G06 [email protected] PostGame Thread

Lakers WON their 1st game! And Jeremy Lin is chosen as the Player of the Game with 21pts/7asts/3rebs/1stl/1TO

The best part is Lin and Kobe are tied with 21pts each. The starters have more balanced shot attempts (Kobe/Lin/Boozer/Hill/Wes with 22/12/11/11/6). Kobe trusted his teammates to let Lin and Boozer run the offense more and they got a W as a result! This will bode well for the development of starting lineup.

Jeremy Lin led a huge 3rd quarter run with 12pts where Lakers found great spacing with Lin/Boozer/Kobe anchoring the offense. Lakers outscored the Hornets with an amazing 34-13 run.

Plus the huge 3rd run was helped with the insertion of Ed Davis for Hill who got into a foul trouble with 3:36 left. LAL was trailing 57-59 at that moment then proceeded to start 19-5 run(!) to close the 3rd quarter giving LAL 12 pt-lead at 76-64. In this run, Lin scored 7pts,1ast. Ed Davis certainly provided defensive presence in this key moment. This could be a future starting or closing lineup if Hill is ever traded (or benched).

And Mike Trudell compiled great game diary of key plays and pics of the game


  1. 1st πŸ˜‰

  2. my goodness.. you’re like a Hawk! :]

  3. Hawkeye doesn’t stand a chance against @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus

  4. Ed Davis getting nasty!

    Charles your fat a$$ can eat now— Ed Davis (@eddavis32) November 10, 2014

  5. something to say about kobe. he just want to win while harden no way he lets lin lead the team or share the lead in scoring with him.

  6. Bold… on and off the court!

  7. What I like about Davis is he’s not some flashy type of big, very fundamental, but he gets the job done.

  8. Appreciate Ho Chen still showing support to my beloved half.

  9. Just very interesting with Howard Chan. Believe he went total silence last year but this year he seems like more talks about JLin now that he is in Lakers. Am I right in this or???

  10. Jeremy Lin:"To be honest, I don't think my aggressiveness was any higher that the LAC game or the PHX game we just had. Tonight we just won"— Serena Winters (@SerenaWinters) November 10, 2014

  11. WHOA. Haha. I like that…
    And thats def going to be on Inside the NBA on Thurs.

  12. To be honest I was asleep for the whole game and missed everything….but yay!! A win!! γƒΎ(*Β΄βˆ€ο½€*)οΎ‰

  13. Translation: “I was wide open for those 3s too in the LAC and PHX game but my teammate finally passed to me” :]

  14. Trying to get hits…

  15. I’m just glad that Air Jordan witnessed LINSANITY. GOODNIGHT ALL. IMMA GO DRANK!

  16. hm, I wonder if there is a strong correlation of “Michael asleep” with “Lin Player of the Game”? Please, sleep more πŸ˜€

    Take one for the team!

  17. Good for Lin. We all know Scott is full of it. He can’t control Kobe. Lin and the rest of the team know that is was kobe who was killing the team. Scott as a coach failed to do his job.

  18. Brent was MIA too… hmmm… lol

  19. I got the impression that he was an Asian token for htown until Lin fell out of favor. He disappeared shortly after the Lin mistreatment started. I’m not sure if he’s still w/the org now. He really got the raw end of the schtick from the rox.

  20. Shhhh. Watching the replay.

  21. ok, sleep-watching :]

  22. they didnt go iso kobe much also except for the end of the second which is why we was down by 9 but kobe adjusted also let lin and boozer run the game late which is the first of the season.

  23. Someone drug Michael before every Laker game for the rest of the season. He can always turn to Blaiyan or Dawk Ins and celebrate with us afterwards.

  24. he’s probably safer to comment about Lin once Lin is in LA.
    His job was still in HOU last year so it might get jeopardized. Now he’s just a Lin fan πŸ˜€

    I wonder where he works now?

  25. That’s right! Blue-eye.

  26. Advanced RBTL (Reading Between The Lines).

  27. Kobe improving. From 30 something to 20 shot attempts! Keep up the good work!

  28. Aha! So it was Brent’s fault. You miss nothing.

  29. Lin postgame interview

  30. true, Kobe followed through with his words.
    Gotta give credit to him about mentoring Lin and sharing the limelight!

  31. thanks! Added to the Video Gallery

  32. Yes, that was implied πŸ™‚
    Maknusia and real-dsb missed too. What does this mean? ;p

  33. Wow, we won!! Just came inside after my kiddos hearing wolves making creepy sounds afar. Checked the score…….wow! Finally! How did Lin do?

  34. Kobe’s post game interview.

  35. lol Believe Michael’s sleeping is a big help for JLin to be the best player of the win game:-)

  36. Very true!

    MJ bubble thought: “Hm, maybe I should get into a Linsane bidding war next year to be launch Air Linning in Asia”

  37. What are you doing in the wilderness?

  38. Checked in in a cabin tonight in Oklahoma. Was BBQing outside.

  39. C-O-O-L!

  40. It’s your fault we won. So you take more road trips and Michael needs to sleep… seems to be the winning formula…

  41. I strongly wish I could disagree= =

  42. Didn’t realize Minnesota had a hand in Lakers’ victory tonight. πŸ™‚

    21 pts 7 asts 3 rebs 1 stl, 8/12 FG 3/6 3PT.

  43. After tonight, Lin boost his Fg to 44.9% and 3pt to 38.9%

  44. Hey Brent!! Yeah, Lin rocked it tonight! Too bad you missed it, but you can check the highlights. Jeremy was pumped tonight and Laker got their first win πŸ™‚ So happy!

  45. Hehe

  46. You’ve now been assigned to station in Oklahoma and BBQ for the rest of Lin’s NBA tenure. πŸ™‚

  47. aDORKable lol

  48. he just did it when u were out 4 the trip.. amazing, isnt it? .. πŸ™‚

  49. Laugh the heart out, dance in the dark, n cherish the moment.. Keep holding on! Go Lakers~~ πŸ™‚

  50. more importantly, Kobe behaved and dished and passed you will see in highlights.

    Worried about this being Charlotte though. Wished it was Clips. Good stuff, though, Lin is getting above 15pts + dishes, so this is good for his future.

  51. I like this JLin’s pic the best.

    @JLin7 is BACK!!!!! #LakersWin pic.twitter.com/Cgt1xCtOlB

  52. Hmm.. so @brentyen:disqus has to watch and support the Oklahoma City Thunder now? lol

  53. Can’t believe the first steal of the game was from Boozer stealing Lin’s fastbreak. Orz

  54. Another injury-ridden team? lol

  55. Odd, BS doesn’t seem to be enjoying the moment AT ALL.

  56. Yeah, Byron needs to smile more, LOL. Oh you meant Lin.

  57. Yeah @brentyen:disqus, how was Iblocka? LOL

  58. Byron looks like a strict “be home by 9 on weekends and have straight As” dad here. He’s got a better suit here though.

  59. Like the smiling JLin! Go JLin!

  60. Highlights from Jlinnation

  61. an old school person hides the emotion.. haha

  62. And Lin looks like my 2 boys. Always up to something.

  63. More like my traditional grumpy gramps!

  64. Daddy problems lol

  65. A little better resolution highlights

  66. At least he has a better suit! Byron’s big blazers HAS.TO.GO.

  67. To my kids, I may be like BS. Scary!

  68. so do we get tacos in here for the win?

  69. The more mods miss the game, the higher the winning percentage? *snicker*

  70. Exactly, he is not backing down from the media this time.

  71. Jordan Hill set an ugly screen (ugly for me since I based it on how Asik, Ed Davis, or Bogut sets screens) on that Jeremy 3. He STILL capitalized on that ugly screen.

  72. Where is Blaiyan? Hmmm, he needs to step up. Be more aggressive/assertive and upload faster πŸ˜›

  73. Hey JT, also got in just as game ended. So glad they won one. I wasn’t too far off with lin as Mr. 24/7 basketball.

    What was your take on Lin’s game?

  74. We go the:

    1. goggle eyes
    2. at least 2 Kobe finds for Lin 3s
    3. 2 long 3s
    4. reverse layup
    5. a Boozer find for easy layup
    6. no-look to Hill

    Nice game! Lots to remember.

  75. JLin is even practicing/exercising his “assertiveness” with media now. No more free ride bashing from everywhere. Good on him!

  76. LOL! LINVIS keeps going at Chuck

    Charles your fat a$$ can eat now— Ed Davis (@eddavis32) November 10, 2014


  77. LOL Lin said Chuck can eat now πŸ˜€


  78. Wow, Lin made a three off the dribble on top of the key. His weakest spot.

  79. I just re-watched those 2 longs 3s.
    They’re at least 2ft behind the line!

    He’s fee-LIN’ it tonight!

