G08 LAL @ NOP Game Thread+Chat

Here we go! With tired legs from playing last night, how would the Lakers respond?

Would JLin has enough energy to run the offense and guard Jrue Holiday? Would he find ways to solve 2 formidable big men (Asik and ADavis)?


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  19. percentage of winning 2 play against w/pelicans?

  20. Wait until 4-6 or better they’ll get some. I hope.

  21. If the Lakers start to knockdown some 3s, Lin will get in the paint.

  22. Let’s win this Lin!! Get your points w/i the context of team Kobe! Go Lakers.

  23. yeah, NY has its perks and its congestion :]

  24. Lin should do himself favors shooting some 3s first. Well, only if he get the ball.

  25. he can get the ball by rebounding Kobe’s misses

  26. I’d have to say low. Tired legs from last night vs rested Pelicans (last game 2 days ago).

    Expect a loss. If they win, hey we’re happy! πŸ˜€

  27. True.

  28. ah.. glad you enjoy it as much as I do :>

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  30. Would Pelicans drown in the Lake?
    Or would Pelicans have too much fun swimming in the Lake?

  31. wow.. kobe passed 2 lin… great start.. πŸ™‚

  32. J-attack!

  33. Kobe to Lin for the easy layup!
    Good start!

  34. reverse layup.

  35. He has to. He’s tired.

  36. The Pelicans announcers sounds like some guys from the radio.

  37. Lin with 2 FGAs in the first minute?

  38. The Pelicans crowd kind of reminds me how the Rockets arena looks like. Either there are empty seats or people are late.

  39. defense lapse again

  40. good start, but then cooled. Started with booz TO. Then Lin TO. Oh well …

  41. The Lakers paint is so wild OPEN. Too many easy baskets for Pelicans bigs.

  42. Jordan Hill was about 100 yards behind Anthony Davis.

  43. Either way their fans are suck.

  44. 93, I measured it.

  45. tired legs.. i guess.. πŸ™

  46. Time to bring in Ed Davis for Hill. Why not?

  47. Wes, Boozer and Jordan were being pounded alive by Tyreke,A. Davis and Asik.

  48. Nice assist by Lin! Great pass.

  49. Really Boozer!!!!! ruining J’s no-look assist!

  50. Nice steal Lin

  51. That was such a nice pass too.

  52. Seems like only Jrue is having defensive problems.

  53. Davis vs Davis

  54. Kobe warming up with the T. Bummer NO announcers making fun of Lin D on Jrue.

  55. Yay, Davis in!

  56. Wow, BS woke up in 1Q and subbed in Davis relatively early.

  57. If that Ed Davis spin got in….

  58. Now he needs to keep Lin in.

  59. Team’s gotta calm down.

  60. Ronnie Price in

  61. Oh here we go…Davis in, Lin out. smh

  62. whoa – nice high arcing three by Kobe. Beautiful shot.

  63. It’s okay, that’s when Lin normally comes out in the first.

  64. BS insists on fighting the opponent with one hand tied behind the back while blindfolded.

  65. Again? Get back

  66. Kobe warming up with back-to-back 3s!

  67. Kobe will go for 50+ tonight

  68. Seems to me Scott is trying hard to enforce Price-Davis tandem. For the love of potatoes is not even the same as J-Ed

  69. 3 consecutive 3s from Kobe.

  70. love of potatoes…I’m nervously chomping chips as we speak.

  71. Kobe’s feelin’ it tonight

  72. doubt it

  73. In-n-out the last one.

  74. he will have stretches of old kobe thats it

  75. I predict that he plays 48 minutes and shots over 30+ yesterday πŸ™‚ 12m/14 shots in 1st qtr. Pretty good with my prediction thus far:-)

  76. After setting the record for most missed shot… he better lol.

  77. Clarkson seeing PT. Has BS ever started 2Q with Lin?

  78. Lin or Kobe should always be in game.

  79. Not that I know of.

  80. Bench is playing decent, hope they keep it up.

  81. Not going to happen most of the time. JLin only allows to play when Kobe is in the game except 4th qtr yesterday.

  82. I’m liking Ed Davis more. He’s an automatic offensive partner for a guard. Of course those positive comments about Jeremy…

  83. Ronnie Price – ugh.

  84. Clarkson doing a run around the rim just like Jeremy Lin! Nice.

  85. Clarkson nice

  86. So this is how Boozer with the bench lineup looks like….

  87. looks like he couldnt run the play, missed 2 balls.. πŸ™

  88. When the student is ready the teacher appears. Jeremy taught him well.

  89. Ya he should stay there

  90. lol

  91. Jeremy about to come back in.

  92. Great move there

  93. Davis, Asik and still they have 7’2 Ajinca off the bench?

  94. I think he does. I’ve seen several Jeremy-like passes he’s done.

  95. wow…good pass from Lin

  96. is Lin having one of his passive games? Looks like that on my gamecast. Can’t follow the chat here because of firewall.

  97. I don’t how how Lin made that wrap-around pass but that’s the right play to assist Hill for the dunk

  98. I couldn’t even see the pass. Thought he got stuffed.


  99. Why did Asik looks like he’s hesitant on guarding Jeremy? lol

    Jeremy kinda anticipated Asik to be there with that pass.

  100. what’s a Lin passive game? I’ve not seen one really.

  101. agree i was like ohh noooyyeessss lol

  102. yeah, that’s exactly what I thought too LOL

  103. Exactly, thought he lost it falling to the ground, but replay show he planned that crafty pass between the defender’s arms. AMAZING!

  104. You doing your Popovich impression? lol

    No!No!No! Yes!

  105. not me, I have faith unlike y’all lol.

  106. lol

  107. you must have super-HD TV :]

  108. faith means my eyes are closed.

  109. I also don’t know how Boozer missed that straight layup!

  110. hate boozer trying to make his shot.

  111. Thanks for the play by play. Still at work.

  112. Yah Davis coming in

  113. It’s about time Davis came in for Boozer

  114. ED is the only one boxing out there.

  115. booz nothing v AD.

  116. does it really help that much with just one minute left in the Q? Wish it were sooner.

  117. yup, I got the same feelin’ too πŸ˜€

  118. Wow, Wes threw up a prayer for a buzzer beater. 48-51 is not too bad

  119. There’s no space for Lin to drive. It’s like a maze of Lakers out there that Lin has to try to navigate and weave through. Tough.

  120. Kobe 9/21 with 16pts and 17:55m. I’m getting almost everything right except playing time:-)

  121. yes he got a turn over because the boozer and hill with their man as their its too stuffed in there

  122. Lakers will lose if Kobe keeps forcing shots.

  123. Has he taken a shot?

  124. Kobe’s going to take 40 shots tonight.

    He’s missed like 5 in a row.

  125. Kobe started cooling off shooting 6-15 for 16pts .. but he’s gonna come back strong to shoot another 20+shots in the 2nd half
    Pelicans will make a run in the 3rd quarter. I hope Lin will run the offense more and get his midrange Js going

  126. I knew that his early hot streak was going to bite the Lakers eventually when Kobe’s shot turned cold.

  127. you’re reading my mind

  128. lin is their most efficent shooter yet rarly shoots. 3 shot all in the first.

  129. I predict it will be at least 30+ With this pace, easily 40+. Continue to ignore JLin.

  130. Three shots.

  131. His shootings will go in but a very low percentage.

  132. he really didn’t have a lot of open looks. Defense by the Lakers really tough on Lin. πŸ˜€

  133. Well, I guess this team will play like this until Kobe got pass MJ’s scoring record.

  134. lol

  135. He did have few but Kobe went to Kobe mode. I counted at least 3.

  136. So more Kobe ISO for at least 10 – 12 more games.

  137. yea kobe tunnel vision. he could be more efficient if he wanted

  138. Lockdown defense πŸ™‚

  139. Don’t worry. Kobe will be Kobe. He will continue to do what he do:-)

  140. I don’t think he’s going to just pass it by a point or two…he’ll want to bury it if he can. Hope it will only be 10-12 games….

  141. Kobe is thinking MJ’s record is more like 1st base.
    There’s still #2 and #1 all-time record to round up the bases :]

  142. Well, somehow I’m skeptical about this. It will continue for the rest of his career.

  143. Jeremy was wide open but Kobe still forced his shot. BTW Lin 70% on 3s if catch and shoot.

  144. The record will probably be 5-19 by then, LA will go to lottery as they wish, great job

  145. LOL Kobe doesn’t care. Kobe is Kobe.

  146. more like for the next 75 games.

  147. Yeah, he may try to go after Karl Malone’s record.

  148. It’s funny that everyone watching and not watching know what Kobe will do.
    He’s going to make that #1 Missed Shots Record untouchable!

  149. Same mind except this happens until he retires one day.

  150. Lin like open all the time by 10 ft. It’s becoming a joke … it’s like LAL has a 6th man on the court and nobody can see it except us.

  151. Every team knows what to do with Lakers. That’s why Kobe has 2-4 guiding him and he still shots.

  152. That’s not a good news for the Lakers and Lin especially.

  153. That’s true. JLin is playing as invisible man in Lakers.

  154. With the Lakers playing the Spurs on Friday, Sam Amick discusses Kobe and Tim Duncan:

    See : http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nba/2014/11/12/kobe-bryant-tim-duncan-los-angeles-lakers-san-antonio-spurs-gregg-popovich/18932075/

  155. yea i usually defend kobe but you know its bad when teams don’t guard anyone but kobe. its infuriating to be honest. if he passed it a few it would help him get better versions of those shots. also we might just might win

  156. There are only 74 games left. At this rate I doubt they’ll make the playoffs. πŸ™‚

  157. Well, what can u do? We aren’t Kobe.

  158. Maybe not short-term.
    Hoping it’ll be good for the long-term when Kobe approves Lin’s long-term Lakers contract

  159. We can talk about it here. LOL

  160. LOL U can continue to defend him all u want. We all knows the fact/truth. This is so obvious in this game. Unless Kobe changes in the half break and returns to play a little bit team ball like Hornets game, Lakers is going to lose big.

