G03 [email protected] Pregame Thread

Two bad games for LAL in a row, and the tough stretch is not over yet.  Lin and the LAL will face the LAC at Staple Center on Friday OCT 31 2014 at 7:30p PT. This game will be broadcasted on ESPN.


Lin will most likely still start,

For Members, let’s vote once on your best guess of JLin’s performance tonight.

Guess JLin's stats for Game 3 Clippers vs. @Lakers?


  1. LOL First again. Good boy @brentyen:-)

  2. More bad news: Westbrook hurt his right hand and will not return tonight.

    Quick Q: Is it normal to have so many injuries in such a short time???

    Really really pray for JLin to stay healthy.

  3. Well…I think injuries happen all the time, the only difference is who got injured

  4. sorry brent, it’s LAC @ LAL

  5. Blake Griffin is soft like Dwight!!
    Let’s go Jeremy and the Lakers!

  6. When is Lakers playing with Thunder?

    Thunder lose Westbrook to hand injury
    HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The injury issues continue to pile up for the Oklahoma City Thunder just two games into this NBA season.

    Kevin Durant is already out for anywhere from six to eight weeks after fracturing his foot, an injury that required surgery, in training camp. Russell Westbrook exited the floor with an undisclosed right hand injury Thursday night in Los Angeles midway through the second quarter of the Thunder’s tussle with the Clippers.

    Westbrook appeared to hit his hand on the elbow of Thunder big man Kendrick Perkins as they both went after a rebound in front of the basket. Westbrook went to the locker room and did not return before the halftime break. He was later ruled out for the rest of the game, per TNT’s David Aldridge, and will be evaluated again Friday.

    This after a 38-point, 6-assist effort on opening night in Portland Wednesday.

    The worrisome part for the Thunder, of course, is the fear that they could lose the other half of their dynamic superstar duo to injury and face an extended period without either Durant or Westbrook available. We won’t know the severity of Westbrook’s injury until sometime Friday. But if it was serious enough for him to sit out the remainder of the game against the Clippers, it has to be serious.

  7. Shoot, wrong again

  8. let’s sleep earlier…..west coast game is throwing the schedule off…..

  9. Hang in there, Brent. We have 80 games to go!

  10. No way he can stay awake for 80 games.

  11. today’s was a trick since at Staples. LOL.

    at least you got PT right =)

  12. OKC has only 8 players active now, crazy!
    Rivaling the Lakers with injuries.

  13. Can you?

  14. @psalm234 Due to the limited amount of time that I could put in for the translation of your observations for the game last night, I’ve decided to skip Part 1 and focused on Part 2 & 3 instead. Hope that you don’t mind… 🙂

    So, below is my translation:

    Part 2 “Summary of Game Observations”


    Frustration and confusion.


    what I observed from watching his body language throughout the game.
    His post-game interview concluded the confusion of his current role in
    the team. And I can understand why.


    games on TV and in-person is very different. On TV, our eyes are
    following the camera to track the ball movement so we couldn’t see
    clearly how teammates set up, the positioning, the body language because
    the camera is constantly moving. Watching in person, I can see them
    better and track Lin’s movement from his perspective of what he wants to
    do without cameras moving around from different angles showing
    different players’ perspective.


    Also, watching
    coaches interaction, teammates, Kobe and Lin became very enjoyable. You
    see what happened (WH) and what didn’t happen (WDNH).


    TOP 5 Countdown Observations


    5. Defense

    5. 防守

    WH: It seemed the Suns had all daylight to shoot open 3s and checking the stats (16-32 at 50% Yikes!) that’s what happened.

    有發生:太陽似乎是在湖人毫不設防的情形下猛投空位3分,而查看數據(32投16中的五成命中率,哎呀!) 也證實發生慘劇。

    It seemed chaotic defense. Boozer was always late to cover his man.
    Hill seemed to give a lot of space to his in the paint. No crisp
    movement to have hands on shooter’s face. No hands on shooter’s face.
    Bledsoe, Thomas shot threes like it was practice against .. disorganized
    Tuesday Rec-League team who just met for 1 week.

    沒發生:防守似乎是亂象叢生,布澤爾(Carlos Boozer)在對上自己的人總是慢半拍,希爾(Jordan
    Bledsoe)和湯瑪斯(Isaiah Thomas)的三分出手好像是在訓練時對上… 一支才剛認識一星期而雜亂無章的周二業餘聯盟球隊。

    4. PnR Offense as the PG

    4. 做為控衛時的擋拆進攻

    Lin clearly tried to bring order to the chaos but things weren’t
    cooperating. The PnR with Hill is not happening since Hill either was
    late to come to screen him or didn’t happen at all. Boozer certainly
    drank his booze with TOs ( I checked later at 8!) which killed any
    momentum for any run.

    有發生:林顯然地嘗試要撥亂反正卻得不到配合,與希爾之間的擋拆沒有發生,是因為希爾不是過慢就是根本沒有上前為他掩護;布澤爾的失誤累累,他自己也是醉了 (我後來查看竟有8次!),並且還中斷了任何反攻的氣勢。

    At one point, he was stomping on the ground since his teammates didn’t
    do what he expected them to do. After a play, he talked to Hill about
    where he should’ve been. No Lin/Davis PnR that I can remember.

    沒發生:在某個時間點,他對著地板直跺腳,因為隊友沒做到他預期他們要做的事,在一次進攻回合後,他跟希爾說到應該要在那裡才對。就我記憶所及,沒有 LED (Lin & Ed Davis) 連線的擋拆。

    3. Off-the-Ball Offense with Kobe as the playmaker

    3. 由科比擔任組織進攻者時的無球進攻

    Lin gave the ball to Kobe. Kobe shot, twisted and shot, pirouetted and
    shot, ate jerky and shot, spat the jerky and shot, getting booed and
    shot FTs.


    WDNH: Kobe never gave the ball back to Lin or others. There had to be at least 4-5 plays where Lin was WIDE-OPEEEEEEEN to shoot 3s
    as he described in the recent article to cover the top of the key while
    Kobe covered middle to inside. WHELP! Kobe covered all space
    MIDDLE-TOP-BOTTOM. Lin raised their hands and on an island being so
    lonely the defender thought he has leper. Lin stood on another corner,
    slid to get more open in a bigger island, Kobe pirouetted and decided to
    try off-balance-jerky-eating-3pt shot put. You get the idea that’s why
    Worthy said in his post-game analysis “.. Kobe is Kobe .. 31pts in 25
    shots. That’s a LOT of shots. The rest of starters had 25 combined
    shots”. Both Worthy and the other guys tried to say it without
    bad-mouthing Kobe. When Kobe was out, there’s more ball movement. These
    guys do not suck. Kobe sucked the basketball life out of them. Kobe
    simply didn’t trust them and doesn’t seem that he WANTS TO.

    般」的三分出手。由此可知為何渥錫(James Worthy)在賽後分析中會提到:「科比就是科比…

    2. Lin’s Role with the Starters

    2. 林在先發陣容中的角色

    Lin tried to follow the plan to be 40-60 as the floor general running
    the offensive sets, go through PnR plays and balancing to feed Kobe
    touches to do his thing (only it never came back to him as a secondary

    有發生:林試圖遵循作戰計劃,四成做為場上指揮官來執行進攻套路與擋拆戰術,六成餵球給科比讓他去即興發揮 (只不過球從未回傳給做為第二進攻威脅點的他)。

    Lin is clearly confused of what he should do. Boozer and Hill can’t run
    PnR effectively or consistently. Kobe doesn’t seem to trust him so he’s
    trying to figure out if he should be 2nd Kobe or continue be the
    PG/floor general.


    1. Lin and Coach/Teammates Interaction on Bench

    1. 林和教練/隊友在板凳上的互動

    Lin greeted teammates and teammates greeted him back when he came in.
    So decent and good chemistry. He sat next to Sacre (who got up once as
    he came in to pat him on the shoulder). Sometimes Wes Johnson. Kobe’s
    always on his right. One positive thing was Kobe initiated the
    conversation and looked like he tried to teach Lin about lots of things
    going on in the game. Lin listened and discussed some things. Some hand
    gestures. This went on for good 5-6 min. One-Two assistant coaches came
    to Kobe and talked in length.

