G07 LAL @ MEM Game Thread+Chat

Lakers is short-handed again with the absence of Wayne Ellington whose father was killed on Sunday.

Not many will expect Lakers to steal a win from the might Grizzlies (6-1) but here’s hoping for Lin to run the offense well and Lakers to perform well on defense to have a chance to steal the game.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Wayne Ellington’s family who suffered this terrible tragedy.

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  1. I should be working right now but…. 1st!

  2. Good job, BluBellHawk!

  3. lol Good on u. I clicked on the thread and brought me around jlinportal world. Didn’t know what happened. Anyway. Good to be able to find it back to the right thread:-)

  4. Let’s go Lin. Great game last time!

    Stay aggressive through the game Jeremy!

  5. JLin has that determined “Look”
    Watch out, Grizzlies! That’s all I’m gonna say.


  6. 6th…I have lost my touch…

  7. One quick shower and this happens. One of these days I’m going to setup a console in the bathroom.

  8. I actually don’t mind Price. He’s a hard working and active player, although a bit of a jacker. But as long as he doesn’t freeze out Lin, I’m good with him.

  9. Lets go LAL. Get the 2nd win

  10. Hah Michael…you’re 7th. I was 6th. Yes I counted… ;-P

  11. Greetings from 30,000 ft! =)

  12. Indeed. Trouble in the force?

  13. What? Explain XD.

  14. R u up in the air?

  15. Yeah…I had great disturbances at work.
    Believe it or not…wasn’t even aware the game was starting at 5pm PST…until 10 minutes ago.

  16. @brentyen:disqus grabbing a steak and not watching game, @real_dsb:disqus at 30,000 ft, now we just gotta make you go to sleep, and perhaps tell @Maknusia to stay away, and we have the same situation as last win. 🙂

  17. What??
    SO RICH!

  18. Getting ready for that proverbial hydrant! I think Kobe’s actual backing (instead of lip service) during last game gave him good confidence.

  19. Great pic!

  20. Just get a tablet and a shelf. 🙂

  21. Lakers have a 1-game winning streak going.

  22. Go Lin !!
    24 / 8 tonight !!

  23. streak meaning more then one

  24. Lin has a 2-game good game streak going..

  25. good movie..

  26. Lin, go get the 2nd win for the LAL tonight!! I’am not greedy, but 18/7 will be good enuff .

  27. I’m greedy! 20+ points! 🙂

  28. Shoo troll shooo. Sleep!

  29. Gooo Lin…get us that 2nd win!!

  30. More Lin/Davis pairing would be even better!

  31. tmi tmi tmi…lol

  32. After Lin’s last game, 24/8 is well within the range of the possible, regardless of players on the court — particularly as Kobe defers and allow Lin to participate fully. Kobe needs to save his body, and take the setups for easy, open shots — and not try to make every shot look spectacular. Save the highlight reel.

  33. If given the same amount of PT and degree of freedom as any other starting PG in the league, 22/8 on AVERAGE is not out of the question for Lin.

  34. Good defense on Conley by Jeremy

  35. Nice drive Jeremy!

  36. ok y’all, let’s do this!

  37. Keep Conley scoreless…AGAIN!

  38. Conley 0-3 now

  39. bogos foul

  40. Ya, the pro Mem announcers couldn’t even defend that one. smh

  41. lakers lead!

  42. LOL wes trip and Lin got the foul

  43. OMG Hil

  44. Conley made a tough shot. Still good D.

  45. bleh point blank misses after a nice pass by Lin

  46. So far Lin is playing really good defense.

  47. Attaboy! LOL

  48. Condolences to Wayne Ellington’s family.

  49. I’ll settle for Conley low scoring and bad FG% instead of scoreless. 🙂

  50. LIN-NING

  51. Why does Scott take Lin out so early every time? He’s not the problem!!

  52. why did Lin trying to force his way in most of the time? can he take a mid range jumper? see what conley is doing…

  53. coz he thinks price is better than Lin

  54. I don’t feel 8 mins is too early. 8 mins/qtr means 32 mins in a game.

  55. Nah, it’s the usual rotation. It was the same last game. But last game Lin was hot unfortunately. Byron needs to adjust when Jeremy is hot and keep him in longer.

  56. cuz it the time he took him out the last 4 games. get used to it

  57. Lin’s good defense took some energy hit.

  58. Davis is the only legit big of Lakers

  59. old habits die hard, HOU castrated Jeremy of his mid-range jumper.

    He’s shown it a bit already here and there but he’s still hesitant with it.

