G08 LAL @ NOP PreGame Thread

I thought the short-handed Lakers (w/o Ellington) was quite impressive last night to compete against the mighty Memphis who hasn’t lost at home since Feb 2014 in a string of 14 games. It was a close loss 102-107 after being down 17pts (84-101) with 6 min to go.

It was a loss but Lakers could have stolen the game had they not been down too many points.

To put things in perspective, Lakers should have lost by 15-17pts but they mounted a comeback to only lose by 5pts.

What about tonight? This is a “scheduled loss” with a back-to-back game on the road when teams are tired. NO Pelicans had 1 day rest after losing to Cavs on Nov 10.

I expect Kobe to shoot more tonight after the botched play last night when he didn’t get the last shot being down 3 to have a chance to tie the game. It was miscommunication but Kobe would still want to prove himself as the alpha leader tonight. So I expect another loss due to the schedule and less teamwork. We just have to be realistic about the possible outcome.

The team would have to endure growing pains when Kobe ISOs or anyone ISOs will not be good enough to win against good teams. NOP is 3-3 but have another great big men in A. Davis and Omer Asik. Jeremy’s drives would be limited so he’d have to rely on PnR or 3pt shots which depend heavily on his teammates. So let’s have the realistic expectations while hoping Lin will find his groove to run his team, stay healthy and perform quite well to grow chemistry as a new team.

ESPN Game Preview: http://espn.go.com/los-angeles/nba/preview?id=400578406 (NOP favored by -10.5 on odds)


Guess JLin's stats


  1. Hehehe

  2. Winner, winner .. Chicken BBQ Winner!
    The king has returned :]

  3. This lakers team is not as untalented as most people think. But they are as in cohesive as they could to start the season. Kobe’s mentality was not exactly helpful on this matter either. I see signs of lif tho. I am hopeful. Lol

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  5. Nonono…I am a mod with integrity….lol

  6. Hmmm..lol.

  7. Me too Brent. Scott is going to have reign in Kobe, more like Kobe will have to reign in himself.

  8. true.. their progress even without Ellington, Young, Kelly (all 3pt threat) is impressive to me.
    I really thought it will be 10-15 loss like the 1st 2 game for 10 games :]

  9. Comment flagged as a personal attack. =p

  10. Well said, Lakers Nation.

  11. I did not say what I did not say….lol

  12. Although I wish Kobe’s shot attempt can be smaller, but he was really critical with the last 6 minutes come back on the offense. He pretty much had his hand on either scoring or assisting.

  13. I thought the refs decide the final six minutes.

  14. Or the whole game…

  15. if that was the case for this game, I think it would’ve been a bigger loss. Lakers held them near scoreless on that comeback.

  16. my prediction again with links to last years game threads…

    My prediction for JLin: 15 pts| 5 ast| 1 stl | 3 TO


  17. Some fans are equalling LAL to HOU in terms of how Kobe Scott and Lin did in this season so far. I think it is actually very different. In HOU, even if Lin found his niche, he can not perform. In LAL, once Lin find it, he will be great. Yes there is a ball hog , well maybe two. But they are infinitely more supportive than you know who. Jmo

  18. So who won the poll in the MEM game?
    JLin has 12pts/3asts/2rebs/1b/1s

    The answer is noone 🙂

    The closest answer is 12pts/6asts and there is only 1 person who’s close to the “bragging rights”
    And that person is:

    Congrats to be the closest to get the bragging rights!

  19. Like Lin said. You are only as good as your last game(predictions) lol

  20. I agree. In LAL, they want Lin to be a bigger part of the offense, Lin and the team just haven’t figured quite how yet. In HOU, they wanted Lin to be be smaller part.

  21. Lakers starting line ups seems are able to hold their ground well. But from a tweet I saw earlier. Seems like Scott has not decided his best 3 or 4 line ups yet. Still playing with the rotations

  22. Also, lin’s niche this season will be his 3pt shot. he has to develop a part shooters mentality. He has to phase his play making/facilitating/shooting all in one. So I think he will eventually get there. The team looks a whole lot better now when they first started. Laker’s bigs are a big problem. The only that seem to get it, is Davis.