  161. When things are getting worse and worse, long term becomes hopeless.

  162. Lakers with 8 asts at the half, while Pelicans have 15. Clear as day really.

  163. Wow, seats empty

  164. UGH – damn, that shot didn’t go in.

  165. I know. That’s why I’m so sarcastic the more I watch Lakers game.

  166. LA is a joke, they are catering to only one player, the rest are just bunch of expendables

  167. Lin to Hill for the dunk:

  168. I just hope lin will do something in the 2nd half.

  169. …………………….

  170. nice shot by Lin. Very smooth.

  171. Phew.. Lin’s aggressive with 18ft jumper!

  172. Smooth like Jeremy.

  173. Jeremy is smooth…shooter.

  174. That’s awesome play. Seem like their bigs were waiting for Lin.

  175. mmm.. afraid to ask how you knew :]

  176. WOW. W O W. That pass looked WICKED FAST even on SLO-MO!!!

  177. just tuned in and Lin scores!

  178. Stay aggressive LIn! Good try! keep going!

  179. keep tuning in!

  180. You need to be more assertive with your channel surfing!

  181. Nice – drew the foul on dru.

  182. got some channel surfing hogs here, lol

  183. yup, Lin baited him on it

  184. idc if he miss just shoot

  185. get it? drew on dru? πŸ˜€

  186. Yeah, IJ’s gone NC-17 these days. LOL

  187. Good job! Jeremy is starting to look for his own shots because nobody will pass it to him.

  188. I have no idea why Kobe takes the most off-balanced shot ever

  189. Hey at least I still got a somewhat teenybopper rating! lol

  190. gah – I hate Anthony Davis.

    Wish he played for the Lakers.

  191. Lin for 333333333!!!

  192. TREY!!

  193. anthony and ed davis!

  194. no, kobrick at it again

  195. Beautiful shot.

  196. woot 3

  197. For a team with efficient bigs, a guard who can set them up will make them Western contenders.

  198. Nice D by Lin

  199. Jordan Hill has no business taking that shot. Should have passed it to Lin.

  200. Kobe in chuck mode

  201. This team is too selfish.

  202. Code word for them is aggressive

  203. I cringe when Boozer and Hill start clanking the midrange Js.
    And provide no interior defense.

  204. Most of the guys are on 1 year contract. Everyone looks for his own shots.

  205. 9 asst vs 21 asst

  206. geez

  207. The hydrant, Jeremy. The darn HYDRANT!

  208. if the bigs miss the mid range shots we have no assist. lin is the only three shooter.

  209. Once again Hill and Boozer no interior defense allow a big run. 60-70 now
    Will Davis check in?

  210. Striped neon pink elephant alert!

  211. 9 points, 3-7 FG, 1-2 3 PT. Much better.

  212. too many forced shots…

  213. Why the Lakers all like to take contested shots? Why can’t they pass to someone open?

  214. Just need another 11 for 20………………..

  215. ball movement.

  216. And no rebounds!

  217. Nice fake three pointer for the assist! Haven’t seen that before.

  218. Its just unlucky ends up in LA to play with the ballhog leader of all time.

  219. I think Boozer and Hill broke open the hydrant for the Pelicans

  220. Kobe: “I’m all for ball movement, as long the the movement ends with me!”

  221. You got bail Kobe

  222. Good assist by Lin.

  223. Smart decision by Lin to not take the 3 with Davis guarding him. Assist to Kobe 3!

  224. lol

  225. BS: NO, the game is still within reach. Davis will NOT check in until the Pelicans have secured the win.

  226. When someone like Anthony Davis is guarding Jeremy, it meant the other coach figured it out..

  227. kobe against 5!

  228. Stupid rotation again. Lin out.

  229. JLin out of the game.

    I think B Scott will bring him in the play the entire fourth.

  230. It feels like ‘Lin/Boozer’ and ‘Price/Davis’ rotation is designed to complement Kobe 1-man show

  231. Dru Holliday schooling Price. The Price is WRONG.

  232. and more WOW WOW WOW!

  233. I have nothing against Price.. but this rotation is really bad.

  234. I don’t like that sub rotation. Playing 12 mins straight is too tired, like yesterday. It’s not efficient. What if you need overtime? Not wise at all!

  235. I don’t recall seeing a Lin to Davis alley-oop since the preseasons.

  236. to bad he isn’t getting a lot of calls

  237. One only needs to be a half-decent coach to identify the real threat. And if they’re even half-classy they’ll come out and say it, like George Karl did.

  238. Should be shooting the technical

  239. price defense is hustle.

  240. sigh

  241. We can only dream about it now. smh…..

  242. Just got home. 8-20 why am I not surprised!

  243. Ugh. But…still better than Houston…

  244. Scott prefers Price/Davis combo.. πŸ™

  245. yup, no practice time together.
    Davis is shackled to Price

  246. It’s back to be Kobe’s team. Forget about team offense and tactics, just give him the ball when he wants it and watch, or do whatever you can with it when he can’t get the ball. This is what contributes to Lakers chaotic playing style.

  247. Has HOliday been schooling Lin?

  248. Ronnie Price playing well for the Pelicans.

  249. NO. Dru has been schooling PRICE.

  250. Hill!!!!

  251. Kobe`s tired

  252. NO.

    He can only waltz to the basket because Jeremy is not on his neck and there is no Lakers interior defense.

  253. In the last seven games Price’s PT is 72% of Jeremy’s, pretty high for a backup PG.

  254. 13pts down.. why Scott still looks so calm?

  255. Kobe beat Jordans record I’m assuming?

  256. Hill just had a brain-freeze with passing to Wes for backcourt violation.

  257. LAL going down the hill… can they come back?

  258. cause he play not to win.

  259. HILL NO! πŸ˜€

  260. The well respected journalist of NBA basketball Sam Amick on 570 LA this morning said it’s because Kobe is the only option and none of his supporting staff are competent. I wanted to throw up when I heard that but it is what it is.

  261. lottery right on target

  262. yeah, Kobe just started

  263. so he’ll naturally shoot early in the shot clock to preserve energy :]

  264. How many points does lin have?

  265. 24 to 34 in 3rd qtr

  266. 9..

  267. Someone should make Max and Marcellus coaches of the team.

  268. What the Hill is happening? πŸ˜›

  269. yes, I predicted NOP will make a run in 3rd quarter.
    Very sad to be correct πŸ™

  270. You should have predicted differently LOL

  271. I think its safe to say Lins starting position is secured. Price has been consistently horrible.

  272. Just came back….what happened

  273. Well at least you’re right. Seeing their forwards and center and I’m like, this is another loss, unless Jeremy is allowed free reigns, and the game hasn’t even started.

  274. lin goes to the bench lead balloon. just like yesterday. hope the bench isn’t hot like yesterday. guarding hot players is tough

  275. Yup, Lin in to start the fourth.

  276. ok, I just want to make a note that Lakers has a chance of winning if Kobe didn’t increase the level of difficulty of his shot with every makes. Plus Lin was finding people to make shots.

    Boozer and Hill defense was responsible for NOP dominating inside.

  277. Jeremy “The Under Utilized” Lin

  278. Game over. Thank you Ronnie Price.

  279. When lin gets back in he just needs to pad his stats.

  280. I can’t believe Lin is only averaging 30 minutes on this Laker team. He should be averaging 36 min easy.

  281. Even playing as SG Jeremy is not getting the ball. How can you play as SG without the ball?

    Yes, Ryan Anderson is on Jeremy. Monty figured it out.

  282. Great, Lin come in for the entire fourth and it’s becoming garbage time already.

  283. After Hill made that backcourt violation, I suddenly remembered that “gil” in Spanish (pronounced Hill) means fool.

  284. It’s just the same scenario for the losing Lakers: Kobe highest score but least efficient 8-24.

  285. How can one play basketball without the ball, period.

  286. Down 20, Price, please don’t shoot at all. Don’t waste a shot attempt.

  287. WOW! What happened? Left for few minutes and lost so many pts.

  288. Great defense by Lin causing his man to miss a layup!

  289. Price not doing anything. Lin should be pg Clarkson sg

  290. Price is exposed big time..

  291. Ronnie Price happened.

  292. Rivers said get your hand away from me.

  293. You can thank BS. When you can’t beat the bigs, go small. *SMH*

  294. Wow, Price whacked Rivers hard on the head!

  295. that might be a flagrant 2.

  296. lin is a much better defender then price

  297. You’d think. What is BS thinking. Gotta be tanking, don’t ya think?…hate to say it

  298. Smoothie King Center? What’s that? Sounds like some yummy food.

  299. Wow…this team is just a hot mess. Why is Scott using this lineup again…it sure worked last time…not.

  300. That has to be the dumbest name for a basketball arena ever.

  301. yes, he really needs to take charge of it

  302. I guess there is at least one thing Price can do better than Lin. Flagrant fouls.

  303. Price ejected

  304. better everything than Price

  305. It’s like jamba juice but in the east coast

  306. Yup, flagrant 2. Price is out of here.

  307. I would be disappointed if they don’t have smoothies lol.

  308. Price is ejected with 0 pts

  309. BS loves him to death. Well, he gets what he wants:-)

  310. thats exactly how i feel right now.. sad.. πŸ™

  311. For a while I thought I was watching Restaurant Makeover or something.

  312. What are you talking about? Price has scored 15 points . . . for the Pelicans.

  313. Scott needs to go hangout with Nash.

  314. Is it me or is it deja vu all over again? Is Lin in a Lakers uniform or is he still with the Rockets?

  315. What happened?

  316. Too late. It may have been helpful if this happened in 2Q.

  317. lol. Aaahhh…thanks for the chuckle in the midst of this sad mess…

  318. Good job, refs! That happens when the coach doesn’t take out Price, The refs will help you.

  319. yup, Lin bring the ball up court, passes to SG, 3 pts!

  320. BS: Price brings energy and plays aggressively.

  321. Lol I been going there since I was a kid. I think its better than Jamba IMO

  322. Lakers dont want to win,byron scott doing nothing

  323. this defense is unbearable. kobe will shoot he ball every time he gets it. lin will end with 9 it seems

  324. The only thing I’m rooting for now is for JLin to score another bucket for 11 points – which is what I predicted he’d get, lol.

  325. ROFL, you’re right. Refs did Lakers a favor, but a little too late.

  326. Why would you do that to Nash?

  327. Ok Kobe.

  328. Priceless

  329. Price is WRONG!

  330. From the very beginning byron wants price as his pg not lin

  331. but worst Kobe is back in and all Kobe.

