G06 [email protected] PreGame Thread

After going through a tough schedule (Lakers opponents has 15-4 record), Lakers is left with 0-5 record.

The next game against Charlotte Hornets (2-3) is their best opportunity to win. After that, the Lakers’ next four games are against Western Conference teams – Memphis (5-0), New Orleans (2-2), San Antonio (2-1) and Golden State (4-0) – that, at the very least, are in playoff contention.

The biggest weakness of the Lakers is the transition defense (allowing 21.2 fast-break pts/gm). The good news is Hornets is only ranked #21 at 11.6pts/gm

Source: http://www.teamrankings.com/nba/stat/fastbreak-points-per-game

[LA Register] Lakers getting anxious for first win

“I think we all need a win,” Bryant said Tuesday. “Just move on the next one and get it done.”

The Lakers maintain that the key to getting on track is slowing down other teams’ transition offense.

Through five games the Lakers are allowing 21.2 fast-break points per game. And while the Lakers, with four practices between games, did practice Wednesday, it’s a safe bet what they will focus on when they return to the floor today.

“We will work on this until we get better,” Scott said, “and then we’ll move on to the next thing.”


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  3. nice to be back on top again, eh? :>

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  7. Irony of the Day
    LeBron the star is mad at Kyrie for the PG not passing (34pts/0ast/45min)
    while Lin and others can’t be mad at Kobe the star for not passing (39pts/1ast/44min)


  8. Like a champ! :]

  9. I couldn’t say it any better. Need a thousand retweet!

    Jeremy Lin wasn’t great in the fourth quarter vs the Suns, but he played well for most of the game. Suddenly going cold in the fourth because the ball doesn’t go through him and then expecting for people to think it’s Kobe who is stranded by bad teammates is an insult to fan’s intelligence.

  10. It would be nice and would go a long way if Kobe came out and acknowledged that he needs to improve also. It would show his leadership and help unite this team.

  11. I don’t these headlines help unite the team and fans. Soon it will be Kobe vs Lin.

  12. That’s the right thing to do but it’s very un-Kobe-like to do so after 19 yrs
    He’s got a documentary coming out, chasing MJ’s record on 3s.
    Even Byron and Kupchak can’t reign him in.

    Not sure Lin can do anything other than not passing to Kobe, ya know ..
    Try shooting 15FGA would be a good start.

  13. It can either put public pressure for Kobe to pass a bit more.

    Or .. Kobe might challenge Lin to step up and not pass to him.
    I really want to know what Kobe will say if Lin doesn’t pass to Kobe 3-4 times in a game. We’ll know if Kobe is serious about making Lin “relentless”

    IMO “relentless” is another keyword for “ball-hog” LOL

  14. Instead of aggressive, new word for Lin needs to be “assertive”. “I need to be more assertive”.

  15. If Lin is assertive enough to the point taking 25 shots a game, then people will ask him to say: “I need to be more humble”.

  16. He is so humble, he needs to shoot for 25. Maybe then get to 15.

  17. How about Lin coming out and challenging Kobe to 10 assists, LOL?

  18. What? You looking for car on JLinportal?

  19. Imagine Lin to say: “I’m trying to be relentlessly passing out there .. No fear of TOs or critics. To show all the guys out there that there is beauty in team-ball”

    That’d be hilarious but suicide on Lin’s LA career. haha..

  20. true, good strategy to shock people with 25-30 .. then tone it down to a moderate 15-20

  21. Why was Jeremy Lin popping a pill on the bench last game? Soreness in his right foot. Lakers don't play again till Sunday vs. CHA.— KEVIN DING (@KevinDing) November 6, 2014

  22. Can’t wait to see Boozer vs Al Jefferson

  23. Yes much better.

  24. Followed by Zbo, Marc Gasol, AD and Asik. Joy.

  25. Actually what I meant, was a challenge to Kobe. I’d like Lin to say “Kobe is such a well rounded player and leader. When he’s not shooting, he can dish it out as well. I’d like to see him do more of that. It really got the team involved when we were still in the game. 30 pts and 10 asts is not impossible for him”

  26. Well this is obvious, but as long as KOBE keeps singing Jeremy’s praises in the press I don’t care that much. It’s like OMG the SHOCK! Kobe is Kobe! He shoots a lot!!! Who starts off with the ball? Jeremy does–99% of the time down the court when he’s in the game. Rarely does Kobe bring the ball up. It’s what Jeremy does once he crosses half court (and BS leaves it entirely up to him) that determines things. If jeremy immediately passes to Kobe on the wing say goodnight, Kobe’s shooting. If Jeremy runs the play where he passes to Wes who goes triple threat or passes to Jordan Hill in the post he never sees the ball again. If jeremy runs the ball via Boozer in the high post (which he does WAY to often), this will result in either a boozer jump shot or Kobe shot 99% of the time. How many times have you seen it? Jeremy passes immediately to booze in the high post then sets a screen on Kobe’s man who curls around the baseline. Boozer either passes it to Kobe or shoots himself. Jeremy determines the eventual shot by his initial play call. He calls far too few isos for himself (almost never) and far too few pick n rolls for himself. HE calls the plays. If Kobe is shooting too much that’s partly on Jeremy because he calls too many plays where Kobe ends up with the ball with less than 14 sec on the shot clock. He’s got to be more ASSERTIVE as orlinaryJoe said. Against PHX he had IT burned EVERY SINGLE TIME if he wanted it. He should’ve called ISO on IT REPEATEDLY. OVER AND OVER. he’s got to realize that he can call his own number OVER AND OVER AND OVER until it stops working.

    I always get the feeling when I watch him now that he’ll make a great play call resulting in a great score (like his blowby layup against IT) and he’ll be temporarily “satisfied” and won’t call his own number again–opting to pass it off or run the stupid booze high post play 10x in a row. If it works, you have to KEEP GOING TO THE WELL UNTIL THEY STOP IT. In high school one time our coach called a post up ISO with one of our players. His man couldn’t check him so we just kept milking it. He scored 16 points in a row on consecutive possessions before the other team finally switched him out. JLin could have done that in the PHX game. He can do it in most games.

    A good start would be to see him DEMAND a pick n roll for himself on two consecutive plays. I don’t think I’ve seen him do that once yet.

  27. High speed view of Lakers signing bballs this morning before practice:


  28. Looks like Jeremy somehow is close to Clarkson, they tend to sit together…….

  29. @JLin7 how many mins does he need to play I take a look at the past 2 yrs: http://t.co/nRiLZ1rADm TL:DR > 30 mins! pic.twitter.com/D6RUAUPAqI— JLinArticles&Facts (@JLArticlesFacts) November 6, 2014

  30. Lin also had Clarkson say hi in Chinese in the FB video.
    Maybe he’s the unofficial mentor

  31. hm, I wonder how he got the sore foot.

    Found this witty tweet as a reply :]

    @KevinDing He should go play golf with Steve Nash.

  32. any advice for change or improvements will be happily received.

  33. standard deviation for the key variable you see … What I see: if JLin plays over 30 mins, he gets hotter and has better TS%. Also might have some kind of efficiency metric with std dev. Key is, what do you see in the numbers and then nail it so casual stats people are sure you are right. Yellow highlight in the box you conclude, too to draw our eye to it.

  34. wukong, great job providing the TS% breakdown by 30min barrier

    One suggestion. Can you do a colorful bar-chart?
    I found people on twitter loves visual chart and will retweet more

    Also, Usage rate would be interesting to see

  35. Kobe is after that scoring title. He’s not sure how many seasons he can play. Maybe he wants to retire at a level above MJ. There doesn’t look like a championship ring left, honestly, so he might as well go get his …

  36. if I ever retired, I’d do a count of all the times LAL have the ball, now many times the play went to and stopped at Kobe, how many times Lin truly got to PG, and the scoring result. But that takes a person with maybe 3 hrs per game. Over a small sample, that data would be really interesting, like the one on scoring % when Lin drives. Any cleaned up data on scoring% when Lin really plays PG calling the play, NOT Kobe ISO (ball shunter?)

  37. I wonder if SVU stats data already capture that because they do player tracking.

  38. feel sorry for Ed Davis.

  39. lol hilarious

  40. I checked he’s a career 59% FT shooter.
    If he gets to 78% like Hill/Boozer, maybe he can contend as a starter.
    Otherwise, he’ll be a liability at crunch time

  41. It should also say
    Nash – 1 par, 2 bogeys, 0 birdies

  42. you should just invite the dealers to our Disqus Hangout and hash it out there.

  43. Well, one big difference though is that Kyrie is the PG. It’s one thing for a scoring SG or SF to ball hog, but for a PG to have 0 assists in 6 quarters is indefensible. CLE should change the positions. Put Lebron at PG and Kyrie at SG.

  44. so people are acting like kobe has no teammate i say its somewhat true. stop acting like lin didnt get 6 ft in the fourth. he gets the easiest shots on the team. but even then lets say lin takes 5 more shots. kobe will still take 25 shots atleast. when young return it should help but still he will still get 20 plus. lin, kobe, and young should take most of the shots.

  45. My wild guess is he could have landed on someone else’s foot during a game or practice and mildly sprained some ligament in his foot.

  46. you never know…lol

  47. it will be ugly….

  48. maybe Clarkson is Jeremy’s rookie lackey that Jeremy orders around to do his bidding. =)

  49. Lin still practicing his FT though.

    .@WayneElli22 finishes up Thursday's practice with free throws. pic.twitter.com/tpSH6VfRIu— Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers) November 6, 2014

  50. definitely. But you would need the full access to the SVU data.

  51. Yup, data confirms what we already knew, that the more Lin plays, the better he plays. The worst thing a coach can do is to yank Lin after a poor start. That’s what McHale did all the time. Thankfully, so far Byron is not doing that. How many times have we seen Lin have a slow start, but then go nuts in the 4th quarter?

  52. How about the Cavs & Lakers do a pg switch…hmmm

  53. I think Kobe wants to break more records.

    Kobe said he's "itching" to get back out there. "These 4 days off couldn't come at a worse time."— Serena Winters (@SerenaWinters) November 6, 2014

    Most field-goal attempts, game
    63-Wilt Chamberlain, Philadelphia vs. New York, at Hershey, Pa., March 2, 1962

    Most field-goal attempts, one half
    37-Wilt Chamberlain, Philadelphia vs. New York, at Hershey, Pa., March 2, 1962 (2nd half)

    Most field-goal attempts, one quarter
    21-Wilt Chamberlain, Philadelphia vs. New York, at Hershey, Pa., March 2, 1962 (4th qtr.)

  54. I’m assuming “Shots Required” are FT makes and not just FT attempts. So that would translate into an extra 200 FTs for Ed Davis after practice. LOL

  55. wilt scored 100 right

  56. Part-way through you can see Jeremy start to smile; they seem to be having fun.

  57. what’s the record for FG misses in a game/half/quarter/season? =)

  58. Don’t have that, but found this from last year.


    Guess he doesn’t want anybody to catch him.

  59. if only NBA has a PG exchange program with 1 month free-trial

  60. could be. The good thing is we didn’t hear more about it

  61. I do not have team data for all this and not willing to go look all that up…

    but I do have usg% for:

  62. delete

  63. 78% is unrealistic. Players don’t really raise their FTs much after ~25 yrs old. 60+% is already pretty good for a center and enough to prevent intentional fouling.

  64. lol…with the option to keep pg (Lin) at the end of the trial. Lin/Lebron may be a championship caliber duo. Make it happen Lebron..haha!!

  65. there is a chart in the post…

    @JLin7 Needs to play >30 mins if you want the most efficient/productive player http://t.co/nRiLZ1rADm pic.twitter.com/YWN7hksheo— JLinArticles&Facts (@JLArticlesFacts) November 6, 2014

  66. Hornets is a good team, especially on the defense. With A. Davis and Asik, Lakers will have a tough time scoring inside or near the basket. Lakers don’t have the ability to open up the spacing with long 3s, so they are actually facing a very tough team for them.

  67. U may be confused with Pelicants? Or may be I am wrong? 🙂

  68. That is the old Hornets.

  69. Oh, you are right. I was thinking of New Orleans Pelicans. They were called Hornets in the past, right?

  70. Kobe is itching to take 40 shots this time. The man should rest some games and spend more time with his family.

  71. true, although PG/SG difference aside, I just checked both Kobe&Kyrie dropped their Ast/Gm from career avg into a combined 1-9 Win-LossKobe 4.8 to 2.8 -> 42% drop
    Kyrie 5.8 to 3.8 -> 34% drop

    And their FGA has increased from their career average
    Kobe 19.6 to 24.4 -> 24% increase
    Kyrie 16.9 to 18.0 -> 6.5% increase

    No wonder their team has been losing big

  72. you’re right. At this point, Lin would need to be decisive in calling his plays and be aggressive/assertive not to defer to Kobe too much since that ball won’t come back. Besides, Kobe asked him to be aggressive.

    The thing was Lin relied on his big men to look for his own shots. So he’s not as comfortable going with his ISOs. That means he needs to assert himself to ask Booz/Hill to set screen on PnR plays. At this point, that’ what I can see being aggressive using his strength.

  73. JLin – Signing it all in the name of charity, from jerseys to bobbleheads.

  74. that bobblehead face looks more like Casey Casem =)


  75. Come on. Why would you do this… lol.

  76. Next, the Lakers should practice 3’s, to see who can hit >80% in practice — as good candidates for game 3’s.

  77. How Jeremy Lin can be effective with the Lakers
    Experts, please give feedback on this article. Thanks!

  78. then after that, the Lakers can practice passing out of triple teams. =)

  79. Byron Scott’s press conference today :


  80. hmmm, not sure what it is between BS or Lakers with Nash.

  81. Even though lin’s shooting efficiency looks low, his true shooting is still 56.8% because he’s been drawing fouls at a good clip.

  82. Kobe said needs to play thru Lin and Boozer. And that he needs to work around the screens to get open.

    Hope playing thru Lin(not sure why Boozer) is really what they gonna do.

    Kobe Bryant's solution to avoiding teammates watching him on offense: http://t.co/JCWARvupVr— Lakers Nation (@LakersNation) November 6, 2014

  83. Thanks, JW.

    As Arsenium posted, there is a minor tip to embed Twitter link in Disqus.

    Just click on the date (i.e. “4:07 PM – 6 Nov 2014”) which to get the right link so the twitter message doesn’t duplicate.

  84. that’s quite weird. A coach doesn’t have phone number of his supposedly starting PG?

  85. It’s a pretty good analysis in how to use Lin’s effectively.

    It’s basically saying Lin shot too many ineffective pull-up jumpers because it wasn’t his strength. and it’s better to do several suggestions below, which are Lin’s strength.

    Coaches need to recognize Lin’s strength and run multiple plays to leverage them

    From looking at Lin’s statistics in conjunction with his game tape, I feel as though we can jump to a couple of early conclusions.
    – For one thing, the coaching staff and Lin himself need to find a way to redistribute some of his pull-up jumpers into either catch-and-shoot jumpers or more drives to the basket in order to help maximize his efficiency.
    – The Lakers should attempt to involve Lin in more types of pick-and-rolls of varying types, as well as utilizing his speed into off-ball movement in order to scramble opposing defenses more.

  86. not sure what u mean by clicking on the date. I don’t get any link from there. But i think the dup might be becuz there’s a youtube link in there. I usually uncheck include media which resolve the duplicate media issue.

  87. Boozer is supposedly the important passing big man in the Princeton offense.
    Yes, let’s hope they run plays through Lin and Boozer consistently in practice and in game

  88. oh okay, let me try.
    I meant date on the twitter post

    Yes, this link from the date works, I think


  89. Indeed I’m very surprised to hear that and he hasn’t reached out to Nash. Something is cooking there.

  90. hm. i guess it works. i’m on win7 chrome twitter website. I have to click view media to see the date part. click on the date just hides the media.

    I usually use the “…” and embed Tweet and copy that here.

    Edit: OK. I guess it the date within the embed Tweet area.

  91. ah, ok .. didn’t know it was hidden on win7 chrome.
    Let me remove the link from my comment not to take up space

  92. Yea. I fixed the original post now. thanks for the hint

  93. np 🙂 Arsenium also provided the tip a few days ago.

  94. New here? Welcome! Good to know.

  95. aiyo Don’t be so mean lah:-)

  96. excellent chart :] I added the link in the Sticky Post for “JL Articles & Facts Tweetable Stats” so others can easily find and retweet


  97. usage rate chart..

  98. Thanks for the USG% info.
    Very interesting that Lin USG% didn’t increase much (no ball-hogging) as his minutes went up to 30+, 40+.

    That means he gets more efficient (TS% FG% went up) the more time he played

  99. does Ed have a good passing game?

  100. A lot of good analysis here on the Lakers’ offence. But I think a lot more work needs to be done on the defensive end. I remember in Houston, Lin would be the first the run back to stop the fast break and would get some support from the wing players (except Harden, who would jog back).

    With the Lakers, it is very difficult because Boozer and Hill are too slow to run back to stop fast breaks. Kobe is too old to be doing that consistently. Wes Johnson should be running back but he isn’t. So when Lin makes a layup, it is a free fast break for the other side because Lin is too far up and the rest of the Lakers are not running back. This really needs to be fixed.

    They are also working on balancing their interior and perimeter defence. But without a good shot blocker, I noticed that they either pack the paint and give up 3s or guard the perimeter and leave the middle open for penetration. The first priority for a trade should be a shot blocker.

