G09 SAS @ LAL PostGame Thread

So the Lakers lost again 80-93 to the Spurs where the bad interior defense by the big men was easily exploited by the Spurs well-oiled machine to give up easy points. That’s why the Lakers have been trailing quickly against any opponents in the 1st half. And yes, it included the Hornets that they beat in the 2nd half. Byron Scott is too slow to bench Boozer or Hill, probably in fear of losing their motivation. He should just give more min to Davis from anyone who’s more struggling on defense in any given night.

But let’s not dwell too much on the issues that JLin can’t control.

Let’s take a few positives from JLin performance (15pts/4asts/4rebs/1stl, 4-4FT with 3TOs/2PFs in 38 min):

  • For the 5th straight game, Jeremy scored in double figures.
  • And in the last 5 games, Jeremy is still in the 50-40-90 elite club with 50%FG, 43.8%3FG, 93.3%FT.
  • For the season, he’s not quite there yet with 44-39-91 due to a slow start in 3 games but if he keeps playing well, he will raise the FG
  • As Brent said if this was in HOU, Lin would only get 7pts since he wouldn’t get garbage time to improve his stats!
  • Lin provided great defense on Parker in the 1st half by shadowing and challenging him so he had to pass to other Spurs who unfortunately scored easy points. I’m not sure what happened in 2nd half that I didn’t watch but I’m quite sure Parker only scored 2pts, 6 asts in the 1st half. Perhaps others can add more detail for the 2nd half
  • Finally, 76ers lost 9 straight games so Lakers looked a bit better with 1-8
  • Also, we get such a nice Purple Graphics from TWCSN which wouldn’t happen in Houston!


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  16. Kobe post-game interview

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  21. Boozer interview

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  28. OK JoeTeam and Brent Yen since you guys called me out, this is what i was doing on a Friday night:

    Hi Guys☺☺, for your information, I just got back from the game. I have to say, Laker fans are the best fans in the world. They will show up at games even if they are loosing. Lin played well. His focus tonight was on defense. He kept Tony Parker out of the paint. It was interesting that Tony tried a couple of times to post on lin, but lin shut him down, so as soon as Parker got the ball he passed it. Also Lakers defense was much better through the the first half of the game. They had Spurs taking last minute shots. Also kobe passing the ball more. Kobe was terrible tonight and the fans that i was sitting with wanted him taken out of the game. Lin really looked serious tonight.

    He really only talked to Sacre/Kelly/Clarkson. I think there is a clique of Boozer/Hill/Davis/Johnson/probably Nick. Xavier Henry was joking with lin in the hallway while they were waiting to be introduced, they showed it on the monitor. Kobe wasn’t talking to anyone. Lin/Kobe got the most applause when they were introduced and scored points. Lin missed two 3 point shots. The thing with Lin and his shot, his takes the most efficient shots. He just doesn’t shoot to be shooting. Also they were setting screens for Parker like crazy, but lin was fighting through them. I thought it was interesting that Pops put Leonard on Lin and that is when he had those two steals in a row on lin. I think Lin was mad at himself for that. I thought that was respect from Pops about lin.

    Kobe not feeling well, I believe it a little, but it looked to me that kobe was tired. He had the ball stripped from him at least 4 times. There was a play in the game when lin was on the bench and Davis got the ball, but nobody was rotating and he was just holding the ball looking for somebody. Also a lot of fans were very hopeful going into halftime because Lakers were down by 8 points, and then Scott with bad coaching decide to put the ball in kobe’s hands and it went down hill. A lot of fans wanted Linsanity to show up tonight. I think Boozer/Hill/Johnson just don’t get it and the fans were ragging on them big time. Lin and 1st unit need to mesh, because when they do they will play well. It is a process and as Jabar said today, that Lakers are trying to grow their own and it is a process.Also the fans are already calling for Scott to be fired. I think the Lakers are getting better,but they are a young team and they need a good coach like Popvich to bring out the best in them. All I want lin to do is get his stats.

  29. what a treat, first. Now I’ll read it and write more later.

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  31. Thanks for the report! Interesting about the grouping of players.

  32. I have noticed that when Kobe is off the floor these players go into iso mode trying to get theirs. It not only not passing to lin, but they don’t pass to anybody, they get the ball and try to shoot. The starters pretty much kept the game within reach at halftime with Spurs only 8 point lead, then after halftime Scott’s bad coaching with his rotations kicked in. I am convinced that he is clueless as a coach

  33. Since I went to the game, I am now writing my 3 page report per Brent. 😉

    This game was a very difference experience from the Clippers game. The Lakers seemed to have regressed, yet again, offensively. Honestly, at least with MDA there was offense. Sometimes the defense and offense were just ugly.

    Things I remember from the game:
    After the first play of the game, Lin went up to Hill to point something out. It seemed it had something to do with the defensive rotation. Again, no rim protection, especially the first half of the game. BScott’s insistence on this line up makes no sense defensively for someone who is preaching defense. Then to say that he can’t instill the defense he wants because of his personnel is a cop out, IMO. He could obviously use Davis or try it but I guess he is waiting until they are 1-14 or 2-13 before making any kind of change for defense.

    Kobe’s and Johnson’s defense were suspect tonight, leaving their man with open threes at times. Poor defense on the three point line again overall tonight.

    Lin’s defense on Parker was overall very good, I thought. Kobe again played the entire first quarter, practically each of the other quarters, it seemed, except for the fourth. I don’t understand why BScott plays Kobe the entire first quarter and has Lin sit when the group on the court is keeping within range of the game.

    Once Clarkson checked in, I think it was in the second quarter, Parker scored back to back baskets for 4 quick points. It went from 7 pt difference to 11 pt difference in a blink of an eye.

    I saw BScott call some plays with some visuals, and Lin confirmed with visuals back, as well as orally.

    BScott talked to Kobe one-on-one at times when Kobe was sitting.

    At one point when Lin was checking in for Clarkson, Lin pointed something out to Clarkson.

    In the fourth quarter, Lin tapped/gave high-fives to Clarkson, Kelly, Sacre, Henry before they all checked in after a time out. It was a good, supportive gesture. Good leadership indication.

    Comparison to Clippers game:
    I was looking for it generally throughout the entire game and I barely saw any interaction between Kobe and Lin when they were sitting. At the same time, I didn’t see Kobe interact much with any of the other players either. Kobe didn’t seem like himself and as everyone probably witnessed, the offense was terrible at times.

    I don’t think this is 3 pages, but this is all I can recall for now.

  34. wow, good read. I’ve been waiting for you because it was ho hum watching and commenting, given we’re not into many games where Kobe mode, interior D, etc and all that neg stuff psalm tries to elevate us is holding team down.

    This report is really nice to read and thank you!

    Great point about KL on Lin being props form pops. Lin has now ‘scouted’ KL lol. He won’t get stripped next time. I was a little hard on Kobe, given he’s sick. But then that’s on BS, and I think your report on the fans wanting him accountable is good to know. They weren’t happy with MDA, I guess, but at least that team was fun to watch ? I enjoyed seeing LAL for what I saw last year. This one is like watching reruns of Lost in Space where they never find a way home.

    The Hillman should be talking to Lin a LOT! Booz I don’t know … is that guy going to change given he seems like he goes into animal mode and can’t see anything but what he saw 3 seconds before when he decided to animal. I dunno. Would love for Hill and Lin to be more productive together, in the paint.

    So tell us … did your posse have a good time? I’ve been busy with work, and this summer we did some baseball, soccer, so I haven’t been to a live sports event yet. Are your seats close so you can maybe say hi to Lin sometime this season, like you did with his Adidas event? It would be great for that to be a recurring theme ya know lol.

  35. It’s sad that Kobe after all these years still don’t understands that his “leadership” leads to this type of “I’m going to get mine too” Selfish play.

  36. I was commenting in the game thread 2 places where it was obvious BS should put Lin in. Immediately. 1. As soon as they got it to what, 5 from Kobe’s first hit, and the next series, it went to 7. Lin in then would have stopped the spread. 2. As soon as kobe hit the top of the backboard … really a clear time to put Lin in. BS let the spread get big and you could see the team just lose in a nosedive. Lin would have pulled it up, if BS had reacted within 2 series of the above.

    BS should get together with any baseball manager … time to put in your Closer!

  37. Thanks

  38. Ha! Ha! I had a feeling you went to the game. Did you see Lin approach Duncan & Parker after the game? I thought I saw Lin & Duncan hugging, Lin briefly talking to Parker. TV cams are so fast. I still remember when Lin fell to the ground in Houston and Duncan stood next to Lin making sure he was all right. All class.

  39. Great report. I liked the parts about the Parker feast on Clarkson (was hungry), the note on the play calling by BS to Lin, the sidelines Kobe iso … wonder if tension is brewing nm. Also, the high 5s and Lin’s conferences with Booz and Clarkson. Thanks much … a nice way to remember the game instead of the loss on TV.

  40. Yeah, me and my “road dog” had a good time. We set in the premiere seating really close and it was like being on an airline in first class, because we had a waitress come to us to tell us that she would be our server and that he is the menu..LOL. Also we had die hard Laker fans that were saying that it is time for Kobe to reach the young players, not just give lip service to them. They like Lin and they think Lakers will offer lin a contract after this season because he is probably the best available PG out there because nobody is coming to LA with Kobe and a non contending team and they said they think that eventually the team will get it together. Many stated that the Lakers get better with earache game. Many of them do not like Boozer or Scott.

  41. @willikurniawan2 Huge upside. Eastern Conference #NBA executive said JLin could be around Top 7-10 PG in the league. I could see that.— Paul Villarreal (@CNM_JLin_Vids) November 14, 2014

  42. will he decide on another tact at 2/10?

  43. I go for top 7 min. Lin is just more effective in difference making. On NY, Rox, and LAL.

  44. Where did he hear that from?

  45. Yeah I did, I also saw Lin/Parker talking a lot when they were on the court. My take on Lin is that he still trying to figure things out. Lin is very intelligent and has a high BBall IQ and if it looks crazy to him he ain’t going with it.

  46. what do you mean, the overall LAL scheme or a specific way they played tonight?

  47. finally, people are not saying he is below average. next stop, people will say lin is an all star point guard

  48. Lin knows that to win games is about team ball, so he won’t just throw up a shot, he will try to make the best play to score. People are saying that this team has no talent, i think it is about bball IQ.

  49. thanks for the report, how does the fans react to lin checking in and out from the game? warm, exciting?

