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We will only use disqus today. Let hope LAL get better and better.
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  1. LOL First.

  2. Last night’s game was painful to watch, but this is a new game and new opportunity. Lets gooooooo Lin!!

  3. It was. Hopefully all nerves are settling down for tonight’s game. Hopefully it is a win. It is the utter most important JLin remains healthy and no more injuries for any Lakers players.

  4. Agree, I’m not sure why so many injuries, but the team can not afford any more. They need all the help they can get to make it to the play offs, which is what I’m hoping for Lin.

  5. I think Lin will play well tonight, it’s Lin’s pattern. In general Lin won’t allow himself to have consecutive off game unless he was injured.

  6. Just updated my browser java JRE….darn, everytime I load the page the first time, there is a runtime error on disqus πŸ™

  7. Looking forward

  8. Just seem like one fluke injury after the other. Players play like all the times with bruises and cuts but somehow Lakers got the worst deal one after the other. Not going to blame for the training camp. Used to train hard that way but none of us sufferred from any injuries. Pray that injury stays away from Lakers from now on.

  9. Happened to my mobile phone but not on my laptop. Not sure why. Not an IT savvy.

  10. Agree. JLin always readjusts himself all the times. It will get better. Like he said, “If you don’t learn anything from it, then it’s just a waste” something like that.

  11. Jeremy Lin

  12. its compatibility issue with Win7/latest browser together with its middleware (java)…no biggie πŸ™‚

  13. True, but there are so many uncertainties w/this team, that I’m not as confident this time around. I’m confident in Lin’s abilities, but he needs help from some others, besides Kobe on this team.
    Davis could, but Scott doesn’t seem to want Davis to start (not sure the reason).

  14. Looks like Media and Fans of lakers expectation is getting lower, with JRandle being out.


  15. I dont mind loosing, as long as the team play as one (cohesively); good performance goes along way

  16. The Lakers’ season will depend on whether BS pulls a D’Antoni and lets Lin play his game.

  17. WOW That’s bad!!! I will hold my gun for now to make any prediction until later.

  18. I just want to lin to get the best stats that he can this season for his new contract next year

  19. I am also banking on less minutes Kobe will be playing due to B2B game. Lin may control the offense more

  20. He needs to figure out a way so that kobe can get his points and sit, and then let the tam play team ball. Kobe is the cog in the middle of the wheel and it is becoming more apparent.

  21. As #Lakers Jeremy Lin preps to unleash #Linsanity, live #Suns coverage on @abc15 pic.twitter.com/zceonRXqUv

  22. I don’t like loosing( haha ), super competitive. I also want Lin to be successful this season, so he can get a big contract and be romanced by a contending team.
    If a team plays cohesively, they definitely have a better chance at succeeding, but this team so far hasn’t shown any hint of it, thus far. Hope for the best going forward tho.

  23. Do you folks see the chat window? I dont seem to find it?!

    @brent any idea?

  24. I did not add it….I don know how to load it….sorry….big boss is not at home now…LOL

  25. this team looks like complete disaster to me! lol but I have more faith in Lin’s leadership

  26. Lakers need…

    1) Better spacing, a reliable 3pt shooter would help a lot.
    2) Kobe / Lin to become more like dual daggers, each drawing defense away from the other.
    3) Lin more practice with Boozer, and more minutes with Davis.
    4) A capable big, Hill’s not cutting it, neither is Sacre.

  27. Let’s hope it helps. I’m not sold Lin/Kobe playing together is a problem. I just don’t see anyone else playing 110%, like they do. This game is a 5 player team, but the effort seems to be maybe 3. Hoping this changes w/each game, or its going to be a painful season all around.

  28. LOL He is having so much fun at the game that silence from him for almost 2 hrs now:-)

  29. The team is way too thin for western conference….having hope is good but need to be realistic to not to beat up the team and Jeremy…its mission impossible with low possibility in getting into playoffs

  30. Yep, I think their injury exception will be spent on another big.

  31. thats fine, no worries, was just wondering because you mentioned to use the Chat πŸ˜‰

  32. Ya, that’s about all we can count on at this point. Hopefully Scott can rally all of them together to trust in Lin’s bball IQ.

  33. This is very true………….

  34. Go JLin! Go Lakers! Have fun and stay healthy!

  35. Just realize that I do not have to listen to Houston commentators any more πŸ™‚

  36. Maybe I’m alone in this but the game thread didn’t show up on the homepage for me. I got here by clicking on one of the “recent comments” listed on the homepage.

  37. Same here.

  38. I see it there….hmmmm

  39. It was not there earlier.

  40. Need to refresh the site before u can see the new thread if it’s created after you sign in..

  41. Have no issue at all.

  42. They aren’t even guarding Lin on the 3 pt line.

  43. Wow, Lin and Lakers outclassed.

  44. yes, LIn drive

  45. When Kobe is in it is nothing but contested 2s

  46. This is going to be a bigger lost than last night if the pace continues.

  47. Jeremy is still rushing

  48. It’s there for me now. It wasn’t before. Thanks.

  49. TOs are plenty…

  50. yeah…and its too early

  51. need to control the tempo

  52. No D no O. long season

  53. There is no offense at all.

  54. at this rate they may set the record for most loses to start the season.

  55. what is the current record?

  56. worse than pre-season games. what happened?

  57. Defense is different.

  58. 0-20 something?

  59. other teams are playing serious now when the lakers were at their best in the preseason

  60. I am not a BB savy, but should we blame for BS only cares about D?

  61. I told u guys Lakers were bad, really bad.

  62. Looks like they are tanking on purpose. Ug.

  63. no…..but close

  64. They can tank. I don’t care, as long as Lin has a good stat for his contract year.

  65. Again…able to make shots will cover a lot of things.

  66. No ball in hand, no stat

  67. I can’t even watch this. They were not only taking bad shots, they couldn’t make a shot, open or not. Lin cut it down, but then some bad back to back to back plays all around.

  68. WOW Left for a couple minutes and they have a comeback.

  69. Suns 1st team started hot . Hope they cool off soon

  70. I changed it back to the game since you said this.

  71. Playing better without Lin.

  72. I’m impressed you are commenting when you are at the game. Nice!

  73. No Lin tho

  74. What’s your point exactly web?

  75. Yep no JLin. Guess it’s hard for him to play with first unit. Somehow all the timing was off.

  76. Lin looked confident, talked to his teammates, a bit frustrated being behind

  77. Brent I read from pregame about what happened. Happy that you and the fam are safe.

  78. As soon as Boozer went out of the game, the Lakers started playing better. They are now spacing the floor.

  79. frustrated with his own play? bench fighting back.

  80. We are all good! thanks!!

  81. Most consecutive games lost, start of season
    17 – Miami, November 5-December 12, 1988
    17 – L.A. Clippers, February 5 – March 10, 1999

    Most consecutive home games lost, start of season
    19 – Dallas, November 6, 1993-January 21, 1994

    Most consecutive road games lost, start of season
    29 – Dallas, November 10, 1992-March 13, 1993

    See : http://www.nba.com/history/records/regular_miscellaneous.html

  82. Kobe is back in. All the ball movement has stopped.

  83. Their D rotation were so bad that I no longer sure how Scott taught it…

  84. Agreed.

  85. Lakers have a huge fanbase in Phoenix?

  86. Must be @psalm234:disqus

  87. If lakers can challenge 3s, they can comeback. Too many open 3s

  88. JLin is still out.

  89. Unless you are Dirk or LMA a big shooting that mid-range 2 is really not good, clogs the paint, almost a guaranteed 1 possession shot, especially for a team without a real big to get the boards. Unfortunately that seems to be Boozers favorite shot= =.

  90. What is up with lin?

  91. That was what puzzled me. They seem intentionally not contesting it.

  92. You’ll met up with KHuang?

  93. SO…17…..not hard for LAL….LOL

  94. The group out there is doing well. Davis looks better than Boozer out there.

  95. I wonder what’s their policy about 3-point shooting, both on offense and defense.

  96. Boozer looks slow, bricks a lot and turns it over a lot.

  97. Hill’s offense has been looking pretty bad. Lin back in. Not sure Price can counter Bledsoe.

  98. 3s are the downfall for lakers

  99. 1 more body to gang rebound?

  100. Disagree with Lin’s 2nd TO, should’ve been on Price. Right thru his hands.

  101. Not finding his spot imo

  102. Doesn’t contest 3s, doesn’t shoot much 3s.

  103. Lin in the dog house after a poor start?

  104. I don’t know the rules, but remember when Asik missed the catch, it was always Lin’s TO?

  105. Its passer’s responsibility

  106. amazing! LAL only took 1-2 for 3s. SUN 8-16 from 3s.

  107. Whoever is to pass the ball but the catcher missed it or the opponent caught the ball it, the TO is on him.

  108. They basically are playing within a shorter imaginary 2.5 pt line.

  109. This seems like a product of Kobe.

  110. Kobe didnt pass to lin for open 3

  111. Boozer?!?!?!? What was that?!?!?

  112. Doesn’t Ed have more rebounds than Boozer and Hill combined? Why isn’t he starting.

  113. That Isaiah 3 is on Jeremy for leaving him open.

  114. Finally he attacked the basket.

  115. Not really….Lin had to guard 2 ppl at that time. Rotation was bad

  116. Almost went in… oh well.

  117. That too. This rotation is……questionable to say the least.

  118. Give JLin another 0.1 to compose himself, he will probably make it.

  119. Plus a moving screen to me.

  120. Believe JLin is guarding another player not Thomas.

  121. there was an illegal screen, the screener hip bumped him.

  122. Boozer was horrible.

  123. because lin isn’t reliable from downtown.

  124. No 3pt strategies, poor defense, over-conditioning, ineffective rotation pattern (despite the injuries), etc.

    I’ve pretty much lost my faith in BS, my hunch was right, Karl was the coach to get.

  125. hmmm I’m not surprised either…

    Rox having another blowout…livig by their 3s…oops wrong team! πŸ™‚

  126. Robert Horry is talking non sense. It is not like lin had many open lanes at all…It was purely the “give the ball to Kobe” offense.

  127. 2nd Half was better than 1st…lets see more improvement on 3Q

  128. for the past 2 years, so used to be in mute when watching, now I still mute it ^_^

    anyway, how are the LA commentators, worth listening to?

  129. Yep. Once Kobe got the ball, he basically went for isos. Stopped all the ball movement.

  130. They are ok…if you minus “KOBE is the god part”

  131. because everyone else is doing NOTHING. Don’t blame Kobe.

  132. Why is so many ppl hate to see Lin going pass 1st in 1st Q? I think that is a good way to approach.

  133. Just look at the stat, Price had 0 points with about the same amount playtime as JLin.

  134. Too early to tell. It took a beat down last game for Kobe to let lin run the offence. This is Kobe’s team and Scott knows which side of his bread is buttered. Let’s just see what happens in the second half.

    Scott may have to let the losses run its course for Kobe to realize that he can’t do it by himself anymore.

  135. honestly, who cares? Lin hasn’t done jack to warrant more playing time.

  136. he’s keeping this scrub team alive. no one else is doing anything noteworthy.

  137. Worthy: they need to move the ball. Me: but all 5 ppl are standing together!!!

  138. I care very much. Why is so special about Price and deserve to play longer time???

  139. Well….not easy when you are playing with Kobe I guess LOL

  140. Its really Kobe show. Dont fret. Lin was open a few times but Kobe didnt pass to him or anyone

  141. Lakers don’t have an offensive identity AND defensive identity yet.

  142. because he did nothing? LOL

  143. lin shooting 3s . Very sharp

  144. I’m cool with the “it’s Kobe’s team” part, what I find unacceptable are the lack of perimeter defense (or an effective D overall) and NOT shooting 3s. Also, not running set plays for the Lin/Davis duo.

  145. I counted zero pass to open man from Kobe so far. Only risky insertion pass.

  146. Yep that’s why it drives me crazy to watch Kobe.

  147. Kobe is taking over BOTH the scoring and playmaking.

  148. is kobe giving anybody an opportunity do anything? BTW if you can’t come here and give a credible critique that the team looks bad, and is a scrub team, perhaps this is not the place for you. Perhaps you need to go back to jeremylin.net

  149. lin shooting 3s . Very sharp from top of key

  150. I sometimes feel so ridiculous that when those commentators say they got move the ball. But they really mean he. This also happens to Houston of course.

  151. Kobe rarely seems to pass out towards the 3 pt line unless he is driving. Otherwise, he seems to pass to a big.

  152. They could’ve hired ME for that, for half the money. πŸ™‚

  153. you said they have the same amount of playing time. Their contributions are about the same, so it doesn’t matter who’s playing more. Hope this changes in the 2nd half.

  154. I hope Lin can find some rhythm 2nd half. He is just so lost with those starters.

  155. Take out the “seems” part. He is doing it. First thing I notice over and over again in the last couple games.

  156. I think we have to give Lin and Kobe time to learn to work together. It is going to take a lot more games since most of the training camp and preseason Lin was not playing with Kobe. As long as there are no shortcuts, (like benching Lin) I think they can work it out eventually.

  157. Ha. True.

  158. d*mn joyce!!! point taken.

  159. Hill just can not process what he sees……that’s what DAVIS does the best.

  160. Why is Boozer even in the starting lineup?

  161. Well beat me.

  162. Not today.

  163. Maybe BS thought he can play the same as yesterday.

  164. When?

  165. Who’s available for the Lakers to poach?

  166. When he least expects it.

  167. Did lin look timid or lost out there to you?

  168. Good.

  169. I wish he just took that 3

  170. Be ware of the rules of joining this site. We hold “be polite and respectful” very much.

  171. Boozer thought so too….LOL

  172. 3 out of 4

  173. what is Boozer doing?

  174. playing for Suns…

  175. 2 tos

  176. feels has more than that

  177. thats 8!

  178. we are not seeing enough Lin and Davis. That was one takeaway from preseason and nonexistent now.

  179. Lin is playing scared

  180. somehow Lin was pretty slow passing to Kobe, don’t know why.

  181. Okay Mchale! Lol

  182. Davis really should start, Hill was horrible sometimes.

  183. thought 5. Nope, you’re correct

  184. Lin not happy hill didnt set screen. They talked bout it

  185. Suns are playing the passing lane. THEY KNOW what he is gonna do

  186. sigh…game is getting away

  187. LOL

  188. Lin with great defensive rotation covering 3 people

  189. Or at this point, I prefer Lin not starting. The first group is too damn slow.

  190. My..gawd..Lin outrebound Hill…

  191. maybe Lin is better off leading the bench….not that he is inferior to other PG….but looks like he is struggling to find his place in the first team…

  192. LIN is mad…he should….no one is listening to him

  193. Lin was really angry with Hill

  194. He should be vocal….

  195. Boozer has 8 TOs, more than shots made, rebs, and steals…combined!

  196. one and done

  197. Gasol can guard better than Hill and Boozer combined.

  198. The team lacks cohension right now. It looked like Lin was calling a pick but Boozer didn’t understand?

  199. Lakers shot selection is errr?

  200. Lin is MAD

  201. not right now, more like always

  202. He seems to be vocal

  203. True. There are moments when it is going well, but it is particularly bad right now. They aren’t communicating

  204. Take out Hill and bring in Davis. I don’t understand the insistence on Hill.

  205. it is like the dead clock….will be right 2 times a day.

  206. wow Sun is scoring at will….the 3s are killing LAL. ….hope 4th Q can do better…

  207. Sacre got up n greeted Lin on bench

  208. Can I join you guys here? JLnet is 99% trolls now, with that other 1% being me lol

  209. Of course. Welcome!

  210. Welcome Buzz.

  211. Boozer out. That makes sense too. 8 TOs.

  212. should have replaced long ago

  213. Lakers went from -9 to -15 after Boozer’s 8th TO, and it took BS a full 4 minutes to kick him out to let Davis in. Lin was WASTED being on the court for most of the 3rd Q. And now that Davis is in, Lin’s out for Price.

    This amazing rotation pattern rivals McHale’s.

  214. back to the drawing board…..:(

  215. lin is really frustrated his teammates are out of synch, 2-3 times on Hill. Not looking to shoot but getting offense set right

  216. Nothing they can draw…..this is not about execution

  217. that is his job….

  218. Wow Lakers

  219. Welcome to the Santuary, where half the commenters are mods. Here trolls are shot on sight and become honeycomb in a matter of minutes.

  220. Is this JLin playing poorly or is this the scheme Scott had planned? Seems like they played the same way when Nash was playing with the starters too.

  221. Kobe mode. Price drop off to Kobe. Kobe keeps it.

  222. at least MDA was fun to watch, Byron Scott team is painful to wacth

  223. Yeeech on the honeycomb.. they can’t be honeycomb.

  224. this offense doesn’t do it for Lin. He’ll be lost playing on this team.

