G03 [email protected] Game Thread

Kobe said Lin should not be afraid to run the offense if Kobe calls for the ball.
  • Will Jeremy drive to the basket more? Will he shoot more than 5 FG attempts?
  • And what is Jeremy’s plan to get comfortable and communicate with his teammates?
  • Will his teammates get better to run Pick-and-Roll offense and Princeton sets? If not, will Jeremy try to take over next to Kobe as Kobe himself suggested?

It won’t be perfect but I expect there will be progress to be made in team chemistry. Plus the Lakers can’t afford to let Clippers shoot high% from 3pt-land (46% in the last 2 games) to have a competitive game. A close loss would be a great progress.

“Jeremy Lin communicating more with Kobe Bryant about roles”, Mark Medina

Bryant also said Lin should not be afraid to run the offense even if Bryant calls for the ball.

It appears that has opened up dialogue between Bryant and Lin as the Lakers (0-2) enter tonight’s contest against the Clippers in a designated home game at Staples Center.

“I have to get comfortable,” Lin said. “The biggest thing is the communication. There are some things I need to do better for sure and run the team better. There are some ways the team can help me and create a system or structure to have that opportunity to do what I do best. We’re in communication with that.”

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  1. I’m first? where is everybody?

  2. First again?

  3. Darn, I would’ve had it but for some reason Chrome logged me out of Disqus.

  4. 3 the best!

  5. May the Lakers, especially Lin, rain the 3s on the Clippers tonight!

  6. I subscribed to JLin’s prayer request, and got an email from him (or maybe someone from his camp):

    On Friday, October 31, 2014 7:01 PM, Jeremy Lin wrote:

    Hey everyone,

    Thanks for signing up for the prayer list!! I really, really appreciate the fact that you guys are willing to pray for me. In Philippians 4:6 it says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Prayer is such a powerful thing that unites believers worldwide so Im thankful that you guys are supporting me in such a powerful way!

    For me to play every game with a pure heart: to give God my best effort, fully play for Him and trust Him with the results

    For me to see everyday as God’s blessing and to find joy and peace regardless of life’s circumstances

    For full and speedy recoveries for our injured players, especially Julius Randle

    For our team to increase in cohesiveness and team chemistry, as well as turning around the rough start to the season

    For the salvation of players, staff and members of Lakers organization and that they’d be receptive to the Gospel message

    For the city of LA to realize the fleetingness of material and worldly success, as well as their need for Jesus Christ

    Thanks and God bless!


  7. Goooooo Lin! I still believe you can overcome this new obstacle…just believe in yourself and do what needs to be done!!

  8. Trick-or-Treat night … go JLin! Scare those Clippers!

  9. lol. i like that

  10. wow, wolves and rubio reached agreement. 4 years with 56 mio

  11. and watch out CP3’s arms swinging around to trick defenders in order to get foul calls!!!

  12. They are going to wear the sleeved jersey.


  13. lol I’m working on my assessment. Would like to get it done before the game:-)

  14. praying that lin and team do well tonight.✌

  15. hay, any link to the chat?

  16. How come at the chat box I do not see “type your message”?

  17. at the bottom, but you need to login

  18. log in from where?

  19. I don’t have that “triangle” to log in and no place to type message at the bottom.

  20. Happy Halloween guys! awooooo!

  21. You would need to login as a member using Top Menu to join the chat.

  22. Logged in. Thanks.

  23. Cool! 🙂

  24. Just came back from Trick or treat…haha poor kiddos….all candy belong to their daddy…..hehehe

  25. Sweet!!!!

  26. Way to go @brentyen:disqus the kids trick-or-treated hard for those candies….and you’ll just sit there and eat them… smh


  27. FWIW, I just don wanna waste it. I usually give them all to my friends…

  28. So you’re the trick-or-treat troll now? lol

  29. this game is blacked out on LP? =(

  30. nope. it’s working..

  31. The Lakers and Lin are gonna improve this game. I just know it!

  32. are you in the U.S.? maybe different blackout rules

  33. canada. I usually get black out too..