  23. More precisely, his three shots off the dribble. I do not think he anticipated that he will need it that much in the summer. His catch and shoot percentage is much higher so far I think.

  24. I disagree. Lip service goes as far as the person’s mouth to other ears. So far, there’s a lot of verbal support, but even those sound very familiar, and I haven’t seen much translation into games. I wouldn’t be too surprised if the same narrative is revealed when/if Lin leaves the Lakers.
    I was hopeful to the very end, when I couldn’t even pretend w/htown. I’m now going to have to see it to believe anything that is said in front of the media. We’ll see.

  25. Would it be nice if we had Ellington off the bench with couple of 3-point shots?

  26. Could be….but from the minutes and rotations it suggests the same thing too

  27. Yeah, too bad that he has to leave,

  28. Exactly.I think lin looks for that perfect storm too much to perform instead of just playing his game and stopping thinking about the game.

  29. Good and bad for him. Another learning process for him to be the man

  30. Excellent point, especially in a 5pt loss.
    L can easily switch to W

  31. yeah, as fans I want to vote more than what my head is telling me .. haha.

  32. Well that’s what I did, I only vote for Linsane numbers!!

  33. Exactly, the rotations Scott has implemented thus far is suspect. I believe in Lin’s ability/skills, but he’s human and can’t over come all the obstacles set ahead him from so many directions. The reason why I don’t understand why Lin fans think it’s just a matter of Lin shoot shoot shoot mentality in the context of a 15 man team + coach + org + NBA + fan sport + certain stereotypical biases…
    In my opinion, Lin is better player than he’s given credit for, just for being able to survive w/more odds against him than anyone is willing to admit. Ok, my rant for the thread…haha

  34. No doubt on what Lin is as a player. Time for NBA to raise their expectations on him too.

  35. I bet more ppl,are thinking like that, they just did not step up…..

  36. haha.. pigs will fly first before Kobe becomes bench player :]
    Kobe is still the best scorer and should start. He just needs to shoot makeable shots if he wants to win.
    But he gets to decide what to do since he has 5-rings and makes so much money for the Lakers.

    A lot of good points but the conclusion is unfathomable if winning includes making a lot of money for the Lakers .

  37. What a painful truth.

  38. I would cut that down to 3 minutes, and also factor in team momentum based on chemistry leaden up to those final minutes. You can see it coming, from Linsanity surge through ball-stops at Rox. In LAL, it’s not really balls stops, as it does move through Kobe a bit … it’s just a great SG doing his ok to above avg PG, and what it really does is make it easy on the D. Way better than HOU, but still … cannot win. HOU just has more talent and a more rigid machine so points came out of that easier like squeezing toothpaste out of the tube. LAL is not a toothpaste tube yet, but more, like a kid’s squeeze balloon … goes everywhere but in.

  39. yes, see below. When they figure out the config for LAL to be a toothpaste tube with a front end, this will be a winner for Lin’s style of game. But, I don’t have a good metaphor for D. Any ideas?

  40. Maybe too much time in prayer seeking the right balance between selfless and selfish. He needs a Christian sports psychologist, as I believe that’s his fundamental holdback, the last shall be first concept. The team needs him to be me-first sometimes, like that last shot that he gave to Hill yesterday. If there was even a chance of ‘go’ vs ‘no’, like should have been thinking only Lin or Kobe.

  41. You’re kids will learn a lot from you as they start to reason.

  42. Only saw a few fragments of the game yesterday. I think Lin did pretty good guarding Conley. I might have missed something tho

  43. That will never happen, but a lot of truth there. There are a lot of Kobe die hards.

  44. It is about opening the perspective. How to approach the game to optimize the outcome. The doc video I posted yesterday actually said a lot about Lin’s way to approach the game. Doc really had a huge influence on him IMO.

