G08 LAL @ NOP PostGame Thread

A short analysis: Jeremy Lin looked the best in the 2nd night of many back-to-back games.

He was aggressive but smart. His best play of the night came when he attacked both Asik and ADavis, tempting them to block his shot but he managed to twist a wrap-around pass to Hill for the easy jam.

Grade: A- for nice controlled, patient game. Waited for his opportunity to be the floor general once Kobe rested on the bench with the game out of hand. There is nothing more he can do if Kobe doesn’t decide to pass the ball around but took bad shots (after starting hot in the 1st quarter). Lakers defense and bench plus Kobe inefficient offense derailed a possible win.


  1. LOL First again. Can’t believe it:-) Where is everyone?

  2. Right here and watching quietly

  3. Meow

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  5. on silent mode

  6. Lin’s tov are from him lost the ball when dribbling. The 3rd time I think. I guess too many things in his mind.

  7. I miss the game again, guess I should watch highlight instead of replay

  8. Not sure if there is any highlight? LOL JK….Lin did good. Highlight will do

  9. NYoung may come back into lineup, next week. Thats some good news. Now, Byron need to figure out new rotations and playing time

  10. LAL have those short entry passes that seems so weird to me. Sometimes, Lin and who ever is at the elbow are so close together that they can basically just hand off the ball. The fact that Boozer can not seal and force catch the pass bothers me too. I still am not sure what happened to Boozer. He basically just turned to a YMCA player for a few seasons now for some reason.

    The whole starting unit has only 3 players with good IQ. It is hard to run Triangle and Princeton this way. PLUS there is a guy who deviate from team ball too much. So…basically Lin is the only guy who is smart and is willing enough to play within the system. The lack of IQ actually shown more on defense. HILL and Boozer need to be with bench unit to abuse the other team’s bench while Sacre and Davis should start.

    That been said, the starters usually can hold their ground. I wonder when will Scott figure out the whole sub pattern. I would vote for Davis, Kelly, Young, Kobe, Lin to start while Hill, Boozer, Ellington, Clarkson and Price as the 2nd unit.

  11. It’s fully satisfying to see JLin blocked a shot.
    Then in another possession, the opposing guard missed the layup afraid of Lin blocking him 😀
    I watched it and said, “Yesss! LIN-timidating Blocks!


  12. Nice block by Jeremy!

  13. Lin has a very good timing on blocking shots. Sign of high IQ

  14. hope he is not as rusty as Xavier

  15. I never saw a player was this rusty as Henry is…

  16. and don’t forget athleticism to complement the high IQ :>
    I have great timing to block things in my mind but not enough athleticism to make it happen .. lol

  17. LOL….well….I think it is more extraordinary that he can use his IQ to compensate his athleticism which is already very good BTW.

  18. Anthony Davis must be from Basketball MENSA!

  19. seems to me last few games starting unit is looking better against other starting units but we’ve lost ground on the 2nd unit, and Price looks like he has regressed to his lifetime playing levels. Hopefully BS will start to trust Lin to play more minutes over longer periods and give Kobe more rests.

  20. He turned YMCA player may be because of old ages and brain cells depleted.

  21. AD is high on IQ as well. He will have a great career. He resembles Kevin Durant a lot. Except I don’t think AD can shoot like KD

  22. Yeah he will.

  23. I think Boozer can still be effective facing 2nd unit.

  24. true, I saw a couple TOs from Boozer and Hill trying to do bounce pass with tight spacing with defenders.

    I’m fully behind the idea that Boozer can be the offense creator from the bench. He’s a liability playing against starters on defense. Hill is misfiring from midrange now. Not sure if Sacre should start because he can’t score consistently enough

    The last unit last night with Lin/Henry/Clarkson was the most athletic, opportunistic defense and can run fastbreak a lot. BScott should explore that more.

  25. Can’t be Durant doesn’t has just uno-brow.

  26. Kobe is fully focused to obliterate the #1 missing shots record out of reach from everyone.
    25% more attempted shots than any player in the NBA at 24.5 FGA


  27. He was on fire in the 1st qtr though. couldn’t keep it up.

  28. I will totally trust Boozer with the ball to create for the 2nd unit

  29. That is east to take care of …..with a marker

  30. I only worry about Boozer def.

  31. and also don’t forget the bench is missing Ellington in the past 2 games. But yes Price didn’t step up his game, even on defense where he’s supposedly good.

  32. It is what it is….he will be fine facing 2nd unit too.

  33. yes, he was super hot in the 1st quarter (14pts).

    Unfortunately, what I noticed after that was he started taking highest difficulty shots (off-balanced running jumper, hands on face) that he should have no business taking.

    When he took stand-still shots like that 3 from Lin, he was great.

    If he takes his shots based on team flow, I believe he can get 45%FG. The question is if it will take 10 losses to get Kobe to finally wake up.

  34. Wow that’s almost 30% more shots than everyone else.

  35. lol

  36. Given the rate Lakers is going, it is going to take a miracle to get into playoff. Well, actually 2 miracles.

    1. Kobe plays teamball.
    2. Change of coaching style.

    Don’t know if Lakers FO is willing to provide miracle #2.

  37. I’m thinking the Lakers are doomed, because I don’t see either of those happening w/o divine intervention.

  38. BS said in 4 games he’ll make changes.
    I don’t know if he’s brave enough to bench Boozer because of no D.

    In 1st quarter, Boozer didn’t even look back as his man was making layup on him. It was so egregious to watch!

  39. I have not check the complete schedule yet. But I think they are already 7 games below 500. Playoff is very unlikely to happen. However, given they lost all the game so far to playoff teams, I think it is hopeful that they can get close to 500 at the end of the season

  40. I think he will let Price start

  41. Let’s just hope Lin plays well enough with a bit selfish (like 4Q last night) to get states so that he can have better options next year to choose a team that REALLY could plays to his strength.

  42. I liked how he get that final 6 points…..maybe not all about stat padding. Also just let go the frustration

  43. How was he before he got hurt? pretty good?

  44. He…….was good in terms potential in a sense. I said 2 yrs back on JL net that He is one of the few LAL should keep. Sadly Hill stayed too.

  45. True. Stay aggressive.

  46. Ya, I’m losing hope on this team, Bryant, Scott turning things around to make it to the playoffs. My last hope is Lin doing his thing to make other teams take notice and betting on him for next season, as you said.
    If I’m this disappointed, I can’t imagine the frustration level of Lin being in the middle of all this dysfunction. smh

  47. Another excellent analysis by Greg at Sportige.
    The Lakers is the worst in Allowed PPG and Point-Per-Shot.
    IMO BScott needs to take some immediate actions about Boozer and Hill not providing interior defense. 4 more games is too late.

    Los Angeles Lakers – Kobe Bryant Keeps Shooting, Jeremy Lin Gets to Watch

    Jeremy Lin shot 4-of-11 from the field to finish with 15 points. Not a bad game, but not a very good one. He goes through the motions in terms of aggressiveness on the court and assertiveness. Overall, the Lakers look like a team that simply moving the ball around until it gets to Bryant himself, and let him decide what to do with it. The best basketball from them this season has come when Bryant was just one among equals, not the first and only among servants.

    The Pelicans found two things very easy: Letting Bryant do his thing, which is mostly miss shots these days (although he did have a nice sequence of back-to-back 3-pointers), and attack the paint. The Lakers can’t defend the rim, and allowed 60 points in the paint, as Anthony Davis was the main benefactor, scoring 25 points. Tyreke Evans and Jrue Holiday followed suit, scoring 19 and 17 respectively.

    Defense was a huge problem for the Los Angeles Lakers under Mike D’Antonio, and it continues to be under Byron Scott. The Lakers are giving up an NBA-worst 111.5 points per game. Even when you translate the numbers into efficiency, it’s not hard to see things are bad: The Lakers are allowing an NBA wore 49.8% from the field and they’re also the worst in the league when it comes to per possession, giving up 114.4 points per 100 possession.

    Byron Scott suggests that he’ll give the team a few more games to try and run through his system before changing things. At 1-7, it might be too late. Kobe Bryant, like all through this miserable start to the season, doesn’t seem to worried. He hasn’t been worried about defense at all for a number of years, so it’s not surprising. His suggestion? Clog the paint, and things will turn out for the best. If it was only that simple.

    The Lakers narrowed down the lead to only 3 points in the third quarter, as Jeremy Lin hit a huge three. However, the Pelicans went on a 22-12 after that to pretty much close out the game, lacking any kind of suspense as to the result in the fourth quarter. Kobe Bryant tried to keep his team in that run, but ended the third quarter with a series of misses, going into the known mood of his, when a voice tells him it’s up to him and him alone.

  48. As 1/10 of the season goes, I am more and more convinced that Lakers want to tank. Here is my takes.

    1. Every game counts. How can a coach wait for 15 to 20 games to make starting lineup change? Going 5-15 is already too late for any meaningful changes.

    2. Kobe is doing what he wants at the expense of the team. This must come from the “empowerment” from Lakers Top.

    3. There must be some consensus as to the direction of this season for Lakers and the way to approach it. Owners, management, FO, Kobe and Scott. 8 games played and it show some indications of this,

    I could be wrong. But the more games I watched, the more I am convinced.

  49. He needs to take less shots.

  50. I didn’t think he was that good last year, but then I only saw him during the games against Lin. I was surprised the Lakers resigned him, really. He just didn’t come across as a player w/upside potential.

  51. Let’s put it this way, the 1st 8 opponents they face…..it probably does not matter if they are tanking or not. LOL

  52. I think he has potential. I mean compared with other LAL rosters who got more?

  53. Maybe. But if you are a coach with decent IQ, you don’t wait until it is too late. I don’t think BS is that dumb.

  54. I didnt know him till he made his first game. Gosh! Impressed… was quite terrible… 🙂 looks like he hasnt got his rhythm back… 🙁 same as R. Kelly, dont help the team too much so far…

  55. I think if you simply change the lineups too quickly to remedy some immediate problems. It might work, but it might cause more fundamental problems too.

  56. So how many of these losses til they decide to put Davis in?
    Anthony Davis:“We know they [Lakers] didn’t really have any rim-protectors..Everybody was out there attacking, trying to get into the paint”


  57. LOL….oooooops they figured that out

  58. The fact is tho, those games were against some good teams, but completely winnable. That indicates to me that this team isn’t as bad as Bryant/Scott is trying to sell to the media/fans.
    BobbyH has a valid point, because I see Scott’s rotation/lack of adjustments and Bryant playing by himself, as almost sabotaging the games.
    This would also make sense of all the negative trash Bryant/Scott has been spewing to the media about the lack of the other all the other players not named Kobe. It’s starting to sound like their continued drivel is to justify Bryant’s chucking & Scott’s lack of coaching…hmmmm

  59. I am not sure how good will he be after he shake off the rust. But I think he has the tools to be successful. He can drive, run and shoot.

  60. I mean, I agree, I just do not see those media lines as the sign of them tanking.

  61. I agree on the part of fundamental problems. But don’t you agree Boozer is the defense liability that at least BS should urge Boozer to try harder? To show improvement? I don’t see any significance of defense getting any better. It only gets worse with this lineup.

