G09 SAS @ LAL Game Thread+Chat

After 2 road losses when Kobe shot too much (26 and 28), will he trust Lin and his teammates again by shooting only 20 shots when they won their only game against the Hornets?

Will Lin be able to maintain or improve his membership in 50-40-90 (% of FG-3FG-FT) elite club in the past 4 games? We know Lin will be ready to perform if Kobe and Boozer pass the ball to him. Lakers bench and weak interior defense would likely bring Laker another loss but we’ll cheer Lin to do his best with his opportunities!


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  1. First!

  2. Can never win..

  3. Bronze.

  4. No wonder you were so quiet.

  5. If it helps, you’re the 1st male today! :p

  6. The Linning Queen has returned :]

  7. I wasted a few seconds clicking the You can do it! Lin picture = =

  8. I’ll be away and can only check from my phone.
    Hope Lin will bring back Lakers to Linning ways!!

  9. Iron? or wood?

  10. Swift, silent, and harmless… or is it deadly? Lol

  11. whoops.. I forgot the link!
    sorry,don’t know how blubell got it first

  12. let’s go Lin!

  13. Hitman 47?

  14. Played it long time ago…

  15. I think other teams scouted Lin and Davis. Now there is always help from 3rd defender to stop the pass to Davis. Those defenders don’t respect Hill, Wes and Boozer too much.

  16. Lin said it takes perfect teamwork to beat Spurs. Perfect in real life means impossible? lol

  17. haha even that counts?

  18. Perfect = Kobe takes less than 20 shots :] LOL

  19. haha I don’t agree with your equation, I will replace “=” by “<"

  20. A group of 108 JLin fans from Taiwan go to Spurs game to support JLin.

  21. oh no, Lin will be super nervous now! =p

  22. Hope @cali7 get herself together with these Taiwanese fans to get group picture with JLin .. haha..


  23. no wonder Lin sometimes posted some his video for Chinese fans only. We are just not crazy enough to get Lin’s attention!!!!

  24. Nop the other way around. JLin knows he has die-hard fans from Taiwan. Believe this is one of the many groups are going to cheer JLin up.

  25. does cali7 do live update??

  26. I wish Jeremy would actually fake aggressiveness tonight.

    When Kobe starts ball hogging, JLin would pretend taking 3 point shot and do his lets go walk. Or driving for a layup and runnin right back for transition defense.

    It will really make the game more entertaining than watching Kobe ISO all night. No one can complain JLin was not aggressive blah blah.

  27. I see someone in the pic with Kone’s #8 jersey, booooooooo… lol
    Lin is so lucky to being a Taiwanese American, Taiwanese support their players like no others..

  28. No idea. Should ask her last night:-(

  29. My wife: Is there a game tonight?
    Me: yes
    Wife: Who are they playing against.?..
    Me: Spurs…
    Wife: Oh well…we can forget about November now..

  30. I would like to see 8+ FTA from Lin tonight..

  31. We shall call this wifey analysis.

  32. guess we’ll figure it out soon

  33. I just hope he attempts over 10 shots.

  34. what doesn that mean? it’s only helfway of the Novermber..

  35. It means it seems eternity for us to face a weak team.

  36. Brent, you have a problem.

  37. LOL

  38. OK, this is nitpicky, but shouldn’t it just say “OS ANGELES” like “AKERS” and “IN”? =p

  39. Hehehe.

  40. That’s right. Only remember to ask her to give us juicy report:-)

  41. Good pickup:-) Someone should let them know:-)

  42. Irony: There’s no “I” in Carmelo Anthony, James Harden, or Kobe Bryant, but there is in “Jeremy Lin”

  43. very good point LOL

  44. There are “me” tho

  45. This is why Lin said he’s proud of his Asian heritage.

  46. But not Kobe…

  47. I knew it because I had mine. lol

  48. Yes there is, only after team won.

  49. Go Akers!

  50. Hey what best is she’s wearing Adidas.

  51. CarMElo Anthony
    JaMEs Harden
    KoME Bryant
    got it?

  52. Really hope Lakers can win tonight…

  53. That Lin fan group is really large. I hope tonight’s game is exciting.

  54. Me too. They flied all the way from Taiwan. Hope Lin will have good game tonight.

  55. That’s why they want the “I” so much.
    It’s the insecurity of not having it 😀

  56. constant blaming continues i see

  57. Lin must have a great game tonight, for those 127 fans 🙂

  58. I think Taiwan fans give Lin unconditional fan loyalty. The US fans tend to be easily swayed by others.

  59. Are there any exorcists logged in? etane told me he would like to switch over to this site too. Especially now that KHuang is here. But etane knows he won’t last very long with all those demons tormenting him.

  60. They also will show up for tomorrow’s game too.

  61. Cool. Hope Jeremy plays great and Lakers win both

  62. Akers sounds like everybody is hurt.

  63. Now that’s the inside stuff!

  64. Wow… 2 games to root for lin… he‘ll do his best, wont let them down… lets go! Lin

  65. We have @disqus_HmSLGZ4iV2:disqus, do not worry about it…LOL

  66. there’s probably going to MVP chants during Lin’s FTs LOL

  67. @Michael is a Rated G version of etane or @Michael is a highly skilled exorcist? LOL

  68. We will see soon enough…LOL

  69. I did not check this forum until just know. Welcome. Also very excited that KHuang is here too.

  70. Harden + NBA refs = disgrace to the sport.

  71. Thanks. Yeah I would have expected KHuang to be the one to turn out the lights on the old site.

  72. Don’t worry.

    Etane will be FINE.


  73. KHuang, welcome. So happy to see you here. Did you happen to see the “recruiting” message I sent to you the other day at the other site?

  74. you’ll miss him

  75. But I WON’T because I really
    love the old site!

    See, the other site is grittier and edgier and more confrontational than this site. There are real benefits to that too.

    I love this site and am having fun communicating with the moderates here. Believe or not, I’m a Lin moderate too!

  76. [email protected] gearing up. Tip in 45 minutes on @TWCSportsNet and ESPN.

  77. I’m really sorry, I don’t remember.

    But I really appreciate you NOW.

  78. LOL Same mind here. Will stop reposting now.

  79. That is ok. You are here now that is what it matters. I tried to send you a message via a very old topic at the other site and hoping you would receive an email when I posted it knowing no one would read a very old topic.

  80. @webattorney:disqus is more persuasive…LOL

  81. LOL, definitely.

  82. Hey some good messages are needed to re-post.

  83. The old site is for da sinners, the new site is for da saints, everyone else keeps switching back and forth.

  84. They booked 3 VIP rooms I think?

  85. I hope they get a chance to get some time w/Lin after the game. That’s a long way to travel, not to get to meet Lin at least.

  86. Are you THE KHuang?

    Kidding. Welcome! It’s about time you join us.

  87. Are you saying you just don’t like to hear a lot of complaining or are you ok with Kobe forcing so many shots and not passing to the open man ie Lin?

  88. R u KHuang or the real KHuang? u’ve got an admirer, he’ll keep u busy thou.. 🙂

  89. @JLin7 arrived at Staple Center. Time to counterattack!!!

  90. That’s a nice shirt. His style improved minutely.

  91. bet our sweet lin’ll hv pics n warm talks w/those fans after the game.. 🙂

  92. Welcome to all the posters coming in!

  93. lol It’s more to the eyes of the admirer:-)

  94. Upset Friday: Miami losing to ATL and Cavs losing to Boston, Sixers and Rox are tied in the 3rd. Could the Lakers pull a rabbit out of the hat tonight?

  95. Believe he will.

  96. Hope so if Kobe plays teammate 50% of the time:-)

  97. Day after tomorrow. Thank goodness. But then Lakers have BTB road games, with the second opponent being: the Rox. I think Morey made up this schedule.

  98. that’s gotta be annoying to have cameras spying on you when you’re trying to focus for the game.

  99. looks like someone hid a camera in a shoe and left it next to Lin’s locker =p

  100. Go Lakers, go Sixers.

  101. that is the life of a superstar

  102. MVP! MVP! MVP!

  103. I know. It seems ppl here behave better and sometime become more serious. ppl do not post as much if they have to behave all the time. lol

  104. Wow how much does that cost?

  105. Who’s commentating?

  106. Now sure, I do not dare to guess at all…

  107. Lebron is going off!

  108. Close. Lyrics from “Murder Ink” by Dr. Dre (featuring Hitman and Ms. Roq):


    But really, it’s the motto of the Recon Marines:


  109. Having come all the way from Taiwan, I hope they’re going to see more than one game. Are they staying for the Lakers – Warriors’ game on the 16th?

  110. rondo screw up the last shot attempt. didn’t even get it off.

  111. I DID see that!

    Thanks to you, I’m here!

  112. I’m as much sinner as I am saint.

  113. Yes, but would you blame anybody else but Kobe at this point?

    I want to see Kobe play better and smarter and win more.

    You do too.

  114. Pelicans leading the Timberwolves 139 – 91 with 1:07 left in the 4th quarter.

  115. Michael is our official mascot.

  116. LOL Kobe fangirls crying while watching him shooting jumpers

    I thought they were Lin Taiwanese fans hoping him to pass the ball to Lin 😀

  117. crazy finish for NY – UT.

    Melo got 3 to tie w/ 2.3 sec. UT got the shot at end and NY lose.

  118. I’ll cry if I don’t see any J-Ed PnR tonight!

  119. Wow, trey Burke just sent NYK their 7st lost

  120. That was crazy, especially because Melo tied it just before with a 3.

  121. Sweet! First basket by J!

  122. then I’m afraid etane would just pick on him.