  45. I remember one play where he left Conley open for a corner 3. Don’t think he was helping or doing anything since the ball was at the top of the key before it was passed and Conley had been at the corner for a while. He was kind of just standing near the paint watching the ball.

    Other than this one bad lapse I think he was ok. Mostly got picked by Gasol but what could he do.

  46. Byron Scott needs to figure things out quick because whatever the offense he called it does not work. They have under-size center and under-size PF and team not spacing and moving, it’s hard to breakdown anyone’s defense.

  47. There’ll be lots of criticism.

  48. Stats don’t lie, father time doesn’t stop. However, let’s look at the bright side. For the first time in Lin’s career, barring the few weeks of Linsaity, Lin is LINside the politics, and not held out artificially. They are struggling to find a solution, with Lin inside the discussion. Fans, owners, coaching, Kobe, team alike, they are working on it. It’s obvious to fans who aren’t rabid that Kobe has to reduce shots and influence of game flow, and at some point just enjoy the ride.

  49. Problem is he’s not shooting more.

  50. And since Lin’s break-out game against the Clippers, he’s shot 8 for 17 from threes, for a stellar .471 3 point shooting percentage!

    Last five games, Lin really hasn’t been struggling offensively so much as trying to adapt his game to a new offensive system. Hence, his low usage rate. I’m convinced that his usage rate will go up steadily as his familiarity with the system and his teammates grows.

  51. I have a feeling that NBA refs are not being fair to Lin. An opposite treatment between him and Harden.

  52. Here’s where I do think it’s more about defense than offense.

    The Lakers have scored more than 102 points in the past five games, ever since the Clippers game.

    But, they’ve given up way more points, hence the poor record.

  53. This is an interesting excerpt about Kobe from one of Kevin Ding’s articles. It gives you a little bit of an insight of kobe’s mindset:

    The many folks expecting Bryant to freak out any day now are still missing the point of Bryant’s trade-me meltdown of 2007: He didn’t believe the Lakers were trying to build a champion anymore, mistaking Jerry Buss’ patience for ambivalence—this after Buss had promised Bryant he would not be left hanging if he returned to the Lakers in 2004.

    Bryant thought Buss had breached the code. Things got ugly.

    You get in Bryant’s way, obstruct his will to better himself and even infect him with your virus of underachievement—whether you’reShaquille O’Neal early on, Smush Parker in the middle or Dwight Howard more recently—and Bryant will fight like crazy to stay his course.

    As ludicrous as it might seem to grandstand about having a winning attitude on a team with as little potential as the current Lakers, it is Kobe.

    It is Kobe trying to do the rightest thing he knows.

    Kevin Ding is an NBA senior writer for Bleacher Report. Follow him on Twitter, @KevinDing.

  54. Agree, That also goes to no rim protector.

  55. Good post.

  56. This can’t really make him looks good bc no matter it’s fans or GM are still looking at his stats. He took so less shots will not help him at all.

  57. they started to throw double screen on him later on. Also Kobe was Harden-ish defensively, and Lin start to help more and lost his man in cases too.

  58. yesterday’s bench was horrible, not sure what’s wrong. Just because Ellington is gone?

    I really hate the line up when Lin has to play with Price somehow.

  59. That’s me. I will aim higher tonight. 🙂

  60. Do you think if Kobe has an epiphany that Lakers would have potential for playoffs? I hope for both, and your thoughts would be valued in how I am a fan this year. Do I go for team or just Lin stats/contract?

  61. that has been a beautiful thing to watch, and now we have numbers to underline. Hope he keeps it up. The HOU days really did him good on this specific play, and with 2 seconds on the clock.

  62. Congrats!
    Let’s see if your gut feeling will deliver your 1st bragging right tomorrow :]

  63. I think that it is far fetched that they will get a playoff bid, not the way kobe is playing, taking over games and chucking up shots. Lin just needs to pad his stats for next contract.

  64. oh right then, I’m relieved of duty ha ha.

