From 713 (Houston) to 7/13: What Changed for Jeremy Lin

After two seasons in Houston we can finally say: “Thank God It’s over!”

713 (Houston Telephone Area Code) Era

At first they promised Jeremy to be the face of the franchise, be the go-to-guy… and then they threw him under the bus multiple times after they traded for James Harden. But, we know God has a perfect plan and everything happens for a reason. In Houston, Jeremy learned to improve his weaknesses:

  • he learned how to play off-ball,
  • he improved his left hand,
  • his 3-point percentage
  • and now he’s become one of the best defender in the league – even if Jeremy already was an underrated defender.

McHale’s been pretty harsh with Jeremy these years, complaining about everything and never been satisfied… but in the end that’s been a good thing! Jeremy found a coach who played hard on him to make him a better player, like Pop did to Parker years ago. But, unfortunately, Houston is not San Antonio and McHale is not Pop. But this chapter is over, let’s see what the future sets for Jeremy.

Post 7/13 Trade Era

As the title says, the numbers are incredible: Houston used to have 713 as code if I remember well, and the trade happened on 7/13!


But what will happen in Los Angeles? Lakers are currently in full-rebuilding mode after they tried to recreate Showtime with Steve Nash and Dwight Howard… and failed miserably.

So, let’s make it clear: they trade for Jeremy because it was an expiring contract, they received two picks from Rockets, they will fill the empty seats in Staples Center and get some sponsors.  And who knows if Toyota played a part in the trade? But we know it’s the perfect situation for Jeremy Lin!

Perfect Situation

Jeremy has an aging hall-of-famer player in Steve Nash in his role and an aging basketball-great in Kobe Bryant who seemingly can’t win games by himself anymore (post-Achilles injury). Perfect situation. Steve Nash can’t play lots of minutes in match and, my opinion, can’t start games with Kobe cause, in this way, he should sacrifice his body in defence. And clearly, that would not be a wise idea. And as for Kobe… well, after playing two years with James Harden, could there ever be something worse?

1. Steve Nash can really develop Jeremy as a PG, teaching him all the little secrets or his diet regimen, work ethic and his training methods. 


2. And Kobe can teach him his mental toughness and his famous will to win – even if we know there’s no other in the league who hates losing game like Jeremy. 


What’s best, in my opinion, is both Bryant and Nash have to heavily rely on Jeremy if they want to have a successful season.

“Jackie Brown” Movie

I remember watching Jackie Brown’s DVD extra scene, one of Tarantino’s best movie, if not the best.

Well, there’s an interview with Tarantino in which he talks about the movie. He said he started to film the movie from the scene in which Robert de Niro and Samuel L. Jackson chatted in a bar. Tarantino said he looked in Samuel L. Jackson’s eyes and at first he saw he was scared to play in front of one of the greatest actor ever. But then, words after words, Samuel L. Jackson found out he had the leading role and De Niro was playing a secondary one. And then, Tarantino said, his eyes changed …

I think it’s what will happen to Jeremy Lin: at first he’ll be scared, playing with these 2 future hall-of-famers in one of the greatest basketball arena. But then, when he’ll realize he will have the ball in his hands and these players will ask the ball from him …

Well, it could be Linsanity all over again! I have a good feeling about it.

If Kobe buys into the system and Coach Byron Scott figures out the right rotations and the right system… The sky’s the limit! 

And hopefully, someone in the sky could even lend a helping hand.




By Spot


  1. Excellent write-up, @Spot!
    I didn’t realize about the strange connection between 713 Houston area code and 7/13 trade date.
    It’s an irony indeed of what Lin left behind.

    One could not have written a better scenario with Lin coming to play with 2 aging veterans for the famous Lakers franchise who just finished one of the worst season. The timing, situations, great mentors are just perfect. Lin has never played with a great PG who can mentor him. And he gets Steve Nash, 2-time MVPs!

    One thing I disagree is Lin won’t be scared playing with Kobe and Lin. Maybe respectful as it’s Kobe’s team after all but he needs to play all out whenever he’s on the floor! Godspeed, Jeremy!

