G06 [email protected] Game Thread

Will the Lakers finally get their 1st Win after starting 0-5 in the tough schedule?

As LA Times Game Preview described, the biggest challenge from the Hornets are Al Jefferson and Kemba Walker.

Jordan Hill and Jeremy Lin would have the main tasks to contain them. I think Jeremy historically has done quite well to match up against Kemba.



The Lakers are desperate for a win. They’ve been off since Tuesday after a very heavy start to the season. The extra time to prepare and rest should go a long way.

Charlotte, a playoff team last season, has a tough, gritty squad, but they can struggle to score on occasion.

The Lakers, if they can somewhat contain Jefferson and Walker, should be able to notch their first victory of the season.Β 


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  1. First? Did I make it? πŸ™‚

  2. Congrats! I believe this is your 1st Win :]

  3. @TWCSportsNet We’re just under three hours from tip-off at Staples Center. It won’t be this empty for long.


  4. Yup! Yey! Now we need a first win for the Lakers!!! Let’s go Jeremy!

  5. I am ready for the first win. I just don’t want imagine the consequence of losing this game.

  6. Not even bronze metal here?

  7. Homecourt advantage!

  8. We’ll take any advantage

  9. well, there’ll be more pressure for sure but as long as Lin gives his best, stays healthy and Lakers are playing like a team, that’s all that we can ask for .

    A big W would be such a big bonus for sure. I don’t even care if they get an ugly win haha..

  10. Congrats (*ο½€οΌΎΒ΄)=3

  11. Someone’s jelly πŸ™‚

  12. It’s so hard to be “first!” here lol

    Go Jeremiah!

  13. Lakers vs. Hornets: 10 Things to Know

  14. Lance Stephenson is another player to watch.

  15. Its up for grabs Lin. STEP UP!

  16. Does he mean line up change?

  17. That No.2 scorer can be Lin…or Davis if he was allowed to start and PNR with Lin. Boozer is a defensive liability while Davis has shown both talent AND effort on D.

  18. Byron still has cronyist tendency with Price.

  19. Lakers looking for their first win of the season tonight. GO! @JLin7 #GoLakers http://t.co/bbr7M5wqCz pic.twitter.com/1DNnIBwJCK

  20. He doesn’t look well rested. Perhaps slept on the couch? πŸ˜‰

  21. NJ Nets game, baby!

  22. Just say it… Lisanity!

  23. 7-5 here we come! πŸ™‚

  24. I like it. 5 games for those struggling on defense (yes, Booz) to get better or else … :>

  25. “Ed Davis has been among the league’s most efficient scorers so far. His 66.7 field goal percentage is tied for third in the NBA with Cory Joseph.”

    Yet somehow BS is stuck on Boozer…

  26. but but .. J doesn’t like it :>

  27. Ooo, first time wearing the white jerseys at home

  28. Can’t watch the game live tonight, but go Lin and Lakers!

  29. We need to come up with a new fad name…

    Linterstellar? (Yes, I’m a Nolan fan)

  30. Linception?

  31. You too? What is going on with the Mods? Brent, Maknusia, and you will miss the LAL’s first win!

  32. @JLin7 warming up at Staple Center. All in for first WIN! Go! Go! Go!


  33. Not sure it’s comforting to have Lin lumped in with those two.


  34. I don’t like it either but it is what it is…

  35. it will have to be lin. kobe says it all the time. coach dont want to pile on.

  36. any good links

  37. Initially thought Scott was just coy with the media, but have realized that he is just DENSE.

    Lakers losing pattern will not end as long as Scott is enamored with Boozer, Price and Johnson

  38. For crying out loud, Jeremy has always been stepping up.. until someone hogs the ball.

  39. Too bad I have a webinar at 9:15 till 10:15. I’ll miss the first half. Have to rely on Blaiyan the MVP of Highlights again.

  40. To his credit, at least he’s kind of off the Ellington wagon.

  41. Too bad. So many of us are missing tonight’s game…

  42. Taking the floor. https://t.co/ZuYtf0HQ61— Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers) November 10, 2014

  43. Lakers look for their first win of the season tonight against the Hornets. VIDEO: http://t.co/s7BV9YO40V— Lakers Nation (@LakersNation) November 10, 2014

  44. While waiting for the game, I looked up former Linsanity partners Fields and Novak: both left on the bench to rot by their teams.

    Very sad, but at least Linsanity got them a good contract so they won’t be short on money.

  45. Looks like Kobe took a crapper before the game

  46. man another crucial crucial game for JLin. he simply cannot play a bad game. the media is going to freak until the lakers get their first win. the losing is creating the pressure. i can’t remember jeremy seemingly under so much pressure in houston–not even during the playoffs!

  47. A.C. Green says Lin needs minutes to do what he needs to do. He’s going to be key. Predicting 15/8 I think he said.

    Worthy says Davis needs Boozer minutes to do what he needs to do.

  48. I bet Worthy heard what Lin said on the radio few days ago. Probably butt hurt πŸ˜€

  49. I didn’t realize Hornets got Al Jefferson and Lance Stephenson

  50. Old news bro πŸ˜€

  51. I’ve always LOVED A.C. Green, always hard working and no ego.

  52. Jefferson is going to dominate

  53. Yeah, good role model.

  54. a lot of talent left on the bench. But glad they’re being paid.

    Wish they could team up again with Lin

  55. Just make sure you have the pop-up blocker on: http://nbaliveonline.tv/la-lakers-live-streaming/

  56. I’m having less and less confidence in Scott as he continues to play Boozer/Hill instead of who ( Davis ) can help win games. smh

  57. Good miss Lin. Keep Shooting.

  58. Four games in five days, nonetheless. And they won the games vs Clippers but the refs stole that one.

  59. Slow start…

  60. Kobe is just going to shoot. He knows MJ is watching.

  61. Good ag gressive drive lin!

  62. My gosh, Jeremy is fast!

  63. Come on Lin…keep playing like that!!!

  64. Lin asked for the ball and Hill completely ignored him, waited for Kobe.

  65. Nice, Lin’s first basket blowing by Kemba for an easy layup

  66. Saw that.

  67. take boozer and wes out

  68. Is Boozer on that guy who made two 3s for the Hornets?

  69. Hill did that like 3 times to Lin already.

  70. Not only that, believe Boozer does the same. Still wait to see whether it happens even more often.

  71. Not a good start and it continues, going to be a huge loss. Making no sense of starters froze JLin.

  72. Yup, the announcers got it right. ‘It’s what you do, not what you say.’ Got that Hill & Bryant?

  73. why didnt lin shoot? wtff

  74. Same game…different team. smh

  75. Good to see Kobe passing to Lin to either take a 3 or drive.
    Didn’t work but good to see

  76. Bad starts every game so far.

  77. Gooooo Lin!!!

  78. was that the ‘secret’ floater?