    反應,他和薩克雷(Robert Sacre)比鄰而坐(有次當林回到板凳上時,薩克雷還起身拍拍他的肩膀),有時是跟威斯利·強森(Wesley

    WDNH: I could be mistaken
    but I didn’t see any assistant coach talked to Lin in length or other
    players. Players just huddled around Byron who sat down to explain
    things. Perhaps they did but I didn’t see anything long enough to
    notice. Perhaps coaches were just overwhelmed with so many broken things
    on court that had to be fixed.


    Part 3: “Final Thoughts”


    Lin individually, I came away very impressed. He looked super-sharp in
    his 3pt shooting esp. during half-time (3-4), ready to attack. But he’s
    truly confused about his role. Had Kobe passed him the ball in 3-4 times
    he was open, I’m sure he would make at least 2. He could have been
    12-15pts easily. But he’s not sure why Kobe’s not passing to him as he
    thought Kobe wants him to do by covering the middle to top while Kobe
    covers middle to the rim.


    Lin might need to find ways to be 2nd banana to Kobe. It could be by
    being an attacker to score points first when he had the ball.


    #1 things Lakers has planned for Kobe is: “Do whatever makes Kobe happy”.
    And Kobe is happy when he scores 30+pts and surpass MJ’s 3rd most
    points this season. I don’t think he’s interested to change his style at
    all to take the most shots.

    湖人為科比所計劃的首要之務就是:「無所不用其極地讓科比開心」,而科比在攻下超過30分及於本季超越喬丹(Michael Jordan)史上第三高的得分紀錄時,就會感到開心,我不認為他會有興趣改變個人出手次數為全隊最高的風格。

    Where does this leave Lin?


    don’t know. No one knows but Kobe. I’m not sure if Kobe wants Lin to be
    Fisher but Kobe passed to Fisher on open 3s. I don’t know if Kobe wants
    Lin to attack and prove to him that he can score at will before Kobe
    will pass to him.

    我不知道,只有科比有答案,我不確定科比是否要讓林成為費雪(Derek Fisher),因為科比在費雪有3分空檔時會傳給他,我不知道科比是否要林自行攻擊,證明說他能隨心所欲地得分之後,科比才會傳球給他。

    Is it better for Lin to be the 6th Man and lead the bench?


    but it might not matter. I think LA Media and Kobe want to see if Lin
    can be a shoot-first/pass-second PG. Maybe because the personnel is so
    bad that the PnR teamwork takes too long to develop.


    Lin’s role may be, he probably needs to be a shoot-first/pass second PG
    that goes against his nature. Otherwise, his role might be reduced in
    the 1st team or 2nd team. I hope someone in coaching staff will explain what they need from him soon.


    have no doubt Lin is ready to contribute but he’s just needing more
    time to build chemistry with this new team in a new system. In the
    meantime, he might have to be a scorer than a PG when his teammates are
    not up to par.


  15. Competing with LAL?! No more injuries, please

  16. If I remember correctly, even the start of last season many PGs getting injured as well, including Lin (back?)

    Injury bug seems to catch early into the season. Hope not hear any more injuries

  17. I know Jeremy said the team didn’t have enough to do 5 on 5 scrimmages but how many active for the Lakers?

  18. Outstanding translation!!!

  19. Wow, that was very quick, @steve_chou:disqus! Thank you for volunteering your time to help our Chinese-speaking fellow Lin fans :]

    Of course, I won’t mind. I will combine it with my post and pictures and give you proper credit!
    I’m still working on editing the pictures. Will definitely let you know when it’s done.

  20. He’s always either not awake or not there :]
    So it’s his specialty!

  21. You know I have to sleep in order to be of any use at all.

  22. Couldn’t have explained it better myself.

  23. I read you’re writeup and it was great with vids, news interviews, and fan in stands. What a nice standard you set. I guess here, on your site, and on jp’s, the trolls are limited to sit’s easier to be more open, for giving to other real JLin fans. I’ll have to try harder this year 🙂 Hi-5!

  24. Thanks for your report! I agree with JoeTeam. It was very thorough with your thoughts, as well as videos and photos. I thought I missed it because I didn’t see it after the game, but luckily I didn’t.

  25. This is a great reminder that health is #1 important factor. We gotta keep praying for Jeremy.
    I’m glad he started the email subscription for prayers. He knows he needs it in this important year. We don’t know what happens tomorrow but we know who holds tomorrow 🙂

  26. no it just took me forever to get things done… flight back was LONG and then immediately another game… and then today just everything that could go wrong did…

    If there are others headed to LA for the first time feel free to ask me questions about going to the game or what we did/saw in LA… so much I did not get a chance to do… just going to have to go back 🙂

  27. Did you try/enjoy all different types of Asian food?

  28. Whenever I saw this kind of news, just another reminder that I need to pray for JLin so that he can stay healthy and play for the glory of God. No one knows our future and God does. That is the most wonderful thing to know.

  29. oh yeah… found a great korean place…sweet little grandma cooking food. she brought me more kimchi when I ate it all up she was surprised but happy…. will go back if ever get the chance. had dimsum and also had japanese tapas.

  30. Great! Don’t you just love unlimited Korean side dishes? 🙂

  31. Like it or not we need you too for the next 80 games 😛
    Sleep, eat well, and stay healthy!

  32. yes… 🙂

  33. Hello to @disqus_dVLDET9zJ7:disqus you are now a CELEBRITY!

    If you need a schedule manager, let me know. lol

  34. WOW! wu kong/Gwen. Just finished reading and watching your game report. It was awesome! Did a wonderful job! Long waiting is worth every minute of it:-)

  35. Thanks!

    headed to bed… got a game tomorrow and a halloween party. boo!

  36. FYI – NBA League Pass is free until 11/4.

  37. Thanks for sharing Wu Kong. Great pics and video..

  38. Have a good rest! Enjoy your party!

  39. What a great and through report, wukong! Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with us.

    And wow, you’re a natural in front of the camera! Haha.. You can be a Lin newscaster someday.

  40. Very good written summary on JLin’s bb life. However, one small report mistake in there. He was mob in Taiwan and not as much in China after Linsanity.

    @JLin7 : No One Sees Kobe’s Human Side. (on @TWCSportsNet Connected With…Jeremy Lin) http://t.co/pOOkGufder pic.twitter.com/OHflN744v9— one-sees-kobes-human-side/ …

  41. The latest BackStage Lakers video. (also added to Video Gallery on Homepage)

  42. Russell Westbrook breaks hand during Thunder-Clippers

    LOS ANGELES — Oklahoma City Thunder All-Star point guard Russell Westbrook broke his right hand Thursday, coach Scott Brooks said after the loss to the Los Angeles Clippers.

    Westbrook, hurt during the middle of the second quarter of the 93-90 loss, has a small fracture in
    his second metacarpal. No timetable on a return was available Thursday night.

    “We’ll know more tomorrow,” Brooks said. “We have to figure it out together.”

  43. Jeremy Lin – TNTovertime sidelights vs Rockets.

  44. Thanks for your great work in the first place. I’m just glad that I can contribute a little bit as well, ha ha

  45. Thanks! 🙂

  46. Lin can use either Chander’s help indeed.

  47. lol really miss some of JLin’s Knicks old teammates not as much as R for me.

  48. Read a couple times. You did an excellent job in translation. Well done!

  49. aw man, why didn’t I know earlier? was it free during preseason?