  50. Guess I’m right on your going to game:-) What did the fans think about JLin?

  51. At introduction, he has second most applause. Checking in, some clapping from what I recall. I didn’t hear anything negative from anyone about Lin. It makes a big difference he is a Laker because I remember when I went to games last year, I would hear people bad mouth Lin, i.e., turnover prone, he sucks, etc. I haven’t heard anything like that so far at the games I went to

  52. O u answer my questions here. Thanks!

  53. I see. I agree with you … it doesn’t seem like they understand how to win as a team. BS … it’s his job to figure out a basketball way for Kobe, Lin, and the other great talents to win together. If he got it right part way, like MDA, Lin will do the rest.

  54. Don’t think BS believes JLin at all. That’s why he did what he did.

  55. they like Lin and they think Lakers will offer lin a contract after this season because he is probably the best available PG out there because nobody is coming to LA with Kobe and a non contending team and they said they think that eventually the team will get it together.

  56. Hey @cali7:disqus, I went to the game too, and the fans that I was sitting with like lin and they wanted him to go into linsanity mode, but lin was focused on keeping Parker out of the paint, which he did very well,.

  57. Good to hear. Just wondering about what of their thought about BS’ rotation on JLin and BS’ thought JLin as a player.

  58. Thanks for the report. Have a good time?

  59. great observations for his defensive game on parker. i thought he played a good overall game. 11 FGAs makes me happier too 😀
    this was a game where if kobe didn’t have an outlier game and just shot like 30% the game would’ve been a lot closer in the third and the whole complexion would have been different. overall they competed well. developing chemistry between JLin and booze as well. still not enough davis/lin time. and btw, THIS rotation is exactly what BS should be doing with Lin every game. give him a breather with around 4-5 min left in the first and 3rd quarter and then bring him back in EARLY in the 2nd and 4th quarters and let him finish.

  60. if jeremy were on the sacramento kings he WOULD be a LOCK for the all star team this year. look what playing with boog and rudy gay has done for a career backup level PG in darren collison! imagine JLin on that team–they’d be CONTENDERS in the west.

  61. wow, I want that seat! LA = Hollywood.

    I’ve been to courtside as a guest but at GSW, the food is inside at this new club they put in last year. I can’t afford it myself, so I am thankful to my friends (yet is the word, hopefully, so I can reciprocate someday) Did you order a gin and tonic lol? Hot dogs or roast beef? Luxury is good.

    Nice insight on the old guard fans. That’s an interesting point, that Lin might sign out of loyalty and have hope in meshing with a great player who is aging out. I hope then the remainder of the year is about the 2 of them jelling so Lin can get his next level contract where he has a chance to call the shots after Kobe retires. Wouldn’t it be great to see Lin as max player, helping to recruit the next AD and Wiggins, etc. Would be something … thanks for the picture how it can happen.

    For now, him getting his stats is key to him inheriting any throne. Our prince.

  62. Nothing said about that, I personally don’t think that Scott has an agenda against lin, i think Scott is trying to figure out the best rotation of players. I will give him the benefit of the doubt until he proves otherwise.let us not forget that the Lakers are not owned by one person, but the Buss family owns the most shares in the team, but they still have to answer to the rest of the stockholders as Jeannie Buss mentioned in her interview at First Take.

  63. I thought in today’s case, as soon as the spread in points started to open up again, Lin should have been brought back. He could have handled the minus, and the game was close late so they had a chance. Could have gotten kobe some rest too, before the game got out of hand. If so, Kobe might have come back and helped keep it there. coulda shoulda I know.

  64. I am still sticking with Lin on the Lakers. Lin will be fine. He will figure out how to thrive with kobe just as Fisher did. The one thing that people don’t understand and something that Kobe will never point out is that Fisher has Phil Jackson;s backing to challenge Kobe, whereas Scott is not there yet..jmo

  65. It was poor coaching. If you would google Scott’s head coaches jobs with New Orleans/Cavaliers it will tell you all you need to know about Scott’s coaching abilities

  66. maybe so … I’m just thinking he didn’t realize the momentum swing.

  67. Don’t know anything about Kobe vs Fisher. I can see that JLin is the “lone” fighter in Lakers in a sense. Of course, it’s much better than R but still takes times to get “there.”

  68. Yep, I like his interviews way more than McHale, and I mentioned in game thread that it’s just that I don’t know what his coaching philosophy and goals are given there isn’t any convergence on a better formula that can produce wins.

  69. @JLin7 with Daniel Sean Vidot(left, Australian professional rugby footballer, Spurs player Patty Mills’ friend)

  70. The benchmark timeframe I would give the coach would be right after all star break. By then, everyone should be back barring any injuries and coach should have a full rotation by then.

  71. Those are great seats. I like them more than courtside.

  72. Once the Staples crowd got to experience a little version of Linsanity, they want more. lol

  73. Does anybody find it strange that Mitch came out yesterday and said the Lakers were not tanking and that he loves kobe and that he has seen kobe make adjustments to his game already and then Jabar jumps on the bandwagon and says that the Lakers are trying to grow their own just like back in the day with Jerry West. Tonight Kobe is to ill to shoot and the coach didn’t know he was sick until way into the middle of the halftime…oh please…and the plot thickens…LOL

  74. me too. the next game that i will try to go to will the lakers/raptors. i gave decided to support lin through the good times and bad times.

  75. I thought the timing was suspect. I guess word got to him that fans claimed team was tanking due to their record.

  76. Indeed the plot is thickened:-) I did wonder and not sure I believe 100% Kobe is “sick.” It’s just too coincident of his bad shooting night. If he is indeed sick, then why played him so many minutes and a lot more minutes than JLin until he was out in 4th qtr. Making no logical sense to me.

  77. Kudos to you and am glad that u r able to go. Hopefully JLin will continue to improve and gel with others to make a win for a change.

  78. Also read West’s bio. This is what Jabar alluded to yesterday and I was trying to figure out what he was trying to say and it looks like the reference might have been about lin. Jerry West was an underdog coming into this league, but the Lakers supported him. Interesting read…Gives some incite on what the Lakers are thinking…jmo


  79. Just think illogically, then that is logical to the coach. How can he not know as Kobe said he wasn’t feeling well in the morning. Coach’s player rotation suxd tonight.

  80. Hey, I am planning a trip to Australia next year, any tips?

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    We take the “Be Polite & Be Respectful”
    rule very seriously. We do not tolerate any rudeness. Any member who is
    intentionally unpleasant or disruptive may be banned without warning.

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  82. What you said made sense but it’s mind-boggling to me. Just can’t believe that if u know Kobe is indeed unwell and has affected his game, don’t u think as coach u wouldn’t play him so many minutes? Even media people called BS out.

  83. Really? When are you coming and what kind of activities u like best? How long? East (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane…) or West coast (Perth)? If you like nature, then, strongly recommend Tasmania.

  84. It will probably be about October of next year. I don’t know that much about Australia, so I was hoping you can give me some tips on things I need to see.

  85. you thicken the plot in fun ways … I can’t go to sleep turning the pages.

  86. is the glow worm grotto still alive and well?

  87. Yes, it’s.

  88. Then before I spend on court side seats with my family, I need to bring them there. My father brought me there.

  89. LOL, i was surprised that Jabarr weighed on his opinion. If you notice that Scott has had support from Worthy on the TCW Network, which is clearly not working because the fans are not buying it. Here comes Jabarr with obviously more influence than worthy. I live in LA and I know how the media tries to spend things,

  90. Good on u. The one in NZ is one of the best I’ve seen. But Tasmania one is very spectacular too!

  91. Really, I’ll look i tup. NZ is closer and closer to a Tahiti trip if I ever have time/money.

  92. joyce: see above. Hobart and the glow worm grotto. You will believe you are outdoors at night seeing the stars. But, hey, Pirates of the Caribbean is a close estimate if you decide not to go. Then you head down to Port Arther and see where all the English prisoners were sent (how Australia’s white population started).

  93. great research, I want you to be right!

  94. Ooops sorry. I’ll talk PG here & post R on twitter. lol

  95. listen to this interview on the bottom … nice voice at 67 saying he can still dunk:


  96. If you like Great Barrier Reef – go to Cairns and/or surrounding area/island. I love Hamilton Island, QLD. You can join tour to visit Great Barrier Reef and so on.

    Southeast Queensland has a lot to offer as well like Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast.

    Sydney area — you can visit Blue Mountain, Central Coast, South Coast of New South Wales.

    Melbourne — can drive to Great Ocean Road and so on.

    Tasmania — You can easily spend 3 weeks there to do so many things (Cradle Mountain, Frechycint National Park, Port Aurthur…….

    Perth — You will need to drive a long way. Have visited the best white sand beaches @Esperance (10-12 hours drive from Perth).

    When you make up your mind of which area you want to visit, I can provide u more tips.

  97. Very interesting read on Jerry West. Coach Scott was asked who was his fav player growing up and he responded Jerry West.

  98. That’s ok. It’s understandable mistake:-)

  99. That’s true that NZ is closer to CA but not sure I like NZ that much. I spent 3 wks of driving both South and North Island. I lived in Tasmania for over 2 years. Anyday I can tell you I’d rather revisited Tasmania than NZ. You can find more stuffs in Tasmania than NZ. Early this year I revisited Tasmania for “business” reason. After that I spent 6 days to drive round the island and tried to visit places that I haven’t visited before or I should say I brought my sister to places. Surprised that I still found many new places that I have missed when I lived in Tassie:-)

  100. Thanks:)

  101. YES!!!!!! 🙂 For a while there, I thought Lin was going to end with 11 pts, then came garbage time. Don’t really care about overall result nowadays, I just want my man to do well stat-wise.

  102. One thing you need to remember, Australia is almost the size of US continent but with a lot less population. Everything is quite far apart from each other. Everything is a lot more expensive than US. Transport in city is quite good general speaking.

  103. @JLin7 hitting a 3-point shot in 1st Q of the game vs Spurs.(photocred: Hans Gutknecht)

  104. Great. Before the game, I preach about how the Lakers offense is fine (ranked #11-13) and it’s mostly about their defense (ranked dead last #30). Then they go out and hold the Spurs to 41% fg and only score 80 pts on offense. =p

  105. Lin’s knee braces/sleeves keep getting longer and longer. Anyone remember Lin in college or first entered the NBA? He had like a tiny 1/2″ knee strap. =)

  106. You speak very good Linglish.

  107. That’s why I wrote that the problem was offense, not defense.

  108. I hope Lin does better than Fisher, who was shorter than him and didn’t have Jeremy’s height, speed and talent. Lin’s 38 point game against the Lakers was against Fisher’s defense.

