G07 LAL @ MEM PostGame Thread

As expected, a short-handed Lakers lost to a very good Memphis team who have been together for a long time.

MEM bench also outscored LAL by 38-14. If Wayne Ellington or Nick Young were there, Lakers could have won this game.

Some observations

    • Lakers relied on Kobe again or Kobe simply took over feeling hot to score 28pts but 10-26 simply was not efficient.
    • Lin finished with 12pts/3asts/2rebs/1stl/1blk/3TOs with 5PF on 4-8FG (1-2 3FG). Lin needed to shoot more than 8FG for Lakers to have a chance of winning since his teammates are simply not very efficient in scoring. Boozer had a chance to pass to an open Lin on 3pt line but he chose to take it himself. Lakers need to get better finding Lin on the perimeter. This will come with more PT together and more losses of not passing to Lin to create.
    • Lin had a tough time guarding Conley who had 23 pts and 5pt swing from 3PT off a screen where no Laker was quick enough to switch to him. Then BS got a technical. Lakers need to get better at
    • Everytime Boozer came out to be replaced by Davis, the defensive intensity picked up. After MEM getting 7 offensive rebounds in Q1, they only got 2 after Davis came in with 3-4min left and not many 2nd chances to score. Byron Scott needs to figure out how to play Lin-Davis even when Davis comes off the bench. Relying on Kobe ISOs to close the game will not win many games
    • Lakers tried to get Wes Johnson early in scoring and they succeeded but overall the offensive still need to go through Lin more for the Lakers to be successful.

Grade: B+
Overall, I’d give Lin B+. He kept shooting on open shots but needed to take more shots or drive in the 4th quarter. 2 bad TOs in driving to rim but he also stole balls and deflected from Conley. He’s need help from bigs to cover Conley off screens. This is expected since Lin said each game has it’s “feel”. But it’s clear that Lakers Β need Lin to run the “offense” to score efficiently. Lin would need to take more charge in the 2nd half. The tough part is not getting into foul trouble guarding opposing PGs.


  1. first!

  2. 2nd

  3. so close πŸ™‚

  4. small moral victories again!

  5. Really?!?! hahaha

  6. I’m puny 3rd

  7. BScott post game

  8. you made it, cowboy! Quick trigger indeed

  9. What did he say? I can’t stand to even listen to him

  10. If we count moral victories, Lakers are still undefeated!

  11. Maybe BS needs to shave his mustache so it’ll be clearer if he says “Go” or “No” :]

  12. Well the important thing is Jeremy wasn’t thrown under the bus.

  13. no just please give us some bad teams or average teams like charlette

  14. He sure isn’t McHale.

  15. Exactly. If it was McHale, Jeremy and Hill would have been thrown under the bus, and the bus driver would have been McHale.

  16. very true!

  17. It’s like clockwork. Lin with 10+ FGAs and Lakers win, otherwise they lose. Yes, I count the Clippers game AS a win.

  18. lol…

  19. .. and Harden is the assistant driver.

  20. Good Kobe looking out for team mates. Why couldn’t kobe come out and ply like he did in the last game. I think Kobe didn’t like the fact that he and Lin had the same amount of points. I think Kobe wants to be the point leader. Mitch/Buss should be giving Scott the side eye right about now for his coaching skills. This was a winnable game if they had kept the same formula from last game.

  21. Shooting a 3 on CP3’s face is already a WIN

  22. he’s actually defending lin by saying that the last play was his fault not lin’s, cus he could have given Lin a visual sign for the last play, but instead he yelled out the last play, which confused lin

  23. Lin needs to take at least 10 shots a game for the Lakers to have a chance to win.

  24. MOREY would back the bus up a couple times to make sure they got him.

  25. PFV – short

  26. Completely agree! I don’t want to believe the Lakers are tanking, but each game points to it more & more. Another thing I don’t understand, is that Bryant is playing contradictory to his ‘win by any means’ reputation. Just don’t understand…

  27. No, exactly my thoughts. They didn’t throw Lin under the bus, but that last play was clearly meant for Kobe evident in him being so pissed. His words to Lin were not kind, if I only could lip read. Kobe and Scott clearly has an agenda. How shots did Kobe take again? Great if Lin can help, but that’s about it. Sorry, that’s my feeling at the moment.

  28. No, Morey’s controlling the bus with a controller somewhere.

  29. after watching this game, i think the lakers can be a very good team after more practices. they just need to play few more games together.

  30. Then he would repeat to make sure Lin stayed down.

  31. Yeah, few more games after Kobe gets his scoring title.

  32. Kobe defended both Lin and Hill, said last call was "miscommunication" & to "let it go" after few followup questions— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) November 12, 2014

  33. uh…

  34. lol. i dont mind lin follows his foot steps at all.

  35. Scott just needs to give Jeremy freer reins every game, like he did vs Hornets.

  36. bs should design some plays to get jeremy going.

  37. lol. but I only consider lakers 2-5 in moral victories.

  38. pelicans sound good but they are average, a must win. they are 3-3. lost to memphis by 11. we have to win against gsw or san antonio who are old so they take time to pick up steam. this schedual is terrible. the whole first 10 games are good teams. but the rest o the schedule is easier

  39. yea lack of team ball killed the team late kobe knows it

  40. well, at least the Lakers beat the spread (10 pts). :-/

  41. bad kobe. bad quote. trashing his own teammates.

  42. it was that five point play that was the turning point in the game.

  43. The next game is coming tmrw, its gonna be a tough one. Hope they’ll hv more communication n learn the lesson after reviewing the film.. The more communication they hv, the sooner victory it comes..

  44. Bryant’s attempt at rationalizing his iso periods are getting old. It’s like the boy who cried wolf…it doesn’t fly any more after the third time he used it. At least come up w/a new original excuse if he’s going to keep chucking. I knew how this game was going down as soon as he started bringing up the ball instead of Lin.

  45. Mr. Kobricks explaination for 10/26. Nice. Wanted the last shot too. So predictatble.

  46. Man, this schedule is BRUTAL. When are the Lakers going to play more eastern conference teams?

  47. I really like this, such a huge contrast to teams in the past…

  48. Good for Hill. Kobe speaking out of both ends of his….mouth (family site).

  49. nop is 3-3 they are average like Charlotte. they wont be easy but its a must win for us. and i think we will win.

  50. You just listen to Kobe because Kobe is the coach anyway. You know it’s pass to Kobe and let him take a 3 in that situation. No brain needed really. Even Scott smirked (or laughed) when asked what was the play.

  51. the last 70 are alot easier hope the team can scrape some win off the brutal first 10

  52. 2-5 sounds a lot better than 1-7 for sure. That Clippers game was robbed by refs.

  53. Kobe post game

  54. One thing common to Lakers and Rockets. In both teams, real coaches are their super-star players: Kobe and Harden. Kobe and Harden run their teams, and they set PT for themselves.

  55. Hoot hoot…and we lost! Keep playing like you’re the only one on the team,Bryant. A sure guarantee that no worthy player will come to LA and a worse season than the last. Carry on w/your chucking!

  56. dont compare kobe and harden.

  57. That’s right…one is a seasoned chucker. lol

  58. I am not comparing them; I am comparing two teams. They just happen to be the most important players on their teams.

  59. I started seeing the similarities too…just didn’t want to believe/say it. Kudos to you!

  60. Kobe is obviously the cog in the middle of the wheel. Media is overlooking this like the big elephant in the room. Scott can’t control kobe. Scott is not a good coach and doesn’t make good adjustments. Lin will be fine. Like in Houston, he has to find his niche and he will. This was a winnable game tonight, if Scott would have given lin the ball. Scott is going to have to police up kobe, because if he doesn’t this team will not win many games, unless that is the point of all of this. I think lin played well tonight considering the fact that he didn’t have the ball alot. Also lin will get the mindset to shoot the ball more later in the season, but it’s not there yet. Lakers should have won this game.

  61. ISO Kobe did work today but a little more mix with boozer and lin we would of won. again we need some average teams because we arent this bad. remember the last years the rox never played 6 top teams in 7 games. we did that to start the season. it gets easier as the season goes on. every team has that stretch we have it to start our season. we will be in play off contention.

  62. this is funny

  63. I just call it as I see them. No way I am comparing the two players, but I am comparing the two teams’ systems of totally deferring to one player. LIn should have just looked to Kobe instead of BS for the last call. I mean everyone knows the pass should go to Kobe for a 3. No need to think in that situation. πŸ™‚ You noticed that even BS laughed when a reporter asked him “what was the last play?” Duh. To play Kobe more than Lin is incredulous. I think Lakers’ goal must be to help Kobe pass MC in scoring and then have Kobe get injured because the way BS is playing Kobe, you would think Kobe is 25 years old. At the beginning of the season, BS was talking about limiting both Nash and Kobe to 25 minutes or so.

  64. Yeah, but Kobe still wants to take all the shots and Scott is going to let him. That is why the Lakers won’t get any superstar to come play here while kobe is on the team..

  65. Boozer is smiling on that play. Marc, ZBo and Conley were caught with a “huh?” moment.

  66. This is too much of deja fu. It’s frustrating to have to watch Lin go through this again. When is he going to get a break? I hope Lin wins a championship during his career and then kisses the NBA sianara w/a finger shortly after.

