G05 PHX @ LAL PostGame Thread

Lakers lost again 106-112 with Kobe being the one-man offense shooting 37 FG attempts while the rest of the starters only shot a combined 35 attempts. 聽Even worse Byron let Kobe played 44 min without getting rest in the 2nd half (or very minimum)

JLin came out aggressively in the 1st quarter and quickly attacked the rim, scored a 3 with 8pts in 9 min. But he had a string of hard fouls and hard fall:

Q1 6:13 Lin got hit on mouth/teeth and he rubbed his mouth. He didn’t like Bledsoe’s hard foul

Q1 2:40 seen taking Advil

Q4 3:59 fell聽on back/hips softened by landing on Markieff Morris body who inadvertently undercut him

Lin finished with 18pts/3asts/qreb on 4-8FG, 9-10FT, 1-2 3PT.

He had a very strong game but had to take 3 quick fouls in the 2nd quarter guarding quick Isaiah Thomas so he had to sit early. Kobe took over and never relinquished the offense back to Lin until late Q4 (5min left). Byron should have given rest to Kobe in early Q4 and let Lin come in early in Q4 to establish rhythm of the team. It should get sorted out but Lakers lost the chance in this winnable game by not letting Lin run the offense in early Q4.

Review by realdsb:

Scoring: A-

  • Lin started Q1 like gangbusters. He was aggressive and had 8 pts on 3-4 fg, including a 3. He already matched his previous game pts halfway through Q1.
  • I think that he tweaked his ankle and he wasn’t able to be as aggressive later in the game. He did make a big impact when he came back in the 4th quarter, helped bring the Lakers within 1 pt. Lin was 6-6 FTs in the 4th.
  • Overall, Lin had a good scoring game with 18 pts on 4-8 fg, 1-2 3pt, 9-10 ft. Kobe was playing hero ball much of the second half, so Lin didn’t have much opportunity.

Passing: B

  • Lin had a few beautiful dropoffs for the big men. He also had a sweet feed to Davis cutting in the middle of the lane, but the dunk didn’t count (I think Davis was fouled before the shot). He should produce more than 3 assists though.

Defense: B+

  • Lin was matched up on Bledsoe most of the night, who had an extremely quiet 6 pts. Isaiah Thomas only scored 8 of his pts while Lin was on the floor.

Overall Grade: B+

  • Lin was definitely not the reason for this loss. Kobe started hero ball in the 3rd quarter, which probably reduced his energy in the 4th. Kobe routinely pulled up jumpers over a triple team while Lin was waving at the 3 pt line. Lin can’t really go towards Kobe to get the ball, otherwise he would be bringing yet another defender over.


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  2. The queen has reclaimed the 1st Linning throne :>

  3. LOL Good on you @blubell

  4. I’m still puzzled with BS on JLin’s rotation in the past 5 games esp this game. Don’t believe BS treats JLin as a starter nor respect his game.

  5. I do feel magnanimous 馃槢

  6. BS dont respect Lin.He didnt want Lin as his starter路Iam really mad because lakerx
    s can win this game

  7. http://espn.go.com/blog/los-angeles/lakers/post/_/id/40290/kobe-is-winless-but-hes-still-relentless

    From article above:
    “And that’s the same way I want the guys to play — Jeremy (Lin) in particular. Because he’s a really good player, man. And he’s just getting used to playing with that (expletive) attitude.”
    – Kobe

    “We’re not necessarily playing the smartest basketball right now,” said Lin, who had 18 points on 4-of-8 shooting, “but I can’t sit here and say that we have guys that don’t want to try their hardest.”
    – Lin

  8. Believe so. I just don’t understand why BS didn’t put JLin back if he believe JLin is Mr. 4th quarter. Thus far, I didn’t see him treating JLin as such. As I said in preseason, same old thing for JLin to deal with in Lakers in a sense as R with few good differences. At least Kobe is for JLin (in the front), FO may treat him better (at least in the surface), most media, and most Laker fans are so much better.

  9. That’s what I call being aggressive…ABB

  10. Lin appeared to take on some Kobe-like attributes this game. I have never seen Lin stare down/at another player as he did with Bledsoe, and there was one foul where he starting walking away as if to cool off because he might say something to the ref.

  11. JLin’s newest Chinese video clip:

  12. Empowerment!

  13. Haha. I should be sleeping…

  14. I agree with you on this. However, I do not dislike Scott as much as I dislike McHale. I have my own reasons but briefly put, Scott received a bench player in Jeremy via the trade with Houston. If not for either Kobe or upper management, he could have kept Lin on the bench, and would be justified. Houston signed a starter and budding star when they got Lin, they abused him for 2 years and also benched him.

  15. Lakers not practicing tomorrow.

  16. I think I heard they are going to watch video

  17. Yes JLin said that in his vid below.

  18. That’s where it was from. I have watched a number of things so I forgot. Hope your results turned out as well as can be.

  19. Lots of talk about LAL tanking. What say? 0-5, letting Kobe play all those mins, holding Lin out until it’s too late, etc.

  20. Rough translation:
    Hi everyone. Thank you for watching our game and cheering for us. I’m obviously very upset that we haven’t yet won a game. But I know that God has a perfect plan. I’m going to take my rest now. Tomorrow we are going to have the vid and find out what we have done wrong and improve from there in our practice. Thankyou. Good night.

  21. Lin is the worst nightmare for a team trying to tank since he will keep improving his game, empowering the team and figuring out a way to win.

  22. a perfect plan路路路路路路路路what does it mean.

  23. Thought you are going to zzzzzzzzzz. Can’t stay away from here?

    Don’t know about tanking but do wonder about what BS is doing with his rotation of JLin. Don’t like it at all. He also never gives any chance of JLin plays much with Ed Davis and second team. Obviously his main pg choice is Price and not JLin. Believe this is his “rebellious” against others for telling him to start pg. That’s why I believe JLin is in a very very tough position than he is in R in a sense. Sometimes am not sure which one is the worse–Lakers or R.

  24. JLin didn’t expound on that and I don’t want to be his mouth on this. I may misinterpret what he means.

  25. Bs even aske d the front office for another pg

  26. That’s also true. They only have 2 pgs now. Clarkson is more sg.

  27. Added this review above:

    Scoring: A-

    Lin started Q1 like gangbusters. He was aggressive and had 8 pts on 3-4 fg, including a 3. He already matched his previous game pts halfway through Q1.

    I think that he tweaked his ankle and he wasn’t able to be as aggressive later in the game. He did make a big impact when he came back in the 4th quarter, helped bring the Lakers within 1 pt. Lin was 6-6 FTs in the 4th.

    Overall, Lin had a good scoring game with 18 pts on 4-8 fg, 1-2 3pt, 9-10 ft. Kobe was playing hero ball much of the second half, so Lin didn’t have much opportunity.

    Passing: B

    Lin had a few beautiful dropoffs for the big men. He also had a sweet feed to Davis cutting in the middle of the lane, but the dunk didn’t count (I think Davis was fouled before the shot). He should produce more than 3 assists though.

    Defense: B+

    Lin was matched up on Bledsoe most of the night, who had an extremely quiet 6 pts. Isaiah Thomas only scored 8 of his pts while Lin was on the floor.

    Overall Grade: B+

    Lin was definitely not the reason for this loss. Kobe started hero ball in the 3rd quarter, which probably reduced his energy in the 4th. Kobe routinely pulled up jumpers over a triple team while Lin was waving at the 3 pt line. Lin can’t really go towards Kobe to get the ball, otherwise he would be bringing yet another defender over.

  28. Too little too late. put JLin back in with 8 minutes to go–take it easy with the boozer high post play. kobe shoot a little less and JLin a little more would’ve resulted in a W. frustrating. they gotta get off the snide. they GOTTA WIN ON SUNDAY.

  29. Graphic showing when both teams’ PGs were on the floor. Shows how Lin was matched up mostly against Bledsoe, barely on Thomas.

    original source:

  30. i have to say something. why does kobe like lin soo mmuch. he is always talking about lin. he clearly sees the potential. developing lin seems to be his second goal of the year. his first being prove people wrong that you are done

  31. Thanks for finding this info.

  32. Just don’t like a work project I need to deliver, so taking breaks. Whew done now., so taking final break ha ha.

  33. He, he and Kobe won’t buy into tanking. People saying FO know, but player don’t know. Just a thought in case nothing makes sense. So far, though, it make sense. They are losing to iso with a team that is just forming. It’s hard to beat good teams if yo iso and are cohesive. It’ll take more games to gel.

  34. wow, if he’s saying that extemporaneously, he’s doing great for an American born. Kids here lose their Chinese so fast. He’s got good teachers, and he’s working hard at that.

  35. Agree. Very little doubt about Kobe on his plan on JLin but I question about BS’s from the day when Nash was out. That was why we experienced startergate. Because Price was hurt in preseason and maybe the pressure from FO and Kobe, he had to start JLin. If you look at JLin’s rotation in the past 5 games and not even once to play with starters during TC and preseason except in Preseason Game 2 before Game 1, his actions speak volumn.

  36. Cheer up, JLFFOz … Byron is better than McHale. Sunday will be great … first LAL win, first Raiders win ha ha.

  37. Opps. Where are you? Thought you live in US.

  38. I do, I stay up late working because I’m in early stage companies and it’s a lifestyle. I love it. JLin gives me inspiration to keep at it …

  39. for me its a PR only路 If Kobe really want to mentor Lin than pass the ball when Lin waving at him路 or let other teammates do as lin says路路路afterall lin is his floorgeneral

  40. I would like one so we don’t wear Lin out on D.

  41. I’m ok. Not down or anything. Just very puzzled on BS’ action of the way he treats JLin as I only care for JLin. That’s why I’m still watching Lakers and NBA:-)

  42. man i love kobe for talking up JLin–it shuts up his detractors. it’s like you’re talking chyt about JLin? do you know more than kobe who thinks he’s a great player? i love it. it’s so good for jeremy because EVERYONE in the laker organization just hugs kobe’s nuts from the FO to the showtime lakers on down to the TWC media.

  43. I want my PFV …

  44. Don’t worry. Price is taking lots of minutes from JLin thus far. He plays even more “crucial” minutes than JLin at times.

  45. I’m hoping it’s because he thought Lin was hurt and didn’t want to agitate it too much? Or was Lin not hurt at all?

  46. wesley johnson sucks so bad he should play with a binky in his mouth at all times. that fast break pass out of bounds when J was wide open for a transition 3 just made me want to puke into a bowl and then microwave it and feed it to a homeless person. sorry for the imagery but that is how disgusted his play makes me feel.

  47. I think Kobe is desperate to get the first win, not to pad his own stats. He can’t help but revert to his default nature, which is to take over and take all the shots. In the second half, he was often triple teamed and still pulled up for jumpers rather pass to an open teammate (Lin) at the 3 pt line. But this is 36-year old post-achilles surgery and knee fracture Kobe, not 32-year old pre-injury Kobe. I can understand Kobe wanting to take over last 5 mins of 4th quarter, but he was already starting in 3rd qtr.

