G01 [email protected] Game Thread + Chat

Brent’s POST GAME take

  • Lin did good overall in this game. Looked really bad in the 1st 6 minutes. Finally the team started to click during Lin’s second stint. But he was finding balances on the fly. The 2 drives were very tactical, it just did not work in his favor.
  • Kobe asserted himself too much, he has to let his young teammates grow IMO. Just play like a dummy SG for a few game won’t hurt, will it?
  • The whole offensive system was broken in general. Too many moves that were without the purposes. HOU actually came prepared defensively.
  • I personally do not agree the point of “for Lin to shine, he has to go to bench with Davis”. He has to find a way to work with others, especially Kobe, boozer and Hill. There is no reason to avoid doing this. Seeking instant result will only hurt this team in the long run.
  • The insertion of Henry and the longer minutes he played. I would only assume that Scott had a bigger picture and he wanted to get his personnels ready 1st.
  • 2nd unit without Lin completely collapsed. While I disagree with the idea of Lin as a bench, I do think the rotation should be designed in a way that he can lead the 2nd unit for a longer time.

Now the hype for the 1st game is over. Lin and the Co. need to focus on what they can do to improve, e.g.

  1. a better rotation pattern,
  2. cohesion,
  3. hold players accountable for their mistakes. (Price made 3 mistakes in a row, even Dave Miller was not singing his praises.)
  4. tweak lose ends one by one.
  5. starts with simple things offensively. Princeton and triangle have a steeper learning curve in general.
  6. ……….

LAL is not as weak as it seems, but it is still weak in general. Lin and yound players are this teams’ future, hence hopefully we can see improvements game by game.

All in all I will give Lin a B-…..

realdsb’s game review:

  • Lin did not do much the first half. Only attempted to drive a few times. This was mostly attributed to the Rockets containing Lin on the pick and rolls. Every time, they trapped Lin on the PNR so that he could not drive, nor could he pass to the screener. The Lakers will have to figure out how to counter that defense.
  • As I expected, even when Lin got past Beverley, he did not have open looks at the rim due to Howard. But whenever Howard sat, Lin was able to do his usual thing of driving to the rim and at least picking up the foul.
  • In Q3, with Howard mostly sitting due to foul trouble, Lin was able to get his game going and making plays all over the place: attacking frequently, and-1, dishing off the penetration, pushing the tempo in transition. Got the Lakers within single digits, but it was too late.
  • Lin’s passing/ballhandling was not good. He had 4 turnovers, I think all either from bad passes or lost the ball. Well, at least he didn’t get the ball stolen directly, Beverley had 0 steals.
  • Defensively, Lin did a good job guarding Beverley, didn’t allow him to do much. Contrast that to when Clarkson came in, Beverley immediately destroyed him with a crossover as if he were Kyrie.


Grade: C. Lakers have a lot of team gelling to work on. Lin may need to do more solo offense like Kobe. He only took 1 jumper. As “bad” as Lin’s game was, Price’s was even worse.

Houston: their defense was impressive, even Harden held his own when matched up against Kobe or Lin. We’ll see if it’s as good against better teams, or only looked good because it was against the Lakers.


Finally, the moment Lin fans have been waiting for is here.
The game will start in less than 4 hours.

Vote your best guess on Lin’s performance tonight!

Members Only since there are troll answers

What is the JLin's stats for Game 1 Lakers vs. Rockets?
  1. How would Jeremy Lin perform in the 1st game against his old team that famously had no need for his services by promoting his jersey on Melo billboard in a failed attempt to woo Melo?
  2. How will Jeremy play against Bev? What will he do if he dribble-penetrate only to be met by Dwight Howard? Will he pass to Ed Davis for a dunk? Or will he use his floater that we have not seen in preseason yet?
  3. How will Jeremy play with Kobe as a secondary playmaker? Can he stay aggressive playing off-the-ball more?
  4. And will Lakers transition defense hold up against the barrange of 3 pt-ers? Most importantly, how will Lakers big men stop Dwight and Harden so they won’t get so many Free Throws?

Whatever it may be, we know Lin will be ready to face his old team based on his successful track record (5-0) against his old team NY Knicks during his 3 years in Houston.

What will you do to celebrate if Lin performs well? And what will you do if Lin and the Lakers manage the unlikely scenario to topple Public Enemy #1 in LA tonight , Houston Rockets?


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  1. First again??

  2. You guys are so nice to me. I will hang out here more. 5 star thread undoubtedly.

  3. I voted for 20/8 conservatively. Actually I expect him to get closer to 30 pts as he’s motivated.
    BUT I think his TO’s will also be high today…maybe 5-6.

  4. Congrats!
    Not sure how you see it so quickly but you’re a Jedi after all :]

  5. I felt a disturbance as I was drinking my coffee to click refresh.

  6. 4hrs and 10 minutes is too long to wait. Now 4 hours I can take, that 10 minutes is getting on my nerves like Nash.

  7. my predictions for the game:

    Lin: 15 pts, 7 ast. I think he will be able to beat Beverley off the dribble often, but there’s still
    Dwight protecting the rim, so no easy layups. Hopefully he can get a few assists to the bigs that way though. He’ll probably be guarding Beverley and do a good job. All he really has to do is not overhelp for others so that Beverley doesn’t get wide open 3s.

    Kobe: will have a tough defender on him with Ariza. I think Kobe will still get his 20-25 pts, but maybe with a lower FG% like 40%.

    Wes Johnson: if Harden guards Wes, then I think Wes scores 20+ pts.

    Harden: he’ll do his usual thing, 25 pts, 10 FTs.

    Final score: Rockets by 10 (100-90).

  8. tonight’s game should be live streamed on TNT Overtime, right?


  9. I just hope today is one of the nights where the Rockets start clanking 3’s like crazy and Harden goes into revolving door mode, then Harden starts yelling at Canaan, and Dwight starts pouting at Harden, and McHale’s hair starts itching…Maybe not a very decent attitude for a basketball fan, but hey I’m just doing my job.

  10. some Rockets fans think that Beverley will pick Lin’s pockets often, expecting 4 steals.

  11. Worst, Beverley might accidentally injure Lin to prove that his number one PG status over Lin at Houston is no fluke.

  12. IMO #1 key to the game is “ATTACK Harden”

    Harden’s offense is the key so Kobe, Lin, Wes, Boozer, Hill need to attack him relentlessly.
    We saw how flabbergasted he was in the POR series.

    Harden’s offense will malfunction in no time

  13. getting ready to head to the game. I am so excited. I’ve been having a blast in LA and trying to keep up with all the news.

    I have just been fuming over all the SAME OLD EXCUSES about JLin start or bench. Losing his starting job to PBev, Ronnie price earning the starting position, the second unit needs him as a spark Blah blah blah… Even Magic Johnson tweeting about JLin eing a starter and still the false narratives about him continue.

    I was getting so mad and then boom! I notice that JLin was coming into the game and Ronnie Price was leaving. Lord knows I do not wish injury on anyone but maybe just maybe someone sent a gentle nudge from on high… just a slight non career ending injury nudge. So thank you JLin’s Guardian angel… could I ask for something similar for JH and PBev?!?! A stomach flu would due. 😉 I kid… I kid

    So tonight I get to see JLin start. I hope to see a happy healthy JLin just being fierce and free and playing with all the joy and energy I can send him.

    I will try to tweet somethings out during the game. I promise to write up as detailed a ‘report’ as possible. I have a good camera with me some good video and pics of game will have to wait for me to return home.

    Go JLin!

    Follow me on twitter: JLinArticles&Facts @jlarticlesfacts


  14. @wu kong, I wish you would see the best JLin game ever 🙂
    Don’t forget to take notes on your observation since there are so many things going on during the game. I’ll do the same on Tuesday vs the Suns

    Have fun and keep Linning! 😀

  15. What! You too. Congratulations! and don’t forget to throw popcorn at McHale….

  16. Thanks wu kong in advance. Can’t wait for your report. Pray that JLin will play well and stay healthy.

  17. key of the match, and the lakers season for me, is to find the right balance between Jeremy and Kobe. When it’s time to iso-kobe with Jeremy on bench and when it’s time to play unselfishly with Kobe on bench. If the Lakers can find this soon, if Kobe do want to share the ball AND the spotlight, who knows what can happen?

    My impression is no NBA team can stop a backcourt with Jeremy and Kobe. That would mean players like Harden, Irving, Chris Paul should play defence. And few players can stop Jeremy’s first step. But it’s up to Kobe now.

    Let’s see what happens. Go Jeremy!!!

  18. “My impression is no NBA team can stop a backcourt with Jeremy and Kobe.
    That would mean players like Harden, Irving, Chris Paul should play

    No, the Rockets simply have their PG and SF guard the opposing team’s best 2 smalls. Harden will watch guard Wes Johnson instead.

  19. “Lord, I don’t ask for much .. if you’re willing, maybe give me a reason to replace my 3D profile picture with a new one? Amen” ;-}

  20. have an awesome time!

  21. sure, no problem. 4D or triple-20?

  22. Triple-20 ,, plus Kobe putting his jersey on Lin at the end of the game to pick his next heir, please :]

    and since when you take ownership of real-dsb’s disqus account if you don’t mind me asking, Lord? 😛 That’s perfectly fine with me BTW

  23. You are Linsane @psalm234:disqus

  24. It was me all along, you didn’t recognize me?

    BTW, you need to change your handle, there is no Psalm 2:34.

  25. Ouch… Too soon. Lol.

  26. But there is 23:4 😉

  27. #kaboom phew .. that lightning was close :]
    there’s many permutations of 234 lol … 23:4 or 2:3-4

  28. This just happened an hour ago (NASA unmanned rocket). Feel free to interpret the symbolism as you like.

  29. yep, the Linning feeling is uncontainable :]
    Dodged that lightning though haha..

  30. LOL “Houston, we have a problem!”

    But wow .. it was delayed yesterday due to a presence of stray boat on the sea (or Lake)
    That’s a lot of money there. Good thing it was unmanned

  31. and this is the content. quite the irony


  32. Someone’s going to be happy tonight:


  33. AJRafael wished his buddy JLin the best


  34. yeah, Lin loves freebies.