  101. Today’s practice report: “Lakers Focus on Offensive Support”

  102. “I usually use the “…” and embed Tweet and copy that here.”

    ironically, using Twitter’s Embed code does not work properly with Disqus because Disqus will automatically alter a plain twitter URL with its own embed code. So the best and easiest thing to do is just simply copy and paste the plain Twitter URL. Same for Youtube videos, don’t use YouTube’s embed code to Disqus.

  103. Byron probably wants to see if he can be a guest at Nash’s golf club.

  104. Perimeter D definitely can still improve a lot. too many threes still allowed
    They’re still ranked 2nd to last in allowing 42.2 3FG%

    I thought they got a little better in spurts in the last game but gave up open 3s on the 4th quarter to the Suns.

    Davis is definitely the only reliable shot-blocker but BS will stick to Boozer & Hill.
    I though Hill got 1 impressive block in the last game. He should do more of that.
    Hill can be so dominating if he feels like it.

    Boozer is just slow on D so he better makes it up on O with midrange Js and passing/screening

    I get a good feeling for this next game 😀

  105. Yeah, as Brent reminded in the last thread, most people focus on offense. But the Lakers defense is the bigger problem. I lost track of how many easy buckets the Suns had in the last game with simple cuts to the basket. No rim protection. Also poor 3 defense as well, no rotation.

    Lakers are currently
    #17 in Offense 101.7 pts per 100 possessions
    #30 in Defense 117.4 pts allowed per 100 poss

    117.4 pts allowed per 100p is unfathomable. The next worst team is the Jazz with 110.4 pts allowed per 100p.

  106. Good read indeed. It’s evident that Mr. Hansford watches and understands the games, unlike Mr. Rude.

  107. I think their perimeter D is definitely improving. It is perhaps unfair to rank them bottom at this stage of the season since Golden State shoots well against everyone. I am more worried about perimeter D.

  108. y tough climb if they don’t shoot many 3s

  109. #17 on offence is not bad at all given that they play at quite a slow pace. Defence has to improve.

  110. Washington Post’s Neil Greenberg’s power rankings as of Nov 5. It looks like he is basing his ranking off actual performance so far rather than predictions, which is fair enough.

    1. HOU – They finally played a good team in the Heat.
    2. GSW – I’d rate Klay (54% fg) as the #1 SG over Harden (39% fg).
    3. DAL
    16. CHA – Not that bad, also beat the Heat
    23. CLE – I love watching superteams fail.
    28. PHI – Winless
    29. ORL – No longer winless after beating PHI.
    30. LAL – Well, at least they can’t get any worse.

  111. This stat is per 100 possessions, so pace is not a factor.

  112. That article was from Oct 2012

  113. The question is, would Jeremy do it?

  114. LOL

  115. http://probasketballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/11/05/tough-schedule-could-have-lakers-0-through-thanksgiving/

    The Lakers could realistically be winless through Thanksgiving and be 0-15. The only opponents with losing records are CHA, ATL, DEN.

    Nov. 9 Charlotte
    Nov. 11 at Memphis
    Nov. 12 at New Orleans
    Nov. 14 San Antonio
    Nov. 16 Golden State
    Nov. 18 at Atlanta
    Nov. 19 at Houston
    Nov. 21 at Dallas
    Nov. 23 Denver
    Nov. 26 Memphis

    “This is the NBA and so on any given night the Lakers could pick up a win — Jeremy Lin gets hot for a night, Kobe Bryant just goes off and is efficient in doing it — but right now the Lakers defense is so bad that they need those kinds of exceptional nights just to be in games. Defensively the Lakers are not walling off penetration — teams have averaged 26 shots in the restricted area against he Lakers per game and are shooting a very high 68.5 percent on those — nor are they rotating out well, as evidenced by the fact they have allowed more corner three attempts against them than any team in the league so far, and opponents are shooting 44.9 percent on those.

    All of which is to say, the Lakers need to find their defense and their energy by Sunday and pick up a win against Jordan’s Hornets at home.”

  116. On the bright side, 0-15 would motivate BS dismissal and George Karl hasn’t been picked up yet.

  117. Can a comment be completely deleted instead of still showing as Guest after deletion?

  118. I want D’Antoni back, Linning again !!

  119. me too, but I have a feeling Kobe doesn’t look backwards.

  120. wow, there is upside …

  121. Kobe wanted him, that’s why Lakers hired D’Antoni over Phil in the first place, but now Kobe dislikes him..
    It’s all about Kobe, he has more power than anyone else on this Lakers team 🙁

  122. That one is much better than last year’s …

  123. I’m afraid that bridge’s been burned.

  124. LOL…..HOU is abusing SAS…..

  125. hou is unbelievable so far.. dont get it..

  126. I can tell you. Kobe will allow J to wave him off once per game and even then J had better have a good reason. If J were to dare wave Kobe off 2x? Fugedaboutit.

  127. LOL Parker just lob to a bench guy and that guy acted like that ball was not for him at all.

  128. One less ballhog in the mix, more ball movement.

  129. Said it, Ariza is a huge upgrade. Plus Canaan is playing great so far

  130. And now Mchale is looking like a God.

  131. The most improvements are their defense. Once Harden starts to willing to do it. …well you know

  132. I’m looking for 3 more TOs from Har_en tonight..

  133. thx.. canaan didnt play 2 much last season, was ariza in the team when lin was in hou? didnt hear this guy..

  134. He was on Wizards… to replace Parsons

  135. Lets hope that happens

  136. It is like Reggie Jackson….once you are given the green light, you are going to perform better.

  137. While Lin has been critized for his production, somebody check on Dragic stats.

  138. i see~ dont know 2 much abt the bball.. thx! 🙂

  139. 3 good guards on that team….lol bad for him….but good for playoff run

  140. If this continues, wonder if he wants to opt out of his contract.

  141. I don’t think so. While IT is playing great, he does not play like a team player. I think Jeff Hornacek put him on the bench for a reason. LOL

  142. And now Chandler Parsons will go for 30 points.. What a great way to end the night.

  143. Hope so, one less player to compete with lin for other team’s starting pg job next season. lol.

  144. Well they still dont have a real test yet. See what happens when they face the Warriors next game.

  145. They are many guards competing tho. LOL… Lin is just in a bad situation right now, in bball sense.

  146. I seroiusly hope he can join dallas esp if tyson re-signs.

  147. Sad truth is, no playoff team wants Lin for some reason. So Lin will have to carry his team to playoff.

  148. Ugh, I thougt Carlise likes Lins game. Lin had burnt them several times.

  149. I think most coaches (minus a few) like Lin. Just not motivated enough to pursue..Plus, this is GM’s job

  150. Lin to the Celtics!

  151. oh! that’s a good thing?? enlighten me pls.

  152. Against a Spurs team that has no Duncan and no Ginobili.

  153. it would be next year lin will then have his options. please lets live in the moment

  154. I think it is more important to go with a team that wants Lin. As long as Lin wants Lin, I think Lin better stay.

  155. I might be moving to Boston next year. Lol

  156. ??lol

  157. Fallen Elite PG: The Sequel.

  158. I do believe coach’s input will be considered, do you think Cuban will listen to Carlise if he do wants lin? This is Nelson last year of his contract,

  159. Ainge doesn’t want Lin?

  160. McHale certainly did not

  161. Remind me why are there posts on houston here?

  162. Because there is a game of Spurs and I am boring

  163. Haha!

  164. Even if they get rondo, there’s no chance they can win a title. I can bet my house on it lol.

  165. M….need to think about getting into play off 1st

  166. Just curious, can mods self-ban? 🙂

  167. Not sure, but @blubell always wanted to ban me….LOL

  168. yup. the importance of punctuation marks

  169. 😉

  170. Lin can be seen as expensive. His output is hard to see because on a clicking team, he does a lot that is not in the box score. On a messed up team, he does a lot that is not in the box score. You said it – he has to make his playoff contender.

  171. POP seems does not care regular season games at all…lol I can not wait to see a clicking LAL team!

  172. lol

  173. Wonder why they can’t seem to beat Houston though?

  174. Last yr, it was about Lin manning the bench. This yr,…m…..Duncan and Manu and Splitter are resting. Hou are just abusing SAS’ bench….

  175. No Duncan, no Ginobili in this game.

    Last year, there was Lin in the Spurs’ way.

  176. Not last year. Either way Spurs are still making it out of the West.

  177. I think GSW is the best team so far…in west…

  178. SPURS ran princeton too…m……did not seen much last yr.

  179. That would be in EC. Then actually either sixers or magics has potential

  180. Lin last year made a difference.

  181. When teams are leading, they hit 3s better because no pressure.

  182. The need to find depth around Bogut though.

  183. Hey fans, isn’t it great to see Asik get those minutes and results so far? Fingers crossed for him.

  184. GSW is so deep now….LOL

  185. He deserved it.

  186. Do you think Klay will be able to keep up the momentum? I think he will cool off eventually.

  187. If Lin needs to lead his team to playoffs without any ballhhog, it has to be in the EC. What about the Sixers or the Magics?

  188. I think he can handle WC…..

  189. Like I said above, I think it is easier to make shots when you are ahead. But he did improved a lot.

  190. He sure can handle it but with at least a star player with the team who is not a ballhog, any team in mind?

  191. I vote for him doing enough this year so coach, Kobe, Mitch, and the Busses plus Magic decide to give him a worthy team. What’s what I’m watching for, fingers crossed. I don’t think Ronnie Price, Swag, and Carlson will get in his way. Only thing is his health and his ability to handle the pressure as he finds those proof points with present team’s weaknesses Krazy Kobe and all. (the Krazy = Q3 last game with Kobe taking those really desperate circus bricks).

  192. Wild Card?

  193. Good to see him thriving as a Pelican!
    HOU broke promises to Asik and Lin but glad to see them out of there.

  194. Was reading this piece and one of the commenters remarked that Lin’s inconsistent.

    To me it’s ALL about the coaching. If the coach does not understand the strengths and weaknesses of the players, and decides to drive an F1 racecar on a rally track, it’s not really the vehicle’s fault.

  195. ok … I’ll check on that lol.

  196. I mean to a team, you are right, but to a group of 5 ppl like LAL. I think that is irrlevent so far

  197. Mod War! Mod War! :]
    Calling @blubell

  198. It seems to me kobe is all talk. As long as kobe is healthy, he will go after his legacy first at this stage of his career. I am no longer trust what his said.

    Byron is all talk as well, no longer trusted.

  199. Like what Robin said, if you take their words, you are idoxx

  200. it’s much easiler to make the playoffs in the East than the West, I think Lin can lead the Magic to a playoff spot, not sure about the Sixer though, I don’t like MWC’s game..

  201. But why it’s “a group of 5 ppl” NOT behaving as a team? Points right back at the coach.

  202. You’re probably right in that these games were lost by slightly bad coaching (esp on D) and Kobe going after his points. More games to come – it’s way better than the dysfunctional lies of last season, though.

  203. I would say it is more like a F1 car running without tires….on a ocean

  204. LOL, I am that idiot before the regular season starts. Damn.

  205. To a new group, time is needed.

  206. There should be a me too button.

  207. Batum is not playing well….

  208. that’s why Jeremy needs more assurance that he won’t get blacklisted.
    I want to see at least 2x Lin waive off Kobe, if nothing happens go 3x next game.. and so on.
    😀 play it safe

  209. Dallas is always well coached…

  210. With Noel and Eiibd, or whatever his name manning the middle and other young players with potentials, Lin can lead them since he prolly the oldest and most experience lol.

    Yes MCW may have to move to the 2 and a back up 1 when lin needs some rest.

  211. Inconsistent can point to potential to be good and bad.

    It’s better than Price consistently missing his 3s :>

  212. They will let MCW having the ball all the time.

  213. Not sure about that. There are rumors they tried to trade him?

  214. That’s different. As long as he is on the team…

  215. so Parsons is the best SF in the series again then..

  216. Not really….LOL

  217. This is the 1st time I see a lob been dunked and been called as offensive foul

  218. Q … on nba.com, what’s the difference between replica and swingman jersey? Think I’m going to buy a NY 17 blue (only one they have) and LA 17 for my son. Just wondering the diff if any of you know. That’s the best jersey to buy? 15% off over $40 today, but maybe that’s for everyday lol.

  219. Why not wait till Black Friday? Thats when im going to purchase my black lakers jersey.

  220. Swingman jerseys are heavyweight with sewn on numbers. Replicas are lightweight mesh with screen print numbers.

    Swingman jerseys are more popular.

  221. yahoo answers has a good info. swingman is almost the same quality with what players wear but replicas can less constrictive to play


    the swingmans are not authentic (authentics run for something like $200, and really aren’t worth the money unless you have some to throw around). Swingmans do look nicer; the stitched numbers and letters and more tightly-cut sleeves definitely look more like the real thing…but if you’re buying a jersey mainly to play ball in the replica’s are probably better since they’re lighter and less constrictive and usually about $30 cheaper

  222. both POR and DAL look very good and well-coached.
    Kaman is in POR too so they will be deeper this year

  223. POR ran 2 guards front too….m…

  224. unfortunately that’s true. 1st round draft pick will get more chances before going bust

  225. the whole salary cash dump and the GM is close to Morey is kinda suspect.
    Lin is better off in LA despite the early adjustment now.

  226. I wonder how low can they go on BF?

  227. agreed

  228. So many good weak side movements….indication of good coaching

  229. Carlisle and Stotts teach good systems and the players listen
    Very refreshing to watch!

  230. absolutely, very happy for Asik

  231. yes, and kids outgrow them in 2 years anyway.

  232. I missed out on the NY white 17. Oh well, dummy I’m not really a wearer of logos myself. Walk quietly and carry a big stick …

  233. Good idea … kids get new soccer and bball uniforms with each season. When we were kids, you get a white T and wear those colored bibs in games.

  234. LOL, I’d better get one soon because my son wanted a Bryant shirt … probably heard about Kobe at school. Thx for the tips.

  235. I think that fact that Kobe has already been praising Lin is as far as he is able to go. That’s already HUGE! I don’t think he’s praised a lot of players like that before.

    At this point, it’s also up to Lin to play more “selfishly.”

  236. Only thursday! 2 days, 21 hours, 33 minutes to go!

  237. If they lose to GS next, then they will have followed the 2012-2013 Knicks playbook exactly! So maybe they will make it to the second round this year, only to be booted. And then next year they will implode.

  238. Just like the Knicks after Lin left. They were 6-0 when they started but then fizzled out near the end. Then the next year the team imploded.

  239. I wouldn’t make too much of these early season starts because the playoffs don’t start now, they start at the end of the season. If you remember, last season the Blazers started out red hot and ended up only the 5th seeds. Houston looks really good right now, and Harden is playing defense but I don’t know if it is sustainable. On the other hand Lakers look like garbage, the worst team in the league besides the 76ers, but they will improve, although I don’t think they will make the playoffs =(.. At this point though, I would be VERY happy with the 9th seed as long as it is 45+ wins.

  240. Just having fun. teams that stayed together longer are naturally gonna go into midseason form quicker. Teams like LAL are basically still at training camp…

  241. Any amount of extra practice time for the Lakers is a plus.

  242. Parsons just being pushed all the way out and he took Tyson with him…LOL

  243. Did you guys hear during the half — Barkley/Kenny Smith said Parsons was not worth his contract and Mark Cuban got ripped off? Or was I hearing things?

  244. I usually are not pay attention to them at all. Just background noise….

  245. Yeah me too.. I was away from the screen doing something. But I thought I heard something along those lines.. Who knows

  246. Pardon me for being less than imaginative. 🙂

    The opposite would also work, running a speedboat on a dirt track.

  247. Houston’s had a pretty easy schedule. Saturday against GSW will be a real measuring stick to where they really are. SAS were missing Duncan and Ginobili

  248. I thought that’s public knowledge. Cuban himself may be well aware of this but did it anyways to troll HOU. So far the trolling seems to have backfired, as HOU is better off with one less ballhog to stop the ball (unstuck).

  249. Batum is a very good player, but somehow he just can not get the the entry pass right for yrs, and that includes inbound pass too.

  250. oh no .. what about JLin? 🙂
    You got to “accidentally” show funny JLin Linsanity videos like this
    Guaranteed hit with kids!

  251. Batum just cleared the lane for Lillard like how JJ did for Lin.

  252. The more Parsons has the ball, the less offense Dallas can get. M….I wonder why

  253. Parsons didnt want to take that 3 and dumped it to Nelson with 2secs remaining

  254. Parsons just hit 2 shots!

  255. You mean Robin Thicke?

  256. He has 9 now. Scored the last 7

  257. He learned that from Harden :] Carlisle wanted him to unlearn it haha..

  258. do unto others as you would have them do unto you 🙂

  259. Terry Stotts likes to praise his players, “Good ways to Push It”
    He and Carlisle would appreciate Lin’s Push/Drive ability

  260. Brent with way too many FGAs, like Kobe of the Mod Team.

  261. haha.. at least Kobe would never do that :]

  262. Kaman is very skilled, just like Kelly….

  263. Chris Kaman hit a perfect 6-6 with all kids of shots (in-the-paint & midrange) just like his old Clipper days. Why can’t he be with the Lakers?

  264. defense I think.