  62. How many losses is quick enough? A good coach changes things up when there’s a pattern of losses w/what you’re doing. So far, Scott appears to lack the ability to adjust or he’s so adamant about sticking w/’his’ way that he’s jeopardizing the team or there are other agendas at work.

  63. If you ask me, I will change the lineup NOW. I am just saying lineup changing is not easy, even HOU waited a yr to demote Lin to bench. The fact that the starting unit are able to play and holding their ground is actually slowing down the process of lineup changes IMO

  64. To an established team, you are right. e.g. Iggy to bench for GSW. For LAL….it is different.

  65. Lin being demoted to bench was a slow progression from the Rox in the hopes the fans wouldn’t notice their stupidity. Entirely different imo.

  66. IMO…the way FANS react….it did not matter at all

  67. Maybe not tanking, but I definitely see a pattern to save someone’s a$$ & it sure isn’t Lin’s.

  68. This I agree….totally rediculous

  69. Well, one thing for sure. Lin’s NBA career is never short of drama.

  70. good and bad LOL

  71. I disagree. The fans are who tune in & the sponsors are also determined by fans due to potential $$. Look at how the jersey situation turned out for the nameless team. Lin being benched sooner w/o setting up the situation would have not turned out well.

  72. Everyone knows but BS.

  73. ha..well, could be. I think it won’t matter much in terms of money or things like that if Lin went to bench in the late 1st season. They just did not have the personnel to do it at that time.

  74. That been said, Lin guarded Holiday well. Not really needing a rim protector. But then Holiday is too over rated IMO…so it does not count I guess

  75. His mind works slow. He needs 15 games to see the obvious.

  76. I dare him to do it.

  77. LOL……most ppl will dare him to do it I think.

  78. Agree..I’m still scratching my head on some of the Lakers acquisition this season. I mean, if a player hasn’t done well during 3+ yrs of their career, why would you think there is a chance in he11 that he would all of a sudden show up as a different player.

  79. Boozer is….as them have been saying…a surprise get. Ed turned out to be a steal. Lin is a steal to me too LOL. Randle seems good. Clarkson is Clarkson. Price probably is the biggest bust. have I miss anyone?

  80. lol .. too real!

  81. I’m not big on Boozer, Johnson or Hill. Boozer / Hill seems slow or lazy to me. Anyone can score w/Lin as the pg, just as Hill has. These two barely move and the ball seems to land in their hands. They also look like one dimensional players. Some O..very little D. I’m giving Johnson more time, because he appears to be trying at least.
    I give Davis big props and still think he should start over any of the above 3. I guess I’ll wait on the rest for more views. haha

  82. Boozer was very good tho. I just don’t get why he suddenly could not make shots anymore. Age could be a reason but it seems to dramatic.

  83. Hi!, I just found this site for JLin and I think it is great. I am a NBA fan in Taiwan, therefore a huge fan for JLin. One simple or maybe dumb question, will Ron Artest help if he can join Lakers now? Can Lakers get any new big guy?

  84. No and I doubt it. Welcome 好人~~

  85. Every Holidays are overrated, people expect gifts on christmas, love card on valentine, turkey dinner on Thanksgiving and.

  86. ESPN discusses how Lakers should maximize Lin’s minutes


  87. welcome :]

    Artest hasn’t been effective since 2 yrs ago so Brent is right.
    There’s been talk about Bynum if his knee is healthy and he’s motivated but it’s a remote chance.

    There’s been rumors Lakers will sign Quincy Miller to compete with ineffective Wes Johnson
    Plus 6-11 Ater Majok center flew from China but we don’t know much about him.


  88. Ater Major 6-11 center Highlights that the Lakers might sign.
    Quite surprising he can make 3s, decent post-moves but seem a little awkward movement (but quite nimble for a big guy) on court

  89. and funny

  90. Some of the post-game articles are ragging on LA going 9 of 21 on 3’s. LA the team? Annoying. Tell it better: Half of those were Kobe all by himself at 5 of 11. I hate lazy journalism. Not that it isn’t everywhere…sigh.

  91. 9 for 21 is a good percentage actually. Why would they rag on that?

  92. someone else pointed out something interesting on the “other site”. When Kobe passed Lin the ball and Lin made the nice drive and kick to Hill for the dunk, Kobe just walked away from the play after he passed to Lin.

    I studied it more and I believe Kobe was mildly annoyed Lin didn’t shoot the 3 immediately. Why? I believe Kobe wanted the assist if Lin made the 3 point shot.

    When Lin hesitated and didn’t shoot, Kobe gets no credit for the play on paper and so he just walked away from the play entirely.

    A normal player would still be engaged and involved in the play, but guys Kobe and Harden are “special”

  93. I guess because negativity is so often their meat and potatoes. In that vein, I have been so very happy that so far nobody is throwing Jeremy under the buss – not BS, Kobe, FO, or even the press. I’m almost amazed by that.

  94. I dont think they will. There are too many Asians and Asian Americans and Asian money in Southern California for them to be that stupid. I think they made a calculated move and already assessed how they would treat Lin off the court before bringing him to LA, even if he is just playing in a very limited role behind Kobe like everyone else is too.

  95. I saw that and was really disappointed to see him stroll his man into the play area. Good post.

  96. It’s abnormal behavior. I cannot explain it. But I am not a 5 time champion of basketball like Kobe.

  97. I saw that too… Kobe probably thought there was nothing he needed to do next so…?!

  98. i conclude as I theorize before the season: he’s going for his points. Once he gets Kidd, MJ is in the bag, he will see how it is with JLin. If JLin gives it to him, the team always is mid-pack once they settle out. I doubt he cares. He might go for another ring if they can get a big and more bench, I don’t know.

    So it makes sense – not tanking. Just get 25 pts a game somehow, don’t care about anything else. Look like you’re trying, etc. Vid don’t lie, stats don’t like.

  99. Do you believe Lin will resign with LA if they make him an offer? Personally, if Kobe plays all 82 this season, I believe Lin will go somewhere else even for less money. I (personally) think I can kind of relate to how Lin thinks.

  100. yes I agree. This team even if firing on all cylinders, is a low playoff seed round 1 loser. I guess they all can see this so Kobe just wants his points at all costs.

  101. i guess

  102. Two of them still sat together on the bench. But did you see them talk to each other?!

  103. I think the Lakers finish 30-50. But it could be worse! Can’t predict injuries and stuff. I don’t think Scott will be fired even if they go 1-30. He’s empowered Kobe and I think management appreciates that.

  104. if guys like you and me, non paid professionals, can see this, I think Scott can see it too. I believe he is under orders from management to play like this. I cannot imagine Scott is this stupid with Mark MadDog Madsen on the bench to enlighten him and point these things out. Ok, I am only half joking.

  105. Since I’m not Asian, I never think of that, but it makes sense it could be part of the equation. In my opinion there are other equally important possibilities. While management has been careful not to go over the top with compliments and expectations, they have been notably supportive of Jeremy from the get-go, including making not-so-subtle digs at Houston for his poor usage in the past. That die has already been cast with the press picking up the “competent Jeremy” angle, and I don’t believe they have any intention of going down that same devaluing road in LA. The cat’s out of the bag in that regard and they wouldn’t get the same kind of toe-the-line support from press and fans for that story.

    Of course some future acquisition could change the dynamic again, but the lack of particular blame for Jeremy also makes me think (hope?) that they really do think of him as valuable, both as able to work with Kobe’s hogging in the near term, and as their potential star PG going forward. I guess in any case they are smarter than Houston in that they won’t devalue their asset.

  106. honestly, I did not watch the game though I recorded it. I don’t need to watch any more of these miserable games because unless Kobe gets hurt, I already know what to expect. It’s like deja vu every game and will continue to be.

    Like most deflated Lin fans, I’m just keeping track of his efficiency and hopes he can be part of the 50.40.90 club by the end of the year while maybe averaging 15 and 5 with 15% usage. It’s almost an amazing selling point to other teams if he can do this.

  107. I think in this case Kobe was just gassed after doing his ISOs for 3-4 straight posessions. And he simply let Lin to finish this play. I checked the video replay and Kobe was laboring heavily on defense (but didn’t get lazy like Harden)

    IMO Kobe is just shooting too much and not letting the ball being passed around to come back to him.

  108. Good point. I’m also watching Lin’s efficiency. 50/40/90 would be a tremendous club to belong to.
    Do you have the numbers now?

  109. that last 2 pts he got, he could’ve easily pass to Davis for his double double.

  110. Everything you said is really accurate and it’s a great post. I can’t tell where things are going for Lin either and I think a lot of it does depend on factors out of all of our hands. Will Durant Westbrook or Love go to LA this summer? Westbrook and Love are UCLA brothers and could come this way knowing they only have to deal with Kobe for 1 more year and actually can freeze Kobe out rather than the other way around due to their own status and all star clout and better games at this point in their careers. Lin would be out if another star PG is here.

    I think you are right that the Lakers are saying the right things about Lin because nobody knows what the future holds. if Kobe actually got hurt, the Lakers will probably unleash Linsanity on the NBA for the rest of the season. If not, Lin is a good attraction to sell some extra tickets this season I guess.

    I personally don’t see Lin sticking it out in LA past this season assuming Kobe is still Kobe and doing his thing and into next season. I think Lin does want more than this limited role starter or not. And I doubt the Lakers make Lin any promises and Lin learned from Houston that most promises are empty anyways.

  111. it also depends where Mike D’Antoni is coaching next year :]

  112. Lin to Lakers was a trade so he had no say on anything.

  113. playing with some new data on NBA stats…

    @JLin7 this data is new on the NBA stats site… Interesting and worth keeping an eye on— JLinArticles&Facts (@JLArticlesFacts) November 13, 2014

  114. I think even Kobe is that bad but the different it’s this is Lakers & LA. Unlike in HOU only media was controlled by Morey so there are more voices to speak out .. I hope Kobe can start to play team ball..?! LOL!

    Ya! I hope Lin can have 15 points per game at least. His stats is up again to 12.8 now.

  115. In Jlin’s defense, I think he’s eerily clear on what’s going on around him.

  116. Kobe’s D sure way better than Harden.

  117. Kobe appears to try harder than Harden. Harden is unable to even try hard after probably a lifetime of never having to try. He doesn’t even know how to play hard defense in spurts.

  118. I guess he didn’t want to do it bc he didn’t want to get hurt.. Just focus on his O.. smh!

  119. On the Durant, Westbrook, Love angle…I think Jeremy has the cojones to freeze Kobe out, but given this team, who does he freeze him out for? If Jeremy was a pure, amazing gunner, he could maybe make his own image shinier, but the team would probably still not be playoff-worthy. Yes, push the limits – like passing to open Hill instead of covered Kobe. But if your teammates can’t finish, don’t hustle, etc. , then it doesn’t look to me like actually freezing Kobe out would be a productive strategy. If one of those stars came to LA, even if they froze Kobe out, would it make a big enough difference towards top seed? Does this team really have enough to attract those talents? Maybe re-building with Lin is really their best option?

  120. 44%, 39%, 91% The 2 point FG is so low because he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place. I think he can meet the 3 point easiest. FT and 2 PT FG will be hardest.

