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This is the 4th game for the Lakers in 5 nights. Fatigue would be a factor so it would almost a miracle if the Lakers can pull off a win. This is what usually is called a “schedule loss”. A loss because the packed schedule is not favoring one team.

Will Lin be able to repeat its 17pts/9asts performance by running the offense? Let’s hope so and Lakers will stay healthy.

  • The Los Angeles  Lakers play on the 2nd night of a back to back for the 2nd straight time. The Lakers have 16 back-to-backs this season which is tied for the least of all 30 NBA teams.
  • Kobe Bryant is leading the Lakers in scoring with a 23.7 points per game average.
  • There is a big drop off scoring-wise from Kobe to number 2 on the list Jordan Hill who is averaging 12 points per game; however, there is some balance as Lakers have 6 players total averaging double figures: Ed Davis 11.7, Carlos Boozer 10.0, Wayne Ellington 10.0 and Jeremy Lin 10.0.
  • The Lakers have been having a hard time defending the 3-point shot in their first 3 games where teams are averaging 13.3 3-point makes per game and shooting 42.6 percent from 3.
  • Defending the 3 will be very important tonight playing against Klay Thompson and the Warriors. Thompson averaged 22.5 points in 4 games against the Lakers last season which included 15 for 31 from 3.
  • Last season the Warriors torched the Lakers from deep, averaging 12.3 makes out of 26.3 attempts from the 3-point line.

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  1. First!

  2. Let’s hope our bigs take advantage of Lee’s absence.

  3. David Lee is not a tough inside man, as far as I can see. I wouldn’t call him soft, but he’s not tough. So, missing him won’t help too much. Not sure.

  4. I hope today, KT is emotionally relieved with his contract and will not have a great shooting night. Don’t get me wrong, I love GSW. But, I want the Lin/Kobe duo to have a hard-won win so they can keep building on that chemistry.

  5. I wanted to re post this from the other thread:

    I have to say that God could not have chosen a better mentor for lin than Kobe. I say God because I really do believe Lin landing on the Lakers was a destiny tract for him. There is a passage in the bible that states, God says if you can be faithful over the small things, I will make you ruler over much. I believe that Houston was lin’s small things because he had to sacrifice his game for someonelse, and he never complained. He just got better every year. I believe that LA is his ruler over much. Scott/Kobe have given him the keys to the offense to run the show. Kobe is the perfect mentor for lin because he will be hard on him and challenge him everyday. The thing about kobe is that he grew up in Europe (his dad played professional basketball overseas) and he didn’t have the so called “African American” upbringing. He was a foreign kid who came to the US and was mostly ostracized in school because he was labeled “he wasn’t black enough”. Kobe probably knows that is what lin has felt like in this league. Also, you have to know that Kobe sees himself in lin because I think they are just alike in many ways. So this season of the Lakers will have it’s ups and downs, but I am stilled excited that lin gets to learn how to “put on his big boy panties ” from one of the best teachers in the league.

  6. Lin never complained, but his brother did. I wonder if his parents or Lin told him to remove that tweet. So right, what you say, that HOU was little and Lin had the big picture faith in God and calm inside. I’m sure he learned over and over how it is, like broken ankle, no college scholarship, no draft, D-league, 2 cuts, etc. that HOU was just a speed bump.

    Your post highlights contrast to all those with little faith. You are a faithful person, and so is Lin. I shall continue to try …

  7. WJ was the weak link during the end-game yesterday. He and the refs …

  8. I am just one of those people who truly believe that the power of your life in his in the words that you speak out of your mouth. Your words frame your world. If you speak only of negative things, then that is what you will receive in life.If you think positive thoughts and and continue to believe nothing is impossible, you have won half the battle right.

  9. I read once that the vocabulary you have influences how you think, what you can think about. The mouth is the next thing, as it convicts your thinking … very nice what you say about speaking to the positive. It sure can go inward too, as well as get socialized.

  10. Also joe Team, i refuse to give anybody power over my life where they will determine the kind of day I will have. I always tell my employees that when they walk in the font door to go to work, put their game faces on, because whatever bad thing that happened to you on your way to work will not have a negative output on the job that you were hired for.

  11. You and your spirit here would be amazing to be with in an organization! I learn from you and all our great posters. This is what makes it worth being a part of this community. Thanks to psalm, brent and others, we can have a respite from how bad it got in the unmoderated world.

  12. New chat box looks promising. Last night, I could not sign into portal so just had to disqus comment. The new chat box, if it works:

    I would like to ask the bball pros to call out the plays they see so I and others can start to see the structure of the systems they run. Me, I’m sorry I cannot contribute to that, I’m more a gym player.

  13. You too, I love your wisdom and candor. I learn a lot from your posts because somebody will touch on the tip of something and you take it to another level giving examples of how it has been done. So i really have learned alot from you in that aspect, and I really respect your opinions. you still are my favorite poster crush .❤

  14. Aw, Joyce, I big LOL hug on that one. I thank you and graciously/humbly accept your compliment.

    I dunno, I just try to share the passthrough learning because that’s what Lin ball is about. My personal journey is reaching the heights of boards by 31, and like Kobe or Lin, knowing my immigrant self, I didn’t belong with those people with secret back room power and biases. You can’t judge any group harshly, but I can attest back in the day, I heard plenty of racial and gender slurs and I could not continue to be an insider being that I’m myself a genuine person who strives from D-league, from the immigrant position that I know makes a big difference to the people in the center all of us to strive. I used to think … “what I my, the invisible “good” minority? Are you testing my ability to join you? (I could not)”

    So, Lin, you, others here who are the real deal … that’s my community. And, we can make a difference, seeings how Lin is doing it. It inspires …

    (finally, I don’t usually talk about faith, because I myself try not to do that to give everyone around me freedom of faith. I did grow up in church, and family members are born again. It’s all good and alright with me … I just don’t express it as a respect for other’s views, beliefs, etc. because my born again family members push it too hard. I have if you can imagine how funny this looks, had laying on of hands for 6 hours once. I came away quite tired 🙂 but relieved I was able to make others happy.

  15. The difference is trust … people trusted Curry with the shot, with the ball. This year is Lin’s first year he has the trust, and we are seeing it come alive in front of our eyes.

  16. I get it, i grew up in that church based christian faith, which I have discovered has nothing to do with the real God, who I serve. He is forgiving, understanding and faithful, so to this day, i have abandoned my family’s church views on christian beliefs because it has too many rules and many Christians are hiding because they can’t live up to these rules.

  17. Yep, exactly…

  18. Also, did you see the playoff history of 35 and they still don’t make it out of the 1st or 2nd round.

  19. Thumbs up. Just update the panties to pants, LOL.

  20. Yes, the rules make it hard to be a real person loving others and God. In find I have to constantly adjust in Christian ways even with Christians. Life has a way to throw curve balls, and dogmatic rules had hard to employ.

    Someone once said to me … ‘God doesn’t drive parked cars.” So, we have to pull it out of the garage and drive it ourselves, and then he’s there with us …

    I love Lin’s desire to help LA see God, his last prayer request, and I’m guessing that’s Linsanity mode and not the norm of what can be achieved lol. It really does show his different levels of goal setting, though, so it’s good to have faith in the man on simple things like bball and his NBA career.

  21. I guess you can say pants, but the term used was in reference to a girl. so big boy pants is right..Thanks☺

  22. LOL, that is the problem with most christian churches that they think that need to help God. I also agree that if Lin stays focused when kobe is being hard on him and challenging him, he will come out of this with an attitude of how become a champion, because he has been taught by one of the best.

  23. If you mean GSW, yes. We haven’t had good post season since Rick Barry days, I think. Lacob’s new ownership with Peter Gruber seems to be moving GSW forward, and this year’s team is strong. Lynchpin is Bogut’s health, I think because we don’t have a good answer to the big man, PF depth. We’ll see.

    Financially, GSW will be strong too with the 2016 new ad revs, plus the SF arena development project. So watch for GSW to become better contenders. The Busses have a good pedigree and can build around Lin to head that off, and for me, it would be spectacular if GSW, LAL, SAS grow in the NBAs and fans’ esteem for the next decade. I like the way these teams play. I don’t like the way Lebron’s teams play, and of course HOU. I don’t like the big 3 theory because the game has 5 plus bench play is key to stay in contact with or even crush an opponent.

    If LAL and GSW continue to strengthen, I’ll have to make more money to bring kids to games 🙂

  24. Yes, follow Kobewan in bball and put his saved energies to saving LA 🙂

  25. btw, LA has so many good Chinese churches Lin would love. Back in the day, people would drive from Bay Area to visit LA Chinese churches … just sayin’

  26. Saw the 3s
    Kobe sharing
    the floaters
    offensive scheme
    Lin to the challenge

    Guess the only big thing missing from Lakers, is just that, a great “big”.

  27. LOL..

  28. Per HY C’s request, I added Biaiyan’s latest highlights to the Video Gallery on homepage
    Thanks, @HY C!

  29. Yes, plus more transition offense, more 3pt shooters (Swaggy+Ryan Kelly).
    And most importantly 3pt defense (esp. against GSW)

  30. How do the Lakers defend GSW 3 point shooting?

  31. It’s only by taking a moment to look back that it becomes clear what a dramatic and fluid time this is for Lin. I don’t know where things are going to end up, but I was struck to read these quotes from the SI article by Ben Golliver, published just 4 days ago:

    “[Being named starter] is more like a game-to-game thing than a permanent thing,” Lin told SI.com by telephone on Sunday, a few hours after learning the news from the media. “I know how fast things can change. … If [coming off the bench] is what the team needs, I’ve shown I’ll make sacrifices.”


    Lin believes his time with Harden has prepared him for life with Bryant. “I challenged myself to become a multidimensional player because James was ball-dominant,” Lin said. “I became a better spot shooter, a better cutter, and I got better at moving without the ball.”

    See : http://www.si.com/nba/2014/10/28/jeremy-lin-kobe-bryant-los-angeles-lakers

  32. The other impressive thing about Jeremy Lin’s play last night is that he was able to keep CP3 to 2/9 12 pts and NOT GET INTO FOUL TROUBLE. If he can play good defense and not get into foul trouble he’ll be able to keep playing more aggressively and be able to stay on the floor longer.