  50. Glad Jeremy Lin Fans have a new home.

  51. @jlin7 First Take State Of The Los Angeles Lakers Espn Sport Center

  52. Awesome writeups, I felt like I was there! What an exciting trip. You are a celebrity now! LOL

  53. yeah, someday you should interview Lin

  54. not preseason. it is free from Oct 28 to Nov 4

  55. Welcome @khomphuong2:disqus . Please make sure you observe the rules that are stated on the front page.

  56. It was free in the preseason as well. I watched it from there:-)

  57. what? now I’m really mad! =)

  58. Great job!

  59. Consistently I’m voting 16pts/7asts. Believe he can do better than that. Just a matter of time:-) Realistically may not be able to reach this goal. All depends on how fast he finds his niche and role and be comfy about that. Feel like he is pretty rattle after Game 2. But with a day of non-game day and spend tons of time to ponder and work thru, he will do better than last couple games. How much better? Let’s wait and see:-)

  60. Sorry I thought everyone know. Every preseason game, @psalm234:disqus or @brentyen:disqus did show it under the header on the thread as one of the options. I’ve been watching it since last year:-)

  61. I think there is a big difference in the culture of the Lakers compared to Houston. It’s not just any specific thing.

    In fact, there are similarities. Lin has to work with a high volume shooting SG. He has to face the possibility of being a bench player. Yet everything seems different and you can see Lin is happy because of it. I can only describe it as a difference in culture where Houston was a shark tank, political cliques environment. Yes Lin is frustrated about losing but that will change. I really believe he is in a better place.

  62. Great to see you here @khomphuong2

    Feel free to browse 🙂

  63. I would like to know the reactions of our friends from Baidu (am I right?).

  64. Agree. Lost my link to that website when I reformatted my laptop last week. No way to check out now. Do you have the link?

  65. I don’t know why this site keep asking me to log in….did it 3 times in order to post or vote…

  66. Does anybody have an updated report on Westbrook?

  67. that would be awesome!!! but I would swoon… he would have to catch this old lady.

  68. Finally finished reading the reactions of JLin fans from Baidu via http://tieba.baidu.com/p/3382456499. All are very appreciative of excellent detailed report of @psalm234:disqus. Obviously @steve_chou:disqus did a great job in translation as well. Both JLin FB fansites are very thankful as well.

  69. Chris Palmer @ChrisPalmerNBA 27 minutes ago
    Russell Westbrook will be out 4-6 weeks.

  70. Wow, Thanks

  71. Sorry to hear that. I don’t have the issue. Maybe someone here can help you out.

  72. Post an article about this down below as well but don’t know the time frame. After reading all these injuries, pray for JLin to stay healthy.

  73. yesterday is good tho….nevermind

  74. Regardless what Kobe said, Lin’s face doesn’t look very engaging for whatever reason. lol

  75. did you browser ask you to save the password? if you have never been asked by your browser, then you need find the option to allow your browser to do so.

  76. Definitely will pray that he stays healthy.

  77. yes i did. i did choose remember my password and never log out, coz i always forget the password….it’s ok, just a minor issue….thanks

  78. Hmmm, looks more like Kobe was grumbling about something, in his animated way. Lin being a good listener!

  79. It looks to me that Lin was trying to process what he was saying. In Lin’s post game interview, he said that he thought he was aggressive, and said that he would have to go back and look at tape, and that he was going to have to figure it out. Lin is very cerebral basketball player, at has to make sense for him first.

  80. I think he was being stern with lin in the point he was trying to make to him.

  81. BTW, were there any practice reports from the Lakers yesterday?

  82. I am so glad to see the true lin fans joining us here. I tweeted the moderator of jeremylin.net about the trolls and all of the improper stuff that is posted their, and he tweeted back that he was trying to clean it up, we now see that was a lie because it has actually become worse…smh

  83. I still strongly believe current Lakers’ starting lineup will tank no matter how hard they try. Maybe it’s what Lakers FO wanted anyway.
    I think Lin’s struggle is who to listen to. Lin himself is a strong leader, he has to listen to himself. He also needs implement what Scott wanted for the team. He also has to listen to what Kobe wants. It’s pretty much a hopeless situation.

    It’s also other starters’ struggle too. Hill, Boozer and Johnson also have to blend those 3 leadership in one game, so it’s pure disaster. I can see that Lin started to turn on his Houston mode, just defer the ball to Kobe, and make a couple of drives whenever he can. The funny thing is, he is also asked to control the offense. I think it’s quite new to Lin this year. But based on my team sports experience, it has no solution.

  84. yeah, looking at it again, I think you’re right. PFV is one heck of a lip reader!

  85. I thought they would rest just after b2b game. No?

  86. OK, sounds reasonably. Thanks

  87. it’s my guess, I have no idea when NBA teams should rest or not,

  88. I for one an very glad for the active moderation here. With different moderators spread out over various time zones, it in effect means there is 24-hr policing of this site. It sure makes for a better experience as a user.

  89. Well, if they are trying to tank, then that means that Jim Buss is on his way of the door, because Jeannie said that she gave her brother 3 years to become a contender. They will need this year to try to rebuild. I think eventually the staring lineup will change with Boozer/Hill relegated to the bench. Right now the Lakers have asked for two injury exceptions, we will have to see who is available. With Randel getting hurt everything changes. The thing about Jeannie Buss, she has been looking for a way to fire her brother. She said in the First Take interview that she has the power to fire her brother, so we will see.

  90. At this moment, it’s very difficult to clean up. Because most posts are not clearly against any rules. They are trolling in a smart way.

  91. BTW, she also stated in that interview that they will absolutely not tank, so we will see.

  92. Probably not enough players to run 5 on 5.

    They really need to practice together, the players don’t seem to have any idea what to do on the floor offensively or defensively.

    All that talk about defense… so many wide open looks due to poor coverage at the perimeter or being active to switch or recover, like they’re hoping other team misses.

    Awful, half-ass picks by the bigs and many missed chippies. My goodness.

    I think Lin’s got the message about doing his thing and not deferring to Kobe.

    Hope the rest of the team gets the message too and get on board and start playing together or it’s going to be a long season.

  93. No way…

  94. I’m not really sure what’s the website address but glad you found it.

    Good to hear about the reactions too.

  95. hmm…..that means no time to practice the playbook, if BS has any

  96. Also I am a half full glass person. I don’t believe anything is ever hopeless. I think Lin will figure it

  97. I listened the whole interview. That’s the tricky part now. If FO doesn’t make any move to save the team. then I guess they stuck with those players. No disrespect to the players. Hill and Johnson (not sure Boozer yet) don’t even look like NBA players to me. They don’t have talents and don’t have heart. This made me believe that FO wanted to tank.

  98. @awarde:disqus I think besides from trolls we also have to be on the lookout for spammers, those who post “I TOLD YOU LAKERS SUCK/ARE BAD/HOPELESS” over and over and over and over again. I already have one candidate for that.

    I went to the other site, the trolls morphed into spammers.

  99. We will see. But if you look at rebuilding teams, this is what they look like until they they gell. This team reminds me a lot of the Thunder about eight yeras when they were in rebuild mode. They had to get the pieces around Durant to start the rebuild mode. So I think Lakers will try to get pieces. The reality of this is that Mitch/Jim Buss are in a difficult situation, because no superstar player will come to LA to play 2nd fiddle to Kobe, and I don’t care what they say.Also Jeannie has already said that she wants to sign Kobe next year. That means that Mitch/Jim are on the clock, and we all know that long as kobe is with the Lakers, superstars are not signing. As I stated, I think they will get pieces to add.

  100. I am piss so I vote 20/8 this time.

  101. Please use more “appropriate” word to express yourself on this: “half-xxx” Thanks!

  102. I think Jeremy is also pissed, so i voted others: 25/4. low assists because boozer bricks

  103. I admire your attitude. Lin will figure out how to play with them for sure. I have no doubt about that. But this lineup won’t get to playoffs IMO no matter how hard Lin tries.

  104. I certainly hope so.

  105. You would have meet psalm and KHuang if you went to the 2nd game in Phoenix too.

  106. Did you see KHuang at the game?

  107. I don’t think Lin will go to shoot first mode, he is still trying to figure out how to play with starters. So I get myself ready for another blowout game. lol.

    The only thing I am excited for tonight’s game is Lin/Chris Paul match up!!!

  108. You should appoint @Steve Chou an ambassador to baidu hehehe.

  109. I can’t read any Chinese so if people here said they are great then they are great.

  110. I probably will sleep really late tonight and most-likely will miss today game ;(

  111. Those are still all better than the trolls pretending to be fans by wishing Kobe or some other player would get hurt!