  265. Missed my point. My point is about Kobe as the captain of this team. Has he done all that he can? This about the team, not just Lin. It’s about motivating all of them. It’s about setting an example. Two way street and being accountable. Can Kobe play in a team? Does he ever fault himself? Old saying, that the captain goes down with the ship.

    Yes, I agree Lin needs to be more like Kobe. Selfish is not the desired trait I would use. I prefer “hungry, assertive, and fearless.”

    And Kobe needs to be more like Lin. Team oriented and strategic. Share the ball and the trust.

    But to win, they’ll need everyone’s A game. Kobe is the only one that can inspire that. It has to come from him first.

  266. I just realized POR bench got a lot better this year with Kaman/Blake/McCollum.
    But DAL bench got a lot worse losing Vince Carter to Memphis.

    I’m hoping for a POR vs HOU rematch as #4vs#5 seed again :>
    It won’t be that close with stronger POR bench

  267. PPL spent more time in their car then they do on their sofa. So.car seats should be more comfortable….totally make sense.

  268. Let’s call him Brent Mamba from now on :>

  269. Canaan vs JJ Brea

  270. Good one!

  271. ED Davis is like a more experienced Greg Smith…..no wonder Lin is doing great with him

  272. Canaan vs Steve Blake you mean?
    Barea is in DAL.

  273. I have trouble to open game thread in samsung in the last couple of days….always says Tab has crashed…..do anyone of you experience the same problem? I have to view & post in laptop instead…

  274. Get a new phone! lol JK,,,,

  275. Right…haha….

  276. that’s S5 I used for 6 months only….i don’t mind you get a new one for me….hehe

  277. and beds and shoes should be more comfortable than sofa.

    I’d say we ask Jeremy to go back sleeping on the sofa. See if it helps him be “relentless” like the NJ game :>

  278. Maybe he does!

  279. I can offer you a Nokia 3210! If I can still find it

  280. which thread? or all threads crash?

    possibly due to the new chat plugin?

  281. too bad they have sharing less time on court together

  282. His arms are too long, takes too long for the signal to reach his hands.

  283. The last 2 phoenix threads
    May be the new chat, it shows loading forever and ever.

  284. BTW @brentyen:disqus , @disqus_W4kOOens57:disqus said you are like the Kobe of the Mods Team with plenty of FGAs
    I think that’s a compliment. Even PJax said it takes special athlete to get that many FGAs :]

    I propose we should start calling you “Brent Mamba”

    Vote yes if people agree!

  285. how about this G06 [email protected] PreGame Thread? does this crash your phone?

  286. we have no one to blame but ourselves, we were the ones pushing for Lin to start! =p

  287. So does that mean I took too many PA (post attempt)? I guess I need to let teammates making the play/talk more? LOL

  288. My iPhone just said ‘Chat (loading)’ w/o crashing.
    Let me deactivate Chat to see if your Samsung is still crashing

  289. BM for short 😛

  290. now is good

  291. I guess if you can hit 40% on 3s…you can easily reach 18p 6 ast on average as a PG

  292. Unlike Kobe, you’re hitting 90%
    So don’t stop. Show us how to be “relentless” in one-liners
    Seriously, that’s an art that people should learn :]

  293. Or.. Bamba!

  294. Banana?!

  295. I will go ISO then….LOL

  296. hm, I just deactivated the Chat.
    Let me reactivate it again

  297. you only go for the easy rim shots, given how short your posts are. High percentage, hard to reject …

  298. lay up lay up lay up lay up

  299. poor Greg on the Dallas bench …

  300. Dancing Banana?

  301. and here comes the body block by DJ … bang no foul bro.

  302. Love that one! using it when plurking all the time

  303. Use a floater next time.

  304. Unless you only get to shoot 8 shots per game.

  305. So Bramba for short?

  306. True….

  307. I hate floater…so low on percentage.

  308. You are the dawg that posts First.

  309. how about now? I just reactivated the Chat

  310. Fadeway… vintage mamba.

  311. Uh….

  312. NBA official multimedia partner – VL

  313. This is what happens when there is 5 days between games… restless Lin fans go crazy =D

  314. No, Disqus does not support that. Usually what people do it edit their post to say “deleted”. I can delete it for you.

  315. Sorry, we’re just “relentlessly” restless :]

  316. Brick…

  317. He’ll move .. 1 inch away then takeover again!

  318. Or Bamba .. Maybe Bambi lol

  319. Bambino?

  320. I am starving…

  321. Actually I love those Guitars.

  322. Brent the Bambino.

  323. Are you gonna starve like Barkley?

  324. He definitely is not my role model

  325. Full version of the prank. More Jeremy Lin towards the end.

  326. Not working in the previous threads..the new pre-game threads is good tho…..i’m thinking problem occurs when replies exceed certain number….or maybe is just my phone….

  327. @iambenjamintan: Jeremy Lin on set for Adidas commercial shoot! ‪#‎tbt‬ from yesterday’s shoot.

  328. I still prefer the ass-kissing bet on Yao.

  329. Poca banana? Nonononono…

  330. Ur extremely boring

  331. Yeah the god of failure and stupidity.

  332. Aww this is a long wait….

  333. I’ma go get a cap like that

  334. Not so bad. Give practice time to Lakers and healing time to JLin.:-)

  335. Good on u. Probably it’s the angle, seem like JLin loses more weight.

  336. Looks like he really did. I noticed it in his Lindorsements video, where he’s doing the TJMAxx “so come in and hang out” bit. I’ve seen him in that same get-up of powder blue button down and slacks. The last time I saw him, it fitted him quite well. In the Lindorsements video the outfit’s kinda loose on him.

  337. Quoting hoperhetoric’s comment at Lakers Nation:

    “The main problem in kobes iso is the opponents are saving energy. While his teammates are deep inside brewing bad frustration energy of not getting involved.

    So when its opponents offensive possession they always play better against kobe throughout history.

    A great offense is about momentum & disorienting opponents so they will spend energy in defending. Then they will miss shots & gets lost in defense, with less energy, thats the secret of Dantoni system or now Spurs system. So if the ball is not moving, theres only one opponent who gets disoriented its the guy guarding kobe.

    If the ball is moving for the lakers, the suns, warriors, spurs wont shot accurately coz they are spending energy defending a whole 5 of the Lakers!!! Compare to kobes iso!!!!”

    One would think a five-time NBA champion can figure this out.

  338. They need another offensive AND defensive schemes.

  339. Feel like even more so in the past few weeks. All clothings look very loose on him now. Wish I’m too:-)

  340. He’s probably stressed and frustrated to death of their team standing.

  341. always!

  342. Ha!! Are you from Singapore?

  343. Maybe just maybe find the open guy waving his hands in the air when you’re triple teamed. That should help get you off the ball.

  344. nothing beat 3210 /3310…its harder than a brick! weapon indeed

  345. it would be a good idea to bring Jeremy’s ex-teammates to Lakers and run the show!

  346. 林家潁‏@jain0517
    Lakers @JLin7 為公益簽名, 從球衣到公仔
    lakers: Signing it all in the name of charity, from jerseys to bobbleheads.


  347. If the Lakers can improve their transition defence enough, cutting down about 6 fast break points per game, and also improve their perimeter defence, cutting down 2 three pointers per game, by their opponents:-

    – That would mean that the Lakers might not fall behind so much.

    – That might mean that Kobe will not go into crazy iso mode for such long stretches.

    – Which might lead to proper offence being run by Lin (like during 1st quarter against the last Suns game) for longer stretches

    – Which would lead to more wins and better stats for Lin.

    So, they are actually not so far from turning things around.

  348. Honestly my friends will say “yeah you’ll do the same!”. I’ve lost many times I said “wait” and arrange a friend’s upturned collared or untucked shirt. I’ll do what Casspi did with Demarcus’ out of place headband. I feel uncomfortable like I was the one actually wearing the headband that I just have to align it lol.

  349. LOL.

  350. LMAO

  351. Best basketball commercial of all time was CWebb and sprewell sitting in a barber shop and they show CWebb going behind the back and dunking on Barkley…..”I don’t believe in role models but uhh…..YOU MINE!”

  352. Much much better than hellston’s

  353. Lin is the only one that seen twice. Is that mean they wants more Asians $?

  354. Kobe Brentyen.

  355. Is that a trick question?

  356. No

  357. Definitely! But, could you please reedit you comments, since it breaks the rules here

    We take the “Be Polite & Be Respectful”
    rule very seriously. We do not tolerate any rudeness. Any member who is
    intentionally unpleasant or disruptive may be banned without warning.

    No cursing/swearing or any substitute/variation. Keep the language to PG to be family-friendly. – See more at: http://www.jlinportal.com/website-rules-must-read/#sthash.uN2g4C74.dpuf

  358. When you realized that you were an idiot then you are no longer an idiot.

  359. Conley has a VERY INTERESTING backpack

  360. Jeremy Lin’s Path Back to Stardom Clear…If He Can Meet Everyone’s Expectations

    LOS ANGELES — Beaten down by yet another loss without a victory, and now in the Lakers locker room with a sore right foot after the ankle sprains that limited his training-camp reps, Jeremy Lin faced the question without expression.

    It was very Pau Gasol-like, really.

    The question was biased, a leading request by a media member wondering how inspirational it felt to be Kobe Bryant’s teammate during a game in which Bryant tries so hard (by shooting so much), ultimately in vain. It was the sort of question that Gasol, for all his respect toward Bryant and how he forged an ideal cooperation with him, would quickly grow tired of answering—and would reply with politically correct enough words but dead eyes.

    Yet such is life as a supporting cast member for Kobe, almighty and heroic to the death in the eyes of many fans and even some reporters.

    And Lin, amid his open proclamations that Bryant has taken him under his wing like no one in the NBA ever has and his clear confusion so far in finding his place with the Lakers, still quietly bristled at the slight.

    “I give my all, as well,” Lin answered Tuesday night after the Lakers dropped to 0-5 following their second loss to the Suns this season. “I respect the fact that he gives his all, and we all know that he wouldn’t be who he is if he didn’t give his all. But I give my all, and I know a lot of guys in the locker room give their all, too.”

    It was an evenhanded, strong, stubborn answer.

    It’s the kind of lion’s pride in a humble package that made Gasol a worthy partner for Bryant. It’s the sort of self-assurance that prompts Bryant to already believe in and invest so much in Lin.

    “I’ll go out there,” Bryant said, “and I’ll leave it on the floor, leave everything, and compete and be relentless and not be fearful of criticism or fearful of not playing well and missing shots. And that’s the same way I want the guys to play—Jeremy, in particular. Because he’s a really good player.”

    Bryant tacked on one more “because” for Lin. The key one.

    “He’s just getting used to playing with that eff-it attitude,” Bryant said.

    That statement might sound odd considering one of the knocks on Lin in Houston was that he played so out of control. In fact, Rockets coach Kevin McHale said last week that Lin was “ultra-aggressive” and “plays real hard” and “sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.”

    “He goes 90,” McHale said, “and he hopes the cops aren’t around.”

    Well, McHale’s stop signs the past two years are among the limitations to which Bryant is referring. Bryant has said repeatedly how Lin can’t play “looking over his shoulder” the way he has during professional struggles that have far outweighed that single month of Linsanity.

    But considering Bryant is a world-renowned (and oft-ridiculed) expert in the field of unswerving self-confidence, you can trust he has a pretty keen eye for the fire within. He clearly sees something in Lin.

    And to be honest, it’s what Lin sees in himself.

    He says his parents would say he has been hardheaded his whole life—and he must have been to overcome the obstacles in front of him to get this far.

    After feeling the burden and pressure to meet others’ demands in Houston, Lin has said repeatedly that this is the season when he’s going to reclaim himself.

    He would also add that he can’t do it alone. It’s not just Bryant sharing the ball with him; it’s Jordan Hill wanting jump shots, it’s Carlos Boozer moving to give Lin a passing option at the rim, and it’s Wesley Johnson guarding top perimeter players well enough that Lin doesn’t have to.

    Lin basically didn’t play on Bryant’s team in practice at all the first week-and-a-half of training camp. That’s how much the Lakers hoped Steve Nash would run the first unit so Lin could attack and create foremost with the second unit.

    Much has already changed since the start of camp.

    Tuesday night saw Lin score six consecutive points—all on free throws—giving a weary Bryant rest time to stoop under his own basket and gather himself to hit his next two jumpers. Down the stretch, though, there was another possession full of indecision: force the ball back out to Bryant, who most certainly will come get it, or have Lin take care of it himself?

    Bryant is crusading for Lin, like Bryant’s all-time-fave teammate Derek Fisher would, to be confident enough in himself and his decisions not to defer. Bryant has also said Lin can be a great defensive player.

    All the prodding comments from Bryant don’t center on Boozer, the two-time All-Star and his longtime friend. Or Johnson, alongside whom Bryant trained all summer to coach up. Or Julius Randle or Nash, obviously out for the season.

    Bryant has chosen Lin to challenge, and in a way it’s an honor. In another way, it’s just the sort of heavy-handed demands that some players don’t want and can’t handle if they don’t have enough self-respect inside.

    Ultimately, the Kobe influence is beside the point anyway. It is on Lin, who believes deeply in individual sacrifice for the greater good of the team, to want to re-establish his individual status more than even Bryant wants him to.

    Lin, 26, is more disappointed by what didn’t happen for him in Houston than most people know. But it allowed him to fail and grow without the blinding New York spotlight, and it has brought him back to his beloved California and his birthplace city for a fresh start.

    So far, not so good.

    “It’s been more frustrating that I expected,” Lin said. “I haven’t done what I need to do, and I take full responsibility for that.”

    Tons of people are wearing his jersey again, and he’s still swamped by Asian media, but this is the season when Lin expected meaningful change.

    And when that change doesn’t come, it leaves a distinctly empty feeling after you’ve been filled with that much love and admiration—and more important, accomplished something as powerful as he did in New York—and know you want something more right and real now.

    –Kevin Ding

  361. Only mod can.

  362. Nice write up

  363. yeah, surprising from BR!

  364. It was an evenhanded, strong, stubborn answer.
    It’s the kind of lion’s pride in a humble package that made Gasol a worthy partner for Bryant. It’s the sort of self-assurance that prompts Bryant to already believe in and invest so much in Lin.

    I like how Kevin Ding highlighted Lin’s “humble-but-supremely-confident” quality resembling Pau-Gasol in answering a biased/framed question about how inspirational to watch Kobe’s ball dominance.

    He didn’t go with the party line that Kobe-can-do-all-nothings-wrong-with-it. He gave his respect to Kobe for giving all but simply reminded everyone that he and other players gave their all, too.

  365. They just need time to figure out each other. There is a possibility that they will never figure that out. Unlikely tho

  366. Thanks for saving me from giving BR a click. Nice article because it shows how Rox deliberately try to tear down a player instead of developing a talent. The truth is slowly getting out. Lin is an expert on handling leading questions.

  367. Currently 67% of the TWCSN poll said JLin should step up in Nash and Randle’s absence


  368. yes, this is basically TC+preseason time for Kobe+Lin to figure out how to play together. No time for Lin to practice with starters before Game 1 or 2, right?

    Even LBJ and Kyrie is having a tough time playing together even after they got all TC+preseason to play together

  369. I think BR got a steal by hiring Kevin Ding to improve their credibility. Good move by them

  370. Again, Kobe should step down

  371. Ding also said LAL will suck on D no matter what Scott does. LOL seems true so far.

  372. I guess personnels do matter :>

  373. An article on Lakers’ upcoming schedule to determine when they will win their 1st game.
    Read Only for Brave of Hearts :>

    IMO Lin will take command as the floor general to get the 1st Lakers win in 2 days. 77% confidencehttp://

  374. Inside The NBA: Charles Barkley’s Fasting Pledge For Lakers | November 6, 2014 | NBA 2014-15 Season

  375. Coach Miller is right about one thing for sure. Kobe able to take 37 shots is a good sign in terms of the body recovery.

  376. ok, voting poll is up for members.
    Vote away!

  377. Voted other, 24/7 with confidence.

  378. Said Kobe Brentyen.

  379. If u were Kobe, would u take 37 shots when none of his teammates (except for Lin) could not hit an easy lay up ( boozer, wes)

  380. Besides this post, I replied to Brent Yen mistakenly saying “I am boring” instead of “I am bored” with “Ur extremely boring” and I replied to the brilliant post “And McHale is like a GOD now” with “Yeah the god of failure and stupidity.” And now I’m blacklisted! Which post was problematic? Both? LOL. This site will never take off if you continue to be so hair-trigger-happy. You’ve gone from the jerermytrollin.net extreme to the other.

  381. psalm, no wonder you used the word “blacklisted” in your reply to me. You guys are obsessed with that concept.

  382. no…..never…..Well….somehow, if your contribution is limited to only scoring. I guess you are not really that impactful.

  383. It already is. And that’s not Lin’s fault. Kobe is out of control.

  384. I would say they are actually pretty ok in 1/2 D. The transition D is another story.

  385. sorry, I had to recreate the poll again due to an issue.
    Please vote again

  386. PHX game was actually great in 1Q. I do not worry about his so called “aggressiveness”. I don think ppl use the phrase “killer instinct” right either.

  387. yeah, those wide-open 3s were so painful to watch 🙁

  388. BR has some quality writing and some garbage.

  389. I think points in the paint is more painful…

  390. wait, are you black-listed? I wasn’t aware of it. I don’t see pending or deleted comments under your username. Hm..