  67. Thoughts to Ellington and his family.

    The bench missed him big time, he’s been shooting very well and they had no one to step up.

  68. honestly i think hill with 17 was the one who took to much. kobe said he took too may iso shots. he will always take around 20 plus

  69. yea but that d though

  70. Please, the bench was missing more than Ellington.

  71. in a game where they only lost by 5, I’d say he couldve given them that needed boost over Henry who’s still carrying a pound of rust.

  72. no idea why the schedules been arranged like this, 3gms in 4days.. b2b tmrw 2 GSW, a tough one.. πŸ™

  73. I guess with Kobe, all anyone can do is find his niche. Not going to be Linsanity while Kobe is in Lakers. Kobe & niche players = Lakers.

  74. you guy say the same thing. lin and kobe can coexist they have shown it already

  75. defense

  76. They can if Bryant is willing, but so far it’s been a repeat of another noName player/team…who shall remain nameless.

  77. They can exist, if kobe wants to play. kobe is trying to beat MJ record in points and that what he is doing. They played well together in the win against Charlotte. I personally thinks kobe talks out of both sides of his mouth. He knows that lin can play, but he wants to be the savior for the team. Kobe doesn’t want to share the spotlight.

  78. Ya, the bench is a no or little talent group, except for Davis. But I consider him as a first unit player that Scott refuses to play as such.

  79. he fouls a bit much for me

  80. I am agreeing with Joyce, yes; but I am saying Lin is just one of the niche players when everything is said and done, because with Kobe, everyone else are niche players. Hey, even BS is a “niche” coach.

  81. Completely agree. Hmm . . . that sounds awfully familiar. Lin having to find a niche and the other player not willing to share the spotlight.

  82. he will score and shoot about the same no matther its the isoo heavy stuf i agree with need to stop. he looks healthy so he will pass mj regardless

  83. let me guess first it was melo,, then harden, now kobe please. lin has develop enough to play great with those type of players

  84. Yeah, but kobe probably knows that the way he is playing that he might get injured again, so he trying to score as many points possible.

  85. Are you saying Lin has developed enough and is playing great with those type of players, or are you saying Lin should be playing great with those type of players?

  86. good analysis. Lin needs to take some more shots, especially in the 4th qtr.

  87. You live by you $23.5 million player and die by you $23.5 million player.

  88. He does, but he’s about the only one that is doing most of the heavy work. Generally there are 2 or 3 good defenders on a team, yet the Lakers seem to only have 1 that routinely shows up. I can’t decide whether the others don’t have the talent or they are just lazy over all.

  89. While we are at it, we should also call BS a “niche” coach. You are not a real coach if you defer to one player that much.

  90. he is. 12 points on 5 percent against the second defensive team in the league. kobe and lin still have a few to figure out. the isos at the end thats it

  91. totally agree.

  92. he wont he looks great will last all season.

  93. thanks. added to video gallery

  94. true, I just being extra optimistic.

    Clippers, one Suns game, and tonight are the only moral victories

  95. 50% you mean. So you are saying Lin and Kobe are just one small step away from playing well together. I disagree; I think they are a huge giant ego away from playing well together. Or one real coach away.

  96. wes well idk. hill and boozer did a good job today. price was under whelming

  97. Jeremy Lin No Look Pass To Kobe Bryant on fast-break.
    Beautiful Lin’s no-look pass caused Randolph not to be aware of Kobe’s presence

  98. yea 50 percent. no they arent. it will get better as season goes on

  99. So, what is your prediction of Lakers’ wins then for the season. I don’t like this vague statement “they will start to play better as season goes on”.

  100. It’s about the last play when Hill took the shot instead of giving it to Kobe?

  101. That’s what happens when you dribble until the shot clock shows 2 seconds left.

  102. Another thing you should keep in mind. I noticed right away when I went to Staples that Lakers fans come to see Kobe play and take many shots. To them, Lakers are Kobe and any other 4 players. Kobe is THE player, coach and GM in Lakers. He is only person who is making Lakers relevant these days. In other words, Kobe has Lakers by their balls, so to speak.

  103. the first 10 or 12 games are the hardest of the season. they have played 6 top teams in their first 7. the have gsw and spurs in the next 3. this start is rediculus but gets alot easier later on. last 70 is more spaced out with bad teams and average teams

  104. lin fans are their as well

  105. Bill and Stu Post Game Show

  106. So, what’s your prediction of Lakers’ wins. Let me have it. Don’t be afraid to say it. I agree with your post right above.

  107. Those “huh?what just happened?” looks on the Grizz’s faces…. A+

  108. Staples will never be Lin’s House as long as Kobe is playing. They don’t want anyone out-shining Kobe.

  109. Ya, I’ll give you that, they played well enough this game. I’m still waiting for Price to show himself as the player Scott believes him to be. Not seeing it yet.

  110. 2 years or so

  111. they will be in contention for a playoff spot.

  112. I like your positive spirit.

  113. i dont think he is . hustle gets you so far.

  114. lol why thank you.

  115. Kobe post-game interview

  116. he will pass him

  117. Good then, maybe he will team ball after that

  118. Please don’t feel sorry for lin. Lin is in a good place. This is the challenge he needs to make him a better player. Lin says that he can be a starter in this league, then this is what he needs. Kobe is the biggest ball hog and Lin’s season in Houston prepared him for this. Lin needs to learn that there is no perfect storm for him to perform, he just needs to go out and play and not think about it. Lin just needs to play his game. Kobe will the most challenging team mate thus far for lin because kobe is going to make him a better player.Kobe/scott knows that lin is the 2nd best player on this team. I personally think that the last play lin did was a F__k you move on Kobe. Lin playing all innocent. Lin knew that Hill was not hitting that shot all night. I think he did it to annoy Kobe. The reason i say this is because lin/hill defended his action and said that he would probably do it again, because it was a clean shot. Kobe is mad because he didn’t get to be the hero. I think Kobe will play team ball tomorrow night because his azz got exposed because it came out that he wanted to take the last shot.LOL

  119. Kobe also just passed the all time records for the most missed shots

  120. lol too much hyperbole

  121. lin will be ok because this team needs him to be great this year. its his for the taking

  122. these are not exaggerated ciomments because I am very serious about what i posted. You do you and I will do me and we will get a;long just fine.(rolls eyes)

  123. Really mature to chase a record then to chase wins.

  124. its a bit exaggerated all im saying not an insult. it isnt as bad as you made it seem. and also kobe shoots alot but harden dominated the ball a whole lot more. lin at least has the ball

  125. No it is not. As I stated before you do you and I will do me. BTW, I never said that it was bad. I just know kobe, and he has been the center of the universe for the lakers for many years, and it is hard to give that up. Kobe is facing his mortality, whether you believe or not. He has even stated that he doesn’t know what he would do if he had to retire. So don’t be condescending. just down vote if you don’t agree

  126. again the slightest disagreement and you go off stop being sensitive all the time. you are over reacting it isnt as bad as you made it seem. with the whole lin being innocent part. it was a mistake hill missed that shot all day.it happens. btw i will respond to you and challange you. be an adult and defend your ideas

  127. I am not sure about the “Kobe will play team ball part”, But I agree with you that Lin is stubborn. He plays what he thinks is right. He even said in the interview that, he as a PG has a job to do. Not just taking shots.

  128. it was an honest mistake. it happens. also kobe would of taken a well defended three with two guys on him. he would of likly missed

  129. Team highlights

  130. I did not see the game so I really can not comment on that play….I would assume Lin went for 2 for 1

  131. First you commented on what I posted, so don’t act like i am being oversensitive. I disagreed with your hyperbole comment. That is the beauty of free speech. Now you are trying to act like I am over sensitive and not being an adult because I won’t agree to your condescending comments. The problem with communication is this, how you communicate a message is what you will receive back. Perhaps you need to look at your own communication skills, before you point the finger…

  132. if only Lin can do fast-break with Nick Young, Ryan Kelly, Ellington to get easy points, Lakers can score in bunches. oh well…he’s doing his best with current personnel :>

  133. I think kobe will because he only has 21 points to make before he exceeds MJ. Perhaps he will calm down a bit. Also I believe that Scott is not coaching this team, but a lin/kobe conglomeration. Also notice how kobe retracted his comment about Lin on the last play, especially after Scott came out and said that it was his fault and I still believe that lin knew what to do with the play, but gave it to hill to shoot. Hill even said it was a good look and kobe told him to shoot it.LOL

  134. you have right to your thought but i also get to rebuttal your ideas. you get angry every time i disagree with you. also hyperbole means exaggeration which yours was. you are not them so you cant tell me what their intentions are. saying it is hyperbole is accurate. another thing you keep saying for me to not respond to you. this is an open forum. if you dont like other opinion then why not private message to people who agree with you.

  135. he wont it will be around 21 every game. he did it in the preseason.

  136. That’s 21 field goal attempts not points.

  137. Scott, obviously, does not have the full control.

  138. kobe does go off script.get used to it though.