  112. I don’t think I am going break any rule, cuz i hardly post anything hahaha.. But I will try to read them. Thanks.

  113. I think a lot of assists will be wasted again by Hill, Johnson and Boozer. I would like to see Jeremy looking to score more. I vote 20 / 4.

  114. Not just Lin….the basic cohesion on both ends will bring them close to playoff.

  115. I get one “I TOLD YOU LAKERS SUCK/ARE BAD/HOPELESS” as a good post. Posting the same message twice or 5 or 10 times is saying “give it up, Jeremy is hopeless. Give it up, THIS WHOLE SEASON IS HOPELESS. You people here are stupid for being hopeful”.

  116. Well, when someone has a son on a site, I guess the rate of growth of Trolls are just too fast to delete…:P

  117. It’s very hard for players to react in game situations. Their mind is so engaged into the moment that big talks don’t usually key in. Lin especially is agitated by losing so those emotions get into the way of any logic.

    How you get through to players is a skill not as simple as just sitting them down and talking intently at them. Meta cognition is one of the skills ALL good teachers develop and must continuely improve upon.

    In this particular case, what LIN is hearing is already blocked by the emotions of anger. He’s blocking out Kobe because in his mind he’s already saying “well, why are you dribbling and not passing me the ball”.

    A good coach with proper meta cognition skills will defuse the anger first, then redirect the thinking to positive directions. This must happen in practice. Phil Jackson would prepare his team against an opponent by a walk through scrimmage against that team with the starters and run plays and counters to get the players to lock into those patterns. In one game, the team was playing badly for 3 quarters and he defused the negativity in a time out by saying “okay, we’ve sucked for 3 quarters, but we are still in it”. Simple words that trigger mindsets into seeing quantifiable and tangible future results. Of course the players must have been also prepared mentally before the game to use the walk through counters to make it happen.

    In game situations is less about actual tactical changes, those would have had to been already preloaded into players minds. During the game, it’s about managing emotions. How to get players to turn on the “go mode” or how to snuff out negativity from spreading.

  118. “He has to go out and play his game,” Scott said of Lin. “He’s thinking too much about the game. Just go out and play basketball.” – Well it would help a lot if the REST of the TEAM are ACTUALLY playing basketball.

  119. LOL

  120. I only saw links to firstrow and ballstreams, not League Pass.

  121. The fact that Kobe even talks to LIN is the key to this encounter. It shows that he cares.

    People often misunderstand the “act” from intentions. I came from a time when straps or spanking was an acceptable form of punishment. What people cringe about is the meaning we read into it today. Back then, it was a sign of love rather than abuse. I had my fair share of unjustified punishments ( at least in my own mind ), but the day I stopped crying, my mom never spanked me again. I always knew she loved me and it probably hurt her equally to make me learn some hard lessons. What she did next was to cry herself when she couldn’t get me to act properly. Man that hurt far more than any straps or spanking. She played me like a violin and I had to apologize for being a jerk.

  122. It’s just a friendly reminder to all new comers to this site when I see one or I should say when it’s on my watch:-)

  123. FYI I modified the poll so it shows the Other values in the Results. Please use it responsibly :]

    No Troll answers (Good or Bad) or member privileges will be put under scrutiny
    (yes, @Michael .. I’m looking at your previous log entry 🙂

    I’m thinking maybe we can have some fun to tally up points of those who got closest (like a Fantasy League just for JLin) but this custom plugin might not be easy to find. Maybe a long-term project

  124. Should be the other way around. Learned tonight when I visited Baidu Jeremy Lin fansite, @steve_chou:disqus actually is one of the main translators for the site:-) Very glad that he joins us here:-)

  125. Mark Medina‏@MarkG_Medina
    ICYMI: Lakers’ Kobe Bryant, Byron Scott pushing for Jeremy Lin to increase aggression http://bit.ly/1wQoZYR


    “He’s used having to look over his shoulder all the time and playing with players who like controlling the ball a lot,” said Bryant, referring to New York’s Carmelo Anthony and Houston’s James Harden. “I told him, ‘That’s a big urban legend of me. I want to score. That means coming off of picks, catching and shooting. You handle the ball and you run the show.’”

    “He has to go out and play his game,” Lakers coach Byron Scott said of Lin. “He’s thinking too much about the game. Just go out and play basketball.”

  126. Hi @psalm234:disqus, is a poster can only vote once or can vote multiple? lol check it just now and learn I can’t but it was able to for the previous vote:-)

  127. yeah, we shouldn’t be able to vote more than once per member :]
    There was a loophole that I closed. I just need to create a good template to use for every game.

  128. lol I asked because a member asked in last vote. I said no but then when I went back and I’ve found myself to be able to. No cheating intended; just went there for a check:-)

  129. Now that Europeans and Americans are waking up and fully excited for a new day and Game 3, it’s time for me to go to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Good day everyone!

  130. I want Byron Scott to change some of his rules / plans:

    a. No transition / fast break offense (unless a steal?). Looks like they all have to rebound first (old players as starters are not good excuse, because last season Johnson was able to run). Probably he planned to wait until after ASG when some players traded and they get real center. But I hope he change his mind.

    b. Less 3 points and more mid-range shoots. This is already discussed repeatedly by others. I hope he change his mind and Lin got his very needed spacing.

    c. Players development. I hope he stops some of players development first, such as:
    i. Jordan Hill: who is now trying to play like Gasol. I hope he put a break first, and asks Hill to set pick and only allows Hill to go near the basket only in the flow of pick and roll, and not camping near the paint area.
    ii. Johnson: who is now trying to play like Kobe (after practicing with Kobe). I hope he asks Johnson to slow down and focus on 3 pointer and back door cut.

    d. Deliberate slow offense. I agree with Scott that Boozer and Kobe are slow and cannot run with Lin, but i hope that he move Boozer to the bench and bring Davis to starter, and let Kobe as the last starter who come to other side, and meanwhile Lin can run with 3 other players first and if the offense still in the movement when Kobe arrive, include Kobe as element of surprise and if everything fail, let Kobe be the one who shoots.

  131. Sleep well, Melody :> Hope tonight we’ll get plenty of reasons to cheer louder!

  132. The starters have no chemistry. With the injuries and the tight schedule, If the game is already a blow out, I would actually play the starters during the garbage time like practices to get better cohesion.

    Lin only plays 21 min last game, he should play in the 4q to get more exp with his teammates esp. some of the starters who did not play significant mins.

    Sound crazy I know. People may worry about injuries in garbage time. But injuries can happen at any time even in practices and they dont have many chances to practice during the regular season.

    So, what the hack.

  133. Oops, I tried to go back to change my answer. Oh well. 20pts for a comeback!

  134. as ambassador, perhaps we’ll give @Steve Chou:disqus a diplomatic immunity :>

  135. no, it’s way too many people to scan one person.
    I was too busy trying to peek at Lin’s interaction with Kobe with my tele lens .. paparazzi-style! I’ll post the pics later

  136. I emailed too. Mod cleaned it up right away, but they popped back right in. I’m actually p-oed about so call “Lin Fans” calling out Lin as “weak”… Sorry, don’t mean to bring that type of negativity here.

  137. I can delete it so you can revote.
    Was it the ‘Other – 20pts / 4asts’ answer?
    Or which member name did you use?

  138. Mark Medina‏@MarkG_Medina
    Kobe Bryant raises concerns about 3-point shooting disparity http://bit.ly/1E8xrUj


  139. orlinaryjoe 20/8. I’m logged in disqus

  140. Great ideas!

    I like c) on player development.
    – Hill definitely fell in love with his ineffective midrange jumpers and it took away his strength in rebounding and putback.
    – Wes can drain some 3s if given the green light by BScott. He can also play more like Chandler Parsons by slashing to the basket to use his athleticism

    Hill around the rim offensively will definitely open up more spacing for 3pts for b)

    Regarding slow offense on D, Byron might have to be forced to bring Lin/Davis off the bench because of Hill’s salary and Hill’s psyche is fragile IMO. He stopped drinking but he might lose motivation or pick up the bottle if he got benched too quickly. It’s tough proposition for coach to manage and motivate different personnels.