  79. I like the announcer…he’s giving credit every time Lin drives.

  80. Good try on the floater by Lin.
    A bit to much arc but he’ll get it down soon.
    Nice assist to Hill

  81. boozer step it up Wes the only one struggling

  82. If Lin was playing with others that ran the floor, he could have just passed it for an easy dunk/alley-oop/lay-up. Still he made offense happen. go Lin!

  83. Stu Lance is very fair.

  84. There is a serious flaw with the Lakers starting lineup and Scott is still not making any changes. They have started by falling behind in all 6 games!

  85. Any normal non-hating announcer is supposed to do that. Houston’s hating situation was a travesty.

  86. Price in

  87. Kobe and Boozer, Price, Davis, Jonson

  88. Kemba just scored on Price twice.

  89. I still don’t understand Scott’s resistance to having Lin & Davis on the floor at the same time. Isn’t it strategic to have what works on the floor? smh

  90. BS’ love for Price will cost him big.

  91. Expected….

  92. Q1 3:40 Lin and rested. Price/Davis in
    Lakers only trailing 14-17.
    Let’s hope the bench keep it close

  93. Very interesting to take JLin out and not Kobe @ 3:21 Left 1st qtr

  94. I believe the lack of faith and/or respect comes straight from BS.

  95. Alas, bench did not. 23-18, Lakers trailing

  96. Because they are tanking…..

  97. Nice hustle by Price for the steal and Ellingon for the finish. 18-23

  98. BS was all BS about limiting Kobe’s minutes.

  99. I’m starting to believe it. Scott is definitely not making moves to win.

  100. hmm… just login and seen like Kobe going to play 12 minutes straight

  101. I bet Kobe will only have 42 min ONLY

  102. they’ve been doing that for a few games to let Kobe the playmaker while Lin is out.
    Let’s see if Kobe will rest in Q2 while Lin be the playmaker.

  103. Didn’t want to go there, but geez…

  104. Why would they tank this game…. They need a win Lol

  105. His name is BS for a reason.

  106. It actually makes no sense to keep Kobe in the entire first quarter. He should save Kobe for the end of the game at least. Unless they are tanking which I still can’t believe

  107. good point. Let’s see…

  108. Staggering Lin/Davis minutes is a VERY clear indication. After all, that was the ONLY proven effective offense during preseason.

  109. Another loss coming unless BS let Lin play more minutes and pnr with davis.

  110. Top Performers

    Cha:. K. Walker 6 Pts, 2 Reb, 2 Ast, 1 Stl

    LAL:. J. Lin 4 Pts, 2 Reb, 2 Ast, 1 Stl

  111. Lakers trailing the other team, it’s becoming a tradition.

  112. Atrocious offense in the first Q. Again.

  113. Seemed like that to me too.

  114. Yup, that’s what I’m seeing too. Almost like Scott is afraid what Lin/Davis can accomplish.

  115. If Lin can lead those young guns, it’s an easy blowout game.

  116. Price blowing 3 shots and negative on D.

  117. Kemba got at least 4 points when Price was on him for those keeping tabs. Missed the beginning of game so can’t account for the first 2

  118. boozer gives up so many points… πŸ™

  119. BS rotation are questionable.

  120. The announcer even stated that Bryant is handling the ball ‘a lot’. Even when Lin is in, who brought the ball up? Bryant is all talk so far, no letting Lin control the ball. smh

  121. LOL Can’t figure BS with his action on what’s working and not working. My take he doesn’t want JLin to shine but Price.

  122. Lakers trailed 18-25 at the end of Q1.
    The bench just couldn’t defend well or produce points consistently

  123. I don’t dislike Price but Price isn’t quick either.

  124. Yes!!! ED..

  125. Davis dunk!

  126. I bet Kobe will be in before Lin again.

  127. His whole coaching is questionable! lol

  128. I don’t know anything bout him til he and Lin a Lakers.

  129. I truly believe that if Davis started for Boozer, the Lakers might have better starts.

  130. Any NBA fan know that except BS, I guess just politic.

  131. Good drive by Price plus And-1.
    Must have learned from Lin πŸ™‚

  132. I’ll bet the story will be want Lin and Bryant to jell together and Davis to spark with 2nd unit. In the increasingly unlikely scenario that they’re not trying to tank (humph), seems to me it’d be better to throw your best resources, which would include the Davis/Lin successes into first unit because otherwise the opponent just gets too far ahead to catch up…

  133. Not just fans but the commentators. It’s been an constant question: to start or not start Davis. BS is just slow.

  134. Jeremy should be coming in after this timeout but will BS do it?

  135. Blindly slow…

  136. Price free throw..

  137. Bench is playing a bit better in Q2 despite having trouble finishing.
    7-6 in Q2 before Price’s FT

    Q2 8:19 Lakers still trailing 25-31

  138. Right.. forgot.

  139. I heard people are saying Byron is “rigid” with his plan.

  140. It seems BS also follows opposing team rotations for Lin. Like Lin came in and out based on Bledsoe to a certain extent.

  141. I expect at 6min mark at the earliest

  142. Lin coming in

  143. I love watching Davis around the rim πŸ™‚
    2-2 this game
    66%FG for the season

  144. old school person.. πŸ™

  145. Yup, Kobe in before Lin

  146. Lin averaged 28.8 mpg, while Price 22.6. Price the backup PG playing 78% equivalent of starting PG’s minutes. I doubt any other team does this.