  225. BS scheme

  226. With MDA, at least they had O. Now they have neither O, nor D

  227. To the brightside. You rather face good teams when you are still not a team

  228. the whole western conference is stacked this year. there’s no bad team

  229. You just

  230. Ya know .. The team is set up to let Kobe get open shots. No 3pt shooters, no good screens. No perimeter D. This team needs a lot of practice on the system. Noone knows what to do out there

  231. 30 pts game and Kobe is padding his stats

  232. Once they face the TEAM that currently OWNS the league (defending champ Spurs), get ready for intense schooling.

  233. This is seriously demoralizing. Expected or not.

  234. How is lin doing?

  235. I think Byron Scott needs to revamp whatever offensive strategy he is teaching. Maybe it’s just me but I can’t detect any. No spacing, ball movement, picks nothing.

  236. On the bench now = =

  237. nothing on the bench

  238. This is just ugly. This is why I didnt mind Jeremy playing with the 2nd unit. To run with the other young ones and take over when needed. First unit is so slow, no solid picks, too Kobecentric, etc.
    But I know being a starter is also important for Jeremy, such a dilemma.

  239. Yep

  240. I like Kobe’s attitude tho…

  241. Agreed.

  242. maybe is the back-2-back….JLin needs to recharge…

  243. second

  244. Why, because the whole scheme of the offense is centered around him.

  245. What is the point of scoring 30+ when your team is losing by 25

  246. Stats padding.

  247. This is the default. Kobe does this.

  248. Watching Kobe show, looking concerned

  249. Got to be better than this. JLin was making 100% of the play calling in the second unit. He’s must be running some kind of system devised for the starters that feature Kobe and feeding the bigs. Not a PG centric system.

  250. mercy

  251. Yeah, he has a lot of personal pride. I like it that Lin got mad too. But even though Lin gets mad, he doesn’t try to take over. He should though.

  252. at least with the Rox they have spacing and shooters. this team is Kobe and lemmings

  253. I just mean I wish all other teammates except Lin are having the same attitude right now. HILL, Boozer, Wes are like the walking dead. It is really not easy to get Lin jumping on the court yelling, and I already have seen 3 times this season

  254. He may be able to pass MJ I think on all time scoring list this year.

  255. Good to see long discussion of Lin n Kobe

  256. at least the Giants won tonight

  257. You mean they are talking now?

  258. kobe started talking. Got pics for later

  259. The game is not over yet…catchable…..

  260. haha Kobe is talking to Lin

  261. scrubs time?

  262. True, they just need to hold the Suns to 1 point and go on 30 point run.
    Let’s go Lakers! :3

  263. I have a feeling that Lakers want to tank but let Kobe get his stat. They do not care about other players’ stats.

  264. Should I cancel my league pass subscription? It seems Lakers is lottery bound this season

  265. Bumgarner is king

  266. haha, yep lets go lakers

  267. yes

  268. Up to you really. After all it’s YOUR money.

  269. I love it! Thanks @psalm234:disqus

  270. Yeah they have spacing only because they shoot 3s. The problem is that they don’t know how to take advantage of it during crunch time to shoot high percentage midrange shots to close out games.

    Lin has never been a follower…he’s a trailblazer that works within the system. Get that right and we’ll get along fine.

  271. Lin a total non factor. Is he even coming back?

  272. Do both teams think the game is over? it seems no starters from both teams are playing

  273. Last game by 1! Can’t get closer than that.

  274. Kobe with 25 FGA, the other 4 starters – 25, the bench – 21.

    Just saying.

  275. so painful to watch and waste of time and money….its all Kobe against all, no teamwork.

  276. Hey man, whatever you think will benefit you, go for it.

  277. Procrastination paid off for me in this particular case.

  278. Because that’s ALL of their offense – shooting 3s. That will be pathetic against teams with good perimeter defense.

  279. Another reason why I dont mind Jeremy coming off the bench.
    So he can get himself some stats too! Gotta have some acceptable stats to hopefully get another good contract and/or to go to a decent team next season.

  280. not likely

  281. does not looks like

  282. They can tank, but they should not ruin their players’ future.

  283. They should just shooting nothing but 3s. Maybe they will get lucky and hit 20 in a row.

  284. Maybe players know they management wants to tank, so lack of motivation to move or D.

  285. PHX is going to be fun. they have 3 quality guards in a tailer made system

  286. Hornacek knows what he’s doing.

  287. practice time for scrubs

  288. Gerald green is crazy athletic

  289. Finally they called a ser….a triangle.

  290. Clippers next, it’s only going to get worse.

  291. Enough of this. Good night all.

  292. annoucers having some fun

  293. Staying up for @psalm234:disqus’s game report…

  294. blow out by warriors by 40 points

  295. Yes, save some money. Opt for the free streaming.

  296. There are no scrubs only foolish fans who think that making it into the NBA is only for stars. The Spurs won with a team of 16 players not 2-3 cornerstones. If you cannot appreciate how difficult it is to even make it onto the practice roster in the NBA then you have no idea what it takes to achieve anything.

  297. I feel bad for you guys on the East Coast staying up this year and going to sleep feeling lousy

  298. taking things a bit too serious aren’t we?

  299. Your point exactly?

  300. watching the lakers losing night after night

  301. Alright that’s it… I don’t like your mocking tone

  302. I really hope the Clippers game is going to be better, if only since I am going. I’m not holding my breath though.

  303. refund?

  304. Well they were free…

  305. It’s going to get far worst before it gets better.

  306. Honeycombed… LOL

  307. The Clippers, oh god πŸ™

    If someway, somehow the Lakers beat them, I demand you attend all Lakers’ game because you’d clearly be a miraculous lucky charm of omnipotent force.

  308. sell on ebay?

  309. I get a good basketball argument, but if he’s going to mock people who PREFER to watch Jeremy, who sacrifice their sleep just to watch his game, he’s better out.

  310. Unfortunate. It really is for my little cousin. At least he will be able to see Paul and Griffin, whom he also likes. This is a fit issue for real. It is not Kobe and Lin but Lin with the starters. As stated by someone below, starters are too slow. I also prefer Lin with Davis than with Boozer or Hill.

  311. No refund necessary, I’m here for the process and jouney. Winning is only a marker nothing more, nothing less.

  312. Fans can come on here and try to blame lin and the players, but this one is on the coach. From most of the posts that I read there were no offensive sets, just kobe eccentric.

  313. He didn’t say anything about Jeremy though, just Lakers.

  314. On the bright side, tonight, not a single Laker was carried away in a stretcher.
    That will now be considered a win in my book lol

  315. Should I tone down my trolling a bit = =. Don’t want to wake up someday with 0% structural integrity left.

  316. You’re STILL the starting troll here. πŸ™‚ Although you might need to size up how blubell is doing lol

  317. Blaming Lin on this will be 10x more ridiculous than blames him when he is in HOU

  318. Agree. Don’t understand about the rotation either.

  319. Me to, I am here for the journey, but Scott has to switch up the starting line up, and add Davis to the mix with lin and do some pick and rolls.

  320. It’s not Lin only. some players played horribly though. maybe due to coaching. Lakers Nation saying we should have signed Isaiah Thomas. As if that would make a difference.

  321. That triple at the bottom of the 9th had me peeing my pants…

  322. 3 reasons to believe the Lakers are secretly tanking
    SB Nation

  323. Saw a few of the so called JLin fans in Twitter blamed him to death in the last few days. Very sad! Huge sacrific and adjustment for JLin for this Kobe centric team.

  324. haha. I have thought about it. but for my little cousin now. will be sitting behind Lakers bench so that will be interesting.

  325. Whew. Thanks πŸ™‚

  326. Yup, I agree. Let’s be patient

  327. Again…I think…no post game thread tonight.

  328. We’ll see…

  329. Just bandwagon fans who lack real basketball savviness, not real fans of the sports or Lin.

  330. Paul is my basketball therapist after a rough game.

    Cant wait for his vids.

  331. We should’ve gone for the Good Koach (George Karl).

  332. Lin can have a big game when you least expect it. Me and my roommate would be ecstatic to go to watch any game he is in if we ever had the chance. 0.0

  333. Free therapy!

  334. What makes this frustrating is that they seemed to be improving pre-season, and looked better at the end of it and now it looks like they regressed back to square 1. As if they never played pre-season.

  335. Shots fired πŸ™‚

  336. PPL from CALI…can someone tell me what was the tone toward MDA when a game like this happen?

  337. Even Lin/Boozer can work to an extent if Kobe would just let Lin playmake.

  338. Defense are different…

  339. That’s why I think there are more trolls that came out when Jeremy was traded to the Lakers.

  340. Seemed that way last game but Boozer was messy tonight. I need to be more patient with the process and journey.

  341. gotta agree there

  342. Constant vigilance.

  343. That image of Jeremy who stomped and dribbled HARD is stuck on my mind right now. He’s pissed to death. The other guys on the floor don’t know where to position themselves in a set play.

  344. I’m not sure I know what you mean? But, they did play the Suns TWICE already. No game plan? coach, man.

  345. go go go…you will be our eye there….would like to hear your first-hand reports!

  346. In preseason…..there is no particular defense towards a particular team. Both teams are just playing and doing their own things.

  347. Really, I feel it is the same amount of trolls, lol.

    But anyway I was reading the guy’s other comments (can’t see his posts in his history here except for this page) and he doesn’t seem like a troll to me though. Did he get any warnings at least?

  348. I think Karl wanted more, that the Lakers couldn’t accommodate.

  349. I see what you’re saying. Still, I just expected more of a game plan tonight.

  350. “Frustrated” is an understatement…

  351. vigilante

  352. Even without shooters, in preseason, the spacing was considerably better. Pretty much both teams are just running practices..

  353. This is all BS.

  354. Back to back is a bit too short of a period.

  355. I would have loved to see that. Kobe and Scott probably liked that. He yelled at Boozer too huh..LOL

  356. Back to the bench with the fast unit. Good

  357. BS talking BS, I call BS.

  358. Why so many others comments got deleted? I see nothing wrong with it, nor is it offensive or insult to anybody?

  359. LOL… seriously?

  360. I know. My heart was pounding. Could have gone differently, but alas…pop up foul. woot!

  361. Exactly.

  362. So he wants Lin to start ISO ing too ORZ.

  363. Mod caught double posting…

  364. He was ok until I asked him what he meant by his post, and his reason is a mocking people who stay up and sacrifice their time to watch Jeremy. I get it,we’re all on different time zones. These people know already how bad the team is doing and they still elected to watched the game. I’m not going to give him the chance to instigate anything.

  365. Trying to justify putting lin on the bench so that kobe can get his points without looking like they are tanking

  366. He played “pretty good” yesterday.

  367. what does he want from Lin? Kobe was playing the Kobe ball for the whole game.

  368. Ooops. fixed it. might need to refresh.

  369. I can’t believe they are tanking. I think there is less of a chance to tank with Lin coming off the bench, but in for the ride I guess.

  370. Kobe post game interview says he’s telling Lin to run the offense. Says “He’s used to someone looking over his shoulder but I’m telling him to do it. “

  371. Maybe he wants Lin to be like “Hill you come over here and set a screen for Kobe, and Wes stand in the corner for the three, oh and Boozer cut to the…”..Opponent” Hey, that’s a pretty nice play”

  372. do what without the ball? and Hill not cooperating?

  373. He meant run into the offense?

  374. Couldn’t have been asking for more than what GSW paid Kerr. Lakers have the money if they really wanted Karl. The tanking theory (to not lose first-round pick to Suns) seems to hold some water.

  375. Lin interview: said he tried to be more assertive tonight, he is trying do everything he can to figure it out

  376. Ya that’s what Horey said “you tell him to run the offense well then give him the ball and sit back”

  377. …while Kobe’s off the court, in other words Lin back to bench?

  378. Lin: need to get on the same page and regroup on defense. Says “I’m frustrated,” but going home to figure out what he needs to do and what changes he needs to make

  379. Every time Lin runs the play, the ball eventually goes to Kobe’s hands and becomes one man offense again and again. So whats the point if Lin runs the offense.

  380. Hmm…

  381. With what ball?

  382. Horry finally made some sense.

  383. What did he say?

  384. Well, whether Scott is typically right or not, here he is right. Lin, like pretty much everyone else besides Kobe, is just taking up a position, just occupying space, but otherwise doing nothing to be a factor in the game. All he’s doing is looking for Kobe to do everything, like, again, pretty much everyone else. Not a fan, at all, of Kobe iso-ball, but here Kobe is really left with no choice, as everyone else is doing nothing, playing so passively, no sense of urgency, no aggression. Lin has looked pretty much useless these first two games, as has most of the team. The team looks just really, really weak, completely out of sync, flaccid defense, impotent offense, just completely overmatched. This could be an even longer season than initially feared.

  385. Kobe should go watch the film after this game.

  386. Coach Lin.

  387. it should be happening around Dec

  388. At least Horry is calling him out. Random story: when I was young, my mom had a business and Horry came in to the store. She had no idea who he was but asked if he was a basketball player because he was so big. He said he was for the Lakers and signed a piece of paper for her.

  389. Kobe has thrown another challenge to lin like he did with the best defender challenge. Kobe said a while back that his job is to bring out the fire in these players and that is what he is doing with lin.

  390. “Kobe has to take a back seat, he will get his anyway”

  391. Highlights from Blaiyan.

  392. I dunno, that’s not how I read his post at all. I think he’s just frustrated as the rest of us and he’s saying it must be even worse for the people that have to stay up late to watch only to be disappointed, which I agree with. I don’t really feel he was mocking anyone.

    But even if he was, I think he should be given a chance or two before ban hammer. We all say dumb things in the heat of the moment that we regret. I think only the people that have a proven record of bad behavior should get the boot. Right now I don’t see enough to make that judgement (though I must say I just jumped in this thread though so maybe I missed stuff). Just like the Lakers, these first two games are horrible. It’d be unfair to judge them on just these two games but I know the season is long and a lot can happen. It’s not how your start but how you finish right?

  393. The bigs aren’t working for points. Seems like they are expecting the guards to penetrate and draw away the defense so they can get layups and wide open mid range jumpers. (excluding Davis). Sometimes the only other option left is Kobe, but once he gets the ball, everyone just stands there.

  394. I think that what Kobe has said to lin is a good thing. He has challenged lin and lin will rise to the challenge. If Kobe didn’t care for lin, he would not have made a comment like that.

  395. [SHORT VIDEO] ==> "10.29.14 Game #2 — Short Video — Jeremy Lin & LA Lakers Crushed By Phx Suns 119-99" http://t.co/0e9nUrz1g6 #Lakers #NBA— Paul Villarreal (@CNM_JLin_Vids) October 30, 2014

  396. That was what I said about the attitude. But I don think Lin needs it. So I said the rest of the players.

  397. No, for the first time in his career, Kobe truly seems ready to defer the playmaking role. This is Lin’s opportunity to do so, and instead he is stinking it up by being so frustratingly passive. He’s capable of so, so much more than how tentatively, sloppily, and amateurishly he’s been playing so far. He’s been looking like how awkward he looked when he got those few garbage minutes as a Warrior.

    He no longer has a destructive influence to his ego in McHale. He has no excuse now. He simply must get himself together, somehow get his confidence where it needs to be, and run this team the way he is capable of doing, a la the pre-Melo-return Knicks. I think, at this point, Kobe would be glad and relieved to see this.

  398. as long as it is backed up by actions in the game

  399. I gotta say I’m pleasantly surprised at hearing that. Horry hasn’t exactly been a fan of Lin, so this is unbiased opinion.

  400. He’s one and done. That’s it.

  401. The rest of the team will need to buy in on JLin to be the playmaker esp Kobe himself.

  402. With such a comment, at least the other players know that Kobe holds Lin in a high regard, and may respond to Lin accordingly.

  403. They have no offense to speak of.

  404. Yes, no repeat of 2002! Love this team!! No superstars, just hardworking dudes.

  405. I hope the team, Lin, Kobe and Scott would have a heart to heart take on how we should play off each other.

    As a PG Lin need to be assertive on what he needs in order to run offense and pick the play for his team mates.

    Lets see, how they regroup on next game, since they are some time to recoup and evaluate things.

  406. That is the good part indeed

  407. Jeremy post game interview

  408. First of all he was not stinking up the court, if that is the case all the players were. When a team has a 40 pt loss it is not a player problem, it is a coaching problem. Besides all the players on the 1st unit tend to play tentative with kobe, so don’t come on here because you are mad lin didn’t live up to your expectation.

  409. PPL KEPT want LIN to ASSERT HIMSELF MORE! WANTS HIM TO PLAY LIKE PREMELO NYK DAYS. They have to understand, it was coached by MDA. ALSO…..given the current situation, the only way Lin can ASSERT himself is to JACK UP SHOTS. SO…PPL HATE ISO BUT WNATS LIN TO BE HARDEN. GREAT!

  410. We will see how lin plays for the next game. They should have some practice time. Scott knows his offense looks like crap.

