G02 [email protected] Pregame Thread

After a beat down loss on the opening night against HOU, Lin and the LAL will face Phoenix Suns on Wed 7:00p PT at US Airway Ctr. This game will be broadcasted by TWCSN. The depth of the team just got thinner due to Randle’s horrible injury. Lin and Kobe will be the only two guys that the team can count on in my opinion. Let’s hope things start to get better game by game from now on. LAL is a new and under-talented team. It will be a long process for them to gain cohesion and to play like a team.

For Members, let’s vote once on your best guess of JLin’s performance tonight.

Guess JLin's stats for Game 2 Lakers vs. Suns?


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  6. Bounce back game!!!

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  8. Hi. Decided to check out this site which seems a little more sane. Lin will do better in the upcoming games. The result against Houston was actually what I expected though Lin has surprised me enough times in the past so I was hoping for an upset on opening night.

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  14. I take solace in knowing that his first game against the Knicks he also did poorly as well (only 13p/3a). But in the rematch at MSG he destroyed them with 22p/9a.

    So everyone mark down November 19 on the calendar for their rematch back in Houston. After a few games to get used to this new team, I’m confident Lin will dominate them the next time.

  15. That Tweet (see on the right side below) by user Jackjack made some sense.

    Jackjack @supjackjack
    How to fix Lakers:
    -move the ball
    -let Lin distribute
    -start Davis
    -reserve iso plays to end of the quarter situations.
    -Take more 3s

  16. I wonder how many times they will be playing Houston this season… Anyway I felt it was too early to face Houston on opening night, with a new coach and so many new players. It will take time for the team to gel. Houston is much more established.

  17. Here’s the schedule,


    The will face the Rockets 2 more times:

    – Wed, Nov 19 @ Houston – 9:30 PM
    – Sun, Jan 25 vs Houston – 9:30 PM

    And I totally agree. Houston had an entire year together. The Lakers just looked out of sync. Once they start to trust one another and work together I think they can still sneak into the 8th seed.

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  19. Something to tide us over while waiting:

  20. Rewatching this, I think I’m ok with Lin coming off the bench as long as he gets to lead the 2nd unit with Davis in there.

    I’m thinking perhaps Scott knew this all along and realized that.

    Of course at the end both Lin and Kobe should be in, so they do have to eventually learn to work together.

  21. @1:27 Kobe approved that Jeremy and-1 (and Beverley went on to rag DMo for letting Jeremy blow by). Imo, Scott shouldn’t play Kobe as playmaker but rather as scorer. This team needs finishers. Look at how Boozer easily got his points.

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  24. Ideally that would be the best, but Kobe is Kobe and I’m not sure how easy it will be for him to change. I think unless Kobe himself decides to do that, there’s no way Scott can “encourage” him to do so.

    Which is probably why Scott was so cryptic on who was going to start.

    Hopefully Kobe will start to see this after a few more games. I’m more hopeful on this because we all know how focused he is on winning so surely he would understand how well the ball moves with Lin controlling it.

    I just found it really interesting that in the first quarter, we basically saw Houston Lin. I guess he still has some PTSD!

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  35. This is what the Lakers need to do to be competitive. They need to move the damn ball. Players need to play off the ball more. There was hardly any movement on their side. The Rockets were moving, setting screens(which was shocking), and spacing the floor. TJones was taking 3’s for crying out loud. Jordan Hill and Boozer was getting annihilated on the boards. The Rockets along with the rest of the league knows to protect the paint because Lin and Kobe are the only threats to worry about. Nobody respect the Lakers jump shot because its not there. And a message for Jeremy Lin….you need to take more shots. Implement the floater. We need to see the Lin from New York.

  36. wrong thread…dont wanna jinx Sun’s game with Rox :0)

  37. seen some highlights. houston hit some crazy shots, it was their day. Lakers need to find a rim protector or all the proclaims about defence will be useless. maybe when nick young comes back there will be more firepower on offence so kobe and jeremy will be more free to shoot.

    About Jeremy, he has to play free. There’s no way he only takes 5 shot in a game like that. he needs to work on his ego before working on his shooting. he must not fear of shooting. If doesn’t go in it will go the next time, or the next one again or more.

    anyway, it was just the first game. season’s just started.

  38. I just watched a replay of Spurs vs Mavericks. Lakers should model their offense like the Spurs. The old Spurs are moving MORE, on and off ball, on offense, passing MORE, even more than the a-bit-younger Lakers. Even the Mavericks are moving on and off ball. BOTH the Spurs and Mavericks will pretty much bury Rockets alive.

  39. Good observation.
    Not sure the Mchale effect is affecting JLin’s mental. I’m sure Lakers will make right and ready for the next game.
    Looking forward to play against the Sun.
    i am positive the Lakers will do better.

  40. spurs got duncan, parker and ginobili who are there from 10 years or something like that. the rest is just to fill the puzzle. there could be no comparison, really.

    no player on this team has played a meaningful number of games with his teammate.

  41. Kobe, Sacre, Hill. a few guys from the last season. At least the Spurs has offensive identity. The Lakers, I still don’t get it except one thing: Jeremy is carrying this whole team. No Jeremy making plays and they’re down the drain.

  42. phoenix doesn’t have rim protector so jeremy could penetrate easier. but that’s not the fact. there are kobe and jeremy and maybe boozer. the rest is under average. so if jeremy doesn’t take his shot from midrange or 3 it’s over before it started.

    he has to play fearless. it’s up to scott now.

    and the bench is very thin.

    my opinion several players on the lakers still don’t know the playbook and they play all alone or what’s good for the moment. time will tell

  43. A.Davis and Asik are scary duo will see what happen when the play a better team.
    From last night total score, rebounds, and blocks for both are 40pts/34rb/14blk.

  44. 14 blocks? seriously?

  45. I posted something positive below for good luck. πŸ™‚

  46. Yeah…..happy for Asik

  47. I think they will get to know each others’ play real soon..stay positive..most of the errors can be fixed in no time.
    Some really nice moves by JLin and I think Boozer is more ready to play with JLin.