  65. If you mean Lin is alright and should keep at it until the team jells, I’m willing to ride that train all the way with Lin and LAL. Problem is, does Kobe believe in giving others and advantage like Doc says? If not, then you have 2 games going on, and if Joyce is right, this team is not playoffs bound, then it’s about Kobe’s scoring title and Lin’s next contract. Definitely not a fun team to watch then, and we will have ups and downs. Definitely better than HOU, though, because there isn’t that post-game set of lies to process as a fan, the lies that stand in the face against the stats/facts/video. Ah, I’m ranting. I should have posted, “I understand what you say.”

  66. Pelicans is that good now?!

  67. Well.. with AD and ASIK….M…

  68. Lin is going to have a tough time getting layups inside with Anthony Davis and Asik. Time to bust out the floater, midrange pullups, and 3s.

    Prediction: Lakers lose by 8, 95-103. Lin with 15 pts 5 ast. I’d like to see him with 10+ FGAs.

  69. you people just want or are begging for another clutch fan. idk if you are delusional or are purposely trying to ruin lins career. this is Kobe’s team get over it. he is probably the greatest laker of all time. yet you want to tell laker fan to put him on the bench. honestly i understand why clutch fans hate lin fans. because even if lin is treated right which he wasn’t at rox you guys still annoy every other fans of the team as much as possible.

  70. I feel the same way, agree.

  71. yes, I have the same line of thought.
    Lin’s driving efficiency is always challenged with athletic big man. Were it Asik alone, Lin would know how to get around him with quickness. But AD is super-athletic big man like Ibaka that always give him fits.

    Here’s hoping to Lin pulling midrange Js and floaters from his arsenal.
    And his teammates would pass to him for open 3s so he makes at least 3 like the Hornets game.

  72. I am not sure if they will start to reason at all…LOL

  73. I mean, to Lin’s perspective. He should not care what Kobe’s agenda is. He should keep doing what he thinks is right. It is worse that if he varies on how he plays the game. That is how a leader should do, right the ship even when you are not really the captain.

  74. lin has scored other ways this year. he doesnt go to the rim as relentlessly as before.

  75. No one is delusional here as far as I can tell. That guy is definitely not from here.

  76. Dude, it was just a tweet that was on twitter that I thought it was interesting, but it not going to happen. I personally disagree with the article.smh

  77. hint to Kobe and Byron: Lin is leading all NBA PGs with 70% catch and shoot 3s.

  78. Kobe: Duly noted.

  79. I might cry if Jeremy still refuses to use his floater and jumper going against Asik and Davis who are be near impossible to get by. I expect him to attack first in an attempt to get them in foul trouble but he’s not getting the whistles, he has to adjust.

    Im mostly worried about the rebounding, Hill&Boozer vs Asik&Davis D:
    Still, this game is very much winnable, they just held their own against the toughest team in the west last night.
    Moral victories sting but I hope the guys dont lose confidence and realize they’ve made large strides already despite the odds (injuries, harsh schedule, etc).

  80. How many floaters Lin made this season at what rate?

  81. 2/3

  82. i was talking about the article and people who agree with it. not ment toward you or anyone individually

  83. that’s correct.
    Lin gets more freedom to pull midrange Js in LA whenever he’s open now, unlike HOU where it’s either rim shots or 3s.

    It’s just that I remember the strategy vs HOU in Game 1 was to drive to get Howard in foul trouble despite Howard being a shot-blocker. And that worked quite well.

    I’m just not sure that strategy will work now with both Asik and AD protecting the paint.

  84. i have seen people who believe that on the other website. idk about here. definitely people here are very reasonable. just dont like laker fans seeing it. paint all of us in the wrong light

  85. IIRC his floater rate is 1/3 (50%) but one miss was when he got the offensive rebound to pass to Hill for the midrange J.
    So maybe 2/3 (66%)?

  86. Kobe: I lead all players in the NBA history in missed field goal attempts! Every miss from now on counts on to the new record. Pass???? Why pass when you need more bricks to build Rome?