  109. Great observations and insight. Thanks.

  110. what are the Jabar comments ya’ll are talking about below?? can’t find them…

  111. JLin’s last 5 games

    15 points v. Spurs
    15 points v. New Orleans
    12 points v. Memphis
    21 points v. Charlotte
    18 points v. Phoenix

    16.2 points per game

    If this is JLin struggling, I’ll take it.

  112. I see that you’ve all but defected here!

    Buddy, I’m with you too.

    I like the intelligent basketball analysis here that recognizes Lin’s immense contributions on both sides of the ball.

  113. Good defensive game today for Lin. While he was on the floor Parker was held to 2-5 shooting and Lin had 1 steal off Parker. Parker turnover the ball 3 times in total.

  114. Lol. I still post on the big site, but yeah, it’ll such a different atmosphere here, where it’s focused on real analysis instead of repetitive bashing and trashing of Lin.

  115. Good job Lin. He’s shooting 38.5% from 3 this season. Keep it up!

  116. Lin outplaying other point guards is becoming quite routine. Maybe he is a starter now (compared to last season) and so has more opportunities to shackle other starting point guards.

  117. Spurs played really good defense. Probably the best defense the Lakers have seen all season.

  118. Tonight’s game against the Buckets is going to be interesting. JLin might bust out coming back and playing at Toyota Arena. Too bad the Lakers are playing a second game of a back-to-back, and one where they had to travel from LA to Houston.

    But, Houston is also coming off that squeaker against the worst team in the NBA. That was a pathetic performance last night for the Buckets.

  119. Lin has had a great defensive effort versus CP3 and Parker now. Keep it up Jeremy!

  120. Also Bledsoe.

  121. True 🙂

  122. As long as Lin gets his customary steady production, I’m actually OK with the Lakers losing big due to poor offensive selfishness.

  123. The Lakers schedule to start the season is pretty grueling.

  124. It really is. The Laker’s poor record is somewhat mitigated by the toughest schedule in the NBA so far.

    But, the Lakers have a string of eastern conference opponents coming up fairly soon. Thank god, lol.

  125. You’ve defected here too!

    Anyway, I think that the Lakers would have just as weak a record if they were playing the worst Eastern Conference teams.

    There’s too much resistance from the players against Lin for the Lakers to beat anybody.

  126. There’s more hatred now against Lin there than there was on Clutchfans and Dreamshake!!!

  127. Appreciate the sideline report. It’s good to see how players interact. Thanks

  128. Jeremy has been doing pretty well the last 5 games..

    He’s averaging 16.2 points, 50% FG%, 43% 3P%, 92.31% FT%.

  129. He’s been doing that the last 3
    seasons, there’s really no change this season.

  130. The trend I seem to have noticed is that his scoring is going up but his assists are going down. I am not sure why. Could be Kobe doing more playmaking. Could be team mates bricking shots. Or maybe Lin is adapting his game.

  131. Lin’s teammates are BRICKING.

    That’s the main reason.

    Those players are actually doing better with Lin than they’ve done with previous teams!

  132. Yes but Beverly used to let the starting point guards on the other team score big bunches and then Lin gets blamed even though he was on the bench. Now at least Lin can do something about it.

  133. Thanks for the awesome comment. Can u take some pictures next time? I would love to see more of Lin’s pictures on the court.

  134. TRUE DAT!

  135. From my in game observations, his teammates are just not hitting shots. Jeremy had some great passes to teammates for easy looks but they just bricked them. It doesn’t help when Kobe is 1-14 and Hill is 4-13.

  136. WOW I know it is quite bad but don’t know it went even worse. Thought mods there posted that they planned to deal with it the very last time I visited.

  137. I sent several ppl the same message I sent you and Barry Allen was one of them 🙂 , but not sure he came because of me or not.

  138. Lin’s already figured out how to thrive with Bryant.

    Bryant hasn’t figured out how to thrive with Lin!

    Also, Kobe was a much younger and more athletic player when he had Fisher. Bryant no longer can use his youthful athleticism to patch plays.

  139. An avalanche is usually initiated by gestures like yours.

  140. Jeremy Lin's reaction to how he thought Kobe looked post-game was pretty telling: http://t.co/AJ5DeohFQ4— Serena Winters (@SerenaWinters) November 15, 2014


  141. Thanks Dorothy.

  142. It’s actually been MUCH WORSE since they posted their announcement.

  143. There are also so many hidden trolls there, they have even resorted to having guest accounts upvote their troll posts.

  144. I did that because it is too painful to visit the old site but I really missed the insight from some of you. Then I read here someone mentioned she/he wished KHuang, Barry Allen, Michael Terry and some others can come which just echoed how I felt at that time. That motivated me to come up a way to contact you guys without getting the owner’s attention.

  145. Go get Denzel Boksingero.

    There are others to get, but he’s at the top of my list.

  146. “Los Angeles Lakers – Kobe Bryant Keeps Sinking, Jeremy Lin Deserves Better”

    “It seems the stronger the criticism is of Bryant’s shooting ways, the more he digs deep and tries to pull off a worse performance. Well, with 1-of-14 from the field, making his only field goal in the fourth quarter and finishing with 9 points, it might be finally rock bottom for the future hall of fame inductee, setting a new low for himself in terms of shooting percentage in a game in which he took at least 10 shots”

    “No one owes Jeremy Lin anything. Bryant isn’t here to improve Lin’s career. Scott’s job is to win games, not make Lin feel good. But the offense is going through the wrong hands most of the time. Not that Bryant is a bad choice, but he gets too many touches, and does too badly with them. While the ball moves quicker with Lin in control, it feels like the bad start is trickling down and affecting everyone. There’s still time to change things and turn this ship in a positive direction, but it’s not going to happen with players trying to do this on their own. If Bryant stops, the rest will follow.”



  147. That was the last time I visited. Sad to hear this. Good to see you and many others here now. Welcome

  148. is it a good thing if press is making it a kobe vs lin story? it will be similar to harden vs lin for the last two years

  149. I first thought you are talking about the Bucks, then realized it’s that moron team

  150. I hope not, but Kobe needs to take less shots. He can still dominate but has to do it more efficiently.

    Kobe’s current 36.67% FG% is not going to cut it and he’ll shoot his team to losses constantly.

  151. It’s sportige not LA media…

  152. I know I felt the same in 1st half.. but later I saw him really not looked good on court… Why he played so long.. Ask Scott, smh! Scott just never change anything.. all the playing time just like 2 games before that… This coach is really bad…. More loss will come.

  153. “3 Points: Maximizing Jeremy Lin’s minutes”

    “Holmes: Right now, the Lakers don’t have too many scoring options on the perimeter (or in general, really), so when Bryant is out, it would be great to see Lin take it upon himself to shoulder more of the scoring load, to be more aggressive on that end. Taking that approach would no doubt boost his overall confidence, which appears to have been up and down early in the season as he adjusts to playing with Bryant. ”

    “Shelburne: Lin is the starter, and it’s clear it’s taking some time for him to learn how to play with Bryant. The key for Lin is aggressiveness. The Lakers want him to orchestrate their offense, not look for Bryant and then run the offense. The more times he is on the court where Bryant isn’t even a thought in his mind, the more muscle memory he can develop in that role. ”

    “Markazi: Yes, but he needs to be aggressive and play to his strengths no matter if Bryant is on the court or not. What is happening now is Lin is a different player when Bryant’s on the floor. He isn’t as aggressive and isn’t the player the Lakers need him to be when Bryant is controlling the ball. That needs to change if the Lakers are going to be anything more than a vehicle for Bryant to win the scoring title this season. ”



  154. Ya! He sucks & never make any change…

  155. Hi wu kong:

    There is an interview with Kareem at the bottom of this page:


    I think it’s what’s being talked about. I got the URL from a post by Joe Team.

  156. As a laker fans my jaw dropped at the embarrassing product I saw in the 4th quarter. They now look like the Clippers from those teams the entire NBA mocked for decades!

  157. Thanks for great report from the game, Joyce. I also want Lin to have good stats. I got the feeling that Lakers will keep Lin bc I found out Scott or MT are all very nice to Lin. I believe Lin is in their future plan.

  158. What the

  159. I heard Byron Scott’s lame excuse post game that when nick young is back, the lakers problems will be solved if kobe can’t score and carry the load. He has got to be joking if that is his solution to fixing this team that looks like the Washington generals.

    If this is not an intentional tank job, it’s beyond sad.

    I kind of feel bad for Lin but kind of don’t. I don’t know how he acts behind the scenes to know if he could do more to galvanize his role and support in the team and among cosches and players.

  160. For a while I understood it as Jeremy and Patty Mills are friends.Had to read it again.

    Ah well…

  161. I can easily refute all their contentions. They sound like clueless Lin fans who don’t get it. They want Lin on his own to be a pill that fixes everything. They want him to be Kato to the green hornet, er black mamba. If only it were that easy.

    Lin needs an spread pick and roll offensive structure and complete deference from all players on offense like Nash in Phoenix. Maybe it’s Lin’s Achilles heel but you give lin that he will explode overnight and the team will win games.

  162. I agree with your post. I was at the game last night and lin was trying to get the whole team involved in the game. Kobe is very impatient. If he passes to a player and they miss, he then takes over the game. Last night, he played horribly and he knew it. If he was sick (which I don’t believe, i think he was tired) he did a disservice to the team. Scott is a very bad coach. He will keep saying stupid things to the Lakers beat reporters until they won’t be able to cover for him anymore. Lin’s primary goal last night was to keep Tony Parker out of the paint, in which he did.

  163. Thanks. LOL!

  164. yeah, I saw that :]
    I’m going to compile the Game-Watching reports in 1 Sticky Post

  165. You have not explained why lin has team resistance now, because in preseason, he was doing fine and guys gave him the ball.

    Is it just Kobe dissing lin so team follows? What gives? I notice Ed Davis doesn’t even pass to lin like he did just 3 weeks ago anymore and I don’t see no pick and rolls from Ed anymore.

    The offense had Sacre posting up 1 on 1, seems like the lakers are just really incompetent. Who to blame? Coaches, gm, Jim buss, players, Kobe?

  166. Kobe did look tired to me but Scott is weird.. if he knew Kobe was not feeling well in the morning then why he let him on court that long? He also said Kobe will do in 4Q…?! smh!