  332. So they can compare their paychecks.

  333. He still wants him. No doubt in my mind at all.

  334. lol .. it’s an honorary Pelican

  335. price has been garbage

  336. But BS thinks he is PRICELESS.

  337. unfortunately for BS, the price has gone down to 0

  338. I have a soft spot for Nash. Let Scott and Kobe compare paychecks…they’re the ones with skin in this mess.

  339. Yah would have helped if he was ejected earlier

  340. LOL

  341. JLin is always the least minutes among all starters. That explains all of BS/Kobe.

  342. Pelican energy haha..

  343. Nothing to lose now Lin should start chucking

  344. Ok I’m moving on to the next game. It’ll be one heck of a schooling in ALL ways from the defending champs.

    I’m excited for some Jeremy vs TP showdown (somewhat an auditioning game for him lol. If he moves to Spurs I hope he drags along a screaming Ed Davis)

  345. Yeah, more FTs for Lin :>

  346. 11 points!

  347. Lin is Nash’s like now on FTs

  348. Kobe is so garbage.

  349. No bigs to protect the rim.

  350. pelican announcer going in on lin. saying he got lucky

  351. ok, here is the game. Guess how many FGAs Kobe and Lin end up with?
    28 and 8 now

  352. so it is true that lakers is tanking? lets kobe get his points and thats enough

  353. i already predicted 9, so I’ll stick with it.

    For Kobe, 30 on the nose.

  354. The next game to Spurs.. Gosh! its even tougher, cant imagine it.. πŸ™

  355. Your wish have been granted.

  356. I want Lin to get to 10 so he can’t be blamed for not being aggressive
    I want Kobe to get 35 so he can get the full credit/blame

  357. Lin depends on his teammates too much. Hill should pick up Holiday when his man picks off Lin.

  358. What do I win for getting his stat line right?

  359. You read my mind.

  360. The only Lakers win was when Kobe took 20 fga or less.

  361. not sure about tanking, but Kobe only wants to catch MJ’s 3rd scoring list (405 to go before this game)

  362. ahhh.. Asik on FT line πŸ™‚

  363. 1-2 not too bad

  364. That is why they haven’t been doubling Kobe for a few years.

  365. pelican announcer went on a 3 minute tirade on lin. how he got lucky during insanity. to qoute he ws good for a small amount of time. then got injured then they laughed. as to say lin injury hid his crapness

  366. Nice job by Lin to bait the fouls!
    More FTs Woohoo!

  367. Stat pad lin!

  368. Ahh…really? Garbage seems like strong bashing word… maybe there’s other way to describe his horrible play ? πŸ™‚

  369. damn. shoulda stayed at 11 points, lol.

  370. Don’t matter single, double, triple or all Kobe still gonna shoot.

  371. turn off the sound on those trolls. Save your brain cells.

  372. That’s a lot on that minimum contact

  373. LOL 372pts to go. GO KOBE! Get it and be done with.

  374. The only announcer I listen to is Stu Lance lol

  375. lol i did

  376. I guessed 12 but I want Lin to get 15! :>

  377. at this point, yes. 15 looks much better than 13.

  378. Not garbage, awful maybe.:)

  379. I like this Lin/Henry/Clarkson unit.
    They can run a lot of fastbreaks!

  380. JLin please go and get my stat on u!!!! 15pts/5asts.

  381. See Kobe plays this crap on the road. I bet he won’t do that in LA. Fans will go off.

  382. Ha, Lin corralled the rebound πŸ™‚

  383. haha David made both ft

  384. Got your 15!

  385. within 7 pts.

  386. Lin’s steal led to a dunk πŸ˜€
    Stat-pad, baby!

  387. Hear, hear. They can work against Spurs.

  388. at least by single digit.

  389. wow this unit made me a little happy. great defense

  390. And boy does that mask a bungled story!

  391. Why does Jeremy play aggressive and scores when it doesn’t matter anymore?

  392. starting 2 pad the stat in last few sec.. πŸ™‚

  393. Jeremy/Clarkson/Henry/Davis works wonders

  394. when Kobe thinks it doesn’t matter anymore so he sits

  395. it shows heart. i have a better feeling then before that 5 minute stretch

  396. up-vote, up-vote, up-vote

  397. No he and the rest of the team were bound and gagged by kobe ball.

  398. they can run and play D. What’s not to like? πŸ˜€

  399. no kobe hit his limit minute wise

  400. What were lin’s stats?

  401. agreed . also boozer and hills defense.

  402. Price kills that lineup.

  403. JLin 15pts/4asts/4rebounds/2steals/1to in 34:15 minutes

  404. 15 points 4/11 4 assist 1 turnover.

  405. Thanks

  406. 4 rebound

  407. I agree. And I hope he’s getting willing to stat pad when he gets the chance…though I know it goes against his normal grain.

  408. Glad he got his last 6pts in garbage time. Haha. YES!

  409. Remove Price. If Kelly’s back that could be good.

  410. It’s sad that Byron’s best pieces who play team ball and defends are actually on the bench.

  411. On the paper, it is not bad.

  412. So many passes to Hill or Boozer just to watch them miss a shot.

  413. Here’s the boxscore

  414. made the lose more bearable. iso kobe was bad today. the defensive help by the bigs still have not been fixed

  415. 15pts/4a/4r/2stls/1blk/1TO in 34 min
    4-11 (1-3 3FG)
    and a perfect 6/6 FT

  416. The last few minutes the team played much better. I guess Scott pretty much tied up Lin with the outdated Princeton.

  417. And it is a slower version of Princeton.

  418. slo-mo?

  419. the last two games kobe has controlled the ball as well. we seem to be taking a step back. until late when lin actually played pg

  420. Lin 33/36 FT since season started = 91.67%

  421. if the game is close, he might play more.
    It was definitely out of reach

  422. At least Jeremy’s PER will go up a bit…

  423. they are not reliable. lin should be give the ball to pnr and pass or shoot. we saw late it actually worked. who figured

  424. Jeremy as PG leads the bench so much better. He instead of Price would dominate many benches

  425. Is the game worth watching?

  426. Same ol’ story

  427. yea still happy with lin late showed let me control the ball and we play better. last two games the ball has been dominated by boozer, hill, kobe

  428. Seems ok…..but my eyes hurts every time Hill touched the ball. Kobe at least can get some shots off

  429. no

  430. Just got home. Sounds like game over, Lakers lose.

    I listened to the ESPN LA for the third quarter. Mychal Thompson saying Lin needs to be more aggressive offensively since he only had 2 pts. Seemed like they were taking the ball out of Kobe’s hands and Lin was making some shots. I stopped listening after BS took Lin out and the lead ballooned and the game completely got out of control. This even after Lin made the 3 and there was a 6 or 9 point difference, and he was keeping them in the game. Kobe played the full 3rd quarter? Did he also play the entire first quarter?

    What is up with the points in the paint and easy lay-ups?

  431. Ya dispel that disappears on the road horse dung.

  432. NOPE!

  433. Well the next one is against Spurs. They have Duncan and Splitter, who sets mean screens.. so…..

  434. Great pass

  435. true.. at least he’s showing flashes to coaches and media of what he can do with the ball in his hands, not time-sharing

  436. I STILL can’t get over that amazing no look pass from Jeremy that Boozer wasted!

  437. Missed the game. Worse than Asik’s butterfingers?

  438. LOL

  439. Nash-like, baby!
    That’s superb stats!

  440. Ido is fast!

  441. Personally I’d take Asik over Boozer, all the time including any given Sunday.

  442. He thinks? lol

  443. Lin (8 games) – 31mins / 12.75pts (44.1%fg… 39.1%3pts… 91.67%ft) / 4.9asts / 2.75rebs / 0.25blks / 0.75stls / 2.75to

  444. WE?

  445. At this rate, both goals can be accomplished by Lakers this season: scoring record and tanking.

  446. Change the line-up. That might help.

  447. Tell that to his pricelss players.

  448. we need to talk about scotts style. it takes the ball away from lin making him share it with hill,boozer, and kobe. which is why hill is getting a lot of assist lately. this style works if the shots go in and if the big can pass. but we saw late in the fourth lin did pnr overtime either passing or shooting. much more efficient. even if he missed the bigs got the ball with a easy shot. this play style is making the bigs play a way they are not talented enough to play. i asked the question what wrong with links assist. its the fact that we have 4 pg on the team. so does the spurs but their big actually can pass as well as their stars unlike kobe. also they run pnr a lot more.

  449. B Scott took lin out right after he made a 3 and and an assist to Kobe’s 3 with almost 5 min to play in the 3Q when they were down by only 5.

  450. “There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know.” (Donald Rumsfeld)

  451. Haha… loved it!

  452. Soon thereafter, I stopped listening on my drive home.

  453. Scott should only play Ronnie Price when they’re leading by 20 or alongside Jeremy LEADING.

  454. Correction: it’s the 3rd Q.

  455. It’s his own damn fault.

  456. I know!

  457. When will the media start to repeat this Lin needs to step up thing?

  458. This is probably the first time BScott pulled Jeremy out just under 5 min left in the quarter.

  459. Fixable IF Davis is starting and shackle Johnson back to the bench. If I wish harder, get another forward who can actually rebound.

  460. even though you mistakenly said 4Q, I knew exactly when you meant!

  461. He is furious with BS rooting on Price. Guess I’m not the only one who has seen this from weeks ago:-)

  462. Yup. I thought… McHale?

  463. Right at this very minute lol

  464. Missed much of the game, but didn’t miss much. : (

  465. so disappointing…they could do better

  466. Mission Accomplished! Make money & get Top 5 Draft Pick

  467. jrue dat.