  124. Really? They flew in? Holy Cow! Now that’s fandom….well, and money 🙂

  125. Boozer and Hill missed 2 easy shots.

  126. Boozer and Hill have been missing 3 midrange jumpers

  127. Sweet 3!!!!

  128. Lin was smart to draw Kahwi’s offensive foul

  129. Lin for 33333333!

  130. Lin drains the 3. Looks like he’s in rhythm.

  131. Come on 33 more points Jeremy!

  132. Lin looks fantastic. He usually plays well against SA.

  133. Lin is being aggressive! LEGGO [email protected]

  134. Is Lin the ONLY starter who can cut to the basket to create for others, or finish?

  135. Not really. Michael won’t back down.

  136. The whole team has only 4

  137. No Boozer can cut too …but it will end up as a charge.

  138. Lin is currently the only LAKER who can drive to basket to create for others or finish.

  139. Pop had to take a timeout. LAL leading 11-10
    Lin had his ways driving to the lane wreaking havoc creating open shots for others.

    Kobe, Lin, Wes playing good D

  140. Kawhi will eat Johnson alive…

  141. do u guys have any game link please?

  142. Since I also watch the bay area Warriors, it seems the entire GS starting group can do that. Lakers need more cutting/driving talent who can hold onto the ball, or pass out.

  143. Kawhi is going to have a big game..

  144. thanks

  145. For a big guy, Hill is shying away from contact on the inside. Sheesh!

  146. Wow.. Boozer had a slow drive, and finish.
    He must have watched Lin a lot :>

  147. Danny Green shot 3pt without anyone within 8ft

  148. Hmm.. so with Jeremy as a starter, Ed will be the bench’s main guy? Sad that I might not see some J-Ed PnR

  149. too many midrange misses

  150. That seems to be BS’s consistent plan this season. Might score too many easy points.

  151. He is thinking about the meetings he will have after his retirement. He does not want to feel sore…

  152. HAHAHAHA!

  153. If Miami couldn’t stop Spurs from passing around for a wide open shot, I’m sure there is no way these Lakers can.

  154. I thought he might have traveled on that play actually.

  155. I don’t get how mid range 2’s are better than Lin pnr’s with Ed, but that’s all I’m seeing now.

  156. only Kobe and Lin can create shots for others.
    Boozer supposedly can but we haven’t seen much

  157. The refs probably thought he never had control of the ball XD.

  158. That was like a Brad Miller drive back in the day. So slow yet no one stops it.

  159. Pop looks like that guy who founded KFC

    Seriously those passes by SA…. unbelievable. Very Jeremy Lin-like.

  160. Kobe is good to pump-fake to draw a foul. 3FTs
    He should do this all night-long. No need to shoot

  161. lol! probably

  162. LOL. I agree. No need to shoot. At all.

  163. What? How did the Lakers miss the rebound to that?

  164. Hill’s midrange shooting looks like he’s shooting FTs.

  165. Timmy’s out! Attack!

  166. Isn’t the KFC guy supposed to be D’antoni?

  167. I think Byron is match up Lin with Parker.

    Davis should’ve been replacing Boozer in the starting lineup

  168. I think he’s the Pringles guy. I’ve always known Phil Jackson as the KFC guy, but Pop is not far behind

  169. He is pringles ^^.

  170. I want to see some at least running to challenge it :]

  171. Here’s a stream to ESPN broadcast with Hubie Brown and Ryan Ruocoo (two guys who usually have good things to say about Lin) and no annoying commercials:


  172. For how many years is Scott under contract?

  173. Let’s hope so…

  174. Oh yeah. HAHA

  175. he’s slow enough so refs don’t blow the whistle :>

  176. Four?

  177. I think 4.

  178. They do not play together for a while now


  180. Lakers D is better but not good enough to stop the Spurs. Q1 22-29

  181. How long do I have to wait?!?!?!!??!?!

  182. Lol, I’ve been thinking the same thing about Hill’s set shot.

  183. we’re always looking for it. just never get to see it

  184. 4 years

  185. wow, Lin Davis, Sacre, Kelly Clarkson to start Q2!

  186. HAHAHAAH I always love Pop’s interview

    What should San Antonio do? “Play well”

  187. Jeremy on the floor without Kobe… let’s go!

  188. Clarkson at 1….M….

  189. Is it in the realm of possibility, that the reason Scott interviewed so many times before hiring, was to convince him to come onboard with a plan to tank the 2014-15 year to protect the 1st round draft pick?

  190. Love Hubie!

  191. This lineup has some promise


  193. FINALLY!!! J-Ed action!

  194. Lin-Davis!! Dunk!

  195. YES!

  196. Finally, what we’ve been waiting for!

  197. LOL
    Announcer: “Jeremy should have gotten 1pt for that great pass!”

  198. Yes! in heavy traffic. Why Scott does not use this option more gives pause.

  199. Looks like he matched him with Parker in the 1st Q and now he’s running with the bench to open the 2nd. Hopefully we can get a little action with Davis.

    EDIT: Whoa! OK, Lin to Davis slam dunk!

  200. What a great block by Davis!

  201. Hope they go +10 in quarter w/o Kobe!

  202. Man, not only are Spurs so good at passing, but basically all of them can shoot well too.

  203. one slam dunk out of it so far…

  204. Zero cohesion between Lin and the 2nd unit is showing right now

  205. Imo, Jeremy can carry this whole Spurs team to more championships

  206. lin needs to attack and get to the line.

  207. you have to give the defense credit too. They were allowed to shoot practice shots.

  208. Spurs are basically keyin 3 guys close to Lin……and let others to beat them

  209. yes, well-oiled machine.

    If teams can play fast like Houston and shoot 3s, it can rattle them a bit.
    This lineup need to do so but they don’t have chemistry yet

  210. Haha, yeah, Lakers defense working overtime to give them open shots.

  211. Yeah he’s getting mobbed with no where to go.

  212. yep, pretty much so

  213. Jeremy vs Kawhi..

  214. Leonard got them gloves

  215. Lin has to be careful with Kahwi’s long arms not to expose the ball

  216. Wow, they put Kawhi on Lin. That’s respect… And it’s working unfortunately. =(

  217. Leonard is really good on ball

  218. LOL

  219. Kawhi’s sizing up his future team mate…

  220. Good possession by Lakers with 3 offensive rebounds

  221. Lin cooled down..

  222. Sigh…. Lin pokes around, waits for a big man to cut. No one does. Where is Davis when you need him? Oh, on the bench of course! Thanks BS.

  223. Those hands..

  224. Too bad Lin can not attack Lenard more. This is the perfect time for you to pick up something you do not usually get to pick up.

  225. It’s OK, his game will pick up in 3rd and 4th. But at least Kobe is passing and got him a good look.

  226. That’s very true. 2 stripped thus far. JLin will adjust to it.

  227. Hopefully the back to back steals didnt shake his confidence

  228. Yeah like the energy and hustle tonight! Helps that they’re at home against Spurs.

  229. The first steal by Kawhi on Lin was legit but the second…it looked clean from what i saw but Lin only appeals to refs if he genuinely feels he got fouled…maybe he got hit slightly in the face not sure

  230. yes, he missed 2 3s but he should still shoot them out when open

  231. Seem ok….

  232. he didn’t get hit

  233. Yes exactly, I’m liking what I’m seeing even though he’s not connecting.

  234. Which guard is retiring on SA?

  235. thanks. If he didn’t get hit why do you think he was appealing to the ref for? idk.

  236. It would be nice if Lakers had a long-armed athletic defender so Lin can practice against him everyday. I think he doesn’t normally get challenged like that, only sporadically when he faces top teams.

  237. lol the nba for future calls

  238. This is a good lineup 10-8 so far in Q2

  239. Nice try Lin

  240. ok. i hope lin isn’t that type of player that whines to ref for no reason

  241. I take it back, the starters are back in

  242. Kobe makes nice pass inside to Hill, who bobbles. Imagine if Davis were the recipient!

  243. Nice attack!

  244. good attack by lin. Hubie giving his props!

  245. He’s never done it before…don’t think he’ll start now.

  246. Nice aggressive Lin drive, finished with a scoop shot!

  247. every player is that player or get no calls

  248. Good D by Lin on the 3-pt shooter!

  249. Boozer needs to sit for Davis

  250. Like cutting through butter!

  251. I cannot watch Hill shoot another midrange J :[

  252. the bigs have missed all the mid jays.

  253. It’s starting to hurt my eyes.

  254. LOL That’s why he is wide open.

  255. Kobe hasn’t shot the ball in the 2nd quarter yet.. amazing

  256. he will average around 12 a game. that shot is suspect

  257. I knew it was a fluke when he had a good streak going. He doesn’t have a smooth shot. Just line drives it.

  258. Mike Trudell @LakersReporter · 8m8 minutes ago

    Jeremy Lin was 7 of 12 on catch-and-shoot 3’s before missing one from Kobe just now. Developed that last year playing w/Harden in HOU.

  259. Davis and Kelly would’ve been a lot better than Boozer and Hill

  260. I’m watching on nbaliveonline and the commentators have been giving Jeremy a lot of praise. Music to my ears 🙂

  261. lin guarding parker great 1-4 2 points

  262. I know!!!

  263. I think POP was smiling when Hill took thos shots…LOL JK

  264. Kelly? dont u think hes a lil rusty after his recovery? 🙁

  265. Davis please! Need more agility and quickness around the basket. The bigs can shoot primarily open mid-range jumpers, live and die by the jumper.

