G07 [email protected] PreGame Thread

Finally, one Win down for the Lakers! That’s a big sigh of relief because the Lakers are relaxed and finally believe they can win big similar to the 34-12 run in the 3rd quarter against the Hornets.

I’m encouraged to see four separate instances in the 2nd half where Kobe looked to pass for Lin repeatedly and Lin delivered big time! Kobe also continued to confirm his belief in Lin in the post-game interview by saying he expected Lin can do it unlike his other teams (GSW, Knicks, Houston). Let’s hope it continues to grow and Lin and Kobe can learn to play off each other to be offensive threat against any opponents. It will definitely take time and involves ups-and-downs but it’s a great sign of Lin’s long-term future in LA.

Now, the Lakers will face a tough team in Memphis (6-1) on the road. Will the Lakers be able to be competitive and even steal a win?

Lin will have the challenge facing up against Mike Conley (whom he’s familiar and helped to contain in HOU) and a big man in Marc Gasol who protects the paint well. Will Lin’s drives be contained by Gasol? Will Lin counter it with midrange jumpers and floaters?

Here is the NBA Game Preview between the Grizzlies and Lakers.

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  1. 1st 🙂

  2. 2nd : (

  3. the Linning queen is back on the throne again :]

  4. Is he roaring or saying “Let’s go”?

  5. Keep it up Jeremy!

  6. Arghhhhhhh, let’s get it!!!

  7. LakersPulse weekly review

    The short summary:
    1. Positive: Ed Davis. Needs some PnR with Lin
    2. Negatives:
    – Rotation: Play Davis more than Boozer. Also Clarkson as the future player instead of Price (hustle guy)
    – Kobe’s efficiency
    3. Next week prediction 0-3 (Grizzlies, Pelicans, Spurs)

  8. SO from the highlight, I see Scott starts to screen the screener…good…Will make it harder to double Lin up high

  9. Kobe Lin and boozer triangle seems great too. I do know what defender would front boozer tho

  10. M…..Lin’s form went back to the 2013 season’s again. Seems working too.

  11. Lakers look to continue balanced approach on offense


    But the green light was specifically given to Boozer and Lin after Bryant outshot the rest of the starters, 37-35, in the Lakers’ 112-106 loss to Phoenix last week.

    In Lin’s case, Scott pulled him aside while the Lakers walked from the locker room to the court before Sunday’s game. Get out of your comfort zone, Scott said. Take control of the offense.

    Lin responded with 21 points and seven assists in the team’s 107-92 victory that ended a winless start at five games. Bryant had 21 points and Boozer had 16.

    “It’s one of those things where there’s no specific formula because every game has its own personality,” Lin said. “In general, we do want to try to keep everything as balanced as possible.”

    It all sounds fine, but theory and reality can be vastly different. The Lakers’ game Tuesday in Memphis will test how secure they are in their newfound balance.

    The Grizzles (6-1) are giving up an NBA-low 87.6 points per game. The number of shots Bryant takes could directly correspond with how much the Lakers panic on offense. Or how little faith Bryant has in some of his teammates.

    Scott tends to call the supporting cast the guilty party, not Bryant. He did it again Monday.

    “When you’ve got a bunch of new guys playing with a legend, it takes time,” Scott said. “A lot of those guys, they watched Kobe over the years be one of the best players that ever played this game. So of course when they throw it to him, sometimes they have the tendency to stand around and watch because they want to see what he’s going to do.”

  12. When did it change?

  13. The second yr in HOU. He came out gunning

  14. Which is 2013 season no?

  15. Indeed, my bad…:P

  16. 😛 Lin must win for the veterans tomorrow. LEGGO LIN

  17. Good article discussing Lin’s future as Kobe’s protege in LA and breaking down his

    Los Angeles Lakers: Jeremy Lin is the Franchise PG


    Kobe’s Protege Part I: The Co-Sign
    Kobe’s Protege Part II: Commitment to Defense

  18. Even Lin fans got an honorable mention LOL

    Through thick and thin, Lin’s rabidly loyal fan base will stand by his side. Not only will they voice their support via social media and game attendance, but they’ll put money into his merchandise.Whether it should or shouldn’t be, that’s the icing on the cake for why Lin is the Lakers’ new franchise point guard.

  19. Hey, Happy Veteran’s Day tomorrow!
    Thank you for serving again.

    You too, @brentyen:disqus back in Taiwan :] a while back

  20. you mean the shooting form taught by Doc Scheppler?
    Perhaps the change was influenced by HOU coaches?

  21. Not sure, sometimes it is just because of camera angles

  22. Eeek.

  23. Poor Memphis. They might be in a shock tomorrow :]
    5% chance but it’s still a chance with Lin running the offense!

  24. All streaks must come to an end! Eventually.

  25. Blaiyan is not an Asian. Was kinda surprise which i shouldn’t

  26. Fans from all over. Or just working hard in a good channel feed. Either way out both, we benefit.

  27. Hey Brent, what do you remember about Lin v the touted grizz D? I seem to remember them as though, but linnable.

  28. Given what I have seen on Lakers’ offense. There are not lacking of smart sets. It really down to how Kobe, Boozer and Lin use it. I mean if we ignore the lineups and substitution rotations.

  29. I think it is linnable, as long as they know how to stop the 2 towers there…

  30. Blaiyan deserves all the clicks . One of the best Lin highlight’s channels out there.

  31. I thought he was a bay area local, he followed Jeremy pretty early when he was in GSW.

  32. Lin had to have a near perfect game to beat the hornets. Imagine how well he’ll need to play to have a fighting chance against memphis.

    Here’s to Kobe taking < 21fga. It'll get more guys involved.

  33. one thing I found funny is that they will add one set before a game, and then in that game, they would play that set over and over and over and over. Till next game, they will add a new one.

    Guess it will take a while till they got all the sets in, then they will start to have more variety.

  34. fingers crossed. I wish either Lin gets hot on 3s or somebody else can to open up the floor a bit.

  35. Hard to say, it is not just Lin playing.

  36. BTW, in that highlight video, Lin missed the floater and got his own rebound. There were about 100 Hornets’ players around him……M……Lin should play 5….