  87. he wont do that unless its open. i see alot of threes. drive when the bigs are out of place

  88. Specially Lin has a hard time to get foul call.

  89. They can paint however they want…we are not responsible for that.

  90. Tell me you are not doing the Michael Jackson dance…hee hee

  91. I respectfully disagree that 1/3 = 50%

  92. Got this from LP.. I hope Lin will not end up so bad w Kobe.

    Dwight Howard Talks About His Relationship With Kobe Bryant

    “Before I got to the Lakers, I would talk to him [and] he would really help me out on the [down] low about how to become everything that I said I wanted to be. And I looked up to him and I looked up to everything he, as a basketball player, stood for. … [By the end of that season] I just felt so hurt and disappointed in the fact that the guy that I was expecting to be somebody who was gonna pass the torch, somebody to say, ‘Dwight, I’ll take you under my wing and I’ll show you how to get it done’ … it was none of that.”

  93. one friendly suggestion.
    the sentence should start with “these people” rather than “you people” to avoid misunderstanding

  94. I was still finding my calculator…man you are quick…LOL

  95. ok, typo 🙂 it was 1/2 before I remember the miss haha..

  96. #mentalAbacus

  97. Ed Davis vs Anthony Davis. Boozer vs Asik. Lin vs Kobe.

  98. agreed.

  99. 66% is not a bad number….he should take more.

  100. check. check. mmm… lmao

  101. I’m an SG. Compare me with Harden.

  102. I think D12 was probably a little to silly for Kobe. I think Kobe had championship aspirations at the time with a team of Howard/Nash, and Kobe was in full mode. Kobe , knows that championship is outta reach, he just wants to focus on besting MJ stats..jmo

  103. I have the same feeling that kobe is just all talk.

  104. What do you think about BS & Kobe said about Lin’s last play… They seemed to be nice to Lin so far.. Check this from LA Times – Byron Scott stepped up and took the blame, his first “my bad” as the Lakers’ coach. He claimed he should have shown Jeremy Lin visually what play he wanted instead of screaming it across the court.

  105. I hope it will not end up so bad for Lin. Have to see what will happen tonight?! But this out today sure made Kobe looks bad now.

  106. I will give them the benefit of the doubt for right now.

  107. Me too. All at least Lakers is still support Lin then.. Even BS sounds so PR to me but it’s good to Lin not like Mc.

  108. Well maybe this will get Kobe to be careful what he does and says because media spotlight is on him.

  109. well he is ok at it. since he is a terrific finisher all he needs is a few floaters to open up what he really wants to do

  110. Ya! That’s why I think he talked about that last shot “no big deal…. let it be….” He knows all media are watching him now. In fact, saw lots of Asia media all have the stories on his shout out loud at Lin on bench about that play today…

  111. SI:
    All-Brick Layers Team: Kobe playing like Wizards era Michael Jordan

    Kobe getting some heat. Maybe now…

  112. well kobe isnt that kobe anymore. physically speaking. what he has said all season has been different then the old kobe but we will see if an old tiger can change his stripes

  113. I hope this will help Lin tonight to get more shooting chance.

  114. Hope this doesn’t backfire on Lin instead.

  115. Why? I think it should help.

  116. How is it going to backfire on lin? If kobe is outta control with shooting, he will put the whole team in jeopardy.

  117. Kobe is #1 in missed shots in his 19-year career but he still needs 405pts to surpass Michael Jordan as the #3 all-time scorer. So Kobe missed more shots but MJ still has more points (w/ fewer shots).

    I guess it goes without saying that MJ has better FG% than Kobe and is a better Shooting Guard.

  118. We’ll have to see how Kobe reacts. He may have none of this and does it more. Like telling your kids not to do something. Real test of his maturity.

  119. It is ok to cry. Here, I got this ready for you.

  120. Daddy BS is not in control.

  121. I wonder if this is a difference on entering NBA right after HS vs few yrs in NCAA

  122. the problem with the lakers is that they have a sucky coach who is inept in coaching and rotations. the reason why scott failed so miserably with the pelicans and cavaliers when he was a coach, was that he didn’t make good adjustments. scott relies mainly on players like lin/kobe for their iq to make things happen in a game.