    Please let me know which username got blacklisted so I can investigate

  391. I should say Kobe may play less iso and shoot less in the next game.

  392. Jeremy Lin Has His Own Colorway of His New Teammate’s Old Shoe

    Read more: http://solecollector.com/news/jeremy-lin-has-his-own-colorway-of-his-new-teammate-s-old-shoe/#ixzz3IPYhAR5I

  393. that was just in jest :]
    However, In order for someone to be blacklisted here, they have to ignore multiple warnings first. If you think a username got blacklisted unfairly, please let me know so I can investigate and discuss with other mods.
    It’ll take some time to get the process sorted out with 9 mods.

  394. The username is currently ‘anonymous’. I was just testing the waters and now I can’t even view the comments without getting a blacklisted screen. The only 3 comments I posted are the ones mentioned in my previous message. How am I able to reply to you now? I guess I hacked in without using very sophisticated hacking tools. No offense, but you guys are like the keystone cops.

  395. Besides this post, I replied to Brent Yen mistakenly saying “I am
    boring” instead of “I am bored” with “Ur extremely boring” and I replied
    to the brilliant post “And McHale is like a GOD now” with “Yeah the god
    of failure and stupidity.” And now I’m blacklisted! Which post was
    problematic? Both? LOL. This site will never take off if you continue to
    be so hair-trigger-happy. You’ve gone from the jerermytrollin.net extreme to the other.

    Relax. No one blacklisted you or even deleted any of your comments. Not sure why you are up in arms. Everyone was just joking around.

  396. The username is currently ‘anonymous’. I was just testing the waters and
    now I can’t even view the comments without getting a blacklisted
    screen. The only 3 comments I posted are the ones mentioned in my
    previous message. How am I able to reply to you now? I guess I hacked in
    without using very sophisticated hacking tools. No offense, but you
    guys are like the keystone cops.

    If you were blacklisted by mistake in Disqus, the mods will try to fix it. Doesn’t really help your cause to insult the mods.

  397. I’m very relaxed. But I’m also blacklisted.

  398. You don’t like being compared to the keystone cops?

  399. How can you post when you are blacklisted? just curious

  400. Kevin Ding is a quality writer on BR, maybe one out of 5 good writers there.

  401. Just do not slip again…please…I wish it has collision detection and avoidance function too

  402. I don’t think you’re blacklisted because you can still post.
    You might be having problem with “a blacklisted screen” which could be Disqus issue. If you provide a screenshot, it might be helpful to investigate.

    anonymous: .” …now I can’t even view the comments without getting a blacklisted screen. ..”

    As for requesting help by saying, “No offense but you guys are like the keystone (incompetent) cops” it’s doesn’t fall under the category of being “polite and respectful” when mods are trying to help you. Little niceties go a long way in life.

  403. plus auto-reminder to auto-launch 4 shots/quarter

  404. And the shoe rocket propeller in case he need to throw the shoe for defense.

  405. 24/7 will be a high ceiling indeed.
    Let’s hope Lin will actually get plays run through him and Boozer as Kobe said.

    a min of 22/3 for me since Hill’s jumpers have come down to earth so very limited assists.

  406. I just vote with my feeling I can feel it.

  407. He will shoot at least 5 3s and 10 2s next game 🙂

  408. Mitch & Byron are talking. I wonder what they said.
    Put your own caption. See if you can beat Kobe Brent-yen’s famous one-liner!


  409. Is that Davis practicing his FT shots? Gooo Davis, let’s get you w/the first unit!

  410. I give you one more month.

  411. Mitch: “Can you ask Kobe to be less relentless in shooting?”
    Byron: “Of course! I’m the coach. He’ll only shoot 36 on Sunday!”

  412. Mitch: “26-28? How come we kept losing even in practice?”
    Byron: “Kobe was practicing to be relentless”

  413. LOL
    Byron: “But Kobe said two”
    Mitch: “okie-dokie”

  414. And .. he missed! :]

  415. it had airbags, but they were defective and got recalled.

  416. Mitch: Hey Scott, you do know your job is on the line, right?
    Scott: I have no control over ‘showboat’, Mitch. Give Lin, aaaa..I mean me, a chance to get the team to gently talk Kobe out of his iso habit.
    Mitch: Ok, but we better see some wins before the natives start screaming for your replacement. Just try to pretend you’re coaching, while we continue to search elsewhere.

  417. If Lin does, that’s a guaranteed win!
    15+20+FTs = Linsane-stats

  418. Ya, saw that. Hopefully that was i out of 10…haha

  419. Mitch continued “We are tanking anyway”

  420. Is he wearing a starter jersey? Hard to tell, I sure hop so.

  421. #LNU #WWLG4L
    Breaking News: Charles Barkley wearing a Bib showed up to a buffet and made reservations on Sunday

  422. ESPN: Are the Lakers Too Reliant on Kobe Bryant?


  423. Mitch: “What’s up with our 5-0 start?”

    Byron: “We’re still on track to go 77-5 and win the Championship this year.”

    Mitch: “You’re a dreamer and I’m still taller than you Byron.”

    Byron: “It’s just the hair.”

  424. There is perception that “Lin is timid” and Kobe needs to trust Lin to run the offense.
    Otherwise Kobe will continue to jack up shots.

    I hope the JLin team is aware of this perception and Jeremy knows he needs to take 15-20 FGA on Sunday

  425. The scary part is they end up justifying winning is not #1 with the current Lakers, but people want to watch Kobe scores 40+pts in the last 2 years of his career.

  426. I think 0 win is really a good thing for the long run. Kobe is forced and motivated to change early rather than later. Lin was also forced to play major role early rather than later. It’s all good.

    I truly think culture is a big factor. Lin’s game has lots Asian ingredients. So NBA coaches/players/scouts, media and fans seemed having trouble to understand why Lin played certain ways.

    I am excited about this bad start! lol

  427. SiriusXM NBA Radio @SiriusXMNBA · 34m34 minutes ago
    [email protected] jokes that Charles Barkley needs to lose weight regardless of what the Lakers do on the court….

  428. SiriusXM NBA Radio @SiriusXMNBA · 23m23 minutes ago
    Lin says he’s not worried about James Worthy questioning his killer instinct. Says the answer will come out in due time…..

  429. SiriusXM NBA Radio @SiriusXMNBA · 19m19 minutes ago
    Lin added that a couple former Houston Rockets weren’t big fans of him so he’s used to it…

  430. Drexler and …?

  431. Calvin Murphy? Hakeem? T-Mac? Yao? Lol

  432. probably the other announcer, matt bullard

  433. to self: don’t fire up the computer…what Lin fix? there’s no game until Sunday, everything’s been said – many times, in many ways. Do the laundry, finish that last two-part epoxy patch on the window sill, organize your desk (finally)…step away from the computer…OK, you can check your bank statement online, but…that’s not online banking…don’t….oh, for God’s sake………fine (sigh)…

  434. wonder how the question was asked. Not sure if Worthy is negative on Lin just yet, but if Lin will now show his killer instinct, then all is good.

    With the lakers, I think they don’t mind if Lin tries to take over and able to win games. Or at least make it more exciting. With Rox, they really needed to promote Harden. They really can’t afford having Lin explode there.

  435. Saying that the team is ‘reliant’ on Kobe is misleading or out right not true ( imo ). Giving the ball to Kobe in the context of the game & expecting him to pass if he doesn’t have a good shot is not ‘reliant’.
    Critics sound like they expect the team/Lin to take the ball out of Kobe’s hands, which isn’t going to happen…ever, especially when the coach can’t/won’t stop the iso ball.
    Lin’s best bet right now( imo ) is to play ‘his’ game or pass to other players if they are more open than Kobe, and have Kobe back his own media comments or a safety net for himself.
    This way, the Lakers may have a better chance of winning & finding out if Kobe really means what he says or a safety net for himself.

  436. All three, Bullard, Drexler and Worrell. Though I’m not sure if Worrell actually played BB

  437. I disagree a bit. Lakers don’t mind Lin taking over w/i the context of Kobe ball.
    People are blind if they think the Lakers are not heavily promoting Bryant to be the team savior.
    I’m still not convinced that Kobe/Scott/Lakers aren’t setting up Lin to be the scape goat for a bad season. I hope this isn’t the case, but I’m looking at the situation from a non nba, bball or Bryant fan perspective. There’s something that stinks w/i NBA as a whole.

  438. LA media sees things through their Kobe lenses. They saw how Kobe ‘carried’ the team before so they give him the benefit of the doubt.

    I agree Lin needs to address this ‘timid’ label before it goes wild.
    He can do so by being aggressive in both scoring and passing.
    Not an easy task to do because Lin’s game needs excellent teamwork with the big man to do solid screen. His 3s would also help to draw out defenders

    Our biggest hope is Lin gets 3-4days of solid practice on PnR to develop chemistry with Hill/Boozer . Also build on how Lin/Kobe want to move ‘off-the-ball’ more when the other is handling the ball.

    So it might be boring wait for Lin fans but these 4 days of break can make Lakers look like a different team on Sunday. Like a real NBA team! Not a hot-patched one.

  439. The truth comes out …

  440. could be. I think Bullard started neutral on Lin but got influenced by Drexler.

  441. Naah :] I think JW is correct. Bullard is the closest one

  442. Sure, Kobe will be their main savior and they may be setting up Lin as scapegoat. Nonetheless, Kobe and Byron are saying for Lin to be aggressive, Lin just needs to say eff-it and go all out whenever he’s out there since he will be blamed anyways.

    If he has a non-productive year, it may be hard for him to find another team.

  443. I don’t think Lakers want to set up Lin to fail. There’ll be too much money to lose and it doesn’t make business sense.

    What Lakers want is 2 All-Stars so they would expect Lin to be a Russell Westbrook in terms of scoring more than passing. So as long as Lin is the 2nd banana to support Kobe, that’s what LA analysts want.
    No stealing Kobe’s thunder but help Kobe to win and score 40+pts

  444. Ya, I’m liking the idea of Lin taking the knives out of his back and tossing them back at their owners. lol
    Lin may not be a chest thumping trash talker, but he knows when/where to silently hit back.

  445. I’m not saying to ‘fail’, but as a ‘scape goat’ if the Lakers do fail. They sure are not going to blame Kobe and the fans will be looking for a piece to throw their trash if the Lakers do worse than last season.

  446. In my mind, an aggressive Lin means no individual ISOs but great PnR with his big men. Lin can’t take over games individually like Russel Westbrook style.

    So it’s a little harder and needs a lot of practice time. But when it works, the reward would be bigger than great individual performance like RB.

    True that Lin needs to be productive this year. I’d say the greatest chance for Lin to get his points are with his improved 3s/floaters/drive if the team game is misfiring.

  447. sure, that would be the easiest way for the media to protect Kobe’s reputation. “Kobe tried his hardest with bad teammates” is definitely a weak excuse.

    It definitely put the importance of getting the 1st win with Lin leading as the floor general before Kobe goes back being Kobe.

  448. I hear what you and a lot of other Lin fans are saying, but Lin has been aggressive in the context of the Lakers team.
    How can someone be more ‘aggressive’ when no one is helping ( except Davis ) him and he doesn’t get the ball unless he’s bringing it up the floor. Bball is a team sport ( as Lin repeatedly states ), yet one player chucks and yet Lin is expected to change the game w/just 1 ball. smh
    People are also saying Lin should not pass to Kobe, but I can almost 99.9% guarantee that that’s not going to sit well w/Bryant or Byron.
    Fans can shout out to Lin all they want on what he should or shouldn’t do, but it’s easy to throw advise/rocks looking in than actually being in the game.

  449. You’re a much bigger optimist than I am. LOL

    But yeah, LA wants another scorer like Kobe. They just need to be patient and see how Lin’s team-game will produce more wins in the long-term.

  450. I think aggressive might also mean he needs to get on the other players and even Kobe to either come set picks for him to free him up to allow him to penetrate and either dish and score.

    And he needs to pop that 3 when he’s open. Still really wanna see the floater he kept talking about during the summer. Not sure if those couple floaters he had done was what he was talking about. He needs to do more then if it is.

  451. As I replied below, him being aggressive is also him yelling at his teammates to play the rite way and be in the rite spots.

  452. “But I’m also blacklisted.”

    Can you post a screenshot? I don’t think any of the mods blacklisted you or deleted any of your previous comments. There wasn’t anything that needed to be moderated. It may be a Disqus or configuration issue.

    You can also use WordPress (not Disqus) to PM with the mods.

  453. lol omg, Im liking this new Jeremy, he’s more candid since moving to LA

  454. Ya, that went well when he stomped and yelled on court. I heard plenty of ‘he’s throwing a tantrum’ responses, instead of Lin being aggressive.
    Lin is damned whether he does or doesn’t from his so called fans & non-fans, and that’s the reality of Lin in the NBA.

  455. Really! How do you think it feels to Google “jlin portal”, click on the link and immediately get a “this ip address has been blacklisted” screen? I’m one of JLin’s biggest fans and not only did you make me feel unwelcome and persona non grata, but you also hurt my feelings! Have any of you mods apologized? No. And since I was able to easily gain access through a backdoor channel…

  456. wow. that got my heart pumping! watching that makes me think they are going to win the finals….LOL. media propaganda is awesome!

  457. I don’t think it matter what the fans or non-fans thinks. He needs to prove to his teammate that he is an alpha dog. With Kobe acknowledging Lin is a really good player, other guys better shape up and listen to Lin as well.

    Unless Lin’s really getting no respect by his teammates off camera, then yes, I don’t see how Lin will be able to change this around.

  458. true, I want to see more floaters to establish the consistent threat of his drives.

    But I’m not too sure about many chances to pop that 3 since he hasn’t seen the ball come back to him. We saw how Kobe hasn’t passed one to Lin when he’s wide open on the corner 5-6 times.
    And Lin can’t shoot 3s early in the shot clock since he needs to find his teammates 1st.

    I think that’s where the frustration came on Lin’s part. He mentioned talking to Kobe that he’ll cover the middle to top of key while Kobe covered middle to paint but so far Kobe just didn’t pass it back out. That’s 100% Kobe’s fault.

    What Lin needs to figure out is what will it take to get Kobe’s attention. Maybe he could ask, “Kobe Yoda-meister, what did Fisher do when he’s wide-open to shoot 3s but you just didn’t see him?”

  459. Well after I alerted psalm by posting through a backdoor channel the blacklisting was suddenly rescinded. As far as how I used a backdoor channel? Well that may come in handy in the future in the unlikely event I am ever banned again. BTW, banned sounds much less threatening than being blacklisted. Are you still boring, I mean bored? Haha.

  460. one is obvious–clyde. okay it’s definitely not calvin murphy–that guy defended jeremy and lauded him so many times. bullard i thought despite peer pressure was always pretty neutral and fair to jeremy. hakeem said D12 and Jeremy would form a deadly tandem so i doubt it was dream. not yao or tmac.

    hmmm…..oh well, i’m just gonna blame this beautiful man:

  461. Really agree. I think he’s been handed a real rubix cube…a lot of agendas and conflicting motives swirling around him, and a lot of damned if you do damned if you don’t pitfalls. I think his nature (and pleasure even) is in slipping the “aggression” knife in precisely the right place, but given the messiness of the situation I know some are feeling he should just go postal and let the chips fall where they may…that at least he might have gained respect, whether real or grudging. I have my doubts about that, but it may be a “guy” thing that I don’t fully get.

  462. Not much Lin, but he got the starters uniform on at least.



  464. I wish Davis was in a starters uniform.

  465. Can’t give you a screenshot cause the blacklisted screen doesn’t show up any more. You guys need to lighten up a bit IMO. Calling you guys keystone cops is a very minor etanism. (Would etane be able to post here?) Some of the trolls on the other site were terrible and needed to be banned, but if we can’t even have a little bit of fun this site will be boring.

  466. Harden

  467. ah, you only had to explain the problem well so we can understand the real issue. Perhaps there is a conflict with the IP address in the blacklist.

    I apologize if it has caused you angst and hurt feelings to see the message. I cleaned the IP address in the blacklist. I have to investigate if IP address can be recycled and it’s better to use username or email address.

    Please try again w/o using the backdoor channel/VPN

  468. http://www.nba.com/lakers/news/practice/141107_freethrows?cid=tw

    Only three teams – Sacramento, Toronto and Houston – have attempted more than L.A.’s 31.6 free throws per game.

    That spacing has opened driving lanes that Kobe Bryant has capitalized the most upon, as he leads the march to the charity stripe with his 8.8 attempts per game (8th in the NBA). Jeremy Lin’s next at 4.8, while Jordan Hill’s taking 4.6 and Ed Davis 3.2, with three other Lakers attempting at least two.

  469. MK: ‘member ’85 when we beat the celtics in 6? that was awesome.
    BS: I shot 43% from 3 in ’85. 16 ppg. what the foooook did you do?
    MK: i played a lotta one on one with chuck nevitt–that dude was TALL.

  470. Guy just can’t stay healthy:

    SportsCenterVerified account‏@SportsCenter
    Bulls PG Derrick Rose is out tonight against 76ers. Rose will miss his 3rd game of season.


  471. You mean that would work even while I was blacklisted? I posted a couple of risque comments and then the next day I couldn’t even load the site. I assumed it was intentional and didn’t see a convenient way to inquire about it.