  48. Yup, Davis 9blk, Asik 5blk and 17rb each.

  49. I shudder to think what they will do to Lakers’ bigs.

  50. i would like to tell you you’re right. but you’re not.

    hill and kobe played together 2 years ago when there was d’antoni. but hill wasn’t a starter back then. last year kobe played just a handful of games with the likes of sacre (his first year he just threw towels in the air), wes johnson and other like that. it’s the rookie season for clarkson and randle, boozer was in chicago, jeremy in houston, ed davis in toronto or somewhere in nba…. they need to find chemistry. but till then the best players has to take responsabilities. and jeremy is among the best players. shoot the ball. if it’s in, good. if it’s not, try again. that’s the message.

    there’s no mchale on bench and no way scott could bench him in favour of clarkson or price. like Linsanity: he just has to shake hands, bad face and… “if i go down, i go down my way”.

    that’s my opinion

  51. Soon, Hill will learn as well. The bigs (smaller bigs) had not played with a playmaker like Lin, soon they will realize easy way to make buckets

  52. i am positive. jeremy just have to find jeremy again. houston is still a pretty good team. terrence jones has become the player i thought he would’ve been. ariza is better defender than parsons. they’re good and they hit all the shots they took. Congratulations to them but now it’s time to move on

  53. I would cheer for Asik once they play against the Rockets.

  54. Too scary to even imagine.

  55. problem with hill is he can’t defend. i would rather have asik than hill now…

  56. scary team

  57. calm down. they were the magic.

  58. I was a little frustrated with Harden getting all the calls. Take so many FTs.

  59. Not much you can do when Rox hits 3s from everywhere. Johnson contested a couple of 3s from Harden but he still made them. There was nothing to do but calm down and ride it out. The team panicked IMO and started to press way too early. Lin felt that negative energy and tried desperately to push himself harder only to mishandled the ball and driving into Howard and Jones.

    Here is my take on the Kobe gameplay implemented by Scott. A lot of screens and Isos for mid to long range jumpers. LIN’S role is basically wasted on the first unit as a Derek Fisher type delivery boy. The spacing just can’t work when all the screens are set sot highly together into the centre. There just isn’t any room for lin to drive into. While I’m not a big fan of the Houston game of relying on 3s, it’s a necessity to create spacing. A very good analogy is the long bomb in American Football. Having the threat of it forces defenders to allow for short passes underneath. It’s also necessary to run up the middle to force linemen from blitzing the quarterback. These are essential ingredients of football strategy to create spacing for attacks. Scott’s reluctance to even shoot or set up the corner 3 is not forcing the defence to open up to defend that threat. A balanced attack in today’s game must include at least the higher percentage corner 3. When lin drives into the lane, he has to have guys moving in the wings into those prime 3 zones for easier uncontested 3s. While Kobe may be the second greatest at the fadeaway midrange jumper, a lot of his shots were well contested and from long distances away. If I was Scott, I’d trade those shots for a much easier uncontested 3 set up by Lin.

  60. lol, thanks for keeping us upbeat.

  61. Even if they were the Magic. They already showed what they could do.

  62. it’ll be like that the whole regular season. nevermind

  63. I said will see what happen when they play a better team but don’t think any team can do that even if it is just the Magic.

  64. i’m just saying they were playing against the magic. i would wait till they find some tougher opponent. that’s it.

  65. “Lakers need to find a rim protector or all the proclaims about defence will be useless.” – agreed. they don’t have the talent either.

    “There’s no way he only takes 5 shot in a game like that.” – I’ve seen too many games where he plays like this. How he played yesterday, reminded me of how he played in hicktown.

  66. Totally agree with your points on 3s.

  67. It has nothing to do with mchale.

  68. I’m sold on Anthony Davis when I saw him show up at FIBA, so I’m positive on them. Frankly I got a bit jealous and wished Jeremy has either Anthony Davis or Asik as team mate.

  69. they’re pretty good, no questions about that. but it’s just the first match. i wrote some posts ago i would prefer asik than hill for the lakers right now. both davis and asik are pretty good in protecting the rim. but don’t underestimate the 22 points by Ryan Anderson….

  70. I will take Asik over Dwight any day not that he is better but because he is more welling.

  71. me too. i’d change hill with asik in an heartbeat.

  72. do you guys worry losing randle? the other forum keeps saying he is selfish and wants him to go to d league.

    i think he is very important in the 2nd unit with lin and clarkson. losing a promising big man on the first game really sucks. that takes away the run and gun game in the second unit.

  73. yeah, 3 point line is there for a reason. everything should be balanced out.

  74. still impressive.

  75. agree. there were too many players in the paint. and about jeremy i said and i repeat if kobe and scott wants to have a good season they must rely on jeremy. they should let him run the show.

  76. Too bad, Lakers perimeter defense was questionable to say the least.

  77. yep, unfortunately. that’s why i was saying he needs to work on his ego first. but i stay positive.

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  79. good night guys. enjoy the game . i will secretly open this link with my mobile at work tomorrow (my time zone).

  80. You forgot Maknusia, bluebell, IJ and other mods too.

  81. randle was the 4th choice behind hill boozer and davis. i’m more concerned about the backcourt and the wing.

    if jeremy goes out they can only play isokobe and when kobe goes out they can double or triple jeremy and have no problems to leave wide open the likes of wes johnson.

    that’s why i’m waiting for nick young. at least he’s someone they have to cover….

  82. Twin Tower in works!

  83. Your work place is that strict? I openly read forums and watch game replays and no one cares.

  84. I agree with what Brent said on his post game review, Lin should stay starter for more info contact [email protected] =)

  85. You your own boss! LOL

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  87. thats wishful…but we dont have Asik

  88. As Jeremy said, they are a very good team.

  89. The list is long…LOL I’m cool with Mel

    All of us here, contributes…thats what matters

  90. I wish πŸ™‚ but we are very casual. During world cup lots of guys had soccer games on one monitor and work stuff on the other. During one of the semi-finals (I think it was Germany) the boss just turned on the 90″ tv and told people to just go watch since no one was really working anyway.

  91. Hi guys! Its my first time posting here.

    I believe Jeremy will do a lot better against the Suns. I will always support him no matter how bad he played. He already proved that he can be the leader of a NBA team. He will just get better and better as a player.

    I just has a feeling that Kobe will trust Lin more when they keep communicate with each other. Dunno if you guys notice that how Harden and Kobe react differently on those And 1s made from Lin. Kobe wants Lin to play great and Kobe needs our MAN. πŸ™‚ Be positive!

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  94. Hey kassiek! I know you….welcome mate.

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  95. My post is basically about moving on offense. Meaning, I wished the Lakers move on offense MORE, pass MORE. rather than just stand there. While chemistry between players would be nice, I don’t think it’s JUST about chemistry. It’s also about creating offensive sets for them. I get it; the Spurs have chemistry AND offensive sets. The Lakers neither has any.

