G05 PHX @ LAL Game Thread + New Chat

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Game Preview

  • Will the Lakers get their first win? Suns favored by 6.5 pts.
  • Both teams with 2 days rest and coming off crushing defeats (Suns lost to Jazz by 27 pts, Lakers lost to Warriors by 23 pts).
  • Lin coming off an awful 0-6 FG shooting game. Will he bounce back tonight?
  • Ryan Kelly should be coming back from injury. Will he help space the floor for the Lakers?




– See more at: http://www.jlinportal.com/g04-lalgsw-game-threadnew-chat/#sthash.gZUU19ft.dpuf


– See more at: http://www.jlinportal.com/g04-lalgsw-game-threadnew-chat/#sthash.gZUU19ft.dpuf


  1. for those who glossed over the instructions above, you have to be signed in to WordPress (upper right corner) to use the Chat (bottom bar below). If you just see “loading…” then it’s probably because you are behind a firewall.

    try to use the chat more to help us test it.

  2. Yes, Lakers will win tonight. hohoho

  3. I gave over 2 min head start to the “first” hunters. No takers… slackers. =)

  4. Brent will not be happy with 2-min head start, not couting the cache refresh :]
    I purged the cache manually but not fast enough, haha..

  5. if they do, fans in Phoenix will melt down. might have to board up your windows =p

  6. Lets go for a WIN!!!

  7. Will ref give more calls to JLin in this game?

    @LakerNation was good to raise the issue 3 days ago.


  8. Didn’t see this kind of support in HOU.

  9. This is just wrong, so unethical!!

  10. The chat is working on my laptop but not my mobile phone.

  11. Anyway, I want Jeremy to win. It may take time but he will find a way to win. Jacking up more shots is just part of the picture but is not the whole solution. Let’s see what progress Jeremy has made to solve this complex equation.

  12. my mobile not working as well, keep loading…..

  13. I think the allocated number of calls per day was used up by Harden.

  14. Like to call the refs out even at expense of a technical. Come on Scott let them have it.

  15. LOL, as bad as many dislike on Harden’s call. Many NBA FO/coaches would fight for to get such a player.

    He perfected the art of getting calls within the flow of the game and rules! Not many or any could do it. I give credit to JH

  16. Sup guys! Lin 16-7 tonight!!! 😀

  17. wanna see that happen above 15 from now on in. Team now knows, if Lin is sub 10, they lose. Imbalance toward Kobe, they lose in crunch because options are narrowed. Too easy to get stops …

  18. Candy for diabetics, magnesia. In playoffs, you go into insulin-refs shock. Avoid it at all costs …

  19. 20-7, Lin getting open looks from better coordinated offense (other guys giving him more space, ball not sticky, lol)

  20. It’s slowly leaking out now. All the conjecture was true. Rox did not want Lin to succeed. It was embedded to start, but when they got Harden, it was decided. It only took 5 games for Harden to believe in the solo game, because the embedded divisiveness was there to feed his desires.

  21. I hope the Lakers win with Lin controlling the team. Never mind the stats, baby steps first.

  22. Chat seems to be working on my laptop!

  23. psalm, input to you or Brent, whomever is configuring, coding … any chance to have chat box tearaway so we can have it on a small part of screen, have the game on, and also be able to post disqus ? Triple threat lol. I like the speed of this new chat config. If you allow triple thread, then people can keep up both in chat and disqus.

  24. Mark Medina @MarkG_Medina 4 minutes ago
    Byron Scott said he said two words when he saw the beginning of this schedule: “Oh…..followed by a 4 letter word.”

  25. Why would you do such a thing while I was sleeping…

  26. This plug in does not allow it, so…need a better one

  27. Mods, is there anyway I change my name on chat to my disqus name?

  28. at min, if you put the public chat box on the lower right then we can have it open and it doesn’t get in way of disqus and I can have 2 windows open. That implies moving Chat (the people) to the lower left. Right now public chat sits right in the middle, blocking my disqus reads and posts.

  29. bummer then. see blow for any possible re-placement thoughts?

  30. They follow different system….so…..Not really sure,

  31. you need to have a jlportal signing to get to chat. do that before the game and you’re gold.

  32. Can not find one that can be full size, quick, and use wordpress account

  33. Serena Winters @SerenaWinters 10 minutes ago
    Byron Scott anxious for that win: “We have to play this like it’s Game 7… We have to do that for the rest of the season.”

  34. I tried not to use that “sticky” word anymore. It reminds me of you know who…

  35. Yes, what I mean is, can you put the public chat box to the bottom right so when it sticks up, it doesn’t get in the way of the disqus layout, just the sidebar stuff? Put the “Chat” box on the bottom left as that can be mimed. Here, see how I set up my screen. Can you tell what I mean? Nerd yes, 3 windows. Game LP, Disqus, and Chat. Thoughts?

  36. This I am not sure, need to check with @psalm234:disqus

  37. Bill Oram @billoram 2 minutes ago
    Scott said he laid into Lakers at practice this morning. “I feel a sense of urgency for our guys,” he said.

  38. I don understand, so are they having it or not?

  39. thx! Tearaway would be cool. You can fake it with another window sized to have only chat box, but then if you minimize it on the disqus window, it minimizes on the chat window. My engs use to use juggernaut, and I think we we able to have different windows minimized, etc. Facebook uses this kind of chat layout, a little limited, so I get it if it’s not easily configurable as FB has plenty of resources.

  40. If you have poor eye sight like me you can use the ZOOM function of your browser to enlarge the chat….just don’t overdo it.
    PS: CTRL-+ + is your friend.

  41. Tks for the tip.

  42. Here is LakerNation key of victory


    Keys to Victory:
    Perimeter Defense: The Suns lineup features a collection of guards that can flat out play. The onus will be on the Lakers perimeter defenders to keep these guards out of the paint where they can collapse defenses. Since Kobe continues to expend inordinate amounts of energy on offense, Byron Scott should have the younger guys such as Wes Johnson, Xavier Henry, and Wayne Ellington check Phoenix’s quick guards. Jeremy Lin will also need to bring his A game defensively as he will be matched up with a superb offensive player, be it Dragic, Bledsoe, or Thomas, for the duration of the game.

    Second Unit Play: Depth is one of the major strengths of this Suns team, so I don’t have any illusions about the Lakers second unit faring particularly well. That being said, playing this stacked Suns second unit to a stalemate during stretches in the second and fourth quarters will be a critical part of the Lakers getting that elusive win tonight.

    Three Point Shooting: The Lakers have struggled from beyond the arc this season, shooting just 31.6 percent through their first four games. Three point shooting will be important tonight as Phoenix deploys so many small guards. The Lakers’ bigger wings should be able to get their share of good looks by simply shooting over the smaller defenders. If they are able to make a healthy percentage of these looks early, they will force Suns coach Jeff Hornacek into making tough offense-defense substitution decisions.

  43. lol, game time would decide. But its obviously good to hear that the team has “the sense of urgency” Going for a WIN here

  44. U got it. Stop my trollist ways.

  45. Believe in urself even when no one else does. If someone tells u that u can’t do it, prove them wrong…Dont stress, take chances, n be urself tonite.. Go Lin~~ Gotta get the 1st win..

  46. LOL…can the game start any sooner?!!!

  47. I thought Lakers got all the calls? At least it seemed that way when JLin was on the Rockets playing the Lakers

  48. So sloooooow

  49. All those veggies looks too healthy. ? Source of injuries?

  50. Jeremy….have a Blast!

  51. LAL did, Lin does not

  52. LOL

  53. I think you can edit your WordPress account settings. I managed to keep my name on chat with my disqus name.

  54. He is going for Triple-double today…sugar candy works!

  55. He needs animal blood. Not that crap! 😀

  56. Aha! You’re all here; hiding from the trolls. 🙂

  57. LOL we are not hiding, we dare them to come

  58. just kidding…

  59. yep so am I. They better do not come. LOL

  60. I hope the Lakers have solved some of their problems. They need a win tonight.

  61. Yeah…we will have our hands full watching them rather than the game 🙁

  62. no, we’re not hiding from trolls, Grace 🙂
    We’re breeding good trolls here.. all mods are undergoing good-trolls transformation.

    Welcome! 😀
    If you have a chance to register (Sign Up at top-right homepage), you can join our chat 🙂
    Note: Currently only on laptops/PCs and not behind firewall :>

  63. yeah, you are slow. lol, need to work on that first step…

  64. It will take time.

  65. We can just kill the post, and write a new one anyway

  66. I thought I would help the other site but it’s a losing battle.

  67. I’m using a Mac with Sophos – I guess not, huh?

  68. Grace the Troll Hunter has arrived.

  69. The crowd here accepts you? 🙂

  70. Always so mean to me 🙁

  71. hahaha… I now believe you are not a troll.

  72. Here’s a hack for making the chat bigger. This will make the chat window much larger on the jlinportal home page only.

    1. install Stylish addon for Firefox or Chrome (untested).
    2. go to http://www.jlinportal.com/ and do Stylish > Write New Style For This URL:

    @namespace url(http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml);

    @-moz-document url(“http://www.jlinportal.com/”) {

    div#bowob_window {height:550px !important ; left:0px !important }
    div#bowob_receive {width:800px !important ; height:500px !important}
    div.bowob_region {width:800px !important ; height:500px !important }
    div#bowob_send {width:800px !important}
    textarea.bowob_input {width:800px !important}


  73. btw, we are using chat mostly for this in-game. so join us there!