  37. MEM is a very good defensive team. One way to beat them is to outrun them. But we know LAL is slower than a very slow MEM. So…………

  38. Does anyone know the mismatches for this game? The mismatch (Boozer/whoever was guarding him) in the previous game was a huge factor in the outcome.

  39. For sure, 3’s & Hill’s perimeter threat will open up the offense, but laker “bigs” will need to be attacking the basket on both sides of the court. MANY PnR’s with Lin- Davis should be used to get Gasol and Randolph in foul trouble. But we all know Scott doesn’t like the Lin-Davis pairing.

  40. let’s hope to see a good Lin game. I just reviewed the games this season, and Lin played really well for over half the games he’s played. I hope he continues now that Kobe has backed off a bit.

  41. and a fast behind the back to a wide open Hill. What was Hill doing out there instead of the o-reb?

  42. Hill was running with Lin though, that’s how he got Lin’s first assist. They run the previous game too. I think both of them worked under D’antoni, so maybe they had some kind of chemistry there, like how to run a fast break?

  43. Hill was in Houston during Lin’s first stay.

  44. Hey I am not rabid. I got my shots in June.(*`^´)=3

  45. Sure. That’s a good way to put it.

  46. Congrats..(* – -)

  47. Sure could use (a younger) Kobe’s ability to attack the rim in this game. Master-Flopper Harden breaks down defenses this way.

  48. LOL…surprised that many didnt know…we even had a chat on it back at JLinet couple of years ago, on the topic, Jeremy’s fan are not Asian alone 🙂

  49. rabies rabbit then! 🙂

  50. Barkley: All steaks must come to and end!

  51. You called?

  52. I dont think its fair to call Harden a flopper, no doubt he had mastered the art of getting calls. But its definitely not defined as a flop since its still within the foul call of the game where contact been implied

  53. who?! me…NO

  54. Totally off JLin topic: Watched the news just now and learned that world leaders were arriving for G20 Submit in Brisbane. This was what the reporter said: “This put Brisbane into the world map besides Sydney and Melbourne.” So sweet to hear:-)

  55. Flopping can be seen as a desperate response to frequent NON-calls. Both non-calls and flopping takes away from the legitimacy of the sport. In Harden’s case, he has definitely “mastered the art of getting calls”

  56. NBA highlight: Jeremy Lin Drops 21 to Help Lakers Get First Win of Season

  57. wow.. Blaiyan is a bro also a Yankees fan? I thought Blaiyan was a Taiwanese Lin fan, good for him 🙂

  58. Thanks for letting us know. Appreciate it! Just curious: If not Asian then what he is???

  59. I like this tool. But, last year, MEM did not have Gasol, so we’ll see. V different teams.


    And then this – Go Lin, the underdog!


  60. Lin 24 pts, 8 asts, 4 Rebs 2 stls tonight
    6-11 FGA, 11-12 FTA, 35 minutes

  61. sweet…thats cuddly!

  62. A big surprise! I thought he is a Taiwanese……appreciate his vid job

  63. Now that LA has applied for two injury exceptions, they need another big that can block shots and defend in the paint. and a wing-man with ray Allen’s talents. I suggest Andrew Bynum, and Ray Allen. just some thoughts

  64. Will they be able to get those two?

  65. Bynum is a huge gamble but I think the best bet with a huge upside if it pays off.

  66. i think so too. kobe actually liked bynum. bynum is a very gifted athlete. sign him for a year.

  67. it depends on if they want to play. ray allen has two championship rings, and he has the same talent agency as lin. ray allen has a son that has juvenile diabetes, so for him, it is about where the fit for his family. bynum needs a role model and a hug. i think now that scott is the coach for the lakers, he might provide some guidance for him. just some thoughts

  68. Thanks for the info. Don’t know much about players other than JLin. Ray Allen isn’t playing now right? What about Andrew Bynum? Which team he is playing now?

  69. It most likely pay off with the Lakers’ bowling club! I don’t like Bynum’s attitude, he’ll likely be detrimental to the team spirit.

  70. I’m ready for the next win. Go Jeremy! Dragon & Mamba will beat the teddy bears!

  71. 19/9

  72. According to their position Boozer should guard Zach Randolph.

  73. Did KH hack your account?

  74. When they throw the ball to him they know the ball most likely will not come back so they stand around and watch.

  75. didn’t know that……his 15ft jumper (actually is a jumper without jump, or can we call it a stander) is good tho

  76. 18/10

  77. Maybe he played against Lin in high school.

  78. Silly rabit, Go back into you’re rabit hole tonight and sleep during tonight’s game. I won’t watch either, Brent and Mac also shouldn’t. WE ARE THE ANTI JINX CREW.

  79. I chose 22/3 before and Lin got 4 more assists with 21/7

    So I chose 25/5 now.
    Hopefully I’m wrong the same pattern of Lin getting more assists! —> 24/9

  80. 29/5

  81. Tonight’s game is going to be ugly, I think. I would bet less point and more assist for Lin. I don;’t know Mem’s coach well, but I guess they will load their defense on Lin.


  82. Bynum would help Lakers to reach the playoff is his knee is healthy. Not sure if he’s motivated. Maybe the new Kobe would be willing to reach out to mentor him.

    This article also talks about rumor to send Nash’s expiring contract to 76ers to get Shved/Wroten who are really good players


  83. I’m predicting 15/5 I hope I am waaay under

    How did @JLin7 fare against Mem last year? What's your prediction for jlin and the @Lakers http://t.co/X6qF4WZ6WQ— JLinArticles&Facts (@JLArticlesFacts) November 11, 2014

  84. Isn’t Wroten another guard! No more guards!! ;-P

  85. You are really optimistic hehe

  86. Oddly, your prediction and mine are mostly similar.

  87. I think so far you’re winning the Most Optimistic Lin Fan!
    I like the bold prediction :>

  88. How bout let’s go for 40pts? hehe

  89. AC and James talking about Kobe helping Lin and others do better.


    I think the push from Byron and Kobe for Lin to be more assertive is true, but I think the first few games, the ball really wasn’t coming back to him. How’s Lin suppose to do anything? After that Kobe 37 shot attempt game, hopefully he realize that’s not how Lakers can win.