  33. Poorly

  34. The only way that they can defend the Warriors 3 point shots is to pay attention w/ their set picks since that’s the only way they create spaces and free up their shooters.Lin and Kobe are almost at the same height same as Thompson and Curry so there is shouldn’t be a problem in switching w/ their man.At the post the only problem would only Bogut since Lee was on injury list and I think Davis/Hill/Boozer can contain him.The only big disparity on this game would be the SF since Johnson can’t guard Iggy.

    While from the Warriors side they will be surprise w/ the offense of Lakers since they are not expecting where the offense would be coming from since they would only be focusing on Kobe at this game.The Lakers can pull out a win tonight as long as they will pay attention w/ their man and continue to build up what they’ve started last night at the offensive end.

    Let’s get the W tonite Lakers!

  35. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2252674-kobe-bryant-praises-jeremy-lin-warns-lakers-not-to-be-chumps-and-pushovers?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=programming-national

    I’m totally surprised w/ BR for their positive remarks for Jlin these days.I think they knew that Lin would put up big numbers and will play an important role as the second best player on this team.Keep it coming BR since this is Lin’s contract year.

  36. http://espn.go.com/blog/los-angeles/lakers/post/_/id/40265/lakers-empower-lin-and-he-responds

    Another good article for Jeremy.I’m not used to this kind of treatment for our man from the last 2 years that he stayed in Houston.Everytime a column would come out you need to battle it out in the comment sections.I’m so glad since those days are gone.

  37. Librafree‏@Librafree
    After Game vs Clippers, @JLin7 said: I’m Going To Do More When I Feel Empowered. 湖人快艇賽後, 林書豪受訪時說: 當我被授權自主, 我就可以做更多


  38. Good stuff…Thanks

  39. Eric PincusVerified account‏@EricPincus
    The Lakers have made Roscoe Smith, Keith Appling and Jabari Brown affiliate players with the D-Fenders – also back with team – Manny Harris


  40. Lin will be happy for them

  41. Hahaha!!

  42. I would love Roscoe to be on the 15th man roster since he seems to play well w/ Lin

  43. Approval by men. Empowered by divine.

  44. I like this site very much. What a pity that sometimes it has become a forum of religious gathering, praising God. If we could cut it down a bit, it would be perfectly tolerable. No pun intended.

  45. Not asking for much. Baby steps, LOL. So how do we stopped the splash brothers with these starters? Rotate the quicker 2nd team in sooner?

  46. @psalm234 please have a look @Joseph Fung post. Thanks!

    Please read the rules in the home page before making this kind of statement whether it’s intended or not.

  47. Notice how JLin is the last one the leave the court and stays to congratulate and hug the Clippers. Good sportsmanship.

  48. Thanks for posting that and to be clear me and @Joe Team were discussing lin’s faith and our own personal experiences which is very relevant to the namesake of this site

  49. Almost down voted you. great restraint 🙂

  50. Yes I don’t see there is an issue at all of your discussion with Joe and I haven’t seen any “religious gathering” like @Joseph Fung claimed here. It’s a fair go of discussion between two posters about their own experiences of Christianity. Many of us root JLin because of his faith. I’m tempted to ban @Joseph Fung but believe I should make the rule clear first. If he offends the second time, I won’t hesitate to do so. To me this is really out of line.

  51. Just my 5 cents opinion, I think you are overreacting. A gentle reminder first if this is the first infraction of the forum rules would suffice. There’s a fine line between over policing and complete lack of moderation(as in the other site).

  52. Joseph, while I understand some discussion on faith might cause uneasiness for those with different beliefs, let’s make a concerted effort to celebrate the differences positively.

    Let me reiterate our #1 vision in this site:

    About Us
    “Positively bringing together JLin fans”
    Build a community to enjoy interaction and positive discussion among Jeremy Lin fans.

    – See more at: http://www.jlinportal.com/g04-lalgsw-game-threadnew-chat/#sthash.HNx64QmV.dpuf

    Jeremy Lin’s background appeals to many people with different background (i.e. Chinese/Asians race, Asian-American background, Christians, underdogs, discriminated people, etc.). I would encourage everyone to be positive to celebrate the differences rather than focusing on the negatives. Otherwise, the discussion would quickly be filled with fights and disrespect. That’s what we try to avoid in this site. Let’s not just stop at tolerance but show appreciation of each others’ different background.

    I know many of big Lin fans here are not Christians (Brent Yen , webattorney , etc.) and we can respect one another. Christian faith is a large part of Jeremy Lin’s background and identity as evident in his current email subscription requesting for prayer support. So it can be part of the current discussion. I hope non-Christians can also support in their own ways with moral support or well wishes.

    I would be the first to reprimand people if any discussion turns to putting down other groups (Christians, non-Christians, Moslems, non-Chinese, etc.)

    Again, I would encourage everyone to focus on being positive to acknowledge and support other backgrounds. I would also encourage non-Christians to feel free to express the admiration of Jeremy Lin in positive ways. I hope you understand and continue to support our vision in this site.

    Note: If you have further questions, please feel free to PM me or email me so we can have good discussion. Thank you for your support!

  53. Don’t believe I’m overacting like u claim. That’s why I just remind him of the rules and request psalm to look at the post. Otherwise I would have ban him straightaway.

  54. Select what you want to read. If you disagree with others’ comments simply skip over. In other words “No Comments” .

    Lets not impose on others. Like JLF said observe the rules. Otherwise it will erupt and becomes ugly.

  55. Let’s be patient with one another. I created a post to implore many Lin fans to support the diversity rather than tearing one another down.

    Let us let love cover all offense 🙂

  56. Hear hear.

  57. yes, Lam. We are trying to be patient with any concern. I don’t think @joseph_fung:disqus is breaking any rules, it’s just a voice of concern that definitely need to be addressed well.

    Thank you for your input 🙂

  58. well, if you look north of your country, you my have read how ridiculous the situation has gotten. That is why, its my instinctive response as to be a bit more forgiving unless the posters keep repeating the offence.

  59. Agree.

  60. Agree but really dislike when I exercise my patience but then was accused of being overreacting. That is quite annoy!

  61. Sorry if I annoyed you. Not my intention. Just providing some input but may have to phrase it better in the future.

  62. This reminded me of Hubie Brown talking about how his teams defended Dirk Nowitzki:


  63. Hear Hear Hear

  64. Does this image look familiar?


    Jeanie Buss’s tweet with 17/24 jersey side by side. That makes you wonder.

  65. Thanks! We all need to exercise our “polite and respectful” here. Appreciate your reminder.

  66. Did Jeanie tweet it? Wow, when the owner shows approval of the next possible ‘Chosen Heir’, that’s huge support!

  67. 24/7

  68. Let’s hope they keep shooting those 5 pointers.

  69. I always believed the best way to beat Curry is to make him defend Lin. Lin should run Curry into picks as much as possible. Setting a tough, bruising pick is a special skill. Asik and Tyson Chandler were really good at that. For the Lakers… I am not so sure who can set great screens.

  70. What do u think about this interaction between JLin & BS?

  71. Maybe it’s “chosen backcourt” and not “chosen heir”? I dunno. But I definitely sense the front office’s support for Lin as a starter.

  72. Yes, before the game Lin started for Lakers in pre-season. Some said that Scott wanted to start Price but changed b/c the boss called.

  73. I can’t see enough of this pic. Let’s see what to do with this pic:-)

  74. I think this will become a symbolic image for the years to come.

  75. Yes no doubt about it. It’s all over in Taiwan newspaper.

  76. Not this pic. But another one.

  77. This marks a beginning. Very significant in every way.

  78. JLin fans love it so much!

  79. Boss called? Kobe or Jeanie? :>

  80. Yeah, Jeanie said in her welcoming JLin video they’ve been trying to get him for years… I think she’s telling the truth (either business or basketball reasons)

  81. MC said the same in JLin’s media conference. So, they really meant what they said. Sure glad to hear that. Now I’m more firm to believe that Lakers is JLin home. They won’t develop him if he isn’t. Good for JLin and his fans!

  82. sorry for the late notice, I just created the Voting booth in the post above.
    20 min before game time 🙂

  83. lol continue with my sentiment of JLin to get at least 16/7 each game. Of course the higher the better:-)

  84. sorry for the late notice, I just created the Voting booth in the post above.
    20 min

  85. If anyone is interested to watch the game but has no access to. Here is one:

  86. Jeremy, just keep shooting.

  87. That’s right keep shooting lin

  88. Its all good….happy to see LAL been more than fair thus far

  89. My biggest concern for this game is that it’s a back to back while GS had a day to rest. Hope this means the older guys aren’t too tired.

  90. hey bro, lighten up. If I can handle 6 hrs of getting my hands laid on in prayer to honor someone else in life, you can handle a little experience knowing how others experience religious stuff. For me, it’s not about telling anyone what or how to believe, but to make sense of how Lin takes his belief and moves mountains for himself. Then I can see if I can do it …

  91. thanks !!

  92. yeah, what we talked about was genuine, not heavy handed, and human/humane. Let’s keep going …

  93. Yeah…I hv changed my Avatar as well! 🙂 cant resist

  94. good rotations, but they can’t stop Curry or KT if they are hot, so they must stay calm and stay in contact or claw back with mid-Js to break GSW’s will to dominate if they are hot.

    So, it’s not any one thing but one of team spirit because you cannot stop a hot Splash bros.

  95. Man, you got there first I love it.

  96. Keys of The Game:
    1. 3PT Defense
    2. LIN Offense
    3. … (I forgot 🙂

  97. WOW! Thinking about changing mine to the back one but it sounds too crazy even to myself. Can’t make the move yet:-)

  98. Let see if Steve Kerr will underestimate Lin.

  99. lol thought u r much younger than me to forget this:-)

  100. Boozer started well with a beautiful rainbow midrange jumper

  101. 2-2 Lin outstretched hands caused Curry to miss

  102. Lin nice D, nice pass for 3.

  103. are we gong neck to neck 3s with GSW?

  104. 5-2 Lin’s 1st assist to wide-open Wes!