  167. Kobe is running this team. Scott is just a figurehead coach.

  168. Too bad, Lakers FO can’t just fire Byron Scott

  169. Hi Joyce. I’m sorry you saw a tough game to watch. Glad you supported lin and lakers. The lakers are really spiraling out of control. I was so Mad As a laker fan to be stuck watching that product on the floor. It’s embarassing.

    I don’t see a fix, and I just cringe at what the future holds. For lins sake, I hope this does not go down as the most embarrassing season in laker history.

    One thing I fear for lin too is he will get a rep for not being able to play with stars and find the going tough moving forward in his career.

    I’m a bit mad at lakers for not giving lin tons of pick and roll, more Ed Davis, more support from coaching, better coaching in general, but at the same time this is Kobe team and kobes town. So I get it,

  170. They should fire themselves. Someone needs to have the guts to give lin massive pick and rolls and exclusively control of the ball.

  171. Wow so this is where everyone has run off to. Alot of old IDs I recognize and some new that don’t. Cant seem to post anything in the other forum without receiving the wrath of a lot of new people on the other site. Nice to see that this site is a little more supportive of Jeremy.

    Takeaways from the the season thus far… Glad to see Jeremy finally getting some decent minutes, despite the fact the Scott seems to rely on set rotations regardless of how well players are playing at the time. If the guy is hustling and contribuing, leave him in instead of going with the set rotations.

    This first team is so~~~ slow. I almost miss watching Parsons and Harden hustling up the court after a rebound for a pass. Everything with the first unit seems to be half court basketball. And there is never a trailing player behind Jeremy for a backpass when hes on a fast break. Jeremy ends up waiting for the senior citizens to catch up. Thus I can see why some people almost want Jeremy to run the second unit. At least those guy can actually run. This point becomes mute if they at least bring in Davis to the first unit.

    I wish Hill could pass at least more than a few times when he gets the ball at the high post to Jeremy when he is slashing instead of faking a pass to Kobe and takes a shot.

    I think that a 15 and 7 average is very possible for Jeremy on “This” team this year. Anywhere else, my expectation would be a little higher but with this geriatric team, I think 15 7 is more realistic.
    A little disheartening to see a team Jeremy is on play so poorly but nice to know that he has a loyal and supportive following.

  172. Welcome Foodcoma210! (your handle name made me hungry!)

    Feel free to browse and read so you can get acclimated to our atmosphere here. Please take note of the rules too.We appreciate your future good comments.

  173. That’s what I thought… smh! No wonder Kobe wanted Scott bc he is the one will follow Kobe’s instruction.

  174. Kobe once said he would retire well before he ever looked bad on the court. Guess he was lying to us all

  175. I read somewhere that for years now, kobe checks himself back into games without coaches orders.

  176. After that won, no more talk on Lin should shoot more or set screen for him… ?!

  177. Huh?

  178. Nash really done w Lakers now?! Or he hates Scott so much…

  179. Won over Cha… back to ISO Kobe.

  180. I can feel lins frustration through the tv in the second half. Could you see it in person as well?

  181. I created a new Sticky Post to compile the great posts and in-person game watching reports in “Jeremy Lin Fans Game-Watching Experience & Reports” . Thank you, @awarde:disqus and @disqus_Eiix0iL4wL:disqus for giving 3-page reports :] Brent will be super happy!

    So far I added joyce’s and cali7’s posts there. I and Mods/Editors can add more later:


  182. Actually, they started out fine in the first half. They were down only by 8 points at halftime, but once again Scott gave the ball to kobe in which he went into chucking mode. The ball was stripped from kobe in the paint at least 4 times. I think that something is amiss simply because Mitch gave an interview on Thursday to support kobe’s shooting too much and the team not tanking. So I believe there are some rumblings behind the scenes probably from Jeannie and the shareholders. She spoke about that in her interviews recently. Not worried about Lin, lin knows how to play this game well now that he has been paired with the biggest ball handlers in the NBA. It is still early in the season and lin will adjust and find his way. Lakers can’t keep up this farce for very long because LA media and fans are already showing their displeasure.

  183. I was thinking about it earlier but I just keep on forgetting to tell you (blame Jeremy).


  184. Yep. In the first half kobe was sharing the ball with lin, and others were following his lead.Lin was setting picks for kobe but kobe wasn’t hitting his shots. Then the others started jacking up shots. Also lin put the hammer down on Parker last night and i think some of his frustration was that he was tired.

  185. I’ve really lost respect for nash. His actions have completely pointed to his total disregard for an org that gave him $$/chance at his last dance on the court. He also has shown his words are meaningless, so he’s really burning bridges & tainting his NBA reputation. Very disappointed in you ash!

  186. I was in a public place and many people laughed or cried in pain at the lakers sad state when hubie or the other guy on ESPN said this is the worst laker start in franchise history. I sure hope something changes real soon.

  187. Its really sad 2 see that on his face 4 the fans as well, just dunno how many games more 2 test our endurance 4 the Lakers.. 🙁

  188. yes, I knew you would forget once you started commenting about how “smooth” Jeremy was 😀

  189. Yeah it’s tough to watch. i love max and Marcellus for seeing lin for what he is and saying it on air. Nobody is picking up on it though. Wish some other NBA guys had the guts to speak up about it.

  190. Hey Joyce, do you think that may be why the Lakers hired Scott after such a extensive interview process? Maybe they couldn’t talk any other ‘legit’ coach into taking Bryant on? Just a thought…

  191. He’s a smooth criminal. He stole chances for TP to score 🙂

  192. That’s great bc sometimes we did miss the good post..

  193. There is something we don’t understand about Nash and the lakers. Clearly Nash holds some animosity towards the front office or Scott himself. He may have been pushed out by Mitch and Jim. Nash has no interest in mentoring anyone including jlin. I’m fine with Nash. Why would he want to stick around this train wreck if he doesn’t have to? The team allowed him to stay away otherwise they force or require he show up and be with the team or sit on the bench as a12th man for show,

  194. Welcome!!!

  195. If what Kup is stating is true, this reflects worse on noCoach & Bryant, because it sure looks, smells, feels like a tanking job. I’m hoping Kup is being truthful & making changes, because I really believe this team could be in better standing in the W/L & have a chance for the playoffs, from what I’ve seen so far. The Lakers just need to make necessary changes (e.g. force Scott to coach) quickly before the sight of the playoffs disappear all together.

  196. Lol this guy called them the Washington generals too! It’s very accurate.

  197. As I stated earlier, I went to the game last night. Lin primary focus was to keep Parker out of the paint, in which he did. I know some fans on here are ready to throw in the towel, but I am not. Lin has been down this road many times with ball hoggers. He was prepared for this. kobe is looking at his mortality trying to hold on instead of passing the torch. People like coach dave/worthy want to try to blame lin for not being aggressive enough to shift the blame off the real problem which is kobe/scott. LA media is not buying it and the fans that I sat with last night aren’t buying it either. One of the fans stated that kobe needed to teach the young players instead feeling afraid that somebody is trying to steal his legacy. I have been on this lin train for awhile and lin is like the phoenix, he will rise out of the ashes to find a way to win whether they are on board with him or not. just hang in there lin fans.

  198. I could not agree more with this article and he did not even have to throw jlin under the bus!

  199. hey joyce what are the Kareem comments that are referenced below??

  200. Well said.. I like that fan said.. ” One of the fans stated that kobe needed to teach the young players instead feeling afraid that somebody is trying to steal his legacy. ” I really think after vs Cha game. Kobe probably started to worry Linsanilty will take over his place?! He started ISO more & more… that’s why Scott took Lin out in 3Q around 4 min to let Kobe ISO… smh!

  201. Nice post Joyce! I’m good w/things, although it’s frustrating as heck, as long as the LA fans/media see the truth and don’t force Lin to shoulder most of the blame game. Thanks for keeping us in the loop of true LA fans.

  202. My personal opinion is that Mitch wanted George Karl. He and Karl are very good friends. I think Karl wanted more than what the Lakers wanted to offer. They only decided on Scott because of the push from Magic and other showtime Lakers vouched for him. Mitch knew what they were dealing with in Kobe and they thought Kobe would listen to Scott and it clearly has not been the case.

  203. first let me say I DO NOT WISH ILL on anyone… however Right now watching Kobe and BS antics is like watching a slo motion train wreck…if Kobe continues to play this many minutes and BS cannot or will not take him out when he is exhausted or sick or whatever he will get another injury… then @Jlin will be the last man standing.

    I hope BS and Kobe get their act together and become more reasonable about the play time for Kobe but if that doesn’t happen eventually JLin will be all that is left.

  204. Exactly. Did you notice how the world media was talking about lin leading the lakers to their first victory, and then it was oh btw, kobe helped too. Kobe knows how good lin can be.

  205. He just can’t turn that competitive nature off. Very difficult for many to actually mentor…b/c they have to face the reality of the end of their tenure. passing the torch is not easy.

  206. I get it. Kobe was struggling last night. I think he was tired because his legs were not under him. Scott is such a liar or clueless to not know that something was up with kobe. when they had their huddles on the sideline, kobe did not join them.

  207. I love the optimism, but I don’t think this team can make the playoffs if the same guys play and get minutes. There is something I really dislike about Wes Kobe hill playing with Lin and I don’t know why. I am ok with boozer.

  208. Ya! When I read Scott said in the lockers room there was no overjoy after their first won?! Why? I got the feeling Kobe was not happy bc he wanted to be the only guy who got the won.. That’s why He started ISO more … smh! Now No more talk from Kobe wants Lin to be aggressive on O anymore…..

  209. Totally, no reason the can not if they get it right

  210. Also I have to say this too, I saw Lin being the leader on the floor when he was talikn top hill on a failed play, and he was also talking to kelly, boozer and clarkson. I just think lin’s focus was shutting down parker.

  211. @awarde:disqus @Brent Yen:disqus what are the Kareem comments that ya’ll are referencing below?? cannot find them

  212. Ok, sounds like Kup should have stuck w/his instincts. I’m not familiar w/the Lakers history, so thanks for enlightening me. 🙂

  213. I love your post.

  214. I saw them on twitter. I will have to look for them when I get a chance.

  215. Basically control what he can control. I suspect his inner circle told him to just focus on that and let everything else roll off his back best he can.

  216. Pretty much. The thing that I love about lin is that he is so resilient. Also, in the 4th quarter when lin got the ball he started scoring on his own, not looking to set up anybody.