    I feel that Lin really believes that each game is different. I think that’s why he starts out slowly each game. He’s trying to figure out the defense and adjust to how best to play against it which takes time. That’s why he’s more of a 2nd half/4th Qtr guy. Rox never gave him that chance since they had Harden. Not sure how much Lakers will give Lin with Kobe around. Will have to wait and see.

  90. 29 is unlikly if anything its a=either early 20’s or in the 30’s. 35 to be exact. he hasnt ever struggled to play against memphis. he has the ball in his hand unlike midway through last year. yes lal are slow but lin is too fast for memphis.like rose on bulls. the bulls are slow but rose is a 1 man fast brake

  91. I guess I’m also a pussycat inside. Lol

  92. But ours last prediction were higher than most people. Was that the tiger side of us? LOL

  93. Here is my take on Kobe/Lakers. Kobe knows that a championship is out of the question, so he will settle for trying to beat MJ record on points. After that he will be advising Mitch/Buss on who to keep and to recruit for the team. I think it is a good possibility that lin will stay because mitch/buss know that lin is not about drama, and he will play second fiddle to kobe while he is on the team. I think Kobe will be testing lin to see if he holds up for the Lakers and can carry the torch. I think Boozer is not here for the long term. Boozer knows that this is a contract year for him, and that kobe is not even trying to get him a new contract. Lin on the other hand can make Boozer look like a superstar if he listens to lin. Have you noticed that Hill is listening to lin more now, and setting good screens for him. Davis has already figured out that Lin is the key to his potential. Lin has been given the green light to take control of the offense, which he has not had that since he played for Dantoni. I think lin/kobe/davis are the only ones on this team with high bball iq, because you can see it during the games. We still will have the ups and downs of a new rebuild team, but I was very hopefully in the last game because the players seem to be clicking on all cylinders, and I often saw lin leading the huddle and players were listening to him. just some thoughts.

  94. You go girl! Why the heck not!

  95. who is on here that posted that according to the horoscopes that the Lakers will start winning after Nov 7. They were absolutely on the money. Does the poster have anymore predictions about this team? Thank you for your timely response.

  96. BTW, I fixed the poll to only count registered members votes.
    Currently, the leading votes is 18/7 with 7 votes (33%)

  97. Off topic, do you have small kids? You are so patient and kind to some these posters on here☺

  98. let me check your vote :] haha..

  99. “Lakers improving under Kobe’s guidance”
    TWCSN Interview with Worthy and AC Green

  100. Thanks, I posted the youtube link above.
    Good stuff from Green and Worthy to encourage Jeremy to be bolder

  101. I like how both Green and Worthy continued to encourage Lin to be bolder, not looking over the shoulder of being yanked out like in High School (more like in Houston under McHale’s yank watch)

  102. That was very enlightening from AC Green in what he aid Kobe said to lin/boozer/ellington. It seemed that the light switch turned on for all of them in the last game…I love it…

  103. Clearly, a few fake Lin fans over there try to provoke fight between Lin fans and Kobe fans and some of the fans there are not smart enough to see it.

  104. You mean his set shots? lol

  105. I talked to my niece last night and she and some of her friends went to the game on Sunday. She stated that it was almost like a playoff atmosphere and that she was happy that they won. She and her friends two favorite players are lin/kobe, it use to be Swaggy P/kobe. I asked her why she changed to lin and she said that he is really a good basketball player and also that he is really cute(rolls eyes). I asked her did she and her friends want more tickets to the Laker games and she said yes, that they would always support the Lakers no matter what.

  106. AC revealed what Kobe said a lot in practice:
    “Boozer, run early, get down to the paint and post upso we can get you the ball
    “Jeremy, where you’re open, just shoot the ball, don’t worry about it. Just play basketball!”
    “Wayne, come off that screen and shoot like you know how can shoot. Be you!”
    Guys are starting to understand that and believe that.

    Gotta Love it when a team is coming together! :]

  107. yes, 2 rambunctious boys who use up my patience a lot but love them 😀
    Thank you :] I’m still learning to better in being patient

  108. I’m not the one posted this ‘Nov 7” turning point for Lin. But I read some Chinese wisdom spreading in Chinese Forum. It’s expected Linsanity in full force started from Nov 22 until All-star week. After All-Star week, Lin will prep his teammates for play-off. So we’ll see the Lakers in play-off.

  109. I have small kids but I am not kind and patience.

  110. That’s when Nick Young comes back…interesting.

  111. That is so refreshing. My nephew is 19 and I wander about some of his choices. My sister usually uses me to get through to him when she can’t. Ex. I was trying to ask him why he made a choice that was so stupid, and he got smart with me, so I put him out of my car, and he had to walk about 20 miles to get home. My nephew understands that when I talk to him that I am not trying to judge him, just trying to understand his choices, and him getting cocky with me is not going to cut it. I said that to say this, He and I are very good friends, and he knows that I ask the tough questions to make him think. We are actually really good friends because he is asking me now about dating advise..LOL

  112. I love it…..❤ ❤ ❤

  113. I like AC’s encouragement, but they left out “Kobe, stop chucking up 37 shots when you’re triple-teamed, and pass the ball to the open man”

  114. me too. We’re all excited for Lin’s games this season! We don’t even worry about these L games.

  115. Off topic, but Phil Jackson took offense to what Silver had to say about the Knicks and the triangular offense…..Shots fired…


  116. I am beginning to like Kevin Ding, I think he use to be in the middle of the road, but he seems to be very supportive and almost protective and of lin. BTW Kobe follows him on twitter. Kobe follows very few journalist, which says to me that kobe considers him to be fair.

  117. That’s why teammates usually play better when Lin has the ball, they fully expect the ball back.

  118. interesting……indeed shots fired.

  119. what is your emoticon supposed to be??