  80. Jeremy has accepted and so he adapted.

  81. pastor Jaeson Ma on @JLin7: In life you win some & you lose some. BUT man what a awesome feeling it is when you WIN pic.twitter.com/gxT6ZWluO7

  82. See above post. Very nice. Team was calm. Kobe held back and found people, especially Lin. And then those shots he did take, they mattered when it went in. No Krazy Freelance Kobe this game. He played within the team and yet, there was always the Kobe thread.

    So, against a weaker team, this team found the 2 prong attack … Lin + Team with Kobe in it, and Kobe doing it and feeling ok to pick his moments. Then the bench – first team was so good that bench didn’t get pressure to perform.

    I can’t say anything more because now that Lin is on West Coast for home games, I’m there with my computer at the dinner table so I have to be a good dad at dinner. This game is worth watching on replay for sure.

  83. No hesitation, Brent!
    Twice tonight. He knew it was going in as soon as he released them :]

    How’s the road trip?

  84. Jeremy saves Barkley πŸ™‚

  85. And a stepback fadeaway though a little off balance,and another traversing back fade off the glass. Mid-Js, where outta Rox those are key shots.

  86. If you are watching a replay of the game, maybe we should start a new thread so we can pretend we are enjoying a live game.

  87. LOL what he actually needs to do is reel in Johnson back to the bench.

  88. @RichleeMd suggests Lakers have a Black Mamba & Gold Dragon (Lin). Need a poster like this, then: pic.twitter.com/i7AfyROeFe

  89. Lol, ppl hate losing to lakers…just like some Pg hate losing to lin

  90. That’s a happy guy. I thought it was going to be along night when Kobe and EVERYONE started off so cold. Kobe hit the front of the rim on 3 of his first say 5 shots.

  91. I’ll try to come up with something.

  92. Was going to, then I guess I should not do it on a slow 3G network.

  93. Hopefully something PG. lol.

  94. Yes….no matter what kind of shots, u take it, your defender has to defend it. Good to see him taking more shot to open up his spacing on the court

  95. red dragon for the blood he lays down when he’s on fire.

  96. Man, the NBA video didn’t do justice by not showing Lin’s 2 big 3s!

  97. Point Guard or Paul George? lol

  98. Point guard as in Jeremy is a point guard… well, sometimes.

  99. I love it when Lin demoralizes the competition with his varied shot selection and dimes … triple threat for all playaz on the court. Today, you missed it but you can see in the highlights now well Kobe did his finds, esp with and for Lin. He watched tape. That was all the difference, to keep the team humming through to the end. I was surprised by the garbage time being called at 2 mins with 11 or 12 up. With LAL, that was not enough before, because of instant run ups by GSW, etc. So, that’s how confident this team was.

  100. so many different highlights.

  101. Pretty good….eat too much bbq ….

  102. Okay, be a good dad and put away your toys, haha. Thanks.

  103. yep, Charlotte avg is 94.5 pts, so tonight was not much less. They still have to improve on D.

  104. So A.C. Green thought Lin was key to the game (prior to the game) and predicted 18 and 10. Seems to like Lin. Apparently, he’s also been watching practices and is going to watch tomorrow. I’m liking A.C. Green.

  105. Nice save,,

  106. For a moment, I thought u said put away ur boys…

  107. I remember AC Green used to sit on the bench with a teddy bear on his head. Cute, if you ask me hahaha.

  108. umm….no he needs to do a better job of having davis and lin on the floor at the same time and having one of either lin or kobe on the floor at all times. Wes is the Lakers worst player on the floor more often than not.

  109. he always does this..

  110. That I didn’t know. Haha

  111. First time this season though.

  112. How did Lance Stephenson do today? Haven’t heard anything about him today.

  113. yea, trying to teach that people matter more than screens lol.

  114. Can’t remember why he has a teddy bear on his head. Still, for whatever reason, it’s still cute nonetheless

  115. I do not like him. #hatersgonnahate.

  116. Haha balboa…don know

  117. All I remember about him is that he was vocal about abstinence.

  118. LOL okay i’m gonna be a little overcritical here cuz i couldn’t do any better….but what’s up with the editing JLinNation??? LOL. did we really need to watch kobe shoot two free throws?

  119. is it me or did he sound a little depressed? didn’t get to shoot as much and someone else tied him for most points πŸ™

  120. His shooting is cold right now… too early πŸ™‚

  121. dude, don’t get lynched.

  122. is he really that tall or is he standing on a box??

  123. I parked my car right In front of the door. Lol

  124. Bill and Stu post game

  125. He is also a model. Super tall

  126. 6pts/10r/5a… 3-12 shooting.

  127. yeah, what is Scott smoking. Is he trying to defend why he had him in the starting lineup? It seems that the light bulb has came on for Kobe/Hill/Boozer by letting lin handle the ball more when kobe is on the floor. It seems that the light switch has not come on for Wes yet.

  128. Check out who's trending on #NBAPulse http://t.co/EJHIwdItmV— Bill Mcintyre (@thesuitedmonk88) November 10, 2014

  129. Oww!!!LOL

  130. Lin #1, Kobe #2

  131. Hey Brent, are you reading so bad from BBQ coma? You better go out and run around a bit before putting your toys to bed. Lol

  132. #3 Lebron… dethroned the kings.

  133. I am beginning to believe that Kobe is actually coaching the team, not Scott..LOL

  134. I thought it would be Barkley…

  135. So he dethroned himself.

  136. But he got 10 rebounds…

  137. Yeah, probably just like Morey was the real coach before and not Mchale.

  138. Is warrior playing tonight? I think he is a warrior fan first.

  139. ESPN

  140. You’re right. They played the Suns.

  141. Toys are sleeping right now and I don want to be lynched by wolves

  142. Me too. Haha

  143. Interesting… 5 Lakers players are trending in the top 10. Sacre: 5, Young: 7, Boozer: 9.

  144. I love AC Green. He was a great workhorse for the Lakers and even made it to the All-Star game one year. AC was one of the hardest workers around the rim, and always put in maximum effort.

  145. I hope you’re not typing on your boys. Haha

  146. i don’t think wes has a light bulb in the socket!

  147. The power of #chuckcaneat hashtag is truly amazing!
    Maybe people just RT Lin’s tweet?

    refresh to see pic

  148. It should be called the lin quad threat then!

  149. Great picture of the celebration. @Lakers know how to party! pic.twitter.com/06uvMrUPrF

  150. LOL.

  151. Perfect place for Linsanity 2.0 πŸ™‚

  152. Lin is looking a little pissed about Scott saying that e was not aggressive. Lin just shut it down when he said that I was not anymore aggressive that I was in the last couple of games, he stated we won tonight. You go Lin. Scott is full of it.

  153. If Lakers beat Memphis on Tuesday. I’ll go vegan for a week. πŸ˜€

  154. I added this detail about Ed Davis defensive presence in the 3rd quarter 19-5 run

    Jeremy Lin led a huge 3rd quarter run with 12pts where Lakers found great spacing with Lin/Boozer/Kobe anchoring the offense. Lakers outscored the Hornets with an amazing 34-13 run.

    Plus the huge 3rd run was helped with the insertion of Ed Davis for Hill who got into a foul trouble with 3:36 left. LAL was trailing 57-59 at that moment then proceeded to start 19-5 run(!) to close the 3rd quarter giving LAL 12 pt-lead at 76-64. In this run, Lin scored 7pts,1ast. Ed Davis certainly provided defensive presence in this key moment. This could be a future starting or closing lineup if Hill is ever traded (or benched).

  155. We've waited a LONG time for this to happen again! @JLin7 #1 on NBA Pulse, BY FAR pic.twitter.com/iur0jJvUVc— Ido Amir (@IdoAmir) November 10, 2014

  156. he’s aggressive, it just happened Kobe shoot too much..if only Lin can get additional 10 attempt then they will win the game..

  157. Tired of hearing them telling Lin to be aggressive. They just need to draw plays and set picks for him and make him a scoring option.

  158. Exactly.I am glad Lin spoke up for himself. Scott and the Lakers know that Kobe is the big elephant in the room. Scott seems almost afraid of pulling kobe out of games when he starts stinking up the court.

  159. LOL More feel like they won THE RING! What a celebration!

  160. The most obvious statement of the night. (Scott left out geting him involved defensively). But for whatever reason, Scott loves him on the court.

    Need George Karl ASAP

  161. At least tonight Kobe was out in 3rd qtr before JLin. So JLin was able to do more damage on Hornets. Hence, the win!