  60. The problem really is Kobe playing PG and Lin relegated to SG.

  61. The problem is that Lin is not a hot-cold-hot-cold-hot type of player. He needs time to get into the rhythm of the team. I’m not sold on Scott because he seems to be a one way focus coach, instead of adjusting w/i the game.

  62. Tony Allen killing the Lakers.

  63. Boozer trying to be aggressive early.

  64. Who’s guarding him?

  65. How is Tony Allen getting rebounds, The bigs are not boxing out properly.

    Tony Allen is 6’4″ and he’s got 6 rebounds. 4 offensive rebounds.

  66. not sure, most likely Kobe or Wes

  67. You get used to it. Just because something is done before doesn’t mean it needs to be repeated…especially when it doesn’t work. duh

  68. right on, scott still not convince that Lin can carry the team, if only MDA is the coach, Lin will explode intantly.

  69. Just down 4, very much within striking distance.
    Hoping Jeremy busts out the mid-range jumper and not force things inside vs Gasol&Zbo

  70. on rebounds

  71. Not a bad 1Q, but if Lin had the ball the Lakers should be leading. Kobe taking inefficient shots again.

  72. Well, that’s fine, but don’t shoot out some bs about Lin not being ‘aggressive & playing his game’ when it’s becoming obvious that Scott sn’t sold himself. smh

  73. 4 off reb for him already

  74. Still think BS has secret crush on Price, how many times has he started 2Q with Price already?

  75. Lakers actually looking good so far!

  76. Yup, Scott is determined to lose w/’his’ lineup. This group is a sloppy mess.

  77. uDRIH killing Price

  78. Yeah BS, your boy has gotten same PT as starting PG now. Put Lin back in before the game’s out of reach.

  79. I’m sorry, but the Lakers are going nowhere w/this coach.

  80. Lin will only flourish in Spur’s system under Pops, nowhere else.

  81. Ronnie doing well offensively but there’s no reason Udrih should be scoring like this.
    The bench was doing well for a bit there 🙁

  82. Lin out first then Kobe will be back in before Lin that is the usual sub.

  83. That’s bumkiss.

  84. In Lin’s five-year NBA tenure, he’s only had ONE decent coach in D’Antoni for HALF a season.

  85. Michael “Udrih” Jordan going off, smh.

  86. hope BS prove me wrong

  87. Yes and he won’t be in until around 6m

  88. 10 point lead. They need to plug the haemorrhage. Get Jeremy in.

  89. BS seems determined to get HIS with Price after Lin outshined everyone last game. Price now has more PT than Lin.

  90. price playing terrible

  91. Yup, don’t want to change what’s not working. It might require some thinking.

  92. Kobe and Lin in so no Lin without Kobe again.

  93. every game lin goes to the bench y’all say this

  94. How was that a foul.

  95. 2 phantom fouls on lin

  96. It was Lin…enuf said. smh

  97. of course with the same pattern that don’t make sense.

  98. Nope, got to stick w/the same rotation. Stick w/what we know and not what works. : P

  99. It was late too..

  100. I guess BS likes to play chase after game.

  101. Where have you seen this bfo….hmmm…team not to be named?

  102. Another fact of BS, JLin isn’t allowed to play without Kobe in.

  103. Good drive by Lin. Keep attacking Conley, he can’t guard you.

  104. Yes, that is the pattern

  105. Lin playing excellent D on Conley.

  106. There shall be no outshining THE star!!

  107. No bench player for the Grizzles has scored in double digits until this game. Udrich is 5/5 FGM/A.

  108. Yay Boozer taken out on foul trouble, only way Ed Davis gets to play with the 1st unit (as it should be)

  109. Thanks to the defensive specialist Price?

  110. Ed gives Lin a screen right away.

  111. Couldn’t take off his shoes fast enuff (meant to reply to the other post)

  112. Boozer needs to stop pushing players and getting foul calls. Then again, if Davis can come in, I’m more than happy with that

  113. Very disturbing to watch.

  114. Lin keeps getting the ball knocked away everytime he drives. He needs to shoot mid-range

  115. see those picks set up for conley. Scott should set multiple picks for Lin, let Lin penetrate or PnR, so simple a system but he can’t devise it, I don’t understand…

  116. It appears so. I’m surprised that Price couldn’t defend Udrich better.

  117. He’s so reluctant to using it, i dont understand it.
    If he was horrible at them, I’d get it but he’s not.

  118. He just doesn’t want JLin to shine. That’s why I don’t like him as a coach at all.

  119. refs is swallowing whistle and will never call a foul as per order of NBA !