  123. lol Continue my high hope that JLin will be at least 15pts/6asts. Hopefully he is adjusting well with 2 “mega” towers in Pelicans game. Well, Kobe will be Kobe. If he turns to high 30+ shots game, once again I will tune out for watching but just let the streaming on and look at the score brieftly at times. This is the only way to keep my “sanity” while JLin adjusts to this “Kobe” team.

  124. You bias greedy fellows!

  125. good point.
    3-yr college experience playing for Dean Smith must have had an impact to MJ’s mentality.
    He also played behind Worthy and Sam Perkins for a while so he’d have learned not to take the most shots.

  126. Agreed. Less Kobe ball more Team ball with Lin leading.

  127. Well, MJ was like KOBE early in his career. But the ability to change their own games set them apart. PPL like to say it is good for players to have this “IDGAF” mentality. The reality is, if you play like that, that is exactly what your opponents will say too. IDGAF how you shoots, as long as you do it ALONE..

  128. ha….I am showing the support, what did you do? LOL

  129. well, Kobe does emulate everything MJ does… lol

  130. Exactly my sentiments. I turned off last nights game as soon I saw Bryant was running the meBall show. The game was pretty much lost for me then.

  131. I’m cautiously optimistic that JLin will have a good game tonight. He’s strung together a nice streak of 4 solid to great games since playing the Clippers. The x-factor is the fact that this game is a second game of a back to back.

    My conservative prediction for Lin’s stat line tonight – 11 points on 4 for 9 shooting; 1 for 3 from the three point line; 2-2 from the FT line; 3 assists, 1 steal, and two turnovers.

  132. I will be very surprised if the Lakers get the injury exception for Nash. Nash hasn’t helped the situation much with his playing golf and hiking and posting it on instagram. I know that the NBA will send in their team of doctors to examine Nash and look at his MRI reports to see if if he qualifies. If they find that he is not ten, there will be a trade, but I don’t know a team that will take him at this point.

  133. Unfortunately, he’s letting Bryant run things. He did put on a good front at the beginning, but it’s getting harder to cover up his ineptness as a coach. Just another negative for the team to work through. smh

  134. Sometimes I wonder how @PFV, @psalm234:disqus and others can watch the whole game. Guess I’m always JLin only fan and not Lakers fan or anytime NBA fan:-)

  135. As a SG, comparing you and Harden i would still pick Harden. as for you and Lin, I pick you!

    i hope i’m wrong as in current trend, if Jlin still thinking of doing way beyond what a combo PG does, he is not going to succeed in terms of NBA books.
    We had been crying for the last 3 years for Jeremy to take more shots, and obviously, he was given a proper role in Hou to fulfill that.

    In LA, he needs to be bold and cunning on the court, else NBA is going to eat you alive

  136. Very interesting situation on Nash. That’s why I wonder about it the other day when I didn’t see that he was excepted but Randle.

  137. He’s played relatively well. Let’s hope he and kobe can pull another win, together with the team.

  138. Is there a chance that the Suns would take him to retire him where he had the most impact during his career? It would make sense to me, but I don’t know the full story of Nash, so kind of guessing here.

  139. nonono has to be 40 pts 11ast 6 rebs 1 tovs…..lol #Tigerfanmode

  140. Yes, if Lin and Kobe play together like they did in the Charlotte game, a win or at least a competitive game is possible.

  141. unfortunately same as you 🙁

  142. Oops. Typo – I meant to say Lin is going to score 111 points on 44 for 99 shooting. 😀

  143. Might as well aim for 3D. Lol

  144. I am just giving AD and ASIK credit. LOL

  145. I thought so too.

  146. If they win, kobe chucking it up a bit, and lin so-so aggressive aren’t issues.

  147. Oh for sure. I think lin is probably shaking his head. Lin will be alright. The season in Houston has prepared him for this. Lakers are much kinder than Houston , so I see lin doing well. Kobe is just looking now to surpass MJ in points, and everything else is subterfuge. I love the way lin stood up for his decision. He didn’t backdown. I think Kobe can respect that.

