G05 [email protected] PreGame Thread

Lakers had the worst start at 0-4 after playing 4 games in 5 nights against Western Conference Top teams (Warriors, Clippers, Rockets, Sun). But Lakers has shown glimpses of great ball movement when Lin ran the offense in Game 3 and 4.

It helps that Kobe has publicly announced Lin as the one to run the offense and deny him the ball if necessary.

But if Lakers want to win against Phoenix Suns tomorrow, Lakers need to fix one of their biggest problems: “3PT defense”

Lakers is currently ranked last in allowing Points at 118pts/gm



They’re also ranked in the Bottom 4 in allowing high 3PT% at 43.6%. And they allowed the Suns to shoot at 50% (12-24) in Game 3. This cannot happen again if Lakers want to get their 1st win.



As for JLin running the offense as the PG, here is a nice quote showing the big responsibility of the PG. Lin has his work cut out for him because of his new teammates and lack of practice but I believe he can turn things around in Game 5.

It’s great to see Lin in charge to direct the offense playing with starters today. And @Lakers twitter channel made the appropriate title of who’s in charge of the offense.

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  1. will this be the game that the Lakers get their first win?

  2. Suns favored by 6. That’s the most favorable spread for the Lakers this year (HOU @ LAL started at 6 but increased to 7 by game time).

  3. not sure about the Lakers.
    But this could be your ‘first’ win after going 0-4 in the previous posts? lol

  4. Byron’s interview today.
    Lakers worked on transition defense. Bigs need to work on PnR defense.

  5. JLin’s Post-Practice Interview
    Lakers Practice: Jeremy Lin Talks Frustrations, Spacing

  6. we’ll take what they give us …

  7. The story is firming up: Lin in control, find a way to work with Kobe and the jumpin’ bigs.

    Just need to hear more about D to cut opponents to below 100 and … where are my answering 3s to shut down petulant upstart momentum makers?

  8. So glad to see JLin is a lot more relaxed since the beginning of the season. At least see a little of his “smile.” That’s all good to me:-)

  9. Hopefully this is the first win for JLin and Lakers. Can’t wait to see how they have done to address the “holes” in their system. A tidbit glimpse of JLin’s smile gives me a greater hope of winning this game:-)

    @psalm234:disqus No pregame vote? Will continue my hope for JLin is 16/7:-)

  10. Good to see Lin-Hill connection towards the end

  11. ok, gotta finish something first so wait within an hour :]

  12. ok, done! Vote away :]

  13. Looking at nba team 3pt stats:

    Lakers 3pt% ranking not too bad. #16 at 31.6%. #28 in 3PA with 14.3 per game.
    Allow 4th highest 3pt% 43.6%, and highest 12.8 3PM per game.
    That’s a bad combination.

    Other interesting teams on 3pt stats:
    Houston 2nd in 3PA and 3P%. Allows the lowest 3P% and 3PM. Wow.
    Boston only shooting 19.1% from 3PT. Did Antoine Walker unretire? All you need to know is that Rajon Rondo has the 2nd best 3pt% with 25%. O_O


  14. If I can only shoot 19%, I probably will just take long 2s at 35% mark…

  15. When Hill is willing to dive, good things will happen. When He chose to shoot 18fters.., teams will let him shoot whole day long

  16. Tks! Happy camper now:-)

  17. Jeremy Lin Is The Jedi Padawan To Kobe Bryant’s Yoda When It Comes To Ball-Hogging
    by Eric Goldschein

    If NBA players were Jedi Masters, there’s no doubt that the aging Kobe Bryant would be Yoda — even in his weakened state, he’s still one of the best there is. There aren’t clear cut analogies for every player (is LeBron Darth Vader, or Obi-Wan?), but suffice to say that Jeremy Lin is more padawan trainee than full-fledged Jedi. He’s still learning the ropes.

    So it was great to see Lin, who we know can take over a game with his scoring, has already picked up one of Kobe’s patented moves: Holding onto the ball for way too long, careening backwards as the shot clock expires and… hitting a ridiculous three. Just like they drew it up, no doubt. Here’s the play, from Friday’s game against the Clippers:

    By the way, Kobe was supportive of Lin’s decision after the game, saying “At some point, you’ve got to piss on the fire hydrant.”

    Even if the Lakers suck, we already like this combination of ball-dominant guards a lot better than when Lin was teamed up with James Harden in Houston, and they’d probably agree.

  18. Eric Goldschein’s a pretty entertaining writer.

  19. Honestly I have absolutely no idea what he is talking about in first paragraph:-(

    I only like this last paragraph: “Even if the Lakers suck, we already like this combination of ball-dominant guards a lot better than when Lin was teamed up with James Harden in Houston, and they’d probably agree.”

  20. Let’s hope so. They need this desperately.

  21. Agreed. Kobe embraced Lin and challenge him to be a better player from the start. Whereas
    Harden only cares about himself and his stats. He never really take responsibility when they lost but
    take credit when Rox won.

  22. Star Wars references. A Jedi Padawan is an apprentice. Jedi Masters are the top rank. Yoda is old but still the best.

  23. Seen an Chinese report from a reporter in the GSW game, and he said after game, he went to the locker room, and see Kobe has ice wrapped around his shoulder and also ice his feet. People don’t bother him as he usually is the last to take the interview. But surprisingly, he took the interview immediately, and also he was patient and spend almost 20 min in answering questions.

    I remember when Rockets was lost, James Harden would sneak out of the locker room, and left all his teammates to deal with reporters.

    Such a big difference, and I start to like Kobe a lot, and he is a true leader there to shoulder the blame, and to face the questions.

  24. Kobe is smart………unlike………..m……

  25. I wave my hand across your face and say: You must watch the Star Wars movies.
    And you say: I must watch the Star Wars movies.
    That’s generally how it goes.

  26. Just someone in the starting unit set a pick and roll to the basket already. Please!!
    I don’t know anything about the Princeston, but if this is it, it really sucks unless the Princeston plan is to create chaos for everyone and hope you luck out with a win.

  27. Longer post-practice interview today with Lin:


  28. I think the writer is being sarcastic and saying that Kobe is mentoring Lin into another ball-hogging point guard, meaning Lin taking a bad shot just that it went in. But if that were the case he chose the wrong starwars character to be Kobe. Maybe it’s just because Kobe is an old athlete and Yoda was an old Jedi master.

