VOTE FOR FUN – Jeremy Lin’s Future Girlfriend!

3 months is a long time for Lin fans to wait for Jeremy to get back in action with his new Lakers teammates. Due to an overwhelming demand of Lin fans to do something productive, why not do some fun voting for who do Lin fans think should be Jeremy’s girlfriend? So let’s take the time to gather an unscientific Poll of who should be Jeremy Lin’s girlfriend then we will tweet to JLin7 before the season starts! Keep in mind that Jeremy will be 100% focused to do well in the last year of the contract (2014-2015) to help his new Laker team to reach the playoff and get a new contract so there is probably 1% chance he will have time for a real girlfriend. But there is nothing wrong for the fans to let Jeremy know who his fans like the best to be his girlfriend. Who knows if he might consider it for the future! So let the voting begin! Of course Jeremy has provided his girlfriend criteria back in 2012 at the heights of Linsanity:

This is his list of criteria

1) CHRISTIAN-She must love God and be a faithful Christian (Jeremy Lin is a christian)

2) CHARITABLE– Desire to serve other people and help the underpriviledged

3) EASYGOING- easy to be around

4) CHILL- low key, low maintainence

And I gathered 10 popular pictures of Jeremy Lin’s female fans from the Internet. Voila! That’s unmistakenly the unscientific part. Some might fulfill only one, all or even none of the criteria but you get to decide! Browse the candidate pictures and description then vote away!


Who do you think should be Jeremy Lin's Future Girlfriend?


    1. Altynbekova Sabina (vball player)  AltynbekovaSabina  I wasn’t aware of her existence until Kenoshi and Etane, the resident .. ehm .. beauty expert, at raised our awareness. It turns out Sabina is an 18-year old volleyball player from Kazakhstan who managed to have her own Linsanity moments when she and her team competed in Taiwan for the Asian-Under-19 championships. She has drawn so much attention from tens of thousands male fans in China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines that they stopped watching the game and just stared at her and forgot about the championships. There was similar plot of jealous teammates and manga fantasies being written about her until she asked for the attention to stop because it became too much. So she’s a little young at 18 but she has her Sabina-sanity moment to relate to Lin and stands at 6’ft and still growing plus she was humble enough to calm down jealous teammates. What’s not to like? She looks easygoing and chill so that’s good enough for me LOL.The main downside is it’s unknown if she is Christian or Charitable and she lives half-way around the world from Lin. Read more:       
    2. Michelle Wie (golfer) MichelleWie   Michelle Wie stands at 6’3″, a Stanford graduate and just won her first major championships (US Open) in golf. On paper, it looks great but for some unscientific reason I sense her personality might not match with Jeremy. I just don’t see her walking around with Lin carrying a purse dog while Jeremy is dribbling ball, training or serving together at charities. I could be wrong but personally I’m not sold on her. Besides, she has Robin Lopez (Portland Blazer center) as a boyfriend at the moment. Plus it’s unknown if she would fulfill any of the four criteria. But please don’t let me prevent you from voting for Wie. Let the fans’ voice be heard!
    3. Omri Casspi’s Sister

      Here is Omri Casspi’s sister. Omri was Jeremy’s teammate in Houston and quite a good friend with Jeremy off-the-court. She’s cute but perhaps she looks so much like Omri without the beard that Jeremy might have a hard time imagining a date with beardless Casspi. That would simply be weird and create a lot of awkward moment. But she looks nice and Kenoshi’s favorite so here we go. And I notice a lack of enthusiasm on Jeremy’s part on the picture so it might be lacking in chemistry department.
    4. Arden Cho (reporter)

      Arden Cho is a big Lin fan and just happened to be a reporter who interviewed Lin during All-Star game in LA before Linsanity happened in NY. She might be the strongest candidate who fulfill all 4 criteria based on a Lin fan blog post so we might have something going here. Apparently she has been a big fan of Jeremy since he was a rookie in Golden State Warriors so being a fan before Linsanity exploded has to count for something. We know how much Jeremy regards loyalty so this is very promising.  
      On top of that, Arden had a video describing her #1 Ideal man in Jan 2012 (1 month before Linsanity exploded in NY) and check out her criteria (passionate about what they do, has a big heart that loving and caring about others, live more than just themselves, loyal/honest, assertive/resilient/strong, makes her laugh cause she’s dorky, intelligent and loves her )  Doesn’t that describe Jeremy almost perfectly ? Except for the loves her part of course. Both have dorky but charming personality that can get along very well. Plus check out the cross necklace she’s wearing. She might as well be thinking about Jeremy when describing her ideal :]