  120. just like Mchale?!

  121. price couldn’t take off his shoes fast enuff

  122. it happened once this game once the other game relax

  123. that’s where the player needs to adjust, and Jeremy should rely on a jumper instead, which we know he has.

  124. Yes but he is much more subtle and more media savvy. Otherwise under the same category.

  125. I haven’t seen any offensive/defensive plays worth talking about yet. Still looking for what Scott keeps trying to sell.

  126. poor Lin…and Lin fans

  127. He hasn’t proved me wrong thus far. JLin is still on his own in a sense.

  128. Lin playing in rhythm right now.

  129. Finally…Lin/Davis connect!

  130. Grizz playing VERY PHYSICAL against J

  131. He’s getting in the flow, so hope he starts taking control & shoot the team to get ahead.

  132. Because he doesn’t get called and they can get away from it but continues to receive fathom call on him. Those refs!

  133. 18 Memphis vs 4 Lakers FTs

  134. He’s getting the whistles actually. What is questionable is him being whistled.

  135. Only Lin and Kobe have FTs

  136. Good D and offense..Good job so far.

  137. “Home court” advantage.

  138. 36-13 run in 3rd quarter.

  139. Ok, the first half wasn’t great, but we know Lin shows up big in the 2nd. This team is definitely beatable. Let’s go Lin…Lakers!!

  140. they don’t need that grip are slow and low scoring if lin or kobe goes off it will be the game

  141. Finally toward the end of 2nd qtr.

  142. Lin’s gotta take a couple of 3 attempts

  143. Weird first half. Lakers sloppy, but keeping it close. Griz D not as good as it normally is. Lakers D better than it normally is.

  144. Lakers slowly and painfully chipping away at the lead!
    Only down 4 to the top seed in the WEST on the road, cant ask for more at the half.

    They got 18 FTs to Laker’s 6. Usually refs balance it out in the 2nd half to cover their incompetence.

  145. FGA Kobe 11 Lin 2

  146. Kobe 4-11

  147. It seems that Lin has called plays also. Like he told Davis and Davis told Hill to move to the side in one play soon after Davis checked.

  148. I just need Jeremy to shoot more. 2 FGA is just not enough.
    All I want for Christmas is for Jeremy to bring back his mid-range jumper.

  149. Agree…I’m more confident now that this game can be won. Lin / Bryant needs to show up for the 2nd half to score.

  150. Lin 1-2. Better % bight side

  151. I was shocked when they showed Lin’s stats Home vs Away. I know everyone like home better, but wow that’s a huge difference!

  152. Halftime LAL trailed 52-56
    Lakers looked really good with starters + Davis replacing Boozer.
    – Many chances of fast-breaks for easy points
    – fewer offensive rebounds for the Grizz with Davis patroling the paint

    Lakers can steal this game if Davis gets a lot of PT in the 4th quarter to close the game

  153. Lin seemed to be passing more in the first quarter. Yes, more FGA though.

  154. no picks for him and after he passes off ball seldom returns to him just like in Houston.

  155. Yeah need a lot more picks for Lin. Lin being aggressive is great, but it’s still a team game. BS needs to set better plays to put Lin in position to succeed.

  156. Let’s hope so. Need Davis to help prevent those offensive rebounds.

  157. You know, that seems to be Lin’s pattern. Like Bryant said, he takes over if the other players don’t show up ( not sure if I truly believe that ), but I think that’s how Lin plays. He gives other team members a chance to get involved and do their thing. Then when the game gets too close to the end w/a loss, he does what needs to be done. I’m thinking that’s why he’s so clutch.

  158. I’m more than relaxed. It happened twice.

  159. so how many does kobe need to miss to pass the next guy on the list?

  160. They need to compensate for that ridiculous phantom foul on Lin.

  161. I think someone posted earlier 26 shots.

  162. he has never had a big issue before so i just think the early figuring it out games was away so its bias data will balance out as the season goes on.

  163. the lakers look like a playoff team to me. kobe is better then i thought he would be. gettting young back will bolster our second unit so price aint out there getting worked by udrich

  164. he has passed today . he will get atlas 21 shots a game get over it. lin will take 13 or so. rather it him then boozer. lin doesn’t shoot a lot unless he is hot

  165. Agree. Sometimes I just want him to shoot those jumpers but he passes. No matter as long as he makes more FGA

  166. Kobe just needs to trust Lin more. Scott just needs to setup multiple picks for Lin. Davis needs to start or play with LIn more often. Big just needs to hustle more in defense, if only then LA will be formidable and reach playoff hopefully.

