G04 [email protected] PostGame Thread

Let’s start the new Post-Game Thread since the order of Disqus comments got mixed up possibly due to US Daylight Time Savings (the clock is moved back 1 hour in most states)

I know it’s disappointing for Lin fans to have a letdown game after JLin broke through with 17pts/9asts last night. But it’s a great reminder that as fans we need to support Jeremy through thick and thin.

Dwain808 said it best that Lin also needs the support most from his fans when he had an off night, not just when he plays well

I sent a word of encouragement to @JLin7. Let’s all do the same so if Jeremy reads his twitter feed, he’ll appreciate the support from his true fans when he’s down. That’s how we separate true friends or not. Who will stay with us when things are looking down? That’s true friends

If we knew Jeremy, he’ll bounce back strong in the next game. In 3 days, he and the Lakers will meet Phoenix Suns again.



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  2. Great comments. There are a lot of bandwagon fans along with tiger fans out there. True fans stay loyal through thick and thin. As long as Lin keeps working hard and trying to improve, I’ll be a fan.

    Of course there’s nothing wrong with some constructive criticism either. Just can’t stand the “fans” that bail at the first sign of trouble.

  3. Only because I am not home:-)

  4. Have sent my prayer support to JLin in the past couple days but not today. Will do it every day if I remember until he settles. Have done that last season.

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  10. Thanks guys
    Everyone seem disappointed

  11. Imho. ..I think our boy still figuring how to contribute, adapt to the new situation. It takes time…. The HC is still sticking with the same lineup for another 15–20 games.Scott is giving our boy a chance but I am afraid if after the 20 games, maybe Price will replace him or the team wants to get a new pg.

  12. Welp….the ups and downs are really coming thick and fast. I can only say to myself, hang on there! The growing pains are indeed early and tough. A few days off and hopefully Lin will come back refreshed and ready to go. A lot more games yet, so no way am I writing him or the Lakers off.

  13. Agree on the first sentence. As for what might happen after 15-20 games, I’m not going to worry that far ahead at this point. Tide will change fairly quickly for JLin.

  14. Just spent sometime in Baidu, an astrologist predicted Jeremy & Lakers will get much better from 7 Nov onwards. Another predicted in July that Jeremy will be trying hard to get trust from teammates and things will be fine from late Nov.

    Yes, time is required for building chemistry…..we need to pray for him and give him support

  15. This was an expected loss and expected performance from Jeremy. Obviously, I would have preferred that he had a great game, but he and the team went through a lot in just few days. I think things will get better as they have chance to practice together and build up some confidence over wins.

    Only improvement I would like to see from Jeremy at this point is to become more crafty with his passes and drives. For his passes, he can improve the angles a bit and limit jump passes. For his drives, Jeremy needs to use change of pace and different moves more to throw off defenders. Steve Nash would have been a great mentor so it’s really too bad Jeremy and he will probably never play together.
    It seems like every opponent will simply focus on stopping Kobe (double/triple teaming) and stopping Lin’s drives (basically double teaming by parking a big man in the paint, leaving Jordan Hill open). Maybe floor will open up slightly more once Nick Young comes back, but I think Jeremy will have to deal with an opposing big man in paint after blowing by his man on pretty much every drive for this year because there are few other offensive threats on Lakers. It would be really great if Lin has a place to dump the ball when his drives gets stuck. But, since I don’t see Lakers adding shooters any time soon, I hope at least Lakers bigs can figure out how to cut to basket when Lin drives so Lin can pass to them or they can clean up Lin’s miss.

  16. Well said.

  17. @psalm234 @brentyen Extremely well done analysis was posted by Michael on game thread. Please do something about that post. Thanks!

  18. @disqus_HmSLGZ4iV2:disqus Please repost your analysis from game to this thread. Thanks!

  19. I watched the game again and changed the way I thought about how Lin played. The warriors not only took away dribble penetration, but also rarely gave Lin the space to make a jumpshot. Lin on the other hand had to guard Curry, and had very little help. In the first two pictures look at where Bogut is. He isn’t even going to care about Hill way over at the top of the key, but just camp in the paint. There were almost always 2~3 players keyed in on Lin. (Then when Kobe went into ISO mode they adjusted and started doubling Kobe).

    Now if people are saying Lin should just shoot the ball, then
    1. We should either see someone else getting doubled teamed and passing to Lin when he was open, which did not happen,
    2. Someone setting nice screens for Lin to come off of, which again did not happen
    3. Or maybe he should settle for taking difficult contested shots…

    As for defense picture 4 shows Boozer calling out the screen when Lin is already screened, too late. Then Boozer chases Curry with his hands down. Picture 6 shows Boozer face guarding??? While Lin is getting but-screened by Bogut.( This maybe what BS was talking about the bigs need to help more). After four quarters Lins legs were just gone, and that is an observation not an excuse.

    So all in all the Warriors game-plan worked and the Lakers did not. Now they can go back and see what they can do better as a team.

  20. Brent may issue a warning about double posting but, there I did it anyway.ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

  21. LOL No worries. It was in my initiative. Brent and/or psalm should give me the warning instead as I’m the one who urges u to do so:-)

  22. Don’t worry. It’s done now. Wonder why I wasn’t able to do earlier.

  23. WOW! Extremely good analysis. That was what I saw and glad that you confirmed what I’ve watched. That’s why I’m not worry. Listening to PFV also confirms what I observed.

  24. Have you guys noticed that while the LA media isn’t giving J excuses after this game, they are not blaming him or throwing him under a bus like in Houston? Makes me feel a bit better. That said, I pray that Jeremy gets his groove. And soon!

  25. But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs……
    I’m sure LAL will get better after each game….
    We cannot deny that GSW is a good… if not, going-to-be great team.

    4 down 78 to go….

  26. Well done. Teams are already starting to try to shut LIN down before he gets everyone into the groove. Like Karl had said so prophetically of LIN that he is the engine of the offence that needs to be shut down.

  27. Sorry Folks was buzy and didnt really had the mood to post. Pretty much felt the same way Jeremy would had felt.

    We can critic him all we want…..but we know Jeremy is ALL Heart!!!
    we know he is a good NBA player
    we know his work ethic been on par or more than many NBA
    we know, he gives his best, but at times it just doesnt work
    we know he is still infant in terms of NBA, 2 full season, but no proper starting role and mentor-ships
    we know he over thinks at times, it only shows that he cares for the game.
    We have seem him bounce back many many times but he is in a better place with Kobe and a coach who sticks to plan and had given the key to Lin.

    We dont need to be Lindown, as smart as he is, he will figure out because he wants to make a mark in NBA!

    Go Jeremy, we are behind you!

  28. Good one mate.

    Jeremy just need to figureout with plan B, C and so forth. If driving is not working, what the next best option is. Again, he cant do it by himself, so as he mentioned, his teammates need to trust him and him building the trust with them.