  29. Thanks for the find. Appreciate it! YES! JLin did smile a little toward the end of the interview:-) Expect to see a better game tomolo:-)

  30. Is Lin starting to use the Kobe one leg out cheetah tail? Or did he always do that?

  31. 20pts/8asts

  32. Lake Show Live‏@LakeShowLive
    Never, apparently. RT @garykester: James Harden shot 18 free throws tonight. When are NBA officials going to stop falling for this charade?


  33. It so hard for Lin to buy a foul. If they called the obvious foul in the Clipper game, they prolly would’ve won.

  34. when lin gets a foul, it really hurts … him and the refs.

  35. Any you don’t even touch Crawford, just get close enough for the breeze from your hand to touch him and they call a foul. Even when Lin bleeds he doesn’t get a foul.

  36. Crawford jumps into the air and kicks you like Dwayne Wade for the and-1, meanwhile our dear Violet Palmer calls Lin for an offensive foul when he extends his legs forward shooting a fade-away.

  37. …..ichael?……(* – -)

  38. How cute… you guys now complete each other’s sentences. LOL.

  39. So the Rockets are now 4-0 but they’ve been really lucky in the teams their playing. However, doesn’t this seem like a repeat of when Lin left the Knicks? They also started 6-0, but then started to fizzle out near the playoffs.

    And then by the next year they were shells of themselves and instead the team Lin was on was excelling.

    Hah! Ok, maybe this post is a bit spiteful for now but just though the parallels were funny. Hope it can come true ;p

  40. I think it’s definitely winnable. The Suns aren’t as good as people say they are, but they do have a lot of experience playing together and that’s what makes them dangerous to the Lakers.

  41. Not sure if this vid was ever posted before but it’s TWC’s Clippers post game report regarding Jeremy and they address you can’t over think..
    Again, I love LA media… Lin-san in the Membrane 🙂

  42. When JLin left NYK the first season record 10-0. On fire….but the following season…when the role players felt short changed…that’s when the team imploded.

  43. I wouldn’t mind Jeremy ball hogging a little. Just not to the extreme. 12-15 shots a game…not too much to ask right?

  44. As long as the shots are within the flow….not a problem at all

  45. ROX will be always a strong team in regular season.

  46. And both seasons with Lin, they weakened going into the final month. Were it not for Lin, I believe they might have dropped off the first year if not the 2nd too.

  47. In fact, almost every team is a big threat to LAL. Lin and the Co. need time.

  48. Ariza is a huge upgrade over Parsons, and also a huge reason why they will still win a lot in regular. Canaan is the new Lin and everyone thinks he can take Lin’s role without problem. So. the ridiculous joke continues…

  49. Cohesion, man, cohesion……they need time. Without it, PnR is not going to work either.

  50. #TrollNation

  51. One Lin fan tweeted if there’s something to do regarding bad calls on Lin.
    Is there enough bias from specific refs toward Lin that it’s worth keeping track of bad calls?

    Usually bad calls happen against any teams and any big teams (i.e. SAC vs LAL a few years back came to mind with egregious bad calls letting LAL won the playoff game then the series)


  52. I think when you google about rigging the game…lots of “LIST” will show about bad refs…

  53. yeah, I still can’t believe that famous SAC vs LAL game when the Kings got cheated by the refs with 3-5 bad calls. There had to be some truth to what that gambling referee (Tim Donaghy) said about refs/league gaming bball games

  54. I feel disturbed. XD

  55. Represent!

  56. TrollPortal?

  57. Jamal Crawford just hit his 15000 th points…a very good player.

  58. I’ve entered the portal…

  59. me two tired of the trolls

  60. This place is the ‘outer rim’. The trolls haven’t yet found it. In time, though, they will. Sigh.

  61. yea. but like the cool kids we will find the new hot spot when all the nerd come

  62. Welcome to the safe haven! 🙂

    Some bad trolls already did .. and found their way to the BlackList! :>

  63. hey, welcome Alain :> make yourself comfortable here

  64. J-Crossover seems to be 5x better than JR Smith .. in scoring and stability
    He can get hot in a hurry and score in a flurry!

  65. thx

  66. That place is totally infested with trolls. After going there you feel like taking a shower things had gotten so slimy.

  67. its gotten worse lately. idk why.

  68. Welcome B_M; no worries, we are ready for them! 🙂

  69. Transporter room, beam this guy to delta quadrant…….jk….welcome…

  70. Jeremy doing poorly always brings out the trolls to troll on the Lin fans. They go away when Jeremy does well.

  71. BTW, @psalm234:disqus is the chat channel below working? I see it as “loading” not sure if its my network or the plugin error?

  72. Yeah, I remember we discussed this like 2 years ago at jlnet.

    The fact is, game rigging exist due to bookies

  73. In your sleep?!

  74. Mak, I notice it’s not working on mobile browsers (Chrome/Safari) with perpetual ‘loading’ but it works on laptop/PCs. I’ll look into the issue while trying to look for other alternatives (remotely hosted & WP-Integrated)

  75. It was working fine til yesterday on my notebook (Firefox)…hmmm

    BTW, I have sent a private PM to you

  76. He has insomnia, that,s why lal is 0-4 right now

  77. got it. replied

  78. no not that.i think since lin left rox. the trolls from there jumped over

  79. No Lin fans on KKKluchfans to troll on anymore so they follow them to other sites to troll.

  80. My patience runs thin!! LOL
    Turning Sith soon.

  81. It’s also the soft schedule (LAL, Utah, BOS, Phi) were non-playoff teams last season.

    They have MIA, Spurs and Golden State. It might be 1-2 or 0-3. That the true test if they improved at all or not

  82. They’re coming…

  83. Anyone know if the LinspiredinLA tweet is legit — Kobe on Lin: He’s got so much potential, Bryant told @USATODAYsports . But he’s never had a teammate or an organization push him to be that.