  147. I was right, Kobe in b4 Lin

  148. yeah…uh, no…Kobe πŸ™

  149. This is starting to look too familiar…hTown/haren.

  150. Don’t think Lin will have any time without Kobe.

  151. Remind you of another place/player?

  152. Stu Lance: Give it back to Jeremy.

  153. LOL
    Announcer: “Lin saved it. Wes is dribbling. … GIVE it back to JEremy!”

  154. don’t even want to mention

  155. And Wes did.

  156. The announcer coaching better than Scott.

  157. make sense

  158. yeah, it might look that way

  159. Great call by Worthy.

  160. Parsons (29mins) 1/9 – 4pts

  161. Wise Wes πŸ˜€
    Lin got assist to Hill on the other end

  162. missing his Bro, Lin!

  163. Following his 1/11 from last game. 2/20 = 10% FG% at almost 15M, yet no one calling overrated.

  164. Nice Lin talking to Ellington after 1st FT to give encouragement
    Made 2nd FT

  165. I’m right with BS rotation on JLin — always come in around 6m mark in 2nd qtr, never never play with Ed Davis or second unit. Too fear of someone to shine?

  166. and the Beard 8/24

  167. 1. Wanting Jeremy and Kobe to gel
    2. Wanting Ed to lift the bench by himself
    3. Wanting Jeremy to lift the starters
    4. Wanting Kobe to lift this team

  168. Another observation, Kobe doesn’t kick the ball out to JLin while he is wide open.

  169. Who is defending Marvin Williams? three threes

  170. could be πŸ™‚
    I give the benefit of the doubt for Lin and Kobe to grow chemistry ..about 10%

  171. Hope u r right but I become very skeptical in the last few games. Let’s wait and see in 4th qtr.

  172. Kobe did once in Q1 but not after he drove inside

  173. She just being sarcastic

  174. Obviously no one. Who is assigned to guard him is unknown.

  175. Me too, thinking that would be the story…but I too am becoming skeptical…

  176. Williams just made another 3. All of them have been in the same place.

  177. that’s just the noise in Kobe’s iso system.

  178. Scott knows how good it was when lin played w/Davis in preseason gms, why he denies the truth?… πŸ™

  179. Thought he wanted JLin to attack. That’s the only time and JLin scored.

  180. Kobe holding the ball at this rate my 24/7 prediction is down the drain.

    I was thinking they might change a little bit in turn of ball sharing after 0-5 but I guess not.

  181. and FTs? That’s his game

  182. Well he wants to prove he is right: ABJ. He roots for Price and wants JLin to fail. That’s my read on the way he played JLin.

  183. Way too many sets being run for kobe. not going to win the game like that

  184. I had doubts about Bryant being capable of changing his iso ball game, no matter what he & Scott was trying to sell, I’m sorry to say. My positive outlook for this team is going right down the drain w/each game. I just hope Lin starts looking out for himself and his next contract.

  185. I think I see Lin’s role as the primary decoy to free up Kobe to score

  186. decoys only work if you pass to them sometimes.

  187. He’s also the primary decoy to cover up Bryants/Scott’s inability to lead this team to a win.

  188. Dear Kobe, How in the world can Jeremy play relentlessly when he’s being way outright denied the ball?

  189. !!!!!

  190. 6th straight loss on the way!

  191. only decoy as a playmaker (Lin-Hill), not for Lin to score much

  192. Yup, this team is played by 1 ball & Bryant…what a joke.

  193. If they don’t change the way they play the score gap will just be wider. I doubt anything will change.

  194. I interpret what Kobe said that Jeremy should play relentless that he should score aggressively. The problem is how can he score without the ball?!?

  195. Kemba started to attack Lin, Lin will need to give it right back to Kemba

  196. Kemba’s anticipating the drive b/c Lin’s shots are cold.

  197. I guess he is supposed to rip it out of Kobe’s hands. That would be pretty relentless.

  198. Mike Brown lost his job after seven games, BS vows to break his record!

  199. Lin needs to play relentlessly by getting in the other team players way, so Bryant can do his flashy chucking.

  200. If the game continues to show like this and Kobe begins to isos in second half, predict loss in double digits. BS and Kobe will not let JLin to do his job; just lip service from them. JLin can’t play with invisible ball in Lakers.

  201. so should we hope for a loss? lol.

  202. You may be right…and if he followed Kobe’s lead he’d need a boatload of bricks to “score aggressively”

  203. This will be another loss for LA, BS is not adjusting, pls let Davis start, that’s the only way LA will win first game, set more picks for Lin, multiple if needed so he can penetrate and PnR with Davis or Boozer, btw Wes is definitely a bench player.

  204. Kobe 4/11, shooting Lakers into 6th loss.

    19 minutes at the half, so planning on playing 38 min instead of 44. Such sacrifice! LOL

  205. LOL

  206. If u have Kobe behind you no worry bout getting fire.

  207. Lakers desperately needs Lin/Davis in the 2nd half.
    But not sure if BScott is willing to give Lin time with Davis w/o Kobe on the floor.

    Such as shame not use the lethal Lin/Davis PnR

  208. It is clear that the Lin/Davis disconnect is INTENTIONAL.

  209. It’s almost as if it Lin/Davis PnR never happened the way BS abandoned it.

  210. Is BS allergic to adjustment like McHale? Oh dear Lord…

  211. You can see clearly BS is play not to win.

  212. lin has to drive no more threes

  213. I really hope Byron tries Lin/Davis in Q3 w/o Kobe just to see if there is a spark.

  214. I agree. They are never together.

  215. Who said in game adjustment is overrate? was it McHale?

  216. Kobe won’t be behind ANYONE after seven losses. Mamba will bite.

  217. Yup

  218. Yep, the one and only McHale.

  219. Why doesn’t Lin shoot any mid range J’s?

  220. It’s kind of hard not to see it that way…..:(

  221. I’m starting to think about the intentional flop theory, along with the Kobe record theory, and I’m usually very optimistic.