  2. Great post!
    As @psalm234:disqus pointed out, Jeremy won’t be scared or was he ever scared of any challenge. Frustrated, yes. But never scared.
    This is a perfect situation and perfect timing for Jeremy to shine once again. Everything seems to be falling into place and he seems happy following God’s perfect plan.
    God rewards those who persevere. I believe the LAL trade was his reward. A fresh start… more rewards to come 🙂

  3. Nice read! Thanks for writing it. Go Jeremy!!!

  4. You know my english is not that good…. 😀

    I wanted to say extremely respectfull or something like that. I should’ve re-watched the extras on the DVD before writing this article 😀

  5. I forgot… Thanks. Hopefully there will be another ones…. 😀

  6. Your English is molto bene 😉

  7. Troppo gentile 😀

    Ma è psalm che ha corretto (fixed) gli errori 😀

  8. Nice article! Enjoyed reading it!

  9. Haha… unfortunately my Italian is not as good as your English. I’ve studied abroad in Rome for a semester is all. I miss Italy…

  10. @Spot, I remember you said your friends said you have talent for writing and telling stories.
    I have to say they’re correct 🙂 Keep up the great work. I’ll be happy to be your editor anytime!

    You have very good observation and poignant delivery! Bravo!

  11. For first handful of games to start the season, Jeremy may give off the impression that he is tentative

    He will appear so because he will be learning the tendencies of players. He and the other teammates will also be learning a new system under a new coach.

    It will only be an appearance. Judging from his off season interviews, Jeremy is sure of his goals this coming season. And he is sure of his skills.

    Conversely, we have seen Jeremy aggressive and in general go on a tear to start a season if we look at his last season with the Rockets. This is the more likely scenario.

    For one thing, the veterans and the coach will make sure the team makes the most out of training camp. This should minimise the uncertainties come seasons start.

    The coach also views Jeremy as an aggressive player (evidenced from Scott’s quotes on Lin being competitive on the defensive end and on offense). The coach will accordingly demand from Jeremy to be that aggressive player.

    Either way, whether he appears tentative perhaps and focused on getting others involved or dominating as an aggressive individual scorer, fans can be sure that Jeremy is confident mentally.

  12. Agree.

    Lakers could play like Siena some years ago with McCalebb and Kaukenas: Kaukenas was the hero in Siena, having already his jersey retired while he was still playing but he was pretty old! mccalebb was the attacking PG, making defence collapse on him and getting easily to the rim with his speed.
    At the end the star became Bo McCalebb so much that in the crowd there was a writing in which he was written: how do you stop McCalebb? Bo! (which is his name and the italian slang to say i don’t know :D)

  13. Too kind 😀

  14. Cool story. Can see this happening. Passing the torch.

    Athletic Lin’s penetration should open up shooters. I wonder how well Nash shoots spot up jumpers from three. I would expect Nash does it well. The Lin/Nash synergy may be a pleasant surprise.

  15. Nash and Kobe are going to be Lin’s best teammates. Nash, Lin, and Kobe are going to get along fine.

    Kobe now understands what Nash feels. Nash understands how tough Kobe is. Lin understands Nash’s sensitivity and Kobe’s toughness.

    This is going to be a brand new start for three legendary players in NBA history. Yes, legendary because they have made history in their own time in their special ways. Now the time comes and they are going to collaborate for a new chapter of the Lakers, a turnaround that nobody buys in until they make believe of the world.

    At this moment, they have all been dissed so badly that they are congratulating one another that they are having a moment of their lifetime to prove those people are wrong. They indeed are playing for a championship; a championship of life. In this year, the only year that they can play together. They will give their best. Next year. Steve retires. Kobe is on his way to retire. Jeremy has to carry on his unique and legendary career by himself.

    This is a special season for all three. It will come back to them only as memory. They will overcome. Nobody understand as much as they do about themselves. They are legend.

  16. Amen.

  17. Common denominators – relentless work ethic, legends who belong in the annals of NBA history

  18. The legendary trio!

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