  411. This is the first time I saw Brent scream on a post…

  412. I kinda agree with 311….some times we need to let talking play out before deciding to ban. Benefit of Doubt…

  413. Dannnng, cold blooded IJ, cold blooded…

  414. Kind of tired…because they are not making any sense. I respect their opinion tho. Just pointing out the illogical portion of it.

  415. Lin doesn’t have a lack of respect issue on this team with any of his teammates except for perhaps Randle, and he is no longer an issue. That may change in the future if he continues his sorry play, but he really has no excuse right now not to be the playmaker that he has the capability of being. Everyone on the court right now is open to having Lin as the playmaker. His job is to create for the offense, for himself and for his teammates. He’s not close to doing that at the moment. He is capable of doing this at a much higher level than most, but, at this point, he is not coming close to doing so.

  416. Scary but understandable.

  417. What lin was really saying,I am trying to figure out how to work with kobe.

  418. I never expected him to play in hicktown/LA like he did in NY. Can’t replicate that.

  419. Also how to get Hill moving…

  420. Good job Brent. Yell all you want! Frustrations to see what they think is best for JLin.

  421. That is exactly half of the problem.

  422. LOL I know. Very illogical fans.

  423. Hi all, first time here. sick n tired of the other site.

  424. Brent, my brother, calm down. Remember when kobe said that his job was to bring out the fire in these guys, and he knows lin can take it and lin will rise to the challenge, we saw a little of that tonight when lin yelled at Boozer/Hill.

  425. That’s over my pay grade.

  426. Welcome. Our trolls are classy and under control πŸ™‚

  427. You lose ur cool just lin did. Its not you. Lol

  428. In all fairness, MDA didn’t really coach much during Linsanity. On the offensive end he just let Lin does his thing, and on the defensive end…well, this IS MDA we’re talking about…

  429. Welcome @PPP, we have trolling mod here πŸ™‚

  430. LOL

  431. Yeah, Jeremy is very frustrated with Hill.

  432. Bench him and bring in Davis. Well they have told lin what they wanted, all though it bogus, but I will take it to bring out that fire in lin.

  433. Add up the fans who keep hammering that “I TOLD YOU LAKERS SUCK!”, without backing it up with something objective from the game. Those fans seems like they have an agenda.

  434. This is called Reverse-management. πŸ˜›

  435. No. That is a comment that is demonstrative of BB ignorance.

    Lin is accepted as the playmaker presently. All his teammates and coaches are open to his being the playmaker. He does have the ball in his hands and has the opportunity to be the playmaker. The fact that he chooses to largely do nothing with that opportunity is a commentary on nothing but his lack of adequate play. He’s not doing his job, and he’s not doing so due to whatever limitations he has been imposing on himself, not, unlike in Houston, due to limitations placed on him by the coaching staff, the management, some of the other teammates.

  436. I know, i have been lurking for some times, thanks.

  437. Scott doesn’t coach much on the offensive end. These two games have been the kobe show.

  438. He actually had more freedom in HOU if you ask me

  439. I guess Kobe just burnt me as well. LOL

  440. Chillout mate..get a Bud

  441. He is the play maker. The problem is his team mates don’t know where to place themselves in a set play.

  442. Plus, there is no plays to make

  443. Davis needs to replace Hill…

  444. Yeah, JL.net may be a bit lax on it’s moderation but you don’t want this place to be the polar opposite end of spectrum. Then people will be too scared to participate when there’s no telling when you’ll be banned for whatever reason. Just my two cents.

  445. That is tells me they don’t know the sets.. Scott/Kobe said all of this tonight, we will see what happens the next game.

  446. Lin/Davis on same page.,

  447. just not one the court at the same time much…lol

  448. Bud’s nasty. Get a Stella or Leffe blonde.

  449. Guess what folks anytime you loose a game by 40 points it is a coaching problem more than a team problem.

  450. This the first time I saw Brent say more than 5 words in a comment, lol

    He must be really mad.

  451. I don’t think BS does much on EITHER end, if he did we wouldn’t have these blowout losses.

  452. On the contrary, besides injuries. It was actually about no one can run his offense.

  453. Tell that to Scott πŸ™‚

  454. You can post your frustration all you want. Just don’t drag other people and make fun of their choice to watch Jeremy even if he’s playing bad.

  455. LOL…….back to 4

  456. @psalm234:disqus suppose to be creating a Mod discussion channel. We spoke about it some time ago.

    Lets see once he is back

  457. Not here, he’s authored many threads!

  458. Yeah Brent, just pick up the phone and call! LOL

  459. Yep, that is what we what we gotta see.

  460. That’s is for a regular team. For a new team……this is expected. Well coached or not

  461. Call it what you want a zebra can’t hide it’s stripes.

  462. If he can provide a logical explanation why he has to drag people from the East coast and feel sorry for them for watching Jeremy, then I might change my mind.

  463. you are right…i hate Bud as well, for soft beer, prefer Honey Brown, do you guys get it in South?

  464. Haha, didn’t even have to count to 10.

  465. What’s up with all the lowercase letters? Should be all CAPS.

  466. Lakers really tanking imo, they just let kobe to gets his points to pass mj and get their pick back from the suns.

    Lin n Davis were so good together in the preseason and you dont see them play together much these past 2 games. Even when they were on the court, there were almost no pnr involved the two. Very strange.

  467. its way way too early folks, the team just needs time to figure things out…and the same goes to Coach as well…give it time…have nothing to loose at this point in time….

  468. keyboard is old I guess….

  469. Maybe not as many as Kobe takes but just double digits (like 10+). I think people feel if he gets his game going first, he’ll be able to set up his teammates better.

  470. True, but it is up to the coaches to make adjustments, and that was a concern that they had when he was coach for Cleveland, that he never mad adjustments when they were loosing.

  471. Absolutely, if going by talent and impact ability alone, Davis should absolutely be the starter, just as there shouldn’t be any debate about who the starting PG should be now that Nash is gone. To be certain, Davis is no great center, but compared to Hill or Sacre, Davis is a Rolls Royce — a statement which really is more a reflection on how lacking Hill and Sacre are as legitimate NBA players.

  472. He would be -weiser.

  473. need new keyboard, new router…what else?

  474. sounds like he should yell .. BS might hear it.

  475. New Lakers coach?

  476. Hi all, I just got back and famished so eating some late dinner.

    It’s amazing how much you learned about the team dynamics by watching games in person (and being paparazzi with DSLR tele lens LOL). I’m not even upset with Lin getting 6 points because I began to understand what the Lakers plan is about (IMHO)

    There are little things like interaction with coaches and the bench that helped to understand what’s going on.
    I’d continue my supper and perhaps create a post later or tomorrow morning :]

    Got lots of great pictures, got Lin to sign one jersey (unfortunately the HOU jersey πŸ™‚ shot some videos of shooting around.. I’d have to find my SD card USB adapter to transfer pics tomorrow. Ok, stay tuned, folks :> Don’t be upset with Lin since he’s doing his best out there but this is Kobe Inc we’re talking about …

  477. Hey wu kong! Where is your report!?

  478. The way Brent been screaming…most likely Scott heard that!…

  479. Funny kobe has to give these statements. Nice for Lin, long term and now.

  480. You mean Brent is Karl?

  481. oh ya @disqus_dVLDET9zJ7:disqus – report report report πŸ™‚ and pictures would be nice as well

  482. The way I see it, if it is about strategy, adjustment is needed. But if it is about execution, then no…he needs to find better way to get into players’ heads. Well…if they can not execute, adjustments can not be realized anyway.

  483. But didn’t MDA call plays for him or give him different offensive sets to use? Hence Lin referring him as offensive genius.

  484. Take your time…as long as its good one…else you are gonna get it from all of us!!!! Early warning here πŸ™‚

  485. We’re expecting the good stuff tomorrow. Not a day late lol

  486. Your grade is an incomplete until you turn in your whole paper πŸ˜›

  487. Oh. You have got to tell us your observations. Not trying to sound like a spoiled brat but…RIGHT NOW!! (`Ρ´)

  488. NONONO….have to post it within 10 minutes! LOL

  489. A couple points to make before we start pointing fingers:

    1) It’s not the coach. This team’s roster is flat out bad.
    I think laker scouting reports is the most trustworthy analysis of all the laker players – I like it because it takes a look into the advanced stats, breaks down the good and bad of each player, and also looks into their growth. Basically it says that aside from Lin, Davis, Randle, and Kobe, we got a bunch of players that have fatal flaws in their game. If they fix them, they could be serviceable. Right now, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

    1a – offense) We only have 2 offensive threats right now. Lin+Davis and Kobe. Actually, that’s our entire offense. I don’t count long 2’s from Hill, Sacre, or Boozer as offense – that’s a losing strategy, not offense. If you can think of another offensive resource we have, let me know.

    1b – defense) On defense, we have no interior presence aside from Davis. A good interior presence erases defensive mistakes – right now, we don’t have that, so any mistakes we make will end up in an easy bucket. It’s why I really liked Asik, even with his rubber hands.

    2) On Lin & Kobe gelling/communicating
    Looking at Kobe’s reaction to Dwight, I think his form of communication is through conflict. He responds to conflict and doesn’t seem to hear anything else. People who are that way are usually difficult people, but one positive note is that they don’t get hurt by conflict; they respect it and enjoy it.

    What I’m getting at… is Lin needs to yell at Kobe. This is more personality and communication theory than basketball, but Kobe is one of the few people that being sharp with is how you talk with him. In one play Lin was off in the side with an open 3 and Kobe is fighting off 3 people; I think Lin needs to yell at Kobe for the ball, not in an angry way, but just with some amount of force behind it.

  490. can’t wait, you tease boo.

  491. Spoiled troll…

  492. Darn right he had…lol

  493. Nobody’s comparing Scott to Pop. At the same time, Pop himself wouldn’t be able to do much with lacking talent, and this team that Kupchak has F-ed up into assembling, has a glaring paucity of talent, made worse by all the injuries.

  494. Joe that sounds like……. well no further comment.

  495. I travelled all day today… at airport by 4:30am got into my home at 8:00 central. grabbed something to eat watched the game and now at nearly 12:32 going to bed… I was on taiwan TV πŸ™‚ will post stuff and catch up tomorrow. got pics got some video… but right now headed to bed.


  497. What are you smoking? If you think the 1st unit is not built around Kobe, then you have not being paying attention. No what Scoot/Kobe wants lin to do is whip hill/boozer into shape, because we all know their pathetic play they should not even be in the starting line up. Now that kobe has publicly stated that he wants lin to orchestrate the offense we will see if it changes. Lin did not play with the starters during the training camp so he still has to learn their tendencies/.

  498. I want my hair

  499. Hair is overrated.

  500. Lol, nice!

  501. LOL … naughty IJ out in Phils πŸ™‚

  502. Nothing to argue here! Good one

  503. Careful you are beginning to sound like a troll.

  504. Somebody add a countdown for @psalm234:disqus ‘s paper in the top right corner above the next game. But no pressure, enjoy a nice loooong meal.

  505. Yay. Can’t wait!
    Good night!

  506. I’m a My Little Pony, the one with wings πŸ™‚

  507. yell at kobe … yeah. I wanna see kobe answer that one after his statements about wanting lin to take over ha ha.

  508. Sounds about right, but i still think that it is some of the coaching because the players look lost sometimes.

  509. great!!! cant wait….tomorrow is fine…unless @disqus_HmSLGZ4iV2:disqus and @joeteam:disqus comes trolling

    better be a good one! lol

  510. pink?!

  511. send acbc!

  512. XD

  513. You want some milk in it?

  514. He learns the plays but his teammates either not knowing or too “old’/low bb iq to learn the plays. So where is the beef?!!!

  515. Kobe beef.

  516. I love an honor the Lindedication on this site!

  517. Blue one with orange-like hair and wings.

  518. Expensive.

  519. Too “old” to eat and need too “long” to cook:-)

  520. Identity crisis like the Lakers…

  521. they will come …

  522. Maybe. I’d be tougher on the coach if this team had a year playing together.

  523. We’re ready…

  524. yeah, can’t wait! Finish your dinner and upload!

  525. Looking at his posting history, I didnt see him at foul…hence my call to give him a call.
    I may be wrong…but we dont know…though…cheers mate

    probably they way he had it worded…to me…it looked innocent on the surface

  526. You’re one tough/strick troll… that’s why we keep you around πŸ™‚

  527. lol, dinner is not important. skip it , upload, and eat breakfast tomorrow

  528. Please do it later, because we are excited for some insight.

  529. https://t.co/yMQQJKcuhs RT @MarkG_Medina Byron Scott believes Lin was hesitant. Lin thought he was attacking but he said he'd watch the film— Jake (@CowhideGlobe) October 30, 2014

  530. I guess we see it differently. To me I didn’t feel that he was really making fun of people, he was making fun (if at all) the Lakers. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if this dude was a frustrated Laker fan. But I don’t want to push the issue too much since I don’t even know the guy. Watch him be a jerk and I defend him for nothin’ lol.

  531. XD Look at my post, then read joyce’s, I feel like a troll.

  532. good stuff…

    @SLCJuanB meanwhile, Lin's like "Ummmm wide open over here Kobe. Yup, stillllll wide op…Oh you're shooting? Yeah, that's cool take it nvm"— Jake (@CowhideGlobe) October 30, 2014

  533. Instigating to me.

  534. Be Jordon! — Airness

  535. Yes, don’t leave us hanging – your comments are the only bright spot from tonight’s game!

  536. given all the film available, Lin’s gonna keep trolling Kobe like the until they start winning. Difference between Kobe and Harden is, Kobe is talking about team play and wanting Lin to take ova!

  537. I didn’t see that. I gave up watching then. Please do a vine on that.

  538. there you go…almost

  539. The last thing I needed to see in this board is something instigating.

  540. LOL.

  541. South of where? I’m in Hong Kong.

  542. exactly…..

  543. LOL. This is good.


  545. LOL…sorry I was referring to Southern part of States…I dont think its available in Asia

  546. Ok…

  547. How Phil got Kobe to change a little was to talk to him like an adult. Phil asked Kobe would like to be Captain one day of the Lakers? How would he go about gaining his team’s trust? Kobe wanted to be captain and answered the questions himself about sharing and trust.

    In negotiation, don’t throw up a wall of accusations because once the person you are talking to gets that way, they no longer are seeking answers to solve a mutual problem. They are focused by their anger to confront your accusations only.

    Kobe needs to be reminded of not his personal legacy…but the team’s legacy and how he hands over the reins to the next generation. Does Kobe want to be known as the selfish player who decimated the lakers to become a lottery team and a joke? Kobe has to decide if he bleeds purple and gold or if he he only cares about himself.

  548. Jake’s captioning was hilarious!

  549. yes and Jlin implored him to move his a rse…

  550. well said…thats part of coachin….good coaches would do that. Looking at BScott, I get a feeling he is a open guy

  551. I will be most interested in “what the Lakers plan is about”.
    and also how to get Lin to sign your jersey ^_^ I’m going to LA to watch 4 consecutive games at the end of Nov.

  552. Poor Jeremy. Patience will be the key this season.

  553. I don’t recall ever seeing Leffe in the States, but vaguely remember Stella might be available. I’m no beer connoisseur, but I can tell that Belgian beers are indeed better.

  554. Read the rules in home page. It says very clear what is appropriate and inappropriate.

  555. nice observation.

  556. I think there is one posted just recently posted.

  557. When you have PGs like Nash and Lin running your system, it’s not tough to be crowned the offensive genius.

  558. Being intellectually lacking, at least where basketball is concerned, is not an “agenda”. πŸ™‚

  559. Welcome.

  560. WOW The opponent didn’t have to do anything for Kobe would “kill” his own team himself.

  561. Alright, he is whitelisted. His previous posts about basketball is returned, except this one. People can participate as long as there’s no instigating other users. Pure basketball talk as much as possible.

  562. He is now whitelisted, except this post.


  564. Yes, the rules are clear but I feel the issue here was interpretation of whether he was breaking a rule or not.

  565. Hey guys. Mind if I join here? The other site is killing me right now.

  566. I know you, and welcome….

  567. Thanks for hearing me out IJ, appreciate it. πŸ™‚

    Hopefully this dude won’t make me look foolish, lol.

  568. Most Welcome!

    i was about to troll you with ” Go Away”….restraining my troll…LOL

  569. And me too! lol

  570. Maybe you should take a break for a while, just to calm the nerves a bit after todays incident. ( not jking )

  571. Nonono. Can’t wait for tomolo morning as it will be pass my midnight here. Need it now:-)

  572. That’s Rainbow Dash, don’t you forget it! πŸ™‚

  573. I hope so… else your work is futile.

  574. That would be awkward…May I join?.No.uh… πŸ˜›

  575. welcome, that site is definitely out of hand. I sent the moderator a tweet today, and he said he was trying to clean it up. whatever that means.