  34. do we have to wait for conclusion of CLE CHI game before Lakers game starts?

  35. woohoo… 3!!!!!!!

  36. Lin just had a 3!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. That Lin 3 should open his game..

  38. Lin for 3!!!!

  39. here’s my tip for doing disqus + chat. Pop chat out to its own window. Make Disqus the left half of screen. Make Chat the right half of the screen. (Windows tip use WIN+Left or WIN+Right).

  40. Swish

  41. LIN TO

  42. LIN TO2

  43. LIN Assist

  44. please don’t tie again CLE/CHI, I want to watch the Lakers!

  45. I’m so embarrassed for the Lakers FC

  46. Get Davis in there.

  47. how are you guys watching the game?

  48. Ballstream

  49. nbaliveonline

  50. Time Warner cable

  51. Crystal ball

  52. but it’s just showing the CLE/CHI game!

  53. What? In my stream the Lakes/Clip are already viewable

  54. ok, I guess it depended on which one of the links you use. Most of them still had CLE/CHI

  55. Davis in.

  56. finally switched to Lakers. [email protected]#!

  57. Down 13 already??

  58. You have to thank the Clips bigs for that…

  59. coast to coast!

  60. No surprise there

  61. Defense is so bad.

  62. Ellington in good need some 3 point shooting

  63. Lakers bigs are like tofu compared to Griffin

  64. How is Lin doing inspite
    of the box score?

  65. thanks

  66. Not bad. Quite aggressive in terms of offensive. Just the others don’t shoot well.

  67. Is that a floater?

  68. Well at least some consolation.

  69. Looks a bit better than the first two games…so far.

  70. Like the aggressiveness of JLin. So happy he has found his role.

  71. To me it looks much better. So glad that they play more like a team now.

  72. Motion picks up in half court at once, when Hill and Boozer are out.

  73. If the Lakers can make defense work and some offensive power added (swap Hill and Boz with Davis and some big) , I think they still got a chance at playoff.

  74. Yes, It is so obvious. I don’t get why Scott is so insisting on both.

  75. running jump shot

  76. sluggish start with TO. he gets better afterward. good defense. Reddick is hot right now…

  77. LIn outscores Kobe in the quarter?? Blasphemy!!

  78. Haunted house on our neighborhood. I want scared lol.

  79. free LP for now..

  80. For Paint protection…my nose just grew 2 feet.

  81. Hey ij, wanted to say I found out about arnel pineda today. Is he a jlin too?

  82. Same night?

  83. On TV

  84. Go lakers

  85. Not bad start for Lin in Q1. 7 pts, 3-6 fg, 1-2 3pt, 2 ast, 2 to, 1 stl, 2 reb, -11.

    He’s already matched his season high!

  86. Thanks. Did not see Lin doing that before.

  87. Season high… lol

  88. I am beginning to think Hill is really hurt. Didn’t someone say he had a neck injury? He is slow and barely bends his knees.

  89. Look likes Lin takes Kobe’s advice to chuck 20 shots, if it goes in this rate. Great! At least his % is higher than most of the team.

  90. Shouldn’t the Lakers trainer know that if that’s the case?

  91. The bench’s defense is better than the starters’.

  92. more in 2012 I think

  93. Seems like there is improvement in that the Lakers are committing less fouls.

  94. Are they staggering Kobe and Lin?

  95. only for 1 minute.

  96. Take it back. Lin is still not in. Yes. I think so.

  97. OMG

  98. I didn’t know Asik was on the Lakers this year

  99. butterfingers.. sigh

  100. OMG 2 for Wes

  101. showing some life here. 6 points difference. They are beginning to get it.

  102. Lakers needs to keep it close!

  103. Keep shooting those 3’s

  104. I’m impressed with Lakers. They do well thus far.

  105. Lakers within 3, actually staying competitive for now

  106. Should try to get Griffin into foul trouble in 2nd half.

  107. That was an awesome play. Lin sets the screen for Kobe. Kobe uses the screen, draws 2 defenders, passes to Lin. Lin immediately gets doubled/trapped. But Lin didn’t panic. Clippers feared an easy bucket and one defender pulled back. Lin attacked CP3, got past him into the lane, threw a couple fakes and shot a high jumper over DeAndre.

