G01 [email protected] Pregame Thread

The time we have been waiting for is finally here, Lin and the LAL will face Houston Rockets on Tue 7:30p PT at Staple Center. This game will be broadcasted by TNT.

Apparently, due to both Nash and Price’s injury, Lin will be the starting PG for the LAL. Not 100% satisfactory but the result is what we have hoped.


  1. Am I the first?!!! Its been ages since I was first!

    May my first translates to LAL first WIN of the season!

    Go Purple&Gold!!!!

  2. Should never doubt yourself.

  3. I’m getting more excited getting close to Tuesday, the “Redemption” game :]

    I really hope Lakers will make a statement in the NBA opener!

  4. No doubt Lin will be the most excited playing against the team that tossed him to the side. I’m really curious to see how much better Lin raised his game in his 5-0 record vs the Knicks.
    @Brent Yen, maybe I’ll add this summary of the post later.

    I bet Kobe has been on his ears whispering motivational quotes about making a statement game. I won’t be surprised if they are kicking back at Kobe’s house discussing the best way to exploit Harden’s and Howard’s weaknesses :}

  5. Hill might not play on Tue, I guess the chances of winning just went up a bit! πŸ˜›

  6. LOL so true :]
    Davis would step up to challenge Dwight and intimidate Harden from the get go!

  7. As my last count (yesterday), Lakers only has 8 healthy players to play — Kobe, JLin, Davis, Boozer, Johnson, Randle, Clarkson, Sacre. Possibly of return are Kelly and Hill. The team is pretty team. With this thin roster, I still think Lakers can win if they work together to make THE STATEMENT.

  8. I do think LAL will run out of gas in 4th Q tho…..I hope no more injuries.

  9. Yes, anything I prefer Davis in the lineup — Starters with Kobe, JLin, Davis plus either, Boozer, Johnson or Randle will be very good.

  10. Yeah, they’re pretty thin so hopefully it won’t go to OT.

    I’m really curious how much input does Lin give to the coaches to game-plan against them?
    Perhaps Lin is drawing diagram on the board on how to trim the Beard and send Kryptonite rock Superman’s way :]

  11. If I am a coach, I would hope Lin can play 36 minutes while Kobe plays around 30. And Lin will cover the whole 18 minutes when Kobe is sitting.

  12. Randle pretty much can score at will if he runs in from whatever angle Harden is at.

  13. He can drag Harden with him to the rim…

  14. You’re giving too much credit to Harden. Most likely than not, Harden is already running to cherry pick on the other end of the court.

  15. It’s a good strategy!

  16. My guess is more likely JLin with Kobe plans the strategy first and hope BS nuthead will listen and bring the the cup to overflow:o)) JLin can definitely with the second unit beat the first R unit in the past. With more talents in Lakers can do better. All healthy players will listen except Randle. But with Kobe in the team, Randle will behave slightly better toward JLin.

  17. Well, if BS has a good plan with when rotating Kobe/JLin in and out of the game, they will be fine. When Kobe and JLin play together, they can do some rotations of being playmaker. This way both Kobe/JLin and the whole team will be max in their efficiency.

  18. Yes…they could…

  19. Yeah, its a pity, they didnt even have enough players to run 5-5 during training

  20. LAL might have to slow down the tempo with depleted roster, especially with Kobe on the floor?

  21. Do you think they will play “Howard Sucks” video on big-screen TV? :]
    That would be hilarious!

  22. Last year when the crowd started chanting that, Howard joined in.
    LA fans really don’t like him so a repeat would not surprise me πŸ™‚

  23. I hope they can keep the fouls in control. We don’t want a repeat of last year when they couldn’t foul out Sacre because the team didn’t have anyone active/without fouls.

  24. Kobe/Jeremy will need to alternate in leading the 1st and 2nd unit.

  25. Most Impressive Player in preseason: Antawn chose Ed Davis, Worthy chose Jeremy Lin.
    On conditioning, both expect Lakers players to be fully-adjusted around 3 weeks into the season

    TWCSN: Preseason shows Lakers taking on identity of Byron Scott
    James Worthy and Antawn Jamison look back at the Lakers’ preseason, discussing who impressed the most, what they learned and more.


  26. I get the reason that coaches don’t say things that might hurt some players. But for start or bench Lin, either way. I don’t see how this will hurt/disrespect any of them? Price came in the campe as a 3rd stringer.

  27. JeremyLintel summarized a good theory about his Twitter convo with Robin Lundberg who brought up the idea BScott might be playing “mind games” to push Lin’s button to be angry and be out to prove something everytime he steps on the floor.

    The true test is definitely to see whether Lin continues to start when Price comes back.


  28. Lin/Davis duo FTW!!! πŸ™‚

  29. it’s kinda funny that Robin Lundberg said to actually believe what BScott said about Price would be incompetence πŸ™‚


  30. Do you mean BScott’s possible “mind games” might hurt Lin or Price?

  31. They’re already tweets to encourage Lakers fans get ready to chant “Howard Sucks” :]

    If Rockets lost the game, that would be a crescendo in the building..haha

  32. Music to my ears? πŸ˜›

  33. I also want to see “The Bear_ Sucks!” signage
    Or “The Bear_ is the Best Shooting No-Guard!” haha..

  34. What do you have against bears? lol.

  35. For a moment I was wondering who is the bear?! The Beard! πŸ˜‰

  36. I don’t think it is a mind game. If so, he does not know Lin I guess. How is creating another HOU treatment a motivation at all?

  37. At first I thought mind game would be a possibility but now Scott is going out of his way to promote Price ever since Jeremy’s ankle injury. Prior to the injury Scott was praising Jeremy left and right, including his defense. What changed? Is it because of Magic, FO, and Kobe challenged his identity as a coach?

  38. I mean I do believe Price did great in TC. No doubt about it, either Lin starts or not is fine, the problem is his attitude when been asked the question. Does not look like he wants Lin to start at all. If so, just say it, praise Lin’s importance for the bench. Creating a FAKE competing environment is not gonna work because Price and Lin are NOT at the same level. Not even close. By doing so, you are only creating doubts towards yourself.

  39. If BS really believes in Price, he’s really holding an unpopular opinion! I don’t see a single media outlet favoring Price over Lin.

  40. He can’t just start chanting Ron-nie sucks!! That’s Dwights song.

  41. The matador defense dictates that defender must AVOID incoming traffic…

  42. I think you should ask a specialist on mind games @disqus_f5ETiy7wz7:disqus..

  43. I agree, we need Jedi. This mind game is going too far and it looks like it is hurting your head.

  44. I think it is ok that he starts Price, it is his job to make the call. good or bad. But the problem is, we do not even sure how he made his decision, or did he even make it at all?

  45. It’s weird that Scott was singing praises on Jeremy prior to being hired and after he was hired. Based on the pre-season, Price is not significantly better than Lin on D. Only thing is Lin was racking up fouls because he was playing hard on D. What makes Scott changes his tune on Jeremy? If it is just mind games, what’s the point? Jeremy thrives on positive reinforcement under MDA. Surely, Scott shenanigans are not helping Lin or his team, other than Ronnie Price’s ego.

  46. On the other hand, McHale usually only goes 8-deep anyways.

  47. It is very bad for a journey man to have an ego at all.

  48. I thought it was weird that Byron went out of his way to emphasize Price’s on the ball defense as the best (Kobe always hogs the ball..) and Jeremy is “decent”.

    Then he brought it up again the 2nd time.

    Even if Byron’s true about playing “mind game” being an Asian Parent to trigger some reaction of “Look at how Coach is high on Ronnie Price so you got to prove that you deserve this starting job playing out of your mind.”, it’s very grating and annoying.

    As long as Lin starts with this “extra pressure to bring defensive intensity”, Byron might come away with the “mind game” theory. The second he starts Price, it becomes disrespect and incompetence.

  49. Scott’s attitude and intention do seem questionable at this point. I hope it doesn’t turn into another HOU. Good thing the media, FO, and many are favoring Jeremy.

  50. It seems BScott is really impressed with RP defense, since the coach is coming in to LAL with defensive attitude. Scoot like the body-up defense against how JL guards his opponents. Hence he wants the first lineup to start with that in mind.

    I have seen JL improved on his body-up this preseason, and I feel that JL would continue to progress on that department to capture, Scott’s perception

  51. I do not think it will. And, Lin is like “I have been there”. So…..Lin will just thrive on what even role he got. He can even outperform the waterboy, I am sure.

  52. If that is the case, then I will be very concerned. It is just like saying I am very impressed with PB’s offense while you have Lin sitting on the bench wondering.

  53. seriously I think we are getting more more influenced by all the fans calling out (nothing wrong in that) and starting to get a litlte biased in our view. With the predicament JL was on past season, he still need to prove he is a reliable starting PG. Because as of now, the scouting report doesnt say that.

    I think we need the season to start and let he process takes it place before complaining too much about Scott’s decision.

  54. If that’s meant to insinuate that Price is better on the D, it doesn’t hold any water at all after the 41 and 33 pt losses.

  55. Ok….enough of the doubts. haha I think Lin will have a great game and season. At worst, he comes off the bench and piles up 3Ds….LOL

  56. I thought you liked PB? (Just trying to stir things up)

  57. I’m not worried about Jeremy. He has proven he can tackle any situation. I just don’t understand what Scott is thinking…

  58. If a coach, in a month of TC can not tell Lin is more reliable than Price…..then…….it is very bad.

  59. I do….I am not dissing him, you are…..#Trollalert

  60. Mind games it is….I guess..

  61. At this point, from my POV, I’m fine with JL coming from bench.

    1) JL need to play the standard min (32-36)
    2) finishing Q4
    3) be aggressive on both end of the floor (this will dismiss any perception of him being passive)

  62. I don care about the result. I agree with you that it is fine. I just don’t understand the process of putting a 3rd string PG over Lin.

  63. Not doubting Jeremy. He will kick butt no matter what πŸ™‚

  64. so far into preseason I dont think RP is a 3rd string. I think he is a good backup PG. He just didnt get the opportunity (the same opportunity that we are screaming on JL).

  65. But if BS was positive towards Lin yet hard on everyone else, that would cause problems in the locker. It’s like in the military the sergeant is always a you know what, but that brings the whole squad together.

  66. No doubts on Lin of course. Just a few on Scott.

  67. I really don’t feel good with BS now, the way he emphasis on Price’s defense, really going out of his way. I might not be an basketball expert, and I’m not saying Price defense is no good, but it is really that much better than Lin?

    Lin was pretty good, but BS would say Price is really good, Clarkson is good, Kobe is Kobe, and Lin is only decent, I just don’t know how competence BS is. At this time, listen to several different podcasts, people are all question about BS, he is so old school, that he looks like come out of cyro-perserved tank that totally ignore recent basketball development.

    I could totally see after Lakers lost couple of games, he would try to go back to Price start, and ignore the team continue to lose.

    On the other hand, he will let Kobe shot into the top scorer in the league. In preseason, Kobe would have 40FGA in two games, and 37% usage rate. That’s way more Harden. And Jeremy had 20% Usage rate, which is what he got in Houston. And Jeremy only played one game together with Kobe.