  222. Assuming LA is not tanking, will BS be fired if LA goes 0-10?

  223. SHOULD BE, not sure if he WILL BE.

  224. It’s not even about Davis starting anymore, they’re not even sharing floor time. BS seems to wanna force the Price issue.

  225. No, 8.3 million dollar scapegoat.

  226. Miss Pollyanna here is starting to tip over that way too….(big sigh)

  227. Sorry.

  228. Stephen Curry – 10to’s in loss tonight against suns

  229. You can’t really hope for anything with this lineup and the way they play.

  230. Harden at least passed to Jeremy at the last minute. Kobe doesn’t pass, period.

  231. That means he need to take his beloved veteran Boozer out from the starting lineup….he is also having the same agent with Kobe

  232. If they didn’t mean to tank, whoever hired BS should be fired.

  233. how can i politely say that wesley johnson is a vomitous…..oh forget it. wesley johnson doesn’t deserve to play in china. he is quite possibly one of the worst players in the NBA today.

  234. 0-10 is definitely a reality judging from tonight’s play.

  235. If he’s not…then the plan is to tank. It’s becoming too blatantly obvious to fool people.

  236. I don’t see Lakers is playing for the win. It is a joke that BS and the team kept saying they desperately need a win. 4 days practices just show the same old same. No heart, no fire. Just lazy strides on the court. This is really an insult to BB fans.

  237. what….did you just type?? a secret code to the russians??

  238. You will need to pray super hard for that to happen

  239. Did you EVER think you’d be finding yourself typing such a thing….LOL+sigh

  240. i hope he’s fired if they go 0-10

  241. that’s Kupchak! haha

  242. The chance will be like 0.00000000001%

  243. Tough times for Jeremy’s fans…

  244. G-14 Classified

  245. Can be even more.

  246. Last minute passes are just to pad assists and bail you out of a bad shot.

  247. yeah but harden had the ball FIRST. here jeremy has the ball FIRST. so he can DECIDE to say F you guys i’m going iverson on you–too bad.

  248. Lol. Force Recon?

  249. Passing last minutes are bad passes. So no thanks.

  250. lin THRIVES in a team first system like the Spurs. So far he has ended up on the rockets and Lakers both of which have very selfish players with agendas. If Lin is going to be marginalized like this, then he might as well be on the rockets where he would at least WIN

  251. NO farking idea. none at all…blows my mind.

  252. Nope, Bryant brought up the ball just as much, if not more from the start of this game.

  253. now I feel better

  254. How many times Lin was open behind the arc? Linvisibile.

  255. ’09-’10 Nets starts their season 0-18, LA is definitely going for that record, bravo, job well done!

  256. lol…throw in Boozer into that.

  257. Negative. Got out 5 years ago.

  258. LOL+sigh indeed. =(

  259. no…i’m not just talking about this game. overall, jeremy has had the ball to start the vast majority of laker possessions.

  260. He’s cold..

  261. Ok Lin, gotta play some Kobe game.

  262. KObe passed!

  263. so a Jeremy 3…

  264. Yes…a long 3333333!

  265. Keep this starting lineup and they will surely achieve that goal!

  266. First kick to Lin form Kobe

  267. yes!

  268. Boozer got decent midrange, but slow on defense. I don’t see Wes’ upside.

  269. Kobe…you’re not Lin! smh

  270. the sky has fallen

  271. Ok… Lin has to shoot 7 more times

  272. Too slow of an offense for Lin

  273. I miss those J-reverse….

  274. Nice D and a reverse πŸ™‚

  275. lol

  276. Hey! Kobe to Lin, Lin to Kobe, Kobe to Lin!

  277. Yes, Lin does get the ball more than when he was in Rockets. But, he tries to be a good team player and initiate some ball movement, only to see the ball never comes back to him even if he’s open. I’ll give these Lakers players credit for one thing at least. They don’t shy away from a (bad) shot.

  278. NOW we’re talking! See Kobe? You gotta shave WITH the grain!

  279. Love the lin reverse! missed that

  280. Ya, definitely not an ideal game for Lin. No one moves quickly or much on this team.

  281. nice reverse finally

  282. If they do this, there is a chance for win:-)

  283. What happened! Did they pass out ‘shrooms or something during the break?

  284. I think Kobe read someone complained about Kobe doesn’t pass here.

  285. Dam, pigs fly

  286. Dear Kobe, if you want Jeremy to play relentlessly, pass to HIM!

  287. I sent him a mental telepathy

  288. Could be. At least he makes adjustments.

  289. We’ll start a letter campaign!

  290. You see a flying tiger right now

  291. I think Lin officially become a lefty

  292. That was Lin flying, I was speaking of Kobe.

  293. Great job keep up that telepathic connection!

  294. what hellfire did you promise unless he straightened up and flew right?

  295. Keep doing it for the whole season!

  296. I was speaking of me flying.

  297. Hell’s mouth will open in Staples Center lol

  298. and a high five from Kobe.

  299. LOL

  300. He had to. Now he has to become an elite defender. Next…..next….next…

  301. Lakers 1/10 for 3pters. Lin the only one!

  302. He’s trying to be ambidextrous. That’s sexy. You know what they say about a man’s hands…..

  303. uh oh

  304. You go girrrrrrlll…:D

  305. They’re always dirty? lol

  306. That’s sexy too…hahaha

    Edit: At least to the girl with intimate knowledge of the workings of 2-part epoxy filler….LOL

  307. Sit down Boozer and Hill with those fouls and not getting rebounds for the love of strawberry jam!Bring Davis in.

  308. Lakers big are sucks at rebound.

  309. I thought that was the feet? Isn’t that what clowns like people to believe?

  310. Great ball denial by Jeremy there

  311. Lin did a great job denying Kemba to get the ball

  312. Some one needs to tell them that feet movement is required.

  313. Davis is in with Jeremy?

  314. Isn’t that supposed to be for the guys? Guys love looking at girls’ feet? That’s why there’s pedicure and foot spa and stuff like that.