  108. WOW didn’t expect Lakers to do much better than I believe it will. Keep it up JLin and Lakers. Go Go Go

  109. So far so good. Once Lakers push Griffin to pick his 4th foul early on in the 3rd Q, it’s good for Lin.

  110. Wes is terrible.

  111. nice one..composed

  112. The progress is good for the lakers tonight!!

  113. Even if they lose at the end, if they can keep it close, it is good progress.

  114. Hope L A can keep it close in the 2nd half and pull off an upset.

  115. Lin at the half: 9 pts, 4-8 fg, 1-3 3pt, 2 reb, 4 ast, 1 stl, 3 to. Lakers only down by 6 at the half.

    Already a season high in pts! =)

  116. Did we see a floater?

  117. That certainly was…a nice one

  118. Offense!

  119. Offense?

  120. LOL. Yes.

  121. Yes.

  122. At halftime..

  123. that was a good one, we all saw it.. he played quite aggresively tonite. gogogo Jeremy~~~

  124. AS usual CP3 will try to foul Lin out in the 2nd half

  125. Phew .. so relieved to see Clippers only shot 7-21 (33%) from 3PT land.
    That’s why the game is close at half-time

  126. Good things happen when you let Lin run the offense.

  127. LAL shooting 50% (20/40)

  128. I still missed his fancy move, pass, etc..

  129. First time this season I saw contending … hope 2nd half continues to go well for this team.

  130. As I said, I cannot watch the game but Im ecstatically surprised they’re only down 6.
    I expected a 40pt blowout by now.
    And am I reading this correctly…Jeremy used his FLOATER? sweet mother of god, we might actually be getting somewhere! :’)

  131. haha nice fake by Lin on CP3 for the floater!

  132. haha 63-62 LAL leading

  133. He’s got some good D on him once he beats his first move, so that floater was a nice surprise.

  134. Wow I consider this a win already

  135. LAL looked unstoppable on offense.
    It’s good that LAL and LAC are in the bottom 1 and 2 in Points Allowed :]

  136. Just tuned in after kid went trick or treatin. Wow!

  137. Lin for 3333333333333333333333!!!!!

  138. Wow.. MAmba’s reverse layup!!

  139. I can not believe my eyes…

  140. 5 pt lead!!!!

  141. yesss finally

  142. It’s Kobe and Jeremy show!!!

  143. LAL made 7 straight to take 5pt lead. 72-67!!
    Lin is running the offense all right!

    Nice 1-2 with Kobe 😀

  144. This is the Lin/Kobe combo we want to see! Awesome

  145. I will be super happy even if they end up losing by 30

  146. It is already a win to me!!!!

  147. Rush Hour! !

  148. Master troll.

  149. They should keep attacking Griffin.

  150. i am not at home and i cant see the game. i am very happy that you guys are watching a good show! keep updating here please

  151. reverse jinx! 😀

  152. don say it! lol

  153. If I reverse jinx again, where are we at?

  154. is that Hill or Lamarcus?

  155. Lakers Nation @LakersNation 7 minutes ago
    Linsanity has arrived.

  156. Keep attacking their bigs

  157. When Chris Paul reached in with his arms to harass Lin on defense, Lin should have done the rip move and picked up a cheap foul just like CP does.

  158. Who are the commentators?

  159. I will always remember when 2 yrs ago CP3 did that to Lin and get a TOV. CP3 was so mad afterward.

  160. Ryan Ruocco and Brent Barry on LP

  161. Haha yeah… CP3 does cry a lot..

  162. Asgard.

  163. are they good to lin?

  164. Are they good to Lin?

  165. I’m liking the endgame, wonder if Kobe or Lin get a rest, if the Bigs will foul out, etc.

  166. WOW HI 5!!

  167. Lin running the second team

  168. Ryan really likes Lin but maybe tries to stay neutral when commentating, Brent I don’t know… more star friendly I guess.