  84. Yes, you can find full article here: http://www.jlinportal.com/jeremy-lins-ball-handling-mental-aspects/ Problem of having 2 threads open and people post it in different thread:-)

  85. One interesting thing that Lin said during the post-practice interviews was if he figured out what he needs to do.

    [3:51] He said his teammates need him to:
    – Attack and make plays … ALL the time, just to put pressure on the defense
    – On defensive end, be the guy to chase the other PG around, create havoc, pace and pressure

    The way he emphasized “ALL the time” makes me think that previously Lin might not think that they need him to be the PG all the time, perhaps give Kobe chance to do 50-50 or even 40-60 to create (because that’s what star players like Melo and Harden wanted)

    It will be interesting if tomorrow Lin will be more aggressive and seek to create as the PG or attack (off-the-ball next to Kobe) in almost every offensive possession.

  86. Hmmm … well, Canaan needs some seasoning I think right? He has a nice 3pt shot, but I don’t think he’s ready. I think TJ this year might be more consistent, I dunno. I’m doing fantasy draft now, and to be honest, seeing how these people’s numbers played out all last year, I think you are right it’s a ridiculous joke that somebody makes some notable shots and then he’s a Linplacement …

  87. This seems like consistent of what Kobe said in the interview with USA TODAY:

    “He’s got so much potential,” Bryant told USA TODAY Sports. “He really does. But he’s never had a teammate or an organization push him to be that. I want him to be that, but he’s got to go for it.

    “He’s probably a little shell-shocked by it all, but I think the most shocking thing for him is understanding that we want him to go. I want him to progress and to be a floor general, because he’s capable of doing it.”

    This gives me so much hope of more improvement for Game 5 for a win:-)

  88. Welcome!

  89. Weclome!

  90. The Borg? No worries, The federation… I mean moderators will take care of them.

  91. That’s great news they’re on the same page on offense with Lin as the floor general :]

    But not wanting to be a party-pooper, I mentioned 3PT defense would be key. If they hold the Suns, to ~30%, they have a chance to win. If not, it will be a close loss even when the offense is clicking. Lakers don’t have many 3pt shooters so it’ll be an uphill climb to counter 3s with lots of 2s 😀

  92. do u have the link please? i want to keep the lovely article!!

  93. lin gets if he isnt scoring they will lose. last year there was games where lin didn’t attack the rim at all just gave out assist because his shot was off. this year e ant wait till the fourth to get it going. by that time the game will be over.

  94. oops, just see your link below

  95. here =http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nba/2014/11/03/klay-thompson-anthony-davis-kobe-bryant-jeremy-lin-demarcus-cousins-western-conference-five-questions-/18427417/

  96. yeah, it can be a bit confusing at first but hopefully people learn all pre-game news/topics should go here while ones related to the “Mental Aspect”/ball handling will fit there :>

    I wish I could move comments easily from 1 post to another but it can’t be done (for a good reason not to confuse posters)

  97. I just love this …!

  98. Welcome @disqus_7qfObA9gSw:disqus Feel free to suggest comment.

    New comers, normally would have better feedback and improvement ideas. 🙂

  99. I’m thinking it might be worth creating a Sticky Post/Page with just article links with Kobe’s quotes on Lin, Magic Johnson, etc.

    I need to think how to easily maintain it. Perhaps just a regular post so people can post without long discussion to keep it clean?

  100. Good idea. We have so much more info of good quote on JLin in the past week or so for the whole time I root for JLin:-)

  101. Compare the acbc, psalm/brent edited thread on Lin and his mental / muscle memory tradeoff with the ones elsewhere where it’s all about a passive (new word: platonic) JLin, and I’m happy to be here. I disagreed with that “platonic” label, from a great Lin poster btw, and got ignored.

    What I think some here fathom is that some here actually played competitive ball as a QB, PG, or person who had to make a great save or uplift the team. Some folks here share that, and others read it and allow for it to be real.

    Thanks, site founder(s). Now, do you serve cake too?

  102. Yep. I know. That’s why I open all the most relevant threads in my window browser. Easier for me to monitor what’s going on. I just move from one thread to the other periodically while I work on laptop:-) Tougher for u as u have to do so much more:-(

  103. welcome to this site

  104. LOL. Kudo to @psalm234:disqus for creating this new site and encouraging positive comments. Sorry don’t know whether @brentyen joins in later or one of the starters. Keep me on toes all the time:-)

  105. yeah, that would work as well. Similar to the facts thread?


  106. So true. I was a little bit skeptical earlier when I saw the quote on Twitter. Needed to verify before posting. Was so tired and went to take a long nap. Waking up and read it on the other thread. WOW! Blow my mind away. What Kobe said was so true. Guess it hit JLin more than he expects finally. He probably heard this but didn’t take it “seriously” until now. It becomes only “real” in the past few days. Definitely he suffers PTSD from R more than I think. Hopefully he is finally in the uphill battle from now on with the support of Kobe and Lakers.

  107. That’s ok. They are working hard to “make things work” for a win. That’s the hopeful sign. Unlike JLin’s former teams, he was fighting “ALONE” with dominant players, players, GM, coaches and whole organization plus MEDIA. With the support that he receives from Kobe and Lakers, he will achieve his full potential much faster now. Don’t expect he becomes complete player overnight but improve all the same. He is even more “honest” in his answers with reporters now. Huge improvement to me!

  108. I hope somehow Je Ballew, Michael Terry & Khuang are able to find this site and join us.

  109. Kobe hit the nail right on the head. Lin’s never had a teammate or an organization push him to be “all he can be.” He’s always been shackled, repressed, and relegated. Now, Lin’s got Kobe, the Lakers organization, and he’s in LA. He really couldn’t be in a better situation.

  110. Believe JLin begins to fully comprehend and believe that. He is working hard toward his full ring pg potential as it goes now. Glad that he is an excellent learner because he is definitely on the job training to be “the best” pg.

  111. Connected With Jeremy Lin

  112. He’ll be a-ok in a few games. It’s good to be given a tough mission, and he’s up for it.

  113. With all the positivity from the LAL FO, Coaches and Kobe, hope to see better chemistry within the team.

    Its gonna be one tough game, since Suns has better roster and they just lost to Jazz.
    Hope LAL learns from Jazz to capitalize on the plays. Still I would give a 50-50 game.
    I think we have a better chance against Hornets.