  576. wow…thats serious talk! πŸ˜‰

  577. Welcome to the refug…er, I mean Sanctuary of Basketball Sanity.

  578. Sanctuary of Basketball LinSanity

  579. If you and 311 didn’t vouch for him I wouldn’t bend.

  580. I suspect Boozer was playing undercover for the Suns tonight. It’s not everyday that you see a PF commit 8 TOs.

  581. So @psalm234:disqus went to sleep already? Why that…… leaving us hanging! lol

  582. I needed to get away from jeremylin.net too! The trolls are taking over!

  583. Why do guys know about this more than I do? lol

  584. Asylum for the Basketbally Linsane.

  585. lol…as mentioned earlier…the entire team look lost…they just need to regroup and move forward…Every game is a lesson itself

  586. What in the world happened there? I didn’t check in today.

  587. How dare he! The nerve…

  588. Look what you did…

  589. “Be Polite” and “Be Respectful” are the keys to this site. Just be even more restrained even when we are frustrated at JLin’s stuation.

  590. Left my trolling of trolls post? They haven’t had enough?

  591. Once the roaches are in, it’ll be tough to get them all out. Especially if they’ve been given time to breed.

  592. Welcome! Still crazy at the other site? People are having fun here. Too much fun!:-)

  593. JLin Fan from Australia –

    “Be Polite” and “Be Respectful” are the keys to this site. Just be
    even more restrained even when we are frustrated at JLin’s stuation.

  594. That is scary thought. I hope psalm is done eating.

  595. You make me crack! Can’t stop laughing here. @psalm234:disqus where are you?

  596. eating what?! Roaches?!!! sweet…protein baby @psalm234 to confirm

  597. Just finishing his 10th course….hurry up already.

  598. Is it safe to assume that you watch a lot of My Little Pony because of your girls?

  599. Thanks for reposting that. I have to keep on reminding myself in the past week or so:-) Have deleted so many posts in the middle of and/or writing.

  600. Of course, multiple assists for Mak! πŸ™‚

  601. So what is it then? πŸ™‚

  602. Its for all of us…at time…we get carried away…to err is fine to correct is Human

  603. We gotsa save the poor non-trolls from that site.
    I only know about this one because someone, I think Isabeli mentioned it yesterday. I didnt even know about it, so glad I saw her comment cuz JLnet has officially been conquered by basement dwelling trolls.

  604. Umm, ewww….

  605. hahaha…we are trolling well…but cant match @disqus_HmSLGZ4iV2:disqus

  606. Heard my dad said that it was good for curing asthma for baby. Oops! Maybe I’m wrong, it’s new-birth rat. Don’t know which one. Will ask him again when I see him:-)

  607. Not gonna bite that bait, don’t wanna get banned. LOL

  608. = = Curing asthma but causing a panic attack.

  609. The only viable recognized offensive threat the Knicks had during linsanity was Chandler. Fields, Novak and Shumpert became stars by believing they could contribute JUST as Lin showed they could as well.

    To get to the NBA, you’ve got to have some skills. Most of them can shoot or play offence and defence to passible levels. The difference between “stars”, “starters” and “bench scrubs” is razor thin. Not comparing ordinary NBA rank and file with guys like Lebron or MJ. Given a chance to shine they can do amazing things…that’s why they are in the big leagues.

    The difference is that lin has the ability to find each of their sweet spots, while finding them open opportunities to make it happen. That’s what makes lin so special.

    I don’t agree with your accessment of the lack of talent. What I agree with is that injuries has made it impossible for Scott to field a real team. Young, Xavier, Randle and others all can make contributions. What’s needed is for Kobe to say ” be the facilitator for everyone on the team and not only me”.

  610. samo samo…what we had been experiencing the last 4 yrs

  611. Ha, I’m new to Michael, but have read some posts previously. I have to say Brent still wears the crown. πŸ˜‰

  612. …and Dora, and Pocoyo, and Frozen, and…you get the idea. πŸ™‚

  613. It took him team mates who are so lost on offense and who don’t get rebounds (yelling at Amar’e and Melo) to throw tantrums.

  614. Its like Clutch and tinman from CFnet got together and deposited millions of their eggs on JLnet, ya know like roaches, its bad.

  615. Exactly, breakfast is the most important meal not dinner, especially late dinner. We’re concerned about your health, psalm…. NOW, GIVE US THE REPORT!!!

  616. Because I have two girls at home…Duh! πŸ™‚

  617. Riiiiight… lol

  618. breakfast is actually a little overrated. In the grand scheme of diet, total calorie counts and not a single meal

  619. You mean you are concerned about his health, if he doesn’t deliver that report soon πŸ˜›

  620. You’re not helping, Maknusia… smh… LOL.

  621. True that!

  622. See what you did to John…afterall his avatar is names “John” known for their trolling at jlinet

  623. So I went to the other site and saw KHuang’s game report. For everybody’s sake I copied it here:

    I was at the game.

    I deliberately have not looked at anybody’s observations here in order to present myself in the most self-biased way I possibly can!

    Here’s what I saw:

    1) Lin was NOT BAD AND NOT GOOD. He was frozen out by the starters all night long, and he had two turnovers that came from trying to force feed guys that did not make clean cuts. But Lin COMPETED and made some athletic plays. Most impressively, Lin battled hard against the very talented Eric Bledsoe who I frankly thought was going to just light up Lin on isos. But Lin pretty much shut down Bledsoe except for one move when Bledsoe rubbed Lin off Jordan Hill and also handcuffed Isaiah Thomas whose main basket on Lin was a fast break layup off a turnover. Lin didn’t do much, but he wasn’t allowed to either.

    2) The starters including Bryant were AWFUL. Wes Johnson continues to play his way out of the NBA with bad decisionmaking, poor defense, and weak shooting. Jordan Hill got battered like a little kid and was thoroughly intimidated inside. Carlos Boozer blew himself up, hucking away like 8 turnovers and bricking shot after shot. Kobe Bryant was terrible too, breaking the offense just so he could get his low efficiency 30 and getting badly lit up like a Christmas tree by Marcus Morris who we know isn’t exactly a scorer. The combined suckitude of the starters was what lost the game, not Lin’s inability to do anything.

    3) The bench, specifically Ellington and Clarkson and especially Ed Davis, weren’t bad. Davis was a MAN and more than held his own tonight. He was the best player for the Lakers, though he still got bashed around pretty hard by the aggressive Suns big men. Ellington found his touch and shot several nice jumpers. Clarkson made a few good moves against the Phoenix bench. Sacre struggled mightily, as he needs a good point guard like Lin to play his game. Ronnie Price looked decent dribbling the ball upcourt, but he was murdered by Bledsoe and then Thomas all night. As zero as Lin played, he was still far less of a net negative than Price.

    I am a Suns fan and was actually cheering for the Suns. That put me in the minority of the fans in the arena because it was mainly a pro Lakers crowd. Lin didn’t get as positive a response in warmups as he did when he was a starter for Houston, but the crowd in Phoenix is never anti Lin.

    The fascinating matchup for me was Lin vs. Bledsoe. Bledsoe seems to have a good boxscore game because he lit up Price pretty good, but I don’t remember him doing very much against Jeremy Lin. Lin stayed with Bledsoe the whole time and pretty much negated Bledsoe. Bledsoe also ILLEGALLY HACKED THE CRAP OUT OF LIN’S DRIBBLE, and the refs didn’t call it. That made Lin’s handle look worse than it really was, but on the other hand the refs did not hit Lin with phantom fouls either so it was a draw. Lin and Bledsoe matched up very well and negated each other, which is a big deal because I watched Bledsoe utterly terrorize Ty Lawson not long ago.

    Believe it or not, I thought Lin didn’t do poorly. I am not saying he played great or even well, but he had a really bad team situation with a very old and selfish starter unit while also being matched up against one of the very top guards in today’s game. Lin held his own and tried hard to get his team to play together, but the starters are just too old and selfish for even Lin to solve at this point in the season.

    On Jeremy throwing tantrum-like antic (per John Lee) – The one episode where Lin jumped up and down in utter rage in the 3rd quarter was FRIGHTENING.Lin was enraged at the starters for their utter unwillingness to run the offense properly. I’ve never seen Lin that angry.Lin cannot play teamball when 4 other starters are playing lazy selfish isoball for their own stats.

    On the offense: The bench players ran the Princeton just fine in the 2nd quarter when Kobe Bryant was mercifully yanked off the floor.The bench brought the Lakers all the way back, but then Scott reinsterted Bryant and that pissed away the Lakers’ momentum.

  624. he is the KOT (King Of Trolls)…no match

  625. oops…i got a little carried away with food

  626. Gee, thank you Buzz now I can’t shake that image off my mind!

  627. Thank you so much, now @psalm234:disqus….?

  628. @psalm234:disqus has abandoned us :'(

  629. So when the mods over there said they are trying to clean things up, they are literally cleaning out the eggs…got it.

  630. (#οΎŸΠ”οΎŸ) what did we do to deserve this.

  631. nope .. although I’m falling asleep now :]
    I’m not thinking straight now, maybe I should postpone short update to tomorrow?

  632. Tiger mom!?…no report, no dinner!

  633. the nerve is falling asleep :>

  634. This is all Brent’s fault :'(

  635. WOW! We are going to break the record of this tread in no time if we continue this pace. Good job everyone.

  636. If there’s anyone who can give Brent Yen, Michael and blubell a great competition in trolling, it’s YOU.

  637. No No No you can’t hang us like this. Give us a tidbit first:-)

  638. still here.. but the eyelids are not cooperating :]
    let me try to do short update hehe.. Maybe Top 5 observations

  639. 1/3 of the posts are posters imploring psalm to write a report.

  640. And we’re left hanging…..

  641. LOL That’s true!

  642. Now I feel guilty.

  643. Good to see some smile from JLin:

    @JLin7 with Palo Alto Alumni after the game against Suns. (via zacharyhall IG) pic.twitter.com/wVgbQpnWEI

  644. You’re not bad yourself, Lady IJ.

  645. Blame Brent.

  646. Let me give my short game update before I fall asleep.

    I went to the game early to get watch the players warm-up around 5 pm. I saw Sacre and Clarkson were there early on opposite end of the courts practicing shots. I moved to the Lakers tunnel area where a bunch of people were waiting with stuff for players to sign. No sight of Lin yet


  647. I expect Brent to post again in uppercase letter..

  648. YES! I AM! WHAT?!

  649. I thought you were taping @psalm234:disqus ‘s eyes open so he can finish his report.

  650. Yes, I totally agree and that’s what I appreciate about this site. But I just felt that not enough evidence was shown that this guy was being not polite or not respectful. Maybe he was, but maybe he wasn’t. Things and thoughts said on the internet often times don’t come across the way you want them to or can be misinterpreted. So that’s why you need to see more similar behavior before making a decision.

  651. UPPER CASE is taller, hence can support his eyelids better


  653. Hahaha I think he really dozed off, poor mod.

  654. @psalm234:disqus, KHuang says hi….

  655. oh yes, thanks. please say hi to him back :] dear kind-hearted IJ

  656. Have you finished on your observations?

  657. Was that call-out from IJ or KHuang? *blush*

  658. Stop throwing tantrums! Just read the report from KHuang lol

  659. At first glance I read it like “Jeremy quickly saw the red jersey and stopped signing” and was like :O
    How were his practice 3s?
    Appreciate the summary.

  660. As more refugees, such as myself, evacuate from the old turf, we’ll be surpassing 1,000 in no time. I was really tempted to advertise, but was concerned about luring the trolls here too.

    Bah, maybe I should do it anyways and just let the Mods here ambush them, it’d be therapeutical. πŸ™‚

  661. nope, I only completed Part 1 on Meeting Jeremy. You can refresh to see all
    I can’t think straight so I’m just narrating from memory.
    I’ll start a short summary of the game observation in a new post.

  662. Already read it twice. KHuang is so even-headed when not in Hulk mode, and being a Suns fan he presents a fresh perspective.

  663. I didn’t quite pay attention before game as I was busy taking pics. Great consistent form, though. I’ll share pics tomorrow or day after.

    But he made 3 out of 4 from top of the key before 3rd quarter started so it looked great. 1 miss were short on the rim so it was consistent form (not missing left or right)

  664. Thanks for Part 1!

  665. Great update, easter eggs for me.

  666. What were top 5 observations that you spoke of earlier?

  667. Thanks for the writeup. Enjoy the rest and hope to read before I go to bed or most likely when I wake up in the morning:-)

  668. Thanks, @psalm234:disqus! Great report. Now, you may sleep πŸ™‚

  669. Part 2 “Summary of Game Observations”

    Frustration and confusion.
    That’s what I observed from watching his body language throughout the game. His post-game interview concluded the confusion of his current role in the team. And I can understand why.

  670. What in the world is a Hulk mode? lol

  671. Yeah are we allowed to go link them here?
    Im sure there are non-trolls there dont know about the site like me until yesterday.
    They need to know there’s a safe shelter for us Lin fans.

  672. KHuang gets into Hulk mode when he comes across someone he considers a racist troll.

    Please allow me to demonstrate:

  673. I can attest to that. Watching a game live gives you a different view and perspective about the game and players than watching them on TV.

  674. Ah the conspiracy theory of Hulk’s…..ripped up shorts

  675. Maybe Kobe is challenging Lin to take over him..

  676. Well the stomping got them moving
    Maybe that’s the play, “guys we’re running the stomp this possession”

  677. The last time I saw Jeremy get frustrated like that is when Melo and Amar’e missed a rebound on that Bucks vs Knicks game..

  678. He wasnt even this mad when he got his first technical XD

  679. You need to go over there more often and discretely advertise this portal and bring over more sane posters from that nuthouse over here(That’s how I learned about this site).

  680. They’ll give Lin another ball

  681. but last time BS said will play the PG role too..

  682. I miss Rikki M, let’s get him here.

  683. At the moment you can take his spot… πŸ™‚

  684. Should have tossed up a 3…..the defender was also confused ….lol

  685. Sure….open 3s but not taking them….

  686. And you have just demonstrated yourself be just another small mind drunk on the tiny amount of “power” that you delude yourself into having by being a mod. How dangerous it would be for the likes of you to have any real power…

  687. wow…was that really khuang….now I’m starting to wonder if Khuang and @psalm234:disqus the same guy?…hmmmm

  688. Where is the final thought? Knocking bowls now…….lol

  689. Trolls gotta eat! We want food!

  690. Not saying that Young, Xavier, Kelly and Randle don’t have talent – they’re injured so I’m not including them yet.

    I’m not even saying that the players on the roster right now don’t have talent – they just have fatal flaws that undermine their ability to compete in the NBA. If you want to see what I mean, I think the scouting report breaks the players down very fairly.

    A lot of the flaws are mental, and the difference between the NYK of Linsanity and the Lakers of today is all mentality. Ellington can be a 3 point specialist, but he takes a ton of long range 2s and with below average %. Wes Johnson has the tools to play the role Landry Fields did, getting lobs dunks and finding the seam for a drive, but he just doesn’t have a good sense of when to make the plays. Yes, they got in the NBA because they showed potential, but if they can’t get past the mental block, they’ll leave just as quickly as they came.

  691. Not yet.. LOL

  692. Looking at the first frame, that weak side is wide~~~~~ open. Lin was probably dying inside looking at that opportunity ticking away.

  693. Due to server caching, there is a delay (1-2 hrs) for new posts to show up on the homepage. So usually the author will post the link to the new post in the previous thread so that at least people will know about it immediately.

  694. Part 3: “Final Thoughts”
    On Lin individually, I came away very impressed. He looked super-sharp in his 3pt shooting esp. during half-time (3-4), ready to attack. But he’s truly confused about his role.
    Had Kobe passed him the ball in 3-4 times he was open, I’m sure he would make at least 2. He could have been 12-15pts easily. But he’s not sure why Kobe’s not passing to him as he thought Kobe wants him to do by covering the middle to top while Kobe covers middle to the rim.

    IMO, Lin might need to find ways to be 2nd banana to Kobe. It could be by being an attacker to score points first when he had the ball.

    #1 things Lakers has planned for Kobe is: “Do whatever makes Kobe happy”
    And Kobe is happy when he scores 30+pts and surpass MJ’s 3rd most points this season.
    I don’t think he’s interested to change his style at all to take the most shots.

    Where does this leave Lin?
    I don’t know. Noone knows but Kobe. I’m not sure if Kobe wants Lin to be Fisher but Kobe passed to Fisher on open 3s. I don’t know if Kobe wants Lin to attack and prove to him that he can score at will before Kobe will pass to him.

    Is it better for Lin to be the 6th Man and lead the bench?
    Maybe, but it might not matter. I think LA Media and Kobe want to see if Lin can be a shoot-first/pass-second PG. Maybe because the personnel is so bad that the PnR teamwork takes too long to develop.

    Whatever Lin’s role may be, he probably needs to be a shoot-first/pass second PG that goes against his nature. Otherwise, his role might be reduced in the 1st team or 2nd team.
    I hope someone in coaching staff will explain what they need from him soon.