    I think Kobe knows that he needs to learn to trust his teammates, but he just can’t get over that mental hump because it’s not his nature. But he’ll have to do so in order for this Lakers team to improve.

  48. I’m a bit surprised that Chinese in California end up not being able to speak Mandarin because the last time I visited LA I spent a better part of a week not even hearing English!

    Is it different up in Northern California? Where Lin grew up?

  49. Don’t think so as some JLin fans in Twitters asked reporters, they said it was just a normal for players after play stuffs. Even one person asked about JLin taking aspirins. Reporter also said it was common for players to take that.

  50. Like Brent says, he thinks he doing right so we’ll see … I don’t sense LAL are dysfunctional-no win people.

  51. Whether he really appreciates Lin or just doing it for PR or for his own legacy’s sake (hey look, I mentored this terrific PG!), I’m just glad there is finally a star player who is in Lin’s corner. Such a refreshing change from Melo and Harden and even Dwight Howard. I think Lin’s hard work and high BB IQ will help him sustain Bryant’s trust. It is frustrating though, when it all becomes iso-Bryant at critical moments. Can’t he just trust Lin and the rest more?!

  52. he likes jeremy but he can’t change his nature. i wish jeremy could borrow a little bit of his selfish mojo.

  53. No, it’s not that. Just the kids once they get to school find it easier to talk and express themselves in English. You really need a family member who doesn’t speak English for the kids to keep it. For example, everyone younger than me lost their Mandarin, because the elders learned English by the time they hit school age. I know families here where all their friends speak Mandarin all weekend, but the kids play and only talk in English.

  54. I think first of all Kobe can see in Lin a competitive fire, especially after Lin dropped 38 on the Lakers during the height of Linsanity.

    Secondly, I feel that Kobe wants to move into the mentorship role now. He wants a legacy where he shepherds young players to greatness.

    And third of course is the marketing aspect. Kobe is acutely aware of his brand and he understand what Lin means to billions of fans around the world. He probably also loves the underdog story that Lin came from.

    I still think the first and second reasons are the biggest factors, but it really is a mix of all these things.

    Because despite Lin’s fame, if he all of a sudden starts slacking off and shows that he’s not serious, Kobe would turn in a second. So that’s why I feel Kobe at least respects Lin for his competitiveness.

  55. Same here in Australia — Almost all ABCs (Australian Born Chinese) can’t speak Mandarin but some Cantonese generations can still speak little Cantonese. Very interesting to see but still prefer to speak English.

  56. Hopefully in time Kobe will. At least the first quarter was good:-)

  57. Wonder whether u really can teach the old dog a new trick:-) Agree that he is willing but his own nature just took over. Like someone said earlier, at least his isos were so much fun to watch than JH:-) True in a sense but…

  58. LOL. Don’t know about that but I will continue to wait and see. At least JLin still has a mind to send out a vid to his fans earlier. That’s good for me:-)

  59. Now I remember u live in SF area.

  60. For those that didn’t watch the game, Kobe had this incredibly foolish play where he leapt for ball going out of bounds, jumping over the first row of seats and landed on the concrete(?) space after the first row, extremely hard on his feet. He bent over and stretched his achilles for a good 10 seconds. Nice effort, but foolish for long term health.

    Just another example of how competitive Kobe is, but at the same time not doing what’s wisest for the longer term sake of the team.

  61. Yeah, you gotta admire the drive when players leap into the stands. It’s just dangerous because Kobe has had previous injuries.

  62. okay i’m not gonna lie. when he did that i secretly hoped he mildly tweaked something so that he’d have to sit down and JLin could take over and WIN THE FUQQQING GAME. oh well.

  63. he’s playing ~30 min….he’s not gonna wear out. he is 26 after all.

  64. Just LOOK @ how @kobebryant LIGHTS UP when he talks abt how GOOD @JLin7 is. He SMART & KNOWS. KEEP SUPPORTING HIM KB! http://t.co/o7ExCZb6Z6

  65. are kobe and byron playing good cop / bad cop on jeremy?

  66. When you’re used to playing a certain way for most of your life, it’s really, really, really hard to change.

  67. Starting out 0 – 5 seems really bad but when you think about it, it is just a five game losing streak which happens to any rebuilding team. However, I hope they start getting some wins soon because they could spiral downwards if their spirits are broken.

    I am still positive because getting Lin and Kobe to work together is a long process but they are both committed to it. The easy way out is to bench Jeremy and bring Jeremy in to clean up the mess created by the starters. (That’s what Houston did). I think Jeremy is handling the ball more and the only reason he got less minutes today was because Byron wanted to see if Kobe could carry the team to victory on his own. (Well he got his answer.)

    I just have this feeling that when they eventually work things out, Kobe and Lin can be a really devastating backcourt.

  68. Hope your assessment is correct but I somehow I doubt it is the main reason.

  69. I hate that BS sits Lin out for too long of stretches when he doesn’t have a better alternative. Unless Lin is hurt, there is no reason BS shouldn’t be playing him at least 33-36 minutes every game. However, I do think Lin is not helping his own cause by picking up many fouls. I wish he would stop those ticky tack fouls where he sticks out his arm and touches the other player while they are shooting or driving. If he wants to go for a steal or a block, he should go for it. But, he shouldn’t pull back and stick out an arm. It doesn’t bother the other guy’s shot and he’s just risking quick fouls.

    Worst part is that it seems like opponents know Lin is prone to do this. I’ve seen Chris Paul, Isaiah Thomas, etc, trying to bait Lin to commit silly fouls many times already. Sometimes refs make phantom calls, but sometimes it is Lin’s fault. Good thing is it does seem like Lin is aware of this too because I see him raise his hands to show refs he is not fouling. Hopefully, he will stop picking up quick fouls and encourage BS to keep him there longer. I am not saying Lin’s limited minutes are his fault though. BS’ man love with Price is probably bigger reason for it.

    It would also be nice if Davis can also foul less and stay on the floor longer with Lin instead of Boozer. But, I think it will be much harder for him since he tries to block or contest many shots. And BS probably won’t choose Davis over Boozer anyway.

  70. You mean the reason Lin got less minutes? I have no doubt Scott generally wants Price to play with Kobe for “better fit” reasons. But the important thing is that Lin has the support of Kobe and the Lakers front office.

  71. Another tough loss. I don’t know why media is always shy from Lins injury even when he was in Houston. I just hope it’s not something serious.

    I believe Lin didn’t play the whole 4th q because of his ankle. He lost his speed, He cannot keep up with any guard. he cannot cut, he cannot change direction very quickly if you notice. His last two weird shots and his “hesitation” clearly related to his injury, that reminded me Lin’s off shots when his back was injured in Houston.
    Please no more lingering injury, I hope.

  72. I am 100% sure Lin was hurt. He was limping and couldn’t keep it up with other players. If I were Scott, I would not let him play for long time.

  73. I do agree most of your points except for, BS likes RP better than Lin hence the benching. There is no “real” indication of such, which I have seen.

    At this point, LAL had given the key to Lin. Lin just needs to figure out how to playmake for the team, and at the same time, getting the needed points for the team.

    As as see it, he is progressing, and progress it is, this is not a move where, out of blue Lin figures things out and the team goes win after win. LAL has a weak roster and make the best out of it is no easy task for any PG.

    Kobe been doing well motivating Lin, and giving all the support as the franchise player and the leader. It seems to me, Kobe wants Lin to share his scoring front. But Koke is just not going to just handover it, he wants Jeremy to grab it and take it away. Lin would need to figure out how to that.

    Yes, what they request of Lin is huge but thats what a growing star need to bring to the table, his A game every single game. If he needs picks in order to run his offense then he needs to make the call and discuss with coach and team.

    Lin need to Lin

  74. yeah…less injury please. I dont think one can go total injury-less

  75. Jeremy Lin ( 18 PTS ) vs. Phoenix Suns (11-4-2014)- Blaiyan

  76. just watched the video on TWC James Worthy putting the blame on JLin – not aggressive…thinking too much…from playing a 2 to be pg…dribble too much resulting in TO…other elite pg wore him down…he is dodging…not fighting back…

    Wow loads of bs coming out of JW. Look at the play…who can say that JLin isn’t aggressive?
    He dribbles too much resulting in TOs…what?

    IMO, the problem is the team doesn’t know how to play PNR and dare not to shoot 3s. Down the stretch…No one seems dare to take the shots and JLin has to drive to rim to get FT….they were deferring and standing around…..Who can set proper screens for JLin? None. I am furious. Even Kobe is not doing it right!

  77. I don’t detect the same condescending tone that Drexler had.

    The main difference is that Houston took the position that Linsanity was Lin’s ceiling and therefore it was a fluke that he played at that level. Anytime Lin played well they would play it up like it was yet another fluke.

    What Worthy (and the Lakers overall) are saying is that Linsanity level is achievable if Lin stops overthinking. That he needs more confidence. That he is a work in progress.

    Whilst you may disagree with specific things that Worthy has said, (like Lin is already being aggressive), overall they are expecting bigger things from Lin. I can certainly live with that.

  78. listen to JW from 2:30

    verify what I have noted.

  79. well said KL, ditto.

  80. @psalm234 has already added this vid into the vid on homepage.

  81. transiting from a 2 trying to be a pg? you agree with that?

  82. yeah, The last he played true PG was in NYK. I Rox, he was required to create plays, and JH was handing the ball most of the time, hence he dumps the ball to JH and goes to the corner, now and then he cuts and slice. He was not running much plays, except when he plays with the bench

  83. Oh! 馃檪

  84. IMO it doesn’t matter what role he played in Houston…but you must agree that JLin is a PG and plays at a high level. what happened in Houston doesn’t diminish is ability to run the PG role.
    I know JW has been very supportive of JLin…but in this particular post-game interview…I think he did JLin a disservice…IMO JLin gave it all in this game…let down by the few who did not step up..

  85. Totally! He gives 100% in terms of effort.

  86. JW just says…
    “He just can鈥檛 give the ball up and expect someone else to make the play. He has to direct everyone.

  87. I just listened to the interview and have verified what you said. I also disagree with many of his points. But you should listen again yourself.

    Worthy is saying that Linsanity was not a fluke. That during Linsanity Lin went up against top point guards and was better than them. But something was lost along the way (Houston brainwashing that it was all a fluke). Worthy wants to see Lin play with the same confidence and freedom that he had in New York. I agree with that!

  88. I agree with real and 311 posts… he’s so competitive but sometimes to detriment of team but can’t change how he plays. I’m sure he realized and thought after the play… Oh shoot, that wasn’t smart… Or something like that. 馃檪

  89. ….I think the fault doesn’t lies in JLin not being aggressive or even lack of confidence.
    In NYK he had the right players around him to get the results…in this LAL team….in so hard to play with…I am no expert…maybe has to wait for Nick’s BBallbreakdown….