  120. A angry face with a punch thrown.

  121. Tigers are not supposed to …..:P

  122. They are not going to say that publicly, but i am sure they said that privately to kobe..just some thoughts

  123. Dang. AC Green knows what he’s talking about! LEGGO LIN!

  124. They probably said “Kobe, you’ve got to trust your guys. You can take on 3 guys, not 5. Better shot selection please”

  125. Thanks for your service to our country btw.
    Camp Pendleton?

  126. Good “tough love”, Joyce :]
    Love & discipline definitely need to go together and be balanced.

    As Dr. James Dobson said:
    0% love, 100% discipline = dictatorship
    100% love + 0% discipline = spoiled children

    Good that your nephew knows you care to spend time and care enough to discipline him :] 20 miles.. wow LOL I bet he’ll always remember that for the rest of his life

  127. As a non-Asian, the assumption that most Lin fans were Asian used to annoy me…both for myself and for Lin. But after thinking about it I realized that any group naturally tunes more to their own outlook and maybe don’t automatically notice just how manyf other kinds of people are on the same page.

    In that vein, congrats to ‘Brissie’ JLin Fan from Australia for the big international event in her home town Brisbane. See? If it had been in LA, I wouldn’t have been as clueless about the G20 Summit.

  128. Thanks bro!
    Pendleton and Miramar… andd lots of other places! Cheers!

  129. Have fun tonight my fellow veterans. Be safe– don’t drink and drive!

  130. I know.. enough PG controversy for the time being, right? :]
    Ray Allen would be the best addition with veteran leadership and 3PT threat

  131. I used to be patient .. until kids came along :]
    Now I’m trying to be a recovering patient-holic haha..

  132. Yeah, I have actually challenged since he was about 6 or 7. He was that kid that would go missing and be found in the toy store. I was in the military and when I came home on one particular time and we were on our way to Walmart, and my sister started giving my nephew this speech about not going off on his own and he was rolling his eyes, saying yeah, I know. I then reminded him of a famous case (Adam Walsh[s son) that his body had been found with no head and he that he too had gone off wandering without his parent’s permission. That turned a light bulb for him that he never did try to wander off again.

  133. are you suspecting Nick Young could be behind this Chinese wisdom with Nov 22 comeback? :]
    After all he’s wanting to do Rush Hour LA with Lin

  134. Hey marine, I am already at home and will not be going out for the evening,. I have to work the next day..LOL

  135. I hope you’re not talking the Lakers 1 game winning streak =)

  136. Yes, kids can get the patience out of parent fast. The more you have to faster it is gone.

  137. No matter how my nephews/nieces disrespect me, don’t think I can let them walk alone 20 miles home. Think of the consequences, what if he/she meet bad people on the way home? What if he/she get lost? What if..and so on?

    I think there are better ways to discipline teens than let them walk alone for miles.

    I guess people just have different ways of approach things.

  138. Here is hoping the Lakers can create a winning streak tonight. I also like how Kobe is purging Lin of his “demons” he receive in Houston. Kobe wants to see the Lin that drop 38 pts on him. Not the Lin that was force to back up P Bev.

  139. not that surprised, Lin fans are from everywhere

  140. Lin 25/7, and Kobe takes less than 15 shots. Lakers lose still.

  141. What’s to say Blaiyan’s not Taiwanese? =)

  142. He works hard and he deserves his youtube revs, because it is legal now to do mashups online. That gave youtube a lot of legitimacy (law happened about 2-3 years ago)

  143. waiting for Lin to pass him the ball =)

  144. you can call his 15 ft shot =)

  145. whoa, did not know that

  146. Sure your account didn’t get hack, right?

  147. Impossible!!! LOL. If those stat predictions come true the Lakers would win far more than they lose!

  148. very nice to read this. When Swaggy comes back, they will love him too. It seems in the younger generation, because maybe they are behind their iPhones all day, that they are less sensitive to swag being hot air and more inclined to follow that. In our day, it was the person who walked quietly and carried a big stick that was admirable. Lin can be both! His tongue wagging booya poses plus his indirect professional hits in interviews show his range.

  149. That prediction is just for this one game and all the others on this page.

  150. uh oh, ZBo is much better than Marvin Williams

  151. That was right after the KobeFIND and Lin3!

  152. wha? That’s not like you webA … you’re normally in band for rationale jk.

  153. master sergeant? I need to learn to keep folks in their lanes, for the good.

  154. Nah, that was right after the one that he pass to Lin for left hand layup. Check the video that psalm post below at 1:55 if you sorted by “newest”.

  155. It would be so great to live another 2×20 years and think back on Kobe handing it to Lin, and then Lin taking it to a new 5 rings. Patience … ninja = patient person in Chinese characters, yes adopted in Kanji.

  156. LOL, senior moment thank you 7iger!

  157. Not sure about Kobe takes less than 15 shots though

  158. Ray Allen would be awesome, space the floor, he would get so many open looks off Lin’s penetration, Lin’s assists would increase by +3 per game. Unfortunately, I think Allen is only interested in playing for a championship contender.

    I don’t like Bynum’s game or attitude though. I think he wore out his welcome in LA, so I highly doubt the Lakers would be interested in signing him.

  159. I agree Allen before Bynum.

  160. I that is why I was wondering if he didn’t get hack

  161. I just happened to watch the video right before you comment hehe.

  162. tryin’ to keep his role with stats so they won’t get another big.

  163. keep me on track to the facts, I’m always overworked.

  164. really? I thought it was someone sneezing with eyes closed.

  165. If Kobe takes less than 15 shots, then Lin must be on fire dropping a career high 50 pts on somebody.

  166. Me too!

  167. I have asked psalm to remove my Mod tag as I will not ban anyone anyway. I prefer to flag mean spirited posts and let them decide. I also want to respond to nasty posts with push-backs without indirectly disagreeing with psalm or other leaders. I will however continue to support psalm and others. Thanks for noting.

  168. http://s17.postimg.org/xdspao3zj/lin_in_tub_of_ice.jpg

    Jeremy Lin 林書豪
    Liked · 38 mins ·

    recovering and getting ready for tonight’s game! LA Lakers

    JLin fb

  169. It’s very controversial … to predict Kobe takes less than 15 shots :]
    His ave FGA is 23.7 with the fewest attempts at 15 (Clippers) and 17 (Rockets)

    Is there a reason that you think Kobe will take less than 15?