  114. thanks, I was hoping to seer his one. “… very easy to dream about, very hard to accomplish” championship. People will rally around Lin, and they will get it done someday.

  115. and more.

  116. Me 2. So glad finally I was able to watch it. Actually twice now:-)

  117. In terms of Jeremy creating winning patterns or empowering team mates, the process is well underway. Lin helped Davis shine in the preseason and Davis has carried on with the same confidence and efficiency. Lin has helped Hill the last 2 games with lots of open jumpers. Boozer is also getting there.

    At the same time Scott has empowered Price, who is playing better than he has ever played in his career. Kobe is concurrently empowering Lin to be an All Star floor general.

    Now Lin just has to work his magic on Wesley Johnson and Sacre. He’s got his work cut out for him though when it comes to these 2 guys.

    Would be nice to get a win against Phoenix but this process of empowering will take some time before it really bears fruit.

  118. Huge contrast to how Bryant has dissed the likes of Smush Parker. When you earn his respect, which Derek Fisher did and I think Lin has, Bryant really goes out of the way to express his support. Even Pau Gasol over the past couple of difficult seasons.

  119. Rick, lets not resort to any name calling here, please. Yeah we dislike that site due since they propagate hatred and biasness towards Jeremy.

    Our motto here is: The #1 priority is to have respectful discussion (no personal attacks, no putting down others based on race/gender/background) so even children can read and learn how to have a healthy discussion

    For further readings:-

  120. Yeah, its difficult to comprehend the difficulties his past teammates went thru, compared to Lin, who seems to get a Red Carpet welcome with silver spoon feedings.

    Go Lin!!!

  121. Please make sure all your limbs are within the field or you may leave somethings behind.

  122. Sorry if this is not the right thread but I tried to vote on Lin’s stats for tonight’s game, but got the error message that I’m not allowed to vote. I see that only “Members” are allowed to vote. Obviously I have this Disqus account but is there some other Member account that I have to register for?

  123. Oh no. I believe a lot of my comments are not a good example for children to read.= =

  124. Always this cohesion word, I would think you are selling glue……or was that adhesion…

  125. Do you join as a member for this site?? Remember that when I first joined, I had to sign up two different sets. This day I can make comments here because of Disqus but if I want to join voting or chatting, I have to sign in to jlinportal account. Maybe that’s happening to you too. Maybe @psalm234 or @brentyen or other IT experts will have a better answer. Sorry!

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  127. Ah, I see. All done now, I just voted.

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  132. Good! Glad that you are able to do so.

  133. Nice to see, that Byron recognized for offense ; that guys need to do better on spacing and PnR
    Defense: no ball watching, transition defense

  134. 12-15 not at all .

  135. As the 2nd/3rd scoring option on the team, definitely!

  136. I voted 20/8, again. Last time I went with that option and he got 17/9.

  137. Careful your mountain may get stuck at the portal door.

  138. Thanks! Added to Video Gallery on homepage

  139. Thank you for your help and other mods to moderate the sites :]
    @brentyen:disqus was one of the original troublemakers .. uhm, starters to discuss how to create best features for JLin fans (and he still is). Then @blubell and you came to help.

    So we can call you #4 haha..

  140. Oh definitely. Also, they are used to playing with each other so they have the advantage.

  141. Je Ballew was here I think. Have not seen Terry for a while….KH might never move….seems no “Trolls” here for him to fight with LOL

  142. I missed the last 2 games and I am happy to be back.

  143. Resistance is futile…wait….ooops…said the line from the wrong side.

  144. you missed the better 2. LOL

  145. Sadly but thing should only get better from here on. Hope that I am is what the Lakers missing for a win ;). Now, that I am here let’s win this one and on.

  146. If the Lakers played like they did against the Clippers, I will be happy. I will be even more ecstatic if the Lakers get the win with Lin close to 20 pts. I just hope they can solve the spacing problems that is plaguing this team right now.

  147. Put thousands of offense, defense issues aside, the no 1 issue seems being resolved – the color of Lin’s training jersey. lol. Now we should see some wins. Hope to see some consistent set plays, spacing, ball-sharing tonight. I try not to think too much about Hill and especially Johnson, lol.

  148. Feels like you are running some kind of surveillance package.

  149. well, for starters it can be more like JLin Latest Pics or Videos so it’s easier for everyone to post tweets with links to quotes & articles

  150. Coach Nick did a simple breakdown on what they have done in preseason. Some clever sets, some not so much. Scott abandoned it overnight b4 the 1st regular season game basically. 😛

  151. Can I just tag them here? @Ja Ballew, @google-42a79ca0601223a9431cccd1c75860da:disqus and @disqus_SyuAk23JI7:disqus

  152. The Lakers’ roster doesn’t fit

    “Why is Jeremy Lin, whose best skill is unquestionably driving to the basket, taking it to the rack the same amount of times per game as Shelvin Mack, Perry Jones III and Patrick Beverley? And why hasn’t he been more successful at it? Because there’s not enough three-point shooters on the team to adequately space the floor.

    Why is Wesley Johnson, whose best skill is finishing plays at the rim and spotting up for threes, being asked to start pick-and-roll-actions at the wing and create off the dribble? Because there aren’t any other wing players capable of doing so right now.”

  153. “JLin poor mid-range jumper and slow release,” you can tell the author is half blind.

  154. BTW, in terms of training. I get a feel that Lin is always one season behind. LOL When he went to HOU, his strength is to drive and pull up for his own shots. Then he lost the ball…..and had to do C&S. 2yrs later, he practiced so much on C&S, and he ended up on a team that is asking him to initiate the offense…..and do pull up shots AGAIN. LOL Even this transition can take some time.

  155. Doc did say Lin can be quicker, but his current release time is no where near “painfully slow”. This is what eye test can do to you.

  156. Carlos Boozer: ‘We’ve Got To Do A Better Job Of Helping Our Guards Out’

    The Western Conference is stacked from top to bottom with talented point guards. Some squads in the conference are so stacked at the position that their backups could easily start for other teams in the league.

    Over the past few years, opposing point guards have caused a lot of problems for the Los Angeles Lakers. Players like Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, Stephen Curry, Damian Lillard, Tony Parker, Ty Lawson, Goran Dragic, Eric Bledsoe and Mike Conley have all had dominant performances against Los Angeles in years past.