  105. That’s Barnes, KL lite.

  106. Lakers continued with great ball movement finding open shooters! Beautiful to watch!

  107. Is Lin competing with Ricky Rubio?!!! for assist?!! 🙂

  108. 11-6 Lin finding Hill to who drained long jumper .. again. 2nd assist

  109. and now its time take his shot

  110. Don’t worry Kobe will remind him…LOL

  111. Lin being smart and making the extra pass.

  112. Nice hustle. Lin looked like he got fouled

  113. LAL really keeping last night going, surprising GSW I feel.

  114. I really liked your posting before. I also understand religion helps a lot of people overcoming their hardships, physically and mentally. I also admired your courage and optimistic attitude toward life. But if any poster posted something you don’t like and you tend to “ban” that person from expressing his or her opinion right away, then your are abusing your “power” as a moderator. I don’t believe that you were excercising “patience” rather than expressing anger. I will not post again. Hope you’ll feel better.

  115. Lin holding Steph I like it.

  116. Lin needs to put some points on the board

  117. Stu saying that Hill block was similar to DJ, but other guy keeping it straight. DJ hit Lin much harder.

  118. yeah, he’s in his sensing mode. Figuring out how the game is going still. I don’t think he’s in a mode to start and take over yet, maybe will take 1-2 mos.

  119. I don’t see this site as like that.Feel free to leave anytime though if you don’t like it.No one will stop you.

  120. ok:)

  121. And did DJ even touch the ball? When I saw the replays, I didn’t see him touch the ball but I could be wrong.

  122. as i said earlier…he needs to…everyone has 3-4 shots

  123. Agree. It is time to get some points.

  124. He should have at least 10 FGA. Hopefully.

  125. notice he already delivered great D on Steph and then gave it to the right corner for an assisted 3? That’s where he’s working the game now, on D and assists.

  126. There you go, he took one!

  127. Hey IJ … what do you think of Arnel Pineda’s story? Lead singer for Journey. I just learned about it, and it seems Lin-like.

  128. Price and Davis in. Lin and Boozer out.

  129. Price can’t keep up with Curry…

  130. Good steal from Price.

  131. Wow seems like no one is missing and they’re just trading buckets.

  132. Does anyone have any problems loading the Game Thread?

  133. On Disqus? Loading fine here.

  134. no problem tonight, and is chat off?

  135. I did before the game, but not right now.

  136. So quiet here

  137. Lin not scoring yet 🙂

  138. GSW is always a concern because they can come back into the game so quickly with a couple threes. lakers can never let up.

  139. Can somebody please do the comments on what’s happening in the game?

  140. He was sit for a mistake I guess

  141. you are not watching?

  142. No, I get to nervous.LOL

  143. ok, thanks.. just wondering if the Bottom Chat is causing issues.
    I’m having Chrome browser problem for a moment

  144. LOL

  145. Hey Joe!Saw him perform live in his local band (not yet Journey front man).Guy has AMAZING voice.Yes his story has similarities with J’s.

  146. there’s new chat on the bottom right corner.
    You need to click on ‘Public Chat’

  147. LAL got 35……wow! just wow!

  148. just turned in… hows lin doing so far?

  149. 62.5% shooting

  150. Ed Davis is so good

  151. Na, rest for closing.

  152. Pre-game comments from Worthy and Horry… Davis maybe should get more minutes.

  153. They are playing as a team with confidence!

  154. I think Hills and Booze got words from Scoot, that if you don’t perform O&D, some one can will start.

  155. Warriors starters in?

  156. Not good or bad, I just thought Lin would shoot more……

  157. Yes, more flow and more ball movement, empowered by kobe.

  158. Lin and Kobe are discussing again 🙂

  159. 3 more quarters. Let’s go Lin!

  160. he should have 12-15 FGA…LAL is expecting him as the second option in terms of board

  161. Didn’t have much chance from what I saw. He did have 1 or 2 overlook though.

  162. LAL’s bigs are waking up

  163. Nice hustling!!

  164. I wish I could watch, but I’m ah dinner with the gf’s mom and grandma. In fact, I should het off the phone before someone notices

  165. Maybe they thought going to bed would help…I have heard that theory before.

  166. Price is playing with more energy! Let see how Lin respond after he comes in

  167. Good to have Ellington back.

  168. The bench plays with fire and moves the ball well.

  169. good to see, keeping the offensive rebound

  170. This isn’t Houston ;p

  171. yeah…he needs to as a second option on the team; other than shooting, so far, good game for him

  172. Bench really playing well. We needed more from them yesterday.

  173. Too bad Davis missed both FTs

  174. The bench defense is better than the starter.

  175. wow…that was a good chase!

  176. OMG LAL’s defense is airtight

  177. Maybe they are playing against bench. But still.

  178. Faster more exciting play too.

  179. Yep they have done very well. I like it.

  180. Bench doing great defensively. Running and hustling.

  181. Hope Lakers will win this tonight.

  182. He will if needed. Now the team is shooting well across the board. Everyone contributes.

  183. What’s funny is in the first quarter they were trading buckets. Now they are trading missed buckets!

  184. Same, but I want to be selfish and hope they win with Lin scoring at least 10+.

  185. BS talking about when to switch in zone dependent on line-up

  186. Kobe and Boozer in.

  187. That would be a big boost for them going forward

  188. Curry just ran by and away from Price

  189. JLin continues to sit.

  190. Again, Curry getting away from Price

  191. And things start to swing in GS favor…

  192. didnt see Q1, did he score?

  193. Why JLin still sits on the bench?

  194. Lin not in yet.
    He needs to be aggressive to attack Curry otherwise he doesn’t “look” like he’s running the offense in Byron’s eyes

  195. Price has been good but Lin defends Curry better IMO.

  196. He didn’t really get a chance but he did have 3 good assists. Hope to see more of him soon.

  197. Yeah Lin back in

  198. I think Lin gets subbed in at a set time? Like around the 6 min mark?

    Edit: Nevermind, he’s back in.

  199. Anyone know how many points Curry got on Lin?

  200. Q2 6:48 Lin and Hill in

  201. Zoo … very touching story. You were there before the big break. I hope he’s a family man like he says. Seems classy how he would give the band lead back to Perry if he wanted it.

  202. Great block by Hill!

  203. not looking “aggressive” enough

  204. Only 3 but that was with Lin being screened off with no help defense coming to his aid.

  205. yes.

  206. Lin should attack the rim and rack up some fouls on Bogut.

  207. Boozer and Kobe came in and the 10 point lead disappeared so quickly. Lin needs to score.

  208. 14-0 run by GSW

  209. There was contact by Curry on the Lin 3 but no foul call says Stu

  210. Ouch. GSW is scary like that.

  211. GSW had outscored by 10 points for the Q

  212. Lin please be more aggressive and get some points.

  213. yeah, that’s the superstar call.
    Another reason stars get more calls since refs tend to think they would’ve made it

  214. It is well too long. He took out with almost 7min to go in 1st and didn’t go in until almost 7 mark. Almost 11 minutes playing time.

  215. he needs to remember, when he is given the green light to shoot; in the eyes if NBA if one doesnt shoot, he is not being aggressive

  216. hes a lil cool tonite… gogo lin~~~

  217. I hope Lin would be more aggressive to establish his scoring by attacking the rim.
    Is Lin tired?

  218. Curry hacks Lin, no call. Lin breathes on Curry, a foul. Sigh…

  219. thats , called aggressive, and you get the calls

  220. Kobe’s shots have been short. Tired?

  221. have to live with that….until Lin gets his status

  222. Lin has a tendency of covering the paint, looking over where the ball is going. And sometimes in doing so, he lost his man.

  223. probably more tired than Lin.
    The difference is Kobe keeps shooting 🙂

  224. Yeah, I’m surprised by how passive Lin is right now. Either he’s tired or just not feeling it yet.

  225. kobe has to take his time

  226. they are at 55%!!! not good? LAL is 20%

  227. Maybe. Lin’s shots have been a bit short too.

  228. mamba mentality.. fearless..

  229. nice, tire curry down, make him defend

  230. he was forced to take tat shot, and I like it, even though he didnt sore…but he got the ast!
    Thats aggressive…he needs to keep that going!

  231. Kobe expression on being called on travel: “Who me? I’ve never traveled since 1999” haha

  232. WES loves to be trapped in the corner…..m…

  233. If that’s the case maybe they should just let the bench play a bit more. Of course the bench was playing against the bench so not sure how they would do against GS starters.

  234. very rushed. The passes were not pinpoint. Maybe tired legs

  235. Livingston is why GSW weren’t around for Lin when HOU blinked.

  236. Hill with 3 fouls

  237. And a rebound!

  238. Davis in, Hill out

  239. Jeremy needs to attack the crap outta the basket!
    I need him to get some points 😛

  240. YEAH!!! seriously….no kiddin, that is called aggressive and Lin needs to understand it, and its not just creating shots for his teammates

  241. where’s that high pnr

  242. Ouch. I think Kobe really is tired. Maybe he should sit for awhile.

  243. seems sloppy

  244. Great!.. That’s the 1st time Lin attacked the basket tonight.
    2 FTs coming

  245. 6pts vs 33pts – Lakers starting guards vs. GSW guards

  246. and the short shots

  247. Nice! Eurostep! Thanks Harden!

  248. When Lin attacks, good things happen! Curry 2nd foul?

  249. So what. It is team vs team.

  250. darn only asserted himself under 2 minutes to go

  251. lin to the rescue

  252. Lin can do this all day! :]

  253. Lin – 4-4FT made; 4 pts, 4 assists

  254. Only when Kobe is tired:-)

  255. Lin likes balance :]
    I want to see 12-12-12

  256. WOW KOBE!

    (And 1!)

  257. circus Kobe!

  258. the thing is tho, kobe was tired almost whole of second quarter

  259. That’s one RIDICULOUS circus shot by Kobe!
    Aggressiveness, baby!

  260. was it reverse layup?