  90. Kobe is gonna be Kobe. Lin just need to be Lin, demanding and directing the offense

  91. I agree with 1st comment. Wish the other two will happen but TWolves are young and will run Lakers out of building and the Raiders are um, the Raiders.

  92. Kobe’s quote

    I’ll go out there and I’ll leave it on the floor, everything, and
    compete and be relentless and not be fearful of criticism or fearful of
    not playing well and missing shots.

    “And that’s the same way I want the guys to play — Jeremy [Lin] in
    particular. Because he’s a really good player, man. And he’s just
    getting used to playing with that [expletive] attitude.

  93. he must see highly of his skill in order to be so critical of him and expect so much from him. he wouldnt expect the same from a less skill player

  94. NTWYG! Hope they can sort it out before the next game! Cheers!

  95. Lin —
    Aggressive from the start, Lin said he needs to play that way every

    A lot of Kobe/Lin split action in this one. As mentioned, this is
    an easy way that the two of them can both be threats on the same play.
    Late in the game we got into an awkward set when we went small and Wes
    was the post man on that play. Just ass-backwards by the Lakers, as
    usual. Put Hill over there, use Wes to space the floor weakside.

    job in the fourth by Lin to manufacture some FTs from the line. That
    nearly pushed the Lakers over the top. He was still too indecisive
    offensively, however, and it made for some awkward moments. 鈥淲e were in
    attack mode for most of the game,鈥 Scott said. Well, Kobe鈥檚 always in
    attack mode. We need to get Lin up there with more consistency. Better
    game, though, in that regard tonight.

    Kobe said after the game that they
    need to figure out some things to help Jeremy attack easier.
    Our two
    man D down the stretch needs to improve. 鈥淭hey went to some high pick
    and roll stuff and we weren鈥檛 able to get stops we wanted.鈥

    The Stats:
    He scored 18 points on 4-8 shooting (1-2 from three, 9-10 from the
    line) to go with 1 board, 3 assists, 2 turnovers and 5 fouls in 27
    minutes. He was a -8.

    The Action: He attacked and was blocked at the rim (should have finished with his
    other hand). He attacked the paint and dumped it off to Boozer for the
    easy one. Nice challenge in transition to get a stop. He sank a corner
    three on an inbounds pass. He came off the weakside screen, curled into
    the lane, took the bounce pass and scored the layup.

    Aggressive attack
    off the high screen, stopped on a dime, pumped Bledsoe in the air to
    pick up his second foul, he made one FT. He attacked to his right and
    scored a layup, but they gave it right back up in transition a few
    seconds later. Out of control on a drive (his man was in the restricted
    circle, but Lin was so out of control on a tripping no call that it just
    looked bad), charge. He attacked the paint, drew the D and dumped it
    off to Boozer for the layup. He picked up his third foul and had to sit.

    Second Half:
    He dribbled a ball off his foot, unforced error, layup the other way.
    He sank a 19-footer off the split play next time down. He missed a
    sideline three off the split play. He worked the two-man game with
    Boozer to set Carlos up for a jumper. He drew FTs on the attack, he made
    both. He attacked the paint to his left and drew FTs on a sliding
    bigman, he made both. He thought he had a good block in transition on D,
    but the refs called a foul. He attacked with speed off the Kobe screen
    to drew more FTs, he made both. He got undercut badly on a long
    defensive board on the other end to earn more FTs, he made both to cut
    it to 1. Not close on a turnaround on the baseline with 3 minutes left.
    He bricked badly, airballing on a busted offensive sequence with under 2
    minutes left (he was completely trying to defer to Kobe on that one,
    otherwise he had a chance to be aggressive earlier in the shotclock)
    thankfully, Hill cleaned up that airball.

  96. I understand you are upset because Lin gave his best but was let down by the team for this game. Worthy’s criticisms seem unwarranted. I can discuss the individual points separately but I like that Worthy is expecting more from Lin.

  97. From Lakershowlife

    After the Lakers fifth loss in a row to start the season, James Worthy offered a candid opinion on Jeremy Lin. 鈥淗e鈥檚 a work in progress. He鈥檚 a (two) guard trying to learn how to be a point guard鈥, he said, implying Lin is still in development mode. 鈥淚鈥檓 not sure if he has a killer instinct yet.鈥

    When it comes to Jeremy Lin, his carefree, confident Linsanity days always seem to rise to the surface. It seemed so much easier for him then. He played effortlessly and there wasn鈥檛 much thought about getting into the paint and leaving his mark upon the game, especially in the last few minutes. He played with energy and an unbridled passion as he dominated his time on the court.

    That Jeremy Lin hardly resembles this Jeremy Lin, almost as if he designed it that way.

    鈥淗e鈥檚 thinking too much. He just has to go out and play鈥, James Worthy said.

    Basketball is the only profession where overthinking is a crime. At some point instinct has to take over. But in a contract year, when you are on your fourth team, when you have had stints in the D-league, when the team you left has not lost a game, and the team you are on has not won a game, the pressure builds and builds. It is easy to get overwhelmed.

    James Worthy was not putting any blame on Lin for the 0-5 start. But he does have high expectations because he is a former Lakers champion. The truth is in the tape: Lin is the only other player besides Kobe Bryant who can create for himself. But his aggressiveness comes and goes which Worthy doesn鈥檛 understand.

    Michael Cooper, another proud former Laker champion, only noticed Lin鈥檚 defense. His difficulty guarding explosive point guards is responsible for mental and physical fatigue. Cooper thought Lin was wearing down and that Byron Scott should switch Lin鈥檚 defensive assignment. Attempting to guard the Phoenix point guards, Lin had 5 fouls which limited the amount of court time he was given. Not having to expend so much energy on defense, Cooper explained, would allow Lin to play his style of basketball without physically wearing himself out.

    鈥淗e needs to dribble less鈥, Worthy said. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 how he gets his turnovers.鈥 As far as the point guards, Worthy didn鈥檛 think Lin鈥檚 performance against Phoenix had anything to do with the other team鈥檚 backcourt, players like Eric Bledsoe or Isaiah Thomas. Lin faced explosive guards during his Linsanity streak and it didn鈥檛 bother him then. He still produced.

    It鈥檚 not particular fair but nothing is easy these days for Jeremy Lin. He had such a great middle to his story and since then he has been trying to create a career. His previous history in New York coupled with the criticism of any Lakers newcomer will hang over his head until he figures it all out. He is the coach on the floor. It is his team that he is directing.

    After the game Lin was dejected, almost morose, unable to focus on the questions he was being asked, as if he was still back in the game, in those last two minutes when the Lakers were very close to tying the score. But he could not find a way to make it happen which was disheartening for Lin. Wanting to win is not a Jeremy Lin issue, nor did James Worthy imply that it was.

    Jeremy Lin wants to win badly, for himself and for the team. But he has yet to demonstrate a willingness and desire to take the game over which was James Worthy鈥檚 point. He just can鈥檛 give the ball up and expect someone else to make the play. He has to direct everyone.

    It doesn鈥檛 get any easier for Jeremy Lin either. On Sunday it is Kemba Walker. And on Tuesday Mike Conley.

  98. Kobe said after the game that theyneed to figure out some things to help Jeremy attack easier.

    How about let Lin play with Davis??? A LOT!

  99. I have to agree with @KL here. While I don’t agree with all of Worthy’s analysis, I do believe that he’s not condescending the way Drexler was because he truly believes Lin is better than he is currently playing.

    And I definitely agree that Lin “appears” to be over-thinking. I mean, we aren’t mind readers so we don’t know if he is, but just watching his body language and how he plays, he’s definitely not as carefree as he was in NY or even Houston.

    Sure, a lot of it has to do with his current teammates, but still, I feel what we saw in preseason was more of the “real Lin.”

    I’ve always believed that Lin’s BBIQ is only average right now, but his BB Instinct is off the charts. The problem is that he just hasn’t played enough at the PG position (due to Houston) for him to reply on is BBIQ right now. He still needs more time to learn.

    But if he just trusts his instincts, and not over-think, he’ll succeed.

  100. (It seems that if my post is too long then it gets held in the moderation queue? Anyway, I’ll split this up if it’s ok)

    I have to agree with @KL here. While I don’t agree with all of Worthy’s analysis, I do believe that he’s not condescending the way Drexler was because he truly believes Lin is better than he is currently playing.

    And I definitely agree that Lin “appears” to be over-thinking. I mean, we aren’t mind readers so we don’t know if he is, but just watching his body language and how he plays, he’s definitely not as carefree as he was in NY or even Houston.

  101. Sure, a lot of it has to do with his current teammates, but still, I feel what we saw in preseason was more of the “real Lin.”

    I’ve always believed that Lin’s BBIQ is only average right now, but his BB Instinct is off the charts. The problem is that he just hasn’t played enough at the PG position (due to Houston) for him to reply on is BBIQ right now. He still needs more time to learn.

    But if he just trusts his instincts, and not over-think, he’ll succeed.

  102. Sure, a lot of it has to do with his current teammates, but still, I feel what we saw in preseason was more of the “real Lin.”

    I’ve always believed that Lin’s BBIQ is only average right now, but his BB Instinct is off the charts. The problem is that he just hasn’t played enough at the PG position (due to Houston) for him to reply on is BBIQ right now. He still needs more time to learn.

    But if he just trusts his instincts, and not over-think, he’ll succeed.

  103. Maknusia, thanks for this. Singapore BB Fan (and others), let me state which parts of Worthy’s comments I agree or disagree with.

    – Is Lin a 2 guard?
    Lin is a high level point guard. However, Lin has sometimes been described as a combo guard, which is also quite accurate. Not many point guards can score, without screens, in the way that Jeremy can. So I can live with Worthy’s description that Lin is actually a 2 guard.

    – Overthinking?
    I agree that Jeremy is overthinking. However, that is partly the fault of the other players not executing the offence properly so Jeremy is trying to figure out a solution. So I disagree that Lin is fully to blame for overthinking.

    – Lin faced elite point guards during Linsanity and still produced.
    Yes absolutely agree with this!

    – Lin is dribbling too much, leading to turnovers.
    I do not agree. Lin likes to probe the defence and create open shots. However, there is an argument to be made that he should make more simple passes.

    – Jeremy needs to take charge, play with more confidence and freedom
    I agree with this as well. I think Houston really did something to Lin. Imagine your boss tells you that your past accomplishments were a fluke. You are left out during crunch time of all important projects. Then you are fired and replaced by someone you know is a scrub. There’s brain damage right there!

    Worthy may not know what happened in Houston and I don’t expect him to because he may not have followed Lin’s career there as closely as we have. However, Worthy cannot understand why a player with Lin’s talent and intelligence is not taking charge more. That is a good thing.

  104. JLin was overly dejected during the post game interview. I wonder if something else is going on.

  105. Did he? I guess losing a winnable game does that….

  106. Yeah, I saw that too. Maybe it was hard to take the 5 straight losses for a competitor like Lin. The team’s defense was
    horrible. They got outplayed by the Sun. Just have to move on to the next game and hope for a win.