  472. FTA per game
    James Harden 11.7 (leads NBA)
    Kobe Bryant 8.8
    Jeremy Lin 4.8

  473. I didn’t use anything fancy before and I’m not using anything now as I’m no longer blacklisted.

  474. is that for all players? that’s not bad for Lin then. Once he gets more aggressive, that should go up still.

    of course that is if he gets the calls.


  476. Adidas crazy 8: lakers color, Kobe throwback model and @JLin7 signature & 17, espcially Lin's signature in Chinese. pic.twitter.com/xQB4Umrsj4

  477. Back at what? going for 0-15? =p

    (too mean, I know)

  478. ok, good to know. Sorry you got a big bad-wolf message before.
    I think mods will need to learn to use IP address blacklist judiciously because it may affect inadvertent users.

  479. Why am I not allowed to vote above?

  480. MK: Hey Scott, now everybody knows that we are tanking. Do something!
    BS: How about we win a couple first?
    MK: Sure but how?
    BS: Just let Lin run the show.
    MK: Good stuff. But again, how would you like to deal with Kobe?
    BS: I will limit his time………may be 43min only?
    MK: [email protected]&

  481. I understand. I think those trolls make the mods a little edgy here 🙂
    We’ll learn to get better with the process.
    Thanks for the feedback. I wouldn’t know about the IP address issue otherwise.

  482. I thought it said former HOU Rockets?

  483. You also need to register as a member.

    As in your disqus account is for making comments but for voting you need to register and set up a WordPress account.

  484. Done

  485. Video from Ido Amir.

    Honestly I was a Boozer fan and believe his offensive skillset can help the Lakers. However, watching the last game and these “lowlights” it is obvious that he really needs to improve his defense or play less minutes.

  486. Sure. You know Psalm, jeremytrollin.net has developed into a Mad Max type of landscape. In order to survive, I became a gunslinger and discovered the joys of trollin. But I was a good troll. I mean I didn’t troll anyone who didn’t deserve it. Now that I’ve decided to try this site out, I wonder if I can readjust to how I used to be. Reading all the rules and regulations, it seems like I have to remove my gun-belt and and check all my weapons at the front desk.

    I figure one of the reasons the old site has deteriorated so much is because many of the good people have left to hang out here. As the troll to non-troll ratio reached the tipping point, I think the trolls saw blood in the water and came in for the kill. It’s a damn shame. I’ll miss the old original site.

    I do have another suspicion though. Do you guys hang out here keeping everything so prim and proper-like only during weekday business hours? Cause it wouldn’t surprise me none if some of you like to let your hair down after-hours and on weekends to do a bit of trollin at the old site. Dang, that site is just crawling with trolls.

  487. Do you have to use your full real name to register as a member? LOL

  488. Honestly I am not too sure. I used part of my name in creating the account but managed to retain my usual id (KL) for both the disqus and other member stuff like chat.

  489. thanks, I do have a WordPress account, but haven’t been use for a while, I don’t remember the username & passwords now, lol..

  490. You can remain anonymous. Lol

  491. I just want Lin to be aggressive in doing more stop and pops instead of just driving to the rim to score. 6 or 7 shots per game is just too few.

  492. ICYMI: Jeremy Lin joined NBA Today and said he was unfazed by James Worth questioning his "killer instinct" https://t.co/olCVB9o4Zy

  493. Another player injures.

    Alex Kennedy @AlexKennedyNBA 11 minutes ago
    NBA VIDEO: Ricky Rubio Rolls Ankle http://bit.ly/10GuzPG

  494. crissyypoo(IG):Jermey Lin @JLin7 .Filming a commercial for Adidas. Look out for me lol #Lakers LA #Downtown

  495. IMO, it is Boozer’s reaction time that is lagging. The court awareness is also not there. Age could play a factor into it.

  496. You are probably right. It seems like he is trying at times but consistently failing. That points to lack of court awareness but maybe age plays a part as well. I think their defence will improve with Nick Young’s return. Faster legs and good length.

  497. If you listen to the clip of Jeremy’s Sirius interview, above, he says: “There were a couple of Houston LEGENDS who weren’t big fans of mine…” .

  498. Hey I gotta question, when is SwaggyP supposed to be back. Has anyone heard any news on him?

  499. Harden’s Impersonation on Defense! Tough having Boozer as your team mate.

  500. Glad that you put this up.

  501. around Xmas I think, but will need more time to go into game shape

  502. learning from Kobe?

  503. On November 1 Mike Trudell tweeted that Young was 1 month away from “returning.”

  504. Maybe its just really unlucky coincidence, but Adidas continues with their bad rep.
    Marcus Smart and Ricky Rubio both BADLY rolled their ankles tonight, they’ll most likely be out for some time, both on Adidas.
    Jeremy’s already rolled both ankles to start the season :/ hoping he evades anything serious.

  505. Fan who collapsed at Blazers game dies. Sad. Watching our health is more important.

  506. worthy’s comments weren’t THAT bad. he pretty much just said he hasn’t shown the killer instinct he had in linsanity–which is true. in any case, magic > worthy and magic likes lin.

  507. Any sports are susceptible to injuries. BB is known for ankle injuries, majority of the time during a landing.
    Shoes alone not to be blamed for injuries. Whats important is taping the ankle, and its a must!

    The other key point is change (replacement) of shoes. Pro-BB should be changing their shoe frequently (i forgot the period, if not mistaken, like a month) due to its wear and tear from daily High-Usage.

    Some BB organization like Pistons make it mandatory for players to tape their ankle, else they would be fined!

  508. thanks …

  509. … guess he’s not worth recruiting for fantasy, you guys saved me a few wins ha ha.

  510. I had posted an article on it….but its buried deep in Disqus ;(
    Will try to dog it out

  511. Really? I thought they change shoes every game…..

  512. What?! that is terrible…..RIP

  513. i used to think taping is a must for PG cos they always needs to change direction, change pace…..
    Seems too much injuries this season, hope everyone is well.

  514. LOL, airbag would be more dangerous than the collision itself!

  515. Thats even better, but knowing Jeremy who still uses cloths from Rox, doubt he does that?!!! hmmm
    Change your shoes Jeremy!!!

  516. Thanks Moomintroll!!! 🙂

  517. Remember, Boozer didn’t play in the 4th quarter last season while playing for Bulls.

  518. I think there is an equipment manager and he will prepare things like shoes, jerseys, etc every game. Lin might have a few shows with him personally, but…

  519. There is no #20 on the Lakers. Must be some commercial.

  520. I also feel sad that our old place has been hijacked by trolls. Brent, I and few good old posters have volunteered our service to help moderate but unfortunately did not get a response.

    We simply can’t tell trolls to be nice without real consequence. It slowly created a wild-wild-west atmosphere for others to survive as you said without good moderation.

    I like how Lakersground mods were swift and decisive to give warnings when posters started attacking others rather than focusing on respectful discussion. That’s how I envision mods would work here but like Lin in Lakers, it’s going to take some time to find our stride :]

    Ha, you think some of us here are moonlighting as real-bad trolls? :>
    I don’t know who has that extra time but I think most of us have jobs and responsibilities.

    I hope the mod in our old stomping ground will be get more success to enforce the family friendly rules. Once trolls bred, it’s just tough to unroot them.

  521. M probably depends on the players too..

  522. Hahahahaha

  523. Moses Malone?

  524. Bob Garcia IV @bgarcia90
    “@SteveNash: Open Letter to Laker Fans: https://www.facebook.com/stevenash?hc_location=timeline …” explains a lot. Must read.

    I definitely don’t want to be a distraction, but I felt it best everyone heard from me in my own words.

    I have a ton of miles on my back. Three buldging disks (a tear in one), stenosis of the nerve route and spondylolisthesis. I suffer from sciatica and after games I often can’t sit in the car on the drive home,
    which has made for some interesting rides. Most nights I’m bothered by severe cramping in both calves while I sleep, a result of the same damn nerve routes, and the list goes on somewhat comically. That’s what you deserve for playing over 1,300 NBA games. By no means do I tell you this for sympathy – especially since I see these ailments as badges of honor – but maybe I can bring some clarity.

    I’ve always been one of the hardest workers in the game and I say that at the risk of what it assumes. The past 2 years I’ve worked like a dog to not only overcome these setbacks but to find the form that could lift up and inspire the fans in LA as my last chapter. Obviously it’s been a disaster on both fronts but I’ve never worked harder, sacrificed more or faced such a difficult challenge mentally and emotionally.

    I understand why some fans are disappointed. I haven’t been able to play a lot of games or at the level we all wanted. Unfortunately that’s a part of pro sports that happens every year on every team. I wish desperately it was different. I want to play more than anything in the world. I’ve lost an incredible
    amount of sleep over this disappointment.

    Competitiveness, professionalism, naiveté and hope that at some point I’d turn a corner has kept me fighting to get back. As our legendary trainer Gary Vitti, who is a close friend, told me, ‘You’re the last to know’ – and my back has shown me the forecast over the past 18-20 months. To ignore it any longer is irresponsible. But that doesn’t mean that life stops.

    This may be hard for people to understand unless you’ve played NBA basketball, but there is an incredible difference between this game and swinging a golf club, hiking, even hitting a tennis ball or playing basketball at the park. Fortunately those other activities aren’t debilitating, but playing an NBA game usually puts me out a couple of weeks. Once you’re asked to accelerate and decelerate with Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving it is a completely different demand.

    I’m doing what I’ve always done which is share a bit of my off-court life in the same way everyone else does. Going forward I hope we all can refocus our energies on getting behind these Lakers. This team will be back and Staples will be rocking.

  525. I wish him all the best…….”Once you’re asked to accelerate and decelerate with Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving it is a completely different demand.” can not put it any better

  526. Close… Sam Casell

  527. WOW! That’s really sad.

  528. very sad – with the best for his journey and for his family.

  529. Glad that Nash breaks out his silence after receiving so much bashing from fans and/or media lately. Pray that he is able to live as healthy as he can be.

  530. I am all for Nash doing what makes him happy, can only imagine how hard it was for him to finally have to come to terms with his career being over, doing something that he loves. But it may be smarter to only share photos of having fun with close friends, such as Brent, for the time being.

  531. How long does it take to break in new shoes?

  532. So the Lakers are trying to win with their bigs shooting mid range twos = =. On a good shooting night for Boozer, 50% on those fadeaway 2’s are equivalent to a 33% 3pt shooter. Lin can shoot 33% in his sleep from 3. The spacing would be better and the bigs would be in position to grab rebounds. There are only a handful of PF/C’s who can shoot mid range two’s at a high enough percentage to be worth the loss in rebounding and floor spacing, and even they have started moving to the 3pt line. Oh well….

  533. Not bashing, just wondering: Why don’t the Lakers ask Nash be an assistant coach and help out the team while he’s collecting his paycheck?

  534. I guess he didn’t like the fact that some Houston fans were hoping Lin could put up numbers like Casell.

  535. Well FO or someone in Lakers needs to make the offer to him first before he is able to take up this role, right? He can’t just walk in and does what he wants.

  536. I don’t have any problem that he plays Golf, but I do have a problem that he could play golf, but he could not sit at the court side and cheer for his teammates at games, after all, he is still a Laker, and he has not been with team since his announcement. How professional is that? Paul George would cheer his team, KD sit at the court side, even Randel was there after couple of days of surgery.

    Three buldging disks is not simple thing, and I don’t get why at his age, he could not face reality? Even without these three buldging disks, he will still have problem to follow Curry and Irving.

  537. yup, that was my sentiment exactly.

  538. Cavs had 25 total assists tonight, much improved from 6 total assists the previous game.

  539. Here is a good insight from the Clippers Equip Mgr.

    As far as for break-ins, It should be pretty fast for professional sports, since they run alot.

    Like, BB – 3miles
    Soccer – 7miles
    Tennis – 3 miles

    I presume here, most of the time they would break-in during practice. I doubt many would use fresh during game time, unlike its custom made like MJ, or LB, etc

  540. Well if you ask me, he’s not 100% leading the team because there is someone else taking over the reins. He’s being yo-yo’ed from leading to semi-leading. Give him 100% and let’s see what happens.

  541. I don’t think his doctor will advise him not to sit on the sidelines of a Lakers game and cheer for his team. Shouldn’t bend too much though.

  542. Midnight practice. Awesome!

  543. That could be a new one too

  544. So many negative articles about Lin, specially those posted at Lakersnation. In their eyes Lin is a scrub, a bench warmer….Geez. One article even pointed out that the most disappointed player as to date is Lin, I have to check my blood pressure after reading the article.

  545. Really? M…….I do not go there anyway

  546. I don’t think a healthy Nash would have problem “following” Irving or Curry. There could be a lot of reasons for him not showing up on the courtside, although I do not know what are those reasons.

  547. LOL, given how LAL were so cursed by the injury bugs….maybe his Dr actually did that..

  548. Kobe fans are desperately in denial. 5 losses and no hope insight…IT JUST CAN’T BE BECAUSE KOBE TOOK MORE SHOTS THAN THE REST OF THE TEAM.

    My take is that Lin to them is the most disappointing player not because they think he’s a scrub but that he could do so much more. Unlike HOUSTON who expected and hoped for Lin to fail and pointed to every instance of it; Lakers want LIN to be great and expect him to BE GREAT. Big difference!!! 18 points ISNT good enough because they expect and hope for more, and that’s good. All the so call negative comments ARE NOT like HOUSTON put downs saying that Lin was a fluke. Even Robert Horrey’s comments are more about prodding LIN to be even more aggressive to open up his arsenal.

    Lin hasn’t had the luxury of reps with kobe or the starters. I expect that he’ll get much better as time goes by.

  549. Mod: FYI… this account (https://www.youtube.com/user/jay910221) on youtube also has good JLin highlights.

    I used to like Tina Wang’s highlights very much. Wondering if she will resume making them this season.

  550. Well, even us Jeremy’s faithful fans get a bit discouraged sometimes. So if they’re not fans in the first place, they’ll be strongly negatively biased in how things are turning out.
    He just needs time to sort this puzzle out. Until then, we’ve been well trained by Houston to develop a thicker skin and ignore the haters. ;-P

  551. I fully believe Nash made a ceremonial appearance in preseason with the knowledge that he wasn’t really going to play another real game as a Laker. To suddenly go from playing to OUT FOR THE SEASON with sciatica just means that it was pretty much planned all along. It’s not like he tore an ACL or reinjured his foot with the damaged nerve. Why ABRUPTLY out for the season? Why not out 3-4 months and then re-evaluate? As a doctor, none of it makes sense. The only explanation IMO is token appearance collect paycheck.

  552. LOL yeah I can see the resemblance.

  553. So perhaps it’s for PR purpose? Nash also alluded to the fact in the letter that Vitti and everyone in the org knew the extent of the damaged nerve before Nash accepted the reality.

    I think Nash tried to give his best, partly for PR purpose.

    But if Nash doesn’t try to reunite or help Lakers by being around, people would rightfully question his commitment to the Lakers. After all, he is still in the payroll

  554. I agree, the Lakers have a lot of issues to short out. As a future HOF PG he should have a lot of insight on how to get the team back on track. Has the clout to influence Kobe and Scott as well as has a relationship with Jeremy. Though obviously we don’t know the team dynamics it would seam reasonable he could contribute something.

  555. Well if it was PR it messed up time Jeremy could have used in the preseason to work with the starters. Instead he was thrusted cold turkey into games with the NBA’s anticipated playoff teams 4 games in 5 days having no practice time with the starters.

  556. Hey Brent, I made a comment on this but was held in moderation, I reviewed the comment and could not find any foul words that i could think of. Is that comment lost?

  557. This is what bugs me the most about him. Why ISN’T he at practice mentoring JLin? Why isn’t he on the sideline cheering on his teammates, encouraging them, being a pseudo-coach, supporting them?! I’m telling you it’s a money grab plain and simple. His open letter to Laker fans would be respectable if he was mentoring JLin and supporting the team. Without ACTIONS, his WORDS don’t mean jack!

  558. It got auto-moderated by Disqus spam filters. It is approved now, do you see it?

    FYI to everyone, Disqus has some mysterious spam filters that catch random things. It happens at all sites that use Disqus. So if you have a perfectly legitimate comment that is “held in moderation”, it was either auto-moderated by Disqus or flagged by several users. Mods can only delete or approve comments, not “hold in moderation”.

  559. Ahh…this clears it up some…however what is strange to me is that Disqus seems to have different auto-moderation for different websites. For example some language posted on the other JLin site gets posted without being held for approval while the same language posted here is held up. I wonder if there are different levels of Disqus auto moderation?

  560. Marc J. SpearsVerified account
    The Wolves say that an MRI revealed that point guard Ricky Rubio is out indefinitely with a significant sprain of the left ankle.https://twitter.com/SpearsNBAYahoo/status/531159060977307648

  561. I am not a Disqus admin, but I think there several levels of auto moderation:

    1) Disqus spam filter. This is probably the same across all sites. This is the filter that catches really random stuff that makes no sense.
    2) also I think the admin can add additional keywords for Disqus to auto-moderate. So these would differ from site to site.
    3) if enough users flag a comment, that will also become holding for moderation.

  562. I don’t think it is a PR move, I think it is more of Lakers push for it, as so many people injured, with him claim out of the season, Lakers could apply for medical exemption that they could get another player on team. I think Lakers could not wait for Nash to face reality otherwise the team will sink with him.