    I have no doubt Lin is ready to contribute but he’s just needing more time to build chemistry with this new team in a new system. In the meantime, he might have to be a scorer than a PG when his teammates are not up to par.

    Disclaimer: All content might be revised when I get some sleep tomorrow :] These are just some fresh pondering after observing Lin’s demeanor throughout the evening confirmed by his post-game interview

    Hope all of you enjoy it, folks :] I will try to get download/resize some pictures and combined these into posts.

  695. Better give it now before Brent starts typing in uppercase again… lol

  696. Nailed it in this report! I just don’t see what Lin could do, besides becoming Kobe. Nathan on tweeter suggested that he take step back jumpers, so basically he wants Lin to pad his stats which is one valid way to do. Plus, if Lin wants to jack up shots, he would not have to do step back at all, just call a pick and pull for mid range. He can do that all day, but what would it bring to the team? M…….I guess it is all about looking good and get big next contract. Somewhat partially valid.

  697. Hi guys just want to share this great documentary with all of you, wish Lin is part ot it…..

  698. Enjoyed it greatly. Lots of stuff to digest…Burp. Now go get some sleep. I can’t believe it all these decent folk pestering you all night just for a report. Just shameless.

  699. Thanks a lot for the reports, a good read while I flashing my new router….hehehe

  700. you .. should .. feel.. very guilty :]
    Now I need to try hard to sleep haha..

  701. Troll is burning the bridge, great

  702. I did recognize in a different comment that the entire team is largely only taking up space and doing nothing to impact the game positively, playing exceedingly passively, and all just deferring to Kobe. You clearly saw that comment, because you responded to it. Your attempt to criticize my comment above by aping my sentiment in that comment therefore is pointlessly redundant.

    And, again, you burgeoning comment-nazi, curb your overzealous and apologist tendencies, as well as your power-drunkenness as a mod.

  703. my goodness.. Sleep Brent :]

  704. Are you relinquishing the troll post?BAD!

  705. About to…start to feel sore now….ouch

  706. It can also be seen to gain respect so Kobe will pass to Lin because he knows Lin can make them. Kobe might want to tell Lin, “You need to earn that trust by proving you can score first”

    Plus other teammates will heed him first. I think Kobe might want to turn Lin into a little Mamba

  707. Imo, the term “OWNED” is only applicable to Spurs. I’m slowly finding that term overrated. with fans saying it left and right. One team can’t really “own” another team unless you won the ultimate goal over that that team:a CHAMPIONSHIP.

  708. I would not against that tho. But I like Lin’s style more

  709. I think u can start a new post based on this observations…..maybe as a pregame thread?

  710. Good reminder. It’s easy to lash out at other posters after a frustrating game. Feel free to get it out of your system… at other sites. Then come back here when you are clear minded and ready for respectful dialog. LOL =p

  711. I would suggest not to advertise. The other site seems not keen on other sites promoting there. Like John Lee said, it might bring more trolls here.

  712. Please, I come in peace. Sick of trawling through unsavoury stuff elsewhere. May I join?

  713. I think you’re one of those who usually quote the “emperor with no clothes” phrase with regards to McHale,am I right?

    Welcome @JeremyLinthebest:disqus. Feel free to browse, you’re just in time for the good stuff.

  714. Welcome! Please observe the rules that is set on homepage. The essence is “Be Polite” and “Be Respectful”

  715. Thanks @psalm234:disqus for staying up to do this report for us. Can’t thank you enough. Can’t wait for the fuller report tomorrow.

    Was so exhausted and took a long nap in between your part 1 and Part 3. Now I feel like more humane again and can last thru the evening:-)

  716. Thanks!

    Not the best way to start the season for Lin, but I think God always has his plans. Funny how things will eventually work out.

    I hope your health is better πŸ™‚

  717. what’s scarier: Lin stomping or Brent yelling (in all caps)?

  718. BOTH. When a nice guy reaches his limits.. it’s scary.

  719. Indeed! I had high hopes for Lin when the trade happened. I still do. The rest of the crew really needs to genuinely invest in Lin now. Their captain Kobe has given him the green light to take charge, and my sincere hope is that the coach downwards will all fall into line and just listen to Lin. I always think of those times when Lin would grab the coach’s clipboard and diagram some play. This guy can clearly lead a team. Guys just have to buy in.

  720. Wow, thanks very much for staying up and doing this for us!

  721. πŸ™‚

    Feel free to trawl over the goodies here.

  722. Nop. I’m very disappointed with how things are developing now. Pray that JLin will know exactly what his role is and gain the niche soon to play for this team.

    Really hope and pray that his teammates will buy in whatever that is sold. Definitely BS, Kobe and JLin need to be in the same page with things. Otherwise am not surprised to see 0-82 with Kobe’s hero balls.

    As for my health, am still dealing with lesser side-effects now. However, other health issues have cropped up since I finished the treatment. Very frustrating. Seem like one step forward and two steps backwared. Almost as bad as JLin’s situation right now:-)

  723. @psalm234:disqus Thanks for your detailed and insightful thoughts on this game. If possible, I’d like to get your permission to translate this summary into Chinese and share with all the “depressed” Lin fans on the Baidu and Hupu Jeremy Lin fan forums. I’m sure that they will definitely enjoy and appreciate the first-hand perspectives from a savvy basketball observer like you. Thanks again!

  724. Great report, thanks!

  725. Believe @psalm234:disqus goes to take his much needed sleep now. Think he is glad to share. However not sure what will be the best: translate this initial report or wait until he finishes his product tomorrow.

  726. To be honest I was a bit embarrassed when my post from preseason was translated there lol. I didn’t even know it was translated, somebody just informed me hahaha (no issues though)

  727. Right, I still remember your refreshing and entertaining narrative of Rockets’ preseason game in Manila last year… πŸ˜‰

  728. And I’m glad you found us here. I’m a fan of your profile photo. I love Snoopy and Woodstock to bits.

  729. I’m kinda wondering about the same thing as well. But I guess I’ll just translate this part first and wait for his permission and additional stuff, if any, later.

  730. To be honest, I prefer seeing so many mods on ACTIVE duty here.

  731. @psalm234:disqus did a better job of rotating moderators here than how Byron Scott is managing his player rotations.

  732. That maybe a good idea. Translate what is available and make a change when @psalm234:disqus is ready to make a whole new tread for this tomorrow. All JLin fans need to be encouraged. It isn’t that JLin can’t do the job; the issues are more complicated than that.

  733. thanks for the detail update

  734. That’s true. That’s why you and I are covered the time when the North Americans mods are taking their zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  735. We have it a bit easier on our timezone though… πŸ™‚

  736. [LONG VIDEO] ===> "10.29.14 Game #2 — Long Video — Jeremy Lin & Lakers Destroyed By Suns 119-99" http://t.co/rV5IvFqOdP #Lakers #NBA— Paul Villarreal (@CNM_JLin_Vids) October 30, 2014

  737. That’s very true:-)

  738. Wow 1 hour and 11 minutes?

  739. I know. LOL

  740. lol, welcome. thanks for declaring peace instead of war.

  741. This is a much better place! I was wondering why many long time posters disappeared from other site….

  742. Welcome. Yes, came over earlier this week due to the unbearable at the other site.

  743. Welcome! Hope you enjoy this site. Please observe the rules that are specifically stated on the homepage.

  744. Welcome @MoominFloren:disqus! You’re just in time for the good stuff. Feel free to browse.

  745. I am kind running out of patience to watch star-centric NBA games. For me, it’s insult to sports. It’s even more enjoyable to watch some street games. I am glad I didn’t follow NBA before Linsanity. I am frustrated and I am sure Lin is too.

  746. Basketball is STILL a team sport. You wouldn’t get the ultimate prize in this league if you’re not a team player. Imo, if you ask majority of the players in this league, their ultimate goal isn’t really to win an MVP or any solo award like that, but their ultimate goal is to win a ring/s.

  747. Understand the feeling very well. That was why I gave up watching NBA over 30 years ago. JLin brought me back. About to give up again few days ago but …. Hard to watch what JLin go thru esp seeing the rages on JLin in Twitter and elsewhere. Continue to support JLin in the way I can. Decide not watch the game if it begins to get me. I can see why JLin is boiling inside right now. Just pray that he will find his niche and adjust his role soon. Stay healthy is the utter most important for a long and wonderful career. Only God knows what tomorrow will bring. He needs our encouragement and support more than our criticisms.

  748. Same here. Welcome.

  749. Psalm234’s comments are very insightful. Lin’s remark about finding his role and niche is also very telling.

    When Lin went to Houston, he was ready to be a true floor general. However they gave that job to Harden. He could only succeed by adapting and being a secondary scorer. That’s why his assists total dropped a lot in his second season in Houston.

    I think he was ready to take on the same role as secondary scorer with the Lakers. However, they have given him more respect and support so he became a floor general again, especially towards the end of preseason (when Kobe wasn’t playing).

    Now with the season started, Lin is not sure whether he should focus on being a secondary scorer or the floor general. Ideally he should be both but it is not that simple because the starters are not good at setting screens and running the plays. The bench players get on the court with a staggered pattern.

    When Lin and Kobe figure it out, the whole team will improve.

  750. Just saw these tweets from Germy ‏@GermyDaeun.

    T-mac is in the China getting interview,he will join the Lakers practice in 11/3
    Not officialy join,they’re gonna test him,who make this happened?T-mac said:Kobe did
    Source came from China though,just saying,not really sure

    Anyone know who T-mac and what post he plays???

  751. Hi all! I see that most of you are from Jeremylin.net. Just wanted to drop by and say keep up the good work, mods, particularly Psalm234 and Brent! I don’t have as much time to post like I did last season, but I will try to keep up with the two sites from time to time. All I have to say from these past two games is that there’s a reason why the basketball season has 82 games lol But yeah, I’m never worried about Jeremy. It’s going to be long season, but I’m ready! πŸ™‚

  752. Welcome Lilly. Glad that you find us:-)

  753. Thanks! Likewise! Hope you’re doing well with the treatments and all!

  754. Finished my treatment few weeks ago. Still dealing with a little side-effects from radiation treatment itself. However, this whole issue of cancer and treatment also trigger my other health issues that used to be under control but now flaring up. Very frustrating at times. Seem like one step forward and two steps backward in a sense. May take a while to get things under control again.

  755. thank you !

  756. welcome!

  757. great to hear the treatment is finished. hope you get stronger every day

  758. Glad to see you here.

  759. My second sentence says it all. ” Fields, Novak and Shumpert started to believe…” When you have the ability to actually impact a selfish player like JR Smith and have Woodson tell him NOT to overpass the ball, then you have something very special. Lin has that ability to turn guys from having no idea what to do, to knowing exactly what they need to do.

    MDA knew that and just let him do his thing. I think Scott was doing that as well with Randle and the second youth unit. Lin has that ability to create patterns of play for everyone on court that maximizes their potential.

    The physical talent to get to the top is why they ARE in the “bigs”, what they lack is the mind to harness that ability. Young and Johnson are exactly those guys. A good field general or quarterback could make them believe in what they are capable of..

    Lin is a transformative alpha player on the level of a Lebron. The difference is Lin does it with his mind. Coaches and scouts call it intangibles…NO, it’s absolutely quantifiable. Houston looked like a well oiled machine with guys knowing exactly where to go. When lin left the Knicks, they still had that residual effect and it took them to their best year. Lin had established patterns of play for them to do each of their own best things. Eventually they’ll forget it and go back to doing the things they’ve always done before. Physical gifts like Lebron come once in a generation, Lin on the mental side is equally amazing.

  760. t mac used to play with shaq in magic. they went to the final and lost to rockets. he was so good that even mj said he was the closest person to be next mj. however, he got injuries so many times.

  761. Tracy still trying to chase a ring?

  762. i dont think he has the motivation even when he was young

  763. After viewing what Psalm24, Khuang and other posters from various sites my take on what is happening with lin/kobe/bs. Lin has stated that he wants to be s starter, then i think that kobe/bs are challenging him this season to establish his leadership role with a very young team. Kobe knows that lin has the smarts, but kobe needs to bring that fire out of lin to put his imprint on the offense of this team. Kobe said it best when he said that he wanted to establish a relationship like he had with Fisher. It doesn’t matter if kobe gets the ball an shoots, lin needs to get the other players to cooperate on the 1st unit. Boozer/Hill are lazy players with small bball IQ, and want to take the easy road and shoot jumpers. I think with lin yelling at Boozer/Hill and slamming the ball down is a great start. Also Scott needs to stop giving Boozer/Hill too much of leash for mistakes because those 8 TO’s from Boozer was pathetic

  764. welcome

  765. I remember him joining the Spurs in 2013. Too bad, because of that one 3-point basket.

  766. he slammed he ball? in front of them or not? it really is so unlike him though

  767. Thanks for the info. Wonder whether he will be a good take for Lakers???

  768. i think he is a bit too old now.

  769. Yeah, see the footage below.

  770. ok. just got off from work late. let me check it out

  771. I really think this year they have only 2 goals 1) Lakers tank 2) Kobe gets his superstar stats to compete with MJ. Other than those 2, they can be careless. Lin is in a very difficult situation. If Nash could not make out of it, what Lin’s chance is?

  772. wow, he did! a mild manner lin get angry honestly is very scary

  773. Disclaimer, ” reading this could lead to late nights and sleep deprivation”. Lol

  774. really? of coz T-Mac is good but he’s too old for the lakers….need someone who is young and willing to run. Have enough Boozer the turnover man and stationary Hill…..


  776. I think those things are true too, but Jeannie Buss has also gone on record saying that she is giving her brother 3 years for Lakers to become a contender. The way I see it, no superstar is going to come to LA to play along side kobe. They all bravely said that they would, but nobody really stepped up. No superstar is coming to a rebuild team. I still believe that they kobe is mentoring lin to possibly for lin to stay the starting PG for the Lakers. This season will be a testing season for Lin.

  777. A good and bad twin plot, could be….

  778. I hope you are right, but who can score without touch when Kobe plays hero ball all night long and teammates do not space the floor?

  779. would it be easier for Kobe to ask Lin to step up? why hog the ball to the extreme to get Lin being more aggressive? (maybe it is a cultural difference in Asia. i dont understand it)

  780. I don’t recognize Khuang when he’s Bruce Banner…still, I like reading his stuff even when he’s in hulk mode. We agree on one thing, Lin is a once in a generation player that few recognizes or gives credits for.

  781. Just ask, is this something I can say to my mom?

  782. Lin will figure it out. Another poster on another site summed up what kobe was doing that when lin got the ball, the other players were just standing around waiting for the ball to come to them whereas kobe was cutting into the lanes and that is why lin passed to kobe. Also, I think Scott wants lin to lin to police up Boozer/Hill/Wes because they truly don’t understand this Princeton offense.

  783. thanks for your explanation

  784. Thinking about the context of this video. JLin’s post game interview was coming out from the media right after discussing Kobe-centric and the lack of offensive plays. Well, I have to give pops to LA media. They are quite rational and know what’s going on.

  785. Thinking about Friday…BGriffin and DJordan vs Boozer and Hill. Yikes.

  786. Welcome Lilly…well said…its a long season, everything is new in the team, we need to give it time.

    Imagine taking a new job and the new job comes and immediately except you to perform, not knowing team member’s personality and weakness/sweetspots, and on top of that new boss, and new environment. To have all the pieces to work cohesively gonna take time.

  787. Good one, Joyce.

    As Jeremy said in his interview, he will figure out how to run the team.

  788. Another learning curve, so be it…its better to go thru the pains now and understand the weakness and the improvement process thereon

  789. Welcome Lil

  790. Welcome Moom

  791. Is that mean he is really piss? I never listen to him I am too lazy to listen/read anything that are too long unless they very exciting.

  792. You are welcome but we didn’t have good experienced with anyone with name similar to yours.

  793. Good thing I read it in the morning.

  794. Yes I know, rather unfortunate that. I don’t know whether my past posts are visible to all, I hope they are because they will show that I am not one of those trolls with a similar screen name as mine.

  795. Well losing 1 pt is losing. Losing 100 pts is still losing. To me the most important task for JLin is finding his role and getting a niche with his teammates after staying healthy. Until JLin finds his way to work with Kobe and the rest of teammates, we will experience growing pain with JLin. In the mean time my hope and prayer is that they learn from these losses. Otherwise, history is going to repeat itself for the rest of the season.

  796. Finally, you got a new router. Use your old router as decoy for your wife to unplug, now, you can freely smile at your pc without worry.