  139. Just watched a few highlights. Seems like Lakers are getting better and better now. Not bad…

  140. First reading is fundamental. I said stated that if you didn’t like my comments then down vote it.. I never said that you couldn’t respond. Also I don’t have a problem with rebuttals, but when you come off condescending and calling me immature because I don’t agree with your comments, is where I have an issue. This is a lin fan site where opinions are welcomed, but when you try to impose your opinion that is another thing. You and I can agree to disagree, that is it. Nothing else needs to be said. You are turning it in to some kind of drama. So you enjoy the rest of your evening, because I am done.❀✌

  141. And what kobe did is exactly what a lot of fans wanted Lin to do. I hated how Kobe play the game, so naturally I would not love Lin to play like that. That been said, Lin jacking up shots is exciting to watch too. πŸ˜›

  142. But 2 shots before that one. It always like Lin passed to Hill then to Kobe?! W the guy who guarded Kobe didn’t move at all. Lin sure passed to Hill first since he was open. I just can’t believe Hill really took that shot?! Bc it still 16 or 17 sec left?

  143. Yeah, they are. Boozer/hill need to play better defense. I think idf they played the way they played in LA with the hornets, that they would be good.

  144. LOL well….Hill thinks it was a good shot. oh well…

  145. We all know that Hill is who he is…enuf said…LOL

  146. also these are written words. i love poetry and something you learn from poetry
    is people will read what they want to read. same sentence can mean
    different thing depending on what bias the person have. im basically saying ever since i debated you once you take everything i say that contradict you as an insult. i didnt mean to insult you. but again i wont walk on eggshells around you.

  147. I was so surprised to see he didn’t try to pass the ball to Kobe but took the shot immediately?! If you watched lakers game you know in the last 2 min all the ball go to Kobe no matter he will make it or not.

  148. Lin is not in that mindset yet, but he will…LOL

  149. I did not watch the game, but I think we all know what type of a player Hill is

  150. So kobe got mad at lin because he didn’t pass it to him or lin didn’t take the shot…LOL

  151. They really need to cut that out. Kobe is not hitting all his shots. Very very predictable. I was shocked the ball went to Hill for long 2 attempt. Thought Lin should have taken it.

  152. That’s what I thought… someone said Kobe said to Lin just shot the damn ball…?!

  153. yea i agree this tough schedual is pissing me off.


    November 12, 2014 Β· by jibberjabbers Β· in Jeremy Lin

    Game was another winnable game but once again, Lakers failed miserably on the defensive end. Giving the Griz several 2nd chance opportunities. The Griz avg under 100 pts their last 6 games. Yet scored 100+ against the Lakers. Boozer fouled out and was a liability on the court. Boozer did score 20pts (8/13).

    Jeremy Lin looked like he was iced out by the team. He was open and demanding the ball, but rarely ever received any passes from Kobe or Wesley Johnson. Bringing some horrible flashbacks from Houston. Didn’t seem like Lin was handling the ball much in this game.

    Jeremy Lin scored 12pts (4-8) & (1-2 from 3pt range).
    3 assist, 1 steal, 1 block and 3 turnovers.

    Although it didn’t seem like Lin did much, he did have stretches where he looked very good. He just needed to handle the ball more and get more opportunities to shoot.


  155. yes, I wasn’t expecting them to be that competitive with Memphis team who’s been together for a long time.

    Being short-handed without Ellington, Kelly and Swaggy, this is quite impressive. With more losses in relying on Kobe ISOs and more teamwork, Lakers will win more games sooner than later.

    Their growth rate as a team has been very impressive indeed!

  156. wont happen especially from a pg

  157. I think Lin was influenced by Nash’s talk a lot. Lin said in preseason about the conversation between him and Nash. Nash said he can get those points if he wants, but that is not the right way of playing the game. Kobe is clashing with Lin/Nash style right now. As I can remember, previous yrs, Nash basically became a spot up shooter because of Kobe.

  158. I hope it won’t happen regularly.

  159. I still think BS means to let Kobe take the 3P shot bc Kobe was waiting in corner 3 position not Lin. No one set the screen for him to take the shot.

  160. im taking bout lin taking rediculus shots only when plays break down. as for kobe he knows we lose if he plays iso. atleast he gets to learn that. harden won playing iso late. because of the talent of the team

  161. true, those 7 offensive rebounds in the 1st quarter before Davis checked in was too much. Way too many easy points for Memphis.

    The longer Davis comes off the bench, the more losses Lakers will have

  162. Rewatched the last few plays. Why did not Scott call a TO b4 the last play? Seems like they still have 3 TO left? Even if the play is to let Kobe go ISO, it could be done more elegantly…

  163. he did get old though also kobe aint that kobe any more

  164. I agree w you. Kobe just wants to ISO play more today. Hope tomorrow Lin can have chance to take more control the ball. smh!

  165. i think the bench is good for him. the bench sucks already.. him and swaggy should be good

  166. it did work for a little

  167. It never worked. It just seems working sometimes.

  168. it did he brought us back from down 17. if lin and boozer got lets say 30 percent of those play it we would of won. they was too uninvolved for too long

  169. It doesn’t work if the Kobe’s efficiency is much lower. Oh well, hope Kobe can get it out of his system after the record.

  170. That’s exactly why he should not do it. Given this current team, they will end up losing more because of it.

  171. yea agreed.

  172. That is the question that some are asking on twitter. Poor coaching on Scott is my guess.

  173. Coach Scott went full McHale on that last posession. Never go full McHale.

  174. he wont less iso stuff but 21 shots a game

  175. Spurs still look good. Beat Warriors 113-110 tonight.

  176. The bad bench doesn’t help for sure.

    But what we see is Lakers starters can’t compete consistently against other starters because the bigs gave up easy points on paint.

    Even Price/Davis is not entirely effective since Price is not an offensive threat. Lin/Davis would have been 5X more lethal with more playing time.

    Ideally, Davis would be with the starters to close out games but Boozer/Hill ego will get hurt unless they foul out.

    Lakers might have to deal with more losses until Nick Young is back. They sorely lack the 6th Man role to score off the bench. Plus the starters suffer from too-much-Kobe-itis and no-interior defense by Hill/Boozer.

    It’ll be a tough road. Hope Ellington and Ryan Kelly are back in 2-3 games to help the bench

  177. Play as a team does wonders….does it not?

  178. yea i agree i want him to finish game and 2nd quarter get a ton of minutes

  179. BS is so used to watching Kobe.
    He needs to be more assertive and aggressive to make a coaching decision πŸ˜€

  180. they have better talent though

  181. M……..Lakers are a team of talents. He better learn how to use it.

  182. Well, they certainly are not as talented as GSW are.

  183. also a better coach

  184. wes take shots that make me go ohh no evrytime. hate his shot selection. even if he makes it. when it counts he will miss it

  185. Now we know what is Lakers’ problem…

  186. This is the big that Lakers are bringing in to try out. He played in summer league.


  187. yea but gsw personnel couldn’t play spurs style of bball

  188. very true. Spurs teamwork > GSW talent

    Lakers could’ve pull a win if they have more teamwork in the 4th quarter instead of relying on Kobe’s talent.

    The problem is Coach Kobe > Coach BScott since Kobe gave his blessings to sign BS to the Lakers

  189. doubt we will be that bad but we will see

  190. He hasn’t been drafted yet right? So Lakers still have to actually get a top pick.

  191. Exactly the point. Importance of talents are been overly blown. It is very important, but LAL have not even remotely hit their ceiling yet.

  192. yea

  193. I want to see BS makes a tough call to reign in Kobe.
    Very hard to do

  194. its a lottery so who knows

  195. He is a PG?! If so then what about Lin?

  196. No he is a big

  197. Lin is just TO-prone, who wants him? LOL #hatersgonnahate

  198. looks huge for a pg 6-5

  199. Me πŸ™‚

  200. Completely agree. Tonight’s game was close. Imagine if the Lakers played together more? They still can.

  201. flag you!

  202. Well, let’s be clear. I think it is very hard, as a coach, to take the control away from Kobe. Scott is at disadvantage here IMO. He needs to play it smart, although it looks stupix now. I think he is trying. I will give the benefit of the doubt. πŸ˜›

  203. Here are gifs of Kobe talking to Jeremy after that Hill play and it looks like he patted Jeremy in the 2nd gif, in the 3rd gif it shows Jeremy is the one sitting next to Kobe.




  204. For how long?

  205. indefinitely, as how NBA ppl like to put it..

  206. Booo. Give me a definitive answer..

  207. I disagree in one respect. I’ve been to a number of Lakers games and although fans obviously come to see Kobe play, they would much rather go to watch the Lakers win then watch Kobe jack up shots only to lose.

  208. Who are all these players that Lakers will take in???

  209. Either vanity or bruised ego. Lin was the best player last game and the media spun it as such. Don’t think Kobe enjoyed it too much.

    I was kind of hoping Kobe could be Robinson to Lin’s Duncan, but apparently that kind of class is rare.

  210. kobe will have amazing affects on lin

  211. The first one looked like Kobe was not happy & So was Lin… but after I watched Lin’s interview.. coach said 2+1 go then BS said elbow so Lin passed to Hill since he’s the one close to that place?!

  212. The Lakers have two injury exceptions, Nash/Randle. They seem to be targeting a wing man (Quincy Miller-SF) and Ater Majok(Center that they flew in from China)

  213. Brick for Brick

    James Harden 39.5% FG% (13th lowest in NBA) 31.9 3P% (20th lowest) 17 FGA (11th)
    Kobe Bryant 39.4% FG% (15th lowest in NBA) 28.6 3P% (11th lowest) 23.7 FGA (1st)

    Kobe Lead the league in Field Goal Attempts (FGA) per game.