  141. Love how scott and kobe are calling him out specifically? If they mean it, then I’d like Ed on the floor more with Lin. Setup some proper screens and followup with the plays. How about kicking the ball back out to an open Lin?

  142. They should be. There’re shooting too many long 2’s. Seen too many times Lin is open for one, but… Hope this will change BS’s mind. Give credit to Kobe for pointing that out.

  143. Other – 20pts / 4asts was mine. Is it multiple? I used private browsing, and had 3 failed attempts to vote, but everytime it asked me to login, and after login, it brought me back to home page and had to login again. So the fourth times, i just switched to normal browsing, and successfully voted.

  144. Jeremy is this team’s first and second option.What really needs to happen is the rest of the team,specifically the starters, get back to actually playing basketball. In preseason the bench guys under Jeremy’s leadership are much more fun to watch, they have a potential to be like the Brady Bunch during Jeremy’s time as a Knick.

  145. This is the first time I heard someone trolling a POLL 🙂 hahaha

  146. unless you put all the starters back for them to practice, otherwise it does not make sense, You know they have another back to back game coming, right?

  147. Lakersground’s fans speculated that Hill will be traded before trade deadline, and his high salary with 1 year contract is very suitable to match good player’s salary from tanking team. Therefore, for different reason, Hill will not go to bench. Now, whether Boozer can go to bench or not depend on whether he is also a trade chip.

  148. Lakers biggest problem in 2 lopsided losses is perimeter D to prevent wide-open 3s.
    If Byron’s team doesn’t defend 3s well and shoot more 3s, Lakers will have plenty more blowouts.

    Check out these numbers on 3PM/A (Made/Attempt):

    HOU 12-29 (41%)
    PHX 16-32 (50%)
    Total 28-61 (46%)

    Yikes! This placed Lakers in the bottom 5 of the league in 3P% allowed

    (Refresh to see the picture)

    Meanwhile, Lakers is ranked 2nd to last in 3Points Made at only 3.5/game

    If Byron’s team doesn’t defend 3s well and shoot more 3s, Lakers will have plenty more blowouts.

    Byron’s critics will soon question if Byron doesn’t understand modern-day NBA that rely more on 3s than the 80s. Time is ticking for Byron … tick-tock-tick-tock.

  149. To use for an expiring contract does it matter if he’s a starter or bench if not doing well? I would think other teams would know what he is by his performance whether he’s a starter or coming off the bench.

  150. One week trial. I meant to post it earlier but keep forgetting… Sorry 🙁

  151. ha, I was just looking at the 3pt numbers posted above :]
    I guess I’m thinking what Kobe is thinking.

    Hope Kobe get to Byron’s head quickly before the losses are mounting.

  152. I’m glad its getting addressed

  153. Agree with you, Lakers should not giveup the free minutes they are getting in order to compensate practice time.
    Probably Scott wanna give the bench the practice time?…hmmm

  154. haha.. I guess Kobe is talking about the same 3pt-disparity

    Here is one more bottom rank for Lakers defense. They’re ranked last in PPS (Point Per Shot) at 1.46 which is a measure of Opponent Scoring Efficiency.
    Note: The good thing is Clippers (their opponent tonight) is next to last at 1.38

    Byron wanted defense and grittiness to be the Lakers identity. But so far they’re ranked last in preventing opponents to score. Not a good sign for Byron!


  155. awesome writeup! read ur posts in jlin.net, didnt know u were a lady.. impressed w/ur dedication.. there r 79 gams 2 go, guess u’ll might be interested in watching one of them soon..:) thx 4 sharing..:)

  156. Yes, if Kobe said it, Byron should listen.
    Let’s see if it makes a difference tonight in 3PT Made/Attempt numbers

  157. The same article..

    Perhaps easier said than done considering the unique dynamic surrounding Bryant. Both Bryant and Lin are sharing point-guard duties in Scott’s Princeton-run offense. That system also features Bryant in a comfortable setting on the post and elbows. But it also creates isolation plays for Bryant, who took a handful of shots through double teams despite having open teammates.

    Perhaps that explains why Lin seemed caught off guard when reporters relayed the message to him about Scott wanting him to play more aggressive.

    “I didn’t feel like I was that hesitant,” Lin said. “I felt like when I had opportunities I was trying to attack. I’ll go and take a look at the film and see if that’s the case or not. In my mind I thought I was assertive and trying to make plays.”

  158. it sounds good. the question is how?

  159. I have always wondered about how LIN is not such a good 1-1 or even 3-3 player. It’s only when he plays 5-5 that he really shows how good he could be. Many feels that it’s hyperbole when Khuang and I say that LIN is a once in a generation player like Lebron. Here is a perfect example of why I think LIN is so special.

    Lebron didn’t do so well with the 3 cornerstone team in Miami the first year and he’s struggling now with Cleveland. Why is it okay for Lebron to struggle and yet when LIN does, he’s a scrub? Even so call lin fans are giving up on the team and Lin. The fact is that new teams need time to gel no matter how good the players are. Turn overs are caused by miscommunication and blown assignments of a new system. When Lin did it in NYC, critics were quick to condemn him for being a turnover machine when in fact he was already establishing new patterns taylor made to the individuals skill sets. Think about how LIN babied Asik with ever simpler passes to make sure he could handle the passes. Think about Novak and how Lin fed him open shots with kickouts. Think how Lin made Fields into a dunking machine on slashing passes to easy alley oops.

    Coaches use systems to dumb down movements and patterns of play so guys have an idea of what and where their assignments are. Lin however uses his mind to find individual patterns of play for each and every player on the team and taylor it to maximize their particular strengths. When Lin left NYC, the team knew what to do and followed the patterns that worked for them. Their ability to run was et into motion by the fact that they knew they could get the ball for an easy score just the way they liked it.

    In one case during linsanity, Lin was so upset with his inability to find Chandler for easy dunks that at half time he spent it looking at films to see what the defence was doing to nullify his attacks. Lin of course does this unconsciously and his mind is racing like a F1 racer while everyone else is crawling. What is apparent to me is that Lin is a transformative player that when given a chance can establish the kind of chemistry in team play that few coaches can ever do and he does it in real time. HOUSTON looked like a well oiled machine compared to the Lakers not because of Mchale, it was the risiidual affect of Lin’s ability to establish winning patterns of play for his teammates. Like knicks, they will lose those patterns over time.

    Let’s hope Kobe realizes this and allows LIN to establish running patterns for each of the Lakers.

  160. I think he should, Kobe and Byron had clearly stated, shoot. If he is not shooting, then they need to really sit down and trash it out till they are on the same page.

    I hope Jeremy has a discussion with them.

  161. Who are the available 3pt shooters besides Lin and Kobe? Wes and Ellington?

  162. I agree with you. Hope that Lakers’ management can see that Hill and Boozer are not doing well and change their plan (if the Lakersground’s speculation is true). For myself, i prefer Boozer go to bench, at least Jordan Hill can run with Lin, if he wants.

  163. That should be a “beep” = ban

  164. Ryan Kelly supposed to be a shooter. Hopefully will be back soon.

  165. Jeremy was so open for 3’s in the last game. Would be nice to see a nice 9 3’s game like against Philadelphia.

  166. haha, I love it!!! Lin basically said I need opportunities to be able to attack, I didn’t have any, guys, how can I be aggressive???

  167. Lakes gives out 3s because they are really weak in paint protection, so perimeter defenders has to sink in. Also the defense theory was help the helper, and heavily rely on rotation in defense, they don’t care whether there is a mismatch, they ask for rotation. Then if you defend all the way to the 3 point line, that means it would be very hard to rotate, and help others. When the opponent team have good ball movement, Laker’s defense could not follow.

    Add to that, Kobe do not defend, that mess up all the rotations. Kobe, Boozer do not go out to challenge 3pt shooters, thus M.Morris was able to shot 5 3s when he was left open all the time.

  168. I just informed LakerNation, Mark Medina and Eric Pincus on the alarming stats on 3PT Made & Allowed, plus Opp. Scoring Margin. Hope they pester Byron more about it.