    It would be very interesting to see what the team will play out in regular season.

  68. Especially when the overall talent level is tipping towards Jeremy… significantly.

  69. totally

  70. Maybe, I think PB is much better than him given the preseason

  71. I think it’s more than that because stat-wise, it just doesn’t make sense to start Price.

    Furthermore for Byron to make a complete 360 from Lin being a “triple-threat” to Price being the best on-ball defender, there has to be a reason. Either something made him mad or he thinks Jeremy is too nice and need to be “helped” to play with a chip on the shoulder. If Byron didn’t say he’s Jeremy Lin fan before and all those nice things, I’d believe that he’s not sold on Jeremy yet.

    I did some research of Byron’s track record of using “mind games” and it’s very interesting. I’ll post them above

  72. I don’t know if he is a 9 yr vet in the league, and played in different teams, and his career average PPG was single digit, what does it means that he did not get his opportunity. You have to show something right?

  73. We we are biased towards a thought, everything that we see and hear would be skewed as well.

    Chillout man, let the season start, and the action begin. Its easier to judge once we see the action on the floor.

  74. THe thing is, I don’t think he have shown a lot in the game. Maybe in the CAMP I guess.

  75. I don’t know what did Price do to prove he is a reliable starting PG, and what Jeremy didn’t do to prove he is a reliable starting PG?

  76. Well that is a PREGAME thread is for…is it not? LOL

  77. FWIW, 360 means no change…

  78. we were not there, so its really hard to judge objectively, we could only guess at best, and that would be biased a well.

  79. what does it mean if he show a lot in camp and could not realize it in game?

  80. It’s funny how when people try to justify not starting Lin, they use qualities that cannot be measured in terms of efficiency. Cases in point: gritty, tough, energy, and defense (which has no accurate measure for actually stopping opponents’ scoring).

  81. 180…i do tease my close ones, when they use 360 as well πŸ™‚

  82. exactly!

  83. It means he is a happy camper.

  84. use your argument, BS could be biased as well.

  85. You and your angles, who are you Steve Nash?

  86. I’d just enjoy this moment of Jeremy getting the starter get-go to give the Rockets a very well-deserved butt-kicking!

    Not speculating whatsoever. Just enjoying it.

  87. yeah, and bring up that 2nd team need a playmaker, and totally ignore the 1st team need playmaker too.

  88. I got curious about this theory of Byron Scott’s “mind games” have any legs so I googled them.

    These were 2 instances so far:

    1. Dec 2012 Byron Scott presented the Cavs rookies with baby dolls and strollers after a game letdown

    2. Oct 2010 Byron Scott Byron Scott issued a challenge to Stephon Marbury – charging his star guard is β€œkind of coasting” through the preseason. (a week after giving Kenyon Martin the same criticism)

    I’m still not sold yet this is a “mind game” by Byron so Lin truly plays with a chip on his shoulder to earn his starting job. But being a disciple of Pat Riley, he had a penchant for the theatrics to lit fire under his players. Very interesting indeed

  89. Why is butt-kicking so enjoyable? πŸ™‚

  90. JL is a 4 year vet into the league, played with 3 different teams, coming into his forth now and averaging only 12 point with 27 min of play. How could one compare him with rondo or any elite PG. See how did that played out.

    We the fans, know JL better and the holes and shelves that he was put in. But to argue on that point at this point in time, we just dont have enough information. I will let the action to start and judge objectively as we progress.

  91. could as well be, I’m not disagreeing there πŸ™‚

    i’m just giving him the benefit of doubt for now

  92. Because it IS butt-kicking the Rockets! πŸ™‚

  93. on-Ball pressure cannot be measured, unless you stuck wireless electrodes on the ball handler and measured the difference of spikes in his stress hormone levels when guarded by Lin vs Ronnie. The future of sports.

  94. You guys are way too civil. This is no fun πŸ˜›

  95. Harden should get more credit for his “Matadore Technique”. It’s actually Mr. Miyagi’s Drum Technique in Karate Kid 2, and he has mastered it. “If done right, NO can DEFENSE!”

  96. :)….I’m still a little dizzy and biased reading the web on how biased BScott is.

    I say, give him the benefit of doubt.

    at least its getting lively here…been bored last 2 days

  97. Yeah! Get’im @maknusia:disqus, get’im @disqus_Qw9GaYTag0:disqus.!!

  98. I am giving him that, that is why I ask for answer. If I am not, I will just say he is a racist.

  99. He’s such a show off…

  100. is that lost is on Price alone?

  101. do i sound like a Lin hater now?!!! hmmmm

  102. If you see how many Curry and Thompson scored….I guess it was i huge percentage.

  103. what’s common of Dion Waiters and Stephon Marbury? They are all head case player. Which is no close to Lin, does Lin need this kind of chip on his shoulder? Does Lin missing any motivation? It just don’t make sense.

  104. Curry and Thompson scores against anyone, and Price is not an elite defender as well

  105. And you think Beverly could do better? (Still stirring…)

  106. No…why would you say that?

  107. LOL you troll

  108. exactly

  109. just asking…since I seem to be going against everyone here….just felt weird

  110. That is call disagreeing…:P TBH….I have faith in Scott, that is why I ask when I don’t get what he is doing.

  111. Don’t worry. Troll maybe, Lin hater, no.

  112. hehehe…..Troll king @disqus_HmSLGZ4iV2:disqus speaks…

  113. Interesting…but i dont think its “mind game”

  114. I hope Lin and LAL does…this gonna be one of the toughest start

  115. Me neither

  116. As much as I like stirring the pot, I am of the same mindset.

  117. nah…he is a TC (Troller Commander) but TK stays with you

  118. I am beyond that, I hope LAL will be a very good team.

  119. we are comparing him to Price, not Rondo. Come on.

  120. As I told you, you can stir the pot here all you want. Enjoy it while you still don’t have legitimate competition lol

  121. OOOO… Sounds like a challenge. lol

  122. Of course not. But between preseason games 2 and 3, Lin was replaced by Nash, who only played 12 minutes. The rest of the lineups for both teams were pretty much the same. If anything, GSW starter all played less minutes except for Klay (1 more min in game 3).

    Clarkson chould shoulder some blame, but in way does game 3 make Price look GOOD, as in deserving Scott’s praises on D.

  123. I was just referring to general argument on various site, to you in particular. Probabaly I got a little carried away. cheers mate

  124. Legitimate competition from the Moderators? lol

  125. M………TC (Troller Commander) @maknusia:disqus speaks

  126. Troll-off perhaps?

  127. XD What on earth is a troll-off like.

  128. You’re right, it’s all BS.

  129. nope. just turned 360 degrees.

  130. look at the mirror?

  131. …I dont think its a bs either, but definitely a BS

  132. As per Jeremy said Rockets are one of the offensively good teams in the league… let’s see about the defense part πŸ™‚

  133. It’s THE BS. LOL

  134. So seems like Videoland in TW has the NBA TV right this yr.

  135. Steve Nash of trolls. Did I just compliment you? lol

  136. for both of you

  137. To be honest. I don’t like what I see.

  138. LOL he must have just saw our discussion.

  139. may require page refresh

  140. I don’t think it’s a mind game for Jeremy. I hope it’s more like precautionary measures since he only has 1 legitimate playmaker in his team.

  141. just go to another mirror….no worries

  142. If it turned out to be true, Byron clearly doesn’t know Lin doesn’t need these cheap-tricks motivation. The Cav rookies stroller theatrics for unmotivated rookies was too much in my opinion.

    I’m not liking one bit what Byron is doing even if it’s a cheap mind-game. I’ll wait and see if he’ll start Price. The idea itself is ludicrous to comprehend based on stats alone.

  143. So…like I said, Price must did very well in practices…..let’s hope he can perform

  144. haha.. that’s true.. 180 then. My math got parked at the end of the week πŸ˜€

  145. Well he must be feeling some heat.

  146. that’s true. That’s why Lundberg calls him incompetent

  147. I bet his 3rd tweet is saying MDA

  148. True, it sounds too crazy to be a mind game. If he’s smart, he should have learned MDA’s way to motivate Lin to the fullest. Lin wants a coach who has full faith in him and can’t stand double-minded coach like Trent Johnson (Stanford)

    Perhaps Byron’s mind is way over his head!

  149. haha.. no D!

  150. should be The “Beardo”! lol

  151. Sorry to let you guys down. No mind games…I just think that BS is kinda dumb. I mean he got that posture and shiny head going for him, but beyond that…no ‘force’ potential.
    There is such a thing as overreaching to establish your authority, and I think if Jeremy doesn’t continue to start, BS will have overreached. As a new coach barely winning the job, to have the fan base turn on him so fast is quite suicidal.

  152. I guess that is why Lin was picked in the first round of the NBA draft. Arrogance breeds what was the word…trolls?

  153. LOL

  154. Beardo the weirdo?

  155. LOL .. so the preseason game stats don’t matter.
    Only winning in practice matters?

    This is too funny :> not exactly good arguments by Coach Miller this time.
    Lin clearly outplayed Price during preseason games. Practice became less relevant

  156. Tell that to Iverson. Practice…

  157. He tried to say something beautiful…:P

  158. A player can play like prime Jordan in practice for all I care, but he shouldn’t start if the team is losing by 41 and 33 points while opponents’ PGs score at will during actual game time, even if…especially if is the preseason.

    It’s all about winning games, not winning in practice!

  159. Like @maknusia:disqus said, indeed we need to watch more games. Price only played 7 preseason games. I think like i told Melody, I will give verdict after like 20 games going in to the season.

  160. The funny thing is…BS is the ONLY one who thinks Price is so good. Worthy thinks Lin did best in preseason, and Magic already think Lin is starter, as do 90% of the fan base who has watched the games.
    Why I don’t buy the mind games is because BS included Lin as his 4 defenders…as ‘decent’. If he really wanted to play mind games with Lin and light a fire under him, he would have said nothing about Lin.
    So when you eliminate mind games, those blood vessels on his head clearly need to work harder to bring up more blood…

  161. I like controversial things, gives more posts!!!!!!!! LOL oooooops

  162. You just had to say it out loud. Boooo.

  163. finally coming out of closet!

  164. And the TC and TK speak…..

  165. You and your verdicts. Who are you? Judge Judy? (stir stir stir…)

  166. And trolls!!

  167. LOL. U r too nice. I’ve already made up my mind unless he proves me wrong.

  168. Just read a chinese article on Jlin garden who FF a article from no where saying Lin was the problem of his treatment…well….I love this place, only discussions, no nonsense.

  169. True

  170. Innocent until proven guilty I guess.

  171. And Lin only played 5, in which he outperformed Price EVERY SINGLE TIME. BS seems to have his verdict already, despite what Magic, Worthy, Kobe and Mitch believe.

  172. His coaching record speaks in favor of Lundberg’s claim.

  173. LOL He is another one that I equal him to GM in R.

  174. Nop. I’ve already called him out. Equal or worse than M & M in Rox. I may change my mind if he proves me wrong. What he said today convinces even more than yesterday. Just another snake in my opinion.