  74. nice deflection by Lin over a taller Plumlee to tip the rebound to Hill

    Announcer was smart to give credit to Lin

  75. league pass works tonight, no blackout, hallelujah!

  76. you can customize the width and height numbers for your own screen resolution.

  77. lin 4 3… 🙂

  78. Jeremy is gunning! 🙂

  79. So he’s in the aggressive mode? Can’t look at chat, behind company firewall unfortunately.

  80. another 2 pts.. quite aggressive so far..:)

  81. and Linning!

  82. Lin to a running Down-HIll for (sorry NO) flush!! 10-9

  83. 1q5:48 Lin with a fast break nice pass to Hill for the dunk!

  84. how to use chat

  85. totally aggressive .. it’s ridiculous!
    Forcing Bledsoe to the bench early with fouls. Isaiah Thomas in

  86. Lin already matched his prev game pts merely halfway through the first qtr!

  87. 10-9?

  88. LOL

  89. log into jlinportal site (wordpress, not disqus)

  90. lol,

  91. lol..he read ur mesg.. 🙂

  92. yes, right?
    Lin has 6 out of 10

  93. apparently Lin didn’t get the assist for this??? doh, the dunk didn’t count

  94. IT’s in for Bledsoe

  95. 1q4:45 NRP = no rim protection. Yet again by the Lakers

  96. Finally Davis in with 4:30 left in Q1

  97. 1q 3:59 Lin blew by IT for the layup

  98. Lin is the only Laker who can consistently score.
    Lin with 8pts out of 13 Laker pts

  99. 1q 2m Lin sets screen for Kobe, who curls for the jumper

  100. Keep it up JLin!!!

  101. Log in but don’t see the chat window at the bottom of screen.

  102. This is like when Harden used to set up screens for LIN. It was unstoppable.

  103. Just registered and logged in… Using iPad and can’t find chat either…

  104. 1q2:40 Lin out, Price in. score is 21-17

  105. doesn’t work for mobile =(

  106. I’m using a windows pc.

  107. Ahhhh…

  108. Hey. Ryan Kelly is in^^

  109. Is he hurt? Looks like he washed down some pills…

  110. 1q0m finally Davis with some RP (rim protection)

  111. i can’t imagine players taking pain pills after a game has started. too slow to act. they would get injection in the locker room.

  112. damn…first time i log in to JLinportal and i check the box score and see J with 8 points on 3/4??!! this is better than the time i got a fortune cookie that said i was going to get lucky and i did.

  113. Bledsoe with 2 quick fouls… He wasn’t happy about Lin’s layup and shoved him after the basket.

  114. 1q0m Kobe the only starter with 4 second team players

  115. Tonight’s the night!

  116. 3PT Stats in the 1st quarter:
    1-6 for Suns
    2-4 for Lakers (1 each for Kobe/Lin)

    This is a good sign for the Lakers trailing only 2 pts 24-26

  117. he’s on pace for 16 FGAs!!!!!!!!! THAT’S MY DAWWWWG!!!!

  118. 1Q for Lin: 8 pts, 3-4 fg, 1-1 3 pt, 1-2 ft, 1 ast, 0 to.

    Great start, already exceeded pts from last game

  119. Just rewound it… He was limping and had his hand out to receive a couple of Advils.

  120. Aggressive Lin with 8pts/1ast no TOs in the 1st quarter.
    3-4FG, 1-1 3FG, 1-2 FT

    Mr. Efficiency!

  121. After missing his first three shots, @kobebryant rebounds to score 9 in the first quarter. @JLin7 adds 8. pic.twitter.com/9wruEK25Sb— Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers) November 5, 2014

  122. Nice shot

  123. 2Q12m – all second unit, no starters

  124. really? which hand?

    oh wait, nevermind. I was thinking that his hand was injured.

  125. JLinNation @jlinnation 2 minutes ago
    Jeremy Lin 1st qtr Highlights.

  126. Right

  127. Thanks I missed the 3 point shot. Do you know what happened to Lin’s 2nd assist and why they didn’t count it?

  128. lol. welcome

  129. Hills dunk was not counted as continuation.

  130. Missed FT, 6/13. Gosh!

  131. in 1st qtr, apparently Lin was limping and took a couple advils.

  132. he was a beast in Q1.. 🙂

  133. finally you are here!

  134. Is he injured?

  135. Please!!!!no!!!!!!

  136. Yes and he was under control, not forcing things and varying the pace not just constant fast breaks.

  137. I recruited him 😉

  138. highlight?! super fast!

  139. Q2 8 min left.
    Phoenix bench is supposedly deeper than Laker bench.
    But Davis and Kelly are keeping Lakers close 28-31

  140. Probably just common cold no biggie.

  141. not true saw it on the other site. why do you believe their overreaction to everything

  142. ohhhh.. noooo… we need u 4 the win..

  143. How did you do it? Can you also recruit KHuang and alike here?

  144. Welcome.

  145. Davis good, but needs to work on free throws, missing consecutive shots in last game too. Seems like he should be able to improve, as he has soft hands around the rim.

  146. How come JLin isn’t back in and Kobe did?

  147. Mac is okay. I can Chat with Chrome browser. Not too sure with Safari

  148. he usually isnt

  149. I like Davis but he picks up fouls too easily. We need him out there.

  150. The starting guards of the Suns are not in. So I think BS is waiting.

  151. Is Bledsoe back?

  152. what? what happened???

  153. I think KHuang enjoys himself too much over there fighting trolls.

  154. I think they said Lin didn’t get calls in Game 3-4

  155. Lin is stepping on something that keeps a certain angle of his right ankle

  156. Lakers needs offensive powers other than Kobe and Lin.

  157. x2

  158. lol, but I really appreciate his BB knowledge.

  159. 2q 6:40 Lin back in!

  160. hppe he is not hurt

  161. It is either a piece of trash or just some orange colored thing by his right foot. I think he’s fine.

  162. Any limping?

  163. Very annoying. The streaming keeps on lagging.

  164. Q2 6:39 Lin and Kobe back in

  165. JLination is quicker then Jeremy’s first step with their uploads.

  166. He readjusted that orange many times

  167. Which stream?

  168. Lin’s ankle doesn’t look good. He is still limping subtly…. darn

  169. @shahanLA 37 seconds ago
    Suns were 1/8 on their 3s before that last wide open look Gerald Green knocked down. Corner 3s. #Lakers 32, #Suns 36

  170. still a good sign if Suns is not hitting their 3s

  171. Even if it is semi-serious, Scott won’t let him play.

  172. boozer… gosh.. c’mon…

  173. The bigs just keep missing FG.

  174. whats happened to Lin? Seem to have dissapeared from the game at least from my gamecast perspective.

  175. boozer is terrible on defense

  176. 2q3m beautiful drive and drop off ast by Lin

  177. unbearable lagging!!

  178. no, he’s playing. just got a nice ast

  179. 2q3m Lin out for Price

  180. Q2 3:36 Lin had to sit with 3 fouls
    He’s having trouble guarding a speedy smaller Isaiah Thomas
    Lin needs to be careful with his fouls

  181. Lin to the locker room?

  182. yes

  183. so so awful, you know you’re bad on defense when even Coach Thibs gives up on you.
    He would always sit Boozer in the 4th quarters for his defense.

  184. What happened to him? His ankle?

  185. errrr. Lin looks done for tonight

  186. Seems like it

  187. These Lakers bigs are terrible in every aspects. Can’t shoot. Can’t defense. Can’t box. Can’t even get a defensive rebound.

  188. No is he sick or are the ankles still bothering him?

  189. Oh, nooooooooooooooo.

  190. He is injured, he lost his foot strength, now he is in the locker room

  191. nooooooo

  192. Makes Asik look good.

  193. Why so difficult to stop layups by tiny Isiah Thomas?

  194. he went to the locker room

  195. When Jlin was on the bench his +/- went from -10 to -12. Why would it change if he wasn’t even on the floor?

  196. because of the timming

  197. too fast. once the ball touches the glass, the defender cannot touch the ball (else goaltending)

  198. Nooooo. hope he is alright…

  199. Ankle, his committed fouls because he cannot run full speed now

  200. Everyone needs to go practice FTs

  201. I hate to say this, looked pretty bad so far.

  202. Thomas shot 2 FTs. bec. Lin fouled him.

  203. @SerenaWinters
    Not sure what’s going on with Jeremy Lin, but he’s not on the bench. Must’ve gone to the locker room.

  204. Lakers are looking awful!

  205. boozer is terrible today

  206. Thanks for the info!

  207. end of half: Thomas destroying the Lakers without Lin, who seems to have gone to the locker room with possibly an ankle injury

  208. that doesnt bode well

  209. I think I saw him walking to the locker room

  210. JLinNation posted 1st quarter Lin highlights.
    Let’s hope and pray that Lin can come back strong in the 2nd half

  211. only two assists? what is JLin DOING?

    JK JK. LOL screw assists right now. ATTACK. SHOOT. SHOOT.

