ‘Westbrick’
    It’s a slippery slope but journalism nowadays would prioritize ratings over integrity. It opens up ways or move the standard to use controversial words for ratings.

    One can say ‘Amasian’, ‘Ch_k in the Armor’ media controversy became an uproar only because they got called for it, not because they self-police themselves.

    And one egregious media racism wasn’t called when a few announcers openly discussed Lin’s “eyes”. I’m surprised to this day that it wasn’t called out. Do you remember that video?

    I’m thinking we need to aim for a higher standard by respecting parent-given names. We can vehemently disagree on things, describe ones as ball-hog, black-hole as adjectives but I observe people just lose objectivity when their names got disrespected.

  380. theres a light hitting the guys hand and lins face

  381. I am fairly certain Lin will not return to the Lakers if the status quo holds up. If the Lakers were his only option, maybe he should consider Euro League! I’m serious too. I’d stop watching the NBA and follow Lin in Italy or Spain. But somehow I bet he’d get marginalized in Europe too.

    Best bet is to just stay stuck in the NBA. Asian basketball leagues are too crappy for a talent like Lin to even consider.

  382. lol it wouldn’t be davis bet on young once he return

  383. http://www.twcsportsnet.com/lakers/videos/20141113/access-360-on-lakers-defensive-struggles-november-13-2014

    Disagree with the 1st one about Lin did nothing. If Lin drop to the FT line, a wide open 3 is there. PPL can argue it is better than giving up a lay up. True, but Lin can not help one pass away, it has to be another guy closer the baseline to stuff the lane.

  384. I really have to disagree with you and completely agree with Khuang.

    You sell Lin short and really don’t understand his mental make up if you think he signed up to be a stooge and token starter in this limited and sad Lakers role he is stuck in right now.

  385. I really disagree with banning names, with respect of course. 🙂

    Linsanity itself is not a parent given name. Nicknames are just a part of sports talk banter.

    And, I say this without derision, but, this is a sports forum, not a church forum. We should have general rules of decorum, Imho, but not so heavy-handed as to kill free flowing, free spirited, creative spontaneous and all in good nature sports banter.

    If use of names end up causing hostile conflict, then moderate the conflict, not the use of the names.

  386. the Ramon Sessions thing is hilarious. But Sessions said this:

    “It was one of those situations I looked at like, ‘If I do come back
    what if they trade me?’ ” Sessions said. “There were talks about getting
    Deron. They always wanted the bigger-named guy. What if I get traded to
    a team and it’s my contract year? It was one of those things that I
    can’t say if I opted in, [Nash] wouldn’t have come. They still might
    have tried to get him. You just never know.”

    Maybe he is lying and just wanted to run away from Kobe. He claims otherwise.

  387. I hadn’t heard from any of my friends for a while and wondered where they were My friend khuang and I had been talking about switching over for several days. Spent some time in Phoenix with him a few days ago, and took in a couple of games. He, Carol and I had a great time
    He’s a great guy.

  388. Hay, I got the same question. Thought for a day now. Still could not figure out how that should be Lin’s assignment, wouldn’t that be very dangerous 3pt attempt? Especially Lin could not drop early.

    But then, who’s assignment that should be?

  389. welcome back, @jeballew:disqus :]
    don’t hesitate to ask us if you need help on how to use it.

  390. I would prefer no name-calling simply because it feels like a step back, toward JLin[dot]net. I thought the whole point of this site was to be a clear, positive alternative to that one.

  391. one of the 2 guys guarding corners has to collapse, and Lin has to guard 2 mans for a while. They have to move on a string so no wide open situation is there. But in this particular case, you allowed middle drive, so….you are pretty much dead already.

  392. When you are blinded to the fact that a little teamwork could even support your self-centeredness by IMPROVING your stats and rep, then I start to think that maybe his supposed “wired differently” brain is missing a chip somewhere. And I’m not totally kidding. Some people are diminished in the chemistry that recognizes social relationships. He’s a smart guy, but in spite of what he’s able to speak out, he has not been able to act on it over a very long time. By now, this can’t change.

  393. Who cares, Rockets was heavily promoting Lin, did not stop them bench him. Also, they were heavily promoting Lamb, and yet trade him before the season starts. I think people who do promotions are not related to coaches anyway.

  394. My very unprofessional guess, 4 factors
    1. Slightly small sample size causing fluctuation in the stats – 2nd qtr 3’s and 4th qtr 2’s
    2. He shoots 3’s much better after getting in rhythm – warm-ups pregame/mid-game break carry into the 1st qtr, 3rd qtr.
    3. His shooting drops off gradually in quarters as he tries to create for others, because the ball doesn’t come back making it hard for him to get into shooting rhythm.
    4. In the fourth qtr he is just BOSS, none of the above apply

  395. ALso…Kobe should not let ball handler going to the middle initially. He need to shadow the ball to the base line. This is all wrong defensively

  396. It’s not giving up…it’s going with the flow. 🙂

  397. That too.

  398. I think since the P&R started down low, thus it was kind of far for them to come over to help. What I though was it should be Hill/Kobe switch, and Hill should come up to contest, and Kobe on the other hand, should switch and cut off the lane of the Pick. Because Hill didn’t commit, Kobe did not switch, so he was still trying to trailing the ball handler, and left the pick open for the rebound.