      Follow Your Heart #8 (Jeremy Lin) Arden Cho Interview with Jeremy Lin during 2011 All-Star event in LA

    5. Ms. Harvard Ex-GF JLinXGF   And here is the famous ex-GF when Jeremy was in Harvard. They separated amicably so it’s unknown if they will ever get back together. Even if they don’t, it might be important to know Jeremy’s type to make your wise choice. In one story, she was willing to bake a chicken for her during Valentine Day. So study the picture and the boba/iced tea well, fan girls.
    6. Crystal Huang (Shanghai singer) CrystalHuang  According to the Internet, this is a Chinese actress and singer from Shanghai Huang Yi, who also goes by the name Crystal Huang or Betty Huang. It’s unknown if Jeremy approached her first or she did but based on the hover-hand, this is probably just a photo-op. But they look good together.
    7. Kristina Wong (performance artist) KWong  Kristina Wong is a hilarious comedian and performance artist who’s famous to set up her own wedding with Jeremy Lin’s life-size cutboard cutout at the Linsanity movie premiere. She’s certainly not a strong candidate but I thought she deserves a lot of credit for her bravery to be a self-declared Future Mrs. Jeremy Lin 😀 I can see Jeremy literally run away when he sees her in person

8. JLin Fan (Shopping Girl) JLin_shoppinggirl  This is the mysterious Mrs. JLin Fan #1 at Houston Galleria mall that people likes to see on the Internet. Noone knows who she is but the fact that there is a lot “lean” on Jeremy’s part on the picture certainly speaks volume that he likes the Kodak moment. Who is she? Is she just a fan or a good friend? Only time will tell, my friends. Until then, vote away!

9. JLin Fan (Red Dress Girl)
She is a Houston Rockets fan who’s happy to snap a picture with Jeremy. We also know nothing about her but I like to see how Jeremy was curiously a bit Lintimidated

  1. JLin Fan (Grey Sweater Girl)

JLin_fan2  The “Grey Sweater Girl” is also another fan who took a nice picture with Jeremy. I thought she can represent thousands of other Jeremy Lin fan girls so perhaps she can be the crowd favorite.


  1. The volleyball player has a great future as a model. Forget the volleyball; she can be an awesome model. If Lin dates Wong, I will no longer be Lin’s fan. 🙂 Same for Wie.

  2. No need to worry about Wong. Mama Lin will chase her out with a broom! lol
    I’m not so keen on Wie either. But this is just for fun so it’s okay 😀

    Did you see Wong’s Kickstarter pledge to buy 2 courtside tickets? That’s taking it to another level, man. Talk about major distraction :]

  3. I vote for myself! 😉

  4. add this on the ex-gf part – ““My favorite Jeremy memory was after one of my a cappella group’s
    concerts that he wasn’t able to attend, he asked me if I had any
    recordings from the concert, specifically of any songs his then
    girlfriend might have been singing. I sent him a link to the video of
    the concert and thought that was the end of that. She then told me the
    next day she had walked into Jeremy’s room earlier and found him
    embarrassingly listening to her song on full blast even with his
    roommates around.” – Joony Moon, friend, Harvard ‘10” – so the ex-gf and I have something in common – singing… hahahaha

  5. that seems to be the common request by Lin fangirls :]

  6. ok, I will.
    I remember reading that story and thinking that was some full-court press in the dating court LOL. And do you remember the karaoke scene in the movie? oh yeah, you can give him some more lessons there. haha..

  7. When is part 2 coming. Can’t wait haha.

  8. sorry, I just saw this 🙁

    Maybe in 2-3 weeks since I’m trying to enhance the forum and layout 🙂
    Would you want to be a blog post writer? Or even a forum moderator to ban trolls?

    You can nominate yourself to be #1 favorite! haha

  9. Altynbekova Sabina

  10. how about the WFP ambassador from the Phil?

  11. Nobody said anything about Serena Winters; what a disappointment.

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