  167. to be fair, he was missing open shots instead of shooting over three defenders.

  168. udrih, griz’s bench PG is 5-5. guess price not doing his defensive assignment?

  169. I am so sick of watching Ln hand off the ball to Hill, but Hill NEVER gives it back as Lin curls around him. He just lifts the ball above his head and holds it until Lin goes by and passes to someone else. Meanwhile, if Kobe does same thing, Hill gives it back to him. If it’s once in a while, that’s fine. But, Hill does this every single time. I feel like Hill is still semi-freezing Lin. Of course, most ironic part is that Lin has been feeding him for easy open jumpers and making Hill look like an All-Star.

  170. Nice Drive by Lin.

  171. it looks so easy for him

  172. Great scoop! Nice ball protection.

  173. I agree, w/the right mix of players and the Lakers playing as a team, they have a good chance for the playoffs. Maybe just more time to gel, as Lin has said.

  174. Lin better shoot some more. Not going to get toasty if he doesn’t shoot. Kobe 4-13 already. Getta keep up.

  175. Yeah, Hill doesn’t seem to give the ball back to Lin. He looks him off and passes to Kobe.

    Meanwhile, Lin has given some nice feeds to Hill.

  176. Jeremy shot a jumper! It was a miss but I love it when he just shoots it without overthinking lol
    It still got Boozer 2 FTs 😛

  177. Tremendous smart play between Lin-Hill-Lin for the easy layup!

  178. Hill heard me complaining he doesn’t pass to Lin. ^_^

  179. Finally, good give and go between Lin and Hill.

  180. lol

  181. lol Boozer to the bench early.
    Even Coach Scott couldnt leave him in there after that awful defense on Zbo.

  182. Need to watch Kobe’s minutes since it’s a B2B. One thinks

  183. Come on Bryant, play w/i the team! You need a win more than your stats…ooph.

  184. Don’t think BS care or can say much

  185. Kobe show, it seen.

  186. Hill heard you

  187. Conley sold that foul

  188. Lin sitting. Kobe still in. Reverting back to bad habits here.

  189. Great move Scott…keep in those that are getting you nowhere & take out the difference maker. smh

  190. Doesn’t it seen that they try to avoid Lin+Davis as much as possible?

  191. the lead is growing

  192. It may work & we can’t have that or people will start demanding a change that isn’t in Scott’s plans.

  193. Price can’t keep up with Conley and is getting caught up in screens.

  194. Sorry Webttorny, Kobe already 19 shots and still a whole quarter to go.

  195. In his defense, they set up crazy screens for Conley. If Lakers did half of that for Lin, he would have a career game.

  196. taking lin out was a mistake. price is getting worked out there. I’m guessing lin will start the fourth with the bench. hope the trade off works

  197. BS: Keep JLin out when Kobe is out; keep JLin out as soon as Davis is in. That’s the formula of winning game.

  198. Why every opposing teams set better screens than Lakers? The 5 points play was ugly. Lin got screened with 2 walls there.

  199. Insanity = Scott: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ( Albert Einstein )

  200. He probably won’t come in till 8 minutes left.

  201. You are asking too much for BS. He doesn’t want JLin to shine no matter what he says in public. His action speaks volumn.

  202. It hasn’t failed him yet. Just look at Lakers record. Oh wait a minute…..

  203. I agree because Lin got caught on a screen too, but conley was getting into a rhythm now that Price is there

  204. Agree. Probably around 6-7 minutes unless BS proves me wrong this time.

  205. Almost seems like BS sat Lin because of that play b/c Lin got caught behind the screens

  206. Don’t hold your breath Melody.

  207. Nop. Not holding my breath for this BS/Lakers. Still don’t buy in with him.

  208. Kobe has already played 30 minutes on a B2B. WTH. Need Lin to make 3s with Johnson. Lin hasnt even attempted one

  209. 3q0m nice job Hill with the rebound and putback

  210. that’s a nice one, Hill

  211. Kobe is a hard worker he likes to get hard shots instead of easy shot.

  212. There was quite a bit of Kobe iso in the third. As a result, the third quarter of last game could never have happened.

  213. after 3q, Lin has 9 pts, 3-5 fg, 0-0 3pt, 3-4 ft, 1 reb, 3 ast, 1 to, 2 pf, -5.

    Lakers down by 8, 75-83. Let’s see what Lin can do in the 4th! Hopefully Byron puts him in early in the 4th

  214. lol, hardest worker on the Lakers

  215. Offensive rebounds from Laker bigs are keeping them in the game. I hope Lin can push the pace a bit in 4th quarter and go for the win.