    You could tell the team know that all along, their team photo featured Kobe, Lin, Hill, Young, Boozer and Randel, no Nash, that’s pretty much telling already.

    I think that is one of the reason Nash did not show up with team, but I thought he would recover soon, and go back with team, but now he is healthy enough to play golf, can’t see that he is not health enough to even go to home game.

  563. I like his too. But , I did found out there are couple of times he would just take Blaiyan’s video completely, they are exactly the same, maybe couple of sec shorter. That part I don’t like.

    If you see this season’s first pre-season game with Nuggets, he just totally took Blaiyan’s video there.

  564. anyone hear anything definitive about ed davis being in the starting lineup on sunday? LG game thread has davis listed as probably starter–i didn’t see any news about an injury to booze…

  565. he might be trolling

  566. That’s correct. We don’t control disqus spam filter but can add list of bad words to filter out

    Btw you should be able to change settings now. Pls

  567. Wouldnt that contradict Kobe statement to have offense run through Lin and Boozer more?
    Byron also wants to keep starter lineup for 15-20 games

  568. i doubt thats true. probably overreaction

  569. pio2u? doubtful….who knows if it’s accurate, but he ain’t a troll.

  570. Well if both Boozer and Lin went to the bench…..

  571. This was retweeted by Sam Amick:

  572. yes…which is why i was so surprised to see this in the LG game thread (they have always been accurate as long as i’ve been there). maybe this isn’t accurate but i’m just curious if anyone has seen or read anything that would support this because it is a big (pleasant) surprise and i hope based on SOMETHING solid.

  573. Saturday really is a big day for car dealers….Just came back. Seems like it is another day without any news…..I want to see a W tomorrow!!

  574. From the color of Davis’s jersey I’d say he isn’t starting:


  575. That’s certainly good logical conclusion :]

  576. yes…you already broke my heart in the other forum 🙁 🙁 thx.

  577. Sorry if this has been posted already (it’s from Nov. 7th):


  578. Lakers need everyone! Kelly is out again?

  579. BTW, I removed the poll temporarily because I suspected it to crash the browser on Android/iPhone/iPad mobile device.

    I might create another pre-game thread if that helps with loading performance

  580. Thanks, HY C. Added to the Video Gallery on homepage.
    jay910221 certainly has nice highlights!

  581. Even if Nick is back in 2 weeks, I’m assuming he’s going to need a few more weeks to regain his chucking shooting accuracy. His arm muscles will be very atrophied from the cast and need some time to regain the strength, which will affect his accuracy.

  582. news about your car or news about Lin? =)

  583. wow, that’s too bad for Rubio. Never heard of such a long time out for a sprain. He must have a high ankle sprain with some partial tearing.

  584. Wow 7-8 weeks from a sprained ankle? Must be a pretty bad sprain.

  585. I guess there are no guarantees regarding chucking, but Nick Young has been without a regular cast for a week or so:

  586. Ryan Kelly returned to practice on Saturday in a limited capacity but his status remains up in the air for Sunday’s game as he continues to battle a right hamstring injury.

    “He’s questionable but it’s more like doubtful. I want to see if he can go a full day of practice on Monday and then we’ll go from there,” Byron Scott said.

    See : http://www.insidesocal.com/lakers/2014/11/08/lakers-ryan-kelly-doubtful-for-sunday/

  587. I am actually happy for this break. It has been quite an emotional roller coaster for the first 5 games.

    It is strange how the LA fans and media expected so much from Jeremy and seem to be very disappointed. It seems like they expect Lin to perform at the same level as in New York. I think the narrative that Harden was the ball dominant guard who marginalized Lin is really taking hold. What has not been said in the media is the constant negative remarks by McHale and yanking Lin for mistakes, which eroded Lin’s confidence.

    If the LA fans and media were expect the New York Jeremy Lin then they can indeed say that they are disappointed. Also losses are inexcusable since we all know that Jeremy is about winning. It was a very tough schedule to start the season but again it is not really an excuse since it was not impossible to at least win some of the games.

    My simplistic view is that with the first 2 games, Lin had bad games. For the next 3 games, he had 2 good games and 1 bad game. Without any practice time with the starters, Lin needs time to adjust since he is a team player. None of the media has really mentioned this, then again hype and shame always sells. I expect Lin to have a lot more good games in the next few weeks including some games where he cracks the 20 point level. The easiest way to get Lin up to a high level is to play him 44 mins at least once. He will develop confidence and rhythm. Not sure Scott is willing to do that.

  588. I think he has confidence. I don’t think he had the amount of bad games you call. He only had one game where his scoring output was poor, but he played good D. The team is in disarray, and you compound that with new coach, injuries, and KoMe mode and you end up with sort of a team mess. JLin does not go for stats when it comes to team ball – he goes for fixing what he can.

    LAL will keep losing and Lin will keep getting this A-C ranking from fans until they start winning. This is the result of box score sports new analysts pushing the agenda on busy fans who are checking football, bball, up until last week World series, etc. Ignore the box scores except for reference. Keep watching the game flow. You will enjoy the game much more, because the press or box score is not what Lin’s after. Lin is after tuning the team to win. So is Kobe, but Kobe is more limited in how he can instinctive contribute. Lin is the broader anchor. Watch that and every game will be a B going to an A one day.

  589. very well said. lin doesn’t lack confidence, it’s just that lakers have a priority for kobe to beat Michael Jordan in points.They will continue to lose if that is the focus. Scott finds himself in a predicament with kobe. It is as if the organization to push kobe until he has another injury, and then they can focus on team ball and wins. JMO.

  590. Well, I guess if the LA fans and media are looking for Linsanity stats, then yes there have been 4 bad games and 2 good games. I agree with you that Lin has not had that many bad games. Against Houston he was not so good in the first half and then got better in the second half. He also had limited minutes for both the Phoenix games. (In particular he only had 21 mins the first game). He played good D for all of the games.

    I am amused that the LA fans and media expected the Jeremy from New York and not the guy that Houston propaganda described as an inconsistent scrub bench player.

  591. I don’t know what you mean by LA fans. I don’t think anyone expects Lin to be Linsanity mode NYK. True LAL fans are struggling with the Kobe to MJ scoring title vs seeing their team lose every game. That I know a true LAL fan suffers … I don’t think the Lin thing is as important to a long time LAL fan.

    And, we don’t seem to be agreeing … I am saying Lis has not played one bad game. He had a game where he scored poorly, I think 0 for 6 or 7. But he played well that game … just didn’t get his shots up and then it was tight and he didn’t have it. Lebron had those games, and I wouldn’t call them bad games.

    You just get distracted if the team is a mess. Another example – Kap last weekend getting sacked 7 or 8 times. Could not even QB sneak it for the win, though I saw him cross the line and it’s a touchdown the second you break the plane. He’s not getting hammered by anyone. We know it’s the offensive line and the new center because our center broke his ankle. That’s it … and play calling. That doesn’t come from Kap.

    I don’t understand – are you being polite to knock Lin? I don’t care if you do, just want to read it straight.

  592. Well, I hope they don’t injure Kobe just to clear room to play ball. I hope Kobe will play ball in the next 2 weeks or so and then the team can get on track for getting in the race. I sure hope they are not quietly tanking, with only one goal in mind, the scoring title for PR and Kobe sales. If that’s what they are doing, then I sure hope they do some Lin hyping so he can get his contract and increase the market value for his brand. I don’t mind if Lin is the 2nd scoring option on a tanking team. Just no fun to watch though.

  593. Honestly I am not saying that Lin lacks confidence as a person. He has amazed me with how he has retained his confidence and faith despite all the challenges in his life. However, sometimes you still need empowerment (in Jeremy’s own words) or confidence in a specific setting or new setting (how I would describe it).

    For example, I may have been a top student academically for many years. But when I sign up for a course in a new area, whilst I may be generally confident, I will feel more confident after I ace my first test in the new course.

    For example, I think Bryant’s last game was designed to help build up Bryant’s confidence, in the specific setting of playing many minutes. Before the game, Scott already said he would give Bryant more minutes given that the next game is several days away. Of course, that did not work well but at least Kobe knows he can handle those minutes.

    I think Jeremy needs more wins and good games with the Lakers to build his confidence as the Lakers point guard.

  594. Lin of course……lol already got the car

  595. Ok, my description of the expectation of LA Media and LA fans is perhaps not accurate. I was going based on recent things in the news like Worthy’s comments or the article on Lakers Nation calling Lin the most disappointing player so far. You may be right in that true Laker fans see things differently. I hardly go to the Lakers forums.

    The thing about Worthy’s comments and the Lakers Nation article is that it must be based on Linsanity stats. I agree that Lin has not really played badly, and if you compare with his Houston stats, Lin is not far off. So I surmise that they must be expecting Linsanity stats in order to be disappointed. At the same time, I believe Linsanity stats are actually achievable if Lin gets enough minutes and gains more familiarity and chemistry with the Lakers.

    Does that make it clear enough?

  596. Empowerment is definitely the keyword for Lin.

    He wants to feel empowered in the sense that he’ll be trusted as the PG and the ball find its way back to him if he’s open.

    Kobe might have a different understanding of empowerment or he simply has a tunnel vision when he has the ball.

    I think we all want to see Kobe follows through his positive comments of how good Lin is with his own self-control to trust his teammates on the court to give the ball back to them.

    I’m glad LAL lost when Bryant scored 39 pts in 44min because nothing will change if they’d have won. Hopefully the soul-searching will translate to Kobe trusting Lin more because the LA media would always give the benefit of the doubt to Kobe.

  597. Dwight is out of tonight’s game with the flu. Man I wish Kobe would miss tomorrow’s game with the flu too and then Lin and the Lakers win their first game precisely because Kobe is NOT playing .

  598. Don need to wish ill. Eventually young guys will take over.

  599. Ariza is not the only huge upgrade, that papa guy is also a big upgrade over cassipi

  600. Everybody gets a cold or flu 2 to 3 times a year. You don’t need to be so protective of Kobe. If he never got sick we might want to check if he had 666 somewhere on his scalp.

  601. Casspi has some good numbers so far this year.

    That papa guy … 1/6 upgrade I guess ha ha. You know better than me tho. I don want to watch a minute of HOU outside of LAL games.

  602. who are you?

  603. who are you

  604. who who

  605. It’s not that Lin needs to play 44 minutes. 34 would be perfect. It’s that Kobe should never be allowed to play 44 minutes and take over 37 shots with a 38% success rate.

  606. Kobe – self-control Luke. He’s not yoda yet.

    Lin – he will not take over because of his Christian depth. He cannot … he has to lead through service until it’s do or die. Then he gives his spirit the permission to go HAM. You definitely know what I mean, but many fans cannot separate the real Lin from the street basketball ethic. Better said, many fans don’t see Lin for who he is, and they expect him not to be him. Weird, given he delivered Linsanity his way, so why not look for that same confluence of circumstances, and there lies the explosive Lin. If Scott were a great coach, he would manufacture that for Lin, with all due respect to the rest of the guys and Kobe.

  607. Casspi hardly played for the Rox. Ariza is replacing Parsons and he now leads the NBA in 3’s: 24/50 shots made.

  608. Joyce Ward: ” …to push kobe until he has another injury”
    Why didn’t you admonish Joyce for this comment? You get bent out of shape about Kobe having some sniffles? No wonder this site is still like a graveyard.

  609. Well if Lin got 44 mins he would easily get 20 and 10 with a win.

  610. def need someone to lead the 2nd unit if Lin is to stay working with the first. Bummer on Davis/Lin combo though.

  611. The comment was not meant to wish any ill will on Kobe, but the way kobe is playing without restrictions with Scott suggested in the beginning of the season which Scott himself have not made clear as Kobe as minute restrictionsis not without concern considering the fact that kobe has gone on these suicide missions without much team ball. I truly believe that Lakers could have won over Suns in this last game if Lin and team had been allowed to play team ball, which was taken way from them with Kobe’s iso plays. I also think that lin probably represented the team’s frustrations in the post interview of the Sun’s game. BTW I am always suspect of anybody who posts as anonymous. So I could care less what you THINK OF MY COMMENT.

  612. I believe Lin could easily get 20 and 10 with 30 minutes. He had a triple double in less than 30 min last season. But if one of his teammates acts like a black hole and consumes half of the team’s offensive possessions with a 38% shooting efficiency, then it would take a miracle to still get a win.

  613. BTW, please pot a comment that makes since…smh

  614. Who cares about the Rockets. Psalm, I think this is a troll.

  615. A toll. can we band him , enough of this BS.

  616. it’s very obvious you are trolling, given that you can read and write English and there is a difference between JW’s post and yours.

  617. You can, you are a Mod.

  618. He has been banded.

  619. JoeTeam, joyce ward and others, appreciate the discussion below on expectations and confidence issues. I have added an edit to clarify. I try to avoid drama or unnecessary debates.

    But on the issue of confidence I think there is some divergence of opinion. I agree that Lin probably much more confident than the average person. At the same time I really think the 2 years in Houston has affected his confidence a bit. He is only human after all. What Houston did to him was really horrible (which coach calls out his player on national media for one play?!).

    I also agree that there are coaching issues, chemistry issues, Kobe ballhogging issues and all that.

    I just feel that the longer Lin is out of Houston’s toxic environment the more his confidence will improve. Lin will also improve his confidence as the Lakers point guard when the team improves and racks up some wins.

  620. i am not saying this is what they are doing, but it is obvious that nobody can control kobe. He is going to do what he wants to do. I personally think kobe is on a personal mission to out do Michael Jordan. He knows that another ring is not imminent, so he will go for the next best thing. JMO

  621. are you a psychologist? Just like some people say “small sample size” there are many good posters who say, “how did you get into his head?” Lin has no confidence issues – he never had. You don’t overcome his kind of pressures by being scared. Sometimes you might question a choice, like, should he quit while on a D-League bus? He addressed that in his most recent LAL Connections interview.

    What he’s facing is losing every day, with a team that is not cohesive yet. If he was a center or SG, it would not be his problem and he would give good xbox scores. If he was not confident, he would not say the things he does in post-game interviews and take the responsibility. People who are weak don’t say “my bad, I’ll fix it.” The xbox is a typo, but I guess I mean that. Real bball is in the team. Why not let it go? Are you subtly trolling? A very specific and direct question. You don’t need many words, just yes or no.

  622. I agree, but Lin needs to embrace the fact that this a contract year for him. He needs to do whatever it takes to step up to get his next contract. I am one who refuse to believe that lin’s mindset is stuck in Houston. I think he is more focused on how to play with Kobe. Lin is getting mixed signals from kobe/Scott. He just needs to figure out a way to help this team and drown out the rest of the noise.

  623. No, not trolling. And no, not a psychologist. I can relate to what Lin has gone through and that is my sincere opinion.

  624. ok, I take it at face value but you don’t have to keep saying it 3 times indirectly. Basically, you relate it to lack of confidence because you’ve had hardships. Ok, I get that. But then look at Lin … is he Harden saying “we” when he loses, or is he saying “I” when he loses. That’s the sign of the inner man. Lin has a hard task ahead, and who knows if LAL should be tanking or if they have a chance. I know one thing from watching 5 season games … they have a chance with Kobe, but not with KoMe. That’s not on Lin. In a sense, us Lin fans are relegated to a side show yet again, but that’s life. Sometimes you get the stage, and other times you just get ready for the stage. Lin has always been ready. CA State Champs (maybe 2 had he not broken his leg Jr Yr), UCONN, Linsanity 6+ games, SAS 38, etc.

  625. Joyce, what is your read on the current situation of BS, Kobe and Lakers on JLin?

  626. I totally agree and think kobe is going for Kareem’s numbers, especially on the back of Lin taking D away from him. But, Kobe has to let the game come to him, and he’s not used to that.

  627. Rockets LOST! This is crazy because it’s just like the Knicks going 6-0 and then they soon started to sputter and crash. And the year after the team imploded.

  628. Ok no worries. I lean towards a certain opinion because of my personal experience. I could well be wrong and I accept that.

    I agree that the inner man is very strong when it comes to Lin. I am also not at all saying that the losses are on Lin.

    What I am saying is that Lin will only get better from hereon. (Yes that is based on personal experience as well.)

  629. I realize this filter is with Discus, but I can’t imagine which words I wrote triggered the moderation. Can anyone else give me an idea?

  630. I think that Kobe knows that he will not get a ring this year, so they will go with Kobe exceeding Michael Jordan in points. I think this a team in rebuild trying to figure things out. It is clear that nobody is going to control Kobe. I think Scott wants to win .but the focus is just to let Kobe get his points. So to the players on the team Scott is talking out both sides of his mouth. I think this young team wants to prove the critics wrong,, but you have Kobe, who is the cog in the middle of the wheel. I think lin will figure out what he needs to do to help the team, pretty much how he figured it out in Houston. The players on this team seem to respect lin and knows that when he is allowed to play PG, they play like a team.

  631. Just turn on to watch Spurs vs NOP game and heard the commentators said about how Klay Thompson made it so easy for Steph Curry to play his offensive game by having fresh legs because Klay was the one doing all the defense, chasing opponents around off the screens…

    That made me ponder briefly how much energy Jeremy has to spend on chasing Curry screens after screens in the GSW game. And I couldn’t bear to see my man looking frustrated and seemed to be beaten down easily by Curry.. 🙁

  632. heh heh, I didn’t mind because Curry and KT are our home town boyz.