    I think last year after a Rockets/Warriors game, Lin was spotted a Carl’s Jr. They had given out free Carl’s Jr coupons to fans, so the assumption was that Lin couldn’t pass up a free meal.

  35. It’s “Scott-free”!

  36. preview by CBS Sports NBA writer Matt Moore:

    4. Former Teammates On Point: Patrick Beverley has a hard time scoring but is a monster defender. Jeremy Lin can get blown by but has a great ability to get to the rim. Beverley wound up taking the starting job from Lin last season after Lin returned from injury. Now, Lin’s LA’s only hope at point. Behind him, it’s two-guard Jordan Clarkson. That’s it. So Lin’s going to need to produce in his minutes on the floor vs. a very tough defender who has no concern in his heart for whether his opponent is injured. Beverley’s not as dirty as he’s made out to be, he just plays to the bone on every possession. It’s how he’s scrapped out a spot in this league. How these two matchup will be quite the storyline.

    5. Harden Refocused: Can James harden get back to the guy who was an MVP candidate? Can he stop playing only to draw the foul and try and hit the shot after contact? Can he try on defense?

  37. I really think Lin will get the best of Bev because Lin has played against him so many times in practice.

    Lin is the type of smart player who quickly learns the opponents tendency so he won’t repeat the same mistakes many times. If anything, Lin will get Bev in foul trouble

  38. sorry jk .. too excited before the game :]

  39. Have you tried to keep up with all the food? lol

  40. Unrelated, MAVS’ defense looks airtight….very impressive.

  41. wu kong/Gwen being interviewed. Awesome!

    @JLin7 interview by ETTV!!! pic.twitter.com/UjATM1yBMp

  42. I thought Wu Kong was a chinese 🙂

  43. Nop! 🙂

  44. no way, for real?!!

  45. wu kong/Gwen selfie.

    @JLin7 yellow it is! Headed to get in line. pic.twitter.com/iP5p228HPA

  46. LOL It’s the PROOF! Her friend took the pic I believe:-) So proud of her!!!

  47. not “was” for sure…….:P

  48. yes real

  49. which station? I bet they’re like, wait you’re Wu Kong from the Lin fan forums?

  50. Wow.

  51. it’s ETTV. someone get a video clip from it afterwards!

  52. Yet to hear from Joyce. Hopefully soon.

  53. LOL I’m more excited to hear from fans that are going to the game than game itself atm:-) Odd!

  54. Twitter question: how come I don’t see these tweets under the main “Tweets” https://twitter.com/JLArticlesFacts page? I have to go to the “Photos and Videos” page https://twitter.com/JLArticlesFacts/media .

  55. for a while, I assumed Wu Kong was a Chinese young man. LOL

  56. Ouch, at the half, Parsons has 2 pt, 1-5 fg, 0 ast, 1 TO. 8 of his teammates (who are all paid less than him) have more points than him.

  57. make that 1-6 fg now.

    (for the record, I’m not a Parsons hater. In fact I the lone Lin fan who likes Parsons. Just thought this was amusing).

  58. He just can not buy a shot…..poor guy

  59. Ariza is better.

  60. Okay, it has something to do with that it is a Reply, not a regular Tweet. Nothing to do with being a picture. https://twitter.com/JLArticlesFacts/with_replies

    But I’m not sure why it is considered a reply.

  61. “just met fan from jlinGarden. Small wonderful world !”

    makes it sound like she met a Wu Kong fan. LOL!


  62. Finally figured it out. It was driving me crazy. If you start a tweet with “@user”, Twitter automatically considers it a Reply Tweet and does not show up in the main page. You have to go to the “Tweet & Replies” page to see them.

  63. Mystery solved:-) Gwen met Lisa Tarng from JLin Only Garden.

    @JLArticlesFacts so excited to meet u at Staples Center, wow from Alabama pic.twitter.com/sr1EAbg3qa

  64. MAV is playing the D the way like Scott wants LAL to play.

  65. wow, a fan from Alabama traveled to watch Lin at Staples?

  66. yep…she was asking what are the good places to eat in that area for a while

  67. #TripotitLIN! Jeremy is listo! http://t.co/ACLClzBzmG

  68. ooh, she does have a nice camera. I’m surprised they let fans carry those in.

  69. make that 1-7 fg.

  70. For some reason, the chat seems to be slower today than the normal slow, which indeed is slow as we know, but it shouldnt be this slow!

  71. Is he playing aggressive?

  72. Agree. Took over a minute before it showed up. Too slow!

  73. I’m still waiting for my second message to appear :(…been close to 10min now

  74. WOW! Super slow for u. Subsequent of my messages weren’t as bad. Try to refresh and use it again. That was what I did.

  75. Parsons is not doing well.

  76. Parsons’ athleticism is exposed. The main reason why he can never be a shot creator, hence will always be a role player.

  77. Manu just schooled Parsons.

  78. Are the posts as slow as the chat?

  79. hm, no

  80. Taking the floor for warm ups. https://t.co/I992ym1LYJ

  81. I’m okay

  82. Posts are very good but not the chat. Very unreliable!

  83. Parsons choked the last one..

  84. Parsons missed the buzzer beater. Spurs held on to win 101-100

  85. Parsons missed the potential game winner.

  86. He need a giant Heimlich maneuver 🙂

  87. Getting loose. https://t.co/ljt5EGnRKO— Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers) October 29, 2014

  88. have problem sign into this site

  89. Meanwhile cp25 5pts 2-10 shooting hehe. Cuban may start to regret now.

  90. Yeah had to press refresh and wait for a while. All is good

  91. Soul Plane vs Rush Hour 2 RT @NBAonTNT: Coming up next! pic.twitter.com/8HfUSoRmpM

  92. I can’t believe how hard my heart is pounding! A bit ridiculous if you think about it. It’s like I’m more nervous than Lin. Oh well. Let the games begin!

  93. From Mike Trudell : Kobe Bryant will match John Stockton for most seasons played with one team in NBA history (19) when game starts.

  94. I’ma stay here for a while..

  95. Thanks

  96. Typical stats as with Houston. Cuban may be wondering now.

  97. I think Chat is affecting website performance. I’m going to disable it

  98. Yours is the last message I saw in the chat box. I think it’s working too hard

  99. Jeremy will stomp Bev. Davis will embarrass Dwight…book it! lol

  100. The whole site is slow….

  101. The auto-scroll keeps doing these little dips, but no new messages are being shown.

  102. Now much better

  103. Jeremy got a pretty big ovation

  104. Starting 5 has been announced #suitinguptogether https://t.co/ipyulOYuCn

  105. Bev tried to be physical with Lin early on

  106. Rockets going to Howard inside early in 2 possessions.

  107. Some J-Davis PnR could kill this game early

  108. Missed 2 FTs. Like a clockwork

  109. Lin assist to Wes’ 3!!!! 3-2

  110. TAKE IT BEV! You think you won’t get called for that?!?

  111. Q1 9:00 Bev fouled Lin to prevent going to the basket. 1st foul

  112. The way Bev play he might foul out

  113. Lin’s gonna take it hard to Bev

  114. Seen like Lin still try to feel it out

  115. It’s when people enter and exit Chat. I can turn it off

  116. There’s nothing new with this Rockets offense.

  117. Lin needs to use his floaters against Howard

  118. 2 fouls for Howard already

  119. BScott, dont look happy

  120. Were Dwights hands straight up???

  121. Q1 7:00 Howard’s 2nd foul

  122. Lin should minimize going to the basket…and wait for the right moment to do, meanwhile, should hit his jumpers/floaters

  123. Lin’s attacking

  124. oh no… Jeremy with 2 fouls

  125. Q1 6:28 Lin’s 2nd foul on Harden. Got pushed. He needs to be careful here

  126. yeah…he is way too aggressive than we wanna him to be

  127. he’s a bit too excited to be aggressive. He needs to pick his spot.
    Hope he settles down a bit when he comes back

  128. Very bad 6 minutes for Lin…..too bad no fouls calls for him

  129. yup…hope so…and getting early fouls for a PG is not good as well

  130. I think it’s just nerves. He’ll hopefully get more into the zone as the game goes on.

  131. Yep. What a bummer of no calls on JLin.

  132. No Beverly?!!! That aint fair!

  133. Randle could be of use,a body to ram on the inside.

  134. Kobe doing his mamba

  135. for some reason, sine preseason, LAL shots are not going in!

  136. good defense there

  137. TJ and D12 are too big……need to drag them away..

  138. Or….take mid range

  139. yeah…even so with once DMo comes in

  140. I get the feeling Jeremy is seething with irritation now…

  141. I would think so

  142. It would help if the Lakers space the floor

  143. That is if he plays…

  144. How would you help?

  145. Stop trolling real Lin fans.

  146. he is in!!!

  147. Refs on Harden’s nuts….

  148. had to make a correction. typing to fast

  149. They can’t expect Clarkson to guard Harden. Bad move

  150. darn…bricking every single shot! 🙁

  151. Interesting rotation by HOU

  152. Harden will always be harden on offensive end

  153. Dwight back, Houston must really want this one.

  154. LOL

  155. Q1 2:00 McHale rested Harden and brought in Howard/Bev.
    Looks like McHale wants to stagger Harden/Howard since their bench is awful

  156. Some J-Davis PnR should happen now.

  157. foul Bev!!!!

  158. Bev sucks at trying to draw foul lol

  159. So…the foul trend of LAL continous…

  160. i wont call it sucks…he did well, but gone scared when JC jumped for the basket

  161. Damn this game is too slow for all of those whistles..

  162. gone scared, mean sucks.