  175. wow, those are strong word…snake? But i dont disagree with the disappointment we are facing

  176. As I mentioned before. According to Stephen A, we must start categorizing players in a much more accurate manner. Melo is a superstar at scoring, Chris Paul is a superstar at playing PG…etc. So maybe Ronnie is a superstar at practicing. You never know.

  177. Just called him out on Twitter. Was gonna add something to that Cream comment: “…unless he’s Asian, and cream is white, like Chandler Parsons.”

    But I refrained myself.

  178. Ha, you don’t have to call him a snake, how about a snack?……..

  179. BTW, FWIW, I still believe Lin will start on OCT 28 even if Price is healthy.

  180. Still 0% from the top of the key…..darn it! LOL

  181. Ironically, the height of Linsanity was when he hit that top of the key three in Toronto.

  182. yep…is this some kind of the curse?

  183. Isn’t that the longest three? And I thought you were all about efficient shots…

  184. He shots 80% from the right wing, which is LONGEST too..

  185. His rebounds are slightly below average, Price must be grabbing 20 a game in practice.

  186. Why compare to NBA average…..? does not make sense to me

  187. Because he is an average player…according to some trolls.

  188. even so…why would you compare your 3P% with centers? or some summer invites

  189. So Jeremy can look average… duh.

  190. Give me some time to think of a comeback.

  191. Thanks…for the save.

  192. Coach Miller went from being a celebrated commentator to a Jeremy Lin hater real fast.

    I just find it funny. I don’t consider what these commentators say as “gospel truth” nor consider them pro-(insert player’s name) here. What they’re saying are merely their opinions. I do like his breakdown of Jeremy’s shots and J-Davis PnR; simply because he did a better job than those commentating during the game.

    Watch out for Magic Johnson, he might be singing a different tune next week.

  193. Does not matter, what have we not seen?

  194. I kept tabs on that “an NBA coach is hired to win..”tweet though, if in case BS will keep J on a short leash.

  195. Is there a link to where we can grab these stats for other players for comparing?

  196. darn…i cant see the post…behind a proxy right now πŸ™

  197. While people on this site and the other site are discussing on this news and speculating on the future (sniping and spitting venom is accurate to describe what is happening on the other site), Jeremy went out for a yogurt and is probably sleeping now to get ready for practice (dude sleeps for more than 10 hours).

    Jeremy Lin is NOT even an Jeremy Lin fan! He doesn’t care about how Jeremy Lin’s playing status! lol

  198. I posted the preseason standing and adv stats for Lakers on previous thread, maybe that would help…i’m blind now, cant really see what you guys are talking about

  199. Good for him…way too much “noise” from the outsiders

  200. I won’t always be here to save you. Practice your trolling πŸ˜›

  201. Refresh?

  202. nope, didnt work….as I move around, some sites that I’m at, has very strick proxy rules πŸ™

  203. Los Angeles Lakers

    Last year: 27-55

    If you’re interested in watching Kobe Bryant lose his patience on a nightly basis, you’ll love the 2014-15 Lakers. Steve Nash is already breaking down, Carlos Boozer and Jeremy Lin
    are high-priced, low-value veterans and Byron Scott is treating the
    three-point line like grizzled NFL coaches treated the Wildcat.


  204. yeah, i hope he finds his inner peace. i guess he went through almost everything in his short bb pro life.

  205. hope lin proves them wrong

  206. nope, its okay blubell. Will catch up later

  207. Tabloid grade article. This troll isn’t going to give them clicks.

  208. Good.. I’m sure the Lakers will be extra motivated to make ESPN and SI have to swallow their words :] Lakers coaches must be loving this bulletin board material to psych the players

  209. M…….haters article.

  210. me too

  211. He is doing great. I am waiting a 30pt game from him….hehehe

  212. He probably knows that..

  213. I sure hope Lin doesn’t read everything on the Internet about him since he’ll go crazy :>
    yeah, he probably add 200 more jumpers and 100 floaters to his practice routine!

  214. yeah, too bad Price got injured

  215. Thats a must!

  216. Coach BS and media BS aside, Lin IS STARTING against HOU. Given how slow the starter unit is, will McHale try to out run them? Ariza will be a tough cover for Wes. Nick Johnson and Jordan Carlson are pretty identical to me. Besides Lin and Kobe, the key is really Davis and Randle.

  217. Beautiful Fail indeed :>

  218. They are already wrong….lol

  219. Coach Miller is trying to make Byron look good but it’s hard when the argument doesn’t have any legs to stand :>

  220. You mean like drop 38 on the Rockets.

  221. Just 30pts game?? I expect him to have at least one 50 this season:-)

    Joking aside, I would like to see him to break his own record 38 pts game.

  222. If Davis can outplay Dwight imagine the NOISE it’ll make.

  223. I prefer 83. But 38 will do too

  224. Davis will be on DMO I guess.

  225. Wonder if the reporters will ask Bev/Harden if they have any advice for Lin XD.

  226. LOL What do u expect the answer???!!!!

  227. Maybe will be “he should warm the bench, very talented”

  228. I was going to say I’d enjoy watching their faces ι»‘ζŽ‰ but that would be racial..

  229. His first point is valid, that most media and fans don’t see practice, so they don’t know all the information.

    His second point “cream always rises to the top” is absolutely false. You can say “usually” but definitely not “always”. One example, look at Jonny Flynn making the Rockets over Lin.

    The third point “The coach will play the guys that give him the best chance to win” needs the additional qualifier of “will play the guys that HE THINKS will give him the best chance to win.”

  230. I think Rox will try to start out fast out of the gate to establish Harden and Dwight before Harden loses confidence being attacked on defense. Bev will try to do his usual schtick to rattle Lin’s playmaking but Jeremy will be too fast for him.

    I agree Davis will be the key to bother Dwight inside and attack Howard on defense.
    Lin/Davis PnR and Kobe shooting will be the key here. I hope Boozer manages to drain some Js to draw defenders out and create spacing for Lin to operate inside.

  231. LOL Like the answer!

  232. no, the longest three is the buzzer beater heave from the other end of the court. =p

  233. hand-stand, then

  234. I’m sure we’ll see some “Davis = The REAL Superman” sign :>

  235. The truth!

  236. Exactly, the 1st point is just patronizing, remember, as fans, we still get to,see the actual games…

  237. And a shimmy hopefully πŸ™‚

  238. ok, we officially got Lin’s Hottie of the game.
    The Rox has no chance now πŸ˜€ #SuperSaiyanMode


  239. I really can’t remember that shimmy!!! Is there any gif of that?

  240. Minor detail here, should we be using “Away @/vs Home” format in the titles? Typically, the visiting team is listed first, home team listed second.
    Example: http://www.nba.com/lakers/schedule

  241. Her bags are packed…

  242. Ok, let me change it.

  243. Brent must have been drunk when he posted

  244. I like 17+24 = 41 for initiation gift of Lin+Mamba backcourt!

  245. I am just too sick….lol

  246. I am sorry to hear that (Β΄β–½ο½€)

  247. So it should be “HOU vs LAL”?
    Maybe we can specify in the FAQ

  248. uh oh.. no Mod Troll war please :]

  249. Went to Lakers site, it says: Lakers vs Rockets.

  250. She just doesn’t want Jeremy to hurt his back like what Nash’s GF did to him :]

  251. U seems happy.

  252. Here’s a theory I thought of (Not saying this is what I believe, just throwing out an idea):

    What if Scott waffling on naming a starter was not to motivate Lin, but instead it was to motivate Price? Price is a journeyman backup who had only averaged 4 starts per year in his career. Maybe Price assumed that he was a lock to make the team, but also didn’t have any chance to start, so he was just going 80-90% in practice. What if Scott wanted to see what Price could do at 100% intensity?

    Kind of like how Scott was running the team ragged in training camp and practices to see how they responded.

  253. It was really brief @ 3:52

  254. Not at all.γƒΎ(*Β΄βˆ€ο½€*)οΎ‰

  255. Should be HOU @ LAL

  256. Hehe.

  257. Yeah, there’s a less common convention that does My Team vs/@ Other Team. That convention uses “vs” to indicate home and “@” to indicate away.

  258. Yes Sir! psalm is drunk

  259. Well, I thought of that too. But I think price was already giving 110%. The 2nd GSW game, Lin started, it means at that time Lin is right behind NASH. I think the turning point is Lin’s injury.

  260. What made me laugh though is Sacre’s celebratory one-knee pull up.

  261. gotta wait for season game to start…to see if thats probable

  262. I think Scott is just waffling and I also think that he wants to ensure that Price gets another contract in the league.If you listen to Scott , he is almost like trying to sell price to somebody talking about his great defense which is average at best. Lin had a better defensive rating than Price. Then somebody on twitter posted that he said in a Lakeshow interview that he totally trusted lin and that he wanted to build lin defensively. He is doing a lot of waffling, so who knws

  263. Why did lin start that game? I can’t remember

  264. Because he should have. NASH was having trouble with his back

  265. Sorry, Brent. If we heard Byron correctly, he’d have gone with Price if he’s healthy for Tuesday?
    It’s the beginning of the video


  266. I heard that too….I thought he said that given the situation.

  267. Yeah, that’s right. Lin was kind of thrown out there having not even practiced with the 1st unit and he did well.. So it will be interesting to see how he does Tuesday night. Also I think if hill still is having problems with his neck, Davis will start also.

  268. I love your theories, there is always a twist there.

  269. I think by going with Davis, their chance of winning just increased. However, I think both price and hill might still aim for playing on Tue. We will see.

  270. Yeah, at this point, I will give the benefit of doubt to BScott

  271. I’ve always wondered, where do superfans like Penny Lee get all these photos from? They’re not retweets

  272. By searching function I think.

  273. My theory is that Scott wants to keep lin with the 2nd unit training the rooks. In the video he said that lin calls all of the plays 100% of the time. He also said that Clarkson would have to be back up to price, which means price coming off the bench, and that with clarkson, he will have to do 90% calling plays for him. Scott is all over the place. It is almost like he is being defiant.

  274. At least there is a reason now. Sounds good.

  275. If price plays, I think he will come off the bench. Scott is all over the place these days

  276. It’s this: With Nash out, Kobe is the de facto PG of the starting unit. Price is his ball boy. Jeremy is the PG of the second unit. The LEADER of the younger bunch.

  277. I’m getting confused. =p This is good?

  278. I tend to agree with Brent that RPrice already gave 110% in practice since Kobe also praised him a lot during early TC then Kobe talked up Lin more.

    Perhaps RPrice really impressed everyone during TC but he just had a hard time to do so in games. After watching Byron’s conviction in the video above, I think he really believed Price is not overpriced in his value. Now I really wish Price to be healthy just so Byron can see what happens when Price plays in actual meaningful games.

  279. Better than bs is just a racist reason I guess

  280. Sometime you have to read between the lines with him. He waffles back and forth all the time. I thought it was interesting that kobe stated before the pregame in vegas on Friday that lin looked faster than he thought and that he played good solid defense up and down the floor. He was talking about the Portland game.

  281. ok, I figured this one out. It came from instagram. That’s why it wasn’t a retweet.

    Yeah, like you said, they probably just monitor the @jlin7 or #jlin7 tags.