  468. Of course he is… smh.

  469. Well I have said this over and over since preseason. Saw it coming long time ago. Well, glad that JLin is still playing his whole heart out even in garbage minutes:-)

  470. Right on, bro! :]

  471. Do you know what you are saying? Well I dont know

  472. Yup, might as well enjoy the show :> haha..

  473. Nop happened before once in 1st qtr in one of the earlier games.

  474. Now it is 1-7. That’s a 12.5% win percentage. HA. The fans will only let this go on for so long before they call for BScott’s head. One hopes. He’s the one that goes away from what works, from my observations

  475. hey lin did great on jrue . he was 8-17 for 17. 6-8 of that was on price

  476. So far I see the big improvement in his free throw. Not sure why Scott doesn’t let Lin shoot the technical, free point right there

  477. Well not the fans who want the Lakers to tank.

  478. Yup. Cut short the interviewers holding that mirror up to your face.

  479. bizzarre subbing pattern indeed

  480. The next game is against the defending champs who still own this league. Will Byron’s questionable coaching decisions be magnified? The biggest problem is he can’t reel in Kobe. As long as he’s not yet throwing Jeremy under the bus, I still won’t call for his head.

  481. If he is fired, he will still be paid for the rest of his contract which is 5 years, right?

  482. We all thought he’s the coach?

  483. I agree. I also see Lin being a 50/40/90 player in no time.

  484. So if it wasn’t defense, why did BScott sit Lin when he was keeping them in the game in 3Q? Same stuff, new place. I really thought it wouldn’t pan out this way. Guess still early in the season…

  485. Kobe: “I’ve almost hit the record coach. I’m shooting it.”

  486. That would be great.

  487. you mean .. the LA Tankers :]

  488. normal substitution.

  489. That’s great efficiency but Lin needs to be able to do that and score 16-24 points a game. Then he will be elite. Like probably an All-Star.

  490. Oooo. You went there. Didn’t expect that from you, psalm. lol

  491. Spurs have 5 efficient passers. Lakers has only 1 efficient passer.

    I therefore conclude Jeremy should play for Spurs lol kidding.

  492. Defense fixable? Well more fixable than using Price, but he “doesn’t know yet.” Reminds me of (Irag war era) Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld outgassing this foggy answer when getting asked hard questions by the press. (Some of your elders will remember this quote, which went viral for absurdity in it’s day.)

  493. I would say Lin played good. Just can not buy more shots

  494. the mod will put your name on the bragging right wall.

  495. Can’t agree more w him. smh! Their game is so boring to watch & I am glad they lose today bc that maybe will push Kobe back to play more team ball… LOL! Dreaming I know.

  496. BScott really has Catch 22.
    Letting Kobe have his way with losing record and risking his job.
    Or try to coach angering Kobe and risking his job

  497. I bet he would have had 5 more assists if his bigs would just be calm and pull back the shot to make Anthony Davis commit. But, they are not that skilled.

  498. because he’s done it!

  499. 30+ pts why not? =)

  500. Game # // JLin FGA // Kobrick Missed FGA
    1 // 5 // 11
    2 // 5 // 14
    — Kobe told Jeremy to be more aggressive —
    3 // 13 // 9 (Clippers game)
    — Clearly game 3 is an outlier —
    4 // 6 // 16
    5 // 8 // 23
    6 // 12 // 13 (Laker’s only win)
    7 // 8 // 16
    8 // 11 // 18

    You can look at the numbers and draw your own conclusion.

  501. it’s a pleasure to see you post your stuff here. Funny this one.

  502. …..and they are now nowhere near playing team basketball.

  503. because swaggy is out.

  504. too complicate for my simple mind.

  505. boozer is so bad …

  506. Should take Lin out early in first gtr let Price streams around while Kobe goes ball hog mode then have Jeremy lead the bench.

  507. Yeah, careful what you wishing for. Price may end up start over Lin.

  508. PFV short vid:

  509. If he has common sense, coach his way to secure playoff seed. If FO fires him because Kobe got angry, it’s the FO who will look laughable.

  510. Meaning… Let me play with my good buddy JLin

  511. Does this guy truly believe people are still giving any credence to the bs he continues to spew? Everybody knows who the elephant on the court is and Scott still trying to put the spotlight on ‘aggressive’. Unbelievable…

  512. The current state of the Lakers: 1). Jump shooting team 2). No defense 3). Bad coaching 4). ISO ball superstar. It’s going to be a loooong season.

  513. Prediction: Lakers lose by 8, 95-103. Lin with 15 pts 5 ast. I’d like to see him with 10+ FGAs.

    My pregame prediction. Pretty close. Got Lin’s pts right, off by 1 for ast, off by 1 for Lakers score diff.

  514. It’s going to be a long painful losing season. smh

  515. it will get worse for Lin when Nick Young comes back…he’s like a mini kobe =S

  516. Well, 10 of 28.

  517. He means that not everyone on the team is playing aggressive teamwork.

  518. Indeed this is a long long long long season for JLin fans.

  519. I’d put 3 to 1.

  520. Really feel like JLin is a much better coach than BS and Kobe.

  521. LINVIS emphasizing the need to play !TEAM! basketball. LINVIS still on the same page off the court <3

  522. Translation: too much kobe ball.

  523. By “perfect team basketball” Jeremy probably means:
    1. Move around even without the ball
    2. Pass,pass,pass, and pass until someone gets a good look to the basket
    3. Fight for rebound
    4. Do not shoot with 20+ left in the shot clock

  524. LINVIS and J-ED.. sounds like Beavis and Butthead lol except they’re the basketball,smart version.

  525. It’s not just the team, but himself also. He inserts the same rotation that doesn’t work…he doesn’t even try to control Bryant in going iso…no adjustments during the game. He as a coach needs to lead the ‘aggressive mentality’ first. He can’t be that stupid…can he.

  526. I meant offensive options

  527. Jeremy and Davis are on the same page. They just need to be on the court at the same time.

  528. Sound like those Spurs.

  529. It’s soooo simple…play as a team and not a 1 man show. Yes I’m pointing fingers at Bryant and Scott.

  530. Who are you referring to as stupid, Ed Davis for his comment or Scott for his coaching?

  531. BS and/Kobe refuse to let this happen.

  532. Except they are the opposite of B & B. lol

  533. I think you’re confusing Davis with Scott here.

  534. At least Harden would pass the ball if he had no good look within 3 sec left.

  535. very good point LOL

  536. But wasn’t he like 4-17 in the second half?

  537. it’ll be interesting if Byron can stand up to Kobe to reign him in.
    We’re about to see how good Byron is as a coach to convince Kobe.

  538. Honestly no idea which is the worst to watch:-)

  539. Lakers are like the anti-Rockets. They take all these long contested 2’s instead of the Rockets taking it to the rim and 3’s. Seems like an antiquated way to play.

  540. Not even good if you ask me. There is nothing ‘better than’ between a guy who shoots with 20+ secs left on the shot clock and not passing even if triple teamed and a guy who passes with 3 seconds left on the shot clock and not passing even if triple teamed.

  541. I’m merely finished Barry’s sentence :>
    No original ideas

  542. Exactly

  543. Fans get the points except 4 Scott n Kobe..Kobe wont change, cuz u cant make a crab walk straight.. Scott? no clue abt what hes been thinking.. πŸ™

  544. No, I just posted under the wrong twitter post…my bad.

  545. You and Jlinfan from Australia should give me a little humor.

  546. Were they black?

  547. Oh sorry I thought you’re being serious. By all means go ahead…

  548. Lake Show Live‏@LakeShowLive
    Meanwhile in Houston where the “best SG in the NBA today” plays:


  549. I was referring to Scott, but I posted in the wrong place…sorry.

  550. They will reduce it to a flagrant 1..

  551. That’s why I clarified πŸ˜‰

  552. that is Har_en shadow.

  553. I hate this discussion to DEATH! The best SG in the league is Klay Thompson! Hello Warriors said NO to you Harden!

  554. Thanks…just a bit ticked off tonight with the same bs and same losing results.

  555. BS averages 21 wins per season in his last 4 yrs as a head coach. How many games are the Lakers going to win this year? I predict they will win less than last year. And this year’s team is supposed to have better talents.

  556. Wut? lol

  557. If this trend continue I doubt they win more than 15 games.

  558. Ya! sure not Harden. smh!

  559. If Byron is serious about getting a playoff seed, he reel in Kobe when ISOing and hogging.

  560. He wanted to guard Jeremy? Lol by all means go ahead Mr. I-g-g-y.

  561. Wasn’t he COTY once? How did that happen?

  562. Getting him back for saying he won’t call him Swaggy. Still won’t call him Swaggy when he posterizes him.

  563. haha.. Iggy’ll teach Swaggy how 2 gurad Lin by rapping..

  564. Blood must rushing to your head and can’t see good enough hehe.

  565. Well first thing’s first Jeremy is the realest..

  566. Jason Kidd was the real coach that season πŸ™‚

  567. Bill and Stu – Lakers dropped the ball defensively | Lakers vs Pelicans

  568. well, aren’t you fancy but you already know lol

  569. R. Miller is more optimistic than u, he predicts they’ll take around 20 gms this season.. man

  570. Jeremy’s in the fast lane from LA to Tokyo y’know LOL

  571. I love Kobe’s shake and bake post moves; and I love Harden’s Euro-steps. But that’s about it.

  572. are they talking about this game or the last 7?

  573. feel like trashing the hotel with this loss

  574. BS is not a coach but a butler to Kobe the Great.

  575. I will be optimistic when Kobe stop being Kobe and BS stop sticking with his plan.

  576. Have to say these guys are pretty decent announcers and human beings. However, I would respect them more if they called out Kobe for chucking too many shots.

  577. Yup…blood of disgust for this non coached Byrant team. lol

  578. 2013-2014 Houston -> Patrick “James, we gotta share the ball” Patterson

    2014-2015 Los Angeles -> Ed “more of a team effort” Davis

    Lakers seem to be on a suicidal path, wouldn’t surprise me if they traded Ed Davis away.

  579. I agree but I still prefer the Knicks announcer and their energy.

  580. Have seen enough and not even pissed at the way this team play anymore just not fun to watch.

  581. They better not trade Davis.

  582. That signature hands clap after bad def is never getting old.

  583. LOL

  584. Harden’s version of Conjuring hide and clap? lol

  585. some examples of what you mean, I think: koMe ball, boozer boozing, Hill hot/cold, weak bench action, no 3s … completely disorganized play due to incompetence and freelancing.

  586. Post of the day!

    I say the former so at least he’s on Kobe’s good side, not like he’s got real coaching skills anyways.

    So, definitely the former.