  148. I can relate. I only follow bball to the extent it involves Lin. I’m pretty disgusted w/the NBA as a whole, but will continue to support Lin as long as he’s playing. I stuck w/just the highlights last year and may have to resort to that if Bryant ball continues. It’s hard to continuously watch the unfair treatment…even for players like Asik, Smith, Davis, DMo, Douglas, Peterson, etc. that is rampant w/i this sport.

  149. The thing about Nash is this, I personally think he took advantage of the Lakers’s generosity. I think he is in a desperate situation for money, and that is the only thing that is driving him. I am not trying to throw shade on Nash, but it is what is and understand that you have to do what you have to do to take care of your family.

  150. Again, will not watch the game tonight. Hope I can see some great performances from Lin when I come back!

  151. Small good news.

  152. I really do think Bryant respects Lin..like recognizes like. He just can’t seem to control his habit of taking over, even when it’s not working towards a win. I just hope it’s not too late to change things around by the time Bryant reaches MJ’s points.
    I have nothing positive to say about Scott. He’s just clueless when it comes to the team and Lin.

  153. Jabbar, Magic, West….just saying.

  154. Ditto

  155. Is the game countdown on the right incorrect for anyone else? It’s showing 59 mins for me, but should be 1 hr 59 mins

  156. Oh well, there goes my three-peat.

  157. true…but it is what is it is, the players need to learn to suck it up and go and do their thing out there

  158. Read article back in April 2013 that stated that each team top 5 players are covered by insurance. Rose was used as an example that insurance covered 40% of his salary for that year (When he was basically out entire 2013) And in the event if he is still injured for 2014 then 80% of his salary would be covered. This should apply for Nash (unless insurance has a exemption as in Stoudemire) Lakers will be eligible for 80% of his salary to be pay back. As a business point of view then having Nash situation makes sense.

  159. Why you get to see the game 1 hr earlier than we do?

  160. I think that Scott knows exactly what lin brings to the table, but his hands are tied with Kobe ball. I am not trying to defend Scott, but he has been given his marching orders to keep Kobe happy, and he as a coach doesn’t have control as much as what he wants. i believe scott is struggling because of kobe

  161. That might be true, but I think many in the organizations think that Nash ‘s exception will not be excepted by NBA, and that is why the Lakers are looking at other options. just sayin

  162. Remember when Jeanie Buss told Jeremy Lin welcome home where it should have been for Lin in the first place? I think she meant the Lakers should have pursued Linsanity in 2012 instead of Nash.

  163. Remember to email me the lotto numbers 1 hour before they come out.

  164. why would I tell you? then we’d have to share the jackpot =)

  165. I was think about the same thing….LOL

  166. yep, it shows 45 minutes now, one hour earlier indeed..

  167. so I can create the game thread and steal the first.

  168. so unethical!

  169. I love this video with Vanessa Williams.It represents some of the greats of basketball, Very good history lesson. Let us not forget about why we love the game of basketball….enjoy

  170. but you still can’t create your own shots like Parsons, lol..

  171. Well Lin was was 4-8, he didn’t have a bad game by any stretch of the imagination. He was efficient. Just didn’t take as many shots because others were taking shots.

  172. It might be because we’ve been watching so much basketball since MJ glory days, Spurs beautiful team-ball, bad ISO balls :]

    It’s like watching a movie where you root for the good guy who tries to do the right thing to play team-ball in a world where most guys (except the Spurs) only cares about their individual glory. You hope for the best for the good guy and can’t wait to see what happens next.

    Keep in mind, I don’t watch the whole game .. unless Lin is on the court :] so we’re no different

  173. yes, I need to adjust the game time after Daylight Savings.
    Need to figure out how to do it globally :]
    I’ll change it manually for now

  174. Does this mean Kelly will be playing tonight?

  175. no

  176. haha…just saw that in the above post. Thanks!