    Oh and I don’t need someone to shove into my face that I am wrong because your opinion is better than mine. Saying I am wrong is contrary to your last statement of “that’s my opinion”, imo, because no opinion can be right or wrong unless turned into a fact. You should have said “That’s my fact” instead. Just my 2 cents. πŸ™‚

  96. Main person to keep everyone in toe is @psalm234πŸ™‚

  97. lol, my office fixed a 65in for FIFA worldcup as well!

  98. Welcome another new comer Kassiek. Feel free to post but need to follow the rules:-)

  99. The not so good feeling is over I am ready to move on to the next game.

  100. It is refreshing to not to have to read through tons of hyperbole to find that one twitter update.

  101. Yes. Ofcoz! πŸ™‚

  102. Well that site’s kinda polluted now, like how a river is when a radioactive chemical is spilled on it.

  103. I just feel like there are full of negative thoughts and hates from Jlnet now. It seems to me that the discussion in this site is a lot more better becoz of the mods. Great thanks to the mods!

  104. Time for all of us to move on to the next game.

  105. I have posted some positive articles from the web at http://www.jlinportal.com/g01-houlal-game-thread-chat/

    Read them…. πŸ™‚

  106. Didn’t wu kong attend the previous game? Joyce already turned in her report. πŸ™‚

  107. Good. I’m doing it. Go to sleep and wake up in the morning to be readied for Game 2. Pray that JLin and Lakers will gel better each game they play. Also pray that every player in Lakers stays healthy and works hard to play as a team. For those that are injured, speedy recovery. Pray for the sucess surgery for Randle and quick recovery because of his youth. Nite nite everyone and behave:-)

  108. We’ll see you later πŸ™‚

  109. Yes. Believe she is on her way back to Alabama now. She will definitely so something when she gets home.

  110. nite nite

  111. I checked NBA Stats measuring the effectiveness of Player’s Drives on FG%, which should be Lin’s strength.
    Despite the initial struggle by Jeremy, he’s still ranked #2 in Team PPG on Drives at 14.0 with 9 drives.(Manu is #1)

    This means he drove 9 times to the basket resulting in 14pts for the Lakers.
    He scored 6 on his own (FG + FT) and 8 for his teammates

    This is a very encouraging sign because even with challenging factors (limited 28 min in a blowout, great defender in Howard plus early foul trouble), Jeremy was still trusted to handle the ball and attack with drives to the basket 9 times. I expect to see better numbers as Jeremy builds chemistry with 1st and 2nd team.

    Here is the link and snapshot picture:

  112. I’m curious and checked NBA Stats measuring the effectiveness of Player’s Drives on FG%, which should be Lin’s strength.
    Despite the initial struggle by Jeremy, he’s still ranked #2 in Team PPG on Drives at 14.0 with 9 drives.(Manu is #1)

    This means he drove 9 times to the basket resulting in 14pts for the Lakers.
    He scored 6 on his own (FG + FT) and 8 for his teammates

    This is a very encouraging sign because even with challenging factors (limited 28 min in a blowout, great defender in Howard plus early foul trouble), Jeremy was still trusted to handle the ball and attack with drives to the basket 9 times. I expect to see better numbers as Jeremy builds chemistry with 1st and 2nd team.

    Here is the link and snapshot picture:

  113. For the Laker players, here is the rank and their Team PPG
    #2 Lin 14
    #6 Kobe 11
    #15 Price 5

  114. welcome, kassiek! πŸ™‚ I saw your name and wondering when you will post. I already wanted to ask for nice GIFs that you usually made :>

    You’re absolutely on point with Kobe being so thrilled when Lin made the And-1. Kobe would want to see more of that from Lin so it helps him to win games. Better things will come indeed :]

  115. IMO I think it shows what Scott wanted to do. Remember, he did not have enough ppl to test his most effective lineups. You need about at least five lineups that you trust for an eight man rotation to work. This is basically a practice game if you allow me to exaggerate.

    Lin and second unit is good, but they still need the transition solution for Lin with starters and Kobe with benches. Kobe may be went for ISO too much, but he really is the least of their problems.

    Now I still have doubt on Scott, but I think Kobe and three balls probably are not his top priorities right now.

  116. Jeremy’s quote

    β€œThat was a little overblown,” he said. β€œEvery time we have an open
    three, [Scott] definitely wants us to take it. That’s the right shot. He
    just wants us to take good shots, be patient with the offense and trust

    As we acknowledge, Lakers dont really have 3 shooters. Even Kobe tried a difficult shot to get things going from 3, last night

  117. Exactly

  118. Guys, do you worry Lin get pounded too much when he drives to the paint which may cause injury for the long run? I think it is also mentioned in DB’s summary in Lakersground.

  119. We don want to see it, but I guess it is part of his game.

  120. I somehow remember wu kong sitting with players? am I right? if so, she would give us really nice report/pics/vids.

  121. But other PGs do not sacrifice their bodies as much as Lin ex. Parker, CP3….etc.

  122. I was at the game last night and the one thing I noticed is that everybody seems tentative around kobe, Although the starters have been playing together all through preseason, they still seem timid around kobe. I think lin will do fine in the 1st unit as he begans to gell with them. I like the fact that in one play, kobe was calling for the ball, lin looked him off and gave it to Boozer to score because Boozer had a better shot. This was in the 2nd half when lin finally got his game going. Scott has to find a way to stagger the time on the floor between lin/kobe. I think kobe/scott is to get kobe to surpass MJ record this season.

  123. Did you just call me a disturbance? No need for name calling… Troll. Lol.

  124. So better coaching?

  125. NBA Youtube channel features “Jeremy Lin Crosses Over and Attacks for the Nice And-1”

  126. Our trolls are “classy” compared to others πŸ˜‰

  127. Thanks, Joyce. That’s really good to hear that Lin is not timid to make the call if other players are more open than Kobe.

    I noticed Kobe went to Kobe-mode when things were so messy in the 1st quarter and Lin was rushing things. Did you see if Kobe talked to Lin during this time? I only saw Kobe was pumped after Lin made the ‘And-1’ in the 3rd quarter.

    I still want to see if Kobe and Lin can play off each other. I haven’t seen they passed to each other yet. It’s like having 2 different playmaker. Hopefully chemistry will grow. I saw Lin was open at the 3pt line for 2-3 times but Kobe chose to pass inside or take it himself.

  128. It’s part of Lin’s game to be aggressive to drive to the rim and I guess he can’t take it away.
    What he needs to do is to use his floaters that he has practiced so he reduces contact with big bodies.