  214. 2nd piggy’s house of bricks is taller. sheesh.

  215. Harden is probably 1st in FTA

  216. lol

  217. Ok. Thanks for the info.

  218. Not sure of the effect on team. Too much emphasize on being aggressive, and not on team.

  219. yea but that guess was like saying tomorrow the sun will come out. it is expected

  220. Lin is not looking Kobe in the eye. Kobe is just ripping into him. Davis is looking away too.

  221. Plus, Durant is out so…

  222. Not sure if Boozer will answer you tho…..

  223. yea but durant gets fouls because he is a match up issue. also thought lin would average more free throws as a starter

  224. Why JLin always plays with ball dominant players??? At least one in each team and sometimes multiples. NBA adores isos too much!!!!????

  225. Also because he is a star..

  226. lin is the team lol

  227. Nah….it just, so far, no teams are willing to actually giving Lin the ball for a longer period of the time. It is what it is. Lin has evolved too.

  228. Despite the miscommunication, I agree with Antwan Jamison (comments after JLin’s interview clip below) that Hill hadn’t been shooting jumpers well all night and should have gotten closer or passed. Hill was not efficient tonight at 6/17.

    No question that BScott should have given a visual signal or a TO as Brent mentioned. I do appreciate a coach that will take responsibility unlike McHale. Nothing was ever McHale’s fault, according to McHale.

  229. Harden is also 2nd in turnovers per game (TOPG) at 4.4

  230. As great shooters always have said. It does not matter how many you have missed. The next one will go in.

  231. Haha. Yes, except I didn’t realize that Hill was a great shooter

  232. yea

  233. So hard to watch. I lost my interest to watch this game. Even though it was a close game in 4th qtr, I barely had any desire to watch when I kept on seeing Kobe ball.

  234. Mentality is the same. The play calls for you, you shoot it.

  235. lin hasnt driven in the paint as ferociously as before. he can score
    other ways so i guess its better. removes some of the bad turnovers.
    this teams passing lanes are terrible. there are few easy assist out
    there. all mid range big man shots. if the miss lins assist look like

  236. I did not watch it, from the highlight, I say Lin did great with what he has

  237. No question it was a clean look, but I still disagree in regards to Hill. IMO it also depends on the situation, you don’t start taking shots you haven’t made all night in the last seconds of the game unless you are a great shooter. Hill is not.

  238. I’m not so sure after watching the clip a few times if Kobe is scolding Jeremy. I’m not lip reader but it looks like he is saying something like ….best shot….do the fuq you want…

  239. I did not say it all. The key is to distinguish among, open shots, good shots and great shots. Did he take the open shot? yes. Was it a great shot? not even close. Can the team settle with that shot? I think so

  240. That’s the point I’m making. It was open but it wasn’t a good shot for him tonight so I wish was closer or passed.

  241. But it was a better shot than Kobe could get in that play

  242. I’m not saying for Kobe to take the shot. Simply that I wish Hill did something other than what he did. If he could get a little closer and shoot it, fine.

  243. I totally agree Brent. BTW Jamison is just looking to blame Lin. Kobe shots were off too. But I liked that Lin stood up for making the decision. Scott trying to cover his butt, because he doesn’t want anybody to focus on the fact that he should have called a time out.

  244. Scott should have called a time out.

  245. Well, Lin put him in a hot seat. LOL If it was for a 2 for 1. I think that shot is good. I would rather Lin just pull for a 3 tho.

  246. Doesn’t mean anything. He’s a difference maker. This is all that matters.

  247. You think so? It didn’t seem to me like Jamison was blaming Lin but I only say that one part after the interview. I don’t disagree with Lin’s decision. It’s about what Hill did with it when he had it.

    Scott should have called a TO.

  248. I think so too. If blame is the game…Lin is very far from the center of it.

  249. No one is blaming Lin as far as I have heard.

  250. Agreed.

  251. I feel differently. I think LAL medias are just finding a guy to write when they know they CAN NOT diss Kobe and Scott.

  252. Haha. True I guess. I would like Lin to take a 3 too, but if he missed, there would be blame for sure.

  253. Kobe does not care about Lin’s attention.

  254. It is not as bad as HOU but, I agree, they do tend to look for a fall guy that is not Kobe/Scott.

  255. It will be idiotic to focus the blame on one shot. lol. But well we have seen it all, haven’t we?

  256. Yeah, so far they have made excuses for Kobe and Scott. Like saying, “Kobe will be Kobe.” But, they haven’t gone so far as to suggest that Lin lost a game.

  257. I don’t blame them, they have their fair share of good words about Lin.

  258. Even Lin had to say in interview that “I feel I am aggressive since PHX game.” You know how far from the truth those medias are.

  259. Unfortunately, yes. Lens are certainly distorted after seeing what happened in Houston.

  260. Perhaps, but he DOES care about all-time scoring record.

  261. Yup, it is their nature.

  262. poor heads, been scratched so heavily.

  263. Haha. Good one! That is a head scratcher for sure.

  264. Isn’t that what I said? πŸ™‚

  265. You’re right, he passes the ball to a different opponent 4.4 times a game.

    Harden is a turnover machine with a low FG%.

  266. Two old timers playing the whole quarter while young Jeremy rests… hmmm…

  267. Click the pic, and you’ll see what it says on the board: Try that s__t again & U gon be playing in the D-league B__CH!!!

  268. I was listening to ESPNLA 710 on the way home from work. One host actually called Bryon dumb on the radio for keep Boozer on the court and keep Ed Davis on the bench for so long in the third quarter.

  269. LOL.

  270. Price did pretty well last game with 8 assists. I think he’s shown he’s a decent backup to Lin who will stay a starter.

  271. Grizz announcers were confused why Hill took the shot in the last play.
    Meanwhile Kobe was unhappy with the miscommunication in the last play.

    IMO We can expect Kobe to get the last 3-5 shots tomorrow.

  272. But he can’t run the bench. They performed poorly tonight.

  273. It looks to me more like, “That wasn’t the best shot, just (explitive) do what you want…”

  274. In the last 2 min of the game it’s always Kobe…not surprised.

  275. And his defense is very……..questionable

  276. Yeah, his offense leaves a lot to be desired. His defense doesn’t seem that great. I think his minutes should go down and Lin’s should go up.

  277. Someone besides Kobe took a shot?



    Well the play they ran the past few times down the stretch with mixed results was:
    Lin to Hill.
    Lin screens for Kobe.
    Hill to Kobe.
    Kobe shoots.

    Maybe Hill just didn’t pass to Kobe this time because he was open.

  278. Yep. Those were the good ones to watch. That’s why called highlights:-) The rest???? Make up your own mind.

  279. This isn’t the first time but BS loves him to death. He wants Price to be starter but JLin won’t give him any excuse thus far.

  280. What Jordan is thinking: “Whoa! He copied that from me! Darn it, I should have copyrighted my moves! I would have been rich! Wait, I am rich… nevermind. Good move!”

  281. Yeah, he can’t guard a knat from what I see. This was some bogus mess that Scott made up to sign him. Now the Lakers are trying out a wing man and a big according to rumors. Who will they get rid of. Also that PG that Lakers looking at is playing in China right now, so that is just a rumor.

  282. Well tell that to your beloved C. (Being very sarcastic here. This is how annoyed I’m with BS.)

  283. That is why Kobe is mad, because he wanted to be the hero…LOL

  284. One bright spot from tonight’s game was that BS played Jeremy the entire 4th quarter.

    And I have no idea why Boozer plays so much. He fouled out tonight and all his fouls were lazy reach-in’s or cheap pushes. He doesn’t really hustle or play real defense as many have already stated. Do the coaches see something different in the games than what we see???

  285. Well BS still loves him and plays him all the minutes he dares to give him without being “suspicious” of his intention.

  286. So much for the battle of the TOP SG in the league.

  287. One thing about the Laker fans, if Lakers keep loosing winnable games, they will be calling for Scott’s head. Tomorrow night is when kobe needs to rest, but he won’t.smh

  288. Now everyone’s blaming Kobe. Not trying to upset anyone but the blame game is getting old.

  289. Expect Kobe will play 48 minutes and at least 40 shots.

  290. Well then maybe he should take it up with Hill. He still had time to pass him the ball!

  291. To be fair, half of us blaming BS.

  292. Yeah, that is not going to last long, because the Laker fans will call Scott out on this, and fans on twitter are already talking about the injury exception and who to get rid of and price is on that list along with henry. LOL

  293. Kobe has been this way throughout his whole career. I think he would have won another Championship if he passed more to Bynum and Gasol in the playoffs a few years ago.

    Lin has the ball down the stretch.

    He can… NOT pass to Kobe if he wants. I’m sure there’s pressure from all areas to not do that but hey he can rebel.

  294. Its just wrong to blame Kobe. I get why fans may have blamed his 1st team/NYK and his 2nd team/HOU but now we’re blaming his 3rd freaking team? Do you understand how whack that sounds?

