G04 L[email protected] PostGame Thread

Let’s start the new Post-Game Thread since the order of Disqus comments got mixed up possibly due to US Daylight Time Savings (the clock is moved back 1 hour in most states)

I know it’s disappointing for Lin fans to have a letdown game after JLin broke through with 17pts/9asts last night. But it’s a great reminder that as fans we need to support Jeremy through thick and thin.

Dwain808 said it best that Lin also needs the support most from his fans when he had an off night, not just when he plays well

I sent a word of encouragement to @JLin7. Let’s all do the same so if Jeremy reads his twitter feed, he’ll appreciate the support from his true fans when he’s down. That’s how we separate true friends or not. Who will stay with us when things are looking down? That’s true friends

If we knew Jeremy, he’ll bounce back strong in the next game. In 3 days, he and the Lakers will meet Phoenix Suns again.