  217. Scott seems like he has become a bit corny with age. Mda for all his faults was a fiery and hot headed straight shooter, and I like guys like that more for better or worse.

  218. Thats the real spirit of being a true Lin fan. Thx 4 reminding all the fans here.. 🙂 Never throw in the towel, but still feel a lil sad n unfair 4 Lin. Hes the player who plays team bball. If theres a lack of cohesion in the team, it really hurts n wastes the player like him.

  219. You walk the walk and put the money where your mouth is. You paid for your expensive ticket to show up at live game to support the 1-7 team and your man (Lin).

    I salute you lady.

  220. I agree brent. They played much better defense this game. They were only down by 8 points at halftime. Parker was getting good screens, but lin was fighting through them and stopping Parker from driving. Pop saw that and put Leonard to guard lin..lOL

  221. I will be at as many games as I can get tickets to. My niece is going to the game tomorrow.

  222. Di you notice the group over 100 fans from Taiwan?

  223. Scott is from the Pat Riley School of thinking the more you have been in the league, the more you are so suppose to know about the game, and he is dead wrong with that thinking.

  224. i saw them outside, but didn’t see them inside the game.

  225. They were in the VIP room.

  226. Agree

  227. Oh yeah everyone including Lin was stat padding, even Sacre. Sad to watch but that’s what bad teams do…..sigh

  228. I was glad to see Lin doing that because he finally gets it that you have score to keep the media off your back. I think Lin might be averaging 16.2 points in the last 8 games.

  229. Lin must have worked hard on his diet & weights in the off season. He looks a lot more lean & cut this year.

  230. If they just got rid of Kobe, lakers would be a young up and coming team. Well they need real coaching too.

    If Lin can turn Kobe into a team player, Lin is an all time great.

  231. Anyone might think Scott was trying to sit Kobe (re-injured) for good? lol

  232. I did think that to be honest

  233. I also think he was trying to be selfless and play the right way. But he now knows he’s on a selfish look-out -for -yourself team so he adjusts.

    So tired of dumb Lin fansandmedia saying Lin must be more aggressive. Totally not the problem.

  234. This season reminds me of the terrible Washington wizards and Jordan team where the entire NBA knew Jordan no longer had it except Jordan himself. Jordan in his defense was like 41 and out of shape. That team was like this laker team.

  235. Good analogy

  236. hmmm, and the plot thickens

  237. “however, a combination of numerous team injuries and uninspired play led to Jordan’s return to the starting lineup, where he tried to rebound the franchise from its early-season struggles. The move led to mixed results, as several of Jordan’s younger teammates complained about playing in Jordan’s shadow and his unfair expectations of them”


  238. I’ve seen how Kobe was unable to stay guard his man.

  239. The one thing that I give scott credit is that he doesn’t yank lin after a mistake. Lin played 33 mins last night and fans some fans were complaining about him playing less minute then any of the starters (rolls eyes). I noticed lin that in the 4th lin didn’t come back in because Parker was still sitting. Parker came back in and the lakers went from 7 ponts behind to 11 in about a minute because he was abusing Clarkson, that’s when scott finally put lin back in.

  240. Kobes biggest issue for me is that he is an undisciplined defender who gambles way too much and there is no accountability on him for doing that. He’s also lazy with age and hates chasing guys off ball.

  241. Sounds like how kobe s going to go out.

  242. I wouldn’t say he’s lazy but rather think his age and prior injuries.

  243. Lazy off ball. On ball he is still ahawk

  244. Mother Nature rules.

  245. His tank is only half-full.

  246. No, Scott took Lin out with 4 min left in the 3Q so that Lin would get a breather before playing the entire 4Q. This was the same gameplan for a few games and lets Lin play while Kobe is resting. Scott is trying to keep either Kobe or Lin on the floor at all times so he’s been playing Kobe all 3Q and Lin all 4Q.

  247. I don’t think Scott is against Lin magically bailing him out. And I hope Scott is over playing Kobe on purpose to run him into the ground,

  248. That was Jordan’s last season. Kobe has at least 1 more after this!

  249. That what people said about Nash last year.

  250. Except last night he didn’t start lin in the 4th, because Parker was off the floor. Parker came back in and the lead went from 7 points to 11 points because parker was getting in the paint and he was abusing clarkson

  251. The one thing about the Lakers is that is not just a one owner team. The Buss family has the most shares, but they have a board of stakeholders that they have to answer too. Right now the Lakers are looking really bad with scott coaching and not being able to control kobe. Remember Mitch fired Mike Brown after the first 5 or 8 losses and Magic and the gang vouched for him.So Jeannie Buss is all about keeping the stakeholders happy and will pull the plug if she has too despite how kobe feels. just sayin…

  252. “you can’t handle the truth” Jack Nicholson. Ok, sry, should be Positive. I just hope Kobe will start playing team ball – in years past, I didn’t care about the tensions between D12, Gasol, and Kobe. Now I know what that was and this is very close to be solved because JLin is just the kind of guy who covers it all until people are seeing how it can be way better. There’s no force from Lin, just the winning force waiting.

  253. I like your posts here. I liked lots of your posts there too !

  254. and when you see how awesome his half full is, it’s very beguiling to see how one could have been a Kobe fan if living in LA and going to games.

  255. gosh, way better ways to go out.

  256. does he have @acbc in his inner circle? wow, this site …

  257. you are a really good co-fan to have in an pinch. USMCguy says you were a master sergeant. What a great person to know in the heavy lifting of life.

  258. I am more ok with Hill than boozer because I think boozer plays outside of his abilities in his mind, and some hot times, some costly mistakes.

  259. your metaphor is apt in that … how do you stop a slowmo train wreck so much kinetic energy. We need a superman. Wait …

  260. i think this is old right? the nba executive didn’t say this recently. I doubt any consider him top 7-10 right now

  261. what’s up with that? Sounds like harden. Sure not what a mature man should do, esp making millions.

  262. Hiya! I wanna see more dimes from JLin, but so many more seem to go for bricks with these guys than just the Asik fumbles in HOU.

  263. on the camera he was definitely huffing very much so tired. Q3. First time he went to the line. Couldn’t believe BS gave more so many more minutes after that.

  264. at this point, BS’s contract is a sunk cost and the CFO of Lakers should be calculating for the owners the future value of a winning LAL if they try for Karl or someone else again. However, so my C-level execs don’t know what they are doing, as exemplified by the ups and downs of our public companies not affected by overall market forces. The NBA tide is rising, and LAL are floundering as Clips, GSW, Cavs, etc. value increased.

  265. kobe will need 10 more strikes.

  266. dockers pls.

  267. KL, easy to see one reason. At Rox, you could maybe seen 2-3 fumbles from Asik. Here, you can see Lin setting boozer and hill up really well, but they don’t make the right choice and fumble pass physical and mentally, and you might be counting maybe up to 6 loss assists. Try it for next game and see if you agree. I’ve sort of done it, and that’s my interim thought.

  268. thanks, I really liked the middle part of the interview and appreciate that someone listened to it!

  269. I would say Ten Ten & zxcvb. They know bball & haven’t wavered in their support of Lin’s game, like a lot of so called Lin fans. There have been a lot of new Lin ‘fans’ showing up, but their sutle trash talk of Lin has spread like wild fire to previous posters that continuously post that they are true Lin ‘fans’. smh

  270. sort of a swing. 3 games or so ago, Lin was right in saying it’s not O but D they have to focus on. Last night, D was ok, esp during a short spurt in the 4th, but O was out of it. I think it’s a disarray caused by a few games of Kobe taking over, so people forgot their ‘shape’. That is, the team formations necessary to generate offense that people recognize as developing plays.

  271. I think ten ten is Finger Coach IIRC.

  272. Haha

  273. subtle trashing is to me a sophisticated troll, and I will hold the line here. That’s why I asked for my Mod to be removed, so I don’t step on the formal backstop here if I make a mistake. As a non-Mod, I can take more risks and they can reign me in ha ha.

    See this and understand what I mean by the need to hold the line early and often on subtle trashing of Lin or each other or Lin’s pedigree:


  274. Hmmm…you could be on to something. He seems to know bball better than Finger Coach, but then I could be wrong because I’ve only watched a few of the vids. Their speaking tone is a bit different too, but that also could be difference in written/spoken style.

  275. I thought I had a convo on that site and he said he was FC, but cannot be 100% sure. Hope he comes here so we can ask him to do more.

  276. Yes, that’s why I think a lot of previous Lin fan posters were easily swayed. Subtlety is more deceptive, so easier to change people’s views. I would say it’s now close to 60/40 leaning more towards the opposite of a Lin fans forum.

  277. Anyone else noticed that since lin tied KOBE for high score of 21 pts and got the player of the game that things have degenerated to this state? I don’t like to be a pessimist and generally want to hope the best in people, but the slide has been too coincidental.

  278. I don’t know why media thinks lin needs to step up his play. I think lin has been doing fine and has been pretty aggressive.

    They should be telling Wesley Johnson to step it up. He’s been pretty much invisible so far.

    Also, in order for the pick and roll to be effective, the big has to be able to pop and make shots. Unfortunately, other than the first 2 games, Jordan hill’s shot has been terrible.

    I’ve watched every game so far and jeremy has been pretty consistent. He’s not forcing any of his shots. It’s his teammates who are inconsistent.

  279. Scott is SLOW. He needs to go.

  280. Ya, I generally would read just Huang, Ten Ten, zxcvb, & a few others when I visited the other site. Now that Huang is here & if the other two move over here, I would stop viewing the other forum completely.
    I slowly weened myself off there, because the mods banned me right after I posted something positive after looking at j1243 new site. I thought it was ironic that the mods couldn’t seem to keep up w/banning true ‘trolls’, but was quick on the draw in banning me for giving credit to j12.. for his nice new site.
    It’s all good tho, I like the great bball analysis mixed in w/Lin fandom posts here.

  281. I live in LA an kobe is one of my favorite players. The reason he is so good (one of the best players of all time) is because of his competitiveness and his work ethic.

    I don’t believe in any conspiracy theory that he is jealous of Lin. I think kobe is still trying to do things that his body just won’t let him do.

    He knows they won’t win this year so because of his competitiveness, I think he’s trying to 1) catch up to Jordan in scoring (Jordan has always been his idol) and 2) maybe try to win scoring title this season.

    You have to remember, kobe is a guy who didn’t want shaq on the team when shaq was at his prime (scoring 20 and 10 rebounds per game). He is a player that cares about his own stats.