  170. 0_0

  171. = 1.8

  172. Thank you for serving briefly as a Mod, @JoeTeam :]
    I know all the old-time posters will definitely still count on your support.

    We will continue to encourage all users to have respectful and polite discussion even they have polarized opinions. I believe we can all learn to do so.

    If people simply say, “I respectfully disagree . This is why ..”, we’ll get closer to our vision to positively bringing Lin fans together.

  173. That doesn’t look very comfortable. Wonder what the reason for an ice bath would be for. Hope it’s not an injury/swelling…

  174. After the Lin reverse Kobe puts his hand up for Lin to slap. Yeah. Worthy and Green are good here.

  175. typical recovery after practice for many athletes. supposed to reduce inflammation damage

  176. You don’t need to be polite to me ha ha. I did not do anything to Mod except to give you all some feedback at times, and really, in a volunteer organization, feedback = more work for psalm or others. I am just glad you have this site up and running, and it is good. I hope to support you more and more as the years go by, to our health, to the health of JLin and all the good posters here. Behind the scenes you have my real help and support, and in front of the fans, I am just a citizen. Thank you, for all the work and vision for this site.

  177. there were also at least 2 Kobe “fist pumps” after Lin drained the long 3s. Very good sign indeed for Lin’s brighter future in LA!

  178. yup, it’s exponential impatience rate based on # of kids :]

  179. Thanks for sharing!
    Gory-but-awesome stories definitely work wonder with boys as effective teaching lessons

  180. LOL…well you can read it that way too…

  181. hey, I’m serious about your warm welcome to new posters being part of a mod job :] Thanks, bro!

  182. ok, maybe you can have a tag that says: “Not a Mod, representing him/herself, but anyway, a greeter and an organ of the police state” lol. Half serious.

  183. Ok, just never seen it before. I know they generally ice joints and Lin showed the cryogenic chamber in one of his vids, but full baths is new to me. Thanks!

  184. This is definitely doable, but it’s based heavily on how Bryant decides to play…iso or team ball. I’m holding out for a win tho.

  185. lol .. not sure if Disqus will add that tag in the future :>

  186. I was wondering where are my regular posters go in the other site. Now I know. No one sent me the memo that you guys are hiding here. It’s good to see the regular posters here.

  187. Man, I’m not a big Bryant fan, but these two just look right together. Hoping it continues through out the season.

  188. I just found out too…

  189. Welcome. Most people here would not try to take traffic from .net because we respect the owner/mods thereof for their hard work over the years. Speaking for myself, I just had to get away from all the trolls because it was messing up my efficiency in loving Lin and the Lin community.

    There was however a lot of public discussion on .net in the Fall, and this happened because of Psalm and a few others whose hard work I didn’t know.

  190. Trolls got delete here quick?

  191. They get called out quickly, and Mods are now working out how to be fair and efficient.

  192. Welcome, @batman189:disqus and @disqus_ZeKxDH7hxi:disqus :>
    Glad you found us! A few old timers want a site to build positive JLin Fans community.
    So make yourself comfortable 😀

  193. Joe is correct. The standard rule is 2 warnings to observe the rules.
    #1 Rule is “Be Polite & Respectful”

    Please see the Site Rules & Banning Guidance

    People can disagree respectfully but we don’t want anything to do with personal attack, name-calling, etc.

  194. Thank you! glad to see some “oldtimers” here haha!

  195. On today’s game, for those of you who know my posts, I’m a die-hard Lin believer.

    Alas though, Lin had such a monster game Sunday that I have to reduce his minutes in my fantasy team due to regression to the mean. I cannot hope for him to do as well statistically today as on Sunday. I really hope I am wrong.

    So there you go, WebA and other other more numbers oriented folks on this site. I’m going for regression to the mean in my fantasy play, and personally hoping for a 2nd monster game to uphold Linsanity 3.0. (I give 2.0 to his start last season where he just killed his shooting percentage and efficiency, but his back injury and McHale/Rox iced him actually to stop Linsanity 2.0. Let it be that was the ace, for maybe how many? 3 games to 4?)

    If Lin is guarding Conley, I believe Conley will not produce as so far.

  196. Great! Just hit them back by deleting them. Go Lin Go!

  197. There will be up and down. With so many games in the next few days we are going to be tested as Lin fan. I’ll cheer on no matter the outcome of the game. Lakers will be playoff bound THIS YEAR.

  198. “Oldtimers” but young at heart! 😀

  199. Maybe Phil is planning on being the commissioner someday.

  200. Haha… like me. You are 100% correct!

  201. And regular users have the power too.
    Flag a comment. After 5-10 different flags, it will disappear as spam

  202. Now that’s a great tool to keep people honourable!

  203. I feel Sunday was an anomaly because Charlotte doesn’t have a good offense avg 94.5 ppt so far this year. MEM will be a good test, but we almost beat the Clips. But then again, look how much Clips were blown out the other night against GSW. The real hope is SwaggyP coming back, maybe they get a big on injury exception, and that we were close to PHX.

  204. he will have about 18. he struggle more against the clippers hen memphis.so if he can go for 18 on clips then whas stopping him.aso lin is diversifying his scoring depending on what teams give. last game he didnt drive alot yet had 21

  205. I was wondering where everyone went as well. Lol.

    I’m still posting at the big site, but it’s good to see the “old timers” here.

  206. That’s how I see it, but there isn’t a better time for Lin to dispute the ‘inconsistency’ talk that has hounded his career thus far. This last game has shown me that Lin has developed into an all around pg, so I’m holding out for at least the playoffs.

  207. hey bro, I’ve missed reading your posts. I went there and read some a few days ago, but I didn’t really want to post because it’s really very hard to have a convo there. Hiya!

  208. yes, it was really nice to see him get some driving room. I hope he can pick up some very efficient minutes, but really, they will need him over 30 and then it’s all up to Kobe if he will allow the team to have movement when the going gets tough. Not looking forward to Randolphs many shots. Hope he will be cold. Also, hope they have an answer for Gasol. He and Kobe have something to work out lol.

  209. I don’t know how JLin will do tonight, but of course I hope he has a great game.

    From my recollection of previous games against Memphis, I recall Lin struggling somewhat, as their defense tends to be pretty good, especially in shutting down the transition game.