  797. As much as I like TMac, I do really hope LAL is not considering a soon to be 36 year old! Else its gonna be another Nash. I’m pretty sure he still can shoot, but in today’s fast paced game, that aint enough and to remain healthy

  798. Welcome Moomin. Let us know, if you any question on browsing this site.

    It takes awhile to get used to

  799. LOL…. we are at peace indeed πŸ™‚

    Welcome @jeremylinthebest:disqus

  800. You’re welcome, Steve. I don’t know about being savvy but you definitely have my permission to do so :>
    If you finish the Chinese translation, please also post it here so I can combine it into a new Blog post so we have a good archive πŸ™‚

  801. I guess he is.

  802. When I watched Kobe’s post game interview I think when he says he’s telling Jeremy to take control of the offense and that he and Fisher would snipe and yell at each other but that they would challenge each other and have the greatest relationship. I think he means Jeremy has to be assertive and tell him what to do if he see’s something wrong. He’s telling him it’s okay to yell at him and he’ll yell back. But I think Jeremy is so used to being in deferral mode from playing with Harden. It’s good that Kobe and Jeremy are talking, Kobe is trying to instill confidence in Jeremy. Much better than ignoring and icing him out like Houston. Jeremy is smart and I’m sure knows whats wrong and hopefully Scott has his back and will make changes to support him like get Davis in the starting lineup.

    The other thing is were the he…..ll is Nash? He’s supposed to be a premier HOF PG. If he can’t play he should be there supporting his team, help them sort this out.

    It also means when Jeremy and Kobe start yelling at each other Lin fans should look at it as a good thing and not start a anti-Kobe Twitter barrage.

  803. Since this site uses disqus, just like the other site, people can see all of your posts (since you’ve made them “public”), by clicking on your screen name. Welcome.

  804. This rant is good, I’d paste it but it will probably get frozen by the sensors. I think it’s in Jeremy’s nature to get the team involved, pass first. But Boozer and Hill are just terrible. In this line-up he needs to be a shoot first PG:



  805. Thank you Manusia. As long as there is no more negativities, no more trolls, i think it is not hard to handle….
    Btw, you know the real name of Moomin is a Moomintroll ?hehe

  806. You can advertise in a way that not really advertise. This is what I used to do in jlindotnet. If I see someone complain about no moderation then I reply to that person, “mod not really active in here but if you want more moderation go to Jlinportal”. Don’t put the link just the name of the website.

    Or you can talk about what you like/don’t about jlindotnet and jlinportal. Always try use the website name instead of link.

    I went back to jlindotnet a few times per week but now too unbearable so I stop going there altogether.

  807. I thought @brentyen:disqus said three pages not just three parts.

  808. Just saying that most trolls in the past used the name similar to yours so we little uncomfortable with the name.

  809. You can be the ___ of JLinportal:

    John Lee = Rikki M
    psalm = KHuang (since some of you said they have similar report in this game)
    Michael = etane

    and.. and..

  810. Welcome T

  811. Are you saying the US has more crazies? :]
    Not that I would disagree though haha..

  812. Welcome Yas, you can join.

  813. Can netizens ban mod for trolling?

  814. Well the Clips and Warriors’ bigs will school them how a big man should play.

  815. Thanks a lot. I’ll certainly post my translation here once I’m done with it tomorrow (Taipei time). BTW, I’d also like to ask you about the meaning of the phrase “ate jerky and shot, spat the jerky and shot”. Is it somehow related to “beef jerky”?? πŸ™‚

  816. HAHAHAHAHAHA. It’s because @jlin_fan_from_australia:disqus and I do the “Welcome newbies!” part

  817. Welcome 3P

  818. She is not a man (refresh)

  819. i’m pretty sure Netizens has higher say!

  820. Dont worry about trolls, we have bigger ones here, Mumintrollet

    Trolls here are Snufkin πŸ™‚

  821. Don’t…. Make…..Me… ANGRY!

  822. One more question, in “Lin tried to follow the plan to be 40-60 as the floor general running the offensive sets, go through PnR plays and balancing to feed Kobe touches to do his thing”. Does it mean 40% for being the floor general and 60% for feeding Kobe the ball?

  823. Sure, as long as you are correcting your mistakes…or am I reading it wrong?

  824. LOL someone must repeatedly push to wrong button.

  825. Yes, that’s my sense from watching how Lin tried to play on court. I don’t think that was Byron’s direction. Lin had the freedom to make calls but that’s what it came across as he saw what options were available.

    Last night his teammates were not set up to do PnR or run Princeton sets well (they looked out-of-synch, Lin required to direct some where they need to be). Lin chose to be facilitator so he channeled the offense to Kobe despite some circus shots. I’d like to see Lin take more shots on his own to establish offensive flow and create momentum. Maybe 40-40-20 with 20 be Lin’s own offense

  826. you got it right πŸ™‚
    Kobe was dribbling-dribbling in what it seemed to take forever (5 seconds) enough to eat “beef/pork jerky” and swallow them haha..

  827. I think you got it correctly, Rick. Kobe wants Lin to be assertive and be a little Mamba or Linsanity NY playing next to him. That’s why he gave a fist-pump when Jeremy got ‘And-1’ in the 1st game vs Rockets.

    He wants to see that ‘Lin Beast’ mode all the time :]

    Nash took some time away to get away from the reality he might not play again. I think Byron said he gave Nash some time and space.

  828. The consensus out there:

    1. Boozer, Hill, Johnson are TERRIBLE (say it like Barkley’s “Turrible!”).
    2. More J-Ed PnR
    3. Replace Boozer or Hill with Ed Davis
    4. Jeremy shouldn’t feed Boozer/Hill till they set picks
    5. Johnson, get out of the way whenever Jeremy drives!
    6. Kobe, pass the ball!
    7. From Lakers fans sites: Jeremy, you’re OUR second option so call the shots!

  829. BTW. one other thing stood out in Scott’s interview while he said he thinks Lin thank too much. Scott followed with something like “just play and take the result”. I like coach who does not yank Lin

  830. Imo, Jeremy can take over like when he was in Knicks, the problem is the rest of the cast. The Knicks Brady Bunch had Novak (3 point shooter), Fields and Shumpert who are constantly moving, and Tyson who sets good screens.

  831. pretty good and entertaining!

  832. Do you think Lin not being aggressive is because he was discouraged doing that in Hellston? Remember during Linsanity, he tried to score whenever he had the chance? Then in Hellston, McFail would limit him how many shots he could take?

  833. no….

  834. There are only 3 players that are good at setting screen. Lin, Kobe and Davis.

  835. Definitely some PTSD from that stint…

    Remember when he would start doing well and then McHale would sub him right out?

  836. I don’t think so, I think it’s because he has no teammates cooperating on the same page, and no room to drive.

  837. Thanks! Loved reading every word. Two great perspectives from two different observers attending the game. I’m glad there is a day in between game for Lin to rest and the team to figure things. I’m sure he is super frustrated. As much as Kobe is Kobe, he’ll have to work with it. Have faith.

  838. Let’s talk what Lin CAN do with this offense.
    1. Call the screen and shoot at the elbow all day long.
    2. Give the ball to Kobe and watch.
    3. Just shoot a three once he brings the ball up.
    4. Give the ball to Wes and Boozer so he will not have too many TOVs.
    5. to be continued.

  839. Yes as far as we can see. But Lin hasn’t practiced with Boozer and Hill. Nash mess up the pre-season practice chemistry. I’m disappointed that Nash who’s supposed to be a great premier HOF PG isn’t there to help them sort it out even if he can’t play.

    I think Jeremy is trying to do what he does, get the ball to the team and get them involved. A pass first PG. But Boozer and Hill aren’t getting anything done with the ball.

  840. 6. Switch the Lakers starters and bench lol (yes I’m dreaming)

  841. An earlier interview of Lin talking about Nash. He said, Nash told him it is easy to rack up point but the right play is to involve teammates 1st.

  842. It’s quite simple. What Kobe wants, Kobe should get :]

    4 Linning Steps in Kobe Inc. 2014-15 Conquest

    Step 1. “LinBeast Mode”: Call the screen and shoot at the elbow all day long. Or dribble-penetrate to finish with And-1s or floaters
    Step 2. “Give the ball to Kobe and watch”
    Step 3. “Yell at Kobe for no reason to challenge him or cheer him on”
    Step 4. Go back to Step 1. Rinse & Repeat


  843. Good post.

  844. optimistic for rapid improvement in future games with boozer and hill. because they are veterans. i say its just a familiarity thing. Lin didnt practice with these two very much before season start. didnt get to practice on second night of back to back. hopeful that they will look better with a day break before clippers.

  845. What do you think Lin has to accomplish in order for Lakers to offer him a decent K to stay with Lakers as a starting or back-up PG? After all, if he’s going to be with Lakers for just another year, all that rebuilding will be wasted.

  846. I think Lakers will be shell shocked by the time the game is over.

  847. Hill is 2nd best behind Kobe? LOL

  848. Wow, that’s incredible. Just gave props to psalm234 for write up and got “out for moderation”. No offensive language or trolling.

  849. I’m trying to send an encouragement to Jeremy to find his inner “LinBeast” mode that Kobe wants him to take on boldly :] Please retweet to many Laker-related twitter handles so it gains some traction.


  850. I approved it. Thanks! Yeah, sometimes Disqus has a mind on his own πŸ™‚ No idea why it needs to be moderated

  851. Nice, I like it. Didn’t notice Kobe’s reaction while watching.

  852. Thanks. It’s truly important for Lin to understand what gets Kobe going.
    The more Lin does his Linsanity in NY, the more Kobe approves.
    I’ll take some time for Lin to get it but he will πŸ™‚

  853. No worries. Didn’t know if I said something offending prior.

  854. You’re very welcome. Glad it helped some.
    This is a good thing that Kobe tries to instill an MJ mentality to score first to take over the game when teammates just didn’t have it. A tough balance indeed but I think Kobe recognized Lin has what it takes. He just needs a mentor to teach him how to do it.

    By golly, this is the only mentor he ever had in the NBA after 4 years :]
    Like any transition, it would take some time so we just have to be a bit patient. Lin is smart, I’m confident he’ll get it.

    I’m reminded of Chauncey Billups approach to PG game in DET. He knew when to facilitate and when to attack when he’s open.

  855. My take on what Kobe is saying is that he wants Jeremy to run the offense, that if Jeremy see’s that Kobe is ball hogging to call him out on it. It’s okay if they bicker and challenge each other, if we see them yelling at each other it is a good thing, a good relationship building. I think at least there is communication going on, better than Harden and Melo

    Serena Winters‏@SerenaWinters
    Kobe then compared what he wants from Jeremy Lin to his great relationship w/ D. Fish & how they bickered & challenged each other.

  856. They could not even run a PnR correctly..

  857. Is Lin a Derek Fisher type of player? I thought not.

  858. Better not…he can be way better.

  859. shooting 3 on bring-up will be harder for him because that’s a Curry specialty, and in HOU, Lin could not perfect that given the goal to try for Harden each time. I like your 1. though that is in his game flow.

    A lot has to do with this team settling down, because Lin will not take his own unless the game is on the line (and he has to start his engine way sooner 2nd half) or the team is settled and giving offense more options, having some confidence in stops. Else, he’s gonna try for being the guy to settle the team down. Notice his leg stomping? He’s trying to be responsible and play team set ball. If he were going to take his own like a freelancer, he could have taking his run as soon as he saw Hill and Kobe confused.

  860. I offcially gave up Hill already. Whatever he does is just ICING ON THE CAKE

  861. It actually concerns me for those veterans. Because they are more difficult to change.

  862. are any as good as Asik? lol, ok, that is the past …

  863. Well….I agree….but seems like many ppl think he can just turn “whatever that is” on….

  864. i guess thats the flip side. but they are type of veteran who are not so egotistical, so should be willing to work together with lin

  865. Nice summary, thanks.

    So, by what you and Brent are saying today, shoot first pass 2nd, should Lin be looking like a Curry this season? Maybe, GSW had some wild team swings with injuries and people settling in, changing from Jack to Iggy, etc. Curry was consistently warm to hot, KT having some ups and downs.

  866. not an offensive threat yeah. read somone even say he’s least skilled starter in the league

    but, looking at that lin frustrated play, hill was looking for the pass to post to boozer i think, thats why he was standing around? so to me, just familiarity, like reading lins body language to see what lin really wants him to do

  867. On the running pull-up 3, I don’t think he’s got that down in-game at the standard of Curry. He can, though, but not at this level. If he does, he will be deadly. Imagine being IT and having to defend a running pull-up, prevent a right and left penetration before the bigs get set (because Lin will just go up their backs with them turned around), and set for proper D in case Lin does an alley oop or slicing pass.

    You are right, this would be a great weapon and the value of it is the ying of it not being in today’s arsenal.

  868. it is difficult to see them get blown out, but imo its worth being patient and getting on the same page with teammates, rather than focusing on how aggressive he looks

  869. Hey, Brent, Psalm, public question … with the influx of trolls attendant with great posters coming here, what is available to you where you can identify the people with more than one handle? I would think that is the first place to stop trolling, people with multiple identities. Everyone genuine should be able to pick one identity for sharing Lin and bball posts. I believe this is a foundational problem on other sites, because one cannot be held accountable for being a part of a community if they can hop from one identity to another. And, that puts the genuine posters at a disadvantage, confusing in how they can contribute to a community’s strength.

    Please advise … I see this as a serious looming problem for this site as it gains posters, which the values will.

  870. I don’t think he meant Lin should be a Derek Fisher type PG in his playing style. He’s saying that he and Derek Fisher argued and bickered and challenged each other made them both better and they still had a great relationship and one of his favorite teammates. He doesn’t want Lin to play like Derek Fisher but to bicker back at Kobe if he see’s Kobe doing something wrong. That he’s giving Lin permission to do this. That he’s not going to be retaliated against for it like he would with Harden or McHale and get benched if he steals the spotlight from Harden.

  871. That’s fine if once you get it to your teammates in a choice spot they make the basket but if they are not getting the job done then Jeremy has to take over the scoring, or the coaches have to study the film and figure out why they aren’t getting it done and make changes, adjustments in play or personnel (ie put Davis in there)

  872. Joe, we can blacklist based on IP address. It’ll be more difficult to change ISP provider or change IP.

    Even when mods are not around, users can always flag them 5 times for the comment to disappear as spam. If the positive majority self-police the troll comments, we’ll have an ideal 70%positive 30% concern.

  873. What kobe said to lin..according to ding..is great..now lets do it
    @drbrucehirsch ..stop looking over your shoulder.ur not on those other teama..dont worry about me..play like your in h.s…

  874. Since we have a lot of newcomers, let me extend the warm welcome and give some guideline :]

    Remember, it’s ok to have differing opinions. But it’s not ok to be disrespectful of other people’s opinion or be overly negative. Without hope, people die.

    Please see the Site Rule for newcomers. Remember #1 rule is “Be Polite and Be Respectful”

    And let’s set good example by NOT starting name-calling (i.e. “McFail”, “Hellston”) however tempting it might be. Let me explain. It’s very tempting when we have anger to lash out but it’s good to exercise self-control not to start fights. Once we do, people lose objectivity and just focus on inflicting plain and exacting revenge.
    No good basketball discussion can take place. We have enough stress in real-life. Let’s use JLin’s basketball adventure as something good and positive.

    As I tell my kids, if you unintentionally insult someone, apologize and praise them 5 times. It will work wonder :] Thank you for your cooperation.

  875. I feel blessed to be part of this community πŸ™‚ thank you psalm!

  876. I think you mean “NOT starting name calling”

  877. Kobe Trying to Turn Randle’s Injury, Lakers’ Struggles into Bonding Experience

    One example Bryant cites is the minimal production so far from new point guard Jeremy Lin, whom Bryant told late Wednesday night on the bench basically to stop walking on eggshells around him.

    Go run the offenseβ€”aggressively. This is your job. You run the show. You’re good at it. You don’t have to look over your shoulder anymore like with other teams. Grab the bull by the horns. Enough with your talk about fitting in or facilitating for me. Play like you played when you were in high school.

    The example that sprang to Bryant’s mind was Derek Fisher, Bryant’s favorite teammate everβ€”someone who theoretically wasn’t good enough to tell Bryant what to do but someone who knew it served the greater good not to be Bryant’s pushover.

    Again, it took shared experiencesβ€”a ton of them, in that case, after Bryant and Fisher entered the NBA the same year.

    And with that mind, Bryant allowed it will absolutely take Lin more time to settle in next to him. Just as Bryant was able to convey the message to Lin on the bench because there was fourth-quarter garbage time Wednesday night, even moments of failures can build connective tissue.

  878. I agree Lin should never lose his identify as a playmaker like Nash.

    But he should also learn to be balanced in attacking when he’s open because it will give more spacing for his struggling teammates to shoot. Lin is capable of more than 5FGA per game. But it’s okay, it’s an adjustment time for Lin to find his role. It’s also important to listen to what Kobe wants to mentor him to do.

    Chauncey Billups and Nash come to mind when they would simply use their scoring to keep the defense honest. Once defense overcommits, they can set up their teammates well.

  879. All hail @psalm234:disqus

  880. yes, corrected :]

  881. the feeling is mutual. Thanks for all that you do, blubell. Especially pestering @Michael and @Brent Yen

  882. No swastika please .. haha. Melody objected :]

  883. To me it is not about his skill. It is about his attitude and approaches. He does seem like a good person tho. But somehow I feel he does not want to play at all….