  266. And Lakers is only trailing 8 at 33-41 😀

  267. Must be just a coincidence right? ^________^

  268. so safe to assume Spurs won’t trade for Hill? haha..

  269. As a forward, why doesn’t Wesley Johnson try to get some points in close?

  270. Wow, Tim Duncan with 25001 pts (19th player)

  271. If Scott lets Davis rot to the bench… good luck. Another team will try to snatch him.

  272. I feel like I’m cheering for Jeremy, Ed, and the Spurs

  273. Jordan Hill should be getting offensive rebounds and hit FTs.
    That’s his strength since college

  274. I feel Lakers are hopeless, I just want Lin has good stats.

  275. I’m expecting Kobe to ball hog in the second half..

  276. KOBE is not jacking up shots…great to see…and LAL can hang there..

  277. Why is it that in almost every play I see Hill standing at top of key holding the ball high, looking lost, trying to find someone to pass to?

  278. No Laker in double figure.

  279. He can not pass, it should be Boozer They are trying to run high post split

  280. lakers missing easy shot especially hill at 1-7. stop giving it to him.

  281. Only 2-7 on 3FG vs Spurs 6-14
    Lin and Kelly need to keep shooting 3s

  282. 2nd half – time for Ko-me.

  283. More Davis please!

  284. he can make his 3s. set shots are easier

  285. lakers are 31 percent from the field. lin passes it and they miss.

  286. and POP is laughing like Brent said :>

  287. Might just happen… he is 0/4 fg

  288. I think the effort was there….just not the smartness…

  289. He’s been hustlin tonight though, just not making his set shots and FTs.

  290. What do you think of the Lakers D tonight? Seems like they’re moving their feet and rotating decently. Forcing Spurs to last second shots a few times.

  291. That’s on the coach.

  292. still bad…..period…..LOL

  293. Do you think it’s improving or still the same?

  294. Hill needs to hit the open shot. SMH

  295. THe only thing improved was the effort..

  296. LOL

  297. Ah OK, I guess that’s what I’m seeing then.

  298. better than nothing……

  299. Still not cohesive…I don think it is about personnel….more about understanding and discipline.

  300. very true. We have to give Hill credit for his rebounding too..

  301. He seems to lose his touch since two games ago.

  302. More like he found his touch back.

  303. lol

  304. Yes 5 off rebounds already, would be great if he can hit 2 more shots

  305. yup.. that would be icing on the cake.. 🙂

  306. The bright spot has been Lin forcing a lot of contested shots. The problem is he is exerting a lot of energy on defense, he is everywhere. Are the Spurs doing it on purpose to wear him out? Hope he still has legs in the 4th qtr.

  307. As long as my boy gets his 15+ points, I will be happy. One more 3 in the 2nd half please! 🙂

  308. Since Hill can not pass, and he is cloging the high post. They need to do more dribble handoff, less HILL tov passes

  309. nonono 10 more threes….

  310. I’d like to have that job as an official NBA photographer

  311. Only if pig can fly:-)

  312. what’d I miss? Do we have a chance?

  313. lol remember when they said he was the second option

  314. Who knows….lol

  315. wakaka

  316. Hahahaha. Then Kobe may has 20 3s attempt.

  317. Well I guess that’s good for those who want him to be aggressive regarding the forcing contested shots. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Spurs are trying to wear him out like you said. I think so far he’s OK, still has gas.

  318. unlikely to win. I think KOBE will start to “carry” the team

  319. Maybe pig from Dallas can do but not from Brisbane nor LA:-)

  320. Effort goes a long way though I think. You can build on that and sure beats just going through the motions like they were before.

  321. No actually I do think Kobe will just shoot under 10 FGA tonight.

  322. saving energy for 2nd half. scary. iso ball from now on

  323. I think so… Their 2nd unit just so bad right now… smh! So no more 2nd unit on court.

  324. Lakers are desperate. Sometimes you just have to go with what’s working, especially when Scott won’t adjust lineups. Hill and Boozer kept them from getting blown out.

  325. Why is Xavier Henry not playing yet?

  326. How come Kobe didnt run the offense aggressively in the 1st half? wasnt like Kobe mode.. ha

  327. yeah, he’ll try to prove a point

  328. wow kobe 0-5

  329. If Matt Bonner can drive to the basket, there is a serious problem with your defense.

  330. 0-6

  331. What are Boozer and Hill so happy about = =

  332. you might have to set auto-click 10 times since you’re enjoying the “scenery” too much 😀

  333. yes, he should take it inside and not settling for midrange Js

  334. keep bricking.. lets see how many he’ll keep it..

  335. Nice Linterception!

  336. J-J!

  337. Since Kobe claimed he wants to play like spurs, I doubt he will go much iso in this game….people will question him…..but you never know….

  338. lin!

  339. Wes!!!! what were you thinking!!!!!

  340. Lakers making a 8-0 run!

  341. Wes: …..

  342. exactly!

  343. Good shot by Lin. Hill seems to be clanking the front of the rim tonight! Davis, please don’t save him for the last 5 min of the 4th quarter.

  344. what did he do

  345. just checked in. lakers on a run!

  346. He does not recognize the mismatch at all..

  347. good for the team!

  348. Did lin make that steal? Just now?

  349. LOL Hubie Brown: Wes now look inside, now look inside….will you just look inside!!!

  350. Hubie? is this on ESPN?

  351. yea

  352. lol
    Bob Garcia IV @bgarcia90 · 2 minutes ago
    A fan yelled “Eva Longoria” when Parker attempted his second FT.

  353. League Pass

  354. Listen to ESPN is fun:-)

  355. BAHAHA

  356. what does that mean?

  357. Just what does WJ do? He’s needs an inside and outside game. Not just stand around outside and dawdle the time away.

  358. Ex-wife taht he cheated on

  359. lol

  360. Hill again, ckunk on front rim.

  361. hill is such the clanker

  362. Thanks I am watching on TWCSN feed. Let me check the TV

  363. clanker sore!

  364. Damn, Hill is missing everything.

  365. wow, kobe needs to get agressive/ assertive on his shooting!

  366. Seems unusually flat-flooted shooting tonight.

  367. So Lakers FO might go hard in wooing Marc next off season? Hmmm…

  368. Now I get it. Kobe is only concerned with his most missed shots record.

  369. he needs to be taken out

  370. Nice PnR by Lin 2 Boozer

  371. Jeremy has just hit the floor hard twice…hate to see that when no profit comes out of it.

  372. These announcers are all over my Jeremy…

  373. 0-8, seriously?

  374. 0-8fg for KObe

  375. Kobe taking too many shots is one thing…he can not make shots is even worse.

  376. cant believe it.. whats wrong w/him tonite?

  377. I don’t know what’s more surprising, that Kobe missed everything or that he only took 8 shots so far.

  378. something wrong with him?

  379. 8 is the key, don’t look at the 0, it’s huge improvment

  380. and still keeps chucking!

  381. Amazing down only by 8, with Kobe and Hill klunking front rim tonight.

  382. Hill shooting 25%. Kobe shooting 0%. Haha

  383. i agree, 8 is a miracle

  384. we are close so it isn’t really affecting us

  385. Lin needs to coach kobe on his confidence and shooting.

  386. Kobe is gassed..

  387. something wrong with him…

  388. Jeremy needs to shoot while playing defense. 😀

  389. Every Time Pop had a TO, Spurs will come out better….

  390. I am impressed that Lin is running the point most of time. cool

  391. Lin needs to take Kobe aside and talk to him about fire hydrants. He’s the fire hydrant expert now.

  392. “…get nasty”

  393. KEVIN DING @KevinDing · 59s59 seconds ago

    Remember Kobe telling Gotham Chopra in @SI_ChrisBallard story how he’d go 0 for 30 before he went 0 for 9? Kobe 0 for 8 now. SA 60, LAL 52.

  394. Spurs are clearly the better team. I don’t know why they were only 8 point favorites.

  395. Hubie and Ruocco, telling people what’s up!

  396. The piddle is dry!

  397. kobe once said to D-William that he will go 0-19 instead of 0-9. he said stop shooting means losing confidence. lets see if he stands by his words

  398. This is schooling in every way imaginable… Spurs still owns this league

  399. kobe is the hydrant right now

  400. Kobe looked tired even from the beginning.

  401. Clarkson in, Kobe playing point.

  402. ur kidding right?

  403. I heard that. My mouth dropped open. Love it.

  404. Look at me. Look at me. I’m the hydrant now!

  405. What is wrong with BS. Take him out. 0-9!

  406. Kobe needs rest, ought have left young Lin in! Kobe is not getting his lift.

  407. big LOL, carry the team.

  408. Hubie said that?

  409. What is wrong with BS! Puts Davis in and Lin out! So sick of the stupidity.

  410. politic.

  411. Don’t know which one but I heard it too! Glad that someone put it in writing:-)

  412. I get the feeling that Spurs seems to be scouting Ed Davis this game

  413. I know. If that was Lin…

  414. This is what happened since JLin is the starter.

  415. Jeremy and Ed Davis at the same time hopefully but of course Spurs already know how good Jeremy is

  416. Yes.

  417. Boozer/ He was referring to JLin! Lol.

  418. man, Kobe is really huffing and puffing. Age … somebody give him a break.