  162. The Knicks and the Lakers know how to celebrate unlike Houston. You’ll get use to it, Melody πŸ™‚

  163. Good! Never know that. Am surprised to see that:-)

  164. Exactly. I think they would have won that last game if they had Lin do his thing with the team. Kobe hogged the ball and started chucking. I personally think the whole team was mad at Kobe in the way he played.

  165. You’ll do a chuck weight loss plan? Lol

  166. lin isnt that type of player

  167. he really did a great job tonight … Seems once he’s in the flow, he doesn’t have to think as much because everyone knows their movements too.

  168. Believe so but what can u do with him being THE LAKERS? Glad that JLin is showing his “assertiveness” both in interviews and games:-) Learn fromt THE MASTER!!!!!

  169. people have forgot about this but kobe is a miracle. the way he is playing after his injuries is incredible. all he has to do is take better shots which i think he did today and let lin run the team. i think this team can make the playoff. they are just getting started. also lin hasnt even come close to his best yet. he will have at least 3-4 30 plus games. shows you the difference form rox. lin gets 38 and barley makes news. while in la get a very average for lin 21. big big news.

  170. “Ever have a loss of feeling in your limbs? Don’t know what to do about it? Just take a “proprioception” and call me in the morning….side effects may include giddiness and uncontrollable laughter due to temporary linsanity.”

  171. national news!

  172. lol yup la and ny is just better then houston

  173. Thoughts and Ratings from Lakersground. No bananas, just smiles : )

    Kobe — — Strong defensive game from Kobe in this one. He was hitting the boards hard, rotating and communicating. You could see the collective importance the team put on that end of the court. They had to. It’s just been awful. This was really one of the first games that he and Lin showed some chemistry. β€œGuys weren’t looking to just get the ball to Kobe and step out the way,” Scott said. Kobe helped get Lin some easier shots by drawing attention and seeking him out. β€œI think we did a much better job spacing the floor for them,” Kobe said. He said it’s just been figuring out the puzzle a bit offensively. He said they’ve also got to do a much better job playing off the ball. The Stats: He scored 21 points on 7-20 shooting (1-5 from three, 6-7 from the line) to go with 6 boards, 4 assists, 1 steal, 4 turnovers and 1 foul in 34 minutes. He was a +7. The Action: He missed a 19-footer in early offense. Nice help D to challenge a layup and force a miss. He missed a three in early offense. He sank a long two off the split play. He missed a wing three. He crossed over, attacked and couldn’t cram it down after getting hit on the dunk, he made both FTs. He was stripped in transition, turnover. He missed a wing jumper. He missed a forced 18-footer (had Lin open). He missed a leaning bank. He drew FTs pulling up at the elbow, he made both. He sank a pull-up 17-footer working off the screen. He missed a three off the two-man game. He probed off the screen, got around the help D and reversed nicely. He blew a tech FT. He sank a turnaround from the wing after getting some separation. He led the Lakers with 12 points. Second Half: He attacked and kicked to Lin for the three. He got a soft bounce on a long wing jumper. He threw a pass away trying to hit Boozer in early offense with a long outlet. He grabbed a board, pushed it out and hit Lin for the reverse. He missed a pull-up probing off the split play. He lost the handle under the hoop. Early post position and he drew FTs splitting a double team and taking a knee to his left leg, he made both. Nice pressure D and rotations to force a turnover on a big. He found Lin on the weakside for the three. He pulled up and swished a wing three next time down as Staples got to its feet. He forced up a turnaround that he should have kicked out. He swished a long wing jumper, his feet on the line. He missed a baseline turnaround. He missed a quick-fire wing three. He attacked and just missed the layup, but Hill tipped it in. He missed a long pull-up jumper with the shotclock low.

    Lin — — β€œWe were talking, we were engaged, we were moving,” Lin said the Laker D. The offense has scored, but we finally held a team below a hundred points. That was the real difference maker in this game, but it was nice to see Lin play like the Lakers want him to. He was hitting threes both off the dribble and off the ball. He attacked the lane for scores and remained a threat that collapsed the D to help others. Very nice one-two punch between him and Kobe. Again, they ran a lot of those split plays where both are involved. He and Kobe need to string together some more games like this. β€œI talked to Jeremy before the game about being a little bit more assertive,” Scott said. Seems like that has been the talk before and after a lot of games. It was a very nice, comfortable offensive balance, much less indecision by Lin and team. Good job avoiding turnovers in this one as they had more of a sense of what they wanted to do. With shotclocks low, he’d look for his own shot (instead of deferring). Kobe also found him open for some good looks. β€œWe were doing it right on the defensive end,” Lin said of the difference in this game. β€œYou start smelling blood and at that point it’s just you are riding moment, moving the ball.” He said Kobe did a great job drawing attention and finding guys. The Stats: He scored 21 points on 8-12 shooting (3-6 from three, 2-2 from the line) to go with 3 boards, 7 assists, 1 steal, 1 turnover and 3 fouls in 33 minutes. He was a +17. The Action: He pushed up the break, slowed it down and let Hill fill the lane for a layup. He missed a three in early offense. He blew past his man and took it to the rim for a layup. He attacked aggressively off the high handoff and scored a layup. He missed a runner, got it back and kicked it to Hill for the jumper. He missed a wide open three. He set up Hill for the jumper off the two-man game. He attacked and fed Hill for the jumper. He attacked and was stripped, then gave up an And-1 layup the other way. Second Half: He sank a long three on a Kobe kickout. He reversed on the break with Kobe. He missed a three from behind the screen. Sweet past to Boozer who spun to backdoor his man out of the post and Lin hit him perfectly for the layup. He sank a sideline three on the cross-court feed from Kobe. He attacked off the three line across the lane and hit the turnaround bank. He attacked baseline and drew FTs, he made both. He found Hill open for the 18-footer. Nice variation on the split, instead of setting the cross screen, he cut back over top of the big for the handoff, attacked the lane and hit the step-back jumper. He rained down a three behind the Hill screen with the shotclock low.

  174. Thanks for the great read.

  175. do anyone know lins per after todays game

  176. somebody posted 24, unverified.

  177. i found it. its 14. man if he averages what i think he will which is 18 ppg. he will have atleast a 21 per. thats superstar level

  178. thanks sorry I reposted the wrong one.

  179. its ok

  180. So that’s the pills he’s popping on the sidelines … suppress his team care headaches lol …

  181. I must say I was a bit surprised to see that. (pleasant surprise)

  182. Sure, @JLin7 is pumped up – he'd just BURIED the Hornets. But look at @kobebryant – He knows it too πŸ™‚ pic.twitter.com/38Xl9dT8Fd

  183. I know I was so surprised to see Kobe was out and JLin was still in. Initially I thought I was wrong but it was true!

  184. Sweet reverse lay up by Jeremy

  185. … that’s the ” I-just-pissed-on-the-fire-hydrant” look… haha

    Lin has had three consecutive solid games at Staples Center, with 18 points against Phoenix and 17 against the Clippers.
    “It’s a matter of keeping the aggression high,” he said. “I was going to come out guns blazing.”

    Source: http://www.nba.com/games/20141109/CHALAL/gameinfo.html

  187. that great JLin Booya! face.

  188. Finally, Blaiyan!

  189. PFV – Long vid.

  190. Tonight he had 24 but after tonight he is at 14.61

  191. … or just pissed on hydrant face!

  192. Superb review. Bad rating. No Jeremy Lin banana.

  193. I am still waiting for the elusive Dancing Banana!!

  194. Glad you put this up! some may not agree…but that’s too bad…start believing in JLin and cut the “be more assertive” and “be more aggressive” slander.

  195. Ah, ok, thanks. I’m just waiting for the looong PFV. His baritone is good to relax and fall asleep lol.

  196. ha ha … woof!

  197. booYEAH!

  198. Just love those announcers. Life is way better this year for Lin and us.

  199. “We won today. Thank you all for helping us “add fuel” (jia you). Now wanting to go eat rice!” Literal … really – We won today. Thanks for cheering us on. Now I’m going to eat!

  200. Houston commentators never ever said ‘give the ball to Jeremy’!

  201. Yeah, that one was great, it’s like they were as anxious as us. HOU announcers eat their own.

  202. Linsanity game !

  203. wow, a “first” that also made a meaningful post! I have to upvote this one!

  204. As your friendly troll I must knock on Boozer again, on this break you can see Lin directing Booze REALLY early on to move to the left which would have created a 2on1 situation for an easy deuce or maybe even a highlight dunk for Boozer (so he could shout his AND-1!! and forget to run back on defense). But as usual Boozer ignores Lin’s directions and helps the defender by standing together in the paint to form a nice wall instead. I love how the others spaced the floor, but once again Boozer came through. ( Listen to the PG man)

  205. I heard that Howard still works for CSN Houston, but instead of covering Rockets, he covers the other Houston sports teams.