    After an 0-4 start to the season, veteran forward Carlos Boozer believes the team’s defense needs to be much improved in terms of containing opposing point guards. Boozer wants the Lakers’ floor generals to accept the challenge, but also says the team’s bigs need to step up to help out Jeremy Lin, Jordan Clarkson and Ronnie Price, via Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

  157. Lakers stumble through NBA’s toughest first-week schedule

    Of the 30 teams in the NBA, the Lakers are the only franchise to have already played four games — and they played them in the first five daysof the season, with two back-to-back sets.

    Also, all four games have been against playoff-caliber opponents, teams whose combined record was 10-2 before Monday. The Lakers opened the season at home against the Houston Rockets (currently 3-0) and played the next night on the road against the Phoenix Suns (2-1). They played the Clippers (2-1) on Friday and at the Golden State Warriors (3-0) Saturday.

    The Lakers will pick right back up on Tuesday with a rematch against the Suns at Staples Center.

    The team will finally get a break after that, with no games until they host the Charlotte Hornets (1-2) on Sunday.

    “We’ve got four days before our next game after tomorrow. Wednesday will be a big-time film session,” Coach Byron Scott said after practice Monday. “Thursday, Friday and Saturday, we’re going to get after it and start going over the things and reinforce our principles.

    “It’s a window of opportunity where we can work on a bunch of things, clean up a bunch of things but also add a few things.”

    Eventually the Lakers’ schedule normalizes, with just 16 sets of games on back-to-back nights remaining, and no extended trips — their longest is five games, and there’s only one of those. The team also benefits this season from playing only three games each against the San Antonio Spurs,Oklahoma City Thunder and Rockets.

  158. PPL are putting so much focus on how many STAR PGs are there in WC. I think they are all very good guards. Lin is very good too tho……if you do not know it

  159. thanks for the enlightenment 😉

  160. Great! like I said, right now it is time for collecting data like what F1 teams do in practice session. Then….kills the bugs one by one tru the film session and the practices after it.

  161. shoot!!! @maknusia:disqus is trolling!!

  162. dont know that word!!! need to look up… troller?

  163. Lin seemed to be fast enough to pull that big 3 over CP3 :]
    Maybe the writer skipped watching that clip too.

  164. Don’t think you can ever reach @Je Ballew with the “a” after the J.

  165. Just went to check JLindotnet and so many trolls there. The mod try to clean them up but they are coming right back. TrollHunter got ban and come right back as TrollHunterReturn and now, there is Voltair’e_Father just to name a few.

    Might be little too late and too much works for a lone mod to keep that place clean.

  166. He has a daddy now? lol….oh wow….this is getting better and better

  167. Family invasion!

  168. His mom might come in next then his sister, grandpa, grandma and so on..

  169. oh right! @Je Ballew

  170. Ya that site is a mess. If they can they should block certain IP addresses so the are less likely to come back.

  171. But then at times its fun to read his post 🙂
    As long as a troll dont attack or call names on another poster, I’m fine.

  172. No wonder!…i was just wondering why do the post count was way much lower than the norm

  173. If not attacking other people or names calling then not a troll.

  174. Also due to some people moved to this site.

  175. we do gobbledygook

  176. Fake trolls doing that.

  177. @disqus_HmSLGZ4iV2:disqus being named as fake troll!

  178. Thought Voltair doesn’t have any parents. I guess his/ her parents did not do a good job raising him/her

  179. We will leave this on JLNET…..forget about them…..let it go….

  180. Small things hurt. That is why I emphasize the execution…..video breakdown is a great way to learn the game. Enjoy..

  181. ESPN First Take: Kobe Bryant says Jeremy Lin needs to toughen up *FULL https://t.co/kI7GVk136P— CJCA (@CJStock_Sport) November 4, 2014

  182. Kobe needs to soft down…..

  183. Good to hear Skip recognizing Jeremy’s defense and clutchness.

  184. I like this analysis except the comment “great block by Jordan” which was a foul. lol

  185. That is true, I also disagree that Kobe put all this in public. But it is what it is, Lin has to take it.

  186. His tone is always like that, he just don’t want to discuss what was not called or was called.. Coach NIck was different tho, Nick will say it was an uncalled foul.

  187. I agree with Skip and not everyone has to act like Kobe to be tough.

  188. SAS: “The best thing that can ever happen to Jeremy Lin is Kobe Bryant”

    That I can agree. If Kobe is Lin’s biggest supporter in LA, we can start talking about how the kind of contract (length and size) that LAL will offer Lin next year (if Lin performs well).

    Thanks for posting this!

    Note: SAS is wrong about Bev running Lin of out HOU. It’s clearly Harden whose skillset is redundant with Lin being a dominant ball-handler

  189. i agree with kobe. didnt need to make it public but hey its kobe deal with it

  190. kobe is he last old school player in the nba. player today are soft.if lin can capture some of it its a huge gift. still pissed nash disappeared

  191. [Mark 3:56] Skip disagreed with Kobe’s public challenge for JLin to have that toughness and belief in himself. He preferred Kobe not to put them on notice to LAL media. Didn’t work with Dwight being soft. But IMO he’ll be surprised with how much Lin will step up to Kobe’s challenge even with public statement. Kobe wants to see how Lin will react

    [Mark 6:00] Skip acknowledged Lin might’ve been the best player most clutch player in the POR playoff series. But he didn’t believe Lin is Kobe.

  192. Unless he’s with the starters or unless Jeremy plays some minutes with the second team Kelly isn’t going to help Lin open the driving lanes. Seems like they should take Boozer and Johnson out and put in Davis and Kelly with the starters. Guess we’ll have to see how good Kelly’s shooting is, if it’s rusty or not.

    Los Angeles LakersVerified account‏@Lakers
    Kelly on his return: “It’s a read offense so I’m pretty familiar with it. I’m gonna be there to space the floor, unclog it.”


  193. I give Kobe the benefit of the doubt because this “toughen up challenge” comment followed a series of comments:
    – “Run the offense, don’t give the ball to me. we can bicker like me and DFisher”,
    – “part of making Jeremy a championship-caliber PG”

    IMO Kobe being Kobe he truly believes Lin needs empowerment publicly so his words can be held accountable (by the media) that he truly empowers Lin.
    And he proved that in the Clippers game by affirming Lin’s decision to take the big shot 3.