  107. he’s played 3 winning seasons….first time being on a lottery team as a contributor

  108. i also think he was annoyed by the loss too. he has competitive fire.

  109. One of the difficult things to manage as a young developing player is to not be too concerned about short term goals when the ultimate prize is too far away. LIN in particular must also balance his own ultimate goal to be the very best Christian he could be. It’s important to know which battles to fight and which war must be won.

    Last night is one of those markers in the process that Lin’s athletic careers has taken him to. The team’s 5th lost is difficult for everyone, fans included. We all want LIN to “win” but what is “winning” to LIN and to us?

    I think it’s time for us to look at Lin’s process again and review how desperate we were last spring. The propaganda from Houston totally destroyed LIN’s reputation, made a scapegoat, trashed Lin’s stats and PT a and made into a useless scrub to be traded for nothing. Looking at all these negative political points that LIN must battle, we have to decider which of these political battles are more important for LIN to “win”.

    A lot of fans feel that LIN must put up points like Linsanity to regain his reputation and make himself a rightful starter or even a “star”. The problem is that putting up numbers will never silence the critics and haters. Lin needs to win the battle of media bias. To do this he needs the LA media, fans, FO, owners, coach and especially Kobe and NASH to publicly promote the importance and talents of LIN. This is the ultimate battle of public opinion that will decisively change the tide for LIN.

    A while ago I said that Lakers will have it bad for a while before it will become good, very good! As a team, Lakers need the transfer of control from Kobe to LIN. To do this, kobe must realize himself that he needs LIN to ascend to his rightful place as the quarterback of the offence. 5 losses may not be enough for Kobe to realize this. Kobe has already publicly voiced his total backing of LIN and his talents. He will continue to back LIN until he himself “backs” LIN and allow him to spread the ball around. It will probably take another couple of weeks of tough losses until Kobe finally admits to it and allow LIN to control the flow of the play. When that does, linsanity 2 will happen again and LA will go on a winning streak just like NYC.

    For now LIN fans must separate team wins from LIN “wins” and allow the natural development of Lin’s ascent to PG control of Lakers.

  110. I think he was trying really hard not to say that Kobe did too much ISO at the end.

  111. Fans are fans….lol happily and sadly…Plus ROX is playing like the 95 champ team right now LOL.

  112. BTW, I was hoping Lin only shoots….turns out he did it. Ha! I am gonna wish him to get a triple double b4 the next game.

  113. PPL focus too much on offenses. I think Scott is right about focusing on D. I think we will see some starting line up change after around 20 games. This LAL team has potential, medias are just looking at them. Once Kobe starts to get rid of the ball more, this team will follow Lin’s lead on offensive end. So it is actually a less important problem for them.

  114. ESPN First TakeVerified account
    “I’m sorry but this team is good enough to win some games but not when Kobe is shooting 37 shots.” – @RealSkipBayless

  115. scheduling nightmare, the Lakers have faced only top teams. All the teams they faced have only 2 losses combined!

  116. My guess is that it’s a strategic disadvantage if the other team is aware that a perimeter guard is injured and cannot change direction well. Then they would just keep attacking that player.

    So as long as a player can still get on the floor, then the team and player would not mention the injury and even deny it or downplay it.

  117. It’s actually good that they expect more from Lin. As opposed to McHale’s comments: “He鈥檚 such a good kid and he plays really hard. That鈥檚 all you can ask.” Which really means that McHale doesn’t expect anything out of Lin. Just hopes that Lin doesn’t “play for the other team”.

  118. LOL..you are mean!…very true

  119. Totally looking for some serious progress during this break. What do you think?

    I dont mind in today’s lost, since Its kinda expected
    Next game winnable? me, Yes!

  120. Kelly and Henry getting some more practice should be good.
    Keep pushing Lin to be aggressive.
    Kobe needs to trust teammate and kick it out when he penetrates and sucks in the defense.
    Davis needs to start over Booz

  121. I agree, and I hope Jeremy would boldly point that out during the tape review

  122. at first I read it as “Kobe needs to kick it out when he penetrates and sucks” before I read the rest of the sentence. LOL

  123. yeah man…I felt the same. Ariza is one good find!
    PB coming back from injury and shoot his 3s well, no PG here.
    JH all the PG he can be, almost made it to triple-double and sharing, yeah sharing the ball with only 13FGA
    DH showing some improvement on free throws

    oh well…

  124. Some perspective on 0-5: Lakers have only played tough opponents so far. Their opponents only have 2 losses combined! And the Lakers still had a chance to win in the final minute in 2 of the 5 games. Given the Lakers rebuilding and injuries, that’s not that bad.

  125. How about you puke it out and feed it to your love one instead of a homeless man? The homeless man already been so poor on the street, please don’t make him even poorer.

  126. Well, 5 wins were given by LAL…..LOL

  127. Pointing out that the topic was Lin so I wouldn’t characterize it as putting the blame on Lin.

  128. Why all this talk about JLin not this or that by the media. This is Kobe’s team the the loss is on him. Remember all the FT he missed; if not perhaps we would be talking about their first win. I saw sloppy plays by Kobe that if JLin had done them; he & we would have heard about it, sadly. JLin looked great to start and then he sat too much. He looked calm and more in control. This team doesn’t run like he could do in Houston and NY, back in the day. That is one of his strengths running the fast break. Now he slows it down waiting for his teammates to catch up. I love to watch him push it and catch the defense off guard. He definitely was limping and that would affect his lateral movement on defense. The team needs more time to jell. If the team isn’t on the same page, even a Kobe can’t make a win happen. The head games Jeremy has gone through has affected his game, but having the moral support of Kobe and the coach will do wonders to build back any self-doubt that remains. FREEDOM to be Jeremy, the point guard!! Pray, he stays health and for healing from all those head games! That is where his battle lies, within. Peace!

  129. So if guys are trying their hardest why are they not playing smart basketball? Is it on the coach, Kobe, Lin to get them playing smart basketball?

    Baxter HolmesVerified account鈥廆BaxterHolmes
    JLin “We’re not necessarily playing the smartest basketball, but I can鈥檛…say that we have guys that don’t want to try their hardest.”


  130. Some more perspective on Lakers 0-5: The Cavs “big 3” Lebron, Love, Kyrie have never played with each other. The Cavs are 1-2. LeBron is struggling big time, shooting only 40% fg, 5.0 APG, 4.7 TO/G, all career lows.

    So if the Cavs need a lot more time for their big 3 to gel, then even more so for the Lakers “big 3” of Kobe, Lin, Boozer, who also have never played with each other. I think Cavs 1-2 is more unexpected than Lakers 0-5.

  131. Actions speak louder than words. Hopefully Kobe, Scott and the coaching staff will wise up and allow Lin to truly orchestrate the offensive flow of the game. Kobe going 1 on 3 and jacking up tons of shots won’t cut it anymore. He doesn’t seem to realize that teams are baiting him to do just that.

  132. Let’s keep comments classy here.

  133. Lakers will give up a lot more games if Kobe keep being Kobe and the lack of D from the front-court starters. I doubt they will beat Hornets if Kobe keep wanting to take over when they are down and Boozer still play more minutes than Davis.

    It doesn’t seen to me that BS has any control over Kobe.

  134. normally i agree, however, they’re still playing defense, they just need more chemistry offensively. Lakers are a hopeless bunch defensively, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

  135. 0-5, MDA probably sitting somewhere with a glass of champagne in his hand and LOL

  136. LOL, Raiders are so close it hurts (and I’m not even a Raider Nation guy.)

  137. Speaking of that, Lin should call MDA and ask what he thinks can be done to solve the “puzzle” of working with Kobe.

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  139. Lin said that too, and the key is what he said with that: the problem is not offense. They are scoring enough to win. The prob is D. So if it’s D, then there’s no way for anyone with BBIQ to call D plays because it’s fractions of a second to react. They have to work on D, and I don’t know what that is but that seems to be the key. Still, Kobe ISO will lose it for them every time because they lose contact in a close game very fast with Kobe ISO and bad D. We’ve seen it.

  140. Wow, nice first disqus post. Welcome. Do I get to call “first!” ? To say hi that is.

  141. Lin agrees with you bro.

  142. It’s great his HOU purgatory … he is so reliable now on the catch and shoot, don cha think?

  143. FWIW:

    updated thread. add things if you want.


  144. I don’t play tennis, but I’m gonna make you my coach somehow …

  145. SportsCenterVerified account鈥廆SportsCenter
    Kobe Bryant may be averaging 27.6 PPG, but he’s putting up historical numbers when it comes to missed shots.
    MORE: http://es.pn/13ILWB9


  146. Not quite my first..did a Guest Spot twice. Thank you! I really enjoy the refreshing change here and will come back again. Keep up the good work. It is appreciated!

  147. all the better for the rematch in later season, not now …

  148. he’s always dejected when he loses …

  149. Love every play and the article call except for his turnaround air ball near the end there … just couldn’t muster the strength but great move. Would have been amazing to see, that’s all. He also had that bad handles error TO, didn’t see why.

    Don’t agree with it on ‘indecisive offensively’ though. I thought he did a great job but couldn’t really handle the Kobe ISO-time and he was again camped open ready to go.

  150. well, post more so this site becomes had to navigate too lol.

  151. I really doubt that’s what he’s thinking. Getting blown out in 3 out of the 5 games isn’t exciting. Kobe playing 44 minutes and shooting 37 times and losing is not exciting.

    I know the Lakers are 0-5, but they are playing exciting basketball and Kobe is worth the price of admission.— Earvin Magic Johnson (@MagicJohnson) November 5, 2014

  152. I wish he was my tennis coach when i played in HS…

  153. I doubt that will be of much use. Just more frustration for Lin that he’s not playing under MDA. BS not gonna be listening to Lin on any coaching suggestions.

  154. Because he is a winner at heart.

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  156. wanna see Lin in an ankle brace with lace-ups and cross ties. Maybe it’s taped … nice pic there.

  157. you are right. i checked the Lakers off vs def pts per possession. 121 pts allowed per 100 possessions is an absolutely staggering number. D’Antoni’s healthy team from 2012-13 allowed 107 pts per 100 by comparison

    2014-15 105 121

    2013-14 104 111

    2012-13 108 107

  158. Luke can learn from many Jedi masters …

  159. and so are we, this human spirit not scared or being a troll.

  160. None in LA will criticize Kobe.

  161. whach you sayin?

  162. I get it. I think we rather over do it…jmo

  163. Kobe knows … that interview that someone kindly posted says it all. I wasn’t even mad at him after seeing his face answering the press. Someone noted is smile when it came to talking about Lin. The way I saw it, Kobe knows he’s been in this pattern before, and when they asked about JLin, that’s where his mind saw an out to the pattern and he went with it. Patience …. he’s gonna go with it.

  164. Unfortunately, Kobe is the LAL’s meal ticket right now.

  165. JMO too, it is up to you guys.

  166. nothing like an action movie that gives finality to bad guys … instead of zombie apocalypse forums like CF, etc. you know.