    Its just chemistry and working together. There is no positive in the world, that goes day by day with upward trend, obviously there will be ups and downs.

    As long as the overall trend is up, then its all good. Lets look at bigger picture and not at micro level alone.

  29. I’m thankful for the balance and optimism of this site. Jeremy will work hard and do his best and that’s all that anyone can ask of him.

  30. Exactly. I followed a lot of die hard Lakers fans on twitter . Lin might not win over Lakers fans yet, but they did not throw him under the bus like you said. The only player that they blamed for the game loss was Boozer. Boozer is a big disappointment to Lakers fans.

  31. Great analysis @michael . If Lin can knock down some forced shot, maybe it would be different. But this game is lost at so many level. I still wanna emphasize one thing, when ball moves, they were still leading without the need to force any shot. Even the second unit did some airtight defense in the first half and moved the ball well.

  32. I just hope the team can find some cohesion as soon as possible. The way hill take the jumper, lin did not have to drive to collapse the defense at all, he might as well just pass to hill and hill shoot.

  33. Well said, I do understand why fans are worrying this becaus of his contract situation. But I guess without good play, his box score will not be good anyway.

  34. Defenders love ISO plays, because it is easy to cover. Having to run through screens after screens to chase Parker or curry is a completely different story.

  35. What puzzles me is a lot of good sets were abandoned it seems. Btw, every time I see a guard trying to post up lin, I LOL. Good luck with that.

  36. Exactly, Pop advocate the 1.5 sec rule because it makes the offence that much faster. Even LBJ can’t outrun a ball on the fly.

    One of the basic rules of offence is that if you can make 50% of your possessions count then more than likely you’ll be on the win column. The trick is to make your opponents make less than you do. This means that at least half the times you’ll be not scoring on offence. The great coaches uses those losses to their advantage. One way to do that is to make your opponents work their tails off each and every possession. During that 24 secs, you must make them move as much as possible. Dribbling in ISO just means the D is standing still.

    I don’t know if it was deliberate or not that Pop tired out LBJ by forcing him to exhaust himself with great passing on offence or that he forced LBJ to play much more to keep up with the Spurs strong second unit. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assign him the credit for what actually transpired.

    You can’t win every possession, quarter, game or every series against rivals during the season. That doesn’t matter as long as you use those losses to build upon a future use. To throw away garbage time or bad losses by stat padding is not managing your future.

  37. Darn! @Acbc just agreed with me!!! LOL

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  42. Try refreshing. Discus Twitter link a little laggy it seems.

  43. Hi Folks, first time here. This site seems more peaceful and calm compare to the other sites. when Lin had a bad game,
    regular trolls, fake fan trolls and some Lin fans turn to trolls to diss him. They act like is the end of the world. I am
    glad at least over here is more positive. If Lin fans can not take the ups and downs why bother to be his fans in the first place? We know that Lin is still gelling with this new team with player, system and coach. Why not give him more time instead of
    kick him when he is down?

  44. welcome winner, let’s hope LAL is a winner too!

  45. did a few times already. I guess I will wait for a few minutes

  46. Thanks Brent!

  47. I unfollowed at least 3 LAL related twitter account yesterday I think…..

  48. Arash MarkaziVerified account‏@ArashMarkazi
    Only James Harden (.367) has a lower shooting percentage than Kobe Bryant (.412) among the top 17 players in points per game.


  49. This guy is one of the account I just unfollowed. LOL

  50. This was always going to be a schedule loss. To expect the team to play hard through it is to ignore the reality of the NBA. Look at how Pop managed it against Miami a couple of years ago when he sat ALL the starters. That says much more about your coaches appreciation of how he manages players durability and longevity. I was a little disappointed that Scott didn’t sit Kobe and boozer so as to just use this cheque loss to build synergy with the younger players. Kobe doesn’t need to play in hopeless losses.

    Playtime is very important for younger players to build a feel for the game and to establish chemistry. There is no such thing as garbage time. It’s either useful time or wasted time. Pop would never let game time go to waste. Don’t even start Kobe and tell the league to shove it with their unbalanced scheduling to get the most bang for their TV dollars.

    Here was a perfect opportunity to give Kobe a rest while letting LIN build up his working patterns with guys like Wes, Sacre, Xavier, Clarkson… This was a wasted game time play for LIN to learn how to get the best out of the rest of the team.

  51. Alison Su‏@AlisonSu3
    In Lin we Trust @JLin7 Beat Suns! Be Urself!


  52. Ya, in retrospect you almost wish Jeremy started from the bench. He wouldn’t have to worry about deferring to Kobe and working with the slow bigs, chemistry was better and more his style with the bench. Then later he would have been moved up to starting team and looked at more as a savior because there would have been a body of work with the bench to refer to in regards to how good he can be. But if you believe in fate it seems like he was destined to start this way, first Nash goes out, then Price gets injured. Hopefully it will turn out well eventually.

  53. I have not start to track Scott’s rotation yet. Scott does not seem bothered by overuse Kobe. IMO, He needs to figure out how Lin can play basic PnR with Boozer, Hill and Davis effectively 1st. Right now, every team is daring LAL to shoot, hence Lin’s penetration is basically of no use at all. We have seem 3 times already that Lin tried to pull 3s behind a pick. Lin knows it. Teams will love to see Kobe shoot 20FGM/30FGA every game..they just love it as long as those are tough shots.

  54. Vets gave up because they’ve been in the league long enough to know that it’s a schedule loss. Only Kobe with his immense will and competitive desire not to lose would try to fight through it. This one I feel is on Scott to not shut Kobe and Boozer down and let the kids play.

  55. I think this is one of the quick solutions. But I think Lin and Scott need to figure out how to work with Kobe 1st. And it is better that he did this b4 Nick Young comes back. You hide Lin in the bench, you are just delaying this problem to the later part of the season.

  56. Good points.

  57. Exactly. Frustrate Kobe by shutting down LIN and it will be all ISO to defend. That’s how I always will defend against high volumn shooters like Kobe, Melo and Harden.

  58. But I am not talking about this game tho, just in general.

  59. To be fair, if some of Lin shots would fall, then could be different. But offense is like that, you are going to have 0/X mights. Good teams will quickly rebalance the output to negate the effect. This is also the reason why high power teams love to run fast break a lot. Easy bucket are always from transition. If not possible, some smart sets can create semi transition in the half court situation too.

  60. Ya that’s true, better to go through the pain now for better results later. But you see how despite how poorly the team is doing Davis (who I really like) is touted as the bright spot doing well against other teams 2nd team. If he started as a starter he might not do as well against Dwight Howard, Jordan and Bogut, in the first team and not look so great. If he and Jeremy were tearing it up from the bench they would come to the first team together. The perception of Jeremy would be better.