  587. Liking the angle of this pic.

  588. becuz it was Kobe who injured him, or that he injured on Kobe.

  589. I’m at the point where i’m starting to hope lin gets traded to a winning team. I can’t stand 70 more games of this.

  590. Nice pass under double team of Omer Asik and Anthony Davis

  591. Just from his decisions to a) overly rely on Price, and b) separate Lin and Davis I can tell you Kobe or not BS does not have what it takes to lead Lakers into playoffs.

  592. I know. Nick Young is getting back at Jeremy for not referring him as “Swaggy” bc he hasn’t earned it, which I agree πŸ™‚

  593. I’m pissed because while Bryant & his lackey keeps blaming the team for losses they caused, Lin and the rest are playing their hearts out to win w/i the box their coach has placed them in. The team may not be full of skilled players, but I honesty think they are trying w/what they have been given.

  594. the shake and bake is better. The Euro-step stops working with guys like Asik and AD, and later in game when fouls count and in playoffs. I’ll take KoMe ball, but not happy about it.

  595. When it comes to talking bout Kobe their tones/faces just flat. You can tell they just have to swallow hard and find something positive bout Kobe to say.

  596. Easier to visualize this way:

    JRue on Lin: 2/9 (22% FG)
    JRue on Price: 6/8 (75% FG)

  597. The SAS way: pass up good shots for great shots. Good to great!

  598. Guess BS doesn’t believe in in-game adjustments either.

  599. Completely agree. Even if it’s not a current winning team, I believe Lin can help get them to be one.

  600. Hey Joyce … hello sista! I just wanted to tell you that I’m one day after you said it. I’m officially over BS … today, the team was in such disarray, and he let boozer and hill get away with such D-League plays. Made AD and Asik look like all stars … oh, wait …

  601. 1/10 of season has gone by, and they just won one game. In this rate, no more than 11……

  602. a) Too dense to come up with better rotation (not competent)
    b) Too stubborn to come up with different rotation (square peg into round hole until it fits)
    c) Too lazy to come with new rotation
    d) Cronyism (BS: Lemme show you how Price is Right)

  603. When Kobe has taken 17 shots during the first half, I know both Kobe and Scott are not really aiming to win.

  604. So he is saying guarding Lin is easy.

  605. Ronnie Price Gets Ejected

  606. Let’s face it, what other desirable asset do they have?

  607. I think he did fine tonight. He didn’t have the most efficient shooting night but that’s the way it is with all basketball players. He made some good dishes when he actually got the ball in the offense, took a good amount of shots in the second half, played good defense. Price can’t play with him. At least when he played with Beverley and Lin got him a 3 pointer Beverley would make some. Price can’t shoot, he’s not a good player.

    I’m glad to see Asik prove to the stupid Rockets that he can do twin towers. This kid Anthony Davis looks incredible out there, and Asik’s pics are solid. Wish someone on the Lakers could provide good picks. Davis can, but Scott has messed up the Davis/Lin connection by not playing them enough together and it doesn’t seem they practice together much anymore.

  608. A jab at Jeremy for not calling him Swaggy.

  609. nasty play …

  610. Or if Kobe retires and BS gets fired after this season, Lakers can become Jeremy’s team.

  611. This is GOTTA be Top 10 Play of the Day.

  612. kobe isn’t gonna retire, only way he leaves the nba is through another injury. He wants to break the all time scoring records.

  613. Byron Scott can’t tell the difference

  614. The angle and precise timing was Harlem Globetrotter-like.
    All of our eyes got fooled thinking he was blocked! :]

  615. He already has.

  616. This is what it feels like to me too.

    Anyone else get the feeling the Lakers are simply a vehicle for Kobe to win the scoring title at 36 at this point?— Arash Markazi (@ArashMarkazi) 2014 11月 13ζ—₯

  617. http://www.nba.com/games/20141112/LALNOP/gameinfo.html?ls=slt
    “The Lakers were as close as 63-60 on Lin’s jumper from about 4 feet behind the 3-point line in the middle of the third quarter, but the Pelicans closed the period on a 22-12 run that included nine points from Holiday.”

    Good job, coach.

  618. you might have a chance for your 1st bragging right! :]

  619. no, he broke the all time “bricking” record. He needs a lot more to beat Kareem for all time scoring

  620. I’m just amazed at the angle that Lin took to attack Asik and Davis for the beautiful wrap-around pass to Hill for the easy dunk!
    I have to watch it several times

  621. The most damaging part is that the players know it and thus put up a show rather than a fight.

  622. You forgot to congratulate Price on his “lockdown” defense…

  623. Ronnie should have settled for the shoe-throw

  624. Thanks πŸ™‚ When Byron was in NJ, he was much better than this.
    But he knew Kobe got him his dream job so his #1 priority is to keep Kobe happy. My guess is he’ll try to convince Kobe to trust his teammates slowly but he won’t force it.

  625. That pass was a beauty.

  626. At least he’s doing it efficiently and not taking too many shots.

    Oh wait….

  627. I know, my boss walked in and I clicked on Post by mistake.

    Wasn’t sure he’d enjoy the troll face. πŸ™‚

  628. Fabulous play. He could do that with any big man as long as they are in position.

  629. The thing is, Lin knew his choices starting in … so exciting to watch our boy.

  630. Very characteristic of Lin.

  631. … that’s JLIN’s defense! Need to let people know!

  632. just checked Price’s defense, gosh, he is horrible, how he was considered as a defensive player?

  633. BS said he was the best defender on the team…the team is 1-7 and playing bad defense..thats how.

  634. Colored lenses, what else?

  635. his defense is so good that he defended himself from scoring :]
    jk .. he’s a journeyman that BScott just happens to love

  636. It’s one step forwards and maybe 5 steps back for the Lakers and Lin. Like I said, it’s going to get ugly before it will turn good, very good. I still believe this.

    When people were screaming about how Scott was trying to make lin a bench player and promote Price to start, I suggested that it was a political move to allow KOBE to dominate the first unit while having lin win games for him with the second unit. Now I hear people saying that lin should play with the second unit so that he can at least run the offence. The bench IS GETTING Demolished. Lin on the first unit makes very little impact. Price can deliver the ball to KOBE instead, but lin with the second unit would have won the last 2 games.

    Scott has his hands tied with KOBE. I don’t believe him to be such a dummy as a lot of us are saying. He is trying to play politics in the tricky situation he’s in. Scott got fired because of a superstar Irving who didn’t want to play defence or play team ball. He’s in the same situation with Kobe. How does he satisfy Kobe while getting wins? The best way was to build a strong secnd unit that can take over eventually for expiring contracts and kobe’s eventual retirement. It’s too bad Randle got injured and ruined Scott’s well laid out plans for a tight rope political high wire act.

    For all the negativity about the situation with lin and the Lakers. Just listen to how the Pelicans announcers laught at and dismiss Lin with absolute disdain and ridicule. This is just a sampling of what some of the other small market teams will ALL be saying if Lin gets traded to their teams. So Please, don’t bite the friendly hands of the Lakers ownership, GM, FO, media, fans or coach for what amounts to wishful thinking that the grass will be greener somewhere else.

    If Kobe cares about winning, he’ll come around eventually. If he doesn’t, the fans will finally want him gone. Either way, Kobe must accept that his time as king in LA is coming to an end. That’s why it will get ugly for a while yet before it will get better.

  637. If you look at the numbers carefully, it is outrageous. Price is pretty much the worst in the team.

    With his defense, opponents shots 87.5% with less than 10ft, that’s free throw %. Lin was given 46.2% only, that’s mid range %. See the difference?

  638. the tanking discussion is starting to make sense.

  639. BS is right, no one else on the Lakers roster throws shoes or smacks heads more efficiently than Price.

  640. when you feel a bit desperate, think what could’ve been if Lin stayed in HOU for the last year of his contract.
    All blame and no credit.

    At least Lin has a brighter future in LA with Kobe mentoring him. Plus his PT is 32+min/gm in the past 5 games.
    He has a better chance to secure a better long-term contract

    So relatively speaking, Lin’s in a better place for his career.

  641. Or Scott is just a really bad coach. I think it’s more of the latter also. He just gives the ball to kobe to shoot until he starts to brick, and then gives out interviews that the players need to step up. He looks and sounds so ridiculous now. I bet it’s hard for the reporters to keep a straight face when he talks out both sides of his mouth

  642. LOL …

  643. I agree. Playing Clarkson definitely is better for Laker future.

    Despite BS praise on Price defense, opponents just get by him easily. The bench play has been horrible esp. in the past 2 games. Even Toney Douglas can make the open 3s and hustle better on defense.

  644. I agree with you … BS is really bad. I decided that today, watching in-game how LAL we just all over the place. A good coach would not have that result on the court after over 10 games together. Last year with infighting, maybe. No such issues in the org this year.

  645. Hey Psalms, my comment from 10 min ago was sent to mediation, for what I have no idea! Can you fix it.

  646. It was clearly unintentional. Price just thought he was 6’9″ and had much longer arms than he actually does. He meant to go after the ball.

  647. Mmm.. Look at those arms πŸ™‚

  648. You really think Scott is just bad? I assumed he’s not quite so stupid and simply carrying out the front office orders. In fairness to Scott, no coach can really handle Kobe.

  649. please tell me you are a girl

  650. Notice how the team was down by 19 points when kobe sat and lin and the bench brought them back within 7. Kobe talking about the paint was layup city. Then call out Boozer/Hill. They are the two most worthless players i have ever seen. Hill gets rebounds but he doesn’t have a clue on how to protect the rim. Boozer is trying to get his stats for his next contract. Scott had better clean up his act, because laker fans are not going to buy much of his bull even kobe won’t be able to save him.

  651. i hope scott uses the bad losing streak as an excuse to move david into the starting line up. however, i start to believe that i am giving too much credit for him, how can he believes price and wj are good defensive players? am i delusional?