  261. maybe double-reverse layup LOL

  262. superstar shot

  263. good going there by Kobe

  264. Kobe is 3/10; yikes

  265. LOL…. Lin got fouled with 0.6 second

  266. tsk tsk superstar call lol

  267. Ellington tripped on Lin and they both went down

  268. yeah that was funny…2 down on floor

  269. about time

  270. I know but he kept on going until ran out of gas:-)

  271. I like that swish from the FT line.. 6 Swishes! :]
    That Biaiyan highlight would be funny to watch

  272. but seriously, that was a foul in the open court, dumb move by warriors

  273. that I could take! 🙂 anyday

  274. This is the 1st time I see something like that

  275. LOL no field goals but 6 FTs is what the commenters said.

  276. flopping? :]

  277. Ok, I have to Lin fan this:

    1. Hill fouls when Lin had an open lane … 2 pts
    2. Lin drives into corner drawing 2 men in, kicked back to Kobe, Kobe has an open lane for his circus shot.
    3. Lin gets Iggy to foul. Before that 2 FTs.

    He’s making a difference now that he’s getting aggressive.

    Let’s hope he continues this in 2nd half. He makes a difference until the bigs wake up. Not going as well as last night, team wise.

  278. Lin can do this all day long since he’s too quick for everyone (even with tired legs)
    Quite amazing really!

  279. Let,s get 18 pts all on FTs today!

  280. That means they are really sharpshooting on Lin to prevent him a legit way to the hoop.

  281. Helps very much with his efficiency rating.

  282. Did wonder what happened there. Just saw 2 went down and then couldn’t find JLin.

  283. because he’s dangerous …!

  284. Kobe has 5 TO. 3/10. I think the tired legs effect kicks in. Scott need to sit him more till 4Q.

  285. No, It’s 14pts vs 33pts.

  286. That will be Linteresting!

  287. Beat me to it.

  288. 6 pts. 4 asst., 1 reb, 1 steal

  289. Kobe on 2nd B2B in 5 days. Scott should put him on a tighter minute restriction.

  290. You and I can discuss agnostic views then. 🙂 I think since Lin is a Christian, he does have a lot of Christian fans, which is good. I do wonder like you that even if God exists whether he will be involved in who wins a BB game, that kind of things. It does seem minor in the scheme of things.

  291. remember the 2 man flop last season?

  292. I rather for that 6 to be 16 pts..LOL

  293. The refs are thinking, GSW just fouled him twice to get 4FTs so they must give 2 more FTs…

    Funny how a series of events just did the trick

  294. Lin got to step it up and take over. Kobe is out of gas.

  295. I might need to re study what is a move screen. Almost everyone Bought set, I felt it was illegal.

  296. I feel Lin is, too.

  297. He always sets illegal screens.

  298. Lakers have 10 TOs, with Kobe having 5. Scott really should restrict minutes or at least have Lin handle the bar much more on the second of a B2B

  299. Exactly, just watch how Asik set it. Day and night different.

  300. that 19 point swing really hurts. lin asserts himself to take the momentum back. nice job

  301. Lakers only down 6 at halftime (55-61)

    If Lin stays aggressive to be PG and attack the rim plus Kobe doesn’t try to playmake when tired, Lakers has a good chance to steal a win

  302. who are u referring?

  303. Do they look at the feet first? Some screens setters bump you with a lot of force from the hip but they do it with such a small movement that they get away with it.

  304. Asik is just a brick wall.

  305. Lin just needs to help Kobe by handling the ball. Lakers get good results.
    Kobe has no consciousness. He’s gonna shoot everytime Lin gives him the ball

  306. Sometimes the best defense is attack, attack and attack. Lin shows some in late 2Q.

  307. Scott needs to pull the plug on kobe. Lin needs to comeback out and get the team back into the game.

  308. setting picks. Asik is like a wall, Bogut is like a moving road block in Mario Brothers.

  309. Haha. Must have eaten a mushroom..

  310. Joyce, watch the game! It’s fun! Get your blood up to the head. Need a strong heart to watch though:-)

  311. true, this back-to-back is not gonna help Kobe’s health

  312. yes, GSW bench is worse than Lakers that time

  313. Most of their screens are moving pick,they should be calling it

  314. Lakers never started their season 0-4? Since what year? That’s pretty amazing.

  315. So you guys agree with me too?

  316. 1953 I think

  317. Bogut

  318. Believe it was in 1950’s.

  319. Yep especially Bogut and those screens under the rim

  320. consolation – he did get called once.

  321. Lin might want to spend some of his own money on taking acting classes, so he can better sell getting fouled to refs. He’s in Hollywood, so that should be easy: facial expression, body language, etc.

  322. But they said when they went 0-3, they nevertheless made the playoffs

  323. dont break the record, plz…

  324. THis definately helps

  325. made a big difference finally. Most of first half, he was focusing on Curry channeling his Rox role.

  326. Should carry some fake blood to put below his nose when refs are not watching.

  327. go watch out for the screens all of them are moving pick

  328. Kobe sit down

  329. He did the penance by being Harden’s understudy for 2 years in Houston :]

  330. I am liking Hill … is that bad bro?

  331. Like Bscott said the other…for now they are playing like they are afraid to lose, rather than playing to win

  332. Not sure, why would your say that? they are not leading at all

  333. I apologized Kobe.lol

  334. kobe

  335. He did…on the floor for a few seconds.

  336. Except fr the last two run…the paly previously, was like they are rushing to shoot or going to the paint

  337. Lin’s shoes

  338. Jeremy seems to slip a lot. Maybe Adidas not such a great shoe

  339. Adidas. SMH

  340. M……that is weird

  341. He slipped yesterday too

  342. slipped again.. whats wrong w/the sneakers? 🙁

  343. if you notice…when Jeremy dribbles he likes to slide and glide…sometimes, he over do it 🙂

  344. But Nike can handle it….LOL

  345. No traction

  346. Need a fire hydrant asap for Jeremy to mark his territory.
    Seriously, I want him to hit a couple of shots so I wont have to hear/read the word ‘passive’ again.
    He needs to do like Kobe and end up 0-30 if need be.

  347. LOL 0-30

  348. Hope he takes a couple more threes. They have only taken 7, and he took 1.

  349. do the Kobe!

  350. this offense is working v hard to get the ball to Kobe. What’s going to happen in fourth quarter with all that I dunno …

  351. gotta admit. when kobe takes over the game and shoot the lights out. it is beautiful.

  352. Great ball movement by the Lakers.

  353. Man, Curry and Klay are good.

  354. I hope Lin will get his 2nd wind in the 4th quarter.

  355. Yes they are. 3rd year like this I think.

  356. What is up with lin?

  357. i am surprise that kob eis not resting for the 4th

  358. unstoppable back court..

  359. Seems to be going back to passive mode. I thought he had a breakthrough last time and would continue it. SMH

  360. Kobe will start missing and GSW will increase the lead.
    Lin needs to take charge to run offense in the 4th but idk if he has enough left in the tank?

  361. he’s not passive at all. They just have the ball called for Kobe every f’in play and before that, he missed from the field so he’s not shooting through it because they were down by a lot.

  362. sigh.. hes maybe tired as well.. n the slippery shoes.. 🙁

  363. the dreaded c word. Consistency.

  364. It’s basically Kobe vs. GSW. And GSW is going to win.

  365. I am surprised Kobe can still get that kind of elevation on a shot.

  366. I’m not a Christian, but I appreciate the fact that LIN is a devot Christian himself and thus attracts a lot of other devot Christians. This site was created by some like minded people so I am fine with their interest in sharing their beliefs on this site. It is also why this iste is so well monitored for negative influences of trolls and haters. If you are embarassed by the association with a Christian site then it’s more a reflection on your own insecurity. I actually admire people of good faith, the ones with pure hearts who walk the walk like LIN are truly inspirational. It’s a pity that you don’t appreciate how important it is to be tolerant of different faith and personal beliefs.

  367. not sure.. my guess is fatigue because he didn’t look to run the offense enough or take it to the rim like last night.

  368. no, they are facing the Splash bros and even Iggy is a force tonight (not just D). So, with lin tough covered, Bogut moving screens, etc. he’s tired. He missed a few from the field, so he can’t afford to shoot through it because they rely on him to QB the ball right. They’ve been calling it for Kobe and Kobe has had a few clutch shots but v inefficient. Kobe can be inefficient if they stay close.

    Let’s see what happens in 4th. Lin is not passive or inconsistent – the are under pressure from a v good team.

    Hill is doing great.

  369. Hang in there fans … Lin will be back and the game is close.

  370. Over one Q…of course, but….

  371. Hope he does more than just pass it to Kobe when he comes back in.

  372. i wander if that is by design

  373. thanks. as usual unable to watch the game. depend on you guys.

  374. he can’t do much more if that’s the call. Kobe will take a break from his one man game, he’s already tired. Yesterday he was not good in final minutes.

  375. I have hope for Mr. 4th Quarter to do what he needs to do .. fatigue or not
    Even if 0-30, let’s do it, Jeremy!

  376. I think chasing Curry off all those moving brush screens all over the court after a B2B is tough.

  377. Lin-Price backcourt to start the 4th.
    Plus Davis, Clarkson, Ellington

    Come on, Lin! You can do it!

  378. What’s wrong with Jeremy? Tired from defending?

  379. Not sure, something looked really off with him tonight.

  380. you can’t watch the game bcoz of no access to the live telecast or you are at home to watch?

  381. I don’t know he has a tough assignment on D and not much room to move.

  382. gotta keep consistency.. its been what he n fans hope 4…

  383. Ok, Kobe chucks, Hill is there to o-rev. Lin stands behind kobe. Great offense.

  384. In all honesty, we all know Jeremy always struggles on back2back, which sucks.
    After a great game yesterday now we gotta hear those dreaded words again: ‘inconsistent’, ‘passive’ etc ugh.

  385. so stop typing it. I see a disorganized team with inconsistent team play playing against a very well honed team with 2 deadly 3 pt shooters. Look at this – Iggy hits a nice shot. He’s so much a D man.

  386. let’s hope for the best.
    4 games in 5 nights definitely is not easy

  387. lin! nice pass

  388. Great assist by in to find Hill for easy dunk

  389. Here we go!

  390. Stat update?

  391. r there any teams playing like this? 4 gms in 5 nites

  392. Game done.

  393. Sigh Boozer…

  394. What was Boozer doing? Hold the ball for too long. Move the ball Lakers!!!

  395. example of unorganized LAL play … wide open corner 3, inside man holds it and then finally passes out, to a trap. Curry scores a 3 the other end. Difference? 6 maybe? Crazy math I know, but that’s why Lin is not making you guys happy – this team is not playing well against a v good team.