  212. and past 4 games

  213. and NRP. Suns have 32 pts in the point.

  214. let’s hope it’s nothing major

  215. Jeremy Lin isn't on the bench. A few minutes ago, Gary Vitti was talking to him on the sideline.— janis carr (@janiscarr) November 5, 2014

    Nothing happened to Lin

  216. I think in the game, player makes the decision.

  217. wow

  218. hopefully just a precaution.

  219. When Lin came back in, his walking and running looked awkward.

  220. Lol… His hands might be worse than Asik’s

  221. Boozer must be the tank commander. So much for helping out on defense.
    On pace to giving up 118+ again 🙁

  222. i been eyeing this place for awhile….just been lazy. i still enjoy the TENSION of jeremylin.net but this place looks roomy… i might stretch out and get comfy! LOL

  223. Lakers are gonnna stuck w/ boozer as starter for 15 more games, according to Byron.

  224. boozer is such a shell of himself. an outright liability. he needs to be replaced by ed davis or ryan kelly SO BADLY.

  225. Pts in the Paint
    Suns 34
    LA 9

    If there is no Rim Protection, it doesn’t matter that Suns shot 2-9 on 3s while Laker is shooting 4-8 (50%). Laker bigs need work together to prevent penetration

  226. Why would he be talking to Vitti during the game if nothing happened? I hope nothing happened.

  227. Hope Scott is not that stubborn. Otherwise it could be likely to be 0-15.

  228. what’s to stop voltaire’s second cousin’s former roommate from showing up tho? better modding?

  229. Yeah, when everyone’s healthy, Lin-Kobe-Wes-Kelly-Davis should be the starting lineup with Swaggy being the spark off the bench taking most of Wes’ minutes.

  230. Lakers were all over Mike Brown for going 0-3 or something like that and replaced him immediately. I guess since Scott is new and with new players, they are not slamming him quite yet.

  231. problem is that if Lin’s ankles aren’t 100%, he’s not going to be able to defend IT or attack on offense

  232. with his contract and BS’s favoritism Hill is NOT gonna lose his starting job (that plus he’s been balling relatively well). how bout Lin-Kobe-Wes-Davis-Hill?
    Or why not go bigger and stick wes on the bench? Lin-Kobe-Kelly-Davis-Hill? 2nd unit can be Price-Swagg (Ellington until he gets back)-Wes-Booze-Sacre (but never actually use Sacre unless people get into foul trouble)

  233. nothing on Lin during halftime report. we will see after commercial

  234. Lakersnation is behind LIn. it’s really cool to see. Even Corey Hansford who is a hater has softened his views.

  235. i think he is fine will get it wrapped

  236. if Lin doesn’t start 3rd Q, then you definitely know he’s hurt

  237. 2 Plays where Boozer’s help defense burns Lin instead.
    The first picture Boozer moves before Isaiah is contained and screens Lin instead= =
    The next two pictures are when Lin gets screened and Boozer barely moves his feet to help
    The last two are the same play from another angle and you can see Boozer moving without a purpose (in the wrong direction) actually opening up the lane for the layup. ( Step it up Booz)

  238. 🙁 i spoke too soon… damn you refs

  239. Sophos is anti-virus software.

  240. And LAL reporter is not doing a good job if that happens

  241. where are these pictures? in your head? =)

  242. Yes!

  243. Like I said, it was about timming

  244. refresh 🙂

  245. Spoiler alert: Jeremy will come with a vengeance in the 3rd quarter and score 13 to pull the Lakers outta this hole.
    Lakers will win by 5.

  246. Lin is on the floor

  247. where is the buffet? or is that post game meal? JLin needs to get sleeved out like sacre bleu–would be badazz–though mama lin wouldn’t approve.

  248. LIn is on!

  249. where the hell is the buffet? or is that post game meal? JLin needs to get sleeved out like sacre bleu–would be badazz–though mama lin wouldn’t approve.

  250. announcers are Bill MacDonald and Stu Lantz (TWC)

  251. who is that guy? he seems to have a fuuqqqqing BRAIN.

  252. I hope Lin comes out in the 2nd half aggressive like he was in the 1st quarter.

  253. Dig deep…

  254. man lakers just need to pull out a win to get off the snide.

  255. Does anyone like JLin’s rotation thus far?? Found he was sat around 7-8 mark in 1st qtr and normally didn’t check in until 6-7 mark in 2nd qtr.

  256. Lin redeemed his ball-handling TO with a nice midrange J

  257. 3q9m nice long 2 by Lin

  258. Nice shot Lin!

  259. My goodness.. An acrobatic layup by Kobe!

  260. reminder for those joining late to join us in the chat (bottom of screen)

  261. That was a Jordan move lol. The flick up by Kobe.

  262. he was slightly injured in 2Q

  263. Aww, in and out. Nice cleanup by Wes.

  264. maybe he got taped up, people saying ankle.

  265. Lin lost his speed a bit

  266. 3q7m Lin ast to Boozer 15 ft. Boozer hot in 2nd half

  267. i’m sure his ankles are hurting him

  268. too bad Lin still limping if you look closely.

  269. sadly yes

  270. he could be heavily taped.

  271. ah, not sure about Anti-Virus .. firewall causes ‘Chat (loading)’
    If you can see it, then it should work

  272. Lin probably won’t be able to drive as his usual self with his presumably injured ankle. Let’s see if he can play a different game (shooting and assists without penetration)

  273. Good thing he’ll get 4 days to rest them.

  274. What was Wes doing, trying to guard the refs?

  275. He’s totally lost and useless out there.

  276. They know Lin can run the offense well ..plus they trust Kobe’s judgment on Lin.

    Kobe is the best thing that can ever happen to Lin in LA!

  277. Lin is limping and he is still one of the better defenders on the team. LOL

  278. Lakers getting killed on backdoor cuts and alley oops.

  279. And their failure to make FTs

  280. So does that mean good perimeter defense?

  281. No, failed in communication

  282. his high FG% should eventually earn him more PT.
    He just needs more PT and easy PnR points with Lin

  283. thats not good at all 🙁

  284. 3q4m Lin with a beautiful feed to Davis cutting in the middle of the lane, but Davis lost the ball

  285. Kobe with the hops. That’s impressive for a 36 year old.

  286. Good defense by Lakers on that play.

  287. Yeah that was a nice jump.

  288. 3q3m Kobe triple team, tries to pass, picked off by IT and fast break layup

  289. Kobe should not have gone Bruce-Lee there!

    Jumping over court-side seats & kicked the ball in the air then landed awkwardly
    Good thing he was okay

  290. Keep attacking Jeremy!!!!!

  291. Kobe hogging it now. That was a 3 on 1 and he took it himself.

  292. Kobe! Lin was open 🙁

  293. I know. Kobe is in Kobe mode. He needs to be out.

  294. Kobe should save hero ball for 4th Q, Kobe’s not going to last

  295. yeah are at miserable 63% 🙁

  296. Lin was wide open there too.

  297. KObe is gassed already

  298. Making no sense why he is still in. Play already 30 min.

  299. Kobe 7-23. He’s forcing it a little too much.

  300. very gassed. Scott needs to take him out.

  301. i didn’t think of it that way, but i guess Suns at 27% from 3pt currently

  302. i am afraid it’s not that simple. He obviously played very cautiously with his ankle.

  303. Because Lin’s ankle?

  304. a little? This is a Harden-esque game. Throwing it up for fouls

  305. krazy kobe taking over in the 3rd.

  306. right, he probably got taped at the half, but I’m pretty sure he was hurting in Q2, that’s why so few minutes after a great Q1.

  307. Don’t think so. I saw the pattern in the past few games.

  308. Hopefully, Lin wrecks them in the 4th.

  309. I can’t refresh the page, messes up my “new replies”. LOL

  310. Q3 3min left Lin rested. 12pts/3asts in 22 min.
    Kobe has ran the offense mostly in Q3 and played 30min so far.

  311. Except he’s not getting the respect and calls that harden gets

  312. Someone wake me when Kobe’s NOT hogging.

  313. We are at 45%, if we can nail couple of 3s, that would give us the lead. FTs are sad

  314. with 4 point deficit, its kinda hard to take Kobe out…looks like they really wanna go for a win here

  315. no offense, down vote

  316. Actually close to 33 min. What can u expect him to play well in 4th qtr???

  317. nice…lets go 3s!!!

  318. Hmm, looks like Thomas tripped himself.

  319. Let’s go Mr. 4th Quarter!

  320. End of Q3: Lin with 12 pts, 4-6 fg, 1-2 3pt, 3-4 ft, 3 ast, 2 to.

    Lakers only down by 4. 4th quarter is Lin time, let’s go Lin and Lakers!

  321. Maybe Kobe is desperate to get this one ?

  322. ok, just like many games this year, Lin within reach with 4th coming up. Will he do it, or is team in disarray?

  323. We’re all desperate 🙂

  324. Yep…

  325. absolutely, he is risking his body for it

  326. Yes we are..and welcome back^^

  327. Where is Lin? Kobe still in and no Lin?

  328. welcome back??