  282. Plus searching the “jeremy Lin” you will be surprised how many haters are out there if u do so sometimes.

  283. I don’t think scott is a racist, I think he sees two benches the young guns and the old guns. Even in training camp he divided lin/kobe. kobe led first unit, lin led 2nd unit. I just think he is stubborn like that. I think he knows that lin is bringing out the best in the benches game.

  284. perhaps that’s true all along. In closing out games, Kobe would have the 1st option to playmake but if he’s covered Lin would be the secondary playmaker/scorer.

    It sounds normal when Nash was healthy but then to replace him with Price w/o simply saying Byron wants Lin to lead a strong bench and close out games strongly is flippant on Byron’s part. If true, he should stick by saying RPrice is better to replace Nash with the “slow veteran” starting unit. Lin fans can accept this.

    All this talk of RPrice defense is eerily similar to Bev justification in the Rox.

  285. it looks like from searching @jlin in webstagram or instagram

    check this out.. hilariously cute and funny message


  286. I think it was evident in the game vs Portland. Jeremy showing pure leadership, scoring is secondary.

    In the Lakers preseason, Jeremy’s minutes are way better in comparison to his minutes during the regular season with the Rockets. I’m not going ballistic yet. His minutes are still fine with me.

  287. haha.. the original Hottie message from webstagram is a hilariously cute and funny message (see hastags)

  288. Exactly. I think that is what bothers everybody, and he has medina/miller pushing his agenda on TCW sports, when we can easily pull the stats for comparison. I think you made a good point that perhaps Price is struggling during the games. I think last Friday night was going to be his debut without kobe to see how he looked, but he got hurt.

  289. nananashin
    Hi @jlin7 this is Na like Nacho. You were getting froyo from Yogurtland. Im sure I was pretty weird but how can anyone act normal when you see this glorious man. Such an amazing servant of God! I will pray for you!! Your work for the Lord is not in vain!! Great job last game.
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  290. @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus, this isn’t you, right? LOL

  291. yeah, she wanted him to hug her back.LOL

  292. poor girl πŸ™‚

    nananashin And its okay that you didn’t hug me back in this pic @jlin7 hahahaha #laughingbutcryinginside

  293. I think Lin took one look at her bag and is scared thinking of Nash’s back injury carrying big luggage :] lol

  294. LOL, i also think lin didn’t like that she was touchy feely with him. I was still trying to figure out where her hand was, and he looked very stiff and uncomfortable…LOL

  295. bwahaha.. #lowerbackterritorry
    She could have said, “It’s okay. I’m a nurse and can check your back pain” LOL
    then he’s ready to bolt!

  296. LOL, it looked like a girlfriend that puts a hand in her boyfriends’s back pocket…LOL

  297. How dare she, right? lol

  298. LOL

  299. I wish…

  300. i just dont understand his comment on the starting point guard will play 30+ minutes. that wont leave too much time for lin with 2nd unit.

  301. That is why I say, lin was always going to be the starting PG. I think perhaps Scott tried to assert his authority and got shot down or unless he was talking about kobe, because he is the defacto PG for the 1st unit.

  302. hmm, apparently instagram does not have the 140 char limit that twitter does. may be considering using that for future social media posts…

  303. Ugh, Linpuns!

  304. I think lin needs pay attention to fouls because he has been racking up a lot playing defense, I hope that the refs do get use to him, but i want him to stay out of foul trouble.

  305. lin in Adidas fashion


  306. I like the windbreaker but too winter-y for me.

  307. Walking in a Linter wonderland.

  308. Yeah, huh..LOL

  309. Shut up with the Lin puns, troll!

    LOL did I go a good “Moderator on hard work” impression?

  310. He/refs will learn/adapt evenually. Just don’t want him to be in foul trouble when playing with R. What him to win “big!” Sure glad that he is a starter in this game:-)

  311. LOL Me 2. No used in Brisbane:-)

  312. Cracking down hard on Lin trolls, excellent.

  313. Do u need m vote of down voted him???!!! Five and he is out:-)

  314. Take that, Patrick Beverley!

  315. @disqus_HmSLGZ4iV2:disqus is the resident troll here and as per @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus, the starting troll.. so please no πŸ™‚ we don’t have substitute trolls yet lol

  316. Maybe not so much a mind game on Lin but rather for the Rockets?

    On paper, the Rockets are much more ready than the Lakers. The have a full roster and key players have experience playing together.

    So by saying out loud that Lin might or might not start, it causes the Rockets to have to adjust their strategy. Because the weakest thing on the Rockets is their bench. So if they though that Lin might go against their bench, they would have to drastically change their plans.

    Anyway, I don’t want to ruin a good mood right now by speculating too much. Will just have to see how this season plays out.

  317. I feel it’s very similar to how Asian Americans are judged for college. By all metrics, AAs are often at the very top. Even in extra-curricular activities, as that’s something AAs will now focus on. But the college admissions have all these unmeasured “intangibles” that they’ll use to justify why they can’t have too many AAs in their schools.

    It reminds me of racist people at music recitals that will say Asians are very “technically proficient” but they lack “passion.”

  318. Hopefully McHale will resort to ISO Harden to help out the Lakers.

  319. nah….it just doesnt make sense at all.

  320. out of so many theories, i actually believe what Jlintel makes sense the most. i tend to believe people are nice in general. i dont believe everyone is racist. especially for Byron who went on record saying he was a Jlin fan before. i hope it is a mind game to push Jlin.

    is it possible that Bryon wants Jlin to play harder and takes on a bigger role? Jlin is so unselfish and deferring so much. maybe scott does want him to play with a bigger chip on his shoulder and score more, lead more. if that is really the case, i will be a scott fan. for now, he is in my observation list.

  321. Wow, so glad to see so many of you here. I could not bear the other site long ago, but did not know the discussion function exists at this site. I was wondering where Brent was just yesterday. So glad to be here.

  322. welcome

  323. Thanks, but it is hard to find the discussion place at this site. All the “Forum”, “Disqus” and “Chat” had old and few activities. Took me a while to find you guys at “Blog”. If it were not for someone (I believe it was IsabeleJane) stated at the other site that many of you are here, I would have given up searching this site already. Anyway, so glad I found you guys.

  324. Please help me out here. I see some people’s postings on the homepage which indicate they were posted on this page, but how come it is not showing up at this page?

  325. From kings’ ps game, the bigs got into foul trouble early in the 1st. So we need all the bodies available.

  326. Welcome, all the cool people are over here now. ^_^

  327. No, a bit too high fashion for me. Looks like tights! Lol

  328. Judging from the picture she is pretty it worth breaking back for her πŸ™‚

  329. Boozer is high-priced? I think he meant to say that Boozer is higher than Price.

  330. lol. i have difficulty navigating this site too. i can only get into the disqus chat rooms. for all other goodies, you have to wait for @psalm234

  331. Only a few centers that shot 3pt and take less shots so their % should be higher, right? May be those that never attempt 3pt weren’t factor into league average. Last year, D12 took two 3pt shots and made one, if I remember it correctly, then he is 50% 3pt shooter.

  332. Is that Britney Spears? hehe

  333. So gas price will go down, right?

  334. His initial is BS for a reason.

  335. Fail beautifully.

  336. LOL we should have troll superstar in here too.

  337. May be he play out of his mind game.

  338. Welcome, @Dorothy :] Glad you didn’t give up and found us ..haha.

    Hm, perhaps I should add link to “Recent Comments” in the menu since newcomers will check the menu first.

    What do you think, @brentyen:disqus and @real_dsb:disqus?

  339. sorry to hear that, @cheapjing
    perhaps way too many options πŸ™‚

    What would help do you think? Perhaps putting “Latest Posts” or “Recent Comments” on the top before the videos?

    And did you find this “How To Use This Site? from homepage.
    Perhaps I should also put the link in the menu

  340. Hi etane

  341. What has become painfully obvious is that the other site has been taken over by Lin fans that only search for reasons to hate on all of Lin’s teammates, coaches and FO. I was going to try and post something positive but am just fed up with flaming from CLFs.

    If I was a mod, one of the criterias for banning a poster would be to ask ” does this poster add or subtract to the totality of this site “. You can assess this by the history of his/her comments on discus. In a way a site is like a club that has the right to choose who can belong and who isn’t welcomed. Those that feel the necessity to make allowance for freedom of speech will never appreciate this subtlety. The world wide web is free for posters to find the right place for them to say what they want to say. Site owners however create a place that reflect what they believe to be their own purpose.

    The reason I used the other forum was that there were people that I found always gave me reasons to come back. I have learned things from them that I may not have thought of. Like how Joe team talked about the school teacher that used the colour of eyes to teach her students about predjudice. Comments like these ADD value to our lives.

    A PBS program on bee intelligence showed how important collective intelligence is to all of us. Shared information by bees helps the hive survive. Humans also do this as well. A forum that allows such activities to add value to the “hive” is a site that helps us to live better lives.

  342. Also, just wondering if you found this “How to Use This Site” page easily from homepage?


  343. thanks man. dont worry about me. i have been reading this site from my phone. it is hard to learn all the features through the phone. since most games will be playing when i am working in the office, i wont join most other features anyway.

    just one humble opinion, sometimes, less is more. the easier to navigate a site, the easier to retain audiences.

    having said that, it is a fabulous site. thanks for all the hard work.to provide us a platform for us to chat! two big thumbs up!!

  344. I am giving BS the benefit of doubt but like TTNN said, “I really don’t good about BS” for even playing with the idea of starting Price over Lin. It seems to be bias (not as racist but as favoritism) on BS part.

  345. yeah, there are so many challenges in life. i dont need extra negativity from them. sport is suppose for leisure. that is why i like it here a lot more.

  346. Maybe he took out the play :]

  347. sometimes they’re in the next page of a Blog Post (1 discussion topic) or a different blog post (another discussion topic), so you could simply click the link on the time (i.e. “2 hrs ago”) to bring you to that specific comment that you’re interested to read.

    Let me know if it works for you

  348. This is the longer version of the interview.

  349. I think it takes a while to get use to, with the site formatting, since run multiple threads and disqus within.

    Once the familiarized, its pretty easy. I guess @Dorothy:disqus would be a better person to answer since she would have the fresh experience.

  350. Some quotes from Jeremy on playing the Rockets:

    β€œIt’s going to be fun playing them,” Lin said. β€œThat’s the thing. That’s why to me, there’s no maliciousness with me and James (Harden), me and Pat, me and Dwight (Howard), me and Coach. I have spoken to every single one of those guys multiple times.

    β€œIt will be fun to compete again and have that friendly competition. I think it will be really cool.”

    β€œI think the Rockets are a really good team,” Lin said. β€œI think their coaches are really good, too, in terms of what they are focusing on.

    β€œI let go of a lot of things, and it was liberating,” Lin said. β€œI am in a better place mentally and spiritually. I think I have come a long

    See : http://blog.chron.com/ultimaterockets/2014/10/lakers-lin-considers-stint-with-rockets-a-positive/?utm_source=http://blog.chron.com/ultimaterockets/author/jennycreech/&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=offpage-widget-dealer-spotlight&utm_content=http://blog.chron.com/ultimaterockets/2014/10/lakers-lin-considers-stint-with-rockets-a-positive/#27870101=0

  351. May be Lin took the clip board from him and drew game plans?

  352. Rockets-like work environment.

  353. welcome cheapjing. dont worry psalm been working hard to get this place where it is now. Any further suggestions are welcomed πŸ™‚

    I’m pretty sure he will put the effort to give us a better experience.