  61. If line up must change, I would only move Boozer, let him abuses other teams’ bench

  62. Shots were falling short, seems to indicate fatigue. Even lay up couldn’t get up over the rim. Not making excuses, he’s a 26 year old professional athlete you’d expect him to be in good condition but even ace pitchers need several games off to rest their arm. Unless you’re Bumgarner 🙂

  63. We should propose Lin to install the machine arms and legs like……m….say the Winter soldier.

  64. Naruto is about to end I think….I mean the manga series. right?

  65. Not sure, don’t really watch.

  66. This physical trait of fatigue is actually proven to be factual by researchers. There is no such thing as a second wind, it’s just the mind of the athlete compensating for the fatigue. Atheists were put on machines to exert their maximum potentials before and after a hard work out to measure their force output and even though the athletes tried harder and felt they actually created more force, they actually were short of their pre workout marks.

    That’s wy schedule losses are so unfair. If they were playing a series of back to back against the same team, then it will prove who is the bette team.

  67. As soon as the Lakers abandon how they played against the Clippers, I knew they were going to lose. It seems this team will take any contested shot. If Boozer gets the ball, he will try to score. If Kobe gets they ball, he will try to score. The man shot the ball 28 times. This offense that they are running is not working. And Lin needs to take more shots. It would also help if he had proper screens set for him. Curry had them all game. This is so sad to watch.

  68. Some nights it’s a game if inches. Had one of his 3’s gone in and also his fast break layup, he would have been 2 for 6 with 11 pts and 6 assists. One 3 was just off the mark and the layup he short armed probably due to fatigue. Also if he didn’t get called for charge against Curry and gotten a Harden-esq call, he would have gotten 2 more FTs.

  69. I have the same doubt, not just the GSW game. But just in general, I don’t understand why Scott did that. Lin looked pretty good in preseason for some reasons. Teams were not serious for one, but a more clearly defined offense is another big reason

  70. Thank you this is very good. Proof that it’s not a Lin1man game. Kobe had to stop taking over, and the rest of the team have to play team-D and O. As far as I can see, Hill is moving well, and he just needs to be more focused when in the paint defending so opponents see him as a difficult challenge. Boozer feels all over the place, sometimes defending the paint well, sometimes making a good play. But, his late pass to Ronnie (I think) gave away the 3 and I think it was a 3 on the other end. So, that was definitely the game ender play, and someone here called out that Lin was open and the corner 3 was open for more than 1 sec.

    I play doesn’t make the game, but LAL could have won it despite KT’s 41 points. Like Lin said, anytime you lost that badly, there were billions of things you could have done better. For me, that one play says the game was in reach.

  71. some ppl only appreciate the box score and highlights because it follows from those that you get a lot of soothing things said in the press. It’s better that Lin is connected to how the game is really played by the pros, which almost all of us haven’t mastered.

  72. That behind the back pass for the open J I think from Hill was pretty crafty.

    What mess are you talking about? It was messy in the end but they were down by over 10 and Lin was not gonna give up he doesn’t care about stats at that point.

    I agree LAL do need another shooter for sure because when you work it to Hill for the open J, you only get 2 to Splash Bros 3. You do get a big back faster on D, but on the other hand, if Hill is cold, you’ve lost the meat of your scoring and much less offensive rebounding. Also, dumping to Hill does to give Kobe or Lin any less pressure. Having a great 3 shooter outside with no movement necessary to get there opens up space for Kobe and Lin, and therefore options.

  73. Can you explain more? For me, I just saw complete breakdown when Kobe took over and yet, half of first quarter was working like in prev game. I don’t know sets, bro …

  74. Lin is opening him up, can Hill shoot with a guy in his face?

  75. Bogut moving ones?

  76. Has anyone noticed if the pre game rituals are gone? I don’t see them. I’m glad. Get to serious bball and get rid of the Parsons hubris. With Fields, it was genuine.

  77. He is tall, I would assume that would not be a problem for him at all. He does not even need to jump, just doing set shots is fine.

  78. ok, I see your point. Nice tactical go-to.

  79. There are ISO ISOs and there are ISO in a sets. Kobe did the former yesterday. He did the later in preseason. The point is, a set gives EVERYONE on the floor a purpose. In LAC games, we see Lin ran Horns to perfection a few times although Wes blew the layup…..but it was a good process. In GSW game, KOBE get the result but the process was ugly

  80. I think we need to wait Nick and Ryan come back to see that again….lol Actually Sacre can be a good one to do the ritual with too…LOL

  81. In a sense the game went away at the moment when Kobe started to “Carry the team”. But I do not blame him, because from his POV, the options were limited. He just did not realize that he was hurting the team at that moment. LAL lost so many floor times to gel in preseason because of the injuries. Yesterday was a perfect time to step down and let the youngsters swim and sink. I do get his competitiveness tho, that set apart from him and others.

  82. This is a process, right now the LAL is like a huge programming code that has many bugs, and some of the bugs are even highly dependent to the others. To untie this mess is not an easy task, but it can be done. Time to switch into debugging mode, and disable some part of the program that are less important. Build the thing on top of the positive parts. Isolates the bugs one by one and fix it.

  83. hopefully, they don’t comment out the good codes (i.e. Lin-Ed PnR, etc.) ^_^

  84. Seeing as how poorly the Lakers are playing is prefer they don’t do it. Seems to indicate lack of seriousness.

  85. Great analysis! I would like to share it with other die hard Lin fans on Chinese Baidu sites. May I post and translate your comment on Baidu, some Chinese Jeremy Lin Fans’ forums? Thank you very much in advance!

  86. So glad to know this. Thanks, I’ve never run a set play in bball, so I just ‘feel’ it. Correct me if I’m ever wrong, I have no ego on improving knowledge 🙂

  87. It’s ok with me if Lin swags out if he scores 18/7. Otherwise, Kobewan will discipline the kiddies …

  88. yes, it’s all part of Kobe that Lin will have to integrate if he’s to take on the next step for LAL or himself in NBA. How to adjust to the seasoned pro who’s game is fading because of what SAS are bringing on, ending the era of the big 3.

    Kobewan will have to watch tape, listen to new ideas. That’s hard to do, to suppress experience to make room for new mistakes. I need to do that more, and luckily, raising kids is a good daily lesson in where to draw the line when letting go but wanting to provide safety.

  89. ha ha, too many features 🙂 Comment them out!

  90. Welcome! Thanks for being such a great JLin supporter fan. Appreciate your input.

  91. Think Lakers needs a new processor. 486 won’t do. Better upgrade to i7 fast.

  92. He won a lot when he did those rituals. Now that he’s stopped doing them, he’s 0-4…hmmmm.

  93. My recent experience of debugging was just to reformat the laptop until it worked:-)

  94. Yes, lots of bugs to fix. They also need smart design patterns to be efficient, scalable and portable. Lin is the strategist/analyst to help improve.

  95. ha ha … good one.