    For lakers to be competitive this season, Coach needs to limit Kobe’s minutes and give the rest of the team to gain chemistry and confidence.

  282. He might have thought of it if not intentional. Kobe is that stubborn “old guy” right now. What to do with him.

  283. I’m in the middle of a book called “the Geography of Thought, how Asians and westerners think differently…” Anyone interested in the psychology of Why Lin , KOBE, Scott do certain things in ways that defy our own understanding should spend some time reading this book.

    In one chapter, the author talks abou how Asians don’t have interest in debate as much as we in the west do. He explains that asians tend to think in relations and not as parts. It’s this fundamental way of thinking that can help explain for example why we see Lin as being passive and not aggressive. When you look through KOBE or Scott’s eyes, their linear way of thinking wants Lin to add his ability to put up points as a way of winning. Lin’s way of thinking is more holistic in that he sees his ability to score isn’t as important as getting everyone involved in the game.

    My mind is wrapped around this book because it has been my own personal belief since college that Asians DO think differently, as differently as the symbols of our most influential ideas. The Yin yang circle and the divergent opposing lines of the cross pretty much says how we develop our ways of thinking.

    I will digest this and hope to give a “book report” on a later date.

  284. I like Clarkson, good that he’s getting some extra playing time. Hope Lakers use him more for backup rather than Price.


  285. Fighting the wrong kind of poster. Glad you are posting here. Would you consider a new handle as someone else used anon for possible trolling and your distinction has been discussed in the mod forums and people know you are a different person. Would be nice to get to know ye.

  286. you get the higher level of it, that the 99% truth is the worst lie. I think that, if you go along the lines of Lin and many here, that is said to be a strong tool of the D for evil.

  287. I appreciate having a poster friend here who sees this important concept, well more foundational then swear words and nicknames said in the correct writing need.

  288. Lin is not seen as passive – he is running around fighting through screens on D which is what everyone knows is what wins championships.

    Lin is said to be passive, deferential to create subtle troll topics to create anxiety with real fans. See here:


  289. My thoughts are that there is a difference in Asian/Western thinking, but I’m apt to question whether this applies to Lin. Lin is biologically Asian, but he’s been embedded in Western ideals from birth. His parents have influenced him, but I think it’s more of his personality than cultural norms. A person is influenced by a lot more than parents in the whole scheme of one’s life, especially a grown individual.
    It’s an interesting idea, but just questions between biological cultural norms & the idea of individuality.

  290. Agree JoeTeam. A lot of times, I think people fall back on Lin’s Asian heritage to tag those characteristics to him. I haven’t seen a lot of ‘positive’ Asian characteristics connected w/Lin.

  291. it is likely a subtle race troll, but I don’t want to over amplify that because on facts alone, it is clear and we don’t have to overslam to get the point and culture solidified around truth. I hope everyone will read that article, esp the definition of trolling.

    @psalm, would you consider a sticky post and also, posting your accepted version of what trolling is?

  292. Perhaps it is time to change your username to JustSayNo2KobesIso…

  293. Thanks☺ ❤

  294. No way should you be feeling sorry for multi-millionaire young guys playing BB for living. I don’t even follow Lakers/Lin games anymore but just watch highlights. I did see Leonard pick Lin’s pockets one or two times yesterday.

  295. Somebody pointed that out earlier. Lin was getting all of the headlines and kobe was an afterthought. I think kobe went out there last night to share the ball to give lin a few looks and let him score, but lin was not going to score more points than him again, but guess what lin did.

  296. I wouldn’t go as far as to say ‘race troll’, but perhaps stereotyping what an Asian is/looks like. I think it’s pretty prevalent & almost natural in society to try & place every individual w/i what we believe is true w/i our own beliefs, no matter what race we’re referencing. That’s why I don’t think ‘racism’ will ever disappear completely.
    As a thinker, I like what Acbc posted, because talking about subjects ( whether good/bad ) opens dialog & makes it less taboo or dark. imo

  297. I thought Kobe seemed irked that Jeremy received that kind of attention… maybe jealousy? I hope not.

  298. lol…I was thinking the same.

  299. Which we know Scott won’t do. If he would limit kobe’s minutes and let the team gain chemistry, then you would have a whole lot less people really putting this team down. The Laker media is trying to sell that kobe needs help and people need to step up. Well how do the players step up when the coach won’t step up or take any responsibility for their losses.

  300. Let’s clarify the media, it is TCW sportsnetwork who is saying this to protect Scott/Kobe. The other LA media outlets have been very fair to lin. They mostly want to see Linsanity, but you won’t see that while kobe is on the court.

  301. well, you know the studied academic themes of what societies do to males of the different minorities. I don’t have to go far to understand why it’s so important for trolls to use the ‘diminish’ Lin’s manhood (beta for example) to cause a lot of tension on fan sites.

    To that article above, this is telling:

    “An Internet troll is someone who comes into a discussion and posts comments designed to upset or disrupt the conversation. Often, in fact, it seems like there is no real purpose behind their comments except to upset everyone else involved. Trolls will lie, exaggerate, and offend to get a response.”

    So, their goal is not racism but to use it to causes pain. It is worse than KKK, because according to M Scott Peck in People of the Lie, the wanton destruction of another’s spirit is the greatest human evil of all. Causing pain in others wantonly for one’s own joy is something therefore I and I hope we all reject.


  302. He did the same thing to Chris Paul in the Clippers lost to them, so what is your point?

  303. @acbc: to your mind walk, consider what a heterogeneous society does vs homogenous. So, Americans are very different Western minds than Europeans, EU not withstanding. The other dimension is East v West, but think about the Homog vs hetero and it will bring you greater insight.

  304. Welcome!
    We’d like to encourage you to read the how to’s and rules of the site.


    Enjoy your stay 🙂

  305. Wonder if he will play Sunday against GSW?

  306. Wonder if he’ll play Sunday against GSW?

  307. Better to develop Clarkson than rely on Price’s shoe-throw (and now head-throw) defense.

  308. the breakthrough comes from fully integrating diversity, and Lin is a linchpin for the evolution of the Asian in the American West. We all are, important in who we are in our place, but he has power forming now from his faithfulness and hard work.

  309. Great interview.
    I think Kareem was speaking more from loyalty and friendship when he said Byron was doing a great job lol

  310. Substantial over-generalization for sure. But interesting idea nevertheless

  311. Linsanity happened when the Knicks ran out of all other options. They were losing every possible way. They finally played Lin because MDA felt compassion for Lin since MDA thought they were going to cut Lin very soon. None of the Knicks thought it is possible for an Asian guard to save their season.

    Even until this day, there are some players/former players who thought Lin simply got lucky during Linsanity and he’s really just a scrub. I was watching the game vs NO and I believe it was David Wesley who blatantly disrespected Lin many times. First he mocked that Lin seemed to try hard on defense but it’s of no use. Wesley thought Lin is a defensive liability who can’t possibly stop any PG let alone Holiday. Later in to the game Wesley commented that Lin simply was on a hot streak at the right time. He even went as far as saying Lin got his current contract because Lin was hurt before people realizing Lin is a scrub. Wesley then said he felt good for Lin because Lin can’t possibly get another contract like his current one ever again.

    Unfortunately this is the reality for Lin. Many people in the NBA probably think the same way as Wesley but they just didn’t express their opinions publicly. As a result, Lin often has to play against the opposing team, the referees, and even against his own teammates. Hopefully the Lakers aren’t that stubborn so that they can hand the keys to Lin to save their season before it is too late.

  312. need the swagman NOW.

  313. Conclusion the Lakers starters outplayed the Spurs bench.

  314. he’s bbiq smart you are right.

  315. Maybe we shall soon see Kobe aggressively passing to Lin…..the flu.

  316. Another interesting read would be Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. There are few chapters dedicated to how east/western culture influence thoughts/actions of an individual and society. The author performed her study in Harvard, observing the differences in Asian and American students’ behaviors/personalities.

  317. The ideas discussed in this book is far ranging in its span. It’s interesting because it seeks to establish cultural difference in ways of thinking. The example of using LIN being said to be passive and not aggressive is NOT MY OPINION, rather, it’s a hope to underline how and why the opposing views get established. The fact that it triggers such a strong reaction from you says a lot about how sensitive this subject is to ALL Asians. When I was younger and in a long serious relationship with a non Asian girl, she wondered why I was so passive in dealing with affronts by service people who treated us rudly. What I liked about this book is that it goes down to the very roots of how differently we see the world and the logics systems that is derived makes for very diferent ways of establishing our general views of the world.

    A test done on 4 year old children from both sides show how differently we relate to the world. Westerners tend to categorize things very differently. Do this test yourself. A monkey, a penguin and a banana. A separate group of items to be categorized are a chicken, a cow and grass. I tested like 2/3 of Asians to pair the monkey with the banana and the cow with grass. 2/3 of non Asians catergorize the animals as a grouping instead.

    Is one better than the other? No. But what is revealing is how deeply we feel as Asians the world isn’t just a sum of the parts; that in fact the interrelations of the parts form inseparable bonds that must be viewed as one.

  318. I cringe when players lick their fingers in bball or football given everyone licks their fingers and touches the ball and so on …

  319. Ewww… I hope they have hand sanitizers on the bench.

  320. I get your point JoeTeam & your views have merit. I just hesitate to use ‘troll’, ‘racism’ & like labels because they have been ‘over’ used. Watering down ideas by misusing words downplays a situation when it clearly calls for such meanings.
    I agree w/Peck in that: ‘…the wanton destruction of another’s spirit is the greatest human evil of all.’ & that’s why it angers me to no end w/Lin’s treatment as an individual & a NBA player from both Lin fans/non. Another book you may be interested in checking out, regarding the impact of the destruction of the human spirit is: ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ by Viktor Frankl( a Holocaust survivor ).
    Lin’s impact on the topic of diversity has been as influential as his playing in the NBA imo. It’s open a lot of cultural discussions, like this one.

  321. You mean Nick Young. He hasn’t yet earned his “swag” status 🙂

  322. LAL still lose with all starters in double figures so…

  323. I can hear the title speaking directly to me = =.

  324. of course it is a sensitive issue from Yellow Fever that Asian American men knew in the 1800s through the WongFu videos. And of course it is used to trigger minorities of all kinds, going back to slavery and plantations.