  163. lol

  164. Lakers clank all day.

  165. Thank you Davis!

  166. In your face Bev

  167. Midrange game please….

  168. Thank you Davis!

  169. Houston closing out well

  170. Now it’s time for coaches to come up with something

  171. Ouch, going to be a long season…

  172. First smile of the game. and Terry Hits a 3 ORZ

  173. Hopefully they still have their 4th quarter collapse.

  174. 2nd unit looks bad

  175. The ball going to Kobe too much, too predictable.

  176. I would say he waited….1st few possession were all started with Lin.

  177. Without Lin they really look lost. Now I might actually support Lin as the 6th man leading the 2nd unit.

  178. Not yet for me.Rockets will try to bury you early…but will be questionable for the last quarters.

  179. No one looks good excpet Davis and Clarkson and Kobe maybe

  180. may be Lin and Davis in the 2nd unit not a bad idea after all

  181. While I’m annoyed by Lin’s foul problems, I do like that he’s trying to learn and get better at 1-on-1 defending. Hopefully this is just a learning curve.

  182. It doesn’t help that refs are into Harden’s nuts.

  183. Will Lin bounce back!!??

  184. Davis is the best on the floor!

  185. Wow, a little shocked at how bad the second unit is (except for Davis).

  186. TO be fair, XH is very rusty

  187. Lin can’t afford to get into foul trouble
    The bench needs him desperately

  188. expected

  189. finally…

  190. Davis is the best!

  191. Ed Davis got around Howard for the score!

  192. he is beasting!

  193. Only problem with Davis is he can not hold D12….not too many can

  194. While I know Lin has 2 fouls, I’m surprised he’s not in yet.

  195. Go Ed!!

  196. Scott does not trust him….so he will be in with Kobe I guess or 5 mins later

  197. I think Kobe came in without BS permission.

  198. I can understanding needing Kobe in. I just hope there’s another reason Lin isn’t. Fingers crossed. Lin needs to calm him nerves a bit and he’ll be fine.

  199. Davis is too small for DH

  200. Heh! I wouldn’t be surprised.

  201. Jeremy it’s high time you shoot 3s and that midrange.

  202. Given how they have played…Lin will be around 28m and Price 36m….Just a guess

  203. Asik 17rb/14pts/5blk, A-Davis 17rb/26pts/9blk

  204. Madame Jeanie in the house….

  205. Damn, Lin seems to be playing way to nervous right now. I still believe he’ll get over it as the game goes on.

  206. Lin and Davis PnR would be nice

  207. hope its not a 40 point game 🙁

  208. Lin needs to settle down and let the game come to him.

  209. he seen too rush

  210. Sounds like things aren’t going too well.

  211. Jeremy playing the 2 & Kobe at 1????

  212. Agreed. But I’m still hopeful because we’ve seen him bounce back from bad starts.

  213. not watching?

  214. Just lost of trust

  215. I’m just going to tell myself there are 81 more games ;p

  216. not surprised

  217. not yet, at work.

  218. He will no doubt if giving time and trust.

  219. Whoever Harden is guarding should go off now!!

  220. how did lin get his 2 TO’s?

  221. By rushing things..

  222. Kobe is not trusting anyone at this point. Want to take matter on his own.

  223. cant blame him when the team shoots at 22%!

  224. Lin just looks lost when he is not running the team playing with Kobe.

  225. Some Jeremy 3s wouldn’t be bad now!!!

  226. Lin pushed Bev away on that inbound pass

  227. Kobe is also forcing things barreling into Bev.
    Lakers need to trust each other

  228. nice assist!

  229. Lin still playing too fast

  230. nice!

  231. Q2 4:01 Nice find by Lin to a cutting Boozer! 3pt play

  232. and beating Harden!

  233. Bev airball

  234. and props by TNT

  235. fadeway airball

  236. Yeah, that’s their biggest problem right now. They are all playing 1-on-1 ball. No trust and team work yet.

  237. KOBE being KOBE…great!

  238. Nice play by Kobe

  239. 3 nice possessions by the Lakers

  240. We just need a couple 3s.

  241. Q2 been better than Q1

  242. lakers shooting 60% Q2

  243. Lin just need one play……

  244. Jeremy outran 3 Rockets.Rockets deliberately loading up defending Kobe.Time for the open Laker to capitalize.

  245. He was open for the 3 when Kobe found Wes inside. He’s ready

  246. Kobe got bail out

  247. Is Scott going to start Price in the 3rd Q?

  248. I really need to see some Lin/Davis PnR.

  249. Might as well. Lin not doing anything with Kobe.

  250. Dang where the hell is Davis???????

  251. so far…its more like individual play similar to preseason1 they havent played cohesively

  252. agreed.

  253. I am afraid after this game, BS is going to put Lin back to the bench 🙁

  254. Clarkson trying to defend Harden

  255. Excellent in the penalty, cut it within 10

  256. It is Kobe’s personal show.

  257. Kobe time

  258. Kobe could have passed to Lin there for a 3, but knowing Kobe…

  259. Now it is going into a ineffective regime of the basketbal…

  260. jeremy too, need to learn to move, he is playing similar to when he was in Rox….He need to realize he is not in houston anymore!

  261. I can understand Kobe’s hesitation with passing to anyone right now, but it would really help them in the long run if he trusted Lin and his other teammates more.

  262. Lakers no team play…

  263. He’s trying way too hard to carry it all himself.

  264. That is not his fault, because Kobe called the ISO

  265. I can understand Kobe’s hesitation as well but they need to establish trust now. If not now, it’s never going to happen

  266. It’s Kobe’s default mode. It was nice seeing Spurs highlights… team play, extra passes.

  267. This is not fun watching Kobe ball but he felt the need to take over the game.

    Hope Lin play more with Davis in 2nd half. I don’t like seeing Lin just standing around

  268. i’m not referring to that play, just in general and only taking 2 shots?

  269. Just like R. Instead of H and now K.

  270. i will give it a pass for the next 4-5 games; if they dont buckup, then its gonna be 25-30 games for the season

  271. If Lin just makes his first shot, he might settle down

  272. 2 things need to happen, he needs to get the ball and he need to shoot the ball as well

  273. It is no play for Lin. Just being ineffective. This is on the coach and partially Kobe and Lin.

    Maybe there is a play here that Lin should stay top. So Lin just stays top.

    But what Scoot advocates on defense, I don’t see it on the court, On the contrary, Rox shows some decent defense.

  274. Let’s hope Lin scores some points so Kobe will pass to him.
    That’s how it works with Kobe-ball

  275. I still don’t like Hill in the line-up. Davis would be better, IMO

  276. allow 31pts each qtr =(

  277. at this pace Lakers will be lucky to win 20 games. offense looks terrible.

  278. He did not have the ball after the 3rd TOV

  279. at least they are shooting slightly better at 36% 🙁

  280. He just delivered the ball. No chance to shoot. And the ref didn’t help either.

  281. bcoz he is not moving

  282. If I remember correctly, Lin didn’t do that well in his first game against the Knicks. It was until the 2nd game, back on the Knicks court did he score a lot. So hopefully this is something like that ;p

  283. He can bounce back at anytime….just need that one play

  284. Since JLin returned to the second half with the limited time I watched because of blacking off the screen and had to restart the laptop, didn’t see much of JLin touch of ball. So predictable — Kobe, Kobe, Kobe.

    If playing like this, I’d prefer JLin with second unit. No fun to watch. Kobe needs to trust and learn to sharr ball.

  285. Agreed.

  286. If the Lakers will be playing as a team, their only problem will be securing rebounds.

    Beverley NOT DOING ANY SQUAT with Jeremy on him. I will automatically ban people who’ll say anything nice about Bev (kidding…. lol)

  287. ..and COMPOSURE. I don’t see any team that has Spurs’ composure. They don’t breakdown. They stick with the plays.

  288. Scott should have spent more time working on offense.

  289. He is a team player. He needs the team all on the same page, including the coach. This team now, it is not a team. No cohesive effort.

  290. Will BS put Lin in without Kobe?

  291. Just first game and it is not yet over.

  292. And where is the defense, especially #4 and #5. Lakers’ big hole is the center, as evident in this game. Ed shoud a bit of sign here. But not enough.

  293. Basically, what happen was the 2 blocks stopped Lin’s drives because of the no call. Then PB kind of get into his head for that 3rd TOV. Other than that…..he need the ball to figure it out

  294. Might as well do that if Kobe is in Kobe-mode.
    Lin/Davis would be much more effective

  295. He kinda slipped on that 3rd TO

  296. PB faked the steal….I think that was the reason

  297. only 2 TO

  298. oh my bad…I counted 3…did not check

  299. Piling on the negatives as usual…

  300. yes, this is not HOU anymore 🙂

  301. 2 fga, 2 assists, 2 TOs, 2 fouls

  302. -12, is it a sign? hehe

  303. he is the only starter that has not scored unfortunately. but only 2 fga and we know things can turn on the second half.

  304. too bad…

  305. If there’s one thing the Lakers needs to learn from the champs, it’s not offense or defense it’s COMPOSURE. I haven’t seen any team that have a composure like the Spurs. They don’t/rarely crumble.

  306. Okay, JLin we know you are the 2nd best on this team, now, it is show time.

  307. You can do it, Jeremy!

  308. Good Lin starts…..

  309. The Beard already have 9ft.

  310. It cost them a championship to get there. Not an easy thing to learn.

  311. A sign of trust?

  312. A sign of not too much distrust

  313. They were thisclose to the 2012-2013 championship game if not for that lucky 3 by Allen.

  314. A few trust

  315. LOL

  316. Chance to score

  317. Who is Harden guarding? High time this guy tire out Harden.

  318. That one play, that one play, where is it..

  319. Q3 10:53 Lin managed to get fouled by Howard. 1-2FT
    But got the rebound for Boozer to get layup

  320. 1st point of the night. The curse is broken.

  321. I think ROX paid the refs

  322. A “point” guard 🙂

  323. Hope Howard fouls out. That will help

  324. That was obviously the tactic they tried with 2 Lin drives…

  325. Good sign that Lin is trusted to make plays in the 2nd half. LAL with 6-3 run so far in Q3. 65-62

  326. Come on close out the gap

  327. 4 straight TOs for the Rox. Good sign

  328. I bet scott was not happy with Kobe too

  329. Rockets now tiring out. GOOD..

  330. Lots of chances to narrow the gap

  331. Garcia riding the pine

  332. Hill lacks fundamentals.

  333. Let’s shoot some FTs 🙂

  334. He probably there for the $ now.

  335. Come on, Scott, J-Davis PnR!!!!!

  336. Come on Scott, J-Davis PnR! Let these 2 guys feast it out!

  337. Scott does not seem inclined. It makes no sense. One thing we learned from pre-season is the Lin/Davis chemistry but has been absent for the entire first half and into the second.