    The one that got blocked by Howard was a perfect example for that but I’m not worried, it will come with time.
    Besides, he actually improved his body control since NY/Houston days so he doesn’t crash so hard on the floor..
    He needs to take more stunt-man classes to fall down gracefully to protect from injuries :]

  129. I saw them talking on the bench. Kobe is also on a mission to prove the critics wrong about him. So I think their games will mesh in time. I think Scott likes the way lin plays defense. Scott has to find the balance between kobe/lin on the offense.. Last night I saw a team that reminded me of the Thunder about 5 or 6 years ago, when they first came on the scene. They had to grow together, and I see that will happen with the lakers. Also people tooting rockets play, but lakers came with in 6 points of them with lin/boozer teaming up without kobe in lineup.

  130. I added PFV long video to the Video Gallery on homepage plus highlights & post-game interview

  131. Lin is bigger than those guys, so….understandably they will have different style of using their body. Not saying it is all good…

  132. I finally took jeremylin.net off my browser. It has become so polluted with ill will against lin. They claim they are lin fans, but they are just lin critics ready to pounce. That is how some people live their lives, they are just critics and they want to use the phrase” I am a realist, which is bs. A realist is based on perception and whether you are a half full, or half empty person.

  133. It is not easy to work with an icon of the game. Rooks looked good in a sense that they don’t even think at all.

  134. What does he say? Don’t get me wrong, I like his analysis, but some times they become a little dicey and he has to be reeled in.

  135. Well, there are real Lin fans there, criticizing Lin. But there are Trolls stirring things too…..hate the later.

  136. still listening.. will give a quick summary later

  137. I hear you. The trolls there are just getting intolerable.

  138. 1:17 is really really long….I usually try to form my own opinion b4 I listen to others. Will listen to it later.

  139. I am proud of the rooks. Randle didn’t try to do too much, and lin kept talking to Clarkson on the court. I think Scott has a plan, but when can’t quite see it yet. I do think, Scott likes lin’s defensive game, and he just needs to work out things on the offensive end with lin/kobe. I also noticed that once kobe sat down in 3rd quarter, lin/Boozer started working together to get the team within 6 points.

  140. Latest interesting thing is that Clutch showed up on the site…smh

  141. The way I see it. We, as fans, has a list that we hope we can see from Lin and the team. Scott actually has a list too. However, the order/priorities of the items on the list are very different.

    Team building is a very long and boring process. When I coached a very low level club volleyball team. I tried to focus on their fundamentals while some ppl watching from outside were just focused how good they LOOKED on the court. One nice kill covered so many mistakes in front of their eyes.

  142. LOL….what? for real?

  143. Quick PFV Summary:
    – Good thing Randle injury is not Achilles heel, but broken leg which is easier to recover
    – Worst thing is 1st quarter for Lakers. But FT% is good at 80%
    – [5:15] 1 BIG difference why Lakers lost.
    Made 3PT: 12 for HOU vs 3 for LAL . Difference is 9 x 3 = 27pts. Lakers lost by 18.
    Not as simple but that’s huge difference. Byron’s system would need to change.

  144. Yep, and I also suggested that because of what the mess the site, is, that it will probably be closed down soon, and post while they can.

  145. What did he say about Lin?

  146. If he comes to this site… I will enjoy and savor every second of pushing that “blacklist” option…

  147. Absolutely lol!

  148. Don’t know if posted earlier. Video of how Randle broke his right leg. Looks like going up he had the right foot planted then the left foot just kind of came across and hit it from his side breaking it:



  149. I was thinking about emailing the moderator and suggest they close the sight if they are not going to moderate it properly. That sight has become just like CF in many instances. If they close it, the trolls won’t have anywhere to spew their garbage.

  150. Ugh, Randall’s injury runs a shiver down my spine… πŸ™ so sad. so terrible. Why does injury bug have to be cruel to the Lakers?

  151. Trolls are brave to spew nonsense there, with lack of moderation. I like how @psalm234:disqus shifted moderators to cover different time zones. Troll numbers kinda spiked up when Jeremy was traded to the Lakers.

  152. I saw it. It’s either a troll or the real Clutch. If it’s the real Clutch, he went from the lowest of the lows to the lowest of the lowest of the lowest of the lowest of the lows. Seriously.

  153. really? I thought there were less after the trade.

  154. Hi there. Taking a quiet time out from the other site. Posts there infuriate me more than the game.

  155. Glad to see you here. Now my move will be more complete.

    Brent, Psalm, get ready to activate all the mods. The trolls will follow the posters …

  156. Welcome at any time. We just want sane discussion. positive or negative.

  157. I really has become the new CF.

  158. I am done over there and I tweeted the moderator this morning about it. So we will see what happens

  159. There were a few….don’t worry about it.

  160. This what I tweeted to the moderator today


  161. what!? lol you are the new CF?

  162. I turn it to mp3 and listen while working like the radio. Much easier to consume in bits if it’s in mp3 on your computer

  163. They better try

  164. Well we’ll see what happens. I’ve emailed them too. Not given up yet. With respect, still a Lin fan and still fight the fight to balance the discussion.

  165. On thing about Kobe even if you say he hogged in first half … I saw him work very hard to get into the paint, and then dump it off for an easy big’s 2. I cannot remember Harden ever working that hard against a double to dump it off. He generally tries for the foul and points, or just bricks.

  166. ok, i agree with those comments

  167. Agreed….not sure about the floater part. BUT…I always said, a player could have done exactly the same thing in the game but the outcome turned out completely different with different things that player can not control.

  168. No, I mean our old fav Lin site.

  169. I know, just messing with you….”IT” not “I” LOL

  170. I think Lin is doing okay. This is the 2nd time Lin started game with Kobe. I wonder if he has ever practiced with starters so far. I saw some positive signs. Lin/Boozer, also Hill started to set screen for Lin now. Kobe and Lin is going to be the key, if they cannot work out, then nothing would work out for Lakers.

    Above all, Scott played Lin with consistent minutes and trust. So I won’t worry too much about Lin’s starting role right now.

    Just remind us, that Lin is a rhythm player, he always looks to establish the team rhythm first then attack. You can say it’s Lin’s weakness. Players like Harden and Kobe, they can score without any team rhythm being built, so they look like a star, however, they don’t care about the team rhythm either and their teammates suffer.

  171. I think kobe just took over as he normally does. The thing about kobe was he is not worried because he will get the calls, where as lin should have gotten a couple of calls. lin has to find ways to score against shot blockers. I think lin will get better, but he needs spacing to operate in, and I think as they play more together they will.

  172. I get your 1 liners … very sweet, you can navigate big egos with that.

  173. That Howard – flat on Lin’s back foul was nasty.

  174. It is sane and balance in here. We have more mods than my fingers.

  175. LOL

  176. There is no kind of decent balance discussion going on over there. A poster makes a observation, then the trolls take over. Then it becomes a fight between the poster and the trolls.