  396. Boozer basically just set a trap for Price….poor price…LOL

  397. It was supposed to be a fast break…

  398. Yes,t hat was it.

  399. Boozer rather pass the ball to Price than Lin. Lin was calling for the ball.

  400. Price was right there in front of him, wide open 3….

  401. Well, things don’t look good. Lakers are dragging their feet.
    They might not have much in the tank.

    As I said before, this is a schedule loss, 4th game in 5 nights.
    Let’s hope Lin gets the Laker going with 5 min left even if it’s a loss.

  402. And wide open for a while.

  403. Yeah he waited too long. I guess he wants to get some shots off to pad his stats.

  404. not so far. Whoever scheduled it doesn’t like Lakers very much

  405. Not a single field goal tonight. Sad.

  406. What is up with Kobe’s FTs.

  407. Still time to make one

  408. This happened too often to my liking in this game. Ball from JL and never got it back. Formula for losing!

  409. Tired. Usually when good free throw shooters miss it’s because they’re tired.

  410. Lakers only play team ball for first quarter. The rest so far, all ISO. The whole Lakers team is like support cast of Kobe.

    Even Kobe can shoot the light out, it ices out the teammate. Just too bad. Personally I think Scott designated this schedule loss as Kobe’s shoot out game.

  411. Like Howard.

  412. Yeah, this team still has a long way to go.

  413. No, he’s missed several yesterday.

  414. He must be tired, can’t get it over the rim.

  415. Ok, can tell that Lin is tired, especially when he missed that drive. 4 games in 5 days. Just going to chalk this one up and stay hopeful for next week!

  416. everyone else is tired. No one is making excuses for the other players.

  417. I think so. That layup was short.
    That’s a sign of fatigue

  418. Price is 0/4 with 0pts (thankfully?)

  419. Not making an excuse for anyone. They do all look tired.

  420. wow, Lin.

  421. Boozer looks fresh.

  422. Tired Lin just can’t catch up with Curry.

  423. Hah! The bench actually looked fresh. Should have played them more.

  424. Just can’t buy one

  425. can’t buy a bucket.

  426. take lin out of the game.

  427. 4gms in 5 nites really hurts…esp. b2b.. 🙁

  428. Wow, so bad.

  429. DONE

  430. Alright, Jeremy said he’s 26 and he can play 48mins…

  431. ok, that’s it. It not a Lin night. Kobe taking over in the 3rd quarter is very bad for team play, his inefficiency really hurts because nobody else can get their game going. Only guy who played decent is Hill. I could be wrong, you folks call it.

  432. And pretty much against 4 Western probable playoff teams. Refs, NBA schedulers all working against the Lakers.

  433. yeah, too bad. short and long
    just didn’t have it tonight, I guess

  434. Killer schedule for playing with all the “playoff teams” in 4 out of 5 teams.

  435. some nights it will be other people who step up. Lin is with new team, new offense and still trying to figure it out with kobe.

  436. Kobe and Hill kept them in the game. Lin had many opportunities to playmake/score. Really disappointed in his performance.

  437. You pretty much sum it up.

  438. well, folks.. this is not for the faint of heart.
    At least Lin didn’t give up fighting and kept shooting

  439. Good thing is even after a B2B they still hung with the Warriors unlike game 1 and 2.

  440. Lin is hurt.

  441. oh no, Lin got the worst of that collision with Curry.

  442. Gotta shoot at least 12+.

  443. yes, 0-6 or 7. But I see see that big block of time in 3rd quarter where just about every play went to Kobe was a team killer. I just don’t get it.

  444. but isnt that where Kobe wants Jeremy to take the reins and wave him off?
    If the ball keeps going to Kobe, he’s gonna take the shot, but he’s given Jeremy the green light to prevent that.

  445. Not going to get too down just because of this game. We’ve already seen what’s possible. Just need more time to gel. I’m in this for the long haul!

    (But I will turn the game off now because it’s slightly painful, heh.)

  446. Not anymore

  447. Need to replace Boozer with Davis in the starting line-up.

  448. Well yeah the game was over a few minutes ago though.

  449. Yep! Hope JLin is ok.

  450. At least they waited until the 3rd qtr.

  451. his teammates are making shots so that wouldn’t be wise IMO

  452. And they don’t have David Lee. Sad.

  453. You could be right, but someone is deciding to go through Kobe.

    Here’s the rub … last 2 years, we saw Lin passing to Harden and camping in the corner. This year, we see Lin passing to Kobe and camping back and opposite to Kobe. Kobe has a different ISO, but it’s the same to me. Team killa … Hope Scott is a better coach than McHale. There is tape and there are adjustments ….

  454. just didn’t have it esp. in the 4th

  455. forehead better than temple, my friend.

  456. scott’s rotation.. dont get it, why..

  457. Kobe and Lin are not sitting next to each other. Not suggesting anything by it. Just stating a fact.

  458. On this team, yes.

  459. Bay Area has such good sports teams. Giants, 49ers, Warriors.

  460. Kobe did give him a little pat before Lin sat down..

  461. LOL, yes. Lin should have shot through his slump first half I agree.

  462. that’s good. I stopped watching a bit. too painful

  463. Hill has been making his midrange Js the past 2 games in high clip and tried hard on D (nice blocks). So it would be hard decision to sub him with Davis

  464. OK, I am a die hard Lin fan and sometimes he brings it and sometimes he doesn’t, but if you want to be a starter in this league, he has to find a way to bring it every night. I am glad he is on the Lakers because this where the men are separated from the boys. Lin time in Houston was because they didn’t care about him, and they left to fend for himself. Kobe is not like that, he is a hard taskmaker and lin will have to step up to the plate and being tired is not going to cut it as an excuse. I am afraid Lin is in for a very rude awakening.

  465. Just check, this is the 2nd of Golden States while this is the 4th game of Lakers. With so many injuries in preseason and then played 4th game in 5 days, the result is still pretty good esp they just began to make some gel since Game 3. Not going to feel down because of this. They have done very well considering. If in preseason, they may lost more than 30 pts.

  466. Judging from his body language on the bench now, he knows.

  467. Well said. This is the first time that Lin will really have the chance and have a mentor. He’s proven to be a quick study and it will just take time. They have to string the first quarter into 4 quarters

  468. Yeah, I’m also a bit disappointment to see this version of Lin. He was so different than last game. Still, I’m going to move on from this and look forward to next week. Hopefully with each loss it will be a learning experience and they can all start winning.

  469. Lin has been historically not performing well in B2B.
    Kobe on the other hand has been nothing short than amazing with the conditioning.
    Unfortunately, that’s the current situation.

    But yes, Lin would do well learning Kobe’s secrets of superb conditioning

  470. If Lin continues this jekyl and hyde act, Kobe isn’t going to put up with it.

  471. Oh i am sure Kobe has told him off already. Kobe is not the one for excuses. Lin being tired is not going to cut it.

  472. Agree 100%, even though I am a “doubtful” fan of his BB game. Strangely, I am not even disappointed that much — maybe I sort of expected this inconsistency.

  473. I know many are disappointed with Lin’s performance after last night’s high.
    But it is what it is. Hope he will learn from Kobe on how to stay fresh in the 4th game of 5 nights.
    I have to admit Kobe is truly amazing.

    Lin just has to seek deep to bring his best next game (Phx in 3 days)

  474. I’m just wondering, where is Lin/Davis PnR? Rarely seen. Wanted that chemistry to build.

  475. I think he tried his best. The body just couldn’t let him. 4 games in 5 days as PG, handling most of the balls.

    Yes, excuse. But you can’t deny this is a factor. If you ran a marathon. Then next day you play a NBA basketball, anyone could be weary.

  476. Am I correct when I say it’s not about his stats, but that he didn’t play with that aggressive edge like yesterday?

  477. Yes, if B2B games is Lin’s weakness, he can learn a lot from Kobe.

  478. this season will show who he truly is as a player

  479. JoeTeam, if Lin continues to play this way on the lakers then he deserves most of the blame. Scott/Kobe have been very generous to Lin. This is a make or break year for Lin. This is the BEST situation for Lin and he’s not taking advantage of it or doesn’t know how to take advantage of it.

  480. Could not agree more Joyce.
    The tired angle doesnt work as Jeremy wasnt the only one to play last night. Sadly, b2b’s have always been his kryptonite.
    His shot not being there from fatigue is fine, but it shouldnt stop him from orchestrating things or putting pressure on the D.
    Unlike in HOU, this team’s star has openly given him the green light to run the offense. Some will say Kobe’s ISOs are to blame but that’s exactly what Kobe wants Jeremy to prevent. Kobe will shoot if he gets the ball everytime, if he’s ISOing too much then its up to Jeremy, the PG, to runs plays for others.

  481. What I can gather so far is this: Lin has to hit outside shots for him to be effective because for various reasons, he is going to have a lot tougher time scoring at the rim this season. If he keeps on trying to score at the rim all the time, he is in for a rude awakening.

  482. Hang in there fans, now we hear what they say in the locker room and also, PFV. Lin will learn from this.

    But I’d like to still say, let’s not underestimate GSW. GSW are the strongest it’s ever been, and KT had a monster night. Chasing Curry around is pretty hard work, because he can drop 12 on you in 2 minutes.

    It’s not like Lin had an off night against the Knicks (Lebron, 1 pt in first half right? LOL).

  483. its gone since the preseason gms.. 🙁

  484. Yeah, I agree, but what about the other starters in the league. He can’t use that tired excuse. Lin knows that he everything he does is being highlighted even more. So saying you want to be a starter in this league, means much more than he think it does..

  485. Next up is Phoenix again so not gong to get easier.

  486. It’s a make or break year for him. This is the best situation he could ask for. This team is begging him to step up. I don’t know what it’s going to take for him to play with confidence. I am perplexed.

  487. Yes, you got the point. He needs to step up.

  488. That is why he has to adopt that mentality to shoot. Shoot out of the slump.

  489. Old man plays with more energy than a 25 year old kid. I give Kobe a lot of respect, even though he gets tired during 4th quarter. He competes every game.

