G03 [email protected] Postgame Thread

Brent’s take

This is the 1st “not a blowout” game we saw. A loss that filled with positives. Let’ me put some observations on Lin only here.

  • Lin got 17p 9a 4to in 35mins as a floor general. He waved off Kobe and sank a 3 in front of CP3’s face at one point. He was aware of the help defense would be coming for Kobe if he passed the ball. This shows how good Lin was in terms of having the control.
  • Finally saw 2 floaters from Lin who floated it up against DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin. Lin got blocked a couple of times, but I think that is good for him. It is totally ok to be blocked, the more Lin tried, the sooner he will realize what kind of timing/spacing/angle works and what will not.
  • Lin have shown us how CP3 rack up assists. If you have capable shooters (like Jordan Hill), most likely you are going to have a lot of assists. CP3 also got 2 bigs that he can just throw the ball in the air and need not to worry about it becoming a TOV. Not dissing CP3, because he is best at finding those openings, no doubt about it.
  • PPL think Scott should have brought Lin in earlier, maybe. But I think that was a good rotation pattern. Both Lin and Kobe’s minutes are very reasonable. This is about if the whole team can execute the plan or not. Not just about Lin or Kobe. Spurs have very good bench to win the championships, LAL need some basic ability of executing the plan FROM ALL ROTATIONAL PLAYERS to make the play off.
  • Lin and the bigs are still no completely in sync, let’s hope after few more games of Lin leading the show. Bigs will finally get it.

All in all, a great game to watch, lots of improvements to cheer about. I would give Lin a A- .