  177. I won’t if you send babao tea.

  178. Not good for health…you have to let it go…

  179. Or, a troll takes time setting up false ID’s with bball posts (many of them) and then at some point posts a “I love line but …” post and it starts all over again with past themes that we knew were irrelevant from the start. So, it’s like a kid’s playground where you randomly get pushed over and it’s noisy.

    The worst is when a good poster you like starts to agree with these obvious trolls, maybe because they don’t see the troll I dunno … It just further embeds the trolling.

  180. hmmm … wise words that lead to many ‘let go’

    So, question:

    Lin on brother’s couch. Let it go?
    Me (we) against adversity: now many strikes, how many innings?

    A wise Chinese boss (my only one) once said to me: Do you know the batting avg of a MLB player under 2 strikes? I said … I don’t know, maybe 500? He said no, like 150. So, I can see extending the timeframe to keep up the slumps, but when to ‘let go’?

  181. I think there are some posters, (not trolls), who tried to approach from bball POV. Overanalyzing everything. I am one of those…..I mean I have never played at the NBA level for sure. But I like to study the game. it is like to do a film session on Lin with fellow Lin fans. Lin is not perfect, he makes mistakes. But I think some analysis for fun would not hurt. To me at least.

  182. I liked what @psalm234:disqus said about tm pts out of drives per game more. Very convincing and meaningful stat.

  183. For NBA fans, when do we know about the starting lineups and how to find it out? I wonder if Lin starts tonight.

  184. 1 hr b4 the tip off

  185. Those never bother me. What bugs me are the posts that contain no bball content or opinion, but just wild assertions that are not anchored, that deny Linsanity in NY or his oppression in HOU. It is bball factual that Lin is better than Bev, that Harden needs to have the rock to play his game and doesn’t move around on the court. If people do sincere analysis, I love learning what I missed.

  186. I mean the boba tea

  187. what?? only one hour ahead. okay I guess that doesn’t make too much difference then. Thanks though.

  188. I think he will. I noticed that Scott kept Price with the 2nd unit last night, but we will see.

  189. You usually will know earlier. But I think it is only official when the coaches submits the starter list to the NBA

  190. I think the thing that bothers me the most is the over criticizing of every little mistake lin makes. I always keep in mind that lin is breaking down racial barriers in this game, and it always not a level playing field for him, but he manages to keep getting better. Lin always has to have those bad games for him to wake up as all athletes do, but his is even more highlighted than others.

  191. just like you to keep it simple to execute lol. Who’s team will win the championship and dynasty. Prob need both. Going to tune my management style now …

  192. I feel like I walk in a bank and see so many securities around, feel safer and intimidated as well. lol.

  193. ok, I added the Poll in the post for members so we only vote once. Also avoid trolls. It will close at 7pm PST.

    Let’s hope Lin will come back strong tonight against the Suns!
    I vote16pts/7asts

  194. Let’s give a couple positives here from last night’s game.
    1. Boozer, although missed so many shots, seems starting to get Lin’s game. He made himself available like Davis.
    2. I would say Lin is more “experienced” and supported to find the balance of him and Kobe more quickly. If last yr, he will be passive for the whole game.

  195. Lin is going to have to eat some minutes with the 2nd unit until they get strong because of the big swings in lead. If Scott figures that out with injury returns streaming back, that will be a main contributor to Lin and team performance.

    Mitch needs to figure out how to bring in some depth, but I don’t know CBA rules, etc.

  196. Just to be clear, how many fingers do you have?

  197. I saw 2 great booze avails.

    The support is key to Lin’s personality. If he sees a team needs him, he will be there. If he sees he’s unwanted, he will turn the other cheek and go inward, upward, spiritual. It is not passive or passive aggressive – it is the Christian mindset, ethic, and Way.

  198. Like the LV flagship store in NYC……

  199. Usually it was released a few hours before games.

    I wouldn’t worry about it. I think it’s good for Lin to start but then stagger some minutes with Kobe.
    I’m not sure if Kobe will play a long time since they said before he won’t play in the 2nd night of Back-to-Back games

  200. I agree. I think Scott picked up on the lin/Boozer connection. I liked how he sat kobe down in the 3rd and lin/boozer brought the team within 6 points. Boozer knows that lin will be the key to him playing well. I also think that Davis will be inserted into the line up soon.

  201. Yes, that’s exactly true. Those who are not intending to troll do that, to harp on the specific thing and generalize to untrue things that facts dispel. You always hold the line, and I’ve seen people battling you but I’ve never felt they are right.

    Yep on Jackie R role. I saw a pic of Jackie R during this world series, and how far he’s brought the game. I mean, so many of baseball’s heroes are now of all nationalities and colors. BBall is heading that way with Lin and Euros, South Ams.

  202. OK, gotta work, but this place is a great place to see good posters. See y’all soon.

  203. Yes, it’s good that Lin did recover quickly in Q3 from tough start in Q1.
    He needs to keep staying aggressive even when he made bad TO or bad shots. That’s what will earn Kobe’s respect.

    I want to see he starts using floaters in the game. And establish himself as scoring threat with easy points so defense will give up more spacing for others

  204. c ya…

  205. I totally agree. Scott has to figure out a way to stagger lin/kobe’s minutes. We will see if lin goes back with 2nd unit or Scott will keep him with starters to explore the lin/boozer experiment.

  206. Lin actually recovered almost right after his 2nd stint, which is last 2Q

  207. I suspect Byron talked to Kobe, Lin and starters to let Lin initiate the playmaking in Q3. They were all on the same page and Kobe didn’t try to hog the ball. Great to see the trust from coach and other players.

  208. Glad you joined us over here. I am so done with the other site. I took them off my browser.LOL

  209. I said in the game thread that I bet Scott was not happy on how Kobe asserted himself in the 1H

  210. oh that’s good. I can’t remember if he got in the last 2-3 min in Q2

  211. But the real momentum shift was at the 3rd Q indeed.

  212. Great to see that Byron actually trusts Lin to playmake to make others better. And Kobe bought in

  213. ok later then πŸ™‚

  214. I’ve been here for awhile but low keying it waiting for folks like you and others. Your thoughts are one reason why I go over to .net, but now that’s one less. Probably for me a final, as I’m losing time to work nowadays.

  215. haha, I saw you got immediate response :>

  216. I think the more important thing for Scott is, how to use Wes. He has been a weak link on both ends for a while now

  217. Because he probably told kobe that he is playing too hard and that he can’t keep playing at that level. I bet the other players didn’t like it either because they were just standing there watching kobe.