  169. Ell, Sacre, Clarkson

  170. brent, keep updating me pls. i am not at home! cant watch the game

  171. Ryan used to host a show with Robin Lundberg before. Both are Lin believers.

  172. hahaha. high 5.

  173. bad drive by Lin, he can’t jump with no angle to shoot/pass. Just got to pull it down and dribble back around.

  174. I like this new jersey.

  175. Should have thrown a floater.

  176. Looks like Jeremy will get a double double.

  177. He will have to do those more, not that it is good. I mean that is the only way to time the bigs, just for gaining experiences

  178. Did Hill hear all my criticism XD.

  179. seriously, it is a lucky charm jersey. should where it every game

  180. Liking the mentality of the 2nd unit … not giving it up.

  181. and Brent’s lol

  182. I see Jeremy has had 0 FTs, is he not getting calls or genuinely not getting fouled?

  183. I will only say this once. Thank you Brent.

  184. clarkson plays only 3 mins up to now? what is up with that?

  185. Lin after 3 quarters: 14 pts, 6-11 fg, 2-5 3pt, 3 reb, 9 ast, 2 st, 4 to.

  186. Jeremy double double watch!

  187. he has a good game so far with your push

  188. I just saw Woodson on the Clippers Assistant Coach bench?

  189. He was not seaking it

  190. YES

  191. hope lakers win. it will be karma

  192. That would be so cool. How old are you five?

  193. I like Lin is collecting good and bad plays for himself. TOVS will be cut down once you get more reps…you take out the bad one and keep doing the good one.

  194. just like Lebron, Lin is having a bounceback game =)

  195. I’m lovin it go baby

  196. dunno, but now I’m just waiting for Lin and Kobe to come back to close this out.

  197. LAL really need to watch the PFs

  198. clarkson is a really bad defender

  199. Jeremy for Double-Double!!!

  200. lol rookies

  201. Guess what my lucky charm is? Tell you when it is over.

  202. Good long 3 by Clarkson!

  203. Kobe is back

  204. It’s ok, he gave a foul and he has a few to burn – stopped an easy 2.

  205. Brent and Michael, looks like Sacre can use your criticisms.

  206. lol

  207. Sacre is horrible.

  208. The clippers have great assistants: Mike Woodson, Lawrence Frank, Sam Cassell

  209. I like what he did the first 3 quarters though.

  210. Buck up guys….Q4 start not been good

  211. This is the real JHill…comes to play today

  212. Hill is having a monstrous game

  213. Can the game please just end now already!!
    *hyperventilates into paper bag*

  214. hahah we wish we wish…but not before the double double

  215. where is Lin? he is not at the bench

  216. he is in now

  217. ok

  218. Finally, Lin back in with 6.5 min left

  219. hill is hot tnite.. keep the lead, plz.:)

  220. he has 5 fouls now. so is ed. boozer 4

  221. Let’s go, Jeremy!!!

  222. ALL the bigs are at foul trouble…Kobe and Jeremy need to pick up some fouls

  223. this is ShowTime :]

  224. Great setup for end game heroics … best game so far this year!

  225. Keep aggressive Jeremy. Don’t just start throwing it in to Kobe.

  226. Just got off work and haven’t been able to watch the game. Lin’s box score looks decent, but can someone give me a quick summary of his contribution? I saw they were down by 10 or so before. Was Lin a crucial part of the come back? Thanks!

  227. Lin and Kobe been doing all the hard work and Hill is benefiting from open shots

  228. yes. … 7-8 straight made shots by Lakers.. Lin kept finding Hill, give-and-go with Kobe, got assist from Kobe on his 3 too

  229. Wow! Sweet! Thanks for the update!

  230. Thanks! Man, now my heart is beating really quick because if they win it’ll be so much sweeter!

  231. Interesting, Kobe guards CP3 and Lin guards Redick

  232. To save Kobe

  233. My favorite color tonight.

  234. The bigs are gonna foul out….the replacements need to be ready to take the load

  235. That was what it was at the start too. However, JJ was running wild around screens and hit open shots and Lin was having trouble

  236. lol

  237. sweet baby best shot of the game!