  633. I think you are 50% correct. It is Lin’s job to defend in certain situations. So…he will have to do it. But yes, I think Klay helped Curry a lot at many levels.

  634. To be fair, it is hard to beat the current GSW team.

  635. Agree, I think there is some truth in it.
    1) Kobe gets his record. Since its not too far away. Mostly likely by Dec (20 games or so)
    2) rebuilding mode, to see, which pieces can be kept and where the gap is
    3) Feb trade dateline, might see some moves, may not be major changes
    4) After ASG break, I think they will go with more permanent rotation and evaluate how the team gels and how far they could go
    5) FA trade during summer to strengthen the core and bench
    6) BScott obviously would like to prove they could do better this year compared to last, although 1st round playoff may be far reached
    7) They will evaluate how JLin brings value, either working together with Kobe as a lethal backcourt combination or
    8) Lin leading the bench to provide the extra punch and push

  636. Harden 1-11 3FG; 8-24. Chucker!! and I was chukling.. 😉

  637. Jeremy obviously needed help. He did his job well but where’s the help from his teammates?

  638. why should we be fair when it comes to Harden/Rox? jk you know, but anyway, why.

  639. Just saying lol…I already moved on. HOU is just another team…no more no less. except I probably will be happy if they somehow implode. But that’s it

  640. Well..that is the bad of playing in a losing team…..it is what it is.

  641. me to, not because it needs karma, but that brand of bball is destructive to bball as a whole, and kids watching it. The organization is dysfunctional, and empowered by an owner that lets it be like that. That should lose too, for the kids’ sake. LAC owner turned out to be quite something … people age and dinosaur out. Youth rises, but only with the best to learn from. Back to HOU, yeah, who needs to be fair to them, they’ve had their chance.

  642. Agreed….

  643. He does little things…..I like his game. May no show on box score tho

  644. Thanks! Do u think JLin is Lakers’ long term plan?

  645. You know what, maybe this morning’s discussion has made me realise that I am the one who needs to let go of my past. I will believe that Lin is no longer stuck with the Houston mindset (or that even if he is, he will get out of it soon). We should all just focus on the present and look to the future.

  646. I will watch for him against LAL then.

  647. I checked the b2b games for both Lakers this season and Rox this season and last 2 :

    2012-2013 21
    2013-2014 19
    2014-2015 20

    2014-2015 16

    LAL have 10 b2b games before the ALL-Star break while HOU have 12. Just an observation but I sure hope there won’t be any more schedule loss like the GSW game.

  648. The 2-year stint on the ROX team definitely brought lots of detriment to Jeremy… But his playoffs performance, imho, has had boosted his confidence tremendously. Jeremy is a lot more well composed since last off season and I believe he finally found his “home” in LAL.

  649. Yeah, other than the right beginning, their schedule is much better. And I think they had a rough stretch at the season end, where they would have a 5 games in 7 night.

    Also there is a tough period in the end of March, they have 5 games in 7 nights on the road, that’s pretty hard.

    The rest of it, are pretty good. One good thing is that there are 4 teams in CA, so that’s really not much travel at all. Also Suns, and Portland are also pretty close by, those are nice short trips. That’s 5 teams within 2 hr flight.

  650. Jeremy actually started well in the 1st quarter of challenging Curry’s shots.
    It’s only when Lin got screens, Curry got hot and became unstoppable.
    Were it be Tyson Chandler, Curry would have a tough time to finish.

    Isn’t there a recent article proposing Lin got more help on D so he can have enough energy to run offense? If yes, that’s a good sign they recognized they need to leverage Lin’s strength as the floor general.

    I have higher hope of LA will try to find ways to utilize Lin’s strength. Even Worthy and Horry wanted to see Lin play like he could in NY without overthinking so I’m okay because they want to challenge Lin to simply play ball.

    Better days will come starting with tomorrow 😀

  651. I was also thinking along the line of the travelling distance, time, etc. So you confirmed it. Despite the b2b, the trips aren’t that long. But then, travelling–packing and unpacking, boarding, checking in&out of hotels, opponent team locker room, etc.. all these are taxing enough to wear players down..

  652. it’s an adjustment for sure. no benefit of playing with starters in TC+preseason.
    Let’s hope these 4 days would give them some chemistry on defense and offense.

    Realistically, it might take a while to get good defense (until Davis replaces Boozer 🙂

  653. HOU got a softer schedule than GSW which is a much better team and looks unstoppable.
    I kinda expected it.

  654. Well, I think you can critique that he lacks confidence if you think so and going further to explain why if you
    like…and people who disagree with you will just simply state their disagreement and that is how a discussion form. As long as it does not involve filthy, ill language that makes the discussion unbearable and unacceptable. I believe opinions has no right or wrong, and no best or worst, it just simply I agree or I disagree. (Unless, when opinion justify to becomes a fact). Personally, I have no problem if someone say that to me. I will just either agree or disagree. Lin can do the same.

  655. Like your positive view on JLin and Lakers. Let’s hope the win begins tomorrow and on for the rest of the season:-)

  656. yeah, you will always need to deal with that when traveling, but if it is only for one day, and you could check in hotel pretty much the similar time you go home and sleep, that’s not bad. I noticed there are multiple back to backs that they are playing in LA the first night, then go to GSW, or Portland for the second game, that’s not that bad.

  657. Don’t know yet.

  658. To be honest, it really depends on how much Lin and Kobe could gel. This Laker team will not look good if Lin and Kobe could not complement each other. It will not be easy, but looks like now, BS is trying to mix these two, and they are trying a Lin/Boozer/Kobe triangle, which could be pretty powerful, if we could constrain Kobe. They did pretty good in Clipper’s game, but the last 3 min were all Kobe. So if in normal games they could get better defense, and Kobe don’t need to run everything, then it will be a watchable team. Hope Boozer hold up and perform. There is no other person good enough to run triangle with Kobe/Lin at this moment, I think that might be one of the reason we will not see Ed Davis start.

  659. Lakers fans are desperate so are a lot of lin fans. I think it’s just all noise from venting and emotions. I’m not worry at all because I don’t hear anything Rox like comments from FO coaches and especially KOBE.

    i’ve had to tell a student of mine also to start believing in himself as well. He was a little taken aback and it made for a chilly couple of lessons but he knew I didn’t do it to put him down but to build him up. I just felt he need to be to told that he had the skills to be playing with the big boys and that he wasn’t able to until he believed in it himself. Some of the parents on the site can probably relate to this as well. You must constantly tell the kids that they can do it, to believe in themselves and to trust themselves.

    Coaching is a little like bringing up your own kids. Loving them is to believe and trust in them and build them up inside. I made a comment last year about how I worry about Machale’s kids because of how he treated lin. As a coach, it’s up to you to help build up the psyche of your players. PRO PLAYERS ALL SUFFER FROM BOUTS OF LOSS OF CONFIDENCE. They have a bad game and it snow balls, that happens all the time. Lin has had a coach tell him repeatedly that he can’t do anything right. To not take risks and to do as little as possible to harm his team; for 2 years! At every opportunity, Mchale made lin focus on every little mistakes he made. Remember the famous “Jeremy, we are trying to win here” accusing lin of 9 TOs and only focusing on his own numbers after he scored 29 points in a win against OKC.

    After 2 years of a coach constantly trying to tear you down, I’m extra happy that lin is now getting a different type of prodding. The kind that a loving parent would give to a youngster that NEEDS to be told that he is MUCH BETTER THAN what he has shown and that he is an amazing talent that just needs to let go. Lakers like us WANT LIN TO SUCCEED. I for one am glad that Lin is getting a little “loving” kick in the butt to get him going.

  660. thanks, i try to be objective and I see many well-intentioned commentaries 🙂 Plus it’s always hard to grow chemistry just like the Big 3 in Miami and the new Big 3 in Cleveland.

    IMO as fans we need to adjust expectations so we won’t get disappointed when they’re not jelling quickly

  661. Yep, watch the Rockets lose their steam now and end up having another early exit from the playoffs.

  662. wow .. didn’t expect the Bucks upsetting the mighty and deep Memphis team.
    But as expected, it’s the 2nd game of Back-to-Back so it makes sense.

  663. Yea, explains why the Lakers are 0-5 with 4 games in 5 days against some of the best teams in the west.

  664. Just do what Pop does and sit Duncan and Ginobli.

  665. IMO we only disagree on the level of confidence that Lin has.
    On a scale to 1-10, I would say this is the progression:

    Time/Place Confidence Level
    2012/NY 10 dropped to 8 ( in a system tailored to PG strength and allowed by MDA to make mistakes but then Melo came back)
    2013/HOU 6 (re-programmed by McHale to be purge Linsanity nature)
    2014/HOU 4
    2014/HOU playoff 7 (regained confidence playing all out arguably the best HOU player per Skip Bayless despite not being the PG)
    2015/LA currently at 6 (trying to figure out how to play with Kobe)

    So I think Lin’s confidence in his own ability (after his huge Linsanity game in the playoff ) is not lacking but he’s trying to figure out how to play best with Kobe.

    It would be unfair to expect Lin to get to 10 as in NY since he’s not the #1 guy in MDA system but as the season goes by, I expect Lin to perform up to level 8 to 9 if he’s trusted more with the ball.

  666. Thanks Psalm234. This provides some clarity. I think Lin is a supremely confident person but I think circumstances have some effect. Interesting chart though I think Lin was more confident at the start of the 2nd season in Houston but got battered down as the season went along.

  667. Thanks. I appreciate fair debate though I hate stirring up controversy unnecessarily.

  668. yup, whoever made the schedule is definitely not a Laker fan

  669. Every team would say the same, at some point 🙂

    But I think its blessing in disguise, the earlier we learn the gap, its much easier to fix as we go on

  670. only, Lin is confident because you can see he and Kobe are talking in-game and they gesticulate wildly and happily arm in arm. Lin is in the ‘club’ now. LAL, Kobe … quite a club. If only Nash were a part of that …

  671. Yeah I am so with you Brent. If they win, I’m like who cares about them. If they lose, I just throw private parties.

  672. That’s right. Can only go uphill now. I think.

  673. Was that a bit evil? LOL, I enjoyed it too!

  674. true, it started with a high 7 in the 2nd season but dropped to 4 as the season progressed.

    again, it was just my personal observation based on the system and circumstances. Whatever it might be this season, Lin has a great opportunity in LA than staying in HOU in a depressed role.

    That we can all be thankful for “>

  675. Gillian Zucker is the new president of business operations, for the Clippers.


  676. Yeah JT, NASH would have been the cherry on top for sure. Let’s hope NASH could somehow come in as player coach to mentor Lin.

  677. that letter he wrote about his back pain was sad to read. He’s going to have life troubles … he’s only 40 wow. 40 more years with weak back. I hope he can come and coach the young guys a bit.

  678. Psalm, is this your confidence in Lin? I don’t get how you can get into his head to rate his self-confidence. If you want to play that, I can say he’s a 10 now because:

    1. all smiles around town
    2. arm-in-arm with Kobe on the court, gesticulating game analyses right after plays
    3. emphatically calling out plays
    4. taking full responsibility like a big dog
    5. getting paid $15m right … NOW!

    And so on. So you see, I can make up stuff in Lin’s brain too, psalm, and I’m standing my ground respectfully.

    The truth is, are you all talking about:

    A. your confidence in Lin?
    B. Lin’s statistical output or your confidence in him putting up numbers?
    C. or are you really honest in thinking you know his self-confidence level?

    sheesh … I respect good convo and all, but we cannot be in his head. Let’s keep that boundary clear, please, so we can have a rational forum. Please.

  679. That was hard to read for sure. Hope he can somehow get it fixed or at least patched up a bit so that he can have somewhat of a normal life. Imagine not being able to lift your child for fear of putting out your back! That’s tough.

  680. What are the teams that they are playing against in the 2nd game of each b2bs?

  681. well it just means they got two B2Bs out of the way early. half full!

  682. lakers need him badly. that second unit needs a scorer like nick young. nick is streaky but occasionally when he goes off he can win a game practically all by himself. he’s good for +5-6 wins all on his own. he will really bolster the laker second unit and give them a lot of options at crunch time. UNFORTUNATELY, he surely means fewer shot opportunities for JLin because he will far exceed the shots taken by wes+ellington. J’s gotta take advantage of the opportunities now.

  683. sigh….cmon just gimme 10+ FGAs and i will live with the result.

  684. As long as Kobe and Scott are willing, Lin will get his 1X FGAs

  685. lucky for him his kids are older, but yeah, grandkids … hard to live if you can’t pick up bags around the house.

  686. Scott seems more willing than McHale. It’s a Lin thing … how much does he want to get the team moving, and can he be in rhythm before Kobe takes over in the 3rd. Can he be hot first 3 shots so he doesn’t resort to PG facilitation.

  687. Do you negotiate the price with the dealers? Do you check this autos.aol.com site to find out the price or what are other sites people usually go to? I am asking because I will get my first car soon in the near future but zero knowledge in this.☺️

  688. I’m ok as long as JLin is treated fairly and given the chance he supposed to be. Never like it when anyone treats him as “ABJ” or call him out because he is JLin. Dislike the most is when anyone throws him under the bus because he is JLin. Obviously I would love him to do well and carry Lakers into playoffs this season. Still not yet to say it’s impossible yet. The chance may not be as high as before because of how deep each team is this season. Having said that, who knows about what happens tomorrow? Only God does. So I will leave my worry what happens next April until then. In the mean time, plan to enjoy my ride to what will unfold the progression that JLin is made with his teammates tomorrow. Hopefully for the first win and get more wins for the rest of the season. At least JLin is a lot more relaxed in the past couple days. I like this JLin much better than last week:-)

  689. IIRC – Lin this year:

    1. I don’t remember him bricking a catch and shoot. I remember 2 or 4 great 3s.
    2. I remember one Curry-like pull-up behind a screen he missed last game, but I think he did couple of good straight pull-ups.
    3. definitely 2 left-handed drives for lefty layup
    4. Some nice dump-off to big dimes when he got in and got covered tight
    5. 1 floater in traffic
    6. Lots of nice ‘attract doubles to triples’ and then dime out to Kobe, JHill, etc. Unfortunately, on this team, they are 2s.

    What I haven’t seen as much:
    1. that reverse layup that is silky smooth
    2. when in high PnR, when big screen is past and Lin is doubled, haven’t seen the space for him to dime. Don’t know why.

    What’s up for tomorrow?
    I’d love to see 18/8, with 3 alley oops and some Davis action just for smoothness. You?

  690. LOL As a NBA novice, I would love to see JLin to play at least 32 minutes and have at least 18 pts and 5 assists. Believe JLin and Lakers will make some adjustments in games. Slowly but surely the starters begin to gel more each game. Hope JLin plays at least 9 min in 4th qtr unless it is a blow out win game:-)

  691. This Lin drive and kick to Hill thing has to be limited. Needed something more sophisticated.

  692. I agree, it’s good for Hill in the short term, but there’s no offensive boards (lucky he’s been hitting) and I dunno what it does to the D (it hasn’t helped him to have that head start lol).

  693. yes, good point, 32 mins or more! I totally forgot about that. If Kobe could stay at 25 points, to 30, then there’s plenty of ball for others.

  694. The problem is HIll does not do a good job moving the ball, you give the ball to him….basically means one less FGA for others.

  695. I see, he’s just one sticky guy, right?

  696. Brent, why when Lin chooses to go away from screener and he gets doubled, tripled is there zero room? On Rox, if he ever did have high PnR, it was wide open until the bigs. What’s going on in this scheme, and what is the solution? Is it that this team is moving slower? Not on the half court game, so why the spacing problems?

  697. LOL That’s ok. Since I’ve no idea all those strategies, only thing I know–move the ball and don’t play sticky ball (lol learn it from HOF C) or I should say play team ball at least 70% of the game. If it’s team ball game, then I’d like JLin play at least 32 min and at least 9 min in 4th qtr if it’s close game. Most important give JLin good rhythm game; let him be pg for at least 70% in a team ball game, the result will be really good:-)

  698. In this video, “Lakers 2014 Shootaround at Pechanga – VNN”

    @2:50 It says ” “Loss” Angeles Lakers! LOL

  699. He does not make good decisions so far..

  700. I do negotiation a lot. I got it about 5000 below msrp this time.

  701. Rox run PnR without any shooters on the strong side. So basically all six irrelevant players are squeezed in the other side of the half court. Lol

  702. ok, thanks.

  703. LOL Papa guy?

  704. No poll yet? Would love to vote for something like 18/5 for tomorrow’s game.

  705. No, chukling wasn’t me being evil. 😉

  706. @psalm234:disqus said earlier that the poll caused some problem and he took it out but thus far haven’t yet seen to reinsert it back:-) Still working hard in solving the issue @psalm234?

  707. Who is the Lakers’ Chris Bosh? Remember he cried in the Miami locker room after another loss. 😀
    Hopefully it’s not Jeremy.
    But the Miami Big 3 did turn it around eventually.

  708. Curry gets a lot of multiple screens to get his shots off, if the Lakers had better defensive rotations to slow Curry for just 1.5 seconds I am sure Lin could recover. Unfortunately the Lakers bigs sometimes help the offense screen Lin instead ( ゚Д゚). PS: I sure wish Boozer didn’t make that “our guards play scared” comment, it’s just deflecting responsibility, and saying I don’t have your back on defense.