    I don’t see him getting the 44% up past 50% based on how he’s used in the offense.

  121. My post in no way is meant to be a negative on JLin. It is more about what the coach needs to make happen and what Kobe needs to let happen.

  122. Thanks! The FT% and 3P% are very encouraging to see.
    I agree it’s a tall order to increase his FG% to 50%.

    It can be done if he gets solid screen from Davis or he gets comfortable with his midrange FG% again

  123. and Kobe gave more effort even when he’s getting older.
    That’s more admirable than being young and not try on defense for sure.

  124. Great stats, Wu Kong. Thank you so much!

  125. Why did I not think of that for Halloween?!!

  126. Let’s see who won the bragging rights in the Poll results for guessing JLin Stats last night

    The closest one is 16pts/4asts to match Lin’s 15pts/4asts
    And the winner is

    @detso was close to win it in the Pelican game with 12pts/6asts to match Lin’s 12pts/3asts.
    He promised to increase the number and he did match it (only off by 1pt)

    If I have extra time, I will compile the list to keep track of the winner of polls.
    I’ve been looking at plugins to do this automatically so we can have small prizes for fun but couldn’t find it yet.

  127. I wasn’t suggesting Lin freeze anyone out including Kobe. I was just mentioning I could see Westbrook and Love or any other younger all star players doing that to Kobe if Kobe tried to “mentor” them and act as if he was still top dog with them. They’d probably pull a Kobe on Kobe, say all the right things to the press about Kobe, but come game time, they’d treat Kobe like a 5th option at times and the other players would probably follow suit rather than stay loyal to Kobe especially where 2 or more guys could collude together. It’s just my personal opinion.

    I think we all know it’s close to impossible for Lin to play his own style of game unless he could convince every other player on the team not named Kobe to play team ball together. Even if Lin succeeded, and Kobe started getting frozen out and was limited to 13 point games shooting 8-12 times a game, the team would still implode and lose every game because just one guy sandbagging on the court would be enough.

    I think there are a handful of all stars who would come to LA if Lakers management guaranteed to them off record that Kobe would not be resigned after next season. Again, my opinion nothing more.

    It is also possible if LA strikes out on all options and Lin is option Z, that they resign Lin and promise to give him a greater role. But promises are empty and I don’t know Lin would sign up for another year of this if there is another decent team who plays basketball the way it should be played (ie Spurs).

  128. I feel like Mike has burned too many bridges and proven himself not to be a sure bet after the last 2 stints. In looking at all the teams, I don’t see anyone ready to hire Mike unless maybe Denver wants him again.

  129. He looks like Kevin Durant (appearance).

  130. one stat shocking – Wes Johnson scores well of Lin passes.

    As an aside, I really believe the coaches and players know what needs to happen. I don’t think that’s the problem actually. It’s all the other stuff.

  131. thanks so much for this nice thread…I appreciate the education. 😀

  132. Wes Johnson needs to be more involved in the offense.

  133. The only thing that scares me if this isn’t an intentional tank job/Kobe Beats MJ tour is that if the Lakers were actually trying to put out a winning product. Then I’d be really worried and concerned.

  134. too much Kobe…kills everyone else’s usage and opportunities.

  135. yea. he clearly want to win. no one has that type of drive its like mj during the end of his career. its just the way he want to win.

  136. I think he will. He is tru enough to know he does not get to pick the situations. Only things matter are his salary and the things he can control

  137. IF I am going to tank, I will try to get a few wins b4 I start to do weird things.

  138. At this rate, I would not be surprised if his 3FG %age is higher than his 2FG %age. LOL

  139. I said that last yr, and LAL fans chewed me out on tweeter and JLNET..

  140. BTW, off topic, Rose’ interview comments are really not good. He needs to learn from Lin….

  141. What did he say?

  142. Basically- he’s not willing to p*ss on the fire hydrant.

  143. true, he wasn’t flexible in LA at all

    I wonder if he’s going lobby Lin next year to make it into a package deal that he and JLin can recreate the Linsanity magic again.
    If I were him, Lin will be my (only) ticket to go back to NBA coaching again

  144. very true, even the way he walks is almost the same with KD

  145. “I’m thinking about long term. I’m thinking about after I’m done with basketball. Having graduations to go to, having meetings to go to, I don’t want to be in my meetings all sore or be at my son’s graduation all sore just because of something I did in the past. [I’m] just learning and being smart.”

    Basically means we should stop typing now in case we have to live with CTS later

  146. The problem is no team will build around Lin and Mike dies not have the power to do so either. And it is ok, because only a select few get the chance.

  147. wukong, this is a great stats to keep track on!

    It may convince LA media that:
    1. Kobe should pass the most to Lin with the highest efficiency% at 67%
    2. Lin should pass more to West who makes 70% 3FG.
    And Lin’s passes result in high FG% (53-60) except Kobe (40%) so Lin should pass less to Kobe 😀

    It’s a little hard to understand because there’s a lot of data but it’s really good decision-making tool


  148. We actually also need other data so we can justify this graph. For example, what is the FG% when Wes got a pass from Boozer?

  149. it might have to be a desperate team or even a tanking team like 76ers?

    I’m still leaning Lin’s LA future as the better choice due to the market and visibility. Everyone in LA media will analyze Lin’s potential well (vs Houston media)

  150. Exactly, if Lin goes to a team like 76ers, he will mostly likely just disappear……Not that he will not play for NBA at all, just ppl will always see him as a guy who is an ok backup, who can not go left, who can not shoot 3s..and who is very inconsistent. He needs the microphone…..

  151. the study in contrast could be Nash in Phoenix Suns.

    He was able to thrive in MDA’s system due to the eye-popping numbers 18pt/10a despite being in a smaller market. So Lin needs to find MDA whose system suits him best if he’s not going to be in LA.

    What do you think?

  152. it might be small in sample size ..
    so it needs a disclaimer, i.e. “minimum of 30 passes”

  153. It depends on your goal. If you think getting 18/10 is more important than getting rid of the notion of you can only succeed under MDA. Than…indeed that is a good scenario. If your goal is to be an all-star and eventually a champion. I think it is better to learn how to play under any situations.

  154. That too, but TBH….82 games is not exactly a large sample size anyway. LOL we can only work with what we have

  155. Nice! 2 wins in a row! I promise that I will gradually increase my expectation each game. After all, it’s a 82 games season. Just be patience 🙂

  156. Rose got a point about choosing a style that is more long-lasting (i.e. Nash’s style) but it just came out all wrong like he didn’t want to try hard. He simply needed to say things in positive tone that he has to adapt his playing style to be safer/smarter which will be good for him and the Bulls.

    Lin is the MVP in interview since he thinks too much like a GM already LOL

  157. LOL….seems like your predictions are correlated to Lin’s performance. You need to make bolder predictions.

  158. What he said is not wrong. The way he put it is very wrong.

  159. Sound like he’s been talking to Nash.

  160. Can’t they at least do some film sessions? #Tigerfanmode

  161. Finally some rest from over practicing.

  162. they already copy Spurs-championship mode .. rest a lot 😀

  163. yup .. Rose was never the best in speech and interview.
    Someone should teach him how to do a good PR

  164. *gasp* .. about retirement?

  165. That IQ reflect on his game too…to a degree….lol not dissing him. He is a great player.

  166. NP. Actually I have very good feeling about the upcoming Spurs game…Lin always looked comfortable playing against Spurs.

  167. Can you make a bolder prediction to see if it comes true? We need a moral boost. 😉

  168. the good quality is he’s relying on his athleticism, not thinking too much like Lin (at times) :]
    See, everyone has their own set of problems.. haha

  169. About how to stay healthy for retirement.

  170. Exactly….LOL

  171. also don’t forget to send me the lotto number, please 🙂

  172. Coaches should be doing that today.

  173. I think a team review is better than giving ipad to everyone and ask them to study by themselves. LOL

  174. Rose turned down a role on the Good Wife a few years back without any
    prior notice because he got cold feet about speaking on TV at the last
    minute and pissed off that entire crew of emmy award winners. He just no showed!

  175. They need to come up with a better team agenda.

  176. Oh wow, this is terrible……who is his agent and PR person?

  177. Haha possible!

    On some levels Lin seems to be intentionally playing for the 3 ball only and eliminating his own 2 point game in the mid range. It seems intentional on Lin’s part. He’s trying to establish something for himself or prove a point.

  178. They just need to cuff Kobe on a chair in the media room and leave for the remaining 80 games..

  179. I think it was simply because 3 pointer is the only shot he can take without defenders AND HIS TEAMMATES around him….

  180. hm, I just learned that he’s that nervous about public speaking.
    I read that he’s too shy about dancing but then someone found this Rose-doppelganger dance. (not sure if it’s him) But it will make you have a @GoodDayLA 😀

  181. Hmm that’s a good point. With Lin nothing is normal. Do you go for the most money or go for broken promises that may sound too good to be true?

    If Pop says, “Lin I’ll pay you 1.3 million a year which is all we have in cap space to take over Ginobili’s role” or if Lakers say “Lin you keep starting in LA next to Kobe till he’s 40 and we pay you 8 million per for 3 years!” I’m not sure what Lin would do.

    I guess going for the money is the safest bet since you cannot trust any of these people in the NBA, especially when it comes to Lin trying to protect himself.

  182. maybe they’ll be golfing buddies someday :] haha..

  183. OK!

    My first post here EVER.

    webattorney was the kick in my butt to come here. Now your forum is KHUANGed.

    Good to see you, my friends, all here. I have NOT been a lurker and this is the first time I’ve really examined your forum. GREAT JOB, moderators and members!

    I won’t leave the other forum yet, but I’m gonna try this site at the same time for a brief while. I need more actual data based analysis than I’ve been getting over there, especially as the really hardcore NBA analysts are all bunched up in here now.

    In any case, I’m BLISSFULLY SERENE over the way Lin’s playing. In light of the awful coaching and what I feel is race based freezouts, I love the way Lin is maximizing his opportunities and not sacrificing his efficiency or body to repair the damage caused by others.

    The only part of me that’s a bit wistful about Lin is that I’m alreasy missing his all out drive to win games no matter the cost. But in light of the awful Kobe Scott show, I understand Lin’s mentality and support it fully.

  184. Exactly. But I am not saying LA is a good place to stay tho. IDK, I do not think he knows either. LOL

  185. Welcome @KHuang

  186. Well then the risk is you cannot tank. Once the ball is rolling, management can only do so much. But if they tank from day 1, the team’s will shall quickly break and players will give up completely by game 20 ensuring a tank.

    It’s easier to do what 76er is doing and just tank from day 1. I feel Lakers are tanking all along too which is why Kobe is ball hogging in a bezerk manner.

  187. LOL…OK…. My prediction: 24 PTS on 8-15 shooting, 2-3 3PM, 6-6 FT, 7 AST, 3 REB, 2 STL, 1 BLK, , 4 TO

  188. I agree. He will just ride it out and decide after the season is over and reflect. This is probably the real answer at the moment.