  419. Now now…we don’t want the guys to form a circle around him…

  420. Boozer and Kobe have the same agent…sigh

  421. He even said Lin’s done lots of damage so they put Kawhi to guard him ( about the 2 b2b turnover by Lin).

  422. Doesn’t Spurs has a B2B coming in tonight?

  423. what happens after they form a circle?

  424. Mike Trudell @LakersReporter · 5m5 minutes ago

    Kobe’s now 0 for 9, and his legs look heavy, perhaps feeling that 35 mpg this season. LAL down 12 with 2:48 left in the 3rd.

  425. Ahhhhh… ED’s FT.. 🙁

  426. Kobe is in assist mode today.

  427. Doesn’t it feel ike the Lakers are down 18 points instead of 9.

  428. More like he has no choice. Too tired.

  429. Kobe REALLY looks gassed now! Rest him please.

  430. Kobe 0-10. Last shot was horrible.

  431. Jeremy sits, Parker rolls

  432. TP can easily waltz to the basket…

  433. geesh, kobe shoots one to the top of the board. they will lose contact now if no TO or Lin in. Whew … TO.

  434. 0-10 that says it all:-)

  435. Has Kobe ever had a game he did not make a single FG?

  436. shooting from BEHIND the backboard…good grief!

  437. The incompetence of Scott is getting more obvious each game. smh

  438. kobe needs to retire now, if he keeps this up

  439. yes, good grief, Charlie Brown.

  440. Pop >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Scott

  441. Lucky he only does it when he’s hot and hitting everything….. oh wait.

  442. Well now it’s 11…but,yeah, I know what you mean.

  443. Geez, been at the game thread at the big site, and can’t stand it, all they are saying over and over again is Lin shoot ball more. We get it, now stop saying it a million times over.

  444. the political BS. Pun

  445. lin really is good at defending

  446. This guy has great imagination. Just like Boozer’s defense.

  447. LOL I think Lin did great…

  448. Lin has 2 TOs caused by the 2014 NBA final MVP, before you hater say $h1t about it just take a look at T Parker’s 3 TOs.

  449. I don’t think so. But, he’s had games with just one field goal, I think.

  450. You missed a couple of > there, like about 40.

  451. I never go there during game time anymore.

  452. Does BS secretly want to break Kobe down? already 31 min smh

  453. that is the “thing there”. shoot more and it all goes away.

  454. So far he’s doing well, I hope Lin gets the ball down the stretch in the 4th and the Lakers make a big run.

  455. just when I’m grinding my teeth, you guys make me laugh!

  456. Answer is above! From blubell

  457. I think those are good. Lin just upgraded….

  458. not sure all of them understand how bball team game is played. Lin shooting isn’t going to help the team win, and Lin just wants that first and foremost.

  459. Lin upgraded his iphone? What do you mean?

  460. “good looks, just not going…” says the coach. how about taking him out? Duh

  461. Fun fact: Kobe and Hill are combined 3 for 22. Remove their numbers and Lakers are shooting 17 for 36, 2 for 6 on 3’s.

  462. WOW Kobe and no JLin in 4th qtr. Sick!

  463. They think shooting more will solve global warming. So annoying.

  464. Perspective. Now he know some defenders could do that.

  465. BS stand for real BUII $hlt.

  466. It seems that Scott is still in pre-season mode.


  468. nobody on LAL hear of boxing out your man?

  469. Why isn’t Lin coming in? I thought he was going to play the entire fourth.

  470. wow, laker defense is “aggressive”!

  471. beat me.

  472. I think Scott really wants to risk Kobe’s reinjury playing him this many minutes.

  473. He waits for 20 points behind.

  474. Pop, what’s your point of bringing back Kawhi?

  475. lol…you got that right!

  476. Scott can’t insert him until Bryant gets his. Don’t want a 26 yr old pg out shining the 36 yr old hof. smh

  477. Finally he’s back

  478. I guess this is what they meant by staggering Lin and Kobe’s minute while Price is out. Kobe plays the whole game, and Lin…doesn’t.

  479. I’m confused too given I just came 3Q. Have not clue about what Lin did to sit when lead is increasing. Weird coaching. You do something to arrest the points spread and it seems obvious Lin changes the equation on D and O.

  480. Leonard gets to practice against TP, who on the Lakers can do that for Lin = =.

  481. For the love of peanut butter this is the time for some J-Ed PnR!

  482. This makes sense.

  483. Obviously more than he wants to win.

  484. 6MORE points lin.

  485. wah, wuh, wha,…

  486. Maybe BS thinks he can take Kobe out with an injury and gain control of the team.

  487. B Scott always brings Jeremy in to close the 4th Quarter. I think the Lakers are not tanking.

  488. everytime I see Pop, I think … wish I was so on top of my game I can wear a scruffy beard and stache to work.

  489. Come on Lin…get your points, since this coach doesn’t seem to want to win games.

  490. Always too little too late. He needs to bring Lin in earlier.

  491. I think this is what KHuang means by ‘combative’ and ‘edgy’ over there. Testosterone addled in my girly opinion. Choppy waters…but some find the mosh pit a lot of fun.

  492. Mr. KFC is winning so.. 😉

  493. Kobe play 48 min?

  494. lol!

  495. BS has a pretty much set rotation. I think it’s because he’s not very creative.

  496. of course B Scott does it lil too late and too little bcuz he scares Jeremy outshine Kobe.

  497. wow, kobe is horrible

  498. KOBE is indecisive now…you would rather him just pull up…

  499. BS is a joke. Kobe hasn’t sat since…….?

  500. Please take Kobe out and let the rest of the people play.

  501. can we say tanking!

  502. 10-1 SAS run with Kobe and Booz … 4 O-rebs by SAS on one possession. This team is poorly coached.

  503. nope, lakers are not tanking!!!

  504. Yes, when they go OT!

  505. This could have been a competitive game, but there is always a lapse with the Lakers. I guess they need a forward. Kelly isn’t doing much, but he’s just back.

  506. kobe dominating the ball. scott made an error subbing wise

  507. Well, that’s where Bryant is headed…even if it’s not Scott’s intentions.

  508. They need a new coach if you ask me

  509. It’s becoming a blow out. Game over. But, BS still doesn’t sit Kobe. LOL! I really think there is something to this.

  510. It’s too late. When they were within 6 or so, that should have been JLin time! Now the contact is lost, and there’s not much that will happen unless Kobe sits. But they won’t sit Kobe, because LAL cannot close without Kobe.

  511. LOL seem like I’m NOT the only one screams at BS/KOBE.

  512. I don’t think he’s going to sit until he gets his…20 or bust.

  513. TITANIC of epic proportions!

  514. WTF, not passing to Lin! Excuse my french

  515. Yes Mit Ketchup, Lakers are tanking.

  516. Kobe is almost perfect with his FGs

  517. That’s hill, not Davis.

  518. Lin had I think 7 FGA by half. BS sits him forever and he is only at 8 FGA with game almost over. SMH…

  519. If George Karl is coaching the Lakers, can they actually win against the Spurs?

  520. He hasn’t pi$$d on the hydrant yet. Still looking…looking…looking…

  521. BS looks like a piece of….

  522. LA is tanking!

  523. Hmm.. about to to switch to Shark Tank.

  524. I’d rather he just pull out of the game, so the team can try to win.

  525. man.. the Spurs r schooling the Lakers.. 20 pts down.. 🙁

  526. I guess this time out is just for resting Kobe

  527. Tom @TJFsports · 1m
    1 minute ago
    @LakersBlog_SSR what’s the point of playing Kobe at all this year? What’s the point of the Lakers? What’s the point of life?!?

  528. Stop saying Lakers are tanking, people. That’s not very clever.

  529. Eventually, they will start to fall in! oops 1-14. Shark Tank time.

  530. scott what a decision this quarter. let kobe 0-10[at the time lead the team]. not lin who’ve been sitting for 4 minutes. who also is 4-8.

  531. That is out of the question…

  532. Lin should just pad stats for his next contract, this season is already over. LA might not even win 10 games this season. smh

  533. Kobe out

  534. what, scoring title, or tanking the plot?

  535. …so says the noCoaching Scott. lol

  536. Stat padding time!!

  537. The sooner BS goes the better for the Lakers.

  538. Mitch to Scott: “Great job Scott! We’re on our way to a nice pick!”

    Mitch to media: “Lakers are a Championship team!”

  539. BS reminded me the used car sale-man who sold me a lemon.

  540. Well………I’m enjoying watching the Spurs.

  541. that i agree fully

  542. pad your stats, jeremy

  543. Get your points Jeremy, ef the coach.

  544. WT … Lin in garbage time? What a great coach. Fire BS thread please!

  545. The word timid being widely used on Lin at the other site. I have to ask the moderates here, is that true?

  546. NO. Not true!

  547. everyone freelancing now, what an ugly game.

  548. why bring that here? can you not see the scrubs freelancing?

  549. That’s just hysterical silliness. Clearly they are not actually watching the game.

  550. I just want to know whether those guys are trolling again. That’s a problem with you?


  552. This is really pathetic…68 pts in the 4th. Completely blame this horrendous game on the noCoaching. Unbelievable….

  553. I don mind…LOL….more pts is good

  554. 3-79… surely we can beat the sixers…

  555. I wouldn’t mind as long as Lin gets his 15. Then Byron Scott gets fired. We all win.

  556. no pg other then lin

  557. No, those who say that are not watching what I’m watching. Pppppp on hydrant much more than kobrick, lol.

  558. its sorta painful 2 watch the Lakers playing like this.. its another ugly game.. 🙁

  559. Hm…….don’t know it

  560. I have no problem. Your question makes no sense. Why are you asking if Lin is timid? Didn’t you say you haven’t watched Lin’s games the past 2 years? You are the one who posted that lin is passive and deferring. What’s the deal with you?