  295. why blame anyone. a mistake like that is common on a new teams also we was close on the grizz who are 2nd rated defense

  296. Kobe tried to play it off that he was ad that lin didn’t take the shot, now it has turned into it was a miscommunication, and then it goes to that Kobe was suppose to take the shot, which brings it back to Hill. If Scott had called a time out to set up a play then the results perhaps would have been different.

  297. Really. WOW! Lakers fans also want JLin’s head the other day though if I’m not mistaken. They do change their mind very quickly.

  298. he or lin should the play was not smart given hill missed that shot all day.

  299. What site have you been on. The blame is squarely with Scott for not calling a timeout to set up a play. BTW kobe has other blame to take responsibility for than this one play. How about him bricking shots and not passing the ball.

  300. Can’t wait for the day. Just don’t buy into BS the longer I watched Lakers games.

  301. Jeremy’s highlights from jay910221

  302. If Scott continually makes bad coaching decisions then they will call for his head.

  303. Not just talking about that play.

  304. Ya! I also found out no many balls back to Lin today.. smh!

  305. Do you think he will let Lin in charge more tomorrow?

  306. Good!

  307. What plays are you talking about? Because if you go into that this is on Lin tirade, i will smh. lin played well tonight, didn’t get the ball back after he passed it. No plays set up for him. Don’t get me wrong, lin played a hand in how he played tonight. He needs to get over whatever is going on with him. You can whatever you want to say, but I still think kobe is the cog in the middle of the wheel, because Scott can’t control him. This game is on Scott for his inept coaching and his poor rotations.

  308. Probably, because kobe will have surpassed MJ in points.LOL

  309. You went at Alaingrvis and now you’re trying to bait me into one of your conversations. I’m gonna pass tonight. Girl, you win.

  310. LOL

  311. Please vote on game you want to watch on 18 Nov. Lakers vs Hawks???

  312. Because it’s the coach’s JOB to maximize the likelihood of WINNING. It’s called accountability.

  313. lol they dont see it first melo then harden now kobe

  314. If I understand what you are saying correctly, you mean people are blaming Kobe generally, and then blaming Knicks/Melo; Houston/Harden; and now Lakers/Kobe. If this is what you mean, I understand what you’re saying in terms of how “whack” that sounds to an objective third party. At the same time, it is a straight observation that Lin has been paired with ball-dominant players such as these. And Lin or not, Kobe has always been criticized for going iso and having so may FGA in a single game, and in so doing, not playing teamball.

  315. He can choose to not pass the ball to Kobe. Speculation on my part but I doubt there’s pressure for Lin to pass the ball to kobe so no need to rebel. If anything, they want Lin doing more but maybe he can’t.

  316. Everyone? The vast majority of posters are not blaming Kobe.

  317. blaming iso-kobe, ball hog, doesn’t pass the ball back to Lin, playing selfishly to beat MJ’s record, pressure on lin to pass the ball to Kobe. Sounds like blame.

  318. Well there’s definitely pressure from Kobe down the stretch who wants the ball. Fisher had to deal with the same thing.

  319. Doc Scheppler: “You want to be on Steve Nash’s team, you wants to be on Lin’s team, you gotta be a joy to play with” (paraphrasing) 3:56 mark. Very fundamental on team play, worth a watch.

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    I tried to contact the Tech Support and chat. I’ll follow up on what actually happened.
    We have plans to move to a new server or a new web host

  321. Good finally I’m in again. Took a long time to sign in.

  322. Thanks for doing your best. Thought my laptop crashed again:-) Glad to know that it wasn’t:-) What a relief!

  323. sorry πŸ™
    I’m getting agitated with the current web host provider and will need to expedite the migration to a new one.

  324. PFV – long video

  325. hehehe. Thought I shouldn’t complain but…

  326. yes this forum sometimes takes forever to load, too many plug ins maybe?

  327. the server had been having issues but was fixed in the past month.
    we plan to migrate to a more reliable web host.

    It wasn’t the plugins but I will test again soon

  328. lol lost my account for like 4 hours usually sign in automatically. was like dam what was the name or password. i think this profile is the wrong one lol

  329. the highlight missed Lin’s block on Conley in the first qt πŸ™

  330. thanks, added to video gallery

  331. I’m sure Blayian will have it πŸ™‚

  332. Thanks for getting it back up on line so quickly:) When will the migration take place to the new web host?

  333. thanks, I missed the game, very telling …

  334. that’s been his signature score … he just go nervous because the game was on the line.

  335. yep, TO time. sorry I missed the fun.

  336. Thanks for understanding. I’m trying to restore to a new backup site in the next 3-4 weeks (hopefully my work schedule allows it) to ensure we don’t miss anything while this site is up. Then plan for a smooth migration when we do a switch.

  337. and longer than 3:30 for sure, seens like more fans are making Lin’s highlight now, lol..

  338. Just logged in and saw the results…disappointment man! 8FGA in 34min?! You can do better that, come on Jeremy πŸ™

  339. maybe it’s the “AdChoices”? I noticed web sites with that problem take longer to load..

  340. until playoffs …

  341. I think lin played well considering the fact that kobe/boozer were hogging the ball. Lin pretty much held Conley to 2/9 in the first quarter. After lin was taken out for a breather, conley abused Price, so that is where the majority of his points came from. I think that last play was a snafu because scott failed to do his job as the coach and call a time out. I think this game was winnable, but Scott had those weird rotations and things got off track. I think someone posted another site that perhaps Scott knows what he has in lin, davis, and kobe and that maybe he is testing out who to keep for the team in the long run.

  342. Lin had very limit chances to shot the ball in the first helf, Kobe played PG a lot, also teammates didn’t pass the ball to Lin for whatever reasons..

  343. Ok, sounds good:)

  344. you … take off that Mod shirt lol.

  345. Yes, I was bummed Conley go to much scoring ‘vs’ Lin … people aren’t going to remember the rotations. BS — I hold you accountable!

    Hmmm … do you mean BS wants to burn off Booz or Hill? SwagP back will push price further down the bench?

  346. So…Kobe is blameless? Unblameable?

    Kobe Bryant 39.4% FG% (15th lowest in NBA) 28.6 3P% (11th lowest) 23.7 FGA (1st)

    And while speaking of his past team:
    James Harden 39.5% FG% (13th lowest in NBA) 31.9 3P% (20th lowest) 17 FGA (11th)

  347. You stud! I wish I could run servers …

  348. JoeTeam, I wanted to be bummed at Conley scoring too much on Lin, but sadly Conley is ALSO on my fantasy team. πŸ˜›
    Mixed feelings tonight.

  349. scott is turning out to be a bust coach.

  350. what does this look like to you?

  351. I’m grateful though that it’s just Kobe. I mean back in H-town, in addition to Harden, there was Parsons, and sometimes even Jones will try to bring the ball up. It was nuts.
    At least in LA, they leave the bringing up the ball to people whose designated roles are ‘something’ guard.

  352. very good Post! Loved his bit about not making others betters, but giving them advantage. That’s Lin all the way … his assists are dialed in, and everyone feasts. And, these girls are good! They’d move the ball really well, better than my gym teams lol. Did you notice the great drive and kick out? Lin to Hill … 3:15. Only tonight Hill should have done what that girl did lol.


  353. Poor Hill actually. Imagine if you were playing with Kobe and Lin and Lin got chewed out by Kobe cos he didn’t shoot it himself, or didn’t give to Kobe, but instead gave it to you. You just get no respect at all!!!

  354. I’m not close enough to LAL to know, but sure performance is not coming together. Kerr is getting kudos up here, so BS has to keep up on West Coast. I am sort of positively biased to not complain because he’s so much better to me than McHale. I know, I know … I’m dumb when it comes to coaches. I fell for Curry’s support of Mark Jackson … looks like after the fact, that change was v good. I wonder if KT’s explosion has to do with Kerr giving him that role, and also taking some pressure off Curry.

  355. Well, you did great then ha ha. I wished I had recruited Conley. He’s doing great this year.

  356. He would have said the exact same words if the ball had gone in.

  357. So according to Paul, the Lakers are thinking about trading Nash. The Lakers don’t think they will get the injury exception for him, especially if he is out there playing golf. This is going to be interesting

  358. Because he is one of the few with enough humility to coexist with an ego like that.

  359. I just noted that Hill has his normal Lin kick out and he choked. I read downstream he was off, but I thought it was also fear. Game on the line. Kobe walking to the offensive rebound, no wonder he didn’t get it. No idea why he was signaling Lin to slow down. It was pretty clear a play got called and Lin executed it to a wide open Hill, so not shut what Kobe wanted. A 3 for him on the corner would have been nice, not sure how Lin would have worked enough movement to free Kobe unless he attacked with PnR not sure.

    Then, on the other end, those bozos under the basket gave up a second effort put back. Under the basket on the other end, wow, somebody is not paying attention with the game on the line. Kobe got the block on Gasol, but David and Hill weren’t paying attention.

    So, mean telling in that this game was indeed winnable. Bummer …

  360. ah well, thanks for this thread and now I got it having missed the game. Tomorrow! Gonna go listen to PFV and tomorrow is a new day. I’m going to go upvote everyone just to hi-5 goodnight.