  189. Since it’s a slow day and we’re talking about DRose not comfortable with public speech and dancing, here is a gem to brighten our day :p

    See Lin dougie at 00:24

  190. this place is a lot better than the other one because the traffic and junk posts are too much to bear over there.

  191. Wow Johnson is 71% from the 3 when JLin passes to him and JLin is 66.7% from 3 when Kobe passes out to him. That’s reaching shooting practice %. Confirms what we’ve all been saying Kobe and JLin should drive to draw the defense and pass out to the open 3. They are wide open, it’s just shooting practice at that point.

  192. That is a good point. Although I do not think they are tanking. I think this is more about KOBE and Scott wresting for the control

  193. Mrs. D is saying “Its ok J, we know, we know”

  194. Welcome. We have been waiting for you. 😉

  195. wow, nice to see KHuang’s visit! Also glad to see your continuous support to JLin.

  196. perhaps that too.

  197. yeah, remember Lin posted that he was iceing in a bathtub before the game against Grizzles? I was wondering what kind of practice right before a back to back game, that he will need to ice himself to recover?

    Sure enough, he looks really tired last night.

  198. They should sit Kobe for some games.

  199. Haha, just referenced you on one comment on last blog about our discussions on triangle. Good to read you again.

  200. Finally, the one and only one @KHuang appears :]
    Welcome! Hope you make yourself comfortable and don’t fight too much with @webattorney:disqus jk


  201. I saw that.

    The Lakers are TRYING to run the triangle with Bryant and Boozer and Lin, but Bryant’s inability to make proper cuts and court reads is messing that up!

    I have brought my merciless bashing pf bad basketball with me.

  202. He and I don’t fight anymore, and I’m not sure if we ever truly did fight about anything other than SEMANTICS.

    It was he who asked me to come here.

    Over time, we’ve learned to see the game from each other’s viewpoints. I’ve learned a lot from him and respect him very highly.

    Thanks for having me, psalm234.

  203. To be fair, I’d say most people, including myself have a fear of public speaking. It’s okay for stuff you know well about, but it’s still nerve racking.

    Everybody knows the joke about how people would rather be the stiff in the coffin than the guy having to give the eulogy…lol

  204. that’s very good to know :] I’m just kidding
    He told us that he invited you here so I thanked him already.
    Many have been requesting if you are here so many people want you to come

  205. We’re going to demand that you predict much higher numbers for LIN just so that they can come true. Wouldn’t that be great.

  206. I know all of that – I just wanted to acknowledge him the way he asked me to.

    I’m too belligerent NOT to fight with him every now and then!

  207. I’d think that’s just a way for Kobe to go back earlier so that he don’t need to run, a way to save his leg, and a way to get back in time to defense. He is not going to fight for the board anyway. Either it goes in or don’t go in, he will need to get back.

  208. There were Wes Lin Boozer version too. Even worse.

  209. We need to prepare a gift/price for @webattorney:disqus then….right? @psalm234:disqus

  210. yeah, nice data, however, numbers will change soon with couple more games, thus can’t draw much conclusion yet. Also, their numbers a bit strange and I still could not completely add them up yet. Say from Lin’s pass, there are certain FGA and certain FGM, somehow the FGM would be bigger numbers than Lin assist, thus it is not making sense to me yet.

  211. Exactly. Khuang and I had a discussion about how this Princeton hydrid triangle needs a good big to work. My feeling is that if either LIN and Kobe make the 3s a deadly attack of around 40-50%, the spacing can be equally effective this way.

    I’d like to hear what khuang has to say about this set and it’s likelihood of success.

  212. Zero…..#JK

  213. I’d think relatively, the attention both kobe and LIN gets inside is far greater than boozer or anyone else. So time wise, anyone on the 3 line would benefit from having that extra half second to settel and shoot. It’s scary how much time they give Hill to shoot that flat footed midrange shot.

  214. As a receiving/scoring end.

  215. Yes, he may have Ronnie Price :]

  216. I wondered about this too when I saw it, but your take on it makes sense.

  217. And Hill basically choked for the past 20 shots or so..LOL

  218. Good idea…..

  219. thanks for noting that, @TTNN. Yeah, let’s keep track on it . Since it’s NBA.stats, I expect it will carry some weight with LA Media/analyst to help influence their articles 😀

  220. haha.. they certainly will feel stiff :] but not sure about wanting to be in the coffin

  221. just like BScott originally planned

  222. The inability of Boozer and Bryant to score at the means that the triangle’s main efficacy has been negated.

    The whole point of the triangle is to station two players by the rim at all times, usually at the post on either side of the rim. If a guard like Lin penetrates low, the low post player is to clear out to allow that penetration.

    The problem is that the Lakers big men cannot establish those two inside post positions in a meaningful way. Even rotating Kobe down low doesn’t work because Kobe can’t score inside anymore.

    No matter what offense the Lakers run, there is a gigantic logjam of bodies clogging the midrange because the only Lakers that can score elsewhere are Lin and Davis.

  223. Yeah, that doesn’t mean the concept is inherently flawed. Systems and formation require people to execute.

  224. That’s super-efficient rate for sure!
    It’s proof that Lin has grown confident this season

  225. I look forward to your insight.

  226. What about AJ Price?

    After years of banging around the league, he’s finally settled in Indiana which was the team that drafted him in the first place.

    I’m happy for Price because he survived the dark days of the Pacers and has had only a marginal NBA career. So to see him do well, that makes me happy!

  227. ah, sorry to read this. I said it too on .net but nobody attacked me. Maybe I’m seen as a curmudgeon lol. On the point though, yes, an old boss once taught me … look to what that person wants and then you understand his behavior and how to inspire him.

  228. I think opponents are purposely leaving Hill open for that shot and using their big to protect the rim from Kobe and JLin because those shots at the rim are higher % shots than that Hill midrange shot also they are more likely to give up and “and 1” at the rim and get their bigs in foul trouble. Hills midrange shot is fools gold. Hill would be banned from that shot in Houston because it’s statistically inefficient. Yes people going to say Houston too stats driven but there is some truth to it, Houston just takes it a little too extreme.

  229. Exactly. they do have some cleaver sets imo. They just abandoned it entering regular season.

  230. low playoff 1 loser is fine by me. That’s almost or factually what Rox was, so if that happens, I’m so happy for Lin.

  231. I can explain, and I’m also not a 5-time NBA champ. koMe wants to have it his way. If he did not, he would play team ball and that means not walking your man toward the play but running to help on the rebound or get ready for D.

  232. It won’t work because Kobe is such a brickhead that he’ll never willing run any offense other than an outdated 80s style iso.

    Also, a Princeton hybrid triangle won’t work because the Princeton and triangle have OPPOSITE spacings. So running Princeton on one side and triangle on the other will result in opponents easily help defending the Lakers as the Lakers block their own passing and driving lanes.

    Scott should just abandon the notion of a read and react offense with Bryant and go with for a hard traditional iso system. Bryant wouldn’t do any kond of offense anyway.

  233. Hiya KHuang. This is where you’ll find me and we can be more connected in BBALL and also disagree more violently without fear that TROLLS will use that to diminish either of our arguments. I’ve been holding back on you because of that, ha ha …

    There you go, glad you are here.

  234. already good bball discussion that is illuminating. Great to see you and KHuang talk about stuff.

  235. with arrows pointing out mistakes, please.

  236. way too embarrassing to those whom we shall not name.

  237. add eye-openers and eye drops and it might work.

  238. well, bball is not NFL, but then again, look at McHale’s gait. He has a point, but really, he’s nowhere near that risk point and btw, if you are paid that much, you can afford a little pain later. The world is full of amateur athletes who do not wine and live their 50s and 60s with arthritis and knee pain. Get over it, DRose.

  239. I’m actually not familiar with AJ Price’s career.
    Wow he looks older than someone who’s only in the league for 6 seasons

  240. wow, a heavy price to pay for fear.

  241. I always think DRose’s moves are too aggressive for his joints.

  242. Ronnie Price suspended for one game.

  243. Maybe now we’ll see Lin play PG with the second unit. At least if Clarkson plays PG he still passes it to Lin when he’s playing SG. I don’t see Price passing to Lin much. JLin plays SAS well. Just give him the ball!!

  244. KHuang,

    Here is the Site Guideline to help you get familiar with the site and how we will handle real trolls.

    The #1 rule in the site is “Be Polite & Respectful”. We welcome different opinions but not personal attacks or insult, excessive negativity, calling names. So if you disagree with someone, the best ideal response is along the line of “I respectfully disagree”. Mods will give 2 warnings before banning someone who keep breaking the rules. If someone attacks you, do not retaliate but please bring to one of Mods attention, who will give the warning to the perpetrator.

    Here is the link to the Site Rule:

    Just let us know if you have questions. We’re still refining the detail of moderation so it will be a growth process.

  245. Priceless !

  246. Doc Scheppler thought the same in a proshot vids

  247. To be fair, I think Price does pass to Lin.

  248. this is really tricky to divide Lin’s time b/w starters and bench.
    Clarkson is still t0o inexperienced to lead the bench.

    Perhaps BScott will split Lin’s time more to be on the floor when Kobe rests.
    It’ll be very interesting indeed

  249. Great!, I like Clarckson. I hope to see Lin/Kobe/Clarckson three guard rotation.

  250. I’ll have to watch longer. I didn’t see it much last night when I was paying attention.

  251. so how low can you go??.. if injured stay out that will be only 9 in uniform right?

  252. yesteraday’s game, 4Q, Lin’s first touch of the ball after 1:30 min.

  253. do ya’ll think he was trying to hit the guy or just swat at the ball?? I don’t know enough about price except for the shoe throwing brain f*rt

  254. It’s good to be here when the wilderness is too much.

  255. He was way off of his position, and he is behind, with his height and elevation, there is no way he could touch the ball. Also, the swing of his arm, that’s not necessary, and very dangerous.

  256. Don’t think so. Not in my memory:-)

  257. we don’t have to guess NBA stats now has that tracked… 16 passes to JLin only led to 1 FGA from JLin

  258. I didn’t think it was intentional. Price just came down as he flung his arm. Bad timing imo. I thought that was why Lin was furiously talking w/the ref right after.

  259. actually, I think blocking shots (by a guard) is more indicative of athleticism.

  260. http://www.nba.com/playerfile/ronnie_price/ go here choose STATS in middle of page, the choose tracking/passes dashboard. then you can choose per game or totals

  261. looks like the pre-season prediction of 30 wins was too optimistic =(

  262. This Saturday, NOv 15th is the deadline for Price and Ellington’s partial guarantee. Then Jan 10th, his contract will be fully guaranteed.

  263. I agree. It wasn’t bad intention but he shouldn’t have done it.
    It was a desperation move to make good defensive plays since he has been exploited defensively by Holiday and Rivers repeatedly. Otherwise, the blow-by looked bad on Price. Not sure if he can foul the arm.

  264. knee….

  265. Welcome!

    Yes, Ron Artest would be a tremendous help to the Lakers! But not Metta World Peace or Panda Friend. =)

  266. good point, yes I remember the icy bathtub.