  206. Hill must love Lin XD. He just has to stand there and Lin will pull his defender away for him for a practice jump shot.

  207. LOL. Hearts?

  208. I love it. Lin being brutally honest. There is no morality in false humility.

  209. I will miss every single game the rest of this season if it means the Lakers will finish 77-5 and win the championship. =)

  210. Well I do love..the spacing.

  211. “How did Lin do?”

    Ehh… not bad. =)

  212. I think Byron has a “that’s what I’m talking about” serious look. As opposed to his “oy vey, we are getting killed” look. =)

  213. Your sacrifice is much appreciated πŸ™‚

  214. LOL, so we should have a G06 CHA @ LAL Delayed Game Thread.

  215. what kind of gang signs are those thugs throwing? πŸ˜‰

  216. Al Jefferson sounds like Serena Williams.

  217. never get old!

  218. Looking at the other teams. looks like the ball is running through Lebrons. He had 11 assists and 22 points to Irving’s 4 assists/12 points against the Nuggets. We knew it was coming

  219. It was his abstinence teddy bear (I’m serious). AC Green was one quirky guy. Still loved him as a player though!

  220. This tends to happen whenever Jeremy has a good game.

  221. “LED” huh?

  222. Is that the highest rating? I still don’t get them.

  223. I think his PER was only ~10 before tonight. Don’t worry, there’s a long season ahead to average things out.

  224. I’m not even asking for homer announcers, I only asking for neutral announcers.

  225. Seriously, it’s practically a free throw for Hill. He stands still for 5 seconds. Shoots the ball with no one challenging the shot. Doesn’t even need to jump.

  226. I recall reading years ago that he actually trained to be a pastor or something like that. If my recollection is correct, then he already has something in common with Lin by way of having a strong Christian faith.

  227. So that was Ed. He went by very fast in the video and couldn’t see who it was.

  228. I have no idea either but I just want to see one. lol

  229. If they called it EIN connection people would be ….huh?

  230. Reminds me of that incredible game-winner against Toronto during Linsanity.

  231. EINstein?

  232. My mind just went blank.

  233. Yeah, good vibes all around!!! Party like it’s 2012! What a difference one game makes. Before today, Lakers 0-5. Lin with a worse-than-Houston 10.8 ppg, 38% fg, 33% 3pt. Lin fans getting all testy on the forums. After today, Lin with 12.5 ppg, 45% fg, 39% 3pt, 92% ft. Nothing but positive vibes in the forum!

    I didn’t get to watch the game live, only the highlights, but some plays I was impressed with:

    – Lin’s lefty up and under reverse layup. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him do that. It was absolutely beautiful.
    – Boozer excellent pick and roll. Set a pick for Lin, then immediately rolled to the basket. If he starts doing that regularly, Lin will find him and he will get easy points.
    – Kobe passed out of a double team to Lin. Finally! Hopefully, with Lin’s fantastic 8-12 shooting and 3-6 3pt, Kobe will learn to trust Lin that he will have the better shot when Kobe is being doubled.
    – I liked Lin picking up foul without jumping in the air. I think he needs to conscientiously do that. Lin usually picks up fouls jumping in the air, absorbing a painful collision, and hitting the floor hard. He needs to continue to pick up fouls in a less painful way.
    – As usual, his diversity of scoring. Had that sweet stepback jumper, left reverse layup, blowby first step layups, etc.

    One thing that is clear: Lin is the definitive second scorer on the Lakers, and he needs to have at least 10 FGA per game for the Lakers to have a chance to win.

  234. This analysis aka message of offensive concern is brought to you by @disqus_HmSLGZ4iV2:disqus the friendly troll.

  235. Ah he’s a finer man because of it! πŸ™‚

  236. WOW! Good summary without watching the game. You are amazed!:-)

  237. Davis knows who gives him the easy dimes.

  238. Yep I kept on rewinding several times and thought it was him but not sure until I saw this pic. That’s really good!

  239. Davis knows who will be his ticket to his next contract! =)

  240. Dancing banana looks more celebratory than smiley.

  241. After this season expect teams to come in droves for him. Probably DMo will drop another round of anvils of “I want to play for (insert team where Jeremy might sign to)”.

  242. If I remember he’s 6’4. There was a post from a fangirl wanting him to play Lin in a movie ;p


  243. So my country is actually in this graph? hahaha

  244. Once again, Lin has a mediocre first half, but comes on strong in the second half:

    1st half: 4 pts, 2-5 fg, 0-3 3pt, 0-0 ft
    2nd half: 17 pts, 6-7 fg, 3-3 3pt, 2-2 ft

    Good thing Byron doesn’t bench Lin in the second half. You think other coaches would figure out that the more you play Lin, the better he gets. If I were Byron, I would ordering Lin: “You better take 10 FGA every game, or else I’m benching you.”

  245. Second half is slowly becoming HIS half now…

  246. Highlights from jay910221

  247. Lin’s shot chart. 8-12 fg, 3-6 3pt, 5-6 2pt, (2-2 ft).


  248. Among PGs, Lin is currently:

    6th in TS% with 62.0%
    4th in PPS with 1.53
    10th in FG% with 44.9%
    6th in FT% with 92.3%
    19th in APG with 5.3
    22nd in PPG with 12.5


    For comparison, Harden “the #1 SG in the NBA” has 58.4% TS%, 1.50 PPS, 39.5% fg, 90.8% ft. All lower than Lin.

  249. Thanks for providing us JLin’s stat. WOW! JH’s stat. Well……………..

  250. After warmed up, @JLin7 autographed for lil fans.

  251. What will they start saying though, Harden cares more about winning than stats XD?

  252. I hope you do not find it “offensive”.

  253. Nope, the ‘offensive’ part died when Jeremy couldn’t get a good shot off.

  254. So short…must be cause no one was there to help him say longer sentences of greater complexity. LOL

  255. Even with some early struggles, Jeremy Lin's PPS (points per shot) currently ranks #2 among qualified PGs.http://t.co/shNsSKhlPt #Efficiency

  256. A solid A for Lin. If Charlotte was a good team, wd have given A+.

  257. Is this new and improved Lin. Lin throwing shade at Barkley at the end of the clip. Hanging out with kobe is giving him a little attitude. I like it…LOL


  258. Charlotte is a good team because it it running neck and neck with some of the other teams in the east by a comparison standpoint. (rolls eyes)

  259. Ein means the number one in German. In other words, EIN connection means TOP duo. πŸ™‚

  260. a tweet that went around the world…LOL

  261. Nein, nein, nein

  262. So cool that he takes time with the kids.

  263. A point guards first job is to spread the floor with touches and scoring. Lin will always have this pattern of scoring. A good floor general must know who is engaged and hot to have the necessary tools to finish the game in clutch time with the right sets. Lin is actually very confident that he can get it done even with few attempts in the first half. It’s not like we having seen lin do this ALL the time. To win games he needs all the hot buttons to push and multiple options to make opponents not focus solely on “KOBE one” player.

  264. JUST WOW!!! WHen I checked the score this morning (my morning, europe) and the site here, I went Linsanity baby!
    Bought free lunch for my colleagues!!!

    Need to catchup with the highlights, to see his game. Wont be able to watch till net week πŸ™

  265. “Wait, wait did we win a championship”, I am loving it.

  266. This is how I want to see this team play. Lin leading the charge. This was beautiful. Only gripe I have is I wish Kobe would take fewer shots. But he was miles better than jacking up 37 shots the other night.

  267. ..and straight into Barkley’s stomach.

  268. Barkley: “Supersize me~!”

    Rest of world: “You’re already supersized.”

  269. He is smoking favoritism or political.

  270. Charlotte ranks 6th eastcoast after last night. Charlotte is a good team.

  271. The Minnesota mayor gang. #pointergate.


  272. He is holding back tears.

  273. Nope. I don’t even find it defensive but you’re very free to make one lol

  274. Howard Chen can freely show his LOF side now, good for him.

  275. So the next game is against Grizzlies. I have no problem with Jeremy’s assertiveness/aggressiveness/whatever “a-ness” they might use to describe it but I might have an issue with the Lakers bigs (except Ed) playing “small” against Marc G. and ZBo.

  276. He takes time for adults too. You just have to be in the right place.

  277. At this point, I think we should commend Kobe for keeping his word to trust Lin to “run the offense” because we’ve been asking Kobe to trust Lin on the court.
    I know it needs more games and consistency but this is a huge step to Kobe/Lin relationship which bodes well for Lin’s future in LA as Kobe’s heir.