  315. Davis is in!!!
    Q3 5:57

  316. desperation kicked in…

  317. ED is in.. C’mon! Show us some nice combos w/Lin..~~ πŸ™‚

  318. YES ….keep Lin in the game pleaseeeeee

  319. Pigs really are flying tonight!

  320. Announcer: “That’s a good read by Jeremy, good spin by Boozer!”

  321. Your prayer is heard. Thanks to Hill fouls

  322. Wow that 0.000000000001% chance happened !

  323. nice pass to Boozer!

  324. Jeremy is making Boozer look like a savior on offense. Nice pick and pop though

  325. LOL only because Hill foul trouble.

  326. I really like this announcer, whoever he is. He’s had nothing but positive things to say about Lin and fair team assessments.

  327. Lindigestion on BS’ part :]

  328. So, how is the webinar? lol

  329. Now JLin just need 1 asst and 15 points to reach my prediction.

  330. Lin & Davis on the court at the same time…

  331. @MarkG_Medina Thanks for pointing out the obvious in the past 6 games. JLin can't be aggressive/assertive for playing with invisible ball.— Melody Ting (@MelodyTing3) November 10, 2014

  332. If Lakers win, let’s call it accidental ‘win’ πŸ˜€

  333. Is Wesley Johnson doing any good in there? He is 0-4, 1 reb.

  334. good so far

  335. Enlightening.Both the webinar and seeing Jeremy play again lol

  336. Kobe also passed to Lin there. Just let Lin run the offense

  337. At least someone seeing this

  338. Stu pointing out that Lin and Davis had a good run together preseason

  339. He sounds like from this site.

  340. lol.. trolling.. πŸ™‚

  341. Lin state update please!

  342. Lin 4 the 2nd 3…..

  343. 3!!! from Kobe again!

  344. Hornets trying to poke Davis’ eyes out for fear of Lin/Davis connection.

  345. Lin for 3333333!

  346. Wow can’t believe my eyes, Lakers is leading.

  347. Come ooooon Liiiiin for a wiiiiin!!

  348. Kobe for 333333333!

  349. cross-court pass from Kobe to Lin for 3!

  350. finally they wake up!

  351. cant believe myself, either.. πŸ™‚

  352. Some guy has a sign “LIN ING”

  353. My goodness.. that’s one GOOD-Looking 3 by Lin!

  354. I think they’ve found their starting lineup! Only if Scott is not too blind to see it!

  355. Noo!! my kid close my game windown

  356. Is that Gary Neal from Spurs who looked good within Spurs system?

  357. Yup

  358. yeah, Davis anchoring defense and gathering rebounds.
    The rest can score πŸ™‚

    Great spacing!

  359. That’s the way Lin!!!


  361. Unbelievable so far tonight
    Kobe pass
    Lin + Davis
    and Lakers lead !

  362. lin bank

  363. no, not to kobe

  364. Q3 2:18 Kobe rested.
    Lin/Davis show pleeeeease!

  365. First time Kobe out before Lin

  366. interesting line-up

  367. no to kobe-i-is-slo

  368. Ellington for 3!
    Q3 1:40 left 72-63 Lakers lead

  369. Can we get some alley oops?

  370. Linsanity lineup :]

  371. Kobe already played 29 minutes. He needs to rest.

  372. So it begins πŸ™‚

  373. Lin 16pts/6asts

  374. If continue this way my 24/7 is within reach

  375. That’s the way you do it lin. Drown out the noise from the coach and others and play your game.

  376. Ronnie price wants to the the PG.

  377. Yes, KObe, this is team ball.

  378. Announcer: “Price with the ball .. Ball should be with Jeremy Lin, though”

    Then PRice/Davis for and-1. Good enough πŸ™‚

  379. V happy to be ahead…but so confused (in a momentarily happy way). BS seems to be trying every option on the menu tonight. Really have no idea if he’s tanking, or just v. slow to turn the wheel in the best direction, or experimenting with his pieces in a wily way…

  380. Davis is the ONLY Laker big toughing it on the inside and rebounding.

  381. Intesting Ronnie Price finish to the quarter. Team trust, no need to go to Lin. I don’t mind if Kobe takes his shots if he makes them like today..

  382. I love Stu!~

  383. I think cause Lin is the better shooter.

  384. Im loving Price-Lin-Ellington-Davis on the floor at the same time!

  385. you got a chance to win the bragging rights πŸ˜€

  386. Not a great job of it either. The announcer said the ball should have been in Lin’s hands. haha

  387. First time Lakers lead by double digits

  388. It’s ok, they did good.

  389. Ugh, my stream died. Anyone know a good free stream without those weird pop ups?

  390. i agree boozer was good today him and lin dominated this quarter

  391. I’d like to rub Stu Lance’s shiny head and say “thanks for saying it as it should be!”

  392. Ed missed a free throw >:[ another 200 practice FTs for him after the game

  393. hehe

  394. Stuuuuuuuuu! :]

  395. Hill grinning from the bench.

  396. wow. everything moves fast with the bench including Lin

  397. Lansanity?!

  398. yeech on the Lin pun! lol

  399. who’s the guy with the Lin Ning sign..

  400. nbaliveonline.tv?

  401. ty =)

  402. Q3 Lakers outscored Hornets 34-13

    That’s crazy good!

  403. My minion. Lol

    Whoever he is, bring it on!

  404. thank you =)

  405. Is that from Li-Ning shoe company? :]

  406. Thats awesome.

  407. They just need to keep it up. Let’s hope they do!

  408. Jeremy’s finally getting some rest, lets hope they can hold on this lead!

  409. They are playing a two guard line up. Lin becomes a scoring guard in this line up. Between he and Ellington they need to make the points. I think we will see this lineup a lot in the future.

  410. Q4 starts without Lin/Boozer/Kobe.
    Stu is a bit worried.

    Hope the bench can maintain the same lead until 6th min mark

  411. Zeller was nasty

  412. Watch where u click though. look for X to close ad windows and carefully watch which window is on top

  413. Just realized Clarkson hasn’t played at all. Maybe BS does want to win, although he shouldn’t have played Wes at all either then.

  414. Great steal by Price.. Struggling at shooting by nice D!

  415. NO! “I’m 26 I can play 48” said Lin

  416. he’s a good big, has moves.