  338. and 1!

  339. A few alley oops would bring some energy.

  340. And-1!!
    Lin with dribble penetration fouled by TJones!
    YEAAHHH 55-66

  341. Blow by Bev the “elite” def

  342. that one play….have not seen it yet

  343. Go Lin

  344. Where?

  345. Would definitely build some momentum

  346. THis one is! I think he needs one play that he felt he gets the control back.

  347. Lin to Boozer!!! YEAHHH 57-66


  348. Jeremy making plays!

  349. Yes, Lin is back!

  350. Good nap, Bro!!

  351. Wow, Good for Lin. Lin is back!!!!!

  352. let’s go Jeremy!

  353. Only making shots does not count

  354. Boozer knows WHERE to anticipate J’s pass…

  355. When the ball is in Lin’s hand, good things happen!

  356. Tiger fan

  357. Lin should be the PG, not Kobe.

  358. LOL I am talking about physc…

  359. “Lin has lit the fuse” – whoever the other guy is (not Reggie MIller)

  360. This is beautiful, we just need Lin/Davis PnR now.

  361. Notice how 4 Rockets are collapsing on Lin.

  362. Only 4:15 into the 3rd quarter, Lakers made 12-4 run with Lin being the playmaker!
    Cut HOU lead down to 9 pts. 57-66!

  363. Yeah baby!!!!

  364. Now it’s the time the Lakers capitalize on Rockets loading up on Jeremy on defense…

    Now is the time for Kobe to feast on scoring…

  365. I mean you are my fan

  366. Put davis in for hill and it’ll be even better

  367. Sit down Hill now and put in Davis!

  368. Seen like they let Lin run the offense now

  369. Lin penetrating the heart of HOU defense like a skilled surgeon

  370. Kobe playing soccer

  371. ..and breaking their heart..

  372. Don’t be heart surgeon be a heart breaker

  373. Oh no, Kobe try to show Har_en

  374. Rockets are CRUMBLING. Simple Pnr would kill these guys.

  375. David in!!!

  376. TOP of the key pull up 3….worst of Lin’s shot…and he took it…great!

  377. Davis is in

  378. Harden trying to attack the baskets to increase the lead again

  379. They’re CRUMBLING

  380. Price and Lin backcourt now

  381. Ronnie Price!!!!

  382. Good 3 by Price

  383. Interesting!

  384. Isn’t that the longest 3? (This conversation looks strangely familiar)

  385. OMG! last second pass too Hare_n

  386. Jeremy to Davis 🙂

  387. good pass from Lin

  388. Lin to David, yeah

  389. shouldnt let Rox to get comfortable with 3s!

  390. Effortless chemistry

  391. Time to fully attack Rockets offense. They’re crumbling!

  392. As soon as David jump in the court

  393. Randle – awful FTs..

  394. Randle is having stage-fright out there.
    2 missed FTs and 3-second violation

  395. Lakers team def look awful

  396. first NBA!

  397. yeah…

  398. slowly getting there (better)

  399. Let’s give the teenager a break…

  400. come on Lin

  401. nice to see harden runs back on defense…some change…i guess 😉

  402. 14 ft attempt for the bear_ already

  403. is jack ma sitting near the lakers bench?

  404. the ref kissing hare_n azz

  405. hesitating move

  406. overall LAL played better on Q3

  407. At least they outscore Rox by 1 pt

  408. thats how its gonna be thru out the season

  409. Let’s go Mr. 4th Q!

  410. Wouldn’t last. I give it until end of November.

  411. The problem is they don’t have anyone strong enough to take it to Harden in defense.
    This will be a tough climb since Lakers can’t score enough

  412. Lin needs to go a little Kobe when he’s open.
    Lakers needs some scoring punch

  413. yeah…except for the closing Rox did well

  414. Refs all over Harden’s nuts. Must be a change for him since he’s practically a nobody in FIBA.

  415. You mean till the beginning of Nov? =)

  416. Lin and Kobe are resting on the bench to start the 4th quarter.
    Hope Lin come in around 8th min

  417. Fk, I didn’t realize that I was listen to the 3 stooges all along.

  418. I guess Jeremy and Kobe will finish

  419. What is wrong with you? lol

  420. Rockets STILL a first round exit.

  421. and will always be…

  422. Watch free online using xbmc so just watch any thing that broadcast.

  423. They STILL wouldn’t make it against teams with good perimeter defense.

  424. Lakers bench is … *speechless*

  425. The lead is wider 🙁

  426. Fans are getting restless.

  427. Time to mute the 3 stooges

  428. This is one reason why I can see why they need someone like Lin to be with the second unit. Without him…

  429. Kobe is done I think.

  430. Rockets know nothing on offense except shoot 3s. First round exit AGAIN.

  431. i;m not going to dispute that! lol

  432. Good to see Henry back but rusty

  433. yeah.. very sad.

  434. Fine, mid-November. haha

  435. Was wondering why these announcers keep kissing Har_en and Bev azzes then realize I was watch the rox broadcast.

  436. Lin is back in with 9:42. Lead has ballooned to 21 pt. 91-70

  437. What is Lin supposed to do with that. Miracles apparently

  438. Almost 3 straight tO

  439. TOs are piling up

  440. Lin to Boozer midrange.
    8.5 min drought of LAL not scoring.

  441. Scott did not give up…this is weird

  442. Lin/Boozer working tonight.

  443. Price being a vet made 3 errors in a row…was ridiculous

  444. Another Lin’s assist to Boozer in transition
    6th assist. 74-98

  445. Davis with 5 fouls

  446. Kobe and Howard having some words. Howard with elbow

  447. Good fake by Boozer but too bad he didn’t make it in.

  448. Need to sit down Kobe

  449. Vet move

  450. Howard and Kobe getting double T.
    Howard swinging elbow close to Kobe’s face. Twice connected?

  451. i thought this would come earlier in the game but not this late 😉

  452. There was contact.

  453. That’s definitely intentional on Howard’s part. Esp. the 2nd one

  454. It connected with Kobe’s nose

  455. hey guys new here lets enjoy the game!

  456. Flagrant 1 on Howard, personal on Kobe and then double technical

  457. thanks clutch.

  458. Mod: Please ban Jeremy Harden, he is the troll from the other site

  459. LOL good catch

  460. This is why I don’t go to Lakers games. They just are not good, as you have seen. Will have a tough time winning more than 25 games.

  461. yeah we acknowledge…giving him a clean sheet for now and see how he behaves

  462. welcome….we are enjoying the game indeed

  463. Blacklisted him. I need to know how my moderating functions.

  464. fair

  465. Davis is out, why?

  466. The first troll found his way here.

  467. Caught the game from end of 3rd qtr.

    This is who Lin is.

  468. thats not needed…until he trolls

  469. PFoul

  470. At this point, you can leave him in. Then bring Sacre in

  471. 5 fouls

  472. It worked!!!!

  473. randle with ankle…sigh

  474. Randle appears injured

  475. More injuries.. sigh…

  476. I thought he fouled out

  477. The game unraveled with the Lakers bench end of Q3

  478. that’s not good at all. Why do Lakers get so many injuries? *sigh*

  479. we are already depleted…gonna be tough season keeping he roster

  480. Just saying that he is a known troll on the other site found his way here.

  481. Q4 been bad so far…oh well…1st game

  482. my goodness, Randle.

  483. I did not see any twist…I think it is something more serious

  484. Looked like he kicked his own foot.

  485. It looks like Lin really has to lead the 2nd team … and 1st team.

  486. TOP 7th pick just out

  487. Sucks, Lakers curse with injury bug.

  488. exactly

  489. Did they say ‘Achilles Heel’ about Randle? .. argggh

  490. Clone Lin

  491. and 3rd as well

  492. we still need to wait for another 26 yrs for the clone to grow up!

  493. This is so unfortunate.

  494. Injury bug, really? Why pick on the Lakers??
    Boozer actually looked good with Jeremy feeding on him.

  495. Randle will need lots of support. This will be tough on him… being so young.

  496. they know some injury bug like Randle would happen..tough man!

  497. Good move to sit Lin now.

  498. Yeah, garbage time.

  499. I guess Lin is done for the night

  500. LAL starters rest after Randle’s injury. Not worth risking injuries in a blowout

  501. Lin with the worst +/- in the starting unit. I want to hear people talk about this. I only hear +/- when it benefits Lin and now it doesn’t.

  502. R.Kelly, please come back…. Henry looks rusty.

  503. I always said +/- is garbage….+ or –

  504. especially with back to back

  505. Kelly isn’t that much better than Henry, if at all.

  506. I don’t care about +/- really.

  507. Let them shake off the rust and have someone set them plays.

  508. It is but so many Lin fans talk about it.

  509. Now its gonna be interesting (or less) to see how they fair back to back, furthermore with so much injuries

  510. We don’t need to go to the games to actually know that.

  511. not here..Davis was one of the best for LAL today but he had -20

  512. Henry was very good last yr

  513. Phoenix is fast. They’re going to run LA into circles. I expect another loss but the score will be closer.

  514. The points should be if Lin made the right play. He even ignored Kobe today twice…

  515. Man that looked bad. First game of his NBA career that is tough. Saw Kobe shaking his head on the bench.

  516. that’s why I said, if at all.

  517. Kelly was very good too.

  518. not sure if the score will be close

  519. LOL very true.

  520. Phoenix’ advantage over Lakers is depth.

  521. Price and Davis are also -17 (playing vs bench still) with 2 min left.
    It should get better not playing vs starters
    Randle -18 now

    There was an 8 min drought of no LAL scoring. Randle played a big part in it.
    Whoever on the floor with him was affected too in +/-

  522. They should push the pace, it would be the right strategy.

  523. Lakers barely have enough players to play 5 on 5 and another injury.

  524. wish the team dont let their morale down..especially with the lost and probably loosing Randle as well

  525. Now we know how the LAL fairs….I would give another 5-10 games for them to stabilize the rotation and getting the team to gel better

  526. This is purely just cohesion problem

  527. lack of talent too.