  354. @Dorothy:disqus if you happen to click the post link (recent comments), it will only bring you to the comment that you clicked on and few other postings but not the whole thread. Lets looks at the example below

    if you were to click on “G01 [email protected] Pregame Thread” link then, your browser bring you to the top of the selected discussion page, such as this page. But not the whole thread, so you would need to go to the bottom of this page and cilck on “load more comments” to load all the page thats in the ‘background’

    But if you were to click on “1 hour ago” as in the image below, it would bring you to the middle of the page where the comment had been posted but disqus wont load the whole page. One would only click this is s/he wants to just view the specific comment.

    Hope I made sense, its kinda difficult to explain, if you are new to disqus. Let us know, we will try our best to explain.

    G01 [email protected] Pregame Thread
    G01 [email protected] Pregame Thread

  355. β€œI think their coaches are really good, too, in terms of focusing on marginalizing me”, fixed.

  356. I have not been there for a while now, to me Lin is at a better place. Let’s focus on the next game!!

  357. either way will do I think…

  358. Rockets favored by 6 pts.
    Moneyline of -260/+220 implies 71% chance for Rockets to win, 29% Lakers win.

    That’s actually a better chance for the Lakers than I would have predicted, even though it’s at Staples. I probably would have given Lakers 20% chance.

  359. I can not wait to see tomorrow’s game. Not just want to see Lin kicking buxxs, but also wanna have a gauge on this LAL team. GSW and SAC were pretty much the only 2 teams LAL played with full roaster. However, HOU might not be a good gauge tho, I rather see GSW or SAS. BUT At least we get to see How Lin will perform when being picked up by “Mr. 94 ft”.

    Remember last yr, when Lin is on a roll, the only 2 things other teams did was, 1) pick him up full court, and 2) deny him the ball. This happened again this preseason a couple of times. When Lin is with the 2nd unit, if he can not get the ball, the whole unit is down. Curious to see how Scott will address this.

  360. Maybe we should work on the SEO on google search. Whenever we search for “jeremy lin” – the dot net site came up in the search results.

  361. Yes, Jenny Creech’s article has quite a good insight on Lin’s response of the Lakers vs Rox matchup

    Fun matchup

    β€œIt’s going to be fun playing them,” Lin said. β€œThat’s the thing. That’s why to me, there’s no maliciousness with me and James (Harden), me and Pat, me and Dwight (Howard), me and Coach. I have spoken to every single one of those guys multiple times.

    β€œIt will be fun to compete again and have that friendly competition. I think it will be really cool.”

    He also knows it will be tough.

    β€œI think the Rockets are a really good team,” Lin said. β€œI think their coaches are really good, too, in terms of what they are focusing on.

    β€œI don’t think there is one thing where there is an obvious weakness that we have to attack. We have to play a great game all around, and we have to slow them down on the offensive end because they are so explosive offensively.”

    Lin expects more questions about the Rockets in the days ahead. He wishes there would be less drama. He is trying to stay away from that.

    But he gets it.

    β€œIt’s opening night, it’s in L.A., it’s against the Rockets, there’s only six teams playing that night,” he said. β€œThere is so much buildup, so I am ready to get it over with.”

    When the ball tips Tuesday night, Lin is going to let all the buildup and noise go. He has been searching for his place in the NBA for the last four years.

    He’s back in his home state, close to his family, and getting a chance to start for a storied NBA franchise.

    A year wiser

    He is a long way from where he was at this time last year. And he wants to stay.

    β€œI let go of a lot of things, and it was liberating,” Lin said. β€œI am in a better place mentally and spiritually. I think I have come a long way.”

  362. Why is it better?

  363. Use Lin to build good image for them, again, “see Lin said we are good we are not bad like Lin’s fan think we are.”

  364. The oddsmakers/market is giving Lakers 29% chance to win, which is better than the 20% chance I’m giving the Lakers to win.

  365. β€œI don’t think there is one thing where there is an obvious weakness
    that we have to attack. We have to play a great game all around, and we
    have to slow them down on the offensive end because they are so
    explosive offensively.”

    Spoken like a coach. Don’t give them any ideas what your strategy will be.

  366. Oh…I see…haha

  367. while that strategy is simple….lol

  368. Oh ya. Felt kind of strange…how could JLin not aware of harden’s D? Ok..that’s as good as not telling anything.

  369. I hope no more than 36…I don’t want to see too much low post midrange J

  370. I trust JLin’s “coaching” than BS when comes to playing against the Rockets. So … 50 / 50 chance is more reasonable.

  371. it’s company journalism indeed

  372. IMO, Kobe can play at those minutes IF he is purely scoring, to lessen the defensive pressure on him. Unless of course he’s ok with being pushed hard by the other team with a possibility of being re-injured.

  373. lol .. at “there isn’t one thing where there is an obvious weakness that we have to attack”

    Everyone in the NBA has learned the blueprint from Stotts’ playoff strategy to neutralize Harden on O by unashamedly abusing Harden on defense that it renders him ineffective throughout the series. I remember POR players yelling and screaming at one another to attack Harden over and over again.

  374. I agree. I think Kobe in his mind thinks that he can do that because if he doesn’t there is nobody else except for he and lin that orchestrate the offense. I am sorry that he is that predicament. I hope that it doesn’t take a toll on his health.

  375. Defensive matchups:
    Who’s going to guard Lin, Kobe, Harden?
    Who’s Lin, Harden going to guard?

    I expect Beverley to guard Lin, Ariza to guard Kobe.

    Not sure if Kobe or Wes will guard Harden.

    I expect Lin to guard Beverley. This should be an interesting matchup since Lin has an elite first step and Beverley supposedly is an “elite 1 on 1 defender”. So we’ll see for the first time which “elite” will prevail. (Although even if Lin beats Beverley, he probably won’t have an easy look at rim like he did against SAC due to Dwight.)

    I expect Harden to guard Wes Johnson… so I expect a career high for Wes (his career high is 29). Anything less than 20 pts would be an utter failure on Wes. Insider tip: if you backdoor Harden, there’s 10 pts right there.

  376. I will be at the game tomorrow night. So excited to see Lin play former team mates. Also this will be kobe’s night because this ill be his first real game since his injuries. I hope that he and lin work well together in this game.

  377. Odds to bet on Rockets is too good to pass up if the above numbers are true.

  378. The defensive specialist (yeah,right!) vs Jeremy
    Harden on Kobe
    Dwight on Davis

  379. I believe he can do it, but I think it is totally unnecessary tho. He needs to be ready in April.

  380. Will ED Davis be in the starting lineup or will he come off the bench?

  381. it depends on Hill I think.

  382. Hopefully he will let lin lead the offense. I think Scott alluded to that yesterday in his interview.

  383. What do you think about Hill in the starting lineup?

  384. I would respect him if he dressed like that in the US. πŸ™‚

  385. Totally waste of a spot. Not saying Davis has no flaws…but Hill……they should have exchanged their contract. To be fair, I think Hill kind of lost because he added mid range to his game. He has to know what got him his current contract, the offensive board!.

  386. The numbers are from live aggregated vegas odds as of Monday morning.

  387. I am expecting Lakers to lose by at least 15 points. Just hope Lin has a good game and plays aggressively.

  388. The story of spear vs shield. Great!

  389. I think that Scott was trying to give Hill a chance since dantoni didn’t use him that much last season. I agree with you. I think Laker’s starting lineup should be lin/davis/kobe johnson/randle. I include randle in this group because he has great skills, but he needs veteran leadership to hone his game. Right now, their is nobody mentoring him because he keeps making the same mistakes. I think if he plays with kobe/lin they would settle him down. I think Boozer should come off the bench

  390. Yeah…with Nash out, we need Kobe as healthy as he can for the whole season. there will be some bumps, but it will work out.

  391. Ballst** is working very well on Roku so far. Almost HD in quality for both live and archived games.

  392. BalS has only 2 modes I think, HD and SD. so…you got something in between?

  393. Then, it must be HD. It’s set on Automatic, so it controls the stream depending on your Wi-Fi. I noticed that setting server connection for your area really helps the connection. Archived games are especially good to watch because you can easily skip half time and all commercials.

  394. Oh…as usual looking forward to your report and some pictures would be nice πŸ™‚ Advance thanks to you Joyce

  395. 3000 words report please πŸ˜›

  396. I guess, it was our question, when Jeremy was with Rox, during the practice sessions, we had always wondered how those 2 would have gone against each other. Now its live, baby!

  397. YES!

  398. enjoy the game, joyce :]
    Let’s hope the Lakers stay injury-free and their transition D holds up to prevent 3s so Lin can propel the Rox to create an upset! Kobe with 30+pts and Lin with 20+p/12a
    I want to see fans storm the court after game is done.. haha

  399. I wish the whole unit is back, unfortunately injury sucks! Its gonna be a tough nite!

    I would like to see Lin aggressive and assertive in addition to not shying away in taking his shots. He needs that, seriously. Makes me wonder at times, whats the point having high efficiency when you are not using it?

    Go Jeremy!!!

  400. Was choppy for me the whole preseason until I reinstalled my router’s firmware. Still choppy at times but much more bearable.

  401. Yeah,,,we are very thin in troll lineups

  402. LOL

  403. Will do:)

  404. And yes, I love their GUI for DVRed games….very easy to navigate.

  405. Time for new router.

  406. I am shopping…this router is too old.

  407. Check customers review first before you buy any router, I find it really useful.

  408. Do you think there gonna be Hack-a-Howard?

  409. If Harden guards Kobe, that would be my wish come true. =p

  410. No

  411. I usually install 3rd party firmware, so…I just need to find good hardware.

  412. I am sure somehow hack-a-Harden will happen.

  413. But I think Harden will guarding Kobe because Kobe do not cut. And Harden loves players who does not move.

  414. He likes players a shadow of himself? lol

  415. Harden has too high FT%, right?
    It should “Everyone-Attacks-the-Bear_” popularized by Terry Stotts ;p

  416. lol pretty much so..

  417. That’s an insult to a bear, both the animal and the stuffed toy πŸ™‚

  418. lol

  419. poor defenseless Bear_ :}

  420. If they do, then Sacre would be the guy do it! Ha!

  421. Does BallStream come installed with Roku as an app or menu?
    I always connect my laptop to TV via HDMI cable. Wondering if Roku would have faster connection

  422. Then it should be called ‘Sac-a-Howard’ :p

  423. http://www4.ballstreams.com/devices
    above is the info for all devices.
    I would say the more you can avoid your wifi connection the better.
    I just Mac (wired) to airplay (tru wire too) to my TV.

  424. The one thing that I liked about the Laker’s last season game was that the players went into grind mode. They played hard and gritty. Lin led bench players against their starters and the bench played very well.

  425. well said as usual, Acbc :]
    Life is made meaningful by sharing and learning from insights to enrich our life.