  96. JLin’s Pregame practice

  97. ahh, welcome. I like the post of a @winner :>
    True basketball fans will support a team or player through thick and thin.
    There will be peaks and valleys in any sports or even life. That’s what makes it interesting.

    I have the same predisposition. With so-called friends who kick us when we’re down, we don’t need enemies :> IMO True fans will provide support most of the time and be careful and much less frequent in providing constructive criticism.

  98. Jeremy Lin Pregame Practice – 3

  99. This same fan, Anli Shin, from JLin only Garden shared that she deleted all those that JLin missed balls. JLin didn’t shoot well during practice. Another fan said that when that happened. JLin tended to overthink. Not sure how true it is but these fans they watched every JLin games and know JLin’s games and tendency very well.

  100. Michael made a great post regarding the game against the Worriers.

    I don’t know how the NBA team works in terms of post game analysis. But would Scott/Kobe/Lin and ass. coaches ever watch the film together to discuss what needs to improve? Or they are kind of on their own analysis?

  101. 前幾場有人去看現場回來說 只有看到助理教練和 KOBE 說話 但都沒和林說話 但我今天有看到這位和林說了好多次Many fans who went to previous games said that assistant coaches only spoke with Kobe but not JLin. But Anli Shin saw this coach talked to JLin many times.

  102. Kobe & JLin interaction.

  103. 其實我一向只貼帥照的
    林書豪…對不起= =
    This poster Kinu JL said: He always only posts JLin’s handsome pics. Since today all fans are pretty down, he decides to share this personal pic. Sorry JLin. (So funny by just reading all the comments from JLin fans)

  104. Interesting analogy, Brent :]

    Lakers definitely fit the parts of rebuilding supercomputer code with old but still functional software (Kobe as MS Word) and installing versatile Linfinity OS (Lin as in Lin-ux, Nash as Windows 95) to run new killer apps which still lacks some anti-3P-Virus and 3P-Scoring app.

    It would take some time to perform Integration Testing. During this Alpha Release (10-15 games) there will be malfunctioning code requiring a lot of reboots and bug fixes but hopefully the Beta Release would be ready before holiday season in December.

    It’s too bad the Testers scheduled 4 Heavy Tests in 5 nights overheating this Alpha Release before it’s ready for Prime Time :>

  105. LOL I’m quite lost with all these IT-related analogy. It sounds so good though:-)

  106. For some reason, this reminds me of the Mike Tyson-biting-Evander-Holyfield-ear incident :>
    But Lin got the worst out of this close ‘bonding’. Glad it’s nothing serious

  107. I know. I was really worry after seeing the repeat. Glad that he is ok.

  108. yeah, it’s heavy-loaded for tech terms but you don’t need to fully understand it to get the gist 😀

  109. Agree.

  110. Coach Dave Miller breaks down the lack of Lakers consistent defense


  111. Kobe giving Jeremy directions to where the fire hydrant is

  112. Went to game yesterday. Seat was not great, thus no good photos. Have some videos still uploading. So will post here after they finish uploading.

    Something i see there:

    1) Kobe has lots of fans in Bay area. I saw the most jersey with 30 (Curry) or 24 (Kobe).
    2) Thompson is good, no only 3s, but also drive in for 2s.

    3) Kobe is not looking to pass, he was insane in Q3, but 2pt will never catch up with 3s.

    4) Jeremy had some disappoint TO and foul calls.
    5) Curry got some foul calls don’t seem too fair. I do think he flopped a bit, which was not there before, and he got those calls, and Lin is not really good at those, just like with CP3. I think that will take some time to use to. Lin used to be able to contain Curry a bit better. But to be fair, Curry comes from at least two screens each time, and most of the time those screens moves.
    6) Lin could get rid of Curry no problem, and looks like he always run into lots of bodies inside, spacing is really off.
    7) plenty of player, player/coach communication, Lin talk to everybody, mostly Kobe, and bigs. Coach talk to Lin too. But I don’t see much effect after their talk though.
    8) At mid time, Lin was practicing, and his 3s were not on point, missed most of them. Then there was one guy looks like a coach or assistant coach, was talking to Lin about his form, and after a bit discussion, Lin went 3/4 for the threes. So looks like the coaches are pretty close in helping them.
    9) When not playing, Lin always sit next to Maddog. Don’t feel he is particular close to any player like with Parson/Casppi/Garcia in Rockets.
    10) Maybe just me, don’t see too much body languages with frustration with Lin, I thought that’s good. I’m kind of far, thus could not see his expression on face.

    I don’t really feeling good in the 1Q where Kobe is clearly seen as trying to do it by himself. Also, in 4Q when Kobe sit, there is a very small line up, but not much shooters there, and they don’t run. I don’t think they look too good. But obviously Byron are testing things still. If they are running a samll line up, I don’t like Price in it, I’d prefer Clarkson there, who have better 3s. And i’d prefer them run fast breaks. Lin don’t look to push the ball in Lakers somehow.

  113. noticed Lin look down and closed his eyes..usually not good..whatever

  114. anyone knows who he is?

  115. so, they’re Lin expert?

  116. Thanks for the awesome first game witness report. Really appreciate what you are doing.

  117. I believe that is madsen

  118. update: the smack talking fan in this video is supposedly Rapper Mistah Fab. https://t.co/hqzfq4VVaH— JLinNation (@jlinnation) November 2, 2014

  119. Not Lin bb expert per se but very good in making detailed observations on what each JLin expression means what. If incorrect but not too far off from what I read. You are talking about over 1000 fans in that site and some of them even goes to JLin to US to watch JLin in games at least once per year. When JLin is in Taiwan, they follow him everywhere as much as the open events. They record every detail of JLin lives. They give full supports to JLin not only just when he is in highs but also esp when he is lows. When fans are down, they encourage one another of how best fans can do in giving to support JLin similar to what @psalm234:disqus do here. I like that site a lot.

  120. I found Ten Ten’s post from JL site helpful, so I am posting to see what you guys think.

    “what is the number 1 skill to have to be a great 1 on 1 player? … the
    ability and willingness to shoot out of triple threat. if you can shoot
    out of triple threat you can kill people. it opens up your drive. See
    Jordan, see Kobe, see Steph Curry, see i hate to say it … Carmelo and
    Harden, and lets get slow and white for a minute… see Larry Bird and
    Chris Mullin. LIN doesn’t possess this skill in that way, nor the
    confidence to shoot out of triple threat in the volume that they do. SO
    when the court shrinks and he’s not getting PnR opportunites his options
    are limited to resorting to hoping he gets kickouts from someone who
    can create a shot — like KOBE did so nicely in the Clipper game — OR
    resorting to making driving forays against a packed house and a guy on
    him who may be as quick or quicker, may be getting the benefit of the
    doubt as far as fouls go because he a “star” or a status up on LIN, and
    there you have it… contesteed step backs, fadeaways, turnarounds.
    DIFFICULT SLEDDING MY FRIENDS. The modern game is PnR. watch every team
    in this league. Its almost exclusively 4 or 5 man out, spread floor, and
    shooters. The Lakers are not set up for this and don’t have the
    personnel. This is going to be a long season my friends. One that I fear
    may crush LINS career, but I of course hope not.”