  267. very nice! where did you find the source of these stats? I couldn’t find at nba.com/stats

  268. Quick q: Is the stat from overall? How do you just look at last game only?

  269. Mike Trudell is thinking the same way to stagger Kobe and Lin in light of Price’s suspension.
    We might get to see more of Lin/Davis connection that’s been hidden

    Regarding the Ronnie Price suspension: expect extended minutes for Jeremy Lin, who may play a bit less with Kobe and more w/t 2nd unit. Byron Scott can stagger Lin and Kobe’s minutes slightly as Kobe can play de facto PG if he wants to, freeing Lin for more time w/subs


  270. LOL! post of the day

  271. it looked unintentional, unlike Kidd’s hair pull. Kidd had to reach for hair and close his fingers and pull Lin’s head back. Got away with it, unfortunately.

    On this one, it looked to me like a lower skilled player taking a wild swing at a guy’s upper body trying for the ball. If it was purposeful, I would think the impact would not be so sweeping, but more an impulse. jmo.

    On how good Lin is, now we know how much skill it takes to come back at a guy and block his shot from behind, like with DRose and I think Wall. Anymore more you can remember? That’s so skillful, to fly like that and get all ball. PFV talked about how that then puts everyone on notice – if you beat Jeremy, do not try for the layup because he’s still with you. Hence, a lot of blowby’s leading to passes because they hear JLin coming at them.

  272. you know they’re all playing Candy Crush instead of studying film

  273. It’s really sad that it’d take someone suspension for us to see more of Lin and Davis.

  274. “…especially as the really hardcore NBA analysts are all bunched up in here now.” YAY…great to have you checking in here!

  275. No questions from me whatsoever.

    Anybody can just look at your site and see that it’s CLEAN AND POLICED.

  276. it’s not a natural wilderness. It’s a kind of outdoors with drug needles and broken glass (trolls with many identities and generations of trolling). Like inner cities, it takes effort to clean up. For me it had been 2 years of avoiding the glass, needles, and sometimes trying to pick it up. It just got to be too much without city help. I still respect the city, though, and its mayors.

  277. Fire away, my friend!

  278. huzzah! I play lin on my fantasy team finally ! This week, last 2 games, it was smarter to cut his minutes because of the Road/Kobe action.

  279. My interpretation is that Price was trying to foul Rivers hard to prevent the easy layup. I think he was going for his shoulders, not his head on purpose. But it was clear that Price was not going for the ball, so that’s why he was given a flagrant 2.

  280. I got nuttin’

  281. Not just ice on a limb or joint, but SITTING in ice! Horrifying…I think that would give me heart failure. Obviously it was needed…sending deepest wishes for his young body to diligently keep itself in good repair.

  282. Those chasedown blocks that Lin routinely does are something that I have never seen a guard consistently do in the NBA until I started watching Lin.

    Only the most athletically elite guards can pull that off, and most of them don’t have Lin’s court sense and timing.

    Jeremy Lin is the best shotblocking guard I’ve ever seen in the NBA, especially when it comes to consistently challenging people.

  283. When I went to that website I see no passes to JLin for the last game:


  284. I’m still at the other site.

    There’s great analysis there too.

    The fanbase there is actually more rabid about Lin than it is here, and so they are more passionate in their pleas for Lin to raise his game.

  285. Only time I saw Lin play like Lin was last night in garbage time when Kobe sat and Price got ejected. Several more minutes of that and they might have caught up. Ya maybe NOP let up but Lakers were scoring and catching up at a rapid rate but before Price got ejected not.

  286. I can remember at least 2. So..you might set the criteria wrong?

  287. I am not talking about asts tho. Just simply passes. 16 passes seems ok

  288. Belligerent….lol. The CAPITAL letters of enthusiasm and combativeness have arrived. 🙂

  289. I like Lin/Clarkson back court, those two works nicely together. Especially Clarkson has way better 3P than Price. Price is useless together with Lin, as he could not shoot, wasted Lin’s pass, and he is horrible in organize offense, but he still want to do it.

  290. I though it will be more tho…They can be a 500 team if they tried. But after seeing how Kobe operates. I am not sure anymore

  291. Doesn’t that chart say 2 passes to Lin? And that’s per game because some numbers have decimal points so must be average per game. If you set it to “last game” and “totals” Lin’s name isn’t listed at all. Meaning he didn’t pass to Lin at all the last game which confirms what I saw.

  292. Just leave the bench with Boozer, problem solved.

  293. Actually, it’s pretty common in NBA, not a big deal. It’s supposed to help muscle recovery and reduce inflammation. (As opposed to because his entire body is severe pain).

    Other teams, like Phoenix, even use cryotherapy, where players get chilled by -275F air. I think I’ve seen a picture of Lin doing cryotherapy before too.

  294. I don’t think anyone realized how bad the Lakers defense would be. That’s the real diff.

  295. True, Lin also got the perfect athletic teammates with Xavier Henry and Clarkson. Combined with Ed Davis, they’ll be able to run and gun to score easy points. Let’s hope so!

  296. Please observe rule of no name calling on Kobe.

  297. Lin plays well against SAS. He knows them because they play the same way he does. It will be a contrast when they start out with the Kobe lead iso-ball, then Lin takes over without Kobe with the bench and starts tearing them up.

  298. If so not really good news… that means maybe in the future, Lin maybe will move to bench just like what he & Harden had the same problem then… smh! History repeat again.

  299. I am all for Lin starting. But it is ok. vastly different from HOU IMO

  300. I love Clarkson’s game.

    He’s just a rookie, but he attacks the right way. I’m even pleased that he doesn’t defer to Lin.

    My ideal for Lin is to have an entire squad of confident attacking jumping jacks like Clarkson playing a bit hoggy but making plays and winning games. I like it when Lin’s got all 5 guys attacking.

  301. for that almost 3 min, that group hold Pelicans scoreless, that was a 11-0 run to finish the game. Best defensive stretch last night.

  302. Very true.

  303. Lin’s D was great last night. Besides a few mistakes.

  304. Wow, Doc is copying me ha ha. I was so scared for him, the way he was cutting, jumping, and moving with his body opposed to his knees.

    Lin seems to use his knees like judo, going with the energy.

  305. I noticed Price always left his assignment and wonders out, totally don’t understand in what sense he was considered a defensive player.

  306. I think Lin limited Parker well. That really hurt Spurs.

  307. Weird. Maybe it was not Lin?………I still remember when I saw those, I was like…M….Lin got passes from Price. Not bad…oh well

  308. No.. if so Lakers will not sign him next summer. Lin needs to be able to play next to Kobe otherwise he can’t survive in Lakers. Young will be back to next week. So is that really better for Lin. smh! He needs to play like vs Cha… not the past 2 games. Non factor.

  309. I really don see many things wrong with Lin after the PHX game. He was aggressive, shots comes and go…just like any other NBA player.

  310. BTW, how long Price will be out? Only one game I guess.

  311. Yes

  312. I disagree, JLinfan. It’s not like making fun of Morey’s name or McHale’s. I’ve never mocked their names. KoME is shorthand for Kobe’s style of play and not an attack on him. You will notice I use Kobe a lot, and only use KoMe to describe when he cannot see anything but his own shots.

  313. Like… Linsanity

  314. Does anyone make highlight videos this year that include Lin’s non-box score good plays? Like passes that should have been assists, but either the player was fouled, missed the shot, or dropped the pass. Hockey assist (a pass that led to an assist). Or helping to create a steal/turnover.

    Last year, wilsc made these great videos, but I haven’t seen any from them this year. Anyone else?

  315. Ok, as you like. To me, I decided not to spend my time with people who’s psyches depend on JLin’s alpha behavior or not. JLin is JLin, and to be with people who seek to have him be a version of THE ASIAN BALLER in their lives – well, it distracts from the truthful journey with JLin. jmo, glad you are here.

  316. I don’t really think he played bad but not good either. Just OK. He is sort of like #2 guy in the team so he needs to show more than that…

  317. I didn’t know how to phrase this sentiment…glad you nailed it. Wholeheartedly agree.

  318. I’m glad to read this and also having heard it from PFV’s vid. For me it is rare, but I didn’t follow bball all these years because of the half court game. PFV’s point was Lin’s effect on D is so consistent and it’s not just the blowby part. I liked that idea, as it speaks to the game flow, space and time. So, with Lin, even if you beat him, you don’t have time or space to score like with others. Yet, people only see the initial move, not the whole.

    I still love the Rambis Man era, and what he meant to me inside banging away. That was cool.

  319. I’ve seen Klay Thompson come from behind and block ball on layups — so many times. Elite players can do this!

  320. we need wilsc here. I used to see him on reddit, I think. I haven’t been to reddit since this site came up.

  321. You’re going to be real bored here by not having to battle trolls. Welcome to the forum!

  322. Price should be 3rd string PG behind Lin and Clarkson.

  323. Unless kobe stops demanding the ball, I’m not for letting Lin run the younger and agile second unit, and complement Kobe when he really needs PG help

  324. Making Novak, Shump, Fields into global stars! In HOU, I thnk only Asik was wise enough to work with Lin consistently. The culture was against Lin-ball. Look at the Twin Towers in Charlotte now, I loved seeing them last night. And, I loved how Lin solved that math problem and SMOKED HIS OWN PROTEGE and the lauded AD for the wrap to Hill. Glory …

  325. I always preferred to see all plays of Lin, both good and bad plays, so I can see where he did well and where he screwed up.

  326. I don’t think Lin will be able to do the same against the Spurs this year because the Lakers have no interior defense. One screen on Lin and Parker will be in layup city.

  327. Problem is Clarkson’s defense.

  328. @chapterhss:disqus is here but he said he’s too swamped this year to be able to make highlights.

  329. Thanks for that link….I can appreciate cryotherapy now. And players who wouldn’t sit in ice water now seek to use cryotherapy so it seems to be a big improvement.

  330. Kobe has to sit some time. Now with Price out Lin can be THE PG with the second unit.

  331. Finally, the Great KHuang has come here to defend me, as he says. Ha, ha. I noticed Clarkson copies Lin on that baseline drive and then circling for a lay-up.

  332. You’re right, KT is amazing. HIs wingspan and D were more his mainstay, but something happened this year and his scoring has exploded. I don’t really want to give it to Kerr, yet.

  333. Yeah, that was funny Lakers were catching them in garbage time with Lin leading the team.

  334. yes, only 1 game

  335. I feel the same like you. Lin used to play well vs GSW, Portland, & Spurs but not w this Lakers team. Even I do wish he can do the same tomorrow then. Still hope bc Lin played well in home game.

  336. that was so much fun too watch.
    Pelicans looked like slow-motion. That’s how Lakers should play to get easy points. Athletic defense and fastbreaks.. man, I’m dreaming too early :]

  337. you must have meant Twin Towers in “NO”

  338. KHuang loves to battle with people; I think he will get bored here. Now, if we can get Solidz guy here.

  339. I was kind with “wilderness”. It’s more of the jungle. Unfortunately, it’s the sad truth of the world we live in. We don’t live in glass houses. Once in a while we do need to go outside.

  340. so, you know, I think we can share this activity. Sort of have it be the JLPortal branding too. If you know how these people are doing highlights, from source to editing, I’d be willing to do a few games this season. I don’t have cable and DVR, so I don’t know how these mashups are made. Also, I’m pretty sure it’s legal to do mashups now, as the law was clarified about 2.5 years ago.