  329. Bledsoe still out?

  330. Probably getting a little rest for his ankle?

  331. Knowing Kobe, he would have demanded to come in…he wants a WIN!

  332. probably resting Lin’s ankle, bring him in a little later

  333. Lin may not even be able to come back in the game

  334. Lakers expend so much energy trying to score, whereas their opponent seems to score efficiently and effortlessly.

  335. Byron is playing with fire now.
    Kobe has played 35 min with 9 min left in Q3

  336. Why not?

  337. Lakers playing Rains of Castamere. lol

  338. Princeton fail

  339. Kobe gonna go full swing here

  340. Suns is about to pull away with tired Kobe leading the offense. 89-81

  341. Kobe 9-27 now.

  342. In other words, BS pushing for 0-5 start.

  343. Yep Another 2 digits win for Suns.

  344. Don’t understand BS and his rotation anymore.

  345. Looks like coaches think alike. Scott is going to let Kobe play 40 mins a game like D’antoni did to wise him up or wear him down.

  346. I think Lin is hurting, so Byron has to keep playing Kobe

  347. JLin’s rotation is even worse in Lakers than R.

  348. Just now? I haven’t gotten it since pre-season. LOL

  349. 46 Suns vs. 17 Lakers bench points

  350. Why is Lin not in the game? He’s 4-6 from the field.

  351. Such a paradox…

  352. put in lIn!

  353. i’m guessing his ankle is hurting

  354. He is always out in around 7 mark on 1st or 3rd and doesn’t go in until around 7 in 2nd and 4th.

  355. wow scott really

  356. bledsoe is still out, that’s interesting

  357. gotta pause the game. will watch later. see you in the post game

  358. No Ice in his leg or anything.

  359. as long as Kobe gets his stats…

  360. if you are waiting to coming, then there wont be ice

  361. Lin is still on the bench. If he were injured, no one has said anything.

  362. Lin in

  363. Kobe 11-30. Teams don’t win like this. The espn article about Kobe might be accurate after all.

  364. Hope he comes in aggressive and strong!

  365. Lin in with 5 min left in Q4.
    Drew offensive foul from Dragic

  366. Sit out for almost 20 minutes??? Forget it. JLin won’t find his rythm. BS’ rotation is worse than M.

  367. crucial man in..~~

  368. Lin enters and draws the fouls right away!

  369. Lin 2 Fts cut the lead to 93-97

  370. Terrible miss by Kobe. He needs to convert that especially late in the 4th.

  371. 2 more Lin FTs 95-98

  372. Jeremy attacking and attacking

  373. Yes Lin playing aggressive another foul!

  374. Lin Mode is ON

  375. Let’s go!

  376. phew .. Lin landed on Morris
    2 FTs 97-98

  377. ComeOn Lets get this ONE!!!
    we sound more desperate than Kobe!

  378. phew indeed

  379. jeremy lin uses up Hardens foul quota for tomorrow.

  380. Wow I get on Wes Johnson but that looked like good D.

  381. At least Lin’s are real fouls, not flailing his hands at the defender and flopping.

  382. Kobe has to accept 4Q is Jeremy time 🙂

  383. Lets not start the mocking game with Harden If anyone to blame, than its on the Ref who is calling the foul

  384. Bledsoe is not moving or doing much. But that’s ok.

  385. Sooner or later he will, bcoz he facts (numbers) speaks

  386. oh man..5pt deficit now /;(

  387. WTH was that screen by Hill…….

  388. the centers getting blown by on the regular

  389. Bad shot by Lin but was kind of offense has Wes Johnson posting up 20 feet away from the basket?? That whole offensive series was discombobulated.

  390. So glad to see you here. Welcome.

  391. Still can’t believe with BS rotation on JLin. Making no sense to me.

  392. Yeah, that was a terrible screen and Hill was too slow.

  393. The marquee on Taiwan TV news says ‘Lin may be traded after Lakers 0-4 start’

  394. v weak screen on that one.

  395. I doubt that

  396. There was a screen???

  397. Weak

  398. I don’t think so. Some Lakers fans said Lakers probably are gonna trade Hill.

  399. Taiwan media is a joke, not unlike National Inquirer.

  400. Hey no knocking Taiwan media even though you are completely accurate XD. Jkding

  401. Au contraire, I’m giving “credit” where it’s due. 🙂

  402. Kobe hero game again.

  403. No teammate handy to pass to …

  404. He’s making them atleast

  405. it’s his team, I don’t mind if he can win it for them.

  406. BS went what he thought was the lineup to cut the lead in Q3 but never could take the lead.
    He played Kobe for too long

  407. kobe not passing to a wide open lin.

  408. no kobe to lin. there it goes

  409. Nop close loss again. A comfort of blowup loss.

  410. Kobe lost the game tonight, in so many ways. Lin did great.

  411. No sharing by Kobe.. Lin stat pad time.

  412. Yeah and surprisingly he has 3-6 on 3pt

  413. Kobe went one on 5 and missed his shot. Suns pass the ball around and found the open man. Fundamental basketall.

  414. Happened repeatedly.

  415. Kobe lost it for them! Too much hero ball!

  416. Kobe had no intention of looking for Lin down the stretch, though Lin was wide open on so many occasions … and Lin was fresher

  417. sad n desperate.. the whole atmosphere wont be good in the locker room after the 5th lost..:(

  418. Can’t piis on the hydrant if Kobe is in front of it

  419. Lakers 16 asts vs. Suns 28. ‘Nuff said.

  420. lol

  421. We saw this similar Loss before.
    Kobe shot 14-37FG for 39 pts in 44 min
    The rest of starters only shot a combined 35 FG attempts.

    One-man Kobe show simply won’t win games.

  422. not enoughball movement. we lost this one the same way we lost the clippers. iso kobe

  423. Fundamental: Basketball is a team sport. Let’s start with the basics, Kobe: What color is the basketball?

  424. Kobe 44 mins,14-37 FG (37.5%), 1 AST.

  425. Raiders – Lakers watch …

  426. Wow

    @dartboard_trade @JokingChris101 @IdoAmir kobe demanded Lin get in the game. Wow— NIX (@NIX1331_) November 5, 2014

  427. My two favorite teams. Lol.

  428. Kobe had more shots totals then the rest of starters. 37 to 35 smh

  429. Post game will comment on it

  430. My take for 5 watching 5 games:
    1. Don’t like BS’ rotation on JLin.
    2. Too much of Kobe hero balls and play too many minutes.

  431. if only he demanded it 2 minutes earlier.

  432. He basically said Price is worthless Lol

  433. Lin need to figure out how to take the ball away from Kobe as well. Thats part of the process where kobe said, he need to be assertive. else Kobe is gonna run over everyone and take his shot.

  434. Needed a decoy to get better spacing

  435. Seem like the continuation battle of Kobe on JLin and BS on Price. Maybe that’s the strange rotation on JLin. Well, the loss was on BS then on this game.

  436. lin was great wished he play pg and not sg today. still could of won. this team went all iso today.lin was doing it as well. but if kobe would of pass it to lin for the three just once today. well its ok lin did his part atleast. this team is too much kobe 25 shot ok but 35 god dammm. we wont win if every time theres 2 minutes left kobe gets tunnel vision. killing the teams rhythm

  437. In other words, Lin should Anakyn his Kobewan.

  438. Pretty hard to do on that last play … so many plays where Kobe pushed it 2-3 on 1, missed, and transition points at the other end. They might as well practice 4 man D while Kobe goes 1 on 3 at the other end.

  439. Hmmm,
    Kobe 14-37 FGM 3-7 3PM 44MIN
    Lin 4-8 FGM 1-2 3PM 27MIN

  440. this loss was on BS, no question. Unless Lin is injured, there is no reason why he should be sitting when Kobe is out there for 40+ minutes

  441. lol … I want them to bust through.

  442. Hmm… maybe those rumors about no free agents wanting to play with Kobe weren’t rumors? Lakers couldn’t sign anyone this off season. Gasol couldn’t wait to GTFO of LA. Not to mention D12 back in 2013.

  443. Lin took advil before game.

  444. BS is treading dangerously close down Mike Brown’s path.

    Good thing George Karl hasn’t been picked up by anyone.

  445. Cavs have George Karl #1 on their speed dial. Lakers better not snooze.

  446. I’ve played on bad ankles for almost a decade, and with a nice tape or brace, you warm up and it’s ok. Just hard to move when you aren’t in the game, because you think about the pressure. In the game, it’s like nothing.

  447. Until Kobe and Byron are tired of losing with Kobe one-man show, we’ll continue to see similar losses.
    Lakers can win this game if Kobe was rested in early Q4 and Lin was given the chance to run the offense so the rest of teammates can score.

    Oh well, they will learn sooner or later.

  448. Lin Stat Line (5games) – 29mins – 10.8pts / 5asts / 2.6rebs / 0.4stls / 3.4tos / 4.2fouls

  449. he’s had 2 great games out of 5. Step by step.

  450. I saw that. The question is whether he is injured.

  451. agreed. should be a cap on cap

  452. People at the old turf almost bit my head off for posting an article stating such. Then the 35 FGA happens.

  453. both close games.

  454. on kobe’s shots

  455. He should be sitting if he was sick

  456. People use to say you pop a few ibuprofens before skiing, any sport and it all feels better. I used to do that … it’s not a big deal. You just keep the swelling down and joints feel good all day.