  652. This site is way more pleasant. guess having mods help.

  653. Approved πŸ™‚

  654. Incompetence or hidden agenda…not sure

  655. i hope i dont sound too negative

  656. To me, Hill plays a more contained game and can respond to coaching. Booz … he’s just all over the place trying to be an AD or big with hands. He’s just not that good, so he needs to pare back his game and he could be good. Of the 2, Hill I believe has more potential under a good coach, but I know Brent says his eyes hurt from Hill. Ah well …

  657. They would get fired.

  658. Something is seriously wrong with the program that flagged my comment. I have no idea what I said that made it go into Moderation. What the f is from with that sh t program. Ps, I’m just testing this idiot program

  659. What a crap program

  660. It is a indeed a disqus mystery.
    I’ve approved both of your post btw.

  661. acbc … yep, I noticed the announcers homering laughing at Lin, esp when Lin was looking for an open shot and I think AD was all over and Lin passed to Kobe for a 3. But you know, I don’t care anymore because as long as Lin is supported by LAL, he’s going to keep having great games. I was surprised out of very little, Lin closed with 15 pts today. He would have had way more assists had the 2 bigs not been panicked.

    Wasn’t Asik and AD just a joy to watch today …

    Anyway, Kobe only has a shot at Kidd’s record now. MJ is in the bag. Soon, he will settle down and make the choice between losing every day or trying to get into the playoffs. If he would stop chucking, the 2 bigs would calm down. I’m convinced of it, my team flow intuition. The bricks force transition D, and that just confuses these 2 bigs.

  662. Gosh, if you are the same GoodDayLA from the other site, you better be careful. This site is well monitored, and we all know who were the trolls in the other site.

  663. πŸ˜‰

  664. lol

  665. There is only a few things in life that can motivate people to change drastically; love, hate/jealousy and mortality. I think Kobe will have to face the music again soon.

    What kind of legacy Kobe will leave for the Lakers is a question he can’t ignore for too much longer.

  666. While it is great to see that he doesn’t get benched in the last minutes of a game anymore, he’s still averaging the same amount of points as last year and still not as involved in the offense as he should be, hence the low number of FGA’s..I think it is better for Lin’s development because he isn’t jerked around , but honesty be it Houston, or the Lakers, he is still playing his way into a bench role on a team for next season. There are still better situations out there, and its just painful to watch the Lakers lose every game.

  667. Part of keeping the site pleasant is keeping politics out of the conversation as much as possible.

    Interpreting someone’s “real feelings” behind vague statements is just not helpful. Unchecked criticism, even justified criticism, affects morale, invites suspicion and kills any good feelings you can have about the team. That’s what Kobe gets called out for – criticizing people, even if he’s right – and the result of that is the team morale gets hurt. As fans trying to promote a positive atmosphere, let’s not go that route.

  668. Sorry I reposted it. Please delete the other one since I don’t know how to do it. I decided to repost it because I reread it twice and found not one bad word.

  669. boozer would be better off the bench.

  670. Dictator Kobe starves out the country to stave off rebels. His supporters say it's justified because it's a bad country anyway— Ethan Strauss (@SherwoodStrauss) November 13, 2014

  671. LOLOL You are resilient, I’ll give you that.

  672. Highlights from jay910221

  673. Yep, for people to change, they have to want it first. Then you ask the question, now many of us want to lost 20 lbs? It’s not going to be easy, but what is working for Kobe is he hates to lose as much as Lin does, and how many seasons has he been losing? Such a simple choice with Lin on the team.

    Did you notice how Lin has become almost permanently open at the 3 nowadays? Defenses cheat on Kobe so much that Lin is indeed like a 6th player on the court, with 10′ of space. They really should pull that ou if SAS defense LAL the same way. Give it to lin to nail a few long 3s, and then Kobe has room to work.

  674. Haha, Brent’s eyes are over the Hill.

  675. I’m glad they ruled it a flagrant 2. This is like that Jason Kidd swipe at Jeremy, they’re too short to be swiping like that from the back, they’re bound to hit the player’s head instead. It should not be encouraged. Too bad Kidd didn’t even get a flagrant.

  676. Oh ok. Noted.

  677. he’ll never admit it πŸ™‚

  678. If I get banned so be it. I am a big Lin fan who just wants to talk to educated basketball fans. Many here may disagree with my pov but I recognize the names here and most are very knowledgeable about Lin so we shouldn’t have a problem.

  679. Very astute post but disagree with last paragraph of kobe coming around or fans turning on him. I’m not so sure lin will resign in la this summer even if they give him a decent offer.

  680. Woohoo! Nice cover art. Thanks.
    Finally! added to Video Gallery.

  681. wow, North Korean reference.
    Kobe fans will not like this.

  682. Thanks. This vision is good.

  683. I agree

  684. Ya! Can’t believe Lakers hired him for 4 years?! I hope his salary it’s not guarantee so they can fired him asap.

  685. Yep, I remember having this discussion with someone, maybe Brent about spacing in the triangle. Maybe it was Khuang. The point he made was that the spacing needed a good big to work. I countered that spacing can be created with good 3s by Lin to force open the midrange for Kobe. To spread the floor you can either shrink it inwards or expand it outwards.

    I have to teach this in playing doubles in tennis. Often players see the zone defence of 2 good opponents at the net and choke. They go for crazy shots and wind up making stupid mistakes. To beat that zone defence on the tennis court, you have to expand and contract the spaces between the opponents with heavy topspin shots down the middle that stays low over the net. You don’t win with this shot; you create space with this shot! This shot forces both players to have to go for the ball because one of them must commit to it. This will then open a huge opening on the sidelines for a passing shot. That’s why players cutting and getting the ball creates problems for defence. They don’t have to actually shoot or score to be effective. What is even better is if they can read and react to not force a shot if it isn’t there, just like the Spurs. Passing is then used not to create shots but to create space instead. That space distortion builds to a point when the defence loses its definition to leave a wide open shot. That really is the secret of great passing.

  686. Welcome, @GoodDayLA:disqus πŸ™‚

    The #1 rule in the site is “Be Polite & Respectful”. We welcome different opinions but not personal attacks or insult, excessive negativity. So if you disagree with someone, the best ideal response is along the line of “I respectfully disagree”. Mods will give 2 warnings before banning someone who keep breaking the rules.

    Here is the link to the Site Rule:

    Please make yourself comfortable πŸ™‚ I think I vaguely remember some of your good postings

  687. That’s already happened to me four times in the last months. Zero questionable language and sent to moderation queue, only to completely vanish five to ten minutes later. Really odd.

  688. I think Byron is misjudging Price.
    He saw Price performed well in practice and embodied his defensive identity but so far Price hasn’t delivered off the bench.

    Wes has athleticism but has shown a little of active hands in steals but I can’t remember much of other things

    The problem is there’s no more PG other than Clarkson. And it might be time to develop Clarkson soon with the horrible plays that Price has shown in the past 2 games.

  689. No idea that you tried to be “humor.” Sorry for my non existence humorous response:-)

  690. I kinda reset my expectations a bit seeing how Kobe’s agenda has taken over Lakers full potential as a team without restraint.

    After 2 D-League level games, Lakers has shown growth of team chemistry but Kobe is still in the “MJ-Like” mode to push his body.

    I have some hope that Kobe will change with more mounting losses because he averaged 6asts 2-3 yrs ago.

    It’s too early to judge Lin’s level of play to earn him only bench role next season. People understand he can play as the starting PG as Magic himself has tweeted. Worthy, Kobe, AC Green reinforced the same belief in Lin.

    The losing ways can be discouraging but it’s all up to Kobe. Lakers potential is much better than this. With Swaggy, Kelly, Ellington back, it’ll be better. But Kobe is the X factor indeed.

  691. LOL By all means keep on doing it. I have watched this at least 10 times. This was the height of watching the game anyway. Like you and many others I assumed he was boxed in again and another turnover. Didn’t understand why suddenly Hill surfaced and dunked (my laptop screen was small). I was like what??? Then as I turned around, I missed the replay. Remember I told my sis, it would show in highlight anyway. Since it surfaced, couldn’t resist but watched this beautiful play over and over again. The action was just too quick for me to understand what was going on. When I saw pics, made more sense of what was going on. Hahahaha I know I know very slow in catching up:-)

  692. yeah, sometimes Disqus is weird that way. I’ll get to to the whitelist soon.
    But even I get put into moderation regularly.

  693. So checked nba.com and Jeremy’s pass to Hill was not the assist of the night. It was Tyreke Evan’s ally oop to Davis… not even on the same level as Jeremy’s… πŸ™

  694. You are still too optimistic about this. I gave up in preseason. Seem like it’s not only me but many others feel the same. Very little motivation to watch Lakers games now as we keep on watching the repetition of Kobe ball with so “slow” starters. Many JLin fans lose their interest in BS/Kobe team.

  695. Doubt this is his interest.

  696. Nop. He sees the reverse. He doesn’t believe in the fact.

  697. I think Scott is smart, he just need to gain control. Not an easy task

  698. Great writeup, it’s great to read you here. I can see the movement already, not knowing anything about set plays or triangle or what. I live all those movements in soccer and there are no names for those plays. Good players just know how to move to create time and space. Yep, I’d add to your thread that time is as important to create as is space. The two seem the same, but really, time/separation is better than space. Once you have time, you have way more choices than if you have space.

  699. LAL will turn around and getting better. Lin is trying his best to make sure the ship does not sink…

  700. Amazed me that I saw a smile of JLin pic in 4th qtr. Seem like he knows he is doing well despite of Kobe ball.

  701. Very obvious to me. I think he is frustrated but hopeful. He also know he did good imo

  702. And he knows what he can deliver for wins when it’s time. Good positive post, btw. Visited other sites and you know what I’m not about to say …

  703. There are problem s to be solved. I might doubt kohen and Scott way of doing things. I think they want to win tho. That just me

  704. Werd

  705. I don’t know how smart he is but I do know he understands the politics of coaching from his last gig. For now I’ll just give him street smarts for survival.

  706. Sleet/snow in Dallas, so LAL will win next game vs Spurs. Lol

  707. Let hope he sty alive

  708. My takeaway from the loss is that we just have to accept that we’re going through growing pains. We expect the Lakers to play like the Spurs 8 games in, not realizing how long it takes for that to develop.

    This team is just very peculiar. They’re all players with a ‘flaw’ as well as an untapped strength. Kobe ball hogs, Boozer is a defensive sieve, Lin is not aggressive, Wes is bone-headed, Hill is lost… and the list goes on and on (and on). It makes it very difficult to project their potential, because if they manage to click, to find a lineup that mitigates each of their flaws, they could be quite good. That’s a big if though.