  216. don’t see they letting Lin controlling the game like last game

  217. JLin only has 5 shots in game.

  218. He prove us wrong.

  219. Lin is back! Go Lin! Win the game without BS’s BS rotation.

  220. 4q12m all right, Lin starting the 4th. score is 75-83

  221. happy to be wrong bout when Lin coming back in

  222. I hope he leaves him in for entire 4th.

  223. Working hard when you don’t have to, to get the same or better results, is not smart but….

  224. 4q10m Lin colded blooded 3!

  225. Lin drained a 3!!

  226. lineup to start the 4th: Davis, Boozer, Wes, Lin, Price

  227. Come on Lin…do your thing despite the coach’s bs!

  228. 4q10m Lin with a questionable shot selection. long 2 early in the clock

  229. 4q8m wes lost his hot touch

  230. 4q8m Price with bad pass, Conley takes it all the way

  231. Hill – 4/14. Bryant 7/19….

  232. Not sure I like Price to be the pg and JLin is sg.

  233. Its all wrong to let Price be the PG, Lin will not be effective when he is not handling the ball.

  234. a couple of Hill’s shot was not his standard set shot

  235. Another loss for LA!

  236. defense rotation breaking down. also price playing like hot garbage today as well as hill. wes with a couple of ridiculous shots

  237. pnr defense rears its ugly head

  238. Booz didn’t pass to a wide-open Lin at 3ptline

  239. Kobe just broke the record for most missed FGs in NBA history.

  240. Big loss coming up if this continues.

  241. Lin didn’t make the 3 but good to see him take an open shot!
    Keep shooting, Lin!

  242. It will be 1-7 right? Don’t see significant improvement in coaching or jelling. I think Lin will average around 8 fga per game.

  243. I’m afraid so. It was so winnable until Scott tried to coach. This loss is on him.

  244. Yep. I hope Lin will just start shooting and pad his stats in garbage time.

  245. bench biggest issue is defense they messed us up today. let the grid of all slow and low scoring teams get hot. their bench was the worst before the saw our bench defense.

  246. 4q5m Lin was going to have a fastbreak layup, but ZBo fouled Hill on purpose.

  247. Yeah.Yeah. Yeah. 1-7. You happy now?

  248. Lakers record? will be 1-6 after tonight

  249. Was unsure whether it was 1-6 or 1-7. Why would I be happy about a loss? Just because I predicted that Lakers would lose a ton of games this season, I am not happy that they lost especially because they could have won this one. They just gave it away.

  250. 4qm5 Wow, can’t believe they actually called an offensive foul on Conley against Lin. I agree, but they almost always call that on the defender.

  251. Oops, you’re right. I meant Lakers record tomorrow night. =(

  252. Yeah, DAvis IN!
    Now Lakers has a chance!

  253. why they keep Price in?

  254. 4q4m Davis in with Lin

  255. Making up for phantom foul on Lin.

  256. Yeah, give us some Lin-Davis!!

  257. You happy because you keep on insisting about your prediction.You happy because you slammed the optimists about the Lakers season.

  258. score at 91-101 when Davis came in

  259. That’s because you asked me if I was happy. What’s your point?

  260. He’s Scotts flavor of the season…just like noPg was flavor of the season for noCoach on the nameless team.

  261. Thanks to Boozer

  262. all right guys, take your frustrations out on the Grizzlies instead!

  263. I can only say that LA is tanking, they are not in win now mode even when their rosters are complete. Scott’s hands are tied thats why he can’t seem to see the worthiness of Lin in almost every aspect of the game.

  264. I didn’t start this. Read the thread and you be the judge.

  265. You’ve been happy slamming the optimists,about those optimistic about the Lakers’ season.

  266. Finally, 8pts down with 4min left is plenty of time!

  267. Not frustrated. just saying it as it is.

  268. just got back. kobe 8-24? SMH

  269. Well, they are either tanking or Scott is incompetent. We’ll find out which after 5 or so more losses.

  270. 4q3m sweet pass from Kobe to Hill

  271. 6pts now

  272. I’ll be OPTIMISTIC about this.

  273. When did I slam anyone? I just made the prediction without cutting down anyone. You seem too sensitive that Lakers lost today.

  274. You’ve been doing rightly so even at the other site. Anyway enough.
    I’ll try to be OPTIMISTIC.

  275. 4q3m too bad, that indeed was a charge by Lin.