  457. I disagree. Not if he is sick. He is dressed to play and sitting on the bench, he’s ready to play

  458. This game was probably the most disappointing loss of the 5 losses so far. Scott and Kobe were both desperate and Scott rode Kobe too long. Kobe missed layups, free throws, etc. There were 6-8 easy points that should have been easy but due to Kobe fatigue they missed out.

  459. yep, and both had the Kobe poison/candy ying/yang problem. They are close to figuring it out, but this game, Kobe was out of control. This one didn’t need figuring out. Kobe has to reign himself in. I’m going to have to ask joyce, can he?

  460. lol very true. Kobe wanted that 40pts

  461. BS – felt Kobe battled; talked about going full tilt; Kobe wanted to finish it out because 5 days off

  462. Byron Scott: "From what I saw, a lot of guys are pissed off. That is good. I would be upset if they were in there having a good time."— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina)

  463. okay, BS … then you lose all those games. At least on this team, you get the feeling who’s making the mistakes. On Rox, you just felt the system was set up to be mediocre.

  464. Yup, teamball win over Hero-ball 90% of the time.
    BS and Kobe need to go back to fundamentals

  465. … on 45 shots

  466. Byron said in next 3 games, Kobe won't be "playing 44 minutes."— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina)

  467. BS – guys are pissed off; played hard for the most part; more FTs

  468. Intriguing… Pissed off about or at?

  469. a deal perhaps? Ok, you can have your game. Now can we have ours?

  470. losing

  471. BS – not surprised Kobe went for 39; BS says scoring balance was decent because others in double digits; just made mistake last couple minutes they can’t make

  472. so ez to defend Kobe. Have all the players on the perimeter help out on Kobe when he makes his move. You don’t have to worry about leaving the shooters open because Kobe never passes

  473. True. With 3-4 min rest in early Q4, Kobe would be fresh enough and the rest of Lakers would be more engaged in offense.

    Bad coaching in letting Kobe play 44 min.

  474. Scott says the bench production was "disappointing" tonight.— Bob Garcia IV (@bgarcia90) November 5, 2014

  475. didn’t the announcers say they used only 3?

  476. So Ed Davis is a starter?

  477. That is what we keep telling ourselves… so… yes

  478. I find this response most alarming. Scoring balance was not decent at all.

  479. Byron Scott isn't about moral victories even tho he says team is improving: "It doesn't mean anything when you don't win games."— Serena Winters (@SerenaWinters)

  480. wishing that, and kobe passing to lin

  481. Congratulations, Byron Scott, you’ve made a record for the worst start in Lakers history 0-5 (I actually haven’t confirmed if this is true)

  482. this isn’t about to abate, I’m afraid.

  483. was true before the game

  484. Davis didn’t score today he usaully do. still as the schedule gets easier
    they should beat the bad teams with iso kobe but. if they want palyoff
    we need to say hey kobe lin gets 30 percent of the plays with 2 minutes

  485. I’m pretty sure next few days, tons of questions would be thrown on the topic of keeping KObe’s mins within 30-40!

  486. He’ll be playing 43, lol, but taking more shots!

  487. Sounds like it.

  488. To me making no sense of BS not using JLin on 4th qtr. Look at when JLin was in for 4th qtr thus far in all those 5 games. Then we see what happen to the loss.

  489. Haven’t felt the disturbance in the force for a while.

  490. One would hope that they could beat bad teams without Kobe going for 39 and taking nearly half the FGA

  491. Totally agree on that, BS should have rested Kobe early on Q4

  492. that’s not enough. Lin should get PG, and he calls it as they give it. Kobe always there as key option. That’s how they go deeper. Look at SAS … we have no idea who is going to score, we just know they will.

  493. one upside they did get lin easier shots. but still this teams rhythm is terrible. everything is slowed down. lin used to get a ton of fast break points. none anymore

  494. not so fast…get ONE win first against a bad team

  495. Lin – couldn’t break through in the end, why not? “I don’t know; they hit some shots”

  496. we havnt faced a bad team yet

  497. Highlights from Blaiyan

  498. BS should have rested Kobe more in the 3rd quarter and let Jeremy lead the bench those minutes.

  499. Lin wasn’t on the driver’s seat for the last few minutes.

  500. Lakers interior defense is terrible, PGs are drooling at the thought of being able to get into the paint. Boozer and Hill can’t do anything about it, so they just push and shove

  501. Lin – need to focus more on defense; offense is easy, will come with time

  502. yea pg are small why are they able to push off hill so easily. he plays soft

  503. Sorry, the disturbance was taking a vacation in San Diego for couple of days 🙂

  504. Isaiah Thomas was literally drooling throughout the game

  505. I wonder if JLin is better off playing with the faster and younger players. It was such a pain watching the game wasted away. Don’t think they following JLin’s play….can’t win by standing and watching the play…

  506. He was pretty focused, if you ask me.

  507. I just hope his ankle and tailbone are ok. Good thing we have few days off before the next game.

  508. If there is One?! LOL…couldnt resist

    As we predicted this may not be the Winning game with current rotation.

    I think we have better chance against Hornets!

  509. Darn… hope it isn’t serious…

  510. Hey Joe Team, I think it will be an intervention of Scott and Mitch appealing to kobe that he might get inured again if he keeps playing these many minutes. I think the rest of the players want lin to lead the team, because with lin he gets everybody involved. I am sure there will questions raised tonight on how kobe played.I think kobe will settle down if he has a slight injury scare. Now it is up to Scott, not Lin to take the ball out of Kobe’s hands.

  511. Topic – Lin: Worthy says JLIn is a work in progress, 2 guard trying to be a PG; effort is there but doesn’t think he has freed his mind up; thinking a lot; be in attack mode; ball needs to move more; he dribble a lot and sometimes goes to TOs; not developed that killer instinct; compares to Linsanity

    Mychael Thompson: Lin being worn down by playing top PGs; thinks Scott should maybe change up his defensive assignments to make it easier a bit

  512. Yes, he plays better with faster, younger players because they run

  513. That is true, Lin should get some rest from only D horse.
    Notice how Lin got them to 1, and then Kobe lost it? should have rode Lin’s horse to the win, it’s that mentally fragile to change horses in last 2 mins.

  514. Ugh, well the good news is the Lakers’ next game is in 4 days, he’s got time to heal.

  515. probably from his sprained ankles earlier in the year…if he’s not careful they will become a chronic problem

  516. he got the team to within 1 with 2 great plays drawing fouls, hit all 4.

  517. I start to think maybe Lin family should fly in a master in that sort of injury from Taiwan, if ppl know what I am talking about.

  518. What are you smoking, Lin needs to focus on offense! Something is not right when your 2nd option is taking less than 10 shot attempts!

  519. Lin should. Yes. It’s frustrating. Kobe has not relinquished enough control yet.

  520. Hi Joyce, I’m glad you’re here tonight. I thought Kobe lost the game for LAL in so many ways. This is what you wrote about, that Lin is going to have to learn how to play with Kobe. Kobe went krazy, sister … what do you think?

  521. It’s true, announcers said it!

  522. I should clarify – This is Lin’s response to a question about what is more important to win or some question like that

  523. another thing that bugged me about this game. I get it if you are just a bad FT shooter (eg Dwight). But if you are a 70% FT shooter and you keep missing the front end of a free throw, you are just not concentrating. Kobe & boozer kept missing FTs all night long.

  524. Whew!!! But that makes sense. His bionic legs do need to cool down after games.

  525. Speaking from experience?

  526. Those 5/6 point games really took a toll on his stats. That’s why he needs to stay consistent posting around 20 points per game.

  527. Jeremy’s post game interview – he sounds really frustrated.

  528. His teammates are the one who need to work on defense. How hard is it to run to a guy and put a hand up?

  529. While totally true that the offense still needs lots of work, they’ve still managed to end with 111, 104, 106 their last 3 games which should be enough to win.
    Its their defense that’s pitiful, allowing 118, 127, 112. I blame Boozer for everything.

  530. james worthy always says the same thing, well mychal thompson has always been a lin hater.

  531. BS post game

  532. apparently very hard

  533. Awww… Hill..
    Can someone translate?

  534. Lin did pretty good with the minutes he got. If he was sicked or injured, then he actually played great today.

  535. still the biggest issue for the lakers. getting boozer and hill to play d. they are bad defender but are even worse at pnr. kobe made a shot only to have a layup from the suns. the defense by the bigs are terrible

  536. PFV – short.

  537. Kobe did come over after that collision I think, but Hill was there and Kobe kinda stopped

  538. Kobe too tired to walk.

  539. scoring balance ok, but shooting balance NOT. That is a goldmine, Scotty!

  540. Davis plays good defense, good rim protector, good PnR and fights for offensive rebounds. Boozer does none of those. BS should replace Boozer with Davis.

  541. For one game, Scott should try to put in Davis instead of Boozer. Do we have to lose 15 games before this happens.

  542. A whole 8 shots.

  543. Why did you take so many shots? Just being aggressive says Kobe

  544. he didn’t really take many shots

  545. Hahah yeah. 1 or 2 more shots is soooo much more aggresive.

  546. don’t forget all the fouls … those are really attempts.