  167. I think they will just going to ignore Kobe mistake till him retire.

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    Let it ride, as is. until it gets bad (way later, bro).

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  170. I know nothing can please everyone and not easy to stay balance. I just giving my opinion don’t know if I am in the majorities or minorities.

    Just wanted to help this site to be long lasting.

  171. Also MDA never really did coached Kobe with all the injuries.

  172. Last night it seems like BS kept Lin out of the game too long. Kobe takes over when he doesn’t feel teammates are getting it done. At the start of the game JLin was aggressive doing well and Kobe played in the flow of the team. But then JLin left due to fouls and then team struggled and Kobe took over. Same pattern in the 3rd quarter but JLin taken out and Kobe left in again taking over. It would have been a better move to take Kobe out in the 3rd and leave JLin in with the bench. They would have been able to close the gap better because all players involved rather than ISO Kobe. Wen JLin came back he led them to getting within 1 pt but they seemed to lose momentum after Kobe missed an easy layup that would have given them the lead which ended up going the other way for a transition basket.

    Hopefully they learn that Lin is the floor general and should run the offense. They should stop depending on ISO Kobe to close out games.

  173. Skip BaylessVerified account鈥廆RealSkipBayless
    Kobe already leads NBA by far in shots taken. 37 last nite, 1 assist. Great sideshow. HEALTHY. But LAL can’t win that way.https://twitter.com/RealSkipBayless/status/530081299785342976

  174. One thing I noticed is Jlin wasn’t put out there without Kobe. Kobe needs to trust Jlin more and pass it out to him, when he’s being triple teamed and puts up a low efficient shot.

  175. We know that; ISO ball does NOT get wins and is boring to watch. Remember those harden ISO games we endured the
    last two years..ugh 馃檨

  176. He’s a competitor, these losses are getting to him.
    There’s only so many losses you can label “moral victories”.

  177. The minute distribution was reversed. JLin should play more total minutes than Kobe and should play with the second team while Kobe rests.

  178. Ido posted a good video of smiling Kobe when describing Lin as a really good player (added to Vid Gallery)

    [mark 00:14]
    ” I’ll go out there and lead on the floor and everything .. and compete , be relentless and not be fearful of not playing well, fearful of missing shots
    … and that’s the same way that I want guys to play, .. Jeremy in particular..
    because (smile) he’s a really good player, man!
    He’s just getting used to playing with that kind of effort(?)/attitude

  179. ankle braces and high top shoes vs low tops … lots of good arguments either way. I assume he is getting good personal advice for his knees and ankles… but you know what they say about assuming….

  180. what kobe said was, “he’s just getting used to playing with that kind of F-IT attitude.” when jeremy plays with the F-IT attitude he’ll be unstoppable. remember the last time he played with a true F-IT attitude? it sparked Linsanity. He just said F-IT, forget tomorrow, i’m just going to come out against new jersey and just leave it all on the floor like there is no tomorrow. that’s what he has to do–kobe is right.

  181. One thing I noticed about the Lakers near the end of the 4th quarters, it seems like they just go into pickup ball mode and have no offensive flow whatsoever. Actually, same with the Rockets too.

    I would think that NBA teams should specially game plan for the last 2-5 mins of the game. Like how in NFL, they have their 2 minute offense. NBA teams should just have a set of plays to close out a close game. That way all the players know what to do. It just seems ridiculous to go playground/improvise mode at the most critical time in the game.

  182. He’s smiling in disbelief that not everyone knows this already!

  183. moved the post to the top.

  184. Translation: Kobe talked about the idea of “relentlessness” that he wanted to teach his guys how to play with. This means not being fearful of missing shots or being criticized.

    In singling out Lin, it’s clear he really thinks highly of how good Jeremy can be and he wants Jeremy to continue adopting Mamba’s attitude of being relentless. I believe Kobe is genuine in seeing the potential of how he can transform Lin to adopt a relentless Mamba mentality.

    It’s definitely a process for Lin to shed 2 years of McHale “Not-Making-Mistake” mentality to become adopt “Relentless Mamba” mentality. It would take some time but I’m glad Kobe is taking up this mentoring project.

  185. No doubt that watching Kobe take 40 shots per game is worth the price of admission since most people (aside from Lin fans) come to Lakers games to watch Kobe before he retires. No dispute there. However, it seems to me that Kobe is just bringing up Lin in some sense to “justify” his ball-hogging. His shooting so many shots is a clear indication that he has no faith in this year’s Lakers team. Why wouldn’t you pass the ball to a wide open man, i.e., Lin, when you are covered by 3 defenders? If Kobe really believes in Lin’s BB ability, Kobe would have passed in those situations. I mean, Lin was clearly open and he was waving his arms, asking for the ball. Magic’s tweet indicates to me that Lakers are tanking. He is saying Lakers are “exciting” because Kobe takes over 35 shots per game. 馃檪

  186. he’s just shaking in disbelief remembering some of the good stuff Lin did to get into the paint to score easily. He’s thoroughly enjoying Lin’s game IMO :]
    Hard to fake the reaction if it happens consistently.
    Definitely a genuine admiration of Lin’s BB skill

  187. I won’t blame Kobe’s ISO from last night. It’s the same reason why I am okay with Lin’s minutes.

    It’s his injury. I think many people take injury as a general term. Somehow, we may falsely think all injuries are equal. All NBA players play the game with hurt, so be it. NO, it’s really not equal. For me, the worst injury in a game is you can do most of stuff, but it hurts the most whenever you need it most. I think Lin is having that type of injury.

    Last night, IMO Lin’s injury should put himself on the bench for the whole 4th quarter. A good player can “hide” injuries, but Lin’s injury was so obvious and he was hesitating whenever he tried to change direction or even just make body contact. He looked exactly like when his back was injured back in Houston. He looked “scared” and gave up open shots. People started talking about his confidence issue. But I didn’t think so. Lin’s different type of player, when he realized his shot won’t fall, he will give it up to let others shoot. When Lin looked “scared” or “hesitate”, it’s never been the confidence issue. It’s either the leadership or injury issue.

    I guess Lin wanted to win last game so badly and he asked to play. If I were Scott and saw how Lin walked and ran, I will bench him for the whole 4th Q. At that moment of game, Ronnie Price can do better job than Lin.

    Kobe’s ISO makes sense if you buy my theory, all other starters just cannot finish. Kobe seems having no patience whenever he sees his playmates no longer can score. Remember the first Q? Kobe did pretty well to share the ball, he started ISO after Lin lost attacking strength.

    Also, Kobe gradually recognizes Lin’s toughness. Lin never said something like “leaving a mark” that type of comment, but he did run over Kobe every time they played against each other.

    Lin’s toughness has a strong Asian ingredient. No noise, just force, for Lin, a lot of force.

    I hope Lin’s injury can be healed in a short term. If he plays “scared” for the next couple of games. then I would think his injury will linger for much longer time.

  188. I tend to believe what Lin says or doesn’t say. If he says he was not injured, then I will believe that. So far, Lin seems to be implying that Lakers are not playing smart BB.

  189. Yep, I’m just biased because I only survived with those things in my later years, so I know it helps a weak joint. Maybe they hurt you before you’re injured, but if you have weakness, and are popping anti-LLinflamatories, then maybe a brace will help. Last night, looked like it was rotations and not ankle that kept him out. Hi ya …

  190. That’s what we think too heh heh. He’s just 1 month into his partnership with Kobe, so maybe just sit back a bit and let them work out their dating …

  191. I agree. Kobe knew he had to spark that ‘this-could-be-my-last-day-playing” fire in Lin again. (but he also needs to tell himself to pass to Lin on wide 3pt-ers)

    I believe this “the look” that Kobe is looking for:


  192. LOLOL hilarious. what a thug.

  193. One month later, the season will be over. We can’t do anything about whatever they do. Either accept it or get out are the only options, I guess.

  194. Translate: Kobe took too many contested shots.

  195. Thing is, 2nd unit got trounced by IT and Green, so was it Kobe or was it 2nd unit? Either way, lack of good leadership on PG at 2nd unit, so that’s something to think about.

  196. LOL you can ignore/erase my other attempts at the same post. still trying to figure out what i can and can’t write!

  197. Not really when you are the one that got hit 馃檪

  198. True, of all the right thing Kobe said about teaching “relentlessness”, he needs to pass to wide-open Lin on the corner

    Kobe doesn’t get free-pass. He needs to improve:
    1. Give himself rest in early 4Q even when he’s hot
    2. Trust his teammates to make the right-play and “not fearing” they will miss the shots

    Until then, the Lakers losses will mount.

  199. in that game (and others) jeremy didn’t even think twice about launching shot or driving. he didn’t THINK TWICE. he NEVER HESITATED. Linsanity IS what kobe wants!!!

  200. I see, you’re right. I still want them to get to playoffs, so you are right and there is urgency. Hmmm … they’d better get to tape and hire a sports psychologist to usher Kobe to his stated goal.

  201. No, I gave up on the playoff when I saw one pre-season game LIVE. My only hope is that Lin gets a decent K to remain with Lakers for a long term as a starter or back-up PG. At this point, I really rather see Lakers play without Kobe.

  202. what injury are you talking about?? his ankle injury??

  203. Good to know you’re also “relentless” like the Mamba :>

    You’ll find your stride like Lin will too!
    Good creativity, just bad imagery LOL

  204. yes, I felt BS kept Lin out 1-2 mins too long on the close games lost.

  205. You see, unlike some people, I place more credence to what Kobe actually does than what he says about Lin. I say this because I am actually bullsh*tter myself.

  206. maybe JR would say, “I just tried to tie his shoelaces .. but he refused” lol

  207. there is still MIND BOGGLING paucity in Ed Davis/JLin time played together. MIND BOGGLING.

  208. If Kobe wants 100% Linsanity, maybe he should consider replacing Byron with D’Antoni again :>

  209. Then if you gave up on PO, 1 month is not urgent. You will get your goal because Lin will have these good stat days pretty regularly because Kobe cannot keep this up. It’s now clear … Kobe first, Hill on a good day, then Lin as to stats. Lin will be ok based on that order. Ppl around the league already knows Lin can get to the rim. They can see there isn’t an offensive scheme that fits Lin right now, so I bet they are not bummed about Lin not getting his regularly. They’re probably thinking … if we could get Lin for the right price, we can do this with him …

  210. It’s amazing that BS is trying to speed up Kobe’s injury. Just amazing. Yes, I don’t care if Lakers plays like this rest of the year. I am not a Lakers or Kobe fan. I just want Lin to get a decent K from Lakers and avoid having to move around to another team.

  211. haha.. takes one to know one kind-of-thing?