  276. I made a prediction, not even a hard one at that. So what’s wrong with that? Your feelings hurt? Anyway enough.

  277. He should have stopped and popped. Houston traumatized him.

  278. Not surprise that Kobe try to go in by himself

  279. that’s afoul?

  280. Nope not even close to hurt. I just don’t like people slamming optimists. If the shoes fits you, then wear it. Just saying it as it is.

  281. 4q1m Kobe with a 3 to get Lakers within 3

  282. 3pt game 100-103!

    we got a chance!

  283. It won’t be 1-7 at all! YES!

  284. You just attacking the wrong person. Let your hurt go. Lakers might win this win.

  285. I’m okay with Lin’s aggressiveness though. 90% the defender is not set and will be called a foul. Courtney Lee made a good play

  286. I don’t want to hurt the prediction of 1-7 😉

  287. Come on Lin…bail these non-believers out again!

  288. for every brilliant shot Kobe makes, he misses 2 more. =(

  289. so predictable

  290. That should have been an and 1

  291. He doesn’t trust anyone at the end and all end up to be his show.

  292. This game will end with Kobe missing a 3.

  293. That was a foul on Wes. Wes got fouled there.

  294. Lin with only 8 FGA, 5th on the Lakers!

  295. home call by the refs

  296. Me neither.

  297. I am not that optimistic with all Kobe show.

  298. That’s fine as long as Bryant can show he can do something…haven’t seen it yet. The team shouldn’t trust him at the end!

  299. Hey it’s your prediction. Not mine. 😉

  300. his 9th FGA could be pivotal here

  301. 5 second violation. Lakers ball!

  302. I’m wide awake now!!! Go Linkers

  303. Look what you’ve done…

  304. I didn’t predict 1-7, but if you say so. You are free to imagine whatever you want.

  305. ok, 5pt down with 5 seconds. That’s likely a loss

  306. What’s Linkers?

  307. thanks to Michael…

  308. 5 pt play? =p

  309. Lin and Lakers

  310. He just play a predictable game at the end

  311. I want to see Lin take a big SHOT here!

  312. kobe yelling at lin for passing shot to hill for 2?

  313. Dude you just posted below 😉

  314. Crap…

  315. I like it. Linkers!

  316. Haha u got that right.

  317. I thought that was not a good play there passing to Hill for a 2.

  318. = = I am not here.

  319. Michael woke up. Lakers lose 🙁

  320. yeah, Bearness sure went on a limb with that prediction. =p

  321. 1-7 hehehe

  322. i know, he should’ve just shot it.

  323. …too late…they lost. lol

  324. BS should called a time out.

  325. 1-6

  326. yup , saw that too.

  327. I asked whether it was 1-6 or 1-7. No prediction of 1-7. Dude, read it correctly at least. I asked an innocent question because I wasn’t sure of the record, partly because Lakers lost so many games that I can’t remember.

  328. Ok as long as I get the 1 right lol

  329. Wow, those refs were doing some home cooking tonight. Definitely made a difference in a close game like this one.

  330. You edited it.You predicted right! Congratulations! Now I believe you.

  331. Well it was to the open man. It was the right play. Hill’s actually quite a good shot from that distance. He just missed it

  332. so many call against the lakers

  333. No shame. One-man Kobe got them close but it didn’t work.
    Next time Lakers would have to trust teamwork.

    An expected loss against an experienced team but Lakers is still growing.
    BScott better learn that Davis needs to be on the floor with starting team to replace Boozer or Hill

  334. In the times we got to see Davis in for Boozer, it has made a big difference, last game and this game. Someone on the Lakers coaching staff take note!

  335. true, 2-3 important no-calls didn’t go Lakers way

  336. lin got real passive late. he played ok i thought. bench killed us. as well as pnr defense with the bench. our starters beat their starters

  337. I didn’t edit anything. Someone deleted my original post.

  338. overall. it’s still a good game against the Grizzlies..

  339. Figures…turned off the game because that’s what I thought would happen. smh

  340. Just came back, we lost….I need to stick with BBQ. No more steaks…

  341. Yeah yea. but at least you get your prediction. That is so important.

  342. it’s ridiculous that they’ve been broadcasting all game that the memphis bench sucks but that the bench killed the Lakers.

  343. iso kobe came back. but it did get us close. thought lin should of drove instead of giving it to hill. or lin shoot a three. he is the best three shooter of the team.

  344. agreed..

  345. How did Lin play?

  346. Memphis bench kill the Lakers.

  347. ok

  348. Not really. I wanted Lakers to win. But they lost. So what?

  349. ok-good? ok-bad? ok-didn’t matter?