  177. Regarding Steve Nash and money, here are his career earnings:

  178. Complete non-answer, Yao probably will eventually go into politics.

    Nathan Gottlieb‏@zukovka
    Yao Ming plays diplomat when asked why Lin didn’t work out well with Rockets:http://www.si.com/nba/video/2014/11/12/why-did-lin-not-pan-out-in-houston


  179. Do you think Both Hill & Boozer can beat Davis & Asik?!

  180. No…LOL

  181. not to worry .. there’s no official winner in the last game. So you still get a chance for 3-gm streak!

  182. Ha ha, that means I want you on my ship bro. Right the ship even if you are not the captain, I love it!

  183. where’s the floater?

  184. well then, that’s your fault lol. Try no soft drinks, candy, and maybe the will be more rational. Johnny Depp once said on Letterman, having kids getting on later in the evening is like being with drunks. The later the evening gets, the more crazy the night becomes …

  185. they did well pretty well yesterday though against gasol and randolph. i would’ve thought it would’ve been a lot worse.

  186. Can I just say that I have a major crush on Lin…. I think he is all that and a bag of chips……☺❤ ❤

  187. Thumbs up! So many good players and the fundamentals are still the same. Harden to me is not fundamental.

  188. I think Boozer/Hill are not the brightest bulbs in the garden. I will love for them to prove me wrong.㋡

  189. I like the idea hope he can play in time to vs HOU.

  190. Good morning! I will only be able to watch the game after work today. Appreciate all your comments to give me an idea of what’s really happening even as I look at the boxscore.

  191. I hope he takes more 3P not cut in too much bc w Davis & Asik?!

  192. That’s some serious crushing, Joyce…just a bag of chips is pretty awesome. lol

  193. LOL…

  194. Thanks!
    Loved Dr. J gliding to rim and David Robinson the “Admiral”

  195. I think Lin should try to penetrate and probe, but for the purpose of drawing the big man’s defender so he can feed the big man. I wouldn’t try getting to the rim against D&A, that’s a low percentage shot for Lin.

  196. don’t crush the chips please =)

  197. Yep, my toe favorite players of all time.

  198. Can I just ask you to be our proxy in LA to be his best friend? You know, use the best friend game to slide in there as a crush lol.

  199. LOL for sure……..

  200. Blake Griffin charged with battery …


    Times have changed, our heroes actually harm our kids … Not LIN!

  201. Swaggy P , looking good

  202. Conservative? That’s more like pessimistic. I say he will get 18/8 to try to lead tonight. kobe’s legs can’t give 100% on a back to back game.

  203. I don’t thing she’s saying it … she’s saying here’s a guy who is posting truth and sure, it might be hyperbole. I don’t think Joyce has ever posted Kobe sits. She’s said Lin has a surprise coming to him if he doesn’t get used to Kobe, and for sure I was surprised because I can honestly say I’ve never watched a Kobe game. I loved watching Rambis the old days, but Kobe is not my cup of tea. There you go.

  204. ah, then I say this poster we being raucous to make a point.

  205. Dang, I put Lin on the bench in my fantasy and the rotations locked in. I just got a feeling he’s going bit tonight. Go Lin!

  206. This is to all those who say Lin can’t do this or Lin can’t do that – you need to heed the wisdom of this wise saying –

    Success comes in CANS, not in CANNOTS.

    (saying courtesy of the fortune in the Chinese Fortune Cookie I opened and ate just a few minutes ago) 😀

  207. I just threw a CAN away. darn it

  208. Wisdom written by guess who? The daughter of the fortune cookie factory guy in industrial LA. True story, I know a family who does this.

  209. Well, she is truly a wise one, lol.

    I LOVE that saying!

  210. No worries, you CAN get it back!

  211. me too … lots of ways to play with the can metaphor, can’t wait to use it thx.

  212. Lin CAN’T be denied

  213. Congrats, you won the bragging right for Game 8! :]
    Can you pick a lotto number for me? haha..

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