  121. If Ten Ten knows this, and he’s probably right, LAL, Scott, Kobe, and Lin know this. Adjustments are not overrated, thankfully, else we would all be dysfunctional in life as it is.

  122. He says one way to tailor play to Lin’s strengths is to run PnRs very often. Seems like BS is intent on keeping it the same for 20 games at least. I think Ten Ten’s point was to try to explain why Lin has trouble just shooting when Lin receives passes.

  123. Found it!

  124. Great post! Nice views through your eyes.

  125. If I really had to pick I would choose the third one, even though it is an ISO.

  126. It should, the author wanted to end it a loooooooong time ago, but since it was so popular the publishers kept pushing. The storyline was all over the place, not that I am a Naruto fan.

  127. Yeah, I saw that, and yet, when they do , there is no space. It worked well with Davis for a bit, but I see lots of PnRs result in Lin getting into traffic. Not sure what’s wrong.

    Who is Maddogg?

    Ah, generally a crabapple-py weekend for Bay Areas sports, of course GSW and Cal won. Ev body else lost boo hoo it’s Halloween.

  128. But do Boozer, Hill. Kobe play the pnr? That is 3 starters.

  129. Maddogg?

  130. Khuang said something at the other site which makes some sense. When Dragic was playing for Slovenia, FIBA tournament against USA, the Team USA defence loaded up on him. Because Dragic’s team mates were not good enough he also struggled and ended up with the same results as Lin when defences load up on him. There is not enough help for Lin on this Lakers team. Both in terms of skills, athleticism and in terms of set plays or structure.

  131. And honestly, GSW are pretty awesome this year. The game was close until some key mistakes, Boozer too late to Price trapped in the corner for one.

  132. oops, sorry, I meant to as TTNN in his game report.

  133. Mark Madsen. He had been working out with JLin even before he came to the Lakers. Perhaps had some influence in bringing Jeremy to the Lakers.


    Read his article on Jeremy from 2012:


  134. Mark Madsen. He had been working out with JLin even before he came to the Lakers. Perhaps had some influence in bringing Jeremy to the Lakers.

    Read his article on Jeremy from 2012:


  135. Agreed. I think Golden State will be above the Clippers in the standings this year. Even though Lin did not do well stats wise this game, overall the Team improved in the past 2 games. In the first 2 games, they had already lost by the end of the 3rd quarter.

  136. thanks for being positive – you know, LAL/Lin are just starting and they are doing way better coming in from underdog than SF 9ers did today, lol, not running the ball much and trying to throw with what, 8 sacks?

  137. Sure. And in the future anything else that you find worth translating….which will probably occur once every leap year XD.

  138. American Football is not played in Asia but I do know the game, mostly from playing video games. : )

  139. Staying on the positive note. I still support coach Scott. He is describing the problems in an accurate manner. He called Kobe’s ISO a Catch 22 situation. He also pointed out that the bigs were not helping enough on the perimeter defence.

    Being able to describe problems accurately is key to solving the problems.

  140. Given how this roaster banged up, I will cut him some slack for sure.

  141. okay, finally my video is uploaded.

    I try to catch most of the times in timeouts, or between quarters. And cut so that I kept the player interaction.

  142. Another one. This is the second half.

  143. NYK running triangle with the pinch post option. Tailor made for MELO. Beautifully done

  144. What are you using to take these videos?

  145. Smarter than Mchell..

  146. Thanks for the videos and your previous court-side observations. )

  147. … After watching Knix, I guess I am thrilled to be a Lin/Lakers fan. The Knix really stink, and are boring. Triangle O? Bermuda Triangle.— Nathan Gottlieb (@zukovka) November 3, 2014

  148. Not telling. haha, I’m not supposed to do this.

  149. Anybody knows how to apply for that guy’s job at 2:06? I am interested.

  150. Catch 22 is a good description. Kobe’s ISO play is very strong. And the better he performs his ISO, the more he will do it. But the more ISO, the less team ball and then it negatively affects the team overall. Very apt description by Scott. I remember McHale simply said that the ball should be with the best player (best offensive player) and nothing else. Uugh!

  151. Thanks for sharing TTNN, I love watching fancams and all the little interactions I dont get to see on the broadcast.

  152. ha, maybe ball boy? Got to know lots of NBA players.

  153. Giving new meaning to LIN-UX….never know you are so “creative”

  154. and watch free games in person every night. That sounds so good.

  155. super to watch this, thank you. Nice to see Lin say a little prayer with himself and then go, much better than the fake Kung Fu love with Parsons, Harden.

  156. Kobe on the efforts of the front office (via @SpearsNBAYahoo) pic.twitter.com/lQDLiRhKkS— Johnny Navarrette (@JNavLN) November 3, 2014

  157. To those believing Kobe will demand a trade this year if the Lakers don't right the ship soon. pic.twitter.com/r3XIxKq1dr— Gary Kester (@garykester) November 3, 2014

  158. Fun to watch, but big guys are hitting each other too hard. Lucky you you have HK Sevens … etc.

  159. Thanks. .Love it.

  160. One of the temptations for some LIN fans is to look the accepted measures of what is considered to be a star in the NBA. So it’s not surprising to look at system as the real measure of who is a great player and who isn’t. To be a triple threat as a player is mentioned as a THE “true” measure of greatness. The problems is that MJ and Byrd are probably the only 2 guys beside Magic of any of the greats that actually had a true triple threat. Kobe was a shoot first and drive to score player. Melo and Harden are even less of a triple threat. They want to shoot and score then drive to get FTs and will only dump it off to suckers to save their own stats. That’s their mindset. To ask a team player like LIN to lower himself to their standards makes no sense. Lin is a pass first PG, that’s his mindset. To do that more efficiently he may need to shoot a few more top of the key shots to get himself some respect from the defender and force them to cover him more closely so that he can get by his man more easily. But how does that help him get away from the double teams and traps? Lin is already getting double teams and traps up high. Does LIN come down the court and immediately take a long range 3? This team hasn’t develped any desire to pass up on a good shot for a better shot like the Spurs. Heck, they’ll chuck a bad shot just because they feel that they might not get the ball back. So LIN fans are telling LIN to further promote this type of mindset?

    The best way is for kobe to set screens for LIN up high top of the key with Wes low on baseline cutting to basket as kobe or LIN PnR forcing the trap man to come up to meet their drive. If Wes times this correctly, he could easily do a fields type alley oops every time. If the big covering boozer decides to come out to contest, it would be a simple concept pass to underneath basket for a dunk.