  350. Not the same as yesterday. He doesn’t have free reigns.

  351. 12p/3a/2r

  352. Good

  353. Seems good….

  354. ok didn’t matther. was meh. he gave it to kobe who was hot late. also boozer and wes was playing good so he was letting them shoot.

  355. I don’t know about you. You tell me.

  356. 50% shooting

  357. 8 attempts. Smh.

  358. Was anyone even guarding Koufos and Udrih? Sure didn’t look like it.

  359. LOS ANGELES LAKERS (1-6)FIELD GOALSREBOUNDS POSMINFGM-A3PM-AFTM-A+/-OFFDEFTOTASTPFSTTOBSBAPTSW. JohnsonF39:216-103-70-0-902211110015C. BoozerF28:478-130-04-5-144836000120J. HillC35:056-170-11-2+6861433212113K. BryantG37:2910-263-105-6+816763430028J. LinG34:484-81-23-4-202235131012

  360. for a low game. they are the best defensive team so yea i was wrong it is good

  361. not an efficient game though with 5 fouls and 3TOs

  362. The non-team Laker players and their coach killed the Lakers.

  363. ok good memphis is 1st in points allowed so yea

  364. 2 fouls are phantom foul

  365. what is that

  366. Uh, what’s that?

  367. Conley and Zach got confused with Jeremy’s pass, if you ask me.

  368. too many no pass to wide open Lin for 3 again.

  369. true, Lin needs to shoot more because his teammates are not efficient enough to score

  370. yea they have to fix thats since he is there best three shooter

  371. true, very good competitive game.

  372. haha. At first I thought the no look was unnecessary, but after rewatching it, it drew Conley forward and opened the window for the pass to Kobe

  373. There aren’t any coaches on the Lakers staff…sorry.

  374. can the lakers get some bad teams who created this schedule

  375. They have chance to beat Memphis.

  376. Secret military code. lost formatting.

  377. ouch! Udrih and Koufos had 16+14 =30

  378. Is that the plays the Lakers have been playing.

  379. BS play book

  380. i thought the bench needed scoring. ohh no they need a lot more then that

  381. my frustration. onto warriors vs spurs.

  382. “especially in the paint.” – Please take note how the bigs played. Tomorrow is against Asik and Anthony Davis.

  383. agreed with bench mostly

  384. that’s what i said after game

  385. Yeah, I agree. Lakers had several chances to catch up this game.

  386. Tired of hearing from coach BS. Nothing good to say.

  387. It’s best to use screen capture software and turn it into an image. In Windows there’s a utility called “Snipping Tool”.

  388. To be fair, I noticed Kobe doesn’t pass to anyone, not just Lin.

  389. lin has to be more aggressive late. although kobe was going great. he should of drove a couple of time atleast. I’m guessing they blocked it and left hill open instead. but thats a big issue. lin assist are predicated on hills shot. no real fast break assist out there. as well as no three shooter unless lin could pass it to himself

  390. Hilarious how Jeremy is pegged as the 5th option in scoring. It’s Kobe-Wes-Hill-Boozer-Jeremy in that order. Maybe that’s why he’s left many times open and others would rather pass to another than to an open Jeremy.Davis can’t lift the bench on his own.

  391. This game was completely winnable. The rotation and the team playing like 5 guys just meeting for the first time is a formula to fail. I’m going to say this team/coach isn’t going far this year if things don’t change. I’m just going to hope that Lin plays well for his next contract to get on a team that plays like a cohesive unit.

  392. Not just Kobe other player too but Kobe did pass to Lin last game though.

  393. Hill played like doo-doo. Not sure if it was Lin or Hill’s fault.

  394. But with the time left, I thought Lakers should have gone for a 3.

  395. that’s terrible.

  396. That could explain why they are repeatedly losing and will continue to do so.

  397. agree with kobe here. but why did hill shoot it. he mised it all day. would rather a lin shot or kobe shot

  398. Maybe the coach wanted Hill to pass to Kobe for a 3. I am surprised that Lin passed it and that Hill took a 2 instead of passing it for a 3.

  399. Lin can control this. Everyone on the team wants Lin to be the 2nd scorer.

  400. Yes, two out of 10 open situations. When Kobe is on the floor, all Lakers are conditioned to pass him the ball.

  401. Apparently this game, it was Wes on the second tier. I remember Scott saying he wants Wes to be involved more on offense. Well he did.