    @Lakers is
    #1 in 3PTAllowed (14) +
    #2 from LAST in 3PTMade (3.5)
    = LAST in OppAvgScoringMargin (+19)


  169. that part I don’t like, you need to work hard, and you also need to work smart. So they are not working hard, and yet they have lazy ones in their starting line up.

  170. 33.8% 3pt shooting, so don’t expect too much.

  171. What i hope Lin should do is like Dragic, run more of one man fast break, he run once a game of that, hope to see more. I think he could do that. Both Dragic and Wall do that and was great at it.

  172. Nick Young is out. But yes, Ellington is a 3pt specialist. Wes can do so.
    They definitely can make more than 3.5/gm

    It’s the outdated system

  173. Oh? I don’t think they are talking about shooting, I think they are talking about running the offense.

  174. yup, Kobe and Boozer were too slow to even walk to the 3pt line.
    It was almost comical if it wasn’t too sad too watch 🙁

  175. Then Byron would see the ghost of Mike D’Antoni every time he sees JLin :]
    But yeah, that would be fun! I’d be happy with 3 by Lin

  176. I thought was Wu Kong was a monkey =p

  177. The only starter who can run fast break is Wes, if he has a clue what to do. And I remember that ugly fast break fail with Boozer and Price(?).

    Kinda miss Parsons for this. Yeah, yeah, I know…but he is a good fast break partner.

  178. ha.. thats why i was kinda surprised when seeing her on tv.. 🙂

  179. you’re in Kobe’s head

  180. Thanks for sharing, its a great read! *clap^ ^clap*

  181. I’m pretty sure Jeremy wanna give it a go again…in time

  182. its both…

  183. Yes, that’s why I love Lin’s game. I also think that’s why Lin’s game is very difficult to sit well with ISO ball stars. Because Lin needs alpha leadership to be able to sync each teammate’s rhythm.

    I always view Lin’s game beyond just sports. It’s like art to me. Just like what Steven Novak said. Lin’s game is about to let his teammates play out their natural talent. The game becomes natural, easy and fun. It’s very self-satisfactory for the whole team. I sense that Kobe’s approach is completely opposite to Lin’s , Kobe demands others to become what Kobe wants them to become.

    I think that’s the biggest challenge between Lin and Kobe, it’s not a technique issue, it’s a methodology issue.

  184. Nice to finally see @psalm234:disqus doing some work, other than trolling…

    Just kiddin…I trust creating a site like this and posting factual data to FO and fans as a whole, would have positive impact on jeremy. Those are the little things we could positively do for Jeremy as a fan.

    Good Job psalm, and thats the reason we are here on this site as well. *clap clap*

  185. Lin needs others to shine himself; Kobe doesn’t need others to shine individually, although he needs others to get the rings. Each approach has good and bad points, but if I had to choose, I would choose to be Kobe because I can change my attitude and be like Lin if I want to. Kobe does make some very good passes when he wants to; I mean some of his passes were really good and led to easy points for his teammates. If Kobe could be little less selfish, that would help.

  186. Ellington shot better last game. Lets see if he can keep it up.

  187. Then you should have gone to 40/10?! hmmm

    I’m patiently waitin for the day, he crosses the 38

  188. I don’t see it in the log. Disqus account can’t be used to vote (since it’s a 3rd party separate account).
    You’d have to registered with the site account first to connect to the polling system.

    Please go to Top Right on homepage to click the ‘Sign Up’ button if you haven’t done so.

  189. thanx, didn’t know that.

  190. good point :] More concern to help Lakers will paint positive pictures for Lin fans not to just care about Lin’s stats. Good PR strategy indeed.. Thanks, Mak. Now it’s your turn! haha..

    At some point, we should discuss how to have more concerted effort to help Laker so it reflects well to Lin fans.

  191. huh?! I dont have a twitter account….but you can count on, as the season progress, will provide the numbers.

    @TTNN is really good at it as well.

  192. and it wasn’t pretty what I found in Kobe’s head LOL
    I guess we should tweet to him more often, plant some Linning ideas ;>

  193. BTW, I will be missing games (and posting) from 8th onwards…travel assignments… sigh!

  194. np.. you can try to catch highlights from the vid gallery when you can.
    thanks for the heads-up, 1-2 weeks being away?

  195. Would love to visit that site but I can’t read anything in Chinese.

  196. highlights…no way! I havent missed a single game last 2 years.

    Will download and watch them as I get back…not sure of the duration yet

  197. Viewing what teams they are playing for the back to back, it doesnt seem like they have any chance winning anyway. Whats the point for resting in the first gae.

  198. Point is lin need to peactice with the first team at this time. He already has chemistry with the 2nd team?

  199. I was inspired by Michael to find a better chat host. His was okay, but the main drawback of that one was that it did not have user registration, so anyone could be anyone.

    This one I found supports registered users as well as unregistered guests. (I would strongly recommend to register your username, it only takes a few seconds, don’t even need email).

    So help me test this out, we can chat nonsense here before the game. It may take a while to load the page initially, but I believe that the response is fast once you’re in.

    http://e-chat.co/room/33579 (room is called G03 LAC)

  200. Sounds like the Kobe and the Lakers understand Jeremy’s an trying to help him and the team make it work. Much different than the Rockets that made him play away from his game.

    Mark Medina‏@MarkG_Medina
    Jeremy Lin communicating more with Kobe Bryant about roles http://bit.ly/1E8zDuU


    But it appears Lina and Bryant have made some inroads on figuring out their chemistry. Following the Lakers’ double-digit loss on Wednesday to Phoenix, both coach Byron Scott and Bryant implored for Lin to improve his aggressiveness after seeing him go score only a combined 13 points in two games. Bryant also said Lin should not be afraid to run the offense even if Bryant calls for the ball.

    Lakers coach Byron Scott said he’s “not really worried” about Lin’s start and believes he will improve once with more games. But Scott provided a few suggestions. Scott believes Lin picks up his dribble too much and looks over to the sideline too often to call a play.

    “He’s being assertive at times. But at the same time I think he’s thinking too much,” Scott said. “He should go out there, relax as much as possible and play. When he has shots, take his shots. When he has the ability to get to the basket, take it to the basket.”

    Lin has had experience playing with other dominant scorers, such as New York’s Carmelo Anthony and Houston’s James Harden. But Bryant believes he’s “a different breed” because he prefers scoring off the ball in the post. Bryant maintains he only has assumed ball handling duties so he can carry an offense that is still become acquainted with one another.

    “It’s something we talked about,” Lin said about Bryant. “He’s one of the all time greats in scoring. It’s about finding a way to utilize that within the team offense and highlighting that especially toward the end of the games.”

  201. I hope they will have patient with Lin though. Not sure how much time Lin will have. He will need to run the team, even it is not the best way to run it, but still, keep doing it. He need to learn that it is okay he ran a bad play and he could always try again.

    Looks like Jeremy likes to have reassurance that he was doing good or no good, hopefully both Kobe and Byron will give him enough feedbacks so that he would know which way he need to go, rather than stay confused and second guessing.

  202. Yes, Lakers are giving him a chance. Don’t now how long though. He has to grab that chance and make the best of it now as the windows may be open for only a short time. Yes there are problems with Boozer and Hill but he has to come through regardless. Perhaps ignore Scott and unleash a 3 point barrage. Work with Kobe to draw the defenders then have Kobe pass it out for a 3. Looking at Jeremy’s shot chart he likes the left side, he should be there to take kick out for a 3. He was 47% from there last season, maybe better now since working over the summer.

  203. NP, should have paid better attention in English to broaden my vocabulary. 😉

  204. He at least have two games to try. For this back to backs, I don’t think Byron will change his line up,, and maybe not much rotation change either. If Lin could stay out of foul trouble, he should have chances.

    Lin like to play team ball, but that’s also have a draw back, that is he would not be able to play his best when those 5 on the floor are not on the same page. Maybe that’s another reason why superstars and ISO play is still so popular in NBA, with people moving so frequent, sometimes, one need to play by himself, and forget about the guys who do not want to play on the same page with you.