  528. The only positive in this game is not more LA players get injured.

    Plus Lin was allowed to be playmaker to start the 3rd quarter for 12-4 run to cut the lead to single digit (9 pts).
    That’s about it.

    Note: Oh yeah, Lin only played 29 min so I can watch him play tomorrow vs Suns.

  529. Jeremy’s only FG tonight

  530. Looks like Scott is sticking to game plan and not pushing it..good

  531. 5fga. Lin, you don’t play with parsons/harden/d12 anymore.

  532. yeah…i was bitching about that since yesterday

  533. oh rather forever 🙂

    Hope to see him taking more shots tomorrow

  534. HC in the house!

  535. Get well, man.

  536. I don’t know if people said it below on the thread already…but I really want Jeremy to start off stronger. It’s almost like every game he starts, he observes more and takes it quite chill. Then something happens, and he gets hit somewhere. This warms him up and then he gets going.

  537. I hope we can get a W tomorrow. Psalm, cheer extra hard!

  538. you need to go to games and give the kick early so he is well warmed up

  539. oh no

  540. More like wave my hand across his face and say:” You are in the 4th Quarter.”
    Jeremy:”I am in the 4th Quarter.”

  541. Hope is good…hope is good!

  542. Another good news. Metta might be willing to come back from China


  543. Well at least it’s not the Achilles or something like that. still a huge bummer.

  544. good one!

  545. oh really so metta (what ever his new name is)…and TD?

  546. Without hope, we die.
    Yes, I’ll cheer for Lin to play better tomorrow to lead Lakers 1st/2nd/3rd team! :]

  547. You can say ” I am Jose Calderon, I am Jose Calderon…, take the 3 ptr, take the 3 ptr..”

  548. We need his screaming elbows.

  549. Lakers front court is damn ugly. Rockets bench is not even good, but they’re better than the Lakers.

    Lakers should have a strong first quarter. The looked like a mess out there in the beginning.

    Rockets STILL first round exit. This team will not do anything against teams with terrific perimeter defense.

  550. How can you forget Panda’s Friend man…how????

  551. He does this a lot. The observing part. Over analyzes everything then plays bad.

  552. Not top notch talents…but I think given the performance, there are completely underperformed.

  553. PASS. He’s that bad.

  554. That is his job…

  555. First game of the season jitters, plus rushing things in 1st quarter to get 2 quick fouls, plus decimated Lakers personnel.
    He did look really good in the 3rd quarter. I thought he’s going to lead them to tie the game.

    It’ll get better with time if he knows how to get his points safely with floaters/midrange

  556. you’re a much better person than me.

  557. the playing bad part?

  558. THat comes and goes…you panic too often….LOL

  559. you’re a much better person than you think :]

  560. Oh boy…

  561. Too bad their defense kind of reverted a bit back to the first few games of the preseason, the last few games it wasn’t that bad. Offensively, I agree with you. Brent says it’s cohesiveness, I think they lack players who are good at specific roles. Especially for floor spacing and true big body.

  562. hey, maybe if he’s healthy it’s a plus

  563. panic? nah. Just understanding the reality of the situation.

  564. That’s sad…

  565. Me too. (Shameless)

  566. I am going to be happy……if Dave Miller start to doubt Scott…lol

  567. We lost because you didn’t take that 10 min nap 😛

  568. good good…..

  569. Yeah, you know how we voted and I thought he would get 20/8 conservatively…so definitely I’m disappointed.
    Those jitters you mentioned are real…he really did look tentative until Howard knocked him down.

  570. It’s just a theory…

  571. Scott says broken tibia for Randle but going to be evaluated

  572. He was TERRIBLE last season and did things that hurt the morale of the team. S*up*d twitter comments, bad body language during games.

  573. I’m not…kinda expected for me… the team needs time to settle down

  574. I know .. it’s a little disappointing but at least he tried his best to be aggressive (even if it was incorrect approach). If he learns from it, it’ll be good.

    Hope he redeems himself tomorrow

  575. Q: What do you make of Kobe and Dwight?
    A: They don’t like each other.

  576. Maybe he thought he was on offense.

  577. Scott: Lin did pretty good job. second half much more aggressive.

  578. hope it’s a clean break so it heals quicker

  579. Darn….I am the only guy thinking Lin did a good job overall…..LOL with 6minutes of bad time of course

  580. Scott said he thought Lin did a pretty good job.

  581. The second half, yes.

  582. I’m wasted but you’re on crack, bruh.

  583. IF One of the 2 drives to D12 was called…things would be completely different.

  584. oops, most likely he stressed his right, and when his left feet hits his calf, it snapped

  585. relative to the rest of the team…

  586. I like how when Reggie Miller was talking on the replay ” Dwight went …pause….straight up”.

  587. LOL I wish I am……I rather be the one wasted….

  588. you must be crazy lin fan

  589. The one where Dwight went straight up and wasn’t called for a foul…there was arm contact from what I saw.

  590. sad state of affairs

  591. It was not

  592. They really do lie to themselves…lol

  593. It would be a foul if it was DAVIS

  594. He did well.. kinda late though.

  595. You described it correctly. It was a big Mess in the beginning.
    And if Rox meets Seed 1-4 with good perimeter D neutralizing their 3PT and someone challenging Howard, it will be 1st round exit

  596. LOL…..ok…..TC speaks…..:P

  597. knowing Lin, he would

  598. takes one to know one 😛

  599. and a proud one indeed 🙂

  600. He did well in the 3rd quarter. But I expected more because he was playing a former team. But the one good thing about Jeremy is that we don’t need to rag on him. He beats up on himself more than we do I believe.

  601. nah…he just need to wave his hand for offense, no running needed

  602. true, he was sleep-walking last season

  603. Oh man…that kinda sound sends shivers all over my body.

  604. This is truly heart breaking…

  605. during the game chat, I thought about the same thing. But now thinking back, I think he did better than I thought.

  606. anybody seen lin’s floater? gone missing.

  607. Seems not ready yet….

  608. Is this going to be BS’s MO?
    If a player plays well, he doesn’t really say all that much. But if a player wasn’t so great, he props them up to encourage them or something?

    Cos if that’s the case, it would explain a lot.

  609. put it on a milk carton.

  610. Harsh words for Howard from James Worthy

  611. Is this the LA thing….I am just wondering…I am new to LA….

  612. gif gods, help.

  613. But Lin was very mediocre in the 1st half, which contributed to the Lakers falling way behind from the start. This kind of ‘consistency’ won’t win him a starting job in the current basketball culture.

  614. LOL hahaha this makes sense

  615. Like I said….he only looked bad….Besides the 2 TOVs what did he do wrong?

  616. Did Worthy start chanting “Howard s…” ?

  617. It’ still floating…

  618. Yes and no. I was not paying as much attention when things when he was here but obviously there was tension although they denied it. I know that after Howard left LA, LA hates Howard.

  619. He didn’t win.

  620. I noticed that they hate MDA too…..

  621. No. Said that Howard doesn’t have it yet. He wants to act like he is the man but he’s not. Statements like that.

  622. That is just like the ref call…you have to play through it…lol

  623. Not really in the mood for trolling now XD, after the Randle injury and loss.

  624. He wasn’t doing anything in the 1st half while playing with Kobe. 0 field goal 1 asst is not enough contribute from a deserving starting PG.

  625. Teddy bear :P. Like Ted?

  626. PFV

  627. Psalm hates bears.

  628. I have no patience for doubters right now.

  629. Really??

  630. What I tried to say is, he can not control how refs calls it. And that was the only deciding factor too me. perimeter players relies on a LOT of things that are out of their control.

  631. Kobe does too.

  632. Highlights from Blayian

  633. Blaiyan is the definition of highlights MVP.

  634. LOL

  635. Do we need a post game thread? @real_dsb:disqus???

  636. All hail Blaiyan!

  637. Do we need it for back to back?

  638. Not sure……..@psalm234:disqus?

  639. I might get slammed here for saying this, but I’d take Asik over Hill, even if Asik is “stoned” handed.

  640. They are not at the same level at all…

  641. LOL. Not at all.

  642. Agree, but only Lin fans will side with those ‘reasons’. I have no doubt about Lin’s game when he is controlling the offense, but when Kobe or others are controlling the offense, I just don’t see Lin very effective because he doesn’t look for shots and couldn’t blockout bigs for boards, and so there is no point for him to be there.

  643. That would be a wicked front court.

  644. Jeremy’s post-game interview

  645. I have been said this for a long time now. I don’t care his box score, I care if he made right play or not. But that is just me. In general, he was good. Not error free for sure. 😛 no one is perfect.

  646. It’s a pity but I’m still optimistic. I just looked it up and in Lin’s first game against the Knicks he only had 13p/3a but the second time they met he scored 22p/9a!

    So everyone mark November 19th on the calendar. After some more time gelling with his team I’m confident he’ll win out in the long run.

  647. This makes me wonder… perhaps Scott really had his reasons for having Lin come off the bench and run the second unit.

  648. Probably we don’t need it for B2B.
    Not enough time to get lots of update

  649. Scott post game interview.

  650. At 1:23, Kobe approved of that Jeremy move.

    Jeremy Lin effect on biggies worked on Boozer this game. Boozer is getting to the basket more rather than rely on his missing midrange.

  651. So…we just start a new pre game…while using this one for the post game?

  652. The Defenseless Bear_ didn’t get attacked today!

  653. Lin did…..no space tho.

  654. and ppl think his handle is bad..

  655. Look at Beverley slamming D-Mo for Jeremy getting away for that easy basket. LOL

  656. split the screen, I miss those moves…Lin made instant reads.