    1. Evidence #1

    Q3 11:18 Kobe passed to a wide-open Lin for a deep 3 when Kobe’s double-teamed inside.
    Then Kobe did a “fist-pump” after Lin screamed to celebrate. Lin cut the lead to 6 (45-51)
    It’s very subtle gesture but it was captured by the camera in Biaiyan’s highlight.
    Here is the GIF


  278. Yeah they are gonna get eaten alive most likely….but that’s gonna be the case in most big matchups this year…what can be done?!

  279. I will wait and see until I see more.

  280. 2. Evidence #2

    Q3 9:53 Not long after Lin’s deep 3 off Kobe’s assist, Kobe ran a fast-break and passed to Lin who finished with a beautiful lefty reverse layup. After the play, Kobe initated the “high-five” with Lin. This is how trust is built between players, especially when their teamwork contributed to a huge run and an important win

    Note: @real-dsb noted this is the 1st time we see Lin ever did it. Usually we’ll see Lin do righty-reverse layup multiple times last season in HOU


  281. That’s wise thing to do so we don’t get disappointed :] We saw how stars didn’t want to share the limelight.

    On a scale of 0 to 10 on Kobe-Lin partnership, I’ll say it just increased from 1 to 3.
    What would be your assessment of the improvement on this scale?

  282. With you on that lefty reverse layup….oooohhhh so pretty!

  283. According to ESPN statistics, Jeremy is 2nd among NBA point guards in “points per shot (PPS)” [ESPN link].

    eHow: Calculating points per shot. <a href="http://www.ehow.com/how_2086982_calculate-points-per-shot-basketball.html"%5BeHow link]

  284. If I really have to rate it in that scale I would say around what you said 3 or 4. It is a first step that we have seen Kobe pass to wide open Lin. Will see if this trend going continue, let’s hope so.

  285. PFV
    11.09.14 — Kobe Bryant Praises Jeremy Lin After LA Lakers Defeat The Charlotte Hornets — Analysis

  286. A few Lakers fan said that they like Lin a lot but he is not the answer at PG long turn, he will be a really good bench pg.

    I guess there will always be I like you but… He is good but.. and so on.

  287. So Houston fan already forget Bev and 7 games is good enough if you not name Lin.

    “Last of all, Isaiah Canaan. I am very serious about what I am about to say:
    Isaiah Canaan is this team’s future at starting point guard and I’ll
    raise that even one further and say that from what I’ve seen in these
    past seven games, I no longer want to acquire Rajon Rondo.”

  288. Basketball tip for Kobe:

    Tip: When you find yourself triple teamed, DON’T SHOOT!

    Two of your Laker teammates are wide open.

    Kobe: Really? How do I locate them?

    Tip: Glance around the 3-point arc. You’ll see two dudes dressed in purple and gold doing jumping jacks.

    Kobe: Oh thanks for the tip! But wait a minute, if I keep giving my teammates wide open 3s, they may score more than me. I have to be the star!

    Tip: Don’t worry Kobe, if you pass to them at least occasionally, you”ll stop being triple and double teamed and then you’ll be able to make your shots more efficiently too. What’s more, your team will be competitive and the Lakers might actually win some games!

  289. ok, good. it’s a good start which needs more growth πŸ™‚

    We’ve been down this road in HOU so it’s good not to get our hopes up quickly as you said wisely

  290. There have been a few concerns raised to me about the issue of under-moderation vs over-moderation lately. Both lack of moderation and over-moderation can kill a growing website just like pulling out weeds from growing buds are not recommended since it will kill the young buds.

    So I’d like to apologize first and foremost to the mods and users for not providing a better guideline on how to moderate. We are all new at this so I would request everyone to be patient and be forgiving of others’ mistakes as we learn to establish a good process.

    I’ve been reading some good guidelines on “How to Moderate Well” so I would create a Sticky Post so mods and users are clear on what the expectations for this site and which process to follow.

    I would propose to the mods soon about lifting current bans for some users to support the idea of “Accident Forgiveness” and giving multiple chances for users as they adjust to the “feel” of the site.

    Some of these guidelines from a good book involves the following sections
    1. Banning
    2. Give Every User a Chance
    3. Public Humiliation
    4. When Should You Ban?
    5, Responding to Banned Users
    6. Lifting a Ban
    7. Banning Methods

    Again, I would request all users and mods to be patient and be forgiving of others mistakes. I’m a big believer of “Love covers all offenses” and we should give multiple chances for making mistakes.

  291. I was about to post as well…from the highlights! πŸ™‚


  292. Just enjoying the moment! πŸ™‚

  293. Jeremy just needs to continue what he is going, being aggressive and assertive thru out the game.

    Forget about hater, even Kobe and MJ has huge group of haters, so in that manner its all good. Only Good Player gets haters! πŸ™‚

  294. there will be more alot more. so get used to it

  295. Playing in the Leastern Conf, 0-3 on the road.

  296. He looks like 6’5″!

  297. Yep, I got banned yesterday for suggesting that just as Dwight missed the Rox game with flu-like symptoms, it would be great if Kobe missed some Laker games with the flu. Brent immediately responded, “No need to wish ill”. So I pointed out that Joyce had commented “…pushing Kobe toward injury.” without any admonishment. Soon Joe Team joined in, “Who are you?” Then Joyce, “He’s a troll. Let’s ban him. Enough of this BS.” Joe Team, “You can, you’re a Mod.” Joyce, “He’s been banned.” And so I was banned without even a warning. Such a witch-hunt! It’s been said many times, give someone just an ounce of power and they’ll immediately abuse it. Of course then all the relevant comments were deleted as if it never occurred. A real demonstration of how totalitarian regimes function and a disgrace for a Jeremy Lin fan site that’s trying to be “better” than the original.

    Psalm, you have definitely been remiss in not providing guidelines in advance. May I suggest that banning require the agreement of two or more Mods so that people are not banned just for disagreeing with one Mod. And at least follow the rules regarding warnings etc. Thanks.

  298. Looks, like you and i should be away more often!

  299. ok, so it’s time to reveal who won the bragging rights of guessing the closest to JLin’s stats of 21pts/7asts :> Who amongst us knew Lin the best to predict his performance?

    The closest ones are 5 people who voted 22pts/7asts:
    Let me check who they are:

  300. He would really need that for the next 2 games, since these opponents are really good at covering the paint.

    I dont mind if he shoots 10 3s! or more

  301. Thank you psalm for addressing this issue. I myself don’t generally use swearing words, but I know a lot of people consider them as part of their language as ‘slang’ and disagreed when they were admonished for their posting based on ‘personal’ preferences.
    I understand the need for moderation ( main reason I left the other site ), but as you mentioned, it can go to the other extreme and discourage good contributors from posting on this great site. It’s a fine line between over/under moderating, but I know each moderator on this site has good intentions, so I’m looking forward to you figuring this out and the site to grow w/good posters. Thank you for being willing to adjust, just as Lin/Bryant are learning w/the team.

  302. So starting 5 for Mem are:
    Mike Conley PG
    Courtney Lee SG
    Tony Allen SF
    Zach Randolph PF
    Marc Gasol C

    Tony might be guarding Kobe. Kinda think Zach and Marc might beat up Boozer and Hill. Byron should really consider switching to Davis earlier in the game.

  303. Thank you for understanding, @Drizzt :]
    Everyone can get heated at the heat of the moment so temporary bans even for big Lin fans might be needed. I understand it takes some time to adjust from one site to another for many users so multiple opportunities and guidance should be provided.

    Let me discuss with the mods so we can lift the ban of some of huge Lin fans who might’ve made some mistakes soon.

  304. I should be one of them, if not, I am disappointed with myself. lol

  305. The excuse is no longer needed…the reason is now winning for the Lakers. lol

  306. You and I are on the same boat at .. 22pts/3asts πŸ˜€
    Very close but I don’t mind to be wrong if Lin exceeded my expectations by 4asts!
    Haha ..

  307. what??? I think I didn’t pay attention to other options. Once I saw 22pts, I stopped there.

  308. we snooze and we lose LOL πŸ˜€
    You can also specify ‘Other options’ too (i.e. 30pts/10asts) if you’d like

  309. we oughta miss more?!!!

  310. seriously, I dont mind joining you on this

  311. all right, which of you is him?

  312. True, Davis is needed to deter opponents from scoring so easily with paint penetration.

    This will be a tough matchup. I just checked MEM is ranked 10th at 3P% with 36.1% which is Lakers’ biggest weakness.