  561. By this rate, the way BS’s rotation of players, I wonder. Agree it will be 1-81:-)

  562. Lakers are not tanking and Scott is NOT trying to injure Kobe!

  563. It’s painful to watch Lin & others playing as hard as they can, while the noCoach/Bryant is getting in their way throughout the whole game.

  564. Well, I don’t think it’s their ceiling. Everyone sort of knows the problem, the question is will they solve it. In the past, the other org did not admit there was a problem because they won enough to uphold the dysfunction. This team keeps losing, so maybe they will work at it.

  565. word. And the leave Lin in for 4+ mins of garbage time. I mean, why wasn’t Lin in the minute the team hit 6 point spread and on the next play, it went to 8? That was the time to compete!

  566. Too bad….Clarkson is at 1….no balls for Lin

  567. How close to 18/5 is Lin?

  568. far…

  569. 15!

  570. 15/4!!!! I WIN!!! MUHAHA

  571. There’s no deal. I just want to know as I don’t watch the games. And I never said he is passive or deferring, how would I know , since I don’t watch. I am am asking people’s opinion here, which is a different thing.

  572. Dang…I got too disgusted w/noCoach to follow closely. Thanks!

  573. Don’t score Lin. Haha

  574. Right on that now that he’s getting FTs. Harden does it so why not.

  575. 1 more 3 will do, 🙂

  576. I’m happy lin got his points

  577. you posted earlier today about Lin being passive and deferring. That’s it then, you act confused about it. Go ask people on other forums. We are not moderates here … just more polite.

  578. KOBE, WAKE THE eF UP PLEASE, for the sake of the team.

  579. 1 for 14, omfg

  580. thanks kobrick. did he earn a dried banana peel on lakersground tonite?

  581. That’s all I’m hoping for this season. Prep for Lin’s next contract. There’s little to no hope w/noCoach & Bryant team.

  582. LOL Told you! My boy got 15 points.

  583. Kobe is trying to extend his record so nobody breaks it.

  584. 13 or 15?

  585. We’ve seen it from MJordan in his final career.

  586. you did it!

  587. 15

  588. As long as I’m not breaking any forum rules I will continue to ask for feedback from people here. Whether they want to answer or not its up tp them. Not for you to tell me what I can do or say here.

  589. scott lost that game. we was playing good without kobe scoring so what does scott decide. let me guess take lin out let kobe try to score.

  590. Last 5 games Lin is averaging 33.2mins /16.2pts / 4.2asts / 2.8rebs / 1stl / 2to

  591. He seems frustrated. Everybody has off nights…I guess…

  592. I am not saying you cannot. I am calling you out for trolling through indirect themes that are irrelevant, especially as you don’t watch the games as you admit. You can post what you like, it’s what it is given this is a polite place.

  593. The new spin will be – this is how the team will fare if Kobe doesn’t make more shots (which will somehow equivalate to Kobe should shoot more)

  594. he will average around that too bad for the blow out. these blow outs ruin his ppg

  595. I should watch Jeremy highlight only from now on…..it won’t hurt my eyes and better for my health….

  596. Part of that is true. Between Hill and Kobe….I pick Kobe…LOL

  597. noCoach/Bryant has consistently lost winnable games throughout the season…ooooph dah.

  598. This is dedicated to kobe tonight.


  599. what be down 10 going in to the fourth

  600. you and your burning eyes.

  601. of all Jeremy’s pics, this is the most “uncomplimentary”…

  602. Once you squeezed all the juice out from a lemon, you’ll get nothing more no matter. I’m talking about you Kobe and moron BS.

  603. hil destroyed lins assist so he is up there

  604. My eyes are so hurt when Hill touched the ball

  605. I blame this on the coaches. You can actually see Kobe didn’t try to play the hero ball tonight.

  606. Pretty sad 2 see the depression on every players’ face in the Lakers. B. Scott really gotta figure out the best way 4 the team, we dont wanna see another loss over n over. He needs 2 do smthing if he really wanna get the RING under the period of his coaching.

  607. Yes!

  608. But he did a little and the lead was widen…..

  609. he didn’t until scott bench lin given him no choice

  610. and I’m embarrassed because I thought beg of season Hill would be fun to watch with Lin on the team. sry, bro.

  611. You can’t fix the problem if you don’t know what that is. Scott still think Kobe is the only answer.

  612. when lin was not put back in

  613. LOL

  614. Is it safe to say Lin can impact the team more than Kobe can? If given the freedom of course.

  615. gosh.. Scott is hopeless.. 🙁

  616. you are safe and the Giants just won the World Series.

  617. Yup, noCoach is consistent in his bad rotations, but he’s completely clueless or too stubborn to try something that might work. I’m thinking that he either is protecting Bryant or don’t know how to make adjustments.

  618. Lin free throws: 37/40 = 93%

  619. Scott should start by stepping down

  620. the moment to put Lin back in was when it widened, especially when Kobe hit the top of the backboard. Any coach knows that’s when to change the game right NOW!

  621. I bet if Lin took 2 more 3s…one of these 2 would go in

  622. I think the second unit has a chance to look like a decent team. I don’t care for the first unit, Hill and Boozer are jump shot shooters, not rebounders, don’t catch and dunk lobs, don’t run the floor, don’t set picks and play PnR. If one of them is cold from the field, then what good are they. They miss a lot of point-blank shots. They aren’t great defensively either, in fact, Boozer is bad defensively. Kobe is trying but he reverts to volume shooting which he really didn’t do tonight. Lin does whatever he can do here, tries to drive and score or distribute but this team right now isn’t very good.

  623. I think he has to worry about his job first, because the pot is getting hot.

  624. Too little…too late Bryant. Can’t give you credit for taking one for the team.

  625. So True. Funny how it seems …

  626. lin giving them easy shots all day hill did this yesterday as well

  627. The “2nd unit” should start with Lin and Davis

  628. Ido is really good at asking the right question at the right time.

  629. The reason is speed….

  630. Did you see the fastbreak where Lin had to slow down so the others could get in front of him to pass to XD.

  631. I’d say yes, but then again the guys around him either aren’t meshing or aren’t skilled enough, or both. I thought he was a wild man out there tonight, and the announcers were giving him props for all of it – scoring, rebounding, defending. But other guys’ shots weren’t falling, they’re not hustling up the court, not doing the fundamental things you guys know about better than I do – I can’t see it, but I can feel it – well, how much more impact can he have?

  632. Partly, I had to take a second look when Lin literally walked the ball up the court several times. I don’t remember seeing him ever or rarely doing that before. He generally guns it.

  633. he looked really tired yet scott had him lead the team in the fourth

  634. Dog ate my homework.

  635. Thought so. Kobe is usually the energizer bunny.

  636. yes, I did. Made me crazy.

  637. Only Lin and Boozer can hit shots tonight among the starters. I don’t see there are any plays or adjustments from the coach to help the team get going. If any, tell me.

    Scott put a tired and cannot hit shots Kobe to start the 4th Q. I mean Scott is really expect a miracle to happen in order to get him a W.

  638. Bet they could throw you in the ocean coach…ok that was overboard…and..splash…still in the ocean.

  639. Brent, can’t believe that with your bball IQ, coaching experience, you don’t see Jeremy’s impact…:((
    EDIT: ok, my bad. You 2nd sentence doesjustice.

  640. He does it…then noCoach benches him until they’re behind double digits.

  641. You can not gun it when all your teammates are behind u and all defenders are in front of you

  642. He should play next game

  643. LOL

  644. Didn’t Brent say the same words? Brent you should consider coaching.

  645. Is not that obvious?

  646. I had to leave during Q3 run so what happened after that?
    Did Lin have a chance to try to run the offense in Q4?
    I’m glad at least he got 15pts by checking the boxscore

  647. WTH~~~not post, more roll please…

  648. Lin padded 4 points…..my only summary of the game today…LOL

  649. Give a guy an inch and he takes a foot ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

  650. Whose foot? yike!

  651. he int athlete enough you saw when lin passed it up to him. barly got off the ground

  652. Bryant & the noCoach gets equal blame. noCoach isn’t running this team…Bryant is.

  653. The dude isn’t a great passer. Post work may not be the smartest route.

  654. Looked to me like he did gun it, then noticed he was all alone and slowed down. I get excited seeing that speed, and then….phooey.

    EDIT: Oh…you must have seen a walk-up I missed. He must’ve decided to conserve some energy rather than burst off the blocks only to have to shut it down. Again…phooey

  655. you are been nice

  656. Hill post game is a lost cause, no need to waste time proving what doesn’t work.

  657. so if Kobe was sick, why didn’t Byron let Lin take charge in Q4?
    Did Kobe and Boozer try to run the offense?

    Statpad is good :>

  658. An athletes foot.

  659. 3good drives and one 3pointer. I thought he padded only 6

  660. It shows how much/less trust/control Scott has on this team

  661. Truth.

  662. 6? I though only 4

  663. this team doesn’t fit lin. he is talented enough to play great but the are really slow, lack athleticism, and can’t shoot threes. he is still playing great but can dominate with this team. why you ask. in order for lin to dominate you have to make your shot. so it open lanes for him to drive. spur defended lin by saying hill go ahead shoot.