    The problem with boozer or Hill setting the PNR is that Kobe tends to bring his man in away from the perimeter allowing for an easier trap and less spacing. This is because Kobe likes to shoot his midrange jumpers and not 3s. The best way to space the floor is to have Wes on the right corner and boozer on the low post with Hill drawing his man also away on the left side.

  161. I was about to post the same thing. But I know it will come out ugly as I could never write those word as correctly as you do. You just saved a few millions of my brain cells. lol

  162. You trolling me again Brent? Lol I just wasted a few million brain cells.

  163. oooooops you figured that out……LOL

  164. Hey Acbc, your earlier comment on Lin establishing winning patterns was absolutely brilliant. I observed it myself, but couldn’t have put it any better than the way you described it. I did notice that the Knicks were running the same offence that Lin had created but it degenerated after a season. Houston is also running the offence that Lin helped to create but it will also degenerate in time. Lin is trying to create a winning pattern with the Lakers and it will take some time. I say, give him about 5 or 6 more games before there is major improvement.

  165. I get that Fans, Lin’s or others, want the player they rooted for looking great on the floor. I do too. Lin’s struggle comes directly from the lack of talents of this LAL team. Of course Lin could try just to shoot the light out, not on Curry’s level of course, but those kind of play sinks the TEAM. MJ did it, Wall did it, Curry did it, Harden is doing it, LBJ did it, etc. All are top talents, but the reason for some of their rings was never about the hero ball.

  166. I would think he needs more games. His NYK teams seems about equally talented to the current team. BUT the mindset are completely at a different level, plus the brilliance of MDA. Not saying Scott is a bad coach, just saying Scott’s approach might take a longer time to………make the team look better.

  167. After Jared Jeffries, Carlos Defino was the only teammate that Lin had who would clear out the lane for Lin’s drive. Those are just the little things that never happened with any hero ball centric players. And those plays matter.

  168. Coach Nick breaks down how Klay T scored 41 against LAL.

  169. I also remembered watching Madsen lips saying, “Great job!” as Lin sat down.
    Madsen definitely is the biggest Lin supporter among the Lakers assistant coaches.

  170. I believe coaches prepare game film sessions regularly but I’m not sure if it involves a lot of players feedback but it definitely should for experienced players.

  171. What Nick said…actually even AAU players know I think. BUT Wes has a NBA body. Just……..Also reminded one play when Lin was waving to Hill telling him to sprint back, do not jog. Those are just about disciplines and IQ….

  172. easy, both big and small just following Lin. Hill would get the ball every time because that was what the defenses were giving to them. Instead of just run PnR, they could do much more. For example, they could do
    1. setting a screen for the screener who will go screen for Lin, in this way, defenses will be harder to hedge or say double on Lin. Or,
    2. They can ran Spurs’ loop play (they actually did in preseason) for Lin and Price. So when Lin actually gets the ball, he is already in rhythm, and defender on their heels. Or,
    3. The do a ball reversal 1st to clear the space and have Lin come out from a stagger screen, then do the PnR. (This also happened in preseason too). etc.

    In any offense, players want to get to the 4 spots, (elbows and blocks). Once the D is broken down, then they seek open man that can get an open layups or 3s in that order.

  173. CIA standard issue of some kinds..

  174. Look like Lin was pretty vocal.

  175. And ppl think he is passive, I say he was pretty engaged.

  176. Thanks, I’ll look those terms up on youtube and watch for it!

    So, they are running something where Lin hooks in from the corner 3 and gets the ball as you say in motion heading for the paint with options. But, GSW were rotating and covering him last night. What is that play called? Why isn’t that working as I would imagine something like that opens up the opposite corner as people rotate to contain Lin move to the paint? I liked your Coach Nick vid.

  177. Thanks

  178. I think each team is doing it differently. Probably just some contractor from outside. SO you need to know which company is providing that.

  179. Just search some basic terms. Like….Spurs loop play, motion weak, motion strong, horns, two guards front, etc. You will find endless video to watch.

  180. ok, I will have endless summer … ha ha.

  181. Good call, that it’s not wise for Lin to emulate Melo, Harden, even KD is too singular. A team will always beat the individual.

  182. lol Brent you don’t win with @Acbc

  183. One of the great principles of people of faith is that we should seek ways to elevate life around us. Good Christians who understand the power of the Holy Ghost know that nothing they say can change a non believer. The power of God works through the Ghost through our positive association with others. We become the vessels of that power. We never save others, it is the power of God throught the Ghost that reveals Himself to those around us.

    If LIN becomes a me first player like Melo or Harden, he betrays this principle of elevating life around him.

  184. I did some research, they earn good money too. But I thought I just want to be that guy doing just the drinks, who knew I have to do their laundries as well as a ball boy!

  185. Saved few millinos of brain cell again! job well [email protected]_zDgJ5zJRLn:disqus

  186. Trust me you won’t notice the difference, now what was I going to say…?

  187. Oh. Is it against the rules to film videos of the players in the stadium? One of my friends will be extremely disappointed if that is the case.

  188. Depth – you look at his journey through his eyes and therefore, you understand him and his choices much more than most fans. I can appreciate your point of view.

    I would like to joke around though … if it is true that Good Christians let the power of the HG work, then why did I have to submit to 6 hrs of laying on of hands? Nm, I’m just kidding. I did it for family members to give them joy and hope.

    I enjoy posting with you. It’s the journey, and integrity that counts. I’ve been told by more than one great leaders (my dad for one) that true leadership is high integrity, knowing you can make a difference, accepting the call to sacrifice to make THE difference, and then, dedicating to a calling higher than just one’s own reward so the team can LOVE following that leader.

    Fits what you say I think.

  189. Now you have some to spare for drinking your pantry beer on a good night 🙂

  190. LOL, #trollking @disqus_HmSLGZ4iV2:disqus is taking over now. I will just drink some black tea.

  191. Did you see his Kap 7 shirt on the first half vid? Very nice vid, so fascinating to see it all. For me at the stadium, I am so in awe at the sense that I miss it all too. These vids were great.

  192. you will stay up all night then commenting out extraneous features …

  193. Nah I fall asleep like within 5 seconds.

  194. They don’t let you bring lenses longer then I think 2 or 3″. If you can get a nice 3x telephoto extender on a micro 4/3 pancake lens, I bet the security people can’t tell the difference. I can almost get mine in, but it’s about half an inch too long. I got it in once, but I didn’t want to point it around during the game as I was near a security guy.

  195. young and strong baby!

  196. LOL….what?!

  197. more like, a lazy body….

  198. I am now going to go eat a tea egg that my wife made for me.

  199. Thank you!

  200. btw, did you notice Lin pound down that Red Bull? I hope it was just water because Red Bull has so much ‘stuff’ in it.