    I am less triggered as an older man at peace with family. I didn’t like the injustice when I was younger, but really, I was after bigger things from what my mentors/fathers/teachers taught me so it did hurt, but I wasn’t stuck in it.

    Right now though, it’s easy for me to try to hold the line on that because I’ve been seeing that as hurting minorities esp young men who are now being left behind by schools and so on in the haves/have nots race.

    Yes totally, we asians are not single self minded as a culture. That comes from thousand of years of wending our way through a resource constrained country.

    Time to go for family sat, but thank you for a great discussion older bro.

  325. Right now he is waggy P?

  326. Lucky for Spurs, Coach Pop does the opposite.

  327. Michael, I have to tell you that I really like your posts. They always make me laugh or put a smile on my face. Thank you for that!

  328. It spoke to me first so get your own book.

  329. I don’t use them as emotional words but more as what it is as words. You can pick the words you want. I’m at peace, and just holding the line as a free citizen of cyberspace.

    Nice to talk to you, have to go to family stuff now. Talk to you later.

  330. One of these days……I’m going to think of a comeback.(*`^´)=3

  331. ps, I think I read VF’s Beyond Freedom and Dignity as a kid. Not sure. And Man’s search for meaning. Catholic school and philosophy class. Not a catholic though, just you know, tiger parents.

  332. Yes, I have to look away esp when Lin does it I care.

  333. You are too kind. Folk here are so tolerant.

  334. earned or not, give me another chucker with a chance to get the ball in on 2nd unit.

  335. I know in football the quarter back does that a lot. But basketball?

  336. Lin needs to be aware of who is on the court. Those back to back turnovers to Leonard were painful to watch.


  337. No, I wasn’t aiming that statement to you. Just a generalization of the prevalence of using words improperly.

    Yes, thank you for the discussion. Intellectual discussions are always of interest to me. Have a great Sunday w/your family. 🙂

  338. he needs D-League badly–and frankly so did randle before his injury.

  339. Leonard did the same thing to Chris Paul in the Clippers lost to the Spurs, so what is your point.

  340. That was a smart move by Pops. When is the last time you’ve seen Leonard guarding the other teams PG? Lin was caught off guard, and I am sure it will motivate him to improve even more.

  341. honestly i hope not. not that i wish anything bad on kobe, i just want to see how BScott adjusts to not having him. GSW are gonna slaughter them anyways, may as well see what else you got. plus it cracks open the door for a little linsanity.

  342. Oops, yes he did guard another teams PG.

  343. He’ll be rusty for few games like Kelly is now. But hopefully we can be at full strength soon.

  344. You know the Laker organization like that.

  345. Bought out?? Impressive.

  346. That’s who they were. Impressive.

  347. This guy is the final MVP who killed the league MVP LBJ in the NBA final.

  348. Real impressive.

  349. That was a real smart move by Pop. lin was breaking down their defense getting in the paint. He was also holding down Tony Parker.

  350. It seems people are using the term aggressive as a euphemism for don’t defer to kobe. Lin has been aggressive IMO so don’t know what they mean otherwise

  351. So do I and when players play sick those germs are all over the place

  352. It’s funny to see “the best SG in the NBA” being sandwiched by Kyrie Irving (known chucker) and Mario Chalmers (Lebron’s favorite whipping boy).

  353. Thanks JoeTeam. Ya, I did notice the other ‘Anonymous’ posting. I’ll start using my other handle ‘Drizzt’ going forward. I created a new one, because I originally thought this handle was banned on disqus, but it was just the other site.

  354. Lin didn’t even get the ball that much in 4Q how can he be aggressive?! I think he did try but no ball… His teammates were all in ISO mode themselves. smh!

  355. Their friends and family must have asked them to bring some back for them too.

  356. It seemed that Clarkson had some friends or family in the crowd since every time he went to the line a couple guys yelled MVP.

  357. Lin wasn’t in for the start in 4Q last night. It’s Kobe.

  358. Someone else needs to “p” on the hydrant besides Lin, lol.

  359. Ya! For the past 3 games, in 3Q around 4 min left, that’s the time for Kobe to start his ISO playing time… also the time Lakers started to loss more … Coach should play him less min but no if not for Price was out so Lin got more min then Kobe would be the one who played the longest min on the team?!

  360. When I used to play inter scholastic games against big rivals my hands get cold and lose feel for the ball. That’s just comes from nerves and being tight. Wetting the fingers is a habit to try to warm the tips of the fingers up and apply a little more tack to the ball. What’s even more gross is rubbing your body into the bigs or a defender and have their sweat lather all over you.

  361. Question is, due the Lakers like the business aspect of Jeremy enough to tie him down to a long term contract, or do they see Jeremy as nothing more than a door stop for someone else.

  362. See… nothing is going to change it at all. Kobe will be Kobe again on Sun.

  363. The problem that Lakers have is that no decent player is coming to a non contending team to play with kobe. The Lakers front office knows this. That is why I believe that the Lakers might add a few more pieces, but they want to grow their own. Kobe is the cog in the middle of the wheel.

  364. Do you think that’s good for Lin? Well, since Lin will not be in the same unit w him so Lin can’t get the AS…

  365. Maybe, he even had his own fans meeting but needs to pay to see him?!

  366. that’s just retarded. When a players shots keep falling short, it’s a sign that the player is fatigued. Every coach and announcer says this including the announcers for last nights game. Kobe’s shots were short all night and Scott should have taken Kobe out.

  367. Unbelievable that Scott is such a chicken…smh

  368. It pains to me to say this ” BS makes Mchell look like an genius “

  369. I know Kobe will play. He just decides to skip practices and shoot arounds and walk throughs. He’s like a music diva on some levels except now he can’t even perform despite being so high maintenance

  370. I think Lin will end up playing less and scoring less unless Lin becomes more selfish

  371. Everyone (with or without the real flu) wants to re-create a MJ flu game but they forgot they are not MJ.

  372. I really don’t understand how some of these basketball teams operate. In baseball, the teams play percentages. They set the lineup, pitching, type of pitches, etc accordingly to give them the best chance to win. Highest batting average usually gets to bat at the top of the lineup. Lakers or any team for that matter should run higher % of plays for players with high TS shooting % — Lin and Davis!

  373. Then he’s REALLY like a music “diva” if he won’t practice!

    Most working musicians like myself are not divas. We have to work hard to carry the divas!!!

  374. This is real life business. Politics and agendas cloud everything,

  375. So there is no 2nd unit … only Kobe unit.

  376. Couldn’t agree with you more. I truly believe that the Lakers are afraid of cutting ties with Kobe. Too much history between the two. I honestly believe that the Lakers would have been better served holding onto Howard and letting Kobe walk. Big men who moves like Dwight are too hard to find. If I were the Lakers I would be praying that Kobe just retires at the end of the season. They just need 2 or 3 pieces to turn this season around.

  377. Thank you for the vivid image before I go to bed = =

  378. Scott will not do that until Kobe said so… smh!

  379. Lin is not going to roll over and just sign on the line for another season of this or (yelp) more beyond this if the lakers extended Kobes contract. We will have to see how thing play out.

    I support Lin and identify with him on some levels. He’s too proud and sure of himself to just resign and be a whipping boy or ticket seller to Asians, he wants to be a big piece to a winning product and a difference maker,

  380. Really? I think maybe Johnson’s playing time will be cut not Lin.

  381. I think Jeremy being selfish to pad his stats is a bad idea. People will just turn around and say that we have a Kobe 2.0 in the making but without the championships. I think the reason people enjoy watching Jeremy so much is his ability to get everyone on the floor involved.

  382. Friendly reminding, no name calling like “Mchxxl”on the site. It’s better you can edit it before it gets delete. 🙂

  383. I read some where said he got the flu?!

  384. The first step to negotiation is to understand the other side. It’s funny that in one of the chapters, the author talks about Korea and the physical and emotional divide of the North and south. How it came about and why so little has been done for so long by the citizens of both countries. We can’t understand it because of how we are brought up to debate and argue right and wrong. I though of you right away because of your experience in overseas business affairs. Having to take up smoking in order to fit in! It sounds funny to us but it has underlying meanings of the cultural differences that dictates how well we do in business.

    As a way of thinking, we need to adopt a more eastern way of seeing holistically to save our planet.

  385. I will not go that far but I agree BS is worst than Mc on running the team.

  386. Guess making Marcus Morris look like an all-star offensively is not a sign of letting down. On the other hand, if not for Price not available for garbage time for the last two games, Lin probably wouldn’t even crack the 30 min mark. Maybe BS saw a lot of signs of Lin letting down so he’s monitoring Lin’s minutes more intently -.-

  387. This is why Lin, who should be the #1 guard in his team, is stifled in s supporting role and unlikely to get a fair shake in the NBA. They can’t imagine him being able to run a team and be the franchise.

    That’s why I’d like to see Lin play in the Olympics against team usa.

  388. That alone separates him and Popovich.

  389. I thought that was his real name 🙂 Thank you though.

  390. I do too, because Lin is a much better defender than Johnson and Scott knows it. They view the film, Scott knows who is getting it done on defense. Lin just needs to shoot when he gets the ball. If they are playing that game, he needs to play it too. I do think lin is getting it, and he knows that this a contract year.

  391. That’s why it’s so important who the coach is. He’ll set the agenda and identity of the team.

  392. What??

  393. He padded in the last 5 minutes in the 4th yesterday, as he should

  394. That’s debateable… At least BS knows how to run plays, limited as they may be. But I think that Kobe is in a position where he has too much weight in the organization. I just don’t think that there is a coach who can keep him on a short leash.

  395. True true

  396. I hope Bryant will soon realize he has passed his prime as an elite NBA player. Time to pass the ball. I meant torch.

  397. I’m being sarcastic. Sorry if you didn’t catch it.

  398. But if lin doesn’t have any other offers then I think he would sign with clauses in his contract. Let’s face it Lakers know that nobody is going to sign with them and endure another year or possible more years with kobe. They will play a wait and see game to as what kobe will do, and kobe is not going to reveal his hand unless he gets re injured this year.

  399. Agree on Kobe can do whatever he wants from this org. But I am very disappointed by Scott so far… I think Lakers pick the wrong coach. too bad.

  400. OK:)

  401. <<<<< James ^^. Were smart 😀

  402. After game, Lin walked to Spurs bench and said hi to them all. He doesn’t always do that. I hope he sign there this summer unless some lucky stuff go down in Los angeles.