    Really question Coach Miller’s suggestion though.

  399. In the latest interview where he sarcastically said , maybe he should stop shooting bail-out shots for the team, was quite telling to how he views the problem on offense. Meaning, I am not the problem.

  400. well, Kobe is not that fast anymore, that is not on him though.

  401. I agree. I’m sticking to the golden role of treating others like we want to be treated. People may disagree respectfully, use description of ball-hog but no changing names. For example, if people argue Lin is TO-prone, I don’t see it as disrespect and will argue the stats respectfully. But name-calling should be out.

    we will implore users to change them with the link to these excellent discussion (stored in a post somewhere). If not, comments will get deleted

  402. Miller was an assistant in Hornet under Scott. They did not do good defensively for sure.

  403. It is not about the speed. He saw the pick was coming, he need to adjust b4 the pick was set. It is more about angle

  404. oh, with Laker’s help defense, and facing the fast ball movement of Spurs, I don’t see a good out come from this game though. Lakers would easily lost or got confused with the ball swing around by Spurs.

  405. To be fair, most team looked bad defending Spurs…LOL

  406. To me it doesn’t make sense that Lakers management wants Kobe to get injured. They decided to pay him about $50 mil over two years and apparently many fans are willing to pay to see Kobe play, win or lose. If playing Kobe 44 minutes is putting Kobe at risk, then that’s probably Kobe’s decision and no one can stop him. I personally feel that Kobe is intent on showing just how athletic he still is. That’s why he shoots so much, that’s why he plays so many minutes and that’s why he pulled that ridiculous stunt where he leaped over a row of fans to try and keep a ball from going out-of-bounds. He had no chance to get that ball, he could have kicked a fan in the head, and he could have easily injured himself.

  407. just a clarification. When we say ‘calling names’, it was meant in negative connotation to abuse/insult someone. Linsanity is positive so it’s not ‘name-calling’ :]

    Here is Merriam-Webster dictionary:
    name-calling: the act of using offensive names to insult someone

    We should really have a post to clarify this since it will come up again . haha..

  408. Agreed, anything racial will immediately be called out but it seems the more subtle ones are given a pass. Discussing Lin’s eyes sounds terrible and is racist. That kinds of nicks should never be allowed under any circumstances.

    Thankfully, I have mostly not seen any racial nicknames for any other players either. If I do I normally flag the post. Most have been to ridicule or highlight deficiencies in their game. Bosh even took offense on ESPN and talked about being disrespected on First Take.

    I guess it’s a fine line between allowing free speech and outright insults. Nicknames are tricky because there are good nicknames everywhere: “Air” Jordan, “Durantula”, Kobe “Black Mamba”, “The Brow”. So conversely, if good nicks are allowed that are variations of names, then by logic the opposite should hold true.

    Just my 2 cents.

  409. well, you might last longer if their one on one defense is good, or a well trained team, where player are familiar with the system and each other.

  410. I always new Nash was furry. Hey if Nick Young was furry should we call him Nick Fury?

  411. Ture, But in fact, the way Spurs runs offense, the harder you defend, the worse you get sometimes. They turn your effort against you.

  412. He still got 2 eyes tho.

  413. So I was looking at NBA Stats defensive dashboard for the last game to see where the defensive weaknesses on the Lakers are and it pretty much confirms to me that it’s Hill and Boozer. The number on the defensive dashboard show in percent what the opponent player scored in comparison to what the average they usually score. So a negative number is good, positive bad. Positive 50 means the opponent is scoring 50% more than he usually does, your playing bad defense, -50 means they are scoring 50% less, good defense. This chart shows that Boozer and Hill are weak links, Boozer more than Hill. Also confirms eye test that Davis is much better defensively than either of them and Price really just poor.

  414. wow, I need a minute to digest this……. Brent, do I know you?

  415. LOL .. “LinOver” haha..
    Terrible but still a funny one .. sounds like Hannover, Germany

    The thing is Kobe or his fans might object to “KoMe” and find it offensive so it’s more like giving the benefit of the doubt to others. As I said, sometimes rational BB discussion just goes out of the window when people start calling names and it’s probably best to avoid it.
    I’m fine with creative adjectives like “ball-hog”, “black-holes” to describe the performance because it’s an opinion that can be backed up by facts w/o disrespecting the person.

    So it’s like separating the acts (BB performance) with the person (names, family, etc.)

  416. What? That was good spacing on NO behalf, Lin turned to help the moment he saw the pass was going to go into the paint. Not a good example coach Miller = =

  417. Wow, Price! How he get that 61.2% 3pointers???!!!

    Is he giving out 100% on everything?

  418. It means he let the guy he’s covering score 61.2% more 3 pointers than he usually does but I don’t think it means that is opponent was shooting 61.2%.

  419. I agree. See also my response to @roberlin about the ‘name-calling’ definition for abuse/insults.

    It doesn’t apply to good positive nicknames like ‘Mamba”, Linsanity, Brow, Air Jordan which is very flattering.