  417. Jeremy has half of the 4 makes πŸ˜‰

  418. Great defense Lakers

  419. Some great defensive plays by the current lineup! Please Lakers hold strong.

  420. oh yeah, that’s weird

  421. Kobe and Jeremy talking on the bench as the 4Q nears…and actually smiling!— KEVIN DING (@KevinDing) November 10, 2014

  422. Rookie treatment or insurance or both?

  423. and 2 of those made by JLin.

  424. The @Lakers outscore the @hornets by 21 in the 3rd to take a 12 point lead into the 4th. Kobe and Lin have a combined 35pts. #LeaguePass

  425. Well, they do have something to smile about finally. Let’s hope it doesn’t turn into a frown πŸ™‚

  426. smiling all the way 2 the end.. πŸ™‚

  427. Losing a bit of composure. Already in the penalty πŸ™

    Time to bring back Lin and dare I say Boozer (he was doing good offensively)

  428. Good time-out by BS to with 8pt lead 79-71 before Hornets get some momentum.

  429. I remember what Tony Parker said to Pop from a documentary,”What?Pop I’m 29! I can play more than 20!”

  430. Smi-Lin, baby!!! πŸ˜€

  431. Yeah, stop the bleeding. Hopefully, he will bring Lin back in to close out the game.

  432. At the end of 3, Lakers lead (!) 76-64 as Jeremy Lin had 12 points in the quarter. Check out the highlights so far. http://t.co/f43J41kCnI

  433. Better smile while they still can.

  434. another 3 was made by kobe?

  435. hah…we’re conditioned to be wondering if another shoe is going to drop….

  436. I think Kevin Ding is becoming a fan of Lin. Before he was in the middle of the road about Lin, but Ding is actually kind of looking out for Lin. He let us know that lin was taking advil for a sore foot during the Phoenix game and also let us know that he might not be up to par for this game.

  437. Lin +14, Davis +10 so far. Just ride out those two to close out the game BS!

  438. The starters need Jeremy for an efficient offense. The bench needs Jeremy for efficient offense and leadership.

  439. Lakers up 76-64 over Charlotte after 3rd Q. Bryant (19 points) has strong support from Lin (16 points) and Boozer (14 points)—

  440. nice pass by price 2 ed.. πŸ™‚

  441. Price did quite good to make midrange J and led the break to feed Davis

  442. Lin in with 7:36 left

  443. Lin to Hill again!

  444. Come on Bryant…don’t go iso mode until the game is guaranteed…pleeeeeeez!

  445. Bad possession by Lakers and Hornets

    Then Lin made his fadeaway jumper!!

  446. I like that Jeremy!

  447. There you go Jeremy. Let those mid-range jumpers fly, you’re not in HOU anymore XD

  448. 5 assists from Lin to Hill for made shots tonight, including the 1st Q opening layup.

  449. Come on Lin…let’s finish this w a wiiiiiiiin!!

  450. Good D by Lin so far…

  451. He got the ball back from hill and shot jumper? What happened? My internet froze!

  452. 100% fg for Davis

  453. Lin with 18pts/7asts/3rebs with 5:39 left.

    Let’s go, Lin!!

  454. On that replay before the break, Price is slowly starting to capitalize playing with Davis on the floor.

  455. He’s definitely having a complete game.

  456. and 0% ft LOL

  457. I want to see more step back and reverse. oh yah 3 too…

  458. Yea, too bad. that’s why we need Davis in.

  459. All or nothing Man :]

  460. Lin definitely plays better in 2nd half of the games than 1st.

  461. Kobe needs his point..

  462. Liking it….a lot!

  463. I guess he likes to practice shooting ft.

  464. Announcer: “Jeremy Liiin .. probably the best game of this season”

  465. greed is good…..

  466. Me: Not YET

  467. Somewhere…… Charles Barkley is really happy right now.

  468. If you have Lin shooting 10+ FGA, a win is almost a certainty. (Ball in hand and confident)

  469. And 1 TO he knows that is another thing people want to talk about JLin.

  470. Confidence is sky-high.
    He’s in a groove now πŸ™‚

  471. Lin wide open and they keep try to post.

  472. WOW JLin exceeds my expectation of him. Go JLin and breaks the 20 pts mark!

  473. Honestly, he should go on a diet irregardless of how Lakers play lol

  474. lol…getting ready for the free buffet.

  475. Lin for 3333333333 again after a broken play!!!! 21pts, BABY!!

  476. Anotha 3!

  477. Lin the 3pt Killer! Ice!

  478. Look at that LIN-ROARR!! :]

  479. Heeee’s baaaaack!!

  480. That’s one gutsy shot :>

  481. I like that one a lot..

  482. Scott must be seething with all these 3s πŸ˜›

  483. !*screaming*!

  484. yes!!!

  485. For a guy born under dragon, that’s a dragon roar

  486. nice ball movement

  487. “We’re trying to win here, Jeremy.”

  488. “Jeremy we’re trying to win here!”

  489. Now they double team Lin

  490. ROFL, I was typing the same thing.

  491. BS: “They’re breaking my system but it’s okay .. :D”

  492. dOUBLE Teaming Lin.

  493. I was thinking it! lol

  494. A bit too late for that if you ask me

  495. lol

  496. i luv it.. πŸ™‚

  497. “Did I say don’t shoot 3s? No I didn’t mean that!”

  498. Charlotte hitting only 12 of 19 FT's is helping LAL tonight … so is Jeremy Lin, whose 3rd triple has LAL up 94-79.—

  499. 101-84 with 2:41 left.

    Lin 21pts/7asts/3rebs/1TO ..
    Finish strong, Lin!

  500. McHale is officially a poetic, everyone using his quote.

  501. LOL…the PTSD refrain. We’re a jumpy bunch, LOL again

  502. Barkely may stop the strike.. lol

  503. In the 2nd half, Kobe has been simply catching and shooting, passing, and kept the ISOs to a minimum.
    Its been the secret to them holding onto the lead and extending it.
    Everyone’s getting touches and gotten into a rhythm, I wish he’d realize it.