  201. what I was going to say! Darn it, I forgot.

  202. Hey JT, we always push each other higher.

  203. Let’s Go!

  204. That’s my ninja way.

  205. Well now you know who to call. Get TTNN on the phone, I am sure the security guard will not be an “issue”.

  206. Well, well … the Patient Person … Japan got so much from China. The West can learn so much more:


  207. I resent that. but only a little. ( ̄ー ̄)

  208. Still staying positive. On the issue of Kobe’s ISO there are 2 things that I am upbeat about.

    Firstly I will give Kobe the benefit of the doubt that he will go into extreme ISO mode only when the other guys are struggling with their shot. For the Golden State game Lin did not make a single FG in the first half. I think when the other guys, and especially Lin, are making shots, then he will curb it a bit. (Also maybe he is just out to prove he is not the 40th best player on the league and will tone it down later in the season).

    Secondly Kobe’s ISO is so much more enjoyable to watch than Harden’s. Kobe not only has higher FG% but some of his moves are exquisite. Harden may still be efficient because of cheating (I mean free throws) but I would rather watch Kobe any day.

  209. media or fans?

  210. Exactly. Lakers need to see if Lin is their long term solution at PG. Either Lin grows into the role and produces consistently (then Lakers resign him) or Lin doesn’t meet the Lakers expectations (then the Lakers let Lin go and will probably have a high draft pick from their poor season. =)

  211. it’s not a bug, it’s a feature

  212. really, when? I can’t imagine a pro athlete consuming red bull before, during, or after a game. Why would an athlete want caffeine in their system during a game?

  213. “I bleed purple and gold”

    Wait, Kobe’s a Vikings fan?

  214. Been too busy to visit this site in a few days, but I read this entire thread and really enjoyed reading the excellent analyses and comments. I didn’t see a single troll or flame post. So kudos to all the true fans for supporting Lin through the ups and downs, and to the mods for keeping the trolls away.

    I know there will be many more ups and downs this season, so it’s great to have this community!

  215. I am thinking about what Scott said which is that three pointers do not win championships. Scott is probably thinking about teams from his playing era and players like Chris Mullin and Reggie Miller who never won championships.

    I wonder if the NBA has changed?

    Did the Spurs shoot a lot of threes last year? Will Golden State win the championship?

  216. This article has some interesting stats. It looks at “the last 10 NBA championship teams to determine what kind of role three-point shooting played for each team and whether a modern NBA team can win a championship without shooting a heavy dose of three-pointers.”


  217. Thanks. I was hoping someone would have some insight.

    Good article.

    I will need to digest the stats more but I don’t agree with the author’s conclusion that Scott was wrong. It’s too simplistic.

    It seems that there is no clear correlation between shooting more threes or shooting them more accurately and winning a championship. So 3 point shots do not determine whether you win a championship. However not shooting threes probably makes it too easy for the defence.

  218. http://lakeshowlife.com/2014/11/02/kobe-bryant-quote-week-dont-want-pushovers/

    Not sure if this has already been posted. Don’t entirely agree with this article but it’s got a few good points.

  219. Agreed. It’s all dependent on Kobe and Scott making it more of a priority. My hope is more a 15-25 games before LIN finally meshes all the players together.

  220. Brent is my yin as I’m his yang. I talk too much and he is able to keep it under 5 words. Haha

  221. Because, the point is, taking better shots and having better defense wins you the championships. Saying not taking it or kept taking it is equally illogical.

  222. hehehe exactly

  223. Kobe and Scott dont seem to get this basic concept: Wearing down opposing players with set offenses IS good defense. Kobe’s ISOs are killing that

  224. Well, all the same. They just thinking for Lin to play good, he has to be like those so called stars. otherwise he is a bust.

  225. Thanks for sharing your first-hand observations and the videos. Do you have a Chinese version of your report? Would you please share them on the Chinese Baidu forum, 宇宙林吧? Or may I post them there? Thank you very much!

  226. I was listening to PFV’s comments on the Lakers game and he talked about lin’s handle and how it could be a combination of both physical and mental problems. This is a long piece I wrote last winter and may have posted on the other site. It can maybe explain why LIN continues to struggle until he finally nails down the working patterns of play for his teammates. Like I’ve said in the past, athletes all fear “paralysis by analysis ” because once you start to think while playing, you interrupt the flow of muscle memory. Hopefully everyone will better understand this after they’ve tried the parlour trick below to see how slow our cognitive brain operates.

    I also amended this piece with something else I wrote about stress and how and why shooting 3s as a main weapon could be fatally flawed at crunch time.

    Warning.. It’s very long

    January 27, 2014
    Lin’s handle and shooting has been coming under fire lately. I’ve talked already a bit about how the Rox mind games has affected his shooting but I think the handle part is mental as well. Coach Lin often is thinking too much. At this level, athletes all work with patterns of many sets of automatic movements.

    I’m no expert but I’ve studied sports psychology for many years to understand the causality between mental stress and choking to help some of better students. Last year I talked a bit about proprioception and the body awareness of interconnecting movements by lower brain functions. Kinesthesia is another key component in muscle memory and hand-eye coordination, and training can improve these 2 senses.

    An example of this type of learned action is walking. People who have had a stroke often find it very hard to re learn how to walk again. The multiple tiny muscles and receptors in the feet and toes needed for balance alone is difficult enough to relearn, never mind managing the actual awareness of where and which big muscle groups to use in action. Often teaching ourselves how to walk includes too much upper brain interference. This is the root cause of stunted movements.

    There is parlour trick I use to teach how to serve in tennis. It is to illustrate how slow our upper brain works so that students will learn to trust their hands to feel for the face angle in order to find the target. Take a business card and ask a friend to try and catch it between his thumb and index finger as you let it go. Your friend will never catch it unless he starts closing his fingers before you actually release the card. The reason is that by the time your friends eyes sees you release the card and sends the command to up his fingers to close, it’s already too late. It takes that long for the commands to be sent from the brain to the fingers.

    This is the reason an athletes actions gets stunted once they start feeling pressure. They start by getting out of the moment away from playing with autonomic actions and executing with set groups of actions. Choking is caused by sudden realization of the magnitude of a moment; what it means to win or lose, what it means to self esteem and how the expectations will become magnified. Proprioception allows a player to dribble without thinking about it while making decisions about making moves to pass, shoot or drive. kinesthesia requires autonomic sequential operations of fine twitch muscle groups that allows that hands to feel for the ball while dribbling and shooting. Once it gets interrupted, it can go out of sequence and actions gets jerky.