    So basically Kobe said to Lin is, he will need to ignore those guys who do not want to play the same pace with him, and just lead, and score himself, and then those guys will eventually try to match your pace. That’s what Kobe was doing, and he know he could not continue doing that, and was hoping Lin could do that.

    I think Lin will need to change back to his score first PG mentality. Don’t think about him complement other players, but lead and wait till other players complement him. Lin will be an all star if he could do that.

  205. You are way too kind XD.

  206. Lakers shootaround preview with Mike Trudell and Mark Madsen:


  207. Agree without a single runner on the team “that can finish at the rim” besides Lin. The first are giving up several fast-break points a game…not 1, not 2,…All this in exchange for better rim protection, paint protection, perimeter shots, perimeter defense, half-court execution..ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

  208. I think that’s a true assessment of Lin’s current level at the moment that he needs others in order to shine but I believe he can still grow much under the tutelage of Kobe (and hopefully Nash).

  209. a great post as usual …

  210. The plot thickens … heh heh I’m a copycat.

  211. I really has, with a few key personalities with multiple handles. We need to get Kwok, dockers, and a few others here.

  212. when someone allows _sons to be created over and over, you get a community with zombies undead.

  213. I agree too. I think Lin has the potential and needs to be able to create for himself.

  214. Let’s hope the mods here call that out fast and then psalm and Brent will make an executive decision fast.

  215. Lin and the Importance of Kobe as a Mentor and Post-Houston Psychologist
    I was thinking about the fact that Lin said he hasn’t had a chance to have a mentor and Kobe is really the 1st one to take him under his wings. This was a bit unexpected since we thought Nash would be the one to do so (but currently was coping the harsh fact of possible retirement).

    It makes me amazed of how far Lin has gone in is 4 years of career without a mentor! Even Nash had more mentors from his college years up to his first 4 years in the NBA.

    Nash’s journey is the most interesting to compare to Lin because as far as BB IQ, he is the most comparable to Lin in style of play. But even Nash had a chance to play against tough competition in college vs JKidd and GP and went to NCAA tournament a few times although he played in small conference too.

    Being drafted at 15th in the 1st round also gave advantage to Nash because he was seen more as a better prospect for the Suns. He even got a chance to learn from Kevin Johnson, JKidd, Cassell that Lin didn’t have a chance to learn yet behind a great PG in his 4 years of NBA

    I believe we got a glimpse of Lin’s flashes of brilliance and top potential during Linsanity run. With confidence in a system and coach that believes in him, he didn’t hesitate to make mistakes and drain midrange jumpers confidently. His 3PT shooting was not as good then despite the Toronto buzzer-beater. Kobe immediately recognized that Lin has the skills and clutch genes to be a cold-blooded killer on court after his 38pt game but Lin simply didn’t have the opportunities.

    It will be interesting if Kobe can help Lin to become fearless once again after the Houston treatment. Kobe probably knows it will take some time to get Lin back to his old NY self, fearless to attack.

    I’m just glad that Kobe recognized what Lin has inside him and is taking a lot of time to teach him what he saw on the court.

    Looking back at the 38pt game, I see Kobe taking the role as a mentor and post-Houston psychologist is a good thing, a really good thing ..for Jeremy. Perhaps we’ll get back our fearless Jeremy Lin in NY and have Kobe to thank for. I still can’t get over the fact that Kobe was talking to Lin for a good 5-6 min after he sat down on bench. Kobe didn’t do the same to other players. That’s a really good sign that Kobe really believes and has invested his time in mentoring and healing Lin.

  216. It’s interesting as you say. Kobe going from … “I don’t know who you’re talking about” paraphrase to now being his mentor. It really says something about institutional support for our boy J. Time for us to be confident he’s ok, and with acbc’s post, this session of working it out will be easier to weather.

    Tell you one thing, I had JLin last year in fantasy. He has some very bad HOU minutes due to usage, but I lived with that. This year, I’d better get him for the numbers!

  217. I think Kobe see’s that Lin is the key to the Lakers season. Kobe knows he can’t do it all and with his mileage he doesn’t even want to try and get injured again. The only team transforming player on the team is Jeremy Lin. If he has a bad season the Lakers are sunk. If he has a great season and returns to NYK form they could sneak into the playoffs.

  218. It’s really quite surprising turn of events for me because I thought Kobe’s game is different than Lin’s but perhaps Kobe saw and respected the ‘assassin’ gene from that 38pt game. It’s like a kungfu master trying to awaken the talent hidden in his protege after getting kidnapped by secret organization :]

    Yeah, hope your fantasy numbers will get better. So you’ll play Lin in the lineup tonight?

  219. USA Today: Kobe Bryant mentally prepared for Lakers frustration


    “he has decided that newly-acquired point guard Jeremy Lin will be the one to help him and the Lakers get out.”

    “Now the challenges become turning Jeremy into a championship point guard, a floor general, right? And the rest of the guys having a championship spirit. That’s the challenge.”

  220. Thanks! Really give us all the hopes for our boy will flourish in this org. Initially it seems like it is worse for JLin to play alongside with Kobe. But now pray that JLin learns his role and niche and adjusts/adapts it well soon. Getting excited to see what he will do in Game 3:-) Don’t expect a win but more look at how JLin takes/absorbs the challenge.

  221. I’m glad you’re talent in good-trolling Linspired real-dsb :>
    Soon we’ll have real-dsb trolling. And that scares me … lol

  222. This is a very good sign that they’re talking. Interesting that Kobe wants Lin to deny giving Kobe the ball if Lin doesn’t think that’s good. That will take some convincing on Kobe’s part after years with Harden and Melo haha… “Are you sure? No, are you really, really SURE?”

    I hope we get to see fearless Lin makes at least 5TOs because that means 10+assists and a win :> But perhaps it will take 2-3 games to get there.

  223. I’m gonna do a little dance :> Then a big one after the 1st big game ..haha..
    Thanks for the link!

  224. yeah, I want to see Lin take up Kobe’s offer and whip the passes even if it results in some TOs :>

  225. Well, I hope Kobe will not only be the zen master with the white beard, but also be the copilot in defeating the scoundrels that show up. For him to do that, he has to start looking to leverage his team and Lin when he’s under pressure, for the win. Maybe, just maybe Lin’s humble style will fit Kobe’s redemption path. In the past, you have your normal NBA egos, so Kobe just met force with force.

    Maybe Kobe thinks he’s mentoring Lin, but really, Lin is leading him to be a better team player through either Christian, Asian, or Lin path of low key dragon.

  226. Or just take those wide open 3’s when Kobe draws the triple team. Of course that’s dependent on Kobe passing the ball out to Lin at the 3 point line. But they do it enough times they will stop triple teaming Kobe and make it easier for Kobe too. Can’t depend on passing it to Boozer though. 8 turn overs! SMH

  227. Yo, why isn’t everybody posting about the Giant’s World Series celebration lol.

  228. Good night

  229. 6hrs late = =

  230. that’s what the Disqus hangout is for! =)

  231. hey Michael, you still in the e-chat? I wanted to test something if you’re there

  232. This is a chicken and the egg question of importance. We all may feel that Lin needs to score more to establish his alpha role on the team. But I agree with the way Lin does it.

    Look at how Kobe scores and dominate the flow of the play. How would that be different if Lin did it, if he started to look for his own first. Lin would be like Westbrook, sure he’s a “star”, but will he elevate his teamates or take opportunities for them to shine. I don’t worry about LIN becoming a “star”. Bruce Lee used to teach that he’d back away from a fight if it had no meaning other than establish who is alpha. He was confident enough in himself to say “I don’t need to know that, I don’t need everyone else to know it as well”. Lin to me is just like that and it amazes me that he has such maturity at such a young age.

    It must start with intent. Lin is and always will be a team player first. I believe in that way because, the team will start to win when everyone knows how to run plays. Simple things begins to establish a pattern of rising enthusiasm. The bigs started to run down court because they started to get long outlet passes, like the one the other night when Lin handed off a pass up the middle and the big with speed drove to the basket for an easy score. There is nothing more invigorating to a team than knowing that they can feast on easy opportunities. They start running and slashing when they know that someone will look for them. The team will start to win when guys are hustling down court and moving through their own ideal set patterns. The team will win when 4-5 guys have over 10-15 ppg.