    Life is too short to be spent putting out wild-fire as the main activities.
    Sometimes starting a new green lush forest and equipping many Park Rangers with extinguishers is the way to go :>

  426. I remember when Lin said nice things about the Knicks, and then proceeded to destroy them on the court.

    This will be fun.

    If the Rockets also start to fail this year, then the Warriors are the only team to escape the Lin curse. Of course the Warriors never really did anything bad to him.

  427. I would be willing to bet that most of those posters aren’t really Lin fans but long term trolls.

  428. hm, I might use ChromeCast for now (even if it’s still through Wifi)

    Does Roku have wired option? I thought it’s still wireless stream but faster through a dedicated device (not laptop)

  429. Totally agree….I think ppl were too hard on MDA…..

  430. In his post-practice interview, Lin also called the Lakers identity to be a “Gritty” Team.
    They’d have to embrace this identify to pester and outwork many opponents that are supposed to be better than them.
    If they can be like the surprise Suns team last season that managed to beat OKC, Pacers, Miami that would be awesome!

  431. Not sure, I use AppleTV which has a wired connection. I don’t like wifi, so I basically wired my place completely. except phones and ipads.

  432. Seriously, what is it with you and bears? Insulting them last night wasn’t enough, you had to do it again? Lol.

  433. I guess some thing had happened last time they went to camping in a mountain…M…

  434. You know, I think the story for the Lakers will be the 2nd unit lead by Lin.People need to realize that lin is on a destiny track orchestrated by the hand of God, and He will not be deterred. So God opened this door for Lin and he taking advantage of the opportunity God has provided for him.

  435. that’s probably good. So Roku can handle Netflix stream and other apps.
    I’ll look into this further. Thanks πŸ™‚

  436. shots fired.

  437. I have the same exact sentiment of Divine Lintervention setting up for a Perfect Storm in LA.

    All things are lining up for Lin to be ready to take the opportunities where he can be the shining star even when he wasn’t expected to, just like NY situtation in 2012 gave birth to Linsanity.

    Lin just needs to be ready and prepared to grab the opportunity and blast it sky high as we know he always does. We just need to pray dearly for things that he can’t fully control like health and team chemistry. AllLIN :]

  438. Most definitely

  439. Can’t help it.. The BearD – ‘D’ = Bear_ LOL
    It’s Harden’s fault to choose the name and drop the D haha..

    I was going with ‘Beardo’ with the ‘Weirdo’ reference to the poor reporter last season but not many knew that so.. gotta keep apologizing to the Bear :>

  440. If you think about it, Lakers have the advantage on how to strategize against this team because lin knows where their skeletons are hidden. He will know how to breakdown their defense and exploit it. I think it is good lin will be playing with starting unit tomorrow because lin will the attack before their offense gets set up. Of course we know that Mchale doesn’t adjust. so this is going to be good.

  441. The only guy that runs in starting unit is Wes……I want to see more of those QB passes…

  442. i hope Scott is smart enough to add Davis to the mix tomorrow. With lin/davis/wes they have a run and gun offense, kobe will hang, but boozer not so much.

  443. Gosh I was stuck in the previous post and wondering did you guys all take vacation or what. πŸ™

    Not happy with the tone change in LA, but let’s see what’s going on. Not sure how the team practiced and how much this starting line up got practice together.

    To me, more important is how much Kobe will play in this back to back games, and if Kobe could not play in major minutes, how the team will do, would the coach play Lin major minutes?

    Though coach said the last couple of preseason game should be closer to his final line up and rotation, but Kobe did not play in those games, so we never got to see the real rotation. Really have no idea what that would look like.

    The fact that Kobe did not play the last two pre-season games, and the team did not really practice there kind of worries me, how healthy Kobe is, and how he is going to handle this 4 games in 5 nights thing.

  444. I’m curious about Hill’s injury, what was that, and last this long?

  445. In other news: Kwai Leonard wants a max extension with the Spurs, David West, George Hill, and CJ Watt are out at least 3 weeks for various injuries, and ESPN just scored Westbrook higher than Durant. Also Paul Gasol seem to be having problems with Thibodeau. He didn’t let Paul play in last 3 minutes of the preseason and I guess Paul was offended. Paul seems to think that is is indicative of a coach not trusting you…and the beat goes on.

  446. neck….I assume it was just because he did not sleep well…

  447. LOL…you got stuck for too long…….at least you found here b4 the game thread pops up.

  448. Not going to fret about it, will just wait and see how it pans out.☺

  449. Leonard is not worth a MAX for now, but his potential is.

  450. I was wondering….. but I was nice, kind of think Brent needs a day off…..

  451. He is trying to get paid now, because NBA salaries will be off the chart next season and he will miss out.

  452. I thought so too, but if you don’t sleep right, how long that last? 2-3 days? He missed two games already…

  453. It depends…..3-5 days at most…I would say. NBA tends to go with more safe way for handling “injuries”.

  454. come on, he is play off MVP, he deserves max, Parsons and Hayward are all not as good as him, but got close to Max, he of course should ask for it. Also, with the cap figure going up soon, that should not be a problem to the team.

  455. Let’s hope he does, after CP25’s deal, I guess any deal is legit…

  456. I think Scott might be trying to ease him out of the starting lineup rotation. I think Scott knows that the bigs in the first unit are not bringing the hustle or defense that he wants.

  457. I have no problem that he asks for it. I am just saying for a wing player to get max, you need to be able to create your own shots.

  458. kind of weird tho, I mean the whole 1st unit is not bringing that actually. including Wes and Kobe.

  459. Question, Lin said in the interview that he might play some wing, curious, in what situation he will play wing? When he is paired with Clarkson, he is the 1, and if he paired with Kobe, he is still 1.

    Only chance that he will play 2 is when he pair up with Price, but, if that’s the case, why not play Lin and Clarkson together, and let Clarkson play 2? I think Lin/Clarkson is way better than Lin/Price pair. Because Price could not shoot.

  460. so he can’t? I did not see too much of his game though.

  461. 1/2 are exchangeable, I think that was what he meant.

  462. Hello everyone. I am new here and this place seems to be more sane than jeremylin.net lately where I would lurk and read various comments. I will put in my 2 cents that I hope JLin goes off on his former team and shows them what they are missing. I also hope Byron Scott would get rid of his hesitation for starting JLin. Its not a good look.

  463. Maybe he will defend Harden, and leave Beverley to Kobe.

  464. He has a good jump shots, good defense, and good rebounding from what I can see. I don’t have the stat, but I think he is below average for PnR ball handler and ISOs.

  465. glad you found us :] again
    perhaps it’s good to say new thread
    But I just included “Recent Comments on the right sidebar” so we can see other comments in different threads too.
    Hopefully it helps people not to get stuck

  466. I think offensively we will see that, try to force a switch and let PB guard Kobe at the elbow

  467. hope they run that 1,2 pick and roll with Kobe. Beverley is pretty bad go through screens.

  468. Welcome, and we all hope so….

  469. Triangle option 2 or 3….hopefully.

  470. Paul’s thoughts on price starting on lin:

  471. IIRC he was referring to the question about Ellington being out.
    If he plays wing (2 or 3) then most likely it wlll be Price at 1, Lin at 2 and Kobe slides to 3?

    Lin knows Clarkson is a rookie and Byron won’t trust him much at end of game situation so we might see this small lineup in the future.

  472. wow a long one. thanks

  473. welcome. We have the same hope, and guess we had the same concerns too.

    I guess in Jeremy’s career, he will never get a “happily ever after” phase, there is always ups and downs, and unexpected bumps…….

  474. lol

  475. Thanks, added to Video Gallery in homepage :] will listen.
    This will be a good one by Paul

  476. welcome, The Jason :]
    Let’s hope Lin’s performance would speak for itself and convince Byron that Lin is a difference-maker just like Kobe said.

  477. Welcome and hope we can stay sane in here when the rush hour coming this way.

  478. This is a well made video explaining options you get out of a triangle offense. I wish ppl can stop saying triangle is not for PG after watching this. Simply just does not make sense to me.

  479. jumping to high…lol

  480. Eric Pincus ‏@EricPincus 17s17 seconds ago
    Mitch Kupchak said Lakers not looking to get Nash off their cap via medical retirement – path for team here is Disabled Player Exception

  481. I created a thread for 2014-15 season predictions:

    Those are for the entire season. Keep Game 1 pregame discussions here.

  482. I hope someone will compile a avaliable FA list.

  483. Trail Blazers just released Thomas Robinson

  484. As predicted, both are trying to come back ASAP. why wouldn’t they? lol

  485. He is of no use to LAL. I would think a Center or a wing.

  486. no, they just did not pick up his option, he will be a FA next summer.

  487. After this, the “ALPHA MALE” talk will rise….again…..LOL

  488. who would be the next ball hog that will play with Lin?

  489. Randle?

  490. where is James Anderson? LAL needs to borrow him for games vs Rockets.
    He seemed to always have career-high points against the Rockets :]

  491. You know Brent, I want lin to start, but if he has to play with kobe at half court, then Lin isn’t really playing his game. Scott knows that Lin excels on the bench and make them hustle and defend. I thought it was funny that all this talk about Price leading the defense, but it has been lin an the 2nd unit has made the difference in defense.LOL

  492. I just had a convo with my wise wife.

    Even she said Lin should definitely lobby Kobe because he’s the boss running the place.
    If Kobe likes Lin to complement and support him 100% now, who knows if Lin gets to be Kobe’s prodigy in LA after 2-3 years?

    That’s one Harvard diplomatic move!
    Keep Kobe happy now and at the same time, let Melo/Harden see what they’re missing

  493. haha…well…I think Price will increase Kobe’s load. And the only 2 most important players are Kobe and Lin. I am ok that Lin play with bench. But I don’t like the pecking order being blurred.

  494. I’m thinking we just got to be ready to provide stats to show how much this supposedly the best Price defense holds up in real games. If Price consistently contributes to negative +/-, everyone can make their own judgment based on facts.

  495. Well, this is Kobe and Scott’s team. I think that is the only fact πŸ˜› They can do whatever they want! Not been sarcastic, I really think Lin will have a good yr with them.

  496. Exactly, there is definitely something going on in organization, because every year they publish a media guide with the franchise players face, Scott is on the cover and people are shocked. Also the most interesting thing is that Jeannie Buss puts out the guide. and the plot thickens

  497. Prepare for the rise of trolls!

  498. According to a video done by COach Nick and Hoopscritcs. They think Kobe is killing the team but LAL needed him for their TWC deal. Although I do not agree with them about LAL, but I do think there are some beyond bball reasons at play here. In short, they need stars/faces. The 1st guy been hyped is actually Scott. He was being praised like a saviour and they dissed MDA to no end. So far I think LAL know too good about how medias work, and they are doing something right now.

  499. Have not seen @Michael yet πŸ˜›

  500. You mean Corey Brewer?

  501. No head butt?

  502. Was going to say JJ Redick and Klay Thompson, but …..

  503. Howard Sacs…Howard Sacs!!

  504. How did you revive it?! I thought it was on it’s last legs.

  505. lol that’ll work too

  506. him too :]

  507. I guess that leg is holding fine

  508. Harden would probably take a sick leave for something if that happened…like for lice.

  509. I have risen from the ..bed.

  510. I listened to PFV video and he might be right that Kobe and Byron are on the same page but Kobe doesn’t want to be the bad guy to have to change his playing style so Byron is acting as his enforcer.