  361. Yep, new day, another game for the Lakers…..

  362. How is harden’s 3pt% 20th when is higher than Bryant’s?

  363. Yes, I can’t even find a target for my troll of the game analysis.

  364. I don’t get it, why is everybody saying lin didn’t play well? Is it because he didn’t score 18 points? Lin would have taken more shots if they had passed him the ball on the 3 pt line when he was open. Lin scoring 12 points against the No.1 defensive team in the NBA is quite good. Lin played well off the ball. The problem with the Lakers is some of the coaching decision, and the bigs not doing their job. Sooner or later Scott will have to insert Davis into the starting line up and send/boozer/hill to the bench. That is why I believe that the Lakers flew in their 2011 draft pick from China who is a center.

  365. What if…..the league did this on purpose because you know the team needs time to gel, so they put the games that would be hard to win first, so when they start clicking they will face lesser opponents after mid season.

  366. 5 players in double figures is not bad.

  367. It’s 20th counting from the bottom.

  368. Yikes, Nash is going to get so much flak if they don’t get the exception and then nobody wants to trade for him.

  369. Jeremy Lin now leads all NBA point guards in points per shot with 1.53
    The next highest is Kyle Lowry with 1.48

  370. They still own this league.

  371. Is it hard to wish to have Tim Duncan as Jeremy’s Tim Duncan?

  372. Though people should dream big, I would settle for Marc Gasol.

  373. Not bad. I even took the Jeremy-Asik pairing really, really well, didn’t even care for Asik’s stone hands as a lot of people used to say.

  374. Wonderful to hear/music to the ear:-)

  375. agree on scott was talking about the players

  376. Please observe website rules #1: “Be polite and respectful” & #4:”Do not antagonist or bait other users.”

  377. Moving on to the next game. With the exception of Spurs (I always love a Jeremy vs TP showdown), Warriors (I don’t mind the Jeremy vs Steph game) and Rockets (you know who and why), I always look at the depth chart of the forwards of the team Linkers (shout out to this site’s friendly troll/ mascot @disqus_HmSLGZ4iV2:disqus) will play against. It’s going to be a battle on the inside game again against Pelicans. Asik, Anthony Davis, and Ryan Anderson vs Hill, Boozer, and Ed Davis. No problem about the Jeremy vs Jrue match up.

    (The pelican on Pelican’s logo looks like a turkey)

  378. I miss the game…some say that Jeremy being iced out by teammates ?! Please no houston all over again!

  379. No it’s not Like his Rockets days, and we will see how it goes tonight..

  380. Lin leads NBA in ppg with 1.61 until he got hurt last year.
    But Lin still led all PG in PPS, until the last few games, Lin finished at third among all NBA PGs..

  381. If the stint with Lakers go awfully awry, Lin can always seek out the Spurs once he becomes UFA. Parker isn’t getting any younger.

  382. Ok. Hope thing turns out better tomorrow. I read the other site and seems Jeremy is in a very bad situation.

  383. i watched the game. he wasnt iced out. the defense was strong. he hesitated a few times and decided not to drive.

  384. Thanks. Good to hear that.

  385. i agree with you. he didnt play badly. it was just not a linsanity type game.

  386. he played ok in the game, not linsanity level. he will get better after playing more with his new teammates

  387. i wasnt able to load this site for a week or so. it keeps crashing.

  388. I guess because of two things. When Kobe was out Lin didn’t take command of the offense and get himself as involved as he could of. And he didn’t really do the strong 4th quarter Lin show, he seemed to play kind of careful and especially the last 2 or 3 minutes.

    I thought he played great D on Conley who gets a lot of picks from his team.

    But you have a good point, he was open a few times where he got the ball in the Hornets game that he didn’t get it in this game. Now Lin has to point that out in the tape and to his team mates, and maybe he will behind closed doors. I hope so.

  389. I agree. I don’t think Lakers can get the injury exception from the league & also will not be able to trade Nash. Which team will take him?!

  390. I am asking the question knowing that this does not exist but I want to ask before I consider spending the time doing it myself.

    So anyone know a stat that covers ball disruption? Things like tipping the ball on a rebound or swarming a player and being part of the general disruption maybe not necessarily resulting in a steal but causing havok. I saw a LOT of that from jlin last night but besides me going back watching the game and counting myself does that exist somewhere? Is there a stat that covers that effort/aggression?

  391. No, it’s nothing like that at all.

    And we can tell by the body language of the Lakers and comments after game.
    – After a successful play or even failed play, they still high-fived or talked about the plays.
    – Boozer still smiled wide when Lin and Hill got the give-and-go for the easy layup.
    – Kobe didn’t throw Lin under the bus when reporters asked about the final play. He played it down stating a miscommunication during a chaotic, loud environment.

    Short-handed new Lakers team simply lost to a better, experienced team who has been together for a long time.
    It’s very encouraging that they had a chance to come back and tie the game towards the end.

  392. I didn’t even notice I was sleeping.

  393. Half and half I say. Well onwards!

  394. I’m not so sure if such specific stats exist, wukong. The SportsVU tracking system might have private data related to it but not available to public.

    The closest one I can remember is NBA Stats about Opp. FG% within 5ft off rim, 10-15, >25ft

  395. May be just all talk about wanted Lin to piss on fire hydrant. I think that is a good shot by Hill. It is a wide open shot and he usually make it, he just happen to missed that one.

  396. They tie his shoes too tight he couldn’t take it off to def.

  397. Well them 2 are younger than BS so..

  398. Worthy and Jamison got a good analysis about it in the CSN video.
    Worthy said he understood about the miscommunication from ‘elbow’ to ‘go’. Lin said it’s either option of Hill or Kobe.

    Jamison said Hill was open but at the same time he hasn’t been making midrange shots last night so probably it’s lower% shots.

    In hindsight, giving it to Kobe might be better after making a few tough 3s but I like how Worthy and Jamison didn’t throw Lin under the bus. Mistakes happen and this team will become stronger because of it.

  399. I wish I did :]

  400. was it from phone/tablets?
    A few others had issues with the voting poll

  401. hm, I’m not familiar with “AdChoices”. It’s worth looking into.
    Thank you. I’m trying to get the log to see what actually happened but the tech support gave some vague reasons of maintenance.

  402. I appreciate the moderate views here (though I am still quite bummed at being called a troll recently). I think everyone has their own views on Lin, the Lakers, Scott, Kobe and lots of other stuff. Ultimately none of us has all the perfect answers.

    I will try to suggest some positive things we can agree upon.

    1. Lin seems more efficient this year. I don’t really have the stats offhand but it seems that Lin is achieving his stats with very low usage. Jeremy is having a lot of points with few FG attempts and many assists with little touches.

    2. The Lakers are overall more supportive of Lin than the Rockets. Sure, there are many things we can complain about and we would have valid points. But taking a broad perspective, there is some improvement even though things are still less than ideal.

    3. Jeremy is on an upward trend. Maybe someone can draw a chart but despite many ups and downs it seems that the team is growing and Jeremy is gradually getting more comfortable with his role. There will still be many growing pains but I think there is progress.

    One thing I miss is the Jeremy that used to gamble for steals. He used to be one of the league leaders in steals for a stretch. I know safer defense is based on good positioning and moving your feet. But things were a lot more exciting when Jeremy had more steals.

  403. Im afraid that this princeton/triangle offensive scheme is not really suited for pg like Lin. It may be suited for the team if every one are in the same page but it takes a long time to gell especially for a new team (knicks has the same problem).

    If we want lin to shine in terms of his productivity that will be recognized, he may want to join a team which is p/r heavy and pushing the pace.

    While this season is good for him to learn a new system, Lakers has no hope for lin and I do hope he would consider to join the Mavs if they want him. Or an eastern conf team that has young potential players like the Magic or the Sixers.

  404. Thanks for the info. I think what Jeremy need most is the support from the team, the thing he is missing for 2 years…..just hope he can get more trust on orchestrating the team.

  405. I have a friend that’s a 10-12 handicap with a very bad back. It’s so bad that he has to pick up his ball by bending down with his knees instead of at the waist. He golfs by not using his back and only his arm strength.

    What NASH said is right, playing pro basketball isn’t like recreational golf. You can’t keep your back straight while fighting through screens or defences. The problem is that most fans aren’t happy anyways that pro athletes gets paid so much money so when they see NASH seemingly healthy, they are up in arms over the fact that Lakers are held hostage by his contract.

  406. Yeah, and Kobe is aware of that and had repeatably mentioned during interview about how he was/wasnt used on his previous teams.

  407. Btw, the site is much smooth after maintenance. No more tab crashed so far, shorter time to load the thread. Thx

  408. No way you are a troll, then I would be a bigger troll! No worries mate.

    AS psalm mentioned, we have our own growing pains here as well, eventually it will get sorted. Its all for the love of Jeremy Lin

  409. You’re certainly NOT a troll, KL. I believe we will eventually get to a place where we’re used to say “I respectfully disagree” rather than labeling others as “troll” in order to have good discussion. It will take some time since it’s not easy to get to know posters on Internet forums due to lack of tones in bland text. (That’s why I’ve been abusing emoticons to convey good intentions πŸ™‚ Perhaps I would also need to provide examples of trolling behavior to provoke strong emotional reaction by insulting/mocking others and which ones are not.