  547. 10 FTA

  548. What nonsense is Scott saying?LOL

  549. Does it count in FGA?

  550. he’s so confused… =(

  551. Yea maybe Lin can take more if Kobe didn’t chuck the game away. Kobe just doesn’t get it when it comes to team basketball and wonders why his team is losing.

  552. 10 ft dont count as shots

  553. M…..by taking away energy from others…nice.

  554. That was Cooper, not Thompson that said that about Lin…

    Worthy’s tone was more harsh then Cooper’s

  555. If only he lets Jeremy do his thing in the 4th….

  556. So…can I assume the def of aggressiveness that KOBE thinks, is to take 20+ shots?

  557. He hogs energy too?

  558. BS must really want to break the record of most losses cause any coach would’ve started Davis over Boozer by now! Price is such a scrub, can’t score, can’t defend, and I have no clue why Lakers didn’t get a better backup PG.

  559. Nope

  560. Dorian Grey.

  561. NBA.com says he is 4-8

  562. vintage kobe bryant…when his team is losing he shoots more, he’s been doing it his whole career

  563. 37 FGA + 6 times to the line.

  564. No wonder he never reached MJ’s level

  565. was that Markieff or Marcus? He purposely went under to break Lin’s fall if not Lin might’ve gotten seriously injured. Announcers praise him for sportsmanship.

  566. I think Kobe meant Jeremy is attacking and driving to the rim to take shots.

  567. He’s just riffing the party line and hustling outta there to go talk gently to Kobe. Meanwhile, on this team, Lin can talk truth and Scott will listen. He strikes me like an intelligent man.

  568. I think it was Marcus, and the announcers did not remind people they really liked each other on HOU.

  569. Kobe scored 39 pts on 37 shots, Lin scored 18 pts on 8 shots. Em, who should be taking more shots?


  570. Possibly, but Lin should be taking at least 10 FGA, shots, not free throws (but in addition to free throws); he was fairly efficient considering his minutes and shot attempts

  571. Hmmm…

  572. He needs to be soft as cotton

  573. He needs someone like Phil Jackson who told Michael Jordan to stop shooting so much and trust his teammates.

  574. No, but the intent to try is there, so you add them up if you want to talk about his aggressiveness. But really, 13 to Kobe’s 43 is just an imbalance that Scotty has to fix. Those other FGAs should have gone to open men, not Lin. I’m happy with Lin trying 13 times. I would have love to see more assist and more from David, Ellington, Hill, Booz … if so, then they have the confidence to win crunch, and also, Phx would have been scared.

  575. About time. Also, gave Bledsoe 2 fouls early in the game. Bledsoe wasn’t happy. Lin shut down his man, IT’s man needed to shut him down, or get help doing it.

  576. Kobe’s knees were tired for sure. Boozer I’m not sure, he can’t even make simple shots at the rim just ugly.

  577. If Kobe was actually efficient, it wouldn’t be as much of a problem….except he’s not. And he’s going to keep on doing it.

  578. Kobe is not good in maths….

  579. TWC post game

  580. He is the problem today, because he won’t let the team lose together to win together.

  581. awesome! Bleds got pretty frustrated at Lin and hooked him a good one under the rim.

  582. First it was the dog pissing ….now they have to be donkeys….

  583. he was a issue but the big poblem hill and boozer pnr defense

  584. Kobe post game interview.

  585. Why does Worthy keep saying he’s a 2 guard trying to be a point guard?

    He’s a point guard and has been a point guard.

  586. He is absolutely delusional. If he trust his team mates that could have won.

  587. So, I thought when Lin was in NY, people were complaining him as a score first guard that not look for passing. Somehow that stuck with Lin, and always looks for pass, and somehow both Lakers and Rockets wanted him score.

    That really messed up his mind I guess.

  588. Agreed. Don’t know if Scott will fix it.

  589. maybe he can’t with Kobewan.

  590. Scoot needs to take them out. Put in Kelly/Davis as starters and sit Hill/Boozer on the bench when thet lousy defense as they did today.

  591. Announcers don’t know the back stories like we do.

  592. jeremy had a good overall defensive game.

  593. On the other end either Markieff or Marcus went down and Lin helped him up too at some point in the game

  594. Yes, did you notice how much brawn and effort Krazy Kobe did, to falling scoring spread, in the 3rd? And then now effortlessly Lin brought them back to within 1 point coming in with just over 5 mins left? My new words … Kobe needs to trust this team to lose a few as a team so they can win as a team. Right now, Kobe is losing the game all by himself … FTs and all.

  595. combo gaurd to be exact. idk the passes havent been there. easy assist arent there. byron has to fix it

  596. Noticed that too. No taps after FTs

  597. Well in a sense, if not fouled it would be counted as FGA

  598. Yes I saw that too, that was Marcus.

  599. Said it, Kobe needs to be fixed somehow

  600. Whoever’s announcing in the highlights above comments and then repeats for emphasis what great sportsmanship is was for him to soften that fall. Considering that Lin has come away actually bloodied so often, I was really surprised and impressed to see that.

  601. Oh I get it. Kobe is definitely the cog in the middle of the wheel, and ho they fixed that should be interesting.

  602. is Lin’s ankle ok?

  603. I thought it was a tie before the game, but now it’s a new record.

  604. One of those looked borderline. Ha. As long as he gets the call.

  605. I believe so. see below posts.

  606. No one gave a chyt while Lin was in Houston. Hill’s alright.

  607. Seems ok. Plus no game until sunday.

  608. the first haif last game the offense was better. this game was alot better then last games second haif but still the offense was running with a limp today. not smooth at all. the first haif last game was spurs like.hope they figure it out.

  609. Nice point about developing a killer instinct but what nonsense is Worthy bluring about Lin being a “2 guard trying to be a point guard?”

  610. Thanks! Added to Video Gallery on homepage

  611. I guess Jeremy is helping Hill become a better big 🙂

  612. More importantly, when Lin was in the D was better too.

  613. I’m ALLIN for Kelly and Davis. At least to try it out.

  614. lakers d or suns

  615. Thanks, you are my LAL guide. I heard rom USMC/James that you are exMilitary Master Seargent. Thanks for making my life easier, serving our country!

  616. thanks. i am at work and cant read all messages below yet. will catch up tonite

  617. Nathan Gottlieb @zukovka 16 minutes ago
    New York, US
    …why in a close game Lin on bench forever, Price on floor, not scoring. Am I gonna hear McFail excuse: Price D better than Lin’s. ??????

  618. LAKER D

  619. Such a pity. they could’ve had this one. too many times he came down and ran that play where he just passes it to boozer on the high post, sets a screen for kobe, and then sits in the corner. kobe was a black hole tonight–pure volume scoring. had kobe just shot 30 times and jeremy 15 it would’ve been a win. much better performance for jeremy than GSW. jeremy got a lot of FTs down the stretch so gotta give him credit for aggression late. he still has to look for his shot MORE. more more more. shoot shoot shoot.

  620. if you mean the one where he pulled the harden arms-to-the-sky, I loved that one 🙂

  621. That kiddo is cute! in your profile pic

  622. with the way boozer and hill played pnr. it didnt matter

  623. That’s the one. 🙂

  624. infinity88‏@linfinity88 Protected Tweets
    lakersscene: After a tough loss, jlin7 still found some time to sign some autographs for fans. http://instagram.com/p/vAixuLqE5c/


  625. if hill would’ve finished that DUNK it would’ve been assist of the night….well next to IT oop to gerald green–my goodness.

  626. Ido Amir @IdoAmir 17 minutes ago
    Anybody else finds it strange @kobebryant works so hard to build @JLin7’s confidence, & Byron Scott just shoots it down with ease? @Lakers

  627. Hey folks this is what a rebuild team looks like. Kobe knows this and he is just trying to go with the flow. I think as the team plays more together, they will start to build on that chemistry. Tonight should have been a game they should have won, if Scott had went with Lin to weaponize the whole team instead of the iso Kobe. Scott knows what lin brings to the table. lin came in the 4th quarter and right away, got the team within 1, for kobe to loose it on his iso plays, and missed shots.Seems like the other players are behind lin, and they want to play teamball.

  628. seem Scott wanted price on the smaller thomas. lins has issues with small guards

  629. Lin pulled the team back effortlessly.

  630. My bad. Worthy’s tone was that

  631. Seems like it.

  632. Paul Villarreal @CNM_JLin_Vids 20 minutes ago
    I have seen no member of the LA media say that any exchange occurred between Kobe and Lin in the 4th quarter.

  633. thats what i thought until Dragic came in and Lin stayed on the bench

  634. love reading this.

  635. which is true.Thomas is like 5’11 or 6’1 so is Price, which makes sense to me. Unfortunately for Scott , Thomas was killing him

  636. aw, c’mon, show a little more spirit here Brent lol.

  637. Yeah. That was what I thought. Lin held bledsoe almost scoreless.

  638. Yes, I’m not sure why Gary Vitti was with him a lot.
    Hopefully we’ll hear more about it

  639. Lin did great, as far as I am concerned.

  640. PCheung @PPcheung08 29 minutes ago
    @IdoAmir @kobebryant BS has said a lot of things not truth e.g. starting pg will play 30+ mins. I will no longer trust what he said.