    BS is an old school coach. Old school means if he says 15-20 games before he changes with the lineup, that means it will be 15-20 games before he changes the lineup. There existed a time – and it’s not that long ago – where long term solutions were actually a good solution and didn’t involve tanking, where players were given 10-20 games (not 1-2 games) to show their worth, where the solution was to let players grow into their game instead of lineup adjustments. And I think that this is the way teams like the Spurs are made. Now, I’m not comparing Byron to Papovich, but I am saying that we should cut the team and coach some slack. It’s not like they had been playing together for multiple seasons AND got better during the offseason… (*cough* GSW *cough*).

    It is easy to be short sighted and see game by game, easy to get caught up in Kobe this or that, BS this or that, this is wrong, that is wrong – but the team grows not by the sum of its mistakes, it grows by the sum of its successes, and there are more every game. Getting Hill and Boozer to play to their offensive strengths. Making Wes Johnson feel comfortable in the system. Having healthy players back and getting them plugged in.

    I am legitimately worried about defense, though, which I think is hard to teach especially without good personnel. But – when we have a breakout defensive game with Boozer and Hill, thats when the Lakers will be ready for showtime.

    While I would love Davis to be in the starting lineup, or Lin to be moved to the second unit, or a number of others things – I can respect BS for giving his players a chance to play, figure each other out and make the team work, and I think the Lakers will be better for it, regardless of what the final lineup ends up as.

  709. oh well, NBA likes their alley-oops :[
    This has such higher level of difficulty than alley-oops

  710. I’d appreciate a little help on how to read this, thanks in advance.

  711. I like what you wrote except I don’t think Lin is not aggressive. You can see him try one, two, three moves and then dumps to someone when he’s got 2 D. Another example is him trying for a shot over AD, and then giving it to Kobe for a 3. Yes, there are some plays called where he gives iT to kobe and runs to the corner. Those are those plays.

    Also, I would not like to see Lin on 2nd unit. Let swaggyP get his role, his stats. This is Lin’s team to PG now.

    Other than that, nice post!

  712. I up voted you because it was such a long post. Agreed with you also that it’s all about the process.

  713. second unit defense is even worse

  714. Awesome data! Looks like Lin needs to clamp down on those open threes but otherwise he is doing great.

  715. Another angle of awesome play with Hill.

  716. How does that help?

  717. A little awkward tho lol

  718. At least it is a smile:-) Beggar (Me) can’t choose in this kind of game:-)

  719. It’s a nice pic.

  720. he really had to contact AD to get that ball wrapped around to Hill. I was amazed Lin didn’t get hurt on that one, very nicely weaved play. This one is great, to see Asik trying but being threaded.

  721. nice to see you here. Psalm serves cookies after wins, moles after losses.

  722. Ok Feel whole lot better now that I finally found a smiling JLin, I can go back to study hard now:-) It’s not even 6pm.

  723. what are you studying?

  724. Lin fan went to Rockets game today and wore Lin’s jersey. kkaka

    Siempre sΓΊper sencillo el champ en MΓ©xico pic.twitter.com/jFdIW6e9Gn— Bebe sole mexico (@Bebesolemexico) November 13, 2014

  725. Right now? Cert IV in Accounting while having treatment and recuperating. Don’t want to waste my energy/time for doing nothing:-)

  726. When Price got rejected?

  727. Very cool. Yes, it’s great to read you are working on things to get through the treatments. I love accounting lol. Hate doing my own though ha ha.

  728. That’s why I thought. One good thing for today’s game was that he didn’t receive fathom call from refs for a change.

  729. translation?

  730. hahahaha. I know. I always love and good at accounting even in high school. Fear of loving “money” and not God that made me sway from doing anything with it. Decided I should just grasp this opportunity and study it. Maybe another door open for me in future.

  731. What part of Australia are you? I have relatives in Melbourne and Sydney. I always want to visit them, but i hate long flight.

  732. Live in Brisbane Bay area. Not so bad with long flight in my younger days but now take longer time to overcome jetlag. Don’t mind the flight as long as not traveling in peak season period. Ask for back area of flight and the middle section with 4-5 seats. You can always lay down and sleep the whole way:-) lol Did it so many times when I had to travel from Brisbane/Sydney to LA in the past. 14.5 hours is no joke but this helped heaps!

  733. too bad the Rockets won last night πŸ™

  734. I will go with that….I think they will WIN as well

  735. great found!!

  736. No worries, many of us do have opposing views as well. As long as our post falls within “Be Polite & Respectful” line, we are fine. Welcome @GoodDayLA:disqus .

  737. Sorry. Thought someone is translating earlier. Let me see what I can do.
    Pic 1 (top left)
    JL: Big boss (oops not sure how to translate老倧), you can’t do the ball-hog anymore, you will cause the team a loss game.
    Kobe: I know.

    Pic 2 (top right)
    Pelican player: Big boss, you don’t dare to shoot, you fear the miss.
    KObe: I don’t dare to shoot!!!

    Pic 3 (bottom left) K Bryant fg10-28 4 rebounds 5 asts 33 pts
    xxxx see how I shoot?
    5 rings 81pts right, correct, it is me

    Pic 4 (bottom right) Lakers 102:109 Pelicans
    JLin: Big boss, this morning didn’t you promise me that you wouldn’t do ball-hog?
    Kobe: I trick you.

  738. That’s Cain Valasquez next to the Lin Fan. UFC Heavyweight Champ!

  739. mate, please refrain from such name switches. Harden is Harden. Thanks πŸ™‚

  740. 2 moles medium rare please.

  741. Go numbers! Very peaceful for when you need your energies elsewhere.

  742. While I appreciate your objectivity and civilized manner, there’s something to be said about efficiency. One can try to grind out the rough edges and make a square peg round, or start off with an oval peg or something similar with better fit in the first place.

    Fans root for Lin/Davis pairing because they’ve seen it work DESPITE the lack of practice, so why not give the PROVEN approach a chance? Also, fans want Davis to start not only to pair up with Lin, but also because of his defensive prowess. Guy can block, box out, grab boards, score, and is tough as nails. Benching Boozer would match his weaker D with the opponents’ second squad, so the damage is minimized. I actually liked the Boozer signing, but after the preseason the writing was on the wall that Boozer and Hill have poor D.

    The logic is to start with a GOOD fit, and get BETTER from there. It sure is more efficient than starting with a un-meshed group and force the issue.

    That said, I’m talking strictly in basketball terms, and not at all factoring in possible politics in the background, because I have no such insider info.

  743. With a little polishing…

    Pic 1 (top left)
    JL: Bro, you can’t do this ball-hogging gig anymore, the team will lose this way.
    Kobe: Got it.

    Pic 2 (top right)
    Pelican player: Buddy, you won’t dare shoot, you’re afraid of missing.
    KObe: !!! Oh, I don’t dare?

    Pic 3 (bottom left) K Bryant FG 10-28 4 rebs 5 asts 33 pts
    M*&#@[email protected]#&, watch how daddy shoots.
    5 rings 81pts Yeah that’s me alright.

    Pic 4 (bottom right) Lakers 102:109 Pelicans
    JLin: Bro, didn’t you promise me this morning that you wouldn’t be ball-hogging?
    Kobe: I lied.

  744. Whew! For a while there, I thought I was in physics class πŸ™‚ Great posts, I really enjoyed them, so educational.

  745. If Scott is really that bad and Jim Buss said he would step down if Lakers weren’t contenders in 3 years then….it’s not looking very good now.


    Lakers coach Byron Scott said he’s going to give his team about four more games to prove it can run his defensive system before he changes his approach.

    “Most of the time, the things we want to do, they haven’t done,” Scott said. “I don’t know (yet) if it’s because they aren’t capable of doing it or not.”

  747. moving Ed into the line up?

  748. Like shortening the starters minutes like Lin?

  749. oh no, hope not. price is not playing well though. also lin is the second best creator in the team.

  750. Nick Young gonna learn things the hard way. Just ask Kobe:

  751. I just watched this interview by Nick Young in Aug.
    He stated the truth that Lakers actually got 2 coaches, Coach Bryan and Coach Scott. LOL

  752. PFV long vid:

  753. Now tell me again this was unintentional…yeah right


  754. It’s a duality for sure. If you have space, you don’t need as much time. I can only relate this in tennis terms to you. One of the systems of grading levels of play in tennis is a numerical system from 1.0 – 7.0, 7.0 being a touring pro. Right now, I’m a 4.5 and probably will drop further as I get older and slower. That would make me about top 5-10% of all club tennis players. The bottom line is that when I play a 3.5 player, they are often amazed at how much time I seem to have to play a shot. In the same way, if I played a 6.5 player, I’d be amazed at how much time they seem to have. When I used to teach adult club players, I’d say to them that ability to hit the ball is directly related to the tracking skills of the eyes and processing speed of the brain. No matter how good your strokes are, if you cannot see the trajectory of the incoming ball to where you need to place your body to hit a stroke, you will never be any good. The example I’d use is how when we started to drive at highway speeds, we’d struggle keeping the car between the lines of the lanes. After a short while, our eyes grow accustomed to it and time and space becomes more and more easier until we can speed we’ll pass the limits of the law. To advance as a player, you need to advance in speeding up brain processing and take less and less time to decide what to do. The better the athlete, the less time he needs to do the brain processes.

    So finally coming back to your comment on how time is more important. Athletes become better by increasing relative time in their own minds. The ultimate is when they actually enter the zone when time slows right down to slow motion. People used to question the idea of relative time. Why is it waiting for water to boil seems like an eternity, or how is it that the years seem to go by so much quicker as I get older. Scientists have actually studied how to alter the sensation of passage of time. In one study, volunteer students would be blindfolded and free fall from a great height to a net below. They were able to measure a slight shift in the internal clock of the volunteers.

    An athlete that has the ability to slow down his own internal clock can manipulate time to enter the zone. This is one of my fascinations with Lin. Athletics is measure so often by physical skills, but Lin actually has the ability to manipulate time and shrink it or expand it to close gaps or force openings. Lebron uses his physical skills to create space as well as time. Lin uses relative time to creases in space for himself and his teammates.