    1) On Lin’s efficiency, Lin has #1PPS among PGs because he’s been getting more calls to get FTs w/o increasing his FG attempts. This is mainly because he used his speed and more importantly he gets to be the PG (unlike HOU last year) driving to the rim repeatedly so the refs give him the calls.

    2) a Big YES for Lakers offering more support. From TWCSN Analysts (Worthy/Jamison/AC Green) to Kobe mentoring by actions and words, Lin gets more credit while they spur him to be assertive/aggressive to do even better things.

    On steals, I believe Lin hasn’t gotten to the level of comfort to steal because he didn’t have reliable big men with Hill/Davis to cover his back. If Lin gets too play more with Davis, maybe we’ll see that. Until then, it would look bad on Lin to gamble on steals knowing Boozer/Hill can’t challenge his man if it doesn’t work. It needs more trust and teamwork.

    But yes, I agree things are trending up for Lin. The Lakers are growing in chemistry at a faster rate than I expected so it’s really a good sign. They’ve just been hampered by multiple injuries and absence (Ellington yesterday). It’s amazing to think the Lakers could have stolen the game from Memphis yesterday

  410. exactly, all the hump and bumps really takes a huge toll on one’s body

  411. Thanks! I appreciate what this site stands for and all of you who have worked on it.

  412. Thanks a lot. Agree with what you are saying. There are 5 other teams with at least 6 losses so far – Knicks, Pacers, Magic, Sixers and Thunder. It is strange that some people are already claiming that the Lakers are right at the bottom of the NBA. There are also 4 other teams with 5 losses so far.

  413. 1) Yes and no. No doubt his PPS is Great! But when a player is taking way much more lesser shots, not many would give credit with his PPS.

    I could take 2 shots per game maintain my PPS at high level, is that good for the team, obviously not. Thats something that Jeremy need to learn and be greedy to a certain extend.

    As a reference to Cav (Lebron and Kyrie Irving) KI was pissed off with Lebron, he went solo on his shots and not being the PG of the team, just to show he can take shots, and score at higher level.

    WHen the team demand, JL to be the second scorer of the team, at times, he just needs to be greedy and do his thing.

  414. We should create a Lakers Game Pediction thread (W/L). @psalm234:disqus

    I’m coming out with a list of probably games that Lakers could win this season, just didnt have the time to finish it up. Everyone could submit their prediction as well. It will be interesting πŸ˜‰

  415. I am hoping that this Memphis game is an anomaly. That perhaps Memphis (and Golden State) are teams that focus their defence on Lin and have the personnel to carry out such a plan. Lin and hopefully the whole Lakers team should adapt and be ready next time.

  416. Thats true for many fan club as well. If you talk to many JL fans, they would say, they dont care about kobe or the lakers. But only want Jeremy to do well.

    SO its not only to Kobe, but all fans club are pretty at the same wavelength.

  417. As i said in the previous thread, this 2 games, Jeremy would suffer, if he dont compensate his method of scoring, just bcoz of the Bigs. They are going to cover the driving lane and the paint. SO Jeremy need to figure out to take more 3s (i dont mind 10 3s from JL) and some mid range shots.

    Kobe seems to heard what I said, and compensated well with 3pt shots, unfortunately he is not a good 3pt shooter!

  418. i think even if lakers get injury exception for Nash, they want to see if some team is willing to trade for Nash’s expiring contract and maybe get a future pick or 2, so there are more options with Nash.

    For Randal, there’s no chance that Lakers is trading him so the only option is injury exception to hopefully get another player while Randal rests.

  419. real-dsb created 1 thread on Season Prediction. Perhaps I can add the poll to make it interesting

  420. oh! great!!! Thanks mate….

    I’m off for Dinner now (Wild Goose!!!! yummy)…will catch up later tonite

  421. I recruited KHuang to join this site, so if he comes here, I had a little to do with it.

  422. Lakers fans certainly are heaping less hate on him; that’s for sure. But it appears his FGAs per game is not increasing from Houston days.

  423. They are one of the bottom dwellers, so that claim is not far off. Let’s just say they are not far from being the absolute bottom dweller.

  424. Good idea. I will vote for less than 20 wins.

  425. It’s insane. All it means is that BS is foolish not to get J more shots, Kobe is foolish for not getting J more shots, and/or J is hurting his team by not taking more shots. Take your pick depending on your JLin political wing affiliation, but 8 FGA is not nearly enough.

  426. That’s really weird. If the system is the same, why does he play so much better at home? If this trend holds up after 25 games, then this discrepancy must be due to Lin’s mental state or comfortableness or something.

  427. My reading of the Kobe-Lin dynamics is that Kobe is grooming Lin to be a very strong No. 2 on the team. I know this may sound very obvious but it does explain some things.

    Kobe does not want Lin to defer to anyone else on the team. He may well help Lin to get cooperation from the rest of the team. He may accept Lin waving him off. But he would not accept someone else on the team (Wes Johnson?) waving him off.

    At the same time, Kobe expects Lin to fall in line under his leadership, so Kobe will hog the ball at times. Very different dynamics compared to Houston. But it could work provided Scott, Lin (or even Kobe himself) can get Kobe to be more efficient.

    Again, apologies if I have just stated the obvious.

  428. He didn’t play poorly–in fact his first half D was prob the best he played all year. He just didn’t take charge and go for it in the fourth quarter–especially with Kobe on the bench, so it’s naturally a little disappointing. And you know me, unless he goes 7/8 or 8/9 with a bunch of assists and FTAs, I’ll never give him an A grade with < 10 FGAs.

  429. that’s just a retweet of an old post, from the Houston game.

  430. Coach’s game plan. If you watched last night’s game & vs Cha… Lin got so big different treatment from his teammates. Last night, he barely got any ball back to him. Have to wait for tonight. Hope Lin can have good game today.

  431. I totally agree with you. I think kobe has been grooming lin all along. I remember that kobe said that he was there to bring the fire out of some guys, and I think he was talking about lin. Some poster stated that perhaps Scott knows what lin/kobe/davis bring to the table, and he is just trying to figure out the pieces around them to keep.

  432. I would like to bet on the over.

  433. FYI
    It turned out the 25 min downtime last night was part of a rescheduled maintenance by the web host provider
    This maintenance adds extra security to the server and resolves issues relating to server performance.

    This is quite a relief. That means there is no urgency yet to do painful migration due to unexpected crash.
    I’ll provide future warning if such scheduled maintenance happens again.
    I think several users reported good results of site performance after this maintenance.

  434. Yes, that appears to be a recurring question. How to get Lin to increase his FGAs per game? I really can’t figure this out.

  435. Yay, I read your post. You get all the credit…lol
    I’m also not one of the posters that dislike you. I may not always agree w/you, but you have some interesting valid points.

  436. It’s certainly a possibility with current situation but I think they’ll get 25+ when Nick Young, Kelly, Ellington + a new player (C/SF)

    It would help us to predict better if we can get links of Strength of Schedule for the Lakers

  437. ha thanks, things are about to get more interesting … πŸ˜€

  438. No, there were 28 seconds left, Lakers down by 3, so they were going for a 2-for-1.

  439. Yes, the Lakers were going for 2 for 1.

  440. I agree. @webattorney:disqus is a big Lin fan for the past 2-3 years
    Maybe his views are toward being realistic/half-glass empty at times πŸ™‚ but they’re good thoughtful consideration.

    I agree to disagree with him many times and can still have good laugh about it.

  441. Hey psalm, can you have two polls for a game? One to predict Lin’s numbers if he’s allowed to play and one to predict Lin’s numbers if Bryant plays more iso?
    From what I’ve seen so far, it’s nearly impossible to predict Lin’s true numbers, since his game seems to be contingent on how Bryant decides to play. This may give a clearer view of how the two may be correlated.
    Just a thought. No need to go out of your way if it’s more work. Thanks!

  442. He would be college freshman right now, but skipped out on ncaa and playing for Guangdong in CBA instead. Getting paid $1.2M. Played 4 games so far.

  443. The tweet is inaccurate. Kobe did get the final shot.

    The article is good though.

  444. BTW, your prediction that Kobe would take less than 15 shots last night was off by 12 shots (Kobe 26FGA)
    I thought I should point that out πŸ˜€

    In hindsight, after Kobe let others got more shot in the Hornets win, we should’ve known he’ll be more aggressive in the MEM game to show he’s still the alpha leader.

    After the botched last play last night, I’d say Kobe will be in a mission to take over late in games tonight to prove he’s correct. Kobe just can’t help it since he has the need to be MJ. So I expect Kobe to take 25+ shots and another loss tonight

    I hope I’m wrong but that’s the way things are leaning with politics.

  445. Have you noticed how Clarkson has fallen off the map since Randle’s injury?

  446. Several problems with that tweet’s argument.

    1. Small sample size, obviously – only 3 road games, 4 home games.

    2. The two road games in which Lin scored single digits were both second games of a back to back. To the extent Lin struggled, that had more to do with it than the fact that they were away games.

    3. Last night’s game was a pretty decent one stats wise – 12 points on 50% shooting, 50% on threes (1 for 2), 3 of 4 on FT attempts and 3 assists.

    It’ll be interesting to see how Lin does tonight – a road game, a second game of a back to back.