  504. Give Lin the PT and the ball, and the Lakers WILL win, not exactly Rocket science (pun absolutely intended)!

  505. Jeremy Lin with 50% on 3FG (3-6)

  506. Thanks to Jeremy πŸ™‚

  507. nice

  508. Let’s see how long Kobe retains this memory.

  509. It’s just math.

  510. I predict 22/7, but I don’t mind he get a few more points! hehe

  511. Barkley: “Aww darn! I was looking forward to losing some weight!”

  512. lol…

  513. think he might got scared when he almost injure his knee again.

  514. Should have keep Lin in to get 3 more points for me hehe

  515. Lin and Kobe+starters got a well-deserved rest with 2 min left and 13pt lead.

  516. JLin/Lakers for the first win! So happy!!!

  517. So this is how winning feels like… it has been too long πŸ™‚

  518. He must be in a fog….I’m tellin’ ya, they put something in his kool-aid during halftime.

    to self: OK, mean girl…maybe he really really is trying to be a team player…”)

  519. Jeremy Lin, PG338-123-62-212371013+1721Kobe Bryant, SG347-201-56-706641041+721

  520. He’s happy to stop fasting πŸ˜€

  521. Blaiyan the highlights MVP will be feasting tonight!

  522. Surprise Kobe take only 20 shots

  523. That was one of keys to winning.

  524. To get 21 points. Jeremy only needed 12 πŸ™‚

  525. i’m waiting…can’t watch the game

  526. LOL Sacre with 3PT

    BS: “What is this? GSW or Houston?” πŸ˜€

  527. Lin (6games/29.5min) – 12.5ppg / 5.3asts / 2.7rebs / 0.5stls / 3to

  528. Plan the parade. The Lakers are seconds away from their 1st win. :*)

  529. Very happy for Lin and the Lakers for the first win of the season. We will see many more wins to come as this team
    get more chemistry together.

  530. Can’t write code here πŸ˜‰

  531. Wow.. Patrick Ewing with questionable checkered suit selection :]

  532. Efficient my boy

  533. I will be very very happy to finally see him smile in the post-game interview.

  534. It might be useful when your team losing. You can use it as a checker board to kill time.

  535. Yes…a win for the Lakers!! Hopefully just the beginning.

  536. Kobe to JL on fastbreak

  537. I forgot about the streamers since it has been so long since they won.

  538. followed on this forum and NBA play-by-play….CAN’T WAIT to see some yummy highlights!!

  539. Yesssssssssssssssss. Happy for the win.

  540. Win!

  541. let’s hope this goes up, in mins and ppg. I like his efficiency.

  542. lol

  543. Been waiting 4 this 1st win.. shed my tears w/smile.. πŸ™‚

  544. Lin to Boozer

  545. JLin “BIG-SHOT” 3!!!

  546. I want to see some yummy Jeremy Lin…. 3s πŸ™‚

  547. Tonight, no Kobe Brentyen and Michael not Jordan and Lakers won.

  548. Lin made 8 of his 12 shots for 21 points, 7 assists and only one TO… Showed some fire in the game… Great Lakers win! Let's GO!!!—

  549. JLin with Trudell – partner with Kobe continuing and learn to trust each other.

  550. Hope they keep the chemistry. In particular, Kobe gives room for mistakes for his teammates.

  551. And trust that his team mates can score rather than shoulder the scoring all by himself.

  552. Love that Lin kept shooting 3s. Cold at first but made them when it counted.

  553. EVERYBODY RETWEET THIS NOW pic.twitter.com/9Qd25eIVa9— Laker Boy (1-5) (@Lakersfreaks67) November 10, 2014

  554. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  555. He loves to hit those 3’s with shot clocking winding down!

  556. Kobe shot 7 for 20 from the field, Lin 8 for 12. Assists: Lin 7, Hill 7, Price 6, Bryant 4.— KEVIN DING (@KevinDing) November 10, 2014

  557. For reals. So sad the last 5x.

  558. Here’s hoping that Lin won over some respect from his teammates.

  559. @psalm234:disqus are you announcing the prediction winners?

  560. Kobe & Lin score 21 apiece. Boozer adds 16 more. In the end, it all adds up to that elusive first W for the Lakers. pic.twitter.com/T2jDQWxpAA— TWC SportsNet (@TWCSportsNet) November 10, 2014

  561. you said it. when I read that article comparing his expressions to Gasol with the carefully diplomatic answers but dead eyes, I kind of gulped.

  562. Final Stats: @kobebryant: 21p/6r/4a @JLin7: 21p/3r/7a @MisterCBooz: 16p/5r @eddavis32: 10p/5r pic.twitter.com/vfUQ9PWuWI

  563. Where are the Loyal Lin Fans? Right here at Jlinportal!!

  564. Winning is way sweeter when you lost a lot to begin with.

  565. wow. oh wait it’s charlotte..

  566. β€œHeeeere’s Johnny!”

  567. β€œYou can’t handle the truth!”

  568. This game changed in the 3rd Q only when Davis replaced Hill in the starting lineup. The Lakers better note this or they will lose the next game.

  569. I hope next time he can break his record of 9 3s..

  570. This

  571. Lol Memphis will be another reality check.

  572. I like that one…

  573. That looks like a team ball!

  574. This game changed when Kobe started allowing Lin handle the ball. Hill actually serviceable as midrange shooter and stay out of low post (so he’s not blocking driving lane).

  575. wow.

  576. Stats look good when they’re distributed equally.

  577. clutch 3

  578. After a drought, any rain is good.

  579. Seems that BS heard Lin fans roars and made some half-time adjustment. πŸ˜‰

  580. That sounded like Grand Theft Auto or something like that.

  581. He doesn’t want to be compared to McHale? lol

  582. BScott – Talked to JLin before the game and being more assertive. Thought he did that.

  583. Jeremy’s PER: 24
    Kobe: 13

  584. Aye!

  585. Every Lin win is sweet…it’s another kick to the doubter’s gluteus maximus.

  586. Lin did have more of a bounce to him in the second half though.. lol

  587. yes,
    Charlotte: avg 96.5 pts, so LAL did not improve much on D

  588. oh yah. As if they made it to the finals

  589. β€œHeeeere’s @disqus_W4kOOens57:disqus !”