  238. LIN!!!

  239. Lin off-balance 3!!!!!!!!! My goodness!

  240. Kobe and JLin hug huddle!

  241. And he hits a 3!

  242. Koberemy is real :’)

  243. I’m going to say LAC are getting the calls.

  244. i know bad shot…..but missed the shoulder to shoulder hug

  245. Wow… refs…

  246. darn ref

  247. That’s a big FOUL by DeANDRE Jordan!!!
    REfs are bought by CP3!

  248. DJ should have found out on that.

  249. DeAndre should have been fouled out!

  250. cool!!! foul on CP!!!

  251. That’s one bad shot by Kobe

  252. comeone…some dumb moves…but as long as they are playing hard…i’m fine

  253. If I didn’t know Lin and Griff get along swell, I’d be a bit po’d

  254. game is too close…LAL need to pull away like NOW

  255. yeah sorry but he can’t ‘lose’ the ball like that :]

  256. Maybe they do, Griffin gave Lin a call.

  257. is jeremy going to get free throws after the timeout?

  258. Yes.

  259. gave back 2 pts, ha ha.

  260. I marked myself as Spam :]

  261. thanks. Just following game on gamecast.

  262. One Thing he Team and Scott need to realize is that they are taking the shots way too early when there is still time on the clock. Its been such the last 3 games..

    Hope the Coaches sees that. I would rather see some extra 2 or 3 passes or a pass back….the forced shot like Kobe did earlier…is not necessary when the clock has 5s

  263. Kobe cold Jeremy got to take over

  264. Seems I was wrong sorry XD.

  265. That;s one big 3 by Ellington to tie the game 109-109

  266. neck to neck here

  267. defense!!!

  268. lin didn’t get one assist in this quarter. did he stop his aggressiveness?

  269. 3 pt lead for LAC

  270. Sort of….

  271. no, he came in 6.5, and they’ve been working the post.

  272. 21.3 seconds left down 3.
    Who’s gonna take the last shot? Kobe or … even Lin?

  273. Even if the Lakers lose I’m still going to be happy. Lin seems to have found his groove and the team is starting to work well together. I can see a lot of potential from now forward.

  274. OT?

  275. if its last shot then it need to be a 3

  276. Ellinton?

  277. Too bad Nash isn’t there 🙁

  278. yeah one game at a time…as long as we see improvement…thats all good

  279. oh man. i want them to win 1 so bad

  280. missedit

  281. Too bad. Lakers is losing.

  282. tough!!!

  283. Which ever way it goes…its all good news for LAL and Jeremy

  284. Down 5 with 15 seconds to go.

  285. I’d say the refs helped out Clips by not fouling out DJ when he smacked Lin down. That’s no DJ and a 4pt differential.

  286. thats part of the game and NBA…it is what it is…we have seen thruout NBA…at times we get calls and others not

  287. Lakers will lose, I think. 5 pts down with 15 seconds left.
    Hope Lin gets his 10th assist

  288. improving each game.. tmrw’s game wil be better.. 🙂

  289. I’m not whining, it just felt like a series of whistles for Clips.

  290. is it a home game?

  291. Aw man, they were so close 🙁
    This wouldve been a huge confidence booster, I hope it still is for them. They played great against a contender who had the refs on their side.