  341. not in this case, I think. I took it to mean that staggering a bit only means 50% overlap since they’ll close out game together.

    Besides, if Lin leads the 2nd unit, he should be the PG most of the time, not Price like we’ve seen last night. I don’t know what BS is trying too do TBH

  342. I’m surprised that the league gave Price an additional suspension.

    But it’s fine with me as long as they make that consistent. I don’t like players hard fouling on purpose to prevent an easy basket. This type of enforcement would only benefit Lin’s game.

  343. I guess that depends on your #1 guy a lot. 😛

  344. Nah, I can CREATE battles here!

    I am doing so right now with you!

  345. Have Solid came back?

  346. Not sure Price defense is really that good either and he has no offense. If you look at the NBA defensive dashboard, look at the last column Net Def%. It shows overall the person he’s defending is scoring 15.8% better than their average. Clarkson is -0.6% so they score just slightly worse than average. Lin is 1.5%

    Price Defensive Dashboard:

    Clarkson Defensive Dashboard

    Lin Defensive Dashboard

    Lin’s weakness is at 3 pointers, greater than 15 ft, probably off helping too much The rest of the net def% are all well in the minus numbers.

  347. that’ll be cool. JLinNation has been doing it consistently with CSN interviews, clips but not highlights.
    It’d have to be someone who knows how to do it well and quickly. Time is certainly the issue here.

  348. I’m in full agreement.

    I’m not passionate enough about Lin to really fit in there!

  349. Was it so harsh because it was Doc Rivers son?

  350. very true, PFV also commented in his long video that Holiday tried to get Lin off his game. Plus guys get tired getting Lin to drive past them so they will think twice before doing anything foolish. Offensive players need to be protected

  351. I just remember the Rockets game where Clarkson came into the game, and Beverley immediately broke Clarkson’s ankles with a crossover as if he were Iverson or Irving. Clarkson was so off balance, it was embarrassing. And Beverley isn’t known for his crossover.

  352. good point, I didn’t even think of that

  353. LOL It’s all in your mind:-) You want to see what you wish to see:-)

  354. It was because of the national team experience

  355. I believe he’s Solidz, LionHo and Metalogic, all of them. He has toned down great deal after he got banned from all sites.

  356. squeak

  357. Very interesting idea. I have an idea how to crowdsource it. After I write it up, I will post it over at JLAF forum because it will be a little long for Disqus comment, and also if I post it here, no one will see it after the Spurs pregame thread is created. I’ll post a link here.

  358. hey I’m glad, see my answer to psalm and you under psalm’s reply.

  359. It’s true. Somehow I got the feeling Kobe was not happy the only won he didn’t be the guy who got all the credit… after that he tried to ISO so much to win the game all by himself…

  360. They were down 18 points at that time and brought it back to 7 points. It would have been a 3 point game if Clarkson and Henry made their freethrows.

  361. I’m just copying and pasting the rule and specifically says so here:


    7. No name calling. (Example: “McFail, KoME”)

  362. Mike Conley just the last Grizzlies game.

  363. Great …

    some further jazz riffs form yours and real’s reply:

    1. yeah, give us a spec. Like try to get all the great D plays. (maybe in a different section). Maybe a section on D, hockey assists, uncalled fouls, etc.

    2. I wouldn’t worry about timeliness. Just a spec, and whomever takes a game can spend whenever to do it so at end of season and summer, this place has a resource that folks like .net, wukong, etc can link to. The key is to be exhaustive, not timely, because we want all the great plays noted, stats or not.

    3. other ideas you can come up with. I could if assigned a game and a cookbook how to do it spend spare time for up to 2 weeks for a game, but then we need a lot of people to do to right. maybe prodding by you or mods to get it in within say 2 weeks. dunno.

  364. and bledsoe.

  365. In fact, w Kobe played such long min I really doubt he will off court for how long? 2 min? LOL! Kobe is in crazy ISO mode now.. Just crazy.

  366. thanks!

  367. whew, not Kerr!

  368. Good article to contrast Kobe and Duncan style.
    One embodies SELF and the other embodies TEAM while each has 5 rings.
    And Kobe laments the fact that Timmy D is closer to the 6th one than him.


  369. d’oh, you are right. I’ll leave it up for my own embarrassment lol.

  370. I know Lin got hit so many times why no one got suspension?! Weird.

  371. The Fundamental.

  372. That’s what I thought… I didn’t see anyone got such big deal from doing this before…

  373. Reaally? Very interesting, a la Hogan’s Heroes.

  374. I know you might be joking, but ahh…no. we don’t want to see all that here again. It’s all enough.

  375. That’s why I said he would play 48 minutes every game from now on until/unless his body let him down.

  376. ABJ still is applicable to all NBA.

  377. Very likely he will tomorrow bc it’s home game.. He is really too hype sometimes.. I hope he is not on drug or what… LOL!

    Scott is really unbelievable bc Kobe 10 years old than Lin but played more min than Lin?!

  378. what’s ABJ?

  379. I will fricking sue you! I wish I can sue Kobe for taking too many shots for his crime against Linsanity.

  380. I am glad I didn’t follow Lakers because watching Lakers is like watching Kobe play one-on-one. No wonder he’s so good in one-on-one; he had enough practice. NBA should have one-on-one tournament; that would be fun.

  381. I really think Lakers should cut him. I think there was a guy who was almost signed by Pacer, but didn’t got it due to visa issue, that guys’ much better than Price. (I forgot his name, he was a back up PG in DAL, a good friend of Omri Casspi.)

  382. Not like Price is that much better than Clarkson.

  383. I know .. But we just got to chuckle about it, and let Kobe rack up some losses until he comes to his sense. He can do it. He averaged 6asts in the past 2 seasons before getting hurt.

    He’s just too happy being Superman mode out there after the injury.

  384. anyone but Jeremy?

  385. Well this is the hard fact for JLin to play in Lakers. Sad but it’s reality. JLin’s #2 in Lakers is just a lip service/joke to me. Action speaks louder than words. Don’t see that in games thus far. My joy of seeing JLin to play in Lakers goes down every game. Having said that JLin will overcome this major hurdle and become an even more complete player as a result of it. Saw a glimpse of it in the last few minutes when Kobe/BS gave up on it. Glad that he stayed in because of no Price. He could just play his “frustration” out for dunking the ball in the last few seconds of the game with an obvious another teammate could do the job perfect. Initially I wondered why but then I believe he just wants to make a point. Glad that he did it.

  386. Well, that’s a rookie’s first NBA real game, I’m pretty sure he will get use to it very soon.

  387. all good ideas but I’m not the video expert :>
    remember don’t overstretch yourself haha..

    IMO We got to maximize our effort to produce something as impactful as “Harden’s Defensive Juggernaut” videos (1.5M views now) but in the positive way for JLin. Let’s say to support his All-Star candidacy

  388. oh, ok, I will not use it. Then I appeal to the specific rule. This is not calling Kobe a name. It is to describe him and his mode. It is a fact he does that, and it is a long series of words to refer to that every post. Please consider this ‘rule’ and change it for the KoME shorthand.

  389. Yes. The rule always applies to Anyone but JLin in responding to @CJSHYY.

  390. Lakers big (other than Ed Davis) were all pretty good in setting a screen to block Lin, couple of time I could see Lin drive in, and got blocked by a Laker big, don’t they know to let a way for Lin instead of run up to him?

  391. Playing the devil’s advocate here. Price missing next game may not lead to additional PT for Lin, staggering with Kobe, or pairing with Davis. BS may simply sub-in Clarkson with the exact same rotation. Yes, he seems THAT dense to me, and I hope he proves me wrong.

  392. LOL You can make an appeal to @psalm234:disqus and mods for this.

  393. ok, maybe just let the idea percolate.

  394. ok, will do but maybe it’s too confusing to have exceptions. Just saying, there is a difference but yeah, there should be consistent rules. Blah … Kobe ISO mode … so many words to type EVERY game ha ha.

  395. Even that would be an improvement. At least when JLin and Clarkson play togeter JLin is the PG, or Clarkson if playing PG will pass to JLin. When Price playing PG he doesn’t pass to JLin and the Lakers most efficient scorer is just standing there.

  396. I really think that German doctor it’s such a magic to Kobe & Henry.. before Kobe went to Germany, saw him played in China sure not like now at all…?! He is too high to me sometimes..

  397. Agree to your “sentiment” on BS. He is just not “a fan of JLin in action but loves Price and ABJ. He won’t let JLin shine for whatever agenda he has. I continue to hold this perspective unless I see his action says otherwise.

  398. Haha! I agree.

  399. It felt like just yesterday when Lin had 38pts against the Spurs in Dec 2012.
    It will be a while before Lin can have a good supporting cast to run his own team but it will come one day :]

    Jeremy Lin had 38 points , 7 assists , 3 rebounds , 2 steals and 2 blocks.

  400. playing with stats again:

    @JLin7 Kobe saying he'll not take those bailout shots and just swing it. Might be a good idea http://t.co/7jXa3w5kCn pic.twitter.com/kv7zipdYVd— JLinArticles&Facts (@JLArticlesFacts) November 14, 2014

  401. It makes whole lot of sense if I just apply this ABJ. Otherwise, it makes no sense and seems all weird and illogical the more I watched JLin games.

  402. Agreed. My comment was not a shot at Clarkson, but rather a response to Mike Trudell’s tweet about Lin staggering time with Kobe. I believe Clarkson should be given PT to build up experience and confidence, as he has room for growth while it’s obvious that Price has already peaked.

  403. LOL I know. It will be more family friendly:-) That’s why I use Kobe is Kobe or just Kobe mode to avoid any name calling:-)

  404. It certainly is so weird how BScott is so fascinated by Price.
    I remember how BS said Lin is a triple-threat but then one day Price is the best defensive PG every.

    IMO Something smells fishy in the “fish-tank”

  405. Such a feat yet buried by Houston media. Had Lin achieved the same while a Laker, LA media would’ve spun it as if Lin was the new Nash.

  406. hm, maybe Lin should visit that German doctor

  407. Tomorrow will be interesting without Price but I’m not holding my breath. I’m going to the game. Would like to see some lin/davis pnr.

  408. One of the most impressive chasedown blocks I’ve seen from Lin is the one where he fell on the ground shooting a 3, Trey Burke gets the rebound and runs by Jeremy as he’s getting up off the floor, Lin chases down Burke and gets the block at the other end! Talk about recovery and never giving up.

    That’s why I can never understand how critics can question his heart and hustle.

  409. NBA.com’s defensive dashboard respectfully disagrees with BS. 🙂

  410. LOL Good old day. My wish for JLin will surpass his pts per game record and is able to watch “Linsanity in Lakers” seem going down to the drain lately. Oh well, still have another 74 games to go. Maybe maybe I will see it once this year:-) Do I have a chance to see it???? Give me some dream:-)

  411. yeah, the Harden politic was frustrating. No credit to Lin but all blame.
    At least Lin is still getting praise and not blamed in LA. We’re just waiting for Kobe to come to his senses.