    Hornets was at 22nd and dropped to 28th (29%) after last night’s game.

    In order for Lakers to have any chance of winning, they need Davis inside and contain MEM 3pt shooters. A lot of people would expect this as a loss with MEM 6-1 record (1 loss on B2B game and 3day rest since Saturday loss)

  313. @webattorney:disqus , is that you? :]

  314. Doesn’t Lin generally play well against the Grizzlies? I’m not sure about this year’s team, since I haven’t been following Mem. I’m thinking the Lakers may have a chance, if they play like they did against Char or w/next level of intensity from those not named Bryant/Lin.
    Adding Davis to the first unit would definitely be an upgrade, but Scott ( for whatever reason ) is resistant on the change. smh

  315. The next 2 games, Lin is going to have tough time getting into the paint, due to the Big guys.

    Lin need to take more 3s and some pops

  316. true .. Gasol is always tough for Lin to finish his drives.
    He’ll need his 3s and midrange Js/floaters to draw the big men out

  317. I’m guessing it’s the argument that taking Davis out of 2nd unit, the 2nd unit will be crap. Davis plays hard but does get into foul trouble though.

  318. not last year IIRC, maybe 2013.
    Lin had a tough time with Gasol inside to finish his drives

    MEM bench is getting stronger this year after getting Vince Carter from DAL.
    So MEM is definitely getting stronger. They used to have trouble scoring in spurts but Vinsanity solved that problem for them. They’ll be extremely tough to beat.

    They’ve been playing together for some time so they have better chemistry. They can exploit Lakers growing defense easily. Lakers can steal a win but it’ll be very tough realistically

  319. yeah, I like to see Pick and Pop between Kobe and Jeremy!

  320. Kevin King clarified that the question was about D Davis , not Lin

  321. Sometimes you don’t need to be a genius and know what will happen in advance. You just have to try it! Would it kill BS to just try and overlap J and Davis for 10 minutes?

  322. one thing that puzzles me is that kobe plays the whole 1st quarter and BS takes lin out at 3-4 minutes at the end of quarter

  323. Anyone have any clips of All Access after the game?

  324. Canaan isn’t really a pg so that’s probably why he’s a good fit next to Harden.

  325. Wait a minute… aren’t his stats 21pts/7asts/1stl/3reb so 20pts/8asts/2stls/4rebs should be taken into consideration? That is 4 stats all off by 1 XD

  326. For those that watched the game live, what was the feeling at halftime? Lin with 4 pts, 2-5 fg, 0-3 3pt, 0-0 ft, Lakers down 42-51.

    Was it really gloomy and “here we go again, 0-6”? Or was it like: the Lakers are showing signs of better chemistry, there’s still hope for them and Lin to come back in the second half.

  327. PFV posted Lin is #2 on PPS (Point-Per-Shot) showing his efficiency. Kyle Lowry is #1.
    This will be good to support All-Star candidacy if Lin can keep it up


  328. I’m Ok with that. It’s a way of staggering Lin and Kobe’s minutes while still starting Lin. That gives Lin some minutes without Kobe on the court. But Byron could overlap Lin and Davis a lot more without starting Davis (and making Boozer feel demoted.) Instead Byron acts as if Lin and Davis were allergic to each other.

  329. yes, it’s a little bit of desperation, especially after Lin had the only TO when Kemba started attacking him and got an And-1 on the other end.

    People who didn’t watch the game and dismissed Hornets as a bad team didn’t understand Lakers had to come back from 9-pt deficit.

    People got the feeling the game was getting away from the Lakers since they couldn’t stop Hornets from scoring and the offense wasn’t clicking.

  330. OMG, Lin was being trashed on JeremyTrolLin.net. And not just by the trolls who all mysteriously disappeared during the second half.

  331. Its amazing how success solves all problems. LOL When Jeremy plays great, all the trolls and haters disappear like magic and there’s no need for Mods.

  332. You made your case :]
    I shall declare you as another 1st-time winner for being bolder and only off 1 in all Pts/Asts/Stls/Rebs!

  333. And just to be clear, IMO Jeremy would almost always play great, even better than last night if only he had a supportive coach and cooperative teammates. That’s what makes the Linsanity saga so frustrating.

  334. I thought down by 9 still not too bad. They have shown that they can come back from that. That 3rd qtr was great to watch though, but of course you still get that feeling that they had leads with the Clippers and lost it too.

  335. well, I would’ve thought it should be Lin playing whole 1st qtr and then Kobe come in later to take over w/o Lin. Kobe playing 42 minutes in the previous game had me concern that it really is not gonna be much staggering of minutes between Lin and Kobe.

  336. That’s true but the refs clearly robbed the Lakers of their first win that game, not to mention Jeremy of two free throws.

  337. They need to start give fines to ref for such blatant miss of obvious calls.

  338. Boozer boarding the plane for Memphis. They need to pack their own meal? Wonder if Lin gets chipotle.


  339. First half, I was kind of disappointed in the team. No energy on both end of courts. Lin couldn’t do mush.

    IMO, Scott made some half time adjustment (or Kobe?) then the ball began to move in the 2nd half.

  340. They’d need to allow replays to review calls. I felt that Byron should have protested even at the risk of a T.

  341. that’s true .. Lin just needs to get 76 more Ws in the regular season :>

  342. There you go again using my name again. Please don’t use my name unless you are addressing me. BTW you were being very rude and messy with your comments. So stop acting like you did nothing wrong. BTW if the comments i posted were deleted, it wasn’t by me. Also to keep it real, i won’t comment on your post & please don’t comment on mine & in that way you have to complain about being picked on. and the beat goes on.

  343. Afraid so. Eventually Lin will be inducted into the HOF but there will still be critics saying, he played ok but his defense was poor and he just wasn’t assertive enough. LOL

  344. Kobe had more passes to Lin:

    #3) 3q4:30. Kobe was doubled and did a cross court pass to find Lin wide open in the corner.

    #4) 3q3:15 Kobe was doubled and passed to Lin in the same corner, but his pass was off, so the defender recovered by the time Lin secured the ball. But Lin just put the ball on the floor and made his turnaround bank shot.

  345. BTW, do we really need posters going to the jeremy lin.net site coming back to report what is being posted over there. I think not. So why don’t we leave the trash in the trash container, we don’t need it polluting this site.smh

  346. I assume their charter flights provides meal options, but maybe some players would rather just bring their own food.

    I think Lin only ate Chipotle so much in Houston because there were no In N Outs there. lol

  347. i figure he bought chipotle stocks and need to keep promoting it himself. he is econ major from harvard.

  348. Calm down. Are you going to ban me again? You are clearly unsuited to be a Mod.

  349. Do you think you can reign JW in a bit? See below:

  350. yes, very true.. I just ran out of time to make GIFs :]

    Also, to be noted is in the 4th quarter, Lin went out of his way to pass the ball out to Kobe at the 3PT line as if to say “Kobe, I’m looking for you. Thanks for looking for me repeatedly”. Kobe didn’t make the shot.

    Lin definitely wanted to grow playing together with Kobe as he described in the post-game interview.

    This is a striking development for me because it clearly didn’t happen with Harden. No high-fives, “fist-pump”, multiple-passes, etc. Hope it continues to grow!

  351. Show me “being very rude and messy with my comments.” or where I did something wrong. You’re just out of control.

  352. To me, 1st qtr was okay but second qtr was the repetition of all previous Kobe mode and ABJ game even with a little in 1st qtr. Had the feeling that Lakers was going to winless game again and just accepted the fact. About to give up watching the rest of the game then but gave it another go and wanted to see any adjustment was going to make. Definitely something happened during the break, they came back with playing more “team ball.” WOW! It was so awesome to watch the rest of the game:-)

  353. I’m thinking users may share or vent a bit as long as they are respectful and don’t bad-mouth people.

    I understand many users are very frustrated with what trolls have done and they need encouragement by sharing and venting their frustrations. Hopefully some posters here can give them encouragement and find this site to be a safe positive site to share.

    If it turns to excessive bashing of another site, mods may give gentle reminders to stay positive.

  354. Well I was and still is puzzled with BS’s rotation on JLin since the season began. This game at least he played 8:39m in 1st qtr before he was out. Previous game he was out like around 6m mark and not returning until around 6m in 2nd qtr. Similar sub happened in second half. For the first time in my memory, JLin played the whole 3rd qtr and a little bit with no Kobe. That surprised me huge. He then returned with Kobe at 7:57m with Kobe in 4th qtr. He played 32 min for a change. Has puzzled over this and BS on JLin since preseason. Continue to monitor this.