  657. Like Jeremy said, he’s going to find everyone’s sweet spot 🙂

  658. Yeah he even found mine so… 🙂

    Alright back to the highlights! At least Boozer, like Asik and Davis, was smart enough to know how to play off Jeremy’s game.

  659. Nah, Asik is a million times better than Hill.

  660. I totally set you up on that 🙂
    So it looks like Lin/Boozer for 1st unit and Lin/Davis for 2nd unit.

  661. Until Boozer gets back (or doesn’t) his midrange game, better he rolls and anticipate Jeremy’s passes.

  662. can not believe we are missing Asik here…lol

  663. With so many injuries and players didn’t have time to practice with different players rather than 1st or 2nd unit for preseason, it’s going to be hard to win for a while. Also sad that JLin isn’t able to use one of his best skills for transition. Lakers is very slow in both old and young players.

  664. I went to the game and her is what I saw:

    Ok, just came from the game. Laker fans wanted the win, but it is what it is. The section I was sitting in was rooting for lin. The first half lin was trying to adjust to Kobe’s game. He started going fast and lost the ball a couple of times. He couldn’t get in the paint, and the spacing was so bad. He didn’t have enough space to even shoot. Then lobe took over the offense and it became the Kobe show. No ball movement. Everybody standing around watching him shoot. I saw kobe with 4 defenders in the paint trying to take the ball in. I don’t even know why Wes Johnson is in the starting lineup, he couldn’t defend a knat. Lin/Bev match up was even. Bev only scored on Lin once. Also in the second half, kobe let lin handle the ball, and lin/boozer became a team. lin getting the ball to him. At my estimation, lin should had at least 14 points tonight. He missed a three and two layups. I know people want to come on here and say lin looked bad, not really the whole team looked lost out there. In the 2nd half they came back within 6 points, then they started getting fouls.

    Lin is in the starting lineup. Scott kept Price with 2nd unit and was giving plays to Clarkson. I saw lin/kobe chatting on the bench alot. I saw Lin/boozer talking a lot. Price is not starting material and his defense is suspect at best. Lin did pretty well holding down Bev. Lin knew how to play him, Bev tried a couple of times to get in the paint and Davis blocked his shot. Davis blocked a couple of Howard’s shots but the ref called fouls on Davis.

    Lin shook Mchale, Finch and the other black coaches hand. When they first came on court, i saw Howard hug lin, and I saw He and Harden chatting while they were waiting to come back in the game. Bev didn’t even look lin’s way. He acted like he didn’t know him, so people on here saying lin was laughing and being chummy with them did not happen. it was awful what happened to Randle, fortunately that is overshadowing this game.

    I think that once lin gels with the starters and kobe starts sharing the ball, it will be fine. Kobe played at a very high level tonight, he can’t keep doing that for 82 games. But I liked what I saw with the lin/boozer connection. Just so you know kobe had 18 points and 1 assist, so it was iso kobe.

  665. THanks for the report!

  666. It is what it is…will give some time for the team to take some breath and sink in all the coaching and for the rookies to play in NBA level. Most of NBA team wont be relying so much on bench and rookies, as Lakers do, unfortunately thats the roster they have.

    Lin/Kobe not only need to learn playing with each other but how to bring the best, out of the team…its tough!

    On top of all these, new coach, new system, and building chemistry is gonna take time. And not forgetting all the injuries that they had and going on.

    Waiting patiently with hope 🙂

  667. Look at JH:

    Jeremy Lin with the and1 finish https://t.co/T5mLPRNNJl

  668. That’s what good coaches do. Recognize the effort and build the players confidence when they are down.

    Unlike MCHALE, Scott knows that when his players underperform even though the effort was there, it means that he didn’t do enough to harvest that effort. What ever the weakness of his players, the coach must find ways to maximize their potentials.

    Lin simple tried too hard and was unable to feel the chemistry between himself and his teammates. It’s a sign that a player is pressing too hard when they come too close to the fine line between being in or out of control. In many cases LIN ran his engines too hard in order to try to beat multiple players.

  669. Thanks for the upbeat report. I become quite “pessimistic” while watching the game. Pray that JLin and Lakers will do better in next game.

  670. It’s only 1 game and JH is slowly showing his true colors on defense…. lol

    I give this until 3rd week of November lol

  671. I like how his teammates all cheered for him. I’m going to chalk this up to just growing pains. They’ll need more time to gel.

    Remember that Lin didn’t poorly the first time he played against the Knicks. It wasn’t until the second game, when he returned to MSG that he did really well.

    So Nov 19 they’ll be in Houston and we’ll see Lin get his revenge.

  672. Can not be worse in terms of results…so…lol

  673. Will trust u in this. Keep my hope up!

  674. Hopefully not. They are playing with Suns again.

  675. Interesting that all three ex-Rocket players played today.

  676. Also noticed how PB reacted when JLin passed him. Wow! Glad JLin was too fast for him:-)

  677. Jeremy’s post game – longer version.

  678. Jeremy Lin Take a Awesome Crossovers in Rockets vs Lakers – October 28, 2014 https://t.co/w7IoR7d7XO— Dwain808 (@dwain808) October 29, 2014

  679. Audio Assist – Lakers vs Rockets

  680. what is he saying?

  681. from lakerground.net

    Lin — — He got off to an awful start with turnovers and fouls to open the game. The Lakers were completely out of rhythm and fell behind deep. In the second half, Lin got into attack mode and the game changed. “He was much more aggressive and that’s what the Lakers need him to be,” Scott said. As I mentioned, this is going to be Lin’s and Kobe’s team to run offensively. There’s no way around it. It’s a good situation for Lin, he just needs to step into that role like he did in the second half tonight. He was getting dribble penetration and good things were happening as a result. Only thing you worry about was the amount of contact he was taking and how many times he hit the floor. No need to state the obvious here about the Lakers injury bug. He didn’t shoot the ball well tonight (missing a big three that would have trimmed the lead to 4 in the second half), but no one did in this game with how much difficulty the team had in getting into flow. Fun third quarter. Just need to string a few of those together. Only way to do that is get more minutes together to figure each other out. The Stats: He scored 7 points on 1-5 shooting (0-1 from three, 5-6 from the line) to go with 2 boards, 6 assists, 4 turnovers and 3 fouls in 29 minutes. He was a -17. The Action: He lost the handle trying to create, turnover. He fouled Ariza on a three for a 4-point play. He attacked the paint and was blocked. He attacked the paint, took contact and got no call on the miss. He then picked up his second foul running into Harden and had to sit. Back in, he lost the dribble bringing it up, dunk the other way. Sheesh, couldn’t be a worse start for Lin. He pushed up it in transition, drew the D and dumped if off to Boozer for the And-1. He didn’t score on 0-2 shooting to go with 2 assists and 2 turnovers in 14 minutes.Second Half: He attacked the paint and got body-slammed by Howard to draw his Dwight’s fourth, he made one FT, but got it tapped back out to him. He split a double team, attacked the rim, took contact and flipped in the lefty And-1 before going down, he made the FT. He attacked off the high screen, through the D, drawing a third defender at the baseline before dumping it off to Boozer for the layup. He attacked, drew the D and setup Hill for FTs. Not close on a big three attempt that could have cut the lead to 4 (that would have been big). He attacked baseline and found Davis for the layup. He made a tech FT. Sloppy kickout off a semi-trap, turnover at mid court. He attacked from the wing and took contact for FTs, he made both. He attacked but couldn’t finish the layup high off the glass.

    Regarding the bolded part, Mchale used to say this, now Scott’s saying it. Will Lin deliver or fall short like he did in hicktown?

  682. He did ok today…not really fall short, did he?

  683. fair report. This guy DancingBarry is very fair in his reports.

    BTW, @disqus_NiYAYdjvfo:disqus which bolded part? I dont see it?

  684. I may be slow on the uptake, and there was a lot of speculation on this, but it seems fairly clear now that after Rockets acquired Harden and the completion of Lin’s first year, the Rockets planned to trade Lin and began phasing him out last year so that the losing him would have the smallest impact possible on the Rockets. I still don’t think the Rockets will get beyond first round and I question whether they will be able to contend with real contenders even during the season, as others here have pointed out. A decimated Lakers team is hardly a true test of the Rockets’ mettle. Lakers have a tough schedule this week, and I still think if Lakers can get it together quickly, they might be able to make playoffs. Here’s hoping tomorrow has a better outcome.

  685. Thanks, Joyce! I’ll be at Friday’s game. Hoping Lakers will get it together. They seemed to have regressed this game. Maybe too many nerves or adrenaline.

  686. I’m not panicking yet…LAL has tough stretch of games coming up and back2back as well.

    Lets see how they hold up, as long as there is progress from game to game (similar to preseason), we can be a little optimistic, else they might peak too late into the season. Which in return would up-keep them for next season.

    But seriously, the FO needs to get some players, center to start with.

  687. LOL, Harden waving hello

  688. I like that you come here too. I’m going to fade a little from .net because the trolls keep coming back.

  689. the team is in disarray from youth and injuries, so Lin is pressing too hard at times. He’s going to get his groove.

  690. He wasn’t even waving. He was fallen into “eyes” defense again.

  691. People pickin us to win 20 games 25 games 30 games, like i said all along let’s shock the world. But we got to do it together, ok? Everybody in here has to be a little bit better, tonight, than you were yesterday, and so on and so forth, and that’s how we got to look at it. We got a good team in this room…

  692. Defensive witness.

  693. Trolls are scared in here. Wouldn’t last one second.

  694. peep…

  695. His rating was a cross-eyed smiley and a thumbs-up. This is a good site. Way different than Clutchfans.

  696. I know Kobe went into Iso mode in the 2nd quarter. But maybe he did so because everyone was so jitterish, he just wanted to do what he could to steady the ship. He went a bit too long, but I guess it is hard to judge the situation on the fly. Joyce’s observation that he and Lin were still talking on the bench, is telling that it isn’t an “I don’t trust my teammate” situation. When Kobe really doesn’t trust you, he is probably going to ignore you. When Lin ignored Kobe who was yelling for the ball a few steps away, and passed it to Boozer instead, you didn’t see any of the typical Melo or Harden pouting, hand clapping. Then when Lin hit that awesome and-1 Kobe was actually the most emphatic to celebrate the shot. So at least for this game all is good. Hope it continues…

  697. Do you mean the “Hey DMo it’s your fault!” reaction?

  698. [LONG VIDEO] ==> "10.28.14 Game #1 — Long Video — JLin & Lakers Crushed By Rockets; Randle Breaks Leg" http://t.co/j5qT6TmsO9 #Lakers #NBA— Paul Villarreal (@CNM_JLin_Vids) October 29, 2014

  699. No, need to rewatch it again:-)

  700. Please remind DMo that he and Jeremy are not team mates anymore lol.

  701. I give Lin D+ or C- given this game was against Rockets. No sense of urgency in first half.

  702. Not enough talent on Lakers to make playoff. Rockets still let Lakers back within 6 or 7. Rockets will go far as Dwight decided to play. Harden actually improved.