  755. I think it is getting harder and harder for scott/kobe to justify his ball-hogging. Media is picking up on it and are saying that laker’s are tanking and that kobe is just trying to beat MJ record in points. Even Kobe’s post game interviews are laughable.

  756. I also noticed that lin had no PF last night, whereas Jrue Holiday had 5. He almost fouled out. ED Davis only had 2. So the refs must be getting use to lin’s aggressive defense.

  757. Yes I’m surprised to see no fathom call from refs on this game. Hope this is the turning point for JLin for not receiving fathom calls/calls as well as getting calls when he is fouled.

  758. I hope so too. I hope last night’s game was a wake-up call for Scott. I think he knows that he is on a slippery slope now. He can’t control Kobe, and Kobe is only concerned about getting his points, and scott/kobe trying to act like kobe is getting it one because the team is not stepping up. Scott is very delusional, because he is the one that keeps Hill/Boozer in the starting lineup when they are so lazy on defense. Yep, Scott/kobe won’t be able to sell this story for very long. Lin just needs to keep playing his brand of basketball.

  759. I like this “dictator”…LOL! I really hope Kobe can start to play team ball not just talk… Well, in fact, he is not talk about that anymore in the past 2 games…smh!

  760. It is getting increasingly hard to figure out what is going on with the Lakers. A lot of politics, agendas and dysfunctions involved.

    Phil Jackson once said that Kobe’s only solution to a bad shooting night was to keep shooting, whilst Michael Jordan would stop shooting sometimes and gradually work his way back into the game by contributing in other areas.

    So I think Kobe is just doing whatever he has been doing all this time. Ironically, given his mindset, the more he misses the more likely it is that he will shoot more. The question is will he change in order to win?

  761. Good read. And don’t forget the opponents were in different level. Lin defended starters. Pirce bench, most of the time.

  762. I must admit to being disappointed with Scott. On the bright side, Lin’s brand of basketball is as enjoyable as ever.

  763. I am too is very disappointed with Scott. He talked a really good game in the preseason about how to limit kobe, but he doesn’t have the guts to do it. I think Mitch/Buss thought that he could influence kobe and it one of the main reasons why they hired him. I will give props to let lin play his brand of basketball,and that lin is turning into a defensive juggernaut. Lin had no fouls last night. Jrue Holiday had 5

  764. Hope is the best medicine. It’s great that in your mind you see your future with us clearly. We are all cheering you on.

  765. I found something funny to me. Those star PGs are pretty annoyed by Lin’s restless defense. They released their anger to poor Ronnie Price whenever Lin is out.

    When Kobe is not on the court, Lin released his madness to other PGs. haha I kind enjoy the last 3 minutes garbage time more last night.

  766. no way, it’s so clear now, without Lin’s defense against those star PGs, Lakers cannot even get close to even those lost games.

  767. Now that I think about it, Scott probably decided that it was going to be Kobe ball all the way, even before the training camp.

    Maybe that’s why he decided to focus on defence, since the offence would just be about giving the ball to Kobe.

    Well, it has surely not worked out.

    I am still hoping that coach Lin will figure something out.

  768. a new postgame thread..
    Who shall be aggressive/assertive like Lin to be 1st?

  769. If it is the case, i bet Jeremy & Ed will be the leaderd

  770. LOL Me again from DU:-)

  771. I was talking bout the guy that make fg. He is #13 and in black.

  772. If he move Davis to the starters line up he might drag Price as well so you know who will be going to the bench.

  773. LOL, in term a comprehensive Player, I dont think Kobe is anywhere near MJ level.

    Kobe was (partially is now) primarily a scorer. Whatever it takers, he will find means of scoring. Thats what he had been. To changed that mindset, is not going to be easier.

    Even Jeremy with just 2 yrs of brainwash from ROX, still at times, goes to the corner waiting for his 3s, during couple of preseason and earlier games.

  774. Brent probably trolling with superstitious stuff.

  775. Here are the numbers for most missed shots

    1. Kobe Bryant, 13,418 (and counting)

    2. John Havlicek, 13,417

    3. Elvin Hayes, 13,226

    4. Karl Malone, 12,682

    5. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, 12,470

    6. Michael Jordan, 12,345

    Bryant has played 1252 games. Jordan made the list in 1072 games.

    With that many games, obviously he is going to up there in terms of misses

  776. Ethan is trolling Kobe, you sure he isn’t the same etane from JLinNet?

  777. Wondering how many Kobe fans bombard him on his twitter now.

  778. yes, we sync for sure on this. What I loved about time in soccer (or any live action game) is that you do a directional trap, and all of a sudden, you have 3 seconds. Had you done a static trap standing their with the ball, the guy is on you as soon as you are done receiving the ball. No time. So, that extra 3 seconds is there for you to create. So, it’s not just a mind warp in the flow, but a real thing one strives for in sports that involve more than on person moving in independent harmony.

    I guess that’s why my screen name is JoeTeam. Average Joe, but in a Team, with team play, we avg joes are extraordinary.

    So, back to Lin: Yesterday’s wraparound pass to Hill around Asik and a fouling uncalled AD … that was creating time. There was no space. JLinFanfrom Aust posted an angle where Lin was so far from AD that it looked impossible for that pass to work because it had to go through AD’s body. psalm and others in realtime said they thought Lin was trapped for sure. But you know in vid what he did. He made body contact with AD, so he could wrap his arms around AD and give it to Hill with about 2 seconds of time. WOW! Lin created time out of nothing, by contacting AD. And, that’s why his fall didn’t hurt him … he was going in intending to hit. And, that’s why the uncalled foul was ok – the ref allowed the play because he saw what Lin was doing to get the ball to Hill and it was a split second and the ref knew it was a dunk coming.

    There you go, I love time AND space in fluid games. That’s why I don’t like ISO because it’s so simple, what they create. What Lin did was … just just just what we strive for in playing jazz (KHuang, coming here?) or doing what we master.

    For Tennis, I would guess your example of the doubles play is where my head is hat. And, now you know why I’m always posting rebuttals to the simple interpretations that knock Lin. It’s not that I know better, it’s that coming from live sports all these year, I’m seeing a very different game. And, I surely don’t know one set play and don’t care to know, because soccer and rugby have not set plays and they are fine games where people get mad at 1-0 scores, but I marvel that all that time and space that the teams create automatically, and the glory is seeing the game 3 seconds ahead where the offense and defense are always working to get a through ball or a stop.

    Thanks for reading, have a great day.

  779. youarethebest … lol.

  780. passive as not being involved in controlling the game and deferring too much to Kobe. I only followed the game for the first quarter and then had to work. It seems psalm awarded him A- but you would think he got an F at the other site.

  781. Lam … Yeah, well I don’t grade Lin because it doesn’t matter to me. I just watch him because of the team effect he has.

    To your point, Lin is not in control of the game because of BS coaching and KoME mode. Kobe can say what he wants, but when his head goes crazy, Lin is not in control and it is not passive for him to allow the swinging elbows to fly until KoME is tired. That’s actually very active control to allow errant energy to dissipate and adjust to it.

    As to the words passive and deferring, I don’t use them and don’t like it when I read them.

    Here’s why …

    As if each of us played live action team sports regularly at a high level, as if we played college, as if we played pros, as if we were paid $15m … we just don’t know all that goes into a game’s action.

    For me in competitive ball, you never know any one day what the team soup is going to feel like. You sort of know, but you don’t know. You do your best and there are so many things that go into a winning mindset besides, oh, I have the ball, am I going to score.

    I have never gone into a team sport thinking – today I am going to be passive, or today, I am going to give the ball up to the heroes. I just think … I’m ready and it’s going to be a great game. I don’t think these people go in with any mindset except the game plan and the challenge ahead of them. In that light, how can anyone be passive or deferring? Each play then dictates one’s action, etc. and it’s a cascade of live choices that people seek to interpret in some way. But, you can just see the result and admire things, but you cannot guess the intent except no competitive athlete intends to be passive or deferring. Actually, not you, but I think that rhetoric in Lin fan sites is a troll thread to infer race deferring and the beta man. That I can’t agree with, given it is an insidious path people are laying out.

    But yeah, on Lin’s play alone and not the troll part, I disagree that he defers and is ever passive. I accept the talk Lin does around it, but anyway, why bother if you are a fan? You aren’t on that point, making that choice. You can only know the result, not the intents. So, I won’t ever use those words and privately, I recoil at reading them because we are not all those ‘as ifs’ and it contributes to the race trolling.

    Now, does Jeremy have off days? Yep for sure.

  782. Thanks for the lengthy reply. Dunno, maybe I’ve been subconsciously influenced by the trolls . As for me, for various reason , I have not watched a Jeremy game for two years, so its hard for me to make my own judgement.

  783. So if you don’t watch any JLin games, then why do you comment on his passivity and deference? I mean, how do you get that from watching box scores? For example, have you see Ariza’s box scores? He has a similar inconstancy relative to Lin, with similar minutes. He’s playing with a ball-dominant guard too. Do you feel Ariza is passive or deferential? Have you seen Tony Parker’s inconsistency? Is he passive or deferential, given he has monster games too?

    I see in your post record you comment in a variety of ways, so I see you for now as a genuine person. What is it about this forum that interests you given you don’t watch Lin play?

  784. Sorry if I come off wrong – If you really haven’t watched any games, try to a few times. I suggest you watch Lin’s defensive effort, if you cannot see the offensive output. That will indicate to you his aggressiveness and sustained effort. The Mike Conley block last game is an example. Have fun with it …

  785. Me too. Nice post…got some great responses about Scott.

    Off topic: “fathom” is a unit of measuring depth of water. I think “phantom” is the word you intend, which means illusory, ghostly, something with no reality – as in bad foul calls on Lin. It’s one of those English words with it’s roots in Latin that’s confusing because in spite of sounding like “f”, it’s spelled with “ph”. πŸ˜‰

  786. I still am interested in Lin’s career(its fascinating) but I’m not really super fan of him like you guys . What started me following him is the “rag to riches ” story of Linsanity, I’m always a sucker for the underdog story.
    However, I don’t get into emotional highs when he has a good game or lows when as you say he has an off day.

  787. ok, he’s having an off half today. Now the fun starts!

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