G07 [email protected] PreGame Thread

Finally, one Win down for the Lakers! That’s a big sigh of relief because the Lakers are relaxed and finally believe they can win big similar to the 34-12 run in the 3rd quarter against the Hornets.

I’m encouraged to see four separate instances in the 2nd half where Kobe looked to pass for Lin repeatedly and Lin delivered big time! Kobe also continued to confirm his belief in Lin in the post-game interview by saying he expected Lin can do it unlike his other teams (GSW, Knicks, Houston). Let’s hope it continues to grow and Lin and Kobe can learn to play off each other to be offensive threat against any opponents. It will definitely take time and involves ups-and-downs but it’s a great sign of Lin’s long-term future in LA.

Now, the Lakers will face a tough team in Memphis (6-1) on the road. Will the Lakers be able to be competitive and even steal a win?

Lin will have the challenge facing up against Mike Conley (whom he’s familiar and helped to contain in HOU) and a big man in Marc Gasol who protects the paint well. Will Lin’s drives be contained by Gasol? Will Lin counter it with midrange jumpers and floaters?

Here is the NBA Game Preview between the Grizzlies and Lakers.

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