    I should really document this in a Sticky Post somewhere 😀

  420. Am I correct to say Hill didn’t anticipate it either?

  421. you might want to check…. I think those are FG% not %FG

  422. LOL Is Nash’s twitter hijacked?
    what’s furry got to do with it .. :>

  423. Oh yes, I messed up somewhere. Okay let me do it again. I have the columns wrong, should be DFG%

  424. If this were the stock market, which should I invest in…hmmm, such a hard choice.

  425. wait Boozer is good at -41% to cover 3pt shooter?
    I thought he was always late to cover his 3pt shooting man like Morris shots in Phx Suns game

    Perhaps he just stayed close to the vicinity of Kobe who covered his man well so he gets the benefit of the tracking data?
    Could be sample size. But yeah, Boozer couldn’t handle the easy layups in the paint so 2pt defense is so bad.

    Price is falling out of favor with LA media now. He might get cut and Byron will get some flak for promoting him

  426. Oh, no it’s correct, the 61.2 % is the NET DFG% on 3 pointers. Defined as the difference between the normal FG% of the opposing player compared to when this person is guarding them.


  427. Will we see this Lin tonight? Sutting down Parker.

    Jeremy Lin v Spurs 25 December 2013: http://youtu.be/8kiqihjjhh4

  428. Maybe for that game. He certainly isn’t covering the paint:


  429. Interesting chart.

  430. Shows that Lin and Kobe are actually good defenders against the Pelicans. Johnson is average, Hill bad, Boozer really bad. Price is bad and doesn’t offer much on offense either. He should be 3rd option after Lin, Clarkson. Also when he’s playing he plays PG and doesn’t pass to Lin so he’s taking away from Lin’s productivity.

  431. It’s also interesting that these advance stats confirm much of what Lin fans are saying contrary to what Scott, says, Coach Miller and some of the media.

  432. None of us are journalists tho, so I’m not sure one can make that comparison. I sure wouldn’t even want to be considered as a so called ‘journalists’. Being overly sensitive isn’t being respectful or classy ( imo ), it’s just being fake. People are smart enough to know when their comments are personal opinions and when they’ve crossed the decency line. Forum communication is based ‘all’ on personal opinions/perceptions, so when you over police, it becomes a few dictating/censoring others. Just my opinion, but I personally would not enjoy this site very much if it became too censored.

  433. That’s not really Byron Scott. That’s a fake Byron Scott.

  434. I’m going to continue using paron. It is in reference to no respect on my part. Showing no respect to someone that doesn’t deserve it, doesn’t mean it’s wrong, imo. Name changing just shows my total disregard for the person, again personal views.

  435. LOL I know. I was literally fed up with all the extremes and/or trolls on the other sites back in August/September while dealing with my own treatments. When this site came up and it got worse and worse on the other site, I just didn’t bother to go there esp found little to read after going thru tons of pages if I did go.

    I did wonder how your meeting with KHuang went. Good to hear that you had wonderful time together. Would love to meet up fans when I have chance to visit US again:-) Quite “lonesome” to be JLin fan in Brisbane even though I did influence my younger sister in watching JLin’s games now:-)

  436. This chat agrees with what I’ve seen on Price. WOW! Look at those numbers! Didn’t understand what BS saw in him. Very very puzzle on BS’s bb iq and his “coaching.”

  437. Yep. That’s why I didn’t like JLin played with him. JLin became even more invisible in second team with Price in than Kobe.

  438. Lin has to fight a lot of screens. I don’t know if his teammates can help him.

  439. New Game Thread!
    Who’s aggressively assertive like JLin to get 1st post? :p


  440. One small thing to add. A lot of Jordan’s game started on the defensive end, and as good as an on ball defender as he was, he played excellent team defense too.

  441. You need to send this to the Lakers media contingent.

  442. very interesting. where do you find this data?

  443. Send it to Lakers esp BS and the coaches as well.

  444. you’re too modest :]
    You know you did more to suggest changes to improve search results.
    So you get a big credit!

  445. My biggest problem with the rule is that it to me is over-regulation of the forum. There needs to be a balance between rules of decorum and rules that are too restrictive of free flowing spontaneous discussion.

    Obviously, it looks like the decision has already been made, and your “urging” rule amounts to a prohibition. I have to say, a rule like the one you’ve created makes me hesitant about coming here, and it may make others hesitant as well, posters you wouldn’t mind having here.

    But, this is your forum, so if these are the rules, then I’ll bide by them if I am posting here.

  446. It’s regarding sporting facial hair to bring awareness and support to male cancer. When watching your local news you may notice your anchors sporting mustaches if they’re normally clean shaven. I think last month was breast cancer awareness month so that’s why you saw many athletes wearing pink gloves, shoes, etc. It’s somewhat similar to the ALS ice bucket challenge, minus the challenge.


  447. ah thanks … I didn’t know about it

  448. NBA stats. Below is a link. Select “Tracking” then “Defense Dashboard” Click the cog wheel and you can set different filters, for season, game, quarter. I just put this data in a spreadsheet to compare with different players:


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