    Lin is and always will be mr 4th quarter because he will start by establishing who is on and who isn’t and who he can count on for the clutch touches later. He’ll always only start to go into dragon mode when he knows the game is on the line and he needs to push the team into a win. He did it in Houston and in NYC.

  233. Well you already have 2 mod-trolls @brentyen:disqus and @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus so…

  234. http://e-chat.co/room/33579

    Michael and I tested the e-chat and it was really fast, almost instantaneous. If more people want to help test it, we could get a better feel of the response when it’s busier.

  235. Here’s a detailed review on e-chat’s features:

    – very fast response (less than 1 second for msg to show up)
    – registered users as well as unregistered guests
    – can create rooms (can be unlisted)
    – moderator can ban users (no word filter though)
    – embeddable into other sites (didn’t try it though)
    – nice clean interface
    – lightweight, no flash, no java
    – free, hosted on external server

    – sometimes it can take a long time to load the room initially (but then it’s fast once you’re in)
    – no integration with other site logins (WordPress, Disqus, etc)

  236. Thx for testing. You reminded me of 1 other remotely hosted that i also tested. Perhaps we can test a few in next pregame threads

  237. daa-aim … half the Giant’s celebration is in Spanish. This is cool! Soon, Jlin will be speaking Mandarin on the NBA stage I know. Keep practicing, Jeremy! You’re doing great. Waaay better than the Mandarin spoken in the Joy Luck Club by Ming Na,now she’s so famous.

  238. You should do the little dance now while a big dance is coming soon. You will need to film and show it to us then:-)

  239. One more thing you can click on a users name and initiate a private chat, just in case you wanted to troll that special someone.

  240. so byron scott says the same things i say and kobe thinks jeremy is the key for a good season, just like i do. i think that is a step forward. now the challenge is to find the chemistry between kobe and jeremy. but most of all jeremy has to leave behind 2 years of yelling and all the bad words he received in houston. he must play free, fearless. i think he’ll take time but he’ll get there.

  241. lol Give Boozer a little break,will you. He did well on Game 1. All starters weren’t doing well including Kobe himself. He scored lots but not helping the team. If Boozer persists with so many TOs and not do well in the next few games, then we can start to bash him. Give him some slack just like we give JLin. This is the growing pain for everyone in this new Lakers team. They need time to be gel together.

  242. Agree. We hope to see major improvement in today’s game:-) Positive Melody speaking and no longer gloom and doom Melody. Return to have a high hope for JLin and Lakers now:-)

  243. lol. Woke up about 3 hours ago. Slept about 4 hrs. Hopefully today’s Lakers game will wake me up rather than put me to sleep:-)

  244. Thanks for the kind thought lol

  245. Thanks! Didn’t sleep much as it was well over my bed time when I laid down:-( Yes I need JLin and Lakers to do well to keep awake. Otherwise I might take a long nap in game time:-)

  246. public service announcement: NBA League Pass is free through Nov 4. The free trial is great, you don’t even have to give them your credit card (like most free trials where if you forget to cancel, they start billing you).

  247. Jeremy Lin prayer requests update:

    Hey everyone,

    Thanks for signing up for the prayer list!! I really, really appreciate the fact that you guys are willing to pray for me. In Philippians 4:6 it says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer
    and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Prayer is such a powerful thing that unites believers worldwide so Im thankful that you guys are supporting me in such a powerful way!

    For me to play every game with a pure heart: to give God my best effort, fully play for Him and trust Him with the results

    For me to see everyday as God’s blessing and to find joy and peace regardless of life’s circumstances
    For full and speedy recoveries for our injured players, especially Julius Randle
    For our team to increase in cohesiveness and team chemistry, as well as turning around the rough start to the season
    For the salvation of players, staff and members of Lakers organization and that they’d be receptive to the Gospel message
    For the city of LA to realize the fleetingness of material and worldly success, as well as their need for Jesus Christ

    Thanks and God bless!


  248. Do you have someone in mind?

  249. Whoa, convert Sin City. That’s a prayer request for the ages! Lin is so modestly ambitious …

  250. This is where I go to get the free watching if anyone is interested:-)

  251. lol blubell or Isabel

  252. I want to see JLin bypass Kobe if it isn’t a good shot and also yell at him when he goes to Kobe mode:-) I’ll be shock when I see it happens:-)

  253. you could also add people in your ignore list, and you will not see their chat

  254. Thanks JT

  255. someone’s going to make the game thread, right? I probably will be out until close to game time.

  256. My continuing point is that Lin has to be able to change back and forth, depending on his teammates and opponents. He seems to be too insistent in trying to do it one way. Believe me, I know what you are talking about — that synergy created, etc. — but Lakers starters are slow guys who are just trying to get through games. With Lakers, it is not going to make a difference whether Lin goes into a dragon mode during 4th quarter because they will be too far behind. He has to turn it on from 1st quarter. Again, I know what you are saying, but that kind of playing mode is NOT going to work with Lakers. I see this very clearly. Not trying to be negative, but I see this very clearly, so I keep emphasizing this point.

    Lin had several weapons at his disposal with Knicks: Chandler who protected the middle and did alley-oops (Landry Fields also), Novak who knocked down 3s, Jeffrey who set good picks and calmed everyone down, and Schumpert who played gritty D. With Lakers, only Davis might be equivalent to Chandler’s role. You are talking about toothless tiger here, so Lin has to use his own teeth.

  257. Im gonna be honest, I cant find the strength to watch this game XD
    I’m having a very stressful week as it is, I know this game wont help matters.
    Clippers always give Jeremy a hard time and with the way the Lakers are playing right now…nope. Im just gonna follow the boxscore and your comments.

  258. I feel ya. Same here. I’m too chicken to watch. If that makes me a bad fan then so be it. Still rooting for J.

  259. rhymes with trent

  260. It’s ok if you can’t summon the strength yet :]
    The key is to adjust our expectations properly.

    In 2 games, it’s clear that Jeremy is still trying to find his role with the starters. He thought he should complement Kobe and be primary facilitator for his teammates but Kobe actually wants him to be aggressive like he did in NY, not deferring and afraid to make mistakes as it has been drilled to him in Houston in the past 2 years.

    So it’s good that Kobe and Lin talked but it would take time to mesh together as a team. I expect Jeremy to score more than 7 or 6 points, shoot more than 5 FG attempts. If it’s 12pts/5asts, that’s good improvement. If it’s 15+pts, we can celebrate :>

    Lakers will most likely lose again since they haven’t fixed their defense yet but it’s okay. As long as we see improvements from Jeremy and support from Kobe, that’s the goal for this game. Even if it didn’t happen, as long as Jeremy had a chance to run his offense that’s also an improvement.

    Hopefully that helps to calm the nerves. Oh yeah, don’t forget the take deep breaths 7 times :]

  261. No worries. You are fine. It won’t be too late to join us in watching the game when JLin is doing well:-)

  262. let me work on it because I’ll be on and off later

  263. lol u really speak my mind. That’s what I have adjusted myself to since Game 2. Believe I will enjoy more this game. Any improvement I’ve seen from JLin is a celebration for me:-)

  264. lol, how Kobe teach Jeremy.


  265. yup, it’s all about managing expectations. You better hurry to go to Game Thread :]

  266. I’m afraid with a big shot blocker like D’Andre Jordan and the Lakers don’t have a legitimate 5 its going to be tough for Jeremy to attack the paint. Hope his shooting is on today he’ll need it. Hoping for the best but prepared for the worst.

  267. Kobe understands Lin was treated badly by his former teammates. I like and respect Kobe more everyday, especially he seems to care about Lin’s future.

    Kobe on Lin: He's got so much potential, Bryant told @USATODAYsports . But he's never had a teammate or an organization push him to be that.— linspiredinla (@linspiredinca) November 4, 2014

  268. I am planning to check the boxscore and come here to read comments. If Lin has good game and Lakers are winning first half, then I will log in ballstreams .

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