  884. Seconded.

    In addition, if someone does start name calling or even insulting you personally, don’t argue back, that just escalates the hostility. Just flag the comment and the mods will take care of it. No really, we actually do here.

  885. 3rded….

  886. “You don’t have to look over your shoulder anymore
    like with other teams.”

    I like that Kobe understands Lin’s history with the Rockets.

    But Scott hasn’t instilled that same sentiment for Lin.

  887. Scott seems fair to Lin so far.

  888. Wow, the other forum is in complete ‘blame Lin’ form. The forum is no longer a ‘Lin fan’ forum, but ‘everything’ is Lin’s fault site. Even previous Lin fan posters are stating that the fault is; Lin doesn’t shoot enough, Lin isn’t aggressive enough, Lin isn’t alpha enough, Lin is ptsd, Lin is trash…. Can’t tell who are fans and who are trolls.
    Come on, the whole team has some major issues. Blaming it ‘all’ on Lin’s contribution or lack of is just ridiculous…smh

  889. LOL…..ridiculous.

  890. If that is the case, I want to see Kobe help yelling at their zombie teammates next game. talk talk talk……communicate

  891. Since Kobe is giving Lin the green light to challenge him, I’d like to see Lin shoot every chance he gets, so he and Kobe are the 1-2 difference makers. I know Lin likes to get his team mates involved, but there isn’t enough talent or time for this team. I’d like to see Lin adjust to win now and involve the lackadaisical team mates later.

  892. It is funny how the old place has become “that which should not be named”.

  893. LOL……well….they did good job over a very long time. I hope they will finally start to guide it back. Otherwise, they are basically spreading negative images about Lin and his fans.

  894. Making play includes attacking. I think that is what Kobe and Scott want. What they failed to understand is their version of “attacking” is different from Lin’s

  895. Kobe’s smart, has good basketball IQ. He knows if he has to do everything the Lakers aren’t going anywhere especially now that Randle is out. The only chance the team has is if a Lin has a breakout team changing season. Kobe knows that guy is in there, he’s trying to get it out of him. He knows what held Jeremy back in Houston and Melo in NY.

  896. I want to see Kobe asking for the ball and Lin ignoring him 10 times.

  897. Trolls got more sneaky, they try to act like Lin fans then slowly progressively lead other Lin fans over the cliff. So much negativity, so much stress there.

  898. I don’t fully agree w/Lin following Nash as being primarily a playmaker (especially on this team). The NBA is less team focused now than the past. Lin can shoot and that seems to be what is needed more right now (among other things of course).
    I know this goes against Lin’s belief, but he needs to get his first, because I’m not sure this team is capable of getting very far since they don’t have much to work with.

  899. True, but I was surprised at how many old posters jumped on the ‘Lin is just bad’ bandwagon. It just boggles the brain…

  900. lol…that would be a way for Lin to challenge Kobe, as he asked for. I’d cheer Kobe on, along w/Lin.

  901. Will I be ban? I did name calling in my earlier post.

    I called John Lee the Rikki M of JLinportal.
    I called psalm the KHuang of the JLinportal (Someone said their reports were similar)
    I called Michael the etane of JLinportal.

  902. Keep your head up. We are with you.

  903. I went back to check that place, and I found out
    Voltaire has a son………………………..what?!

  904. Don’t leave your son over there too.

  905. M……to practice how to troll, sounds like a good idea…

  906. I’d also love to see Lin take on the “shoot 1st/pass2nd” guard role to establish winning ways first so his teammates can fall in line.

    In this 2-MVP heyday, Nash is very balanced in scoring and making plays. That’s why he got 18.8pts/10.5asts. Lately he couldn’t score much, that’s not the version Lin should emulate.

    As a leader, Lin would need to learn how to inspire his teammates to follow his lead. If he and Kobe make some shots, it would inspire the deflated teammates to play better.

    The reality is this is a new team so it would take time to learn the offense and execute flawless teamwork. In the process, Lin and Kobe cannot let the team suffer multiple blowouts. They need to inspire them as a leader by scoring first. At least keep the game closer.

    I hope Kobe, Lin and coaches discuss about this approach so the team would play better next game.

  907. yes, Lin/Kobe/BS need to communicate clearly about the definition of “attacking”. It would result in a better Game 3

  908. Hmmm. So that’s what do here… lol.

  909. I’m thinking Lin should try to score 2-4 pts when he’s open . Once defense has to account for him, then try to set up 1-2 plays for his teammates who should be more open. So having the mindset to use his scoring to draw defense so it helps his teammates perform better.

    It’s really hard to expect Hill and Boozer to play better in a game when Boozer had 8 TOs and Hill just didn’t get what Lin means. Once Lin sees Boozer has 3TOs, Lin needs to protect him from compounding the mistakes by scoring some points to draw defense away from his teammates.

    Lin had no trouble shooting in half-time practice so it was a weapon ready to be used. Lin just chose to facilitate trying to help his teammates going.

    But it’s ok. Hopefully, Lin will talk to BS and Kobe and get things squared away.

  910. Just like what I think, Lin thought he is assertive while Scott and Kobe thought he was passive. They are completely not on the same page. I can not wait the moment of them clicking..


  911. Against your third proposal.

    No offend to etane, Michael troll in different style, lol

  912. You are kidding me!

  913. GoodDayLA impregnated Voltaire and there’s the result. They’re spreading at an alarming rate too.
    Im so glad Isabeli mentioned this site, it literally felt like someone threw a life vest my way, otherwise I wouldve still been drowning in all the troll feces over there.

  914. I am still working on believing right now…lol

  915. It will require good communication and patience. Let’s hope they can click soon.

  916. will not be in the near future, I am 100% sure. But that is ok

  917. haha.. me too.

    I bet I know what Lin was thinking, “Kobe, dude.. I was open for 3pters. I was aggressive to complement you to drain them. Why didn’t you pass to me?”
    And Kobe might be thinking, “Jeremy, dude .. yell at me.. demand the ball in the next play. Get aggressive in barking at me. I might still shoot it but when I’m in my Mamba mode, I need someone to shout to me like DFisher did”

    This is normal. Merely a misunderstanding of the word “aggressive”.
    It’s part of getting to know each other in budding relationships πŸ™‚

  918. that’s one quick birth :>

  919. that’s not name-calling per Merriam-Webster dictionary :]
    unless you meant it as an insult .. haha.
    Thanks. I’ll add it to the guideline.


    name–callΒ·ing noun ˈnām-ˌkoΜ‡-liΕ‹
    : the act of using offensive names to insult someone

    Full Definition of NAME-CALLING
    : the use of offensive names especially to win an argument or to induce rejection or condemnation (as of a person or project) without objective consideration of the facts

  920. Sometimes I do feel Mark like to generate some drama or add some fuels to it.

    However, there’s plenty of conflict quotes from Bryant and from the coach. Kobe was quoted here:β€œI told him that’s a big urban legend of me. I want to score. That means coming off of picks, catching and shooting. You handle the ball and you run the show.”

    However, I thought the coach was asking Kobe to play PG, as he said it will save his legs to have ball in his hand, instead of coming of picks. Hmm, Lin for sure will think a lot, which way to follow then?

  921. Lakers had 86 possessions last night, I roughly checked the film for each possession. They do have some plays that seems effective. But needs to tweak a lot of details 1st. I personally think it has to start with Hill. Any set play will collapse if the screener did not even have any body contact on defender. Hill and Wes really got great NBA body to be great. Coaches need a way to make their life simple.

  922. So Kobe had 25 FGA last game, and the rest of the starters got 25 FGA together. So do you think Kobe’s be aggressive means he wanted Jeremy to yell at him so that Kobe will not shoot 25 or he wanted Jeremy to be aggressive like him, grab 50% of the remaining FGA, and shot 12 time instead of 5 FGA only?

  923. Seems like the added mid range game made Hill indecisive on whether to roll or to stay

  924. Lin would have to ask Kobe to clear up his expectations.
    I’m trying to remember DFisher approach. Perhaps a little of both on 12FGA even when Lin missed and being more vocal on court with Kobe to break Kobe from his Mamba trance.

  925. Me too, got tired of wading through all the garbage posts. Trying to figure out if poster are over-the-top fanatic Lin fans or trolls pretending to be Lin fans to try to make Lin fans seem like crazy. Especially the ones where you click on their name to try to see their posting history and it’s set to private. There are exceptions but that’s usually the first hint.

  926. classic mob mentality

  927. Wes has to be a finisher. LAL needs to make his life his easier by disable his brain.

  928. maybe Kobe meant for Lin to yell more aggressively, “Kobe, you’re being TRIPLE TEAMED. PASS ME THE BALL!”

  929. Yes, but he is the closest in here I can’t think of anyone else.

    It is a compliment, not an insult.

  930. To be fair, some shots from Suns were well contested…but in general it was bad

  931. One thing that I thought last night but didn’t elaborate is one thought about Byron’s decision on Lin/Kobe to start together.

    Byron might be letting Lin prove his mettle with the starters & not give so much time with Lin/Davis to pad his stats last night to see how he can coexist with Kobe. IMO he doesn’t believe Lin can play with Kobe to start because of Kobe’s dominance. If Lakers start 0-4 or 0-5, he’ll get justification to let Lin lead the 2nd team but let both Kobe/Lin to close out games. That way Byron looks smart about wanting to play Price next to Kobe because he thinks Lin will be ineffective when Kobe takes the ball out of his hands.

    It will be interesting to see how Lin would adjust in the next 2-3 games if he wants to start next to Kobe.
    Just a thought that crossed my mind.

  932. We probably will see a game where Lin yelled the f word to Kobe and got a T from Refs…

  933. I can’t find the videos on TWCSN. Do you know where to find Byron’s and Kobe’s post-game videos?

  934. If Scott think like this, he is an idixt…..IMO

  935. Check Lakers website.

  936. Drama = clicks = $, just math.

  937. I hope my thought is wrong.

  938. It’s just too many variables in this team to take care of at the moment. Whether it is Princeton or Triangle….players need more time to get familiar with these formation. At the moment seems like most of them are learning on the fly.

  939. Lin’s strength is to be able to see what is the best play but for the past 2 years and even in NY he’s been told to defer to the superstar on the team. That kills his game and Kobe knows it. Kobe trying to shake him of that. If taking the shot is indeed the best % play he should take it. If feeding Kobe 10 times is the highest % play he’ll do that. But feeding Boozer and Hill hasn’t had a good return so far and they have to figure out why. Until then driving himself, or taking the shot himself gives them the best shot. Even raining 3’s despite Scott’s philosophy he should do. The opposing teams are leaving him wide open for those 3’s. He’s got to demand the ball from Kobe or scold him after if he takes a long 2 pointer with 3 guys on him when Lin is wide open for a 3.

  940. I think as a coach, he has to find what will work, not to prove he is right by making something that could work to something that could not.

  941. Bottom, they can not even run PnR….so….forget about those set now.

  942. yup, there were so many confusion in both offensive sets (Lin had to correct Wes, Hill where to go) and defensive sets to cover 3pt shooters.
    They would need some time to gel at least 10-20 games if everyone is healthy.
    It’s just the nature of the situation (new team, lots of injuries, new personnels, new coach, etc.)

  943. As predicted b4 the TC, focus too much on help defense will only results in scrambled D rotations. Which usually ends up with a wide open 3s.

  944. if we want something change kobe must be out of the floor. for a month or so. and then, if things go in the direction we think, he must buys in the system.

    i repeat: if lakers want to win some games this season they must find a way to make jeremy shine again. no jeremy no party.

    unfortunately, like brent predicted, kobe just wants to reach MJ’s points. nothing more, nothing less.

  945. SBNation correctly points out that while Kobe asked Lin to run the “offense”, Kobe also needs to do his part.


  946. a team can play good defence if they got players to play defence. actually scott is doing much worse than d’antoni. and d’antoni, during linsanity, had a pretty good defensive team.

  947. Have not gone back to watch one of the preseason games where JLin lead the 2nd team. It was more “free flowing” and good movement. Still getting used to watching all these “confusing” formation.

  948. typo?

    set good example by “STOPPING” name-calling

  949. Me 3

  950. MDA’s bad defense is a myth I guess.. I mean the number was bad….but…

  951. kobe is kobe. he also chose the coach he wanted. if scott start to think different than kobe he’ll be fired. so we must wait if kobe, with his style of play and his willing to stay on the court, get injuried.

    if kobe stays on the court, unless jeremy starts to be selfish and hit shots, nothing will change.

  952. Just a test to see if ppl read it or not…LOL

  953. Think JLin needs more than one season in LAL to establish himself as the floor general. Only if he remains in LAL ….

  954. Absolutely right.

  955. bryant tried the same last season: ball in his hands, iso… but he’s not that young anymore. he’s been smart this time cause he plays less than 30 minutes. but that’s because the game’s over by the end of 3rd quarter. if he’ll countinue to play like that Kobe will get hurt. then we’ll have to see what happens.

    kobe chose scott so scott is just a puppet in kobe’s hands. unless jeremy prove to kobe he can run this team without him and make them winning, nothing will happen.

    kobe must be out for a while if we want to see some good basketball.

  956. At least this time the media and team is more sophisticated and looking at the situation and figuring out what the problem is. In Houston JLin would labeled trash, Harden would ignore him and think he’s doing nothing wrong, Mchale would let Harden do whatever he wanted.

  957. yes, very different approach indeed. This is refreshingly LA not to tow company-line

  958. I was wondering what took Mitch so long to decide to recruit BS as HC.

  959. what’s TC stand for?

  960. right on. In Houston, Lin would have been bashed as a overrated scrub. Seems like Lakers fans and writers understand that the situation is more complicated and not blaming everything on Lin.

  961. I don’t like how Laker related blogs, tweeter pinning lack of offense on Lin just because Kobe and Scott said it.

  962. Read the article and some comments. WOW! Bad decision. Most blame on JLin, etc. @psalm234:disqus Please just copy the article here when u see a good one next time. Hug you for doing that.

  963. yeah, it’s good to have discipline not to read the comments πŸ™‚ I’m sure there are Kobe fans who think he can do no wrong.

    But the article is good to point out it takes two to tango.

  964. wow. I’m seeing a lot of people here coming from the other site..

  965. the good and the bad haha .. but only a few bad seed

  966. the funny thing is Kobe wants Jeremy to be selfish in his definition of being aggressive. They should get it sorted out soon. Hopefully :]

  967. much more of course .. but the entertainment value is not to be underestimated :]

  968. yes, thanks. corrected

  969. No pregame thread? Are we waiting to hit the 1k mark?

  970. That place has turned into a soap drama. You can’t have a normal conversation or differing opinion without getting shouted down or called a troll. The main problem is the complete lack of moderation.

  971. LOL I’m yet to ban one. Thinking hard on one of them but give it a pass. Decide to change my tactic a little. Give a new comer a head up first about the rules before I act upon the post. Okay. Let me ask a silly question: “How do I ban the poster? Just flag the post will do the job? Down voted?” Once I do it, will @psalm234 have a way to look at the post to justify why I do it? I need to be familiar on how to. Thanks a bunch @psalm234:disqus

  972. LOL You are really something. Can’t stop laughing here.

  973. Soon. Give it another 10 minutes. It will hit the 1k+ hahahahaha

  974. we’re waiting until 999, then making a pregame thread to tick off Brent

  975. almost there..

  976. c’mon keep posting…

  977. @psalm234:disqus Thanks for giving permission to @steve_chou:disqus the permission to translate. Sorry if I overstep your boundary to give early permission. As I visited Chinese fansites last night, saw lots of glooms and dooms. Hence I felt like every JLin fans needed a good in-game report for them to find some comfort. Hence, I posted your report of this tread in Twitter, FB. Pardon me if I was out of line.

  978. He needs to have a stronger coach in that case. This is weak, these many first games. Coach is a bust for me so far, injuries buffer is over.

  979. Please start looking at the IP logs to see if people have multiple identities here. This is a key to preventing weird convos and devolving the community.

  980. @brentyen:disqus is waiting to hit the 1000 one as usual:-)

  981. This is the allowed behavior that has that site tolled out.

  982. I am set to private ha ha.

  983. should start the new post now, and by the time it reaches 990 , Brent will find he is the only person left here…….

  984. training camp.

  985. you mean Forgiveness?

  986. That maybe true. We are still waiting for @psalm234:disqus or @brentyen:disqus or another mod who know how to create a new thread:-) No choice but waiting:-(

  987. That place place was OK when you had less then 200 posts per thread ( emmm 3 years ago ?).
    Hopefully this site can be a more civil jeremylin.net of old.

  988. Things went downhill just after haters at “the site which should not be named”advertised the old place. Trolls and “Lin fans” who got booted out started to flood the old site and with complete lack of moderation, it became a lunatic asylum.