    Lin is tough inside (tougher than Howard) and I believe he will step up to Kobe’s challenge because Kobe truly believes in him. We don’t know what the ceiling is but I like Kobe is lighting up the fire inside Lin that HOU has been trying to put out in 2 years with the ‘role-player’ brainwashing.

  194. yeah, it’s his first game back so he might not be out there many minutes.

    Only if he’s shooting hot in 3s that he might still play at the end of the game to create more spacing for starters to operate.

  195. It makes me wondering about my parenting style. I feel my kids are more like Lin, polite, nice, intellect…etc, they do not have the “careless” spirit PBev possesses.

  196. Although I am against it. Let’s hope Lin just shoots….no passing, and see how teams will do like this…LOL

  197. First, I believe in Jlin. Lin may have to believe in himself. I also believe Kobe will be a good mentor for Lin. Not expecting for Lin to be a mini-Kobe, but to develop some mental toughness that is Kobe. Kobe made those statement after the Clippers game. He could have ripped Lin one after the Warrior’s game, but it’s not about that. As long as Lin trying his best, he’ll be fine.

  198. you mean “toughness”? LOL

  199. 28pts/1ast? LOL
    Nah, we see Lin looking to pass to Hill to pop in practice so more like 25pts, 5asts (all Lin-Hill) ;>

  200. There is some truth about 3’s opening up the paint. Chicken or the egg scenario.

  201. I think they are tough inside, but they care about how they behave outside and how others view them and they tend to react accordingly So, I think “careless” maybe more of what I feel PBev is. In Asia, it is a virtue the way Lin behaves and highly admired, but guess not in NBA.

  202. still never going to read/listen to anything that Bayless or Smith say

  203. ok, we heard Lin talked in the post-practice interview about the difficulty to find proper spacing with 2 bigs that like to pop (shoot midrange Js) than roll to the basket. Also learning how he and Kobe like to be to create spacing.

    So if defense is drawn out to challenge the Hill and Boozer taking midrange Js, who’s going to attack the rim? Lin/Kobe/Wes?

    Or will they try put Davis in the middle as the conventional big man to get rebounds and 2nd-chance opportunity on offense?

  204. even @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus is backing it?

  205. Excited about tonights game. Can’t wait to see their growth since the last game. They’re losing, but still exciting.

  206. As long as they are tough inside, I don’t see any problems.

  207. LOL, that is the spirit!

  208. How else can we explain why we keep coming back. Work is progress before our eyes!

  209. I hope his return will help. we’ll see

  210. I really only listened to what Bayless said. I zone out on Smith…

  211. Keep the Linning parenting style, Dorothy :>

    especially if your kids are more likely to be drafted in Harvard than in the NBA . . haha

    BTW, Bev is out with hamstring injury in the past 2 games due to his “rabid commitment to play on-the-ball defense”

  212. On offense, I’m hopeful for Lin be the floor general 75% of the time resulting in an even better ball movement.

    On defense, I want to see the bigs (Hill and Boozer) to take a page from Ronnie Price to throw a shoe at the 3pt shooters for better perimeter defense 😀


  213. I wonder how many shoes can you bring in to a game.

  214. Element of surprise?

  215. Hill and Boozer= 4 shoes!

  216. Jeremy has the inner toughness to take it 🙂

  217. that’s 8 to 12 per game! darn it

  218. Two of course.

    Unless you’re LeBron James :>

  219. lol

  220. @LakersReporter: Related to Dragic’s production decreasing: Isaiah Thomas is 2nd among bench players (Jamal Crawford) w/ team-high 18.7 points per game.

  221. @LakersReporter: Goran Dragic off to a very slow statistical start splitting time with Bledsoe/Thomas. Just 12.7P, 1.3A and 4.0R (20.3, 5.9, 3.2 last year).

  222. I do get the sense they try to polarize their opinions for rating and entertainment values.

    It’s a show of hyperbole of course.
    I love it when Cuban put them in their place. 😀

    “You don’t ever use facts, you don’t ever use substance.”
    “First of all, you have the presumption that people care what you say. They don’t.”

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/mark-cuban-first-take-2012-6#ixzz3I8QjUHKA

    But people still love controversy anyway …

  223. I’m thankful Jeremy is not in Phoenix competing for time with 4 other PGs

  224. They will still lose lots games for sure. I don’t have much confidence in in this starting lineup. I think any other teams can simply double Lin and Kobe, then they will get an easy win.

  225. We’re gonna have to rate their defense every night by shoes. 9 outta10 shoe nite would be awesome!

  226. If they make offensive improvements, i.e. Boozer and Hill will have big nites. Still learning each others preferences.

  227. Weird, now my original post is going into “waiting to be approved by JLinportal” mode.

  228. Though the final score was a blowout, the Sixers were only down by 6 points to the Rockets with 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter. Rockets are 4-0, but the 4 teams they beat only have 2 wins *combined*.

  229. My early post about trolls in jlinnet was detected as a spam. Are those trolls name already banned in here or did I got flag from trolls? =)

  230. I do not understand…..

  231. Today is the last day for free trial of NBA League Pass. Please let the NBA gods be kind to me and actually work today (no blackouts)

  232. We were talk about those trolls in jlinnet earlier but now when I went back to my earlier post it said “waiting to be approved by jlinportal.” When I click on the notify icon it has a red banner said my post is detected as a spam.

  233. I see nothing in the queue tho….

  234. I do hope so. I have no doubt they will improve. I am just afraid that may take too long with this starting lineup.

  235. Exactly. BTW, I banned Bayless and Smith (for myself) well before Lin even entered the league. I’m not going to listen to people who only take extreme positions to get ratings (even if they’re pro-Lin)

  236. Don’t know may be disqus acting up on me or now I am officially a spammer LOL

  237. Need to ask @psalm234:disqus to check it

  238. You are fine, I just marked that one post because I didn’t want to encourage more bashing of other sites.

  239. Just wondering nothing important bout the post anyways.

  240. Oh okay just was wondering. But I didn’t see it as a bashing though.

  241. He meant the following comments …I think. ANyway try not to trigger it at all.

  242. Cool with me.

  243. I imagine LP will tell you all blackouts for you long time ago. No?

  244. Better idea: Lin throws his shoes at his teammates who don’t run the play properly. (jk!)

  245. thanks for the heads-up anyway :]
    the mods will be more ready now

  246. He will need a lot of shoes..

  247. Mine is deleted. Sad.

  248. Not a problem. I am sure there is a footlocker near by.

  249. Adidas needs to step up then…lol

  250. Didn’t get to read yours yet =)

  251. Not exactly. They just have a blanket policy. It’s up to you to figure out (or find out the hard way) that a game is blacked out.