  403. Yeah I agree, initial thought was good but turning into epic fail.

  404. Ya! I saw that after the game… Really nice of Lin I guess Spurs players are always nice to Lin.

  405. I dont think the spurs need Lin.

  406. Nobody passes torch, it’s taken from them by younger players

  407. Pop is smart and knows when/how to use this strategy. McHale on the other hand tried this with Parsons and failed… miserably.

  408. Ginobili pushing 40

  409. Can’t agree more… I had such high hope on him in the summer but not anymore…

  410. There is no unit.

  411. If you google Scott’s history you will see that he only lead the Nets to a playoff bid, and failed miserable with NO when Chris Paul was there, and also the Cavs with Irving. There were a lot of reports that in the end that Irving, Paul and Kidd turned on Scott because of his rigid structure not to change playing strategies that were not working

  412. I agree if he gets no offers. Personally, I am praying the Spurs make a small offer and he takes it even if it’s a lot less money. The Kobe injury thing right now would be like winning the lotto for Lin

  413. No need to use the R word. Please observe the rules of this site.

    Thank you.

  414. did any of the other Laker players do this?

  415. Totally forgot bout that, only remembered him turning the nets around, although they were still overshadowed by the Knicks here.

  416. Lakers got too greedy is all that happened.

  417. No , if you see ESPN game tape you can see it at end

  418. Davis, I think, because they were near the Spurs bench as the clock was winding down.

  419. Phil Jackson did. That is why Fisher was so successful in denying him the ball because he had the backing of Phil Jackon and Pat Riley. Pat Riley ran a very tight ship.

  420. Wouldn’t mind Jeremy in SA, but even that would be a setback. Duncan will probably retire soon along with Ginobly, and who knows how long Pop wants to coach. Jeremy would be walking out of one rebuilding team into another. Would rather have Jeremy stay in a bigger market like LA and get more exposure. SA might have championships, but LA has a much bigger fanbase and name recognition.

  421. Duncan and Lin have the same management team

  422. Paul Villarreal’s long video for Lakers – Spurs game:

  423. Ya! I saw Davis too. Lin & Davis both…

  424. That is why the group from Taiwan going in and buying out all of Lin’s merchandise is what Jeannie Buss and the stakeholders want to see.

  425. Oh true that’s right. So it could just be that. I just feel Lin would fit on and off court there, I really do.

    I want him t shine in la but my expectations are realistic.

  426. Ya! They are .. Duncan always nice to Lin on court if Lin fall down or…

  427. Yeah but both retired fom coaching. No other coach other than maybe Pop has that kind of swag anymore. Superstar players have way too much sway.

  428. Jeremy is money.

  429. So much emphasis on Young coming back. Granted he could give you an easy 20 on any given night but, if anything Young should be the third option on this team. Jeremy should be the secondary scorer on this team.

  430. You and I know that LA will support Kobe so far, but they are not beyond throwing him under the bus if they have to. Kobe has no more leverage in this league. He has pretty much burned his bridges with a lot of NBA people. If you notice that Mitch traded away Steve Blake without the blink of an eye without kobe’s permission. That is why I say LA Lakers is all about the business. Even when Kobe was out all last year and many thought he would never come back, the games were full.. The new generation of Laker fans like kobe and they don’t much about basketaball, but the die hard fans with the season tickets remember the Showtime Lakers and they want to get back to that.

  431. I find this discussion fascinating.

    I have thought long and hard about how Jeremy Lin as a Californian basketball player is different from a New Yorker like myself.

    When I grew up playing street basketball against all sorts of people in NY, I learned to play very physical and very tough. I’m not kidding that we in NY bashed each other at least as hard as NBA players do. We all delivered hits to each other and nobody delivered more legal hits than I did!

    Whenever I got hit, I made sure I hit back HARD. I’d always get my hits in, even if I lost the game. A lot of the time, getting hits was more important to people than actually winning or losing.

    As a result, I was almost NEVER discriminated against on the court. If there was an Asian player who deserved to be discriminated against, it was short clumsy me who was all tough with no game. But I could HIT with anybody, and everybody respected that. Opponents who strutted in thinking they’d just jump all over me would change their face as soon as they put an elbow into me and I would bash them through their elbows! lot of times I literally bashed my way to victory.

    If we had gotten Jeremy Lin on the courts in NY, we’d have been like “FRESH MEAT”. We’d have bashed him even more than in NBA games to see how he’d react. We in NY would’ve know that we couldn’t have beaten him in skills, so we’d legally bash him out of his game. And in NY, nobody would’ve bashed Lin legally more than I would have!

    I genuinely think that Lin’s approach to the game is more of a team oriented skill flying “Cali” style than a gritty “in yo face” bashing “NY” style. To me, that’s more of an impact than race because I see the same Lin mentality from other nonAsian Cali players like Jason Kidd or Gary Payton or James Harden or Reggie Miller. Even Kidd and Payton would’ve been bashed up pretty good in NY!

    Cali guys would rather beat you, NY guys like myself would rather BASH you!

  432. Yeah, that’s correct and he also a very good unselfish player.

  433. lin will likely sign again wit lakers. he is the only good thing for them this season. with a healthy kobe.

  434. Of course! Also he is a hard worker and a team player… what team wouldn’t love him… well, minus the couple that didn’t want him.

  435. I hope Charlotte will be competitive against GS tonight. A double overtime would be perfect.

  436. Yep, and with the group from Taiwan going in and buying out all of Lin’s merchandise in the Lakers store…That is huge…

  437. The one thing that all the fans that I sat with last night at the game agreed that Price is not good and he has no defensive or offensive game.

  438. Or, it will only takes a decent couch to do what’s best for the team: to sit a player when needed.

  439. You know how things work out for lin when people try to stifle him……..and the beat goes on….just sayin….

  440. I’m still waiting for the other comebacks you’ve said you’d come up with… tick… tock…

  441. Hope he’s not going to be a high volume chucker. Last thing they need at this point.

  442. I’m not sure you did this on purpose… “decent couch”… “sit a player” lol.

  443. He will hog the ball on the 2nd unit, and not play defense, so what else is new?

  444. Former LAL players not faring well in the coaching world. They both have ball “dominant” players in their teams…hmmm..

  445. I think Fisher has no idea how to be a coach…LOL!

  446. Don’t think so Kobe is back… I also found out… You really can’t score more than Kobe bc like last night, Boozer was good in shooting then Scott took him out..?!

  447. “Coaching” Kobe or Carmelo is not an easy feat. I’m not sure it is even feasible. lol

  448. Reason why he put Kawhi on Jeremy: Spurs PGs, even THE Tony Parker, AND bigs can’t stop him one on one.

  449. Ha, it could be a typo or pun intended.

  450. Glad that Lakers fans see what we see:-) We aren’t being biased JLin fans afterall:-)

  451. Lin and Boozer were the highest scoring players for the team.

  452. More JLin fans from Taiwan are going. Believe they plan it for at least once per month. Some are smaller groups. Yes, they will purchase any JLin merchandise whenever it’s available in market. They are really die-hard JLin fans.

  453. He knows D. Green I think and Duncan same agent..

  454. Ya! I read from Baidu said they bought out all the Lin’s merchandise in Lakers store..?! Wow! 127 also more to come w several travel agents in Taiwan all set up the groups to come in the future.

  455. Do you think Young will replace Johnson in 4Q? Since Johnson didn’t do too much on court.

  456. I know that’s bc Kobe just couldn’t make the shot….

  457. My bubble-thoughts caption 😀

    Top Left: “To defend, don’t be like Boozer standing 5 ft away from the 3pt shooter”
    Bottom Right: “Instead, get low on an angle like JLin to funnel your man to the left if he wants to go right. In fact, funnel everyone to Davis”
    (but shh …don’t tell JLin and Boozer I told you that. I don’t want to change the lineup before 3 more losses ehm.. games!)

  458. Young and Kelly will bolster bench production who has been totally unproductive, especially after Ellington was out. In fact all of them can be 3pt threat to draw defenders out so Lin and the big men can do pick-and-roll well without clogged lanes.

    As long as Swaggy doesn’t try to be Kobe with questionable shot selection, his return will help the Lakers to score points.

  459. Nice of you to remember. I took one for the team but my American bosses saw nothing in their noisy talk.

  460. true…lol

  461. So sad that the value of a multibillion business is determined by one man, short term. So cool that what Lin does means hundreds of millions in value to his organization.

  462. He’s scouted kl now.

  463. Jordan Clarkson and Xavier Henry to D-Fenders – likely for a quick turnaround vs Texas Legends then with Lakers playing Warriors Sunday— Eric Pincus (@EricPincus) November 15, 2014

  464. It’s ok. Kahwi was the Final MVP for great reasons.
    His wingspan and defensive instinct is more dangerous than ADavis’s blocks.

    Lin will learn not to expose the ball in cross over to Kahwi next time. Lin usually learn quickly more his mistakes and counter it next time. It’s part of the growth process as a player.

  465. Supposed in theory but they are still “rusty” after long time off from their injuries. Have to wait and see about Young to prove me wrong. Heard so much about Young (good and bad). Will hold my “take” on him until I see how he plays.

  466. I just love being able to troll you Michael. Made my day. Lol

  467. LOL Like @psalm234:disqus sense of humor. Keep it up!

  468. Good post. City ball vs soccer mom I get it. Brazil vs usa mls style.

  469. Not sure if highlights has been posted. But I just added this one from jay to the Video Gallery on homepage

  470. You too … I just meant to make sure this us about ideas, not emotions. Ideas that lead to free lives.

  471. I predict that Young’s return won’t help the Lakers.

  472. Doing a little networking never hurt for future job opportunities! LOL

  473. I know what you mean, but look at this way: McHale had a talent loaded roster. If McHale were coaching this Lakers team, they might actually go 0-82.

  474. this time I’m okay with Kobe isolation. =)

  475. Yes, they need a big rim defender not another volume chucker.

  476. I thought you are from Arizona?

  477. Nick Young is the ultimate 6th Man because he can bring scoring off the bench quickly. He’s so good in scoring and shooting one-on-one but may have questionable decision-making. That’s why he’s good off the bench when scoring is needed.

    I’m not sure how good he is in passing but I have more hope in him that JR Smith in NY Knicks

  478. ok, PreGame thread+Voting Poll against GSW tomorrow is up!

    Who’s aggressively assertive like JLin to post 1st?


  479. Masterfully done XD.

  480. I would loved to have been a bug on the wall seeing you bash around with the big guys.

  481. Yep

  482. Defense lesson 1-1

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