  709. You mean like Lin-kick-Hill.

  710. Los Angeles Lakers point guard Jeremy Lin is suffering with a sore right
    foot, making his availability questionable in Sunday’s home game
    against the Charlotte Hornets. NBA senior writer Kevin Ding of Bleacher Report posted on his Twitter account on Friday.

    According to Ding, Lin’s latest injury may not prevent him from
    playing the Lakers’ upcoming game against the Hornets, but it would
    certainly impact the point guard’s playing time.

    “He’s not expected to miss any time, He was spotted popping a pill on
    the Lakers bench in Tuesday’s loss to the Suns, but the Lakers don’t
    play again until Sunday,” according to Ding via Twitter.

    Read more: http://www.travelerstoday.com/articles/13921/20141108/los-angeles-lakers-jeremy-lin-jeremy-lin-news-jeremy-lin-trade-jeremy-lin-stats.htm

  711. nooooooooo

  712. He should be okay by game time.

  713. Not sure, he maybe able to play, but it will definitely affect his play. I noticed that last game.

  714. All NBA players do play with some lingering injuries. Ankle sore as such, is not new to Jeremy either.

    Since he had good 4-5 days rest by game time, he should be at better health 🙂

  715. Lakers – Hornets shoot-around preview with Thomas Scott and Mike Trudell. They discuss Al Jefferson, Kemba Walker, and Lance Stephenson.


  716. Charlotte Hornets vs Los Angeles Lakers Preview

    The Los Angeles Lakers are still searching for their first victory of the season. The Charlotte Hornets are in town, and the Lakers are looking tofinally pick up a win. Can they get it done? Here is a preview.

    The Los Angeles Lakers are still seeking for their first win of the season as they will clash with the Charlotte Hornets on Sunday evening.

    The Hornets are coming fresh off a double overtime victory over the Atlanta Hawks. The Lakers have had five days to rest and regroup. They should be the ones to come out with more energy in this game.

    This is a must win for the Lakers because if they lose, they may not be able to win until November 23 when they face the Denver Nuggets at home. After this game with Charlotte, the Lakers schedule gets tougher as they face the Memphis Grizzlies and New Orleans Pelicans on the road, then come back home to verse the San Antonio Spurs and Golden State Warriors. The Lakers will then hit the road again to play the Atlanta Hawks, Houston Rockets, and Dallas Mavericks. They could possibly be staring at a 0-13 start if they are unable to win this one against the Hornets.

    The Hornets are one of the best passing teams. They share the ball well and usually work their offense from the inside with Al Jefferson, who has been a monster of late. The Hornets don’t make too many threes, but they do work the ball inside-out and move it adequately around the perimeter. However, their guards like to attack the rim to put pressure on interior defenses.

    The Lakers interior defense has been awful, to say the least. They have been giving up layup after layup. In fact, Los Angeles’ overall defense has been dreadful as they allow 116.8 points per game and 49.3 percent shooting to their opponents. Luckily for L.A., the Hornets are not a high scoring team, but the Lakers don’t want to be the ones to give up a lot of points to a team that isn’t offensively efficient.

    On the other side of the ball, it will be interesting to see if Jeremy Lin and Carlos Boozer can provide an offensive punch that the Lakers have been desperately looking for from the two. Jordan Hill and Ed Davis have been solid, but Boozer and Lin, two guys who were expected to be the second and third options on the team, have been inconsistent.

    Kobe Bryant put in 39 points in the team’s last game on Tuesday against the Phoenix Suns, but he attempted 37 shots. We will see which Kobe comes out in this game – will he be a facilitator or will he be looking for his shot again?

    Nonetheless, the Lakers, who have never had a 0-5 start to the season since moving to Los Angeles, until now, will desperately need to win this one. It will not be easy, but this will probably be the best chance for them to collect a W in the next two weeks.

  717. “I’ve talked to a couple individuals about just being a little bit more assertive, not relying on Kobe as much,” Scott said. “You guys can ask Kobe this. I think he wants to get those guys to step up. He really does. Take shots when they have them. Not defer to him as much.”

    Jeremy Lin had only eight shots against Phoenix and Carlos Boozer just isn’t shooting well for a power forward (44%).

    But Bryant needs to step back a bit, Scott added.

    “I’ve got to remind him not to chase the ball at times, to let those guys play because sometimes you’ve got to let guys make mistakes,” Scott said. “He tries to bail them out at times. That’s a habit that he has and he knows that he has to try to break that. That’s hard. He’s been playing this game and he’s one of those guys, ‘OK, if you guys are not doing it, give it to me and I’ll try to do it myself.’ That’s the competitive nature that he has.”

  718. good sign, at least Byron Scott see the same game as we does. However, I hope it is not for Kobe to chase ball as much, but rather pass it out when it is needed. Kobe could not be either get the ball and shoot it himself, or not go get the ball. He need to be in the system, and be one of the passing section in the team. Otherwise, the team will looks running to system, either let Kobe do his thing, or Kobe let other people do their thing.

    I like the game in CLIPPRs when Kobe had 7 assist, the first 3Q that is.

  719. The main issue isn’t Kobe stepping back or other guys stepping up.

    The main issue is whether SCOTT can implement an effective strategy that all his players – INCLUDING KOBE – will engage in.

    The 5 losses fall primarily on SCOTT, and if this continues, it’s SCOTT who needs to go.

  720. If Kobe would just draw defenders and pass it out to an open teammate for a 3 rather than taking his contested, double-teamed 2 it would be a vast improvement. I don’t know how other guys can step up and make that happen.

  721. Will come back and check the score, off to a little road trip now……GO LIN!

  722. How can you make a road trip, when the game is on!!!

    Just kiddin, I would be missing this weeks game as well…on travel ;(

  723. before clicking on the link, I wonder if you guys can educate me some things:

    1. with 27mins 18pts in the previous game, is it considered efficient? is it considered he did step up? And without proper PT, I don’t understand how much more he can “step up”?

    2. EVERYONE saw the effectiveness of Lin-Ed PnR, but the HC doesn’t use it much. I also don’t understand why.

  724. Here is hoping for a Lakers/Lin win. Please I beg this team to play like they did against the Clippers. The Kobe we saw jack up 23 bricks better not show up tonight.

  725. Latest stats look at last year… this is the quarterly stats broken into two groups total playing time >30 minutes and total playing time <30 minutes. 30 minutes chosen b/c that is typically the cutoff for starter minutes vs bench minutes.

    So I would like some feedback on this…. basically none of it is logical. I was trying to find a reason as to why JLin would play less than 30 minutes Was his play so poor that he had to be benched… I find nothing here that indicates why he would play less minutes … the fg%, 3FG% TS% even TO's do not seem to correlate with less or more playing time… so anyone interested in looking at the stats and giving me some idea of where to look next… thanks in advance.


  726. yes, I also focus on the process that Lin is doing his best and improving in creating chemistry with Kobe and other teammates. The results is unknown but winning will come when they keep improving and working together as a team.

    Even if they lose, they got to keep chugging along in getting better. That’s about the only thing they can do :>

  727. Understood, but Ding wrote that on Friday. That is only 2 days ago.

  728. JoeTeam, it’s more my observation and interpretation of the comments and actions that Lin made and displayed. Now we can be 0% or 50% or 99% correct or wrong. We’re just outsiders looking in so we may all have different interpretation and opinions as long as we have respectful discussion.

    IMO while we can’t be 100% accurate, there are relative comparisons that we can make to create logical analysis. For example, when Linsanity ruled in NY, Lin had no problems leading his team, made mistakes but simply performed well (remember the 76ers game when he didn’t shoot well 1-9FG or 1-11FG but managed to be Mr. 4th Quarter to make 10-12 straight FTs to win the game)

    It’s clearly different to see how Lin recently stomped his feet because his teammate didn’t run a play that he expected. I don’t doubt his ability to make his shots because I saw him personally draining shots confidently during halftime in the Phx game but he was frustrated with the teamwork in the 2nd half and didn’t choose to shoot much but rather to try to be a floor general.

    So in my eyes, Lin’s trust in his new teammates and system (that might not allow him to give as much freedom as the MDA system in NY) will definitely affect his performance and confidence in the new Byron system.
    But it’s a growing process as a team and it’s a normal process. As for Lin’s confidence in himself, I don’t see problems of him doubting himself (from his recent comments about Worthy doubting his ‘killer-instinct’. he knows himself well showing good self-confidence)

    Again, this is just a personal observation. I hope I’m somewhat clear that I have no doubt in Lin’s personal self-confidence in himself but he still doesn’t have the same level of confidence in the new system and teammates.

    This is what I meant that we may have different opinions as long as we can have respectful discussion. I’m okay with many people respectfully disagree with my opinion since it can be wrong 🙂 At the end of the day, as long as Lin fans can find the common ground for Lin to perform his best despite different opinions, that’s good to unify us.

  729. have a safe travel, Brent :]
    We’ll hope and cheer our best for a Linning game!

  730. HY,

    after reading the article, I think it suggests Lin can “step up” by not deferring to Bryant so much based on this paragraph

    Through the first five games there has been spurts of Lin showing great court vision with his passes, and using his quick first step to get to the rim to either get a basket or draw a foul in the process. However, there has also been many moments where he is a non factor on the floor and defers to others, in particular Bryant.

    1. as far as shooting efficiency, we can use TS% (True Shooting efficiency) based on shot attempts (Field Goal attempts/made, Free Throw made). I think Lin’s TS% is his best at 72.6% this season. Clippers game is his 2nd best at 65.4%

    But for a PG, TS% is only 1 part of efficiency. I think high assists/points would be considered “stepping up”

    2. Many people want Davis in the starting lineup but Byron wants to see how Hill and Boozer perform with enough games (15-20 games) to give them opportunity to gel as a team. If they don’t perform well, I think we’ll see Davis be a starter.

    Davis is better than Hill/Boozer on defense but Hill has been shooting well lately. Boozer is doing worse with bad defense but Byron wants to give him a chance as a vet so he doesn’t grumble if he’s benched too soon. Boozer is supposedly a good passing big man crucial in the Princeton offense.
    So a coach has to worry about politics (salary, “quitting” players from being benched, chemistry) so he’s being careful with giving 15-20 games for starter lineup.

  731. Jeremy, go bring a much needed victory tonight for LAL. Show us that this LAL team are not scrubs.
    Go JLin! Go Lakers!

  732. yup, whoever made the schedule is definitely not a Laker fan

    or… they are a Lakers fan and just helping them get started tanking early =)

  733. lol

  734. doh, freudian slip?

  735. excellent breakdown of stats, wukong.

    While I don’t have much time looking at the correlation numbers, I think it’s true that Lin’s offensive efficiency didn’t determine his PT in Houston.

    HOU was always adamant about playing Bev the defensive PG as a good fit next to Harden (although they didn’t say Bev outloud is there to cover for Harden’s defensive efficiency)
    Once Harden arrived in Houston, Lin’s job as the main ball-handler was taken and they wanted Lin to play the role of a 6th Man or 2ndary playmaker off the bench.

    HOU just didn’t follow through on their original plan to develop Lin and Asik once they got Harden and Howard. So Lin and Asik became expendable. I think the stats would reflect this decision.

  736. BTW, I put the poll back but on the sidebar to avoid slow loading.
    So site members (not using Disqus account) can vote until gametime

  737. I would like to use this kind of argument for JLin with the Lakers… that he needs to >30 minutes time on the court… and would like to have stats to back up that argument.

  738. I got a good feeling that we’ll see more cohesive Lakers team tonight.
    Let’s hope Lin will lead his teammates and Lakers will follow through their plan to run some offense through Lin and Boozer.

    Let’s go JLin! Let’s go teamwork!
    Let’s get that 1st W, baby!

  739. That’s a very interesting analysis. Perhaps your conclusion that there is no correlation is correct. My impression was that Lin’s playing time with the Rockets did not depend on Lin’s performance, but rather depended on Beverley’s performance.

  740. I think you already had that stats when Lin performed better with more PT, right? That’s a convincing argument to give Lin more PT because he will produce more.

  741. so you’re saying .. they’re Kobe fan to want him to give a good reason to might as well score 50+/night to sell tickets while tanking 😀

  742. Why do I get a plug-in crash??

  743. hm, maybe the poll on sidebar is causing the problem.
    Let me remove it to see if the problem disappears.

    I just removed it. Please refresh and test if you still get a plug-in crahs

  744. the argument is that he is inconsistent. my stats say otherwise. inconsistent time on the floor no matter what he did. not merit based time on floor. just like building a case that is pretty tight. right now the JLin is inconsistent narrative is gaining ground again

  745. I did the over under 30 min breakdown b/c people try to claim you have to earn you time on the floor that he played <30 b/c he was stinking it up… so far the stats to me do not fit with that argument.

  746. now I don’t see it

  747. oops, it happened again, never mind. As long as I can read/write post.

  748. the stats looked great for >30 minutes and not so great<30 mins so the question was did he get more than 30 min on the floor b/c he was doing great and he played 30 and <30 to see if say the first quarter numbers were bad and that lead to <30 min play time… and well so far none of my data indicates his play time was at all merit based

  749. it’s hard to do so since stats are just reflection of the BB system being played.

    IIRC there were a few specific stats (high PnR% with Dwight, drives FG% efficiency 2nd to LeBron) that helps the argument of why they should be used more. But people always point back to HOU wanting to give free reign to what Howard and Harden want to do.

    If Dwight doesn’t like PnR and Harden doesn’t want to share the ball with Lin, that didn’t favor Lin for sure statistically.

    IMO I think it’s better to focus on tracking Lin’s numbers now in LA even if the sample size is still small. I expect many people would simply dismiss HOU numbers because it’s a different system.

  750. weve been waiting a while 4 the 1st win.. really hope the lakers feel fresh after 4 days off..is the hornets a good team 2 beat up?

  751. the he is inconsistent argument is already rearing its head.. just trying to build a case. Of course I will look at LA numbers… but right now way too small a sample size to do anything with it.

  752. what I could see is, when his time got cut, the 4th Q was cut the most, 3.6 min less. And second half was cut more than the first half.

    The cut in 1Q might be an indication of that when he play less than 30 min, it was most likely due to he is not starting, thus his Q1 min is only ~ 4min. That also has the indication that Houston afford to not play Lin, so they would just cut his min. On the other hand, when Lin have > 30 min playing time, he has average 7.9 min, also suggested that most of the games he got more than 30 min, he was starter, that means Beverley was injuried or sick, thus Houston could not afford to sit him, Jeremy knows it too, that’s when he could play free.

    And when he’s playing <30 min, Lin's FG% in the first half was basically the same if not better than how he play when he got more minutes, thus it is really hard to say that he got sit on bench because he was not playing well at the start of the game. But the second half really got a hit at FG%, either the playing time was messed up, or he got the sense that he was not trusted again even he was put the same effort, whatever it is, it is messing up things there.

    Not sure whether it is doable, it would be nice to see Lin's FGA split this way, sometimes, I consider FGA+assist+0.44*FTA gives me a bit of sense how aggressive or how involved Lin is. Although it is much better to get the touches count, but I think those info are not public availalbe. (I mean each game/quarter split of touches, or passes.)

    That said, the data sets gets smaller when there is more splits, and become more variable.

  753. Yeah the touches count stuff is not public available wish it was… I can do that calc for the quarters and for the quarters split into 30 minutes… will do that tomorrow. What is that calc BTW?

  754. This game is the Lakers smallest point spread this season, only 2.5 pts favoring the Hornets. This could be the Lakers best chance to get a win before they go 0-15 to Thanksgiving.

    I hope to see Lin have an impactful game. His driving may be limited by a sore foot though. If that is the case, I’d like to see Lin take some midrange jumpers. My prediction is Lin with 15 pts, 6 ast. Lakers lose by 1, 102-101.

  755. it’s their best chance to win in the next 8 games.

    Lakers biggest weakness has been on their 3PT defense and Hornets is only the 22nd rank in 3PT% out of 30 teams so it would help the Lakers.
    Let’s hope the Lakers can pull through their 1st W

  756. how many possessions he use per Quarter? yeah, you need to add his TO too. 🙂 unfortunately you will have to miss his 2nd assists, or blown assists there, as I don’t think those info is available.

  757. they have stronger front court than Lakers, and they liked to score there, not sure whether Lakers could adjust their defense.

  758. what defense? =p

  759. here ya go… chart per quarter with 30 min split… I can see how this would indicate how ‘involved’ he is but maybe it needs a tweak of a per minute basis

  760. sounds great, optimistic abt the game n lin.. thx~~ 🙂

  761. hey did your chart below…

  762. yeah, let’s hope, pray or dance to get Lin and the Lakers going tonight :]

    as long as Lin is healthy and running the offense to have better chemistry with his teammates, I’ll be happy. W would be a big bonus for sure 😀

  763. new Game Thread is open.
    Who’s gonna be 1st?


  764. cant agree more… 🙂

  765. thanks, so even with reflection of playing time, the first half really don’t have any indication that Lin was less aggressive or defer more than those games he play >30 min, which is consistent with our eye test, Lin’s playing time is not really relate to how he play or perform.

  766. I think you and OP are talking about different things then. His views on confidence are relative to his confidence in his own game. Your views are his confidence in his team and role on that team to command an outcome. One casts aspersions, the other is about process. I get what you are saying. I am saying no to talking about Lin lacking confidence in general. That kid is a leader, and like I noted, he’s leading and sure of himself right now except the team losses part.

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