  490. dont hv 2 much bball knowledge.. got it.. thx 4 the explanation.. 🙂

  491. Your point is well taken. There are objective lines drawn by guys like Kobe. Lin is going to have to figure out how to make his mark next to Kobe so they win together yes.

  492. Agree with you 100% again. I wanted and want him to shoot at least 12 shots per game. Man, Klay and Curry shoot so effortlessly. To me, basic skills are: dribbling and shooting. Going to the rim is an extra talent after you have the basics down.

  493. Kobe is going to be hard on him and challenge him and call a spade a spade.

  494. when his shot isn’t falling, he becomes passive, and plays like he’s afraid to make a mistake…which makes him play worse.

  495. BS: GSW took it up a notch but Lakers cant right now. Could have been better. Bigs have to do a better job against Curry and Thompson.

  496. Scott is saying bigs needs to be better to guard splash bros

  497. thanks for the update.

  498. Two days off before next game. Wonder if they will change the starters like put Davis in?

  499. Anyone can miss 5 shots in a row. But great players keep on shooting because they can also make 5 shots in a row.

  500. yeah, I’d love to see more of that.
    Ever since Lin plays with the starters, we haven’t seen it.

  501. Given how Hill had played….probably not

  502. Suns got blown out by the Jazz today.
    Either the Jazz are really good this year (please dont let this be the case XD) or the Suns are not as good as we fear.
    Yeah they kicked the Lakers’ butt in preseason but the Lakers have improved and built some chemistry since then.

  503. 1957 was last time they went 0-4.

  504. Do you think he’s always going to be inconsistent?

  505. BS: Hill right now is the second best player. Asking more from Hill and Boozer defensively

  506. Davis in for Boozer

  507. Golden State shot almost 50% from 3 point range (11 for 23). This is a big problem. I wonder if the lack of a true shot blocker is causing the perimeter defence to shrink in to help pack the paint. They seem to be doing a good job protecting the paint but are getting killed by teams that shoot the 3 well, e.g. Houston, Golden State and Phoenix.

  508. You have to understand that kobe has been doing this for 19 years, and this is really not about the physical abilities of his game, Kobe plays a very skilled mental game. That is where I want Jeremy to get to.

  509. Did anyone see that JLin didn’t get the ball back once he passed? Did anyone see when Kobe bring the ball up and JLin didn’t get to touch the ball much? or Am I under delusion not to see this happened over and over again??? When JLin got the ball, he was guided heavily by Curry and he tried to drive in, few players were there to wait for him? He didn’t have his first quick step tonight. Maybe it was because Curry knows his game well or caused by heavy legs. Yep disappointed that he didn’t do more but if there was no ball in his hand, what did u expect him to do??? I don’t have the answer. Maybe u can. This is just some of my observations with the time I spent to watch the game. Admittedly I didn’t watch the whole games and most of the part when JLin was in.

  510. Scott thought LAL ran out of gas, which isn’t surprising, but said the bigs have to do a better job getting out to help the guards.— Mike Trudell (@LakersReporter) November 2, 2014

  511. My theory is what Kobe did in the 3Q killed the whole team.

  512. You and me both, buy me a beer?

  513. To be honest and sincere, yes. That is because IMO he is not a good shooter. As a tennis player, some players just have a great serve, i.e., Serena. But some players, no matter how hard they try, have very inconsistent serve, i.e. Maria Sharapova and Anna Invanovic.

  514. LOL I still got a lot in the pantry! come get it..

  515. I think this is where BS was saying it was a Catch 22 when Kobe gets into that mode, because opposition loads up on him, but that guys have to be ready.

  516. No lin’s problem is that he goes into that sulking mode. He is not being passive,, he is sulking because it didn’t go his way. That is what he needs to snap out of. I hope kobe calls him out on that.

  517. here, I’ll go get one if you do. boo hoo, not happy with how it went tonight. But I have to remember, I love GSW and they are v good this year. Just wanted Lin to keep it up to help this team ramp their game toward contending.

  518. Lakers missing alot. Bigs is the main. Lin is having terrible night. I’ll support him, but his future again is in his own hands. Just an observation and theory, he looks bulked up a bit since summer. Not sure if it cost some of his agility.

  519. I saw in numerous occasions Lin was directing traffic (or was he waving his arm for some other reasons??) but then just passed the ball to Kobe which ended up being Kobe iso. Don’t know what that was about.

  520. I think Kobe knew lin wqs not on his game tonight and he was not going to trust him with the ball. Lin has to learn that he has earn trust, because as the offensive leader of the team, he didn’t do his job.

  521. Can’t haha……we save it for the good games!

  522. I don’t think in hindsight we should kick Lin’s butt quite yet. It is telling his first half was 6 FTs. They really had him in a box, and yep, he started off cold. Cold is cold as everyone including Lebron has. But that 6 FT is telling on how ready GSW were for Lin.

  523. That is what I observed. 1 half of the game was fun to watch. Beginning of second quarter, JLin didn’t have much chance to touch the ball at all. Don’t even mention about shooting like posters here suggested. Maybe u can shoot the invisible ball but I don’t think JLin can. I

  524. good idea …

  525. Worthy: Sometimes when Kobe is hot, you go to him but have to use him as a decoy.

  526. Well since most ppl are talking about Lin having a bad game. So I just did not point this out

  527. same feeling. lin was too tired. kobe thought he needed to take over as he doesnt really trust anyone else but lin

  528. My family have a saying, only drinks to good things.

  529. He’ll bounce back next game. That’s just who Lin is.

  530. he’ll bounce back. That’s just who Lin is.

  531. The first two was the 2nd and 3rd time JLin played with starters. Couldn’t expect much. That was the disaster plan of BS. I put that on coaches. They messed up badly.

  532. Haha. You attended a pivotal game. One thing I will say is that the Lakers store in Staples Center is horrible. For kids/boys, they only had Kobe jerseys and one t-shirt. I highly suggest everyone order something online, and not wait to buy at the store because it seems poorly stocked.

    Yes, we were standing up at times, high-fiving, and fist pumping.I must still have a high from yesterday and then to see them start the game off so well and continue what they were doing yesterday, but they ran out of gas.

  533. ah, same with Lin before at 38

  534. What are you talking about? I am not going to bad mouthed him the way you do on the other site. Unlike you, I am actually a lin fan, not a lin critic. I will stick to what I said about the Lakers wanting to keep him. It is up to lIn to keep the starting job, and staying in LA. This season is is going to be a very rude awakening for lin. He might up his physical game, but now it will be his mental game that will be tested this season.

  535. One thing that is refreshing is that there isn’t this weird media agenda against Lin and he didn’t become a scapegoat. I prefer this silence as opposed to unwarranted blame.

  536. I guess I will weight in a bit LOL. Tired legs can not be an excuse indeed. Lin just could not get going but the team was winning. LAL loses when the ball does not move. Lin jacking up shots are not going to make the ball moves better. It will just turn the team with one black hole into a team with two black holes. Lin played terrible does not equal to him played passive. Maybe not completely aggressive like some other better games he played, but he gave it all.

    If Kobe is going to play this mentoring thing going forward. He better be playing on both ends of the floor. Lin defened very hard. I could not say the same about Kobe. Not after the 3rd Q, the whole teamball thing just went down the drain. Carrying the team? give me a break. What team? just 5 ppl.

    Everyone is going to have bad games, some will have games way worse than this one, Lin included. As a PG, if Lin wants to shoot out of a slump, he probably will shoot the team out of the TOP15 in the west conf. as well.

  537. LOL

  538. Just as a reminder: don’t forget daylight savings time ends in the US

  539. Did Scott say anything about Lin’s play?

  540. I agree with what PFV said in the short video.

    GSW is 5-7th best team in the NBA but Lakers managed to just trail 86-93 (7pts) before getting outscored 34-18 in the 4th quarter. That’s a sign that Lakers ran out of gas in the 4th as a group.

    Lakers started with great ball movement to continue the momentum from last night but just couldn’t sustain it. It’s funny how they’re truly dependent on Jeremy to run the offense well. It’s a great opportunity and challenge for Jeremy to steer the offense for the Lakers this season.

  541. Maybe I’m being too optimistic, but I feel the next 4 games are very winnable, (Suns, Hornets, Grizzlies, Pelicans).

    Also I just realized that the Rockets game (on the 19th) is the second night of a back to back.

    Oh well, good night everyone! Or good morning depending on where you are ;p

  542. Yeah. I try to see JLin’s situation from all angles that I know of, rather than…. Too early for me to worry about his contract and so on.

  543. JLin’s Post-Game Interview
    As usual, Lin took responsibility for not giving the team what they needed for him.
    That’s what great leaders should do to acknowledge the problem so they can fix it.

  544. Also, this is unrelated to the game, but I hope those test results you were waiting on for Monday, come/came out well. Not sure what time it is there.

  545. Only 4 teams remain winless. Who’s going to win 1st?


  546. lin needs one this year, and for his team to feed him to get 45.

  547. Thanks for asking. My appointment with GP (fam doc in US term) is 10:50am tomorrow (about 18.5 hrs from now). If you don’t remind me, I don’t even think about it:-) Definitely have medical issue(s) but pray that don’t need any medical procedure/intervention except medicines.

  548. I don’t know if sulks; I think he thinks about it too much.

  549. Kobe had 7 TOs. Both Horry and Worthy saying that Kobe should pass out when he gets double, triple teamed, but that it is tough because feels obligated lead

  550. LOL, “moral victories kinda suck” now unLinChristian jk.

  551. lol Like your strategy!

  552. dang, they can’t be alcoholics. Good self-dampening I’d say. Brits and Americans need to learn that lol.

  553. If Lin fans are grasping for positives other than health, here is one of them:

    Lin 6pts/6asts/4rebs/1stl 0-6 FG in 32 min
    Price 1pt/6asts/2rebs/2stl 0-4 FG in 22 min

    It could have been worse outcome for Lin if Price came out hot-shooting since Byron would have rightfully played Price more minutes. Then we’ll have PG controversy.