    “Blackouts take place when a game is televised locally in your area via a regional sports network or an over-the-air station. If a game is blacked out on NBA LEAGUE PASS in your local area, you should tune to your local station to see the game. Games will also be blacked out when they are appearing on national television. This applies to games being televised on ABC, ESPN, TNT, and NBA TV. You may view these games simply by switching to the designated channel.”

  252. if you can’t get inside your opponent’s head, the next best thing is to get inside his shoes

  253. Don’t need to. JLin received tons of shoes (piles of shoes) in offseason from Adidas. He just needs to bring all of them so that he can throw them to the ones don’t run the play properly:-) lol mean of me.

  254. 🙂 Good strategy.
    I shall coin the term “Shoe LIN-filtration” strategy.
    we should co-author a book about it

  255. So after the preseason uproar about Byron’s comments about Lin coming off the bench, seems now that there is no more debate. Price is healthy but still coming off the bench. Lin is starting and closing games, and it seems that Bryon is committing in having Lin in there to work out the Lakers’ teamwork and chemistry.

    I said during preseason that I wasn’t going to get wrapped up in
    speculating and arguing over Bryon’s media comments, I would just wait
    for regular season and see what his actual *actions* are. Looks like Byron made the right decision. Price is in his 10th season as a journeyman veteran backup PG. He’s a good backup PG, but no potential as Lakers PG of the future, so there’s no point for him to start and take minutes (in game and practice) away from someone could be a cornerstone Lakers PG in the future.

  256. I have the same line of thought but I’d venture to say it is actually Kobe’s decision that managed to override Byron’s decision (Or Kobe changed his mind from liking Ronnie in TC to liking Jeremy now). After all, it’s Kobe who approved the hiring of Byron.

    This is the quick interesting timeline from Google Headline News:

    Oct 27
    Steve Nash Injury Creates Opportunities For Jeremy Lin, Ronnie Price
    BScott: “I’m pretty happy with Ronnie”

    Oct 30
    – Scott, Bryant push Lin to take charge of Laker offense
    Kobe Bryant tells Jeremy Lin ‘to run the offense’

    Nov 1

    Kobe Bryant Praises Jeremy Lin, Warns Lakers Not to Be ‘Chumps and Pushovers’

    Nov 3

    Kobe Bryant thinks Jeremy Lin just needs to ‘mark his territory’

  257. Agree with Kobe rules over BS for JLin to be a starter. Having said that I’m still a little angst about after 15-20 games when JLin is still having issues with starters. Wondering what happens then. Does the starters line up change including JLin?? Atm I stay away from that thought but concentrate on one game at a time. Just pray that JLin/starters improve huge to win Game 5!

  258. How did the Jazz beat the Suns by 27 pts? Seems like fast break points as well as pts in the paint. Not sure why Suns were not able to run with Jazz though, they have a lot of young fast players. Holding Dragic, Bledsoe, and Thomas to 10 pts apiece is impressive.

    Well, Lin should be able to push the Lakers for fast break points. Not sure the Lakers can dominate inside though. My prediction: Lin with 13 pts, 6 ast. Suns win by 9, 105-96.

  259. Laker’s fans know basketball.

    @ajstarting5 Hill might be traded and Lin is absolutely a keeper. He is a legitimate NBA starter. Just struggled early


  260. It was the 2nd game of Back-to-Back games after beating Spurs the previous night.
    I’m sure fatigue and emotional letdown after the huge win vs Spurs played a factor.

    My biggest concern is still with Lakers 3PT defense but I just saw Suns struggled with their 3PT vs Spurs (2-18 or 11%) and vs Utah (7-31 or 22%) after hitting 50% vs Lakers (16-32)

    So there’s hope for Lakers to pull a win :>

  261. Hope the coach will make some adjustment to the starting 5. Kobe, Lin, Ed Davis will be nice…

  262. Ah thanks, that explains a lot. Well then, the Suns having 2 days rest and probably eager to redeem themselves after a humiliating loss to the Jazz… I’m going to have to update my prediction to Suns win by 14, 110-96

  263. … Enter the Dragon portal …

  264. I just passed up a LOT of higher numbered PGs for JLin. Hope the bball goal for him this year comes true and we have many games like v Clips. Season won’t be fun without Lin on my team heh heh.

  265. No, you should be happy, just focus on things here. 😛

  266. Joyce would agree with you bro.

  267. Where is @awarde:disqus anyway? lol

  268. How many here will go to the game tonight?

  269. LOL .. but it has some truth :>

  270. Hope you win your Fantasy BB league!

  271. taking a break I imagine.

  272. Lin will win it for me, I trust.

  273. what a change from clutchfans!

  274. Go Jeremy! Bring the first win for LAL tonight.

  275. you are a winner.

  276. Price and JLin together? How does that work. JLin plays more with the second unit?

    after Monday’s practice, Coach Scott talked with @JLin7 and Price to figure out the best way to play together.


  277. man, byron likes to jack up his shorts! =p

    on the other hand, Lin’s shorts are way too long. are those capris?

  278. I think Price at PG, Lin at SG. If Kobe also, then he’s at SF.

  279. Is Lin’s nick name, I gave him from the Linsanity era.

  280. nice … he’s going to win a championship if he’s healthy. He impacts the game that much …

  281. I didn’t participate in the last game thread, how did the new chat work out?
    Which chat are we using tonight?
    Time to create the game thread?

  282. Sounds good. I would like that lineup especially if the other team has quick guards like Phoenix. Offensively Kobe would have no problem scoring over most SFs. Defensively Price can help defend the guards and free up Lin and Kobe for offence a bit more.