  412. Tony Parker.

  413. Clarkson is younger, taller, faster and more athletic than Price. I’d pick Clarkson over Price any day. Price missing is more of a plus.

  414. We’ll wait for the 1st game when Kobe rests before the All-Star :]
    There’s hope! 😀

  415. BUT BS is just too “blind” to see it. Maybe it has already made into salty fish to use @psalm234:disqus fish analogy:-)

  416. I like your “dream.”

  417. Tks! Better than nothing:-)

  418. This is what I saw yesterday and why Davis should replace Boozer. JLin passed to Boozer 12 times, of which he made 6 attempts and scored only 1 basket. FG% 16.7. It’s just wasted effort, wasted possession for JLin to pass to Boozer. And they don’t get offensive rebounds either. It’s pass to Boozer, he misses it, no rebound they go back the other way.


  419. The brief glimmer of Linsanity vs 76rs and Raptors was quickly swatted down by M&M, it was more disgusting than frustrating to see such a corrupt FO.

  420. Have fun:-) Please give us some juice besides what we see in streaming/TV.

  421. I’d go with “stinky anchovy”. LOL

  422. The guy’s name is Gal Mekel. He’s Israeli. He went to college in the States then played in Europe from 2008 until 2013. He joined Dallas last season.

  423. The last Clippers game that you went was Lin-sational!
    I have hope you’ll enjoy another great game …
    Good for Lin and Good for our “Lin-Sanity”!

    And oh yeah, .. 3page report request from @brentyen:disqus :p

  424. Legendary Lakers‏@goldlakerss
    Belinelli, Mills and Splitter are listed as out for Friday night’s game against the Lakers. The beating should be a lot less on Friday.


  425. wow, Kobe’s usage% (38.5%) is almost higher than his FG% (38.8) ! O_O

    for comparison, the highest usg% last year was Westbrook with 34% and Durant with 33%.

    Note: these usg% come from RealGM and basketball-reference, which differ slightly from nba.com

  426. “I have a dreaaaam … that someday we’ll be Linsanely happy!” lol

  427. For the sake of being 100% impartial, Kobe’s shots were tougher as the opponents KNOW that he won’t pass, so they often triple team him. YES, Kobe brings the lower FG% forced shots upon himself, but just thought I’d point that out.

  428. very true, but he doesn’t get a pass for self-inflicted “poor” shot 😀

  429. Lakers’ “plays of the week.” Lin prominent in two of them:


  430. That’s the whole problem. Kobe should draw the defense and pass to Lin for a wide open 3. Lin’s 3 pt shooting % is the highest on the team. Much better than taking a contested double or triple teamed circus shot 2. They must be seeing that when they study film. Somebody got to rein in Kobe, it’s not about being aggressive.

  431. Gal Mekel

  432. Not by any means! If anything he should get detention after school and write “I will pass to an open teammate” a hundred times. 🙂

  433. I wish Duncan, Ginobili were resting in Friday’s game instead of their past game vs. Houston.

  434. Thanks. Of course I can’t forget the report!

  435. I will try.

  436. They used to have it in the 70s.

    I saw old footage of a video in which Bob Lanier beat Sam Jones.

  437. Agree completely. In fact, the idea is illustrated PERFECTLY by that last minute pass to Lin for a three in the CHA game. Don’t know why Kobe reverted after that, one could only imagine that he’s none too happy with Lin stealing his thunder. (Both scored 21pts yet most media spun Lin as best player in the game)

  438. LOL Always can dream big:-)

  439. Good enough for me:-)

  440. Yah…I’m not so sure he’s “fascinated” by Price, nor for that matter that McHale really thinks PBev is the greatest. I think these are very political decisions around stars, and in LA’s case possibly about tanking as well.

    In my mind an equal factor that makes these coaches such willing FO tools is the “tall poppy syndrome” in which their instinctive hostility to the threatening fame of a rank newcomer (undrafted, Harvard…what? Horrors!) colors their responses. Lin burst on the world scene in such an unprecedented way that many people couldn’t help themselves wanting to cut him off at the knees. His suffering in Houston has made many happy enough with those “dues” that the ‘fluke’ slander is dying down…but I think some of the older coaches and GM’s have more rigid old-school biases that are harder for them to let go of. They want to be on top. No shiny outlier kids on their block.

  441. Hv fun n enjoy the gm! Shout out loud for us n observe closely more ”behind the scene”… 🙂

  442. Yes, that’s a problem. Lin passes to Boozer who is posting up for long twos or mid range, leaving no big for the rebound. Don’t like that at all.

  443. Dump questions: May I know when Kobe’s contract will expire? And is it any unlikely for him to resign another 2 yrs?

  444. His k goes to 2015-15 I think?

  445. LOL. Thanks! Well, wonder about JLin’s “future” in Lakers/NBA:-)

  446. He will get 25M next yr.

  447. The Price situation is different from that of Bev in that Price had previously played for BS, so it was more of a case of cronyism.

  448. so I looked at the data… ( yes I am bored right now) 😉

    so there is data for close shots and fg% kobe and Lin this year so far : refresh to see chart

  449. Just 25m???? He is worth much more than that!

  450. kobe and lin comparing Kobe this year to Lin last year so we have a good data set for how JLin performs in tight defender situations data does not tell me if there are 3 guys or one guy or an entire team just distance of closest defender:

  451. I put the fgm/fga on the chart as well…again I would say Kobe needs to swing it sometimes to someone else and jLin is a good option.

  452. that usg% is too high. it is absurd.

  453. Yup, he did it with Rox. Check the vid in the link below towards the end at 4:54. Interesting how he mentions he’s all about keeping up the energy in his legs earlier in the video.


  454. sophie original painting? wow

  455. It’s great to see so many new posters (many familiar names). Welcome to this forum! We welcome diverse comments as long as they are respectful and don’t antagonize or insult others. If you do see any violations, don’t reply to them, simply Flag the comment and the mods will quickly deal with it.

    Please do read the forum rules: http://www.jlinportal.com/website-rules-must-read/

    FYI for old timers, there was a minor update to the rules page:
    Added text to Rule #4: “Do not antagonize or bait other users”.
    Added examples to Rules 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

  456. After Price and Kobe left the game against the Pelicans, the Lakers went on an 11-0 run led by Lin-Davis-Clarkson. If they could have had even a fraction of that spark for most of the game the Lakers would have fared much better.

  457. I think that is the maximum a team can offer to a vet

  458. Yeah, they did that in the last 3 mins of the game. The first 5 pts were against NO starters, the last 6 pts were against NO bench.

  459. cool, thanks for finding the link to the video. I knew I saw it before.

    I wonder why Lin did old fashioned ice bath vs cryotherapy? do the Lakers not have a cryo machine?

  460. You definitely hit the nail in the head with the underlying current of NBA politics. I’ll elaborate in a new post.

  461. Just checked the other site, I see Voltaire got the first son….. I’m expecting the 2nd, the 3rd…..and then the grandson 1st, 2nd……what a big family! lol

  462. @lajane:disqus brought up an important issue about the importance of NBA politics to protect the self-interest of individuals by not always choosing the best players to win now (i.e. HOU choosing Bev over Lin not to take the shine off Harden, BScott suddenly and irrationally was enamored with Ronnie Price after praising Lin’s triple-threat ability)

    I’m sure Kupchak, Kobe and BScott face with the dilemma or “Winning BIG later without getting too Linsane now in pursuing future rings”:

    1. How can the Lakers back to championship contention quickly? Tanking to get high draft-picks? Entice FAs to come to LA by maintaining salary cap flexibility?
    2. How can the Lakers maximize Kobe’s popularity in the last 2 years w/ the lack of talent around him?
    3. How can Jeremy Lin help Kobe w/o taking the “shine” off Kobe? How can the Lakers win in making money, get high draft-picks and get high-profie FAs to come next year (KLove, KD, etc.)?

    I’m sure these questions are in the minds of GM, VPs, coaching staff direction to be “strategic” in the next 2-3 years.

    I don’t know if tanking is an intentional decision but for Lin to play “second-fiddle” not to outshine Kobe is definitely a big factor to consider. Lin’s huge popularity and ability to take over as a playmaker might be a blessing or obstacle to the Lakers/Kobe’s short-term goals.

    As fans, I guess we just have to be aware of these underlying business and agendas.

    Considering LA Lakers as a business, I’m definitely thinking the real dilemma is “How to market Jeremy Lin as the Laker future to win later without endangering the Lakers present by winning now?”

  463. Just let them go and grow….we are happy here don worry about it

  464. I’ll create a new post about this since I think people will discuss this issue of “Lakers: Winning Now with Kobe+Jeremy Lin or Later” throughout the season

  465. Hey guys, I work with a lot of old time Laker fans and they want Kobe gone. Most of them feel that they could have won the Memphis game if kobe was not bricking. These fans have followed the Lakers for many years and they are tired of kobe’s antics. They don’t care if the Lakers don’t make the playoff, they like the the young players they picked up and they just want to see then play without kobe.

  466. So basically they want LAL to rebuild

  467. Not going there often, but it’s really funny that his obsession is strong with assertiveness and aggressiveness.

  468. Yep, they do. They are ready for it. They just want the lakers to start over.

  469. “if kobe was not bricking”

    meaning if Kobe had made his shots? or not taken the shots?

  470. thats very interesting. would be cool to see all the young guy minus boozer as well. but it is what it is

  471. derrick rose leaves game in 4th quarter after a non contact fall:


  472. kobe clearly has the talent to be more efficient then he currently is

  473. He’s more injury prone than Grant Hill. smh

  474. Did they say they want Lin…?!

  475. NMost od them are just tired of kobe, and they are of the belief that mo superstar player will sign while kobe is still on the team. The people I work with have been Laker fans for more than 20+ years. They just want to get back to the business of winning, and if that is rebuilding then are on board.

  476. ankle?

  477. Ya! Saw what he say… smh!

  478. joyce, do some of them think Lakers should tank now to get high draft-picks?
    Just wondering if most Laker fans want to win now or later.

  479. The majority of them like lin,they know that he is a pass PG first. Many think that if lin led the offense, they the Lakers could get back to Showtime Lakers. They have liked what they have seen of lin so far, but they want to see more of him playing without kobe. They also think that Scott is just a yes man to kobe…LOL

  480. ouch, it looked like he landed funny on the right foot when driving to the rim

  481. idk why coach is so keen on boozer starting. but then again Davis was there with lin in the fourth and that pnr was terrible. boozer was also there for the beginning of the run in the late fourth

  482. I totally agree on Scott. But he just signed 3 or 4 years deal, right? Lakers will not fired him. Plus he is good friend of Magic… smh!

  483. 5 years i think

  484. They don’t want to tank, they just want to have fun watching the Lakers play. As bad as Dantoni was, but they liked how they played because it was fun watching them play. You have to understand, many of these die hard llaker fans are fans for life.. They take pride in the purple and gold and they know that Lakers have championship genes and that is their expectation.