  218. Yeah, that’s true. I am glad to see lin defending well.

  219. Tho…they will respectfully to let Kobe do it. This is solely on Scott to manege.

  220. that momentum stopped after Lin missed his only 3pt shot, it’s an open shot, but I felt Lin was in a rush a little. He could play with a little more patience at that critical time.

  221. Actually there are many more “more important” things….than finding time for Lin and 2nd unit I think. I am just not sure how Scott thinks

  222. Yep, i told them if they are not going to keep it clean, then take Lin’s name off the site and call it something else. I also told them that lin would not be wanted to be associated with a site like that with his name attached to it.

  223. That was not the best selection for sure. Not bad either tho. Old timer always said, if you want to rush a shot, wait until there is only 2 secs remain on the clock. But I think Lin will be upgraded big time if he can hit that shot.

  224. Also, kobe doesn’t want the press say that they were right about him along.

  225. I think Kobe take very light on what press have to say. He just has his way of doing things. I guess.

  226. I saw him playing with lineups last night. He had lin on floor with price at one time.I was surprised that lin got no time with the 2nd unit last night. They threw parts in at time,but not a whole lot of paying time together.

  227. You mean paws?

  228. I don’t know about that. That last article was pretty scathing and people were thinking perhaps that their is some truth and that is why jeannie buss went on her media blitz to shoot is down. She was trying to protect her brand, which has been about kobe. So athletes can deny the reports all they want, but if reporter didn’t get them on tape, it didn’t happen.

  229. Thanks for doing so. Many have tried to help be volunteer mods before but no changes.
    Hopefully with alternative sites, they’ll be forced to do so. And clean-up those instigators.
    I remember someone mentioned talking to Lin in Philly and said Lin didn’t like the site which is polarized on either he’s MJ or a nobody.

    Not sure if it’s true but IMO Lin team definitely visits the site and not happy with all the trolling and fighting

  230. yeah, Byron might wisely remind him that he can’t play like that and hoping to be healthy enough to break MJ’s record :]

  231. thanks, we need to keep track of it throughout the season since it’s a powerful way to measure Lin’s effectiveness to make the team better with his dribble-penetration

  232. welcome, orLinaryjoe :]

  233. In deed. This site is much better. No noise, clean and rational.

  234. I see 7 in my profile picture.

  235. Aren’t those grow out of paws call fingers? Don’t know cause English is my 4th Languages.

  236. worse part is, with all the attacking, it’s hard to figure out with fellow fans what went wrong in a game that makes bball sense. Lin isn’t going to be perfect, so we need to know what makes sense given we know Lin can bring this team to the playoffs.

  237. But I thought you were happy he took that longest 3.

  238. so sad

  239. Try to steer the vote to your favorite? hehehe I kid I also vote that option. Happy to be wrong if he get more point/assts.

  240. Freak accident. Wish him all the best in his recovery.

  241. Is Wes just lacking confidence now? He has all the tools to be a good wing defender, athletic, long arms and quick feet, plus I have seen that he can hit the jumper. But both he and Hill don’t seem like the players I remember them to be.

  242. Claws?

  243. The starting lineup is projected to the same tonight.
    I think Byron wants to see they build up on the chemistry on Lin/Boozer + Kobe.
    Not sure what he plans to do for bench.


  244. Hey. Don’t make fun of my limbs.

  245. The way, I see it,the light is on Scott to see what he does with kobe. Most teams are playing up beat tempo. Scott needs to let kobe get his 20 + pts and make him sit down so that this team can push the ball.

  246. haha.. it’s the logical vote for Lin to bounce back, right?
    I want to see him improve on Team Points on Drives since that means he’s trusted more as the PG and others convert the points for him :]

  247. I think so too. He saw a spark with Boozer/lin and he wants to capitalize on that.

  248. Loozer?

  249. I think claws are more like the finger nails.

  250. Well there was this guy,(tinman I think) saying that he was going to visit dotnet/LG opening night. Blatantly announcing he was going to troll another site, He is one of the major Clutch supporters.

  251. I also want to see how many min Kobe played in back2back games. Lakers said they might sit him in the 2nd night of backtoback but they’re so short-handed and they can use a win to spark the team. So maybe another 29-30min

    Regarding Kobe as playmaker and not just shooter, I see some positive when Kobe started to pass to Wes Johnson inside. Next, he needs to start passing to wide-open Lin on 3pt line.

    I still haven’t seen Lin and Kobe move without the ball and connecting when the other is handling the ball. Hope we’ll see one or two attempts tonight.

  252. that’s so bad :] How about “Booz-Lin”?

  253. Caremy Blinzer?

  254. Hey, I didn’t come up with it… Lol

  255. But you were thinking it..

  256. Get out of my head!

  257. All trolls think alike.

  258. Anyone here knows the reason for PJ Tucker’s suspension?

  259. Troll recognizes troll. Respect.

  260. DUI?

  261. Also i noticed that hardly any screens were set for lin in 1st half, and that was because was calling the plays. 3rd quarter, lin started calling the plays screens were set and his game opened up.

  262. Driving Under Linfluence.

  263. that should be this site’s motto: “JLinPortal… where we keeping trolling classy” LOL

  264. Mike TrudellVerified account
    Julius Randle had successful surgery to repair a fractured tibia in his R leg. Expected to make a full recovery, he’s out for the season.

  265. yeah, only 10 3PAs by the Lakers.

  266. I don’t think it’s a good thing for the Lakers or Lin. Although it was frustrating at time to see him play selfish ball, he was only a 19 yr old rookie and I had hopes for him to learn how to play team ball and learn PNR.

  267. Yeah, good that Scott recognized the value of Lin’s aggressiveness. I’m hoping that Scott will figure out way to get more spacing for Lin’s initial penetration, which will open up for everyone.

  268. I do. I think he should leave his feet less. Like Parker. Otherwise, he may turn out like Dwyane Wade, many injuries from high flying collisions, undercuts.

  269. Is the entire video just a still screenshot + audio? Why doesn’t Paul just post it as an audio podcast?

  270. Jeremy Lin schools Patrick Beverley, but Dwight Howard elbows Kobe Bryant aside in deceiving Rockets laugher

  271. “I wonder if he has ever practiced with starters so far.”

    That’s good reminder that Lin hasn’t practice much with the starters. I said before the season started that the first 10-20 regular games of the season would basically be the Lakers preseason. The core 3 starters (Kobe, Lin, Boozer) never played together before, and none of those 3 played with the other 2 starters (Hill, WJ) last year.