  641. Lin was wide open for the 3. Kobe forces too many shots

  642. bledsoe mostly

  643. Now, how ’bout the blame Kobe party? heh heh.

  644. Ido Amir @IdoAmir 26 minutes ago
    Keys to @Lakers loss: (1) PLAY LIN STARTER MINUTES (2) SIT BOOZER (3) MORE ED DAVIS (4) MAKE FTs. What is so hard to understand, Byron?

  645. rellax he has on all 5 games or close. today price was in to gaurd thomas. game was there for the win

  646. Not really blame him…he did what he thought is right.

  647. he obviously believes Price’s defense is better than Lins though

  648. I am sure there are some positives to be gleaned from this loss.

    Kobe shot 14 for 37 (37.8%) and yet the Lakers only lost by 6 points.

    Kobe needs to be more efficient. From everything I’ve read Kobe will always keep shooting to get himself back into a game. It’s a slippery slope. Ironically Kobe is likely to shoot less when he is shooting well.

    Lin needs to empower everyone else and ease the pressure on Kobe and when Kobe becomes more efficient, the whole team should improve.

    Defence is another story altogether though…

  649. Well, it’s really tiring to bogart the ball so much, lol.

    Urrrmm…I’m trying hard not to be a Kobe anti-fan. He’s that tormenting case of being both a talent and a liability. Jeremy seems to genuinely value his mentorship, and has certainly been helped by Kobe’s validation, but we know he ” really HATES to lose” and Kobe’s also clearly part of that. Really dunno if the old dog can really learn new tricks, even when he thinks he wants to.

  650. I saw the tweet about Ronnie Price saying players need to hold each other’s accountable. It’s good but the biggest question is who’s gonna hold Kobe accountable when the coach can’t or won’t?

  651. Never mind, he rambles a lot…LOL

  652. still boozer and hill cost this game. even when kobe scored they got either a foul or a lay or both

  653. Byron Scott has been RIGIDLY disappointing

  654. maybe he meant the porous D

  655. lin has guarded all the opposing gaurds just not isiah who lin has always struggled guarding

  656. Roy C. @RoyC68 46 minutes ago
    It’s scary that B Scott might be worse than K Mchale. Can’t manage Kobe & Lin’s minutes. Old man gets 44 mins vs. 27 minutes for Lin? Lol.

  657. or not I hope …

  658. I don’t think Lin had problem with IT. Medias made it up mostly, about Lin can not guard smaller guards.

  659. still dont think that was the issue

  660. he got in foul trouble guarding him

  661. Baxter Holmes @BaxterHolmes 8 minutes ago
    Phoenix coach Jeff Hornacek: “If Kobe is going to get his points, make him take a lot of shots. That’s what happens.”

    LOL I even know this one in Game 1.

  662. Because the PnR coverage was wrong.

  663. exactly would rather price foul out

  664. Magic Johnson needs to set him straight (was a great player but this nonsense…)

  665. The difference between Kobe and Harden is that Kobe is for real, trying to win, trying to be a team but cannot help himself because of intensity. As far as I’m concerned, as long as he embraces Lin, gives Lin a shot at leading the court PG play, then I’m good with Kobe but hate his iso losses. But really, if he can win it, and Lin has a game like today, I’m glad. I was never glad when Harden got the cred for wins, because I felt he did not earn that team or his leadership of it. It was given to him, and he partied before key games to squander away Lin’s team too.

    Kobe earned his team, and yet, look at how fragile he is. Opponents know how to beat the old man, and so, if he can let his youngsters win for him, that would be great. Or let them take him to the brink, and he can win it.

  666. The real season starts when Kobe surpasses MJ’s pts.

  667. how close are we?

  668. IT can not overpower Lin at all, he was actually overpowered by Lin a lot of times.

  669. Jenny‏@Jen2Jenny
    JLin took Advil from trainer (vs. Suns)


  670. If Kobe asked JLin to check in in last 5 min on 4th qtr is true, then my suspicion of the battle of Kobe wants JLin to be pg and BS wants Price confirm. Otherwise, how do u explain the rotation of JLin thus far? He sat out about 10-15 minutes playing time in between each qtr. That’s the fact I saw it repeatedly in 5 games. Tonight’s game is the worst.

  671. obvious but price got like 3 fouls in the fourth if it was lin he would of fouled out

  672. 500 pts i think =(

  673. His shooting percentage is what opposing teams rely on. Kobe is being outsmarted

  674. Not sure but I heard he’ll reach it before Christmas if he avg. about 20-25ppg

  675. dont think that is true. like kobe ask lin to come in as soon as bledsoe comes in

  676. I guess so.

  677. then that is why Lin is hear. If Kobe gets back on track, he will stick around for Kareem’s.

  678. close …

  679. but for what?

  680. by then the team will be 1-17

  681. SMH

    Nate DuncanVerified account‏@NateDuncanNBA
    Only 8 of Kobe’s 37 shots were uncontested. Shot 5-8 on those, 9-29 on contested shots. http://stats.nba.com/game/#!/0021400056/playertracking/ … cc: @traread


  682. I guess for anti- inflammatory purposes.

  683. LOL thx man….my daughter.

  684. Some speculated he was sick. Might be why he sat so much of 3rd and 4th quarter. Or could be for pain somewhere, maybe ankles still bothering him?

  685. Will that one win be against the Sixers. lol

  686. ok, nice game. Great game for Jeremy. He has the magic … he can bring the team back at will … all he needs are:

    1. 2 more mins from coach
    2. take it easy on his joints first 3 quarters
    3. just a little more variety from Kobe so he can fire up the rest of the team
    4. bench – need that to firm up so the spread is uphill.

    Night all. Thanks to all the mods and psalm for this place. (I’m noted as mod, but I’ve done nothing. I guess I’m 2nd unit when the trolls get bad lol).

  687. Kobe needs to shoot off screens more, i’m tired of seeing these isos that he NEVER passes out of. He says he wants to shoot out of screens, well…i want to see it

  688. and that was before he fell right on his coccyx! helluva rebound tho.

  689. probably haha

  690. or kick out to open men because he has 3 guys on him on many of those. Lin always dishes … see that one to booz that the announcers said was luck? it was a great release.

  691. heellz yes. PLEASE get the F-it attitude! like as in F-it, i’m gonna shoot the ball myself–you don’t NEED 37 shots!!!

  692. Strong 2nd unit is a must… just look at the Lakser 🙁

  693. Nice balancing comment. Thanks for the reminder that Kobe’s for real. Probably right about his instinctive intensity. He’s been cultivating that intensity for a very long time…of course it’s deeply embedded in his muscle memory and in his gut emotion. That kind of deep lizard-brain conditioning is very, very hard to unwind, no matter what your intellect tries to impose. We’ll see if he can moderate it…or if Scott and everyone else just have to figure out how to work with it.

  694. what?? what’s the speculation?

  695. People say to pop ibuprofens when you are going to do something very athletic. Feels good doing it, feels good after. read about it. I use to take multiple 500 mgs before games. It’s like ice, to keep the swelling down and pain away. Helped out so I didn’t have to ice as much after too.

  696. It better be with rosters full of rookies and sophomores.

  697. Serena Winters @SerenaWinters 2 minutes ago
    Jeremy Lin was asked about Kobe “giving his all” tonight: “I give my all & I know a lot of guys in the locker room give their all too.”

  698. the idea kobe ask for lin to be put back in. its a lie scot just wanted price on thomas

  699. heh heh, Linspeak from HOU days, but with a louder voice I like.

  700. you’d think with injuries like he’s had, he would mature to the next phase in life. Hard to change, though. v hard.

  701. Would like proof on this also

  702. Ido Amir @IdoAmir 28 minutes ago
    @JLin7 KEEP BUILDING THE RELATIONSHIP WITH @kobebryant and KEEP PLAYING YOUR BRAND OF BB. No more, no less. We support you!

    Ido Amir @IdoAmir 7 minutes ago
    @BrentYen 🙂 but look at his mood… he played only 27min, and if not for Kobe, BScott would have kept him on the bench entire 4th. Not good

  703. yeah, like “WT_, you are not the only one to give it all.”

  704. Should it be Keys to “win”, instead of loss?

  705. could be .. but unbalanced offense definitely lost this game

  706. where are we getting this info that Kobe demanded Lin back in the game?

  707. I am wondering the same thing.

  708. stop with this fake drama kobe didnt ask lin back in.

  709. The person who saw someone (reporter or someone in the game) tweet it earlier and still tried to find the tweet.

  710. Scott = balance scoring
    psalm = unbalanced offense

    Psalm for coach.

  711. Jeremy is conflicted. Kobe gives out great BB advice but Jeremy doesn’t necessarily agree with Kobe’s approach to the game.

  712. Video of Lin popping Advil by JLinNation.
    Headache? Fever? Inflammation?

  713. How can we make this happen 🙂

  714. you’re welcoming people and reminding people to be polite and respectful so that’s a lot of thing! :]

  715. Should we have a post game thread now?

  716. Okay, I’ve seen this show before. Lakers keep losing then Kobe has to sit out a game. Lin leads, the whole team is energized and Lin scores 38 and they start winning with 6 players in double digits.