  554. I like that analysts are able to talk about this and not blame Lin like our tiger community 🙂

  555. lol my hope for JLin is breaking his own record at least once or twice this year. I believe it can happen:-)

  556. Perimeter defense has been the biggest weakness for the Lakers.
    I guess they haven’t fixed it completely.

  557. Agreed. All I know is Kobe is a special player.

  558. I will just clarify that the topic was Kobe. Chris McGee wanted their thoughts on Kobe

  559. I agree, but lin as a starting pg in this league has to figure out a way to break out of that mode. He has to learn to bring it every night. Lin is in for some painful days with kobe as he schools him about the type of player he can become. It is all good because Lin is up for the challenge.

  560. lol To him, loss is loss; no way to get around that and he will take the responsibilities.

  561. maybe the o-fers by guards has something to do with the game flow messing with their play. I was frustrated watching Kobe ISO, and I was just sitting here.

  562. Kobe: I’m “festively jovial” about going 0-4. (insert sarcasm)

  563. dang lol.

  564. How about TOs?

  565. I think that the Lakers want lin to be their PG for a long term, but Lin is in for a very rude awakening being mentored by kobe. Lin will be alright, but this is going to be a wake up call for him.

  566. It is what it is.

  567. I’m ok with what you say. Tough love from Kobe is aok by me. I’m a believer not to ever take a person down unless you are willing to help him up, so if Kobe takes Lin down and teaches him up, that’s a great leader and teacher. I’ll go for that.

  568. The great ball movement that gave Lakers lead for a while did slow down when Lin rested. But even more when Kobe started going into hot-shooting streak.

  569. the question Joyce asked before the game … now to stop GSW 3s. Nobody had an answer, and this is the result.

  570. It totally died in 4Q

  571. Lakers Facts @LakerFacts 3 minutes ago
    Lakers: Are 0-4 for first time since the 1957-58 season when franchise was located in Minneapolis

  572. Lin: Felt terrible about how he played tonight. Didn’t give the team what they need from him.

  573. That 10 point lead actually gave me some hope…but it died in 2 mins

  574. I disagree with most posters of what they said. That’s why I wanted to point it out. Even as a very amateur NBA watcher, I saw what it was out there. JLin indeed has tried his best. Playing with Kobe is much harder than JLin anticipated I believe. He just walked over you and didn’t even take it back. Guess my prayer to JLin is for him to be able to scream at Kobe when he does that is what JLin needs to overcome sooner than later. Otherwise we are going to see game like this over and over again. No trusting to any players except himself. He can’t win playing like that.

  575. That’s good you don’t think about it. 🙂 I really hope that is the case.

  576. Splash bros are 0-60 in 1 sec when they are on.

  577. I disagree. If Lin doesn’t become more consistent/impact games like a starter should, he will not be in their long term plans because they can find someone cheaper to replace him.

    Honestly, he didn’t play any differently than Price and I don’t think Price is that good. The fact that we’re even comparing Lin to Price is sad.

  578. it’s ok 🙂 .. but you better return the favor next time before Lakers come to Phoenix again haha.. Do you plan to watch games in person again?

  579. Moral victories suck so they have to go out and win a game. Lin sounds very down and disappointed.

  580. That is what sulking is. Lin is a cerebral ball player, it has to make sense for him to understand it.

  581. Aren’t they buddies? Can’t Lin ask them for some shooting tips?

  582. Exactly, what’s worse than the haters and trolls are tiger fans. Just need to give Lin time to find his groove and gel with that team.

    I sear, some “fans” are so easy to give up on someone just because hey had a few bad games. Heck, if you are a fan of someone, even if they have a bad YEAR you should still be a fan as long as they are trying and improving.

    And please don’t take this to me that we can’t complain or point out his mistakes. It’s more towards those fans that just want to give up on him completely.

  583. Heard this before.

  584. Lin 5TOs in 32 min (0.15TO/min)
    Ronnie 2 TOs in 22 min (0.09TO/min)
    Kobe 7TOs in 36min (0.19TO/min) but the Boss scored 28pts so it’s all forgiven by Lakers

  585. A lot of what Kobe says is media savvy. I would think it’s hard to waive him off. I notices lots of Kobe ISOs were too tight, and he never kicked it back out to Lin. Lin was just sitting back there, like ok, I’m ready for defense if you turn it over.

  586. Yes GS knows if they can contain JLin. Kobe win turn to Kobe mode. They can win easily. That’s what I witness of what is happening tonight. Easy game planning with Lakers. Kobe alone can’t win the game. For me, I believe not only JLin needs to learn to play with Kobe but also believe even more so that Kobe needs to learn to play with JLin and the rest of the players.

  587. True, but this time he is getting his chance so it is his response that will mean the most. We will see what he is made of.

  588. That’s what I keep wanting, because Curry is tops. Lin to me is ok, he needs a great reliable pull-up jumper.

  589. Jeremy currently has Nash, arguably the best shooter ever on his team to give him tips, but is Nash even with the team?

    lol I swear after the bags incident he just went home to chill and get paid.
    He should be mentoring the young guys.

  590. wow.. the Daylight Time Savings caused some comments to be deleted

  591. Just testing….Disqus is weird. I repost.


    I guess I will weight in a bit LOL. Tired legs can not be an excuse indeed. Lin just could not get going but the team was winning. LAL loses when the ball does not move. Lin jacking up shots are not going to make the ball moves better. It will just turn the team with one black hole into a team with two black holes. Lin played terrible does not equal to him played passive. Maybe not completely aggressive like some other better games he played, but he gave it all.

    If Kobe is going to play this mentoring thing going forward. He better be playing on both ends of the floor. Lin defened very hard. I could not say the same about Kobe. Not after the 3rd Q, the whole teamball thing just went down the drain. Carrying the team? give me a break. What team? just 5 ppl.

    Everyone is going to have bad games, some will have games way worse than this one, Lin included. As a PG, if Lin wants to shoot out of a slump, he probably will shoot the team out of the TOP15 in the west conf. as well.

  592. Jeremy Lin: “feel terrible about how I played tonight. I didn’t give the
    team what they need from me…Nothing really more else to say”(on TWC)

  593. not deleted, just been resorted

  594. shhh … don’t tell anyone ha ha.

  595. I disagree. Lin is probably the only player that can coexist with kobe. I think they want it to really work with lin because of the Asian mark rt, once kobe retires that market is gone from them and LA has the largest Asian community in the US.

  596. Honestly I don’t want another big one to go thru after what I have gone thru this year. Too much!

  597. Here we go again.
    JLin Post-Game Interview

  598. lol I’m just a very amateur bb fan can see that, obviously professional bb can see that. That’s the strategy of every team to play with Lakers. Too much to ask Kobe for not turning into his Kobe mode. He should know better after playing 18 yrs.

  599. Yes, more accurately Kobe wants Lin to be a long-term PG (“now we just have to make Jeremy championship-level PG”)

    I’d say this is part of the process that Kobe talked about. Either Kobe will teach Lin how to get great conditioning throught diet/exercise, it will be quite a process. Lin is not quite championship-level PG yet but I’m glad Kobe is up to the challenge in mentoring Lin.

    The process will take some time, hopefully sooner than later because Kobe only has 2-3 years left.

    Playing consistently in the playoff would require great conditioning and Kobe would be the right mentor to teach Jeremy.

  600. it would be easy to prove that Lin is a net cash-flow positive if I had some LAL numbers or knew about sponsorships dollars. That Taiwan Tire company that pulled from HOU cost them $. Lin is way cheap if you factor his ticket, shirt, and sponsor sales for the team.

  601. I know. It became very weird on your side of the globe.

  602. PFV Short-Game analysis

  603. So, midnight shooting drills for Lin.

  604. I agree. They kept asking him questions about being at home with the Lakers and such, but if he doesn’t deliver this season, maybe not.

  605. He just need to rest.

  606. Good news is JLin will be a starter for a while. Bad news is that so will Boozer:

    Bill Oram‏@billoram
    Sorry Ed Davis fans, Byron said four games in is much too early to consider a change to the starting lineup. Said maybe 15-20 games in.


  607. Hey @psalm234:disqus @brentyen:disqus all your posts are still there at least in my side:-)

  608. 2 were wild ones trying to get some points up with just under 4 mins, down by way over 10.

  609. That’s just not true though. Other guards have been able to co-exist with Kobe.

    Every year, LA is the 1st-5th most profitable team. I don’t think they will lose that much money or fans if they don’t re-sign him.

  610. some of the shots that Curry made was just too good.
    Lin did quite good in the beginning to cause Curry to miss a few but Curry got off some ridiculous threes with a little screen.

    Klay got some wide-open 3s towards the end. Yup, stopping 3s as a team will be tough for the Lakers

  611. So depressing after tonight’s game. I think I am going to listen to Christmas songs.

  612. I agree lin. Lin now knows that he has a long eways to go. I am sure that he will come out next game on full blast. Kobe was not his best tonight physically, but his mental game kicked in ,and I believe that is what he wants to teach jeremy.

  613. I would shoot to relax a bit.

    Bay Area news … “Warriors just had too much firepower …”

  614. At least this gives them sometimes to adjust/gel with each other.

  615. Yep. I saw it plenty of time. Even other starters did the same. Just like Game 2 except first quarter. Even in 1st quarter, it happened. JLin was wide open but none of the players passed it to him. Sad to see. Kobe and the starters kill JLin games. That’s what I see. For JLin playing in Lakers, he has to fight 2 fronts esp Kobe and starters.

  616. You sdo you and I will do me. I think they want him to succeed. You think what you want and I will think what I want.

  617. I dislike Kerr so I am doubly disappointed by how they lost this game.

  618. it’s another “schedule loss” 🙂
    Suns won last night against the Spurs but lost today vs Utah.
    Just didn’t have it in the tank.

    It’s quite common occurrence in B2B games as far as I know

  619. LOL….they are supposed to lose tho

  620. yes, it isn’t SAS coached by Pop. Guess we’ll be happier but not as happy as nirvana.

  621. sure, and don’t forget Lakers paid him $9M so they wouldn’t want to bench him so soon since they’ll look bad.. haha

  622. I’ve been following Lin for a long time, so don’t tell me who is and isn’t a Lin fan. I wasn’t disrespectful, so don’t come at me.

  623. For once I agree with Brent. Haha, fatigue is when bad form creeps into fine twitch muscle sequences. It would be not only a waste of time, it could in fact set him back.

