G03 [email protected] Game Thread

Kobe said Lin should not be afraid to run the offense if Kobe calls for the ball.
  • Will Jeremy drive to the basket more? Will he shoot more than 5 FG attempts?
  • And what is Jeremy’s plan to get comfortable and communicate with his teammates?
  • Will his teammates get better to run Pick-and-Roll offense and Princeton sets? If not, will Jeremy try to take over next to Kobe as Kobe himself suggested?

It won’t be perfect but I expect there will be progress to be made in team chemistry. Plus the Lakers can’t afford to let Clippers shoot high% from 3pt-land (46% in the last 2 games) to have a competitive game. A close loss would be a great progress.

“Jeremy Lin communicating more with Kobe Bryant about roles”, Mark Medina

Bryant also said Lin should not be afraid to run the offense even if Bryant calls for the ball.

It appears that has opened up dialogue between Bryant and Lin as the Lakers (0-2) enter tonight’s contest against the Clippers in a designated home game at Staples Center.

“I have to get comfortable,” Lin said. “The biggest thing is the communication. There are some things I need to do better for sure and run the team better. There are some ways the team can help me and create a system or structure to have that opportunity to do what I do best. We’re in communication with that.”

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