    But, I think Lin may do well this time around, because I think he’s gotten much better working in the half-court offense, and doesn’t need to rely on the transition game to put up good/big numbers.

    Case in point is the last game, when the game was a half-court one for its entirety, and of course, JLin did very well. I think JLin scored only 2 points off of transition, that was the score when Lin got the pass from Kobe on the fast break. Otherwise, Lin’s points came all in the half-court setting.

    So, I’m cautiously optimistic for a strong game tonight.

  210. What are you saying?! his line in last game IS his MEAN……..LOL JK

  211. you mean even without the Mod title, I can have a 20% vote? Whoa, mind blown … what is this a democratic place?

  212. Hey JoeTeam. Good to “read” you, too. 🙂

    Just responded to your post above.

    I’ll be hanging out here more, definitely, as it’s great to discuss JLin with all the “old timers,” lol.

  213. Then he will need to empty his magazine completely.

  214. or 10% as the user-base grows :]

  215. Yeah, I hope so boy do I. My fantasy is pretty good … it takes into account production by minutes, so you really get a feel for how effective a player is. For example, Ariza you like. He has very bad numbers because he has to sit next to Harden like last year, only producing in spurts. Lin this year is looking closer than ever to NYK numbers, or that potential, and also as compared to start of last season when he was what, over 60% TS% or near that plus super efficient. Today is the test. If he can produce highly and efficiently on a team with tough D, then Kobe and LAL have in Lin a juggernaut all season.

  216. hey, welcome @roberlin:disqus :]
    Good to finally see familiar names here :p
    Like a reunion haha..

  217. The part of the brain that controls reasoning develops slower in males, plus all those hormones…etc. Clear and established guidelines help. From your description, you are doing great, and your voice of reasoning in his head (or the simple thought that he doesn’t want to let you down) may keep him safe til his mind catches up.

  218. good call. I will be watching for the improved half-court game. Yep, Lin has had mixed results on Grizz, but Rox were very different and fast as you say. I cannot remember what caused him to have his good games though. He did have 2 sub 10 ptrs last year against Grizz.


  219. I think Scott will opt to ask Lin attack Randalf and Gasol. Just like how he did in HOU game. LAL need them in foul trouble.

  220. Hm, Lin might not be quite happy with you as he’s all about loyalty :] jk

  221. Great I send a good matchup tool above because you are trying too remember like I am too. Good points above.

  222. Just for the record, here’s how Lin and Conley have fared in their games together, over the years:

  223. I am loyal like about 30m people in the world right now ha ha.

  224. You do know that Jackie is the brains, not Chris XD

  225. Lin’s numbers on the road is not good yet but it’ll get better, Bro!

    If you have Lin in the lineup throughout the season then tweet the proof, he might reply to you. How about that for ‘winning’? Just food for thought 😀

  226. Just don’t forget the “timers” after the “old”.
    Otherwise, it might be a Lin-sult LOL

  227. Boozers expression in that article made me laugh :P.

  228. Hey Psalm. Good to see familiar names here, too.

    And it’s not a reunion, it’s a LINunion! 🙂

  229. For the record, I am not an old timer…….I am not a timer at all…just saying…..LOL

  230. It is my first year playing fantasy Basketball I have Lin in my fantasy team and I play him all the way regardless of what he does.

  231. I agree, you’re just old. 😀

  232. Not sure if I qualify in this place as just old either. LOL

  233. Not hiding…migrating. And welcome.

  234. Wait, are the the one and the only @roberlin ? Wow…welcome…

  235. It is not Rox anymore more stop looking over your shoulder =)

  236. Kobe also gave a subtle fist pump when Jeremy hit the 3pt at the top when the shot clock was running down.

  237. Brent is timeless….

  238. I am indeed the one and only, unless there’s a doppleganger floating around in the internet somewhere!

    Thanks for the welcome, good to read you too.

  239. Great pic … where did you get it I wanna use this. nba.com?

    ok 3-2 Lin’s favor. The January 14 match ups … back to back. Anyone remember the game play? I’d say maybe it was a flu week or bad back week, but you know I’m reaching 🙂

  240. Think the mods here didn’t want to advertise out of respect for the mod on the other site regardless of him being good mod or not.

  241. I do have time….on my phone at least.

  242. Can not do that anyway, they put the “advertisement” down very quickly.

  243. My friends laugh a me because I cannot play fantasy without Lin on the team, so I get him about 3 rounds too early and miss the guys with the monster stats. But this year, at lease Sunday, he proved me right. 15-18 pts on 25-30 mins is enough to justify Lin by the numbers, as a top fantasy pick as well as in this league, so I feel way better this year than last 2.

  244. and old soul is ok amIright?

  245. No, no, no. 1 is hardly a streak. So let’s get one going!

  246. faster than trolls.

  247. simply “soul” is enough….LOL

  248. … sweaty guy at a keyboard, looking back that’s me lol.

  249. Mo steaks a coming for fatty Barkley!!!

  250. I think Nick Young accepted that fact :]

  251. tippie-toe shot!

  252. come on, Brent. We’re young guns inside, “experienced” outside LOL

  253. Batman is here now no villain can escape.

  254. here ya go … 2 versions:

    (For JLFan from Austrailia, and Dockers when he comes! this I heard all the time in Melbourne when I live there, advertising the lovely city on the telly)

    Then there’s the one more recent:

  255. if even … there are parents and sons there. A lot of fraternizing going one ha ha.

  256. Lin is such an efficient scorer.

  257. Didn’t see your comment and I made a similar comment after yours.

  258. Stop watching adult movies so you don’t have to look over your shoulder so often LOL

  259. ….and see Harden.

  260. That is scary.

  261. Just want to say Happy Veteran Day for those who sacrificed their time with family to serve and keep us safe. Thank you!


  262. Just an old clock with no timer.

  263. I was thinking about the matchups and saw that Vince Carter is on the roster now. A near 40% 3pt shooter, the Grizzlies were missing someone at that spot before = =.