  272. LOL I voted that last game and not even half of the point but assists was almost there. Presumably he will definitely do better in this game after the angst settles, JLin will do better.

  273. LOL, I didn’t realize you were replying to another post and though the game was starting in an hour!

  274. Byron did say about 20-40 min in back2back game yesterday in one of the interviews — either pregame or post interview after last training. Can’t remember. Getting old:-)

  275. wow, season ending? sheesh. I was hoping it was a minor fracture that he could come back after 2-3 months.

    I’m changing my grade for Lin yesterday to A+, just for not getting injured! O_O

  276. Dunking under Linfluence?

  277. Like @psalm234:disqus instigated, 5 flags and out:-) Maybe change it to 1 and out?

  278. Actually I was thinking about the site needed to close down after my very brief visit there yesterday after game I believe. I went there mainly to check your inputs but instead found all those ridiculous posters. Gave up totally afterward. Glad to see your tweets to the mods when I woke up this morning.

  279. Just found this and have not confirm. If it is true McHale is a big LOH


  280. It’s true, quote is from article by Mark Medina.

    It doesn’t surprise me that McHale said that, that’s pretty much how he viewed Jeremy. I don’t expect anyone from Rockets org to be classy.

    Now’s a good time to remind people that we do not allow name calling and personal insults on
    this site (whether it’s other posters, players, coaches, anyone).

  281. He will be unemployed within a year.

  282. If this quote came out before last night’s game, Jeremy would have tried harder I think.
    What a loser guy…taking pot shots at a former player who has said nothing but good things about him even though he’s a massive failure as a coach and as a person.

    Edit: Oops, I hope my level of name calling is acceptable.

  283. I thought it was odd how it seemed McHale ‘s comments were so positive on Lin. Taken out of context. McHale didn’t stop there.

  284. Thanks for the timely reminder, real-dsb. This site is about more than just excluding “trolls.”

  285. @real_dsb:disqus Thanks for the great reminder to all posters.

  286. Last game I voted Lin would have 20 pts and 8 asts, but said I thought he might get 30 pts.
    This game I’m going reverse jinx. Lin will get 2 pts and 1 asts and 8 TOs.

  287. Heading to watch the players shootaround in 2 hours. Wish me the best Lin has time for fans :] very small chance though

  288. did you bring a massive JLPortal sign? =)

  289. No chance πŸ™‚ maybe next time haha

  290. WOW @psalm234:disqus You are going for the game????!!!! Please make a full full full report on both twitter and here:-)

  291. The point spread for tonight’s game is 12 favoring the Suns. Average moneyline is -900, which implies 90% Sun win. (For comparison, last night’s spread was 7.)

    My prediction for tonight:
    Lin: 15pts, 7 ast.
    Score: Suns win by 12 (104-92)

    I think Lin will have an easier time getting to the paint, no Dwight Howard.

    Key to the game: Lakers need to figure out a way to open up the paint for Lin’s drive early, rather than resorting to Kobe iso’s as the main offense in the first half. The Rockets were trapping Lin on the PNR and leaving the big man. Lakers need to figure out how to get the ball to the big man in that situation. Or another strategy is to have Kobe/Lin set screens for each other.

  292. You need to be aggressive. He might come sign stuff after shoot warm up, but you should probably hang around where his team tunnel is.
    I was using the force to move kids aside when I got him to sign a jersey.

  293. Yup gotta drive now

  294. Wow 81 more games to go …too early for McHale to be so arrogant.

  295. are you going to update during the game? like tweet? if so, we’ll monitor and repost it here.

  296. OK. Safe journey and enjoy the game. Hope for a win but most importantly JLin and every Lakers stay healthy and continue to gel together.

  297. These words will return to bite him….real bad…mchale will regret hevever said this to Mr. JLin

  298. Someone flag this one already XD.

  299. It’s a shame. because there are some actually very longtime basketball fanatics over there. Perhaps too knowledgeable at times, but good healthy discussion is positive. Take it, this site here is comprised of members tired of that site and have retreated to the “safe room”. Yes, everyone is a Mod here it seems. Recognize the handles when they dare venture out into the “wilderness”. Cheers.

  300. Will you meet KHuang there?

  301. Ellington is a career 38.6% 3pt shooter (42.4 last season) though was only shooting 20% in preseason. Hope it’s the >40% version Ellington we get back. Really could use the 3 point shooting to open the lanes.


  302. My take on Mchale hitting below on the belt with lin is to get back that first blow Scott threw out saying that D12 doesn’t have a championship mindset. They both should have taken the high road, but they didn’t, so it is what it is.

  303. Never like M as a player and is really feel disgust about him as a coach. Use no “class” is an insulting to “class.”

  304. I don’t know whether that 38% is reliable though, you could see that his 3pt% drops whenever he has longer playing time. So he has couple of >40% 3pt% seasons, when he only play limited minutes, but when he plays longer, his 3pt% is not good. So I don’t think it is reliable.

    I think if he don’t improve, he will be cut before Nov 15th, then Lakers could use Nash’s DPE to sign another player, and Lakers could still trade Nash out later. There is a small loophole there, but they will need an open space first.

  305. Not nice to bash someone who has only nice things about his ex-employer. For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks…..

  306. security is tight here. lol

  307. People with decent wisdom know best who is who in this 2 years in HOU. It is a culture straight from the top to the bottom, and extends to media, fans, and stooges.

  308. How do you tell his 3pt% drops when he has longer playing time? I can only tell by his season total minutes, which looks pretty good when he had 39.2% with 1661 mins and 39.5% with 1384 mins.

    Season MP 3P 3PA 3P%
    2009-10 1384 64 162 0.395
    2010-11 1181 48 121 0.397
    2011-12 973 35 108 0.324
    2012-13 1661 94 240 0.392
    2013-14 393 25 59 0.424

  309. yes, it’s just screenshot. Prob youtube is easier distribution tool If I’m on low bandwidth wifi in cafe for example, I set it to 144k rate and it sounds the same. But, it’s easier to digest in mp3 in bits – some are long but worth more than just 24 hr ESPN.

  310. With you THE BEST hope you are with kids. Send updates !

  311. It’s not so much a problem by itself but it all compounds to one solution that happens to be a Kobe ISO. When the plays are set to screens for midrange jump shots, it takes too many bodies inside the middle. Scott’s ideas of not having to rely on 3s is commendable, but the effect of creating shots for Kobe makes for easy defence on the Lakers. Pack the paint and force them to shoot longer midrange shots. This was what was happening in the first half.