    Walking across a board put between two chairs on the ground is easy so we can do it with no interruptions from our upper brain. If we put that board across a couple of sky scrappers, our upper brain will disrupt our movements because we have the real fear of death. What if we make a mistake! It’s when fear grips you that the upper brain tries even harder to command the body to make the correct movements thereby interrupting the smooth flow of operations. Just like the slow reaction time it took to close the fingers, it takes too long to react to mistakes of balance if the upper brain starts to choke with fear. It’s in this type of situation that a well trained action can go off badly. Shooting and dribbling or any fine twitch muscle memory can be disrupted to a point that shots will miss and handles can be fumbled. Dribbling or handles especially requires proprioception skills and kinesthesia because we are not ever looking at the ball. It is something totally done by the lower brain.

    the game of poker appears to be just a game of chance, but in reality, it’s far more than that. Once you add the human element, it becomes a battle of mental strengths. Winning at poker requires a personal belief in controlling your destiny. Then you must have conviction to accept the percentages and know that your hand will come. Believe that the flow of luck will come your way and take advantage of it when it does. Losing small pots is part of the flow. Remaining cool and unfazed by small losses is having a poker face to keep opponents from feeling your uncertainty. In all sports, the battle is won when the opponent starts thinking about what you are doing to them and not what they need to do to you.

    Winning in basketball is not just physical. During the regular season, you can get away with winning by pure physical skills. Once you come to playoffs, the best come to the top and then the battle must be sort out by much more than physical skills. Accepting the stress factor in crunch time and playoffs is to use this human factor to create the right risk and rewards percentages of winning. As the screws get tighter, you must create ever higher percentage shots. Most players can shoot FTs with over 50-80% range of success. That distance has a very high probability for success to force your opponents to match. This is why midrange shots are so important to win championships and this is why HOUSTON will always struggle in playoffs and crunch time.

    I’ve often talked about how a good coach’s responsibility is to make the players able to play comfortably in the roles assigned to them. In this way the player doesn’t have to think too much or often and merely execute automatically to game situations. This is the unique ability LIN has to make his teammates play within their comfort zone. It is also why LIN has struggled because he has had to play out of his comfort zone, play out of position and have been jerked around with his minutes in such a way as to create as much fear and doubt in him as possible. Often, he has had to think as a coach to find solutions to defences while playing. Mchale has done everything possible to disrupt Lin’s mind and this is why Lin’s play has been below what he is capable of. Is it any wonder that Lin has shot and dribbled poorly.

  227. I still remember this one, we should start a new post on this, let me do it for you.

  228. I tried to but it didn’t seem to work.

  229. Thanks! As I said, you did a great job telling what happened to Lin’s subpar performance that night. I believe Lin will bounce back! I just hope his teammates can play better defense and set more and better screens for him on offense.

  230. I just did….lol

  231. Is it JLin Only Garden’s facebook site? Or do they have their own website? Thanks!

  232. Exactly what I thought … in the 2nd half vid by TTNN, he came off the floor and guzzled 2 cups off that tray that said Red Bull, with the attendant behind him. Too much caffeine and that messes with peak performance I’d think dunno …

  233. JLin only Garden FB Site.

  234. And look who’s practicing with the starters and look in charge to run the Offense.


  235. And the caption (“@Jlin7 directing the action”) echoes Kobe’s comment that JLin needs to run the offense.

    And someday to be championship-caliber PG!
    Man, why does Kobe suddenly sound like the biggest Lin fan? 🙂
    I’ve never heard any NBA analysts or players (only die-hard Lin fans) boldly believes that Lin will be a championship-caliber PG. That’s definitely “empowerment”!

  236. Something has changed in the LA Media.

    These @Lakers tweets definitely fall in line and reinforced Kobe’s strong suggestions that Lin runs the offense and not give the ball to Kobe himself at Lin’s discretion.

    I guess when the real boss has spoken, others will follow.

  237. Spoken like a true leader to take full responsibility.

    @SerenaWinters: I asked Jeremy Lin if this has been a bit more a frustrating experience so far than he expected:
    Jeremy Lin: “Ya it’s been more frustrating than I expected & I haven’t done what I needed to do & I take full responsibility for that.”


  238. Kobe isn’t one to say something he doesn’t mean. He wouldn’t say it unless he thought JLIN had it in him. It reinforces the beliefs and confidence we have here. Very positive.

  239. Music to the ear. Is it the right phrase to use?:-) Hopefullyy JLin is able to breakthrough

    with the obstacles that frustrate him soon. Pray that we will see some results in Game 5. Can’t wait to witness the first win:-)

  240. Things could not have gone any better for Lin in LA in terms of the faith placed by the biggest decision-maker. Lin might still be in the process to pinch himself to make sure he’s not dreaming :]

    You and I saw in person during games how serious and how long Kobe talked to Lin on the bench (good 5-8 min in Phx). That convinced me that Kobe didn’t just provide lip service but actually has been taking actions to mentor Lin. He also didn’t talk in length with other players.

    I really hope Lin is back smiling and zipping around passes on court. The Clippers game was nice with 17pts/9asts but for some reason I thought he was not himself because he didn’t smile as much. Maybe it’s just an adjustment period?

  241. Agree. I have missed his smile dearly since the season began more than anything else. When I see his smile, I know he enjoys the game. has overcome issues that bother him, and is comfy with where he is now. Tough growing pain time for him in the past week.

  242. Me too :]

    Lin running smoother offense with starters consistently would be great to see in Game 5. We saw some spurts of great ball movement resorting back to Kobe ISO in Game 3-4 but they just need some practice.

    As far as a win, Lakers need to be better in defending 3pt shooters. Can’t let Phx shoot 50% (12-24) again. That’s a recipe for blowout for sure

  243. @psalm234:disqus @brentyen:disqus No game 5 pregame thread?

  244. We all know “Smi-Lin” offense means Jeremy is comfortable and having fun on court without thinking too much :]

    So we need to propose Jeremy to run “Smi-Lin” offense ;>

  245. ok, probably a good idea!

  246. Hopefully they are able to rectify some of it in practice time and talk thru the issues. Can’t wait to see the improvement. That’s approach of game. If they can get the win on top of it, that will be so awesome!

  247. Yes, big hug bro:-) lol Go Go “SmiLin” games:-)

  248. lol Just like to look forward rather than from the past:-) Give me hope!

  249. ok, new pre-game thread.
    Who’ll be first? :]


  250. Thats because his perception is not cluttered with all the negativity noise of Houston.

    Kobe had seen Lin performance in LAL first hand against him and he had seen Jeremy’s performance in Rox vs LAL last year, where Kobe quoted, ” I dont know why Jeremy ALWAYS performs better why against us”

    So basically Kobe had filtered out the outside noise around Jeremy and only looked at him based on his personal experience and during training camp.

    Hence he is a believer like us!

  251. oh did Kobe say that about Lin last year? I must have missed that.

    I also think Kobe respects big-time gutsy performer that shines when the light is brightest. And Lin proved that over and over starting from the 38pt games to games where he elevated his game in the 4th quarters.

    I’m just glad Kobe is in Lin’s corner more so than any coaches there based on their statements :>

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