  264. Boo awkward pg site. Witty though …

  265. I think it is close to the time for Brent to go bbq and Michael to go sleep.

  266. I am buying charcoal right now..

  267. When they say looking over his shoulder, were they talking about Beverly, Harden, McHale or Morey?

  268. as Letterman says, I don’t use the Tweeter. I did however start an account in 2005ish. When I retire, I will be more open online. Right now, I have a lot of work pressure and Lin fandom is how I survive all the people malice by the non-team players in my work. So, better to be anon …

  269. I am inhaling the fumes from your charcoal.

  270. Sadly, can’t bbq outside here anymore with couple inch of snow on the ground.

  271. Let me see how much carbon monoxide I can get so you can breathe in as much as possible

  272. that first bit with lighter fluid and then the one with bbq almost ready … nice.

  273. would be nice to limit Gasol to the bench a bit …

  274. yes, he’s the single threat from MEM bench that can explode anytime.
    He hasn’t played many min but was responsible for 1-2 big wins.

  275. When you said sweaty guy at a keyboard that is all I can think of

  276. Poor Wesley Johnson

  277. sure, good plan .. but know that many people are anon in twitter too :]

  278. May be all of them

  279. Wes will be fine if he listens to where Lin wants him to spot-up for 3PT shots :]

  280. Did the votes/poll reset?

  281. Freezing outside here 2 celsius and windy.lol

  282. No worries, i followed him in the car, but he didn’t know that. He lives in a very small town, where everybody knows everybody. He is a very stubborn, spoiled and privileged kid.

  283. We use Fahrenheit here and 2C is not that cold to call freezing hehe. 25F here right now so it around -3C

  284. A good camp fire will help

  285. My story is mild compared to some of the stories my mom/dad would tell us growing up about getting lost and going off with strangers.LOL

  286. We simply don’t go outside anymore at this time of the year. Only go out to shovel snow, to work and to home.

  287. true. but when you start scraping your windshield in the morning it’s a pain. we gonna hit -4 Friday and forecast of snow over the weekend…

  288. You’re supposed to be sleeping.

  289. He is a small forward, who was recently released from the Nuggets.

  290. I mean camp at your living room tho…:P

  291. The temp here will stay around -2 to -4c for the whole week. It could get worst as the months move on.

  292. Don’t want to burn down my house

  293. Up north here we have central heating system or some kind of heating system in every house. Fire place is just a luxury thing.

  294. I am Groot..

  295. I fixed it so it only allows registered members to avoid double-votes & we can declare winners

  296. We are 27-37c this week here in Brisbane. Too hot for me. Prefer somewhere in between 10-20c. No perfect life:-)

  297. Aww.. I will login to vote again then. You may want to remind new comers to register to this site.

  298. lol Can’t even remember what I have voted. Just hope that JLin and Lakers continue to improve/gel and get another win for us:-)

  299. Still working on it..

  300. I hate snow and cold. Driving is a pain during this time of the year.

  301. Baby Groot?

  302. Not enough fumes from Brent’s charcoal to put him to sleep for a while.

  303. XD. Still don’t understand why he stops dancing when Drax looks in his direction.

  304. Gasol and Randalf = Gandalf.

  305. I like cold and snow but not ice. Definitely don’t like to walk on the icy pathway or drive in icy road. Fell down too many times on icy pathway and had few almost bad accidents because of black ice on the highway. Sure glad that I don’t have to “endure” this anymore:-)

  306. LOL I was like those eyes and beard don’t look right for a few seconds and then uh huh..

  307. Hey kid, glad to see you here too…

  308. leggings in bathtub

  309. Well, I guess you can take my place since the game will be over by the time I get home from work. I hate midwest/east coast games.

  310. where North

  311. so tonight I guess we would see lots 3s and 2s from LIN??? last game I expected 15 FGA for Lin, but a little short. I hope this time he can reach to that number!

    Last game, I was a little disappointed because first half, Lin deferred ball to Kobe all the time, and Kobe played heavy minutes almost made me believe Kobe wanted to make statement to the whole world, and then Lin took over 2nd half. I wonder if that’s by design or Kobe realized he cannot get a win by playing 48 minutes.

    I am eager to see how Kobe/Lin dynamics evolve in this game.

  312. Well, since you took my place as ‘First’ I guess we can call it even.

  313. North of the Wall?

  314. Where there is snow there is ice. You will hate snow when you have to drive in the snow almost everyday for 4-5 months every year.

  315. Don’t push it 😛

  316. Right at the wall hehe.

  317. Minnesota

  318. Plus if Lin has a tough night, Brent will be dragging someone across his charcoal.

  319. LOL….it took a moment for me to realize he’s sitting in ICE! That is truly my idea of hell!

    Oops…looks like our efficient moderating has this on hold…um…maybe for the “h*ll” in “…my idea of h*ll?” So I’ve changed it to ‘Hades’. Let’s see it that works.

    Nope. Still on hold for approval, so I’m changing it back to ‘hell’.

  320. I’m way up north . Pacific North west…

  321. I said up north to Brent cause he is way south of me. My guess is probably 60-70F down there right now.

  322. =(

  323. I know. That’s a fact. I like when it’s snowing. Amazing sight and playing with snow but not what comes after that:-) That is the main reason I just couldn’t get myself the push for migrating to Canada even when my bro urged me so many times in the past.

  324. WOW! That’s terrible!

  325. Wow, that is sad. I was just listening to him talk about the rough area he grew up in, on Access Lakers.

  326. Heading home now. Usually take about 20-35 minute home but with the snow hope I can get home in 1hr to catch the game.

  327. Have a safe trip…the roads don’t look slick,but never know about these MN drivers.

  328. That is awful.

  329. I hope they catch whoever did it. The loss of a parent is devastating.

  330. You didn’t include me, right? jk and thanks.

  331. such terrible news 🙁
    hope they brought whoever did it to justice

  332. Lived in Hamilton and Edmonton when I was young. Winter can be quite brutal, especially when you have a sister with a very strong throwing arm (unless you live in Vancouver).

  333. lol…no I wasn’t including you, but the rest of MN who tend to forget every year how to drive in the snow or rain.