    I don’t doubt Kobe has some admiration on Lin but it doesn’t mean he’s willing to give up the ball for Lin if he can win by ball-hogging :>

    #1 goal for Kobe is to surpass MJ as 3rd all-time scorer
    #10 .. mentor Lin to be even more well-liked in Asia :>

    With Kobe, his motivation is always self-preservation first

  212. Of course. It seems some Lin fans go all ga-ga over Kobe’s complimenting Lin. I would only believe what he says if he actually passed to wide-open Lin while the clock is running out.

  213. some astute Lin fans noticed Lin limping slightly in the second half, and also talking to the trainer

  214. Yes. Lin doesn’t want to criticize Kobe directly. That’s as far as he will go. Rightly so.

  215. I actually believe both but I understand Kobe put higher priority in scoring more than winning/mentoring by not passing to wide open Lin. That was so obvious that Kobe didn’t want to give up the ball when he had it. He only passed to a cutting Lin once in Q1

  216. Very true. I also never believe athlete/politician/public figures words, only look at their actions.

    Well, at least Kobe is halfway there in that he’s already demonstrated that he’s OK if Lin shakes off Kobe’s call for the ball and takes the ball himself. Harden would not have been OK with that, he would have chewed Lin out.

    Kobe now has to demonstrate the other half, which is to pass the ball to Lin if Kobe is double or triple teamed.

  217. How can you be mad at a teammate’s taking shots when you yourself is taking close to 40 shots per game? 馃檪 Even Harden I believe only took 30 shots per game at the most.

  218. I can see Harden being mad about that.

  219. IMO many Lin fans should understand that while Kobe definitely likes JLin (skill-wise or to be more popular in Asia), he needs to prove that he WILL pass to Lin on wide open 3pt shots rather than driving to the rim while being triple-teamed.

    So @webattorney:disqus and @real_dsb:disqus are correct, Kobe needs to stop shooting so much if he wants Lakers to win. Kobe, if you believe in Lin, then you gotta pass the ball.

  220. Excellent 1st post :>

    True that Laker offense doesn’t have fastbreaks/transition offense that Lin excels, probably due to older players.

    Yes, health is #1 and for Kobe and Byron to trust Lin more to run the offense rather than relying on Kobe’s ISO games.

    Keep posting good food for thoughts!

  221. PAUCITY! Like that word. Agreed.

  222. I’ve seen flashes where I see kobe do what he says. I will believe kobe means what he says when the game is on the line and when I see Lin do his thing in the 4th and ignore kobe if need be… like he did with the knicks. Didn’t he ignore Melo if Melo broke a play? Granted kobe has the backing of lakers media and fo and Scott but that would be a true f-it attitude.

  223. Looks like JR Might have been retaliating, Glen Rice fighting through a screen looks like he runs into JR and then starts guarding him. Then JR takes a swing.


  224. Lin is facing a challenge that no one in NBA ever get to accomplish – talk and convince Kobe to play team ball. Well, maybe other than Phil Jackson.

    Lin can be “aggressive” enough to mark his territory by not passing
    Kobe one single ball in a game, then they will shout at each other, and
    then hopefully Kobe will concede and play team ball. After all, that’s
    what Kobe advocate for Lin to step up, right?

    If they can get over this hurdle (Kobe playing ISO, taking too many shots), they will begin winning.

  225. Los Angeles Lakers: Why Ed Davis Needs to Start

    by Colin Lopez


  226. PFV — The NBA Expert

    5 Things From 11.04.14 Game #05 LAL Loss To PHX

    1. Jeremy Lin played very well in this game until the last 4 minutes of the 4th quarter or so. Overall, this was an excellent outing for Jeremy and the 4th quarter issues are correctable.

    2. Kobe Bryant shot the ball too many times (37 FGA). Even though Kobe was great in the 4th quarter, he did shoot too much in the game. This hurts the offensive rhythm of his teammates.

    3. Eric Bledsoe鈥檚 second foul on Jeremy Lin appeared to be a ridiculous cheap shot. The Lakers must protect Jeremy and their teammates, and Jeremy must work to protect himself when he is hit like this.

    4. The Lakers defense continues to be a real concern. This includes pick-and-roll defense and transition defense.

    5. Phoenix鈥檚 bench severely outplayed the Lakers bench. It鈥檚 tough to win games when the bench play is this lopsided.

    SUMMARY: Jeremy is improving, as is the team. Phoenix is a very good team, and the Lakers could have won the game. I am not distraught by the loss and I am looking forward to seeing continued improvement from the team and Jeremy.

  227. Repost JLin’s new Chinese vid after vs. Suns (buried way down in this thread).
    Raw translation for those can’t understand Mandarin: Hi everyone. Thank you for watching our game and cheering for us. I’m obviously very upset that we haven’t yet won a game. But I believe God has a perfect plan. I’m going to take my rest now. Tomorrow we are going to look at the vid and find out what we have done wrong and improve from there in our practice. Thankyou. Good night.

  228. true, Glen Rice tried to steal and ran through JR w/o getting called for a foul. JR decided to take the matter to swing and didn’t miss.
    JR will be JR, I guess

  229. Lin is currently tied for 6th among PGs in PPS (points per shot/FGA)

    1.73 Teague
    1.55 Beverley
    1.54 Lowry
    1.51 Brooks
    1.48 Bayless
    1.46 Lin

    some other notables:

    1.43 Rose
    1.42 I. Thomas
    1.41 Curry
    1.38 Westbrook
    1.35 Parker
    1.26 Lillard
    1.24 C. Paul
    1.19 Bledsoe
    1.10 Irving


  230. Don’t quite agree to that Boozer in the mix. He has to step up. Or be relegated to the bench.

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  232. Thank you! Added to Video Gallery on homepage

  233. @psalm234:disqus Keep on telling me the post can’t be found. What should I do?

  234. it means you haven’t invited the Invite yet so you can’t see it.
    You can try to click on your username to see the link to accept the invite

    Click here and then click on ‘Group’ tab to accept the invite

  235. yes, Booz offense covered up his bad defense last night
    But more Lakers media has been calling for Ed Davis to start in place of Boozer
    (see Lakeshow link posted by Rick below)

  236. @psalm234:disqus I’m in now but not sure what to look for. Should say nothing to see. Please point me to the right direction. Thanks!

  237. Easily get that opinion if you just read the stats. 馃檪

  238. LIn and LAL career … a little far for me but in CA nice. Lin and GSW … no room for now, because of KT and Curry. Ah well, let’s go for the LAL K.

  239. Should I quote the famous Gandalf ?

  240. ignored

  241. Next time, if a comment is deleted, I propose that we delete all the following comments.

  242. Your wish is granted. Done :]

  243. please, I am not a hobbit movie fan but did read the books as a kid. memories fade …

  244. word!

  245. more nice words to read please … love paucity.

  246. Oh no I tried to play with @real-dsb message and see how thing is working on the post feature. Ended up I deleled his post. Sorry @real_dsb:disqus 馃檨

  247. Kobe has been consistently loquacious about jeremy lin being the floor general, yet thus far his words have been mere inanities.

  248. They aren’t stupid words, it’s just that Kobe is that scorpion … he’s going to sting you even if they are your pet. Joyce Ward hinted at this best – Lin is going to find out about the real Kobe. We are too. I was mad last night after 2 close losses where it would have been team heroic to win … they will win. But last night watching Kobe’s interview, I see him struggling with the words vs the actions. He’ll get there, I trust, for now. Trust but verify …

  249. Oh ya just realized that. I hate clicking out of diqus i think you know why. Its a chore getting back.

  250. lin has to take it. worthy said lin is unwilling to take over a game so far. i agree. no more asking kobe to let lin get the ball. as kobe said lin starts with the ball ofton. all he has to do is ignore kobe and do him.

  251. Easier said than done.

  252. lol yea but if he does he has reached his potential. the mental aspect is the only thing holding him back

  253. Owwww, he said “effing”.

  254. I thought the disqus problem was just my BlackBerry 10 phone, i.e. clicking a link and returning is troublesome on many occasions.

  255. I don’t know about JLin being weak minded. But if players are not following the play it breaks down and ended up with ISO. IMO JLin was more disappointed with the team not following the game plan (if there is one)

  256. That’s why Lin was wide open for 3’s in the 4Q’ ands Phoenix simply converged on Kobe, who ignored Lin waving his arms, i.e. over here!!!

  257. still if it breaks down take the shot yourself. be assertive dont give it to kobe to bail the team out

  258. I m on Samsung Note 3 and having this problem of returning to where I left.

  259. Yup. Actions speak louder than words.

  260. dude, are you studying for the SATs or something? I’d hate to play Scrabble with you. =)

  261. Same here. LIN fan, and Warrior fan — in that order. LIN is also the underdog, Curry-Thompson are not! But. . . both exciting to watch!

  262. Accusing JLin of not being assertive is covering up a lot of flaws in the LAL team.

  263. he tried but TO.. lol..

  264. #4 Lin’s 3 ptr over CP

  265. Haralabos Voulgaris鈥廆haralabob
    [email protected] With Svu data we can actually determine what is higher ev shot, guarded Kobe shot or open Wayne Ellington shot.


  266. It changes when the starting lineup changes. Hopefully soon.

  267. infinity88鈥廆linfinity88 Protected Tweets
    ohmytrinidaddy: I don’t even watch baseball #jeremylin http://instagram.com/p/vCA47IrgqA/


  268. lol “baseball”??? Didn’t know JLin is baseball player:-)

  269. so that’s what he said .. I couldn’t quite hear it
    I wonder how Lin talks to Kobe in daily basis 馃榾

  270. Lin funny, Dwight’s the best though. Lillard is too cool

    Funny Mannequin Prank on NBA Players (Dwight Howard freaks out)

  271. that’s definitely intentional. Even put an image of a soccer ball too. =)

  272. Dwight’s reaction is so fake.

  273. lol, except when it’s those 2 against Lin. Not fun, unless LAL can get it together. Here’s what would make me most happy – Lin and Kobe team play great, GSW by 1 or 2, LAL on track for playoffs, GSW in 2nd round. Don’t know match ups, but it would be good if LAL get in to playoffs and get into 2nd round ahead of HOU ha ha. Just hoping …

  274. ah, ok, now I see the meme. Forgot to refresh, it’s all here.

  275. I could’ve said it in one short sentence: Davis plays better defense and PNRs better than Boozer.

  276. Yeah screw that… i only care that kobe endorses jeremy so that he can excel and win… otherwise, to hell with getting approval from him or others

  277. again idc what the team does. my focuse is what lin can do to be better.

  278. yep

  279. Lol

  280. That is why I talk so much.

  281. I am sure he can re-post. XD

  282. lol That’s true.

  283. I had a lot of ???? floating around my head when I saw Boozer in that tweet.

  284. DJ pulling out his vocabulary for our polite forum, LOL. Too deep for the other, and trolls, LOL.

  285. Well done XD

  286. PAU city? You mean Chicago?

  287. Kobe will not change unless the team is winning. Ironically, they will not win if they don’t play team ball. A conundrum. Hope they can break through, and Kobe himself, buys into this concept. Oh well, next game.