  717. then Kobe comes back and they start losing again LOL

  718. Linsanity?

  719. it must be very frustrating to be 0-5 in that locker room.

    That Hornets game seems like a must-win now.
    They’re 1-2 with 2 more games before Friday matchup with Lakers.

  720. Raiders win Sunday? Trolling, ok, sorry.

  721. Price got burnt on the very 1st possession by IT…

  722. 20 more years, with more Asians in the game. Ha ha.

  723. His injuries…my God!!! The psychology of that is kind of interesting though. As a dancer, having had a few gnarly injuries myself, when you love your skill enough then you can get involved with an amazing degree of discipline and persistence. You can’t really bring the dead back to life, but short of that, a really clear mind-body connection can seem to produce miracles. And the truth is…he is a young man. Not even 40 yet. Old for a contact sport, but still a young man. I didn’t slow down on working through my injuries until I was in my 50’s. I was still holding my own with dancers 20 years younger than me, but the writing was on the wall. Kobe’s still in the prime of life, a star, a money-maker. “Maturing to the next phase” has got to feel kind of unreal…I imagine.

  724. I think he got hammered on the head by Bledsoe in the 1st quarter after he faked him out.

  725. 2q 6:40 Lin back in!
    Lin in with 5 min left in Q4.
    Drew offensive foul from Dragic

  726. that’s true. That could be it!

  727. Bledsoe and IT show no respect to Lin at all. I dislike both a lot. But they are very good players.

  728. Just 5 games? no….I think it takes more games. However, some coaches got fired within 5 games.

  729. Some light-hearted Mannequin prank on Lin and other NBA players.
    I’ll also add it in the JLin Video Sticky Post

  730. So… to try a mash-up of all his recent metaphors…perhaps a donkey with a F-it attitude pissing on a fire hydrant?

  731. Hey thanks for sharing your dancing experience. I knew a gal once who had to quit in her 20s because of a drop and broken rib – ballet.

    Yes, Kobe is young relative to maybe 10 more years of amateur play. Maybe 20. But I know he can’t keep up with the young bigs … he’s got to face facts and let the team win for him. It’s his experience and brain that can do it for them now.

    As I said 2 posts tonight, if Kobe will let this team lose as a team, it can win as a team. Today, he tried to will a win, and in the end, he lost it for them. I say this because I feel Lin effortlessly closed the gap coming in just over 5 mins left, with 2 left on the clock. In 3 mins, Lin closed what, 6-7 points? For sure 4 on those 2 plays.

    Ah well, as joyce says, this is a work in progress and I hope in 10 games, it will gel. Or 20.

  732. Side news
    Alex Kennedy: LeBron James has a negative +/- in every game this season. His -31 +/-
    through 3 games is his worst start to a season since his rookie year.

    For this I don’t feel too bad now for JLin:-) At least JLin is playing a much dominant player Kobe.

  733. Doesn’t sound particularly empowered. lol

  734. That was a really fake reaction by Dwight.

  735. yea

  736. lin not really playing pg yet. seem to be all iso for him

  737. Lin is supposed to attack without screen I guess.

  738. san diego, you must have been miserable =p

  739. Is this it?

  740. But he was also trying to be nice to the kid.

  741. Then coach gets fired, déjà vu.

  742. Haha, why do you say that? It was nice.

  743. Lin was going to say oh sh*t.

  744. No, no…McHale’s dismissiveness of Jeremy bordered on contempt in my mind, and Scott is not remotely in that ballpark. But both of them seem to have very opaque thought processes. No one seems to have any idea why he uses Price so much…and he isn’t sayin’. Leaves lots of theories to erupt in the weeds.

  745. What makes you say that?

  746. Kobe – 37 FGAs in one game.
    Lin – 37 FGAs in FIVE games combined.

  747. Body languages.

  748. Seems balanced.? lol

  749. I missed that foul by Bledsoe. Totally uncalled for. Glad he got the death stare by Lin though.

  750. It was #11, Markieff.

    But Lin probably couldn’t tell the difference and thought he was helping up Marcus, his former Houston teammate. LOL

  751. Same can be said of Westbrook.

  752. yea

  753. Those guards thinks they are way better, and get angry when Lin did something good.

  754. And they go off when Jeremy’s not on the floor, make it look like they’ve scored on him.

  755. He made two shots and two FTs, actually 6 pts in total.

  756. I’ve posted the vid below. Bledsoe pushed Jeremy intentionally. Uncalled for indeed.

  757. Lin closed out the game. McHale would have benched Lin the entire 4th.

  758. you are over reading it lol if this was 20 years ago it would be alot worse. bball is physical. players too soft as it is

  759. Doesn’t, does it…hahaha

    Maybe Kobe’s got a few personas that don’t know one-another. The budding mentor enthusiastically throws out empowering-sounding exhortations while the veteran star on the other planet iso’s away diligently. In psych-lingo I think it’s called “compartmentalization”.

  760. It’s Japanese algebra

  761. no dont see it

  762. I personally don’t think Kobe is trying to surpass MJ pts as fast as possible. Barring injury, Kobe will pass him this season with ease. Kobe is only 500 pts shy of MJ. He only needs to average 10 pts over 50 games.

    Kobe doesn’t care about stats anymore. He proved that in 2011-12 when he could have beat out Durant for the scoring title if he scored 38 pts in the last game against the Kings, but he chose to sit out to rest for the playoffs.

  763. of course it feels good, but it’s not good for your body to take anti-inflammatories long term.

  764. never heard of anything like that. =p

  765. yeah, he was rubbing his mouth that got swiped hard by Bledsoe.
    Not sure if it caused headache. Could be pain on the mouth

  766. was being sarcastic, SD is one of the nicest places in the country

  767. I know the differences….it is not about physicality AT ALL. And I have said this since Lin went to HOU

  768. If you use stuff, you gotta know it’ll get dinged up. 🙂

    I’ll light a candle for “jelling”. Or is it “gelling”? Whatever…it needs a candle.

  769. Exactly what BS said, doesn’t get any more balanced than this. *sigh*

  770. He did that right in front of the ref, too. Guess he missed it as well.

  771. I think a lot of players know they can get away with it so they get in their cheap shots.

  772. This is probably true for high dosage. Aspirin is anti-inflammatory and doctors have certain people take those everyday (but at low dosage) to reduce heart attacks I think.

  773. The reason for taking aspirin daily to reduce heart attacks is for its property of thinning blood, not for anti-inflammatory. Doctors (and patients) would rather patients not suffer a heart attack (which is often fatal) compared to the less fatal, longer term, harmful effects of aspirin.

  774. Sorry, I should have worded that better. I was using aspirin as an example of where an anti-inflammatory that’s used long-term that’s “good” for the body for certain people. Yes you’re right that it’s probably still not good to do this but it’s the lesser of two evils as you alluded to and regular, healthy people like Jeremy shouldn’t take them regularly like vitamins.

  775. Not all FT were result of FGA. Some FT were result of PHX was in the penalty for example the one that Lin jumped to get rebound and Morries went under him.

  776. I would too. They want him run the team but give him no ball and sit on the bench for too long.

  777. 43.59.59

  778. Ah, yes, you are completely right, sorry. Just making the point that J was a little more aggressive than 8FGAs. Thanks.

  779. No need to apologize I knew what you’re saying just wanted to point it out in case other people didn’t think of it.

  780. My experience? Air cast.

  781. The balance BS wants is Kobe doing all the scoring on offense and everyone else just focus on defense! It’s “balanced” but is not teamball and certainly not fun to watch! At this point, the fact that BS hasn’t gotten fired is pretty evident that Lakers maybe Mitch and Jim Buss want to tank for that no.1 draft pick. They need that no.1 draft pick to rebuild Lakers around that player like every other team.

  782. No one cares about +/-! They only care about high PPG and Lebron has scored tons of those!

  783. Bledsoe sucks, barely played a full season and thinks he’s worth max money! IT the midjet is crap too and refs thinks he’s the reincarnation of the hall of fame player just cause of his name!

  784. Lets not wish ill on any player. There are many ball hogs in the league and Lin needs to learn to speak up to Kobe. Out of all the ball hogs he’s played with, Kobe is the only one willing to communicate and Lin just needs to convince him and tell him what the correct way to teamball is! Same with all the selfish players on the team who aren’t communicating on defense nor offense.

  785. If that was Nick Young or any other player a fight would’ve started.

  786. I don’t think the entire team agrees with Kobe’s approach at all! Lin and all those players needs to communicate and tell him to stop hogging the ball on offense!

  787. This was cleared up long time ago, a reporter I think Kevin Ding? Asked about it and it was because of Lin’s ankles bothering him!

  788. That’s cause a scoring title for a year doesn’t matter but surpassing MJ’s legacy has always been something Kobe tried to do! Why do you think he’s so desperate for that 6th ring just to tie with MJ! For someone who has played under Phil for so many years it amazes me how Kobe never learned to play basketball as a team! Sorry to break the news Kobe but you sorry Axx can never surpass the legend who made the Jordan brand and basketball the big deal that it is today!

  789. Kobe wants Lin to join in on his shot chucking mentality and ignore teammates. How I wish Lin would understand the importance of his own stats.

  790. Again that was not an undercut by Morris, he did it on purpose to cushion Lin’s fall but got the foul for it.

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