  283. No doubt about it…. some day.

  284. You should have seen the hot pants we used to wear in the late 60s.

  285. We can’t use the old chat anymore since it slows down the site so much that it prevents user access to the site.

    The Chat was working well in the last game thread but fans were a bit discouraged so not much cheering was going on.

    Do you see ‘Chat (Loading…)’ on the bottom right of the browser?
    I’m trying to fix it now.

    If you can create the Game Thread, that would be very helpful.
    Thanks you.

  286. She is here and just not making any post.

  287. Completely off topic, but the other on reddit, someone posted their awful experience of meeting Swaggy P.
    “Ran into Nick Young’s broken down Ferrari. Couldn’t have been more of a douche. Rejected little kid’s autograph requests then called me Alladin (I’m brown) and sent his thug entourage to threaten me.”
    He posted a pic of Swaggy with his blue broken down Ferrari.
    I dont even know much about Nick but I was heartbroken to read this lol
    Thats always my biggest fear of of meeting a celebrity I like, that they turn out to be jerks D:

  288. If the new chat was fast, then that’s all we need. I should be on tonight, and I prefer chat over disqus for in-game, so I will personally guarantee lots of cheering (or booing), or least a lot of nonsense!

    sure, I will create the game thread. I don’t know anything about the new chat, so I assume that you will add that part.

  289. link? probably better if it comes from someone with rep in a stable community you know how this goes these days …

  290. Did he literally mean “ran into” as in “hit” Nick Young’s Ferrari? If so, I can see why Nick would not be in a good mood. LOL

  291. If Randle was still healthy, I could see Scott having LIN come off bench as originally hinted. The second unit with LIN, Davis, Randle, Clarkson, Young, Xavier would kill most teams. They probably would beat the stating unit! If Scott was trying to reduce Kobe’s playtime, he’d split the times between first unit and second evenly and develop the next generation of Lakers to reach their potentials. This was actually a winning strategy for the team for the second unit to win their games for them.

  292. http://www.reddit.com/r/LosAngeles/comments/2l0f67/ran_into_nick_youngs_broken_down_ferrari_couldnt/

    I believe him, he got a pic of Nick and Nick’s gf is a racist rude girl herself. Birds of a feather.

  293. Brutal … I hope JLin can affect his swag towards life a bit. Not livin’ to be cutting on people. Yep, I know it’s a drain to always have to say no, but these guys make more than your avg person.

  294. Good one!

  295. LOL! the plot twist, and the little kid whose autograph Nick rejected turns out to be the guy’s son XD

  296. JLin’s already working on humbling Nick down by refusing to call him Swaggy P XD

  297. btw, was that you an l.net telling peeps to come over? I can’t make heads or tails of that site now given the lack of genuine fan discussion of any kind. I hope some of the great posters do visit. Well done. I should make a statement like JoyceW did, but I don’t want to be rude given how hard those mods worked all these years. WuKong posted a doozy today, asking clearly if trolling was allowed for clicks. (Brent, I know, it’s the past don hit me.)

  298. That was loud and clear … no need for a nickname until you do a Lisanity or 2.

  299. Hey guys! So this is where yall went…

  300. Welcome! Yes most of us are here now:-)

  301. Thanks!

  302. gonna see some good spacing tonite i bet

  303. Hope u enjoy the site here. It’s much more peaceful and “fun” with few are trolling Linterestingly:-)

  304. ha, you found us :> welcome!

  305. Pray and hope the fruit of hardwork. This was what they have worked on in the practice since Game 4.

  306. It was me, sorry if you guys now get an influx of trolls lol but the few sane posters that are left there are having meltdowns and I had to let them know.
    I appreciate the owner’s work all these years but things are unbearable now and I’d hate for genuine Lin fans left there to think there’s no place to discuss him without all the negativity from the trolls.

  307. ok, quick question.

    For JLP members (not using Disqus but site account) who are not on phones (Android/iPhone) and not behind a firewall, who can see the Chat on the Bottom right corner?

    I see ‘Chat (loading…)’ and am suspecting firewall to be the main reason.
    Thank you

  308. yep with JLin & Kobes work ethic the Lakers will be in the lab grinding everyday. It is a pleasure to watch it unfold.

  309. Did the refresh and was able to type the message again.

  310. Yes I’m. Very intriguing of this Lakers this season. Just like reading mystery story with so many twists within the story.

  311. Welcome.

  312. ok, I think it’s the firewall preventing access for some laptops/PCs from work.
    Maknusia had the same issues before.
    Thanks for checking!

  313. Saw HY C joined in but haven’t seen anyone else on the chat.

  314. Does it happen even when you refresh the thread? I was clear after I did the refresh.

  315. I don’t know it is my laptop or not. The chat blocked some of this disqus conversation.

  316. same for me (loading…) behind firewall. I will mention this in the game thread.

  317. kauai and other newcomers, please use this “How to Use This Site” to learn how the site works.
    It’s the red button on homepage but I thought it would be faster to point you this way.


    For now, you’re fine with using Disqus accounts to comment in this thread or next Game Thread. For Chat and voting, you may register later with a site account (click Sign-Up button on top-right on homepage) since it’s not connected to Disqus 3rd-party account.

  318. Yes it works perfectly after I refresh the thread. Give it a try and see whether it’s working for everyone.

  319. Ok

  320. yeah, this one has lots of limitation (bottom corner, not working on mobile browsers) so it’s ok for now.
    But we need to find one with WP account integration a remotely hosted server

  321. yes, it’s work server protection issues. It’s okay :>

  322. i thought this one has WP integration?

  323. Ok. No idea about all these IT issues.

  324. Sounds terrible. beg the NBA gods then.

  325. game thread is up! you “first” hunters have 1 minute before I sabotage the first. =p


  326. @psalm234 the caching seems to refresh much faster now!

  327. yes, this one does. I meant a similar one like this but works well with most devices

  328. Correct, I read it will be limited minutes, more likely to get extended minutes for the weekend game

  329. Wu Kong just helped point the portal out with a post on the other site, which has gotten awfully smoggy…so I just found you. Glad to be here and seeing familiar names, great posters.

  330. LIN – 16/7! LETS GO!

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