  402. he wasn’t 5th option. he didn’t shoot it. he had a ton of the ball. the defense also gave lin no driving room leaving hill open. wes and boozer was shooting it good today. so no he wasn’t 5th option just wasn’t allowed to be the second by the defense. although i wanted more threes from him.

  403. lol…I believe it…no joke.

  404. not saying that they ignore Lin may be they didn’t see him who know.

  405. Yeap, had several chances to catch up and win.

  406. He wants Wes to get involved but it’s not like he wants Wes to be the 2nd scorer.

  407. he took some ridiculous shots yes. but was hot early

  408. He looks more like the 5th in this game, in comparison to yesterday when he was the second option,which opened his game flow in the second half.

  409. twitter.com/SerenaWinters/status/532377588367237120

  410. yea the rotation was horrible. would rather lin finish the 3rd. don start forth with the bench. they were terrible today

  411. It makes sense if the Lakers consider LIn as the 5th option in scoring, as IJ posted above. Someone or people are blind on this team if that is the case. I have no hope for this team if they see Lin as the 5th option. smh

  412. I expected an L but they could have won this game, that’s what’s annoying.

    Memphis took the night off and played down to their opponent.

  413. I just wanted to be harsh on Lin b/c I am really disappointed.

    Put aside how the other teammate performed, this was a perfect chance for Lin to step up late in the game. But he was too passive and was out of control in the last 90 seconds from my view. Down 3 and he made a crucial TO with a fast break. Then again in another down 3 with 30 seconds left. He could have just shoot the 3, contested or not, instead of passing to Hill. (Shouldn’t BS call a time out here). If he really WANTS to be a star-caliber PG, he needs to step up. Lin needs to have this fire in him every game, which I didn’t see in tonight’s game.

    Last 5 minutes Lin revered back to the old form. Deferirng, hesitation, even the defense was lagging late in the game. I know Kobe was all ISO. But Lin is THE PG and he got all the empowerment, props from all area, he really needs to step up in critical moments like this.

  414. Im giving Jeremy a B-
    He did ok but Jeremy is capable of being more than ok.

    Offensively, he was too passive again. Hill took 17 (inefficient) shots, Jeremy only 8.. it should be the other way around.
    Jeremy needs to call for picks/screens for himself to shoot some jumpers. He has a very respectable jumper but he simply refuses to use it. He’s still stuck in that HOU mindset of layups or nothing.
    I also saw him pass a couple of times he couldve shot the 3.
    Defensively, I thought he did good on Conley who is a tough cover. I only facepalmed on 2 possessions where Jeremy left him wide open for 3’s (he made 1). I think he just lost focus.

    I still classify this as another moral victory though lol this is the TOP seed in the WEST! They fought and only lost by a few.

  415. different defense. the scheme was weird. meaning not a lot of screens for lin early. nor a lot of passes to open lin threes which he was atlas 3 times. but memphis has a good defense. they have two bigs who rebound good so lin might of played away from that. to be honest would of liked more threes by lin.

  416. Sure more 3s.. if they just passed him the ball lol

  417. don’t think you’re being harsh.

  418. lol touché

  419. ?

  420. Hill – will?

  421. scott rapping now

  422. scott said “no” supposedly J.Lin thought he said “go” or something

  423. This is on the coach. BS should have called a time out.

  424. it was open but would rather kobe or lin taking that shot

  425. You’re right.

  426. rhyme – dime?

  427. and YOU’RE here!

  428. new post-game thread. Who’s got the quick trigger?


  429. You are right Bobby, I guess this is where the ‘inconsistent’ label gets throws around.

    The other day you could see he had that swag in him but it was missing today.
    We KNOW he has it in him.

  430. i saw it but dont want to be first

  431. Yup, he got all the verbal props, verbal empowerment, and the ball a few times…he can definitely win a game with that. smh

  432. you need to be aggressive like Lin :] haha.

  433. ha funny. got what you did there

  434. Be aggressive and pi$$ on the thread. lol

  435. assertive, too

  436. Star-caliber PGs began with roles similar to Lin and they rose with occasions like this. If Lin kept deferring, the teammates would thought Lin was cold or passive. In the last 90 seconds, Lin had at least 3 chances to score, one turned TO, 2 deferred to Kobe and Hill.

    Take any wanted-to-be Star-caliber PGs, they would take this chance to prove themselves, to have confidence in self and to score and to lead. That’s what Kobe meant being assertive and aggressive, the killer instinct. PB can be assertive and aggressive, but he is not at the level that Lin is. Lin has the talent and force. He just needs to step up given this late 90 seconds. That’s what I meant. Grasp the chance and shine.

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