    I believe that good offence should not be just about scoring, it should be about eating the clock and making the opponents work their tails off. The psychology of this attack wears down opponents. Last season I saw the Spurs bench beat down on the raptors. On one play, they passed the ball at least 10-12 times through cutting players who had many opportunities to take the shot, but did not. Finally the Raptors defence was so bewildered that they must have had whiplash from following the ball whizzing by them. The shot eventually came from an open easy 3 in the right corner. A defence that doesn’t have to move is happy as a lark to do so. Harden and D12 would never be able to beat the Spurs this year because they’d be so tired after the first half that they’d have nothing left in the tank.

    A team that doesn’t make the opponents cover ALL OF THE COURT isn’t optimizing their effectiveness to attack every aspect of a defence. Shooting 3s as a foil isn’t just for scoring, it’s for so many other things that adds to the value of the offensive set for the Modern game. It’s a great foil but it should never be the main staple of a teams attack. Houston will never get far in the playoffs as long as Harden and Morey are in charge.

  312. Yes, Mods outnumber non Mods by 10-1.

  313. hehee I might try to do some gifs here later on.

  314. McHale just can’t help showing his colors.

  315. Maybe the pressure of having to perform well or be cut had some affect on him.

  316. I wonder how long it will take for them to find out that someone has been submitting multiple votes.

  317. This foul from yesterday was correctly called by the refs, but the announcers were doubting it and said several times during replay (from a different angle than below) that it looked like Dwight was just going straight up and should not have been a foul.

    The announcers were dead wrong: It was a poor replay angle. If you look at it from the main sideline angle, it’s clear that Howard did not jump straight up. He took off outside the restricted arc and landed directly under the basket.

    Even if Howard went straight up and down, he was not set before Lin began his upward shooting motion (frame 52). You would think the announcers would know that rule.


  318. haha, I remember a mod said he fixed it already. One vote from one account. lol

  319. this guy is sick! I am sick of him!

  320. sometimes, I think Lin attacks bigs on purpose to give them foul trouble. Lin’s game is all about strategy.

  321. Didn’t know that u could have multiple votes at all:-) Mod is going to the game. He can’t check for the next few hours:-) Having teased that yes @psalm234:disqus did mention that he has already fixed it. Maybe I should try to make sure it works:-)

  322. Agree. The personal foul on Dmo drew by Lin yesterday was exactly an example too. You can see Lin actually ran to Dmo deliberately when he dribbled cross the court. Its BB IQ!!

  323. Just came out of a car wreck safely……….great!

  324. WOW what happened? Are u okay?

  325. Wow, please take care man.

  326. Gheez.. Take care. I mean it.

  327. Got hit by a pick up from my right side. We are OK!

  328. Wonderful! Was your whole fam with u when it happened?

  329. Was the whole family in the car?

  330. Glad your family is safe and healthy.

  331. Yes…all 5 of us….was heading to a pumpkin patch πŸ˜›

  332. Thanks! YES

  333. Well, it’s absolutely wonderful you came out unharmed.

  334. Glad to hear that you and your fam are ok.

  335. Good to hear you are all fine.

  336. Hopefully not much of an impact. Van is ok?? Need minor/major repair?

  337. I think it will be totaled…not sure…..I would think it will take at least 17K to repair it

  338. Thank God you guys are ok, brent

  339. Thanks!

  340. that’s the worst hit. glad to hear you and family are okay. That’s the most important thing.Take care then!

  341. WOW! Even though u r okay now. May suffer from “pain” because of the impact. Depending how big the “jerk” it was.

  342. yeah…Police said the same. I guess we will follow NBA’s guideline for concussion….:P

  343. Not concussion that I’m worrying about. It’s more on the pain of the all joints. My cousin and friends went thru that. They suffer the “pain” for months. Don’t want to scare u but look out for those and get treatment immediately.

  344. But seriously someone should at least have a look.

  345. Yeah…but i need to get a new ride 1st…..without car in texas is like without legs…

  346. Understand that completely. Lived in TX (Houston, North Texas) for many years.

  347. I was going to say horse but I will lay off the stupid quotes today. Peace.

  348. I think Lin was just nervous yesterday when he found out Wu Kong traveled all the way to watch him play. He’ll be fine tonight

  349. LOL wu kong will appreciate u so much on that comment. Let’s hope @psalm234:disqus will do a better job today:-)

  350. Glad to know that everyone is fine. I am sure you got down the guy’s insurance info. You know, just in case.

  351. Police got it already. Will be in the report.

  352. Lakers starters: Lin, Kobe, Wes, Boozer, Hill— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) October 30, 2014

  353. It is a shame that sometimes refs just don’t buy it, or worse rig it on purpose. I wish there is some kind of ref evaluation system to monitor and keep refs in check.

  354. I see Clarkson warming up. No sight of @Jlin7 yet pic.twitter.com/0rzOpKlgea

  355. wow, glad your family is ok.

  356. Good to hear all of you are okay.

  357. hey, someone’s going to create the game thread, right? I won’t be around tonight. @brentyen:disqus

  358. Oops Didn’t see Joyce’s post. Sorry for the duplicate post!

  359. Oh shoot! ok I will create one….

  360. Yep @psalm234:disqus is at the game watching JLin. Brent u need to do it:-)

  361. Give Thanks

  362. LOL @psalm234:disqus must be enjoy himself so much that haven’t heard from him for over an hour.

  363. New game thread is up!

  364. Glad you and your family are okay, mate!

    If it has a heavy impact to check out on whipslash with a Chiro, just to be safe; that goes to you and your family.
    I have seen many cases where the symptom appears many years later; alot of things could have been avoid with initial rectification. Cheers

  365. Actually I’m fine with McHale’s quote…it is what it is…McHale never believed in Jeremy from day1 (even before cutting in the first time). Hence when he was force to take in Jeremy, he never had any plans to develop or giving him a bigger role.

    The trust was never there. Unfortunately, Jeremy coming in as recovery player and harden added into the franchise, made things even difficult for Jeremy to prove his worth, with up and downs. He was trying had to fulfill the nice to fit criteria rather than going out and playing his brand of ball. Which he indeed did in few games.

  366. Good tips, I think I will……thanks!

  367. Glad the family is safe. Just wondering, what kind of vehicle were you driving?

  368. Toyota SIenna 2011 thanks!

  369. Thanks Brent, now I have more justification to convince my wife that the Sienna is AWESOME! Besides being the best looking minivan out there, it’s also robust and safe.

    Now let’s enjoy the game!

  370. no ball movement with this team

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