  703. LOL That’s good for JLin/Lakers:-)

  704. I am not panicking because I expected this.

  705. The perennial first round exits? I give this guys till end of November or December when teams are starting to adjust.

  706. boy it is nicer here!

    like I’ve said over there, I love it when JLin gets reality check early. I don’t mind him getting more angry and feeling humiliated. It will transform into even more fire for him to do well in the future. He’s gotta find a way to play a real offensive set with Kobe; I’m not big on him and Davis since I think Davis is having success due to lack of scouting. He needs to be good with everyone in the team, not just that one big guy who happen to love him.

    I’m always supportive of him no matter what. Sure he sucked but I expected that from him this game. Just show progress, baby.

  707. Welcome. Enjoy your stay.

  708. I sure will since there’s less chance of me getting sexually harassed by mentally unstable trolls here… 🙂

  709. Bromance, bro… lol

  710. little too much on the -mance part, , AIYA…. I am not homophobe so I hate to make negative comments, so I just shout in Chinese, lol…

  711. Ha, ha. Sad.

  712. Welcome! Good to see u here.

  713. It’s more like JH was cheering for JLin:-) Good job JLin!

  714. lol

  715. i just got off work. did lin redeem himself on the second half?

  716. Is it just me or does Kobe seem Jesus-like in this pic with the rays shining down on him and him blessing young Randle.

  717. Kobe Interview -8min

  718. Welcome ProLin

  719. Wow this place has more people than I thought…seems like most of the better posters have migrated here. The other place is getting unbearable.

    Kinda regret staying up till 1:30 am to watch this game and now I am sleepy as heck at work. Hmm probably gonna do it again tonight…

  720. Nah…he was all good, helping Jeremy to score…his team mate…oops former

  721. Yes. He did better on 3rd quarter but wasn’t enough to turn the tide and R got away. Then Randle had tibia fracture. The game was basically over.

  722. Welcome board. Yes, it has become unbearable at the other site. I just migrated here 2 days ago.

  723. Welcome stranger. Good that u’ve found the place. Yes, many of us have migrated here for a while now. I was when the other side became unbearable over a month ago. Tried to go back there several times but seemed like getting worse over the times. Little point to visit there now.

  724. Welcome Ken…yeah its back2back for us as well…lol

  725. Yeah, I have enough stress watching Lakers with their think lineups, dont really need anymore stress from fans.

  726. Could not agree more.

  727. LOL I’m considered to be pretty bad for a couple days with the startergate but @psalm234 and PFV managed to calm me down:-)

  728. Michael last really long in here.

  729. He’s a gold medalist…seems you wanna join him as well? Not easy!

  730. That’s a good point. He’ll learn from this and will only get better.

  731. While that’s true, I don’t think they were able to limit it as much as they think. Aside form Harden, they have no other playmaker and they’re going to feel at a loss against better teams and throughout the season.

    I also think the Lakers might be able to squeeze into the playoffs if they can get their act together. But it’s going to take a lot of work and quite a bit of luck too!

  732. Topmost in the troll hierarchy lol

  733. LOL…Chris Baldwin still follows Jeremy! Good man indeed

    Jeremy Lin schools Patrick Beverley, but Dwight Howard elbows Kobe Bryant aside in deceiving Rockets laugher

    Jeremy Lin blows by Patrick Beverley again and again, giving the LA
    Lakers brief third quarter life, making even the beautiful people look
    up from their iPhones. Beverley, the phantom defensive stopper, clearly
    cannot keep Lin out of the lane.

    When Lin beats Beverley off the dribble for a second straight time and
    flips in a shot off the glass with his off hand as Terrence Jones fouls
    him, Will Ferrell gives a fist pump.

    It’s a nice moment for the former Houston Rocket, a clear sign things
    will be very different for Lin in LA than they were in the Bayou City.
    But the Rockets are going to make sure Lin’s moment is fleeting on this opening night.
    Oh, Beverley doesn’t have all that much to do with it. In fact, he
    gives more of an early preview of how much Daryl Morey will regret
    jettisoning his best true point guard in the end. But with the
    individual efficient brilliance of James Harden and a rare angry game
    from Dwight Howard, Houston puts on quite a show for openers.

    Suddenly, Kobe is mouthing “Try me” at the man who spurned LA for Houston and even Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have something to talk about.

    “They don’t like each other,” Lakers coach Byron Scott says of the Kobe & Howard show. “Simple as that.”

    That’s confirmed when Bryant claims he does like Howard, just so he can
    call him “a teddy bear,” damning the big man who yearns to be dominant
    with another soft image. Yes, Kobe truly is wicked.

    Lin’s drive-bys of Beverley in the third quarter, Scott’s comments
    about Dwight’s lack of championship want-to, Kobe’s comments about
    Dwight, Harden’s desire to prove he’s blown past Kobe . . . it’s all
    coming together in a stew of hatred. But the Lakers need to do a lot of
    work to make it matter.

    It’s a good start for a Rockets team that should be 4-0 heading into
    Tuesday’s game at Miami. But this idea that it’s somehow a disaster for
    Jeremy Lin is a joke that’s a figment of Lin Only Haters imagination.
    Yes, Lin puts up only seven points, but your first game with a new
    franchise (especially when it’s the first game back for one of that
    franchise’s all-time legends) is not the time to force up shots.

    Lin only takes five shots on this night, but his penetration does
    plenty for the Lakers — and there are a number of encouraging signs. He
    plays 29 minutes, tied for the team lead with Kobe Bryant. He picks up
    six assists while creating easy baskets for bigs like Carlos Boozer and
    Ed Davis. Those six assists could easily be nine assists if not for a
    few teammate fumbles (Jordan Hill, one of the worst starters in the NBA,
    has a particularly rough night).

    It is Lin’s penetration that forces Howard to the bench just 73 seconds
    into the third quarter too. The Rockets defensive backbone (really
    their only real defensive bone period) picks up his fourth foul on a Lin
    drive and his absence opens up everything, exposing Beverley’s defense
    on Lin.

    “I thought he did a pretty good job to be honest with you,” Scott says
    of Lin. “Especially in the second half . . . I thought he was much more
    aggressive and that’s what we need Jeremy to be.”

    Imagine that. A coach encourages Jeremy Lin to attack and then gives
    him a real chance to do it. The difference between the way Byron Scott
    and Kevin McHale talk about and treat Lin is already dramatic — and
    glaringly obvious.

    Lin plays the entire third quarter on this night. For the first time
    since his run in New York with Mike D’Antoni, Lin doesn’t need to look
    over his shoulder and anticipate the move of a coach itching to yank
    him. With Lin playing well and driving the Lakers, Byron Scott actually
    lets him play on.

    The Lin Only Haters will never acknowledge it, but there are cracks
    already showing through. Lin leaving Beverley in the dust is an ominous
    sign in a West full of quick elite point guards. October masterpieces
    are nice, but they have an ugly way of meaning little in April.

    Regrets almost never come early.


    Yeah its a good read…its a long article, so feel free to read on cluturemap

  734. Meanwhile, it was very low of CLutch to make such a video mocking Jeremy’s first game.
    I dont care if its from Lin hater’s but being a Rox front follower and being an editor/owner if CF site…its truly unprofessional…nuff said…sigh

  735. Yeah that’s so lowest of the low. I can’t imagine DancingBarry doing that. Yes DancingBarry could give Jeremy a dead banana rating (if he deserves it) and I wouldn’t care. Putting it on highlights though…

  736. The only thing it accomplishes is to show his pettiness.

  737. Yeah I really like reading his recaps. Similar to Seth of PostingAndToasting for NYK. Helps me kill time at work.

  738. There is a saying can’t beat them join them.

  739. my bad. “He was much more aggressive and that’s what the Lakers need him to be,” Scott said.

  740. Chris Baldwin still followed Jeremy to the Lakers? He’s either a solid Jeremy fan or there’s nothing interesting to write about the Rockets lol.

  741. I think he is a fan, like us, else he wouldnt have gone this deep to write such a lengthy article.

    There is something is Jeremy that sparks everyone. Even the haters…lol

  742. totally! hahaha

  743. he;s just being nice. lol

  744. Didnt realize SI ran a nice article on Lin as well!

    Many NBA players might be taken aback by not receiving a direct show
    of support or a team-wide pronouncement, but the world learned at the
    beginning of Linsanity in 2012 that Lin isn’t easily included in the
    group of many NBA players. In less than eight months he went
    from the D-League, to the toast of the Big Apple and global
    superstardom, to a three-year, $25.1 million offer sheet with Houston
    that went unmatched by the Knicks. During his first year with the Rockets, Lin transitioned quickly from presumptive No. 1 option to second fiddle behind James Harden, who was acquired on the eve of the ’12-13 season. In his second season in Houston, Lin lost his starting job to Patrick Beverley, and then his jersey number to Carmelo Anthony
    during an offseason recruiting pitch. Those hard, fast turns of fortune
    have left Lin sounding cautious, too aware of what might happen next to
    bother celebrating.

    “[Being named starter] is more like a game-to-game thing than a
    permanent thing,” Lin told SI.com by telephone on Sunday, a few hours
    after learning the news from the media. “I know how fast things can
    change. … If [coming off the bench] is what the team needs, I’ve shown
    I’ll make sacrifices.”