  485. What? 5 years? OMG, that’s too long… smh!

  486. rose is done.he will never be what he used to be ever again

  487. I thought Scott got a two year contract.

  488. yea it would be easier to wait out kobe. honestly i don’t think lin is going anywhere. the only issue is if the sign a pg or draft one. lin has to get his ppt to atleast 16 ppg or more preferably 17

  489. Actually, i did research and it was a 4 year deal

  490. I agree. He reminds me of Brandon Roy

  491. Blaiyan has finally uploaded the highlights from Memphis game.

  492. thats sad. he was so amazing. i remember when lin first faced him during insanity. i was terrified lol. lin did well if i remember correctly

  493. i was wrong still think he will unlikely get fired because he didn’t choose the players. he is a figure head. but i think its jim buss

  494. Believe so.

  495. Here is my take on Kobe: Kobe knows that he is own borrowed time with his new mechanically engineered Achilles heel. I would not doubt that when hie visited the doctor that repaired his Achilles gave him a timeline about his prognosis. I love kobe, but he is on a mission even at the cost of the team to beat MJ points..jmo

  496. They might not. The only thing I could find in a quick search is an article all the way back in 2011 where the Lakers visited a facility in Sacramento.


    It will possibly be put in the new training facility they’re building in El Segundo, but that’s just a guess.

  497. He is 12.8 now if he can put up few more good games he can up to 17 or even more…

  498. I really don’t like Tony Allen’s foul. It had ill intention.

  499. You know, i was just thinking. (oh that’s bad..LOL). The reason that Scott is pushing Scott so hard is because Mitch wants to sign another PG that would benefit the bench more. What say you?

  500. unfortunately that’s true.
    the body just couldn’t hold up to the rigor that DRose put it through.

  501. Poor kid, so injury prone.

  502. Scott is pushing Scott….or Price?

  503. Watched closely and it looks like he slipped a bit on his left foot first, which cause the right foot to land funny and perhaps sprained the ankle.

  504. But I really think Lakers don’t need PG as Kobe will do it all.

  505. that’s good to hear. They would truly get a treat if BScott ever lets loose of JLin to run the offense with the young guys. Fast-breaks and 3-ball :]

  506. sprain ankle would the best scenario, I think based on his history

  507. Definitely, but his tunnel vision is his own worst enemy. Kobe attracting up to three defenders means one or two open teammates, but he just won’t pass. (Except in the Hornets game, which they won)

  508. i think scott is pushing price and mitch ain’t buying it. i think the reason they picked scott was because they thought he would be able to control kobe and it’s not working. so mitch finds himself in a dilemma. what will he do?LOL

  509. This is good confirmation. Nice to read how the old time Laker fans feel about this entire situation. Seeing the Staples crowd erupt after Lin shot the 3 in CP face and also the game which they won. When Lin shot the corner 3, I could see the crowd standing willing that shot 2 go in & cheering afterwards (reminded me of MSG). Seems the crowd is behind Lin, at least what I saw on tv & that Linning sign appearing.

  510. I think Scott hands are tied because kobe wants to do what he wants to do. I think someone posted before and I totally agree that Scott wanted Lin with the second unit to help develop Randle and to use the run and gun unit to win the games in the 4 quarter, when kobe had nothing left in the tank

  511. BScott, Jeremy, Kobe, and Davis post game interview.

  512. Not going there at all now. It was really sad for me because I met most of the community there, the site meant a lot to me in terms of JLin fan camaraderie. But seeing how certain behavior and/or commenters are allowed to run rampant has forced me to cut the umbilical cord. It was a painful process but I’ve fully acclimated myself here at the Sanctuary.

  513. I thought Mitch made it clear that he doesn’t want another PG. Lakers already have three PGs that Kobe, the effective PG, won’t pass to. IMHO Scott was pushing Price to start, but FO and media forcing his hand.

  514. Bulls extremely lucky if it was “just” a sprained ankle. If the knees are injured then Rose’s as good as done.

  515. I agree, Price looked good in training camp, but it has not transition on to the live court games.

  516. Understand how u feel….this is the reason why we meet up here.
    I only go there for post game thread as I want to know how KHuang & GooddayLA and a few good posters’ comment. Guess I can go less as both are already here…

  517. I guess that theory makes sense because BS can keep Kobe happy with his shot attempts with Nash/Price as a decoy PG in this slow 1st unit, while Lin develop the future.

    Now that Nash was out and Price was injured, Lin was the de facto starting PG next to Lin. Randle got hurt and everything is out of the window for the Lakers.

    I’m not sure what BS is thinking now.

  518. Me too. It gave real comfort in the years of the wilderness of Houston, so migrating was challenging. But it had just gotten out of hand and had become a stress-inducing mosh-pit. So glad this civilized, thoughtful, entertaining band of Lin-lovers has made this new home.

  519. And now BS tries to play Price as many minutes as he can (he rebels against FO and media) to get away from “dissing” JLin. That’s why I don’t believe what he says because his action tells the “true” story.

  520. I remember someone posted that before (was it you?). I tried to look up where and when but couldn’t find it…not looking in the right places, I guess. Where did he play for BS?

  521. chuck [email protected] 1 hour ago
    That’s all we know–Rose left hamstring

  522. LOL That will do very well. That’s the right term to use. I just direct translated from Chinese:-)

  523. Looked at him can’t score… poor D & what else he has?!

  524. I’ve said before that as a dancer I just love the flow of the game. Since following Lin, I’ve had my eyes opened about many things that just weren’t of interest to me at all before, most of it having to do with the complexity of NBA structure and politics. It’s a much larger intrusion on pure play than I ever imagined. People need management (witness our exodus from the other site) so I guess the NBA was needed…but big organizations have a tendency to become cancerous, big money always corrupts, and fame is kind of poisonous. So, yeah, it’s a topic…sigh.

  525. WOW So good to see a teammate supports another.

  526. Someone at the old turf brought up that both Price and Ellington have played for Scott before. I see Ellington in Cleveland while BS was still there, but don’t recall about the specifics on Price. Still looking.

  527. yeah, it is really good

  528. I know perfectly well what salty fish are, my parents’ Korean neighbors made sure we knew what they were having for dinner. 🙂 Stinky anchovies, while not exactly the same, are just easier to relate to for the average American.

  529. Homemade burger? So no more In-n-Out?

  530. What comforts me is remembering that honesty & integrity are still the standard to measure up in this country despite the dirty politics and selfishness.

    In other places of the world, getting power/fame/money is the superseding goals so it’s definitely better to have a chance to do something right. Unfortunately, navigating the politics and egos are something that we have to do dealing with people.

    Supporting Lin seems to represent supporting something good in the NBA (i.e. the Spurs with their selfless teamwork)

  531. OMG I love when Lin does that. It gets me screaming with laughter. He’s so fast that there’s usually a conga-line of guys trailing him and a completely startled few he’s pushing through. It always looks messy and miraculous. I think the alpha-dog crew can’t recognize aggression unless there’s some snarling involved, but I’ve always thought his baseline drive/circle was pretty ballsy.

  532. Unlike Lin, he has coach’s real support.

  533. How come I can’t watch the video?

  534. Precisely, and it’s quite obvious. In eight games:

    Lin 30.8 mpg
    Price 21.1 mpg
    Clarkson 9.9 mpg

    Normalized, Price plays 68.5% as much time as Lin. I doubt any other team does this to their starting PG. If Clarkson played those minutes, it’d be more justifiable in the name of developing young PG.

  535. I see something resembling salame in to photo. Preserved meat products, loaded with nitrate, are unhealthy and can’t hold half a candle to In-n-Out!

  536. it’s a broken link. many asked penny that but no answer yet

  537. I think Lin deleted.

  538. probably a good idea

  539. Splash. @warriors duo is the highest-scoring backcourt in the @NBA pic.twitter.com/BTK8mtkFA2— NBA TV (@NBATV) November 6, 2014

  540. It’s there, but only made it available for Taiwan area

  541. That’s true. smh! But this coach has no real power..

  542. Really?

  543. yes, thanks for the reminder you are doing a good job!

  544. normalized to what? their career mpg?

  545. so nice to see!

  546. To Lin’s PT (being 100%), Price 68.6%, Clarkson 32.1%.

    Another way to look at it, the 2nd and 3rd PG’s PT combined exceeds the starting PGs.


  547. Been saying that for many yrs now. He is dirty….period. He is just hiding behind “best defensive player” and let refs helping him bully players

  548. The way BS was speaking about RP I thought he was the 2nd coming of Patrick Wolverine Beverley.

  549. Exactly. smh!

  550. Organic nitrate free salami. Have no idea, but guessing.

  551. Lin is so good. If only the team can just hold onto their team play a little.

  552. Isn’t that what he known for? An enforcer?

  553. Yes, Lin performed well and Rose wanted to demolish him but wasn’t able to. This was the game where he hurt his knee trying to go off on Lin.

  554. You mean less Kobe ball…

  555. Front Office decided to spend $50m for some reason … and now your friends are stuck oh well.

  556. Looks like organic lean beef (97/3). Maybe grass-fed… Def making burgers.

  557. curry.

    VIDEO: Steph Curry can't miss, even from the tunnel. http://t.co/RMnockuO9H https://t.co/QzF8hqUy83— theScore (@theScore) November 14, 2014

  558. that’s hamburger meat, cheese and buns. no nitrate. 🙂

  559. He’s not even outside the building yet! Not impressive at all! He needs to stand outside the building to beat that Larry Bird / Michael Jordan commercial!

  560. Splash Brothers vs. Soft Brothers pic.twitter.com/ZYzeNcdYmK— NBA Meme Team (@NBAMemeTeam) November 14, 2014

  561. probably, heh heh. Don’t want to be too negative nothing to get it back on track on an off night 🙂 Was just feeling good with all the good Lin plays up there.

  562. Kobe beef, lol.

  563. well done

  564. ah, got it.

  565. try this link http://goo.gl/MZqPAo

  566. We will know soon enough after he makes it.

  567. not bad, but Curry’s got nothing on Corey Law!

  568. If he is tanking, then he need not do anything. If he is not, then I still think he is shopping hill.

  569. He is thinking how do I get Kobe to play within the system

  570. unlike some funny breeds where they wear blue jeans in la singing johnny cash song under the ML rainbows, giving people the impression that they aren’t related.. at least this voltaire isn’t ashamed of his shameless species and has his voltaire name to his family…spouse, 1st son..soon he will have daughter, 1st grandson, 1st great grandson..LOL

  571. U are wrong…it was definitely not one on ONE

  572. Ah, now I see it’s ground beef! Proud of him for making own burger patties from scratch. 🙂

  573. Matsuzaka beef (松坂牛) next.

  574. Harden/Bev nowhere to be seen…

  575. new Spurs pre-game thread. Who’s assertive like JLin?


  576. It was glaringly obvious that no one even mentions or suggests passing to an open teammate, as if that’s not even an option.

  577. Is Lin a GONER?

    I’m thinking of Lin this season as strictly a RENTAL.

    While I expect Lin to sign with the Lakers if they’re the only team that offers him a contract, I also think that Lin’s probably had his fill of Kobe Bryant.

    The trouble is thinking of what team would want the Asian guy if the Lakers won’t have him.

  578. Yeah, I think that was their intention in the first place. Get Lin as an expiring contract.

    btw, new thread, that’s where everyone went:

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