  288. Charlotte will come in handy in relieving the drought and at least partially defuse Kobe ISO.

  289. Max & Marcellus talk about the manner Kobe is trying to fire up Jeremy Lin. Why is Jeremy Lin struggling?
    Starts around 32:10 – they discuss Kobe’s “fire hydrant” remark… Kobe vs Jeremy’s style and way of thinking.

  290. Do Lakers fans care that Kobe is shooting so much? Max & Marcellus want to know if the Lakers can win with Kobe putting up so many shots.
    Starts around 20:50

  291. Man, GSW is making it look easy against the LAC.

  292. yes, I’m wonder just where LAL stands now. Eastern conf teams here we come! Also, didn’t like seeing Woody on Clips bench. I would not like to see his sour expression for awhile.

  293. no wonder Kobe called Dwight “soft” 馃檪

  294. Kobe must feel fortunate that he is able to get Lin as a teammate near the end of his player career, because all other stars are waiting for his retirement before considering to become a laker.

  295. Madrid

  296. once upon a time i scored awwww-ight on my SAT verbals…LOL

  297. Is that you Brent? Lol

  298. gdammit we gotta wait til sunday??? guess i’ll take my leave of you fine ladies and gentlemen and return to the mothership to battle trolls and expound with vulgarities.

  299. May force with you, do not turn to the dark side….JK….

  300. Before you go off battling, have you tried to beat the Lincredible games?

    So far the best score is 186pts, followed by 176 and 153 points.
    Let’s see if we have some talented gamers amongst us :>

  301. ok, time to announce which members voted the closest to Lin’s 18pts/3asts in Gm5.

    If we count 1 assist = 2 pts, Lin’s total score is 18pts+3×2 = 24pts

    And the closest answer in the poll is 12pts/6pts with 3 people voting for them.
    I will go check who these 3 smart members were:

  302. FYI I will look into plugins to create some sort of Fantasy Lin Basketball.
    It might be fun to tally up points of our votes per game and see who the best Lin-Stats guessers from game-to-game and for the season!

    And we can have little prize plus help to raise donation to Jeremy Lin Foundation based on Lin’s made 3s

  303. Jeremy Lin in a Yellow Adidas Winter Jacket promotional.

    Is it me or does it make Jeremy look like a model on a catwalk with the black legging?
    I’m not so keen about this look :>

  304. DJ, please modify the post with the language because it breaks Rule 1:

    No cursing/swearing or any substitute/variation. Keep the language to PG to be family-friendly. – See more at: http://www.jlinportal.com/website-rules-must-read/#sthash.H14mC3ud.dpuf

    You might not be aware of the latest chance but sorry we gotta enforce the rule :]

  305. Pretty good. Very boyish look! Just not my style:-)

  306. better?

  307. thank you :]
    gotta admire your creativity, Mr. SAT

  308. The media call to separate Kobe and Bryant has started.

    I wouldn’t be opposed to the idea if Kobe and Lin can’t gel (or Kobe won’t pass) in the next 10-15 games. I’d rather see Lin/Davis for 20min/gm. And Lin would get into more rhythm (and assists) to close out the game strong. Otherwise, Byron might sit Lin from looking ‘passive’

    [LakeShowLive] Jeremy Lin: Move To Bench Could Spark Lakers

    The biggest problem with the starting unit is the clash of play-styles, namely with Bryant and Lin. Both are ball-dominant guards who have not had successful careers playing off-ball.

    For Lin, his problem lies in his lack of consistency more than anything else. On Tuesday, he came out aggressive and he and Bryant both scored eight points in the first quarter. However, Lin disappeared from the game for the next two quarters, scoring four points and looking like an average point guard at best.

    Fourth quarter Lin, however, attacked the rim and looked aggressive again, drawing a handful of fouls and going 6-6 from the line in the final frame. However, if you needed a picture/video of the Lin-Bryant partnership through five games, it came late in the fourth quarter. With every Laker deferring to Bryant on every possession, when Lin couldn鈥檛 get Bryant open off a screen, he panicked and forced up a bad shot when the Lakers needed a bucket.

    In short, the Lin-Bryant partnership isn鈥檛 working.

  309. “Kobe & Bryant”??? or do you mean “Kobe and JLin”????

  310. Too early to make the call. JLin is still making adjustment playing with Kobe and new team. This is his 6 games playing with starters. That’s why I said BS messed up in TC and preseason games in big time.

  311. Ppl keeps trying to find the non Kobe bugs to fix. Lin took so much blame. This is great

  312. That’s why I said it is as bad as R except media and Laker fans. Now I don’t know. Guess it will get worse before it becomes better.

  313. I dont buy it for now….to gel things take time….it would be ore objective with 20games under the belt

  314. yeah :> fixed .. although separating Kobe & Bryant might not be a bad idea either

  315. LOL

  316. Many tried to defend a loss with 37 FG taken by 1 starter vs 35FG by the rest.
    It sounds ridiculous because a loss is a loss.

    Perhaps Kobe should take 40-45FG next game so these people will be happy

  317. Good article assessing factors holding back Lin’s aggression.
    Great suggestion for Lin to ignore Kobe more (like Fisher)
    Plus Lin’s pull up FG%

    Examining Jeremy Lin – Lakers Pulse http://lakerspulse.net/?p=1278

    The Eye Test
    Jeremy Lin has not been passing the eye test very much this season. There are many stretches of the game where you wouldn’t even know if he was on the court or not. As a starting point guard and major piece of an offense, this cannot happen.

    The biggest struggle for Lin has been saying no to Kobe. Kobe is going to ask for the ball every time down the floor, he’s done it his entire career and that isn’t going to change. The Lakers have been most successful with a point guard that doesn’t give him the ball every time (Fisher). Lin needs to do this and take control of the offense. As long as Kobe isn’t shooting 10-10 and really feeling, he will only respect and trust Lin more for not deferring and being aggressive.

    Another problem holding back Lin’s aggression is the lack of spacing the offense provides. Byron Scott’s offense is designed to work almost exclusively from mid-range and almost completely ignores the 3-point line. This lets defenses pack it in and close any driving lanes Lin might otherwise have. Lin is a serviceable shooter, not a great one, and is at his best when attacking the rim. In fact, Lin is one of the best in the league at driving to the rim and finishing, but the offensive spacing the Lakers have is beyond terrible. Once Nick Young returns to the lineup, defenses will have to stretch out a little more to defend him, leaving Lin more driving lanes to do his damage.

  318. They kept saying nick young and kelly can help, they are not really that much better than lin shooting 3s…are they?.

  319. In short, you didn’t watch the game.

  320. The problem is, or say one Of the problem is, if lin comes off bench, he will not close the game as much. Because price can take his spot, Nick young can too. Scott will find the players who can PLAY WITH Kobe to seal the game.

  321. Not an good idea, but I really wanna see a game or two where lin just take 37 shots….lol. Just curious how many pts will he get that way

  322. Then he should send out 4 guys who just set screens and grab rebounds. Problem solved.

  323. Not sure about the solved part.

  324. If he has his shooting touch, and gets foul calls, I wouldn’t be surprised if he scored 50 = =.

  325. I was thinking about 60 tho

  326. Ah, the Jacob Rude article.

    The point he tried to make was entirely moot, especially in light of game 5. Benching Lin changes ABSOLUTELY NOTHING when Kobe’s on the court 44 minutes taking 37 shots. Comments below were killing Mr. Rude.

  327. Ok then 70. How about that!!

  328. Lol

  329. Basketball Insiders 鈥廆BBallInsiders 23m
    Lakers Will Try Hard to Trade for Rajon Rondo?: There is one player who makes sense in LA next season: Rajon R… http://bit.ly/10yiTym

    Seem like JLin trade rumor has started few days ago and is gaining momentum:-(

  330. Sorry for taking your very interesting hypothesis down the wrong lane.

  331. Yay, I win!

  332. Let them trade him….LAL is the only team that is losing like 76ers. I will happily see Rox and LAL fall….lol….so much for that welcome home jeremy thing……

  333. LOL So unlike u to become so frustrated with LAL now:-)

  334. At the rate Kobe’s going, trading for CP3 won’t help the Lakers, much less the injury-prone Rondo.

    Unless of course, they’re getting Rondo to keep Nash company.

  335. I am not, but if they traded him than I will

  336. Well I don’t know what to think right now. Seem like Lakers (Mitch, Jeanie, BS, Kobe) is sending out different messages. Wondering how much is publicity and how much is true. Let’s wait and see.

  337. Tried to be sarcastic and I failed.

  338. I think trading is just bussiness, but I can see LAL likes lin a lot. So I would be shocked that they trade him away.

  339. LAL is playing so bad that it is hard to sarcastically making fun of them

  340. I think Mitch, Jeanie are and most likely Kobe is but don’t think BS is. With rumors around, wonder what’s going on….

  341. I think the rumor are simply came out of no where, because someone trying to say lin is the problem of losing 0-5

  342. Very interesting. Media and/or Lakers fans is throwing JLin under the bus??

  343. What are their 3 pts percentage last season?

  344. 濂戒箙涓嶈, so Brent & John, you guys are all here now..

  345. wow I miss that cartoon..

  346. Welcome Samuel.

  347. I learned this site because CaliUSMC posted the llink on Jlin.net the other day..

  348. I still doubt this. Too speculative. . . “rival executives.” I also don’t see as how Rondo would help the Lakers that much. This may be obtuse and/or hopeful, but it doesn’t say anything about Lin per se being traded. Only a trade for Rajon Rondo.

  349. Welcome

  350. Laker fans are pretty hard core about Kobe. They’re not winning, so they’re frustrated. Lin still has a chance to win them over, but they need some wins. Unfortunately, it is business at $15 mil., or 8.

  351. “There are many stretches of the game where you wouldn’t even know if he
    was on the court or not. As a starting point guard and major piece of an
    offense, this cannot happen.”

    Wasn’t the same true of Steve Nash in 2012-13 when he and Kobe were both healthy? Nash only averaged 7.4 ast/36 and 14.1 pts/36, 17.8% usg. The 7.4 ast/36 was abysmal for Nash, well below his previous year’s 12.2 ast/36. And that was with a D’Antoni offense.

    Lin is currently 6.2 ast/36, 13.5 pts/36, 18.9% usg. Those are comparable to Nash’s numbers. So I’d say the problem is not so much with Lin as much as Kobe/Lakers.

  352. Great! CaliUSMC really did a good promotion job over there. Hopefully not being banned for doing so.

  353. This one didn’t say so but I read somewhere said JLin would be traded by Feb. I know it’s all rumors but….

  354. That doesn’t make sense to me. Like Lin, Rondo’s going to be an unrestricted free agent after this season. So even if the Lakers trade for Rondo, they could lose him after this season. If the Lakers really want Rondo, they can just pursue him in free agency after this season.