  292. I want that too but seem like unlikely to happen. Lost!

  293. yes, that’s a 4pt swing. Ref took it away.
    DeAndre should have fouled out

  294. Result 118-111. Lakers lost the game!

  295. Good Game folks…..we outta be happy for the team, hard plays…good ball movement for 3Qs, good team play. Jeremy and Kobe was superb. Kobe played alot unselfishly

  296. Jeremy’s clutch 3.

  297. So proud of JLin and Lakers tonight. They play like a very good and high level team.

  298. Good game.

  299. yeah…i was fisting as well

  300. Need to see this for the next few games .

  301. If only someone didn’t say they would lose by 30.

  302. Lets see if they keep it going….slow and steady wins the race

  303. Light years better this game all around. Be ready for the next one.

  304. It’s a close loss. But Lin with 17pt/9ast is a great progress!
    Lakers played like a real team now 🙂

    No shame in this loss. Ref did their part to give favorable calls to Clippers.
    Lakers only missed on the execution down the line. That can be improved later.
    Things are really looking up 🙂

  305. Wow, did not realize they have another back-to-back. That’s a brutal schedule!

  306. JLin is exceeding my expectation! He is 17 pts and 9 assists. He did play very very well.

  307. Still deferring too much to Kobe at the end though. And he choked.

  308. i had 25/8!!! :(…but still happy the way he played…its A to A- for me

  309. Lin got deprived of his 3. Could have been a 20pt/8ast+ game. Move forward.

  310. As the announcers said, the play was designed for Kobe not JLin. In time it will. Kobe is still The BOSS!

  311. Does anyone of a gif of DJ hacking Lin at the end there?

  312. Look on the bright side. It wasn’t Lin missing that 3. Or it could’ve been him making it. Who knows.

  313. hahahaha Mine is 16/7 I believe:-) You can’t fly too high from 2 low games:-) Am just glad that JLin finds his role and niche for this game. He really overcomes his “struggle” very quickly this time.

  314. Kobe is the man so he gets to be the hero.
    Over time, Lin might the call if Kobe approves or retires

  315. Losing a close game is often expected of a team that hasn’t played together much. The Cavs should have actually lost to the Bulls if not for a few favorable calls by the refs.

    As Kobe and the team trust Lin more and more, I’m really excited to see how things will improve now. Hopefully this game put a fire in the rest of them.

  316. What Lin did was definitely right for now. But as the season progresses, I hope Lin will try other tactics first before just handing it off to Kobe. I feel that if he had tried to drive or draw defenders away, then he could have helped Kobe or anyone else getting a better shot.

  317. Darn you refs!!

  318. he got Kobe and coaches’s support. That’s huge.

  319. Yep. Didn’t expect to find the “solution” so quickly. Thought it might take few more games and they will lose big tonight but it didn’t until refs took the game from them. With no call on JLin for being hammer by DeAndre Jordan. You can see everywhere it says so and he should foul out. Then the whole game ends in different story.

  320. new thread

  321. Please repost in postgame. Tks!

  322. They did get Kobe on CP3 that is quite a good mismatch. Kobe’s legs’ were just tired by then. Too bad.

  323. where?

  324. in the future…haha…well I just started one…

  325. Could not find it. Trying to post something.

  326. nothing in homepage?

  327. nada/

  328. You have to refresh the site before u can see it.

  329. nada here too, also, I cannot sign in, have to just use disqus. Is something down or is my setup weird? Sign into site has been down for me all night, so could not chat.

  330. Happen sometimes. What u need to do is just open another tab. Then you might be able to get in again.

  331. I did like zillion times.

  332. Sorry. Just close down the page and restart again and/or close off website and start from afresh. Very annoying with this server I know. Happen to me quite often.

  333. tired legs

  334. agreed

  335. I love that . In your face CP3

  336. Just finished watching game. Great effort by Lakers, Lin and Kobe played well. Hill hit the open mid range shots created by the double on Lin or Kobe.

    The reason Clippers won was due to refs bailing Clippers with ticky-tack calls that we’re not reciprocated for Lakers. Clippers had too many FTs. Griffin’s scoring was effortless and impressive.

    I like Lin’s aggressiveness and leadership. The team responded to his play calling. I really like Davis – he’s a smart basketball player. Disappointed in Boozer’s overall play.

  337. Please repost this to postgame thread so that more people can see this and respond.

  338. Please go to the Post-Game Thread.
    If you can’t see it, here is the direct link. I just purge the homepage cache so it should be refreshed


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