  590. not Japanese algebra though..

  591. Yes. I saw that. Where were the bigs?

  592. Kobe’s on board (his knee-jerk iso’s notwithstanding).I think Davis is too, and Jeremy was a rain-maker for Hill tonight, so hopefully that’s a lesson learned and something for others to notice and want a part of…

  593. Out there playing small…

  594. he can have his Subway..

  595. Twitter responds (from NBA Pulse):

  596. The Lakers finally got their first win, and Kobe wasn't even their best player. Jeremy Lin was.— Humza Mayweather Jr. (@lil_doedie) November 10, 2014

  597. Jeremy’s Courtside interview

  598. I love this one..

    β€œ@hoopsdrone: Jeremy Lin draining the 3 and lovin' it! http://t.co/IFoDbOaF1i #NBA #LAKERS https://t.co/XlAatpZt68” that scream! Bring on!— Clarice Lee (@Eldaberiutee) November 10, 2014

  599. @JLin7 Highlights – Lakers vs Hornets – 21pts, 7 assists: http://t.co/ENakk8fQ8b via @YouTube— Librafree (@Librafree) November 10, 2014

  600. Lin got out of nowhere.

    It was KOBE who got out of HIS comfort zone, MUCH to his credit.

    Better late than never.

  601. YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! what did i say?? 12 FGA = GOOD for the team. JLin the best player on the floor tonight. rinse and FFFFFING REPEAT! i picked him and kobe in my daily fantasy game and won $$$ BELIEVE!

  602. Jeremy Lin leads the Lakers to the first win of the season, congrats Lakers fans!— NBA Today (@NBAToday7) November 10, 2014

  603. So happy I could cry!!!! LINNING!!!!!!

  604. Great game tonight. Lin help carry Lakers to their first win!

  605. Lol

  606. Hill must be getting onboard after this game. Boozer’s been cool with Lin from the start.

  607. I hope Jeremy finally gets that dancing banana rating from Lakersground’s Dancing Berry!

  608. Everyone must be pumped up in the locker room, so do we fans here.. just keep up the good work 2 the next few gms.. πŸ™‚

  609. I’d say ‘idiot savant’, except not the savant part….:)

  610. User Actions FollowingTodd Krieger‏@ToddKrieger1
    @ToddKrieger1 2nd favorite Lin play, dribble left to right across lane in traffic, makes bank shot. The bank shot is one of Lin’s key plays.

  611. Exactly…

  612. Actual money?

  613. of course! Draftkings.com LOL.

  614. Lin is the plus leader with +17 followed by Davis’ +12.

  615. Congrats!!! You deserve it for actually putting down real money where your belief is!

  616. Thanks, Melody!
    Added to the Video Gallery on homepage :]
    Will add to Post-game thread soon

  617. Lin- Post Game INt

  618. Well said Lin, as alway.

  619. good balance and distribution of scoring, assists, and touches among players !!!

  620. LIN NING pic.twitter.com/Rd2VtVb0tR— Bo (@bolero2010) November 10, 2014

  621. Oooooh that fries me! “Out of his comfort zone”, my booty!!! πŸ™ He got IN his comfort zone!!! Grrrr! Can we get a straight-up coach someday?!

  622. Dancing Banana, please πŸ™‚

  623. Agree. With bells on!

  624. That guy is a G

  625. Oooo. NBA tweeting Jeremy’s interview πŸ™‚

  626. Lin Highlights via BasketballGalaxy

  627. @JLin7 Lakers vs Hornets – 21pts, 7 assists. good job!!! pic.twitter.com/6kOrg5R6wd

  628. Charles Barkley is going to eat and get fatter!

  629. It’s about time he took one for the team!

  630. Thanks to Jeremy πŸ™‚

  631. Roooaaaar!!!

  632. BScott interview

  633. BS also stands for BrontoSaurus, it takes a while for the thought to get through.

    Oh well, better late than never.

  634. “Assertive”! I like that word, as opposed to aggressive. More control with intention!

  635. The white Sunday jersey looks good on him. Too bad it’s only for Sunday games hmp!

  636. best player on the floor. when they allow jeremy to be the best player, they win. when jeremy gets shots more often than not, his team wins. Jeremy is an alpha azz scorer. LINSANITY!


  638. He looks good in anything but my favorite is still the black jersey πŸ™‚

  639. Jeremy Lin clearly doesn't enjoy talk that he was more assertive tonight. Takes offense at suggestion he wasn't assertive in first five.—

  640. Purple and gold are too loud as team colors. Liked their midnight black too even more.

  641. Yeah the black soccer jersey and white Sunday jersey, those are my faves. They look good on his skin.

  642. That’s my prediction as well. Lin is always 24/7 basketball lol

  643. Black with hints of purple look nice on his skin.

  644. Are you a guy? Lol

  645. Ok, that’s where I step out of the discussion, LOL.

  646. A gay girl lol

  647. Getting hot?


  649. Lin with mojo! Mistake to try to bury Linsanity!!!

  650. Black with hints of purple looks more regal than purple and gold combined.

  651. new post-game thread to celebrate, folks :p

  652. g=Gm/r^2 where acceleration is due to Dragon in the house!

    Also…non-Asian billboarding fan, representing for the likes of me… πŸ™‚ Big thanks, dude!

  653. Yeah, purple and gold should be just accent colors to be used sparingly

  654. Linsanity all over again πŸ™‚

  655. OK, some folks are saying “Charlotte. Big deal”….but really…why throw quite so much shade?! Is that what they mean by “old school” – that pleasure is poison and a kick in the butt is the only real motivator? smh

  656. Scott still doesn’t seem to get it.

    Need to ride this momentum

  657. Good for him. Show that displeasure!!

  658. Jeremy Lin:"To be honest, I don't think my aggressiveness was any higher that the LAC game or the PHX game we just had. Tonight we just won"—

  659. Don’t think he get it yet.

  660. Kobe Brentyen said, “-/+ don’t mean much.”

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