  989. They advertised it? Where / how?

  990. not at all, Melody πŸ™‚ You did the right thing.
    My goal is also to provide a different way to look at things as JLin is adjusting to find his role in a new team.
    There’s bound to be some growing pains but I’m encouraged to see different response in LA from the coach Byron and most importantly Kobe.

    When I saw Kobe took the time to sit next to Lin and mentor him by talking for 5 min or longer, that’s enough to assure me that Kobe actually meant it to mentor Lin. Actions speak louder than words for me πŸ™‚

  991. @psalm234:disqus last night when you said you understand “what the Lakers plan is about”.

    Is that what you mentioned in Part 3 – the plan is “to do whatever to make Kobe happy”?

  992. Thanks! Really thank you for doing this thing. Also believe Kobe needs to exercise what he preaches to JLin. He needs to set an example so that it’s easier for JLin to find his niche sooner than later. Don’t go to isos mode.

  993. training camp?

  994. Congratulations to this site for reaching 1000 comments in a single post in 24 hrs. Impressive accomplishment in such a short time since launch!

    This site is also rapidly climbing up the google search rankings. Today it is ranked #13 for google search for “jeremy lin forum”. Last week was #18. Week before that was #27.

  995. Jeremy Lin, a starter for now, relishes fresh beginning with Lakers
    Posted by JLin
    By Ben Golliver


  996. Can some one tell me whether the founder of jeremylinforum.net owner jp123 is also here?

  997. Training camp

  998. I don’t know. If you want to reach him, try to PM him at his site or twitter.

  999. Ya :(. Thought it was something new.

  1000. No, I don’t need to reach him. I saw Wu Kong here but did not see jp. Just hope he can be here too.

  1001. Actually, I hope eventually one day KHuang will be here too πŸ™‚

  1002. Ouch that hurts:

    Penny Lee‏@penny10654
    Cheer up,[email protected] (via statjbd’s IG)


  1003. WOW! Thanks for letting us know. When I had my laptop issue last week, I had to google to find this site again. It was much easier to find it than before. That’s for sure! @psalm234:disqus and many others are good in advertising this site:-)

  1004. Sometimes he does come and chat, Dorothy.
    Brent and I bounce back ideas back and forth with jp and wukong on the sites.

  1005. ok it has just been one of those days… I did manage to get this done today… the video is not shot by me I used a LP clip but I noticed this in the game and was screaming for a foul and had to come back and post this…. so this is from the LAL vs HOU game… move if needed.

    @JLin7 PBev Trips Jlin video should have been a foul https://t.co/0pB1CXiVGA— JLinArticles&Facts (@JLArticlesFacts) October 31, 2014

  1006. Nicely done!

  1007. Im late on my report… I promise I am trying to get it done… been a murphy’s law kind of day πŸ™

  1008. Thanks to your diligence, of course! Your idea for the title tag change to ‘Jeremy Lin Portal’ from ‘JLinPortal’ certainly helps a lot :] Where do you find the Google Search rankings BTW? Is it updated weekly?

  1009. I do not understand this SEO thing. it shows different color on different pages in this site. WHat does that mean?

  1010. Off topic: Read a tweet said that PB was hurt. Have no desire to search R news. Anyone knows what it’s about?

  1011. Must be Lin’s fault…

  1012. Hamstring, guy is injury prone.

  1013. Thanks!

  1014. tripping is a foul b/c it causes injury. The man is a dangerous player.

  1015. LOL No doubt about it!

  1016. Yes, a few things (observing coaches interaction with Kobe, Jeanie Buss pre-game interview, Kobe’s quest to surpass MJ as #3 scorer record, PFV great analysis, Byron is hired to please Kobe) certainly put this point as an emphasis.

    I knew this before but I didn’t realize how much it influenced offensive style and coaches interaction.
    I realized Kobe won’t change his playing style if it prevents him to reach his goal (#3 scorer passing MJ) since he’s been obsessed to beat MJ since 19 years ago.

  1017. @brentyen:disqus How are you and your family doing today? Any soreness or side-effects? Sort out the insurance and vehicle issue now?

  1018. No doubt about it. Just glad that JLin stays healthy after playing with this kind of dangerous player.

  1019. lol Still waiting.

  1020. I also like zxcvb’s postings, hope the person can come over.

  1021. Great work to uncover the truth as usual!
    So Bev had to resort to trickery to get this supposedly great steal.

  1022. It was sore yesterday night, but today….we are fine. Thanks!!! Still waiting Ins Co. to respond

  1023. I also added it to Video Gallery page on this homepage for our record under ‘MythBusted’ tag

  1024. for letting himself got tripped by Bev LOL

  1025. Eric PincusVerified account
    Lakers list same 5 probable starters for tomorrow night vs. Clippers – Lin/Kobe/Wes/Boozer/Hill

  1026. whoa.. I didn’t know you were in car wreck?
    Everyone ok?

  1027. Good read:

    LA Times – #Lakers Jeremy Lin still looking for his starring role: Jeremy Lin has seen this before, often a su… http://t.co/aafqxVzAnk

  1028. Yep….lucky…..spent a lot on the car tho…..well, only important thing is the whole family are good!

  1029. We were unwilling unable to determine if Beverly tripped Lin or Lin caught his leg on Beverly. Under normal circumstances we will always call a foul.But we regret that under our current ABL consensus that we will turn a blind eye to … if we missed it.

  1030. Wonderful news. That’s very good. Hopefully the insurance/car issue will be solved soon.

  1031. He is very good at it and denies he is the “dangerous” player.

  1032. Cars are getting more and more expensive.

  1033. Who isn’t starting??!!! What happened?!!

  1034. Sounded to me it was entirely the other party’s fault.

    Soooo…are you getting a brand-spanking-new 2015 Sienna after the settlement comes in? πŸ™‚

  1035. whoa! glad you and family are ok

  1036. Inflation. I remember back in ’89 gas was under a dollar per gallon, and base model Camry’s were under $20K.

  1037. Better start digging up my old IP spoofer, wait did I say that out loud (#οΎŸΠ”οΎŸ)

  1038. You did the right thing. Give 1-2 warnings. You can mark the comment as Spam or delete them.
    After the fact, you can PM me or Tweet me. There is a Moderator Group but I need to enable the notifications first.

  1039. That’s true but it won’t be as expensive in Australia if that gives u any comfort:-)

  1040. Good to hear the fam is ok and well..
    Do defensive driving, just like Byron wants πŸ˜€

  1041. Will you consider this for your next family vehicle?

  1042. LOL I think Brent is anti-tanking :]

  1043. not totally my idea, someone else first brought it up (clim?)

    no, I just do a manual search (from a private browser session with no cookies and history):

  1044. Even LBJ is sucking bad. New team, new system, gotta be patient.

  1045. Clutchfans actually made a youtube video of Lin’s bad plays in the game against the Rockets and were mocking Lin. I was upset at first but remembered that the Knicks had that one good season after Lin left. We all know what happened after that.

    Anyway it is time to leave the past and move on. Focus on the present and let grudges go.

  1046. hope everyone recovers nicely and no bad dreams.

  1047. LOL Remember vividly it was around $0.70 mark I believe. I was in a huge shock when I visited Brisbane for the first time to see the price here. Everything was at least double or triple and maybe more depending on the items. Could purchase green pepper with 4 per dollar then. Here it cost $11.95 per kilos at the same time. WOW!!!! Wouldn’t be able to survive if it wasn’t my belated mom just urged me not to look at the price to get items that I would like to eat. I still couldn’t and just walked out without getting any food and let my mom handle the shopping:-)

  1048. you are awesome!

  1049. I was thinking about the same thing.

  1050. No idea but it sure is pretty.

  1051. Being travel all over, trust me, we have one of the cheapest car price in the world!

    You should see, Singapore and Malaysia, its crazily priced.

  1052. That was true even in mid and late 90s

  1053. they should do what they need to survive not watching watchable bball and having a championship team.

  1054. @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus , did you ever get my PM to thank you?
    Not sure if people get notifications on PM now.
    Also, if you have twitter, let me know for backup communication :]

  1055. Come to think of it, its true…Lin left one of his good friend behind in the desert to dry….Thats not Lin!

  1056. Look, I know it’s easy to do, but the problem here is disingenuous people cause the whole forum to skew toward false discussion. Then what’s the point ?

  1057. He ran the red light…so……..I just checked the price, not sure if I am able to get one or not…

  1058. Much awaited JLin’s TWCSN interview on “Connected With…Jeremy Lin”

    The guard talks about overcoming tough times and situations on his way to the NBA and Los Angeles.


  1059. I missed the 1st 11 minutes!! darn it

  1060. I see what you are saying now on the options of marking the comment. Ok. It’s good to know as more people are joining the sites. It’s going to get Linteresting soon:-) Just need to learn my niche first:-)

  1061. wow. 1-9 fg, 0-3 3pt, 2 ast, 4 to, 4 pts, -4 (lowest of the starters, the rest of whom are all +4/+5) at the half for Lebron! Against the lowly Knicks at home!

  1062. it should be in youtube soon, I would think

  1063. That’s also true as compared to the income of commoners.

  1064. It’s obvious that the Cavs should have LeBron come off the bench and start Marion instead. LeBron would probably be a better fit leading the second unit anyways. LOL

  1065. whoa.. The King himself.
    Maybe he wants to make Lin feel better. lol

  1066. Imagine the outcry to even discuss it.

  1067. LOL yeah, the 2nd team desperately needs him :>

  1068. Lots of comfort. If LBJ did it, then JLin isn’t bad at all as he plays with Kobe and LBJ is the king. JLin did very well instead, the more I think about this contrast:-)

  1069. I was going to ship my car to Taiwan next yr…now plan B

  1070. and the Knicks aren’t even at full strength without their starting PG Calderon, got some second year player named Shane Larkin starting at PG

  1071. There is another thing you guys haven’t implemented, that is to put the word ‘Jeremy Lin’ in the url. For example this page should be ‘http://www.jlinportal.com/jeremy-lin-g02-lal-phx-game-thread/’ instead of http://www.jlinportal.com/g02-lalphx-game-thread/. The other site doesn’t need to do this because the domain name already have jeremylin in it.

  1072. ok to retweet to LA media?

  1073. @psalm234:disqus has done a great job. We had been growing steadily last couple of weeks.

    According to Statshow:

    Monthly Pageviews: 10,320
    Monthly Visitors: 4,680

  1074. sure

  1075. What first 11 mins?

  1076. I read, he should be able to achieve that by Dec 2014

  1077. Refer to above JLin interview program at twcsportsnet.

  1078. Perhaps the base Camry part, but gas prices were definitely past the one dollar barrier in the mid/late ’90s.

  1079. Okay will check.

  1080. At least their opinion is put objectively rather than trashing Jeremy. Which I dont mind, since there is some truth in it. But as most of us understand, its much complex than that.

  1081. Hope you’re getting a decent rental in the interim, off the insurance claim of course. Thanksgiving is coming up so maybe the dealerships will have good discounts when you buy, especially on the out-going 2014 models.

  1082. Yeah, because, he need a scoring support, with NickYoung out, Jeremy is obviously the next scoring threat, he he should be taking more shots. That I do sincerely agree. He should not be settling down, with just trying to make plays for others and facilitating. He need to shoot as well, so that the opponent would have more work to do defensively…right now, they are reading it easy by just clogging the paint

  1083. not in where I’m from…Motor City, it was still at 80 something cents

  1084. Are you moving to Taiwan next year? We’re leaving Hong Kong in 2016, very possibly moving to Taiwan as well. Definitely shipping a car from the States.

  1085. No wonder GM abandoned its EV1 project, gas was so cheap that there was little motivation to even explore hybrids, much less EVs. Lack of foresight.

  1086. With all the injuries and short of players, and lesser 5-5 practices, it would be difficult for any coach to figure out the best combination.

    Since its still early in the season, Coach still has the luxury to do the tryouts. This is also gives a fair treatment to players who are given the option to start.

    I think Scott, would prefer Jeremy run the bench, at the same, he wants to make his decision is not bias or cause harm to the team. So letting Jeremy to and giving him a chance to figure out.

    I think its all good. No one is trowing him under he bus, like in Houston. Moreover Kobe had thus far been very supportive, despite followers had said, Kobe doesnt mingle well with his players.

  1087. I’ve always said the haters were worse than the fans. Because at least the fans are a positive influence. The haters have some kind of emotional problems that make them feel better by doing bad things.

    Also, it seems like they are trying too hard to make Lin look bad so they can justify the trading. Because the truth is that deep down, they know the really needed Lin’s ability when facing the big teams.

    They’ll regret it soon enough.

    Edit: Just to add, look at how many bad videos there are of Kobe, LBJ, MJ. Of course I’m not comparing Lin to them, but just saying that having haters is actually a sign that you made it! The fact that they hate Lin and yet it consumes them his hilarious. It’s like they have an obsessive crush on him but he just ignores them πŸ˜€

  1088. Ok, got you. Thanks… ha ha

  1089. I figured out the root of the Lakers problems–they are running the Princeton offense but Lin went to Harvard. Of course that’s not going to work!

  1090. LOL Good one. JLin said he played against one.

  1091. Infact I think so. Looking at the way Kobe smirks and tease, previously…even with recent exchange with Howard, he tend to use words like “soft” teddy bear”…lol

    He wants his players to come hard and aggressive in that sense. Take the authority, run the show.

  1092. at the end of Q3: LeBron shooting 25% fg, 4 reb, 2 ast, 4 TO, 0 stl, -9, 11 pts.

    3 other Cavs have more asts.
    4 TOs and -9 is worst on the Cavs

  1093. Where in Taiwan are you moving too? If you’re in Taipei you might end up not even needing a car.

  1094. Find out anything that most of us Lin fans don’t already know?

  1095. Basically some trolls pretending to be fans would post at JL.net. Then some hater on that anti-Lin site would link to that post, saying that’s what all Lin fans thought. I bet half the time it was the same hater that did it.

  1096. Even when mods are not around, users can always flag them 5 times for the comment to disappear as spam.

    If that’s the case you might need to check the spam filters form time to time. I can see some motivated haters trying to flag good posts! They really don’t have much to do in life so creating several accounts using a VPN for different IPs is something they might do.

  1097. for sure hope so.

  1098. some things puzzle me, maybe you long time bb viewers can help me out:
    1. everyone sees how good Lin-Ed PnR connection is, why didn’t HC explore it more?
    2. Ed suddenly becomes hot commodity, why didn’t other bigs learn from it and try PnR with Lin?

  1099. Great! Maybe after that, he can finally sit back and let JLin really run the show; not just paying lip service – actually, both he and Scott.

  1100. To Brent Yen and psalm234 and real-dsb …

    I am sad to inform you that…..

    So my friend just had an idea, about the chat function. There is this site that they always go to when Apple releases a new product so people around the world can watch the event on line and share thoughts and post pictures. The concept is of that of an anchor/anchors can post pictures/topics even create votes, while the mass can just chat.

    I just opened a room so you can check it out for yourselves. Going out to get some contraband (sweet stuff), be back in a few minutes.

    The link: http://kekeke.cc/jibberish

    The Good
    1.It is much more responsive
    2.It runs on a separate server it will not create any load on this site.
    3. Can easily support several 100 users at a time.

    The Downside
    1. Archiving chat content will have to be done manually(but I think that is how the chat function is now)
    2. You have to type your ID so people will recognize you

    Basic functions
    1. Anchors can ban abusers
    2. They have an anti-spam counter

  1101. Yeah…good old times!

    I’m pretty sure @psalm234:disqus wont let that happen here!

  1102. LeBron learning a trick or two from Boozer, 8 TOs now!

  1103. πŸ™‚

  1104. Knicks beat the Cavs in Cleveland by 5. Cavs were favored by 12.5 pts!

    Lebron’s final numbers: 4 ast, 8 TO, 0 stl, -13. His TO and plus/minus were game-worst.

    He was 1-9 fg, 0-3 3pt, 2 ast, 4 TO, 4 pts, -4 at halftime.

  1105. How many minutes did he play and how many final pts he had?

  1106. Clippers are 12 pt favorites over the Lakers. Perhaps another upset? Who knows, Clippers are on second game of a B2B playing OKC tonight. I know dreaming.

  1107. Well, there’s a lot of chat channels out there that are hosted on separate servers and responsive.

    Up to Psalm to weigh the pros and cons.

  1108. Not bad…@brentyen:disqus and @psalm234:disqus need to try out

  1109. So it depends on who weighs more?

  1110. 43 mins (!). ended with 5-15 fg, 1-5 3pt, 17 pts.

  1111. Still Boozer the first

  1112. The fake fans/trolls posting on “the site that must not be named” wanting Kobe to be injured. SMH. Gives Lin fans a bad reputation. They should just shut that site down if they are not going to moderate it it is just going to tarnish the reputation of Lin fans.

  1113. yeah right, only if CP, Griffin, and DeAndre just came to the Clippers this offseason.