  664. And he played the whole 3rd qtr plus most 4th qtr. What a smart idea for BS and Kobe.

  665. I have read quote before about how Kobe will play regardless of the situation, because he knows there are fans who spent their hard earned money to watch him play. I think that is true. Of course there are others like Pop who couldn’t care less.

  666. don’t get it

  667. That’s super Lin…being supportive through thick & thin. Gotta respect him for that.

  668. I think the personnel is ok….in ftiing sense. It is the rotations, sets, and philosophy that are limiting Lin.

  669. Coach BrentYen takes the job from Bryon.

  670. You and every other poster here. Political BS.

  671. Sorry I meant if Kobe is sick as Scott claimed, then what a very smart idea to play him whole 3rd qtr and some very significant min in 4th qtr. Don’t understand the logic!

  672. i dont think its philosophy. they just don’t make enough shots nor stop people enough defensively. its either one or the other

  673. Maybe because he didn’t watch the game that’s why he wants to ask people about the game and only read people’s comments about lin’s game. Lets not jump to label people trolling on this site too fast. As far as I see, he doesn’t look like trolling or with the intention to troll.

  674. it was 4

  675. Brent, love to read more about your thoughts on the rotations, sets and philosophy that you say limiting Jeremy.

  676. That is it. Lakers!

  677. They don generate enough FGAs and pace either. that is the philosophy.

  678. but a good coach would just ask Lin to feed Kobe for easy 3 shots, right?
    How can he expect a sick Kobe to create a reliable offense?
    I’m baffled by these choices

  679. So why did the Lakers interview BS so many times before eventually hiring him?

    I don’t think you need much qualification for the job when all you do is being a yes man to Kobe.

    Unfortunately there aren’t that many true “coaches” nowadays, all we see are actually ego comforters for your manufactured star(s) chosen by NBA through rigged refereeing. I guess having those fake stars help you sell more jerseys and get better TV deals.

  680. I’m not buying it. That’s just disrespecting the effort of the other players. He’d rather the team lose than sit out to give others a chance to contribute to a win.

  681. I mean if I were the coach and Kobe is sick, I’d ask Boozer and Lin/Davis to create offense, get Kobe easy shots.

    Maybe I should watch 2nd half to see what happened

  682. yea.but lin although limited a little by it. he has develop enough where he can thrive in that offense. for me lin is a rhythm player. the missed shot and easy layup given up on defense kill rhythm

  683. Their pace is too slow (philosophical difference to elite scoring teams). Their Sets were limited in terms of options. and their rotations are abusing Kobe and under using Lin right now. Not just the minutes but the players Lin got when Lin is on the floor

  684. Starts at the top, dude.

  685. He can, but that is on Lin. Not the system. Lin can be even more optimized with a little system wide change.

  686. I believe they know basketball inside out. I really do. But I guess it is always also about something not bball related.

  687. Not the team again, Scott. You didn’t coach smart!

  688. Thanks. still learning the game of bball. It’s really frustrating to see the Lakers have limited sets. So it’s the inability of the coaching staff or the issues lie with the players lack of talent?

  689. yea i agree the talent is not playing well in the system so sque the system to the player i.e lin who are playing the best

  690. Of course, Kobe is literally “TOO OLD.” He is one of “THE PROBLEMS” of this team. BS is TOO OLD to be “THE COACH.” Both of them should think about “retire” earlier than later JMHO.

  691. Kobe’s faking it. Just own up to your bad game!

  692. For example, when they do high post split. Lin set a down screen for Kobe while Hill has the ball at the elbow. The WHOLE WORLD know Kobe will curl and get stopped at FT line. Then the whole offense just died.

  693. Take your pick on offense, Wes, Boozer..etc. Look at how very often they have no idea where to be.

  694. Great summary of one short line.. was expecting 3 pages of this fm u thou.. ha

  695. I am anout to say I do not blame Scott one this, because if you give players like Wes and Hill too many options. They are going to screw up big time.

  696. Such as smi-lin.

  697. cuz he cant see others, theres only one player in his mind… 🙁

  698. He could if he played Lin iso ball. I’d like to see him gun it faster than either teams & shoot before anyone catches him….bwaaahaha

  699. They wanted to make sure he was on board with Team Tank!

  700. I mean Scott probably wanted to sit Kobe but he could not

  701. Could it be that that is the one play they can run safely with Hill as the distributor?

  702. So it’s both…wonder why LA is poor in talent selection. Shouldn’t they be very good at it after winning so many championship? Maybe it’s the big time agent that Boozer, Wes have…also Kobe’s agent..sigh

  703. He did play hard. Another great photo.

  704. Not really…I think the best play they had was running horns or 1-2 PnR

  705. nice reasoning, coach.

  706. I think Lin did well today with the personnel he had. He made some great passes but his teammates blew most of them. Only critique is I would have liked Lin to be more aggressively looking for his shot when his teammates just aren’t hitting them.

    Kobe’s 1-14 and Hills 1-13 just proved too insurmountable for the Lakers team. With them shooting so badly it’s miraculous it wasn’t a huge blowout game.

  707. No one wants to play with Kobe. And signing Hill long term is a big mistake.

  708. Love this quote. Hope it gets shared a ton.

  709. JLin always plays hard and never gives up any game.

  710. Irrelevant to you but not to me.

  711. ….

  712. He’s just sick from his poor performance. It’s got to be hard to see his plays are failing miserably, after trying to convince everyone he’s carrying the team all by himself.

  713. I meant for Hill XD. His entry passes today were slightly off target.

  714. even worse….

  715. Kobe: “I tried to p%55 on the hydrant but totally missed!”

  716. irrelevant to the game, not to you or me.

  717. Yeah shots were just not falling.

    It’s basketball. Ultimately, you gotta put the ball in the basket or you’re going to lose.

  718. Bryant needs to take a page out of old Ash’s aging book.

  719. slightly….m……LOL They needs to limit him to stay with the rim. ANd limit Johnson to only shoot and run.

  720. we’ve already had a Coach Smart.

  721. Yup, that’s what makes these games painful to watch. Lin & others trying so hard despite the efforts of noCoach & Bryant to lose.

  722. I know. If Hill isn’t making his shots, then Lin can’t do much with him. Hill should look to be near the basket when Lin drives like he was in that sweet play where he drove on Asik and Davis and dished it to Hill for the easy dunk. Why can’t the Lakers bigs do more of that beyond Davis who doesn’t really get enough minutes.

  723. Man, my two favs … right click save!

  724. You’re not a spring chicken anymore Kobe. You should take care of your health, play less minutes and sit out when you’re not feeling well. In the long run, pushing yourself is going to be extremely detrimental to your health.

  725. Bet Mitch wanted to convince MDA to return after signing JLin. Too bad MDA isn’t interested. BTW I made up this story.

  726. come on, lah!

  727. Yup, 2 rare classy players!

  728. Coach Pop school please … maybe Tony Parker some day.

  729. According to Scott, it is the OCEAN this time…

  730. I wanted to believe in Byron, but this team looks awful. His minutes management is poor too. His offensive sets are predictable and ineffective. They don’t look good in either unit. I know there are 2 big players down but still.

  731. At least he didn’t blame one particular ocean. lol.

  732. Can he force that aggression, really? I’m actually asking…’cause it seems teams know he can be deadly and really look to double and triple team him if they see him going in that direction. Do you have to be some miracle gunner to overcome that kind of pressure? Wouldn’t he have to take a lot of shots for poorer percentages, the way Kobe does. He doesn’t have Kobe’s clout…wouldn’t he be criticized for that?

  733. Did you have one in mind?

  734. Well, let’s wait and see how long this loss will continue. For now like @psalm234:disqus said, just enjoy JLin’s ride of doing well. Losing/winning is secondary. Better for the heart. That’s what I do now:-)

  735. Pacific, obviously.

  736. Byron is so stupid…if kbe is sick th
    an let Lin take over….

  737. Lah! LOL!!

  738. do not use that word, we get it…..:P

  739. psalm, lots of people swore in symbols here, 1 troll, steven nashing of teeth over the kobemeister, lots of anti-coach posts … that update ok?

    srsly, Lin got mostly garbage time because when he went in game was over and starters were starting to lose all team effort. Then with 4 mins, starters sat and BS left Lin in. Messy freelancing. Lin got his from garbage pickups, fouls. Good for him, to get to 15. But, rest of the guys were in garbage mode. Lin kept on D and played his o-role, going to the SG corner and also, the back 1 waiting for the big to distribute (but it went freelance). Not fun to watch.

  740. THe only way Lin taking a lot of shots is to play like Jennings…

  741. I shall use that quote from Modmeister from time to time.

  742. Just another indication how unaware Scott is.

  743. Why don’t you watch the games? Do you have a vision impairment?

  744. why?

  745. I am not jumping to conclusions. You have your opinion. Nice for you to say so, but you are not right.

  746. I just don’t know what BS’s coaching philosophy is really. It seems sort of fixed in one place, but I don’t know what it is. McHale didn’t seem like he was the coach at all. Here, we have a coach responding to the press with more strength and clarity, but anyway …

  747. Exactly, we need to separate Lakers winning from LIN winning.

    Change is painful, Kobe and Scott will suffer the indignity of many losses if they continued. Try to play Kobeball.

    We should continue to watch for LIN to be mr. Efficiency 50/40/90. These are numbers that can’t be ignored.

  748. I am just being polite…and moderate..LOL

  749. Lin is like a coach…OMG….I think Scott should play and Lin coach

  750. coach lin to the rescue

  751. “so incompetent”…You mean 😀

  752. word

  753. JLin is definitely a much better coach than over 70% of NBA coaches. It will be fun to see him to do NBA coaching when he retires.