    If that’s true, the best way Lin can do is to continue to keep the communication going with Kobe on how he can complement Kobe the best. This is important so Kobe knows Lin doesn’t want to steal the spotlight from him in his last hurrah.

    I hope this conversation happens between Kobe and Lin so Kobe doesn’t feel threatened everytime Lin is dominating with his Linsanity style.

    The question is can Kobe’s style and Lin’s style co-exist? Or more accurately, can Lin “look” secondary to Kobe? @brentyen:disqus, what do you think?

  511. I have not listen to it, but I really find it hard to believe that Kobe is a attention seeking player. If true, I just lost all the respect I have on Kobe. I know he is the senior and this is his team, but….hey he wants to win then he better act like it. I personally do not think it was Kobe’s problem. I think something bigger is at play here.

  512. There is one specific breed of troll that I cannot beat. They said that the reason they could not get ‘chicks’ (forgive the language), is because of Jeremy Lin making all Asians look like Betas.

  513. Monta Ellis too

  514. I’m sure Price can’t believe his good fortune. He’s never played more than about 60 games in a season. Also, he’s never played more than about 14 minutes per game, on average, in a season. Here are his per game stats.


  515. “compliment”

    That’s supposed to be “complement”, meaning to complete something.

    Or did he really mean “compliment”, as in kiss their butts. =p

  516. Wasn’t the original Kobe a complete loner. Didn’t want to speak to teammates or the media, just wanted to play ball. I think this is still his true nature. He has matured as a person, but I doubt he has pulled a 540 personality wise and suddenly wants to become a Harmelo.

  517. what’s her handle on Disqus? =D

  518. Then Lin should hold up five fingers every time he sees them.

  519. Most ppl doubt his will to win at this stage. PPL think he just want to surpass MJ. We will never know.

  520. So we are basically just compiling a list of SG from there other 29 teams.

  521. OMG…this is must be the jokes of the yr.

  522. It was so delusional I wasn’t even upset.

  523. I was laughing and my wife was looking at me weird….

  524. As much as I want to bombard you with requests, photos, recordings…etc.XD, hope you have a blast. Lin’s first start as a Laker.γƒΎ(*Β΄βˆ€ο½€*)οΎ‰

  525. I think it’s harder to that bump and turnaround J against players with lard, because on the initial bump you don’t get that bounce back, the energy is absorbed and you kinda stick there. That’s like taking away Kobe’s best weapon now.

  526. Controversial thing gave us 500+ posts. I guess medias/teams love it even more.

  527. The video was very good and made some good points that I had no considered. I also hope lin keeps the communication skills open between he and kobe. Lin will play kobe’s game. I think Scott will give lin free reign to run the bench and get his stats and I think that is the trade off for lin not being the starter. I still say the the talk of the Lakers won’t be Kobe, but the Lakers bench.

  528. Welcome. People here are really civil, even the trolls are…

  529. Following quote from All signs point to Lin being cleared to send his star back into basketball’s orbit, but only if he is ready to launch. pretty much sums up what Lin has to do in LAL:

    “This should be the chance at stardom Lin never received in Houston nor looked like he deserved before that wild year in The Big Apple. Everything seems to be in place for him to make his move back up the NBA’s pecking order, with both the Hollywood backdrop and L.A.’s need for a long-term answer at point guard hinting at a longer shelf life than his previous meteoric rise.

    Of course, none of this comes with any guarantees. He still needs to walk the tightrope between scorer and playmaker while ensuring that the biggest serving is always left for Bryant to devour. The Lakers have prospects to develop and veterans to appease, all mouths that Lin will be expected to feed.

    The degree of difficulty is high, but so too is the potential prize.All signs point to Lin being cleared to send his star back into basketball’s orbit, but only if he is ready to launch.”

  530. I wish everyone in the Lakers organization can just be forthcoming to stick with the idea.

    “Kobe will lead the slow/veteran team & Lin will anchor the fast/young team. At the end of the game, Lin will complement Kobe to get the best chance of winning”

    Everyone would understand because it’s Kobe’s team after all. Lin is young and he would benefit to play the 2nd banana to Kobe who won 5 rings. This is simple enough to understand.

    There’s no need to play politics and create controversy by putting Price on the pedestal where the numbers don’t show it and bashing Lin in the process not good enough to be a starter.

    Now Byron looks incompetent and like a hater. Honesty is the best policy in this matter but then again it’s just me πŸ˜€ Maybe we should help publicizing it in Twitter

  531. That 6th ring will look very elusive in the next 2 years.
    He’s probably realistic enough about surpassing MJ (lifetime obsession) in points plus his documentary as part of his legacy.

    He’s trying to launch Kobe the businessman venture for the next stage.

  532. Maybe it should be tweeted to Jeannie Buss that the Lakers need to be transparent, because in the end when you pull the stats, this organization will have egg on their face. They should just say, kobe will lead 1st unit because they play the half court well, and lin will lead the 2nd unit where they will be the run and gun unit. Then people would say, yeah that makes sense.

  533. she’s not in Disqus. But if she is, it would be “MrsDisqusStraightTalk” ! :p

  534. What will happen when Lin leads the second unit and they play better than the first in both transition and the half court = =.

  535. Now that would be awkward for Lin to pick up Kobe’s hand and waive his 5 fingers to MeloHarden :]

  536. LOL ..Chick-Deficiency Syndrome due to the rise of Linsanity :]
    That’s a new brand of Troll Disease :>

  537. Michale’s Bed-sanity!
    Ehm, that sounds so wrong ..;p

  538. Then they can pull a Linjured Hamstring excuse πŸ˜›

  539. = = That sounds like I have bladder issues.

  540. Not that there’s anything wrong with it :>

  541. Byron Scott interview today and he said that he had talked to lin/kobe about sharing the ball and as the season progresses they will talk about it more. so is he saying lin the starter….hmmm


  542. Ok, I’m getting use to this site and posting in the wrong area…sorry peeps.
    My questions is:
    Can some one explain to me why Lin can’t start an run the 2nd unit? I’ve viewed all the wild back and forth on the other forum it seems to me the only options mentioned are only one or the other.
    I’m either not familiar enough w/bballl norm or not getting the premise of the debate

  543. Then they will change the story over to Lakers bench is better than some first unit teams and kobe/scott are trying to mesh the two benches with the skill level of each player. LA press will play it like they have invented a new concept…LOL

  544. This is starting mess with my head..( and yes Brent it was messy already )

  545. He will eventually as the games wear on. This first game will tell the story on what to expect from kobe this coming season.

  546. Scott does a lot of waffling…LOL

  547. Was Pat Riley like this?

  548. Win/win πŸ™‚ lets create a flowchart so it covers all scenario to make kobe and Lin look good LOL

  549. I got that concept. I also understand the importance of Lin starting the first game against the Rockets, being a Lin fan, and 2nd unit lacking playmaking. My confusion is; why can’t Lin start the game (even if < 10 min out of respect to Lin's ability), then let him run the 2nd unit as the leader.

  550. No, not at all. Riley was more decisive and wanted to win, he loved Magic and loved his game, but when Magic acted out Riley policed him up very quickly. Dr Buss gave Pat Riley full control of the team

  551. I don’t understand either. But anyways, I’m not going to spend too much time on speculating on hypotheticals and trying to decode every word that Scott says. For all we know, Scott may be purposely being vague, why give the opponent any additional info for preparation.

    I’m just going to wait and see what Scott actually does in games. Does he start Lin, and does he play Lin at crunch time or not?

  552. If PFV theory holds true, it’s a matter of balancing ego. Kobe’s style most likely will clash with Lin’s because both needs the ball to be the most effective.

    It remains to be seen how Kobe and Lin will play off each other when closing out games in the 4th quarter. I’m hopeful that both will find the balance with Kobe as the scorer to break MJ’s most pts record and Lin as the facilitator to take pressure off Kobe.

  553. Sharing means they can not have the time together, needs to share it?

  554. Whether Lin starts or not, the most important question is still “Can Kobe and Lin coexist together?”

    The pros are:
    1. They both like and respect each other
    2. Kobe needs Lin’s help to take pressure off defense and stay healthy this season

    The cons are:
    1. Will Kobe let Lin be the facilitator more as he becomes off-the-ball more to shoot?
    It’s hard to do this like KDurant and Westbrook combo. Kobe is a better playmaker than Durant so he’s not going to relinquish having the ball in his hands with 10 seconds left on the clock. Lin is a better playmaker than Westbrook so he doesn’t mind letting Kobe shine as long as the team wins. Will Kobe trust Lin more?
    2. Byron seems to like Price’s defensive “feel” that reminds him of how he plays (whatever that means) so the question remains if there will be games that Price will play in 4th quarter in place of Lin (even if they keep losing a few games since defense will crowd Kobe because Price is not a threat)

  555. Huh?

  556. LOL the media and their fun way to get headline-news answers

    [3:40] Reporter: There is a sense of “Let’s try to win this one for Jeremy considering what’s going on last season in Houston ..”
    Jeremy: “Reallllly?…
    Reporter: “O yeaaaa…”
    Jeremy: “I didn’t…err I wasn’t aware of that” ( thinking of something neutral to say)
    Jeremy: “Uhm …….I appreciate it”

  557. After watching both post-practice videos of Lin and Byron, I get the sense Lin smiles more and Byron changed his tune a bit (No Price talk) and hopes Lin will have fun out there working with Kobe. Plus reporter talked about everyone wants to get one for Lin after what happened in Houston last season.

    My guess is there was a positive dialogue among Kobe/Byron/Lin to get on the same page to prepare for Houston. So the Price talk is put aside for the time being.

    Whatever it is, let’s hope everyone will be on the same page to shock Houston tomorrow to build unity :]
    Let’s go, Purple & Gold! Get Mamba his 30+pts and Lin his 10+assists :>

  558. From what I’ve seen of how Kobe runs the first unit, Price is a fit to be the PG. Lin’s talents would be wasted playing with Kobe. Price’s role is like Bev’s. Play defence and pass the ball to Kobe. Like I said, the starters is Kobe’s team to help him score. But the future of the Lakers is in Randle and the second unit. The fact that Davis hasn’t been made a starter yet is also indicator that the second unit is extremely important to Scott. Scott is playing politics with kobe because he doesn’t want to make it seem like he is giving Kobe a weak PG to run his first unit. Keeping LIN with the second unit will ensure his own future as the coach of a strong lakers team in a year or two. There is always the chance that Kobe will get injured like NASH and be out indefinitely leaving Scott with no future. Having LIN build up Randle is a must to ensure a viable transition. The lakers with LIN Davis and a mature Randel would be a great team.

    I’d rather give Scott the benefit of doubt and wait to see what happens.

  559. Worry too much….let’s Harden get his 50 and let HOU lose.

  560. Yes, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

  561. It’s happening already. Kobe in first team and Randle in second team. Life story of JLin in the past and most likely in future:-(

  562. Not even close, I bet Lin will have a good year, given a team this thin

  563. Hold my view more reserved dearly now than ever. JLin will rise despite of all these I know. That’s how much confidence that I have in JLin. Wish he doesn’t have to go thru this repeatedly in every team that he played/plays since the breakout of Linsanity.