  334. Sad news indeed.

  335. What a terrible shock! Words fail….

  336. terrible news indeed

  337. lol…I’m not loving the west coast games, since I don’t get to bed until 1or 2:00am. Price of being a Lin fan. 🙂

  338. It’s going to be a low scoring game so this prediction is more hope than anything else. If LIN gets 18-20 and 8-10 ast, the Lakers will win. Graaoooowll

  339. Isn’t it weird how that happens? Californians are like that when it rains. Well…we have a drought now…but when it rains it tends to pour and folks drive like they’ve never seen water before.

  340. Go to the “Play Index” menu at http://www.basketball-reference.com and look for the “Head2Head Finder” option, near the bottom of that page.

    Play Index : http://www.basketball-reference.com/play-index/
    Head2Head Finder : http://www.basketball-reference.com/play-index/h2h_finder.cgi

  341. It’s me hehe. …
    That astrologist even predicted Kobe will get his 6th trophy as long as Jeremy is in the team. Because she said Jeremy will be exploded and champed in 2016 and 2018, no matter which team he is in!!! She has predicted all these stuff in July I remember.

  342. haha…Unlike Californians, Minnesotans generally don’t drive well, but the lack of skills are exasperated when it rains or snows. Which is bad, because CA may have less than 5 rain falls a year, MN has rain or snow 9 months out of the year…crazy.
    I lived in CA growing up and I’m always wondering why MN drivers don’t know how to drive like CA drivers. smh

  343. went golfing today, sunny and warm around 60 degrees. Unbelievable weather for this time of year in North east. Polar vortex coming soon though, down to low 40s and maybe snow.

  344. EL SEGUNDO – The following statement was released today by Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak regarding the death of guard Wayne Ellington’s father, who was shot and killed Sunday night in Philadelphia:

    “Our players are upset for their friend and teammate. Additionally, ownership and all Lakers employees are also saddened by this tragedy. Those of us who work with and have gotten to know Wayne have come to know what a wonderful and caring person he is. Our hearts go out to Wayne and his family, as do our thoughts and prayers.”

    Ellington has been granted an indefinite leave of absence and it is unknown at this time when he will rejoin the team.


    “My family and I are devastated by the news of my father’s murder on Sunday night in Philadelphia,” said Ellington. “We appreciate everyone’s support and ask that you respect the privacy of our family during this very difficult time.”

    See : http://www.nba.com/lakers/releases/141111_ellingtonFather

  345. really sad to hear this…..

  346. You have to sing him lullaby to put him to sleep.

  347. Hey Joyce, are these workouts by the team’s invite, or do the players decide who they want to visit?

  348. Left all the jokers behind. Lol

  349. My friends bid up Lin just because they know I will pay lots.
    This year, I gave up $35 for Lin out of my allotted $200 for the Yahoo auction draft. To put that in perspective, the experts on news websites expected him to go for about $5!

  350. That’s right. How can Lin fans not play Lin through thick and thin?

  351. Prayers to Wayne Ellington and his family on this tragic event.

  352. There were lots of ‘hints’ over the last 4 months. Not even hints actually…flat out naming of this place.

  353. I so want to play golf outside … one of these days :>

  354. @billoram: Here is the @PhillyDailyNews story on the murder of Wayne Ellington’s father. http://bit.ly/1ukirj1

  355. EVERYONE needs to be attacking Gasol and Gandalf

  356. You shall not pass? Oh boy.

  357. I will give up watching the game today. Instead, I will go eat some steaks! (has to eat something BBQ related I think) GO Lin!!!!!.

  358. Jeremy Lin taking pregame 3's in Memphis. https://t.co/FTpmA3Rirc

  359. team has to invite.

  360. .@JLin7 out on the floor getting loose. pic.twitter.com/5FWQtRTP0T— Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers) November 11, 2014

  361. Good to see his form looks confident and consistent!

  362. That’s what I thought, but wasn’t sure. Thanks!

  363. 100/100 !

  364. I hope you’ll get some Lincredible Steak!

  365. early game today, is someone making the game thread?

  366. Enjoy it!
    We’ll let you know how well is Jeremy in this game

  367. Hi JLin Fan:

    If you just post the URL for the page on which the tweet alone is located, you won’t get two video clips in your Disqus message. Here is the URL to use. Replace the [dot] with a “.” .


  368. Hope we can get a Linning streak going!

  369. you may have the honor as long as you don’t steal the 1s post? :]

  370. I gave 2 mins warning last time, what do people want? =)

  371. I don’t have much time to write any content, but I could just create an empty one.

  372. My prediction for today. MEM is a good team. MEM wins by 8, 97-89.

    Hopefully Lin will be able to make his impact like last game. 15 pts, 6 ast.

  373. that will do :]

  374. Thanks for the tip! I still try to figure it out how to do it without causing all this problem. Let me try again. Slow in learning all these IT stuffs:-)

  375. I got to clear the cache to show on homepage
    But if if you post the link here, 5 min should be fair game :>

  376. hey.. that rhymes
    Lincredible Steak for Linning Streak!

  377. Created a stub game thread, will be away from internet. Another admin can add content


  378. Great it works!

  379. Lol. Almost.

  380. too early, but may be a better option than Wesley The Ghost

  381. What!? A LIN Union? Will I have to pay dues?

  382. IMO, it’s good to see mods around. Kinda like a dummy police cruiser would slow down speeders.

  383. Lin has once kept Conley scoreless, so if allowed to do his thing, Lakers still have a chance as long as they don’t let Gasol go wild.

  384. Now we only have to make @Michael go to sleep, and the Lakers’ win will be secured. LOL

  385. Hello from New York. Welcome to the sanctuary, Batman189 and Chipdip.

  386. funny … you and me both, pay a high price to have fun with our guy. Bummer on his numbers tonight. There’s tomorrow.

  387. Thanks, I like that. I ‘need the info’ (Austin Powers Dr Evil) …

  388. Well hard core fans like us…it’s more fun to root for Lin when he’s on our fantasy team. I mean I will still root for him even if he belongs to another fantasy team, but there is a teeny bit of conflict. HAHA.

  389. very funny!

  390. I got lucky cutting Lin’s minutes. I won my fantasy game. Tomorrow will be tough with Lin scoring so low in our points system. Plenty of games ahead.

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