  355. Some people think that Love will opt out of CLE after this year and possibly sign with the Lakers.


  356. Sometimes it is a little too much. I really don’t want to know what id going on over there, because we already know. My point is tha if you have left the site to post here, then do so, but this going back and forth and bringing the negative nonsense back and forth serves no purpose

  357. Gotta watch when i get home

  358. Byron Scott said he hopes that sometime next week Young can return to full-contact practice, which means it is possible Young returns to game action towards the end of November (via Serena Winters).


  359. true, it’s not an easy way to find the balance. Plus there are steady newcomers that didn’t know that we want to focus on the positives here.

    Perhaps we can ask regular posters to tell newcomers who didn’t know to “Let it go, Bro/Sis. Let’s focus on the positive here & not dwell too long on the negatives”

    Folks, please help the mods to welcome the new visitors by gently reminding them that our goal here is to “Bring Together JLin Fans positively”

    I think I need to put this vision prominently on the homepage so everyone is clear what our vision is.

  360. Paul Villereal thinks it’s just a rumor his agent started to get more money from the Cavs. LOL

  361. You: Man I wish Kobe would miss tomorrow’s game with the flu
    Joyce: “It is as if the organization to push kobe until he has another injury”, and then they can focus on team ball and wins.

    Brent is right calling you out.

    Joeteam is right that your comment is different from Joyce.
    Joyce is right, you are being rude and messy, stirring up things and cut off her comment to make your false point.

  362. That’s an awesome idea.

  363. KLove wants more Love from Cavs :>

  364. Done. It should be above the Video Gallery on homepage.
    Newcomers should know what the Site Vision is all about :>

  365. Is this Drizzt? I only see Guest on the username

  366. How is Brent right for calling me out? Everybody gets the cold or flu several times a year. Kobe is young and healthy enough to recover fully. Is this site so heavenly and angelic that you can’t wish for Kobe’s inevitable cold/flu to have good timing? Mods should not be so judgmental. No one can argue with them. Yeah my comment was mentioning flu and hers was mentioning injury. One was my wish, the other was her assertion that it was the Lakers wish. If that is such a big difference then I should have simply been warned, not immediately banned with all my previous posts deleted. And don’t give me this “rude and messy” BS. That has no truth or meaning.

  367. No I am currently posting as “Guest.” I’m a longtime poster from the other site but I wanted to cautiously try this site out before signing up to be a member. Turns out my caution was well warranted. I was actually blacklisted after my first 3 posts. (I had a give and take with you about it: Brent, ur extremely boring; Mchale is like a God. Yeah he like the god of failure and stupidity) After the blacklist was removed I posted about Kobe sitting some games out with the flu and I was jumped by Brent, Joe Team, and JW who immediately banned me. No warnings, no nothing. LOL And since I posted what happened JW flew off the handle once again.

  368. Yes !! I’m the first !!!

  369. sorry everyone, I just saw this now

    @anonymous, while the mods can get better to give a warning before the ban, please do not respond by taunting with “Who who” comment(which was omitted in the post above) We can all get better in the process. You may respectfully explain your position without challenging the mods.

    I am about to propose a lift of the ban but as you can see in the guideline, you will make it hard for me to propose the mods to do so without apology on your part for challenging the mods. As you can see, I have apologized on behalf of the mods regarding not giving a warning to follow the process (but they have discretion to do so in extreme case) so I would expect you to do the same. No party is 100% free of mistakes.

    I know you are a big Lin fan so I would implore everyone to ask for forgiveness and start with a clean slate. Otherwise, my hands are tied here.

    4. Lifting a Ban

    You don’t want to be 100% against lifting a ban. It all depends on the situation. If the user was just a total idiot who treated the community, you, and/or your staff like a piece of trash, you probably never want to see him again. If he did something that was very harsh and very serious, it may not be a good idea to lift his ban. Assuming the ban is reversible, the main thing that you need to see from a user is an expression of guild or remorse and an apology. If he realizes he did something wrong and he’s sorry for doing it, it may be worth considering depending on the situation surrounding his ban. On the other hand, if he says something like, β€œI didn’t do anything wrong, unban me,” he can go to some other community, because you don’t really want him.

    I rarely lift a ban, but it has happened. I think, in a majority of cases, I have not had to ban the person again. But when it has happened, I have never lifted the ban. That’s not to say it won’t ever happen. If someone gets himself banned twice, chances are it is for the best.

    – See more at: http://www.jlinportal.com/moderate-well-banning-guideline/#sthash.6v8CZVsA.dpuf

  370. You’re absolutely right except Kobe didn’t play just 42 minutes, he played 44!!! In a regulation game! To me that just shows Kobe does whatever he wants.Byron has no control over him. And apparently Kobe wants to play the whole 1st quarter. Like you, that realization helps me make sense of the weird decisions, but doesn’t make me feel better about it.

  371. anonymous, please see my response below.

    I know you’re a big Lin fan and it takes time to adjust to the site. But it would help if both parties try to understand everyone makes mistakes, forgives and start over again.

    I would discuss with the mods on following due process to give warning but please don’t challenge the mods in order to be respectful. It makes it hard for me to propose to lift the ban.

  372. Congrats!

  373. Who’s the hot reporter on the right…

  374. OK thanks psalm.

  375. Thanks @psalm234:disqus Can’t keep up with you:-) You are too good!:-)

  376. And Chipotle’s has healthier options than In-n-Out!!! Those (multiple) big burgers and fries will gradually clog of his works, and slow him down by late 30’s. Yes, he should be on Chipotle’s advertiser list.

  377. That’s Kelli Tennant from TWC SportsNet.


  378. Your investigative skill is … quite Awesome! :]

  379. You’re hogging up too much space on this blog, with excessive, wordy dialogs. Stay on jeremylin.net where its commonplace.

  380. When Joe Team asked, “Who are you?”, I considered two possible responses: 1) “I am who I am.” (you know what I mean?) or 2) the one I used, “who are you, who who” (as in the song by ‘The Who’). I did not intend to challenge the Mods and I certainly did not think I was posting a comment that would constitute a banish-able offense. In fact I was in the middle of “respectfully explaining my position” when suddenly I was banned with out warning and all my posts were deleted.

    However given the confusing circumstances I do apologize for what appeared to be my challenging of the Mods. That was not my intention.

  381. that is just not right, when you wish ill on somebody, EVEN IF IT JUST SOME THING LIKE FLU! We see that enough on other site, we don’t want ANYTHING like this on this site! EVEN if wishing a flu, that in your case is a small thing!
    But I agree, maybe you should give a warning before banned. Psalm had correct this up there. besides psalm is doing his job here, hope we as posters do our job as well, that is being polite and respectful here and follow the guidelines.

  382. Interesting. Lin said the 1st 2 games he wasn’t aggressive but since then he was very aggressive in the 3 following games. (proof is 10FTs vs Phoenix)

  383. WOW You are really good! Have absolutely no idea who is who. Still learning JLin’s teammates and coaches:-)

  384. Like him to be more assertive this day. Of course he is. Somehow force perceptions continues on. Glad that he states what it is and give a fact about what he says. Good assertion from JLin!!!!

  385. Who’s the Asian guy in the middle? Is he the trainer or something?

  386. thanks. stalking her now, oops I mean following…

  387. That hot chick in the background is very distracting!!! She needs to move to the side so I can focus on Jeremy’s interview!

  388. i have to tell you that I went to work this morning and you would have thought that the Lakers won the championship. Fans were happy for that one win. LOL

  389. Now you sound more reasonable. I consider myself someone of pretty high morals, ethics, integrity etc. But do you really expect this site to gain critical mass if only saints can post here? You may have never wished even the slightest harm to your worst enemy but how many people are as forgiving as you are? Anyway, as you agreed, I clearly deserved a warning first. And there is a good chance I’ll decide this site is not for me after all. The only reason I’m even bothering to respond is because I like the idea of this site and I’m trying to provide helpful feedback. The site should not go too far in the direction of over-moderating. I feel there is hardly a response to posts as if people are afraid to express themselves at all.

  390. That’s Kelli Tennant:


  391. That’s mighty friendly and Christian of you!

  392. I forgot to vote but I would be a winner too! ;-(

  393. Thanks for sharing. That’s why I was so surprised when I saw the mega celebration in the arena! WOW! That’s right. It did feel like they have won the championship:-)

  394. Also lot of people giving Lin props at work today. I love it

  395. That’s even better news:-)

  396. Thanks for the twitter link. She made fun of her own death stare in that interview! LOL

  397. Lakers have filed for two exceptions for injured players; so what pieces do you think they will add?

  398. Was Jeremy really that bad at half time?? I remember feeling quite positive about things at that time.
    Also, I think he had a steal and an assist early in the 1st, which I thought was a great start, and made me happy because I have him in my Fantasy Team.