  564. Good idea to counteract the premise of BS for RP is better in defense.

  565. I think there is still a big difference between HOU and LAL. Very unlikely that HOU-gate will happen again.

  566. What did you mean by lin/kobe, sharing means not together?

  567. Oh I was just wondering, by sharing, does that means like time sharing…so their time will be mutual exclusive to each other.

  568. i do agree that lin is on the 2nd team to train the rooks. lin calls all the plays for team.

  569. Welcome! Hope to see your comments more often.

  570. maybe kobe will run point for 1 quarter and lin the next quarter, who knows

  571. Well said. Drive me Linsane lately. Haven’t been this bad for almost a year:-)

  572. We will see soon….No way Lin will be frozen in this team. Going to be a big yr for him.

  573. Is it very common for the PG to call 100% of the plays without coaching interference?

  574. They need him. I agree with 1 point abc poster made was that Scott wants lin running the 2nd unit to train the rooks..

  575. Well….I would say very unlikely. Because when you say 100% correct, you actually meant 100% the same as the coaches would have called under the same situations. I think that is very rare. Unless, for every play, to coaches, there are more than one CORRECT play calls. Then the likelihood is higher.

  576. OK, so Scott gives lin the freedom to do that, that is good

  577. He does not have a choice. It is impossible to call every play for a team. Pg is there for a reason

  578. OK

  579. psalm, get ready for the new article πŸ˜€

    hope you like it

  580. all right! We’ll be waiting with anticipation πŸ™‚

  581. I wanna point out some differences that I think will assure Lin’s time as a laker will be better.
    1. Although he is a bench player, he gets the ball to run the play.
    2. Coaches and medias are very high on him, even tho they are high on Price too.
    3. Kobe is not harden, he is more achieved and he can not play as many minutes.
    4 LAL is a very thin team. You ditch lin like how hou did, you are going to have a miserable season.
    5. Lin seems very happy and more talkative, even after he knows price would start. He is at peace and focused. Good thing will come.

    Now, I don know why he is a bench, many theories are presented here by posters. I guess we just focus on watching HOU get beat tomorrow.

  582. Welcome! Glad to see u here.

  583. Agree. At least it isn’t one side lobe. That’s good in itself!

  584. all good points. i think the FO likes especially jeannie buss

  585. There is no doubt that LIN and Kobe will share the lions share at crunch time. Unlike HOUSTON, Scott needs to win. Even a half wit could see that Kobe and LIN would help each other by siphoning double teams away from each other.

  586. WOW! Took me almost 2 hours to go thru this thread. Very good read and great info as well. Believe this is the longest thread since this site has begun. Great job everyone!

  587. I read a tweet of someone’s opinion and it makes sense to me. Have lin lead the second unit and when young comes back, lin should start. Obviously I think lin should start but the second unit is beyond thin. I am glad he gets the start tomorrow and bev better not do anything shady.

  588. We are sold on the star system by the NBA. There are the starters and then their are role players on the bench.

    The fact the Spurs don’t fit their system and wins really must irk the heck out of the propaganda that 3 stars make the corner stones of a winning franchise. It’s time to let go of that notion and see that every player adds to the value of a team. First unit or second unit must be competitive. Like LIN said, it doesn’t matter who starts, it’s who finishes that really matters. Lin gets it. The only corner stone is the team.

  589. 1000+ posts count is at the horizon…..:P

  590. It could, not sure how much rooks can take. As much as possible I hope.

  591. LOL It will when u start to troll:-)

  592. Here, we have @disqus_HmSLGZ4iV2:disqus for that!

  593. Kobe is a scoring threat while Lin is a playmaking threat. Their styles don’t really mix well; Kobe’s game will be relying on his post ups and kicking out when they double team; Lin’s game is dribble penetration and taking advantage of the ensuing defensive scrambles.

    They’re both the “start” of the offense in that they generate defensive gaps that should, ideally, flow into opportunities that their teammates can capitalize. The thing is once you get the defense on their toes, you just need to capitalize – you don’t need to scramble them any further. In that sense, Lin and Kobe don’t really play well together.

    However, I looked back at Lin’s time in NY – after about 10 games, Lin got superstar focused by the opponents. It seems all the teams had one strategy against the Knicks – pack the paint, get your hands into the passing lanes – and it worked. A lot of Lin’s passes had to be much more pinpoint or else they’ll be turnovers, and a lot of the time Lin drove into 3 guys and couldn’t find an outlet. If Lin had the ball, they would focus on him; if he didn’t, the playmaking stopped and their offensive system went flat.

    Kobe and Lin could be a dual threat system, meaning that they can each keep the opposing team honest and prevent that kind of focus. They don’t have to run plays together (they can, though); they don’t have to fit into each other’s systems – they just need to be able to get the ball to each other when the defense is trying to shut them down.

    I think that will work out really well, actually – we’ll see as the season goes on.

  594. Jeremy Lin FB 1 min Β·
    LA Lakers season starts tomorrow! Some of my thoughts on preseason:

  595. I started a new post for this…

  596. Kobe likes Price, and that’s all that matters

  597. Kobe has a hand in promoting Price

  598. LOL. Too late. Oh well…

  599. That’s a really good summary of Lin & Kobe playmaking difference, Spyckie. I fully support the idea if there is a will for Kobe/Lin to be a dual threat, it can be done. We saw glimpses of Harden and Lin doing PnR and it could be unstoppable weapon but Harden didn’t want to share the glory and refused to do so.

    Even the Big 3 of LeBron, DWade and Bosh took 1.5 seasons to figure out how to play together so we’ll see if Kobe has the desire to mesh his style with Lin or at least find a way to find Lin if he’s well covered. Let’s hope Kobe likes sharing

  600. I think he is a good serviceable player. I had been reading some of his past college stints and NBA, and playoff experience. I think he might surprise many, since he is very lowly rated.

    My take is, he was not given the opportunity to showcase. This is his time and its only good for the team. Hope he contributes! πŸ™‚

  601. He can like Price all he wants,….it does not matter at all.

  602. Welcome LakersPG.

    It will be good if you pen down an introduction here


    Familiarize your self on the guidelines here and feel free to provide your feedback


    And this link below should help your to get around the site here


  603. I liked that, get one for Lin.. and Kobe too against D12..lol

  604. I remembered in the preseason game JLin waved off Kobe…nice

  605. I like that and JLin was surprised ..

  606. It also means a lot of LA fans are aware of what happened in Houston..

  607. lol, you guys are too fast. ignore my post

  608. Would it work if they let Lin start and play him ~ 38 – 40 minutes? Then it wouldn’t matter who starts, cause he can be with the starters most of the time, show the 2nd unit how to play, and most importantly, close out games. I don’t know that much about bball, so I’m just asking. I know it’s tough to play that amount of minutes, but basketball is tough, and so is Jeremy.

  609. Could be….

  610. Haha well you don’t understand the Lakers then. They are all about Kobe. Scott was brought in by Kobe and Scott will make sure Kobe gets what he wants. These next couple of years will be about giving Kobe the best farewell possible

  611. What I meant is, it does not matter to Lin on how he use his minutes. Unless Kobe can ask Lin to sit 48 minutes. HOU already set the bar very “high”, kobe is not gonna able to “break” it.

  612. Gotcha

  613. Motorola SURFBoard is one of the best. I use wifi for Roku with Ballstream and rarely have any issues.

  614. Did Lin do that? That’s good but if Lin waved off Kobe too many, that won’t be good :]

  615. Can not fall asleep. Let’s post some thoughts on tomorrow’s game. LOL
    For a new team, the 1st 15 games or so is about finding identity, tweaking bigger things, and getting to the midseason form ASAP. Sadly, in WC, it does matter if you lose or win from the get go.
    For Lin, the most important thing is to find out what he can do with starters. How to share the load with Kobe, how to not running the ball over while pass to Boozer, how to remind Hill to move his feet, etc.
    Also with the 2nd unit, how to let the rooks play their game while frame them to a certain boundary so they don’t do too many stupid things.
    Good thing is Lin is already good with Ed Davis, so it is a good starting point for Lin joining this team.

    From today’s interview of Scott, seems like they will mostly start to run with a 2 guard front system. So Lin needs to immedately figuring out how to share the load with another guard.

    I also hope I will see more creativity from the coaches while triangle is called. It is bad that every time they run triangle, it ends up with Hill, Boozer or Kobe shooting mid range J. Want to see more options which are guards PnR with guards or forwards. The less ISO we see, the better. ISO is necessary, but I hope it is just used to bail out some bad possessions.

    I hope for a lot, and I know those can not be done in ONE game. It is a process.

  616. I think Paul is SPOT ON and I’ve been saying this about Lobe all along.

  617. I originally thought that you were going to start a Blog, then I found out it was just Lin….oh well.

  618. Exclusive interview with Lin: I yearn to have a steady starting position…

  619. U greedy troll king….lol

  620. If you don’t go to bed, you will have no energy to support Lin tomorrow, and the result of the game will be on you.

  621. I think they can just stagger the minutes. Have Lin start, but then he sits at around the 5-6 minute mark and then let Kobe play with Price. Then at the start of the 2nd quarter, Lin will start while Kobe takes a rest.

  622. The main thing I see here is communication. Like you said, Lin looks and seems happy. So despite what us outsiders see, inside the team they are doing right by him or else he wouldn’t be so enthusiastic.

  623. Seeing how happy Lin looks, I have a feeling that they are saying one thing to the media and us outsiders and an entirely different thing inside the team.

    At least that’s what I’m hoping for!

  624. To be fair, this could be part of a strategy to throw off some teams. Keep them guessing. Because I can bet if teams think that Lin might lead the 2nd unit, they’ll have to playbook for that because they know how effective he can be.

    But if they know for sure Lin will always start, then they won’t even need to bother planning for the Lakers bench.

  625. The Parson’s deal really changed thingd. While Kwai isn’t worth max (yet), he’s definitely worth more than Parsons.

  626. I’m hoping it’s a mind game. To keep the Rockets on their toes. They have a horrible bench and if they knew that Lin is going to lead the 2nd unit then they would have to plan for it.

    As long as Lin does well, improves his skills, and isn’t marginalized then I’ll be happy.

  627. tonight’s game should be live streamed on TNT Overtime, right?


  628. my predictions for the game:

    Lin: 15 pts, 7 ast. I think he will be able to beat Beverley off the dribble often, but there’s still Dwight protecting the rim, so no easy layups. Hopefully he can get a few assists to the bigs that way though. He’ll probably be guarding Beverley and do a good job. All he really has to do is not overhelp for others so that Beverley doesn’t get wide open 3s.

    Kobe: will have a tough defender on him with Ariza. I think Kobe will still get his 20-25 pts, but maybe with a lower FG% like 40%.

    Wes Johnson: if Harden guards Wes, then I think Wes scores 20+ pts.

    Harden: he’ll do his usual thing, 25 pts, 10 FTs.

    Final score: Rockets by 10 (100-90).

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