    Don’t mistake his humble hesitancy for a lack of desire. Lin has
    admitted deep disappointment about his struggles in Houston, and those
    feelings are a prime motivator this season. He is also not afraid to
    stake his claim to the starting job, even if that means sharing minutes
    and touches with Kobe Bryant.

    That L.A.’s point guard spot remained in question for so long is
    somewhat surprising. By any objective analysis, Lin is easily the team’s
    best floor leader. Nash, 40, was set to be the league’s oldest player
    after appearing in only 15 games last season. Price, 31, hasn’t posted a
    Player Efficiency Rating above 10.0 since 2009-10 and he is on his
    fifth team in five years. Rookie Jordan Clarkson
    has potential, but he wasn’t selected until No. 46. Lin, 26, is far
    from perfect, but he averaged 12.5 points and 4.1 assists last season,
    shot a respectable 35.8 percent from three-point range and posted a PER
    (14.3) just below the league average of 15.0.

    Scott’s indecision throughout the preseason, though, stemmed from two
    major factors: injuries and roster fit. In early October, before Nash
    and Price were injured, Los Angeles lost its premier bench scorer,
    shooting guard Nick Young, for eight weeks because of right-thumb surgery. Assorted other Lakers — including shooting guard Wayne Ellington, swingman Xavier Henry and power forward Ryan Kelly
    — are also banged up. Using Lin and Bryant together, then, could leave
    the Lakers with a feeble second unit. Spacing out their minutes, on the
    other hand, could provide stability over 48 minutes.

    But the fit question loomed larger. Are Bryant and Lin redundant as
    scoring guards, or can they be complementary? Would using a stand-in
    starter such as Price allow Scott to maximize the offensive abilities of
    Bryant and Lin by staggering more of their minutes?

    Lin faced the same question about sharing the ball in both New York,
    with Anthony, and Houston, with Harden. Last season Rockets coach Kevin
    McHale paired Harden with the defensive-minded Beverley in the first
    unit (Lin ended up starting 33 games because of injuries to Beverley), a
    duo that posted an excellent plus-10.4 net rating in 1,245 minutes,
    topping the strong plus-7.6 net rating achieved by Harden/Lin in 1,339

    “The Rockets were on to something using Lin as a third guard because he
    needs the ball to be effective,” a rival scout said. “He’s not a bad
    shooter and he plays with such good pace. His biggest strength is
    putting pressure on the defense off the dribble and in transition. His
    challenge will be to play off Kobe. He has to grow his offensive game
    for that to work.”

    After training with Bryant for a week of early-morning, no-nonsense
    sessions over the summer, Lin says he is “definitely comfortable”
    playing with the Lakers’ alpha dog. Though Lin joked that Kobe is
    “always in his ear,” he added that the coaching has been “very, very
    helpful” and that he’s “very excited” to team with the 36-year-old

    “He’s telling me that he’s the elbow [near the free throw line] and
    below, and I’m the elbow and up,” Lin said of Bryant, referring to
    positioning on offense. “I’ve got the top of the key and the
    pick-and-rolls; he’s got the low-post isos and playing from the block.”

    “That was a little overblown,” he said. “Every time we have an open
    three, [Scott] definitely wants us to take it. That’s the right shot. He
    just wants us to take good shots, be patient with the offense and trust


    Read further at SI 😉

  745. McHale on Jeremy

    At least Houston coach Kevin McHale was sorry to see the
    mild-mannered point guard leave. He called Lin a “tough guy” whose
    attacking style of play would be missed in the Rockets’ lineup.

    “Jeremy played the same way all the time,” McHale said. “He goes into
    attack mode and he goes and goes. Sometimes it works and sometimes it

    Lin’s aggressive style didn’t work well in the first half of Lakers’
    season-opening, 108-90 loss to the Rockets, but was successful in
    breaking down the Rockets defense off the dribble in the third quarter.
    He didn’t have his best night, finishing with seven points, six assists
    and four turnovers against his former team, but neither did his Rockets

    Beverley had nine points and five assists.

    Still, McHale had nothing but praise for Lin, who started at point guard for the Lakers.

    “He’s a wonderful kid to coach, a wonderful person to be around,”
    McHale said. “I have nothing but good things to say about him. We’ll
    miss him because of the way he plays because we go up and down the floor
    and attack.
    “There are some guys that go 90 and he goes 95. He’s fast. … He’s
    such a good kid and he plays really hard. That’s all you can ask.”

  746. Just wanted to say hi to everybody here. Stayed late to watched the whole game on TNT from New York. I wanted to finish the game because it was the first game of JLin as starter for Lakers., even though it was quite painful to watch.

    Disappointed at first, not at Lin, but at myself, having much high hope for Lin and Lakers. Brent made a great post game analysis. I couldn’t agree more.

    Some brief bright moments in 3rd quarters. But I think Scott is taking a long term approach to fix this team, given what he has. Let’s all cheer for Lin to get back on feet tonight.

  747. yeah we gotta move on as well…cheers mate

    BTW, PHX thread is up…

  748. You can’t really “fix” Lakers with the players they have; they just have to make do for this season and get some better players. Boozer, Kobe and Sacre, they are just going to get worse.

  749. Well, to be fair to Rockets, they really don’t need Lin aside from being a back-up when they have Harden UNLESS Harden was supportive of having two-headed attack, but Harden wanted to be the dominant star. But frankly, there are cheaper and better off-the-ball SGs than Lin. So, LIn was both lucky and unlucky in going to Houston which unexpectedly was able to get Harden.

  750. I think Rockets will be able to get past 1st round this year. Maybe 2nd round exit. West is tough though, so no shame in that.

  751. This play by Lin would not have been possible if Dwight was playing.

  752. More people are coming to this site, I noticed.

  753. Well in their own state, if they can’t own the reigning champ Spurs and the defensive Mavericks.. good luck getting past the first exits or even getting into the playoffs.

    No changes in their offense except the addition of new shooters. If they can’t own even the Suns and other teams who have terrific perimeter defense, then good luck on the playoffs.

  754. What did he do wrong? He didn’t do anything during 1st half, that’s what he did wrong. You can’t just not make a difference as a starting PG. Also, I don’t mind Lin missing 3, but that missed way to the left.

  755. I gave him B+ when he got something like 3 points and 10 assists, so I am not biased at all. This game was very different from that one. No way can I give a higher score than C-. D+ to C-. This was the first game and against his former team.

  756. I hope Lakers win more than 20 games this season.

  757. His lift foot hitting the right calf area shouldn’t cause this kind of injury. Weird.

  758. While Wes and hill stay at “worst”

  759. They will if they get Nick Young, healthy Xavier Henry.
    They missed scorers and good perimeter D last night

  760. It’s as just one point I think….lol for a point guard…

  761. There is many limiting factors here, unless you think for him to get a B he need to go ISO like Kobe.

  762. He was at the game, that’s probably why. He is a Lin fan for sure.

  763. people are more often intending to be sincere, so that’s the sweet spot of any discussion board.

  764. We are really close to 1k comments milestone, a few trolls might be useful. Use them and then toss them.

  765. we already have trolls, their names are Brent and Michael. =p

  766. Did anyone see Jack Ma at the game last night? Wondering if he’s a Lin’s fan.

  767. Don’t care one bit. He had already proved himself to be extremely unprofessional.

  768. thanks, gave them a few ad clicks!

  769. Baldwin’s a true Lin fan. (well, I’m sure all the extra view and clicks from Lin fans don’t hurt either =)

  770. well, it was a good sign that despite Lin’s poor Q1 and Q2, he came out strong in Q3. One thing we know about Lin, he’ll never give up.

  771. It seemed like the Lakers didn’t know how to attack the Rockets defense, which was pretty tight and aggressive, I have to give them credit for that.

  772. “He was much more aggressive and that’s what the Lakers need him to be,” Scott said.

    I don’t remember McHale saying stuff like that. My impression is that McHale always felt that Lin was too aggressive and risky. Here’s McHale’s quote from yesterday. Reading between the lines, I interpret that to mean that McHale doesn’t want that style.

    “Jeremy played the same way all the time,” McHale said. “He goes into
    attack mode and he goes and goes. Sometimes it works and sometimes it

  773. Could be an avulsion fracture, which is when a bone fractures due to excessive force from the pulling of a ligament or tendon. Looks like he kicked his right leg just as he was jumping off his right foot, possibly putting enough extra force on the ligaments in his ankle to cause the avulsion fracture.

  774. Well, basically Lin didn’t have a great game and didn’t help his team win. Pretty simple.

    But why would Lin fans want to emphasize a bad stat? If Lin shoots 75% in a game, we will keep talking about it, but if he shoots 20%, we’re not going to bring it up. I personally think +/- can be a useful metric at times, although it can be random and have complicated external factors.

  775. I added my review in the post above

  776. Yes. That loss was so hard to swallow at the time= =

  777. So here’s the full quote from McHale on Lin:

    “Jeremy plays the same way all the time and goes into attack mode. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t work,” McHale said. “Most of the time, he plays for you. Other times, he’s playing for the other


    This is probably a good time to remind people that we do not allow name calling and personal insults on this site (whether it’s other posters, players, coaches, anyone).

  778. It doesn’t surprise me that McHale said that, that’s pretty much how he viewed Jeremy. I don’t expect anyone from Rockets org to be classy.

  779. My pregame predictions were mostly right about Lin’s ast, and beating Bev off the dribble but
    no easy layups. Kobe scored 19 with 35% fg. Harden got over 25pts,
    10fts. I got the Lakers final score exactly right, 90.

    Wrong about Lin’s pts, and WJ’s points.


  780. JLin was more generous with his comments about his ex-employer.
    JLin has class.

  781. Should ask Mchale what team Harden plays for on defence.

  782. Was there ever a time he was professional? Nuff said. I would NEVER EVER GIVE ANY HOUSTON MEDIA A HIT NO MATTER WHAT HE HAS TO SAY.

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