  399. I sound reasonable from my first post till my end posts. hope you will sound reasonable as well in your later posts, unlike your previous posts. Whether you are providing your genuine feedback to this site or you just here to stir up things, we shall see, just like you are deciding if this is the site for you or not.

  400. So far they only got Randle one but not Nash. Will this affect the piece they are going to pursue?

  401. Better not add another PG. That’s all.

  402. You know how Ray Allen has his own personal chef to cook a perfectly balanced meal for him, so I would imagine some other players also have customized diets.

  403. LOL, I think they will add another big defender and a wingman.jmo

  404. I love that Lin is so candid and transparent. What does fake aggressive mean, and why would he use that? Enquiring minds want to know..LOL

  405. I think Kobe last night confession not continuing on after the two years left on his contract pretty much sealed the deal that Kobe will try to beat MJ records on points, but he is ready to pass the baton…jmo

  406. Yeah and in the GSW game, which was the 4th game in 5 days and a road BTB, I think he was just so fatigued both physically and mentally that his attempt to be aggressive just fell flat. Plus his teammates were not running the plays right. Hence the foot stomping frustration.

  407. i don’t know. i would guess that a lot of times he dribble drive into the paint without really want to finish. he’s just looking to see if there is an open person.

    yesterday he went in probably with the intention for the layup or shoot the ball. Phoenix he was aggressive and he got 10 FT.

  408. Scott says he expects Lin to be more assertive but doesn’t expect him to score 21 pts every night. Don’t make it ambivalent and vague again, just give Lin the green light to shoot and say he expects 21 pts from him every game!

  409. Shouldn’t this post need to deleted as well following the original post?. Shouldnt dons have the same reminding right as this unknown guest claim as well? Jut my feedback on helping the site better.

  410. They need another big.

  411. true, he called the GSW game to be “fake-aggressive”

  412. Yeah right? He should hope and expect Lin to score as much as possible. Sounds too much like McHale saying that Lin is a singles hitter not a home-run hitter. Leave it to McHale to use one sport as an analogy for another! smh

  413. new thread & poll. Let’s see who has the quick trigger this time :>


  414. Can he get Kidd? If so, I bet he goes for that.

  415. a good 3 shooter would be nice. Novak ha ha.

  416. yeah, didn’t think ‘passive aggressive’ = fake aggressive. Now that’s one where I think he misspoke and then gives trolls the language to come after other fans. But who cares … Lin rises.

  417. you might be right.

    Or, it could be code words for … I wanted to be aggressive, but I didn’t want to step on Kobe’s turf. Now I have the green light ha ha.

  418. psalm, there is also that troll which is all about saying a few things as-if a Lin fan, and pressing the anxiety on the community. Just be strong and cut out the junk. You have the guy on your thread on Mod approach who said he’s a pizza delivery guy, and he’s encouraging us not to try to please everyone but to just be a happy community.

    So, that’s where I would say to you … please don’t let it be a place where Linsidious Linfiltration takes place: the “I’m a Lin fan” troll, the “I’m in Lin’s head and he’s scared” troll, etc. It’s old hat and you have a great place where. If more bball posters come, it will become a rockin’ place. Right now, it’s more social, but then again, the other places don’t have tons of bball stuff either.

  419. I was just getting excited for the Kraken 2nd half because it was in reach, Lin already let the others get theirs, etc. Lin is always ready to release his game when they are close and down and other’s have had their chance. In LAL, you know Lin will have the chance to have mins in 3rd and 4th, so the longer it goes, the more explosive it can be. As long as Lin gets in with enough time on the clock.

  420. No, I did not jump on you for wishing Kobe had the flu. I said you are trolling because you attacked JW for saying the same and in plain English, she did not say the same. So, you again are misrepresenting what’s there in plain English.

  421. Thanks for the words of encouragement, JoeTeam :]
    I’m trying to find the right balance but it’s always good to stay true to the vision while we continue to listen to feedback from users. I understand tough decisions have to be made.

  422. No, he is not, psalm. He’s misrepresenting the conversation he had int he past and casting aspersions on me and others.

  423. You don’t need to find a right balance, Psalm, because you set out to create a good place. There is no balance when it is good. It is simply good. You need to continue to fulfill your vision. Take the ‘pizza guy’s’ post to heart. There is a loving message there for you.

    Another way to say it is … do you know the batting avg of a major league baseball player with 2 strikes on him? Yep, I was told in the 80s it is about 150. So, do you let them have the 3rd strike? I say yes, but don’t let it go to extra innings. Keep it well within when a manage would pulls a pitcher.

    Finally on warnings – there are none needed. I once had a boss fire a CEO on the spot. I asked him … aren’t there HR laws, don’t we have to give him a 30 day written warning? He said no, a CEO has and knows his/her responsibility to the company, so firing mistakes are just that. So, in the same way, a poster knows what trolling and disrupting a site is about, and if you let them, your site will be disrupted and trolled.

    Let it be about bball, Lin, and all the good things you say. Let it be UNBALANCED (a la KHuang) for the GOOD!

    I will state my advice, my philosophy, but I will not issue bans. That’s up to you and those you work with on a closer, leadership level. I’m just a supporter.

  424. Incorrect. I asked who you were well before you started your attack on Joyce. I was asking who you were to make sure that ‘anonymous’ wishing players to be sick would call out his own name. You mocked me and I ignored you. You are lying now to reconstruct that conversation to your goals.

  425. See above.

  426. I am like the guy who lost the lottery by having all his numbers off by 1 and complaining.

  427. She is pretty tall.

  428. I agree on most things but you can’t tell posters to just stay on one site.

  429. OK JoeTeam, see if you can find a single post where I “attacked JW” that night. JT, you have no integrity whatsoever. You grew up in a police state and now that you’ve volunteered for the police force you have no problem enforcing one. Oh wait I forgot, you don’t do the dirty work yourself. You just egg others on to pull the trigger. No wonder you keep your account private. I have no further interest in this mind-controlled site where a few volunteer Mods impose their capricious morality on others. It goes beyond hypocrisy. No need to even bother responding. I promise I will never post here again.

    The jeremylin.net site needs better and more active moderating, but even now it’s quite OK so long as Jeremy is playing well. Guess I just have to hope as always, that JLin continues to overcome the unfair obstacles placed in his path. Go Jeremy!

  430. only this time you prize is doubled!

  431. Thanks for the feedback, JoeTeam.
    I’ll reply in email later :]

  432. You’re being snide.

    “I promise I will never post here again.” Please keep your promise.


    You equated Joyce’s post to your post, which is clearly different. You wished that somebody could get a flu. Joyce just said if someone got hurt, x would happen. She is 3 kinds of fan – LAL, Lin, and Kobe. What she discussed in context through all her posts was entirely different than what you were suggesting.

    Then you switched timing on when I asked you who you were, as if that’s wrong, as if I asked to defend your attack on Joyce. I asked well before you attacked Joyce. That attack on Joyce was a “tie-in” type of troll, to confuse the nice moderators to buy into your troll. If you wish someone ill, I will ask who you are. That’s simple, not as mod, but as a reader. Why would you do that? Because you are trolling. I asked to give you a chance to explain, and you mocked me. When you mocked me, it became clear to readers you are trolling.

    This theme of wishing injury or ill on players is either a terrible thing for a fan site to uphold, or an indirect insidious cultural element that trolls continue to try to foment to create a bad place and a bad name for dedicated Lin fans. Either way, your post was not welcomed, way beyond me but along the lines of others who prefer to be just Lin fans and enjoy a community that is good.

    Yes, I have a lot of integrity. I’m doing the dirty work now against you who are trolling. It’s like I said, written as you wrote it as proof of your trolling, but you are spinning it your way now. Then again, you can change your posts so what’s the point?

    There is no mind control here. It’s just a place for the good. That means it’s not average. It’s way better on the scale toward good. Don’t cast that as a mind control or police state. Others have tried. It won’t work. And it is not hypocrisy to reject someone trolling trying to foment fans to wish players ill. And, now you are attacking this forum. I could go on because you provide so much fodder for refuting the bad on forums.

    Your “Go Jeremy!” sign off is disingenuous. It is classic troll rhetoric, to attack what is good and right, and end it with some kind of “I love Lin Go Jeremy.” No well socialized rational human can switch contexts that smoothly. It is part of the troll pattern.

    Stop and either line up for the good and start posting under a real screen name that you KEEP so you can be accountable, or just go away.

    Meanwhile, you are attacking me here, and you can stop now. I get your point and so does everyone else.

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