  754. WOW! JLin gets it now:-)

  755. I have a question, Brent … so, we often see Lin give it to a big like Booz or Hill, and they stand on the high post and waive the ball up and down with lin cutting back for a fake handoff sometimes and a real handoff sometimes. They’re always lifting it on the fake when lin blows by.

    My question is … why so often when they decide to make it a fake does it look like Lin has separation, and then they stand their waiving the ball up and down and then do nothing with it but maybe kick it to Kobe for a 1-1 iso. What am I missing? What’s going on with those decisions?

  756. He always know. It is fans saying he does not

  757. Just like last year you called it where Lin can control it – get your stats. So this year, Lin is much more able to get his stats because of role and more consistent time on the court.

    Go for the K!

  758. I see him as covering for Kobe on this one. Not sure if he’s talking about the concept as much as being nice.

  759. But he didn’t do it?!

  760. Well…it depends on Lin’s defender….If he got a step ahead, Hill or Boozer should have hand the ball to Lin. But they just do not process the info fast and accurate enough

  761. Agree. He is doing very well with what he gets in the game. Just the ball doesn’t come back to him after he passes out. He is doing very well. R is really preparing him well for playing with Kobe ball.

  762. What he said is the truth. It is ok that you miss shots that were generated by the system. You just have to keep taking it.

  763. So you are saying it’s a decision error. I see that happening a lot, and if I had to guess, they mess up maybe 40% of the time. Do you sense it that way too, and again, am I missing something because I don’t know what the set play is about?

  764. I believe there is some coaching effect too. I think they tried to fake the 1st curl/handoff so the 2nd guy will have a larger spacing. But most likely it is about bigs’ passing ability. Just think if it is Marc or Bogut…..

  765. He did with good selections of shooting. He didn’t force it like many others. That’s why I like his play; always play it right despite of circumstances.

  766. Melody for 3! Bang!

  767. There is a 2nd guy coming through? I will watch for it then. I do see often Lin gets separation and he doesn’t get the ball and I’m doing … argh!

  768. Exactly, that’s what a good coach would say to a slumping player. There’s a lot of pressure in pro sports, teammates like Kobe can be a huge psychological pressure to make shots because if you miss too many, you get cut off. Coaches will pressure you by playtime. GMs will pressure you with contracts. Fans will pressure you with expectations.

    It’s very easy to buckle under if shots arent falling. Confidence goes and it goes from bad to worst. A good coach would do everything in his power to rebuild that inner trust. Make the player know that you believe in them and trust them to break out soon.

    For all the talk of kobe mentoring HIS team, his lack of empathy and trust on court speaks much louder than any words he has to say.

  769. Bill and Stu post game show – Lakers vs Spurs

  770. Hes not only the player, he also observes his teammates in the game. He knows how 2 dig out the potential fm them, thats one of his advantages fm other players in the league.

  771. Those players are FREEZING LIN OUT.

    What you are seeing is what freezing out looks like.

  772. Marc Gasol and Andrew Bogut would probably freeze out Lin too.

  773. Watching how Spurs run simple PnR. Let’s forget about the shooter 1st. The spacing they can create between ball handler and the roll man is amazing. LAL ran it too….but they are so close together….sometimes. Meaning the big can basically guard both…

  774. Yup.

    Scott was a REALLY good player, though I though Lin the player is better than Scott was!

  775. super nice to Kobe, really. I know kobe is sick, just saying Lin is a great team mate.

  776. I am just saying in terms of the passing ability. At least they are frozen out not that they are not able to…

  777. Well…this is more complex than that does it not? LOL

  778. LOL, that’s what I’m trolling for with Brent but he will not bite. I am an amateur …

  779. I did not say you jump into conclusion. I say lets not jump to label people trolling on this site too fast, because you are calling him out for trolling…see
    Your above post.

  780. It’s more that the Lakers bigs are incapable of rolling inside.

  781. Wish they can make a great flick pass would be fun to see.

  782. Even if they roll, they roll their defenders to ball handler’s face anyway LOL

  783. I have deleted the “stxid” comment down there, also the replies. Let’s keep this place cleaner.

  784. is it footwork, or is it not thinking cuz they all get the practice, right?

  785. Hehehe

  786. Not sure….footwork…seems ok. I think it is about the understanding of the game..

  787. Oh, then boo! Paying fans and people making rent need to see better prep. I can accept footwork because that’s a coordination thing, but man …

  788. more shooters will help, just not entirely..Bigs still need to roll “smarter”

  789. It’s FEAR.

    Fear of getting REJECTED by shotblockers inside!

    Those fools should realize that Lin siphons defenses away from them off the pick and roll, but Boozer in particular just refuses to pass to the Asian guy.

  790. The shooters on the Lakers are zoned all the way out past the 3 point line because the Lakers bigs are crowding the midrange and causing defenders to ride up on the perimeter players.

  791. I believe if you read the post record, you will see it is an indirect troll. You’ve reframed the facts of the posts. Just read the post record and it will be clear to any genuine poster here.

    Are you the same Anonymous Guest as before? Didn’t you troll 2 days ago?

  792. exactly….they occupied there doing nothing…is mind boggling..

  793. Thanks for calling me a TROLL, buddy!

    hee haw

  794. proposition proposition do i have the idea for you. start kelly and davis. adds spacing with more athleticism. gives lin a pass out to kelly which i would take over a hill 2 pointer. lob to davis which i miss. some fast breaks would also be nice. what do y’all think

  795. no need to use f work. Let’s keep this board cleaner, shall we?

  796. thanks for the update, JoeTeam.
    Didn’t know about it.

    About the game, that’s disheartening. Byron can lose the team spirit now.

  797. This is true, they do not look down low enough. I have no idea if this should be or not. Is this a coaching issue, or a habits issue?

  798. I think they can run a stagger screen with Lin Kelly and Davis. So Kelly can pop and Davis roll…

  799. But he can’t play defense to save his life. I’m surprised that they don’t point this out watching film…the guy literally just stands there with concrete in his shoes.

  800. LOL. Thanks.

  801. That is what I meant earlier by freelancing … I saw Booz just avoid Lin when it was clear after getting it he should get it back to Lin in movement.

  802. I’m telling you it would work. scott can’t give us the same team hoping for a different result

  803. I thought you might think that, but before you came here, you missed the recurrent theme that Brent and Michael do friendly trolls on people here, so it’s really all about Brent. It’s really sickeningly sweet, if you know what I mean being a locker room guy and all. Yep, this place is all about BrentMe jk sorry don’t ban me bro.

  804. I also think they can play triangle, but switch Kelly and Hill’s position. So Kelly get the low post while hill stay close at the other low post.

  805. Did kelly play well to you today? I just saw a bit of his play as I came in 3rd quarter. I thought he looked a bit lost tonight, but I could be wrong.

  806. M…………………….(finger is moving..)

  807. no don’t I repent. Psalm, help!

  808. He is smarter that I am certain. But he is rusty

  809. rusty but can be better then a post shot from hill

  810. the report on site was just a joke. No biggie this site is great.

  811. yes, he’ll get his touch back but I think he can make open 3s easily.
    Wow I just checked 2-12 3FG. Only Lin and Kelly made the shot.

  812. rusty is better than lost I agree. I just want’s confident with his D actually.

  813. If we took out all the play that Lin drive and Hill shot. And we replace with Lin drive and Hill roll…I think we might get 2 more wins…at this point

  814. those 5-6 midrange misses by Hill can easily be substituted with 2-3 treys by Kelly and Lin, I would think.

  815. I’d take that. When they start to pass to Lin for that long 3 when he has 15′ of space will be quite a surprise to any team.

  816. yea all i want is hard work. on defense just work hard play to the end on a pnr. i swear if i see a pg get by boozer for a easy layup again.

  817. you’d better tweet that to BS.

  818. M…….those are just 馬後炮 LOL Means nothing.

  819. lol, you’re on your own, buddy :]

  820. Fyi, anybody can post as guest if they like. I did read past posts to make up my opinions. So far he just made that one “Passive” post you are talking about and this question he just ask about whether lin being timid or not. The “indirect trolling” evidence is not sufficient in my opinion.

  821. I’ve given up on this unit. boozer didn’t play defense in his prime. whats worse is not the bad d or missed shots alone. it the effect those have on the rhythm of the offense which make a 10 point lead seem like 20.

  822. MDA is sitting at home sipping cognac, watching the Lakers and laughing out loud.

  823. How about help the poster to edit the post? and leave a little message to the poster, so poster know. Just one of my suggestion and thought.

  824. LOL oh well…he is smart. THat is for sure.

  825. aw c’mon … twitterverse needs more noise. Ah well, guess you can teach your kids.

  826. BTW, this is a nice Purple graphic of JLin


  827. I unfloowed some Lin fans after last game. They seems are not Lin fans, more like just fan of Linsanity.

  828. Brent, do we need a Post-Game thread now?

  829. Fine you are you and I am me so time to stop. I don’t believe you btw, and you’re representation of the facts are as you did before when you trolled.

  830. so much for your grace lol.

  831. yes 🙂

  832. Just read there was 127 fans from Taiwan flied in to LA to see Jeremy Lin.

  833. I guess so…the post is reaching 900…just we kept losing so….no motivations to summarize…LOL

  834. Yes….

  835. it might be fun to go high level to make sense of this … oh, nm.