  355. Funny that when JLin was in R, Rondo’s name came out and now happened again in Lakers.

  356. Comparing to Lin is irrelevant because Lin cannot space the floor for himself to penetrate.

    You have to compare Young (SF) and Kelly (PF) to their counterparts. Last year, Young was 39% whereas Johnson was 37%. No diff there. Kelly was 34% compared to Boozer 0%. So Young won’t make much diff compared to Johnson, but Kelly should make a big diff compared to Boozer.

  357. 2013-14 stats for current Lakers:

    42% Ellington
    39% Young
    37% Johnson
    36% Lin
    35% Henry
    34% Kelly
    33% Nash
    21% Price
    19% Bryant

  358. Well, it makes more sense for Rockets because they are going for championship, so having Rondo for 1 year could make sense.

    Whereas Lakers are rebuilding, so it doesn’t make sense to have Rondo for only 1 year. It only makes sense to get Rondo’s expiring contract, but Lin already has an expiring contract, so there’s not much to be gained for the Lakers.

  359. Yet another perspective on 0-5: Last season 2013-14, Laker had consecutive loss streaks of 6, 6, 7, and 7 games. So a 5-game losing streak is nothing new.

  360. Yikes, CHA might not be that easy to beat. They beat the Heat 96-89.

  361. The Cavs superteam continue their struggles. Lose to the Jazz. Kyrie with 34 pts but 0 assists! Lebron scored 31 pts but only 4 assists and 4 TOs!

    Just goes to show how difficult it can be for new players to play together, even if they are the #1 PF, #1 SF, and a top 5 PG.

  362. Exactly, its aint fair to compare during the Linsanity period. Its a different circumstance now.

  363. Is that you?!!! I must be in @disqus_HmSLGZ4iV2:disqus twilight zone

  364. Welcome Samuel,

    most of the old timers are here…hehehe Brent and Psalm that is! The others are young teenwolves…LOL

  365. Of all seriousness, me too!

  366. welcome

  367. I was gone for a few days and we have influx of users here. Welcome…

    To anyone planning to troll (except the inhouse trolls.. you know who you are!) – WATCH.YOUR.BACK.

  368. Welcome back. Miss u:-) Wonder where have u been:-)

  369. I really want to see that. I want JLin to break his own record and gain a very very nice record this season:-) Am I too greedy with the current players???!!! I think I’m but no harm to dream:-)

  370. Thanks. Projects and more projects (and I’m not done yet!) came to me like an avalanche. Have a lot of catching up to do.

  371. Understandable! Hope u will be able to conquer the avalanche and come to the mountain top soon:-)

  372. Cat catching the Rat? hmmm

  373. Thanks! 馃檪

  374. If I’m going to describe it,I’m not even catching a rat. I’m chasing and trying to catch… air

  375. Hmm and judging from your recent tone, you are going through a rough patch so I can’t poke at you….what shall I do. Kobe would actually be a very good floor spacer, if he would only wait for the ball to come to him, instead of gravitating to wherever the ball was.

  376. I used a reference from that cartoon in a history class report. I think I got a D.

  377. Nah, can’t be Brent, that was more than 5 words and even ….. At the end. Lol

  378. I had a big Bouvier dog that just passed a couple of months ago named Gandalf. Everyone was scared of him. In my mind, my Gandalf must have been saying that all the time.

  379. Maybe Paw city, as in Dog house.

  380. I know things seem pretty bleak now at 0-5. Some of us are afraid that this is the same situation as the previous team.

    But just like in a good movie or story, the hero hits rock bottom before the big triumph. The stage is simply being set for Jeremy’s big comeback.

    Also I am encouraged that Lin was able to eventually coexist with Melo. The winning streak after Melo stopped sulking / tanking and Woodson took over was very impressive. It can be done. Lin can thrive with a ball dominant team mate as long as everyone concerned commits to making it work.

    We have seen it in stretches of the Clippers game and the most recent Suns game.

    The saga continues…

  381. Total of 6 Assists for the Cavs

  382. It’s too early to panic. Five games against playoff bound teams and four of those games in five nights. Offensively, they can score if they share the ball and are active, moving, screening, rolling but they need stops. If BS has really been coaching them about D then he’s failing as a coach because I don’t see it or them improving. If it’s about effort then put in players willing to play with heart. Instead of going thru the motions.

  383. Found JLin at the very end of this promotion vid:

    Lakers' Jeremy Lin featured in NBA's "Gear Up" promo http://t.co/VzjmIfoEiN— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) November 6, 2014

  384. Does anyone have the link to JLin’s Chinese FB? Thanks.

  385. https://www.facebook.com/jeremylin7 Believe it’s under construction (combined both Chinese and English) again. All the Chinese info was gone.

  386. I hope he gets all the Chinese info back.
    Where did JLin post the new Chinese Video after Tuesday’s game?

  387. I have posted twice below this thread. He did post it in his FB but then it was gone. Got it from Chinese website. Let’s see whether I can find it again.

  388. I saw it already, thanks!!

  389. Repost JLin’s new Chinese vid after vs. Suns (buried way down in this thread).
    Raw translation for those can’t understand Mandarin: Hi everyone. Thank you for watching our game and cheering for us. I’m obviously very upset that we haven’t yet won a game. But I believe God has a perfect plan. I’m going to take my rest now. Tomorrow we are going to look at the vid and find out what we have done wrong and improve from there in our practice. Thankyou. Good night.


  390. Too late. I have already repost again:-)

  391. Hi Grace, glad to see you here! 馃檪

  392. oh my, KFC is no longer on the sponsor of http://www.Jlin.com. I remember seeing it when Jeremy posted his Thoughts on Preseason..

  393. So your teacher was being generous that day?

  394. I just saw the game and after about 30 tries, I think, I am the champion for now.

  395. please post pics :] so the new champ can be coronated

  396. Already did on the game page.

  397. Glad to see you back, IJ!
    Hope work didn’t run you ragged :]

    You should have seen Brent and I got a chuckle during Game Chat on @joeteam:disqus’s comment.
    He said, “lj is beautiful!” when referring to LeBron “LBJ”
    Brent and I thought, “Hm, that’s very forward of JoeTeam!”
    IJ would be flattered LOL

  398. Nash posted a video swinging golf club at Top Golf.
    Laker fans is not happy with 0-5 record and Nash is not seen with the team.
    Bad PR by Nash and he might be the new whipping boy in the LA media.

    Injured Steve Nash Takes Swings At TopGolf, Lakers Fans Not Happy


  399. I wonder if CAVs loses the next two games and LAL win the next one. What will medias say? LOL

  400. SLAM magazine came out with the article for the FA pursuit for Rondo.
    It’s not avoidable to have trade talk, esp. during losses.
    Lin would have to continue his aggression consistently when playing with Kobe to tune down these rumors


  401. “Kobe > LBJ”
    What else is new? Media loves clicks :]

  402. LOL oh yay~

  403. Thinking back, when Lin was still in Hou, he could only possible go to 76ers. Now LAL. Both 0-5. LOL It is bad to stay with a losing team, BUT it is also a great chance for Lin. It is fine that Kobe is impeding him, he will figure that out. If not, Rondo can take over next year for him anyway. LOL JK

  404. LOL

  405. YEP!

  406. But I think they were talking about spacing the floor for KOBE! LOL

  407. JL need to have a plan B, at some point thru the midseason, if the team is in no man’s land, he needs to go Kobe mode and take those 70 shots?!

    No point, trying to help the team win

  408. An article about Lin:
    How Jeremy Lin can be effective with the Lakers


  409. I think the team will turn around.

  410. Kind of a fair article. Well, I would saying he just did not “practice” much on shooting after a lot of dribbles. No player should do that anyway. MOVE THE BALL. STICKY!

  411. that’s the normal pressure of NBA player, always looking back knowing the next guy in line would take your job :]

    I still think Lakers > 76ers in terms of risk vs Reward esp.due to:

    1. large media presence (astounding 20-yr $3.6B TWCSN TV deal)

    2. large Asian demographics (which might propel Kobe to like Lin more haha..)

    LA suits Lin’s playing style of high-risk/high-reward.

    I think LAL and TWCSN need Lin for their business ratings as much as Lin needs them.

    It’s a perfect marriage really. But like any marriage, there is an adjustment period in the beginning.

    And we all know little things like leaving the toilet seat up can harm a marriage :] (refresh to see pic)


  412. LOL yeah….as some critics said. TWC is the reason why Kobe is still around….

  413. New thread!
    Let’s see who has a quick trigger this morning :>


  414. man, that’s like impossible with 213!
    I thought the highest is 200

    And I know it’s not Photoshopped, right? hahaha..jk
    I can tell you’re a gamer

  415. Didn’t I told you that I got my BS in Game Design and Development? So yeah I am a gamer.

  416. true :] I’d say you are at a Master level now w/ work experience

    BTW, which console you’d recommend for Golf/NBA XBox/PS/Wii U?

  417. For a couple years now I am almost always play PC games only. I have been sticking to playing only the game “3Kingdoms” for many years now. It is a MMORPG game base on the Chinese history during the 3 kingdoms of Wu, Shu, and Wei.

    I have PS3 and Xbox 360. I prefer PS3/4 the control is more comfortable in your hands and the console and it’s control are more durable/reliable.

    If you are a Netflix member you can use the console for Netflix feature and such without paying for Playstation network subscription. To use the Netflix feature on Xbox you have to be an Xbox gold member which mean you have to pay monthly subscription for Xbox (true in the past don’t know about now since those console are for my kids now)

    The only reason I bought Xbox is because of the Kinect feature to play exercise and sports games. (I assume you have heard of Kinect for Xbox before)

    My first general Xbox have some hardware issues in just 3 months but it seen that the new Xbox are doing better.

  418. BTW, the golf or football game for Xbox Kinect is cool if you want to get up and get physical instead of moving your fingers only. Not sure if there is a NBA kinect game yet.

  419. Lin > Irving. =p

  420. Thanks! I also read that Kinect precision is understandably not the best for serious golfers, not sure about NBA

  421. LOL .. I’m also leaning to PS4 for more precision in golf/NBA games for my “kids”.

    Thanks, that’s helpful info on Netflix free PS feature! #ForTheKids

  422. HAHAHAHAHAHA….that’s so.. unexpected. While I’m gone you guys talking about me behind my back lol

  423. You are welcome. One more thing, the PS wireless control can be plug in and charge but for the Xbox360 wireless control you will have to keep a stacks of AA batteries. Don’t know about the XboxOne.

  424. hm, ok … good info.
    That constant manual AA battery charging or replacing on Xbox360 would be very annoying indeed

  425. SiriusXM NBA Radio @SiriusXMNBA 路 19m19 minutes ago
    Lin added that a couple former Houston Rockets weren’t big fans of him so he’s used to it.

  426. SiriusXM NBA Radio @SiriusXMNBA 路 23m23 minutes ago
    Lin says he’s not worried about James Worthy questioning his killer instinct. Says the answer will come out in due time.

  427. SiriusXM NBA Radio @SiriusXMNBA 路 34m34 minutes ago
    [email protected] jokes that Charles Barkley needs to lose weight regardless of what the Lakers do on the court

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