  447. I agree to some extent. I think Lin is smart enough to be able to play any system or figure out how to fit w/i any system. He just seems to constantly have team/super star/coach obstacles at every turn in his career, that hobbles him periodically.
    Funny you should mention the Mavs. I really believe Cuban is going to go after Lin. He has always acknowledged Lin’s potential as a player and I can’t help but think that it’s a bit odd that they didn’t fill the pg spot w/a ‘star’. Almost as if Cuban is just waiting it out for Lin’s FA. Just my observations for awhile now…hmmm

  448. Like Phil Jackson says, most players aren’t able to get 10+fga’s a game.

  449. I think you are right @psalm234. I think kobe still wants to shine and be the hero of the team. Scott obviously can’t control him, so a possible loss tonight. This is really a time that Kobe should be sitting out this game, but he won’t.

  450. that’s an interesting idea but it’s a little hard to implement.
    The biggest difficulty is how to define # of Kobe playing ISOs.
    Plus we have multiple winners per poll for the bragging rights :]

    I think users would have to project Kobe factor into Lin’s performance.
    After last night, I think Kobe would be more dominant in his shot attempts but not sure how Lin would respond tonight.

    Great idea but it might create complexity .. haha we might get people fighting about the polls

  451. I think I said if Kobe takes 15 shots Lin will score so and so and will win. I don’t think I would ever bet against Kobe taking less than 20 shots per game.

  452. “everyone’s blaming Kobe”

    Please don’t make blanket statements, which are untrue statements that rile people up. (For example, I did not blame Kobe.) Instead qualify your statement by saying something like “A lot of people are blaming Kobe”, and then go ahead and make your case for why you don’t.

  453. I rarely attack anyone personally unless I get attacked first. I always like honestly felt posts.

  454. clearly this stat is bias. all youhave to do is look at lins career stats home/away or check last years stats. people might have nothing to talk about

  455. yes, it’d be amazed at Byron if he can convince Kobe to sit out the game tonight.
    Kobe’s is only 405(?) points away to break MJ’s 3rd all-time scoring record.

    This is another scheduled loss and Kobe should have rested but he won’t by his own choice.
    I’d curious to see what Lin can do to run the offense in a game where Kobe rests.

  456. People got to write about something. So ridiculous with the sample size.

  457. No reason to dislike anyone. BB is just a game for enjoyment. Just because I think Lakers is a very bad team doesn’t mean I am a negative person; I am positive on a lot more important things. Kareem said Lakers need better talents on the floor. Now that guy knows BB.

  458. bold

  459. I know, but the difference between home and away games should not be this big UNLESS you are saying that BS changes game plans according to whether the games are at home or away. Or his teammates treat him differently depending on whether the games are at home or away. Is that what you are saying? You see my point? Small sample at this point, so we should see after 25 games or so.

  460. Yes, small sample at this point.

  461. I respectfully but totally disagree with you. Kobe is not thinking all that deeply. He’s just making an excuse for his prolific shooting attempts by saying “Why can’t you do the same?” I don’t put too much weight on what Kobe says but rather on what he does. If I see him pass to Lin consistently when Lin is wide open on 3s, then I would agree. But so far, that’s not what I see, even though a part of me wishes that was true.

  462. ‘Sixth man’ still comes with stigma among NBA players

    LOS ANGELES β€” As NBA player blueprints go, you’d think Manu Ginobili’s would be more popular. Wildly talented scorer accepts a reserve role early on, then blossoms into one of the best super subs in the history of the game en route to winning
    four championships and earning more than $100 million over his 13-year career. But the sixth-man stigma, it seems quite clear, remains.

    See : http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nba/2014/11/11/sixth-man-stigma-manu-ginobili-andre-iguodala-isaiah-thomas/18883329/

  463. This hilarious comic strip about Harden the #1 SG in the NBA….
    The number 1 SG in the NBA James Harden, has led his team to a opening 10 wins in a row. Let’s take a look at all the Harden highlights in the 10 games……
    (If this is a violation of this site, I beg you to see it first before banning me) γƒΎ(*Β΄βˆ€ο½€*)οΎ‰

  464. In the 4th quarter, Davis played 10 mins, and Lin played all 12 mins. Not much happened between them though.

  465. I even went to see a lousy Lakers game just to see Lin LIVE. For me, that’s saying something because I only go see player such as Messi, Ronaldo, etc. play. I wouldn’t even go see Beckham play soccer even if it was free.

  466. lmao

  467. Some good points

  468. is it just me or did Lin not shoot any jumpers last game? It was either hanging at the 3 pt line (and no one passing to him) or driving in. Alot of his drives were forced, and he had some TO’s as a result. Its like he was in the morey mindset

  469. you mean midrange jumpers? he had a 3 pt jumper.

  470. No, the big different it’s Kobe ISO more or not.. but after Kobe said in his post game interview that they played the right way last night so I believe it will be like that from now on then?!

  471. woohoo, Lakers at #29. I told you they could go only up from here.

    although now that they’re #29, I supposed they could get worse now. =p

  472. I guessing Kobe believes he can get these shots and also the foul call so that would be as good as 3s. Unfortunately he hasn’t been getting too much calls.

  473. poke…(fleeing at top speed).

  474. I noticed it, why though? I thought they were praising him left and right. Now he is not even playing.

  475. I recruited him a week ago, but he never came.

  476. That was expected…..he is not as good as randle after all.

  477. a new pregame thread.
    Who’s aggressive/assertive like Lin to be 1st? :]


  478. I think Scott was only playing Randle because he had too, and Clarkson kind of went along with the deal. Now that Randle is out for the season, Scott doesn’t have to put on any political stance.

  479. oh, you’re just missing the “if” then :]
    I thought it was a prediction:

    “Lin 25/7, and Kobe takes less than 15 shots. Lakers lose still.”

  480. Since all teams have a better record at home compared to on the road, I guess all the NBA coaches and players are Lin-like…..so what’s the problem…geesh.

  481. Yeah, but I think Scott was doing that political thing, playing Randle/Clarkson (not because he wanted too), but because he was forced to. I think with Randle’s injury, there is no need to play put on the political bs. He will probably send Clarkson to the D-league eventually.

  482. Lol. Arent troll slow having bad postures and short legs?

  483. Kobe might want to assist Lin more then for the win win win win win …

  484. My analysis of the end of the game:
    – I don’t think it was a bad choice to try for 2-for-1, even if that wasn’t the intended call.
    – I think the only problem was that Hill set up too far from the basket. He was only 2 feet inside the 3 pt line, at the very edge of his range. If he had set around 18-15 ft, I think his % goes up significantly.
    – Even missing the first part of the 2-for-1, Lakers almost had a chance when Memphis missed their shot. But they couldn’t come up with the rebound.
    – If the Lakers went for a 3 pt try and made it, that would only tie
    the game. Memphis would have the ball last, and they would only need 1
    point, Lakers wouldn’t be able to seriously contest any shot due to
    chance of foul.

  485. I hope he jacks his misses record up in the first 3 quarters and Lin has at least 8 mins about Q3 or early Q4 to get the team on track for a nice teamwork finishing run. That’s about the only way Kobe can have his and the team can win. Some momentum going into final 4 minutes … some lead. If it is down and close, it will be a battle of styles as you indicate.

  486. LOL is that Jordan in the end :]

  487. This article has some more details on the communication at the end of
    the game. Lin heard “go” instead of “elbow”. Not sure what macaroni has to do with basketball.

  488. Hi everyone. It’s a tough loss yesterday but good to see the Lakers really fought back this time against a great talent team in their home court.

    I’ve never been a big fan of big man shooting long range unless you’re Dirk N. or Chris Bosh. J hill should be screening and moving with Lin every time he tries to get to the rim for PnR or offensive rebound and chance to be fouled. If Lin kicks out the ball, it should rather be to Kobe or Johnson at an open 3 because that’s how Lin was a success in NY and Houston with T. Chandler and D. Howard.

  489. You are sharing some very personal information.

  490. the frustrating thing is Lin barely got any time to play without Kobe so we can’t see Lin/Davis or Lin purely running the offense.

    Unless Kobe rests, it’s really hard for Lin to warm up to run the offense w/o having to worry about feeding Kobe to make plays

    But yeah, if they can keep it close, anything can happen :>

  491. BTW, you’re correct about not playing Lin in fantasy bball, It’s the Kobe’s factor

  492. JLin isn’t most players. He’s the player with the best PPS in the league. In NYC he routinely had 15-24 FGAs a game. Now mind you I’m not asking for Linsanity re-creation. All I want is 10. 10!! For a guy who used to jack up 10 in a half of basketball who has been given certainly a decent amount of control to call plays and sets in the offense that’s not asking too much.

  493. yes, it’s so bittersweet with that. I want to be aligned with Lin play and yep, Kobe is in my way heh heh.

  494. The Mamba has his instincts …

  495. yup, gotta keep the cool head prevails..

  496. which sometimes malfunctioned :]
    I’d say MJ is better in knowing how to trust teammates at this stage in his career

  497. Kobe mecca to aged retired heroes, to learn of the steps in this process … ?

  498. Ok Mods, now we all see the comic you can ban him now.

  499. So you empathize? ; (

  500. it was from my samsung phone. it is better these two days.

  501. Right, but the vast majority of posters here are not doing that.

  502. ok, good to know πŸ™‚
    could be the server maintenance working well

  503. I synthesize…

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