  836. I also don’t see how Byron can expect Boozer D to improve.
    He might get his midrange Js but it’s an upHill (pun intended) climb when he gives up so many points with weak interior D.

    It’ll be too late for Byron to wait 3 more games. Davis needs to replace either Boozer or Hill when their defense is not up to par. Make them earn their time by playing D.

  837. So they are a fan of a once in a lifetime event when the guy who did is still evolving. good call. I have 3 followers on tw, been a member since 2005. Maybe I should get with it.

  838. Thanks Brent. I know frustrations run high and fans need a place to vent… please do your venting at other sites then come back here. =)

  839. Either Hill crashes the board & attack the rim to draw foul OR kick them out again. After 2 misses, he should stop shooting the midrange until he get some points in the paint or FTs.

  840. He’s recalling the hot games from beg of season when this config of team was not scouted and other players were rusty. Like Brent said a week ago, Hill’s effectiveness won’t last and he’s been proven right. I was hoping Hill would produce with/for Lin but doesn’t look like it for now unless Coach gets to his job.

  841. And the plot thicken…

  842. No point to summarize the same debacle of bad D and bad coaching :]
    I’ll put together one-liners (including yours) of Lin’s good stats haha..

  843. LOL

  844. yes, and they’ll also go to GSW game next.
    They’re so dedicated!

  845. Joyce, it’s Friday night, why aren’t you here? Date with sig other or some other?

  846. I am baiting her out….shhhh

  847. We need some positive comments from Joyce.

  848. looks like Duncan’s rubbing Lin’s hair

  849. I thought it is pretty positive here….LOL no?

  850. you are the jedi master …

  851. or blessing him.

  852. stalling?

  853. Not enough.

  854. @psalm234:disqus @brentyen:disqus Waiting for the new thread:-)

  855. Khuang made some predictions early on. That Kobe was a big ballhog. Coach Scott would pander to superstars. Defence would be a problem because of Kobe and lack of rim protection. Unfortunately all the predictions have come through.

    What next? I am happy that Lin is a starter and has decent stats with a very efficient and effective game despite low usage.

    Seriously if Lin coached the team, things would turn around very fast. I really believe this.

  856. Agree.

  857. Riiight…

  858. That’s not really nice… Lakers did pay him good money. smh!

  859. No doubt in my mind. JLin is an excellent coach at least 70% of current NBA coaches. He is good in reading and preparing for what’s coming and makes the best use of each player.

  860. Unlike lots of people who think that the solution to the Lakers problems is for Jeremy to shoot more, I think the solution is for Jeremy to coach more!

  861. jk Does KL stand for KHuang Legion? I like your post, KL.

  862. Nash is not coming back. I think Nash ignoring Scott is a non-story. Unless, Scott wants to add Nash to his coaching staff and let Nash be in charge of (MDA) offense. Scott responsible for defense. Unfortunately, the Lakers don’t have the personnels to run it, except for Lin, Davis, Young, Clarkson, Kelly and Henry.

  863. note: I’m deleting the following comments. Not taking sides. Just deleting the rest of the conversation because it turned into a personal argument instead of about the game.

  864. LOL! Toothless tiger or something…no disrespect!

  865. I am a Khuang fan. I’ll admit that. He says things that sometimes sound strange at first but often enough he has been proven right.

  866. Probably by looking at the boxscore is enuf !!….

  867. as you like and I am happy for your decision.

    I am just trying to identify the trolling with respect to Lin being passive, deferential, and beta. While it’s easy to set a rule on specific words that are negative to the site, it’s to me just as easy to see off topic posts that are designed to disrupt the community. That’s especially true during a game thread where it’s clear Lin is being aggressive and trying to bring a team back.

  868. Me too because he talks good bball and has good instincts to welcome good posters and refute trolling.

  869. I want Jeremy to win more …

  870. Kobe knows..

    Kobe Bryant on Spurs: “Their ball movement is incredible, they really space you out, get you behind plays and get you chasing.”— Ryan Ward (@Lakers_Examiner) November 15, 2014

  871. Lip service! Have enough personnels. They do have Davis on the roster. Now that more players are back, he can do it. All talks only!

  872. I’m hesitant to blame Kobe for shooting out the daylight….imagine he had endured for more than a season to be back on court…. that’s more like penned up obsession….

  873. guess he wasn’t that sick after all….

  874. posted before by a member smarter than me: the dog ate my homework.

  875. This Kobe quote is exactly what I meant when i said that passing is about creating space and not necessarily about creating shots. The beauty of passing is that even if you don’t make the shot and lose the possession, you still do something good by working the defence to death. Just as Kobe said, “they get you behind plays and get you chasing”.

  876. Where is she? Did she go to the game?

  877. Could be. I know she gets a few Lakers tickets but can’t remember which ones they are.

  878. This is a tough challenge. Harden and Melo were ballhogs who killed ball movement but at least they scored efficiently enough to offset the damage. Kobe is incredibly inefficient right now in addition to being a ballhog. Toughest challenge for Lin so far as point guard and coach.

  879. Well, the Lakers did better than I predicted (loss by 16). They only lost by 13 and were within single digits early in the 4th quarter. At this point, I can only chuckle at the Lakers. No point to get mad every game about the same things.

    For now, I’m just happy that Lin gets good stats (high % and 15+ pts) and no injuries.

  880. I used to laugh at people that say that PnR is easy or should be simple to execute. Setting a good pick is even hard to do, never mind instinctively knowing when and where to roll to maximize spacing and what the defence is giving you.

  881. LOL. Once again JLin and the bench got many pts back in the garbage minutes. Otherwise it would be over 20 pts:-(

  882. This is the biggest problem of all as I see it. Boozer, Hill and Kobe all want to shoot that midrange shot. They clog up the driving lanes with their bodies and their defenders. So many times this year I see the defence spread out like a 2/3 zone at the foul line with no laker threats whatsoever down low.

  883. I’m HUMBLED, KL.

    thank you (small voice, no caps)

  884. buddy, thanx

  885. KL is Khuang.

  886. Too late. We have first and second already:-) @blubell got to post it first while I was writing a long sentence.

  887. No. I wouldn’t dare take on trolls the way he does!

  888. JLintel sure doesn’t like illogical choices, we know that.

  889. No, KHuang is KHuang.

    I am too prideful and egotistical to have more than one screenname.

  890. did you see now in late q4 how beautiful SAS weaved 3 of the same rotations to get a guy a totally open shot. LAL were just chasing in circles, and SAS did the same weave 3 times.

  891. that’s a good point, the efficiency note. I actually can take a LAL loss better because Kobe makes room for Lin to be important, even though he cannot help himself. Harden and Melo both never genuinely support Lin in public, so it was like they continued to elevate while Lin was suppressed.

  892. hey, if so, we have a treat coming.

  893. What next?

    Hmmm. I’m really not sure at this point.

    Right now, the Lakers are still unhappy with Lin becoming the leader. They’re all trying to win the game without Lin, with the exception of Ed Davis who doesn’t play many minutes with Lin.

    As for Lin himself, I think he’s going to relax a lot more throughout the season. He knows that his role is very limited and that he can only play for personal efficiency. As Lin’s
    comfort grows, so will his game.

  894. it’s FUN to do that!

  895. Lin’s probably like “Speak for yourself, Bryant”.

    “I just held All Star Tony Parker to like 6 points!”

  896. yes, just say y. then edit later :p

  897. Hi Guys☺☺, for your information, I just got back from the game. I have to say, Laker fans are the best fans in the world. They will show up at games even if they are loosing. Lin played well. His focus tonight was on defense. He kept Tony Parker out of the paint. It was interesting that Tony tried a couple of times to post on lin, but lin shut him down, so as soon as Parker got the ball he passed it. Also Lakers defense was much better through the the first half of the game. They had Spurs taking last minute shots. Also kobe passing the ball more. Kobe was terrible tonight and the fans that i was sitting with wanted him taken out of the game. Lin really looked serious tonight.

    He really only talked to Sacre/Kelly/Clarkson. I think there is a clique of Boozer/Hill/Davis/Johnson/probably Nick. Xavier Henry was joking with lin in the hallway while they were waiting to be introduced, they showed it on the monitor. Kobe wasn’t talking to anyone. Lin/Kobe got the most applause when they were introduced and scored points. Lin missed two 3 point shots. The thing with Lin and his shot, his takes the most efficient shots. He just doesn’t shoot to be shooting. Also they were setting screens for Parker like crazy, but lin was fighting through them. I thought it was interesting that Pops put Leonard on Lin and that is when he had those two steals in a row on lin. I think Lin was mad at himself for that. I thought that was respect from Pops about lin.

    Kobe not feeling well, I believe it a little, but it looked to me that kobe was tired. He had the ball stripped from him at least 4 times. There was a play in the game when lin was on the bench and Davis got the ball, but nobody was rotating and he was just holding the ball looking for somebody. Also a lot of fans were very hopeful going into halftime because Lakers were down by 8 points, and then Scott with bad coaching decide to put the ball in kobe’s hands and it went down hill. A lot of fans wanted Linsanity to show up tonight. I think Boozer/Hill/Johnson just don’t get it and the fans were ragging on them big time. Lin and 1st unit need to mesh, because when they do they will play well. It is a process and as Jabar said today, that Lakers are trying to grow their own and it is a process.Also the fans are already calling for Scott to be fired. I think the Lakers are getting better,but they are a young team and they need a good coach like Popvich to bring out the best in them. All I want lin to do is get his stats.

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