  624. The scheduler hates the Lakers :]

  625. exactly…

  626. The real key for Lin’s future with the Lakers is Kobe.

    For him to say, “Now we just have to prepare Jeremy to be championship caliber PG” along with the time he spent to mentor Lin on the bench in the past few games really speak volume to me.

    Kobe will only speak his mind so combined with his actions, I think he really sees something in Lin that he respects and wants to help develop. Let’s see what Kobe says about Lin after a struggle or two like this. If Kobe’s still high, that means he’s patient with Lin and truly believes in him.

    Kobe mentoring Lin is the best scenario that can happen for Lin in the Lakers or even in the NBA. Where else will Lin go to have better support?
    IMO What Kobe said goes in the Lakers.

  627. I know, but it completely fell apart 4th Q. That shouldn’t happen. They need to win one fast so that they don’t stay in the doldrums

  628. I’m talking not about muscle memory etc. or the western body work, but just to go out alone and enjoy how it feels to remember all those late nights, stroking the shot for a bit. It’s time to gather in the Qi.

  629. you guys have gone all western medicine on me.

  630. LOL I would just go eat something and go to sleep

  631. They are trying to give KT his scoring record.

  632. This year they’re gonna be scary. Kerr doing everything he can to open these guys up too.

  633. I kinda expected it as a “schedule loss” (4th game in 5 nights). That’s why I posted in the Game Thread description to set our expectations low.

    If we noticed, Kobe also went down in energy in the 4th after trying hard in the 1st 3 quarters. Everyone was dragging their feet while GSW was still fresh zipping around the court.

  634. Scott thought LAL ran out of gas, which isn’t surprising, but said the
    bigs have to do a better job getting out to help the guards.

  635. I completely understand. You need time to rest and recover, and I truly hope that the result(s) can be treated with medicine and nothing invasive. I’ve come to also realize that we are more resilient than we think or know.

  636. what’s his career high?

  637. I concede that they played hard last night, traveling then playing again. On to the next.

  638. Well I have no choice but accept that this is Kobe team. JLin has to learn how to play with Kobe. It’s hard in a sense but JLin has turned a corner yesterday. JLin is a quick learner. He will learn. Like he said, he anticipated problems but didn’t know the growing pain came this early. So, he has to readjust himself as it goes. My prayer for JLin is that he will overcome each obstacle as fast as it comes. We will see some result in next game. No doubt about that. As long as he improves each game, I’m all good. He wasn’t passive like some posters here said. He was aggressive. That was why he received the FTs. At least he got some calls tonight.

  639. me too, when one is older, with kids, one cannot spend time on the bittersweet lessons. But I remember younger days, hard days, going out, frosty clear nights, just shooting or kicking the soccer ball against the wall, to remember why we do what we do and love what/who we love … or just going for a run in the fog when you know you have to sleep. Qi is so important. Talking about it releases Qi.

  640. Biaiyan Highlights

  641. i think so, hope so. Plan to go to some games …

  642. yup, I also suspect that Kobe is very strict with his diet regimen that affect his physical conditioning. Mental is just not enough, the body has to be willing.

    It reminds me of Novak Djokovic that improved his conditioning greatly when doing gluten-free diet, winning 5-setters and only lost record 2 times in 2012(?). I suspect something similar for Kobe.

  643. LOL, I like to shoot in the morning when young….like 5 am

  644. I think it was 38. today 41.

  645. Also remember that this is only the 2nd of GS and this is the 4th of Lakers. With so many injuries, new players, new coach…. Give Lakers some slack! They did a great job considering esp the first half.

  646. that is then Qi time, where you get way better.

  647. ok, night all this was fun. I’m off to watch Cal try to beat OSU go Bears!

  648. Compound it with been the first week of the season, not in mid season condition. Jeremy just looks to have dead legs. I don’t doubt his heart and effort.

  649. That’s true. But the first two were blow-outs and so they hardly played the 4th. That’s why I’m being more critical, but all that matters is where they go from here. What’s done is done.

  650. I lament the fact that you watched a great game in person while I got to watch the Suns game that started the Kobe-Lin talk to be aggressive :] haha..

    Good for you, though. I heard from my cousin the atmosphere was great that fans were standing up during games.

  651. Go Bears!

  652. That’s what you’re resorting to?

  653. Comments keep disappearing (perhaps due to US Daylight Time Savings moving back 1 hr)

    JLin PostGame Interview

  654. @psalm234 maybe a new thread will be better? I can not do it because I am using my phone now. Lol

  655. @psalm234:disqus May happen in your side but mine is fine. I saw all these posts:-) Appear as many times u repost:-)

  656. Glad to see many of my fav posters from JLindotnet making their ways to this forum and post.

    Hope to see KHuang and Michael Terry post here too as that would be icing on the cake!

    Would like to share MT’s comment which I can’t agree more:

    ” Lin thinks he wants to play some Platonic version of basketball where he doesn’t force shots, but forcing shots is what puts pressure on a defense. Defenses love for you to take what they give you, because what they give you is low percentage shots.

    It’s not a slippery slope. Lin won’t turn into Kobe. He needs to f’ing shoot the ball. That’s his strength. He’s never going to be Nash or Stockton. He’s a high TO, score first point guard at heart, and that’s how he needs to play to be successful.

    Lin is the most athletic player on the Lakers and he should be taking more shots than everyone but Kobe. “

  657. What did KHuang said?

  658. I sent JLin words of encouragement through the words of great MJ himself about overcoming roadblocks. May it be encouragement to the rest of Lin fans, too.


  659. Didn’t go through the whole thread and didn’t see any posts from him either.

    But he and Je Ballew met up in Phoenix and went to the Phx vs Sas game, i think.

  660. Yep saw that post a while back. Did go to jlindotnet a very brief time late last night. WOW! It was really bad. Couldn’t even see one good post that was worthwhile to read after going thru pages. Also didn’t see familiar names anymore.

  661. I think it’s just a misunderstanding here.

    I know we are all big Lin fans including @disqus_NiYAYdjvfo:disqus
    Let’s be patient with one another. I know it’s not easy after a bad loss.
    Let’s just focus and hope Lin will bounce back strong against Phoenix in 3 days

  662. Having said that I also saw jlindotcom mod was active in Twitter earlier. Can’t remember before or during the game. Soon after that I didn’t read tweets but spent energy in watching game until 4th qtr when Kobe went to Kobe mode. I took a break and returned the last 3-4 minutes. No idea whether he was still active or not.

  663. Grow stronger fm the pain, dont let it destroy u. Dont give up, fight 4 urself n the team. U gotta go through the worst time 2 get the best.. ~~ thats what i tweeted him a few hrs ago..

  664. still see a few old posters, 2 many trolls there.. 🙁

  665. I plan to go to a couple more games. I am eyeing the one against the rockets in particular .

  666. Also, I love this site for being Jeremy-basketball-Jeremy’s Christian faith-JeremyLin fans centric. These are the foundations for building a community to enjoy interaction and positive discussion among Jeremy Lin fans. JLindotnet has lost its appeals as it has too much trolling and hypocrite chatters. Sad.

  667. I remember in the first season in Houston, Lin struggled in the second of back to back games. I am not sure if this improved in the second season in Houston (he was on the bench anyway).

    Fatigue is definitely a factor. Also I recall Lin has elaborate pre game rituals including naps, meals, bible reading and probably lots of film. Less of preparation due to back to back games and the travelling schedule also probably plays a part.

  668. I watched the game again and changed the way I thought about how Lin played. The warriors not only took away dribble penetration, but also rarely gave Lin the space to make a jumpshot. Lin on the other hand had to guard Curry, and had very little help. In the first two pictures look at where Bogut is. He isn’t even going to care about Hill way over at the top of the key, but just camp in the paint. There were almost always 2~3 players keyed in on Lin. (Then when Kobe went into ISO mode they adjusted and started doubling Kobe).

    Now if people are saying Lin should just shoot the ball, then
    1. We should either see someone else getting doubled teamed and passing to Lin when he was open, which did not happen,
    2. Someone setting nice screens for Lin to come off of, which again did not happen
    3. Or maybe he should settle for taking difficult contested shots…

    As for defense picture 4 shows Boozer calling out the screen when Lin is already screened, too late. Then Boozer chases Curry with his hands down. Picture 6 shows Boozer face guarding??? While Lin is getting but-screened by Bogut.( This maybe what BS was talking about the bigs need to help more). After four quarters Lins legs were just gone, and that is an observation not an excuse.

    So all in all the Warriors game-plan worked and the Lakers did not. Now they can go back and see what they can do better as a team.

  669. Excellent analysis!

  670. I actually like that Byron will stick with a player for awhile and let him play through it.

  671. I always feel that Jeremy needs to find a holistic treatment that can help him sleeps better(sleeps through the night without waking up a few times), Chinese style massage which he doesn’t resist or Shiatsu/TCM on certain pressure points to induce sleep.

  672. Whilst I feel that the fatigue of back to back games does affect Lin’s performance. It is not the main reason and should not be an excuse. There is a larger trend of “inconsistency” at work. My take on it is as follows:-

    1. Jeremy treats every game like a chess match (he has used the word ‘chess’ to describe basketball before). He is a coach on the floor and is a good decision maker. However this results in overthinking and also frustration when he can see the solution in his head but the teammates don’t get it.

    2. Jeremy is a great iso player but shooting contested fade away jumpers against a double / triple team is not what he does. This may sound strange but it is actually very easy to stop drives with team defence. You have to adjust and make the defence pay another way. But Lin is not going to force up shots for the sake of it.

    Ultimately Lin will do well but he needs time and support. The good thing is that if Scott can be patient with Wes Johnson, he can be patient with Jeremy.

    We remember Linsanity fondly but it was not all that easy. If you watch the whole games there are stretches where Lin really struggled. Yet he prevailed and even eventually learnt to excel with Melo and had that 6 game win streak which was just as impressive as the original Linsanity streak.

  673. WOW! Extremely good analysis. That was what I saw and glad that you confirmed all these. Please repost this on postgame thread. Appreciate it. I would love to make this as feature item but don’t know how to do it.

    @psalm234:disqus @brentyen:disqus Please do something about this post. Appreciate it.

  674. Games occurs during work hours mainly and no access to live telecast.

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